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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Dec 21, 1966

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 c-  w ���   ��   *   K v ���  v *^v*     �� *   f  *  4      <r_*��v  �����      tf  �� *       ��������*-'*  w v   *        v /  -   M     >  *T iT *��   * *���  i;  4   ��  Seefe assistance ..'.  ���   W ��� lll**WPWW>WWKWI|W  PRE5T0H ������ICf��01?lI*"taG S  218? ?'EST l^T'l A"n.U-.  VAMCOUVEIl 9. B. C*  S3RV:C25,  i  isbmiiiBi.  u tepiti pm tak r  rt��  Serving tho Sunshine Ccas>t <Howe Sound to Vervis Inlet)  including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing  <. rontham s Landirg   Gibsons, Roberta CrteJ  i  DISCUSSING & recommendation presented  by education committee at last week's  meeting of school trustees, Suptriqtendent  Gordon Johnson stated that he had no  quarrel witn luring a mus,ic teacher for  Eiphinstone Secondary School but not on  a iull time basis *  The superintendent also appeared some-  what doubtful on thc need to hire two librarians to service groups��of schools with  more than 500 students  The third recommendation that the  board ad\ertisc for a special eouhsellor in  School District could perhaps share Muth  Powell R.ver on purchasing film was nut  possible as Powell River School Board had  rejected the offer and mjII not be pmchas  ing film* under this plan  Superintendent Gordon Johnson sug  gested that }i thc board did not go for film  it sliou'd consider purchising film strip  under another Encyclopedia Britanmca  plan which offered $72000 worth of film  for an initial ouJay of $152 64  1 Recommended ratio of library books  per student is lOtoi, Sechelt Scoool Di&  Wilson Creek Sefroo Pork, Sechelt, Halfmoon Soy Secret Cove Pender Harbour, Madeira Park Kleipdale   Irvine s Landing   Earl Cove   Egmont  ���i * - -        ti .... ���       ,.    ii   --. ���    - - -           Times takes a break  i           ^ &  Authorized as second class  mail   by   thc   Po-t   Office  f.        Department, Ottawa  -��srSk   ^_____ Volurm. 4 No 3  WEDNESDAY, DEC   21, 1966   IQc  next issue January 4  IN THE past, The Times has taken a Avett  earned rest at this lime and this year  will be no exception This week s issue vill  be tht last publication of 19G6 and v>e go  to press again January 4, 1907 v  Our office will be open as usual for  business in order to keep up With usu*4  1    ."ta'atn^ad-  1 sistance tc  Eiphinstone, j~~-r ^^ , -���,. ^  distjrieV librarian wiU have iuU-tim6 secretarial t*elp,-ote? wm^vC fall-time help f  as from September.  FILM RENTAL  ���44.1-   X 5  .fe  New cabinet minister  Sunshine Coast  gala e\Lti  "dinner and dancing  --v-Hr-f-.,-^-v. 3& the SCPS.  itfce <xpdar Orientation-ofrthtlr charter  by* District JgtaMl' JWmfoSte Gatfm  Thompsons ja^ofc'lhe* officer's and their  wives "ot Dijsfeict KtainTand^ower Squad  ron came fr&m- Vaj.couj_er for the cere  /"***SL  f��ri  if**-  <V'  W  .���*   *  to 0*1,  ��*  -  ?  ving his'vie&s'bxi purchasing $2ii009 .worth  of &lm froi�� Encyclopedia -Britannica* for - Is?b6t Daw#mn  an initial outlay of ��3,00fr on.axent to pwi&tfti^ihlJ^  chase plan;4 Mr, JSell recommended &at, mS to !^!  film only be purchased if it was signifi- ;3ga^ mu  caii^and would bemused extensively by eh* ;a*ZSS  i mentary  and ^secondary ^schools.   Films wmmence  shduid be;, previewed by a committee ol  % secondary $n& d^ehtary school teachers  POWELL RIVER REJECTS    '       ; , { ><  A   preyiou?   suggestion   that" Sechelt  \\;  \  f  (k  W '  (.��( ^J t  Gibsoris Ryral, I Pender 'Harbour,'17 Kob^  erts Creek, .U Sechelt, 4- Halfmoon Bay  and 2 fi?om{Bedrooffs*Boa��L - - -  There are 8,528 Canadian Pibneer^rXK^v  "thanked^e^Dist^fct CommaMel. "and^ ofe# living in British Columbia. ���* - - . t  ,. .guests who ttiad. made the ixip frbnf, Vanlioif- This number>f applications^ for pioneer  i ver for the events '      ��������       ^ * * ��� j   ^ir"   medals has,^ heefc recevied and approved  li p.  ' ���"   si,    't  is r-^V  ,/ '���>-'t1-   r* -   rt  'J  als-throughvthe British Columbia Oenten- . '  * J^     ,.  ;r    :*'i��f^     "    -    '  Wal (^nimtt^s.^One fromj Gibsons^ ^ , Injured t COIIStaOie %, ui>> : ^  Returns to hospita  parking lot'flopped.* .Tijrned out those uttv forms for^mtedals, which will' be supplied    auto had encountered problems.1  ��� siehtlv wrecks were the teachersi carsi .,   bv our. ProvinciarCommittee." f       * __       .-'..���>��. <l    __2���r  sightly wrecks were the ��eachers|r pars.1 .,   by our^ProvinciarQommittee  _- < t   ������������"*��' t.�� ����� I ��� >������������_. -^fc. ��..���__,,  ,  Weokond mishap  __.�� I ***  '    ***��,    ^,    J.;4  A  I*.'  - Hon, George fl. Pearkes  .     <'l    ������!���     ��.H���...   HI .I.**  ��� P.'|l I'M,   Lieutenant:  Christmas  "ijj  Kt*  V  *^.  TWo of the three,' Gaty WiBiam  and - Barry" Gordon WUsoi. " ajp'pea.__, tf���    w^^^.^,.,^ ������� .��...��.T ^ ,   v, -, -,-*. w,       *  answer charges last ^ecejeabet 14vbut Alex~.^/i��pHc^of\Gi^^^ itkf.SA^J,  jmrterrTaher}  third" membe^  Of ttfer'CrbUD,  " ^vontia^Htuk throa TtnvaV   ani?^��Mtri^e1v,a*��Y*'hi.^i''(r/-   r.  Police alerted ;  ���   ���  I  duty and adherence to the high-  n , est principles have set an example for all the   official  Provincial Centenary   book  to follow. We are^ proud, of their achieve- Brhish c,,,^,,. chaUenge in Abund-  , ments^andfgratefully/acknowledge^ aU that ance  mvf avaiiable at The Times office,  the countless menjiM.woifen -accomplish alr^dy rates ks a runaway best-seUer, L.  t ed in the past, andvthpse who today are j WaUacc  general chairman of the Brit-  actively engaged in, a/igreat many ways ishi coium^a Centennial Committee, said  carrying on ttie task of budding our. Nation. ^^ aftcr an^anaiy5is of early sal^s flg.  . We live in a land richly endowed by ures/                     ^  the providence of God. The natural re- ,"     ^purchase/of over 30,000 copies isas-  .sources.available to usf.are almost unlim- surcd harely two weeks after publication  ited, our people are industrious, kind and date," he said.  generous. For all these things a^t .this sea- m publishing circles, a best seller in  ,    t                                                       son of the year we give, our most hearty Canada Is a hard-cover book with sales of  . Police were alerted by witnessed who   thanks,  at the 'same; timfe remembering io,000 or more copies. The "magic num-  later received a reward of $250 from B.C.    Ui^KAlmighty iGod, gave.to,,mankind thc ber1' in the{United States is 25,000.  Hydro, Tho rpward of up to $250 is a stand-    toeatefct^jgift of all,; namely, His Son The a limited supply arrived last week so  ing offer by Hydro for positive identifican   Wd,Jeslfs Christ, for our redemption and got your copyrtoday at The Times, Sechelt.  Uon of persons causing wilful damage to   that of all manjjind.    ���' ., --��� ��� ��� ��� -���  ���   powerlines,     ���      ���, "       ^ Tp au residents of pritlsh  Columbia'  Seek access road  ,   the Shooting incident resulted in a pow    and  visitors to   out>  beauUful Province, y^<l^''pi>a<wu * * *,  ,'Thc two, both of Prince George, also Ver'interruption at vVanderhoof and Endako  'Mrs, Pearkes and I extend our warmest  were fined'$200 and had their rifles, con-    Mine whllo repairs were being made. Six    greeting  and ( best  wishes  for  a  happy  flscated, when they pleaded guilty before    Insulators on two' poles were shattered by    Christmas. ���George R. Pearkes, Llcutcn-  Maglstrato J. H. Kcnney at Prince ^George    rifle shots, .     \                                        ant-Governor.  ble>Since, as a.'result of his" Injuries, ."arid; .]  was back in hospital last week where he> '  Damaging of power line  nets. substantial fine  WILLFUL* damage to B.C.  Hyi.ro prop-    to a charge Sunder .Section 372, sub-section  , erty is not confined to the Penihsula and    4,'of^the Criminal Code."  those, responsible   for   such   vandalism  would bo well advised to hoed sentenc6s  imposed upon such people when convicted  recently  at Prince George.   ���  Two men convicted of damaging a pow-  crilne, 20 miles west of Prince George,  have agreed to pay B.C. Hydro $450 to  cover i replacement and repair costs.   <        :,  Centenary best seller  f ���?*��**  available at The Times ,?*p5��KEc  wt��������*w��.  *��w  **^MwM    ��ine(i $250 when he, appeared "before Magi- Spencer; recording .secretary, ^ob^anis;' 7 ;'   },  strate Oharle's Mittles1te5dtf=>^ai,ged with secretary (treasurer,> Dan ^Currie;' Exeai-1   > "   f  im��nirPH  driving  iKeS^nttmAeit miiity  as 'tive ofecerS^re'George Flay^'Dicl^'Uan-    iv   *  road ^er ^.t*^^ , ., ..y^ ^  2nd Sechelt Brownies  impaired driving. (He^pleaded guilty  as  charged. Incident arose following a  check by police, Nov. 27.'    ���'*  UNDER SUSPENSION    , .  Kelvin Craigen, 21, of Sechelt, appeared,  tn court Dec. 16 and was fined $100 \irhen   -^^J^i TO -- ^ ',ji-/--ir 1- -si*Lf  convicted of driving while under suspen-   300^01 10 I1GW HieillDerS  Slon.   CJharge   arose  following   a   routine    ,.*,,_; .* ". ��     '  ;    ^_. _   .    ' u < iv  ,LAST meeting ol the 2nd Sechelt Brownie  4^  iin  Charge   arose  following  check by the highway patrol. , .   .     -- , ������,���������<  i    , . .        .       '  ',,' -pack for 1966 was a very special oc*  LEFT HIGHWAY        ^   , ^'s   ,     l,  "* ' casion for" 13'little' girls repeated the Brow.  Low  record  since  seasonal  increased, nie' Promise',1 Law and, Motto 'before" Dist-  highway patrols was dented a little with,   Hct  Commissioner Hptfctt,��Newton  and  a slight misiiap last Saturday night when    walked  over three 'stopping  stones'into"  an auto driven by Walter John loft the ( brownie-land. ���,   . , )  $  i ,"_ <  highway   at Wilson  Creek   and  slithered  -  ^r .   * ���.<  >Hi^ * qymn0mmmmHm*m44q*>  T'%1   _c-i'*: i  ���      ��� '���'���   ' '�� .'   .*  h~*&^.5V������.**������!*'-i: :.-j���.',  ���Iff **f*'rv    . "r   ��� ���*.���*  ..    ��� ���    i   ���  ��nwSS��5v?> *��� ��� -A~**L ���:   :'.'-��SS  -.',?>m>#   i*TTJl-r,T!  Egmont Community Club  asks school board help  Full pack  EGMONT Community Club has requested  board oC school trustees to roponsidet  recent   refusal   to   donate   approximate^  6,000 sq. ft. of school property to provide  ��� public access to Egmont Community Hah.  Only access to thc hall at thc moment  la by u.,lng a private road belonging to  Jack Bathgate, lf this road Is closed, wo  ���,may._hava to stop, using .tho hall said .John  West, ono of tho two delegates who travel-  1 led from  Egmont to  Gibsons  to  attend  last week's board meeting.  Mr. "West, nlso reminded the board that  the Community Club originally donated tho  present school property to tho board for  tho sum of .?1.00 but unfortunately no provision for access roads was made at that  ����no.       . .   '  Ji\ck Bnth. ato, the other delegate, plat-  cd that school vehicle., are using his own  private road at tho present time &a there  ,ls nq other, access available for trucks  4 delivering freight to the school. The community club 'Is only asking the board to  give up 6,000 sq. ft, out of an area of  60,000 sq. tt, to help provide public access  ��� to tl\o hall, ,  v  "' :Trustee- Wmr��� Malcolm remarked^ that  tho plpcQ of ground required wa. tlio only  .. flat piece on the school property, Superintendent Gordon Johnson warned tho board  . Mat' the total school property at Egmont  ... only���.amounts, to.,lVi...acres .which ls_ al-  ready considered too small an area for a  '"two-room' scliobl,'  Trustee Don Pour Ins who chaired Iho  . meeting in Iho absence of Mr. Joo Hor-  yath, staled thnt tho landscape architect,  building architect and maintenance super  living   on   Gower' Point   Road,   trustees  agreed to reinstate two bus stops which  . New Brownies arc: Helen Paul, Jenny1  Jones, Darlene Rivers, Jacqueline Paul,'  Fay Blainey,'l*orna Hanuse, Julianna Leo,  t tyormalcen, Galllgas,' Mona\Pelle, Veronica  HackcU, Edna Plelle; - Dorothy Galllgas,  and Valeric Harry.    -       '' .  4 , " 4        ' '  With the serious business of enrollment  over, twenty-four brownies* sang Christmas song!> before ^njoying a1 Christmas  party with liberal helpings, of /cake, cook.  1 les and candles supplied by Sechelt Glr|  Guide Association'    l ; '/x \, t  Unable'to attend, tho party 4hlS yOar  due to slcknoss.was Fairy GddmothcrMrsS.  had recenUy been discontinued, This does - ^m^ ohambars,' but! Rrownles will all  not mean that^any more students will bo  alowed to use thc bus.  sign a Chrlhtmas card fid that she will  s know they, nrc thinking bf hijr.  I  v4  h>  V  )���  *  It)  Wolcomo visitor       .J- ., .;      ������;,.   i   /  SURPRISE visit to the RCMP hohio coss Patricias Conaitian Light In-  ��� of Corporal Norm Konny was .antry. Sgt. Kenny ha^ been pro  mdo Inst weokend  bv  hl<?  brothtvr    _.i '   -^-^   L-J'i:- ���''ifen and Jannn  previously in  retire to B.C.  .j,.:,.  x  i  1:  J'  'If���"  i  t  ,*'*  '4*4 ,lv*i_>.      Vl^f* V  1  <   *1���rfcy **'   *   r   ��+-  ���*K .���*>��� ���.iHtfutti i  ��� Trf***  !ii i ^   r  »   w
"  /*■ r*   ^   ^   WtV .^*
*■ .. -
4 * *
X ( f
v   '-". «*>,**
, .HDIPS, tgofc honors„~ fof < the^ hig^ ,sqp^^;., ^<v&"\
', ;-l^stvweek with a, ni$e, 783 to ..Mavis -" & Alklln
;>• Stanley,<-High fprthe mra was by Freenur     " " ^
,   ^nol4s ^^at^e.E'&.^B^f
dromfe, •-        r    r v    -' , '      \"   r^'-' A
Ladies Coffee:'' Iva Peterson 585' (295),"
,   Phyllis HoOps 046 (281), Hazel fright 616, «j
i   Vi p^tersdn 511 (241), Jan Rowland' 528, -'
,\SV      Marg-Peterson 611 (248), Lorraine^Wern-
*   ^     ing 502,   ( v  -    ' ' '"""' ''
,GiJ>sc . ... .      .
,t , —Freeman1 Reynolds  744' (244,  295),^ Ra
if,    » ..Vt._i.__-.   _../.    ,nr.~K   *Tr__-rJ.l-   »* ,_   /wv.     /W,
655 (305), Joe Macey '302,'Vrahk NevTens5 ^l^i'**'^:1?!^^'80^"6';!11
600(240) '     ..  -   '-.-tt'-   order to make* any money on^the raffle, lots
_   4  '..,       _   ,     _   ,    \nn *!l '   ^ tickets haVe to;be'sold.^6 Vome on kids,
Port Mellon:  Gordon Taylor ?30 <5»3>,    let's'move ft!. ** >\. *^ _*.-: '    '     "
Kay Taylor ~--    —  >—   »
McCauley 2'
Me^: Freeman ReynoldsJ0P (2fil, 351),    7a7close4"^t^r^uV"W~g7m wal
Dick Bulbs 805, Dtfcy Lefler^ (252),-  decorated^vkv-iiic&.witlic'andv canes.
Op  (251)
ft m-
i   <- y
Sit >*& H^v wF*"-?
decorated^ >v£ry;riiceljfvwith -candy canes, M ,
hollyr ^nowinen,' mistietde (?), ^nd'of H"
coursej ,Santat after his .'reindeer. The even-
A V *$*
Taffy Greig «op (ato Herb August 609,    i^S>KiTS^ '   '■>■
-        -    Jumping cats! ^;    to.seeHhe'ic^Capadesf'.	
MERRY ' Chpstmas   vto    everyone,   rai5ed'by holding, a rummaged
especially those who 'end up See- • .spring and the;associafi"o^charte.
r +hiW*rs likp this.r    . ~AccompanyingJie, Guides" onHW^R^which
was made oa* Saturday, ^December, '3{^ere
Districty> Commissioner ^Mrs? ;F.-\Newton,
ing tMrigs like this!
"''I XT t    ' / n	
GM Guide Association  ;    ,Mf^H.{Stocfeveii, m:-P>^uuek;£«i
hdld'Christmds party   *'    " ^•^7^^.C^^'W«^^.
^^^c^^-r,,^ !  ^i. -^ I*. '  • j " wifl* -Mr-" Herb Stockwell as- driver.
COMBINED annual,,Christmas party and     , -   j.^  .-« ~^-*-^--   - ^
mfetifig of Sechelt Girl Gindte"^ooia-  vC.^e^p-was thoroughly, .enjoyed-bjr;all
tion,.held recently-at the hWe of Mrs'."C: A and'l&ei tGjiides sent .a very* nice,thank you
JacfoWw^s attended by 16 memb&s-add * letter i to the" association -£•or. charte'ring'. the
10-gaests. * •* -  .    :        -*   *>-v:-:,;',     blisr..-"i. * -      y^A » 4 -
Spgeiai guests Iwere Mrs. Agnes'.La- ' ' SM'-®!^?> and Brownies have. been
bontefrom Gibsons and rGlrf Guide and hoidiDf Christmas parties which included
Brownie leaders from the district. . "    f.ev€raJ  foments   and  badge, presenta
tions. \ v,v   -       ^     ■ -  -
•   ^«sual, a lovely, smorgasbord'was en-        Travelling   baskets   started   earlier  in
joyed brall,v thaito to^tess Afr?. C.    ^ spring.are ^oing.very' wpU. Two new
Jackson whoJPUraned the toner and.asso-   .     jects ^re Underway, one is saving'old
wation members-^o t:ontabuted to it.«-   ^am-"W be4 prepareds for * garages 'in the**
- After dinner ,the monthly meeting was  -area. The other is saving used stamps to
held; this is 'the,one /meeting a year^ when    be sent to;Vancouver *Nand^ Nabob coupons '
leaders are invited to- present- any -problems    are still* being collected.^ Anyone wishing
they may have" but this.yeWthere just jiid    to save stamps .or coupons could contact
not seem to'be,anyythanks to >a' group of    one* of the members.
Trery._good leaders, ^,>A .   .*   A*   ,-,    „       Next*mdnthly. meeting will be held at
* This year "the Girl Guides were' fortunate . Mrs". B. Fearriley's residence in West Se-
to have the, opportunity to'visit Vancouver    chelt on * January A.
Hyby Lake Mote
1=_.'    •   r "I _.-.  I
1    <» «■ Y ? .-•-.
J   '.
. |V ,. I
IvuDinetin^ffie^Bedo^utSiirroMncflngs of?Ru[>y^Lqfce
1 A,i
V "V},   \>0^^'MUSIC-NIGHTLY-    '
>,v j- ,i    < .  , 4 -' ' *   , i   ;
G^i^EW;;^      PARTY
, V. V^^TW^ A^M. WT:,tft*.^MEMBER, -
ti    <;
i s *i
M      I,       .
.      l  r   ■ ___,   u j* * i  . i v . ,jl   _.     in-      .    ___.     v      . ^
J"   I 4-    , y  f   V   "Mi H--,^   .     ,r      ,
-<   .   /
I   *  t  1   *   *   #   *   *   *   *   f   I   I   «   *   *.:» .*   f +   •»#.*♦   I   *   »   I   *  ft   I   • *  I   *   I   I   |   *   I   •   *  * *  f   I  «   *  *   «  *  |   •  •   t  I   lit   «   i
,1        4*; '
_"!'   ">;?'""
'1       n        .'
j   ' i,
(pfyWflt^MvMt*^!****-*!*^*^** t**^**^^^**!
"'   i i
i *» i
*    If
! i
n < i
.  *      j #* 'i*.* JWi *.*.»  * ^.J   414     44,4444,* |*fta.. 1
1'          '    ,
III                            '
1    •'           <t
<rl '              « r'«l   l    ,        t
1                                     1
»               »' 1   '     .      in    )
i 11
W.,^1.    WW mb     t    tift&h ^^^htfy      #      4,^   S^p^
*ftp_i*(i 0 4.
,V t    >   i     «  •    •
*   0,1 .   tm l?f\^        i         n
\ !*■
1    S     ! l»l'l     ,
', .  'It'       *!
\            >
«    1
:,. 1%* y:-*t ■} iApA^f'SSfi &mt^:$^^
S J? &&-• ,i:;l*'||&S ^i-s";i 53'C 'Is-A Ai A ••l.AmyiwAiA'iAmyM^fii^AAfi
1 .1 t . ^
,. ,( .! M,U^^l^4.4^s1*i.,l,%Jir^vV r^»l^vfrtiwfi»c/tti»i^puti|W»<><« ^^'^"t^b/jh*i^uwi ^n('0,8Mrd
_kikwutoL*^i«.ltt___.lt._..,njikMJ„.BlrfJi,ih. i;i^Aj_..i_.___*..tik_ i_i_. ...   ___. ., Ji,   .il ...... _. <
«t4.Wl_ ftiw ^
W*WWM* * «*«*■•**«*• - m* ^^ «{««««« ^««« . m, i«J        ,*w«.™,mMWIU «_.,«,_ ^« ^*w4«i.***m *»Jf**. .^«*»*wi«_M«^.LU_M«t+* «M»4 »itiM«AMrf
The sounc} of cjmrch bel|s f)||s tne minq?
and hearts of all yi. jth the tfMP spirit
of this joyous season. With th. t
spirit in ^ipci, we wish yon an^ypHr |ovec| onps
health, happiness ancl jpy 31 phrjsjm .st_me .nd after.
Att      *     Up    *    ^ * "H
«, A.
■ji .     1 nffHifi'n A«'A$J  * 'V^Y        "  . * h
«     « .a '^^.
.* w   wm
m*w » *f '"■ j fwm\	
» * » ♦• « #
, k..
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	 y;-^i-r- ���jv.-v . r^��.   -:��� ��� "A^ a''-"���������.-.. -,..V --V -v -p,v;;-v;:i^' '���---��� -. '������ ." a.^-aw -..��  /        ^     \   ' .    ��i     '     .       ,u~ 4 r   i   i     , i  4    ��� < ' ^     ;   , i < _> i    * <f _���   '   *��������      I       ' .  ��� �� t      . J 1     J     1    'I-    <��� .-���./_-��      IV5     i ,    \\  ^^.^.-L^Ot ,,���i���U-ii^s-TP���fiw; Ji���,���'...,;.-_   I,,,      "'t      ,", ��   , '     ���., ,. .  1 ,   ry   y.   .��,.." '     ..'_..'   -   U       ��� .".  '   " ?        '       ��� '   __'���1 / -       .\   -1-   .".      .  t ^      -   "f>  Sechelr  Wednesdoy. December 21. 1966  ABBI^AI* of Santa Claus, In,, Gibsons last  ; Satnrtfay^deli&hted WVWngsters^raany-^  waited patiently? ?ri~the. tfrearjrjveatl. e& ^ t��Vj  tall_r'withl the:jovjat gentleman 'wlio'/was;  escbrtedr*y^ <?ok Nprm< Kenny; of Gibsons .  RCMP ^detachment. $    t - -.. V-; , A;zrt''  < I& S.Transfer Voided'a'kobile p&lace  which had J)een 'transformed* by^ the ^Kiris-  men Club into-a cozy and colorful fireside  corner.'< Four, girls, Pat' dement, -,Janet  Plows, V* Brenda Weinhandl andr Sandra  Wood- devoted the day "to''being- Santa's  helpers.        . -    ,    \ 'f .-     ....���.>'  i     ;  . i  *    ��*  it.  ,-7.M, Srf,im, a A ��        T&iSsL  At last  V-  ARRIVAL. of Father Christmas In  Gibsons   delighted .hundreds   of  children who patiently .waited to chat  with the white whiskered friend of  Eight students approve  Expo 67 Safari project  "Locpl photographer Dennis Gray;was~on  hand to take colored photographs of iiappy  /oungsters on" Santa's knee and throughout  the day'^children from' all ibver the district  gazed iir awe at ,ihe handsomely-dressed  .isitor from the,North>    '  *'"   ^4'.,^*  Ken Goddard and Don EJlson of the Kinsmen Club hosted Santa, his helpers-"and  Cpl. Kenny for lunch at the .Welcome,Cafe  and it a very tired Father Christmas ^0  made his departure at 6 p.m. -    4  Sechelt Socidli  ",     ] ���With Your Neighbours  ANOTHER pioneex of this area passed on.  Mr: Hector* McDonald died"; in lSt.  Mary's HospitalJast week/He-was a native of Dresden, Ontario^ Born July 12,  1888, he came to Gibsons,* B.C. in 1906  where he logged on various properties ia  the vicinity. Hie pre-empted land in Sechelt  .._,.. and had a forty acre block on the Mason  all youngsters.. He should have.fceen   EIGHT  students   from  Eiphinstone   and   Road.     w '_**  on his way home at 5;p.m hut with        Pender Harbour Secondary Schools have        He and h:s ^ Jennie raised four chil-  so many still waiting to .talk to him   indicated a desire to participate m Expo   ^ ^^ property; they were Dewie,  he stayed until 6 p.m. By that time   W Safari, this coming summer, reported   j^       ��len a��d Howard  he had talked to 700 children. Eiphinstone Principal W. S. Potter, at last   La"*a' wen ana ���       'A, u. ,  v   '  ��c uau ux ivvu w      week's board meeting: Mac, as everyone called him\ built a-  -. *   ' - .     ���   .   , . .    ;   ���*. '   log   house  on this  property -which  still  The Safari organized by a school dist,    stands  ^^ some improvements. He was  "SL��� .yP*r��l * dependeJ^ *n f0?116 an expert at log building and built the  10,000 students from across Canada being ^^^ f0rTwajOr and Mrs. Sutherland       available in*Montreal each week during which latfir  on ^^ Wakefield.  This   by Eve Moscrip summer. ~ also is a monument to good log building.  > A large campsite some 16 miles from        ttp ipav����<! hi<! ��mn oipn at Wilson Creek  REG THOMAS of the Commercial came up    the Expo Site will provide tents, commis- dau^tet ilxxl Vancouver andSnJBow'  tJ?-^'"SSTfA inS aSSiSf    ffyv^ng^aeimies, mescal and den- "S^^S^^^lSi^  (296, 290). Pat Porter m the Ladies' Mati-    tai  facihties  and   transportation to   and cpj' _ cP�����ai vmk a_rrt  nee was high lady with 725 (265). . ,    fro5_ ��the fair wiU^be provided. Students SCd ��D S     ra   years tago.  LEAGUE SCORES from 8rade 8 UP aad adult sponsors will REBEKAHS i  Buckskins:  Ted Joe 722 (291), Doreen    camP at the,site- draw food from the com-        A very wonderful time was held in St  missary and prepare it themselves. Cost Hilda's Parish Hall when Rebekah Lodge  for food, accommodation and bus travel 82 entertained Sunshine Coast Lodge 76,  to and from the site will be $35 per student their wives   and  Arbutus  Lodge  76 and  for the week. Transportation to Montreal husbands. After a lovely dinner, served  will probably be by chartered CN coach smorgasbord style, the evening was spent  costing $58 return fare per studentr"^^ with bingo-and whist. Winning prizes were  This district has made application for A. E.   Ritchey,   Mrs.  A.   Campbell,  Art  either the last week in June or last week in Hauka. Mrs. Hauka and Mrs. Tyson tied  August. i for consolation prize. Mrs. Josie Reid was  Trustees expressed interest in the ar- Presented with a cup and saucer bearing  REEf IH0S  " a holiday season   -"���'���' ���'  :kORh/i.\ FLORENCE*w$'STAFF '  THE FABRICIvHOUSE  l       ^ * Gibson*, $C.<>     ' V "  .   DORIS, MICKEY jand STAFF1  GIBSONS ^HARDWARE,;  GibsonS/B.C^  !      ^ )  E3te  SIM" ELECTRIC  Sechelt, B.C.  Let peace and harmony refQn!  MANAGEMENT ond STAFF        ".''���<  OT' - ,    ��� ,   ,   t  Standard Motors of Sechelt Ltd!  Sechelt Bowling  Joe 483 (174).  Ladies: Joan Janiewick' 686, Lil McCourt 281, 251, Rose Rodway 261.  Ladies Wednesday: ,Pat Porter 725  (265).  Pender: Dennis Gamble 611, Isabel  Gooldrup 274, Ron Pockrant'280.  Commercial: Reg Thomas 828 (296,  290), Dennis Gamble 756 (296), Dick Clayton 763 (296), Gladys Jones 252, Bruce Redman 279, Frank Newton 720.  rangement feeling that it will be a won-  the   Oddfellow emblem  and   Mrs.   Olive  Juike the calm  contentment of a snowy  landscape, may you'and yours have"  the serene peacefulness of Blessed Christmas.  # *  THRIFTEE DRESS SHOP  Gibsons, B.C.  mrinnnm0m4t4nnmntmmmmmm*n*m**\m��mmmmmmm.mm*Mmmmw<tmimmmamm  OLD-FASHIONED   ^tfc?*   '  Christmas  Wishes  'e wish you .the happiest of holidays,  filled with alt the friendly ^  Warmth of a good olci-fashioned Christmas.  (    !  <s  I       t  I   I  nmnmm  ERNIE, MINNE and FAMILY \  E. & M. Grocery & Confectionery  Secbelt, B.C,      ,      j \  *..rmm*tji&aiMmrr..rr.mT*,'*itimrm'**m*intiuM43miimm*e*tM��mmi  Sports' Club:   Red Robinson 680  (259),    derful experience  for participating- s&id*    Porte was Seneral convener.  Jay   Eldred 669  (261),   Jean  Eldred 674    ents. :,^���.lr.    , CHANGES  S \   >l**��J  (242). ' S;.WJ  Ball & Chain: J. Goeson 725"(309), Kathy  Hall 616 (269).  ;,TEN pins       ''^"������'���'���������������'"i:'  SCHOOL LEAGUES  ,uiii i  ENTHUSIASTIC   BARENTS    >              > " SoB��   .^P* m ^^l * *! *^  Principal of Sechelt Elementary School, ^f;^f-"lfnd ���.���'J2oyd7TSr��!iZmgr  Mr. W. L. Reid reported that 80 percent !?d0thl,ruh��ra���- ^"V"! ?^HaU��,0��  of the parents participated in parent-tea- ^f/f*6" Taxl" *?��� A. J. Lidstone Iws  Mixed:  Ena Armstrong 410 (166), Bill    cher interviews this term to discuss stu- sol,f ^er h��me on Merraald street to Mr-  Ellis 175, Leo Johnson 475.                             dents' progress. The new type''anecdotal and Mrs- Hansen<  report cards were given to the parents at VJSITORS,     y                      -                ^  the interview. Cards were mailed to Jthosc ~  Sqd. Leader Roy Pearson has been vis-  Snhiors- Pat ifthtt 1RR7M01  Alan Hpnv .��.����.��.���. ^^.^ r.^,. .�������� w w.w.�� j>qa  ^eaaer itoy Pearson nas Deen vis-  v     Juniors:   Brad  Allan ^88( 165),  Susan see'"ed J�� UKe *"�� new' "J0" cards, ( and h,s mothcr Mrs. Ann Pearson, Davis  Jorgensen 228 (134). Winners of First Half ' Mr- George Cooper of Gibsons Element- Bay. Qoming here from Portage La Prai-  Thunderbirds (Capt." Billy Nestman). ary Sch001 reported a 79 percent attend- rie, Man.  . ���  ���  ���' :  ���������'.;       ".:  ance   at   parent-teacher   interviews   but Mr. and Mrs. John Glayton and family  . A girl is a pcrsop who will scream at there was a 100 percent attendance in the visiting 'Mr. Clayton's mother'Mrs. E. S,  a mouse but smile at a wolf.  grade 1 classes.  Clayton. Here from Woodfibre, B.C.  S-ja*W*4(S>mft.   H *W<-i_lt^��l#i.iw .. .^S,  . A stocking full  /(> of wis .os cpmo true  '%''''   Is yours today)  RAY NEWMAN  PLUMBING  SALES and SERVICE  PavU Pay1 Road,  Wllion Crook, B.C.  *tfn tho ttpirit of this  holy Ohmtmas pav, wo  Bond, erecting^ to all.  \ GIBSONS1 RADIO  CABS  "RADIO CONTROLLED"  l)MWUIIWNHWUWVUWWMI>IMUUMW��|li|  I  Muy the Star of  Christmas nhlno wltWa  you and give yoii pence."  ROBILLIARD  ELECTRIC  Socholt, 0.C.  (  mmmm4^mmmmmmmimr,^i4r}mm��m4r.4.mnmmmmmn.  Our sleigh U overflowing with  holiday wishes and  sincere thanks for  "\ one and all*  Management and Staff  at    your  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  Secholt, B.C.  RICHTER'S T,V. and RADIO LTD.  VERN ond ANN RICHT .1.  rMmMMMmmmmmm*mmmmm0*mn**nHnnM\M*MMA* ****** im^  j     0II.L and JEAN USSIMAN     ��  I Lissi Land Florists \  1 "    Gibson., D.C. 5   I  (sp�� chnstmas  J;^ Holiday tir  uJishes  time is a house filled with gladness,  the happy lilt of welcoming  1 Svv slY0'c^s�� May this be yours on Christmas*  "���������--"���-"���*���*""���"-  **"'���"*~'"  1  E^nrjf  *"4,*irw  :t���i  m\  =  ... MM^rnvwiammmm^, -  lOUt  0\J/"  rO ALL OUR GOOD FRIENDS  WE'RE GLAD OF THE CHANCE  -     TO SAY HELLO AND WISH  YOU THE VERY BESTI  THE PERSONNEL OF r  THE BANK OF MONTREAL  . Socholt-^Manogor E, W. Dooih  Glbsono���tyar.a_eV F�� DoMahorly  T^acjolro ParK���In chorgOf G, H, GoorUon   ,.  GREETINGS FROM ALL OUR MEMDERS,  TO 6VEI.YQNH A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY PROM    )  ',.'���'.-.. ,   ���   '   '      '  Local 297 International Brothers of Pulpf  5  Suiphito and Popormil. Worker  4  i   *  u  \  A  .V  1   i  4  h1?  !3  ���I)  \ >  t'  1>  )<   <  I  I  M  ���MMMMMMMll  Jn tho happy spirit of the  . holiday chec* that ahounds, may  wc offer sincere wishes for a ,  Merry Christinas to all our. .iends,  bill and Dan,  C. & 1 SAUS & SERVICE  Sccholti B.C,  1;;  4    I     ���  tmmmmmmmtmmtm  Is  ��M"M*1   (^"WW*?"   .(-WW** ���  Vi  ln*"*t wiWnM>i|��___K_^. J^*f*t����[^����*'*'  "'���'fir 1  * �����#*, * j tfiih*#_i��*JiM ipSH***t*i'(M'tiv** ��**M!+*W��*i 'h I"**1** (Wi***'*(*f*ilriw^i(��(W����jl.|> *."(MrW I'pW+VWk-Ww" t*** ** tJ<w��,ifct j  f   *     ���   *'   *      ,, rS:-fi,  *f*t+   ����!**(*���  ff     .    ^4,    h   w' \   ��   %    -��**W*%    ��S    Ml*  ���i *v * >t*�� ���*<V,i*T   I  pp. ^s-  i i  ^t* frtT^il O UTs mn^^nravnu^.yj.\5' ^ t^>>> ��*$->?*-*����*  ."M-ISMSJJpIVU   .  ,H  Follow simple rules  for happy Christmas  THE PUBLISHERS and stafi. ef The Times  wish to remind all of their Tenders that  a Merry Christmas is a Safe Christmas  Bo not spoil" the holiday l>y the careless or thoughtless selection and handling  o. the Christmas tree and its "trimmings.  We ask yon to follow these ten simple  rules?  X. Select a fresh green tree Avoid trees  that have become dry through storage  Keep your tree outdoors until you are  ready to put it up  2 Keep the butt of the tree immersed m  water  3 Do not stand the tree near vjindows,  doors or other exits or near a radiator or  other source of heat.  4 Use fireproof ornaments such as  metal and tinsel  5 Check old tree lights for frayed wires  and defects Try them on the floor before  putting them on the tree. If m any doubt  get new lights  6 When purchasing new lights look for  the GSA label, the mark of approval of the  Canadian Standards Association, your as-  Poge A.-4-      Sechelt Pehtrisulo Times     Wednesday, December 21,1966  N*��  -NXJ. V.  i VvV&" ^  V  Features west coast artist  surance that they_are safe from fire and jT IS well known that the west coast    ies have commissioned a new work  shock hazard ^as prodUced many artists of m-   from Mr Lansdowne for use on their  om; mdLr SJ! outdoo��r��hS ��X out Jernatioiial repute. One of the most   annual Christmas  card   This year  (joors talented is J. Fenw.ck Lansdowne,    the  subject  is  the  beautiful  nngj-  8 Christmas gift wrappings are a whose colorful pictures of Canadian neck pheasant The picture will jtiow J Gibsons, B.C. ��� r - j  source of greatest danger They should be bird life have given pleasure to so 30m the other Lansdowne works in \m..Mmm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmm~mmmmm~mmmmmmm*~mmm4Vnu^Jmmmm^mm m *  disposed of immediately after presents many people in this country and in- the Carlmg Conservation Club Col- " " " "**" mmmmmmmmmmmm���ntmmm*  have been opened deed around the world   For a num-    lection  9 t>o  not leave  children  unattended, t,er 0f years now>  Carling Brewer-  even for a moment. A Christmas tree can  - ___���:���. ,: >  _-;-: .',;-,_,; ,���;,,,- : :   TFe're joining Santa and his reindeer  in sending warmest wishes for a joyous-  holiday, rich in many blessings;.  - Do have a wonderful Christmas!  All of Us  KEN'S LUCKY DOLLAR STORE^  Gibsons, B.C.  TYEE AIRWAYS LTD.  , :        ' Sechelt, B.C.  AIR CHARTER SERVICE TQ ALL POINTS IN B,C  JT"  B of M Review . . .  eolation!!! trade tamers  five stfeiM SbotIm! on i  CURRENT talks aimed at liberalizing ih-    ports of manufactured goods have account-'  ternational trade barriers may;.have a    ed for a progressively smaller share of the  total exported from the major industrial-  1 1  > become a raging inferno and reduced to  ashes an 18 seconds.  '    10. Dispose of the tree as soon as possible.  Health Tips  Canadian Medical Assoc.  ONE PROBLEM common to every household,- and  especially   to   those   where strong bearing "on the growth-of the Cana-  chidren are concerned, is that of incidental dian manufacturing industry.'according to    . ...  cuts  and 'bruises, the Canadian Medical tie Bank of Montreal's Business Review    ^ed countnes.  Association reports.                                  : for November,'just released!                             "Although Canadian exports of manu-  A hruise results when extensive haem- To take advantage of any opportunities    factured goods have expanded rapidly in  orrhage from tiny blood vessels occurs be- which do arise through-freer .international, the past five years, they have barely kept  neaththe skin following a Wow to the sur- trade, the entire Canadian' mar^5c^ri''''r*'fWce';mth the growth of Jthe market, which  face of the body. The skin may or may not industry  must .'remain fully   competitive,    has been particularly buoyant during the  be broken. This ordinary bruise is best the B of M says.                                           period since the European countries began  treated- immediately by the - application of ^^ recent record in this respect has    *oj��dsxee the barriers to trade within the  cold compresses or ice wrapped in cotton. .been good ��but the ���ability of mahufactur-    Common Market and Free Trade area."  S^;KS ^J^f^J^\S^lt eTS' t0 maintain or improve their competi-       And imports, which spurted ahead recent  ^ P^L^   aPPa^?fc m^^ ^"T6 tive position in ��he^hffe'^^*^^dSteri-*iy^hsiv& consistently exceeded exnorts bv  parts ofifie^rms or legs, medical attention ^5 t       CTe t ���tent bv the behavior                   consistently exceeded exports &y  should De sought.                 -    ^             ; ���*�� tTe^t^ec^om^    * ^ margin **** ** P3St dea^  A wo^d orcut is a break in fte sfan whole.M                                                                With an imbalance of a large magni-  whidi aUows the escape of Wotfd from the tude between imports and exports of manu-  cut surface and also the possible entrance STRONG GROWTH                                        factured goods, "the gap cannot be nar-  ef bacteria germs into the body .The wound j   One of the most significant aspects of    rowed in a period when both are rising un-  may, vary from a simple cut caused by" a Canadian economic development in recent    iess foe rate of growth 'of exports exceeds  sharp instrument such as a; razor blade ) years ,tias. been the* strong growth which - the rate of growth of imports by a wide  or knife,,~to a large, irregular .cut .with has taken piace in the manufacturing sec-    margin,  jagged edges.   -"     "   ~      *   " -        " tor. Between 1961 and 1965, the volume of    >~v,    '        .                                ',  The   most important  consideration  in manufacturing output, as measured by the       . ,���.s   underscores  the   importance   of  the treatment of cuts is ae'amouft of Iiidustfial .Production Index, increased by    achieving further gains in exports and of  haemorrhage or -bleeding ^fliat pecurs. If about 50, per cent' compared with-an in-    remammg ftdly competitive m world mar-  the cut is- small with: nl^niinal ^bleediiig;. ''crease, of 33 per cent in the total output'   kets,   the B -of^M says. ,  v-  the application, of an'ordinary ^antiseptic of the economy.    >  such as mercurochrome or m'ethiolate and ' yet, this development is a comparative-  a small dressing will usually suffice. The jy recent phenomenon  bleeding stopf andiio infection develops. ���F<Jr a�� ^eriod of *several years    rior .  ' Pj^fS ^m��-e ��*ai��veJ *?* ��**��� 1 to tile-current business expansion_in fact,  cularly it Ueedmg is quite free/the Weed- as ��ar back as ^ end of ^ Korean'War  mgshoidd be kept,under control by the ..nUnufacturing,   while   growing" stekdily  application   of   direct-pressure   to -the failed lo keep pace with the rise in total  wound, over a pad if available,, and a 0UtpUt"  'doctor should bfe summoned or -the patient  taken to the nearest hospital, the CMA ad- TRADE' IMBALANCE  vises.       ' ,." ' * ',    '     '       \ During the past decade, Canadian ex- ���  jHKiSTMAS  ���mm> * - 1,  ZVarm aiid sincere greetings, from all  0{ us to all of you, and many thanks, too*  MAC and DOT .'   -  DOGWOOD CAK  Gibsons, B.C.  Witb fond hopes tBat all  your holiday dreams come true, wo  send you our best wishes for. a Merry Christmas.  AL and STELLA,  WELCOME CAFE, GIBSONS, B.C.  NEED A  or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  .    SECHELT, B.C. ���  Phone 885-2111 ��� Ted Farewell  immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  1 I  ��i  I   1  .  I1  ��   1 I 11 1 I it    1 1      II  I '      '   I    I  t<> wrftptt froty cMif leu.  -  P. and A., Coffee bar  ,   ) y,       \     ���     1     y      ,l 1 '   1   '        >  ,   "   .       ��   Sechelt, B.C.    '       ( -  ���~t-.  CHRISTMAS  WISHES  We whb y����a a Chrlifmcij fit hy h'apfilnott, vrarm<n1  by con/onfmonf, weU-ttotkcd vtith' many comforts.  I',, ^  C & J Plumbing and Heating  " Secholt 3,C.  ��� 1   ��� (    1    'ftp.       ^  .1     i   '       '  1    1 . , \ 1 ' ,   . ., 1   > 1'  ���u  j, in I,.  Wl  WiGARD'S  SHOE Sf ORE  Sechelt, D.C.  V 44.     "4?4  Let the spirit of  the season brighten your  life and open  your heart tb joy.  PENINSULA  CLEANERS LTD.  Glbtons, B.C.  r  May your Christmas "stocking" be  filled with every good tiling you wish for ...  ���we'd like to add n note of thahksfor the  nice gift'you gave our btolc ��� a fine cublomcr!  - , John, Judy ond Staff  LLOYD'S STORE  Garden Bay, B.C.  rri*��mrtr,*V4.  . "" * Ml,.  ^^^J^tt^tU^m^vi.*        tuAtl       il*W.  _Sm����Mf*Hl'��^)'H.i.'  ��in^^k��and.*iB��.*xj,_u ft  wstrnas  Mayt all tbe bksfhfgs md happiness of  this holy sehsop be befiowed on pn and  your jf wily, Jtyve ajoptd Holiday,  TVfelE FISHING, CHAfttEft,'��BAIT,  ICE AND TACKLE  V* M   Wh* I    t��   )  nJtWfulCtuia^ > U i-  ���A  S*tHeU, 0/:.  J*14i.l>��n}l(^f��j.   * ij-^i,  ������_NOaM, ond, FRANK  I'!P'PMW ��� >"! 'A''   '"   A  ,.8i��U&'_.i_.5.'/raEitL*'i,iV,V.L i ,i ,\t i, '  '���mmmmmm0imJm'm044m>40mm)4iMm000^04mmmmmmmmm4*0mmmmiiim��m0mmi  mrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,  I  LOTS of vm,  :mxswjor:::  a O xiLLii  ,\s  K, BUTLEU  RtAtty  AND INSURANCE  .     Gibiona, D.C.  *****  M**t��ji*����Bti*      'att>iii��*saAifav*i��ai((ib**.  f ^��s.��.    Jv+r^ia {,  ����^(Wlfct. ��   j.*~,iHPn 4��ai^ frt J(.p  i�� -or I**** iiijr '  ' ���>'i'44ii iji +?** n^  May Pbacq enter your heart!  Joe and Louie       '  BENNER BROS.  SECHEIT, BfC,  1U~  ffiMiama,;  'i ���  11  ,i 'i'  A * V  ��� ?w,  / ."V  s,    ^  r  '     1, . ��� *        S       '  ' v-V-** v V-v.   w*^ V< ^"^ ���** ���^VW'VV r f/^^v   ^^^. . . l^   .      **.***?*,  i  (  V^  !�������.<'  fl ��i  * ��� ���  ��       giavernment'might oontewptete t, .3 .i.j vre-* ;  aft iv    tahafory" ^teps,|f Cahada persists ia pass*  ��� 'J*" ti,0 hin^o' At*��^�� fci..��^.i   s^ ^ �� *oaiy*��wf more *kd fo'vflnch  <^r^4T .Uff^ph>mattc>tes ft^^e/Wedf^be^^a^dlah^gdVernihettt'gv p&siW  4   4i "State.^ernmerit,li>rotestink tbe.propo ,ea   wlth^^gard to the y?ar ^Vietuaows not  "/. resWtlotisijbiat'a^.td betirafcosefl ��f tM/ ftletdaitf'M arou>o any degreoM^annth.  ^VfUftV^/gro^of-the MercantST #at����-ift\>^Wafehinjtdn'.'Canada fa�� Ijeeji^tandv  ''    '���' "   *���     "'    V* v.; offish in tewci* to 'ihft tJAv struggle thei<e s  * i��.  J_t ��,  The Great Race  vjMr. ^Gordon/ir proposed, am^drti^fits .   ���-- - -      -.���,*...    ,.     r.iu  smm >u    \vtq the Banfe^c., for its decenoial revision,, -  Canada's r^o*change tf polic^wth  ,, . - ,,    >. ^^troducedichahges1 tha^ would 'eurtafl.the e W^'^:^ wcognjtam. of- Commu^t  'l-* bcpansiohf^ tto* Amerieatfowped' baiil   China |tta the Canadian inanoeuvrestd tty  -'���-   -'���*���     -        - as finahee   and set a Seat in the TMted fta1_.0|i��.or.tW?  vii's t>ropo-   Pet^aUminis^atipn-; fiave/iotehdmed  Mercantile Bank, Canada^ tfr;Washington. TbefJaMan Gov-  v" ��  hnistfnas-:v'.  .i *  .  , ��"_ ^"'vvjr* r ^ '  ,CEC ond DEL  4b'  \  1- f '  bAHW'S MOfEL^D COFFEE gHO��  J��u  KENMAC PARTS LTD.  Sunshine Coast Highwdy, Gibsdns, B.C.  snstittels **  Jast July dispatthed a^note o. protest to ^J^^^Wl^lt^lft^.^   . v Canada, ftow the amending bfll is before teresjed at *^ time m any^suc^ ^nadiah  Letters t<Kthe Editor yust carry a signature an* the Commons Committee o% finaiicvtradtf .Proposal. Tbe^,Ca��adian"fcaiw^v_^ .were  address, although a pen-name ipa) be used jot and economic affairs                <v - far from ^auccessfijl: ^ T/'    .   ^         ,  ^ Kj-    publication,;  .,            _. ,0nce   ftgain>   late' jn  November,' the In' a major policy change Ca^ .ab-  fmnrrtv^mpnf cnurrhf           * United States government sent a stiff diplo- stained on anAlbapan mmM that call-  imprOVemem SOUqm matife ,note of protest to^tlle, csriadi'ah ��dv���� *�� admission of Bgihg and the  Editor,,'Rie Times/    ^            -r authorities.   But white  Finance   Minister expulsion of Taiwan (Nationalist China). In  Sir���For some titfe past-we have had Sharp informed the Cdmmons that he h"a4 tt��Mf* Canada/has voted,*;no'> on-such a  elections galore.-So much so that, espe- given serious3 attenUon to the representa- resolution, argmng that Nabomlist China  ciaUy   where1 changes  in  administration tions^from Washiugton, be'taade it cleir 8��l��fW not Ae expelled'from ,the^U.N.;-    .  have taken place, the voter will be look- at the'same time, that he had no intention Canada-stitt favors-keeping, Rationalist  ing for ^improvements Nowhere more so of backmg*���away from his proposed Bank Shma���m *fe U>N. However, matoabsten-  than in this riding.                *   - Act changes. -    ^   "I                  : tion.Canada demonstrated-.that Ottawa is  We Avere chastised, chided Tand ridiculed for not having better sense than  supporting an" opposition member in the  house for 14 years, However, the extra  cable  The Bank Act amendment that is Yppli-   ^ '*��*?* *?*( **&*$*' ^'J^S^  jle to She .Mercantile Bank, limits its?    Communist China into theJITorlcl Oirganiza-  growth, or the growth of any foreigft-owried txon_   .     ,.,*..-     r j.    -.   /. \ n..  bank to assets of a ratio 20 times its share * .trfH���fT ��ded tot S��t ComiAumsl Ciuna  ordinary camnaien work of Mr��   T^hri capital/Mercantile5 is already well over - toto the U.N., or at least to have the UJ��.  S!S? b?twePng thP iSt iJ^JSiSt. ����t limit with-more than $225,000,000 in as-, ����* such a process in motioh, toeCana:  Dawson between the last - two provincial fek        >     - dian government will turn its attention to  elections won her the honorv of not only *'    ... .   x.    -                  .     * possibly recognizing the communist gov-  bemg elected but a seat in the cabinet. . Questioned m the Commons as^to whe- ernment ^ ^^ at Peidiig, in the near  Havi��8 tavejled <��, U,e ��_. ��ng ^ KtSA��ri?S_ftit5 " ff^fiTiS SP^S^tSS  our member will probably be more fami- 0nno��sSHftn miestionpr  ����i do not tiiink he fo^FJgn1 grant sucb Teco|mtion i^ore  ^      ;        .            .                   , *"?*��� in *��� Bank Act or;any announce- ��tm them Nor ^fto^^. -  Our dynaimc premier can no longer ment of any Proposed changes.           ^ Canada's ehanged attitude-with xegaM  neglect to give the riding attention now NovMhe finance minister has to stand fo Communist Ch^a haa only "straiiied still  tbat ^LbS? a memb,e,r in,Ultf��ld^ 2! * ��C ���SSSwSf ���iSf^iJvhS more the relationships betw^n Otta^ and  necessity there are oodles of things that will be  immediately  accused  of baving WashIngtoIli ^^ Ammcans haVe looked  need attention  A short distance on either "caved in" as Washington increased the ^ " cl "  move tekMe ri&ce  Lwever  side of Gibsons there arfe two things that pressure. Consequently Mr. Sharp cannot Jjj^anaada�����ie ifcTfirstiSirfwS rf  not only   affect  Gibsomtes  but everyone adopt a flexible position,. It^ would be poll- ^*^ ^^g^STrSSi J  travelling to and from the ferries to Van- *��j^4�� Wm Jo do so   b eeraw -Qrte  rdsentment , among/Americans  that  C0UVer'          ^ P^ffi&vitLw SfffiSS "Sff whU�� ^ are sacrificinl the Uv^ of their  I refer to what passes for a bridge near ^mediate* di?ndunce *e ^n3006  rtin��- ypung mento fight to contirfn communism  Granthams and on the other side the semi- ,,.���_,����. *��,�� ttc   ������������o��f ;��� ��__.��, ani Prevent the communists taking over  circular roadway.  Neither  of  these  pro- *****^^^ South Vietnam; Canada is selling for the  jects, involves any engineers difficulties, ��JJ*����*����^ SstSn  4e AmSat best ptice * cs* ^ huge ^uantities rf  but simply the wUl to do. ^ntendb?tt%S^ Canadian wheat to. the Peking government  Furthermore, we cannot expect a ferry only is it "restriction!, t" in its scope but  system that could handily cope with the, it iff also retroactive. It is discrimination"  tremendous   flow   of   traffic   on   holiday against  an  existing  American  corporate  weekends. Hence I suggest ja. our member subsidiary in Canada,  that she press for an outlet to Squamish. /  Washington is not happy over seeing the  In tills way the car owners, ^hough-baving door^oRened by the Canadiah Action* to ^dch .  to travel extra milage* would be able to legislative steps being taken against Ameri-  get to Vancouver and wayside points with- can corporate interests in other parts of  out agonizing delay.                    ' the.world. There have been strong flints  ���DAVE ROOS. dropped in banking cirlces that the U.S.  GHRISTMJLS  .�� ,        Be-of good cheer . . . Christnias  'K   '    "Is here! Have a happy: holiday,  McM tle&ric:& Ap|��Iicincei  Ponder'Harbour, B.C. -Phone 883-2516'  J- 4 ��V  Time'foe us  , to, sp^ed Vet|r  ^    warm Wishes, lot,  the ^YnfetWc Hdliaajr  to yonr ��fey. y*n& &&> *ft v  bright f^fe* and tacrriment  shared mtih your 'loved ones.* We ^  Jiope you J&ve a woiderfiil C3tafefaasir  Everyone *ot  ',   i / - '  GIBSONS AUTOMOTIVE LTD.  t  i  ^    5  Insurance  ��.��..,      t    "V     t  "See J. D. .for Safely"  886-7751  THIS LABEL  ON YOUR  PRINTING  GUARANTEES  THAT IT IS  PRODUCED  UNDER  UNION  CONDITIONS  fmm, | mmm m i  I tie i Lines  urnvrnttmrnmrnm'*  O     ��0   *>0*��*        *m* - s-   .      ���>      ^���^-�����'-i^  'X*^-  0 *, Christmos spirit is.,  *S&   -     singing out all over the lond.   .    X*_>  ��� <f,   We add oiir voice* wisfiihg you and yours   i\ *  ���i* , .     ->    the faest of holidays!        "      >.���  Have the Merriest Chrisimos yet!, ���   a. a,  THt STAFP OF     *  PARKER'S HARDWARE LTD:  EXTENDING  GREETINGS  TOEVERYONEI  i    , i  J. E. CLEMENTS  Your 7-Up Distributor  11      ' i  Glbtons, B.C^  *J#<te��ll*��4M*��II^M����*. "M. ��_*Unfcii(  nrhUncis  S'  t    ?       '  Our wish is that you iwfieii to a dhtmmaq  ' full of the, best the season offers  ihe foy of loving friends, the peace,of plenty,  , Have the Merriest thrtetinw of altt  Sechelt, B.C. V  ���IMMIIIIIlilllllWWWBWWMW^WWW  1   \4     K   t t> it-j.      y  rockgas Propane ltd,  GIDSONS, D.C,  Management and Staff.       > . " '  ,   at y '    '  GULF BUILDING SUPPLIES  Socholt,  B.C.  ���^1  : Jve&c6*  Goo6 Wiut  That's the message  jtoWmfo yoUf<$s we  take thh opportunity   *|  _o ./;��wfe yo(< /or ;  another yctir of befog ���  ayaltfei cmtomerI  m0,0,440440mm0t*rmm04m04mmmmmmmmmmmm  i-i*4ii440&t!��^MWlpfimto**tofrim#.ii^ nt^awtrmw*  FRANK, CUINt SjDYl, and DIET,  at your ��  PENDER HARBOUR STORE  ,AT  >�� /.��� �����.  ���.*? ��� -^  1 *  t : \  v      ���' ���  /  .   *r '  u��Jl�� MMyMw^tpa. jtuwy^^-M^itfiviu)! y  *��� fT*trt' "Mf\ SI ^w f-ioiWi* ft t) *" P  ���tt JlB WK W W��"   tplW[-   -  MM ��� ��f w-1-WVlWIM)   p**0||M�� #h  t-^-1,    IJltj. V l^yi   ��ji)M^,  ho&piMity;* tn ihk sjj>htt> y* extend' ^    *" ^;  A//'ot|ir ^odef friends, a won^rtutty warm ; ,.,','','.,'  4  i<")  4 I >M_l��^wl_Kt�� if _w�����t HK,_r_l IMjen^itofc^^JOf^wpfl^i^n BW^Si    ���  ��.   I1  1      ' i  k. *,fy��tlF!��w��ihK. WWJ)i *,     _.UiM.t   - l^sai  I'M W  GIBSONS, B.G,  11.1, i  .i  i.. Ik. \ . ^K.  '/' 'Al'  -_��Wifcinft!.iVtw*M!ll. #^w*��* ��Wi^*|i'W(��%i*��*Mm.��nit**^ i  C(��*ffc����������AM��"(��IWH  w **"i��nr I ���a_jhs��.ie'*ft (��(*��(*{!, ^  t     i ( I   ,  fl����it*tiiti��l    *   s   % T&  '??}��&*  *   > - ���>'__  V   *���_     ��\   V?". h.    .    i  *>    >    *V    *��  S.   ** -_ \   I.    s     *  Vp  \^  ��� * *���* *>.> SI %   v ���_. ^   s **  ' ' '"v ��� SV|" '   ^   ' *i,<��k x'r\/ ,VV'V* '*w   -; . tSli  fcig�� A-6       Sechelt Peninsula Times   Thousands of projects . * .                  ... Irom^hduStry'  Wednesday, December 21, 1966 ~ ^ * r-*- _ "�� ' rT-  Best of Barkerville    Centennial celebration;  Gibsons January 10  ti       ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrm-mmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMi  anadians are working  "BEST OF Barkerville" show,  smash hit  of    the    British    Columbia    Centennial  The thousand acres of mighty Expo 67 Yukon's drawing boards.  ������������      ���                         ,        ���           in, Montreal, quite naturally, will be the, Imagine, if you can, over and above all.  }lf        ' *���ilJ�� ��n *    -        /la? m    star attraction for the hundreds of thous- ^uildmgs of every conceivable description*  1967 as part of the provinces contributions    Qnds of guests  crossmg our border  with ^^ afe ^ ^        ^ of rising in hua_  to Confederation Centennial celebrations         the Umted states and from dozens of coun. dredg upQn hundreds pf communities  ac-  The high-stepping   hilarious revue will    tnes overseas, not to mention the hordes of this, the lengthy list of special memorial  tour 19 locations under the auspices of the    Canadians ^h"�� wdl visit this greatest of roSS the prosperous girth of Canada and  Provincial   Centennial   Committee   in   co-    world Exhibitions, but alT across the land the   national   performance   begins  to   as-  operation   with   local   centennial   commit-    _m  great  Clties>  Smsfa towns  an<j  even sume the trappings of magnificence.  tees                                               -                   crossroads   hamlets-something  special is . Supplementing this  massive civic  pro-  The show features 10 members of the    on the books to mark this historic occasion. gram of coursG) are the cerate projects  original   cast   of    -ghost   town'   Barker-        Listing ^ Centennial projects of all 0f Canadian industry and commerce.  A-  ville's renowned revue m songs dances and    CanadUan     communilles     would    require part altogether from manufacturing Indus-  patter, looking back to gold rush days when    reams q{        g> and ^  chfef provincial .   partlciPation in Expo 6\, many com-  the Cariboo country was burning with ad-    p]gns alon6j rf speUed ^ ^ any detaU at ^^ m Ji(hfir sponso^ng\r COntribut-  venmre                                                          all   would require many a iengthy para- mg to Centennial projects within their own  During the 1966 tour,   The Best of Bar-    graph   Even the barest o{ reviews makes community  kerville ' plaved to capacity audiences on    imDressiw readm^ _         .'.,              ,       r  impre:,i>lve redaiue- Two notable examples of companies go-  Prince Edward Island, where it all be- ing even further than this are Dqw Brew-  gan, has led the way provracially with the ery Limited and Salada Foods Ltd. Each  $5 million "Fathers of Confederation Mem- is giving a major Canadian city a spectac-  onal  Buildings  opened by  the  Queen  in ular nullion-dollar-plus space   age  planet-  1964   Newfoundland  is spending some  $6 arium. Montreal is the fortunate recipient  million on a cultural centre in the historic in the first case, Hamilton in the second.  port city of St   John's  Nova Scotia's pro- ,    Ponder a moment on 'such new ediflces  ject for 1967 is a medical centre for Dal- and on the       ls and recreatl0n centres,  housie  Umversity  in Halifax,  while  New skat      rinks and      ks  Ubraries and ren.  I  WISHING YOU A'  I I  aoYbus HOLIDAY �� I  INC.  1  The Staff at  Sechelt Agencies Ltd.  ,,; ^V;-C:VWes and Mary.   ^  '; , ^ \  SecheSt Shoe Renew  Sechelt, B.C.        ..-       ^  4  r,  *  v.  ^��wwiS��tt9iRri.-s  ^RK��v��s3Rgvvvavuw]^^��sv3iv^nnnRn9��3R9sani��o  a British Columbia tour with a widely  acclaimed side trip to Alaska centres--*  Schedule for the 1^67 tour follows  Januarv 9, Squamish: Jan 10, Gibsons  Landing, "Jan. 11 and 12, Powell River;  Jan 13, 14, Campbell Rner, Jan 16,  17. Courtenaj Jan IS, Parksville, Jan 19,  Ucfuelet. Jan 20, 21, The Alberms, Jan  23 24 Nanaimo, Jan 25, Ladysmith, Jan  26, Salt Spring Island, Jan 27, Duncan,  Jan 28, Sooke, Jan 30, Langford, Jan,  31,  Sidney *  Feb 1. 2 Victoria; Feb. 3, 4, Ladner;  Feb 6, 7 White Rock, Feb 8, 9, Clover-  dale,   Feb   10,  11, Langley,   Feb.  13,   14,  Brunswick is working on a  special Cen-  ovated castles, theatres and museums, cur-  tenmal  building in the  P(lrovincial capital ^ rinks and' conservatones, scholarships  01 treoencton. and commissioned paintings and it then  Quebec's plan is an $8 million conserv- becomes easier to understand that, for all  atory ^ Quebec city- while Ontario is con- their apparent unconcern at the unfolding  Abbotsford; Feb^ia,!!;^? FeV"l6,*Caws-    centrating on a  $10 miUion science  and of a great page in their history, Canadians  ton, Feb 17, Oliver,' Feb. 18, Summerland     technology centre in Toronto. are working like beavers at marking theii:  ^ t,    ���   01    r>   h trt      1? k   99   01         Travelling west, Manitoba has slated a century of progress in the most fitting of  K 1      a    Feb   24 * 25   Vernon    F^b'   S'    Perf01111^ arts centre for Winnipeg, while manners.  Salmon Arm   Feb' 28' Revelstoke   March    Saskatchewan is erecting no less fean two Add to this compendium of, community  1   Golden   March 2, 3, Kimberley', March    9^��f buildings, one in Regina and one development and building boom the birtji-  4', Cranbrook; March 6, Ferme; March 7,    m Saskatoon. day hoopla���the bands,  the bonfires, the  Creston;  March 8   9, Nelson;   March ~10,         Alberta    and   British    Columbia    have races, the parades, the parties, the danc-  11, Trail; March 13, Castlegar; March 14^    structures designed for provincial archives ing and  singing���-that will prevail for  a  Grand Forks,  March 15, Osoyoos; March    and museums on the go, while a special solid twelve months and the national can-  17, 18, Burnaby.        ,                                      building toa honour Confederation is on the vas becomes more and more exciting  THE SEASON'S BEST TO EVERYONE!  ED. ond MOLLY  Midway Store - E. & AA. Bowladrome  Gibsons, B.C.  i��u��__MM��ii��M'i��^CT_��>riir-',��w����imrnfWw��niMu^^  May the Yujetide season  bring you happiness!  ���    + 4.  [Harvey Funeral Home  Gibsons, B.C.  1  ��  !  >fSTOISHES  ^(^RISTMAS  TVTe*re dramming up onr best  .Ynletifle wishes ... for 3.0a!  HANSEN'S TRANSFER LTD.  Is Sechelt.  B.C.  As the season of good will comes to  us once again, we take the opportunity  to bid our friends a Merry Christmast  THE GANG AT SUNNYCREST MOTORS  Gibsons, B.C.  ��J/h the Miracle "of, the  manger, mankind finds ,  joy eternal. May your  Christmas be blessed.  .    ��� -\'    ' .  ���\ ,      . - ������:���������   .K  ^BUILDING  SUPPLIES LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  holiday greetings from  . ^  ERVIN'S DECORATING    ..  Secholt, B.C. ,     .  To our loyal patron*  we express our'  lincercst appreciation,  Management and Staff  i; & S. TRANSPORT LTD,  Sunshine Const Highway, Gibsons, B.C.  eaee n   ��i  on^arthj  J\s carolers  sing their  Happy   N  Christmas  >    songsv we  \   add our  4 voices to  t?  ���wish you  vk, good cheer.  THE TOGGERY  Se��hclt, B.C.  The Wise Men found  the Wonder of that  Holy Night. May  you and your loved ,, ' J  ones find its Peace.  Murray's Garden  and Pet Supplies   ;  Gibsons, B:C.  ���mMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm#mmmmmm0mmmmw+  w   W\f^^WW^m\MfMtM*\MyMfmi0%w^40M%m  ,,\4.,*A<m W*M      I   \k.  WU ��#* ����    *-!*** *���**   ***fl i,.*t.iW(f**��ww��ittv_j����i.niiJ .U*a��***��Ji��tt*!f4*ti.ii���� >��-<#fcs|iW*('-IWnW*'. ��0}*��(J(rf. * *<  lil'  fi       1  \, ,    .  ��*^    .   ...   ���n.w, .il}^.||^|��^ J��*H|       ,H..t  ("��� I  i ill I   II   >  1 V. <" 1'   t  f;     1,.    i p   1  'A* <������' l,i  1 1"  '!.''i 1''  ; k'^yy ,i  "'AAiiy/A  :*tt*fit#i,K   (arWtfM,   * #%Jf*|.��t<.<#_lj. fJti*  '       ^A^  ,     I  friUdir1' m-Tpfft  ui: Hisii vuii nin wmm msi  ���i  r  .ft'��K'V'JWkwlii'.>. < ,"11,} ' .' Mi '1 ''',)     ,.,,'', ,    "      . ,i  h (AA'hM''.'(i. "1. ������ ���������  /    "  ��f^^l^^tickardi'ancl 'Crawford Co.  If* fflw^l^f1^^ ��ond * Socholt. - B.C. .,.��.....*.>.. -��,,  ^tA.|i*<ll ,,4fi^y^*,qti4l4faK,to^viU4?*l .ftolrWy, .4., *44*44^,*,��4W*4**,4y,m*, 4*4*,.^,^W*-t����rt*^i��#l^w**l����BW_tol.irt^.^��.l^(rt_ s<  ^b.f^   4N^I  4,),^l,4,^ik4itAm  tn4fe#.*(*4*i. # *  5       to ^'rl'.ivf!"KvyK'n ^"1 '3"��''' rn '  ill��WI^|lf��l|(lll^#>|W<liM^^**ww*^ ��*���  11/  ft  c-  _��W!WT  ,��� ;����i.i"��<(wi ,^  pcu  X-  V',',''"%  ��* ��iy-^-f#WM 1 Wrt^v  ffiMtmet/AAA  to you  and your loved ones;  from the staff of'  B & J  STORE  Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  'mf.f^ftpf-*f4r44im*Km4t*tiKM*mKmait4ltrAi  ��M*��M*fc ��(i.^twnf��   C*M   >  EVERY GOOD WISH FOR  YOU AND YOURS  Kruse Drug Stores Ltd.  tW^tv^vrMI-AttKHM^wdfii^ #^i* ^frHttvwtJwii^tfAX &*m*M*.w>, i| KWAi.owlnl tk^Wtill'MwM'^pl^immWMi.  '  ^  ^*5il  ' W0V0 sending boat  wishes of  the season to you and  youro, Have  a Merry Christmas!  NEVEN'S  RADIO-& T.V:  SALES 8, SERVICE  Glbions, B.C,  CHRISTMAS  Greetings  On this wonderful holiday of Peace and Joy  ,1 we  .end our heartfelt greetings, nnd wishes  for your ChriaUnoa to he nierrwi and bright.  FROM ALL OF US,  SECHELT BOWLING ALLEYS  ���nt4*V|��.  ��U f HHWI        fe*t��jnt��**H�� l��**V��f^ |ft|_*i".Vty-JuM.  t��i there be joy  an ft laughter with friends,  neighbors and family,. ���  plm.oHrJmmK^myCkrMimL&^iml  H* BISHOP LADIES' WE AH  Secholt/ B?C. V  \ 1 ,1 i) T*S.  **+*��* + ***mm~m+nm>MM��*��.��*n4*+>M*\m^  #>fitf^%*ftm  Rosy checked carolers  carry ourftladmossaBo  ofi'Viifb groptlnHS  toovoryorxv  Hddden's Home  Service  Sechelr, tt,0  />>  r^  :i ;i<  \  1 JUsif!t>.)(Mi1|tVjlVt)i>-i y*^(!?. ist**1!  if  ,*��^i#W��<-��1-��BWS.(tpllji_W����d.  pi. tljlsj'oyous clay, wejisk  that thc boundlo. s lovo o(  the Christ "Child surround ���,     _ ^.^  you nnd you . jfamily, Always* W&/?'^^  GUY and MAY'WINNING  THE WINNING POST  OfQri Covo  HI  1  ih it)p*'Wt.|l_l fW* *��   i&����Wl��l*l��Wifn����.*il I  ���'^^^,  a  ��^^<r^<M%*<MV��������<W��WA<l��IIMl��m<>��<.��U����������JiJIM��M��i��i..����_r_>fl<rvBL,tnn  li. ���   iv', p|*  .1"   in'1 ' *������   1   '' r  I1/1.     ��T<1* 00j^4 40j44*J4fJ4* 4*1,4  I*   ,��  /���< ',f.  (N I1  (���!   I>   .'  i*   >'   .'  .4,4444404 14" t ���  "��f*  **,-"A%   %  *S _J _V ���  ' ���-'"  MM  ]')  fi  ���X*   ��^.  l\  irffhm^  >W 44*  ^ 'Si  $&#  #*  A^i lf4.  rKt'A^  1 y ,i   * *  *-"V ' '-rti  AfA  ��� 'v r��r_._  w*^raefiw^*w*6reK3^^  WJ. .4  rU  mm  -<<m A  ^Wp  fi '���  ��� ���*., (t-   \ i-  *?'  FEE  5- 'v��� -  f,5  1.' "1 p  i  p. 3\^   '     *. '  rmm*rmm*rm*rmm4rmmmmmmmmm  Qonvioced/tbat ^ey *%a their destinies - ^ ing V grim nd<>&tattt�� caso.afotos^ �� ��JJ ^^ ��S  Ctroly totbcr own Jiai^.��sp,yott probably -sort.o. driiddrigf^at is ^B^ptpSs^'^B &3h�����  .think this, matter 'is largely, up io, you. "What "IV   "                           '-���-.-      ��^ii ^  v^* j������ +a  But evidence is steadily mounting that cer-    facts" on  tain'people, where ��$M*"u 'concerned, Atke1 most  have no' command over,thiems^yesi .And   'As miiri���  th6 crucial questionJs, how do^yooknow   the facts k  yoo aren't one of these people?             1    .someMn \no\her.tTi*eteaTecgo^yi\d^^^ S  ;'Drink has taken five million men and    as we��i as bad'to'be saidabout���S8S<^ ^sian ^^^ ^ a deadly .disease.        J  woraeniin tho United ~ ^      *���-* ���    -    ���      - ----- ����. *.:^ ...   1.��__  ,,*.___.���   ��  as masters take slave;  tions are going on  a year. Does this suuhu mse a quoianon    taste of eood beer, or fine wines  /':  \ -  ��-"?���- _y &j*qj  g,/.. ^.piii iii^ji   ��� in ^iiiiVn I'ltTjuwy^  ''I1 J '!<,  As Christmas chimes  i^^ygpf*  i^  I *�����  fortably  Slaves.  don'  great  become  odds      "Yes, they fre. Statistics on the con-   h he werolamiUionaire'he would1 endow 5 lize."  sumption,of,alcohol indicate that about 75.   tbfe' United Nations. Mth a sidOi*alk cafe��<*_ *  miUion A^M^^idrto^JlJi somedayL,|Jw^>i*m.th^tdiplomats cpuld sit, sslp sherry;"   '��  some time. This is well ovOr half tho ^dult  x mak��! amicable compromises instead of the - , ,   j.^--  t        ,   ,     rAIVBCA  ��...     s  population.*' Three o\it of lour men' drink.'' usual strideht speeches.        ,    ' ��� -���     ^* They uso so much machinery in school   ^   * VlALYrdU^ ViArt ��   s  More than*.half of all American women   '    M.n. e$e'are'bej��ofits,tbaMre lost if you ' now, Junior doesn't' know whether,to ^e   $        v   Sechelt B.C.    . *"     J  drink, at leftst occasionally. So, numerically    decide ]oh *wA abstinence.* Whether the f an apple.or an oil can.        -y"-     t   *   > ' }M.M0UMmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmm��  v<  ��t*3��i  y  . x   , Love, Dad. ,  1  v FROM1 EVERYb^lE ,-'^l'  ' X ot the \   .  jT^^t^L  It's Iho season  of Joy and  good will ^  when  friends  gather  togothor lor  happy times*  May your  Christianas Holiday  1 ho fiUod wlt|i  * wafty such ^omoRte.  SIlNS^IYCSIEST        '  ^^Pff   mMMr   W    1^ W    Tl|      "       ^^W Mm w^MM^^^^T   ^Ml  Motel and Coffee Bar  Gibionfl| B.C.  M.    t  ^  ..i_iMii.uu.,ir.x.i,i,..r.,lM.;7.,^  ^  #  ^  f^^4>  Eyerywhoro, Chr|��f^ c<,rp|,  rfO0 oof tolling tho |oy. fff |^ (^q ,, f  *vo add 0w best v<|?J>P.-  i 1  EARL'$ ar)d WMTfS  AT tHE TOP OF TUP ty.W  Gibson^ B.C, ,  SlpES  53=  srss  .^mM^^^iytmmir^ '���  I _ ��nt(4��t ^^��j*��t  fit��4 w#\W *�� yw Rpd yo^r wp, ^?tl*  and s Merpy Chrisfm .s.  f>yii��Wi��wy<w��ii^��yyiw)ii^ywiww>i��^  CHARL.1 E, CATHY and STAFF  GIBSONS SHELL SERVICE  m  Gibsons, B.C,  ns  ���-';;.r.���'";:::  a��a:ias5xs;iaasc��?>  t*   M4ii Wirf*  [Et  fASHBGN  G^sont, B.C.!  ���11 .H ��'���  *4^��..W��������� ll.ll.lll nM.I.1.wi��. ���^������IIT. Ill' H-  ���*-.4��s/_V i*,4f&!*t  p J  ...^  . J  * *> 5 ���"*���>���*   %' ��  w  * L''  r.r _��n^  A    ���*  y   t  V.fe  ' > *yfi ti-y ���*  Creek, B.C.  ^ ���. vP.   d<  ��, /       t  ���/jl'/'TJ  t, tt  j 1     f* - .1   _: 1 -  L. & H. Swanson Ltd.  :ii*ft i-^  W^^^��UI*lJlM'|iiFW'W'l'H^|lT"l'yff'BP'U'yBM'����WV''li'"'  l ^i^'A Ij^^pk^W^ "A    J" -  - /. ^3*./- ^NV? y^\( "> .  ������"���Bpegggcr ga.iw'^TBttTVfTerr'  **-vi*% .fni^*r ��� V w   '"��_ "^ v     f.r}\ "Uf j* ��i" % '.  > 1    1 ;f. .1  nw  J,'"  *l       f ��        l����W|*t^        "I      w*    ��  s  FROM  SECHELT THEATRE  and REID FERN AND MOSS  So^Helt, B.C.  mW%l*%0MM^myiM\%0MMM^0^  ��A"f  ?>>  ��"     .  V *��  '* yy  ���\h  I   ,.. i   ?  SELMA PARK STORE  '* \ .���.  /  3SSH  ���j i  >'n'  1,!      _>;  . <C��ci|v,iHa,  WE MfKSH YOU  THE wfERRIE^^  OF HOLIDAYSI  J. DERBY  FARM PRODUCTS  >^H-  22S)  1  _."��� 'J.   n J y )  n  ��> ji  Our Christmas wtsji.��  * ffoodttoW 1  fo^fjn^  pcacCi  happiness  of givim,  * F ROM * EV ER,YON E���� ��j��**mv.�� .��*;  ot  a t   i/  A *iJ  n  ')    '  I  f  t n \'  9%Am)*MmW*m   i9llV|j|M^||f   ^^|J��p||^^^||   W*w*  *   1,  *#Ul^��j mik* I **(*��+ *  1  INMMffVMM'1  ���������������u.wi-h.h,^   il���mh.w^w��� l��^,.l,w^��^r^.M.^._<iy^.,_i��w^^w.^T��^_.��^��,i>T_^.,|Mi...-.<iT����^'>ii'i �����'���������������< *J' ��-m.i���>| ��� ^^>i���. jw>-���i^��ii^ix.^>^���<^wwy^ w 1 �����>*miHitniiT^niT*��_i^fW^PfWI*l w^|B^f>i^^^tf^)^py^P'W��y<^?pFW^<M��iiJlli*1^* y^T"^>W*��W01��^WWfW>W��iW^.ii*Hl>*mw<f��*  m*ww+MnmwM,m*m%mwwwy*  PENINSULA  PLUMBING LTD.  ^       Gibson*, B.C.  ?    1 1  %>.** 4^ #i��iw. I** .un *. #1-11.  Standard 0p| Co, of B.C, Ltd.  Santa m��). ^>* flolna modomi' but  I I  ���*��  "  G. H. (GERRY) MoiDQNALD  Aaont, Wilion Crook, B.C.  iMUUMMHNMIMltAMb  )  '1    ' ;  .   <     1 ,  1'.  ^1     BVliW^SBWS^  ,^ '  I I  I i  * �� I > .  1 t 1 \ s  I     *  4,    4,    %    ,     ��i  , s * . I** 1 fv ,w#pf,  J*1 *   '  ���> jc ���**  (��-"<, 1.'   J-1, J- J    J    T  ,    . v't. t    ^ .   <    "  ��"  t  .' , -^ . V *u  I    "   \  *    ">' '  -K   I,     S       -4     .��. ' *���     ... "        f<  ^ ' i.  Page A-8 "    Sechelt Peninsula Timet    Wednesday, December 21,1966  *" *> <.  \< >.���:..    -������:���' v ' **'-.' .'.-p.,. ."' ���������^.���'   _���:.���:.- >)';"v?.^(?< .vy-; .,'.?  ,' *  -0  A* , -I "   -4 ->"        -V"I.     .       *,< "'   ^       ' ^     1    ,   f  V . f       -        ,       t      S V  ��    v f r, <  ' i      ^'  i    \  .     ^^  ,V��  'v  4 y        i1^ *  May We  Wish You  Compliments  of the  Season  We Look  Forward to  Providing Best _  of Jnjtertainment  for You In  1967  ���  '       ' ~iij ��������-  Management  and Staff  4��  TODD'S  DRY  GOODS  4��  Management  and Staff  of  Charles English Ud.  Stan and  Margaret  Mackenzie  ^��3isB_K_H____i___S��f5ptei..t'V ^^'*'"%?S  ��?i_S^___il,^ ^"^ *^-<2v-'2  o  Coin  Cleaners &  Where To  Go ��� Travel  Service  6��3fs*t  v -5f J��.  ^ _ ^;.*v/  *," *'/*���'"  w t ���#* a, ^ *���_  fc >��Mit i��Sri  s  48' i  "222  455-  ��� �����������,  p<8>  ���MM  o _  ' * '       T        I  Don Head  Grethe Taylor  MANAGEMENT and STAFF of  DOM'S SHOE STORE  I'  Mi*. Don Douglas  &-\r>4ir���4 **  I' M   ',14*4  ^,   i,' Mn., Marion i Hopl^Snf  ��>���������        1.    ' '        '' i  f| !. ., ' \*4%t ' rr ,.."���' ."���-- '^fc-t*.-' * ��� mnn*!  . ..,iU<,m,��i.bnl<W*��|pw ���'<    ������'    '   ��',<���*������"��      ��.,,#*       ��� 'tal*l��|i��(liHflS.*  ������'/���*.   ?.'���.-   ������ . \-/H^tl'V7  ^  lt^^.l^MW��^||l ��fl.  *  _^ IM*.  I  'C^^  H  *  ttmjt  ���> ^nii i'k   ,m| -,  ,'   ,    '   '    /**,  -  j,i '       ,,     ��>�������  1 'Vf '.i1i^'' _  ..- '���.,:���������-'-,���,���-,   .; ' .". j" Hfffei1]  ^W        .;   " t li ���..,���-���       ���_     ���   i*. J.itWfti,t''l(l  ,#,'<i��|��.!p*\*'f*2!2��w    '-.   .*-.'T  �����-":*   ���.'���,*^'l",   " J 'WllWti^W'^  I   i n  '   ���*,*,  '  As an expression of  thanks and good will  we are extending at.  i .  this time, Season's,  Greef/ngs and our Best  ' < o'<  i  Wishes for fiealf h _, and -  i *  prosperity in the  New Year.  t       i  STAFF  i    ,      *  MANAGEMENT  s����*���� ^  )(��wwtrth(MtS��n*tW"*<(��i,Vin'ei<"W io��ht��i�������� i-MbWfirt"!  ���'���   :\V:.V^>l!pl'  ������ ��� '���    .** ^'. ������ _ 'Vfek*l *  .,    ,,. ���,,",-���, -. v,>-' ^ ' Mil  i i' if     (   '���< S    *JS?       \ ' ,i ���   i p i  i' " I iTl'Wi' * '��k *'i     '    ���   *  'i      '      ' '    ' *' "    * ' '     . ' ' '' ^"  '*,'yA\AA��@* ,  ' >l"I    V    I '    * !"***  I"1 A'\\ MvtiK^ W  f   1 l' 1 Ant',1, ������������    .'  ��� VSmm  tCv  ������������I  ,*mY  i ^^  Phono 006-2615     Glbions. B.C.        "��Z  (ft**)!  D;fi.DOUGUS  VARIETY & PAINTS  _, _   ��, ',ft j',  l'l'(.fi.i',i'ii',."i',V. ��",ii!���mV".,�� ;        " i',     .IV,,.     '     p  ..i r'f'iw''  ^|t* t'|p�� yf t   ':ujjp    ' i' >t�� -r ' i  |.UW��*,f Mf.'j? ��t'v' i' ' i' ���    i'i'/   ��� .'i't   ','-,���.> ^  I  i*'L^!*t'^*%'V?!'����,*I^Mf^fM#k*J>U,,l,'>��l��''|i'A !��� ��    '  i'i I'I.   'A. i1' > t,> !>\iH��, i'^'i'i Ji'V'l-_.   i''4><  I 'i  i  0    *    ,'     *    0    ,     f'  / ;< */ i !<^''  ' *' < .{i��i<'p��ytS4S^i  AmM  1:.4:*1  r  ^.r*^1���*1        ^vr���  S:  P  ECHEL.T rENINSULA  Section B  Wednesday, December 21, 1966  7^  Pages 1-6  * ':���... .  Half mom Bay'Happenings  iRECOMMENDED-  f-aY.omctACp*  ^.appointment;,  &Imc Skif MOTEL  2 Miles S. of Sechelt  Phone: 885.9987  Write: Box 472, Sechelt  "Did you hear about. . . "? was the  topic of this conversation during  skit performed  at Sechelt Branch  OAPO social, last week.  Members  ��ig business  were delighted with performance of Mrs. Ralph McCrady and Mrs. Ralph  Mrs. B. McCaul, Mrs. Guy Clear, Lynds in a parody of a P-T Ax meet-  Mrs. J. Allen, Mrs. G. C. Tinkley, ing written-by Mrs. Allen. .1  Christmas goodies  TRADITIONAL? visit of Santa Claus to have an experienced Santa,  for | .VirictlTiaC SIPA^nTI  to   Christmas   social   of   Sechelt Mr. Tommy Marstin played Father Wiuwuuoa ouuauu  OAPO is part of the entertainment Christmas for 30 years in Melville, i ^%���^���  w��^ ,,:���__,��  and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Campbell Saskatchewan and still has the knack flaS  maliY IUcallllly S  investigate    the    mysterious    little of portraying the jovial old gentle                        ���  * '  packages..  Members   are   fortunate man.  Storting January 18th  lecnelt Brandt 96 0 API  changes meeting location  BRANCH 96 OAPO social at thc Wilson  Crook Hall on December 14th was gay  with fun and music. A quartette, consisting of Mrs. E, Biggs, Mrs," C. M. Postic-  waitc, Mr, Bill Coffey and Mr. Tommy  Marstin sang "Whispering Hope", "Church  in the Wildwood" and "Beautiful Isle of  Somewhere".  Mrs, D. Stockwell, accompanied, by,  Mrs. Charles Evans at the piano, put all  the joy of Christmas into her singing of  "Night of Night'' and* "The Holy City".  Two guitar ducts, "Kilama-Wallana!' and  "Kitu PcPe Hula)" were played by Mrs.  R, McCrady and Bob, Keeley, Charlio  Brookman recited' "Thc Green Eye of tho  Y.llow God" and described his 1915 Christ-  mas spent In thc trenches in France. ���  The Holfmooners presented an nmus-  ing skit entitled "Big Business", with Mrs.  Ralph Lynds, lyi^s. Ralph McCrady, Mrs.  (}, C, Tinkley, Mrs, Janet Allen, Mrs. G,  Clear and Mrs, B, McCaul In Uiecast, Mr,  and Mrs, Bill Baker supplied the music  for the Ringing of Christmas carols which  woro Interrupted by tho sound of sleigh-  bells and the arrival of old Santa himself  ���none other than the genial Tommy Mars-  ��� tin;" ��� ��� ���     ���       ������     - .-.��� ���.���,;������   ���       , y  In tho raffle draw, the turkey was won  by Mrs. Les1 Husband of Powell River, a  granddaughter of Mrs. Bill Baker. Bill  Perkins won a Christmas cake and Mrs.  C. E. Higgln^oo a box of chocolates, ���^,  Onomcnribcr who was not present was  Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver and members heard  with regret of Uie.accident which had befallen her, She had fallen on;thc steps of  her homo at; Wilson Creek resulting in a  compound fracture of the ankle. She managed to drag herself into the hpi^so where  she lay helpless for three days before ��ho  was discovered, She is now' being nursed  back to health in St, Mary's Hospital.  Attention of members is drawn to the  change of meeting place. Commencing  January 18, monthly meetings of Branch  96 will bo held. In the Uglon Hall, Sephelt.  The way we understand Red China's  foreign policy, the rest of the world hns  Just 24 hours to get out.  "I WILL honour Christmas in my heart,  and try to keep it all the year." (Dickens). When so many of us are caught up  in an exhausting, round of holiday activities, plunging through mobs. of. department  store, 7>��hopj>ers, ,wrapping.._g^_5.., joiailipg  CKristirias cards,' planning piarties, buying  a tree, putting up decorations���wc might  do well to pause and consider \hede words.  Arc we so busy with the outward signs and  symbols of the season that we forget their  meaning?  For Christmas is more than a time for  feasts and merriment. It is a time to open  our hearts as well as our purses, It is a  time to remember iri honour of one born in  a stable, those in bleak hospital rooms,.  those cut off from family, and friends,  those facing loneliness and despair.  Perhaps you have wanted to, but wondered whore to go or ho\v to help. One  way that is available to all ofH.s, however  limited our tin^e-or resources, is to give  to The Salvation Army, For, over one hundred years, this fine organization has been  bringing tho com fprt and joy of Christmas to many who would otherwise have  known only abandonment and suffering.  The invalid, the Skid Row alcoholic, the  prisoner alone In his cell, thc girl about  to become an unwed mother, thc unwanted  child-rthcsc are not forgotten by The Salvation  Army, ,.   .  When you prepare your shopping list  for Christmas, Include a gift to The Salvation Arniy's Annual Christmas Appeal.  Through your generosity,1 many less fortunate people will enjoy a happy Christmas this year^-porhaps for the first time,  HALFMOON Bay Improvement Association annual Christmas dinner held on  Dec- 16 in the tastefully decorated dining  room of the Winning .Post at Ole's Cove  was a most successful event.  Guests were welcomed by Mrs. John  Charleton, the convenor, who gave a special welcome' to a visitor from Australia,  Mrs. Irene Kutt df Sidney and tb "part-time  resident" Patrick Murphy who recently  returned from the top of the'world.  The evening started with refreshments  and wine was serVed with the; excellent  dinner of turkey and plum pudding. After  dinner, there was dancing until midnight  when the guests sang Auld Lang Syne.  A vote of thanks was tendered to J^hn  and Brucie* Charleton for organizing such  a happy evening. With-the v/eairy guests  returning home, the night owls adjourned  to the.^ag Nygards to continue the party  until the wee small hours.        ���  ROUND ABOUT  Following surgery at Vancouver General  Hq, pital, Mrs. G. B. Simpson is resting, at  the home of her son George Simpson in  West Vancouver. Harry McLeaifis home  from St. Mary's Hospital and feeling much  better.  Jim Helmer's. son, Buster Helmet; with  his wife, Muriel and daughter Debbie, have  arrived from Waterways, Alta. and plan  to spend the winter in the Bay. They are  living in one of Grave's cottages.  Holy Communion will be celebrated at  the Church of His Presence on Christmas  morning at 10:30�� a.m.  Weather conditions  upsets local soccer  IN DIV. 5 Local 297 beat the Residential  Tigers by a score of 2-0 at Gibsons.  The game was played under poor conditions, with the result .that neither team  could play up to their ability. Robert Solnik and Mike Musgrove tallied one goal  each to give the 'Locals' the yi^^y; ^  In the other Div. 5 game at Hackett  Park, Residential Totems overpowered Roberts Creek to the tune of 10-0. The Roberts Creek kids started out well enough  but wilted wijth each goal, making it that  much easier for the Totems to score: the  next one. John Dick potted 4, Bernie August 3, Laurie Gabriel 2 and Robert Hartle  1.  In Div._7 Res: Braves beat the plucky  little Sechelt Canfor team 3-0. And Sechelt  Legion fell to Gibsons Legion but the exact  score was not available at press time.  This winds up the games until Jan. 8,  1967. ���  ���   ..       .  ADBRIEFS TO SELL, RENT, BUY; ETC.  ���j a. iJfmiirmKvwv^Jnevvsv'jnfrxxvicv-svx-m-i*tfy^.gy.r.^nreaaw^;^rsa^~.t����TTS3tyar.rea. - - ~ -i ��* *~**'-  Stocking Stuffers  Still Available  Games For AH The  Family���  PLEASE NOTE ....  WE WILL BE CLOSED DEC. 26  and DEC. 27.  OPEN AS USUAL DEC. 28  DAYS'TIL  CHRISTMAS  GILMORE'S VARIETY SHOP  Phone 885-9343 - Sechelt B.C.  l,"~-~r,"~���"r'^T���:rr.-ir>Tinn>nimirirti���~ ---������.---���r���,-,���----.  1 HENRY SAYS--  .....  .....  ....  .....  &  458-  ��� ������������  ���������������  4%,  .....  ���������������  4��  4��  4��  ����������� -  ... ������  ���������������  .....  45*  .....  Neighborhood traffic warning;  "Please.. ."S  go skiW���prolific row." ��  It's time we '     '  took a break"  In order to give ourselves and  staff a badly needed holiday  we annouce that-  THE BAKERY WILL CLOSE FROM  DECEMBER 27 lo JANUARY 27  VILLAGE BAKERY - Sechelt  HENRY'S COFFEE SHOP    --    GIBSONS BAKERY p   We ask the understanding indulgence of our many friends along   - 45s*  the Sunshine Coast and request our customers to place their holiday 4j��  order of Bake Goods as early as possible, keeping in mind we close _��.  s                                     December 24. 2j��  HENRY'S BAKERY I  ��� ��� . * #....  Phone or call in at any of the above Bake Shops NOW ?��  Phone 886-2415 ^L  *.',.''. /  9 J*#*t��H(A*. WtHftu^tMli-  .can solve your Christmas  shopping problems easily."  Here are7 ideas for truly different gifts for when convenient. You just say Vput it on  your family or close friends. We'lf supply my account" and we do the rest. 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GORDON &    '  Sechelt, J3,C.~^885r2013 /   ,;;���'������ - '9145-2    . \,  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  BIG MAPLE IVtotel atld frailer  Court has few spaces with approved facilities available. Ph.  885-9513. 9019-tfn  FOR SALE  IF   IT'S   suits���it's   Morgans,  885-9330, Sechelt, B.C.  8893-tfn  By Gunnar Hansen .. .  Destination Mexico  . I*- pp <- -       ^       ������>'  country of sunshine  1 througli.Bu^osw'Canyott, awesome in^RftpB  \tkiid architefctufe,J cactus and thorny plants e  l* growing everywhere &qd bqttfder.-in hea&s. ',  ��� by the ibillionsl Where(rwater ia available    '  ", the desert stands >"out in a rio of color, itetm, t  >  '> lush;green to orange,"yellow-and red, The , "  / tiniforMty of tta> shrubbery on ;th6 hillside   l  1 would make a flandscaprgardener .etivibus.1  Th^ce- we entered a .jtaijdstdhe took fornix-  .  ���  tion called The Natural Corrals having- -  ' vertical1'sides 50 to 60 feet high, some.-frith .  GOOD   local  Ladner  hay  for  sale,  $1  per bale delivered.  Phone 946-6568.  USED electric range, $39.95;  used washers, A-l condition,  Inglis washers, $59,95; Zenith  washer, $69.95; Beatty washer, $19.95; Easy Washer, $15;  dinette suites, $59.95, less than  2 year old A-l shape. $19.95;  automatic washer, reg. $329.95  new, now $175; Frigidaire  fridge, $39.95; Philco fridge,  $49.95. Parker's Hardware Ltd.  Sechelt,  phone 885-2171.  9107-tfn  FOR all your shake an<J<- shingle needs, call Silver Skagit  Shake  and Shingle,  886-9697.  8879-tfn  USED power saws for sale. All  makes and sizes. Chain Saw  Centre, SeschOIt, 88S-&626.  8966-tfn  OLIVETTI    manual    operated  adding   machine,   near  new,  perfect. $75.00 883-2312.  9124-3  GEN. ELECTRIC double blan-  ket, green. Hardly used, $16.  Also Regent electric mixer  with stand. Excellent condition,  $7.   886-9676. 9121-3  UPRIGHT piano in very good  condition.  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For some time a vacation in Mexico  had been lingering in "my mind, The excitement of going to a land pf sunshine in the  fall could never have been-greater and  after a quick decision all was arranged  and it was to come about  On Qct. 17 two happy travellers left Sechelt, destination���Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, some 3,000 miles away. It was a nice  morning but rather cold. To avoid heavy  traffic tbe inland route was "chosen. We  travelled , through the Fraser Valley on  the north side of the-river .with tbe color  of the fall lending its beauty to the landscape, the land was green and the lush  corn in the fields ready <fdr the silos.  There is something about this gre^t land  of ours, with mountain, forest - anil valleys  that touches one's hfeart. A panoramic view  from the Agassiz Mountain contains much  of the beauty we find all around but so  - common to us that many times we let it go  by unnoticed. Going east over the Hope-  -Princeton highway at the summit we saw  the first snow, along the side of the road  and a few light -flakes danced merrily in  the air, so as to say playing tag with one  another.  After camping overnight at Stemwind-  er we found the morning cold and dull,  but within an hotaC^we were at the U.S.  border at pspypos. A few polite questions  "were asked and we were now tourists crossing the United States on our wfe. to Mexico.  Highway 917-south of the border takes  you through country oi great Variations,  splendid fruit orchards fringe the roadside  wherever there is water available, green  fields of alfalfa and the familiar stands of  poplar dotted here and there where moisture gives them a chance to grow. In the  distance are the barren hills with gentle,  rolling slopes���the domain of cattle ranch-  "ere and sheep herders.  The highway took us through many  little towns and villages sparkling clean  and many of them like an oasis in the  desert At Bewster we followed the mighty  Columbia River, where dwarf Sumac  grows in abundance, the bright red color  sharply contrasting the otherwise barren  countryside. Leaving the river we drove  through a high mountain pass, a breathtaking view confronted us aS the highway  descended towards Chelan, a city of beautiful homes on the shore of Lake Chelan,  centre of a rich fruit-growing district.  Crossing the hills south of Chelan we  -again follow the Columbia, the quiet river  Soon after crossing tbe' Columbia 'Hivfe?  at Maryhill Toll Bridge the third evening  highly cultivated area which-continued day"  down towards Tuson, .aM depending on irri-  at Marymu xou unage> tne muu evening latlon and the suppiy of wat<.r. Beautiful  closed in, 1��:ve continuedI though the >gu w>  dry semi-desert country to Bend, Oregon,, yo4"*��    SVVT  where we camped overnight           "  Turning  east��� on - highway "3Q, toward  Burns we travelled through the bleak, bar-  palms   grow  throughout the cities. After enjoyitig two  days ,of good .rest with friends in, Mesa,  Arizona, we entered Mexico through No-  T , ���     ,     gales/ After a routine check at the border  ren, dry lands With small groups of jum-^ we were cleared without any difficulties.  per  otherwise not .a tree? in sight  In the        Sec(md       t of  Mr> nalisen'S  travels  middle of this desolation we find a big  plywood (manufacturing centre, ��� Edward  Hines Lumber Co. Millions of feet of timber, under sprinkling ^system, * ready- for  processing. Good highways and communication lines connect ;tbese centres in southeast Oregon and by Highway 78 we entered  Nevada at McDermit     . "  Following the majestic mountain ranges  of Santa Rosa and Old Lang Syne, < tower-'  ing to a height of eight to nine thousand  feet above sea level, the absence .of trees  and vegetation dominated the trip all day.  Yet, where a little water is found, a few  poplars may fringe a^farm house or a gas  station. Going through all this dry land,  desert, semi-desert,-etc., noticing what'a  world of difference, water can make we  considerable question of "Continental Water  Suply." Perhaps what" surplus we have  should be diverted to areas of nfeed, but do  .we have the right to sign binding agreements for ail time to come? That's a question well, worth thinking over.  Getting further south the. heat has become noticeable, and in" Las. Vegas it was  very hot. A freeway takes us to Boulder!"  City and Hoover Dam. Crossing the Colorado   River   we   entered   Arizona,   going  will be included in the next edition of The  Tintes, Jan. 4.  A SPECIAL until December  24. Oritone 8 transistor Hi Fi  radios, 10 percent Off. We also  have many nice gifts,for you  .to choose from. Earls" in Gibsons, 886-9600. 9161-3  GIRLS bicycle in.  good  condition.   Phone   883-2308.    9156-3  SMALL  oil lleater;  A-l  condition,  $15.   Phone  885-9325.  ,...!.,���,.���' 8525-3  ;' :V   ������.'���'������ '��� -���������:������-���   1 ���'���������  ��� ��� ��� ���  JAY BEE USEP  FURNITLIRE  Phone 886-2346; Gibsons  Next to Ken's parking  Beer bottles. We buy and  sell, everything  "���-,   9991-tfn  .'.r.rr.l.;!;  916&3 ,, sparkles   in  the  bright   sunshine���truly   a  sight ��f behold.  Below the Rocky Reach dam the country transforms to a fruit-growing district,  the .Columbia River supplying the water  necessary for irrigation. Three miles north  of Wenatchee, we turned and followed a  prosperous-looking valley, passing the spotless, towns of Monitor and Cashmere���both  ,of them great assets to the beauty of the  land. At Dryden we turned.south towards  Blewett Pass," gradually climbing on a  flawless highway alongside crystal clear  streams, places where mother nature has  supplied the vegetation with all the water  needed;. Here we saw the full splendor of  autumn slowly changing to a winter landscape as we approached the summit-^the  black pavement cleared but the' snow  lay heavy on the evergreens.  h It,is almost unbelievable how fast the  -scenery changes. Descending from the  summit of Blewett Pass and the densely  forested hills, it took us less than a half-  hour, travelling to where the hills were  barren with no vegetation except for a few  clumps.of trees in an almost dry creek  bed. Getting closed to EUcnsburg we sa<v  grazing-cattle and rich, irrigated farmland  Driving along, Yakima River the sharp-  Pdlnt '���'-. Fibreglass - Rope  Canvas - Boot Hardware  WALT NYGREN SALES  '   .���.'.������.���'������LTD.-; ;. ,   ."....  Gibsons, B.C.  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Scryico Station,  Sunslitoe OoaW Highway, Phows  880-0W2,    ������-.'���,    -, 8900-tfti  1905 VAUXIIM4i 101 Stiper. Ap-  ^,���.p.r9X..���J0.f500.��_���milcaw.-..Top-.  ���hapo,   Asking   ��mnH   equity,  ~ low, low jiaym'diSUT Plwno Tom"  PftVia, 885-9975. 9110-3  4   DOOR   . cdan,   '39  Pontine  hawtenWan.  885-2152.    9134-5  BOATS * ENGINES ""  No Cents  |t*fS��t��fr.'-' ItlW -'W-#*��:��Wii��i*)����**s��*H(W��*^  In Waiting  Th�� Times  Classified  Make You  -'...;, -.'..f  ^.UftpiieyL  ft^ir^w*i^i,4S��l��iJ.'*'(JiJ-**^ '"fiai'Pifi' 1j>*-i*^ivpr***W**M'W1'*  ���j.WIMMli'iiil.iiinHVliliiWVlT.lf^l  9854934  ,mu,Mmn.im.,it,44.4.  40 IIP RED Wing Marino en-  rtgine,  .lined    two    sea.on��.  p��,w��*����M��irti����^*'Jk.cr(_.   Cow,1  ' Phone  885x9634  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE; SECHELT  Sunday School ^ 10;00 a.m.  Church Strvke������ litis a.m.  Prayw ��� Wedn����day 7i30 p.m.  REV. A.WIUJS; PASTOR  YoMQjo||iyJtcdJ^  i.*.4 .Xinxipas  St. John's United Church  1  Wilton Creole, B.C.  Sunday School���-9:45 a.m.  . ��� ' Dlvlno Workhlp���11.15 a.m.  Led by Miss H. E. Campbell  Except on 2nd Sunday eoch month   '  Family Service���11:15 o,m, <  Dlvlno Service���3-.30 p.m,  Led by Rev, W. M. Cameron  u... ..._��   .i.i-_jj i ..��,��������� mi. ...p.. .������m ,.,.,.,, ,    ���ril,.ii.,i1..Vii...  _  *^������'i<v����������i����nwww��^��M����wy>wirtowvvi��^  The ��� ,  Anglican Church  OF CANADA      .,  ^cctorfJRey, R,,B. ny leijlci,.,,  Phonoi 885-9793  Saturday, December 24, 1966  v ST. HILDA'S���SECHELT  ��Xhrl.stianJP<��flcantr^i30���p,iTi*��^-.  jMldolflht_E.MchflrJ.str?J_li3,Q.Pin.^-.  Sunday, Pccombor 25, 1966  ST, HILbA'S-SECHELT     '  Holy Communion���9:30 a.rr).  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE  Holy Communion���10;30 aim.  GARDEN BAY  Holy Communion^? ? r) 5 a.mr^  ��....  A.  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There on the  counter plug, a gtftyip amo\wt o| ge?t*cylating saw  wa^a copy of the sechelt Fenln#a Times, tbgm* _taN(A Germany, Italy, Spain $nd  better ��tW, tfa front page {picture m<a of Switxer^nd^as we .Us Holland.  her cousin, Bon Coldwell o^West Sechelt , &n 'im,standing experience included a  beside a conger fee _utf * companion had . visit to th^Munich Beer Festival. Here  shofc> r- -=*. some 10,000'.people  resided  in tents for  Linda Yates of Selma Park, still in Eng- duration of.tye celebration. Another visit  land, now makes a regular visit to B.C. of note was to Salzburg near Vienna, loca-  House in order to keep up with Peninsula tion of $he popular movie, S6und[ of Music.  news, for a copy of The Times arrives        In Germany, s)\e had  a  close  brush  each week. with past f&nnan guards when she took M^.       w ,   ������  Linda graduated from Eiphinstone High pietures^of graves of5 tHoge shot by East    ___�����,_'__' /.     'Moaemwest- -  School in 1985 with .til intentions of going German #����ps *s $W attempted to es-   SKYSCRAPERS tower above West   mecca for. tourists.- I4ncl& tYajtes of  to university. However,"she worked instead cape int*'fcivilized Western Germany, Pic-    -   Beriiiremphasizing the air of pros-   Selma Pari, recently .visited the dty  for a year in" a Vancouver bank, during turw'of East and West Berlin vividly   parity which has made the west a   and says it? is V thriving modernity.  which tiine she isaved .ufficient funds to portray^ the direct  contrast of  the  two  start her off as a worjd traveller sectors. "\Vest Berlin bustling with vital-  Leaving Vancouver August 22, she ar- %*** comparative lnwry   East Berlin^  rived first at Southampton, England and co1^ fsmal and -squalid Jookmg, At pre-  I  I*  Wednes^qy. December Zh If <k. *.   Sechelt Penmsufq TtRten / H%W M  .  ' 1.  . f   w  J  "SsPn^  " ';r  "11 _Jt J j}4JftT  ���������! ui ri  11 1;   'i'i  .     ,1 FINEST ACCOMMODATION  ^iohwat. ?��ii -~��;miu�� s; ^ ��?ch*vt  VH'-i-'J  - f>]^; 1^0 SLEiRING qitd HSKPC^ UNITS  *"    l ' �� J- J i" kJ"44    if  ^Trife; '^^S&PmH, B.C.  ^r^  v r  JF  MOTEL  Phone: 885-9987  v1 ^' 1  ���s?  !     1  r     1  &n ITpmX HQSTS -7 JOE * Lit.CHIfKN9AV  ty_��_*!��_��*^i,��^4re_S)>��i��'*vwHR^^ ���*��7?��f    r   y   rfia*'v*��'^^s^p'W>{��i/J!Jo' ^/^^^l^'V^/V%y?^'53?f^5!ra  after a brief stay continued her journey se?' .f41^3 "fcback. Ln IfIndo? .^^ she  to  the continent; whe�� in  Amsterdam, actufy *��� th"^ l��ub3' ty*.*�� *��� ��CI  Holland, she met up Elaine Gibb, daughter Ration   is, wth  the -Portland   Cement  of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gibb.of Boberts Company's he^d office. At night she works  Creek ~lfrea. Elaine was accompanied by  B.C- girls Dianne and Karen Unruh who  were also on a travel tour_^   With her friends',  Linda  travelled  ex-  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SE?Hfl.T, B.C.  Phono 885-2111 ��� Ted Forowdl  as an usherette in a theatre and at weekends fills, in as a dish washer in a restaurant,      , i  With ber savings, she next plans a visit  to Greece from .where she will continue  to Hawaii where' she hopes to meet her  elder sister Wendy w}�� resides there with  her husband .Ken Green, an employee of  CPA.  .A^r\y%-^^j^'X%^-\^, seen mpje  of tbe-vwrld iii'a'few monthis than the %~  erage perisQttsees in a lifetime. She hjas  finagled fa4j, .^rtp: iir^isted by means pf  hard woi^r<Je^rniination and tots of pluck.  The world is indeed an oyster, available  to ��11 Who Mve sufficient initiative and  the courage to put it tQ good use.    .  OPEN SUNDAYS 1 - 5 p.m.  HOPKINS LANDING STORE  serving you 7 days a week  Phone 886-9524  FABRIC HOUSE  Gibsons - Centre  Yard Goods - Bulk Wool  ��� SEWING CENTRE ���  Phon�� 9864252 - Bex 549 - Gibtent, B.C.  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Scr^nod Cw\��H�� Gr��Y��l - F��' ��'"i R��od Gravol. *  Phono 885-9W - Box 17* * SocMt  ^^iiW^W^^Mca^^eiSiBt^iVl"*^!***^ *(M>tH'��#^i#  HARTLEY MASONRY  fireplaces'-Planters-BiocKwork  Quality Workmanship - Free Estimates  Phono 086-2386  FRANK & DECKER, QPTOMITRIil  Bal B,<>ck " ^,b*on*  "       ,       Every Wednesday  886-Jtl66  MADEIRA MAMNA  Madeira Park, B.C.  Your OMC Servlco Contr* - Peninsula Evlnrudo  Pooler. Cabin* - Trailers <k Hook-up - Camp  SltM-Xr. 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Longing  I"'"' "I/)  '"'  ���"������"' *'���' ��� ���'m.Mr^nmmmmmr*\>*iFm*iwmmm*mmmmMi ���'��������� ��� �� ��M%  |   John Hind-Smith  REFRIGERATION  PORT MELLON  phono 886-2231  ffPiin 9 a,m,(to 5:30 p.m,  Ret. 80^-9949  LILA'S SALON  Export hair cutting ��� High Stylo Coniboutu  Try ouf expert cold*waves  For appolnii.ontiPKonoB86-.2980  1��i miii i .mill w��i">����in maim ������_��.-mwfiiii mtninwww������*iMi ��� ���hwi���..ii���n���  PARKINSON'S HEATING LTD, (  GIBSONS  RSSO OIL fURNACES  No down pqyipent ��� 0onk Interest -  Ton yoqr�� to pay  Comptota lino p\ opp|lflnco��  .,u;M.,.,..,-:,���,lloriree..e��tlmat��T?Colij84'^7..|8.  pwiw^��n��-W"iP>wwi��mi��iw'��'i>ii" Mwmwinwn^i^im    ��� um. iii-m ���.iT^nr1"���  J>hono 885-2818  '" ^,,>-*:T NiJTA^"BEAUTY SAM>N '  Open \n the Penner BlocK  Secholt, B.C.  wiww^^^��(i*m. (��������������  Tflii^&S LTD- SECHELT 885^214  Box ^ft^echelt, B.C. VANCOUVER 685-4922  . WIrsfer Scheduled Service  ���A  *_(       r^^'^  "   S0fillG|f/ Passengers and Freight at Reduced Rotes  ^ igUnOBtf *1 r ^      '. l'eovc Sechelt Friday vn4 Mon4^y 12:01 p��!��  .   '���      Prosperous Berlin .  TROLLEY tracks separate the main   one. Prosperity - is. obvious and in  street through West' Berlin,, and,   keeping with other large West Ger-  says. Linda Yates, they "stop" far no-   man cities.  *.    4       *  * mm    {- JlbNT READ THIS  UNLESS YOU WANT TO  AAAKE THE SMART MOVE  TO MORE WINTER WARMTH  OIL   -   GAS   -    ELECTRIC  Why shiver? Be Sure of the warmth you wqnt in your home this winter,   -fe  We install, service and maintain heating systems. Factory parts. Get _ ��  k free estimates, no obligation,  MAJOR APPLIANCES  (. J. PLUMBING & HEATING  Box 368 - Sechelt, B.C.  CHUCK JONES  885-2878  TOM PORTER  885-9364  immm^it0m0ifi^i0ff��^mimmfm0tMmi��mmiMimm0>m^immmfmm  Eastern squalor '.' '���'   "���"'  VIVIDLY contrasting with the west- barbed wire arid bare streets. Linda  -��� era' sector,   East   Berlin  muter Yates, who spent a short time in the  Russian domination presents a soihry area, says it wa?; extremelyMepress-  picture   o|   dilapidated   buildings, ing.                  , ,y.^,     ,,  , V*^.. rr*<Zr^ VkmYf  ,Alii%m$&\m>M  . i   ��� Escape failure ' ,,_,  LINDA Yates took this picture of the  faced a similar fate herself in taking  grave of an e, capee from Eqst   the picture for Russian troops filled  Germany who was shot and buried   the woods. In her own words, "It was  just 93 he  reached  freedom.  Sho   a fearful moment."  t��-.ft��!5SS*  JS" s���^ ^^*3tu^^&i^tSS9m  ^^���^  ******  The 160 page.book is the,special Centenary publication of the British  Columbia Centennial Committee, apd portrays the Province of British  Columbia���its people, its moods, its great development���-as' it enters  its second century, The book presents the story of British' Columbia  from the Stikine to the straits, from the coal of Michel tc^ the timber of  the- Queen Charlottes, from the mountain peaks to the underground .,  mines^    ���      " ,' V'  GET YOUR COPY OF THIS WONDERFUL BOOK' NOW AT  im&  Cowrie Street. Sochplt, B.C.  Phone 885-9654  *TiryT"Ti^*,i^l'^m���- iv '*��^"^-t -  mpfimiymitM^^  ^io;O;O;o!M.i);0!��!rt:O!O:��!o;o;<t>O!O.fl!M  t,i  Awdl w�� have pn Excellent Selection  of jFlrie  QMqlify  Man's ��  Wear ond Accessories to Choo$e from ��� . ��  f '.��l-f,*>tWW..-wWiBfi>if \<^  ^fijWK.., . ��� ^ ... ^m*...  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'..'���* I . ���John Atkins  Page B-4       Sechelt Peninsula-Times  Wednesday, December 21,. 1966  School trustees  IMVMMMWUMW***  Hazards' of the Highway  NORMALLY hazardous at the best of  times, the highways, during the coming festive season become increasingly  dangerous, not only to drivers but to  pedestrians and particularly to elderly  people.  Hot-rodders, crazy drivers and  .drunks create problems the year 'round  but this does.not represent the prime  total, for weather conditions, too, play  a part, creating difficulties which put  a burden upon the most careful and  experienced drivers.  Where many pedestrians, both  young and old, make a mistake is in  taking for granted the fact that because  they are caught in the blinding headlights of an auto, they are clearly visible  to the driver.  Generally speaking, this is a reasonable assumption and under'normal conditions, such would be the case. However, on a wet, dark night the centre  white line becomes obliterated, the soft  shoulders blend in with the wet road  arid unless a pedestrian happens to be  wearing light clothing, chances of being  seen are' very remote.  Greatest danger to a pedestrian oc  curs when two vehicles approach each  other iii a rain storm and with dipped  headlights. Visibility is down to a minimum and while concentrating on keeping to the highway, the possibilities of  a driver spotting a person wearing dark  clothes is a matter of extreme luck.  One of the problems is the fact that  there are so many stretches of highway  upon which those walking have no alternative but to walk on the road. On these  occasions a wise precaution is the carry-  ing^t)f a lighted flashlight and at least  partial if not complete 'light clothing.  A white or flourescent arm band offers  some protection.  These safety measures will only offer slight added protection and it should  be borne in mind, in no way do they  guarantee any certainty that accidents  .will not occur. Most important is the  need to allow no margin for error, do not  expect the motorist to take ajl the precautions and remember that however  experienced a driver might be, night  and winter conditions create so many  problems that he cannot devote his time  to simply keeping his eyes open for possible pedestrians.  Sensationalism"* or   Faets  WIDE ACCLAIM with which The organizations and groups inevitably left  Times is accepted as it enters its out. Quite obviously, it is impossible to  fourth year of publication is extremely '-attend every function, others of course  gratifying to publishers and staff* for fail for various reasons to notify us.  the first few years of any business are However, providing we" are notified and  naturally critical and" balance the scales    if possible, as many events as possible  get fair coverage.  By news coverage arid editorial .columns, toes' are invariably trodden upon  but this too is inevitable, unless of course  we elect to play the part of a fence-sitting apology for a newspaper.  When it is necessary to speak out,  we" speak; we do not hide behind subterfuge, snide remarks and pomposity. In  covering council meetings, school board  meetings and other meetings, not held  in secrecyT" the reading public is given  all the pertinent facts, not a garbled  account calculated to keep the editor  in the good graces of publil^groups  elected by. the people. When public  funds and affairs are involved each citizen has every right to know just what  gives.  Providing   this   type   of   coverage  ,���      . .,.'...._���., ...... l"~~ TZTT    brings ., pious cries  of - "sensationalism"  ���: -byAni^H^- fn_itt>the .fcncej^itters and those;awho  "PUNK "WEARING AN TRGMP HAT*    prefer t* have their actions kept^ under  | When   I   bought  betwfeen failure and success.  It was following requests by some  of* the merchants on the Peninsula that  The. Tunes actually came irjfo .being,  for it .appeared, the need lvas felf for  a newspaper capable of providing comprehensive coverage of Peninsula events.  Naturally, it Is impossible^ to give  news coverage to everything,* but the  superior circulation now enjoyed is  ample indication we have succeeded, in  no small measure, to .give the majority  of residents the coverage to which they  are entitled.  We are pleased to have brought picture coverage to ^the Peninsula and in  this respect offer" our apologies to the  Of Many Things ...  m  Mi  n  m  f\'t  B  ���ft'!  ��� I"'  I   bought   Greenhorn   Farm   and  moved here a few months ago, I made a deal  with myself to stop letting world affairs bother  /"mc, and to talk and write, instead, about the  pleasures and miseries of life on the farm; but  . a couple of brief paragraphs in. the Vancouver  Sun, .when combined in a single article by  Keith Bradbury, shocked me out of my placid  contemplation of the good earth.     ..  :     (In a yivid article about the Qn^Cup riots  in Vancouver, Bradbury listed some of the impressions and incidents ttiat stood out in lys  mind after a night filled with"almost unbelievable' events.  Item: "A punk wearing an RCMP hat.^nd  a paddy wagon with a smashed windshield."  Item: "A cry of 'police brutality' from the  crowd,"  The punk had stolen an RCMP hat and was  parading around with it defiantly. When he w^s  being hauled to the'paddy wagon, the crowd;  made its silly jibe of "pblico brutality." They  were all on tho side of thc punk, or at least tho  vocal ones were. '  This recent riot follows'close on the heels  of a Hallowe'en ruckus in North Vancouver  and general' Hallowe'en'vandalism throughout  the/lower mainland,of B.C. lit each case, on  open line broadcasts and elsewhere, the punks  had a surprisingly large backing of supporters  who thought It was all mere "animal, good  spirits" and "a release of energy" arid the like.  They thought moro community clubs, swjmmlng  pools, nnd other expensive entertainment should  ��� be provided to end these sad affairs.  This vandalism and disrespect for authority  was bound io occur in a society vyhlch increase  Jngly rewards the punks, bums and ne'er-do-  wells whllo taxing tho heart out of more solid  cilisKons and jeering at tljcm for their (success.  If society continues lo overlook the Jocrcais*  Ing,violence and vandalism on Hallowe'en and  almost every other festival or celebration, wo  , will develop such a J>u,rd core of hat. itually  criminal types that even our marvelous Jt.C.M,  I*, men will he unable to control them.  Thlk malicious group of bums will then  (.ccxl only �� blngle Jcadcr of,the Stalin, Hitler  or Mussolini typo to take u.; straight into a  MKlcly . u|cd from tl^c lop down by toughs and  ���by John Dunlop  WE  CAN  always dream���Christmas  1966  AD. Let\is take a brief look ��t some  of  accomplishments  over  the   past   2,000  years. .  We find ourselves in a rapidly changing world, a World in which science arid  "technology have brought about changes  that were inconceivable to the human mind'  a few short years ago. We have an immense capacity for great industrial output.  We can fly in the air above us and can'  travel under the sea. We can cross.oceans  and continents in hours instead of the  days and months required in former times.  We can put men in space and reach out  to far off celestial bodies with man-made  vehicles and instruments. In communications we have the wonders of radio and  television. We have made great strides in  the field of medicine, and modern surgery  performs daily cures that at one time  would have been hailed as miracles. We  have also developed methods whereby entire populations can be annihilated in a  matter of minutes.  Yes, mankind has made unbelievable  progress in many ways since the first  ��� Christmas almost 2,000 years ago, but:  the ability to live in -peace and harmony  with one another cannot be accounted as  one of our achievements. Indeed, in this  respect we appear to have regressed rather an progressed.  'Man's inhumanity to man' was never  more prevalent than it is today. It permeates all phases of society, from individual  to national levels. There was a time when  ignorance could be the excuse, but not in  today's more educated world. Colour fights  colour, nations are insistant that their ideologists must be adopted by others, and  those who have, at almost all levels, are  loaffte to share with those who have not.  Many nations, and individuals, aided by  technological advancement, have become  powerful, and power brings greed and the  lust for more, power.  Is it too much to hope that a greater  miracle than those who have already witnessed will come to pass. That man. with  all the vast ^  ledge at his. disposal, will eventually provide the catalyst of brotherly love and  regard for the rights of others that will  turn his efforts to peaceful pursuits and  the betterment of all mankind.  When that day comes there will be mep^,  iiig to the Christmas wish and we can thenn  truly say,  "Peace on earth,  goodwill toward men."  EGMONT  EYEDROPS  Would you believe a citrus grove in Egmont? Well, how about a dwarf lemon  tree that has produced an annual crop of  six. to eight perfect lemons for the past  sixteen years. Sounds fantastic but it is a  fact, as a visit to the Egmont home of  Lela and Bill Griffith will prove.  Rooted -from a cutting taken from a  dwarf lemon; tree that Lela's father has  purchased from a Chicago nursery in 1916,  this 3 to 4 foot tree situated ih a sunny  corner of the Griffith living room has five  lemons hanging from its branches at the  present time, one of them over six inches  in length and measuring 16M. inches in circumference, believe it or not. The parent  tree, still baring fruit after fifty years,  is now the property of Lela's sister,, Dr.  TCay Beamish of Vancouver. And readers  have, laughed at our claim to being the  banana (better change that to lemon) belt  of the Peninsula,     ���,. .    *.    ..  Congratulations to Karen Vaughan, daughter of Ben and Dorothy Vaughan, on her  double-barrelled victory in the recently held.  Sunshine Coast Recreation Commission's  safety-poster contest. Not only did this nine  year old Egmont Miss win first prize in the  iiscuss isponiil coHep  at nent education meetim  THIS SEEMS like putting the cart before  A the horse arid will do more harm than  good, commented trustee Peggy Volen referring to a questionnaire to be completed  by grades 11 and i|j5_udents in the district on whether .they^would attend, the proposed regional. college ,ori the North Shore.  Mrs. Volen suggested that the parents  should be asked but Trustee Wm. Malcolm  said it is hard to get parents out to a  meeting and many parents are iri the dark..  Mrs. Volen replied that so are the stu**  dents.  .-.Secretary-treasurer Peter Wilson commented that the questionnaire is being sent  out centrally not from this district alone.  He agreed there should be a peeling to  discuss regional colleges first "but the  questionnaires are needed as soon as possible to support the request for a regional  college on the North Shore. Regional colleges will be the topic for discussion at  the February education meeting.  Sechelt School District is represented on  the steering committee together with  trustees from North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Howe Sound. School Districts  and is endeavoring to ��� persuade Victoria  that there is a need for a regional college  on the North Shore.  f Sechelt School Board felt that by participating ii establishment of a regional college on trt^jNorth Shore, students in this  district would be^assured of entrance  to  the college.  Regional colleges will offer many advanced courses to students either qualifying them for occupations requiring more  education than present secondary  schools  offer, or provide courses equivalent to first  two years' university. *���������-'"'  ''- Trustee Wm. Malcolm, a member of the -  .steering committee, told the board that it  is.a good time to press for the college as  the Okanagan one seems to have^been rejected. c  TEMPORARY CLASSROOMS  .Temporary classrooms in use at Eiphinstone and Gibsons Elementary Schools  ,. re requiring a lot of maintenance, two  are leaking badly which led Mrs. Volen  to suggest that the board investigate what  it would cost for maintenance department  to build the district's own portable classrooms. Rental of the ones presently in use  is quite high and the board will have to  budget for such units again next year due  to Victoria witholding funds for classroom  construction approved by taxpayers in re:  ferendum No. 8.  ������_*  TRAFFIC AND DOGS     k  Principal of Gibsons Elementary School,.  George Cooper, told the board that lack of  parking space in the vicinity of the school  M f   *���   f m i ,  was creating a hazard\as children were inclined to dart across school road from toe-,  tween cars parked alongside, the road. Also,  some drivers ,wer'e using' the* school' en-,  trance I as a short - cut- to avoid the stop  sign at the intersection of School Road and  the .highly., Js   :,,-,.,    '<   v. s .  Untagged dogs are also " becoming - a  nuisance in the playground' but as there  is no dog pound there it is not much to  be done about it. Mrs. Volen1 suggested that  a letter be sent to the village council as  dog packs were becoming pests.  REID FERN  & MOSS  SECHELT  SALAL ��� NOW Be  PLEASE CONTACT  J. M. HAYES  AT SECHELT PLANT  BEFORE YOU START  TO PICK.  EXTRA HOLIDAY BUS SERVICE  December 24th, 26th and January 2nd  Lv. SECHELT  shrouds, but.respect from the multitude.  That we have succeeded in establishing an orthodox publication is obvious  by our steadily expanding, circulation.  Without readers we have no advertisers;  conversely, the larger circulation the  greater number of advertisers. Iri both  cases, we merely comment "proof of the.  pudding," etc.  Next issue of The Times will be in,  the New Year for, as usual, we cease  publication for one week at the "end of  each yerir.  ���At this time. we pledge ��� our continued efforts to producing bigger and1  better Coverage to the best of our ability  during the coming- year. We thank  readers for their wpridcrful .support and    Pender Harbour area, she.was .also over  sincerely wish one and all a very Happy  Christmas and ��� a pleasant new year.  THE D  Poet's Corner  MONP RATTLER   by Vcc Lobb  rt^W,��^W��^**fy^'tkl<t*��'**tji'  !5!i��*il^l6relWrtU^��W%^��!^#W'ai^��*��^WM9*ln  Voluptuous creature   "  Sunvyarmed 10 Somnolence; .'  A target for ntmirnl hale;  Scourge' of iho Everglades Slate,  Unblinking ilcuthsiarc( eye.  Congeal the blood with fc.tr.  His cpiwblon t . ix-foot Icngih *  Is sculptured Mccl-fluid strength,-,  The; silken supple >f>kjp       '  ��Gliltcrlrig*in��tho��Hunrt.,...  Is gcorrictrlc design  Of diamonds . trung in line,  i''it"  Ills tiiU'N extremity  Of rolling bpny rings'       ;  Sounds warning to all ,allku,  Preceding his lightning strike,  ��� ���....   .i.\.,.,   '     1   The , hypodermic fangs   '  .njcet a venom-deal li.  His glide I,  grace ..ymplnink1,  Deceptively laconic,      ,     ,  '!'','t  Captured alive .by man, ���*-.,,.  Writhing malevolence  Pinned 'down with it two-pronged Mick,  Ily one' thrust'ruplcr-qulck.      '  I!(I .  criminals. Jt will have some fancy Blogiins, arid  ., cnplmlljEo on some good ci��uhC��, but its real    iii ���_���_   _        .  H������,.h���,..���..    1; ,    -,., rr,r,...^._,..,.,_>,���..,���,...��.. .���*���.;',i��'>'^.--.HiN"Ycnomrc��l>��lMr'if<"'Ti��*��"  goal will be total .regimentation tmd,an end lo     '  Iho freedoms wo tn}oy under the law)  �� ��p>d��,W!!f<"M|>J��H  Sechew&RMnmm^4rtte&.  Published Wednesdays. t Sechelt  I    ' on B.C.'b Stmshkie Coast  t,,.,   ,, ��� ,      ,.'   , .;..���..,  .; by ���_-" _.,,.,.,.   .,...,''   , -   ,      ,  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.    -'���"'  ,     , ; Hox 381 -.Scchell.'Il.C... ,,  Douglas (7. Wheeler, Editor  S;ff, 41fscrd, Publisher   '       Subscription Rate*: (in advance)   v  .     ,1  Year, $} - 2 Yearn, $9 - 3 Years, ��� $13  I    ,, , .   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Now to replace sdime of those worn out  deck-brushes- on our local boats, Dot,  Got'a bit of a shock tho other day when  Lily, came home with a clipping from a  rpoont issue of a Vancouver dally, given to  her by ap unnamed joker from tlio Garden  Bay district, and demanded to know If J  was leading a double life.'The news item,  < under thc heading of 'Cheque Fraud Leads  to Jail', was as follows: "John Dunlop, 3D,  of no fixed address, who admitted 20 con- (  vlctlons since 'i��j>i, was sentenced Wc<I. '  nrtsdny to four years In prison for cashing  $375 in worthless cheques, Ho pleaded gull-  ty lo five count,. of false pretences," Honestly, Mort, It wcrpn't mo,  rt���~ Santa-. Clous-paid -nn-carly-vlflit-to��oitr*  Rgmont gals last wpek, Seems that Mrs,  Knty Phillips found a winning, ticket In  ft pnek of. cigarettes recently and tho tob<  acc6,,rc��mpnny's cash giveaway provhlcd  the wherewithal io, at least, purchaso nn-  other carton of smokes. You gotta think  hlg, K'aty, arid nox^ time you may hit tho  Jotkpot,  , And all this talk about cigarettes reminds mo of the,now,club called Clgarottos  Anonymoim, When you feci you've got to  smolto you call another member and ho  comes over and gets drunk with you,  Continuing the custom wo started Ifl. t  year, Lily and 1 havo donated our Christ,  mas fund lo the Crippled Children's Society where wo fool thai our smnll contrj/  bullon will bo used to greater ^yflnifagc,    I  " To"all our good" friends on tlio ��� Suns .Imf"  Coast and elsewhere may wo say, M12H11Y  CHRISTMAS tO ONE AND ALL,  YOUR PENINSULA CENTRE  FOR FURNITURE. APPLIANCES  Soles and Service  RICHTERS'S T.V. & RADIO LTD.  Sechelf, B.C. Phone 885-9777  Peninsula Plumbing LfdL  Phone 886-9533 Gibsons, B.C.  HEATING & SUPPLIES  FREE ESTIMATES  YOUR KEMTONE  SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT DEALER  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  Box 489 - Sechelt  Dealers for P.M. 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V<. > .'  ������ '-���-  - ���ji ������   -  u, y _..' _. j.        .,<��� na "^     -t _    A f        >    ^* m ' m      . ih     . .  ;(  relisipished for tatttiosi  mouse.  ���by Mourice Hemstreet  'Twasthe night befoire Christmas, when   ' v ���" '��   -    /   *^-��� _.#>*-���"��� ,^'- -, -   k  all through fhe house, not a creature    BISHOP George'Hills is often ��(cajlepfca��>  fyria. . ��     -.     -  was  square   dancing, f not   even   a        the father of thfe Anglicp)$jtytq^ .&> ^ There1' was   one ,Anglican   clergyman  British   Columbia���but   is ' a ��� f��t-seeb$,'" here' when he arrived: There^WerO 25, in  ii.-.-*-.-.>- u.^.j ,_:~ <.'<-i.j> <^>- ^ when he departed in i8��2<aiter  "His,Qffice.;Bii.hop Hitis returned  ,ri ��� , on Ms' retirement and' died  ��� Lsee- . - ferred to Bishop Hills for the. chiiVchj'V  $j?re i�� M��- <��� t  When out of t the night, there arose such   good piece of land" on Burrard Jnlet^b,-, fefaMa  a clatter, K     v cause he felt a great city oho <Jayt Would Jh^i/AMm*  .__.!___.____     At_    _���__.        T-^.     **nr\A      *_      T^ _i    ~m J        _.  __!.>_.___.___.     1.-J!  I sprang -to the window to see what was the    rise" there."iii "l894~in England, "where ,bS %t4/M0M^f^^<f>'  was now Bishop of Norwich, Sheepshahka M^P^S^M),  matter, _.,_.���_ ������,. *,.���������;, ���.. *.���������.���, ww^���ww^  Into the yard six cars had pulled up,       a7kV"Bishop"ffil�� \^C^ee^e^^'W^J��0MWi��H  Square  dancers   jumped. out  dressed   in   land. The ired-faced Bishop Hills hlushiflgi  night clothes from  the night caps on   ly admitted that the land was now indeed  their heads to the slippery on their     - ���"-- *----*��� -* L -'-��� --** *--J -*-*--*  i i  < - *  toes,  1 knew right away what was in store,  To the basement square room I went,  The PA system turned on,     y--  A hoedown I had going,  When into the room they stormed,  Their sets they did form and square danced  till early morn.  Then away they did go,  With a ho, ho, ho,  For their idiots badges they had earned.  As ior me, I was tired and headed for bed,  To dream of St. Nicholas but he wouldn't  enter hy head,  With   all   those   square   dance   calls   still  * buzzing around,  Idiots indeed, those'"badges well named,  value. But Bishop Hills years before^had -  let it go for taxes.' \ ��,l <  Bishop Hills was born at Egthorne^ ne^r-  Dov��r, in 1816. He was ordained^in/. 840^  and )vas for 11 years  vicar of,/dfea.er ,  Yarmouth.   He . was   consecrated   Bishop. \ j  of Columbia in 1859 and came to "Victoria  in I860. He walked from Esquimaltito Victoria in knee-deep n>ud ob, his arrival 'and "  moved into a small wooden house*. "The. e_.  was also a small wooden church awaiting,'  erected by the; Hudson's  Bay Coihpany.  Bishop   Hills   obtained   help   in. England  where the Baroness Burdett-Coutts' had a  quantity of corrugated iron shipped out to  erect a new and larger structure which 'he-  came known  as  the  "iron" church*.", "��$e  Wa^fmy last thought as dreamland came.    bulft A ^rli, &chooV iM tHen a-beautiful  *    *    * cathedral, but it burned. He built another,  Sechelt Jr. Squares topped off the last    the  forerunner  of  the   present  beautiful  s*#*  square dance of the first half of the season  with a Christmas party which was a real  whopper of a success. A thank you goes out  to Mrs Terry Rodway and Mrs. Chuck  Rodway for sending up cookies and cake  The kids and I were very proud to have  Mr. and Mrs John DeKleer as guest parents for the evening and it is hoped that  more will turn out to% the final square  dance in late spring.  Last Saturday night members of Sechelt  Promenaders joined Gibsons Squarenaders  at Hopkins Hall for their Christmas square  dance party and with over three sets present another terrific night in square dance  activities, has passed by.  Gibsons Squarenaders Club presented  its caller. Hairy Robertson, with a beautiful white square dance shirt which rendered him speechless His taw, Deanna, received a beautiful potted plant in full  bloom, which goes to prove that square  dancing is not only fun, but the friends  you meet and make are real without a  doubt  Well, with the finish of this half of the  square dance season, and on behalf of my  family Peg, Peter. Alan, Sandra. Ann.  Tony and the Sechelt Promenaders we  w ish all square dancers wherever they may  be a very Merry Christmas.  Wdson Creek  <n. ~ .t ._  ''iiii.-ii.i-.il  fe -^yM^belWdgmicin  THREE pre-Christmas visitors to Dorothy  Erickson and other relativesiVhere were  Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jackson from Nanaimo and Mr. and Mrs, fteg Jackson from  Vancouver. Mrs. Charlotte Jackson entertained the visitors for lunch, later a hot  buffet supper was taken over to Dorothy  Erickson, which was enjoyed by jail.  EDUCATIONAL   FACILITIES ^  The smell of Christmas goodies filled  the air at the Davis Bay school last Wednesday. where a hot dog sole was held.  Popcorn,,,} cakes and candy were also "sdld  by the Sfchool children who enjoyed the  excitement of the season.   ,'  Money was raised to establish educa-  tional facilities in less "favored areas* Possibilities; Construction of, teacher training  facilities In an undeveloped country and  mobile teaching units, That'is "School oft  Wheels".  CUBS AND SCOUT  NEWS  At the Tuesday meeting of Cubs, Constable George Humphreys of Sechelt gave  a talk on safety. Some of the, safety advice given were: ;  l��� Use the crosswalks,  2. Do not hitch on to a moving vehicle  with your bicycle,  3. Know your bicycle signals,  4. Do not run after �� bail when it Is  going across the road.  Danny Uathbono from WUrton , Crook  has earned |ils Black Star,  IN  HOSPITAL *'.'  A patient at tho St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, is Mrs,. Weaver from .Wilson  Creek. The best of,recovery,        ,        ���-������������  ��� ������������������'��� ������'"������' ���    ������ ��� ''-I"','    :  Sechelt Hydro-branch  Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria.  When be wasn't preaching to the Indians or living among them,.he .built other  new churches in outlaying areas of Vic-  Bishop George Hills  ns  home of  ine wines  A.  ,r^~��  ��� -* _o>\ ._; �����:  i 'i i  annua) festive event  SEOHEI.T B.C, Hydro and Power Authority held Us annual employee children's  ChrlfUmns party on Saturday, Dec. io nt  HI. Hilda'* Hall.  Tho party Hot off to a good fitart by  having .even professional,young entertain-,���  urn from Vnncouvor perform for tho grotip.  They wore undor tho direction and accompanied on tho piano by Geneva Calangln,  who Is Uio sister, of IMen filncl.lr, Secholt  employee, Tho program, omeeedl by Mr.  V, li, Normlnton, connlHted of a variety ot  .ongfl and dancts" performed by tho three  Webb Sinters, Pam and Kenny Hurtnlk,  Dlnnno S. iRcty nnd Valerie Ranton, Tho 45-  -minute-proHrnm-wau-Ihoroughly:. enjoyed...,���  nnd appreciated by ��H. ; ,  ���'. '..Tjvo.comedy.fllmn were i��hown..>iftcr the  variety  .how,  followed  by  little  Johnny  llrnncn who played a couplo of Christmas  .tunes on his accordion. Carol Hinging wns  .load by Krle Honsch who also Hnng "Joy  "lo "Iho World" nn n hoIo. '  Tho highlight of the afternoon for tho  children was tho nrrlvnl of Santa Clnus  who prosonted .them nil with n gift, candy  and ornnfies. .   , ���     L  Utile Jimmie Smith won the huge Pan-  dn thnt was given nn n ��lmw prb.e npd  Dick nrnnon, Hill Ullllngnloy and Tors  Mnr.nns won ihCotUbr throe drnw prizes,  In nttondnijco vvor<o 2H adults and. 22 child-  "'ton. RafffilWiwcniSnwrrifltffr-servcd-flnd**  Anotlior wr)Ttdnrful~*party*tnmc-<o -*��n-rndr���  fi*m. .    n*��.f .....��� .��� i   !���.'��� .  '������ �����   -i       4��*,i-l    F I*-  K  -T     T      *,  1  I'  -  -+^*, \^  )  ' t  r-  (  \  i  ,^r  ,~   \  t  i  I J  ***  4&  r&  **7  "(V  W*Wr*.  f  i'i'    .    v  GOVERNMENT INSPECTED TOM  II-1 5  20 POUNDS AND UP  SHOP-EASY  Have The Finest ,   GRADE  Li!.  ^r  S TO 16 POUNDS  HE^S.___GKADg;  rULLY COOKED  r.C<!. B     /   ^  Whole or  Shank End.  EASY TO CAKVE  M  Fully Cooked.  Cry-O-Vac Pieces  Jb.  , t.# t i * t * t * ��� + i *  Sliced Side Bacon _ ,mc GarlicRiiMP:���"--i*lM  sausage  *W Ducks  Gfferde  A-^J^  inner Hams B.���e.e�� _ ,b 1,29 Roasting Chickens ~ >�� %9  HUNTS  14 oz. tins  >C3.i  mJ -fnj  12 oz. tins.  OCEAN  \SPltAY|_v i  ,: Whole-or-  ~y..u!j' Ji' \ Vi/t't'iflJ'     hi*1-' iAA;  CLARK'S FANCY,  48, ox." fihs _,���'.-,>.  ��    Merry Christmas and A Happy Centennial |  !$       Yettf fd one and ��irfroiitoW of us of g  'O' ���'��..,���,       ,*-.--������   ��� {  ,  '    \ **L  ty"'A-'   '":':���   SHOPMSY,  j 1  ,-p,.  pOUG-  J0E  Jt^Hr\'i   i  ,.   . ,,.,.,.,  Q<  4^r  ->r:^ry,,-  DICKCLAYTON  ������.^���������:*i&?A.A':A-  T��OM  'AS  fAts. r.  CLAYTON  P*'H  /P  i#  o  ^  U|^m*=MM��9��Wm^l|IK!W1^!iA$tWl4l|Jt^Wlf^  ^*(<*����!h-*a tinAxii ��� I  ^a^raW^IrfHftlUBBltAHK^iV'W I ��!i*lSSlffl(l����rflilai*��*l*t%i  H .tkSriiWW.MlttW (MwstiAiWte n��l* t- (idwh^*. _tt**i|S^'���tiw..M!^)** Wert ��,aea ��.*��  p'4J  1.11%$C^'  FROZEN FOODS  GARDEMMTE STOAWBERftffi _: 2 *~ W   4^  ��UM*V"^>fW  Wjjjm l**��� V^imt im ��W��>w��iWta ��"  X.  MUST  CHRISTMAS  V  FANCY PEAS ^ ^  Plllllt r BO Danquot, 20 oxi ....^,:.���  EMPEROR GRAPES  #*4*ft*����|tf<lM* *���*��������� *****�����*��*���������*������  anrBBly  Box  *v,  (.-,1   (vlj, ��^t   .,  ���f^y-  DE9SERT WINES  Vllln Croam Shorry  Vllln Modlum Dry Shorry  Villa Cream Port*  vma Rich Port -  Villa Whllo Port.  FnulTJ/VINES  villa Dorr, "cup7  Vllln Dorry Qlond'  v._Uip  TABLE WINES  Villa Rqd TnhTo Wlno   ,.  Vllln Cinrot  ���Villa White TotolB Wlno-  VIHq Qautorooo �������   -  VIIK.atlltf.086  ALL-PURP03E WINES  Villa Rod Dry  viiin Rimy nod  (Mocllum Qwoot)  Vllln Mollow Whlto  (ModlumSwoot)    ....v.  PRICES IPFRCTlYBt THUR,! PRI._ SAT., DEC, 2fcV_U| - 24  V?^"J  l^'W?  &:����  i^?**^?|!  '���*^  -"Tltfrncfwirilpfimonnrnflfputoiisnofl ,,.,,  .... .,.,   -Controt-fJoBTd,'or't��y~tno^ov9rnm��nt--ol-Brltli|v-<3olMmbl��i"w'  vtl'Wttia liquor  SHOPPING HOURS: THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 9j00 to 9t00 |>,m,  SATURDAY.  DECEMBER 24 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. .  ill^lltatii  (l   fe^HrSn   *   **!**1*)*  1 ithtMiMtrt HWWItR'iWtt 44 # "r'p** _*�����)  >��� 1  -s*  I"  r 1*  '-,1  if  1)  "I*  !;  i  4  ft  ('Ml  il  ri  ^L.  .  .  V  pur Gift to Tou  Nothing But The Best  Entertainment at  THE TWILIGH?  Gibsons.  B.C. - 886-2827  THEY UVE FROM SPINOUT TO CRACK UP !f  ^AVALON  warn  FUHICELLO  Wednesday 21, Thursday 22, Friday 23 at 8 p.m.  Also Special Matinees 2 to 6 p.m.  Friday-Saturday 23 and 24 with  "JACK THE GIANT KILLER"  awroagtaW  CQLOH bi[ Qeliixs     .;  ^ ONITEQ ARTBTS  Mon. 26 - ^Tues. 27  ��� ������'     Wcfd.'2^'/-'"'  Evenings at 8 p.m. .  Thur. 29  Fri. 30  Sat. 31  MonT^an. 2  MATINEES:  ,  Fri .-Sat.  30- 31  at 1:30 p.m.  75c - 50c - 35c  -4 1- 1  Ttoiiy Curtis ��� 3%%���k\\jmmm  BLAKE <(  EDWARDS'  Tii��6f?iifliiMM  REMEMBER SHOPPERS  this year you can park the kiddies at the TWILIGHT Theatre  while you shop at the SUNNYCREST PLAZA, Between 2 and  6 p.m. Cost 35c for 4 hours and  a Show Not Bad.  Friday & Saturday, Dec. 23, 24  I  Fins and Tads  ���By Tom Portei  LOOKING over the past year, many  events took place in, around and dealing, with the outdoors, so this week the first  annual Fins and Tails' awards are to be  made. The categoric .may not be orthodox but I hope you will find a reason  for each one.  Most disastrous blunder of the year���  I'm afraid the Hon. Ray Williston, minister  of lands and forests walks off with this  award for his mishandling of the Stellako  Log Drive. Minister of Recreation and  Conservation Ken Kiernan, lost oaX on a  re-count for bis Strathcona Park "sellout."  Tough luck, Ken, but judging by past performances you should be right in the. thick  of things next year. /  Most unexpected and pleasing event of  the year���The tremendous run of coho and  spring salmon on the Pacific coast and the  Peninsula^ in-particular. This was the best  run in years and very few persons will  deny that restrictions of "herring "seining  in the Gulf vf&s not a definite contributing  factor.  Most wasteful and childish group of the  year���The group of divers that held a convention, dive-in, or whatever you wish to  call it, at the Jolly Rodger "Inn. Hundreds  o, pounds ctf large Ling Cod were taken  out of jSe .ret Cove, by these chaps and left  ori the wharf. The fish that were left could  have ari ...should "have been given to anyone oi the many missions in Vancouver or  r|ght here on fte Peninsula fpr that matter-   -v.'': "���.���";'  Keenest ^ fisBerman ,-.^v..((the.viiwrsTto;.  award will' have to be snared Ms* year  between Kenny Nelson and Chuck Ayers.  These two were the ones who hooked a 25-  lb. spring-in Porpoise-Bay one evening last  summer. Eight hours later at four in the  morning they finally landed it. Runner-up  in the balloting was Chuck Jones. He was  out mooching in Bargain Harbour during a  thiihder, lightning, hail and snow stqrm  this winter. I know because I was about  50 feet from him. (P.S. We hooked a  spring too).  Most unsportsmanlike sportsman of the  year���Much to my personal dislike, I have  to make this a Multiple award. It goes to  all you so-called sportsmen who: Take ahd  keep- undersized grilse; go over your  limits; leave dead or wounded game* in  the. bush; refuse to give a fellow <angler  a break when he is playing a fisiH&by getting out of his way; misuse rental boats  and equipment; "forget" to drop a buck  in the honor box when taking your herring;  and all those who try to make the outdoors  miserable for the rest of us. I hope that  next year will find your number reduced  in size. -  Most   sportsmanlike   sportsman   Of   the  year���Again this is a multiple award but  I am very pleased to say*"on the plus side.  It goes to all you sportsmen who do not  do the items mentioned in-the previous  award ahd who enjoy and respect the outdoors. To this majority of persons I offer  my congratulations.  Best Fishing tip of the yeai^���This award  goes. to. Harold Nelson who passed this tip  along while he was accepting the Sechelt  Rod & Gun fishing trophy. "The main  thing is "to have a line in the water."  Worst fishing tip of the year���This  award-goes to that "nice old gentleman"  up at Secret Cove Who told me that if I  spat on-my herring the dogfish would stay  away. I took 13 that day���Thanks buddy.  Well, those are the awards for this  year. I would like to take a few lines now  to extend sincere wishes for a very Merry  Christmas to all readers of Fins and Tails.  Keep that line in the water, take it easy  on4he-turkey and I'll see you next week.  r  ���4"  ���A*,  <*  >***_4  ^j  i  n*  ^^HrVf.Wf  f*"1* .'^'^WPV'*?*!  A I    s~m* ��� I Page B-6       Sechelt Peninsula Times  Around Gibsons   y.����i^.*����*��so*��.-  *��  J  *  _R  r  r  *  ST. MARY'S Roman Catholic Sunday  School Christmas party held on December 17th in Gibsons Elementary School Activity Room was convened by CCD and  CWL this year.  Each Sunday School class presented a  program of entertainment in the form of a  play or carol singing, individual performers were Ray, Valerie, Patricia, Lorraine  and Teresa Johnson who played a combination of piano solos, duets and even a  trio. These young pianists are the Children  of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson. Sharon  Fromager also played a piano solo and  Teresa Labonte played an accordion solo.  Mrs. J. C. Gilker was accompanist for  the carol singing.  Gibsons Fire Protection District has  finally  received letters patent signed  by  tifial Lieutenant Governor. It is believed  that MLA Isabel Dawson was instrumental  in expediting official" procedure after the  matter bad been brought to her attention.  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bill  McGivern oh the birth of a son, a brother  for Shannon.  '������Mr, and Mrs. Doug Andrews are happy  over the arrival of their daughter, a sister for David and James.  Sorry to hear Mrs. Bertin L. Broughton  has been in hospital.  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  MONDAY ^ THURSDAY  1678 MARINE DRIVE- GIBSONS  Phone 886-9843  ����l!t?��t!������W#?W��lf^^  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brookman  Profili  If   everyone took  tranquilizers,  need them?  who'd  .A  ���by Mary Tinkley  ON DECEMBER 23, Mrs. Louisa Brook-  man of Daws Bay will celebrate her  82nd birthday. Born iri Dublin, she moved  to Liverpool with her family at an early  age.  Mr. Charles Brookman, -also 82 yeajrs  old, was born in Liverpool and emigrated  to Canada in 1903. > He>farmed-for a time  in Ontario and by 1907 he was prospecting  for gold in the Yukon. While living in a  atent in Whitehorse,.he had the poet Robert  Service fpr his next door neighbor. On one  last summer, including a 12-rpounder: He  is in great demand at Legion, and OAPO  socials^ for his fine recitations. His clear  diction* his expressive voice and easy gestures still bear witness to his association  with some of the theatre's great masters.  Wouldn't it be nice if every struggle  for world supremacy could be settled by  winning four ball games out of seven?  Give yourself the wettest,  nibst welcome,  most wonderful gift of all...  Til';..where the Christmas fun is.  The new TV  sets will offer ultrahigh    occasion, he took to his heals carrying a  frequency, especially in the payments. Piece of moosemeat and  with  Indian ar-  . ""������ ������"    rows   speeding   after   him.   The   episode  arose  because of,,the  Indians'  impression  that their meat was being stolen.  Charlie explains that he had taken an  old chief and his squaw down the Yukon  River to their encampment at > Little Salmon and in return had been promised some  meat. The young,chief who handed, over  the meat ^apparently did not understand the"  terms of the contrajcferfcnd wanted to charge  a dollar a pound1 for it. However, Mr.  Brookman. survived to join the merchant  navy and to sail twice around the world  .,. - in a full-masted barque, The Crownv of  India!  He recalls that they sailed for 99 days  on one trip withoiit-sighting another ship.  Once, after experiencing heavy seas, rounding. Cape Horn, saltwater got into some  of their fresh water and each man's ration  was-cut-from the usual two quarts a day to  one quart. This ration had to serve for  -���'������������ drinking, cooking and washing;.  JOLLY ROGER INN  THE JOLLY ROGER INN  has opened the REEF  ROOM for the festive  season.  We are accepting bookings  for December parties; overnight accommodation available with Dining Room and  Lounge.  Phone 865-9998  SECRET COVE, B.C.  ndtmad  iu  reeunad  TO ALL OUR FRIENDS FROM  St. Mary's Auxiliary  Mrs. Mary Redman and  Mrs. Prtscillo Frost  Mrs. Colin Wingrave and daughters  Mr. and Mrs. Louis Benner  . Orv and Eve Moscrip  Jack and Lee Redman  Howard and Eleanor Carter  Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Youngson  Billie Steele and Julie ,  Eric and Bonnie Paetkou  and family  Mr. and Mrs. Tom BIigh  Walter and Irene Burtnik  CI iff and Peggy Connor and Mary .  Alan and Rosa Swan and family  Phil and Elsie Nicholson  and Heather  5onny and Audrey Benner and boys  Bill and Wilma Thompson  / and family  Mrs. Zilphia McCrea  Mr. arid Mrs. G. Salahub  Harry and Gladys Batchelor  Vern and Ann Richter  .Gordon and Maureen Hall  and girls  Bill and Margaret De Hart  and family  Mr. and Mrs. Syd Patrick, Sandspit  Sam and Ada Dawe  Leo and Elsie Johnson and family  Dick and Vono Clayton and family  ,.      ' o  Bill and Beaulah Lawson and family  Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cox  Jack and Marg Morgan Red/ooffs  Gunnar, Phoebe and Sandra Hansen  In lieu of Christmas Cards a donation has been sent to the  Sechelt Auxiliary ot St. Mary's Hospital Memorial Fund.  Hi* �� **S,i(ii tJt^i^m-^"*i^*iM��^WW^ ** 044*4 *.**��*. l^UfeU. *  Tfch mhm\hm*tA li M pt*ill��M4 er HW��Tf* & Om M<|Wf Cent. . PMfd or t? th* Covunw. nt Mm tamtl*  By 1915, Mr, Brookman was in- Belgium  serving with the Canadian "Army. Aften  being wounded, he was transferred to the  Canadian 2nd Division Concert Party,,  where, he; worked under such accomplished  actors as Seymour Hicks and Leslie Hon-  son. With this ;uhit, he entertained the  troops in London, Paris, San Francisco and  New. York. i ���'"' ��� ''*���-  While pn lpave in England, he married  his old friend and neighbor, and returned  to Capada with his bride in idl8. The next  15 years he spent working as car inspector  for,,the CNR and as a- s^fyool janitor.,. In  Burnaby, the Brookman's had for neighbors Laurence and Alice Davis who owiied  the property extending from Mission Pcilhl,  to the ScJma Hotel, and l.t was because of  this contact that thoy .started coming to  Davis Bay In lfli?0,  The Second World Wa^ took from thorn  tholr only child, Stanley, a fihe, premising  young man, Selrvlng with tho Royal Canadian Navy, ho' wont down with his ship,  tho St. Croix, during Uio battle of tho  Atlantic; Mr. and Mrs, Brookman' both  have been active, ,momb'ers of tho Legion  for many years, Charles Brookman la ofto  of tho lw surviving charter, member, of  Branch 83 (Burnaby) nnd Mrs, Brookman  was president of tho Burrinby -Branch LA  for four yearn. Since near accident a few  years ngo, hor sight is .(iffcc.cd and she  is not able to get around very woll.  Mr. Brookman Is-an ardent fisherman  �� and* sj>cnd8��much-of-hls-tlmoMdurlng-tho'.  'summer months, fishing from  tho  Davis  Bay \tflmt, lie landed1' eight nlco salmon  Telephone  jiWf'JtlW'WU tP Vi#Wl**M *  fa *sW**lwi*M**t* w  SPEClAl NOTICE SECHELT THEATRE  close Chnstm^!EveZin^ 'YeSaFs rEve.' Howeverr we JK  vile you to enjoy a top selection of Holiday Movies at Your  Theatre On Thfc Waterfront;  Friday, Saturday, Monday, Docombor 23. 24 and 26  THE BR^SS BOTTI.E  Tony Randall, Bi.rl lvesf BarbarqEdon ,  ��� road^t6-h6n^  - - ��� r Bol? Hope����� 0inq Crosby��Joan pollln��"- * ��..���-��,.  Cqrtoon-Technicolor v     " "."        Oiitll^pp p.m^,  Friday,,Saturday, Monday, December 30, 31 and January 2  IN HARM'S WAY  Cartoon    , i , ���... John Wayne, Kirk bouglas Out 10;40 p.m.  m  ���l4ii%u4>-4*mm  our  M        1 t    T!~ ' ' ^^^^ ^^^^1 ^^^^ ^^^M ^p^m ^p^WB ^^^m. 1^^^ ^^^ ^^^ M^^m\ i.P^^ PH^^ ^^^^ ^^^MJ M^^^ M^MMi P^^P^ MMmMi   jMMMMl MM^^ ^^^ ^^^B  I  1  1:  a  i  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  *��� Mm;" MmJL VJLm/ m  POLICE.  zAMBULANCE.  DOCTORjl^���  DOCTOR^ 3.  {-poisonreoNTRObz  I  i i>fitm*itiHfl^iiM t ��tB?M,-.1  _  (^j#_*��^WH��'H^''Hw|  *iiftiB��Me_iwiis*iMWI|M(Wl �����  OTHERj.  Having the telephone'number of tho  police, firo department or a elector at your  fingertips could mean the difference bo*  ^tWeenllfoor death for one'of your family-  or friends over the Christmas holidays.  ��� ��� _  Telephone traffic Is so heavy at thb t|mo  of year, and especially on Christmas day,  It Is often difficult to got an operator  quickly. As a result It may bo necossary '  to find and dial an emergency telephone  ''"'''"'numboFyoufsQ ff. ���'" "~  To assist yotj, B.'c.'Tol has prepared this  emergency telephone list., Most of tho  numbers can bo found Inside the front  cover of your telephone directory. Tho  others can bo obtained from tho whlto  pages of from your Information operator,  ���To^onsaro^yo^od^ls^tTiny'or^ai'goncy���  number quickly throughout thov"l*ostlvo  season, clip this coupon, fill It In, koop It  near tho tolcphono, and dial tho number  jtljtold save your ilfol "  ,,w*  i &am  ,��S*j  WMMM^MmMMmMmMmMM^  cup wis coupon, nu it in and, kwp it mm Tim telephone.  ^.^^.10^^44^*^^  iWTpnttWprtH|^,p^r  htRM-lk^L.  <H  'ti   ' i  Fv?  ft ^J1*  >i>  11  ���sr  , ^ ^��, t *.,. .,.  ll "|p,.iV  *.*-!'.\  ���� ,      ,44,     ��444,     *,..*,  ���4   _._.��!_   4'4444444.   4   '     , 0  .4 . .  I    }\4,4    4  . ��.��.��.  < r} r t i  ,,<ml*  ��' a n   �� * *


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