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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Aug 12, 1964

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 r   -  l.J  ��*_  O   --  ���-��  >-  CS  td  w��  e> :*>  _S 3=  si >  p3 <  t-l  t*���� X*  O +��  fC 02  O ��-*  tfi  tr ta  o e��  ��s_  a ���-  a. o��  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Lending, Grcmbcm's Lending, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  ,   ,,      ,    r,   . - _ . i ._, -i, ������- -     ��� - ��� -��� i        ��� n _   Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Madeira Pork, Klelndcle, Irvine's Lending. Ead Cove, Egmont. 0f WEDNESDAY, AUG- 12, =1964-  iOc  '-I  * ������  Top priority *. . �� -  o  5��  E  HOPES FOR a breakwater, for Sechelt took a sharp  \ rise last week when a copy of. a brief to be presented  to the Hon, Jean Paul Deschatelets, Minister of Public  \Vbrks, by Mr. Jack Davis, MP Coast Capilano, was received by Norm Watson, chairman of the Chamber of  Commerce Breakwater Committee.  T"        In    his    brief,    Mr.    Davies  states he is convinced that a  breakwater should be built at  .. Sechelt and that he feels project should be'given top priority. *Tn otlier words, it should  rank ahead of any other project  lo be carried out by the federal  department, of public works in  my riding of Coast CapiiaBQ,"  he said.  The brief continues7"My reasons for urging that this $250,  ,_, i  Drastic action  on dog problem  DOG problems in Gibsons are  .'( proving something of a headache- to village council and  again at last meeting, com-  plairfls were brought up, this  time by Councillor Norm Mc-  Koy who said he had been approached by;a number of people regarding dogs on the  beach.  ��� ! Residents using the . beach  have been pestered with uncontrolled mutts which chase  among them in packs, fighting,  kicking up sand, running over  clothing and fouling the beach.  | Council has been investigat- ,  ing ways and means orbringing  jjtbout   some   solution   to   the ^           problep and it is now felt that ^^TdeHrtfalreforelost-lo  ^f owners .do not exercise a  greater degree of responsibility  toward their pets, drastic action, will, he taken by council  .07 remedy .the problem.  Welcome newcomer .    - -     *      ���      ~ '��� *J z  ARRIVAL OF the Secheit Queen on the Langdale-Hors#-   GibSODS  fiJTSIIlBIl  shoe Bay* run quickly reduced weekend congestion   A-*f*'ww**"  **f nk  and so far indications are that the service will be quite   jjIfT  fl?*V  JLllO"   20  jer. toiu       -. 57 ~ <     X w'-  adeqtiate. Mr. Pete FMayson, terminal manag  The Times Sunday,,many people as yet appear to be Lob roiling, fesat races; swim  ooo breakwater go ahead at unaware we are now operating an hourly service, we ming coniesti a��d a salmon  once are largely economic. The -have been busy on theiusual even hours" but quiet on derby are but �� few of the  great majority of small and the.odd hours. Interesting sidenote is the fact that the fcvests expected to draw a Urge  medium-sized boat owners in Chief Officer of the Se<_helt Queen, Mr. Z- Kirenn was  the Vancouver area generally at one #me navigation officer on the replica of the  go southward to the United Bounty, the vessel built for the illm "Mutinv on the  States -waters or across to the    Rounfv-" I   - . * - "  southern end of Vancouver- Is-A       -    A~ ; -A -   '   - m   land   for   their   recreation,   A.    .--- -  - . i  long 20-mile stretch of exposed    By-lCXW VCtCfUe  �� �� i.  coastline prevents most of  them from proceeding in a  northerly   direction.   Much   of  Kin, Dance date  proofed last week  Advertised and publicized  ! in last week's Times, the  dance organized by the Kinsmen of Sechelt was held last  Saturday, August 8 and will  4iot be" on" the 19th as advertised.  . Someone goofed,-with tbe result dates, became somewhat  {nixed up, we tender apologies  Canada at the present time.   ���  "Safety is a secondary^ con- -  sideration. However, given the  protection of -a breakwater at  Sechelt, boats and vessels of  all sizes could move northward with less, risk of loss of  life and" destruction of" equipr  ment. More visitors -from the  United States would also be  encouraged to explore the shel  tered .areas of our. northern  coast line which are generally  inaccessable as a result of lack  of shelter facilities at -Sechelt, _  B.C." _ -  ��� Mr. Davis feels the project  could earn and save millions  of US  dollars  each  year and  illor prefers  dogg toRgngatangs  ROT ON THE heels of ail night revellers who ignore the outside bcomrnumijesb thereby  efforts of neighbors Wisiiing to sleep. Councillor Bar- creating5 considerable   interest  nel Gordon is to-make I study of the anti-noise bylaw, as? well as hieiy pompetmar..  in order to determine steps available to council to reme- -' ^e . ****?   "}*-  commence  -      - - - X ���-;_ --  : : from the Gibson* tfharf. cEfifcf  crowd to Gib^fis for the Gibsons   Firerr.t-n'i" Water , Sports'  to ;be held Susdaj-, August SO.  Swimming races-will be be Id  fori the. youngsters from eight  years afage,1 fcith diving "contests for the 10-vear-oWs tip.  er entertalrjf.ts'Js to include  ater skur.4' hsgh 'reiving.  v ta, spot prutE draws and  the "big saign&s jderby from  daws to 2 p.m.   -\  -Ham IPed prises will be  awarded- in the bg! rolling competition and ii' is hoped to attract log  rollers feom  various  they favored So. 1*1 as preferable to "a name.  Centennial chairman  Councillor Dawe told council  page.8  iand trust no one will be too ^that it_ is consistant with the  disappointed should they have policy of expanding -tourism,  missed the event. ���see page 10  Elementary schools .  dy the problem.  Copy of the bylaw had been  received by council following a  request to Victoria fcr information on the" subject, after  Councillor Gordon broughtbto  light a riumber of complaints  from  residents  who  had  been 7   _. .     -  kept awake at ni^it by rowdy-    LrQWinOn GSSaUil  .  ism.    .' * '"*-*- "   ! - ������������--       -.  i        -      - - - i - . - ��� -  Town clerk in expressing the ^  opinion there was little council  could do, said, "4t is difficult  to  determine  what is   an *ob-  at*the taanic^ai-fl>at, ts vnlh  thi boat race*.'     ";  To   become | eligible  for   the  salmon ,derb*.   ectraats_ must*-  - purchase, thre^   xiitle   tickets.  cost of SI.      j  Resignation enlaUed.  juggle of principals  onei'is hi es  ollowad dnn  CJMI ___.���  '���- jectionable reiise," to which Mr.  - Gordon replied, "an objectionable  noise is  that  which disturbs my sleep." f  Chairman  Mrs. A. Johnston r DRINKING EED to the appearance in <ou?t last Sat-  ���   mentioned it might be of fin- :        urdav of two Roberts Creek men chargtM with as-  terest tovnate a barking |og^ saQjt occasioning bodily harrft  upon another Roberts  - can be stopped.ior distorting-   ci*eek man and his wife. The charges followed a fracus  N SPITE OF or perhaps because of the unsettled wea-   <*e jpeace-  Councillor  Gorjon    ^^^ ^ home 0rwmiam Douglas Price, June 14 at  .   ther, most of us are' chiefly concerned with making -.S^hS-btktoj^S ��5   about 9:30 p.m- ^i*~~- _ ������"  the most'ot the available sunshine and the remaining   {^i^en to-someel the��.radga  f  -days oMhe summer holidays. For the school board how-   ^ags ar0Und here.  fever," the summer - months are especially busy.  New  staff has to be secured for the coming year and owing  ���to the sudden resignation of Mr. Child,  considerable  juggling has been necessary at the southern end of the  district to provide principals for the elementary schools.  I Mr.    G.    Cooper,    formerly ~ ���-  Price told .the court that on  that night he had just put -out  the house lights prior to retir^  NOT MALASPINA ! ing   for-the   night,   whence  Suggestion by Dr.-A. J. <*in-_ beara a car approach and pull  ningham   of   the   new   health c up ^^ ^ bome.this was fol-  unit that perhaps .council would  care to accept "Malaspina"! as  a name for the unit, received  the same treatment as that of  Gibsons Council, councillors  lowed by a great deal of yelling: and foul language. Disgusted with the; obscenities, he  went out to speak to the occupants  but. after -threatening ta  principal   at   Sechelt   will   be - swing ^f^ jn September un-  principal   at  Gibsons.   Mr.  W".    m   ^^   time   ^   classroom t .  Reid, former principal at Port    spa^e ^  available. There ane    TOtinir the  doctor  be   notified    ^^ c��fe of his dog if he did"  'Mellon will be principal at Se-  -        ��� ...��-���    *=��� ..  chclt. Mr. A. Merling, formerly  ion the staff at Sechelt will be  principal at Roberts Creek.  [1 Mr. J. Portlance will come  from 70 Mile House to become  principal at Port "Mellon. Mr.  still a few organizational prob-    that  perhaps- another" meeting    tat get rid of it. they drove off.  ���see page~2    would   be advisable   and   that       Having recognized one of the  five men ia the vehicle. Price  then  decided rfae  would  drive  '  after them in order to ascertain-why they had seen fit-to  c use such language outside his  ;home.    _ - *  - ...  BEER  BOTTLE"ATTACK :  __Puinnf up at lhe hoise, he  reilited the other car" had Allowed him and as he observed  th^ "five "��� men hate the vehicle-  he: shouted to his wife to call  the police. z  ks they advanced upon him  he* picked up a piece ot wood  lying near his Itct. at tiar same  page  5  Wettest since 1932  K. Powers, principal, Madeira    HIGHEST RAINFALL^ since  1932  was   registered Jfor house   within; earshot   of   his  Park Elementary School, comes     _   j.    b    Mr  ^q^^^ p. Kennett, weather^obseri'er young cMldreo.-  ��rom the Kettle VaUey School . ^^^i^o/s   B.C. with 4.74"-to a mormal of 2J0". Sta- Catching up with the gr^p  District.                        ,                _*rJ*-s_ fl t*���i��� V;. ��^f.Yii*hcAne arM ��rp-                      1 at the intersection, where they  pointed  the, dis trict.  uTr   m   nnhpr has h<?en an-    tistics for July for the Gibsons area are:.  M*' "i'SSl U rS Z-" Rainfall. Ji";, nonnal, 2:90"; extremes.-4.74-'  WW),  Days with rain, 13;-normal. 5; extremes, 13 -{1964K  Highest temperature. 79s; normal, 5^'; extremes, S4-  (1958).    ' f \  Lowest temperature, 50=; normal. 45��; extremes; p3'  (1962). -   ~ b^  Mean  temperature, "60=;   normal.,   62*; ixtfernes,  5Q-  J   (1957). 1  SV/ING SHIFT  'The sc&ool board" is .grateful  for lthe sdpport and co-operation of parents of grades 4 and  h ebUdren at (Jibsons elementary  who  will  be  adapting to  $1,000 donation :  iinew hospital  AT THE executive meeting o��  Branch   HO. 'P.ryal  Cahadias.  Legion, Sechelt/BC. it was decided    and   pssVed    that- this"  Branch 140 raske a donatioa c��-    _ SIJOCD to" the h'^pital committee  wto "be'^didn't ki��w at that .for use ia ar$- v.ay they see  time, became abusive and ac- fitj-regarding if-rnwhings/ etc-  cused him .ot squealing. Alarm- The I a di\b < susiiiary to  ed at the hostility of the five hrinch i��.'S#ch*It, B.C, also,  who he-saM ^were shouting at made tf donation* of Sm<�� to  him' and using language he be-used for fie Tfurmshin^ cC  would mt care to repeat, he and exammatifn md treatment  turned and drove back to his*   room." |~|  ?.       f      - I" I *^  hid stopped. ��ne of the  men  * -  ���:  ���r.- --���,-  ,_������_- -    i  j i ��� i ���--��� -��� - cu-r- X-"S ;. * '-~*~^''"^v ....' ,;  i~:  ���it-  V'7  X:  A<Z,  4  i.  -t ���-'  - .o - -  :."��������� J.  :"*&���>  .���**. ���,  ��� it".".  bi  ���*::. ',  m*.00'0W0irmVM0MW0rM-0M*-M*rw0wrMW-*0T*nr*r0M000irinnrrw000.rr0000'r*'r***r  SscheuPeniksulaT^^*  , I  V<0-00000000*00j*000000000000000j*0-0000*MM0M0m*000MMjrr00i0mM00000*M  -    Published Wednesdays GyLthe  Sechelt Peninsulo Times Ltd., at  ,    -     Sechelt, BX..  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Deadlines: Saturdoy 5 p.m.__  **In^the event of-a typographical-  1 error advertising goods or services  ot a, wrong-price, goods or services  -tnay not be sold and the differfence  charged fo the newspaper* Adver-  .  tfeing. is merely, an offer to sell,  end   may. be- withdrawn   ot _ any  '- _  time."  -Advertising Is accepted on the condition 7*hat7 in the event of typographical error, thot portion" of? the  cdverlising space occupied by the  erroneous item, together with reasonable1 allowance for signature, will  no! be.charged foe, but the balance  of the ] advertisement will be paid  i      for ot the applicable rote. -  A composition charge is made for  cdverti^ing occepted and put into  production, but cancelled before  publication. Change from original  copy when proof h submitted to  _ customer is also chorgeoble at ah  hourly rate for the additional Work  _    required.        , "  .   -  Subscription Rotes:  ,10c per" copy, 50c per. month (by  carrier); $5.00 per year, in  \;   " *"__   advance.    .     ���  "Cord bf Thanks,- Enjfdgemenfsb  ^Deaths; Births,7ln Memoriam, Combing Events, Etc. Per insertion (up to  -40 words) $1:25;, extreTwords, 3c  t-each. 25c Discount if paid before  *���   -    '  |        publication. V"*    "    *  PERSONAL t\X   ���   '-PLUMBING repairs and install  -***-, lations. Agent for Stihl power  . saws.  Tfllicum  Plumbing,  Box  316,. Sechelt.' Fhj/ne "885-2055.  -    9949-tfn  185c   HEl..* WANTED  .1.70     ', ,. '    " -  .  _15c  lull  JANITOR W A  tor !' is   required  Haipcur_ Sceendarj-  factive Sept. X  lars concerning  and  duties - may  from Mr. A. C  tcnanee .Supervisor  _tich-forms are av  rschool  Board  Office  7B.C; ;  time jam-.  for   PendeF  School,. ef-  Partku*  hijsurs cf .work  be��c obtained  ���orter^ Main-.  or appiica-  ilable at the  Gibsons,  9811-35  1364.  1  a-e.  ore  APPLICATIONS  received   for  one-  janitor-  Apply for intervieiv  strator,-  St.   Mary  Box 403, Secheit.  now being  cook  ahd  Utility - position*  to -Admini-~  Hospital,  9755-35  PART or full time  'required,! by, rel  atged man. Ph  865-2122,  YOUNG" man to  prentice air  chelt Peninsula  discussed ^on   int  9791, Sechelt_  Help Wanted, fe male  APPLICATIONS -a:*  j- received for the  ^itions;    Cooks,-  ward maids  ply   for  interview  strator,   St.   Marj  Box ,403,   Sechelt  FOR-RENT  3 BEDROOM hone  on water-  terb Yearly  i>&3,   9890-tfn  front,    city    wa*  ease.', Photic  885-1  WANTED TO RENT  BEGINNING .of September:  In  i Sechelt  ,or    ne;  small Jhouie suitable for 2 re:  employment  able- middle  rain as ap-  engjnecr on Se-  J:alary  to   be"  jrview.   Box"  Penipsula Times'.  9791  e_now being  following po:  citchen   and  Iaunqry help. Ap-  to  Admini-  s   Hospital,  ,    9794-3$  yicinity-  . sponsible  adults.^  Please, write  Box 9X97 Seclielt limes. 9797-34  WORK WANTED  '.-.A  -.:���.' i* ���  ��*:  ^~X;.  ���-���������>:  a..:  4'V  ,->������*  X. -V-  FURNISHED  . areai.  W^llirig^tc  $l50.ja- month.  The Times, Seche  hom)e in Sechelt  pay jup ~t(y  Box ��719,  t, BC.  9723-tfn  Re >ly  ROOM and BOARD  i;  j  X  11  Fields - Lawns - Gqrdens  ROY BOLDERSON  Box 435, - Sechelf  ;885:9530  Please -phone- evenings   only,  9722-tfn  -ROOM"and board  7   Isl^rs   Drive-in  Sunshine Coast  "deira1'Park. Phcnb  PART OR  EMPLOYMENT  REAL ESTATE  FULL TIME  REQUIRED  by 'reliable* mfddleaged  APPROX. JZVi acr js residential  and   revenue   pioducisg  pro-  perty in fcgmont'. "Good vie^-.  Phone ,-883-2214.- , [ 9808=35'  WATERFRONT  ���  1C0'   lawn,  flowers and bslu*ubs.   ! 2\ BR  "httmefFP only S10,5C0. E.Mc-_  Mynn   Realty.   Phone1  886-21GJ5  ���everangs 8S6-25C0 or 886^2496.  .     '     '98J10-35  i- -1 -1   ii 1-1    -   r *���1 ' ^ *���  AUTOS & TRUCKS   b  ,, ��� 11- ��� 1 1       I   -    11 -->i  1951 CHEV. Licesiead and running. Excellent mater. Body  poor. ,2  new  tires.   First  $35  takes away: Ph. 88G-2S16. '  _-    ;    *     9S05-35  BOATS ond ENGINES  SEAGULL Vk HP outboard motor: May be seen at Morgans  Men3 Wear. Phone 885-9330,  y'   - X'    *   - 9809-35  181 CLINKER buUt boat .'with  80 HP Mercury outboard, 3  years old. One boat trailer, 1=  Clinton-5 HP air-cooled ji outboard motor, as new. I" Neptune  outboard 1-7 HP, slightly tiazd..  May be .seen" Halfmcon \ Bay  SheU Service.* Phone 885-3136.  _ a     '    98(16-35   I   por Sale -   " ,  TENT   9*x9\   Sewn   in   floor.  Dutch   style   door,   windows  etc New. 53WJO.  Ph.  886-2816.  ���   "    _   ,   ' 9804-35  [ REASONABLE OFFJERS '.  , 20' Cabin cruiser, 70 hp motor; compact cartop carriers;  adding machine; radio-record  player;, portable TV; Bell piano; oil lamps; lawn roller;  bathroom^ scales.; men's .boot  roller skates, size .9; 8' dingy  with oars. Walter Flay, Selma  Park;! 685-9535;   ~.    b   9792-tfn  2r*CABIN boat, 422 Gray marine power. Fully equipped,  red holders etc. Sacrifice at  $1,100 or trade for pick-up of  equal value.  Phone 885-9371.  9803-;35  FOR LETTERHEADS,, , ehvel-  opes, statements, "invoices  and all commercial. printing,  contact the Times office at  885-9654. '     , ' tfta  1 ���      1  ���  - 1   1    1      ** "*'   -        -"-������  RUBBER stamps of , all j descriptions  may ,be obtained  at The Times. Phone 885-9654.  Quick service, on all orders.  . u/day Aug.:  Sunshine Coas  Gibsons,   will  p.ir.   Friday  SLATED for Friday and Sat-  21  arid 22, the  Fall   Fair, at  commence at T  and] continue  alt  10 la.m*. Saturday^ highlighted  wit 1 a fancy j. dress] and pet  parade,   Saturday- tJlternoon. j  Generally-an ajrinnal event,  there was no fair lasi year, but  it is expected ihisl year's show  wil. set la. far! higher standard  than these of the _��*Mt. . . b  \ Ibcre   wiO'-'bs [ af  program  dr:w with a .prize  holder of the lucky  "^it a. daily door  t a cut crystal h&ivl present-  going to thei  drawn Rum-I  prize of $10  the  most  1 1 -  jidLfor  points^ , 7    '';  '*here will alstJ  ag?regat^,^ priie  3C  ht  25c each  and a $15  aggregate  a - special  from Kelly  Dcjuglas for tlit>. s. ?e,ciJfl Home  Baking contest. |Raffle tickets  wi I be -availably  for a picnic cpole  gr>ceiy hamper.  The Pet ParadaUill assem-  blu at the tzlcrJhonh  wiU be piped- tohlie  graunds   by .?inc  wliere judging >vill  school  Hallifi ,^T3rth  Road  will be the main centre, oUier  In ill*   availabHal" j if  Eitries to be ini ti^ hands,of  Mrs. F. Lauer by August 1��.  office and  School Hall  Thompson,  take place;  M1.S.  LOST  f  for teachers,  and Dining,  HJighway,  Ma-  8^-2564.  9812-35  DARK!BLUE 10' plywood proat'r  Believed drifted west |from  Roberts Creek. Please contact  -J. R. Marsh, RR 1 Gibsons,'  B-C/Phone 886-7746 9802-35'  PETS  man.  IPhone 886^122 ;  WANTED ��� 2 or  With   good  Gibsons   area  2255 East Avenue  B.C.     -   ~  i acres clear*  wat ;r   available.  j|mes   Jarvisr  Vancouver,*  . . 9814-38  ��� -  V-  r'  2 NEWJSUBDIViSlONS  WATERFRONT LOTS  Earls Cov'e Subdivision ���---\ adjacent to Ec rlsXIove  ferry!terminal art the Sunshine Coast* Highway,  Also - LftRGEi VIEW LOTS  Madeira Park Subdivision *��� overlooking  Pender-  f^&rbouc^ and Gulf -���- \Qfo down1 ���- easy terms  oh balance. Discpunt for cash.  FORI SALE BY OWNER  Q. SLADEY ��� Madeira Park, B.C.  9honh 883-2233 or phone North Vancouver  985-4934 **  .* 4.  IWHIWl"i^j I ������ ���  PUREBRED Basset HOund puppies.  886-9301. J9785-35  LEGAL NOTICES        ^~  Form Np. 15 (Settion 40)  LAND ACT  NOTICE "of intention'"io apply  ' ^purchase land. Ih land recording district of Vancouver  and situated District Lot * 2739.  L Take ^'notice that' Stanley  v George Moffat of Halfmoon  Ba>v -B.C. occupation 1 "Cat  operator",. intends to apply, for  permission to purchase the following described land.   X~  Commencing at a post planted at the .South-East corner of.  District Lot 3342, thence East 5  chains!-thence South 4 chains,  thencelWest to East Boundary-  of District Lot 1638, thence  North to point- bf commencement and containing 2 acres  more or less. ,  The  purpose  for  which   tbe  land is-required is .Homesite.  SI5NLEY GEORGE MOFFAT.  6909-pub. Aug. 12, 19, 26 -iSpt 2  Westminster  typs last yedr  iii 10 months  PROPERTY salps in 1 New Westminster and!1|he |Fraser Val-;  ley appear to' be heading for  a record year, iccoiriding to the  Westminster Counti''Real Estate Board. , '  ;���    _  Myltipie Listirik 5^1es during  tlte first .10..,MonthsM>f the  board's . fiscal Jyear, havc already exceededi -the,' previous  annual record J set | last year.  Sales /or the present, calendar  year'are also running two full  months ahead Q�� last year,  ; Record July sales of $981,555  pushed the salejs for the first  10 months of the board's fiscal  yfar to $8,422.22j4, almost $400,-  ahead,of the tolial achieved  tn the full fiseal jyear .epded  eptember 30, 1963] Sales for  the first/ seven 'months of 1964  total $6/456,809, ;ii sides Volume  reached only , at. tlbe end of  nine months last V^ar.  Previous July sales records,  set last year,_*vvas' ^959,190.'For  the seven month "period in 1963,  sales totalled $5i070,l31.'Thc increase in sales volume so far  this year is 27 pet! cent.  Seven hundred properties  have been sold by: MLS since  January, an increase - of- 179  over "the same period last year.  The number of properties offered for sale during;July was  almost identical thii year with  last at 387. The number,of listings on j MLS to the end of July  this year was1 2,69-;i ' compared  with 2^>26 in the- s^me period  1963.     I '  USgbTffflES   CLASSIFIED,  3  MORE ABOUT , .  Resignation  -Jfram page 1 - |  lems to be ironed out [but with  the goodwill' of all concerned  it in hoped to make 1 this unavoidable necessity as' painless  as possible,    t  '   .    \  TENDERS   7 .   j  * The approval - of a school  board referendum requesting  money for .building is |oKen the  simplest-part of getting something done and much correspondence passes between the  board and Victoria before- the  first concrete mixer|. arrives  and tiie proposed newj building  begins to take' shape: 1  '���.  Tenders *yere called for an  addition to "the industrial arts  wing at Elphinstone |,and for  home economics and industrial  art." centre at Render Harbour.  The contract 'for Pender Harbour unit was awarded to Ross-  Crest Contractors in - the,  amount of $59,000.00 and work  will start immediately. The  bids on the addition to Elphinstone were higher th^n antici*  pated and some revisions will  be necessary  - The plans for the ne\  elementary-school and  room at Gibsoas have  proved by-Victoria and  will   be    called   imm  J  6-room  activity  been ap-  tender*  ediately.  The new school wilt to? an ex.  tension of the existin; annex  building" and will comprise activity room, staff room, princf*  pal's office, 6 clasirotfms and  cloakrooms, /storage sr ace and  covered play area.  - /-  ELECTIONS OF  REPRESENTATIVES ,  The /October-Novemlier1 ani  nual meetings-for ruril areas  may.seem in tlte distant futuro  but those whobwish to exercise  thqir right to vote for their re*  prcscntative .should ^mske sure  their names are^jon tie rural  voters list NOW. ^'    .  WHO IS  ENtlTLED    ,*���  TO VOTE?      7  1. Registered owners of pro*  pe/ty 'should -be automatically  on; the llst-^-check wlien the  lists a-rc posted on September*  10. T  2, Tenants- of not kss thari  six months residence-i.e. before March 1, 1964-should regU  ster at ihe Srhool Board Office  where rforms sare availtble.  Z', Wives or husbands of  property owners who' are not  registered pwneirs may also  register as, resident or .tenant  electors - at the School Board  Office. :     '  --  |4". Corporations should name  an" agent and inform th j School  Bioard Office before Avjgust 31,  when the lists close.  JDo not delay, register* now I.  your name- is not on  :he list!  fftEVENT FOREST FlilES  BE  ERECTED ON YOUR' FOUNDATION  y[  From   $6247] ~ $^24. dowh ��� $78. .mon  i ' b.. J        -       i   ,  *  7   W.H.A. and V.L.A. inlquiries invited.  1 Cortjages from $895.00 .-:   I  ;- L SliRlE LOK HOMES! *  Cottages  1  1  BOX  Manufacturers of  ��� Cabins ��� Commercial: and  Residential Buildings        '.  679, PORT MOODY,/B.C.  -**>  > t  ,v-r  ^.^1 -  ;r  t  t i--. w  t  i.  h  f  J' ->  : ������>  IRECTORY  Water survey  services.  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(Cal) Tingfey  Box No. 417, Sechelt  885-9636 ��� 885-9332  CABINETS     77  -  CUSTOM WOODWORK  HOMES  Guenther Barowsky _y  -   R.R. No. 1 Gibsons b  Phone 886-9880  NEVENS TV & RADIO  SALES & SERVICE  All Appliances  *   Fronchised Philips Dealers  Marine Drive - Gibsons  Phones 886-228?  CUNNINGHAM      '  AMBULANCE SERVICE  HAt*FM0ORBAY\  Emergencyj and ncn Emergency   ,-  calls.   Special   rafes . fcr \O.AJ?.  Qualified personnel _  24 HOUR SERVICE   ���-  Phone 885-9927  * %  Peninsula  Plumbing Ltd.  '   FREE ESTIMATES  Sfcerwifi Williams Paints  Phone '886-9533  FIREPLACES  PLANTERS  FOUNDATIONS  WALLS  A. SIMPKINS - 885-2132  SHERIDAN T.V.  Sales and-'Seryice  RADIO ��� APPLIANCES  Phone 885-9605x  H. B. GORDON &  KENNETT LTD.  Real Estate and  Insurance"  Phones:  885-2013, 886-2191" bb  PLUMBING REPAIRS AND  INSTALLATIONS  Agent for Stihl power saws.  T1LLICUM PLUMBING  : Box 316, Sechelt  PHONE 885-2Q55L  Selma Pafk chatterboxmg  ;     J ���from here and there  VISITORS AT the home of Mr, and Mrs. R. M. Thomson, Selma FafkT were Mn and Mrs. J. H. Smith of  Garden Grove, Calif.,! for two weeks, j they spent one  day: at Powell River . | . Fishing was excellent, a catch  of, a 22-lb^ cod, and^aj nine and onerhaif-pooM salmon,  besides another five falmon, which they canned," andy  took baelc to California! with them. ., Know they gonna'  enjoy that fish this winter. . ._ *   -  fins ' :      '        "    "  Tftg Sgefteff Pimitiiut& Times, Wed.,' Aug. 12,1964 Pfi��e 3   jwmr'jgfrf* cctzi* took: into tha  .  *"������������L -      work,   and   <ou!4   benefit   xxs-  measurea&Iy,'" in rnaoyXszys in  lids service .���, . information. ots_ .  this - course   ma;*  .be _ obtained7 ���  ��tqbi the %cliugl > . '_. positions  ire  obtained   immediately ��� for "  these girls, in fact 'they _ar"e in  demar-d, the harvest Is~p!����i-_; .  Mr but the .Laborers are few ..  1 Wonders * vt Hi "never   cease'"  Seems out of" a ��Iear blue -sky,-'"  tfae.cesr terry goes  uno'-bosi-  riess  ... Tesurday if csrae  =.fbto the dock at Horseshoe Bay"  -full steam  ahead,  sheared  off  J tagfc-turn tier, "almost- raoved  -the dock, had visions of sitting*  there for a ter~ hours vMle they:  repaired the dock; but- k* was  business- as v*tt3*\ ". �� , U theyy-  ieep docking tSit way. Horse-  time Bay %on*t hare "to. worry*  about '-.leery moimg the wharf ~  etc.   front   thear area,   theyil-  ciove it bod;!y t_.e_nse_ves*V^....  - Oh well, ia another asapfe ef  ireeks^ no doubt **re"U he -b&ck.  io winter schcdele. and wos'.t-  hare to ���arorry.sbmit bit or lit*  0e feme* . ���. . t While bowsing sround stons-: is Iowa yesterday, spotted boxes bt .Christ-,  teas"cards on silc . ���*.. Seems"  it gets closer etety, year . _^.  kmd of Ti'C3ri��sne,- -harisf it _  ifenift ia fri^t ^if you so "early  -is"the game . . . ifs-lost ill  Its dtarra  k>rtg 7 before It gets  here  . y b:Ovcrheard   at  the  Canada Custonij;, newly arrived  i-tsitor says, **Fiiray people yfca   ���  Canadiars   .' .  J ."Yoa- take  a _  glass,, put susar Into make It-  sweet , . . lemon, to make it  sour . - - 5"��^ f��o- gia i�� to make "  it war%*". . . yoa ���M ice tor *  make it cold y. . they you -&&y  isre's to  >t>a.- sek!'Sites  yea -  iirisk .itycorself'* . "���*  .  Visitors tins "week* tof tiie  "TfeonisJii'^.hQnie, tbeir ^asd-  " daa^tter ami her 7 girf jfriecd  ���from Ricfamosd ;. .Wendy and  Iitaia .Yates, bomej WeMy for  a visit and liada ; home f from  a" holiday in Calgary .j..tjr.da  Carter Some this * weekend, for  her two geeks holiday . ,t Mr.  at^ tSfrs. Dxtis Becj^rvaial the  Sonny Benner's, spent tfjrfr ya-  catlon.in the interior, pome  again and .back to vsnilsXr. .. X  Frank and zJonej Wheeled and  daughter JoAnne, Back fiepm a  trip'-. as far as Rogue - Hirer,  Oregon,, where they msited^the  Browns,   former   readers   of  . Selma Park'.-. -;������. *. Tbeyf have  added two Ettle girls toj their  family, since -leaving Selnia z. z.  Little-hit iajmsiefc-:7fba| tins  part of the country, and? hope  to return again some da^ . .-.  *'Min^ ^r gem a I hostess Of the  E 2sKi*'-M eoffefe har,! away. for.  her fejHdays^ fan Alfaerfe; "pbere  she wil visit daughters- aid te  graMcbiWren , , *     - I  Mr. snd Mrs. KKerbe". Porpoise. Bay," moving to Gjbsxss,  where th^ have built'--* new  -home , . . One of- oar| weB-  kiwvm bachelors around ftown,  spotted Sunday gathericgfsmalL  - change to'spead at IM lattn&o-  . mat: ; z littl*esadisat ft , . ^  :_ JOdrz and z Mrs. Pb3 Delin__eer  faking off -to  Prince^ Charge,  ���where 4hey will be fiviag for.  "6ie; next .few years or maybe  : lohger, they have;' leased their  iKnne i -. "*- Sorry to se^ Jthem  leave.   Lots   of. luck T^kMs,"  hope everything works out for  you . ...     '-���      ;  -What weD-knowitJjachelor of  Selma, is squiring - a jyouag  lady around t&ese dayf ? ?",?  V . A Joan Hanson is "no#-^dl  settled in her new store, fwMch  is a credit-to atxr mainistreet  ���t . L We, wish her all the best,  and kiKiw- thicks are goteg to  be very successful for ber ...  Oh7 way to town met our old  friend Erie Thomson, who Is  still on the Job. and eripying  every minute of-Ms work, of.  ^iiich he has plenty. jWhicif  goes to show* that It's better to  "wear out-than rust out*J . -.- *-  Tn last few days have met a  few graduates" of this year's  crop. They seem a little disheartened, due to the fact there-  is so little promise o^asythisg  here for .them ;. * . It is sad  to see-them" leave homi, bat  no alternative . . . Rathef grim **  to, jraise arfamily and not- be  able fo enjoy" tnem irX their  working days . , v but fseems  this is a very difacolf sitna-7  tion to try to remedy * ,-Atfs  ^ist, not here .- , ."Down to a  graduatfon ^f practicaj curses  in vocational school, Vancouver *'. . vsy'insiariag to see  these young?women.- J*$ out ��f  a class of Hity, graduated, one  of %hoEiT was very much iek  terested In,?_t_iss (iecele Sest--  man. wia> tsj^s to izkt up a  position is St. Paul's Hospital  . -A' Among the_gMs were=-  : many different races,-a very  1 fine Hindu girl, a ��aip|e cf our  own Indian \ girls, a Doukabor  girl, a Dutch giri,. French, asi  other nationalities . r ���* A real  melting pet,- whlclr la suclr bu-  maE'tarian worfc-is ar it "should  be . ." .' but woMerfal to see  bow all were so happy at the  succ^s cf each others A good  year's work accomplished, as!  successfully .carried to a very  fine efimax . ". , Their worlels -  jiMt beginning, and we certainly hope that all these yotsg  graduates, may spend some  very re-srardicg years Is this  good work . . . Many of" our  :   ���  .  i  * .��  ��  - - *  - ��  *--!  r  j��jumiutnn.rMiinnnnnrnnnnnrrirrir-"** ********** .**.**��-**0*  ARE YOU LOOKlMa rOH THE BEST  IN A FURNACE?  ^  _ .... for the best terms and  at the lowest pticei? ;  No poyrrfertf onfff 04fofrer wilf geYo FURNACE-  MEN. FURNACE. Por our pr��ce end terms call  Collect 883-2643 -h- offer 5 p.m.  "    . __ - - i- i " " ~  mvvw�� ***********  "utruirtftnnfffljitfrtinAri^fiAinnffAffrfV^fi^^ ****i***p-J*Mm****r***fmm*m*1****'  Cottages & Homes  Erected on your lot from  ��� $1070  "*     ���" --"    = >  See our disptoy at Wifsorr Creek and  Mission [Point, 1  Buiff fay Pedeben Pre-Fafa^  Write 15392 27th Avenlie R.R- 4 White Rock  Or phame.53\*%2A7  ii0Vwv^*mvvi*v*w*v***w**w>*e<��<rt***+***<*"'v<**^ ���������'* ��'��^  ECHELT  RVICES  PORPOISE SAY  (Sechelt}  B.C.  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" ,u^*ftyJ1ouPand- m Pncs> Tl^��� L^rea1*'  cratic way of life maqy oi us fought for aj number   __ j   lt WflS therefore with profound pmazcmeht fl  of. miserable years to protect, ;   ; that a welt respected Sechelt businessman was su j- KJch v^vcU ^  * j. ������ ;rttnngible   jectcd to a garrulo^ tirade last week, by a sales*  ��� - - L-  ~.,�����:,<��� ;ntf��r��'��t. simolv b|C-��M  of miserable years to protect, i tnat a wu i iwy     j k b   a S��    ��f    Freedom in its ^/^SfiH*? grS^ SSSte W ^ bhMcrc chinchilla o  seldom appreciated until it �� ^^"i^S; Si* he had seei^ fit to purchase a certain c  7,-t.:. ������ iiL timo. nnv_normat thinking numan cau.se ��w �� 3 m Sechelt.  seldom appreciaicu uum *���.., ,  This is the time any^riormat thinking human  "Being will fight1 with his back to the wall |n an endeavor to stave off the fetters* of totalitarian do*  mmation. j      ���"  , - Such principles as freedom of speech, freedom of religion,, freedon*. of choice,in respect to  what we do. and where vitego, are all basic freedoms accepted as our civilised way of life.  Often we see examples of. free enterprise  stretched somewhat out jof proportiojn as^ in the  case of* too'many businesses of a specific nature  -     ...   nnifllMr  t'AlCPtt   CATC  m-in representing an outsiuc ������*>������ ;�����rv - - ^��v.v v..... -  mndiiv from a hoiise of business in Sechelt.  TuXhAtLi he ehme to give hi. custom lo M for ten oral  ft could -be of cour&e that due  DID YOUR Iastvwcckcifd gucsf do any.  ser?  Leave a cigarette bin on the bednfom dres*  ti  ,    , resoect. You may not like cverymmg_ you m.u,    COnccit ,-md, bluff! goverr.mv��v    �����...-~���        = .  Spill fiauw on your&arpet*       i. butbrcmember that much of this may be a maiter _A  ���.fb|ftfc w,��� room, they wire dsteatt?d. JParty ^  .     ^S^of .yoLfa'L gue^t towe1f to wipe    **��%* 0pjnj  , l^^^^^    -nty ^ ^ ^^^4 ^^  " off hh automobile?        ,'     "     -   ,-L        i   Hn the same mail abou:tbc. "ff. "J**   ona    cnmigh,     '-       .-    _ JS Sheralu ��pcnt to the cam  Allow his dog to chiW on your sofa?   '   " highly crliical-anM the cjber hi^ tow|?S2>r��.      "                   ���-    : ���       v%n   \m the tank^it*nicr��  Allow r������ogwwic.      , r                    d fo, ^         you may have.bad-one'jinsatMfac- Wlit/ sii^ a Jn# flIJ ^wn!nK   ^'���,^ weffin.t the basic  Tuck some of your ashtwys.bcdspreaas ana, *^erkricc don't asatimc.it will be re|W""��  .btohkctsirttohbluggp^heleft?      ,U, ^��^rou%top.Voiilw��^dft��P��a��   ���   uniy mo m ������,.-, ��.�� ���  �� h.-. �� -  *���   >arkhiSx*afinfronpfycwdnve^ySo^ou,jvc^^ ^idefatc and- ho^itablc, Soun^^f nX^T ^ * b��Mi *t�� bolicMhan4lKm  attt  andotherrguestScouldn[tget.norout?L       .   fr JSftjTrcgi.trationde.k in a,friendly frame    <���*����*" fnVown'. '         tude. It�� pufalicati^ seem to  ^   Cook a few meals h his room?;,  j (   0}Fmind and be rciisonab'lcJn your demands.      ���f-^       ,  L ..���,: ,  pnach that aU  CU-em   are  My want* are'^o few, anc* dc-  uircs so small;       '   i '   ,  In truth, ihcr&> not one "hats  worth mentioning til all*  [ermines  never could wc  a falling P*-    conservative.  "imay be wrong,  hut I shall not be so wrong  yyhat I b'elfeve ta be right.'  \   ���John Atkins  The Spirit ol  Xaskatcmwan  im  Saskatchewan, have a big opportunity.  There  -i*  probably  n\ other  province   in   the   nationx with  psople quite ��o earnest, largc-  l    , ,1 1     , hearted,   neighborly   and \wll-  ���I- mink would ym Uj���work.  u tlte tibcfolg  fumble, thtT will have no o\ic  I    .   , 1        but themselves to blame, air*  diamonds, it's they will do great damage *  capatilrsm  [enough  togo  Saskatchewan   was   do!��g  pretty well where the Libtrrals  came to-power. The . socialist  1 I government, 'under Woodrow h,  and sapphires umd, was socialist mostly m  1 T        name,, - In   the   majority   of  ^p.,ct^'sa,-,^=: ,t vg, itis?  giKid    capitalist    government,  encouraging   industrial   growth  its I are m0S| ��* privat* iniUaUve, !t was  winning  praise  from, publica-  r..    .. tion*  such  an Maclean'0  and  ���m wttm, ��� tha- comcrvative-mlnded Win-  Isistcen,  1     1 ;tl lis- fivw�� ��*."-��   .���  To .,�����,����� . ^ncc . nd rt. *mcW,�� �� gf^X  �� the.se "li room ,ou wan.Ynay no. *��^-$; ^I^W *i -�� Sl'Jvr^S^^S  *      Th*. manager can't force the occupant to ici^,    wmi|<J Mjk mei fjfle#   , g'^ t}jig ^ %i.&tQ\t\niL and  nipcgJTribune.  At th'/present time, the CCt  1       ���    1*.    1 -i    /_ .it _*���/��.  Thc manager can't .....  and you'll need to wait until he goes, -i _   ���     , (  Once you're inside tlw roonij treat it With Aml flS f    b   !        , I  be-lieve many of the ranK-  respect. You may not like everything you Jee, Mli ii%'for ^ h,Tml Wm and fU* f^T ^�� ?,c **��  '  ���       .,   .         ,     e .*.���        ,    tT-           J._- ���..-.Muni     iiin/i<��rkiflrid     whv  .         . ...,1a    ,.f  (l,iD    n-l'kl/   Hf��    'A    tfl'iHter ""���ill           ��HT  0/ Many Things  Carry away the key you loaned him?   '  If he did, you have some idcU of how the  manager of a Hotel or motc4 feels when some of  hfa guests have departedj^Some of wtie actions by  hQtelguests areuraorigthe more commdn irritants , -,.....   which plague innkeepers,! J_ CONFLICTfiNG EMOTIONS ,   ���,   ,-J ' L ' TOiSoTbe^aacited "viut vhm  You can be a wclcortTe guest, the B.CbAuto- INTELLECT and cmoiion oficn_do battle in��ide u�� all. Lavuh d,nyr* |nave_Oicy. fich thw   want ia^hcr't   i()   jmpjy  mobile Association advises, if "you .make [yourself _    My intellect���what ^ havc of j|���-telk mc   hat     ft>0tIs an<| H^ w,nc*  at home during your travels. Treat yoiir quarters Canada must encourage immigration. y?c are drear wrs ��welve coU|  .as" if you were in one. of your own jooms at hpmc if w<? think wc'can'hold all- these"fertije acres for wr-    s^,l'c ^ot\  -where you'd have to pay for the damage your-| selves, when 40 many go hungry. Eithci; we^invite ot icrs    .~ [  J   ' - I I ���'-������-���-        1-   "^T-��   A������   iu*u  self J  A popular and^w  they  went further,   io  imply  .�� ���,..v, that every critic wa,5 a tool of  ijrsc* they serve, id t,jg Jnlcrefls, that business men  {nine. werensltady characters, that all  outside the party were greedy.  selves, when so many go lyrogry. cimc^ w^,��v(lv ��,,��-..     - ,        acmn%i onc money-grubbers, they &*������?  - ,0 come and share this land with u^r, one day, ihey ^^W ^^^        ly nauseated their jnoal tot*  ���idcly distributed^ BCAAJ    will invite themselves and come In forc��;  pamphlet, "'The Innkeeper and theXiuest," makes  this observation: '  observation:                                   j wncn 1 gw-numinji m m��>iiiv>m�� ������... ���  -   "One of thc greatest contributions that car .1 revel in the spaciausness of the couijtry, and the JTact  be made to more pleasant travel is an bbservancc that there aren't too many people around to chew up thc  of the "Golden Kulc by UA*h *"^ct '��n<i cr'it<*��t " landscape. I fully realize that thi.i is a selfish cmol  >f the "Golden Kulc by! both host ahcl ^uest."        landscape. I fully realize ihat this is a scnisncmouuii, ������ w  iwim��v  Here are.a few gerieraj hints to help in your    l'kc!y 10-cloud my thinking on an issye such as in mi- Lad 0f minbj wjith eager eye,  relationship with the innkeeper: - |.  gration, buithcrcitis.        _,    ���     "     .. -TelJ me what" yiu sec,   .  .  . Remember that every establishment has 4 "       Similar battle* go on all the time in the mindsj of Searching for the straightcst  certain number of rooms t^at eannotlbe increased  during a busy season cr reduced in dull times).  Therefore, if you fail to. reserve- your accommdh  dattions in advance, don't be offended if the hotel  mm  s-^^XtXZ-V":  ^"i *_1  or motel doesri*t have wliat you want;  Evcnjwith advance Ireservaiions,,,��� ...���, ..���  always get what you want at thc time you want it  PLAYING j A  water  let a ^tmite be your umbrella  hott  at  1       ' \,  a local] golf club,  ;p  avid .golfer, the guest,' of a^ club member, promptly  drove;th'e ball into_the pond. Then he] asked his hqst  ^sS7  iilVW    IJJW    van    ll..w_a..v    r~,-���.     r- .  to  supply him  with another as he had no spares.  Thc^guist unerringly drove-|the new ball into" the pond,  Jtoo, "and did. the same with a third, fourlhi and fifth  "Sam," the host finally protested, "those are my  brand   new   $1.25   golf  bails  you're  losing,  I "Look ��� here, - Charley,? replied the * dunker, ' '|if  you! can't afford this game, you shouldn't be playing  it." 1  A lifANWHO had been henpecked most ftf his nur-  , ", "' Viedjife'wa* burying bis wile. As lhe coffin was  being carried out of-the-housebit bumped iigainst a  tree. To the' horror of all present, there was a muffl :d  scream. .The lid was removed, and the supposet ly  dead woman stirred, She| was not dead at ail.  the  shrewish   tfoman  livled  . ,      t  .jshe really died,  A&'-the coffin was (being carried' to the hearlsc,  r>sd  ZM  three yearsj' longer. Then  ��� As.-lhe coffin was ��� ._ ,  the husbanld addressed tns bearers very* solemnly  "Boys  watch  ii>at  ImVX  hsst  preach  that all   w*"��r��   �������  Vfat numbers <��f people have j,jj{hlyb moralktic, billed  with  cxccsMve ^re��d ' brotherly love, hate" filthy lucre  They want imd they covet", bc-j, / .. in'short, are saintly meft  ���  -    '    ,���^uht*    yond bmm'need;     ! and women devoted only to mo  by I^mbtoso H]iIIi    >ona i��u^.pewi.    , commofl good. This air of piety  1 iiticnt   followers.   Those   who  TXZSZl^X'^ 7&����� w4d, ^*".._il,-i!l.b.':S���T US*-*-" ��*.**��!��:  When I go-hunting in Manitoba's, beiutifut north!-  sn't too many people around to enew up me 1 v * ,  fully realize ihat this is a ^elfish cmol ion, baU OT dwllfie  ...1 _.. ,u:~v:���,. ���n ��n icztit- ench iit in ml- T nil of mint!' With eai  lcJn ineyre jt��ft weiai ��iigm% ��� mjght'have made their grass-  ncj one completely ignores them. ro0^ organizations- effective  rJX x]   ;       ���VceTLobb had ,Iost the'taste for it. They  Similar battle* go on all the time in the minds of Searching for thc straightcst  most men, arid fuzzy tbinKing is often the result. E no--    way '  tions often get the better of intellect. Across life's. I trackless sea.  A ca->e in point, I think, has.bedn lhe attitude of  some toward the efforts of the RCMP lojkicep track of Lad oi mine, with eager eyes  - . , .  tJ , m _ . .    subversive elements within Ihe country, pin; intellect* Thatf like an ease's, rise  Dteldoesnt have what you want;      . tejjos that this1 must be done and ought to be done. We To pierce thht far" horizon  Ev^h^^^ ht:^had'examples only lop gently In thc VK and-   wLc ',_  -in the USA of the tragic results w^ich come vhen Tomiorrow -sleeping lies,  security forces are lax. _   .' i     7     I      4.  Our 'emotions, however, rebel against; any intrusion Eager lad with "your upraised  of privacy: We love freedom, and cherish our rights to     cycs,        '"     1     _  do and say what wcwish without hindrance. I always Heed where; your-jfootstcps go,  find myself on the side of the man who h being inyesti- For, one. false, step can bring,  gated, in spite of thc fact that my intellect tell* mc such     dcar.Iadj ;  investigations .must take place. *     j       "        "*  Fathers face this mlellcct���Vs���cmotibn fairly often,  dealing with the youngsters. Our emotions;tell us nothing       l  is too good for our children; but intellect,!darn incomes  g^EjjPiamSSUt&T^^  along to say that"when a youngster steps too faf 01 it of   ���   -     ��� ��� -.       '  m*       �����*    ii..*. z. '���_.'.-��� *��� _��_��,/_ r .1 __���*:-*. _:_��_��        I  had lost the'taste for it. They  knew that CCF��ers just weren't  that holy; indeed, some ol  them were fed up with the. way  the party was rewarding friends0  and punching enemies, in a  manner scarcely as pious as  the CCP made itself out to |be.  . So-Mr. Thatcher has won [his  chance. If he gives honest -government, tha peopte of Saskatchewan will make Uiat p|ov*  jnce boom.  ~�����,.---.,���j - ���        . _.  line, Dad better exert a bit of discipline.  7��<H|  mm  ,. food for thought  I  That proud head veryJow,  '. *��*MMmm*wprm***m0**0000MW0*  most  en-  Dor6ihy"Pa*rkerT when  asked for  the two  beautiful words in the English. language:  "Check]  closed." "     _     _        - '  - _ Bill Vaughan: Youih, ai distinguished from dhild  * " "* .    -*  .1-    .      L_!^f     ^A*',r\A      Xltt,t,n\     itli  i hood  or middle-age,  is" that  brief period  when  Ibexes;.talk to.each other at a.party, _ j.   ,   , ���.  ��� Published Wednesdays  1 - at Sechelt  oa B.C's Sunshine Coast  .       By.       - *b -  Seehelt Peninsula Times Ltd.-  _ Sox 381 - Sechelt. B.C.  I Serving the area from  \Part Melton to Egmont  (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  Dou&ldsG. Wheeler,-Editor  S. B. Alsgard, publisher  \  Subscription Rates:  '        {in advance)  0  the  UJS. and Foreign $5.50  The Timei  ^********.********���0* MORE ABOUT  Roberts Cr. fracas  from page .-���  time one of.the men whom he  identified as Brian Ross  Flu-_  mprfelt, broke a beer bottle and -  calme toward him with thc neck  hcjld in his hand.  ?acklng between two cars,  was followed by another of  ���hfjs assailants, William llichard  Jijck who was pushed aside by  jNumcrfelt lunging at Price.  Price was able to throw him  toi the ground howuvdr and held"  h|m down by the throat.  n.^^n^w^n,yj��.f Haifmo^n Bay [Brevities  Port Mellon News  VflFE STRUCK     ;  In thc meantime, Jack had  hit Mrs. Prleu to the ground as  she attempted to defend her  h isband, he then attempted to  attack Price's nephew James  P. Shcpard who had come along  to assist his uncle.  Price was pulled away from"  Flumerfelt   and,   he. claimed,  Vfas    held    while ' Flumerfelt  t kicked him in the side ot his  fice. *  At   this   time   he   decided-  thing-? had gone far enough and  h[eadcd for, his  home,  stating  he would get his shotgun. The  live   men. immediately   drove  off,  i  SMASHED EVIDENCE  1 Giving   evidence,    Constable  G, Webb of the RCMP detach-  -imcnt,   Gibsonsj   said   he   had"  "."Jbjcen called to the Price home  "about "IO p.m, and as* a result of  vi'haj* he saw and heard, proceeded to patrol tbe art*a.  j At 11:40 p.m. he stopped a  vehicle driven  by  Christopher  u Danroth. One of the occupants,  \ Wayne Blomgren then jumped  xjmt   and   proceeded   to   brca.k  i beer bottles,-but the of peer was  able to seize a numbdr of full  bottles, Other occupants of the  car j^ere Jack', Flumerfelt and  Edward  Blomgren,  ��� | Jack\ admitted having been  involved\in a fight at Roberts  i Creek and claimed the beer  was his,   \  Z      Constable'Webb warned them  j charges wouju probably follow next day^and Jack was alleged to have>aid, "If I_get  iime for this, f1| kill Price.'r  | Both "Mrs. Viol^ Price and  her nephew in giving evidence  Substantiated   the   Incident   as  i    described by William^ Price,  VISITORS  V'siting at the <JalIk-r home  la-it He'rk were Mm, K. Loren-  zc-n and son Jeffrey John from ���  California. Alia Mr. and Mrs.  IL Gailier of Vancouver and  Mr, and Mrs. T. Gailier of  Calgary..  - Visiters to .die E. Hume  hom;�� last wstk were Mrs. C,  Kdwards. Mrs. F. Wayne, Mrs,  D* Sar.ko, Miss C. Wayne, Mrs.  D, Armstrong and baby Leila  all of Vancouver.  HOLIDAYING  ���Tin K. Gailier family, arc on  holidays up at Prince' George.  Ihe   D.   Dunhsm   family   are  ho'idjyinz in the Interiar.  M.V.  MADRID  "B"  SOLD  The M.V. Madrid "B" which  has long, bain a landmark Tat  tha Pert Mcllcn boat' dsck has  htcn sold by )Ar. J. McLean,  Mr. McLean" purchased thz  bost from the 'Canadian Forest  Products Company when it was  na longer needed as an Ambulance boat. The familiar sight  will  be missed at the dock:  BRIDES SHOWER  Mm, R! WatAon, Fort Mel-  Ian was the hostess to a miscellaneous shower at-the Wal&sn  by J, Moore ��  home on .August 5th 16 honor  MUs Linda Stanly whose mart  riage to,Mr. D. Gant-wlll'taka  place on August--15th. Linda  was the recipient cf many  lowly gifts. We all wast ta  wish Linda and Dave the be.-4  of lusk in lhe >cars ta come.'  ���News and Views  THE  4-CTH  Annua!   Red   Rcof* ger h:4 oMml.Kr lmh rati /e-  Regatia   uas.bcld oa Satur- compEsh ti^-�� uilr  dayTA-tS." I. There was a good       ^vX >��;��� ^.% w~*;\  ,.---,.    .....       .      . . -ard   ntUctaU   of ; 'Ja-   r.-��5*M.  time for ail with iwanmin; and l{riV*-A h 8i gwj F,xt ?t.jr%  rowboat races, diving  and \i%       -with the v.tu'.i.i'r -{������".'.'u '*"-_  rolling  coctt-sts.   Everyone   got ter, *Sur.bath��-rs   liyA  v>atrr  *-:-   -  a   Rood   lau^h   when   the   rr,*-n er- comir.i out trf dpj'.i*. 1* '<  tried   their  hands   al  \n%  roll- hoped  that  th��   i* a'?.--.-   -*-: *  ing only to have it sink under %���***   far   a   a'.ijt-   'l..s  -*is;-\  them. Maybe ptst year a &%> ar.d not ynt for t'.<-lr *A��-:  Church  Irec����i*ff  Beifcel  Baptist  Church  Secheit,  B.C.  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Church   11:15  a.m.  Prayer  meeting Wednesday  7:3Q p.m.  Lutheran Worsfiip Service  ~~~  Sechelt  Home u;rvicc 7:30 pm. 2 cod  4 Sunday ct  lhe heme cf Frcnk  Half, Porpoise Bfiy P-scd-  information $hci%G ��35-2003 cr  885-2027.  Pfl-.fcr Jchn  l/I*w. ,  -    Sunday School  11  iJt>. to 12  peon.  Chivalry; A male instinct  which prompts a man to protect  a woman from e^cry man bat  himself.  TWILIGHT THEATRE  Gibsons ��� Fkcne 88.-23.7  Ch-Jdrcn's- U^x.rKX    Sci-fi:?.,',   1 30   ? mt  Wednctdby, Thursdcy, Friday, August 12, 13, 14  Doris Doy, J'Jhn Gcv.n, R<^x Harnscn; M^-na Ley  MIDNIGHT LACE ���  ~ TECHN'CG'-O'i -  * Soturdoy Mafince# August 15  [  Lloyc^ridgcs, Vcrc M5��  PRfBE^OK.TOE BLUE G^ASS  _2 ���,  -^  r  Soturdcy,-Mondoy^: Tucsdoy, August  15,  \%,  IS  Pcul .Newmcn] Jcckle G'easo***, P<per Lto-f ife  THE HUSTLER j   -  .    (Adult)    -  .1 ;..J  eicorne  ' !  '��� DRANK SIX BOTTLES .  J Admitting he had bcehv drinking the day of the fracus, Flumerfelt   said    he, had ' dranfi"���  ,4bout six bottles of beer and  Although there had been drinking in the car later in the evening, he himself had not. He also*.  denied  breaking  a  bottle  and\  Attacking Price with-it, neither  had he'kicked Price,  j He told  the  court,  he  was  being given -a ride to his home,  they  had  driven  first  to  the  _ \bharf   to   turn*   one   of   his  friends had shouted at Price's  t|og   which   was vharking   and-  they drove off; Stopping at the  intersection, price drove alongside them  and  shouted, something they were unable to hear.  - "they then followed him back to  -" his house in order to find out  what  he  had  said.   Blomgren  left the car to speak to Price  w tut was hit pn the head with  a  length  of  wood  weilded  by  Price'.  They  left  the. auto   in  ���order to ask what the trouble  >vas,   and   were   attacked   by*^_  Price and his wife.  j Flumerfelt, -who was defended by Mr. J. S. Kiyne of Vancouver,   was   found   guilty .of -  pommon  assault and given Za  ~-   suspended    sentence    of    six  bonths. He was_ordcred to enter into recognizance of $500.  i Jack,   also   found   guilty   of  common assault, was given 30  days  jail   for  the   assault, on -  Price, 30 days for assault on  Viola Price, and, three months  for being an "interdict in pos-  iession.  Sentences  are to run  concurrent.  f Character references for Flumerfelt were given by Mr. Jim  ^nimmond   of   Gibsons,   Mr. ~  Dick Flitchet of Gibsons, Captain Eric Stateby of the B.C..  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'! ��� ~ '  Following up a 'report oi dead  fish, fightings -late Tuesday, officials of "the Department o��  Fisheries of Canada ItiavcJ established that thc conte'nits of three  evidence of careless or irresponsible dumping; There' are  still people who regard a creek  or stream as anjdeal substitute for municipal* garbage dis-  t  m  2-outfce packages _offflea- pow- p0^ fa*i!jK!l   ftf   i,wifvin**  der [caused the Ifish1 I ooisonine ' The   Problcm   ��.f   identifying  uer icausca mc |tisn , poisoning. th(Jsc rosponsible is comp0und-  Ore of the Compounds in~the. C(1 by the impoMiblo tusk of  flea powder, lindani?, is (so tox- providing constant surveillance  i.  Head-on collision w  MORE THAN $700 worfh of .damage Was! solferdd-by this  autb, driven by Mr. Don Head-of\ Gibsons  came into collision with another vehicle on the  Coast highway!early last week. Neither culver* was hurt  ��� i -  Round about the  Obstructed police  ic ti|i fish that ass .05 parts i>er  mill  i| i  --  when it childish oiieneef  Sunshine rSTEVE Bcdiuk-of Sechelt, was  fined $50 *whcn ho appcarjed  .before Magistrate .A. Johnston  lsist-Satuvday ;on a 'charge ot  obstruction, r       . I"  Charge arose follQ}vlng_a�� fn*  cidenl'   in  which -Jiediuk' b|ai)  on~of -water j is Itlead  Tho j household   garbn  cludiin^ thc thr^e flea  -*" 'ainers was t|unipcd*  nsfream  ship of ���* a  cent  dow  cros  24tb  in I  y. !  ge   in-  powdjer  on~the  bridge  to  prevent indiscriminate__djs-  posal of wastes,  Only the co-operation of the  public, a majority of which is  already sympathetic and conscious bf the dangers of pollu*  sing   Campbell ��� Itiycr   at tion, can offset the problem.  Avenue andj Lambert Road .   angtey.        ,          ,1       , Our family is as-modern as  Fish' swimming Jaboye   thc they .come,   We  see  to   that.  *"**������  ,  had.(a..., .���,.,, -,-.  -.,I-f-r..-;-a,-ri   ,    .;, , .   :-i    .-.,   * JJ-17   ' --Jt'h^y-    -     ->'or A  considerate-time since  You - didn't,  know   that;  did ���. available for- long, dbarter. .,,   be^g g-lvc^ a' ticket.  you?  few d'obfor" never  was-      There .was a;. tirite; and not      Magistrate Jobristbri, afjef  ��that oK  saw,  *��a prophet is    too long agq, when the bus- fleet   rea(jjng out the riot act, Md  ^Vithout,  honor , in-   his    own    of the Sechelt^Motor Transport   gediuTt, "the usual sentence if or  cQuntry>^gip^j_3a^^aUy3U|uys;C^nsisted5-of one,'aever-ailijigi1rthit^,0ffenceJs-jail, he however  A seated than'itls right here in seven-passenger. Dtjdge sedan..-- letiiim'off-with a fine of 150,  --"an area ^o^^niaU that many  people- know more about ^your  business than you do yourself.  Ask almost anybody.:, where .the  Sechelt busses Trun 'and"^you'll  b��|"told betweenJtfancouver jmd- ^morf; ^passengers  PbweU River! iVy<t\x ��K/wBre ^afeJIfowing^andl  else  you'U be-regarded! as-a    system.  When the  menace  to  organised indiffer-  en'ce, which-'-is- another*" name  for  disorganised  public .knowledge.      ' v  The people of .Skagway know  the buses .of the Sechelt Motor  Transport. They see them come  in from over the.Alaskan Highway with a full cargo of pas  &  The rough roads <f the time, ,                                         ,  battered it mercilessly  but it FAILURE TO FILE   _        ;  kept going. Jhe nexk bus was. a!b  Vic Gooldrup Boatworks ^td.  large  step  forward!  it was7a' was fined $75 for. faibng to sub:  Ijodge too ,and  carried  many, ��.��* income tax returns.. _ ,i  But- Sechelti '-'                               _      !!  .  s4 did iti bus; MORE ABOUT . . *.         i *"'  BalatouS .Councillor preferis  was inaugu-' *" f roiTg, page 1��� ,J  went ahead   he^had been experiencing l| dif-  bacl;* Today  .sengers.  Here; the passengers "addition to many?.  ferries "started  an<  trip to -Vancouver  rated the bus line  and never (looked  it" operate^ seven jijiodern buses,  and *siix school bus es  Working"| in co-dieration with  the celebrated .Travelers' Club;  a large organizatl in ..which, in  "' ' other social  ge, were foyiid ,to bd active Little Susie, age only two,, al-  healthy, but -M'low.V hund- reaiJy can han(jie an IBM canjl  of dead  and , dying -fish without bending folding, or ml>  siwtkd ,byi^ej)art,nient of tilating lt.;   :*    '          '  Tips   observers! 7including    ^�����-~~-��� = ������.?-������*  I ft^^,'|''W.O/..*Wi^/7-^^^MSl',W'^*���.^,'-'  t��af7n$ralJoHon  &fol  ift^falfation  if ��� Financing  \������:mi       ��UM;8&  S-^v,*^n7V'*V|-f^*v^r'wvvnErw^.^  %/-mi*fnves,tigatHn?)f %tXhrpti  9'eI|��%'*"#Pp>��hUt'of,ffie  isnerio's ..nersonnfil f��re  <t,H*  nely_/��i5��irbed .^f... thus- n<-w_.  if  ia^aa^'^^tftiWaiaaRwJi'TaMfe  he Corporotfon of the Vilfag  j  v.orf>oral  of Gibsons Landing  re#  Tenders for! pai  ERS INCITED  nting the Gibsons Landing Fire Haif  will betaccepted at the Municipal Office until Saturday,. August -14, 1964. For detailed Information  contact the- Municipal Ofiice. The lowest or any  other bid not.necessjarily accepted,    '  JULES A. MAINIL, Clerk  ��� ��� will -go - aboard ' ship that  wiU  take" them back to Vancouver  while  those  who" just .arrived  - on the ship will board the bus  for   the "*" return   trip!   No,   the  ���. buses   that - have   Sechelt   as  their home ��� base are no ��tran-  _gers to the north and on many  , occasions go on to bigger cities  -*" in Alaska.       i ] [  'Your familiar, and at times  activities, j provides low cost  tours for its mempers. Sechelt  buses range the, lii ghways froni  beyond the Arctic Circle to  Mexico. T^e mcjncy earned by  these'1 tou^s,   apajft   from   the  ficulty in getting someon? to  take on the* duties of Chairman  of. the   Centennial   Committee.  - However, he explained^'M^. J.  Parker   had   nominated . JMrs.  -JDawe. It was moved by Coun-  -���Ciller   Dawe   that   Mrs. y I^awe  he accepted^ and unanimou^ approval was given., !j  wmmmmmMz  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  BROKEN BOTTLES   ,        I  Driving in the vicinity of the  uirac   wuro,   ayaAL   uuui   m^-   municipal   boat   ramp,"   Chair-  club'sj share", com<s to Sechelt^  man Mrs. Johnston noticed the  Here ,it helps sustain a steady    refuse # can,  put there  by| 4he  Kinsmen, had been overturned,  -refuse scattered over the beach  .payroll^ something  we can ap-  '' preciate.   I ' ~""~"  "There  ajre,  of   :ourse,  ill-in-  and   formdd~pgbple who say our bus  unfairly   criticized ��� blue  white  buses  are  no  strangers  south of the-border either. Vou  might  not "notice   it   but" the  charter", buses' -are  licensed to  operate in H western states of  the union. By the time this ap-  pears-in. print one of them wUl  be rolling to Colorado. It" is also  likely-two more will be,,going  other places for three buses are FOR  QUICK  systeijn has quietly beeh- absorbed by) the giant, transport  compexes and is no longer-a  local effort. This is not true. It  was.and still is, tie same as it  ever Jwasjundet tne direct control of Cece Lawrence.  USE TIMES CLASSIFIED  RESULTS  Si" . I  t-X$  . I-  and bottles taken .out -and, broken. Rather than"' haye broken  bottles along the beachj^ she  felt, it advisable to- have the  containers removed. ''Shortly-  after V ard," continued ! Mrs.  Johnston; VI happened to drive  past the B.C. Hydro office when  a woman drove.up to the building "and unloaded-rubbish'from  her car into the Hydro bin.   ,  JOB FOR. SCOUTS  Assistance  has  been  sought  - of the Scouts���to help clear the'  -beach of tins believed * to be  working up from an old dumij.  - Mr? Frank Newton, notified  council   the   scouts   would   be  t pleased to  undertake  the  du-  'ties. ' ji  John Hind-Smith  Refrigeration  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.nj.  Res. 886-9949  ��12___Slllililiil!illllHliitW  ��� This free reminder of coming events is a service of  SECHELT, KGENCtES   LTD.   Phone-Secbelt   Peninsula.  Times direct for; free listings, specifying'"Dote Pad",  that spoce Is limited and some advance dates  Please note  -*������ to ^.j.bJ^.^nJ *, ��b*J*��^*��  may have to wait their turn; also that this is a "remindef"  listing only and cannot olways carry full-details.  ���August 124���N.D.P. Charted Presentation, 8 p.m. home  /.    Don Mar croft, Wilson Creek,   i  ' i -I -  August 2U22���Fall Fair, 7 p.m. Friday 21, to 5 p.m.  Saturday 22. School Hall, North Road, Gibsons.  ���     '       i\ -          j                             .  August 30���Water sport^ Gibsons-firemen.         "  Waterfrontage ��� Davis Bay  Qver 150'-r Cottage  ,$10,500 cash for quick safe  See Bob Kent��� Phone 885-4461  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  REALTY ond INSURANCE  Wharf Road '  phone 885*2161  ���X .  M  ���i  ���'J  'I  ,.*  t  il  .3  1  \j?|  ,1  i  'A  -J  I  "8  *4 Wilson Creek notes  ;    i * ���By Mabel Wcgman  Pnrrp  Vitrr^   cliriw      The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wedi, Aug. 12,1964 Page 9  \mattractioii j Pender Harbour NewsC  rb  4.!  1} ,  VACATIONING VISITORS  !   Visitors at the home of Mr.  ,and Mrs.  John  Browning  are  , their daughter Maude and son-  in-law Geprge Kraft, from.Ed-  , !jnonton_.  with    grandchildren, **  1 Martin*    who   is   on   2   weeks  leaver from the Navy, Gus and  Gordon   Kraft   who   were ' all  .long-time- residents- of '.Wilson  Creek. Also visiting are*daugh-  :ter Betty and son-in-law Doug  | Forster ��� with    Eileen,    Peter,  ; Penny and friend Colleen Ma-  < gee    from    Richmond.    Judy  ��� Browning, from Calgary, is al-  i so visiting.       ;  iHQME  FROM HOLIDAY  , {Mrs. May Fields," accompa-  , nicd with  Mrs.  Margaret Gib-.  son, of Selma Park, have re-  * cently  spent  a' weeks  holiday  on   Vancouver j Island' visiting  friends.      -      i  -   i��  BRIDAL SHOWER '���  '-'Miss Nadine'Gant and Miss  Dianne McDonald were co-  bostesses at a���bridal shower  given at the home of Miss  Dianne McDonald of Wilson  rCrac-k. The gue,st of honor was  Miss Linda Stanley of Granthams who will be marrying Mr.  Dave Gant, of Port Mellon, on  August 15th.  -ON HOLIDAY  - Mr.* ind Mrs. Harold Roberts, accompanied by daughter  Ivy and son-in-law, Jack Baird,  Have left on a motoring trip  through B.C.", Alberta and  Vancouver Island. -  Mrs.- Gladys Ritchie and  Mrs. Frances Ritchie have recently -made a trip- to Pen-,  ticton where Gladys had accompanied her husband and  family who have beeir spending 'the_ past Z weeks around  Penticton".  -  VISITORS ~      -  Mrs. Margaret Mcleod* Sr.  had "visitors from Saskatchewan recently, Mr. and Mrs. Bill  Patterson from Moosejaw. Al-~  so "on- holiday here : is. "Gail  Mcleod, of North Delta. :  "Mr. and Mrs. Stan.Arbo, former-president of Davis Bay,  were recent visitors of Mr. and  Mrs. lion WhitakgrbiL their resort at Shuswap Lake.  ENTRIES close August 10 for  the Cage Bids Show during  this year's annual .Pacific National-Exhibition. 7        |  The fair will be held August  22-September 7, and all Budgerigars, canaries,, f oTr e i gM  birds, displays, etc, must-be  in - the; Poultry and Pet- Stock  Building between _ 2. p.m. and  10  P-mb Friday,  August. 2_.J  Judging" of canaries and foreign birds will start at 10 a.m.  August 22. Judging of -budgerigars-starts at 10 aim. August"  237 Teams and displays will be  judged [August 22-23. |  Mrs. CL J. Tompson of Bum-  aby will judge the budgerigars; Mr. _G. W. Carr of North.  Vancouver vvill_. judge the canaries and foreign birds.      \\ .  All birds will be judged by  British Standards for type aid  color.     ; . |  For. complete information and  classifications, pick "og_a PNE  Poultry and Pet Stock prize  boofcleb at the Administration  Building on the. PNE Grounds.  For additional information,  write tiie PNE administrative  -Offices or. telephone AL 3-2_ai.  {       ���by Howie White  PENDER HARBOUR is&'t going to be the same after  August 12, that is the day two of, our best known  residents, Prank and Marg_Campbell.-leave to set tip  home at Williams Lake.        ' z *' *���-���*���**"" "-l: -  -  Frank~plans to work on Ms    come- fiocldnf  to  cur  shores:-  father's ranch, a large spread    the Southern; coaciry txsh also  adjacent  to  the  Cariboo   city,    go $a  tour,  or   so   it  seems.'  "We all wish them well in their    Sonny Scoular  Seised up two*  hew venture.;   I - ^    Sdpiajk tana, with, a gillnet set"  ? Since starting'this column,.-1 ���*& Bargain Harbor, -weighing  .seem to have reported a large sev?p aad ������ pounds,  number of7 HJiMssfs over the Gceat sighs of "mingled relief  past few weeks Jand now in my and} dispaxr-Tacre uttered-"-by -  search for a few rather hap- the | collective* veices of local  pier events in the community, high' "school students July _*3  I am pleased to say I have when results, of June's depart-  come up with a couple of wed-    raeAal- exams  t* ore   retartied.  dings. "I' .:*_������  First and fortmost is the betrothal* of the former Mrs. Ar-  vida    Nicholson   to    Mr.. Jce  Of ;the Grade 12 graduating  class, four ot the eight prospective succeeded with a "cumber fof others undecided. Jssice  Mickleberry, a happy occasion " Northrup. Lmda Hate.y..-Shir-  wbich took place in Vancouver IeF ! Haddock - and tr.ysed, ail  two weeks ago. Also. I am in-    cle����i J&e hurdle.  formed ��� that    Sharon    Davis,  daughter of Mamie and Lloyd,  was married recently.  During   the    rare   occasions  Bin    Edgett _ f.ss    not": been  heard from   and  frsimo  Savo-  lainea    dropped    English    El  tfcoagh  he  declared.   "I'll .grt  .when'thejsun shines through, it    to t'BC if it's the-hst thins I  isn't    only    Californians-   who"   do.*? __ . = *  u  *i  i  5  It  u  ���'J  !4  rl  "4  mmmmmm  Spcc'ahbe^ Cody  Repairs  ���Tree estImIates *  Wilson creek  PHONE 8S5-446&  V  nmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMmtMMmMmmmmm*mm  RED JORGENSEH  EUROPEAN TRAINED BARBER  You - look and feel like  A new man  . Next to Pool Room Sechelt  **J    %    I    i   ^%=>*  ��te��   **f- f      *.^   w* >    -#      *^t*'   f      *���'  t*****  ,*****  %  s  I  i  \  ���  ���  ��  land Clearing Specialist  Excavating  Road Building  1 tlearing Blade  BechS* B.��. - Ph. I8S-9S19  YOUR PAMlLY SfofeE^  STYLE SERVICE ANt^ljllAtffY  ��� nil ww m mmrtrr~mm-mZmmmar%9m��0imir-T'��-r'^M-*^mi^m,  C. E.SICOifE  BULLDOZING- SlRVte  - l_cnd Cleanng -��� ExcavcHng  Road Building-���>J OecHng JBlcde  Phone. 886-2357, Box 106, |Gl&spns  Box 106  Gibsons  Commercial Printing  -|  SEE.  he Times <S-Jg&��|  ;  ^"���tW^-W��fc��WW��3*AS-�� >*JM!-  1)  ���jjlci^ /t c,Iv*Sc4 ^^LWn{^> >^* i^, t&��$    *C,,^ch?i'y#*c<,,'^J A?��-. b    f^^S^v^ <.*& .b ^r^fs:^''?^*-^- */**;>* ^ ��� "?tf   ���* "*  I J.J.  i^^fi^sf*  a����*��(res?x^  Pcjse 10 The Sechelt Peninsulo Times�� Wed., Aug. 12,1964  lospital grows  thfe  NEW VIEW of-the hospital, taken from  ; ^ some indication of the size of the- building  inains to be done.yet but progress continues  schedule r "'  , >-  Ottawa report  rear, gives  A lot re-  to run tc  j r  - ��� - " '       ~ !   The Timei> Ottawa Bureau  "b *     - :���     i ;  OTTAWA���PREMIER W. A. C_. Bennettapt eared before  the Senate's Banking and Commerce Cc mmittee and  for five hours sought to convive the'senate rs that there  ,.was no political patronage motive in hisj Social credit  Government's intention to ;buy([up to 10 pe* cent of the  shares in the proposed new Bank of Brij*i*h Columbia.  But insofar as "the senators! vveU-e concerned[ for the majority j>f them* he was unconvincing.  ���For-many of the senators it!   !"*"!   ���was the first time they had the|  opportunity to watch the pre-j  mier-^from the west coast in  action. ' They [were -impressed  by his strenuous efforts to sell  them on the, faearthat British  Columbia needed a bank. But  they did not buy the argument-  be put iip as ti-why his provin--  ciajl government should pur-f  ���chase shares in the. provincial  bank".' -   ���    . ". - " .   j  S The senators i resuitied- their^  sittings in. thej "evening an<I in  less. than. 20" minutes the com.  jnittee decided[ to give its ap*  proval for thei;Bank of W.estern  Canada which will have its  head-office-���uf-Winnipeg,, and,  for another /B.C. bank���The  Laufenffde,* -with headquarters  , in Vancouver.'     *". -    '  1 ~ indications were f;hat_ The  "Laurentide bank won l approval  p_artly because the senators  while not inclined to favor pre;  mier Bennett's B.C* baijk, bef  lieved that a, rejection also of  the Laurentide bank I would  "convince"British Columbia that  it vvas being ' discriminated'  against, consequently it-did get  a bank from the committee. - :  The' bills " must  receive  the '  approval of the- Senate then go  to the House of Commons. Then  after--Commons'- approval "the ���  banks'"charters are granted a  pi!ovin<5e can buy anyj_ bank  shares now. Why restrict us  where this" particular bank is  concerned? -Why? Why? *  b'TU tell yoii: why," keplied  , Senator Wallace McCutcheon  (P.ci-rOntario) former. Argus  Corporation- Executive and ' a  former bank direfctor. "If you  Wjantjto ��0 out and buyi some  shares of say the Canadian" Imperial Bank of Commefcp, then  go to; it and God bless you..But  you will -have damn Titjtle in-  Jhience on that/banfc-rThat's  tlte reason." J ,  . The senators agreed th^t Pre  mier  case  MORE ABOUt . .  Davis submits  frcm  page* 1���j jl     ,._A_.  advocated recently by tljie minister of .trade l,ai**d. copimerce. -  H(   also thinks I. the project in  line with the statement made in  Ajril by the miwster of.pub->  lie works who spi<_��� "<fottsfdera-  tlc n should be ��� givte&' to i federal ���  assistance with' respect j to|. the,  construction of marinas !and re--'  iated projects of itliJjs'fkliid.*'*.  .  .  Mr. Norm Watsor '-who has'  pi t in, a great.d<ial ^"effort on  behalf .of ,a .break;vater. told'  Tl e* Times, "'this .i\ excellent  news ^nd we all ifeel extVemely  pi jased to learn Mr, Davis has  seen fir to. support o*ir requests  wth-such vigor.!  "As- may be expected there  ate certain interests who would,  undermine ^our, case, but it Is  obviously badlyj needed*; and  wiill certainly be fa big Stepping  a good  a  new  iwould i>af -prblincial   governments  from owning'chartered  banks., The decennial' revision  ojf the Bank- Act was scheduled  'lotthis year but has been post-  , plotted until hex; year because  j of the report of > the Royal Com-  1 mission - on   Ba iking -and   Finance.  The first bill : eceiyed* by the  7Sei$ate- was an application for  .^thC Bank,of Western .Canada.'  rSeiiator 7D*Arcy   Leonard   (Lb  1 Ontario)  sponsor of that.bill,  I said it had beei 52 years since  i a    group ."of    Canadians    had  1 gathered  the  c mrage  to  pro-  , pose a -Canadiar >4)wned bank.  )    The  second  r ;ceived on behalf of the Laurentide Bank,  ! theMbird fyr this Bank of Brit-  < ish Columbia. !, !  I The Bank of British Columbia came in" ft r severe' criti-  jrism because, tie Government  of "British Columbia had| indicated it might acquire- 25 per  :ent of the sha*e capital.  In his pres^rtation Premier  Bennett sought' to meet jhead  on- the criticism that the bank  would be govjeifhment- control-  ould be a ''po-  Bennctt hadjmade   ,for  the "n^ed- of  large! bank ih Western danada  But; he also had made a. case  for other provinces having  share's in banks. Under the circumstances the serfators were  faced! with the. prospectrpf con^  flicfover monetary policy in  the one, field in which jottawa  was still supreme, the. banking  field.,    , "|  ,   -  Premier Bennett said Idttawa  sjone  in thte  progr|ess  of ,Sc  c! lelt:  "I vinderstand thc department  o' Indian-^affairs! has. given for-  rt al approval to thei access  road along the waterfront; and  the Gooldrup "Boat Wqrks op-  e-ating in the'Pendsr .Harbour  a-ea is considering investing a  onsidefable sum oi! money, to  e rtabbsh the bjisinsss i in- the  vicinity of" the propised breakwater." j !   |  Numerous businessmen from  Sechelt and "surrounding dis-  t ricts have written to Mr. Davis  outlining the nepd of a break-  water as well ais a number of  Ibrge companies  v  has  full control, over .banking  and could always change the    Port Renfrew,! and  rules^ But he said baftkl shares���< equently   prefer  were,a matter of property and    ijnent   to, spencl  to  civil! rights,'  under, complete r-ijnore on a btcjakwfater there,  lie said that in  tremendous  sup-  Trear  certificate by jthe Federa  sufy Board, j '     '  Final "action Ithat will  ken by' the senate ���in regard to  Columbia bank ��� is  this writing  senators-, expressed  the" British  (not known at  i  Several  concern over  , led, or that it  - litical bank."  ; view  of   the  ' port evidence jbjy B.C. citizens-  i in the proposed "bank his gov=  j'ernmeht   would   purchase   no  ! more.lhan'10 ier cent of the-  be tab shares. He contended that this  worild not lead to conflict with  the, federal  mojnetary authorities.  He- steadfast!^   held-*to__the  the - principle of; point   that  jhjis   government  -a jirovince, paving ownership" ��� would want a-minority-stake in  directly or indirectly in a char; " the bank even |ifl the'public was  .tered bank. Tbe bill ran into willing to proviae all ,the" capi;  strong opposition in the Senate tal, which could go as high as  whein it was; up for second .��� ��300,000,000���more than., any  reading.-There were hints that other Canadian bank. Senators  it might be defeated on second7 said they were reluctant to  reading, and .only vigorous ap-    open up a precedent by clear  ing the  way for a  provincial  government to own part of a  private comm^ial bank-.  Premier Benn Jtt retorted that  favor    an    amendment    being x there -was no Is w to prevent a  made to the j Bank Act-when ijt \ provincial   government   from  -comes-up for! its  regular  de- , buying bank shares.- "Why* riP"  cennial revision next year that . strict   usT*   he)   asked.   "Any  "peals- by   a [ few   senators   to  send _ the   bill   to   committee,  "stalled off-such a defeat.       i  A -number! of" senators,, now1  lUpS!  liliilliisiiii  BiaWnfflffniHniwnriiiMWMini   mum ��^mh..   mmmmmm:  I3AHDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  ,  j Mechanical &| Electrical Repaiis  A COMPLETE LINE OF^BOAT REPAIRS  Gorden BaybB.C.      _   L Phonb 883-2366  i-S��i��*1'*"  <��� I ���"SSSS^SSfiKS-  ��-u-  provincial jurisdiction, [if thd  federal goverbment stepped beyond its own constitutional  powerg it, would have to take  its chances in the courts, he  pointed out.      ���   - A  Senator Grattain OXeary  (P;C.-Ontario> -reflected that  for_50 years.in Ottajwa jhe had  watched Liberal and Conservative, governments and no[ mat>  ter how good ^they had been,-  they seemed to'favor their own.  He cautioned that there! would  be ��� fears -> among some i people  that |he provincial government, -  through" its-bank interest] would-  use its persuasive power, for  example to" have its o\yn suppliers and contractors use the  services of the new bapk. r ,  -__ Premier Be nne tt declared  Tfbat- "patronage will defeat, any.  ^.government." '!  After his appearance i before  the Senate Committee Premier ���  Bennett returned to J British  Columbia and-held a press conference. He said he was not  trying to. threaten, the. Senate  but he declared British < Columbia was. going toNhave [a bank  one way or another; One way  might "be '��� through establishment  of treasury branches, such as'  those,in Alberta. Another might  be through tjrust companies.  CAPITAL   HILL   CAPSULE  Trade and Commerce Minister Mitchell, Sharp hasj tabled  in the Commons -a mid-year review pf private and public investment, in -Canada for 1964.  It indicated there had jbeen a  tremendous - build-up , ip 1964  capital spending, pijdgrams  since the previous survey was  madej at the, start of the year.'  On* the basis of ;the ney iilfoi*-  mation..total capital outlays anticipated' for 1964* amount to  $10.8 billion, about $700 million  or seven' per cent higher than  previously-indicated afld 16 per  cent above actual outlaws last  yearbfThis is the greatest year  Commenting din  er area.  The opponent��| to the project  . ppear to be a few [ish-packing  "c utfits ^Who have larger [interests  in other! areas  such > as  This 'rotor'  quite a motor  A sensation! new ride from Ger--  . many that is as- much fun to  watch- as it is to board, is a  Playland highlight for the 1964  Continental Carnival at the Pacific National.Exhibition.'   ,  ���The, rotor will be' a big hit,  from August ,22 to September 7  during- the fair.        "'      ."   ,  '. It is "like a big upright "drum  that patrons enterblil starts to  revolve until centrifugul  force '���  pins the riders.againstthe wall,;  in a mixture' of odd positions. .  " Two other  new midway  at-.  tractions' this year will bc the'  Paratrooper ride  and the torture, show.  These are only part of tho.  gay collection of rides and attractions (that will be brought  into   million-dollar  Playland.  There will" be feriis Wheels  and go-karts; a whip and met-  ry-go-rounds; la miniature golf  course   <a n d   many   exciting;  games  of chance,  to  mention "  but-a few. "i  in the Vdncou-  would, con-  the govern-  considerably  jjon said, "If 'these  ���j ��eople   require   a  they should go|igh^ ahead and  donstruct one them  thlls  Mr. Wat-  big money  breakwater,  feel ves,"  _ittttB  If Your Job Is  Cutfmg Trees  TKis Message  Is For You  We pre Dealers  lor  > P.M. CANADIEN  ' McCULLOCH  HOMELITE  COMPLETE STOCK'  .OF ALL MODELS J  PARTS  REPAIRS     ,  CM SAW  ^CENTRE  Wilson Creek  885-2228  iff//fM/i/jmfimmfMMfffmmfffffWfffMmMMf/g  OMS FIRfMil  Sunday/ August 30  1  p.m.  ENTRY FORM  ,     I'   ;  NAME 'J:  1. yoLJngest Swimmer  to   year   increase,- in  spending, since; 1956.  People Avho complaijn that  Americans spend more, money  on liquor -that tiiey do m education don't".realize" what you  can. learn, at a cocktail .party.  I  capital  2.,Boyb Race, 8-9  3.,(3irlkRace, 8-9   ���  4. Boys Race, 10-11  5.' 0i rIs Race, I0r1t  6.7 Boys Race, 12-14  J. Girls Race, 12-14 ��� .  8. Novelty Race, 8-14    - " '.  9. Bdy^Diyihg, 10-14  10. Girls Diving, 10-14 _  11. Combined Diving,  15 and over  12. Novelty Race, 15 and over  13. Log, Rolling/Adults only  14. Combirted Relays -  -  15. Distance'Swim, 15 andover    **  16. RoW Baaf Race, 10-14 -. *  ^Ov|n Boat and Life Jacket)  Sdlmon Derby from Dawn till 2 pm ���  ,' iTurn in at Coast News, Granthams *  - Store, JHopkins Store.  'II ��� jl  Lots Of Prizes - Fun For  a  d  a  ���  ���  ���..  a  a,  a  Di  ai  a  d  b  17'.  5  ?ffliMfI///M/fWffII/ff/MII/I��fffIIM/IMSI////fflIfJflft  > -  ���i  h  ^egSicyKfUTiaBtfw^fi-* The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wei., Aug. 12i 1964 Page It  In Your GardenX    A  - t~      '   - -   I        -  ���Bjr*f��ar gcnienerT��� [The Old^Roke  OXE OF THE quickest and surest ways hi- propogatlngj  is the method known as Ilayering. Low- growing  shrubs and biennials are the most popular subjects. lot  this opera tion. Select a shoot or" young "bifinch. near the  soil level.,notch the under side {and insert! a! very smal^  stone or piece of wood to hold it open. Duff the cut with  some rooting hormone powder and peg thi branch down  into the soil and make sure thekoil does tot: dfy out for  too long and in a couple of iriontlis the fronted portfor  can be cut off and planted  In the case Of pinks and car-  , nations all that is necessary is  *to scratch, the shoot at a pint  and peg it down. When there;  are no; branches or shoots low  a firm soil. A f tile lime worked-  istb toe sod Jrflt help to " discourage 7club proqL lie casHi--  fkrsrers  that  ire   about reads*  for use cow ckn have the soil  enough  to  reach   tbe   ground,   5 pulled up arotaui them and the  a pot-or box filled -with sand   'leaves tied, arfund the bead to  '  - -Baby ferry  SEA WOLF V: the baby of the- fleet, is the smallest of  the B.C. Ferries and operates from the new government wharf completed recently nght next to. the fLang-  tjlale terry wharf- With-a capacity of about 12 passengers  and a one-man crew, the Sea Wolf operates between  Langdale, Keats and Gambier Island. ~^  People places & things  *���By Rosy and Alex Simpkins  OiVE OF THE nicest things -about the Peninsula is the  ferry. This is because it gives us a chance to meet  and -talk to friends and neighbors from different parts of  the Sunshine Coast who we may not otherwise bump  into, or have time to talk to. v- *  It was  a  surprize, Tuesday, ��� * = *   August 4, to find ourselves on. 'Qni it is also a work of art A  thc second big ferry, the old' &:e3Lt deai oi planning and  <3iinook* fromthe" Nanaimo run_ work hajj been "put into this  As a matter of fact it -was _* protecL lifaere are exotic shrubs  surprise to many to, find them- . and sim^e ���vergreen plant-  teeives on this particular run. * ings ^ ^ of Oregon Grape-.  The children had fun exploring wfll ^ attractive next year  the ierry.    , and  f0r years  to   come.   The  We  always; enjoy the  drive    babyycedars will grow to form  and, in no time at all we were    a  screen.  Two  birds,  looking  in Stanley Park. The Phlox  were ! a riot 'of. -color and the  grass very- green.  "^  We went past thc tosc garden . and into the parking lot  (for the Children's Zoo and. the  miniature railway. Since our  jeight-raonth-old baby finally  kvent to sleep,' ahd I bated to  move her, I stayed in the car  while Alex took the children to  the zoo and the railway. He  will tell you_about it.  To go to the zoo is something  every child enjoys. They also  Jearn from such a trip. They  , saw   a   Llama   eating  huckleberries,  gophers  eating  grass,  'mountain sheep eating grapes,  rabbits- eating   carrots,   a   red  |fox   looking   uncomfortable   in  | confinement; and they saw the  I hind- end of a porcupine, which  [is all you ever see'of a porcu-  "pine   anyway.   They   couldn't"  iunderstand . why   the- skunks  ^didn't squirt somebody, or the.  bear cubs bite the disobedient  ones./        j  There   is ��� more ��� information  packed  into  this  little  corner  of tbe^ark than any child can  absorb in a. short visit. -  *   *   *  like giant herons of washed-out  color and two��� peacocks with  resplendent colorings stalk the  grounds. There is a big overshot w'aterwheel fed with water  from, a vee'd out log, an-artificial" lake complete with island.,  On the island is a huge birch  bark canoe! Of course, there is  a bridge and a substantial tun?  nel made of concrete covered  with garden, and the CPR stops  to let the passengers drink in  s the atmosphere. Even the old  fashioned split fence, as - built  in the days of" Abe Lincoln, is  >a work ef art,  T  ���Much whistle' blowing and  bell clanking is added for the  kids enjoyment. What they  might miss of the beauty (also  included is a vista of First  Narrows) they" get a kick out  of the noise..  Waiting for the family to  come back from the zoo. I noticed two parties, one from Alberta' and one from Oregotr who  took off without locking their  cars. This was more noticeable,  because all the cars with B.C;  licences were carefully. locked^  Enjoyed  seeing  whole  fami-  i  The miniature railway :is fun,   lies   with   children . and   some  '.______3__i__i3___  i  Gibsons  No Down Payment - Bank Interest  Ten Years To Pay - First Payment Oct 1  COMPLETE LINE OF APPLIMES  For, Free Estimate - Call 886-2723  grandparents heading for - the  railway in a "carefree manner.-  Annie woke;up and we went to  joimtfae other -members off the-  family.-And Isoon we left ftrrf flie  Art GaUerjr. b - - .- 1   _:  At 7the Georgia Street �� en-i  trance thereiare round concrete *  planters ____[��of Petunias, ranch  too heavy to be carried away.  Inside is a souvenir shop.- Most7  noticeable- items .were hand.-  madeV pottery and E^dmo fas-'  kets. .There; were Emily Carr's  ' books for * sale, and adjoMng:-  was a whole room full off her  pictures,    which    we    tbdught  were .'very good- I     7  .  One of ber especially fetxsd  " ones ? was  a   totem   pole faith  mother- and7 cbfld with a* smile.--  In the shop was a- plaque of7  Rembrandt's 7 famous.-"*.sel&pbr-{._!  trait. This was about the'fonlj-  artist we recognized*: The children got a  great; bang out -of  - the? abstract stuff. Billy said,  *Evea "Mrs. Parish's grade one  classi from Davis Bay would  be shocked- -��� -    - *"-  TlfaHIyn noticed that :'t h e  largeblack and white scratching .had the name BOND ia big  letters1 wbea-eas the signatures  on the better pairings. Could  hardly be noticedb Alex| explained that* a real artfist Is  never "satisfied with Tiis Work,  and that great people 7 ef| any  talent are down to eartb| and  modest. -   ?    -    I.  .-���- i-  ���."-���-* "*   *_.=-.    I  We have previously said? that  we' bought Sirs." ZraTs form.  Wbat actijally happened 1 was,  we made", a one huMred. <follar  deposit and fully iateadai to  take;over this attractive Jugh-  \vay5 property, it faces J two  roads, adjoin the creekjj has "  a^grove offerees like a park,-  has many fruit trees and? berries,; and was once a market  garden. I  Over a hundred of our J fruit  trees have become so weEjesta- .  blisfaed   that   they : cannat  be  moveci. little Billy started^ having  nightmares   about   moving  so " we   conclude  that  he| has  ^akea root up here on the bill,  "and Aere'sfe. must stay. |BiSy  remarked,   "What  will  we   do  " with; Annie's cherry^ tree? jWfcat  wTE7^we tell her, -.why. did we  leave the place where she was  born?*--: 7 w "   ������'.--     _   |    ..;_  It is like the case of fee|llttle  girl ^who was moved to a; new  house. Aftejj-a couple of weeks  she Tasked *ha: mother, *When*  are :we going home?*        I   ..'  Mr. Jaij!: Redman was J complaining abcrat the Weattftr. A  shopper "nearby stopped 'shopping, and said, "Stop right now,  we are fiom Winnipeg, we' have  ninety; degrees, and we like this  stuff.' Two more shoppers got  in the act; "You don't have to  complain" about this wither.  We icome from California and  this is a real treat for us.'  and peat can be used if it is  built up to the required hei^it-  If more than a few plants  are required .all the Dianthus  family are readily propagated  by oittings taken, from the b^se  of the. plants. A word of warning, when taking cuttings of  _ pinks and carnations always  use a knife to cut off the unwanted leaves. Try pulling  them off and you will see  what I mean.- -  rpreteet  itrfrohi the  elemeats.  The poinsettlas for Christmas  blooming cant be taken from.  their  three-imp. #ots  and  put.  -into six indi  toi eacb six  goad kK3_ng  ttae   last   two  f. three plants,  pot make"  Dsrii  wxk��hs   before'  Christmas tbefpif ots shaoki be  allowed to hafe pot mare than  six hours ot Ii [fat per day.  win. ensure th it the red brae  will appear "ai! the proper time?  The Sowing of seeds for Broc���   AJ daily  syri^iig  with aire<r  coll, sprouts and kale for wfn-  "ter use should be attended to  right away. The site of the now  finished early peas? make an  ideal spot to set out the plants  when 'they are large enough.  AH that is'required is a light  forking over j of the so2 as  tfcesei plants fall ds, better ia  u-iter will _hflp" to  keep   the  leaves from, ^rdiig yellow and  failing off.  Trouble  is  a   sieve  through.  % a "**  -���  wfuch - we si _ our acquaist-  aices. Those | too big to pass  tliougb beeoiie our frieffiis,  %m BOTTIIS - BEER BOTTLES  25c doz* cash for empty  ".-���.-.  But boittus  delivered to oar yard, ot Wilson" Creell. WHI pick-  -    . , up. 100 doz. IcH e*' 2Se per Jdctx.  Follow the signs ot Fields Road  RUEBIH 5TROSHE1N I Ph��ne S#5^26l '-  --:-    i -       -:- -   - -     -       si ?-.'-* I ..:   -    *.|  +  MpAiiWiMBIiMMJIWa^^  SB  Grandma "bame home feeling  younger thsa for a long 1 time.  She had.stood on a street corner-for. fifteen minutes, in her  new; dress, jand whole troops of  well-mamiered little boys. had =  approached,-looked at her, and"  gone on. ��� f  SAILINGS  | DAflk    :  iVANCOUVER-SUflsHINE COAST  -Trave* -across Howe Sasr.d tc trie beauif^ Secheit-  Peninsula.  Ser*tce  fcefweetj   Harsesr.ee  Sa��. and  Langdale en the lovely Sunshine Coast ne* *<c?ease<i4  to 15 sailings catty. Crossing tsme. only 50 ,-nir.ates.  X-\        Z   _   SUWMER SCHEDULE   * -  * Lv. Horseshoe Bay  7:30 a.m.  S:30a.m.  9:30 a.m.  10:30 a.rn.  11:30 a.m.  12:30 p;m.  1:30 p.m.  3:30 psr..  4:30 p.m.  5:30 p.m.'  6:30 p.m_:  -7:30 p.rn.  8:30 p.m.  9:3Gjp5n.  |      Lv. tangslaU  6:30 a.-m.-  2  -30 s  m  7:30 a.m.  *  33 s  rrt  S;3Q a.m.  4  30 c  rn.  - 9:30 a.m. *  5  30 z  rr..  I03Oajn.  t>  30 3  m.  11:30 a.m.  30 p  m.  12:30 p.m.  SJ  30 c  rn.  ;1 '30 Q.m.  a  30 a.m.  "2:30 p-m. 10:30 p.m.  .Additional sailings Fridays aad Saodayi jsnty.  7*'c   -tll^0p.m-     -'*     ;       10:3Qp.m.  SKHELT PENINSULA^ P0WELl| ipER  Seven round-trips daily bbtweeo Eart ipdye and  SalteryBay, 23 miles South of Ppwe�� Rfvee Qrossing  time, 60 rmnates."-.. f '..'-'  SUMMER SCHEDULE  Lr. EartCore |     Lv. Saftery Bay  8^K3ajr.. 6i0 p.m^ .    ^���:50 a.m.  10:20 a.m. S:40p.m.        iS;J0a.m.  12^0 p.m. 11:00 p.m.     - 11:30 a.m.  4^X3 pjri. *" '-   -               I2i50 p.m.  5-_-!0 p m.  7":30 p.m.  9:~0 P m.-  x British! coujMBi a  FERRi ES  Head OffkzezJBlS Wharf Street  For ir.t  Tsaw*assen;  Victsria  information P^qse: Horseshoe Bay 9$i-?411*   \  'saw*assen 94S-222I, iangdaie 1*^2372     \  *'  '   w  1  i '-'.,?���  i-b'-;  .   4  ^Xi  *$x-s.  Pre**;  "X.V."'  ���wmj.  *****t**m^**- ii  '���-  |-  f.N  *  ,  1: M  V.  '    _  t ��� ��� ���  a.  i  . f.  . ���  . - Prbvincialj Rangers  ALL BUT ITHE Province]of Newfoundland were represented at the Provincial Ran-  ..- ger_,��amp held at thei Roberts Creek-Guide Camp Jlast weekend.'Girls representing each^p*-ovine�� stand beneath,the Coat of^Arms df their own] province. Shields,  made Dytie girls themselves,, will be. left at the camp for future use. Rangers from  Newfoundland are expected early this week. ,_b \       .   ���-  ' ���������! -;������  Davis' Ottawa Diary    ;  , ��� I By Jock Davis, M.P.  EVERY WEEK, on Fridays, the government brings forward the1, financial estimates of another,department.  Recently our| Postmaster General, the Honorable J, R.  Nicholson did a good job of meeting the criticisms aimed  at his department iby Opposition MPs.  pay its way.  -.-The mail shojuld  Canada,! at   one  time,   could  bojist that  this' was" so.. It is  "not however the case' today.  ' Mr. Nicholson; a former businessman!,    is {accustomed    to  reading [balance!.sheets. He re--  ported  .that,  durijng' the' last  low rates on second class mail  -^���on newspapers," magazines  and the like. _ --.  The main argument, used in  support ot these uneconomic  rates is that Parliament is  subsidizing other forms of-corn-  year-of [Mr. I?|eWnbaker's ad- munication. It is spendin  ministration his [departments n��>ariv sino million nn hmari  revenue of $2221 million^ showed  a paper| surpKis >m $3 million  But i certain co^ts had (been" ignored. One, fringe benefits for  employees. Anpthcr ' was the  provision of fentjfreel accommodation by the Department of  ���public Works. !lf they 'were included t^ie Post O'ficei actually  lost close to ��30, m illion-in 1962.  ., , ferent - classes   of   service.   I  What is the? gove nnmbnt doing    think that each class of mail  nearly $100 million on broadcasting. If it is prepared to do  this,-so the argument goes, it  should give > our newspaper industry and our magazine publishers a break as welt.  Personally, I'am against subsidizing and industry in perpetuity}. Nor do I see~any reason 4o i distinguish between dif-  Biology lesson.  �� -:Vi  '...;.��������t,!���,b.;    w' �� lesson,     "J tho, chapel ceremony will'talic  "--VISITORS'IPO .the Ranger Camp Jast Sunday were Mr. pjacc, this is also visitors day.  .. _, and_Mrs, Waugh;'amateur marine biologists who ' crcdi. for the organization o*  V/ere delighted to give the Rangers a few ti!ps on marine tbe1 camp goes' to the Ranger  . life. Roar from left, Gail Hamilton of Montreal, Mr, and leaders who put In a Bremen  Biggest yet * * *. * - -  Prov' Banger Cariip  held af Roberts Creek  ��� * - .. -  WESTWOOD, HOI Rabgei* camp^ held for  in B,C.| and probably one | of the ldj'gest Ranger   carpp  camps ever in Canada, .was assembled al the Roberts  _Creek Guide Camp Jast weekend and. 2pmpr_sed H2  Hangers from all 10 provinces,, ages ran'!~" ' - ''"  lo 21.   -     - - - ~       -. i   ���,���  ;   They  were  under  thc  earc    walks and tours  of   &mmm\tent    Mrs,    Kay     ..They are to  -tfiHltb of Wc'i?t*yflficouver; Mls.i- Powell Hiver  ha taken  on-  was the' atmosphere L which  started 'off the camp' which is  scheduled to last 10 days  1 The la?t_ two days aye free  .days, which means tho girls ore  not* confined*to any roiitine.  A further 30- girls wore expected over-thc weekend, mainly from B.C, These arc! work-  Jngi Rangers .unable "to   leavp  he first tm>e    their duties  for -the  complete  >ing from 15  have ft trip io  here they will  Aimn   MeCnmi, ^deputy   com*' ha taken  on - it  tour of the  ina Admit, VuMmwwyWttw VM*    Mfi&VH pulp mill A trip to  Jvr,   tri'ttttUH't of -VtHWodvqr,    Victoria In pint: ncd. which will  Parking place: An uiifillablc  opening in nan. unending yiinc of  automobiles near an unapproachable fireplug.' I  . ���-., *  .**��'��� I  tuUr Mrs- Margaret . berry,  UiiueU'tiatifiUif * of Vancouver;  -Wis* Margiu'id,'Stewart flUwjid'  ed itn c��*rtp' nam', and MUn  Jom Murtifdcct as  Jifojuarjj,.  During their'' stay, tin glrh  luku part in" studies of marine  imfnay,- botony and related  MibJL'itff ami aixiuffe them sol ves  -ivitli .boating, nytlmmlnfij nature  Include, a - vtei  yard ���� well a  Frtttwi' Valley  a antmery  lo    ft    tUiViiV  i a trip Ut the  vitti a vteil to  Last .Saturday "ihey  hold-&  CHrJip/Iro *e����;loi  settled with scicvcu^eacb with  m  emlHfm  yt  proyJncr?,  Wednesday,  and were pre-  (���cu^eacb with  presenting   hcr  dedication of  !@i!��  0  Evelyn Haye a  i      Abova Post Office  b     Cutting ond Styling .  , Tuesday to Sotutday V*5  ',     ^'Your Stoirwoy To  _'     i   Holr Beauty"  Closed My 14 oni 15  Phone 88&-9S25  :#  ' '^^^sig'gJgafgiia^'j.JSiij  about   it? ;.Several' things.   It  has  already  boosted ,the  rate  for third-class maW so it now  pays, its way. j Free mailing ser  . vice to' other ' gov ermjnent de  _p��irtments will alqo be discon  tinued.  L. Parliament i|ill nowi be called  tipon to increase our [local first  class postal rates frob-4c to  5c a letter. The Opposition parties arcj already up In arms  About this, proposal  But this is not enough! Wc  should -be   financially   self-sup-'  porting. .       j-  A thorough overhaul of oqr  postal rates is long overdue".  Today they range from one-  fortieth of a cent _for some  categories of third class mail  up to 5c for a first class one-  ounce letter. The Post Office  Department's historic reputa*  tion Jot efficiency, is also at  staktT. It can.only be.retained  by making this vital public service   a   money-makingJ' rather  will stilfc >e aboui ,$20"million   than  a   money-losing, proposU  In thc hole, Thb reason���special   tion,..  f/3 OFF  i  yii/ii//Miwinwgiifiiiii/f/ffii/fiMii/ifMfii/iMf/iif<  Dan River Cotton Dresses - Slims and  Pedals,   a  11  Sumner Coats ahd Jackets.  HELENS  our  ^i/f//f/mifff/m7ffifufmffff//////if/iffiu//iii/i//i//iif7.  - SUMMER CLEARANCE  sizes.   Swim   Suits,   Hats,  FASHION SHOPPE  Nov1/ in obr ijievy; location across-from Kruse Drugs  Phone 886-9941 , Gibsons, B.C.  SHOP THE EASY ^CATALOGUE WAY  at  sT.  SIMPSON-SEARS  (Locate  Or&m  Sechelt  Phone  FAST DELIVERY SERVICE  OSBSONS  in Thrlfteo Dry^odds Store)  placed before 3 p.m. Monday  Bock Wednesday  PMONE S36-22S2  Sclmo Park - Wilson Creek  Toll Free - ZEnith 6912


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