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The Peninsula Times Jun 28, 1967

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 1 ���  \>  *-* ���.-.  ������J*^-**^-t***>*^a*-<>>^>  Jv!.i.  .J,&  f -.sOyW'--1  5.*-*  4le^s^IetaVfnclud(na ^>4^"i--fe^i9 landing? Gmhthorn'��;Cdfldiri$6i\  team; Roberts Creek,,,  ? ; **  POSSIBtt,ITl;ES:arfel4ahat;tbo n&$fotifa*l  X< *.."     ViUag^ftJentei^aJ; project' WD'^ jf; >  children'-s wading f pool iprobabty ^kuated  in Rmsmfen park. Cpnim* Fred ^eeney^tol^*  Afmoon Boy/Secret Cove, P��W Hortr-ouV/ MadefrA Part* Kleitrdate/'Ji^me's Landing; EaH'G>ve,lgmont  r  ���ft*  K  **  2'< \,r  ���VtV  *���     -? I,* < r  -**  'i,t, f'lfi.  L moll.'by-ti*. Kis&flJflS "A "a*.".  -��g��i WEDNESDAY, JUHE 28, t*#%  Volume^ tyo->3<T"  w��ih��i|6w^h��  10c  '^-.v  I  have lndieawidithe^wiJHbjgMess to' >fa^ ��in"  such a prefect;'fy conjunction, witif ���"--"'  Kiir-smen narkimprovemenfc venture.  fyi#i^��^Vf;  fellow ^^aiuiais^ioiieLrs-'the Gibsons ^fhrejJ^v'-^JV" *'l^,ter^W#W'*.(T��>'  have indioa^^eir/wiHiftgness lo"OftS> >. BM^vTifRr^Hft>Won*  ���uch  a ^ect?'in conjunction, wittf '$>: 4JU-JXW ^WY Jt^I^eY-BBI  >      I    "*    '        ��J.a,��^~_i_ l    I. !<���_��     ' f   -   .    "���_���   *J    1. a   I  !-���'  '/  tT^J^S^ST^^^^     *    Bf?0^ you-'feav^Kinshien Fark^Gib-  it v^s explained that lyjule\the jpod*V   ~iJL-��� ���jL. ��,�� t.lu. iii    \ t~.Yiu -1* u  mient U\a gotf pigtf^ Jlito c&to*' fW ^^f^^M^elwattopf be  done until after. June 30 whfo Uxo,present   ^* to wake, a ,shor^ touF,r<to ,the\United  centennial^ v comniiitee   bauds', over - (the i- - Church' on Glassford ftoad, ~ whe|je "ibes Sun-  TPlCDS    do-frim.  K-an ~*ftr��Mfl-Ail *m*-t--pQK(Vl ifharf   '   **kHn-��'V*,--.aclt ^A-nVo . i***r...T,a.*1   ...Sll   L~..^   a.   J,-  *.    t  J*'*.*'  fi?  ft** ��  ��"-*{��� J  �� 1 Ir  -**i  I  r'l  $9,000 over ifc* dona-aonsia. ote. which, ho  *��**'f'*., ,    tMl   ,  ->��� .-  suggested^might be,vput to another project-  ���*' ll��is'-aa*- display, an idea of last .year's  such ta's^enior citizens' iwmres, a,-5   , <    , * July 1st committed, proved so"popular #hat  It was Mt tha-t should such jnon2.es bes  it is being repeated this year, A larger and  ; ayaiiaUMt would-be up tothejiohors to , more oomprehejis'ive showing will be open  approvei4he suggestion. Again, nothing can   t -^ ��� -,��� + * i M ���,    "    . \7  bfdec^ed^pol-at tbistime.;   ^'^   fpm_2:30 p.m. io 5:00 .p.m.. Those wishing  ,Coinm: iSoddard:*Ho anentioned'theiact -J-Jf^"* ?^. #'>. ^lnB  that Gibsons Kiwanis have completed their .14 a4?/*4* United) Church on Friday^evening  Bro%rg park jplaying' field project'and���j between ?7 and 8 vp.m,'pictures /should be  were now interested in providing toilet tadr coScted at,5"p.m. on~Saturday," ' *' *" " '  lities, at tbe -public park site At the Blujfe.^      * ' "   '  CohMn', ^Feeney' added (4hati he , bad a-been  At the meeting when Ihe Kiwanis discussed  the :��chettl6 and that" apart .froni toilets,;  *bo^_j9lso.,hoped_tojjppnstr��ct"a barbecue  plti a- �� .  ----\i  TMr��^jkT!M?.n^t^*5 dtdt^ri^a^^trW -���prejstdent; ' Barjry:   Redman,    * a*����KiVOUrt-UOIMniirtee  ���---, -i  3  ��� a  ���J *  "il  -1  i ...*  11  1  ���I  hi  -Iff  ���as  m  "3.  1  si  i  <Jooncii indicated approval in principle >  but--suggested the Kiwanis forward an official better .outlining -their-a proposals   to  council._,...    >.-', ., i   ~ *  ^Fii!5it'J4hfee readings" were ^yen* Bylaw"'  158 permitting, council to increase water_  coraej^ns from $50 to $100.00. Explaining  that" such 'connections usually involve considerable >work involving repaying, Clerk  Dave'Johnson^said the only way a charge  could -fne made would be on an average  cost basis.    -  It was therefore agreed the new charge,  take effect immediately for half and three-  quarter inch connection. Above this would  be on a cost basis' with a minimum, deposit  of $150.  ..Regarding past applications held until  hook-up is possible, and for- which the old  figure, of $50 has been paid, it was moved  the new cost would apply and applicants  notified when approval is given for hookup.   f  Reporting on a meeting of a water committee attended by * MP 'Jack Davis, Mr.  Cl W. Bullock of the Provincial Water' Resources * Service, members of the regional  district vand representatives of various ,fice, 885-9965  areas,,Comm, Feeney said the regionaldis<-  trcf is .interested in -a combined scheme  which would involve acquiring the various  water .boards and acting as a distributor.  Naturally'recompense i would be made. ,  "Chapman Wes ^Hodgson suggested be*'  ���&we| making any. decision' ��a 'repbrf should '  hte i/\KforKo��1   #-vtm   44m*.   Anrri-iuinnif   a.n-aM.U.  for swim registration:  MlSSr Jacqueline Rudd], this: year's swim  - instructor, awfU  b> at1 the  followingr  areas to register swimmer for allvclasses;  "^Tnes.r"July 4, Secheit "Hdspital Cottage,  9*arm.-ll a.m. -  JTu'es., July, 4, Davis Bay Sand Bar,  12:30-3 p.m.  Wed.,-,, July 5, Secheit Hospital Cottage,  9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  Wed.-July   5, Halfmoon- Bay,   12:30-3  pCin,  In Gibsons,  Susan- Pettigrew  wilt be  taking registration at the following loca  tions  Jpck^Nelsotii S^etai!y^;,Teria|t|  "1-4.    -J  - A-.^^r-.*---^^-^*-.**--!-^^ r-  rtrefiZ'  Village Chairman  ,.i��� .,.,.,1  -f���, ,i ^      i j     i i^^i'j' ;,  Cob^CHai^ofl Gibsoiis la^^fc-ap^^ \-    \    -  '.plans  for,, ah, addition , to ihfe.^Di��on "^'^Cbmm. Drummond said he understood.  should have  iumVErvm fcfeflner* TaU^cwis-  holds inaugural meeting  SSkif*18^n'   !Il^?*^":W^^eitihirf,Wbat K'^be kndwi  JTe^aem.,.,,   , ���    .*    ,,.,,,.   .Masth^'Sun^dne 'Coast Family- Court  ���,   .    . v, QommiUee vfas- held last Ftiday "at Secheit."  ~ .' - Mjagis^fa^ Charles  WBttelsteaoX. chasced.  the nieenng-^hich was attended by Probation Oifi6er/Derek Diiryden, Elpninstone  Prmcipal' Mr.* Sid ^Potter��" Elphinstone- Tea-^  cber Mr, ires, Peterson; Pender BSgh. Priri-  ' apal-Mr-iDon Skelfewi,^MK Ted "Poqle of  Granthams and Mr. Doug Wheeler, .Secheit.  Waterworks;fr|poris ���  show gQod progress  CHAIRMAN -0t the West4 Secheit Water- *���  works district, Cliff'Thorold, tpld,members at the ^annual meeting ^ast Tnesday^  June -20th that due to trustees- having ",de- -  -"layed sale of the bonds from November  1966 ,to February 1957, a considerable* saving was effected, thus enabling investment s  -��� of $10,000 with-the Bank of Montreal on a'  '^twd* year term at S-Hi per cent. "Also, suf��� x  - ficient money - has' been deposited* in the  /debentiires account to- cover interest on the  debentures." '    .     * *  - > Election of one trustee a wsis^ necessary  due-to'expjry.^tebri in officC^bya-Mr.,J.  ^J^yr.Mr.'K^yjWas'hb^eyer renominated  and -re-elected'tor" a-,'uitee year 'teVm.la."  ";A question iaca fnsw^r.perfo^, followed  and^ was4 te^^tedT^t^.^ydte^oi thanks  ^T5r(Btee3,|0r^ti^-pas|,' endeavors, aKUs  waSvmovedjby.Mr, Dav^/Haywardiir; ��� ,  .^t  u  ' *J"  i. j.  V  ��  -jV  plans  ,W, '..  "--A**- ������,  MEETING of ti^iaSumhim? Go&tlffl&'TFlfc  -Caoinmilfiee 'wffl-^^eld:-*dnf^��|fe'^8,at  8 p.m., in* fiber^Seehe|t Hospit^'Cottage.  Member^ -* ln- ----^ ~-*i*j-^~..^^*��  . Objects tof,the committee are'to^^work^ ^'' -_ . ��� ,-;--. -,.- >���.-i----**--.>-��;������*-,  with'both magistrate and probation offic- toteredted- <n^amza^ons'���a^^.lnd^ir^s'  er by'm^ans'ormakft"g;r��(Wmmendations wdl a*ttend. i^fX^ A.yyj^Xiyyp'  and'providing -assistance/in Juvemle and This, organizatrpn .|4*niad^'-np-|(df("per?  family matters where possible. .'  " *-; - sons ^Interested; ai' gr^g:.pej��pI^���of'^the  ,; litres'hoped all districts on the Peninsula.' Sunsmne Coast t^"oppor^rd^^<Bt ^ftfey-  wUl ye represented and that < many young - iDi 1-firar hobbies^ handicirafS,'.��ili9aj^.tal-v  people/win hav^ jsomeone tb'laurn to mth   ents <and; agricullural" jaccompi^^  their- problems rather than ejtfirig up in    Due to'the keeajritere^ of imerchams and  Wed., July 5,  3 p.m.-5 p.m.  Fees'will be $2.00. For further information please call the District* Recreation Of*  -+���  Ja r *  Ground swampy .  Apartment building out  Cbairmtm Wes Hodgson said he^wojld   jaicer which- is no more than* a shell with  like to see a complete fil^kept in thfe-y^ ��o -chimney and not even hned, "I'can't    Not auiltV olea  lage office, by the building inspeetaor-^n   understand them^asidering it*'~ he "said.   > a *-1*-������  perroitreports. We should^ have contiguity,        Council Agreed, to a move by. Comm.  we have reports on some* permits T>ut not  ��� 1>ninimond-that the owner be informed that  - ft new addition will have to conform > with  'present building cotje andjtheaOld cabin  .In^'ugH^up'to'the same" specification. ^"  f. -CrOttun'/ Peterson again brought ^up the  -Question of isnpplyhig water���to the Indian  Reserve property outside .village boundar-  *��     ia  '���--J'  mpiirea sus�� comes  bo ���obtained from the engineering consult-   ���      *        -    _     >     _ ,    .       , ������ ��� - ' *-���    *  rSSSSS? r health department rules  end^^pense .jP��,g^f�� into developing -out -���; --���ir -;i;.i*." * -   -��� ���K^^iSr^^rrFr - -. r^^vTTT* ������ ^lf X. .      -��� *��--.,-,.'!  ui gmitjr ireruitt fUffi  res.,-He saw^ne understood they Jaad rsuf- .  x     * L~      i '    ai^--*-- ->>    .-     ., ,  ; ^cient'-capital to pay^for?anything -neces-   PlpWs.a>��� "defense^ by^ iawyer   a,at ^ pers^  -sss*  jsary for a hook-up.; He has  i-cpuncU^is^ considering .extension  system an^ is" ajli asset- we have considerable borrowing power. We should lose this  if we agree to relinquishing the utility "  he/said.    ".      '   ,    " -   *     n  *  , Comm* Wally Peterson agreed that the  mtter should be considered, adding he did  not agree entirely with all of Mr. Bullock's  figures, some of which were rather conflicting.       . * -  t .>.; ,,!-���,��� -��� ;' <*. -^  PLANS to construct a twenty -suite apart*  ' ment building outside Gibsons Village  boundaries appear to have been stymied  by a decision of the public health inspector  who -has notified the applicant that the area upon which he wishes to build is marshy ahd unsuitable for septic tank and tile  field disposal.  ( Health Inspector* Phil Crampton adv|s-  !> .^���������L'-'.plV  ed  on  ^���^���SK^  _Aw. 'Wassfictt  ttS2?2!^^H^   W inch i��^ari 4ki8r.r''-, ���     rateCharies^C   MtttelsteadC Taking mto, .mSte^, not d��y?aWi^^^  results of.sod^steata t��te add ,petcifla-   ^ * ^- .        ,   , ^        -     account ,that this was, a first conviction- ^ nn^.: S^tSit^S^  ���*4-*ss  L-L  Comm. a-Feeney told  hfan  "yoii heard  ���*  I  $1  I  5  *)  tion jrates, should the applicant desire'.to  progress 'that far. r       __      ���  Copy of Mr: Crampton'g letter was read  at last meeting of council and -members . . .  agreed that there is nothing, they'can-do   |adviss? afia^ ^^u-^j ^1!^^^  if the application has been rejected -by the    ���'*���*" -   ������  health department. ��� -    \        - ���  Another letter was read from affirm of  Vancouver legal -advisors, on behalf of a  part time resident, Dr.'Victor Drache, who  is appears, has been advised by the school  |   board that the sewer connection from his    ���j ^S'Z^&l  i   property must be disconnected by July ta.        ^^ proWem at ti|ayttme is that ^e  '          ,  .                .                   ' week-end, July 1st is  a holiday,  It was  It was pointed, out that the sewer [-con* therefore moved tho deadline be extend-  nection was made in accordance with the ���lj Dy one ,jay  authorization  received  from the   Gibsons     ! , ,   tam Mr. Bullock last1 night who stated that    ^tS^.SS^i^SS^}. ^v   e^en^ **#'**> ?���& ��fSfeersVlK*e<��ut   .  if the/ put in a motor and pump they will    **"����� 'jjf *^S5LS �� W S ^d r"    '^/Crown^ case .tnat.the^cc^sed^ad^ -,  'incr-ease^ir supply. We have ilso been    s?d ��>��t ����>t suspended-.        , .    jl-^s, k, .^^ ^.-^^-^v^  'suggest we abide by'his recommendations.  Council moved the matter be tabled. ,  Overdue tax penalty -set ait July ,4th has  created problems for many people pointed out Comm. Fred'Feeney. Many; people  feel that more, advance publicity should  have been given in order that, they might  suspended:  Events1 leading to the'apprehension;  the 'accused and witnessed by 'two 1  officers, included failure to make a ._, , ... i-v-.-* ��,-.---   k  plete stop .at a stop sign;'running over a        Pefense,"Jawyer;M^:;Gi^hani;.Walker  street sign whde turning a corner,. fatture '"^i.*0 <W-�����x> Magiiitrate^Cfhaafies'C.,  to stop when requested by RCl^P. officers. Mifcte^tea<ltJ that his cUeiit Mr. ~1$$& Ab**  ��� beers,as.he admitted onv4hV<nlghf tof itiic { ,  sion'\of arrest       u  '*  > ,\ r x " -A w-n,^' "^> -���{  ROMP .   c   5'    X - ,   ,f*' N r��' VV..N : f*    *  ac6nv UNDUE, CARE/; s;-::,.;;-;/t;-'j>' ,     -'.  Defense 13a%er' David Nuttali submitted the argument that the accused .could  not se"e too ,well as he had5 been involved  . in <a fight resulting in' a black ,eye. At .the  time he ran over the street sign, his car  was filled with smoke due to fire caused  by a cigarette butt, also he did not realize  New mombor  MRSr Margaret Do Hart becarnev a   dan Violets Ih tho third Secholt Gar-  member, of Sjechelt Garden Club   den, 'Club  Flower Show. .President  just two months ago and was partic-   Mr. Frank Read makes tho presonta-  ularly thrilled to * win tho'HvP: Allen* tion,'    ; L **���"���*" :*"'"* "" ' '" ""  Memorial Cup for her <jntry of Afrl*  * ���      ��� ��� i , ,  Secheit Garden Club ��� -* *  municipality ond consequently advise was    _     . _    . ,  sought as to the status of negotiations be-    FrOJeCt nelCt Up  tween council and school board and what  alternative measures  are being taken to  ensure  that 'the  connections  made  with  council approval   and  direction  may  be  maintained. I' '  Council agreed to notify the legal company that a sewage system is presently '  under c&nslderatton.ii Comm. Wally Peterson adding that nothing can be promised  at this time.  Presently residing in �� Duncan, Vancouver Island trailer court, a trailer resident wrote seeking views of council as to  rules and (regulations regarding trailers in  thq village.  It was pointed outf that there is a village by-law a forbidding trailers within village boundaries but that the writer be notified of trailer parks outside the village.  Health Inspector Phil,Crampton has resigned his1 position,' resignation effective  as of June: 23 and untij-a now inspector  is appointed, Senior Health Inspector '��� H,  Oatlln will look after the area.  Porpoise Bay area rezoning  given further consideration  APPLICATION for a permit to construct  a machine shop with living accommodation above appears to be posing a, problem,  for Secheit village council and tho matter  was again held in obcyance following discussion at last regular meeting,  At a previous meeting Comm. Morgan  Thompson and Comm. Ray Clarke had  been delegated to investigate tho proposed  location, with a vIqw to rezoning. The aroa.  along Porpoise Bay Road, presently commercial, would havo to bo rozoned Industrial in order to permit a machine shop.  Reporting   on their   findings;   Comm.  , Thompson pointed out that at present there  is  a  wobd-workhig shop,  a dry-cloancrs  *--k0ttprfrom*t^^^  the1 II, J*. "Allon Memorial Cup,        :,     '  , , Successful   gatrdortBra  woro:'. Annuity  Mrs, J, Allen, Mr. F, Road; Delphinium;'  i Roy, K, Jcsspp, Mr, F. Road; Roses, Kay  )Ue|nl<iux, Davo Hayward; Peonies, Mrs, J,  Allen;  yjolas,  Davo Hayward;, Japanese  '���'^JrJfi^'jMrBc'J^'AHcnjI-Dfly^MUlca^'MM  A^eh; .Ltlium; ,F, Read; Fl^worjlng flhrubs,  M^f .f."' Allien,^Mwf. TGrota^'Jordenson;  (;%>b8.Mr8; J.'Alleii.Mr, l?r'Bpad;Tab]o;  IpHK^IMUoiM,  Mr. D. Haywardi  Mrs.  Km  .^tomlcnx; Basket of FlowJrs, ;Mrn, G,..Ior.'  gcpjion, Mr��. J: AUon; Follago Plants, Mr.  D. iHyward, Mra, Firth; FlowoflnR Plants,  Mrs, 0, Jorgenson, Mr, F, Read; Fcma,  Mr��, Q, Jorgenson, Mrs. Firth;  Cactiis,  Mr. Gunnar Hansbn, Mrs, G.- Jorgensoh;  Hanging ���DaijikoU,. Mrs, G, Jorgenson, Mr��,  Llla, Eidred; Begonlass i Mr��. Q. Jorgenson.1  Mrs, K, Lomioiix; Dlah Garden, children,  Janice -and. Jorl; Mullen; African Vlolotn,  explained that participation between tho  board and' botk'f council" ih retaining Kerv-  iccs ^f a .solicitor would hot only provO1 ��c-^  onornical b��rt would, ensure legal services  when (required, In answer to a previous,  quory by council, it was, pointed out that  there' would, bo no additional cost to council, legal fees have' already been budget-  ��� ted for. i v  Council, decided to go along with, tho  proposal and moved accordingly,  Jjandscapor Allan DeBcnu notified coun-  in.itho 'area,   , .,.,,,.      ,-..���.,  Following dlsciisstons with various peoplo, It was fUrat thought rezoning 'to commercial/industrial would, bo tlio solution,  hut, after further doHbcwution, it was felt  ilils couW, lcavo tQo wido a gap. As an ex-  ���amplo, a doctor's office could end up next'  ,to������''����� sawmill; ���'���'' ���::i'., , '-������;'. 'V;; ,'��������� '���������<���������;���������.���������"���������,.���  * Considering Mr, McDermlds, application  and tho fact thai moro,Industry la.badly  needed, it da felt the-area down to the pow*  or Uno# should,'bo zoned,Industrial, Comm,  to issue a permit when requested without  it having to again go before council.  Comm. Clarke reporting on the park  stated he had discovered problems with tho  itoilots in the park building but has himself cleaned out sinks and got the water  running. Told, by. the chairman that ho  should have employed someono to do tho  work, ho explained it had proved lmpos*  'slblo to obtain anyone for the Job,  Tho chairman reported he had been  in discussion with a member of tho Secheit  Garden Club and it hap been indicated that  work, will start shortly on beautlflcatlon of,  ,th�� area 'around the municipal offico. The'  glub'previously volunteered to carry out  *.tiiis^work;*as*a*projectr  k a.Mi^WM^ia'^-'^Wi.fil'MI I *���     -H. *:  ram of Gibsons Was'not'-gudty $vdrfrjng  with undue'care and attention, ^hen on the  evening of May 10, .Ins 1966ftFon'tiac 'leftt*  the road in the vicinity off the --Peninsula  Hotel, ending, up in the'ditch. (v'J jd-.>*,;,/  Evidence produced by'the (Crown1 indicated that the accused's car travelled 105  feet in the ditch before crossing the/ road  and coming to rest-in the-bush.  * -..   ^  The defendant stated he'was forced to*t  take to the ditch! when a cat' traveling /  towards Gibsons crossed over' the, double  white lines while taking the curve; he continued to drive along the ditch rather than  brake to enable the car to* get back on tho  road but he overdrove and when tiie car  left the ditch it slewed across ^ the road.  Giving evidence, Mr. Bernel .Gbrdon of  Secheit stated he was the'driver of' tho  car travelling to Gibsons and it was the  accused who was one foot over the double  white lines when rounding the "corner. In  his Tear view mirror he, could see the  car turn toward tho ditch andon-TetunHner  some thirty minutes later obs-erved the  same car in the ditch on tho opposite side  of (the road, He stopped but no-one- was  around. On returning to Secheit, he reported the incident. * ",''���  Abram was found guilty of'^riving with  undue caro and attention. He received' a  fine of $50 and hits licence endorsed.  Crown prosecutor was Mr. F. S. Hay-  ��� dcn*of 'Powo^���,IUv��I^^,'"���^'������*���*���'sf���'i*-'',,'*'���',���"-',*'*''i���,,">*,*<,*'''- * ���  t  \-  cil ho hoped to proceed,' wltii tsurvoy plana    Thompson therefore 'suggested lots 15 to ��H  , . I  I I )        ,   I  Third annual flower show  attracts r  i :'.���������'. ;."V" 'V ,||.  SECHELT Garden Club's1 third flower show  ! held last Saturday In St, HlldV�� Parish  Hall;' 'was again '��'.' irohnendous auccosa  with a record n\\m^t of visitors dropping  (in to admlro tho benulHliU selection ot, flo-  wcrs artd'shrnhs (.lioson by momboVa for  ,wScpl\plt ,, Village'. *Commbs|onor,   Mlsa,  Ad^lo! r/oljahgo  Hsrformcd  the  opcijdn'g  'coromonyind'dtiijlng, the afternoon,jtofti  ;was 'Sjcrvcd in ith�� colorful and fragwiint  ftolMng of nummer blossoms and hanging  ""baskctfl; of dlfTcrcnt" v��rlcU-os" of fuclit-la.  "New this year,* Was dl&h garden cnlcg*  ory oppn to children up to twelve years  of agft, and won by Janlco and Jcri Muk  Ion 'who, prepared; gardens with a Centennial, themo,: ��� ���' '  Mrs. Janet, Allpn held tlio grand ag-  ifjrogate winning!, tho -sllvor tray proftentcd  by jitiio Bank of Montreal. Mr. ��� Davo liny- ,      .       ,.,,, ,     -               war<) jW<wv tije Secnelt Garden Club Cup    Mrs. M, DoHartp Special Hanging Basktt,   Iglha^^n.-fVcro for* number of such sit- - mat. No permit application has yet been'op-  July 1st Day committee  o^tive on last details  71 I  .ilUyi*  |t','1  A  for the area around the ! huuilcipnl hall  within' the next week, ��� Orico completed,  work w)U got underway,  Letter from Mr, E, Da we, a lawyer of  Gibsons, asked on behalf of��' resident, what  ���atcps * wore **being:'takerto*r��otlfy"-a*-ha����"  ardous condition rogulting from surface water running trom otiwir properties down a  ,dltch on Wa property. His client, Mr.���Hah-,  jsen hatt complained previously hut no *c-  Hon.haa yet.been taken, .,.�� ���.. ......  Asked hy tho chairman what stop* had  "been takfcn, "Comm. Fred Feenoy explained  that tho village works* foreman has boon  too busy to got around to tho problem,  h^vwwrj'qioro ^^  on the west aide- and I to fl on tlio east  of tho road bo rcjoncd industrial,     '   ,'   ���;  Chairman Bill Swain agreed tho idea  was fine but cautioned oh rushing into such  a, proposal In IIgat of a fow tilings coming  upih the*futuro^'Hesuggcstcd"the motion-  be that council fllvcs consideration to re-  zoning to industrial at this timo,  Clerk Ted Raynor wtaid caVofid .tiwught  should bo glvtfn and the matter, carefully  considered .bearing, in .mind Jhc..fact ���that���  a plebiscite will,ho necessary.* .   ,  Following discussion as to what consllt-  utca an indt^stdal undertaking, Comm,  Thompson gave notice of motion that ho  would move for consideration at the noxt  Jblll^iandVwnsoqi-ontly agreed tho matter   meeUng.  bbj .Hwd'vWor 'for' invcMlfilaUon by itho ccfn- ,    Further.. discussion was Riven plans for  suiting'-Imglncor'. < - *���   ������       ,..���."  ������ 'Oomin,1 Jim Drummond*-addetl thnt or*  construction of ft ��toro, offico and' apart*  ment building next to the Secheit laundra-  with hisiaWV decora tions iand a how.mpnv^.Mre,' O., J.org^fj.o^;. Special j Dish Garden,  f'*bpfrMwfT'M*rgarbt'''Di,-H��rt w��a award^ -Ufa.'-Q. iwijcijson. - ?.,���-,-s*.t.  / ,'���������:���������.'������.    :'. .1       '" .    ....  "WHILE another nicctlng of tho Gibsons  July 1st Day committee was scheduled  for Monday, It was too late to get.latcst  ���reports in for The Times deadline However iV appears a, full program of events  is arranged despite carltor problems Jn obtaining a committee chairman.  ;Two, bands aro alatcd to take part Including the popular Legion Branch 83 Pipe  ��� Band and a marching unit and band,of tlio,  Soaforth, .Highlanders,  ParadOi m.uMcw aa usual at tho Sunny-  ��rre5t;$hopping*Ccntre;-thla year at it a.m."  and scheduled to movo off at 11:4$, Judging this year will not be, at tho mustering  point, but; a, Judges' stand will bo erected  cn-routo from which tho entries will bo  judged in motion.      *  Children's sports and games wlll bo featured itogether with rides, Hotao rides are  also planned and it Is proposed to ravo  a fireworks display to mark tho opening  Uatibna 'td borJftv*��Ugat-oU by 'the cnglhctr . piled <or but it wa agreed to approve U��6 . ot tho ccrcmoixloa at tho Park  ^1��Kr*a��r >^t'*B.Y4)Pi\$e,  'V  : pro)oct thereby fiivlmj^Djo clork awthturit^  Yor tho adulU,   lofigicg   sports   Jaavo  been arranged, to bo Held at the municipal  boach park area,! A dance will bo held at  night in the Legion Hajl and it is .understood plans also call for a tccn dance elsewhere,  Something,new for thp younger;set wlll  be a children's Centennial Costume parade r to be held * at; * tho Kinsmen :park at'  1.45 p.m.  ,��� .,  It ia pplntcd out that .all concession*  remain closed until opening cqremonica aro  completed,  .... -.Two,, major - trophlca. will .be . awardtd  this year and thrco lucky program numbers will bo called.  Each Scaforth Militia member will bo  given tickets for tho Klncttb booth whllo  committee members and the pipe band will  ba Issued tickets for dinner at Danny's  restaurant. All cash prizes will bo issued  by cheque.  ;  It has been decided that,Should aufOc*  lent funds be available after fxpettpe? havo  been.met, tho July lad Queen will be sent  - to'-ttjo- rNKT-ifado. --? ���,-':-";': ~Z'7''  t  A.  j '��� ;-i  ��� m.;  ";i^"'  .pi '  7.i-J  \  it?'  ..J-,  !   I  l't*i|,| i i  , * ��� , i. -i -j  V*  ��������*������*'��   %  ���r-  'H*'^!?,^^  '.'i�� u^V^£*~^
•V- V ^w K •%   *m v *•*■*.*-■. «■   •*■.
TM&e 2   frhfe Peninsula times^Wednesday, June 28rjW
*'l'*\" ***"****' » iiilMj"*^ jl'.'l  ,1,|{,M|  ^ ,        »■;   ,■     ■ lll'l'i  •>-—;     -,      „     ■    ...
SecheU - Phone 885-9654   5
! « #*w*Jfl£r*a:£3i'*   X7-    £    Seehelt -Phone 885-9654   ;
Published. Wednesdays fiy-the
The Peninsula Times Ltd.,
at Secheit, B,C<
Metnbei-, Xut% Bureau   .
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WORK WANTED (cont'd)
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ANY' type' of work by the hour.
y,Will babysit. Also will do janitor work.* PhV 866-2989 or 886-
9876.        l      - 392-tfn
LARGE machine available for
heavy   clearing   or   grading.
Terms   available.   Call   Fred
Schroeder.885-9690. , 58-tfO
, % * bedroom
--basementr* w ..
terms. Box 308 Secheit. .Phone
885-9429. 537-tfn
LOT—Silver Sands area—15»'
frontage on Bryan Road and
part oii Sunshine Coast Highway $1,250 cash. 885-2812; 883-
2558. 568-30
Gibsons  area.
serviced lot,   55'xUO'
;- *<
$1,300. Phone.
Tenders  are invited'for the, *      *, „■<    v>" . ~    <„
construction   of   Additions" to -SPECIALr ^.jale,.Lj«ge Easy-   -
♦»-.-.     •ci«-,5«o+n«-*     s^nW-if-fu ~ ^Readv^ Typewriter. ViVAlmoat^ I
the . Elphinstone     Secondary- 'Read.;-,T^ewrjter.v*•*
 : , NEAR . new,   Scott? ^trailer,   until'4:00 p.m., P.D.T.,-Thufs-    Phono ^885-9654. ( •   ;|   1017,-tfn
REDROOFFS - 300  ft ,from      si^ps, ,ar PropanV-itoveH .3   day 4he 20th .day,of July, .1967,     ""	
, beach.  3 .bedroom home   —    *•-*---      - ..     ,..,.*
5 ACRES undeveloped property
inside    ^village     bbundaries.
$2,500. Box * 381, Secheit B.C..
-     565-tfn    insula Times', Box 381, Secheit,
~    BC-     ' . .   508't£jl-; I960 liERCv 600 gra[ver~fruck  /mg[
* Addition, . and % a   new   Main
25 ACRES view property, undeveloped    in     village     of
Secheit.     $20,000.     Box     381,
Secheit, B.C. 559-tfn
■■ t
HANDYMAN.   Cabinet   maker.	
Will do odd jobs. Reasonable. „T>„IAmT,      ^.           t-   . „.   .
Phone  886-9902.                  395-32 P?*VA1£  P8*1?   ^ ,^cn
-    - lot with easy accfess^or up--
—: : ■—""  lands^acreage,   improved, or
WANTED                  H         . hot Write boxtS49:-c.o.'tPenin-
*-■-. •• «<;■-.•'—"•-. -«-»»   -        T"—:—~ ~ *?ula  Times, Box 381, Secheit,
Legal or Reader advertising 25c    PONY Mare, 3 to 5 years, 12 £.c.                      .\        t 549-32
t   ,    per count line.    ,     v or 13 hads. $100 cash. Phone     i -—:—	
Dismay   advertising   in   classified    885-2053. .-    ,576-30
(This rate does not apply to
commercial Ad-Briefs.)
5ox Numbers ^__. 10c extra
25- Book-keeping charge is added
for Ad-Briefs not paid by publication date.
 : •,'-, -''   ^r.:—T "son outboard}'llkfe,new,.$195,00
STfi  TTCi   •'   ^      "*        v       -    CAMPER, 12'x6'6^ Fits direct* Benner, BWs.   Furniture   and
GIBSONS.;-^ 2 bedroom .botae       ^»* «y?".-     ^    ^29    / Tehderin^  requirements   are       ly on Jong; base pick-up chas* ?aint store, ^chelt;, 885-2058
.with   rumpus ^n&aVdry^' FOR JsaV-^1966   Mustaft^.    ?^6d m^ J"?"1^0^?   Sls" W5^;/ ^
«m. Close to^sc^sff<>cean     ^hite n 3 spoVra^b, white    Jg" and. ™*S* the 50% 	
_...   *., --/,« *..i  i-sa*!-..   t*.v^_„ -- ....«_*     .*..*.-    r .*...... . '   .. .«»     Performance-Bond.*-
I 486-30
view. $11,500 M.nf|ce. lPhone->walls,"    extra    chrome,, 9.000
;-wau5,     exiya     cm-om^,     *-*fuuu 1^.            ,                   ."
.miles. ,Like*new.   Phfinl  885- * A.Bjd Depository system wiU
■2*21.-, w, /«-A JL^. i, 512-28 |e .used for the trades  speci-
t   ■!  \> ^iftO'-J ^^.t-,- t   t*r, fled,     and . conforming,, .with
'Xi|^^U^EAM-Ajl|me>fJ28,000 .Rules'of , the   Vancouver   and
-_^.*.j-   -*.■*£!■<*!*-.-a.  -.*_**. ^oVve^    Mainland     Bid     De-
A   GOOD   used^BOatty   Wfer
pump,   complete,  prefejaHfy
a twin piston. 577-^2
Ad-firief columns. $1.50 per inch.
■ - • ■       * -  '     -*->.-■»- i
FOR membership or explosive
requirements,   contact   Wiljo ^^
Wiren,' selling    agent,    Howe r~~       ..-c - ;-   . fc - /
Sound-Farmers' Institute, Reid FULL 'hm? tsl?» ^^ .remur-
Rosfd>LGibsOns; 886-2014". Stum- ed- Experienced, dependable,
piifg or""ditching powder; dyna* otherwise   do -not   apply. ,f886-
mite»~ electric or regular,caps,   2211-  -"' 566-30
priinacofd* «tc. .   „'      9172-tfn IT                   TTAZA^TTZ     TT
_ '. --j. •   •'*-         IP you  arc economically  dis;
MR. and Mrs. ,W. Rousseau of
secNeLt Agencies ltd.
Realty & Insurance ,
Hox 155!       . .,*, > Secheli B.C.
Phone:-Office 885-2161
See our listing under the date    ^Ag^ ^JS"^  ^^^^SSS' SSL*"*
i -. Saa-i wt* Offers considered. <,, Sacrrfice^at $1400. 886-7779.^ev-v
2l7-tfn    HalfinfOpn B?pj,: Lyge^^oper-l 'e|Sngsv,   r
GE USED fridge $49,95;  law {d5i TD l|A cgi phdne 885.-
mower  $14.95; .Hoover aVac- ^m     s           ~           534-31
uiim    Cleaner,s almost   n,e;w - -, • • >      v^...*:—*_jLr—lji_
$24.95;    want' trade-in   while PROFESSIONAL  model' piano
trade-in allowances are highest. accordion, v120. ba6s,  Almost
Parker's    Hardware, ^Secheit new, reg, price $1750., < sell-less
Phone 885-2171.^ i     »-  ^499-tfn than half. 883-2519/      ., 528-31
  c- _ •-* ...        .       ■■     „„     ,     „-        " _|IL ,
jTendering; documents"   avail-    SILVER Skagit 'Shake r&; Shin- in the best sports'fishing shop
Me. from rthe   Architect,   H,       -*-- «--i •—»—*»*-— *«- * -  ■                  -'-   -•-   -.-
Two bedroom home on the
beach; if you like swimming
and  fishing,  this  is  the   spot.
ty within 1 s&atlow lot of beach ;..j
Jaipfes White; 1974 Estevan
Road, Nanaimo', B.C., .telephone 754-9532, on or , after
1:00 p.m.; "P.D.T.," on Thursday^ the 29th day of June,'1967.
Tendering documents will be
issiied to  General .Contractors ,
gle: Local [ sales f Phone 886-
9697 or 886-2097.  ' < , 466-tfn
<  !    »
large modern home, 3 bdrms? i^^ORD fdirlaM V-8   332    oray.  X  $50.00 ^depqsit /is re,
. .   ° . i.v. *     *>n        i*>rit»inp        Baffin   ,    hpatpr        * j     -    ...,,     t_i    __*. j_j
itiurbed   ahd^  l6okihg   for-   a Close to store and post office.
Pender-Harbour--wish f to an- chance to better ypuh situation $10,500.
npunce'  .the    engagement -v of we offer 4 permanent^ lifetime -           nAVK RAY
their   daughter   Nora    Elzina career with' a tferyjarge ihsur- ,           „
Warnock lo t James Robb Mai- ance group expanding in: ihis Stucco Duplex in choice resid-
colm/son of Mr. and Mrs.'J. area. Salary, pltis commission, ehtial   area,   nice  lot   with   a
Malcolm of Edmonton, Alberta, two   ,year<' training ^program, beautiful view.
W,edding^will be held July 29th plus management OPportunitie's crrrun t
at the _ Anglican t Church., Gar- when ,„ qualified.; bales'., .back ,       atLMhL I -•
den'Bay at-,6'30 p.m., Recep- ground   wmild-obe- helpful, at- 3. bedroom home on 4 acres,
tion^at Jthe Madeira Parle ^Coin- though not essential. jQl.inqui- fireplace    and    automatic   ofl.
ries   will *be ' confidential ahd heat. Just a nice place to live.
555-30 will  receive   a xeply.   Please $12,500.
nluhity Hall at 8:30 p.m.
big rec. rm, 2 fireplaces, -dbl.
plumbing,^carport with driver
$8,000 down. " I
Gibsons: Large airy rooms
feature this pelasant one bedrm- home,< _view, yet almost
level toj sh'oppingj etc.^ 18x15
L.R\, nicely panelled, fireplace; 14x20 kitchen, etc., w.w.
carpet, washer, dryer, built-in
el. oyen, A. Oil furnace,- con-
cr._ basement, good cupboards;
full-price $15,500.-Cash or eash
to mtge.
One welMandscaped acre
close in, with** fully insulated
2-bdrm home, out-buildings,
compact, modern  kitchen,   18x
cu. engine. Radio,, heater,
autoamtic $300 F.P. phone 886-
9568." 1026-32
ONE   Metronome, ^or
Phone 885-2292.
MR. and Mrs. Dean 4Rbbilliai*d
y:%of lSecholt are happy to-an-,
nounce-lthe birfliof their furst    .:-.■■'■" ■"—i—2: ^—:	
\chUd;.:^-.daughter  weighing;? new suites, furnished or un-
lhs. 10% ozs,1 born.on June,22, \ furnished.     One    bedroom,
-4967-:-in~St{-Mary's-'H kitchen,
Secheit'                            558-30 living  room.  All  electric new
- . • --     - •"   - stbye  and - fridge.   Pno&e * 885-
-9333 after 5 p.m. 8792-tfn
write   to   boxjt^l,Peiihsula view lots in Davis  Bay   one ...__..,
Tunes, B.C. giving a short his- lai.ge lot is & cleared and must 15  Uving  rm.,  part  basement
tory   and qualifications.   561-33 be  ^^   contact_ has A. Oil furn. laundry area
',      -. Chorlie King-885-2066 Terms ob ^ooo. vmage wa
I WISH to tok,the doctors,'
-nurses, aM staff for * their
kindness 7 during may stay in
St; Mary's, also.niy .friends
and neighbours for their cards
and flowers, -wMdhjl appreciated , very jnuch""T-?3
"Agnes 6. Kennedy...  . 579-30
HALL^for rent,.Wilson Creek
■ Community HalL Contact Mr.
Ray Witt, 885-9542. 9167-tin
SMALL  oflbice^  $38  month, in-
,;; eludes- heat \an<l, light. Whit:
aker   Block,   Davis   Bay;   885-
2280.  . .,    ■     ■- '.    . '     - 539-31
V   ft,
1   •>
I   ■
0 ABOIIT.tiie centre of the-Sun-^^^ *f anf .<fPt^_for
y a.-Vslune s,Coast, Pemnsula.   KzX^h&$*M*-   At -bus^ d^pat-
Some^eeks ago I was brought
REDROOFFS—Modern 4 bed-
.^rooitri home ,on 2.1013, close to
beach and safe boat arichorage';
Living room, 28x15; fireplace.
Bright cab. kitchen; rec. room,
A-oU_vheat, dble. carport. Lovely
landscaped yard with patio.
Sale by owner, phone evenings
885-9782 or write Box 470 c-o
Peninsula Times, Box 381, Se-
ch"elt,„B.C. '    469-tfn
Wesf Secheit
_         ,. --""rent-xSeehelt   At   bus' deDOt'   J/YesT iecneir  _ avauaDie:
HoSUtCh^^«^ llt7^mTS ' N^-^^of lukurious ;living.v &&& vSBTl
S^Sou^V^'V*"'*5^1'""  --"   -564-32   -Carpets,* hardwood floors, fire-    mbrfew! >ttracti
j, here,^in„,- grave" condition with'
place, .18x30 living room. Pan-
Small house on good view lot.
Needs  some   work.   $4,750   —
Do Wortman 886-2339
Jack Warn  886-2681
, 556-30
ac, approx. 1200' W.F.—$12,-
GUNBOAT   BAY   —   8   lovely'
acres with 350'  shore,  sheltered    anchorage.    $12,000   terms
Modern as to-
'Attractive    4    room
view home. 2 spacious bdrms,
Sealed tenders addressed to
the Secretary - Treasurer,
School District No. 46 (Se
chelt), Box 220, Gibsons, B.C.
and marked "Tenders for Site
Development, Contact No. 2,
Elphinstone Secondary School'*
will ,be recieved until 5:00 p.m.,
July? 7th 1967.
Specifications, are available
in-tbe School Board Office in
The lowest or any tender will
not necessarily be accepted.
SGHOOL    DISTRICT    No.    46
Box' 220, Gibsons, B.C.
'563-piib. June28
quired and will be refunded
for documents, feturne'd, within
ten days of Tendering Date.
Suthtrades" may*, examine documents at„ Southam Building
Reports .and Amalgamated
Construction Association, Vancouver.
P. C. Wilson,
School District-No. 46
Box 220, Gibsons, B.C.. ^ i
562-pub. June 28
GOOD  local  Ladner  hay  for
sale, $1  per bale delivered.
Phone 946-6568. 9046-tfn
USED pre-fab summer cabins.
Fully insulated with 4 and 5
room3. 4-16x24 foot $600 each.
1-16x32 foot $700.0d. Phone 224-
7304 or 886-2195  weekends.
.......      «    1024-31
New,; Fresh-£ut
— 25c-30c
,.t     i
Cut ^Flowers
iOc^toifich "
PHONE 886-9862   _
-     -      '    ,.   - 1023-tfn
Paint - Fibreglass : Rope
Canvas - Boot Hardware
Compressed   air   service foil
skindivers   and   firemen. Air
tanks. Skindivers available for
salvage work.    -
walt nygren sales
. Gibsons", B.C.,.-a
Phone- 886-9303.
.       a,       a      - ,      ,118-tfn.
ih town, you can also.*, get
_any accessories, for tbe home
or garden. ,Glo to Earls in G.ib-
sons.  886-9600. ,       57&-30
EXPO. Two .adults'  and children's  weekly   passports   at
discount. , Painted    chest3 of
drawers* $25. Ph. 886-2551,     .
-    398*30
*    -*   i      *t..f:
NEW   Inglis   hot   water t taiik
' for sale. Phone 885-9972^
* -  --1
. JAYt ,B^E USED       ''
Phone 886-2346, Gibsons
Next to Ken's Parking
-   . 142-tfn
1 Get Your -
at The times
Surnt^auiedL bv'^aT«mlS    ***$>**   HARBOUR.-For    oramic view of Gulf and trail    L.R\ features  picture  windows
' UWW.-Cdrt&eU, Dy   an    eXpiOSlOn _„'■.     ..nfumicUoH     . «,afAi-fr*int       Tclon-lc     "inn*   «,-.tQ-^V«r,f     AfiiiM*       ._   4.-1.-   _J 4.--,-   -*   *v._   :	
«*a «i« -r» *    w*     • " .rent .unfurnished,, waterfront
SS «-S£lUJ-i1feK,Ve:Care <*ftaW,   road   at   back,   fire-
«$£?%»7   ■   £' KnUr*!Df i*»^ indrplumbing. Sunny.ex-
f 2.V 1,2?" >hC bMp^li fcufe."   ^ap   to   permanent
i^Ti^WH   *■ J*    my'^' Center. Write box 447, Secheit,
.t^^-M^wh, to, express bc;                           ,      ^^
my-^deep, gratitude.,..                  ,     ,     •     -    • .; '
' Mrs.' .Constance Harper,
553^30   Real.estate
. U<AS.'"CyHARPER wishes\to
"■ ,;-e*^ess hesr thanks tp all who
raised funds to assist her after
herv unfortunate1' accident   arid
WEST   SECHELT:   New   1600'
pf   Juxlirious   living.   Carpets,
• lilsd, thanks. all. persons   who    hardwood floors, fireplace, 18x   room
' visited hfer'in St. Mary's bos-    30,   living-room... Panoramic    ji  •
Islands. 100' waterfront, double
carport. To see js to buy.. Asking $27,600, Offers, good tennis.
New on .view lot, 2 .bedroom
cottage, electric heat, hardwood
flpor, in living "room. Good
terms on $12,900.
3,. bedroom home on .-highway.
Nice view, $12,600.", V,'^.-i,'.!.-',.■:,'
4. bedroom, basement, ground
level entry. Rerital bungalow
on 2 acres. Dble plumbing. Rec.
, *' Pitel.;
,551-30    view of Gulf"and Trail Islands.    Secheit
100'-  waterfront,   double    car-    Very,   very  smart 3  bedroom
port.', To see is to buy. Asking   home   on   fenced   double   lot.
3   - '/!■
:- :■ X
i ■,
W^^wlsh to, express our,grati-
•i^BS^'-A?' «'S¥?;'Pi $27,Wo. Offers,  good'terms.  " Fireplace   and   carpets,   Patio
.^^^^SA&S *  *  Wock;  fr6m sh°P^ -,.«*- P^acy, ;$14,950.
Snd..io bur many friends, for centre., $2,000. Retirement   cottage; on   large
', ih^'lpare^kihd^ess ,and sympa- SECHELT:, Last  two   5   acre fenced garden lot. $6,350.
Wi*$*f$& M» during kthe iU-, iois. $1200. to'tq,  2 .blocks' from  sliopping
gW? jflfid'^cath -pf a.belovicd SELMA - PARK:   New  subdivi- centre. $2,6oO.
SiW'^i ^V^c- -T ^i0^    vIcw   Jot9-    0ne   ,e£t* Sechelf Last two 5 acre lots
deepest Miankp for>e,.beauti- $^500., . ff-Sr
M.floral tributes to our loved «AVr  --- -'- $120°-
* * ^j
ffs: P.ercy Gox and Kmiiy,..    ^lth  vLw   RuT W-W caniet   Mdrooms, 18x22 dining  r<xjm, .        ,   -   -
«•-«    Wivn   V1LW'  «-cl*. W-W .carpex   -.;,„„„„    ,.;,„,    «„^i„.»     gtafj   scaped, lawn and blacktop, ap-
to take advantage of the panoramic view and fabulous sun- _
sets. Step saver kitcheri-dihet-
te, lge. utility. Private patio
and play area, grounds nicely
landscpd, $15,500, Some terms.
ROBERTS CREEK — 3 parklike  acres,  218'  W.F.  well  lo-*-
cated,   $11,500.   Terms   available.
GIBSONS — Nicely situated
family home has 4 Bdrms, lge
"view L.R Dinette and all electric kitchen, , full bsmnt, garage, terms on $18,000,
. k. butler Realty
£ insurance
Gibsons, 886-2000
The Progressive Realtor
% 557*30
MOBILE Home park, also trailers   and   campmg,   with   or
without   hook-up.   Washrooms,
hot  showers,   all  nicely  land*
DAVIS  BAY:, l, yr.  old  spar „,«.,.•  y ,j„„    i   , .r j
As   3   bedrooin ^^it   level ©^..H*! °J? J-4?- aCrCS- '
with   view.  Rich, W-W .carpet blooms,  18x22 dmlng  	
through 17X20 living room and H J!?ftii     I     ' . nrox    10   acres    Train    and
irivit    Mniri*   »nln--rt   -T-*i«Af^i« rooms. Mountain view,.privacy, Pr?x- .w   acres,    irana    anu
'SSL    ffll    SblS  S Escaped ground's. Two cot! ftwain,   3   minutes   walk   to
Snt other ^exoenX featuJes ^ doublc ^^c' fcould **' bCaC5 at ?aVi? »«V* "«»■
3JS ii£S  !«5T&Jmf S2n fca«e.    boa A    houS^,   rest en> housekeeping units, HorSe*
Well priced with $5,000 down, \J»,* ^ kni*Mn-d!l<  hL shoe pitch, putting green, chc*
cker board, Daily, weekly ,and
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Notice of intention to Appiy to
Lease Land
In Land Recording District
of Vancouver," B.C. and situate
*jtvthe head of Vancouver Bay
inJfervis Inlet, B.C.
„ Take" potice that Lance Kil*
fctehYof Madeira Park, $.C„
'Occupation fisherman intends
to apply for a lease of the following described lands:'—
"Foreshore". '
-Cbmtpencing at a posi planted 9<\ the vy^st side,.near the
head of Vancouver Bay,, thehce .approx. 3000',II'J.'E: and S.E.
'^following shoreliriqV; thence
S,W, ,200' to low tide mark;
thence N.W..to starting point;
aTiiL'® containing approx. "5"'
"tfive" acres,, more or less,
for the purpose of dyater cul-
tw»" ••'        ,i,7.    ,   	
Date, June A', 1967 '
,^8-pub, June 28, July's, 12, 19
sechelt Agencies date pad
• This frde reminder of coming events Is o service of SECHELT.AGENCIES
LTD. Pr1onet Peninsulo Times, direct for free listings, specifying "Dote*
Pad". Please note that space is limited and some advancel dates mpy.
"h'oveto wait" their turn; also that this, is q/'tremioder" .listing, only and,
cannot always carry full details.
June 28—8 p.m. Hospital Cottage, Secheit. Sunshine Coast Fall Fair
 meeting. Everyone interested welcome to attend.
June 30---8 p.m. .Pender Harbour High School. Sunshine Coast Regional
District regular meeting;
July 1^—11 a.m. Gibsons July 1st Parade and Celebrations, Parade assembles, at Sunnycrest Plaza,
July 1—lf45 p.m. Kinsmen Park Gibsons. Children's Centennial Costume Parade. ,    ,
. f ii
July 5—10 a.m. Halfmoon Bay. AVrlyal of SS Beaver staying until 3 p.m.
July 6th. ',     ,      *, ■' , ' v -      .  , *
fti "iji ',( , yi\ ■
■• '*, i
Wonderful view—"Any n«'<*»« fityi* ^ $2^00---N<jmo your -. tentiii on
thii ono and three quortcr acre pfoperty.iCaf( @ob Kent, rc». 085-9461.
X-i v«V«:
Phono 885-2161
Multlplo Listing Service
Vancouver Real Estate
mmmwm im.
f&^&^TuZ JflH},.^ withf^°°? ^XHS,.oT^^^M,M -Joo pitch, puttfng urccn, chc
illty   Insurance:   Claims, .and rmma,cu!aB   * - t»dw»m    on   ^ i&M, 'X'r,'7r cker board, Daily, weekly anc
Aduetmentfl, , contact   daptoin #cr lot   Dant,y   vIcw   flnd   i'i" '  r,' i    ii     ■'-l*.'•.-i " monthly rates. Big Maple Motel
W  ^ iliaes   Marine SiSEit ^ bl°ck « mhH, i block io   Selma Park; New subdivision, and T;, *     * ■■   v
tyj YjurHWH. Marine (Jppsult., o^ol ^ ffa^j $i^6p;   view lota. Ono left, $2,500, ««
M-V-ftpx 339<; Cfi^sp'ns. Phoriea,    5
. ««M>540
Trailer Park.  Phone  ^85*
i>H3. 430-Un
liffjjl-i-JmVf iy)4tut\fK^ • ^
,1.     .    1_ $3900, IJ4C00, $4950.
NASEEMS SAMAL, standing at Acreage,    10    acres,
,' fluid,    beautiful    reglBtqred house, $5,500.
UalfWijabian .station, Jjredjby'
Form No. 18
(Section 82)
Unb act!1
Notice of Intention'to Apply io
>9 "jA J| Ijrt '^ M'ftTitt ~'$^'kM>x*'^m^f^^^^'iVJ^^
and 985-9425.       489-Wn   WT'   VvtK  ficlod   at   110,500,   Dav/s Bay*-at yr.' old >pac!ous ^Awn^t>0-'t AX .1 ZTT
,   >f go „*?.      w-mb   .^ J$2M0 down. i bedroom split level with view. CAMPERS, trnHcritcs - Wnko
" ^r^^-'BtmumhAYr^iFrio^r
VCaMc    &lnf3Cmany* J fS^l^
Hnif^r«h*»n *,«-.tHnr-   n**A  k«< -i-i. i      - TCnsive'°fcatuWs"""W Bny'   Jcrv,s   lnl?1
"1 **■
W.F. lot Browning Rd,, $8,000.
W.F. lot Selma Park, $5,f>00,
Bpat   moorage   Ir
loaf at  Mission  Point Motel,
,    ,      Phone 885*9505. /   4-1'7-tfn,
bedroom on corf   A ''' '  " ■'."..' '    .'*''". '
ner lot. Dandy view and1 one    nilllmu- Cll(ib|jzc
block to beach, 1 black to echool    w",L","la >Uiri:W»-^
f^o notlcp that Lance Kft*
born pf Madeira Park, B.C. oc-,
cupailon flshernian Intends to
applftota lense of tho 'follow.
/, a i
i !<.'
ft fifechelt <3|Ucen 5;80 p.m. from    beach.   Dock , and , float   ah*    down I.W.   ^.^42,   Gibsons,  B.C.    shore .,    ,        ,,,,,.„;.
''   JaW.. Phono 885-0787. c»K)ra.   Boat   launching   waya,    %n    ' % l „j<        ' S"aS R°«dy:'n,x.cd xbncrc^-f      Comwi.c ng at,a jxiat.ptant-
1025-30   year-round   opring   well.   Mo    Vlcw ,ot W°«        , ,     .        Scrvinit tho area for 20 years.   ,9a onUic poutlvsidq oCQpI ath
i tf't.ilJ * iX,\,i,Jiii^t/,*■.
dcrn homo, with . large work,*
shop, filcctrlc hdating, double
carport. WOU priced At $35,000,
Sargonnt, Bny,   a   W.F,' lots.
$3000, $4600, $4050.
Acrc'nW    lp    ncros,*    ilvablo
Serving tho area for 20 years,    T„ ... t„„ r._.,..„ ...
7.„7i.l„,.. w7„„..'„,',.,',,,'. :..7,„ :,,W):^n   Bay.."tlicnco;N.S.S,, W'loppoaiiie
shore approx, 05pQ ft,j thenco
N.W. follQW,ing the,... shoreline;
thenco,, S.W,    following    tho
EXPESTtlENCEti     Chlmrtfiy    This will not last, as desirable    ytftiik!!   iikoo -*--—-    t^ h|(- j r,. p...,.—i r--i     inonqu , o.n,    wiiowmu    «w
^«s.t.,vi4.^Ql1$m»>^™bt\vb1ii' cleaned,*> property of' thjs nntufo Jsi al*-- * • •     '* "•(   ■*■ —   .-J-^-«^^-*-^a^W*^,^
irougbs cleaned and repaired,    most extinct.      ,    .. ;     *fn.-^^cs, Hg'wy frontage, crcck,   ^j ycrtlblo canvas  top with, 18    point of comnjcnccmont follow
■ -'
■*■ •> i^'fJiT'-t
»# - k> •
-j.   . .. . .    , ..        . ,     cover,    Good; condition,    $575
conifprtablo   cottage.   2   bed-    15 acres Hgwy frontngo, crcck.    cfiflj,t pj,ono 883*2024.       515-30
-,*  jj. > \    ^ %
'' l^KJ^&ti 4^ fr,4cl« Pcnl»«1^ ^id-  Very *i5^
«4r#feJ, P^oo csUmates  Phone comfortable   cottage.   2   bed* 15 acn
• i ffifig*.,*-,.-:..i S17^n *?ofc« nnd .whistle clean. $6300. $7,500.
*^W^Kto^;»ndri^WeiiUalr ^im«;Pfli^;^dirnmef'cottage- #,t. lot Bronwfhg Rd., *$B,oob.
«. rctsovatiooa and reonlri, plan- on view Jot, $2500. ,'„««. n t      «   «--^ A
-.^^aod^sttmatlngi service. j/)TS OF W»TS MoM $550. W'K.,ot Sc ma Pwk.». r-000'
^tt,».Cont»ctora Ltd., Phone Many to choose from. txm OF LOTS FROM $550.
b,p, Johyson, and canvas boat
wUzct Ai&ZSM.
7X V v,.:i^|{BlftN(a5D "chimney clca-
., v' J' ' v;? l«!f-*--l!avei,  cleaned,   troughs
v.""i- ' ^   iMwSj,' Miwor "service. Frco
Harry Gregory—885-9392
n,  ^  ***,,*
*T?f    > *■? *-ijiV t
/^l*-L^^|^»J^^1^W-^'*»At*^ ■«■-*. *^#
Hi* v ?■»  g    «    *^-(;.        w*   j   * ^ V     ffi    •      v
*«.**!(■.«■-». #*
IS-C   fit*     t   K   l* -\TdULj-t bUk**.--. v-*.!*---*.
Scchclt, B.C.
Many to choose from,
Hgrry GrcGory—885-9392
Scchclt, B,C. 885-2013
-.~. ,r--a-       * -     ^70*2ft
ing, shoreline   and   containing
app'rort."""lO" tcri acres, mpro
       or less, for the purpose of oys-
3a,PT; fibreglass »ud.plywood   Mr'™u"r?.-..-.        .„ .    	
; M .^tra strength $200.. Ph.    w..,,-.„, ^N(jLKrLn0IlN
880*7703.. 554,30    Dafcd.-Tuilfi 4lh, J007.
:^",i^r^^^,,^:^^^-:;'.v^;. .vw-Pnb. Juno 28, iuiy 5, 12, 10
10 FT, PETERBOROUOH, can* ' '    '
be stylo boat, $325 cash, Fh.
22'  DEEP. V, fibreglass   hull,
280 Crusader, 00 hours, F.W.
cooled, Crulscj 20 knots. Fully
equipped.   Sacrifice, $0,000,   —.
;-pitOreRTY(;WAJNTE0: ;,
Principal* iwek S00' to 51,000' yfatpt1ton\
on .Loi(|u^H, H«l«on- or Cottc*» |»]ondiv for
vacotfon ufao. RepHc* to Mr. M. J, Drown,
70-1-60a* W*tt Hostlno* Srrc«t, Vofteoiivor
l, P.C,
at Davis Day, Good,value,  $12,000 on
easy terms. (434)
 N/CE.LQt AT ,YAUCROrT.',   ,,.
Thormanby Island; $3300 on good terms.
■*^.*em^«^«.«**iMa t a o x \ *(**(% 11 ^* £**'iStirtCt!5iB*1 u *"■""'*' + *i<*v J"'"
at Halfmoon Bay, for Information call E.
Sgrtceiat 885-9303.
Own' your own buslpess—Florist- Shop.
Largo turnover, .Wl/O, sorvlco. .>?,000
wlll handle.,ForHfurthor,details, call Bob
Kent, r«. 885-9461 (No, 430),
Secholt bH*|ness(block; reoi yplup,,priced
to soil, Good forms, J. /Snd<jf«on,   .
Cowrlb ,St,>  c,lear|,, family  homfl,   extra
rooms In basement, Lovely tr«icd land-
scoped  |ot,« Only, $14,900 bosy tcrm».
Call J. Andor^n, 885-2053.
, WEST SECHELT       • •,.     ,
CloiO w Wakefield |nir--«unco<is^, ocres
-rTho view Is magnificent on Ihesqjots
19f8 acfps, both sides of highway with
almost new 2 bedroom house and nice '
grounds.  Or wlll  subdivide, to  smaller
acreagd and, hoMs*. Good value, make  ,
' ^.{?W03. ;■■
,Nqah nflw ,2, j bedroom, ho^fo,;, ofoc^rlc "
■ forced „air..heating, „woll Insulated, spa-
clous "kitchen, Fireplace In living room-
sun dock. Torrns on F.H. $19,950, Call
Bob Kent, fas,' 885-9461.
PtiRf»6lSE BAY       ,
J 56' wotorfront. 1,38 acres with 2 bedroom., hoMso,  Good   at  $15,Q0Q   with
to'rrnf. (No, 433) Calif, Surteei;
Secret Bpy. Egmpnt. I«i5' waterfront, plus
crot upy.
2 rental
aroges. Fishermen's cabin
garages, r-1
.el1(i?r trollftr
.facing, %th.|o.the .Gulf Jpf .Qwrglq overt,
jookjnp Trail Island*. Use of laun^hlng^
on. pppjylng .ta,Wakefield Inn, as a cbur-
n oppiyinQ to,waKene|a inn, as a
tfiiy. Good fishing, and swimming Viflw
lots start at $2,450 for IOOkISO U,
Piped domestic wdtor supply avqllablo,
Terms 1/3 down. Call Bob Kent, res,
     885-9461.' "    "
Lender harbour ■	
8 acres with 300' waterfront In 2 lot*.
Good buy for cash, Call E, Surtees-
300' waterfront, 5 roomed houso on 3
ocrei. $20,000' with . terms. E, Surteos,
885*9303 (Na; 413)   ,
$1500 F,P, Easy terms,       ■
Weal motel.or trailer court file, Only
$11,000 eow terms, J. Anderson,
885-2053 (No, 391),
,..... „r-^H/NTFMOpN,.DAY--
I^mest7c wafer supply |s avqllablo on
this iholce, waterfront lot, facing Into
small coviyless 1 block from Ho ft moon
Bay Govt, Wharf. Easy terms on the
level to sea lot. F.P. $6,900. Call Bob
. , ...   - Kent, re», 085-9461,
t ■■-*>(-» lUiftwltfi-fii&ii-'ttoith''
5 acres view property with frontage on
Sunshlno, Coast   Highway   and  Roberts
Creek ..Road,, Asking  $4pOQ,„ all offers
conslderixl, Colli, Anderson at
,.  ,,   . SELMA PARK
2 bedroom cottago with view, full cement, basement; $7900*F.P. Also view
lot ot $1950 F,P. Coll J, Anderson at
#<^^-«- wr*H*& , mH** ■-*# mwtMMwteti'«riiir
B***yw^**«*^^<f*mmf<imm *<<* mw*tm
iaW«*JW!--»>lft---»»««!*«*f.*.* 1 *.*»r»Ja U"
t     »     «     m.
I     i
I .V *.j»  A«fc-L,*. k>. A.-J ,4. S.,.A,-. &,<<*, 4,+ ,*.. t.^'fi.'"^
.»....*   *   ^..f..f
*, 01 t * Il >*.vv     ^ \ 11  '' I  W^m.^U".*1    ���"���  ���A-.e     s~     \41i4    'l,      i  ' 'i  '   >  4**r ' U, '-my- * * W^A-^.m-- a?: jp&! Ha} x; 1^  a        J* , ' ".'. .���  X    C  ���J**-* -f--  J5  .J   1  I  'a^aa-^���,.. y*~fri" a-*" -V*.  *r*~~?~,  ���*-r*jr-**��w -rr��^v-��-r*rf^-T?'   t-fl-^- ^    fl*^   ���J.-*l*,, ��i  V  >(  v.,.!,.  ���* A-> -*����      >-t      ir  -*a   ^     Vi"    ,    |*-^} -*-  I  *,*0  -ft-  Do, not leaye small 'cHild i? qlosed* ca*  .YQiJR-^jfWH- dpnncH wni.M Mk-r^ ur^-^DecVP^apart^m suvfhl yov tax^oney  3 \  <���.���*.-*  ways refctMrnje'd % gartferafog,      v   *  ���Hie ttasr borfl^ontJanuary 26,'' 1882, in  , ,fi ��� - Kinoardihe"ahir*5/ Scotiandj wherie his father   -��.,  *.-,   -ttMa*   T^s-'head garr^-J^eper/pf .the- 8000 ^cre  L \ r^-t^!L3^cigL^Denotter Esta|e�� One firf^maML eight  James Ewen jLeith*   chfldren, :Jim, Leith; left School at jthe��age  -*��->.i���v<--*-jri--iHr.��i-*-**T-i?**'  -jf rc "jtt  *���"   ���*" ^*     --*���  -T- ...    ������    .-������     ,  V  xiAi - '  \ aAnV  &  l.i  r', nldimti ������  iiPflHJ'?',.'.''7 ?'":.: '' '':liS|:i'T'^~'W''"W'B^X,'���?;/���'^"'"^'K'.'i ������-.;   '��.'5^  'stand each other, observe>th? 'traffic sand .            ^,  be courteous. While doing so, if'you smokfe,    spots are crowded lknd 'in, 9o/time,V^gur  * donn forget to use^our^ashtray instead, of   can't "step for>uttihg yourself, oh caps^n'd  the-^open vtrindoyy to got rid "of your ashes,    broken-glass left by -the others miserable  'rf'"'     "  " ' unthink|ng sloppy so 'and so,) who"was|oo  lazy or * what have you td ,taket his, own  $U John's United Church  ���v Wilson Creek, B.C.  , Sunday School���9:45 a.m. -  Divine Worship���11; 15 a.m.  Led by Miss H. E. Campbell      1  Except on 2nd Sunday each month  .,     Family Service���11:15 a.m. '  Divine Service���3:30 p.m. '  J Ud by Rev. W. M. Cameron   .'  junk'home.  ANGLICAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S���SECHELT  8:00 o.m. Every Sunday       /  9:30 a.m. Church School  11:00 a.m. 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  Services held regularly in  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONT  For information phone 885-9793  Every Wed. 10 am H. Communion St. Hilda')  SUNSHINE COAST<  GOSPEL CrtURCfj  (Undenominational) \ ,  Sunday School 10:00 o.m.  Church Service 11:15 o.m.  PASTOR REV.>S. CASSELtS  Wilton Creek Community flail  Davis Boy Rood.  ���  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE: ' SICKEST  ,   Sunday School ���10:00 O.m.   ���'.  Church Service -���11:15 a.m.  Prayer ��� Wednesday 7:30 p.m.   ,  " REV. A. >rVILLIS/ PASTOR  You are invited to attend any or each service  operating a greenh<ms> business' near Bos  '��� "Massi He ;staygd\jthere'for 3 (years  ^ok care,oflthe'f greenhouse' when^ his  cousin goi, gold' fever and, went off to trj  Mi ltt��kJoft^'me Hohdi^e.' /WTien he",e  '$&?%%��'"& ,taUrRed he 'gave young Jimmy a cheque big  WM7W,7f& ' enough to take him on a^trip back to >Scot  t 'That winter,' Jjm forked with his father  as an under-keeper until lie had enough  money -/put aside \to ^take him back to  Boston,- this' time by steamer. He woritd  at Woburn, a few miles ndrth of Boston, m  the ;biggest greenhouseJ business he'bid  ever seen, covering'8 aibre,s of grass. He  then grew roses for'* a German at Bangor,  Maine. While be was employed on this jnb  be boarded at a bouse where the familv  and, guests used to gather around the piano  hi the evening and sing. -  A famous, prima  donna,  who  was  a  Newly wed Lion. , ^  friend of the family, heard of the fine   HAPPIEST members at the SunsHiie, < frd^Vflieir wedding in Vancouver.  voice.of the young Scot who boarded there,        Coast Uons and Lady Liomi,nigh�� -Don is-weU-Kiiown in the district-and  held - last Saturday at Ole's * (>>ve V'&s wi& HazeTis "already-well-known  were Mr. and Mrs. Don Haddenyhoy id thejLionVckib. ^.;.,';. f >��� ',  arrived at the social,.'event strai^it-->.':��;'&^7yyyy'.;:��� ^x^   ,   ,���,  Mr. J. E. Leith  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES  LANDSCAPING - PRUNING'  Gower Point Road  Gibsons, B.C. - Dial 886-2919  DIAMOND^ BUILDING SUPPLIES  Dealers for Westcraft Windows  Benjamin Moore Paints and all  Building Supplies  Open Fridays to 9:00 p.m.  , 885-9704 - Wilson Creek  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRISt  Bal BJock - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2166  TASELLA SHOPPE  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331 - Secheit, B.C.  ��^r.   RAY NEWMAN PLUMBING  SALES & SERVICE  HOT WATER HEATING  BUILDING & ALTERATIONS  Davis Bay Rd.,  R.R.   1, Secheit  Phone 885.2116  -Scows ��� Logs  SECHELY TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD.  Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Towing  IL HIGGS  Phone 885-9425  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  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In addition to- bis -singing part, Jame  Leith.was understudy to the stage director.  After the tour hejwent back to gardening,  working"on"a large estate.""  In 1906, in Natick, Mass. he married  Celia-Maud"Twombly,' whose family bad  been pioneer ^shipbuilders in the State of  Maine. A week after the young couple  came from their honeymoon, his father-in-  law, Jed Twombly/took Jim off to explore  the western provinces and find what kind  of life they offered, leaving the young  bride and her mother at home.  They ^crossed into Canada and travelled -as far west as Winnipeg. As immi*-  grants they could travel on the railroad  for 2 cents a mile so they travelled by rail  whenever they could. When -there was no  other form of transportation, they walked,  following trails, through country filled with  buffalo, tfed Twombly, a long legged Yankee,* was always ready to set off along one  of these trails and they walked 135 miles  west of Saskatoon. There, in a region south  of Battleford, they filed on adjacent quar*  ���J  I-  i '  r  \A  w  I  I*  Ii,  ?  / \  a  ter sections and then back to Battleford,   AN AUSPICIOUSJoccasion for-meoir^-iw^  to file their claims at the Mounties' office        ^^ ^ fae Sunshine,Coast Lions ^CistarietaGqyernpr ^ed-JSmith.is seen  era ' Club last week was presentation* of, -maKmg;|he,preseiitatM>n to/puMcity  the Zone 19-A PubHtity Trophy* This ^chairn^  is the first time such', an^ award nas'r ing'^"ieason held las^Sata^-dayrat  been made."and was"a triumphJ for' "01e*s.CayeJatwMch\l^y;Iibns^ei��  the club that it should be the first" also:present;���*"' '-*" 7 JX'-' Vy:^ : ���  s  UNSHINE  EWING  ERVICE  Bornino & Omcgq  Sales, Parts, Sorvico  REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES  Mrs, Mono HoyIos - 885-9740  For Your Fuel Supplies  Danny Wheeler  '���.       Your  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 - Hopkins Landing  SEPTIC TANK* PUMPING SERVICE  Call Anytime  We suggest pumping before trouble  develops. Als6 Sump pump service.  Phono 886-2848 or .886-3404  _  .I,,.'  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving & Storage  Ph��nr0^6-^6^4*-^--R#RrVO^M��  ���"jS*'*��*S"S#*^l$*R*U"!  B�����-��&��Bk.��**��^(flF-B��'4*J"Wi-*n*Wt'^^ -**  ELECTRA-CUEAN ,  Upholstery Cleaning - Carpets ,,  FurnltMro -,Rugs   ,.  For appointment Phone 886-9090  WIZARD'S SEWING CENTRE  '''"'SFngor''Sowing ��� 'Machine* (Dealer" r  CowrloSt. n Socholtm Ph. 885-9345  ''�����''..'.i'i.ii.ii��ii i   iii   ' ii..!...., ���������,..   un'   ,'.'i.    ���'������ up"'  TELEVISION  For Service Phone 885-9777  Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.ra to 5 p!m,  RICHTER'S T.V. 8, RADIO LTD.  LIGHT MACHINERY SERVICE  Clearing - Levelling "Landscaping ��  Bulldozing  CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE  885-2830  i  , ' I"1'��,- ���; ��� ���    "���' ��� ��� '"    *  BULLDOZING  .Basement..-.. prlveways*- Landscaping  Land Clearing  G, Cochran Phono 883-2213  JOHN DE KLEER  Building Contracting  Socholt- R.R; 1 DqyU Day Road  Phono 885-2050  ROY & WAGENAAR  B.C. Land Surveyors  Marine Building - Socholt  B65-.W32 or ZEniiH MiO  there.  It was a crude place just a long cabin  with the filing office housed in an upstairs  loft which was approached by an outside  stairway.   They  started  to  walk the  80  miles into  Battleford,  but that was one  occasion when they got a lift.  A team  drove up, with two men who were going to  Battleford on the same errand as themselves, to file claims.  ,'Iney  contracted j with - a  man  named  McKenny who'.had a wagon and a fine  pair of Clydesdale horses to bring lumber  and building supplies from Saskatoon so  that they could build a small shack. Saskatoon at that time had just one little street  with a Chinaman's laundry, a Chinaman's  eating place, a general store, a government office and a hotel. Two days' out  froni Saskatoon  with their building supplies,  they  found an  American    prairie  schooner hauled by id steers and laden  with all kinds of settlers' effects. It was  bogged down in a spft spot in tiie middle  of Eagle Creek and they stopped while  McKenney unharnessed his team and used  them   to  help' the  American .get mobile  again. Back on the-homestead, they built a?  small shack, covered the roof with sods  and ploughed a fire break around the half  section. Then they left to return to Winnipeg���-and James Leith never went back to  his homestead. He felt it was too hard a  life for his young brittle who,, though the  descendent of a long line of pioneers, had  been trained as a fashionable dressmaker.  On their return to Winnipeg, Jim .Leith  got a job with a florist who had been gardener  at  Government House.  There  his  wife joined him but his father-in-law, decided to push further west ahd 'take a look  at Calgary. The CPR Hotel in Winnipeg  had just been built and when tho manager  was expecting a carload of palms from  Holland,  lie  hired  Jim Leith  to  unload,  repot and arrange them in tho hotel. Ho  tended them all that summer.  When tho weather started to get really  cold, Mrs. Leith grew restless, and when  her mother wrote to her from Calgary to  any she had picked a dandelion just before  Christmas,   tho   Lcith's   decided   Calgary  must havo n much milder climate, They  packed and moved to Calgary, but there  thoy woro in for a surprise. Thoy arrived  in a temperature of <io below zero.  ......There wcro only.three business streets  In Calgary at that timo. Thoy look a Httlo  store on> Centre Street, right near tho station and ran It as a tourist shop1 with postcards and souvenir trinkets.  While Mrs.  Leith rtln tho storo, Mr. Leith went into tho  contracting  business,   In  Bow  Itlvcr,  ho  found a, clay which gave a good surfaco  and ho used II to build a numbpr of tennis  . courts which proved most successful and  woro in uso for manyyoarsi Ho also worked na head gardener far Pat Burns, ono  of the biggest beef mon of Western Canada.  In 1009, tho Lolths camo'to Vancouver  Jamos Lolth was employed In cemetery  gardening and landscaping.' When Shaughnessy Hclglha was developed, ho was ono  of the first landscaping contractors employed thoro and ho was engaged In this  ���"work for mnnyycnrsrHo wns In thogrcen*  house buslnoss on Lulu Island and wns In  Mallbu'.'for.six ,yonrs, Thoro ho built nnd  landscnpcci a 0 nolo golf course right on  tho side of tho mountain.   ,  Hejolncd hi* f amJly-on*Fr*nckt->Fenltv-  ly alter tho celebration of tho diamond  wedding anlvorsary.  Mr, Ulth hns one surviving son, Bob,  nnd thro�� flri.ndchl.dron, Boh Lclth runs  a wostorncnmp ntNlmpo Lako.  , Mr, Lolth'thinks that Secholt has grown  into a delightful little,town r.rid ho la looking forward to Bottling there soon on tho  Sunshine Coast Senior Cltkena' Housing  _ ,._���*..���>*���  S~,_v,  ���  [--   n.  1  \  n  4  ��� W|i*N**>!(-^'l**lW**i1^^"'  18^ *..�����{�� -^j��,hI (ffjistei-'iMta**)'  J        Thlo fldvartlaomont lo not pubMoh ��W dliplw  Wkjftw CwtaA ��w*r��* of *y>ir*Q Qmvmmmtff "  r  im!tm*ih&mM**t^ti0-^**^*&itw* -*  byttt* ,, ,���.,.  H > -.       ik  \t  m i  *f  -i'111  !     I  >'    I  I f ty
>l VCjU-^JfaM-a*****^ -       -      ■■ '     -        '■-'      1   >   ■ -  ''•-'*
._ ,^_—,—h_      _ ( ^ a.—;_.—i_    j"^^. 777. ,,  ^^   rj;^;£r^',t—ia-^^Vi
!  Y.   i-i    T  V ^.'..'•.'Wii'/''
S   TORONTO headquarters* of ^ the' CahSdia©,,\ *"
Wa»tch~ Tower- Society— has \amiouftced ~i.i|~f ^4
mxtgathe^ I&t v&eic ftcwmo%*tbe
^Sfeh^CbMtoM^#^#W#ef .     .      ,. .    . .       _.. _.___._„...   — ,
soe^katameetiiigofg^fi^Dy'ttteSiHH   6aMse. ttofoWunately, the situation re-   such a gating ^ performed by volun- A\
sKotae Coast W&deh^i Association.          rtto&fe uncnatiged. : teer workers who -are also convention ait-1    \
/ >
many pe6£K'?*™r~  *■"":C^I    j mammdtfr Centennial Caravan,  all we wi-Twill plan for the "comfort and conwi,
o^VLteTto Z XT3$ £ halvedare promises, or vague nor, ie.ce of each^O^d^e^.
all fairness, Has become something of a coiiffl^«B^^^^                                                   s                                &
legend in his.oWn Srfte. Few will deny . ™e ,H^l^L„cep^!Iff J*T ^ve named Indian Summer, is about the  ^ff
heis a good highways' minister and it is jnsed work including paving Of a nun-           decent               eyer ^       toe       ;      ,
-vltK«™ JL fflL «•!,.-." u-nnld nraise °er of roads m the area this summer. m *                  °                                        ,-Yfl
^to^«n^wJrSTpn,se One of these is the hazardous East Por- ^          	
hint as. administer of .the .church. . ^w     «    .    -l-i. ^. -    *>.*»    i>  a
*                             v poiSe Bay Road which it is understood        Man's evolution to an unright position
was oVigSaally scheduled for paving last should be viewed in proper perspective. It   '.£
"r^yryZ-^V^iA^teu ivr«*«_ ye*ar. Sumtner however dEfagV sldwty on. took a billion years to develop low back u-
V^^^Slttis^S^        The situation is therefore deat, we £^ . L
^nofw^^^^,Thereare ^ a ^sfcr^ho hjli dorie a —
*f f«^^|Jj^^2K ^'^ 6^'al throligtioirt the province, in It -Urn^rm     D^,     U* ~~~« / rm,.
alty.forwfeafe^^^e^m^ ^ ^ ^ ^p^ ^ f-fQlffJlQQfl    #Qy    00006/11^05
^ JSf*? - w     \?^Z%^1 «fi** just as .welLsit back and sontem- ' ' rr - '
scheo^   ^oweg^Me tho ^eetog ^4^-^^.
was ,helrl last Weonesday^.iip1 to las* " -
.-?. *»_ji" £<_^. ,i^.* *j*t>y-^<^^^,^^'a^^*u'Jta^ -»Kju^\ii^,.-^y.^.yy ■fa-* »t.'«aA*>^^
—by Mary Tihkley
daughter, Marilyn Russell arid h6f three t
children visiting rfrom JWontreal, has had
 „__ „ „7    a  senes of.family reunions.  Her guests   -
who has now left with her family for their    have been her brother and sister-in-law,  ,
aw home at Mica Creek. Mr- and Mrs. Robert Ramsay of Vancou-
+•      >    i
1    *
i  .   A
1 *
-a ^
1      1 *»
f    .    5
Satiirday^ July 1st fo Moftday, 4uiy 10th
.i", t
Say Ypa Saw If fri The Times'
■*'    4*2, -tW
„;*.-*-,.-..* t J. >■
Would Toy ©et Such Values?
». .     ».%.- a <
f,1   '
n '"■
afittfeiate it amyiflg; M^MMiam,    suddenly drive irffh'e wrong lane in order        In presenting her with a set of china-    ver   her jtrtfeje,  Mrs.. K^tie . CmMeld   *
j~.J^-L-   J"- .Jiaww^^^^iw--j£.-^'*-i4«'"i*.   x-   .***■ -i -l> ^    -\-.t       * ^*        i. • i. • wflrf* in an a ^a r*ttvp old rnnntrv Rn-jp-:     with  daughter  Janie  from  Quehec   City,
dis^any -suggestions ^m^,m   to avoid bad stretches. Action which is J3^m£ ^bfWarne SdtotMto     FrarJc's nephew, Brian I^cuUen with sons
dates1!    J«*    'S   -   " ' >X%7 .<»    ;     ^ boW: illegal and dangerous but usually Foley would be sorely missed for she has    Kenneth and Gregory^from-Burnaby^-and    for»'1uul"u"^.-Utw^
■"    --^--^^ t been an untiring worker for the Halfmoon    Marilyn's mother-in-law, Mk. E. N. Rus-~*
risk of being labelled rabble Bay Hospital Auxiliary and her cheerful,     sel1 of Vancouver.      *   \ "_'      ^_    _X
feel folly instiflM in falsing sunny   disposition   has   won   her   many
-. -iai*,'..A„ *-j.^^a^,aiwva>^a, ji^A friends.   EJcth   Doug t and   Marion^ Foley
area  for
— ^  ■  -— ^^     '"   f.JC f •""  '"f,    "™1_"" '■* ~~ 7 "*«_"%r-— a "S "I        "*      ,4 ™" *****»»^ ^    *-a***   U tAAJ.*-^ ** U    T    V* WV-J-* 1   Ut/tW dUU dt/S"
^ij^Mi&&^&^&^ KUtdSaWifl contuhie. associations here. They both attended local
! 7^   '•/•i^' 3alv<  k'7 "XAy*}-^ \">"'-- *„r     ^ " schools and since their marriage have liv-
'!77/X7,^#00^fJiSi tfeii* tresis 2?^£?£%X££15°m.
.MANAGESB-Nf   of   ^.j*** ' ecfly concern him   andI from his equal g^S ^ %LTmlSVZi
SX storie^^byrgo^erlimem^ and^presstoe    right to express and pubhsh his opimons cess ^ ^eir new life and hoped they would
' groupsVand" etfo'rts "fo^muzzie thes ptess - th'eteon arid to hear and read the opin- return for a visit' from time to time.
^aWall%x> cdminottifl tfie^so-cafleli-jSee    ions of others. ,Mrs.   Pat   Murphy   moved  a  vote  of
" world of lotfay: ffiiy,^ a^*menaces^to' - :\,£Itf-protection of these fundamental thanks to Mrs. G. Rutherford and Mrs. X.
me^U6iiL ct^n^„&ow;and-to. .hun^anxifeit is essential that the press ^J0f orgamzmg ** dinner and pre"
'" e^pre^sVis^pimong:Moutfe^ sho~uia;be'freeKto gather news without        Mr and j^g Reg Evan& ana^0n Tony
f sorship or 'retaliation. J» -~~~ ---    orlstjpuclioh- of interference and free to have retailed to their home at Seacrest
Xi XW&sae4M^^^Btidn^.bki^ * puDlisrrthe news and to comment there- after a trip to Europe. They first, visited
* few other countries^at;can equaitlB :\ y^m^'ht^am is;-simply one aspect happy an, ^^5^^^ wMch. end.
'/minvaluable;asset. But there,is(k&eM,<ifbr   df7the\free*TnanV;nght to receiyb and ed in/'slrro^JT^uBnf'flieir vistf,  Reg's
,/Canadiam^ta standJfimfor^^ress^jS^ it is unaf- f'atherV was stricken : witti a heart attack
,7 doni and all it means' to them, for-jindi-- afected^by national boundaries; it is a and" died. ^ *
;   vidual fr^om^fcedo^-or*i ■<&   MaanSental human right of al! to .he J* ^J^ZTiSSmSZ
\) are one and indivisible.' Jheene" ca%iot   free'wqild. t liked British Columbia so much thai he
exist without the other. l In the words, of the General As- had intended to return again soon.  Reg
'J  L 1{kea6|mzmgth^;^et<3t# sembiy of the United Nations: Evans and his family travelled by train
|§  ^ / Pr^UnM?as>diedU ^description "Freedom of information implies the Sj^S'llftrt ^Jtf^JZiZZ
mil <ii   c^iviijii_L Ib jI. _____-_*— j j* _V-_ •%-.._        .I.   *  ^."     *•-.      j       ui* u delighted  with the »rolung countryside of
;|; ;-;ioffte^dom-6ftheip^svat.tollbws: right  to gather,  transmit  and-publish northern Englahd.  They visited Glasgow,
j j       "This  conference  affirms . that  the news-anywhere without fetter—as such it and Edinburgh where they climbed to the
!^ 7 freedom 'of the press is not ^-s^eciaf sis an-essential factor in any serious effort top of Sir Walter Scott's memorial. They
ft -. privilege of newspapers but derives from to promote the peace and progress of the fl.8w from London to Amsterdam and then
u '    a " t    j          _ «     .  _         a. ,. --        ' visited Mrs.   Evans'   mother.  Mi's..  fteisW.
, the'fundamentaJt nght  of every per- , world
Sales and Service   X 7.   * ,'
Scch-I'.B.C.   -. ' .i'jii.' :•••■• .-v     PhpKe,885r?777 ,
»      «a*  *,*■   ) ** »
PeninsuSa Plumbiha Ltd.
a »T**_(K- « J a  . "
Phone 886-9533 Gibsons, B.C.
^ tar
Bo* 489 - Secheit        ,
Dealers for P.M. Canadien - McCulloch -"Homelire -
Pioneer and Stihl Chain Saw*
Parti and Repair Service     ,   ',   ' f , f|
•    V f'' ■"     Telepribfte 885-9626 '*'' * -^,J^*nVt^
*  1/
visited Mrs, Evans' mother, Mrs. Geisler,
.   ,        . „ -    -^ a„   ^...        . .-   «        .    •        *n Osnabruck Western Germany. They re-
^!   s^^'^^^'/^^^^SS-^?8^* fa^tte" " f-tl* -^W1* f1111! m. ccrarttnes enjoying    turned to Amsterdam and flew home by
aJ^ffM      i    i
nVH fac^s Im all^matferediat directly or^indir^   the greatest freedom of the press the the polar r6ute to Edmonton.
■----'''                 ' ■-     '               -   -■ .u. j^ m encourage tne publication  and Mrs. Evans was impressed with Holland
' Als ^ithOM^ regard  t6 the nationality, and spoUesa> she liked England with its
#acej politics or religion of those who numerous parks and gardens and thought
^ublisW, edit ot tyrite in them. In par- that the Englishman's love of gardening
ticular, there will* be no fiscal or other hai done a 8feat deal to beautHy tho
discrimination   against   newspapers   or C0UAtrythe Alf Young home are Mr, and
peroneals on any such grounds.         - Mrs.  Bertram   Blackie,  from  the  White
"AH abridgements of the fullest free- Rock district. Mrs. Blackio's brother, Mr.
dom of the press in the sense indicated Young, is still a patient In Shaughnessy.
Vacatlonipg at the Joe Dhooghe home
,.   , ^       \....!:
For A Fine Meat   \
Dining Lounge overlooking the mouth
of Pender Harbour   k
Char4 Broiler for delicious steaks
Reservations - fferuporfation may bo arranged
CALL 883-2282
THE  EAGLE  LODGE   Gordon Bay, B.C.
tt  /i
• 1
Published W-idneSAlyO Ae Secbrilt •
, on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast
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V $? ".,2 Year^.^ - StYcaw, $p    iri the council's statement are open to. .™c*"7pg "lnlCn„h°„,.WS.   »
'UA-F-jW,t^ • objection and ihust be justified Sy the   ^7^1,^ S^'JJiff&JK
A$tf    ^^^^ii^^^BLi^SJf,^^^   6,carcst countervailing public interests."    Franklin" of Port Coquitlam.
< 4^ 1 '
(ffo-fitf 5oMnrf to Jervis inlet),
I1   'llH.S
I  1) M    I
]   I }
A\ 1
i»,« 1111
1 11
«i I
—Allison Herald       This week's busiest hostess   b«s   been
Mrs. Frank Lyons  who, apart from her
Lot us cater to all your
Plumbing   and   Heating
needs. Oil Co. or Bank
financing available.
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I    \\ If I  I   '7  1.1  *'}    H  V  -sjjL- ScP*     /*^.  y  ���l  f  it  /  %^.;51  ii?  u-ffS^-ai  .<��*  Majorettos  Spring Feve/-  ���by Chuck Jones  \NY of >oj sports fis-icrmen -a.io f-h  quiie TPguhrl> ahd axe therefore qui'e  prod j due, rf joure nov vou iiiould b��\  ha'.o On rmny occi*?ons hid joui limit of  fish fo go out at four a m and have  jour Hnu* b\ -.ix, saunl*. to rmn> like Ut  opia but U> the fishcrmin who is fairK  cc-n-.ij-.tcnt tnls puts a crimp in hi* bl>lc  Plan a da\ of fi*>hing and having to quit  bcfoie the da> rtnlk star--, takes a li tic  of the kick out of it  I im living to gut tlus  icio-.-, to the.  m in who has limited manv timr��, net l)  *hc  a\ ni ig-j  fiaicrm-m  like  m\-.elf  vho  needs all the luekv breaks he cm g*t jus  to hm t once a \tii  There ire two simple.  \\a\-, around +hi-�� dilimna   Fir*-t >ou can  take all jour kids along  >ou jre allowed  four  f.-,n   por  p-.r-.on  in  the  bo*it,   tm*.  would, to coin a phrise   'n^t' me ttvtnH  a dav   The boat legref'ablv is &> full of  I.3ople th��re is no room foi fish  The sec  Ond   an I much simpler method is to 4ef  a commercial filling licence, all it cos s  is   twenty   cblhr.3   and   >our   conscience  Dent shoo* hole? in mj boat, jou girv  m*y plates ar-? hiflden mirier the seat   If  I over cafch four  111 stick them on  Let ua not be facetious just for a few  lines It has been pointed out to me b\  some of the owners of these commercial  plates tnat tnia i< a necessary evil to fai  lhtate disposal of the catch The fish cm  hi given awa> to friends and neighbours  but onlv if dchvercd   and don't ask anv  f ����� it i  , AA  -i-IJ  1   a"  I    *     "  i       la.  %^^h^^'-W^^^' j?j&m  * V  jA^-**-  I.*���-**. *���*. ������  ,fi*. -*!���_��  Page 5  1e%  .^L'  ffte Penmsfib Times  Wednesday, June 28,1967  Montreal in the Expo  year IS interesting  Progress  STRETCHING a first tentative fin- ideirts of the area are taking a keen  ger out  mto the bay,  the fiew interest in the long awaited project  breakwater being constructed by the which will provide a harbour of te-  Federal Government n beginning to fuge  and perhaps  encouragfr nfew  take shape at Selma Park Trem&n- commercial enterprises m tho dist-  dous amount of roele has already fict  been blasted from the pomt and res-  .'4  ^??i     |     }S^  *  swim'in a ^frbgical garden,"^.seea a-sfoek',  tttdhange^ in 'action."; go windo^ ^asaing--' in"  underground streefsf; of'gay.bOu^ies, Jsee��� ,  a'-movieV"gjrf to'a-'Coiic^rt"* -v -/   ^:. - -';-" \',  Did yo'u^know, :tbo, tiisft- Ifloritreal^Hasr  :  finore than 3S0;t>ar^s. aftdr.sfJuaTesViriore-  RinBRSON  wii*n.a^quarter3>f/tf^!li<m^ees?-yThat on     " ���"* -��'*���"  M��.w.i -h-wwp   i    r w. ��� -    ^ i(     .* Stray nown lnxo tne rorpoise uay area.  WINNERS of the baton twirling duet performance. Sr.' duet winners are I'm stubborn enough to try Lee*�� Bay, fa  *'    competition" were Lynn1 and Lee Laurie Allan'and Janice Mullen1 who couple mor�� times before moving .to blufcr  r.L.Ja��' ��J..V.   J.A ���'_-u-JL' 'i._V���i-'w-J-..*.^  ' All.M��Ui��At,ttm' ��...JlXv.^^. ..wVt**a.' ^vj<nn��V i-.ochtro.r-    MAr Woe  R-iv iirct  rnitfht -*-*.m(-.iin  you cat* eatch,"aritf they^will picfe Jit-up.  Also, the taking of more thatifour fish a  day, knocks holes' irf that,excuse. /"/ * '  ', The - fishing, ��� which -1 ssaid. last ,week  was improving rapidly, on the Jttdpe, that  it would; t did just that>but don't expect  any. maaele^���yet Some ,boats' are getting  limits while boats/  getting -skunked,  your^ye ott the a  should get a few fish yourself.    ,,  .    ,       iriet's mgtit?C'' '* "< "   -   '-"   ,      * -        formed byHevV  ��� Butch Ono,, fishing in Storm Bay, took   ���;   MomVeal^ an .efc^tingi- bustling. city;f     The bride -' '  a  33 pounder,  which he  weighed > m at   ful�� of^^taaimW: KfaBvto- see it inv all   and  May's Boat Rentals in. Porpoise Bay,., to   ffsh  earn memoership in the SCCSC. He also    gfjftto$'  nad,4wo smaller ones just to show it wasn't   flEysefapdr"complexes cyou can see tat ms-    uaanes .rwmpsivira&awu ^~. ,      , -r-^.^-*-- ,��--, l��^��r?*Z&LA^\\u* *-L.  aB tack (Oan't convince me.) Congratula- ^ -f^^ Vermont .and aNewlYofi.frdm ^ ^&^.^tit&&,^ ^^S^IS ^^JSteSftS?  tions B.O. on a mce fish.- fc6 fe^ ^ ^^ (& ,4,^^ ^ ^^ -w^,Tad&rir^a\wHCsatmf brocade ^fe^rf^ffi^ ^ fe'lSL1!?"  Tilhcurn Bay Marina caHed to let me ^ r& ^de^alk ^O^.ele^t'^op^fift^ Deobie>wn>afloo?lenM:wr& lfuB fio^p ' ^*\^f-4*?* af����m'<**'��*^��-  know a Mr. Herman Gcbini had .taken r^-WaWtex.M��n-ifir *.*.-���� -*��rr .*��-,''.MhA.' *w*^~w^, Kn;,��^^^.r^ ^; *^-,-^i��^*to Ftaifl: .Bea!*e- asf. iusners.-  a 24 pounder. This should  est to -the local Chamber  as he came from Vienna,  this-nice salmon.-    Tommy Fox, TaHcumPlumbing.-brought   j^ ifr^Ma^i^fcW^l&-  an a Innit of fish to T.B.M., one spring y       "  vand three   coho. Top coho was ten pounds        -n,-^. ^1^^^. ^nii.i. *���il. nijj}Xu* -*,,-. * -"B"��- T"^^'**^^a'^r^Jvv^^**r"^I."C2i.     *-*���*<*���*" ^-^a oaagwer's weetdinfl,' the' Wttrie's  which is a good size'for this time of year.    ma^p S^S^'��^l^tJ^^.^. ~ S(^l^l^^^^li^tJ^!^P   mother ?&&<���* 1$^%S5'im ^ek  A few  vague  rumors  from   Egmont, ��j ?  but people up there seem to want to keep     -    ^'  their success a secret. Maybe that report  of a 38 pounder will be verified some time  in the J.  Dunlop space.  My very  good  friend Frank Richards having much success up that way. ��  ���  From  these. reports and L. Straights  ��� column, it would appear the best bet" woifld r]  be anywhere from Egmont, jup* through me  Skookumchuck and on info Narrows Arm.  .  There could ^possibly be a/few of**-Uie|e  stray down into the Porp6ise Bay area.  Eberl^fwiris tlvvho'shoW? 'tremeridouS  promise and gave a* most, attractive  and you ate dn the Pender ar.ea�� dropnn  for a look see' at the lender Harbour Hotel. The dmmg area has been extended to  include a dance floor and stage for live  entertainment. My spbuie made a few  bucks baby-sitting and took me there opening night. The Evan Kemp Trio ,wa's playing ahd we had a Very enjoyable evening  even though Gladys said I was a party  pooper for not staying till daylight. Cah't  cut the mustard any more, mother, and 1  you know the res�� of uiat saying!  All of this flotsan and jetsam and other  floating paraphernalia on the surrounding  waters is a result of high tides* and the  Fraser River run'-off, As a result of the  flotsan,- jetsam and; other gross stupidity  I now havo rio bot(om end on my kicker.  You may not be intercsied in my mistakes,  but you can benefit from them, slow dow,n  going through ^hls "floating crap game",  It's rough on shear pins.  ' It has been br ought to my attention  that I write too much about mooching and  not enough about trolling. At this time'of  year when the dog fish are so plentiful,  trolling Is one method of keeping down  ,. j      * your catch of these tackle wreckers, I as-  ,    ,..���* .��,    ,�� . . .     Tropfry wmitef* ," ��� ��� ;      sume these dog fish are either too slow or  TIRED but very happy after a hard   ette' K$Uy Allan, UUth Dick, Susan   too lazy to eaten a lure or strip trolled at  day of competition young batQn ��� Edmonds and Dorrs, pawl; wihnersf, of   a medium speed.  , fwinS's' pr6udly display their troph-   the trio event, arid Miss; Peninsula     , Trolling won't completely,.eliminate ^iho  ies and ribbons, Frpm left: Lynne   Srv ^ajvTe|{ev Laurie Allan. J" lu  Waheeler, Miss Peninsula Jr, Major-  Idrge entry  ��* < ��� ���  >^a( M^iiiiti^miiiJ^H'^mwit^iyii^iiiai'.  Ninety-owe baton  provided keen competition  SATURDAY wns oxtromoly busy for Ro* VVircn and; tynda Bnrondrogt.  crdntlon  Director  Phil  Lawrence  and        $0.0, .undor 7 years:  Lynno Wheol6r; ,  Mrs. Pat Muryn of Gibsons, when thoy Collooft  Hoops;     Janet. Clayton;   Karen  judged a total ot mnety-onc onttlcs In tho . Pactkau and DcbMo Ncatman.    ,  baton twirling contest, Solo,, 8-10 yca,ra:   Kelly Allan; Donna  Thirty three contestants, all pupils of Whyto; Laurie Ncstman and Shcryl Leo.  Mm, Mnryn, participated In tho compotl* ,     Solo, XX years and up; Laurie Allan;,  tion and during Uio evening tho winners Janice   Mullen;   Lynda   Bnrondrogt   and ,  delighted pnrbnts and visitors with ft ya- Ix>rl wjrbn.  ricty of rontlncs before receiving trophies        Junior Duet; Lynn and Leo Eborlo; Col-  and awards, Icon Hoops And Lyhn Wheeler; Janet Clay-  Raton   twirling    requires  'personality, }mi^^?9^miT>^riym^^  "grneo-nnd" flklll:.m(l these - youngsters who dodjho . westmnn        .  havo boon practicing under their teacher       .Senior Duet: Lixurlo Allan and Janice  for Just ono year show exceptional proiulsc Mullen; Donna Point and Peggy Wallace,  and their performance was one of tho most, TrlQ| Ruth Dick, Susan Edmonds nn<H  enjoyable events of lho year.  dog fish problem but it will case it con-  $?de'ira'bly. You' cAh'f argue with tho re-  Suits of trolling, tho Sim Derby is consistently won (this way, and didn't B.O. catch  ^hat 33 p6urtder trolling? There, 1 havo  mentioned trolling seven times I  ** -Pa-Ming llnc-~-Thank.'. Ted,-20 is my favorite number,  ��. ��� niiu.'    ���" "'���  ���"< '..'��.���!���.   bikts-V-'     v ���*"* I? t - * ������ --v^   - s- , 2  7 ;rof^fnoneyme^Sf|-&ilttiW"^atesV , ' \  tSe' bride cbtw^��te'dfdtt]^fe.Dlreasferf eBifx ��  and wore a corsage of, yellow rosebuds^ v.a  *- On --.their "returns"v.the young'' "couple will \  'i-eeae'vat'Po^entBSv-erY/'Vji'-f'a'rv    "^-.' '        '  "   ".*'-���       --*���>>���    -,..-5 -/a- .    r  /���:i;mv\5mn&.Ax'>'i\* *:7 . .  UNIOM-LABEL  NEWSPAPER     .   :  ���c         /*..          *���;"������*.    \s~%&        ,^r ,t      \i\_       ^.                      ���.-���������.*         =! V  IL       ^��.\       J-      j\*  ctiikopkAQTic; dttitE  1  .in   1  4.  ���       .* - *    <�������� i     11    ->va rv-.'r\   ,��� ��� *M,  , '   Arey6uwindowshop|ir)|wffiff. V*\  k**  t  ���HW-^, �����->Klnl|-il.t,ilhlJ|  SI  'i  !  'I  '?  ill        1)U  i*|wltirt**<j^��(hit; v,'i  *    ,lr��tifriyi*f  in  1.  ��� hin-td^!^  rmfbh  MadY.ra Parfc, tl.t.X Pk 6^3-2^  11  1 1  Emj^fski^sALts&smvice  Mr. nod Mrs. Ralph Vincont Khiiiips  ^V  -jH"^"^^.^'''^!.!.."^.. Hi 1 lmn*��'iI.��-l^4V��)  n^iirVlii;  ( r  J I  I    i~)vi4  1 this advertisement is not publishod or displayed by tlio Liquor Control Board or by' (ho Govcfnmei'U of British Cofurn^Ti  %e dtie beer so good  In tosffl artd 6vi5r 60 oihet  countries, you can,cnjjoy a'  world of flavournt tho   k  :  balanced beer.  AWARDS  Senior i^enlnmila' Majorette Is laiirlo Allan. Her young ulster Kelly Allftn is Junior  Penlnauln Majorette.  Strutt, under 7 yonrs; Mnva Schneider;  Lynno Whoolor; Colleen Hoops; Sandra  Whiting and Debhlo Nostrnan.       ��  Strutt, 8*10 years; Keily Allan; Donna  Whyto and Iyorrl-Ncstman,     ,  KSlrutt', 11 yenrn and over: Poggy WA1-  Doris Paul; Donna Point, Piggy Wallace  and Haney. Lpulo.  It's made Carting  famous for beer  throughout  the world.  ���    1  "IMbt" AdBrlofn  Wilt sell-buy*, rent  ~;r r trod��/l',';;: ���;���  \  1'  .'<���  11*  >   !  1 \ 1  '�� f  (1 '  ft-  ";��  .1  ���Ji  t*  r  u\ 1   I  ���   ��*��     ^��s-H     ft** (  'V 1*  I ��    I  <^    .-a "  Ml,  /"."> , ^ m1"  1   1    1  i *<   y  v    11*' ��t  I _    <"(->,-��*r*** 5-**'" fl    -/ail  ' ii<.S ^5*V^^>*''fei��>->-et--:^^*V'ltr^  .^1.. v..  *-���-. < *-**yV* ���&.,���*.����� A.  -*.->^-**eT-��J   <���^�����.  -_,.**>^N_-��  *v "���  \   ���*�����v-^  .��   >  ,  .-*-_- ^r v-***- V*��-***S  -��    *��--���>   ���*-"C-*--. -*_        ������  -v  "-�� -v   <*,"����������-.-*---��"*���   *��� "���.*-. -  . V^^^t ��V^'^^Yv%,****^~4^"*>vn'"-r'-^ -f-i-4-vaNf^.-.'tS-ij ir*.aa^";v.^   . ____ __       _. _____ . j_u if   ��.-^ j.-. ., *_' >.vi..fri*_. -_X-. ������--- -. _i_*_to_**!fc*i_;  ' "��� V * , r r  -Y"-c  ���^^���'  Critical views -^  ��� at new sphoi  %  t     I.  tsse  ciiffffic  Pfcge 6   '  -, '    The Peninsula Times  W__rte_dnv.-June^8, 'J 967���___  *.     ^,. ��� - * *  -Tprogram aTirbeing-crmeteed before -hut  Centennial   Caravan t  TWO    Madeira    Park   Elementary   erican slump and Wall Street crash which  rocked the  Toronto market  School  students,   Geralduie Hig-*    which plunged the nation into the and somewhere on the sa,me page  gins and Gail Wise savour the atmo-   lean years between two world wars, the time old marauding dog prob-  sphere of the past as they stand by   Behind them, enlarged copy Of the lem makes the news in this October  a ticker tape which heralded the Am-   Toronto  Globe   tells   of  the   crash 25, 1929 issue.  t  W  I  ft  '���aiUO'W'"       H'la      V*a-_��p       -a.-..--.        . -      ,.  ing.a chance, to prove their ability and the  on!"/ lowers in'tMs new game between educators and employers are the students.  ���Vbinjig people entering the labour market today are bewildered and yet Camada  ,.,,,���-, desperately needs skilled workers. r There  THIS month Bnttsh Columbia Secondary Throughout the syntbetsis of the^newrpro- i*_-j_t be, as Mr. Stroyan submits, close  School graduates "stand poiSed on the grams, labour and management, were'con- communication' between -secondary schools!  brink of the labour market'and already fu- suited and had nothing more eoftstafaetive and labour-management personnel. Every-  ture employers are expressing dissatisfac- to offer. Because of the complexity1 oii toe onB n6eds a gt>ai to work toward and sen-  tion with the new curriculum .under which labour market it is only, possible 'to.'edu- . _ ^nnmA* 0^h(V1i -.t^entq who intend  they were tanned and are the first *gr_d- eate generally and provided taw'w which ior ����cmdaty school students wno. iraona  uates. ��� , industry -and the trader can capitalize, directly entering the labour market need  An article in the latest issue of the B.C.       The tragedy of the situation^i& &sl Mr.    assurance that the courses they are tak-  ���   Teacher  publishes  two  critical views of    Warn points out, the produces'" of, -the< new    ing are realistic and lead to employment.  the new curriculum and comments by a  "~"  secondary school counsellcr. Both cra.ic-  isms concern the programs for students not  entering institutions of higher education.  Mr. David Graham,, supervisor of tiie  Youth Division, Canada Manpower Centre,  Vancouver, states that the programs are  unreaL_tic. Graduates of the Visual and  Performing Arts stream do not qualify for  ���direct employment. Community Service  Program appears to use up two years of  school 'time to provide the graduate with a  diploma but it is hard to relate the training directly to any part of the labour market.  Graduates of the Commercial Course  have by far the bes;t opportunity for direct employment.    <.*,-".,    " '  Referring to the Industrial stream, Mr.  Graham states that,-if it is the intention  of secondary schools to enter the vocational  training field then the training should be  complete. Graduates in this, stream do not  have the standard of Maths required by  industry and this should be the role of the  secondary school. Somewhere along the  line the roles of secondary school and vocational school have been switched.  Mr. E. G* Stroyan, Manager, Community Relations, Vancouver Island Branch of  MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Nanaimo states  that there are deep-seated flaws in the new  curriculum. Educators say that education  " is not supposed to equip students specifically for employment but young people are  promised that staying in school will increase lifetime earnings. The world of  work requires 95-100 percent accuracy m  ,,. the core subjects but 60 percent standard  is accepted in schools. Mr. Stroyan submits that changes are necessary to bridge  the gap between classroom and employment office for non-university bound students, and warns-against worshipping education for its own sake.  Both employers were critical of the  occupational course which requires, close  study.  Mr. Ronald...Warn, cpunseHor at Burnaby  South Senior Secondary School, states that  non-university bound students are hard to  place and partly blames employers for  clinging to. tiie old 'Employment security"  symbols such as University Program and  Math 12. Even the Hotel Management  course at BCIT demands Math 12.  .Leaders in the employment field have  ,. demanded that students are not trained  Jin specifics and schools  cannot, possibly  Steach all the specialties required for em*  gployment  in industry,   states  Mr.   Warn.  -J Congratulations  A KEEN gardener and most active   tray, awarded for the first time this  member in the Secheit Garden   year.   Village   Commissioner,   Miss  Club,  Mrs. Janet Allen gained the   Adele De Lange admires the perfect  highest aggregate in the flower show   day Lilies exhibited by Mrs. Allen.  Winning the Bank of Montreal silver  >m>  <&CS��3  ��� ���  NOW  Is the time:to select your smart Suit, Dress,  Start, Blpy!&KM  Beach Coat  from ...  Mo Bishop Ladles' Wear  Secehlr, B.C. acAAA:   t   Phone 885-2002  LADIES' WEAR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS  _    ;<, , -     No change ���- -  - ���  GAZING down a corridor.of time in ing expressions asjthey.view the his-    merriment of boyhood always  re-  ��� the Centennial Caravan, Madeira tory 'of their,birthplace., Times may   mains the same.'  Park school children :r portray vary- change but the curiosity, wonder and  H^  *'>mi&&K\9Hk  / yf���   y^i i  WM.  n.  >i  ������I  (   ",i!A'i  i i W*"  Ppening ceremony    ;  BORK in Centennial Year 1958, nine   sson, manager, of the Caravan; Se-  year oldJMiark pray had the hon-   chelt Centennial Chairman Mrs. A.  A  Y'74  i  <  )  h  i  Extension  Phones are  FRIENDLY  PHONES  ... companlonablo In  tho kitchen, roassur*-  ino at night by your  bodsldo. Diacovor  how Httlo thoy cost  from-  U  Vi, tor of. pressing the switch .to start the   Dawe;   Halfmoon   Bay   and   Red-   K_��v m^kI'v  .-Il ,vt \ Centennial,' Caravan '.���hornri;'- playing   rooffs Centennial Chairmen Mrs, Ted   ���"y -��*"**w  :,i,! Uh�� first notes of "Oh Canada,". Of-   Surtees and Canon Alari Greene and        Citizenship a  able students turned up every day, Wendy  JIatcly has not missed a day for six years,  Know Yemr Canada Award Was won by  Announce  the   purchase   of   their  Household  Mr^ of I & S  for the past 10 years and has been associated with  the Household Moving business continually during  this period.  We take this opportunity to thank Len for his  conscientious service. We know he will continue this  same service to his future customers.  So for reliable moving phone Len at 886-2664  B/IL PRICE - / & S TRANSPORT LTD.  '"' |';|   \%i* ithe first notes of  ���'<���   I   ICIaJkMkai    ...UU'Tlirnl  I , I,  Of-   Surtees and Canon Alari Greene and       cmzcnsmp and Service Awards: Marll-  ficiatihgwltriMarkatt^  ' x  II     !, (  jthoi, Caravan which arrivedin Sech-   Do Lange  UiM>*<^4 elt.lasLThursday., are: t Mr.^y,. Pergu-   I     Hi  'I * I iW    I   i  ler,  ir-fc-i ,M *��-i^i*��<*a����ll4*������f��aiiW^WV���*���^^  V  V7  ��!Ii ' i  ii1  Pender High-Lights  111'  m.  'r i  4  (/>.|:  i iM .���  m  w " i  V,    ,      r      ' -i���-by Donna Vaughan  OV{ THE J6Ui I. wrote my last two tests  -Meet.   .,    ,  ���i*i ��� of 4he -school year. Jt was a great re-        VoUcyball4Tcam; Awards-were given to  ,, llcf.lo have .them.'ovor with,' leaving me  'those senior boys who participated^ in /tho  B.C, lligh  School  volleyball  tdurriament.  The following boys received bars In recognition of Hiclr efforts; A*lcn Wallace, l��at  Doyle,   John   Nelson,   Robbie   Cameron,,  Boyd ' Bennett,    Barry    Fcnn;    Leonard  ,, free |k> think of the rapidly approaching  1 i;,,\trip.:>    ���. ,      i  ���,',' ���' Bptama , wcro wrlltcn in tho library by  7\ V'i'the, fexpo students and the ones who were  i ' ; 'going away to work, At 2:15 p.m. the stu-  ' ''   ��J?nU gailhercd In tbe gym along with those  i"  j  ' ' *!  Af   i i  *    f.' I  I'i- %  It'll  �� ���!  tll#tl^aaJlfe|i!*i'  1   "J '1*   'i  Hi  ''.riarehti" W^o were able lo Attend tho prc-  0taaUUoa of: ��lio Awards,  ' AwArds for, Academic ability were won  byiMarian!Vaughan, Darlene Dubois, Snn-  '' v'At&' .Mconbrldgc,. Martin   Donley,   Ruby  ;'U  j*��� s --<S ^'A^cwott;afid ,��ruco, Cameron,  1 ' /��"S    / ' ''     Con��*?nnIal  AlhleUc   program   Awards:  -.*, ��� *-^^^^^^^w^;TGairDencrj''Snvw  *MiaaerPbiHlprScrvli^lVwnrdT~-Tai^  Webb. This Award is given to the student  who has given the most useful service to  the "school: Janet worked bard alt year on,  the Annun-�� l.*10 decoration's committee,  many hours working in the kitchen during dances and games. Janet was the prime  force behind the bottle drive. She was, nw  Mr. Franklin ��aid, **up to her neck in bottles," ��������������������  A' special prcscntati6|m was' given to  Ricky VermeUe, for ilia excellent work on  tho trumpet during the various occasIooh,  such m "Tapps" on Remembrance Day,  Gifts were*prc-scntcdvby.iB,oyd JBcn'nett,  m-'M SUidcnt Cotincil president..',' to Mr,  Graves and Roy Williamson.      t/��� lw.(��� �����,��,., w,,,^, ,,,^,v.-..., ,,, ,���,-,  Basketball Awards: Best offensive play-    Sogcc and to Mr. Franklin who iftro leaving the otaff this ycAr, Mr, ffegec Jhrougli  "wany:'pa1icnt*ycars*lia8",won*'tht>w respect  and admiration of cvcryon0; Render High  won't, be (tho fiamc without him. Our best  wishes go with Mr, Scgcc '.md with Mr.  Franklin, who has only been with m for a  ^car*3uUnw^aLUma^li9'fl��dono_a8o^inucbi..  working'with'tho teams thnt ho will ho  Tremcmbcrcd '^TAifccllonMol^for^a^long  ���lime.    '  i  'a��d!(Fi^nli;<JOng��to>>  cr: Sr, GJrlfl, Brenda Uo; Sr, Boy��, Pat  Doyle; BcsfDcfcirsivcPlnycrflrSrr-Glrlsr  Hazel Wray; Sr. BoyK, Robbie Cameron,  Junior Awards wore made on Uie ba*l��  of: Most Vaiunblo Player; Jr, Gir)��; Barbara Cameron; Jr, Rpy��, John Cameron,  AU'Rwmd w Partldpant'^Awanlar'-Srr  .Glrifl, Bonnie JaHJeiSr^Boys,, Robbie Cameron,  TIUh i�� a new award thi�� year and is  Intended to; give recognition to the ntud*  cntH who have given lhe)r support to All  New council president, John Nelson, ad-  drcxHed the aludcnts, giving nn oulllnu, of>  hln bopoH for the council next school year,  M\er "GoJ, Save the Queen" wo re*  eelved our ^Centennlnl McdalllonH nnd -a<k  companylng.'booklet*,; which we were ��d*  vi��ed lo chcrjwh alvynyfl becauaq ah ; Mr.  A ._lw.l..��^._,,,^-_T ,    , school'Athletic acllvlHes, Top female Ath  *��� -:-1. ,/ I'X.'Aii'4ha\tiwc' Trophy  was awarded tiii�� >��t��. Brenda I,co;  top mi^lo athlete, Pat  :.., *���; '"v'��, y*^pfto UievKtwtka teflm."Tho Award wns I>oyle And Allen Wallace    .,..���        ,..v.,...,?  m, I-.---..' )H''''^v'_*eei��t��d'fby' ijMkm^oapt-fcln'. Allen Wallace.        Perfect Attendance Award: Bonnie Lee,  tM'^  i.(J��,iVi��BF. Jtoiw!-event* ttilt. year  were I.Ho Wendy Jiately,, Ian M'^Kay, Gwen King*   .  hW^.'^J^^9^fyi%(^'itU6^tvom "ii��by-Ji-<��k0�� io-'-lh�� - ��ton, ���VicKl��.pockranl*And**Bob����FieWSn��r��--Skelto  fcfc����_t*.ij ay..1 J,k<,.i\, ��"ii:t  '"  $*  4  'fi.^  to unoncli a BIG thirst-BEST!  -*4trKH��r�� ��H* VIBNMA *M��VIN�� OOMfAMV 1f%*M ��.T��.  -Till* odvortleomcnt l�� not pwbll��ht>d or dlsployod by tho Uquor t^ntroj Boord or by <h�� Government of Drltlkh Columblq G2-67  ;(-~ftt&I..MfWW��i\^*H>il'f.ij! |* J si'i'ijV ��   Vat i'aA ��'*1' *ma ( t  t*  ( ��',f * t,'li ���'   (���*���:*��� t\'.'��,'!'' ��'/'>l.:.i''Vfr-!r��'4'.*"'* h'K  vj..J-ii,i:'l**->'i!.",Jl,*.i'l V;iX>!h^.Kh>AiX\i.Xt'V*'[i'-i':*'> *����������� vr-*'. V-t-M-V-M ''������^���>'^'^;-���>.��� j.^y.;��;���>��->^.vftt->v>f.s^^v.^'y.>fa.^ ���;:���<..;ivv.��...,i�����,i><t.i,..t,u u.yjjui.^r:. *_i , ...   i *--*, \, .v.'*--! ��� ��y ���� /    Jl'"'[i   'iJJJ  I ���.** *>{ Vol  f      j     iH     , If*  -.7 (��,.**  lj:���- ' il \  'Safe* boating  /' **#,���/:, I  i   tteW***^ * \jWR& ^>  ft �� io he ,����" ~- * "':  '\        a A ,-  _���    ^   ,1   outimed%evmain\rOasons for^the groduc-  {     i    tion'of his repott. , There Was some- dig-  ai I iy- " r,  i__.fi  FOUR s��6uts; who*helped leaOets.at  7 the Centennial a  "   ' *" *s---��--  over the  weekend  using,,cbmtffiSn sei*}e. ;;i��J "";' "    -> ���   ;Brian ���oope  * (Tbe fir4 common sense rule Is a^botj  ough knowledge ot -yoqr^at.' Ho\yJ does i%  handle and perform? When pqsslbte, put' if  through its,1 paeea/Does* iljsUae pf skid on  sharp turns? Does It broach^.'waUoWln  Heavy  seas?  When. caught in a   sudden  Summer storm, you'll know what to expect;  from your boat. You'll be able to maneuver,  it/safely to'shore,* "   A /  ( Respect the weather." You4 don't have to  be a meteorolglst to'fknow' when a summer  storm is possible, Wfcen .planning ,a boating  holiday, pay close-attention-to-woather forecasts. When in doubt, consult a competent  authority. If this isn't possible it's best to  stay safely ashore.  Carry the proper boating equipment. In  addition to items required by the Department of Transport, carry any "recommended" items as well.  Obey the laws. They were made for your  protection.  y000000000000000000000000000000B00000000rn  S *- _  fl   T Ifif**.*��~aa��\aavK-     _..   .-   jwaa*      i.M. I 2  K _C        < a  *��    *"  ���"*  **������&*  \  E '    a>^PF-    .-^���^iV^'^aV*'^ *     ^V   *^i    **  5 * ^040mr7.& <A^l'}^'K,'i<i^^i.. -X V j  _��� V*       --^--r   _.._-< ^WaEJw��W*mM*W\     -_-_T lliMimmfc       2   _.  k.  .quare meai  $ MOST important for a hungry  f ^ plorer is a good hot meal ���J u  ���?'}; kind hearted mothers who  f~% J the kitchen "all morning wondered if " hearted appreciation  greater rainfall and Dakota and McNanr  C*eeks^^tu$ied-j^���-,  .   ,-        ^   \  %    * ,fte^ poinfetffonf, tne. great ^wasie'ofief*?  ~"*A -. _^   fortinthi^asjfeamdabe was*)COnvinced,fhat  >^Xryfi-ii*^.   it was^ii&fe-si&�� all the wxS&fe  taUmfaesi,1��lipoJI;txtogetber. to  achieve  a  - '^������  $895  i- *./-  l^l^VV^ deluxe-  ^^%.M  & ii!       _Tf *.        *-'**-*   /*,   iT     ���**/*?'"V^"  Copping Motors Ltd.  '���.��� in*    n     1    1 n��,r, 111, m     i������____! , n\* i  i   "     '��� ���-   -,n imnr nn   ,  '.^Sr-'j^ f'\  BRYArt E. BUftKINSHAW  I     ZURICH UFE OF CANADA  -S��RV|i^G�� f HE^SyNSHIN^COAST!  a  ,��>,-^Ap- ~    "i   "   i*\%.    i^* '*���      '  For Illustroted Brochure  ��   Fill in attached Form ancl mail   ��  5 together with 50c  �� ��  Sunshine Coast Cedar Homes  I"  _ j __., e-&t^n^|rea- requiring1 water."  n-{Trout ��|iAkej areat;^serA repres^n^atiyes  should,.write fri-.tne. Wafer Resources Deii-  j .~_i/i i1^  *'vjtf_    ���* fl.'   > ^mr* i,   af-?,  artmem for. ,ao;vic�� on flie supply^ available trofei ffio lake.  ^Indian Reserves:,<<.,*-    ��      ^     * kl^* ��,  .^'Borrowing  jpowets yare, restncted >be-  (M>ause therHe is^no^migansof using .tiie' land  ^ras (security^ bHiittwas hoped ft&i.grraV  'leipents Will be madje^jovor^tftne^ this  1 problenji, with,, "thfr, co-6per_tion Of 'ttie tnl  flian Affairs' Dept..,.    , .4 A     7',' *, ,' -  * K.V  ...^ ��� <X*(^A ���������'*:'" ri-*tt !.%.''������"���'Hl->>:V'>i ���'_���������'  r4 ��i__4ri'~i'ilk_l_n^_dv^-iis-'      -���   -*-s_:'_. -J_l^i&*i_&_*_^  .v  at 'r_. *  SECHEL"  a^j^1  _i,_lB_:M__ii_i -    'v'\^4^; ^^''V/ * ^^J ���-���^s  F Se-tlM? \ Passengers ond Freight Ot Reduced Rotes  !i  >  , k Box 626 - Gibtons, B.C. -j  *  J Enclosed   50c   ���  Pfeaso   mall   illustrated 5 T-,__-._-,--*.--  !>.������-.��  ,    5 catalogue of   Sunshine  Cedar  Homes   Co. 8 mi?*"���  "UnT .   . .        n     .       . ,   n       .. .,  :; S 5 COMBINING a. treasury hunt with   sons area held a Centennial Camp  :' g to 3       compassi.iraiplng, cubs find' theilr   with a theme of exploration and dis- i  8 bearings at, Camp Bynfe' over  the   fcovery. ���                                     - t   -~^^j  1 weekend^ when 4S cubs from the Gib**    . a ^ *   ook your accomtno  s  0  0  ^ /L.'<  ^CJ��nndian^   ' '  V-ij 'k       , M  ,������*  < ///T7777/// /////// /////���/ /  6pnffederation 'feritetiiliil; i  ^  ���^  .1 /��;!  resort hotels yvithtn easy reach* ���  to $30 a day (double Occu-  ,    ,  ..-���l.ti. n ���...', ' 1 ,"  ������   ' 1  ;  __,,^//"''^',-lA'Ji_."''V''"--,'_L''-1.     V  porlo  (don  ';. i.'..�� J.V  I   _nw^*��S���-*Wl^����^a^-*��SiB-^*J-!a-^  . Wi|h ovor fwOj mon^  " irionco In illni^nfl "accom-' of tHo accommodations listed  irnqdatlona.for.Expop? visitors, below.                             ,  CopSKPp.ls'fj proven smcooss. ,  Mako your reservations ns  you^ro.flistfr^ofiplocoto early as posslblo-tho soonor  stay In Montreal,                   ' you write or call, the wider  ,.i()i��M^O|lI<N|fl0����^ your choice.  over 79,000 rodms, In liotola, Private Homoa; 0vor30,00p ' Tourlat Homoa. Available  motels, tourist homos, alf^lon- hoapltnblo Montroalora aro |'nmqny^lodsvF|AT^S;(-$10  o.'ifp^t'mAri^.'fiiodloltrallot wolcomlno visitorsi Into their to^lS'^biaitilooccuiiahcy).1'.'  rnqtofp onciRfiyaje pomos, ItomesTTho locations hnvo ^^tdljf (Tjhjlof,|ypoif'1 ��oa (  If at poak porlocjs. such ns : boon plqkod to mnko'lt onay unlta offor another.quraotlyo  holiday vyieokonds. certain for you to (jot to and from the nltornollvo, aro Id^hllor^om]!-:.  klndsof lijccomnijodatlonfl aro Expo 07 alto, RATES; from lios;.kltohon-^(P^yo*�� fcrifql  p'9\,ri^o||(ibl(S- IpQQEXPO cap  , W to $14 a dny fortwo peoplo,, service lnolMdpdvR^TE^f(om  offer youflltof natives which wo $1*0 to $18 for throo, or $12 to $25ndnyfortwopof8dn8,,:  nro surti you wlll (lad smln- $22 for four. $30 n day for four,1 or $49 n day  factory, All you hnvo to.do to . Efflolonoy. ^p^rtmflnts.,  for slaht.Chlldron under 12,  mnkeq'rosoTVstWv(s.(ftUuu^ froo.,���, i...... ....  tho coupon below, and ninll It . contral Montreal, for 10,000 Tr��|lor Sltoo. Thoro nro nmplo  tokOGEXPO,Youwlllr,ocolvQ people, with kltohon facilities trnl|or sites within ansydrlvlna  n reply within n few dnys, nnd mnldaorvloo, RATES: $10 dlatnnoe of Expo 07, nil with      7  followed by a confirmation of   ,   to $2B a clay for twft persons, a*vvay( hook-up. RATESi$3,D0,  reservation^Iroct from ib'b- plus'$3 i\tiny foloaoh nddlflpff-- W?*> fl <i^  \; A"j .;;'���,, V,,  mnnooomont of tho hotel, al person.                            ; Camp Sltos, 20,000 sites, In       '  oto, 011 the homoownor. Or Hotels, There are atlHvaoan; 120 aopr\roto loontlonn, In tho   .  .  yo'ii tuny phopo EXP0VQX ot bleaih.'tlowntoWn hotels v j , ares ifroUftd, (yiontront, RATESj ��� '^  . (B14) 307*8307 for full Inlorrn- ���,.durln<]' oomo period!), also |ti   L *)2,Q,aiWi*$3,6p a day, t ���,   All dccbmmod&'tlbn* ^ovornmont-lnspoo'tod and opprdvotl.  V A*        i_> ' ^*��>l      '     '  ��      VXV*j7\^ yf\  ,  '   7%   ' fe  ___-     u.          ill        ui ^-? w' 8  r i \>l    II-  iv t/  '���  , ^^nf^-fci ��� / 1 B  r  a*(W^^*-^^t(J��<*^^*(*lft��'CTtf*l<Mi^F)^^ ��i��.(tila4 *  i  I  Parade Assembles 11 a.m. at  J^kiMit'''   S^c^sl Peking U  .^P^ ^..1^ iiJv^K.__:    - *'     ��� Jw��Bgi)ttg, 4a!ie3 ptoce en-route  Parade ^oves off 11:45 a.m.  OPENING CElilMoNY  1 f  tfm\     LOTS OF  FLOATS  N��_ra  ��(j*ii(l"   **Wia.**j1(H*i 1 *.*M*'-a*J�� **   t^(**f��*S��   tHRHNMi    * "��ft**ft ^iW^llaVh.   f **����*( i  LOG feaHLflM��  3:30 p.rii. at  ivauh.eiM  Beadn ParB<  -FISH-PdNt  I ,   BANDS  TO LOQEXPD, Gxpo 0?, MontiaM, P.O., Conndn.  PIOAtm toiflivo nccommoiintlqrm n�� (ollowil  Nwrio ���. ~   city-. *-  ���" Phph* <014) 307-0307,  ^OfifHifturt," D��tq....ia.::.:..^.���t*(iimtmr o( nloht^^.^���|'Ho'b7jin'i|��-^.to,u-r^  i..-,a-i< *>V\ ���������������'.������ k->Kn. n( It��n��a4a-,l>llnn  ,Me<*n* of WRirt*fian*��e��n-  i  \  ff.*>��J'-l*#-*MiW-*.a*4l4'l'l'Jl'**+��    *'  AirlvfllDato                                                       ,    .  Nu'rnlinr of ndulti (ovnt 12),;_.i^Numh��ir of thlWrfniurtdiflJ)  Typo of accommodation* raqulr*<i[ (profarw* one, two ot tjhmf  miVATE HOME |,|    .   ACAn'TMilNT, (olilolWov) Li  HOTIII.I I   MOTalliTOUftlSTIIOMpy -MQTRl*   ._,. ^.^.^  <Tr��H��rlrP��) 1.1'  TllAlUI\,S|TB LI    CAMP BITB-f!;.| ��� ^^1^^*  | nanwikft. *  7Ji�� UrfIvare��) 9nv�� .1 i-i^jfrt^tlon��IJCxy��^��^��/.^"^f/ I  & CROWNING OF  QUPEN  it p.m.- M  Kinsmen ParBi  *���� i* ** tP  KW *f  0Bm^^m  ,um  u  I      I  mmm league  BALt GAPvltE  6:30 p.riv  Efp?i!nQfono High  School  CHILDREN'S  SHORTS  BALLOONS  SPURT  2:15 to 3:30 p.m.  SQUARE DANaftG �� Q:CO p.m.  Super-Vhlw Parkitie tot.  MECHANICAL  fllDES AND  '�� HORSE  kibes  |_      ., .���    , * + ������ 1.���..-.-- -.  Mnntfunt. CAnldA/AP  ������I' ���*���*�����   '   I."   ��    <   fl   *   J*  I *#l   a*~��'taJ**l ^UBHWi^-1   "*ns*������iM Wi  I   ,  ������|.|,.   ,,K ���/',������ M  ,.|   .-,.���   |.  I   I       I f��  ���~?ZMg%WT  3i__j  b&^Sfi&Ai^L  -**a*T'a��i *a^l_a!��- ^WVr^^a^t^.  ("s^aH*^-1...  a*"S _-^-V*  -*.;u.a..  -v."**?*-* ���*.  ^ ^ .^s^H-ST ���** tW^.*t  Mai Mlla ^*'S*X" aj*. -����� <**��� -A i   a. >t *aq,a*"   -v*-l* Jr.. sk. v~  ���.  X-  u:..  a_. ^.aa _ ^t. ���  ---"���] &h    _:--���  A*  t���  -*���  __"--^  k  i *  "^  a  *  **���-.--.  1  I  _4  1  r-  )  Prince George merchant . . .  .nterprising business man  shows faith in Peninsula  i'  li  li  < $  i  V  Students away  . NOW touting Expo 67 in Montreal  and making side trips to Ottawa  and Quebec City, 85 students from  the Sunshine Coast, the youngest  12i/> years old, prepare to board the  two" Secheit Motor Transport buses  which took them to the Canadian National   Railway   Station.   Postcards  have already started to arrive home SOMETHING different for Secheit will oe branch for .two years. At Spruceland be  from the happy youngsters who are        the opening shortly of "Campbell's Var- brought the store a great deal of national  thoroughly enjoying themselves ieiy" at the old location of Richter's TV |recognution   within   variety  -store  circles   _���1  and Radio, and it is a sure thing the store and won -a number of inter-oompany sales  .     ^^^ 11 will draw a wide circle of customers from competitions. For the past two years bis  A mt ins*     i     f nC/.f.C all over the Peninsula furniture   department   at  the   Spruceland  p\ I\j\}JIaJL     \J LkJ&yJI LO         Proprietor Neil Campbell comes to the' store has won honors for sales across Can-  district from Prince George where he left ada.  Mr   and Mrs   Victor Dickson were re- bemnd  j^  qiute a reputation as  a  go- Apart from spearheading numerous accent visitors to Victoria where their son ahe_d businessman.  For fifteen years he tivities and promotions in that area, Mr.  is in the Navy kas been ^^ ^e stedman chain of var- Campbell played an active part as a mem-*  Popular local fisherman Jules borensen __ty store,.  dealing m a .tremendous range ber of the Lions Club.  enjoying a visit to Denmark. of products  and since it first opened in Assisted by his wife Marilyn, Neil hopes  Lynden Cramer who attends school in l9g4j h_ managed ^ SprucOland shopping to open his business on or near July 4th  Moose   Jaw,   Saskatchewan   has   returned centre branch at Prince George. which happens to be their 11th wedding  to  spend  the  summer  with his  parents,         Neii first became a Stedman's manager anniversary.  Mr   and Mrs   R   Cramer. at gerwlcii:5 jjov-a Scotia and has managed The Campbells have twos ons,  Wayne  stores in four provinces. Prior to going to ten and Kimball six. Both will be attend-  Prince George, he managed the Quesnel ing the Secheit elementary school.  1 *  I    i.  1a  '      .  Ten ladies were present at the home  of Mrs. H Marshall on Monday evening  when a farewell party honored Miss Nancy  Leslie who will be leaving to visit many  countries abroad. Nancy expects to be overseas 10 months or a year. She was presented with a beautiful travelling bag.  Miss Audrey Owen who has been studying a-t Briercrest in Carenport has returned to Gibsons for the holidays.  Mrs. H R. Henderson entertained 25  visitors from Australia at her summer  home on Point Uoad on Tuesday.  Around St. Bartholomew's Anglican  Church there is considerable activity in  enhancing the parish property with additions, alterations, and renovations. The constant care given m these matters by Mr.  L. T. LaFond, Mr. H. W. MaskelL, "Mr.  John Robinson, Mr. H. 0. Hinks and Mr.  Ed Anderson (to name but a few) is greatly appreciated.  An invitation is given -to all who are  concerned in the Church's ministry to the  sicSf to attend an informal meeting on  Wednesday, June 28th at 7:30 p.m. in tbe  Parish Hall, Gibsons, with the intention  of forming *a branch of the Canadian Guild  of Health in this area.  Taking part in services at Pentecostal  Tabarnacle Sunday were Pastor Joseph An-  onby and Mrs. Anoriby recently of Chem-  larnus --who will be leaving soon ior South  America where they wilT do missi&nary  wcxk in Argentina.        /  On Sunday, June 25th after Family Service at St. Baits at 9:30 a.m. and at St.  Aidan's at 11 p.m. members of these two  churches came together for the Anglican  parish picnic in Roberts Creek park at  12:30.  Lunch was enjoyed, followed by a number of games for the young and the not  so young. The afternoon's, happy fellowship  comihjj to a close at about 3;30 p.m.  WOMEN'S INSTITUTE  The W.I, Cottage was fairly bursting at  V-.**-r*.��C> "    J _M-v^��> * * r"  iM- .���-  ,.<.���*  -^     *** ^^^_*^_S -��"C  x   .       l3*Sa>'<1!*5^*    1- *  I *    a-*   X ^ ^S^  A *- i  "y.!��?*>,.&<   -  "      *���*   "*".  c-T.T/5  -   ��, "-���   ^> ���   e ^     s -  ,��-**. * *e *-* -v "  5 ^   V*  ���*_   ���^  i::^Mv, .���-  -a. ��>��*,_ SajT ,  '  ^%-*��  &  <y��>  if  -V1*'       a  if " '���  ���f 1 *,1  # *  JbM m  L T_\\-  Thit -dvcril-emcnl is not pubWied or displayed by lU U(;jm Ca-'.'vl DMtd �� by Cl Cmcrnmeat of Bollth Cot-rcbl*  v.y y*       "*      v  ���t '��-   Av-. ywv  A'  t, <  * i  New arrivals  toe'seams on Wednesday of last week, when FROM the day they arrived in Sech-    Campbell, his wife Marilyn and sons  ���the members welcomed Mrs. Effie Burgess elt, it was all go for the Campbell    Wayne and Kimball are seen, prepar-  of N. Surrey, district president of North family who come here from Prince   ing shelving for the new business to  Fraser institutes. The June meeting is al- George. Taking over the former Ri-   be known as Campbell's Variety,  ways an occasion for a potluck luncheon. p-1-.Wc  TV   and   Radio   store    Neil  The long table was attractive with early    enters   IV   ana   Kaaio   Siore,   inch   summer blooms and the various tempting  and colorful array of cold meats, salads,  jellies and pies.  Following luncheon a brief business  -session was held, after which, Mrs. Burgess gave an informative and inspiring  talk pertaining to -the work and the aims  of the Women'-, institute. In expressing the  thanks of -the members, Mrs, Hodgson,  president of the Institute, pointed out the  difficulty���situated as we are across this  stretch of water���in getting speakers.  Frustrating as this vnayjoe at times, 4he  ���situation tendb to make us more appreciative when we aro favored with an out-of-  town speaker.  Presentation of a cup, and saucer was  jmade ito the honored guest.  The afternoon concluded with tea and  Uie usual social half hour,  Tho W.I, summer lea,  bake salo and  sale, of^needlework Is Friday, July 21.  with a  * HCCf  thi$iOffitll0��  999  '7'7  ,t  Mil,  /   l  I  i'i   I ll  t'ji'i'lKv'il mi'i ,^  ���a   ��       'faHtf   I    ,     ' ,  I;1' ,|;       ���  ��M'   11  *"}f I ���  *\ |m'*i"1  rV i,  I  I     ���  siAXli  \VX\  I *  /, I'  |fiM*����n��|*J  t'' \!i' <���'  'A{��X\  iti* V, i.y  fs'l'-W-faVV'  UAii\il<  t9JI'hlaV-*V'#4*-t'��i-***wJ ^ W^^*+U-.sfe^'^ft-^^*J^��*-**��Mf't*>-Si��  INQUIRY INTO SMALL  BOAT HARBOURS OK  THE WEST COAST  t| ,i , ii     . ���, ...  - ., .;       i.,...,.,  , ' Under, the authority of the Honourabla  Mr. J. W. pjclf��r��alll, MlnUtcr of Tramport,  in ,H*u!l>llii HcarJnjj vrJII bo hoW on ThHri-,  'totfinif m, 1967, of7 pm; In the VII-  jtogQ Moll, Glbtont, for tho purpoto of rc-  jkfjlyliljl diibmlijlpi-i, propotali ond , cpm��  ..ittUJiU frofrt tho��o directly intorett^ In tho  ivAi "������*\'^^t^pi4 l>y,lho<��mnmonrofyConodo  i��^ioot <pr��o# fluid In tho pfiy��lco| lnyout ond  /jfiisffljtitffan #f;��*litlnfli|��erthi fprfl*h��rni��n  ^^f^mtm^mtft ��llU..TI��l�� Inquiry i�� e*n-  'iMP^IUMr >!��%, f��*�� ��ervlcoi,.At._ cxlitlng  fjarfcOMr' l����tfl|llitl*n��/ po��tiblo ch��n^ei In  '^��tl#9t '��fff *Wd (tho provlilon of oddi.  'tifomi 9$W*m fto��*> ��'��� ���wporvlilon, ll<jhil>ifl-  {�����jWciv'Voter, etc., oild will lead t�� retom-  me*.'Jaflofi�� to tto HonoMroblo Mlnliter on  :0ik*a plotter*. ���  ���  H'l  l��      M  hi  thrtlrmon  "���'���'**'*t** * '���'' ���j)��ia*iwililfa ilti>.i|ll illlliili-ll" h|lf Ifl  t*����m>  a-t-SfrlafAiW***   W-1'IHi-HHl  ^1  ^af i iaa. saaii.,*��.i-.��H'aiai.�� a^waia.a ***^  .-.^'.a1 t*a..���� ..  ��.+*+. ��- _l_aJ au/1   M^1' 'rttaajfa. .eS^^.,*'",t"^**j' W'a** aa***1''*^ WliHa if.M��a* *a. la1.! a 'n aiManaaaiaa.-aaHi^artyataV.V lja>'*WMllwltfla>4 aaa��ara.��  ***a��-��-����-*-**W-g<lffi<^-����^^ ���  *  .>���      ,   |.     ,  I  '  f^A#t*A��f,*j*4 i'i" # ��'��'lltl tltflililiX* 1'a .  **  ��� ,<���      C   i      ��� '    '    '  1 ���   _. .. ._       ������,;__-���_  _.    y*-  _. __^ ���._,._. .���--^^-^   .������     ���    ������,.,--������ ��� ��� ������ .    ���������������; ! ��� 7A.y ut "xxifyx�� { ?^^"���'fu%"'*  ^">I.c ;^^ -^ <^^^^.^"M"^-^^<\V^^$<v.i��?f^f��i%ii^^ ^^J^J^t^-y^^Aty^\^J^ *  hi    ���  _L\-  /   s  ,w ^ rf * ; j  ��*^aa-5va  ilSa^Ol1!     ^.j.   if,  ���".IS  ^'V^i  rx**r>t^--  r,e',..*.  ,Jvi_  '^Ulr. i  \��\  'in  ___i  r *<  h$yiW^Uf-  'i*  ><'��_  -^rk*!*W-.'  sJr  Tf  \f.(t�� <^>j  4*^1  :,.��!  -V_Li  i-^'R."  "Mi  S-'.M  >_  rv^��&4!..y  rm  l*  ^11  -*w!  . ^.v  Ia-i  r-,ii  ���Ats,  ��** <  r��.  .A   flaK  iArt"?  vj(v& qj  i.W>  '(."������  &  }��  ^l1^^  ''VT   V  3D  -.*>rT*^  ^..^y.?.  &,_*  O'tV.-  '< 'l  !*   ^ J'.  -.    i    *4  ^  -n>{  .7*  ON DISPLAY AT  WHARF and DOLPHBN - SECHELT, B.C.  /i" *  GBlIDliTFF THF MF\T R  To Prove it -- We Will Give You A FREE  e Bare You To Compare  Featu res These Special $  Stock No. SVil^S  '67 METEOR  4 DOOR SEDAN  . /��,  ?*f*.��   (M*��M'W--9>irHi  Aufto.'r White Walls,  Vinyl Top, W.W- Tires  ����� *5WilW*!"S(**lC/'('<  mWWi^��J*.t4~*fci*Sa^'>d'��air   *f(*u**&B��j  '..^tock.;.'ij^''r^  'iCT' '^CTElFllII  Of   PCIEVK  TUDOR HARDTOP  Auto. Transmission,  W,W, Tires  i��*-*r>*v��*)  $3156:  $2896  ���( i ' ' . i'   i ,     h     i '       i  1   .TRADE OR NO POWN''PAYMENT:  , ���,. ' '. .   . '   ,  Lincoln - Mercury - Meteor - Cougar - Comet - Falcon - Cortina  1160 Marine Drive, North Varicoiiver-  l    )>. .*-*������*--   -If       1"W    I**-?*     fl-"-*"!  1 Jj   -Twjt ��J     (p    ),    -,        ))laK,.   "f   s  CALL COLLECT ANYTIME  i' i  I*#*srt-Hv4 H   ffltfiu-  |  r/l  i-V* �� I  rtVu  b7i  i -,i)  I* ft  <! Hi!  i \{&  [7  i,  ;#i  >iU A  ,'  ��,aa*,.,Mrt jjaif-  '.' Ill V '��  l,��t,l\l'l\'<  l*f*f*f?*IKfl,  'll    i    I   (i   M   '   i��'  <**Ji��-.,i,.<i/atf'/  a' Ll       ' '


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