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The Peninsula Times Jan 31, 1968

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 1"l      ��  I'- :  COUNCIL of Gibsons ruled thumbs down '. "the fact" flhat in the event of a firs fJEasnsg  jW a suggestion it contribute financially - severe, a call for help woold'be pott tfirso^i  to ihe Sunshine Coast Begion Becreation to tho'second vehicle* > r  Commission but has no objection to a' - ���- Council approved the rergiest fop ffie  member of council sitting In on the Board, ihter-com. installation, cost off 'afiafc wSO.  Decision was reached-at last regular inset" , be $35 and $19,50 monihly rental andi rasro-  ingduring which Comm, Ken Goddard1 told ."4enanoe. '    * . .    ,  ���  council the Commission had in mind an ' " Circular letter from the $m&m&���aast  annual donation of approximately $150; >    - Tourist Association asked for support snzfi  Asked if"swimming instruction' during t,isolated out the benefits derSredl feam  the summer "months was to be part of ithe.' j tourism. A number of views were espress-  organization's function,' he said it is bis ed as to .what benefit the arg^sxsstSam ��s  understanding that basically all they have ��� 'to the area but action was wxtMcefifi r/estS-  in mind is to keep the Becreation office.'ingrfurther investigation.  open, possibly on a #art time basis as an > - Some concern'was expressed at cmsS-  advisory service. "They are no't entering tions prevailing in the- Cy Johnsam B&srik.  swimming participation," he said.  Comm. Gerry Dixon reminded council  that an athletic club has been formed' in'  Gibsons which is providing a first class  program and it is his view the club is not  likely Ho,be seeking any donation. "1 feel  this is the group we should work toward,  if necessary," he commented.  Comm. Wally Peterson agreed stating  "we should support our own and certainly  we cannot support both."  Council unanimously agreed but expressed the view that a member might  attend the next meeting of the Recreation  Commission but with no committals.  On' behalf of the Fire Department,  Comm. Dixon sought approval from council for purchase of as inter-corn, system for  the fire truck. A second system vould be  installed in the outside district vehicle and  - would be paid for by the outside, fixe district One of She big advantages would be  Setwfe�� tfte Son&mag Coast, tHopie'Sawd to Jenis Injet), including Port Mellon/ Hopkins landing, Grontham'&icndajg, GSzscns, Roberts Creek,  ' ii        ���    i^mmmmmmmm ' J.        ���    in ���   f i   i   '��� il " V..' i,^i��fiin^iii i            ~    ,     i   n I in. .n. i   ^  W&as GosSi, Sefana &s&, SedMJfc Hnffmoon Bay,'Secret Cove, Vender Horboui; Madeira Park, Kteindole, Irving Lending, Ear! Cove, tenant.  .' ' Aythcfrizea <^ Isc^end doss  -  , moiJ  by die ~ Post' Office  ������>>'- ^,    Ocportmen^" Gftowa.'  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31,1968  VbJuroe 5, ~No. 9  SO��  Ji was stated improvements haste  made since original clamp down? &o�� aiarfb  remains to be carried out. Cnmrrr. 'SeHee-  son reported both he and ithe pmTrJmjg m>  spector had attempted to get m tasexB wtSi  Mr. Johnson but he always appeared! to be  out when they called. A further enrjeasair  will be made forthwith-  Consideration was given'a suggestKHB By  Comm. Dixon.ithat water bflEng be cm sm  annual basis. It was decided! the graposaB  held merit -but was turned over to t&e  water committee for a feasibility stady-  Following representation to Hoar,. Tsahet  Dawson, MLA, regarding need far anreretfi  walkways for passengers at the *angfav*>  and Horseshoe Bay ferry itermnialsv. s  reply has now been received! Mis. D&sbssb  stated that as extensive renovations are  presently underway at the Langdafe .tama-  inal she assumes covered walkways ace  included in the plans, she wSJ hxwseser���  'pursue the matter further.  Blossoming budget . . .  _ i    School Board extravagcui^a  greatly concerns councils  CONCERN over .the tax structure led the  village commissioners   of  Sechelt   and  Gibsons to call a  special meeting with  school trustees on Thursday,  Chairman of Gibsons Village, Fred  Feeney explained .that both, councils were  anxious to learn facts and become informed rather than listen to rumor. -  Commissioner Wally Peterson, referring  to a list of comparative salaries of non-  teaching staff for the years 1S61-1964-1967,  observed that the increase from 1981 to  1954 seemed normal but from 1984 to 1987  there was a 134. percent increase. Monthly  salaries in 1951 totalled $5,783.60; in 1964  they were $8,695.41, and in 1987 they rose  to $20,415.27.  Mr. Peterson wondered how this could  be when there was not even a comparable  increase in the number of students.  MODERN TREND  Chairman -of ,4he school board, Don  Douglas explained -fBat 4be^thcreased secretarial help in schools is generous' but the  alternative would be teachers' aids who  would be even more expensive. At previous  board meetings it has been explained that  secretarial help ' releases principals for  supervising Ihe. school curriculum and  teaching duties for which they have been  trained.  With larger schools, maintenance staff,  would naturally increase but Mr. Douglas  stated that one or two areas in this department are under investigation.  Regarding, staff in the administrative  office, the chairman stated it is still not  sufficient to cope with the work load. One  more secretary will be required.  Commissioner Peterson replied that  only so much money can be squeezed out  of the taxpayer and tbe village commissions are trying to develop the community.  Secretary-treasurer Peter Wilson commented that in private business a two  million dollar operation would not be conducted with such - a small administrative  staff.   .���."',���  Referring to the school grounds development program, estimated by the landscape  architect to cost $��05,100 over a period of  five to 10 years and to bring all school  grounds up to standard, chairman Feeney.  observed that for aU the use that was made  of Ihe grounds it seemed a waste of money.  Secretary Wilson stated that although  the 1968 budget was not finalized the Boardl  will probably hold the line on ground! development and just finish off corxmrJtlmentSsi.  in 1987 the board set aside $^flSffi fiur  site development -plus $3,500 for landscape  planning and $25,477 for groundsmen! salaries and equipment. Contracts srgHEcB fiar  site work at Langdale and Gibsons rm I2S37  amounted to $59,127, utilizing budget gnrfi  referendum funds. Approximately $30^000)  of this amount is still unexpended!; t&sfcis  the board has not been billed by t&e enm-  tractor and monies may have to be provided in the 1938 budget, stated! Kir-  Wilson.  Trustee Leo Johnson explained! %m res-  son for the grounds program.. Efe stated!  in the past odd amounts had >beem spent ore  grounds, accomplishing nothfng. At Madeira Park $8,000 had been spent arafl  nothing was gained. By having a pTarfn-prfi  program such waste would sto.pt.  The board further explained tms money  could '-not- .have, been- osedi -��o& faffSggg'  classrooms as all building comes nmSar  referendum. The government s&ares SD  percent of the cost.  RENTALS  Ctamimissioners were cpiitfe cunpernedi  over the cost of rented classrooms shrfi  were again informed that the government!  will not allow districts to buxlrj thenr owm  rental units. The board i&adi sh&pgedi  around and itakca , units with the lowest!  rental, but there did not appear to be  much choice. The six oblong units ace  being rented at $290 per month: am a tw-o>  year contract. Round units are rented} at.  $325, which will be increased to $233 nT  renewed after June, 1968,, or $290> cm a  two-year contract. These units are appzaiE-  imately 864 square feet, which efiannrcQB  Feeney stated should cost $70> per rnorrtifo.  REMEDIAL  The facts' sheet presented by secretary  . Wilson showed the special cxumseDcr'ffi  salary is $13,000 and his lbudget for W��E���  $3,450. According to informaltion; .gfoem an  the September board meeting Ms appo&rii-  ment was hot approved by Victoria- lotaB  salaries of the three remedial! teacftensv"  salaries is $23,585. Superintendent JBdtaaam  stated that the remedial program' is sfflU  experimental. He gave the total! sfurSmti  population as 2,215 in reply to commas--  sioners' queries.  ' , Well Reserved  Fear Gs&Sasifzpg ismk m Sunshine Breese is tbe second Rebekah in B.C.  pgfffadkgjh JLffiE^e Us- 82, Mrs. Ruby to achieve this high honor. An out-  Bs&sss fflfeffi^ Haas hem awardled &e standing worker in the community,  MfeBfifenssBs: SferwJce Jewel- Pictured Mrs: Breese is active in lodge work,  Bene' rss&mmg, tibe awaid from the hospital auxiliary work, the Brownies  TpssaSsc&dZ Wos Ms&ffcs&i Assembly and wherever anyone needs a help-  off Kaffir C^hrccSsa, Mrs. Jflargaret ing hand.  Fcur^a, drrrcqg Jbsr atTmiaJ visit, Mrs.  ES32S����3��S2JM ��3 Selma Park. Davis  E&x ss& '��SIsed terssk into a viBage  ssgsszzs tfe> Sosavs Stffe srcRparl from Sebna  WssSs. tisassgsrysas and almost hreiiiily from  tssssssas <$& IKSssn OseSs. and Dans Bay  wo�� Safl mat ex��n ijeen cszosulted en the  TfrnSSsrc  fflw^E ��ut Sefina 'g'ssfk Imjmjmnent'^is-  igaant m&S. tan TBossSsg df last week, when  a gzosex&ss. s& two trastees reswnted on  wSsft t2sy (nrnsrSeiad smM be ja, tax  sdfrssilzgs M $h�� area Srom ihe Sechelt  vSSSsge. BKomfbary tb Soxpmi Boad, jncorp-  cTatfetf. |  Figingg ^r��n 2)y ttmslee Jack JJelson  sSxccssdl tQs5 t��he gjrapossd aew viHaga with  (pasxr cetde snd a flg?Tf ���milli-ap dollars as She  pumrywfpm*,. Gvrr <A^Mj^xm purpose at Ihe rate  afl bs mrHls waiflfl jprcwide a revenue of  ^03^100) nuns a ftatSoer S2DJ999 per capita1  gsszol Bsssfl am 2 gjDpnlafcm ��f 1.O90. Oper-l  st&ng ��iffife ssans estimate at $14,000 leaving fffiffgw^tfm- nmjpnoveanenls which he  sBaasfl 5$ fer tease tfhan the Provincial  fflaagmrnrwrri Us pending in ihe area  at  <QS��B5  EKagg^gfrrg tfliE aflariTrnsteative cost of  t&ffi m��w -odlia^a. a village office, desk .and  ���wm Baal tSaiiE BmiMing inspecLar were  mnsfihmsd. lHasy a2LEpa3'ers wondered how  msasgsastSsm wcoffl wesnit in a S3Q ttax'  ' E��flurt&nn tin BcaxJe-arooBas, bat trustee Nd-  sam ��sg��axo��9 ithat. tins waM only be in  ggnfefrn oases.  ffitggtKfinig arjte^p ��ff ��de roads, a figure  Off SSGffi .pair rmlte -was quoded for grading  <jmly ��nJl mamy flaigjayers felt ihat the  propesean wullage woifld jool have ^sufficient  PBMemiE tto imrjinxue ��n work presently  Bams dbme ftsc .tfhe W^oxismzl Govermnent.  Wssmi&aA df tthe Wilsim Greek Commun-  jiy Asjatfiiatinn, ifflr. G3cim Phillips, who  stangiJy aBj^sctefl Sjd mot Ibong invited to  iGhe ,m��QEniijg was iiM thai the idea was  mnV Boamg ii����al^atlfia. Jflxs. Lloyd Fraser  a�� Sdima S^ti& cemmented 4herc was no  BBaatun wiib^- flu; *a>iuM, **aflcr all it is our  dowwStngr 3&t aflHaau��d.  JSEfcr.. gftflllffs sranninded Hhe investigating  <nnnmjha��c tJhat ��n ahe case of a snowfall  maaSi as t2��.E^ea caqpcrifaccd . tut) years  agu*. tite wHh&��l�� funds would be depicted  jjiniai .Chistt, an finow ckarisg.  fine job _on the Hospital Board and should  be given a chance to represent the area  on the Regional Board.  Trustee Lloyd Fraser commented this  has nothing to do with it. His own impression .of the Regional Board after attending  a cumber of meetings is that it is out on  *a^^iesd��3g^preetTstndjthTsr* k^  K of, saving dhe taxpayers Jnoney. "The area  "is.not getting anything in return for its tea  mill tax.   Eventually the Regional Board  will have all the power and he objects to  extra taxation above the present mill rate.  TRUSTEES  Mr. Harry Batchelor who has been a  -trustee for the past" six or seven years  declined nomination for a further term of  office. Mr. Joe Benner was elected to  serve for a three year .term; other trustees  - are, Mr. Jack Nelson' Mr. Ken Wood and  Mr. Lloyd Fraser.  Lions Valentine dance  few tickets available  SOME tickets are still available for the  Valentine Dapce sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Lions Club and scheduled for  Saturday, February 10th in the Legion Hall,  Sechelt.  Music-will be provided by the popular  Rhythm Ramblers and admission fee -of  $2.00 per person includes luncheon. A raffle will be held during the event and all  proceeds go towards Lions charitable projects.  Tickets may be obtained from any member of the club and at The Times office.  Peninsula musician  gains high honors  MRS. MAiE Freer of jjppkins Landing has  received notification from tbe Royal  Conservatory of Music, Toronto, "that she  has been successful in attaining the  A.B.CT. degree- She is .the second person  on the Peninsula to receive this award, the  first being Miss Anne Lang of Sechelt, now  Mrs. Gary, Both were piano students of  Mrs. Betty Allen, Roberts Creek."  To achieve such a degree is an accomplishment due rto the fact the conservatory  demands an extremely high standard. Few  degrees are awarded in the province.  Another successful' pupil of Mrs. Betty  Allen is Mrs. Dianne DeMarco of Gibsons  who-attained a first class honor in history  of music.. She achieved the outstanding  mark of 95 percent in $ae Royal Conservatory examination.  Biding club formation  indicates wide appeal  FREE USE of a field behind 'the- Sunny-  crest Shopping Centre was donated by  Keith Wright of Super-Valu to the newly  formed Timber Trail Riding Club organized during a meeting held Sunday, January 21st in Gibsons.  Between thirty and, forty interested  horse fans were present and gave ample  indication that such ��� a club will be welcomed by voting tin an executive which  immediately got down to the task of signing up members.  Mr. Bill' Price "whs elected president,  John Stanway vice president, Bay Tepper  treasurer, Mr.. William Price Sr. secretary  and directors Fred McKeazie, Jim Cramer  and Mrs.-Joyce Price.- --   -  It is .hoped to establish a riding ring on  the field for instructions and training' purposes, trail rides and various activities will  be planned for all ages.  President Bill Price points out that ihe  club is not limited to Western style riding  but will include both western and English.  Dues for the'year wilt be $10 family membership, singhfJS. and ;$2-50 .under 17 _ per  annum. Instruction .fees- will be $5 for  adults and free for those under 17. Membership does not necessarily require ownership of a horse.  Girl Guide LA. meet  set for February 6th  A MEETDJG of the Girl Guide L.A. will  be held at the ' home of Mrs, Faye  Ward, Sunshine Coast Highway, Gibsons,  B.C., on Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 1958, at 8 p.m.  District ..Commissioner, rMrs,> Peggy  Xe  Golf & Country Club  is  slates seeding date  SUNSHINE Coast Golf and Country Club'  is steadily forging ahead and latest reports indicate seeding is anticipated for  early April. Is tbe meantime the irrigation scheme is underway and sprinklers  will be installed within coming weeks.  Mick McKay, cbairmaE/of tbe "Tree"  committee repsrts he fias\ arranged delivery of 150 Red cedars. Directors plaa a  planting bee as soon as Shey arrive^ and as  a number of clear-up jobs have yet to be  completed it is proposed 4o get cut a number of work parties immediately.  Members and al ic!erasted are asked  to volunteer a little time and effort each  week-end in order to facilitate ihe remain-  insg projects including the seeding.  For membership and information the  , following members may be contacted: Boy , ^���,   .,  TasyJor !8S5-7S15,~ Keith 'Wright  88S-2S2*.   ^arve'-nrges-^a^^nenTShsrs^h^a^e^ ���and ,  Frank Newtoa,, 83^-2171, Beg Thomas 885-    invites all new ^mothers of Brownies and  2025; - Guides to join. -       -   - .... .     .  .  Cose dismissed  REASONABLE doubt in a case of unlawful  possession against Jack Lyndon Goesen  of Selma Park resulted in dismissal by  Magistrate Eric Winch of Nanaimo who  dealt with the case last Friday, January  23th in Sechelt.  Charges were laid following investigation last October 20th by BCMP and members of the Forestry Service as a result  of a complaint, by Fleetwood Logging Company Ltd. who had dfeawered the loss of  about thirty-five *Iogs from one of their  booms. I  Investigation revealed a number of  "Lilly" pads on a Timber Sale claim  registered to Gocscn, 00c of which matched  up with a log in a boom belonging io  Goesen.  Sbangri La  School, Board fells council  this is wedltitiier district  Giant icicles  With the temperature dropping to 22    good substitute for popsicles ami Hat-  degrees on  SpUirday  night,   voting   aU small boys couldn't resist a Jidk  Jimmy   Smith   found   giant  icicles Jimrrry is the soa of Mr. audi Sa  outside his home at Selma Park a   Ivan Smith.  Ctearmrsfrn ��& tthe anceiis^g .Mr. Harry  BhaOttSaikxr ��a*��ar��,aio' tftml be doubled if1 such  innm^piBaElijn] would be aiUtrwcfl by Victoria.  Mr��� Etawrsr ffiLiflftMs who ifcaa re.0c3.tly elect-,  ��fl tt�� satrw am flht> Bftgiona! Board cosn-  * ttutra$ax& ttiuri iff ithe icUiiairl requires extra  bewot til ithmflfl' spcljlian the Regional  Biiandl. B3.r ailn�� ffch thai , incorporation  vorjuUo mwuih in Sbe area (bring more cx-  P��twLw tb) 3x&mm\i��U&. lie was accused of  oaiiiffi: a ttBjpidiaw! flhinter by trustee Nelson  wftn�� stated tthal Smmatitm of ihe Regional  EWatoucl wattK. a ��yiy to ��ct .more money  town tt.hr tasaorjinr..  TIbtuKto��r !5fl��flwin (brain-en, tthat to jjet  sw��ii8B* w9uai ���ioviM he gxwided by the  pceagsai B0 aanill ttsxjtiiaa. Ibe area will bc  Cuntttmr CteMrfl Q?y She ftrptmal I>it��trict.  B^'bung lis a nuficxfrlira that a vr*tc be  Cattwro ad. rt.hr pmwtUag. Mr, Harry Hill  attmnrwwfl tftefl  mo ���one ewild   v��te   inlrJJi-  jpnHS^' <rm taflnraruruon igivva at tbe meeting.  Pi w��t- finally ^jewed ��hai Ihe jnalU'r of  imtnrpwnariiini B*i> tUbled iw anol5>er year.  Vtitsrtw wwmr iniiy fao-o diuMTrtinR voles Ut  ���X&m amdim.' 9��5S��ar3wd by fcrji^tee ��� Nel&oji  aarft 1Kb*. Q^'d Wr&wx.  ij|fF<Si��IMEM^jX"i |^^^939  Wxtfarmmt dw the fU'giomA Poard, Mr.  G&am tntdm)ps ��a��*T��'ed tthat a resident  fenrci Ciw 3STE3. .Els-.. t&xxw$ Usiiilti bad  \kxm cQseaGd ��* fltepctar. JJc has di*n�� a  FIGURES released at last week's meeting  between village commissioners and Sechelt District Sdiool Board showed that  the operating cost per pupil in (his difi<rict  for 1967 was $624 based on the-1967 budget. Oj>eratin;j costs in <tlic inrovince ranged  from a low of $365 to $75j and Sechelt  ranked eighth. There are 83 school districts in the province.  Tile school mill rate was 30.63 for .1967,  the provincial mean being 31.48. Commissioners were somewhat amazed to learn  that Sechelt is classed as one of the wealthier district*, Ihe government paying 13.75  of the budget. Secretary Wilson i*ointe4  out .the 90 per cent of the school taxes are  paid by rural areas. Port Mellon industry  pays a large share.  QUERIES  Chairman of Sechelt. Commission. Bill  Swain, after listening 4o the facts presented by tbe board, cxpresKixl thanks for the  trouble 1aken and mentioned two areas  wliich he fell are prwhlbitivtv-eJassroom  rentals, over which die brwird 3pi��arcrrUy  has n:> control, and cost of the music program.  Cost �����( the music program was given  as; Supervisor's salary, $12,3M��; music teacher's falary, $y.:MW; requested 1967 Imd-  get, $12,439. Mr. Swain feels this is an added expense at tiiia time and cost *ccms  prohibitive far Ihe benefit Uic district derives.  S��|>erir��tendent Johnson coiTun<Tjted be  t>elirv-e�� tl��e mwney is wcil spent and it  depends what value you place on musle  education. M la jiot iw gowl a program  at present but it can bc. In reply to further queries, be explained the supervisor  does not supervise one teacher, but every  teacher in the district who is required to  teach singing and fundamentals of music.  COSTS*' �����  Other costs sbowii on 4bc facts sheet  gave tbe estimated cost of the Adult Education program for 1967 as $25,815. less  estimated fee*' of 56,550.  District Jibsarian's jsalar)-���$9^10; two  travelling librarians. $14^30; library budget to bring number of books up to required standard, $23,585.  Elementary superviisor's salary, $10,050;  requested budget," $0225. Supervisor telephones, $1^25; teacher mileage. S8t��o. Ken-  tal of B,C. telephone o0iee, $2^50.  NON-TEACHING  Non teaching staff includes-: *ecretao'-  treasurer; assistant who drab with purchasing, tranffportafion and budget control;  accountant; two 1 steoograi^tcrs and one  payroll clerk.  Maintenance: wiq>er��'i*ar; foreman; 21  eiuatodiam, jamlura , -andif, ^weeJK���r^; *��>x  mainterwncc men; three groundsmen and  one stcmgrapVr,  There are 17 ��tcno;;ra|Aiers f��r schools  and flupervifloni.  DEBT LEVEL  ScJioo! debenture debt on December 31,  1967 was $1J>Q3,060, The province |*ay�� M)  per cent. Based ����i ot*essn)cn1, Gibson^  Village pays i.58 per cenS; SccbeJt. 3J>2 i��cr  \x��\ aaid rural area, 90.JW pcrreut.  Stage for the trial was set with Inger  Hansen appearing for the Crown and  lawyer William Munro representing the  accused.  Witnesses for ithe Crown, Constable  Terry Brien and Forestry Ass. Rangers  A. Pyke and W. Nash in evidence stated  they had checked Goesen's claim and had  found no indication of logging having been  carried out this past sumimer or spring.  This, to some extent was discredited by  Forest Banger L. Chamberlain who substantiated Goesen's claim that he had in j  fact logged in July up until the fire season.  ���Under question, Goesen' told the court  he is actually a fisherman but has on  occasion worked as a carpenter and logger.  He acquired the sale located at Black  Bear Bluffs in the Salmon Arm Bay area  which he hand-logged in July until the fire  season. Earlier in the spring he helped  Mr. Tim Newcombe Jog an adjacent claim  and for this service received a number of  logs which he marked with his own stamp.  To further questions he sa|d he. did not  know tbe difference between Balsam and  Hemlock. He said his brother had worked  on the claim cutting shakes, tor,m. while  and his son had alw been there cooking  for the brother^ He denied apy knowledge  of the butts found on the beach or, others  found weighted down in 4hc water by rocks.  Three of the "Mlly" pads presented as  evidence bore registration marks of Fleetwood Logging Co. Ltd. together with similar paint used by (that company. One of  these matched up with a log in Goesen'fi  boom.  A'number of the company's employees  gave evidence, of the, missing logs and  identified the pads, as those belonging ito  Fleetwood. '   ' '  Magistrate Winch, in summing up said  he had no doubt the pads had been placed  in *he area by human hands. .There was  some eonfllctloii of evidence regarding  logging ��n Goesen's claim and further, a  rather more comprehensive report would  have been helpful. He said there had  been little Information .regarding whereabout* of the other missing Jogs and only  one was involved in this case. There was  also evidence that others were working In  the area who might have stood to gain  from' Mjc situation, at the name tliine the  Crown has failed to |>roduc�� any evidence  that anything of a criminal nature was involved. One man who might have proved  a material wMncss had 0��t been brought  into court and again his evidence would  have, btlped. "1 therefore have some  doubts which: are In favour of-the accused  that he might have acted' in Innocence,  consequently l> have no alternative than ito  dismiss the ease," J��e said,  A further case In relation to stamping  of the Ncwcoinbo logs has b*n laid and is  schedided for trial m one month.  I  r^I*s^     ���w ,,#(�� ^aAMAi*w *��"���Mf��#,^,^^^*,^.^1*|ijivM'^A*Mif ^^,ift'*.*t*w��AWvf ��* i*.'**'"*' ^ *��*���***#^���^p, f* #',*^^WfWM"^��**  !,,��*��� ^ *��� *  f*��** t��^'W*t *l*<f(*BpP* ^**4"*V***1��^ W"*)1*W'*'>��  0<wt&i*4*imA igm%w*iy<*m i"' iw^i>^w^>>f^*i����*V��*W!iMI^ jfcn,Mft��<>��w>i*'i *^ fA 1��Wtiniffm i<tw-A-i^H*v*>wW>^'Nf#w^i^H^%e>if*��^ tffTf^"^ ^- * uij.<OLui.j��i!^>h!Jl.z rf-jCi  *��� W VS- <- ���<��, �� A f�� -" ** *   V>   **��� *, ���Pn^*'*?** ""J*  ...JliJV3t'*'v*��*:,w'iV''  - ffig^" Tl^FT^     ��� ��� ����� Ttt^tW ��� "TtSy.^Ttr1^ l *����& ffcfNfc {Cortfigtfe4l3 v 3 ^ML ESTATE (cc/^nBel)   #0ft SALE (ConHrtesd).  TrlSpENmSULfi.  r Classified  /J  Sechelt-P^one 085-9654  f ^WEjfel; ^C^-^S��viW'   5 ACRES undeveloped .fcroperfe? '��� CHICKENS-Iive    birds,  '*te  tiiltf$fo��Mljto^BSB&1&  !   ^ sited comges, $05 month phis -   &*&   _*SMa��e    ttoflr^aViefc" .'"-eaik 'VteidrM foeetex-birds,  ^  |   jutililSes, alsO^seeKy &d tight-   $2��5G0- Box 381, Seehelt B.C.. -'  $i.6o; Phote 8&4048,,    33$G4o  I My rates," Also' avaflable. i&ill -* V -~..~L SSS-t^ - -���rL"--"^8'���rT"^!:���r?*^  3 fll�� AIB cooled Wisconsin,en.-  Halfrnoon my 00pemr^s  ***m  li  .f  'jB0BV*fm000B00M00000000J>000i  �����������-���-.��. .7   rf-.p i't'' aft, r(,jm��.  Published V/ednesdoys by the  1 TfereninsuloTtrheslJdv  .'- ; .��ar.Sechelt, B.C ���  ;,' Member, Audit  'J' *   ofCircuIatiaa  :',       SepUatfoer 30, l'9o7  v    ' Gross CiretdoHan 1999  ;ftrid Citcutattoa 1764  J        ISubject to Attditl   -  Classified Adverliauag ftotes:  3-tine Ad-Priefs <35 words)  One Insertion ^ , 50c  ,_$t.O0   10c  .   I  '0'00B0000000B0ita0B00M0&  ���   mi,    n     -      If "n'f " |1  i'   i " i 1 ifl* i"H   ,f  .IN ��HE futttref/X^viU wt- be  respottsable to iaaiy.-debt'itt-  ;curr����l in m.y 'Aataie. ^/JSeu-  bauer,  f^Ofi complete MormatlOn. on  Marine, industrial .and liability1 iasitrahcer, ClaaJriB and  Adustments, ( Contact Captaui  W. ,Y. BiggBj,'. Marine <3onfiult-  sxonfpittt.MteteL     ,     J22Mfa $Me  rf. Hi^^Vlta^ A ^-'myOi, tt^ibW ��e*d.  UA��i foV. rent, .WHsbtt Cr��eS ^ ^^fef^^l 'b^ Bobe^ Cr^fc, ^C;   ,--,;^^  Community HhlL.Cohtatt Mr. �����?* *** .***���. *��& 1' ^awi^naite i^, Sto  caen^PJiillips/885-^183. USS-tfa  3329-S  ,.'jaja ^ 3 years old. yesy good  1334-11  *rwri h^iimrim  ����lf ��w.tain��ii -WA1EB fewdage-fSetnia Park; ''eo&jLUsbA. Ptof�� 883-2177 ielter  TWO ?ttarcoro self containea      2 b     fl ^ecj^ j^g ja^   fi��, ffl      ,    ~.    , -   1^*3  11   '���       885��6L I28^��n   ^,55^ attic> i^sejbent, eart  part. Spectacular view/sandy;,  beach, ^protected' rnooristg.. JFf>s  ��18,��00 Terms, H: Mil. SS5-97G4.  '-   ',   '3317-10  REAL ESTATg  l^cneff Socials  WITH Vwe-President lbs. Peggy Connor^ va* 'jdefced oj�� by t^^gfjg^gl  the Chair, BedrooffS, fioad CeMennM by to f attdsoa ��^/^*JSME  Committee held its lasf meefing fr'fa <,headed towards ??Jf^hB^^-f* *��  Patio Gardens, Halfrnoon Bay on Weddes- - >3^ ��he ����h *^J toihSJr2n? 2S~  day, -January 24tb when the Comtoittee^as .gale' force winds blew.  By % tuw ttLey  dissolved and its affairs wound up.   The reached the radway  track,  where . Mk.  %&*&** cash on-hand after all B^^ftaftLlt  accoants bave.been paid wiU be given to car, she w**#f** *?,?S"SS  the Sdhshine Coast Senior Citizens' Sous- ing uncontrollably- .^ ~-%^>b  ing &oaety, ^covering from a chill and the shock of  Followmg the meeting, a neegnm vg?^ence, aDd she is now very ,happy  held in the cosy dining room cf tbe Patio '^ r^~~f~Z���    '  Gardens.   Mrs. Connor expressed the "re- $��. ** flome-   ���        .     _ ^^^^^ .    '    .  grets of Canon and Mrs. teeene (that 4hey *   Cdher travellers who_ are hornslaf^r ��x  EEDROOFJFS���Modem 4  bed-  aht; Box ^^Ibsohs. Phottes.   . "r^^^'fc?  oDcOae��<�� ^-^ too-t rt.nc        -oa ��_    beach and safe boat anchorage.  ��6-*r  9:  v  -t  fi.  w  fhree ,^ttseitibns    rxtro brjes J5 words) _  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers 10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  fpr Ad-Briefs not paid by  publication date.  Lege! or Reader advertising 25c  - per *ount line.  Display   advertising   in   classified  Ad-Brief columns, $1.50 per inch.  .Subscription Hares���  By 'mail, Peninsula area J$5.00 yr.  By mail, beyond 30 "miles $5.50 yr.  By mart, special citizens % price  By carrier 50c -month  COMING EVENTS  ������-���������- ' r    11       ���  TIMBER TRAIL,  WD1NG CLUB'  886-9546 and 8S5-2425.       48M��n  LOST  iaving room, 28x15;. fireplace,  Bright cab, Mtchen; tec: room,  HABD to find proper^, nhde^  dopsdr 25 acres, view iprop-  erty in Sechelt. Make excelled;  y ���<<���  ,     >_ r-yfi& YmX mSh*Oun   3 ^^"tSitS S?*a3��& . ***. in Mberta are^Mr- and ^ End.  AhS^^'dSTSiflrt ^velv   sobdivisioir,  ^0,0(to. &x ,^��- and 28. Mr, fiartbsy lives jn Bramalea near  a-ou cear, oDie carport. Aioveiy   ^..-j,-,. ^   ���   * .     ajJTSZ    n^^.n^u;. ���*�� j9^��,at'.�� li��*����. ^qtic  LADIES watch" lost Ih front of  bank in Sechelt. Phone 685-  2252. ' 3339-3  WORK WAITED  &  O1  b  .V  If  *  zr  "bi  ���7<  E SALE  HANDYMAN,   cabinet   maker,  will do odd jobs. Reasonable.  Ph. S8&3902. 766-tfn  HOUSE painting and decorat-  ing.u Professional work done  promptly Dick Blakeman. Ph.  AS6-2381, Henry R<L, BB 1,  Gibsons,      \ 767-tfii  CAPABLE  girl requires baby-  sitiing.   Evenings   or   weekends. Phone 885:9566. 1323-8  FULL time babysitting.  Must  be in my own home. Preferably children tinder school age.  Phone 885-9312. 1298-9  WANTED  r  2��JE--S��    ��L_ ��^* ^ ������- /I MtMynn 886-2500 -M~ ife�� $300;^^'-  F���8. 3, CO-OP STORE  Gibsons, B.C.  ** 1532-9  BIRTHS'  TO MB. and Mrs. Ralph Phillips (nee Carol Fenn) at Powell River Gemeral Hospital,  January 25, a son, Vincent David, weight 8 lb., 15% oz.  1342-9  OBITUARY  DUNCAN���January 16, 1968,  Arthur Thomas Duncan, aged 55 years of Madeira Park,  B.C. Survived by bis loving  wife Cledia; one son Malcolm,  Madeira Park; two daughters,  Mrs. E.'Sanaa of Madeira Park  and Mrs. Llona Hallbart of  Port Alberni. One sister, Melba  Calussd, New , Westminster;  Sour     grandchildren.     Funeral  m service   was held ton  Friday,  -January 19th  Madeira Park  Alan ���Graeme officiated. Interment Forest View Cemetery.  Harvey "Funeral Home, Gibsons, B.C. Directors.  1341-9  WHJTE^-On January 22, 1968,  Clare Augustus White, aged  81 years of Gibsons, B.C., formerly of Victoria, B.C. Survived by one son Alan of Gibsons;  one daughter, Mrs. G. Viviafli  Reeves of Sechelt. Ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Mr; White- was a  member of the White Cane Club  and Arthur Pearson Associa,  tion, Victqria. Graveside Funeral service was held Wednesday,, January 2tth at 1:30 p.m.  I lErbm the Royal Oak Burial  Park> Victoria, B.C. Rev. Can-  onj BoOton officifJtedj.. Harvey  Funeral Home, Gibsons, B.C.  Directors. 1340-9  IH MEMORIAM  IN MEMORY of Kathleen Jom>|  son  who  passed away  January 2, 1966.   In our home she  is fondly remembered.  Sweet  memories   cUng to  her  name,  Those who loved her in life,  Still love her in death just the  same.  ���Oscar Johnson and family.  1338-9  WE ABE agam taking -shingle  blocks and ��hafce  blocks at   and landscaped'-beauty; master  landscaped yard with patio.  Sale by owner, phone evenings  885-9782 or write Box 470 c-c  Peninsula Times, Box 381, Sechelt, B.C.   s     ^        ' 469-tfn  GUNBOAT Bay, 40 Seres either  side of Highway 101 ^rath  1200- ift. waterfront, Sale by  owner $25,<��0. TeL S83-2285.  Box 17, Garden Bay,    1309-tfn  EXCELLENT   commercial lot  '���centre Sechelt���highway location, level and cleared. All  , services   available.   Box   1104  Peninsula Times. 1104-tfh  ��WART AAcMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  OFFICE HOURS  886-2166 and 886-2248  Member  Multiple listing Service  Waterfront home on generous- s,  sized   property,   with   natural  Sechelt  that under Canon Greene's able leadership  celebrating BjC. and Canada's birthday.  The   Committee,   composed   of   Canon  -$lf.~.Bi!l Hartley, Ittotherih-law of Mrs.  �� M Hatfield was a Weekend guest of the  Paul Hatfields in Sechelt on January 27,  GUNBOAT BAY: Nicely sloped lot to 100' shoreline., Good  anchorage. $8300. . J\  BARGAIN HARBOUR; Half  acre with 100* on lovely ishel-  464^t&    T0rohfl>; Ontario. He drives ia large trans-  ���~ J~    port thsttk aind arrived in Vancouver a few  days ago with ^ load ofvfcrait��ire. His two  days to $echelt, provided a break "before  the long drive back across Canada. -  with their son Ralph and his Wife Frances  and family in Calgary. They went- on to  Wetaskiwin, south of Edmonton,to visit  friends. They returned to find Calgary  basking in a balmy 50 degree temperature.  Greene, Mrs. M. Tinkley, Mrs. Allen, the  late Joe Sallis, and. herself, had supported  Sechelt's project of a library by-organizing,  in conjunction with Halfrnoon Bay Centennial > Committee, two country fairs which  HOLIDAY  , ��� - A|r. and Mrs. Lonis H.<Betaer are home  tered bay. All services, ,.1Gtt��d^ \ a��fce> a pleasant holiday. They spent a week  _^ >    *��� ^.��     -^ . .   iao^,a j^iu jQ pentfoitofc visifing their son  Bernie and *Ss vMe Helen, and then journeyed to victoria where they spent a week  visiting their daughter, Lorraine Mitchell.  the Wilson Croek .Mill.   Phone  886-9697. 3200-tfn  GOOD   home for   1M>   yr.   old  male poodle.   886-2323.    996-9  HELP WANTED  REAL estate salesman familiar  with Sunshine Coast property. Excellent "office co-operation provided together with adequate advertising allowance.  Reply Box 1534, The Times.  1534-tfn  INSTRUCTOR to teach a course  in navigation for fishermen,  2 nights a week. Course outline  available. $6.00 per hour. Must  have Master's Home ticket or  a ticket for up to 350 tons. Cow-  tact Frank Fuller, Director of  Adult Education, 886-2241.  1337-9  bedrm with vanity, second bed-  rm and'2 guest rmsy Mtchen,  coining, living rm, semi-open,  half basement:  $32,500.  Excellent beach-^o-bighway ac-  cre, with well-constructed 5  rms and bath home, &U basement (good head-room). Cleared, landscaped, with garage  and oar'port. $35,000.  Country estate, home with separate self-cont. suite, orchard,  fields and brook, convenient to  shopping and highway, $31,509.  Terms. Good concession for  cash.  road access. '$9500 full price.  GOWER POEVT: Cozy 3 *ooms,  good water, $4000. full price. t  A real buy for the thriftee tain-"  ded! Comfortable older & room  home on view lot. Convenient  location, A-oil heat, fireplace in  view living room. W-W ���carpet  Easy terms on $12,600.  One only at "this price. Nicely  treed lot hr good location..$875  FP. "   >  Large landscaped view lot  ready to buOd on, only ^$3300,  K. BUTLER iREAttY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, 886-2000  The Progressive Reajjor  UNDERWRITING OHE  AND AAGRTGA6E       /  INSURANCE r_  - f-  Bepresentmg  MONTREAL LIFE  INSURANCE CO, ,  ���    1343-9  VAL���NttN�� f  A Valentine ~ party as planned at ifhe  Welcome Beach Hall oh Saturday, February lOlh at 7:30 p.m.   The next program  in the documentary Bim series will be.on  had realized a total of $750-towards the    ^gsday, February 6th and will include a  building of the beautiful library which we    coiQred film "The Changing Wheat Belt",  which while showing fine photographic  studies of prairie farms and sunsets, also  pictures the development of a new~ and  prosperous west of growing industry. Another film in color, gives impressions of a  hardrock miner's life filmed at the Falcdn-  CHICKEN POX  Miss Vicki Benner, daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Ervin Benner, has the chicken  .pox. H^orlunately she "istft feeEng too ilL  Sisters, Pain and 3Sm are hoping Ito avoid  the "spotted look". Earlier in the month,  on January 13, Ervin and Diamine took their  three daughters to Vancouver to see the  Ice Capades. The girls, were thrilled with  the stow���especially with the ^beaulaM costumes .�� the performers.  NEW ARRIVALS IN LIBRARY  Mrs. Sam Dawe wishes to announce to  an von e interested in gardening that the  Sechelt Centennialv library has acquired  tares very good gardening books. One deals  with tack gardens and the other two are  about gardening in general. She also reports that there are several new achild-  iren's "books on the shelves. New members  are welcome so go into your new library  and browse.  now have in Sechelt.  At the fairs, sports were organized  under ithe auspices of the Becreation Commission to provide something for the  children. To honor the pioneers of this  country,   the  two  committees   bad   also  jointly held a luncheon 'at the Winning   fridge Nickel Mine at Sudbury, Ontario  - -   - ��� " '-    "    a third film takes the viewer ito many  places on Vancouver Island, with studies  of Victoria, a logger's festival, flowers,  animals and mountain ranges.  BUILDING SUPPLIES   "  GIBSONS    Building    Supplies  Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons',  B.C.  Quality Ready-mixed concrete.  Serving Ihe area for 20 years.  90-tfn  5 acres on highway for $2,800,  flat and sunny, Roberts Creek.   Brand new home in sew sub- CARS ond TRUCKS  division. 3 bedrms, kitchen, din-     =���=���= = ���*-��   ing, living rm, 3 bedrms and SWAP or selL % ton Jeep .pick-  bath plus Vz bath, plue 1500 sq. UP,  ft. basement.,$26,500 terms. Jeep parts. 886-2459.       1316-10  *?!2  Phone Mrs. Naida WiJson  885-9746 or write:  Box 390, Sechejr, B.C.  875-tfh  CALL1SON EVERGREEN  CO.  Roberts Creek  Sqlal Pickers Wanted  Hucjc 32c Bunch  -' ��� Salal 32c Bunch  Contact plant before picking.  Located   at   Roberts   Creek,  across street from store.  Phone 886-2633  1180-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  EVERGREENS  '       Madeira Park  Salal Pickers Wanted  Huck 32c Bunch  Salal 32c Bunch  Contact plant before picking  Located 1st house north Pender  Harbour Hotel  Phone 883-2265  1184-tfn  PERSONAL  ��  (  !  FLOWERS   for   nil   occasions.  Gjlkcr's   Flower   &   Garden  ���Shop, phone 886-2463 or Sechelt  885-9455. 824-tfn  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. P.O.  flox 2!)4, Sechelt, B.C.   Phdne  880-987.0. 909-tfn  LIS5ILAND FLORIST  & GIFT SHOP  Specializing in Funeral Designs  \  Wedding Arrangements  #86-9345 - Gibsons  728-tfn  ITER WELLS  Hard Rock Drilling A  Specialty.  Low Winter,Rates.  "      Free Estimates.  ATLAS DRILLING   '  Room 10  1045 W. Pender St.,  Vancouver  I, B.C.  , Td.  112-685-1917  , jiia-tfa  TRADE SCHOOLS  TRAINEES WANTED  (Men and Womiem)  IBM Key Punch, Computer  Prognmvming  DRAFTING  Structural, archi-tiocluraJ,  mechanical  Our    representative    will    be  liCHtiniR in tttie SoclKiilt *ire<a dur-  jrufi the week of February, 5th,  For lappolntments write  MAC KAY TECHNICAL  INSTITUTE  1    I    4X2 Richards  St.,  Vancouver 2, R.C.  3531-9  WANTED TO RENT  OOUPUC, both iteacherw, would  like Ho rcait ifumkntocd Jvowo.  P��if<".nably wat<tnfront on 12  month basts. Aroa Went. Swh-  dt ton LanRflalo. JJox '.182, Oib-  (wns, Ji.C.      'v W2��M>  ���M.i������^������.���illltlll      ��� Kllil^  t���IMII1WWM��� ���II��� il-nmimiIWIW  FOR RENT  GENT'S    bOXTsekeepinfi    room,  elTian,    warm,    prival*    ��n-  1ri>nc<!.  TowelH find  linen  mip-  pUcd, Srhn*  Parte, W5-0S35.  ll��tfa  ~t>o Wortman 886-2393  J. Warn 886-2681  ,J. ��. White 886-2935  Box 238, Gibsons, B.C.  1344-9  WELCOME BEACH: Waterfront. Full modern basement  home on beautifully landscaped  property wiih .130 feet beach.  iiroritaige and commanding view  of Welcome Passage from sun-  deck. Panelled living room has  fireplace and sage green wall  to wall broadloom; " separate  dining room. Autumn Breeze  alrborate in all-electric kitchen;  separate utility room with extra cupboards off kitchen; coloured vanity . bathroom. Rec.  room and extra bedroom in  basement. Auto-oil heating. Full  price $23,500.  PENDER HARBOUR: Waterfront. Large fully serviced Io!s  With excellent year-round moorage in sheltered bay. Water  piped to each lot; easy access  off paved highway. Priced frclm  $5,500.  For these and other choice properties on the Sunshine Coast,  contact Frank Lewis or Morton Mackay at Gibsons office.  886r9900.      .     .      . | '  FINLAY REALTY LTD.  Gibsons      and      Burrjuitlam  J327-6  THE SUN SHINES ON  VILLAGE���Lovely spacipus 2  bedroom home, hardwood  floors, fireplace, A-oil beait,  aux. dec. wiring, attached garage, full high basement, $18,-  900.  WATERFRONT bome-4ar0e 4  bedroom, basement, pool tabic  size rec room. A-oil beat, fireplace on 100' WF. Good buying  at $25,000.  SUMMER cottage on water-1  front,  Some terms on $12,000.  2 bedroom borne, fjarden lot,  dec. bead, $8,950 with $3,000  down.  Finish yourself���ww 4 room  house on ]00'x200' Jot. Duinotd  roof and aluminum windows in  $4,500.  SILVER     6ANDS-7V     walcr-  fnimit In protdoticd bay. "Luxury  Ivojito. H.I), wiring. IliRh ba����>  meirrl, double carport, ftnc  beach, dock and ways. $32,000.  Try your terms. �������  Tre*d  WF lot.,  $8,900.  Harry Gregory^-885-9392  H, B, GORDON &  KENNETT LTD.  {jertrSt, p.c. mysna  1313 fi  ANNIVERSARY  Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Fraser celebrated  their 25th wedding anniversary on Burn's  Day, .January 25th. On Saturday evening,  January 27th about 20 friends gathered at  the Eraser home ito celebrate the occasion.  afar?. A. C. Kermedy of Selma Fark was  in Vancouver oil two separate occasions  recently- On January 12 she attended a  bridai^shower ��t the home of her neice  Mrs. Bob Taylor in honor of Mrs. Kennedy's grand neice Miss Carol Lucille  Gordon. On January 2Gth,  Mrs.  Kennedy  logging arch, D4 parts," lc^oa:ss^ to Vancouver to attend the wedding reception for Carol and her husband  Mr. FrediW. Laing. - -.  Ma*. Be��K��im'Sof- Sama^Park left last  week aboard the Iberia for a trip around  the Tworid. .  Also aboard the Iberia are Mrs. Hank  Bareodregt, her son Robin, and daughter  Urida, -who are on their way /to make  "their home in Australia. Mr. Barendregt  journeyed to Australia earlier to get estab-  lishecl, in his new position and secure a  home for his family. The Bareodregts will  be living just outside Perth, in Western  Australia.  uM 230 cc, customized $30O-Ph  ��85-9488. 1335-11  "64 ONE ton GM flat 'del* ton  duals. '66 GM pick up wide  box. Phone 886-9597.        1332-11  1932   STUDEBAKER   for  sale,  cheap.' Phone 985-2120.  .'.    1331-9  TtlAILEElS  HOUSE trailer, 8'x42' with attached living room and;carport   Ideal  for- turn- persons.  May be seen Big Maple Trailer  Court,   Wilson  885-9884.  Creek.    Phone  1303-tfn  1963 KNIGHT House tracer, 10*  x38*, one bedroom.  May' be  seen at Big Maple Motel, Wilson, Creek.  Phone, 885-9306.  1533-11  BOATS a ENGINES ,  CAMP tender MV Texada  Queen, Reg. No. 171976, 36'x  112'���sq. bow, 85 HP Hercules  Diesel, V drive, dig. plant, oil  etove. Open to offers. Contact  Pender Harbour Fire Protection  District, Madeira Park. 383-  2543. 1333-9  i ii-in   i i   a- .fin   -"ii -ii     v'i   'ir '  " i  i- ii.^  fOll SALE  SPECIAL for sale. Large Easy-  Bead     Typewriter.     Almost  pew. Cost over $300, Now $175.  Phorie  8854S54. 1017-tfn  1ENTERTAINC0  ��� Mr; and Mrs. T; Ivan Smith entertained at their home Highcroft in the form  of a small dinner party. Guests, were Mr-  and .Mis,, ��aye Gray,, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.  Parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bro;wn, Mr.  and Mrs. Lloyd Turner, Mr, atnd Mrs. Mel  Usher/Sitrs. Ruby Breeze and. Mrs. Alice  A. French. '  Guests',:'.       '. .  ^ Recent guest in Sechelt, ait the home  of Mr. and Mrs, T. Ivan Smith was Mrs.  Marge Forde and Mrs. Maudie Bone of  Victoria, Mi", and Mrs. Gene Shaw of New  Westminster", and Mrs. Beroice Hopkins  of Powell River. At the home of Mr. and  Mrs, Lloyd Turner was Mr. and Mrs. Wally Schad of Powell River. At. the home of  Mrs. Olive Porte was Mrs. Alice Beach-  am and Mrs. Edith Boniface of Powell  River, At the home of Mr, and Mrs. W.  L. Papons was Mrs,. ArJene Stinson and.  Mrs., Cathie Rushaot of Powell River, And  at the liome of Mrs. A. A. French was  Mrs.-'Gladys George of Burmaby, also visiting was Mr. ahd Mrs. Jack McGee of Lad-  ner, ,.���:,,���,.  Post, al which Mr. L. J. Wallace, General  Chairman of the B.C. Centennial Committee had presented the pioneers with Centennial medallions. - Tiie luncheon was attended by 43 people and 14 pioneers had  been honored.  There was a lot of fun, said Mrs.* Connor, and a great deal of hard work in  "carrying but these events and the people  of Redrooffs Road were generous with  their help and support. With everyone  working together, she felt we could all be  proud of what had been accomplished. It  wds a pleasure, she continued, to attend ithe  opening of the Sechelt Library and to  know we had had a share in this fine and  useful building ithat will provide enjoyment  for young and old alike. She then introduced Mrs. Sam Dawe who was wearing  the Centennial medal presented to her for  her work as Chairman of the Sechelt Centennial Committee. I  Mrs. Dawe said she knew how hard the  people of Redrooffs Road had worked on  ���then- Centennial project and she was glad  to be able to report that ithe library was  going ahead by leaps and bounds. Subscribers had almost doubled since moving  into the new building and there were forty  more child subscribers. More books had  been ordered and it was hoped before long  ito-have 4be grounds fixed up. She then  presented Certificates of Merit .to the members of the Committee and to Mr. J.  fcooper and Mr. Frank Jorgensen who  gave outstanding help with the country  fairs. Dainty refreshments were served  to complete a very happy and pleasant  afternoon.  WELCOME HOME  -, Mrs. Leta Hanney is home at Welcome  Beach, and her attractive cottage never  looked lovelier or more welcome after her  recent experiences. She had spent five  weeks visiting her son Bryon at his home  at Still Creek, Burnaby, when the creek  began to rise and overflow its banks. By  "the morning of Flriday, January 191b,  everything in sight was under water. The  garden was a lake, with a depth of 16  inches in ithe shallowest parts, while there  was 12 inches of water in tbe bouse.  Mrs. Hanney was taken off by rowboat,  and, the rowboat, with ber sitting in it,  Lady (to neighbor's four*year-old):  "Johnny, I've seen you walk around the  block at least ten times. Why are you  doing that?"     -  Johnny: "I'm ninniBg a-Wy item  home and I'm not allowed to cross the  street."  &ETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SEftVlCfe SECHELY  Sunday School ���10:00 a.m.  Church Service ��� 11:15 a jo.  Prayer ���- Wednesday 7:30 p.m.  REV. A, WILLIS, PASTOR  You ere invited toottend any or eocb service  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service I1:1S aAn,  'Evening Service 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSEUS  Davis Bay Road and Arbutus  (2 Hocks up front Highway)  ��M��Ib  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S^-^KHELt     -  " $:��0"<nift.-Every "Sunday  , *��� -9:3Q^d.tto.JGhuJch &5w��l  - 1 LOO o.ra^2nd,4th,5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st ond 3rd Sundays  Services held regularly- in  GARDEN SAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONT  For information phone 885-^793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion &. H3da'��  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  Post Office Bldg., Sechelt - Phone 885-2333  TUESDAY~^11:00 am. to 7;00 p.m.  THURSDAYS���1.1 :D0 ojti. to 7:00 p.m.  SATURDAYS���3:30 p.m. to 7:00 pjn.  SK John's Unifed Church  Wilson Creek, B.C.  Sunday School'^-9?45 o.m.  ", Divine Worship-^11c 15 om.  Led bv Miss H, E.tompbell  Except on 2nd Sunday eaclj momn  Family Service-^llllSpMi.   ,  Divine Service^���3:30 p.m.  Led by Rev. W. M. Cameron  fror further inforraatiaa ,  Phone 8854744  k=  .   . A���� ���������"in  ��*J .mtTo  v*rtvi��jn,r'  "t.  ANNUAL MEET  ���At the anttqal meeting of St. Hilda's  Ajttglica'w Church the foUowfing offices were  fitted.'."Vicar'ti Warden, Mr. TV Ivan Smith;  Peoples Warden, Mir. S. Bryant; Secretary,  Mrs. W. Itarakin; Treasurer, Dr. J. W, Vos-       bareh,  Elccitcd to Synod were  Mr.  ^red  IF. ITS   sufts-it's   MorgansJ^^V^T^' fr ^T^'' S?��r SSW"  m*m, Sechelt, B.C.        ^   nw��, ���Mr.'J- gf f��d Church Committee  ' ' wiemibws, <3, FoxnOl, Mr, Jt. WiiliamB, and  Mr. Jack Whaites. Mev. Barry Jcnikfi conducted! the meeting, '  USED power eaws for sale. All  makes and sizes. Chain Saw  Centre, SccbclL. 8854)626.  ,    8066-tfn  8893-tfn  GOOD  local  Ladner   bay   for  nalc, $1 per bale delivered.  Phone 94S4BC8. fi04fi-1fn  On^ licater in good condition;  also rotor tiller, almost now.  885-2190. H75-9  liSED Wa��iwr��, $15 and up,  \VcstlrttflKHisc Itoastiry; Oven,  J12. Used Coleman Oil Hcatiers,  A-l shape. $49.85. Watch for  our big January lied Tag Sale,  rartcr"�� Hardware iJtd., Sccb-  clt, Phom' 885 2171. 1308-tfm  AAARINE ACCESSORIES  palnt-~Fibrt'g!aii(��i���Roptv���  Canvas���Boat  llardwar<��  Coni|>r<r��s��cd air service, for  jekindivcrs air tanks.  Skindivvra  available  for  salvage  work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Phowp 8SG��03, Citeoutt, 'B,C  .    f3084fa  f��>i��iniilvii^lili��iii����irii����|i'IWi����������ii������ii��iiii����������i<i  IG  SIIPPilES?  ..Wont to tndke yotir Itbmo  forger, more comfortable, more  modern, more beautiful?  Whatever home improvement  projea you have In mihd,  you'll find helpful ideas ond  ���nformotion ot four i<mt> v&cp  copplie* fftop  Pminsulii ftiiiyiiig  Supplies lid*  ffbeme tl85-,95&9  i    .  T��<rowwn<iiniii  S6Clf��LT> D.C.  SECHELT 'AGENCIES DATE f>M��  ?���'* ^ reminder of coming events is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  d5'�� '��one Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Dote  Pod . Please note that space Is limited and some advance dotes may  have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listing only ond  cannot always carry full details.  Feb. 3���1:30 p.m. Hackett Park, Sechelt. Soccer playoffs Oivn, 6.  Gibsons Legion vs. Res. Braves.  Feb. 3���2:30 p.m. Hackett Park. Divn. 7 Sechelt Timbermen vs. Gibsons  CoMgars.  Feb. 3���Sechelt Kinsmen, Mother's March,  Feb. 5���11 a.m. Gibsons Village Office. Court of Revision, Vancouver  Assessment Oist. i  Feb. 6�����:30 p.m. CMe's Cove. Sunshine Coast 8.P,W. Club meeting.  Guest speaker, Mrs. C. Waddell, Open invitation.      I  Feb. 7���8:00 p.m. Mr.lG. Potts residence. Sechelt Garden Club, meet.  Feb. 8���2 p.m. St. Hilda's Hall, Sechelt. Hospital Auxiliary meeting.  , Feb. 9���8:00 p.m. Madeira Park Hall. Local Talent Concert.  Feb. 10���9 p.m. Sechelt Legion Hall. Valentine Dance. Sponsored by  Lions Club.  Feb. 10���-Roberts Creek Legion. Valentine Social.  ASK rOH OUR fMEE CSOCHURt  ft  i  'f���.  'A  : \  f i  MHW  J  C1KSOMS  Fomity home In Village. Largo living  room, onrona brick fireplor*. Modfrn  kilchen, mahogany cuplwordi. four Ixid-  tooms. AirfomatJc oil furnace. Carport.  Nicely landscopwl lot. F.P. $l5(O00f00  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtuaamBSSamatm^xai  GIBSONS  Cxcluiive borne sJle. Large view lot overlooking   Georgia   Strait,   Approx.    140'  1 rontooe on t>aved Mreet. F.P. $3,600.00  ���Some terms.  <^t��C. R. Gotberco1e*��M-7<Jt5.  s f* ��,,-�� j^H^M^/^ftfy^^MttHSie ^,0^4*1.' i^m^^MZiMt^^M^  ���vv  Happenings Mound EljpiHie,  THIS WEE*:  trast' rm tSe  i sam a an��; ��an-  wggtter. TS&sn fibs sun  shoner-.so) MgitJfe. we tSoccgStt Sag, ^asto  .would sSmE# ng>,aaafl digqp oSf sis a-assflt  of over esgosaste &> a jfaiaf&n ��3smESl  fenrtsTnTfejt." ISem iffi�� smw <isan^, ffmfl -as��  felt ircorg a�� jtan^, Bntt tSae wsgk ��mlefl  There rs. & ecamnSSsff; mimm^.SnWhymnr  stone mrsma^Sf��� amflB��3^��>jsj��aiJiflBsma-  bookr wSecSj gfwttoifntf, aM. jstdhsj, B^grifeflEbans,  sc&'ool naEcge^. scan^, jsnft a31 fibs fffitmr  things .t&att attnfertfg; ���off <jnrx ggftanfl aargnl 11��  Snow, T3e$ cflmroEffia^, wflfom 3s nrgrjfe srj>  of students i&onB ad kkmik on &&**%? ^ssssx  and twelve. Sa&amnn2��^s .nngst sgsar-  ately tins w@e& amS ragrfefl am dESsisait  brandies cf tfoe itramMrfliSL Warn it as  fWsftedy a cogy teIE gptStp esarff gfcrSBflitan  the sc&ogL  This -weefi^ tsadhas ��31 <rasr EUEL ne~  eeived tfficsr rnxmti&I5y TrrffigwTirnT;, "Ha�� BC  Teachers?''.. TSi$ imarrtSTs fissae was a 251  rWSererA, Utt nrmuidl tflBft ftswSgTrs sossHt  aU separeu TSeSanittciBraarafft��mar ariiajga-  zhie 'was ffarrlFFirfiaSgdl wfiEi a gsEgflrhetffeEe  maze of .caDarfxdl dfesgin- Ml tfhe itearftrers  wili probably "feeafei^ltt^airt^  Our scfiooS w.as scarfed! ��8Si t��be ��t3nnr  of fresh, pamft tings wsadk. As /tSa msar aS3i-  tioas near icrmrgfigiraa. Uhe jparrtfem; are  busy tfecoratmg itSe wsUte -asirfb. smelly  white staff {.pamtQl.  Last *eefiemfi carr .qtmihrr IbasfeS&Il  teams itxiueHaS -wEtQi fir�� tfegmar; feam  SqaamisS; ap�� to EtaBgffl ESs��r fin" a feanma-  ment at M&s CHnwcqm. ���rar senna- gtrHis  put op a good! vv$s&. amfl nfanefl ssaaaaL  Unfortgrratg-fr oaar saafiur Sjws <��HfhiU do    ^ *���        ���*   ���%fteS�� Boyes ofid Morilya Hopkins  cpaleas good." "% ' ,      "--     <  JffBjflt week our rejport cards wlHfbe out  3305 term tber�� will be a repeffflon of .tbe  TirigiSipj of jreceiving as was 4oiie for tShe :  Easier repoxi cards. ���'EhiB lis to enable dbs  pascsQoB to 3iave a broader, outloftt,on bx>nr  liar ��Md is doing in scbool, yor'exainple,  3f wiea ticy receive ihe report Ifo'ba'iliflfiir  ��3a3fl!s iiomeroom 'teacher there latppeaxis to  fee a felling roark,' de patent c^n go  direcfly to"4be subject teacber.to find out  Jasl vliat is igoing wrong, 'i&so'ior 'ithe  Starearls io'see'a- particular 'teacher, the  JKinflent. bas discussed. ."For ihe good or  the bad."  -     -       ���*'/,,'  -,,, i j .  Perbajis fids anet&od should be done for  aU isjMJitts. We' bave asked a few of tihe _  anembErs of our school and bere were '  gome relies���I can see itb.e parents wanting io see 4be teadbers but'if it's just to  get toe reports it's a waste of time. It's  gaud Iter Ibe juniors.���1'aii against it My  sssrenls are, too. It's quite a good idea for  &e people Jailing.���K they want ito come,  fine, biri ibe students should get tihe first  loEtk at il THiey are tbe ones going to  scaouL���I tiling it's ridiculous. Most of  libs parents bave to go so far to get to the  sdhsoL It's ignorant.���They bave tbe right  to see 4bean. It's good for .them io find out  Jjdw .tfbfar child is doing.���It's an advantage  for 4be students who are -working and  arenU ^receiving file high marks. The  teachers can maybe explain better.  Avd one parent who was asked, replied  ���3 agree Willi it But quite honestly, I  don't ease if I receive tine report cards.  Sebsol is tbeir problem and they know  -what they bave to do to pass?  Annual Vestry��� meeting%  St Midan's MMglicans   ;>  THE annual' vesl^ Tne&tfjjxg W'St'-iUdan's,  Anglican Church took place on Jan-  ' nary 25 in j&e Parish HalL Bev, J, H,tKel-  \y presided.'      *������';'      ' :'"    (,, * >' '.  '  Eeports df tbe year's'work were given  by tihe officers of .the, various departments  ; snowing a year of activity and progress.  During the ,4ea bour;a'<cc^!0E&4 and interesting film was shown of'tihe Enthronement of iHie "Ctoe ^^md^^^Ar<*b4��bop���'  of Cantebury. '    '"  '" -  '"S^CCt j'0'  The following were * elected? tff- hold office for the year 1368: ,Vicar?s < Warden,  Mr- L. C. Bengougbj -JPeoples'vWarden,  Mr. G. Mould; J>ejegate to'Sywd) -Mr. C.  Bedfardj" Alternate to SynooV Mrs. ^ M.  Harper; ^Treasurer, Mr> Ii A,'MaM��ews;  Secretary, 'Mrs, A~ M\, "Harper;, Parish  Council members,, Mr. /C, Bedford, -Mr.  L. C, Vulliaany, Miss E;< C. Haro^.Mrs.  ' W.' Oalsley, Mrs. L. C. Bengougb, 'Mrs.  Gl Mould, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sear; Bell  Ringer and Fiag Eaiser, Mr. C: Bedford  and Organist, Mrss, C, W. Clough,';  USE  TIMES CLASSIFIED  muh^ij^j^n    if  riurd reading  *. ���  F' ��� ������:  Wedrw^ay/iarmary 3l,-%?69-~ E��rJy rnofnin0'moire  The Periinsulo f itnes        '.. ��� ^age3   Martinez Dining Room was spirited   ��� i ��� in ' .. ..." / i "'���. away iolts new location at Davis  -       -   ;   ��� ! -��-   "',"''-, Bay' eaiiy Sunday morning.   Mrs.  ��� "���- - Martinez states tihat when the building is expanded it will be 65 feet long  with enlarged dining room and a  more efficient "kitchen all of which  combined with her superb cooking,  S*  should add up to a great asset to the  district She hopes to be open for  business in April, in the meantime  has not made a final decision regard*  ing the drive-in at Selma Park, which  she may open on ^weekends, for a few  weeks.  ML A replies  LAST MEETING of the present Sunshine  Coast Regional District Board jgave fliree  readings to Budget By-Law for 1SSS which  takes a substantial bike from last year to  MUBSATS (SaESS^ & SO*  LANoscflFSfcas - vmsmos  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  POST MELLON  T* PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 cm. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949  "V2ISE3LELA SSP#SFiF  Lad Fes' - /ttenfs - Onll&esrs Wsor  ttfcg ^S5-^3B - Ssa%^, BC  f erepfisao gP'���" 83&SSSS - ^s. @S5aS38  GSAB3ES EJteSliSra flSQ.  ^nn58? & Ssrouos  Rennar Seas.- Kbsfi^ SenSeSt. ELC.  I ^agfiatg��Eferg^r^C  Vour OMtC Service (Ssrrhs- fftenmsilto Baantude  Dealer - Cabins���TTusHfarBs & Hfecflsyj|P���(Ecaip  Sites. - Trtnlterdiirft���acuncftihju Sirnqp  Customs cnBfrteflry ftar Ixotnc ants cfHiao  Experts cut cxrf^, cxDifife <sjtra9 aiEfkuar  , CCIUOSEU MIKMUMW)  Scows ���Logs  SSdflELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD.  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This includes; ,  ADMINISTRATION  Executive; Directors fees, $4,500; mileage, $350;- delegations, -committee travel  etc., $2,500; misc.' expense, $300. Total:  $7,650.      ' .....  Administrative: -Salaries',''$11,220; mileage, $240; delegations travel exspense; etc.,  $500;. superannuation, .HeaWx>UIC  etc.,'  $1,000; auditor, $600;' solicitor, $750. Total:  $14,310.  Office Expense: Bent, beat' and light,  telephone, $2,760; '. insurance, postage,  freight, $300; legal notices -and advertisements, $500;-stationery, books and publications, $500;,janitor, $360; Total: $4,420.  - (Mher Expenditure: Misc. expense, contingency (including $550 data processing,  $1,620; bank interest .and- charges, $250.  Total: $1��7Q., ' . :.    -  Planning: Mapping, zoning subdivision  control population survey etc., $6,000;  waiter survey, water recording,'.. $5,000; "expenses advisory .planning ooard, $350,  Total: $11,350. -      r    '   ���  Administration Total: $39,600.  BUILDING INSPECTION  Salary, $7,200;' mileage and travelling  expense, $900; other expense, $700. Total:1  $8,800.  SANITATION  Garbage collection  (2000 x  18.00-foalf  year) $38,000; , data " processing, - $1,150;  garbage .disposal,- $4,500.   Total: $23,650.  .'Overall Total: $%050. t   .  DATA PROCESSING .  ^ .' Property. OviinWV.^lt'PopulalionSur-  ,   vey,. Garbage BiDi^;Voter's;Josts.   v  . Conversion:  JPfam&tig,' $2^0- .Total:  $2^50.      '.  " ".",'    ���    ," .4  Development:' Planning, $650; "Admin.;  $550; Garbage ColL,' $550,, Totafc-.&.S'SO.  Processing:. garbage. ColL, J$600." Totali  $600."    '   "- "  "-.,' ;'���'..   ' "��� '.  .Grand Total:'$4,600."  '  Health  Canadian Medical Assoc.  ANTIHISTAMINES  DON'T CURE  COLDS  WHILE amtMstaimines can help to relieve  the annoying isymptoms of a cold, they  have nothing to do with curing a cold. The  Canadian Medical Association advises that  general measures such as wammith, sufficient rest and sleep, and the avoidance of  exposure will do much more to help the  patient while the cold runs its course.  People who use antihistamines should  remipmiber two Mpbrtanit points:  1. It irnigM'inot be a cold' they are treating. Many other conditions can cause tiie  same jsymiptornis as' the* common cold, including allergies,' measles and other infectious 'diseases.-' '���������  j '"'���' '������"'-' ',;   ���  : '2...Arjtihistatoiiies .thaye\sSde-effecits.. llhey  cause drowsiness.. Pilots are not allayed  to use antihi'staimiuei*; 'wftile flying, land  drivers of' auikwriobllea ehould be eirtafa  careful if they're ; taking a��lu1u^stamloes.  Sometimes anlJhistamlnieis will upiet; ithe  stomach or bowel, and occasionally will  cause an allergy.    '������",������������  The.'C.3!a.A..'i��ep^';''<inait.��oimje people  find ithat paper tissues - aggravate coldsi  While rare, it is posjslble for' ithe tissoe  flibres, certain dyes or chcrnkala used in  the manufivcture of tissues, do irritate  some people. Most of these people discover  ���, this for Ibemsclves, and use cloth haod-  fccrchiiofs.'   it  NO BEPKESENTATIVES were present  . from Pender Harbour at last meeting of  the Sunshine Coast Regional' Board meeting Friday, 'January 26,th. Piresent, however, were the two new members A. Rutherford and H. Hubbs who both assume office  next month.  i  Early on the agenda was discussion of  the proposed new highway bypassing Gibsons from langdale and scheduled for a  .route .involving  North   Road.    Following  representation to MLA Isabel Dawson as a  result of a furore emanating irom various  individuals who .'objected to what was believed to be ithe proposed route, ithe board  received a reply stating Mrs. Dawson* has  discussed the matter with the Minister of  Highways. It appears ithercare alternative  routes presently under investigation.   Further,- - before ��� anything becomes final ithe  whole matter will he settled to the satisfaction Jof- the property owners involved.  . ^Director Fred Feeney stated the matter  is "of some concern in the Village of Gibsons and he j understands" (residents "up the  bil" have petitioned on the grounds they  do.not want the new road too far away.  He added-that council has contacted the  village planner who has .already been in  touch with, 'Victoria and ithat council too  has presented some suggestions.  ;  :r>3xector Qiflf Gillcer expressed the view  that the situation as by* no means unique..  '.'Maple Ridge lias similar problems and  have already arranged for a meeting with  the-'Minister,''5, he' said. . Mr.  Gilker also  drew attention' to the' fact  that  as  the  Technical  Planning. Committee  has   not  been called upon.  It could be the project  has1 become too far advanced.  .  Chairman Norm Watson pointed out he  has held .conversation :with  toe   Board's  planning  representative  in. Victoria  and  understands he has the situation well in  _ hand. . . (  '!     Director Eric Prittie expressed the view  that the (treatment the board gets from  ' Victoria is disgraceful  "They do not even  have ithe courtesy to reply to letters," he  added.  Excusing herself as a board member  and speaking as a resident, Miss Adele de  iLange reported on an earlier situation regarding Indian lease lands which have  been subject to flooding and sadly lacking  good access roads. She explained that a  meeting between lease holders and the  Hon. Arthur Lang, Minister of Indian  Affairs,.had proved almost valueless. The  local Indians have bulldozed up a dyke  which now creates the jmpression of a  ��� cohcentration camp. On top of this irecent  high tides caused repeat Blooding and  damaged the dyke, '  Text of &'letter from Hon, Isabel Dawson indicated the MLA has 'been in touch  ��� with' Highways Minister. Phil Gaglardi who  has jStated he is prepared to look Into the  matter of roads.  Miss de ILange said a court of appeal  is to be held in Gibsons for permanent  residents on the property and another, for  summer residents; at New Westminster,  This follows the fact that tax notices were  returned as a result of recent excessive  increases, '-  "Nothing has yet been 4one to our road.  I did speak to Mr. Clarence Joe on the  phone but he was quite rude and slammed  down the phone," she said. Chairman Watson expresstd the view that such' rudeness  from Mr, Joe is quite inexcusable, "however, it is not surprising," he added.  To a suggestion by E. Prittie ithat the  Board register a complaint, Director Frank  West warned that under ithe circumstances  the Board could be told to mind its own  business. "I agree with your comments  but this does not involve our functions, -we  therefore have no right.to complain," he  said.  On Director West's advice" it was agreed  a rather more diplomatic letter be forwarded to the department.  Date change announced  OAPO Vancouver visit  DATE of the charter bus trip to Vancouver  \ planned*by,'Branch 36 of the O.A.P>0.  has been changed, to Thursday,- February  22nd. Mr, W��. Coffey will be glad-to .have  the names of people intending,to go ait the  earliest possible moment.  ~"^v.  Owe Hopkin  CONGRATULATIONS  Mr,<. Gedrge ShroWer, monpger, and Mr.  PryotV Burklnshow, supervisor, are pleased  go ������' ^congratulate Dave Hopkin, resident  agent,-Sunshine Coast, for achieving the  position of second place. In the personal  production of totals of Life Insurance Issued  fey Zurich.Life of Canada, during the month  of December 1967. These totals placed Dove  Jn first place for Western Canada.  BOX 500, GIBSONS, B.C.  PHONE 886-2881  *:  m  SBBSOI^S  FHI. Z at 8 p.m. �� SAT. 3, Z p.m. aattl S |��.'m��  Digest story  on Ml Canada  irsiiVisi  . �����Q!���Bii9 tip ���9  Td.i 085-204?  JCCHB.T, B.C.  GEO- WAGMAN  OACKHOE & LOADER  DITCHING, CASEMENTS. LANDSCAPING  !.   ��� ' ETC .  MlWSM MACMM&. :  A SPECIAL articfl*,ls,featured Jn, the December ls��u�� of the Reader's Digewtl  It tells the story of John Fish**, Ipub-  linheir aod managing director of Notrttwkesi  publkalloins, the company which owns five  wedkly paper* and two daily paptena in  B.C.     ' ' "I  Fisher i was appointed to, bis present position in October when ho resigned ilia Ot-  lawa po/it as centennial coinmisskmcJ-. ,  The Jteadcr'ia Digest quotes fildmr as  "tolk WstorjfflW, radio pcr��onality, fiipark ot  Canadian pfido and tho man lxstjlrid our  Wglily cmcceauful MWIfl birthday, party."  Mr. Flshfu1 did what Jio has always dono  kypwi'^lviely; t>e'iraydUed, Rlfjrlflcd, goaded. JEvwywticre, ho needled Ihe gwition.  popr4�� caught Mr. Oainida'fl *pSrlt & thou-  nandls of projects took tftiapc at all levielM,"  the, magarliic writer,, Robert Oollins sayH,  "Far more ilhan tiio fun and game*,  Mr. Fisher priAoa<Ce*diMmM for its idoepcr  achlcvemcnit*, evicntB o^lcn ovw-Aiadowod  by Expo but with loingHlwm JmpJtotiOas:  an athletic awards progiram tor all Canadian school cbiidrcsa, an iniw-faJilx tnfllg-  tom r^rjjcrcoce, a jom% travel j^iipwm.  TECHNICOLOR - ^NEMASOOPE  m.jmrj&'m ^V#^R"*^1w,^I(h.*i  ?f��t1 f9p.t,##iimk*ftfibin r*   I    -*r   , * ' ���  >^kw-wa  'iJNJV^BisaTy 'ol "British Vcplk&atgq, #a& the-  I  '-tajfili]  ' Ykz PmtntMnTmeB.  i^j^ireM;"M)w-s��ffii& w��i ova wsATHfefTUW W  fAT l��6S  (Vmss? te MMgifut f j^i^'tew *mB$ <�� iofalt to say>whait balfcve m bt *&&��  I *     * * y \\ f      > ***"5m3HJs A3KZN51  d -* ** * v, "* "9 ^ < ��� ill  WAR on shOpBfting has beea declared  'app&ftyfeas ^salted in a dramatic  7- jsite^^i-itheN,'finst iisdiernajlionaij futar^  TeadieBR Conference, January 28 and 27  tntme'teaehets ,are high' j$dhpol/jst^dents  fram. jgrades e\sven"zhd'psetw wiyhjplaa  to entefr Tub* ifcaacJuag pnoflesfil^^/" 0f  Celesaftes "who r^^es^ted", Elphinstone  were iMary.Lamb of Sedielt.and ferenda  Wieinhandi ��rf Gibsons.      *    '\   / <,' f-  ^TannS^iBercbaiits m<m$*   d^reas&-"*!i^*,:economy',  shopping and       the Khrne of thislyeair^ ApAencft was  < W &e SSta aff��53iSTK 'Swtag *a the stor^l owner, honest .^to gaining ^te Mfe ifloiAr  ^ltt^sh^^hut|the ,-agJ^ ao^ecUon to being   S^^/^^S1S\^  public due tolhen&fanom i&mtiSSQt   wat^d-   ,flVl   .      '-.        A   4endSrTsrer��l Srom. Sour- ievel^-of ^eduea-  Ihe* figlit fingered element of ^odeQr,        This mefeod of cnme oetedaon ana   fi00v-tj^i i^nool staideats, sponsor teach  " such aetton is Jong oyerdae., prevention is not ne,wr, la fact it was' ��n   ^,5^ student ^teaishexs i&om me *iniversHly  This age old arid internationaliy use on the Sunshine Coast in one of our |��y��4 , and professional jedueatars' item  tradulonal method of shopping at tnini- larger stores two years ago} As larger univmit&s throughout toe Paciftel ^orth-  mal expense, while perhaps not realized,   stores are increasing and smaller pre-   west,     - '  adds considerably to the harden already   mises expand with the areat, rt would       Key ^peateers indnded  toe. #mnoit  shouldered hy the taxpayer.   It is, an   seem the closed circuit TV system offers  abominable practice which .is not re-   a   reasonably   economical   means   of  stricted to age, sex, color or creed, and    stamping out this particular type of  is far more wide-spread than is generally   crime. ���*  appreciated. , The unfortunate situation * The installation mentioned consists  is that only too oftens particularly in a Dj two ^fe g^gfe cameras and two  smaU community, friendship and family screens which can be seen at all times  ties come into the picture and culprits bv ^^ Rental of both cameras and  when caught seldom appear in court. screens is $25 per month and is .quickly  Needless to say only a small percentage    ^ abundantly offeet by the reduction  of shop-Hfting. There are other systems  available and equally efficient.. The  closed circuit' system serves a> dual  purpose by enabling staff to observe  customers requiring assistance.  There are merchants in this area who  of shop-lifters ever -get apprehended anyway and those with years of experience  behind them have a lucrative side-line  going.  Naturally, most - merchants add a  percentage to their mark-up to offeet  product, On top of Jthis is the cost of   ^f?��� .*.*/. ..���,���������� �������� o�����tw i��  bringing the guilty to justice, court  costs, law officer's time, etc and not to  mention cost of keeping convicted  offenders in jaiL All at tbe expense of  the taxpayer.  "Business Press News" reports on a  closed circuit TV system installed_Dy  one drug store" as  a deterrent   This  educators , from British Columhla  Washington universities. In addition lie  KC. School Trustees, .Washington Education Association, B.C. Teachers Federation  and ithe-^��ov��Kial "government- were- represented along- with other educational  organizations.  Purposes of ithe -conference:  (1) reMowrememVof (the attitude of professionalism among teachers (at AL&  levels) ahd 'student tea<3iers.  (2) .closer co-operation ^between unlyeia-  ity educators, not only provincially but  internalionally as welL -*-!  (3) an "association" "between student  teachers and the professional teaching  organizations, in B C.'s case, the B.C.T.E  Readers Right  Visit the Kremlin  Editor, The Times:  Sir���Don't come to the ���"Snnshine <Joast'  suggest a solution.  RECENT demand by a Sechelt Village  commissioner for stricter control of  building within the municipality is supported by a few undesirable situations  which have been permitted to exist and  have given rise to some controversy.  Statistics reveal a considerable surge  in construction last year and gives a  good indication of the direction in which  the future lies. It-is therefore, a fairly  safe assumption that as more homes, and  commercial building go up further undesirable situations could develop unless  experienced surveillance is established.  Our commissioners are not builders and  certainly, neMier is the village -clerk. __ It  is therefore only natural that many in-  while they are watching one, another is  probably actively stocking up in another  part of the store.  We are not in the closed circuit TV  rake-off business, for those cursed with ��� if you are seefemg a retirement "Estreat"  daily losses incurred as an unsuccessful    with the simple things of life and a low  .vMiiLtant   in  the  battle   of   wits,  we   tax *truoture. Here, that is a thing of the  conie-sidm   ui   u* ^^  ^ dayg ^ ^ ^^ sTBjamer ���abin  Milt in tfae country wilderness are replaced  iby a strict National Houskig Code %ith  the Regional District inspector breathing  down the back of your neck and the pollution control hoard (telling you your land is  not suited for a septic tank and you must  wait for a new sewage system to be installed.  If you are unlucky enough to make this  hurdle, don't think you have it beat; you  isiUll have our School Board lurking in a  dark corner, rubbing itheir hands, calculating how many tax dollars this new sucker  can bear. Now, if you are still with us,  isit back and relax and Join ithe nappy ulcer  groups and see just how money can Ibe  spent <your life's savings, that is). Mis-  manaigement, 20 percent overstaffed; 4hat  is nothing;   wait 'itil you see the school  first class m6vi.es  slated for Gibsons  jPLOiREDA scenes, catchy tunes and Elvis'  Presley "are what "Clalmlbalce,*, offers  movie fans. There are' also several-  beauties whose charms are^ enhanced by  beach costumes; water-skiing scenes add'  action and a boat arace, suspense, "Clam-  bake" is seen 4his week at the Gibsons  Theatre.  For escape entertainment, this is a pleas*.  ing bit of Cine-Malic froth and is Well  acted by a competent east In the exciting  boat race, Elvis and ins competitor. Bill  Bixby, are rivals alio for the affections of  Shelley Fabares, Presley sings several  songs, and all in all the film abounds with  enough In its favor to please all who see It.  Another great English comedy opening  on^Tuesday-the 6th in Gibsons, Bobo. To,  the Spanish, bobo is'another, >v^rd'fori  "shnoak," a genial'smnleton'whoftanbW  through life. To Peter Sellers, a bobo is  really a sly one, to -be'outfoxed only by  ibe lovely Britt Eklanrl ^  Sellers, as "The Bobo," comes to Bar-  1 celona to make a' name for himself as a  ' troubadour, because he can't make it as  a toreador.  The only problem is that he  can't sing. ^  Adolfo Celi, playing an impresario,  oSers Sellers a singing job if he can seduce  Che most beautiful woman in Barcelona,  played by Miss Ekland, The riotous complications and imaneouvering spell success  for Sellers, but not entirely. After all, a  bobo never really wins, evjeS^sn "The  Bobo".  As a nation, we are  ing physically fit and' p;  the stadium as possible.  <��&SaS* ?,^^K����^*!�� ���??������� JjSSSSSFf s��*.  "'If you ��sk me, some ��f them could us? a little fet&eaing!"  ���< ft V  have to take similar action and for the  sake of council itself, and the community, now would be ,by far the most  desirable.  Random Thoughts  ON THE TUG M.V. "5LAXKLINE'  Tbe SLACKLINE arrived one day in  Compensation Bay,  She'd followed safe and cffiicent practice all  of ihe way,  As she made ner careful landfall,  IN THE neyer-ending battle of the sexes,  most men have adopted a slightly patronizing attitude regarding women's inability to ignore the whims- of fashion. The  male of the species has protested his indifference to current modes of dress, and  has maintained that he would never allow  himself (to ibe exploited by the clothing  magnates.  At a recent showing of men's fashions  grounds changing as o��ten as you change j in New Yorkk, it was shockingly evident  your linens. Pick up your paper and read f that either times have changed or men  the "Help Wanted", ^school secretary, no' have. There ican be little" doubt that imen  facte of fte *-^^ ?i..n-��-��*��^��*��*--i  overlooked in pians^  usually approved by Ttiprjcifcr     *   .r~v,/.  Obvious answer/ or- course, is to  obtain the services o��.a qualified^ man  and as the village is a -participant in the  Regional District, there would appear no  reason why the Regional Board Building  Inspector should not be approached with  this in mind. It has been previously  suggested in council by past and present  individual commissioners but so far  there has been a noticeable reluctance  to pursue the suggestion further.  Naturally implementation of restrictions invariably gives rise to spasmodic  protests   but   in   most   cases   ulterior  Plans were made tp sear up a many sectioned  j, boom.  Cautiously they approached this large area of  wood, \  Being as careful as they possibly could,  The deckhand had on his yellow hard hat,  As he stepped of the rail \  He slipped and fell on what he tat,  And let out a big waiL 1  The Mate went to help him, as they always do,  Found be couldn't move as the peavie was  uuough'bis shoe,  motives are involved,  this occurred the -The Cookreached out his hand to help, with  moment the Regional Board employed a   ,     great aplomb, , .1     . -.  building  inspector  some  months   ago. , \viien the #Jley door swung sma,,and hit him  Since that time shoddy building tactics like a bomb:  have decreased considerably arid many    The Skipper leaned against uie wheel wim his  experience necessary but must be willing  to learn; and on and on~na.me your own  salary. , 1  Jjsfowtif yoUj^nd^ihaJ; your retirement  funds mO. nm Meet- 'ifie spiralling costs,  dcin't worry, you can'ISftl sell your home,  put your name on the ^waiting list for our  new Senior Citizens home and we do have  a wonderful hospital and staff to treat that  "old nicer", and Mr. Bennett, I believe, is  Working out a new welfare scheme; you  at least have a good .friend ithere.  Now if you have changed your mind and  have  decided  to  retixe\ somewhere  else,  pjease let me know where it is as you  might be alble ito istand \a  good neighbor  that likes to fish and enjoy all the simple  things of life. .....������ a .-.���-������  DIS&OSTEWi TAXPAYER,  ��� ..'.'': Box 307, Gibsons, B.C.  '.) They say TV really ijg still in its infancy, which helps explain why you have  to get up so much to change it.  have fallen for <tbe slogan "Clothes-make  the man". And what a creation! In itheir  efforts to strop the American male of his  grey flainneljSult, the designers ,and couturiers'"'have left no 'stone tmturned, and  whait they bave come up with should be  re-'buried The kindest thing we can say  about the new clothes for men is that they  are simply adorable]  Featured in this collection was a stunning sensemWe for late-day wear; a black  crepe skirt, worn with sequmed jaicket,  soxl and handbag? Oh yes, handbags are  very in Imagine the furious feminine speculation as to the -contents of men's purses.  Also modelled was am off-the- shoulder  cocktail suit complete with ruffled shirt  with, pjiunging neckline.  , How men win react to these new styles  remains to be ���seen, but women will certainly reject th��m. We have always envied men; their unconcern with their lat-  ���fee,  and tbeki acceptance of people' rel  gardless of itheir wardrobe,  Gnarated wo-  ������fey Maty Gross  men derive a great deal of pleasure from  pretty clothes; -vv-e are aware fisat sometimes we attach (too much importance to  mem. Bow many parties bave been spoiled because two women appeared in identical dresses? It is untfaiafeaMe that men  should succumb to such female folly.  And how disillusioniag to discover that  the male idol has feet of clay (sbod in se-  quined sox and velvet boots); bovr disenchanted we shall be when \se bear oar  men utter that plaintive -cry, "But I haven't got a thing to wear!"  iicated to keep-  as close to  IMilT  CLASSES FOR CHILDREN AND  ADULTS HELD AT ST. HILDA'S  HALL, SECHELT EVERY  SATURDAY FROM  10 AM. - 3 P.M.  Enquiries  Sally Shore L.RA.D.  Phone 086-7059  or on Saturday at the'hall.  ��tmm����^  Don Camozzi and his Cordovox  appeal of *e Ce<fa,s /������.  f ebruary 3ml - 10lh - 17th  :���������   GIBSOMS  . Fob* W&B&miis^imWB Wlm$B2 ^��S^SOSS  lessons have been learned.at cost. Result  is that future buildings will be soundly  constructed, with services efficiently installed, that is, by those who, previously  escaped various aspects' of the building  code.  This, ' apart from benefitting the  community as a whole, serves as a  valuable^ protection to, future home  buyers for in the past too many newcomers to an area have fallen for an  back end to,  Wad got himself a giant bruise, which to this  day is blue.  The Engineer changed the auxiliary belt,  And in his hand great pain he felt,  JHis fingers seemed to disappear as Wood  gushed forth, red and clear.  When the work was doiie, the current was  wrong,  , They'd have a safety meeting, it wouldn't take  long.  KT,?��aMB  Later, the Skipper, his feelings couldn't hide,  They'd sat too long and missed the tide.  Next day they started out with the tow,  Would they make ii, they didn't know.  A heavy set swung the boom against the shore,  The Current was on it like a heavy bore,  impressive facade and a coat of paint  only to have the structure literally fall  apart around them after an extremely  short' term of, occupancy.  Villagers of Gibsons have- this protection and so have the unorganized  (areas, it is rather ludicrous to consider  that * of, the entire Sunshine Coast,  Sechelt has dropped by the wayside,  New council of Sechelt made clear at  its last meeting that it is at last a group ppjne weather was spent repairing the tow,  with no intention of being railroaded 11 ���yvjlcn they were flnid��ed, it started to blow.  and while it might be implied "a newl|  broom sweeps clean" it is very possiblcM Many wcckB later when they arrived in town,  what   should   be   a   progressive  village > ',lie Poss loo^ u,t the Skipper with a heavy  finally has a council with teeth. - W\      frowo  Without too much effort, the villagew      '      '  has developed steadily and orderly, with  aggressive   and   determined   administra-  tion it laces an excellent future,  U is la  be trusted the pussyfooting is  a sorry  chapter of the past for where inefficiency  exists heads should Kurely full.  Big expenditures will, by necessity,  have  to  be  considered  by  council   of  ftjEBtWEff1""^^  iH  M  ^sBJsksssa^m^B^  ggasB^��^a  I  CHAIN ;SAW >  ;;''CBffl1ti'.''  Box 489 - Sechelt  DEALERS FOB;  \tA. Conorfiea - McCuIlocfa - Momelito  Pioneer ond Stihl Chain Sows  COMPLETE STOCK OF ALL MODELS  Part* and Repair Service  Telephone 885-9626  Sechelt as with council of Oibsons. This  presents ��� little problem to the CSibsons  council for in order to keep up with  problems similar to those presently  facing Sechelt, qualified guidance wat  obtained.   Sooner or later Sechelt will  $~m*^*''>���**���t'^**^**mmmmri*0>BB+irmm^m**m0**^0B0*m*>*i*m  The Peninsula^wc^  Published Wedncidnys nt Sechelt  on B.C.'u SiMifihkiic Const  by  Sechelt TcnlnnuU Timet Ltd.  f��oi 381 - Sechelt, n,c  Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor  $, B. AUptrA, Publisher  Subscription Rates: (in ndvanpc)  t V����r, S5 - 2 Yenum, $9 - \ Ye*n, t��:  U.S. and Foreign, S5.50      I  Seninu the area from fort Mettoit to P$mf  (Howe Sound to Jetvu inlet)  As the Skipper stood on the Doss' well worn  mat  He was asked why he did this, und why not  thill.  He wus h1m> told he Was considered very lux,  i'As ithe Boss handed biro ix much uwrd axe.  We arc only humim was the Skipper's reply,  Unit way wc.wcrobwn, that way wc will die.  Saw Money  I AT YOUR POPULAR  LUMBER AND BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Serving The Sunshine Coast  GULF BtJiLDSNG  5Ui��f��UES  885-2283 - Sechelt 8.C.  RECIPES .  Brought to you by  these progressive  places of business  pai  %  VISIT OUR LARGE DISPLAY  OF TOP QUALITY NEW  AND USED FURNITURE  Appliances - T. V.-Radio  Phone 005-2058   -   SecMt, S.C.  =S3=  WV^"AMUM  MmmmmmmmmmmmmtMmmmmmmmmm  I,  Unfortunate jncidentshnve, und will nlwuys  occur,  Who 1o blame, always the Skipper.  The Hon*1 mmi took her out next trip, '  And the thing* thiit huppc-ned to Ihnt poor  little tthip.  He'd come fcom collrpc with Ills new dcRree  But it never helped �� bit when be got to ncu.  Mnny troubles he h��d, liirgo m6 wnall,  KockN und reefn, he found tlicm pll.  One dny he Jo��t the line und the winch  When ildc, und went her got him in �� pinch,  llic cooipuny doesn't cxiM ��ny more,  Tlw bank took it over in t,ixty four.  iTl��c Mory doesn't end hac, und jl never Will,  'As long ��8 liearts are open, and eyes enn win  1       fill. '������   Aprill2, m��7  i  The New ���  CEPARS INN  Fine Cuisine in a  Friendly Atmosphere  LYLE and OLIVE  886-9815 Gibsons, B.C.  EiEVa^S T0LEV8S10II  &. HADIO  STEREO - STEREO - STEREO  6 modda to choose from  Dealer for  ZENITH-PHILIPS-RCA  FLEETWOOD  Better than City Prices  Phone 886-2280  <SI8SOt$S, D-C.  DRESS UP THE COLD MEAT PLATTER WITH  ,     MARINATED MUSHROOMS  Muiihrooms ore|��6uollv served hot ond fhere is no rcovon why ddUctous  ifcrec��med mushrooms connot moke a hot, contrast to a cold mcot plaiv, ��*>ih on  Occompanylrtg crisp, vofletaole salad, Howeveo to keep'the main coune ol o  summer supper or luncheon entirely cold ithere Is on out-of-the-ordinary way to  servo mushrooms, Marinated mushrooms they ore colled. The recipe which  originated in holy does not have to be adopted for use in Canada o> ibe lew  Inanedlentt required are readily available here ond the flavor of the original  marinated mushrooms Is so pood that It -would be o tliame to change It in ony woy.  Marinated mushrooms odd rest to the enjoyment of cold meats, no matter  v/liat they ore, ond What kind of fresh vegetabio salad is served with them.  insula PStmllnj  LtaL  I�� & StlW*1L!ES  Your Kemtono  Shorv/in Williams  paint Dealer  Phone 806-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Where  Fashion is a byword  Smart Shoppers are  found at . . .  MARINATED MUSM&OOMS  1 pound small white button mushrooroi  White vinegar to cover <obowt 2 cupsi  Pinch of writ  Salad oil to cover (about IVi cups)  Garlic cloves  Woch mushrooms ond cut off stems to within about Vt inch of cop*. Dro��n.  t\A mushrooms in noucepon ond cover -with boiling vinegar. Add j��ncl�� of tall and  lx>l| 15 minutes. Drain well. Then spread tnu^hroom* on cheesecloth or peg**  towel* ond allow IO dry for j*verol noun.. Fill trnoll glass Jam loonely w����l��  mushrooms and odd enough solod oil to entirely cover them. Put clove of q<mJ��c  in eadh jar. Cover tightly ond keep cold for ot least one week before uvino.  mrnUO B  fFashiom Shcippo  Gibson*, D.C. - Ph. 886-9941  ^tt^ssmssDassBRB^^^ns^s  ^SB  AS, U&W AS  ^5�� A DAY  WILL COMPLETELY INSTALL  A NEW SMELL FURNACE  Complete  with  oil  burner,  ducts  work and oil tank in your home.  Coll  Bud Kiewitz   your shell  Oil  Distributor.  ��SS-2133 Gibmm, B.C. '  m  i  i  i  , fi P A , S,M   #���.* ,.��-, *,,���fl( P.,  T  ' f ,* * r r v t^^^A^rfH^/t^i^A^i,/^^  flW,i*��Mi��* #K4m**t)ift*#4>t4it%  #i^A.,*>t'* '^ ^^i '" ���'1Jvi}W>vf^v*V5<VvWi|wi-*'1���|J1^-��'-Aj���-"'  ftiTV&flffi !>^W< M��'  iticivvia  rt  v;   -WTOe Times',Ottawa Bureau  OT^AWA--The 'powtiffily'tfaatra degree of  ^   . an^Americatusm  may' rear  its   ugly -  bead as an issue in the otherwise',pick-tie-;  besUnm liberal, leadership campaign is  -eausiog eottsem.  Eor.S&e ���ifirst-time President JofonsotfiS,  guidelines*toJAmerican ^companies hold the'  poisioilily of forcing them ito impose Amer-  _ica"n* policy and regulations on subsidiary  coinpiaaies in Canada.   Until now  these  guidelines have* been volnntary ahd -Where  tbeyv ran counter to Canadian interests  patient companies in 'the United States have"  ignored'or rniodified fiiem. Now sthey are  largely anandatory.  ���( it is true that Finance Minister Mitchell  Sharo has .stressed the necessity for such  measures and ibas expressed the opinion  thajtJhey will shave little adverse effectj on  Canada J>ut iKhere are yncenlainties and  possible uhisinterpreta'tions.  To add to this the task force of uniyers-  ily. prcfessorfi has completed its report to  the Hon. Walter Gordon's Cabinet committee, on foreign control of Canadian industry  aful preliminary indications of its contents  indicate a 'strong anti-American stone and  some drastic jrecommenda'tions. In another  two weeks nit -will be in 'the hands of Mr.  ttrirdon and his committee. The original  plan was that after studying it the committee ���would (report to Cabinet which in  turn would make public a White Paper  outlining Government policy.  Now Mr. Gordon is believed ready to  have the report itself made public and  discussed by candidates during the leadership campaign. If it is as .strong as early  r-eoorts indicate Trade Minister Robert  Winters who refused to serve on the  Gordon,committee is likely to oppose -such  a- course. Ms author of the Canadian guide-  Sanadian subsidiaries of foreign  ^reat/ojfapanies he and his Department  have^madp an independent suryey of their  behavior and have found nothing lacking  in good corporate Canadian citizenship.  Finance Minister Mitchell Sharp is serving .on the^committee but probably with  the idea of acting as a moderator of Mr.  Gordon's more extreme ideas. He will be  no more anxious than Mr. Winters to provide fuel for a flame whieh, in any event,  may be kindled by the new U.S. guidelines.  American parent companies will now be  required to limit i flows of capital to  Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan and the  oil producing countries plus re-investment  of undistributed profits in subsidiaiies (excluding capital Cost allowances) to ���5 percent of the average investment in 1965 and  19B0. The Americans report that investment in these years averaged $1,539 million  in Canadian subsidiaries which means that  they would 'be allowed a total investment  this year of about $1 billion.  Capital spending on plant and equipment  by Canadian, business generally in 1967  was no jmore than in 1966 and this year  there will be a decline so that the new  allowance may 'not require any drastic  adjustment of plans but it raises the question, of -what-subsidiaries ���will be expected  to 'do-tvith the undistributed profits which  appear 4o have provided in the neighbor-  tagd of $1 billion a year for re-investment.  If^hese t&inds were-all repatriated by Jphe  parent in the form <&{ dividend payments  ���a prac1a.ce which Washington would llike-  to see (followed���it would be a serious blow  to .Canada's balance of payments position.  ���The President's statement, however,  appears io have left some flexibility here.  He says the program will require companies "to bring back foreign earnings to  the United States in line with their own  1964-fi6 practices.1' Dividend payments in  these yeans have averaged around $700  million a year. \  The clash between Ottawa and Washington is more likely to come in the field  of exports to competitive \markets where  American regulations are \ aimed at increasing JTXS. trade by at least $500 million  a year. If VS. parents are required, as  it seems they will ibe, to enforce trade  policies on itheir subsidiaries there will be  direct conflict.  Mr. Winters guidelines to good corpor-  ','��� ate citizenship in the Spring of 1986 called  ' on' Itbese. subsidiaries to take advantage of  every opportunity ito sell do export markets.  The Trade aod Commerce survey shows  that to date dfcat U.S. subsidiaries have  been making as good or a better showing  in the export markets than Canadian controlled companies. If the mandatory U.S.  guidelines iforce parent policy on subsidiaries and destroy this record Ottawa will  undoubtedly bave someitlhing to say; to  Washington on (tibe subject.  Uut 'the task force report goes further  than this. It calls for a regulatory, body  that would supervise .these companies (to  make ewe itlhat they exploit opporturaidies  in the Communist mairkets. It also asks  for legislation to block Canadian subsid:  iaries from obeying U.S. court order*  when thiey deal wlith trade and competition.  This ds a horse of another colour. Washington holds very strong views on tihe duty  of American parent companies to see illhat(  subsidiaries in other countries follow  American trading policies and conform to  American regulations, A few years ago  the cancellaition of a Ford of Canada tender ori ithe sale of Canadian imnde trucks  to Communist China brought a protest  from Ottawa, More roc-emUy there have  been words between the American and  French governments over a similar incident, again involving sale by a French,subsidiary to a Communist market,  Canada' ha�� held as firmly' thai a subsidiary operating in' Canada is subject only  to Canadian law and has an obligation (to  follow Canadian policy. Any White Paper  which might emerge *�� * result of fine  Gordon task force report, would Ibe Jikclly  to make illbls point in word* that W&shSoig-  ton would quite understand. '  But, to Smitement or even officially  make pulbllc the' demands of the task force  In coMtfctkm wiUJi Commuirist trade1 would  bo dellbcraWy to wave a red (flag in frond.  of ithe American ibuU. If the report in it*  present form were made public and  liberal leadership candidates, one of whom  will be Prime Miniater of Canada for a  time at least, were required to take a  stand ihe bull's reaction might be very  unpleasant for Canada and result In a  ' serious deterioration of Canada-US. Halations which are largely bull on a mutual  policy of celdora talking openly of efrious  dlsaKreerneota.  ,  If the Sharp-Winter* voice carries it  wemfi proiay* %>t a end. part of the  report Willi* toned <*<>wn *nd ^ <*hm  ItttylJk^ XJ^.J'tW* "^ ��^* ^^*  ''"i  - r<'  H::t  ���+--X-C  Wcflfl^a<��y^wfl<My181, %$ffi JC?Thfc:TfeMmii  Gibsons MU^ge^i* *  GIBSONS J53n;,ParkHeave$ \ graat deal|o  be desiredJ,and is,reaching the eyesore  stage according :to<a: resident ���who wrote  council last week isu^gfisting-'a number of  means by whicS.>,4he;arjBa' might be smartened up. '��' ,Jl>" f '',  Mr. Ken Barker ��� Jof, Alderspring-Eoad  told council that vjijeVeaT��ram the Centennial pool ��ni thelpark pr^ented an impressive picture. 'Fr-am hUmme adjacent to  the park however at pr>*en|ed a somewhat  'discussed the jmatter - with tihe Kinsmen  and a clean up is already scheduled. "Tbis  was, in fact, part of our five year jflafc but  it has slid a little/' he 'added.  Comm. Wally Peterson' expressed tbe  view (that .some consideration' might be  given to initiating a general clean-up in  the village. This was drine some years  ago and was successful, he explained.  Staling that it is his understanding he is  responsible forecast "of culvert required  jdBergnt view^fisM&talcei at l>eat-uo bMnls..   ojitside bis" hfme/ M*. O. Pdtterson of .Winn  tints* badly in '��eed>^P3int;> rather bed-'   Boad, in a letter to council,-suggested that  -*   ���   -  -   - -        as others would benefit frcito the installa  tion, Council should- assume some of the  responsibility as'to cost.  It was pointed out that council conlrib-  New executive        '- "',   -V  Penfier Harbour - Hospital Auxiliary- Mrs. A. h. Ibey, iepon^ yk&prmdr  ex^cutiye.officers |or, 196^ wfere/in- -eat; Mrs: O. Sladey^fupst idee-presld-  staileri - Wednesday byv Mrs: W. H., efct; and Mrs. B. Warden, past-  Cotton, regional 'representative for- president. Seated, are Mrs^B, Philp,  tbe Lower T\lainlaiid Auxiliaries DIv-" president for a second tertn of office  isiori of .BCHA. Sianjiing froni left abd Mrs. W. H. Cotton.^ '  are: -Mrs. ,G, Gooldrup,  secretary;  Mrs.D;Philp .  Pender; Highliips  ���by Donna Vaughni  s-  reports: meinbership growth  ^fiESEriTINCr her annual report at last  week's meeting of PendeJ- Harbour Auiil-  ���iary -to St. Mary's Hospital, .pfiesident Mrs.  & Fidlp sjtated that ithe steadily increasing  membership refleots the",-{heightened interest in auxiliary work and/tihe part it plays  in providing .needed service to patients and  the hospital.  There are (three life members'; .twenty-  isix active and seven as-sociate members in  tjxe Pend,er Earbour Auxiliary.  Durjng 19S7 the auxiliary,' together ���with  other auxiliaries (bo. St. MaryX helped  purchase the heart machine and, a unit  for the operating room, Thpyl also paid for,  equipment ordered in 1966 but not delivered  until '19B7. Total amount 'paid out was  $735.70.  Tbe annual spring tea .raised oyer $200  for the Pender Harbour Centennial Committee.  '���During April a large dele'gaifion attended* tie Lower 'Mainland Regional ���''Confer- '  ence held in Biohrooad.  ' Members decorated a'car for the'annual  May Day Parade and -were happy to win  first prize. In June'the annual friendship  tea was attended at Port' Mellon.  Three members travelled to Pentictpn  in October to attend tbe provincial convention of B.C. Auxiliaries^ Mrs. S. McDonnell was the official, delegate.  Mrs. Philp remarked on the .financial  success of the Thrift Shop whiclh opened  ���last January under the auspices of line  co-ordinating council. Itois operation, she  believes, will be a most* important" factor  in helping to contribute <\o itihe increasing  demand for new equlprdejfjt for the hospital,  being increased from 3^|o 70 beds in the  near future. <^>  The combined auMfaries purchased  gifts and favors for patients and Pender  Harbour Auxiliary .pOT-chased the silver  baby';',spoon -for :rthe'New;' Year1 baby.  Tribute, was p'aid^to'. tihe memory of  Mrs. .-McCaWum who 'paislsied away! in 1967.  In closing her report,'Mris.PhiJp expressed thanks to all members; the exeeu-  tiye and",', committee .."chairmen tor 'their  support during,the,pastlyea'r.  'Mrs. yff-li. Cotton, regional representative for , itihe .Lower Mainland AuxillaHes  Division of 0X3.11.A. and her" secretary  Mrs. 5, McKenzie were guests at the meeting. ���'���. ' .'.'���, ri'. . ���'������: : -, ���'.-������' ���. '��� ���������; '.' ���:,- ;  Prior  to ithe imeetlng , a .smorgasbord  luncheon was enjoyed at the Winning Post,  Ole's Cove- t _   '"    .'.  Reports of executive im.em.bers and  standing committees showed a most sue-  cqlsisM 'year, ^und -raising evenite jra-",  eluded a sale of Jhome baking held oa ithe  wharf at Garden Bay in July which was  much appreciated by visitors on boats and  local residents. Also enjoyed was a family  supper to celebrate the 30th Anniversary  in October. ' J3,  Mrs.- B. Warden,   past president who,  was head of the nominating committee, iook  over the meeting for the election of officers.  Installa'tion of ihe executijte for 1^8'was  conducted by: Mrs. W. H. Cotton. ,  Mrs. D- Philp is president 3��or, a second  term; Mrs.'O. Sladey, '1st vi^e-president;  ,Mrs..A. L. Jbey^ 2nd viee-j>r^,dent; "Mrs.  Gj Gooldrup, isecretary; Mr^-^Bilbert-^iee,  treasurer; Mrs. R. T$. Deller^ jpubucity  ; officer,    t  /Mrs. S, H. Sloan, gave a hearty^ votejii;  thanks,to the retiring executive officers lor"  their iwork in the past year and wished the  incoming executive every "Success in, the  new year,  I Mrs. IE. Course thanked Mrs. Cotton  for attending and conducting the installation of officers, saying ithat members looked forward to seeing her again at itbe  regional meeting ito be held in Sechelt in  April  Mrs. Philp, in commencing another year  as president, ithanked the executive and  members for their help during the past  year and asked for their continued support  in 1968. ''  After itihe meeting adjourned, members  and guests enjoyed the magnificent view  and the bright isunsbine pouring in itbrougb  the picture 'windows. It all helped to make  it a very pleasant occasion.  Next regular jmeeting will be held on  Wednesday, February 14 at 2 pjm. at  Madeira Park'Medical Clinic.-'  ON JANUARY 2Q   Pender -played*, Max  .Cameron,  Sguamish  and.' Elphinstone.  r   'Our boys triumphed over Elpninstorie.22 to  -�����'; 'l3 but lost to Max Cameron 54 to 37. ,Our  -   girls, however, were not so lucky as ithey  ;' ���- were ibeatcn 15 to 9 by 'Max Cameron arid  I 22 to't9 by Squaraisli. ' 1      -  February 15 is the day set for the Grade  11 and 1? t|ip to Varlcouver'M our ^versifies and businesses.- The most popular on  ��� -the students' list, it -would appear are: the  IBM building,  B.C,  Tel, St. Paul's  Hospital, Hudson's Bay Store and, UBC Others  ' wanted to see ship building yards, fibre  glasi factories, CKLG, radio station, Mol-  _scn's Brewery and Essondale.  Our bulletin board is covered with  pamphlets from the Canadian Armed  Forces. These booklets give detailed information on careers in Uie Service, educational requirements, training, opportunities  for women in the Service, and other in-"  . formation for those interested^ a career  - in the Armed Forces,  Egmont School has a new teacher, Miss  Marlene MUls.   Miss Malls attended' Gladstone  High School .and  UBC.   She last  , taught at Burns Lake,  raggled chesterfield,; bleachers lacking  paM. and old ��signs,, On top of ibis the  park is used as- a short cut by motor  vehicles,  Mr, Barker made clear the fact he was  aot^ attaching blame to any one individual  cr organlzaliofc but duritfg the six years or  so an which he Jjas "resided in the area, be  has watched the park deteriorate. Blame  for some conditions- pf- the ground he  attributed to tbe grade which sends water  down to bis own property. This could be  averted with ditphing, -while suggestions for  improvements include general clean and  paint-up. maintenance of boulevards, ditch  and culvert, paved entranceway and seal  off to traffic. The public should also foe  made aware of the'penalty for defacing  public property, -. - . .-     ^  Chairman Fred'_ Feeney agreed the  letter contained some good points and  suggested it be turned- oyer to Commissioner Ken Gpddard as Parks Chairman  and who is also 'nf memberis of the Kinsmen. *       .    '   "���  Comm.  Goddard said be bass  already  utes by .carrying out Che installation. This  has always been council policy and there  is no reason to consider setting a precedent now. The chairman told new commissioners "council pays for installation and  the home owner .pays cost of the culvert."  Mrs. D. Hanson ef Franklin Boad wrote  regarding a previous request for drainage  at which time she had been advised the  work would be included in the next budget.  So far 'the work bas not been carried out.  Chairman Feeney explained that some  argument has been taking place between  council and ithe- Highways Department regarding responsibility for this particular  stretch of road. He suggested the matter  be tabled pending further discussion with  the departanent.  Some" of the new dance steps are so  wild that in some places t&ey. won't permit, premarital dancing.    '  E. t. (Ed) Butler says:  "A Mortgage is o wonderful thing". Few  Families icould ever own or enjoy a home  of their own without the benefit of o  Mortgage,  At the stroke of O pen on, on application for  MORTGAGE CANCELLATION - LIFE Insurance  ��� . , You ccw-GUARANTEE your-family-the  money to pay off the loan, |  For details, calf or write to;  JE. I. BUTLER  MONTREAL L1F�� REPRESENTATIVE  Box 566, Gibsons, S.C, - Phone 886-2000  EDWARD L. SUTLER  X  ^zbsstsss  COMMERCIAL PftlFJTING  see WE tIMR  mmwmmsmmmMmmmmmMnmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmtim  ilf as oy^ G^E/^�� PUE^Sy^E TO  ANNOUNCE TOPS'' 13^ INfEOTAIWMSWT.  '''''-IN'SfiE^ILT   ���  Friday, iSoturday,, Monday,  February 2, 3 and 5  ALVAREZ  William Holder),  Richard Widmarlc  Cartoon..- Technicolor  Out 10 p.m.  :  THIS tfNE IS COMING AND WORTH WAITING FOR  "TO SIR WITH LOVE"  Ami MrrkmYwC** M*erd\  ALSO   ,  Friday, Saturday, Monday, February % lOand 12  CASINO HOYAIE  Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven, Woody Allen and All-Star  Cast  INCREASED PRICES  Cartoon - Technicolor - Cinemascope Our 10:20 p.nu  AT  3 Wash Water  Temperature Selections  2 Rinse Water  Temperature Selections  2 Agitation Speeds  o 2 Spin Speeds  �� 2 Cycle Timer  Plus Famous Dependable Arc*���uate��  Transmission with HacbinO'Citt Gears  Model A59DF  IK  SsimtMStd^m^  BW  The Heatrt 0n Tbe WntarfNHtt.  PLUS  'MATCHING DHYEft F01f <$&9��.Sd  Cwrlo Street, SechcJt, 0.C.  ^^^^^^^^m^s^^^^^^ss^^^^^KS^^^^^^^^M^^^m  HSH  ^^^KS^^fcfcfefeaisJg{igBiiteiBi��ft^^^Wii^^fetetei^  Phone 885-2171  SiS  SB  ma  a  *tm'*f^^.,,t>,tto^^^q^^^rm,^^ifi-**''** 1���^.^��*^-#V^��^r�����l^^KfH-l,r*1 ^���iP"��*f,^*.Hf��,(��*.i'��l*4>-rfl(w*'��i��*"^,v'* ���*  id ���A    **���-*   *.##!,  i ���� jr <j* # j* #��� ��  y  gM>   4-   if#* ���#!  rti  "*t ���**��� -J**   *** > '  *t *.*<+>+ m^***"**A0i*^e.***0iA.*^^0.0^*'^A.0i*,+ # *^0f+^*iime,^.^0\0t0l<A 01^0^. jLji^h.aj.j^t.ik j. ^.i^**f^*i<lfc<V��A*Srf|��ifc��^*t'i'VKii^VW'^A^*>i^ ' .* -ft.-)*, ^2> ij*&:  ^ ^^v^w^r**^^^^'''?''"' f-'-i vjo-v,  '6  -'SSeT^feajIoTim^  ;^UJ&^Xi3^^C��Ju.  Sub commaffee ioygnec?. -; ���/ "',/;.,'  / CoBjmmiity-, Council pldiiners  seeking legiona! Board aid  .BEPORTING on the progress of toe earn- .advances in flminao nature aad^re is a  raittee   f0nmed   after' the   Jjfovember   danger that education'is Joeeomwg , an  Education meeting, Adult JSdueatioii pirec-   anae&Hhetic in desensitising man. "- ..  tor, fteank Fuller stated #t, lasi1 week's   N_w TRENDe > - .  , mee^lm^m^esnm^mt&ed., "^^^ My�� been itaUring about up-  TJe frnnaftion of aP^Jta^Shd- . g^Hditwls for years but less toan  ettt Association and a Commmnty Council,   f^ereeil1. have ma/B ^ ^ange.   ^  1  Special Counsellor Bud Mackenzie ex-   BuxdMn explained that it is difficult to  plained fc��,*he thirty people present that   j^g &i>vat tnange in education Because  the Community Council would fee', a own-,   one can neveT ibe sure of tne results which  , bination of an idea and ac^on-group whieih ���a0n't~ saow~untii~some- years- after ~the  would itake whatever" Sshape, indicated by    student iaas left school,   '  ' the leaders of 4ae group and needs of the       ^ rfifemJd ^ temMionm teaehers  community. '     . ^^ M m^ Helen Bumptoey of Saskatoon  A sub committee ihas been fetttmea" which    ^^ ^ introducing a program of individ-  "bas approached ithe Bogional Board regard--  ^Hzed insitruction ihas made school inter-  ing a Community  Self  Study  Program.  Mr.  Mackenzie  said  be understands no  action will be taken by the Regional Board  umtil (the  new directors  take office in  February.  Advanced art class  Fine standards bave been reached in numerous   classes   now   underway  Mr.   Fred  Carney's  advanced   art under the School District 46 adult  class, seen here industriously sketch- education program.  ing a live model. This is one of the  ACCELERATED CHANGE  Change makes people feel insecure,  observed guest speaker Mr. John BurdiMn,  supervisor of elementary education at  Powell River. To illustrate bis remark, he  distributed copies of a new calendar for  1338, with each month divided into a six  day week eliminating Thursday, as suggested by a Victoria school teacher.  Reaction to the new- calendar showed bow  what may be a good idea often gets lost  when people' start considering tbe iramifk-  aiticns.  Quoting from articles written by professors of Sociology, Mr. Burdikin voiced  concern of educators over man's place in  a world where* technological changes are  accelerating.    There   are  no   comparable  esting and important to each little person  in her grade 2 class.  The trend today is to place the student  in a learning situation where he can move  about and experiment, particularly in  science. 'Memorising is being replaced by  understanding and observation by participation.  Function of schools in the past was to  create a literate society but this is no  longer sufficient. Children today have  never been without television; they have  seen world leaders in debate and witnessed  ithe launching of rockets. The old basic  system of education is no longer enough.  flw^M^fabmrn^i^^  CREDIT UNION OFFICE  CREDIT UNION BLDG. - SECHELT, B.C.  Saturday' 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  m Tue. to Fru 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Woodworking class  Under tbe instruction of R. Bjorason,   valuable skills available under the  Mrs. Linda Yablonskl is seen working   school district adult education pro-  on a sewing cabinet. It is one of the   grant.  Frank Fuller is director.  School District 46 . . ��� '  Happ  Happy in their work, three India  Residential School Sisters find relaxation in their painting studies, one  tbe courses available under the adult1  painter  education program. From left: Sisters Marie Noella, Helen Mape and  Anne Marie.  "CAN YOU relax, have fun and learn at  the same time?"  This question is being answered in the  affirmative., by hundreds of men and  women, age 15 io 75 who are continuingito  learn new-skills in the adult education program of School District No. 46. ! '  '���'."...���' i  Some -are-<takirjig academic and vocational courses toward high school completion whilei others: are improving oldskiHs'or  learning new ones.    ��  On Saturday some are out in a booming  ground learning to scale logs while during  'the week nights others are polishing rocks,  groups and individuals jto service the edu  cational needs of i  dults, in the community.''  oris  HIGH triple for  mg  the ladies,  *^r   ~ih. /rip.*-  *t  ��kem;'  with 051, and h|igh single to feettyiWcotl  witii 294. For the men-, high' triple and sin ���  gle" to Freeman Reynolds with 776 (331).  Ladies  Coffee:   Lorraine  Weraing 541,  Therese "Jenkins 529   Marg'Peterson 543,  Hazel'Wright 526, Ivjr Richards 514, Carol  kuriicz   505,   Arm   Johnson  587,   Pauiette   . _       .. _      . ..       ���   . -       . .-i4.    -Smith 519vLuciEe Mueller 557, Irene Rott-  type and take shorthand. :-/^^,l^a^-A- virgima^ReynoM m' Free-.  The   program  is   being   expanded   in " '     "  February with the offering of five  new  classes, and txeo workshops.  The new classes are being advertised in  this week-is, paper.    -  The adult education department is co-  sponsoring a leadership training workshop  ori February 17'.and 38 with Local 297 of  the pulp and sulphite union. On February  24 it will sponsor a one-day workshop in  Gibsons on adult learning and instruction.  The department is also working closely  with the Sechelt Indian Band adult education committee which is developing an  educational program for members of ithe  band.  Frank Fuller, Adult Education director  said this week:  "The Adult Education department is  anxious  and willing   to   work   with    all  man Reynold 695 (25*7, %5), Orviile Sho-  .gari 683 (297), Joan lWhieldon 617 (256),  Din Skinner. 621 (268), Frank Nevens 679  (268), Lorraine Werning 610 (244), Herb  Lowden. 705 (243, 248), Helen Girard 600,  Alex Robertson 608.  Teachers Hi: Melvin Jay 628 (240), Linda -Vablonski 616 (271), Freeman Reynolds  776 ;(331, 243). ���  Commercials: Jack Clememt 612, Lome  Gre|ory 708 (287), Herb Lowden 668, Mary-  bell Holland 274,. Frank Nevens 732 (283,  241), Bill Ayres 251.  Port MeUon: Betty Wood 294, Gwyn  Davdes 245, Jim Thomas 247, Hugh Inglis  631, Ant Holdki 747 (289, 264), Dot Skerry  651, Bill AyreiS 241.  Bantams: Debbie Sicotte 335 (225), Cindy Whieldon 323 (165), Debra Pedneault  275 (138).  Cutout and Pressout Books  Packages of Cards - Special  Valentine Cards for everyone^ori  your list.  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MEW teSFERENDUM  , Siipki&^ndeSt &ordo& ^ohrisatt w&ifoed  eoiharjjssionens "thai a fcesfr (referendum is  __       _      stafionery  ���AJ-fcetelal 51G,  stationery, ;'*eflecti^ Jgitfaafig: mfakfr  jfcLfr& Jsm^eniK '���sffasrfSKJBBiBB;  .   'tife   ��fefeA   e&used  Gifcsoas   v&age *^���f .<**** *> AjK*8?4, to |S68'  &S rtftilMMAHti khM hv ��***����'-feeaft*   -** Sedtffc. JMie to'tte SnSfcegSafeOJl of fori.  -stani students Mo the distract there waJl ��e  -ioa| ei^laaatecfn. giyea by #ee*etary ^rea?--  Inter fcetfcr Wilson ����rJd *ftts*�� ^fcaleolin  &s 'to Why 4his #&riet diould $a'rte<Spate  3d &e StfolPlfc .Shore ftegio&al tfcfllege/ f^ett*  ^**,��bmtti'eM hehag> "3S -you w&ftt fee  &fe3&Bg oveh, We tfw&d Sake 'to ask questions!"  -^  &  ���v  a capital grant from 'the Federal 'GoVeiSf-  Meirt of $7rO,'��00 for bu5Hing piiiposes %ixt  ttMs udl only affiouat to 3 ��lassrOf>ms.  Student papulation inditiates 'that. #ie  board will teve a dtoice, eifher to enlarge ELpMnstorie or ^��uild a hew senior  high school. Mr. Jolmsori slated that serious thought was giVea to loca'tiflg the  new school 5<n Seehelt area, <dra*iing ts^k-  **,* s.w*c*��s��ii ^A;��-i��r^�� '-f^ is^, -��^rf����   ior  stttdenfe from Pender Hari��bur &nd    Mfin^  22^^^^^1?!LS,?tS'T ���� ���� ��*��* i�� *��5t lor the sfudetote and  ��s3amat6. SWefeTOHh. the band-ioonj deieted]  t^n^m^v  tirotn exjjansion at Elplunstohe it appears  ^hal; Ithere wM likely ibe a $56,1*5 deficit^   REACTION  oil %e r^feiteaduto figure of ^21,-600. ��� ��� ?       Gibsons <3hain��an JPeefi^y hoped that  1%re Bitualo^ Jriegardtatg reterejndiito 'No.  fe wias briefl.^ nmin&d,r epMplieaHons aras-,  Jug frotn the ^cec^e |>lafeed onTfeuldmg 'Jiy.  LiadJes' Ma'tinee: Pat Porter ���2S ^(270),  Hazel Skjfae '254.  dotm'tejeriial: Eric -ASnltiMa 72$ ^295),  Bev ftobiijson !2&tr     " " ���  J&aH aM Oiain: Jled Kohanson ���6fe,  SyMa Jackson 588, JEay SBteesteadt 580  <2S2>.  Peodeir: Boy Fesan 5fts t33W, Miiriel  Cam&rim 641 (255), Boh Bain 299.  TEN PINS  -toed: Mex Skytte 35% Gordon Mc-  Covut em, ISiVel Skyfte -27$, Pat RMefr 3S0.  School league Juniorsc Bonnie Starrs  1��1, iiaurae Man 1^ Sveh 'Poulseii 382  of stamped tttiailuIgfenWloife 4s ��jeicg tosSe  ' avafta3&e-loi<tiie purine Sfl- ��he ^J^ISaSMe.  .New ��wdlopes V5J ^c ^^ fe d^ioiMtea-  tion have bees enhahoed % ^he inside ad-  ditioa of a |>rMed des^ln g*e>-. *m*$mt-  ' interior increases &eifc>a��aiy m^the tWft-  'ope &aa, ^ftflis, assMs ia %e *t*ttcealM��4it  ot eontkfe. Vie 'desSga ��*Sste tf ttb*b-  peated word ''^ftslfes <Daaa4a fsrtf.  The Wee of 4C aitd 5c staThped envelopes goes tip by 40i a#d %e per hniidted,  not Inclflditog "postage, Sb ifflife^ro. 5 toMies-  tic) aM'No. 10 (busHie^s.) Sizes, Mpeci-  ively. i ' ,^   .  -   r,,,      ,--,f.A-  U5E   TIMES   CLASSIFIED  Executive    officers  aun^mne i-oage <execarive  ^Ro waniplete the a<Sivity room at l&ug- serious consideration would be given the  " j   dale 5t was Jascessiary to use^$i<>,0&& Aur- tatter -as there are mmibliings of imdMstry  pfos Stosa referendum No, 4. ^jfbsosos el- movateg into the SfcuM isMoh would mean  A*    -tiuM.i.aHA    ^*    *        - j    *   wji ifi^. <_ - . J "        femenftaiy school expansion of.-'eo^t *(e# ��iore ihouses and feaailies.,School iBoand  m&**ti- l**A**> tvta M*0~vB*r?t   ^puty^readent-aMfitiaiiCialiSea*-   -elaisiobm*, library aM demm&m 1*4 Cbofanum ^on ��00^.3* fcgreed wifii Feeir-  SftSWiTD     *^ JMg a^   ^^ Mrjfe' <^a^�� Bi^yft, ^aSftr|^e^-   ttflflttg starWrs a ^mS^d^eW&^of $feb> '��7-   CotnimiBsiotoer  Bakon- observed  ithat  seatea, irom left: Kecording secre-   urer T. Iva�� B. Smith, Granfl Herald   200, the referendum befog rearranged to" with increased population at the Howe  rary, Mrs./Uice FreftCh; no))le grand,    of   ^flie   Gratld    Iiodge   of   British   ��t^�� money 'aiiocated for Madeira-#airk, .Saund'ead,  Sechelt Secondary would be  Sdrs. JVtogaret Wise-   Vice .grand,    Columbia. . l ��ehooL ��� t " ". faced with the same problem Pender Har-  " " ^Tfae 'bbard' Ihas not -been- allowed: to ^eon- hour has now. -' _;  itanue with plans for a new seliobl^b'Dafia of-"       Trustee I^eo ' Johnson, asked Feeney if  ffiefe Sue "*o ^8* gbvesrameSt ik<e^e i&KL as a'^emain hie would wisli "to 'see ah.o'Hiei'  fetaSies tfaat *ter $^CO00 ��1fecatedr.as almost" storey on-Elphiijsttine,  eerlbaiin >to be '5naae<pate, Bentar for "ad-'       At, this  jpoint  coiinmissionelr   Mbrgaii  mMsffaitive' t%a&&eRs and the B&. '^ete-' ��� Thompson interjected with, ain explosive,  't&one buMiiag totals ^6,180 per, affltoiuln. "we're feting away off the l&aim-l l don't  ^o*erea |i!laya!f^^aaJfmoo^Bfty,f^^ toow where the people will 3ive, SeeheSt  beSte ^reei aM Sechelt, ���schools -and a- or even Pender. What lafooat eo'sV?  Mrs. Jenny Reiter; standing, distria  Meritorious award . . .  eioifi  nrni nnnnHTK.iiinliji.wa*^  Herd To Serve You  YBi WE tiAtmM Ml  FORMS OF WE  INSURANCE  INCLU8MG MQkWmZ  INSURANCE  Da^e Hoplcira   .  f&sidertt t)ndeMri?���r  Phone 686-28B1, iwkSlfi^ ^bSSbSs  ONE OF '(the highest honors -in Oddfellow- Ck>nin^s��wier, Miss Adele De 3LaSge; Ifo.  |       ship, iSie/Meriitor&us Seryice Jewel -has James' Parker   represeatang  St. Jfejy's  |   been  awarded ito |$rs.   Ruby  3&reese of Hospital Wrd; Mrs. James Parleer, pires-  i  Sunshine Kebekah Wdge 82.   Members of ident of (the Hospital AtudMary; Mrs, -fSoSS  |  the lodge have ;Jsno^n of this award "for Newton, Bislriet Girl Guide Commissioned  |   one whole year. Ijmt .kejrt it a dose secret Frank ".Newton;: Mr.  and -Mrs.   Newtoo.  ]   from their valued" Member, awaiting ithe The son-in-law and daughter ef Mrs. Breese  ?   annual visit of 'the'presideiit of the 'Bebekah wer*e Ifcco'mpa'm^l toy their 'cb51dren/-Gary,  i   Assembly of Britteh Columbia so that she David   and  Judy;   Mr.  and^-Mrs^E, %  |   could make (theNjoreseatation. Fitzgerald; Mr- - aad -Mrs/ Art Eedma^;  I       The long-awaited visit was anade oh Eev; Barty Jf^'V^ar ��fvst. HMa'is: I  I   Wednesday apd-^following a smorgasbord Members .from  other lodges   inciud^ii  f   lunclbfeon.^tb.e^seene was set for tbe sur- Gene TKi^w, -Ip^t Gra��| master of N<sv  |   prisje^ |p9CHgser||itSonu   As 'usual ^ffer  the Westminster ysad 'his  wife - -J&&. Svelyjii  |   luncheon, M^,- Breese'had quietly slipped Shaw, past .��� Assembly  president^ distrSS;  \   away to &��.. jptchen and it was a very deputy Grand Master, Mr. Wa!lfofi> Schad  I   surprised afld; is��rie>hat. ��bverwhelined lady ��hd Wrs. S^baaoifrFbwell Saver/ .".       X  | ��� whp; was - eMorted-^fhrough "the Symbolic ' Lodges    replresehted   were:    Tesquoiife,  j   gafes Mo the garden of Mendshg) ito be- Powell River; -Arbutus, Gibsons;  BeuSab,  t   come the second*'Jlebekah. in alj< British New Westminster; Came, "vactoria; Hliahie;  t  Columbia td'^u^lM^oT Ihis bighf^onor. '/ Vancouver and-Golden Link, Vancouver*-  i       Mrs;. Jermy.rtf/mer, vice-*graijd^4of 'S^n- Aitoge|her sixty .iplnsfl^s attended;-a1?*  |  shine ILodge, r|ajpT'ia verse composed by Mrs. Buby Breese received a tremeodotjs  ' the Rebekahs, reMang the many fine and ovation ^'and 'congratuStory   ^handshakes  ��� unselfish" deeds, Stoat Jtos. Bj^&s&Jbtas ao--:fc��mJievieiyone. *.    -'���':: is, "  '  willmgly ^oei$ormed -and though she -was  i', speaking" for the lodge it could have Been  -* for   ithe   whole   eommuBity   of   Sechelt.  | Whether it is hospital atudjiaty work or to  For conclusive proof of GM leadership  in quality, styling, performance and value,take Ihe wheei now.  | : ir -i        during the national :  Around Gibsons  i help the Guiding Moventeat, Buby Breese    Ufa   AB.w -,���,��� - ^ -,_   0_, .������,.;���  j is at^.aSTfeftBitt a lhand. "tifLSi tt ?**��?&&  Following the' presentation,1 tmade by  Mrs. Margaret Foroe", Assembly pre'sideiit,  Mrs. Breese's grand-daughter Judy Newton  presented a beautiful ^bouquet of dark red  rpse-buds to hex (grandmother on behalf of  the" lodge. ^ j";"*^'  'JVtasiter of ^e^efflionies for dhe occasion  have returned ifrom a months holiday,  during which they travelled in their camper which, they had built after visitijjg'  Disneyland, MarineJaod, etc. Around JSs  Angeles they Jouiitteyed south below. the  Tropic of Cancer to Mazatlan in Meideo  where they enjoyed the warm sandy -,bBj��  ches'and acqu^ed suntaav. A course, in  was Grand Het#;of the -Grandi Lodge and    oomersationalCSpanish mi^it help, buTthe  Bappers got oJtt itucely, a- Mexican g^atJe-  mao giving them some hel^'^ith ithe- Ian-  treasurer of SuJ^hine Lttdge, 'T. Ivan B,  Smith. Mrs. ���F^rde was accompanied by  the Assembly/I^irshaU, Mrs.,Maud Bone.  Guests buteiSe'itbe ordeir invited to ithe  luncheon and^gr.fesentation were:   Village  "The mdtch icSf* social progress is,  like a loi^ and' straggling parade,,  wirh Ihe 'ieerpiifonA prophets^ ^rt Ite  headiqnd a, st*��jig nrjinority bringing  ..;''.'';;.;; .up;vWifi''j^ear:;.\''?.,���  miTY  %^^0   (plus tott)  (Papevb&ck)  Sesh^^V%-9%IS4  Gibsons���QQ6-2616  ��� Mr. apd Mips. Larry* Young^fire, being  congratulated ��5ii the-bifth-of twin boys:  Mr. Arthur 'Fiel^ his come from Edmonton tfb wtsit Telatives here'. ^��  Among patjerats m hospital? is Mrs. Leh  Wray, also Biid McLean. <M,WeiIi soon. ���.  Mr. and Mrs. ��5. Skellett recentiy eft-  joyed a vacation when they travelled,, south.  ioir a month. .They were'joined jby.theflr  younger daughter, Wdnnifred, who went 2  'weeks with her' paints :'Mo!lidayiJn|; ,aM  then flew home. Mr. anld Mrs. SkeMeitt,lvi$-  Itea Laguna wseaWam-JMs''Vet^,ftih0  w,ereia's-^ar as''^juajMl^ $e*bco.< While ���;&  Caliiorida-'lhey visited-i'lbBf-W^r^.-'Ai^lds  <Mms. W��n. Wie^ntondib :ibrotlher). /^IJppb  their reiturn they found that their eider  dan^ttet iWet^yy Mt^: fi^ock. was ';%  St. Mary's Hospital. .She its 'now at homej.',  '-' At the .January general meetog'of.'itifiifc'  Gibson^ Bod arid ��W�� Chib, officers elected for' VW are: P*e-&W��it, Mr. E. U^  yea; Wee presHdent, Mr. T>. OairoiU, sec-  retaryy Mr��. iSi Jones; treasurer, Mr. B.  Fisher; *��nge officers, J. Ponasuk and r^.  ttarrfo./. ,''''������'    : ',.,..    , " ,"  'Committee chairmen were as follows:  building and grounds, E. KuUainder and  W. Peterflon; ^iiiter^ainment, N. ?��arri��;  ways ��oA Buwain*; I). Cattol and It. Delong;  pialol, W. Nygneo; rifle, M. Jay; and shoV  gxih, p. M*Giverti.  ijiettiember the fiibsons Rod and Gun  Club general monthly meeting on February  1st at 8 p.m.    ,  to test drive the only ears that bear t  iirk of Excellence. See, hear* and feel for yourself :.GNfe  margin of superiority over the other 1968 cars. Driv  is believing! Come in today! Voiir test ear is wasting.  ���^���uinmwiin.in mm"mms  ' Sigh Ih a diinatown restaurant: "Moo  Goo ��G��i Tan |ust; lilco mother used to  make."  Left: PontlacParacrine Sport Secfan. Right: Chd/mht'ttnpiita tuftom Coupe.  There is a difference! And we can prove it!  >os���over what our Mark of ExcelSernce means in mofioi  ...���<��� -f1   f -i  ���J-i'*Mr-��iiif ^f' i ������"������*��� ���*���������  ^^g  Bi��M0 HOURS  ZS^M  DAB1Y AH�� SAJUBDAX 0:��3> A.M. T0 S:��0 P.t  FOBDAV6 d:H��' AM. Wto ^��03' PM.  %��mA&  -  ���l^St0> ;  AlTEKWATd WiT^^lMlR STATIONS  m*  m\k mm mmutn ltd.  at yowr dealer's  ftOAD TEST CENTRE*  Dcrinnf^bruary, Chov-Oldsnnd  PoirttiQC-Buick doaf^rships  odnofcsCanada have been turned  inlottoad Tost Centre*. Specially  m'AtikrtJ domonstratora aro On  ��ti# filarting lino. Cotn�� on in,  jptdt ^our car and taka a 4lrivd.  TCmll bo glad yoia <25<3l  20 minutes  will prove  onrp����ntl  Givo us Just a few minutes and  we'll provo that tho Mark of  Excellence is far more than just  a promise of General Motors  engineortnBlGaaerShip.h'&your  guarantee that you'll find mora  of tho features you're, looking  for in any GM car.  Rate the  ^reatoiies.**  Whichever price field is yours,  whichever car size appeals to  you, however you like your car  equipped, till* 1ft your chanco to  find out what niaTkoa the '68  General Motors cars 00 far  ahead of tho rest.  The       ��^  welcome ffnDt  iiout!  1"  You can <ifc$IHt ����i & warm  welcome at alty ���ChW-fJIds t>r  Pontiac-Buiclt dealer.; Out no  pres&uro. tho whold idea is for  our (bars to <So tfno tsAkin^. Bot  If yo*i want to talk trodo��r<S��al  ���you've picked tho right time.  ��""* - wmmw^iimi���, ������*�����~ Sets foot \bco\ 'mrfttofared t&txfcrot l^dton ^eeler^ -��"������ '������">������ *���' ����� ��� ��� ���' <���*��'��" " ��'��  ELT, B.C  js  Peninsula Motor' Products (1957) ltd*  111  \!=  ���*'      M,*.,  ��� q, tfr* if f*�� ,***,* ^Wt^y,^ i^v'|H*i** "fl  ��(��>���,������<#,,# .*���(��� ,<**,,*��� jHWl.*,,^ ;���**���   ���!*r! ^;"^'  ... �����*   *f   <*= -"���>���   ^  *k ^i. ,P|,,fW, f  ���*'?" ^���^���^!f^f^'Y^^ir-^^(*^,.^.f t.,*��P((*/^.^^^ -fl^#   f��*^,t��, if�� ^ rfd .*hM���^��. ���*, ^^ ^ ,A(*M,*��-,��*b,*1^��^A��f''--*^-**'�� **��>ti���� ��  f* *  tS-l^.f-'fW    ^y����   *��!fw^��)i6rf��il*W>������'M%-^l*stf '���"p$)  ir'j'Vj- ��. /��� . "'" "'f-'"   J'"' ":��v^:i**fe^Tr^*��'*r*   rW*i,*'V- tfV^ VrCia < riiMMWAiJ j-ammmWmw - ,  *jF@ge'$" .Th0;PeninsuI<rT1raea  ' v        . ; Wednesday, Jcnuory 31, 1968  Dateline Victoria  ���by Hoa^tsabd Dawson  THE SECOND Session of .the Twenty-eighth  Parliament of British Columbia was  opened on Thursday, .January 25th, by the  leading of (the' Throne Speech by,. our  Iieuitenanlfc^Governor Major General G. "&.  Pearkes, V.C. It was not difficult to 'be  moved deeply by his entrance ,to the  Chambers, looking very, regal indeed, fox  this was his final opening ceremony at our  Sessions. He has done a wonderful job in  his capacity oi Lieutenant-Governor and he  " " and his~gracious wife have1 endearedtheni-  selves to aU segments of society in our  Province. It was a lengthy Throne Speech,  making mention of several highlights an  the Canadian Centennial Celebrations  throughout ithe Province, recipients of  Pioneer Medallions, Project 100, distinguished visitors to British Columbia, three  hundred and fifty projects completed in  cotomunities throughout the Province and  others.  '  Legislative proposals would'- be introduced at this Session, on industrial ��� relations, ithe Workmen's Compensation legislation which was. laid . over, until, this  Session, improvements and extensions  of social welfare benefits, an Act to .create  the (mineral jade as the mineral emblem  of the Province. Measures "relating to  housing, education, health and welfare  services wil be introduced. Low cost  rental housing for the elderly will receiv*  greater exipenditure this year. . A stroni,  advance oh aU' fronts' will be encouraged.  Legislation will be brought up to integrate the British Columbia Ferry Authority  by transferring to Her .Majesty in right of  the province, and will then come under the  Highways Department. This is indeed a  tremendous, move.  The population of British ��� Columbia is  expected ito pass the two million mark early  this year. The British Columbia labor  force.has increased from 565,000 in 1960,  ��/approximately 762,000 in 1967, an in-  rease of 35 percent in seven years. 95  percent of ithe people of the Province now  enjoy ithe security of prepaid medical  coverage.  Revisions to the Municipal Act and the  Public School Act will be presented. There  are other points of interest in.the Throne  Speech and as the-Se&sion advances many  of these will .be explained in more detail  to you, the constituents of Mackenzie.  I am looking forward to this Session  with much enthusiasm and interest. I am  proud to be your representative here in  Victoria and am always aware of our need  for constant attendance to your needs aid  affairs.  My first Speech this year is on Tuesday,  January 30th, at 8 p.m. in the evening.  Sunshine Coast B.P.W..  announce speaker  NEXT general-aneeting of ithe  Sunshine  Coast BPW Club will he held at Oie's  Cove Resort on Tuesday;, February 6th.  The meeting will start, at 6:30 pjth., dinner  will be at 7:3p p.m., followed at 8:30 p.m.  by the speaker.  The BPW Club is vejry pleased, to announce that Mrs. C. WaddeH,- the Director  of the Women's Bureau, Department of  Labour, has 'Consented to come to the. club's  meeting to talk on matters pertinent to  working women, and especially as dealt  with through the Women's Bureau.  The Women's Bureau was se|, up by ithe  provincial government only about three or  four years ago and this was.done in large  part as a result of pressure by BPW Clubs.  The Women's Bureaus-deals in pant with  wages and working condition^ as they  affect the working woman.  All members are urged to' make a  . special effort to attend this meeting, and  all members of the publio���anen or women  ���are invited to bear Mrs. WaddeH at 8:30  p.im. Will all members please contact the  Secretary, Mrs. Doreen Lee (S83-2283) or  ithe Membership Chairman, Mrs. Marilyn  Wigard (885-9345) before Sunday, February  4th, to confirm attendance ait the dinner.  The local club is pleased to'report that  sales of UNICEF Christmas Cards totalled  $158.56 (a large increase over last year)  and the members wish to (thank the community for itheir .support and help in raising this money for needy children the world  over. The club, through its Christmas  Hamper Raffle, also raised $50 towards its  bursary to the High School,  Pender Ratepayers form:  taxes primary concern  FORMATION  is announced I this week  of  The Pender Harbour and District Ratepayers Association, More than thirty inter-  ested taxpayers turned out to the inauguration last week at Madeira Park. It is anticipated that membership will reach a  hundred by the ond of this week.  Directors elected are: William Secular,  James Tyner, James Flatley, Frank White,  all of Madeira Park; Chaxiles Jieale of  Egmont 'and Carl Itemmen of Garden Bay.  General concern has been expressed by  residents of the area regarding high taxation and the fact they have JittJc voice dn,  expenditures. Som<- concern was Indicated  Jo relation to the Regional Board building  regulations enforcement and more specifically, alarm., was expressed regarding high  expenditures   in   the   t>chool  district.  These are Jill situations to be investigated by the newly formed organization.  iJ&f^ft  tC^Jr^ZSS^K*  t:  v * ��� ,1    w   v *   ���f  Dignified ceremony .  Saturdays iiistaliati(m of Job's  Daughters was conducted with charm  and '.dignity. Standing from left: Mrs.  Installing team  :Heatiier Geoghan, Miss Judy Gather-  cblev Miss PhyUis Hauka and Mrs.  Cathy Willis.   Seated:   Miss Susan  Taylor, Miss Carol Mylroie, retiring  Queen Miss Marilyn Hopkins and  Miss Lynne Ennis.  /t^>  REfTSING- aifber six happy months as  ,,. Honoured Queen of Bethel No. 28, International Order of-Job'&, Miss Marilym  Jlopkins conducted the installation of  Queen Elect Carol Ann Fsrshner and her  Officers with dignity and charm, on Saturday, January 27th in (the Masonic Hall,  Roberts, Creek..  A capacity-audience filled the Temple  when Guardian, Mrs. Wiima Morrison declared the Chapter open. Marilyn beautifully gowned in a, floor length dress of  pale blue taffeta with white lace top was  escorted into the Temple by Associate  Guardian, Mr. Jack MacLeod.  Assisting the young retiring Queen were;  Guide, Lynne Ennis; Marshall, Susan  Tayior; Chaplain, Cathy Wallis; Recorder,  Phyllis Hauka; Sr. Custodian, Heather  Geoghan; Jr. Custodian, Carol Mylroie;  Installing Musician, Mrs. Caaneron; Soloist,  Mrs Mueller and Narrator, Judy Gather-  cole  As Miss Gathercole introduced the  officers to be installed each girl .lit a star  set on a midnight blue backdrop in the  form of a cross and surrounded by smaller  twinkling stars.  The most beautiful part of the ceremony  followed the crowning of Queen Carol when  accompanied by Mrs. Mae Freer on the  piano, Mrs. Mueller sang, '.'God Gave Me  Mountains,"  Supporting Queen Carol during her six  months iberm of office ,are: Sr. Princess  Deborah Dockar; Jr. Princess Candy Me-  Phedran; Guide Pam Boyes; Marshal  Wilma Mandelkau; Chaplain Glynis MacLeod; Treasurer Elaine MacKenzie; Recorder Darlene Lawson; Librarian Wendy  Tracy; Musician Patsy Feeney; Messengers are', Karen Stanley, Sharon Lawsoh,  Faye Reid, Nancy Millier, Pam David, Sr.  Custodian Juanita Chamberlin, Jr. Custodian Linda Williams, Inner Guard Colleen  Fuller Outer Guard Barbara Price.  Hi'dtr of Merit Pin for this term is  Ohm* MacLeod; each term Job's Daugh  ters hold a secret ballot to elect the one  who has done ithe most for the Bethel  during the past tenm.  Following the installation, retiring Queen  Marilyn,   Queen   Carol,   the   Princesses,  Guide and Marshall each introduced their  'families.  Gifts of appreciation were presented to  -Marilyn-from���the Bethel; the Guardian-  Council and De Molay. Queen Carol received a gavel from her fasther and a  -beautiful bouquet of pink and white carnations from Mr. C. Robinson presented 'by  Godfrey Robinson.  Many messages of congratulations were  received by the installing team and the  newly installed officers. Mrs. R. Cumming  read a verse especially for the girls, entitled Success.  Prior  to  the closing of. the  Chapter,  Queen Carol graciously thanked all who  assisted,   particularly: Lissiiman's   Florisi;  the   installing   musicians   and    Mother's  . Circle.  Guardian Council members are: Mrs.  Wilma Morrison, Guardian; Mr. Jack Mac-:  Leod, Associate Guardian; Mrs. Wm.  Dockar; Mrs. Les Chamberlin; Mrs. G.  Forsher; Mrs. Wm. Lawson; Mr. John  Robinson; Mr,. D. David.  ���7T  *tmm0mm00i*0im0m0iA*0m0Bi0mm00m00m0mm0m0i0mK\.  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  CAMPBELL'S VARIETY  ODEL-CRAFT HOBBY CONTEST  r  EMT HIES CLOSE ....FEBRUARY 20th  Entries Must Be In for Judging  By This Date  Bethel   28,1   International   Order   of  Job's Daughters installed a full slate  of officers at the very impressive  ceremony which took place at R��b-o  erts Creek Masonic Hall on Saturday"  evening.   Pictured from: left, *back  rows:   Juanita Chamberlin,   Sharon  Lawson,   Linda   Williams,   Darlene  Lawsoh,    Barbara    Price,    Colleen  Fuller,   Wilma   Mandelkau,   Glynis,  MacLeod,    Karen    Stanley,    Patsy  Feeney    and    Elaine    MacKenzie;  front, Faye Reid, Pam David, Pam  Boyes,   Wendy   Tracy   and   Nancy  Millier.  I  Installation  Elected Honored Queen of Bethel 28, Queen Marilyn Hopkins.   Supporting  the highest honor for a Job's Daugh- Queen   Carol   are   Senior   Princess  ter, Carol Ann Forshner was crowned Deborah Dockar and Junior Princess  on   Saturday   evening   by   retiring Candy McPhedran (standing on left).  ,-,��� ���.. .1    |,|l.l���l���,- J|��� I    ���Will.--��� '        ������ ��� ���.-I���.--IF-I.���...������"������������������-���.���.������������I���1!��� .������         ���II,���.-��� |-.l���������..,-- ..I-..��� .11.   1.1���1-  Say You Saw It In "The Times'  JUVENILE soccer playoffs at Hackett  Park last Saturday, resulted in itwo  really/tough, games. Gibsons Legion scored  a 1-i'draw, with Sechelt, Legion but ���won on'  corner kicks. Residential Braves scored a  3-0 win over Residential Tigers and will  take on Gibsons Legion at Hackett Park at  J;30 pjm. next' Saturday.  Gibsons Cougars scored a 2-1 win over  Gibsons Canfor during overtime, and will  meei the Sechelt Timbermen at Hackett  rPark on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Winners of  'tthese playoffs will play in North Vancouver.  } .    ������ . ''  WEEKEND  RESULTS  ,���' Sechelt Timbermen had ithe first goal  fecored against them on Sunday and it was  a beautiful goal scored by Dwayne Anderson of Shop Easy team. Final score was  44 for the Tiimbermen. /  Totems scored a 6-0 win over Sechelt  jbegion.  ; No other results had been given to the  primes before deadline.  - FEBRUARY 20,  1968  ����fa��fHpj^^  t^fefflM^^^  a  BE SURE TO CONSULT US OH  Sold and Serviced on the Sunshine Coast by  i s  SUNNYCPtEST SHOPPING CENTRE - GIBSONS  Phone 8S6-9G89  %rs0V/0WS0V0WS^^^  <E3S2EpSS33S!!23��322232  S5&  OTiCE  Doctor of Optometry  204 Voncotrrer Block  Vancouver, B.C.  Will be in Sechelt  onday, Feb. 12fh  For an appointment for  eye examination phone   8S5-952S '  M  Sponsored by the SECHELT KIHSHEI  G0VE GENEROUSLY,  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY Z'd  (New Classes)  SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 4&   (SECHELT)  ���'  Small Business Monagemen]  ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY  Begins Tuesday, February 6.  Fee $7,50 (8 weeks) - Room 202  Adult Ballet  J"  I  a  1  INDIAN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL (SECHELT)  Begins Wednesday, February 7  Call I Mrs. Shore, 806-7059, for information  Conversational Spanish Class  ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY  Begins, Wednesday, February 7  Fee $7.50 (10 weeks) - Room  106  Dynamic Psychology  ELPHINSTONE SECONDARY  . Begins Wednesday, February 7  Fee $7.50 (10 weeks) - Room 103  mimimmmmfimpgqm*  ���HPi  lixed Volley Bql  ROBERTS CREEK ELEMENTARY ''SCHOOL  Thursday nights  Class now in progress  /  i  Registration - First night of class  Phone: 886-2241 for information  Classes from 7\Z0 to 9:30 p.m.  mmmimmmi fr.mmmmam  r  r^  i *'  i^


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