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The Peninsula Times Jul 5, 1967

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Array 71" TA *_'$;"____'___"_       __ *"*  Mr-  *i.  *-^><-*<y*<v��^--s*<'<ii��p�� -s*-<*��v# * <.*�����. -*-*  ;r  *B*t0>&*&&J&f  -_,. _\    _.-  A*;  N ^w r^v.fis'aa '-.    ***       "-  ai,.  ft- s  I J: __   .  f^  -^h.  -  '*���*-.<��� V-f^-^ftflfW ,-^rfJSjli i  r  ���HffMta*UMMMrM-Mlfr-i  TP-     -*     J  4   a1   *   ("it".  .*-W >>A\1l$    -  ���-*-��� ���  ���  - ���*  "- ��� - ^"^ - -      ���   *-*__i��if*H����ivJa����igUM  *"'itS__��#i__lii___SS  Vlil     li^**-J--.a/ 4  ��1 A    "  A r a, ^  �� Taa.a-jr-'j U    ,Sv^��*aF,;,t''j��.,^a*-�� �� ^ .�����*���  l-a't w*-  "     d^Uir'  ,ay*wa��aa *  ��� V*1 ��~*   a-aA.^  ^aiAa  * U*  '     ���    *   iii"   *       *  *���*��� << PREsarou jsic&oFittfnro services,  *. ^ ^ ^1S2~ J?EST *1?TH ftVSW&B "    ' *  5��t%  Hv  -Ui  -t**-  U-&1,  1/  fw  _rfl  ?  ^ f*.  *        11 *>���  . !i.^  ^��^ ;^^m^Mti^s  Davd��,iH"��p| Qoast]' CapUtjno andtpr^T*^ 6.   / ? ^^ - ��u s  Kfow ^^m:>e*t-^^lvDej>arrnj)2nt *&   4-^^T  {Tran^pOTit wlienV^-ey^attended last -weeVs, (, ;CqannjenH��g^bn  a > recent^ meetlng,:of  annualrjrnV^'��� " "-" �� J ���- ^"���     -    ' -    -*-��� ���   -        --.-.. .."..-���. -.. --. \ .-  Cotr-Vrjeifce  ig; ^^erfecC'Smo^astKffd^un^*'  )s Oove'Kesort^Bresid^nt -lojin .....-.---^.j,^-. ����rv*. ��^ -.-��� *��.- w~T-.,-T --  latdyes welroijaed Mr^Uavis and ,Pr.s How    gravel'^trip is not suitable for hvr Ringed  "who- was' Accbnipjanlie^^byCCaptain J.ar.,  aircraft.,._ ,,  -j t ���"��� , '    ���;,-";,* i"->-  Sec^^D.O.T/.OttaWa^ J ; , . "      ,'   Vl        *kr.' Jack Davis advised thaf'A.Iinifted  L, ���Dr. How, J^^pres^nay/*co!��ducting an in- v amount of;money���is now'ayailabte for ipi-  y vesUgationintO'tb'e'adininistration of smajlr prov��ment of small,airstrips, and^Dr. How  > boat ^narbour*' alo��g% the pacific  Coast,    suggested that a letter J&e sent to the Dl-  many *of \yhich "are presently administered*- -rector of* Air Services mVancouver. Many  , by  Department' of^ Transport under' .the   (municipalities are requesting jsucb, assisot-  Government Harbours and Uliers Act.   '  "   ^ance*under a cost sharing.policy and are  , Situation is somewhat chaotic with in- ' being dealt with on a -first come first ser-  sufficient dqckhog space* for]fish,boafe or t, ved basis., ��� . , ��� - -<   -  . pleasure.cra'ftf'espetdaUy during the sum-' ....y AUTHr5piTY ,   '  ' aner moattths-.alsovthere is very little reven-^   BX- -*5B��l-vY authority   tl      /,    -  -u'e to pay fo'rimprovementsi By listening        Replying to a1 letter from Seehelt C  . fa--problems** and* talking with interested   of-XX, B. C. Ferry Authority advised that  groups  Dr.-How will*present a report to   due -to the short run between "Horseshoe  Federar&tM~sfeVof Transport, Hon. J. W*    Bay and, Langdale they found more pepple  ' pick'ersgill 'in * September' who ^will take   eould be satisfied, by -serving a cold meal  ���"-���"���*"'-���* * '"* Fewer complaints heve been i>ecelvedsmce  hot nieals discontinued and ,it'was only  possible  to serve? a ^ limited ' number,. of  people. '   'l    7    '      ,    v .     '  - ,t        ���  Village commissioner Adele., de, Lange  ,   t   _ expressed  dissatisfaction  wi^i  the* reply  authority. the h>rbou% are operated. Non   and felt the matter should��be' pursued fur-  enforcement of regulations. Complete lack   ther. ' ,  tof security and the need, for supervision.                " "  Lack of - water - provision and inadequate 1  jparldng. i   -       l  - *   ~  Discussing the complaints*, Dr. How  stated that two\ authorities are involved*--  -Dept. of Public Works, a- responsible for  i building and Dept. of Transport, responsible for operation. Regarding parking, if  harbours are reserved for visiting vessels,  parking space is not necessary. When law  enforcement becomes necessary, R.CM.P.  will step in when requested by D.O.T.  ^BBmmmmrmS%,.mmim, -*-!�� n n**t um^m^mm^m^B^B0��t0��B0>f0mBmmBf^0*^X^- ^  ��  m*imimuwmi\im,mm,��,mimBmm*mmim*im.i,m,,m,mtmm>~B4mi*m+*^*00^'    ^*   ,       T *  subsequent, actipn.  COMPLAINTS -       ,  '  Outlining -some oFthe evidence presented at the public meetings Dr. How said  complaints included knowing under which  i*'  V*       a  Action taken  PROPOSALS  < Some of the proposals discussed at the  meeting regarding cost of operation indicated that pleasure boat operators would  not object to rates being set and private  marinas also approved this as they would  be less likely to lose business.  Taxes could be levid to retrive costs  such as connection tax on business being  conducted on the wharf*���gas, oil, and fish.  Use of harbours also came under discus-  Fall Fair Committee  iorecasts great event ,  AN INTERESTING note came out of the  recent meeting of the Sunshine Coast  Fall Fair held in Sechelffdr Jhe first time.  This being that it requires three days of  diligent work on the part of the committee  to set up the fair which then runs for two  days, but takes only half a day to mop up.  Several new faces were seen at this  meeting, much to the joy of the existing  committee. 28 persons were in attendance,  covering Xhe area from Granthams to  Halfmoon Bay. Due to the interest shown  from this meeting, it is obvious that it is  well understood that this is the Sunshine  Coast Fall Fair end not the KHbstins Fair.  ional  a-       t  seeks  water com  of this parficiilar act   W *">    '  V \iN ���  -���  On the advice of'administrator Cables  Gooding, it/waj? agreed ithe-Highways 'De-  A*'SAX  ;\ ' i^&ti��P^\* ;  -  _   "  WI3iH 1 th^ new federal breakwater  being built in SecheKT operaUon"  of small boat harbours is becoming*  increasingly important. - Discussing  the subject ;at last/ week's annual  meeting  61 "Sechelfs  Chamber- of-  Commetce/are President John Hayes,^ Captain-J. *R. Seek, DOTr^nT.  Qa How 'who is" conducting -the enquiry into szpaU boat harbour opera*  Six month jail term  follows four monlhs  FOLLOWING an accident at Madehra.Parkr  ���f       v. .*���     I <   V  on the night ,of Juns 17, Norman 'Caron  of Vancouver was fined $100 ^irhen he ap-;  peared before Magistrate Charles Mittet-*  steadt charged, with driving without due  care and attention. s  Caron claimed a blowout caused his  pick-up truck to swerve ���onl�� the soft  shoulder then back across the highway  before overturning. Check* by police Jtow-  ever revealed the blow-out resulted from  i the accident and did, not contribute to: it.  Charged with driving while disqualified  on March 30" George BouchardTpfJSecheit  'fmally'appearedjbefore themagistrate -June  28 -and was fined $36* - ,. - - J y,  f Series of convictions resulting from  drinking offences resulted in Norton Freeman, of. Selma- Park receiving asixmonth  ~js��A~term as^result of Ws latest offence,  being an interdict in possessibri. Al-"X-  v Freeman-was -arrested as-*e ~Ieft"lhe  Earls Cove ferry June 17 in an intoxicated  condition. This was CKs^thlrd. "offence "*<pi  thisy count :and a previous -convicting Vas  for common,assault-for-whichhe was given a one year suspended sentence an4 ordered to posted $500 bond.4He has,only  been 'reteas^d^ recently from a^fonr month  sentence, also for being an interdict in ^possession.* a -'    *,      '      A    "     7        --*"���.'  1   \  EARLY on the. agenda, at Jast jmeefing iif  the Sunshine  Coast  Regional; District  Board was a,request^pyaratepayers.tgfi*t^             _,               _                 _      T      ^ , ,    , ���           . .                   .        ,  Welcome  Woods   subdivision *for^ suggesf partment -be asked'/fer rsuch. information; tion;  JackifDavis,  MP,  Coast-Capilr \Qfiht*h'**ih ITrirtn'cL TonaGeacA^  tions as to how ,the existiug w5ater situa*- for the deparbhent has- io 'approved sub- ^no andChaiflnan of the Sunshine "wc?**?*.i -wuy. x��_-ucai>��_-_" r  4ion might be improved.        '    - t _��� .�� ^^. ^i^^;to^_^.^^^ Coast Regional Wstrict, Norm Wat- with series of SOCials    x yi  ,     exp&ii^4hatfeuiiderstendsthe_rea-lii    !��_fS ESfSL5"JS^tf"1^*  A motion was parsed 4hat meetings j>e, quei|tion contains, a number of streets and   ^iJjfW^JSS&L^i  held alternately between''Gibsons and Se-  chelt with the thought in mind of holding  a future fair in Secheit. This bang pos*  a  sion, much space is taken up for storage   --dble if the necessary support is stbown. ^  0 ,__.T __._!      _-��_!_.___����_     ^.1___._l_t      ��� _. *4_ _ _^ _      TL.-��_  of vessels and priority should perhaps be  given to visiting vessels, using the harbour  strictly for loading and unloading.  Harbour development should go hand in  hand with operation and Dr. How referred  to recent Federal Government policy  whereby the Governement pays for, break,  water and dredging if local authorities or  private interest puts up an equal amount  for land based facilities.  *.,<_,  HARBOURS OF REFUGE   >      v  ���, Dr. How pointed^out regulations .which  exist" in the United States-'whereby harbours of refuge are maintained strictly as  such and are not used for pleasure or  storage.  Sechelt's haTb'aur of refuge will be  operated by D.O.T. under the Government  Harbours and Piers Act.  Dr. How stated that establishment' of  the harbour at Secheit should result in  more vessels venturing further north and  people at Refuge Cove and Campbell River had already expressed concern regarding facilitating extra boat, traffic, He  also -stated thai quite a large < area' had  Letter from! the secretary stated,  ti*f Leii��thy;di��cusston resulted, frofin^ re-  developer, Mr. A. Angel/ has made'martf quest, byj Village ��f Secheit -to use -%e new  promises but .has done notlung witii 1^ Regional garbage dump, wteci^as-recently  result a bad situation exists.-   r     /    *' ^.t?^.,i1j*1v';V*;;     :  -Cairma.t_ trM a-'MA J^Z'^&^^^t  Bderstands <he area in zL^ *<��!*- f vZ^^J^-5E^iI  *��.-!.  ana  occupea.   jbot.   -vigei udi> appa��nuy a^rf drr^SLnis ��m haver iivW^  'E*^:^A*^ibJ Sat^tTSrbfge^ne&fora  has not put in any type of water system J^A ^J^ Tw e^fw ^S^*_��V1  ot consequence, "it would seem  residents should go to the PUC,  Director Cliff Gilker said he imderstands not actually ever in the business. .It som*  the law calls "for adequate, water, supply to ply provided the-dump at cost to the tax-  property of two thirds- of an acre er less, payer but" the pick-up end costs were res*  before title may be given thus permitting ponsibiliiy. of tfce'a-colfectorv ���"  habitation. Director Lorne Wolvertoi]., point* TJre_cbmi-ttan_als$^   , __. ,__., _.     ed out thatr while this'is" so,, ,it is ,f��ot ment by Director Lauritz Hansen that^more  merchant of the winner's choice on the   known to tiie board whether his particular than c_alf the refuse in the dump came from  Sunshine Coast,..                    <   *         J-      subdivision wa&-approved prior-to-passing West" Secheit and Selma -Park while I Se-  sou.  Bullock water report  accepted by reg. board  F0ll*LOWfl!*G a meeting of. interested residents, organizations; members of the  Regional Disfaict Bpard, MP Jack Davis  For the benefit of all those who were  not present before, the secretary gave a  day by day rundown, on tiie fair, and from  all appearance this year's fair will be a  tremendous success.  -Raffle tickets have now gone on sale,  with, tiie prizes .being gift certificates of  $100, $50 and $25, denominations at ihe  ,-i, .���.,,.,.,.    v ., 1  .i ,^m "j'j" ^ fi   '   ["A 'H'^'j. lOP   v chert tax  /X\ai-^--J^^^.*'���-k-aa��.^��v ^  easare ctatl#^. ��� ���  *���       " ^ , *   \- *<��� tiouncii  ���an area ��� water organization.  Board meeting last. Friday" at Pender  Harbour, voted approval of the Bullock re-  -pbrt and agreed "to accept it as a .guideline for policy, the principles to apply to  the whole~distrrct.~~  x It was agreed -a letter be sent the various .groups'interested in improved'water  SUNSHINE > Rebekah Lodge, Secheit recessed for the summer^m^tewxtii & series of socials within tte-meetings.-jandl included  a- strawberry social - in' Sunshine  Lodges     _.,   ,\ };;~    Kxfy  _ Also ^attealing'Arbutus for ..its recess  meeting* which- include)! initiation * q��;r,a  new member, Mrs. Helen' Co|eridge- o|  Gibsons. ir k, '   *-  -Attending from Sunshine was the~Dis\  rict Deputy President, Mts.. Gladys*'Brown^  Past Noble Grar^;MrsrrKay Walker; ijtec.,  Sec, Mrs. Asce P4reni3i^/Ward^i: ^liisv  Joan Newsham; a and Gonductor/ J^fej VS.-  da"Wateris. ���;  * "%*\.  .".,>������  ��� *AfA- /.j,  iTo.Teshquoit.Lodge^^Poweii jtifat&r  tiie recess meeting andt^oeiaL'was' _ffi?/^.t'  Ivan Smith, Herald-of G*s4ndvI^g&;\MrV  Ivan Smith, Jreasurer'flf- Sunshine j v'Mrs-  Margaret Wise, Vice. Grand; -Mrs*?, Einfly  Parsons and Mrs. Ruby. Bir^ese,'right*_��ul*  \ ���  Boating great new industry  recognised as big business  i  ib^N��Ean^:^im^^ ,      aJ  '^pjjn^Mls: cBt^ee^"^^^  ^Director. Lorne tWolverton-..emphasized 'HopMnsI, Past Ass&rttbV ^eetsufcet^vwhb    * '     -  the fact thatthe point'to get over is the    has. beert\ on the>ick'jist���fo>- sometime' ,   j  WITH construction of the Harbour of Refuge at Secheit well underway, it was  highly topical that two guest speakers at  the annual meeting of Sephelt's "Chamber  of .Commerce should be. Jack Davis, MP,  Coast Capilano and Dr. T. G. How who is  presently conducting an enquiry into ad  ministration of small craft harbours on the  coast. ' '''"'.  Following the meeting of June' 28 JUr.  Davis presented, a  brief on Small Craft  Harbour pbticy for Canada 'to* Dr. How, 1 out that it is usual, to pay, the fees if sue-,  who will be submitting his report-to Fed-    cessful in passing."  ^Council be advised "flfiat the dump/is now  ���available Jo  those interested,  subject to  ^SmmenU^S^on"^^ 4 vear mnrucroal    ^ ti��**t-it is npt'a question of Wting for    _nd found "her ver^much bVtejSdgfe  coSoScI ^ub^undertaL^nSs! ���' ^y"but;two^ more years ahead, bear:    plans to be verr busy with ,soc��* activities  municipal  clerks,  the -successful  qualifies for the  treasurer and-is-  Affairs Department.   , t  '���'He said he thought his assistant'might'  be interested, in* the ���0^8^ and pointed  * ''"\A   ���   'X First prlw    ��� ���:     -. ������  CHAMBER of Commerce float de- need for sun-tah lotion In 1867 and  plctlng fashion changes over one gives rise to speculation on the fa--  hundred years proved there was no shion in 2067.  Gibsons event . .  A"ifl��S<i��^i(��WM*Wia*itJ(*iilMi>:l',* .1.1  >eiiteiiiiifi  'I   I  facts 1 ecora sntries  f;'  f|f����!**'4*>*--<**ji*!.*'^4f*-fl*V  CELEPRATINa?Canada's* Centennial "off  Saturday, July 1st, Gibsons me-rchantsi  organlznUons,, Individuals and In particular  young people milled together to present  n day of acllvitlOH In keeping with tho rest  of this groat nation.  A record number of onirics madp! flio  parade an'outHtamllng nuccoflB! rcprciiont-  Inu Ponder Harbour was M��y Queen Dob*  bib   JlathRato   and  reprcBc^UnB  Socholt.  ceascni Jnnlco Mullen and Susan Jargon-  -oon."'- -      v i*,...'-m, ..,'..,..'|.,..  1 Vlllngo Clinlrmnn Woh Hodgson welcomed lho larg*?, crowd gathcrcfi jo, watch  ���ihe crowning*<4-*C(mtoi^*i--Quc����^|J^v��ly-  ��Szabo*anU^pw8,wl?4jaa*J)i^acht.^.co)f8iao���  nml gift certificates to retiring Queen, Mrs.  Daisy Crowhurst who wn�� attended by flo*  wcr girls Llnrta Horvath an<i Laura C��mi>'  bell,  Queon Bovorly rbcelvccl a number of  fllft certificates and a aet of Centennial  Coins;' hcrl Httlo, prlnccRses, Kathy 'Forsyth nn<l Molanlo Mahlmnn -alfio received  n net of Centennial coin and gift ccrtlfJc*  inti'a.  -MotUor' pr * Ccfta'��lonie��, Norn." IM ia��   injfs  eral Minister of Transport,  Hon.  J.  W. 1  Pickcrsgill, in September.  NEW';iNbuCTRX>';;:;1-. '���'  Boating is becoming a great new industry and the Federal Government feels that  provision of facilities for pleasure craft is  now in the area Of big business and will  be given consideration in line with that  given to fisheries, mining and pulp and  paper.  In keeping with new policy the Federal  Government/will help, to build harbours by  constructing breakwaters and dredging but  is not prepared to automatically equip harbours with floats, launching ramps and ancillary services, ,  The main purpose of the enquiry being  conducted by Dr. How is to decide who  should be responsible for the administration of these' facilities and what charges  should,,.bey made to recover their cost.  in his brief, iMrr'Davis suggests that tho  role,of the Federal Government should bo  confined essentially to, tho construcWon  phase and the Inspection and maintenance  of tho breakwaters, wharves and harbour  basins which 'it creates,  Local authorities whether they bo public" or private1 should provide less expensive Items such as floats and ramps and  should Joy y^charges^and collect ratesjsufflc-   A J  icnt to amortizo investments in this cohncc  itlon.,      ,,:���.'. 7..,, 7, A   ,'.'. '..���'..,     ,  ,  Main advantage of this division between  Federal and local authorities la that ot  decentralization, Ottawa would not bo In*  volycd In day to day administration of  these now harbour faclUtlc|a nnd local au*  thorltlcs with more intimate knowledge of  the situation .would ��et a schedule of rates.  These arrangements atatca Mr, Davis'  apply only to pleasure craft, Commercial  fishermen and requirements of native' Indiana arq tho direct responsibility of the  Federal Government, Tho Federal Govern-  m<,nt can cither, through Dcpt; of Fisheries  or Indian Affairs directly financo construction of, floata, 1 ramps, power and water  llnca, toilet facilities, etc or pay somo part  1 i  r The chairman said he-thought--this .,a;  good idea, in that i| would weed out'.txif-  lers; it' also provides a fully '^qualified*- deputy for the present administrator. *  Following approval, by both village councils to participate in luring services, of a  solicitor on a retainer basis, approval was  given the suggestion that Mr, McQuarrie,  employed by tho Union of B.C. Municipalities be asked if his services would be available. ,    ' '  ��� A total of more than eighty made application for the post of Regional Building  Inspector and due to light failure and the  timp element it was agreed,the matter be  turned over, to a committee for recommcri-  ������'clations.' ��� ,'���'���"���'' :7 '-'"'        .'���'!',': ;������-';���"' ������  v Regarding the proposed Pender HarboUr  garbage dump, it was reported that road  access work together with some clearing  will be required. Approval for the area now  depends upon the waiting period which Is  about six weeks henco. ���    ���  .ALTHOUGH' the Sunshine Coast Regional  District Board decided to hold the last  meeth^ at Pender Harbour in order that  interested residents might sit in, in order  to see and hear*members at work, grand  total visitors amounted to two.  Considerable time was spent ,on what  developed into a prolonged discussion on  policy regarding recreation and terminated  only when Director Eric Prittlc expressed  the view that a great deal of business  had yet to be attended to and the question  of recreation should bo turned over for a  committee report.  Discussion followed reading of- a letter  Trout Lake area  trodt|ccd MrrWalt Nygren"who announced  winner^.of the Salmon Fishing Derby! Mr.  Stove Holland landed first .prlwi with his,  20,1 lb; catch winning 35 silver dollars;  second, Mr, Bort Hngclund with a 17,8.11).  winning '20 sllvor dollars. Three hidden  weight prlics went to Wally Peterson, Sammy Topham and* Gunner Christiansen, .  Ed Moidriim announced parade trophy  #lMl^  "k.,^  l��S**rt-f^itipfa--W''fe*��,W(pW-*WSl_  "ColipineiW'2puY Gibson^ KihShiohj WM,  -.Glbsona.PTA,. ������.,.������ ��� .��� ��� ,, ���   . -.,���,',.  .   Best entry in* U\o parado ami 1st prlaso  winner i In the class > for .lioraea woro the  Prices Aylth Lilttlo Bit Ranch comlrtg sec-  ..^^^m'mccclol-cMiiA^ivU^^usOa^^rucAi^  2nd, Bank of Montreal, Secholt; 3rd, Kel*  ly'a Qarbag6 Sorvlco.  Comlcnl*--I>ort Mellon Community As*  Boolfttlon; Dogwood Cafe and Httlo Freddy  Vprhulst, "''...,' . . ,.  Tno log rolling event proved highly  popular with a total of 21 entries.  Rudy Kurtuz camo first wlnnlni-; $25;*  second Was Alec Skytte with Dan Henry,  third -and DavoKinno daldng tho mont dunk-  Would otherwise hnvo to chargo commcr-  olal (fishermen and native Indians; '��� tlio  flame rates as pleasure craft, owners,  '8BCHBWT ������;���(��������� ������������-������������ ���- '   ���      ���     *      ������������',.  SechelU��~haibour��4)l��*idug6.,ia.a,vbclni;,,  OBVIOUSLY  somewhat  verso comments directed  editorial In last week's Times, Highways  Minister PhU Gaglardi quickly responded  with a phono call to Times Editor Doug  Wheeler, ���' .  Stating ho felt tho criticism regarding  his failure to show up, at a- Centennial Service, sponsored by"the Sunshlhp Coast Mlhi  Istorlal Association, was unjustified, Mr,  Gaglardi; explained that ho did sot out  ami, Intact reached the Secholt area but  was unable to land duo to poor weather  conditions. *  To substantiate his. rcmarfcs, tho mln*.  istcr arranged to have his secretary phono  later and this she did, pointing out that  she had been contacted and -asked, to notify  ' tho"*Mlnlstei1ilir'A*s0clflt|(in":that:" tho"'mln-"  Ister might bo; delayed but would attempt  to got hor^o if posapv. :       .T  Apparently the secretary experienced  difficulty in reaching a member of tho  MlnifitcrUt AjbocMdu -ind made ��� * . num  from'the Department o,f Munibipal Affairs  which, stated, 'in effect", that "local Recreation Director Phil ��� Lawrence had-accompanied Mr. jJ��� Panton, of the Community  Programs branch to a meeting ip Victoria,  result of which it was gathered, the Regional District Board is interested in be-'  coming involved in the function of tecre-  ation. '    '',   ���  Such being the case, lt would' be necessary for the board to apply, for Letters  Patent. Referendum would be > called' and '  costs would havo to bo included in tho  mill rate, /^m>^ . .  Director Cliff Gilker during a lengthy  discourse on rcarccj'.lon in lulls' ^a<r|Tou��  forms, stated that apart from tiio Brothers  Park in Gibsons which is by no means  ready for uso yet,' and Hackett Park, Secheit, which needs a lot of work done on  ' it, there is not ione public park of any  count on the Peninsula.  Director Frank West expressed the pop1,  ular view that ho opposed paying twice  ���nndHhkHs-preclsely*what**weware 'asked  perturbed at ad-   his failure to turn up at the meeting In    to\Jo"by providing ;moro playing fields.  ted at him" In an   -lucstlon was typical of tho attitude to this    ������Wo  havo  largo surns   being, 'spent, on,  aroa)    - ,.���'., '   ,.        '     "    school  playing  fields   and  as, recreation  The minister' Indicated ho, was unaware    comes under, tho dept education It should  '/1  Highways Minister promises  road section investigation  ,V VI-*   *.*     ��*l    ��tll   ��Al>tbu   a(.,/^*^,*f��5��^Wl��*Jl.^*W^*��*��^^^-W'^  'I.   '  of any undue hazards or conditions along  the highway and when told that the three  Chambers of Commerce were eontlnually  writing him as well as other organlrations,  ���ho*staled h�� does not see such letters' for  vso many arrive dally that thoy are handled by other members of his department,  Mr, Whoelor pointed out that tho fifty-  ifour mllo stretch of Highway 101 is -a tils-  ,, ., .      _ .      .  grace and as an instance mentionwi tho    groups and school boards; t'lt Is a que��-  not bo necessary to pay for moro," ho  said,' (V'1,'". ��� :'���''���, "'  Director John Dunlop stated tho school  board will certainly not permit use ot  school - grounds but was asked by Director  Prittlo whether the , school board or tho  people owned the grounds, Director qilker  added that id somo places there has been  nwu   co*opcwlorti    botweon   organised  V,  Trout Lake stretch which he stated has,  probably dropped a fool on tho ono aide  during tho past yjjnr and a half,1  Mr,  Gaglardi immediately  asked  for  ��� further dotallfi-of tho particular scct-ontod*  slated ho would havo it investigated by his  tion of working with them/' ho said.  Chairman Norm Watson said  ho". felt  perhaps a committee-;should be elected to  inyofitlgato tho' whole rccrcatlpn Bltu-itlon  and,-como*up 'with* priorities -and" rtf^onv *  mondalions, Director Dunlop however, ���.'said  engineers and If It is that bad, will take', /ho was against wshlng., into, such lyings  steps to roincdy it,  Mr, Wnoolcr stated' later,  "it wm|ld  rscch\w evident, the��mini8ter,has���flitUoJcon  which wlllincreasq taxes.  . To a suggestion by Mr. Watson that  boat....ramp*,t!,arid,��.A��iew.��,.to*irl*t tiiilltlea  l��iilt,cntirellai Qiiawa's^xwnse in kcep:_>er_otcalla^  ing with 'tho FcdcwrQovcrnmbnt's policy   To a fiuggesliori that a callto the local    way from Ungdulo to Powell River al-   'Od, "are wo hero to look after tqurlaui  Hint    whnm   <hn-./i ' lo    n    nAnrl   tnn   i-i-vttnnllnn     ' tlPMil*    mlnlit    IvnttA    hnnn    tkn    lnntnnl    -inlu.        IhnilLih    Wft    hflVI*    hftntl    frofllll'tltlv     nS.SIirt*(l       OP    lOCfll    pCOplO?"    TllO     ChfllrmOn     aCfCCll  that4he committee would havo,to bear In  mind, lho fact that local taxpayer-* hnvo  that where there is a need for protection  nnd no lopal contribution is' likely to lie  forthcoming. tho Federal Qovcrnmont can  put up' l(>0% of the cost.  Mr,'Davis, stated at the, Chamber of  Commerce mooting that If there Is a commercial denvand, floats coul(jl�� bo put in. If  the municipality of prlvatp enterprise provides on���fihofe devoldpment, tho Govern*  RCMP might havo been tho logical fiolu  Hon, ��l\o ��ald this certainly could not bo  considered,  it was a  church affair and  had nothing to, do with tho police.    ,  During tho conversation with Mr, Grtg-  lardl lt was explained that while there is  no1 question aa to his abilities as a gocxl  highways minlstefi our complaint la that  tho Kutifihlna CojM has boon biidly noglec  't��rWW^  thouRh wo havo been frequently assured  It Is under consideration. If It Is necessary  to raise caln in order to get action, then  that is the way it will, bo, Nevertheless,  It docs seem strange that whllu Peninsula  motorists are only too well aware of tho  deplorable road conditions, highways department cnglncera appear to have failed  to   acquaint   tho   minister   wltii   obvious  to be catered to.  Director West agreed wlth.Dlrcctor Dunlop that the matter cannot bo rushed and  win have to bo gone into very thoroughly.  It was therefore moved Mr. Woodward of  ��� 1 1 1 v  ��� ���'.>).,  <W  -"Jf},.'  >. '''".���  -.i, -��* p  if,-)'1  ���11U'  lit).  \f  i',  the Dept. Municipal Affairs bo notified tho Y,.i'-  initter is undei conaderaUoa,: ^;    ~r   *\ It''"  "I*  't  1 'i -.  ' ,*>->i*Vy?v>''- ~S'-,,r  _ _v, v>;��'(:.^V^T;^'-*r-- --,- iM-- v  f ?. ,*-r^  .��� Vf    7X  *    i  "        j *)   -  .   . - -'* --/* -  ' H\  fc ,     _ ^_�� _        �� |       _., -4.     ��� j IIP      ���->#��� ii  n i. ��� .i i��������������   ' i   ���  !!������-��������--��--��-��   i ��� ���������-�����-�� a---M--_��M>>-ato>a-a>M-��-a>��M-. 0imm*mmmmifmmimmmmmBt4mBBBBfmmmmmmmm .^�����������*���������m^,������_  *��* 2   ,the Pen,nsu!o T,twes' Wednesday, July 5, 1967   ftEAL  ^^ (eo|iH||uid)    REAL KTATE (co||W   /  BOAT & ENGINES (e0��N)    fQR SALE (Continued) IFOR SAI* (feintft*0  ,; / |^^IH*$b��t^oiJ);  -���     U'/^       'V (,J, 'la- -  Bin*  |m mllii- l.iiii Wii'ln lin-fc m*" rtit��i< i-w iim i    u n i I"   ���   ^  i   ���    M ,     "���  eric cai p r^ti-*..*.*!* 7    fcAttysALB /_!o��ti��iuMl) ���  ��l,��v  __    --, ry. Secheit - Phone 885-9654  THE PENINSULA y-iWea.   Gibsons - Phone 886-2515  Classified  Published Wednesdays by the  The Peninsula Times Ltd.,  at Secheit, B.C.  HELP WANTED  ���Member; Audit Bureau  of Circulation  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (15 words)  One Ihserrion ���, ���_50c  Three   Insertions    $1.00  Extra lines (5 words) .. ..10c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Bo* Numbers .. 10c extra  25- Book-keeping charge is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by publication date.  Legal  or   Reader  advertising  25c  per count line.  Display   advertising   in    classified  Ad-Brief columns, $1.50 per inch.  PERSONAL  FOR complete information on  Marine, Industrial and Liability insurance: Claims and  Adustments, contact Captain  W. Y. Higgs, Marihe Consultant, Box 339, Gibsons. Phones  886-9546 and 885-9425.        489-tfn  DFATHS  VEALE: Passed away on June  3Cth, 1967, Ralph "Veale of  Gibsons, B.C., survived- by his  loving wife Sophie; 5 daughters, Mrs. Audrey (G. A.) Armstrong of Vancouver, Mrs. Elisabeth Nunn of Vancouver,  Mrs. -Margaret Clarkson of  Prince Rupert, Mrs. Sandra  Butler of Quesnel, and Miss  Noriie at home; 4 sons, Bud of  Vancouver, Clayton of Prince  Rupert, Eric of Terrace, and  Tex at home; 14 grandchildren  and 1 great grandchild. Funeral Service was held Tuesday,  July j$h, 1967 at 11 a.m. from  the Family Chapel of the Harvey Funeral Home in Gibsons.  Rev. H. Kelly officiating. Interment Sea View Cemetery,  .Field, of Honor--^  HANDY: Passed away on June  . 30th, 1967. Ruth O. Day Handy of Roberts Creek, B.C., survived, byi her husband Tom; 1  son, Charley of Vancouver; 2  daughters, Mrs. D. W. Horn  of North Delta, and Mrs. Andy  Sabo of North Kamloops; 9  grandchildren and 1 sister,  Mrs." G,. N. Russell of Vancouver** Funeral -service "was-  held,-Monday,- July "3rd, 1967,  at'<3 p.m. from the Fapiily Chapel of the Harvey'''Funeral  Home in Gibsons. Rev. H. Kelly officiating, interment Sea  View   Cemetery.  , 584-31  COX: '.Passed away on June  20th, 1967. Percy Jack Cox of  Secheit, survived by his loving wife Isobella; 2 daughters,  Mrs.' Winnifred Shepherd of  North Vancouver, and*" Mrs.  Gladys Batchelor of Secheit; 2  sons, Ernest of Surrey, and  Thomas of North Vancouver: 6  grandchildren * ahd 4 great  grandchildren; l sister in England. Funeral service was held  June 26th, 1967 from the Harvey Funeral Home in Gibsons.  Rev. B. Jenks officiating. Cremation. No flowers, donations  to St'. Mary's Hospital in  Secheit. 586-31  LAIDLAW: Passed away on  July 1st,1 1967. Edythe Ann  Laidlaw of Secheit, B.C., survived by her loving husband  Edward P.; 1 son Edward H.  af Secheit; 3 grandsons.;, 1<  sister, Mrs. Mildred Jones of  Vancouver; j brother Herbert  Fowler of Edmonton. Funeral,  Service was held on Wednesday, July 5th at 2:30 p.m. in  Nunn and Thompson Chapel,  10th and Cambie Street Vancouver, Cremation, No flowers '  by request. . ,' 588*31  FULL time taxi driver required. Experienced, dependable,  otherwise   do   not   apply.   886-  2211, ���     566-30  IF you arc economically disturbed and looking for a  chance to better your situation  we offer a permanent lifetime  career with a very large insurance group expanding in this  area. Salary, plus commission,  two year training' program,  plus management opportunities  when qualified. Sales back'  ground would be helpful although not essential. All inqui-,  ries will be confidential and  will receive a -reply. Please  write to box 561 Peninsula  Times, B.C. giving a short history   and  qualifications.   561-33  WANTED TO BUY  . i.  PRESSURE   pump,   preferably"  Beatty.   Phone  885-9345.  590-33'  A   GOOD  used   Beatty   water  pump,   complete,   preferably  a twin piston. 886-2926.     581-33  FOR RENT  APT. fully modern, in Gibsons  centre,    stove,   fridge, ' w.w.  carpet, lots hot water. $70. Ph.  886-2848 days. 400-tfn  NEW suites, furnished or unfurnished.. 0 n e bedroom,  bathropm, combination kitchen,  living roorh. All electric new  stove   and  fridge.   Phone   885*  8792-tfn  LEVEL   serviced  lot,   55'xllO'  . Gibsons ��� area.  $1,300.  Phone  $86-7793. 482-tfn  REDROOFFS ���'300 ft. from  beach. 3 bedroom home on  approx. 1 acre. Fireplace, good  water system. F.P. $11,000 with  $6,500 down, balance at $50 per  month at 5 percent. Phone 885-  9576 or write Box 508 c-o Peninsula Times, Box 381, Secheit,  B.C. 508-tfn   . . ���?        ! -  GIBSONS ��� 2 bedroom honie  with rumpus and laundry  room. Close to schools, ocean  view. $11,500 ful price. Phone  886-7058, 1019*318  REDROOFFS-7-Mpdern 4 bedroom hdme oh 2 lots, close to  beach and safe boat anchorage.  Living roon.; 28x15; fireplace.  Bright cab. kitchen; rec; room,  A-oil heat, dble carport. Lovely  landscaped yard with patio.  Sale by owner, phone evenings  885-9782 or write Box .470 c-o  Peninsula Times* Box 381, Se  cheit. B.C.  469-tfn  9333 after 5 p.m.  1 BEDROOM cottage. Furnished. ^Suitable,,;elderly ^couple..  $50 month. Rosemund Street  off Pratt Road; Gibsons. 886-  5941. 593-31  HALL for  rent,  Wilson  Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Ray Witt, 885-9542.,   ,���. 9167;tniv  SMALL  office,  $38  month   includes heat and light. Whitaker   Block,   Davis   Bay,   885-  2280. 539-31  SMALL office and  rent. Secheit. At  Available July 1st.  counter for  bus depot.  885-2217.  564-32  PENDER   HARBOUR   ���   For  rent* Unfurnished, waterfront  cottage4,'-? road at back, fireplace arid plumbing. Sunny exposure; cheap to permanent  renter. Write box 447,' Secheit,  B.C. 550-31  REAL ESTATE  CARD OF THANKS  Mlf  ���  ���iiiUv^wJiW  THE    Elphinstone    Secondary  ,   School}   July   1st  Centennial  -CommUtep'"and*flll-'thoso,"whr  mode this day possible, also to  our many friends for their 'con."  grntuhUlone  and  good  wIhIics.  Sincere thanks yon to you all.  Mrs, D, Szabo and Beverly,'  '592*31  PETS  "   li  ���*���>������ i-WttltjiWaw *��jH**t, ��y  NASEEMS SAMAL, ulandlng pt  stud, beautiful reentered  haW��Arnb,nn'ptnlllon, Bred by  reserve champion Rlgaln's Nh-  seem, $85-2003. 513-tfn  ��*������i- ��� ".'.��������� ...,  BABY Male* for nolo, talking  Blrntn, Phono 885*0069 days or  885-9401 eves, .   570.33  WORK WANTED  ,lll'        '  t-^-i^����^"**i*r*-*j-- *  EXPERIENCED Chimney  Cleaner *-> oaves cleaned,  troughs- cleaned and repaired.  Painting, - gardening, - janitor  uervlco, Vree (estimates, Phono  885*2191. 517-lfn  '    ���������   ������ jn ���!������������  "1 1 ->r--1-1H1T-1���1���iirrr>m.�� ����� mn-i  LARGE machine available for  , heavy clearing or grading.  Terms available; Call Fred  Schroed^r 885*9690, B81fn  k^yi |f....v,. rfANDYMAN. , Cabinet  maker.  '���'^���' **m ,,���      w|Jl��io odd iobti. noasonabJe.  ^���r >&<����� m-moz." :���" .���; ww  '      ,f    t    ���  \;mxl  **f#i)��1flf*f't*rf  WATERFRONT���good beach, 3  , bedroom home, full cement  ' basement, 5 yrs. old. FP $15,500  terms. Box 308 Seehelt., Phone  885-9429. * 537-tfn  LOT--i|ilver,.v1 Sands !''area---150''  , frohtfige on^ Bryan Road aind  parti onJ Sunshine Coast Highway$1,250 cash.  885-2812;  883-  2558v���������.������..:J...,'��� '..���..' .v,-.-.'!'5?8-39,,  5 ACftES undeveloped property  inside     village    boundaries.  $2,500. Box 381, Secheit B.C..  '..���';(�����,..���' ' :.'���.;'., , ,-    . ������ .'565-tftv.  ' 25 .ACRES view property, undeveloped    in     village    of  Seehelt;'    $20,000.     Box     381,  Secheit, B.C. 559-tfn  ' PENDER Harbour area.. H��lf  acre with 200 ft. waterfront.  Phone 883*2653. Write; tfra'nk  ���Gough: R.R. 1 Madeira Park,  B.C. 572*33  EWART Mc^MYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Box 238 Phono 886*2106  Gibson^ B,C.  EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL  S1TP IN'-' THE HEART OF  SECUELTI The "Hospital Cot-  Ono othci* building on  c6ns1dcrcdr~**~""M^  Halfmoon Bay: Largo property within, I shallow lot of beach;  Jargo modern homo, 3 bdrms,  big rec, rm, 2 fireplaces; dbl.  plumbing, carport with drive;  $8,000 down,  Gibsons;.., Large airy rooms  feature,Jfhlspclasant, one bed-,  rm home, view, yet almost  level to shopping, etc., 18x15  hilK,, nicely panelled, fireplace; 14x20 kliclum, etc,, w,w,  carpet, .washer, dryer, built-in,  ol, oven, A* Oil furnpeo, con-  cr. basement, good cupboards;  full price $ir>,500, Cash or cash  to mtgo,  - ,One--AyclMnndscnpcd"flcro  , close In, with fully Insulated  2*bdrm    nomc,   out-bulldlngs,  compact, modern  kitchen,  J8x  15 (living rm,, part basement  . has A,. Oil fura. laundry.. Area.  Terms on $10,000. Village wa:  ler.  Small house on good view lot.  Needs , some   work.  $4,750  >*-  taf|e".  PRIVATE  lot with  party   wants  beach"  easy access or up-  lands acreage, improved or  not. Write box 549. c.o. Peninsula Times, Box 381, Secheit,  B C. l 549*3?  > ���, 1 <  terms,  NEW  "INGSj  IKS.  WATERFRONT    LIST-  REVENUE   PnOPBRT-  SEGHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Realty & Insurance  Bo^ ^5 Secheit, B.C.  '    Ph^iie: Office 885-2161  See our listing under the date  pad.  217-tfn  BARGAIN HARBOUR���Near 6  ac, approx. 1200? W.F.���$12,-  600.^  GUNBOAT BAY ���,. 8 lovely  acres with 350' shore, sheltered anchorage.. $3.2,000 terms  available-  SELMA PARK��� Modern as. tomorrow! Attractive 4 room  view home. 2 spacious bdrms,  L.R. features picture windows  to take advantage of the panoramic view and fabulous sunsets.. Step saver kitcnen-dinet-*  te, lge. utility. Private patio  and play area, grounds nicely  landscpd, $15^500.  Some terms.  ROBERTS CREEK''"��� 3 parklike acres, 218' W.F. well located, $11,-500; Terms available.      '  GIBSONS   ���   Nicely    situated  family home has. 4 Bdrms, lge  view L.R. Dinette and all elec-: \  trie   kitchen,   full   bsmnt,   garage, terms on $18,000.  K.  BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons, 886-2000  The Progressive  Realtor  557-30  THE SUN SHINES ON  West ���Secbejt./,..  New I600r'of luxurious living.  Carpets, hardwood floors, fireplace, 18x30 living room. Panoramic view of Gulf and Trail  Islands. 100' waterfront, double  . jcaipprt. To see is to' buy. Asking $27,600. Offers, good terms.  New, on view : lot, ,2 bedroom  ���.'���cottage,'1.'electric heat, hardwood**  floor   in   living   room.    Good  terms on $12,9,00.   '  3 bedroom home on highway,  ^Nice  view, $12,800.' "  4 bedroom, basement, ground  level entry. Rental bungalow  on 2 acres. Dble plumbing. Rec,  room. $36,p00,  ���:��Scjtejt ���,,'   :  'a-}.:'  Very,   very  smart 3  bedroom  home   on   fenced   double   lot.  Fireplace   and   carpets.   Patio'  and shrubbed privacy, $14,950.  Retirement cottage' on largo  fenced garden lot. $6,350.  Lots, 2 blocks from shopping  centre. $2,000.  Secheit; Last two 5 acre lots,  $1200,  Rustic Lodge on 1.45 acres. 7  bedrooms, 18x22 dining room,  lounge with ^replace, staff  rooms, MoAmtain view, privacy,  landscaped grounds, Two cottages, double parage. Could be;  locfgo, boarding house, rest  homo, OR exclusive club.' Ask-  jng. $25,000, |  Selma Park: New subdivision,  view ,lPt��i'Ono left, $3,500.  Dflvls Baya-i yr. old spacious  *3��bcdroo|n-Bpllt lovel-wlth��view.-  Rich w-^V carpet through 17x20 ,  giving room an,d 10xU dining  room. Electric hontlng, dble.  plumbing and many other expensive features, Well priced  with $5,000 down.  Immaculato 3 bedroom on corner lot, Dandy view and one  block lo beach, 1 black to school  and 2 blocks to shopping, Very  good at $10(f,0ti With $4,500  down.       ,        '  View lot $2,500,  Sargeant Bay, 3 W.F. lota,  $3000, $4000, $4050,  Acreage, 10 acres, livable  "'"hou^Cf"$5,B00,- ~^^mXi,...,.,^..���b.,.  ,40 acres, Ilgwy frontage, creek,   $10,000 ' ��� --'������'   1R acres Hgwy frontage, cree|c,i  ��� $7,500, __ __ _w____i___J;  , W.F,. Jot BronwJng lut-lirlSL  W.F. lot Selma Park, $5,000.  L0T8, OP LOTS FROM $550,  Many to chooBO from.   '  -885-9392  885*2013  Form No. 18  (Section 82)  LAND ACT  22*. DEEP   V,' fibreglass   hall,  28Q Crusader, 90 hours. F.W.  ~co6led- Cruise 20~knots. Fully  equipped.  885-2812  '2(T  Sacrifice  883-2558.  i'  BEDROOM  trailer  10  ft.Vx,  55 ft., 7 months old, fMllyfur-  $6,000.  567-30  WATERFRONT HOME  Two bedroom home on the  beach; if you like swimming  and fishing, this is the spot.  Close to store and post office.  $10,500.  #AVIS BAY-  Stucco Duplex in choice/resid-  entiai   area,   nice  lot  with fo  beautiful view.  SECHELT  3  bedroom home on 4  acres,  fireplace   and   automatic   oil  heat. Just a nice place to live.  $12,500. '  View lots in Davis  Bay,  one  large lot is all cleared and must  be sold, contact-  Charlie Kihg-^885-2066  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  545-29  LEGAL  NOTICES  TRAILERS  Form No. 18 *..  (Section 82)  '.     LAND ACT  ���," i,  Notice.!of Intention to Apply to  Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C. and situate  at the head of Vancouver Bay  in Jervis Inlet, B.C.  Take notice that Lance Kilborn of Madeira Park, B.C.,  occupation fisherman, intends  to apply for a lease of the following described lands:���  "Foreshore".  Commencing at a post planted on the west side, near the  head of Vancouver Bay, thence approx. 3000' N.E. and S.E.  "following shoreline"; thence  S.W. 200' to low tide mark;  thence N.W.- to starting point;-  and containing approx. "5"  "Five" acres, more or less,  for the purpose of oyster culture.  LANCE  KILBORN  Date June 4, 1967  548-pub. June 28, July 5, 12, 19  , NEAR     hew     Scotty    trailer.  Sleeps  3.   Propane   stove,   3-  light  system,   ice  box,  ample  storage.  975 ,lbs.  total weight.  Phone  P.  Smith, 885*9565.  448-tfn  . CARS ond TRUCKS "  *   1965 METEOR Rideau������ 4 door  Automatic.' A-l condition. Ph.  885-2121, 587-33  FOR sale ��� 1966 - Mustang.  White V8, 3 sp'd, radio, white  walls, extra chrome, 9,000  miles. ��� Like new. Phone 885-  2121.     * 512-28  '63 PONTIAC V8 automatic  transhussion, 24,000 original  miles, custom radio, one owner, lady driver. First class ��on-  dition. Clean interior. Reasonable. Ph 886-9941. Evening  j 886-2791. . 351-.-U  -1959 CADILLAC���excellent condition,    All    pawer���-brakes,  seats, "windows,1 antenna,  etc.,  (all appointments). New  tires.  , Sacrifice" at $1400. 886-7779 ev-  ' enings. 498-30  ' 1S66 MUSTANG,' white, ^ V-8, -. 3  spd. radio, white'walls, extra 5  .��chrome, 9,000 miles. Like new,.  | Phone 885-2121. '571-33  1958 FORD Fairlane V-8, 332  cu.1 engine. t Radio, heater,  autoamtic $300 F.P. Phone 886-  9568. 1026-32  RESORTS  MOBILE Home Park, also trailers and camping, with or  without hook-up. Washrooms,  hot showers, all nicely landscaped, lewn and blacktop, approx. 10 acres. Trails and  "streamy* 3 * mihiites walk " to  beach at.Davis Bay, also modern housekeeping units, Horse-  Shoe pitch, putting green, che- ���  cker board. Daily, weekly and  monthly rates. Big Maple Motel  and Trailer Park. Phone ,885-  9513. 430-tfn  CAMPERS, trailerites ��� Wake  up by the sea in our lovely  camp ground. Hot showers,  etc., also 7 modern units, facing the water. Daily or weekly  rates. Boat, swim, fish or just  loaf at Mission.., Point Motel.  Phone 885-9565. 447-tfn       \        . . .  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GIBSONS     Building " Supplies  Ltd.   886-2642,   Gibsons,   B.C.  Quality Ready-mixed  concrete.  Serving the area for 20' years.  90-tfn  "rushed in colonial. Colored-  plumbing and appliances. All  set up including cabana- Full  price $7,500 terms. Phone 885-  2157. - 569-33  CAMPER, 12'x6'6". Fits direct-  ly on long base pick-up chassis. 885-9458. 486-30  CHABMAN     Farm     Produce.  Cut  flowers  40c  bunch.  Ph.  886-9862. 582-tfti  GE, USED fridge $49,95; lawn  mower $14.95; Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, almost new  $24.95; want trade-in while  trade-in allowances' are highest.  Parker's Hardware, Secheit.  Phone 885-2171. 499-tfn  SILVER Skagit Shake & Shin-  gje. Local^ sales: Phone g86-  9697 or 886-2097. 466-tfn  ���"' i   i ������    NEARLY new acorn, heater,  ideal for summer cabin. Ph.  S85-9768. 580-33  USED tipright>cutfm cleaner   ���^^.^^*-W,,3?6 ���  '   $14.95/ Poj?ta1)le straight��sew    f ����*/.\r # >* .faL- * X 634-31t  Harry Grcgoryr  'Scchclt, B,C,  Do Wortman 880-2330  f-Jark Warn  aao-2681  H. B, GORDON &  KENNETT LTD.  550-30  470*20  Notice pf Intention to Apply to  Lease Land  In Land Recording District  of Vancouver, B.C.��and situate  at Goliath Bay, Jervis Inlet,  B.C,  Take1' notice that Lance Kilborn" of "Madeira Park, B.C. occupation fisherman intends to  apply for a lease of the following described lands:���"Foreshore".   , .,.,���,���,  Commeiicing ait a post planted on. the south side of Goliath  Bay thence N.N.E, to opposite  shore approx, 6500 ft.; thence  N,)V- .following the shoreline;,  thence S,W. following the  shoreline; tKence E. to the  point of commencement following shoroUno\ and containing  approx. "10" ten acres, more  or less, for the purpose of oyster-culture,  LANCE  KILBORN  Dated Juno 4th, 1907,  547-Pub. Juno 28, July 5, 12, 19  '   -. ; ; :': TENDERS        '   -   ���  SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 40  (SECHELT)  Separata sealed tenders addressed to the Secretary  ���Treasurer, School District No.  40 (Socholt), Box 220, Gibsons,  B,C, and, marked as follows;  ��*'k',Teridertoforr1Slt����"*'''D��>ve|op��'~  m^nt- Contract No. 2, Hants*  dale Elementary  jchool"  and/or  "T��nd��r for Site Davolopment-  Contract No, %, Gibsons Elorn ontary School"  will bo received until 5:00 p.m.,  July 14th, 1007.  Drawings' and .specifications  are available In tho School  Board Ofilcos In Gibsons,  Tho lowest pr any tender will  not nocosxarily bo Hccoptcd,,  THE BOARD OF. SCHOOL  .TilUSTJEBS  SCHOOL  DISTRICT No, 40  ,  Box 220, Gibsons, H,C,  583-pub. July 5  BOATS & ENGINES  'i0"FT:TOTErnjoiibuaHi*aw  -*��� oe��sty le boat j;* $323 cash r P h r  885*0730, ' 1022-31  m*,mmm.,~*,i,+��*m**��*�������mfim. ..���i���.���i.i.iP..��.���ii,���I|,.i���iim���i.���i,  17'   Sombcabln.. cruiser.   Volvo  ' nqtiamntlv engine, No reason**  Ohio offer refused, Phono 880-  2480,  , '     ��� (       308*31  14 FT. SAIL board comploto  with walls, rudder and rigging,  $300, Phono 885-20H for furl|i*  cr^niviritlfffloii;���r���"~ff2ffi��r*  FOR SALE  SaiALL   Fngidaire   fridge   for.  sale   also   almost' new: hand  mower.  Phone 885-2361.    575*33  GOOD' local   Ladner  hay   for  sale; $1  per bab? delivered.  pljone. 946-6568. , 9046-tfn  USED pre-fab summer: cabins.  ' Fully insulated with 4 ahd 5  rooms, 4-16x24 foot $600 each.  1-16x32 foot $700.00. Plione 224-  730*1 or, 886-2195 weekends.  1024*31  ITHACA .'P..B\ Shotgun, 20 ft.  aluminum ladder, dbuble bed  With headboard;'.' nearly new  automatic v/ashi-'r, Chester-*,  field, twin-size bed, kitchen cabinet^ electric wall panels,  ftinaM\ cojtee table| other mis-  ccllaneoua Items. Apply Mrs.  Judo, CV-ihiiloA North of Halfmoon Bay on No, 101 Hwy,  ,     574*31  IF   IT'S   suilts--it's   Morgans,  885-9330, Secheit, B.C.  8893-tfn  SPECIAL for sale, Largo Easy-  Read     Typewriter.    Almost  new. Cofltt over $300. Now $175.  Phono 885*0054, , 1017-tfn  OIL stove- and 120 Bass Italian  piano accordion, 885*2103.  4.83-30  i��*-s-'-��i iwiii t,,,4iittd0**B*mim~B*0��0<���~B*"��l~<**iim*  $14.95.' Pog^le straight   sewing  machine-$24.95,   Look  ai otlr Link'flyer for^matiy. in*.  store  saying^ Pa.irker'sr -Hardware, Secheit. Phone 885-2171. ^  �����PPr��W*����*�� 1  WRINGER Washer-  years   old���good  $40. "Ph.  885-2278.  -about five  conditipn-���  583-33  USED pq-wer saws for, sale. AU  makes and sizes. Chain Saw  Cehtre, Secheit, 885-9626.  ' �� 8966-tfn  2 SMALL boat winches,' complete with reduction gear. $50  each.  885 9345, 591-33  >  PROFESSIONAL   model, piano  accordion,  120 bass,  Almost  new, reg. price $1750., sell less  than half, 883-2519. 528-31  �����^**���������i��   I ������� m\l���mmm^mm^m4.^^'��� '���"�����*��� ��� ���      Pi>MH�����*������  JAY, BEE; USED  FURNITURE-  Phone 886-2346/Gibsons  Next to Ken's Forking  142-tfn  NEW   Inglis1 hot .water   tank  for sale. Phone 885-9972.  a 546-32  triis VlT/^L  YODHQ7  RELIGION  :,:-,':maWy^;.path%|t,  lllS'Necli1!!!!  (..J^Ui'I  ���/  NAILS $12, 100 lbs. Vinyl Asbestos tile's, 9x9, 10c each;  12x12, 15c each; 9x9 cork tiles,  9c each. Remnants, Inlaid, 220  yards. 'Exterior paint or matte  finish $3.95, reg. $9.95. Shake  paint, $3.95, reg.^$7.95. Interior, paint, $3.00 and $4.95 per  gallon. .Large stock of used  vacuum cleaners, A-l -shape,  $19,95,*and up. 1965 r9Vfe Johnson outboard, like new, $195.00.  Benner Bros. .Furniture' and  Paint Store, Secheit,' 885-2058.t  124-14  pma'npc|junt|i|s|  There are thr^e ,million* people  around .he world "today who believe that the unification of mankind  Is the will of God for our.age. They  call theMjelves Baha'ij. -  Perhapj'Baho'i I* what^you-are  looking-for.  infotmarion.upon request:-]5 Lola  Road, Toronto 7.  Paint-  Canvas  ACCE!  Fibreglass - Rope  Boot Hardware  Compressed   air    service   foi  skindivers    and   firemen.    Air  tanks. Skindivers available for  salvage work.,  :....WALTI NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-9303  J18ttfn  THIS tABEL ON YOUR  FRIN1NG GUARANTEES THAT  ���   "7 r" "- " * .        ... .  It IS PRODUCED UNDER  UNION  CONDItlONS  -rrf  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  ��� This free r^mder^'wmlng events ii'a'service of SfCF-mLT AGENCIES  LTD. Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date  Pad". Pleqse note that space is limited and some advonce dates may  have .to wait, their turn; also-that this is a "reminder" listing only and  cannot always carry full details.  July 5���10 a.m. Halfmoon Bay. Arrival of S5 Beaver staying until 3 p.m.  ^      July 6th,  Enquiry into small  boat hqr-  MANflLE . (electric lronor),  , Nbrthorn Electric, good condition, $35, 8.85*0332, 480-30'  S  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  *��� Sunday School 10;00 a.m.  Church Service 11 ilS a.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELIS  WII*on Crook Community Holl  Payli Pay Road  =55=  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE! ���"���SWHW--T  Church Serylcm-������ 11 ill ��,����*.  ', Preyw ���*���"*��� W*��dn#��day 7(30 p.n*��,  ,^EV.A, WILLIS, PASTOR  You ore Invited to otfond any or each ��orvlc��'  MGUCAN CHURCH  SAINT HILDA'S*���SECHELT  8:00 a,m, Every Sunday  ���   9:30 a,m, Church School  11 j00 9,m, 2r\<\,<Mh, 3th Sundays  ' ''      7j30 p,m, 1st ond 3rd Sundays  Sorvlcos hold regularly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFFS and EGMONJ  For information phono 085*9793    ^*  gfbtf SMtk.X0 ��n\ H, ComntHnlon St,!HlM��tl  NICE 2 BEDROOM HOUSE  'or DdVIs"BpyrGood - v'alue,"--^ 1 ftOOO-ori  ,   easy terms, (434)  NICE LOT AT VAUGROFT  Tharmanby Island, $3300 on good terms.  (48<J) Call E. Surtcos,  ;  2 NICE RESIDENCES ���  at Halfmoon Bay, for Information call E.  Surtoos at 085-9303,  SECHELT VILLAGE  Scchclt buslhta' block, reql value; priced  to sail, Good t��srm��. J, Anderson-  805-2053.  Cowrlo  St,,  clean   family  homo,   phUo  roams In basement, U��vo|y troed lafid-  ��capod  lot, Only '$M,90Q easy torms,  Call J, Anderson, 003-2053, ,      ,  WEST SECHELT  C|oso to WokoflGfd Inn���:Suncoa��r ocre*  ���Tho vlow Is magnificent on these lots  .facing South-to-tho Gulf of,Georgia;overlooking Trail Islands, Uso of launchlno  on applying to Wakoflold Inn, at a courtesy,-Good fishing qnd swimming, View  lots start at $2,430 for 100x150 ft.  Piped domestic wator supply avalloble,  .TflrmO/J^<lown,���Caj| BoltKc^^cos  005-9461,  0 acres with 300' watorfrbnt In 2 lots.  Good buy for cash, Call E, Surteos-  885-9303,  BARGAIN HARBOUR    '  300' wotorfront, 5 roomod houso on 3  acroa, $20,000 with torms, E,' Surtoos.  883-9303 <No, 413)  SECHELT LOT  $1500 f.P, Easy forms.  ,wob(5s*BAy,  iyWH��t-K^Weif^ii--&*  19,0 dcros, both sides of highway with  almost now 2 bedroom houso and nlco  grounds, Or will subdivide to smaller  acreage and house, Good valuo, nrtako  nlco subdivision (No.,452). Call E, Surv  toos, 005*9303,  PAyiS BAY  Near, now 2 bedroom homo, oloctrlc  forced air heating,, woll Insulated, spa-  clous kitchen, Flroplaco In living room,  sun dock, Terms on F.P, $13,950, Call  Bob Kent, ros, 005*9461.  PORPOISE BAY  156' wotorfront, 1,30 acres with 2 bod-  Good  terms, (No, 433) Call  805-9303..  room   houso,   Good   at   $15,000, with  ���"" Call B. "   "  Surtoos,  HALFMOON BAY  "-Domestic "Woiorsuppif'ird^^^^  this choice wotorfront 'lot, facing Into  small cove, loss 1 block from Halfmoon  Bay Govt, Wharf, Easy torms on tho  level to soa lot, F.P. $6j900, Call Bob  Kent, res, 005*9461,  T  5 acres vlow property with frontagoon  Sun&hlno  Coast   Highway  and   Roberts  Crook  Road, Asking  $4500, all offers  considered, Calf J, Anderson ot  805-2053, \  SELMA PARK  2 bedroom cottago with vlow, full cement basement, $7500 F,P��, Also, view  lot pt $1950 F,P, Coll J, Andorson at  , 805-2053.  tBmB4Bmm4B4mB4mmmHmmm  ��li*drtS*i*-Aft��I|i!i.��Lil*IS!'**  ���r  ���yr-  ���'    '���!)   I   ,  ''I'i  " I i  i'i- ���v< . .  <>*-,.���><. >v ���..;���*.',��;*; ���,<>  ^   ._ ^l  i  ���'i J- ��^V>iT,��"-tv,*-l��**��*--'*# *������a* "W <*~1nBar �����  ������ -      (      ���* ,v���  '     'J,* 'lit        ,��������>.  ,.*< a-V V-V -.a..- -*a ..��-*���   ^j^    X-y-aa   *" f*  *  S* J���*~ a*  a*  aa- a-a*-rf-/" a '-~.aa.a^Sa-.*��a-".***'-"*-i-*- *~���'******** a*"--.. *--~-a*^. ar--^^-^.aa>*-aa.^---.^^^. ^*  Sii^llt^i *'','.kH *>*��.. t-  , -iri-*)*  *���   a-Oi-V'-J.  'a '   i?r  I ' ^>     "V     'S..V    <a*    .   J, -fl    '��,  , -��� ' --a- _       --_. ,-       al..- a       _J  *-V^' J, ��� " V?    J, ^ V>     ,   '- ^ ,��*  y^-aava'-**"'"'-.*"' >  V/   >  ^.^t^W-r^rfW .I  �� ^- j^    I. .-V*  1^- *'*-*' *7   -   *���<     "*.~  ���ft  --a*     *<--]    -  EJphiristone Secondary . .. - -;   ' .-', ';,/., ���;���', <���  Junior awards distributed  Top scholar book prizes; grade 8, Bar-  , /.tholemew's, Atias-^Frances aFimaysOn,:f>(1  JGrj-Ade^JFoiwl^^^^ Us-  Egmont Eye  age���Karen* Enemark/Grade io,','  *; Roget's Thesaurus--*-Deborafi^ Dockar.'.  ��� time Vancouver friends, are no strangers  to, Egmont' and - Pender Harbour waters,  having brought their "big cruiser Tecora-  to these partsHin former_1Iaj^^ow~tfiaT  The Peninsula Times % <,���        Page 3  W^nesdoy, Jufy 5,1967 % >  ..��>���  vice principals  ^  ���-    -1  FINAL  assembly  for  the  current flchoh constructed secondary "school. Mr.  year took' place at Elphinstone Secondary School -last*. Thursday when Junior  Awards, were distributed.  'Mr. D. Montgomery was chairman for  the occasion, his last official function at  Elphinstone before leaving for Greenwood  where he will be .principal of the newly  Montgomery   extended ��� best; wishes   to   three  Mother teachers who are also leaving Elphinstone, MisB N. M, Liewis; Mr. R. Davie  and Mrs. M. Searles.     , f    < _  TROPHIES , '  John Wood trophy t for top "�� aggregate  score, grade a���Frances Finlayson and  Joan Gory,  Trueman Trophy for top aggregate  score, grade 9���.Karen Alsager and'Dorian  Gregory. ���'' . '  , ���  Sunnycrest trophy for top aggregate  score, grade 10���Marilyn Hopkins.  Day -trophy, most, successful occupational student���Dan Cavalier.  Stewart Trophy, best notebook���Jacqueline Rice.      ' ���'  PRIZES  L.A. to Royal Canadian Legion Branch  1109,, grade 8 social studies���Joan Gory.  Don Brown Mug for best junior typist���  Denise Quarry.  Fabric House Award for Home Economics 8���Frances Finlayson.  Coast News Citizenship Essay Contest-  Stan Stubbs; Velma Stanley and Connie  Francis.  Greatest effort���Paul Cavalier.  Perfect  attendance���Paul  McBeth.  /       '��� 7 v     ' *�����*bv John Dunloo  a   "',   *-- ,- ' - -, \ a.J- " *'�� , v     v*  - t . ������ you have ^voyaged over/our highway, ac-  ''BA^-to the-gVind^nW m'ore^ftM^a-very-~cessV^m(^b^^  GRADUATION DIPLOMAS      ' < -enjoyable  week  or~'��o-on'Vancouver   joyed the gettogether, but the tim?"was too *  _. Graduation diplomas were presented to   Island,' basking%dder sunny skies and with,   short for a proper taIk-fest.Next time wiU  Occupation 3  students:-- Penny  Verhulst;   temperatures well, up in the-80's for the "be different! \        -' ,,    ,  greater part of our stay.1 Thev tourist pro-  ���r-\  l��  Etta Stewart; Patsy, Rietze;,, James .Mullen; Roger'Leslie; 'Bill-,Henderson^ Alan  Erickson- Bruce Duncan; Don Cavalier  and Tom Burns. ,    t       l   i,  *    .i '   ���-  CITIZENSHIP   ' 1   7"  Students   Council   Citizenship  Awards:  grade 8 flash���Etta Stewart;' Joan'Gory;  Steven Lee; Paul Cavalier;, Leslie'Fraser;  Julie   Berdahl.   Grade   9   flash���Marilyn  MacKenzie;   David  Szabo;  Harry' Laing.  Grade ,9 crest ��� Karen Alsager;  Dorian  Gregory; Denise Quarry. Gade 10 flash���"  Marilyn  Hopkins.   Grade   10   crest���Rita  Ono. - ' A ,    '  SCHOLARSHIP  Students Council Scholarship Awards;  grade 8 flash���Bob Barnes; Frances Finlayson; Joan Gory; Steven Lee; Terry  Stewart. ' - '  Grade 9 crest���Karen Elemark; Dorian Gregory; Karen Alsager; Dennis Ma-  cey; Donna Nelson; Mark Ruggles.  Grade, 10 crest���Karen Karateew.  HONOURABLE MENTION  Honourable Mention Certificates were  awarded���Grade 9���David Inglis; Maureen  Owen;; Angela Willis.  Grade 10���Candy McPhedran; Rita Ono.  First Star, grade 10���Deborah Dockar,  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES  LANDSCAPING - PRUNING  Gower Point Rood  Gibsons, B.C. - Dial 886-2919  DIAMOND W BUILDING SUPPLIES  Dealers for Westcroft Windows  Benjamin Moore Paints and all  Building Supplies  Open Fridays to 9:00 p.m.  885-9704 - Wilson Creek  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRIS1  Bal Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2166  TASELLA SHOPPE  Ladies' - Men's - Children's Wear  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens  Dial 885-9331" - Secheit B.C.  RAY NEWMAN PLUMBING  SALES & SERVICE  HOT WATER HEATING  BUILDING & ALTERATIONS  Davis  Bay  Rd.,   R.R.   1,   Secheit  Phono 885-2116  Scows ��� Logs  SECHELT, TOWING & SALVAGE  m.V.  i ;t*avy --.quipmc-ii -viovfng & Log Towing  L. HIGGS  Phone 885-9425 .  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down pavment - Bank interest *  Ten years to poy  Complcto lino of appliances  For free estimate���Call 886-2728  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic Tanks and Drain Fields - Backhoo and  Front End Loader WoHc,  Screened Cement Gravel ��� Fill on$ Road Gravel.  Phone 885-9666 - Box 172 - Secheit  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  T<? PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886.9949  HARTLES MASONRY  Fireplaces - Planters��Blockwork  Qcallty Workmanship - Free Estimates  v Phone 886-2586 '  rMMH-IMI-MIUIIIIII         llll.!*!!.!!--------!---^  MADRRA MARINA  Madeira Park- B.C.  Your OMC Service Centra - Pcnintula Evinrude  pooler - Cabins - Trailers & MooM*p - Camf>  Sites - Trailer Court - tauncbino. Ramp  Phono 883-2266  Is        (-'i��-S]fc3^S'*^BVWW*��JW*'tt***^  OCEANSIDE FURNITURE  AND CABINET SHOP  Custom cabinetry for homo and offlco  Kitchen Specialists  R, Blrkin- Beach Ave./ Roberts Creek  Phono 886-2551  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  ---Gibsons .Village   Exports at cuts, colff qnd colour  Custom Porms ���- Phono 886-2120  ,      (CLOSED MONDAY)  ,,,   j      __ __��� ��� | ^^���^���...^^mm^���mmmmm^Btmmmm^B���mBmm���mmmmm^i���  For Yoi^r Fuel Supplies  Danny WKoelor  RICHARD F. KENNETT  '   NOTARY PUBLIC  Telephone Gibsons 886-2481 . Res. 886-2131  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Real Estate 8* Insurance  LARGE MACHINE AVAILABLE FOR  HEAVY CLEARING OR GRADING  TERMS AVAILABLE  Call Fred Schroeder���885-9690  Secheit, B.C.  GIBSONS HARDWARE LTD.  Your Marshall Wells  Dealership.  Phone 886-2442 - Gibsons, B.C.  THE TOGGERY  Ladies' and Children's Wear    -  Open six days a week.  Phone 885-2063  Cowrie Street, Secheit  BOB'S APPLIANCES  Sales & Service     4 '  Benner Bros. Block, Secheit, B.C.  Phone 885-2313  LITTLE BIT RANCH RIDING  STABLES  HAY RIDES ...    .  Children, Friday Nights, 6-7:30 p.m.  Adults, Saturday NiQbts from 8:30 p.m.  Phone 886-2253 for reservations  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Dial 886-2808  When You Need Building Supplies  Give Us A Call.  FREE ESTIMATES  ^mtmtmmmBmimB4m,mmm���iBmi���mm,iimlu4mi^mm^m4mf-44imBmm,   m  ,     .1   .1 ���nwiM  m, i ��� n ,w,i, -"--..iii��� 11������|  BOAT OWNERS  Consult Capt. W. Y. Higgs  Box 339, Gibsons, B.C. ���086-9546  Re IN3URANCE CLAIMS  BOAT��SALES  PORPOISE BAY WATER TAXI  Charter Trips - Scenic Tours  Phono 885-2828  or Radio Mar Deo  C & S SALES  SECHELT, B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phone 885-9713  Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Benner Block        ,  Secheit, B.C.  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The island. highway, with its for-the-  most-part easy curves and in-many-places  60 mile per hour speed zones, is vastly  superior to our Highway 101, but what is  more amazing is that the Old Island Highway, over which we made several trips  and is definitely considered a side-road by  local residents, is also far ahead of our  own Peninsula throughway for driving comfort and safety.  It is not surprising, after noticing the  dearth of U.S. cars, campers and trailers  on island highways as compared to former years at this season, to hear by the island grapevine that ferry traffic on the  Horseshoe Bay-Nanaimo run is down by  almost 40 percent this year. Considering  the line-ups for our Howe Sound crossing  it would appear .that the Sunshine Coast  is getting some of the former island visitors. Now to look after them and encourage-  their return in future years.  And while we are on the subject of  tourism, and after reading the past two  issues of the Times which were awaiting  our return, I find that YE Editor in his  June 21 editorial, is not too Happy with  the Sunshine Coast Tourist Association's  operations in general, and is particularly  disturbed with the fact that, for probably  the first time in history, the Pender Harbour area received a little more attention  from visiting publicity groups than did the  rest of the Peninsula district. The editor's  point that an impartial group be formed  to look after tourism for the Peninsula  as a whole is well taken, but where does  one find people who are not also interested inl their own welfare. This column  would suggest that if ALL operators of  tourist operations put half the effort into  boosting the Sunshine Coast's industry as  does Len Larson, they would not only do a  great service for the Peninsula ���as a whole  but, by so doing, would also bring prosperity to their own individual establishments.  Individuals may have expressed contrary opinions at times, but, by and large,  the Secheit area has received much more  support in its private s and public undertakings from the people north of Middle  Point than it has extended in return. Cooperation is a two way street and the  slight expression of sour grapes, as evinced in the 'tourist promotion lacking', editorial, could well have been omitted in  my opinion.  This column seems to have developed  into a series of 'beefs', so we'll wind it up  with one more; this is one directed to the  British Columbia Ferries and their advertisements in Vancouver papers promoting  one-day trips. In particular we refer to the  'visit Langdale, the Secheit Peninsula and  see the magnificent Skookumchuck Rapids  in their thunderous glory'.1 We are all in  favour of the Langdale and Secheit Peninsula bit, but until the government gets  down to business and provides v access,  please lay off the * rapids. Tourists take  a dim view of the entire deal when they  arrive at our metropolis, loaded down with  cameras, binoculars, and an eager desire  to witness 'the thunderous glory of rushing  waters', only to find that the road ends at  Egmont, a mile or so from their deslina  tionM When told that they have come on  what amounts to a wild-goose-chase, we  in Egmont are the bad guys and have to  take the abuse 'that rightfully should be  directed at government officials���that, we  don't like. '  1  EGMONT EYEDROPS  A brief synopsis of the past two weeks  sport-fishing shows Eugon Klein of Vancouver topped the list with a 30 pound  spring weighed In nt West's on Juno 24th,.  Others checking in nt tho same resort woro  Vic Blddlecomo, North Van., 10 pounds;  Lylc Hurd of Vancouver w|th a 15 pounder  and Fon Fnlrcll, nlso from Vancouver, with  a 20, ��� pound prlng. Ron's fnthcr-ln-lnw  caught his first-cvor salmon, a nice cohbo  which sent Mr. C. Hcallp homo a very  happy man,  Bosch's Marino reports Frank Pnsco  of West Van. with a 28 pound spring on  tho 26th and Al Brawn, a camper of Washington, 'with,'two nice springs weighing Iri  at 20 nn<J 27 pounds ,;���  Thrco of, Egmont's tocn-ago jot sot nro  prcscntly*"cnJoyln!g-Expo"'i*as"partwof"tlio  Ponder, Harbour High contingent, Tnf  Bathgate, Donna Vaughan nnd Frcddi Larson, aro tho lucky thrcosomo who Will return,, on July 3rd nflor viewing Montreal  through "coulour do rose', You, kids "ban  figure thnt ono out, but that's what, my dictionary snyo.  ���-���  * ������ *��� ���'������ ���  Billy Griffith, skippering, his drum*  solnor Charlot|o M 11, has a keen, young  crow nbonrcl for this season's seining. Roy  Bnthgnto nnd Frnnk Donlo from Egmont  and Gcorgo Gibson nnd Boyd Bennett from  Ponder Harbour nro Just tho lods to keep  things rolling under Billy's capable* direction, Full holds and a good sonnon,  follows  ���   ���  ��  times In tl-o wintry months loo, Sieve and  Betty Harrison nnd family bent the Into  afternoon ferry traffic on Juw. 30th by  nrrlvlng Jri Egmont early on Friday morn*  "InBto-spend-thc^*fonrday-I>om|nlon*holl*-  day weekend at their north ��lwro. haclcn*  da. Lots of big salmon along your wntcr*  front, Stovo, you should not go back to  Vancouver omptyhanded,    *     ,    '  Agent 86-V& thought he had the goods on  a couple^ of Pender Harbour's better known  citizens when he reported to this column  that on Thursday afternoon, June 29th, he  had witnessed two of our school-bus drivers wending their way "to the Legion (soft  drink?) bistro. .And on a school day, to  boot. Little did he realize that the two  worthies in question had safely delivered  their charges to their destinations, that  summer holidays had actually commenced,  and that our two heroes were on their way  to celebrate the closing of another school  year and the accomplished fact of, a  season's driving well and safely done.  I should've been with them.  TO A PACIFIST HIPPIE  ���by Ray Moscrip  See the visionary walking on the streets of  cobble stone  He is searching for his elusive long lost home  He's a man'that's destined to wander  Over streets and bridges Wide  For in everyday activities he did not confide  He is banned to a district all bis own ^  On dirty floors and mattresses he makes his  hideout home  He lives on the visions of wisdom  That he conjures in his psychedelic mind  To all people, regardless of race he is always  kind  He believes in human nature  Only the good I'm told  He replaces hate with love and thinks not of  growing old v  He's persecuted by the cops  Yet smiles and loves them all  And still he finds meaning to life besides having  a ball '���  On the surface he's unkempt and sloppy  But inside is a mind that's sharp and clean  And when he sits to contemplate the fallacies  of our time  He thinks of war, hate and greed are really  society's crime  Yet he believes that people are good  And would love one another if they could     '  But society has brought upon itself  A mist of conformist scum  That twists our minds and racks our souls    ~  And prevents us from being one  He see's all tins from his glassy eyes  With pupils that are always big  As he searches the streets in vain, looking for  a new gig  He see's all this from a vision  Born to him on the wings of a falling, pleaing  nation  It is he Who will answer L  The sceptics when they*sajl  It is he who will shed the light*���  Before our civilization will fall  But while he sits and waits for things to come  Always people are cynical in calling him a bum  But they are jealous of his life .  Where he is free, hody and soul regardless of  their spite  And this same human who gets none but abuse  Can love all, and face the reality of hate oh  the loose  Is really the martyr of our lime  As God knows in future to be  He will be a leader because he can foresee.  ���by Jock Davis, M.P.  f >.,**,*  A YEAR ago Ottawa came out with a new  policy for the" development of small  craft harbours. Admitting its responsibil-  itees for navigation it said that it would '  buHd harbours of refuge for pleasure boats.  The Federal Government also said it was  prepared to enter into 50-50 cost sharing  arrangements with the municipalities and  private operators which wish to install or  expand their marina facilities on the west  coast.  Ottawa-must, of course, be selective in  its approach. It will help to break bottlenecks. It will help to promote tourism by ,  water. And it must concern itself with  safety. ' But many developments cannot  expect to get direct financial aid from Ottawa. They will have to raise their money  on their own.  One of the first things the Federal  Government did was to commission a sur-  -vey of requirements. The engineering firm  of Norman D. Lea and Associates was retained to prepare forecasts of boating .in  this area. Their engineers were also asked .to look into costs and to recommend  those projects which the Federal Government should undertake in the years ahead.  Their report make interesting' reading.  Some of its highlights are:  1. B.C. owns no less than 86,000 small  ���eratf, nearly 20 percent of the Canadian  total of 450,000.  2. With 46 boats per every 1,000 people,  ours is the highest concentration of small  craft in Canada. Along with the Seattle  area it is also one of the highest concen-  s trations of small craft in the world.  3. B.C's West Coast boat population is .  expected to double over the next decade.  4. During that period outlays by individuals and private nidustry will total approximately $1  billion.'  5. Thd Federal Government must build  ��� breakwaters  and   carry out  dredging in  support of this industry to the tune of at  least $8 minion.  6. Another $2 million must go into protective work like harbours of refuge and  navigational aids.  These, it should be noted, are nuni-  mum figures.  A -st^rt has already been made on the  Federal Government's program for small  craft harbour development in Coast Cap-  ilano. Several nundreds of thousands of  dollars have already been spent on protective works like those at Westview in Powell River. A $100,000 floating breakwater  is being ordered for Horseshoe Bay. A  $215,000 harbour of refuge is soon'to be  built at Secheit.  Other and even more imaginative  schemes are in the works. They include  extensive 'dredging and" the building of  breakwaters at places like Gibsons" and  along the waterfront in North and West  Vancouver. Totalling many millions of dollars they" should serve to spark a growing  interest in the construction of r^ovincially,  municipally and privately owned marina  developments. At the same time, the Fed-"  era! Government waH .be helping to give  an already water conscious public greater  access to the boating- pleasures and the  scenic wonders of the West Coast of Bri-M  tish*Columbia.      ,   *,   .  11  , Forest fires and litterbugging are both  due mainly to the same cause���human  carelessness.  M-UWWMMMI-*  The sassafras tree produced the first  commercial forest product in North America.  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  TBm4tm*Anm*K*Aiuvs4t0tt*m*im44t*rum*44m0���4rmmi  J  MMM**-*-.  I.  r't      I  ���i  Whtch the birdie!  Whether you  shoot [ow seventies  or high"hundreds,  V     B.C'sfamous  fairways offer  constant challenge ~  and sometimes  sweet success;  4k\r]k A f0"i *��^'tag <^-M*��**"-^l��l&l*W��^  "'>-j-v-T^*  .  aV^C-aV.V"' "  ���    m. y     * i  <tt JjWM��-"��"^l'"^**��-��*-*"a*>^  ��       *       *      f       l��        ���.��***  * And �� B\irprl��o visit from ttalph and  ,    Jan Mnddlson-from down Francis Tenln*  J     aula way oh-the aamo ntlornoon In com*  pany, with,Fred,ami,Way Dceley and their.  fianri-daughlci'. Dawu, Th.e Deelcye, long .  *   * *^**-'*!****"--**��*T(tt*ra-*��> Mi-*��� ,>"-.,>  il^����^*a<^v>^^!M*rf���^*lW^-^M4������'tl^ (.fi*|.I|*V1(Mtt*WWI*i!i  At tho 19th holo, bond  Kour arm and lift your  oad with a quenching  glass of Lucky Lager.  Lucky's a bold breed of  boor, man-sized,; slow--  browed. So grab yourself  a Lucky ancf savour a  flavour as big as ail  outdoors  Give -\burself a  LUCKY BREAK  .���.^���S**a'*-)-"*,-i<��lVJi*WMl(   1  *f/l*W.p*S-��-��*��M>h-# ^sww'jvM  "(1**  w�� ^���%x%r^���x��w��m$^ *** *��*  JKB-allf M t'M   ���lt**if*) lUVty- lM"^"fJr��-fll-*����*(��]  i-f-tW tt��*---!*-^W*Hl*(W a-fWWeW-^W*  *-*��mV  lh<*-^ HbWia-rtW-M*^  *t-fr^i-*-^-��f.*>-t*--^^  T  t  \ -. * * ��� 1 ��l�� ��I' 1 �� 1  \    4   \   \   ���!   1    ���     >��'�����,*.��-.  -'��'  ] ..*v  'III',I  '! Vi.  IfiWii.-r.  7\i'i';v>ik'h>  mimmti  lM Fr    i
UA »a—i~^-r
J       It J,
a <■
4    -
I lit
* , *' lil
') fl
iO-FLr&i.*,   _„
Page 4,
i f,
Wednesday, July 5,,, 1967
18,37 II1987
5 "/ moy /><? wroric. but 1 shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right." 5
i' •■■■■■• —John Atkins5
Gold tl^sii^t always glitter
' ..■'''   x ' ' *■*
the Sunshine Coast is the forgotten coun-
NOTHrNG is more nauseating than the
cries of protestation raised by the
party. worshippers, the moment one of
their political idols gets rapped over' the
knuckles for one or other of theTnisde-
meanors all politicians fell victim to at
some time or other or during their political lives.
The attitude that the party of one/s
choice can do no wrong and is beyond
reproach, is - the narrow attitude frequently encountered in small communities and, in acUial fact, should not be
taken too seriously. After all, the experienced politician expects and cei-
tanly gets criticism and while he naturally does not particularly like it, usually
gains experience from having the error
of his ways pointed out in print.
Our recent editorial in which Highways "Minister Phil Gaglardi was criticised for his failure to turn up at a Centennial Service of Praise. and Thanksgiving, sponsored by the Sunshine Coast
Ministerial Association, appears to have
upset a few of is supporters to the extent
that Mr. Gaglardi himself took the
trouble to phone the Times Editor to, in
his own words, "get things straight for
..the record".
We have attacked the Minister in the
past and it is very probable will do so
again, at the same time, we have never
yet done so without making quite clear
the opinion that Mr. Gaglardi is a good
highways minister. Indeed, fairly recently,
in one such editorial, it was stated he is
probably the best highways minister the
province has ever had.
The point is, however, he has little
or ^
Peninsula and this basically is the very
reason we have seen fit to protest. The
disciples might prefer to conveniently
forget election promises and the fact that
try cousin but we have not and, furthermore, have no intention of forgetting
Mr. Gaglardi is to be commended for
taking the trouble to phone The Times
and we do not for one moment question -
his assurance that he did in fact fly to
. the Secheit meeting but was unable to
land due to weather conditions According to both he and his secretary, he
circled the area for three quarters of an
hour. In other words, he could well have
taken, the ferry We have had federal
ministers arrive by ferry and there is no
reason to suspect that they are any less
busy than Mr. Gaglardi
On this particular occasion, almost
two hundred church goers arrived from
various parte of the Peninsula to hear th^
Minister speak, many of them elderly
and some infirm. One might well imagine
their disappointment
To support his explanation, Mr. Gaglardi instructed his secretary' to phone
. The Times also. Her story was somewhat
contradictory to her following letter appearing elsewhere in this paper. She was
also hostile, dogmatic and argumentative
to the point that the conversation terminated rather suddenly. During the conversation, she had the effrontery to suggest the appearance of the Minister was
not all that important for, after all,1 there
were other church ministers available to
conduct what was simply a church service.
1 Mr. Gaglardi said he felt an apology
was.due him and while we concede the
fact he did attempt to get to the meeting,
we share the view with many others that
r he should not* make promises lightly; If
he could spend 45 minutes circling the
airfield, then he could as easily taken the
ferry which takes only 40 minutes to
cross. ,, ''..":
S;rdwJfaifWy4^|^qe^^ ;
tea f urea" varied events
TH|MrJoly7 Fa,mily^Parish^Pat|?olicr-M^iTt- -
en's  League  held   a 'Very^VsuccessfuL
convenerl byrMr^, C.f Messner. T Featured,
for saie were home hftlttog/ and sewing.
, The 'door prize was won by the very
lucky Mrs. Glare Nygr>en. And of course
there was the prize of a fancy dressed doll
which was- won 'by Mrs. *Elsie Johnson.
Mrs. Celia Messner, the convener, won the
delicious strawberry cake.
There are ten different native kinds of
pines and six of spruce in Canada.
Pia§§yfo©&™g   wrong approach
ONE of our leading businessmen recently
expressed the yiew that: Secheit faces
a big future if just half of the rumoured
and scheduled projects'become, established fact. .a.-v.--,-...-.- ,.,.,-....-.■-.,
Probably the breakwater, already under construction, will prove the most im-
petent administration, changes are due.
This was made abundantly clear when
the clerk recently stated that while he
had "two part time helpers, he could not
leave the district for his annual,holidays,
instead, he looks in each morning of his
holidays. What an incredible situation,
portent advance lor "ihe;,are^f fbrit is   particularly-wheri tone considers our total
quite likely other ehterpnses^
' Commissioner Thompson made clear
the fact that changes were required some
weeks ago, too bad he was sidetracked
into agreeing to employment of new part
time'help. If an axe was to fall it should
have been a little higher up the ladder.
In order tp progress' efficiently and
economically; fully qualified municipal
administration is the only reasonable solution.'  :  : I
in its wake.
Plans for construction of a substantial
store and - office building with suites
above has been approved by council. An
active European car 'dealership;, has established itself and a new variety store i?
scheduled to open its doors within a few
"days. ,,
m These are fact, ,but rumour, certainly
not without, foundation, , suggests construction of a shopping complex for the
near future and there are indications of
a dentist locating here. ,-'• ,
Another worthy project which was put
to council a month ago is a proposed machine shop. This it appears poses a problem for our village clerk advises sucrT a
business comes under the heading of industrial, thereby necessitating re-zoning
of property from commercial. Again, this
too poses problems for , rezoning, according to the' clerk, has to be given
careful consideration and in any case will
have to go to plcbisch^, ,....;
Naturally rezoning requires consideration but one can wonder for how many
UPoeJ's Cwp^B"
Letters to the Editor must carry q signature aria
address, although a pen-name may be used fot
Full explanation
Editor, The Times
. Sir—I understand that you have published in your newspaper an editorial in Which'
you criticize Mr. Gaglardi for his inability to. attend a Centennial- Thanksgiving
Service in Secheit the'evening of June 21. '
I have not read the editorial so I cannot
comment on it, but I would like to give
you a few details as to the reason Mr.
Gaglardi was not able to be present at
the service that evening.
Rev. Ar<thur F. Willis, Secretary of the
Sunshme   Ooa^
wrote "to*'Mr.'"Gaglardi on April 13^ 1967,
inviting him to attend and be guest speaker
at a Centennial Service of Thanksgiving
in Secheit the evening of Wednesday, June
21. Mr. Gaglardi replied on April 24, thanking Mr. Willis for the invitation and saying that-:as -far. as he;kne>v..at that .time,,,,
he would be pleased to accept his kind invitation.
T should like to point out that in addition to this invitaion, Mr. Gaglardi received several o^her invitations to address
meetings and attend ceremonies in other
parts of the Province the same day, June
21, two of which he also accepted. We made
arrangements for him to\be back in Vancouver by 5:30 p.m. so that he would have
plenty of time to fly to Secheit in time
for the service at 7:30.'
At 5:45 p.m. on "June 21 I received, a.
phone call1 at my home from Mr. Gaglardi advising me that the weather was bad
for flying and tbe pilot had warned him
.that there might be difficulty landing at
Secheit. He instructed -me to. contact one
of the ministers who had arranged the service and tell him that he y/puW be late
arriving but he would get there if at all
possible, t placed, five or, six phone calls
to. the Secheit area and; finally r-eached
the Ffeyerend Cameron and explained the
problem to him. He was most understanding and; told me.he woul4,,conyey the information to,., Reverend Kelly so that they
could* carryy ph with the service until Mr.
Gaglardi arrived.
I learned later from Mr, Gaglardi that
s he never, did get to Secheit that evening.
Thp pilot circled the airstrip for about %
of an hour and attempted to land but the
weather iwa^s too bad and they had to go
back to Vancouver- I phoned Reverend
,,Cameron to see if Mr. Gaglardi'^ message
the present government.
I think you will find that there are not
so many individuals and groups as you
Would like to. -thjnk, that; Bold, your senti-
inents. As for Mr.' Gaglardi—the Honorable
Minister is just that •Honourable" and I .
ani sure there Was a very good explaha- "
tion why he did not attend the meeting
and by now, in all' probability, that explanation and an apology have arrived.
Collected $&M
Editor, The Times
,   Sir—We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents, ot Wilson.
Creek  who  so  obligingly   donated   to  the
Community Club's coffee parties or helped .
in any way. . / .
In the six months we  were in charge
of the coffee parties, we  collected $97.00
and we appreciated., the willingness ,.,of so.-,,..
many people and the children who helped
make this possible.
Comrnenolable eiiqrjt
Editor' The Times
Sir—Would you allow me the courtesy
of your paper to correct a misconception
that has been voiced in regard to the Centennial Thanksgiving Service.
The Rev. P. A. Gaglardi agreed to be
our Guest Speaker and arranged to fly in
to the Secheit airstrip.  When-he-arrived--
over the air strip on Wednesday evening
thep ilot was unable to land owing to intense v cloud cover and' rather than risk tie
,.-fives"of: those on board they returned to
•Vancouver. Rather than criticize Mr. Gag-
lardi's non-appearance be  could  be com-'
mended for his attempt to attend the service;  although nobody should be commended for attending a Thanks giving. Service
for  it is  an honour to  be  able to give
, Secretary, Sunshine  Coast 3Iihisterial
r  Association
Students entertain
wilh piano recital
JiAPPiV/ time was spent at the Calvary
'Baptijst Church on the evening of June
24 when the piano students of Aletta Gil:
ker, ARCT, RMT entertained parents with
&. recital.
The students taking part ranged, in age
from four years up. Solos were played by
Michele Fromager, David Attlee, Joanne
Laird, Joanne, Sharon and r>avid From-.
ager, Kathy * Burritt, Vicki Gust» Beverly
Ferris, Debbie Conroy, Valerie Enemark,
Karen _and Valerie Dbds, Debbie Willis,
Patricii, Valerie and Raymond Johnson,
Philip Madison, Billy Higgs, Billy and Gary
Sluis, Vicki Bee-man and Louise Nason.'-
. Duets were played by Lorraine and Patricia Johnson, Linda and Louise Nason and
Valerie and Raymond Johnson.
Evinrude Sportwin 9V-
If you want a fishing motor that sets only
Inches above the transom and delivers 9V4 hp
that feels like mote, then the Sportwin is for
you. The Sportwin gives you the kind of
slow, smooth trolling you dream' about
Softer rubber mounts make the 9'/4 quieter
than ever. Want economy? It's your* — 80
miles or more on S gallons with:
50:1 gas-oil ratio • Full gearshift • Therms*
slat cooling • Tilts to 16 positions.
',^Fishermenin Ihe kitow.have mad*the SJ4 *
, best seller the past twoyears. But you have to
try it to appreciate the benefits.
Madeira Marina
Madeira Pork, B.C. - Ph. 883-2266
:~^ ' :;-" ^-"IIIT'ER ■ :	
Phone 886-2515
Phpne 885-9654
,..,.    ,■,'.-  .—by Ray Moscrip
Walking, walking through the streets so bare .,, + ^
* the service. Ho assured mo they had been
My heart did throb, my mind did flare
Born to me on the -fvings of a vision
My liijc waVdcslincdfor adnujl collision.
My body did wr,ctch with the scum of unrest^
Inflicted by all of society's dis-c^nso,;
My mind did flash at prevailing, .hof-gh'ts
While my body buckled wilh conformist rot.
We arc all germs on a small little street
Destined for reality with whom wc must meet!
And while we liyo each night and each day
.told of the message .that the Mintofccj; would
be l^tes because of Inclement flying, weather
and ^tha't ho would get there just> \ha soon
as possible^
I hope the foregoing will holp to clear
up any misunderstanding; and It would bo
very much, appreciated If you would be
kind enbt-gh tp publish thlq lettei* In your
newspaper so that the people who attended Ihe service will1 know it waabecauso
iof unavoidable, olrcum'stances ,tnat Mir,
Gaglardi was not able to bo ithero for the
Thanksgiving Service.
( Secretary tn the • Minister of Highways
■>  '   '   >» ■■ •   \"'" ,    ' i ■"•
The Whipping Post
Editor, Tho. Times ,.,.....-..	
Sir-rWo want to take cxcoptlon to your
, Editorial, Mlastilng,   Mir.   Gaglardi,   wjhjldli,
ly) that,any slip up on Mr, Gnglardl'u pnrl,
no matter what the cause, Is^hnlled by you
with gleo as n chance to take lilm to the
whipping post. Pon't look but your pollt*
Ichl plaster Is undotUtcdly Itching you ■ or
you would notoho so .v|c1ouh In your nltnck
on   this   hard   working   Minister  of' the
Crown,iYou,undoubtedly.havo.not lived on
the Sunshine, Coast underlie Old,Lino .Par-
young businessmen^xp^Tiom- - 7^^^m<Uoh^hMfij7.   '7"'7"......^wyow would bo nblo lo/fiod/tho many
^      P uuaMwpaHiiaH cAyptay y«jm     4^B«m«**00mm*mmmmmmmmm-mm„__' _ services ■which  havo  como- to  u» under
BrMWiWBSWaWSSS^ iBBlWSWiS^ ■— ■-     " -. —■ —"■ •■*■*■*■ i;i'-*iiiii..ii..nit.l-..1il»^^j.l|^.l|„l,.,l,,J,.,„„l^ ■.hi..hiii ■ ...i----m.-.-.,.-- B-*fmm—mwi4 Him   mn    '" mmimm*B*44iifBmtmmmB4wmn*iw,m*»*r4 IK-*.- hhi-ii -■.■.■ f ■i.--..m
There arc already busjilpsscs in t^ie
area involved and .^iiir^o^ld^seenTi:; with
qualified guicla.nce ^ Vision shpujd be
a fairly simple matter. Indeed, Commissioners Gla'rke arid Thompson investigate ' Wc shnl* fteht the dirges of society's d^uy.
ed,the situation arid arrived at a decision --»».,.«„««.,—
but somewhere along the way appear to ' s,y
have been sidetracked,    v w,\ >,
Secheit badjly needs industry,,the ppo-
posed machine, shop would be a start and / Published Wednesdays at Scchclt
It js to be hoped bungling and petty ofy •" «ft.P.C/» Sunshine Coast
Staclcs will not hn nn I in llw.\-\„il, Af iU.
JUNE 12 to JULY 8
NOW- ,.. .'•...■.'..,......,.,, .
Any Blanket Jn Your Home (Except Electric).
Each pi I low. handled". inrji vidga I ly, all f edtHers
Removed frc.0 tickjng, ypv, p»'low feather?
touch'"7r\o]''''othe^s)V'^;b,xc'l^ive, process, fluffs,
depdorizes^^niH^; yol|r old ticking is re-
plqced y/ith neyy ticking.       , ',
staclcs will no| be put iri the^path of the
type of progress wc so badly jyjed. j-     ,
: Ons thing becoming increasingly obvious Js the fact that: while administration
of a small almost statiq village requires ^
minimum qn^Pcations, with, recent and
anticipated expansion together >vUh the
fact |hat
:<mm**m&$ijwtt*)i JHrtW.swf-it
'■'■■ Sechcli Peninsula Times Ltd:
Box3«|| - Secholt, B.C.
DoubIm O, Wheeler, E)lltor   '
"'/   SiW.AIwtd, Publisher      "•»
Subscription Rala^.XIn advance)
...\\\       U.S.andPqrcljifl;s$5.5a  .'.'..'
Swing the areti from Port Mellon to Egmont
f &frtow*tyntr
kit frwfmwiyt*)!*(,*■
wi * *i>****!i«v-jr-i-»'
Doctor of Optometry
204 yflfHaOMver, (Slock
Vancouver, 0,C.
* (Wifc-A-f-'  #** tnt-*•(+>*■!
tUKfH "l   »4Y*SJ* *.*•*•'   i
Moiic|ciyfJiply 17
For on appointment for >
l6f& eifaminotton phono
SW.'*>;' ',.11
'   A I    i       !'((>!
'i ,"i'V
 '"'"'J  '""MMaai-)K-*****'^*Vl*'Hf(W4aM^vr-ift.fat^a^*.a«^aMWa^. n/^lJtn% 11 i » m. 11
II'I il.'I    i'i' "./. '
4»a^^a^^^"a^*^iaa^a^.^taj^^(^B.^a^rfaaJ-*i«*M«fc^WiMwa^«-a" m*«Hta^isa.wp**aa*.«a**^»w.^l.
/" ." •»*.,,*• '»,' I
7'XAAyin,.:   \ i ,
'    f,  ■'
Specialises in Remodolling « Custom dosignod and
. M,,.  .pro-finished units.
Feature Superior Workmanship and can bo installed with a minimum of
inconvenienco at competitive prices.
to pencil a BIG thirst -BEST!
■■    ".   imfnmarn »m» vmnna hhhwimh o'oMpXnv o».«w i-tin,
This pdvertlspmont la not published or displayed by lho liquor ControT
„,*. XA ^XAAA„X^.MA',J7?\. _,..,.... „..».— «... .....
or by tho Govornmont of British Columbia Gfy*$7
1' !.'
""('fT!1.'! f
'(1 in*****'    '
W|U",i|ifJ*j»-t.Wl(4-i'if •'  "I
',   * 7    * 1*1 *
f r*i » .
I     I
I   I ,-, w ���-., ,. ^^^-�� ^ tv;-V;  P t*-l/iA*-**-U>--.-J^. -4-  -**- ���**��� -���r*ii-^*^-��*A-*��**i-*��'*-'��*-* "a*1*-;**,*-n-** ftT~rr-r- *-��> *  .��   ���"-��   .   *��� **-,.,���   -���" .  .-****,.*���- <���- -r* *  -T-kl!>#f*-�����%���***  ��*��?������*������'*���  -ssTsy? --t*-  *��^*J-*-* B*B    B4.���Bf rf-W^T* '  J  ���jj.'M ?l: t!^�� i' >H''ti;  r ���  j*l>  1 .**    -iff***  r\ % tie**:  /ft*. *<  ���fa*  >.y i'i*-        *J,w    J/Mr       i  ;^ **,*iiJ.vz-' V_L  .^���V****-. .-"I-/*  ^1   J 'X  The Pejime^ttift^| ^K^">  Wednef day, July 5> 196^       -{  *********"����*-*��--��-*����5lM*^-*-��^--����^*��-��^-MAfM^  -!�����"  ,-v.�� ���"  T";  Wfe Chwclc JjMieE  OBtlTi-VIN^RBJii^^NDrt^ AmerdeWwJjhi  life Wx*% becoming^extinct and' J'would  like to know why. I donfi ^t^Titc 1 cduld do  mttcb< sbouMfc 4>ut if! -if^x-fttt o,utrtJM!  cause, maybe we could use # on tho' dog  flgha.'aPhi* is oUfe North, Americ^ species  that I, persorially would like to see extinct. Have altyaysbeeriatold that every*  thing rig- here Jfor V ptffpese hut I^thml,  dog fish, are hews on purpose. , ��� -  , Ha4* a, con^er-satipn, with Maoford CooJ  regarding the losing of fish on light t^ckte  and the consequences (to the fish) swim*  ming around with this piece of attached  nylon and hooks. 1 insisted I bad nevei  broken my leader- on fish but had lost  many .when they shook tbe hook loose. 1  now take this opoprturdty to. publicly apologize as this, was a bare-faced lie. In the  last year I have broken off approximately  ten billion dogfish and each one is now  carrying a ftatid4ied C J. special (This  Nobody talks now  to 03^^  '   ' Wi  WE WANT "to, communicate: In' fact, we  set such a high price'* on\the need fo  communicate in Tneandngfnl4erms with our  fellow beings that onC of the worst threats  We -can utter is that if someone, doesn't behave, we will, "never speak to him again,"  That/is presumably  worse thai* > a "good  sparkling tea in ���a brownstone mansion*  we ananage to unburden as'litthi inform^-;  v tton about ourselves as, possible, y / \'  NotWt we ateii'i talking/ Oh the ebtt-  tsary, we talk compulsively and inces-  santily, the main objective being' to avoid  that* dinner-party . catastrophe ^of catastro-  ~���'.    r*~"~*T-v    h*,*7  --���-   -  *>*~-    ina*. omntar-par^ .caiaisiropne.aOi  caxaisiro-  thra'shmg. And it is. Ahyone who has ev*er-   pbes-a -moment of silenee.' In &ot, ^.fa4,  MAKING:a start on*-t}le-site, of rttie milidoz'er-fcihdly lent Aby Mr.*5 Norm  '/Senior Citizehs Homes to be, biiilt* Burley, Many people, are  working*  .     .    .        adjoining Secheit Elementary StilioDil' hard;6rx-t^e>-ground wo^k'and'it: wiH  is a conservative;estimate as,J do not wa.nt   are^Mr., iferb StockWell and Viflage t^k��rmttCli public/ support ,to .bring  it to be said I exaggerate).                      Commissioner; Lauritz Hansen ;wbo tljis/desperately needed project to'  I now propose to start a dog fish club   ^ dona^gr^ir tim^ Qfierating>e completion.               v��       ' v    *' ,  and .the mem^ershj^ fee wUl he ten 4p^     ���3���<Iz*z!5L   *^   7 1 I.     "77:77������':.*���. .,"1: ��'��� >' ��� ."���'-^-^������ ���*-  lars -a year.,Onc^you have joined ? will,  pay- yo,u <��ne cept each bounty on dog fish  you catch. It should be'obvious that-.once  you have taken one thousand dog fish youi  will have recovered your initial investment  and anything over this will be a tax-free  profit. My, storage facilities are rathe}  small sq please just cut off the ears -as  proof-and bring; theni over for your bounty  money. It is inconceivable that there will  be any cash left over but should this be  the case it will be used lo make sure C.  J-'s tackle supply doesn't become extinct.  Pay now, join later.  Pish really starting to come in for the  Sunshine Coast Chinook Salmon Club-, Overall fishing picture is still mediocre but  most fish being taken stilt .around twenty  pounds average. S|x fish reported by Haddock's Marina in four days, but different  anglers from 18.8 to 29.6.  Any of you anglers getting fish which  weigh in a bttle less than 25 pounds and  wishing to get membership in the SCCSC  persevere.  '' Before you clean those just under weight  fish, take a little time to run around the  harbor and weigh it in different spots.  Most of you fishermen may not know this,  but due to atmospheric conditions, phases  of the moon and other like phenomena,  there can be_a five pound difference in the  weight of a fish depending upon where the  fish is. Don't get me wrong, we would  likei all the members we can get even if  you Sawe torpbt scales on your ling cod.  I weighed in a fish just the other, day and  my partner kept telling me to get the lead  out, wonder what he meant, we were in  no-hurry.  A certain female? acquaintance has informed me that spine^ oX,the eair&-shaking ~  items written in the spring Fever''; column are of very little interest to local  people. She has not been able, to come up  - with any suggestions herself but this item  ^sn'oiild interest her/'' '"viV03M3a��*"f A '  SYLVIA'S DOG "*'"?  I think ypu know the. dog, I mean,  He's in a suitcase, small and green. '.'":  She-carries him around like that.  Can a suitcase chase a cat?  She goes at night to see a' show,  Of course the mutt must also go,  It protects her in the darlc. !  Old I hear your suitcase bark?      '  ' x..    .  The man beside,her sits tb drink,  One too many hc may think.  When he turns and asks my. daughter  Is that suitcase drinking water? '  Which words to use I can't decide.   ,  Then you cqmc and sit beside. ,,  I may not be the world's best thinker.  But that suitcase is -a stinker?  Do you let Wm out for food.  Or release him when he's wooed.  This must frustrate his emotions^  Does a suitense get strange notlpns?  The little pooch gives no resistance  To a claustrophobia existence.  Sylvia, your dog won't tell/  ���^Suitcase living's really belli  I.nte report from Haddock's Cabana  Marihe; Bob Prince of Vancouver, a 38.3  and a 20,7 behind Indian Inlands. And Don  Best from North Surrey a 29.5 same spot,  Parting Hrfo: Think, I better eat at homo  for a while���that drowned calf from tho  1 Fraser River has disappeared.           -*->���  '���'���'      "tt\miMB+mmi0m**w0*0^m*BB0'BmiimiBmm4mm*m*m^i.  CeitenMiil ��scisi@E  ��������*-  casion this year. Marking- Caln^d^-'*5 -Qenton-  mal the.stage was draped wi$<>2' Canadian  fla^s and bhjie -and" white, streamers -form-1  ed a canopy''to honor athe.-young recipients'  of awards; and also the gradV.7- graduating  class. . - "   /  -The program commenced-with the school  choir, singing in French -a'rid English and  continued with a delightful play - presented  by Mrs. Redman's class/Mrs. Lang's grade  three class presented-a selection of songs  in keeping with Canada's celebration.  Principal Mr. W. Reid then announced  awards >and a drum roll greeted each student to'receive a school crest.  SPORTS AWARD  Primary, grade 1: Roger Hall and Lee  Eberle. Grade 2; Craig Rodway and Susan  Bilous. Grade 3: John Nickerson and Kelly  Allan.  Intermediate, 9-10,.'years: William Fri-  gon and Karen Spencer:V'il years:  Alfie  and'over: Tom Lamb'and Karen Parsons.  SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS  ,A  Grade 1: Janet'Clayton and-Ricky* August. Grade 2: Kathryn Pendergast and  Oraigi Rodway. Grade 3: KeUy Allan.and1  Neil-Clayton- Grade 4: Laurie" Kohuch*and'  Richard Clayton. Grade 5: Eojnponia Martinez vand Kim Walters. Grade- 6: Eleanor  Swan and Arthur Hoefsloot. Grade 1: Margaret Gory and Lygie Martinez and Kevin Walters." Mrs. Redman's class: Terry  Hairsine and Brian Evans. Mrs. Thompson's class: Evelyn Hollowink and David  Mcintosh.  West Secheit: Grades 1 and 2: Ronnie  Hoefsloot and Rhyl Wood. Grades 3 and  4:  Trevor Swan and Delia Segec.  School trustee, Mr. Don Douglas addressed the graduating grade 7 class and  congratulated award winners. Class valedictorian was Pamela Cross. . .'.  Canadian project . . .  Transcontinental railway  saved by American  i  CANADA'S transcontinental-railway was in  . , trouble iiM8SPi short of. money, behind  schedule and faced with crossing through  mountains where no * contractor would  gamble his time and equipment. Then a-  long came Andrew Onderdonk, a railway  builder who wouldn't be stopped by man,  weather or mountain.  HeHvas born in New York City on Aug*-'  ust 30, 1848 and grew up to be a surveyor,  laying out many New Jersey' towns and  roads and finally coming west to San  Francisco to build' ferry slips and rsea  walls. That's where he heard about British Columbia's troubles, He" got the back-  J.��'��*ltt M  Ai\  AMBASSADOR  F����/        f-4*-*-*****    TaW    ****��*i p**^nwr ���*��?? u    ^���f^����j)^*����r  **mjp*"�� ^m       ���**���*��� F**T*^       "*-��iP*>**"[*,    mm, HP**  .'.HOTEL,'..,..:..  773 Seymour St.     **������     684-2436  VANCOUVER 2, B.C.  m&^<aimmmm*mWi>iv.m'>:l**��,<,M'tVM i~.^BiW-*ii^iW^ii&:i^-.e^fai^W*iiiX<^  Kqn Campbell   -   Chas. Campbell  ��v  CLEAN COMFORTA0LE ROOMS  $3.30 to $4.50 Slnolo  IN CENTRE OF BEST STORES -  THEATRES and RESTAURANTS  3-*-*-*B*aa*k  canaa  ing of a California millionaire, D. O,  and he)c4me herp,to'lay.steel.,y  Onderdonk, took   on   four   contracts--.-  from Emory to Boston Bar, Boston Bar ���  to Lytton,   Lytton to  Junction Flat and  Junction Flat to Savpna. His lines paralleled   the  Fraser  River   gorges,  canyons  and plunging cataracts and. called for bridges,   tunnels,   extensive  rockwork,   tough  packing and brave men who could work  while hanging from  ropes on perpendic- .  ular- cliffs.  He set up excellent camps and fed his'  men well and he built them' a, hospital at  Yale, but he needed 7,000 men and couldn't  recruit half that number. He told Ottawa  he'd need to bring inv priental workers, or  ! there would be no railway. This became  a controversy on the coast but while it  was   still  raging,   Onderdonk   hired  two  ��� ships and brought 2,000 Chinese to the province.  He built his own dynamite plant  and a steamer, the Skuzzy, to fight its way  up the Fraser to supply his-advance camps,  A steam winch, and 150 Chinese pulling  Nropes from the riverbank were necessary  to accomplish the first river ascent.  Onderdonk built his railway but "didn't  stay i here tp bask in his victory. Instead  he went on'to build another line hi South  America, construct a water system in  "Chicago,' parts of the Trent*Valley canal,  a railroad tWnnpl .at Ham,il|ori, Ontario,  a tunnel in^ New York anfl; an elevated  railway for Chicago.  .    ,.: ' ;Y    ,      ���)   .  He died at the age of 56 ��at Oscawona  on the Hudson River in New'.Yprk in 1��(05.  ?0000000000000B00B00B000B000*kBBB00000it0B't  MR.a*;H./".A..^Steed*-has."decently *r-aturned  .Tftbm "t a-'very erijpyable^trip Agoing "by  P&OV; itinerary" including, San -'Francisco',  LosrAngeles,- HbnotUln4, *��� aHbng. Kong^ Singapore,- Caolonibo,. Aden, Port-y Said,' Naples,  Gibr-aiter, to'Londbn.') Mf.^ Steed flew back  from-. jEnglattd- after a' most* pleasurable  vacation. >    -. s   s ' ����� -.* i  ��� <&est-at-tfte hbn^of Mr. andvMis.-G.  MacLeod" is TMftss* Candiie ��� Harrison* -of  Hanimpnd.    '   .- '���        ' �����  X  "  ,"Mrs. Martenspn'is spending a few "weeks  neVrs Nfapaimo. 7>, - v       ^  Mts-'K^'rl" Scharpers motored to Calgary  to, visit ^s 'sister-Mthere. ^~    Ar  Mr. and / Mrs.1 Dick Vernon,*' with Cprry  and 'Shane -have,,motored;, down-from  Hudson Hope'and ar-e visiting- at the home  of Mr. and.Mrs.'Vince.Bracewell.   \>  Ivan arid Judy Buckland have moved  to White. Rock. (,       v  ��� /, ' ,  David PeeK of ^"angley visiting friends  in Gibsons.     '\   "' *  - ,    ��     /      K A.,  Guest of Mr. ;and' Mrs. ' Graham.} McLean was,the latter;Vsister from'Vancouver Island - '       -  At the H. O. Chapman home on' Seaside Drive were Mr. and Mrs. E.- Chapman of Vancouver with daughter Audrey  and family, the younger folk visiting here  before going on to Expo.  On Sunday evening the sermon period  after Eversong at St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church was taken up with answering  the question "What is the position of the  Apostles?" Rev. H. Kelly in charge of the  discussion.  Thursday June 29 being Saints Day of  St. Peter and St. Paul Holy Communion  was at 9:30 a.m. at St. Bart's.  7         The-Roman Catholic Woman's League  meetings have been recessed for the summer months but will'resume in September.  Miss Cheryl Brackett, Lyndon Cramer,  and Danny Brackett- were among those  helping with the service when the Friday  evening meeting of the Pentecostal Church  was held at Gower .Point, followed by a  ,  beach party and weiner roast  A party of 12 from the Woman's Mis-  .   sionary Council of the Pentecostal Church  -i^-s*,, enjoyed an afternoon at Silver Sands on  Wednesday, followed ,by a .supper, meeting  at the resort. " ,_  Among those in hospital are: Mrs.  ���Evelyn Begg, Mrs. Nessie Hill, Mrs. Elsie  Herrin, and Mr. Tom Clarkson.    >i  endured periods of such silences from a  family member or Mend will vouch for  that. ...        X    "  But for all our. love of and need for  communication, 'we* spend most of our  communicating opportunities in vast' and  surprisingly varied forms of non-communication. , \ I   - ~      -  t People have "been_ known to-, live in  apartment houses npth'each other for three  decades still ignorant of the names of  their- next-door neighbors. For that matter,  I must confess" If don't know the names, or  the faces either,'t of my own next-door  apartment dwellers.-1 did happen to see the  face of my neighbor across the hall,  though, one' day when our doors by chance  opened simultaneously, causing momentary confusion, embarrassment, and a  snappy 'retreat behind both doors. Even  the,cat "went growling off into the living  room;    *        f >'' " ��� Ar  I've seen people waiting for, an elevator who, when they heard another human  being -coming down. Ihe corridor to take the  same elevator, waxed themselves'into such  a state of anxiety tba^'alfcey abandoned  the' whole idea and-fled'down the stairway  during these moments of silence that, we  can perhaps learn a little something about  other people., One wonders' at times whether the ability to talk is- really an asset...  But the silences don't-occuT--very~citen,  and they don't last very long-r-everyone  is quite determined on that score. So with  the mental gears shifting from one foot to  the other, so to speaks we talk���saved,by>  that ar-ch invention of superficiality���-  small talk.  SMALL TALK  Some people are quite expert at small  talk. They become shallow brfeather^. In  fact, we are fortunate ���� they atop to  breathe long enough for us to "get in a  worda.noW and then. Acid then-we are sp  'startled', to hear, the sound of our own ���  voices; we'immeldrately lapse into dumbness again. One .trcfub]e withJ being an ex-*  pe'rt at small, talk is thai one can soon, unless wary, become expert at very little  else. One just drifts from party to parry,  tea to tea, lunch' to lunch, movie to movie,  completely out of touch with, anything but  the triviaL        , f\  ,, -    '  Supposed between,:fhe soup and's,alad,  And I've been observing people laden with    one were to "suddenly ask: "When you were  bags of trash shuffling back and forth  along the -corridor, before finally entering  tbe incinera<tor--room"at*,fh^ end of tiie hall  because they could hear someone 'emptying the contents of a wastebasket down  the chute. *  FUND-RAISERS  Even volunteer fund-raisers in the building Tarely knock on the door any more.  They usually slide an envelope under the  door and hurry away. Of course, they may  have been unnerved by the curious grating  sound made by the sliding metal-cover on  the peephole in the door. Thesei ingenious  devices were installed a couple'of years  ago and there has been a noticeable' decrease in the number of unsolicited callers.  It' reminds me of the peephole ^ my  ���grandmother made for herself in. her kitchen door. It was crude, but effective. She  drilled a hole about an inch wide and then  plugged it with a -cork. When" you knocked  on the door you could hear a shuffling of  slippered feet, a pause,' and then a great  creaking sound, punctuated with a loud  pop as the cork was finally withdrawn. Jtf  you looked sharply, you could see a,keen  blue eye surveying the situation. After you  had established your identity to its satisfaction, a rattling was set up on the^ other  side of the door as a .bolt and chain were  slid back. -Grandmother was a firm believer in barricades. *  But non-communication doesn't start,  nor stop, with closed doors and embarras-  ~ sed confrontations in the1 hallway. In some  of our most communicative moo'ds^ we excel ,in non-communication. Whether it's a  grand-party, a quiet supper for'fiye, or a  alone' with youi; thoughts last, what did you  think about? tHow do you feel about things?  I know the. sound 'of- your *, voice and your  general form, ,but what/ are you really  like?;Are you like me,-or are you -entirely  different?' Do .you see the same things I  seerhear the same sounds? What do you  want to do? What do you want to be? Can  I'be of any help?"  It would be as if we had suddenly broken into and stomped about someone's  garden and pulled all the flowers up by  the roots. Or asked-to look at his bank  book. Or asked whom he voted for in the  last election. i  Yes, people-find other people fascinating, but they don't seem to want to admit  it, especially to each other. Famines^ disperse. Friends form peripheral relationships, making contact only now and then,  coming together and being flung apart,  like to many -apples bobbing about in a  pan of water.  Nonetheless, there are some .forms of  communication that still manage to get'  through, sans paroles. A slap in the face  is certainly an'unmistakable formrof com-'  municatkra; so is a* gentle "touch' on the  arm, or a tug at Ihe sleeve/ But put it into  words, and/suddenty '-we've got���-or we ber'  comef-a^problem. 'Never',have so'many of  -us/been-so' well educated *. never have we'  had "at our fingertips so-many open lines of  communication: But*we-flounder about in  a maelstrom of verbiage and somehow  ��eem to haye, forgotten ,how to" respond to  our' wellow bemgs.:'A\'barrage'of meaningless chatter has,'brought forth 'little to re-*,  inforce our view of the.pasteboard figures  around us.;.  *,.   ,,. ,��� ,,,..,. , ..*.  ���BBB0f0000BBBBfB000000000B000000000B00B000W00000B00000000B000000000000000000000000BBBBgk        *,  5  ���,��,*  ^!fi!^*-^VW��^*,**fl''lf  Greeting Cards For All Occasions  ���3=3*=  Now Arrival! in Childron'n Wear and Bathing Suit* . . . .  HK-a  FRESH STOCK RiEMNANTS  jm -*-^^'linfJ4f^^aT^p^^e9M'^^W'a^l.^M*iaaE^��i^^w  "���$$mmrW*t���M4tCa$rtw  ������ SpecialRcflinaWblrfTh 15c  mimiiuiiuu-ras  iTbl.HU,'!  "n*  CS=-3SC-f3=  ���"*^*l'**W***^"*to''W"'*���hW.Ii  HAPPY HOLIDAY KIDS  Sarry Paronlhi wo do toll nearly ��voryHiIng ....  PUT NO HiADACHE TADLITS  HBH/t,.tH  a=-=-  mm  \  B ,     For illustrated Brochure  ^   B   fill in attached Form and mall  together wlth,s50c  l.,.l^��*t*lf>T**#W^ftWW^fMW��W��l'��<M*��W��WWW*W'**>**��^^  GILMORE'S VARIETY SHOP  S  ��   g Sunshine Coait *Cc��lof 'Hornet���  ^    C Box 626 . Gibioni, D.C,  ���S Encloicd   50c ������ Pkasa  mall -. \WmUoW\ s  \ cptologuo of  Sunshine Cedar  Homos Co. 5  Secholt, P-C.  Phone^85-9343  r0��  lM00000000000Mm04000*0*000000000M00B0000000000000BM00000000000000*00M0*0000000000000$      ����  |M | ��>��� -.a-.*-n--i*--h>-*>-��-*���  I        t  "���\ ,\  -.a��,t   J.,  ��.\  'S���  ��,1�����  **����i(---)H-W*��itfSt-i|*B.m��B.jfc��. J| -a  ,Ht  l\<l  >\s  ")r  '.       , *.v ��� '���ii i.  U-i��wq---iM��^-i-wl*l-v��a,--��(-i^^ -W*te  i     A    '    '/'Li J?  1 '*:-,:*,*;  ���rim^^^^r^x���������������r~  -i  ,��;>,, iye8_ .  X-n^ ti:���T  i .^    a->~-        , '*<  / nmiiuw aim...  Sam 52JS * t* -*���������*.  ^  ,*-*; "a    Page 6  if ft.,     ;   1  ���Sta-W,  1      HJ  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 5/1967,  *'*" ��-*- ��^sJU  **i    _������!* r  J",-**��'  ate: ^/&M*  ���-        ����.--���   f..tTr*r .i ��� ������-��� *" " ��� I m   *" I  Sunny afternoon  ENJOYING   the. scenery  from  the    of Commerce float are Mrs. Kay But-  upper deck of Gibsons Chamber   ler and Mr. Art Silverton.  L-rS.  .A  s  1 ****��, ****���   '     *  i&*   ix  J1' J"*** ��. t* **��� ��� i>k *?  1 **T*tf.i        l.��rf ***-*-. I ���   .tfl >        *     im.  \itimt  ���life'." .'J,i%*:     \:   ^958^  .ass--"** i-*^*��*���-w-    *       *T  %^lz  it*-;    .1 ! jw^i  . i  Centennial Queen Nea* entry  GIBSONS Kinsman Jim,Cramer pre-   waits  to  offer bis  congratulations. MOST immaculate float in Gibsons of Montreal which must^have been-  sents  Centennial  Queen Beverly   Bev,  who  is   seventeen,   graduates July 1st parade was the superb decorated  with  typical bank -effio-'  Szabo with a shower of gift certifi-:-from high school this year and wUl entry of Gibsons Branch of the Bank lency.  cates  from  Gibsons   merchants  as*  take up-a-career in, nursing when  I  Village    Chairman   Wes    Hodgson   s,he is eighteen.  Silver float ,  FESTOONED  with   silver foil and   Drugs float won first prize in the  proudly bearing the emblems of. c^pnimercial class in the July1st paf-  1heLP-^Vin?es   of   Canada,   Kruse(   ade at Gibsons.  Gibsons Sultan  NOT many people realized that the   was none other than Mr. Bill Price  proud sultan in the Gibsons par-   who walked off with the trophy for  ade complete with harem and slave "best entry in the parade.        ^  Children's parade  THREE young ladies take part in;  on the right is really getting into step  the children's costume parade at \ with the Seaforth Highlander Pipe  Gibsons; it was1 not possible to get   Band which led the parade,  their' names but the cute little girl *.  ���   - ���       Girl Guide .entry'  REPRESENTING Brownies,- Guides - decorated car was one vof the pret-  and Rangers and displaying Gift   tiest iri the Gibsons July 1st parade.  Guide -and; Centepuial emblems, this      r        /  i i  *+&'fi   ** *s  *���-������* *35i.  V-ysr:.*-**'-  ���sSS*SssL**-f*,j!J.  ,: ?���.'. * *  MACHINE SHOP EQUIPMENT  -jaV 9" South Bend Lathe. 4y2" bed, all attachments.  ���ft Atlas metal shaper.  ^ Atlas 14" floor model drill press.  ir; Backsmith's Anvil.  ^r Blacksmith's Forge. 'x ���;���  ��� ���      ��� '  WOODWORKING TOOLS  iy Drum and Disc Sander. 15" drum and 10*' disc.  ���Ills *(Jv-ili--m*nt It pot published er diipljyed by Iho liquor Control Bojii) or by lh�� Ccvcinmenl ol Onlnh Columbli,  ft 'u   ',,     -i i,    j  ;,*  PTA ��� -entry  Centennial birthday  BOOK is every hand is'tho Centen-*'sons   Parent   Wacher   Association   CELEBRATING his first birthday on   feelings about the public^ he  al project of Canada's PTA,and   winning   third   prize   for   organ-      this very special July 1st ts win-   getting is'the son of Mr. and  nial project - of Canada's PTA and   winning  this was the theme'chosen by, GiD-   izations-  organ  ner of the children's parade, Phillip   Elford Fletcher of Gibsons.  j)  ������?  Fletcher.   Phillip   who   had   mixed  i *  , ft*  >{  \fh)    I  Il  l   ' i      fJ i*Pa?JH,i  J) U'i "l|> {���' +.���**> * ���*,��><**��*,*����  '    I I       *   |     |       ��M  iV      ^1,^11,, ������-������   ^  On parade  SMART young/cadets of the Sun-   forth Highlanders lent a military air  shine Coasj pldtoon of tlio Sea-   to Olsons Jiily 1st parade,*  ......     j.... ' '  ^HiH.i'iIm.hVi|.iiil. Ill  ,u7rsc  fil *  "  * i ^       j     ,��       I  1,1. >i��,i Mi,  WlflM   . - /' i ;-  'Hi  * t  as m���*^ fViiM.  (Hi   W  Box 518 - Secheit, B.C.  *���-Ji-aiB-Ma- �� *f*>ai.Bti^yite4s��ii'*!*��u.Vii. ^���**wi-!**-<i*��.-"M**'-*i^^ ,,.       ,, p.,,^., T..t���,.      -^n���0-���^-���,i^nrv-��7-?w-��w��*i'��*'r*,-"i"'   ����>--ii-i-��=*k*.*  SumiTier Scheclyled Serwice  SECHELT 885-2214  VANCOUVER i6854922  f::Jfervta lnfet  :x m77's'''!}���  l^aW|T|��^g$^^^ait^fi*a��^^iSI.iS^fM^a*^S.t.a. iliwa.j   ^aawy.a��^a,ai4*a��y5^  >t   .." W'i,i     i    I . VlU^i  faftengeni and Freight ot Rcdqccd Ratoi  Leave Secheit Wednesday, Friday and Monday 12:01 pm. Returning to Secholt before   3:00 pin. ���;       *..���,......,...  BUSINESS  and  RENOVATIONS  '    ' '. ,'    ' .'';.��� I ','���   I   ' i   .',,'''     '���        *''        i'  ' i     ' '  GO HAND IN HAND%7.;;��� 7,'..:,���. .  ��Wa'r0��,wolU6n-*-schca,uta  project .'. . Restourani bulldfng, Motel units and Office all  '"*."'".",���"     being repainted Inside and out.1  The Pining Room Is next In line for a thorough 'face lifting'.  Mednvvhlle both areas aro open for business as i��sual, and  we are already taking reservations for Fall Dinners, Lunchobris  and Parties.  NEW SCHEDULE OF HOURS  DANNY'S OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK Pf-tOM 7 A.M. 'TIL  MIDNIGHt ��� SUNDAYS 10 A.M. 'TIL 7 P.M.  DINE AT DANNY'S AND ENJOY FOOD WITH THE HOME-  COOKED FLAVOR,  IMPORTANT ��� Watch for Information on our continuing  Renovation Program  MOTEL AND DINING ROOM  OPPOSITE SUNNYCREST PLAZA  Sunshina Coa��t  ^SfSm  4Hmm0li^iwlWllltil4BB*B*fi4*m40i  ��� **iii.M-.ii.-w.il> I   I,   f HWI.II.I..O KM'* "'  W*MWWI����W  Phono 086-9815  f ".J lll,|^^^ tiTi IT '���**i*-*-' '������k'"1*11' ."'��'>-�� -.-��.. -��� j.'.. ,l*'**r*;'"1  ttBrnmBBrmmmmmmmp,  |       /)')'    I&'l^ljltt I'I ���. III--M-*---.*-!, Ui- -1-lj *ji��i I.II.II ��� -ilH*Jij**t L'jl lj. W"-..^.....^!. .���-Jty-.��----| ^^^^-g||--^PF   ) .I'll' , '*}>.'���      '     i       '  ���.^__  "~~A~  -/.<���  "i  f Vli li  * '      ,'   .  i*t��<it- ' >   * .# a- r * *| ��   ',!��� .i   ' "i *  ..   r  1 ��(*i.|l.,#>  il,*|,.,W  lil-Kt-l- f,��(^l  (|l      I |  J    "��   ,1 " ,  .^.��.��a...   ......  .......   .....   V  *.*���!>.'*�����  ,    |i !���)(*'���!* 5>! ���'{'-��� 11 r  .1    Vrv    vi     ,,      ,, ^  j..   l^    t      .(l   j ,       /  ���l r* ���/'.<  Mpl&p^L^JAAppemi6m^  The Peninsura~?(frier  " / V Pag* 1?  Wednesdoy, July 5,1967  -3a.   '   J.       _'  ~-by Mary Tinkley  i  Centennial parade > ,  POftT Meftoft j Community Associa-   ing the maiii industry of each prov- rare pictured here and they managed  tion  entry  was  quite  ingenious   ince. Just a section of the children to take first prize in the comic class,  .with a'long line of children portray-              L                                  x :- :   :, "  ya-a^jw .vy,uO*-   H/4   ** +      a-A. /   ���"���XT  ~r\  Captured )   ,  SUNSHINE Coast Arts Council ap-    Canada's  birthday  parade  held in   he lqoks and it is hoped  parently had quite a job landing   Gibsons   July   1st.   Little  Kathleen   vive for future events,  this whale but finally made it for   Burritt proves he's not so vicious as  'OWING to a change of program, the S.S.  ��� J&eaver will arrive at She Halfmoon Bi��y_  Whirf-on yifednesday, July 5t}i at io a.m.  and W-Jl stay until Thursday, July Jltn at  3 j>,m. No cars will be allowed on the  wharf apd should bo left at the parking  plaices indicated. ,  WATER   PROBLEMS  j'/TMs is a heck of a way to celebrate  Canada's Centennial Year", This was the  thethe of a cartoon by<fhat talented artist,  'Canon Alaii Greene,   which  was   passed  around at tbe 31st annual general meeting of '-fije, Owners  of Redrooffs Water-'  works District held on July 2nd at the  Chris  Dalton  cottage with chairman of  tbe trustees, A. T. Campbell in the chair.  ' The cartoon related1 to a situation in  whiijh the residents of proofs spent their  July 1st  carrying buckets of water because of the failure ot the Redrooffs water  supply,,As explained by ^Vu\ Dalton in bis  report or the conditio^ of the Works, the  water failure had been caused by wilful  arid n^ialictous slashing of the pipe and the  matter was 'flow in thp bands of the RCMP.  >, Mr,. Campbell advised that Mr- Dalton  had taken over the duties of secretary-  mapper owing to the untimely death last  fall/of Mr, Fred ��, Burdett. He said Uie  owners Appreciated how much time both  Mr. Dalton and Stuart kefeaux, honorary  achief ehgineer had given to the maintenance of the  system   He paid special tribute  to   Bob Cunningham,   superintendent  of works who had worked like a trojan for  'the past 24 hours getting the system operating again   He said he appreciated the  attitude of tolerance and understanding on  the part of-the- owners in the difficult situation just experienced.  Two new trustees elected were Dr. Jp  Paine and Frank Jorgensen.  At the 21st annual general meeting of  the Redrooffs Beach and Country Club  which followed the Waterworks meeting,  Capon Alan Greene announced that on the  evenings of July 23 and 30 he would  be at the Church of His Presence to accept Centennial thanic-offerings as contributions to the Senior Citizens Housing project.  AT OLE'S COVE  ;For the third .time in four.years, the  ''New Westminster Business and Professional Women's Club chose the Sunshine  Coast for .its annual outing. On' June 25th,  40 members and friends travelled to the  Peninsula by chartered bus and enjoyed  an excellent lunch at the Winning Post at  Olejs Cove. They stopped at the Church of  His Presence where they sang two hymns  and then adjourned to Welcome Beach  where they had games and tea at the  home of Mrs. Mary Walker who is a past  president of the Club.  GUEST OF HONOUR  Mrs. Edna Helmer was the guest of  honour at a tea at the home of Mrs. Ed  Surtees on June 26th. On behalf of the  friends present and some who were unable  to attend, Mrs. Frank Kingston ��� presented  Mrs. Helmer with a white and gold enamelled "cannister set, a teapot and cigarette lighter.  Mrs. Helmer is shortly moving to Gib-  sots to take, a pastes janitor of Gibsons  Elementary School. She has been a resident  of Halfmoon Bay and janitor of the Halfmoon Ray School for the past 12 years.  Her son' Gary Helmer ana his wife Jaye  Lynn ,wifl live in the Helmer hoijte on fjcopt  -takfr Road.-Jtfri5r-iMmet^as-|u^^rc!m3.',��d^  .newVpf the'arrival of ber fourth grandad,' Philip JSeott, Nelson. ���_ _  JOINT MJEET1NCV .   ;  At a meeting of tbe Joint Halfmoon Jlaj  and Redrooffs Road Centennial Committee  on June 27, plans were discussed forJ the  Centennial Country Fair to be held at Cooper's Greeir, Redrooffs on July 22. There  will be a fishing derby, sports for the children, home baking and rummage sales and  interesting' contests  and  sideshows.      ^  Another meeting will be held at Rutherford's on Monday, July 10 at*7:30 p-m.  to make 'final arrangements and anybody  prepared to help with the Fair is asked  to attend.  VISITORS  Arrived to spend July at Duck Rock  Cottage, are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Forshaw ahd  lAssa of Vancouver. Mrs. H. R. Pearcers  ���guests are her son-in-law, George Anderson, her granddaughter, Rene Anderson  and Darry Rainger of Burnaby. Visiting  Mrs. Mary Walker at Welcome Beach is  her granddaughter Sandra Smart. At the  Tony 'jCsohgikowskjr's are Mr. and Mrs.  George Robinson pf Vancouver. Louise Rutherford's guest is ber cousin, Sandra Rutherford of Vancouver.  Pender High-Lighti  I AM writang this column before leaving  on Expo Safari. I would have liked to  sehd back reports on what we were seeing  at the Pavilions and so on, directly from  Montreal, but with suitcase, 'bedroll and  food package there" would be no "possibility  of taking a typewriter, so have to content  myself with taking notes' while tnere to  write up when 1 come home.  All of which reminds me of an -anecdote told about Abe Lincoln. It seems during the Civil War there was a very brash  General, who wanted the President to know  he was on the job The General would  send in battle reports from the field to the  President the heading was always the  same  "Headquarters in the Saddle".  Mr.  ���by Donna Vaughan  j- ���  Lincoln was moved to remark. "Dura fool,  Headquarters where- his hindquarters  should be".  Our trip is all arranged, we .are leaving  Pender Harbour High School on Monday  the"l9th at 12.30 "p.m. then on to Vancouver to ther CN station.  "; r     '      "-' ',  While* we are in JMohtrfeal' we 'are going t�� take two side trips, one ot Quebec  CHy, and one to Ottawa, where we are  hoping our MP will take us on tour qf  the Parliament Buildings. *  Our Grads this week are Lennie Lee  and -Robbie Cameron. Lennie is going to  Technical School to take Aeronautical Engineering and Robbie is going to attencl  UBC to further his education.  t&\  Would You Get Such Values?  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The exhibition will feature old photographs  of sternwheelers, including one of the Co*  mox taken off Secheit in 1898. (.  There are also pictures of the stage  coaches which ran on the Cariboo Road  from  1863 onwards.  ' Other exhibits of the Cariboo are parts  of old stage coaches, road signs and an old  telegraph insulator. There are also. Sortie  interesting old documents' from the Sech->  elt area Including Onion Steamship manifests 'and Secheli Trading Company accounts;. ���.���,..,.-.    r, ������ ���''���. .������.;.  The display has been arranged byf Mr.  Jack Hall of Welcome Boach.  ,      ,  Little mascot  IT TAKES a pipe band to set Lynne  Brackett's feet atapplng. Ljfono  who halls from Sochplt vy^s thp pep-  k  py young baton twlrler who followed  dian  pan  PQitinsyld Pliimbini Lfcl.  Phone 886-9533     ' Gibsons, B.C.  FREE ESTIMATES  U.;*:,:C;:;^  7'aXX'7.AA  iHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT DEALER  For A Fme M&al  Dine at the EAGLE LODGE DINING ROOM  Dining Lounge overlooking the mouth  of Pender Harbour  Char. Broiler for delicious steaks   .  t ���  Reservations - transportation may be arranged'  CALL 8832282  THE   EAGLE   LODGE   Garden Bay, B.C.  fllERE^  , Some' 1,265 persons lost their lives by  drowning in 1966, Drowning ranks third on  tho annual list of accidental fatalities In  Canada. ��������  #*,-  The way thoy'vo been cutting military1  spending lately, soniobody must have decided to wage poverty against war.   ,           .HIIW.I.I. ..Ill^in;.!..!.   !    .  40B000000000000000000000000000000000000000*)  ,..,������..       ....'������,., ,.!.. .'.���.   .,., .,..���,.,.., . :, ,'V ., .��� ,    >  a-4?  PLUMBING & HEATING  HOW OPEN  B & G DRIVE!  tho-JRQynl^Conadlan^QglQnjj6p.fi_kl!!^^  Band along the parade route ��nd       of ,eVery,6h9. or> the parade rputo S (|    m    'If  proudly   posos   wltb "'D(rum   Major   at Qibsons ia Freddy Vorhul^t wbo ^  Bincklo, Mustv, 'thj,,s Httlo girl who   steadfastly c^ored ,tho whole.route ^  loves to "twirl tho baton says she Is   pvoylng that this little hippy ..hail got J'  our  hor own teacher.  what' it lakes.  [*W><tWtH-'-:i-i��K-|'.  Ruild-yourJontg!iterM~~~~.  savings program oii tho  gimwnUwd foundation of  permammt Ufa,inmrwea*  t. vt-c*��     y  "     �� ' * .    a  excellent service-  FOOD FOR YOUR  ENJOYMENT  Hamburgers  i  m  ^  H  mm  m  Let us cater to all your  Plumbing'   and    Heating  needs.  Oi|  Co. or Bank  financing  available.  SUPPLIES AND  SERVICE  OLSON FURNACES  BENNER BROS.  Furnishings & Paint Store ���  Secholt, B.C. Phono 885-2058  (-ftito^iflK^pffiaiAto**"^***  a*^^a��t��K-��$iWW��ll-*lh��*[*^ ���*  Southern Fried Chicken |  1 Sundaes & Milk Shakes;  He wanted to get in the  swim with all the smart  people now shopping at  ,...      :HeIeiiefs  Fashion Shoppe  Gibsons, B,C,  Phono 886-9941  AS LOW AS  "25�� A '"DAY"  WILL COMPLETELY  INSTALL A  NEW SHELL  FURNACE; Complete with Oil Burner, Ducts Work  ,     and Oil Tank in your home. i "*   ,  For full information call Dud Kiowihc your  SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTOR  Gibsons, B.C. Phone 886-2133  ���3S V|i'*��*.��"(*����' -w  Tl.lf..  Orea.t-Wetst Lifo";  AOaUHANCR COMI'/VNY  your koy to guflrnntcoit financial. abcurttw.  1V4K4M  , Robert ��, Leo v  For furlhor Ihformatlon write to  Box 600 GIBSONS ���  Specialty  av new and delicious taste  % j^-w��>R1��*��"i'>f3*','*S^.*W'j-a  PIZZA ON ABUN^  Or if you prefer���try Mushroom-  Cheese or Salami on a Pun.  ..mm.jmumaiimi.i  Xxax^  imBmm0i*0*fi4*mmm*imm^*  iliiH^iMilllliUiHWilWW'll*  ���fr  B FOR PICK-UP ORDERS  8      Phono 886-7117 In Adyonco  {}. s....... .'.  .,. ._     ���   ^   ,    ,  ...  r*B>0000000000000000000t&0#fa#X1>*��WkKWkirBB)>l0&��.  \ ..������  HeleneiFa-hk Shon��  Now Availoblo  A flno Selection of tho latost In  SPORTSWEAR--^UIMS���TOPS-  ������PANT-SUITS������  Sports Woar by Jane Colby  at  Helene's Fashion Shoppe  Gibsons, B.C. Phono 886-9941 *?.-A~.i i.L v
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Enjoyable trip ♦> .
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"  i*"i"'*i
..';'•-.'V-.* ."'.' V;-'".,.';*;.".'■"'".'       World's largest ' ■■:■.--*■■.-- -- -
THIS FLOATING drilling vessel, the South. East Commonwealth Com-
SEDCO No. 135, is approaching pany Limited of Calgary, Alberta,
completion at Victoria Machinery for use byShell OilCompany Limit-*
Pepot, Victoria. The vessel has been ed in drilling for oil in the waters to
built   by   Victoria   Machinery   for   the west of Vancouver Island.
Hon. Ban Campbell . . ♦
Central control phn is
o h@ieless one lor
CENTRALIZED planning is not worth  a
hoot, said Municipal Affairs Minister
Dan - Campbell recently.
He said a lot of baloney has been talked
regarding what the government thinks
about planning.
Speaking  to  an  audience of  70  at  a^
chamber 'Of commerce meeting in Duncan,
Mr. Campbell said 99 per cent of 'the area *"
of B.C. is  unorganized  and  one of two
things must happen in a growing area.
Either the people must devise or have
given -to them a device to locally control
planning and decide on land use, or
province in a central way must do it.
Mr. Campbell said if neither is done the
province could, for example, have an undisciplined pollution problem.
He said: '1 don't think B.C. should be-
"come another California.
"There isn't a bureaucrat born who
can make the day to day decision on iand
use for areas 800 to 900 miles away from
the capital. A bureaucrat just can't do it
Hev« Henry Irwin
noneei cimic
SSf¥Sffi 1MB! 8
WHEN three hurly miners -tried to keep
, Father" Pat' fr-^m -his -duty-he .met/them,
on their own 'ground-U-beat two  of ^them
sensplesSa, and xhased-.the -third, into, -the
woods. *■- ,'• *- - ' -"' '•■ ■ *•    - 'rX
• When Father Pat'met a man in need
of clothes, he%gave- him'his*own..He gave.
up-fes bed^or.a^sick man.
When Father PaTs- good works needed
money, he' ^thought nothing of marching,'
,-jnto a salbon," preaching' a rousing1, sermon
and collecting a pot from -the poker players. *.' *       -     »•*'•*   >i - -*
These are some of' the-stories, legend
or truth, that 'surrounded the life of one of
British ' Columbia's , pioneer churchmen,
Eev. Henry Irwin.    "  ' ' ,.     '
Father Pat was the name the miners
gave him because he was Irish. He was
entitled .to neither the name nor the title,
because he wasn't a Roman Catholic but
an AnglLoan, although many miners never
w&re sure ( because all men of all creeds
were treated' the same' by him.
He was born in- Ireland, August 2, 1859,
the 'sonvof ja vicar, < He was schooled at
Dublin' to be a missionary. Even in theological-college, he starred In athletics. He
i served as a; curate flt 'RUgby until 1885
when he^wa^'.'.sent.i'iis'an'a'Ssistant to the
Bishop of New Westminster Who in turn
fient him to Kamlopps;' to vasslst a vkar.
Travelling - by horseback to administer io
1 hiinere. %ilway(. workers and Iptocly
saltier*, he was soon a beloved figure.
He l>uiH a church at Donald and served
at' on Indian School at V|ale.
*Jmmtmma7^ "kk\' P, Xx X
He m-arried in 1890, but his wife died
in childbirth. He was sent to be mission
priest at Rossland in 1896 -and it was during the next five years there that' his fame
' grew.-He established a library. He fished,
played cricket and football with, his parishioners. No journey was too deep /.into the
wilderness"-if he ' thqught%he could "help
someone. "
In 1901,,tired and ill, he set out for Ireland, .but 'left the train in  a  daze near
. Montreal and was fpund with his feet'frp-
; zen, physically depleted. He died at, ..Montr.,
real in 1902 at the age of 43. In. Rossland. a
memorial   fountain   was   erected  iin   his
honor, by people of all faiths, and it stands'
there yet. ,
Small trees may be killed by even a
light fire because their branches are closer
to the ground and their thin bark gives
less protection.
For the one woman in 4 who
can't have a washer
Are you tho ono woman in '4?
If you're ,a career girl living In
an apartment, a young wife
with a new baby, a goldon-agcr,
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basement stairs, or tho busy
mother ofa family with* a summer cottage?"?''"''■'"''7
You need this Hoover portable
washer! |t needs no plumbing,
rolls on casters to the sink, rolls
back lnto,p corner or closot for
easy storage..
5 Phono us today *- Absolutely St
no obligation. ,   j'
fc^ ^j¥^^^^^^xi\x7
v f *i.
1 ^~~*t
Hogvor Model 0610
Gleans clot-herrWor than any
other, Dryor.
XA '.<'
> *•» * I *iU
l.v. ''
l$»'l' I    I *?
,(.)».(.«)•. (-1-
/ >
.,,,       i,   '!   s        ,
M   '     " i
,. !•' hi, i
:'^.;^ll^*id9^Mt - Phon« 8P5-2333
Ui00d,m, to7:00o.m.
o,m. to 7:0q p,m.
. .*„ChQnnolod-6tJ3am - vontsr——-
,, * Uses ordinary tap water
' • * "Stainless* steel soleplato
'* Won't scratch, snag or slain
, l^ *Big^tafptomrbltnehi|wr0nirtr
.materials A«#q58
>H Sensor heat control for apcuJ
rate copKing temperatures      ,
*, Buffet styling
# Polished high dome lid
* -fully 1mmersible«|^;**fj0
for cleaning   '    J*WcMw
Page a Tho Peninsula Timet
— Wednesday? July Sri 967	
. *,J       ''" i
-to-Jhe-travellers atthejiext_stopping_place_
MEMBERS of Branch 96 of the Old Age
Pensioners' Organisation enjoyed a trip
on June 29 by charter bus to Harrison Hot
Springs. The weather, bright and sunny,
with good visibility and a refreshing breeze,
was perfect for the occasion.
The tour followed the north bank of the
Fraser, through Port Coquitlam, Haney
and Mission City. There was a stop for
lunch at Harrison Hot Springs, with time
to explore the hotel, the spa and the pleasant waterfront promenada and gift shops.
Returning, the bus crossed the Fraser by
the Agassiz-Rosedale < bridge and continued
through the rich farming country of the
Fraser Valley.
There was another stop at the National
"A process so divorced from the local
scene and unrefleetive of local attitudes and
aspirations is a hopeless proposition."
Mr. Campbell said land use in terms'
of community, development must be decided locally.
He said: "In my view centralized
planning is a bad thing fundamentally,
philosophically or any way you look at it.,r
Local government rests on nothing but
control of property and its proper development. ;. •
Mr. Campbell said: "This would be fin^
if all of B.C. over the years developed
effective local government but it hasn't.
"Many   people   in   unorganized   areas
think taking on the responsibility of government is a bad thing. .,
-*----.**They're'virightenedf They'^tiimk : some *
levels of the community cahT.support development like a city, or municipality/ ' V
"But regional.,district legislation giv-$s
unorganized area people a chancet to participate without buying the caviar to go with
pork and beans.
"It permits them to join with adjacent
organized land area£ in land use decisions
in their area.
"The prospect of all of B.C. becoming
organized is quite remote as they cannot
in many cases afford it, but the opportunity for local planning should not he overi
"The ' alternative to local planning is
something I don't wish to contemplate." "
Mr. Campbell said 99 per cent of B.C..
should not be 'left to centralized control.   .
"There is a good case for regional cooperation leaving individual municipalities
as the base.
"There are not too many^ functions
.which could,not be carried but by way of
joint effort;'■'
Mr. Campbell said hospitals are the only
function statutory under the new regional
district legislation but regional^vdistricits
could, add functions by agreement.
He said it is his hope the 27 regional
'districts into, which B.C. will be divided
will be operating for hospital purposes by
January, 1968.
Historic Park at Pont Langley where the
palisade and some of the buildings had >
been restored for the Centennial of the
Province of British Columbia in 1958. Members wandered through the Big House1, with
its great timbers made of red cedar logs
squared with the-broad-ax and then dressed with the daze. They admired the furnishings and the pictures and photographs
rescued from the past. In a smaller build-
ang—an original structure of Fort Langley,
they saw examples of the tools and craftsmanship of the carpenter, the cooper, the
boatbuilder and the blacksmith of bygone
After the experience of living in the past
at Fort Langley, it was hardly a surprise
to meet ladies and gentlemen *who might
•have -stepped right out-of the original Big
House at Fort Langley. Thlsrwas at the
Guildford shopping centre Where, in celebration of Centennial week,< the store assistants were picturesquely '.attired in
old time costumes. >       K
* As the bus neared the end of its journey, there was only one song which aptly
fitted the occasion and the' members joined
with real feeling in singing "When you
come to the end of a perfect day." S.M.T.
driver Cece Batts proved not only a
thoughtful and courteous driver, but had a
fund of stories a,nd anecdotes to keep his
passengers entertained. Bill Goffey is to
be congratulated on the planning and organisation of another successful trip.
Member  of   Branch  96   are   reminded
.'that any members booked for the Clow-
how trip.who are unable to go,-should advise Mrs. McGregor so that their' places
can be filled from the waiting list.
, , ,11,
This young tree is too close to its neighbors. If we
allowed overcrowding to continue, the whole forest would
be poorer. Few of the trees in this stand would receive
enough of the sunlight, fresh airand soil nutrients required
to grow fast and strong, Many would become diseased, '
The majority would die from malnutrition.
.mmm*miM,.»u™>„? ««a»~£aaiaj^m.aw»«ww-au'w.»»lIi»("-i.W,*.W,.l."*1 ! ,1 J,.,"*1.»< I  I * I V.| | •
I °M*f*W>ti!£-4~M**tMfr*«41"^^
'    1
i i
VOL. 4, NO. 3 2        ■
JULY, 12   \^GT
MISS IN 6    RT T\V)£  TCR
/v? | CR O F f l m l Ai <7
This won't happen, though, because this delinquent
and others like It are about to be removed by our foresters,
Jhe remaining healthy young trees wlll,then have
the space they need to reach maturity, which Will bo
about eighty years from now.
Spacing of young trees is only one aspect of
modern tree farming. We also plant seedlings by hand fn
logged areas and fill in the gapsJn sparsely treed
stands to make them more productive, Of course, the battlo
against fire, weeds, insects ahd disease never ends,
forests that will yield up to 40% more usablp timber than
the ones nature gave us. British Columbia's major        '
,,resourcQjs.belng.constantlyrenowedrrrto provide moro
CowrJo Street, Scchclt, B.C.
Phonfc 885*2171
«"*■''■'" » wmi HWtllM ii *i*wiwnrtiiw
i4iw.M-.ii--*!, A ,i i ii w imnn | ■>, ,i i„>,illW ■!„
—r — i~riu -i   -|n   i i»i i,     ■
MacMSIIan Bloedel Limited
m " m wiiiftiniiii'iiiiiii
I'I'I,   ' ,' I,
,*<**#•*""*■ -»*#♦
^.»< -, '+..J)«*ir ni •l">|-''*|*
^4-**-**    J.      ' '   '
*J»i»'* #.»*
b.a jf.«f\ fj \", *, *. \.\ t\". t -n*»
,'»,M1V.\'.fMM.*,^UMA*t*»MM^«MMt'HMHU-M',,MU»i.,,-MiUH   .


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