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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Jan 13, 1965

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 ���r f ���vm!iUi#nMir  PHESTOU HICaOFUJJIHG SERVICES  - 2182 BEST 12fcb M��fJU��  ' wmm&% b,c.  -.t  �� /  frying, the Sunshine Coost. (Howe Sound to JervlsJnletVJncluding Port Mellon, Hopkins Londing7 Grohthom's Landing, Gibsons, Roberts CreeC  *dson Creek, Selmo*Park, Sechelt, Holfmoon Boy, SecretW, Pender Harbour, Modeiro Porfc, Kleindole, Irvine's bonding, Eorl Cove, Egmont> WEDNESDAY; JAN^13/1965   IOC.  �� Authorized' as second closs  -I mail' by the Post ^Office  fsr   .   Department, Ottawa.  Volume 2, No. 4  Public heating . . .  36 oppose application  ^f-42-representations���  ��� i  OF A TOTAL of 42 representations, 36 opposed an appli-  cation by Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd. for a pulp  harvesting hcence in coastal Crown forests. The small  -group <tf s��pporters-gepresegted^egging4��ter  Squamish area.  The proposed licence inelud-  es forests in the Sechelt circle  and although opposed by almost  all logging companies -in this  area, there were only five representations at the hearings  held in Victoria last week.  Consensus of popular opinion  was that it would be an imposition to grant such licence to a  comparatively new company to  the   detriment   of   companies  New P.O. schedule  for Madeira Park  POSTMASTER  R.   J.  Crichton  which have been dependent on  the areas involved, for their  source of supply, for some  years.  Canadian Forest Products opposed the granting ,of pulpwood  harvesting rights on the  grounds of present expansion  and increasing tightness of raw  materia.! supply. The company  stated it has operated the Port  Mellon mill on sawdust waste,  but in the future this will be unlikely, due, .to * demand* for purchased chips. It was also pointed out, the company is planning  installation of a woodroom; at  Port Mellon for the processing  o��pulp logs and salvage wood  ^ page 3  has announced that the Madeira Park Post Office will be  on a new schedule effective  January 18, 19(55.      >-  The Post Office will close  for the half day on Saturdays,  instead of the present Monday  , closing. TlSTnew schedule also  gives an additional half-hour of  service daily.  The post-office hours will be  as follows, Monday to Friday,  inclusive:  Open:^a.m, to;ip:3Q;ia^m.,  10:30 <SL'Jm. to 12 noon, closed  for mail sorting.  Open: 12 noon to 1:30 p.m  1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.���closed  for mail dispatch.  Open 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  On Saturdays;- the fmorning  hours will be the sine as  above. The post-office 'will be  open for one hour, at noon,  from 12, o'clock to l p.m. at  which time the office will be  closed for the day.  New councillors  ���~ �� w*<<    *   c^  ���*Si  wearing hi ceremony  triggered congeniality  SWEARING in of new commissioners for the ^Village of  g*rSeeh#t'Was carried out last week when council met  for the first meeting of the new year, ceremony was car-  rietHnft By'Village^ Clerk E^Rayrior.   ' ?.-..  Chairman  Mrs;"^:  Johnston  MAIN  ���Sf  ����<?�� UM1NAUY  Artist's impression  in nominating committees, appointed Qoun. Ben Lang as  chairman of 'rojSds and public  beaches. He was also appointed  to the airport committee with  Commissioner Swain. Coun. Joe  Benner was presented with  community services and recreation.  -���-Following���^nauguratibnr���air-  alr   of   joviality   prevailed   as  members quickly and efficiently   dealt  with   community   affairs.  HONORARY  MEMBER  , Request received from the  Sechelt Voluntary Fire Brigade  asked that council meet a delegation of firemen in order to  discuss grants and financial  aid for the coming year. The  question of appointing a member of cotincU ns an honorary  member to tho brigade resulted in thc npMntni&ht of Coun.  Swain.        ' '���<  FLOAT LEASE  The almost submerged  gov.,  eminent float at Porpoise Bay  Is to bo renewed In tho near  ���futurcv Council   agreed   some .  time  ago  to  accept  responsibility for the float on lease but  asked that it bo reconstructed  or, renewed first,   Government,  ��hafl.now��ngroo<l tocarryout re��-  construction   but   asked   council  Sinn  necessary   agreement  first.  Coun, Burnel Gordon moved  this  her carried, out" and, was'  seconded *hy   Coun,   Swain,  Lease will cost council $1 annually.  STOVE-PIPE CHIMNEY  Chairman, Mrs; Johnston told  members,a complaint had been,!  made by the fire chief that a  wooden building had a piece of  stovepipe through the roof for  a chimney. This was felt to  constitute a fire hazard,  Coun, Swtdn asked was it not  the responsibility of the fire  chief, but was told It was actually the responsibility of the  f irer-Tnirrshall���who���was^a way -  at the time, Coun, Gordon expressed the opinion the, pipe in  question was in fact an approved tyRe of chimney,,It was ft-  nally decided to investigate further. .. . ",;������ - ���"*.���������������  SHORT HANDED  Due to the illness of Mr, T.  Lamb, it was suggested Clerk  T. Raynor would require temporary assistance with tho Is-  sue of 1005 licence plates. The  clerk was authorized to omploy  help as ho saw fit.  Impaired-charge MUt^pre^-cl--k-cliarles G,oodi��ss nous uP a^ts  .nets suspension  REPORT of an auto accident  near Wilson Creek at 10 p.m.  Dec. 18, led to the arrest of William Wilfred Laking, a 38-year-  old logger of Gibsons.  Police were alerted when a  ���YjeMcie driven by Laking drove  into a ditch near Mission Creek.  On investigation, he was found  to be impaired and subsequently charged..  Appearing before Magistrate  Andrew Johnston last Saturday  following two previous .adjournments, Laking was found guilty  and fined $200 and costs, with  a slx'tnonth suspension of his  driving licence anywhere |n  .Canada.  Damage to his car Is estimate  eel to bo $960.  impression of the proposed new munoipal hall for  Gibsons. Planned location will be on South Fletcher road  near the health centre. Below; plan of the main floor  showing council chamber, chairman's office, clerk's office, general office, restrooms and utility.  Obsolete building  iisoMsjriilgge office  pies way to progress  WHEN completed, the proposed new municipal office  .   for Gibsons'will be a credit to the district and as  one councillor points out "proof of the fact Gibsons has  im) intention of Ending still."  It is generally felt that with    ��������� .  In Gibsons  contest  the steady growth of the, conn  munity, tho present building Is  totally Inadequate and certainly no credit to the village.  Architect R, C Halo has do*  signed the building and plans  have now been submitted by  Bourrlo McLennan Construction, builders of the new Bank  of Montreal and the Elphinstone Co-op, '    i  Council has tentatively approved tho plan and costs and  details are now being prepared  by tho contractors, Cost v|s expected to be In the region of  prizes on view         ���  -RBADERS-of^Fhe^rimes-nrerenthu^  ������   #itho Know Your Advertiser cbntest, started list week ro^yn ^AZ^Jl  in the centre pages of tho Sechelt Peninsula, Times, ���^L���&^^^��  Valuable prizes will bo awarded each week to lucky maiV-s,office, washrooms, utility  winners, and will, be presented at the end of tho-con- room,  vault  and  lobby,  The  test, Those valuable prizes will bo on view during tho basement win be left unfinished  next.two weeks at your Thrlfteo Ladles Wear, Gibsons, for}"�� present but will be ntl-  Tho following .two weeks in Parkers Hardware, Sechelt, >jwjds����tw   as   necessity , de-  Rules arc simple and Will bo found OIV the contest Already, the library commit-  [>ngOi First week winners and results will bo announced tee-fins applied to council for  In next week's edition of The.Times, ,accoimoodation;, in tho building  but, has been advised council  will consider their rcquost when  the project is completed.  Situated near the health centre, the building will bo off  South Fletcher road with ample  parking facilities a problem  with the present building.  Coun, Norm McKay told The  Times, "almost n,U municipal  activity centres around the" village office and at'Wolnoment  many facilities are lacking Tho  now building, will,, provide us  with an office to bo., proud of,"  -Driver- examination  tests called oil  SECHELT Village Clerk 12,  Raynor announces the travelling unit for drivers cxamlna*  t|ons of the motor vehicle  branch, slated to (bo in Sechelt  from January 18 to 22 hns now  been cancelled due, to recent  weather conditions.  New times will be announced  at a later ditto,    .  "������ >  .:>]].  .f jW*s*inWja��w(i,'f��**������.W5��a��(wa rJM-i  -M^ww.',*,^, ,  5    ��� ��� ^i  �����  5e��lse& Pemmaife; Toasesi Wed, Jkra. 13, 1965  See&efi&B��.'  WJOait WANTED  Sqommgty Yours  ���������III i    Jii       i   ^���������Mititn.r^" ';ftIM..lllllili ���           -i      i.n ������.������������,  ������ ��� ���>������*** ��� ���  ->��� ^ -; "v- iF^,-   - --- -     ���by Maurice Hemstreet  MUPPIf Sfear'ffedr. fe&sw ss|aas^ dancers, and this- also  -- f^rT^la^ a^kaggf, feeaStfey year of square dancing,  3ftrar t��.<ge&. fewa'-fio sosoe-serases business of what hap-  fHSoesi to Use ISSfe wfeUe I vrss trying to put my best  '   #TEBQBSErJ1^d a little trouble because I  p -  3-lise AiSaefe 115 weesS  Tineas fesartfeaess-=   JSr  Eatea-JBiaga^Sxsag^-.  ��� I5e  *iie& mas ��? best foot, this, you see, created a pslstoag, sa I Mesf patting both feet forward at'  ��aces, m��< wAr vsSkm. at fest ywt--&mfh. sacceed^ try- and* ������  PeSer. try the way, is a cook  is. the- -Regal- Canadians- Navy,  aasl '-saesM-s to* have a  naotral '  ��asr* a 4Mb* I sassfe 3eS ?  casaft ��f 2be"per AsSSsS 'fejagfcagr  *c��'   SsshsMDSsp&sjf,,   Saps'-Sfepfagt  -csag BBufc Ot^t.- Dfegfay 'I-SS -gsr  '. 17c par ceex# SSas 4S thokS SsST  fcsecfcoj, S3e pet encash fee sa&-  -fo-ysaaasf- Sass'Safins.  '"Iss {fee &psb& cf a SjfppgiPcgBftiscci  ttsau gfiSwartisBBBfc gp��$> -sr ssfsscss  c�� Sk'VBsscxF gxtiss,, gpotfer. eg ^g^css.  is^gy gaaff fee 32&f easef fee tS&a&exs  tfxyxgsd to- iSae Rewt^scper* Afwes=-  cndl  EBKfflf fte wisfsdwirwaa  cat eny  1^   .Irene  ���Gladys and Tom  Pa-  sSif'Tal aaSf"(jlorly' "SfcCdiirtv''  one who haa been burced^oat  needs* asuistance in any form ^by  anyone  who ha*  it1 In thdr  hearts to do so,  ' While on tfte ��ubj��cf of fire-  departments, J[ wottU sure like  fo know why bystanders "and  sightfieers insist m getting In  the way of the firemen and  equipment. This hampers an ef�� '  fjcient fire fighting crew and  only- put^_u^-volnnfiegra-ta^au  bad light Jfi the same thne Ws  possible io have  a  bystander,  ask, why it's faking so long to  put dufr a fire.  Yes, I have been bawled out  for being slow getting t�� st  Tfire. Yon won't believe this not'  ive atso~ti*en bailed-out  ifor gctfing to a fire-too-Jast-  SSL. [Wlli*   cfefflTS' JOSE' SjliiJ    3   SS��    ___ ��������,    .    .,    _    .iawmMtiiwarr.   case.'   ,t��ct;%  SiliUHMS CONTTRACTOa   Meter ����sfe��, isas a ceM IM-  tiesss a ^ggss^T- ���Sa��se�� X  *39E'-��Ss  CARS cod 7KUCBS  5e saslj'' aagfflBs s a >y'3jsc��s2CF  errcraeaas fesrwv SPS^S-er nsfiis rscs-  cncfcfe c��fcwci3CE car soractare, i#hS  rcJt be chcrgedf fcr, fast Sfee fc^crxs.  .sac cS"Sse cppS&sdste rsfe.  coasSsHg cca'cgSgffl craef ��3eg w*?  paci&nSissDss.. Gscra^e - 'com* te^inGS''  csp^f ^fees pcagg is. se&saStsd" ,fe  _fT-tfA.-^BB��g .gg <?fe?i jrfe��"-T^ri-<.l'ff;&��..:.rgS'..rCT.....  ��� fcets% ss��e fer t&e acSS3ncif'wac&  ISc ip^ espy, 50c pes- sstcae^s :ffiqf  ...odfe��iacs.'  ^' wsbM^^^ exfess- *b4 2c  FOR SALE  ���e��c JS^r, jEsssfe asei 'sasae  gr. ��H'i&. PSBEB'-.aSEJSS*!.'  FOE  FS2S- Efefe^-jfeBsfc P^a*-  u2^��,:i,,l!a��e.....:^^SSai.,.��See^&s....  ��� SLC1 ^^&*Ss  a��a^^ eatisa se�� Sr^Ss^. see  FSES' ^Spers; afc-pgmwy lasses'  peisfessSsrs.  PEIS-'  P.SSBCGESS. ptsps, MSS-Frasfe-  CSIF    to    se^  eee^. .fSr.Sf.peF.  2^S, 6��r"SSS-2SpSv  3B2i- -per  5&5E35 ' SS5-  LEGAL KOTICES  HELPWAKTED  '..' SCSSWL-.'OESTSfCS"' -.3fi>.- 4S .���;������  " ,.,tiSted5aaaB:>';"     -!rt "'���'"  Tfesre  is  aa  yrnimetfe-te   va-  CiiBc?'. for  a  Secrefca'rj  Scetar>  graf&er���ris ..tae, ,;ciSce,.,cse.. -cfee  "S!ecreJi3xy-Jrea.yLErer    at .'������Gib-  s^as.,  B.C. Taaa  ��s a  fisE-tw^  -pcsstiocB.' mv&.sjx&Sl ".(rS&te:. Z3^  'pScaup sfcj'clfi '(Savfe' haid .good,  secretkrial experkatux, not necessarily' cB-sroctsd'' ''wtta'' afe^'  eleba, Tfae- ssajrtiSsa^., .safeEary..' ilj^Et ���  be' in the rrsSioai' of-' SiJih per...  , rosotSfc' itacs^ sEBBerfestcrf-. stoaM'.  'contact' . clj��   '���Se^^ajrj^Tnw*',..  " tirer '"aS;'B(*x"'2?fiv'~Gflwc^/' B.C..  cr ��� tetepoose' -'885-2114)1.'''    'IRraj��~ii  'SXL-WL,. '-PICKERS  ';br    local  ..��� psKteBg'.   p��ao:C���; App��y"t',,,RewL  Fprn &- Mo**., General Delivery,  Sec&elt   or   next   t>   Secbefe  1 T&eatre, kSKKfta  ' .MiraSlTO CBEB'fFOBS^  EN"   1EK''''MXSTER. ��� OF   THE  .ESFATE-' 0F '-ARtasSSflEJEr;Ka-  .���'5��IL1^: 'I3KES^r:'6jc3Mr^-^-:  SrfEsavF!(BjS.;. Sircsii^a CoSmoMs^  ���CcetSfiaFS' 2uni cifters  fesTiag;  ciaints aga'wwt tie atow; estaffie  i-stjire rci^fssrecf R> send fcSI psnr^S-  efffara o* ssjscis claiia$ co Jfar-  ' ga^t; ^ JacaeJ ��I SJJJi* Stfia*ex  '.ATOtaie,,'ins tiae SlaEscapaMy off  jBrcspa&y,   int .tbe ' Proiiocfe of  Briiiffc ' Cbtaaabea,. ,ca'. ocjadtaa  ,��&�����" gch; day ��f MaiBcSu.. A.Pir.  . i9G*, . after:' ,i��&i'cii ' '��S��e ; tS��  plate's' ais*ifcs, wfil fee <fc����ini����-  edr ���. fcrncg'   'regaEni '; o-jdj  :aj  ed. ' ,,  .,���: ,   . ' .  (r-iE>a3ed..ttsht (RSb .da'jV.of.'.Jaw-  - .Margaret   'lanes,'  Eiiwiirix  BST'J. X. STREIGirr;  " 'SotksbJT  , WOU-pu'^ i��a. -D. ��f 3KT, Feb., j 3  |fWMp**M(*��M#M|**iW*fe^  ���'.2 NEW SUBD|VISrOMS  '  ���:^AprtllfF%; ........  ���Eairf^. Gj'^e Stitxfmskm ��� odjoceinT to Bcwfe Cave-  feirry teirmiin<il co! the;Swirj^^JW1 Coast Higfwoy.  '....,JMotkiro .Perk' Sub&yrisZoh . ��������� omfooM��K^FciptterM*.L  ^*mttm^and'Gii,tr:^ cto��n ��� eqsy: tcu(rra  ���t,  onbolooce. Discount for cosh. ���������' ���  FOR SALE BY OWn'eR  i  *...' '' ;"l   O. SLADEV ���- Madeira Porkr.'B..C  Fbooe 803-2233 or pbooe Notffe Vemcoarer  935-4934  i ���,  Dwiey. Ctolleen Dool-  <^r- -'3lffiry���and���Alex Hagoer-  Jsaij Hagse, ��� tee' and; Bill' Da^  tis,   Calny   Berry,   Rosemary  llacltf^an, asd Ral Thomas.  C&ne :..\aagse ' did ���'-the honors  ���ead . drew' fee door prizes'  ���wiStis wes�� woo by Mary Ha-  gae. 'tedass aod Tom Parish for  t*2��-   JS3SE.  Ot "eGBatse,_ ��en" tbree children  ��ese .tezziag- around - too, with-:  f^Esff fesffeg "a constant ey6  &3 Ssefeod and" Alan and San-  and to top it all I was given  the very devil ones day for net,  getting my fire truck (good old  number 2) citreer to the Sffc. by  ���acsappesl said ss^r issd. ss a  fe^ &e��f S ��ss a�� s&e fell <4aarty  cers to azrare, afe^a fe^r <&i  PS��   s&esS!   Is^re   beard   &e  gee 3^eb* jpseesg. sfeafs fee  t^Ses. sar_ ssiase . -asS. setnr  fflSasoS St -ftefr sad -SEsap jsfjje^  ''���ffiasfe"3^"%Bw?r ag,"Be^e^"esai^J  Ski W^S. &a��s t&t way- is  j&j  sset,  awESjjiSae; Itaed^--* -SkeS"  . Peg' .sag!:' F ��a&3 ascfSbsr sec-  ees^23'   3few    TEesar"*'   SEgsasne  as cHmJag; af--jsagssBe daadsg.  ���S- wife jsSao&Qge Jjeverages^is  SeSafesa.' ��Sf yes, <iEis'~i��"'��aae  ..s&ssse^fflpf S5��R--:3i��aar"-wfcisi��''t-JaEMdl:  tie gg<aay,.at?.��tBgfeg AsM Laag  Syse aaeS Ssss&g m. t&e. 36ew  Year BSt ��� affiesr wMcEs ^re' ttsa^e-  'S&srt wscS:' cf ja IteSet' efeaer  poeared fa? oer OiEdesS awa-'-ISK"  terkey ac^'gnesffifrp^g1' eisfK was  jiass.-. too:, good ��o,, be,,ferae;,., aaad..,  wocfji, o��Te _p tadkSed :&e palal^j.  "Ifes ���sa*^..-|i.istares--;-WelFlEey:~  fesfe s��a <a�� trcsjide most of the  Ssse��� ss- <lse to snowy roads  .aad t&e, ' wiEd blowing, the  sssare daisoers 'stiil came out  asd bad a nonderlul friendly  tisse.  As a "fo�� <s people^knawf'T"  Save beea is tie local Sechelt  VstaSer FSre Department for  ��piSe a 3seas.ber of years and  &sSese .me- isrs qirite a thank-  Sess j:S ssssst ef t&e time, but,  br aw yss are_wpjEd��nng why  I "IsaW Isroa^si up ���uus sub-  jscS E2 jEssy .sspsxe dance col-  ffissa. .WslI I .-.wjis almost' finish-  �����r1" ?^s, tfee Sre 'p&ojie rang.  esse" EsasssgB' wa^s a house on  fSre as BsAeats . Creek, next  sSegy, latseire asd. whose. This-  Tsaas' pis|3cssfied as Mr. Almonds  6a. E^33sst����e 'Road. Due to  sear Ssst dsSgaSops our new. ���  track hss- t�� sta^y in- the area-  ses^sfs by ooar depeatinent with  saSSsesS ssea to operate it.  -NesES-step., "a <pkk decision to  take osr J%sa'ber' 2" truck, four  ���men ssd g��*. Sb- with- Cons.  Seiwocd leading we arrived at  tfer sees?�� wilSn- '2S minutes of  'tbe-.'caB, wtecb was at 10:35,-  .this to- ��ne was very'good, time  dse to a slow truck and road  .eewdstwwss; !��� don't know the de-  .1.'taiisT,,,.l!ct���I .do,,.know...that' anvv. .;  a sightaeer. The reason why?  His car and several others were  parked: in the road, so I Just  bad my crew lay an extra ISO  ft. of hose so that I could start  to pump water from my; te��|��t��  Why do these things happen?  I don't know. Do yon?  As I said before, a vdunleer  fireman's job' is pretty darar  toagh at .times. Just- a": wont  of advice���When yoo feavie  a fire call your departeent  -right, a way-as���the���fggt-^��&-  minutes are valuable to the  firenten. We wotM ratfeer pnt  out a fire with a pump than: to  empty our tanks on a total, tosse.  The Sechelt Volunteer -Fire- Departments phone Ko- is- S85��  ,441-l^HangvHt^-up^nisr- YOUR  PHONE!  Well must go.;for now. Sea  you at the Square Dance!  Sechelt P-TA :,  public meeting  SECHELT   PTa   wis   bdd   a  public meeting at 8 p.m. Jan.  14  in the Seciseli  Elemealary;.  Activity Room. The topic under  discussion will  be -Sdsool ;Ro��..,  ferenda Nos. 5 and 6.  School   trustees   will   be   oft:  hand to answer' questions and  people   having   neighbors   wita ���  no   children   attending   scnool  are asked to notify thetn.  Anyone requiring transportation on the voting day, -Saturday, Jan. 16 should contact  Mrs, C. Potcet. Telephone SS5��  9555.  After the meeting sHdes wiH  be shown by; j^'lSbt relating  to. his ��� va'rtdus^'ilrins'-to' btfeec,:.:,  -countrie^":-;'. ,'>."y-:",- ���;-: ���'';'"������::%! v  *'*'*����'���*���   (H  ���  "tflt   ,  fi tuHVM*  1       f *   t t ''   ' �� *r*sw*-*(   &���*��"  ... ���v ���^.^  <-n-���^^j^fil����ftUrawC'l*f4rr<��J��Jfc!M  n*"��$<a#tf  .�� ^*,^a-j ^K^^uAifJin^ii^rv  ���  vi  I    -  ^  "v��i  _WATER SURVEY  ;��      SERVICES . ���*  -o-CompIete-Woter^ystem Service^  f       JL C. EMERSON    c  "    Sechelt 885-9510  <r v Insured Blasting  STUCC0IN6-PLASTERING  GYPROC JOINT FILLING  ��� CEMENT-WORK:���  N. SCHOENEWOLF  Phone 886-2862  kinsmen announce    The Sechelt Peninsula /Timey Wed., Jj>n. 13, 1<?65J>qge3  rctille winners ��� - ^^ ' ,^  fAta?le^^e^ W��? is takdii by lumhermien  >  n^ZZlV ^^1^' W?S:??Nj   Ctofcjnv tamberHack lumber   Manufacture^/  S T^'^^f     -Producer^have taken 'action. .Association;'     Cariboo -P.GJp.'  S" kcts'" *��?& Sechelt   .totry^ to   prevent  fraudulent   Lumber Manufactures Associ*-  Jta^Kfc  f^f^^r^/f^T^'*1?^'^-*^  Jnterm* Lumber, Mant'  ZSJwS ^S%etlSfiU�� '    - ?Sleft *" produc^miH-   Taetbres^otoonri^eSir  ,   ��  Phone Sechelr 885-9669  PENINSULA  CUNNINGHAM  BUILDING SUPPLY  "The House With A Heart"  -   E.VJ. Coldwell,- Proprietor  AMBULANCE SERVICE  HAlf MOON BAY  n Emergency ond ihon Emergency  colls.   Special   rates  for 4XA.P,  At present, lumber is grade-- InteriorJ.umbermen's Assoeia-  KinsnWwpuW like to"thknk'aB'   marke<l at ��"�� buyer's option,   ^on;     Saskatchewan     Timber  ' who supported t��is~ draw and    Howevec. -consistent with, meet   Board-produce  more  than 80     *  wish everyone the best in the    m$* ^ contractual obligations,    Per cen* of the softwood lumr  jaew year.    -     -     *     * on all shipments after June 30, . ber in Canada^ More than JO-_._  ���*���---        - 19��,., members of 'the lumber   l*er cent of it is shipped' to ek-.^ ~��  MOBP  Anmrr     -       "w" 1 "WBafiBng assooSfionsin ^est-   P^r* markets, the major mar-  p        77," * * ? ��rn_Cana4a-will-adopt-^poJiey���k��Lbeing_the_U.S.A^��� '-^l  torest licence "   of  grade-stamping   all "grades " ��� :���  of  dimension  lumber   at   the  8ox 97 - Sechelt, 5.C.  ..Scows ���? ko$5  SECHELT TOWING  & SALVAGE LTD.  Heavy Equipment Moving  & Itog-To.wing  L. 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Any infringement in Jthese ^reas  is contrary to- the basic princi-  ples^of public working circles/  . and Jthe intent. jfor IwhichT&y  were established. (  On his return from thc hearing, Mike, Jackson told- The  Times, "Lands and Forests-Mi-'  nister Ray Willis ton. appears to  be a great booster '��f4arge' in-,  terests.- Unfortunately this-business of. establishing/pulp, mills"  all. over the .province, can conly \  . succeed 4n ^creating, a shortage  of timber within a' few years.'!  Jackson also, expressed sur- ���  prise at rather conflicting stater  ments in which the mimster ex-"  plained that mills have riot been  built without a guaranteed supply of timber. On the otter  bandj -Rayonier claims - it re-  quires - the licence fcf order to  .carry out an i expansion;":at.  Woodfihre. <iyet,"_ ^aid Jackson, "this, expansion ,'has already, commenced." It would  therefore seem, pie,, Rayonier  Co. either has every confidence  its application will be approved,  or it _ has another source of  supply. The latter explanation  would therefore 'suggest it is  not .as dependent upon the licence as has been claimed.  r It was stated by a representative of.MB&PR that between  1963 and 1968 the six pulp mills  on the Gulf of Georgia will increase their capacity from 1.4  i million to 2.3, million tons. The"  full impact of the available  wood supply has not yet been  felt., The company felt annual  cuts of the.Crown forests should  bo  recalculated to' reflect the  ^ timber suitable for' pulp. J>ulp-  " wood quotes could then be,csta-  - blished ���and���salvage���encour-"  aged, This would be preferable  to   the   granting   of   pulpwood  rights to one company.  The .truck .logger*, association, representing small coastal  log operators, opposed the, ap-  plication" on flic' basis the>tpublic ' Interest can be better served by leaving the,Crown-for-  ests open to competition.  Results of tho hearing nro  yet to bo announced.  Keeping up with the Jones Is"  , quite a problem now jffaat they.  bave two car��,t,a<~boat*4MJd V  dropout;from one' of the best  colleges:  ��� > ���* ^  ��������-  ��� ��  "Si  .MSMliWSiMHsaC^WaWMBW'WlltWlWll *SB��iwol^f^H*  The  ,   Anglican Church  OF CANADA  Rector Rev. James n. Fprgusson, B.A., L.lh.  ', Phono 885-97!>3  ��^a^^l^��i*4^*v>*to-'w'W*��wfe��*��**i��*1      ��� Sunday, January 17, 1965  ST, MARY'S���PENDER HARBOUR  Holy Communion���A 1:00, a.m.  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE���REDROOFFS  Evening Prayer���3:00 p.m.      <  ST. HILDA'S-i-SECHELT      :;;',  Evprilng Prayer���7:30 p.mi  Two wives were discussing  thclrr-spouse.s. ����My husband  doesn't show the slightest interest or concern in' what 1  do," remarked one. "Vyil he  oyer cares about'Is whatever it  is ho does in that place, whore-  ever It is,'that he works."  , I*1' ���  BAPTIST CHURCH   :.. ,SECHH.T,  ^SERVICES';,     vV  Sunday School ���-10 a.m.  ,Church S��wic�� ��� lljta o.m.  Prayor - Wfdnirwday 7��30 p.m.  PASTOR  REV. A. WILLIS    .,��-*, You ��br�� tm��rro��l ��� W�� ottend ���''��������������  any oroflch forvlco.  ftkt  %>i����!**(*fl4i��*K mttewrnkti-tt t|.  i��* ��v �� * ����#y  ^  January Made to Measure  Suit sale   Ixtra:;PdirTrqu^   FREE"  wirh each Suit sold during January  Select From Our Quality Cloths  MARINE MEN'S WEAR LTD  Phono 886-2T16 Gibsons,' B.C  ,- ^  ^"V'^Ui'  ^nW|pTn^^^Pim,.W!CT|��i'iW,i|B>,,MwgiHwtn,^ ,,,,,,,.1^,^ ,p��T^:  ..rvv,,-,  '"*k .4 f#1*.,  *��^*l#��*fci, *  ^|.|#'��t t A.*f  " 4V     *fjj iA��-    ">  K If        -^UWi��'-***>��<W-*t*   mt. -W*  - &0) -w ��wy'i��ww.C.'^itfv'  =w^sn^a==r j*Er-i* jT^w^^wntcvpTsrw"^  ^^^^i^^^^eat  I  MM  HnMfUtg  ifmSm Pm $m#     ^w# 4^ ,w & im ^  X*mw. torn* t*m fjm *m mm 4Ua*f4w#~>J  ^-Krw-CKW^HKG*" H.WWW  H-^^��WW("e^'tg��ffi|^ia'>"' ***���*  Vz^lZ^.Z^Z^ ?lto..!f 2? faw����*ail^j����wi��u4iHs*��iC  7*8fee��tn��   wmajsr <na  n�� tte-  '&?  ^3**5,   ^ ^��teJ��" &pf&&&%ifr'&~ ($ %&   "jo. s^z?��*  # te- so* y��i ���iiuxxa tuai have .&a��rt ^caVwaiaB.   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Romcvclimost proprietors renllne, '  J>A��T  KmKmIimIoh Ktttws  tin udvHtwo)  I Yp��r. tv 2 Y����nr*, t��  "���"���-""(-^:Yriirj��"J1 ,��'���""   U,��S. ��nd IoioImh %>,H)  r^  ..), ...... p***  W^lW'mIi*"'  ^���>^rk,^-ftj ���fa^.ytptoi  u W***Tfcf"*��***��,i^ w,w*v I  /i J   *    -*��*���*.��**>"*(  The Sechelt Pentnstfb Times, Wed., ion. 13, 1965 Poge 5  ���X,  ^-��  for multiple projects  YQUR support of the referenda 5 and-6 for School Dis-  '    ��� Qti���   9f V1tal,importance in order to clarify anv  queries, following is an explanation to the Owner-Electors m School district No. 46 (Sechelt).  PORT  MELLON-LANGDALE  ' =   The first item on the refer-   for a  play  area  and $7,500.00  .   endum shows $12,400.00 for ac-    for a "small library.  (The De-   Wiring and  developing school���partment~tif���Education���nmr  ���    sites in the Port Mellon-Lang-    shares in the eost ot- libraries  is-jshareableby the 'Department  of > Education.      ' >        \   '  This may he the limit of ~cohT~  struction  at  Madeira  Bark���a.  future -possibility is ,a 2-room  school at Kleindale where the  Board already. has.fa_site.  ROBERTS  CREEK  The referendum shows $6,-  256.00 for the Roberts Creek  site���this represents $4,000.00  for clearing, and rough grading and $2,256.00 for site dev-.  -eteproent/ $56,99fc00  for  btfileV  Zl.���  b (WWlWJ^WWfWBW  ���_,,  ehools���ov-  and $7,000.00 are shown else- size),  where in this referendum for Why do your trustees feel  purchasing, constructing or re- that a two-room annex at West  constructing buildings on these SbpHpII is preferahle-to-an-*4-  ings will coyer $49,500.00 for 1  sites   and   for  furnishing   and  equipping these buildings.  EXPLANATION: The Board  proposes to abandon the present 4-room school (only three  rooms of which are in use) on  ^Canadian Forest Products Ltd.  property at Port Mellon; the  Company   Plans  to  expand -its  an-^Activity   Room-  and a play area and $7,500.00  for a small library, while the  $5,000.00 -for   .furnishing   -and  equipping   these   rooms   repre-  4 per cent-of iwilding coster '  Cos* f*fAthis Program: The  Rederendum is for $339,575.00  of- which, the government of1  B.C.^pays-half. Cost to this  area is there $169,787.50, repayment of which is spread <ov-  -ef-20 years^aldng-interesHtav  to account, annual repayments  should -j-approximate-r$l2^00.00���  this is less than half a mill.  The present assessment of $34,-  000,000 will go up, thus further .  reducing the mill rate. On an  asseessment ol $5,000, the first  -yearns���cost���might be  -about-  FREE SLACKS  -$��507  Other Questions: Public meetings to explain the referenda  are   being   held   at   Langdale,  dition to the Sechelt Elementary School? Firstly, the Sechelt site is small and is mostly leased land. Secondly, transportation costs will be reduced  by building at West Sechelt  and thirdly we already->own the  site. ���  facilities and  will require this  property within a few years.-  Your  trustees  have decided  to build a one-room school. on  property torming part of Kaik-  alahun Indian Reverse No. 25  in the Port Mellon area and  negotiations are currently in  hand for the purchase of this  property. Only primary  (Grades 1 to 3 inclusive) children from- Port Mellon will *at;  tend this one-room school.  The Board also proposes to  build a two-room addition to  Langdale Elementary -School  and negotiations to purchase  suitable property ^e also in  halhd hereT Children from"'''Port  Mellon in grades 4 to 7 inclusive will be transported to the  addition in Langdale. Grade 7  students from Langdale will no  longer be transported to Port  Mellon.  , SECHELT  SECHELT  The Referendum show sf,-  600.00 :;for,,,acVir4h^^iiWpyel-  oping a site for a small annex  at West Sechelt���this is, in  fact, all for development, since  we already have the site.  $3,000.00 has been allocated for  rough grading and the balance  of $1,600.00 is for development.  The sum of $40,000.00 shown  under section,.(b) of the referendum is for the construction  of 2 classrooms and a play  area at the "}\Vcst" Sechelt an-  ne*. and there is an amount  of $5,000,00 under section (c)  for furnishing and equipping  these rooms.  Under section (ty), there is  also an amount of $10,500,00 for  Sechelt    lElementary���$!l,000.0O  ���lOirrTDistrict   Superintepdent  of Schools feels that a 2^room  school  is  quite  an  acceptable  unit, provided5 that it"idoos npi,  incorporate  Grade  ?   students-  sents $4,000.00 for the one class  "room   and  the  Activity   Room  and $1,000.00 for the library.  Instead of adding to the present school, could a 2-room  school tiave-'beeh' planned in a  . new .Jocatioh? Yes, .but your  trustees felt that! possible sites  were^ tnn   Hn<a> in   th<>  Jp_  -Halfmoou Bay, Gibsons, SeclF  elt and Madeira Park. In addition,    any    trustee    or    the  School   Board Office   will   be  glad to answer any queries.  REFERENDUM NUMBER SIX  SCHOOL SITES  First item on this referendum  school and that an addition to  "t%e pijesent-school was the best  ^alternative for no^v, as it makes  for ^better teaching situation.  Present-is -$2SjmM-��9P-  and these studentsj wfill npt attend the West Sechelt Annex.  The annex will be planned for  easy expansion to 3 rooms or  more, at which lime Grade 7  can be included. Only students  within reasonable walking distance will attend West Sechelt;  a survey will be made in June  and parents will be notified.  MADEIRA  PARK ,  The. referendum shows .,$19.,-  ,.78&,00 for��^acquiring�� and -d^vei-  oping additiona 1 property to ��� increase the play area at Madeira���������,Park Elementary -School  and to develop both the old  and theinew property together.  This is in line with the Board's  pobxy of upgrading all school-  junds'jin School Bnstric^'Npr  46. Negotiations have been"concluded, subject to the -successful passing of this .referehdum,  ���for the purchase of ��� suitable  "'land and the remaining i>yo  thirds of the referendum " s^unt -  will be devoted' to improving  these groups���a really faajbr  task. $9,000.00 Mill be required  for drainage, -clearing >and  rough grading alone.  ,  ., ;  Section   (b) of  the  referendum shows $44,900,00: for build-  ings���$37,400:00 for ���an > Activity,.  Room and $7,500.00 for a small  library.  $2,000.00s and  $1,000,00  respectively have been 'provided   under/ Section   (c) ^o -fur:;  nish   and   equip   these   rooms/  Schools    of    four    classrooms  and over are entitled to Jin Activity Room the cost <>f which  WEEK OF PRAYER AND  WITNESS SERVICES:  '   ' In observance of the Week of Prayer and  Witness,  the churches on the Sechelt Peninsula"  are Joining together in services of fellowship ,in  prayer and un|ty,  EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT AIL  SERVICES  All Services begin at 7x30 p.m.  Monday, January 18:  at St. Hilda's Anglican Church; Sechelt,  ���������'������        Tubsday, January ��� 1Y;"  at Gibsons Pentecostal Tabernacle, Gibsons  Klvto*��t*n*iWi��fr-jfi ��� w '��*' ���xt.iift'J MWii3����,,W'-ir^��(< Wifc6��MW^-'  t.kK'���'*!'W^"''��w1��WilMiWrt***��M*4^����w��W��'^��"* I  Wednesday, January 20;  at Bothol Baptist lOhurch, Sechelt      - '  Thursday; January 21:  at Gibsons United .Church/Gibsons  *   ; Friday, January 22:  at  Pender Harbour  Tabernacle, Madeira  Park  However, a new school in the  vicinity of ihe cemetery area  of somewhere" between Gibsons  .and ftoberts Creek may come  later;  - GIBSONS  LANDING  The amount of ��� $18,000,.^ under-  .Section (b) of the referendum  is to ^bufld a' multi-purpose  lunch room sand library at Gibsons Ejlementary- iSchool. Actually, iunder present Department of Education policy, Gib-  -sons��would*haveKbeen-entitled  to. both a /separate iuhchroom  and a separate library. An a-  mount of %$2,000.00 is provided  to equip this multi-ipurpose  room.  EXPANDED        4 ;  SECONDARY   PROGRAMS  '* The $24v700.00 for Eiphihstone  , and, .$5,300.00 ior Pender. Harbour, for   setting/ up, the  new  ��� Secondary; School programs -is  r: unavoidable rasxdZ, if putt in ,the  annual   budget  would "present  a -sudden large Iburden. Grade  jl 'students'- will; start on  the  new  program   this / September  and Grade, 12 will be on it-next  year.; Under the new program  students   choose   between   the  Academic   or   Technical   program^ leading to' Univecsity or  an   Institute   of   T^bhnicolDgy,  and the Vocational stream leading into Commerce, Industry,  ' Services,   A griculture ��� or   Fine  "Artsi-"1/'" ���������"���;���''��� ���������'������������''������<������������:������������'*��������� r'-:  PLANS/SPECIFICATIONS  AND CONTINGENCIES  These sums coyer the  standard architect'si "fees of 6 per  --cent-of��� the-huildingT-^osts-t��nd-  thc  standard   contiriguency   of  5 per cent of building costs.   ,���  GENERAL  Building Costs:  The nvefrige  ���cost  of  constructing   a   class- ��  room   varies   between   $13,000  and   $10,000���about  $12.00   per,  square foot.  Planning Period; We, arc on-  . ly permitted tp plan 3 years In  advance on" buildings; |'a  little  longer on sites,  Growth In this nroo; In Juno,  ��� 1954, we had 1,020 students. In  the Intervening ten , years,  school enrolment has * almost  doubled and we now have 1,867  pupils, ;  Libraries: The phant Report  strongly urfied (the Department  of Education to recognise tho  necessity of libraries In elem���  entnry schools, The iDopnrt-  ment 'has, now agreed to ��hmne''  ii*-the-cost*of-coCO"sarttrilbrary*  In schools of 12 rooms and over  aind of n '480 sq, ft, library in  schools, of btitween, !l and u  rooms, Prwloualjy, a school  hud to have 500 pupils k^fore  tho, Department would share  in tho cost of a library,  Equipment   Cost*;-   About   10  por ponl of building costs.  Grounds Dovolopment:  Ahout  -aeo^iirjng-  and developing <site��"r in var-.  ious schools. Actually, all .of  this sum is for developing ex-  isting sites, in line with 'the  Board's policy of upgrading -all  school grounds.  The breakdown of this figure is as follows :  Sechelt Elementary���top soil,  mulch, seeding, levelling, .etc.,  $3,228.00.  Elphinstane PJayground���top  soil, muldh, seeding, .drainage,  ��tc., $3,372.00.  Davis Bay���^evening, seeding  of portion, .etc. ;$1,600j00.  ���Halfmon Bay���fill and development, $1,150.00.     _  Trail Bay���levelling and fill,  some -development, $1,150.00.  Madeira Park���(additional to  monies allocated in Referendum No. 5, $2,500.00.  Langdale���more clearing, de-  velapment, drainage, $1450.00.  , Egmont ^and Urines Landing  -^���development, $lj000.0O.  Render ^  Harbour���-levelling,  seeding,    fences    ^and    tennis  court, $4,500.00.  ' Total $20,000.00.  This development will be  done in conjunction with the  Board's newly-appointed Planning Committee, who will co-  opt local recreation directors,  etc. where necessary, .and dev-  -elopment will be planned with  respect to definite activities.  P��NDE& HARBOUR  The -sums of $7,500.00 and  $1,000.00 are for building, furnishing and equipping a small  480 sq. ft. library. The cost'of  this library is not shareable by  the Department although Pender Harbour has more than  three rooms, because the enrolment (128) is not sufficient  for the Department to agree to  "share���'"in" the" cost-of "anoCher  room for library purposes.  Your trustees, however, believe  ,that a six-room Secondary  School needs a library. Pender' Harbour Secondary School  has just boon Accredited by  the Department of Education���  an honour rarely bestowed oh  such a small Secondary School.  Implicit in this accredltatipn,  which will bo up for review  in a year's time, Is tho assumption that library facilities will  bo improved.  Plans' and Supervision and  Contingencies: i Architect's fees  of 6 per 'cent of building costs  and a contingency of ft per cent  Of building costs are standard.  Voto "Y��s*' on Jnnuary 161  Buy a made  $o measure Swt  and get an extra \  pair  of Panfe  4  NEED A'CAR?  -NEW-or-USED  ���-���   -V---TIJLY-   Peninsula  Motor Pro!  SECHEI.T, B.C.  Ph, fl85-X1.H  - Ted Farewell  MORGAN'S  MEN'S WEAR  Sechelt, B.C.  Phono 885-9330  ft  ���-���*r"r'HZ"rx.>w... ���.,...������.,;���.,.....   **.i v '���/. i   X  Rounds about the town  1 ���By Ed Green  FOR THE first time in my life I am glad I do not own,  : a split level ranch house on a mountainside because  at this very, moment there are-a lot of them split right  down the middle "by.a few tons of snow on their jerry-  built roofs. Of course 1 can't feel too smug about jerry-  built things because if there ever was a rickety excuse  for a porch it was purs that was thrown up temporarily  a few days ago by kinchand snow. Now?we have to have  anew one wMch'w^ll be a good thing so' it isn't all bad.  -   The -whole thing that puzzles t~^~    ~~^       ~  me about these disasters large    know 'what \ happens   or   what  Ocean- where it |is, dumped over-board in it's sealed container J The container is said to be  impervious to erosion of any  kind. Is it? Time! alone will tell  that but there jare scientists  -who-say that in itinle, the container itself willf_be__as radioactive   as   the. contents.   What  then?   It   doesn't  deep it is sunk it  matter   how  will eventual-  ^aid small* is who is jgoing" to  pay for;them. At fhej moment  the unlucky householder or insurance companies Jtoot the  bills but 3 think it should gcC  iiirther than. that. There is no?  reason why the major atomic  powers shouldn't out with their  - cheque   txxoks   -anfl   cough   up  for   their   idiotic   peccadilloes  will" happen:; a few years from  now, = if we are around that.  long. Therei are "too:many differences of opinion even among  the scientists to bring out approve!!,* facts except bad ones.  There have been so many charges,, countercharge's. admissions and denials that even  those  naive .^enough to - believe  'with   **S��*r rbig   bombs,   lake, in Santa  Clans :Snd,it hard, if  many, many others 3{too feel  that ' the   atom    or   hydrogen  ��homb is responsible if or the  astonishing      wea'ther {   upsets  -that began soon after {the "first  bomb was1 exploded and have  "been   rapidly   worsening   ever  =. since;       -~ :' |  Of "course the scientists will  hotly challenge this hut as far  :as I. am concerned they can  argue until" their shiny tiald  heads sprout .nice fresh hair  and they ca~mv>tj change my  humble opinion; there} axe too  many unknown factors "against  them. To put it quite plainly  they ; have developed J something over which they have no  complete control." "Well agree  that as far. as explosive effects  are concerned that are able to  calculate them fairly accurate-  ' ly but once that awesome ex-  - plosive power has been re3eas-  ted what happens? I  The cold  facts  are that nobody,; not  even the  scientists.  NEED A CAR?  | NEW or USED  _. TRY        j  Peninsula  MotorProd.  SECHELT, B.C. j  Mt,  885-2111   1 Ted Farewell  > - f  -  1  not impossible,, to believe any-  .thihg an atomis scientist says.  "What are-the lew facts available' to the layman like you or  me that makes us suspicious? ;  They are simple and undeniable. The first is; Mayer's Law��  in which flayer, a great German    scientist -   proved    thet  "Energy can not be- created or  destroyed-^" The greatest source-  of energy?today known to man  is the atom. Buried deep in its  native   element   in   the   earth  that even'raw uranium mined  at   Elliot   Lake,   Ontario,   has  polluted   the  lakes and  rivers  to such ah extent that the*waters are considered  poisonous.  TVhen we take this  comparatively   harmless   mineral   in  its  raw   state / and   refine   it,   or  whatever it is they do, we are  getting a product of such power;  that   an   almost   nebligible   a-  mount of it can drive a warship    through    the" water    at  thirty or forty knots, or it can  flatten a city. When that energy    is  allegedly  dissipated  by  explosion or in a reactor where  does it go? It  can not be destroyed so what happens to it?  ^.At the moment reactor waste,  or ^whatever they call it. is a  problem.   The   disposal   of   it  from   various" plants,   like   the  one1 at  Handford.   Washington,  is an expensive and risky business.  The -waste is  packed  in  'special    containers    cosing   a-  bout forty thousand-dollars each  ^and towed out to an exceedingly   deep   part   of   the-Pacific  ly poison the seas .around if.  Still on the subject "of-radioactive oceans, what happens if  an atomic powered -ship or submarine is sunk by any means,  especially by enemy action,  jvhat happens if La- shell hits  the- reactor? We;" don't know  and up until now there hasn't.  been anyone "heroic; enough to  tell us. All .that energy is one  form or another Lis going to  boil up somewhere.  The high atmosphere blasts  of atomic, or hydrogen bombs  is another matter.1 Here another sea, a sea of air, is poisoned. ; We are told we now have  "clean" bombs, which means  the! radioactive diist from the  ���explosion is so eljean you can  wallow in it.f Can A we?. How  high is the Strontium 90 content now polluting our milk?  How much higher is it. now  than it^ was ten* years ago?  How much higher will it be  ten years from now when some  scientists tell.us.the radioactive I 'fallout' npwf present in the  sub stratosphere/ .-will /eventually drift down to earth?  You don't have to" /be a scientist^ or even -very intelligent to  seel by now /that there is no  conb-ol after .'those powers are  released. If * there were there  wouldn't be any 'fallout' ^danger;   -."-"  What has all this to do; with  thei weather?    We-J can    only  guess but a reasoned guess is  as good as anything the scien-'  tists have to offer.  A; scientist -named Van Allen  recently mind you, discovered  there was a wrapping of some ^  sort around the earth and it is  -now called the Van Allen Belt.  As soon as this announcement  was made and" proven other  scientists could .hardly wait to  fire I an atom {bomb into it to  see what would happen, Plenr  ty happened. All radio communications around the world  went into "a complete blackout  and [it was some time before  the gap eventually mended itself and things became normal  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Jan. 13, 1965 Page 6-7  Vital improvements . . .  Pender Harbour schools  need referenda approval  JANUARY 16 is  numbers 5 and 6, Ave to be approved or rejected by  projects listed for the Madeira Park  the Pender Harbour High School are  cbnsiddrejd by thk teaching staff to be vital to the interests oi the students! ���r���������.     '  ��������������� ���  your vbt&s. The  Elementary and  the day when the school referenda,  A  again. But did they? How  many millions of pounds of energy is still floating around up  there and what effects, has it on  the atmospheric masses surrounding  the  earth?  The Russians make no secret  of the fact that they can change the weather by atomic power. They say they have plans  whereby they can use this power to change the course of the  Japanese Current that would  give them ice-free ports. It  would *also melt the Polar Ice  Cap" and raise the ocean levels  so much that many 'coastal  cities would be flooded. Maybe  -they know enough not to monkey with it.  Just how much do the Russians know? They aren't ,say-  <fhg. It is significant that while  other countries of Europe and  Asia have suffered heavily from  the weather there have been no  reports out of Russia announcing any disaster there due to  weather. Did they have any? If  not ,why?  "Today people live in fear of  the bomb. They pray it will  never be exploded in anger.  They can save their prayers. It  has already been exploded and  while the results, are not quite  so sudden as they were at Hiroshima there is every indication  to suspect that as far as we  know at present they. can be  just as devastating. We just  don't know.  Swearing in ceremony  NEWLY and re-elected trustees for schjool  were rsworn! in Monday, iJanuary 4 by  surer Peter Wilson. They are from left,  son, re-elected;! Mrs. Murial Ball, re-electjed  son and Mr. WJ. P. Malcolm newly-elected  Secretary  Mr. Leo  Petel*  WiLsod Creek notes  THE ROD and jgun club New Year's party  regardless of the hazardous weather conditions  district 46  trea-  John-  Wil-  By Mabel W< gman  ed by the heavy snowfall. Fifty people a  good time was jenjoyed by all  A worthy mentibn goes to a  good neighbour who had -graded the road clear to the Club  House^Several people had left  their "cars at the top of the  road and made a brisk walk  to the Club House'  was a success  caus-  , md a  tended  sons, Decembek- 25. 196-. The  only baby bori on Christmas  Day at the St. Mary's Hrspital,  Sechelt. Proud -grand r arents  are Mr. and] Mrs. Kanneth  Pearson of Wilson Creel.  SPENDING   HOLIDAY  LOCALLY j  Mr. and Mrs. Stan Tyson Jr.  and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Tyson  from the Queen Charlottes are  spending their holiday locally.  NEW RESIDENTS  Mr. and Mrs. Art Wayment  recent residents of Sechelt are  now residing in the Davis Bay  area. t  CHRISTMAS ARRIVAL  -Congratulations on the birth  ofr a daughter, Donna Lorraine,  7%ounds, 6 ounces-, born to Mr.  and Mrs. Steve Holland of Gib-  HOLIDAY  VIS TORS  Visiting    over    the  season at the pome of  I oliday  Bonnie  As well as givimj scholastic  advantages to our cluldren; the  passing pf the referenda promises to put an end to the perennial problem possd by the  annual flooding of the Elementary pjay area.  Of the land now us>d for playground, a portion is owned by  the Community Clio and-has  been used free of charge, for  many years. The swampi-like  conditions hat occui each winter have bcsen the tojric of heated discussion at ratepayers  meeting, bit hothinj: has peen  do he to correct thxi situation  With the approval oj the referenda the School Boj rd will be  free to put chase, improve, and  properly rraintain the play ar  ea. This is no small consideration to the parents >f the children who attlend th.�� Eltemeht-  ;ary School    ! "/  The Elementary School will  also gain ati-activity room, and  a library, both of which* will,  give lithe stfidents m^ify advantages  For the High . Sch<j>ol ther|  will be the desperately needed  library, and equipment for Industrial At ts j shop. The fund  to build th> '-shop'wore alloca  ed on the ast referendum, bu!  and Glen McDonald were-their  son Don and J daughterfin-law  Joanne from Vancouver.  Guests at the Wagma^ resi-'  dence during the holiday festivities were relations Mitzi and  Bill Kie|back and family from.  Vancouver.  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PTA- meeting  held January 19,;in- the^  "Harbour JHigii iSMool.;  Potter will' deliver lal  and   show   slides ? on  The  will, be  Pender  Mr. S,  Heotuue  Africa.  The p'ublic is invited to attends Mr. Potter will speak at  8 h.m.y. refreshments j will be  setved after the lecture, and  then the business meeting will  be heldj  CENTENNIAL  PROJECT  in anl effort to stimulate family interest in tie Centennial  project,   the   Centennial   Com-  notTiffTcieflunds^'flJTeM'uip"^    **&*** f? sponsorpg ��� ��ssay  j contest for students in grades  NEWS  LETTER .    ,  Each mcfnth, Mn. , Frances  Fleming-principal of [the Pender Harbour High* School sends  an inforii lative : J l^wis-letteri  "Principally ^peaking', to thQ  parents of her student  The^ folio ving is opted froni  Mrs.   Flemings News-letter.     |  "Edueatitn  Costly '  Tliose who ccmi'lain that  education is costing t)Q much  might consider wha. they get  for their etucation d>llar. Then  consider this: The <o��t of one  new prototype bomber with full  eight to twelve of the Pesnder  Harbpur) High iSchool. The  comppisiition is to tell what Centennial j project the student  would favor. Bearing in mind  .    _v.       .  .. thai-.^e'amount t> be, spent is  her students. j\ approximately $3,000.00.  Judging   of * the  essays   will  take place at the end of January. A!n award will be given  for the! ^ winning essay from'  each grade, and <a grand prize  for the .best essay.    \  i   FOR QUICK RESULTS  USE "TIMES   CLASSIFIED  js  i 1,3 IPS  TKe  -WOX  CI  T44  19"  all  Walnut  obiiizer    P  o ypar gua -a  ining. UHF  picture  antenn4>  llndlcotor.  front mounjrdd  Nobel"  ^oirtabte, set  cabinet  Aj\onitronic  ure   tube  ntee   Pre-  ojnd  Two  NEW  1554 Marine Dr., Gibsons  Our Weekly Special!  S5C  ib.  BABY BEEF  LIVER  REDMANS  RED & WHITE MARKET  Call 885-4416 Sechelt  TYIi   t  Ffroducts  Ltd.  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We haven had  a school concert in years so  many thanks go- to Mr. Porte-  lance, Mrs. Cattermole and  Mrs. Swyck. The concert was  held as part of the entertainment of the children Christmas party. Santa arrived later  in the afternoon. It was a horrible day weather-wise, so the  attendance was not as great as  usual.  ���Next on the list was_the._ carol  singing.   Guides, 'Brownies  and  anyone who was interested in  caroling went out Dec. 22 all  over the townsite and $32.27  was realized from this effort  and is being sent to the ho'spi-  tal, as in the past years.  The    Porf Mellon    Firemen  held their Christmas .party -on  attendance   was  Supper~^ias^sexvei^at Seaside"  Hotel and then7thV~crTJWa\vent  to the fire hall for an evening  of dancing and fun.  The New Year' dance went off  as usual with a good crowd in  spite of the snowy night, Breakfast was served at Seaside Hotel. The members of the Community Club outdid themselves  with the decorations this year.  It took a lot of time but was  lovely to see. ���  _to Port Mellon over  the .holidays were Mr. and Mijs.  Bud Strayhorji from Vancouver  Island ^visiting at the Legh-  home, for the New Year event.  !MSss V,al . Laviolettet (from  ,Courten,ay .visiting the Porte-  lance home.  Mrs. Lottie Johnston and  Miss Kathy Hostlarid tfrom  Lethbridge ^visited the Host-  lands  in  Port  Mellon as  well -  _as in Hopkins and Langdale^ v-  My mom and dad were up to  visit us for -the Christmas holidays, Mr. and Mrs. Purser  from New Westminster.  Visiting at the C. Graham  home is Mrs,. Graham's father,  Mr. T. E. JDoran of Birtle,  Man. Mr. Doran came up to  4he Bowman home in Burrtaby  for -Christmas and then came  -to Port Mellon for the New  ������-Year,:-:-.'-;-. ,���,��� .^,..,.���'��� ,���,��� ,���,,.  Lyn Bowman of .Burnaby visited the Grahams over the New  Year holiday.  Mr." and Mrs. C. Bowman  sperit Christmas at the Bowman  home in - Bucnai��^���  Mr. and Mrs. T. Enemark  and family spent, Christmas in  Prince George, Vanderhoof and  way points.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Booth and  sons spent Christmas in Vancouver.  SecheltzWswting Alleys  ���by Eve.Moscrip  RAY NELSON in the jSechdlt Commercial League topped  the bowlers and started the ISfew Year with?761 ($18).  Two of the junior bowlers were *off -to an excellent start,  Wendy Bystedt trolling 251, and Alan Hemstreet, 231.  LEAGUES SCORES  :  _ Buckskins^:���JVIike���Johnson,  594 (277); Ray Pinchbeck;, 581,;:  Belly Paul, 547; Doreen Joe,  559.  Ladies Matinee: Mabel Mc-  Der.mid, 633 (247).  Sechelt Commercial: Lola  Caldwell, 646 (254); Bay-Nelson, 761 (328); Red fRobinson,  717 (287); Orv Moscrip, 292;  Mabel McDermid, 263; Lome  Allan, 278.  -Speets���Club:    Jean���Eldtetl,  \261Y *Betf - Nelsen:, i -260*> aorothy.  Smith, 259;  Dick *Gray, 734.  Ball & Chain: Red Robinson,  676; Nancy Jaeger, 6% . ,  School Leauges:  Seniors: Earl John. 467 (237,  210); James Duffy, 400 ,(278);  Arlene Johnson, 300 (188).  juniors: Wendy Bystedt, 417  (251); Alan Hemstreet, 361  (231); Bobby Nelson, 288 (202).  Ten Pins:  reen Mullen,jl68.  Men: Leo Johnson, 515; JDick  Clayton, 537; Butch One, 520;  Sam MacKenzie, 556 v(230); Don  Caldwell, 551.  Benefit dance  fire vicii  SECHELT f i r o jn en -battled  their way through snow' in a  fruitless endeavor to ^extinguish  a fire which demolished the  home of Harry Alrhond last  week in the Roberts Creek  area.  Almond had almost finished  construction of the log house  which she started a few years  ago as a spare time project.  There was a small amount oi  insurance.  A .benefit dance is tn heJieltL  Mixed: TSHHcCourt, 171; Do-    Saturday at Roberts Creek.  il  4  cut*  Chain Saw Centre  Wilson Creek  Dealers for P.M. Canadien - McCulloch -  Homelire - Pioneer and Stihl Chain Saws.  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Saturday  S p.m.-^H p.m.  Phono 883-237>  ���j  ���,.,,l: ,���  <s. '�����.*�� jiw ������*��(*/**(���- set &  >��+m W*u rf^flw* -������W^ft*av w&WW��� r.  Sfcj.'S fc-sA-vo^. <k h��*H  "OfciiMA�� Mum**. A fa<r<l��>��F    ^ LV KW.>  fu C^Mnt'   -^fct1**    V��     4 k. 4,  ��        , __  *   ���*   -��� 4    t  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Jon. 13, 1965 Page 9  \  GOOD HARVEST      /,   { ,.  For every,$2 vegetable seed  package sent overseas through  CARE of Canada, Ottawa; hun  gry people will be able to grow  1,000 \ pounds of 12 diffe/ent  kinds r of vegetables, to help  them feed themselves.    *t  .....Councillor? wejcomed  COUNCIL of Sechelt got off to a lively start at first meeting of the new year following swearing in of the two  new commissioners shown here receiving a word of welcome from Chairman Mrs. A. Johrtnston. They are Joe  Benner, left, and Ben Lang.  His and Hers  .������.��- i by J. and D. Browning  WE.OFTEN marvel at the supreme feats of driveman-  .vShip^shownuhy(people along- this coast, principally  young people. Twice recently, when rounding the blind  bend going west-west, that is, of the Mission Creek  bridge, we have met a car overtaking another car and  coming straight at us. =   ffoods[leadsr inevitably to fishing1 (not that we are good fishermen,   in   fact;   the   world's  worst). Charlie Brookm an has  been saying that the fishing is  . not so good any more. The Bal-  "; lad of Davis, Bay^ will explain  '^^'Vperhapst ~  ]^i the sunlit (?) waters of Dav-  / is Bay,  Two  little  fishes   were   swimming, one day.  Minnie the mackeral and Tom  my the cod,  ^They circled beneph^Old Char  lie's rod.  The skill with which, on each  occasion, Ihe driver of the offending car, missed us, was  consummate. True, we helped  hiniito miss'us by quickly turn-  to reseae his family- and household goods. That wasa flood,  that was.  Now it so happened that our  daughter, Maud Kraft; had ar-  ing off the  hard  surface onto ranged   previously,   an   animal  the sand. But in each case his clinic   for  a   visiting   veterina-  unerring driving instinct, must rian, the first day of the flood,  have forewarned  him  that we These are some of the things  had quick reflexes. And a good she' had  to  contend  with,  be-  thing we have, too. ing   on   higher   ground���mori-  One supposes that this reck- bund cats and do��s- Gentleman  less abandon and disregard of  death, to himself and the other  party, is what makes the Canadian  sailors,  soldiers  and  air  cats deprived of their rights  and vociferously indignant  about the whole thing. Lady  cats, who would never again re-  men, so distinguished in battle.    Joice in th�� Patt,er ��^ tiny _ kit-  Personally, we have seen so  much sudden death and its  beastliness that we try to avoid  it. '  A propos, of Mission Creek  and all this snow reminds us  of the flooding or the Mission  Creek flats, some few years  ago. At that time a dam pre  ten-steps. Pets of various kinds  going under anaesthetic or  emerging from it. To this macabre setting add wet cold and  hungry flood refugees requiring coffee and eats.   ,  One redeeming feature was  that Maud did not have to get  George's   supper,   because   he  of Mission Creek..The bridge���  a   wooden   one���had   gone,   It  cannot be said  to have  been  c lost,   because   people   k n e \y  ���where it was���last seen on the,  Jiighseas, healing for Nanalmo,  History does not relate where  lit-landed,��������� ������-���  vented the waters of the creek w.a:!.?u*.andeJd on lhJr west t side  running down Betts' Creek. But  in consequence of ithc heavy  rains and melting snow; the  rushing - water broke the. dam���  �� crude construction of logs.  There was no bridge by Betts'  house, just a small culvert, or  -no-culvertrr-forget-whichr������-  One morning the Inhabitants ' ?he highways dopt. blasted, a  of the flats woke up to find h?lc '" lh�� road.,rigged up a  thcmcslves totally surrounded "boatswain s chair across the  by water, quitefae<jp too. For creek,, until Jackson Bros pro-  instance, -the top of Erickson's cuced some huge logs o span  car, where the Newshnms Hvo \ lho. ��wck,.>uldng a tcnipor-  now, just showed above thc wa- "T bridge. That was quite a  ter, Adnlr had to swim or wade ������How.  to high ground to borrow a boat    ' Talking   about   water   and  Gibsons  :SS0 OIL FURNACES  �����*<*::  No Down Payment - Pank Interest  ,        Ten Years To Pay       ,  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIANCES  For Free EsHmate - Call 886-2728  Where the sea weed waved in  the depths so clean  And the starfish sang "Dixie"  and God Save the Queen,  They   gambolled" and   watched  the tempting bait,  Till a loud and sonorous voice  said  "WAIT."  For Colin the cohoe had happened along  Where the starfish sang their  joyful song,  Said, "Hold on a minute, my  dear little fish,  Or Charlie'U have you served  ���up on a dish." '  I've swam in the depths where  wrecked ships rot  The home of the squid and the  cachalot,  I've   swum   from   Oshkosh   to  Bangor,   Maine;  And  then  to  Cape  Horn  and -  back again.  .   ��  I've swum 'neath the ice of the  Berring sea  Where the Arctic currents run  swift ,and free,  Where the white fox howls in  the awful cpld  And the polar moans his woes  "./' untold;   ���  And, noone on earth or water;  you see  Llias_Qyer_JnRde���a._me8s_o.ut_oL.  "mo. r  When you see something tasty,  just take a godd look,   y  And   don't   ever   eat   nulhin'  that's strung on a hook,  His grammar was bad, I need-  n't say  more  When I tel| you he'd on|y been  to grade four  Said Minnie to Tommy, "We'll  do as we're bidden/'  Said Tommy to Mln, "Oh, Sis,  you ain't klddlnV     '     ,  Reader's Right  Appreciation  ������ Edlior, The Times:  Sir-Would it bo possible to  Include this Item In your: paper,  Wo do not kn��w where else wo  could express our gratitude for  all the motoring citizens to a  group of men that are doing  -��.HUch������nn��oxcoilont���Job.*.��-������*��  "A well deserved Happy Now  Year, to' the Ponder Harbor to  llalfmoon' Bay  road crow for  their  untiring  efforts keeping  our roads In top'condition during this difficult (line,  I know I speak for all tho  , motorists in this area In ex-  tending, our. sincere appreciation."  ,~M. A,' SHAW  U  ,1 '  m  IK  1,1.  !���;  ft'  fcSt  m  I si  if  W  &  -4r"  m  fr\  ~k  #7' .  I  ij  >���; >  ,t'<  i'"t  X.  , 'J'I  v'O  flOI6J.Iwt>  j  . ,TW -.���p.A.'.v. ���*    t* * 1 JW.f  V  ?*X^ Z&^ J^"*H  Page 10 The SeVhelt Peninsula Times, Wed.f Jon:43, 1965  mmjKmmmmt'��miimmm0mmm0mm^mmmm0mTtmmmfmfi^i  iimimmmm  "rmwm.r- ��� ������������ ��� ������������wn'T -��� ~"  Long or short . . .  -By Pauline JListe  wmmmmmmJmmmmmmmmmmMmmi  Sradiiatloii already ami  Ifisirion Isniiis oil list  Loose ball  GERALD De Groot No. 12, Max Cameron, s and PbilMalpass No. 55,Elphinstone,  ���'���w~up for BbH MrX^g Cooper No. 45, Elph. Luke Bombardir No. 15, Max, Brian  Bennett No. 11, Max, Ken Sneddon No. 42, Elphr, and Murray Chatwm, Elph. are  ready for ensuing action.  SHOULD they be long or should they be short? This was  "~ the question put to the vote of the graduates-to>be,  - Many girls desired a long dress for graduation bat many  more decided to bave short. ���< ~~ f  Some Of the ieasoi��fafls were:     ��  "Marriir Grns" nttrh in  and-  Wbere would we wear a long   he*P-  ' dress? ;  You have to be sophisticated    ElphiXlStone hosts  to wear a long dress.  It costs so much money . . .  Some .girls, don't look nice in  a long-dress.  Well girls it's a good thing  you didn't live in jthe world of  yesterday. I say long dresses  are "IN."  If yoi Seel you'll never have  ���^-^hatw^Hlo^weaTTrtoiig~<lress  again, cut it off. Isn't graduation the one time in your young  adult life you should look sophisticated?  The year 1965 -promises to be  a busy year for the students of  , gOpbinstone. ���Jn^the=tliird week  of .January the movie "Imitation General" will be shown  in the gym. The following week  a masquerade dance has been  planned. The theme is uhde-,  cided and all student sugges-'  tions are welcomel.  The council wishes to hold  another. "Mardis Gras" but student participation in the organizing will have to be greater  than last year. So if you want  Powell River teams  VISITING basketball teams  from Powell River, scored  convincing wins over Elphinstone in last Saturday's games  held in the Elphinstone High  School gym.  In the firs! game, Brooks Ju-  ^or-4Hgh-defeated^Elphiiistohe  Junior Boys by a score of. 44  jto 20.' Lyle Christiansen * was  high scorer, with U points  while John Karateew scored 11  points in a losing cause.  Ip the Senior Boys game  3 Max Cameron^ whhi good ball,  "*conftor''Tn$ accurate shooting  bombed Elphinstone 47 to 15.  .Iphinstone was plagued with  poor ball control and their accuracy was not with them.  On Jan. 15 and 16 Elphinstone  will be hosted by Max Cameron in a four team tournament  with Port Moody, Sentinel,  North Vancouver, Max Cameron and Elphinstone playing. We  Juxpe to make a better showing  Junior Boys  BRUCE Marshall, Elphinstone shooting, surrounded by Brooks, boys, No. 10, Dary 11  ���Dewynter; No; 11, George Light; No, 13, Laurie Chambers; No. 6, Nick Wishlaw.  On left is Elphinstone's John jjCarateew with Gerald Ward on right.  Miphty effort  ,        Cheer leaders  KV���,if ���?^^                                               by their attractive cheer leaders ELPHINSTONE'S .l^^o^So, 45, and Max Cam*  ivn KKL3? K^fl liliWSli.W s^iiojlnZ ���?^12loyB'*CS!?h eron's Luke Bombardir N^, 15, up for n rebound with  &" f^a��^Murray Chatwin No. 21/ and Brian! Bennett No. ll,botU  N  i*i*����*(����wi��WtH��'*��**feo*BW  ; 9  ^from Powell R>er awaiting the outcome,  >'< -r��  ~t-- o*a,~��.����i.'jrJ���-i'��flie^ rf��S).lV��'(>U*wjji.-i.s.��..,  j "HjMu.C^.J'jr.jrr-,* ^ . *.*Sfa'*    * .  ^fcV..   "i.Ji ^/^.vfVW .'Jti.��-w*^<    W>>r~*4ir.\\*n,i��r., r  *^    .*    ���*  ^      ^v>-^��-f    .- ^'  5*3  SW  Notes in Met- ;  on activities  HOUSE, games have been- com-'  petitive for  the  boys,, however the girls seemf to-lack in-s  terest. ��� Perhaps the * publication ���  of Moase-Standings.-willn encourage more competitiveness* and  enthusiasm:,  Notes from Perider  ThgSedreit Peninsula Titires^ Wed., Jon. 13^ E96irPoge ll'  REVEfcEND\Waiter M^^ SOCheit   SOClOl    ��lQt@S  have responded to< the plea- to send used,Christmas   **v**',*'>***   '^^   *tt/l^*  cards, to the .Ladies Missionary Group''of f the Pender  Harbour tabernacle ^ ��� -���r-* �� '  -Jtt4is  Mustangs'  Bombers  Spitfires-  Sabers  84V  69  5<?  46  GLAD1 RAG'  The Gihd Rag went on' sale  Fri., Dec. 18. Donation from1  sale went! to the Berdahl family. Their home was wiped out?  by fire. Donations amounted to  about $20!  SNOWFLAKE  QUEEN  Annette reigned as Snowflake  Queen at the Christmas dance.  She was crowned with white  carnations and her- bouquet of  red roses added to the charm  of her beautiful red and white  dress. Her princesses were  Anne Thorold' artd Denise Crosby. The three girls each were  presented a silver teaspoon to  commemorate the occasion.  M5UDeNT^S-���GONeilr^���   The student council donated  $50 to the Berdahl family. A  mixer was held on Friday, 18;  and the money donated was included in the contribution made  by the council. Many thanks go  to the students for their genero-  Prize tickets  THE ANNUAL Red Gross coo-  kie and candy prizes*, wow  through the purchasing of tSck-,  efs sold by studtents netted  about $190;  The Home Economic's cooking room once housed* tHe^de-  licious aromas which went into  tHe decorated boxes. The money will be used to support 100  Malaysian children and the  Greek school.  White gift.* were collected for  needy families in the district  and distributed over the holidays.  Junior J�� Senior  Ctoistmas dance  SNOwTLAKES, red, green and  white streamers and a beautiful. Christmas tree added to  the gay spirits of the 2T>0 students attending the dance,  1 I,ive,entertainment was the  big attraction. "The Sinners/'  a   group ,of  four   boys,   aging  , about17,'.played and sang some  of the top hitov Thc Beatle hits  \Vere some of the favorite songs  played. The boys nre from ICit��  '.sllano.   They  travelled  a   lonu.  distance ��� to   entertain   us   and  were greatly appreciated,  ,    Admission  prices  of $1   sin*,  gle  included   free  donuts   and  |M)|), A -wonderful lime was had  by, nil,  '  Thanks to all the studonlN  aii<| teachers who made the  dunce), possible.  Harbour tabernacle  One reply was received' front  as* far away as Gambler island. The- pictures from; last  yeau's calendars are welcome  too: Anyone having cards, to.  send, the address is, Pender  Harbour Tabernacle, Madeira  Park, B.C. Your thoughtfulness  willi be appreciated'.  rThere was an error in the  dates publisHed' previously, for'  some of the church meetings.  The- Young People's group  meets1 at 8 p:nv. in the- first and  third Fridays of. each month.  -^he-Men's Fellowship meets at  8 p:m. on the second' Thursday  ofi each month: Sunday School  time is 9:45 a>.m. Anyone wishing to< attend will find a welcome.  MEDICARE   PRTJGRAM  Peninsula organizations  please note: the Federation of  tabar at 517 E'. Broadway, Vancouver, Sic. lias available  printed postcards to be. sent  to our provincial members of  tie���legislature, and to the  federal members Of parliament,  urging them to institute a program of medicare in accordance-with- the recommendation  of the Hall! Royal Commission.  The members of the Royal  Commission,,JHidge;H^lli,^two  medical doctors, a':'dentist'"'and  �� nurse, were unanimous in  their findings that a medicare  plan was necessary to the welfare of the Canadian people.  Studies made by the commission showed that- many Canadians deprive themselves of  n\edicaf care because they can-  hot meet the costs involved.  ���Any organization wishing to  promote action on a government sponsored medical care  program, may write to the  Federation of Labor at the a-  bove address, requesting cards  for distribution to their members. The members then sign  their cards and' send them to  their elected representatives.  TEEN DANCE -  The Teen dances which are  organized and suprevised by  RITs. W. Mills, are underway  again. The dances are held  every second Friday. These  dances are much appreciated  by the "young people. Two adults are needed to help Mrs.  Mills with refreshments at) each'  dance. Anyone willing to help  occasionally, please phone Mrs.  Mills   at ,883-2255.      ,  SLEIGH MISHAP  , A sleigh.rlde sent a local boy  to St. Mary's Iiospitnl on Janii-  , ary 7. Brett Clay, 12-year-old  son of Mr; and Mrs. Harold'  Clay,   suffered   a   broken  leg,  . three   broken   ribs,   cuts   and  'multiple bruises, A down-hill  slide* carried Brett across the  tfoad* at the* bottom of the' hill  to'-crasht into a parked trucks  -Best wishes foe' a speedy and>  comfortable .recovery to your  BrettV -  DOCTOR NEEDED  An' accident such as this one  in which Brett Clay suffered  such extensive and' serious injuries' emphasizes the need for  st> resident doctor in- the Pender  Harbor area. Brett's accident  occured���on���^hursdayp when^  there was a doctor in attendance at the local! medical clinic. However, the clinic is open-  for only a few hours each Tuesday and Thursday, and everyone who needed emergency  treatment on any other day or  at the wrong hour on these two  days, wouldvbe unable; to obtain medicaT%ttentionquickly.  VISITORS ^  Holiday guests^ at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lee of Silver Sands, were Mr. and Mrs.  Ray Lockhart and children of  Vancouver.  Jiind&> and-' ILauwdtea- Sherd--  dam- returned firomva'vacation  in' California and' except for one  day'Bad weather had a. very  wonderful time. Hope- to- do it  again-one of these days in the'  near future.  Moving to< Sechelt from Gib  sons, Mfc and Mrs. Lionel' Sin-  glehurstf, they will, be in, one  of the- houses' on?, the waterfront  owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd  Fraser. Mr. Singlehurst is a  well known artist and looking  forward to-Qie-wonderfiil' loca-  Tho dollar doesn't go far  IHoho tlnyt*. Worse yet, it nol-  dbin finds It a way buck,  Beauty Salon  Sechelt  Evelyn Hayes  Above Pott offIcb  Cutting ond'Styling"  Tuesday to Saturday 9-5  "Your Stairway To  Hair Deputy"  Phono 885-9525  ��w,tWf!i*t,<��*%l4��!*ntiii,'ii'liB(ft*l����**c  4UWMUUWVUUUU  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBson. ��� Phono 006-2027  NOTE ��� NEW TIMES ,  Twlllglil Thealru will' have shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday  . ., . ..  , and Saturday matlnoa only for January.  Saturday Matlnoa &how llmo remain* 2(30;p.m.  ���, ;��      i! ���",: M '  i  ''   i. i    ,     ' ,    '  A January 14, 15, 16  fc John Wayhb  ,"HATAftr  Colour ,  tion and light for his studio.  Mr-s^ SinglehurstTsron the staff  of St. Mary's hospital.  A few of our neighbors suffered mishaps on account of  slippery ice. Mr. J'. Watson  suffered'a broken arm,. Mrs. N.  JR. Thompson a/broken arm.  Mrs, A., Macklin three cracked'  riiist Mrs. Jj. Hall badly bruised  and' sprained arm. We hope all  these people are on the road to  recovery. - .���_  ���Wftfi Yow Neigfihtfurs  her sisfer an$> brothel in- law���-  Mr: and! Mnsi Fred' Holland' and  otiier raemJiers; of Ber femily.  Back from* & visit- in< Nianai-  mo Mr. and* Mis: Fat Muilins  with-, children Jferi audi. Janice.  . The showing ofc the national-  film- boawif proves- still   very  popular' iter sphle of icy condi-  tions;. over* 'tfikty people saw  -Tcrdnto*   jaz^Latin.    America.'  Wedding, comparisons.   -  Mrs. Jean> Bfartie om the elc- ,  school    spent   her  vacation' hi  Winni"  Mrs. Teresa Mulligan spent a  few days in Vancouver visiting  MJF tor December . . .   ;'  Gibsons weatherman  snow  WEATHER report a$ submitted; by Giftsorts Weather _ _  server, R. F. Kennett shows a snowfall of 47.8 inches as comparedi to a^normai of # inches. Theue were  only nine inches of rain compared to the normal' of 18  inches. -......'"  f*Ior.        Extr.        An;    Nor.        Extr.  Total   Rainfall      2.22" 8.14" 12.29" ('62) 54.64." 62:60" 7T.68" ('61)  Total   Snowfall    47.08" 4.00" 47.08" ('64) 60-08" 29:09" 60:08" ('64)  mentaay-  Christmas    peg had a wonderful time visiting old' scenes ^and old' friendst  One night it wa^ 27 below zerol  Sandra Marie  Nestman  PASSED' away   Jan:   10^  1965?  Sandra   Marie  Niestmah,   beloved  infant  daughter  of  Mr.  -and Mrs. W. E, F. Nestman of  Sechelt, B.G., also* survived by  v- three sisters, and' grandparents,.  Mrs. E. Nestman, Washington,.  Mr. and Mrs1. J. Rusk,, Vancouver, B.C. Requiem Mass, Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 10 a.m. from  the HblywEaimOyARbman Catholic Churchi, -Sechelt; B.C. Rev.  F. G. Nash,, celebrant officiating. Interment Seaview Ceme-  tary. Harvey Funeral Home directors.  Dys. with show 11 4 11 C64) 21  Dys.   with  rain 9 18 24 ('52)150  Highest   temp. 47 52 58 ('63)  Lowest  temp. 8 20 8 C'64)  Mean  temp. 33 x 37 33 ('64)47  Dys.  wth frost 22 ** 1* 22 (*64) 93  12  146  48  65  3*  183  52  93  C56)  ('53)  ('58)  ('64)  PASSED away Jan. 8, 1865.  Emma- Day of Sechelt, B.C.  survived1 by one daughter,; Mrs.  pv. Emerson, Sechett; &.G., one!  sam> Tomt, Victoria, B.e., 14'  grandchildren: Funerajt service  was held Monday, Jith: 11,  from St. BSlda^s AiigUcan;  church, Sechelt, BiC:,, Rev. J.  Fergussoo. officiated, ihter^  ment, Seaview Cemetery.  Harvey Funeral Home directors.  ere are tiiree  important reasons zwhy  it will pay you to  renovate and redecorate  .���/..  Wtal* ��8E'*"*^'J1*,***,,*  Tl  SKILLED MEN ARE  AVAILABLE-NOWI  JL Althpugh mora and n)oro  building Is bolna done,each  winter, exterior construction  does slow down during tho  cold' weather. As a result,  homo Improvompnt contrac  tors und sKlllqd. oraftsmon  saxiH out tho smaller Interior  lobs that thoy are undblo to  nRiidie'durlng-tho'summerr"'"  You* bonoflt-'Wlth sklllod  workmanship by export  oncod trpadbBirion when It'b  mostconvoniontioyqul  DISCOUNTS AND  LOANS ARE AVAIL-  ABLE-NOW1  To  create Incentives, that will'1  balance tholr sales and Keep1  their statf employed through*  out tho year, bulldlngisupply.  dealers  run  wlntor sales..  Those special discounts hol|)��  you1 renovate and'redocoratoi  at tho lowest possible* cost;,  '���!Ws^'ll���fllWl^yoa^banlr��,flDod���"  jlocoi foi visit',, too���for Ibw-  nterest Mome' Improvomant*  lioans under tho National'  Housing Act! uptoHOOO.OO,  with up to ten years'to ropayl'  3 MATERIALS ARE  AVAILABLE-NOWr  When' building* slows  downv'ina't'oTlQil^ become*  ' more* readily avallabldv Re^  suit; Irritating delaysIpcom*  pletlngi your job- because of  Ihtot delivery, of supplies are.  oHmjnatudii  /  ���j'  k  s;-  i  ~.'V  if.  ���f'i  W  #  p  r  CM  ���>  i  P  ���fe>  %  '#  /"���-"  <V7' .  *>��'  "TiMrtfsrmrfowtff aflwfit  Winter Is tfio. very bes&Ume to  spruce? up* your Home (and?'  your p/iic�� of Ituslmss)-*  qu/chly., efficiently, inoxpen*  sivtilyr   . , ,   ��� ���  1-iih.iia.iL .fljMssme w-��4Bmm  iit>  $  '4  ���ir*  K  I  'V.  ���i ��� ���  . &,���  v>.  For odvfbo imd assistance coff your National Employment Office  Eyeryhnc benefits whoiv wltifer worfc Is Incrcaaod.  ^Utuoit by ����thorlty of Hbn. All��n J. M*cE��ct<*n,Mtnlit��r of  DOIT ^ NOW!  WNIMA'  11  it  .,��..  i��'iVcr\ ��,.  ';�� UiiiiHA-i^Xifii  sKWs&K&a  Pane 12 the Sechelt- Peninsula Times, Wed., Jan. 13, 1965    Fully equipped ��� ��� ���  "���v.^  *J nk��� wV\  X  3&  ic^  Well-equipped  THIS SECTION^f-thajiew woodwork shop at Elphinstone High, shows sorne^��JJig_excellent equipment  already installed, and includes two wood lathes, floor  model drill, mortising machine', 10" table saw and 8"  long-bed jointer.  ?u  fe  . &    k  \, ,   " ,  -i Room for more U|  TAKEN from the balcony, this view of part oT'th'e new  woodwork shop includes a few work benches while  the empty space against wall aLrear will be shortly ocr  cupied by a 12" De Walt'cut-off saw. Space is also available for a 20" band saw and_an 18" planer.  New wood-work shop  offers top program  on way  for income iax  THE massive mailing' of six-  and-one half million income  tax forms direct to taxpayers  ��� is scheduled to begin on Jan.  WITH THE arrival of new equipment, including a large 8. This is a new method of dis-  s industrial band saw, the new wood-working shop, -trijbuting tax forms according to  in the Industrial Arts wing of the Elphinstone Junior an announcement from the De-  Senior High School, will go into operation, as one of the partment of National Revenue,  most modern in the province of B.C.  The shop, of post and beam  construction, is 46' 6" long and  46' 4" wide, with balconies a-  round the walls to allow storage space above tihe_offices.  Two wide staircases provide  access to .the balcony. The spaciousness of the shop, polished  hard wood flor and shadow free  lighting  proyjde ideal  working  RCAF rescue calls  double in Dec.  VANCOUVER,    January ��� The  r*  /��<���  *��,�����!  ( S,MIWfN.S#��*P SWI#S*f*lW*%'iKfS.  Safety switch  'SKNIOIl' woodwork drafting.instructor, and'-,boys'- coun-  clllpr, M}\ lonui Sln'ifii, explains function of the  * emergency safety switches In tho woodwork* ��hop; The  �� witches i\ro placed,strategically on walls of tho whop  and In Iho event ofjni.sbajv pressing of any of'theswlt-  ic/ios' wijfl^'minodiatoly stop all equipment from operating.  conditions andp will surely per  suade many practically inclined students to continue their  education profitably.  Mr. L. Smith, head of the  Industrial Arts faculty proposed the initial design and plans  to the school board. The machinery is arranged to allow  assembly line production methods and the shop will accommodate twenty four boys at six  four-station work benches. A  master control switeh-has-been-  placed on three walls so that,  in. case of emergency, all machinery can bs stopped. The  switches are strategically placed to be accessible from any  part of the room.  -A large tool cabinet has been  designed, with double doors, also providing storage space,  which swing through 180 degree angle to form a row of  shelves allowing easy access  and ensuring neat, . secure  storage.  The old shop will be used exclusively for metal work and  possibly power mechanics. Students have been handicapped  in the past due to the cramped working conditions but on  completion of this expansion  programme, it is hoped that by  next year more ambitious projects can be started.  Property owners  file appeal now  REMINDER   to   all   property  owners: January 14 is the  deadline for filing notice1 of indention to appeal your, assessment.', If you think your assessment is too high, follow the instructions given-on the reverse  side of your assessment notice.  Last year, several Ponder  Harbour residents were granted substantial reductions by  the Court of Revision,       >  If you' think you have good  reason to disagree with the assessment, act now; You will  receive <a fair hearing by the  Court of Revision, which is  held in Sechelt, Even if you do  not receive a reduction, you  will, at least; understand the  process by which" "tho Assessor  arrived at his valuation.  You wilL also have ....the op.  portunlty to learn that the assessor docs not wish to bo unfair, In two appeals hoard last  year, the assessor readily  agreed that tho reasons presented, warranted n revision,  .since they Introduced factors  unknown to him at the time  tho.'.. assessment was niade,  Your reasons could be as  valid, Remember, you have tile  right to appeal and to bo heard,  Your taxes pay for that tool  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  SECHELT,B.C.  Pn7 88^-2111  rfo(j Farewell  Rescue Co-ordination  Centre came within an ace  last year of matching or surpassing the total number of  "incidents" chalked up in 19&3.  Figures released by the Centre, this week showed a total of  842 incidents in 1984, just one  short of the 1963 total which  was  an ail-time record.  December was a busy month. The Centre's figures ��how  a total of 49 calls for assistance, almost twice as many as  the 25 recorded in December,  1963.  During the year, the unit log-  j?ed_533 marine disJressj--caUs-  as well as 50 aircraft incidents.  Searches for missing persons  and mercy missions numbered  91, while 168 communications  checks were made to round  out the year's activities.  In addition, farmers and  fishermen, for whom a special  "Farmer's and i fisherman's '  Guide" is printed, will be receiving- these about one week  before they get their tax forms.  Every   taxpayer   who   filed:  last year will receive a "personalize"   tax   form,  with   his  own name, address and identi-  ficalion. number,-.together, with  an extra copy to keep for his  own records. Included will be  a tax guide, a brochure explaining the new procedure and a  return envelope.  Taxpayers should begin receiving their forms in Prince  Edward Island, Nova Scotia  and New Brunswick beginning  January 12; in Newfoundland  beginning January 15; in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon," Saskatchewan and Mafai-  "toba^begtnning January 18; inT  Quebec beginning January 15  (Montreal area beginninng January 18); and in Ontario beginning January 19 (Toronto  and  Hamilton areas  beginning  J a nuary _ 25). u_ :._.;vr. ^ ���������������,.,,.,. ,'*,���  *---'���-������--������       " - -���"���-"" In   the   past,   employee   tax-'  , If the average man saves for payers got their forms from  the next 20 years at the ratey their employers. Self-employed  he has been saving for the past people, including farmers and  6 months, he'll be able to retire fishermen, picked up their  at age 60 and owe $100,000, forms at post offices.  i^M^sil^Bs  SANDBLASTING: PAINTING'  GARDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  Mechonicol & Electrical Repairs  A COMPLETE LINE OF BOAT REPAIRS  Garden Bay, B.C. Phone 883-2366  =5s=  J  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  DATE PAD  ��� This free reminder of coming events Is o service'of  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD. Phone Sechelt : Peninsula'  Times direct for free listings, specifying "Dote Pad".  Please note that spaco is limited and some advance dates  may havo to wait thcii" turn; also that this is a "reminder"  listing only and cannot always corry Ml details.,,  Jon. 13���Election Chief and Council, Sechelt Indion  Council Hall, I p,m, to 8 p.m.  Jan. 14���Public meeting, 8 pm, Sechelt Activity Hall,  Topic, School Referenda' No.'s 5 and 6,  Jan, 14���Public meeting, 7;30 p,m. Longdplo School,  Topic, School Referenda No.';. 5 and 6,  Jan, 16���Voting School Board Roferenda Nd.'s 5 and 6,  For transportation in Sechelt, phono Mrs1, Ci Potcof,  88,5-9555.  LADIES' WEAR BUSINESS  Sales show substantial growth opportunity  for agrossiyo management.  Asking less than $30,000 P.P.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  ��(>J.r**iWWoW*W��te*wS  REALTY and INSURANCE  Wharf Road Phono 085-2161  w  fit^-��^o����W.,*r*iW����,��Ma!wwv��(:iii'*^ti!nvw*tow I


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