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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Jan 11, 1967

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Array ST a- <■ » *
'  »  *
«  ^Serving'theJiunshipyCqost, (Ho^e'Sp^d;to Jeryi$ Inlet), Including >;FortrMe| lor), Ifopkins fUmding/.grqnthqrn's Xondiog, Gibsons,' Roberts°CfeeIc,
Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egnjont,
Volume 4/No: 5
WEDNESDAY, JAN. H, 1967     i©<J
that it cost $60 to mow the park.' .The*
o question of parks cropped up ^af tep' the
' formation of standing committees when
commissioners Ray Clarke -and Morgan
Thompson wanted to. know why parks and
recreation were under two different committees.
Mr. Rgyner explained that parks actually came under public works but activities
carried out in the park were classified as
,    Chairman Bill Swain named Commissioner Adele de Lange, deputy chairman
of finances, licences and centennial com-*
mittee;. Comm.   Louis' Hansen,   building,
fire protection, health, sanitation, regional
, district, and airport hyanaj|ment committee;. ;Ctomm;   Morgani'*||irnpson,   public
workfe including^ roadsKpj|^ teaches andr
airport  management- .''gojnmittee;'  Comm.
. Bay Clarke, f recreatioiJi community services,   library   board   fjad   water  board;
Comms. Clarke and" Thompson to collaborate on recreation comrhittee.
Chairman Bill"Swain warned commissioners that they would he approached with
a variety of compUints during their terms
of office. Bestjpolicy to adopt is to recommend that all complaints be presented in
writing to the village clerk, except of
course, in an emergency."
Approval was given a motion made by
Comm. Hansen and seconded by Comm. "
' Thompson that copies of minutes be dispatched as soon as possible after a meet-.
' ing, to members of the village commission
and the press. Previous procedure had
been to present copies of minutes to members of the village, commission only, for
perusal just before the meeting. Mr. Han-
- sen felt that this did not give enough time
to study them properly.
Mr. Rayner read copies of correspohd-
-e'nee which had been held over for consideration of the new commission. He advised* that decisions not be reached immediately to give new members time to con-
 sidcr the situation., ,...; ,,.. „„,    ...
A letter from the minister of municipal affairs stated that as a result of the
recent poll, he was not prepared to advance letters .patent authorizing extension
of the village boundaries, to the Jieuteh-
aril-governor.    „ '    ■   ' ,
Held over for consideration was request
from airport management committee that
the grant be increased to $1,250 this year.
Gibsons Village Commission has allotted
$1,260 in its provisional budget for 1967.
The request arrived too late for considera-
, tion In Sei(^^^o«^ion^3|uo^eX J .'-.'.! I
Fate of the old village office is still mi-
decided but following an offer to buy the-
building if it is for sale, Chairman Bill
. - Swain reminded commissioners of the historical value of the building which wis the
first telephone office, first bank and first
municipal office in Secheit. Village commis.
sion is still awaiting the arrival of ah advi-
sor from the museums dept,, Victoria to
study its suitability as a museum.
Comm, Hansen observed that it may be
suitable" for a museum today but what
state would it be in by the time they were
ready to start one,
Chairman   Bill   Swain   remarked   that
LIpNS OFFER x ••   i -
< " Sunshine Coast Lions Club his offered
to organize May Day on condition that the
village help financially. Comm. Thompson
felt that as it cost^the village money anyway ^there was no reason why* "a grant
should not be given equal to the amount
usually - spent which " Mr. Ilayner said
averaged between $3004400 eacVyear. The,
chairman observed that although it had'
always been a headache, he was reluctant
that council should lose command of it.
Advising against making a decision at
the firpt meeting, Mr. Rayner reminded
commissioners that the recreation commission usually sponsored May Day. Lastryear
toe-commission.informed council that it had
ceased * to -function, but ,the? bylay was still
in:#feetn£nd: the^tievr couneU/nwy ^fwisb to *
activate it.  " ,' >: "..'•■'. ,f:*': :\"J '.;   )
'CENTENNIAL; PROJECT','",<'   j ''\
inquiring what Sechelt'S Centennial
Project was, the chairman was' informed
that it ist a new library for; which ijhe village has purchased a site and contributed
&M   • .      .    :   i
Meeting closed after the adoption of
the provisional budget; $13,000 of surplus
will be utilized to carry on business until
May 1967.   -" >   .    .-. i
-  ■■    ■ j. ./'     ';• ■     '
Canadian Red Cross
home nursing class
CANADIAN Red Cross Home Nursing (classes will commence on Wednesday, January 18th, from 7-9 p.m. In the Gibsons
Health. Centre; and will continue through to
March" 22.'"" ,  •    •   ;
Mrs.'Mike Blaney Is "ill "cnarge^'of the
couwe and will be assisted ^.by different
people. There is! no legistration charge but
the manual .will* cost $1.00; those, who successfully, complete the course will receive
a 'certificate which is not'recognued :for
paid employment, however it is valuable
for vJoluntecr work, time of disaster or for
care of patients in the home. „
4^ i& advisable for those -attending registration night to take a note bo<A, pencil
and_ clinical thermometer. The course' is
being sponsored by Gibsons PTA and anyone wishing to attend who has not already
notified Mrs. A. Labonte should twlephone
her a 886-7710. '
LAST regular meeting of the Sunshine
Coast Lions Club revealed the fact that
members still ha^e a nunxber of- tickets
available for the free trip to Expo '67 pro-
'ject.  ',   :   •'■    . '!
■ .■ This is>.an imagfnatiye promotion as a
fund raising function, one of many undertaken by the club for charitable causes. ,
IricSets for,the Expo ■67 may be purchased from any member of the Lions club,
winning ticket to be drawn during the Secheit May Day 1967 celebration and will
entitle j the lucky- holder to ja return flight
to Expo for two, passports, first class' hotel accommodation plus $50 spending money. 1 /•■ ' .". ' •■.■"
* Executive announced a donatfon of $25
had bs&o. made to a Gibsons family ,to a
'poor plight at Christmais time. Members
' approved this action;  .. '';       ,   ;    -',
Several members will leave for a Charter "NightT ceiembny ■ at 'Cdm^'"thW^fotfr
day atlwhich the CampheH; River;:c!uibHwil
be sponsor. A large meeting of tiie Secheit
club i^ slated for later 'in Febcuar^; at
which the Powell River group; wto attend
A splendid hew stage coach was, built
in Victoria in 1865 for use by travelers! to
the Cariboo gold towns^. Built by.Duck and
Sandover it would accommodate:, 16; persons "on a pinch" the British Columbian
reported. -V,'.".  ,
t Mackenzie's,first minister
SPEAKING for the first time as a.f officers Standing, Past President. Jo
cabinet minister in her home rid-^a Banjafield, publicity, LoriUj Kilborn;
ing, MIA Isabel Dawson addressed,' treasurer, Phyllis McLeodv Seated,
members and guests at Sunshine ; Ruth McLintock, membership; Jean
Coast Business and Professional^ Jeffries, vice-president; Lillian Dun-
Women's €lub?s January meeting-\ lop, president and MLA Isabel Daw-
and is pictured here yath executive V son.
In home ridina . . »
Roberts Creek man
Halloween Uiaht assttult
lands suspended sentence
Minister addresses ladies
first as cabinet minister
"IT 'IS "my intention^'to niake" Mackenzie
riding well known to everyone in the
legislature," stated MLA Isabel Dawson,
speaking for the first time as a cabinet'
minister in her home riding. Mrs. Dawson
addressed 30 members of Sunshine Coast;
B&PW Club and guests at a dinner meeting held at Ole's Cove, January 3.
'It will take time to realize the full
^lihk frorif Squeamish to the PehihsuiarMfsT
Dawson said, plans are fast being finalized
and although she could not he more defi-
;hite, more should be heard soon.
FERRIES ' ■«?'.'.
Told that people are waiting six . and
seven hours for a ferry at Earl's Cove and
masked what""was likely to" he!done "to re-'
significance   of   my   position   as   cabinet,;^:^ieve ferry congestion hrthe summertime,
minister: I have attended one cabinet nieetv   the MLA -" '—J ""-xx -  "       ^ J
.__..__ j.-—ii.:-- :.j;^ _i.-^i.. Ti -.- ••_ 2._i.   made
CORPORAL Xeitiv Deevey of*the* Secheit
RCMP detachment told Magistrate
Charles Mittelsteadt the Crown -was'./not
seeking a heavy penalty in the case of a
Roberts Creek man found guilty of a charge
of assault occasioning bodily harm, following his appearance in court last Friday.
Ralph NathanJkl Smith, pleaded not gtu>
ty to the charge which arose last Hali&-
ween night, October 31st -when James; Both-
well aged nineteen, also of the Roberts
Creek area, was struck on the head witii
a gun butt; -f>';
Stating he had been continually baritas-
sed by.1 teenagers throwing';'"f60^i-Jom::^i-'
property, pulling do'wn his 'fenj^and othfer
f \
MELA replied that quite a shidy is. being... damage, Smlth-.saW.he; hadaiso ^rarf art-
ing'and another is due shortly. It is a veryj   maa? of the problems. Ferries are essei* icles stolen from an ou^iui^i^^;^-"
^rious respohsibiUty and rinteh'd^^^^ 	
:mytiSeB^oMMelteie-^mg^w^ ««d
At^lNUAL general meeting of-Pender Harbour ' and .District  CEhamber  of  Commerce is scheduled for Jan.-16 at 8 p.m. at
the Pender Harbour HoteL
Main^ order of business, will.be election
of officers for 1967. (Juesl speaker will be
Mr.; G. E. Meade, of the department of
recreation and conservation. »
An invitation to attend is extended to all
members old and new and also to anyone
interested.    ,
has a- cabinet- mimster for the first time.
The three ladies who have been appointed
to the cabinet have been referred to as the    "cean *8jS' tteiJ
'Kitchen Cabinet,' but you aU know, espe-'■■' bier Islands and
cially  you nien,  that  many  good things
come out.of a kitchen cabinet.
"The premier wants the women ministers to go to the people and bring back
not much more than 100 rafles- of highway.
Also, .needing, improved services., .are
Ocean Falls, Bella Coola, Texada and (Gam-
many others. .' ,   .
<For   the   Peninsula . she   felt   that   a
ferry for trucks, sailing twice idaily would
ease the situation,. She. would -likfe, to see
a plan laid out for future improvements,
On thfe imght^ in ;ajuesti6ii^ in anticipa
home arnied^ with ;^.^td^d«dv shotgtiir=
when he>notic^ia1^ut-«ixi^^ '
on the. road:. He heard -oheiibf ^m -say
"we'E tear it down". This fas .followed
by three of the group walk^^*^
track';.at ^the"~side"of his '.lehce^'^nd^'as;^'?.
assumed they were out to damag^;his pro-,,
perty he told them , to return to the1 ri»<4
and after some disoisswn attf^
to take ia short cut along a trail leading to
the highway. They had only proceeded a
short distance when Smith came"rui#ttg
out using obscene languagW^and brandishing a shotgun threatening, to sheet if tiiey
did not;go back to th^ 'road. ..',
iBothweil said ime $aH ^had-beeh ■i»sed'
as such over a number ot^ yeari; ire.told
Smith tius and asked hini to p^i-down t&e
gim. A^fter further altercation, he was
struck on the hea'd, just as fie \rasttitrSng
to-go back. '■.• •.■'.'■■-'■"'■■^\:!:
Questioned 4>y defence lawyer T," Fedyfc,
Botbweil denied. ^lBa^i'^^^^-fe^e^^-^''
Smitii or that lie h>d '-ie^^4.,^;|si>n>e?:.
one else to annp^---^u».--T^r^?a^^^s; |,;'.j
supported by^Swans^an&^ ;.    ■ .1^ •
to bar the way witii |he TesUlt^tnat^B<^
well struck his
against .',,itff
to. the   government  their  opinions. They   not just ferry .services hut'all related ferry    and mreatened theni^^;with tiie gmrv    >^J
>rk from their rid-    problems, even to toilets; at termihais"ih"'  ■   ^e tlu^ee^:^
At Port Mellon
Body found near beach
charde of murder laid
STRICT silence by tho local police has boon-
maintained since the finding last Tuesday at Port Mellon,of a badly decomposed
body   some   distance   above   high   water
Arrival In the area,of out-of-town police
officers sot off a scries of rumorfi which
increased In tempo as the shroud of secrecy
tightened, conjqeturo gnvo rise to many
theories when it was learned tho body was
believed to bd that of 16-yenr-old Ricky
Latham of Port M<?llon who dlsnpponred
about 17 months ago, At \hnt time, ■ his
clothing was found on the bench nndho
was,' Hubsoqucntiy presumed to have
drowned,,.,,   ,.     .......,,...       ,        . .. ,
The pathologist's report shows a ,22 calibre bullet lodged within tho skull, An ln«
qucfit" Is"cxnoctod"to ,bo^hold*'wlthln" tho"
next week,
A juvenile boy has been charged with'
murder while Joseph Latham, aged about
50, faces a lesser charge of failure to bury
a dead human body, Neither has been held
in custody and thoy have been remanded
until Friday. Tho juvenile has not been
raised at this time to adult court, which
usually is taken as an Indication certain
clrcunyitanpcs lessen severity of the
The body was found by Mike Eulor of
Port Mellon, who, ncconUng to one report, said hoi found tho roniftlhs behind a
log some distance from thc\»horo, tho top
half partially obscured by rocks.
Ricky Latham was the son oPMrv M'd
Mrs, Joseph Latham and is one of twins,
The twin brother has for some time lived
wwU|rn" mArrlcd"hrothvrin"*aibson8"*
have been advised to work
ings, not stay in their .own ridings, as quoted by newspapers, which is quite a different thing," said the newly-elected MLA.
"It is1 tny intention, no matter where in
B.C., to drop into houses along the road,
-to see people, and .learn, their problems
and .let them know I'm there. My telephone
line is open to everyone. Correspondence
is already getting hpvier with 60 per cent
coming from women who, like men, are,
r also interested in roads and bridges but
also in retarded children, old age pensions,
extended care problems, university prob.,
lems,  divorce laws, etc Keep in touch
with me and I'll keep after others, that"
waywc will .get things done."
Mrs. Dawson said she would be visiting
Woodlands, Rivervicw, Valley View, and
Crease Clinic that week and later, Brannnri
Lake School and schools for the deaf and
blind. 7
The new minister said she will bo pushJ
ing hard for Skookumchuck road, Improvements to the Redroofs road and Halfmoon,
Bay road to the ihost office. ?'
Granthams Landing road has been declared a public highway, this was published in the last issue of the B.C. Gnfttttp;
this moans that work will go ahead there,
on tho fridge and tho terrible curve. Work
,should/Uso bo done on North Rond,
j^,T^foro arc so many'problems and 1 wnnl.
fW be fair to all areas in the riding, said
Mrs. Dawson. (
Irf reply to"Vquest|on~roRnrdioR*a*rond*
'"     " *   ..w.....,....„...|,,..,....^ w
some places.
    • Bothwell, Brian Swahson arid Chuck ,Wea-
•There are so many pro>lems important    therUl, aU teenagers of Rob^.Croek^A
^Smith^ told the cou^rt .-that Bothwell. at
first refused to return to the road and said
they were only using the, track as a short
cut home. "I might have used some, bad
language but Bothwell's was pretty had
too," Smith said. He added that Bothwell
told him "If you arc going to' hit me, do
it and get it over with," "So^obliged
him, however I admit I did hit Harder than
I should have done," ho said.
,-AJames Bothwell, in earlier evidence,
"said he h«id met up withi his two com pah-
ions on the Lower Road, Robert^ Creek,
a ridiculous suggestion,"' ;*tated iWeaffiejriH.
when the theory 'wis^ptifc^to.;;Mi&J?h^;i!thV
;:lawyer^ ' 'V'':'.' '',^';:''''''",:;5',',;f''■^r^v^;^^5'''''''
..■'■'kuclii 6JE;•.tThev/'defenbe V^St^^Tiu^pjS^^'^fie.-:- ■
;fact:7thk, ;Sjhiit^s/boi^ .
yond'ttt^, fence'.by49.inch«;J:|r^ ., -.',
therefor^s actually "partly^on!.';ms?,pJ^i|)«rty!
and; Smith was ^merely: defje^^ii^itl^;]^a|t-
istrate .;M'ittelstead\:.howy^ \
the^'case" did; ;hot;;inyolTCj;tijB^&;i.;:;^;;Hv;^
Cpl. Deevey' told. $mith;.'toat:'.h%.n^!ino'",
authority to stop the ^y<n]n^■;;u^^.^e;i^il.,
which Was mainly on 1^
N. David, who had earlier told the court he
had no objection to, ianyoiie, going through
his property, and that the offence wuld,;
have been' of a muchy moire serious nature. *
In parsing sentencb.jthe;magistrate told
Smith that in future he rnusl report his
complaints of the ROMP. He was given a
six mbriths'''''suspended'"senjtence and ordered to post a bond of $500;: \      '; |(
to each area, the, whole riding must cooperate arid understand that when one area
gets attention another may feel neglected,
but their turn will come.  ;
Maiden speech
• Mrs, Dawson said she is preparing, her
maiden speech, where one is allowed more
lepway;. she intended to take 'full, advantage of this to give a brief history of all
areas in the riding and point out that Mackenzie has poured dollars into the province
for years and how wants some back.
, ELECTION .TRaK,'..',.., ' j
Giving a humorous accounl of experiences on the election trail, Mrs..Dawson's words did not entirely conceal the
hardships encountered 'covering the rugged wilderness of Mackenzie riding. Visiting remote settlements by plane or boat,
landings wcro made by walking, on1 logs,
rowing a skiff, and helping to paddle a
float plane to*shore, Atone time, accommodation war a hunk .aboard a small
cruiser, with Imbals cooked on a orio-bur-
nor; Coleman ^tovo. Even more disconcert- WALLY Peterson and Ken Goddard were to wonder just what the situation is.
a L^S»laCneRoi°rS£  SJSn! S       'cnch   fiWorn 'ln • »»   «°mml"loncra, l«        Chairman, Wos Hodgson replied that the
1 tlllv wrecke^^ lViUn«°   Coimcl1   by   Mluilc pnl    Hems in gucstlon wefe slmpV comments
«. totally wiockcd car to continue on to qcrk-Troasuror    Charles    Gooding    last -        J	
address a scheduled meeting. Leaving a Tuosdny  January 3       • "'
luncheon to join a bucket brlgndo of rosl-        Comm) rotorRon was appointed ns Iwater
dents, summoned to help fight a fro by worlt8 chnirmnrv nnd to sharbsalrpori with
the ringinR of an old Union .Steamship hell Comm> Jlm Drummdnd; Convnlv Goddard
Says not possible . . » :
iighwiiys superintendeiil
reiecfs bridge surfacing
, Mr. Marklo Myers, prosldcht pf Ponder
Harbour and District,. Chamber of Com-
morco which was well ropropentcd at the
meeting, stated that tho .rlcllntf was for-,,,
lunate, to bo represented by Mrs, Dawson
who knows the area first hand and what,
Is needed, Ho likened ,hef v trfsk of deal- ,
Ing "with the many, problems of ,th'o( riding
to that of Di\vtd battling Goliath,    '      ■
Mrs. J. Dunlop; president of MPW ex^
pressed, the sincere appreciation of club
mom hers nnd guests for having the honor
to hoar Mrs, Dawson nnd thanked her for
taking" time from >a busy schedule to at-
, tend tho meeting, .,,. ' .,..„, ,
'"  Mrs, Dawson offered to k'cep tho S\m-
 "hino colasLj^ilW.,,„in(fir1med_rqRardJnk....
■ lenislntlon and noted that, she \vouid be
attending International Night reremonles
of the Victoria'IJ&PW Club on February
beaches and chairmanship ot tho Gibsons
Centennial pommlttco,
First on the order of business was a
letter from the district superintendent of
highways advising that a request by council for surfacing of Granthams bridge with
asphalt or a similar non-skid finish, whs'
not considered possible, particularly at this
"time of-ycarrr '■-■ ■—"-•—— • — -i
For tho benefit of now members, tho
chairman explained that council originally
wrote to Highways* Minister Phil Gaglardl
and submitted n<copy to Mrs, Isabel Dawson, "So far, this Is what wo got as' a reply," he added,   , '   *
Comm^Frcd Feenoy said there are all
sorls of bridges with such su/faces but
Comm. Peterson said ho felt this was not
by himself taken from newspaper reports;
at tho same time he was not against regional districts. Ho did, however, have
some doubts and, felt that councH shoidd
concentrate^ on^ expansion,, before , entering
Comms, Fopnoy and Potersop that a regional district would have no effect on any
desire of council to oxpand Its boundaries,
Moved by Comm, Feenoy, unanimous
approval was given the motion that council will support tho regional district.
. i A further move voted Comm. Feenoy
carry , on. for another... ycjjkr > as council re-'
pronontaUvo to tho regional'district,     >
Following mention of tho annual volunteer flremcnH' dlnncr-danco to which council makes a grant, the chairman told
Comm, Fotonoy ho felt It would'be a gopd
gosturo on tho part of firemen to Invito
council [a tho event as u "get acquainted"
measure. '
Comm.  Peterson said this had at one
iho~nna\vorrMMoKror nhO^
ho ex
Huslness   portion .of
SKCHlilLT  VHIoko   Commission  for
contonnlnl your roloxoa after first
incotlnR whon nowly-clcctcd Chnli^-
Adolo da bongo And Morgan Thomp^   Adol<* do Longo, Mr,.IS. Tv Haynor,
son took onUi of aljogianco Uoforo   Chairman BUI Swainr and commis-'
Village Glork 12, T. Rnyncr. From   sionor.s Morgan Thompson and Louis
IcJttr^cominissJoners   Hay   Clarke,   Hansen**
-.,,,,...,   .... |..F.   ......        m HIV.       HIMIIM^ ?1  M*»
hrlerdeallng wltirr^wls lind {uiid'ndH*
Ing. Mrs, G, Herntzon outlined disbursement of UN1CKF funds, to. which tho club
contributed $80,00, from the nnlo ot cards,
' Congratulations/ were, extended to Ml#s.
Adolo do Lnngo on her election to Secheit
Commission, < (
Next nloetlng will bo Feb, 7,1 place to bo
«nnm»nced, It l« planned to nlternnte meeting places for tho greater convenience of
all mcmiim,  «—*«—*»—
either before (Pr after tho bridge,'
plained..,;.., [  \; • ..\.: . .. . .
' Comm, D(ummond cas,t the view that
council might' Just as well flic the letter.'
the, mrrtlng   was    them anyway,^ he said
if-^ Is<n!"iwi<!»-^!(-«.-*!^ fp-
CouhcIV concurred nnd tho mailer was
put on Ice, :
Announcing "Letters Patent" are to bo
granted tho regional district January 12
by a member of the department of municipal nffnlrs, Comm. Feenoy said ho would
like to'know Just what'attitude ot council
is toward,tho regional dispel. -\ ■
* \ic were In favor of It orlglnnlly"/ then
wo' had derogatory remarks  reported  In
I    I
noy said ho would bring,, the matter to tho
attention of, firemen but personally felt
council' should pot Interfere, Comm. (Peterson agreed,
,HcprcKcntati"vc of. IlobcrUAVUUama -and-
A^ocla|cs,,,wrote ()fferJng,>,,,toLmectiwlth.,
coiuk'U January li) for, further discussion
following the planning survey report, recently carried out within tho area, This
was considered' an Inconvenient' date duo
to "tho Best of Harkervllle show tho same
evening, The chnlrinun Hald ho felt council members should have tickets for tho
event,' '""/ - ' ,! ,'■ ' '
it was therefore agreed tho consultants
bo,rtskc<l to chanRo tho dato to»tho next
TejfuwntttcUflt'.'Jan. J7."   * " ... "pte    ,;  *���*...    V . v   ���, ,v   V   *  > ^. ��� W  ( '  v.'c- v '* v ^",.-'"��'"v."'^''^'  \t  1 t.  t ^ '��� "  ~C  -*~ '-Afr"��  i.-'    .1.  \^'  ��������� V/<*('������ \  Ml ���  Pq^'fe  ^  Secheit Peninsula Times, Wed., Jan. 11, 1967  <mmmmmmmmmmmwmmmrmkimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlmitmmm��0m0rmtfmtmmmmmmmmimmmmmm  7  BscHBLT PfiNlNSULA7^��e��     * telephone 885-9654      |  Classified  \ smmmAmmmmmmmmmammmmmm  I  Published Wednesdays by the  Secheit Peninsula  Times   Ltd.,   at  Secheit, BjC.  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulation  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line AdBriefs-(15 words)  .One   Insertion    , ���50c  Three 'Insertions    ��� .���.$1.00  Extra lines (5 words) ���  10c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers, _^._,  10c extra  25c Book-keeping charge is added  for AdBriefs not Doid* by publication date.  Legal  or   Reader  advertising   25c  per count line.  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Wilson,  Secretary - THreasurer, School  District 46 (Secheit), Box 220,  Gibsons, B.C. - 9187-6  SCHOOL District No. 46 (Secheit)���A competent clerk-stenographer is - required for the  office at Elphinstdne Secondary School in Gibsons. This is  a full-time position for  months of the year in <a  girl office. The position is open  immediately and the starting  salary -will be in the region of  $300.00 per month. Interested  persons should apply in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer,  School District No. 46 (Secheit)  Box 220, Gibsons,>B-C.      9182-6  DEATHS  BATESr-Passed away, January 5, 1967 at St. Mary's Hospital, Secheit, B.C., David John  Mitchell Bates of Granthams  Landing, B.C., aged 68 years.  Survived hy nieces and nephews. Funeral service, Tuesday,  January 10, 1967 at 1:30 p.m.  from the.Family Chapel of the  Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons, B.C., Rev. M. Cameron  officiated. Cremation, in lieu  of--flowers donations�������� to - St.-  Mary's Hospital,  Secheit,  B.C.  .   9185-6  CALL I SON EVERGREEN  CO.  Roberts Creek  Salal Pickers- Wanted  Huck 32c Bunch  Salal 33c Bunch  Contact plant before  picking  Located at Roberts Creek,  across streefc*from store.  REAL ESTATE (Cont.)  GIBSONS^-$3500 down on i'm-  . maculate 3 bedroom . hom&  Lge. view living room with  !weplace,^-W in liMrtg. m$:  dirtihg rooms,, modern electric  kitchen;. Full |>ase. has. finished rec. room with'fireplace,' utility, work shdp, A-oil furnace.  Carport. Grounds nicely landscaped. ACT NOW on this one.  I ��� :  HOPKINS���$1500. down on neat  3 room house situated ���on. lge.  view lot, unfinished 2 room:  suite in base. area. Garage, all  services. Full price only $6500,  K. BUTLER REALTY  & INSURANCE'  Gibsons,  886-2000  The Progressive Realtor  9186-6  EWART McMYNN  REALTY & INSURANCE  Box 238 Phone 886-2166  Gibsons, B.C.  3    bedroom    home,    concrete  basement, fireplace, 1000' floor  space,     landscaped     grounds.  ten /^l5'000' casn offers considered.  two- 20.acres with-2 bedroom house,  outbuUdings, some good timber, ample water. $12,500, cash  preferred.  A-frame type home on 5 acres,  1% acres cleared, lots of water. $3^500 full price.  Excellent business opportunities and revenue properties.  Do Wortman 886-2393  Jack  Warn 886-2681  FOR SALE (Continued)  IF' IT'S   suits���it's   Morgans,  885-9330, Secheit, B.C.   : '  , 8893-tfn  GOOD 4ocaI Ladner  hay, lor  '" .sale, $1 per  bale delivered.  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We buy and  sell everything  ."������*>���'    9S9i-tfn  Egmont Eye  $ ,  9193-6  Phone ,886-2633  ;85l9-tfn  IN  MEMORIAM  WANTED TO BUY  AIJ^AN-rrrlh.... loyihS . JPi&nor!?. ��|  my loving husband William  who passed away January 8th,  1960. Sadly missed by his wife  Margaret Allan. 9180-6  SCRAP   metals   and  .,���. Phone :886?2487.. .J.,.  batteries.  .I.j543-tfn^  FOR RENT  VETS  BLACK   and  1 puppiesr for  2909.  tah  sale.  Dachshund  Phone 886-  9130-5  GOOD home wanted for small  male Terrier type dog. Phone  885-2180. 9181-8  PERSONAL  NOTICE to our customers^-  . Starting Wednesday; Jan. 11;  1967 Gibsons Hardware, Earls  Agencies and Walt. Nygren  Sales will be closed all day  Wednesdays and Friday; .nighty  at 6 p.m. until April. 1, 1967  when we will resume our regular closing'hours.-Thank you.  ���       i    ;..���;...vi 9191-6':  SUPPORT the Kinsmen' sponsored  Mother's  March,  Feb.,  , 1, 1967. 9192-tfn  NEW suites, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom,  bathroom, combination kitchen,  living roprn^ All electric new  stove and fridge. Phone 885-  9333 after 5 p.m. 8792-tfn  _^4 : ���: ; _  MODERN units at winter  rates. By day, week or  month. $50 .monthly and up. Also full trailer hook-ups. Mission Point; Motel Ltd. 885-9565.  8982-tfh  1 OR 2 bedroom, fully furnished suite. No children. Phone  Big Maple Motel, 885^9513.  9018-tfn  W.  TWO bedroom  duplex. All electric.    Davis    Bay.    Phope  885-2116. 8515-tfn  ONE  lex  bedroom  at t)ivis  furnished  dup-  Bay. 885-9433.  9137-5  WORK WANTED  ���i*l|i<��t!i*!e**e#5��M?s��(|��!pMc ���  EXPERIENCED      bookkeeper  (references), All   phases   office work. Part time; your .of-,  flee or, my home. 886-9565.    7'  3 OR 4 PIECE orchestra avali-  ��� able   for  hire.   Al   Whipple,  886-2557. 9155-6  fwt-.-��� ������!������1���1    .I���   l.iiilM���������������������HI* nil l"l il���Hi ���>��� "li ���!���'     II'-������  PROFESSIONAL   man,   verier  tile    and    adaptable    seeks  spare dime emptoyxrient evert-  Ings or weekends. 885-9975.  '9189-8  EXPERIENCED chimney clea-i  jier���eaves   cleaned,   troughs  cleaned  and repaired.   Paint-,  Ing, gardening, Janitor service.  Free estimates. Phono 885-2191.  ��� ���,���'������������ ��� ,  ������ '9178-8  UtEMEtJTAHV' maJe teacher;  m years oxperienco, offers  priyflte tutoring, Results, guar  anked, Phone 885-9975.  8454-8  2-BEDROOM suite, \vfest Secheit,    v/-w    carpeting,   fridge  and  stove. Available January;  885-2087. 9133-5  NEW office, spaoe, Porpoise  , Bay Seclielt area. Available  January lv; 1967. Phone 885-9425.  9146-tfn  HALL for rent, Wilson Creek  Community Hall. Contact Mr.  Ray Witt,' 885-9545..   ,   0167-tfn  ,,. i   '   .  SMALL, house suitable for old-  er couple. Contact M, Braun,  Selma Park, B.C. 9168:11  FURNISHED two .bedroom all  electric    cottage ' in'1�� Davis  Bay. Phone 885-2122.       $183-6  , /  REAl, ESTATE  ,���Lt-. L���X : ~ ,  FUTURE high class residential  property in Secheit,  5 aero  Jpts,  $3,000,  Box 381, Secheit,  B,C. 8988.tfn  ,.���,������. ���������������. I I. ���������������!��� ���PuwilM.W.L���11*1   i��    fii���iilli.���. ���-W  LOT and bulging materials. In  WEST SECHELT  3   bedroom   home,   good   sea,  'view. Good terms at $12,600  WEST SECHELT  Waterfront, new deluxe home,  superb view. 1600', dble. plumbing, dble. garage. $27,600, good  .,:,...,.r...^,,^erms....-.;^.._tra^egr,.,,.,,Vv.>,.;,.,-*.-.  LOTS  Davis Bay, W.*front, $5,600  Davis Bay,  view,  $2,250  Selma Park, view, $2,250.,  .  MANY MORE"--.  MANY PRICES  H. Gregory���885-9392  H. B. GORDON &  ,   KENNETT LTD.  Secheit, B.C-^885-2013  9145-2  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY   i* -    ,,,;������,;' . .    PENSIONERS, Gibsons. "Janitor service for sale. Cover  Peninsula. Many monthly, contracts. Stores, offices, etc.  Could- be increased, $500 per  mo.- net. Asking only $1,950  cash. Mr. Shaw TR 6-2875; Mr.  Nicol TR 4-0965 or Dexter  Realty 321-6604. 9149-6  '''.'.,"':v.;;.'.;';,.;'f'v;." ;'   .',' ''���"'.'':;,;i  ��� '"���.'.'  CARS and TRUCKS  4   DOOR   sedan,   '59   Pontiac  Laurentiah.   885-2152.'    9134-5  '56,, DODGE 4-door. sedan, 6  ' cylinderi '"'��� For seritimehtal  reasons this, car has to bo  wrecked; Also 5 and 2 hp  Briggs and Strattoh motors in  top  shape;  886-7763. 9194^5  1965 VAUXHALL Victor ,101,  lo^v mileage, excellent con-  ditlbnj perfect running order'.1  ���Take over payments of $55  monthly, no equity or very rea-  'sonablo oa��h sale, Emergency  situation forces sale. Phon6  885-9975.   , ,     9188^  Mi TON Dodge pick up  $175.   Phone  886-9949.  truck,  (  HWMiltflliYJyMiW  SeehcU,���.,$2,5{H),��88|:2j)t82)���  BOATS 8. ENGINES  '   ���m'.i.ii i.'i.'. .,.       '* i'tl'      '   ,   l",     ,| ...���',!.. .,,M���,.....I .,   '..    i.! i  ' I.  40 HP RED Wing Marino engine.    Used    two    seasons,  Stones   Marina,. Secret   Cove.  885-9563. ' 9144-5  SMALL 30 ft. droller, new engine in 1963, Four linos. '66  licence, Must sell. Phono 886-  9912 or 885-2190. 8453-8  8998-55  .*��(*sjM��iaii(rti4��w*m��if.��i  HELPWANTED  (V\rs. Nalda Wilson  Now n years In .business;  ON SECHELT PENINSULA  REQUIRES S/KLAL PICKERS  Phono 885*974(1 or write c/o Boa  GIBSONS-^  1 ACRE, near new���Gibsons-  Ideal for rfctlromcnt, BcauU-  Ail 4 room cedar siding* bung-K  alow. 18' living room, lovely  fenced property. Dryer and Electric, range,Included In FP ot  $11,950. Taxes only $1.00 per  year. vMr, Shaw, TR 6-2875; Mt.  Nlcoll   TR   4,0965   or   Dexter  TRAILERS  890,  Secheit,  8987-tXn    Realty' 321-6604.,  9148-0  [*.)(����*��� a i>~ tn* n^w  1'H  ., i ,  i>��*.,  ��i r {>  ���*F.'��*  ��W��l**l  *i  I ��'���*  |(3W^#(>,*wto<.| f*.%* ����Bf. *��iem?*��t< *' ��� i*#f*vi^*-.a.��**Mt��-f**v��f**''����&  M*����>*Hlf ^W***"1! J  2 SUBDIVISIONS  IT f flTO  EoH$ Cove Subdivision ��� odjocent to Earli Cove  ferry terminal on the Sunshine Coast Highway.  ISO-  Modejro Park  Subdivision  ���  overlooking   Pender  Harbour and Gqlf -*v^(0% down ��� easy terms  on balance. Discount for cash.  t     ,    FOR SAL��\ BY OWNER    ,  OLLI SLADEY '��� Madeira Park, B.C.  Phone 833-2233 or phono North Vancouver  ..985-4934. ���'  .        FOR SALE  Get Your  OFFICE SUPPLIES   at The Times  Indexes, File Folder^ -  Inventory Sheets,  /Ledgers, Ledger Sheets/  etc., etc.  LEGAL NOTICES  COURT OF REVISION  NOTICE is hereby given that  the Courts of Revision 'respecting the 1967 assessment  rolls for the Vancouver Assessment District and Village ^nir  ' icipalit^(ies) theretfi* 'will*" *  held as follows:  School District 46 (Secheit) 'including Villages of Gibsons  Landing and Secheit, at Gibsons Landing, B.C., on Monday  February 6th, 1967 at 11 o'clock  in the forenoon in the Village  Office. ,  Dated" ��t Now Westminster this  4th day of January, 1967.  A. R. C. WYATT,  ........     ,  Provincial Assessor  9179���Pub. Jan. 11, 1967  BIG MAPLE Motel and Trailer  , Court ha�� fow spaces with approved facilities available, Ph.  885-9513.   ',        i 90194fn  MOBILE homo-1902 Kit Olym-  pla   trailer,  lO'xMV  3   bed-  rooms for sale, Cfill ,880-7407.  ' i.- i       1M90-8  �� ��� by' John Dunlop  BITS and. pieces over the holidays���Lily  and yoiirs truly spent a week or so over ,  Christmas in Vancouver: and Nanaimo, arriving home just in time for New" Year's  ;Eve.  Trying to fill  this  space after the  . festive season is like making a glamor girl -  out of a 22-42-'23-M>akes a lot of doing. ,  They keep telling me that nothing happened around here during our absence,  but Stan Silvey's fishboat needs major re-,  pairs after being rammed at the dock by  another boat that sort of went off the  beaten' path during Christmas celebrations.  And who was it that got a clunking when  he mistook ten feet of open water for the  float and blithely stepped over the side  with a tieup rope in his hand?  There was also -the day when Bruce1  Silvey's Jessie Island III caused a flurry  of excitement when she started to sink at,  Bathgate's gas-dock, and the pumping and  bucket brigade refloated * her and made  temporary repairs. More serious Was the  fact that Bruce had to be. rushed to St.  Mary's twice in the same day; the latter  trip resulting in a stay of two or three  days Mm a reported high blood pressure  conditiph that was no doubt triggered off  by the near sinking of his boat. And nothing happened m Egmont over the holidays?  , ���.  Hospital inmates at the present time  are 'Sniper Bill' Hodgson and next door  neighbor Tony Saulnier. 'Sniper Bill* has  been in St. Mary's for the past couple of  weeks and Tony is presently in Shaughnes-  sy Hospital from January 4th. It is hoped  that both will be out and About in the  near future. :  Still on the hospital hit, Mrs. Helen  Bathgate .rgally. did things,ftip right during '  "'the recent'i^s^fei^easbn. 'No staying home  andJ shaving'*'Wer .turkey dinner preparations and.'���the^washing of heaps of dirty  dishes ^fte'r a Christmas' dinner for this  gal this'year. Helen timed it right, spent  Christmas in St. Paul's Hospital and was  an inmate of St. Mary's for New Years.  She is now at home in Egmont and well  on the road to recovery after her Decern-,  ���ber 20 session with  a  sharp scalpel.  And did you hear of the sad state of  affairs with. Helen's husband Jack on the  eve of New Years celebrations? Seems  that our hero, aftier leaving Helen at -St:  Mary's, visited Sechelt's Inlet Avenue  'cash and carry' store, purchased refresh-  - ( ments, stowed them carefully in the car  ; trunk so as to avoid any misunderstanding  if stopped in one of Corporal Deevey's  RCMP .rOad blocks and headed for Egmont. Very early hexi morning Jack's brother Bob loaded wife Mae and daughters  Pat and Debbie into the car and headed  out/for a New Year's holiday, in Vancou-  ������ ver, Jack's bottles still safe and sound���  and still in the trunk.  Are you kidding? Of course Bob had a  Happy  New Year.  Christmas morning brought a 4-way international'telephone hook-up over our local  line. The long distance call, originating  in Egmont and pre-planned by Gene Berri-  tzen resulted in Gene, his brother Andy in  ���"Vancouver, another brother; * ErlingV in  England, and sister Sylvia in-Norway engaged on fhe-4-way conversation. Gene  heard the European transmissions plainly  at^all times but evidently could not be  heard, by the overseas callers. until eventually Norway left the hook-up. It appear-,  ed to be lack of transmitting power from  Egmont when the four ' stations were-oh  t<he line, as Gene's subsequent connection  with England vvas excellent, after Norway  went off. ,  It was quite a thrill for the four concerned to talk with, one another and a nice  way for Gene to exchange season's greetings with a brother and sister whom he  had not seen for 35, and 15 years respectively. '  Mrs, Myrtle, Dalton has returned from,  an .extepded trip to Sacramento, Cal.,  , where sh$ spent Christmas and New Years  with , her 'daughter and son-in-law, Jean-  ,ett�� and, Bill Hoover and family, well-,  known to this district. The family re-union  was completed with; tho arrival homo pf  Bill and Jeanette's "two oldest sons, Bill  Jr.- and Bob, both regulars In the U,S: Arm  ed Forces. Bill Jr., ah army captain, had  just completed 14V^ months .combat Wy  in Vietnam, while Bob, in the navy, had  finished his second tour uVihe same area. '  3ill Jr.' is now posted for instructional-duties in the U.S.A. -for, a time a"nd Bob is  slated to return to destroyer duty in Vietnam waters.  Myrtle's is a service -family all down  the line, s-i-1 Bill Hoover himself being ,a.  former professional soldier, retiring from  the U.S. Army with the rank of iieiitenant-  colonel a, few years ago.  'The guys next door\ Ruby and Oliver .  Larson, had daughter Trudi, her husband  Jack Gulhman and wee grandson Stanley  up for Njew Years. Danny Griffith, down '  from Prihce George; Peter West, Ifeith  Griffith and Ken Jeffries were other Jiave-1  left-Egmqnters who were home for' the  holidays and a little of Mum's good cooking. Janet and Oscar Nukka came up from  Cottage .Grove, Ore,, for the festivities.  Janet intends to stay" around home for a  whije but Oscar has returned to look after  his mining duties in Oregon.  Another local resident now working in  Powell River made it down for New Years  but-had trouble  in  getting  back to *is  mill job for January 3rd. Jimmy Vlfaliace,  along with hundreds of other Pdwell B>iv-  erites, had a long wait for the Earl's fcove  ferry on  Monday   evening.   Out,  sand  in  line for the 6:30. p.m. trip to Saltery Bay,  Jimmy didn't make it. He also figured that  he- would not  make the  8:30  either,  so  wheeled out of- line and came back to his  Egmont home. He tried again for the 10:30  p.m. and was'the 76th car in line an hour  before the sailing. Not a hope of that One  either, so back in to Egmont again, this  time to pick up a sleeping bag and return  to  line up once   more.  Never did  hear  what  time he  got to  Powell  River,  but  as the ferry people said they would run  all night if necessary, I suppose he event-  . ually arrived.  A line up of cars extending for almost  a mile to the Egmont road cut-off is bad  enough, but the safety factor- caused by  such a line up on a single lane highway  is  another  matter.  The dangerous neces-  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)    !  Sunday School lOsOO a.m.  Church Sorylco 11 $15 a.m.  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Wilton Crook Community Holl  Dark Bay Road  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURtH  SERVICE:      ' SECHEW  Sunday School���. 10:00 a.m.  Church Service ���; 11:15 a.m.  Prayer ��� Wednesday 7;30 P,m.   ,  You ore Invited to attend any or each service  ���sity of driying past tiiels�� care, fdr Jrrijjone  desiring to reach the road end, is fast* becoming a 'matter of major concern' and will'  be< the subject of & future column/'     ' '  s Lily and I spent ah-en36yable Christmas  week with daughter Lillian, Neil and grandson John (Butch) Black. Glad to Teport,'  in reply to the many enquiries' from  friends and well-wishers, that Neil is making slow but steady progress in recovery  from his recent illness. It will loe some  time yet before he is back to .his'old trumv,  pet playing 195 pounds. After Christmas  dinner he still had some forty pouhds to  go.  NOT ALWAYS FIRST  January was not always the first month.  s (Researchers say that according to legend,  NYima Pompilius added January and February to the end of the 10-month Roman  calendar about 700 B.C. Julius Caesar rearranged the calendar in 46 B.C., making  January the first month.  ./".,.,  \  Away from  I  home  I tonight?  f   They're missingyou,  f    too. Why not phone?  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Phono ���686-9303  !'/ .^i'^. i-11 ���/'.": l::, '._7M7��Un.  3>orBonnllzcd "Just for Touw  ,  fltfttlonory nnd thank-yon  ^nrdu add that extra touch  of warmth to your  lorroBportilonco, Yournamo  And address or Inltlnlo oro ;  printed onwhlto or coloured'"'  quality wrltinR papera In  v beautiful rained loUcrina,  Tho impression In dlffnlflcd,  i      rvndoli pocharrnlngj  yot tho cost 1h very )ow��  ���,,���,_ ChooBO your, porflonallzcd...  Btatlontny. dlnnor napkins,  cocktail napktna, coaatcra,  wmtchos and plnylng carda  from thn many nvallnWo  ntylcn you'll nco In the  - pcr��onftll��ic4 "Juat for You"..  ��,���,���,���,��,JlimP'0 took.  r.S. Tlioy wake wonderful  gift* for family  ,     , nnd friends too.  .������  ''.".I  SECHELT PENINSULA  TIMES  5��hd��, B.C.  St John's United Church  WHion Creek, p,C.  Sundpy School���9:45 p.m.  Divine Worship���11 \ 15 a,m,  Ued by Mls$ H. E. Campbell    ',  ' Except on 2nd Sunday each montH  '   Family Service���11:15 am.; -  Divine Service���3:30 p.mr  Led by Rev, W, M, Cameron  The  Anglican Church  , Rector: Rev. R. Barry Jcnto."*  Phone; 885-9793     , '  Sunday; January 15th, 1967  ~H-$Tr HI J-DA^S-sS ECH EtT*"*""**"1  �����<^fir^y^'ComiTn4nlorv^8"'a;nirw^  Evensong���7:30 p.m.  GARDEN BAY  Holy,Communlon���l 1:15 a,m,  REDROOFFS .),  Evensong���-3:00'p,m.        ^  dvery VfaAimday 10 o.m. Holy Communion  ^H^.*?-H^'!>J!*<^*��^^'^'r>!h;K<  ���J* '. i  \  J  .il��*iniili��iiUi>iiiiliii>  v/     date; PAD  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  f, This free, reminder oif 96mlno ovonts Is a service of SECHELT  AGENCIES  LTD,  Phone Secheit  Peninsula  Times direct  for  frqo  llstlnQSrBpeclfylng..<.'Dato PacTVPIeose-notethor space*|sHmlt��d anjd-1**-  some advance dato�� may have tP wolt tholr furn;o|so that this Is a  "reminder" listing, only and cannot always carry full derails,  Jon,  12���2' p.m, Sr, Hilda's Church Hall, Regular Meeting Secheit  '        Auxiliary to Sr, Mary's Hospital* , \  Jan, M~t6:00 p,m, Wilson,Creek Hall, Pot Luck Supp��r,,  Jan, 14���8:30 p,m. St, Hilda's Hqll, Square dancing,  jQn- J8���1:30 p,m. Legion, Hall Socholt, General meeting Branch 96    ,  Jan. 18���7-9 p.m, Health-Centre, Gibsons. Commencement,' CanQ" .  '  dlan,Red Cross Home Nursing Course,  Jon,'23���7:00 pjm,, Pphlnstono Secondary School. Education meeting   '  to discuss Community Conference,  1    ,.. . .       ..'..... .<   ,,.,.!,'.     ..'���'. '. . ,      ,.,...  2 bedroom houte. l^argb living room. Eloctrlc tfovo. Daw-  mont. A/oll hoa>. WINon Cr^ok, $75.00 per month,  3 room* and bath. Sochelfr, $45.00 per month. Gall E,  Surtoc, Doy��005-ai61.Evos. 885-9303.  WKV^��lMWJaWW>��)?l^p*Wi(,ll  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  REALTY and INSUfcANCR ~ Phono 885-2161  s-.,  f *����"wy��iwiiw-ula^. **  ,V  !  MitV *,'.��** .'f    ��3>1' ^^s'l^B*  ,,.,,,..,,  ."rl *f ��*.-"  ,4,.  ���������*-���' Chairman's view  feel��  * -"  <a,  Wednesday, January 11,1967        Secheff Peninsula times       ' Page 3  sunrsj?  inipsfiiiaMs t@ tapcsyes:  IN A .PREAMBLE ostensibly,to congr^tu- sedjhe/yievr that,ilge of "standstill" which  , late- the  two  ne,\v��� commissioners ,on " invpive^inwmclpalities'��is well asJ business  council,  Gibsons, municipal chairman*  at cohc'ei'hs; i^.ati age' of the past. He pointed  last regular meeting,  offered a number out tfrat tii is (the desire ot,this council  of what he'called "directive suggestions." that>the' Municipality of Gibsons Landing  ,   Referririg.to a decision made in 198$'to retains'its present restricted are^a, 1Jien.it  hire the services oTMartin J. Dayton, eon- will be! necessary tov readjust'admjlnlstra-  sulting engineer, in .order to .conduct a tion cbst" of,the municipality. He suggested  ,water survey _at a cost of $9QQ, the chairman stated "already this municipality has  paid out a great deal of taxpayers money  ^relative to the sources of .water supply;  the engineer's report considers the following sources  of supply;  Langdale  Creejc,  # Chaster Creek, watershed of Chaster Creek,  Roberts Creek, Chapman Creek, and' a  number of other sources of water which  were considered but are not discussed because of their inadequate si*�� or adverse  location.  "This is as it should be, nevertheless.  This water survey -made by Engineer Martin J. Dayton has been made in such manner that many bf these districts can get full  information and benefit without cost, which  I think you will agree does not appear to  be justifiable from the taxpayer's point of  view.*'  Obviously in respect to some reluctance  on the part of past couhcil to go into large,  possibly- uneconomical, expansion projects  at the present time, the chairman expres-  i  ���4  such cost vrould appear to be out of -all  proportion io other municipalities, V-  WWJe> boundary extension has previously been ^bought at��put as being in a ncfth-  ferjy direction; Mr, Hodgson stressed the  advantages of any town, village "or municipality Ideated on waterfront.' This applies  particularly,' to, Cflbsbns which is so geographically situated that serious tho'ughl  should be given by council to westerly extension, thereby having a marihe drive  taking in flowler Point and continuing as  a marihe drive* to the Peninsula.  Dwelling ^briefly on municipal office  hours, he said the question will have to be  discussed and a decision made relative to  this matter. He said "I can assure you  that I could not keep track of the calls received* in this connection.''  The chairman concluded by advising  that his comments were directive suggestions not decisions, for decisions in this  council are made by ^a majority vote of  the council as a whole.  OPEN SUNDAYS 1 - 5 p.m.  HOPKINS LANDING STORE  ;sefrving you 7 dcrys a week  Phone 886-9524  ���iwiwiMiwMilrimin I    I ������iw*.i<^>.*ii���ii     Minna    i   (    ������  FABRIC HOUSE  Gibsons - Centre  Yard Goods - Bulk Wool  ��� SEWING CENTRE ���  "Phono 886*2252 -Box 540 vGibrohi, B.C.  l   ���    - .    -   .- i       .. i . i.ii  TREE FALLING  TOPPING OR REMOVING LOWER LIMBS  FOR VIEW.  Iiua-ed work from Port Mellon to  ���--������������������ Pender Harbodr   PV SERVICES LTD.  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Scores were: Secheit No. 1, 1315; Secheit No, 2, 1381; RCMP, 952; Gibsons No. 1,  1428; Gibsons No; 2, 766; Gibsons No. 3,  897,  �����-JV6xT-,skeot *s scheduled at the Gibsons  Rod and Gun Club. Date to be announced  later.  Fins and Tails  ���By Tom Portei  '/l .7   ^rftteftu  1J  j -' - Soccer captains  DIVISION 7 captainfe Jan McKenzie manage a grin for the camera. Le-  ofyGibsons. X<egipii -and Wilfred gion spored 2-0 but the Cubs won by  tronzales of Secheit .Cubs, soaked to default for Legion,turned up 30 min-  8ie/skin and-spattered with mud, as utes- late and- -only-one -half- was  were all soccer players last weekend   plavefl " .  \  " .U.ltitii$l|��i (Wl#t*��.��W1������B����iB'>S����H(SW��i|.B��l. Wm fW  CUSTOM TRACTOR WORK - BACK HOK  PITCHING - IXCAVATINQ CONTRACTING  GRAVEL. TOP SOIL AND f>IU  - i        Let m�� ��oIvo your problemi'  ED FIEDLER - GJBSONS  Phono 886-7764  Phone 886-2120  GIBSON GIRL BEAUTY SALON  Gpv/er Point.Road, Gibsons, B.C.  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'f.  >J%*\  ���<K'%r'  ���u  J *  ft,-I  '   * V  m     "r~ '"*"    "������-1*       b        jt **      ~wm    WU   * , ���if     ����� ^  tab  ���-        �����  **      *; -"  �����*'  rf  **?-  -    �������  j�� i  ^ Soggy soccer.  WATER puddles on the field didn't   battle for the ball. Rain poured down  incessantly fc      " **-���- >"'���  Hackett Rack.  help thegame much; last Sunday   ineessantjy for all thre^e gamelsat  as Barney Haniise of Secheit Cubs,  and Ian McKenzie of Gibsons Legion  ���-^7' ' T.]' ^i;' "���'. ' -: "'���'���'' Tricky .situation':       ; <���"���'  SECHELT Canfbr put up tougl? fight   the ball away from the more exper-  in game with Secheit Legion, pic-   iericed team,  tured here,trying desperately to get  Bad weather condition fouls up local soccer  ��� 'E^wwsWwwMsrawwt^^Hi^siWf^iaww  Ton yoars to pay  Comploto lino of oppljancos  For fr��o citlrnote���Call 006-1720          .'"    r& ������-r  ,..'   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Good goal tending was  turned in by both Kenny Hrinusp of Totems  and Mlko Bergen tho 297 keeper,  Division 7-Scchplt Loglon defeated Socholt Canfor 4-0, Tlio smaller, boys of Can-  for played a plucky game and certainly  never stopped trying./The game'itself was  A'little bit on the kickr run and Winch-up  stylo, which Is common in this age group.,  As ono spectator remarked, "What thoy  lack In finesses, they make up for in en-  Jlnisjnsm.^^^^ _ ���   ,  Ros.,Cubs w,on( by default over Gibsons  , Legion who showed up 30 minutes Into "for  tho'kick-off,  Schedule for Sunday, January 15:  Roberts  DIVISION 5  Local 297  vs  2:,,15 p.m. \   i,  Ros. Totems vs. Res,  , Park, 2:15 p.m.       ,..    <  DIVISION 7  Residential  Cubs  vs.  Hackett Park, 1;00 p^m.  Gibsons Legion vs,  Res.  Bravos, Gibsons, 1;00 p.m.  Scchelt-Canfor byer  HAPPY one-hundredth birthday Canada  and may you have many, many more.  As a country you have come a long way  since your conception ?nd you have learned  a lot. Unfortunately, in the fields of conservation, pollution:, parks and outdoor  recreation we, your residents, haven't  shown too much (foresight.  �� Conservation of the game which abounds  in great numbers across' your land,  admittedly not as inuch as there was when  you were born, is,a relatively simple thing.  It boils down to the fact that if we preserve  the animals" natural habitat they will 'be  around to 'welcome in,your next one hundred years. Of course/ I realize, Canada,  that your biggest problem in conservation  is not the animals or the fish but the people  who inhabit your land. I know you hated  to see the unnecessary slaughter of buffalo  on your great plains and I know it pains  you to watch the decline of chum salmon  here, on the coast, but Lhope we are, learning. Perhaps in the next. 100.years^we will-  not take trees -from1 your 'soil inais'efiini-  nateiy    and  . destroy ���   the    .watersheds, /  streams, lakes and your nurseries for your  many salmon. I hope so.  Canada,    your    wonderful   economic  growth over the past~ century ^has brought  with it something that was forseen but was  cot controlled-very well���pollution. I know,  Canada,, ..that  without, the Sslarge^niines,,,  smelters, factories, and mills yqu wouldn't.  be the country you are today but don't  you  think  we  cbuhl "have  adopted   some  preventative-measures' in regards to poHu-'  tion? I know, ���Cahadar that- you - long for "  the clean; fresh air-that once covered your  ....land.-.-, from- .^coajskto^ coast,*^instead, of.. the  ^stagnant haze* covering your cities  now.  Take hope' tfcoughj Canada^ we are trying  to do something about it. One big step we,  your residents, 'have" taken is ih\giving that  poisonous gas: that we' are now breathing a  name. We caitt itsrttog!  The millions and millions of tons of fish  and vvildliferpoisoh^that we pour into your  once clear rivers,. .lakes and seas every  day has a name also. We call that effluent. I know, Canada, that you detest seeing  it but it isj a slotj cheaper to get rid of it  in, this^ manner jiaja^t^in^, to^ clean it ;��p.:  j wonder what you.think of us, ^Canada,  when we have, advanced in the scientific  field to-where we .will land a man on the  moon in .a few; ;years but haven't the  knowledge on- how to control industries' '  garbage. A bit ironic isn't it? ,.  Canada, you have .millions of acres of  wonderful, park lands  and we  are doing  our best to keep^ them .for our^ future geri-  eratibns. in tnis fielcl we seem to be pro-'  g're'ssihg along with- you, especially here in  your  most  westerly province.  You  have  given us s6me''of "trie most scenic arid enjoyable country in the world and honestly,  Canada, we, 'do ''appreciate it even if we'  can't see the forest'for the trees. We, your  residerits,' haVe set"' apidei portions of your  more enjoyable' land for parks,,.ijfow if we  could only keep a certain MLA's' hands off  them arid stop them being^ turned into mine  sites, air strips and logging claims . . . !  Canada, I do riot know what the future  holds for you in the next 100 years. I hope  that in tho year ,2067 -that there are still,  forests to walk in,- streams to fish in, lakes  to^wim in and air to breathe. I, know that  this is your earnest wish too and perhaps  with our help it will come true. ,  Happy birthday, Canada. I am very  grateful to be one of your residents. Yes  Canada, this residentis proud to' say that,  he is a Canadian so I - say once again,  bonne fete mon Canada,    .     ,  Keep that lino in the water and Pll see  you next week. :  ���by Eve Moscrlp  STAR BOWLERS for Nov.-Dec were til  McCourt, of Ladies' League and Reg  Thomas of Secheit Commercial. Lil was  also high lady in the ��� first week of the  new year'with 731 (268). Matt Jaeger in  the Commercial League was high with 761  , (325).  LEAGUE SCORES  Buckskins: Delly Paul 634 (239), Kay  Pinchbeck 700 (243), Ted Joe 674 (312),  Herb August 687 (247).  Ladies: (Dec. 20), Roberta Postlethwaite  ''eso (290), Susan Read 263, Trudy Nortb-  rp 251,' Joan Janiewick 250 (Jan. 3). Betty  Laidlaw 678 (260), Eleanor Carter 251.  "    LaaW matinee: Hazel Skytte 589, Sylvia Jones 244.  Pender: Isabel Gooldrup 656 (252), Roy  Dusenberry 596.  Commercial: Matt Jaeger 761 (325).  Lola Caldwell 709 (276, 255), Elsie Johnson  261, Sam MacKenzie 279, Red Robinson  293, Dennis Gamble 283.  Sports Club: Lil McCourt 731 (268), Pat  Witt-658 (276), Lawrence Cmcil 720 (258),  Martha Read 654 (240).  Ball & Cham: Jack Goeson 671 (264),  Bubbles Creighton 591' {254), Peter Hem-  street 621 (270).  TEN PINS  Mixed: Lil McCourt 471, Ena Armstrong 186, Leo Johnson 503 (182).  SCHOOL LEAGUES  Seniors: Earl John 392 (232), Mary  Ritchie 323.  Juniors: Robert Paul 306 (159), Brad  Allan 186, Susan Jorgensen 294 {175).  Gibsons bowling  HIGH TRIPLE for the ladies was rolled  this week by Kay Taylor of the Port  Mellon League with -a nice 823; Ted Joe  of- the Men's League rolled a high triple  of 744. .  ..).��� ... .'���',.. :/���.,J  Ladies' coffee: Marg Peterson 614  (319), l<eriora Inglis 544, "Mary^ McEwari  522, Pat Guelp 557, Iva Peterson 531; Hazel  Wright 629. v .. ���'. V  Gibsons A: Ken Swallow 610 (291), Alex  .Robertson   670  (273),   Freeman   Reynolds  732- (280, 245), Dorcy Lefler 620 {240), Ken  Herman 610, Pat Herman 308, Don McKay  246^ lAl Bdmorid  Sue Whiting 241, Mavis Stanley 626 (266>,  Don Skinner 609 (244).  Teachers Hi: Sylvia Bihgley 689 (274),  Freeman  Reynolds  707   (242,  269);  Bob  Blakeman 241, Ron Oram 263,-LenERis  623,  Linda JLinklater 627  (298),  Don Me^.  Cauley 248, Darlene Maxfield 656 {284).  .Commercials: Harold. .Jorgerison 711  (240), Lorne Gregory 651, Shirley Hopkin  266, Frank Nevens 667, Len Ellis- 618. ,:;  Port Melkm: Dot4fle^utey-'699 <263),  Kay Taylor 828 (277, 294, 257)y Gordon Taylor 638 (254), Art Holden '241, Norm  Christiianson 264, Glyn Davies 605, Jina  Thoihas 614 (265), Gene Turenne 247.  Men's--Freeman JBeynoIds 668 (258),  Gordon Monkman 617s, BiH Peterson.Jr. 251  Herb August 665 (245, .273),. Ted Joe 744  X4l3), 'ArtHblden 740 (256, 329).     ._.  r Juniors: Karen Brignall 296 (151), Martin Kiewitz: 266, Bill Hobson 301 (182),  Wayne. Wright 382 (180, *202), Linda Mcintosh 253 (171), Ginny Alsager 28T,(157),  . Robert Solnik.317 (184), .Stephen Bigby 307  (166), Jim Green 260, Brian McKenzie 418  (217,  201).-  WOLFMONTH ���   ���   '���  ��� The Anglo-Saxons called January "Wolf  month," because during that month wolves  came into the villages in search of food.  ���2SS2E  WESTCOAST  EVEfeGEIEEN  ROBERTS CREEK .  S^tAL PICKERS  ^WANTED  ,.'..���' i  1 i  Top Price 33c  CALL 886-2395  or  886-2682 FOR PICKUP  Creek,  Ctflisons,  Tigers, Hiickett  Secheit  Logion,  I !^^^itw.*te&��^*Mi��^��^**^*i'^^��**"M***'*K**WK*',lll'  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SECHStT, B.C.  Phono.085-2.111 ��� Tod Farowoll  :-;n;,i|ir:  TREE SfeRVlCES  Falling, Topping/ Umblng for view.  All wx)rk Insured, i     '  , Full, Information  i   phbiio 886-2343  FOR YO0R f AMIUX PRY 4BANINQ HMDS  ���_M rM,-T, i,    .��� 'i'-|-!    n'���p " )r-^-    -  ���' ���     ���  - "   '���   '-: *,-""   " BATONS"-  "WHERE TO 60"  TRAVEL SERVICE  CHARTS PLIGHT,TO LONDON  $375.00 MONTH STAY.  JUne 17 ond September 7  Phottfl 886^2232  yjfrfssff^^  All your plumbing, heating  and electrical requirements can >e  met with  fc<*iffi^'rc". vi^li(V-^i'i^Vj<t  PLUMBING & "-:  Box 368 - Socholt, B.C.  CHUCK JONES  085-2878  TOM PORTER  885-9364  ;   TuVl..   , ��� T--.   iw     r.', .J7\,T��� ���f'.f-- "���������'������->���>��� ���   w;t����^.!.M^i*..'*w��."rt^��-*<-��'i��w^iH-.^ ������~^^���H������^��.��,��.1����j..fc.�����,������M��L*  Ik  IV.  FT  ��� fti.  ���4^.  /  '11.  fywtle ' '5n#5*|tJe<'"��**-Vvi* ��~ij kz.~��~z> ��a*^ 1 ����v .v;."?.-"  ?;��� .>:j%:>-,..-   t  T    "     ^   "       ,��  ?    ~ ^V" ' "*"    ^Vl     -S^*"?]*    >*���*   *��*���*�� "(V����*l   n     *    Jj* ->   >t     1   *��"^F  ���*^i-r  ���n^.!��~/'SwJ%.^vji>TJ  I       f  *��*��w��Ahh  fecHECrPENINBULAT^0*  EDITORIALS  *7 may 6e -wrong, but I shall not be so wrong as to fail to say what I believe to be right"  -^John Atkins  ���WJWWIWWWIMWMIIIIIIH*  MMMMMWWiWWMMWIWWIMMMMMMMMMIWIMMWMMMVMUMMWMMMWWWfc  Pogp 4 Sochelr. Peninsula Tirhes     *    Wednesday, Jopuary T1, T967  Mercenaries Shout Loud  GENERAL opinion is that formation ol  a regional district will herald a progressive step in' the right direction for  the Peninsula although we ail realize that  in one .-way and another most of the  fimctions .involved will have to be paid  for.  We get nothing for nothing and it is  faiily obvious that any benefits derived  /from die formation will quite naturally  only come from oar pockets. Neverthe^  less, projects such as garbage pick-up,-  planning and building control are essential if the district is to grow in an orderly  sensible manner.  Close to the*, top of the list of projects is thai of planning and indeed an  extremely important one. Too many  communities and districts have growjv  around a cluster of shacks and smi^lf  ' businesses which have, in time, posed  as eyesore the village council has been  unable to remove, simply because they  we^e permitted when no, planning by-laws  were in force.  Naturally there are those who for personal reasons oppose orderly planning on  the grounds that they feel they should  be^ permitted to erect whatever eyesore  they choose on their property. In many  cases, this is simply a pious excuse to  cover the fact they have rather more mercenary reasons at stake.  One such example occurred last week  when a local man suddenly decided residents of his particular neighbourhood  should take a second look at the regional  district. His reasons being the anticipated  increase in taxes.  ;Pin1iier discussion revealed "the fact  that he owns a considerable acreage upon  which a number of cheap and in most'  cases, summer homes will be built. He ad  mitted they would not pass, .juicier the  building code but felt'this was perfectly  justified for we are still a pioneer country.  This is the type of clap-trajj which  has created slums and put money into the  pocket of mercenaries. Past experience  has shown that almost invariably, those,  who shout most when communities seek  to progress, are those with financial in-,  vestments which they prefer to keep to  themselves. That the future of the  majority, including our young people  should be jeopardized, is of no concern  to these people. As long as they can reap  a fast buck, to heck with everyone else.  In the case in question, this person  had the afrontary to state he was only  concerned wi|h selling low priced property to those who could not afford high  prices to build elaborate homes. He was  in fact some kind of modern benefactor.  A little -quizing revealed the fact that  the cheap lots were selling between $800  and $900. Back from the waterfront but  sufficiently close for most of his customers  who, he admitted, were largely Vancouver  business people seeking to build cheap  summer homes. Needless to say the same  people who would oppose any progress  on the Peninsula which might add to their  taxes.  * The regional district is now virtually  fact. It was discussed over a long period,  finally approved .by a representative  committee, advertised for two consecutive  weeks and a month given in which those  opposed could register their objection to  Victoria.  Little can now be done and it is  hoped that not too many will be duped  by the fast talk of a few, as has been  evidenced in the past, a little thought and  investigation will in most cases reveal  ulterior motives at work.  Elphie's after thought happening  0 Ii  '' 1    '  ���t >��  ) m  undoubtedly live in the banana belt. Found  blooming were chrysanthemums, primroses, polyanthus, roses, jasmine, heather,  fuchsias, Scotch marigold and hardy cyclamen.  Mrs. Alan Greene has returned home  from St. Mary's Hospital. Guests of the  Stan Foffatt's last week were Mr. and Mrs.  Joe Everett with daughter Jo-anne of Port  Kells and Mrs. Mels Everall of Cloverdale.  At their cottages last weekend were Mr.  and Mrs. Hugh Duff and the Jack Temple  family.  We tried some cat food in a family-size  can. However, the only one in the family  who liked it was the cat.  s Ri  ARDAiootball  Editor, T&e limes:    . ���' ��*   ���  JSsr������M vies of a recent announcement .  6y Mr. Davis, MP, mat Ottawa should  iKriH a iaew crossing to me North Shore and  re-impose tolls I conM rait resist going back  .zad fafcmg a look again at the election bro-  cfeee that he distributed before the federal  election in. 1955. On the second page there  are these words. "Jack Davis will work  for . . . Federal participation in financing  of '.second crossing at lions Gate."  To saggest that it be.done by means  <�� tails is quite a way of fulfilling this  promise.       ,  'However, the second item that caught  my eye is the following: Jack Davis will  vrazft for: ABDA assistance for Secheit  Peimssaia and Sunshine Coast, In view of  a meeting, I attended at Secheit in June  1365 at winch Mr. Davis made it plain that  a good number of benefits could be derived from ABDA, would you please publish a list of these as over a year has gone  by since the election.  However the following quotation from  the Va^coitver Sun just prior to the' election may prove of interest; "The Fraser  .Valley should take better advantage of  the benefits of ARDA," liberal JJP Jack  Davis said Friday. Davis said there are  opportunities; in the Fraser Valley to develop supplementary industries as well as  agriculture under .ARDA. Davis was admittedly stumped by the question of Chilli-  wrack municipal cerk J. A. Mulford.^Mul-  ford said bis municipality spent $3,��>&" on  an engineering survey for a $250,000 drainage and irrigation program but was told  by the ARDA chairman in Victoria that  the senior^ government's two thirds grant  must be secured by first mortgages on  all private property benefitting from the  scheme.  People just won't put a 20-year mortgage on their land and tic it up for resale  *atd > Mulford. We arc no further ahead  than when wc started and wc have a  $3^89 engineering report wc haven't got  a cent for."  Wben other areas of Canada, similar to  Secheit have derived large benefits from  ABDA it is only reasonable to expect the  Sunshine Coast to do; likewise.  BOYD SHANNON  ^m^����^m(Si^^^ir.mimm^f^mffi^>ii^��*iti^tSi t  "'*��� pljJ�����f.VIP)Jl.iTO^f*ill*"iB'iytaKW��<��  h  "Ejq^&-thanks-^-"-^^>~*��  Editor, The Times  Sir���Tbc president and members of the  Fender Harbour Auxiliary lo St. Mary's  Hospital have, asked me to express weir  thanks lo tbc editor ol the Secheit Times  for publishing the reports of our meetings  and publicizing our various cvcnU, during  the, past .year.TWs ha* been a great help  to the auxiliary and fa much -Appreciated.  ."'���. W1NNIFREI) COUJRSE  Pigs squeals .  Editor, The Times:  Sir���Ktw Year's Greetings���a time for  rrso!utkms. We *>bould be thankfull ami  flop intestinal aching in a country that  jaevcr bad it to' good,  ' jBtfcfcrtf bis' goSfc" a fS^ln^if^ia^fe^  jt*r*t bat I wonder who killed Cwk Ro-  fcfo���1  mean amalgamation���i know little  about   it, maybe  it  was  dialogue;   I'lgH1  Sqotjls  wwM' be i1 a  ela^jc  written  by  Cla��wWIIV-lattocr.,..lold , Mm ,:,.U>���jrlist (ho,'  people, as candidate for Dundee.  1 TJ��e loveJy map^e tree* on our proixTty  <^joe len��pt��l me to try for maple syrup  gome year* ago.,B^ll was against It,1 liow-  cf��r f��e i^piked the trees for me and hung  up Goztiaimtt. I went around tor weeks  geStteS the ��ap. which was a large pot full,  $Mkt4' 4tmn far,.'* .day.'H produced one  jrifaff* f��Jl.  -��. - 4   - /^ ejd Ij4j�� li\i^ v.iUi u* at. Uic time.  fait her, head in a fah; mat day I made  pancakes for breakfast to go with the  syrup. I went to get the teapot from the  stove and heard her say ."That was delicious, Mrs. Allan"; She drank the whole  glass of syrup so 1 never tasted it toxknow  about its .success.  Margaret Allan  No plebiscite  Editor, The Times  Sir���/fll Ratepayers of Selma Park  Community should be interested in thei -article in the Vancouver Sun entitled "Seehelt- Gets A New ^strict".  This apparently takes in all territory  from Gibsons to Powell River.  I attended the meeting called in Secheit  regarding the formation of a Regional Dis-��  trict and heard all pros and cons both for  and against and on further consideration  failed-to see how such a committee-could  be of any possible advantage to Selma  Park.  ' However, I was given to understand that  before any definite steps were taken it  would be necessary to hold a plebiscite to  allow every taxpayer to express his ^wishes. This,: however, does not, seem , to be  the case and, before any further action is  taken, I would like the powers >and be to  call a: meeting of all taxpayets in this  area to allow them to express their views  after hearing a full explanation of benefits to be gained and costs of carrying ,this  proposed regional committee. ,  Watch for further developments t  HARRY A. HILL"  "'' ,      ' "     '' '  j '"U,SK,,' :  Editor's   Note:" The^rcgional   district  whiqh' was advertised twice and open to  objections for one month does not include'  Powell River but takes in from Port Mellon to , Egmont, |   (  .. <'<      ".������: ,:   i\' ������', .'   . '���' ;, . ' .   '  Devoted nipn,      v  Ed,itor,,Tl)c Tiinbs;  Sir���I read w^th interest, the life story  of Mr. Melvin Wiser by Mary Tlnklcy In  your January 4 issue.  One sentence is significant. I refer to:  "lie devoted much of his life to looking  after his'mother and helping to raise his  hrothcrs and sisters." '  In these dny�� of gpvernment help, this  is not commonly done, There has also come  the teaching that every young person hns  -��me-rlfiht-to*W8��,own.llie,���hlfi,,own-happl^  nesfi.  Newly-pJected  NEW COUNCIL of Gibsons poses for sioners. Standing frpin left, Ken God-  The Times at'close of first meet- dard, Chairman Wes Hodgson, Wally  ing of the year at which Mr.. Willy Peterson, Clerk Charles Gooding.  Peterson and Ken Goddard were Seate'd from left, James Dnimmond  sworn in as newly-elected commis-    and Fred Feeney.  Hd/mco. Bay Happenings  MOST OF the 40 people who attended the  Welcome Beach Hall last Saturday went  home with a much clearer picture of the f  Dewline than they ever had before.  Guest speaker Patrick Murphy, with the  aid of two fine films, presented a graphic  -picture of life within the -Arctic Circle. He  is in charge of a Dewline station with a  staff-ofjj25, including technicians, mechanics, supply specialists, a cook and two  Eskimo families. During his 10 years in  the Arctic he has seen many changes and  tremendous development.  In the early days it would sometimes  take three months even to get mail out of  the station. Now there are two mails a  week and a communication system that  circumnavigates the whole world.  With such developments going on in their  territoriesr the Eskimos are also changing. Once numbering more than 100,000,  there are now probably only 35,000 of them.  They are inveterate gamblers and a man  will sometimes lose everything he owns  in a night's gambling. Many of them are  employed by Norad or the Electric Corporation .and live in houses which tBey rent.  Soon the igloo will be a thing of the past.  Modern schools are berig built and within  15 years, the Eskimos should be completely literate.  The first film, Dewline Annual Sealift,  illustrates the vastness and comprehensiveness of the system which starts into action compiling orders 12 months ahead  of the actual sealift.  Tremendous preparation- and careful-  supervision is needed to ensure supplies  from all over the world arriving by -the  scheduled time for * shipment While the  organization for the sealift is going ahead  on the outside, there is much activity on  the Dewline stations preparing for its reception. Much of the work can only be done  during the short arctic summer whose peak  is' during July and August, so spe,ed is,  the vital factor. Everything that can _be  , done to expedite the .unloading and storing  of supplies is <. done Roads are prepared,  'storage'space'made'''available, sign posts  erected and .the beaches made ready for  the, amphibious rollagons and landing ship ,  tanks. Floats must be built of empty oil  drums and the 65,000-gallon tanks checked  and made ready for the bulk deliveries of  POL (petroleum, oil and lubricants) which 1  are piped ashore frorh a tanker.''During the :  operation   of   the   sealift,   reebnnaisance  planes   keep   a   careful  watch   over   the".  movements of the ice, for the ships must be  on their way south before tho ice closes  in again.       ' \  The next movie "Angotee," a National  , Film Board' film, illustrates the story of an  Eskimo boy from hjs birth in an igloo,  through the,years,of his childhood to young,,  manhood. The film shows his training as a  hunter of the mammals which will supply  his family with, food, clothing, light, heat  and weapons,  Canon Alan Greene movqd a vote of  thanks, to Mr, Murphy for a, most interest-,  ing and instructive evening. 'Refreshments  v/cro served by Mrs, Roy llolgnto's committee and door prizes wore won by Mrs.  Ernie- White, Mr. Jack Hall and."' Kelly  Foley, /,"'���'  This week, Mr. Murphy Is flying (north  to take' up, his duties at one of the mqat  northerly stations pi the, Dewline and', IIJs  many friends on the Peninsula w|sh him  Godspeed and a safe return.  Squaringly Yours  ���by Maurice Hemstreet  MARY had a little lamb, it's fleece was  white   as  snow,   and everywhere  that  Mary went, the lamb was sure fp^go, Now  Mary  went to square dance elates) !to^_  learn something new, but she didnW pay attention so she' didn't know what to do- Now /  Mary's little lamb, who had foUoWed her  of course, broke tradition, paid intention  oand graduated from the course. Now! the.  lamb  goes a square danci% and Mary  tags along. The lamb knows all the calls  now and really does, belong to the greatest  pastime and hobby jpne to old and modem  songs. There was Darling Nellie Gray and  King of the Road too. The lamb dances  them all, but what does Mary do?- Well,  she sits in a corner all alone as you can  see, because she didn't listen to the calls,  and the instructions that came from me.  Well, the moral of this story is as plain  as can be! If she had listened to the instruction she would have been square  dancing with you and me. .   .  The Secheit Jr. Squares got away to a,  flying start last Friday night with a few  new beginner kids trying their darndest to  catch up to the older dancers, all in one  night, and I must say they did quite well.  We didn't make it down to the Gibsons  Squarenaders dance last Saturday but we  shall be there on the 21st.  The next square dance at the St. Hildas  Hall will be this coming Saturday night  at 8:30 p.m. with the Secheit Promenad-  ers as your hosts, remember the date, Saturday, January 14, 1967. Our motto is all  for fun and fun for all, spectators welcome  too. ���    .���  i^���  j   , T-by Herman  HI!   A  RELATED  ''Happy .New  Year."  That should get everybody back in '  speaking terms. Boy don't ypji wish Christmas holidays would last longer. Now it's  all pleasant (?) past holiday, I hope*everybody had a great time and now we're already to get back to Work.  The last day at school was a good one.  We had out usual assembly which was  better than ever. First-of all,-Div. 4 put  on-its version of������"The Night Before Christmas." Next on the^ program 'was Brian  Swanson and his accordion, and as usual,  he held everyctoe spellbound. Then the student council, skit, which was great fun;  the teachers' skit entitled "Claus's Pyjamas," the choir with carols, and the Red  Cross draw. Isn't it nice to have such  great teachers? They sure are good sports!  After the assembly was over,-there was a  mixer until the buses came.  This week has been short, but it's getting everybody back to normal.-  Clubs are starting up again. Wednesday  was the Cellar Club and Thursday the  Photography Club. -  Friday morning, the grade 11 and 12  students from Elphie an* Pender Harbor  saw a special showing of Macbeth at the  Secheit Theatre. At-noon they returned to  their schools for afternoon classes.  So much for this week. Say, a little  birdie told me we may -get our report  cards sometime this week. That remains to  be see'n.  , The young man approached his ladj?  love's brother in 4 dither of excitement.  "Guess what, Jimmy," he exclaimed,  "your sister and I are going to be married!"  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  MONDAY ��� THURSDAY  1678 MARINE DRIVE - GIBSONS  Phone 886-9843  Electrolux (Canada) LM.  SALES - SERVICE - SUPPLIES  Local Agent now available at:  SECHELT: 885-9414  GIBSONS: 886-2086  Would'You Get Such Values?  YOUR PENINSULA CENTRE  FOR FURNITURE, APPLIANCES  Sales and Service  RICHTERS T.Y. & RADIO LTD.  Seehelt, B.C. Phone 885-9777  Peninsula Plumbing Ltd.  Phone 886-9533 Gibsons, B.C.  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Yet I", though  never having met hlni, experience a good  feeling and warmncss toward* him through  .reading about It. <;��  To do right in : the night of God���that  sheds goodness abroad unending.',  And God'a <word reveals that^-"To visit  the widows and fatherless in their affile*  lions-*"; right In His sight, James l!27,  * -GEORGE C11ARMAN.  j^t^trhm 'rt* *<*��**/'"  AS LOW AS  NEED A CAR?  TRY     \   '',  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SECHELT, P.C.  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PHYLLIS McCLIOD  Helena's Fashion Shoppe  Gibson*, B.C. . Phono.886:9941  Gull Building Supplies  Phono 805-2283  Scchojt, B.C, If*. 3,*^ 4.  A    t *���. jut  '���(If       '   * 1   J.  I*  Secheit Peninsula Tirhes -Page 5  '    Wednesday, January 11, 1967^r<  >  '. , Is  H/ Notes  4'   w  ���  ,  , ���by Pat Gooding  PfeMDER High once mdre"~heard~��cfeamV,  ' taUdng^and,nolse infthe halls,7 after 10  days of holiday. I hope everybody had a  good Christmas and New Year.  Now, that the excitement of Christmas  is over, we can settle 'down to serious  thinking-exams, report cards. Exams  have started already and report cards will  be out before we,know it.  The graduating class had its first meeting to,make<'plans for graduation. We're  planning a banquet at the Jolly Roger Inn  this year, so /it should be a very formal   '  affair. t  The grade 11 and 12 classes went to Secheit to * see   "MacBeth"   at  the  Secheit  Theatre on  Friday,  We  all enjoyed  the   I f s    \  play'very much and' confidentially, it was     f -**  a good way to end the week, with no classes on, the last day.  The academic students were priviledged  to hear a lecture from Mr, .Conochie,* a  producer from CBC, on Thursday. ������ He  gave a talk-on French and also showed' a  film on the French 'language. It was all  very interesting and we would like to thank  him for the lecture.  The Annual Club is still working frantically ,to get the pages for the yearbook out ���,.  -__ ,  on time. This year it will be bigger and Xrl~^-trfSk*  better- than last year. Now the only prob- %^^$^\/^T  lemis to raise enough money to pay for  it.  We had a first at Pender Harbour this  year. Twenty young people, many students  at Pender Harbour High, went around the  harbor in a boat singing Christinas carols.  Many people who heard them said they  sounded'very beautiful and hope that it is  continued next year. Congratulations carolers for your addition to a lovely Christmas.  That's about all the news for this week,  except that everybody wishes they could  have a longer holiday. See you next week!  I. J. Wallace chaimah. .*.  B.C Centesimal Committee  highlights events for '67  "BRITISH Columbia is ifl high: gear tot niemorative Centennial  Projects jwiB  be  Confederation   Year   celebrations   and dedicated at the appropriate ceremonies,  ceremonies after an active centennial year To "datey 2ft> projects have received the  of its own in 1966," L/J. Wallace, general approval" of both federal ��Hd provincial  chairman of the British Columbia Centen- authorities, and it is expected a further  nial Committee,  said today, in outlining  s0me of the highlights planned lot 1967.  "In addition to events sponsored by the'  provincial committee, 382 focal centennial  committees in communities large arid small     ���W,M    Wfc ��.��������*�������  ^���i���_.Mltni  staged their' own   celebrations,   ranging   g&m& >��> ^TaSs^uT^ i^^be  from pioneer nights to street dances, to   j^v^ 'Assembly   (Pacific)   at   Victoria,  60-projects ^.may receive approval.  Mother highlights of the Confederation  Year ia<-British Columbia'include the: International Tirade Fair, May 17-27 at Vancouver, tbe Abbotsford Centennial Inter  fiestas to costume balls, to arts festivals,  he said.  July 14^0, and Vancouver, July 15-25, the  ___���,*. .��..,.,     Confederation Caravan which, ^witt travel  The    Confederation    year    m    British    B^g^ Columbia highways,' mihW tat-  MS*  ��osr       Iv���.*��   '<L Ota *^w23Sr^. ~M  Industrious carver  STARTED as a hobby 15 years ago,   ed by some of Ms work, which in-  Mr Angus Thodeson of West Se-   eludes a fine cnb table, burr teble,  chelt has proved himself an adept   cedar chest, totem pole, totem lamp  carver*of wood. He is seen surround-   and symbolic piece.  Profile  ��*^an*B*��W����!W"**Hl*t��5Wi*  ���by Mary Tinkley  _ MR, HQSEA Mills, known as Harry among  ''"'"' hit friends'In^'BM^eiors^RWr^UTOOTn'"'  "Bay, has had a varied and interesting life.  He has been a coalminer, a farmer, a  freight carrier, contractor, storekeeper,  salesman and butcher. Spry and dapper in  appearance, he doesn't look anything like  his,..86 years.and, in fact, could easily pass  for 70.  Born in Glamorganshire, S. Wales, he  went to work in the coal mines at the age  of nine. His first job was a dooa^jpy, whose  duty it was to check the doors ^lich control the currents of fresh air passing  through the system of roads in tWe mine.  He later drove the pit-ponies which drew  the trams for transporting the coal along  the headings., ' -  In 1903,  Mr, Mills  and his three bro-  ,,   thers emigrated to Canada. Intent on learn-  ���.  ing about farming, they^'h'e&aecl  straight  Z  for Winnipeg where ^Sey^Svol^ed onJadja-"  cent farms. After this experience, they all  secured homesteads at Colonsay; 45 miles  east of Saskatoon. There was no railroad  through .Colonsay. a,t   that  time  and  the  ..   Mills brothers had to transport all the lumber for their houses  and farm  buildings  from Saskatoon by oxen.  ?In 19H, after his marriage to Lilly,  Brown, Hosoa Mills \yorked for four years  in his father-in-law's store at Colonsay.  Still attracted by farming, he bought a half  section of land which he worked for the  next five years. He^also operated a freight  and contracting business with a team of  horses and a dray wagon.  With his faniily, he moved to California  where, for a year he, sold tents fori Gardner Bros of San Francisco. He took, his  Canadlkn-born wife for a visit to the land  of his birthiShe liked Wales and Us pep:  , pie so much that she would gladly haVe  stayed there, but their many Interests' in'  Saskatchewan drew them back to Colonsay, where Mr, Mills bought - a butcher  business which he operated for 10 years.  After the death of,his wife, he came  Street, Vancouver^ Later he worked as a  butcher at the Devon Citfe, on Grahville  Street, Vancuvcr. Latcjr; he worked as, a  butcher at Cnmp 5, Campbell River, where  there was a crew of 420 men and at the  Pioneer mine, It was noj until he was  norjly 7(5 years of age that bo finally retired and settled in his comfortable homo  in Hnlfmoon Bay, which he kcops mottcu"  lously nont and trim, Ho plays a, dally  hand of eribbago, but his real hobby is  reading. He Is interested in world affairs  niW hns an alert and ^quiring mind.  On' tho occasion of his 86th birthday  on Dec, 21,'Mr, Mills' guests wore Mr. and  Mrfl. George Olson.'Mr. and Mrs. Mnynnrd  Dubois, George and Buck Cranswlck, Harry  Cnupor and, Mllford McAlHstor, Mr, Mills  nan one'son who llyos in Vancouver, Of the  four'Millrl)rOthors*AVi|oicrtft,Walo.rin*senrch  of tholr fortunos,!, only two survive, Mr,  Mills' younger brother, Mr. Hopkln K,  Mills of Vancouver,  Is  president  of_ the  Hydro grants-taxes  soar to $10 million  B.C. HYDRO cheques totalling iapproxim-  <ately Sio million have been sent to more  than 100 British Columbia municipalities  and the provincial government in payment  of the Authority's 1966 school taxes and  grants.  The Village of Secheit received a cheque  for $485.03 in December, in payment of the  annual grant. This was in addition to'$824.-  56 paid earlier in school taxes. Gibsons  jreceiyed$673 in :grants> and; $166T, previous^  ly in school taxes.  The grants, made to iSaosQ regions of  the province served by B.C.'Hydro, are  based on the equivalent of last year's general and local improvement taxes applied  to all lands and most buildings owned by  Hydro," phis one^'percent"of ���;,tner':gn^'''rev:"  enue from sales of electricity and gas.  Of the $10 million total, school taxes  accounted for $7.3 million and grants totalled $2.7 million.  The 1966 -payments show an increase of  ten percent over ��� the $9 million, paid in  the previous "ye&r. ���- .       T  Fathe'r's lament; "I couldn't take it any  longer, so'I finally washed all the make-up  off my teen-age daug^iter'svface, and pushed  iack *li that biir^-ahd" sbllieip jnie, I've  been jbringing up somebody else'^ kid!"  Columbia will open with the pealing of  bells in more than two thousand churches  and special reference to the centenary will  be made at services on New Year's Sunday.  On July 3, the British Columbia Centennial "Travelling Gavel," will start a  tour throughout the province which will  take it to officially consituted meetings of  each city, district, town and village. The  first appearance will be on January *3 at  the inaugural meeting of the New Westminster City Council for 1967. Following  this, it will be transported to Burnaby on  the evening of" January 3; Vancouver,  January 4; Delta, January 9; Surrey, White  Rock, January 10; Langley City, Langley  Township, January 11; Matsqui, Sumas^  Abbotsford, January 12; Chilliwack Town-^  ship, Chilliwack City, January 13; Lytton,'  January 16/ t  Tbe. Confederation Train is to toe dedicated January ^ in. Victoria, and wiU be*  open to the public from January 9 to January 16 until 11 .p.m.        /  From Victoria the train will jroll to  Nanaimo, January 17 to 19; Vancouver  Jan. 21 to Fob. 1; Cnilliwack, Feb; 2 to  3; Kamloops, Feb. 4 to 6; Kelowna, Feb.  7 to 8; Castlegar, Feb. 10 to 11; Cranbrook,  Feb. 12 to 13; Prince Rupert, Feb. 16 to  17; and Prince George, Feb. 18 to 21.  Oh Jan. 24, the First Session of the  28th Legislative Assembly will open in the *  capital city of 100 years ago-^New Westminster. The reading of the speech from  the throne and the opening replies will  take place in Queen's Park Arena, especially transformed into a "legislative  building'' for the occasion.  Earlier in the month the now-famous  "Best of Barkervrlle" troupe will resume  its tour of British Columbia-which proved  so successful in 1966. Opening performance  will be on January 9 at Squamish; followed  by Gibsons Landing, Jan. 10; Powell River,  Jan. 11 and 12; Campbell River, Jan. 13  and 14; Courtenay, Jan. 16 and 17; Parks-  ville, Jan. 18; Ucluelet, Jan. 19; The Al-  bernis, Jan. 20; Nanaimo, Jan. 23 and 24;  Ladysmith, Jan. 25; Salt Spring Island,  Jan. 26; Duncan, Jan. 27; Sooke, Jan. 28;  Langford, Jan. 30; Sidney, Jan. 31. The  troupe will be on tour until mid-March.  The first of Festival Canada, attractions,  Les Feux Follets,  will be seen at Vancouver, Jan. 26, 27; Nelson, Jan. 30; Kel~  owna^Jan. 31; Nanaimo, Feb". -2; -Victoria,  ��������� Feb. ��4.   ���       * "������'   ** *f����'"��i   >*  Throughout the yearr well-over 300 Com-  ttyo$, May 15 at Kelowna, Prince George,  Stay 15, Victoria, May 25-27 and w|ancou-  y/et, May 31-June 5, visits by RCNVships  and the .replica of the historic steamship  S^S^ Beaver to coastal ports.  -^ Among the most anticipated events' are  ceremonies/ arranged by local centennial  committees, at which medals will be presented to pioneers who have registered for  the honor.''  "AH in all, British Columbia is well advanced in Centennial events for Canada's  1967 celebrations.  Around Gibsons  MR. AND Mrs. J. H. Connor have received  " a congratulatory message from Governor General George P^. Vanier1, on the occa-  .sion of their diamond'wedding anniversary.  -The William Sufherlands, former Grib-  sons residents now of West Vancouver,  were recent' visitors with Mr. and Mrs.  Jack Marshall and family.  Rob Nygren was down from Hudson  Hope, visiting with relatives in Gibsons  recentb?.  Reg^ and Ruth Godfrey were recent  gests, of Mrs4/Godfrey's sister in Vancouver.  Brent Hansen, elder son of Mr. (and  Mrs: Oskar Hansen is now staying with  friends while attending South Burnaby  High School.  Wayne Skinner has moved to Abbots-  ford.  ." ,  "Mr. "and Mrs. Robert Alsager, Karen,  Jinnie and Andy enjoyed a holidays.visit to  Disneyland recently.  ���Recent- visitors with Ron and Arlene  Godfrey and family were Arlene's parents  Capt.and Mrs. Hicks of West Vancouver.  '.Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Clarke and family  of^Vancouver were recent guests of Mr.  and Mrs. AJf Clarke.  -'Mrs. Des Plourde is home from hospital-  Bl*te May MOTEL  2 MH�� S. of Secholt  '; Phone: 885-9987  Write: Box 472,. Sochdt  Weatherman reports . . .  espite heavy rain  below normal  Controversial carvififl ,'',"'.."���';',., '  THE WANDS are not those.of carver   difficult, to pinpoint, his carving has  Angup Thodeson but part of what   proved \tpo coritroversiai to he ache claims is the first Carving in Can-   cepted   for   exhibition   at   various , Lowest temp  '��� J    '������ ....      - . ^      ( Mean,, temp,  GIBSONS weatherman(^. ,,f; :Kennetti..in  his! latest vyeather report, rfyeals ^the  fact-that, despite what- appears! to have  been unusually heavy rainjfor, past,tnorit^s1,  "rainfall f6r 1966 waisUU.below normal,  with 135 days of rain coinpared ,to a normal  Of 140.      ���'. -. ' -   '     ���' .^ ;���'"���;/'>;''.."���        ���'    .'���.  '  **      *��VI     i _  , .,. . .f    \, *������   ,*   * V,'1, ���"'���,', * ,>'|  ���''' ,."     '���������-������'    ''. ��� ��� '   i  Complete report, for 4he Gibsons area  for 1966 follows:   , .' v'  1&68'  ���' Total',,!' ���"���������"'���.'  rainfall  Total,  sn^pwfall  Total  Precipitation 54,85"  D,ays; with rain 135  Days with snow 11  Days with frost 57  Highest tcinp.w, 79  Normal     Extremes  -    ,   ��� . ,��� .^, ��� ..  ��������������������������� ;  - 52.15"     54.58"    77.68,( (1961)  ,n 27,00"     29.01" , 60,08" ;'(1964)  adal under her own flag- For reasons  By; ppug Wheeler  shows  22  48  "Fiweii  Qibsbris.  years  80.85*'. (1961)  M':: (1953)  '34 (1956)  93 (1964)  96.2 (1965)  8.00;(1964)  46 (1965)  52    (1958)  continuous  records   in  57.49V  140  14  74  85  20'*  49  REBD FERN  & MOSS  SECHELT        '      '  SALAL - NOW 33c  PLEASE C6NTACT  J. M. HAYES  AT; SECHELT PLAKT  BEFORE YOU START  TO PICK.   "''"���''  . - If you don't.find in your  favourite sltoreour���  KIPPERED HERRING FILLETS  KIPPERED WHOLE HERRING  SMOKED OYSTERS  LIVE PRAWNS-  COOKED PRAWNS  AND OTHER  LOCAL CRACKING  -     FRES^FiSH  that ore in season,  buy* at our plant at  JAMliS; WHARF.  ,   Hour* 9-12 noon 1 to 5 p,rn. dally  ., Socholt Fishery ��� Box 7X  V ."'   SECHELT; B.C.  'fFI^'M'  ���PHD  Symbolic wood Garviwg  massive storm  HQ^RIsLotjJlOBO^^  FcdorAted I^fllnlKtlvo Council of tho flldor JS^ZZJTiiT^^Ait  CltlMiw" AHfloclntlon of B,C, and provln- ^l��0;,P\cf\,��^Lcr^"V  clhl vice-president of tho Senior CltlzenH  AHfioclnjIon.  11 \ /.'("����*('  (Uflcnto, Angus Thodoson proaontly rc-  sldl^K M West Socholt Is not only a builder  of shinll boats but hsvs proyed hlmao]f ��  competehit wock! onrvor with n number of  At hla homo on Nor' West flay, Ilond,,  ho In nlwnyH happy to dteplny some of tho  fine work ho has created by hand *lono.  Much of It Is from yellow cedar but ,a erlb  [Mo has been made from aider and A burr  table, m"yet uncompleted, made from rod  cedar,. v . >.        , ���    -!���..' ' '  AlthouKh Htnrted ��s a hobby fiftoen  yearn ago, Mr, ThodoHon .had hoped to oa<  tnhllsh a comniorclinl project fi-om hla  lmncUworlc Number of bourn Involved bow-  ovor, would result In considerably more  cost limn could bo obtained...  7   <5no~^tl^'iGr"l.lMFl^iilijF'of"t>n��'"U^liuvin^"  toreatSljjytlrat,, '.��i ono  thno, .while  living  nt -Alert T^iy > ���� Northern Vnnconv,or Ip-  hnd, ho did innnufnaturo /\ number of totem lublo l��mps for h��1o, Ills best custom-  or.rtnrnedont-tobc'lh* lot^l Indian-band,^  ��� AlUiougli ��arved .with.U��o host of lntor> .,  tlom, oiro particular carving, a pymlwlle'  piece, "'IlnndH ��cro��H tho Iwrdor," cr��a)t��d  on ��ccc|itanco of Uio first Canadian- flag,  Ih clnlmcd by MV, Thodeson U) bo tho flrot  carvlnR In Canada under tho flag, Not only  lias hl�� claim  been( .'dlnimtcil  by  certain  . Krouns but for .boiuo Ntr��ni(o reason haH  created a storm of.conlrovorfiy.   The earvln�� of a pair of ItandB olaopcd  ���.willb��ll��ig��-ot��bo*h^.^ho���U^��ftrid^C*n��dft  denized, 'hauHen refused entry.in.ftxhtb-  i    !���  ver (lonartmbnit store agreed to allow it 1o  bo displayed at a cost to Mr. Thodeson  of $45 dally, Needless to say, ho declined.  Another of^hlaocconipllahmonta is the  tlllnR of saws which Is a business he la  presently operating having recently completed a contract asa seaman.       ���...,���.  , , Prior to moving to, Secheit last Septorn?,  bor, ho resided for isomo years In Surrtty  and by coming to tho Surfshlno Coast odds  to tho wealth, of talent present ly to be  found In so many of the arts,  ,., ,'r )',  "See J, D, for Safety"  tt ii ^^*ftwrt��-wip*��i��fiJiJM(  886-7751  l'**��^t 4,6HW��S*lBJ��(��ffWi>����i<l JstiSHKWfllSW  NEED A CAft?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SECHELT, B,C.  ,   Pliant 085-2111 ����� Tod Farowoll  S  =u=ai  YOUR  J-lalWSrtfetlliitJtitoiW^toiHiW^lffle*!*-1  THEATRE DOB IT AGAIN-  OPIIUR -PRICES 1  xi'n'^''[^vf���^*''^i''*^v'^^*,t,' * vi*^vi��"'|,vv ^^y^*"^"  1 V>f'|^U^^%lS(8iA^WnM v{  H^^    I fti'V,^*.  WE ARE OVERSTOCKED   SO-OOT-THEY-GO  r^M"1Z'VW'S^BilKirW  10% OFF  -       Ant| FREE Inrtallatlon  Halfmoon Boy Shell Service  Pnono 885-2136^^^^^,  HalfmoonBoy,������ B ,C.  t^.  ^  Troat ^  tho \��  Qrtttra  family  tQttKJi  wmmmt  *"  ontortalinrirtQnt  of all!  Winner ot 8 Academy Awards!  'r.-.i'..  ���swrf.^^^i^tff^^w^wwi^w^^^i^^^wwi^iij^aW*  Frldoy, Soturday, Monday, January %Q,%\ and 23  Matinco; Saturday 21 tt, 2 p.m.  ��.��**j:^��**H;^^!**^*(Wf!**j|(W 4�� w-f"��  CARTOON  Out 11:00 p.m.  I, It    t   %,*    ,t    ,  "t  ,( *  l'  <r* in  , . i��- *j  r 1  ����� \   ,:'  V?  1*'  �����  Ik  iv.:'  ,�� n  *'.''  Hi  ft  i\  t?   V     7"  i'��. t �����'���'�� 4 ^'���Kj'a..'-��-'.i?:-4-^"t';S^  Page 6      "-"Seehelt Peninsula Times      Wednesday/ January 11,1967  ,p*��*tSP^^i^^^T^:'^_l'^       ^ 3sS&L  ����<<**  *!.*.  WuuiiirtriuuvTraiiwiwwwwiwiMWLiiiwrairriiirrirrrnni^^  CONGRATULATIONS  V      TO OUR NEW NE/GHBOUR  BRIAN'S NEW DRIVE-IN  AN ASSET TO. THE 0/STR/CT  We were privileged to supply  Building Materials and Hardware  TWIN CREEK LUMBER  & BUILDING SUPPLIES  Phone 886-2808 Gibsons, B.C.  . Asset to district  POPULARITY of the new Brian's  ' Drive-In was evident from day of  opening as customers were soon  upon the scene. Hard topping of the  parking area will be carried out during suitable weather conditions.  at OUR NEW and LARGER PREMISES  OPPOSITE GIBSONS HIGH SCHOOL  <WIMMMMMMl|MWIMMMMMWI��tlMWVMM��IM��WIMWMMMrMM^  ^wppmimn ���..  , t^���.^.���,^ n,mmm��mtmmw^fmjfwmwm  "   t 1       *      m ���      *    I J" "��       *  SUCCESS ^BRIAN'S DRBVE-IN  In their New cind Larger Premises  Brian's Specials:  HAMBURGERS  3 for $1.00  DE LUXE BURGERS 3 for $1.25  HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS    60c a doz.  VWWW%l��WMWWMMI��MWaWMWW^WWWWW<��Wl>W<Wlil��WWIWWf��WW��m��<WWWWWWW��W��m��'l>W'*<WWW|  For Prompt and Courteous Service  Dial 886*2243  We take this opportunity to express our  thanks to Ken Stewart tor his imaginative  ideas which resulted in this fine building.  ^EAT CO. LTD  SPECIALIZING IN OUR OWN  METEOR BRAND  SAUSAGES.  ..j, ��� ��������'.'  <WWflWWWWWWWII  ������"> ,."V V.,,^ f,V.  TO BRIAN'S  WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE CARRIED OUT.  PLANNING AND epNSTRUGTION OF  THIS FINE NEW DRIVE-IN  i  * W|U $����t��4ti'tMMi*M#*> fc f#��tv*  Brian Wilson  ONLY 26 years of age, Brian Wilson  has built for himself a business to be  proud of. He opened his new premises January 3.  .Drive-In operator  moves with limes  OPENING of a new Drive-in opposite El-  phtnstone High School, at the beginning  of the year shows ample proof of how  well a young person can succeed providing  he .has the courage and initiative.  Twenty-six year old Brian Wilson undertook, a major project when ��� he took over  the original Drive-In lower down the highway, two and a half years ago, "Not only  did he make a going concern from what  many people considered to be a white elephant, but built up such a business that  he was able to have his own premises constructed. , '"'���'���''   '���/���������  , The new building,' apart from being  strategically located, now contains the ad-'  dltion of a neat ar.d comfortable jcoffce  shop. He does not Intend stopping here for  plansjeall for a later expansion to include  an outside covered balcony on which young  people might enjoy coffee; soft drinks etc;  to the music of1 a juke box, '  With seating for a tota'l of thirty, the  coffee shop is nicely arranged and pro-  vldes.for further expansion when warranted, Brian says one of his specials already  quite popular, is hot chocolate at 10c a  ,CUP'.';,  ���For''a young person; he has had cxton��  slv'b experience in his lino of business, hav��  Ing started at then(age of^flftcen with .White  Spot: Ho wa�� with wii'fto "Spot, in Vancouver, Earnlo's Fine Foods, a hotel at Prince  G6orgo nnd in charge of the Abbotsford  Hotel Banquet Room, �����'"'  ������ The well constructed Prlye-In was planned and built by Ken Stowart of Gibsons  arid It la to Brian's credit that the wholo  Entire   electrical   Installation   was   by  ��    McPhedran* Electric,   Plumbing   supplies  and  Installation  by  Peninsula   Plumbing  and building materials and .hardware by  Twin Creek Lumber, and Building Supplies,  Meat products will be supplied by Mfll��(  cor Meat Co, Ltd;, a company well known  for rinnlity prodvicts,  Some further work has'yot to bn cnrrlod  ^out Btich as hard-topping the parking nron  but present weather conditions have mndp  UjIh temporarily Impossible,  Another welcome feature of Jlrlan's  . Drlvn-ln Is'that he offers an after hour  _brcad,��mUk.��and���clBarctto��.Borvlco.��--^.��>-.  ���   :/   ���   ���   ;..  DRIVE-IN HOURS������  Pleasant interior ;,       '  COMFORTABLE   green   leatherette   pleasant atmosphere for those who, Brian's Drive-in,  seats and cream interior provides   prefer cafeteria service at the new     v  ^."^.hj^J'":<���,^J^r:^���'���*d'>'"  Somewhere;f6 Drive Tfie.Whole Family  K.R, STEWART  CONSTRUCTION  Phono 886-2230  GIBSONS  \  ���^  Bouquets Jo  Brians New Drive'ln  talM(*��aBlw<*ni**��*t  We were awarded,the contract for complete electrical  ���   ���  installation including Electric  Baseboard  Heat  .'', "'        :.by Market.      Make Your Home Complete with  LET TvlcPHEDRAN ELECTRIC TAKE CARE OF"AKC YOUR ELECTRICAL  NEEDS-- INSTALLATION OF MARKEL ELECTRIC BASEBOARD HEAT  ASSURES SAFE, CLEAN, TROUBLEFREE,   COMFORTABLE   HEATING.  W' # jjt''��WlSt*fr*^��HiSlS"Pf��  H  i    1'  1  '   IV  �� i   '  *    K %  4   ��    '  V��' ���  i  -t .  t    f0  ���-,/�����*����/  '"*tt  ! W  "i**H  1  'itttt,  "1��  M T  ���Ok* *��*f<#4��*��% hf  *M****H  11:00 a.m. to  12:30 a,m,  through the week  11:00 oiifi, to 1:30 o,m.  Friday and Saturday  11:00 o.m. to 12:00 midnight Sunday  V��VV^U��wi��V<��>#yW>��W^^  Siinnycrcst Plaza - Phono 886.-9689..  'Miminniwuiiiuiiiwtii  IIMMWWill'iir'lWlWM'W'WWWIIIIWWWWWMWi  ���!������������������ ������������ ... j  i


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