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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Feb 17, 1965

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, zt^x. °x'!& tt_*T@!fr*!»Hy^^ *^ ;;:.^t.
—. *>
^.™i i.^'»^if^itftl.~K ■*..
WOT uf ^j^«»i*^_-J(-''ftwii
"ss_ri_j3*«)_*» ianwt&rm
^-•^T^'>^^«T^«^*JW«_*4WS<<^»J_J5kt* _~*»S»*J'»Kl^*l!-'iS«J-^
Authorized as second class^
mall   by   the   Post   Office:
Department, Ottawa.
CJ _3
« s
» >
«_j  <
Stsrving the Sunshine Coast; <Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port^AelJon, Hopkins Landing, Grantham's Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
LWllson Creek/ Selma Pork; Sechelt;'Holfmoon Boy, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Modeiro Pork, Kleinaole, Irvine's Landing, Earl Coye, Egmont
__2°? I.
O 4*
as w   •
O -* Cr»
IH j
_J CO «B
Active member\. .
Pender Harbour Trustee
- - -'    - <,       .«,'»-•■
paving ossei fio are®
Ah ~~      ^ ~"^S&
TRANSPORTATION }ch__iiiT__n ,J__vW. F:„ ^Malcolm, afc
the, lasijjegjilar. school boardjineeting, recommended*
that signs" he "p6sted*bn~ the whaif at Pender Harbour rJ
reserving-a space for the sehool feiry_ Healso-Tobserved'
that while" the'children^wore life jackets there was a second set-on theferry.
, o
* 4
—* - - Visitors to SeeheJ?
KfhinatfiT lfnflnkS   PROMINENT Rebekah Lodge members who attended
Jjuuuaxui A.UUU-VO the important swsial-oirra^
Mrs.. Leslie, Jackson stated
that' some years _ago_ the jackets
supplied by the department of
transport were too cumbersome
for children to \ wear, which'probably accounted for the second
set. Peter Wilson agreed to
contact the DOT regarding life
jacket regulations, in the mean-
time  the board  ruled that  life.
fir all r-laccrnnmc    ^ included (front row, from left) Dist. Deputy President
IUC1.U  UladOl UUllld    Eileen Smith, Sechelt; President of Rebekah Assembly
Gertrude Holland, Vancouver; Noble Grand Gladys
Brown (Sunshine Lodge) Madeira Park; Past Assembly
Treasurer Berrdce Hopkins, Powell River.^ Back- row:
Dist. Deputy Pres, Christine Ritchey, Gibsons"; Dist. De-     .     . . ..
puty  President Alice  Beecham,   Powell  River;   Past   a mosLXP«TcrL_
P/esident Rebekah Assembly Evelyn Shaw, Vancouver      A   paEKUlg   space
The^ability' of the teacher   ana< Inside Guardian Rebekah Assembly Hilda Schad,
comes first and good teaching   Powell River.
MONEY spent on creating an
attractive, interesting teaching environment, is money well
spent, observed Superintendent
Gordon Johnson,- addressing the
school board at last - week's
jackets should be wora at all
Mr. Porter was contacting the
authorities responsible, regarding the condition of the road at
the head of Whiskey Slough,
which—Mr.. .Malcolm -said -was
Porter, school maintenance- su-
discussion with the builders of
the'new apartment block Hvho'
were "requesting 'permission to1*
use the existing',sewage "line.'
The 8" line "was only adequate^
for present use but it was pos-'
sible  that  an  agreement may,
-be reached^
can be accomplished /under
poor working conditions, but reliable studies have proved that
the teaching environment is important and has more effect
than most of us realize. "In my
own experience," said Johnson,
"good teaching, neatness and
orderliness, usually go together." , ' . -
■ ' Most classrooms/ in our district, •* are clean,' neat. and attractive with teachers-making a
30 days jail . . « 	
Convicted of assault
following drink bout
for the
school bus was necessary on
the Madeira Park School
ground, said Mr. Malcolm. The
bus now parks in the narrow
lane while picking'up and un- _
loading children, which was not
Building chairman, Mrs, Celia Fisher, reported that plans
had been drawn by H. J. White,
for the new three-phase Airing ;
for the; wholeof Peialier Har
Mr. Peter Wilson announced^
that   Miss   Doris   Ward   from'
Ganges had now replaced Mrs.?
Corley, "who recently  resigned''
from the  school' board office.'
Miss Ward was^chosen from 25*
applicants. Six applications had*
been received already for the
assistant    secretary     position.
More were expected and event- *
usally a" short list would be cho-,
sen; these applicants would be
interviewed    jointly_. by »thei
chairman of- the school board
and the secretary. ;
School Superintendent Gordon-
Johnson stated that late regi-
stirations for kindergarten
woulif not be r. accepted in fu-
are a few exceptions with clas
ses conducted in a drab, uninteresting T, atmosphere,    where
children spend five or six hours
a day, ftve days a week, ,
<;.   .. ' ,...•/    ....    '■  ../   I'.. '
Mounties members ;
guests at dinner
NttTABLE baseball ' personal!*
. ties will be attending a dinner at Gibsons Saturday, Feb.
_Q to■) speak to Peninsula Little
L'eague Baseball teants, their
fjithcrsj and members of the
Sunshine Coast Lions Clubi
sponsors of the Little;' League l
teams. \
« Among ^upsts , arriving from
Vancouver will be; Lew Ma'r«
Vancouver Mounties; ^Charlie
White,' ex-cntcher for the Moun-
ties;  Ben Ford, scout, for the.
Baltimore Oriols; Roy Shcward,
director of Mounties, and Willie Sherwood Jr., Shaughnessy
Little League.
The visitors will give talks on
baseball, and a Peninsula Trophy, Hot up by Ray Shcward,
>vlll be presented to Sechelt,
last I Reason's .winners of the
, Babe'iRutb League on tho Sunshine'Coast,        ,„   "
Officer of Gourjt
appointed locally
, MAGISTRATE   Andrew   Johnston of Sechelt' announces this
week, ho   haa < appointed   Mr.
Earl Dnwp to tho  position of
Officer of Court.
This   enables   Mr.   Dnwo  to
and nlao to servo n summons
IhhikhI by the MnKlstratc., Ho
will work from hl.s office nt
Wilson Creek,
MnKlstrate Johnston has been
working under considerable*
pressure for some months duo
to demands, upon his fiorvlcos
Jn, the .Vancouver courts. The
appointment of M»\"Pnwo \ylll
to' some'nxtorit'relieve tho pros*
For the prosecution, Corporal Nelson^pf the RCMP told the
Magistrate he bad received a
call Feb. 10 from a resident
cbmplaining of a disturbance
in the • Nickerspn home.    \
■ As the accused had left the
home during the phone call, the
police advised the, neighbour
check with Mrs. Nickerson who
subsequently lodged a complaint with the pol|ce,
For his defence, Nickerson
claimed he had been, struck
himself but his wife told the
court' he had hit; her on other
occasions after he had been
drinking, X, \X,'.
The family had been on social assistance on and off for a,
period of about six years* This
the court was told,.was due to
the inability of the accused to
keep a job, Cpl. Nelson said,
"It appears any money he
earns goes on, drink until he
is broke, Ho has also been
known to borrow money for
"drink, whether ho ropays it or
not, 1 do not know." . Z
Mrs. Nickerson, who has four
youngsters ;at home, was1 stnt*
ed by the Corporal to be doing
a good job of bringing them up
under the circumstances, She
told the court her husband re*
coived tho social assistance cheque from which ho took out
money for drink. She had to
pny family bills and feed her
children on what remained,
In 'finding',him guilty, the
magistrate told Nickerson, It
would bo ridiculous to fine you,
nt the same time you deserve
*pu nlsnmcnt rTtekcd *lf ~ho~l\nd "
unytiling to say, ho replied
Ho was sentenced to 30 days
In Jail and; put on the interdict
list for nn Indefinite period,
John Alexander Thompson of
.Although'   not;    committing^
themselves   in   any.   way,   the
board gave' permission for Mr.
DESCRIBED* as-a-logger, Cecil-Bernard Nickerson of
West. Sechelt appeared before Magistrate Andrew   lsa,
Johnston Saturday, Februaray 13 on a charge of assault.   iets in ci0se proximity to water
good effort to create a pleasant    Charge arose following a drinfcutg bout /during ■■: which    taps.
learning environment There    Nickerson slapped his wife.   ':"■  ■-;;' /., ;;.;••; .;;.",'.,:■...,'.. '..' .'.■-.:
tested the charge claiming a
number of garages had told
him there was little more he
could do to silence the car.
Magistrate Johnston after listening attentively to Thompson's,
arguments; said "I won't listen
to any more^-at first I thought
you felt you were being victimized by the police. Now it
is obvious they nave done their
besUto co-operate with you.
''It is time you tried-co-operating yourself. The public has
a \right to be protected from
you and other hot-rodders who
drive arpund making excessive
noise. Fellows like, you should
g6 down to Indianapolis where!
your cars might be appreciate
'ed." '■  ;"■  ■
Thompson was fined $20. and
given two weeks to pay,
■-■— —t—..—-—.•■ ■; . ■■ ' . . —'
Many dignitaries . . ..
Centennial Directors
meeting with council
SPECIAL meeting of council last week at Sechelt made
arrangements for the arrival in the district of a
number of centennial directors, and others, who are slated to meet' with council and centennial corrimlttces, prl-
,pr to a public meeting,, Monday, February 22.
Directors include Mrs, E, C.   "~    ~ '.
 __^     tiire whetf: the |amil^^of the?,
also remedy tne deplorable ex-    a^ at the <^cial>r*gi-teationi >;;
isting" system which" -nad-out-—^me^T-ds^^o^ppfi^il to fami--
lies ^who^mdved'^to^the^areai*.
but Had failed ' to * register their^
clt^idreh, Jn ^their. preyiou^^place'
of residence; Newcomers to-the
'.'■'.   —see- page 6.
Grand priz&dtdwn . .'..?
Lwcky wiiniei: GUiioisiicei
as   neatpess,   originality   and,
number' of entries enclosed.
An   occasional   typographical
error such as In contest nvvmber
\Vood,, bettor known as Mayor
Beth Wood of Now Westminster; Mr, W. E, Ireland, Provincial Librarian; Mr, E, V,
»iv.Q^ i__M.r^_«M i»_v ij iacKcr,i.»«.ainu«
Mr, F, E. Hughes,
General   Chairman   of   the
Onnadlnn   Federation   Ccntcn*
nlnl Committee of B.C., will bo    and' wives, the chairman, and
present,  accompanied  by  Mr,
T. F, Orr, vice chairman and
possibly tho Hon, W, D, Black*.
iMi'avu mi-   Others   will   Include   Mr.   G,
Sechelt   received   a   drcswlng    Bootj public relailona;  Mr, C.
down when found guilty of op.    J, Cox., secretary and Mr. R,,,
crating n motor vehicle whlclv
wns excessively noisy, Ho con-
H,  Gllicsple,  former  assistant
to Mr. Wallace,
* ^->«A»_**.
oi series live contesi
MANY hundreds of entries were received from readers;
' during the course of The Times Know Your Advertisers, 'Contest and ln,,rmost cases the correct solutions,
were submitted. , ;■; "'"'■'"_' ""."'" ■-■<:^—' ' """ \ '" ,":"' '"
In order to select wlrinlrs, it four in which the lptter S was'
was therefore necessary to take missing from- one of the ana*;,
into consideration such'factors    grams, was evidently quite ob-,"
vious, for a hundred/or so cor-,
reot answers came pouring |in.
We 4'id however receive a call
from ^ one Gibsons persbn who
appeared; considerably disturbed over the, error, to the extent she dropped the hint she
.would write letters to both papers. However, in the event of
any such error, all entries were
considered as eligible and judged on merit, .
All entries received were ell*
glble for the Grand Prize, a
beautiful automatic clothes
dryor. Entry forms were all
emptied into tho dryer in Parkers Hardware Store, shaken up,
and whining entry drawn by the
Re,v. James Fergufcson, Lucky
winner was Mrs, ,\Y, J. Henderson of Boulevard Lane, Secli,*
olt, Other winners were; »
Gibsons, ($30.00 clothing credit
Marino Mens, Wear).
G. Smnrt.RR 1 Half moon Bay
($ir»,dO clothing credit, Thrifteo
Stores), i
Tom Gibson, RR 1, Madeira
Park ($15,00 clothing credit,
Thrifteo Stores).
Solution: HaUmoon Bay Shell
.Service; SUindnrd Motors of So*
chelt Ltd,; Howo Sound 5-l(M5c
Store; Kruso Drug Stores Ltd,
4- ' i"
A meeting In cnmorn will bo
helll In the afternoon at 3:30
p.m. between the group, centennial chairmen and council, Lat-
or».on..U»oivlsltors-will-bo "-entertained by council with n
dinner nt Olo's Cbvo, Local
guests   to   Inelildo   cpunclllors
his wife of the Gibsons mun-
Iclpnl council; Chief Alfred'
August and his wife -and members of the press, •
The public meeting will  be
held In St. Hilda's church hnll
at p p,m,, followed with light,
.'!__-T.«h'Mi-^'-*»**»^'>*»^lt'i*f**4^»'ir^wl,l-i»'^ Fr^fii'f'I'^JH^JU^,,)!^^.^
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As  reported after the Sechelt meeting, if attendance is not sufficient   to   indicate   interest   in  publication.  9696-tfn  school board affairs, future  meetings will revert to the  school board offices in Gibsons. ���  The board decided to hold meetings in the different areas for  the convenience of ratepayers  who wished to attend. The  meeting will be held at 7:30  p.m. on February 22, in the  r-ileme__H?y--seho��lr2���: ���������r  The Finest In  FLOWERS  For All Occostions  ELDRED'S FLOWER SHOP  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  Phone 885-2062  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  ^=^EIectric6UContraetor��^^  Emergency ond non Emergency*  colls.   SpecialJ rates   for A OIKP.  Qualified personnel  24 HOUR SERVICE  Phone 885-9927  - Mortgage Money  for New Construction  or Older Homes  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  Sunnychest Shopping Centre   '  -Gibsons 886*2481-  ���V\  TREE FALLING  TOPPING OR REMOVING  LOWER LIMBS FOR VIEW.  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HILDA'S^-SECHELT  Evening Prayor~7:30 pim,  ���  *S-((��f*��w��i***_l*((��f>r��rt*  INVITATION  TC> TENDER  South Pender Harbour  Waterworks District  Contract No. 4  WATER MAIN  EXTENSIONS  ( .South Pchdor HarboMr VVo*  "ttrworks District is Inviting ten-  dors for tho supply and Instal*  lotion.of Wator Mains, etc, os  follows:  1���Supply and Installation of  approximately 4050 lineal  feet,, of 6-Inch and 4-Inch  asbestos cement pipes,  2���Supply  and   Installation*, of  aproxlmatcly, 2800 ��� lineal  - feet of ~2>inch plastic'pipe',  3���Supply ond installatlbn'of  valves, fltflnos, etc, >  Further particulars may [to  obtained by phonlnrj the under*  signal, and drqwlna and sped*  flcatlons may be o��amlnot| by  appointment, ond purchased If  required,   /  Tondorri must   bo  submitted  No.  ���>��� ��t*,f��l����*!(����l'S��  JO,..  by    12  Tho   Trustons  rl<)ht to tender,  roseryo    the  SOUTI  (S)gnoti)  pn.NPGK harbour"  WATERWORKS DISTRICT  pnr fi, Stuort Johnston  ���   ,   Truster) ond Secretary  Phono 003-2386 <£»_„_,,. L.~\ -,w /ir^7-_A"v;:^,*«^^
^i_ik_vt-%3w  * vj*yj^.
i rt- *.
f»V ft**.*.
i. \way„*(«   iw. A,
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=, \ I t   ,       j _, r* *       " ? V " " F   r
.JC. _ ,._    h,     _*•(,(_, ^Tk,      ♦r—^y-     -j" ^"__£j -   ^-i.7^      *. jUm^^ *— ■** -"'n"'^*'' ■* ** *-»'.'*l_W_l^«5jpV.rt_,
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_ — _-_, . ■    '     1""/1',       I
TheSe-henyP.n.nsuIo Times, Wed., Feb. 17, 1965, Page 3
In The Legislature I
* f 'i
.—by Tony Gargrave, MX. A,
BRITISH Columbia is growing at a fantastic rate. The
announcement of new industrial expansion at Powell River ispart of the picture. Obviously the provincial
government expects this growth to continue. Last year
our- provincial population, grew, by 50,000 people. Cali-r
fornia faces"a growth of 600,000 a year. The whole Pacific Norfliwest is expanding economically.
The '0905-66 .provincial budget	
atjfitf million is the largest
'eyer for British Columbia.
However, a growing society
cannot be projected merely by
"out giving.detaaed?aittj tiwjght?
hours   that - are  developing  in
tho automatic age. 'l
A study of the source of thej
$447 million-shows some start*
'ling.facts. Of .this sum we wil) r
'eojlect frqrnjhg per, cent sales';
- , • V   ,       _■ i$
3r-M,'cp_£jderato^to4wfl impor-   iax alone $J2_;infflion, h-Tofty
riant* aspects;,Cjf-any^ particular,_ ,$86 TnJHioji, in "direct ,4x re>
,-Dud|et.      . j  i   ^^   '^ ,    v;  ", turns  from   natural-resources
e B^rsjti;~,where~ do we get the    such as iand. sales, timber; mini-
money?   Secondly,  where  does    erals and natural gas. The di-
. -    ,.                 Another .step forward ...
•   - FOUR NEW guides recently enrolled into the 1st Sechelt Iltodetf&JRIlllfc
       Co. are* pictured here in the front row, (from left)    — -T-—-
Janice Jaeger^ Wendy Bystedt, Cathy Scott.and Elfrie-
da Muldowan  Attending color party, Penny Caldwejl, ^     , .      ...
_ Diajm____noT-JUta_Ono^har^n-___wson1-^_ndaHfe
letters lojjie Jgditox
' .this^ tax revenue go, for as these
" fun_s are directed so we will
determine the course of our so*
ciety. Either. we move to a
materialistic blacktop jungle or
toward a '.society wherein the
keynote will be human" development.
and Jackie Chambers.
* •*■-.  * ,,t •»«..
"  "<*r^
v > . ' " ', ''^'^VSH'.
Editor, The Times:
Sir—On behalf of the recent
Mothers' March Appeal I would
like to express _ny sincere appreciation for youc generous
support in publicizing Hie cam.
Returns being, tabulated. at
this time are very encouraging,
and we hope to reach the. provincial goal bf' $275,000.
Once again, thanks for your
very valuable assistance, from
tion, and the many disabled we
can now help. through bur extensive program of services in
•*'...■■■, —DAVID M. CARTER,
Vote of thanks       *
"increased public spending in
the fields of health, education
and recreation will ensure better health -for all, and will en-
.sure.proper.facilities to educate
our. students and train or, re-
traiii our, .present. work, force.
rect consumer' taxes on fuel,
gasoline and liquor raise equal*
ly large amounts of revenue.
Certainly something must be
out of balance when our natural resources produce such- a
small proportion of our income
at a time when the profits con
tained in the annual financial
reports of the forest, mineral
and pipeline industries have hit
all-time records.
The 1965-66 budget, may, be
large but policies, adopted in
planning for  both revenue: hy
Expend_tures-p£vtWs^ k^
assure    us    that   recreational .balance  with  the  possible  in-
needs, in their best.sense, will come and needed expenditures
■be available to fill the leisure of this province.
i   ... Z \":Z :':J..l4:.;:Smilo_.bf^ach,evemeni-.T^^
HAVING just jrecerved her guide pin, Janice Jaeger sa-
lutes thecompany. In the background are Commissioner Harriet Newton, Captain Dorothy Stockwell and
Lieutenant Lola Cajdwell.
I f«^^»BWj(4lfl(#*^i«s*H(Wt«?«^^
b  a  p
Your .community newspopcr ha? an investment in ir» community. It provides
Jtcody ana* port-time work for _everal
people, contributes iti shore to local costs
and taxes, does more than iH share of
community service. It Is here to stay. It
sends up more money out of the com-
munity than do other businesses which
must purchoso their stock-in-trade in
tho normal manner, The Times dcscryos
your support , .., and you can support it
best by becoming a steady subscriber.
You'll get your popcr regularly through
the .mail, roln or shine, without inconvenience.     \
No, 5
' Yos, I'jl like ta bo a regular subscriber to The Sccholt peninsula
Tlrnos ond support my commMnlty newspaper.'
Enclosed Is choquo   Q   M/O   p    for'$.... ,	
NA/SAE  .....—» ,. ,,.„,„.. •'
ADDRESS .,,, :....! ,.,...,..,....'  ■.
"'""""'' '1;....;:..'......'.,.^
PLEASE CHECK! Subierlprlon Rate«a
Ne>y p     Renewal O ' y««' $3 - 2 ynn $9 » 3 yean, $13   '
Sechelt Ponlh»ulo Timor., Pox 361, Sechelt, P.C.
Editor, The Times:  ""' r^
' Sir—On behalf of Vancouver-
Coast  Region,   Boy  Scouts   of
Canacja, I take pleasure, in put:- ,
ting in writing the hearty vote
of thanks  accorded to  you at
pur Annual Dinner Meeting on
February l, 1965, for your.very
fine support throughout the past
year.  ■•■     ■   .   "■; ''
' Every-: secUonV   group   and
' council  of the  Boy  Scouts  of
Canada fully realizes the value
of good publicity;and public;re*;;
la tions. The kind consideration
with which yoij  accepted the
many press releases frqm'jpcaV'
;.'.. groups, district public relations'-;1
Officers and pur regional pub-,
lie    relations    committee   has
-.; been very ;much appreciated,   ;
We sincerely  trusjt that we:
i may' continue to receive your
/  support in pur work of assisting
>s boys to l>ecbme good* citizens.
Thank you again for your con- '
tinued interest and Support.  !
-Seirlol U. Willams, M.D.,
Regional Presldept,    '
Marcfiitig mother^
s Editor, ^he Times: "\'.\
Sir—Through the rned|un>;p£,
yonp paper the Kinsmen dub
-of Sechelt would like tpt^anjt
nil tho "mothers" whp helped
to make the Mother's March
such a success^ It la only wiUi
tho, tlmo nnd effort given1 by
these women that, mnkeli. tho
MQthcr'a March; posaiWo, ,
, Wo wovild also, UHq, io Jhantc
tho many pqop|o who contributed to this worthy cf-usoand
helped MfJ reallasp- a tbUiI,, of
$575.55 that Is to bo sent to the/
Poliomyelitis and Rehnbillta-
tion Foundation ;of. B.C.    ,.      '
i\ President; Kinsmen
Club of Sechelt.
Improvements  and   the   rise   in   market
value may havo "upped" the valuation
of your home ... above the coverage af-
tonfed „by   your  present   f'ne insurance -
Tpolicy. Review it with us!        . ~ ',
every kind
J. H: G. (Jim) DRUMAA0ND
Phone 886-7751      / Gibsons, B.C
«**»»to* M«^ta*W_iW*l_ PWHWi^Wl**'^
I,nst yo«r Cnnadlnn junked
230,000 old cars nnd bought
more, t|)«n 557,000„ new oncn,,,
Tho old cars Wo.'', a Jargo
source of' core "parts' used by^
rehullclcfs, hnd replncemqnt
parts used jn body repnlf
shops,   ' -    .......    ,
• Tills free reminder of coming events Is a service of
SEGHELT  AGENCIES   LTD.   Phone  Sechelt   Peninsula
,Tlmes direct for free listings, specifying f'Date Pad''."
Please note that space is limited and some advance dates
may have to wait their turn; olso that this is a ''reminder" .
listing only ond connot always carry full details,
* peb. 22-—3 p.m. Selma Park Club Room. Gencrol mect-
v<      ing of Cnd, Legion Branch 140.
Mqrch Or—(>:30 p.m. Sechelt and District Boy Scouts
,      Assn., 1st annual dinner, Legion Hall, Sechelt.
,,*,     '  '     .;    '■ •■'■ ' ..' ■ ..     ..•■..,,..,.
March 10—Annual meeting Roberts Creek community
l\a ti ..pssoclatipn. .'.„..     •  '■ -
March II—8 p.m. Elphinstone High School),pqnel dls-
> '      cusslon,  Effects of Curriculum Change on Community Life, Public welcome.
Two bedroom modem  home wjth
third bedroom in full cement
basement. .;
Electric heating, In lawnlwith cement' walks.
Mermaid Street, Sechelt. Full price f14,7001
'' half cash, See Bob" Kent.
Wharf (toad Phone 885-2161
I'.' **»#»(<•%**%,*
*,*MH*m.tt. '.:v,^v.fm^M't:<M^ s^^'W '■
*^W'^-.*'1^^l»(|^if;f^t,|^-^*v»A.tjiH^|ifj ���*.Wa->Bf_itw��,>;  in** WUfti i-tl'ti (*vtfti * <������' _kj  ..'.*  '���?*'���-,.;,  _,'. vrv-'JrX^I-f'jWV.tf^ TrfJHtf* �� i>tt��Ji����n*_y-i��rf|_-   Vf*l -v** /��* TSpl*-ftii*J  '_*W^Pi*l*tw>  .���twir*****���*--!'^*!*^.:^*^^^^^  SECH__jP_NIN_UI_\^we(4,  r'/ may1 be wrong, but I shall not be soiwrong as to fail to say what I believeXip\^-^J^ft/^-^OJ|N''Atuns  Wednesday, February 17,1965  Dog Problem SolveA  Coincidences      SilentSounds   r  (jWweek) ' -by Vee.Lobb,  A LIST of curious coincidences *��*->* ^ent loneliness ^<the,  on the assassinations of Pre-    teeming city,  . -  sidents  Abraham  Lincoln  and ominous stillness before the   :-  John Fitzgerald Kennedy: crash of thunder,  Both Presidents Lincoln and mutc shattering grief of ' r  Kennedy were concerned with . bereavement,f , ' * j  the issue.of civil rights. ^ lh<j shafp w of ���    ->  Lincoln was elected in 1860,     comcjcncc.  Kennedy hi 1960.  .  A.    _,     ..   , ��������� /"The .schizophrenia of a shadow  Both Presidents were assas- Jd   y  DRASTIC action by the. Indians appears to have times some weeks ago. Verj few-genu^^ like VibraS  effectively eliminated the dog problem with- lovers let their pets roam the streets at randpm,_     BothJJPj*sidents_ w*r_ shot singing strings, ^J_  m the Indian Village, and to no small extent has which does not necessarily:ingan Jheyr hay|mM(rom behUld ^^ m the head, the stirring lifeof growing   "'  removed a number of stray useless canines from contmualy tied up. It would therefore follow, successors   both nam- things in the earth*, womb,'  the streets of Sechelt. mostx>Uhe animals,sho^ e      ^\  Whether the end result justified the means strays, in which case mostammaUovers^ would Democrats, and both- were in bunking serpent eL, ��W  is, <of-c��urse-,^^atter-^^                                                                                                                                            "X-^r  mass slaughter of all dogs running at large would fend for themselves, probably starving m the    Andrew   Johhson   was   born  not seem a particular happy situation. At the, process;       %r     . ���  _,\       .1./    i... 1   j;:   in  1808   and  Lyndon -Johnson  same time councils of both Gibsons and Sechelt nri"  have been plagued with the same problem for  4--iJ__-_��nd have yet to come up with a really  satisfactory so -__,..  Hardly a week passes without complaints to  councillors from enraged residents regarding dogs.  Elderly folk struck down, youngsters, hit from  bicycles, garbage cans rolled over, gardens ruined,  streets fouled, the list is endless.  Naturally many dog lovers are appalled at  _the-__ay��� _ie-4fldi_ns-disp0sed--��f-their-problem j  simple and decisive though it might be, neverthe  less, it should be borne in mind, the onus lay with  the owners.  Announcement by Sthe Indians that a war  on dogs was to be carried out, was reported in The  screaming of the nerves, and  rolling sweat.  The sad fact is that the majority ofthese dis- xvasbwnlxTigoa. atavistic-self-prcservatoin, ���  carded dogs were acquired as puppies to satisfy    John Wilkes Booth and Lee and fear of the unknown,  the whim of children who quickly tire of their Harvey Oswald were Southern- ,  latest plaything and throw*it out with the rest of ers favoring unpopular ideas.   ,--     -*f-- .     w>t   *   their discarded toys. They consequently join the   "Booth and Oswald were both "WiTS. OriOVy atfflZfL-  multitude of mutts already a nuisance  in the assassinated before it was pos- ���Oliver Goldsmith  community.  Complaints increase  and join the g^^^g* ���� ^ ��� * be Good people all, A one  received and filed section, until action of some ����� f ��  ���   -a* ��� it     accord  sort becomes imperative..Unfortunately any action ^/S^ d^TwS�� Lament for Madam Blai_e,  taken by our councils has so far proved of little hving m the ^ House        Who ncver wamed a good  ava"- Lincoln's    secretary,  , . __,_.���.__    _.��..,.._..,,     whose      word��� ',        ~"  It would therefor appear, it has taken our name   was   Kennedy,   advised From those who spoke her���  Indian neighbours to point the way. Drastic but him not to go to the theatre:;        praise,  effective and certainly no worse than some of the    Kennedy's   secretary,   whose  carnage and mutilation carried out among deer name was Lincoln, advised him The needy seldom pass'd her .  during the hunting season. not to" make the trip to Dallas,     door,  John Wilkes Booth shot Lin- And always found her kind;  f&PPOFf    _%    Wltal    __>��!*VIC�� wards ran to a warehouse. poor__  "������*���' Oswald presumably shot--Ken-  FINANCIAL problems, which from, time to time  i assail almost all organizations, have recently  proved a source of concern to our fire department.  Considering this is undoubtedly one of our most  eseritial services, the fact that firemen have to  canvas for funds in order that the service continues to exist, is indeed a reflection on society.  That the firemen give freely of their time at  all hours of the day and night when called, often  under extremely adverse conditions, would appear to be more than sufficient to ask of them.  Unfortunately, such is not the case for they have  to actually seek ways and means of raising capital  in order .to maintain the facility, without which  the district could be in sorry straits.  To give due credit, the Corporation of the  .Village of Sechelt has now agreed to grant a  'further $500 to the previous $2,000. Added to  this is a donation of $400 from Selma Park, $250  from the Indian Village _uid $1,150 individual  and  Who left a pledge behind.  , She strove die neighborhood to  both     please  donations. The total will just about take care of   saving, evidently escapes the imagination  preciation which is estimated at $2,000. nedy from   a   warehouse  Suggestion by one of our councillors that ra" to a. tneatre-  the firemen should be responsible for obtaining YP1^   *     _?am.es   ��i���-���.  financial support from the outside  a particularly brilliant one. These men give far ters nmc:  more than the average citizen toward the well- Tb;e j^^ ot ^^ Andrew  being of the community. About ninety percent of Johnson and Lyndon Johnson  fire "calls are from outside, and to suggest they each contain thirteen letters.  embark on a campaign of canvassing for dimes    the names of both John Wil- At church  in silks and sarins  and even pennies, as they have done in the past, kes Booth and Lee Harvey Os-     neW  is asking a little too much, ������    . .    wald each contain fifteen let-  The least to be expected is for responsible     S-  bodies in the outside areas to raise funds toward  financing the service. It should not be left to the Power of  One of the unfortunate aspect of the whole Advertising  situation is that many home owners fail to see why (Vernon News)  they should donate; Others feel because they only ADVERTISING the prime sy-  rent, the fire service does not concern them. The mbol of capitalism, is now  fact *that personal belonging and life are worth crossing the Iron Curtain fron-  ning;  And never followed wicked  ways��� '������  Unless when she was sinning.  With* hoop of monstrous size,  She never slumbered in her  pew���  But when she shut her eyes.  . ���   ��� '>" ...........  Her: love was sought, J do aver,  By twenty beaux and more;  The King himself has followed  her���  When she has walk'd before.  the .1-965 budget, but allows nothing for the de  a..  WE ARE not magicians.  That may not be an earth-shaking statement.  , k You probably didn't think we were anyway.  But we get that feeling sometimes when  something happens, such as an important, anniversary for someone or some organization; or an  interesting or humorous little incident occurs  in a section of the community; or when someone  ���particularly one of our young people���achieves  something of note either here or abroad; or when  someone catches a,big fish or grows a big tomato  Fire strikes without warning or favour.  super  tiers.  The nations of  bloc are steadily  North    American  But now,, her wealth and finery  fled,  Her hangers-on cut short-all;  the   Soviet  turning Ito  and marketing- methot^lch'���* *W fo"nd' wh��� sbe  thoy   once   flatly   rejected.   In .uwafT'~  fact that there are still only 24 hours in a day,  Yugoslavia, the opening of an Hcr ,asl ��,sord��������'' mortal.  our job is made much easier by a regular liaison advertising   school   Is   planned ict us lament  in sorrow sore.  with such news sources which keep thing, coming for next year in  the city of For Kc-. s,r-^--W. mfU,;   *  on a routine basis, Zagreb.  One of the  country's JL h,n\h. ?/���    .   f    /f  But as.for the untoward incidents, the out-3y><^ ^m^_^'sV^-."..,  of-the-way happenings,   whether  they'  be   h*^������j��-^%��� sSCS^L today.     "   ���  crippled. Even, with a hundred reporters on the grant; he wm teach at the ad-' "_"'"'.._."'"'"  staff, we wouldn't know where to look, vertising school.    Bf      ' A Memory I  Over the past few years we,have noticed���    Wjnlie :mbst   Sast' European __Dy j   ^ o StronK  and appreciated���an increasing awareness of this countries are still reluctant to , "    '    ' v    *  fact among our. readers.. More and more peo'ple jntblish, their    ad    revenues, J���6"* w��s ns high as that  ,l___   !_  ._  ...II    c   ._��� ..     r      ' r>7��nhnui_��n-tn    to-'l      I��o    atlVCr-    '   SHVV  'H  P051   i"  h'*  "51,  at 1 think thc poet must have  timely item, or loan" us their pictures, This grow- abA0Ut ,'18' m"iUo";   t      ' A sm"?  ing interest in your paper is encouraging. m*R ^ 'jJJJj ,Wc^Jn Europ" M M,ch " 80,omn 8win�� cl,1,a-  ni.. S?r,} ,^y?Ur Pi,PCr' Thir P,CrhflI?S COl!k,i bC TrotJS rmcdiu?n��V Th^lm Now w��sn*t it ,n funny thing  classed asi-y tntc saying  a cltchc. Nevertheless movlo fnn�� ^ho go to the count- +o get ,> ftigh; of J. M. Synge,  it sumsjip the situation. No newspaper staff, no ry'��   600   theatres   during   the Ami  notices  nothing buf W,  patter how largp or how eager or how dedicated,week sec .5 mm films of vnr- i   hut?  it was, could possibly cover ALL the happenings lous lengths,      ,���     (.  in a community such as this, That's where you    Government-controlled,     t��o  comein, Tliis is YOUR paper, It only reflects -Czech TV  accepts  only  com*  what is happening to YOU. hierclnls   wltn   a   bne-mlnuto'     ^     _  Not everything you tell us can earn its way mnx,,m��"-  costing  nbout $240.  t&clmxrmmn&vhm*  into print, the cost of,white space being vvhat it is,        country  c,nim^   l(>�� h��vo  ... and weeks later, wc learn about it. Trouble is   , _   rv-  'whVh^we'do lc'ara''a^utlt,'wo'arc usually greeted ' drop in to tell us of something newsworthy, or to Czechoslovakia isn't. Its ad<  with phrase "Qh , . . Uhought you'd know.all    ask us to help, or phone when,it's a "hot" and lTnst .volum,?��� is C8tIm��f��d  abOUtU." [ ....._--.-,..... . ���    ���        .     . ��� ��� -nhfiiit   ��1H   mtlHnn  That's where 'we think people sometimes  thin], toe are magicians.  Mtis no help to us, and little coifnfort to you,  if you stop one of us on the street and say "I  thought you might hpvc had something in the  paper about our installation last month", pi "How  come'you didn't have a picture of that big fish  Joe Poakcs, got couple of weeks ago?" or "Pretty  'nice about Bill Blow's kid . ''. .guess you don't  like him or you'd haVc had thc story about his  promotion in thc paper,"  ' We "probably would have had It'. , . had wc  Yet life i* often queer like tlmt,  *��*��**mmmm#mmmmmfBm��mmm4.mmm**.  these days, But wc would appreciate The onp"or-!.,JK5�� TuJQtH ln "' P��N��-  tunity of adjudication. Every reader is a^art ti0" ������  a Uttto ovcr H'm'm  been told at the time. It is our job to report these   of thi, Dm_r Wh t voii tnnw m���� S ��r i_. P        Rndl�� comn>erclftls (for $285  things; whether, we .like somebody or not is a   ?o S '",nut(J) Qm ml* **���&***  human frailty wc like to keep as deeply submerged    " i   Cr ' ��    may b�� ��f ,nlcresl ?ur,n8.�� l0"-'��������l�� period dur.  $&ttihKlGi>!\ if ���)tii,jJMM,W��aWwn!^��W!�����*��S��*Hl4'  as possible, While this newspaper is made ujp> of  individuals',-iU.Rtrivc8*to-operate-in-a��non-indi-  vidual manner. Wc may disagree with you or  nnyono on one subject, but if wc find common  ground to co-operate on another, believe us, we  arc ready to do so,  Individual likes and dislikes have no place in  thc paper wc strive .to produce each week.  Wc do have regular news sources: council  meetings, ���, policed reports,   civic   organization  y ��/. k,         .              i       ,,.L,' N the morning und^ftorrtpori,  clogs around town, and we aro eternally grateful (about 55) offer spqce nt tho  to them, for recognizing that wc arc only human, rnto.of.. $130 to $210 per pngo.  and wo, need a lot of help, And also for re- If *m) wnnl to ����H your form  cognizing that. In helping us dp our job com- mncl,,nc"7 -n Kiev or Uinnln-  plctcly find fdlly, they aro helping thcm��Jlvcs by f?rnd' you,cnn '-��w pluco nn nd  helping their own community, " ono ot- lho Soviet Union's  We are not magicians. Because of that, wc thJ0,_!!Ll_!.do Tlb"c*,,,?H for  nil thA  n��<i��tnn^ ��,�� r*a��� ��������    \��_,.|l  u"   i"'.^" . thl)     "VPmgO    prlCO    Of,   $222  Yi  need all thc assistance wc can get. We'll bo hapny 'ntZon<> "aZ"ln'"Zr .'.*\ *"t "  ,-(,       .     ...   -    . ,,     -. ��o hear from yo���� at ony^ any (line, We may ffi 2nl dlKtSTfenS;"  meetings   .re and accident reports, and so on,   aiw���ys be able to agree that what you have Js   ' ri���Jii    r&ttaZ:  Harassed by chronic shortage of staff and tho   real news, but Ict'sigivc it�� whirl anywayl men ,'olnta out.  Published Wednesdays  <r*"       ��t Sechelt  on'BiC.'n Sunshine Const  .,      ..      ,. . by,...    ��� ..    .  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  JJox 381 -Sechelt,ll,C���  Serving tltetarca from  Zf'ort Mellon to'Egmotft  (Howe Sound to lervts Inlet)  Donahs O, Wheeler, Kdlwr  S, BMkgartt, Publisher  Subscription R��tc��;  (ln ndvunco)  1 Yenr. S5 - 2 Yean, $9  3 Years $13  U.S. nnd Forelun $5,50 ,_���.., .,  _. r .^"Sufe ��� .W i^s*��v_; -^.v.-uvM'n SRta-wiwsaaJW. a~A��1f*<  j[J_$_S-l-E$-^^  f  ���h" 'T^V^tT *���* ���W"*'*1  * -M"_*V  :_^____^^fel_^*_i_J.  _.,*i*M-_��*-_*_>-SW*_l^^ t i��^M-^��V>*��*uJto4,_(_-*��<4^^  ����*****��__W��t__p Vfc������w^^**__-V**i��WW^f^*-'*^W*'-We_^^  ^,��^_._j*-rf --_*      h*.**4.s  11 '  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, We<L. Feb. 17; 1965 Page 5  i    * '   ��.  His and Hers  L >'  ������*" * "' *- ' vb *o,f-. -r '^ *','viby;-|i-��f)---*D.* Browning^/  ^'SW-^As drive W Convertibles,, ia tfie ���  ?rf,^19��< fj?^ 4ooK up/hpmesteadsron- the orairies.<  ^They'beti|he;goveniment$lf>,against I60taer*s that they-  ;woiildi_pt starve.to"de/ath in-three years. Andii is probable,thatv they rpade,the grubstake for their, winter residence by driving horses or mules on forms* or railroad  cpnstractioi*., '   west and build railroads.  But enough of Alberta and its  poplar; trees, Jefcus^sing of-the  Douglas-fir, -t���������-  .The' .writer,'-,, first .experience  with "that  noble  animal   Was  when he accepted,a,position for  Foleyt--Welsh_-&- Stewart-Trait  road.building.conbiactors, as a  teamster, Jhelping to. build.the"  ,   iW Ballad of Fergie the  _>  Grand Trunk railway, .west of "      Fir Tree  Edmonton���at^WpJf-vCrpek., A, , Fergie the fir tree stood/proud  slight difference1 in salary be-"     and alone   *  tween.teamster_(|35 per month _ On, the higher slopes of Elphin,"  ^aboard) ��anp_:_:'and shovel , rl stone, -   "   -   * *  He'd weathered the blasts and  ' the snow and the rain..  And gazed out to sea at the  bounding main. -  men,($30 per month and-board)  ^prompted1 a preference for the  former job���always * the little  money, 'grabber.,,..  :/&*#&& ���  -HoweverHbe represntative of > _*oggersHhad-c  Foley,- Welsh _r Stewart were       bad'gone  tough.and, unfeeling men, so it   ;While history rolled inexorably  took them less* than half a day   ' on,  to decide that u>e Grand* Trunk    But no one had touched this  (now a part: of the, CNR), could-   ->mighty fir  be built'just as. iastwiUumtmy - Till .a Jailer said, "What about  help.  So  down  the/ tope-rnad       this one, sir."  -     ^   ������*!*<      -"*������-_.     "        J*-C^��r.^U     y      ,< '      ,  -    v^**��   ��� ���;   .. �� , i,_��J -   ��� ,  Lucky winner  NO MORE washday blues for Mrs, W. J. Henderson of  Sechelt who won the grand prize of an automatic  clothes dryer in the Know Your Advertisers Contest.  Pictured here receiving congratulations from the edi-  tor and Mr. J. Parker (on right) of Parkers Hardware.  Roberts Creek News  ���by Florence McSononey  USUAL monthly meetings of various organizations are  back on schedule again after being disrupted by weather and bad roads last month. \  - The   Roberts  Creek  Hospital    ��� ' '   ~ ���    -;-  Auxiliary held its regular meeting on Monday evening, February 8 in the hall at Haig Camp.  <A meeting was arranged for  Monday, March 8 a& two  o'clock. Representatives from  other auxiliaries have been asked to attend. The object ostitis  meeting is to form a co-ordinat-  ipg committee which will help  to keep everyone informed of  the work being carried on and  so avoid any duplicating of objectives. ' V  Regular monthly meeting df  the Community Association was  held in the hall on Wednesday  evening, February 10.  Plans were discussed for the  recrcaUon convention, which is  to be held here on February  20, Representatives from Pen-,  der Harbour' to Port Mellon  will attend this one day convention, which will have as  guests, officials from Victoria  as well as our regional director,  Mr.s.T. Reubens from Abbots;,  ford. Also attending will be our  went I,- muttering.to myself,  and engaged at another camp  with a pick and shovel.  I was at this time what is  technically known as a "green  Englishman,"that low form* of  life, superior only in intelligence to the oozey Amoeba. At  least that is what I used to be  told, oh'every possible occasion,  or words to that effect. I sometimes wondered how we Limeys  could have made suetr an im-  -pression- on4the -world���as_-re--  gards foreign development,  trade and war���the Scotch,  Irish and Welsh could not have  done it all themselves not being enough of them���but developed an inferiority complex _nd  .tried-to say chance instead; of  chaaance. But it didn't- sound  Tihens down with a crash came  the king of trees,  The faller cried "timber" and  the bucker said *'Jeaz,"  The whistle punk whistled, the  . .high rigger swore,  "We'll never see one like that  no more."  But a storm arose and the tug  boat's crew  Said "skipper, we're sure in a  proper ,stew."  And the deckhand said to the  engineer's mate,  "Four aces and joker, it beats  a straight"  The boom  broke up  and the  I  logs went away  And Fergie he floated for-many  a. day,  Till he went high and dry on a  rocky strand,  vuoauuvv...    _._i.    *v    iuuu v   auuuu  O    - ��� -������,      ,.      ^  right Fortunately - most, of the   INot very far *��>- grandpa's   ���i     ___. .     ._   .��._ _      * 1*t*t*3  new recreation director, Mr.  Lawrence. The ladies of the  Hospital Auxiliary have agreed  to serve lunch for the delegates  on this .occasion.  "Annual meeting of the Corri-  mnity Association has been set  for Wednesday, March. 10. ���.'-  Some -members .of the night  school art class had the privi-  ledge recently qf being .asjked  M~ a preview*-of. Mrs., D; B.  ,Wells most recent paintings.  -This group will be on exhibit  in Vancouver at thc B.C. Galleries from February 14 to  28. Among them are a few seascapes, which have been done  from various spots along thc  Roberts Creek beach but thc  greater part of the collection is  of floral subjects, which Mrs,  Wells does so superbly,  Tworkers" in the railroad camps   > <���laIld  were newly-arrived Galicians,  whpse command; of the English  'language ivasf not such^as to  xecognize, our .linguistic and racial peculiarities.. ^  The mule, to the, driving- of  Then grandpa went with his  ,r cross-cut saw  He cut up poor- Fergie (it's  ^  against the law),  And grannie was pleased ���. and  ,   said^ "Thank you dear,  We haven't had wood like that  whichjl-was.promoted'the'fol'-       f ���  lowing year: afe Mile.ir, B.C. is. 'rf����    .��.year'- _   -��.        _* _  ��� ���-..'-��� *.--'       ��� * -_>When the winds they whistle,  The other evening Lulu became so choked up while witnessing n sad movie that she  could, hardly eat her popcorn,  m *tE��WiW*l%��,fa*tw!>s',>,!l'l',',I"��*~*�� ��*����ft-na* **rt>  FOR COMPLETE  INSURANCE  SERVICE  >   'i'  Life ��� Health v Annuities ��� Group  For further-  Information  writa to  SECHELTf  B.C.  Box 381  Bryan E, Durklmhow TM|) Robert E, Uq  Great-West Life  Kj m '  ���' * *-  j_  a highly." sagacious, animal, We  had <to drive them^ round and  roimd 10 .hours- per day, hauling  dump trucks up the incline, to  be loaded by the steam "shovel  .-^not a very though -provoking  job, Half way round, "a track  led to the stables. At five minutes' to 12 and dittb*"6"p.m. nothing, .but, nothing could get  [them past that track. One pair  of mules would stay braying  and the rest would bray and  quit. Somehow they knew the  whistle would blow before they  had time ;to complete another  round,      '  j Another job was skidding., 40-  foot culvert timbers down the  side,of n mountain and across  ��� the Fraser River (twofeet deep  and nboiit DOfccl wide), Every-  ,t|nie I let go,the lines to swamp  a stump or chain the logs, those  posky mules would take off  down the mountain, across the  river and up to the stables, culvert -'timber and; all,, thus ex-  posing mc to withering looks  and snide remarks' by the barn  boss. However one soon got the  idea, b( hanging onto tho Hhes  at,all times, npd in all places*  The funniest thing I over saw  was'on n farm near* Sedgwick,  Alberta', I was watering two  horses out of a' barrel, and. let  them both drink, at once. They  drank to'tho bottom and lifted  tholr heads together, got thorn  ..stuck..!n.��tho.��,barrctr*nnd "took-  off across tho pralrlo with their  heads still stuck In tho barrel,  t.aff���I llko to havo filed���but  tho boss, llko Queen Victoria,  yvnsinot amused, *  A*nd' then on tho liomestoad,  It was oxon,' but wo will loavo  that for tho present, it was  okch���. thftt, taught, tno to use  ronlly nnuKhty swear words.  ��� P'.S, Wo young" homesteaders'  did hot havo red convertibles,  but \vo did help (o open up tho  and the waves, pile high  ,You  can  sometimes  hear   an  ,   unearthly sigh,  And a ghostly voice moans over the rocks,  /'I once was a tree, but now  I'm just blocks."  B&P Womens Club  installation  CHARTER night and installation of officers of the Sunshine Coast Business and Professional Women's Club w|ll be  held at Ole's Cove at 7;30 p.m.  .oh February 20.  Mrs, Margaret C a m Pbel 1,  past   national   president,   from  . North Vancouver will be chairman of the meeting,  Mrs, Ivy Boston, provincial  president from Powell���Rlycr. -  wltK present the * charter, and  give'.:, an interpretation of the  symbology, of tho 7club emblem.  Present also, will be two regional directors,Mrs. , Jean  Baillie, Lower Mainland direct-'  or; and Miss Ella Brett; Vancouver Island director. Guests  will include club representatives from Powell Rl^cr, North  Vancouver, New Westminster,  Vancouver Kingcrest, Vancouver Fanoba, and Victoria. Sov-  cral local dignitaries are , cx-  ���pccte&��toJ>o, present, Jncludlng,  Mr, Joo Benner, Sechelt Village- Commissioner, and Mr.  Marklo Myers, president of Iho  Pender Harbour Chamber ot  Commerce.  In a ceremony conducted by  Miss Ella Brett, the following  officers Will bo Installed. President, Mr��, Jo��.ltonjnfie.d*> vico-  prosldunt, Mrs, Phyllis....' Mc  Lend; secretary, Mrs, draco  Hnrllng; Iroasuror, Mrs, Dorothy lUwch,  At Prices you  - Will ���* Like v���* **"**  Naturally from  lorgan's  leri'S Wear  Phono 885-9330  Sechelt, B.C.  i     .,  \  M4tpWWV��iw^^^'��^i"i#��*>*A*W^*����WH*WW  M*sA*W��  .,   dj"S��    l'WtU'MJ.^4'..*t   ^.;'.t��lkj#t����'��W^l��m^ft#,t*(��,)lSit>. 'l''"'','';'w'--^��^-w*'��".i^*��5^w35i*'i5asf  ....  ,,.d  & ^'J'^4f.f^v,Jl:'-iWw'*>'*  i>w*_5^uSv#_^S��seK^  LL���  '.Whilf.lP^HWW^-.^^J^i  Mm -tfafcAff^ffSCW, a^��l^&J^gg  Pqge 6 The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 17, 1965  �����������  I  TV  Gleaming efficiency  A COMBINATION of colorful decoration, Sparkling new  equipment and spaciousness, provide ideal working  conditions in the pleasant,kitchen of St. MaryJcs Hospi7.  tal.        ". ������~ - - ���--��������� ���--��������� -���   :  ~" tnv&rvi  ' * ��_f4v  V  1  Going op  ATTRACTIVE patients' trays, each one prepared under  careful supervision, are quickly loaded into the service elevator by Mrs. A. Bourne of Selma Park.  St Mary's Hospital , . ,  Administrator  interesting statistics  Vast experience  as hospital cook  MRS. E. (McNeil, head cook, aj  St.' Mary's, is *no newcomer -  to the exacting task of hospital  cooking. She comes to the Sun-  ���shine���Coast���from���Vancouver  where she spent 15 yearrs at  Grace Hospital.  Mr. and Mrs. McNeil' are  building a home on the waterfront at Secret Cove, where  they    are    extremely    happy.  Their two children are married.   The youthful looking- Mrs. Mc*-  Neil has five grandchildren.  The McNeils have joint hobbies of fishing and hunting but  at the moment they are both  engaged in r o c k throwing,  which tdoes not mean, they  have formed an aversion fbSr  their neighbors; it is just that  they have built on a particularly rocky part of the Peninsula.  i    MORE ABOUT . . .       "���', "   School board  from page 1���  district coming from  an area  where    kindergarten    facilities  iQt-a^Jlable-^vcr-e--elig-���  ible to register their children.  Johnson also stated that 15 student teachers would be coming to this district in the late  spring.  W. S. Potter. Principal of EI-  phinstone.,������-���������reported������?������'���that'���i���c^i_i���pi������������*���'  ment was hooked np and the  Industrial Arts shops were. in  full use. A language laboratory  had  been established  which is  SUPPORT given to the new St. Mary's Hospital by tlie J  six Sunshine Coast Auxiliaries has surpassed all my   a .f?ound Proof ,room ��i-upp��|  strator Mr. N. Buckley, addressing members of the auxi-   ffients^Morc" records'wereln  liaries at their recent meeting  Interesting statistics quote-  by the Administrator showed  that the -hospital is at this time  almost filled to capacity with  30 adults, 3 children and 3 newborn. The rated capacity being  30 adults and five children;  the nursery contains six bassinets, 1 incubator and 1 isol-  ette. The hospital also has "2  labour room beds, 2 emergency and 1 treatment bed. Two  extra cribs had been set -up  and at times the emergency  and treatment beds had been  used for acute patients.  Admissions from the Opening  of the hospital on December 1  to the present time are as fo|*  lows: *  ���"",:'-"'"       ' ���;'���   ���'������,'������.��������� - Out"'  Adults Newborn Patients  8 65   ;  10 117  3 59  On the diagnostic side; Radiology had received 166 : patients, processed 540 X-ray films  and conducted, 32 Fluoroscopic  examinations.   The   laboratory  order to augment the existing  supply. Potter said he had benefitted greatly from the conference, held in Abbotsford, which  outlined the philosophy of the  new program concerning grades  eleven and twelve. He hoped to  have charts printed, to distribute to parents.  School Board Chairman, Joe  Horvath suggested that it would  be advisable for all teachers to  _....i..,��.-���.,    ���_._���...,.-     T w..__    attend   the   X-Ray   clinic.   The  ____U_?_��_^r._: Board **'���- *>"���-'"i ai1  $3,000 allowed  slock appraisal  TRUSTEES of School District  No. 46 have decided to engage the .firm of management  consultants, Woods, Gordon &  Co.   to   proceed   with   the  job  Dec,  105  Jan.  116  Feb,  28  cated for this purpose in the  1965 budget.  Jobs to be evaluated will be-  those of all operating employees in the school district. Salary  increases which may result  from, this evaluation have also  been considered in the budget.  A complete appraisal of  school district property will also be undertaken, for* <the first  time. The board considers this  will be available for inventory  school principals regarding this  matter and Mr. .Wilson suggested that, a policy, be formulated  for futurer dates," \Wenlhts service is available.  Reporting on the Madeira  Park grounds, Mrs. Fisher stated that the, area would be  drained out to sea, Further information would follow, and be  discussed at the next meeting.  It was agreed to-'give'"'Madeira''  Park School a face-lift, following Mr,  Malcolm's ..report that  present appraisal figure is not  up to date particularly in the  , ,....   .       ,        . . ���        ..     case 'of "oldejr"buildings."''The  staff had performed 1,566. unltfl firm   of   Marshall   &   Stevens  of work (D.B.S   unit of work    (Cnrii) U(l wi��� be-engaged on  valued at ten minutes), not In-    this ,|)rojoct wWch Wuld' result  and'insurance'purposes, Ins the    some  of  the  rooms   were  almost   dungeon-like   in   appear-,  nncc. , |,,  Gibsons   Elementary   School  __ j__*  .��J_1^*���wMI__���r','  Kitchen specialist  MRS. E. McNeil, head cook of St7 Mnvy's, la always happy because cooking Is not only her occupation but  also her favorite hobby.  chicling the tak'ing of samples  and clean ,up work, , - y  Including relief workers, the  'hospital ,omploys n staff of so.  The Director of Nursing, Mrs.  Kgnn, has a full tlmo staff of  16 with 7 relief nurses, There Is  one registered laboratory technologist and one X-ray technician who Is also n registered  nur.so4 Administration has three  full tlmo members and one relief, Dietary has a full tlmo  staff of seven nnd one relief.  Ten,-people are employed ln  tho* laundry nn!d housekeeping  department and two on engineering nnd maintenance,  '> ��  New citizens  IIATRKY-To   Mr,   nnd   Mrs,  Paul Hntcly, Wilson Crook, n  dnii��hterriwrn~Janr3ir.nn.';r*  TVSON-To Mr, and Mrs. Earl  Tyson, Sechelt, n son, born  Feb. 7, 1065,  I'LOURDR-Tn  Mr,  nnd,, Mrs,  Desire   Plourde,  'Gibsons,   n  daughter, born Feb, 7, l��05,  SRGRC-To Mr, and Mrs, John  Scgcc,   Sechelt,   n   daughter,  born Feb, 10, 1005.  HALL���-To Mr, and Mrs,  (��or*  clou Mali, Sechelt, n daughter,  born Feb, 11, 1005,  in   reduced    Insurance  iums. Three thousand dollars  has also been allocated for this  purpose in the 1965 budget,  addition   should   be   completed  by  the  end  of January,  with  fire doors installed, said  Mrs.  prom*,., Fisher,...,....,.,,.,,,:     ���.,:.  ...,.   X -  I  Nothing Is as short as the  public's memory . , It Is little  more than   week-minded.  Your'public relations counsel  is trie psychological phenomenon of our times, Ho is nn  architect of Ideas,-an expediter  of fame, u disc Jockey of men-  tal turntables.  Gibsons  ESS0 OIL FURNACE  No Down Payment - Bank Interest  Ten Years To Pay       *  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIANCES  For Free Estimate - pall 886-272$  z Ik-*.  _M*!s_is^^  iiarasfc-yfctvw^^ w*��i��!i!i����f��t-^^  -, *���*��**,)* f^-M ���** >UM����rt��' *  A ��*   n," rf*0*^%W**��Afi  ��*������-�� _**r��-*>v ���f_*i*_ Wi4*_�� _3^��^*^-n^^v1*4i^��^H^4B^^*_B)_^��ij  P*7^L told   ii"    i��'Ai^  >he Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 17, 1965 Page 7  J^1?*W^?^^V   Squaringly Yours  ca^0 grpwiiig dlqrm  -YOtJNafiinrnarried mothers are responsiWfor the tremendous increase'in babies available for-adoption,  /   .    " <    -H>y 'Maurice Hemstreet  WOW! OH Boy! Gee whiz, you should have been with us    Saturday night, Feb. 6, we motored to the Hopkins  said Mr. John Simeonr'the 'guest speaker "at the^PTA HaU and joined the Gibsons Squarenaders at their corn-  meeting held' in Sechelt last1 Thursday evening. K?a_lon YaleJ}tmes .a,nd. Slxth anniversary square dance.  Mrs. Margaret Lamb, presi-  ^ :  What a wingding, with just over three sets-from the Gib-  dent of the Sechelt PTA intro- the Sechelt membership was wns .Squarenaders and just under three sets from the  duced Mr. Simeon who is the still growing, there now being Sechelt -Tomenaaers.  -social-AVorker���covering-the-ar^^^_8-members^-Plans��� are��� well���=I-telI-Vour^herHopkins Hall  ea" from Port Mellon to Wilson  Creek.- Miss   P.   Nelson,   who  also attended the meeting, has  been" working in the district between���Wilsort-ereek^and���Earl  "Cove'since last'October, their  headquarters being in'the Sun-  nycrest Plaza, Gibsons, B.C.  ���   At  the   present  time  there  are  1,000  children in  B.C.   a-  lone, requiring homes, and on  the average 6�� placement- are  - made per month, - but no matter how great the pressure said  Mr. Simeon, the standards for  adoption  would  not be lowered.The 1961 census showed that  one third of -the population was  aider 15 years of age so that-  underway for the family night  which will take- place in early  April. Mrs. Louise Campbell  read the minutes of the previous meeting and the treasurer Mrs. Carol1 Biduik announced, that the funds were quite  healthy.  President Mrs. M. Lamb  gave a brief history ot the PTA  movement and paid tribute" to  the two pioneer ...member-- in  Sechelt, Mrs. Alice French and  Mrs. James Derby.  Mrs. N. L. Hansen, Mrs.  Florence Jeffries, Mrs. Sid Waters and Mrs. C. L. Poteet volunteered to sew the team mar-  was really rocking with anywhere from three to six sets on  the floor at one time and Harry Robertson the Gibsons call-  ner~in~top "forfflTlt" was"'sure "a-  night jto'-remember. Bill Morrison was second on stage to present his' guest calling, which  everyone   enjoyed   and   I   was  wonderful evehihgT  The children's square dance  classes are doing very well and  it sure does make one feel good  to see them enjoy themsleves to  such an extent and I must add  that they behave themselves  too.  I now have two couples for  the adult beginner classes who  come on Friday nights at 8:30  called on to do a guest spot,     _         ^  butJL figure_I_didn!t_lo���too jvelL^Anyone���hke^to-make^it^ four-  because   I   had   forgotten my���couples-s  in the future, an increased num-  ��� ber;'.. of   babies   for   adoption  could be anticipated.  It   is   not  too   many ^years  ago, said Mr. Simeon, thai'the  number of homes wanting child-  ' -ren^oiitnumbered"'��������� the^ ayailable  children.   However,   the   trend  in the  opposite  direction has  now reached alarming proportions. Many people at the meeting expressed the opinion that  I measures, should . be.. Jajkejn^by^  "Tiie"government towards etluc7~  ating young people in schools  and universities in an effort to  reduce the number of illegiti-  mStG  birtlio.      ���  Much information is available" from the Social Welfare  Office 'regarding adoption, but;  there is no short cut. The process of adoption said Mr. Simeon takes almost the same period of time as-a' natural birth  and every effort is made to ensure that the*parents and child  are suited.  Children   most    difficult   to  Jplaco   for  adoption . are ,those'  'with physical or mental abnor-  . .malttiesand-the-mastjunbappyr'  of them all, children of mixed  blood.  The subject of foster homes  was only lightly touched upon  as 'time was limited, but Mr.  Simeon said there was a desperate need for such homes,  The rote of foster pnrcnt is not  easy and suitable people are  hard to find. '���"'���.  MK   Simeon's   talk"s���followed''  the ���  regular    PTA    meeting  where it  was  announced  that  kers.  .Refreshments which were  most welcome at the termination of the meeting were served by PTA members.  The PTA wish to thank all  those who helped^so^jnuch; to-;  wards the success of Operation  Doorstep which resulted in a  75 per cent turn out in this ar-:  ea.  throat sprays and besides that  I hadn't had a lozenge all day.  Well, no matter, it was a terrific night with no" limit to fun  and laughter, the hall was nicely decorated and the coffee and  refreshme^-_-wege-^-superbr���a-  greatest- enjoyment from your  participation, you should know  its reason and purpose. First  let's correct a* couple of common misconceptions" shaped by  most: beginning dancers, t ���'  " Square " dancing " fs " not" "hillbilly, i. tis the Folk Dance of  .America' ,and as- such- it is an  important."part fit the folk culture. It was about the only form  of'dancing known until the turn  of the century. The parent  form, quadrilles, contras and  the graceful Couple dances,  made up ~the programs of _all __  fine sociar ba 1 Is." Although"  square dancing never disappeared completely it was dormant fdr a period of 20 to 30  years. The present revival started about 1930 and has grown  steadily until an estimated 10  million people are now dancing  regularly in every section of the  United States and Canada & "it  bas spread to many nations the  mWQrid__jo_v_e_-,���Thousands���of ~,  ���schools are ad_fog-_quag--danc-���  t������-^*  l-  large vote of thanks is in order  for. those- Who did the decorating  and looked after the refreshments.   s-  As I said before, the Sechelt  Promenaders have never mis-  vsed^the^ Gibsons* square * dancers anniversary -and I doubt if  they ever will, so on behalf of  the Sechelt Promenaders, once  again I thank you for a most  JM'upJ-%  School budget increase  shows $116,620 over '64  SCHbOL J>istrict No. 46 "budget for 1965 shows an in-  crea_e~oT^l 16,620.25 over the amount budgeted for  1964. This represents a 12'/^ per cent increase which  compares favorably with increases in other school districts. West Vancouver, 15 per cent; Powell River, 14  per cent; Howe Sound, 15 per cent. Average increase  across the province appears in excess of 10 per cent.  Figures released by the school board are as follows:  1964 budget 1964 expd.   1965 budget  Getting back to a few years  ���ago, here's a date that was a  pile of fun, it_wras on May 21,  1960���Squared up in Cal and  Irene Tingley's living room,  Where did the furniture go? You  guessed it! out the door, but it  was still a hilarious;; eveningv  May 23, 1960-^-We had an action float in the May Day parade, with a set and a half  square dancing on a gaily decorated struck,: and,: myself paying  trouble'.with : a jumpy needle.  These two are just an example  of the experiences and the fun  to be had in square dancing.  What is square, dancing? Perhaps it is enough, to say that  -_^quar-e^daneing���is^-baSel^f-  fun," but if you are to get'the  ing to their -'recreation- programs and find that it is a valuable aid in teaching co-ordination, co-operation and sociabi'  lity. .,' ."   .,,.*:.  Sechelt  Beauty Salon  Evelyn Hayes  Above Post office  Cutting and Styling  Tuesday to Saturday 9-5  "YpurvStairway To   ������'...���  Hair Beauty"   '  >  _i^  <uywi<M��__M_��_vmM**immM>*mm*��M*MM*i>Mi*im*��MiMMmiim<Nmtmmmmmmtmm^  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons ��� Phone 886-2827  HOTE ��� NEWTIM��  Doors at 7:QO.>-how^at*7:30  I -:  NEED A CAR?  NEWor USED  .. ,.:."::..,,:.TRY'.i;.,  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.  Ph.  885-2111   - Tod  Forowoll  Administration  ____    40,192.00  Instruction   -    518,937.00  Operation _������:.���_ 101,456.00  Repairs and main. 56��548.00  Convey, of pupils 74,200.00  Auxiliary services . 10,727,00  Non operating ___���_      5,600.00  Debt services'..     98,066.00  Capital     25,151.00  Total  ...-_->_-.._. $930,877.00  Teachers'  salaries  alofle  ac-  count for almost half the entire  budget, and show an increase  of $32,978,50 which covers their  salary  Increase  arid' provision  for extra teachers to staff the  new classrooms, Also included  , in the instruction classification  "is   tho   Increase   of   $7,931.00  which covers thc Increased cost  (Of teaching supplies made nc-  ��� cessary,   by   increased   enrolment,  Tho Increase In "debt services" can bo attributed to tlio  successful passing of the latest referenda.  Operation shows an increase  of  $21,   917,75   resulting   from  44,213;i9  514,904.86  94,903.49  57,600.63  69,925.40  9,016.37  6,461.10  87,324.62  18,225.49  $902,575,15  54,415.00  559,846.50  122,747.00  57,335.00  . 71,016.00  9,787.00  6,538.00  129,983.75  35,829.00  $1,047,497.25  Twilight Theatre will have shows on Thursday, Friday> Saturday'  and Saturday matinee only for January.  Saturday Matinee show time remains 2:30 p.m.  Thurslay, Friday, Saturday, February 18,  19, 20  ONE EYED JACKS  ^  Marlon Brando - Karl Maiden   '������-���"--zxYz:-^  ____i_-_^_-n__^^___-_______n----^___--_-_-___--___--__-^_^-_-_-_��-_---_-^_--^^^-M^-_____t---i  ' 'Saturday''Matinee;'.;;���'''.t1'''''.''''!'':  ONE EYED JACKS *  f-  ANNOUNCEMENT  ,-,'The  FEBRUARY  of Branch 140 will be held in the  Selma Club Rooms at 8 p.m,  MOIIDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd  (not in the Legion Hall)  school extensions requiring additional janitorial staff and .supplies, plus a potential salary  increase which may arise when  the job evaluation program is  completed. The professional appraisal of the school district's  assets also comes under this  section togother with possible  provision of group life. Insur-  ani^tf for operating staff employees.  Administration increase of  $14,233.00 covers salary Increases plus extra salaries for  additional staff, severance pay  to former secretary-treasurer,  tho cost of tho job evaluation  program l: and an accumulation  of other small incroascs In "administrative costs.  Capital Increase of $10,078,00  chiefly covers the cost of now  equipment some of which will  ���bo' made necessary by tho now.  Physics, Industrial Education  and Commerce courses Intro*  duced' by the dept. of education,  "~Tho following figures rcleas*  ed by the school hoard show  the operational cost per pupil  over tho past few years: 15)02,  $37S,01; 1903, $374,81; . 1004,.  $383,21; 1005 (estimate) $39(l,Htt,  ENTERPRISE  i ,       ...  RANGES  and up  This mcsmcrlc^nccromnnccr,,  thin tnwvo ambassador of good-  Will, diverts and converts, Ills  pontifical nttltudlnlzlngs hnlo  mortals and rescue renown  from ciphered oblivion.'  ���\  ,SWrjiH��Mn~aHM!~iAi��*Krt (_  )���'���:���,:  V  PENINSULA PLUMBING LTD.  Phono 886-9533 Gibsons, B.C.  W,*-"itti*��^-,u**,MH1,W��*1 ;4.  _-w���Asf  j_-L_.K_3Ki'-'."1si_^-��"-^^,i ?z^->jSr���is$iaiS?  -V&T"  ���s"V *�� K8&#W35SPWS8����*S'^^  ���*--���  ;1  ������;������J  "Ifegell The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feh. 17, 1965  ^mndr^abmtthe town  ���By Ed Green  WHATEVER happened to that sunny summer weather  knq^vn as FUre Season? The three boards of trade  on the Peninsula; have decided to co-operate. It will take  ;at least-that many to explain how we got that name,  ^The, Sunshine Coast        ������   .  We have  sunshine  all  right,    fo be.  There is so much of it spread Sad as the weather situation  in large sheets over the high- might be it is sadder still on  way   that   you   don't  know   if    the prairies. In Winnipeg it has  you're steering a car or a mo-  torboat. The drainage is so  ^ood in spots that Highway 101  will soon be known as the Weary Canal.  There is no truth to the reports that the sea gulls were  seen flying backwards to keep  the rain out of their eyes. They  weren't sea gulls; they were  'ducks. The sea gulls were wal-  "icing. "       -*���  There used to be a wild story  going the rounds that you could  have tea on your lawn in February around here. The only  time I ever saw this happen  was when a Thermos bottle  fell out of my pocket and broke  been around thirty degrees below zero with a nice north wind  to help it along. But, I am assured by many who never sus-  -r^ct-J_spent-a-4ot-of~.vinters-  there, it is a dry cold and  therefore you. don't feel it.  Back there I am assured that  even though it does rain at the  Coast it is a rain that doesn't  wet you.  What with dry cold  what I was talking about. I admit this but he didn't come up  with a better 'explanation. This  is the same Prof. Shrum who  as head of the B.C. Hydro announced "substantial reductions" in electric bills. When  they, finally did arrive they-,a-  mounted to ten cents 'on a *  twelve dollar electric bill. They  were- so small they had to enclose a notice drawing your attention to them. As a physicist,  which he is, if he is representative of the men doing the calculating on this bomb business-, anything can happen. If  ten���cents��� is���a���Substantial���  At Garden Bay . . .  eite Ik. IiiiiiFf  choose work committees  bite out of twelve dollars in his  estimation his mathematics on  the bomb and Hydro bills leave  a lot to be desired.  Even now when the reluctant sun has struggled .through  there is no warmth in it But  there is nothing we can do a-  bout it so we have to endure  it.  -you don't leei and dry ram  that doesn't wet you our dim-  ate should be envied all over  the world.  I still think the atom bombs  have knocked something out of  Jrilter. I wrote to Dr. Gordon  Shnim_and���said���sor-He���wrote-  Uttle is worth while unless  there is some eye to kindle  in common with our own, some  brief word uttered now and  then, to imply that what is infinitely precious to us is prec-   - _- . _          t^ ��� _��������.UU�����nu���no;���ac���wrutu  on a rock where the lawn ought    back  and  said  I  didn't know  -ious���alike-lcr^anotiier" mind.  George Elliot.  PENDER. Harbpur Auxiliary, to ��t: Mary's Hospital, me;t  on Feb. 4 at .Garden Bay. President Mrs., 3'. IJqye,  chaired Uie meeting with. 12 present, and lost no time in  forming committees and planning this year's activities.  Committees are: Mrs. L. 01-   " ��� ; !   sen/fancywork; Mrs, E. War- tour'of the"Hospital's "upper  den, aprons; Mrs. R. DeUer, jbor-=Mr."BucWey,_the^Ad-  -greeting-cards--Mrs7-Eove~ and rnfnistrator took the " ladles  -Mrs. D, Harling are the rep- through the lower. -The auxil-  resentatives to the co-ordinat- iary mucij appreciated the veiling committee. Mrs. M. Wood- UaWe time given up to them,  burn is Publicity Officer. Later   ^to* auxiUaries ga.  The baby spoon was given to .thered   at SCinEU^   Church  Mrs. Jensen of Egmont, whose Hall, where  Mr. Bucklev' was  child was the first baby born invited to address the raeetipg,  m the new year. It is the cust- The  administrator touched on  om  of the auxiliary to make many  aspects  relating to  the  this    particular    presentation, hospital, and said he consider-  -startcd several years ago. A ed he was fortunate in having  $50. bond; with the other auxiliaries participating, bas also  been presented to Mr. and  Mrs. Thomas Bailey of Gran-  thams whose baby was the first  born in the new hospital.  On   Thursday,   Feb.   >n   the  a goad staff. Much, was explained about the inner workings of  the hospital, and he graciously  offered the board room to all  the. auxiliaries f^r their meetings and other activities. After   ���,.    ...   �����*-���r^-o.ue^aoh^-affll-answer periodr  members   were   conducted   by    the afternSons^ended when re-  the  Director^f Nurses  on  a    freshments were served.  tea�� of "your business feaBers  f  r*  Cfraiis Saw Cent re  ������ ���": ^"���''''"���''''���"V^tfebjn^Cgeek Z:";' _  Dealers for P.M. Canadien - McCulloch -  Homelite - Pioneer and Srihj Chain Saws..  '���"���^}7^^sWt^^M^-MODBS^  Parts and Repair Service  Telephone 885-2228  shoultf^u^hojFir  rnirmm*  CARDS  Your Peninsula Centre  ior Furniture, Appliances  Sales and Service  Richter's T.V. & Radio Ltd.  Sechelr, B.C.   . Phone 885-9777  r  SHOE S^HE  ��� ���"^���S'JvrW!  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COMBINED meeting of the six  Sunshine Coast Auxiliaries to  <St.' Mary's" ~Hifep'itai   met   on  February   '41    in   St.    Hilda's  Church hall with 61 members  jpresent.  Project planners  MR. N. BUCKLEY, administrator of St. Mary's Hospital   ^PPrlpIt   rifvtt/linff���'?*?***      ,   -   ��.   u    ��� ,  sentatives of the six Sunshine Coast   aeUltJll IJUWliiUJ     future work in the hospital  Mrs. Lee Redman, Sechelt  Auxiliary President, introduced  the following representatives:  Mrs. J. Love, Pender Harbour;  Mrs._F. Warne, Halfmoon Bay;  Mrs. E. Inglis, Gibsons; Mrs.  A. Swanson, Roberts Creek and,  Mrs. W. Booth, Port Mellon.  }  Following his introduction the  guest speaker Mr. N. Buckley,  Hospital Administrator, gave a  very   informative   talk   which  included many interesting hospital statistics. A question and-  answer   period    followed    and  the. members-were greatly impressed���by-nthe���possibilities���of-  by Mrs. E. Fitzgerald and Mrs.  R. Breeze.  The next regular meeting will  be held on March 11 at 2 p.m.  in the Board -Room' of St.  Mary's Hospital. All, members  are encouraged to bring a  friend who would, be interested,  in joining.  Husband and wife  two week crusade X  REV. Eugene Johnson from  Larigiey, is holding a two-  week crusade at the. Pentecostal 'Tabernacle, Gibsons, February 16 to 28 He and his musically talented wife Lois, are  playing the WurUtzer electronic  piano a^j)therinstru  ���Services are-nightly at 7 p.m.  met with representatives   Auxiliaries* in Sechelt last week. Back row, left, Mrs. E.  Inglis, Gibsons president; Mrs. J. Love, Pender Harbour  president; Mrs. W. Booth, Port Mellon and Mrs. A. Swan-  son, Robets Creek. Front, left, Mrs. J. Redman, Sechelt  president and Mrs. F. Warne, _Halfmnnn-Ray president.  Davis! Ottawa Diary  by  Efe Moscrip  DOROTHY Smith, took the gal's  high   three   this   week,   with  747.   Lawrence .Crucil led  the  men with 779.  League Scores '  Buckskins:- Lloyd Jackson,  646 (257); Ted Joe, 622; Ann  Joe, 519 (192); Carol August,  497 (197).  Ladies: Dorothy Smith, 747  (260); Iona Strachan, 279; Elly  Mason, 254;  Mabel McDermid/  By Jack Davis, M.P.  ONE OF the first acts of the Pearson administration was  to set up a National Economic Council. This council,  headed by Dr. John Deutsch, has now handed down its  first report. Running to more than 200 pages, it gives us   260  a glimpse of what things might be like in Canada in 1970.* Ladies Matinee: Hazel Sky-  Much depends, however, on the economic policies fol- ^Jte�� ^ SX^X-,,;.j^..ZZh -.^,.~  kmefi^bp^iG^^^ Tender: Joe Graf, 652 (297);  Bill  Scoular,   604;   Roy   Fenn,  'More definite projects will  be planned on March 8 when  the co-ordinating council meets  for the first time in the Board  Room at St. Mary's Hospital.  This council will be composed  of two members from each  auxiliary.  Members enjoyed an informal discussion period during refreshments, which were served  from Tuesday: to, Friday with  two meetings 6% Sundays. All  are cordially invited to attend  this excellent series of services  featuring lively choruses and  dynamic preaching with youth  and prophetic emphasis.  Rev. Johnson speaks fluent  Spanish and has travelled extensively in South America.  His future plans include a missionary preaching mission to  the West Indies.  yeaijs.  ^  Z:\ ���-". Tji^���,:jRaiion's output, we are  ^s^^lsIC C0*f&' rise by as much as-  ���:���-:^>>-v^,^0,s>: c*?1^JUnempIbyment  would;" oowevfer^ have to be  kept down \a less than 3 per  cent. Also, there would have  to be a steady shift away from  ?ldoJV less efficient industries. Greater emphasis, in other words, would, have to ��be<  placed upon improvements in  productivity, on research, and  upon the fullest possible use of  all our resources including that  of our Canadian manpower itself.  Hundreds, of thousands of  young people will be ' looking  for work. Another 1.5 million  jobs will have to be found between how and 1970- In other  words, new Job openings will  have to occur at twice the average post��war rate. Even more  impressive is the fact that this  increase in employment will  have to take place in the face  of automation and the job trimming disciplines of greater  .competition, at home and abroad.  The National Economic Council set certain targets, It also  made certain recommendations  as to how they may bo attained. It .said, for instance, that:  ���Ottawa should negotiate  with its foreign trading partners with a view to tearing  down the projective barriers  which now face manufactured  fioods;  --Companies, men nwhllc,  must also remove In-bred barriers to trade, Canadian sub*  sldlaries of foreign controlled  firms, ; for" example, must bo  prepared to compete with their  parent organizations In other  parts of the world;  ���Governments (and In this  "the council included the provinces) should avoid Jnrgo bud*  Kct surpluses, This It should do  even when the economy Is operating at or near capacity, as  *flun>l��ses-"tend",*to"*filphon~*off  spending power and limit the  pace of economic growth;  ���While the ^council did not  say so In no  many  words, It  implied that the lineKcbuid be  held with respect to taxes. For  -example, it estimated that a  booming economy in 1970 could  produce a $2 billion surplus  without changing present tax  rates. With some, streamlining,  one might therefore anticipate  that increased government services could be provided without adding to the present taxv  burden which \ corporations  and individuals now shoulder  in this country.  Strejss, naturally enough, was  laid on the need for more long  term planning. A consistent expansion in Ca'nada's money  supply was called for. Credit,  under these cifcu instances,  -would be-' easier and interest  rates would tend to decline.  As might be expected, education, came in for its fair share  of attention. Priorities leading  to a heavier expenditure on industrial research were also  mentioned. But their precisS  form regains to be spelled out.  Presumably, these and other  details will be dealt with in  subsequent reports of the National Economic Council. Each  of which, government, business  and labour, will look to as a  rough but well considered guide  in the broad area of.. Canada's  economic affairs.  623;  Muriel Cameron, 548;  Carol Reid, 255.  Sechelt Commercial: Frank  Nevens, 755 (294); Lawrence  Crucil, 799; Dorothy Smith, 680  (282); Bruce Redman, 278; Red  Robinson, 305; Arvella Benner,  269.  Sports Club: Hazel Skytte,  639 (266);  Red Robinson, 636.  Ball & Chain: Matt Jaeger,  666; Marion Cooke, 652; Ted  Kurluk, 621; ��� Red Robinson,  650; Bill DeHart, 600.  School Leagues  Seniors: Erirl John, 390 (209).;  Ted Johnson, 364 (218); Pete  Yates, 345 (200); Rita Oho, 378  (263); Jill Cobleigh, 280 (190);  Arlene -Johnson, 375 (197);  Mary Ritchie, 353 (196).  Juniors: Alan Hemstreet, 324  (179); Wendy Bystedt, 312  '(176).         '""." ���'������    ���- "'  '  TEN   PINS  Mixed: Doreen Mullen ,497  (177); Pat Mullen, 532 (206).  Mens: Randy Wiren, 542;  John Solnik, 507; Butch Ono,  505 (200); Sam MacKcnzie, 529;  Lawrence Crucil, 548 (225).  i^^l^^^^^^^^^ll^  tf$$tH$f  1964 STOCK SALE  10% - 20% OFF Reg. 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Not a large business perhaps,  but one which is^ creating a considerable income within  the area.  a little more than simply going  into the bush and gathering an  armful of the evergreen. For  this reason, we irelcome interested persons to the- plant in  order that they get an idea  of what is required.- We usually  suggest the picking of ��a-bale  of between 15 and 20 bundles.,  The bale will be done up Avhgn  brought in, thus showing 'the"  ^-pickeT=the=^pT=of"Salal requir-  ed.  ���'"DoUars^a-nd^eents.r'oaUirafcUy---  motivate picking and wliiie a  new picker might hardly expect  to make a fortune, he will soon,  without too much eflSft, make  fairly good wages.'"  It^is^j^c^gted the Sechelt  BALL  IN NEPAL    '  Nepal is the place to go if  you want to lessen your chances of- a scraped fender. In  that country, according to the  latest figures of the Automobile . Manufacturers Association, there's one vehicle to ev  ery 3,756 of population;- More^  than, 14$ million,^vehicles .are  registered around the world,  says the Association. The most  congested-is the U.S.y with one  vehicle per 2.4 of population.,  Canada ranks third with- one  per 3.2,  'N  Salal picking is t*y>no means  a new idea, it has indeed provided an income to a few casual pickers for some years. A  small .plant has been, operated  by Mrs. N. Wilson of Secret  Cove since she realized the  potential about 12 years ago!  Since, that time the market has  grown to considerable extent  and throughout the province a  number of companies have  sprung into being.  With the assistance, and  cooperation o%Mrs/WiLso^  of the leading companies, Reid,  Fern and Moss have, opened a  second plant on the Peninsula.  Both plants will be operated  on a permanent basis, closing  >fqr between two and three  weeks during the growing season. SaM will be the main pro-  duct but a limited amount of  fern and cedar boughs will be  purchased.  The company is strictly Canadian owned and operated,  with local labour used and products supplying the Canadian  markets.  It has ;been the policy of the  company during their 30 years  in this field to train a local  resident to manage their plants.'  In Sechelt Mr. John Hayes is  e^ustestioally undergoing instruction in the operation^ and  will assume complete management about the first of March,  Bob Sturgeon, himself a plant  operator with 15 years experience in the trade is training  Mr, Hayes and is anxious to  instruct as many pickers as  possible* while.in the area,  ���Mr, Sturgeon said last toeek  "the picking of Salal involves  lam. w*u produce approximately 150 cases or 3,000 bundles  per week. Combined total of  Salad, Fern and Cedar produced is estimated to add an extra $60,000 annually to the economy of the area.  USE   TIMES   CLASSIFIED  NEED A CAR?,  NEW or USED  y-\:TRy-''.  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  Pb, 885-2111  SECHELT, B.C.  x ted Farewell  PftRT TIME  SALAL PICKERS  *>*' ���  "Buy, rent or /ease" v  Canada's Largest Selection  4-WHEEl DRIVE  v  THE WORLD'S MOST VERSATILE VEHICtE  ^3 ANYWHERE DOES ANYTMINft  Largest Selection of all nine models, two  chassis longths, gas or dlesel engine,  Station Wagons, Hardtopa, Plchupa,  Crummies,  from $2895, Terms to Suit,  Top Quality Used Models, gas and dlosol  from Just $795, Easy Terms  WRITE, WIRE, C*R TELEPHONE COLLECT     ,  CLHfllC6   SIWPIOMS    LTD,  ,     QlMliriEP SERVICE FOR AU 4.WHEEL QRIVE VEHICLES  999 Klogawny ntVilndtjor, Vancouver, 8,C,  TR 9-5211  The  demand  for floral  evergreens 1%  growing faster than present supply. If  you have ever considered picking Salal-  NIOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.  * The price of Salal ia the highest ever,  . *'we are now paying 30c per bundle.  ���k Last seasons growth was exceptionally good and with snow gone, access to  one of the best Salal areas in the province ia easy,  * A permanent market is available and  our plants will be open all year round,  except for a short time in the growing  ". season.,.,.  ?-*/..  h  1.1 "'i t  * Experienced staff are available to as-  aist, all interested, Reid, Fern and  Moss is a Canadian Company supply-  ing the Canadian market.  CONTACT;  ��B4��*WnWtf��tot3iiwiiS!B��ii*5iS  J*r#nM<^ mmmcv^lift-JI I dHlpU*^ W*ft***tl'ii.itl��+i  READ, FERN AND MOSS  at Socholt, B.C. Phone 885-9313 or  Mrs. N, WILSON,  Secret CoverB,Cr Phone 886-9746  S?^iwS��*s��S^^Mfl��J��*fiViiWW��*i*l��*  ,v��.v!..    .,,;,,��� i*--*-, ' i  *fT bM*M~^ , -*��,.  ,.^-^.^^.W^-h^ujw/^^^  kV��  . _���..., ;.v. .  |��!k��Ufsfc^^  TA  i3W5S3����yy��(rt!8i ���*���  -w-o^^^-Ntf-^-frt  -^  ^f  i v  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 17,1965 Page jj  Historical issue . . .  _&yt  .-   /  fvJ'*   *���?   I  Spciisl stamp honws  Sir Winston  ~^2��  SIR WINSTON-Churchill will be honored on a special  Canadian postage stamp to be issued late thissum-  mer. The announcement was made today by the Honorable-John R. Nicholson, Postmaster General.  This will be the firsttime-itt  "if  I? *  v ���  /*-  **-  f  ���\  ^r  Rebekah banquet '  PICTURED hereat-one of the .tables are/some of the  the history of the Canada Post  Office that a stamp has been  produced to honor a person who  was neither' a member of the  Royal Family nor a. Canadian.  Mr. Nicholson explained that  Sir Winston's tremendous contributions to the .commonwealth  and his many associations with  Officers elected  -membeis who enjoyed the Rebekah social gather-  ing. Only the first four members on each side of the  table are visible, reading from the left are Mary Cas-  sim, Gibsons; Viola Worsley, PNG of Golden Link, Vancouver; Alice French, Sechelt; Eva Peebles, vice-grand    m        _f m * ����� ��    ��  leitral m@itlif keli  this country were adequate reasons for a departure from normal policy.  August 12 has been -chosen as  the date of issue. It was on this  day1 in 1941 that Sir Winston  and President Franklin D.  Roosevelt signed the Atlantic  Charter. The signing took place  aboard a warship in Placentia  Bay, on the south-east coast of  Jfewfoundlaak-Tho August-date  zzl  Park; Nellie Erickson,-Secheltr-Jettny-Reitc  Gert McGivern, Sechelt.,  Sunshine Lodge 82 . . .  Rebekahs entertain  Assembly President  REBEKAH Sunshine Lodge 82 entertained the Rebekah  Assembly President Mrs. Gertrude Holland of VanT,  couver. Accompanying Mrs. Holland were Mrs. Evelyn  Shaw, past president of Rebekah. Assembly and Mrs.  Viola Worsley of PNG.  APPROXIMATELY 25 members attended the general  meeting of the Community Club held February 12.  President's report showed the number of events held in  the half in 1964, totalled 186. Of this number 70 were  sponsored by the club, 62 were rentals, 11 were nominal  rentals for meetings hejcj by other organizations, and  44 events were rent-free.   Guests from Powell River included >Mr. Wally Scnad, Past  Deputy Grand Master and Mrs.  Hilda Senad, Inside Guardian  pf the Assembly of B.C. _ Also  Mrs. Alice 'Beecham, biit. De-^  pfity President; Mrs. ^rnice  Hopkins, Past Assembly Trea-  sure^'lin^irMjRS'' ISvir P^eebles,  Vice Grand of Teihqubit Lodge:.  From Gibsons Arbutus Lodge  76 came Mrs. Christine Ritchey,  Dist.   Deputy  President;   Mrs.  Elsie Hutchins, <���3^bIe^��ra^iM;'���"  tits, Martha Weal, Vice Grand;..  Mrs.  Evelyn J5eggp/R^rding  Secretary; Mrs. Berriice 'CTian*-  berlain,    PDDP;    Mrs!    Elsie  fferrin,^Mrs.    Mary ^Cassiin^  Mrs,  Eva  Peterson  and  Mrs.  Iva Peterson,      i  showing Rebekah work at Assembly and also the. .May Day  in'Sechelt, in which tne Reb?  ekah float was most prominent. This joined the Oddfellow  "cavalcade" last1" year on Van-  ^co-OveivIsland, which was very  good advertising .for this part  ofv the Peninsula considering  there were delegates from all  "over Canada and the United  "States^- ���' ;.,_.��.,,,,���,   4,,,;  ������ - '"'tiAJLtt ,the.' officers m"^&��t(UngV,  Sechelt goodbye''said wh^t. an;!  enjoyable time;'%fe;f 5$adT' Mrs."  Eva Peterson of Gibsons  was  pianist for the evening.  Treasurer's report showed income from rentals exceeded  ball operating costs by only  $56. Income from- memberships  and fund raising projects totalled $1,600, which was used  to reduce loans and overdue interest Loans payable Dec, 1963  totalled $3,006, now stand at  $1,655.  Following announcement that  price to be paid by the school  board for chib land is $6,000., a  mption was .passed that, when  'Guests wore a blue-bird mo*  tlf which }s tho/Prcstdeht's emv  Worn 'this' t, year. * The tables  were beautifully; decorated in'  the Valentine motif'nnd a special money tree with small numbered Valentine hearts for a  drawing ..resulted in ;ta good  pum of money being presented  to the president a-long with a  cheque for Rebekah work.  ^l\pi,drawing was a beautiful  |>lnk poodle which was won by  "Mrs, SfrW-T&oth tree and poodle were iiie"?work of '<Mrs:, "Jos*',  fjphlno Rcjd > who*/ is- genera.* \  'convcne'lp"and ,wa�� responsible \  for tlie wonderful Pot Luck  supper enjoyed by 'nil, The  Glrl'�� Auxiliary of St, HildaV  was on hand to help with the  jsorvlng of desert ���and coffee  ��|kI yvashlng up, .giving the  iiicniber.s a cl^tnco to enjoy; tho  Reeling,  fjAfter Uuj meeting In which  'ninny yJeiltorii were called upon to sneak,. Mr, T. Ivan II,  pn\l\\\ gavo a showing of sUdcs',  ���. MIDNIGHT^SNACKSvt..,u^^H^->;'  Oil researchers are working  on a process to obtain proteins  from petroleum. In the process, /microbes, feed on the  waxy portion of the gas oil  fraction of petroleum, and not  ; only form protein but upgrade  the quality of the fraction remaining. Ono ton of wax could  be turned into one ton of protein, To start, the protein  could bo a food Supplement for  animals, but could eventually  help overcome the protein deficiencies In hiilmahs in underdeveloped  countries,  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  ,;-.'''" ^TRY'   ������  Peninsula  Motor Prodi  SECHELT, B.C.  Pl\.  805-2111   , Ted  Farewell  k  ���f-  MR; EARL DAWE Has been appointed,  as Officer In Court, enabling him to look  after Small Debts Court also to Issue  sommonsos issued by tho Magistrate, /vlr,  Dawe will cornmenco duties as of Feb, ,  15 from his Wilson Creek office.  Magistrate A. Johnston  sale proceeds are received, all  Outstanding *biils 'be paid ��ff,  and $4,000 be put in a reserve  ���fi_na^;pf^wln^'  $500 leanibe spent  approval of ?the  Retiring president, Archie  Walker, expressed appreciation  of support giyen -by the >com-  muniry residents,, ami: the work  done;'by the executive members. .   ;:,..'.f^.i'.,,..  ���Z. Mr,; John Daly'gave^a.'���"'yb'te'''of'  thanks, to the 1964 executive.  Treasurer Mrs. D. Anderson  thanked Mr. -Liddle for, services  given in preparing the year's  financial statement.  paid for the wiring of the kitchen.  Club officers elected for 1965  are": =Mr^Bill GameronVf president; Mr. Ray Phillips, vice-  president; Mrs. Diet-Anderson,  treasurer; Mrs. Lorill Kilborn,  secretary.  Board members elected are:  Mrs. Archie Walker, Mrs.  Albert   Edwardson,   Mrs.   Helen  Edwardson,   Mrs.   Elna   War-.  nock, Mrs.  Leif Iverson. Mrs  also coincides with the first  Quebec Conference, where in  1943 Sir Winston met with President Roosevelt and Canadian  leads to plan the prosecution of  the war.  Us-of4esign-and^printing-  will be realeased later.  This makes a total of thirteen  stamps to be issued in 1965. The  .revised philatelic schedule now  reads: v-  February 3r Nova Scotia and  New Brunswick florals; March  - 3, International Co-operation  Year; April 28, British Columbia and Manitoba florals;  Spring, space research; June  30, flag stamp; July 21, Prince  Edward Island floral; August  12; Sir"Winston^ CauffcbiU; Sepi  tember 8, Inter-Parliamentary  Union Conference and Centennial of the choice Of Ottawa as  4he national capital; October  ^ :'?i_u*ij^cfflat' and five-cent  Christmas stamps.  !  x  Edith Mills, Mrs. Barbara Iver-    potent  son, Mrs. Doris Edwardson. aceas.  It is a melting pot1 of all the  ologies  in which are  brewed'  --C*  V14  incantations   and   pan-  ik in a reserve       ^..: ������-^���_____  mr^memm^  snt without the  ; fe  . '._.,.,'��� ���   S;  S1^, i'"    SHROVE TUESDAY    1  .,..-...;'; :;:i:::-!f*iAiteH X)Z,:���...��:...'���,  I  I  IS  I  1  ^iO*:r^M *��� &  KEDINKEl  IZ  Catholk Church Hall  1  ;   Praise was also goven to the  club  ladies  who  devote  each -^  Thursday evening to the sale of i��  refreshments In the halh The S '  money raised by these ladies, S  together with $50 donated by the ^  SECHELT  DINNER 5 TO 8, P.M,  Adults $1  Children 75c  recreation    commission,,   ha s   ^i/iii/i///iii///if//ii//mi/f//UlII/fJIJ/muim/I///f/I/ih  \ i     .  .  . ���   . - .       I . .         f u. .  ��� . *l     i,  . ���     i i  .   ���������-   ������iw��i-f���.r..w���-.-. ��� i    ..-.���_-���_,_-,_,_.-.    ;  Well known brand  name  Chesterfield Suites  - ALL NYLON -  Pliofoam xippercd cushions.  "P  JAY-BEE FURhSITURE  & APPLIANCES  Our Prices Are ^ Lower  SHOP AT HOME  Terms to suit your budget  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phono 886-2346  ifflte  SERTA-POSTURE  MATTRESSES  From ,  ^39.75  up  ...4-  ^N^Hk^^W^*JfW.4^*'����^^MBi'1-**lts'*"' t*  r 'V ',* ���  STOREWIDE  REDUCTIONS  ^..(..^..^^.l^^,,,,,,,,,..  ,((    ���.,H'f�������.'���*#  Ziyi'  '-���-���������-t^: t      *     >  J - -   i,   ,  >.-f '.  Giving Away  at Sunnycrest  Join the crowd fetid  cash in on the  fabulous monthly  $50 draw at the  Plaza  Todd's Drygoods  Children and  Infants Wear  Ladies' Sports  Wear  Don's Shoe Store  A Complete Line  . ,   off Shoes for  the Entire Family  D. 6. Douglas  Variety & Paints  "Anything you want���-  we have"  SUPER-VALU  Buy Better  Save More  Limited  Real Estate  and Insurance  Sunnycrest  Motors  The Service Station  with everything for  the Motorist  Kruse Drugs  NOW OPEN  On the Sunnycrest  Plaza for youV  Shopping Pleasure  Last Month's  Lucky Winner  Mrs. J. O. Gibson  Granthams Landing  Investors  Don Mathesoh  Local Representative  CHEVRON  Spice Station  :.:wALTER.;_bi*^^dp.  NEXT DOOR TO  THE PLAZA  T,...',:.-,:  ���������;  ^THE-Sr6RE---��--#fTMIN-----A:-SrOR^  Boys' and Men's    ,  WORK PANTS  Boys' Dress Pants  They wear longer because  they are ��� made, stronger.  Agents for*  WOOLS  i" '"'" "���"  A large assortment  now in stock.  .,  From our extensive  stock of  45" arid LP's  we feature the Week's  Top 10,  Hair Switches - Blondes to Brunettes  y-  We have the widest selection on the Peninsula of  PENGUIN PAPER BACKS  Drop in and browse.  DO. DOUGLAS VARIETY and PAINTS  , Gibsons, B.C.  Phono 886-2615  fc[,*^liii��W*Wwwi*��#w��Jii*^^ 1  s*^**��N��**(,��***t^^i��i��-^  *wi'w__r_M^,,,_��_fc1"_��i^^'*���'_��^W^_idB_^'v,',^^lis*^  YES! YOU MAY WIN FIFTY '..DOLLARS  $50  Cashing your FAMILY ALLOWANCE. CHEQUE at any of the advertised Plaza Community Places of Business^  When you cash your cheque in one of these premises your name is placed in a barrel and the lucky name is  drawn at the end of each month.  :  WIN  WIN  #,i*l!2��*��*)����H8rt��*#��W,'��**lW��!


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