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The Peninsula Times Apr 19, 1967

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Array I  .     4 .a ,   ,     Mi     !   ���- ,    ',     1|���|,   aaAJMUIw  ,1  n~  T  i)<  at.a^.7   i^v^^-fti^irfj* a**1".*  ��� *- '-"<r      ri .--  '���"������-����� a**"VW ��-"- ",-* ,  ^���rfVN^T^aaV* -* '_���_/' *" (**���! '__.__''������3- '  _-'_"'' * "t_*v_?" ^ "  ' ��� '* "."V" ?*".���.������������< ^J .*_��_*,. a.a.   __i _a"  ,ll  ���V  ., J_,  !��'���>  'f-i  Gibsons residenf  '4 A A}'  4-a.l  I     ,   ,. ��� -      -Vw^��� *f *V j,_ Vf HP  V V,  (, J  prestos mcmitvAim SERVICES f  Z\S% wfeST 13m AV����U��,   7  aV/UICOUVER 9"* B;"C.  ._- __-___.  '      <      4   1 . - "T* <-"V       7        " v   a        '* ',        St a'* *  Authorized''OS second class ���  mail   by   the   Post   Office ,-  Dfpbrtmertt,- OfWWa.  ��� 'I  6*11      r  ,GOWE_t  (. - Barney  , Gibsons -  punches t tor, a vejrbkl attack on /-coujicjl^ chjiir-nan ,:r_plied~   "Perhaps  we ^thought'  members, for what fce consideredf iailnxV ^6"r .weaK$d iwie," 7"* f, ,"  ���   J , '���_ __'   carry through a resolution last yeaif whfcli ;, ',.Cohi)ni^bneW,Drummond. and^ Feeney  decreed '.tbdtrime dttvewayasonly wgsXper-: ' explained <that" as the building'1 is'in-'a resit-  ntitted in.sthe village.-,>r i,. >S ^"A7J 'd-jritial area'the'owner>ould nAtitrallyiot  ^ Jt ,was explained <by/Commissionef \Tintr" be'abte' to use \l for^commefci^l purposes,  Drummond, that this applied,only'toipio-^ also1 it iHas'been."checked���out,and as'at'  'stands-there is nothing illegal about it..  Electrical appliances "  demonslralion April 26  ARE,YOU getting the most out,of your"  -electrical '^appliances? "Do" you -hesitate,  to. wash some of the new materials?-~If  these are" some of your problems, visit1  Elphinstone Auditorium Wednesday, .April  28 at 8 p.m. and find'out how to dp;things  the modern way. *  Short, cuts to cooking will be "shown "and  vincial-roadways and that the villagerhad  no' sucIk bylaw. "To the-best of my Know;  ledge therev is" nothing Stopping anyone  having a�� many driveways as they wish/'-  ffesaid. -       ' ^ <t  Mr. Barnes argued, "that is different to  what you said last t year. It states nn The  Tiroes that, you, informed a resident the  bylaw says'one driveway only." Comm.  Drummond questioned" that statement,  stating he was unaware of what the press  might choose to say/ "In that case-'let us  see, just what the letter did say," demanded  Barnes, t     T   ,t     , ^     -    >  1 Production of the, letter' substantiated  The Time, report but "Drummond insisted  that  the BusK it s^teiM that letter that- only 3��fg��8 ^S^ ^ ^ ^e  one dr yeway is permitted you yourself- - ^S^^ZaZby local mer.  moved it-last yeir yet noW you allow at. ^^ syou mayrge?^ tldS! now  &te^�� SSd.?OTW y��U ' am P&^ny;hospitaiy4inbSV- few S  ^mko^V^SVth "if ^ou can'i ' ets v^ he availaWe at the ^..Proceeds  see the difference between when a; bylaw  exists and not a bylaw, then I am* afraid I  cannot draw-pictures."- Comm. Fred Feeney added that there is a provincial highways dept ruling on secondary roads and  explained that as far as the village is  concerned,, each appGcatioh had\to be  treated individually. "We can't have" fast  rules particularlyon a dead end lane, however, we do try to stick as closely as possible to.the bylaw," he said.   !      ,  Regarding a building on tiie same property which he suggested is a commercial  building but was approved by council as  a garage, Mr. Barnes pointed out the  building is 14 feet in height, 450 sq. feet in  area, has 8-foot doors and a 14-foot driveway. "It is my view the. building is to be  used for commercial purposes and in a  residential area, this man is putting one  over on you, something: is going on," he  warned.  Asked, by Comm. Drummond how he  knew it was for commercial use, Barnes  replied that it was obvious from equipment  going' into tbe building. Drummond then  said he had spoken to the owner and had  been assurd the structure was to be used  as a hobby shop and garage only.  Chairman Wes Hodgson told Mr. Barnes  that rightly or wrongly, onus rests with  council and if it has been wrong then he  would apoligize on behalf of council.  Barnes said he woigd accept the apology  but felt council is wrong and should admit  it. Told he was simply assuming, Barnes  told Comm. Feeney  "It i. time" you did  is  NN  t  Regular monihly meet  ets'will hfe available at the door- Proceeds gJ- mm :,/* i~ i I> ...'C^C *  go to the three hospital auxiliaries working XT'. HWaY*1l'<C" Hma liaTTIf't" 1  on the ��'project-^Sechelt,^ Port Mellon and   Ul*-MQtof-*y��lUAMMni-2$u��  Volume 4, No 20  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1967   |QC  Secheit Branch OAPO  meets regional group  WHEN the North Shore Regional of the  OAPO visited Secheit on April 13th, delegates were entertained by the Executive  of Branch 96 to luncheon at the Malawahna  Drive-In.  The meeting which followed at the Secheit Legion Hall was well attended. Mr.  H. A. Hill, president of Branch 96, welcomed the delegates before handing the  snj��$uig over to Mr. Wm, Haley, president  ofthe Regional.  Secretary, Mrs. Laura E. Smith of Lonsdale Branch, reported that Branch 33,  Deep Cove, wished to withdraw from the  Regional because of the difficulty' of attending meetings, due to tbe poor-bus service in- and out of Deep Cove. ' l  k 'MiC, George; F. - Pinkess, president of  Branch. 94, Lonsdale, spoke strongly in, favour of amalgamation between the OAPO,  and'the Senior Citizens which would strengthen tbe vOtinlr power of the elder citizen.  V  Roberts Creek. Entire arrangements have  been made "courtesy ~JB.C; Hydro" "  A bus will leave Secheit at 7-o'clock' for  those wishing transportation. Fare, 50c.  Young pianist  no. forgotten  APOLOGIES to young Ray Johnson of  - Langdale who travelled all the way to  Secheit at short notice to take1 part in the  Variety Night eoncert. Ray, who is" an  "accomplished young -pianist, was >��� inadvertently missed in the-list of performers  published in last week's" issue of 'The  Peninsula Times. ' *? '  REGin_AR���mojithly^mejeting^of3fee__Rfl^ t  erts Creek Hospital Auxiliary was held!  on Monday, ^pril' 10th at r8? p.nv. ;itepoxts  from'? the'- various1 eontmittees'lwere -;*_Sv<hi  and a committee was chosen' to 'asasC'tKe  Mrs.: Fliimm'ejjfelCwas presented"."with  past1 president's a pin, - after > apologies 'f<br  this having .been delayed until thfei date,''  As Mrs. J. Shields had mvited^the^mem-  bers to ' hold this meeting at hetrv home,  which has only recently been completed,  they were, invited, to inspect- the;- bouse  while refreshments were being prepared.  X " .   'AX -      7 Charter certificate'    ' * <������  -  DISTRICT ^Coofli-issdorier -Agnes Jba-   <tf/training for  the  girls'  benefit.  -. bonte.presents"Charter Certificate   Frohileft, Brown Owl of 1st Gibsons o_ b x w_   to Broym^Owi'of^rd Gibsons Brown-- B_t^wi_iesi; Lil Olson; "Mrs. L'abonte; He Mr^7ae&formalioj_ of^iiie*Federated  ies Eleanor "Wtate^Grreat credit Js   3LajNJLy~��iwl~ Marilyn   Ranniger, Legislative council was/a step in the right  due 'to' leaders'wjfio i-levote their time   Brown Owl JSeanor White and Godr direction. "  _:_     TJL_* a -      i   _ _1     _J"_  _j 1^   _��^_   1   .            _T_    xt ���_����� r^-Y^ r��_  ^  Other speakers considered that old age  pensioners "should" lie'eifempt''from" paying  school.taxes. Mr. Hill considered that optical and hearing aid."services" for. senior'  citizens should lie-included in the/B.C.  medical insurance and it was agreed that  a resolution to tins effect _ should' be ..submitted to the Provincial Executive,  ' .^Delegates attending^ tbe meeting were  Mrs. JEL Evans and W. Coffey, Secheit; Mrs.  N. Ba-ey^jind W. Rutherford, Gibsons;  R. Bruce,and W. St. Laurent,. Squamish;  Mrs. D. Kylejand Mrs. G. F. Leadbeater,  Lonsdale.      * '  ^provide happy !and valuable hours   mouther Mrs, Eileeii^ Strom  ��� .     1   ' 1 >-" - ��� '      1   *    * '������ ^���t'  a _ ��� 7 ��v~       -. # �� ��  Everyone a genius . . > - -< ;  ^^m^^^^t Teleyisicin .a-.third parent ""-';.  states Dean A. R. MacKinnon  TiELEyiSION is the third and most doroi-  nant\parent in tbe home said Dr. A. R.  ment to an age past and tbe new proposed  Okanagan Regional College was referred  MacKinnon,-deanrof.-faculty, of education" to'as l,_itele_s" which could be interpreted  -at Simon- Fraser* Tji-Versity, speaking At   in two Ways.  8th  11 mi 11  Unhappy taxpayers  wm mum rmepgiyers  i flak nr   ,  ject to charity mmml  THREE members of Bowen Island Rate- chairman  Leo: Johnson that  they- rjfer^  payers'   Association,   attending   last asking for -charity and the School board is  week's meeting of school trustees, to seek "not a charitable -nstitutio__,   ^     >, -*. < "*  transportation a,ssisbnce for Bowen Island - Trustee, Jplmson. contritely wthdreSr, in%  school children were told by transportation remark;,When ^--'*"-L-r ��--'*-"��� -* -��-*i">-��.  island. ob}e_te<  ... - .?,   < i    ~a�� informal discussion on educational me-  Next meeting to be held, Monday; May   s&, in .Gibsons last-Saturday.     .    :,  ,.  Dr^ MacKinnon" is one of the ^directors  ,ot Intermedia of Vancouver which has been  granted a $40,000 grant by Canada Council  and7 plans to establish a multi-media workshop in Vjancouver rto -conduct research on  electronic communications.  A .report in the yancouyer Sun states  that the centre .could become the national  headquarters, for electronic experiments  such as .those pioneered by Marshall Mc-  ' 3_nhan, Canada's, communication philosopher, at the-University of,Toronto. It could  also become the central distribution" and  - ^elay point for .educational television.  ������ FANTASTIC  INSTITUTIONS   ���  / ,Djr.,  MacKihnQa. .fqrther t stated   that  Everyone has the right to higher education beyond'the secondary school level  and a, number of different alternatives  must be provided. The dean felt that further education should instruct people in  skills relevant" to the needs of-the-community in which they live. ' " ���"',  Human beings begin learning from their  first breath -and*~the process only ends  when they expire. 'Session' spent in an educational institution is not concerned about  what happens before or after and there  should be a closer relationship ..wittuschool  as the .first part.    -> -,  Dr.. MacKinnon inferred that .electronics  would eventually take oyer the teachers'  SS.  Gideon-Sund&jfcjplanned  eight members visiting  LOCAL representative o_ the Gideon Group  Mr. J. Marshall of Gibsons aifcbpunced-.  last v/eek that eight members-fof the'ljjjpnp  vail cover ���the..JPe_ul_sula-~during  Gideo&w  Sunday,, April 23. -'_'���,,.;-        *  >  Gideons -are responsible for-supplying  Bibles found in hotel and motel rooms and  are mainly' businessmen who see the need  for spreading teachings of the" Bible wherever'" possible. / ^ : " v"��� * * x ' "  During Gideon' Sunday, they "will cover  A- \  job which., caused a one lady to comment Angican, United,. Baptist'apd Pentecostal  that s young people are-becoming weird duirches. Mr. Marshall state's it is four  enough a_ it fs. , years f since a' similar event (was held."  y^e^fefhoSjp^I-g-v  1    K  J*-aa_^   v�� j.   x,j,   t*��na��a.v,^i   f * >'j a       ^   -,      i  J,   f      <i .a       r.,  .... t -''aT-'- '"'  ,��  ^V"  SS^^r'-'tfuf^h; .     ^    _  r -,- ���_,---..-..       .���._.       ,-.      -  ll^f^A,  owners'were paying ?80,00a in.school.^axes \ silrilities.in the fcuman-mind whieh must  *   ^(i-'    peryear. He referred to a;grbup,ot^ery "be no longer looked upon as a memory    gq '       x^**'          _3-"-      1* li jl J l*"'' ����,o,--��'- ""'.   ��.< ���, ,  unhappy ^taxpayers on the island. system. He visibned a satellite%which be &UStG'Hl��Ci -   SllQUf   'Illl'tiriGS'" - '   ,  Speaking ,for the Bowen Island ��aate- termed   "library, of congress,">s>a centre - ^^    ,*T^T?      7?'   W^*5��**������-. . f**1*3���?*A*y,yy.   ' '-  payers' 'Association,  Mr.  Goode informed of information. '                            v        '* m     ����        , ���'���;   -"���       ��      ,          �����               "   --'.         ��'��."������ r"k* -'  the board that Bowen Island High School ; Age is  not the  principal  criteria for j Olio W1__1CJ ; 116010.-011    ClCClCleilt  ��x "5  1  students "have to pay 'a daily bus farrtrom  the ferry landing to schooL because fthey  arrive too late to take, advantage of the  school buses. As they come under Secheit  School District,  the board  was asked to  determining education and it is necessary  to breakaway from the old, neat com-  partmental system of cducatiohr Experiment has proved;thatit is possible for four-  year-old children to understand quadratic  reimburse parents for the transportation   equations ahjl ideas formerly introduced in  HEAD-OK collision last Saturday'night at* thetrhefe. Damage to both' vehielfes is ex-  '    Middlepoint', Pender' Harbour,  resulted tensive. Mishap-occurred at-approximately  in a lady passenger'hrone of the vehicles 9:30 p.irn. r      ��    <���' <���      '*������ x,^',<~>A  receiving treatment at St. Mary's Hospital  M   -  ,\  i 1  ( >  (,��/.(' ' ' 1  Grisly findings v  CONSTABLES Joljn Rhl.er and Terry  ; Bryan seen oh tl^elr return from  . Trail Island vv^itri irumains of a hu-A  ,manLM^^pJ��uOy^!}iMue��WQi5.fe  coastor at about |8:80 ,a.m. -last  Thursday1 morning; April 13* Only tlio  lower portion of tho rbody remained  and even that prpved ��� difficult to  determine the sox.       :  cost.  Trustees finally approved a motion that,  when transportation assistance forms are  filed at the school board office, the board  would consider them. Mr. Goode, asking  for clarification of the motion wanted to  know if this meant the board would approve such assistance" and was told that  it would.  The  word,   charity,   cropped up  whc��vv  Mr.  Goode asked  the  board to consider  paying a further 96c per day for an elementary school child on tho island. It seems  the department of education will only al-v  low transportation assistance for one child  ,in a family, On Bowen Island a' taxi is,  used and-Jt was requested that the board  pay,96c per;day to pay for the transport  tation cost of, a second child In the family.:  Trustees pointed but that if tho pol|cy ,  was changed In this, Instance it would hivte  to bo adopted" throughout tho school* dls-fii  trict. However; -as not too many' children ���  are involved; thoy  agreed  to  Jtoy such''  assistance to anyone wno made. application; the situation to bo reviewed at the  beginning of each school year,    ,  -   /  universities   are now  being  brought into  elementary schools.  REGIONAL COLLEGES  Regarding establishment of regional  colleges,, Dr. MacKinnon stated that there  are presently more questions than answers  in his own mind. He questioned the need  for expensive buildings and a lot of staff.  Even Simon Fraser University is a monu-  for a cut leg, and charges'pending against*  the driver of one auto.    ' "      ,t  A light truck being driven- toward Gib-,  sons by Mr. William Stephen Price of Gibsons and accompanied by his wife, was  struck by an auto heading for Powell River  and driven by Mr. John Portlous of Vancouver.  Police report the Portlous car took a  bend widely and came into collision with  r_-.  Local agents appointed *  ness  inilfl  Effiltf_(8  UVfflBVV  Construction-Landscaping,. ..';���'  '',   i-~  ,'>'.���    1 ; ���      !   ';:     'r,i ,'  '    ''.   '       V'11' : 1] '"',' ���'   ���'"���:������';������������ ���     ���������������'���������'���  "���'  ] ,'      ��� a * ,  .Ext&iiSimjsehdQ^  scheduled for Gibsons area  ,piA!TT SHOULD have bpon a straight for-.;  ;,*���:;'..".jiytirdi?application for ;-a; business Hbcrico'  In the village of-Gibsons seemed to receive 'rather"'moro - than usual attention at  last meeting of council, fpr normally Issuance of sticha'licence ,1s a s.implo formality. ,' ������'';' ",'���;      ',   t.i,' ������  Application by, i\^r'. Norm McKay stated  ho wished to erect two display; homes on  the old I & S Transfer site on the Sunshine  department had received facts and figures  ;6n a: now panel truck. Original estimate  for' a vohlclo was about $2,400, but with  necessary extras, price had risen to $2,800.  Following his recommendation to purchase, It was agreed, to discuss at a special  budget meeting. The commissioner did not  mention where the truck would bo bought.  IN COURT /  - Alvih Lee August of Seehelt appeared in  cburt to answer a charge ,of speeding dur-  ing> whicb" be was clocked by ,police at  speeds pf 73-80 mph in a 5Q mph' zone rmd  speeds of 65-70 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Before Magistrate Charles Mittlesteadt  last Friday, April 14, he was fined $50.  August has previous convictions for other  motor vehicles offences. '  RADAR TRAP  Due to increasing complaints of speeding in built-up areas, RCMP were active  during the weekend in the Selma (Park  area operating a radar1 check, K  Although in many cases, warnings  only wcro given, 25 tickets were handed1 out  Friday and in a short period Sunday about  15 more speeders were dealt with .in tho  same way.  RCMP report, that increased vigilance  will continue and frequent spot checks  made of vehicles, for infractions. Corporal  Keith Dcevoy explains many drivers are  under the false Impression that any offence  such as no driving'licence, no pink slip,'  faulty lights,, poor brakes, etc. simply  means Issuance of a check slip stipulating  necessary steps bo taken to rectify within  a, spcclfcd period. "This is hot so," states  the corporal, "nny such offence makes the  VI  '4kS$l t^(:7.^fci7|lk��lfKaVW��>^ip4*ft^S^WsV.  WATER   EXPANSION  ���, .Coast IlWway.   Tiie  building   would  bo    '^& PrtSSTtotw���L*7Zl J^lver liable>o,a,summpn.VJvithout.;warn-,���,;,  ,.^p^ "l0~'V}"��80 -|njr-' Wo have mnhv vohlolnfi hi��l.m rirl_nn  water  supply outside 'village -boundnrles  ������atrlctiy~for"dlsplay*7purposesf "erected'''oh  concrete blocks, nnd landscaped.  Ingf We' have many, vehicles being driven  with vnrlous faults which could cause acci^  I.  a^nce,  ,'    :i<  POI  SECRETAItY-Tren^uror; Poier Wilson, in . .1T.��� ,  , formed trustees" ,nt last weok'p school     > 'Ponder Harbour, P-TA has'Written the  board meeting that dept. 0^ education ap^   School b,onrd expressing concern over tho  proved nil school construction, but advised /.'.stato Jot , Madeira   Park  School   grounds  thnt to "nvold flooding'.tliqa,mnrkct���: conr��,.whicli, ..after.jconsldcrftblo work; are atill  fitruqtion bo restricted \o ()��sontlnJ,rc(iuiriB' .jApjL^d^nlnin'te.properly.1 Undsoapo' nrchitebt  ments for Ihe (all of 106?;';    ;.,';,;';,':' tqols'that'the ..work- Is d6no satisfactorily  , ,..    Planning ;chnlrmnn, dW: DpUglV^ slated    bv(t thji 16w Sjiota need to be filled in. I|o-  LICR wore nlefted l(iflt Thursday, April; thnt  working   drawings   for ��Elphl^tono   port from the ^malntennnco dept,  fllntoa  13 with nroport fromf the tifa l*��pco 111,  Socor>dnry School1 expansion wore ready t* (' 1in��t major work will bo donoi tills tlprlng. ,  t ��� kavai.. t,n,i w��,.n' i��*n����,ii ����_�� rp.,_n   'rq1q yjctaoHn ahd tho architect ia .working    ������---���-      '  Bodv off TraiHsland  difficult to identify  . -Aallyn.sh  tho  mnnteipnl' clo*,' Dnvto    wattc<l �� lonK Umo.to got n wnter hook-np.   JjS^���SS?iJ" M{m thoy w"1 "ot "�� <,ooU  Sunshine Coast Lions  1   I 1 l a  prepare annual event  thnt n body had been '..located'1 near Trail  Island, ";   "'' 7\,    '���'.'' ���. ,,;.'.   , ;':"S ��� ���   Fl'rH thoughts were that .it, might' U  ,n member of tho lont, crow: of the 111-fntcd  r-i Cf iilfm AflterTwhijBh*-iinpk"*J a nuary^riiT wmi"  five mcntnbonrd.,Qnomim was. picked up  clinging jo a rnft, but died shortly aftor  nrrlvnl'lnjioapiliil, ;Bodloft pf tho othtr  ��� frnir l)avonot ycl, been, found, neither lfns,  .^.-^(Mlcor'iv-.'of.SephoK^RCMiP'^doUchineAt  wcro taken oilt to TrAlMftland to reaver  tho b9dy nbonrd tho tug, Wostconster enp��  v 7 tnlnod, by Jlorvoy Fdrrtjst. Only the spine  nnd 'lower part ot theft body romnlncd-and  ���_..'���.��� ���_ ., a -   . 1 ���_, ������  ���Ton,__>"    "ssoclntion requested tho bonrd's consldorn-    nn.f >(alncns,MC��minuJE>>o^rP9n~.rop|t.<;(li  .'lml��ro^��DAelortfl^n(icpmmo��lntl^  ... 0 tjvat u,ft  p^bll0 .jj^^-^ ^0 ��� Community,'HAH.. Mr,"'.'; should linvb son^e control, over the stiua��  ��v��� !-��">-> (���� vvh.M,,,v n pOMONT ACCESS  on nU^plnns for construction ^pprdyed un-,      Planning dent, la reviewing the ��llun-  dc^TOfprondum No. fi.Uo ndvlsedIN sec- tion  ftt  Kfemb.nL' wWro   tho   community  Totnity-tronflurer, tx> ��� rti|>ly to tw6 offers of -.^-..i.i__ _._��...-. ..   .>    ..   t r  ,,  ,mbrb;H^an^o'loiln'^fli'<!ioommod|i;Upn'k''; *  school \mpV offifco but' to stnto  beard wns Solns,ahead;with Its own plans,;  Tho new ischool board offl'coV approved in  referendum Np.'a is to bo. located on tho'  corner of North It ond, nnd Highway , 101,  'o'ppoMle XSIbsons' Elemcntnry School, '  S��Ja      a, ! < ���       '     I ���        .   I  LANDSCAPING  Preliminary plnn.i for complete land*  f-cnphiK of Gibsons 'Elementary 'School,'  df'ftwh.hy the firm o( 'JuBtlcoi^'vWobb wcro  trnry to the bylaw Involved and thnt no  building ijiormlt Is required, Cofjin^. Wnlly  Peterson questioned tho < project. "What  nss'urnnco have wo thnt tho buildings will  not bo 6old nnd then occupied?" ho nsked.  , ComrnT Ken doddnrd snldlio could sco  nothing wrong, "It Is simply n.,business  licence and I see nothing wrong with It)"  ho ndded. Comm, Fred Feenoy agreed and  explained thnt ns no bullying licence Is ln^  yolyed, rosidencq of Uie bulldtngt. would  constltiTlo nn off^icolnnd could bo doijilt  .witlVby,council,.. ;',,���w; !,...t\.. , ,'.,,,....,.."',  Asked what, confrol council,. hns oyer  Peterson s^ld  tended to prdvldo a meter from which tho  nppllcnnts Involved could'install,their own  aystom but pny for water on a usage bnsls.  "Wo hnvo ample water how, all wc do Is  Install a meter and thoy put In their own  mains,'' ho' snld. It 'was also explained by  'tno'gommlflsjono'r thnt nothing will lie dono  .without tho engineer's rocommcndnllons.  This Is what wo, arc hiring him for," ho  added,1 .���..  Local 297 welcomes  cellificaiibtt  ONK OF the'moat popular events on the  Peninsula, tho Sunshino Const Mons'  Mothers' Dny Pnncnkc .Hreaktast, Ih ache-  dulcd for Mny 14, nnd as usual will bo hold  in tho showrooms of Peninsula Motors, Secholt. .    '   ., '  This Is but ono of the many fund-raising  projects uponwhlch tho'Mona members nro "  actively eptjngcd. Largest Job is* tho May  Day cciclirjftlon and.project .chairman' Ted  ; :0  idcntlflcnllon  proved lmnosnlhle,. in ,;fnct  'jiroflncod 1 lit tho mootlhii. Pinna* ;shtw th^   |�� cover^non-shnreablo Referendum No. fl,  It Is, not yet known vyhothor It I), mnlfi or   s^inunlnfi^pool nren fippn^rntcd from^tho   l.iUorc^t.^ato nt oy* per cent per nnnvlm.  fcmnle, It Is bc|lcvcd that p��nt�� aUnchcd,, rest of-the .school, grounds,, n' (bus t turning  to'tfto rcmnlnn Indlcnte It might ,bfl ihn,t   nreA1 where the oU}; school, ia.ldontod nnd ,.^tl,at no word had  ,nf;a,f<imnb, hul, nothing, definite will Ixi; , throoi,plnyli,B-fields. Plans cAll for;n (re-;, Wrjn, regarding  Duplopa..lpE.Mropiirbd .'-t^. dim*io - n -a'0it.v ^trl^ ���'��� lion.v.llo 'Vim ���' f��uppwrt��a ������ by ��� Chairnian- W��h - - 'OBORaEi^U^Ma'nd/' acting president nnd Farewell; reports that a" full slntc of events  also.   HaOndsCftpo   architect  hn��   advised' 'Jlrtdgaop  who. .ntao, snld  ho felt council /   'Lorne 'Smith, secretary on bcWiJC of the ������ been planned. Indications nro that lho  against glvlnft the property away M eon- should hnvo Home control,         ;. ., \          o?iocutlv6'of Local 207, Internnttrinnl Broth- Krcntest number of entries yetwlll.tako.  siderable,blaWni,wonld,b��ne��dcd1to',levtl * the clerk - com m*nted:Hhntt;oceMPation^                                         Pnpor MIU"Part '�� the grand parade- while entertain-  n l!tC.t;h��OlrlMLlfl of tho homes wAuld'-autom^UcaUy^lw^ft^^orkerBriPott^Mftlfcn^fl;*;. .welcome the ment will be provided to suit rtll agoHdur-  iircn for,�� playing field when needed. violation of tho building code.'    ���    '       ; . ��nndurtcemont thnt n Joint cortlflcatlon by Ing tho day.  DEBENTURE SALE                          , Approval wns finally- given n' motion }, the iinlon npd tho ihtemntlonnl Woodwo'rk^ ,    Conce.s.slon bootlus hftvc been arranged  Trufltoea.! approved Hylnw No. if cover^ ���' JLii!Si^ Viif rJmm'^ Rt'Go)(l nlv^r'    loftolhcr ^llh ft >tcak nml ch,ckon hn.bccuo  ���    k -L   ��� ��nProved, but Conun. Jim iwmimoM  flUlnod^Ung ho vvn�� involved' In ���'t^'," ���;n!^Wh��,wWcU lond.i to ofltnbllfih unity in  p  r^kf      11   .1      ��*     ���� !/���       i i'_i    the Inlionr movemont In good for tho trade  ,)in1��lfl....��pnllc��tlonl- M��v McKny aUM , l(nlon m0VemcnV-nnd 'fn.' tjlw workers'.' lt  ho had.now .been granted,tho agency for'  ,��� ^nccroly hoped thnt.thlfiflrat stop will  lead to greater understanding and eventual  Ing flnlo of delicnturos valued'nt $32,000  ZZ"c��lyfidirpm.4.flncouY^,..  8eer^tnryTrenBurer Peter AVIlnon .itnted  thnt no \verd had, been rbeeived irom Vic-  grants to Secheit:School  liopcd*tbat*ihe*ntill*Tfli��r'  Llndnl homes.  ppornted by mohibors of DoMolny.  Of pnrtlculnr'Interest will bo tho grand  draw for which the winners will receive  tickets for two vln CPA to Montrcnl,\ Accommodation for ono week In n flrflttclass,  hotel, pnsuport.n to' Expo, and f$5Q,.spending ,  1 m  I" * IT  IK  NEW TRUCK   -.--���������       y ���> ly to itnlty^niongst-flUtmlons In Ihe' for-   iuonuy. Tickofc for this lire nvalliblo from  y idvifced1 couucli tuc ilro���cat, tambor^iMTMipHiWiiwty'm'li.Cr,",7*-'ii^;'W^^^^ , ���'  ''i'.i  "1 1  i', .*���'  >*  1  i_ 1'   '  IK  l,t  1 * * t  r  A ��� ���, ��^: v^-Vv��.c ��� | vt K 5n^i"^i ix^jV^^ifT?;)  *. ^ **. -��,  _ k  ! r<  ' M ���  t~-i  __ ;  7,     7.  foge ? Peninsula Times, Wednesday, April 19, 1957  TttEpENlNSULA7^��e_v       Telephone 885-9654  Classified  %BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB0BBBBBBBBBBBKBBBBB0��BB0B^BB10fM0B0BB000B0B000i  WANTED TO. BUY  *KID GOATS wanted. Phone G.  Charman   886-9862.-   .   182-20  REAL  ESTATE  (tont'd)  --fit  4B0ATS& ENGINES  SWAP  REAL ESTATE  FOR SALE (Continued)  Tt  __C  FOR SALE (Con.iniie.ft  Published Wednesdoys by the  Secheit Peninsula  Times  Ltd.,  ot  Sechelt_ B.C.  PERSONAL  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulation  Classified Advertising Rotes:  3-Lme AdBriefs (15 words)  One   Insertion     .._ 50c  $1 00   10c  Three   Insertions      Extra lines (5 words)   (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs)  Box Numbers, 10c extra  \Sc Book-keeping charge is added  for AdBriefs not paid by publication date.  Legal  or   Reader   advertising   25c  per count line.  Display   advertising   in    classified  Ad'Brief columns,  1.50 per inch.  ANNOUNCEMENT  FOR membership or explosive  requirements, contact Wiljo  Wiren, selling agent, Howe  Sound Farmers' Institute, Reid  Road. Gibsons; 886-2014. Stumping or ditching powder, dynamite,* electric or regular caps,  primacord. etc. 9172-tfn  Wedding Announcements  MR. AND MRS. E. G. Chambers of Secheit wish to announce the forthcoming marr  riage of their daughter Judy  Anne to Ronald Murray Sim,  son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sim  ���Selma Park. Wedding rites will  be at the Bethel Baptist Church,  Secheit, April 15th at 3 p.m.  8728-20  BIRTHS  MR.  AND MRS. R-  K. Tyson  of Wilson Creek announce the  a birth of a son, Kenneth Michael,  8 lbs.r at St. Mary's Hospital,  Secheit. April 14, 1967.     8735-20  DEATHS  SPRING  cleaning?   Don't  forget    tbe    Secheit " Kinsmen  White Elephant sale. 30-tfn  $250.00 REWARD offered for  information leading to the  conviction of persons responsible for removal of antiques  and pictures from a house at  ariopkins Landing, B C. Please  contact RCMP Headquarters,  Gibsons, B.C. where information will be treated in confidence. 9204-tfn  WHY endure what perhaps nature can cure? Herbal medicine is safe -medicine. Write  for an absolutely free copy of  "Herbology Health Magazine".  'P.O. Box 3178, Johannesburg,  South Africa. Please mention  this   newspaper. 76-15  40   ACRES���approx.  waterfront. Soil all or part interest. Secheit area. Phone 926-  3204 ox 987-9695 Vancouver.  208-22  COMFORTABLE     2    bedroom  house  on  paved  road,  Porpoise  Priced  Balance  cent int. Phone 885-9392.  192-20  SACRIFICE   sale���Secheit   ar-       Bo* m, Sechel., B.fc.       228-tjfc j^ witftWUbP and toaf-r     886-9568.  3>00d   ft.   WANTED: waterfront lot, sodf*'pH *ty&�� W-jW--"    ���"  3 ROOM^bin afar sale^Tp be * ONE7,^^car radio, kpffh?  moved7'of^pr<ip(er,t^:^00 or-     '885-2039.'   ' ^   , mm.  best offer. Phone, 885-9979.  210-20  232-21  I  7 '    I  185-20,.  ^hern exposure or small acre-;;    .,.    .-   - . - -     ���      , -,-- .  age.  Ocean view on' Sunshine   16 CLINJCER Jwilt cabin cruis-  Coast.  Mi.  0584 after 6  FOR SALE  OAT   D7-3T;,A^peneni ,condi;'  tion., Phone 886-9568. >-   2U-20 "  183-21,- .  "cab, V speed "trans'. /Radiol    885r22^8 after 6 P.m,  WANTliJD-^Small   acreage    og Phone, $85-&626. .   3l-tfn^  lot With or without home any4  9x12 TYLAN1 rug; beige ^color,^  good   condition. r Phone * #15- ���.  ?749 aftei* 6 p-ni: ' >       27,4-22"  3 pSED washers, clear out $10/\  1 e^ch/Used electric range $35. .  Waited: \ised>idge_ and TAt's, *  Trade now, while trade-in' val-  , .���_ ... -___._,,     ues  are" high.  Parker's Hard;'*  ONE t)ybi abed^bbx sprlhf and    vva're, Secheit., Phone ,885-2171.* /  mattress, like new( $50. Also     \ '" nn 243-ifn  six year old size Icrib-and mat-    ���-��� ��� r~   rtatnm    motor, n6eds rear end. Phone    tress, good' condition^ $15/885-    HOMART shallow well pressure  umonv   'ooa-ai-aio _____ ��� _ ... ���     M ���-    �� ���   _     *a    t * j���,n -��� ���    pump m good working order.  ONE    piano,    good   conditio*!.  1948 Prefect, new paint, good  270-20     2153.  8742-22  ea   Davis Bay   2 bedrooms     where   betweeri  Langdale   and    1948 JEEP  station wagon, re-  all utilities, few steps to sandy    Madeira Park. What have you?     budt motor, new paint; must  to offer? State price, location^ be seen. $450 or suitable trade.  All letters acknowledged. Write> Phone 885-9980. _42-2l  beach. F.P. $5,500. Terms. Owner Harry Hill, 885-9764.  204-20  LOST  BLACK Labrador vicinity Secheit campsite, Wilson Creek  ���answers name Dandy, has  Powell River tag. Reward. 485-  5140 collect. ��� 8729-22  PETS  FOR SALE���Talking Minaebird  complete with cage, 885-9774.  *    "8737-22  WORK WANTED  LARGE  machine available for  heavy   clearing/or   grading.  Terms    available'.    Call   Fred  Schroeder 885-9690. 58-tfn  WESTERN  and  Country orchestra for hire. Phone 885-2830.  149-21  FRAMING,    finishing,    alterations.    Contract   or    hourly  rates. Phone 886-7168.        93-tfn  D-7 CAT for  hire.   Bulldozing  or land clearing. Phone 886-  9568. 209-20  SAW  filing���-saws of alf kinds  filed,    ..wpodwor^^^j^.edged,..  tools ground and honed. Leave  work af Earl's Store, head of  wharf.  Harry  Davey,  Gibsons,  245-23  WANTED to buy���Waterfront  lot with or without-house. Private party. Write Box 184, Peninsula Times, Box 381, Secheit,  B.C. 184-20  FOR SAL_5���Pender Harbour,  180' beach on sunny garden  lot. Older home with 2 bedrooms up, 2 on main. $15,900  FP. Terms. 883-2231. 248-20  VLA house, Vz acre, School Rd ,  Gibsons.   Vet   can  purchase  for 10 percent down if eligible.  FP $16,50n cash. 886-7764.  249-22  WART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Box 238 Phone 886-2166  Gibsons, B.C.        "   *, c  200 ft, prime beach, 5OJ1 ft.  depth developed property,  $20,000. '  73 ft.- waterfront, older 2 bedroom cottage,������ good: water,  grassed lot, $10;600.  4 acres, all rough cleared, orchard and nuts, house liveable,  abundant water. $6,350. $4,000  to A/S.  1 bedroom. country house, newly renovated, electric range  and fridge, $55 a month.  Do Wortman 886-2393  JACK WARN 886-2681  ��,_^_af��.^�����. > 8741-20*  M. Drake,  270 East 13, Van:* ,���-  couver, ��:C-      V 213-20.! 1953 *: AUSTIN < 4-dopr  sedan  94 BED and mattress with van-  1 ity dresser. Almost new, $65.  Medium size,fridge, $49.50, 17'^  Philips*, TV and stand, $50. GE  ^vacuum $30. Polisher, double  brush $15. Utility table with -  Shelves  $8. 885-2207. ,       240-19  ONE Nor pack, radiophone and  aerial. Price $125.00. 883-2396.  / * ��� '     '      8726-22  NAILS $12, 100 lbs.; Vinyl As-  bestos  tiles, ^9x9,  10c  each;  12x12, 15c each;, 9x9 cork tiles,  9c-e^ch, Remnants, Inlaid, 220  Reasonable.  Phone  885-9603.  1002-20  FRAMING lumber," $50 .per M  up, A. Simpkins 885-2132.  a , 3-tfn  SECHELT AGENCIES LTDll S^^S*J2?*s: Mmn caLh  ,   Priicticaliy no mileage .on re-    WALKIE Talkies, radios   port-    yards. Exterior paint or j matte  -?y Phone 1885-9654,  Realty & Insurance       y /   ,���  Box 155 Secheit,  B.C:? -.     .";     -"  , ~ .  Phone: Qffice 885-2161 ,   J.  See our listing under the*date,,'  J >i>ad, " V  8743-tfn  able, mantle and car. Just in,  35 mm cameras, also the.best  stock, of sports fishing tackle  on the .peninsula. Earl's in Gibsons, top of the wharf.    8733-20  legai, Notices  Si' TRAILER, sleeps 3, propane,  J��17 tfrT ' .     ��� . w'"     ' wired,   sink, ice   box,   chem  ��i(-cui> from 7 Copping Motors Ltd.    toi'et, $600. 886-2764.     8730-22  ^ LeaVe>your rubbers home. The  1 lake  in  front of  Volkwagen's.  Home" * at the corner has- been  drained.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  FERRY AUTHORITY  MACKENZIE ELECTORAL /  -DISTRICT  ���PROJECT No. T.F. 119  .EARL COVE  FERRY  TERMINAL  Ferry Terminal "Reconstruction  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders, marked "Ferry  Terminal  Reconstruction,   Earl  Cove Ferry Terminal", will-be  received  by the  Chairman  of  Jbe.^J^riti^^  Authority iiii his office at ^the  Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.C. up to 2:00 p.m. (Daylight  saving time) on Wednesday the  10th day of May, 1967, and opened in public at that time and  ^date.-- -.-* ^...iv-.w-i.,:, ���~.:.iy.^...  ; Phone 885-2812  244-19  IF   IT'S   suits���it's   Morgans,  885-9330, Secheit, B.C.  8893-tfn  ELECTROLUX accessories and  Waxes are available at E&M  Grocery     and     Confectionery  Store, Secheit.  Phone  885-9414.  4-tfn  finish $3.95, teg. $9.95, , Shake  paint, $3.95, reg. $7,95. Interior paint, $3.00 and $4.95 per  gallon. Large stock of used  vacuum cleaners, A-l shape,  $19.95 and up. 1965 SJV&, Johnson outboard, like new, $195,00.  Benner Bros. Furniture -and  Paint Store, Sephelt, 885-2058.  124-14  JAY BEE USED  FURNITURE .  Phone 886-2346, Gibsons  Next to Ken's Parking  -  w lton  Point - Fibreglass - Rope  Canvas - Boat Hardware  Compressed   air   service   for  skindivers    and   firemen.    Air  tanks. Skindivers available for  salvage work.  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  ���    Phone 886-9303  118-tfn  wheel  247-20  TAYLOR���On April 10th, 1967,  Norman   Jeffrey   Taylor,   of  Secheit,   B.C.   Survived - by   5  sons,  Vance,  Vancouver;   Roy,  ���Gibsons;   Harold,   North   Vancouver; Gordon, Burnaby; Donald,   Secheit.   Twd * daughters,  Mrs.  Isobel  Draper , and Mrs.  j _tfaney~��- Wilson- '-of- Vancouver.  s One .brother^ Ev abd%  ,.Mrsv Theresa 'Brown; _^*grand-i'    area." Phone anytime .after 8  ,i children^'6great( grandchildren,    p.m. 885-9342. -  '  275-22  - Funeral' service   was *held on, ." ; ;���;���:���������;���  1   nFn i14^' _rl u.,f ������-������ ^  <     Mfs. Naida Wilson  Chapel of Hamilton Mortuary,,  ^-dPra^eJ-St-rajf^th-^ve/Rev. H.        Now n years in business  WANTED  ONE   child's   -small   2  bike.   Phone  885-2039.  HELP WANTED  Immaculate 3 bdrm executive  home. Choice location.. Spacious  living room feature lge. picture  window,   fireplace   and   W-W.  Plans, 'specifications, and conditions of tender may be obtained from the Department of  Highways,   773  ���   6th   Street,  d-_- i     ^_ New    Westminster,    B.C.,    or  sMpr A$h* ��� door   opens   to    Douglas     Building,     Victoria,  WB *^e^ from nice dining    B;c>. for the sum of ten dol-  room; Maple . pass-thru cup- fers ($ib) which is not refund-  boards, separate TtTR. from con-    able ; ' -  venient U kitchen. Tiled vanity  bath. Lower level has lge. ent-    ?ACHyTENDER.MUST BE AC-  =*    ������, ��� ,-,���-.��� -   r ,_-,-- -. _,- ��� r ������r~r " nee fover' lee T  sharipd rianrt     COMPANIED 'BY A CERTIF-  lipt (instance the installation of the Trea , -  Ane^ster    -RELIABLE  babysitter, Secheit   "f ref Vom! teunS Pfort ^j��^^^:aJwd ^W^^#^^aC^nnini.aincy... history df Gibsons Landing. -  ; fejgrand-]"    area. Phone anytime-after 8   ���JeC^mStoSh��d ��� to" - J^^5^&^ fep&i   ??,,$* gmftW**^^^^'      , Pioneer aMedaliibiis ^were-Jthen present  age   Cash to NHA Mort   gives ' TO F^E PERCENT (5%) OF    fralpata Processing Bureaii"bas;b^en'set   -ed by Mrs. Dawson, recipients were  possession.'   ���;     Ay   J V:.  THE  TENp^ Roberts   Creek:   Mrs.   Rose   Ben  k m* _     ^^.^l\Aomm^o%^m-SR^  Custom built home * f-atare-tf-S Vibe' FORFKTTPn if t*hv tptvi     Ietter writing has given way, in many in-  c-._���^.,c ��.   ���mi*u_��--a.v        ,.*^^r j__i__u.it inu. _*.!>    sfarices, to the use of the telephone, there  -���by Jack Davis, M.P.  ' EACH, year, at thistime, Members of Parliament are treated to a. fa miliar West-  - ern.> The gofcd guy, Auditor-General Andrew Maxwell Henderson, unmasks a lot  ,of bad;,guys. Usually Mr. Henderson is ex-  ' postngt; government  employees  who  have  ���x bpe^'.careless with respect to . government  spending.  .*.  ^True^theact^ differs fromr year, to yearr  . But some bad practices have a habit of  cropping up again and again.' These Mr.  - Henderson really has to hit hard as defender of the public purse.  PERENNIALS  One of th^Mfhar^apereiuiials has ;been  the gbvernmenp- failure to implement all  of the  recommendations   in  the  Glissco  'Report. This report oh government organisation was completed back-in 1962. It  pointed out 276$i^r6nt ways m which the  government cOuldP^ save^ nioney. Only; 150  havelbeen implemented to date. More than  ^iOO remain to be itackled if 56ur civilf serv-  'fee \i--to-save the taxpayers money as it  'fshoulfi. * ���"���������  Honoured guests ...  ���- f t���mwi ������[���iwnpi���n���i iii��wphm-^ -i'i- ���-������������n���  y������_��������-  Centennial medallions  PJONEERS of Gibsons, Gibsons Rural and  Roberts Creek were guests at a luncheon at Danny's  Dining  Room   Saturday,  April 15. ' .   " ^  7 [Master' of; ^ceremonies 'was Mr. Ron  Haig, who introduced the guests and officials at the head table. These included  Mr. and Mrs.. S. Fladager,. Gibsons; Mrs.  D. Wortmgn, Gibsons Rural;-Mr..add Mrs.  J... Forbes, ..Robert?   Creek;   Hon.-  Isabel  had her medallion presented before her  departure. .  Gibsons; Mrs. *Sabina Bryant, Mrs. Robert Telford, Mrs. Helinaf Gosden, Miss  Chaddie Bremner.: Those not able* to *at-  terid. and to whom the'-Mediations will be  presented later are Mr. John MocDonald,  Mrs. Maude MacDonald, Mr. Gordon Bryant..    ���  Gibsons Rural: Mr. B. H. Backus, Mrs.  Dawson,_3Iimster^u^^^  4ii_n. wiin_mc   mt a   w��_cf v9nm���^        ' *?��� G. Chamberlain, Mrs. M. H. Lau, Mrs.  Asflot,admit|?dly,. has been done. Take  Allan Williams, MLA, West Vancouver,  Mr. Williams in" proposing the toast to  the Pioneers, paid tribute to the people  who started the development of the country and the hardships^ endured by them in  times past "apd that it is due to their  efforts that we are' now able to -enjoy the  pleasures of modern society.  Mrs. Dawson also paid tribute to the  pioneers and touched on some highlights  of B.C. history, and particularly the early  L. M. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Boucher, Mr. G. C. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. C.  P fiailentine, Mrs. K. M. Fisher* Mr. W.  A, Cook_ and ;Mr, C- A. Corkum.  To add to the entertainment, Mr. Brian  Sw^nson was present to play several numbers .on the accordion and Mrs. Nancy  Douglas gave a recitation of 'Hard Luck  Henry' by Robert Service.  K6lly^-bfficiatlng. ' Cremation.   \ON SECHELT PENINSULA  Harvey   Funeral   Home,    Gib  sons, B.C.,' directors.      8738-20  1 TAYJ^OR-On April 12th, 1967,  ' Florence Maty Taylor of Secheit,, B.C.   Survived' by  five  sons, Vance, Vancouver;  Roy,  ,> Gibsons;: Harold, 'North   Van-  ** couver; Gordon,' Burnaby; Don-  , idd, ' Seijhelt',   Two   daughters,  Mrs, Isabel' Draper and Mrs.  'Nancy Wilson' of Vancouver. 15  ��� grandchildren,    and    6    great  ' grandchildren,' Funeral ( service  was held on Friday", April 14th,  at 11 a.m.' from the Chapel of  Hamilton Mortuary, Fraser St.,  at 38th Ave. Rev. H, Kelly of-  , ficiating..   Cremation.    Harvey  Funeral Home,  Gibsons, B.C.,  directors. ,                     8739-20   i,   ���   :, B_tf)UGHTON ��� Passed away  ,, suddenly on'April 14th, 1967.  : Bertln Lawrence Broughton, D,  ���' CM., aged 78 years of Gibsons,  ,' B.C, Survlycd ' by bis. loving  ; vvlfe Grace; one son, Bertln of  ! ,i Saskatchewan; two daughters,  Mrs., Audrey Hinz of Gibsons  , jintt Mrs. Marilyn SllUpant' of  t Medicine Hat; one brother Otis  j of JPeace River; six sisters,  \ Mrs.'' A. Patterson of Mass.,  ',   Mrs.' F. Tatrlcc of Nova Scotia,  spacious rooms. W-W' thrttugb-  out.    Fireplace   with  .built-ib.-  REQUIRES SALAL.PiGKERS-  -J- si^��^i f^;  Phone 885-9746 or write c/oJBoi  390,   Secheit. 8987-tfh   _- -J��� { _-_   CALLISON EVERGREEN  CO.  Roberts Creek  Salal Pickers Wanted  .   Huck 34c Bunch  Salal '34c Bunch  Contact plant before picking  Located at Roberts Creek,  acrosp street from store. v  Phone 886-2633  8519-tfri  FOR RENT  NEW suites, furnished or unfurnished, O n e bedrpom,  bathroom, combination kitchen,  Hvjng room. All electric nev/  stove apd fridge. Phone 885-  9333 after 5 p.m. 8792-tfn  Matching garage and workshop.  Lge landscaped lot. Attractive  terms on $27,500. Many extras  included in price.  $1250 down^ gives immediate'  possession 4 r6om view home.  A-oil fjurn. in. V_ base,. Close to  beach, store, etc,  ^ K. BUTLER��REALTY  & INSURANCE  Gibsons,  886-2000     ','  Tho Progressive Realtor  8734-20  PRIDE OF SUNSHINE  '''������';/'"V'' ���������������'������ "^COAST!::; ->'rx>  ^.DECLINES. TO   EN-    u-        ^       ��� -     ,-.,.,.  T^P',imb CONTRACT IF A    b? l!5utUng  down  on  unnecessary   paper  'BID BOND IS USED. A PER-    -?J-.iu .u ���  FORMANCE   BOND   IN   thf      ' ^ there are other economies which  AMOUNT of onf TmivripFT.������^���:W,^'^d;mflst;���.be;rm���ade,���:���Take.itf^.ipstance���������.���  TPNnpS?niSiMi*S  , #1965 for doing nothing.'True, they were  ACOEPTatS l%*%rVS    ?ro^cted by umon agreements.' But these  THENBE PROVIDED BY THE  SUCCESSFUL BIDDER PRIOR  TO TflE AWARD PF THE  CONTR'ACT, , IF A DEPOSIT  CHEQUE I?! USED IT SHALL  BE RETAINED^ AND FOR-  (FEITED IF THE CONTRACTOR FAII^S TO CARRY OUT  THE WORK., CONTRACTED, ..  Bernard;  Mrs. Elsie Mould, Mr. David Davidson,  Mrs. Jeanette Handley, Mr. P. B. Long,  Mrs, Edith Sturgeon, Mrs. Margaret Whlt-  worth not being able to attend, her medallion will be presented to her at home and  Mrs, Mary Taylorj^having left the district,,  /A/VQJL/CAiy CHURCH  SAINT HlLDA'S-^-SECHELT  ' * '-" "-" 8:00 d.m. Every Sunday   \    r   :"9:30a.m; Church School  11:00 o.m. 2nd,. 4th, 5th Sundays  7:30 p.m. 1st and 3rd Sundays  Services hold regularly In  GARDEN BAY, REDROOFfS ond EGMONT  For information phone 885-9793  Every Wednesday 10 a.m. Holy Communion  St. Hilda's  come up for negotiation again.  This was only one of literally dozens of  spftcifid? cbmlplains' listed ,in ^he auditor-  general^: report, take B.C, Hydro's failure  to ipay the federal sales tajc on, natural gas  for instance;; It owed Ottawa $.112 thoiisa>d  a^ the;erid of 1966. ,���    '  SINKING BARGE  ��� iiResldents ;bf the west coast Will per"  Tenders must be made out on  , the forms supplied and enclosr  ed in the envplpp^ furnished.  WEST SEOHELT~New 1600�� of Tpndorers are adv^ed thftt all  luxurious living. Carpets, hqrd- Wddpr, will bo required to 'sat*  wood floors; fireplace. 18x30 llv- W^lhc'.;Chajrman^'6t the Brit,  ing, room. Panoramic view' of ,5m ...Colwm'tfW Ferry Authority,  Gulf and Trail islands. 100' wa- .'�� writing, thaithoy have, the  HALL for ' rent,  Wilson (Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  ���Ray Witt, 885-9542. M674ty    on $1^000  terfront, double carport."'To  see is to buy. Asking $27,600.  Offers, good terms.  New on view lot, 2 bedroom  cottage, electric.heat, hardwood  floor In living room. Godd terms  necessary qualification's' to sue  cessfully perform tiie work. It  is necessary that tenderers sub  hapsl^remember the   slpklng of   art: oil  barpei in Howe Sound in 1964. Raising this  barge arid recovering the oil cost the fed-"  era! treasury '$400 thousand.  Nexf time,  thbse who abandoned the hulk should foot  tho bill for its recovery. They, however,,  can only be made .Jo/'do this if appropriate-  amendments to the Canada Shipping Act  ' are made. ','��� .\^    ��� / j,";.,,'.���:',!.:",::   ���'''���'.'.,,  L could go on. I could list numerous  other instances   It?   which, public  monies  have  eithpr  been  wasted  or  cannot  be  MODERN    units    at-  winter  rates.    By   ,day,    week   or  Itfrs.  Tltcombe  of, Vancouvpr;   month. $50 monthly and np. Al-  Mrs, A, Wilson of Edmonton,'   so  full trailer hook-ups,  Mis-  t   Mrs. T. McMillan of Calgary,  .^���'and'" Mrfi��.. Kr Brown- of - Nova  ;( Scotia; 9 grandchildren. The  J deceased Is a member of the  ! Royal Canadian Legion, Branch  I'.lOy, 'and was born on March  slon Point Motel Ltd. 885-0565.  "8082-tfn"  Davis Bay    ;  Itrnnaculflte 3 bedroom on corner lot. Dandy view and one  block,to beach, 1 block to school  I ���"^%W.K)!_*S_*1 (  2 , BEDROOM   l|ouse   at  Half.  moon Bay: phono 885-9904 or  885-0713. 18820  ��ndi���blockSa.k,shopplng.._Very_12^^  good at $ioP5oo with .*,���� sffwor f ,;yl?f/ny iopnr1,  - T  ' r'        m��ntal project -ihrtt may be un  dcr contract lit 'this d(,te,  4% 1889 In ,I-ondondprry, Nova    ONK bedroom unfurnished ap.  i.\  Scotia; ��� was , with the Fedonl  Goverhinont, Research Centre  Iri' Sufflehl, Alberta, and, served U\ both World Ware, Funeral service was held 'Wednesday  I   April 40th at i p.m. from St.  1 , Bartholomew's,Anglican Church  J, Gibsons, B.C. Itcv. 11, Kelly of-  ;��� , Eclating, JnWtacnt PU'W ot  ! jlonur, Sea View Ccmptacry,  l ' Harvey Funeral Home direct-  I   qra. 8740-20  artmont, $75 mb. Phone 885  l>34i J , 26920  ., down.  Rustic iAdgo on 1.45 acijos. 7  bcdroohis, 18x22 dining ro'orrt,  loungo With. fireplace, staff  rooms. Mountain; view, privacy,  landscaped grounds, Two cot'-  ' tages,vdouble garage. Could be:  inlt with tiielr tenders ���'Tlit' re?��vcrwt from the'guilty party. But, Mem-  fiintih.?^,n t!^ SSt<f iS beWTof PaVHament .4pend man/hour* go-  o%����f^location S ffl E lnfi dyer ihe audltor.g.neral'sreW with a  K2Jhin lnn,il uUZ' flnc-tooth comb. They do this In the public  ���SfjSfWh.4,!l S''aA,lts committee and thoy ask que*  Sil,  Lpq��� !PS & ^0,f    Uons ^ndrcds of qwcstionn-almed at malt  isra^^JK sr rthosc th,nKs u6n,t hnppcn  for  the  carrying  out of tho       :J only' wish, thftt there wore stmllAr mo-  chlnery for iincoyorlng waste nnd exposing  our*ml9dfipd^Jn,,Victbrla.,.Wb:nced��a.public-  watchdog there as well. Tho sooner a public flccoudtscomitiUtPC, Including, many op-  position aMLAs gets going thoro tho bettor.  work within thpUmc Hmlt spec-  SINGLE bedropm suite In So.   lodge,   boarding   house,:   rest  cholt, $50. Phono 885.9602.        homo, Oil exclusive club. Aflk-,  273-tfn   Ing $25,000.  No tender wlirbo accepted  or considered which pontaln an  escalator clause or any other  qualifying conditions and the  (lowest or any tender will not  necessarily be accepted,  It Is necessary that tenderers  submit ��� with their tenders. n  schcdiilo of proposed construe.  a��������� _.���i���w        '       ; >..  ,       * scncaiuo oi proposea consuruc.  SELMA   Park,   furnished   ono   Davis Bay-iyr. old spacious   tion opor-Ationa showInK ����8tlm.  ��� bedroom,,.,, cottage,     Warm,   .3 bedroom split level wljh view,    fao) monthly^progress tot" each  >\'  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational) i  Sunaay School 10.00 a.m.  Church Scrvlco 11)15 a.m.  PA5T9R REV. S. CASSEUS  >V|llon Crook Community Hall  paylt pay Road   , i  sfsm  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  ��� ��� This free reminder of coming events 1$ a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  ���( LTD.'Phone Peninsula Times direct for free listings, specifying,"Date  Pad". Please note that spaco is limited and some advance dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder" listing only and  ,  cannot'always carry full details,  April 19���11 o,m, Legiop HqlL Socholt, Rummage Sale,  April 20���1;30 p.m. Loglon Hall,.Secheit. Sr. C|(|_ens' Housing Com-  mitrco roport, All. intorcstcd welcomo, , <  I- April 21���2 p,m.-4 p,m. St Aldan's Hall, Roberts Crook. St, George's  , Day Tea.  April 22���7'p.m, Wilson Creek Comm. Hall. Chlnesp Smorgasbord and  Danco,  April 24���7;30 p.m. Elphinstone Library, Education mooting, Topic������  Homework.' >,  April 24���2:30 p.m. - 4;30 p,rn. arid 6:30 p.m, - 8 p.m. Blood donor,  clinic, Loglon Hall, Socholt, '     s  April 24���Q p.rn, Nursos ros. St, Mary's.Hospltal. S.C, Chapter Reg.  Nursos Assn, rogidaf meotlng,  April 26-^8 'jS.mv Elphinstone Secondary School, In Tuno with 'tho Tlmos.  Appliance demonstration and prizes sponsored by B.C, Hydro'and St,  .Mary's Hospital Auxiliaries,  2, VIEW LOTS EACH APPROX. ONE ACRE, 3Q0 FT, TO EASY ACCESS,  SAFE B^ACH, CALL BOP KENT, Rof. 085-0461.  !_*+_k(,t.l*Sn-��tH'��'  :i?��1>.��.tl.USIl~*JalJ   I  ,&MJ<Ml4i-^-MV>rf_M!<M^ ,- |��V  1 '-A-'" fP  INSURANCES  Phone 885-2161  Mulrlplo Lilting Sorvlco  Vancouver Rool Citato  Bqard  1 uat*#i��.itf*(ai_*twi*WiS771  AGENCIES LTP.  CARD OF THANKS  Itlch W-W carpet" through 17x20  living room and lOxlt dining  room, Klcctrlc hcatlnR, dble,  plumbing and mnny other ex-  NEW*ddluxc,aapartment,^*bed--��pon��lvo.���looturosr'-yVoll-priced-  rooms, laundry facility, $110   with #,,00!, down.  clean-   flood    view.   Available  May 8lh. Phone m-om,  .,.,,.,,,���,., ..        , 1Q01-22  phase of the construction yvork,,  CS/BItYgON  8KCRKTAUY  a-*"  ,   Wl5 WQVW llko lo thank dop-  a    ',/   tors, nursesvimd etoff of St.  r_ llMWM..imfiUl, ,ficchclt,���for  t<  their kindness to our husband  ���?"'.''��WI fulliw,; dtirlng his illneHS.  J'/'lyft  ,Wl#h fllao   lo   thank  our  pjklnd'rnel^hboUM  for their, ex-  per month, also  small office, *OAi^��� n�����i,   _��aL    i ���       .. ���  inn' w- mkkih   hunt i�����H-iinh��J"��*lma-PArK���Vlewn lot on h flh-  is JBay, Phono 885-2280,   'mMn   R0^; wUh *w 'down'  prm��l�� Cohinibln -Ferry���  Authority,  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B,C, ,  ^731���Pub, April 10, 1067  '.I!''. fc^,.l*W*<_l*y<W��n,'*��d �� GIBSONS Bujldlng Supples  jl; ' ��' lirta %^fd oMbanks to Canon lid. m-W2t Gibsons, B.C.  f*   ! *   UlnW &vm for tumral eerv-   Quality Kcady-mlxed  cpnerete.  rent, $80 month,'Payable in   W.P. lot SelniA l>rk ~ >IMJ00.  advanpo: 883-2073.        8727-22    LOTS  OP  IX)TS  PROM $550,  Many to choose from,  Harry Gregory-r-885-9392  TRAILERS  BWgr^puajxt;^ gsesqs  mm baptisi church'  SERVICE; KCHKir  ���^���^��l#n^y"'����iiia|6|"5^5TJ btbp'iijnri;���:���  froyof ��� Wodneiday 7|30 p.m,     .  V     g  REV. A. WILLIS, PASTOR   , ,���  You ore Invited to attend ohyjr,toch icrvlcfl,  ;,;,r...1:iy! rx  ,^^���_-^p  OKTTt  fNnwwiwunwi tmnmnm  BIO MAPJ^K Motel and Trailer  r Court hnf fow spaces with, approved I abilities avalJable, Ph,  m-5.0513,        ���,, noio^tfn  ''Ipe&'w.tyif,,$dni Ifelmcr ond   Serving the area for 20 yearn,   Secheit, B.C,  H. B. GORDON &  KENNETT LTD.  ��*.-*_(B.wJ�� i" * *J ^l~f*������ '  J003-20  ��7t* *Jj*��S-)�� ft* tf-o W-* *  .MM,  sK.'iir^WSH^.liM'*^' ���  J003 B8TA- Villa 1.1 ft, Travel  Trailer an new, sleeps 4, Includes   equHllicr hitch, utovo,  sink,' Ice   box,  $1J60 pf  close  885-2013  ^''''" " ���'"!''" ' "l* I'Mi 4 I if I W llll fi t III |, ,|| J ,1,1,  St. John's United Church  *,'<"'"x" -- ^yil��on Ctook, B.C. "  .        Suntjay.School���9;43 a,m,  Divine Worship*-, 11115 a.m.  Led by Miss H, fi, CompboH-  Exc-pt on 2nd Sunday oach month  ',/        fomlly S-rvlc�����\ 1.15 p,rn.  i ,       Diylno Servlco-~3:3Q p.m,  U4 bv R*V, W. M, Corrteron  , -  *m. ���ui.ii.ili , i._.���.-  ^4..'..^     ..jn. *^_fc  f  1) *tH*l, ��J*(WtlW*ea'*i(|H ��P9ilW��  T  ������i-.igwa.r.rmx^iur.v  Brand now hpmo/ Oavl�� Pay, now construction, Terms on $15,000, Coll Bob  'R"~~w"-'*-"KortV*883.946tr ' *   Shoot A^otql Shop for sale, $3950, Irnmo-  .,. diat'o possession. Call Bob Kent,  885-9461,   , .  PORPQISqPAY   '  1      ���  ���,   SECHfcLT  ���Swholr,b��slnosrblockrfCQl Vflluorprfced  to soil. Good forms. J. Andorson,  ,     885-5.053,   '  ���  , ; '^-   Cpwrlo St,, mocjorn 2 boclroorr) bungalow,  " ;3'D plu? laundry and work room In base-  ment. Ucoutllul troeda londicopccJ lot, T  walorfront, Good potential for mold or   1    paved drive, Only $15,900 oqsy torma,  000 F,P, <No, 433). Col E. Surtoos ��)85- '  9303f      WEST SECHELf ������- -- -  3 room houso'WIth rented basement sulto*  Wokofleld District', $7,500 F,P, (t4a.  ���\ 436) Call E. Surtoos; 885-9303. '  ' .' '. ' BARGAIN HARBOUR  300' waterfront, about 3 ocrot, lovol with  5 roomedtioumj, fiood-buy (or fisherman  pr twatmon INa 413). Cal| E, $Hrlcc��f  ��- ��� .-    .\ ...��� .   -_{\5��9_.03i   ..���-,..  '"��� nn mni ������_i ihibBOk ��� H  ���iibiwliii.iiwiBinuimwiiiimii  Secret Bay, Egmont. ] 65* warorfropt plus  .���12. rontol qaroQes, Fiihorman'i cabin  ���  Ideal motelor trailer court slto, Only  , -    $t 1,000, oaiy terms, J, Anderson,  ; 885-2053 (No,, 391),       ,    ,   ,  Own your own builnoM, Florlit Shop,'  1-arQo lurrtover, Wlro norvlco, $5,000  Will handlo, For furthor'dotolls coll Boh  .���   Krnt, res. 885-9461,INo, 430)  ���\- " - i       ��"��� �� ' ���������,������  -WW-  }  1 I ���    ���        !'   ' i '   ���  M   ��,��� "     '7,      ,>    ' '. ( r !("'{       .   '                                                        '                ,���' '                                             i                              "                                    ���           ���               ���        ���:           i                                                               ���          ���        '                      - '                             ��� ���                              ,..,.,..,  '               V            ,  .               '                              >         >              '                  ,                                              ,             ' ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                '                                                     I                                                                                I                                    .                                 '                               i                                                                                                     '                                                             >  '                                 '                                                          I                                                                                                                            * \                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I                                                                                     1,1                                                                                                                          ^  $i*^#^w>V^*���,*/:*%fiA%9��*&K*i.S'itf>$f.&QfrWfWft?f:P9\?? f".Vt.i��(>'.>^>^n^^/).^,,,','iv'i'.|ii(iii>,.ui.M'.'<t��M*/1uuuMMi ,,'.,l ,.t'i.MMM.l>,v��M(_,j����i.i__.i.i.1.._'i_._!,. "_  WWW^rfMW*!l7'jl'i'.''H.'M1f'.''    "                  "        ���           '                        '           '                "      ' '     <               \'       '       I                   '        i   '    1   "   '    '   '   '    '���    '                   '            ''                      ''                            ���'���                  ���                 aa"f'">                '               f    / a>              l                                                          '      ''        '         '                             *        .       *'f       .��/\^JWW��A��t7?    F^ 7*.* A_M^rf��*-* _UL*Ar�� **k*l___J_.VAa*  jS  -*_tu|k A \ I,  t r  5  !    ��   '  f,   rt,,_^- **   _^��, *���***"  #, i* s s r* <** ���_/*��"**"* "*" *~s S *> ���** *��� r ** 4*** ��>~v".  1 i 4* ~ * ^ *.rf-v       f>  ,    * ?  i*  Marshal 570, Aiiee Day S53rtl��cr_anct Wern: ' V.CtommeVcia^f/iWimaf^'tteani; 'Foirtune  ing, 237, Iva Peterson 509,- Hazer Wxhj&t'/Cookies' zm^lAwe]GTeg6rt;l&mhy'wh'  603, Melody,,Henry, 581, (233). -    ������   . ��� r;  -_db;:Dave;Ha?pkini/ EUeja<M&__jU' and'Bob  LEAGUE PLAYOFFS    '     t \       . l    - AtarmerJ^tlie^e^Soiit^1 Was fitep.  Gibsons fa Winning team, Neighbours ducing'bis family to'the' governor who' was  3112; Virginia ^Reynolds,, Carol McGivern, touring %e\_tate. "Seventeen, ljoyfy .eh? 1  Bill ^McGivern/ Orville Sbogan'an_LFree- suppose they're'all good Bejnocrat^/* said  man Reynolds. Second winners, Jolly Fives' the governor.^,, "  '< ���   .  , \*    7 *  3098.                 "                /  ,            " ^'AH'but.one/A wa,s 4be a*fwwr /'He  Teachers HI: Winning team. Mix Ups leaniedfe *ead,M�� \ 'A    . a1>1a  Times Business;viDu^tjb^  MURRAY'S GARDEN & PET  SUPPLIES ;  LANDSCAPING ^-PRUNING1  Gower Point Roqd f /. "- ,  Gibsons, B.C. - Dial 886-2919  WH���������������I ���_-.���_���H��� I��� ���I���.-  H��___^_W__M|^_^-_i_Mi^____^F_>M*_-<^��_-B__-^_-W_��  DIAMOND W BUILDING SUPPLIES  Dealers for Westcraft Windows  Benjamin Moore Paints and oil ,  Building Supplies  Open Fridays to 9:00 p.m.  885-9704 - Wilson Creek  1 ' '��� ' "               'i  Phone 885-2818  NITA'S BEAUTY SALON  Open in the Benner Block  Secheit, B.C.  PERMANENT WAVES ��� TINTS  HAIR CUT ��� STYLING ��� SHAPING  9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday  TASELLA SHOPPE  Ladies' - Men's - Children's 'We<ir fi  Yard Goods - Bedding - Linens ,  Dial 885-9331 - Secheit. B.C.  RAY NEWMAN PLUMBING  SALES & SERVICE  HOT WATER HEATING -  BUILDING & ALTERATIONS  Davis Boy Rd.,  R.R.  1, Secheit  Phone 885-2116   Scows.���- Log*  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  ,.T, LTD   Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Towing  L. HIGGS  Phone 885-9425  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD.  GIBSONS  ESSO OIL FURNACES  No down payment - Bonk interest -  Ten years to pay   .  ,   Complete line of appliances  for freo estimate���Coll 886-3728  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic tanks and Drain Fields - Bockhoej  ��� ..'''���.���vv-,'Front End Loader Wo_k_j,���>  Screened Cement Gravel"��� Fill and Rpad Gravel.  Phono 885-9666-Box 172 - Secnelt   -"��� ".'i'i    ,.> '"..��� '.']" i"'.'!''���;���/" ''..','     .'���' '.. i'  ������.  HARTLES MASONRY  Fireplaces - Planters-Clockwork  Quality Workmanship - Free Estimates  Phono 886-2586  MAPENRA MARINA  Madeira Park, B.C.  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B.C. ��� 886-9546  re insurance claims  '    '    b6at0sai_es.  tree falung  TOPPING 0.* REMOVING LOWER LIMBS  FOR VIEW.     r  Insured work; from Port Mellon to  Pender Harbour .1, '-, >  PV SERVICES LTD.  Marven Volen 886-9946  Diaby Porter 886-9615  PORPOISE BAY WATER TAXI  Charter Trips - $cenic Tours  Phone 885;2828  or Radio Mor Dee  PENINSULA.  BUILDING SUPPLY LTD.  Phone Secheit 885-9669  "THE HOUSE WITH A HEART"  _. J, Caldwell, Prop. - Box 97. S-tfiolt, B.C  Phone 885-2062.  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  APPLIANCES.��� ELtCTRlC HEAT  Phone 885-2062  ��� i, y :,' i.i ,. i  ��� i  ELECTRA-CLEAN  Upholstery Cleaning - Carpets  ��� *'  Furniture - Rugs  For appointment Phone 886-9890  THE BEST IN LADIES' WEAR  THE TOGGERY SHOP  Cowrie .Street, Secheit   Phone 885-2063   JOHN DE .(LEER  Building Contracting  Sechelr, R.R. 1 Davis Bay Road   '  Phone 885-2050  TREE SERVICES  Falling, Topping; Limbing1 for view,  ,: ���.,.,���:.���; ;:,.^>. ''���Ailr-y^rk'}:)niUrM.;7\!'f\^  Full Information /..,-.  . -��������� v;^hone";886-234|;^;;,^i'':  ARNOLD BLOMGRPN  *4_       '      Start next year ... .    - * * ' ���^ .".,,- 'r .. -a,. '  e^j, ��� ^  ��� 'f   '' '    ��� ��� ,      ( t , *  ^ Approve school integration  providing on gradual basis  RESIDENTS   of   Secheit   Indian v ViUage - tion held In Saskatchewan. Mr. Reid com-  <   unanimously approved a motion recom- ' mented that "although it was  a national  ^mending ^gradual' integration of their child-'   conference," there seemed to have been no  ren into tbe provincial school' system,^ at    mention of it in provincial newspaper.,  a ^recent meeting held in the Native Hall.        Both delegates were impressed with the  '   Trustee,   bad   hoped   that   integration ��� eloquence of the Indian speakers. Mr. Reid  woulijl commence at the primary grades but   .felt 1here was more "resistance in isolated  Mr.  I,awrence,   superintendent of Indian   > areas where many objected toa the resij  schools,  informed  Superintendent' Gordon    dential school. Parents did not like having  Johnson that as secondary school children    to part wifl-1 their children at such an early  were finding difficulty adapting to the new    age, feeling that both they and the child-  school  jsystem,   integration  should   com-    ren were'being robbed. i  1^&^*1*��*3_2!,i    mence next year with grades 6 and 7.    7'  ,    Mr.' Redd recommended that parents be  Temporary classrooms will be obtained    encouraged to take an active a- interest ii_  .    for  Secheit  School  to  accommodate  the ' the school. Integration should  commence  ]    estimated increase of 50 pupils. * at, the, earliest possible age for the sake  �� ' of , the   child,   preferably   with   nursery  j    NATIONAL CONFERENCE schools in the Indian villages. lie also felt  I Principal of Secheit Elementary School,    that employing an Indian girl as an a_sist-  Mi. W. L. Reid and trustee Leo Johnson    ant "would make youngsters feel- more at  attended a national conference on integra-    home. ��� ., '   *  ���>  ��� . . . : ri___: "���  '   Elphinstone High-. . �� ~*f.   - ,  .- ^         *^ ��- !���������  ^smnrnmrz*   s Students gain honours  J1-] yfaTwi' "*>$ selected for projects  l*"**__i_ft.v"' jSwF^^ *^*'-"l*��^f>*    "* *;      ' P^nLIP R��eves of Grade XI, .Elphinstone   Omstmas,  lost and found fines dxtring  '^r^.^**^1^ i\]?Stt_HpV ^���Pi *�� *, T!K��. ����� .'"�� '      'Secondary School, has-been selected by    the year, mixers, Penny Drive and'sales.  ?**,-*���    ��**  ^wT*   * Vft5'__B* A^^^'**    ��     **^___* "*T*     a ^n11111^ of'the Canadian Red Cross        The chief purpose of the conference is  ��**J #_, ^^siHr'_*r*__Ll__K_*_*._..-��.   ��     ^ "ft-^M.  4*4    Society as one of the 12 boys and 12 girls    to foster international understanding and  J    * "* ��� i" C^^   !    from vBritisn Columbia and the Yukon to   if is hoped thaj this win eventually lead to'  .....i_..y.-_ii_-_-8.-<.i    attend the Centennial Project of the Cana-    cessation of all wars..  Photofinish .Jj**   Bed ^ Cross   Society,-"Rendez-Vous     , Rita Ono and StevenLee also' of El^hitt-  '--"      *      "-������--��������� -       --     selected  [p Centre            ,     ,   -   -.       T j.      ,T.��� _,-���. ,   - ��.         u ����� w��wu a. ��-c Jolly Roger Inn June 25-   y        bv Tom Porter   ^y When Indian Village boys^chal-       At the conclusion of the seminar in   July l.  y lenged Pegasus'. Unable to muster all Ottawa, special buses. will take the dele- Purpose is to train -young adults to be^���  ON THE remote ehance that one or two of Pegs at such short ndtice *C0ach' Bill gates to Expo '67 for two days" and a-fur- come leaders'in their school and assume  you noticed there was no Fins and T&ils Hartle threw in three delighted T6- > *her ,visit to Niagara Palls. Students will, responsibilities in community international  in last week's edition of The Times, I tern players. Robert Paul, right, leave Vancouver-by train- for Ottawa on programs. fThe type *>f training: is in pub-  thought I would take a few lines and ex- matches strides with Man Louie in August 11 and from Toronto for Vancou- lie speaking, group dynamics, parliament  nlain the reason why. "    --___. _-_ �� " ver about Auaust 25. < tai-v- nmopAnrr.   n_xr_>Tir>Trnnr -__? __.aai_.��>eii.*v  , ih,  H (    for  tV  ^jf,      -.t  '   i *  n  I. _/  il ^  vf  7     t   r-  ^V  I  \  '!  A  f" * -J    TT *     * f __��        or_Tv/ri?   VA-.iiTr ��-.���  *.__.+  ��va.n/v-. Wr^��    67 ' ian international conference for youth    stone Secondary School, have been *<  Fin*    nXld     I Cill&        S0]VF  1^7^l ^i TCer 7aS ' to ^'"^ at Carleton ��*^��y, Ottawa,    to attend the Centennial SeSp  f- U *J    mm     I U.LLQ1 played at Hackett Park on Sun.   from August 13-21, 1967.     .,, to be held at the Jolly Ro_^__m'Jt  ver about August 25. T tary; procedure, psychology of leadership *  land the k weekend before and seeing all  those beautiful steelhead, I was compelled  to* give it one more try. Well I am more  a game which saw jhnior boys score  3-2 \ ��� "'  half.  vel and exchange section .grant through        There will be personal contact with lathe'Federal .Centennial Comniission. High    ternational university, students. Social acti-  _.a.Vta_^l-    ir.    +V, a,,   -.-a..*."-.��-     .<. 'I.^.���  .'..1 J     ** ~��U^- Ml     ___!..__     ____��__>_ J__ * a  A,  ^  than hariDy to report" that it was one of   published by the Canadian Wadlife Serv- schools in the province are' being asked to vities will include swiiaming, team re'erea-  the better fishing trips I have ever been   ice and a short booklet*.entitled "Things ass^ with the cost ^or room and board tion.and eirtertainment ^group.parficipa-  to do Outdoors" published by the depart- at Ottawa for the 85 international students Bon,-               .        >  ', ^_ a*  ment of recreation and conservation .and from. 40 eountries.  The Elphinstone Jfted ". The $40 .per ddegate-'-chaS��e\ is "being  aimed at the younger generation.  * Cross Yoifth Qub is contributing $100 to jraised by the club through its vaafas acti-  "Ducks' at a Distance,"* is a*.waterfowl this fund- ^ ^^ W���re> able to raise "***~" +1*" " *" '*��� ^ "-^-'-  cake,    pudding,    cookies   and   candy ���. at  the better fishing trips  on. * ''-   ���  The pool, was the same as the previous  weekend, big, clear" and full of fish. The  only difference was, that this weekend they  vu*' -"r ":"_.!.��� ~TA.\t r. ���"-.    .^n��fi ���-t5/>L   -,-jj.    jft���-   :n   �� i_��   --ai    this money from the Christmas draw of . on Sports JDay will mainly" be -used"for 1__b  were-biting and biting and biting. Almost   identification   guide,   oojue   in   color   ana    __,,_���    _���_;_-���    ___,_,._   ___    ���___.   __    __.._lf__.   - - J-   -   ��� ^T',."���    ���:!?���.  ^7*_._._ .__���__  r,_���i_.___i __._x ���-__-    covers almost all the species of ducks one  every cast had action. Steelhead that w��re #  as "clean as I had ever seen and all run- might encounter while hunting or just  ning between 10 and 12 pounds. We could tramping through the fields. Even an ex-  have landed fish all day except for1'a* few perienced hunter would have little trouble  greedy fish whVi��ally swallowed the b��it .distinguishing a mallard from a merganser  which made it impossible to release them with the aid of this booklet,  without injury. I kept my legal limit noth "Things to do Outdoors," has be^_L_writ-  'days, two per day, and on Sunday the fish ;ten with the 12-year-old explbser i(n n__n<L  that ended my day was a beautiful 12- jt is well illustrated*and apart fron^ giving  pound buck. He must have just entered the reader ideas on w|iat to do,'helpsvhim  12ife ,_iver because he was in prime <;ondi- appreciate the outdoors for-what it is. A  tion. The red' fjash on his gills was" just 'vast wonderful playground for ��11 animals  -* barely visible.'All in all it was a wonderful to enjoy, including mail', that will remain  weekend and we arrived back on tlje^fcn- r<fdr aU time if not abused. *���"k  insula late Sunday night. Too late .fo^ffie ^e above^ are just Three of the manyt    Jt '.  column to get to print. So the real a reason thousands of publications that are avail-'1    \lt\A  for no column last week was that Fins and aDie> i Would require the whole paper to    ', .J %\  ��� Tails went fishing.                 .(         , mention all that is printed that relates to  \ The number of publifcations now avail- (the outdoors. For example, "Salmon the  able on the market as well as those free Living Resource," '"."Fly-Tying" by W. 'B.  for the asking dealing, with the great'out- Sturgis, any of the books written by Mike  doors has reached an' aTl-tiJne high; Re-1 Cfammond/Safety Afloat," etc., etc., etc.  creation is fast becoming the most im- - /  pbrtint aspect ih everyone's life. It was not  too many years agp that to a man the  number one thing in his life was his work,  but now it seems to- be taking a. back seat  to his pursuit of relaxation and enjoyment.  This,, of course, 'has been brought at?put  by the shorter work week and the ever  increasing amount of free time.  vities,, the proceeds from the<;Corice$siott  project ' "  ���   "   - '"��� .AQ*^_  i;  Secheit Bowling  ' ���by Eve Moscrip  i - '     ���,  WINNERS of double tournament ,were  . Dennis Gamble and Eric Antilla, with  This week I thought'! would mention ,4079. High singles Pat Porter 285, Andy  a few of the books - and publications that Leslie 334. Leaders for league bowling were  have caught my .eye recently which you Dennis -Gamble with $20 (288, 299) and Lil  might enjoy reading. ��� .   m McCourt 751 ^19)#i  If boating or cruising is your idea, of       ��� .������ '  the perfect way in which to'spenij your    Lh��toY ,,      *  vacation or even the odd weekend, then Will -,    Bucksfinsr  Dcmna Joe  .Dawson's Book7''Coastal Cruising" should;  J����^;a233)-;:.,,. ;;.���.  '  be on, your'list of must rehdlng. Mr. Daw-    .'. Ladled Aile'en Bystedt 683  ' son, has tried to put into print' his 20 year?','��� Evans" 327, Mayt y*Vw;', 250  d. safting on our 90>sial wa^ and suci    258."  -_-_  ,���   .I''        .  1,1^,1*111 imIIIIi.MV  11.11 .' -...  John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  W PBNDER HAHDOOR  Phono 886-2231  from 9 aim, to P:30 p.m.  Rm. 086.9949       ,  *, nuntber pfejcccllent cruises   ���        ,   . ,;^^      ���      ���   ^��   m> m  "'His .atcnllon to Retail ,and-W^} ^x    SpcheltCammorcialiDonnls Gamble 820  formation^pec ally the ;SocUond9nl^  Wlth.^;^  just that rnuch ;morc cnjoyablo. The book   ����� n-t .i|nvtnn 724       ;', . ������.    \ u  is ��UCfl withjradlo anl.havigaUpnal aids,   ^jefc ujyjon 724.^ ^^ ^  Itt 286;,1 iwreneo:Crucil 604.  .)   ' .'!' ' ���  W***a^*��s*��w__*i***!_^  C fi, S SALES  SECHBLT, D.C.  APPLIANCES1 n,' HARbWARE  .^HOME-FURNISHINOt-  Wcathe. Jnfotma\ion,1( Udes, currents nnd :;,w .^a:%";n^Ct^cFm  services covering sorrio' of the>oat-8cc^^^ka^g^^M  waters in;tiio..World,,;^v-:-'^vv^.(,':;V^^  ������_.<_nnt��1    CmlRlnoM'   ohmiUI   , nnnnnl    to    ^Re?"r  ''3' V IV'  'Coastal   Cruising" ���hould,,r��pponl   ^';irf ,,  719(255)', Matt  ., 7|     ��'  VWW7.K, ai.  *ll^*��IS^-feBiM7^l"*i*,WS_��IWt��1tW'  For Your Fuel Supplios  Danny Whoblor  ,'" .YomIT', ':."!"���"  IMPERIAL ESSO DEALER  886-9663 �� Hopkins Landing,    ��� ' 1 "i. in, '   HOWE SOUND 5-1 <M5c STORE  2589 Marino - Glbioni - 886-9852  ., ��� Everything from Needles ti>  ���       v '   School Supplies,  RICHARD F.KENNnt  NOTARY PUBLIC  Toltphono Glbioru 006-2401 - RM, 006-2131  CHARU5 tNGLISH LTD.  Real Iitar* & Iniuronc* ,  phono 885 9713  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMETRISt  ���   Dal Block - Glbsona  ���     ���'���'������    'X>       ,������      l ���. ''      1, , , ��� ;  Every Wedtiesday  086-2166  <Svory6nb''froni'-'thr'iVolo>a'^^  '' '"'   ,.,���,,       .  ,  seaman to Mho weekend mariner,, antics ^pW'1 Mixccl; Gordon McCourt 553'(^14), BUI -  wanabjo^  The department of recreation and con-, porocn   Mullen 419, JU>1�� .Caldwell  419,  seryatlon, In Victoria, has a number of ox- 7'lDianna Klecloy ,154, 1     '  collent pamphleU. arid booklets, that can. r  be yours for tho price of n postage stamp. , SCHOOL LEAGUES  Among Uiom aro a couple that I feel merit  .Seniors: Linda. McKlnnoU 248 (100), Los-  additional mention. "Ducks at n Pl���tanco't   ,llo' Au'yiat 318 (203),, EnrlJohn/ 4,00 (217)'.  WM/fTruTwfJiJJ/^  ceeds, rather admirably. His "book ''covers     ; lLadlos Matinee'; ''Mlllid,'G|rayl 659 (258),   *nniwpvww*w^^  cruising from the 5ist parallel'^to >>*;> "    <-'^>^m\   >'      ' ���    '   "'   i   ; !",   ���   ".  '_? *;'', ' *     /���'   '��� * '  28 mln.. north and throughoutho, suggests ^^^^^!  ������  ,,   ,,.    .  :/X Wlw>A*90$M  _m   I___i_mi___i_f��i_fJ "    .   ,      L':'  ���7". ,1  It       ^   I   l��l|  Already a legend  before its publication  tV  1  'V:  7     ,| ,u  ��II .  ia^5n^]$f(.:WS^,^^ii!",��7,'^W,fl^*ila*,'��'*  11 fl,S TRANSPORT LTD,  Phone 88^-21/a  Dolly Frdofit Sorvlco to    ���  ;;;>y<in��0wv��i,l:'* ���;������  Local 6.7 LoriO -jlstah^ rnovlnij  Ucal pickup ond delivery sorvlco  ��� -,���UjfWtj��di*h<!iMl|no-::���.���- -    I, 1 lli���ifc.iii.inn*il<iii*l ' t'liliiwii I In l|_i<iiii_.ilniflnu*iMlii��Jn��i^li��i**.|ii,Miii|nJ ^1  1 , '���   ' 1 I  ,    .. EATON S       \   ,.  "WHERE TOGO'*  JRA^^SBRYICI;,_._.:.  -���-AiRTStA^US-ancJ' ^  '."Phone $&$'2%34)i; '������' '<   '''';/!-Mwny��ri^  ..< .j .��X. <,'  1 - ��� .1 M". ��.n. i'--iiiinii|iiiiftiiinmiii '  ���t+i  rJ*w_a*sp��'!i<4_*i��^w*^w4fr!*'!^^  iiS)t;^^H-f**(*i"feit!S'''i!s  PENINSULA-CLEANERS  Hfw'*w-^Wi'K^&*^#Avw&-&i/m  _���__ ��-"-1--��-W'1'<t5i't��'i��'��;'��_ _.��V''^',*;^fB'"*,,,iM1^''la^,1WK17'.W'iY^'B','t'f-l=*;':>*-!^--!^9S,'i!  152V Cow.r PI. Road       ��  '886-2200 Glbiont  fOR YOUR TAMIIX ORY CLKAN^NO Nffa*  ,�� "'' '-""i ' ' *    ""��� ' "|"': ��  SEPTIC TANK PUMPING SERVlfcE     LARGl, MACHINE AVAILA8LE FOR  CairAnytlM.;..;-:.-. : ^Xy_.���'".',,��� HEAVy..CLEARING OR"<ilRADlNG  Wo suggest pumping before trouble TERMS AVAILABLE  ,  i^Q^ipps^lspJurnpJBuro^p .  ~'^FhQn��~98frWf8^r6B6^  !  TRUCKLOAD LOTS  HUSV3US PEAT AND ALDER BOTTOM  -*iHjt\ * ��pii i*i*iiiii* __4 *��  EV3IXED  PER YARD  J' aM|7 4f*M)Hf.    ��h��-   t*����Wp*'����_",*WJfiAfS  I t  SCREEN  p^r yard  ���r*��  Strait Alder Bottom  Brown Loam  ��� Jmmk 9 mm* ^tw        J"^if P  tmmmgmf  -l^U.>-ii>  FILL  �����TMt"rtT7WM^'''uH'��'7^,ciJii^  per yard  t����*,iis(B^#)timrt1��l*��frlW^=W^Wi'^  **>"*Y��  !  rUajn M*v**5(447tH(|J"��i�����ii':������'�� M-_>ii a_��*vt**����i  I  ^GRAVEL, FILL, GRAIN ROCK ETC, ALL PRICES FOR GIPS(>N_i ARPA  PER 10 YD. LOAD  Phone Ed Fiedler 886-  >  I'  ,ri  ���:>>'  f  h  LOOKyM^goiine was-p^rm|Wed Ho-publish tinlf  "Tu'x^smalHiactio^ '' ff '7  * RESERVE YOtJR COPY NOW TO'.BR SU^E! i  '���" PIIBUCATION IN APRIL  Box 3& 1  \^/7xM  4  250  nt  titled  Phono 8$W$4  H *I ��    |��7p   ^7     || I     ty )>g  ��   f  fv  I 7111  '   P  I     7  IV i  !��" - ��OX _��B1 <-" .:r ��� ..-..-r��.-.--���, ��,-.....��-������*.����,;- "'"���'^���"'Plioflt OOaf-?0��!MI ^."-^1 ���--.  waH��*Nrt._a^aaa_>_a���..a����aa^ww__^_a!W,la����aawaa..#aaM_aa_^ *.*Vro.aa_"a_J-.t -t* ,   ^a_a_.�� *�� ,��a^a,_...*^��w��'a��^w).**a�� a BsK��*iaa ^#**a^a*^  >vyvw��vw>Mwv>^w��w<Mwywyw^��>^<w>��yyiA|A<^^ ' *   '. i|    'i  '      ,        , ���       ��� ''<���,,,��� ' ,        >" '  .'f"��-��r   ' t* it '  .;.>���   |  r't  MM  ^ '* ��� * ���'.  t",' *,  **********     It    %     4     A    A  ���*v  !,.'!  *P��ynj*i    **    ������    *t��*   M    (#    f   /wtfl^^iiiJ*  -fc fr,^*,***-^^.^.*^^^:! w<  -.-S^SaVVVT.  Vs*'*>,',v��i.   v- s.    <_   S  ^NVf^^vSV^N  t  <S.^ *���    N   "v ^-    v  >.     p.>->  -. *_    V  S    ^ ~\  If  1.7, ��     l   k.^Mti^. M  ^ *.    a   _    .   -x  .1  Poge 4  The Peninsula Times ���     Wednesday, April }% 19��7-  | ThePeninsula^*!^  DIT  IALS  BB000003fBBB00BB0fBBBBBBBBBBB0BBBBBBBBB^BBBBBBBBBBBBB0BBBBBBBBBBBBBB0BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBffB^    __      j  ^ n B80-   b__   mm,    xsbses^   ��_a a _w ra_  a__��_��_�� iv .  ^ 5  fi "/ fnay be wronq. but I shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what'I believe to be right." ^  S v   ��� ���John Atkins ^  *M000t��00B00M*00*^0B000000000*00B00MB00mMMma00B00m0*0000B0*0M000000��0B0000000000**mm*''fi  . i  ��Itelif e__��af e the blot ,  NEED for a senior citizens home project ��� viding 10% of the total cost is found, the  becomes increasingly apparent as al-   balance is obtainable on a 50 year term  most, each week we hear of elderly folk    through the Central Housing and Mort  \  1-,  I-  I 7  )  either with no relatives to -fare for them,  too independent to fare for themselves, Qr  have "sons and daughters who could care  less. . ___  Result in so many cases is that we  have a large number of old folk struggling  along on their own, often on a pittance  and badly in need of a little care and attention We hear of elderly people who  have fallen and lam in pain for days until  a neighbour notices their absence and  takes the trouble to investigate Other  times they have died alone and friendless.  This is a terrible blot on our so called  civilized societ) and one which should be  obliterated without delay The situation is  possibly worse on the^Pemrtsula in that  we have a higher than average ratio of  ^^nior citizens.  At the present time a group, mainly  of older residents, is attempting to promote a senior citizens homes centre,  which is fine except that it has already  been a long time under; way a^ijj still has  a long way to go. There are of course  many problems involved, at the same  time, providing expensive property  is  avoided the cost of such a project is by   come the opportunity to take up residence  no means excessive. ; '     among friends without fear of facing sicfc:  One third of the cost is available m   ness alone, or having to care for our-  the form of a government grant and pro-   selves under adverse conditions.  .,   Major , ��s_si���*ticn>iQ��   planiied  ��� SANCTIONS imposed upon Rhodesia by "ticiarv Prime Minister Harold. Wilson has  , >\ * ^that- 9#e time ."ruler of the waves" devised another winner. If all goes well,  - Great Britain, have cost the United King- the efforts of-Rhodesia's Ian'Smith to  ' desn'many ^niliohs 9!dollars in lost ex-* maintain peace'and prosperity for his  ^ports-and wilTcost ntany moreT_fefore the   country, willrsoon be overcome.  ' S^SSLIS^i? ?*__ Rhodesia's crime, would seem to be  '   T\^H& KrWJ-ibereduce^    that' although denied  independence by  to an insignificant voice among many  superior nation's.  gage The Campbell River Lion? Club recently completed such a project at a4otal  cost of $134,000 for twenty very well  finished and equipped homes. Down payment was the property and that was donated by the village Council.  Suitable property has been in large  part the reason for delay in that sites to  to date have proved either too expensive *  or poorly located, however, under the  chairmanship of Canon Allan Greene,  progress is being made in this respect  by the committee and once finalized will  undoubtedly pave the way for an early  start.  Biggest problem will be raising of the  initial capital and while various clubs and  organizations have indicated willingness  to contribute, the amount required will    Neil S�� McKechnie  still be substantial. _       ���  At this time very few people will  question the desirability of housing which  will ensure companionship and care for  our senior citizens, it is therefore hoped  that when the time arrives, everyone will  appreciate th& need and donate as generously as possible. %"  Age awaits us all and the time might  well arrive when any one of us could w,el-  4/ !  Ai' .t  ���  ' \ t't  1?.  ChekalisVctUey% .access  901lirtGsy Harrison Kills ^  T-IKEP open fweeljeijd�� >have' been sene?��  '' duled by " the' Harrison /Mills J-og|ing  Division for public1 access ���* to nhe'Chehalis^  Valley this spnng. The opening dabs are ^  ��prii 8/9, Aprlb 22/23 sand "May 13/14.    '.  "- The spring open weekends 'will be-of  particular interest to fishermen.'The dates ,  have been' established in corporation with 4  the fyC. Fish and Game Department. , ���>  --> Visitors. must'Obtain and cjarry an Access permit to travel oyer company roadie _ the' Chehajis Valley. Permits will be  issued by security officers stationed at van  entry, gate established on 7|he .company's  main .road.   Each  permit  will  be   valid  throughout the sprmg opening "dates. The  gate* will be opened, at 6:00 a.m. and visitors are reqested to be out of the area by  6:00-p.m."daily. > - ,  The opening dates are subject to^change  without notice due to weather' condition^  or higl} firje hazard. Open wpekends are  not" scheduled through the summer months  because of unpredictable fire hazard condi-  tiohs during the warm weather.  ' Last fall over 2,000 hunters, fishermen  and sightseers visited the Chehalis Valley  during six* open weekends. Game tallied on  the opening days ihciiid-d 83 deer, 18 goat,  three bear and four grouse. Nearly 300 fisjh  were caught' over Mae six iall weekends.  ir  s   ^    $  Chamber guest speaker  gives vital statistics  oort would be forthcoming when a plebiscite"-or - garbage collection ^ was -put -forward. , _-'...  Insurance  "See J. D: for Safety"  J  x  Under,the,miserable and limited out*  look of rapidly failing socialist rule, the  esteem in which Britain was held, in by-  ' gone, days, has in many .quarters, ^urned  j6 contempt. Even worse, through the di-  min_diye"'polices; adopted and put into  effeirt1 byfau-Jabor government, the county -,  i�� in irnmediate.danger;t>f reaching laugh-''  ing stock status, "indeed, it is in, some  Britain, it has proclaimed itself independent and has continued to prosper with  out graft, corruption, tribal conflict* and  the resultant- squalor which has fallen  upon thos^ countries of Africa which have  been granted conditional independence  by the British Government.  ADDED impetus was given to the chamber's proposed^ "Economic Opportunity  Program" surv,ey as 3 result of an in  formative and well received illustrated  talk by Neil S. rMcKechnie to the member  ship of Pender Harbour' arid- District  Chamber of Commerce at their -quarterly  general, meeting on the evening of April 10.  Mr. McKechnie, president of Pacific  GMC Ltd: in Vancouver, is a,member of  7 the; Vancouver,?BoardRof,^rade^a-director  of the B.C. Chamber of Commefee-and is  chair|han of the B.C. /chamber's Jughways,-  committee. ;  In his remarks Mr. McKechnie, outlined  the many benefits to be derived from ,the  findings of a community economic survey  'v"jis^is^prle-i^^  Canadian  Chamber  of  Commerce,   Three  . test*, communities,  ranging from 2,000  to  ��� 10D,P0Q populajion, have already proved the  adaptability of the program to both small  and' larlge districts and are now reaping  its from,.the many suryeys'made.  Main purpose of the .ecoriomic opporr  tumty program 'is to deterrnihe, as far as  is possible, 'what's ahead for your community.'' Action must follow such a survey  ally deteriorating, but' with a small amount  of maintenance wojild open up a mountain  top parkland to tourists and laTce fishermen.  7 Mr. John punlpp gave a brief outline oh  the regional' districts proposed garbage  disposal service for - the. PenSer - 0arbdur  I^ea. The .meeting agreed r that such a r  service was needed in the distriet'and assured the regional director that their sup-  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  MONDAY -- THURSDAY  1678 AAARINE DRIVE - GIBSONS  Pkpne 886-^843  CHINESE FOOD  .Fresh & Tarty \  ��� - ;:}7     AT*M>_DEii# JPARIC .  Tuesday through Saturday 5-11 p.m.   ':  ':x\J:7$h^  i,' r~*-pr;?. .^3* _?.*��., y; v.^ ��'/  -:  1  MM  'MtMWMMMMMyi0-MaMHMHMMlAl|ltlMWIJM^^    .4'"��� I* '.,.,.. ii.M ill, 1'1 '.   ' 11.1 j.*?'" "1   111 i'.i..'. .1. i-i'l ii   ' iiiliM).. iiim. .,. awu'    "     .r   , . ' ' '   ''     '.  -  ���        ! H   .a a in. ',   .   "  '1   '  . a  . 1      . ' 1   . ^_��  *5-������������;: '-���v.';. liJ'*  m  55  ���*"  :  in order to stimulate^ growth and expansion  -  .- .       ,        , .,  ,    of "the community. This, in turn, will ere-  Whilst previous sanctions have failed    ate lob opportunities. A  X.        ... i  to deter"the'Rhpdesiah people, there is        Mr.  McKechnie stressed the  value of, ,  little doubt the latest attack is the most    providing, employment   in   an   area   and"  insidious yet'and mustNsurely bring Mr.    quoted  statistics showing  that every  106  additional jobs means 427 more people in  a   community.   Other  increases   are   393  Would You Get Such Vcalues?  hv^:^.ifi'fcff^'^���^���:<&y> *'���  &;;>.  I.j! it;,/;?;���><>'. m,<.X'  ' 1  ^���(iiMt  ���4  .1  resect already in this* category,  ( However, we pf ^ritish deceit should. Smith to his knees. A British official is  |��ot l^ome .too aJa^rraed,, stiff upper -lip quoted  as  stating:   "Britain has  given    telephones'66'school children, three retail  and all.<that,sort of thing, for after all, plenty of warning that the screw will    establishments,  131  households,  187  cars,  British tenacity has seldom failed to pre- tighten. Now it is happening an(j| although    an' additional $299,000 in local'bank depo  vail and a recept news report indicates there is provoking falk of British "beastli-    sits and an annual increase 6f $939,000 ir  that fantast'c measures are about to be dness", it is paft of a clear.policy which has  *_a__J_*____.4.__._-l L la"" * ' , 1 _..    ...J.P.^-lt^^ Jl         l-1J_t__     '__   _   J J .       ����  adopted. '  >' .Yes,',indeed! that great asocialist poli-  retail sales.  K_.an a.-r-_.fl.ii., or.ri r.i.Kii/vi,F io!/4 <.r.tim �� ^ a'' question and answer session fol-  been carefully and publicly laid down.        . ,^v ^ addre> Mr. McKechnie pointed  Of three new sanctions to be imposed,,   out the Rvalue In promoting:'ari;_ stimulating  ?enin$ulci Piymfeesig  FOR FURNlfUREl /^Mj^KIES  H* (: :-a ������i_ ���*. ,v,..-j, >Va>|RK -'.r*  Phone 886-9533  Gibsons, B.C.  Soles and Service  .)'<--!. . .... y ���'.  (71  mt  g^  \:  <i  ' 1  11  1 i  1.;  mi :  v^ostpeppte; pre bothered by those passages  pfSertp^re they do not understand: but...  pie passqges that bother me, are those t do  pnderqtftnd"1, ,   ;    .     ~-Mqjk Tyvaln  the most shattering is sqrely the one  which states "Replacement parts cannot  be sent to Rhodesia from Britain; th's  means that tea cups which are broken  canpot be replaced.'1?  Lfttfe Wpnder tyn Srntth addressing a  Rotary International Conference in Um  the tourist potential -in an area  siich as  this, and that the chamber survey', when  completed,, will vdiscJbSe; other, business1 op- \  portunltiesps, yet untouched. ',.  ��� :,MrV;''McKechni'e/an^','his',lwi>fe Elizabeth,  a re no ^tr^'ngeif s to , the Secheit' peninsula'  ar^'d hgvj! beeij regular visitors to the area  for the past' eight years or,so, In company  with  chamber   member's '��� !<'Jb'   and   Peter  J_enjaflcl'd,   with   whom:' ^hey,' staypd   for  thqlr \ Qvpriiightr-' visit;;. M>\ and 'Mrs.  McKechnie attended the pre-meeting cha,mber  diriner at the Pender Harbour Hotel.  In j�� short; business session prior to the  ���guest''speaker!., aildress John Haddock and  HEAWN0t^  \        FREE ESTIMATES ���  *   7   . .      ' ''���>'.;>,.; ������; .  ' v  :. -yy7x  YOUkKEMTONE    "yiffi  SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT GEA^fl  ��� fi7   ..i-.'-.V  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  Dodron for P.M. Canodien �� McCulloch - Homelito-  Pioneer and StiM Cfiain Sow*   ��� '  COMPLETE ST9CK^|A^  V    ., Port, dnd Repair ScrVlciB  :;**?    r;   Telephone 885-9626   ���:;/-  I-1  ��� r <  i rib '  SONG OF SOLOMON  (t, "The tirne ojt $o singing,of.the birds, has ^Juilfitfere with, Rhqdcsian , affairs in the  come," are words from an Old Testament book,, tali'last week said "Britain has tried to  "The Song off Solomon." Had this writer ex-" P?SV year but cannot do things right jn  ���perienced the thrilf of hearing the first song, of her own country. We are not going t'o let  .hc^rds on their return after the dull winter people 0,000 milcs.away try to interfere.  months? How our sbirtis h^yc been \\Ued] and They have no real interest, uncjcr..tnn0jnjg   Al Lloyd wpre, Installed in their respective  our'hopes'renewed by the "cheerful songs of or responsibility'in this country". offices as president,and 'vice-president for  _h��"��"-_.___<....._. .i.�� la..*' e    ���     ,     ��, '���, ..        ..,,_���_���.. . the   current   year   by   chamber   member  these choristers the last few weeks. .We are Wel| now! if Mr. Smith continues to    Magistrate Cha.lcs C., Mlttlcstpadt.  grateful for these harbingers of spring, for not qdopt  this  attitude  cyen  more  drastic,       other   business   transacted  during   the"  only do they bring us cheer but assure, us that measures might be anticipated such as    meetingv.Jncludpd  the  authorization of  n.  'the Creator who has brought again "the time cutting off supplies of glue so that broken    cash*'^bnatlon to Pender Harbour's  Mny  of (he ringing 6f bird." is the Fafhcr'^od who handles of tea cups might not bo repaired,    gay.^oinmittee and the exchange of two  .sure and can be, depended upqn in. His Of again, if things b��ome too tough, C^S�� Wlth   th��  SeChdt  ^amb��r >  bringing to us the .scli'sons, especially the spring master stroke such as no more pabcr clips'.',;','.���/    T^o treasurer's report showed a healthy'  with its renewal1 of life. How tcrrftle it>ou|d y$\$$ be jntrpduccd,, and should allout f;/financial position reflecting tho chamber's  be to Jive in an' unpredictable ��,nd of wpirJd \Varfaro b(c neppssary then refusal to supi'"  Increasing   membership  nnd \ the  revenue  Where we could no. be certain thpt the **** p|y wick^ fpF cigarette lighters'- would be " 1^��^^\^i\^^ .".ft '  . will Rure,y come in order, a, ,mprnin��>,Ipw, % fjnpl   ntprt^lp  ^sur,   which    fteffS't'tt  ,c.,. .7. ,.,:,.,: ;,J��ji, ^u!0.nf$.ftll. tP W0}P,the sorry.,condl:.. iicipatlng. Jr���  mI'  *!   /"   ., ,..a      ���.&/' ju'Vjt  PLUMBING & HEATING  ,w^hti  ti  ��.  ���*.' (..,  '.t^ >'l''lll  ...af*�� ,    -fcl.  ^''i-'i^.V  ;./��  \ih  & a i  frAM  \7'��m  1', i  ���ft*  }���'  ! ���'i'i  "*_,M  '>.  h  ,llut. the.cheery notes of,the tifnfk npmfnd-   Mp(|3 dcMred by Tyfr. Wilspn and his nc-  ,,   i|s of tho <J5M|rante of Jesus 'UiW.not'oiio of ' faripus gavcrnnr|cnt.  , these,, even tho little insrgnificant: BparroW, falls , >       ���  ' to the ground without the Fa(h_r kijow^ Cfp4 (  cloe^ ijot prevent the/fall twt'lrfe.k'nciW, $ot '  j Boys/cNus, nk one of them U fpr^otjtn in," fh<-  ��� ��� -Biglit, of^' God; "Pci|r not M��er<sfore, y�� u^e at   IS^^^PJ I^flj^t'g  Cora��_r  ;more valuoiihnn many ��g>_rrows.'r  Maybe if w�� #t*,;\tlmo' laltear thd^ay,,  Secholt, B.C.  ;   Lot ut cator to all your  '_,; Plufnjbiir|_|7 and ��� Heating  ';.'.'' n^e��l*.;.'p||;''Co, .��� pr' tiank.  .���������     financing  aYailable.  : '�������� ':-'!'-,;siftVicE "���"������  .;'.;.: :':'r J?.!tS*M;; PJH.S,W*^l.l?S'. ;.;.:'.;.  '', Phono 885-2058  ii(,VJ'(,^��U|" ' ii'  1 ! ' ' _S_I '   i  V^_r)*_|i^w_U��4i{i��H^***��*^a*tl'^*****fsf,l��l'i*-li*'*'**���***M*W*i*_**H_*.������_'4!*_l*sfc' Hj| t^*t^-�������^����s��^��^W, A  by Benny ())iul(ly)rniil  ornlng  rise  sunbeams glowing  '' ���     I'i ���  7*a.a<*i! Aa^J'i(W.i.w*s7ta^aaaJ ;  Iff!   II  'l*Bmmmt**ri  'mmimtt��m��fmimBwrm ���  7\  T"  7  iii  JVllsd' H. B, Campbell,,. ..,   ;       rn hcr ^^ eycH  ' In (hp dlent dining room   -        '  And |ook out iipon the gurden  Where | be roses bjojwn  *)Lflterihewa3W)il|tlng*lowly    ' "  Down <k winding garden lane -  And J saw hpr pulling ro<iP��  , folding nlghttjmo ruin '  Arid 1 watched her Hmell-thOfio roses  And to heaven nwcf tly gaze  ( An (the left tho fragrant garden  ' And'�� I nww'fhp little girl  AS'.  ������.     -  _r__* n _n ����� c*___rt_.i_ii��_- _n,n.__.__,'  Progress reports were received from  tho v/nter safety committee and from, tlul  entertainment committee. These will bo  finalized at the, next council mccllnfj.  Mr, Al /Lloyd reported that the liquor  store brief and Its accompanying petition  were now ready for ���ubp.U_lon and,,as a^  'result, the' meeting authorized n letter hp  forwarded to tho attorney-general requesting an Interview at which a chamber delegation! would present'its cj��sp,'        f  The deteriorating surfacing on Highway  101 yvas discussed, with particular reference to thnt portion on Halfmoon Bay Mil,  and around Trout Lake, that h.(s now'bo-  come n'danger-pus, hazard to unwary motor-  Ists, i It wan the opinion of,the meeting  that tlio departmfen] t of hlg|twnys should  ropalrnll danger-,Bpot���,wHliopt' further doi  lay. , '  repair pll danger spots without further,dc*  piirtmeni will be asked to lake'over and  maintain an abandoned logglpq rpa<t which  'skirts North Lake nnd continues tip to and  wbeyori(l ^.lllarpcy Lake. Tho roa,l Is'arndui"'*  He left in �� hurry so he  womtdn^t miss the  terrific service at  ';: BUD KIEWITZ  SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTOR  m7*^l^W��WttWl_*t * i3*"i',  AS LOW AS  2S*-A :D-\Y  ,B��Wii_i_#tVi��>-W(*:Wi��rrf^ |^ ^*��*��^��_*__*j-*a��Mnis>*JS  \yiLL COMPLETELY JNSTAM, A t^^W SH^LL  FURNACE: Comploto with Oil Durnor, pucts Work  ���'''���j'"-"''N"";*;,7",'"','and"'bir'"'To��k"|n;"  ""  For fulf TrtformoHo^ cq|l Bud Kiowitz your;  i./'.',  Gibsons, B.C;  Phond 886-2133  k-v  SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTOR  Glbion��, B,C, ���";' ���        Phonp 886-2133  "'M,f;  (t*^��****'**(*.ttt,****��***��-��7*  !t��,,|*-*i��w*y*i*Afi*(^_f��,*ii-" fj  iM.XJ{\'k'i7<> $;,  "'    'Tyt'i.1.'.,!1 n'/i  $>0*Altgard,Publisher  , i     on jn.C. Sunshino Coast'  U'u-'''i Peninsula Timed Ltd.  'ill - Sccheh> B.C,  ? ������  i'A'��^fc^'i IgjrtKteri|ition Hoteii; (In advance)' ��� .  ,    I A   I'1  ,��i "i-i*        '*_.,r      (   _ m \. ' ,(    _)  . .     . _  , _M .. **_    M _. _���!   |5&SBSip l��m^tp itrvii Inlet)  >   I ��  ll   , t7��>7 '   7   I    | >)il     ill1      I   If'   ���  ialJaMWj  ' *. t-.~*.,i  _-_JM_'WN_WW_Wll|ffl!ffl  ^  ������������:  ;      7   ��� ��� ��� :  mm0l��  ISmintpr in^tf^npringllmc day  To (he church IwIIi  Jllalfn mile away,  pijsy,, . ���   trpmjfer/ Mellon t0 ^smorii   To the church bell!, thut were rlitufng.  i i  KttBblfilfiStZiL'Zi  NEED A CART  NEW or USED  try ; "   ,  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SfCHCLT, D.C,  Pfton. fiflff-XITT ^' Ted Farewell  r^sFtKiatrrxawwanw  m  Helenefs Fashion Shoppe  (tyheieEhe?)  :     ;  ���; just ' ����ihiriiy^c,r~I  * FJi^.Ef SELECTION OF'  LINGER|E;AND POUNDATIONS���  In npw .bcautlfql cplouf$.  /   ' ���*.'-.'i;7 '���;���'���  Helene's Fashion Shoppe  .G.Uon��, B.C.   -'.;~��~P-hWir||H9At-  tvrifrt: Jf7S(af��J��*--i^h^ t*t* i MW4  ^Jl*^^^!����*fl^���  7,    : \\7i.\t   I     r  ( #      ������ .. .       .,.-'���  1 MfiOMBw* ��JlkWi W!���_l 7 i^KIC. ESI  uilding Supplies  Phono 885-2283  ��**��� It f-C^1'��<����*   lji"*  oJSA i"-, f   -J   (*�� * ,��    ���_ ^    *  .** _C *.'      * * ���  ,_��_*��_.__ ,_i <  _i ib- A   _. *��� ���  ^_ __ ����� *i_  i *<-��- -_��U ��i   * ** j vw ^i .' -  i*. .��_ __ ���h.u. -_-*-_ a   . :  .,^._  .iv.i^'i'V.1  |l^4<il?i'^fy^i*a?^iwN^ i����i��i#h�� ^�����^^^a^^V'^>'r':i#'#7ry,^.��-,  ���'_   "a>-u" J"*" X
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W    ?T   1*1 «M*'   *1a^
tourist activities
^WeoVegm^Afirii'Ttf, 1967
*^^*M^«^*lWI»^—«««_--_—-H»l|_l>i ll««3l__fc— *     ' ______( . _ __ __
* ■j --..-■■■ i .   r..  i.   i.	
Tfty Peninsula Times
•     y "   5
-a.    I.
_- L"<
e ' ■•■]_   *V t7i>_ClJl_. " i.il!)UUi>Wll/ X LU - iJUOUJUC      mat,
t_kWp, _ _i_ * Reluctant ghost • ,
FART of the extra curricula actm- Ghost with cast * Theresa Labonte.   Colleen HUsbv. Gmnv Alsaeer. Marv
'vties, "       "      '       "    ' "   "" 	
included production of the Reluctan.
toT-Ite. Bjftfe-^ltetiew.'far itech," jusi . «
^,(.Ae^li-Mettc^ofithe visitors witowiU * ^:L^£jtl_^;_i^j'^V-^*^-, v. ^ ", ''-.'/.;         ■     '".I**'*       '    l
fcitttfcs coUbt#'itf,stu;KWe numbers^ it6.; ;FESTIVA^iinie:^a?n,^pn the Sun-, -ghren to %> Gibsons, choir at their school
__._> _.___,_ __;._._.:-_ *_..»_.__*_,_: ..___.._ v.  ,.-/..    .  shine Coastl^'Musicf larval is not a concert on,Thursday augeri weU for tHe
 M* ^air^-„%;".well-Jcno'vnri-i- festival. Because of tbVdiMcultfes of 'get-
fF&Jival in Vancouver, biit ting together in this widespread district,
MM jneatitag of the word, ' most o£ the  practising  for  ihe festival
tibn'^ith Jhfc Melwaiiorrofifl& lOOttfaimi-'   *'wcni:cne)A$fa.<^r j x:          y, goes on in small groups. Scfaopi choirs from
ve.sSTy>^,dpnfeaftratipnf   the ^Canadian    .. f.UBS&1?e ffi*}' .ff^Ooopeil, sponsor ^ Langdale te Madeira Park havebeeh work-
____?• *_'_______j1_h* _c_'_ _t___„_r..___i___ „ of the„an|iu?lfes^val, seeks to promote lo- mg ont^ieirpart in the program and will
„oi 4-i_^ .*.fti'. a_* -H  c»^i  *»  a.«^..i„<.a. _..._ a T?j,ear8al ^j Elphinstone on Satur-
morriing April 22 from 10 to 1Z noon
Dr.  Gibberd. The full' district >aad
will also, rehearse in the afternoon froin
12:30 to 2:30 p,ro.
i     1   - a 7 ^,1
To avoid a repetition-of last year's over-
for Dr. Lloyd Slind-.frpm UBC who con- crowding, the festival committee has deducted the combined" choirs and the narray   cided" that all ,600 seats in the auditorium
iKV ,9 „.,__ .„. „_„- „_.     tor -Gordon Inglii,'- chief/announcer front %  will i>e" reserved And admission will be by
ntially iff 'recent, yfe^rs arid'Canada's share l the C?C/ it wa_' a, locaT production. The   ticket only, pickets which are free may be
of.the>Jtal:is about ff.per cT0ttt.- / u  ' M67 fesbval wOI. have;a- centennial- theme    obtained- from /Mrs., S.' H,rttately, Madeira
1  ' iu" v h"1     ^ / ^"C      1 ' ^a_        In #_   -   - _ _■       «_i _•, »XI—-. J*        __V ___ _aa*        j  Jl _.  _ r      't-L'^' _   _, _b_ — **    ■     V^  ?_J      _.  _ _» * J J
? 1-7
1      V>
I'    '
www<i   t -«\ -a. >,
t   School cji'oif,
GIBSONS Elementary School- ehoir, vdices.'Mrs. Chas,Evans was accom-
* directed by Mrs. K. NeUson lias :jp&nist ^or*'last. *piur^day's; concett
approx. 70 members at the,moment , ahd .ttie young Isingers received' a
and many hours of practice have re- tremendous 7ovation.from <t_iei audi-
sulted in a  delightful- blendingA of - ence., .,>-"',   , ''^
Three plays, and chair • •
f-'Oitapercapita Ita*.,- Canidi_ns spend *» k*f rt rW 3lang^mitbeca_co- ^ark^tfel «8%2393j an- Secheit from The
Ht morevmoheya onMnternSonal tourist <^atb/e vejto^ loctf si^ and-masi- Tinles o*fice/%<K54; and n.Gibsobs from
^cUvitifesiJiafaJhe renins,of,almost' any ****. *°% c^iiqren and adiitts taking part Mrs.f JL- M&ftson, g_f2647. So that wp
other~cothitry, 'and about three times as ^ Prwession^ angers and musicfans mAy offer^the visiting artists an attentive
much' as;6tir 'neighbors * to the, south. ', <m Vancouver. -..--, and'appreciative a,udience,and that no stu-
'' "Nevertheiess all-Unite-. States resi- T^e corobined .choirs of .the elementary dent-or ajlult( who "would enjoy the pro-
dents taken"together spend7 a very great SCB*>ols who gave-so niuch pleasure last gram need be turned-away, parents a?e
4eal of .money ?oh - international tourism £" wiU sing,^ga|n, directed by Dr. Don asked to Wange for baby sitters *or their
and?; although Canada's share of this has Gibberd of UB&The enthusiashc applause .small children. , , t , ,
declined markedly'in the-po^t-war period, °~~- TTy, '-J. ; 7^ » -- > - < "r**~ * s, , .
our travel .acpqunt;wit|r.tha„t country, in^re-    0Qg_y/-CO^TS/ hOTSCS . >. •
cent years < has been showingr a -sizeable    —-13 — ■	
surplus.",      ,   _', \""l-;J .    *
"%ut ^the1 bank _raints,out,5*'the traditional
deficit with Overseas ooUptrifs has widened ^with/the Result ttaV Canada', overall
balance continues, to be ih deficit, as It has
been in eyfif1 year but one/for the" past
decade and'J a half.'' - (^, r
« Summarizing vifie yarious activities plan-'
ned to cinark the centennial, the Bard, oi          .      , »■■ ^ - _.   , —<»-,.,,.'      - .,                     7      ,
Montreal states, "Certainly Canadians will   STRAY dogs „around jciwoLbuildings are ^ ^with the. same teachers, in one large room,
have an unprecedented opportunity to wel-. ' 7 stm causing "p<inceyn jgo&pk his report breaking into smaller, groups for discas-
come both their feUow : cotiritrymen "W,  *t last-week's ^4 meeting; Mr. Cooper, sion.   ...   „          .    -        .^.^,,
tourists from abroad in- such a way'that    pwndpal of ^fons% Elementary. Scnool, Grade;§ English will be time-tabled in
they will want; to come back again."           rstated that thrfefe> children Jhad been bitten such a manner,that students from ,any lev-
 ;——=-=—."u ' - '.r— „ • during recesjs pipriods.          '          * „ el of English can move into or out of a re-
Apparentiy jd^fgs are not "so aggressive medial program at* any time during the
*                   .at Roberts Creek School where they eat year.                  ,       *" ^
»   ■r     '                     -     '                           left over limchesT Mr.-.p/^ Skelton at Pen- Trustees fully approved these new mea-
der Harbour Secondary School has* a more sures   and  congratulated   Mr.,,. Potter on
rural problem'wh^ere cowk and horses en- their adoption.                         \a-
joy7 the playing iield facuities.    i%          '". DROPOUTS                                 "^V
TRAFFIC PROBLEM  7} 7,-'; ,y_     ,        , < „ Principal of Pender Harbour reported
Near accident to a 'iindergarten pupil'^ that, only "four  studepts 'dropped  out of
at Gibsons Elementary prompted. Principal school during the year, about- one third of
sim fnumi
' * -, ""a ' a -
* ^J
Elementary School Concert
proves first rate project
f - ALL THE excitement  and tension  ob-in   Sandy; Ginny, Donna Solnik; Miss Blake, George   Cooper":^o  seeiaVpermission that    last> year's number. Asked why the four
Is        first ni_ht nroduction was ,exDerienc_d    Ciana Watson and Mrs. Allen. Theresa La- cars carrying kindergarten children be al-    decided to leave, Mr. Skelton said two. left
first night production wa§ lexperienped Ciana Watson and Mrs. Allen, Theresa La-
by  Gibsons' Elementary  School  c_dldren/, bonte.
last ..Thursday evening when" t§ey pres'eiiti A
ed a delightful concert con_jsjSng. of1 t&ce%     W%-       I -.   Vm
plays and the school choir.\*$£ "     y-fy iZf^flflf^t'^^s
,The choir which is some^-strong.^^ "^TT^V^0
credit to the scjipol' and dfifjctyx, MrsIJK,
^T_%. l_«/v«*       x%«««4        _«■   *_r»''    _^l__vlAiin /'rrr\^^4^       Aniifirlttcte
lowed to park ^temporarily in the school to get married and one obtained a job ear-
yard. "'-, 4 . ning ^0 per day which made some teach-
Trustees did 'l|ot feel this was advisable ers wonder if perhaps they should drop out
but will request*'that Village' of Gibsons too! " ,, "'-.,■'*•
consider painting" a crosswalk on School mcut ALPHABET < " ' - 'r
Road where tne?ide entranced located, -frta^ ot Roberts^reek School; Mal-
with warmng signs.        _   , colm Mactovishrreport^d that tae'"rmtt4l
1, /  . Space,men'
IT MAY have been coincidence but   eluded,
it was uncanny that''unidentified   Marlon f_,    ■»-—-»-, _-
flying objects", were .sighted inrthe ' Price. -Ian McKenzie,. tfohn. Sleep,
•area after Mr. D," Mcfcee's-cl_iss AX Michael" - HauHa>' Ke^riy^ THerrin,
Gibsons, were ready to launch - the ■ David Hauka.'and.GaWScHindel.s
first cat on a trip to Mars. Cast in- • ' ■• ifc;'!', i' , -'/,,  \ -    ^ -^
My Country,' (Sopg of Peace; 'Saraspqhda, 'qEditor-» The.-T.mes^     ^ —'\ -   , MP officers a^ transportation committee    emeW?      SchoQl   Vancouver where 'two
Spring Tinil fri. titogp Song, Wal^g ^fc^uTs?meeting of i& Board ,of x %££?&%£TiriL ^nbSl'St   "ITA classe? have ^instituted and ^th^
at Night and two numbers which areSe-(i Directors of the B.C.  TB-Chfi_tmas Seal    ^Te inS-LS LarffibsoSs El_me«-
coming dear to Canada in,this Centennial    societv   members oassed a vote of aDDfe- .*      e I   1       1%\     I wosons t_iemen-
year; Four Strong-Winds, and, Canada.'     :;X*to^ S^Stl^eJta eStte    ^ Sch°°l W°?^ bC ^^     ^       s
• Mr. Drew McKee's grade 5 class^pre-    province. ' EDUCATION . .
sented a space-age play; The First Cat on        Wit^nnt thP .„«&«t.«iW «f' momh^  nf        Education meetings, which are held on
progress of Roberts Creek pupils compare
most favourably.   "
.                 ,        ;     '           i                     *        acuicu u  _iJ(»vi=' »_.e pmy,   me .rust \>ai uu muiuui   ujc ,a__i_uau,v;-   u_   mcuiucis   uj. ,,       .        .    _        ,       -,-   . < -
Gary*'Jenkins,   John. Volen,    Mars complete with a„ very affable cat. the^pres?, it would be" impossible to figjit tte fourth Monday of the month at 7:30
Jenkins   - Bill - Price ''Dah    Although the pia> demanded a lot of dia- the  TB   battle  in   case finding,   through pm„ \n„E;pn.1?sto"eOJScPool.Jlbfar.y  a!:e
»-' **l4^-i-    't_u> »e,._l     i0gue?   no   prompting* was   required1 and health education, and in money-raising by ^h?,^led for Apnij2^when 3e topic wU
• - --' « -•       -      — _".>«__=:._-..- x. ..-_"._,_. ° be "Homework", add during May, Mr. Ay-
lighting effects'\yere excellent. All male
cast was: narrator, Gary Jenkins; 1st pit-
our annual Christmas Seal campaign.
.Last year 'more than 5o6'cases oftuber-
ris will report on a Continuous Progress
ot, John Volen;v 2nd pilot, Marlon Jenkins; culosis were discovered in B.C., which- is Ef<Juiati,on .?u0nJfren,f wWch he recenUy
Cookie, Bill Price; ;Cal, I^an Price; ^Skiji- indeed proof the disease is still a .major a«ended w«h Mr. Cooper,
perl Ian tycKenzie;  Timer,  John Sleep; thrfeat lb our growing communities. EXPO SAFARI        '
Doc, Micljael Hauka; lounger, Kenny Her- ••      Public spirited British Columbians usod^ Principal   of Elphinstone,   Mr.   W.   S.
rln; Tom, David Hayka and Bigger, Gary more   Ghrlstmas   Seals -during  this   past Potter reported that 80>students will leave
Schindel.'    *                                     *.     * campaign than ever before  and through Vancouver. June 19 by CNR for the Expo
Short comedy nortrayinR the dunlicitv "ffl1? »298-«uw?s [al?ed to continue the Safari accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. JB.
-^»5JS?^&?S, 1&m%i£52VJl£Sr ST5" "ndMr-and Mra'a "
by the audience and young participants: ,    please-accept sincere thanks from the • '
narrator, Stanley Owen;.psychia^ist, MUUe BCi TB^hristtnas Seal Society for your REPORT CARpS                -,  .
Armstrong; husband, Suspn Pcterion; wife., understanding support.   '             , Parents of Elphinstone students will be
Joanne    Jorgenson;    policeman, "Debbie        u wouid be impossible to conduct our Invited to  the. school on the evening of
Clarke^ Pjjtty JHogqp an^1 Nadiqc, Glass. campaign (without  you   and   the   Society April 27 to pick up report caird^. AU teach-
Spooky "atmosphere of an attic In an old fu»y appreciates this. ers will be pp.hand and refreshments ser-
haunted house was captured well In seen- '                              K-. VAUGHAN-BIRCH, ved. This will,enable parents to discuss
cry and'lighting for the Reluctant ghost,      •                          president, reports  with, individual subject teachers,
directed by PrlqclpaLpf Gibsons.. Element-               .                     ; TEAM TEACHING       •    '
ary ScUl, ,Mr. Qeqrge Coopp^.f oung per-    DublOU& repute                 > To new E will be Introduced  at
Editor, The Times:            ^                    ' Elphinstone during the coming term;  all
formers appeared relaxed and their voices
carried  extremely  welKospecialiy   a  fyw
blood curdllhg screams. Cast for this hap
Sir—Tho now  cabinet minister, Turner    grade 10 students will havo English  and
py mm Pl?y «tm,t* o.d u, w« no. Q&TJS'SvJSlti l!T«   > ^'^ "V" C°"5°""iV° ""^
forced to sell her house because of tho rectly   reported   (Victoria   Dally  Colonist,
treasures- hpr uninvited guests, found  in April 14) ns favoring tbe legalizing of "cdn-
the attic, Included:; ^rralor, Martha Brnk- sentlng homoscxualsM~provldlng. they  do
stad; Emily, CollQen Jnlsby;.- Jane,- Ginny not corrupt 'a minor's morals-what else
Alsagor; Julia, Kathy Potter; Carol, Don- could thoy do? How much lowor can wo'
Iso Clarke; Mlir.tr Mury Muclonkalppj-Mcb « go?
anlo, Collcop iMpPbodm'n;   -lacky,, SbJjron, —E.  W. AB1U1IAM.
1      ■■■ ..„.i^i.lli«     1        1, ,, .',  , ,    ,  , „ *         . .
P—^* w^^www—Ii»^p—ilwww^»aMw_»   I I   uwwft—a»»i^ummm^wia—.w<M«lWNi«wmmmm**m*mmm*mw*awfc_mn  m   m      i,i   ii.iiii
~f~Tt '^ ...... , , 1 I    a*
of the annual genera^ meeting of the
ratepayers of Zone 4 of.the SUNSHINE
Pork Elementary- school library on Monday April 24 at 8 p.m.
1. Election of one ratepayer to serve as'
chairman of the generql, meeting and
one ratepayer to serve as secretary of
the general meeting;
2. Report of the trustees on the undertakings 'of the Hospital Improvement
District for the fiscal year 1966 dnd
'a stqtement of the financial conditions
of the Hospital Improvement District.
3. Discussion with the ratepayers of any
matter relating to tho undertakings
and finances of the Hospital Improvement District cjurjpg 1966;
Ai Election of a trustee to succeed tho
ono whose term of office expires at
the end of tho zona) general meetings
(Zone 4 one trustee).
The Canadian Armed Forces
y.   . ,'      Buck Btagb • ' <, '/ ' t *
STAGE- hands at Gibsons i..tomei> ', Raridy'.'Gqdffcy;' thw young, mdn
* tary* School night concert wevo:   'Who'helped tp ensure smooth pfoduc-
Brlon McKcnzlo,  Brad, North  and ■ tton.Wr'■•-'•,''•■ ■   • •   "
r      - a ,
Youir Hospital Needs Tom
Become a member of St. Mary's Hospital Satiety "j"
' I, V '       '     '   a,'J    '__ .
NOWl Give your sUpportTfor $2,00 por year or 4
cents per week, you can h6come alrnemher of the
Society and give additional strength to thp qpera-
tiqn of your hospitqi
i t
WE ARE ALL mVOLStmt*   i
"' "K
"' r
'i ,*( ii
'?XX CWiO/A"E'
»*.v 7. an ii j Jail VI 1 ' ' i
H,.    7   1   '   . a
f \        I      '    J
i   I'.V
1 17' ,<
.        "        -      -a
V^. .    "77., ft>£».*   ^M77a
/ 7^; v
L V*_ . . *■ ' *'
i,fcU> i^C MU'i.
... MEKnrta
J   t
*Uaf Vaa-       tt
iiiViiiiiii ^  ' i      ii u "  i      i
,i . «.
m^mpm^mmmmi tpn m n i^n|»|iln  nl> nn 111 m
17p0 ArmcfJ Forces Personnel
in tyro hour* of thrilling  ,
entertainment action,
pageantry and excitement
Y 3t to JUNE 5
TICKET?: APULT $3,00 ; $£,00
CHILD $1.00 - $1.25
<J30 Hamilton St.
Phoiui 603-3253
R«9<HrtaHfm{H •
rh7   4
,1    .'
_*_.*J*_*.*     *_•
4    t     t    »    i    t     i    I,    %
<    *   «(   •*   «   *   S
'. *. •. \'vwu v, \ \\^\\^\\ii w*.V4A.V_VI»
■I ' A ' '"T1*" ~    '**i' 7?    7   \ -,  at"t ���' , '  tf     7  TV  X "W  V \^.^>nAW*v\*C,V*V"  ."f'v*'..''''��.'��� y^^.*"   'sf ���  )  ���*.*<,'^��*<.\>7fV ���.�� ��>o-,%Oi J-^vv-a'>.N.��aN.vax-,   v���   \>\A, t sk  �� ">   S   *aK.*^.-3r..v^V    . V   V   V   n,    -a  I  ��� v   -  - I-  -   s  *.   7,   --' v   v  Hi'  I  II  'ii  A  7{T      .  ' v:  i   *  ����>.* i��  Page 6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, April 19# 1967  Egmont f yec  ���by John Dunlop  FROM ALL appearances we are in for another round of inflationary battles between the 'gimmes and the 'gottas', with  the all but forgotten "don'tcounts' caught  in the middle of the attendant ���spiralling  cost of living.  Organized labor in B.C., already the  best paid labor force in tbe country, is at  it again with cries of 'gimme higher  wages,', 'gimme shorter hours' (but with  the same take-home pay, naturally), 'gim- r  me more fringe benefits and pensions,' in  short, 'gimme all the traffic will bear, and  then some.'  Big business interests, on the other  hand, couldn't care less. They also are  contributing to the present state of affairs  with their 'gotta control costs,' 'gotta' get  higher prices,' 'gotta protect our investment and look after our shareholders,' 'gotta keep the labor force in line,' and they  too 'gotta get all the traffic will bear.' The  latter statement is attested to by the fact  that 1966 corporate profits reached an all  time high despite the many wage increases granted, many of which were  retroactive to th. beginning of the year.  Seems that when business increases selling prices in?'order to recover additional  wage costs, they also take the opportunity  to add a little something extra for their  - own pockets. Even before the guaranteed  $105 a month old-age pension became effective the rent gougers were busy siphoning off the expected increase from those  who could ill afford it, and lucky is the  old-age pensioner who is better off than  before.  And   so   the   vicious   spiral   continues  without a  thought for the people  caught  in the middle^-the 'don'tcounts.'. These are  the pensioners and those with a small fixed  income.  The  small indepenedrit  businessman and "the non-union-protected laborer;  They are the sufferers. They' will continue  as such until government, whether at the  provincial or federal level, does something  about it and imposes  a   ceiling on both  wages and prices until the economy stabi-  ��� li_es.'  *��� X'   " ������ ���'��� ���"'���'���  Michael Starr, a candidate for the leadership    of   the    Progressive    Conservative  paxtywand^a i_tfriiers^bpr;nlim$ter,wis^an  advocate of; such  a  policy.  His  political  leanings M^e no bearing on the matter, as  ���both>_3oeral And  Conservative   members  decrfed such .a Itoethod.  .  ^^."Loiife.'^-niin.sky, governor of the  Bank of CaMda, is another prominent fig-.  ���'- u^-whowarns thatthe present'inflationary  -trend  can OBly^lead  to economic   chaos  tltrotigh thie-loss of <5ur export' markets.  Apart from these two men, not another  . public figure has-had the courage to stand  up .and state that the increase ih both  ���wages and prices must be curbed. Instead,*  they offer tiie same excuse that our free  eriteriJ_i_e systeifi would hot stand for such*  legislation, despite the fact that it worked  very weU'during)the second World.War  years, and currently, Britain appears to  be oh the road to economic recovery be-  , ; cause,, of. t^^  ly, afyear ago.     ' *,a: ''- ,:���" * ���"-���  .The plaihJ,bald.facts of the matter are,  as-t^isf.'cblijjmtf&efe|p_i^v3ffiat we are living ih a fool's pat^ffisi^lfliying far beyond  oitr'^IncotaJB^as: a nation.'and that, unless  drastic- remediate  not only. the!,';dba,tcpunt_',.'wj_L,c9ntihue;.to  ';'. suvfer,' they*frill,oe jofted by the 'gimmes*  urid thfe 'gtrttas'- who'���> will only have them-  ;:A^e]yeiS7.to''';Matxi^Ayy7AX.'A'7.: 7-  Bethel 28  *>'      ���" "���   7*H  ���        ���-   ���  _ - I ' l   . ' J , ,    a '    >t  Jobies- visit Penticton  attended Grand Sessions  -TTENDING the Grand Sessions at Peritir>  ton1 March 30 - April 2, a grpup of thirteen girls and five chaperones from Bethel  _*$, left together with a group from the  Powell River Bethel travelled 'aboard a  bus driven by Dick Gray of Seehelt,'  Leaving the ferry we deci,(jecl to pass  the time singing which we did most of  the way to Penticton. We arrived at about  i:30 and at 6:00 went to the Grand Guardian's dinner. Following' this <there was a  t .lent show put on by Jobies from B.C.  Friday morning was a registration period. During the 3 days"~at Penticton ap-  iroximately 800 gir.'s had registered. We  were given Friday afternoon for bowling,  shopping, sightseeing or anything else with  the permission of the chaperones. At 7:00  that night there was a flag ceremony. This  is when the flags of all the countries Jobies  are, paid tribute to/ .;  On Saturday morning; at 9:00 thieri; waS  a skit competition. Twenty-two Bethels entered this competition ,and Bethel 47 of  Kamloops won. We would' like to thank  Nancy Douglas for helping us with our  .skit. The skits lasted to about" 1:00 p.m.  After .lunch most of the girls went horseback riding at Ray's Ranch. Saturday  night was the Installation oi the' -Grand  Guardian Council, This* started about 7:30  p.m. and was over about 11:00 p.m. After  the installation a band of four played for  us.        *    ,  ^,fc  1 Sunday morning about 8:00 we began  our trip home.. The" girls would like to  thank our chaperones Mrs. Morrison, Mrs.  Chamberlain, Mrs. Dockar, Mr. Dockar  and Mr. McLeod for the nice time they  gave us.  FOR QUICK RESULTS USE TIMES  ADBRIEFS TO SELL, RENT, BUY, ETC.  PERFORMING a valuable service to  cancer sufferers by making dressings arid bed pads, ladies df Mount  Elphinstone Chapter, Order Eastern  Star have been meeting twice a  month for the past 18 years. Funds  raised by the chapter help to purchase ^materials used but they stUl  have an urgent need for worn sheets  Valuable work  and pillow cases. Busy making dressings at last week's Cancer Dressing  Station held at Masonic Hall, Robert^  Creek are Mrs. Zeo Eades, Mrs;  H. V. Pearson, Mrs. R. Carlson-  Mrs. Doris Drummond, Mrs. Cathei>  ine Franske, Worthy Matron, Mrs.  G. Zeron and Mrs. E.'Wardil.  Halfmoon Bay Happeiiings  Urgent need  DEMAND for cancer dressings will  never be satisfied, but thanks to  dedicated ladies of the Eastern Star  there will always be a soft bed pad  to ease discomfort. Retiring convener, Mrs^R; Carlson checks supplies  while Mrs. R. Cumming cuts out an-  Mt. Elphinstone . . .  other 33-by-36-ir.cn pad to be sewn*  by Mrs. Bessie Shaw at the twice  monthly dressing station held at  Roberts Creek. Sheets and pillow  cases are always welcome and the  odd pieces are used for garage grea'se  cloths.  /  EGMOrnVEYEBROPS  ,This��; year's; book, oi tide, ,tables  Chapter 65 Eastern Star  service  has  aroused ���cpnsic|erable comment on the part  of Ibcai-flshermeh^ loggers who iise our  \yaterways, our water/taxi operator, and  others^>whi>:haye cause to refer:to it., Prob-,  able ��� a, progressive step which will prove  more accurate when thoroughly assimilated, the alteration of the tables by approximately two feet has caused a little censtcr-  nation in local circles. What was formerly  listed as, a minus two-foot low is now  shown as zero in the tables. By the same  token a former 14-foot high -is now shown  as 16 feet. The tides are still running to  the same highs and lows that they always  did, but the readings have been altered.  Take the Skookumchuk, for Instance.  Local users of this waterway have gauged  low or high water slack by rule-of-thumb  for many years, and quite accurately ,too.  Slack water in the rapids is locally ascertained by adding one or two and a half  hours to the time of Pt. Atkinson slack,  depending on the height of water and making allowance for wind conditions. Sounds  silly, but works. Now the boys will have  to alter their timing a bit to allow for  <[hc two-foot difference.  LADIES of: the Order of the Eastern Star,  ������������ Mount- Elphinstone Chapter No. 65, are  appealing to residents of the Sunshine  Coast for worn, sheets, pillow slips, or any  good useable material; cotton or flanelette.  Also for cancelled stamps.  AH these thing? are needed to help them  continue their good work invmaking cancer  .dressings and raising money to buy new  materials for the dressings.  '�� This valuable ���service has1 been performed for the past 18 years and twice a,  month these dedicated ladles can be found  at the Cancer Dressing Station, Roberts  Creek Masonic Hall. Dressings and bed  pads for both cancer and bed patients arc  mad9 to supply needs on the Peninsula;  excess dressings-aro sent to the main sta- .  tion in Vancouver.  - Dressings ar6 available for\all local  patient.-?, free of charge by applying to  the Cancer Convenor, Mrs. II. V. Pearson,  Secheit, or by contacting any member of  the chapter, ,  Gfluzo and padding arc bought from  proceeds raised, by the", .sale of cancelled  stamps, collected by members of the Order  in aiding less fortunate people.  In Secheit area please'vpnone Mrs. Gerald Zeron, 685-_t883. In'Gibsons area, Mrs.  Doris Drummond, 886-7442.      ,  Station workers are: Convener Mrs.  H. V. Pearson, Co-convener' Mrs. Robert  Cumming, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. G,  Zeron; Mesdames Elsie Carlson, Zoe Eades,  Doris prummondj Doris Aitchison, Eleanor Wardil, Bessie Shaw, Catherine Franske,, Jo Mylroie?,' Edna Fisher,, Ann Pearson,, , MaheJ Donnelly, Lorrie Bryson,; and  ptliers able to attend.  WHEN Joe Holmes and two of his friends  set out from Richmond last Saturday to  take a boat trip to his parent's cottage on  Thormanby Island, they probably had no  intention of swimming part of the way.  But when the boat hit a dead-head off Sea-  crest and started to take water, they did,.  just that, heading for the nearest beach.  They eventually reached the Jim Stewart  property and were taken to Secret Cove  and fixed up with some dry clothes by ���  Francis Stone. By the time they were ready  to go in search of the boat, it was already  being towed into the Halfmoon Bay wharf  by Beachcomber Stan Lamont.  A young lady who also got a surprise  last week was Sharon Doyle, who started  the day off last Wednesday in the usual  way by catching the school bus and settling down to another day of school routine.  By11:30 a,m.���she became iliand,was,rushed to the doctor at Secheit. By 2:30 p.m.  she had had her appendix removed. She  is still in St. Mary's Hospital making a"  good recovery.  Mr. and" Mrs. Anton Kadin have returned home to Eureka after a 3 week trip to  their former home; at Riohdel where^ they  visited old friends ahd colleagues while  completing the sale of their Riondel property.  Mrs. Joe Sailis' guests have been her  brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W.  H. Fisher of Everett, Washington.  At the Frank Lyons is Tom Mackay of  Cloverdale, a former owner of the Redrooffs resort.  Mrs. Elizabeth, Pearce was in Vancouver recently for a family wedding and returned with her grandson Dick Anderson  oahd his family as guests.-  .,* .Just returned from Nanaimo to take up  residence again in the Bay are Mr. and  Mrs. Henry Guenther and their family.  Mr. and MrsvE. A. Murphy who had been  renting the Guenther house, have moved  to Selma Park.  With the opening of the spring fishing  season on April 15th,, Ed  Edmunds  was  right on the job. He will fish around Secret Cove,  Jervis Inlet arid  Secheit  Inlet  for a while before goihg further north,  ���    Among  those  who   braved the  wintry  winds to visit their cottages last week-end  Were the Jim Rhbades,' Don Ross, the Don  Macponalds and the Bruce Hallat's. This  Was Mr. Hallat's first visit to the cottage  ; since his recent illness,  '     Charles Tinkley celebrated his 85th birthday on April 16th with a luncheon party  ���by Mary Tinkley  at his home. Mr. Tinkley has already enjoyed 25 years of retirement. 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Ho  knows just how long the job will take'and  .,alwayB.plek8��a44'footaUd<c*to;:tako*hlsl.boat  pff the grid.1 This year ho forgot that/the ,(,  14-foot high, as shown In the tide ,book,,  was in reality a, former 12-foot tide, Aftci;  being stranded on his grJd fpr about three  weeka a 10-foot high same along and 'Hag-  ga^' '\ was 'refloated, l^ut not before the  curse of his Highland clan had been called  down on the hands of thoke responsible for.  tho changejn footage;figure^,, ���,, 1H. ,M  Tiie ommislon of days Js, another confusing factor, particularly for some old<  timers who' are, not even, conversant with  the' year, couldn't care Jess about the dat��  andonly know Ih'At it Is. Monday, and Monday.'Jn, the now. tldo, book, Uoesn't mean  a thing unie��S'Uie, date is known. It will  All come out. 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,117   (,
M\..V     7    Uiaj.^^f.       I,,,,| ,
J       \la
,        I   is
. * a J *
The Peninsula Times    '     >   Page J
^We^sddk AiotH 1*. 1967
■" ■■* '*      i i 11     '■ *     i   * i
<; 7'
'i *
.- («->v ,;„•
ON  APRIL'S,  Wednpsd_y/,evening,' our*
school had >YeryJnter/e§tihg,gue;# $_r.*
Collih Hanney, a famous gentleman 'from1*
our area, snowed' a film of'the expedition
he led,into the jungles pf Yucatan'to irivesti- '■
ga,te rumors of the, existence -of the Maya
Indians,'   a supposedly extinct1 race. ''?
Mr; Hanney's ' party; photographed' the
entire expedition, as/it trekked through the
jungle- on mute back avA saddled < ur ,the
rivers by canoe. Jfhe photographs of the
Mayas and their, ericamprnept which recorded their daily lives 'a,nd work together with the artifacts'on display document what, would otherwise be an unbelievable story.    >'* ' .     '    -  _
'As you know/-athe- Mayas were" an
ancient Indian civilization which flourished
in Central cAmerica about 3,000 years ago.
They were the .descendants of, the original
wanderers who came to the Americas from
across the Bering Strait, They first existed
as a Stone Age groug then slowly through
three distinct periods of history, each featuring the abandonment of cities arid founding them in new regions, they reached the
highest degree of civilization of any primitive group.. They WuH entire cities of stone,
carved roads through jungle, carried v on
extensive trade and communications:'Mayan art, with its w}erd niasks and intricate
Haddock■ Skellett'. \ . —-
,■■.■!■ ■_-—■—_■■ ■_■■■■ -i-.ii-...i_ii..ii_..- , mi..—■——.   M,« yiw.^M—,ii_. * -*     "\ ~s
t " * *     '    " J r \, C  * *>    " '    * r
Spring blossoms enhance
United church ceremony
FBAGftAN? 'spring   blossoms   decorated and Ufa, ii, Lar?on, Egmont; Miss Margie
Gibsons United Churcji on April 8 when Ya'rmisjfjf, Vancouver. 4'    '
Wendy   Sharop   Skellett,   eldest  daughter .  -
of/Mr. and Mrs. Jack Skellett'pf Gibsons, n/r * ' -J     -/x    __        -' V j   '   '
exchanged  vows  with 'Albert John  Had- ^<*flj^4j|JIS presemea
dock/ eldest son of Mr.  and  Mrs.   John Jf,--5*,_, i_.jaj_-i __.-_..._.-.
Haddock of  Madeira  Park.  The  double- «lWIJig DTiaal ShOWer
ring' ceremony   was  performed   by  Rev. AN ELEGANT bridal shower-was. held last
W. M. Cameron. week at the Barry Redman residence
Escorted by her father, the bride wore at West Secheit where Mrs. Barry Redman
a floor-length gown of white silk faille with was the hostess.   " ,        '
empire, V/aist and A-Une skirt, lace trimmed the bodice and matching train and she
carried a bouquet of pink carnations with
red rosebuds and white ribbons.
t Attendants were, Robyn Norris, maid,
of honor, with junior bridesmaids,' Karen
Alsager'and the bride's sister, Winnifred.
Soloist was Mrs. Rose Jay who gave
beautiful rendition of the Wedding Prayer
accompanied by organist Mrs. J. Mairril.
Mr.. Charles Lee acted as best man with
' The a guest of honor was Gail, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. T. Y.' Ritchie, Wilson
Creek, and bride of Mr. Bruce Redman,
only son oTE Mr. and Mrs. Jack Redman,
* Gifts were arranged from a lovely umbrella decorated with _pring flowers and
presented, by" Mary Ritchie, maid of honor,
aad-Sharon'Sinnsson, bridesmaid. Giving
a helping hand with the many gifts were
totsTGail Ono and Jeffrey Redman.
It- was followed by a delicious buffet
supped with table arrangements of daffo-
<?<■ >-.
N$wr Brownie~p&clc~
Mr. Frank Gough and Mr. Douglas Armstrong performing the duties of ushers
s  Bright yellow daffodils decorated tables    <%,«** green candles
at Gibsons Legion" Hall for the reception        Invited guests were—Mrs
C.  Gordon,
-M>y-Mabel, Wagman
'J'  ::^.'aBJ^l|tE^N':>E[^whi^                              Strom,' -Heather "Wright, /^thfeen    where-the brides table, covered in white    Mrs. J, Parker, Mrs. C\ Moscrip, Mrs. A.
^fyffif. *> \ -ifX O^r tije Yirstjmeiriljtef^ bf, ttie^hcgW-   Burritt,   .Heather   Reid,    Carol-Ann    lace tablecloth glowed softly in the light   Jdhpston,' RitaOno, Diane Ono, Mrs. W.
Wagrhan -^-ipr-ned*3rd*'Gibsons.Pack/Leaclers    '" ' ■•< -   ~. --       	
Parreli, Joanne Laird, Yvonne Ingli$,    shed by tall "candles in silver holders. The   Barry,. Mrs-   T. 'Ono,   Mrs.   G.   Wigard,
designs, represented the religion since the
Mayas were* dominated by a priestly hierarchy. P-     y +r^e a-ei?g'^ Shawn   Feeney, .MaVa-'Schneider,   « ff^nf, °5 PinK ros!s- f*?*?3***
'   ..   iL.   .. ,   ,   the fail' season for, people who hav,e'taken I^L    W-JKa 7xr«77ZrA ai«.I«_«. , •«£* 7nn+Uir' wrktt*.   -Wo«i   T?"<,««4rtA^ 'W    toast to the bride was Mr. Jack Blackburn
Despite this high degree- of civilization,   tbW beginners' lessons and want'to^ad- ^onte, .Pac_de;.K^en^Alsager,; and <%fry  White,. Warn_Ranmger,. Ml-   a famny friend from Vancouver,
owing to their isolation, the Mayans did   vanrve ■<£ g0ing-through' the '<&sk''and 'Brown Owl-Eleanor White., Brownies, chelle .Tanguay/.Valma Duptus^and
not even invent the wheel. In.a direct con-   brakes' as*khown'-by nome'folks.'  ' '< „, Standing;   Loaise   MacKayy ^Denise Gayle Azyan.      .'. :   - -   *.J ..
. There, are. many   rewards, to'rsquare t]***"'T'J.'X 7 -*'^___.--v* "''.".     7 r "      '     - -:   '   '"   '" - '
dancing such as visiting other neighbonng'  'I'ty tCf fee ,pjQirUSte,\ *• • , *" -   -"'. j  -
clubs, 'enjoying   mahyK get*toge1tiers: arid —■'"    ' '      ' "' " ■''
trast to their.flourishing culture the Mayan religion was savage arid primitive
favoring torture and human sacrifice to
appease pagan gods. .The Mayas lived in
constant fear and trepidation, as the priests
arbitrarily selected victims to be sacrificed to. the "Serpent God." Victims were
stretched on a slab of stone and their
hearts were cut from their bodies and
thrown to the idols.
There is a legend that about 2,000 years
- ago a Maya priest had a dream in which
, he heard a voice stating that in order tp
-' satisfy the gods and thereby keep the tide
; of fortune running in favor of the Mayas a
. certain amount of sacrifice must be made
I,   each year.
Despite all this bestiality and savagery
; the Mayas developed gpld and silver metal-
; lurgy to a high degree, developed a more
a'1 accurate calendric system than ours based
I on thier advanced knowledge -of astronomy
*» and a hieroglyphic system' of writing.
;» Their culture would no doubt have pro-
'. gressed to an even higher degree if an
*. unknown tragedy had not struck their
j« ranks. About a thousand years ago they
;t abandoned their \stone cities in a massive
» exodus into the ever-awaiting jungle which
7\ soon encroached upon the magnificent, de-
\\ serted cities, devouring the exquisitely
"^ carved monoliths in its hungry green foli-
.\   age.
"When the army of Cortez arrived in
■ I Central America 500 'years later only a
j   handful ofjjeople,remained i\* sqva,e of the
eventually beeomirig, a professlonat;'so_u&t£ '*
daneer.-      •>     '.   - ' -    •       >."   - ''-  xy{- 7
- - Closing' .date   for  the 'regulart ''scjvjare
dancing season will -be. Mondayf-'May-'*!",
from,8-10 p,m. \   'j
2Sth ANNIVERSARY .. ,A   r
A 25th- anniversary .dinner ^and^pariy •
for Mr.v'and Mrs. Rueben Stroshein' was
held on March 25, 19S7 at Wilson Creek
Community Club' Hall. Commencing at 7:30
p.m. with a lovely dinner table .set with
spring flowers of daffodils and tulips and
centered with a three-tier cake, the evening
got under way with a toast proposed*by
Mr. R. B. Kent of Secheit
Many gifts were received and. greatly*
appreciated. t    „'        >-
Out-of-town guests present were Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Cook and son from Prince
George, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cough from Port-
lajnd, Mr. and Mrs. F. Seeman and Mr.
and--Mrs. John Guthrie from Vancouver,
daughter Myona , and , Jerry Milkie from
North Surrey; brother Arbey Kercher and
wife Mary and daughter from Richmond;
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cameron from
Burnaby, B.C.; and mother Mrs.' A. Ker-
. cher from Richmond.
Surprise guests at the home of, Mr.
and- Mrs. Steve' Weszely,"Wilsojj .Creek,
were  Steve's  parents,  Mr.  and (Mrs.   S.
Brownie ranks increase
wM 3rd■:&#** Pack
the leaders and members'of the association, for without them this valuable institution would not be able to function.
J Increase in Brownies means a corresponding increase in Guides and there is
a great need for guide leaders for a new
company will soon be required to ensure
a" future in guiding for Brownies.
NEATLY. dressed in ) Brownie ' uniforms,
,18 Tweenies made the Brownie I*romi§_
before District Commissioner . Agnes , La-
bonte and the 3rd Gibsons Brownie*, Pack
cariie into being on Friday, April 14. < ",
Refreshing spring atmosphere created
by the garden of spring flowers which- surrounded the toadstool and bouquets of daf-
fodilas and forsythia decorating St.' Bar-
tholomew'-s Church Hall made an attract- a        < •      g
ivet-setting for the very special occasion.      \£^r*hcklf    S/'V^I/l/C
Follo\ving enrolment, the newly-for^ned    JCLl LvSLL    «_/\_^V_>i.C-.I.O
pack entertained parents and visitors, with
songs including the Navjo Rain Song which
was accompanied by the gentle patteri;of
an Xpril shower.,, .   .
Airs. Labonte '• 'presented the Charter
Certificate, of Registration, reminding' 'the
little gtris they, -are now members of" a
wOrld-wide sisterhood. ' IJv
Brownie "Leaders, are Brown Owl,*'Mrs.
—With Your Neighbours
cities.* ^©ya* wew» speedily »conwwed ^aneh *Wes_e]y from   Buriington1^ ^ritario.  Being
* most of' itheir manuscripts burfiedby'the
'l Spaniards in an .enormous bonfire. Today
*A there are only three Mayan books known
j? to be in existence, one of them in the
f '7\ possessipn of a /Russian scientist who
ij claims" to have fed it into an electronic
"\ brain and deciphered most of the ancient
\\   script. I '       >.
l] No one knows exactly what precipitated
'A the decline of the Mayan Empire although
'} there are several theories put forward by
»; 'anthropologists. Mr, flanney is of the opin
their first trip to the* west coast,they no-, packs,,. Mrs. Yf. -Tyspn' had made thevindi
ticed  a  great difference in the weather vidual   little   flower   gardens a for'^e^ch
conditions.       " '_      '      '. Brownieto present to her mother. Also the
Proud parents "are Mr. and Mrs. Robert bouqutets-which Brownies,presented to.their
Tyson, an eight-ppynd-baby bqy. borp Fri- leaders.1         , '*                 •    -.        »-
day, April 14, 1967. A brother for Vickie .*   Therejarernow.spme 70 Brownies.in the
Lee.                              ' J Gibsons, ^rea and much-credit is due to
ANGLICAN jChurch Women of St. Hilda's
held their monthly meeting in the Parish
Hall with President Mrs. Stan Bryant presiding. Reports were received from delegates attending the conference in Vancouver—Mrs. Fred Taylor and Mrs. Dave Hay-
Eleanor Whiter Tawny ^Owl Mrs. "Mirilyn <ward.
Ranniger, Godmother" Mrs. Eileen7 Strom ,■ • Plans brought forward on the local level
pndrPackiev Karen 'Alsager who is 7 a R#ng- ,,for this month were for /the "parish supper
err. — -a      -      . —mi     .,at 6:30 p.m., April 18* There .will be no
Fairy r Godmother to all-"three'BrOwrrie    F_ieridship tea in April but'onTtfay l^the
The smorgasbord luncheon was beauti-
-fully prepared, by )the Legion ladies' auxiliary. Music for dancing was ^provided by
Mr. Kurt Hoehne and the hall was attractively decorated with yellow „and wfiite
streamers and bells.
- The young couple were joined" ia, the
receiving line by their parents. Mrs, Skellett,' mother ~of the bride, chose a cashmere teaf green walking suit with black
accessories, white hat and white gladiola
corsage. The groom's mother chose a teal
blue lace jacket' dress with black accessories, pink hat and gloves and a white
gladiola corsage.
For the honeymoon journey across the
border via the Port Angeles route, the
bride "donned a pastel green ensemble of
sheath dress and houndstooth checked costt
with smart black patent leather purse and
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Haddock will reside at Madeira Park, B.C.
. Out-of-town guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Jay, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs.
MacKintosh, Vancouver; Mrs. D. Chap-
pell, West Vancouver; Gladys and Nancy
Donn, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. R. Mur-
dock, Abbotsford; Glen Finney,. Powell
River;' Sonja   Danchiik,   Vancouver,-   Mr.
Kee, Mrs. J. Redman, Mrs. L. S. Jackson,
Mrs. S. Dawe, Mrs. A. B. Redman, Sirs.
R.'E, Redman, Mrs. E. Clampitt/Mrs. R,
Branca,'Mrs. "MI Howsley, Mrs. F." Sinns-
son, Sharon Sinnsson and Mrs. P. -Harrison.
Appreciation was shown for-many-gifts
Received: -
Box 500 - Gibsons, B.C.
Box 525 - Secheit, B.C.
ion that their < fight was provoked by the
ncreabing   occurrence   of   the   sacrificial
rites. At the time of the exodus into the
V< jungle up lo 2,000 victims were being sacri
l\ ficer yearly. So many were selected that
;■ the Mayans waged war on other tribes to
\K obtain victims. This constant fear and un
•J certainty inspired the Mayas to think for
themselves rather than blindly accept the
dogma of the priests, Uiat it was a great
honor to be sacrificed to the "Serpent
Finally the spirit of rebellion that is
inherent in all human being manifested itself in a bloody uprising occasioning the
slaughter of many of the hierarchy after
which the common .people, and perhaps
many of the priests and nobles, fled into
tl|o jungle where the majority of them
soon perished iduo to (ho hoat and poisonous
snakes, '. ■'   '   ':"■•.       "    '' .''■"
From the original population, 1 of around
three million, the Mayas today have shrunk
to a mca(?ro 450 or so people; who perhaps
due to tho diminished Influence of priests
and other men ,and1 'tljb flgprous life thoy
51 aro forcod to lead, navo;absolutely no idea
il of thbir Rloriouf) cultural heritage. ,  ,
Today, the Mayas are ft fast disappearing race duo to the absence of now blood.
DbspltQ this" thoy do not appear to exhibit   Prepare
«ny of, the adverse characteristics of in- j
brooding, f hoy appear t^ bo an (Intelligent,
which wore displayed on a tablfi1 in file
'liyninaalum nlong with phQiwaph.v of
tho Mayas which woro on fjalato .tl^Vpub*
Jic. Tl^oso artlf<|c|H .con»lsted„ of, various
phapoH and aI/.oh of rirrowa' oqiUpped with
Htoho p6lnl« for. hunting, ,ntono hainmoj^
51 for poundina their corn,-a Hplndlo for npln-
r( nlng their clothes, very crude tobacco from*
, t which" thoy * it^Mif6]iio(iiU,,oru<lq^"cifsorii, and
H two cloy prnyor-pots tho larger opo boinK
; i 'male and lho other fomqlQ, Thin is ox-
plalped by tluvfaet that tho Mayan worship
nature and In nalur;o all things aro either
male or ■■•female, ' yy    '       '
Dosplto! their   prTmltlvo   oxlHtenco   t|no
Mayas show mflny of.whftt we..regard,-as
I moijorn charaolorlstlcs, Ono old Iribo^uifln .
!'. {, whohv Mj, .lln^
!'i ro|{anl m their closest frlond amon«st lho
•J people, possessed a keen sense,of humor,  <
:r     Old MateOi as thoy'callod him, >as |n,i
a canoo with a parly whop ho1 decided to
play n.Jokb on th'om. Ho 'picked up a i>oi-,
blto ,,and« lioldlng. lt«„,ovor».the»«houldflr. of .
one, pf tho party he, lot out a fiendish yell.
-When, tho man spun around ri'nd»saw tho
, spldorhfl couldn't. IiJovo. fast enough. Rvon
In Isolated conditions hum appear, to bo
bosH by all lho vices as proven hy lho
;' alum's   smoked   and   the  alcohol  derived
I from stmar caries that the Mayas indulged
1 '"•    ' ''■' '    i  ■ ' ''' '     \
{'     Other nxamplOH," of lyplcal humeri hoi
11 I—W—>lh^_^i_.|. 1 , ««■ tillif
,-■   '   \UHaa7
'iWlD^iiKlii^lj _        _
|67 and ^hojp (rftlse fupdS $$*, i*re   Se^ridary
Scl^ol(Di^tr^t ^reifepiiiatK;WQ:f cleaning   just-i contact • Blphinstor
.w.holp/rftlse.fuRdfl ^ferti ■•-^*~*--: -'-'^A •■"■•■
4 '^^cw0; any, joU fIf w
area conference will be held at Garden
Bay when it is expected -attendance will
include members from Gibsons through to
^Powell River.
Holy Communion will be at 10:30 a.m.
This meeting, it is expected," will be very
enjoyable, giving the lad;es.the chance to
renew old friendships and to enjoy the restful beauty of Garden Bay.
"-Mr, W. B, Billingsley, an old-time resident who has recently been on the sick list,
is much better and staying for a time with
son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs.
W. L: (Bill) Billingsley.
1 Mr, and Mr?, Tim Newcombe have as
their guest- their granddaughter (Midge)
ar^d her husbahd Mr. and Mrs, Ed Tack
and1 family of Vancouvor,
Spending a few days in Victoria Mrs,
E. S. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs, Dick Clayton
ahd family.
Visiting Mrs. Olive Port, Flight-Lieut,
and Mrs, Roy Pearson of Portage La
PralriOj Man. and Mrs. Ethel Reid of Vancouver. ,
, Mrs, Frank Walker in, Vancouver for a
short visit. ' I
A distinguished visitor to Sunshine Rebekah .Lodge last meeting was Mrs. Verna
Spildb of Rebekali Lodge 86, Provost,
Alborta.        .     ,„,
Mr. and Mrsi' Jack Whaitcs of Vancouver horfl for the weekend at Rose Cottage.
Many friends called at the homo of
Mrs, Alice Amelia French op' the.Occasion
of her birthday Sunday.tho: 16th.    »'
LOOKS LIKf?"    .
for what you would like it to look like)
Box 381
Phone 885-9654
""wi "r" y
,'|.»  i ?
The Fabulous "BORM FREE"    .-'.!
Frlday/^aturdOy, Moncla^ Xprll:Wf 22 a^d ^ ^ ;, '(M])Ql^m,
'•'  ''1ll,.'       '/   ',   VI i^lnl^i/M<pKqnrici# '* -P| 11 -'"'Trciverfe'',' ".•"'•1"<":." -;' ■'; '^-•''j /''■■'"'.''" 'vi
Technicolor,.-Cinemascope Cartoonand' Double
*^1 ■ 1-* < »* 1  '  .'''' > a.'o_J_H_L___ W!«/r! XV?,''
fie ft waster
•   If , '
i i
.-TjiliA* wrtlWlhWMdf^'AW^i^iiW*^*'-^!*!*^^ **l!«^f» WsAWt*^** *8«*«l «F^«dl»«**NH«iltl*4*'jHi#Pl*
h^vior,;vver^ atjofltPij tn byOJd Matco'd dc<„„
Naturally... See II al Ihe SECHELT THEATRE
„~..L i_,_.-«U_; -i -_.-. ..^l-i.-^l.iT  "
__.*.■ _..!__K
* t_rf_K ^^.Fw   Nil
goMflie, ::z::^x:
Pbst()ffice, get free
change of address
cards,fill them out
and he onyourway
"I >IHi*l    i»J      1,1 \i   ft B    u^ ,,,«« «,i||> la ii« ii > «,sn        te^^^   ™^ W  " ^a,, 4, W  ^W IS HP*    ™ " , ~ w IWIk ^ynJ^Wf *   TF mi*(8  ™|   ™ ™,**Pfc ,*>»« ™  ™. .ff^Pl .WI'; WWr^ ff|B s,.-W tW^IW.W, ^.jPliia.iri^!Wj!;«ii}Wi/t-7fc«»i|'!*i,BiiKB#*1i«.i
:#tem,i*K iil^/10'ii^ (l^««tW'**«W'# iT^WW#**S«w^rt*i»iWi«(if«*«i
•v \"X'V-".\ 1
o postage
' *ft*it* ^ff Mt^WitiJlwBTftT..^ a ay
know where you are and
you will get your mqllpromptly
'   \
1 I;J 1    ,
(   •     •'-       ' -   "■ Li'
„      t,      7      r,***«.*(*#***'*lA*»"*I > __iw-  1  Xi7  I*  '(  1   a'  r7  'it  I   lri  ���J  7...  -.        \ as      -       -  uj^jfSS  W'  TT  r'  i  - t  MORE ABOUT ,. ,. ������  * Egmont Eye  ���from page 6  mended for a highly enjoyable evening arid  a dinner par excellence. The' salmon?  Where else but from Egmont. Had to get  that plug, in, Jim). It's like carrying coal  to Newcastle.  Had a visit from Gunnar and Cherry.  Gjerdin, our- good friends from Doristpn.  Big news from inside the Skookumchufck  is, of course, the anticipation of at long last  having road access to the outside world if  present plans materialize. Throw away.  that inboard, Cherry, and learn to ride the "  Honda.  Look for a big party at the Ben Griffith's this. weekend. Son Keith, now with  GP Airlines, will be home to celebrate  his 2lst birthday���and it seems to be only  yesterday that he was one of the 10-year-  olds hanging around the softdrink cabinet  in the store.  Tempus  fugit  And congraulations to 12-year-old Deb  Bathgate who has been chosen to rule as  the Pender Harbour, area's 1967 May  ��� Queen. Iteb is the youngest daughter of  v Egmont's'Mae and Bob Bathgate and is  a grade six pupil at Madeira Park School.  Her attendants wall be Lynn Rae��� Nancy  Wiley, Heather Walker and Shannon Murphy. Retiring Queen is Loretta Gamble,.'  April 15 will be homecfoming day! for  Ted Girard after spending some time in.  St. Ma ryV Hospital with a broken kpee  resulting from an accident in the woods  ���on April 17.' Ted and his* wife Eileen, well-  known residents of Sinclair Bay, are  equally" well-known in the Egmont area  as a result of their long stay at St. Vincent's Bay in earlier years, and their many  friends in this district will be glad to hear  that Ted is mobile again. Just take it easy  at next month's May Day dance, Tod.  MORE  ABOUT ...  ��� Pender Hi News  ���from page 7  light at heariiig ids own voice on tape for  the first time when Mr. Hanney recorded  an ancient Maya incantation recited by  him in one of the Mays temples.  This all points out that regardless of  environment, culture or racial origin the  noblest human attributes are clearly visible despite the distinctions and differences  people have created amongst their feDow  men. I for one, vm truly glad that I/was  able to learn a little bit about these fasci>  ���1_ating''lp^  appear/'  PEWOER SPORTS      ^      '  jtsCAfter practising diligently for many  years Pender Harbour Senior Volleyball  team made the -grade. On Saturday, April  9,rihey played the best 16 volleyball teams  in B.C. As it turned out they acquitted  themselves very nobly. Scores were: Pender vs. Nelson 16-14, 15-4; vs. Maple Ridge  2-15 and 11,-15; vs. Eitimat 9-15 and 14-16;  vs. Princeton 15-13 and 15-U; vs. Mission  1-15 and 1-15; ys. Vernon 8-15 and 15-2;  vs. ClaremOnt 4-15 and 15-12. Points scored  were: Mission I 11 points, Claremont 10,  Maple Ridge 10, Nelson 8, Pender 5, Kiti-  ���mat 5, Vernon 5, and Princeton 0.  ProM  !  e  S.  y^  i  -n -ft  it  H "I  f:-  INTRODUCTION  1^ week I wish to tell j^u about -Mr.  Anderson's backixbiindV He was born in  Edson, Alberta and ������attended, school in  Wainwright^ Alfctertal.������[���In,; 1950 he; moved to  Vancouver i^eire he worked for a y eaT or  so brfore- going'on a six-month tour of  Europe. Vl^e^^ wprked for  another five I years before .attending' UBC;  After that he came to;Pender.tHarbouf  .where he teaches Industrial Educatibri and  English.-.:: X.'.r^^v;XX'7:^yi7v7X^7y\;..;.,.  Since I opened my column Jdiscussing  lost faces I thought an interesting topic of  the; week would be about undiscovered  races on other planets, T asked the students  if this could be ,possible. Most, of them  thought it likely ps evidenced b*y their  replies:"I thinkbn Mars." "Why not?':  replies: "I think on Mars." "Probably different forms of, life." "Maybe some cut-  boys there/' -'Could be," "No." "Sure."  . I Jiuhk there is a good, chance* of, there  being more advanced forms in other galaxies because over 200 years ago the Egtyj*  tians reported: seeing flying" objects,'and  since we have no flying saucers yet* and  they existed 2,000 years ago I find it very  likely "that they exist.        ������������"'���>���  ���      / '  Squaringly Yours  '""' '" ���'���"-'"-���i���        i   . ���  i   i . ..      ...  _-���-���,������������T,w���t<i| ,  ���by Maurice Hcimtreet  WELLf Let's see. What happened last week  , and where do we go from here. The'Secholt Jr. squares havia one more night to  fip which is next Friday night. This of  course is our wind up for Uie season where  wc usually have a few contests, spot prizes  arid so and as usual the parents are invited  to join in the fun of the evening of square  dancing and see thir children ���in action I,,  How about it? Okay.  Wc popped down to the Hopkins frail and  -Jolried��U.e*Gibsona..Squarenaders last.Saturday night and as usual, had a grand ilmo  even,with' the small ��roup that turned out,  this was my first square dance for, Rome  fUmo at which I was allowed on tho floor'  to dance and just about forgot how, ;'  Somewhere along the line last week; our  'dates got mixed up a little and last Saturday night wasn't Gibsons last dance.  They have one more to go for the wind up  and that wJU bo on Saturday night, April  29, 1967 wM thnt ever.Jovjng caller Harry  Robertson at the microphone, so keep this  date in mind. ((k.   ;  April 22, 1967,, will bo.Uie Ja/it' square  dance for the Secheit Promenaders at the  St. Hilda's Hall, that's next Saturday  night, with door prizes, spot prizes andbnl-  Jpons,,rmakc.jhc,.danrdcst ,nQjrics,,,Anyvvay,��  hojx* to see you at ihe square dance,  ~by Mary Tinkley  FRANK Alexander Lyons' was born on July  4,.1895 in Coutn^ Armagh, N. Ireland.  Before-- reachihg tiie age of 14,  he was  a^prenticeoV to a grocer at Market Jrlill,  receiving. Id(VA cents) a "day for. the first"  ' Jwo. years and after that'2d per day.  He did more than run errands or even  serve behind the counter. He learned to  cut up sides of pork,, cure bacon, make  sausages and carry bags of meal weighing 225 pounds. In his spare time, he joined  lthe Northern Ireland Volunteers and received instruction in physical training and'1  shooting by the Irish Fusiliers. He became  a good shot and people often hired him to  shoot for them. By working three months  over and above the period of apprenticed  ship, he was' able to accumulate the sum of  10 pound sterling, then worth nearly $50,' an  amount which he found would get him to  Canada. His brother, Sam, having also  managed to raise 10 pounds, the two brothers set off for Canada in 1914.  They sailed, steerage oh the Lake Manitoba and travelled to Winnipeg1'in a tourist coach, sleeping on board. bunks and  cooking their own meals. It was June 1 ���  and sweltering hot when Frank arrived in  Winnipeg. He was wearing a heavy suit of  Irish homespun and a hard hat, so he went  in search of a storekeeper who could trade  his heavy clothes for something more suitable to a prairie summer,  Frank was rather pleased with the lightweight suit he received.in trade���until _he  first rainstorm, when it shrank so much  that he could hardy walk home.  He soon got a job at Eatons in Winnipeg, beginning a happy association which  was to last, 25 years. His brother Sam, who  had been a farm worker in Ireland, went  to work on a Saskatchewan farm.  With the outbreaks of war,, Frank joined  the militia in Winnipeg and was eventually  sent to'Europe with reinforcements to join  the 90th Winnipeg Rifles���the Black Devils  as.they came to be known. Here, his Irish  training stood him in good stead ^and he  was soon promoted to physical training instructor and transferred to a Toronto Battalion, the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles.  One of Sergeant Lyons' duties was to.  take out burial parties and this duty  brought him in frequent contact with the  Rev. Ralph Connor,��� chaplain of the 43rd  Winnipeg Scottish, and famous as the authT  or of "SkyPilot" and many other books.  ""v DiMng'the  Frank Lyons went through the Battles-of  the Somme, some of the bloodiest in.the  world's history. On. April 9, .1917, he and  his brother Sam, attached to the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles, were among the  troops,;standing..ready..for the^assault on.  Vimy Ridge. But only one. of tiie two big  Irishmen was to see the end of that battle  and to know that it was the turning point  in the war. Sam Lyons was only 300 feet  from his brother when he was kilted in the  battle.  For distinguished conduct at Passchen-  daele, where he was wounded arid received  an injury to his right eye, Frank Lyons  received the D.C.M. He was sent to England, where, after treatment, he. became  night .orderly sergeant in charge of convalescents, in hospitals at Bromley; and  Orpington, and: dining room inspector at  W-tley Camp. The end of the war found  him' back in Winnipeg, where Eaton's  warmly welcomed the returned hero and  gave him a promotion.  ���Before the^ax^-he^ had been assistant  maiiager of the linen department, but now  he found himself manager ,of the contract  department ',,,which involved. travelling  around:the country completely furnishing  hotels, business establishments arid private  properties, even to the, laying of linoleum  :V."!  V��J     jny- >����� twr  ;****-���  ���K  ^'V!_  �����)��     J_H ���  -fV  (  ,'a��a_1  5_*_St^sigg  I -  *4  i3_%  i��J,'  %zsJa^m\  rV,*  :��a_v.-i  s��__- ���-  -"-  and caipet and; the nanging of drapes.  Sometiriies he^wouid be superintending the  furhishing of'���; the rooms while  carpenters  were   still driving nails into the building  , One of his contracts was to furnish a  : private'lodge for. H. F McLean, president  of ���- Dominion Construction Company who  built a railroad into'The Pas and who in-*'  variably ended his order to Mr Lyons at  Eatons with the message, "Bring a case  otWhiteHLabel along with you " Mr Lyons  jflso furnished several saloons in the Fhn  Flon area which were. built and .operated  by the Diairtohd Queen.  He married his fiTst wife, Margaret, in  1922, biit she died nine years later of leukemia. He met .Eva Laird in Eaton's  store, where she -^as a demonstrator for  Johnson's Wax arid ��� they were married in  1934. With health problems developing from  his war- injuries, Mr. Lyons was'hospitalized from 1936 to 1939.  -.. In the ^rrieantime,  Tom  Mackay,  who  had  been ^manager of Eaton's hardware  department, had taken over the Redrooffs  resort  from   the   previous   owner,   Peter:  Milne and in 1939 fie invited Mr. and Mrs.  Lyons  to   spend   a-  holiday--there.   They:.  carne, they saw and they were conquered.  Redrooffs has been, their home ever sinte~  and they are the oldest  permanent residents there. When the resort was sold again  to Carl S- Bell, Mr. Lyons took over the  management-of the resort and Mrs. Lyons,  who is an excellent cook, ran the dining  room   for   three   years.   They   organized  Saturday-.'night dances  which  were  very  ^popular^ Frank^ ,L  ested'iir real estate'and has been involved  in the .survey,  sub-division  and  sale  of  Redrooffs and Welcome Beach.  In 1964, accompanied by his wife, he  visited County .Armagh -after ah absence  of 45 years. He found the country as lovely  ��� as he remembered it,' but there were many  changes',' .mostly for "the better. Everywhere  he found prosperity and the standard of  living considerably improved. But in the  grocery store at Market Hill, the grocer's  boy -still carried 225 lb. bags of meal on '  his back.  Mrs. Eva Lyons was born in-Winnipeg,  .a third: generation Canadian. By her first  marriage sheriffs two sons, Richard and  Gordon Laird. Mr. and, Mrs. Lyons haye  one daughter, Marilyn Russell of Montreal. Mrs," Lyons *i_ a "charter member Of  Chapter 165 Eastern,;'Star (Elphinstone)  and has been-a membef: of the WA to  . Branch .140 Canadian; Legion for 12 year_;  Slie served as zone secretary-treasurer for  the''past year. She started the-first., dress  shop, The.Toggery, in Secheit and operated,  it: for 11 years before selling. it'.to Mrs i  Andy Hansen. ��� ��� -'  .Mr. Lyons has been a, Mason since 1922  and is a member of the:,.Blue. Lodge. He1  has been a rriember of the Canadian  Legion'for ?5 years. '���'.  I:  -J-fci     i11WI��ll>l  Stop���Beware!  HAZARD to school children on busy   the presence of Traffic Supervisor  Highway 101 is increasing. Many  cars dashing for the ferry, fail to observe the flashing lights of the school  bus which demand that cars travelling in both directions come to a  'halt Children of Secheit Elementary  School received instructions last  week from Principal W. L. Reid in  Ray Chamberlin, Secheit" Motor  Transport Director George Hopkins  and Trustee Peggy Volen. They have  now been told to wait until the bus  pulls out and cross when the road is  clear of traffic. This eliminates danger from Ihe motorist who will not  observe trafi&c safety rules;  Elphitfs after^ i/iowgfy 4appefi.fig  HI' HOW'S everybody now that we've  finished our big exams? This past week  has beesn a, pretty hard one to get through,  but we aft seemed to make it. Some of  our fellow schoolmates had some rather  different reactions before a Math 12 exam.  It seems they were reliving their elementary school days, so they rushed over tb  the stores'one lunch hour, and came back  iwith skipping ropes, windmills, and peashooters.  ���" Some were skipping, while others  ;amused themselves with hopscotch and the  windmills. It was quite an investment  though, because they had quite a few spec-  .tators. As Mr. Potter said, "The entertainment at lunch hour was sponsored by  tiie grade 12 boys!" I wonder what the outcome of the exams were! It seemed to  be pretty well described on a blackboard  In 128 (Mr. Peterson's room) as "Before  Math" (a pictiire of boys skipping, hopscotch, etc.j, 'arid then ''Aftermath" (a  conglomeration of tactfuUy applied swirls  and streaks) as expressed by Rod Wheeler,  who wrote the exam. Anyway, things are  back to normal now, or so I hope!  Mardi Gras seems to be coming along  rather slowly-due to-lack-of^support of the  student body. Do you realize that a committee can do nothing without moral support? Other years the Mardi Gras has been  a big success. -Not only did it benefit the  school, but it showed the community that  a bunch of teenagers *can do something  worthwhile to give pleasure to them, not  only to ourselves. And although it preserit-  ed a lot of problems and headaches while  getting ready for it; in the end, everyone  was well rewarded for their hard work.  ; This year is centennial, and we should  |ave tiie biggest and best-Mardi Gras ever.  Bui, without your support we can't have it.  So ljpW about it! Let's try and make this  centennial something you won't forget.  r 'Friday was the day of the indoor track  riietet. The Junior grades 8 and 9, had  (heir track meet in the morning and the Sr.  Grades 10, 11 and 12 had theirs in.the after  noon. Events consisted of team relays such  as knocking over pins and picking them  up, wheelbarrow races and one relay where  you had to pick up three sticks, a medicine  ball, basketball, and, volleyball, all at once.  Then the grand finally was the annual  tug-o-war.  When points were all totalled the Bombers came out on top next to Spitfires, then  Mustangs and Sabres. All in all, it proved  a great day. I bet Saturday morning there  were a lot of people running around with  stiff arms and legs and no voices.  Guide company captain  welcomes new recruits  PARENTS and friends of Brownies' moving up to join Gibson,_._ Guide Cornpany,  together with the first and second Brownie  Packs attended the fly-up ceremony in  the school gym on Monday, April 10.  Guide Company Captain Mrs. Joan  Glass and Lieutenant Mrs. Jean Jorgenson  welcomed 10 new recruits who took with  them the good wishes of their Brownie  packs and Brown Owls and were presented by the Divisional Commissioner Mrs.  Agnes Labonte.  The  new tenderfoot Guides  are  Diane  Cramer,   Kathy   Fisher,   Sharon-   Fraser,  Audrey Herman, Valerie JjIcLean, Marilyn  ' Musgrove,  Beverly  and  Barbara  Roberts,  Lori Wiren and Debbie Wunderink.  Page 8   "���"-, ~    The Perirnaula Times;  Wednesday, April 19, 1967       I  Madeira Park,, ��� \  ",'v > j "'. i ���Ay Vblodimir Barabash  If you would in an Eden dwell" ' *-''���'  Then come and sit and listen well  To wisdom's lore:       '     ,  A ferry goes from Horseshoe Bay  To'Larigdale on, along the way,  Of sunlit shore.  The road meanders left and right���  A roller-coaster of delight,  With dips and bends, ��� ,  But patience have and bear with me  The best to come is yet to be,  The journey ends: l  At Pender Harbour.  Your cares and worries soon depart  And, daily tolls of city mart  Are far, away.  Here Nature paints her magi,c scene  And life is pleasant and serene  At Pender bay.  The-placid waters ride the tide;  The little boats tied side by side,  At tiny docks.  The. tidal, wave with rhythm swells  And sea-gulls crack the oyster shells  .���������   Upon the rocks.-     i��: V -y ���*.->-.-v-'- .  A gracious living shapes each day  And you feel happy, bright and gay�����  As gay as lark.  A spot unspoiled by pride and fame;  The place that bears a Spanish name:  Madeira Park.  Latest books arrive  for Secheit Library  LATEST consignment of books at the Secheit Library include the following editions: Katy's Young Doctor, Seifert; Pearl,  Steinback; Exodus, Uris; Hawaii, Michen-  er; Rebecca, Du Maurier; Lamp in the  Wilderness, Spencer; Ulendo, Travels of  a naturalist in and out of Africa, Carr;  Three Edwards, Costain; Saturn Over the  Wate.7 Priestley;"Cocktail Time, Wode-  house; Cross in the Wilderness, Cronin;  Last Migration,, Cronin; About Britain,  North Wales and the Marches, Grigson;  Encyclopedia of House Plants, Jenkins;  Story of my Life, Keller; McCalls Sewing  Book; Unknown Germany, Newham; Douk^  hobor DSze, O'Niel; Upon this Rock, Slaughter; At Play in the Fields of the Lord,  Matthiessen; Best Science Fiction Stories  of 1949; Lisa Kennerley's Husband, Cor-  bett; Woman's Place, Helming; Now Sleeps  the Crimson Petal and other stories. Bates;  Middle Heaven, Gardner; Last Resort,  Johnson.  "'���lie  J.--.  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  .''!'" v':' '���;' -SECHELT/;B.C."  (   fhono 885-2111  ���. Ted Farewell  WE have pgrchasqcl the tursery stock of Lissi Land Florists  and moved it to'o^r nursery oh Reid Rood11 between North  , ,     and Park.Road ...  of Evergreen and Flowering Shrubs, Perennials ^  ahd Fertilizers  FARM &  NURSERIES  , Phono 886-2463  FERTILIZER  (Liquid Fish)  64 oz. $|.49  Reg.  $2^9  REID ROAD, R.R. 1 GIBSONS  Mr. and Mrs, Frank Alexander Lyon*  i:Pldce~(tf:QuiQtWater$  ADVENTURE IN A B.C, PARADISE  ,... ;���... .,by,r.....  ........,  Margaret Mclntyre  of Secheit   .  ' ,        '.,���''��� ������' * ' ' ''  '.   ���'. , .';.'' "' .���    ! :���''.'.���,  .;' I ":.>7 '..., .. ��� ���" v1. '��� . ���'  AVAILABLE AT THE TIMES OFFICE  We also have a  good selection of  new and used  f" ;?im^:::; :.,���  WE SERVICE  WHAT WE SELL  We are well stocked lo  cater to your boding  needs.  A full line of qualify out-  boards including McCul-  lough and Chryslers on  display.  ." i*H*l��*iWt*h*i**llft.^T  ALSO A SELECTION OF BOATS IN  STOCM;, - togothor���__with a complete  line of accessories- and marine  equipment.  YOUR ONE STOP BOATING SUPPLY CENTRE  Cowrie Street, Seehelt, (B.C.  .13ilal*M7��t��*(��SlMJ��JI(Ifcl  ,ws  mi ' '  *��!%&.& 4,4 _k. A>J_i*i.."_ 7J. Tia^t JJk


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