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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Oct 27, 1965

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Array if  ���*+r  W-V  1 ������<  ' ���I.V.lE'isfc I  r-M-  V*.    ���* * ���**���T1��>Vt',Wh <    ��x^v*"   M    /*"  -^   *V     .-���-���  ^ -~w    vt ^f^*!^***1*^^?*" --^^���^^.^t^^-it^-^r*.***-^^^^^^- ���?���/*  ���, ���''���.  i-       f     ,��     >-  Vrt �� V*- �� *       ��  *  m     t   ��  i?        **  i .  '  ^  ���   ���   ���  Project engineer  if-StSEWSBteS?  JMDP candidate  accuses Fed* OoW *  THE FEDERAL government  has. been accused by NDP  candidate BilL Deverell joi taking a paternal attitude to native Indians  Deverell,  running  in Coast  Captfano, told a house meeting  prsstoh hicropi^shs& services,  2182 best l2tb &vzuus.  Vancouver 9* b. c.  Authorized as Ternd cfcs  mail   by   fn*"    P"sf   Off re  Daparfnvnt Otto<��a  Setving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Soun<f to Jorvis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkm- Landing Grantham s Landinq 6 bson- Roberts Crcc*',  Wilson Creek, Selma Pork, Sechelt/ Hoff/noon Bay Secret Cove, Pender Horbsur, Madura Park Klemdah.  Iry nc   Lorrting Carl Cove EgnTnt **   WEDNESDAY, OCT  27, 1965   1_|��  _     ..-_x...  r.      ,>.,,���. ^ ,_��� _, ,-��� the Gib  ���Ae^ioJd^V feting  Hrge\yi\'Aiohk ^gbway- patrol teceiv  i_m.Mi.-iwi'..  ._.�����-:... _u_^.^-i_* _.*.__."____. -^A^last Sunda>  some 4 000  Lower Miin  .'oncouver &  .where   they  peering ^^^                                                                 be ^e^E��!rr^l SJSS ��^ *"��"*��?  ^beettcempleted^and^resultsvof" .enjoyed b^ypungsters in the, >sh Qw ^fiour th! advice and Gi^sww  patrol.wis  not on  . sou tests *re^w,a^ited   in    Pe^er ���Hirbour.area on Octo-7Z^TTt Sto*  1* the ^st punW in thc Van  relation to loAd bearing. Bids -ber M.     -y   r  lT       ^           < "W Indian Affairs Depart- -couve* Sun on7tbt Thursda*  .JL."*..*  i .. _. -__j    _    _____._._.     <_iH.it*   +n  _���__��   -oro mo   hut    Pi-inn  ��� * J  V}  *{ '*���  wiU-^be called early February- t  Celebration>iU^wrtmence at' ment has organised * eomplex  < Prior vto ,ihe���game but Pnnci  ������$^^te?���Utm*\ 8,��p.irt. ^at^ther^aldeira' Park;, of   committees'  atod^btfards -,-Wl.Mr. g: Cooper and Vice  pleted by mid-July. ,, .  ,      ; playground and "all.'cluldren and - through which it tries^to'orga-   -Principal Mrs. S. Knight soon  -Both  sites under-considera-i teenagers in .thevPendk Har-��� 1ai?e the lives *f the Indian peo*~ 'contacted tbose ih charge and  tiqn for start of the project are ^bmu_ are�� a^e invited.- Pander I p|.e,'-and, I, Jifelieve, the^Tndians    &*"& they were most welcome  within a short'distance ot eacti-  ^rbwis, Recreatioh. Coliimis-.'would j?refer>to(organize.their,   to attend,  other near Jtne ^**>lufi 4tv< sion is^ponsoi^ig ^ events; ^wnttyes," ^^alpV^ -> ' 7/ -;   Frantic last minute arrange  SBlhia'Park.,^The" i>nly.questions ���x, ^.,.   . *K,rf   ��_��_ ��� ��� ^ V- l' 7  ' ' -'        rT^    T^    "     T * meats resulted in a bus load of  ,_-..��_.��,., _~u_^ t_____,.i*_i-><*���� ���* *_.__slm_.>_ J- .   .-.-        .   .-   ~ �� 7j740^happj^-youngstew,   accom  panied Ijy Mr., Knight and Mr  seima��4?arK. ���fm otuy.questions^>^, v^t ,       ;v>,-f   *).��^ . * _; v, "   l       -  differences;^   -\r ^y - ,.r^ .^,,,.,^1.      -��� ,   ���^>^-jr     ,      , y  . Mr,a Watsoh,.told,The ^^^ i* JD^^JLj^^i St__V__3__���_,! Jl  *   fi/* l*:!__.��*,_^  V<*, -    '^-.   -��*��j  differences  Mr,  *lpris ^ortjmate' that" certaija'  back-room -polittclans' -are presently attempting to .smear the  endeavors ofl*^trl Jack Davis  who was responsible ,for bring  Boating accident  causes two deaths  who was respowiblevfor .bring- Z+%t\$.%J^y&$p     ^yWZkJi,  Wli^%AI\JIAS��4-�� yeuhg   peopleT^  patrol   a^'  Ing .the ^loj^awiwut'battle T, .    .v    ; '-7 .^ .     - .       - ^ ^^^ wrf^^ -three I  for this project> reality. ���.    . FOR^THE third vyeek/Vsuccession, tragedy struck JoWvbusy, w>ad& convoke Into one.^  "Tnn  m���nv "fnr   _on��nn��*  fio��:f thf.  pAniriftlflA   With   tflf��' .<.Afl.bc  rtf  twn   rftciHon.c   a-riVf      All    *)-._.   f/��^.. ��� ���-����*s��� .-4^..���nnn .  "roq many/'for reasons best fte,Peninsula .wi^the'.jdeatbs of two*residents antf  AU'the Jerr77^ic-^ween7 "     * " Tv^^ir1  known tolfierasdlye'i ^ried loud;  another man hospitalized following a boating mishap.     r_*n_��it��ip nun wa-t-v*/*����o-��_�� 1 ��� ���- <i_�� ,  uHk  and long ^tbe\breakwater,    f Recovering from, his^ ordeal   " : :   and now that it is actually sla-- ^ $t;,Mary's hospital��"is ��� 52- * eric Knott and hi& companion  ted for cottstrutfion, they ,see.   year-old1 Howard ^Vernoti^Wal.   Bay Lachance.  ffi_5?"*5u?W':fe -daptrap dis-    la^e.His.two^dmpaiiro^were ,  ,pe{erson was well*known in  tributed by political opponents7 Waitw ,-E.y Peterson;, aged ^50'     l'eierson wa? ���**w��* m  of Mr. Davis/:.    ;���     .  77 ,and fJ|j��tiel   Elbrenbe- KPska,  Far    reaching  .interest,  ii?   aged, 53, known' as' ^tefsoDi' >'  being7snown in' the break^iat-. ' .The^b^dy "of'the wpm'an has k  r er*an4v various tocal dignitaries A been^jrecovered; bat , Peterson  have been approached'by out" had not been found Sunday. ���  of town business people seek- ���    The^ three left the Porpoise  ing facts and figures of the area;, Bay wharf at about 5:3Q p!m.  ,wiUi a view to future invest- . last ^Friday, October' 22? inf a  ment   \tJ_     "     .   ",  '^7*<ii-foot<Joppna"boat powered^by  -  <���" % -- * <    ,      ,   t  *        - aft outboard motor, and s'fet ofct  SI, Hilda's AYPA -< > for^lM & w >��**^����p  POl'UI-AR young singer MaryZL-iinb sang %or beantifal*  "   ^solos at "the Saturday nighit Amateur,Night, l_iream-  mg^gTTflTtg T BftHqvfe.-*Shp. was abcompanieiL-bLy a wftTI-  '^nown^Vfflicouvef artist.Mtst Bfdna^C^ibic^JflSgfc Calfeick  ,      _. w^,... .... Pooular pair who has been staying in Sechelt; -#h&e^shfean<_>es to -  Ferrari leavto^ for Vancouver k pLE EVER popular Fergusons, the Rev^Jim ��nd wife' make ber future home; idndljr consented topiajr at very .  last Sunday morning.      '       |%7 jm captivated tbe^audience^of young and old>hen   short :nqtice and eyfiiyorte^b<_?es-tI^fttiWiiB_K)t' be too,  Gibsons Kiwanis sponsor- the.* ^kf appea^.at the fund raising'Amateur Night, on be-  patrol  and provide  mwEormsJ half of the Sechelt Rcreation Commission "  and_ special' treats  for- these $ ,-. -_,.,,,,.,. ������,1iH-i    ���wj��i  young   people ^06-  patrol ' a \\\ -        >^   % .      y      fti  ���1  long before we hear fromTher again.  Langdale and Earl's 'Cove1 use \  this road' which is6 particularly *=  congested around 8:30 a.m.    -*���  The patrol is taught to prac-     -.-._   ..._,  _ r���tise   extreme ��� caution  because^.  the Egmont area where he had ''.although the crosswalk is .well/  resided "for some "years. He had . marked, strangers to 'the area -  resided for/ some time in the, v don't always realize the' signif-.  Sechelt district: "   ,'A    *     ,     > icance of this crossing.  Af Wilson Creek  . ��� #  win blitz trophy*   Vfc <**** ftt^y-A  < .        1 . v. 1^    tri?�� -    .* j- ^ _nffi-n_-ihmtr e  atvBoriston, where both'men  A.  Approaching ' Doriston ^ about  Siiide & Bkownie leaders  ptker iornmnis.1 meet  3        4 ~ Accordion Trio , _   ,  xOUNGv pupils of Mr/Henry Christensen were popular  I artists of Amateur Night. Craig. Jones, Bruce Freze  and Pavid Taylor played the Nautilus and Vancouver  Wa_tz~followed_ by Water Colours.  Country and Western.   ��� t  ><.    *   _, .,  VISITORS from Pender Harbotir? Mrs.. ^Juantjfca Thoii^^ '  linson andL Hick'Feoza/iveret joIned.-b^^Mi.- Bob^^  Keeley of Sechelt to present some very'fine Coiintfy and '  \Vcstern style music  young people can attend them  at nominal cost.  ���line splashed^ over the "bottom  of the boat, bursting into flame  when'd match was struck. r /  We erroneously  reported  in    * All   three  jumped 4 into . the  last" week's  Times  that  such   water, Wallace clinging to the  money went to benefit less for-    burning boat, the others harig-  tunkte people in B.C.    "V-**.. _ing on to the floating gas con*  r   ��� \ " Tojsiich ^mp$- wero, b$ld. ^^vJ!^\_*k.fcw*W����  *_��*., 7i thisJ%y^r/bnaSat^mntb7the   se*  A other *att-*��^12Caniei^:-^fe   _ -  HMa'^AYPArecenUy^won^the^J^^P^yces;��!^  Blitz   Week v Trophy   awarded   ^mg camp L who had heard  " the association with, the- high-  '       '   est per capita donation.  for the annual meeting of the Sunshine Coast Divisions,  On Friday evening two gold ;  cord holders from the Roberts training course which included  Creek Co. gave interesting pic- handicraft instruction where ^ a  ture illustrated accounts' of vast variety of handicrafts  their visits to Heritage Camps made by the Roberts Creek Cbt  during   the   summer   months. ,��were on display.      >      <  SEEK FUNDS  Children of St, Hilda's Sunday School w}U be oiit in force,  this Saturday on a canvass to  raise funds for the "Save the  Children" campaign.  the c$iUs( for^belp and" rushed  out to the scene.  Mabel Koska ,was then 'recovered from the water and found  to be dead, but further searching failed to locate Peterson  who is assumed dead.  t The two rescuers were identified a. Camp Foreman Frcd-  Tsoona Camp in B.C. Refreshments followed, served by the  Roberts Creek'Rangers.  Saturday was occupied with  training sessions for the Blue  and Brown leaders and business  discussions were attended by  association  members.  Betty Allan, Roberts Creek  Rangers,   conducted   the  guide  1  and  Vera  Farr  gave  tion in nature study/ y  , Betty Allan's slide-illustrated  account of her recent visit to  Ottawa was thoroughly enjoyed*  by everyone. Many new songs  were learned at the Saturday  evening campfire conducted by  Dorothy Stockwell and skits provided relaxation after a busy  day of training.-  Excellent meals were provided by two very busy persons,  Mrs, E. Inglis and Mrs. C.  Gust who performed the quartermaster duties.  Mighty Wurlitzer ��� TWO youn  VEDY WELCOME participant in the Amateur Night Hall  show was Wilf Victor at his Wurlitzer organ. Mr. a��e   very _ , w ,*.*-*. -w>,-4 ^,  Victor has had, tbe instrument a comparatively short '"Sp����*y Hollow*  then younger, sister Debbie.iom^h^, *. ���  time, but his playing had all the earmarks of a polished for "Chopsticks''. Both girls ai$, pup%vof-Mr.-\$: p., K&fc^l 7>-  '���-������- Redman of Sechelt. <      r.       < :\ _\Vi ��.-.**.S'   .i-.'  /"''.vi*..!  musician.  Payment completed . . .  Disgust expressed  on road works job  COUNCIL of Sechelt reluctantly agreed to pay the firm  of Scotland and. Adamson the sum of a little more  than $1,400, the final payment for road work carried out  within (he village.  fu*    ���>  , Annual mooting  ���-COMMISSIONERS attending the Sunshine Coast Division's Annual meeting at Camp"  Olavo, Wilson Creek were (standing) Hunechln District Commissioner, Harriet'  Newton; Powell River D.C. Sheila Knibbs; Elphinstone DC. Molly Hartle. (Seated)  Division Commissioner Agnes Labonte and Texada D.C, VcraXiebich. ���  Roads Chairman Ben Lang,  after approving the payment, ���  replied to a question by Councillor Gordon and said ho was  not happy with the work by  tho company but that it would  be different next time.  Chairman Christine Johnston  in expressing disgust that pot*  holes had' been left in roads recently flusheoatcd, said council  should remember not to employ  tho company again.  ROAD CLOSURE  ,._��� LcUcc���fronii��Mr,,.Nornvan��Bur�����w  ley stated it was hla Intention  to, subdivide a portion of, hU  property bordering n 'proposed  village parksite area, Proposal  by council to close off a section of tho gazetted road allowance would dcprlvo him of 50'  of hla property, ho could there*  fore no! give his approval to the  closure. ,  Another resident whq hnd  been approached by council re*  carding tho snme project, Mr.  C. McDcrmUl,, had so far not  replied but Coun. Joo llcnnor  said he had been speaking lo  Mr, McDcrmld who had Indicated agreement to thopavk  pvojool. - a ml �� would - wrllo��� to *  council-If thoy ho wished,  EXPANSION  Minister of Municipal Affairs  Dan Campbell informed conn-  council wish, it was howevoV,  agreed to await a visit by the  minister. > "  DEMOLITION  Application for q permit covering removal by demolition of  the old Union Store, was enthusiastically, agreed to. It wns  stated Mr. D. Spenco had undertaken to remove the building which has been, considered  ��n eyesore for some time,  Possibility of rnts existing in  tho building was discussed and  Coun, Bill Swnlri said ho would  -obtain a'supply of poison to dis-"  poso, of thorn'.  A  A>'   A! ":���*  \ Jm  il p-v  i t  /7 ;  T -J  Tho Bini five  SECHELT residents got together for Amateur Night and'  tho result was an extremely competent dance band  featuring Jack Nelson, Bev Nelson, Curly Lucken, Rod  Lizee and Jim Pitzpatrick, , ^    "  Good turn-out  ��� "������"���'���"x  ^,A   p,JEU   #tt^(|iM^,�� J1f*.*^-*t��- f \l **1l   V\!  ANNUAL district .Conference,  Hinted for Saturday, Novcm*  ber 13, wllj bo held this year  from 10:30 a.m; lo 3;30 p.m.,  In tho Pender Harbour Secondary School,  ^representation In anticipated from nil recreation commissions on tho Runshlno Coast  including tho Powell Ulvor area.  .,., Any -person ��lntoro��tcd ** In -attending the conference Is wel*  -come and should contact tho  district recreation office before  November 0 If lunch Is re*  quired. Ueglstratlon fc�� will ho  PTA announces  successhil sale -  ������ -SECHKLT ,PTA .used .clothing,  and bake Kale Was a'OKighly  successful venture which raised  the .sum of $204.45. President  of tho PTA Mrs. W. Bystedt ar\d  chairman of thc sale Mrs, Mel,  Jeffries, wish to thank all  those who helped mako this  fund raising project a success  by donating clothes and baking  SECHELT Rocveation*Commissior w^ -or giving their timo. AZ  the response to its* first' fund-raising project,-Ama-     i��� particular they wish to ex-  *  Mloht    nrAc^ntnrl   lnRf   Sntnrrlnv   n��   thn   I��.lnmontnrV     ^^ ^ grntWud<j o( ^ pTA  for the uso of tho store which  wn.s most kindly, donated 'by  Mr. ar$d Mrs. G. Wlgard.   '  \ 1*   ��     . U* -flt-t    :  Recreation meet. Successful talent show  10 feature forum ensures Siitiif6 repeals  r  tcur Night, presented last Saturday at tho Elementary  School Auditorium,  v In order that tho event did  not conflict with too many other  projects, tho night of entertainment wns put on at short no*  tlco, consequently advance  - publicity **wo8* at-0-minimum.-  Uowovcr, the turnout more thun  justified thc hopes of the men��-  hers who worked to provide the  pp >  Too brook  WELCOME break for tea during the busy annual meeting of the Sunshine Coast .Division finds n section of the mombors enjoying an informal chat, Oh tho right la  Mrs. R.-Alaagcr of Gibsons who had tho task of officially recording minutes of meeting, which was hold at Camp Olave, Wilson Creok.  y*��-*��*^��^W-i��r^maW^*^  tend-a��publlc,mceUng-ln,ie*.  gnrda to tho proposed expansion  of boundaries, taking-In'Went  Socholt, nt this tlmo,...Howould  bo pleaspd to attend after Iho  election, Nov, 1) at a datos convenient to all concerned,  Mr. Campbell said ho could  send  a  deputy  sooner' aUould  nnd-coffee breaks;'  Thome for this year's conference will bt? "A looK ��t re-.  creation "from the- Inside out  and tho outside in." Two panels  of guest, spoakers will discuss  all facets, of "rocroatlon and a  question nnd answer 7 forum  will bo held.  show.  Plans   originally   oa|lc|l   for  IbFM^Iisbm out orr'Sn'TniTnuaT7"  4TCTt","btrt",'Tesponse,*'was*'��uch���  that plans nro now being con*  sklorcd  to present a night of  amateur talent i\t regular Intervals,  A tremendous job of master  of ceremonies was performed  by Joo llenncr, and the crtter*  talncrs who so generously Kavu  of their services ut such short  notice woro greatly appreclat*  cd. it was pointed out by tho  emcee that to bring In musicians from Vancouver costs  hundreds of-dollar ft, *��yot.�� wo  havo excellent performers right  here on the Peninsula,  It Is hoped to Seek out Additional   talent   for ,' subsequent'  shows  In order  to provide  a  n *flm<Krthcrrunlnt��r\ipted**pcr-  formnnco. , ���������"(���  Anyone desirous  part or Interested  events, la cordially Invited lo  contnet any member of those*  chelt Recreation Commission,  or Doug Wheeler at tho Times  office  Gibsons mdftyrins t  memorial trophy  FIRST ANNUAL CharUo Rurna  memorial  trophy  ehoql wa��  *held Stmday at the Gibsons Rod  ..*nd Gun Club ^��od was wa by��  ^Mr.. Norm Harris. oJ? Clbsoiw. J  "Tho,centre firo sporting riflo  of   taking i oyent was won by Cons, Rarry  lt\ vfature >-^os��   of   Gibsons'  detachment  I -1.  +t     a M> n>_n*i-j  \l f  *" "* *-\ *��� 1 f*  a^fWffipiB. >^*ja��ifm��tn ��M***   "i  <������ ��.,*-)s��-w* n-.-f*!* -(**��< t-��f***/T-t!(,***li * I *W -V  .ii^ftM^^lr*>^nl.W^#M<llim9^n^^ ��W��4'(.Wl.nit,*(4j*l)fe|  '"***J%'  4 ��t_��B.I^-wflO��]��ltl>f��jS',  *- J** ** ���    *      *    t -"  * fi^W^^i p�� ^(ftMto*WHBft*^ p��#**tWMWW^^  "**.li-��p*�� �� *** <W��l��(#ll|||* fhW'WMiJl-'Wp-  ��� %��*.*<���-��,-* ����-*% #*��*V p-*'��*Vj*ih** ��. #  ^jW��4m-v*��*l"'!*'��,*��' * J1.'* * *(W,^ j *��^*j��*#*u *��*l,*r��>^'ilk^_^^^^*^��^*#"i  3?**%  CMP.  ���JFourteen contestants toolc  part In the first event and 12  in *tho hecowl, A number- of  ep^ctfttora was al&o proseat,  ,asa��MPBft^iai-'--��pflt *r*C>v U&
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§§6-9303 - Gibsons. B/C.
' PASSED    away    accidentally,
7 October 22, 1965, Mabel Florence Peterson of Sechelt, B.C.
Survived by two sisters,  Mrs.
j&eatrice   Georgeson,   Victoria,
B.C.' and  Mrs.   Alma   Ewing,
North Vancouver, B.C. Two brothers,- Leonard   and   Kenneth,
Edmonton. Funeral service was
held Monday,  October 25th at
11 a.m. from the Family Chap-
v  el of the Harvey Funeral Home,
Gibsons, B.C. Rev. J. H. Kelly
'   officiated.   Interment,   Seaview
)< Cemetery, Roberts Creek, B.C.
WILTON—Passed away Oct. 13,
4    1965, Lawrence Alfred Wilton
> of Sechelt, B.C., formerly of
Zeballos, B.C. Survived by his
loving wife Norah, l daughter
Mrs. Muren Schachter, Vancouver, 1 son, Denis, Calif. 4 sis-
-. ters-and l brother, 4 .grandchildren. ^ Funeral service was
held kon., Oct. 18 at, io a.m.
from^theT,. Hamilton Mortuary,
Vancouver, B.C. Rev.' T. Speed
officiating. Interment Ocean-
view Cemetery. HARVEY FUN-
ERAL HOME, Gibsons, B.C.,
directors. 9517-45
COTTAGE, 5 miles from Sechelt   on   beach.   Plumbing,   2
bedroom,   fully   furnished,   $45
month. Box 305, Sechelt..
FAMILY housekeeping  c&biris,
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•between Davis Bay and West
Sechelt,  885-2084. 9507-45
Prices *^- Screened
 ,    Dram—Rock*—Fill;
SneA  to.   A.   _am'pkib's,   §e-
Disbict up to 4:00 p.m. .'local ' sPns *n *he Powell River1 Union
9991-tfn time,' Monday,, Novemfeer 8th, Ha)i *P« Canada today is un*
—^—r    l9fe5.        y      '    l     ,  * dergoihg a techhological revo
lution a& significant as the In-
The prittcipdl, itemss bf.work    diistrial Revolution of throe centuries ago. *
"Men,  women   and   children '
worked under intolerable conditions during the years of the
Industrial Revolution, and they '
fought to .build a' better standard .of living," he said.    '
."Today, men and women^who
have devoted .their.entire work- ,
ing lives • to* specialized trades
are „ being put on the streets
while -their- jobs , are being
handled by.machines arid,computers. , ,, . "
"Unplanned    automation    is
and approximate quantities are
shown below:        •   A Z y
1. Supplying ^all irtateisais
and installing 16,000 fefelof 6-
drich A-bestos Cement'' water
mains ^complete with appurtenant fittings. ? ~ ,
2. Supplying all ttiateJials and
in staling 111 _service Connections.
3. Constructing a Concrete
tank base with piping ahd fittings. .  7 '
Plans Snd sfci%_rt_a_tb»s may
^        \ »     jV        - if     *^\J. { 1   *»        *> -*^_-       >      (     a,"
^    ::   aa4QAN HBADLiY
Z .;»,C^W " J S\;A: :^AAy^Zy-7^
f Mm ^mm^m natjon^i r
__ 77'-^7'r~
'<__/..% A„f/ *
"Sftfr^W    ' "'"--'•f*-,r*(S.   ,   —
zy^y AJ;,> ,
•v*.yA 77r y 2-Z
'.fi 'i >    <A t   s* v
.    *?^Ti      l
\. -. **» V* I *"*
"t ^7iY~ '
*" ~
*e-^tattihed^at ,ttr_- __a@_ 'of—ehaosHt)Ut~planned-automatioft
Associated    Engineering *. Ser-    can -mean a better life for all
*   _!
icftkliWAri iDUCATiO^ CENTRE
. Phone Gibsons 1,8^999®
'7 ,
/<f^, 7»V
v *■ *
\  *f •     ^** . "
*des,Yo^aiiB or:Grou^r^ft5ife .:
ActivitiesrRegularly:(o ITIie Tillies?
chelt 885-2132.
New dinger sewing mach $99.95
Used Domestic sew mach. 99.88
Eash washer      49.95
Simplicity Washer _-_   39.95
Coldspot refrigerator    99.95
Sanitary Refrigerator __  49.95
Marswell Washer    29.95
Tank type vacuum    10.00
Marshall Wells Store
Sechelt, B.C.
BELTONE hearing aid glasses
for sale, for left ear. 886-7496.
iU„    wt>. can -mea„ ._       .   	
_9955_tfB~^ees-Irfdr?Bg25FH/«,e^ and can mean for
enue, Vancouver 9, B.C. on or    '"   "          u '    *'       "   '
after  October  25th,   i965,
GOOD   homes
male kittens.
wanted   for   6
Phone 886-2538.
- ONE-  black    Shetland r^-ohy.
Bridle and -saddle.' Trainedv
$175. Phone 886-2253.   -   951945
m25'KVA   automatic-controlled
'   Dorman Diesel j^-ower Plants.
Mounted  on  skids   in   as-new
condition.    Replacement „ cost
' $lo;ooo:plus. What offers? Wiite,'
oi"    'photie.    Mix    Equipment,
Foot-of  Ca^U   Streset, ^Vancouver 4; B.C. ■Meph'tfheV ktl
. 4-0030 or RE 6-4830.      §9934tn
FOR SALE, modern 2 bedroom
home." Full basement, 5 years
old. Automatic oil heat, on Mermaid St., Sechelt. Phone 885-
2847. - 9962-45
WANTED—Home, good garden,
sea view, large living; room,
Davis/Bay, Sechelt. 14234 Malabar;*. White Rock, B.C.: 9967-46
i ^^*WnJ2EgTeplv_"acres cultivated. Beautiful -building or motel site. $3,500 terms.
Revenue property, 3 suites, on
community-water. $1,500 terms.
EWA#r McMynn   *
>^.   Phone Gibsons 886-2166
^-EVem'ngs 88^-2500,  886-2393,
, 8M-2681    «
I. " 9514-45
_     1 *n,       . - it    m   ^     f   *->U        n   # L___*___*-*
THREE bedroom hbme, Granthams ,  Landing,     beautiful
view:- autd. 6ijl heat. A jbai_ain,
Paint - Fibreglass - Rope
Canvas - Boot Hardware
Gibsons, B.C.
Phone 886-9303
WOOD delivered anywhere on
Peninsula.   Alder,   $12;    Fir,
$14; Maple, $12. dry millwood,
copies may be obtained by a
bona fide tenderer upon deposit of $25. This deposit7vill be
refunded following the return
of plans and specifications ahd
submission of a tender.1* K a
contractor does not submit a
tender, his deposit will be refunded ONLY if the plans and
specifications are returned in
good condition prior to the closing of tenders.
Plans and specifications will
also be on view at the Heavy
Construction Association fori-the
convenience of its members.
Each tender must be accompanied by a bid bond payable
to the West Sechelt Waterworks
District, as called ^for in the
Instructions to Tenderers section of the documents.
The lowest or any tender will
not necessarily be accepted. '
Mr. C. G. Tfaorold,
Trustee Chairman,.
West Sechelt Waterworks
2329—Pub. Oct.  27/I&5
all Canadians tbfe two great
freedoms,of the 20th century-
freedom from want and freedom from fear."
Deverell said an NDP government would establish a nationwide network of training . and
technical schools for displaced
workers and would give the
workers a living allowance to
support themselves and their
families while they undergo retraining. A relocation allowance for workers-; who have to
move would be ipaid.
A continuous analysis of labor supply and demand would
be conducted by a Canadian
Manpower Service to co-ordinate the automation planning,
he promised.
Deverell said the election
campaign in Coast-Capilano is a
two-way fight.
"The NDP ran second to the
Liberals last federal election,
and we're stronger this time
around," he said.
He charged that the Liberals
think they .can ignore the Powell River area in favor of the
more  populated  areas   of  the
- \ ' - f
riding in North and West Vancouver. „ .r.   " 7 "*"* _,,,   .
"The Liberals likeA to/forget'
that Powell River and"the Se- '
chelt Peninsula'exist, but if the
•New  Democrats  get .the1 bulk
of the votes, here, we'll give the
Liberals a shock."
He said the November 8 election   gives   an   opportunity - to
Powell River t voters to make
themselves heaTd. - '   '
New Season
r.       f
Large Herring
At James Wharf
.   SECHELT /i\
In stores soon.
Form No. 15 (Section 40)
. Sunshine Coast
Gospel Church
, -  ,    (Undenominational)
Sunday School 10 a.m.
Church Service
11:15 a.m.
Selma Park Community Hall
SECHELT     ti -
Sunday School — 10;«r.ni.
Church Service — 1R15 o,pi.
Prayer - Wednesday•,?:30-t»-,?i.
PASTOR. V»      ff-7
REV. A. WILLI'S    V*V»'
You ore invited to attend
any or each service. '
• Thisfrte-feminder of ."coming ^ events Is o service" of
SECHELT •> AGENCIES LTD. PhOhe Sechelt Peninsiila
Times' direct for free listings, specifying "Date Pod".
Please note that space is limited and some advance ddtes
moy have to wait their turn; also that this is a "reminder"
listing only <jnd_connot always carry full details. ,
Oct. 29—2 p.m. St. Aidan's Parish Hall/Roberts Creek.
- -   W A Fall Bazoar.
Oct. 30—10 a.m. Pink Elephant Laundry, Gibsons. U.C.
W. Bake Sale with Hallowe'en Motif.
Oct. 30—8 p.m. Madeira Park playground. Hallowe'en
Oct. 3Q-~-9-Q0 p.m Legion Hall Sechelt. Young Peoples'
Hallowe'en Dance, refreshments. Sponsored by
Sechelt Kinsmen ,  l
Oct. 30—9 p.m.-12 p.m. Sechelt Rod & Gun Club'Annual Masquerade Dance at Club House.
Oct. 31—--8:00 p.m Legion Hall, Gibsons. All candidates
meeting. Everyone welcome
Nov. 4—-2 p.m. St Mary's Hospital. Sechelt Hospital
Auxiliary, regular meeting.
H. Gregory 885-9392
Sechelt Agencies Ltd. 885-2161
Wharf Rood Phone 885-2161
Form No. 18
,   (Section 82)
Notice of Intention to Apply to
1    'Lease Land
SIGNS   painted,   lettering   ot   ori   k"n$., For. appointment;       In. Land' Recording   District
I vehicle,   a   specialty.   Dave   P™5"? ev6ftJ&gs 885-9981., Days    of-
PhAney,   Gibsons.   Phdrte $88-   ffiftfffr.    -7 ..   .    ,. ,*»?**-«
9.&?9-   .,..._'.    7 -  .    »834-tfn    CLEARED teased ty for sate.
50'X120\   Phone   885-9955.
WANTED, party to  share of*
/fice space in Gibsons or Se*r,
chelt. Free rent for answering   —.—rz	
inquiries  and  phone calls  or    BOATS & ENGINES
will share expenses of office
help and rent. Write Box 9D00    F0R4 SALE—14'   clinker  boat,
c/o  Sechelt Peninsula  Times!      wit" 5 hp Brlggs ^ clutch
Box 381, Sechelt.      .      9511-48
TWO used 16" tires for trailer.
Preferably     5-25x10.    Phone
885-9956. 9510.47
1 ' >,
.r* ttPpP.ftp*^ ^F 1 .
■     M
FOIt Carpentry. New and re-
pair  work.   Contact V.  Mit*
Chcll 885-9582. 9784-tfn
' ,Box 435 - Sechelt
885-9530 Evenings
Rototilling - Plowing
Good running order, $150, 885-
9752, 9965-46
15' DEEP ^Vqe outboard. Hull
built by ' Farell. 40 hp '64
Johnson. Anchor, extra tank,
etc. All In top shabc, $695. k<ie
at Madeira Marirta or 883-2266.
-J r,      ■,
DODGE  truck,  %*l  ton.   Flat
deck, Good shape. Phono 885*
2187.  95#M7
m(i     VOLKSWAGEN.      Good
running  order.   $395.   Phone
883-2336,    ""•'- 0515-45"
J9C5 SCOTTY Sportsman trail*
cr. As new, Sleeps three, Propone cooking, Ico box, propane
and electric light.. Gross
weight 975. $1245. Can be seen
at Mission Point Mold. Phone
885-9505. 9501*46
Vancouver; British Columbia
and situate' North Shore of
Skookumchuek Nfchrows in the
Vicinity of Egmont.
. Take notice that Erika Hilda
Behrisch of 1698 West 64th Avenue, .Vancouver, B,C, occupation Housewife intends to apply
for a lease of the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted beinfe the S.E. corner of the
applied leasehold and beside
a post, jplahtcd by Joseph William Bancroft, being the South-
West corner of his leasehold applied for thence 3 chain west
along tlib high water mark;
thence 10 chains or less north;
thehec 3 chains east; thence 10
chains Or less south, back to
point of commencement and
containing dpprox, 2V- acres,
moro or Jess, for the purpose
of a campsite
Erlko  Hilda .Behrisch
Dated at Egmont, B.C,
Ottobcrflthy I965J' - — -"•
9509—Pub. Oct. 27, 3, 10, 17, 'OS
In Land Recording District of
Vancouver, and situate up the
Sunshine Coast Highway, passing Madeira Park, situated in
the Pender Harbour Area, approximately 3 miles from Madeira Park, north of amended
parcel "E", L 1025.
Take notice that I, William
Peters, of Madeira Park, British Columbia, occupation rancher, intend to supply for permission to. purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
the S,E. corner of T L 1278,
thence N. 3,995 feet to the
N.E. corner, from the N.E. corner 5,280 feet to the N.W. corner! from the N.W. corner
3,400 feet to the S.W. corner;
thence E. 1,500 feet to thc N.Ej
corner of Pile 14236 (Schultz
Homcsite Lease); thence S.
500 feet approx. to the S.W. cor-
ner; then 3,780 feet to point of
origination, S.E, corner, and
containing 509 acres, more ojr
The purpose for which the land
Is required Is for ranch1 and
farm use,
Dated September 28, 1965,
9906-Pub. Oct. 20, 27, N, 3, 10
Beatnik In coffeehouse; "I
can passively resist any man In
this Joint."
 11 in- ■ ■   n       . .I	
,.. ....... f,   ,-m.
■ i .* 1 *
* 1
EarJp Cove Subdivision — adjacent to Earls Cove
*. ferry, terminal on tho Sunshine Coast Highway.
Maawa Park Subdivision —* overlooking Pender
Harbour, and. Gulf — \Q% dovm — cosy tWms
on balance, Dfscount for cash.
:   »'■!&. 5LADEY — Madeira Park, B.C,
, 'Hwn® SD3-2233 or photi* North Vancouver
Sechelr Peninsula
Unitarian Fellowship
Regular Meeting
each Tfitirecfay
0:00 p.m.
Eqrl Haig Camp
Roberts Crook
Wilson Creek, P.C.
Sunday School—9l45 a.m.
Dlvlno Wor&filp—11:15 a.m.
Led by MISS H. E. Campboll
*    *
Except on 2nd Sunday ooch
Family Servlco—11:15 a.m.
Dlvino Sorvico—3:30 p,m,
Led by Rev. W. M. Comeron
.ix:,:..:;...;,j.i. ,_.:i__aui_fli j_r,wir,i ;*■,.'■ ■,■■_,*
Anallcan Chutch
Hector Rev, Jnmcs I), Fergusson, [),A., L-th.
Phone 885-9793
Sunday; October 31, 1965
Morning Prayer—11.00 a.m.
Evensong—3:t>0 p.m.
■b J*.*"  *.»**    « >
fi    ...
.j"j-"h *   H «/    *. a   j-
e -mew
Acadian Conso Sport Pclwxo Coupo*
A     <
H)(> Acadinn'js bcaulifu. all-new styling, luktiHba.1)
corhfort, brilliant performance, prove ontc-nhil-
for-all: fnmlly-si/.c economy cars needn't be dnll!
more beaut// oiifoidem'W(h»«compickV new
llllic, lean lines, tho exciting Acadian is llko a,breath of
fresh air. Acadian .stands out. JVb a family car. A Am cftft
An economy car. Jl's all three. Tho new 1966 Acadian in
anything you want it to ho,
more hmtry inside... Acadia^ hewiy-dcsfencd
interiors mc roomy, brightj abound with hixujry features,
Bfi ture to watch "Ttleicopn", "ft* Fugltivt" end "Hit M Ekelton Hout" row ih.wing on tdtvitlcn.   Check M littlr.Qs for |tm« tM t\\tm).
bn display
Settle hack In decp-comfort sent... Restful. Comfortable,*
An invitation to enjoy yourself, Practical too. With long*
wearing, caw-clean upholsteries, inato, headlining, Practical, but with a most cr\Joynblo flair,
more versatility all tbe wa/j through;*
A total of 6 models in thrto scries from 2-door seJan ita
utylc-lcndlng hardtop, figure a right Acadian for you. A
peppy 120 hp economy -ix ot a 195 hp VR Is standard, with
" ft brand newfuliy-itynchrdnlzed 3-spccd trAnsmlsslon, Also
nvallable: a strong new 350 hp V8; automatic i»nd 4-spefcd
, in«nuaUran,5misslohs.Economical. Vc»,j)un?JN«v'w. 1
__    .
Sechelr, U.C.
■* «***W*».*ikrfn*i#vp.
*-* %.v- . *# * *'   **-* 4. , I
t£^^*^jH.i^tnnXr*jfr*,\" >m^+^*/t*Ji^r**<*r..-*.m,S-m*-.*pk.
i <
Boyd Shannon
# -r***
kAy *
CoiiservEthe candidate
i 6** /,'-*«.%-v: f- ^^'77'.     - *■ < .*■■:•.  7'-'
St; Hildas ¥:a:
. -    •p* •    * --.,, -
friendship lea
Wed;, Oct. 27, T96^     Sechelt PeninsulaTime»(   . Page '_*
J     . ____. __ .—.   v.       _.   _   .   -i^^^mmmmmmfmmfmm_____  —_—.
'   'Hi i ,1   -_*_
DESPITE a, wet and windy day, **'■
* • many members and "friendsJ
of St Hilda's WA attended a
most "delightful Friendship Tea
seeks harbour emission
^n^'y1'\ ■_:' 'iL  ^   .,*_,*     *  « 1 V„"_., * .__■  tdtCO^Iwr 20. On ^occasion
EXPANSION.of our^Jiarbor Realities is;vital.", So said -it Vas held iri the home of the
■Boytf ^Shannon,* Progressive,, Consewative, candidate   hostess, „ Mrs. e. ' Montgomery,
for sOoast-Cjapilanoy; spealdng toUie chamber of pom-' of West Sectteifc     t
merceat an all-candidate meeting in Nortlh'Vancouver. *   A cordial'welcome .is extend-
t Captain   Shannon , told. tiV  —- ^c __ _-,, ed to.all who would like to at-
V^miAJSSBSl^£c^   *> ^cept" announcement 'fl&\ gf ^e *£J^^^
W-year master plan for pert: d* ^ p&tf ha(J dedded fe dock
vetopment   throughout/Bnbsh && sW   due fc DeCenil_er at
Columbia to ensure, lhat the Seatde          ,     ,     „    „
liarbors could fulfill -their role ,.„  '           _.,._.
id increasing, Canada's  wolrld1 .. 'Y™   cam_*   ^"g.. **«-
trade ■*"    >         <» <- •   ^ , . - the CPR or*P&0 for this deci-
'< J                  L>  \       ■ sion," he said. '/The CPR need-
"Our Pacific trade is so much ed  the  dock  for  a  freighter
m part of the province's^ econo- which would' prove more profi-
my, that without it^ we certain-" table to them and P&O were
ly would not be enjoying the of-the opinion that there were'
- ..       .                                                                         prosperity we have^ today," be other facilities that were ade-
Golden days                                                                  said.   '       ■       **    ' quate for their purpose.
FRIENDS gathei around Mr. and,.Mrs. Jock McLean of Roberts Creek, to wish them     "" *l tiTue T$ af*n was< "As'a fesuit we We lost
.^^^^^p^^T^^n^^, abases' &r~&x si
Mrs. J. Thyer,JVIrs. F. Efflsjvlrs. C. Hibtae, Mr.and Mrs/Jock' McLean and Mr.   ggfeCfflti.i t_nSXa ih*Ttor   large p«»«-** toer a"4 ae
t. _._..    _____...__   ,t nm       -»_■_.-.«..».*., _. _ money that the passengers and
«"?;.,. .*»yei> ^"&- r- c,u*?» ivur5- ^- nu^me, mr. ana Mrs. jock MCL«ean ana Mr.   rne facilities to meet
.    a Hilchie. Front row, Mr.a.'Thyer; Mr. A: Crawford, Mr. W. F. Clarke, Mr. E. Sand-   mLS of tte raS
* berg, Mrs;W.-F. Clarkeand Mrs. $,. Sandbergi,   «,        j ■    . ing exports, particuia
the de^*
particularly  bulk
crew  would  have  spent here
cargoes ' during  their   brief  sojourn.
__rnt_«. *™_,„ju____t _if^m*j^_j^»A___.wlli,e at *his stage this is not
and^ place^ of the next-will be
announced at the WA meeting,
held in St. Hilda's Church Hall,
on~the firstr Wednesday afternoon of each month at 2 p.m.
Or contact Mrs. S. Dawe, president of St. Hilda's WA.
Attending were Mrs. S. Dawe,
J. Fergusson, D. Hayward,
W. B. Billingsley, Wm. McGregor H. Carter, A, Williams, N.
Franklin, S. CL Montgomery,
J. A. Macklin, V. Bogust, H. B.
,Gray, D. R. Barclay, L. Postle-
thwaite, S. G. Bryant, J. S.
Northcote, H. T. Bishop, M.
Housley, J. Redman, H. Nelson, A. Swan and Miss E. Orm-
THE GOLDEN wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
Jock McLean was made even more memorable when
their many friends showed their love and esteem by presenting them with a beautiful decorator wall clock.
At Roberts Creek . . .
Golden anniversary
draws many friends
score eight nil
SOCCER games on the Peninsula last weekend revealed
great improvements in the Madeira Park teams which has
been quite marked during the
past two weeks.
The Peninsula Rangers
trounced the North Van. Warriors 8-0 and look forward to
another victory next week when
they play Vancouver Carriers.
Game will be at the reserve
field starting .at 1:30 p.m.
Other soccer results were:
Gibsons United 11, Roberts
Creek Wanderers 0; Sechelt Legion 0, Madeira Park Kickers
Gibsons Canfor 5, Madeira
Park Rangers 2; Gibsons Legion 0, Roberts Creek Tigers 7.
In Division 4, one game is
scheduled for October 30; Gio-
sons United vs. Sechelt Residential Tigers.
October 31, Sechelt Legion vs,
Roberts Creek.Wanderers. Bye
Madeira Park Kickers.
In Division 6, Gibsons Legion
vs. Sechelt Residential School.
Gibsons Canfor vs. Roberts
Creek   Tigers.    Bye   Madeira
"fits consrderably"from~the~trade~
attracted by Vancouver's large
port and because of this, the
cost of renovating and expanding must be considered a federal investment, the dividends
from which will be more jobs
and a higher standard of living
across the country."
Captain   Shannon   reminded
the businessmen attending, 'of
an economic
saialt- "boy Tgebunked—the-
clear indication that if we do
not act fast, Vancouver's harbor will lose most of its trade
due to inadequate facilities."
Some discotheques run sets.
They do the Swim, _ the Frug,
the Jerk, the Slop. Then there's
a ten-minute intermission while
they take out the wounded.
talk abbut a painless dentist in
his neighborhood. "He's not
painless at all," said the
youngster. "He put his finger
in my mouth and I bit it and
he yelled just like anybody
• 7    i'    « „vA
Sunday,,October 31 - 8 p.m.
*      .  *> \
Everyone Cordially Invited To Attend
FRIENDS and neighbors gathered in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jock McLean of Roberts Creek, on Wed-   _„.K   llvt.rv
nesday October 20, to wish them every happiness on   paS Rangers
the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary. 	
Surrounded   by   bouquets   of     ———	
roses and crysanthemums and Mrs. G. Ritchlngs and Mrs. G. . "Everybody 1^ meet is so ir-
many„. anniversary cards the Massaro of Vancouver; Mrs. E. ritating," a tense, nervous pat
happy ^couple _*vere.pxesented,~.L^anski„ofKPortaj?e hi Prairie   ient complained to her doctor,
with an 'attracttre^deBfatoF
wall clock to commemorate the
Mr. and Mrs. McLean became residents of Roberts
Creek in 1957 when Mr. McLean retired from the h.C.
Electric Co. in Kcrrisdale,
where th.y had lived for 37
years.    .
Jock McLean came to Canada as a young man in thc
year 1912 and lived in Fernie,
B.C., but when war broke out
he joined thc Candian Black
Watch , regiment and in 1914
went overseas, serving in
France with distinction.
It was in Edinburgh, Scotland that Mr, and Mrs. McLean
, were married, on October 20,
1915. When hostilities ended
Lieutenant Jock McLean,
D.C.M, brought his young bride
to Canada and they took up
rp.sidcnce in Kcrrisdale.
There   are   four   daughters;
and'Mrs.7K. Luxton of Fraser-
dale, Northern Ontario. Also 13
grandchildren and two great
Mr. and Mrs. McLean recent-.
ly spent a vacation .with their
daughters in the East as they
'were unable to be present on
thc anniversary.
The Vancouver families honored their parents wiUi a celebration, last weekend.
He prescribed a tranquilizer
and told her to come back-in
a week and let him know how
she was feeling.
"Have you noticed any
change in your mental attitude?" he asked on her next
"None at all," she replied.
"I feel just the same-j-but I've
noticed that other people are
acting a lot better."
Sguaringly Yours
—by Maurice Hemstreet
.  ' ."■      ,   •     .
FLASH—The Sechelt Peninsula Times does it again!
Yes, here is the latest news in square dancing, hot
6ff the press.
Last Tuesday Pender - High
Schopl was the sight of a lot
of fun nnd laughter as a set
of square dancers dunccd their
way through a successful even*
A unique literary training
• •..».
Interested In journalism or mooa*lno writlno? A career as a
professional frco-lanco writer? Success as a spare-timo writor?
,,'*'■ If so, tho opportunity now Is yours throuoh a personal homo*
tralnlno prooram offered by R, Clayton Joncs,|ournalist. and
teacher of nonaction wrltlna.
Unlquo in Canada, this specialised tralnlno throuflh correspondence Incorporates tho dramatic teaching techniques that, hayo,
enabled Mr. Jones,to load so many of Iiis students Into.print!
,   For brochure ond further Information, wrltoj
R, Clayton Jones
P*w_fci**l**k*ra*i**ja>-*''_1 ■ g»';*i^Miia|Mih^«**#l»Wta
,0, Box 4156 . Vancouver, B.C.
*t«WMi-."-g.-«jh <*#■■
BOOOOOOOOOOOO. .,. sowing ghosts? Find
TELEVJS!Qll-^[lV_ClWfl fast In tho'YELLOW PAGES.
Whoro your flngors do tho walking.
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LJ,'*'p,A-H*l*u''M'<- 11+
mm, •*     t
ing with lots of promises of a
better night next week. Colleen
Dooley went up to Pender with
me where she teamed up witb
her partner Pete Wray and
the others from that area, who
were; Vera and Ed Lowe, Bill
and Rosemary Ward, Stan arid
Nancy Brown/Jean and Henry
Whitaker, John Perry and liar*
ry Cooper, but wo couldn't get
the latter pair,to square dance
together. I guess thero are
many people who are shy llko
myself,    ,
Last Friday night was quite
a busy one for my helpers and
myself ns wo juggled three
sets of Jr, square dancers in
my basement, -hut, dt»o to t-ho
fact thfit thoy «r^ sure willing
to learn all they can this season, this wasn't too much of a
problem. Wc Just had a go, go,
So nlRht.. v
Tho Socholt t-wmonndcrs aro
coming to life and getting
back Into tho swing of what
looks like to bo a successful
squnro dance season. Now If
this iIoqs prove to bo a swing*
i ing year for tho Promenaders
It Hhould be very interesting,
along with guest callers from
out of town: could oven ho
from,out of the province. Weill
I can dream, can't I? But our
square dancers can make It
come true,
I learned today from Mrs,
Bill Norman from Powell Ulv*
or, that the Clrelo oo'dub hnvo
moved their hall and are going
"st tone wl t U" n bou t. * ill no "so l .„" M
tho floor all tho time, Thoy
are trying a new system with
the beglnnerH starting at eight
o'clock, and the main club at
not here too? This means that
all concerned havo u lot ot
fun, learn, progress and moot
now friends ati(l renew old ac*
qualntnnces, all In one big hap*
py evening I So I'll tell you
what, see you at tho square
JL^   JL
-*-.„ r 4W
This is a voluntary prepaid medical plan available to every person and family in British ■ .
Columbia. You may obtain the services of the doctor of your choice, as well as the
services of a specialist on referral by your general practitioner. Open Period III - make
application to enroll in the British Columbia Medical Plan before December 1,1965 to
receive comprehensive prepaid medical coverage from January 1, 1966. \
Your Provincial Government pays one-half of the premium for persons and families ;       '
who had no taxable income in 1964 and one-quarter of the premium for persons and
families who had taxable income of $1,000 or less in 1964.
77* ■
"^ 1 i
j_" »»
—   H 1
>        ; f**I»
,l    s
The British Columbia Medical Plan was initiated by the
Government of British Columbia and approved by the
doctors of this Province to ensure that every resident of
B.C., irrespective of age, health or income, can obtain
prepaid medical coverage at a reasonable premium.
This is the last open period in 1965. If you do not
enroll before December 1,1965 for medical coverage
commencing January 1, 1966, the next open period
will be April, 1966 for coverage from June 1, 1966.
■|ihi-«*»W*'iSip*»m™i)i*» »»4^SM»^)rt^a«s^»i»s«a!iii**
—„,„ __,..■«._,•__ *4cut ajQng fou^ ijne►«*-.--,-»-i •. -..-,.
*l^S »*f^jlw*i^irt'il»W*«!*Wpi« a**.!
P.O. BOX 1600,
* Send me an application form and further information on THE PLAN.    —._,,.,  .„ ,, .v— , ,   m
* To be eligible for coverage under the British Columbia Medical Plan, I understand that I must be a icsident of British Columbia,
\  months ana have annual income withini defined levels. , <        \
■elk- &,toH&ii "it \m«m *■*»« W>WHlM*i>ity ^H lfm*VW&fct |{ii*+"'l fi
I I,
I I I I I I I I I I I  II I  I  I  I  I I
iV»iw6#r Street or Po$ Number or Rwat Bout*
I I I I I I III I I I I II I  I I.__
City or Town
t ,<
j»,pi i"i
u   if
I   ''
', 'I
f i !*
Z !
l-fM>v.M.««..xMv«n.«A»»m ■.•,»•.--*■. wiwrn^-^tili | limit m*-|M----MM*MM--I-.i->mmm#. mi ■■« mm •• «-w w*» «-» •-» *il .nil «• |iii. n. •» «w «M «w «-> «•• mm. mm •*.—»•» «» mm mm mm m. m»
^%  W^S  •**^      WW      w~*i   ^^^Wpp*«   PU|   p~m ^BPm^    ^WH^^^'    IMII^MI  ^m^^~    pv w^ W^i    mm^^^^   ^~q  ^^^^^^ P1^ *^^* f^H   ^w^^p^   mr^^^^    ^^    ^^^w^^   ^ ""^^   ^^^■~| ppw wm***& ^^^
"^^maLy^l wk taw' '^g—mu^L i
Approved by tho Doctors. InUmed by lira Government
of British Columbia   , ^     of British Columbia
Jho Honourable W.A. C. Bormotl, tL.D., Premier of British Columbia
. T/io Honourablo Wesley D. Black, Provincial $metery
-w*^M»*» (^*^vt«-pi#»^wi»«wpii*p*-*-
* (('•rik'i w>& t * Wifr (W t
.. ft. ...*.
*. 1 *.
I 1    ' '
Vic*   p
ii1 if l
A'A !' (ii{
-u ***h*m««n^"# HlHwWiW
■W-4»i* !/#■ AMw—c ■fcAus'SfcHW
»»'*.]W W-*f ■*-«.„ Hi* i
. A 4-Mi **4*W(I ^*!4VMi#l^*
i- *i, -(V ',
-    ,   *■   -*'*#*-9**»r-*¥.if,   ^   *Jfc*
t _ #.^,«.^*^**JJ(il^*^t#^-*4^^ Vs.* *������������_   ��� *? v ^   �����.-**������  >***��< ^  ^    *_^*��'*����-*-'s>'*p>t*VVVVS     <*V  t"V'  V "V *���  *  ���* 1  .   \    -V \     ��(-    ���*  '   --* "-?���   "J-   <��   ��#*    >     *    %  .��._,. r^.-^ -s. y i  v V(V-#-"4p* ** *��� v *��-t*��-'(J** _ \V*>-,.**-pvvv*<^-.  s   V' ���_   .  *���      ������ ^       '    -    *  : ^ 7  I 'I 1  ,".  -V'  ���<.->  3   .    *  I       >  "       "-*-V.J  .**  "��*���  ^ 7 Ji7.  *��� /  --.*<  iW$^7 7?tV  &J* 7/ __ * /. ���*J-; < *> " -  V^Y & A-?-****?        *-*���-> I-.  J-'-p'VftfAV  J/ie Reader's Ri  >k7- ��*.  "77 <  "l*^��  \  7  14.  ���_ ���.<  <^'4^-7 te_. 7"Al  *linay be wronn, but I shall not be $0 wrong os to fail to say what I believe to be right."���John Atkins  . .   'A    1- '   Wednesday, October 27, 1965       ���   *Z ,,    , IJM,  ������  ,  tetters to the Kditar tou& carry a signature nnd vddtessrtiihoilgh a   . pendtameJnayJiiiMse.(LfQiApublication.^.���- ~ H-rJ  ������''������^'v^^-"'-,"��> - '"���;" 'i. .in.. m,,,.,^ ^...iji^...,; jp^itiPi.ij'ppn,.*! ...i yj.*�����--. *"^veMed fry W -old Indian- wno^ x *   -*  ___*���_.* ^Mjiltt'^u�� Mretl1_^^ V-^tf - We$ ni^atffeet ato��e eH < ^  '." and Sfcwed 'ft toi' *J)e, oflter to ,, 'l  ~     ������W* ��.Ja_ij____. 2_. __, L_   .?       V       "1  . ina^H&nger-*^  ���Mt*  itiukjE sums of tmbUc funds spent annually   to officially point out the problems attached   "when the writer was a  ,7b*, j ���:���,_ _���,,-��..�����_.*   niirlniiht__.lv  fl>rt    tr�� thp rdrl ��*hnr*.4   anrl  ���  vmi t,nnA  ;*_K hoc     of   the   Sechelt   Schoo  ,f\���^s* -5-    - *>".-���.���?  Buy wotsr  i , ^ "'���  Editor, The Times: '   .  Sir ���, ^Planning Committee  fails  with proposal."  Item in  the'issue of Oct. 2.0,1965*Jtawgs  ^ack memories of^ears^o  mem her  i  h-?  v1-  i1-  , ^bf; education  ' \v 'Bigger and better classtoom^ large _ym-  ^7_ia.iums, workshops fitted out with the jat-  Hest equipment at a cost of thousands of ddl-  Jars, well fitted occupational classrooms, all  fit in to the modern concept of teaching requirements.  term policy. On the other hand it would save Sechelt. T The writer was seethe taxpayer $75,000 until such time the dis- retary qf the scho&l board and  trict will be sufficiently wealthy to tear down   I a��r the only member i<$ft, the  others having passed on many  years ago.  The only feasible land was  owned by Union Steatnships  Ltd. I approached Union Steamships Ltd., with a view to pur-  /  ^r**'*  1  :  :|  v(  i*J fH ���**.  Wti    A.ji ������  and rebuild new and bigger schools  Another move afoo��t and actually a good  one is to investigate the possibilities of buying out the lease of the-present Sechelt Ele-  These facilities are all, to large exterit,    mentary School, at what is believed to be ^ , ,   necessary, some of them possibly open to    about   $25,000.   A  farther  thifee   acres   is chasing fiV acres ofVnd^for  qirestion, but on the Whole, contribute in no    available on this location for $12,000 which school   purposes,   the   school  small decree to furthering the future  pros-    would also be a wise investment at this time, board consisting of Mrs. Nora  pects oFour student population jhh then cou|d mean an expenditure of Sf^lfey* ^ E' s-^ton. Mr  To the credit of thc paying public, the die-    southing like a quarter of a ^Hion dollars ^av^ ^Vfr^ ^��  plus an already extensive program of sites, steamships Ltd., they would be  playing fields,  additions  and new buildings very pleased to be of service  which could reach a similar amount. In othpr regards the land to build  a  words a half million dollar referendum would school but, they would not con  tates of the l>oard of school trustees' have  been accepted in good faith, with the result  we have schools to be proud of   Ai)  pond things invariably come to an  end,- however, and it would appeanhui uh-  less a little camion is exercised in the near  future, the bonanza could well terminate with  shocking suddenness.   - -  A referenda presently being prepared is  to include a new school board complex at a  cost so far- under blankets. This in itself is  ��7  offenders and the excuse? th^jZ  gave us was that their hog was s<  told to take o,ut the gatfbagfc* '  and he had disposed of it the  easiest  way *>uV Most   ^reas -  have garbage *ohecti<m '.or a  few cents a week, why don*t  they use it. ���"'        ^    "  Recently on an open line program, a lady was telling of an  incident they had while ion a  trip to the prairies. They were  stopped by a police car, and the  officer charged them with littering the highways. Much to  their surprise their daughter in  the back seat had tossed out a  pop bottle. The judge said that  they, as parents, were responsible for their children, and he  fined them $500.  We come to the country to  get away from the smoke, fog,  and cramped conditions of the  city, only to run into the gar- .       ,.      .    ��_*>������"   _- * .- _   *���   _  bage pigs, the hunter, the tour- *    7, .-.>  ,, W* aftwmmem, 1 -   ^    /     ���  ist, who wants to use your pet   FAITH in lhe future pt thefPehder-Harbowx-area was ex-  sqmrrei to target practice with pressed recently with the appointment of..Er:me Wid-  Vl^W*bin|^girf[^he^ five-, t -, "  loow^o'in hw mwm fei-*" .���'' *  J.   *   . .-.��.-   _     .      ,._._...^_ ������   -1 J*    ��� ���   .   *  -��� u   -tf*     *     I      ������  seem   to   De   m  the   offing,   possibly   much   sider selling property but they  > -<  more.  This would be no great problem in Vancouver. For such a small area as the Peninsula, it is; to say the least, ambitious.  ��� Greatest proportion of this, expenditure  understandable considering the existing quar- is borne by the provincial government, in  ters are xonsidered inadequate. At the same fact only five per cent falls on local taxes,  time, a move would appear to be afoot to pur- The entire amount still has to be jpaid by the  suade the electorate of the necessity of dis-    public in one w~ay and" another and it would  would be glad to lease three  acres on a long-term lease. The  lease did not appe&l to the  board but there was no other  land suitable for school purposes and we eventually signed  a contract for three acres at  the lease rental of $50.00 per  year for 50 years. This lease expires, in 1988.  The  writer  made  a   trip  to  thing. And this gives way for   is a well known ^ide-it tfflhat area *md _*_oks**ofrvard  !Si��ftK_��W-g   to proving,, fet +f. s^ie*. ., =   Airport News and Visits  -and-practice-4n-ften  yard, where a shell can reach  into your garden a feW yards  away, and where you can't sit  out and enjoy the Sunshine  Coast because of the gun shots  and fear of getting hit.  It seems the more we edu-  ���by G. Von de Meeberg  cate the less they use it in the   a YOUNG couple has' been using the airport recently  ���.-������,,, r,..,.^ m_vh.   th_  olPan a& ^ bgsfe camp' for tripg ^ diverse points on Van_  couver Island.     '  ;������   posing with  the Gibsons elementary  school    be too  bad  should  the  proposed  referenda   Vancouver   to   see   Harold    has th^ I_fi  and replacing with a new one. Cost of this    fall by the wayside due to an excess of en-   Brown,   president   of   Union  project is estimated at $85,000 without the    thusiasm by our elected representatives. To   Steamships Ltd, and mentioned  extra classrooms alreadv required. progress we have to speculate, but, the gold-   to Mr  Brown all the residents  ' -        -    - ���*��� ��� ... . 0�� seciielt purchased everything  they    needed    in   the   Union  Steamships Store and wouldn't  distant future maybe the clean  and tidy-minded might rule  again but at the moment sex  Country Lover Gone Sour  Country  Bumpkins,  M. H.  Indeed, an architect was even brought in    en goose will be pushed only so far.  Sad Sad Itoad Story  ROADWORK carried put in the village of  Sechelt this past summer by'aVancou-  ��� ver company, does indeed leave a great deal  !to be desired, and considering the cost was  more than $6,000,.it is little wonder various  councillors have been inundated with complaints from residents. .  ,  The whole fiasco started when tar followed by gravel was scattered over sidewalks  taxpayer will not feel too happy to learn his  money has been written off with ^nch abandon.  The situation is quite fantastic. It would  b& absurd to suggest the roads chairman.spend  the entire day keeping tabs on the road crew..  It was equally absurd to allow work of this-  nature to have taken place.   , '  .There is.no doubt, the sad episode will  it be a fine gesture on his part  if he would give the school  board 'the land free of charge  in order that the children may  have a school' that all could  attend without hardship as we  had no transportation for the  tmildren  ;hirf=those ; days%7attd  Play it big  Editor, The Times  When they - left - on Monday  for Campbell .River, they asked  us to call Rescue if they did  not return by Wednesday night.  We ended up doing just; that  and k\l because they were _m _  able to contact us by telephone.  Weathered in at Port Alberni  fire and wiener roast, we had  one night, over any survival  food. '   -   1  , They particularly enjoyed  visiting this area and - plan to  return again. - " -  Give Your House  lhe Besl: Total  Electric Mealing  ;Hr^U>^MUWV>'  Thinking about ov new  heating system? Think  electrically! " Installation,  maintenance are easy,  economical. Investi'gbte  today!  NICK'S ELECTRIC  Pender Horbour  Phone 883-2516  R.R. I, Madeira Pork  Sir���We   have   been   reading   jthey tried to telephone us but  and hearing a good deal about  Uhe proposed Sedhelt 'Breakwater.' It has made good political subject matter for a long,  long time. Let's give all credit  to.those who have shown some  many   of   the   children   came    real interest and action, so far.  and roadways, incredibly overlooking "the.fact    be remembered for many years to come and  shoulders  required  attention  ahd  cavernous    indeed, not without good reason.  potholes1 were in ample supply.:*'     ���?-'"��� ���   --->-_    *   ;-..-. * > -   <*- *  Councillor Ben Lang reported to council   .f|pi| g_BBIiil  that the road crew would be returning, within   |^�� l��|l��ll MSffllBlt�� IlflegSageg  two weeks to fill in potholes and make up  shoulders, while  many  people-were  of the  opinion the sidewalks were yet to be completed with hardtop. ���   .  At a number of .meetings afterwards,  council was still given to understand the road  crewj was to return the next week, and in   _^��___-_-.  due course did m fact finally-turn .up.^Ihe, -. . - v 9- ~ ^ v I ;;/':. . '*.>;��� ,yJ-1  suddenness of their arrival wasfequall'ed only    A iiUQ S WOVla . . ".. -A ���   }y  by 'the speed of their departure, following . The sun.was blistering���-it.-was7nice. to hit the  whichi���it was discovered; *��� a number of pot- shady spots on the steep forest trail to the lake,  holes remained.   < *?4 /--*." -.,.., -The.swim would be welcome-when.we finally got  This    is    a    deplofaBle'   situation    which     there.   The   75   young   hikers   frqm   the   summer  "Most people art' bothered by  those passages oft Scripture they  do not understandi but . . . the  passages that bother me are those  I do understand".��� Mark Twain  should never have occlS"rred,j|ind it is obvious,  little/'attention was given; to' the methods by  which the work .was carried out:      ' * * ���  On the recommendation of Councillor  Lang; the final payment of/$ 1,400 was paid  to the company last week. He admitted he  was "not happy with the .work., but, ielt the  , outfit should be paid up and written- off.  ' ^  .Paid off, and written off .as a bad-exper*.  , ience might' not be the best course. It is cer-  .from Porpoise Bay and Selma  Park.   Mr.   Brown   would   hot  yield and the -lease was signed.  If the Sechelt School District  can purchase  for $25,000,  this  4S" very ���"rea'sonable--"'for--"''-'three"-  acres as small lots are selling  for $2,000 per lot. f  ���W. J. MAYNE,  . Sechelt, B.C.  Hogs and Hoods  Editor, The Tiinesj  Sir���Recently our local police  force sent out a warning to the  litterbugs and garbage dumpers, that they were about to  crack down on these, offenders.  "Our highway, are a mess, and  ,it would disgust you if you had  ^occasion to Walk" along these  roads; much dangerous glass  (from soft drink bottle dump--  ing hoods), they leave the glass  'and just pick up the crates. Our  ' lakes and. streams, seem to.be  favorite spots to dump garbage  tainly the/easiest but in all probabilities -the' ��� you are affecting OUR world?���and  " _'.: :���   '    ; '       ���      "    -'.','    ] ��� ce't  Roinc!"- ' - -    1 ��� . - > -    .  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfmmmm^mm-mmmmmmmmmmmm  Published Wedrteidiys'at-Sechelt . '  bn B.C.'s Sunshine Coast  by' v- , ' "  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  Box 381 - Sechelt,'B.C,  Serving the area from Port Mcltdn to "Egmont  (   ''       {Howe Sound to Jfrvls Inlet)  ^ 'Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor  1 .V. &, Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Rates:  '  (In advance)  1  Year, $5 - 2 Years/ $9  - 3 Years, $13  U.S. and Foreign, p.5u  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  camp stretched out of sight along the narrow forest  slope. 'Suddenly the youngster. ,in -front of me  stopped and squatted, looking with fascination at  -a>thih line of--ants scurrying-across the-trail. Without   looking   up,   jsfie   yaid:   "Do   you   know   that  every tinfe we take  a step here  we  affect  some    P* aU sorts. t We havejiews of  u.,-1.   ...���Iuo�� . f     several people (some business  men also) from Gibsons to  Pender Harbour.  "u We have asked the health de-"  partment to post, the streams  ' and lakes several years ago,  -and still they have not done so,  On one occasion we phoned the  bug's  world?"  . The ypungsters behind her on the trail, held  up until she continued hiking, ��� commented dryly:  "Do you know that until YOU start hiking again,  wc want to  get  going!  It was a joke then, but it packed a punch. It  was  an   example  of  what   happens   in   life.   Each  move  you" maTce'frbm  morning to" nighl  "affects'  some   bug's   world."   The   people   you ' meet,. the,  /1    friends you talk to, the comments you make AF*  \\^   FECT   thc   people   around   you���improving   their  !,   world, or spoiling it.- This is  why* Christians  are  to LIVE, their  faith.  This   is  why Christians  are  ,|    to get in there and do something conductive,  5 None of us can get through u day without "af  fecting someone's* world." As Christians, our job  is not just to "affect" someone's world, but to eh*  rich id This means you mny havc to sncrlflcc  something. But then, so did Jesus.  -*-J. ft. FERGUSSON; Anglican Church  Let's also be practical. Cap-  tajn Boyd Shannon's letter in  the issue, pf October 20th of The  Times, clearly states the practical. In fact he does not go  far- enough. One has ��only to  take a look at what happened  in other centres on the lower  coast.  A fine breakwater was built  some years ago at Westview,  near Powell River. In a very  short time it proved inadequate  for the needs of the growing  community. Another breakwater has now been built at West-  view doubling the original capacity. Needless to say, the  costs involved would hiye been  much less, had careful planning  been given more thought in the  first instance.  The same thing happened at  Canipbell River and the breakwater constructed at Comox,  years ago, has long been inadequate for the needs of the local arid visiting mariner, The  city of 'Nanaimo is also planning an immediate increase in  accommodation   \ for     visiting  1 craft:  V TThere is good floating breakwater and floats at Lund, a  much smaller .community than  .���"���see page 7  asked  for  the  Sechelt-Gibsons  Airport instead of the Gibsons  Sechelt Airport���I guess that  what is called a breakdown of  e communications. fy-i*���  Campbell Rivervhad beeh notified of their * whereabouts but  when we checked there we unfortunately contacted the one  person who did not know of this  and he told us the plane had  left for Nanaimo.  When Naiaimo* told us the  plane had not arrived there,  we immediately called Rescue  Services. However our minds  were put at ease when the RCMP drove up on Thursday afternoon and told us the plane  had been located and all was  well.  Prepared for any emergency, these two young people car-  ��� ried a* survival kit -with en-  otigh 'dehydfaied food to sustain them fbr three month?,  but they preferred the ca-nvp-  ROYAL CANADIAN  I  BOYS AGE I31/2-I9 YEARS  Are you interested in joining this fine organization?  If so ��� Write Box 381 Sechelt or phone 885-2155  evenings. Uniforms supplied.  training is given in the following subjects:  RIFLE SHOOTING  SEAMANSHIP  SPORTS  LEADERSHIP  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  SECHELT, D.C.  Ph. 885-2111  - Ted Farewell  SEA HISTORY  BAND WORK*  PILOTAGE  DISCIPLINE  SAILING  SWIMMING  BOATWORK  FIRST AID  good attendance records and certain other qualifi-  permltted to go on cruises in RCN ships or attend  summer training establishments for a 7-weeks trades S  addition, many cadets ore selected to ottend a   Jfc  HMCS QUADRA, the Sea Cadet Training Esta-  Comox, on Vancouver Islarid.    -j)j  1  s Apply to Box 381 Sechelt or phone 885-9654 or ��  �� 885-2155 evenings. Application form may be picked ��  ^    ''   up at Peninsula Mojtors or The Times office. ^  ��  ��  n*    % -if  V     l*fi   *.  Of Cabbages  and Kings  The big-shots down on Parliament  Hill  The proclamation curried forth  That   everyone   should   go   nnd  vote ,  From east and west jum! .south  and north. '  ( The ���M-Pf>, girded up thelrjolns   ''Went    forth    to    make    their  hpeeches  To woo lhe voter and his wife  Where 'ere Ihc TV reaches.  Then Out spake Lester Pearson  Thc caplnin of lhe Grits  "We'll   scupper  nil  those  Tories  We'll grind them nil 10 hits."  But Vdct the Chief he' whlMle*  stopped  And t&d his fervid istory  ,   "If CfUiado'n tho Innd you love  You'll certulnly vote Tory."  While Tommy PotiglnN took thc  htand  Throughout   Ihc   whole   durncd  nut ion  ^ o That u everyone, should .have, hjob o  To heck with automation.  And everyone who -womb t6 t��, '  " To Univcrhltcc  fie touldn't have la pay a cent  jflut get IiIh teaching free.  ��� _\od, to tor Robert Thompson   .  Ex-Halle Selassie aide to  He quite approves of medicare  ,-. But w* we shouldn't be mn^ lo.  Then, oul��i)fll<e  Rooul Cauoette  . HeVWf with le��n Pnpthte  . "WI110 ^jll ��t��ndl nt my right hand  , AnHM;m;Crcdl��l*l*??  And Francnis shall be free  No moro moudit Anglais    .  Shnll boss o'er you and mc."  1 1  And in the year two thousand  If French you'll' understand  And if we're all bilingual  And the Franca Ik rules (he Innd  ' When ' griindmerc's'   got    hrr  slippers  And grnndperc'-i got his pipe  When  autumn  leaves nre  yellow  And the corn is'good and ripe  Then grnndpere calls thc children  Tells a talc he's often told  When politique WAS politique  In thc brave duy�� of old, ,  ���jULTUi-ju-iLfij. Afiufumn nnri-ii-irii--i-rr -f f���.���.���*  .��i__...,_____________  ���a* ��� '  IU.. *'..^  *H    (J.  r�� /; ',  * \! l)i  (��������'��� 4 r   ,  p'M *l     p^j  pHi(*��..-V,l  pppf.^*1 *^l   ..j  V4J**����    ��,.,_., .mm, I  S&Hw&stopfy* *���'" !Thii country, w for FrancsU  A large New Stpck  Of Very Pretty  "Joyce Palmer'*  DRESSES  For The Petite Figure  -    Sim 5 ta 15  To Be Your M. P.  ^ [want our trade with the  peoples of the Pacific Rim notions  expanded through aggressive  Federal policies and assistance.:  '"J-" t.W,<B"1!l*J.'*"JI~���|i~',.llV'^lW " " '"��� "I'HJH'I'L'    ������    "i  '���v+i    ^      ���J'" ^iir *ii^_ '��� *    **,       *�����   ���        /     -1 ��� *    * -*._     -   -   *.��  *"������ - 1 fc       -i*  (-s,#.)#*��r r��* ttitJOmntoiWi ������*��*W.-*JwWBi��W>*WtiM w*i***W^*��IM'*'*=��* wiWiMWWWb*p*��i  ��ifiiM*in feftibaw*^ WtaWMMiMM^g-*  ���tftmWtWUk-iv ir  1  *.   '���'    * ."'������': ���.'���\'*s-v'*-1 ������/.'-���    ���i'K'a.."- >���  .; .l:',;v-7'-.'1 w-.*. ��� ������l��.N:-?'r''."*�� '��������  *  ������ /������'��� >\ y '   *.   ������;���>'. ���-.*.������"��'. . -.r*5/:!���<���,.  1   t .���-���   ��� 1.     "J. .**-*���-      1 *'.-"l,    i.��*-'    ���* ������ *      pirt'-sS-ii;..-.  ������.! * \ >a-\. ��� -+*> :������ V-;-.. ��� /������'"'m-/  .��'''. ~.y- -.���;".,    .������},- -;-j,j.  J'"     ������    i     . _. "      _  *"* ���<  ______ JL * '  "   *        ��� ��      *   ' * ^     *    ���  fluHice 0ress Shop  Phono ^86-9543  Glbioni B.C.  4<WWWWWMIIWII'h^��ll��W��M<IWI'l��MWM��^^^  -fa I want our small harbours given  ADEQUATE breakwater protection to encourage  >t'   '77'.' p   ,     V, f":.,      ',    '    ��� '  , tgurism and protect bur fishermen.  ... 1  1  it I want the Porl of Vanncouver developed  A  fo handff]^efficiently the greatly  increased traffc which our expanding  Pacific trade will bring about.  *k 1 want our shipbuilding industry  to survive and prosper, not be       _  "phased out".  '         ���    '     ' ���   ���  "7 : ''' " " "'."'a' ��� :"'"T : "��� Wt ' '' ' :  INSpRTEto 8Y COAST-CAPILANO PR00RE5SIVK CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE  If these are the things YOU  want: on November1 8th  VOTE  :i  .if .*<  ��!    '  ���.pp.��%��..��  f,"****i*it J(J ^Ij. *_'.SMM (KBjpJl��Hi*^-iiJ>'��?i^.J** ���'���*i*!i***'*l'  pSj!Mf^^^'J^*^^^-lM-*t^'*^JWKJ!*p*ii*tt*.''i^ % '-feftteJl*  - a i.     *����-i-  ���^4tt>!WSlit- te!ip".#si[��si p^MpW^Ip.  'yM--*-M>��V*^-*'V ^W%  O**  ,   ���#* w t#\'��' *  /"��,> V \ ,,m Bujarf-wUl be-in charge of~T��>rTYOflpARO; ;7  -   class'wiite%s���ana #r. Beter- >! l9mmtotf1a��*lt year *Mta(  * son <��� has the UteraryTsectwn^to^ J>ay will b^ in 'Greece and wiU  lris;c?��r6.v7  \.   7   "* . "���    visit;tK^eektSchooHsuppori- ��  , -v Editor  and 7assistat��t" editor    efl by ou_>vReiI .Cross club.-    . *  -> V' * *  ���- -    7^7 7j-7^ f *n*'^K.  ������  Aof/iirif&V^iliS^Co^orf  >^^t V   i.   |  ���I'"'11*.1 Hj  -.fi:.-it,''l,v sassga-s  *__��  Earlier .tbi- year? a Victoria  ���    �� _ .14 __.___��� _ ��. _.     ���. **.   *  well ove* solars-. #**,. .*_** ��-tt  -> Each -tiny,-pill contains  Carter'sexcluBi^eformula that  ^      * fp6~v   ^ ^   \,    Jtf     f       (  )    r Pp-^.kr-  1. v.        J~^v      ,.  ,>.  - .{- v  f/"/ 7V *v  * "��� ,      *.-> p.   ���.  *' -��� f       '  **- *"  V     ���>**   r *��� **-",  P1 -p  J   '         >"      .'T-'     *- r-. A ,   , , n -v     -I-   p   ' j     t  ' i  USBNESS DSRECTORY  'l *Z      7 sr dt <' _ -  w c ��� -��>     7 V'.Af y    ,  ���Arrangements forTttte*young  / s %* ^Vv;7 -*���'���-��� 7 v  people's HaUoween'Dancet to   AFTER SUNDOWN  This problem v?as solved by  "Mr,     Dawson's     housekeeper  isyrfsmrEasesaWAytltalinted, *���  upset, -auggish-feeling,.Helps  you>|elgoo|t^aM:  **  c  NICK'S, ELECTRIC  Pender Harbour  For all your wiring needs  Commercial - Residential -  Industrial  Phone 883-2516  R.R. 1, Madeira Park i  Marine Supplies Service  GARDEN BAY  BOATWORKS  A COMPLETE LINE OF  BOAT REPAIRS  Garden Bay, B.C.  Phone 883-2366  Scow* ���- Logs  SECHELT TOWING  & SALVAGE LTD.  -leavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing  L.HIGQS  Phone 885-9423  ���. >  Phone- 885-2062  ,   SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  Electrical Contractors  Appliances - Electric Heat  Phone 885-2062  TREE FALLING  TOPPING OR REMOVING  LOWER LIMBS FOR VIEW.  Insured work from Port Mellon  ta fender Horbour  PV SERVICES LTD.  \ Marven Volen 886-9946  Digby Porter 886-9615  L.8.M/SWANSONLTD.:  S^ifr Tanks and l>rat��fJ��l4b ~  Backhoo and Front End  Loader Work    ,  Screened Cement Gravel  Fill and Road Gravel  *    Phone 885-9666  Bo. 172-Sechelt   ELECTRA-CLEAN  Upholstery Cleaning  Carpets -'Furniture - *  ,    Rugs*" *,  for appointment .  Phone 886-9890  *��MWMMNHMnMM��WMHM>MMnMH��M��iMN��^  -V  Prank E. Decker  OPTOMETRIST  Bal Block  Gibsons  ' Every "Wednesday  886:2166  J  ,       PENINSULA  BUILDING SUPPLY '  "The House With A Heart"  E. J. Caldwell, Proprietor  Box97.$echelt. B.C.  Phone Sechelt 885-9669  TINGLEYS  , HI-HEAT  SALES ond SERVICE  tor all your heating  requirements  4 Oil Co.'S finance Plans  C. E. (Col) Tingley  BoxNo.4.y,SecneJt     ,  885-9636 ��� 885-9332   i.J.,.-'. > r~*  Hall; Sechelt,* were also final. ' T, T?*?7i %?*& "*Tv"7   ruy ai ^ ams^   ~<, >   Cartas uttie^v^rnifl ,na*  ized   S the meeting -held on    aown.^arns jne Canadian^ f This money has now been ns-    . fjSS___^iagftl^b -  October-19.- -^"^ ~ --^o<riati0a~of^>ten.et��sts. ed up aud.the chddren-wiU a-      tower*��isroniy^,. . ^   ^  AT THE SECHELT RESERVE HALL   Fi-tdttiy, Ocrfob^r 2#fh  ���A.      " at 8:00 p.m. <     ���    / ,\;   '  GOOD PRIZES ���* EVERYONE WELCOME  '       Lost Game Mln. $50  t V  SlSW*a��*B��W*^H*iWHP. I <* ���*#**��.  , ;        ANOTHER GREAT OF YOUR  SECHELT THEATRE  -October-19.'  LJQHS DEN  _ Thirteen members of lhe  Sunshine Coast Lions Club  were joined by five guests for  their regular dinner meet held  at Ole's Cove, last Thursday  October 21.  Guest speaker, Mr. A. Swanson gave a run-down of the activities of the Aero Club and  explained their plan to hold a  fly-in at a later date. Visiting  aircraft are expected to-participate from many points of B.C.  and the United States  An outdoors meal will be provided as part of the entertainment and the Lions members  accepted an invitation from  Mr. Swanson to undertake the  catering, as a club project.  New   member  to   the   club,  Geprge Eberle, was welcomed  into the club, bringing mem-<  bership to 23.  Early meetings  in winter time  AT A MEETING of the Sechelt  Distnct OAPO on October 21,  it was agreed that during the  winter months, meetings would  be held at 1:30 p.m. to enable  members to get home during  the hours of daylight,  Mr. M. Livesy, chairman of  the social committee,  thanked  members  for  their' generosity  and support which had made  the smorgasbord dinner held on  September 28 such an outstanding success. She announced that  a .social afternoon was being  planhed for Thursday, Oct. 28 at  1:30 p.m, with music, refreshments   and   a   singsong.   Any  members with musical instruments or willing to entertain  in any way should give their  names to Mr. Roily Reid immediately,   Members  requiring  transportation 7to",, the   social  should give notice by Wedncs^  day, Oct, 27 to Mr. Reid or Mr.  Lou Hansen, who would also be  glad to have the names of cur  owners   willing   to   help   with  transportation.     .,  \t,T#e visiting and welfare committee reported  a heavy sick  list    among    members,    Mrs.  Margaret MacLepd was Iti St.  Vincent's Hospital, Vancouver,  with a broken hip and Mrs. V.  , Campbell had been taken to St.  Mary's   Hospital   suffering   a  heart  attack,   Mrs.  D,   Greer  had smashed  her hand  In  a  ringer and  Mrs.   Mabel  Mac*  Farlano   had   left  St.   Mary's  Hospital    and    was   receiving  ��therapy��in*th��-����Holy*��Family  Hospital   In   Vancouver., Tho  president, Mr, 11, A, tllll, sup-  lied Information about optical,  dental and hearing old sorvico  available to all mombers of lhe  OAPO nt substantial price re*  ductlons. There was discussion  about the need for n homo nurs*  Ing service or a chronic hoapl*  tal lrt the area, and it was decided to'approach the VON to  seo whether It was possible to  get their nursing service rein*  stated.  Election of offlcqrs for  WW.  will bo tho chief business be*  fore tho next mooting en Npv.  18.  Tho now slate of officers  _.wllLbo,AnstaUod~in'vJanuAry,��4U.  ;R$pfe$epiitiv&  ��" s"V*  \A  Sh^l Mf<Comnrim!hg  ���i  A "���" ��'"7 S,"41*^    "���*��' A*^*'* p^j     *i  Careful^ Furnace Installation ���  >zl *. 'A, *y^ 4t^).h   i��7  For.ritl��e^l_&timales:*|I^Ii;^)- .  ' or 886-2133  ���. mtmmmm^0mmm^m0>mmmmm0m0mm0iiu^  ^,"*p|-pj         r>      Ii pf   ..'Kin I Tinq w pi i. fiMlifl     i ^ n fnnH   Pfii    V,   1,1  , t-     <*   *r t��A\ *t'J&.tK��:*���- *",%MfZ% *>��". -  m*mmqmmm*mmmmmiu.  ���4''  J\  ">-  H  t.    Jl  p#  ���p *._     -p.    -y i- *  2.^*~i,***  r4i  ji ^ j  *'  .   ^v*.1    1        ^^^  J   f  t    \    jr r f   ^**f   >  j *    *   *\r  .r-  ���        ^        U  w*  ll''  ���**  f ,1-1  p.,"   ��"��\  I  p7'7:  r 1  ���V1 '-1    /r .VS*  .   .-   wi,y     7  ^%     -    *    7    ^ -"7  -     ���*      3 J iVt I-        "      1  ���- V f   -" \  -}     f    J** --I-    *'*���       "fl   *      >f   A        *  '^Vvi  V  If.*' x  m  t,Sf    r1* n   ,  > 5  iV >v  /.��  i /  <  rn,v-  According To J. R. Duncan, OX.A.W. Canadian Director, "the only real value of the present strike, as far as lhe  union is concerned, is io make the public aware of Labor's problems."���Vancouver Son ���Ociober 13,1965  ) '  WHAT ARE THESE PROBLEMS?  i1-  i  *������. i  z  I.   ,, v  ^.  Id 7 >i \fi A  1 ' ! 7*  i  WAGES?  O.C.A.W. workers In B-A'sBX. Marketing DMsidn roeeivo from $401 Co $508 a  i i,  7)  t  i  month with an average wage Off $464 a month, 40 hour week ��� already 15.5%  above the average industrial composite Wages of industry in genfe.6! lrt B.C. Almost  50% of the B-A workers earn over $492 a month.  7  -'*��� lU  I . j .11  -'��*  '    ,    (  AUTOMATION?  BENEFITS?  O.C.A.W. turned down a $59 a month increase offered by B-A as a no-sltike  package offer. '1 ��� .     - .  :���'���'''  Automation is not a threat in B-A.  ������ ,-   ' i,    ' -    - -  ' , i   ,  In spite of steady improvement in plant efficiency, normal staff turn-over has  absorbed small, annual staff reduction without layoff.  In fact ������  pf    ' '  �� No one has been laid off at any B-A refinery since" 1949.  .   ...,������,-' ''.',.    ��� . ���       i \     , "'-       'n  ���) B-A's Port Moody Refinery, opened Kn ,1958, has aeated 110 hew lobs.  �� In B.C. 90% of the O.C.A.W. employees in B-A have at least 5 years service.  O B-A's Marketing plant staff In B.C. has Increased in t&O past year. (  ���   i      ' ' ' ��� A     it-'   ��� >��� *  ..-:..���.        ��� ��� . ���    . .,*.���*:       ���' '��  Company pays for or contributes towards: -  Pension Plan; Savings Plan; Sick Leave; Hospital Plan; Medical Plan; Life Insurance  Plan; Self-Improvement Education Plan*  y<  "7,  ;��M*l��jW��t��iMl>4��tOftwaffl.��l HH ���Hii*��w)*?h^i����p?*��**��'-*1  ^.W*��W WM*'**'*'WB����*��1 J ItiifrMttirliVitlitm  i Witt*!- "    ^* -I��">��t. J.tv-(t��t,  .p*./ .*.�����-'*+ .H.I>tWlll*  .J  Aiftuj*  H9 Jitfr+ifbi. *J  Jhli't-,  IA 'f fc��* (ww *!*����������� *  ^p-Jj-slTi-ffi-dpMgJit^tSWfttWjv'pat^j;  ...fHE..fAU7QF::TME.;,R0IMAVI  �����"��*''*-"���'*-*->'>--*���* A^Somwoi "'"B roi>s ton -Produc t Ion -v^rm-m-m,  Sopla Loron, Stephen Boyd, Alec Gulnoii,  Jamoi Maion, Christopher Plummor, Anthony Quaylo  ULTRA PANAVISlDN - TECHNICOLOR  FRI.. SAT. - MON. - OCT. %B', 29 - NOV. lit  Show Starti 8 p.m. Another Of The Oreati  NEED A CAR?  MEW or USED  Peninsula  Motor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.  T#d F��nr��rwf��itl  WHAT HAS STRBKH: ACHIEVED?  '���..-7. <-������ ������'���������!���'������'���������'������: ''-��� -��� ���      '������ -,i        ;  A deterioration of relationship with one employee group? Yes. B-A hoped it would nevef see picket-Uno  vioienco; truck harassment; and picketing of homes.  A strain~bn"customerreld1ionshlps?nYesr to a minimum degree, We ^  back when the boycott is over is as much a problem as getting them to atop patronizing the company In the  Tflrst place," ������Vancouver Sun ������Qctober 13, 1965. I  .  , y. .. '.    ,,    > .,'. ..'.- i ���    .... ..-' ������.���/.- ���' ��; .' '��� -'-��� 7 ... ���  z., :     '      ,   '  HOW WILL THIS HELP B-A's EMPLOYEES  NOW ON STRBKE?~'_."*" "~ " "  -*.1V fP-W-^MX* 40U1WJ JJ.  HiHi^-ipW. M**"r-si*Wh��p M��rtwp��^^^.#iMt��iWP^^^(*>i^*-"i*'i>|  ��B^l*t^pii^ji^[i5��.T(,j*)ff(-p,l*-t��MrS^  THE BRITISH AMERICAN OIL COMPANY LIMITED  -"���'A  :t  ..���A..  ���-* * ��* J,*   WSHMtW*"*!*"-  w -Wj-ftiwaiirw^^wiT-^1 �� ��p-ft^Hp-_  frnwemtpjawwi ���-f--��'i'J--*N  cv M"*"***"!* *����pp(im��*"i-f-��i ��  W��f*-f*��^e^pIM*(jB*->'Wl*i**i jAv*titflitf" ��-  ��i��*'^,����*> v *i <  S., *w ��V* V"% im^f^^^J^'1**^!''4^ * >'?<��� /-���  y, *  t  V  ,'��,���  v,      '  N  iw :*j', ^ ���**.*���  ���i   ' ���*    -    2  ^xr, i"  ,(  Pogeg      Sechelt Peninsula Times   *  Wed., Oct. 27,1965  Egtnont Eye  ���by John -Duniop  HEALTH and welfare are also important���In 1952 we  ,.��-*_��� *.*. .^..were spending 14 per cent of our provincial income  %*Ar^AU . re-education and 26 pet cent on health and welfare. Cur-  }k '^B^^^feSfly'it is in the neighborhood of 34 per cent for educa-  ,_.*_'.   ^^^tlOttWhile health and Welfare rerriairis at -.proximately  _  L^V^^l-" *P     cem-  I 7 S-Ufc ,\i/><Whv is the  1.7*  f7  F  A  education  e  ���>  C-'^tte, our school population is  tf increasing, year by year. New  7s*c_iools,  universities   and.,addi-  7tioiud *��taff are required in or*  Tjfder/to  take -care   Of  this   in-  J��>, Jfere&se,   but surely  not to  the  ^ , 7ptesent extent.  5.  Pick up any newspaper today  and read of the millions and  millions of dollars that are being spent by federal and provincial governments on educational facilities. This at a time  when hospitals, dife to critical  bed shortage, are refusing or  delaying admittance to all but  the most emergent cases, when  many crippled and disabled  persons   are   left  to   fend   for  tseives���as���best���they-  when so  much could be done  in  providing  chronic-care  hospitals  and  homes  for our  senior citizens.  7 The Bladen Report on Education estimates that total government university and student  aid will rise from a present  $355 million to $1,704 million by  3975. If present trends continue  a substantial amount of this  expenditure will produce, what'  A certain percentage of irresponsible, gimme-gimme, the  world-owes-me-a-living, placard-bearing types. These we  can do without.  A full education should and  :an be made available to ail  who desire it, regardless of.  their financial circumstances.  Let us cut the frills in our  educational system, eliminate  the deadwood in our student  bodies and get back to tbe basic meaning of education, 'the  systematic training of the moral  and mtellectuai,faculties7iVWeU*  fare expenditures can also be  controlled with closer supervision and less duplication of  interdepartment services. After  all, it is our money that is being so freely spent, so let us  will  be  of  benefit to  all  age  groups and their requirements.  EGMONT EYEDROPS  It is now confirmed-that the  contract has been let for addi-.  tional government floats at Eg-,  mont. They are due for com"  pletion not later than December 31. (Wish we could say the  same for our road).  Another wildGat strike is reported to have taken place on  thfe Jervis Inlet ferry, "Powell  River Queen." This event keeps  us in step with the rest of the  country. Who says .that'the-Sunshine Coast is behind the  times?  It is announced that the old  bungalow-type North Vancouver Hospital has been, or is  about to be, converted to a  "cr  Roberts Creek News  _- tv.  to, attend ,��>i��r<��n^ti0n dyT .  if there *?re��&ny.i^eyfStedtj>eo..,  tie, who .^^/to^ta*.  Busy wharf  PORPOISE Bay wharf seems to be the scene of considerable activity of recent weeks. Last week s$w the  loading of these gigantic transformers onto a large barge  for' transportation from Sechelt to Vancouver. One of  the transformers is the one which blew up causing the  recent break down in the local system.  . ���_  _ ^ Florence McSavaney   orthe ^cn^  m gr,^-    t  ROBERTS Creek Hospit^l7Auxilii-ify held'its monthly'  Jon ��K ^*j*"Wat the c*m*    ',  ���~3f**r^=_*A-    v, ,   i V meeting ln .the lifeaiy w'Mb^ay, Oct. .18. The   ���*Z*&tmU^M **? A  "V-TV1?      ��-^.V I Thanksgiving hoUday the previous week had made it ^TWlW!},7  ��_��'.'#        _'-:A^#vJC., necessary to postpone the, meeting one week,     -     ,        Mr Hybetf Evans is to speak1  . W _ l *        A_U *_ _, >>. UembJs  ^   I fayor Qf   _i__ ;___ ^_   at:  tta>  Unit jWJtajeMy, at,  the  Auxiliary  contribuUng  to-    Recreatiqnal ,ConVlenUon to be   Hyg Camp ��� October 28 ,at  wards the purchase of a cigar-    held in.Pender flarbour on Sat-    8 p-jm JHi? topi< wWt Je "My *  ette machine for the hospital   urday,, %, 4" } . - Experience with.ti.fe Indian Af*  and also the purchase of a pol-      There will be two delegates    fairs . ,.-���->,;,   1 K  aroid camera. Pictures of new 7. ���--.., v          ���> > 7-*'1 ~-y    *  if"**  babies'could be taken and av- ' . Z.^kW^^^tt^LW^B^^^^m^kW^Stmm^^^ A?  aUable*for sale. The auxiliary  is not undertaking any major  project until afte*r Christmas  -���enten__iaL__Committce-t--held  their first meeting since last  spring They decided to purchase some of the centennial  calendars. These will be available in time for Christmas It  has also been decided to hold  a salmon derby as part of the  1966 celebrations. This would  take place during the two  weeks prior to Labor Day and  would end with a carnival' and  dance.  ���  A  reminder to  all residents  that  the  committee  wants  to  -baye���names of all long���time  romc-care "hospital. This is  what was requested to be done  with the old St Mary's Hospi*  tal at Garden Bay after the  opening of the new one at Sechelt. The proposal was evidently vetoed by Victoria. Why?  Eileen and Bob Griffith have  returned from a two-week, aftsr  fishing-season vaaation. They  spent a week in Calgary at the  home of daughter Judy and her  husband, Bob Gill, who, with  their two children, are leaving  in December on a two-year  army posting to Germany. On  returning to Egmont,. Bob and  Eileen received a visit from  daughter Jpyce, her husband  Bob Wilson and their.two children, also Bob's cousin Richard  Wilson. The boys came up for  a little hunting (no luck) and  on their ..return to Vancouver  the Wilson's took Joyce's grandmother, Mrs. George Vaughan,  with them for a short visit.  Why did both your daughters  marry Bobs, Bob? Confusing,  isn't it?  Who was the gal whose car  ran out of gas on the Egmont  road recently and had to park  it and walk in? This could only   ^       7 __ ._..,._    happen in a family that owns  make sure that"itis"^eing^tised -and. operates the only  service .  ~EIecHon at large  for school trustees  >     ��� ��� ���'.,-.  ELECTIONS for school trustees will be a little different  this year. In the past, electors have elected rural  representatives who, in turn, have elected rural school  trustees from among themselves. The minister of edu-.  cation has now approved a change whereby, in future,  rural school trustees will be elected at large directly  by the electors in two rural areas making up the school  district. ������' '������   Council decides  Hallowe'en dale  REQUEST by various organizations  that  Halloween,  which  "falls this year on Sunday, be  held on the Saturday, gained  support of council and it is announced  Halloween  night will  . be.. Saturday, October 30. No  collecting- will be allowed on  the Sunday.  A big part of the job of restoring sight depends on training the patient to use his vision aids properly. This is a field  of vision therapy, often called  optometric rehabilitation, which  is   growing   rapidly   says   The  Canadian Asociation of/ Optometrists.  residents, and especially want  the names of any person who  have resided in Canada for at  least 75 years. These people  are to be honored during the  1967 celebrations.  Meeting of the Community  Association was held on Wednesday, Oct. 20 instead of the  previous week, as several members were not able to attend  at that time. Mr. Forbes and  Mr. McSavaney agreed to attend the Regional Recreation  meeting to be held in Sechelt  on Thursday evening, Oct, 21.  Mr; Lawrence was present and  outlined  plans for a Regional  CAR & TRUCK TIRE CENTRE  Let us supply all your Tire  requirements  Quality - Service - Economy.  GIBSONS &. SERVICE  Phone 886-2572'  For Easy Budget Terms  Use Your SHELL CREDIT CARD  or Apply for A Bank Loan  .  {IB  wisely  and in a  manner Vthat  v  4,1*  ��Z  z  I:  7  M  NEED A CAR?  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No Down Payment - Bank Interest  Ten Years To Pay  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIANCES  For Free Estimate - Call 886-2728  ^Eiinigiiii!iiiiB9iisgnigigiii.iisiimiiigiigmi.D!iiiniBiiiiii.iB]iiiiiiiia9!B9i^  Rural Area "A," which is  essentially the area North and  West of the Village of Sechelt  is currently represented by  Mr. . W. P. Malcolm, whose  term of office expires in December, 1966, and by Mr. C. G.  Thorold, who was recently appointed by- the "minister to represent Rural Area  "A,"  also  ^MtiFbec'eM^  Rural Area "B", South and  East of the Village of Sepheit,  will be represented by three  trustees, all of whom will be  elected dr re-elected this De-  cember. Currently, Rural Area  ^'B" - is *rei>^ehted by Mr. J.  Horvath, Mrs. C^iia Fisher and  Mrs. Leslie Jackson, whose  terms of office expire this year.  An extract from, the full list.  of voters of tbe school district.  is being prepared and will con-  ,itain the names of voters in Rural Area "B" only. This list  will be/used for the election of  rural ^trustees this year.. The. full  list eft voters will be iised for  any vote on referenda! '     (  Nominations will be accepted  at the''school board office at  any" time between the date of  publication of the Notice of  Election and noon oh Monday,  November 29. Nomination papers can be obtained from the  school board office. In the event  of a poll being necessary, it  will be held on Saturday, December 11.  In addition to the two trustees  in Rural Area "A" and the  three in Rural'Area >B", the  board will continue to have one  -trustee representing each of the  villages. The village,of Sechelt  is;currently represented by Mr.  L.' Johnson, whose term of office expires in, December. 1966.  The Village of Gibsons is represented by Mrs. C, M. Vob3ri,  whose term of office, expires  this December.  \'AA  ,/  Studies havo revealed that 35  per Vent of the tlriving public  have below average, 'vision,  states The CaniitlhiiV Association, of Optometrist.'). At least  15 per cent of thin group have  .vision that renders them -dangerous when they drive a car.  Electric Heating  Brings Silent,  \*l  Carefree Comfort  to Your Home!  In walnut, teak or standard colors.  It also comes in many shapes and  sizes, all geared to your convenience and comfort. Space-saving baseboard units, wall or ceiling  units, we'll help you choose the  besttype of heating for your home.  Two year  finance   plan   NOW  available  tor Electric Heating Installations.  SWrSECTRICLTO;  YOUR LOCAL ELECTRIC HEATING  ;,       SPECIALIST  ?hoi}c Q&$Z2Q6Z    ,]",  $imthl*��G&>*t Highway <����� Itocheir, B,C,  ALLIED ELECTRIC LTD.-  DISTRIBUTORS  Phono 738-5818  ��r 1105 W#*t firti AV(_., VoncoMvor, P.C,  Krti��a^WPHWIW(pt^ffi��iip*(.6aWfl*l'sHnM>  It Is a sad fact that the only time tho old lino parties over take any-notice of theprob  lems of British Cokimbla Is when thoy want your vote, a Once they gat that!iVote.  they turp their backs, forsake their promises, Ignore your support apcl g^rally'act;  as if Canada ended at flio Rockies, h Wo'must put an end to tills lopsided treatment  and send to Ottawa, representatives who will fight for a fair deal for our province,  The Job can be done - elect your local Spclal Credit candidate.    ���  4^^t^iW**��^*��*-*WM*i*��p4fp'ti<Ait^tWW��|pW'!��^^        ���* f **��*��  Hf^i-ifefl-^S^ih'tW^^aMkW^ilBp^-^^^MI^iS*^  The election of this Social Credit team will assure a fair deal for British Columbia  J4mo�� M, Konnody   -  0URNAUY.COQUITLAM  /MoK-nrtor (1, Pfli|��non  ____^XRA9RR��y/M.l.eY;   Charle* Edward Emery  OKANAOAN BOUNDARY  Arthur Holm<m  .VANCOUVKtt-H4MO&WAY��  Jiiok F. LuMn��KI  BURNARY-RICHMOND  i Thomn* D. Sills  Howard C, JohnMon  OKANAOAN.RtVEI-BTOKi:  n^rr ^^ '. f. _ ^^ -ia _,^__  Donald W, Qoii��  *,, VANCOUVLR-QUAORA -  0��rl R. Lohoo  CARIPO0  Jamoi Konnolly  .K00IEN,f\Y.t./\3t.  David Ron  SKEtNA  Norman Howard  ,VANCOUVtn.SOU.H.~  C. Harold Hunter  COAaT.CAPII.ANO  .     John L, Holiion !  w���.���,K0QTriNAY-.Wr.8r.,..-.  Cdward M. (Uil.holm  -VANCqUVER'0URRARD^  M. F. Hunlor   - - VICTOR IA -  Joan M. J.Qagnon  COM0X-AI.BERNI  Ly|o C. Wllkln.on ,  . NANAIMO. ��.|SUANDa  William J. Mclntyrt  VANCOUVER.CENTRE"  -    Mr*. Vor�� Plpa*  ESQUIMALT.SAANICII  Joo Unwln   p  NEWWEGTMINUIER  WalUrW.CampMl  YANC0UVER.EA3T  .,41.-,  ,Mfi|'PN>oiti;o<)ir,j����.flpciAtefti.oiiuAogi.w tuiumn muwih,  ***   "^*-^0*��yK*s��fiVM(ip**rtifi. AW#tt *w*S��"-  I WM_M��4#�� J~a w.*  P��-f+**   ��-*"���. ^  '1t(.^!sfcW��. -ft***- ^KflfcW^fc**^   1!  * ^^l��V4^w_^��#^Mm^^��lta-tw^Ml^��p^^        w  ��^Wii*^8**^pf f-+f ,*������*.* +f �� */��� *s"j*fy>��f\*r***p.f  ... fl��W^P^P��^P#^P*PPP.*^.^WPP��PP*lfSPnWK.   k*?P**.   ��..-��MRWPP*m��lw*��W^��  ���,f*Jf0 ftf*1 ��,***��(**-* *  - "t *< '  ��� -   #1.��*-#*��j��V*<P**i  ��**-*.��-"��  ��� / * r / l.^<.'  P , ���'  ��� l  7 m D^'/HfUi'lrrt^bK ti j  ��*  i  \ ���v     �����  bldm^by, communist  'AN'EXTENSIVE? federal -program' ta Wipe ojlt tfte. in  -.justices .and Inequalities7practised' against Native  .    Indian, people Was urged Thursday nightly;Charles  ,v Caron> Communist,candidate for Coast-CapHano1.-'fit a  -, 'meeting in 'North Vancouver.7 " *-" *       ''7'  "It's lime^hp people of Cjap  which has��suffered  ada's Original   people,','   said '" ""��� ^^hdsej^ondmon,  ��� ~'r        * of   life   need-imhi^drate -and  '   ��da <lemand^d action, to end,the   ��community swh  shartefUl   treatment 7of * Cart-   fL   w,Atf^nri���  '  aria*.    "n_tan_1      ��onnl_, ����      eolrl    ' tile   HlDSt JMM>  ������"  Caron.% ^   /  -" He charged that successive  Liberal .and ^Conservative gov*  ; emments over the years have  been responsible for the plight  that Tmany.. of B.C.rs 40,000 Ih-  dian people face.    ��� , ���  ^ Caron said ! that' the Indian  Claims Bill (Bill <M_3), introduced last June in Parliament  by the Liberal government,  continues the long-standing injustices against the Indian peo  drastic improvement."  Cajron' Said* tbaj^ainohg; (fhe  measures * needed are Vbroadtr  development-.programs to ��n  clitde' improved --hdusitig' and  employment   possibilities     ��������>  -well as'provision of capital to  help community expansion and  creation of local- industries.  He said it was-essential that  lis  f. _Mij��-!^*}*V! \i\ ,*>>... *  Xf  t /*  7'  ���v **,  '4 .  .�����  M  p^. ��� >���.  7 *<���  '���" '"i  j  !  o     i'  Wed., fe&lfc ftfcS ',   *$#helf Pen.nWlil'fmi ^Frn^  Jack Davis charges  J."-**    " J i . i'>~mmf      s-    -..  *     '_>* v       * ���   "  ^     *!v"*J *  -pp.* >r     .��-  X.. ��^ppj��-A^** **. **'*' pT"  . va""*. p*    *  * A  A.  . %^-4  1 -j ^- v %   _  '   *f.*�����pr   j____  ft,,  ���** -* i -*  A   ���* i  -tU. f_LwJ-     ,    _       1 I  >*"!  indecisive  i ^'i  MB, seeking Ve-^leetion.  "Tliestumblinl block'fo fVed- &a.h ^^ >i__i*.  ^;^L1^51  eral financial parHcipa^W hks t^t^ M^^T^l  been the indecision ih Vicbr- .��. ?aying, a .!?.r^e_ Pa3^ 4*^  n," Davis charged.  "All that i_ ^required is fbr  th6 provincial government "to  agree to designate the* new  route as the Trans-Canada  Highway* and federal participation of ^5(J per cent of the cost  ���and^-up to 90 per cent for  designated "difficult" portions  will be forthcoming.  ^<56st, is nb different fr_m$.thflit  proposed fdr^VancouV*3C^ 7^  "The Province of>^0b^7  was >is:e eribugh'T'lo d^ifgnste  the- new Montreal(sectibtt^^s;N  part of the Trans-���afti|dah(lfiib-,  way���while B.C. catft mafee* Tip -  its jriina 'about Vantr&BlVer/ABUit  the North Sbore,',iie kMAtZ  y,yiy.yff;.. ,*��.*fL ,&���.;!��!���, .,,-:���".....-v.*- -���-'.*i;�� E'  !^i|i8SBi  liplllSli  'AenmlMiMMAA  Afyyi ��'��.*��� A-y-.-yB -,g?,- gAAi>AiAi?Ay  PliSMSiiiiSl  Fall bazaar  r^ORE .ABOUJ,.  *��- tic oaiu ii. w����' esBciiuai. uiai      -��_____.__.____f __-"��.-'.>*     ,*       ��i . _" * ,'        i      ��������.->��� ,^^_  .i    ,-*p|��>v��ri;   MDVU)    ��� -��   *  ���eo- discritninatidn in employment 5UNSHINI* Rebekah -l*odge Mtf~ A very successful'M J ttA��fai��_|iftdL��  ^ . ^..-and that aid be ��&h io ' . Bazaar, last*Saiurd&y.. Au^rttfi'leaves'and, _|j>^S;^e��Wer4i-*fBHqpBf��  nd   the Indian Dedole th diversify ��� decorated the tables "and hugedecorated^artif icial puthp-' fr����� page 4r- '      *-s  kintheW theti^ift,packages for,1the;^lucHy.dip.',^ Mrs., *Sechelt7it woulli Appear tfiat   mfent h^ refused to ac^pt^.^ _      , .  "^^^rMTaieir^tW^lr^t&Cord-i^^ atea" has  bt&n    mflagr^^^-^y-^e-jMeBi--*^^  .     _ __ __ *_, -_:      /.�����-���-   "   _ _.  ,     __P    ' . -    _-    ^          __     _ ^- tfAVCtmmant     ___iv_��-_l��-.     !*___��_#_-._.__     ii- _n__L_^t__.     _L_��_4_L^ff   ^r.      m&> ^ __S4-.-V.   -_.��.  pie. It should have, he said  provision acknowledging and the JTndian people to diversify  guaranteeing the aboriginal thfeir lecohomic ^activitife$. This  ~tWF^f-m^ntedi_ir-ttibes-to���mttstincludi  their  lands.   He  said  that  in  every case  was obtained  .onus should  government  was obtained  ly and .that  compensation was paid  "The place to begin to wage  sensfe.  The  provincial  govern-   through the downtown area^ibl"  .rStrtfetftlime^r^ostoffice  feptVthe - dver-a nevr bridge or;\nSil^[/'atk r vi^a -a.t^u-X.-a^^^a.-t-  or individuals who discriminate    f*\f KJUJVUL     tliCT     V tttCtt/C    !, .And ihasjEU-xesponsible-iori-lhe.  against native Indians or others ��� '        '   , , ,,  , ���+  -1 ^    t ��� y planning and construction of the  the war on poverty," said Ca-    because of their race, color, or    MRS.  Dorothy* Smith attended   .Wilson Creek,   Mrs.   Anderson    breakwater will heed the wise  ron," Tiis  in that part^ of our   creed,  FOR COMPLETE      "  INSURANCE  SERVICE  Life ��� Health ��� Annuities ��� Group  Bryan t,   Burkinthaw  For further  information  write to  Box 381  SECHELT.  B.C.  Robert E. Lee  Great-West Of��  ASSURANCC COMPANY.   ^^  the 70th anniversary of the  Chinese " Presbjrterian   Mission  will/accompany Mrs.  Henderson to Vancouver" where > they  counsel   of   those   who t know  what they  are 'talking a"6out.  at 261 Keefer St., Vancouver,    will* visit friends before .'Mrs.   "This war be one ~ of "fife "most  son Sunday/October 17!"      "        Anderson's-return to^beKpres-    important* undertakTrigs on the  _l _T __ __._. __. __ __, _ ______ __ J9__ _.^_k __ ___A ._��__r _%���������� l%__ m*vm ms. m __i M .mm ��ia��*.1*i _*._[ ��� VJ_ m _ _ _V _�� __ ___._-_ __ .._ *��._ ^  Sechelt Bowling Alleys^  ���ppp _=    - - - r -. y .*  Members over^ 70. years  of  age' and volunteer workers were  ent home in ^Campbell River,    entire coast-and it's" value cair-    T AMm^Mr-tr. r.      ���', t.* ���  , *   ��� r ?&^A  Recent visitors to the boine    not T>e underestimated. It must    LAWRENCE Crucil was high bowler of. the week^Bowl-  to Chinese ^youngsters.  At the present time there are  over 230 children attending the  Mission Sunday school, where  there are 30 teachers.  Former popular resident of  Sechelt, Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, has been spending the past  two weeks with Mrs, Olive  Porte and has" been hosted by  many friends. Guests at a tea  party in her nonor held in the  home of Mrs. 'Betty Williams  were Mrs. Marie Montgomery,  Mrs. Cathy JNelson, Mrs. Leo  Johnson, Mrs. G. ?otts, and  Mrs   G. Adams. ,  Mrs. Anderson was also hosted by Mrs. A. L. Parsons' of  Davis Bay; Mrs. H. Pearson  and Mrs. H. Bilodeau.  After spending a few days  with  Mrs.  Kate Henderson of  the home of Mrs. Margaret  Lamb to honor Mrs. Carol Bi-  diuk who is leavxng for Hope,  B.C. Co-hostesses were Mrs.  Jean Gray and Mrs. Dorothy  Goeson. Mrs. Bidiuk was presented with a set of coffee  spoons and a pink carnation  corsage  Also attending the party were  Mrs. R. Campbell, Mrs. Bidiuk,  Sr.; Mrs. R. Page, Mrs. Kay  Nickerson, Mrs. H. Henry, Mrs.  C. Poteet, Mrs. J. Segec, Mrs.  Wilson, Mrs��� R. Trites, Mrs.  R Whyte, Mrs. N. Hansen and  Mrs. N. Rathbone.  Pictures in words. Restless  clouds plotting a storm . T \  Forests drip-drying, after rain  . . . Fog feeling its way around the walls , . . Ducks paddle-wheeling on the lake.  a good facility but will be quick  to pass up anything less than  the best. It may and perhaps  should, take years to complete  as an attractive showplace, but  it's use as a marine shelter  need not be curtailed during  the final completion of the overall concept.  If all this sounds too grand  and all we want is a breakwater to provide accommodation for our local small boats,  let it at least be adequate, not  a crowded mess of boats without proper facilities, all trying  Ho squeeze into a boat harbour  fibo small for their requirements.  COASTWISE  Buckskins: Doreen Joe 548  (188); Ted Joe 680 (318).  Ladies: Iona Strachan 670  (250), Sylvia Jackson 268, Betty Laidlaw 322, Iii McCourt 275,  Eileen Evans 257.  Ladies Matinee: Maty Henderson 580, Jean Eldred 247.  Pender: Muriel Cameron 654  (290), Ron Pockrant 638- Dave  Pickard 277, Arnette Eickard  244.  Sechelt Commercial: Ena  Armstrong 706 (309), Bud Montgomery 751 (320), Red.Robinsbn  The decision on wntitt^Of ffie ,   w   *__����**  -  "Mr.  Bonner's recent' char- -Trans-Canada -H$gnw.ty^ is^-in*  - 11 ne namewtne person  5es of federal faiiurfe jo help   the ]iandstoffthe pT0$ac&yT&,e " 7y^uarera8^reS^lrig. -"���  - meet the  cost of thte Second    answer as,_ar'as money-fe��n ���" il,-", '*^r;^*'S-  Narrows Bridgerare Burenoh- .Ottawa is concented-ir-torante  \A^Tp&^lte$Vmxrhb&r,  m,' ftim.b���?r Vartment'  V     **r* ���*-���* ~^*trf��V JL>   *_, C   * V. *���-  number, if arjy.  'S'Cf^&wn V vfirage,  jancf postal stone, if In use,,  Brovince.Jqp^  . I  r'At -Your^name, and your  vcbttiprete' address An the:  ^lipfjer Jeft-Corner.  (302), Bev Robinson-sSS^'^)  Sam MacKenzie 275.   ��� -%_  Sports Club7 Lawrence'Crucil  854 (308, 288, 258), Red Robinson 718 (293), Hazel Skytte ;690,  Dorothy Smith 260. _ ^a- ^  Ball & Chain- Roy^Taylor 630  (269), Mary Henderson 256.\  SCHOOL  LEAGUES    ' ,7^,-7  - -Seniors.   J a c-k- Goeson- 356���  (198), Earl John 356,.RitaJOno  290 (162).     .   ��*   ��       S^'si'-  Juniors: ,Pat John 318>Bt5),*  Eleanor Swan, 185 (123). , _   - -.  m* .  Woman-driver: "I just hate  to take the car out ahd baffle  all that traffic."  eii/scm,  *mwmmmmmmtmm*mmmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  SowCeitfre  ;^;;;;7::;7;;;;';;:WiU  Dealer* for P.M. Canadlon - McColloen"-'  Homelite . Pioneer and Stihl Chain SoV��r��.  COMPLETE STOCK OF Al!l- M6DEL5 \  Z'ZZl P*o't*��'.Vcind��� RejpHpilr..1 "J 1  ''^l;''''v';,fe^ei^^e'':885*���962���5; "  gi4  AO~~      V����,        S-ij*  lewd  of your business leaders  wmmmm^0m0i0mm0mmmmmm0mmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmm\  ���    ."     . >   '��� ��� p*.'7"''i. *.���_<���'*���>." ^,^���1,.���^|l', -h.-W   (���[������'^������ij' '** 'J-'p*_.:" '-w\, 'i?,*.-.if .--*.-i**it '**.i">i-i.  ���m*mmmmmw*mwmmmmmmm*mmm��mwmmmmmm^mmmm\*mmmmm  i��   . ���       A    i. \-��� ,\-A y<,lzz ';;M,^',,��� i ".'' "���'���'' '���*"' 71.' ��� 1] .���/''���"7'7i'' '  Your Peninsula Centre :'v.:^  for Furniture; ��� A^pliq^e^ 7 S  Sales, and Service  Richler's T.V. & Radio Ltd.  ���__'''''      ''">"._;_ ' '   'VX'i   _ii_'_."_:  Sechelt, B.C, >honb 885-9777  mmmmmmmmmmmi  .mmmmmmmmmmmmmm'mmmmmmmm'kmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,  wmm"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmm0W  AUCTIO^teE^ SERVBCE  Your household furnishifigs gladly  auctioned off - By arrangement - ca  J. L. 1BENNER  Sechelt, B.C. ��� 885-2058  'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmm,  ���tfW)*M^I��^a^tM-  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'mmmmmi  . v    ��� ,  I ' ' p .  SMI ��IS Itisifrihutof  GIBSONS, D.C,  Phono (foO^i as  ^m^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfmmmmmm.  tVfys, rdihy days, Wihdy bt  Chilly days ... youll be  reddy far them all with these  fashionable all-purpose coats  that go everywhere.  NEVEN'S RADIO &T.V.  Sales and Service  PHILIPS DEALER  FULL RANGE OF APPLIANCES  Phono 886-2280  Marine Drlyo ������* Gibsons, B.C,  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Plumbing and Healing  Lot kit cator to  all your Plumb-  Ing ahd Moating noedi. Oil  Co. or Bank financing available.  SUPlPMll land  Benner Bros.  FURNITURE AND PAINT   ; STORE 7-7T-  SECHELT  Phono 88:14056    '  QJmsk  ion  PENINSULA PLUMBING  LIMITED  Heating & Sunolies  FREE ESTIMATES  Su^r Kemtone  Sherwiri WiHiam Paints  (#*t^WfcfcJt#**t*i��-ii*MO��WpW��.' *Mrf*f  B��tJWt*SHWMtaI Ht����1 J'fl  ��fc��fa!*.!****��it-w��*��(iw  tjonyenfontly located across from  Kcn'i Golden Dollar Storo  Phorte 886-9941 - Qlbsons  !����*** S H��lMtws^imW*^latt[#iMpM����_Hiw:  I  Phone 880-9533  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmW.  ' V V  rmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmirmmi��i  PLANNIr^Q A NEW HOME?  Adding a roonj or two -��� or just /ro-   j  decorating? Sco us first for all your   8  .  pm, i0m0mmmm0nmt*0H*m*0i**>  0mmmtm��mtmm***mmmmm*mmmmmmmmm,  (Jibaoni, B.t. " thefno 686^941  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  V  */[ w* jp(*1*jr|-w#v **.  Gulf Building Supplies  I   PhdftO )&85i22i33v    y^y Sccholt, B.C.  immmmmmmmmmiftmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  *fttf *.(."* ��. <-.(+P".    f   -P.*      -IHli.*  M-s    It        .*"-*.-"f    ���"Wept"*-' 1* i**���*** W-.WH i>pBiril��t',^l-(rf.-P(tpW*-PBt"p,M> *��pm.U J JJi*fli _Jt    rvi-  rimr* r*w<���*�����"- K''"i*��M*r*1'*,i>-*mt rp.f w   m>��,M-4UUI nfc*���r"p*ffl��p"iiw-<-��m��^*,>*"^"'B^  *Wfi*M^M*S^#��M^*%i-J*����B. ��� ->a��������i*��iir*��-(n  fcW    f*.    ,       ,l(.M .*,    ^    w       ,     �� *,   ���*  '' y '  ,ft^.p^^^��^^*.��^.wi^^w.M^^��^w^^M*PP��(^(P^��Ph#*PW'(*B^w��*p��pp WP��*p,WP��W��*����^P.pp��PPPfP'*��.MPWP P"^wSf^MWppp^tiPiPfi.iiMH*��%*M^*PWfl***'sWPPVWP*WPW^^  ���, *> ^*.,.k mtv^M u *I^w*�� v .<-*��� *r*-"*t^*-Af .-*s/>,��#-*r��*>*��"->|��w*''v<***w-mMti*v��iJiit**?*  I    ... ��� f    A�� _ ��   ,--'  <  *���       p* If J  i  I  Sechelt Peninsula Times  Many complaints . .\  -Wed., Oct. 27, 1965  il  !  &1*  "'  iiifir ang proi  fought tip for air  ApgER a short period .of comparative peace, file dog  i&fkbMem was again brought to the attention of coun-  Cu^Just week, when Coun. Bernel Gordon said he had  received complaints from residents in the Porpoise Bay  area\ .,  ������ .  , v|s_ have been reported as  oarMng "all night while one resident;-Mr. Smears, was actually  bitten, he stated. However, ae  continued, Mr Smears should  have^ reported this immediately  to'tfae police  Clerk Ted Rayner agreed  that-Tvhen a person is bitten by  a clog, it is up to that person  to _ay a charge with the police.  TRAILER COURT  Coun. Benner reported that  hethad been approached by Mr.  Frank Hall of Porpoise Bay  who had indicated he would appreciate  a  reply from  council   regarding his  proposed trailer  court  The councillor said he felt the  whole matter had dragged   >n  tsj^krag and that Mr. Hall was  r .entailed to a reply one way or  the- other.  i Chairman Christine Johnston  replied that she still thought  council as a whole should take  -a look at the area before making _�� definite decision. Tins  was4 agreed to at a previous  -meeting but some of the council had been away to a con  vention and a meeting at the  trailer camp site had" not been  possible: 7  It was decided council visit  the location this week at a  time and date convenient to  all. On the suggestion of Coun.  Benner, it was agreed the applicant be so notified.  DRAG STRIP  A light was requested on  Shorncliffe Road behind the  elementary school, where it  was said drag racing has been  taking place  Pilot schejne . . .  '"'     ��� ^ZAnZiZy^y-Z '77 - ���  -.     T"'-77<7vv'-77'.7,-v  Se$sMiQn77 Zy  V  ���V  ^mtetangV w��a^ateI  reciea-ipn project  llN feyERY'electlon^pr the past  \ 25, years, two Oir .three* e��gi*!  n^eyshave %en hired to make  _ m afsurvey of .the Sechelt break-'  MR. JIM PANTON, director of' the Community Pro-   w%^ro^K _: *> 7,1   >;   *  grams Bmnch, Dept. of Education^was guest speak-     E^Li^ ;���� tftJSft.J*  er at the Central Recreation Commission meeting, held  on Thursday, October 21, at Sechelt.       , *  Those * in ��� attendance   were  Future ballerinas  Skelton, principal, recommend-  Mr. Frank West, Port Mellon;  Mrs, B. Laird, Hopkins .Landing; Mr. Ray ttelpng, Gibsons;  Mr. and MrsrRon McSavaney,  Roberts Creek; Mr. John Perry, Madeira Park; and Recreation Director < Phil Lawrence  who also chaired the meeting.  Mr. Panton reminded the  commission that the two-year  program now being undertaken  in this area is a pilot project  and the" whole province is  watching its progress. Many  suggestions were made to publicize the program on the Peninsula.  Grants are obtainable from  the provincial dept. for recreation purposes and will be pro-  tral Commission. Mrs. ' Bud  Laird is the representative on  the Central Commission for  Hopkins Landing.  Sechelt Theatre.  special matinee  SECHELT Theatre operator  John Hayes has made special  arrangements with the schools  under the educational program  to provide transportation for  Grade 6-7 students to a special  matinee at the Sechelt Theatre  Friday, Oct. 29.  A nominal fee will be charged  It was agreed the area was    BALLET in general is hard work and these young' pu- ed that the P-TA give more at  v�����^��  councTdaSd toW^t   ., -P1?5 0f MrS--JSj>_ Hearley, Gibsons are taking S_S? to ".tlSS' ^Sd^u Porbonal to the amounts raised    to  the  spectacular  potion  council  aeciaea to ��YgsttgM*g--^_h!Mg*4eSS^^ by   municipalities,   for  recrea^^rhgJFaU of the Roman Em  at present, classes will soon be divided into additional of their bursary. Members pre  -. So'cial, .Credit-Candidate  HaroIdV^Hunter, Z ��I successful  businessman in^ Powell River,  says he'7couW( have^ built it  alone in that time.,  Promises^promises^ ;>y the  tired old pari^i^ Mrs. Andrew  Johnston, chairman of the Se*  chelt Breakwqt^r Committee  says, ''the engineers are here  again as in all' federal elections." The project w?s to cost  $225,000 and although the sitting member assured us that  everything was going K along  fine, our breakwater never appeared in the budget, like so  many other promised projects.  We are fed up with promises.  Harold Hunter seeks action. He  says "Let's get our breakwater  in now. We've had enough  talk!"  the feasibility of a light.  ,^ .Sechelt  Beaisty Salon  Mr, Omer Lepitre  V     ANNOUNCES  ,    Mr. Amllta Pickard  hos now joined our  Staff of Experienced  Hair Stylists.  Phone 885-9525  AIRPORT  The chairman questioned an  item in The Times regarding  the airport, written by Mr. G.  Van de Meerberg. Couh: Swain  as Airport Committee ^Chairman  said the committee, had things  well under control andVthat although the aero club "had suggested a new waiting room, it  had been decided by-the committee that a new parking area  and runway improvements  Were of greater importance at  this time.  INDIAN  BANQUET  A vote of thanks is to be sent  to the Sechelt Indian Council,  expressing appreciation for the  excellent banquet to which  council was invited -together  with other Peninsula^ guests.  Members agreed it was-an outstanding success.  groups for teen-aged beginners and another for more advanced students. Pictured here are from left,7Karmen  Gehring, Karen Karateew, Wendy Bystedt, Lois Mackenzie, Elaine Mackenzie, Lori-Lee Edgren, Debbie Hill  and Sioux Hartle.  Notes from Pender  ....... _,,. i .  ��� ,   ���by Lorill Kilborn  LIBRARY committee of the PH Recreation Commission  reports  that shelves  have  been constructed;'  and  painting of the library room and book shelves has been  completed by Ray Mair who gave his services.  There have  been some  gen-    "     ���   On   fuel  coaled?"'  truck:    "Are   you  erous contributions of books  from individuals, including one  from Roberts Creek. More  books are needed, and pick-up  of books will be promptly arranged. Contact Mrs. M. Rae  883-23677  ^ Library^ Booster- cards are a-  vailable from Mrs. W. Warnock 883-2394, or Mrs. Rae.  Funds raised from sale of  Booster. Cards will be used for  purchase of books. Cards are  $2 per family. Everyone can  be a _^stei.    ." *   One interested citizen, with  no books to donate, has subscribed to a children's book-a-  month plan to be able to give  books to the library.   7  Secretary of the Recreation  Commission is compiling a list  of book clubs for the convenience gf other interested supporters.who might wish to don-  ^^^l��s^:t^y^^rmsLyyAA ���"-.  HALLOWEEN  'Fpl^wing"'the trend of other  centreSjto celebrate Halloween  bn^Satiirday^ Oct. 30, the P.H.  Recreation Commission, in cooperation with the Fire Brigade  anci^theV Forestry, will be having;* j'aTHalidweeh bonfire at 8  pirnVVoir; Saturday, Oct. 30 ;he-  sideVjthev(^mttiunity ,Hall in  Madeira Park7 Priies will be  giyen for the best and funniest  costumes; two prizes to be given in each of three age groups,  kindergarten and pre-scho61ers;  6 to 11 years; and 12 and over. There, will be free pop, donated by Pender Harbour Store,  dnaratulctttond  ,^^i  , 1  a>  I'  (Up^WfW^..  ,'  Of *  l,..  A' 1  -w.^m4**Hp" '  I      P   I       *.!  ^.Mp'-Vp  i* p*1 -ft  I��?.''1*4*&(PPPW'  t  *H��*<BWi��4 ��IW��U��f'*  ii-H-Wj*^ it tn^mr*  *W(-  ��^*^��>^J|pM��*>>*-^*��l��tt*��W��*-'^^ ^llwhWHUi-tM^flStjItUvlt  Oh your recent appointment as  Imperial ESSO Agent  in Madeira Park  ~.mttM^t*^-%��M-M!>i!fyi)im>**<  \  FOR FREE ESTIMATES on Esso Oil Furnace  ^   M ��� H    !-*!M-��i   jM_i imU ____! riWHH  ia^i u^ Ml�� ^t t^     .s >'��� .1 ���*l-''.->*i--p-��'p*'*^*^'^'-*-**��ppr^Wt-i^��*.Ki*i-w^-p*p*^m-��^wpt  Hr�� GEOme MOONEY at Gibsons 886-2728  Or ERNIE WIDMAN at Madeira Park 883-2663  ��� fpH**!   -it      lW*l-j#f  ��)l��^tH'W'^a^^^y��^B|iP>^W*l����^^.'JLf  Parkinsons Heating Ltd  GIBSONS, B.C.  and hot dogs.  Fireworks will depend on contributions, which will be happily accepted by John Perry.  Bring your fireworks for ��� everyone to enjoy.  A fireside  sing-a-long is  being  planned-by ^ young  adultsr  so    bring    your    instruments,  and tune up your vocal cords.  "Trick-or-treaters, start early  on your rounds, so you can be  at the bonfire at 8 p.m. All  you ghosts, goblins, etc., bring  your parents, and have a happy  time.  Because of Halloween celebrations being held on Saturday, the weekly movie, sponsored by the Community Club,  will be held on Friday, October 29, at 7.30 p.m. It will  be followed by a Halloween  dance, sponsored by "Jill and  the^-Dpfters" at 9:30 p.m.' 7  CENTENNIAL  Centennial meeting held Oct. *  17, in the Legion Hall was at:  tended by eight people. It was  decided that a committee would  investigate the feasibility of  developing a swim and picnic  site at 'Lily Lake on a strip of  land bordering the highway.  It was thought that this project would be of benefit to all,  and within thfe centennial fund,  limitations.  One hundred Centennial Calendars have been ordered.  These will sell at %\ each.  Next  meeting   will   be   held  in the Legion- Hall,. Nov. ,7, 'at  "8 p.m;;',''',''  FIRE  DISTRICT  Currently underway, is ' the  annual fund drive ,of the P.H.  Volunteer ,Fire Brigade. Representatives Who call' on you,  are rcqnefsting your signature  approving the formation of a  Fire District.  Estimated operating ���budget"  per year is $2,300, Divided ��-  mong all landowners, this sum  can't add much to indlvklunl  taxes, nnd wo are told that the  small Increase would be part*  ly, ,fl,nd in some Instances, totally, offset by reductions In Insurance rates.  PENDER* P.Tr\AZZ''''''.ZAAZZ''.,  Noting that of 17 graduates  from Pcndop Harbour .secondary  school  In  1005.  only  two  went on to university. Mr, D,  sent at the P-TA meeting October 19 agreed that the Bursary Committee, which will be  appointed later on, should bear  this in mind.  Supporting the Recreation  Commission plan for an organized Halloween Bonfire for  Pender Harbour, the P-TA voted to donate $10. toward the  purchase of hot dogs.  President Mrs. J. Love, requested suggestions and ideas  be put forth by members for  fund raising; and for future  meeting programs; Suggestions  by mail are invited;  It was decided that a variety  concert would be held again  this season.  Mr. K. Powers, principal of  Madeira Elementary requested  donations of men's shirts which  could be used for paint aprons  by the kindergarten classes,  and for appleVpack boxiis to  hold toys. Help from the P-TA  to serve coffee at the School  Board meeting in the Elementary School on October 25 was  also requested.  Following the,business meet*  ing, Mrs. M. Lockhart, gave  an interesting talk on the Home  Economics course, referring to  fabric study,  cooking, and the  A short film on1 Baddin Land  study of food  values,  was shown.  Next P-TA meeting will be  on November 16, in the Elementary school.  tion.  Future hopes are that when  regional districts are formed in  the province, and it is estimated there will be* 23 such districts, money raised by taxation for recreation purposes  will be distributed by means of  a Regional District Recreation  Commission. v  These regional commissions  would work directly with the  Provincial Community Program  Branch. <  It was revealed at the meeting that Central Commission  grants are available to cover  expenses incurred by the commission .organizational purposes, conferences, training clinics etc:  Review of the Summer Playground Program showed that  activities at Port Mellono were  a complete success. Also, at  Wilson Creek, the program was  weH   attended^^  ^difficulties; in tliejtedrooffsi and  Sechelt areas limited attendance. Swimming classes were  well attended in all areas but  the open water at Sechelt was  a problem on windy days.  Mr.. N., Harris has. found at  necessary to relinquish the position of secretary on the  Cen-  pire. '  This tremendous attraction is  both educational and exciting,  and will be popular with all  ages.  A protectiye*gnrrgftivp gng.  gle program may be less costly to a company than a single  serious eye accident reports  The Canadian Association of  Optometrists.  Chiropractic Office  MONDAY - THURSDAY  1678 Marine Drive - Gibsons  Phone 886-9843  We are pleased to announce the appointment of  Al Lloyd  Garden Bay,  Pender Harbour, B.C.  as sub-agent for the safe of  CANADA SAVINGS BONDS.  Nesbifi, Thomson and Company  LIMITED  728 >Vest Hastings Street  1 -     Phone 'MU 3--8171  Manager, D.  B. Armstrong  ���>��������" i���f  eaumo.  W*&*  mm  Beaumont Custom Sport Coupo  with Sports Option.  AspmtediMfmmG^^  newstvHMarid valuetinsim  '���'".���    ���' " ���    ' . y   i i  Right Style! For 1966 Beaumont presents bnl-  liant all*new styling in every one of its 9 exciting  models. From the glamorous flair-back roofline on  the Custom Sport Coupe to the sleek new lines of thc  all-new 4-door hardtop Sport Sedan, Beaumont is  caRtivatingly beautiful. Right Size! Beaumont  is full-size inside, slim outside. Settle in behind the  wheel and you're ready to take on a whole cityfull  qf traffic, The secret is flawless use of available  space���styled in a way that lets you enjoy it.  Right Price! Look at Beaumont. Take a long  look, All this luxury, eye-stopping style, and the ,  performance to go with It, is priced remarkably  low. A120 hp six or 195 hp V8 ia standard, or select  a more powerful six or one of two V8s (up to 360  hp with Sporta Option*). Transmissions to match.,  With Beaumont, everything matches.  INSURANCE  JK|tA.U*JtQ.MI*tNRRPS.  Injury can hurt  your wallet-, tool  If your properly Is tho  sccno of on accident to  a friend, employee or  pbi*orby, ! liability Insurance can save you  ~rooncry'ir~~-~-^-'~-*-~~'   Venire ... Iniurcf     '  J. H. G. (Jim)  Insurance Agoncy  dill* ' -J0    M*  FOR SAFETY"  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-7751  sitW^��MO*ffi(l��Uf^.#rtt!��3i*mlhram*p��P^  Beaumont Cujtom Sport Scdtfn,  '.J I  V_%-  s  * HI  f  Ii  M  IT  hi-  %  i  9  1  ,_p  i  Mi  i *  'tif  I  m  m  I  1-  w  s  ���9  _  t  ���1  V  _*  '1  -"r*p  '7<  %  y\  h  %  u!  7  n  MiH  ��  >w  witriiiim^wiMimtei^&iii^^ J  i  z  ���'Sport-t Option���Incliulcn Strata bucket whIb,  spcclnl wheel trim discs, front      .  fciKlor trim louvrcn uml diMlnctlvc exterior  trim klcnllflcfttlon, Sports Option h  Hviillnhlc on CuMom Sport Coupe u  \1  ���M  m  m  :ll  l-U'ii  ���HP.  |i_  Pi  ryfm  lira  if  Oin display  now I  Phono 815-2111  ���6I6K0J.6 ,  i im rugmvo  qua ���ine lien DKCiwn iiour; now inowma on icmvinon. Lhcck local listing* lot tlm�� md ch��nn��l.  AUTHORIZED REAUMONT-PONTIACBUICK DEALER IN SECHCLTi  PENINSULA MOTOR PRODUCTS (1957) ITD.  I-M4C  ���hr  Socholt, n.c,  ' ���*' 11  ���iHt-  m  i|  " itytfiiitotifi+��ifar**j/sy ^r���r^��v.(W��*T-*t*'<  :hr  >. i.k  -I  > IV


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