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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Sep 8, 1965

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 fl(iSi$jfcl5  ^lA^Ah*  j*  Scholarship awards,  -. Nashf presented the first^schol^r-  kv    flu-    fi<x/��Vi**flt' r!_ftm1i/->   fU/ftrt-*oi--i'c  Se&eM.tfyy  have1:^^:4lfficttlt,,^tinc_l  ^w��te ;p^* Cr^J^ of,Holy Family Parish' who receive 7Ho^r^iru^;P^kTgra^ating;  4hei��fb^"deci^^^-ahead   ^ W*V Gibsons, a      ^;   ^ - f^st���Q_asshonors.,  r    ,     - *"*-"-*   ' - frPP1 ^Elphins$tfne,LSecondary,  _nd.eogage the services of an      temporary mtanbMup *&>*��' ~ 711- '71   ��, ~���-Tr"-*     -^pol���Mfh-����* cl^)^tmqrs.|V  >  engineer for this work    ������    * -���*"-i-' '�����������-**���*=---  lcJ,%^cL.^-_,J.*l'�� ."^M ��y ^i?   *  '��_! _^  **. 13  -mittee-  e' comprises: s&^fevfan* *_Bi_�� Kha/*nmivTnv ^  cmaii&��N^'SjHMm}m%" ��nd .s.7.-ci-qfHni./ tsccito. -.--i:;^; ,^��,?-**^Y- ���y!*Pq��y, * * 1  "   " '"^���' '* "-**it*Sn*f R7.Taylor,   ^HK'^a^^vr^"AT,T"'^T * "^    ^  move^.'iMtworK^r^eiiceas, WrigHt, . .4   .  soon a7 possible on the realign*   ^onsj ^Connorsand,, A.; JUith*,  meut_ofrAWw Road, this ;wputd * .er/prd/ .; .Bjtffmoon* ^Ba'y;  HE,:  -US��  Recipients o�� taeHirst&iichc**- "* -  7**l7-  ,7 7 larships^to" be iffeseittedTwetV*   "-  1 -"-A !, -���  , Marilyfi^Boser^^aughtfer^oi^Mr.-?"���  -   -   ���*-       \ ,and Mf^ Geoi^e^Boseia'of tJib-f  sdmA:ijd;::o^^Aj<morc:  1 -  11 v  Much -Rts&ess ��jr lost In^e, time,  <J|b?oi��r jocea ^n^-toy lack of " dies d  faeffltie? jn<the;ba%ur, niim- ��� imately $50tfor students. Te*m$ ; tentative ^nprovalr^tJast meeting of council, ofi Sechelt. 7ing profession^  . ��fous. eraft,>^ ^t^jrn^l ^d ���; may, be' ajxanged^any Fete , * The'application * which, bad    -: r  left  when   It*-was- discovered*> insula*   B���v-    ^���1..    -1..���    ���-. _.i_^_*-L...-__.*i _i_ ��.������_ ���- '  ���Ife  7  ;r;  1' j li -  ���Bank. ^Yearly    dues    come before council.t^vo weeks  Carafe 1s~enterfnff her; third; ( , ,       a  thereto*  moved  a  letter  be ; chase a 57 acre property  at - d;Upn   Itf   vtokh' tte   Airline    ST uTJU tiStaS bWn  ./re-', Roberts Creek which is avail- - C-Wpany',could  be   permitted . ffi ��_ SJ SJSd S  ntove* , able at $7,000 or on a twelve * use; of the. government' dock   ^ZrA^S^S^JZ  sent-t<f. Jack'Davis, .Mp  questing   action   on   improve  mentsrto the Gibsons harbour. < year  lease -at $500  annually.  Application for a permit ,to   Additional   property   is   avall-  cqpstruct a boat house,'by Mrs,   -able on similar terms,* '  and providing the conditions  were -agreed to, no objection  would be raised by the department.  plans of .the, proposed float  and construction ��� will first be  required from Sechelt Air. Services---as -well a^' assurances  they will abide by the. requirements ��� of the4 EOT. ft 7 J  Following"' advice from the  Department" of'< Municipal   Af-  Village council . . .  Visit to Legistature  indicates expanse  '!.,.'   '���   ����� i7 ��� '. ��    {       �� 1   ��� >       '     ���' "    ,, I  fairs, Coun! Gordon'wccessful-  ACCOMPAN1ED by commlssiorters; Gordon, Swain and iy moved th^t^tho gaietted road  ; Benner/Sechelt Village Chairman Christine John- allowance through the ��� village  ston journeyed1 to yictoria ;last week and held discus- parksite at,tho end of Bouie-  sions .with Minister t of' Municipal Affairs Hon.1 Dan' vard street,, be abandbnedas 0'  CpmpheU and Deputy S.Baird,      , road In order t-hat the enUre  ' Tho-personal Visit to theJegi ,['. ' ~ ! . . *����a ^^W.TArt'ri,'  Mature  by  council Imombers,    West Sechelt would boa, wise .   .CounciUor JW S^o Ih, saidI he  pavod the way to ejcpansion of ' move at -this time and would    was still �� lttUc ^bious" about  apparently does not include pot  holes which it was thought  would have been filled prior to  flushcoating.  It was agreed < the company  be contacted by phone-if nothing, was heard from it the fol-   y '���'"' ������*** paae^lO,  the students at a surprise tea  party held in the Parish Hall, ;  last Sunday. Congratulating the  girls he expressed the wish that '  these  would   be  the' first  of ',  many.    * \Z    <        i  Caralee   and' Marilyn   each  made a little speech > of thanks.  The   scholarships,   they   said;  would prove extremely ' useful"  during the coming year..  -    ' <  Dr. Brock.Chisholm���  KZ  EX, Tfdiesstfr  -    ���       V ���.''.-.;'        ' '    1 v >-., ,��,  s nt iolie.ris CreeEi  ARE OUR ancestral pateerns obsolete? This will be the  subject of Dr. Brock Chishojm's address to be* given  !hTUUviUwicW"boS to tiio   the elo?urQ;>T��d ;��b^h��Qd from   in7Roberts CreeU Community Hall at 8:00 ��� p.m. on  at/thlsXc Is hoped to en*    whole* area. voting '(!   ;i: Thursday September 16:      ~ J   comnaas West Sechelt and ov-       At  mccUnc of council  last      sP,cNt  Lands  Ltd.   submit*       Dr. Chisholm, C.B.E.--M.C.-- United his post graduate studies  TJTZteetoxV WedneXy  iltow ng the . Vic    tc? a ^w&t * ����WyW�� * * ��� EiD��� M.D., is at preseht pro*'   in London, England,  TWs^lU bring the proposed   K^ visit'  Scl^tor  Berne   ^fl^  blo(* <>lW>l*#y, north    feasor of clinlbal psychiatry at.   , Dr. 1 Chisholm < has also writ^  coH^coS��o   SmprislcS ^Zit    Go^onLvTTZ^mbl   of-th*), ��5echclt., Elementary.    UBC and . has>eld, a , numbci; .ten, several- books ,inclu<��ngt  i bortdecded. to coun-   the- West Sechelt Water D-lst* \%�����^J^^Ll"*." ' ����  committees  and ' organisations;  atart- on <he ^project.1 *'  "-' SlOtY,*"  ,**,J  *��� *��*fc<* ��HlilHf  by.-U>e 'derk-'thiat this -would    Health from'1942-4a7member of "Lcarii <1��58)  Tho chairman told The Times  tuts would bo of,-considerable  A'-lmU-r mouon ���� ��c-.p. :*_*��_?S__7 __*_i"S  Coun. - Gordon  said  ho  felt  the Canadian '. Youth Council,  JM4-40, ��� deputy minister, of  health 1945-46, executive sccrc*.  tajry, of the interim,commission  oft the World Health Organisation 1040*48 and director-general  benefit to tho Wo��t Sechelt ar*    ed wltli Up council of the So* | TO*"v������� "JT ZoTZa  o��  In-tbatitwouldiobtalh vll*- chelt Indian* >Band to.discus.7 fd $&**.SfV^K *ij  Ma   fire   protection, .Hgl��|lng * with'tbcm, their views on ah*    L% ��k**W?   ��     ?  and road 51m  wm.,   sorbtlon' Into tlio, Village of Sc;    moved, tho, applicaUon ,be aP;  pajryi  and  tine, taxes .Apald to., chelt, >   ,   ���-,,..,������ ���;���.'���.,. I  ' tho yUtagc preseiith* flolhg 'to:'    Afebtber". factor   which   has;:  _hoitpl fproved.*,,The "motion..\yas, pas". ��� of 1 the Bame organization from  "     '   ���'     "UleK'hDk  ?'*^^^ ���   ���    .     *     , _ ,  ^eontraw,     7       ',   '   .  * Born (in OakviHe,. Ont��� edu-   Claua and. what children should"!  This should be a very Inter- j  csting lccUiro by a man whose '  outspoken views on a variety 1  of. subjects, havo been widely ';  published  in  the' past.   Many 1  people, will remember tho con* {  troversy caused, v(hpn, hft tfat,  cd his views regarding4 Santa  ell members, tho taking in of    flldc areas.  and con-   -his meeting,  AV*it��4��~j  - �� i  1 1  i' 1  7   '/^J  U'  *f**p ,  ���*��> w"W*t*i>*n(*- -i* i���VWrt-rt-, iv.    ��_,  7  * * ii      r  ?.?n$#^Ml  Page 2   ' Sechelr Peninsula Times     Wed., Seph 8, 1965  'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*  ? ���*  I'  ** _  y  v  REAL ESTATE  FOR SALE (Continued)  Telephone 885-9654  IEFS  vmmmmmmmmm*  A  ���   ���    Published Wednesdays by tbe  y Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd., at  _jr Sechelt, &C  PERSONAL (Continued)  M  s*-  VH  V  I  V  u  l/l  V  ,;  i1  to  A  #  > Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulation -  Classified Advertising Holes:' ���"  34ane AdBjriefs US words)    '  One Insertion i_^: _ L_.50c  Three insertions i.   Extra lines (5 words).  Bo* Numbers,,  2S - KVA   -automatic r_  Bormazt Diesel Power  y~ZJt}c JMounted, o��'rskids J�� as-new  JOc extra- JconditiotC   Tteplaceme-ht   cost  P.H. aiixUiaiy  plans busy fall  .*% .v  **i '���   "   via-*' ' "*  PENDEft Harb^u? Auxiliary-^ta J ��  -B��*f a"�����" ��-"'��7*"^ - -.  V'S'77' * ��J   r�� "_ '"^  * :*.'"*<* '"*,V''*- ���St; Mary*s* HospitairplanS a *"  ^mRTMeSl^xm,, BealiEstate  -.ScreenedGrovel T^^$\2,, busy, faU, .easoiL cominencinft'  *,��?* i?8^^^^^ v ���Top-Soil ~-i_-r-" $*0f ,with their,first regular,meejtog-* s  :��66.Res.   886-25W,-  fc-Jwons, .Road Material    " "   >*$5   ^-^h Witt bS heldwipJaAog?  "   '*"'.'    .   -<   * '   '   ,7889-tftr   ^ ��� A.torAK ^"vdC Wednesday, 'September V8 -. in A,  -Tf . .    r   ,   1 "'- T^   v      ' V*?~* *U' ydS<       '    . the Mescal^lic^tAIaCeirik:-  ��*&PTL0NAC^ __*�� l-H-.l^^"^''?  Linings    at    roqk    bottom      The auxiliary hopesT thatiitt7~  *  : prices , X      .   ^ ' who, are Interested m the-yrorte^  * leLlLtfr iV *U�� ^yp7lp?r*%ms7% ^4 s"  -oecneu      hospital will join as active <��F  associate members, t-    /   v>>*  There were no regular meet^r  lings held during the -months of   '  July and August butVMrs. Ruth  NeUrJ kindly offered .her house7  ���and garden for an informal ga*  "���*"'���y" .discuss the ..coming;   .  i  A\  1. ~  A -.  S3LGNS-  painted, ^lettmng  --vehicles~'a- specMty.   Dave        _....,-__.    ^ _._ ,  Pinney,   Gibsons. VPhone n 886-   $!.,750 for 80? ^ter frontage otf  9829*   ^      ' ^834-tfn,  pebble Jheac-u: Water,^.eiectri-  r ***-^ 17 *    city, telephone. Island property.'  MACHINERY ._��� __.�����:-���_.....     _��!..��B.S  .CWArXTvMcMYNN  "      REALTY  William Hdymorn  FASSEJtf^-away August^ 1963,'  <*���(  / '  'I  - Disptay- advertising   in   classified  Ad-8rief columns, 1.50 -per inch.  Caid ' of   Thanks,   -Errgapgements,  Deaths, Births; In Memoriam/Com-  Ing Events, Etc Per insertion (up to  40 words) $1.25; extra words, 3c  each. 25c Discount if-paid before  publication.  Lego! Malices:  17c per count line (5 words) first"  Insertion, 13c- per count fine subsequent insertions.  Subscription Rates:  10c per copy, 50c per month (by  carrier); $5.00 year, in advance.  Special Citizens $3 year.  Deadlines: Saturday 5 p.m.  "In the event of a typographical  error advertising goods or services  at a wrong price, goods or services  may not be sold and the difference  charged to the newspaper. Advertising is merely an offer to sell,  and  may be withdrawn at any  time."  Advertising is accepted on the condition that, in the event of typographical error, that portion of the  odvertising space occupied by the  erroneous item, together with reasonable allowance for signature, will  not be charged for, but the balance  of the advertisement will be paid  for 'at the applicable rate.  A composition charge is jnade for  advertising accepted and put into  production, but cancelled before  publication. Change from original  copy when proof is submitted to  customer is also chargeable "at an  hourly rate for the additional work  required.  f OR SALE  WORK WANTED     V/,   FOR Carpentry. New and'ifi-^PNE^Enterprise oil range, and ;  . 9874-38 ��� 7 For time and place- of -funeral- "Various reports were given at -  ' "��� service^ telephone .the- Harvey- the last ragutari mdnihly nieet-\  r  ' -funerrf Home)886-S5$l'-Gibsons,; ing, held in the Madeira Park^  ^"liCr.V*, ,**./     A.*���- : ���" Medical Clinic on June 9, *9$5��!  ';   �� "r'  ���w  pair work. Contact V.1 Mtt  eheU 885-9582. , 9784-tfn  EXPERIENCED' fainter,, ,in-J  ..terior-exterior.  ��� ?_ee*  '^ti-  mates. -J. Jarvis 886-2987.    '  9367-tfe  ROY'S  ��  one- Keraac oil 'and wood  range.. Also 10-18 Easthope engine.  Phone 883-2663. '" 9870-40.  ,ONE" Ashley coal and wood 7  Theater-automatic, $19. One ,  large Findley oU heater with  blower, $39, One small oil space  fceater, $39. (toe only 11 culnic  ft. fridge, $69. Richter's Radio  and TV. 885-97W, Sechelt, &.O.  , *   9847-tfri  Two issued  CARD OF THANKS  A CHINESE Smorgasbord Dinner   was  recently   given  by  the  Pender, Harbour Hotel to  honour   the   1964-1965". shuffleboard   players   who' won   the  , "Churchill Trophy" donated by  Col. E. S, Johnstone for shuffleboard   teams  in   the   area.  .The   many   different   Chinese  ;dinners   were   greatly   appreciated by thc Riggers Roosters..  Players  who  wish  to  express  many   thanks   to   the   owners,  cook and staff.  Riggers   Roosters.        9864-37  PERSONAL  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46  (SECHELT)  Organizations interested, in ea-  tering  for- a  dinner - involving  pome two hundred persons at  a gathering in Gibsons or Se-  chelt on the evening of Friday  September 24, 1965, are invited  to call  the , Secretary-Treasurer, School District No, 46 (Se*  cltelt)   at  886*2141, 9873-38  ROY BOLDERSON  Box 435 - Sechelt  885-9530 Evenings  Rototilling - Plowing  Grading - Rolling  Other Field and Garden Culti*  vation. Mowing - Larger lawns  and/or weed and brush areas.  (Assortment of six types and  sizes of machines)  Power Sweeping Parking  Area, Streets etc'  '   9826-tfn  HELP WANTED (Female)  PRACTICAL, nurses wanted.  , Apply with references to St.  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  9845-38  WANTED TO BUY  OLD opera  records 78 speed,  Victor,  Eddison,   Odcon etc.  Phone   885-9976  or   write   Mr.,  Gibb   Gibson,   Roberts   Creek  P.O. 9838-38  FOR RENT ^"^  I   ROOM   beach  cottage.  Suit  working man. East Porpoise  Bay,  Ph. 885-2289, 9859-39  BOATS & ENGINES  12 FT. sturdy plywood boat  with 5 , HP Seagull engine,  1 near,, new for -quick, sale  .$200.00; A.  J,', Hill 885-9704 or *  885*9473. ",. /       * 9995*38 '���  -���1       1 . _ .    _ ._ I   CARS and TRUCKS  1953  FORD  Consul.   Excellent;  running condition. Phone 885*,  9562. 9868*39  ,    2 NEW SUBDIVISIONS  WATERFRONT LOTS  Earfs Cove Subdivision -- adjacent to Earls Cove  ferry terminal on the Sunshine Coast Highway.  AIso^LARGE-VIEWLOTS-^  Madeira.Park Subdivision ��� overlooking  Pender  Harbour and Gulf ~~' 10% down ��� easy terms  on balance. Discount for cash.  FOR SALE BY OWNER  O, SLADEY���.Madeira Park. B.C.  Phono 083-2233 or phono North Vancouver  9054934  f  ��� >l A*.4   41 t~"9*  JAY BEE USED  FURNITURE  Phone 886-2346, Gibsons  '    Next to Ken's Parking  Beer bottles. We buy and -  sell everything *  *  '��� X     -   "-7.9991-tfn.  ONE , Frigidaire   frig . $35.00,  >   automatic defrost. Phone JS8^-,  28017 9869-38  ONE,   McClary fpdge. fw in  good shape. Phone 885-2888.   ; 9871*38,  GUNS-GUNS-GUNS .,,'  Everything for the  Hunter  at your hunting  headquarters.  WALT, NYGREN SALES  '���  "     'LTD,    ,*    "������  886-9303 - Gibsons, B.C.  '        9863-tfn I  COMPLETE, kitchen units  in* .  eluding electric stove, fridge,'  stainless steel sink with'drain  board and cupboards, $100. per  unit, Telephone Vancouver > CA  4-J854 or write JVG. McAuley,  4028 West 13th Ave., Vancou*  ver, 8. 9842-38  ACCESSORIES  Paint - Fibreglass .- Rope  Canvas - Boot Hqrdwqre  WALT NYGREN,SALES  Gibsons/B.C.  Phone 886-9303  , -   .'        7857-Un  tCommemorsiSive stamps ���  foi release this week     ���  THE- HONORABLJE Rene Treiriblay, Postmaster Gen-  -   eral, today released details of two new commemorative1 postage'stamps which will he issued by the Post  Office Department on September 8, 1965.  One stamp marks the cen  tennial of the selection orotta-  wd* a_ Canada's "capital. It  portrays the first Parliament  Buildiqgs which were completed in October 1965. The fourteen million copies of this large  stamp, designed by renowned  artist Gerald Trottier of Ottawa  are printed in brown.  . I PROMISE  NOTTOPLAf  WITH MATCHES  HEIP PBEVENT FOREST f Jgg0  ._ , -t_      r,���^*��W^1b-)^?^��^^^^>ifTlS  The other stamp honors the  September'meeting in Canada's  capital of. 75 member nations of >  the Iriter-parliamentary Union, '  a ;,world-wide organizdtion that '  . promotes personal, contacts between parliamentarians of all  nations and encourages the de-'  velopment of democratic institution^. The.meeting is scheduled from September N8 to 17.,  Sixteen,  million copies , of, this ,,  large   stamp , ��re. ��� printed   in  green. It is the design of Phi-  lips-Gutkin and Associates from  Winnipeg.  , The,way.tho traffic lanes are  Jammed, - ho who, he.tialcs," |s  .rammed,  ,   . '   , . '  Influence;   Rlght-of-wcigh.  , Sunshine Coast *.  Oospei Church ��;.  t ���r <W��^denominationol)-   A  Sunday School 10' a.m.  I      Church Service  11:15* am.'.,  t PASTOR REV. S. CA^ELUS  .Sebna Pork Community, Hall ,  ������ ��� ������-_... .        ������������������, 1  m^ jiMiiIi ������ 4!  St/JOHN'S  UNITED CHURCH  Wilson Creek, B.C.  Sunday Scbool---9:45 o.m,  "Divine Worship���11; 15 o,m.  , Ud by Miss H. E, Campbell  *    *  Except on 2nd Sunday each  month  Family Service���11:15 a.m.  Divine Service���3; 30,'p.m.  Led by Rov. W. M. Cameron  BETHEL BAPTIST  CHURCH  SECHELT  SERVICES  Sunday School ��� 10 a.m.  Church Scrvlc* ���11,15 a.m.  Proycc - WAdnetday JTtfO p.m.  .        'PASTOR,  '    REV, A. WILLIS  You oro Invited to ottend .,'  ony or each service.  .ONE bb Winch. Apply Frank  Jorgensen,  Half JWooij  Bay,  ��� 8BS-4480, .   ���,      ,���, ,;   0(^.38;;';  USED , TV   {J0.05: , ,U��cd, ��� Frig  $39,95;    Used    Auto    Wnaher  I $89,05; . Used ��� Oil! Stove - $59.95, ,  i Watch for* big -Used-Furniture'-.  3alp.:     Parker's ,   Hardware,  .���Sechelt; jj.c, Phone 885*2171.'   :   osao-tfn  CHICKENS,  50ctpach.   Bendy  for  freezer   (drc88cd)~$i,00.'  Phone 685*2Q48, P872-4Q  BUY and save on quantity���  Smoke fish and fresh local fish  only. Plant at James Wharf.  Sccholt. 885*9721. 78.1-tfn  Anglican Church  OF CANADA  Rcptor Rev. James II. PcrB����son. B.A., L,th,  Sunday, Scptcmbor 12, 1965 ,  ST. HILDA'S��� SECHELT  Morning Prayer���11:00 a,m.  EGMONT  Evensong���3:00 p.m.   ���  MADEIRA fVvRK ,  Evensong���-7:30 p.ml  ���   ��m*��"ii n*f- *,����  ^.i.iii  , /" <���'<  ��� I  I  AlZ'x ja.^.**-^-^*^* -5* ^^^^^-Jhf^^^^^^^l  ^r"  ���y"r** ���(-fj��.j-T***<��*-��.��-,(---' -    ��*~-v-*i -t  t^i^^lS^^SSSi  ^y. .���^������iy*-_��fti>^_i  IJ-fl-  Wed,; Sept. S, 1965 v.  Sechelf Peninsula Times  "���''   A V, '"4 ���  Souari  A***-?*' Si4S������wuW*s��*A%E������*4fc**S  ' ' t  7^?  i*  J ���'V''  Pflge 3    ed. phone?885-99*l' for' ittforina-'���  "���rrr*A ' tion o$ule%ner~fc&gses,' ,andin >;  *   '' *'    the "irieantime^ 'keep* in niind,7  " see, yw>&~^,S0&fa~rt#&eeA  '  -    - . ,*���������-,��,��---,.������ s<-7< *�����*�����* *7> . ��������-.��   v-*, , *    ��v    < - - ��          ' t    o�� oamroay mgut.   \      r^   ,    ���,������  -   k.       "Wif**iiiii��'i)-i <i-i ii ii        intpmmmm**���w^���������*-���-��*   ���*  'i  n'lm       iiu'   itn u ��,'*', ���.**"*���     '   ��   ������      "   * - >-* t,.   vt  , f vf i/.-''���������   ,.   ,;vV't    <      ���*y ,Mouricev- Hemstreet      ;;,   ,*   t-������ - ���. ,  ,-*,.;���.*.  * ' *"*' w  iroT*mAi__!'W_i"V*' V** *������' -SJ "*' ��* 'ii. * V*-"<  *. " '- -  *   BE"'**-* MP a ����n wfeb-is in / 7  - m^NEIfpBpBS, 3ian|i IseeLyou.at.the Play Day 01^.^^^ ^^r Wet****   -  Horseback; diL;&Hg729, 1965 afc-GabsoasvOB tfae Kara*  teew BancK. 'Well; if you,.were,there, you know what a ���  *_i*>--.-1.-J--l'(_--_-._.1      ._J_-w-^1 1_--*t  j**1 *_�� _!_."*_   "^l-"- j       _ ��� j*     ** ��i*i.*-f__    . ������  ti-enble lie^ll^rievfer forget ^yd��  *,,, * ^specially,the*,next"time'  he's ia.trouble. ' >    ''- 7V' ' "-.  -U^  ^- l *r      ,.  givei^sctti. avjqiiiclc.4nn3(^  To^st$rt^ witb;>pM-ss .'BeraJce'a "VUZA^l 7"7: 7"  Ramsey was the sole?iudge fork is ;3;vJery .lively ammaL  the ^iayr ��tad. ^W����g Ifean Vaicf / VI sti��>*ive bopes ^teacbibg  couver. not-knowing; the contest-v4ow eouples $quare dancing on *;  antsv or fbeir .mounts I^w��ul��l, bdttieback.^.'' * a A iA I V ���"*  sayltbereJiva_fl_"any^misiudg-7 *4" > KZ *' fZ-__.'��� -s.'��  t*..  Ume^a* Aave fo&nd -outsat, i^����l^%B^ -��  the buncb*f leather ^^a^,T^^^J,^B^'^^^ 4  -   ~      ryf ���   Stray Heron" -" ; < *���' ,-  CONFUSED young h^e-jon; who made" a forced-lahdiiigon1  -1 .,Sechelt*s mainl street last week,"soon found sanctum  ary in the arms of Ciarale^ Johnson who escorted him  back p toe waterfront. Caralee is studying at UBC and _  intends becoming an animal nutritionist, so perhaps the   me much eithw.  lanky youngster was really seeking advice.  they tie onto the horses7 back is  a" .saddleY, oh, #*#;-. tbcce*? -ajsot  a handy gimmickcalied a sad-  dler honi "which", like a radio in  a car, must be classed as an  extra because 1 have- seen" some  saddles   that r didn*<   have   a  born.(l'wohder -wdiat they blow  to .pass* another horse. A' '--*���<:���*  Anyway I ttdnk Miss Ramsey"'  did^ terrific^ job and' believe  me,, Jh? ..'..competition   was   so  great" that; I -don't know!, bow '  she -did it except tbat I believe  she used a point system where- -  by points :were givea-orrmark-,  ���ed as, to* haw, a horse ^was>  handled,  disobediences ��� of the  mounts,  and horsemanship is  general. Does this help you? I  must admit th$t it doesn't help -  |he>.foBowing week I- vritt have  sometbhtg to report on square  dancing, so "if y��m are interest-  NEfDtAiCAR?:  * - -^j*'*., ������' ,*  w mm  THY,    ,\, I:  , f;��<:nELi;8;c/7.7  Ph. 885-21" -, Ted ForeweU  At Gibsons  * ��� *  [doresi FOm Fesii^d  *    - '       \*     -       ,77 7^/7'";        7  mtniduees new eusicepfi  CURIOSITY, if nothing else should entire many people  -, to the McLaren Film FJestivaa^hich-featui^esvfilms,    .  produced without a camera and sound tracks iwade^tli- ��� -ame.u..  Quite   a   number   of   prizes  'went to the'Slalaspina  Guest"  fianeh at Pender Harbowy but.  watch out fellows, -tbe Sunny-  Crest Caddie Club, is practic- -  ing too.        -_ .  ��� i.   t  t' Tommy Stenner and bis  courageous mmmt Friday were,  witluHit �����- doubt, * tbe^ stars o��  . the, dayvTommy, by the wayF'is  tbe Sunny Crest Saddle, Club  ' Mascot aod he reaBy.bas. abig.  job to take care, of and he is  - right in there helping all the  out sound waves.  ,     Some of tbe techniques ad-  , opted by Norman McJUuren,in- ���  elude painting raw fUm without  v regard to individual frames  ' and  creating  animated, sound  by drawing directly 1' on ithe  , sound track or photographing  marked cards covering six dc-  taves.  Norman  McLaren  is  hailed  by the French as a master of  both the abstract and animated  . film. He himself says, Ml hope  1 am on thc way to bridging the  gap   between   painting   proper  and the animated film/'  '  Presented at the festival, to  be held in Gibsons Elementary  School September 31 and 22 .it  8:00 p.m.- \vill be.films wtych  have won the Hollywood Acadc-  ��� my   Oscar,- British   Academy  Jlwardf the Palme d'or at Con*  ncs and first prizes at thc Ven-  icp Film Festival. ���   ���  Advertising   thp   event   are  , posters on display throughout  tho school district, painted by  art students ot Elphinstone Sec*  ��� ondary School, Six of Uicso arc  , prize winning paintings and  awards will bo presented after  tho i|rst evening's show, by  the    Vancouver    International  _ Film, Festival to tho following  'students: First, Brian Anderson  who receives $25.00.  Honorable    mention-��� K r I c a  , Hall, P o t o ' Wayment, Julie  Steele, Doug Carmichaol (|nd  Pan .Gory- who will. each .re  ceive lour tickets to a Vancouver Film .Festival .production.  Tbe winning ^poster together  with Mr., McLaren's inajor film  awards, .will, be onvdisplay, at  the Royal, Bank ��f (Canada,  Sunnycrest,Plaza, Gibson?,  from   September  10 - .until  the  I.was raised on a small farm,  myself, tue had a eouple-ef bor-v  ses, a, few cows, oinkers, and  chickens,, dogs, oats, *oh;'yes,  and' a billy goat- tKbo.-had,ihe  quaint habit (of knocking, me  "down and' laughing about it  Welljbe gqt hisl I gave, himJ to  a nanny goat.- v* .    v ���    , ���  Getting back to lhe Playday  festival  ir>t~^t..��L�� tu��. ��i������ ��-j '�����     o1* Horseb&ck, they are getting.  Introducing the films, and ex*    M,A, _ft���w J^^ _i��� M��� ^^_~?  plaining the techniques used by.  Norman McLaren will be Marguerite Roozeboom who was  born in Vancouver and has  studied at the Vancouver School  of Art and the Lo_ Angeles Art  Centre School, Mrs. Roozeboom  hos been art director for over  140 documentary films including four international award  winners.  Tickets, $1,00 for one night  ond $1,50 for two nights, can  be obtained from both Pcndar '  Harbour and Elphinstone Sec  ondary schools, .The SechHt  Peninsula Times" office, the  school board offloc and other  locations will be arranged.  Those registering ��� for tho  film discussion series which  will be held In Sechelt,' commencing September 10 will 'rc��  eelve a free ticket- to tho festi-  val, further Information may  be obtained'by contacting My,  H. J. fiarendregt at B85-957S.  better each year and my grandmother always . insisted that  something worth: .doing was  worth doing well, so bear' in  mind that-practice makes perfect.  Before I go on to square  dance news I would like to  mention that William Peter's  stalliop, High Brandy, from the  Malaspina Guest Ranch at Pender Harbour, is thc nicest horse  I have seen in a long time, and  it is certainly . well worth the  trip to Pender to see him. His  coloring is outstanding and \xc  SCHOOL DISTRICT Mo. 46 (SECHELT)  COUR7 OF REVISION  ** t , <  A Court'of Revision for the list of electors of the rural  area of Ibis school district will be held at the School Board -'  Office, Gibsons, B.C, .commencing at 10 a.m. on THURSDAY,' i  , SEPTEMBER 23, 1965. The Court will continue" to sit a^ long '  as may l?e necessary to consider a rule on all appeals.  Any person who wishes to make such an appeal in respect  of the list of electors must file lhe appeal in writing with the  Secretary-Treasurer before September 20.  The Court of Revision shall hear all complaints and correct and revise the list of electors, and may  -.correct the names of electors in any way wrongly  ��� stated therein; or *  b. add tbe names of electors omitted from the list; or  c. strike out the names of persons, from tbe list who are  ,,    _     not entitled to vote^r who are disqualified from voting;  or "   7  .. d. correct any-other manifest error therein.  Resident and tenant electors may have their names added  to the voters list ior the election of school trustees by com-  ptetksL vt a suitable written declaration, copies ��t which may'  be obtained at the School Board* Office. ��� ���*- . r  7 - * - Whece husbands own property 'solely in* their own name  .their wives may be entitled to have their names added to the  voteis,!Bst as resident electors. -      V   ��  , "* Tfae following'persons only, are qualified to have their  names <_nt��F6d on the list of electors of a"rural school district  or rorai, area of any school district, that is to say,   , .  i *  'a. as owner-electors, British subjects of the full age of  ��� twenty-one. years who and corporations which are owners,  occupiers, or levees of real property within tbe rural school  . district or rural area and who are liable, to taxation under this  t Act, and spouses of veterans who are defined as such in the  ��� VETERANS ACT of Canada and Who are owner-electors and  hold.an agreement to purchase land under that Act, if the  statutory declaration made < by the veteran and his spouse  setting forth that th? makers thereof are lawfully married to  eoch other, and that one of them is a veteran holding an  agreement to purchase land under the VETERANS LAND  , ACT-of Canada, is filed with the secretary-treasurer by {he  Director, the Veterans Land Act;  b, as resident-electors, British subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years who are resident and who��� have resided continuously for not less than six months within the rur^l school  district or rural area immediately prior to the submission of  the declaration referred to above, and whose name's are not  entered on the list as owner-clectors;  c. as tenant-electors, British subjects of thc full age of  twenty-one years who'and corporations which arc and havc  been continuously, for not less than six months immediately  prior to the submission of the declaration referred to above,  tenants in occupation of real property within thc rural school  district or rural area, and who-��e names or the names of  which arc net entered on the list as owner-electors or resident-  electors.  Thorp's fi -new gas that, puts  a rabbit,In your tank��� It's for  Hhqrl hops.  M. 4^      hi        ���*      *  rwi*wmi--'_%i*Mvw*t*1-^^  ��� - ��� Unitarian Fellowship of Sechelt Peninsula  LECTURE BY  .  Dr. Brock Chisholm.  C.B.E., M.C., E.D., M.O,  SUBJECT  "Aro Our Ancestral fatterna Obsolete"   >    ���  ROBERT. CREEK COMMUNITY HALL  ��� 0:00 p.m. - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 196$  ��� ,     EVERYONE IS CORDIA.U.Y INVITED TO ATTEND    * ,..'  osss  mm Mil. SERVICES  roRf��015E: BAY  (Sechelt)  B.C.  AirCttei��*? & Aircraft Maintenance  Fishing  Hunting  Freight  Air Taxi  |i,W! *��tl, fll-llW    (,tj>  PHONE SECMB.T ��Qg-^g����  Contract Flying-  Sightseeing Tours  Timber Cruising  Air Ambulance  AND BOOK FLIGHT  ^,^...  iJ>#^i**..'7^*.��.i.4--^^*.#'*��  Hw.-iWi^^-jVW-^M^wsM''***  miMumnui  lh,r;r���r  "u.*s  A:  i.  l  'y  1  fv  9  I  f,  v 4,  .A  .4Vr  ft  �������  *���>  A  fr  h l  i  i  ��  t.  _  I?  ir  Pi >  &  17  ��  ���r-  U;T  A  _ j**!* *.. 4 L* 7  a^A-AA^^^  *l* '    * f TT*- , *��. .*\  ^ * ���**      ��� <*. ** ^ J     " '  ��� 7 V ~l7 *"  ,   '-."'jiT 0-  (I  S-  ��  F*��  r  ���>  '1 :?'  *rt  7  ,y��MM^  *. -  i.j J-i'-  "f may be wrong, but 1 shall not be so. wrong as,to foil to say. what I *beUeve to be rigft/."���John, ATCIN3  '    '        ���v -    ''*���"���>'.    7,J �����*"V-_ t* <��� A       i '  .������������**' v ' -       ���   '   ��� > *���Wednesday,September8,196S Ly ���;���"   j*   ���      ��� m  k> i  tJse:. ����tee ; A* - JMills  V  TV  ltea*def*sEight,  .  "TT~T~     Lexers to the Editor  c Ailing hofee~  Editor,jrhe 'Times:''  ;    Sip^-Re "the- article by your  i iBgmdnt' correspondent on the  horse that was found wandering two. miles, from its home  v in poor condition and with phe*U<-  monia, and was nursed back  to health.  One wonders why an animal THERE was* a timeJKhen  is allowed to get into sich a -      seat on c^cUdr  Stmtak4^ S br �� pessary to embark upon a campaign of politics,    ;;   Only too oftenMo we see or hear of* petty: To search "below, for dead and  young people on thVPenLula *****& ��* ��*nt promises ^vhtcli usually* be- - polities playing a large/part in the promotion of   >yjng, -   ;    ; _  has resulted^ in *an increase in came a Iost caHse once elected.   , , ���*       7   dubious projects or the scuttling of schemes which ���   s, ���     " "       A_       -   ''  tte iSr of houses hSe uS        The point, however, is, there was seldom a" could have proved beneficial.'   :       7    . * -.   . ^you "* 0h ^*  fortunately, many people fail to shortage of candidates, and always a substantia^        Jn ^     ^ it ^t well be tovthe/ad- *��StoU t�� Hvfn. ihin��-   r  realize that a horse isan ex- turnout at the poUs7 Far removed from tositua-   (V^tage>ofj the borate to keep a very close Xfttai  pensive-pet. It needs a warm tion today when not only is it difficult to get   wntr.u ��� f*,mr�� tf>wi rpf^n-i,   !*��-�����-���*:��,-. th�� r���1' wn-  The Turkey  Buzzard   .t.. ,,,.  r jr~7;77- _,; ^^yJV&efcobb  Repulsive bird, with scarlet 7'  V head vv ;; , ", ,".*.. t ��;j ,  And wrinkled naked neck, '^ V  Your plumage'brownish-black;  ���s *yoiirmieri,,"''-..,   ''7'��� -  ���?-* 'Your, necessary, task,- obscene.  7, Yet, vulture," when you', range  the sky  \. a -,i  i.     '  J-,   '^-^   A  I i*  pensive gpet,  stable  has  vals  suits in the pathetic sight  ?��*Z& -T ** F��P'�� �� elected .opubUcoffl�� who are totally  every scrap of green has been incompetent, inefficient and a detriment to the  eaten, and looking sadly over community as a whole. When the destiny of a  you circle overhead  presently afoot to include a large neto school    appear  board office complex itf the next referenda. Wheeling above, they're sure  _,. ,, 1"    . . ,    .     *     The hour has come; and this  w      _ w This could prove a controversial topic, for    couidbe  SrSn^atT^id^X con- townrvUlag^orcityTs"'at"stake, the~best "oniy is   after, all, which is the most important, large com- Tbe u,t-matc indlgQi,y,  demns it to a life of loneliness good enoughTThis is of course, easier said than ' *������"����"^"-����~��^����- *�� �� ������ ��Hm,���.cfr3t.v<-  and semi-starvation. done, for after all, remuneration is negligible, the  ���ANIMAL LOVER.  Question  interpretation  ^Editor, The Times;  Sir���It was a pleasure to re  modious-accoramodation for a new administrative  staff or badly needed classrooms and educational Yet. w!ly7 when I,fe has fled��  only reward is actually the satisfaction of serving   equipment? The answer to this and numerous    *��� ***    �����,_____..  the public and contributing to some extent to th!   ?*�� questions, lies entirely with the electorate. IBse"arughbto^t S��E_fa the  community development. �� �� 3����r money whether it goes to pay for frills Be��cr- bones b,wchln8 �� tto  It is therefore little wonder difficulty is en-   ��/ dire necessity, js something to be decided at     a,r  -   -      -    ���- J the next elections,jjt>ut a few months away. man putrefaction b��nog there-  One thing is certain, the time has come to /_ Rainbow  throw off the fetters of apathy. The taxpayer has  countered  in obtaining more business people  prepared to devote their time to administering  municipal affairs. However, we do have many r _, r���^���   ceive your issue of Aug. u and dedicated men and women who could perform a voice and he has the right to use it. Read your  to find myself take to task over a WOrthy service in public life, if approached, local papers;" learn who does what with your  Mthte^JfX^TS X Tbey m SUrdy badly neede(1, P311^1^ on money and vote accordingly.  filrak Big ��m Ferries  POLITICS being what they are, no government Commerce. An extra trip was-then instituted but Ano,her of���bluc !ike the    could possibly hope to please all of the, vehicles were still left behind on many occasions,     summer's sky,  you over the interpretation' you people all of the time.. At best they are lucky to This situation, of course, will probably not arise  have put on the articles. please some of the people some of the time. during the winter months. Nevertheless, apart  My objective was not to dis- ��ur representatives in Victoria are no ex- from this factor/the Comox Queen is still a small To tarmsh ^hc gold of lhe  credit the National Health Ser- ception but on the whole, it may be safely said vessel for what, on occasion, is a rough crossing.     summer day��  vice,   for  I   made  this  very the Social**Credit Government has exceeded all Rather more recently, Premier Bennett of-  clear,, - however   -the   British expectations as far as a popularity count is con- ficiated afthe acceptance ceremony of the Powell  Health Service is none of my cerned. Rivr Queen, an eagerly-awaited replacement for A -��ldcn ribbon I've also  business, being a Canadian. I Accent over the years has been on highways the old Jervis Queen which was outdated, under*     '"���-"'  ^a4 J*3���8    ,   - T r��m fte which have contributed to a treemndous advance sized and in generally bad shape.  ���^S^JST^J^-^Jfi. ^ong, the.path of progress. Further accomplish- , .,     THe,hew ferry, while\df Efficient size, to  way the voters of Coast Capi  lano can decide on these most  important issues is to have all  views  presented to them.     I  must however take issue with  Of V$rse . . .  ���by Nora McQuarrio  Out of the rainbow of life I've  snatched  Ribbons of purple with sunsets  that matched,  That turns to silver whenever  clouds try k  Chasing the birds and their  songs away.  found  in clouds in thc sky and trees  on the ground,       <  universal and compulsory' cov- ^lnt ofKajLexpandmg, and excellent ferry service, ^ desirqd as f^ as commercial vehicles are con- , T8��f a .'"l'  erage has- become in relation to ^though present trends indicate supply is barely ceraedf for it js underst0o<|, capacity for heavy In the sound of a son�� ,hat  wage standards. keeping pace with demand vehic|es is cxtwmely limited: j^ h ^        con_ ' may never be heard,  The premiums, which by the _,     w"lch wo"ld &^^\ F*?1?* ^ ��A: C; s��de��'ng the increase in this type of traffic due ln '*hc Jpass,ns sn,lc of some  way includes a small amount Bennett, generally acknowledged for his flair of t0 foe large mill expansion currently taking place.     fnefld vou knew  for pensions of $2.40 per wek ^ight, is jot quite with j, as chairman of the In,due course'these vesssels will be replaced  not less than $2.00 as you state, B.C. Fprry Authority, Neither apparently is the kv iarf����r inr.r��. fldpmmto forrt����  Kv ��-k:-i; nma  as i showed in the second arti- Hon. PhiL Gaglardi; for-both of them have re- %����* *���� freight^JffiJ^^lJS! *  cle  comprise only 15 per cent cently officiated at the inaugural ceremonies of haVe^ncreasS aSinclv undoubtcd,V  of the cost. No less than 78 per ferries which were inadeonaTe from  th* ��.,R*t lt   w0uld   Sforc   appear  powers that be should be greatly elevated and  cent  78 per ferries which were inadequate from the outset,  cowes   from   the   same The   Comox   Queen,   presently   executing  people 'from general taxation. -     v      6  You mention ,in your editorial  friend you knew,  Who paused for a moment to  speak to you.  undoubtedly Ivc captured these ribbons and  sprinkled them  sjghts  of. thc With memories like a shining  gem,  an eye to thc And '',cd them oil with a gcntlo  hand  That I may not crush a singlo  strand,  ������������  And maybe amongst (hem you  by Ambrose Hills     will find  Hf in.Ht����� IvI��SSfi3f_|��0    ADVERTISING men have fallen into a trap set by An_ c��-ho of childhood le;ft        ^A&" -���" themselves- .  For years they stressed newness. Everything from  toilet paper.'to dill pickles had "new" on thc Imbcl. One  / advertising man read the other and did the same thing,  thinking a craze had begun.  No craze was there. Most of us still want good, old-  fashoincd ginger snaps, The, National Biscuit Company  Prepare for Eternity  ���4... Prepare ye the way of the Lord ...    siblo exccuUvc changed ihe name to plain "Cinnamon An7i' �����,*- i. ��� ���_..  one where a relattve of mine SEPTEm���pr     "     f^'i',"** **' ^V't  " S^ar Cookies", backed |�� with a bigndver. King cam- "\    >��� �� ��" " ,0bstCr mI^  nededan operation and his doc- SEFyEMB^R "wans back to work for many, and back    paign, Rc,ul(: sales rose by $4,000,000 within a year. M* htain ^ ��,����. "��y ��sht Is  tor told Wm he could not get        ,0_hard "V_dIes fof !hc chi,dren- Education Ii ncces- Cleverness often flops in advertising. For example.     to"1'  a bed for from 12 to 16 months sary lhat cbl,dren m|8ht Prepare themselves for the .......  He went* Outside the' plan, paid f,,u,rc�� and work -�� needful tbat others prepare for later  his own doctor and hospital bill years as vvcl11 M !hc Pre^nt.  ond had the operation at once,        While great effort is put forth to prepare ourselves  no  doubt to  tho disadvantage for a future that Is only temporary and uncertain, ''And  ��'sorncon<5 cbo; I think this is as it is npnolntcd unto men once io die, but after'this  -     BriS ^S!1?, ������ k    ^ ,h? ^,,decnlcnt,' Hicb- *'ir> what thought do wc take to. . their,,writer). ,dbwn��from Ihe clouda "and awai "from  In ^ tmt-f anf \m7cr SSS? PT "*"? *" ^"^      /' . V6o*y ��Mevdrnei�� Wh,ch hn�� becn" ^aractcrKUcof 2  _of Canada.today,,The.strain -"    B  ���� menuon �� your eo.tonai ^^ service between Comox and Powell River     future ferrics constructed with  .   method   by   which   pS>"?e 's. "nder the J��nsd>ct>on of the department of    future>  visiting Britain can deriveben* highways. Launched last May, the vessel is far  efits at the cost of the British from ade.auate for this crossing and protests were   Qf MaWJ TMnOS . . ,  taxpayer.  I  purposely avoided soon registered by thc Pbwell River Chamber of   . Z zL   discussing this abuse, assuming  that such .information might be  construed as an effort to run  the plan down. However since  you brought" the matter up I  would like to refer you to an  article in the Vancouver Sun  of June 15, headed "Cheating  afoot", in which the paper describes a book entitled "Thc National Health Services and  You", please read it.  Of more serious nature than  the problem you mentioned is  ,fMost people are bothered by  those passages of Scripture they  do not understand; but . . . the  passages that bother me are thorn  f do understand". ��� Mark Twain  behind.  To Minerva  -^-by Thomas Hopd  My temples throb, my pulncs  boll,  I'm sick of Song, nnd Ode, I  tried to market a product hailed ta "Snickcrdoodlcn So^Tiivr-iU iTt- ��h�� m;,.���:^,  Cookles-iheyYc NEWI" The campaign fell flat, A ��en-     oj,  so many gasoline, with fancy, csotorlc additlvei dreamed canno* write u verse, or  * up by advertising types, Thc public has ccnicd to believe rcttllr-  them. BA Oil got a tremendous response when ihey TJ,cn- Pa,,ftS *��ko ��way thine  simply said ihey had clean gaiolino and clean waihrooms ��w'��  and proved it. It made iscnMj ond drew 'cuttomem,  Advertising agencies ore going to have to bring  And let us havo n lark instead.  JJ neglect our work, our income w^l suffer, but Owl's,   .      If Iran a,Corporation I'd, inif^t that, a Jot of my  this and other welfarei"services      ,d SayS 'n Hcb' 2:? MHow sh��-* W'escapo,"ifVc''advertising*hilars'went htcTwcckly papers and local  - on the" national', income today,' ncg,(f ? f?! ����lv��lonr       �� r, >,  ,. *^d|o. This ^vould force thc agency yritcr-Mo talk io the  must  be  partially  responsible        **i*oohI��ve been prepared for our education, work    grass roots for awhile, It would get them awny in pari  i. for apart of Britain's. econom<c'-'9.prep,,rfd W Dur���living,Jiut God has prepared, a way ���;,;����� least,: from ih^ pseudo-sophlstlcatcd and bIomv cony  i* problem*,-Abo- -ptmiry m*-��f ����lv��Mon from the powdty of sin^"For ihe.wages-,  ihe^c been!perrtetrailng onTY audiences because thev  itpo��stblo baa b^en tho ^alssw of si^ '�� de^ "     "y  ' SJES.' i!!S*u*c \PW& m Sr78h ,kw? Fhtln our Lord" Rom��n$ 6:2i" W-V-' IV ��jndusfrji h��f done a fine Job of Improving products  ' SiShfwULu ,UM5 gcavo *��*'?" "2 *����A-��h��;'��rtfV��"�� he gave his only bcExuW'-T^ food l^dui ry In particular dtmyei "S he!  !;^^tNt*bout��, among, ,^  ,  **tf*7w.      ,t....::....  ,,.,,j,.   bin have,evcrlaiilng llfe/Mohn 3-16.  .^ntsir-o��frmiiV^n^  P#��t n      . Pender Harbour Tabernacle, Madeira Park, B.C.   f    In 8*t��lng ;ood, to the pcople^lsn'tholdln. IllS m.  Published Wednesdays  ���-...._ ^^SccbcH   i on B.C's.Sunshino Coast  1 bv  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd,'  Box Ml - Sechelt, 0,C,    i  Serving the area from   ....:.  ;mPort Mellon to Egmont   \  (NoweSotmdtoJmle Into)  Dougttua, Wheeler, Editor  t    S; B, AUgaed,rtibM,er  Subscription R*rca;  (Inndvancoi   -       ;  1 Year. 55-2 Years, $9  3Yoar��$U  U.S, and Porelan $5 50  *+*mmmm}Mmm+mmmmmmmmmmmmmm*'m  ���*(.���"-.*  i  \  -   4   ph��i �����"������*-*���    f    ��)%���,  **t  t     I 4   �� #���   ,**.   *���# �����     If*,  \   f  +v-*|i #*&^1^^  :        7 > =>    ' * r * *���     ��� f -1  �����  ~*       I  ���       J  ^��  Here is what     - ��� ��� ��� 7     f  the Canada Pension Plan *   -  to-fflptfft fear people^ Maty Todd.  ^year-old nmeiJSZy: A ?  who earns $310 a month ($3,720 a year;.  ���T  >��  f    >  *-*-*���-  ��� ������      1 A!  *��� i^ f _   ,  <*'*fe*> *    "  .'<  I5.  ��} -a  l  If  Mi.  ���  r  .,n Iviary^carnings continue at Actually. Gary's retirement  this rate until she reaches og<j ;   pension will undoubtedly bo  '- 65, she will jcccM a retirement .- mom This is because ns Mary  pension of S77;50 a.month from advanced in.her profession and  ���;....��� '.����� ��� ithc Plan plus $75 n month , her earnings Increaso so will her  Old Age Security. pension, Furthermore, to ensure  '"' '       .     ':!;   '',,, ' thatiH benefits under the Plan  * 'Because Mary will h,avc, thc   ���,,,..', maintain ,lheir .vfliluc, they ,\vill  **���* 'Mtyctfrsv,sti<s;caiirhave as many as in living:costs and wage levels  . it li.'fivVVcarri.bf,lower,or 'no   .'-< rirfY��ri*.f��ii*.*j h'rU'^kiA *~a ��i.���..^  If Mary dies any time aftc$1967*       This advertisement is one of a  having contributed .'until h>r   , scries which relates some of  J;;ih',��,��mP'B,tt^pay^��nt'Of' ���'���:   the important benefits or thc     ���  .   $465 will be paid to her estate.       'Canada Pension "Plan to  ���..   . I .���'      *        '    '     ' individual circumstances.  *   what will the Plan cost you? .  thi-rfc   . i ��� r n�� J  , If, like Miry, you; arc employed . <  andhnve earnings of $3,72a ("*; .  spread evenly pver thjj<ycar,ybu     r  '   t&t^VHi.^   *��  ^^^rm^S^Kk^Zm Vwr��<VM^cHo^eefchd��gc��- andhaveearningsof.$3,720������ \ r^ ' > '  :   4^r^a,.i��<caiil.^Riiimnny in hying, costs and wage levels      ,   spread evenly over the vcJvrtu^ ^X'      -n^^arrt.bfMvfr.or no  7   ., .  before ;th,eyiire^idaSd changes will pay at the TaioKS'^ *���  ..��������,, .j.^earni^Mnd. Mill ^entitled to ;fo living costs fll^f they b  -��^-��-rT :*��  ',,     tho iwne pension.  _ ��� t ^able. ���, ��� the same amo.nu' 7' ' '   PV   ���'   n^'^ity" of, the Minister of  *w :'if;  ,.'.."������';,   r ������ '      *���  ��� ���   ' National Health and Wclfarfe,  '   ";   ' ' If Mitry continues to work , .   , Canada,'     ,        '   ���     ' '  .'I.J  * ' '.  1|"\ ' ...  y *      >    <  1  '.��*\i \    ��   1 '      ��.  J  77' *i  ��� ^-r������l i  If Mnry continues to work  ' ond becomes disabled at any  lime after 1970, she will be  entitled to a disnbility.pcnsion of  $83.12 a month until ,<>he reaches    i  rigc 65, From then on she will  receive her rctir��mcnt pension na  well ns $75 a month from Old  Ago Security,  -_.,....���.,,      ,  tThc Honourable Judy LaMarsh.  \   M , ! '    ' ' ���   ���  m.**.^,*.,.!..^,.,,^.^ i,  ,�����.(.-.,,,j.����,��,,<���..����,(.j,, ,,-.,,,,-,  IiV'7. ���'" r !'������ i;.  'i t .��� - . H  ,'i  /..in i -V  ,      * ?* -_  Poge6 7/ Sjachelt Peninsula,Time*y   Wedi> Sept}0; . WSr  ic  "ll  ..jt.  h  I  /.  f  f  / 1  h   *        *?     ���*'.  i>'-  lS<echelt theatre  1 THREE tickets to .the > Sechelt  ^.Theatre ; are, - avyarded   free   '���  each week to the holders oft the  '.three luckyv numbers, selected  "each week and distributed, one'  in each * of ��� three advertise-  ." ments_ within ^the pages of The  Tunes/   ., in ^ ���  . Look, carefully' and;~if   you  find your number, just drop in  to The' Times1 jiff ice and pick -  up your ticket to any perform-'/  ance   * *   *   ���. -  NEW or Osllb  TRY  AUti  Motor MLA  '     S��CwLftB!cZy^y^  Ph. 885-2111  - Ted Farewell  ���-.  USE. TIMES   CLASSIFIED  i _,-  I  **'  ilEL  -T.,* ��� -  * is ,=  .    J1*  ���M__S_uG_ha_i-_��_M-_-  ArrivedAat last  MEMBERS of the Sunshine Coast Lions Club have every  reason to welcome the recently arrived Dallons  Meditherm, an item of equipment used in physiotherapy  deep heat treatment. The. club donated $1,600 about  eight months ago toward this equipment. From left,  Lions members Doug Wheeler, Malcolm Mactavish, Joe  Benner and Frank Parker. Dr. Eric Paetkau and Hospital Board President John Harvey.  Round about the town  ���By Ed Green  THE WEEPING and wailing and the moaning and  groaning and the torrents of crocodile tears over  the victims of the first atomic blast that destroyed Hiroshima is over for another year. We, the /Allies, especially  the Americans, are regarded as inhuman fiends by the  survivors and their children. Even today there is murderous hate blazing in the eyes of the Hiroshima youths  when American tourists visit,the now re-built city;, rebuilt, of <course, with the money of those who destroyed  it; the Americans.  A little over a year ago the  daughter of this writer, then  a crew member of a Norwegian  express freighter, went ashore  in Hiroshima. She said she was  surprised at the hate displayed, 'openly and veiled, by the'  citizens until they learned she  was a Canadian. At night, she  said, on her way back to the  ship with her companions, they  were followed by teen-age Hiroshima youths who uttered insults and threats as they passed  through the darkened places in  the dock area. On one occasion  the gang following ' them was  about to close in when they  were forced to run, <  Hate dies hard, especially in  a nation with long memories  such as the Japanese, memories that conveniently forget the  murderous treachery of Pearl  Harbor where innocent women  and children were killed and  maimed. There were . other  places too in Asia where thc  white men, women and children suffered unspeakable brutalities at the hands of thc little yellow men who were drunk  with what they thought would  be ultimate victory,  Well, if it is worth anything,  wc havc memories too; we remember that President Truman  told thc Japs to surrender and  warned them of the terrible  consequences if they didn't.  There arc those.among us who  still havc burning memories ot  other monstrous casualties  among thc civilians nnd if wc  have any tears to spare let us  snvc them for thc defenceless  , innocents. of - tho�� savage. Lon*.  don blitz,' Coventry, Plymouth,  Liverpool and Rotterdam.  There wns tho little town of  Lldlco whose entire population,  men, women and even tiny  -children, wns murdered, Wo  can even bo magnanimous nnd  take some of tho blame on ourselves for thc air attacks that  almost obliterated Ilambourg  and caused casualties running  to well over one hundred thou  sand. However, we do have that  old standby as our justification  that "they started it."  At this time we have no business to be interested id who  started what over 20 years ago.  The span of man's life on this  earth is too short to waste a  third of it in hate of any kind.  The fact that the most horrible  weapon known to mankind  wiped out a" hundred thousand  people in less than a second is  little fomfort to the surviving  relatives of ten times that  number who lost their lives by  other weapons, Hiroshima was  ah awesome tragedy; the ultimate in mass murder at one  blow. It happened in an instant  but those luckless victims arc  no deader than those who were  blown to pieces, burned to  death or permanently crippled  over a period of time. If there  is to be a day of remembrance  let it be for all thc innocent  victims of man's inhumanities;  let the world leaders of todny  meet on this occasion and be  given at least a 10-hour viewing of film clips showing the in*  dcscribable sufferings and wan*  ton destruction that will certainly dome ngnln if their pre*  sent policies are pursued. There  can be no other end, It is n sobering and terrifying thought to  the little man. It should bo no  less so for tho bigger ones.  They havo only to look nt Jn*  pan, once n militant, arrogant  nation with a huge army nnd  fleet, Wo have seen what they  could, nnd did do. They're not  so warlike todny. Why? The  ��� nnswer,in obvious. ���������   ���*.*������---���"  In a lighter vein I find myself sitting in thc clegnnt foyer  of St. Mnry's Hospital waiting  to hnve my prnctlcnjly non-existent lungs rotrended by thnt  wondrous machine, thc Bird  Respirator, I nm still wondering whether an appointment  means anything or not when  Mr, Buckley, the ndmlnlstrntor,  comes out of his office with rt  amnll box/Ho opens It on the  counter and I am amazed to  see that it contains money,  usually a very scare commodity around hospitals. He starts  to count it. He looks very sad  while doing this and I can see  why; it is all one and two dollar bills. .As anybody knows it'  is just asj easy to carry five,  ten and twenty dollar bills to *  the bank as it is to carry,ones  and twos. Mr. Buckley frowns  and looks sadder than ever.  This, I tell myself, is a very  depressing situation and I cannot help but feel it is the direct \  result of no more five cent coffee to the patients. When you  suddenly lose the revenue from  selling coffee at five cents a ,  cup there is bound to be a  drop in profits and that, I  think, is what is causing Mr.  Buckley to have such nightmares. '  Personally ,1 do- not blame  anybody for not wishing to pay  five cents for a dish of luke-.  warm coffee delivered by an  equally lukewarm kitchen mechanic: It has less than nothing  to recommend it.  There is said to be a "lift"  in a cup oftea, or coffee but  that is only wishful thinking.  The Only solution guaranteed to  create a big demand for coffee in this, or any other establishment, is to carefully dilute  it with a big slug of mechanical  brandy, or even rum. The kitchen girls would then be run  bowlegged and they could  charge even 50 cents for a  smash of this improved elixir.  They could even put a few tables in thc elegant foyer and  havo bunny-nurses dishing it  out. This would help to keep  them from running around  sticking needles in people and *  everybody would be much happier, including Mr. Bucjkley.  He would then be able to yard  bundles of fives and tens to the  bank instead of those depressing onesi'and "twos,  I consider this n fine idea;  one thc board could consider  the next time it meets, ���     ;  USE TIMES AD BRIEFS  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  885-9528  ��� This free reminder of coming events is a service of*  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD. Phone Sechelt Peninsula  Times direct for free listings, specifying "Date Pod",  Pleose note that space is limited ond some advance dates  may have to wait their turn; also thot this is a "reminder"  listing only and cannot always (feonry full-details,. 7*f>��'*,7  Sept. 9���2 p.m, St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary. Regular  meeting at the hospital. , �� .  Sept. 10���-8 p.m. Sechelt Reserve Community Hall.''  Giant Bingo. Proceeds to restore historic Sechelt '  Church.  Sept, 12���2 p.m, Ole's Cove, General meeting Sunshine  CcosrTourist Assn. ,  Sept   16���-8:00 p.m. Roberts Creek Community Hall. '  Dr.   Brock  Chisholm,   speaker.  Topic,   "Are   Our  Ancestral Patterns Obsolete", * ��� ���>    i<  Sept 21 and 22���8:00 p.m. Gibsons Elementary School.  McLoren Film Festival.  A FEW CHOICE LOTS LEFT  TERMS? YOU BET!  H. Gregory 885-9392  Sechelt Agencies Ltd. 885-2161  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  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I   **     ,\   -*    **       j    w f    f-  I >  I      i        '      '      ������ t ffj  ^J&FSTJSS ?**2?ft_; _.���. -__>im:  New* arrival  ntirselfrom the Coast-Garibaldi"' Health TQnit,  AmetieJJtar/Jk introduced two neta nursea io the <s  ; week? Oii|tHe lett.isVMiss.Beverley Douglay  vfhoi comes here from��� Kelowna arid w'tBA cover. the area  .��� .^�����^mM,���^M ivi��~��c ^P1- 8** the Parish Halt LA. - ment scholarships  to help fi-*   wr {.��,, ��nn#3r tn'V^rtum ^  ^J^_T!Ki?li^5!L ��#   Radian Legion' Branch' 140.-   nance'their higher education,   ,ver tias g��pe t0 ?<*��<%  Jjr.-and Mrs. D. Oliver of    a nm   *___^ ,,, ^# ��,_. T*��u^   4t .,-���,- ..^...-^um, ������^i> k��,  ionnie Griffiths of Van-  coifver is, staying 'with? his  Grandmother MrsC ���Tere5a\Mult\  j��r, ana airs. u. y��jer m   g p m   g^  M ^ ^ Legion   it was announced' this week by   ;,>w,wywawl*^IM>~M,*www,,?ww>w^^  J8P*TO--��K_I__&    >a   > ,Haa,tw4.$tj��sUiuted;2<% Hon.-Wr:-Peterson, ��iini-, ;| (1   - -.   Lbcci/, Field Stone makesrv ��    I !  "S^^SaSSr-i   t,:v     P.m. Sept. M at-the Sunday   ster of education.^-   7 ^    -   j     ���,���  -,   >     j_^  -^;���l *I;.a   -J^ .    !  School, Hall.  ^~f  Min whflst bis parents -are on    VarJiCl.i 4ni.1ie.rtk   tof]'*to'.w*',,i�� Grade  valatiori.r" ,    ��� "      MCUUCll  IIIUUMIV    on the university entrance  m&. ;<?.-p.s Lawrence ,witfc7l_   1    -   Kt~"* - ^-     :  mm, J*--* ��� �����- "-1"  trafght^aair_ Ame4and^'n    haCk 111 DUSlllGSS  iel 0n  xef&ned  in  Vancouver latter ^ ��<*>*���*" WUdlUCdd >in the ai  ~V>CJredit goesvto David Gooding  of; Granthams, Elphinstone stu-~,  dentvwho- wrote' bis GrradeXlL l  on the university entrance program* .David^was the bnly,stu-  " --*    ti the Peninsula named.,.;  award list "   *  >��� ~r    -  spending  some time at their   SALAL sindustry   started ilast r The scholarships were award-'  Rummer residence., ^"     y<-*r 1n~Seche��V_y Ried.and    __ only if the students under- '  \  Mr, and, Mrs. ,Jack Gibsons    Moss under the management of - take a full year ot study at the  -of the^ Old Orchard have re-   local theatre man John Hayes, * University of B.C., University  turned "after'having * wonder-    went back into operation last   of Victoria, Notre Dame Uni-  |ful   vacation .at   YeUow*aOfe,r,wee��� following7�� Short sum-   versity  at Nelson,. Vancouver #.  WLW.T., -��-i A   ^   <    �� mer recess. .--   -- *��� ;'      City College,.the B.C Institute \  ^Moving bacMowSectyslt ixom<< r^This^new *business^provides tof* Technology, or in Grade |m  |Selma Park is Margaret* Gib*    a* welcome'addition to the in-   in the public schoorsystem. \  tan. Moving from Selma Park   come of the district and em-      Davjd is the son of Mr. and   *    fback to Gibsons are Mr! and   ploys a large number of part   Mrs, Charles Gooding of Gran- ,;      Davis Bay   '  I^Mrs.Uowl Snglehurst. t and full time workers for, a-   tham's Landing. *    n      >   , \   j,w 1Z   j  Summer visitors to the home    bout nine months of the year.   ��� ���   ?of Mrs. Olive Porte vtere Mrs.      There is a great demand for   gjf��B������HB��!B  J' Myrtle Dalton of Egmont, Mr.    salal which is used for- floral   &  (and Mrs. A* Heid of Vancouver    decorations,   both   in   Canada , |S  and Mrs.^-J.',Edwards of JV^n-;   andi the  United  States,   �����>        |^  ztl0^z\ U  AAA\��>      ?S  h   ' 7 > - * ?;��VI*  7"1.     1' 7 7��7-^  a moderate priced $ire place  rj*v.  A. SIMPHINS - CONTRACTOR  i Phone 885-2132  ���        I ' \  i>ii*iiM|ig|--itwiiwwa*iw*M��wg^^  C7  tinted  " JUST OUT; from England, Miss, VIoKy Purncll/Grado 1  ^M��H��-airi*Wfl*IM**-i Mrf ���  3 LINES FOR 50c  (15 words or groups of figures)  3 TIMES F-DR $1.00  (Except Commercial Adbriefs)  A Book-keeping charge of 25c is acJdedfor Classified Ad-Briefs  not paid before publication day  ������  BUY - SELL-RENT  SWAP - TRADE - FIND  ��� ;;��� ' "  ���"���.'   with       " ".    ���  5!  I  I  J��  t    i  ���  il  :-\ ARRIVING In Sechelt Inst week  \) wna �� young English tench*  v or, who after travelling oxlcn*  .; slvely, has chosen British Col*  i; nmbla as hw* future home, *�����'  j/ Miss Vicky Purnell who will  <i bo teaching grade 1 students nt  the Sechelt*, Rcsldontlnl School  ll  English teacher settles for B.C.  also In tho Wrctic region of  Quebec where pho taught,E��k*  imo and Indian children at  Groat Whnlo Rlvor.  Our new resident who Is from s-g  Leeds; Yorkshire, England, Is ,JS  an ardont hiker and , camivsr J^  innd has talrendy cstrihllshcd te  many friendships In tho dist* |fci  H has, taught V ��ong Kong and    rlct, i  i��  net m&ti&tot -  imed  LOWEST COST-ADVERTISING ON THE. PENINSULA!  J-tottlAigAM'.l'tt*'  * Pender Harbour, Port Mellon, Gibsons residents, may  PHONE COLLECT '  (OR WAVE ypM AP-BRIEFS.AT COIN PRY CLEANERS, GIBSONS)  ft.  ?t_L_  e SJimeS  PHONE 885-9654  _ V  i  ss  I  I  l>*  I  "1  ^.^���--���.^h^M^  ^W*-*^^^lM*h>-.*-������--***^����-.***'^V*  ,v1^ii-4-<t>>it\>*tf-*r*'-:  i-^l.jHvtti^**'^**'���***-'���  ���**(��.�� rtMlifcM.i-rtUt  f       .   I   ���  |  <   i     I,  j    , j 1     I    * . M     . ���    I '    . ���    (' I'   ���  WiWfcf J**ul #.l'*4:4*��M*��.*l'*^*��,Mtjfc "#���*"*��*��*  I  ... it ��� I  W   '*  I  f -**���'!  '[ , <  S -Z^^-V^w*?^**- *���  I ���' _ '~ \  , l    i , ���_ *���i >���*,...    } A    S V, t m'J,,     < * * > ' *" V"**''*'<*���" r *Ax2%  I        .  -*���.  Pag* 8      Sechelt Peninsulo Times      Wdd.. Sept. 8,1965^   J_uraJ  ;>7',        ,1  .���*  v -  V  \ ���*.  -r  z  ��.;  *-,  < five more committees/has Keen ;gi?&irtea.7T_is--wa^  aimouncea today, l^ the flon/Maurice KamotilgM?&�� ��  retarv rrf State. W, f <**��QSo. ������j. ��,���-:���*.. _ __^*��    xv.  ���  retail f9rTTthe:;PltlVinc., of .British:^���61umaa arid minister, .* n_ttNms.MH- -w: Akbsi *��o��*��^^i. ^^*L^_r" i"ir  ^   British Columbia,   v / -,   tf *~r^������  # k,   ' '-7*    ���..  ���j      Grants ,*a(e   approved  for Fe^&-_^vineialr-;:^.40.<>O;7  ���   t tie" following, local - Centennial -kocal 34,060.00,-' Total' $5,500.00.'  Committees; -. v Cape^ / ."Mudgej! ���* ;Pentieton:; tyratrifction- of ���> a *  Gibson'Rural 'Area,' Penticton, fountain,���-Pedera!-Provincialv -  Roberts Creek^iulsSpriitgbeiH..t $23,200.00,, Local $3o;3CO.Oov ,To- -.  Capital expenditures on-the prb-^ A _���1-���'- s.   jects range from  $1,100.00 to1  ���^npiir-,   **��p(,m   ��� 1 ii ssassawsaaqsg  - *jfrMrs * - jffgy-^ jW fftf&b: i  -���ij-ti"-'  V7g^{rass_6rBBS-v77'7  Peninsula  J-foforProd.  Airport News and Visits  Rofiillar  i#!e!h-ir>  KEITH Head, whose parents live at Selma Park, is a .$43,500.oev with a total expen-?  regular visitor to the Municipal Airport with his two * ditureof $5S��,45O.O0.- )zA . ,\;  place plane, a Aeronoa Champ. Keith arrived over the      "nie Centennial Commission,  weekend from Pitt Meadows for a short holiday. Ottawa, is the -agency of the  Government-of Canada respon*.  sible.fpr #�� prpmotionuof Centennial activities. Under the'  Federal-Proyincial     Centennial   , _______________    Grants programme the Federal  ���by G. Von de Meeberg   Government undertakes to con-  ,      ������ tribute $1.00 per capita per Pro-  LOOKING through a B.C. Airport directory, is in itself   vince for Centennial projects of  ���a revelation���there are 176 airports listed for land-   lasting merit-approved by the  planes.     province, provided the Provin-  Airport seems an impressive    0ry- which- would   attract  the    cial GoYei?iment and the corn-  word   for   the   smallest   strips    more   curious   or   adventurous    munity "concerned together pay  like the ones at-NuDd Lake and    type of person and  the most    ^ ^r "^ "  Magog Lake, both 1,100 ft. long,    practical   way   to   visit   these       The five communities receiv-  Vancouver has  four  runways,    places seems to be by air ing ^ Projects grants _re:  the longest being 10,600 feet. _    '        s   . Cape , Mudge: , Development  t  *-; Some strips are listed as hav-      ��__  ���,,���, I     ,u.7       oi a   Playing  Field,   Federal-  bg sod, clay or earth with ap-   J5L-TS US^       "^    Provincial'      $456.00   ' ^Locaf,  propriate   warnings, such   as:    SST^JE T**1^"1 ����� at    ?644.00, Total $1,100.00..   ^  "Soft in spring" and "Slippery   Sns J reward.       ^       GibS0DS -JRural  la^'- ^vel  .'     ".  /--���-  t'   >   *t  0.    . .��      *���  v      *i    I V  , The majority of airports located near cities and villages  are municipal airports, but  those at Atlin, Blue River and  Bella Coola are operated by  their boards of trade. Many are  operated'by lumber companies,  lodges and ranchers and some  , privately.  - ��� One airport visitor is pilot  L. F. Johnson from Naimo who  Works - for Whonnock Lumber  Co. The company airstrip is at  the head of Stave Lake and  Mr. Johnson flies his Cessna  180 home on weekends dropping  off a couple of fellow workers  at Sechelt. '  Father J. P. Carney was a  ' weekend visitor who flies a Piper Cub which he keeps in a  farmer's field at Richmond; he  is most enthusiastic about his  machine and the places he can  reach with it. He dropped in  to visit his brother who has a  cabin at Secret Cove.  !' Exotic names such( as Eddon-  tenajan Lake, Kispiox and Mor-  chuea are listed in the direct-  \ k  V  .J  5V  ��,^a  Agents for  HOfVIELITE  ^oCULLOCH  PM. CANADIEN  STlNL  PBONEER  Chcsin Saws  and,' 7  }A <. JAC��_3S^ ';''  ,'���; Hotary llowi.  Part & Accessories  CHAIN SAW  ���CENTO  v tth\ \>  '- "u i  Wllso^^Creek, B.C. A,,  Phone'885-9626  opment of a  Memorial Park,  Gibsons   v  BSO OIL FURNACES  ^ ���* t "*  No Down Payment - Hank Interest  Ten Years To Pay *  FIRST PAYMENT OCTOBER 1st  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIANCES  For Free Estimate - Call 8SS-272S  ir   it;   "k>  GHECK-yp AND   '  tyNr.pr%��w,M  ^^Emmm^S^SSS^^^  ��� A ^plete^^-^^^^^^^^llf,,  COr       Check-Upj^^  /TT*MUmmmW&$��& ~  and overhaul.   \W , ^VH^^j   '  ��� Expert    en-* ^l> w&^y ^wiHnn_8B--9-k-^.  gine tune-up.  ��� First for fast, *'  heads-up'  service.  nw  V i   I  ��� ..**  Prompt/positive braking action can sometirries be  the only thing between' you and a serious accident.  Don't take chances with your brakes. Drive in for  a check-up.  Car lack pep?, Count on us fo put it right with  thorough overhaul, neeteA adjustment and repair*, top-notch service, too.  VALVE &RIND  i ���   ��  ��� BRAKES INSPECTED  AND ADJUSTED  ��� BRAKES RELINED  OR REPLACED  i'j  ANTIFREEZE NOW  Not When It's Too late  ,. 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Jehovah's W��tnesses7  "Bather, tban/iielng_disco_r-" ^       agedv hy 7the "events  of W  ��*��-^����^ Reunion .   tames/',Mr, Arnett said, ��*Jeho-  IBRIDGING a gap:of 50 years with ihefamilyrgatHenag ,vah*s Witnesses view them as  4��   *W%��Iiited7sist4rs;of the Jackson fainUy.ll^s/ Pi^01. ^ * con��posite ,sign  Je^��jf Vancouver with their cousili, Mrs. Flora ^McCue J_?S��LS?S *"#��*& .  tfrohi Maidenhead, England. Pictured here ivfaile visiting -�� ���r ��  ^ i   ,       .���  :the memorial garden of St* Hilda's 'Anglican Church ������-    .*��� Rlsbey, ^ ._"*��*-  |*re, from left, W G. W. Jackson, SSSSbS ta�� SoSa^toS^tnl cT  Vancouver, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. McCue and Mrs. Dun- 5ffif8�� USTthf agS  Tex     t    '    -    '        ��� * ��� .and the young to the spirit of  zCmropractic tOfficei  *     ' *   i f**       *v  A" ^ <"     *    *��-,*">-*   "H  J. *    1  %     " ���*  &/MON��THUjt&r SAtAfX  M9N^THU|tS;/ SAT.IX*  7;��678^nne Dnvet Gfc^,  _ _, *_, ���*��   *     *���       l        ���**   riii-i.     _-���*��� r  ^'77.W  �� . *J * * w1.  J   ''4  -*-.? *��� 1 *������" i]  : -f/7 7-��-j ^V^V^.&vi^ ���..,  Pianoforte & Theory of Music  �����*���; ^ *��  ���  ,        jA<JA     r.   \  ��� -^ riu*VVs;**.  '��,    V  WIRS:; L. ,H. SHUPE M.A., AcR'A.M:  ;       Flume Road, Roberts Creek, B.C.   '*  ��  " Phone 886-2074  i.j' i'v  1      I,   1      <.u  7   Students prepared*,^ Torpntp> Conservatory Exami-  ^ 7 ' A ,   -7' /nations, if desired.' A' -A v;V77^*  fea/4 am/ Views  of you r/bu^ in ess fead  -��m��w���!��� n ��..i>;.,������..���M,M ������   ��� <.-   ^   j    1      r ���-*"-�����        *���   H j       ^  Cficif 11 Scmr Centre  Wilson Creek *  -������ Deoien fer PM. Coneiiea - MeCuKoch -  Honwlite - Pioneer ond SHhl Chain Sews.  coMPtere stock of all models  ��� Ports end Repair Service  "Telephone 885*9626  ; ^  COAST PAVING LTD.  ^H   *<   !    J.   > Jlfj  -r" j-  ^     j 1  Your Peninsula Centre  , for Fwniturer Appliance* -  Soles ond Service  Ricbter's T.V. & Radio ltd.  Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-9777  1,  mmU  Shell Oil Distributor  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phone 886-2133  I   '  !���  >'. V ,r.  w,(4��i.e'.rl>-D tfl^^^'-^M11!-^^  If  nm*^mmBmmi*m0m*+m��*0mmmmmmm*wmmM*0m*w*mm  Plumbing anil Healing  Let ua cater to  all your Plam-f--  Ing and HeaK;  Ing needs. Oil  Co. or Bank fin- ;  ancing avail-  able.,   .  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Courteous drivers are  at your call at all times, just pjck up the  phone and call Budd Kievritz at Gibsons  886-2133  for Delivery anywhere from Sechelt to  GIBSONS RESIDENTS  '      "Z* ���  J aI   <.     , , ^ A'ti  l  Calls now taken for Ad-briefs  and Messages for The Times  at  the   Com  Dry   Cleaners,;  Sunnycrest Plaza       Phone 886-2231:  ummmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmtsmm mmmm  ���tMaHM���lMM  A ��  1  S  IM^MepMMI-W^MMMMMIW  Port Mellon  ���MM_Nai��niinp��MM��.  wmrmmmmmmmm  PENINSULA PLUMBING  LIMITED  Hecafing & Suoolies  FREE ESTIMATES  Super Kemtone  Sherwin William Paints  - r. I  Phone 886*9533  ���omo ms^mmmmmsmmmmm mmmmm0tfmmm��M>^mt0mm  \li  \  mm*i0mmm0emmmim0*mm��*mi*i  ���V*NMMMMMO��m_MIW**<MNU  ��**!���� )itj* 4U n*twtWw*w^Ji^miV��4Mt  886-7701  SUMMER CtEARANGE  BIG REDUCTIONS  1   . * * .,i,  elenei  ���jjra&h  ion  < Glbiont 1 B.C.  oppe  Phone 886-9941  Gulf Building Supplies  ir Lumber ,       ^r Plywood  W Roofing       ir Insulation  ��� ���  >ir Paints       i( Hardware  ' .   u��>       *  ��� Cemenf     iAr Ceiling Tile  f 1  EVERYTHING FOR YQUR  BUILDING REQUIREMENTS  ��11  Gulf BuiWiiiol $wpp!ies  Phono 005-2283 Sechelt. B.C,  0 m mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  N,  I  M  .' *  I" v ���< ���  1 \ I I I  M  .1 Mi ��� t   ���    It  >   ��i   * ��    t�� t �����>������ -  ^*- (   f  ...   i a.  .r   i'lhi'f '��,*)  I  ���"Tiff ���-       I  tf *   7.v ,  y,j    .'.   ...t    ,-.  v I  if1 v,  '   I \   '-T*  * fr'T**?  'H  t   l  *r  S.V^.*  V        - *a' f  ��SVK    V      *��� ?    ' ' i I     &  iVi1, v77-7uJ77�� ?;'v ����� ;h jV s/ r7,-7~V, ,,177   7~ ..&,,. ��� .��������.,.-������ * >���  f7 7A.*����geT1ft-*- 5ectelt Peninsulo Times.. JW&4*m&btfm>  3:  &  i  ft  V  f   t  ,tt��me  *( 'yAAyyy;yiAr\y*^' yA<t Z   7   0 7 V      *  7'; -   ^';  ^7^-fe4^ *-V,^Wf ;*?- VA-.-ff ��v V. v>74-7��rrf y  moffe suspensions soon  T^*7^A^e_|pfl^^en^ral Robert JW. 3oim^ld^^dvisea.  7, t 7that 1965 will probably see a record number of driv? tr  "efsTrufed oftthe,roadjUn British Colunibia. At present  ^trends,^suspensions will effect -about 25,000 people by  *theend:ofthe;year7 , ��� A   ��    ' ��� -���.���>:   ,r,Tl-'-'  '  -,-" k -      _.-.<'.��> '    -   77,^motor^^int1^eI>mvinceV  '4*  ���f  *  4;  ,i   I  ^crease -bfv fourVper cent 'over a province,7*.-^ -# wv ��� "7      K .,  ftheji6,|31,<experienced lorVthe* ^While Wkact^iwore *&"7.��.  same period 'last.year) *Jto,7S0 ��. nfcy, -iand!^m*��^driyersT^a^d_7**  (drivers are off the road owing more cars and more miles <M-**r  <to court conviction for careless ven account, in part, for thev  or improper driving, failure to mortoring   piiblip's   pcspr   pep* 7^  satisfy  claims  arising  out  of formance to date,, officials have : 3  their  accidents,  or failure to been aware, additionally, thft  post proof of future financial there has been a mood among -  responsibility.   Warning  letters motorists this year reflected In  to drivers who have erred to an increase.of careless driving  date number 4,756 this year, an habits, which Iras ballooned ac- ]  increase of approximately 1,300 cident, injury and death rates  over 1964. Over 1,800 problem over 1964. T  driver? have been brought in      The t statistics quoted  above  for interview with motor-vehicle are evidence, of the quiet war  officers   throughout   the   prov- whic_ is fcitlg waged by pubUc  mce. Nearly 3,000 have received officials to reduce the hazard  notice of intention to suspend 0n our roadways.  Fortunately  their licence, and in this period this official ^mpnig*- has ^n  oyer 2,000 drivers have  been   reinforced by press outcry <of  4r^I^;lime8?^hi^ spe^a a  'mwmaegA  At r *        f  Some leg  4rtmQMm^t <A't*iZ*i7;'S t ��� -  lown|r_ayr^V ^ * ' ^^^; -,t  C9un.;tapg/twas7afab given '  the ^ahe$d to, install 'culverts *"'  'and, ;ditches' within - the ' village ,  where flpodtog has pccuj^ed^, '[  AtJ ti^.frequest of���ounc|Jior <  Benwsr? a forther grant, of $350,,'!  was'" made \to ' tiie-t recreation , -  commission in-order to pay "the  balance -of salary V'dye , the x  swimming and playground instructor. 7 ��� '  -    7   - ���       ���   ,  Chairman Christine,Johnston .  expressed disgust ��that certain  districts had failed' to * contri-  bnte to.tlie cost of the reerea-  i     r^*.       ��.        ."T reinforced by press outcry 4of _,                   -   ,          -  '��w��*?ieH5w .                        4   , .* ,tional pjvgraip, Coun,7Bffliner  S30^1^1?-*.111081113 PF��bat,on recent weeks, and it is hoped BOB HAYESIias a probfem^bowTio get in a sehool bus *** A $***&#*��%*  +LJ^-JLAL^an  improve that the combined impact of of-          With a piaster cast on a bro&n leg, Tbe only solu- ��fflWI��rted but Wilson Creek  their drvmg habits. ficial program and press puhli- tion seems^to be an extended Say iwbarSrofter ^ *^> the one xvho dotted  Meantime,   enforcement   ef- ��ty will help bring the motor- Greg is off to school, Bob can ar&m&k. at had hanneni m^^S -and in fact -had not  forts havp been stepped up as *�� pubhc back to their senses, to JUeone iKo wotiFS^iiitSatB?i? S^Sd *vm ****** *> apply tof the  driraefences mounted in the A comparative statement 1965 <Ji*g^toe7o^I^^^^ ���HP^m' ^ tfVailaMe ^  penod, audio July of this year to 1964 is annexed. of West Sechelt                         mwfflrf  ,    :     ?   Hayes "theta- ; ' ��� '  DRIVER IMPROVEMENT SECTION  Comparison of actions taken January to July, in 1964 and  1965  -���s-f ft  TYPE OF ACTION  1964  *�����  Warning letters    3078     4756  Notice of-intention to suspend ._ 2867     _883  Interviews  __���4_^ ,  1490     1822  Licences Snspended  1896   /2008  Probation  1242     1296  "      "   * 10573- 12765  POLICE COURT CONVICTIONS  January   __t n  8765     7192  February    __7  8373      9293  March      8381    12265  April    T. 1D974    11434  May    __  9863     12421  June -* _���_.*_   s��48     13056  July   11363  11297  67367 , 77958  B.C. MOTOR VEHICLE  ACCIDENTS  January to June              WM , 1965  Accidents!  1_        16,731 17,461  Injuries   _*. r_          7,441 7,432  Killed                 159 196  Property Damage    $8,479,006.81 $9,327,960.66  July Fatalities               28 62  Change  .+1678  + 16  + 332  + 112  + 54  _+2_92  ,���1573  + ��20  +3884  + 460  +2558  +3408  ��� 66  +10591  * ���  Pass testa ./.  r     7       |*7 ' V    ."    j  |MM| ^ ^    *   ^   V^��      ^ < *n-W~-*V^  Four. Sechelt Guides  JfWls  +20%  +15%  Increase     4%  Decrease 1/10%  Increase    19(%  Increase     9%  PENINSULA PLUMBIN  LTD.  Phone:  ���GIBSONS,  886-9533  cess of the expedition the LA,   _______________^  +34  +120%   with their gift of luniber and  \**mmm*mmammwLnm.*.mmmmmmm...------. ��� rn-iri^nt-mnniliMM, neW ^��lemftn lamp, Mr,  El|ll  ^ Swain donated a kitchen range  which was transported by Mr.  and Mrs. Newton ..from Halfmoon Bay. The' ttove was a  Godsend for tlredpld backs-*-  truly a gift from hqaven. ���  Mr, Leq Allen came from Ro*  ���' berts Crook to' help with the  building of the kitchen nnd dining room area, and helped ln  many other ways,  �� The larder was well stocked  \ylth the aid of Mrs, Chamber*  lain who supplied apples, Mm.  Jackson brought vegetables and  Jock JWxon and Don Caldwell  provided the salmon.  The salinon feast is a tradition at lhe camp-It Is baked in  foil in the open fire, and Is  flngcr-llcklng good.  Thc ice dqx donated by Mr.  Dave Hayward w��s esi-eclnlly  welcome during this hot summer, i  It'ls-hopcd" that' omTbVmT  Saturday   will   bo   spent   out-  ���doors  daring   September  and'  regular Monday meetings will*'  be resumed in October,   .  Tho now dining area Is still  in need of shakes and men to  npply them. Mrs,. Charlotte  Jackson and iron Al donated the  ones for thp kttd.cn. *   '  1 Only Enterprise Electric Range  30" ����� Automatic Oven , ,   1 Only Enterprise Electric Range  30" ���7 Automatic Oven , Z  1 Only Like Now  ���  Fauccrt Electric Range  189.00  219.00  *   119.00  lOnly En.orp,l.o mm.   _, -  OH mLTL t ^^5��  Sfove Pipe - Fittings - Copper Tube  Your fifam Tone <, Sherwln WiHIams  PAINT DEALER  In   bonuty   ��hop;   4,Snlo   of  wigs�����Ik months, toupee",  gain Pioneer fudges  THERE is reason ior celebration in lhe 1st Sechelt Guide  Vonmny-^wo? guides have ffelified for their Pioneer Ba4ges. (5gt,v Eayae 4��ssed-JLiiMia Hansen, Rita  Ono, Penny Caldwell and Donna N6Tson���Rita and Donna, _  have also wojb hatchets for being.,the best ,cam��ers7  Wiese are awarded, by vote. a5i��� ���   7 The'lenders wish to thanlc all  the parents for their' support  in seeing that the guides "went  to <��mp ano^ forthelr company  on visitors' evening which  means so much to the leaders  and girls. -  , Camping was such a pleasure  this year,, with tbe beautiful  new kitchen, table and benches  and the dining area. So many  people contributed to the sue  ~A:^&4ttJ *;  Mr. Omer Lepitre  > Above Post office  * t ,   ��- *  ���'  Gutting and Styfhg  ^   iuBWay to Sotunloy JMI     ���  "Your.StoirwoyTo    i*  '  ' Hdlr $eauty",      <  ��� "' 1*,  ffmm m$-��B2&  l_2v  4  itomber Spe<  SEE THIS-  fXTERIOR AND INTERIOR PAINT  *r    J.      (Ul f \ ..If,. ,1 VI ^       I  ��Xwhlte It      ^4 #|| per  t_." teste j��Bj||       gallon  ,7fr v H  tfarge stock oi Oil and Gas Ranges  and Gas Heaters  OIL FURNACES 7 _Each iffft_S5  1 GAS FLOOR -w~w~ ���  FURNACE  1   1-EVEN TEMP.  WALL FURNACE   UNPAINTED 7 DRAWER  STANDARD DESKS   1^-23" NEW;  1 NEAR NEW ELECTRIC  RANGE        ��. .  ���ml9p!Fmi  159.95  729.95  B9.95  LARGE SELECTION OF TABU LAMPS   ,  1 LIKE NEW       ) mm'tik g^i  HIDA IED   ~VUW@W(  1 IMPERIAL .ANTIQUE PHONOGRAPH  Yfi^^iiM^^ *��  WOW - Best Deal of the Y��m  10,5 Cu. Ft. REFRIGERATOR WITH FREEZER TOP  Full ��orvico warranty  ONLY    ;.   179.00  Sechelt, B.C.  085*9757  Phono 885-2058  I'liWimiiiiiLtoie  s  J'  |��....^i.   W^i.��t<.MMwt*.fl4>14ani4H��4  1   H.1*��W^# l��Wt|t>^ . . t W��M-, .  f    . J >    Hi i.fn  ' rr:  ,i��� ���  1     ,   \     '   I their  -. read'  ' an 'Is'  ''togsLjaVaden]  face,^fqr;$46;  thptv ��tfiese:;  * claimed nss  * der. How-phoney  1 jy_rj   groups foem'Bej to farter4'^3SS |StlE^m*4h^IIisF T i^^rSSfw^^^^f" 'd^n >|  i even^ en^y^4bem7 -The-same ^ **����* they ',,have experienced   *��SU$^tt^tf* I  gc^sfbr^ls'^^nd &ys'J hair- 7oi* their;respective marine ser-!�� "nSlftif! ^?vST lv   1  * v  ���\v  SECHELT RESERVE HAUL ~, *-W- *�� .v - Y ���.. -*'  ���j>v7 t7j���<* -** ^ > **77-7*' ^ wo;? ^f f ^  ire historic Sechelt Church.  M f>'\ *-C f -jfeV  To help restore  ,- - 77'  ���," ^0*\f7^ . . .,  f rWop ;Sepf. loth sat �� p,n?B  ,t* ri* 3   *  l   .1 .^si     S* >  y *-* t ^n <,     *i  Ff,  ���^7<><  oyt^-4f yoa^ean'ibeat ferns ^another season of' the same   eousness,  join 'en��7Monkey?, tire treads,    would badly damage,our repu  J*s A ^RDIAL INVITATION IS  .. ���  EXTENDED TO ALL BINGO FANS TO  TAKE PART IN THE BEST RUN GAME  f>J ���  and now, worms, have produc-    tation in the eyesjof^the, motor- *'  ^ImWernbticbvmas|erpiecesv-1  ^ing public,.not to-inenttori^thB n  ^Charger The*jBna_ word, id  women's .fashions.V iJ> * "  -. ;y<   :f^QHmtMmKSU%^S;AA>p'Z:A\<  *  kt��  ' 11;  ���SI t  B  'if**...', '-....,  ���ik'   *    W-+.W-*  !t      -    '        t   "  >"��      *   V *   7j"l    ��    i  .     fi   .��f H    111. ..IVltki   JS   t- ���?(���*����   "       .-lUMfcir  ' J    1 I      I        t    I      *        M      f    L |     J ,       |      Mt  iW**iMH#����<f"*l!i  #W>  jk-��h ttft^-AiiuAWf'i *) *������.>** *����������-  'it 1    ���  I M   '      \  ��� *(<��f tMHtfW M����^)rn��  A1 W  r,-f'^  i1 iH| -wfi-i.- f uJ-u*lA  f     .*-���*,,���.   ^^-^^'V-^   *--���������-, ,T-1 ���^--.*��_^,,   ���.*.��,    .��.**..,   ���.*-��.��������-.-^��h-->-*-.   *  M*i*W.-��i*Ji*.��*yJ^4 ��*!*��*-. ii  ���l-^i, ��>*_-   **-*��.>..rtJMW*t**'(i-*.  (  ���/ ���.--"���*���* Vo*--****-.  -_     1   ���  t  r  ,-.***  y; t '-i. r- * tr  -"A   * w  J1"  �����."*'������',>      *-.        >-wW ^WtV-V "*|*��--.l(��Jf>p-T^*��  t*  \  ���f  *  e.                    i.   ���  J  '   .  '<*-> >  t  .  -  Poge 12     Sechelt Peninsulo Times -   Wed./ Sept. 8, 1965  1.1, C "      T. * ^ j - ^  Cuto<a*^syAAftiwdthe ^lUme  '*���   w>  tas��  ' ,^-ffti^    and.his crew of eleven,were i |5.,a  month's .vacation with l,bloomwhb';iett^ech_ilf Septem-V  >f,&Ate*A , kept busy answering questions   *��* ��� .am c and  daughter-in-law, ^ber.3 for Salmon'-Arm,--where'  .   nnri    pvnlninina    aniiinn-anr    */v��*      Mr.   and   Mrs.   Fred   .Tr��rf*��*.n<*��W     Y,*.    ...ill    -��....., . -ut_    .....��i:..  ���5*  ���V- *  A'  /  f >'*  a__s_-& '  ��x.K*. uuojf  mowwnig 4uc-)uun_.        -    --;- i--���^ *-*.*-o���~-�����*�����"��   ^uer.j ior aaunon ~arm,~-<wnere'  an��  explaining  equipment^ for ��*: mw. Mrs. Fred Jorgenson)   heNwUI-.serye<his .epMentfce- ���  the.benefit oTthe^many people ?nd ���&�����-#��� Mrs  Jorgenson $r.   'dOp-a*?Meman;.m���was$re-.;  attracted   *"   ��*~   **.��*���*-i��..iu_ IS  Berinuslv^fhinlrtno* Af malrit-x-*   , .^SiHASiiJ.J .JLLii*ljs."_--i.i  ��.._ ._  cqlorftilT  Two cutters the Beady  efit qrtlw,many people    an9 lam"y-Mrs. Jorgenson ^r.    sttfo.a&f lineman';.m���wastpre-*f "-      1  d to the wharf-bythe   �� 5eriously"tinnldng of making^sentecTtfith* a deepen ^sehby '��� - *- -r*|  yesel;  \     .-,  ,   -,7 f. Canada her home.  >, ;N j-^ wtheB.a"HydrbVcreWafidvoffice, ^   ��;* '   J  cutters the Beady and' J^^J!^J^iJfl2K '.^v'V^''^^*^'^iO   U';  '    1  .!������;,*.-_���   ^-*-j * *w>     s<?n  a?d   their .infant daughter        Sechelt rasMfmte'whn.leff.fm*'. I  diately_ gives-the location* of a    eensoii- ^'- ,<--.*"'?    tl , ^ , w"  ^.^-v.'.?,?^-'. ~ ���" ^��� -  stricken .vessel'whenrttined in<~    T^i^^^-A^A:^ k****> Bilf BnUngsley.,Jhejr.wiH *  ���to, the" wavelength* of the dis-^T1^'J*��A''lfemson of-I*s- also <visit relatives-in PoweU '���  tress signal.     .-^-~Vv7^    , Ahgdes^ Calif.; recently, spent , River; Tfey^wil^be moving to'*  -.k-     ���        _��� ^ .     '     * ��    2. w?ek���wlth her si8ter�� Mrs;/ the_Qfieen  Charlottes' in   the"  ,_  This piece of equipment re-    Frank  Reid.  The  two  sisters   near future, \yher<T Patrick'^bas^  cently ��� saved ��� valuable.. time    then .returned to Los* Angeles - been appointed .'district super- -  when a. small craft in Howe    where Mrs.. Reid- spent a plea- ��� visor for B.& Hydro. "     *   ?.    i  - Sound began to take on water. : sant ^ holiday  visiting/relativis ,    Mrs't'VktWo^thVCalvDso k  There wereonly two people no , and touring B^verley^Hills and : tJS^JSSgS f 23l��SS2cS '  bpard and while the husband    HoMywood. The -recent* rioting   eO^Stc^Sef W *���  . manned thepump his wife sent     �� Los Angeles broke out short- * Sr dugS' she s2S?few  , out a distress caU; the,position - ly- after  their arrival,^ which'   to^S*lSpn?&< 'oS '  . given was incorrect^ but while . marred the holiday to some ex- ; g? S^&S!S&J^^  .the call was being-relayed the    tent,,     -;.       .        .*  -. ,       .   . .   ,    ^ ��       -  -**t  tent  Pastor  Herh7.FrUson-  Tvery- pasyy place, during  the  and : summer months, catering to'the  Gibsons visitor.  ��� the call was being- relayed the  - *           -    f   ,   caiea    xne       _ -----     ....��,..,��j���,1.  ,���� -uounc. <uuhui-��, cawnngw me  - vessel-and soon arrived on the ��� family of 7 Abbotsford,f spent ever inci*asihg~numbe>of tour- -  scene, pumped out-the water pj,rt of their holiday with Mr. ists. '* "7 * ./.:,', ^.^.-v 7  and towed it- to snug cove;        , and Mrs:'Frank*Hall and fami- New residents in We>t= Sechelt ;                                                During the Sun Salmon Der-    ��' ,Pasto-* Fruson  served the .are  Mr*  and-Mrs".-Wm:  Mc- '  SLEEK coast guard cutters have a special attraction    by- the Racer answered it dis-    Lu���.eran  Church  MissoriJ Sy- Gfegor of the Gamma Phi Beta  for young and old; CCGC Ready is one of the cut- 4tress ealIs* the majority from    no�� ra Dawson Creek, the Hall's Childrens-  Camp.   Anxious, to  ters based at Kitsilano which  kegps * r<wy-tant vigil   boats which had run-out of gas.    K,lgiefe betere mov~ have  a  dog, , the, Mc6regor��  alone our coast linp   cnii^np snPpH ic in WiX                                                                        UL.., ^taR-two years ago. were soon accommodated when  aiong our coasi line, cruising speed is 18 knots.                                                                      While hvthe area Pastor Fru- the   local   HCMP ��� Iritn-auced  son visited, the lovely Anglican them to a family of .beautiful  Church of His Presence' at Red- puppies" from which they \vere  J3?-  Hospital Board  appoints Matron  MRS. Mary M. McGowan, RN,  has been appointed to tbe  -position of Director of Nursing  to St Mary's Hospital, it was  announced last week.  Commencing her new duties  September 7, airs. IVlcGowan  has a great deal of experience  in this work. A graduate of  Royal Columbian Hospital, New  Westminster, she has worked  as General Staff Supervisor at  the Provincial Mental Hospital,  Essondale; Director of Nursing at Prince George Regional  Hospital and -majored in Nur-  - sing Administration at the Mc-  Gill University.  From May, 1942 to 'April,  1946, Mrs. McGowan served  with the RCAMC (Surgical).  rooffs and enjoyed the.hospital-  ity of Rev. Canon and Mrs.  Alan Greene.* He also enjoyed  the historic Roman Catholic  Church of Sechelt with Father  D. D. MacDonald as bis guide.  A farewell party was held at  able to take their choice.  Breathes there'a' man* With  soul so dead, -who*never to himself has^ said, 7'? x $/���&*$" as  he stub&d his toe on tbe foot  of the bed,     --   *   - **���   >,     '  I UTieS " '7,       ,    ;;.  iUSINISS DiRECtOEtY  L&H.SWANSONLTD.  Septic Tonics ond Dtoin PieMt  Bockhoe and Fnmt En4 *  Loader Wortc  Screened Coment Gravel'  Fillond Rood <Srovel  Phona 883-9664  Bo* 172- Sechelt  ')'  TINGLEYS^  %  MORE   ABOUT  .  .  .  Headers' right  - �����*-*    I  Local crew member  THE FOUR fire monitors on board CCGC Ready are       --^~.  usually shrouded in blacfc which makes them the ,rom editorial page-  objects of much curiosity Explaning the equipment is of having or not having medical  Harley Mathews, one of the 12-man crew aboard the coverage available to all but  cutter and grandson of Mr. L. A. Mathews of Gibsons, of the best means of providing  with him, on the right, is Gordon Bowditch of Victoria.   "��� And 1 submit that compui*  sory coverage as proposed by  the Liberal 'Government, is not  the answer.  We, in Canada, have one of  thc highest standards of medical service in the world and a  large part of thc population 'presently carry sojme form of me*  dlcal insurance against the  high ��� costs often involved in  major illnesses.  The Provincial Government  |s now sponsoring a comprehensive medical plan and will  subsidize the premiums of those  financially unable to meet  them, This is tho true Conservative concept of helping those  who need It. What I object to  In the Pearson Plan is that  nothing is left to the indlvi-  t dunl's own initiative" not even  take It or leave It. That much  choice is to bo denied tho individual; he is to, take it���want  Jt or not.    ���<,  ���  In closing1 might I  mention  _.that, people ..visiting, Britain, to*.  . day are not automatically cov*  , ercd ,by the, v National  Health  Plan but havo to ask for It by  ,  registering for coverage. When  we needed a doctor we felt that  we were not entitled  to froo  sorvico And by, not registering  had to pay our bill..  Yours sincerely,   ���  0. BOYD SHANNON,  Progressive   Conservative  Candidate Const Cnpllnno,  ll It f  ^ i  Marine Supplies Service  GARDEN BAY  BOATWORKS  A COMPLETE LINE OF  BOAT REPAIRS  Gordon Bay, B.C.  Phono 083-2366  HI-HEAT    , 1  SALES and SERVICE \  1 1  for. all p your heating j  requirements <.,* v  4 Oil Cq/s Finance Plans  C. E. (Cat) Tingley -  Box No, 417, Sechelt  885-9636 ��� 085-9332  CAR & TRUCK TIRE CENTRE  , Lot us supply all your Tiro  requirements  Quality ,i��� Servlco -Economy ���  t. *WfJ t    At-    -H-,1  GIBSONS %9 SERVICE  Phone 8B6-2572  -S  !  Scows ��� Logs  SECHELT TOWING  & SALVAGE LTD.  Heavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing'  L. HIGGS  Phone $85M25  EUCTRA-CLEAN  Upholstery Cleaning '  Carpets - Furniture.r  Rugs  _ 1  for-appointment  Phone 88*5-9890  11  Phone 885-2062  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  Electrical Contractors ���  Appliances - Electric Heat  Phone 885-2062  HALL - METAL  Gonoral Sheet Metal  HEATING - DOMESTIC  COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL  Phone 885-9606  73T  For, JEasy. Budget Terms  Use Your SHELL CREDIT CARD  .    or Apply for A ��mk torn  tyartgaQo Money  "   for Mew Construction  or, Oldei* Homes ���  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  ... Sunnychwt-Shopping* Centre" *���  Glbtont 006-2401    ' I ..KM  TREE FALLING  TOPPING OR REMOVING  LOWER LIMBS FOR VIEW.  Kwirnl wrtcjrmnt fbit M��lioA'  .   ' to P��itdtr H��rtM>uv.  '   PV SERVICES LTD.  Phono 886-9946  and 886-9615  Frank E, Decker  OPTOMETRIST  1  Bal Block  Gibsons  Every Wednesday  886-2166  PENINSULA      ���  BUILDING SUPPLY  v "The House With A Heart". .  E. J. Caldwell, Proprietor "  Bon $1. S-choH, fcC, .   .  Phono Sechclr 885-9669  .1 ->  WATER. SURVEY  SERVICES  Complete Witer Sy-tern-Servlcr  L. C. EMERSON1   1  aocholr 885-9510  Insured Blotting  r *p*-*f>wj/*< r -A  7


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