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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Jun 29, 1966

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 s    i     >    i
\ y
1. **,
nies sim discrimiititi0i&
<>>*& y.
-~ *_ *»
.  preston lacRoF&itJiG ssav&ss.."
VWCpW&K 9f, B^C*
_ f S
«v-Autborirea^Q*isecSonc. * cfoss
♦nott rby,. the«v Post v Office
| , Departmert t/ ^QttowQ ' i    *
^«1 ..   J.   1*   i*\__l^
BEADING of the findings by the Public
Utilities Commission resulting from fhe
, ...J	
,^<*v r1 v
rt ■
Utilities Commission resulting &>m the   '**  '/- |j . «~jj^ ^ '   V- **. r
recent^ public hearing,  regarding  dispute    jjOtHll  QlflS  lllSirUCi
over water hook up* to the new Sunnycrest    ***'***■'*, jj*?*~ >rT*T!\;* -
''    .WilsonXreik; Setm^Park^S^xeUH^^oo^,^ Secret/g^t^ridef HofbW^Modeira Park^ ^efndole.   Irvine's Urjding,. Eorl Cbvd, Egmont
—Committee -optimistic^ ^—■
___ _ ^'i^f—^J^-i^
Mote], \yas,read at, last meeting of Gibsons council.
Concern was expressed by some com- swiM CLASSES iwill, again..be" he^ *t*%
missioners over a paragraph which stat- ",|»ehder:<HaHoUr-'during• the  summer;r<
ed "the commission is prepared to con-.( at, tWo iocations-Canoe Wss ,dnd'Qarden
cede a  claim by the  applicants lawyer Bay. Classes commence-July 11 Vnd W- *
that the village   discriminated/ bowevet, ^e^ho did not.receive *a form -andi^.in-s^
it was not clearly shown that there was terej. ted should phone Linda, Warnpck^ at ~
undue discrimination. ,  t    >, .$3-239.,        * " .'    ' v   .
Commissioner Jim Drummond said .he        Instructor will be Linda Warnock who
is, presently completing the instructors'
course < at Penticlton.' Abating wjU be
Nancy t Harford who bas had three years'
training and is offering instruction in synchronized swimming, if enough girls are
could not go along with such a statement
and felt council should refuse-to accept
the report. Commissioner Sam. Fladager
agreed, adding that although bulk of the
findings were  acceptable   and  that  they    _       t   . _. „    __ ,
made" clear that council had won it's point,    interested.   An  adult class   can also  be
the'right to include "discrimination" was    arranged if enough people wish to take
indeed questionable. "This puts the onus  - swimming instruction. _    <
on. us and, in fact, leaves us open to a        Money is raised through contributions
lawsuit," he said. from,, local firms .and organizations and a
Letters from  council's legal rcpresen-    $5-00 fee per family.. A-raffle is currently
tative, Mr.- C. McQuarrie -Q.C., pointed
out that applicant's application had in fact
been rejected although council, has been
instructed to make a connection by 'October 30th. He also advised against accepting connection fees before September, and
advised of the PUC statement that there
had been no undue discrimination.
Commissioner . Fladager suggested thc
lawyer be contacted for further advise and
asked to take another look at the paragraph regarding discrimination.
A letter from the applicant's lawyer,
R. W. Macdonald, asked that council make
further attempts to remedy the situation
regarding water to the motel. He said,
"while the PUC report is an admirable
compromise, the delay will force his client,
Norman Procknow, to establish a temporary water supply at a cost of between two
and three thousand dollars. Other users
in the area have acquired water without
having to go to this expense "
Commissioner Fladager moved the matter be; tabled until a reply is received
from Mr. McQuarrie. He commented that
it was his view the PUC is still not familiar with the way of village operates it's
water system.
Labor shortage setback
bars Tidewater Players
TIDEWATER Players seem to have a
temporary labor and talent shortage,
As such is the case, they regrettably are
unable to participate in the July 1st festivities.
It is hoped the' club can carry on in
the fall and with this to mind, a call to
arms  for  Sunday, September 11  at Roberts Creek
being held, 1st prize $25. second, a set of
pictures; third, record,chosen by winner.
Synchronized swimming .fee is $3.50 for
12 lessons.
Further information may be obtained
by phoning '883-2394.
Cen,en„lal tee
4    '   •     > '
for July 1st Day
CENTENNIAL' theme predominates this
year's July 1st event in Gibsons, and something entirely new will be a July 1st
Queen chosen from the Gibsons branch
OAPO. with honors falling to Mrs. A. B.
Crowhurst of Balls Road.
Numerous events have been scheduled
islnst nassi
ml no
Parade Entry Plaque
MEETING with1 the recently formed Regional District Committee last week in
Sechelt, Mr. C. Woodward "of the Department of Municipal Affairs indicated the
formation could be completed in the very
near future.
Objects of the committee were discussed at length and included; planning, garbage collection and surveys ~re land use.
As live districts have now been approved
for  Gibsons  and Sechelt, Mr.  Woodward
recommended the, committee restrict its
objects Jto .expansion and-improvement of
fire protection as, and when,' needed. As
to water, previously considered a primary
object., it-was recommended that as this
is' actively being pursued by the ARDA.
committee and support has been promised by the Minister, Hon. Frank Richter,
it should be dropped as a Regional District project. However, it was decided to
include  "Power   to   undertake   study   of
water resources."
Regarding garbage, an overall system
from Port Mellon to Egmont was considered advisable .but due to uneconomic
problems of servicing Egmont, and the fact
that Port. Mellon has it's own system, including the mill, it might be necessary to
leave them out. Mr. WoodWard also advised that both councils be. approached with
a view of assertaining their interest.
Dire necessity "of "such, a service was
emphasized by members, one pointing out
by an active committee and will lead off    Tirr)DT.ccnn? i^v;n^r chilis WUT he*   vear.    WaIH   hv   Mike   Blanev    CO-    that certain sources of water supply were    wr?ere.
with what promises to be the biggest and    IMPRESSIVE looking shield Will. Dg   yearsL   Hew   Dy   MJKejf^ey,   TO- contaminated m ^ Gibsons area    Scho°l
lar project.
Following negotiation with councils, a
list of those prepared to accept office, will
be forwarded to the department of municipal affairs and it is understood the formation ' will be almost immediate .
18 Good Citizens
gain recognition
PENDER Harbour Recreation Commission
recently-set about the task of conducting a survey in the area to locate and
honor good citizens. Their investigations
revealed 18 persons worthy of recognition
and the Commission was not too certain
that all worthy persons had ibeen located.
The 18 good citizens are: Boyd Bennett,
Mrs. Bill Brown, Mrs. Don Cameron, Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. John
Dunlop, Mrs". Bert Gooldrup, Mrs. Jermain, Mrs. Lance Kilborn, Mrs. Ray Lee,
Mr. Al Lloyd,. Blrs. .Jim Love, Mr, and
Mrs. Ed Lowe, ,ilr. Peter Trappitt, Mrs.
Bill Warnock and Mrs. Henry Whittaker.
Each received, a letter of.appreciation and
a pin from the Commission.
Recreation Commission Chairman, Mr.
John Perry and his family, will be leaving the district after .teaching for three
years at Pender , Harbour Secondary
School, returning* to Armstrong, B.C.,
where  he" will   teach   at  the   Secondary
No* in budget..
best parade yet. Greatest attraction will awarded to best entiy. in ji* Jub| chairman oi the July 1st Day com
undoubtedly be the skydivers who drew 1st paradeat Gibsons, as a perpet-; nuttee, this will be the first fame
a large crowd last year both at Sechelt ual award .during the next eighteen such an award has been presented.
and. Gibsons. _   ...      _^_.:$_.^^^^ ■, ■               . "    ~ '    ~ ~"
Another popular event will be the Salmon Derby, organized by the Gibsons Rod
and Gun Club. Tickets for this event are
oh sale at Earls, at the Gibsons Wharf.
Ray Boothroyd, of the Grbsops Twilight
Theatre, has aigreed to donate a number
of Jfree *passes:ii to * the theatre," including-
hyo one-yieaf passes for those indentify-
irig the mystery man and woman, two six
month passes are spot prizes during the
evening dance at Eiphinstone High Auditorium and for those participating in the
salmon derby, plastic bottles will.be found
floating in the bay, containing passes.
Apart from the-Legion Branch 83 Pipe
Band, It is hoped to have the iband of the
No Highway 101 improvement
A ■    . ._ . '■.■'-.■*■
warns Minister ol j^gj^Q^s
DURING the recent 15th annual meeting    annual meeting when he attended the final
of B.C. Chamber of Commerce, held iff   meeting of Sechelt Chamber before sum-
Seaforth Islanders taking part and it is
Hall for, all ■- those interested    understood a Roberts Creek band will also
Penticton, The" Hon. P. A. Gaglardi, Minister of Highways, informed Sunshine Coast_
delegates   that   no   improvements   were:
planned for Highway 101, from Langdale
to Earl's Cove.
Mr. Ron Haig, president of the Gibsons^
mer recess. -Sechelt Chamber was represented at the Penticton convention by
President John Hayes and Mr. E. W.
Booth. '        ;
/Three  resolutions   concerning„ reduced
by dumping. Another said > dead dog had
been dumped in her only soruce of supply, while another reported he had stumbl-
edu npont: a> deer_^cass_;M^
on his property. With the aid of the tag
and the police, those responsible saw the
error of their ways and removed same.
Suggestion that consideration be given
hospital financing, failed to obtain enthusiastic  support and was  quickly dropped
^asrirn^cticair;''v'"' '*"' ^--'-r"---:■*"-•"-*-- -<*-"-----
Basic function of a regional district will
be that of an official financing agent and
bargaining "body between local communities
within the district and the provincial departments. Any projects required by individual communities will be investigated,
and if feasible, recommended.-Cost of the
project to be bourne by the community or
communities participating in the particu-
Unable to" form a new executive at the
last meeting, the Community Association
will take over until a new committee is
formed. In his farewell speech to the community, Mr. Terry made the following
"The adults and toddlers/^^^'Harbour have a paradise at their .disposal.
They have all the recreation they will
ever need or -want. The young adults of
the community < need more thanvthis. In
the years when they are finding themselves
they need guidance, understanding, discipline and support. The fortunate will find
the answer in their home, the "unfortunate
will look to the - com?nunity. in' which they
live. Will they find it?-The-bottle- and the
throttle are dangerous outlets. Perhaps a
better -means to an end- may be found.
Do you have any,- solution? Help your
neighbour and he will help -you." .
* -
Only Temporary p...    .,    x, ,
NO, THE circus has not,come tp   has the floor footage of a normal   [jQJ[ IHGIi SUSDGCI
town, just temporary classrooms   classroom and will be heated from _   ■        *V
for Eiphinstone Secondary ScHbol to    the main building. It was rumored   ^rroctpn   NatlllTlAV
tide over until the expansion pro- A that this was to be the new reservoir   ai*ca«.u uuj.ui.uuj
A SUSPECT is held in custody following
the theft of a |atc model auto from thc
Wakefield  Inn last Saturday  night,  Pro-
expansion program is complete. The School Board
has also ordered two for Gibsons
Elementary  School.   Each  building
for Gibsons but apparently this is
"hot"so;'" -'   	
Playground activities..
Recreation gets expensive
councillors reject request
perty of William H. Hcrrum of Halfmoon
Bay, the auto suffered considerable dam-
ago when It struck a stump while being
driven off.
Dennis Richard Jones, residing in Sechelt, appeared before Magistrate Charles    REGIONAL DISTRICT,
organized, supervised and' authorized
teams or groups. Another recommended
that commuter books of tickets at discount
prices be availabie.on.allferries. The third
recommended that the government of Can:
ada/be urgpd; to. pay a .subsidy to proyin-
,cial   goverpmentV;ip.'-:,'ena.W^
'fares on ^'c^yancouy^
.ferries.  ,•/,.   ,-,', ;■,".-.;■''' ;  /.'/• ■••'/■"', '■; ,!'-- :
,S|GN iPROMPTJON . x.. LyAXy,.;.;';. :i...',.',
Mr. Markle Myers, president -of the
Pender Harbour Chamber outlined to the
Sechelt branch the economics of a tourist
direction sign. The Pender Harbour sign,
besides promoting! ,t|ie area, has proved
a valuable source of revenue. AH spaces
on tho sign are occupied and already
there is a waiting list. Illuminating thc
sign at night has, proved extremely beneficial to tourists and Mr, Myers advised
the Sochelt branch to choose a location
for their sign where there is adequate
parking area.
Sechelt Chamber will recommend to the
resident engineer of the highways dept,
that the speed limit between Chapman
Creek and Sechelt bo standardized, at pre-
sent there arc four speed limits.
"   ,\"
TWELVE users of the recently; completed
West. Sechelt, Waterworks j turned ,i but- for
the annual'meeting at which jt:had been
hoped 'to-elect'new- trusteed. Qf .tta? twelve,
five were serving? trustees; andiiiwb, wives
.of.,.trustees. -..AA^A-,-:.-..- - ■■<-.- •■-.-. .-■
Due to the small turnout, it was considered advisable^ to call a further meet-
ing iriSept. mber, at wliichtime it is hoped users will have acquired sufficient interest to attend'in greater number. Election of trustees will", be made at that time.
Trustee Frank Parker said' afterwards,
"it is obvious members are satisfied with
their elected officers but lack of interest
in ^heir $130,000 investment is far from
Mr. Parker explained that when the
project was under discussion, a large
crowd turned out "now that It is an accomplished fact, they could care less, thc
least| users could,do-is come along to show
their appreciation of the work carried out
to bring it to( reality;" -he said.3
Mr. Parker commented on the tremendous work- carried out- by Chairman Cliff
Thorald, Secretary Mrs. - D. Hayward and
Mr. E. Montgomery/ "They all, put in a
great deal of time to the project which
involved work loss through ' trips to Victoria,"  he said,
A slight deficit has occured this year,
but will decrease as more users avail
themselves of the service. This was, In
part, due to the fact that a few residents
backed out after promising to hook up.
"This applies to an occasional new home
and, in fact, a commercial property" pointed out Mr. Parker. "What many off them
fail to appreciate is that thc more users
wo get, the lower will bo the rates," he
HEQUBST for a donation of $100, toward
playground activities by Mrs, J. 3, Macey, • faHcd to Inspire enthusiasm among
members of Gibsons Village council, at
Its last regular mooting, ln»t week,
Tho letter sug. ostcd that as It was un'
do, stood  $100 would  be  donated  toward
cd council would neb fit to contribute rt
plmllnr amount for the playground nctl*
vltlofl. It also asked that council not reply
lo the effect, that It in^ already In debt.
A <nioHtlon as to Mrs. Macoy'a position
was clarified by the chairman who explain'
cd she referred to herself as chairman of
the playground committee.
Asked What playground activities actually Involved, Commissioner Sam Klada-
gcr explained It wn« acIIvIIIon for preschool nnd young children:'bi|t that |io did
■ not favor It. "I do not like opposln. some-
thing I nin supposed to represent but I
did not think ll a letter thnt would "go
down too woll," l"> flnld,
Commissioner   Jim   Drummond   com
Ing after It.
Council unanimously supported Iho mo«
tion and suggested tho latest applicant,
Mr, Arthur Msch bo so Informed.
Previous  agreement  to  a  request by
village property IndlcAtlng location of the
mo. cum, .In tho basement of the munlc|_
pal hall, asked that "Municipal Hall" bo
Included on the sign.
Howcycr, Commissioner MacKay advla-
od.-tfyH : the society was not In favor of
iho proposal. "Thoy havo acquired materials for the hlgn but have asked why
.^Municipal Hall', should,have.,,.to'„ go on
It," ho said.
Commlflfllohc. Drummond expressed tho
i/iow thai ah council had given tho society far more than thoy had asked for
originally, he saw no reason for tho objection,
Application for a wntor liook-up by Mrs,
Mlttlostcndt last week,  charged with be
Ing a minor in licensed premises. Ho was.
fined $50,
Ronald Fenn of the Ponder Harbour
area, was charged with consuming in a
public place and fined $50.
Three Socholt juveniles admitted delinquency when charged with six counts of
broAk,Aiul entry. Thoy woro remanded to
~ir I n tor "da to ""for*" presentence -report:
Mr. Norm Watson,1 chairman of the
roglbnal district steering committee predicted that within 90 days tho regional district would bo In operation, tho first re-
gional district board is now being selected.
Canon Minto Swnn wns nominated ns
provincial representative. on tho national
board of directors. Both Gibsons and Ponder Harbour presidents Indicated that thoy
would"supportJ his-nomination.«—»,—««—
Acquires property
• • *
Golf and Country Club
plans family course
SUNSHINE Const Golf nnd Country Club
has forged nhond- with plans for the
ostnbllshmont of a golf course complex
which U Is hoped will irttlmntMy Include
a nlno hole course, mlnlnturo golf course,
viiMiminniwut    - -      , r-,,— ,««. *      tohnln "couiflfl'»hd swimming pool.
.montctl thnL'i'Wfl-wo supiwHcd |o l\nvo, tjftiWMw of PrnU Rood, wns rojoctod,        Tho nlno boles will ovontunlly bo ox.
a rooroallonal director, yot thoy »ro nf-    wilding  such timo  Improvement of  tho    punded lo ©l.litoon but imniddlitto pinm,
        present situation Is possible, It was -mov-    nrc for nine, together with a modest club
od h|s cheque Ik> returned advlsln. tho
application would bo fil<?d on n priority
basis, '<''„'    ■   f
ter funds from everyone. "The whole thing
Is a «ort of glorified baby silting," ho
added, ,.'.,.. .     ,
It was Agreed Mrs, Maco,v bo Advised
- VTRqucnl** for - n * don nt Ion * won M - bo* con-
sldorod Inter on, should Uiojl onro to np-
ply ngnln,
Various requests for uso. of tho old
munlclpnl hnll hnvo been rejected by council am Imprncllcnl nnd uneconomical, Commissioner Norm Mn'oKny moved tho build-
Inn bo turned over In Iho rocronllon com-
.. mUwlott-uiWctv.would. \w. re»iwuHlblo look-
ratf fprfA^'! '*j^«¥ '"^'w^iMwywt-iftw^
Hoqiioftt by"D.rHAbaorroriwtirprKlrtfi"'
Hpncos, ono for nn nmbulnnco nnd ono for
tho doctor on onll, received duo consider-
Atlon find It wns ngrocd to pormlt ono
spneo only for nmblunnco outside tho mo-
dlenl clinic-onlrnnco, Commissioner Drummond pointed out, Hint ono private application wnR turned down lnst wook nnd thnt
ho saw no ronson for prlvnto parking for
house which might.also,.ho', expanded nt a
Inter (Into to nccomuiodnto parties, wed-
ding' rpcoptlon. nnd other soclnl events.
„^Thoclubh«8-ftlroady. acquired, proi>crty._
In .tho Uol^orln,^Creole' m-on„w|th .close «c\
coss to the lilghwny nnd momborsmp at
present hns boon sot at $300 per family.
This Is expected to Incronso to $400 once
tho course hns boon established, To fncll-
Unto membership, terms mny bo nrrnng-
od, on n twonty-foiir month bnsls,   '
Tho present property Is of flfty-flvo
ncros And nn nddltlonnl forty-flvo hnstwon
acquired on lenso With option to purchase,
CluAring l.   expected lo cammonco within
tho next fow weeks,
To dnto, signed membership hns reached'tho 125 mnrk nnd -considerable Interest
hns boon shown, both on tho Peninsula
and out' of tho district,
Tho membership foo of $300 will bo In
the form of tl)rco |J00 debentures and frco
"|lo() iricmlwsliliC Tlio"$100 mohiborshlp
Will bo nddltlonnl on establishment, nt
which timo n rnto structure will bo act
up for Juniors, soclnl visitors, etc,
Members plnri to ho on hAnd At tho
„l_t celebrations- to discuss* tho -project with
Interested golfers And will bo glad to provide membership forms,
Executive Includes:"1 Bob Cnmmlngs,
President; Prank Nowton.VIco President;
Pick CI Ay ton, Treasurer; Mrs, WUmA Morrison, SccrptAry;, Directors; Mrs. Peggy
Connor,--Archie Rutherford, Keith Wright,
Roy Tnylor, Art GrttofS«ln and Rorncl Gor-
dou. Kuqulrk's lo Dox 304. Gllwous, _B,C,
AS* Jti.  SUWB^lAOHHl   f,t
V ,
I    ,'
They're Hero
WHERE nro tho fish? Right horo in vis Bi\y wharf on Sunday, 16 nnd 30
Davis Bay, Mr. Ray Van Valor, a lbs. Young Cathy Do kleer helps otjt
Tacoma visitor, who often spends his by holding ono of his prize catches,
vacation on tho Peninsula, caught Mr. Van Valor was using herring
two fluo . almoi.'. ishlng from Uio Da-   bait und a two ounco woiglit..      (
,-, .,«.W..
'   1
..V    '
ft   -i **,
4       t
b ML * f_4  up   J-  s^BSr5js5*5-^psr��  -s"v-'srt��t-v*'ps>-iii-=��-  "!' "4 ��"�� fi -t �� S"^ ^5"$ 'itS $-*. i�� V*. >��<-*����� * k-^i -v ����� ���  <�� ��*�� m ��.  ii i ^ ->-i��i >* *V-*'* t_ ^ 4 -A v vv 5' *��� '*"*"r'  &��*)*^K)^.i,&tQv!^,,.$V."r4^^*rr&*i~    .... r . v^iW^'V^  "-"ijVj-'^TtV-  ^  V  --* v *  if  t. ju- i.  Poge 2  . ieeliet. Eeninsuto Times, Wed., June *M$tt    ttEAMST&T* (Continued)     FOR SALE (Continued.  tMtlia  Telephone 885-9654  j  AD-BRIE  Classified  mmm4mmmmmmmmmmmmm4mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  'i  \  ��-  i  1  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmr  Published Wednesdays by the  Sechelt   Peninsula  Times  Ltd.,  at  Sechelt, 8.C.  HELP WANTED (conf'4)  SCHOOJ, DISTRICT No. 46  .' .��� '    (Sechelt)   HOPKINS Landing waterfront  . $n Point Boad. 4 bedrooms,  2 baths. Phone 733-8050 or 261-  3151. 2345-tfn  WANTED TO RENT  2   OR   3-BEDROOM   house  in  Sechelt   or   Halfmoon    Bay-  Wanted by July 1. Phone 885-  9312. 9617-31  Member, Aiidit Biireiu  of CirculoHott  Classified Advertising Rotes:  3-Line AdBriefs (15 words)  One Insertion __ ~ :���-50c  Three insertions .,, $1.00  Extra lines (5 words) ���.��� 10c  (This rate does not apply to  commercial Ad-Briefs.)  Box Numbers, - 10c extra  2Sc Book-keeping charge is added  for AdBriefs not paid by publication date.  Legal  or   Reader advertising   25c  per count line.  Display   advertising   in   classified  Ad-Brief columns, 1.50 per inch.  COMING EVENTS  BINGO���Friday, 8 p.m., at Sechelt   Indian   Hall.   All   welcome. Totem Club.        9610-tfn  A stenographer is required  for the School Office at Gibsons Elementary School, commencing in September. During  September and June the hours  worked will total 37 Vi hours  per week during other months  25 per week, based on five  days of five hours each. The  rate of pay will be $l.?0 per  hour, increasing to $1.74 per  hour after successful completion of a three-month probationary period. Applications  should, in the first instance, be  sent to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board, Box 220, Gibsons, B.C. 9634-30  FOR RENT  CARS dtid TRUCKS  1958    FARGO    ^bn    pick-iip  truck.   Good   condition.   $800  or best offer. Phone 885-9359.  ',     ������    ' 9625-31  ENCYCLOPEDIA    Brittanica���  Junior-Senio*   complete  With  bookcase. 885-9733 after 8 p.M.  9600^30  ���     *��� i    . r i ������ i        - .-���������- ^   Gl/RNEY 32"*  propane  range,  25-gallon    propane    wa'tef  heater, and 20-lb. tank of gas.  $125 the lot. Phone 885-9479.    '  9646-32  JAY BEE USED     FURNITURE  i"  *58 FARGO truck.  Good condition.  $800 or best offer.  Ph.  885-9359. 9624-31  1952    STUDEBAKER,     good  transportation.     Cheap     for  cash. Ph. 885-9571. 96484fn  Phone 886-2346, Gibsons -  Next to Ken's Parking ,  Beer bottles. We buy and'  sell everything  9991-tfii.  1951   CHEV.   Automatic,   good  condition. Ph.  885-2010, after  4 p.m. 9639-30  WILLYS Jeep CJ-2. Ready to  go. Cash $175.t-Jeep parts for  sale. Phone 886-9623.       9638-30  CARD OF THANKS  SECHLET P-TA wishes to  thank the Village Commission for use of tfie booth at  Hack��tt Park, for Inter-School  Sports day. Also C & S Sales  for free propane and services  and Benner Bros, for use of  equipment. Special vote of  thanks to Mr. W. L. Reid and  staff of Sechelt Elementary  School for their co-operation.  -^Mrs. C. Poteet, chairman of  Refreshment Committee.  9633-30  PERSONAL  ARE vyou under 40, if so the  ^���Kii^men"of Sechelt wOlcome-  yoifl:  interest   as   a   member.  Phone 885-9544 or 885-9560.  9581-26  LOST   MEN'S  gold  ring,  in Hackett  Park. Reward offered. Phone  885-9795.       9627-31  ISJEW    ROLLER    skates    lost  from Davis Bay school yard  during   Sunday's    ball   game.  .ibprie 885-2192, 9647-32  HETS '  WANTED good borne for 2 female cats and 2 female kittens.   PHotie  885-9306.      9626-31  HALL   FOR    RENT ��� Wilson  Creek Community Hall. Contact Mr. L. Watson, 885-9954.  9275-tfn  NEW suites, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom,  bathroom, combination kitchei  living room. All electric net  stove and fridge. Phone 885-  9333 after 5 p.m. 9375-tfn  COTTAGES for rent, by day,  week or month. All inclusive.  Also trailer space. Phone 885-  9565. Mission Point Motel, Wilson Creek. 9501-tfn  1 OR 2-bedroom furnished or  unfurnished suite with utility  room in the Wigard Block. Apply Wigard's Shoe Store, Sechelt, B.C. ......   9640-tfn  1958    CHEV.,    2-dr.    hardtop.  V-8,    standard   trans,    body  fair, new motor and transmission.. $600.  Ph.  885-9626.  9642-30  MOTORCYCLES  .WORK WANTED  FOR^ Carpentry. New and re-  \ '��� pair work." Contact  V.   Mitchell 885-9582. -9784-ttn  BAIN BRpS.  Trucking & Excavating  ,   Phone 883-2639    ,  or 885-9634  9451-tfn  WANTED  JUNK wanted���clean up' your  .   junk,   best  prices   paid   for  your copper, brass and metal.  886-2261. ' 9568-tfn  WANTED TO BUY  REAL ESTATE   3 COTTAGES  WEST SECHELT  On T acre with view; on highway.    Needs    some    finishing.  High    potential   area.    Asking  $12,900. Good terms.  Harry Gregory - 885-9392  SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD.  Phone 885-2161  9558-tfn  EXCEPTIONAL HOME  One of the finest houses in Sechelt," contains dble: ^lmhbirig.  ���rumpus room, 3 bedrmi., full  bsmt. and on a flat, lot���120',  beautiful landscaping, and can  be sold on easy terms. Try  $5,000 down. Exclusive to W.  Sutherland, 987-6157 or 988-  4101.  Columbia Wefcterh Rlty  1295 Marine���Drive  North Vancouver, B.C.  9632-30  SELMA PARK  $14,500.00 for 50 ft, waterfront  at   Selma    Park.   3   bedrms;  plus;   garage,   well-kept   lawn  with1 fruit trees.  SUMMER clearance: 3 new  Sulukis, going at wholesale  prices. All parts and accessories going at 25 per cent off.  Clyde's Cycles,  886-9572.  9631-31  BOATS & ENGINES  18   H.P.   OUTBOARD   engine.  $200   cash.    Good   condition.  Phone 883-2641. 9602-30  40 HP 1961 Johnson rebuilt,  $320; 16' Clinker inboard Vi  cabin, $395; 17' Allen Lap-  strake, convert, top. 35 Evin-  '''rode'-ElectntJ'''Lafkri4,"'"Inboa-rd-  electric start, air cooled, 7.5  hp $295; 1 only, 33 Evinrude  L/S, reg. $658, spec. $540;  1 only, 33 Evinrude L/S .-electric, reg. $759, spec. $650. Madeira Marina, Pender Harbpusr,  phone 883-2266.  Paint - Fibreglass - Rope  Canvas - Boot Hardware  WALT NYGREN SALES  LTD.  Gibsons, B.C.  Phone 886-9303  7857-tfo  NOTICES  WATER   ACT    .  Section 20  FINAL WATER LICENCE  7318, Half Moon Creek, which  authorizes the diversion and  use of 400 gallons a day of water throughout the year, for  domestic ^purpose on that part ;  of the westerly portion of, Lot  1638, Group l, New Westminster District, on which was situate at the date of issue of the  licence (13th March, 1930) a  dwelling and appendage thereto, has become subject to cancellation for failure by the licensee for;3 three:years -to Wp_ay*  the rentals due the Crown in  respect of the licence.  Notice is hereby given that,  unless the outstanding rentals  totalling $10.00 are paid on or  ELECTRA-CLEAN  Upholstery "Cleaning - Carpets *  Furniture - Rugs  Ht appointment PHone 884-9890_  Scows ���; Logs  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE   tTD;   Heavy Equipment Moving & Log Towing  L HIGGS  Phone 885-9425  TWO YOUNG riders :oh their $het- dy Gurney oh Jockey, and. Jim Water-  iaftd .Ponies wait patiently;;l()^e hGUsS on Thunder. A.large, crowd  part in the events at the tlifcsGns turned out to watch an entertaining  Gymkhana, held last Sunday!: Wen- program of events.   Around Gibsdrts  MANY PARISHIONERS gathered to bid  farewell to Rev. Father F. J. Nash, who  is leaving the district. The function held  in the Parish Hall also celebrated the  30th Anniversary of his being in the Priesthood. Father Nash was presented with a  Desk Clock.  Father D. Kenny, who has been here  before, will be returning.  Mrs. Alf Puchalski and Miss Susan  Puchalski on a two month's holiday in  England,  Ireland  and Scotland.  Mr? and Mrs. Norman Peterson and family, away on a motor trip to Saskatchewan. .  Miss Sylvia Hughes and Miss Linda  Solnik were visitors to Kamloops for a few  days recently.  Thursday evening a going away party  "At Home" on Wednesday evenlpg, June  22, in honbr of two long-time faithful teachers; Mrs. Gladys Armour and Mrs. Gladys  MacMillan, who art retiring from their  profession. ".-.".���  Members of the P.T.A. gave willing  co-operation to a > committee convened by  Mrs. Lorraine Welsh, Mrs. Moira Clement  and Mrs. Marion Alsager, in planhittg this  very pleasant evening,  About 40 people were present, mqny pf  whom were parents of children who liad  been in classes taught by Mrs. Armour  and Mrs. MacMillen. These ladles have  gained the respect of parents and the love  of the children. '���'������'_   ^  Mrs. N. Hough presented the two guests  of honor with a cut glass vase each as  tokens of esteem in which they are held  in the hearts of those living in this school  district.  Mrs. Armour first taught in this area  in 1922 at Doriston, a sawmill settlement  TREE SERVICES  Falling,  Topping,   Limbing  for view.  AH work insured.  full information Phone 886-2343  ARNOLD BLOMGREN  L. & H. SWANSON LTD.  Septic Tanks and Drain Fields - Backhoe and  Front End Looder Work.  Screened Cement Grovel - Fill and Road Gravel.  Phone 885-9666 - Box 172 - Sechelt  FRANK E. DECKER, OPTOMERIST  Bol Block - Gibsons  Every Wednesday and Saturday  886-2166  MADEIRA MARINA  Madeira fork, B.C.  Your OMC Service Centre - Peninsula Evinrude  Dealer - Cabins - Trailers & Hook-up - Comp  Sites - Trailer Court - Launching Ramp  Phone 883-2266  Marine Supplies Service  GARDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  A COMPLETE LINE OF BOAT REPAIRS  Garden Bay. B.C. - Phone 883-2366  xuu__>u<ty    cvcuu'5    a    &��*"o    =��*.j     f���'j ��� ���  .       t_��__     ..ft-,-  for Missr Esther'^Raddy was held -at the   .on Porpoise Bay., Mai^ea��Jater,,( after  home of Mrs. Beth King when members  of the Catholic Women's League were present. As well as the best wishes of the  ladies Miss Raddy was the recipient of  ; a gift and lovely corsage.  Mr.   B.   J.   Wisken  of  Hopkins   Lodge  sessions at Summer School, she was engaged to teach at Nelson Island in 1955,  later at Irvines Landing and then in September, 1958, at Gibsons Landing Element  tary where she. has served for  the past  CUSTOM TRACTOR WORK - BACK HOE  DITCHING-EXCAVATING CONTRACTING  GRAVEL - TOP SOIL AND FILL  Let us solve your problems  ^D FIEDLER .GIBSONS  Phone 886-7764  14'     SANGSTERCRAFT     boat  with windshield. 18 hp Evinrude  motor and  trailer,   $550.  cash. Phone 885-9565.     9582-tfn  16 FOOT Carvel built boat,  powered with 8V. h.p. Briggs  and Stratton inboard motor.  Electric starter and clutch  $35d. cash. Phone 885-93;  9604-30  ggS ^*>re   sixty .days   from ^lii^^^^.S^^.-:^3^n��ii?^S H^Sd    ' Ss'-MacMillenhas .been connected with  S^tfn    ,ate of ^ publication^: ttus    ^^^^y^^T^C    School District 46 longer than some may  '      Mr. and Mrs. Wiljo Wiren attended the  ���wedding in North Surrey pf Mr. Wircn's  cousin.  Mr. and Mrs. W. Lissiman were accompanied by Mrs. Lissiman's mother, Mrs.  * Butler, when they were on a trip to the  Notice,   Final   Water   Licence  7318  will  be   cancelled.  To ensure that the arrears of  rentals are received before the  expiration of this Notice, all  remittances  should  be sent to  the    Comptroller    of    Water  rOkanagan. In Penticton they visited Mrs.  Rights,   Parliament   Buildings,  h.'pV 'Johnson    motor.    $600  cash. Phone 883-2265.       9607-30  14-FOOT plywood hullXfor sale.  ...  Complete with 18 hpf electric  start    Johnson   and    controls.  $300.   Ph.   885-9626. 9609-30  ,13' PLYWOOD fibreglass boat;  New 18 hip outboard; Ph. 886-  7793. 9629-31  \ Lissiman's sister whose birthday was be-  Victoria, B.C., and. the licence '.'ing celebrated,  number quoted. ��      The Lissimans have returned from the  'i second half of their holidays which were  .Victoria  Mrs. Garth Corbett of Edmbh-  Coffikptroller of Water  Rights.   ���-������������.. -.������ .-...-,."���f������        This" is the first publication. . ._npflt.-:���,.��  15-IpOT    speedboat / .with. 40. tTy r.*:-^&tf tttWecfci^'H-'* ^, ^W^.'^l  "   ^y^Wnsrin     motor. - $600 o   .!&?���, D?*eC^:    '_���" 'IT   Mr-^n*  ^ton^Aliberta,  visited at the G.  Charinan  } home last week.  96359635-^Pub. June 29, July 6,  13, 20, 1966.  VANCOUVER LAND  RECORDING DISTRICT  SCRAP   metals   and   batteries.  Phone 880-2487. 9543-tfn  1  HELP WANTED  "l       i     '  DAVIS BAY  $2,500 view lot,   60x125,   community water  ROBERTS CREEK  .             Four-bcdrm.   house   (new)   on  TRUCK: driver wanted. Apply blacktop, city-sized lot,, nicely  ' Hanson Transfer, Sechelt, treed, with rock-gas range and  Ph, 885-2118.    . 9637-30 acorn   FP   $10,500.00 , FP.  $3,000.00 down takes bright 3-  bedroom house, well maintained,, on over one acre. Close  In, convenient, potential view.  GIBSONS  Lqrge vlow, easy access, serviced   lot   on   Georgia   View.  $1,500 down on, $3,5000 F.P.  Two .acres view nnd waterfrbnt  on surfaced rd., two spring..  $8,000,00 F.P. on terms, Cow-  .���-���'���'���':���:.'.UfV^oliit Rd. ;;  Heat littlo twb-iraroom house,  close to beach, And park ��rop.  Newly decorated, Village ncrv-  Ices, M>w, Jow down paymt.  on ^S/m.(t0f4 good terms.  E,'McAAV?NN  REAL ESTATE &  INSURANCE  22' WORK BOAT. 60 hp marine. Ready to go. Dingy included. What offers? Ph, 885-  9765. 9630-31  12' CLINKER boat with Briggs  and Stratton. Also Beach  trailer, winch and electric motor. Good shape. $400 complete.  Phone 885-2020. 9620-31  18 -HP   MERCUHY   complete  with  I controls,    tank,    two  props. $125. Ph. 885-9626, Chain  Saw Centre, Sechelt.      4783-30  14   'THERMOCRAFT  boat.   40  hp Johnson,  trailer  arid top.  Ph. ,885-2047. ,  9030-30  Mrs. Naida Wilson  ;   Now 10 years in business.  REQUIRES SALAL PICKERS  Phone 885-9746 of write c/o Box  3��.,  Sechelt.       ,   ,     9625-tfn  WESTCOAST  EVERGREEN  CQWMX  Roberts Creek  SALAL PICKERS WANTED!  Salal 38c Bunch  TAKE NOTICE that O. B.  Logging Co. Ltd., of Lake  Cowichan, B.C., Logging .Company, intends to apply for a  lease of the following described lands, situated on Prince  of Wales Reach, Jervis Inlet:  Commencing at a post planted on the east shore of Jervis ,  Inlet approximately  17  chains  west and one chain south of  the south west corner of Lot  1681   "Group    one    N.W.I*.  THENCE north 24 degrees east  a distance of 73 chains more  or less to the, point of Intersection with the east shore of  Jervis Inlet.  THENCE following said shore lino in a southerly direction a distance of 55  chains   more   or less   to   the  north east corner of Lot 0688  THENCE    west    six    chains  THENCE   south   I   degree   57  minutes and 50, seconds  west,  a ..distance   of twenty   clialns  THENCE south 30 degrees 01  mlnutps and 44 seconds west,  a-'distance .'of four chalri.  more  or less' to >ho point of intersection    wltb    tho    aforesaid  shoreline     of     Jorvls     Inlet  'THENCE following . nld shore  ���   .    - ,            line In a southerly and wester-  FRIGIDA1RE fridge. $40,05; ly direction, a distance of 12  Flnlay comb, gas ana wood chains more or Joss lo tlio  range, $59.95; (Jurnoy Propane point of commencement, and  Gas range, A-l shape, $79.05; containing 53 acres more or  Easy washer, $24.95; Kcnmbro    less  for  tho   purpose   of   log  TRAILERS  8x30'    HOUSE  886-2724.  FOR SALE  trailer.  phono  90Q3-30  Mrs. John Harrison and family have  moved to Hammond to join Mr.. Harrison,  who is working there. The Harrison home  on the. Pratt Road will be occupied by  R. D. Hopkin, manager of the Royal Bank.  A Seaforth Highlatnders Militia in their  colorful uniforms^ Will be miarching in the  July 1st parade.  Larry  Thompson  visited his  uncle  at  Campbell River over the weekend.  '    Mr. and Mrs, M, Nissen out from, town  recently   to  their   property  on   MetcaUfe  Road.  The J. J; Osbbrries from Vancouver out  enjoyjrig their place on prange Road for  a while. Mrs. Osborne recently flew to  Ontario to attend the wedding of her son  there. Miss Osborne from Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania, guest of her brother, visiting the Sunshine Coa3t for the first time  ' is much impressed by the scenic beauty,  '"Yisltlng Mr, and Mrs. N. Hough is Mr.  Legatt from Calgary. Mr. Legatt wos a  former neighbor of the Houghs when they  lived In Manitoba. They had not scon each  other for 18 years. ','    ''  > Calvary Baptist Church picnic was held  ai Keats Island on Saturday afternoon,  y-'A seemingly orphaned fawn is being  cared for at the home of. I. d'Rhodes,. It  is a delight to tho children In tho fnmlly  and to their young friends.  ;The hdtoe  of  Mrs.   Earl.. Dnwo, 1148  Gower Point Road, was tho scone of an  know. "Mac's" first school was at Irvine's  Landing in 1949 then to Sechelt for 1 year  thence to Gibsons Landing Elementary in  September 1955 where she has been on the  teaching staff for 11 years.  Langdale Elementary School is grateful to the Young Men's Christian Association for the use of their grounds on Thursday, June 23rd, when School Sports were  held there. It was a pleasant day, events  began at 10;30, The .'children enpyed a, picnic lunch with their parents between 12  and i o'clock, after which pre-schooV aiid  fun events took place finishing at 2 o'clock.  Langdale School Sports winners: Jeari-  nie Comeau, Garry Enemark.  Sprint Primary: 8 years, Lori Edgren,  Douglas Taylor; 9 years, Beverley Ferris,  Philip Madison.  Sprint Intermediate: 10 years, Garry  Davies, Patricia Johnson; 11 years, John  Rudolph, Elizabeth Kruse; 12 years, David Davies,  Valerie Dods.  Broad Jump: 10 years, William Pa?s-  morc, Patricia Johnson; ll years, John  Rudolph, Nenno Oza; 12 years, David Davies, Heather Daffurn.  TREE FALLING  TOPPING OR REMOVING LOWER LIMBS  FOR VIEW.  Insured work from Port Mellon t��  Pender Harbour  PV SERVICES LTD.  Marven Volen 886-9946  Digby Porter 886-9615  ���___= ; ��� ���-  PENINSULA  BUILDING SUPPLY LTD.  Phone Sechelt 885-9669  "THE HOUSEWITH A HEAfcT"  E. J. Caldwell, Prop. *- B*>k 97. Switch. B.ip.  ���I������,������  .t.M-l   .-/.>.���     .-<-,..���     ��� JU. V..     .*      .it-..        I I'/).        ��� -,.     ���'   ' ���   ���'-  Phone 885-2062  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  APPLIANCES ��� ELECTRIC HEAT  Phone 885-2062  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  (Undenominational)  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church Service 11:15 a.m..  ;    PASTOR REV. S, CASSELS  Selma Park Community Hall  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  SERVICE: SECHSLT  Sunday School ��� 10:00 a.m.  Church Service���11:15 a.m.  Prayer-���Wednesday 7:30 p.m.  . REV. A, WILLIS, PASTOR  You aro Invltod to attend any or each sorylco  JOHN DE KLEER  Building Contracting  Sechelt, R.R. 1 Day!* Bay Rood  Phone 8854050  GIBSONS SEPTIC TANK  PUMPING SERVICE  Phone 886-2848 or 886-2404  ���'"���'���"����������' ���    M- ���������nwimiiiiwi*��� in-i������,-! ������..���������in I.H..II-HII  ���������������ii-ii ���!!������   PORPOISE BAY WATER TAXI  Charter Trips -, Scenic tours  Phone 885r2828  or Radio Mar Deo,  GEORGE WAGMAN     ~~  Back Hoe and Front End  Loader Work  Excavating ���< Ditching  Custom Tractor Work  885-2047 ���Sechelt, B.C.  .FIELDS ROAD, (Airport..Road)  HOMART   piston  pump,, shallow well, 25'. Mi hP motor, 30,  gal. tank, fittings, Air as now;  Also %V*   hp  motors,  electric.  Phone 883-2301, affor 9 p.m.  9644-31  i   LUTHERAN CHURCH  SUNDAY SCHOOL 11:00 a.m.  ;���        .,PASTOR JOHN ULMER  Socholt Elortientary Activity Room  C.K.L.Q, 10:00 a,m. Dr, O, Holfeman  Plant Located ot Roberts  Creek across the street from  Post Office  PHONE 886-2682  .980-tfn  Box 238 'Vdflrtpnji       886-2KIO  lies, 88O-2MI0, BW5-2081, 886-2393  9641-30  220V   electric   dryer,    $89.95;  J5any spin dry wa��hor, $59,1)5.  Tardo In  now  while  trade-In  prices arc highest  PARKER'S HARDWARE  Sechelt ��� Phono 885-2171  9013-tfn  booming,  sorting  and  storage  ground.  Date^l ,Tuno 21, 1900,  O. B, Logging Co, Ltd.,  . ... B.-TrBrlpgH,  Director,  O043P��b.  June 29,  .July 0,  13,  20,1900.  I-  *4 J(M��(HB.^   HH-tf aW-lflB.  \ wf#.j y i\l& 1ltH d*. w��ivi.*,Vtl!l  2 NEW SUBDIVISIONS  VATERFRONT LOTS     .  i'."Carls Cove Subdivision ��� adjacent to Earls Cove  ferry terminal on the Sunshine Coast Highway.  -LARGE VIEW LOTS    -  k*A  !.!.!.  M'l.fl iy  * /i "*����* "i( i  ^���^���^*Y-4i"(��**-4  ��JHI ip *W**w p*!wtw��.  *BtV*}il+f) ^r^i.*Wi:  Madeira  Park Subdivision ��� overlooking  Pender  Harbour and Gulf ���  10%  down .*- easy terms  "   ��� '     on balance, Discount for ca$h,  ,  ;     p, ,       FOR SALE BY OWNER  *, i i  1 'fnMtC<  0. SLADEY ��� Madeira Park, B.C.  Ph��rt�� 883-2233 or phone North Vancouver  *['t       'i��Hl 1'       *'f * *   i J ����     nt ��*'*���*��� <4,     I >   4        �� *^ I ��'       '  i,f ,'*t jA p.,t.lli��i.,ili juliTili.61 w11nilif ,'����"   ���"���"  J Af :>������;���*     '':' '���   .-',1 "���'���-.' T ,  Wl>^h4*[lk��ki44,r1ll'i-"<,4^  I|IIK I,     .|,i,.  i',     ,f,,IN ,,'  Ml,     1,  THIS LABEL ON YOUR  PRINTING GUAR^fflEESJHAT  IT IS PRODUCED UNDER  UNION  t: conditions  St. John's United Churth  VVlUo. Cr9ok, (l.C.  Sundoy School���:9!'1S a.m.  Dlvlno Worship���11115 o.m,  Led by Miss H, E, Campbell  Exceptor. 2nd Sunday each month  Family Sorvico���lljlB g,m.  Dlvlno Sorvico���3:30 p,m,  Led by Rov, W, M, Comoron.,  '��Ht!Oiaa*��*��#�� Mil**  -M^fM*^��H-^>��i{iitf<^M^-im^'^^  ���"rn^mt:  ZJhe ZJimeA  *^*44t, *l'WH*��^"WJ��^Mfl^4#,BW^WWI^��w*��^^m^��(*.(^n.  ..flUI.'ll''*   *. ".   -���"-|-p"* ' - ��� ���     ������.����.,-�����      ������ ��   I     ...  ���AMriMMMMIMIMMIM  The  Ahyllcqn Church  ,������.��.���,.,.��.OF..,CANADA:j;�����w;,..,,:,.  Rcclorj l<cy, R, Hurry Icnkn,  ������Plionoi-8B5.97M  Sunday, July 3  St, HICDA'S7Sodiolt���8 a.m, Holy  Communion,  CHURCH OF HIS PRESENCE���11  'am, Holy Communion  ST, MARY'S, Garden Bay���3 p,m',  Evensong.  ST, HILDA'S, Sechelt���7:30 p.m,  Evensong.  i^MMJ<iii*<ww*^ii*MMi��iiiW*^*wM"'Wfcia^ iuiii wii��'ki um i"i i * ��i  WILSON CREEK  CENTENNIAL  Saturday.   July  9th  Starting t p,m*  Parade �� Sports - Bingo  Rides ��Games ��fun for all  ���������������������    ��� ' i ���'���"��� - -;''���''��� ������   '��� ��� ���"���   ������ " - ��������� ���������    ������ ,��� ��� :"-' ���������������  .EV.ENIliGrEVENTSJNJiaflkSjOM^^^  SUPPER 6 p,_i; -$1  per perapn  i*  ^IfWiBsBjuJpwilteW'. K>  Dancing.^Qmntion^OAj^l;. CLpym. .to the munlc of  Al 'Whipple''.and Tho Sunahine ConatcrA  I ( H < *  RAFFLE DRAW AT MIDNIGHT  don't mm this PopuUrt event  : ��*.    _/* ,      *.~-V*   i*" fc��� m," **W  "l*p1trf*     ��"���  -TJ--^y^  tr   i,y   U���*��"��" V"  ft1*    rf^  T^f^^^^  Changes necessary...  lo undue discrintinaf }<m  ffUies PUC nite hearing  FOR THE.bAefit of those who have in- .rapidly.' The , Commission considers  that  dicated  interest in  reading full text of th? Village should have borrowed to pro-  - - the official findings of the,Public Utilities vide for*milch needed capital expansion.  ���   Commission  following  the  recent   public -Further, as the Village is now carrying  hearing in Gibsons, in which Peninsula on a. profitable waterworks. operation,1 it  Hotels Ltd. contested right of village coun- would .have, been fully justified in fihanC-  cii to refuse a water hook-up to the new ing 'capital expansion through borrowing.  $ttKtf��0-Sunnycrestr Motel7-T^re-^imesrpn-b=���Consmners^utsideTihe-VHlage--aFe-ftll-o^  lishes the findings as 3 public service.' meters  and' contribute materially to the  *W^��**^��M��fc>*v wmJ  THE   POSITION  OF  THE  VILLAGE  The Village have stated that there had  been a water shortage during summer  months for a number of years, no actual  new water connections to' the Village's  mains had been made to premises across  tbe road from the Sunnycrest Motel, and  that if the Sunnycrest Motel were supplied with water the result would be that  water users presently being served would  be denied a considerable amount of water  in the summer time.  The Village while- stating that, in the  past it had not taken full responsibility  to provide an adequate, water system for  all purposes, it now recognized its responsibility and has been taking steps to increase the capacity of the system so that  all cnstomers and. potential customers can  be adequately served. In 1965 the Village  attempted to improve the supply of water  by constructing an auxiliary three-inch  line from Chaster Creek to its primary reservoir. This line has a maximum capacity of 150,000 gallons per day while in  the dry season it drops to about 50,000  gallons per day. The result is that together  with the available water in the reservoir  from the springs, 170,000 gallons per day  are available for use outside the Village  and the other parts of thc system above  those supplied by the pumping station.  The Village had hoped that this auxiliary  line would solve many of its waterworks  problems, but such proved not to be the  case. The Village hired a firm of Consulting Engineers to report on the waterworks  problems for Gibsons and vicinity. As a  result, an additional well has been drilled  near the existing well and tests have  shown that it has an adequate supply of  water. A by-law is being prepared requesting the electorate to permit the borrowing  of money to improve the water supply and  it is exacted that if this by-law is passed  there will be an adequate supply of water  in 1967.  REVIEW OF   EVIDENCE & ARGUMENT  It is the Commission's opinion that the  Village had sufficient warning by virtue of  the Commission's respective Orders in 1963  (to which reference was made'during the  Hearing) for commencement of an orderly  and systematic improvement in its system  to meet requirements of existing users and  anticipated growth. This it has apparently  'failed to do, and unfortunately Sunnycrest  Motel is a victim of these circumstances.  The problem confronting the Village has  he��n .jiggr^vatcd because .of the general  prosperity of (he area, and the' abnormal  growth in population in recent years. However, thc Commission recognizes that a municipality or village cannot implement a  policy involving a substantial investment  with the same speed with which a public  utility company can act. It is the Commission's view that this factor outweighs,  in this instance, the unfortunate position  of the applicant, even should it, be shown  that applicant assured himself of an ample  supply of water from thc Village prior  to commencement of construction. The  evidence docs not indicate that applicant  received such assurance before hand, if  indeed  at  any time.  The   Commission   considers  that  while  the Village's action since November, 1963  has  not  achieved^ tho desired results, it  .has. taken important steps to'improve?" thc  situation.  It has increased its .supply by  adding  another source;  it has increased  the sj.e of its reservoir capacities;  and  more recently it has found further additional  supplies of water., by successfully  drilling another wo.ll close to its original  one.   In  addition  to  these  positive steps  the'services of "a Consulting Knginoor woro  obtained  nnd  the   benefits  of  his  study  made available? In a report entitled "Gibsons Waterworks Survey," This was filed  with tho  Virago on  November ,23,   1965  and for many very obvious reasons considerable delay ensued before the Village  was cither In a position to consider tho  report or purmlo a course of action onco  il was;",(.growl to, These difficulties have  been overcome and  tho  Vlllafio is currently proceeding io Implement the preliminary recommondatloiis directed toward  making rtvallahlo water In an adequate a^  mount oiit. ido iho Village boundaries. Including' water for'tho applicant, ' ','  The Comml-sNlon que. Honed Uio Village  concerning Hn ��l a lenient of rovonti. and  expenditure m contained In I_xhl.lt _!(!  and coiiNider. thai lhe Village should somo  time ago hi\vo l,akenp slops to.remedy Its  basic concept' of utility financing, The fi-  nnnclnl statement submitted as Exhibit  V- showed the revenue as $23,241) ami ox-  pedlluro on fixed a..ol�� as $14,001, While  In certain lnfil��nce�� |t Is,sensible to make  capital Improvements .out, of Income It,  .nevertheless, Is,not tluvbeNtjmllcy to de.  pond on this source of capital funds un-  tlrely,  when a  community la expanding  hate  profit ����� of the "waterworks system and the  inability of the Village to make more water connections thereby reduces the system's "profitability. <   ' '  The Commission is of the opinion that  the Village is now fully aware of the  need to adopt these necessary, changes.  It seems that the Village overlooked that  its interests and those of a 'public utility  are not necessarily inimical. Furthermore  in considering public utility matters, the  desired results can best be obtained if  the problems are^approached in a manner  using public utility ratemaking, financing  and engineering methods.  Sufficient assurance seems to  been given during the current proceedings that it is expected the Village will,  in future, tailor its utility capital costs  closer,to the actual needs of its customers and that capital costs will no longer  be considered as an operating expense,  thereby avoiding limiting expansion of its  water utility to a policy of "capital out  of income." The Commission is prepared  to allow a reasonable time for these matters to-fall into place, but it not,-as was  shown by the Decision, prepared to grant  unlimited time.  The Commission was unable to reconcile the volumes of water intake and outfall as estimated by the Village for the  summer period. Such discrepancies may  arise since no metering facilities exist at  the primary reservoir for exact measurements either as to inflow or outfall. However, testimony given by the Works Foreman would indicate that even during the  summer months some water was drained  off the primary reservoir in order to save  the Village pumping costs to the secondary system. If this be true, then the  volumes of! reserves as given for the sum-  m&r' months are -'poifs__.ly^  bably inaccurate. In any case it would appear that a greater volume of reserve  could exist at the primary reservoir than  admitted by the Village. For this reason  the Commission considers that the Village  should,-once the new. well is connected,,_  discontinue this practice during the dry  months. Furthermore, authority to make  such a decision should . not rest with a  Works Foreman. Such authority and responsibility should be firmly fixed in top  management of the utility, i.e. with the  Village Commission itself. Hand in hand  with this during the dry months greater  effort should be made by the Village to  conserve its resources at the primary. reservoir so that the needs of users served  by the ^primary system can be met. The  Village should not begrudge a policy of  providing adequate service to its outside  users since these customers are a valuable  asset in making profit for the Village.  . Thc Commission has noted that Counsel for the Village in closing argument  stated that it would hot be long before  the Village could supply the applicant,  However, the Commission agrees that during the current summer months reserves  necessary to serve existing custoniers sufficiently, to provide adequate fire protection, and at thc same time assure a safe  sanitary supply of water could not be met  if the application were granted. Nevertheless, it must consider the words of Counsel for thc Village as a seriously intended 'commitment'. Consequently the applicant should not nor cannot be denied water  indefinitely. Ample time exists for the  Village to provide adequate supplies of water with complementary reservoir capacities, to serve the applicant before the on-  set of the dry season for 1967. Tho Com-  mission considers that no problem should  exist for thc Village after October 30th.  1966 to add Sunnycrest Motel as a user  to its water utility.  It might be noted that tlur applicant  has professed an. alternate supply of water Is available to him, consequently ho  may no longer be Interested in receiving  water froni the Village. In this eventual,  ily the Vlllngo has lost a valuable customer for Its utility and tho applicant has  lost considerable time and money through  failure to open his enterprise earlier,  Counsel for tho applicant argued that  the Village discriminated against h I s  client. The Commission Is prepared to concede 'this .point, However, that there was  undue discrimination against' tho applicant  was not clearly shown, Ak a consequence  the Commission'was clearly guided by the  requirements of tho Public ,Utilities Act.  *** D E CIS (O N ���������-^-����'--~-��.'--~-  ring    WK   -X-r^Z**  Page 4 Sechelt Peninsula Times  Wednesday, June 29, 1966  Health Tips  Canadian Medical Assoc.  A COMPETENT, up-to-date doctor in Canada today spends from the day he begins university to the day he retires continuing   his   training   and   education,   the  ^Canadian Medical Association ��ays. Every  doctor bas to be a life-long, student.       T~  Training for medicine..starts with three  ior   four', years   of   pre-medical   subjects,  with  emphasis   on  science,   and  also ;a  -jwirfp rangf> of other subjects of the stii-  5    ;  I    �����  At Sechelt... '    ,  Holy Family Parish Hall  filled for presentation  HOLY FAMILY Parish Hall was filled  A to overflowing on Monday night of last  week; when parishioners gathered at a  Parish Supper to bid farewell to Rev.  Father F. J. Nash, who has served St.  Vincent's Mission including the parishes  of Holy; Family; Sechelt and Most-^Pure  Heart of Mary, Gibsons, for the past three  years.  During the evening Father Nash was  presented with a token of appreciation  from the Holy Family Parish, a most bean-  tifiil pair of hand cut, crystal book ends.  Making the presentation was little Nadine  August, while Peter Nestman presented a  card from "the parish which included a  book token and Paul Kent presented a  card from  the altar boys.  Expressing his sincere thanks to parishioners, ^Father Nash also paid tribute  to the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate for their help; Rev. Bernado; Rev.  G. Dunlop and Rev. D. D- MacDonald.  Entertainment during the evening was  supplied by Mr  Rod Lfcee and Mr. Herb  Rudolph, who provided music for the very  enjoyable sing-song. A wonderful buffet  supper bad been prepared, by ladies of  the Holy Family with Mrs'..* R. Kent as  convener.  Father Nash, who celebrated his 30th  anniversary in the priesthood *dn" Tuesday*  June 21st, left during; tiie latter part of  last week for St. Joseph's, Iiangley.  Replacing Father Nash is a familiar  face, Rev. Dominic Kenny, who attended  St. Vincent's Mission ten years ago.  Miss Effie Raddy was unable to attend the farewell supper due to many last  minute duties^ but received a floral arrangement as an expression of appreciation from the Parish.  Zone track meet  THE ROYAL Canadian Legion Zone Track-  Meet (Eiphinstone), will be held at Tim-  berlane Park, Powell River, this year. All  athletes and interested parties are asked  to make a note of this date, July 9.  warden wiud  ENJOYING the success of their first  Flower Show,.members of the Sechelt Garden Club admire the profusion of blossoms. From left: Mrs. ,  D. Hayward, Mrs. F. Read and  granddaughter Stephanie, Mr. F.  Read; Mrs. P. Jorgensen, Mrs. H.  Allen, Mr. D. Hayward, Mr. Gurtnar  Hanson and Mrs. A. Lidstone.  Sechelt Garden Club  outstanding success  SECHELT Garden Club's first flower show  was an outstanding success.   Held on  Saturday in St. Hilda's Church Hall;  the  eveni was opened by Mrs. J. Eldred who  expressed   surprise   at   the  variety   and.  quality of exhibits.  A beautiful display of fuchsias featured  12 different varieties, begonias and gloxiv  nias were exquisite. Potted plants, flowering shrubs and flower arrangements together with a variety,of roses made the  display a "gardener's delight.  Mrs. T. Ono was the lucky winner o���  the raffle, a superb cactus and Mr. Sid-.  ney Redman won the door prize, a lovely,  long-stemmed rose bowL  The garden club members are now  busy with their chrysanthemums which  will be exhibited later in the year.  Refreshments were served during the  afternoon by members of / the garden  club.  dent's own choice. Four years as a medical  student follow, during which are taught  the wbnders of the human body, how to  preserve it in good health, what ills afflict  it, how to relieve these ills, and most important, how to prevent them.      ���       Afti  After graduation, education of the, doctor continues on the average for approximately 40 years. First there is a year as  a hospital intern. After internship, sofioie  enter a career devoted to family practice  ���while others spend four more yearsr,o��  hospital training for specialty practice.  And others enter public health, teaching,  research and administration or some otMr  branch of medicine. -A .  Whatever path the doctor chooses, says  the CMA, in this era of explosive scientific advance,jbe inust spend his entire active professional fife' as a student, keepihg-  abreast. of new developments.  NOTICE  R. S. RHODES  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver, B.C.-  Will be in Sechelt  Mondy, July Tilth  For on appointment' for  eye examination phone  ilHIMM^  , ;*lM>t>i����WMMM��WWMl������WWMWWMWMWWMlA*����WWW��IW^  Parish Farewell  REV. FATHER F. J. Nash, who has Paul Kent made presentations on be-  attended St. Vincent's Mission dur- half of the Parish and enjoy the sus-  ing the past three years, was honor- pense as Father Nash opens the gift  ed by the Holy Family Parish at a of a very beautiful pair of hand.cut  farewell supper last week. Little Pe- crystal bookends, .'���.  ter  Nestman,   Nadine   August  and ,  "HOLE4N-ONB" CONTEST  EVERYONE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE  IN THIS POPULAR COMPETITION  at the  MAINPORT GOLF COURSE  I>RATT ROAD GIBSONS  Commencing July 1st ��� 3 p.m.  Saturday, -July 2nd, 12 noon  * *'' - '   ... .    i^in, <  Sunday. July 3rd, all day  with play-offs at 6:30 p.m. Sunday  3 Balls 25c ��� 7 Balls 50c ��� 15 Balls $1.00  Many prizes including 25 silver dollars for  each hole in one. ������A Kiwanis Project  JWWMWWWWWWWWW��WWW����MVM>����Wy��������W������W��*WVWWWtW*n��M<^^  DOMINION DAY CELEBRATIONS  FRIDAY, JULY hi  '���'.-/. I  ^IWii��JiI����ft��B*(ll��SlP*i��^WIB����s^(iJiiHi��l  In nil tho clrcumslni-cos tho Commission  considers Hint nlthoutfli ihoro hns J>een  <ll.crlmlni.llon there h��_ been no utuhici  iliMcrlmlnatlon, and Hint the nppllcnnt In  not ro����on��bly entitled to wlUei;, nt tho  profiont timo but thnt ho Is onllllod to  w��tor ah noon i\h ll 1. iwnllnblo, In nny  cn.o no later thnn October 30th, .000, Tho  Commission"lin. Accordingly jnndo Iho no.  ccs.. ry Order,  vi��vwwyvi>wonn��"n��wo��iwvyw*vwyMvii��wyyyywy^  ietJSiop/la^itii^i^atsjM^^*^,,;^^ H^ausaskt  -ESSQ-QIL-FURNACES---  No Down Payment - Rank Interest - Ten Years To Pay       ,.   ,. ..!     .,    ..... .   ...     . I,.     ,   .    ....       ;  '   Complete Line of Appliances  For Froo Estimate' ��� Call 886-2728  STAR SPANGLED CALENDAR OF EVENTS  THE FABULOUS SKYDIVERS  GIGANTIC PARADE  FISHING DERBY  LIONS CLUB CHILDREN'S RIDES  DANCING FOR TEENS   (Outdoors)  SQUARE DANCING   (Outdoors)  BASEBALL GAME  GRAND BALL   (Indoors)  LEGION COLOUR PARTIES  GAMES GALORE  BINGO  REFRESHMENTS  ART DISPLAY  HOBBY SHOW  LUCKY PROGRAM DRAWS  MYSTERY MAN AND WOMAN  w**i n ^^P p*n ^ ^^^ WMMf p ^ta^M  i    ���  *>rm4��*'*i44**v4*4tvr4*wr***mm��*mM^  SKYDIVING  iTIie. popular Sky clivers will moke two drops oh  the Eiphinstone groundsrX Z noon and 6.45 pm  yl  PARADE LINE-UP AT THE  SUPERVALU PARKING LOT  Wl fi M*ntBW psliWiftW .feiW^iS^siSHisH. (k. **_��_4,��. _ B ��, % f A  Sky Divers 12 noon Eiphinstone  Float Judging 12:30 p.m��  Parade moves off a p.m_  Down main highway to Ij&in Park  Art Display and Hobby Show  United Church   Hall, .2:30 p.m.  Baseball between Vancouver and  All-Stars   at   Elementary   School  Grounds  Log Rolling.  Govt, Wharf  _.__.._.,,^ ���  Outdoor Teen Dance, Kin Tennis  Courts, 4:30 p.m.;  ]' '���,  r  i   i  I   i  ��,X.  Refreshments  Prizes  >i���  \ i ���K     *���     *     X^-wl     *\. *  ��� ^   +     ��� -X  jjiga^jp^jaayg^py^Bja^i^j^^ ? ���?>.������.'. -** "s."-"5g5V"S'T fV^ * ���! I   -_   r, r_  _ , ^��� .,���__, ,__, ��__^_^^^ ^-��JJ_��^-Jt..IiA���Mv--Tf^ ... .'������ij-f -r- ,i,wMf,v-fi��  vyyi/wwMivn q��**!Wtp^  .,<  1 i  I i  <    .fL"&\l.>^_/_   -    *    ,    , ">  t* i j ��^* * i -%  hi i Cm  Egmont Eye  ���by John Dunlop  -"THE. LONGEST way round"���So goes  the old proverb. Each passing weekend  demonstrates the inadequacy of the ferry  system serving the Sunshine Coast between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale. It is  not' uncommon for automobile traffic to  be delayed four to six hours at either  terminal, particularly so on holiday weekends. The hourly summer service will certainly improve conditions but it is not the  answer. Weekend congestion will remain  an angry, dissatisfied residents and visitors  will increase  Sechelt Peninsula Times Page 3  Wednesday, June 29, 1966    yy-'yA  ,,-M    ������       !������     ���    ���'   ���1���   ������ ���" ������      �����������_   ������!��--    >?���������������    ��������������M^WM���������MJ   ������!���..��ll"' I-'    I  Get along  little dogie  ENGLISH and Western ridjtfg mixed with  what appeared to be a little bronco  busting were featured at the Gibsons Gymkhana, held last Sunday at Karateew's  Field.  Seaforth Highlanders were on hand to  patrol the grounds and a large crowd turned out to watch a thrilling progrkm of  events. t-  Ifany merchants, and individuals had  obviously worked hard'to ensure the s success of the Gymkhana a.results as follows.  Vsl- Mile Straight Race: Steve Littlejohn  (El Fry), Ken Feidler (Pauper Prince),  Bill Peters  (Hi Brandy).  Jumping Sr; Harvey Leffler- (Triano),  Bill Peters  (Hi  Brandy).  Saddle, Tire & Hat Race: Neil Newick  (Coke),  Bill Peters  (Hi Brandy).  Stake  Rate:  Harvey Leffler  (Triano),  Ches Day (Lady Amber), Lind Solnik.  *-     Egg & Spoon: Bill Peters (Hi Brandy).  Barrell Race: Bill Peters (Hi Brandy),  ^Gordon��MeK^s(Montanusftpa Neil  Newick (Coke).  Hide Run: Neil Newick (Coke), and  Elmer Peters  (Pogo..  Small Pony Class Stake Race: Alison  McKee (Montana Dancer), Teddy Mel-  drum (Reb). ., ,  '^���^"SmMs'P6i_y'"'-T1reL''Racfet''"Ted4y Meldrum  (Reb), Alison McKee (Montana Dancer).  Small Pony Shoe Race: Teddy Meldrum  (Reb), Jim Waterhouse (Thunder), Wendy Gurney (Jockey )l  Horsemanship     class     (Jr.):     Debra  Marsh, Diana Bergen, Andy peters.  ���:.. Horsemanship, class  (Sr.):   Linda" Sol-  ra& aiid Sylvia Hughes (tied).  Key Hole Race:  Ed Meldrum  (Lucky  Lady), Robert McQueen (Flash), Gordon  .McKee (Montanus Dancer) and Elmer Pesters (Pogo) tied.    '       ,< ���    ,  AK" (Musical Tires (Jrs. only): Coleen^Hus-  A-fayl                        r  Apple ��� Flour  Race:  Debra  Marsh  (28  . sec), Kirk Day (28% sec), Sylvia Hughes  (30 sec).-  ,"    Pole Bending: Harvey Leffler (27 sec);  [Bill   Peters   (2734   sec),   Ed   Maldrum  (28Ms sec).  ���  Lance Throw: Neil Newick (no ft.).  Judges were: Mr. JK. Wright and Mr.  ��� B. Nimmo.     *'  JVtE^EBS of Pender Harbour Aux  ; qfikr^^b St. Mary's Hospital held  a laf^WfeM. luncheon to honor Mrs.  ���Ma^fw��>pdbUrn, Who is leaving for  Lotidbri, * England. Mrs. Woodhurn  settled -in Pender Harbour in 1953,  Auxiliary Luncheon  presented during the aftenioon. This  was the first luncheon to be held in  the dining room of Eagle Lodge,  Pender Harbour. The rich blue and  white color scheme is enhanced by  the eagle murals the work of Linda  joining the auxiliary a year later, a   Hatley7 a   talented   young   Pender  scroU commemorating her years of   Harbour artist  faithful service to the auxiliary was  "^V"^*-    T��s--��4f*T*''*v���^''  Ask the owners and proprietors of any  resort on the Peninsula what their clients  have to say about the ferry system when  they ultimately arrive at their destination,  clften at midnight or later, and after  several hours in a car, in many cases with  children. Their remarks are far from complimentary and in many instances a telephone cancellation arrives in place of the  expected guest.  With almost three quarters of a million  population  in  the  Lower  Mainland  area,  and   many   of  them  seeking   recreational  space  for   vacations,   etc.,   the  Sunshine  Coast is bound to get an increasing number of visitors as time goes' by. Some will  build   summer   homes   while   others   will  eventually seek retirement in our district.  The  greater proportion,  however,  will be  those  who wish to spend  their vacation,  their  weekends   or  part  of  their   leisure  time  away  from ' the  maddening  rush  of  big  city   conditions.   The  Sunshine  Coast  has everything to offer in the way of natural facilities for vacationers. We are conveniently close at hand arid as more and  more of the Lower Mainland's7 urban population  becomes   aware  of  this  wonderful  area; almost in their backyard, so will the  facilities by which they reach the Sunshine  Coast become of more concern to residents  and visitors alike. These facilities presently  consist   of   two  ferries   in   the   summer  months and one for the rest of the year.  No! Ferries across Howe Sound are  not the answer to our transportation problems. Possibly larger and faster vessels  would help to alleviate the situation but  they will not solve it by any means. We  also need an overland route. Capital expenditure and a year's operating costs of  two suitable ferries would go a long way  toward the construction of a Squamish to  Port Mellon highway, a road link that must  be' built eventually. Why not now?  , .(The Honoroble Mr. Gaglardi has already stated in public Jbhat construction  of the Squ.amiBh��port^ MeElpn highway is  included in his department's future plan-  -ning.-He has stated that it definitely will  be built. But, like the good politician that  he is, he did not say WHEN. 11his column  would suggest that NOW is the time for  action. Construction costs will certainly  not ,be less in the foreseeable future. Increasing automobile traffic to and from  the Sunshine Coast/ both local and tourist,  has" already demonstrated that the two ferries cannot cope with the repeating peak  traffic periods. A highway around Howe  Sound would not be detrimental to the  f.rry   service,   it   would   complement   it  ���>���^^-tf -    _������ ������    ���   n.Tl  ������   . ~ -     - ���   .- -��� ������,^=-.���    .._.. .M. :���~    -���    .T...   -    _    ���_���  Literally hundreds of lower mainland  motorists, who now avoid the district due  to the long and frustrating summertime  delays at the ferry terminals, would have  the choice of an alternate route. Tourists  would enjoy'the scenic 70 to 80-mile drive  and almost anyone, facing a long delay  due to congestion, would perfer to take  the long way round. Completion of this  highway would open up new recreational  areas and the provincial treasury would  benefit from taxes on property, business  and increased gasoline consumption.  The entire Sunshihe Coast area from.  Port Mellon is vitally affected by access  routes to the district, be they by water  or by land. Government, which after aft,  represents the people, should also bej concerned. "Tbe squeaking wheel gets the  grease," so let's do a little squeaking. A  united effort on the part of all organi ,a-  tions, business establishments and individuals who are interested in a highway  route around Howe Sound is our only hope  of success. Let's give it a try.  EGMONT  EYEDROPS  Thirteen up-to-grade-fivers loose in the  big city were the responsibility of Egmont  School Principal Mrs. Gladys MCNutt, on  the June 20 educational tour of Vancouver ... Gladys loved every minute of  it and enjoyed the trip as much as the  youngsters did.  Leaving Egmont on one of Cece Lawrence's SMT buses at 8 a.m., and picking  up additional pupils and their teachers  from Irvine's Landing and Halfmoon Bay  elementary schools enroute, the group  visited the B.C. Building at the PNE  grounds, were conducted through the Vancouver Police Department's Public Administration Building and then journeyed  to'Stanley .Park���_where.,they ylsitedT'the -  aquarium, Sing-songs, storifes and the usual ,  high-spirits of the ,youngsters ,enlivened,  the bus- journeys and the. Egmont group  arrived home,at 7:30 p.m. atfer an.excit- t  ing, instructive and enjoyable day. . -   ,'!-  -    Have just-learned, officially, where and_._  what Egmont Really is. "EGMONT IS A  STREET IN.PENDER HARBOUR,"* This  Is the answer that our daughter, Mrs. Lillian Black, received from B.C. Telephone .  Company   when   requesting   our   number  from,   the   telephone   information   service  when calling from Nanaimo. The conversation went something likeTthis:   "Would -  you please give me the number of John  Dunlop,  at Egmont?"  "Do you know the exchange, or just  -where-is-Egmont?  ��>����  "It is on the Sechelt Peninsula, near  Pender Harbour."  "One moment please." A slight pause  and information came back with those  immortal words, "Jfou are correct, Madam. The number is'so and so and Egmont  is a street in Pender Harbour."  And here are we local yokels kidding  ourselves that Pender Harbour is only a  suburb of Egmont.  Pender Harbour has also -been mislaid  in some official circles. An old friend from  Sacramento, in the person of Bill Hooy*  er, is spending a week's fishing holiday,  together with Charles G. (Bud) Pihera,;,a  buddy of his, at the home of Bill's mother-  in-law, Mrs. Myrtle Dalton. On clearing  through Canadian Customs at White Rock  last week they were asked where they  were going. "To Egmont for a week.s  fishing," sez Bill. "Where's that?" "Up  neat Pender Harbour and about ; forty  miles from Sechelt," answered Bill, and  being a bit of an Egmontonian at heart,  was amazed when the customs officer replied, "Never heard of the first two places,  but we know of Sechelt, so it is O.K. to  be on your way, and good fishing,"  Since their arrival, Bill and Bud have  spent considerable time on the water and  have boated quite a few salmon.  However, all will be well and there  will be no excuse for lower mainland re?  sidents not knowing where the Render  Harbour and Egmont districts are after  July 5th. On that date at 2:15 pJn., viewers of Channels 6 and 8 TV will see a  15 minute documentary on this area.  "Mark" Myers, Ed Lowe and John Bosch  will be included in the cast of local celebrities taking part in this production.  CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE  MONDAY ��� THURSDAY  1678 MARINE DRIVE -GIBSONS  Phone 886.9843  Farewell  WHEN MRS. Mary Woodburn is far  away in England, a beautiful illuminated scroll will remind her of  her many friends in Pender Harbour  and the Sechelt Peninsula. Mrs.  Mary Love, president of the Pender  'Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital-presented the scroll and an exquisite cameo broach to Mrs. Wood-  burn on behalf of the auxiliary at a  recent farewell luncheon. The scroll  w^sj ^scribed by Mr. Peter Tappitt  of Rentier1 Harbour.  CAItS Essay competition  deadline date extended  DEADLINE* for the Annual Essay Competition on Rehabilitation Medicine has  been;' extended. to ' July 31st. A prize of  $100."' \vill be "awarded for the best essay  giving' all you 'know alxmt the training  and, job opjportunities in this rewarding  profession.'��� ' ��� .'���''': "'-  Trie's contest is open to .^11 Grade 10-  12 "students ih B;C. and enquiries arid entries shoiild be sent to the Canadian Arthritis, and Rheumatism Society, 6. 5 West  Broadway, Vancouver p, B,C -' '"'"���  WilsonCreek  Would You Get Such Values?  HAPPY HWPAYS TC^MJ^  SCHOOL GlftLS and BOYS  1 i   ���       i ���   i  . i   ji   i>y��i)wwniiii{i i niiirpipmwn  Cheer up Mums/Jt,won't be too long; before yow will be heading  again to GILMORE'S yAWEiY:SH6p;.^  how about picnic supplies/ SMfinT^'. uits,;.tovvels, etc. Also souvenirs for  Vail those-,sumrr|er victors,   : '   t  i UA,    _ 7'������/'���'���,���;���>'.".. \'-y-'y-\   ��������� :.'���'.���' ���������'��� -.-���'���'  Y " TEATU^ING' 'l&p^ '  885-9343    ' ".;.'.')'*';���, ".' Secheit, B.C.  ���by Mabel Wagman  ORANGE blossoms and. pinks decorating  the tables, strawberry cakes and whipped cream, plus a spring like day all added together, making it a very successful  Strawberry Tea and White Elephant Sale  held recently at the Wilson Creek Hall.  In charge of the tables were Mrs. Bena  Bing, homebaking, Mrs. Ann Kurlak. Mrs.  Margaret Burley axk Mrs. G. Burnett in  care of White Elephant items.  Due to the co-operation | of all those  who put forth their time and effort; especially Mrs. Polly Chamberlin and Mrs.'  Edith Hellier, who supervised the affair,  it turned out to be a very successful event.  BASEBALL  PRACTICE  Women for* baseball? The first baseball practice of the season for the women  was held at the Wilson. Creek Sports field  last Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Mary Marcroft kindly put forth her time in notifying the women and organizing a practice  for the evening. Through the effort of the  women who turned out we had a successful practice including a lot of laughs. In  .getting the body, back into condition, suffered a few strained muscles and bruises,  but had a very enjoyable time.  The next practice will be held Thursday, June 30, 7:30 p.m. sharp, Any women  interested should attend.  Peninsula Plumbing Ltd.  Phone 886-9533  ���J  Gibsons, B.C.  HEATING & SUPPLIES  FREE ESTIMATES  YOUR KEMTONE  SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT DEALER  WERE^HEOO^  At road speeds of 60 miles per hour,  approximately 2,500 gallons of water per  hour are circulated through the average  radiator.  sm��  &'���  i.il^i-^tfJi  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SECHELT. B.C.  Phono 885-2111 ��� Ted Farewell  wmm  mm,  mmm  ML  "^mm  A    [  MffU  mmmmmMmm  i  *��i, iW ��ti> *  I  i. ��  Mil!  For weddings, for  aocials, lor any evon^  your invitations should  i  reflect exact, y tho  . spirit of tho occasion.  "*"���"If ��� you ro*'pwMEfo<Jf * *  Iff os help you.  ThptlMtS  11  if  14  4  t,ry,  t.'Lu.  A'A:- '������;|*v--.'J ''#!;��'fX/^'li- A'. '��� irS*!t��,?# :NfilR-'ifSSf A ^ AM; *ff'|^r'Wl-|ps1|r^"!  .Hi.'S "_j l A ''. Sr'���'���:*'!?.;',~Ji AHr yMmiui- ']y^A S..-��fAi*hi' ,*U- ,-r'.'"'" "''���-In ,l1'Lin n tL-mmw- m*T"?''m**m0m"?*0lkammmm A%  mimWi  He's up on Cloud 9 about  those amaziiig values  1 W*'��^Wi^��te*(W����|*Ai^H**li(tW!ifiS  "      " '"  ���_WlWW��W''��111'11'' �� ��� "'I'1'-" "I-"1"11  t,l I        >   ��        ' *  J. ..t'l'IfY'1, ". ���'     '�� '      '   '        '   f       '    '  iiiiiiiiiiiii  ^sSiSfl'^'-Vjf-"'----^^-;'*^ .':. p^:- :f'!i5 'tfy--yff.  IKii^iilill  i*.;-:-'����:- '*my��:^'/^''i^Ai'''p'AiAyM  siijipiiiiiliiisln^  fe .���,:'A'iA'AA **/A'-r'y^**'ik-A^A^-iyyA^^'A-^A^A'^A'A���i.Af-wAA:A''*i-'x:;A';--A<Ai':'A,pX':'--.C.''-<A"->*>..   ''."{ii A������  Tisli#^fUwmpnt l>m pM'MiW <M��4 by Ik U<iw Control Coord�� ty Uio Covcrrnncnt of (JrltJjti Oolumbls,      ��-\o?n..  he found when he shopped  RICHTERS T.V. & RADIO LTD.  Cowrie Street, Sechelt, B.C. Phone 885-9777  NEW  YOUR PENINSULA CENTRE  FOR FURNITURE/APPLIANCES  Soles and Service  RICHTERS'S T.V. & ���RADIO JLJP,  CHAIN SAW CENTRE  Box 489 - Sechelt  Deolcrs for P.M. Canodieti - McCulloch - Homellte -  Pioneer ond Stihl Chain Saws  COMPLETE STOd,K OF ALL MODELS .  Ports ond Repair Service  Telephone 885-9626 ^^  PLUMBING & HEATING  Let us cater to" all your  Plumbing and Heating  needs. Oil Co. or Bank  financing available.  SUPPLIES AND  SERVICE  BENNER BROS.  Furnishings & Paint Store  Sechelt,P.C. Phone 8852058  AS LOW AS  25c A DAY  FURNACE: Complete with Oil Burner. Ducts Work  and Oil Tonk in your, home. No payment till  October. For full information call Bud Klowltx your  SHELL OIL DISTRIBUTOR  Phono 886-2133  Gibsons, B.C.   '  E^_��0^EE^-^^W0E1�� IPE^SC^lH��  wmmm  Sizes 8 to 24W  ��eleneas fashion  Gibsons. B.C.     Phono 886-9941  mild  Gull Building Supplies  Phono 005-2203  Sechelt, B.C.  jnltow-^S-flr.-iNpitifiiUpifiSftte1  <-?f WTWS5l��rt.f*UjI.-l��..t��;stfstWfyjiiStf J-.' _   -    — v_   .,	
*-     -        4«       *■
»  '
v *   J   1  V
t ._    -.       I   Ii    »,'l.l
AL m
7 wo)' fee wop?, &«M .M/ no. be so wrong (is ia^fail tS say what / believe to be right.",
\ v"*.-,.'.  *-"'\ '      • —JOHN AtkIns
4^ ) "l       ' '
r   Investigate the f Coiitraeter
JtECOMMENPATFONS to municipal!- .structipn/ Building bylaws are passed and"
. ties by Municipal Affairs Minister   by' the time construction actually starts,
Dan Campbell that low tenders shouldj  costs £ have, increased over original est-
be accepted on constructional contracts/   mates'by'ftnythflg up to 30 per cent.
would appear to need rather mor^clari-        Wages ;and materials are not soaring
fication. ^ t6 the extent of 30,per cent within a
Without doubt, Mr. Campbell has fev. nidnths &nd the time for an investi-
extremely good reasons for seeking means ''gatidji is lbng overdue. Accepting lowest
by which to "curtail the exorbitant ex- Jenders would be, a retrograde step, the
pense involved with present ,day con- s situation calls for somewhat more destruction, but it is questionable if this tic action^ and, starting with the con-
is the right approach, ' < tractors themselves.
' In most cases, lowest bids are usually- '-r This 'does not suggest that all con-
accepted, however, lowest bids are not' tractors are corrupt, in the case of most
necessarily accepted and this statement small to^vn builders, they work for little
in advertised request for bids, does to more and,sometimes even less than an
large extent offer protection against average' wage. Biggest problem would
shoddy building.          *                           'appeal1 to be with the large operator spe-
.There is no" future in accepting a low ciaUzing in large contracts such as
bid from a contractor when it is well schools, hospitals and so forth. These
known his work leaves a great deal to people are ^presently riding the crest of
be desired. A few Hundred dollars saved a boom, result being they are quite in-
might very well result'in expenditure of < dependent 'and are consequently able to
considerably more.in remedying shoddy quote higher prices, caring less whether
workmanship. .Generally, speaking* this they get a contract or not. In a situation
sort of thing is the deciding factor gov- such as this,, school boards and munici-
erning awarding of contracts and when pajities could well fall victims to the age-
it is known the lowest bid comes from   olj, racket of price fixing.
?ucth a b"iidei> il. is l0?ic?1 lo P*»y * , - ' Wedo not suggest that this is neces-
httlentore for a satisfactory job. sarily so, .however, it is a distinct possi-
Secheft Peninsula Times    .
Wed nesdoy. June 29, 1966
MlA receives stttpillfe,
iihds himself unknown
UNFORTUNATE ihcEdent' outside '*t\ local
coffee shop .last week left MIA tdhy
Gargrave   Mushing  but  nevertfcetess,,  a-
mused. >  <    .      -   ""  / u   \
Leaving the coffee shop, he encounter*
ed two Sechelt youths admiring'his borrowed automobile. After casual conyer$a*
tion, Jie asked them if they knew wfri* he
was,, only'tov be told "noA'- "1,'m your
mn\ Tony Ga. grave," &e <}»ld them.
,    , _ .       . . Blank looks prompted the question, "have
Dr. Dr Stanger advise p that he-intends you ever heard of me?" A further-"no"
carrying on practice ',as long as his ,Ser- and Tony decided he had pushed .tis^ Ju<&
vices are required 'and at this time has   far enough:1 '    _
no plans to' dispose of. the business. • ■     -
Local dentist advises
sale report erroneous
REMARK made^. ecentty 4tteouncil at.Gibsons to the effect the present dentist had
sold his *$*ajjtiee was.-eiT^neous, although
it is understood W& l»^W dentists plan to
locate in the district/   >   .      - '   -
Times, a mistake ju*d obviously been made
but he had been assured that two dentists
and a dental technician planned to relocate in the Gibsons area.
;,\ c Happy Days'Ahead
LOOKING forward/to'relaxing on the    Arm^; %Mts. Gladys MacMillen and
* Sunshine  Coast on _ their rfitirfe-   Mrs. Hazel Evans Were honored by
ment from the. teachings staff of ?Se-   Sechelt Teachers'" Association at a
chelt School, District;  Mrs} Gtadys   farewell banquet last week.
Happy occasion... , .      ,
Retiting teachers honored
with farewell presentation
4-*    4rfA
y "t.
Seat belts should always * be fastened
.whether driving" on*/ the highwayt or in
town.' A seat bell yeah do" no goocU when
it lies unfastened oh the seat^    *   -
Peninsula Motor Prod.
SECHELT. B.C.      . -    v
'    Phone 885-2111 — Ted Farewell
Goverhmehts at both federal and
prpvincml level have indicated concern
at the fantastic spiralling costs of con-
Published Wednesdays at Sechelt
on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast
Sechelt Peninsula Times ttd.
Box 381-Sechelt, B.C.
Douglas G. Wheeler, Editor
S. B, Alsgard, Publisher
Subscription Rates: (in advance)
Year, $5 - 2 Years, $9 - 3 Years, $13
VS. and Foreign, $5.50
Serving the area from Port Mellon to'Egmont
(Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)
bility and there is no question as to the
exhoi:bitant cost of such cbiisttuction.
,. Somewhere along the line, the taxpayer is7 being taken for a rough ride,
the governments are obviously out to
seek a solution and it is to be trusted
they raise their sights to the right level.
J. H. G. (Jim)
"See J. D. For Safety"
Phone 886-7751
Gibsons,  B.C.
7* *• ■■ A; ■ A-
from $8.80 exchangi
For Easy Budget Terms Uie Your SHELL CREDIT CARD
or Apply for A Bank Loan
Left Us Supply All Your TSr© El©«8u!remenfts
/ -.   ,' ■•'- .-■.":. / • ■ ■'      : ," ' '■' 'r ''■,   - '•' ''"'"',!"■■;■  '        '■"
i * • * nt t * t t t i #■* * # * i t # i t f i i f • • i
t» t t i » i ****** t i * t * i • * * i * * * * iru i * in * * * * * * * * ■!
THREE very happy teachers will be
throwing away their alarm ■ clocks this
week as they commence retirernent from
the teaching profession. Last - week~" tliey
were guests of honor at a banquet held
in the pleasant dining roam at Ole's'Crive
where members of Sechelt Teachers' Association gathered, to commemorate the occasion.
1 Retiring from the staff of Gibsons Elementary School are Mrs. Gladys Armour
and Mrs. Gladys MacMillen; Mrs. Hazel
Evans is retiring after teaching Home Economics for 13 years at Eiphinstone Secondary School. '
Anticipating the carefree days ahead
for their colleagues, presentations of
leather voyageur travelling bags were the
farewell gifts from members of the STA.
President of STA Mr. Malcolm Mactavish,
read a brief autobiography of each teacher
and Mrs. B. Rankin presented fragrant
rosebud corsages. Mrs. Rankin was alio
honored during the evening, receiving a
rosebud vase in recognition of her work
as secretary of Sechelt Teachers' Association.
Retiring, after teaching for 11 years on
the staff of ^Gibsons  Elementary School,
. Mrs. ^ actually com
pleted '''i7\"ye¥w-rof^
School District. Born at Portage la Prairie,
Manitoba, vvher6 her mother taught school,
Mrs.   MacMillen   entered   Portage   Collegiate after completing grade  school add
then attended normal school in Winnipeg.
She taught in Portage la Prairie Public
School. Winnipeg*s William Whyte School
and  in  Grafelbourg  District,   Saskatchewan befpre moving to Vancouver in 1945J
Mrs. MaeMillen will be touring Europe
during, the sUihmer, and on her return vral
fenjoy''tbe i^jpprtiiinity to practice varipfis
Hobbies'' including the odd game of bridge;
After teaching Home Economics at Eiphinstone for>13 years, Mrs. Hazel Evans
has seen many students graduate include
ing Her ypun^ graduted froni
Eiphinstone in 1954. -y,
.:--,-,\-Mrs.-:'-:Ey.a"ris>,ireceived. her education in
Vanc6uver»  where   she    attended   Mount
Pleasant, King Edward High School arid
Vancouver Normal School. Her first teaching post was at Francois Lake in the t?orth
where  she  was the  first  teacher;   there
was no school—they used the church; no
supplies,   textbooks   or  blackboards.   Her
next position took her to southern Alberta
where water was 50c per barrel and no
one, could afford bath water.
Besides her teaching qualifications,
Mrs. Eyans has taken a dietician course
at Vancouver" General Hospital and also
a hairdressing course. She has experienced
farming in Manitoba during the "dirty
thirties" and never regretted coming to
this area which she heartily recommends
to everyone.
A real pioneer-of this';.area, Mrs. Gladys
Armour came to\ the Gibsons, area with
her family in; 1916. She attended the first
two-room .school in Gibsons and the first !
high, school called the Superior School,
Completing her education at Normal School
in Vancouver.
Her first teaching post was at Loos,
situated between Prince George and Mc-
Bride, in a one-room  school in freezing
weather, mostly, jjetundc^ to Sechelt District, her next assignment was at Doris-
ton near Egmont where she braved the
Skookumchuck rapids in a dugout canoe.
Being a housewife and raising a family
kept Mrs. - Armour - away 'from* the "teaching profession for some years but in 1955
she returned to summer school and resumed teaching at Nelson Island and Irvine's Landing before teaching for eight
years    at    Gibsons    Elementary    which
brought her to retirement. Mrs,. Armour is
in the Gibsons area.
In Vancouver hospital,
child hit by vehicle
THREE-and-a-half  year-old  Gordon  Troy
Walker of West Sechelt, is in hospital
in Vancouver suffering injuries which in-
'^chide ^£   broken' l^^s fractured  in   two
places,  received  when hit hy  a  vehicle
hear the intersection of Mason and Nor'
West Bay Road last Wednesday evening.
The youngster is believed to have run
into the path of an auto driven by Cecil
Curtis   Henderson   of   Mason   Road.   Nt>
blame has been attached to the driver.
On July 4th, 5th and 6th members of Sechelt Volunteer
Fire Brigade will be making their annual canvass for
operating funds in the West Sechelt,, Porpoise Bay and
Wilson Creek areas.
--j     „..■«•,   , "       *■      '   r.
Should you not be contacted by one of the members, con-
ttibutions can be made to the Bank of Montreal or mailed
to P.O. Box.Ill, Sechelt.
Fri., Sot., Mon.; July 1,2 and 4
Rock  Hudson/  Rod Taylor,
Mary Peach
A Gathering of Eagles
Technicolor — Cartoon
Out 10 p.m.
Don't Miss This
Fri., Sot., Mon., July 8, 9, 10
.  What a Way To Go
„ Shirey'MacLaine, Dean Martin
Paul Newrpan, Robert
Technicolor - Cinemascope '
' 'Cartoon
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i (<i'%njw*'i«»w#'f'fcC**'(»t*'iiMt««
\„:^#' ���%%        ^^i^^m     t^X*     ->,--(,*.��,-    '  ��-*k_   **"SA  -~%  "��"<  **  q^tqaw.ff-it^ r ���"���������&, Tij_��a  s^^:2_r��^*iSiit_t3��Z^.^^  *$*  >\.*-0-.^s<.,-.  ���^������"i^iya^'-^ " . ^^T-^^t^^x-T^^V^V^^  ;���*- V*,Sr" vvV�� -i> ���'vs t>  .^Ts^^  .IN"     J-      .-  v.*      ���>���*  "*��  ��  "\r v.Jx.^^V^v^VJ*"*%"  rx^sssssfiB^^  Page 6 Sechet Pehinsua Times    Arls'Council told...  Wednesday, June 29, 1966  $ecnelt socials Drama Club revived  ���-\yith Your Neighbours  VISITING Mr. and  Mrs. Tim Newcombe.  Their grand daughter, Midge and her  -husband,.Mr. and Mrs..Ed Tack and boys  Troy and Eddie.  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whaites at their  summer home for the weekend.  Mrs. Fred Holland visiting her sisters,  irst play m fa  Sechelt  JUST LIKE the old days, say the  oldtimers as they stand on the  wharf at Porpoise Bay and watch  the small boats mooching ,for salmon, Harold Nelson caught this 30-  lb., 10-oz. silver monster in the bay,  using herring and an eight-lb. leader.  salmon  It took an hour to bring him in and  could well be the big fellow who has  been towing more than one boat  around the bay recently, but according to weekend reports there are  plenty more just waiting to be  caught.  Mrs. Teresa Mulligan and Mrsr.-dtaf^Kor^-  gan.  Visiting Mrs. F. French is Mr. John  McKenzie of Victoria and Mr. Don Wil-  kins of Vancouver. It is many years since  Mr. Wilkins has been on the Peninsula,  and he sees many changes; In the early  days he was with the Oscar Nehimi Company at Half Moon Bay.  Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Johnson of Surrey  in the ajea and visiting .n.any old friends.  Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd  Turner, were Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Campbell of Victoria.  'Officers of the Sunshine Coast I.O.O.F,  entertained their wives at an informal dinner party at Ole's Cove. All reported a  very wonderful meal was served and the  evening much enjoyed.  Don't forget the bake sale for the W.A.  to St. Hilda's Anglican Church on June 30  at the Wigard  Block 10  a.m.  Mr. and Mrs. Stan Bryant have now  moved into their new home on Marine  Drive.  Mr. and Mrs. Andy Reid of Vancouver  guests of  Mrs.  Olive  Porte.  Principal of Sechelt Elementary School,  Mr. W. L. Reid, accompanied the "Sechelt  grade 5 class to Vancouver on Friday when  they visited the Japanese sailing barque  Kaiwo Maru and toured the Public Safety Building.  SECHELT Drama Club has been, revived  and will present a three act, two hour  play in the fall. Mr, Hank Barendregt  made this welcome announcement at last  week's meeting of the Sunshine Coast Arts  Council.  Under   the   direction   of, Mr.   C.   Crit-  School, will be leaving thc district and  have found very able "replacements: Mr.  Reg Paul of _Sechelt, a craftsman and resident of the Indian Community and Mrs.  S: H. Hately of Pender Harbour.  Underlying idea of the council was to  develop the  ability  of  young  people and  chcll of Davis-Bay, the club produced its    ~��^^  THE  TIMES  IS A  UNION-LABEL   NEWSPAPER  first play in 1950 to raise funds for. the  Wilson Creek Community Association continuing on to raise funds for the pew  hospital. Mrs. Critchell, who is an association teacher of -Trinity College, London,  England, is drama director for the play,  "The Curious Savage," which requires a  cast of 6 girls  and 5 men.  The Arts Council will be responsible  for the sets and they play will be. presented for two nights in Sechelt with one  night showings in Gibsons and Pender  Harbour.    * ��� _  Other suggestions for a fall program  included a proposal by Mr. Klyne Head-  ley that a film club be formed to select  good older films for showing once a month,  accompanied by a Canadian Film Board  presentation. Such a program would give  guidance and direction to young people in  their choice of films.  Also in the fall, the council hopes to  present a return three area presentation  of  Dirk's   Marionettes.  PRESIDENT'S   REPORT  Mr. Ed Burritt summarized the progress of the Arts Council to date. Membership which commenced at 38 has risen to 174 and shows every sign of increasing the upward  trend.  Two former directors, Miss Deatme  Stirling of the Residential School and Mr.  John Perry of Pender Harbour Secondary  ceived on  the  music  festival,  art  show,  band  concert.: aiid Vrecitalfc, '  The fence painting competition had  done much to promote communication between weekend visitors and residents who  previously seemed to remaip aloof from  each other.  CLASS   C   DEVELOPMENT,    ....','  Recreation Director, Phil 'LaWrertcc, reported on his investigation into the devel-  opment of' clas ,* C pa��ks which could be  a means -of the council obtaining land  for use ,as'a, music'centre. Such parks  may be operated ,by- local forms of government' by; petitioning'the, minister of  recreation and conservation ,*and forming  a board'of governors:-Small grants in aid-  arc available from' the government. Thirty two such areas have been set aside  in the Egmont to Port Mellon area and  it seems that many things are permis-  -sable in class C parks such- as erection  of buildings where admission fees may  l>e~ charged. Brothers Park; Gibsons-wSs  an example of such a  park".  DISPLAY  A  committee  was  formed to organise  -a-^ptay-^f-paintktgs-iM^p- Gibsons Unit- _  ed ���Church Hall on..-July IsL       ;  Color films were shown during the  evening of the Music Festival Children's  Parade by Mr. H. Barendregt and Mr.  Dan Carr showed films of the Sunshine  Coast hinterland. Also on display were  some very fine pictures taken by Dr. Dennis Gary during the Art In Action workshops plus some excellent available light  hotography of the Music Festival.  A  TENT and TRAILER SPACE AVAILABLE  FOR OVERNIGHT OH PERMANENT HOOK-UP  Modern washroom facilities with hot and cold water  showers.  ______E___I.  BIG MAPLE MOTEL  Wilson Creek 885-9513  FULLY MODERN HOUSEKEEPING UNITS  MWlfeMaf^tW'^.^&italW.  Experience Counts  TIMES fishing columnist Tom Porter, holds up the proof that he  does know what he is talking about  when it comes to fish. This beauty  was'One of two, both in excess of 25  lbs., which he caught last week at  Porpoise Bay.  Fins and Tails  ���By TdnTPortei  ANOTHER month has come and gone so  i thought I would clear my desk of a  few items that drifted  my way in June  and start July nice  and fresh.  There is a new lure now on the-market that" is doing exceptionally well on co-  lio. It is the Henry Smith, lure,  invented  and-manufactured by the <*hap whose name  it bears. Henry makes his home over on  Vancouver Island and'.has. been an ardent  fisherman most of his life.' It has. taken  salmon on the troll-all up and . down-the ,  Strait  and  according  to  Henry,   a   chap  on a research ship .2000 miles out in the  Pacific took a "b.g full" of salmon. There  are different sizes  of the lure .available  but the number.3 seems the most'produc-  . tiye for coho. The demand, right now, is  greater than'the supply so you might have  a little trouble getting one, but more will  soon be available according to Terry "Sur-,  Katch* Raines, ,<  On May 25 this column reviewed some  of the 19G6 Tidal "Water Spurt Fishing Regulations. There are a couple of regulations I think should be repeated since a  number of persons are stfll not too, sure  of them. There is a limit of two chinook  salmqn per day north of a line marked  by fishing boundary signs at Porteau, tho  north end of Anvil Island and McNab  Creek in Howe Sound. Another regulation  that, seems to be causing a bit of confusion is thc one governing the size of Ling  Cod. The regulations state that no one  , ,shall take and retain ling.cod less than  23 (twenty-three) inches, from \tip of nose  to tip of tall.  If you have ,bcen wondering where to  store all that fish you have been landjng  lately, Tyec Rait in Sechelt have lockers  available, The charge is minimal and U  is ideal for you .fishermen up here for  your vacations. Another way to keep your  calch for future eating enjoyment Js to  > have those salmon smoked, Jf you have  iiDl. your own. smoke house, the old fisherman down at James Warf in. Sechelt does  a bang up job and again tho cost is reasonable, Anyone for smoked salmon?  .KorUphoso���oC���,you.>,whoJv.YC-J)c,CA,Jxi  perlcnclng a bit of trouble keeping your  herring strip or, plug cuts on your hooks  try suiting them down. This will keep  them in good condition for a fair length  of time aw| wake them firm, so they will  stuyp on the' hooks much better, A good  layer of ordinary household salt seems to  work the best.       .  Lost a nice, sized sprihfj a ' while ago  due partly to stupidity and partly to lazy-  ness. While mooching out at Sargents Bay  1 noticed a small knot in my leader. Instead of changing it right away I left it  while I tied another hook-up. Mr. Spring  did not wait and I had him on. Played  him nice and carefully for about ten minutes and just when I figured I had him,  he took one more run and snap, the leader broke right where the knot was. So  fellows and girls, check that leader for.  cuts and knots, especially after hooking  a dog fish.  Speaking of dog-fish, "Fins and Tails"  is looking into the possibility of organizing a dog-fish derby (complete with prizes.  The idea so far is to have a prize for  the largest and the most dog-fish caught.  Keep an eye here for further developments.  Speaking* of derbys; don't forget the  Jdly*'��st derby sponsored by the Gibsons  Rod and Gun Club. Tickets are available  at Earls- in Gibsons.  Have ypu picked up your latest copy  of Western Fish and Game yet? There is  an excellent article on fly fishing by Jack  Grundle and Mike Cramond relates an experience' he had while steelheading on the  Cowichan River. For those not yet familiar with WFG it is a magazine about hunting, fishing and the great outdoors of B.C.  Jack Grundle, editor and publisher, has,  put together a much needed magazine that  sh6uld appeal to everyone whether he be  fishcrntan. hunter, boater, camper or just  .someone ,who likes reading about his pro-  ' vincc. '' ���   " ���'.'. ":"     ''���''���'A^"':". ���'.'������  With the old weatherman dishing up  some clouds, wind and a bit of precipitation, not so many people were out on  the saltchiick, this past week, but thoso  who were out found  the fish a  biting.  Porpoise Bay again this week, was giv-  .'���' ing up, some pice salmon. Out myself last  week and landed a 26>/* lb! spring mooching about 200 yards from the wharf, Bob  Chapman at Tiliicum Bay Marine kept  pretty busy this past week, Mr, and Mrs,  Bill  Hatch,   honeymooners  of Vancouver,  2 coho, 2 springs, a 22 for Bill and a  j9'/_ for his bride, Joe Kingsnorth, New  Westminster, 3 coho for a 19 lb. total. No  boats coming in empty.        ,  Over at May's Boat Rental Ron Goodwin, Vancouver, limited both days he was  out,with a 22!/_ lb. red spring tops. The  average for the week was two fish per  boat, good in any language, Bill May reported lots ot coho jumping right out in  front of his place.  Coho, and a few jack springs being  taken out front at Sechelt, Seven t .ken on  Saturday night alone, Bernio puval, Selma Park, picked up a slx-ptmnd coho on  tho troll. Pown at Pavls Bay springs aro  being taken right off thc wharf, Ray Van  VaIcrrTaSoWar*Wa.sh;rtook^a'"30-and"fl  Ml-lb 8|<rlng striping from .lie vMai.C  on Sunday, A 15.1b. taken on Saturday.  Well, that's it for this week, best |>ol  scorns to.be at. Porpoise with Sechelt and  Pavis Bay picking up it looks llko \Vo nro  Jn for �� good July .' weekend.  Keep that lino in the water and 1'Jl  pee you next week.  ��^a^'KO**��up,'611Hl.te��s,p*lt^��.��(iC_t,fc(Bj,�� ^n, I  TT  ssaa  ttiua  ^***s**  *>i,m������*���**'*��'"'*'*'  We offer  a plait'  to meat  college costs  hy,^easyjdegree&  JSSSS^^STJ','S,1!.. ,"5!  tf*.W.#f *******  V ���  TUB.  Gii&ariJ>We8t Life  'A90URANCQ COMPANY  ' * * 'in  4  :j^ii'tfrfitifffM'ii^i''',*,''ffi''<t;j,i'"{Li1'1''''''''"'"' v '���'i'J  .,f?pM_ |Vf **.*(**..*.  v p ,' ,'<, ',  4.,  Dryon E. Du.Mn��haw  For further Information wrHo to  ,   l?o��30)(-SCCHaT, U,C,  I.'lill \',i   <��� U.i ii���..'.'.>���i,��nliii) I il,l_>i>--M,  t.*l,i,li,tfi  Nature is reluctant to put old trees out to  _pas;l^��.J3pJhey grow older: prey to fungus,  Insects, decay. By harvesting, mature trees  before this happens, we mike full use of  At the same time, we set the stage for a  porous new growth from those seedlings  we plant in their pkce.^WhWihoulXa **~"  tree retire? When it's time to make way  for the forests ptyourgrandohadren.-  "i  MacMELAN bloedel limited  ,-���'(, ,  ' .............  it I... ?"_"''l.<  Sf^Mttt^.^.^  yr~  XJA  <���       4-jT*'  ' i  y > Vast then tfia. Jaafetf nM*  >%��$ Jaitft;'tak<& to Vancouver to'bemused  ** fr, wWft.'*n* gove&irienfc tlk|^  " ffeis flutideringl Should' be made to r<$|*j,ce  -Mby<E<_ Gredn    it. to say it>ms not the prWentj goy&rn.  - J^Zi    '-ll j1 <���"?-"- -, i       -f -   niehtJ arid'th&y'\are,therefore hot resporisi-.  . VOR OVER .50 years I have Been wondet- * ��� %\e -}S ^ say rtothini \ ,\    V     .'V; .*  r ��" *Z* fSPy ffif*? t?A? t*S?*$ T1!   '    ** we are to accept this childish way of  Sff���   SJ?i *SJ?U ,��� thinking, it is only a matter, of time tf*    fi��  Srf-i!S\J^;..V^L!li?tH��H    fore the *>adway ����� Tieht through-the    *V  ��&Sl��S* eanst f^iserabl? >ndred - living   room-of   the   waterfront   honiei  thousm dollars or two.   > " ^ .g &,^ tm under certain ^^  Now, <Wit of,a dear skj/, We, answer ^stances a road or path jrunntttg-through  _" there for all to see. All you have to do is private property ,becomes public .prpperty;  start at th* early age> of maybe 20^,oi* even more or jeGS after a certain period of t$$.  21 years and give the government 50 cents unless itis cfosed Qfi one(day each y .far,-  an acre for a piece of-land that is no good Tne Lower Road in No#h Vancouver is  even for moose pasture. Then an 40 or 50    an  example,  One day  years, just when things look blackest, the  government will decide the population has  increased and we need park space, whatever that is. They decide the stuff the  other irresponsible'government gave away  40 h or 50 years ago is very "valuable and  hand over many thousands of dollars cash  for it., That is all there is to it. If you  are the lucky one and own this land you  can also Be smart and rush in a surveyor  or-two and cut up a a few acres for yourself which will later sell at idiotic figures  in less than no time. It is a great idea  and if I had this life to live again .t Is one  1 would cotton to at'once.  You cannot be too careful about the  surveyor part because right at this moment half the people in this area don't  know where they live. On one occasion  lately, a retired lady bought a lot in Wes|t  Sechelt and built a house on it. She had  an offer to sell at a good profit and took  it. The new owner demanded a survey  and when he got it he found the property  line ran right through his kitchen. The  lady had to move the house onto the lot  which wiped out a lot of the profit.  Even we don't know exactly where our  north line is, despite three surveys.  Every time the lot next door changes hatids  we lose two. or three feet, according to the  new owner, until right now we are wondering how we have a 36-feet-long house on  a lot not much more than 20 feet wide if  ,we are to accept the other fellow's figures. Frankly we don't. We will not accept anybody's line except one laid down  by a B.C. Registered Land Surveyor and  I'm not too sure about him either.  There is a sticky situation developing  along the waterfront. This top deals with  property lines. It seems a couple bought  a lot and according to_ the measurements  on their agreement the front line was  about six feet on the boulevard. They put  up some posts to mark it and were asked  to' take thcm'ddwn 6h the grounds "that  since the road had been used so many  years without protest from the original  owners it was now public property.  The new. owners challenge this and  rightly so. They bought and paid for a  piece of land,of certain measurement and  they are entitled to it. The bit about public use under present conditions is stupid.  There are people here who can remember  when the waterfront roadway was about 50  feet further out than it is now and what  car is stopped at a barrier and thenv permitted lo proceed which is the ^owneh's  way of letting you know he still owris^lk*  According to all reports it looks ass/if  we are in graye danger of getting a hew  municipal hall. This is a very delicate matter and should be approached'frorfi 'al)  sides and up the middle1 with the greatest  of care, at least that seems to be the attitude at present by several citizen^, TJM^'ip  rio godd. This.community is growing"fa?t  and, the present place" is. just'plain ridiculous. It isn't much? bigger than a telephone  booth and not, half' as modern. At first  glance, "you couldn't be blamed for mistaking it for a public convenience, which  it isn't, quite.  While everybody agrees we need a new  municipal hall there are those who say  we can't afford it. Of course we can't  and for this reason we ought to have one  ->*- v Annual picnic  JUST LIKE the old days, was, tiie   supplied music^for a-singsong. Dur-  scene   on   Sechelt   Beach  when  Reader's Right  NEED A CAR?  NEW or USED  TRY  Peninsula Motor Prod.  SECHELT, B.C.  Phono 885-2111  ��� Ted Forewell  J  cubs v and scouts from the Sechelt  District joined with their families  for the annual picnic. Group commit-  ��_,u xu_ ��_�� ��-.����� ^ v-* -.* -~ tee members were kept busy hand-  right away. To owe a lot of money .>r ing .out weiners and pop while Mr.  something you can't afford is styUsh-arid Wm. Baker and Mr. Jack Nelson  in keeping with the times. There are others who say we need a two-storey place  because we will have a magistrate's coprt,  motor vehicle licence office and a lor of  other things. Two-storey places are * no  good; they simply aren't modern. You  either go up to 50 storeys or stay on the  ground. Who wants to stumble up a flight  of stairs to pay a fine or buy a licence?  Not me or anyone else I know. The big  question facing the advocates of the one-  storey place will be, is there enough room?  Is the present lot large enough to accommodate a larger building and provide parking space?  The whole situation is getting out "of  hand right under our noses. The resident-  iafand industrial zones are woefully inadequate for the present rate of expansion'.  The merchandising area is compressed .into  less than a block and it is surrounded by  homes of all kinds. We don't pretend to  ,^know_.^what.,,,.indu$,tries or .retail stores  might wish to start ill Sechelt but it is  certain they are going to come sooner ,or  later. Where are they going to locate?  Mermaid Street and half of Cowrie Street  are residential zones. Retail merchants  want central locations. Where are they  going to-go? There is vacant, property on  Teredo Street and part of Cowrie Street.  Who owns it? This is easily learned but  what is it being held for? >  The village has recently acquired more  land. It is only a question of time before  West Sechelt becomes part of the village.  Subdividing in other areas is taking place-  The village centre as we know it will be  crowded. Even now it is hard to find a  parking place over the weekends and _not  top easy  present council is aware of this 'and.oth&r  pressing problems. Time is running but.  It is a period for big decisions. Whether  they are right or wrong remains to be  seen. The point is, make them, one way  or the other.  Letters to the Editor must carry a signature ana  address, although a pen-name may be used lot  publication. . ' " ���  Where now?  Editor, The Times:  Sir���This article is to inform the public of this area, more so than loW q^n.  membership,''as'to where Local 297 of the  International Brotherhood of Pulp Sulphite.  & Paper Mill Workers is headed. As this  local represents the biggest economic  block on .this peninsula and Mcadseirwe^  strive to be a responsible organization^;  it is felt an explanation is due.  Just prior to the internal problems experienced by Local 297, this executive decided to break out of its cacoons and take*  its   rightful  place   in  the- foreground   of  this area's community  activities.  It is  a  pity that this  organization  has  not  seen  fit in the past to provide this community  with its services and leadership. This  is  an..;era  when .community ..li|e.,imeaM^so_  much,   and   since   we  represent   a large  portion of this community we are'.obligate  ed to take an active part in it. ;|  When our internal problems became .j  severe, about two months ago, we decided;  to.maintain as much as possible ofv��ur|  new found community program and yet*  concentrate on fighting the breakaway^  element within our local. It has been an|  ing the evening, fireman badges  were awarded, Mark Rennie; Michael Evans, Braee Oobleigh, Kent  Sheridan, Tommy Lamb and Jim  Gibson. Enrolled into the 1st Sechelt  Co. were Arthur Hoefsloot and David  Henry. * * "  operating funds. It is hoped that the .funds  raised will enable it to expand its recreational facilities in the Gibsons area. The  commission's plans are far reaching in  scope and will provide facilities for all  age groups.  The commission approached Local 297  of the IBPS&PMW, and we were more  than pleased* to. be able to assist. It is  hoped that ibis local's contribution will  prompt similar and supporting action  from.our membership:and that-this public  appeal will result in the same from citizens outside our sphere of influence.  This is a very necessary project and  one which should concern everyone. Our  leisure time is something we have not yet  learned to cope with, and in a few years  we will have even more spare time than  we do now. Use of leisure time must not  become a problem just as a lack of facili-  - ties, must not becomes problem. -"*-  Let's all first give a small donation then  get out and learn how to use these recreational facilities.  Please send any donations to: Gibsons  and Area Recreation Commission, C/o  Mr. S. Fladager, 1436 South Fletcher, Gibsons. /      ' "Vo,- .  /     MIKE  BLANEY,  chairman,  Public   Relations  Committee,  Local 297, IBPS&PMW.   c  Iterfirtfloy/ June 19, 1966  W&lkath6ti rescheduled  this Sunday, July 3rd        GIBSONS Recr'eatioii Commission wish to  apologize for any inconvenience caused by the postponement of the 3rd Annual Walkathori scheduled to take place  last Sunday. -      ���   - ;  Due to, a breakdown in communications  between^5ibsons_a_nd^ Sechelt, many people  H-ffl   were unaware of the^ postponement,  L^~       t   The Walkathon wilf take place this Sunday commencing at 1:30 p.m. ..at Hackett  P[ark,  Sechelt.  Refreshments  and  certifi-  -e��tes^wiH-be--awarded--at-the-fimshiog line  in- Gibsons.  Late Gkssifieis  ....J.     .  itl!   ������   !��__.   II������      ��������� ���      -�����,....,��� ���     ������ .,..-��� ..���,..���       .        ���        ���      -������ ���  FOlt SALE���China Cabinet, bookcase,  chest of drawers, Hollywood bed, dishes,  various' tools and an electric immersion  heater. 17..9 Martin Road, Gibsons. Phone  886-9354. 9650-30  CARD OF .THANKS���Mr;. Ed Greene wish-  es to thank tbe doctors,  nurses  and  staff of St. Mary's Hospital for their continual'care and understanding.       9849-30  . "t c'l  offers-reduction  VANCOUVER Festival Society hasf offered at reductiofl on tickets to the Sunshine Coast .rfe Council. This applies to  groups of twenty or more who wish to  attend tte'July 16 matinee performance  of Oliver.  This musical comedy version of Dickens', Oliver Twist, which has had such  successful runs in London and on' Broadway, -portrays all the charm of the Dickens characters.  Jules MUnchin plays the part of-Ta-  gin, Brett Smile, as/ Oliver and Martin  Novae- as tta. Artful Dodger.  Anyone wishing'to join the party,,please  phone Mrs. H. West! at, 8B6-2&47.  Plan now to make your  next Homo or Cottage a  Holiday Home  supplied by your  Sunshine Coast Dealer  Designed for leisure fiving���  made of Western Red Cedor���  Build it yourself or have it.buHt.  Financing Available  Send  for  colorful   brochure   to  Box 316. Gibsons, B.C. or phone  886-9993  Fast action  Editor, The Time^: j  1  I place over the weekends and not   exhausting twp mnths and though ���yef    J��J ^ %^��F��X&  not won anyrbattles.  shoppers  bus to| extend - its *un to' West  Our  community participation:��ilS   helt   1 ,do appreciate  it and, I know  that others do,  and Will find it a  great  crease now that we have more time, Kbw-J  Zjror m^t ^jrinetfieai  DINE AT THE EAGLE LODGE DINING ROOM  /  Dining Lounge overlooking the mouth of  Pender Harbour  Char. Broiler for delicious steaks  Reservations - transportation may be arranged  CALL 883-2282  THE EAGLE LODGE  Garden Bay, B.C.  ever, we still have to eliminate the causes|  for any breakaway movement. This exe#  cutive and all the past executives must,  take full responsibility for the dissention,'  shown withjn Our ranks. However, the real;  power for change lies with our member-1  ship and any executive must support thei;  will of the  majority.  help. So to  all who in any way helped,  thanks.  AMY BRYANT  Gone fishing  Editor, The Times:  Sir���I am sure there are a lot of peo-  If we do not eliminate the causes for'pie who live  in the West Sechelt  area,  M  ��� *s#WB!��!WftHHW>rt   1  DATE PAD      .;;-:,���;-;;:  SECHELT AGENCIES UTD.  wxxmxmwoottxxxwpfmxwnw  ��� This froo romlndor of coming events Is q sorvico 'of SECHELT  AGENCIES LTD, Pho.q Socholt ��� Peninsula Times direct for free  Ustinov specifying "Date Pad", Plca.o nolo that space Is limited and  somo advnnco dates may havo to w .It thblr turn; also that this Is a  ���"reminder"listing-only and>cannot,olwaytt,carry,. fulUlotolls.  ���tr.  ��*��j��l����fW ,|��t���� .t*!.^ .**��*1U<4i.!iUiftt> I  Juno 30���io a.m. Wlgard Block, St, Hilda's WA Bake Solo.  July   hlr-Gibsons July   1st, cololirat'lons,  Parado   I   p,m,  All  day  onlorlalnm&it. j|l , ' ' .'  July I si���3 p.m. Main Port Golf Course, Gibsons,  "HoMn-Onn"  c< .T\|)otlH��n.  July 3- ~l'30 p.m. Hockoll  Pork, Socholt, Commencement of 3rd  Annual  Walkathon,. Socholt  to ...Gibsons,  .  ji(|y 9 5. ��� A'p.m, Robert Cummlno Garden, Roberts Crook, Of!S  Suninior Tea, ;!  Ji'ilv 9���Wllwn Crook Community Contonolnl Sports Day, Common'''.  clnn  ' p.m. with parade, continuity entertainment,  which the broak-away group fought they  will be back next yoar and we will all  suffer once again. This executive is, here  and now, pledged to challenge anyone-  standing in the way of our attaining many  of the goals voiced, by Uie break-away  element. The only difference is that we  will fight united, and when, we've won,  we will still bo a member of a large union comprised of international brotherhood.  , We are very proud of this local, for  while we fought for our very existence we  maintained our now found obligatUm to  this community. This; local, in the last  two months has assisted, Little Lcagu,o  Baseball, made voters registration cards  available to many people not on the Provincial voters list, supplied ii member of  its executive to the July 1st Committee,  donated to the July 1st Celebrations, is  working on" a float for that parade for thc  first time in years, assisted this area's  Recreation'Commission and helped in other' worthwhile projects.  - This local promises the citizens of IW8'  community that wo will do our utmost  to otifjuro that there will, bo no more Internal problems, Now that we are united  again wo aro not going to let the conditions prevail that mnde.lt so easy for n  broak-away union to gain support. Wo will  bo a solid and mnturo force in this community starting ns of now, and will bo  for �� long time to1 c��fjno.  Thank you,  Yours truly,  Mike ttlanoy, Chairman,  Public   Relations  Committee,  Local 297 IKPS&PMW  Funds appeal ]  Editor, Tho Times i  Rlr���Tlio Gibsons nndAren Rocro .tion  Commission is  currently  soliciting for  hiding their faces in shame today, because last night they had a more important meeting to attend, or had to go fishing.1 ������������ '"'""���"��� ������' " ��� ���       ��� ���-������'--��� ������'���-������ ������ -������������  Last year there were 5G property owners gathered together for the general meet:  ing of the West Sechelt Water Board and  voted 100 per cent, "We want water at  any cost," was the slogan.  Now, a year later, they fail to appreciate the effort, the chairman and trustees  have given in making the water supply  a reality.  I think they have done a good job and  hope.,'nil our neighbors will realize, if  they had to pay for all this service our  rates could bo doubled, so let's get' together and do our share.  D. HAYWARD  ��� "'" ' .    ' "i '" r "'"'  Sechelt Beauty Salon  /Mr. Omer Lepitre  Now In The the Richter Block  Cutting and Styling Twos, to Sat, 9-5  Phono 885-9525  Notice is hereby- given that the undersigned has been  appointed returning officer to conduct an election to  elect FIVE (5) Trustees for the- above-raentoned  district. TWO (2) Trustees to be elected from owners of lands withinther Corporation of "the Village of  Sechelt as .now or hereafter constituted. This to be  known as ZONE ONE.  THREE (3) Trustees to be elected from owners of  lands NOT within the Corporation of the Village of  Sechelt. This to be known as ZONE TWO.  ,        y   '    \      '  The registered voters iii ZONE 1 and 2 are hereby  notified to attend a meeting to be held in the Royal  Canadian Legion Hall, Sechelt,' B.C., at the hour of  8 p.m. THURSDAY, i\iut 21st, 1966 at which i>lace  and hour I will proceed to call for nominations and  to take the votes of the electors present. The said  meeting will be closed as soon as.the votes of the  electors present and voting when votes are called for  h��tVe been counted.  Dated this 25th day of June A.D. 1966  ���im'  W. J. MAYNE  Returning Officer  i*W*w*^*i��aii.��iSnw  iV*wa*'*W^''*'*H'^aswttli- *  'niliMvtiliMiMnt U pot pubtltfnd ot dliplayt. by tha Liquor Contiol Bourd or by th�� Oovtrtimmt of PilllJh Cotumbl*,  WE NEED YOUR LISTING  BIG BIRTHDAY  ��� ^w^M��i>��,f��lW��l��V��M��-W5iBS'i'  SECHELT AGENCIE  REAUTY and INSURANCE -  Phono 085-2161  Friday, 8 pjmu  $10 per game  $200Jackpot  Sechelt Indian Hall  (Totem Club)  PRINTING  plus  IDEAS!  Our job It to put YOUR nocd��  , on pnporl  w����.V.hon-.you,iro.pux��leal,  'I '  The TIMES  /  say /m? /or Carlitig PHsetter  A British Columbia favorite /or-woro th<m Forty yww* r    *  -       - -    '  ��� ' '' .n^il>W��p.w..��  ��* wi-^*T4mH��iwi-��*��ns)t '  ���Morf��StnrtTft^fc1^^^^1iV'��0!MWW!��*B^|-Wifertr*��!  .\  \ s  I'm H'muW-'IH M|f  M  i>.   I,  j*i*��,*H"  pi i,,i. 1%  fl  . i  .   H  1/  4M  I:  ft;''  Sechelt OAPO on tour  Robeds^Cteek  the welfare of the O.A.P. were carried.  Mr. Vincent Yates was re-elected as provincial president; Mr. Wm. Haley is first  vice-president; Mr. T. Baker, second vice-  Track  A BUSY year of sporting activities  draws to a close and top athletes  at Eiphinstone proudly display the  well-deserved trophies. From left,  Girls' PE instructor Mrs. D. Richardson, Bev Szabo (team spirit),  Belinda   Gibb   (best   girl   athlete),  trophies  Mike Clement (best boy athlete),  Alex Skytte (best basketball player),  Godfrey Robinson (team spirit and  best distance runner), PE instructor  Mr. Gene Yablonski.  ���George  Cresswell  photo.  MEMBERS of the Sechelt O.A.P.O. spent  last Thursday touring points of interest in Vancouver. Leaving Sechelt at 7:30  a.m. their first pleasure was to extend  greetings to Mr. Robert Mitchell, who was  celebrating his  81st  birthday.  There was a tour around Stanley Park  with an opportunity to enjoy the view from  Prospect Point. Next stop was the Maritime Museum at Kitsilano Beach to see  the RCMP Patrol schooner St. Roch, which  was the first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage from Vancouver to Halifax.  The St. Roch is now under cover and restoration work will be carried out by the  Natural and Historic Resources Branch  when the water content has been sufficiently reduced. '  The party next toured around the  U.B.C. campus and visited the Nitobe Memorial Gardens. Vancouver International  Airport was the next port of call and during lunch, members were able to watch  a Canadian Pacific plane arriving from  Montreal and disembarking its passengers.  Then followed a visit to Queen Elizabeth  Park, still a delightful spot, although the  flower gardens were not up to their usual standard owing to the strike.  Then came the drive up Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser University. The  buildings are impressive and command  magnificient views in every direction. The  descent   to   Hastings   Street   offered   fine  vistas of Vancouver. Crossing second Narrows Bridge, the route followed the Capilano River to the Cleveland Dam which  stores sufficient water to supply 200 million gallons per day to the lower mainland. The driver was again the cheerful  and unfailingly courteous Dick Gray.  - Among other outings which Branch 96  is planning for this summer is a picnic  at Roberts Creek Park,on July 25th, with  bus transportation arranged from Sechelt  and a charter bus trip to the P.N.E. Golden Age Day on August 25th. September  7th, 8th and 9th are the dates arranged  for the Olympic Peninsula trip which has  been replanned to include a visit to Whid-  bey Island. Cost of this trip will be $22  including hotel accommodation at Port  Angeles and Olympia. Members are ask-  . ed to make their reservations to Mrs. A.  M.  Batchelor by August 15th.  At the general meeting of the Sechelt  Branch held on June 20th, it was agreed  to change the meeting date to avoid conflict with the shopping bus day. Starting  July 20th, the regular monthly meeting  will be held the third Wednesday of each  month.  Mr. H. A. Hill and Mr. Roily Reid reported to the meeting on the Annual Convention which they had attended at the  Cambrian Hall on June 15th, 16th and  17th.  Most of the resolutions relating to  president and Mrs. a. Browne, secretary.  Mr. Hill reported that the Senior Citizens' Association was holding its convention at the same time Jand same place  and that there was the utmost co-operation between the two organizations which  are both working for the same cause,  namely the welfaire of =old age pensioners.  No lawsuit contemplated  following PUC decision  MORE   APPLICATIONS  for  water  hookup outside the village boundary of Gibsons  have  been advised they  are to  be  supplied with water by November.  Norm Procknow of the Sunnycrest Motel told The Times, he felt that as council was now aware of its duties in pro-  viding a public utility, he had accomplished his main object in bringing the matter to the Public UtiUtiesC^mmisisibri.  "As far as I am concerned that is the  end of the affair," he said. Asked if he  had intentions of launching a lawsuit as  previously suggested, he said he had decided to let the matter drop rather than  cost the taxpayers more money.  ���by Florence McSavaney  ROBERTS Creek Hospital Auxiliary held  its  annual meeting on  Monday,  June  Cars which make fewer stops can expect greater economy. "Stop and go" drivers in cold weather greatly reduces gasoline mileage. Best cold weather economy  is obtained after about 20 minutes of driving.  13th, in the Library. Officers elected for  the coming year are: president, Mrs. S.  Rowland; vice presidents, Mrs. C. Beeman and Mrs. Shirley Rbbsbn; secretary,  Mrs. A. Swanson; treasurer, Mrs. J.  Forbes; membership, Mrs. A. E< Reece;  social, Mrs. H. Tibb and publicity, Mrs.  R. McSavaney and Mrs. M, Newman.  Meetings will not be heldJ during July  and August and will resume in September.  Swimming, classes will be held again  this summer. These are made possible  through the recreation commission and  Roberts Creek is co-operating with Gibsons and Hopkins Program5. Dates and  times of classes are being distributed to  the school children. There are also to be  some day camps held this summer but  more information will be available in this  regard at a later date.  Children at Roberts Creek School and  the Free School are being presented this  week with B.C. Centennial Medalions,  through the courtesy of the Roberts Creek  Centennial Committee.  Mr. C. Bedford attended a four day  seminar last week in Seattle. This dealt  with Marine life and Mr. Bedford met  many interesting people from all parts of  the United States and some from other  parts of Canada; he also brought back  some interesting additions to his already  extensive collection of shells.  THE   TIMES  IS A  UNION-LABEL   NEWSPAPER  Individual Trophy Winners   .  FINAL Assembly at Eiphinstone Se- te, Kim Inglis,  Bob Crosby,  Brant  coridary School brought recogni- Hansen, Susan Thorold, Mike Clem-  tion to young athletes.for their ef- ent,  Rick Gibb  and  Belinda  Gibb.  fort. Trophy winners pictured here Seated:   Dean  Driskell  and  Frank  (from, left):  Wendy Brackett,  Bev.- Hoehne.  Szabo,   June   Stewart,   John   Char- George Cresswell Photo  man, Godfrey Robinson, Alex Skyt-  Know Your Environment  AT THE June 19th. meeting of the Scuba  . Diving Club, better known as the "Pen-  _��insula. Bottom Crawlers,'. a considerable  'amount of theoretic knowledge was imparted to the fourteen enthusiastic members who attended, by Bill Kristofferson  and George Flay.  The,meeting was held at Ken Hewitt's  in Selma Park. Most of the information  wis ,'^ffi^t around the adaptation of  changing-pressures from the atmosphere  to varying depths of water and the very  JOLLY ROGER INN  t,^'*,*tt^'*   r   *', Jffit is Ail .    it **   * (_"'"  *f   * 4  AfyA>  m  ,-rM'O  i- '-A "I flpS��8fcBlHM@llll*S ft, ' "i';  mM^Xw^��diM��itJ.M  WE ARE  GOING TO OPEN  IN JUNE,  BUT IT WILL BE  TOWARD THE END  Or THE MONTH.  We thank all those j who have  asked u.   for Banquet  Accommodation and other  accommodation and wc, look  forward to serving your needs  in the near future.  by Dan Carr  real danger that exists of nitrogen narcosis. This symptom of lack of elimination of nitrogen from the body is made  manifest by apparent drunkenness and  pain, and if decompression is not followed within a reasonable time, permanent  injury or death ensues.  Much was also explained about the various equipment needed for scuba diving;  the different merits of various m?sks, and  the weakness of snorkel tubes which are  too long. The . toxic gas, carbon dioxide  is heavier than air and it has a tendency  to accumulate in a tube longer than 15  inches. Several areas were discussed for  diving, some of which were; Woods Cove,  Davis Bay, Bear Point and the Buoy at  Soames Poi .it; all of which abound with  natural beauty and prospects of good  spear fishing.   Refreshments were served at 10:00, after which some members volunteered to  make safety flags for the club. Boaters  may take note; when you sec this red,  white and red flag flying from any floating object, it means that divers arc in  the water. Proceed (Seaway of 100 yards)  with extreme caution at greatly reduced  speed, and keep a sharp outlook for air  bubbles and any sign of activity, It is  far better to use reason and care now,  then it Is to have a network of mandatory legislation issued later, which is an  unnecessary expense to the taxpayer, This  applies to all outdoor activities,  The meeting was al great success and  all felt there was a good season for diving ahead ��� so "bottoms up," "Bottom  . Crawlers" ��� here's tit happy diving day.  Atteniion; Anyone knowing of a right-  of-way down to n beautiful beach, where  a trail could be pushed through, please  ' call: '880-7450,-  i* B^i^��^*#f.|/rtt<^ti*��Wt*jfrvti,?aiWi*Bi((i'��is  'I!  '  I  | ��   1  <   '))���   1    I  <<y<K 4,f, ���  HAVE YOU VISITED OUR NEW DEPARTMENT!  A whole new floor of fine quality furniture ~ better still  ... budget priced!  pui.u, ,��  .    i        i  �����_fm i  PARKER'S HARDWARE LTD.  Cowrie Street  mum  Hp-,4Wfc,i*iil'iiiiitiili',iii��iiim  085-2171  Marshall Wells  Stores  Sechelt, B.C.  \��*  ft  ' ) ' m fnmH (fit1 i  The card above has been mailed to every person  now registered on the Provincial Voters List  If you have received this card and it correctly notes your name and the address  of your present residence YOU ARE REGISTERED to vote in your electoral dist-  ^ct'fyoMjiave not received the not^  5s incorrectly noted on,the card you do receive, you must consider that you are  NOT REGISTERED to vote in your electoral district. You should apply without  delay to one of the Registrktion Centres for your electoral district listed below, or  contact the Registrar of Voters. Application forms will be mailed by the Registrar  to anyone requesting them by letter or telephone.  Qualifications for registration are:  (i) Nineteen years of age or older,  (ii) Canadian citizen or British subject,  (iii) Resident of Panada % past twelve months.  (i v) Resident of British Columbia for past 6 months.  ^eto*WHHKraBiw��i��������*<**?e  REG. /CENTRE  ...Mr��, H.. J.. Jofrioa. ���j ,.....-.;���.'.. _ .,  Warren Hartley, next to Lloyd's Store     1  Madeira park Store   . Mrs. Rutherford, Halfmoon Day po��t Ottlco  . Scchcit Agoiicic. Ltd, ::::;::: ,,  ..Vlfl't'-Motol--..^,;.,^,...,,..:.,.^..,..,^...,,,...,..:^::;;;,,  .'.Bi L. Cope Rq. Idenco , '..,   Hopkins Landing Store ,.    ..C. F. P. Time Office Wicket     . Yotorani' Hall (J. McKlnlqy) .,..   ..Coa��t News 'Ltd ��..���_..,.  HOURS  ...-.;��� 9, - 4;30  .,..���.... 9 - 5  Store  Hours    9-5    9"- 5  .A..���.,y9'~"6"  ., , ��� 9 - 5  Store Hours  Office Hours  Office Hours  .w..,...-9 - 5  6243 Walnut St., Powell River, B,C,  Phono 403-9313  lines will be on display inRogistrtttiOn Ccjatree in each district;  'Inn I  i��|  *"*'*"', "���"" ����l.l<"f"'"lllf��i��MMI iWi.MI, | Wf,,,,,^....,, ,, ���!,���������  ���      ,,..���,���, , ,  I  4*  ���~~~~yt>44<  X  f(fi  i ��i&Mi��Xw4tavHumAi*,t>*i.'&��zamm��&t&4* v  I      '  l\  A  ,  "  M (  I ,'    I,  Ai  f  m\  :i\  ran  Ilf  II'IiVU.;  I'll  I  Aim  m  ill ,\\v  ,', 'II <l  I I ,.''''  11^1 j(l((��._


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