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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Sep 1, 1965

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 *    ��  "-*,���* "*%2^*-*!.  <*---���'    ^ jt**<w**rr-*1��*l��'"'H'"-**"   "*,^T���>^����.2f  vmw f^M��H<rf-',-f- ���   "**-*<*"..   *-      ^ "^*^rl-*i          *~~xu. *i*._*w*~��-*-*����**i --**-���    - *-   *���  1  ��  CO  ���-��� If"*-/-.  ^t_7 <"*  *���<-��,"   s    ViK         '     -��    *'  if * r���-' -r--W--V������   ��h.  . v.*.<_*��������  * <*- i   ssa,ss 7  C: rfc* 33 oo r ^  < *.�� *?,^  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Londing, Grantham's Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  -iii     i. ���.. iinw-i���iwiw ��� wwmnmiii ��� ^- _, ���  ���  _, ,���1IM.���,��� ������..����������� ,*�����   w���iw��������� --.���������Hi-i ����� ��� mnn   ���#��� i��i--ii _._-��-^-,ii -ii - mil h    .)���   ��� ���>���������*���*>wi..���<������.>-.���-���-*.*���^w. ��� ��� -,. ���_-> ������--��������� _-���-������_�� ���������M._-)l. M ir���i ������������._-.��� i   ������������������    ��-���>���,   m   jyyilsorf Crggk, Selmo Pqrk/Sechelr, Holfmopn Boy, feoffi Cove--Pender Harbour, yode,��;q.Porjk, %fejndofo, Irvine'^ londing, Eorl Cove, Egrripnt  T*"  t-\y7*,4*\4>xt\  J^iiititfiMsiii.iSricfse.i;/^  ,-.">  7  '*-     -*>���  ^ >A,H ���* * J (n9  <-"r -" *.'! " minim iimi ��inii-j�� il mik-   .      \ ,     v a J  Impaired drivers  ���1,     '- - -" ���  A -rtV*!***-***     * *���- m!'. ^t-*~  J*�� V     -      v,*-.  ���3KAKCrBS.involving"motor vehicle ott-^itees %ent Jrito'  ^ J-^  O'EB?  , ��j �� o 7 first bf _Tix ^offenders;'fiih?d in   ed.' '   ' ' \    ��.  Hal ���4^'sa^Sftss*iJ2: r.^:^:^ ^fvli  , VT&e a^cusedvbad5 beeot seen;.,incident ijb which bis4S65 B^l^c^,^  driving oo his wrong.,side,.of"  left the highway aqd-endedfup,-  4  i  i  >$*���  A  ',  .0 I  \  * i  ��  I I ���   1      i  I-   '     ,  ir.i  ii'Vn*  ii J)-i  �� !l  and 'so charged:  ��� Herbert ifilton ' Rankin ,of  Vahcouver, *��� claimed fatigue  caused him to leave the" high  worker, fireman and ambulance^  driver, Hill said he was driving  bis  girl  Mend  to Vancouver-  where she was to take up em-  way, IV* milesv ,west. of HaK-^ ployment as a nurse. He said  jnoon Bay and iand in the ditch. N    -       ���see page 3  .Found guilty on a, charge "of ,   ,          ��            "  driving with Out-due care and t��_-           1           1  afetito, he was lined $S0 and JJlSmal WeiCOIIie  " -Another   charge   of   driving  without due care  toougbj forth a fine ot $50 and ��� ALL started many moons  $3 costs against Elma Moody ago xyben  a local  resldent  of Sechelt. *     - -  'ZAiZA greets visitors  Stop at Sechelt  sent a letter of protest to an   A MOMENTOUS occasion for the village of Sechelt was a Vstopover ,l>y Premiefef  , Bloody was alleged to have   Eastern magazine, stating that        ,W.A. C.Bennett to sign the visitors book, in the municipal office. .Fnmu^lfiftt*) *  S^i' ���>  Al^*/t'JWp��Nfl^ feTSroluse *wTth;,BAYI baml^rlamL.>^^  n.m., August 22. - hfer praises pjrf|||e peninsula,    ^secretary-treasurer v> of " the-   u7,    -7'7    vr; -'   \        W    ? >-,  GaSaTAuS �� whire a   of^tt^^S^nte   Wlj^^jh8,?ed  ^   III' ^f-i^'^-ntf-MWlrlAli  i *.-*���  a disturbance. (. 1^ famfiy had'iteMlo impres"    Uon  courses oTBfered  at night,  Arrested  and  charged  with   se<. ivitb the verbal picture of   school, require>nly ten inter-   NUMEROUS Peninsula dignitaries were on hand last"  creating   a   disturbance   were   __8 district that they finally   ested participants. ' Wednesday to witness the1 inauguration, ceremony  Gordon Gough, aged 20, Dennis   decided to pay a visit.  The course may then be run  of the hew Jervjs Inlet ferry at/which Premier W- A. C  Dusenbury, aged 18, Brian Ro*     ,ffis one complaint was that *ne >w       ",By "^" "X Bennett was on -hand to take acceptance of the vessel  bcrt Jeffries, aged 19 and two,  he had driven 3,500 miles to under, the auspices of the Cana- 0^ behalf of the people of B.C.          '                       l    *  17-year*old juveniles.     .              encounter nothing but rain dur- dian   Power   Squadrons.   Pro-      Jonn   Duniop   was   present    ������'������;   The   adultswcro  fined  $50   ing the short time he was able gram' Director  of  the  Power ��rom   Egm0nt,   Market  Myers    to remember the chronic* care  and $7,50 costs for causing a    to   spend   here.   Thc   Eastern Squadrons Mr. B. B.Scott, was and Len Lar50n from Madeira    Z S SsSct the eovernmeni  disturbance and a further $20    genUcman- Mr. A. L. Crossland in the district last week and Park    From   Sechelt:   ViUage                resoeci me eovernmen  and $3 costs for being minors    and   his   family   of   Prescott, told   ,Mr,   ,Chamberlain,   with chairman   Christine   Johnston,  Ontario,   left,   impressed   with sufficient  interest  in  tbe  dis- councillors   Joe    Benner   and  the scenery but extremely sus- trict,  it worfld  be possible to Bernel   Gordon,   from1  Selma  piclous of our claim that this eventually organize a squadron p.,^ Harvey Hubbs, and from  is indeed the Sunshine Coast. " on tho Peninsula.  in possession.  Police action was the result  of complaints of residents and  tourists who were disgusted  with tho drinking and swearing  of th�� group, it is understood  Sale driving . . .  some of them were of the gang  who were involved in a similar  display last year at Garden  Bay.  As a result of a citizen's com*  p)alnt, Tony Peter Herman of  Gibsons, was apprehended nenr  the Peninsula Hotel and charged with, impaired driving,  Found gnlhy ��s charged, ho  was fined $200 arid $7.70 costs.  Resulting from a number of  previous charges, John Bernard McGuire of Sechelt was  fined $400, $7..M) costs with a  9"  wwmQ-mm cmnpaip  ;eeps IMP hopping  In this respect the government'  will   co-operate   100   per   cent. '  Medicare   will   bo  opened   to '  all, he explained, regardless of .*  age or health. ' A stabilization ���  ... tr.n       _.  . ...    fund will be established which .  G bsons, Village Chairman Alf    ^-j ensure  the holding dwn  Ritchey and Vince Bracewell.  , of r���tes   lat<)r       , ,      ,  At a dinner in honor of thc      '/-a����i����i���� J" n.*, _��������^ ��~a .  sec for himself the highway., ^eapest power in, the�� worId..  particularly the Sunshine Coast h.e   said,   The   Premier < also .  Highway. The hazardous nature ���*����? ��Jj ��jj Jj ��flj  of this particular highway be* SSSaJSm^SIftrJ!?LSi  came abundantly clear to the ftffi^2!��?2l^K .  ��) "���  RCMP CONDUCTED a province-wide campaign over Premicr inter, f0r he encoui*   win be the test, vye were ctIu-  the past Weekend with increased patrols, in order to tcred a highway accident near   clzcd for b01ns ,brf|e "�� ��d?ea' -  bring about a reduction in the highway accident rate, sechelt, on his drive to Lang*   J^u^Srt wX��� a iS?  which has reached alarming proportion during recent dale.                                    Jg*te ��IC fact we havc a sur"  months. ,                                                                  ' Among the highlights of Mr.      ral���tiJ comment��, hv Chnm,  ,...��, ^���v, -...,  -         Vigilance of the police, on the Peninsula has con- Bennett's speech, was the as*   ^X-S���  President-  driving suspension of two years    sideraWy CUt down motor vehicle offences, but here too, ^^J^{^n^^^.    Cave Baum regarding the du-  on a charge last week, o�� Im*   during, recent weeks, an upswing has kept both law offi- Br*"1 J2JW 'fT!;uM h�� Wn?   M���* Pleasure of driving over ,  paired driving.    .                     cers and magistrates busy, nromi^ of tL nrov^Lo  Next   thc notorious WUdwood bridge, \  Appearing boforo Magistrate         The official news release states: In an effort to re- P������,,ctl JJ. Zreasltrom sioo   brou8ht �� PronM>t reply from  Andrew Johnston,  last Satur*   duce the accident rate, Royal Canadian Mounted Police f0" NV,U ,ncrca5C 'ro ,n * w   the Premier yho said ho felt.  day,  RumcI -luiian Piowa of,  of Bic. will employ all available manpower and equip- T   '    nex. scss,on of thc   that, as the  bridge  provided  Gibsons   pleaded gully to a   ment in aadltlon to regular patrols on main highways i^lta^ ta J^rV,.�� wdl��8UC,��V^T' A W^ bow  c,ffgq f; Etf^SSS*^/"' In their jurisdiction toiWwwd^ T   f" m8M      ��n, il,,��  n^^MA^TlLri    and the three-day labor weekend.                                   . STS���^medicare   subsidies,      .Concluding his speech with a  SS 3rlvenR y Plows ��Slled      All motorlsts-are asked to drive with care and follow which he said, win be designed   ^n���"?,?��� Anafffi ���  roar'GlSs, en. Ing ft line"    those basic tips for safe driving: to  assist  low  salary  earners  w wMcE> included a police car          Allow plenty of tlmo to get to your destination in who need mcdleri Insurance.  which Wns directly behind tho   order to avoid excossivo spoed.  truck. Following a numbor of Don't overdrive your own physical capabilities.  Dont ovordrlvo your car's roadabllity.  Don't drive too fast for adverse rdad and weathor  conditions.  Don't drive when ovor-tirod.  Bo attontlvo at all tlmos when driving.  57  attempts by Plow to restart tho  motor, tho vehicle rolled back,  striking tho police car, Inflicting damage to tho extent of $50,  PIowh pleaded guilty and told  the court he had had some bcor  prior to drinking elder which  jt appeared  waa  considerably  Highways In B.C. have opened up now vistas In tho fabu*  lous tourist Industry, ho point*  cd out, Tourist dollars are all  profit to tho provincial economy  Mr, Bennett said ho had been  notified by tho navy that the  B.C. Ferry system had a great*, i  cr tonnage and number of ships  than tho Navy's B.C, coast  fleet.  Following     tho     acceptance .  r  and In ono way and another we ceremony last Wednesday, Pre-  all profit by it, ho said. ����-<* ��onnott drove  to  Lang*   ,        ���                              Commenting on plans for a dale,  stopping at Sccholt and  Obey all traffic laws and, of course, DON'T drive   now hospital in Powell River, Gibsons   to  .sign   tho   visitors  I  after you Havo been DRINKING  tho Premier stressed tho need   book in the municipal offices.  \  , i  ,/ ,1' '  '  i i  7i   Wl<  >  t  r. 1, Ii a pyAzpb^iWsfMt1  \ 1 ' i   7'i   *  "-    >'k -l**  Page 2<      Sechelt Peninsula Times      Wed:, Sept. 1, 1965 i FQR RENT  FOR SALE (Continued)  LEGAk NOTICES-  vmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmm  :���*.* @_^EWtPEablsuiui5^w!*    "  Telephone ^85-9^54-;  !  I BOOM beach cottage. ,Suit7  "-sYi?Otrikai_ .firiian.* -East Porpoise ,  TBay. f Ph. ',885-22897,    J 'V 9859-39 '  REAL ESTATE  Published Wednesdays by the  Sechelt Peninsula -Times Ltd.,  ot  1      'Sechelt,'BX:.  V-yuAY.-, BEE. USED* *.  :->��: FURNITURE,   ���^r  PKbr&''886-i346,' "Gibsons  yi Noxf to:Keri'i Parking'  ���  ; Beer. .bbttlesJWe .buy and s  ;*v sell" everything  1     ���'      < r y        ��� ,    9991-tfa  PENDER* HARBOUR *.* -  i Choice    70'   waterfrontage   si-  PERSONAL ,        , tuated <>n\%*/tf .bays7 skeltered  "ZZZAAZ    7~TZ    . ..��� .'���   Ti   and1 good^n^wi-age.^ Btojektop,  ^clJ?serial*Da��* W V*fiay thitfughihe7 FAIRBANKS^6:^117heater,  vemcies   a   specially*.    Mave    ^n.^,'   &{-._-�� >^ <!x*nn full        ..jsi*. _.��r s-vrf^n^t M*��  Pinney,   Gibsons.   Phone   886-  .9829.    " ' "~9834**t��n  -7 -���".�����* "���' *<-  ��� - * vForm,NoU18 f     ���   *-T  ;. t(Section;82)   _..   7^-  r--'   - 'land-'act^";:^'^:'-  Notice, of Intention to, ApptyT-tf  -���   '   ,      Lease Land -'.", 'k 7  >*:,<>  i��*,*  * <-< < ^  1 -  ll  I -*  Member, Audit Bureau  v ,  <rf Circulation:  LOST  ,' Classified Advertising Rotes:  3-Line AdBriefs tl5 words)  One Insertion ���, ...50c  Three' insertions  stream.-<^jm full?,_*rice."  MAN'S steel wrist watch  lending" bracelet on" beach .   $1.00.  near TCalypso   Cafe7^Sunday, ,, ,��� ,,  .  Extrojines(5words).:--���-..-l0c-^u^ust 8th   _r_0rmation Plume; For a goad buy nvthe' Davis  885-9648.  ;       y       9853-37   B_y_Sech.lt oi;eocaJLcW;  Box,Numbers, 10c -extra  25c Bock-keeping charge is added  for AdBriefs not paid by' publjca-  - ' , tion date.  Display _ advertising ���' in classified  Ati-Brief'xolumns, 1.50 per inth.  Card of Thanks, ' Engagements,  Deaths,��B)rths, jn Memorial.^ -COm-  btg Events,'Etc. Per insertion (up to  40 words) $1.25; textra words, 3c  each. 25c Discount if paid before  'publication.  Legal Notices:  17c per count line (5 words) first  Insertion,  13c per count line subsequent insertions.  . Subscription Rotes:  10c per copy/ EjOc per month <by  carrier);  $5.00 year,  in advance.  Special Citizens $3 year.  Deadlines: Saturday 5 p.m.  "In the event of a typographical  error odvertteing-_oods or services  ot a wrong price, goods or services  may not be sold and the difference  charged to the newspaper* Adver-  - .rising  is merely an offer to sell,  .*  ond   may   be  withdrawn  ot  any  time."  Advertising is accepted on the condition that, in the event of typographical error, that portion of the  odvertising space occupied by the  erroneous item," together with reasonable allowance for signature, will  - not be charged for, but the balance  -8h$B��__MJ_*"*.  A composition charge is made for-  odvertising ogcepted-andiPut tn_f���-  production^" but .cancelled f beftfrer^  publication. Change/from* original"  copy when proof" is'submitted to,"  customer is also chargeable at on  hourly r'dte'Yor''tKe'addftrohal VOrlO1  required.  ���- w    . K   acres^n"'��lL73 cores' &need/:- ' VGU^-^U^JS^GUNS -^ 7 lowest 64th Ave., \  I?��_22!   Pasture,,|^n  and; xymdin^    B,ety^m *��C >bi/ H^' "f4i ^i^5!*af0?7  Vgtr ypar"i bun^ingk *l-  heodqudrters.v' ��  -��'  ���-,<  TORTOISHELL cat,  white on *  ^toma<A .and~;tail--expecting., .riiAB, t<, Tc^,*-., -,t.v.\- vrsrW'  Bay area. 885-. ���CwA��R-LES% ^GLl^H LTD.,  Mttens. Porpoise  2181.  9846*36  MACHINERY  25 KVA automatic-controlled  Dorman Diesel * Power. Plants.  Mounted on ,sMds in as-new  condition. Replacement cost  $10,oqo-plu�� Wbat offers? Write  or 'phone. Mix Equipment,  Foot of Caixall Street, Van-,  couver 4, B.C. Telephone MU  4*0030 or RE 6-4830.       9993-tfn  WALT NYGREN -SALES .  *  A'^ArLTQAyAr-*--.-*-'  886-93Q3:rG��bsons/B.C.  :',   ,y^" ^ ;   ^863'tftl  COMPLETE'.kitchen-units in-  HOUSE  for, sale.J  M' price.    ; eluding electric stoye;, fridge,  *." $6,800, $l,eco -down *^iiJBj3tr,: . -^ai-flc*?? steel7ank\With .drain  close to ^shopping otci7P_o��ie>' board, and cwpboards,7$100. per  IteKii^-385-2066,^  \R^>?GUi|H;i  Gibson$--886-248-fs' *^  19857-37  '_________--  S85-22S9;  ��-_*858*39^  WORK WANTED  GIBSONS       ��'  4-bedroom ,1580 >��?? fit. '-living-,  room, ��� view^ cabinet   kitchen,  workshop 30x17,- over'* an acre*  of land, $_S,'000*FPjT_nns7     *-  ROBERTS J<SEEK ,;     ;  123' WFT. vFour-bedroom iiome,!  unit." Telephone. Vancouver CA  4-1854 or write" J., Cr. McAuley,  4028l West' 13th Ave/, Vancouver; B. 9842-38  FOR Carpentry.,New and.re-   ,leveI iot,to7beach^ Nearly-one  pair work.  Contact V.   Mit-    o����K c^n ^ ��*.��_ > ��iri��nnhA^  chell 885-9582. 9784-tfn~  acre7   Fullr< price 7 ��16,000.00.'  Terms ^  WILSON "CREEK"  Three-bedroom home, auto.  oil  CARD OF THANKS  A CHINESE Smorgasbord Dinner wjs recently given by  ihe Pender Harbour Hotel to  honour lha 1064-1965 shuffle-  beard player-, who won tha  "Churchill Trophy" donated by  Col. E. S. Jchnsbne fer shuffleboard teams in the area.  The many different Chinese  dinners were greatly appreciated by the Riggers Roosters.  ' Players ' who wish to express  many thanks to the owners,  Cjsok and staff.  Riggers   Roo.sters.       9804-37  ROY BOLDERSON!  7    .  0X 435 -~'Se$e^��k      ^  8��5-95"30 Evenings  ;      RototiJJJn^>:l*Jpw.Lpg       ��  1 Gracing 7-^ Rolling  Other ,*Field .and.'^arden Culti-  vation. Mowing - Larger lawns  and/or weed and brush areas.  (Assortment of six types and  sizes of machines)  Power Sweeping Parking  , Arfita, Streets etc.  9826-lfn  heat, assorted fruit trees, good  soil. $14,000 full- price. $5,000.00  ', ���   - to handle.  H. B. GORDOhf &  KENNETT -LTD.T  i Sechelt  and^Gibsoris,'  BjC.1--^  Phone -885-2C13      ;     ���  Ren McSavaney 886-9650     *  9861-37  Paint - Fibreglass - Rope  Canvas - Boot' Hardware���  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-9303  ,     s      - - % 7857-tfn  -Carved' Wilton 'htgwith' under-  felt. 7,6"x9'. Bcse-beige. $35  885-2845.     ' \ - "  'vv   '98G2-37  n^ano August r-uui. j������^'���� **��>���  '���            Vancouver V  fteal7EsT}7  tate jSgeitj, intends to apply' for   ���-  a; lease cfs,the foltowtagNles^V;  cribed lands':,  "   ���' ;^s.r,."^,��.*s-  4 Commencing at a ppstc-ptaiit^  ed.at the S.W. corner of :ft_,.7i  5270 Gp.  1 N.W.D. 5fhenc��_l|r *  along >   high '����� water   mark r 5? *  chains;   thence N'10 cb*5H��s;'  thence E 3 chains to W boun-,  dary of D.L. 5270;,athence^S 10  chains to point of commence^,  ment and containing TS^t acres,"*  more or less, for the purpose of  '  Campsite. J      _- 7- ���  Hans II. A. P. Behri-in  Dated July 29th, 1965       .-.-.���.*  9994-Pub. Aug 31, 18, 25, Sept 1'  KIDS SMOKING  Old jokes about Junior smoking, dried  leaves  behind the,  barn imply th��t in those'-'days"  Dad kept bis tobacco safely out.  of  reach.   Today,- Jjiniqr;?can7  ��� usually find rigarettesr belong** '  ing to  Mom,  Dad.  Big Sister  or^   Brother,    Cigarettes^, are.,  known to bs injurious -to "the ������  health   of   adults���how   much*  more* dangerous to the delicate ��  lungs, of cliildrcn. Don't leave  your    cigarettes    and    lighter,  where young hands can reach;  them. . \.   x  "il  v.  j^  USED **TV: 59.95; ����Used -FVig  EWART McMynn/Real;Estate. ,��39.95;    Used    Auto    Washer  HELP WANT  rftj��^.  .1,  ANNOUNCEMENT  MR. HERBERT ' Dismore and  'Mrs. Stanford Bangham wish  to announce the engagement of  thoir daughter Phyllis Louise  Mr. Lome Andreas WIgard on  September 4,'-;0G5 at 7:30 p.m.  in St. John tho Divine Church,  Sftuth  Burnaby,  B.C,     9857*37  CARETAKER wanted for newly fini&licd island summer  home, prefer married couple,  will need boat. Reply immediately H. M, Nichols, Lasrjueti,  B.C. 9800*37  HELP WANTED (Female)  PRACTICAL    nurses    wanted,  Apply with references to St.  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt,  B.C.  9845-38  >yANTED TO BUY  OLD opera  records  78  speed, '  Victor,  Eddison,   Odeon  etc. 1  Phono   885-9970  or   write   Mr. 1,  Gibb   Gibson,   Roberts   Creek  P.O. 9838*38  2 NEW SUBDIVISIONS  WATERFRONT LOIS  Earls Cove Subdivision ��� adjacent to Earls Cove  ��� ferry terminal on tbe Sunshine Coast Highway,   "Also - LARGE VIEW LOTS   Madeira Park Subdivision ��� overlooking, Pender  Harbour and  Gulf ��� 10% down ��� cosy  terms  on balance, Discount for cash,  FOR SALE BY OWNER  O. SLADEY ��� Madeira Park, B.C.  Phono 883-2233 or phono North Vancouver  985-4934  and Insurance, phone 886->,  2166. Res. 886-2500, -Gibsons,-  B.C. 7869-tfn  HOPKINS LANDING  Modern 2-BR, waterfront. $5,000  down. Roberts Creek.  2-BR home, over, 100 ft. level  waterfront. $4,000 down. ,  EWART McMYNN  REALTY  Phone Gibsons 880-2100  Evenings 880-2500, 886-2393,  880-2081  9856-37  BOATS & ENGINES  12 FT. sturdy plywood bant  with 5 IIP Seagull engine,  nonr now for quick salo  $2G0.CO. A., J. Hill 885-9704 or  885 9473. ' 91)95-38   1   FOR SALE, ; "  ONE second hand General Electric 19 Inch TV $125, For  particulars phone 885-9328,  ^ 9844-37  ^.- . m���.i.ir-ipw��� 111- ��������������� iiw.ii.������^.^.���������.������������..^  ONE Ashley coal and wood  ihcator���automatic, $49. One  largo Flndlcy oil heater with  blower, $49. One small oil sf>acc  heater, $39. Onc only ll cubic  ft. fridge, $o��, Rlchtcr's Radio  and TV. 885-9777, Sechelt, B.C,  9847'tfn  "'  " ��� ���������-iimi-in* IIB-I nlllMWll-lllW- -iM--*  SHELL Souvenirs, suitable for   ashtrays and Bon'Bon dishes."  Assorted sizes and colors, hand  painted, make wonderful gifts.  Particulars phono 880-2295,  ' ��� 9852*37  WALT   NYGREN   Snles   Ltd.  now handling handguns, rifles,  and shotguns on  consignment, Phono 880-9303, Gibsons,  , H..G,      7858-tfn  CEMENT   Lnundry   tub   and  taps, Phono 855*1)377.    9854*37  $89.95; Used Oil Stove $59.95,  Watch, for ,big TJsed FurniUire  Sale. Parker's Hardware,  Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-2171.  9820 tf n  TV $40, Fridge $50, Rocker  $25, Chesterfield $15, Folding  Cot, Bed, Spring-filled Mattress, Chest of Drawers. Other  small Hems, Phone 885*2159.  0830*30  OME  BB1 Winch.' Apply  Frank  Jorgensen,   Half   Moon   Bay.  885-4480, '9996*38  Sunshine Coast  Gospel Church  (Urtcfonomlnotiorvol) ^ .,','  Sunday School 10 a.m.  1     Church Service  ���:���'' .,11115'am.   *  \  PASTOR REV. S. CASSELLS  Selma Porte Communiry Hall  FOR SALE  Screened .Gravel ........   $ 12  Top Soil  '. $10  Road Material ,��� ���, .$5  for 5 cli, yds,      |  Block Septic Tanks & Well  Linings    at ��� rock    bottom  ,  prices  A. SIMPKINS - Sechelt  Phone 885.2132  98l4tfn  BUY and  nave on quantity-  Smoke fish'andr fresh local fish  only. Plant at James Wharf.  Sechelt, 885*9721. 784Mfn  ST. JOHN'S  UNITED CHURCH  Wilson Creek, B.C.  Sunday School���9:��,5 o.m.  Divine Worship -11:15 a.m.  Led by Miss H. E. CompbcH  Except on 2(irl Sundoy eoch  hionth *  Family Service���11:15 o.m.  Divlno Service���3:30 p,m.  Led by Rov. W. M Comcrfen  BETHEL BAPTIST  CHURCH  SECHELT  SERVICES  Sunday School ��� 10 a,m.  Church Sorvico ��� 11:15 o.'m.  Prayor - Wednesday 7:30 p,p��,  PASTOR'  REV. A, WILLIS  Vou aro Invited to attend  ony or each sorvico,  The  Anglican Church  OF CANADA  Kcctdr Rcvriamcs' D."Fergiiwn; K\'��� Cth',  Phono 885-J>7!>3  1  Sunday, September 5thf 196S  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE  Communion���11:00 a.m. ��� "  ST, MARY'S���GARDEN BAY ,    ,,  Evensong-*-3:0Q p.m     ���������  ST. HILDA'S���SECHELT   Evensong���7:30 p.m.  .(..UU  H.l..!.��,*iH)  ...a.\ ;,,.,:,'  7\,J-'*'.':''^f,li|lV,j! Redrooffs picnic  Wed., Sept. 7, 1965      Sechelt Peninsula Times      Page 3  .<���?  ,        7eve���f #b  ANNJJAL water picnic^'of \ "Myv.  Lovers of XifeiXeague'* was  _<<  ANNJJALwater picnic^of ^"Myv, -^���^'  ,r ' ' Q ���  * L-J d_ '   ...   V     , . 7-  ' Lovers pf ~Llfe1Xeague?�� was-,, >7   1  '       ; 7^77^'   " ���by Florence McSavaney     ,  held Saturday7Aug7 2Kat^Red-   ��Aonnipon"' '  i'>' ��' . W^i.   -  -*/ l * ___t_.v    "   ' c>  rooffs with .a' good turnout of ' A130UT* 20 people attended tb$.first1 meeting of^the sea-^ .  voii'ikj-'"nflrttiitt   t-oirintf   n-rf   ;-7        > son "Of the Plavers ~C!liih,  whirh  was  h*��l<1  at -ttu��"-l  T-  young* people faking part in  the,various swimming competitions. Ar   ' <   ,���  '"    *-, .  Winners. of, contests were;  Valerie' Lee, ^ Owen" Kingston,  Jo-'AnnX Kingston/   Ronnie  son-of the Players-Club, which was held at the  honie of the Bud Blatchfords. -   , ���, '   \        r���  \ "The   club  has   agreed , that * -\ ������ ���; -: - - r '  -they-would like to atempt to do erts creek" bas^ mftzri- xhis >y  musical comedy this^seasonr~^ig_7was~ ordered "from"Mr. *  but they will- have to find a    DavePinkney, who' on delivery  $traight,and B. laird. All other '-su��taWe director,, and jf, there   refused-payment-and has given *  is anyone who feels competent. #- as a donation'"to" the' Corn-  to   undertake   this,   the   club' -minuty" * ���"*     *.<*-.*-���"���    -  would likejo hear-from them ;    A^ ba^m<f g��t ^deed/>  Theywould-also~hke to, btuld-^^ a ^ ~gen-^^^^ Q-  contestants  were   given  Ian  award for,/trying.7- "*���*���������      \  Noh swimmers, Dennis Gamble and Dave Robinson were  appointed as beach life guards.  V-  *- *��� S '  A vjumbie^ sale, was - held, in       ����*5n������III��Jj  groups. , - y  MORE ABOUT. ... "  Police Court  from page 1���  he had only had' a few drinks  but  had  little  recollection of  what actually happened.  His auto had failed to nego-  , , .     . tiate- a  bend  near the Gran-  CELEBRATING  their  50th  wedding  anniversary last   thams bridge, and went over an  Saturday, Mr.- and Mrs. Stanley Buckley Bracewell   embankment suffering damage-  have both had an extremely colorful and adventurous   osti��nated at $2,000. He said he  jjjfe , had discussed tbe mishap later  with his girl friend and had decided a tire must have blown.  Giving evidence, a member  of the Gibsons' Detachment of  RCMP, told the court, , Hill's  girl friend,' a minor, had also  been drinking heavily.  He was fined $300 and $7.50  costs.  up'the membership and therer  is a need ior persons for leg'       _   ._   work as well as singers, dan-r.  aid of the centennial committee , cers, etc., so don't let the lack  and succeeded in, raising a lit**   of artistic A ability' stop any-  tle" /better than, $8." items 'not   one interested from joining this t  sold .were donated ���to yarious   hard .working group.'The next'  the part of Mr. Pinkney.  ^* - ~-\  - -  *   .. ^     A A'   H      **        --       -   -'  You know her���she-- goes  through life* -with" her. horn  stuck.t   *>' x    *' r*i j . . -  meeting .will be the 9th of September in the Community' Hall.  It has been announced by the  ! Centennial Committee 4n Ottawa that the library at Roberts'  " Creek has been approved as a  Centennial project: So now all  - that remains to be done isjto  complete the grounds around-  the huilding and make plans  -for a celehration.     v  It will be noticed that there  is now a beautiful new sign  proclaiming the fact that Rob-  U  NEED A Car?  NEW or USED  y~' ���v 7   ;  Peninsula  Mofor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.    -  Ph. 885-2111 - Ted Forewell  Hopkins celebration ...  1  Golden anniversary  memorable occasion  MANY FRIENDS and relatives attended the open house   . Chfge, ofu assault oc��sion-  celebration on Saturday, Aug. 28,1965 which marked   S���^���-h^5^ia��?_J  the golden wedding anniversary of two wonderful peo- le^JeSSLmPomTZiw  pie, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. Buckley Bracewell of Hopkins   JJtJ fin��TSoo  Landing. 4  : : ."    Although both Mr. and Mrs. - he returned to Saskatchewan  Bracewell were bom in Eng- where he took up the carpen*  land fairly dose to each other; ter's trade and became a car-  it was in Prince Albert. Sask.   carpenter  on  the  C.N.R.,  he  -.also joined the Prince "Albert  Fire  Department and  it was  here that he met his wife.  '���*""*"* ���"*""~***~-T"*���i���in���irr-inmnninnnrifinnwniiiumi  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS Phone 886-2827  AIR CONDITIONED  Doors open 7:45 p.m. - Show start, 8:00 p.m.  Thur., Frf., Sat., Sept. 2, 3, 4  From the smash Broadway hit  YUL KAY '     ���  BR YNNER. KENDALL  that they met and married  Airs. Bracewell (nee Violet  Hillkirk) was -bom 85 years ago  in a small village near Manchester, England, and recalls  the cricket games on the village green when the whole family, numbering eleven, played  as a complete team. Mrs. Bracewell excelled in many sports  and won awards for rifle shooting. Her spirit - of adventure  brought her across the dangerous waters of the Atlantic during the First World War, to join  her brother who had preceded  her to Canada some years be*  fore and was a member of the  Prince Albert, Sask. fire department.  Mr.  Bracewell was born 80  years ago in Ramsey, Isle of  In the early 1920's the Brace-  wells and their young son Vincent moved to B.C. and resided  on a small berry and poultry  farin on the Alouette River,  north of Haney. In 1929 they  moved to West Vancouver,  where Mr. Bracewell was a  building contractor for some  fifteen years. Comox on Vancouver Islacd was their home  for five years before they" decided to retire in their com-  fortable home at Hopkins Landing overlooking the blue waters  of Howe Sound where they  have spent thc last fifteen  years in happy retirement,  Tho passing years \ have not  RICH IN PROTEINS  ��� Canada's Summer brings the  0nest of alL the salad vege-  lables, although salad ingredients are available all year  round, thanks to rapid transit  and refrigeration. Raw > vegetables, are richer in proteins,  minerals and vitamins than are  the cooked vegetables, which  lose some of their nutrients in  the cooking process.'  color  7V0Ne��mb!RB77:  Mon., Toes., Wed.,  ���- Sept. 6,7,8  McQueen  CARTOONS  FEATURES - ETC.  MaVMUKHMI  Man,  which was~the family's   dimmed  Mr.  Bracewell _ Jovo  holiday home, Their permanent  place of residence was Manchester where Mr, BraccwclPs  father was a banker. Young  Stanley was an adventurous  youth who tried to run away to  sea which decided his father to  apprentice tho lad with thc  Shire line, a company operating sailing ships out of Glasgow, Scotland, Hla first voy*  jagc lasted three years and  , seven months , -and altogether  ho spent oloven years at \soa  before being forced ashoro by  Enteric Fever which he contracted in Africa, Ills oycslght  was impaired by tho complaint  making it Impossible for him  to continue his vocation as deck  ' officer.  for sailing ships which is evidenced by the many water colour sketches of square rigged  sailing barques, painted by him  and adorning the walls of the  room which overlooks the sea.  Throughout their married  life both Mr. and Mrs. Brace-  well havo boon active members of the Anglican church.  Guests attending thc han?y  , colobration were: Mrs, M. E.  TclfoVd, Mrs, Wm. Hutchins,  Mrs, Florence Craven, Mrs. A.  Edwards, Mrs. Tom Parker  and Andrew, Mrs. Muriel Allen, Mr, and Mrs, Bert Alt-'  field, Mr. and Mrs. Thomson,  Mr. and Mrs. Percy Cambour*  save...all ways...  no, Mr, and Mrs, L. J, Lafond,  Stanley BracoweU'a quest for   Mw. Kitty Mprrlson( Mrs.Py^.   adventure  then " took" him   to ' Eckford, Mrs, A. M. Chapman,  Capt, and Mrs, Gordon Hopkins,  Mr, and Mrs, Tom Fylcs, Mrs.  Louise Brcadon, Capt. Thomas  L., Higgs, Mr. Wm. Dracqwcll  (brother), Mrs, Rita Pearl  (grand-daughter), Mr, and  Mrs,, Vince Rraccwcll (son and ,  daughter In law),  Master Ro*  Canada whore ho, worked how  ing railroad tics in Northern  Saskatchewan and on farms  and homesteads ln Ontario,  In 101Q ho left Vancouver on  board tho old "fiddle-bowed"  Aurnngl,. bound for Australia,  which   ho   had   visited   many  times before, Hore ho worked bln. Bracewell,  on ! farma   where  ho   amazed Out of town guests: Mrs, Nor-  farmers  with  hla   Canadian's man Hillkirk  (sister In law)  capacity for work. Eventually and Mrs, Arthur Dawo,  flora steadily-by using our 2-Account Plah; see how easy it can bo  to keep your Savings Account intact and growing as interest accrues; ����� -  ��<vtM�� on Mil paying - via tho low-cost simplicity of a Person _i  Chequing Account (only 100 a cheque);  ��fltx> loan interest - by borrowing thc tow<ost wjryj  through a Royal Bank tcmipian loan;  ��a*e many other way* ��� with our help.  .Informative leaflets arc   ,    {g^u^l  ROYAL BANK  Gibsons Branch: R. p. Hopkins, manager  nvnllablo; use your Royal  panic services to the full,  < 1  ��i-T ��>j *Awt**  !a  s<  h  t V  ,:l  AH  .>t>*i>*" ���   ���  ���(^Mf ��(:.(.'<*ti^.*>���*'*  ��������~t.-*f"V'  >   I  vr  /1 W ��� ' 'l'<  v*sMi  VTMft?  ������!!���'���./���  [    Drinking, and  1 Driving ,  < (Ladysmith Chronicle)   . >  i "        j v *        r  THE * B.C. Automobile - Associa-  - -tion-says* that a recent,re-"  view of world actions' against  drinking,,drivers reveals that  penalties for the offence ,are  stiffening and laws are beings  made more precise in defining  the blood alcohol concentration  over'which punishment will ap--  ply  ^ ��� mmm**~*~  JSechelt PeninsulaT^*  /  ?I may he wr<m_.' but I shall not be so wrong arto fail to*say whaf l^beUeve to &e, right.  ���   v        -, '   "'    -      ' *7  "       '\   <��� *  o's   *'"'   sH   ^7  . ��� - . ���        Wednesday,September 1,196S   ���������-' "-���"���jt���  -John Atkins  < mV _ . ������     .       . ���>  i -*--v -, *>  Jw Babyland  Sleep tightly wee tired darling,  And drift back to. Babyland. < />  _ wheri? '     ��� >' ^   "  ��� J  Your smile and .sweet baby      "���  laughter  .       [ -       \ j���  Have won you a welcome V,  \  there.- i  Where white woollyilarabs go .  .leaping     ,   - -     MJtl- ^ y.  From-this snowy cloud to that-.^  4      '  s-'i  V  -,  !  EXPANSION-of Village boundaries is presently '.-wc. ^tteresu^ .^t^oSSSIJ7"'!  ���A blood alcohol concentration under consideration by council ffi. both Cib-*' misguided orators, v   ��� r     ��� ,, ���-, s  >  of 0.05 per cent is regarded as sons an_ Sechelt and there is little doubt, nothing \.     Realizii%the unfortunate trend, Jfte Depa��" Andf the jtutle plush dbg runs j  ihe maximum for safe driv- b t'     d    m result m generai for it is only by   mentof.Mu$fcipal Affairs has taken into con- ,-<;.*  �� i-  . -.*-.>-w nf ^.n*^        8 .      ..   .       .8        .�����      ... ______ ___     sideration the foct that progress *\tef���^rAf{��� ��,* rubber dolls,    V-  retarded or hampered by the irresponsible actions ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ,  ovileas! "BCAA sayf "�� ^si��� th* each ��"��* ^ ^ P^  -ter^hiB-ievelr-penartxes-are im- gtess-and-prosper* ���   -,  posed. At the present time, a tremendous amount  of a few, and, h^ve'taken remedial steps,  ��� Whereas in the past it was necessary for  heartily  in Sweden, if a Mood alcohol of �����, g0 I��� -Victoria-from-the o<Ksid? areas , ��� n ���?!f _,trte to make reorSenattonTio te "��� "^ ��" �� *? "* *aUs-.'  4  la,elo{i0.-5perce���.ormora-U which wit| tao^Hon, �����U-<^^j��>��^ ;tS_^_b _tl��^%-SSSriE_?3wd�� ����� And a soMen flaW   '   . ,-i  found the motorist is punished  by a fine .or  not more than _         In Norway, professional dnv-~ question  ers are under a total ban from The time was.  ma y, pumsSed        o{ ,hc Ullage, tfius premitting the ��t-,blish-     *��" ^hM^t^iemSto t  , when despite the desirability  the village, if   Jglcaming     ���> ���<   -   , r-  Uttle different.r"u_ds up to a starry slide "T r  Legislation now makes posable village ex- ^^ shoots them down to the j  pansion under certain eonditiore, without the    shoreline  all alcoholic beverages. For the of taking in outside districts, the matter was by    necess}ty 0f gpjng to referendum.^This eliminates of a cream and milky tide  private motorist a level of 0.05 no means a simple one, for the inevitable back* th   aDDucation of local politics and other nefa-  per cent earns a 21 to 30 day room iawyer would invariable bounce into the     -      attempts t  rious attempts to restrain progress.  picture, and with tarnished words of wisdom    *_    if our ^"ected representatives, who take their    dewdrops  Here jelly beans fall like  jail sentence  and  licence sus  P Yugonsli0viaat and5' sJStSand '^ucker the gullible into resistinS any.siicta move.. ���advic;'fr^ex'p^7consider boundary expansion From the rim of a rainbow gay  both ban drinking for profes-          Of course there  are those who quite ge-���   advantageous to the area as a whole, means are That stretches its colored  sional drivers. In CzechWova- nuinely feel they stand to lose-in some way or ; now available to' carry it through without the ribbon  kia  there  is  a  total  ban  on'other, but in most cases, such opposition-is purely  ;tedious  arguments  put forth by the'would-be Acro$s the milKy way. a  drinking for all motorists..        local politics plausibly presented under the guise , knowledgeable few.  Austria sets the standard at 0f protection of the underdog.                                        ,   This is a welcome advance and in effect in  12 ffi.S^rSir'S^'       Numerous projects of-advantage to the.ma-   dicates, various facilities enjoyed by the villages  And the moonboat takes them1  sailing  and Finland set. their  0.10   per   cent.   Many  *T�� JorityTavrbeenVutaed only to be  .wiU be available to many outside districts but! Ou andean of .smooth whip.  accept incorporation.  American state's regard 0.15 per subsequently proved a grave mistake.*. In, most  cent  as   the  dividing   line  for .^^        ��� " ^    ^^ .-���  punishable   action. _Pei��i__||iiaeil��y    OI     If��iflfift  -  Public   .opinion    surveys _ in _ _ ��� , **  some countries have shown that Guest Editorial ��� Imperial'Oil Review were filling up, and they, met a carload of teen-  ped cream  Where the velvet cat fills his<  tummy up  Till he ��iplits down a velvet  scam.  people-favor stricter penalties 1N AN average week at this time of year the flow agers cresting a hill, same speed. And. one of Near dawn ,hey eom ami  for   tanking   and   driving.   A of traffic sa^et   uteramre acroSs an editor's them swerved a little, and there was that ugly     homeward  5_?S n^LZZJnZlr] desk becomes a landslide. Some of it is twell- indescribable crunch of metal on metal, andjust rooonbcatn from Baby.  Javored'a S ����^ whSe t written; all of it is well-meaning. The message is time for the-womai^ to scream. ONE of them     ^  per cent favo?ed automatic jail always real and important. But as drivers tff cars actuaUy lived though. The prettiest teenage girl. Thc b.tbc hnd his ,iu,c  'sentence for flie offence. In 1960 methodically go on killing and maiming themsel- Walks with a permanent limp, but as her parents     playmateSf  a poll in Sweden indicated that ves and other���1,383 Canadians dead and 40,893 often say,;she's lucky to be alive, . .       - A tircd but happy bant,4  88 per cent favored a total ban injured in traffic  accidents,jn June,  July and Safety tip: "Remember that summer holidays  on drinking and driving. August last year���it's hard to believe that anyone are here and. children are at play. Motorist should so drift back to Babyland  is listening. *����� exercise extra caution in residential "areas1".        '   darling.  Maybe we're sated With numbers and cau*- What this really means is that there was this Where your toys come alive  tions and photographs of cars hurled around hydro man driving down a quiet- street not very, fast,     and play.  poles. Maybe a traffic accident looms too small just a little, and; it'really wasn't his fault. The Drift on to Babyland darling,  in this era of the bomb. Somehow, though, if only girl,.maybe five or six years old, ran right out m For too soon you'll lose thc  been cast in h-p'Thi w<- roil because this kind of carnage is ^unnecessary and front to grab her dog Wcause she thought the dog    way.  i! the denlorabk mS ud to hiS wasteful, people who drive haVeHo discover that' was going to get kitted. So now she is lying on the  schoS S_g; resTts? T?e un  death in a car, or from a car, is just'as permanent pavement   not moving^ a wispy thing in white  fortunate   situation   brings, to *and much more likely than most pther kinds. And . blouse and  pedal pushers. The neighbors are J he fire JPOWy  The Sacrifice  (Lakeshore News)  THE impersonal and supposedly-   infallible    computer   has  mind a cartoon which appeared somehow, people who" talk about safety have to\ gathering around in hushed little knots r*nd the '|t ^ ^       bedtime  -"-"- :~  '   -"-- erms that will make motorists listen. ambulance, is whining in, but too late. And the ^ pcrhaps , fc��� as,'  Maybe like this.. , .      man stands there sick at the filoraach, not really As , ^ <hcrc by ihpnmUo  recently  in  a. national maga- use terms that will make motorists listen.  zjnev.   -Two   men   are   standing   in SafeyUip: aT6^mile trip takes 15 minutes at believing it and the child's mother,is on her knees ^d^ch^Ariniaht'SM  front of a huge and complex 40 miles per hour���and 8.6 minutes at 70 miles in the street, crying but,not really believing it ,    , K , '  SPUifV        lS  rcf   rgtha P�� hour. How much time do you have to save? But both of them will believe it soon enough, and        "��� -,  computer   anTsaytog   to   hS Ant>ther Wa* t0 ^ this is that ��nCe there "WWjblfBt...... ��� . ...... ^. ^ For I saw ��� ,i���y Wiy  companion:   "It "wante  a  eoat was a man and wife and baby do,n8 70 on a two We could go on and on with safety tips like 0o n.dancing up the wall,  eiHe wmt:  saying  sacrificed to it." In the case *ai"e Toad because it was seven p.m, and the motels   these. But is anybody listening?  of   the   examination   marking       , , , ��   .  mix-up, it ,4s the high school  students who .have been' sacr-  ficed to the computer. '  But is the computer really at  fault? True, it churned out an  unprecedented spate of erroneous information, but was  there not a great deal of human  error. involved before the examination papers even reached  the computer? So many questions beg for answers.  Couldn't more diligence have  been taken to ensure that those  10-digit numbers by which all  students were classified were  correctly transcribed on all exa  WHILE the arguments between users of pesticides and the critics of pesticides continue, research being quietly done in the background continues to , bring forth disquieting  results.  F    Of greatest concern to researchers is the  now established fact that some of the long-  lasting insecticides based on hydrocarbons havc  become integral parts of some food chains.      \  Thc latest discovery is that penguins and  seals in the Antarctic���thousands of miles from  any known use of pesticides���havc measurable  ��� ���, ������, ���.������_   amounts of DDT in their bodies. These animals  mina|ion , papers?  Surely' edu- h spend their entire jives in thc Antarctic feeding  cators, of all people, know how  'mainly on shrimp and occasionally fish. *  easy it is for students-to make This latest finding indicates that even iii  I"J_!W ��J?.����lVtag. tho num-   the most remote areas DDT has entered the  cquatic food chain, The beginning of this chain  is plankton, thc microscopic plants and animals  which thrive by thc billions in nutrient rich  watcr/s, Without plankton there cbu|d hnrdjy be  a fish in thc sea. JVlariiws.bioiagbte arc increasingly concerned about'the possibility of a mass  poisoning of thc^c -animals,  hers, j A( ,thc very least, considering that the entire system  of computer marking Is apparently predicated on correct code  numbering, teachers could havo  bcen assigned to check the  numbers,  Couldn't tlio co;uput(u\;havo  been given a dry niH first to  ..ensure,that It.waa prepared to  handle the task? Or, since,H��ls  is tho first time a cdmputor  has bcen used to correct papers, couldn't the paper havo  been corrected by hand as well  as, a double check? It would  havo meant a tremendous  amount of duplication of work,  up the chemical often concentrate the poison  many times. Studies by the United States Fish  and Wildlife Service showed that in a month,  oysters accumulated DDT,. residues , 70,000  times the amount of DDT in their environment.  Small fish also concentrates pesticides and  pass it on to larger fish which eat them. When  the larger fish is eaten by a fish-eating bird  such as thc osprcy or bald eagle, the bird gets a  concentrated dose of poison.  Thc osprcy and eagle stand at the top of  this kind of marine food chain. Arid both of  these birds arc now in biological trouble and  , are threatened with extinction, "Tho osprcy,  which used to breed,by the hundreds on the  East Coast, is now down to a few dozen,  The 'plight !of thc .bfdd eagle has, received  more publicity, In 1963, of 56 specimens found  dead or incapacitated in 20 states and two Can-  J adian provinces,'all but one (from Alaska) contained DDT, Of-five infertile eagle eggs tested,  all contained, DDT,  Government researchers will not yet offi-  And she moved around so  quickly  1 was scared ,\hc'd surely full.  But ,shc flew up to the cab'net  To thc silver gleaming there.  Then up along (lie plate rack, 1  t Among thc chlnawarc,  ^  And she lighted fairy candles  'Hvcry place she went,  Some of them were tall and  MraiBht,  And sortie of them were bent.  Mum claim-, it weren't no  fairy,  But just thc firelight  Reflected on ihc silver;  Well, mny he she wits right,  Philip A. Butler of thp Bureau of Com- .  mcrcinl Fisheries'which is'conducting research -1/-'dolly^-suy* thjnvDDT* is <> responsible-for ..the-  on this subject warns, ''Moss mortalities could i, , .drastic decline oj thescbirda, Butothor expert*  occur among copepods and other zoopiarikton ��) outside of government arc not so reticent,  crustuccans arid.not.bo noticed because of their '" "We know that pesticides are responsible for  stoall'sire, Their-ab&rice; however, could mean v the bald eagle's plight,"; ornithologist Roger  thc loss of the entire crop of-fish dependent on 1 ��� Tory Peterson testified before Congress last  them for food/' * ... v.-    ; ,,��� Vi ,..,.-  t,: , ,.,    ,ycar. ��� - ��� -  '"''������.'/   '':7 ���' -i.:".':.  Food chains in aquatic jcpvironnicnt* are      '       Despite the accumulating evidence, DDT  '"-trusion orthese .    'is still ri favorite weapon of government agen-  a�� ii Wn- thA-^-'afltw^'"'^ j7-7--��'ri^��;���M washing, off  > .clcs. At the moment,Florjda is undergoing a  as it was, tho c^/�� ^king   grayed lands enter rivers and Mreamsin vcty - ��� ���massive federal DDT spraying program to era-  -.w pan. 13   dilute qurtntiUcs.But Marine organisms Inking       dicate thc yellow'fcvcr mosquito.  but look at tho problems that , particularly, vulnerable lo the Intrusion of these  would havo bee,. av^(fed.J. f    [poisonous chemicals,UPcsticjdea  Published Wednesdays  ��t iSccholt   ,  '   on B.C,'�� Sun��hlno Const  bv  Sechelt Peninsula Tlme�� Ltd,  1,7,.Box 3tji. Sechelt, &,&������._ ���  Serving the area from  Port Mellon to Egmont  t (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  Douglas a. Wheeler, Editor  S. B, Alxgord, Publisher  Subscription Rntcaj  (Jo ndyiuico)  '.    I Your. $5> 2 Yciiw, S9  ���1 YcnriSli  U,S. And Porblau $5 50  'mmmmmmmmmm  rmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  .�����,/(,!./  M.l'��y_  - rf ttmt  A.lj,m.,...y,.,*AAy-..��**.��.,..\.AA^^  I    '   ! ��� ' V, '.*?'.?. Vil'i.liI'.-i'. 1' t&  '   MM      -__ ���������_  L*C  -.I.        _-������  ^  r  **  \ ^_x_i  Wed., Sept. 1, 1965      Sechelt Peninsulo Times      Page 5  rr  **W1**-"'  ij-mm ,hi>.vi��*^"-i*>i' ���', -j imp i,  *,   ��   r      m     ����� "  .      - ���,*",',  . * *_     * * ^-   *.  i*o ��  J     -  j;.�� N-+"*, *���**  Powell River Quean  JMAKI.W bid it.tun tup of hei liwuguiaLruivthe new feiry.is well appreciated on  " the Jervis Inlet run. The vessel is equipped to carry 5*0 automobiles and 240 pa*.--  rsengers, with a crew complement of seven.-O&eraftKength is 207 feef: Passenger loan-  , ges are on upper and boat decks and a selfrservice snack bar is located in7the boat  deck  Time of crossing- 50 minutes '   * .        *    _ "-t  6��r    -  f ' "-    ~ Premier at helm * i  PREMIER Bennett takes the wheel of new B.C  ferry  , \Queen  of Powell River'  following  commissioning  ceremonies August725 at Saltery Bay terminal. With.  the Premier is Mrs.l Isabel Dawson, president of the  Social Credit organization in Mackenzie Constituency.  Fifty-car,ferry will speed up service on the Jervis Inlet  crossing linking the pulp and paper conraunity of fow-  ell River with the Sechelt Peninsula and 'Lower* Main-  i ���*  land centres.  i      . ^ .,,. ���    i    .'    ,     ^Presentation     / t* ,; (1 \ ,'���?'.���,) A ,!77-<      ;>   -  ^PREMIER Bennett applauds\as B.C. Ferry .Authority General ^Manager .Monty�������� Al-  �� .,  dqus accepts the presentation of a barometer fropa Mr. Paul Sodoberg,/repre- ',  ���sentatiVe of White Superior, Division, Springfield, Ohid, suppliers *of the "new1 ferry^s , .  ; engines. Mr, Sodofeerg came up from Ohio for the occasion of the inaugural rurf of j ���**'  -  the now P6well River Queen,, last Wednesday. '  -, \AZ. ' "7.-V"''''- .:, '��� ��� V  7   ���* l *-  '? . ' l   l    i '' '        ( '  7' 'V   u- ' ' k.   v ,j.  Lola Helene  I ^W)l^4^^WH^Wl>(��>*M��W**tl'-*l��-  'Weston  PASSED   "away'' accidentally  Aug,  21,   1965;   Lohvtfelenc *fe&.��#:  .Weston in ,her ,37th, year,  of ���&'��$*  port Mellon, B,C,, Survived by |J$R  ��� bor   husband' Reg.,  t\yo  sons TN]S,  DwigHtand Keith, ono daugh- *$$>}  'tcr Laurie, Onc 'brother Don, .kj^  Ontario and hen mother Mrs. }fjfi{  S. B. Johnson, Ottawa. Prayers !$$,.  K were1 held ' IPridiiy,, August 27 j'^j,  ! a{ 8 p.m, in the Family Chapel \}tlVu  ti-.uj.Mi, in mi*. -,-��im��v vm^w-�� . rtti.n��mi<&hw\,,<   ;V*\>UV'A7^I^V.*w?i*^iw\  'of the Harvey Funeral Home, 'fo *feWU,^ i/} ^^K^^'^^,5 %��l^��^  Gibsons;, ��,c7Rcf|uicm Mas-)| . Iwitm'kbr'?<. [lu^'thx^M^Msmmm^'.  Saturday,, August 28 at ,11 a.m. Acceptance signed  SKJ.^Ror^cSSS^ PREMIER W. A. C. Bennett adds his signature to that  Gibsons, B.c, Rev. Father F. J, of Mr. II. Husband who appeared on behalf of the  ,,Nash, cccbrant. Interment Sea*    builders of thc new ferry. Powell River Queen; and offl-  7!!^ ,��!!!le,e^L "*rvnyn Fl!u"   cially turned the vessel over to Mr. Bennett who took a<?-  fcral, Home, Gibsons, B.C., dl  rectors.  ��� cially  ceptanco,  aifirlKWntOTnrtMOM^^  intU)on^��QQOQQOQtt)QQ{^^  Place of Quiet Waters  ft.-V-**i���**M,:Ws�� W x I*W twtijh ^ ttwtS -4it!i(*- <Ht��l|hJt*. urt***W*-1-�� i  Now command  FOR *ri1I_'pnst;ftvo years, Captain Thomas Rayher( hns '  r  been in command of tho Jervis Queen, Following*  tlio Inaugural corcrnony last Wednesday, ho took over'  command of,tho new vessel "Powell Rlvqr Quecn'7his,  first, trip Included Premier W, A, C. Bennett and other  governmental dignitaries, as well as local members  of council of Sccholt, Gibsons and Powoll River.  ADVENTURE IN A-B.Cr PARADISE  by  Margaret Mdwtyre  of Sechelt  ,. 1, ,.,���.,.,....    . -..- j   .). . ���      11..  AVAILABLE AT THE TIMES OFFICE  $5.00   (plus 25c tax)  1 "*  J-r*   ft  i-"  I' .    *  *  |)7  > i  8  !  I  1*  ���**��  t  I  i  iv -  *> I  V  f*r,  If ���  i.    '  'V     1  il  ? '  _-  1   1  v 1  (1  1   1  SottriqofocQW^^  ���I {,*'  , -1*  K 11,'ti  I ' ''  ivf,  7f, >7'V ��� 1 1  <*�� ��,   ��   tN<l>  if a a** fr  y^ni-K-n-i ����#-*��*  * - * U i-. ��<��� * �� + ft c *  1   )  1 i*m��  7' r  1  *<*     ?  ������*����-.������.    wmreJf+^f  7,  *��  "!?)�����  7 *   !      n   *    71)       ���*.a    ti^V ill  <���    t  ( M  .  r. J      "^ r r.   <   4  Page 6      Sechelt! Peninsulo Times      Wed.f Sept. vi, \ 965  *H    ,<^w*.      .    W      <I  *���     -  .-"fiiw- i?p,s *���<  -'<W7   *|l  f/1 wv'iw 7> 0n% #.' &��7<^^^7^l4^�� 7 ��" 4 ���*���&���!   gw  ^v��!ft__^J&-^^ -  *it "ENTHUSIASTIC local artists -returned, frpm; a ^ee%"of +  u classes in 0inpiKting7aT��7thtHV^^  Oii painting class ;  ������-�� ������-  t   M   ,7i -oi  Noted Aihericdn arils  instructs local arbiip  ���*��,. ��� 3 $   and E.v0; Ormrof o| Porpoise -Bay;,t,. , r f7" V' -^V  Groups there, in six tnree-hour   awe w      ^,��� w^., .���..��.-��~  _classev-ihe-^':1id����lsj-^f6^ in-^the~mairT6unge7or^e ,p shin  f��tA��1>iHAy]      4-a.       *-r-*-t _��*__i4       lAnl-ni/iWAO __   . *���..      _ .   __. ______ _^ _���_____',��_���_.. ���* A_._-_.  .*r-t_i����,--��fcj-fc-��^_.,_,.,__t-ii-'__,    ��.w..v����T��- ---. -���        -���- ��.H\?       Sl&<l*jA      JtuUUAv       W*       iUV /_ *W4*(Vr  T-n--^-m   trodueed to varied  techniques    before  returning.* D^rcng/tnis  ���al! 4iV . <1   and four large canvases are    exhibition    seyeral ^canvases _  ikft' 4 *' 7 J7 fimshed. Mr. Brandon; who has^weti^T^d^nd   <omittissions ,  ^his own studio in San Francis-    given. ^  t"A  b/-  co and is a co-founder of thti      Mr.   Brandon \vhose ���* classes  Artists' Cooperative of that el- %a3t  Wek   iiielud^d, students '  ty  has   had  over  twenty-five from    Vancouver^,    Courtenay, f  one-man shows in the United Sechelt and Qualic��m�����s well  States,   Canada   .and   Sydney, as the residents of Port AlNr-  Australia. He is a  Fellow of ni limits his classes to 25 and  the Royal Society of Arts, and so many were disappointed that  is listed in "Who's who in Ame- he now plans to give two weeks ,  rican Art".  He has  paintings 0f lesons at the end of next  in the major art collections and April. He expressed interest in  several in the Kaiser Building the beauties of the Sechelt Pen-  Tourist information  in  Oakland, Califorma.  Interested in teaching as he  is, Mr. Brandon not only holds  classes in the cities around  San Francisco, -and the three  mentioned above, but also,  once a year, teaches a group  on the South Pacific Cruise of  the Matson Line. Here some 12-  insula as described by Miss  Jervis and hopes to visit here  on one of his trips.  i ounst information _  THIS MAMMOTH sign erected by the Pender Harbour DinHPf TflPPtlllfT  ^and District Chamber of Commerce was the brain i/1**"cl   mooimij  child of Mrs. R. Fleming, past principal of-Pender Har- tnr  Inrliac f��l��Vi  four Secondary School and secretary of the chamber. *LI1   XCllUcO U-lUIJ t.   ,ro#cn��� ..     ��� _  ^���J^-^V!^ SUNSf^E Coast Business and ^pSpTS^^E^  101 and will eventually be illuminated. When. the_ site      Professional   Women's   CmV visit!tb Bora Bora TaWti  Ra  is-gravelle(| and a drJSlnhg fountain installed (courtesy will   commence   the   1965-1966 rontonga   New  Zealand   Aus  South Pender HarbburW^^ will be a welcome activities with a dinner meet- tralia  New Caledonia Fiji Sa  "pull in" for tourists. Dwarfed by the sign are Chamber >ns at ��le's Cwe at 6:30 p.m. moa 'and Hawaii  ^ ^rist.  President Mr. Markle Myers and Mr. Rod Webb who ^P^P-ber 7., mas shoppij,g ^.busy ^urn  erected the sign with the help of a carpenter. "*���'���- ���" .-��.^   *   .. _. ��� .....  Ttiis meeting will' mark the    at sea at their easels.  Etieetive 1986 . . .   ..  Postmaster General  announces new rates  beginning of the first full year  for the local club which received its charter on February 24,  1965. ���   ��  The Sunshine Coast branch of  B&PW was brought into being  through the efforts of Mrs. Jo  Benjafield of Garden Bay and  Miss Adele de Lange of Sechelt  THE HONORABLE Rene Tremblay, Postmaster Gen- b��_^ore^efe^Se'pe,:  eral, announced today several changes in postage insula. Their -enthusiastic con-  rates to other countries effective January 1, 1966, to co- viction that the aims and ob-  incide with the coming into force of the Universal Postal jectives plus the record of  Convention adopted at the last congress of the Univer- achievement of the organization  sal Postal Union. , ������     offered women a different op  portunity to "serve and.be served roused equally enthusiastic support from the ladies of  the Peninsula:  Anyone interested in becoming a member or just finding  out what it is all about, is cordially invited to telephone Mrs.  D. Lee, 883-2283.  Miss Ormrod, who with three  Port Alberni friends,  was on  NEED A  NEW or USED   TRY      ���"  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.  Ph. 885.2111 . Ted Farewell  MISFIT  An  increase   in  these  rates    postmaster general. In the pre-  to certain' countries  is neces-    sent complex parcel post rate  sary at this time, Mr. Trom-V   structure  there  are  some 230  Way explained, in order to con>    different sets of rates depend-  pensate   for   additional   trans-    ing on routing and the country  portation    charges    and . mail    to which the parcels are sent.  handling costs in the interna-  . After January 1, 1966, this num*  tional service. Countries hand-    ber will  be  reduced  to  four.  ling mail in'transit from other , The new rates, with the excep-  , countries assess charges set by    tion   of   those   to  the   United  Universal Postal Union agree*    States, its territories' and-pbs-    MISFIT ���  ment on the country of origin,    sessions which remain unchan-    whene'er   Wn   h.iv   n   ...it   ��*  ���A substantial increase in these , ged, will apply to three distinct d__L  charges   goes   into   effect   on    zones rather than to individual   T. _ ',,"   '  .,������ ���Q ������  January 1.  There' will be no    countries.   Great   Britain   and    JLI   'y m Kcl u* sc?e' ,   ,  change in the rates on letters    countries in the Americas, ex-       ��� ,��-?   thWC  buy neer  looks  /and   postcards   to  the   United    eluding the United States, will   ln !JA ���J" ,   , ..      t  States, its territories and pos*    comprise Zone l; Europe and    In tt1c window ��f the store,  sessions,    other    countries    of    Africa  will constitute Zone 2;        ~~~  North, Central and South Amcr*    while  Oceania,  including  Aus-  ica, the West Indies, Great Brl-    tralia   and  New Zealand,  and  tain   and   the   Commonwealth,    Asia will make up,Zone 3, This  Republic   of   Ireland,   France    simplified, rate   structure   will  .and Spain. To all other coun-    greatly  facilitate  the work In  tries, letters sent by surface mail rooms of business enterprises and in; post offices and  will help expedite the despatch -  of parcels to other countries.  Parcel post weight restriction  will also be changed on January 1066 so that thc maximum  weight of parcels will be 22  pounds to those countries where  aw M.v ����������. vvyv ��m..*.v-- <--.-_ iwj    tho    previous    limit    was   20  cents for ��� each additional two   pounds, This now weight limit  ounces or fraction thereof will    's    tho    generally    recognized  apply to other countries,  with    maximum weight In tho Unlver-  the  exception  of  countries  of    fln' Postal Union,  ��� North, Central and South A,mer: _ In, making uniform .air,jpoflt-w,  lea* and  Spain  to   which   the    card rate of 10 cents cach to  domestic^ printed   matter  rate    all  countries   which   will  also  , of three centn for tho first two    become   effective  on  Jamlary    . >  ounces and ono cent for cach    1 next. He said there has been  additional two ounces and tlio    over  tho  years  an  Increasing  domestic sample rate of four   demand for a uniform air rate  cents for |lie fl^st two ounces    for postcards and that tho In*  and  ono  cent  for  cach  addl*    troductlon of ono at this tlmo  tional t\yo ounccB will continue    will be particularly convenient  to flPPly. for vlHltora to Canada's World  In   addition,   surface   parcel    Fair, Expo '07, At tho prencnt  post ratcfl undergo an ndjunt-    tlnfo,   postcard.,   sent' by   air  ment and a fllgnlflcant change    havo to bo prepaid nt tho rogu*  in structure as outlined by tlio   Iar  air  mull  letter  rate.  LARGE NEW ASSORTMENT OF  BACK TO SCHOOL SHOES AND  PURSES  School Special  -  2 Pair NYLONS 9gc  ATTENTION  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 for o very .pociol recion.  means   will   be   subject  to   a  .new rate of 10 cents for the  JHrst ounce and  six cents for  cach additional ounce or fraction thereof. The rate for post-  'cards will be six cents each.  For printed matter and samples a new rate of four cents  for thc first two ounces and two  WIGARD'S SHOE STORE  Phono 885-9519 Seehdr, B.C,.  Sechelt, B.C,  Phone 885.9343  GIMVtORE'S VARIETY SHOP  SCHOOL SPECIALS  New Pack Exerciso Books  Ten���36 page 10c Scribblers, Reg. 95c now 85c  Six���64 page 15c Scribblers, Reg. 85c ;    .now 79c  Twelve 10c Scribblers, Reg. 1,05 A. ' ���....now 95c  MANY OTHER SCHOOI. SUPPLy ITEMS AT SPECIAL PRICES  Free Plastic Carryall  Dags with school orders plus Free Gifts.  S��o our reproduction* of Painting* -~* Special Price 2,98  ,   ORIGINAL PAINTING ON VfiLVET,  "Indian Child" Pointed by Brother Moc  Special y<*I"o $45.00  ?!  m  V >* fit/  Y_  ( . t.  '-���, ' "���������i,fy1r'1'.ri WeoV Sept. f, 1$65      Sechelt Peninsula Times    , Page-t  t^ .     ��� ��� iii ���*   **l     * v  '',1'"  M     -t 'vl  mow leisurely age.-This is^e ; target for pressure! He'js-re-  fact that- all changes m leases    portedly pfenning to%ei iro-a  K 2?' S- ai>?/0Ve? �� lhe'anfni-  '��** ^n;corP^nSoPth|  m!Lo^Self'_f  ff^ ; Which-government ean deal with.Its  .makes  him  automatically the , park ^tenants at arms length"  "Just tfroppterf in *  >VHAT WITH cabins,,trailer courtand campsite  Tfae   JVVJ^T0^^b figbti*g  ;; ->Wg Maple teotel< at Wilson CreeHustSut cafWs   **f% *?y *�����* his accusers  &b?nl^ Rich**d Burton v earlier ^S^ZSeAlli  iZ3'r    C' ^i!!try Department, the machine will be   tactics as "HiUeriair."     -  >������Z��gF2S& _3��* grw.*�� *-"-��" _ww*.,__.,___  Ottawa report  i v      J-,  ; -J  the meeting turned out .to be,  .surprisingly 7j_iid "after .<Lain_  had jolted a few of the group's  leaders ^-jitrtjinfffi^o their  set-piece 7speeches��� with, tough-  ret  .j''.,*', .  ������**��� Mews! OKowo Bateau h  AR^l^^.aiilg iS a'����l^awedf stubborn man who "Sit th^battie is far from  ���thatST__f��wSP# Wheu hS iS C?ta_n *" his Own;mind over. Supporters 2 �� 3��  tftat toe principle for which he stands is the right one. sp�������� wademess" concept see>  Six? ��eaLs 2s Canadas Minister of, Northern Affairs r* ^ "developers" as, money-  and National Resources he has probably, collected more iasnsry profiteers and specula-  enemies than friends. There have been repeated public ^?^ ��?Ser ^nfinthemcuntain��  ,. demands for his removal from Cabinet coEmmn.   horizon with hotdog-jstandsr andt7  widely sepWte spots as QueScrSSSN&bK? g *     ^;a��d-��,n ; daaee-,, palaces/  '   ^JByen his own colleagues nd-   '  ���   mitlprivatcly that Art Laing is  ', A<,djfficult man to work with,  I mainly because he isn't,given-  ��� to}the kind of compromise,by  which the Pearson Government  had* managed w_urvive-two  years in a .'minority 'position.  SECHELT AGENCIES ikjk  Andjthe developers see the wilderness people as living,in the  gracious, spaceous days of  Queen Victoria, instead of the  3960s. '     .  The   most   notable   example  has been Mr. Laing's refusal  to j transfer "Quebec''Eskimos to  v the tender mercies,of ihe pro-  x LaingV new type of leases  are part of this picture "because  they-tend-to keep control' of  the townsites more firmly in the  With, pay,   ->  And there's no end in sight  So far this year, 105,000 more  people have visited Banff and  28,000 hiore people have gone  into, Jasper than .in the" same  period last year.  D^.ieHasnthand rr k^ts^iSS  T,hf5c' *��� v^1 ,**��*:_*��� ia-^ment He says they are *o sham'  tfa?K*��"^*,SWg Couse���_   hreak with, the *past, becaS  vincial government without _on-   ��the parftw^VeS^ ����   X* ^ ^ernment had ceas-  /suHing the Eskimos thWlve.    J^^aSTJ. ��    * WJTOl^E  ;4WU��ewr .lhe^ventuai;_at-- J&* around one.question: Can    to cite iastenceswhere '��_����  I come of this dispute, the fact   we Preserve the, wilderness un-   which brought a S____f_J ?��S  | that Uin&fdp��t\Quebee��s for-    ��i��H��I and at ihe" same tfafe - 5�� publk^��LuVta��LSI  * midable Rerifx&esque to a   Kieet the insatiahle deAand W    ��� ISS'      "   -  % standstill Jin the earlier .sjages* Service from ,the>isitors who, ���'   ~ ^^^J??-' <>.    -  I addetf^onje lustrg^jn, hisJ tame    Jr^Sr ?u are weLCgnadians for '    ^But. Lamg hiraself is deter  % in pjfirts of the: country ^tc_rAw**_m s #��>rr^**��-Awcre   set  ' Bu^Larng's-ln'ost^cenf bat- Idea whieh" demands tight con-  *> tie was not wnVthe,Quebcck- 'trols\over developments within  ; ers btft-wifh the ifldignant rest- the parks���tighter in fact than  ' dents of the national parks in the' past When the sheer  \ strung alcng the Alberta side pressure 7of , people was : less.  , of Ujc Reeky Mountains/ ��� " '    , This has* brought him -into con-  OLD HERITAGE >    \A   v^c* w^.^**as mtereitS'and  viuu nt km Ai_t residents within tht parks.  ��� mmed^ to ehange one aspect of  the handling of park property  which* is a; hangover t from  a  886-2088 - - 7. r     -7  ��� This free reminder'of coming events Is a service of  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD. 'Phone Sechelt 'Peninsula  Times direct for free listings, specifying "Dote Pad".  Please note that spoce is limited <Wi some ^advance dotes  may have to wait their turn; also that thi&is-a "reminder"  1 listing omY ond cannot always carry full details  ?  "    " ^ * <-    *-.  \ Sept. 5^-Regufa*? trap & skeet shoot o�� the Sechelt^Rod  - -*.    .�� 6un Club. ����� "   " ;*, >  SeptA Z"-6^30 pm- -0,eV Cove* Dfnner meeting Sunshine Coast Business & Professional Women's Club.  Sept' 9���2 p.m. St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary. Regular  meetir-g ot the hospital, '        v  Sept* 12���2 p*.m, Ole's Cove. General meeting, Sunshine  t    s Coast Tourist Association. i     *��� *      a  * Sept. 16^���8.00 p.m. Roberrs'Creek Community Hall, Dr.  Brock Chisholm speaker,��� Topic "Are our ancestral patterns obsolete"? , -   ^  A FEW CHOICE LOTS LEFT  TERMS? VOU BET!  H. Gregory 885-9392  (    Sechelt Agencies Ltd. 885-2161  SECttELT AGENCIES LTD.  REALTY and INSURANCE  Wharf Road phone 885-2161  > s*^.  .**.> &*��t-i >��rf.  K�� ^^r-**  'X'-Aflf*  These parks, chiefly Bqnit  ~> and Jasper, originated more  : than>��� 80 years ago when-newly  ; built -"Canadian railways first  4 made it possible for somebody  besides fur traders and mount-  ' ed, polieemcD to .visit the un-  ' spoiled wilderness.  The  idea ;was  to  keep  the  wUdncrnoss unspoiled and ��t  \ wasn't too; hard in tholeisuro-  , Jy , days   of  the   railway   era  when the travellers arrived in  a'trickle and wero prepared to  spend   considerable   sums   for  posh ��� quarters ln the railway  hotels. <t  #JI^ f** v** **^**i<*^^^#v% VIFldFUilU ��� wji w ���'   is    r-  But the car brought demo- buildings taken over from les-  cracy to the ��� parks and the "sees; at the end of tho lease  trickle became a flood of vis,- period,  tors, many of them with a back He"still had to face a storm  seat full o[ children and a of criticism at a recent meet-  tent on top, looking for a cheap ing in Ottawa although tho  place to parkand tset up house* earlier demand for his jesigna-  keeping  for  their  two  weeks Mon   was   all   but  withdrawn  The latest series of mass  meetings in Jasper and Banff  were touched off by a naw type  of! lease now offered to peopl.  who want to build on crown  land in the park townsites. Instead of the old type���42 years  renewable In perpetuity��� t h e  new lease expires in 42 years  and anfr buildings on the land  revert to the Crown,  ' The park people thoueht at  firsts this would mean confisca*  tion of their property without  compensation, But later M��\  Laing told them thc federal  _avernmont   would   pay   for  J^ADEBKA marina  �� -\  HONtDiA  EVINRUDE  Trailer Court, Launching Ramp- Campsites  Cobtrw- Boat Roitftatt - 003-2256, Madeira Parle1, DC  'v.,  Now B.C. Tel helps schools  broaden the process of learning  What In the world can television be doing in the modern classroom! Here's the staple answer.  Closed Circuit ��TV (Educational'Television) 1$ ai marvel of the electronic age. It has brouitht a  new dimension in^cducaHorr. -     , '     *     ���   ��� ��� ��    ,  : Affairs are truly cfurrent Ip Social Studies. Science demonstrations come alive on the television  1 ^^'^"SuaEcs sound right and even look rlghtl Ma,thematiC5 takes the student step by step  . thrdUfjl) its fascinating course of quantitlesancl relationships:'**" *-���**��-���*���������-.��- *���- '-*-*t* r**'  - Rwj-arcl, has shown'il)M studertts can retain as much avQQ% of what they seo andhcar on ETV. '  apd the/find C4ch?uWect more interesting tooS| ' '.  Already, closed circuit ETV Is regarded ns an aid lo teaching at the Faculty of Education at tho  University of British Columbia, the Vancouver School Board's Continuing Education Centre and  thc Kamloops School District. ,  This is yet anqther c*amplo of how B.C, If L Is provldihfr the highest possible standard of com*  munition* to get the* right Information trj tho right plac*<rt the right time,     . ���-.  v i-  " }  *  *  \  ��*  4  ��  ���  I  .  i  t       >  ���  ���>  i  J  4  *>  4  ' f  >  i  >  ��  *>  (*  '(  h  I  r *  <  M  *;��  t  ,.��.��*  ,.,*rfv��.(..  Out ETV CompitanM are- always nvalMbfe to discuss ���  nnr aipoc( of thh .wrWrr* /�� Vancouver cn/l ti<X.(t26T,  efcinWiw In ft.C. phatc call collect,  mm.  m}ITfSN WU/AHM Ittmmf COM WW  womnvvioE mmioN. conncctions ��< intihnationai tw and tu'iivte swvice . RAOioTrirnioNn  ttosir* emewrr tv - iNTrncoM amo iv-ctNC swwm, - (t��*Ttowaiww �� omathows % answwno  tMOM*ff,nr.v.   *N0 ^A��^ "N���� ���* ov"�� �����* oth�� communicaiuon aio-i roi*- mooiri^ momu and tusism  !>:������'  A.  Al  i  m  i \ - ��  'I  i i  ���t^Zi  .a-  '! - f   J.  i  Vm*    ���  Page 8      Sechelt  ;V" v-/- v <���:    A.. aZaZ .',...v 77^777^7777$  '    -   '    -     ' "���    77*7 v*.77^7/w,' 7 0" .vv7?v,777v7-'^7M:  Pe-i-,-,-Ti-��   "���������sep,.1.1965 777v,-V7'^7^^7^>7'v V^''7-W,;a^^^*>wM^'^:  'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmjfimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwJrmmmmmmwmmmmm^ .. A   . "Sikvitw :A ���''<������< -  i  ^ -  fc-  , v* K  t      <   - ^   i�� v  C"7  77 7 "T1-'-   "*.     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T&-* ��'  V    V  TV  / ;-  i��  *   ,�����  ��� .sail, -*     ' ��    ���  ��� /�����,   7  ���-   '^&k�� ;�� I >v7V  *���  ��J  , *���!��"*. *   r ��� * * ^'ri!***'-*;�� jbSH ��� v" <v l<   ^  >#^V-    *  r��o^.li5}fc v -r  yiy  A'.  * .  -���'-IBS- 7 ?���     7*  \  f  7~ V _��s  >  *   y ' ^ % .Si  /  i     ���*>  l-  /  I) 1,  1*9*  ��*3*  I  i  Is  5 ���5-  I  1  ��nt K-uMjf.tSOT^'aiwifcMW!!-!*^  *  ft  i/-' i  -���.*-/  3 UNES FOR 50=  (15 words, or groups of figures)  j  3 TIMES FOR $1.00  (Except Commercial Ad-Briefs)  /  A Book-keeping charge of 25c is added for Classified Ad-Briefs  not paid before publication day  {-  i   \  ���<;k-il  AA-i  "AAAAAAZ  'Mfflwf:,  !..il!y../t,Wt;<S,ijiS  ���,i).%'^...i���l,Hky  lommi �����si mmmmMG ��m m& pmmsuim  Pender Harbour, Pbrt Melloii, Gibsons iresiclents may  )  * 'i  V'!7  .,y;-y..V  !�� t���mJ *���  w>d t����>M��MJ��'*B*��!**iWi MM" *��IW*t��*��!  (OR LEAVE YOUR AD-BRIEFS AT COIN DRY CLEANERS, GIBSONS)  ���S-'A,  (Wins,**. ^t^rfU* n*i*!itHJ*Mi-l liMV*  l    ��-s||;ye*��--M��*'f 1IU��I��NH   *  ',77 /"7',"'":;j^^,v,|'i; 4     Vh-ffMl  MWW^M   M�����* -*p ^ 1-iH.a* ��   *��   -I _ _-J  r��*!~**&����,  ���J <* -T     *|t��   U~*. I-,.* ^  rjc  -��������__ *K  *���"        *" ^"_-  %,���V     ^  ^^r- ^t^f���*-*-s__���    ^j_��-   r*u.  Wed., Sept 1,1965      Sechelt Peninsula Times      Page *  ' Junior Jumping winner  ONLY SUCCESSFUL contestant in the Junior Jumping event, Danny Bothwell receives his well-earned ribbon from Judge Bermce Ramsay.  7.  six  -,   Riding high '  BILL PETERS of the Malaspina Guest Ranch rides high  on his aptlyVnamed stallion, High Brandy, as he prepared to take part iri one of, the contests at the annual  Gibsons horse show, Playday on Horseback.' >,/  I"  0s&  w  n  p  p>  I  4v  a& ���  yWWWMWMMMWiWWWI<liWWMWMMMMWWMMWMW<��WWW>n��WMMM��WMMMMMll^^  Sack Race  TPUCH of humor was added,^ to the Playday on Horseback event with the sack race,  '    in which competitors ride to a row of sacks, dismount, climb into a sack and  liop back to the finishing line-pulling their bounts behind them.-       -  ,/;       , ' ,-. < *  * ������ -        ������ ���   Crowning success . . .  Gibsons Horse Show  �� f>**    '  gains in popularity  High Brandy, Steve Price on  Star.  Musical Tires: One winner  only,- Tim7luon on Jake.  Total Points: Greatest number of points obtained, throughout the event, went to Gordon  McKee, Who won on award of  ATTENDANCE at the Playday on Horseback, held at S2}:      .    n   ...nff ���rnn   .  *   the Karateew property Gibsons,increased this year J*J" * ^pZa^  by at least 50 per cent and additional entries of horses Vancouver, was won by Bar-  helped make the annual event an outstanding success. j,ara pr|Ce( wh|lc a so lb. sack  *'On behalf of the Saddle Club,  0f oats, donated by Brackman*  Mrs. Charles English, who has    Montana,  Tommy   Stenner  on .Kerr was wonjby Dave Husby.  Worked unceasingly behind the    Friday. Holder of the program lucky  scenes, said afterwards, wc are       Barrel Race: William Peters number was Stephen Sleep of  delighted with the response and    0n * High  Brandy,  Gordon Mc- Gibsons,  already Mr. Karateew has most   ^ce on coke ond again, Gordon  -  885-2159  PORPOISE BAY WATER TAXI  Serving the Community for 15 years  .*   ���  FREIGHT - PERSONNEL  Scenic Tours Arranged  -      " CALL     ~~  HERB RUDOLPH  Phone 885-2828 - Sechelt, B.C.  \A  Say You Saw It In 'The Times'  kindly offered the usq of his  property again for next year,  ,lf not before. Through The  Times, tho club extendi) a  hearty word of thanks lo Mr.  Karateew for his generosity.'  Excellent weather prevailed  during the day, hotdog and ico  cream stands were kept busy  and the various events provided  great entertainment for an appreciative crowd of spectators.  There is little doubt, tho event  started for the .first, tlmo last  year, will develop Into ono 6f  the most popular events on tho  Peninsula.  Winners of tho various con*  tests   nro:.. Horsemanship,   18  and , linden   Steve , Price   on  Star, Sylvia Hughes on Trigger,  "*p|nnna/neilgcn"otf Fllckri; -'  jSack Haco: I.lndn May on  Tftnglowood Robin, Stove Price  on Star, Ed Maldrum on War  Chief.  ^Itako Race:, Elmer Petorn on  Cochise, Gordon McKee on  Coke, and Gordon McKco  again, this tlmo on Montnna.  * "Junior Jumping; Only ono  rider nuccc.nfully completed  the courfto, Danny Hothwoll on  Connie,    <  Potato Race: Elmer Potorff  on Coclilflo, Gordon McKco on  McKee on Montana.  Hats and Saddles: Dave Tat-  trle on Rlngo, Doug Oram on  Red, Ed Maldrum on War  Chief,  Costume Class: A first only,  Doug Oram on Red,  Senior Jumping: .Again ono  winner only, Jacqul Shoppard  on Joe,  Pole Bending: Gordon McKco  on  Coko,  William   Peters  on  The small boy interrupted his  father, "wly> was reading the  newspaper. ""Pop", the boy  sai<J, "Pm supposed to tell you  there's going'to be a small  PTA meeting tomorrow night,"  "Well, if it's just o small  one, do I have to go?" thc father asked,  MOh, yes," his son replied.  "It's .just for you, mc, and Uie  principal."  SALAL  RIED FERtU MOSS SUPPLY  NOW OPEN  ,t ���*�������..-int. vrt-v*  ��,**..  m ifr-j. *-MV^*��<i -^ J  fc-i l��im-AI-^*��i(^   Wi* SU-iiWfh..  TOP PRICES PAID,FOR SALAL  NEW PICKERS WELCOME  Call 885-9313 for further  Information  LOCATED IN THEATRE BUILDING,  SECHELT. B.C.  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Prayers were  held Friday, August 27 at 8  p.m. in the Family Chapel of  the,Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons, <. B.C. Requiem Mass,  Saturday, August 28 at U a.m.  from the Most Pure Heart of  _Mary,_Roman Catholic Cbureh,_  Gibsons, B.C. Rev, Father  F. J. - Nash,'. celebrant. Interment, Seaview Cemetery, Harvey Funeral Home, Gibsons,  B.C. directors.  S-,     *- \  No Cents  -   ^v* ���-.      -.. S  In Waiting  * ���, ��� Let *  I*  The Times  Classified  AAafcg You  -Money! -  <*,  The Times  Phone  C^mb ��_��v��>_>ii-k��Rf-4 <    \/_l. ��_._!     >)*.'-       '   , .known*- chef, >\ Jacfc77McLeod,.t  oQ\lCLTitlQV4; 1 OUrs ^hos�� ^*^MtoH*&  A *        r '     . *    '    X <"'A   A" '< ���*      r. , - 'howdo you explain hammirger;s    \  >     v  , -      *    - .^�����^ Mqulfwe, Hemstreet -were just7-gorgeous5-anyway  WELL; HERE1 wegtf again! I> truly^Meve; that last 7 yow get;^ picture,:dw't you?  week had only two d��ys instead oisevenlforthat's   m h^/K wonderful time..;,; j .  how it seemed.1 We took ih the PNE Vn Friday, Aug,      ^^ <*<>*��'* * you ~jo.-v Jn the* ^  23 and it was well worth going'. I "was/ wearing fhussh * .*w of HP-*** ^anctog^s'y&rfj _  puppies," but by the.end of the day,,even they weren't-1 fo?lW ^W8!^^^^"  very quiet. It takes felot of-walkj^ukaW^  can be spent me^ withW^ndinf any 'B^^m ;-^S*^**r ���> *T5?  other than etttrance and fooii^^                                                        .        7,    - ���;  Way.  '.   -s    "    '"     . ������-? :���:    /i*?^ ������< '  >!\ < **���"���  There are many free shows    in and, said, "Let's play l��ngo,u   OLp AG��'SECURITY  l,r  l-e  day - and'* the   by this1 time X just* had toTjit 7\^ >tt r were, bom, U��M8S*7  .W'*U*i._      ��� A._.  .1....M. .. s        " AR   AOIillfM.^ .a��4    i��   .-..*..   **....*.    .taA^vi.  '"wwwMWMwwwwMiiwwiiWBtMitirirT .1.  throughout - the  day _  variety of - exhibits is tremen  dous. We,even came, by an outdoor theatre, ^ust as square  dancing was Tin progress and  they .were doings one of Harry  Robertson's favorite singing  calls, which made it interesting as we new tbe call and had  danced it several times, ,This  was really a highlight of the  down.       *   H. '-v. Jor earUer^ and if yo��n "can meet  nftU,'     tuytiCt, yy e      -"certain residence ^equlreroents  rest of us just sat there^ and  helped ������ pay the attendant's  wages.  l s  Anyway the day was a com-  '���mw     avm_4j       n      *WKl-_ll_14Iv     VI       UIC"  T �����      ���"����������*    ^pu^p      wm**    ��q,    Vvlfl  day���of course it was raining    pJetfr success^ in every way.  cats and dog^I xealized this      Before Y sashay around my  COOL OPF FIRST  Don't take a running dash into the water when you-return  to the cottage hot *nd overtired. Lie in the shade to cool  off for.a while aj*d then take  your dip.  right away when I came out  of the B.C. Building and stepped Into a puddle. *  Oh! I had my problems, the  grounds bad many bingo concessions   and  it "was  quite a  partner and head for the old  corral, here is a date that I  rather enjoyed. Augt 12, 1961   A group of the-Sechelt 'promenaders met at Jack .McLeod's  at Wilson Creek and' enjoyed  an evening of square -dancing  chore to get Pe&.aid the"~kid_   on E^TSES.S  passed them, but 1 finally, gave.   bar-b-queXpSSfby toaTweS  N^D/A.CARt  new or uses  , x -   ** ^ -    \ *  Peninsula  Holor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.  Pfc. 885-2111 . -Ted Forowdl  Chain Saw Centre \ \  Wilson Creek  Dealer* for P.M. Canadien - McCulloch -  Homelite - Pioneer and Stihl Chain Saws.  COMPLETE STOCK OF ALL MODELS  Parts and Repair Service  Telephone 885-9626  _��__*_. ���*.  ieu/6  of your busrniess leaders  *mmmmmmmMtm  rmmmmmmmmmnmm  Your Peninsula Centre  for Furniture, Appliances  Soles and Service      7   ' r  Richler's T.V. & Radio Lfd.  Sechelr, B.C. Phone 885-9777  I  MWt\  Shell Oil distributor  I  !     i  f,  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phone 886-2133  l^mwmmm mmmummimmmmmm  mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn  i   * , i I  it , ' I  Plumbing and Heating  . Walk On It!  Sleep Onlti  Eat Off It!  Clean With It!  * * * ���       i ��.    *     i  Listen To It!  Watch It!  Cook With It!  Clean With Itl  OR  Just Plain Like It!  You Can SAVE On If  '   AT ���  BENNER BROS.  , i    COASIMYH6 LID.  |    j    Box 545, Gibsons, B.C. Phono 886-9857  II  PAVING - ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS  lb.  PARKING AREAS - ROADS ETC.  *t<^i,*.    y  -  v\ A.\  FREE ESTIMATES  1+mmmmms.mmmmm- Trmmmmmmt  tmmmm  >fWM��il  '"JtS  j  Mi. 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T# 1965     Sechelt Peninsula Times ,.��� Page 11  P&V5 J i�� r.  *_>--_f-;V  6 <"��������� .*!-  ja*^  ������&*  *��  .*  l\���\  I!  p  ���4  >  ii-  fi  J  <!  .,1  r  i  ���H  DEPARTMENT, '<'recreation  and conservation,- announced  last week a grant,of $500vas,  cost-sharing,' participation ,Att  the, Brothers, Memorial* Park'  project which, so, fair has cost,  more than ��2,000, up clearing,  grading etc.    ,7 _ - 7' a1  "' The department'has previous-'  ly participated to the, extentvof  50,,per cent' of development  costs of a��� Class-C park., New  policy- however; quashed, ho^as,  of obtaining this grant and-* it.,]  is' now .necessary, to submit 7  estimated specific costs in^to  _-.;   . rectedfte preparation of the^master, plan_.fiw_.IHe_ ZyZXtfge^ot^  development of the National Capital Region. r   .-   - ,.   .  ' _  ; - /<   -      >      *-���  " *7'    , (   T- i.r     1       ,  Accounts to date were never-  Times series . .r. ;     ' * .  - ^;* <��   '^t'l'Jf^^H^^l    ��� - ��� with the result being a grant  of S50p, Estimates will be submitted early in future and, the  50 per .cent participation'will  then be avaiable. "    ,  The Brothers Memorial Park  project has now been accepted  ra$ a centennial project of the  Gibsons Rural area.  K I  . -. /; Announcing Bingo y ]/J,  '; J* ���" '  Fridcsy, Sept. lOth at 8 p0m_  Eminent planner  JACQUES Greber an eminent French olanner who di-  .:\ at the newly enlarged  -.  SECHELT RESERVE HALL  *> " ^*,..i" *���*  To he/p restore historic Sechelt Church*  7    < ^ -      -*    \ -     -���,*���-7J"  * .    '" '���'  ��� *   :    .    MORE DETAILS NEXT WEEK   .  Capital  a priviledge region  ;IN A^RRECEEDINjB article we told how the capital of  a~nation reflects the soul of its people;-a privileged  city "among all the cities of a country; a community  'with undefined limits, since all the citizens of the country form'part of it.  This article will deal-with the  National Capital Commission,  planners of Canada's capital  Commission, planners of Canada's capital which"one day  Will become one of the most  beautiful and inspiring' capitals  -of the world.   - (  Formed by an Act of "Parlii*  -ment in 1959, the National Capital Commission's" objects and  .purposes are to "prepare plans  for and assist,in the development of the National' Capital  Region so that the nature and  character of the seat of the  government ef Canada may'be  in accordance with its national  significance."  The National Capital Region  encompasses 71 administrative'  .bodies���counties, townships, ci- ,  ties, towns, villages and polks  villages���each' retaining all its  rights   and   autonomy   under  Quebec and Ontario legislation, -  respectively. The NCC, therefore, has authority only over  the lands it purchases or obtains through exchange agreements. With the approval of thc  governor-incouncil,   the   commission may expropriate lands  within the national capital area,  or grant assistance to municipalities "for thc purpose of im- ,  provement, planning or main*  tcnance of property." The Act_  also confers on thc commission  the right of approval in masters   concerning   the   exterior  . architectural   design   of   build*  ings built on public lands.  NCC's duty, actually, Is to put  into effect the development  plan for tho national capital.  The commission answers to thc  Canadian Parliament through  'the minister of public works.  In addition to a chairman an J  a vice-chairman' who are appointed by the governor-incouncil, the commission is com*  posed of at least one member  from cach of thc 10 provinces;  at least two mcn.bcrs from |the  city of Ottawa; at least one  member from the city of Hull;  at least onc member from a  local munlclpnllty in Ontario,  other than thc city of <0ltaw--,  and al least ono member from  a local municipality in *.uebcc-  othcr than tho city of Hull���a  total of 20 members in all.  If planning was n necessity  in 1899 when the majo*ityx of  Canada's population was ruril,  it is far more essential tod*��y  with the tremendous urbanization which has taken place over  the last quarter of a century.  Town planning is no longer a  luxury; it is a necessity. Tue  late Jacques Greber, famed  French city planner, realized  this principle when he prepared  a master plan for the-National  Capital. The National Capital  Commission follows this lead  strongly in order to make Canada's Capital a symbol of urban  civilization in Canada.  USE   TIMES   CLASSIFIED  FOR QUICK RESULTS  Lucky shopper  wins $50 prize  LATEST successful entry in  the Sunnycrest. Shopping centre monthly family allowance  cheque draw, is Mrs.. Mavis  Stanley of Granthams Landing.  Fifty dollars is awarded each  month to jthe holder of the lucky  ticket drawn. Costs nothing to  enter, simply cash your allowance cheque at one of the  Sunnycrest stores, fill in an  entry form and deposit it in the  drum.  Contest will be advertised in  Tbe Times each month followed later with the name of the  lucky winner.   .  can you make sure your retirement years  will be secure and independent? It's  simple when you plan it that way with a  Great^West retirement income policy.  Select the exact plan that's individually  tailored'to your needs. Call: -   ���  Bryan E.   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'*   '_      - "- , _ -   A\ ,   ' I  l  EGMONT EYEDROPS ,       _ r ��� _  Picked up young Angie Sil-   FLANSvare weUunderway forCanada's centenary cele*-  ���,_alterations in-I9ft7^ A'-youthvtravel-program-has-begim-this^  POW-      VMi>r ff will i-iii-Al-i**? 1 (UU\ K��.,���*  ����,*  ��'��.1~   ,.����,;;���� i���   ������  J ^**-1* u \ ,  5 ,  r���  f  *>*  r-  11 in-  !  ^'  * ���by John Duniop  7QWELL* River visit���M.V. "Powell River Queen" was  : accepted from the guilders on Wednesday, Aug. 25,  went into service the same afternoon and it was not a      - ���- - ** AVr*"* T&��- "*��  iiteiit tups, sewjiis,  s" ���*, j "*���*  t "v "7   ���>'  tmlm M  The   ship   w��s   uiuwucu,   ji . *- j������*_ .,* wrnj    _j *-r *_--.        i  was the noon hour crossing and    the many Peninsula and Lower      f 1  �� SdW IS?  ^fll^vTLZt^    Coast guests disembarked. pfoyee of^PR Jtd      ^"    ��������������.,--. ,    mis .portaDie .exhibition.   Fair  ?hTTuct%asSen��errwie -_O9^--^-^-B^��^-^0.OT theferry were-Mrs^   ^-^5-1968 this - travel pro,! grounds,   parte, 7dt   shopping  talk about and how they spend   necessary. size to accommodate  their leisure.    ' -  . 7    this .portable .exhibition.   Far  those who found a,dry spot and  stayed put, the remainder,  many with lunch trays in their  hands, played*'dodge the leaks'  or retired to the comfort of the  automobiles on the car-deck below. We are fortunate to have  a new ferry on*the Jervis,Inlet run before the real wet weather sets in.  A full report on Mr. Bennett's visit to Powell River-on  Thursday, the evening's events  and the acceptance ceremony  at Saltery May on Wednesday  will be found elsewhere in  these pages as Doug Wheeler,  The Times editor, with his  camera and his notes, was a  busy man at all times. Meanwhile, a few observations.  Isabel Dawson, president of  the Mackenzie Social Credit  League  under  whose  auspices  journey to Langdale, with a  view toward future replacement  of this 54 miles of 'easy, l1-.  hours driving' surface. He was  also invited to inspect the Eg-  ��� mont road, an invitation that  he graciously declined. I wonder why. It would have been  an exciting chapter in his memoirs.  ON THE MAP  Pender Harbour and District  Chamber of Commerce has another winner to its credit. This  time by the erection of a district directory in the form of a  large map showing the entire  northern end of the Peninsula.  Transposed from four aerial  maps onto plywood sheeting approximately 10 by 15 feet, it  gives a true picture of the  area. It is situated on the high-  George ,Vaughan,   Mrs.   Irene  (Ben)   Griffith   and   daughters  Jacqueline , and Kathie. They  were sort of killing two birds  with one stone, visiting relatives in Saltery Bay and also  taking in the inauguration of  the new ferry1. Irene's mother,  Mrs. Nell Gough of. Saltery  Bay, is a sister of Mrs.  Vaughan. Irene's sisters, ' all  residents of the bay, are Mrs.  Doris Johnstone, Mrs. Lily Dis-  ley and, Mrs."Winnie Harrop.  Mrs. Vi Silvey is home again  after spending five days in St.  Mary's Hospital and is reported  to be feeling much better. Husband Ernie's seiner "Husky"  almost came to grief at the Egmont dock when .the stuffing  box gave way" during his absence. Fortunately, Ernie returned in time to prevent the  boat fsinking  although' the en  during the centennial year it is  expected some 17,000 Canadian  boys and girls wili^ be- taking  part. In all, during the four-  year period, 1964,through 1967,  about 30,000 students may have  benefitted - from sucla exchanges. ' *  - -  The government of Canada  through the Centennial Commission, assumes the major financial responsibility for the^e-  youth travel programs. The  commission assumes transportation coats, while provincial  authorities, in co-operation .with  the commission, look- after the  reception, and housing of th*  students.  The centennial commission is  providing in the neighborhood  of 8100,000 to carry out this  program this year.  In May, 1967, eight Confed-  the dinner and public reception   wav ���n _ rffZ^T-nt^hv'Th".- J^^-J^"^  aiuiougu  me en-    erauon xaravans -will fai^out  was held, is to be eongratulat-    S*  L���,w��� wSSSS ��3 n;>5^^^a^T>artly, submerged and    across   the^,nation7","covering  ���tstandinff s��PrP.��    S��uth Pender Harbour and, Dis-    considerable wateriJda*naee'was-* eitaKT ��i�� .-in,*' thV w���^  s^-s_-!__is;_____-B^i-_  site for exhibit, stops by the  caravans., -^ * '    \ *  A Confederation Train will  begin a journey across the  country in January, 1967, making some 80 stops in its travels.  Its schedule is arranged so thai  it will arrive iii Ottawa" en July-  1, marking, to thc day, the  hundredth anniversary of Confederation.  This train will carry; an unusual -. "display, depicting Canada's progress, from colony ��o  nation; combining Its historical,  social, economic and scientific accomplishments that have  placed it among the great nations of the world.  It will make its last stop in  Montreal, culminating its his-*  toric trip from coast to coast.  The Confederation Train will  jbe.one^of the^m'airiApto'je,iets"e��  ��K>  ed for the outstanding success  of the - Tuesday evening program. Isabel, who. needs "nointroduction to the readers of this  column, is a tireless and enthusiastic worker in anything  .she undertakes and there is  very little that she will not take  under, consideration if it Is for  ,the^ betterment of conditions in  the Mackenie Electoral Riding.-  The dinner was excellent, the  ' after dinner speakers brief and  to the point and the Naval Cadets' display and band was a  trict Water Works and;.- adjacent to their pipe line shed. The  huge sign was made up by  K&R Signs and Displays Ltd.  of Burnaby, a company in  which Bob Harper, a former  resident of Francis Peninsula  and member of the chamber, is  now a partner. v ��� ..     -   ;7%  considerable water'dalmage'was-  incurred.  PASSED AWAY -���-  A tragic sequel to the new  ferry ceremony at, Saltery Bay  was the sudden, death of Mrs.  Dora, Johnstone, beloved, wife  of Jud Johnstone and eldest  ��� .daughter, of  Mrs.   Emily  everyY province and the Northwest Territories, making approximately ,680 exhibit stops  and logging over '34,000 miles  by the end of October. ,, v,  For many communities the  caravan displays will be the  main event of the cemenhiil.  Each is a miniature fair, depicting , a.,study \of Canadian  , -t   vj      ,���__���-���___, ���   ���._.    _���.���.,   ,jer   v p--.uu-�� , <��. siuujr    %fi   v<ituauimi  A graded turn-out allows off !;Vfnes,,of Egmont .It is presumed.   histoi^Jromtinitial^expI6rations.^t  highway    parking    for    about, that -Mrs.,,sJobnstope vhad1 suf-v'M'to present day. .   '        *   "-;  eight cars and ,the sign is so    fered   a'l heart   attack   while ��� >��� There will be activated elec-.'  situated as to be visible to ap-    watching the new vessel pull-,   troriic1 and > mechanical vpara-  proaching traffic for a con&id-    ing away from the dock. Jud    pherrialia, la   complete   ftanor-"  erable   distance.*   A    drinking    and Dora have-lived in the Jer-^   ama of historical cultural at^jj  tribute to our vouneer eenera-    ����--��w \��u��u"ree.-   A    annrang     *��*��� w- nave-uvea in me uer*    am a of h:  Son  The^Memer-raddress to   ?��un��nn yiM also be. Stalled    vis Inlet4 area for the; greater    social'lite of-Canada  the^'dinner    Sests    and    h^   in'^e'^ar future. Almost all    part of their lives and for the    .Films-*!  the dinner, guests and his  speech at the public reception,  were highlights of a splendid  evening. Powell River is certainly to be congratulated on  ���the entire proceedings: They  were a complete success and a  credit to all concerned.  And so, on to  Saltery  Bay  of the business establishments  in the Middle Point to Egmont  areas have'participated in the  cost of this directory by advertising their' name and location on the signs, some 27 so  far with about 10 more to go  on.  The idea for this type of sign  ��� ���, ���-  ���       - -  <and  diorama   tcchni-  past\few years have resided in* ques wi��7bc used and exhibits  Saltery Bay. Highly respected v will portray life in pre-Cou-  by all who know them, Dora's federation days, the Indian and  sudden passing will be felt by    Eskimos,     the , Confederation  their many friends..  On behalf ,of our com n\ unity  we extend our deepest sympathy to Jud, daughters Thelma,  Grace, Evelyn and Alice, and  story, Canada's achievements  and natural resources, with indications of what life will be  Phone 885-9654  ,and  the  acceptance  ceremonv       * -   T.     ..Lms iype ot slgn    u     c*  E've,yn ana AUCC�� ana  ol^ the7"PweU  Rive.' SeeJ?    ?ngmated  with  Mrs.  Fleming,    to sons, Frank, Bob and Chris.  of the "Powell River Queen  which took place the following  day at 11 a.m. Egmont almost  went down in history as having  the first car to embark on the  Lnew ferry. Unfortunately, pro-  ftocol decided that Premier Ben-  * ��� nctt, in his 'Lincoln Continental',   should   havc   this   honor.  However, the Dunlops'  'Austin  jCamhridgc'.aftcr   having   been  pulled aside to allow Mr. Bennett's car to proceed, was next  aboard. (Note: Our small car  ,has ��� turned quite temperamental after, Wj. hours close association with the Lincoln).  1 Officially   representing   Pender Harbour at the ferry ceremony ,waB Mark Myers, presl*  dent of the Pender Harour and  'District    Chamber    of    Commerce,   accompanied   by   Mrs.  Myers, and Len Larson, president   of   the   Sunshine   Coast  Tourist Association. Mark and  , Len together with their wives,  Myrtle and Ethel, woro also Invited   to  attend   tho  Tuesday  ���    night dinner at '���Powell^Riverr  'but, due, ,to pressure of bu��l<  _ ness, were unable to bo pre*  *rficnt. , 1  \ , Tho entire population of Snlt-  cry Bay seemed to be on hand  to greet the new ferry, A nam*  her of them received a much  longer'boat rldo than thd half-  hour cruise they had anticipate  ed as tho , "Powell. R1 v o r  Queen," Immediately after tho  acceptance ceremony was con*  eluded, headed for Earl's Covo  -where thc Prcmiqr'a party and  former secretary of the cha'm  ber and immediate past principal of Pender Harbour High  School. Mrs, Merle Hatcly has  done a splendid job in contacting the .various business people  and in, raising the necessary  funds for this project. Thc erection of the sign was handled by  Hugo Seaholm, Madeira Park  building contractor. He was assisted by Rod Webb and Ma'r'k  Myers, chamber members who  donated their time and effort,  SUMMER   COTTAGE  Because your summer cottage well has passed tests in  other years, is no reason why,  it may continue to, be fit for  human consumption without  some form of purification. Water taken from natural sources  should be tested every year at  least, especially in Springtime.  Until it has been certified in  f��� ...   ,   . proper tests, thc water should  In this instance, as on many, bo boiled or have onc of the  previous occasions, your cham- purifiers   added,   before   being  ber of commerce has demon-1 used for drinking. Your drug*  prove   conditions   in, our   dis* purifiers .available.  A. SIIV1PKIMS - CONTRACTOR  Pav,�� B��y Phono 885-2132; 885-9648     j  SECHELT  BOWLING ALLEY  OPENS  September ,2 - 7:30 p.m.  THIS IS IHE  SPOT TO HAVE  THE MOST FUN  Everything's here to promote, your bowling pleasure, Modern lanes in top  ��condition,'Congenial -atmosphere,  SECHELT  LANES  AM Intorcstcd in forming leagues or joining  Leagues Phono  885-9918 or 885-9322  vx W<; *"���"  ���v*.  '.    ' ���    "4'trl   ���   rAi -i-i*. .���"'��� '  i j'i t    M       i \r   *   i    *  ���r|    .*> rf.il  -J-I       f     �����  t h*    '   *     -1'     ***�����   -**' ���**  -  '  |��l��*��t***'t*t*       f By Jack Davis, M  ^THE RECENT, postal^stiiike^ojntefd^p several things;  ; - 0ne7wasthat bur 'Method of> dealing "with pay/in-*  creases' for Qivil Servants is old fashioned and out'of  Wed., Sept. 1, 1965 , Sechelt Peninsula Times    Page 13   xea irom ,iWer^rivilegedsW Ky '  \    > V,- ��� - ">���-' ��� ��� ' ;, T*"^���, " ���   j��   ' >   (broketf homes, lonely senior cit>-7  "T \AJQ0 yeaf5 ^.1^7 ;    'rv �� V,    -' * *' ^     x\    mother^ alcoholics, inmal^.l < l3   * j- \;  * "'    ���    -A-t. r^  7' AV    */.   ;-a?v        "'        correctional* institoSons,, ca>as*r V;-     / I" "-  UiJ^''M^..Lki.��^J*i: '.'"*er yictims^ndeed^the'-hom^,     - J^J   '^ffit^At A  ripe old1 age -of lOttf and The^I *J"fF^"  It takes stamina to attain the  riband The*  has the?neces-  with the Civil ^Service^aft-^4  _^vhole^So-aU^the-Te_eral government could do in this'case  was to appoint a''special commissioner, Judge Anderson. It  was he, who after an independent survey into the facts of  the matter, came up with a further increase which was- acceptable to postal workers from  one end of, Canada to the other.  The original offer was not  enough. But���and* let us i>e  clear on this���it was an amount  recommended- to the government by an independent-body,  the Civil Service Commission.  This original increase, furthermore, had been agreed to, officially, by the Postal Workers*  obje  tions ini Parliament. Some Atlantic and ^Quebec'MPs will'undoubtedly say that nothing  should be done to prolong economic differences between our  ���'rich" and our "poor" areas.  "But 'this change along these  lines, will also have to come if  we arc not to have fur*her labor unrest in the Public Service. > '  of the noble qualify of compas-,   markable in an age where the   up, then down, 4hen .straight,  sion than is ordinary. Even the   red '' tape unwinds only at a '"out, then into circles. You 4*31  me that's W_signai?^   t>-.  7'_!,_  perennial cynics v-aud scoffers  admit to a grudging respect for  its record of achievement, recognizing, as do most of us, a  compassion that is pure and  .non-discriminatory.  '  -  Through the ��� years���and al-  " ways at the community leyel���  The Salvation Army has offer-  slow ami-stately pace.  More than SQO centres of op-      "For Heaven's sake!" scree-,  eration throughout Canada are   ched, the woman.   "The first  at  the immediate, service  of* * three signals /were^vraong,vdid-  such disparate groups as child-  n't you see me etafee them?"  Wilson Creek notes  ���_By Mabel Wagman  r  MOVING to Arizona���Guests at the home of Mrs. Cassie  May Fields, was her sister Lily and husband Richard  Union. What Canadians were   Rosenquits, from Arizona. May plans to leave* on a trip,  faced with therefore,  was  a sWith Lily and Richard, to Vancouver Island'where they  series o�� wildcat^ strikes ^and   wyj_ vjs|t relatives,  then on  to Arizona where  Mrs.  " l "      ' Fields plans to make her home.   Being a* long-time resident of  the Wilson Creek area, she will  be missed by her many friends  here on the Peninsula, her  light-hearted nature will be re*  neither tbe Civil Service Commission nor the union's top of*,  ficiais were able to control the  situation/This was unforutnate.  Nor was it likely to have happened if employee representatives had been able to participate directly and each group in  the Civil "Service had had a  voice" in the bargaining process.  For * years Parliament has  been discussing collective bargaining in the' Public Service;  a system which would combine  the protection of the' national in  nwwnwwwMnnwKMMiiMMMmaii  -~tf    .       r > + *     ���*        **��� \        -*  Unitarian Fellowship of Sechelt Peninsula  LECTURE BY ' y   '  Dr. Brock Chisholm,  t ' C.B.E., M.G, E.D., M.D.   , ���  SUBJECT "'  "Are Our Ancestral, Patterns Obsolete"  ROBERTS CREEK COMMUNITY HALL      *  8:00 p.m. - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1965  EVERYONE IS CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND      i    -  *-**i***-*i-r*Tnr-*if'*i-ir*wriv*inc*rinnnri<innnfinfinnnnnnnfMii^^  membered by alL  SOCIAL EVENING  A farewell tea was held at  the home of Mrs. Mary Mar-  croft, hostess, where the guest  of honor was Mrs. Boreas Duffy who is moving to Terrace  where she will reside with her  children. Guests included Mrs.  terest, whictrls obviousl^es^  Dianne Strdshein. Mrs:"Joanne  sential, with fair treatment for  the workers, which is also essential.  i  '    *  Within weeks of taking office,  In 1963, the; present government  set up the Heeney Committee  to see how this could be achieved���collective bargaining*���as  well as to make proposals for  reforming the system of pay  and classification in-the Clv.U  Service.    ,���  >      ���,��, , ',  Van de Meeberg,v Mrs. Mabel  Wagman, Mrs. Jean Gory, Mrs.  Joan Newsham and Ruby Stro-  shein. Those unable to attend  were Mary Byrnes, Mrs.  Gaines, Mrs. Potts, and Arvella  Benner.  MOVING TO LANGDALE  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Sam   Moore  and family have moved to, their  new home in Langdale with a  lovely view of the ferry, boats  The Heeney Committees ta-sk '��� entering the harbor.       *'  was completed and its \ report   VISITORS   *'       >       *-1.   ,  published early, iu July of this      visiting at the home of Mrs.  MORE ABOUT > .  . - *  Other Opinions  from editorial page-  process was obviously badly  handled and a situation developed in which everyone involved was a loser. Many students  received incorrect marks or no  marks at all, educators had to  work overtime to sort out the"  mess, supplemental exams  were' delayed and universities  are faced with the overwhelming task of processing the backlog of entrance applications.  A frightening prospect is  raised by all this confusion.  Sweeping changes are now be- ,  ing planned in Quebec's education system. They include  larger and more comprehensive  secondary schools, a wider  choice of subjects, increased  emphasis on technical .training  and subject promotion.  The , administration; of these  schools,will be much more complex; than' it is in our schools  today.' To hapdle much' of the  Gibsons  No Down Payment - Bank interest  Ten Years To Pay  FIRST PAYMENT OCTOBER 1st  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIANCES  r  (For Free Estimate - Call 886-272$  year. At tbe,same time, Prima,  Margaret   MacLeod   for   the    administrative worki a'compu-  *Jm*u}#*i. Hte^Hf-***** (-m*��-M  Minister Pearson's government  announced Its intention to introduce legislation,as soon as  Parliament reconvenes^ This  all happened n few days'before  the postmen camo out on  strike/"   <.�����*.*���"'>   '���   ���  1 It therefore seems that1 thc  issue of collective bargaining  may soon be settled by lpglsl����  tion. But there is'- still tho problem pf(nationwide rates of pay.'  Tons of 'thousands of Civil Servants now aro paid on tho same  basis regardless of whether  they work In tho Marltijmcs or  on Uit? West Coast/ But industry, having regard to tho cost  of living and'thnny'other factors, pays a great deal more  in B.C. than It does ln far-olf  Nowfo��nd(lntod. This ' being "tlio  case, it would < scenm tiiat thp,  typical civil Hc^viint in tlio  cast Ih either being paid too  much for his labor or hla Vancouver colleague Is under paid  nnd perhaps therefore loss cf-  ficlent than the western Iok*  summer  was  her* grand-child  Gail .MacLeod and girl friend  Mary ,Lou lleifner from North  Delta,    ���'*      ' " ,  Mr. and, Mrs.1' Russell; from  ter centre will be set up in Que->  bee,  City    with 7 sub-centres,*  throughout the province.  It so much'confusion can Result from a computer correcting  Vancouver,; Island   were, here , examination   papers,   imagine  for 0 short stay. Mr. Russell tho havoc that could be caused  was at one time a school teach- by a computer turned loose on  cr ond principal on tbe Penln* the administrative problems of  sula,              1            7 an entire school .system.  P-trkf pop, zzzzounds, such useful little? soundsl  W   HOUSEHQID APPLIANCES.. ,���. .,. In the  YELLOW PAGES. VVhera your fingers do the walking.  mmAMAmm.Am;AS0m:rt,m  IREVINIFORESTIIRESIII  '   !.       I'  AA  f   '1  I   I'M'  ; 1  SECHELT, B.C.  7'"  ' 1,   , ' i," ,' r"VV(U  ii    1' 1  I  SECHELT fHEATRE  PRESENTS/ 7 " 7'Ml>" u     ��  All the Excitement, Entertainment and Music of Teenage America  1 I '        1.' ' ������*���    ! '       > ,     7"   ,'        ,   I,    '  Teenage Award* Mu*ic Intcrnationol  W  STARRING:  J^lW!__3il  M -.Tiu;;i7',.ni ]^AAZ"'[ AiiV;  l^^^li^U^kLk  "'[AiYit  '71 \hz   hf^H��, uy fA  The Beacr^ Boy-  Chuck Berry    ,       ,,  James Prawn and      ,  The Flames  Tho Barbarians  1 Marvin Gaye *��� v .'1 , " ft."-  Gerry & Tho Pacemakers J-   ;I�� ,J" I'M r  tesley Gore       ,     . 71, ^y\>    f.  Jan & Dean >       7, ,    UmxuJ&ilUy  ,, Billy J. Kramer fi* The Dakota* , p'  Smokey Robinson & Tho Miracle* h  The Supreme* - Tho Rolling Stone* U  HM-rfS** ����"���*  \<tiytit,y>&  product by ELECTRONOVISION'ln assoclotlonwlth Screen"**"  �� t     ,���    EntertqlnmentCo. '  (,   V ,  '     Frl,, Sat, arid Mon, September 3, 4 and 6   /  Show timo 8:00 p.m. Phono 885-9962  Hi.irfnjimu.ni 1 111       11    in- urm..in..i.i,ii   in '  . i  f '" ' 1���I   '     " "   "      '     '" ~ ~ -.��� ������.-.   ������  -   ������ ��� ��� ���  Sundoy, September 5 ���MIDNIGHT SHOW  Michael Gough �� Joanna Cooper -  BLACK ZOO  (ADULT) '  TECHNICOLOR'  'A  ^_^>  1 i  ���t^.tm h t-*,t,-��I'fi-��>*-i*��*toW' 1  V  MW0  *!V"'  JjJ tM^M^ *B(*iat-**liW    ,  Hit-tW*. *  f>*WVf, t��f V fV   t  1   I  'l   !  1 I  'Jr,' WW At  r-v*��, **" jpuf+i'-'  **Jt*M. -- ** *��� ** *���  -v**  ^tt&k^si*  **.  */  7  ir  V.  /  i  I-  HI  Page 14    Sechelt, Peninsula Times    Wed., Sept. T; 1965;  _- -',,'.   .'.* IT77";     ^ST"  55 pass out ->*. .     * ' .  ^ ���* ���  *' ' , y   ���  Swim classes lenniMfe  7    '  V ;        v ���'. ;��� ; ������ "- v        , "    "      .     > *  following ekaminbtioiis  DESPITE'.u'npleasant weather conditions, swimming ex-  ' animations took place on the Peninsula last week.  Bringing, to a close the eight-weekcourse of 16 lessons  supervised by Miss Norma Wills "at Port MellonrMiss-  Dotigal Livingstone, at,Gibsons and Miss Heather Nicholson, at Sechelt and Redrooffs.   "  v^  [Mr.   Roger  Lancaster>   field     ;   said the whole thing made them  sick too.  However,   as * soon   as   they  Ing, kitty simply turned the other way.  ALTHOUGH cats are known for their curiosity, this little  kitten deviates from the lot. With the photographic      JWWCVCt    m  awu  equipment bag in front of her and ready for the sniff-   learned* Uiat^bein^a member  of the golf club was no light  matter and membership was  denied the hoi-poloi they became sick every Wednesday,  which was Ladies' Day, though  none of them were real ladies,  and for .this reason they all  carried hand  bags  that  were  Round about the town  -By Ed Green  THE PROPOSAL for a Sechelt golf course is a great much larger than ordinary and  idea. It is better even than the self-liquidating Por- contained something more  poise Bay park that was so unceremoniously scuttled in cheering than lipstick and face  order that some of its most vociferous opponents could powder. They must have been  rush in and buy up two or three lots so they could sell  the salty top soil  --supervisor for the B.CVDiv. of  the Canadian Red Cross passed  the following swimmers:  JUNIOR TEST  Bert Bland, Raymond, Lucas,  Lynne- Burdette, Pam David,  Sherry Lucas, Adele Jamieson/  all of Port Mellon. Alec and  Coleen Strain from Vancouver. -  Jim Laird and Julie Manning,  Hopkins Landing.  Gail Roberts, * Danny Price,  Linda Price, Debbie Sicotte,  Phyllis Thatcher, David Hob-  son, Bill Hobson, Steve Hill,  Colleen , McPhedran, Sharon  Fraser, Dorothy Fraser, Diana  Fisher, all of Gibsons.  Cindy Nygren, Wilson Creek;  Judy Taulbut, Roberts Creek;  Yvonne Stanley, Granthams  Landing, -   - *-\  ���v Tommy Lamb, Ricky Nelson,  Terry Poteet and,Dean Raffle  from Sechelt.  J Kelly; Foley, Arleigh Lums-  ton and Deidra Murphy from  Redrooffs.  INTERMEDIATE TEST  Gordon Booth, Robert Anderson, Ricky Lucas and Valerie  Eriemark of Port Mellon.  Linda   Campbell,   Sheila  Campbell! John Hopkins and  Stewart Manning of Hopkins  Landing.  Peter  Kuist,   North  Vancouver;  Georgette Macklam, Les-  1 lie Harris, Phyllis Thatcher and  -Kirk Thomas of Gibsons.   Marilyn MacKenzie and Donna Nelson of Sechelt.  SENIOR TEST  Denise Littlejohn and Fay  Fay Flockhart of Port Mellon;  Jimmy Strain, Vancouver;  Runa Hitchcock and Mariiyn  Hopkins of Hopkins Landing.  Gordon Cooper, Granthams;  Sandra Ward, Gibsons; Bob  Hayes and Linda Hansen of Se-  * chelt.  Sedielt  Beauty Salon  Mr. Omer Lepitre  Above Post office  Cutting and Styling  Tuesday to Saturday 9-5  "Your Stairway To  HaMJeauty"  Phone 835-9525  A golf course is a status sym-  *98)--*bol indeed. It would give us  prestige. We could look down  our long noses at other municipalities less fortunate. Of '  course we aren't snobs; we're  just practicing at it, but apart  from community halls recrea-  ' tion parks and other such tri  via what have they got to offer? Nothing, only the desire to  help others and as anybody  knows, as the saying goes, the  nice guys don't win.  A few judicious inquiries in  the right places prove we, are  on the right track. The Crown,  we are told, will donate the  > Jand on account of them not  being able to find anybody silly  enough' to buy it.  With this- initial expense eliminated the, only cost we will  have is clearing a few thousand  trees off the proposed course  and developing' the greens. This  should present no problem, well  not too much when you consider that the fine cour.se at thc  Capilano Golf and Country- Club  on the British Pacific Proper-  ' , tics cost a miserable half a million dollars at the sart and after it was started they lost  count but they now have a fine  course. '  Anybody can play on this  . course if you own a, house on  thc Properties. It doesn't have  to be a big house, You can be  considered eligible if you own  nothing better than a miserable  before he would even consider  playing golf. Tfee others were  in the same unhealthy condition but they began to improve  by the time they -tee'd off at  the first hole. This was a, simple course as the holes were  only, a few yards apart- in a  straight line. The donor said  this was because after the second, or maybe it was the third,  it could ��� have been the fourth  hole but anyway they couldn't  see the flag if it was anywhere ,  else but under their noses.  They  didn't  even  bother  to  count the score either, because  after the fifth hole nobody was  able to count which just goes  to show what can happen when  the course isn't laid out by an  expert, Anyway, they said they  played for their health which  is easy to believe because after  several   judicious   applications,  of their medicine they were a  lot <' livelier   than   when   they  started off. Of course at that  time  you  could  only  get this,  marvelous medicine on a doctor's    prescription    but    since  two or three doctors were hon*  orary  members  of the select  club this  was  no great problem,  especially for  the drug*  gist who was sicker than any  of them.  By now it should be evident  1 that   you   can't ��� hove   a   golf  course laid out by a know nothing. In, or is it on, thc afore*  the only golfers to play in the  dark because a farmer said he '  was passing by when be heard ���  the wife of the Episcopalian, or  maybe it was the Baptist minister yell, "Fore." And the^fe  of the druggist yelled, '.^You're  a bar. You had that many at"  the last hole. J make it six."  Anyway, nobody in this select coterie got any supper that  night. They didn't do so good  "for breakfast next morning, either.  By now it will be seen that  creating a golf course is a  simple matter. All you need is  some flat ground and some  flags. The ground doesn't have  to be really flat, just rolling,  because that is the way the  players ought to be before even  , starting. You don't even need  to clear the brush or windfalls  off the fairways cither. That  adds spice to the game and  calls for more medicine which  you can now get without a prescription at our local potshop  if you can remember the,  opening and closing hours. '.  Of course you can't just  stamp out and start batting  balls around the country without a club house. This is absolutely necessary because It  would ricver do to let just any*  body on .'tlils free, Crown, land  unless1 they were, approved of  by the ; selection '��� committee,  There! should be just about; as"  much chance of a nobody getting into this club as Dr. Mar*  Times  BUSINESS DIRECTORY  fifty-thousand-dollnr    windslftcr    mentioned   course   there   were   'tln Mithcr _Klng Sns f b5jng  ���  that would fall down before you  got buck from playing your  first round if they didn't use  such good paint to hold it up.  Now, you Just don't go out  and hack n golf course out of  the bush, You have to havo ono  properly laid out by an expert  ������,,... jn,.,suclu.matters,,and.,you. con-  gel a fairly good one for five  or ten thousand dollars, This is  V an absolute must. 1 onco was  Jnvilcd to play a round of golf  by a few other secret drink-  pardon me, businessmen, In a  small Saskatchewan town. Jt  was'laid out on n quarter section of land donated by a fugl*  ' tivo from thc Tabernacle whoso  health wns so bad that ho had  no greens, A piece of rag tack*  cd on a stick that was shoved  in a hole in thc ground marked  tho green . . . This simple Idea  was adopted because tho golfers didn't want to bo confused  about where thc fairways end*  ed nnd tho greens began. They  ��� did, - howovcr,j- admit it * should '  bo a little smoother around tho  holes to help their putting so  they, sent their wives out with  Inwnmowcrs, This would havo  worked out nil right but tho  women  pushed   with  such  vigor,  even with only half tho  medicine   that   their   husbands  used .and  what -with   running  Into stones nnd broken bottles  they   wrecked  tho   mowers  to  voted;tho Most Popular Man  of the Year by the Ku Klux  Klan. We hove to draw tho  line somewhere and tho club  house lis thc place to start,  It Is thcrcforo obvious that  the clubhouse is the most important part of tho whole thing  and "once7'wo "get"this' running'  smoothly with the right lubrication we can forgot about tho  rest ot il,  , .  to carry a qunrt of medicine .Ihey.Just loft thorn thero and  WATCH  CHILDREN  Don't allow young children to  play on the beach unless thoy  aro wearing approved Ilfojnc*  kcts find hnvol-nn adult or older responsible'child to keep an  oyo on them.  L.&H.SWANSONLTD.  Septic Tanks and Drain Fields  Backhoe and Front End  Loader Work   %  Screened Cement Gravel  Fill and Road Gravel  Phone 885-9666  Box 172-.Sechelt  Marine Supplies Service  GARDEN BAY  BOATWORKS  A COMPLETE LINE OF  BOAT REPAIRS  Garden Bay, B.C.  Phone 883-2366  V  Scows ��� Logs  SECHELT TOWING  i & SALVAGE LTD.  Heavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing  L.HIGGS-  i  Phone 885-9425  , .     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WATER SURVEY  SERVICES  Complete Wolcr Syjttrp Sorvlcn  L. C. EMERSON  bocholt 805-9510  Insured Olaitlnq  11$,  1  If*  -Kuilfi-fHkAlflH -r*rt*��(     *+-��"      ��*��*>���*������**������������**"-l******!*******   *���* ���*--��*Mii��W ���*tl <*���** "  77  ii.: !mIm,1:1 v ���! ?J<__J__'vi     ��V    ^  \  }  }  1    >  L       *    -  V*-   A  >    '   *���      **.*���������  1 ���   if  v   *.-  ' V'/*''  -    .    < -    i  Here is what  the Canada Pension Plan  will do for people  like Thor Andersen,  a farmer who works for himself  j.--.     *  -/ *)      J     *  -V    t   *���  5  The Anderscns pre both aged 45  and havo no family. If Thor's  earnings continue at $4,000 a year,  until he reaches ago 65, ho can  look forward to a retirement  pension of $8333 a month from  the Plan. This, plus the $75 cach  Mr. and Mrs, Andersen will  -receive-from Old Ago Security- -���-  will give them a total or $233.33  a month���equal to 70% of  Thor's previous average earnings.  If Thor becomes disabled anytime  after 1970, having contributed .  until his disability began, he will  get a disability pension of $87.50  a month. This will continue until  he becomes 65 when he will  receive his retirement and Old  Age Security pensions.  * M     i    *  4<4   w    W    *^*l- to   *i      *n>     ***>*_ t<  .  *t* *A*---��r /,  *M  Should Thor die anytime after  1967, having contributed until  his death, his wife will receive a  widow's pension of $56.25  a month until she becomes 65,  From then on she will get $125  a month���$50 from the Plan and  575 from Old Ago Security, At  tho time of Thor's death  Mrs. Andersen will bo ontitlcd  . to a lump sum payment of $500,  All benefits under tho Plan will  maintain their value. The actual  benefits payable will probably  be higher than those given here  since benefits will be adjusted to  meet changes in living costs and  in wage levels before they are  paid and changes in living costs'  .... after.they-becom�� payable.    * -.  i  *     t  What will thc Plan cost you?  If you, liko Thor, in a particular  year, havo self-employed earning*  of $4,000 you will pay $122,40  in instalments, in tho samo  way you pay income tax.  This advertisement is one of a  series which relates some of  the important benefits of tho  Canada Pension Plan to  individual circumstances.'  **ts *i<i*       �����- Jl   *���    WMil* fci**  Issued by  authority of the Minister of  National Health and Welfare.  Canada,  Tho Honourable Judy LaMarsti.  t  ..  A'  ll i i ' 'I*  f-      4  I'  ***  *n%*.  A,,  *->  1 ��>  'V,  *  "  4t  **.  **'*  il  V  7  *  I.:  ��� k  j*,  7  t    K-  ,-     "  ��� ,R  7  "^ft**   S  i��Sr4  r         ��� of*   *���-"*  "fits- *    -*��->  W      *>,!  a*.               * <���   �� "  zi  ^j^r ���" ^ rri  A    -   -fV  *      '  H     *  Invisible wings  NO IT'S mot Peter-Pan, just 14-year-old Trev Oram of  Gibsons taking part in the diving competition at the  Gibsons Ifiremen's "Watersports. Trev is also a scout in  the Roberts Creek troop, and in the company of Steve  Weatherhill recently completed a 48-hour hike to Lake  7, Rainy River Valley. Both hoys are working toward  their Queen Scout badge.  Own responsibility . . .  Consider your career  advises L. R. Peterson  (THIS IS the seventh in a series of articles by the minister of education describing the new senior secondary school curriculum).  This is the last of the articles that I have been writing  about the new senior secondary  school curriculum that will bcj  available to students entering  Grade XI in September. They  covered five optional programs.  Four   lead   to  careers���prefer-  economics. The objective is to  equip a student with a lounda-  tion of salable skills and know  ledge helpful in either employment or further specialized  training.  Provision has also been made  for similar courses relating to  the fishing, forestry and inn*  ably after further training at ing industries. The decision on  one of B.C.'s regional vocational schools���in commerce, industry, community services an I  the visual and performing arts.  The fifth leads to university or  the B.C. Institute of Techno-  'Jogy. Again I advise against  students enroling in the Academic-Technical Program simply because they think it has  more prestige. Those who think  they are fitted for a professional or highly technical career should go to it. School  counsellors can give them good  advice based on their school  records. On the other hand,  those who think they would pro-  i e r employment as skilled  craftsman should not forget the  vocational schools. They provide excellent training and their  graduates are in demahd by industry ond commerce. I  As well as the five programs  1 have covered so far, the new  curriculum makes provisions to  keep pace with the different  and changing needs of the community. Some schools, for example, may wish to include a  what specialty is given rests  with the local school authorities and is of course dependent  on the demand and the teachinj  resources available.  Another significant feature of  the new curriculum is ihe provision made for adjusting courses to suit both the interests of  the students and the needs of  the community. For example,  not all students will study  identical courses in English, -ir  in industrial power, or in mechanics. In the latter cases  particularly, provision is matte  for emphasis on machinery  used in forestry, in forest communities and in manufacturing'  in  industrial communities.  In concluding these articles  may I mention that in all our  planning, stress has been placed on the importance of providing programs which have a  goal. This purpose need not  be narrow, and it need not  force a student Into an irrevocable choice, It should however be pronounced enough to  allow the student to keep his  .study of agriculture in Ihe cur-    ��� -*- - **-v-   * iculum.  Like other progrnris    mind on the general field of on*  il would require the same four   deavor Jn which he hopes  to  require  general education constants,  two courses In English, cne in  .social studies and onc In gullet nee and physical education.  The program constants would  be mathematics and general  business. The specialty element  of the program would include  two courses on the theory anJ  practice of agriculture, two o.i  power and machinery related to  agriculture, and nnothur business   course   on   agricultural  be employed, with specialization at n higher level of education to come later. All of thy  available programs havo been  designed to provide good general education; all contain stan*  dards and demand effort; all  allow freedom of choice dependent on achievement.  In the final analysis no program, however good, can guar*  nntcc a pupil his future, This  Is Ihc Individual responsibility,  '.V1  wmmm  m  Pianoforte & Theory of Music  MRS. L H. SHUPE AAA, LR.A.M.  Flume, Road, Roberts Crook, B.C.  Phono 886-2074  Students prepared for Toronto Conservatory Examinations, if desited.  llffi��KK5S_B55_Ci5!ii5ii!i  ���EK  mSSSSSBSSSBSBm  Car plunges into  Garden Bay lake  GOOD fortune rode .with Raymond Maykle of Port Coquit-  lam last Thursday when his  light automobile skidded on a  "wet road and "plunged into the  Garden Bay lake while attempting to negotiate a bend.  The vehicle stayed afloat long  enough for Maykle to escape  sank in 35 foot of water.  Local diver and barber, Geo.  Flay was able to attach a hitch  to the vehicle which, was later  recovered by Ray Duesenbury  with his tow truck. Roof and  sides of the vehicle were badly  caved in and police'are investigating the incident:  Another accident, four miles  west of Sechelt, occurred last  Wednesday on Highway 101  shortly before Premier W. A. C.  Bennett drove past on his way  to Langdale from Powell River.  A van driven by Warren Alec  Smith, of.Haney, property of  Swain's Valley Linen Supply,  rolled  over  the   embankment.  He said- a vehicle travelling  on its wrong side of tbe��� road  had caused him- to swerve,  thus rolling over embankment. t\  Free tickets to  Sechelt Theatre  THREE tickets to the Sechelt  Theatre are awarded free  each week to the holders of the  three lucky numbers, selected  each week and distributed, one  in each of three advertisements  within the pages of The Times,  Look carefully and if you find  your number, just drop In to  The Times office and pick up  your ticket to any performance.  Agents for  homelite  Mcculloch  pm. canadian  STIHL  PIONEER  Chain Saws  and  i i  JACOBSEN  Rotary Mowers  at your  SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 46 (SECHELT)  SEPTEMBER7*h    "*��  i  Schools will open for registration;  grouping and textbook issue only at 9:00  a.m. on Tuesday, September 7ht, 1965.  Pupils will return home once" these formalities have been completed.       ;  \~ f*  i       i i t - 5*   j'Mj, , ^,, if   r'-j.-i-j^   ��"}*'���;   A"      "  u> ?<'"7  Regular instruction will commence  on the following day, Wednesday, Sep-,  tember 8th, at the usual times...  CHAIN SAW  CENTRE  t  Wilson Creek, B,C,  Phone 885-9656  m  ? *> ....  *\*rr tfl����rt bus runs wi>} be the sWe  as those in effect m June; until the] new  classrooms are ready for occupancy,  probably around the end of September.  Transportation changes at that time will  be made known to the parents of children  involved.  Parents new to the area and all  others desiring more information are invited to telephone the School Board Office at 886-2141 and ask for the Transportation Supervisor.  WEST SECHELT  ELEMENTARY; STUDENTS  *-  Will be accommodated in temporary classrooms at  Sechelt Central Elementary school until West  Sechelt Classrooms are completed. All students  should therefor report to Sechelt Central Elementary School on September 7th,  ALL ROBERTS CREEK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  STUDENTS ��� Shpuld report to that school on September 7th, If 'the new classroom Is not ready at  that time, grade 1 students may be sent home for  another week .or two or they may be accommodated  in some other fashion, A decision will be made at  that time and communicated to the parents involved.  ALL LANGDALE AND PORT MELLON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS ��� Will register at Port  Mellon Elementary School on September 7th. Some  students will be informed at that time that they  should report on the following day to Langdale Elementary School, This will Involve some grade 3 and  all grade 4 and 5 students, On September 7th all  elementary school children Hying between Soame's  Point and Port Mellon should bo, at,the regular  school bus stop by 8 a.m, for transportation to Port,  Mellon, ���    *���     j   .  ���  Safety Note:  MR. MOTORIST STOP WHEN SCHOOL  BUS RED UGHTS ARE FLASHING.  ���"  Page 16    Sechelt Peninsulo Times    Wed., Sept'JU 19(55  *~'j"     ���   ii ���ni'i-wi-i ��i ������    H-.II--HI*. ������-_������ ir_ win   i-i- wn im mm m ��� ,m:m+,^.��*mim*mr***mm *f*-*��|WW��y Mm*. *t'  Recent purchases . . . ���   ,.       a A  Variety off;'newv-BoBfes*  stock library shelve^  DR.7Wm. KAYELambe, Dominion Archivist ^nd libra-   _  ~   7  ���rianrPatronrotYoung CanadaV BoorWe&l"1n MP" ^  message, "The Essential Art" says, ^No s&UL.Young   - '.   ,  ;Canada^caa acquire is more important���and.none -Will  be more important in the future���than' the ability ^to     -    -  read and to .use that, ability fbrobth pleasure and pro-  fc, J* ,. }    ��* \. ��������� ������ Wf ������������������ *-***.l|ll.*1l-��l.>l Ml* ��� ��� ���������!������ ��� ���*.. - .l..K-|->|p. i  The Sechelt library has^u.*-   oW I**1 G��>��iwitt;" Otter' Tlwce  chased  newNbooks ior  yom��g-- T w 0 ��� Calling,^ -Lief - Ilariurai'1 ���   '  people of all /ages, from pre-t Crash Landtag/ Don .Stanford;  school  and  up.- Among  them   Pokrayne,, on  Mars,, MwmTof ���    l  are:        , -*' *���     l   -..*-*    -* Mutiny, Leslie del" Ray; this "is     '    .  c��������i��* o��si v   r> ��   /*,-      -  a science-fiction novel.        yf   - -      ���-  Scarlet Sail by Betty Cavan-       ��� .  ��� �� .     ,    ,.���, ���'     ^  na; A Time for .Tendernesj, *��� Margaret Mclntyre's "Place-  Betty Cavanna; Island of Blue _* QUIet Waters" is proving .to  Dolphins, Scott O'Dell; R is be very Popular*  for Rocket, Ray Bradbury; . You will find boolcs to inter-  Storm Over Warlock, Andre est all members of your family  Martin; I Robot, Isac Asiraor, at the Sechelt Library. The ,  On The Banks of Plum Creek,- hours are Thursdays 10:'io  Laura Wilder; The Story About P**n. to 1 p.m., r>S**turdays >,4  Peng, Marjorie Flack." " p.w.  If' these  liours  are  not  Also new on the stacks are: Sggi!* ^ U T ^ ^  Mary Poppins in  the  Park, -i���:         \   , >  P. L. Travers; One Mormng in In   restaurant;    "We   honor  Maine,   Robt.   McCloskcy;   All Diners'  Club,   Carte   Blanche,  About Rockets and Space, Har- American.'Express and Money}*.  1   Minm'i* ���-*���(.>-��t��ts.l  i t *���*���*- !�������� . -'4-H't*.  **��* i-*,***^*^,.-  ������' r |*-)"7��w.(


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