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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Apr 29, 1964

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Serving life Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet J, including Port Meifcn, Hcpkir& Landing, Grantham's Landing, CibsaTSr-^cberts Cree«t
V/ilscn Creek, SeLmo Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay; Secret Cove, Pender Harbcur.-Madeira Park/Kleindcle, Irvine's Landing, Earl Ccve, tEgmcnt
Authorized ' c_s! &e_-->V-   cicil
#vil    fev    the! Post    Grfses
C-cpcr.m<f>f,   Onc««c
VeWirrt* 1,-Nc. *'-
WE0MES0A1T. AFfclL l4,  '64   %Qc
O i-*, G**
Af Gibsons - . «
Will apply to increase
water rates 20-25%  -■
:|.y   y.v- . ;* - "   *   .        .-*
INCREASE IN water rates of from 20-25 per cent will
be_ sought by Gibsons municipal council, it- was: decided at the regular council meeting. Representation
will be: made to the Public Utilities Commission. Gib-
'_ ons now has the second lowest water jrates in B.C..
ranging7from $17-$20 a year.* -——' ■ '■' :-"- -"i •
water development at a capi-. ,$100,000.; School board mill rate
tat expenditure cost of S14.367 ,is set at- 22.41 mills which Is
:yriIhLbe provided in the provi-   'an   increase, o^ver   last   year's
21.14  mills.  Sdiool  expenditure
is up 12 per <|ent and Gibsons
•■*  t/^S '    ■"»   ■'i.:\"f>.Jii, t.» i-i     • a" ,
■ ■--     ' \  _ - -•-■ '      tV i > "■    ,-J \ '"7 ■ . W b * * ■
-\ a * -N*-*f'r;v-*'^;.:"''vf'-'-;iit
sional budget Maintenance and
operational costs are $4,800. It;
is  estimated  two  drilled  wells
Will, [cost  $4,232.
Gordon Knight, professional
engineer] has inspected the two
locations'! and will make detailed - cecommendtions. Commissioner S. Fladager reported
he has commenced work en the
well sites having had digging7
and treriching done in an attempt toy locate the water flow,
hut further work will have to
await drier weather.
5 Income from water amounts
to $20,000 annually. The surplus accumulated over the
years has been derived mainly.
from water income. Fladager
reportedithe water line in BafTs
lane was completed at a cost
$50o-$600 below estimates, and
-by doing it themselves they had
kept their men employed over
the winter.
. Mill rates were announced as
work proceeded orr~ the {provisional budget. Village mill-rate
is 9.128 mills, which is down I
mill from last year's 10.2 mills
due to assessment increase of
is $42,496 of wi
share this year
ihich one twelfth
is payable each month. H.LD.
mill- rate Is 1-S5. This makes a
total of7 33J38 mills.
Kinsmens' financial difficulty; over the health center was
explained when it was-learned
the federal government still
Owes $2,600 in! grants. Another
problem concerning the health
center arose when. the_ village
centennial committee was refused permission to use the
club room because they were
not a. health group. According
to a directive jrom Dr. Benson,
medical healthy officer for the
.area, -only groups concerned
with health matters may use
iL 'We put inj $7,000 and gave
the land and *e can't use it."
said Fladager. "This matter
will:. be . taken up with the _
proper !authorities at the opening ceremonies.'*
Centen n- i a. I; com m ittec   appointed is chairman, S. Flada-
9*9* 6
Ribbon cut  .
HONORABLE Eric Martin who-has just cut the ribbon
officially opening the Health Centre with iliss Betty
Murrav. RN, Senior Health Nurse>and Miss M. Campbell, R.N. -     I      '   **—*»* .
jr*9 ■*?**.
r 1   li   * *_. *
\    - f    «■'*-
v ">; **v\--Kci --.v -* ** i *i\f    F ** & '• <' --
Newf health centre
NORMAN PETERSON J plaster of Ceremonies and Eric
Prittie, chairman, of the Health Centre.
Sunshine Coast HID 3J
rate se
lower than expected
[SUNSHINE cpAST HID No. 31 mill rate for 1964 has
* been set^at 1.85 >mills. TBS" rate is less than had been
estin_a'tjj_o>tfy~'-_he- trustees, due to an increase in values
iajhe-^fea. Assessment values are'shown with the 1963
figure jta brackets
Gibson^     village     $1^22^08
(S1.708.CC8);     Sechelt     vittage
.    $1.142,&44     ($1,082,514);     Unor*
£ gariized $23,997;826 ($22,627^1_2).
.;     These ligures are for "the'purpose of ^jhospital  taxation,  differing >_f_tghtly.   from    assessments u^d for'school taxation,
as BC Hydro pays school tax-
;  es. hut not hospital taxes.
Payments   have   been   made
as   requifed   for  hospital  con-
"'. the trus
* it will n
wh?rh bi
tail work, "of
done, so
lecessary to hold
until October,
.-..,— _ —w. and money bylaws !wo|ild be considered for
expenses for .1965. In January
of ihat year, another meeting
will be called to authorize secretary to make payments to
the hospital society.
James Parker (Zone 3) was'
unahimbusly re-elected chairman ef-the board of tnistees,
whichyjneetlng was held within
30 days after last zone annual
meetings of ratepayers, as required -_ under the Water AcL
F. West (Zone 2) continues to
act  as  secretary, —"b
Present at the meeting were
M. J. McMillan. (Zone 1), F.
Stenner, N- R. McKibbin and
F. West "(Zone 2), J. Parker
and Bernel Gordon (Zone 3).
Zone 4 was hot represented, as
no -trustee had been- elected at
ratepayers being present at
meeting called in Madeira
Park HaiL
".- Comptroller of water rights
had. advised there was no authority for" either he or the trustees to appoint a trustee, therefor,, another annual meeting
will be held ia the Second half
of" May to elect trustee for
Zone 4.
West was .instructed to make
necessary arrangements to rent
hall and publish notice of meeting.
F. West, trustee, who has acted as secretary since inception of-the HID* suggested the^
board should employ a secretary on a part time basis for
an annual honorarium of 5300.
Thfe-trastees are empowered to
do so under the Water Act.
Section;57 (10). Mr. West said^
-   '"    r   *        —«ee p*ge S
Centre Inspection
A. E. RITCHEY. Gibsons Village Commiision" Chairman
and Honorable Eric Martin inspecting theL inside of
(tie New Health Centre. '    ■   j
- . - i    ' - i
Hon, Eric Martin- i. . |
Health center opening
" - - i
marks step forward
HONORABLE ERIC Martin. Minister of Health Services and Hospital; Insurance, and MLA for Vancou-
ver-Burrard. addressed- a dinner meeting at Gibsons.
Opening of the Kinsmen Health : center marks a step
forward in preventative medicine, he told his audience.
He"   outlined    the   tremendous	
progress made throughout ^ aMiu. to. make h0SPital
. B.C in the prevention of dis- i^^sc^ "^rk. Brought in by
ease. and lauded the creation ^ previa government, it
of the separate health unit for ha4 ^ emptovees records
the Pemberton-Povrell yRiver stored ^ cardboard cartons
area   which   will   mean  better    ^ a Svstem cf premium coi-
Rick Carlson
hit by snag
sanitation.    immunization|   and
^^ell   babv   clinic   services   as
well as  increase the nesd for
.more buildings, staff ani..voluntary  workers. "   I
RICK' Carlson,   faller  for Van
Way faHers met -«ritii air accident while falling timber for
Jackson Bros. Logging." He
was flown directly to~Vancou-
ver and taken by Ambulance
to St. Paul's Hospital- Injuries
are undetermined, but it is believed; that be has neck and
shouldery injuries. "He is report-
the annual meeting due to no ed in fair conditioii.
lection,   wbietr be   feels   infurr
lates people 7 It hits the low income  groups, he said, and he
felt   the   recent  defeat  of  the
CCF government In Sa.skatche-^
The   department   of   Health    wan was due to premium col-
employees are a special! breed    lection   as   much*- as   to   rncdi-
ofiiiigbiy- trained people. I many      care.
with degrees, according to- Ke pointed oat is montiis
Martin, the results ofj their Later" when Social Credit bad
work are dramatic and j start- a majority In the -legislature
ling if intangible, he J said- they 'knocked off 'premiums
When be took over this; port- and paid hospital insurance
folio 12 years ago the situation out of sales Ui returns and
was dangerous and the I sur.1- forest industry exports. Tour-
cal of the Social Credit govern- Ists. *s well as residents, pay
ment t depended   partly j upon -     "      - —«««  P*8«   II
•_•_   ;e£c;t:t»c   cfeiir:
. rvj.-fit*
vthzh h'i truck |*-:*k*iifld he-
cz*tiz tf.tty. hi t-itzcted. a cloth
lizttt the rag bzi oo h3nd. ind
prsieCd t^ cScih in windshield iFcclitj i la^RPf is" th; r*z
h: kmfclded it \sr4 prxhtted
wbsl looked UkzUz^t coe hur.--
drcd dollar bills* A# these rig.*
go through qsitc.-s-fetrong «-as-
b'.t*i . soluUcnl t&i.Ipnsting oa
tfc*! bill* wis \pry faint, but
ti;j <hd shswj the camber*
cue' hundred _ si ]the - comerj
md the "serial frianbers. Dal
tcjk th;m td^n<"6®:k and they
tuve bees _fint tto fToronto for
idcsuflcatioG-     {    I    -
*S5j word haslb«t_ recessed
yeti but. when tikei for.i com-
mstt on his ___}__ Dal replied,
■Viz had nOQ-l «©rth of fua
ind excitement 'aLread.'"
Dal Tr'9-3*
HOLDING one Of the bills
in   the   rag   they   were
found in.
Mi      Hyl  ■ IP •■
T&lZZZj&3f^^ A*'r.i
vVnion rotes
o£ hew contract
EARLY  negotiaficis. this  y*ii-
- -between tbe Pu.p- and. Sulphite TJ*nii.n md Mu- pulp mills
has brought—back art- offer4 ot.
S pa-cect " geseril" wage j^-
crzzst which «a?_ voted on
_ilcnday_. .-April 27 The changes
to "the 'contract are.
(tl {A^esseral .waj;e increase
cf S percent.
z tt)\*\h additionjil increase <£
5: per hour fcr A ir.d B me-
f3; 2c an "pur ijcnra^e oa
cich:  thitt  ddtetz&titl pay
"  <4 ,J'-rj- duty cLuie  makms
up last w£g£i"f>r jury <r_ut\"
(5); Faseral leave !daaa« _ allowing up lo 1 dikyi with paj-
. for attend is g the f j.-*t-Ta| of as
imm|diaie relam** -   - *
- <Si:~ A new •cprenuces&i?
plany -     {    b "
- The tssulzs cf the~-6,fm palp
mUl i employees {will cot _ be
knows until after* May  L   . -
-   I .    ♦    :      .-
Juvenile court
IX MAGISTRATES '*co--rt held
before   Magi:tr«:«-   A    Jorjx--
staaj three  .ciacmlcf   each. »ot
three    moot___    probates    and '
three  tecnag«*rv  t.ac*,   recei%?d
- three moaths sn5f#c.i<--d c«8-
iznch arisscg out of-a dnnkir.f.
One Tuvcrule Ic&t fcis dnver's
licease. tor cn<.»" \tzx ter driving at i3 rxcc-srvr? sp*-oi wn:l*»
another jav*-ni> hsn h:% 4n\~
er'tjljcense jj*pccded f:r fiire*
monthf tor failure to  ttop  r.
- a ttbp jignl"
Worker ftnds"
money la fags
DAli TRIGCS.'aJ^son- "bau;-
isf   extractor!   wfu:<*   working 7ci   tbe   Por| -SfeUoa   Cos
-ftnsttiftn" Jch    A^rri: 2t   ttzrtAd
-    «
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'TheNLeaguehas-the.assured  assistance of  provincial   and *  commumtyvsafety groupSi  thb  clergy,    sendee    organizations  and   many- ochefs   in' making  ! this. event a Sixbcessy  r   Mr. Austin pointed out that  Ciiild Safety; Day would be a   "-,  one-day, campaign  to, empha* '  size   the   vital  need  for  con- '  ! slant attention to the safety oil  children every day of the year.  "NSL, and all others stepping  in to bring about this natioh\  : wide   awareness,''   Mr.   Austin \  : said, "seek the aid of everyone  j to lead youngs Canadians safely!.  ,  : through   the ! daily   perils   of;  road,: home, school and play."  He declared that the great re*  sponsibiljty  lay  with  the: pamf.  ents. - *'They i must   not . oniyj  guide and teach the children,"  he said,  "but they  must also  lead  all adults in�� the protec-,  tion of the ydung.*'  E.J.  Bol 97  iarf^'  Coldwelll; Prbffrifltor  5c<|h_../lr  BRITISH AMERIC>  CflL-GOl- LTD!  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No. 1 "Gibsfcns  Phone 886-9880  I "  Thomas    Chandler    Halibur-  '"ton, who gained world fame as  : a  humorous writer  under the  j pseudonym  Sam Slick,  was  a  ! judgp of the Surpreme Court of  Nova   Scotia*,'- Ontario's   Hali-  burton County was^iamed for  Mm   through   a   land develop-.  ���Hrne^t   program   there   that   he  hsaded.  For All  ELDRED'S FLOWfeR-ipi��?-  Cowric Strpct, Sechelt  Phone 885-4455  RAY NEWMAK7  PLUMBING    \  Hot Water Hooting  Nothing DoWn  10 Yeow to-pay  PARTS AND REPAIRS TO  ALL WATER Pp/yVPS  Phone ? 86-9678  CHAIN SAW CENTRE ���  Wilson Creek  ttealers  for P.M^ Conodien,' Mc*  alulioch- and Hom*_lt'|e Chain Sarws,  Complete stock of; all,-models  ! Ports and repair service.  ���  Telephone 885-2228  NEVANS TV  SALES &  All Appli  : Franchised Pi-  Marine Driv|fi  Phone  & RADIO  SERVICE  886  lances   ._-.  ilips Dealers  Gibsons  -2280  Actor Sir Ccdric Hardwicke,  commenting on the scientific  finding that baldness signifies  virility; "Baldness may indicate, masculinity, but it dimin-  ishes\one*s opportunity to find  out.'* b J  [>  K  By PTA . . .  - I  gt Pender Harbour  b THE PENDER Harbour Parent Teacher Association  ! held their annual Variety Night at ^the High-School  i Auditorium on April 21. 1964. The attendance was such  * (that one half, hour before .curtain time additional seats  Ihad to be brought in to accomodate the large audience.  ^Scholars   of   every   age   group  [entertained,     displaying   "their  (talents  to  a  very .appreciative:  ! audience.   Master of Ceremony  ��� lies for the evening was ,-How-  * !ard White.  ! The show opened with Ralph  ^ !Phillips singing and playing the  c | guitar;   the lhodernv songs^ be-  !ing thoroughly enjoyed by the  j many "teenagers; A very talent*  ojed    pianist,   Shirley y- Haddock - der    Harbour    Music  ; played a pianoforte solo, 'Hun-    Trio,    there    was    a  i garian,*    which    showed ;" that  . this  young lady  could go far:  "���'.in- the musicw^orld. This clas-  : sical piece' of music was well  1 appreciated.  The  Pender Har-  .) bour Cubs took the stage and  (showed     what    *aif\ ingenious  J group   they   are.* They  had   a  , home made mf ^fifife^on stage.  "! different   itemsV-were -dropped  in  the  machine land  all come  out at least one. (hundred times  ! larger than when theybwere  (put in. The climax came when  a.litUe girl wandered on. sta^e  ! and popped beridoll umhe machine and the. result was^that  j a member of the ciib pack  j jumped out clad only in a dia-  1 per., A   good T origmal.   laugh  raising. nOvelty  act.  !    Five   teenage   girls   gave   a  dance routine,  known in show-  business   as   line  of  'kickers'!  Suitably - dressed   young  Rusty  Cunningham,   tap  danced   and  sang   'I'm   an   old   cowhand*,  there was  a   big hand  for a  little itan'd. Then followed several  dance  routines, two  little  girls dressed "as kittens danced  their way  into  the  hearts   of  the   audience*,    Llona   Duncan  gave a solo tap dance to the  tune of Blue Heaven; Neil Mc-  ytellan and Lorraine'Bilcifc- gave  a  faultless   precision,   military  tap dance, they are* two very  talented artists. Shirley: Goold-  rup   performed    a$j- acrobatic  dance displaying hj%*- ability as  ^a    eontortionisL . She   amazed  the audienee ".vith some'of her  movements without losing con-  froL^of the bouncing ball. This,  was a~turrr that received well  earned applause." Don McLeod  and* Nora Warnock danced to  the; time of _*Too Much Mus-K  tard*,- a very graceful- and l entertaining dance. . -      -    -  The final acbof the evening  was a comedy turn by the Fen-  Lovers  pianist,.  drummer and a comb, and paper player, raising howls of  laughter c from the audience.  They deserved the applause  they received and rendered a  short encore.  - This "was an enjoyable evening, but why wait a full year  for a repeat performance. I  am sure these young- people  would enjoy rehearsing for a  regular show. This variety  show proved that- there are  good teachers and enthusiastic,  talented | young. ���-. people in the  Pender Harbour district to go  ahead and produce good entertainment in an |area -where  live entertainment! Is needed.  Thanks for a good evening's  entertainment-        T  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed^lApr.I 29, 1964 Poge 3  X^^fVilson Creek notes '^x:  7 : 1������ : ������: L,     , , , .���. ^���_  ������By Mabel Wegm��-n  7 AX INTERESTING and useful club  for .bovs  of this  area, the Sechelt "Junior Rod and Gan CluB. is under~!  the leadership oY-Richard Chamberlain, of W'iUon Creek,"*  :..who is chairman- The Directors! are.  Cmlin  Spencer,  ���secretary-treasurer,   and   Paul   Toynbee -and; Ronald.  -Caldwell_ directors '-in  care  of i : -  "a*  ���   '..l-'t.   '    "'!  *   *'     -. .       p *'.J\  i  i.  i  \)  .Resigns .  'JULES A. Mainil, Gibscps  village    clerk    tendered  his y resignation    at - last  council  meeting,  effective  Dec.:lf 19S4. ���_.---       I _  Very tired     j  acuviues.  The purpose of this organization   Is   learning how  to   fanst.  the use of the compass,, fciow-  -Ing the parts of the gun, tracking, and Jly fishing:  -Monthly  activities   are  plan  ned whare "practical application    Family S*mday.  .*   M;  14 Iac|��s presenL The1 treamtec  reponed the Spn.-.;- tea a financial success a.-d ttic- n^err.-  bershfe wo-4'.d like "i_ express  their-tbmks to a'J. -..ho coc*abated. I -".'-*_'  Mother's' Day.    r.u.\    called  Vi  at  lerk resigns  Selma Park  social notes  -  i     - "        -  MRS. Gladys Batcfaelor, and  - Sirs. Florence Johnson, Gibsons, attended the; annual BC  Hairdressers ��� Cohvention in  Vancouver, and* report it was  the best one* in all the years  it has- *>;en held.\  , For thx first time, thq  tendingL :ouId bring aT  Mrs. Bachelor's ^guesC~s  Befeice:: Jste, formerly of  ma*P$rk, who is now tiylni  Vancouver.  Kathie Toynbee. daug  Mr.   and  Mrs.   John  Toynt  Sechelt,   was; a   model  for   a  hairdress:r   competing   in   the*  contortions.-Llona   D,unc*_"���grand    championship .fantasy  - Glena Duncan, Janice Northrup  and Linda Hatley; danced to'the  j  Banana .Boat Song.  Thc second half pf the show  f opened,  sowing the talents  of  I   several -Of the young people of  the    community.   There   were  v three pianoforte solos by Carol  Lee, Dianne Lee and Ruby AOr_ made for  u derson also. IT violip solo '"by.  Heather Duncan. Proving that  , there. are opportunities in -the  ; Fender f Harbour District. for  young people to participate in  country ' dancing,; the Junior  Squaredancers danced . to the  tunes of 'Marching through  Georgia* and "Just Because'  with .Darlcne Dubois and Patricia Bowler being the callers.  The Senior Squaredancers ���  danced the Virginia Reel. The  emcee announced that __two  singing groups ,had arrived  thai evening at the Sechelt  International Airport, and they  had consented to appear on the  show, yes, they were the Beatles (and the Dave Clark Five.  I am sure that the originals  would nbt'have the same, welcome as these- talented teenagers received. They mimed to  recordings of these two singing! groups "^d they richly deserved the prolonged applause  they'. received.  I|ive teenage boys from the  Hig|h School gave an excellent  tumbling act on .the confined  space -of the stage -which  brought many jjasps from the  hair-do. ' "his team placed fifth  in! the c< mpetfticn. Clased~cir-  cuit TV j ;ave; everyone a close-  up view (of ihe contestants-at  work.  A.fashlbn show with 64 models' was another highlight of  thei conv* mtiod. ~An appeal was.  JLXES A. MainiL -.Glhsons  village clerk, tendered bis  resignation effective Dec. f L.  1964 because he is -very tired". !This . will give! him six  months - to show his successor  how this town lives,- he saM.  In accepting his resignaiK>n.  cemmisiioner Sam Fladager  tendered^-heartfelt thanks'7 to  Mainil on behalf of the ccRan-  cil for the wonderful jcb facias  dene ; and be moved emptej>_  meat be terminated with titf-ee  months granr of wages.      f  Mainil said a full time cferfc  is needed akmg with a part  time stenographer. He recommended a perscm who could  deal with 'the people and ^the  Ia**v"- "-     . '       "       I  -   During his five years as jvil^  lage clerk. Ma mi Ihas given  conscientious service to his J office and has taken a detailed  interest in every facet .of {administration. He has preferred  lo-^Iraw- up his own tax rolL  "If is one way to keep in cpm-  te contact with  the mucic-  alit\-,"  be has said.  He has  dvocated frugality and common .senseyin specdmg. "The  day you quite-being economical  you lose coqtrol of your ifin-  ances." he. has admcciied  council. When drawing up a  tentative provisional budget he  proudly - announced to eouacfl.  "With the meat I had, gentlemen. I made all the sausage  t coakL" - -   .      -1  of what they have learned Is-  practlced such".as: going "qut_  on trips with the use cf the  compass and learning what to  do and what not to-do when  .-hunting.  They are planning a-fish derby, for the members, at Sak-  inaw Lake. Anyone who Is interested may- corse - and watch  the event or do some Csliing en -  their  cram.  The Rod and Gan Clab sen-     .       ,r      _���  .    ,t    _  : lor members have been putting    ��*3bf* a_' Xj a ^e p ro^  on a coarse in 'Safety_ of fire-    NEW: HOME  CWflER  arms',  consisting of thev basic --      - -  theory." which is necessary before one is eligible for tfaii dub.  Which! the Sanda-   Scb >A cfelld-  ren wili take" pan.  The! service cn'Xtay-17 *iS.be  in charge  ef the |UCW  and a  turn, fill be. ��howrrJ 03" tfce worfc;  of   Dr_   Paul   Brakd = ��Tth   tis-��  Lepers in India znk t_eC-rebabiI--  itatiea.        -/ .  .  I - !  "  .   " "-  Wiije- re��r25tiiriCft;57 were fe*>  ing served a .start %vz$ made on  the fanttisg of sqkax-s "for azi  afgium. Please, nfze f our - nrxt  tneetm* win -be at  i  Wedncs-  ���������*  VISITORS  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dutr.  from Quesnel. were guests cf  Mr. and "Mrs. Paul Stroshein  for a week. During their stay.  . being long time residents of  Wilson Creek, thev also visited old acquaintances-  Mr.* and Mrs. H. Roberts, expected " back from Desert  Springs- in a ffaort time, are  visiting relatives in Pentieto3 -  and Vancouver,  Mrs. L, Yafcs,f cioved ifds  her beautiful.: fee# _he*ne, buTTt  by Mr, Don Ca54*.?ndl, "ia" th:  Davis Bay .arek. f    1  DANCE   .._. "j."  I*   ;  The   'Sechelt*   Prcsienader.*. .  under  the" lea^erijfeijl  of   Maurice *J3emstree4,   held  a   dinc-^_  at the <K"asoa-<}rc*|fc*Hail- Apnl .  25th. fit was  aj Sitec��ssfui event  with I Maurice j Hj��m*t?eet.    as  caller. There merit alsd square  dancers  aai Harty .fiobertsco,  all 'enjoyed    thein^etve-s -. sr.-i.  are   looking   fjrward   to- their  fortheomytg-^aim-oa "Ma-   2pi  at:Roberta   Cre<-fe   lafcich   *i.l  Chli:t?^e    S.T.uri*i-  Happy   Birthday!   Bill  Simpkins, who Is celebrating his 9th    include    a  birthday. Wednesday, April 29.    bcrfjand visitors fr^m Vane  OFF  TO   FISHING   BANKS ver" {  Barney Biag has left fcr the  halibut fishing ��� banks on Monday, April 27. Good luck.  APRIL MEETING  St. Doha's United Church Women- hel# their monthlv ; meet-  Rcstaaraleur A| C��op��r, oa_  hearing that Liz! *I>jio-r -nay  order . _a verj- *i?fpeasne ~%ed-  dieg'gdun, sajs, *'That s natural��� after ail", it*s*n.*t as thcai^h  it's Something. sh��-"i wear ja*t  ing last Tuesday. April li with    once; or twice-"  the Port Alberci Disaster Fuhd. wfhich was generously supported.- Over the TV"  circuit another appeal was  flashed for blood donors of-a  rare typi of blood. 15 persons  responded. *  - Jack YJfebster. CKNW, hami-  led the commentaries.  Mr., and Mrs. Harry Hill are  in residsbce at Sargeant Bay".  Mr. Hill"!; is busy = painting bis  boats for the summer. Their  Selma Park Borne is occupied  for the season by Mr. "Nelson .  Ford and family. Mr. Ford is  the superintendant of construction for St. Mary's HospitaL  DANCE   SUCCESS I  One hundred and twenty-  five dollars was raised at jthe  benefit dance for Mr. and Sirs.  T. Singh who tost everytfiing  in a house fire recently. Door  prize cf a -box of chocolates  was won by Mrs! Allan Wbod.  A shirt daated by Morgan's  Men's Wear was won by a J visitor from "Vancouver who gave.  it to Mr- Singh. .. _ | . " "  Water shut 6ff  <mmm000*mmm~mm0000mimmmmmm0mmmm���mmm*m    i|   ��� i ���  .;    PLEASE NOTICE f ]  - SEOIELT WATER WORB3 I  W^TER Wlli. BE JSHUT (#f  ������}/-  AT 9.00 A.M. (J  fRIDAY>v|lvUY;-1^  ^PLEASE STORE YOUR DAYS NEEOS|  __ Bragging  about the devotion  of their wives, some husbands  tried to. outdo one  another in  their proof of love.  **Wh>v would you believe it?"*  asked one. "My wife takes off  my shoes with her own hands  and  putd  on -my   house . slip-  = pers."     [ "      -      . ._  "Everyl night when you. get  home?** asked one "of, the othi  ers. j      "'_ ���-.  "Well, t no"*    he    answered.  Every night when I trv to go  ai����asi,a     aa.-a.j,     ^���,.-.   a.���..a         OUt    agailt*'  audience as they came flying _ ___j__j .-  -  iroin the wings of the stage  to j perform their acrobatics.  Tb^ Elementary School Bail  Drill Team consisting of five  , young ladies gave a very -unique and original turn, each one  bouncing a rubber ball and  performing    many    intricate  _   G| E. SICOTTE  BULLDOZING SERVICE  Land Clearing . Excavating-  arid Rood Building '-  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 886-2357  IRVICES  ECHELT AIR  PORPOISE BAT (Secheit^  B.C-  " ��� I f     *  Air Charter & Airc?a��t Maintenance  t       i  Fishing  Hunting  Freight  Air Taxi  Contract Flying  1   ��� * "- "~ I  Sightseeing Tours  Timber Cruising  _ i  MrlAmbutdhce  :  -i 1 i -    !-J  PHONE SECHELT ��g5-f5*||$ ANDr.BOOK FLIGHT  :;-."  :"  '.-  -;.-  '..  .��  ��  <���  ��  J  J  i  V\  r  c  (  .  f  '  .:���,  *  ���  ���    ...iiL-i ��� jiii 111 ihi        . *      -  - rr   -^~~~~~ .     .1 ���r~~~^~~r~" _ * '   '' ���   ���   �� ������     ���  ��� , ��� ��� ��� ���    ��� ��� ���   -.. ���  t ������  ���J- J, 7  '*.>  i.  X  mpnts made  municipalitie�� to  Any n{iuriici jqlity  excess of thi  care of its T  tion for sm;  Mitny. Things; of Shops, Shw&rSealing Wax, Cabbages, Kings  Wednesday, April 29, 196~4  GIBSONS rrjuhicijj>afi.y if anxious to see amend-  to the'act Which restricts smalt  jan annual budget of $ J2,500,  -bringing down  a  budget in  "l t\(ay be wrong,  but I shall not be\ so wrong  as to jail ta say  what I believe to\be right."  '"  ��� -t-Jot(iN Atku)*;  Robots Sell  To Ml} )Ag0f  (West $oa$, Advocate)  ^imcunt is liable for the cost of the  pansioh in kc eping  Gibson, hsis  Union'** of  B.C.  junend. the  Inpatients.. This'is a serious frustra  Hj biit growing municipalities as it  WITH  EVERYONE  talking  bout giving up  : the  revelations  ! surgeon-general's  restricts  devjcljoptjiqnt  Ipeyond   a  certain   point  because of  heavy costs,,  inflationary  he threat of having to meet these  ajrid-a budget of $l2,5f0 in these  irhes h not adequate to] perniitbej*-  only  ������-'���Uofl.s  are being  1-tricting cigarette, sates to ni  i-  smoking afbsr  of  the  U.  ,5.  report, it lis  natural    that    consider!  given   to  re  with the tin es  placed a n solution! bcfojre tjie  Municipal! ies   coriventi  ct. Tpis re^olutifn has been  Long  .n   to  lassed  thc Minister! of  ister of Finance  Finance. Nqw, who jean the Min-  turn it over to?  i  offer to  }o lihe board  quarters of ;in!acj  pf ($2000 f>r 2i  elejnentary ichoo!  munity club ypjrof  grounds has bfeen  the Boardt and jthe  ,1,  PENDER HARBOUR tomnunity club m  ide an  the sthool board in January to lease  art: area  of a 'proximately  budgeted ah ju< $L*f0O a-year s}  ui> an equivalent  -equipment.  For! thfc jjiast two  worked bectus  left to the  sakne  grounds need constant  ment becau it pi  piece of pre pei i*-*  adjoining piece pis  *r t!ie volunteer labor  of their r roperty (for tl e sum  years.    _ ince Mhdein  ParK  was built this picjee oi  com-  :rty ahd t ie adjoining school  used apd  mpjoved joii tly by  CltuVIn th  itge  House By The  Side Of The RoaiW  (Ktodern   version)  I live in a house by thc side o!  the road,        7  Where all the' cars go by.  Cars  that are good arid  that arc bad,  And some that almost- fly.  The sign sayis thirty miles pcf  7   hour.  But they travel at sixty five,  They keep on pouring on tM*  !   power,  And hope to kclep alive.  The  sign  says  "Curve  ahcad^  beware".  So the car ahead, they pass,  To save five rpinutcs Ihey tak.i  a dare.  And drive like a silly ass.  Then the police ! come on tin i  r   scene,  thrcc-  j past tlje Board has  nd the Club has put  unanimously for two years running, but nothing,,  further has conic of it. Finally council decided to  ni.ake a personal approach to the Minister of  Municipalities. They wrote and asked for an  audie^c^ After the usual delays they wen- advised* this concerned health matters so wasj properly a matter for the Minister of Health.  i    Again began tKfe negotiations, when, it wais  announced tlhc Minister of Health woulr-! be in  qibsons fortihj opening otthejplth center, soi y^z"^"wmi^ questit)n t,u  council decided to duseusrtiTebniatter with him at e{f^rt to Lstn&r young people  that time. Now, at a public meeting, when a coin- j��j.om indulging iri the weed, bit Their sirens making a din  mlissioner enquired about this; matter, he was told there is generally conceded   o (-pjicy take a lookTand then they  it concerns money so the proper person to see is be a law preventing sale of <i- say  garettcs to minors, which has  apparently    been    side-track* d  into   the   limbo    of    forgott<a  things.  When tie lawwias passed (if  there is jone), it ; was done   n  ported the Community Club's offer. They feel this  the days mor to the robot s<l- ,  $2000 for a 20 year lease is just peanuts and ling of ilgarettes  where  you Tit could be thirty days m ,an  amounts to only 10c per pupil per month. This' P��t your money i^to a machiiie So all you drivers who driv*  may well b+BuMSOOO is actually a fair price for <&^~Xj* *?��  three-quarters lof an acre m this location if the ditions it iSt goin^ t0 ^ haird  Board��were guying it outright, to say who uses the machine.  However, the Board estimates it will cost thc  and who [docs mk. There a-e  taxpayer several thousands of dollars to finish  riiany other answers to obtai|n  putting the. grounds in shape and at the'end of 20 ��ng jjgarlcttes if one  yeajs they could be stuck with paying again'for be  was  0-  to  few willing horses  attention, ard  ampy nature  tb��ir  cannot  also  VANCOUVER'S  odors"  Emillj at Pori  hits up a  r.,11: contini  t oe improved unless the  improved  The P(|nd|e!. Harbc^uij P.T.A.ha|/e now sup-  iir  was always  Yet the  improve-  and one  denied) them.  While ih agreement that rte-  morc jjx-hiable  both because of improvements f���?T I.SSnJ^v^JS  made and the nat^l increase in prices   They ^1n^TL%^l^f  be stuck with paying for the pianned    educational    expoie c   , ,.���   .   ^       u   ,  have made should they buy it ^ducted' in the schools to in- Is0 * euess In s" down her*  volunteer labjor andT the fproperty which in that time vyill have become  years the plan has not  could also legally  improvements they  at the end of ��0 yeap  The Board is  range view in not  plant in the mind$ of pupils the  taking a considered and long dangei*s to face > the use of  the weed, may do more actual  good than denial.  jumping at leasing a property  for its full value arfid then having to buy or, lease  the property and improvements again in 20 years.  We are going to run you in.  You will probably only gel  fine,  And they'll let you out on bailL  But then they'll "lay it on thu  line,  along,  And attention do not pay.  Just listen as I sing this song  And live for another day.  ~AV. Waddel  A Soldier's Dog  "He went this way one day lasl  fall,  And he ain't come back again  at all,  little fltirrj- about "obnoxious  cprnthg from sc mewherb (the pulp  Melon seer is o be tljie offender)  problem which h is been growi lg and  e tci grow is ';reas- become more  den$ely-popJilate*p and Industrial activities increase.  Smokers chcose to inhale poiluted alir, but  the rest of the growing population cannot help  drawing Th vajryiiig amounts of dirt with every  breath. Air ppllttion has rrached a dangerous  level in Los Angrles, for inst mce an3 the American Conngr :ss a: tion in pas ing a huge $95 millionbudget lor.jrthree-year program of control  and study Liditaiis that it is becoming a national  problem. b     y  Capad i ��(lrejady has m my troublesome instances wh ch ( cajrinot lesser until some serious  study is made 0f the problem. /  Contrjc 1 of' air pollutic n seems rathei! impractical): a; presjntly envisipned.-This is (an aige  of ever-incj easing; combustion of all sorts of fuels.  "The aif'abcoUnt is becoming overdrawn," said  an eminenf professor of cl emistry at Stanford  of non-pdlluting sources of heat and power."0"  But in the meantime,; some steps, must be  taken to rhake people aware that we Haven't as  mjuch purejair, relatively, as we once had. fevery  sihoiking chimney or stack, every motor exhaust,  adds its mite of pollution or, as the professor fireTnsu  put i jit, overdraws- tliie air account. Like t!he_jseas  wjhiljh at one time secmed-sb large and clean and  ujnppllutable, the air is also being found to have  its limits.  The ultimate  but it exists.  efeool  Buildings  (Abbotsford News)y  nay seem to be a long way off,  SOME   highly   interesting   fig  ures have beep made public  by  a  British  Columbia  schwl  trustee interested! in the cost of!  ance for school buijld  (lis province.  Anthony  Hatcher,  ofj  and   , his . reseat ch  ihake British Columbia  mgs m  He  b  Surrey,  should  do a lot  In tl4  MiMWte Mesiiia^es  University, "when one man  just to drive tb wprk  Controlling  not enough  ises 300 horsepower  ts of combustion is  the proddc  L Combustion itself should be attacked,  as Professor Leighton stated J "We must reduce by  every me^is possible the burning, fuels, in favor  "LAN6UA1  NESTL|-.in  your ^ar ���  forever holii  shoiilderb  the searchin  schemes  by other lip  i OF LOVE'  ar|ms, my darlii g ��� While I w  wj>rds that tell about my yearning ��� to  you  closie your eyes anc  y; m  through m  a warm and  mission  near  res t  your head i pon  my  h^ar; within me *-. longs to air  no doubt you have heard my storj  before ��� still how else can I cop  ��� that I wint yop more and rr ore  close togetl cr *r- strange  I ci nnot seem  to  perfect wofj|s with which to.tell yoii ���i what is going  mind ��� perhaps _   an say itj bettei ��� with  tender kiss ��� sp,  ny own, with jfour per  w'll 4peak nfy heaijt like this.  Hando na Tlioiighte  by Ben Burroughs  day.  L  drift to  dreans ��� for  ts secret  told  .ey, dear  now that' we are  find  ���  isper in  of thinking.  five year period fnjim  1956 to 1961 the costi of insure  ing schobl buildiiigs ih this pror  vince v\[as $2,5^0,000. In ihe  same   period   flire   losses   in  srhools   (exceeded   $3,000,000.   It  f does  not take jnuch  imagiiia  "Most people are bothered by ion to reach the conclus on  those passages of Scripture they that insuring, school buildings  do not understand; but . . , #uL_will    become!   progressively.  e tliose   more expensive i if this record!  continues;.   --���'     | ' '    t  Vast majdrityj of schools in7.  British Columbia are of frame  construction, the Surrey trustee  points pit. Provincial department of :education will not a-  gree to share costs of more expensive l^rick sphools.  Yet in neighboring Washington statjf, where most schools  are brick, the f^re record is far  better than in i British Cohm-  bia.   In l Seattlcj,   for  exam]>le,  passages that bother me are  I do understand". ��� Mark Twain  HAVE you eve!r bought clothing under fluorescent lights  in a store (only to find the colours are not at All the  same in normal'daylight? You soon learn to trust only  dayl ight when buying clothes.  So too~iH our actions and decisions in life, we find  there are different standards or lights' to guide us. Some  peo-le will try to tell you it doesn't matter what light  guides yon, asllong as you stick to-it That makes it very  easy! for a hit-and-run driver to be true "to his own  selfhh guiding light, but unfortunately, it DOES MAT-  TER that his guiding light is different from that of the   school -ahthorities  do  not  buy  - commercial ^ insurance   at   -"  Thej*^ h^j ?e "a  |self-insuring  persbn he hit. |We all must have some light to guide us���  sotn: light to which: wc can bring our problems, day by  to use is Jesus Christ  The proper light for Christians  who said: "1 am thi; light of the^vorld." When we "ask  for phrist's help, oijir actions, our1 plans, everything we  say |anld do should be guided, by our Lord's example.  Being a Christian isn't always easy, but we know that,  all.  ar-  rangemMt, aud there is a  substantial ere'lit in the fund.  Constri cting single f lofor  schools: if brijek or concrete  blo^ts.b-i Ir. Hatcher says,| is  the best way to prevent fires.  You ai|e! certain ��0* save insur'i-  Provintial   education  department  should  be  asked to  prove  'sA  ,   . ,   ��� j     ...      ance    ''bSts,  follcwing Christ s example is our challenge and calling   save y^.  jn life. Everyone is guided by some 'guiding light' even  if that light is merely-money, or power. Christians; let  us remember Who our Light is! "   "   _.  "1 am the light'of the world. No follower of mine  shall wander in the dark; he shall have the light of  life." ' _ John 8:  12  Are YOU a Christian? Do you believe what Jesus said   to pres^j" Victoria for  in John's quote here? Then try it for yourself! eration.  apd   probably  to  aP"  a  ch construction oh  fully sh|i ired basis. With" its  brick industry in mind, The  News s iggests. this disirict  should *_|<! the first community  reconsid-  i    and wait,  I For he went this way through  the garden gate."  "And the little black dbg w^th a  wistful eye  Sits and waits as the ninths  roll by,  But  his   long ears  droop  till  they reach the ground,  For his master's scent cannot  be found.  The fishing rod hangs on the  basement wall  Where his master hung it late  last fall,  And the little dog gives a  puzzled whine  As he looks at the iwuj>e-i rod  and line.  t* -*  Still   everyday  with' a  hqjieful  eye  He scans the folks who hurry  by,  And he waits, as wc.all do, for  "ithat day,  When  the   soldier   boy   comes  home to stay.7  Budding Author  Though my offspring has  1 proclivities  Toward writing, his activities  ,' Along this line I view with  some dismay.  It has just been brought :o  light  That he's working llay and  rright  On a book that's called "Are  Parents Here To Stay'."*  ���Rjichard Raymond  ,*************-******m**m**w*m  Sechelt Peninsula7^����2.,  Published Wednesdays *  at Sechelt  on B.C.'s Sunshine Cojast  hv  Sechelt Peninsula Times Ltd.  Box 381 - Sechelt. B.C.  Serving the area from  Port Mellon to Egmont  {Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  Joan Donley, Editor       ���   '  S. B. Alsgard, Publisher  Subscription Rates: '  (in advance)  1 Year. $5 - 2 Years. 59  3 Years SI3  . U.S. and Foreign S5.$0  T  *���  'f*  r  '  * : In spite of SX*% . . .  mslire im  ?8S lldffiCIIS  vate insurance schemes.     f f  He urged people to take ntore  interest suil jx^Iitics. By so fdo-  ing, one becomes a part| [of  history, he J said. He - also  claimed politics- is the efpe-  dient distribution of funds! |to"-  ��*   peopje *and,(projects   of  rfdst  importance^'l     ; |!  ���;--.���    '    ":--'. --        -It  -During": a fquestioa   and |an-"  '        '-- -'-.'���   -J" '-':���";��� -' ' ' swer   period    Gargraves    fras  SPEAKING TO A "(small group in Gibsons, N*DP Tony"asked7 about the restrictive  y Gargrayes7 MLA for Mackenzie riding, lauded the" legislation pn -drags. He lex-  progress and-development in.B.C- during the past few   plained this fjiasf not eomefbe-  f-   -t  years, "in Jspite of [ Social Credit government."  7 He outlined his! duties as. an  -.^opposition MLA as; debate on  important ;issuesy of -the^day."  assessment of legislation =tbat  comes do***n and strcs-j of tocalt  issues; Local Issues stressed by  fore the House and wasK a  -regulation* among the druggists  tnemsslves ' to eliminate competition. It U similar to regulations among doctors and" lawyers.-?    "| I    X\: '"-���'    V  bJi-  RADAR   FINE  .."' ^ -  A man -who-had beea'caught  in a radari trap * and paid the  j -  -f-.,*.    "  ft**i ��.    .  LX  L-. ' JbJ*\-  v  Ma rilyn.- MacKenxie  opposition^; Robert Strachan  had asked: if; a certain project  (1023) had;beenjcompleted cand  at- what cost? Gaglardi advised  Gargraves during the bast ses-^^Z^f^Z^ ���l^^1^  sion were-the road -to" Bella :?nd j10' 'Pfld ^r.^The. follow.  Coola   which   is   B CJ*s   third"*'-��ng.j4ay_-aa;ofltcial.:s��-��ire.��r*:  outlet   to'i ^-setf   Impr^*' der-Mth"��*e project, had been    customary. foe enquired about  -.^.-Sfc^ I9��2_and  had  cost    the .legality!^P��ff   *  saio^ht^uhderstiod- ��jas7built$i^.<*��- ;        :     y. . making his- cheque nut to the  with a wheelbarrow and* looked       Another ^parliamentary  ques-    magistrate.rHe ,saidL faisjran-  SkL it; a road around the north i Uon:asked!jwas if A.,H. Cassidy    celled; <*eqpe,was    -f*���*i*�����  end of Howe Sound- tfhich heb was employed, by Jthe govern-  -fcm^ etataratf^by   the JW-    C&cUe1t names  felt was closer than people-ex- 't-ment as-consultant?; to^which    strata but ithere  was  nothing    oegne" nanus*  pected because of possible^ ex-cu>e answer was. Interior Tire  tension   of   the   P.G.EL7which iwas^employed as a [consultant,  would    mean    building    of   a    It was later learned Cassidy.is  bridge., between Squamish arid"* the-owners of Interior, Tire.  Woodfibre;    "     X _\   I       ..:;'^iGORES* J  This is   a   key  link! leavmg       Gargrave cited  some irrele-   into'iL  iOnly the road construction from ������ vant figures.  In the  past six  Port^tellon to Woodfibre; im- l months.the L.C.B. had made a  ,prov��ment  of secondary  roads - profit ofJISmilh'ohl last year  the; residents had spent $45 million in-beer; one jin six B-C.  residents became hospijal patients ythrooghout the sear at  a total: annual -cost' of $63 million. Average provincial _ educational cost per pupil is $270  a^ year and $157 million" a year  stamped do; it. to indicate] it  had gone toi Jhe ^nrernment Jor  into a trust: ^account He felt  such cheques be made payable  to - the -Minister 'Of * Finance.  Gargraves iaid !"he would look -  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., -Apr��i 29, 1 $64 JPoge 5  ���ii ������in .i    ���     ���������'���'������'   ���; " ii    ��� ������  i mm ii. in- .���������i,. .nn-         _ ������urii.ii   i..  j. .i���i ^ ��� ���  Appreciaie^rPrfAr ��_z  meeting coverage  -ONE  of   our   suhV^ri*_:fi.~ Mrs.  Flw^nre Je��5-i?s| wh& atier.-  ded ti=  PTA  casfenfion.  <?er t  a  c��py cf the -Tiipei xontain-"  ing  the   write-up |o | Mrs.   F.  Tfeompso^   of   Victor.j 7 sccur.d-  \ice-presideat    BCffTfb   sirs.-  Thompson   *as " unable: to  at*  tend the. cczi\ cntisf because >-.,-�� .  a czrlzccicert. .Kdfcis a j��r-  tioa <sf hrr 'jrsply ��� to - Mrs. Jeffries: f '"Tiprrk t yc��   pi   much -  fcr your kicdly. act is"|sec<iii^".  me   ymir   sewspag*r| ilt   wafc  the   fcfest   azd   nicfc-t fcompfete  report*-I have ���sezxi lt*i*.- lucky  }xnx ir? to be in a| ar��a wher �����  thsy can and will |:-nnf all the- -  cawsTt" I   certamlyf ep|oyed  -^t.  .and sSso^the rest-|f ttef paprr.  "I Jhink you" aife pgfti.  We..  dnn'tj&ave  to  selj   Fl|\   clopr---.  \o-da>k~.  We "must | let 'the  people in cur areas -know" we ire  *��M %M       f\ ���   havisf   a  small   rc%olu::oa-ih:  04 may yiieen - .  cducafcn: The six pn-jrajus."i*  MARILYN' SlicKemtie  yffl be*   the v��ea_<isal-itrcsm^sain��,cf:  Secfadt's I��i May Queen land    them!  terminal    prop-ar  ?  ������i  ^4&i  !arbund Gibsons and (Roberts  Creek.-These roads are- difficult to -maintain as';- gravel  .(.roads-because of so much rain-  *.;|..-��s'll; ,i widening v.and improving  :,j,Soames; Creek bridge. This  ~), brid ge will receive attention  this year along with the Bella  her attendants!are Eileen Sest-- enough material -for - *��:*T^t  man and-Dale!Billisgsley. Mar-- FTA. meetings. Parents should  ilvn-is the daughter of-Mr. - knowi ali.iHe rar$:Ui'..en4 yt  and-hrr. F. V- MacKeszie and these |"strean-s* so fi^sr chilis..-* grad? six istodect at -Se- - drenpoat-be left b*h.cd."  chclt elementary  school- | *"*ss_~ ���Prarrc*-* Thompson  -May  queen IcaccEdates   were " 4 -    I     . ���    z  selected   from; the   grade   six    MORE JCSOtfT . . . . ~  class; Each- of the three  girls    fJf(U rcrlo.  | Coolar road and a7 new bridge , jS -spent on schools; of which-  half is paid directly by the.  government- had half by* the  schojl tax. BVC. raises SlOO nill-  lion^each year for services and  spends $100 million for health  and welfare, $?5 million for  highways,.$30 million on natural resources,^ Le. fighting forest   fires,    reforestation,    etc..  in 7 Powell River; completion  bf the broad' to. the Skookum  Chuck; ' and proper inspection  of small boats which normally  dp riot comq under D.O.T. regulations. There are too many,  loggers' lives lost due; to public btransportationy in small  boats. Gargraves felt tod. high  A EslKrciaa - questioned-: the  democratic fight of the, sil-piah  fishing somm��si<H- -. to "take  submissiohs) |Of; evidence rind  information-Lin! camera.*- TTiis  commisskin, 1 sitting as a result  of last gear's fishermen's then had tojs-ake a campaign  strike, comprising three pro- . speech before i each class- and from pag��-l  -vincial and| three- federal re-' every student Is the school cast  preseniatives, is charged with their vote by ballot In the true  investigating ��� the cause fof -democratic master,  strikes id the fishing industry. Flower girf$j selected by the  He r felt ��� all! evkience, either - teachers are: jSechelt element-  written or oraI--sfaould be_sub-- ary. Katby Grafe and Vicki  mitted-in public and should j be Fearnley. grad^ one-students:  available toi parties requesfing    and Sandra  Weed! and  Kathy  - Moorcroft    i*tm%  h\y..--.   -: | -    ..."-. y  - -' r  Development of park sites  for linderdeyeloped:areas concerned    a  1 questioner    whose  r-'-f  a priority was given tq the In-1 and $75 million on government - group' was-mterestei ixr detel-  terior and the mainland, coast y services. The government rais-     -���'--     **"---- J     *-J ~*~  was neglected.  i es the bulk of its taxes.in four  ways^-S.S. & M.A. far, $100  miflion:. gas -tax, $44 million;  natural " resources ? (stampage,  etc'.*)- $lu*J millIon;andyjneome  and succession duties, S9l mil-.  ''���\  NEW   LEGISLATION    !  f r.He commented on neiw legis-  c( latidn brought down during the  y past session! New: and! sweep-  4 ing powers have  been! accord-    *uu �������*���?"'"�� �����"����� *^ ";��**  "i     ,    "^ *"v,a  "       -       "l -,, '  Uon.  From fines  and penalUes  i  and criminal trials. Changes in --* .      -  oping a five acre donated site.  Gargraves advised such class  C parks are operated under  trustees and a $500 grant.-could  Davis * Bay.  BilEe Frigen cf Sechel* elementary wil be the gift bearer.  Dick Branca;-May Day chairman" is- working hard to organize a~ successful day. There  wiU be seme unusual sports  events and entertainment after  tha  eeremd-iy.  The  commerce  he fell he %oa!d Uke-W bc re-  .Eeved,. cf . tha -duties f ef r secretary*. fTbe feard zisented to J_L~  susgestion. * -acd { " crspo-*er?d  him |to - interview -(gpticaets.  and ti��. supervise tie- ^rjilclcg- o���  the dt.2 chosen. The iM'std t-x-  preseid- thanes to h-m for h;_s  d^o4*3^ to the in*��*r-.*i*. ot the  HID.! =.  :- Tbq ^request to' the. trisWes  .for. iytstanee in ic'ttlc^.^ttp  'garbige" ssrvfci1 'in'jthe "area  was tumod dawn, as jthe HID  Is only empo��ired ii ficanca  the  contraction tf *: hospitaL  be obtained; from the govern- hopes to have new corners "join  ment.-He suggested contacting the parade. Entry forms may  the  recreation commission ffor : be "-cbtainc-d  from   Mrs. Toytu  the mental health, act-aimed at  treatingy such ; cases -ih 7their  .own localities with the same  yieyel of care as paUents with  physical ills, were introduced.  He defended social .(workers  who. had taken;-- issue with the  government on, welfare! issues.  Five government reconimenda-  *'There is a bright future for  B.C.., Gargraves said. Ha felt  expanded trade - with Japan,  China^ Asia.: Australia and New  assistance,   j    - J.  Gargraves} told another qaes- _"  tioner   parkk; _ shoukl   be   protected against logging and raining   by-special legislation. Jnot .  by   orders-In-coundL - He   said .  only   4 perjeent of productive -  timber was I in BC. parks and .  bee at Cozy Court MoteL  . A diamond is one "of sne hardest sabstaaces kminzto man,  particularly  to  git   blck.  --tri - ^er - - - - mt\/M>i%a*9*-\ntWf\t\*twmn0T\afHnniwrr rfln-nnr-ini-ir,f - 'i -���,"--rt-rr  Zealand indicated a . period of  great -prosperitv.    There    had- both    loggers     and    certain,  been a 40 per cent increase !in    MLA's  were desm>us  of logg  population,-.electric" power  us-    ing    Garabaldi.    Park , policy ,  age  has trebled  and  gas con-- should be oh a 100-year basis,  tions    made    to    improve   the " sumption %as^doubled: Vancou- - he s^d. andu^y toem >b<^d  *       .-*     ver to Victoria ferries carried    be  done  either  by the Parks-  1.4    mUlion * passenger's    last,   board   or   the   Forest   serrice..  level of social services jare (l)  to .activate,    the    legislative  -f  to f activate,    tp e    iefisiau* e .- >-_ Hl^r   ^--"-^g ^   -He told his-listeners there had -  standing committee on jweKare    >^^q -^|>r * ^ J~ z beCQ a%eTo!uUon m the logging  7^SaSrC^|SS*-t^ ^feiS^y    industry, of! which   the^ihUc.  i~n^    t'rt "inealr-    f��l    to    ro-nrrii^    Service    Operated    at    COSt    and ��� sras .smaware^and-basber jras j  S menS ^eaih   M^S-/ ?.�� were not fo*r depreciation.   ^ J** *?��**��- ^^ I  tare ind correction- "(3. to re-    would  have  shown a loss. THe :-four: big   companies      j:%-er>-  ieSe^IaT^S trWorm   Ifelt terry  tolls  should  not be    thing ^1^^^^  ^  removed but a bonus could be   .fully-committed. ���   he  said;   IT.  !  filing;   (4)   tojift  thef 10  per t   , .  : cent "lew on municipalities for    given   for   travelling, at   slack  ? TB  and* indigent  welfaire  ser-    times, either that, or,.a penalty -  !! >ices;  (ST^to msUUitcja  cam-   /PE.-  travelling^   during-  peak  j; paign  of prevention,     j periods.  |;- :  Gargraves  felt  Uiere (needed ^ATlONAl^LgNSlON PLAN  : .to be a  change of attitude of . ���   ". _  .  bthe people'in power-and-more      .H��   welcomed   the   new;na--.  bstress should: be ;puy on ycoun-   ybonal pension plan^ and feU; the |  Celling and retrainiiig. "In"Vic-, agreement between Pnmel  btoria.'- he said, "there are 70 Mimster.Pearson and Premierr  ibmiotionslly disturbed children Lesage of Quebec ,is \ great j  oand only 31 beds-avaQable for^ victory,, for confederation * asV  ' their rtreatment.'.* Ho felt U^will :..**U^s .teing.. of^great benefit t  ,>cost more in therlongruh to" to* Caira^ans/   ft ^wdl   be   a ^  treatTlhes2:-;riiildrendater^as  5.pop-f^ed-pIanv:Whereby  em-|  Is  tied  up. by  forest rmanagement   leases.-   working   circles -  and  by  private concerns. fl*he ;  future lies in- better and fuller ..  utilization, he claimed.       I  rurcainymvflow.rmsoo wienie :--r^y-**^ ^y^: ,V _.-���,> I  7^800 menully retarded children S104 a - month plus the $75, old,  !   Siting to getvinto'Woodlands.'- ^ge-peasion; -Jt .will carry ,sur-1  vivor's nghi^.. He felt the non- *  I  1  waiting to getv  ^OMBUDSMAN  funded- plan was superior to a  He criticized the failure of.. funded7 plap . as isuggesfed by l  X .the government to provide an Lesage because a funded plan|  ^ombudsman Which protects the ; would : accumulate   investment |  icivil rights  of citizens against    capital  tew  rapidly  and-would  ; tbig   government.-He -scorned   "end up .owning all the business  ; _the  -Social  Credit, government    and   industry   in   Canada.   He-  bfor    their    disregard. . of   .the    bitterly ^criticized the insurance:  b'democratic  system 'Jay   refusal    companies   for; trying   to   ob--  ��or   failure ^toy. answerfrParlia- ..-stfucLShe.-scheme. In the USA..  :mentary '" questions.   He   cited:  two  examples:   Leader:iof Jthe  he   said   a   similar   plan   in-  -creased.public interest in pri-  Selma" Pork -.  '* ���  COMeLFTE FAMILY ASD  PARTY|?AEALS TO GO  ^-C_i"JLC��vCMne -  -  Italian $p��s*t��tti  Try our -homemade  Doughnuts  Phone 885^2270  lOPEN  10 ��.m��t�� I ��jsj.  PffiFEa|iHfOft  FASH1QH FUnERY  Every Silhouette  Of THe Season  J-very Wonderfijl  Fabric  * -*��  Every  Delectable  "Colour  HOPS  IADSES'  2 STORES'tTO SERYE YOU  SECHELT 885-2002 *  > :,G18SONSiS86-21W  &w**u***vv*v^*'W**n$wv*vnwe^%>i%m��i^w*MWm****0mMmmM****v^^  ���*ta^*a>*^w*^iw  *     '  *  <    .  ��  Hi  i b-:'  :b"  :!.'���'���  -'..    5  i"  ,.'  .���  7  rH1  X  ''���    .��  rf-I  X;%  :*���     "' i-  P   K   rf  \i**r  /-'��� *  -,���������"��  ���(������ <*  X  '<t .--  -:���*���  ���    , *  ''ta'"   _'  ;*>���?*.  >.*-  :'���. ���  '-���}  I-.''  "���. ".  i. 'a  _���" "���  '* :".  "*S  ���'.' *���  ���it*  . -     .    . ������ ,,,       ,       Ian...   hi hi, a mwiia ^uniin nan tii~        ~   ���       li           '���.    ,   '  j__ *. *-J5fc_L!���*-.j�����iJnijiAfLj  ���A Poge^ The SecheH Peninsulo  MORE ABOUT . .  Increase ratejs  from page 1-*-.-' *  trea-  record-  ger, vice-chairman (j an  surer Jim Drummond,  ing secretary Capt'. [Wesley B-  -Hodgson, board JR. iF. Kennett  representing the-Lcgionj Fred~~~  ���Holland for the Voltthteer Fire  department, Jerry ! Dixon for  the Kinsmen, Genej Yab^onski  for the recreation commission,  Andy Vanderhorn 'fir the Gibsons and District Chamber of  Commerce, Don Hatkka for "the  Kiwanis and (Mrs| Gertrude  Coriett for the'Women's Instk  tute. The next centennial meeting on June 3 a. 8, [p.m.  Fladager   repolrter    each   organization   was! requested   to  ". submit their  pllan (for   a   cen-  . tennial project and) these could  [be thrashed out by jail. It is ex^  ipected Ithe  regulatiins will  be  ' 'laid down at a meeting of com-  'mittces On Juhe 2nd. First project, submitted by! (the I village,  was   for   the  ;perinan^nt   improvement and! re'c lamatibn  of  beach ^area. This (vould entail  ,   1,200 feet of crescent Shaped retaining wall with dredged sand  pumped!   behind    |o    form    a  promenade.   X    -1 ���  The present, committee is  Comprised pnly jtof -Gibsons  -municipality. (Ojutside. area can  __apply to organize- centeririial  projects of their own or come  in on a grand project for the  area,   Fladager!  advised,  iWs, Wed,,  ions: will ibe  mod of  DrummOnd  $3,P0(t.  the1 tourists-  must be trea ed as kings and  queens.  BARGE  thanked  April 29, 1964  in the neighbor-  reported   on   the  Council B Hoi rjsV^bureau con-'  .en'tion. Hej $ id 1982 had been  big   year   because   of   the  Seattle Worid.  Fair, but 1963  riad matjehed it. .However, 1964-  border   crossings  27 par cent. One thing  indicate,  were up  he   stressed   fras  WILL   BE   RAISED  Gibsors ant   District C- of C  $100   donation  cement  May 2nd  Accounts  were  amount  otalling     $1219.01  oj-dsra     paid.    Of   this      $372.81 was under winter  svorks   wherein, three-quar  ters of  paid to  case of  present  out of  there is  the   council   for   the  and announced  pourihg  will   start  on  ihe labor -costs are re-  coun :il except in the  regulir employees. At  counc 1 is meeting bills  surplus of $25,700 as  nothing coming* in for  the  firs i  three  months  of the  PARK   PLANS;  'Park plank (fori the United  church corner i were discugsed.  Fladager soggest pd... a; cairn  surrounded pyT a fence,  pbssi-  s My of ornamental Iron, to commemorate    al|    ihe    pionjeers  buried"i there, it vjas suggested  all   the   rema^nin j   headstones^  be embedded in tie cairn with  a  bropze pladueJon the face  statingj Ihe (dates of birth and'  ideath-l-of-eaciv- person 7buried  !there. s "The   ores mt condition  of ttaej ��r$i~.^.jk akeyespjeliand..  a   disgrace *to *G b|pns,i*  said  Fladager. Con mi* si oner N.  > MacKay wi I ^ iisc is.s -the mat- .���  ter  with  tie  dll !fehdta!ntsb'and  obtain   wriften   permission   to  proceed as autline i. "This would  enlarge  the   rjarjd area.   Com-  : missipner Jim!Drummond is ih*  fayor of buildlinghcOmfortistations in this parl:7'***We would  have somi; /con-'eniences| for  residents and tourists,'f he  claimed. I'he T for sewage^  hook-up is already installed.  Commissiot, chiimah, A. E.  Ritchie, ' e: timatci the lowest  installation figure Ifor such sta-  886-2192   >f     |MU 3-1393  RE IDS  Movinij & StaragejCo.  LONG DliTANCE MOVING  Fully fraipchised  992 to^el  ktreet,  *  Yi  aipeouver  ZEPHYR MOTORS LTJD.  are bleased to  appoint  ERNEST Rb(Ernt^)  jFELTON  as representative  , tOiTne, Seehelt  ..! Peninsula  or New and Used  <3ar and Truck. Saleis  CAL. COLLECT  Bus. TR. 2-7411  Res. YU. 5 3321  [MERCURY  METEOR  COMET  BRITISH FORD  ��l.. ��� ���*_  ,*��� ..���'*.' - - **���"����  ���'*:*.'*%'&*':?<  '><*iM,    a ,,  "_SeWjr*Wf ���*-i*  "#_asl��  isiV *������*��� ���  m ��*.';..?�����"  ]EAi..fj*-  t-f^2H'fKf4^*\:SRif^**J*p  :?,-  .*   j*Z  -L*'*rl.  of- It��������*>��   ***,   �����*���-*-  jF m �� 1 "��� ��� *"��� -  ,*,'*.' **        "   '   - *   -"   "  ��� ���-:    ���-.': 4v ��� '.- ��� ������.'���- b- -*.  M*,-^T A   ^-L-Il-i^l^^^^���Jl^^��� *"i     r  ��� iir^Trn r^-fr J-.��- .-^-i.���i   �������� .J*  SECHELT ML'STaVNGS, lo��t a very elobe gtime. at Season Opener, but showed real rjlass. Abo%*^ are coaches Jack Eldred and Leo (Nestman.  ���sry  ���eg-,"*7"., ^. ^  s>'/*'-53&'i'-/?  ���_*j_":vi^*E"-* ���  year. This isaves harrowing  several thousand at high interest costs.  Building permit was issued  to Clatfence Sicotte to construct aj 12 bi* 18-foot open car  p<Jrt valued at $200.j,G. Frede*-  rR:k was isslied -a | permit to ,  move ope of! his 'houses frdm-  HiUsider'   -". j      -X b~-.----^  Donation pf $li? was maite  to the CfN.IB- 7       .'  Commisisionjer   Fred   Feeney.  reported recepit of 500 feet pf  new fire hose]. The V.F.D. plan  to purchase-fixtures for a, larger oxygen t!ank has been abandonee   as .t(oo costly.- Instsjid  they   will   piirchase   an   extra.  ���"-UrtHe.-tb fit Jhe inhalator since  this is anly^iin; emergency service,   "'he   ichool   board   has  been advised to place a proper'  hydrant     bei ween     the     two  schools   at    the ; new   Gibsons  elemertary school, site.  ���Feeney re lorted   the  results  of a C of C executive meeting  .which (,complained   about   the  ^<_cmditi<|h    ol' the    laundomjrt.  "There Is watpr on the.fjpor.ahd.  .the plaice looks unttdy. Maci$jayi.  ^explained th^ hot /water tanks  had bwrned f)ut while the owner,  N.j Burley,  was  away/ He  has now retjurned arid repairs  are underway.  MacKay reported ail roads  had been graded. A ditch problem exists irt front of. the home  of Alei Davidson. There is too  little fall in (the ditch, the culvert is too deep_and it sits up  due to soil erosion. Eventually,  the ditch will have to be deepened and tne owner will have  to  ins ^11  a   steel  culvert.  Bylaw 159 to amend sections  1-17 oi the commercial licensing by-taw vas given first and  secon. read ngs . It was passed  on instruction of the Department of M unicipal Affairs to  conforfm with the a:t to amend  the Itfunlc pal Act. Village  clerk,] Jules Mainil felt it conflicted] With) the MJitor Vehicle  Act,   j  ,  GIBSONS Merchants, winners  at H_ickett Park in Sechelt  Johnson all the wctjf .  of Season Opener played  coacft Don JDouglasv  Gibsons Mejc^tants  opemer  win  A son, borp ^pril 21, at St  Mary's Hospitall to Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Ccjneaut of Gib  sbns.      . 7      '      ��� '  A son to Mr. and Mrs. Stan  THE BABE -ftUTH League* kicked isff thei  iri., Hackett  Park,  Sfechelt. ort. Sunday,  Kenny Johnson went all t|iejvay pitching  gj%et* .''b ^ X - -:w '���   ij -7 T       ;* '!".'  '   Sechelt fooll the lead in the    New CltizepS  first inning  and  held  it  right  up to the 5th. The boys were-  at  a  disadvantage due  to the  rough, infield which made for aj  game with lots of errors. The  Mustangs   cha'nged  pitchers  in  the 4tb. inning as B%rry Macj-  Donald went in for Ray  Moserip.  Barry lasted two innings  and Ron Baba came in to finish  the  game.   He  struck  out  the  first  two  batters   to  face  him and a long fly ball to centre   finishedy Gibsons   big   inning.  Gibsons showed some top.  infield "plays \ with   a   doUblje  play  in the 5tli the  most outstanding.  The i 6th  inning  was  Sechelts as they came up two  runs  making  it 7  to 6.   Final  4eore   was   8-7   foi*   Gibsons.  Let's see more .parents out next  game.  ��� first game  April 26th  a real good  %y Anderson of  Born  April  2J.  Hospital;  ! A son. tto Mr  rfy; Klossncr,  born  April 22  at  St. Mary's Hospital. The Klos  siners    a re  Creek.  -4  alsc  USE     TIMES  Wilson Creek  at  St.   MaryY  and Mts. Hen  Kihsmeh tp hold  white elephant  auction sale \  MORE articles for-ithe Sechelt  Kinsmen WhiteJj Elephant  >Aiction Sale are arriving ever* day. Work parties' have  be sn held to get everything  looking smartly for the auction  which will be held on May 9th  at 2 p.m. in front of the Hos-  pilal Cottage, i  Th*3 Kinettes have been getting j clothes lined up for a  rummage sale to be held the  same  time.  Mote articles are; needed���  if ybu have any old furniture  or other articles please contact M. Thompson S85-9330 or  R   "Stpphanson  885-2192.  '*-  lobs Daughters  hold family night  SATURDAY, April 25 was family night for. entertainment  sponsored by the Job's Daughters.; Well over lQp people at-  t<:nded and enjoyed the stage  program along with tha fish  pond, dart games and many  others. Harry Mylroic wks  Master of Ceremonies along  with Linda Peterson the Honored Queen., The first half of  the program consisted of:  (1. The four Beaglas played by Vic~k_-Lee Franski. Heather7 Garlick, Marilyn and  Phyllis Tyson. , .  (2*�� A real frightening Monologue by Carol Bozer, that had  everyone scared and on the  edge of their seats for a few*  jnoments.  (3) Solo by Gordon Hauka.  (4) A Demolay skit that had  to be seen to be enjoyed.  (5) A piano duet by Mona  Veaie   and   Carol - Olson.  Ay short intermission gave  everyone a chance to play the  garnet and eat popcorn. Then  the second half of the program  went on with:  (6) A piano solo by Patty  Gust.  (7) A Jobie play about young  girls- dieting.   "!    s *��l ��  (8) Piano solo by Wendy  Gurney.  <9) A solo by Eloise DeLong.  (10) The BeBops or BeaUcs^  concluded  the  event.  Winner of the large cake raffle was  Mrs.   DeLong.  from   Wilson  FOR ..QUICK   RESULTS  E..-U.* - >���������** ��** ���*��� "^  t  1  --    * *.  1  *-���../**  ,  .'        1  '  ;..   **& - -  '           *.           *"       A  :   ":>$ I '  1  ���     ���   :             *   t  1  4  .  *>-              it  ^*     '  *      *   .  *.  *                     . ���        **  1  -    '-1         ^    '              "J     .  r      >       "���  '  * .*���       '        J-      "        -  ...-F"..-;  PLAYER of the We^k,  Brad Bowser, Seehelt  Mustangs shorjtstop. Best  player of the week will (be  presented a handball com-  plirhehts of Sechelt Pedin-"~  sula. Times.   '  Are you  th  CLASSIFIED  concerned  PASS   RESOLUTIO   N  A resolution that tho school  board should accept the Com- *  munity club's offer to lease a  portion of the club grounds for  $2000 for 20 years was passed  at the last meeting of the Pender Harbour PTA. They figured this would amount to 1  per pupil per month, which  ���'just peanuts oh the schj;  board's   budget"  Of Qying?  Growing numbers of  people have come ta dis-  cent from the conventional pattern of Funeral  Observance.  Do you  further! information  WRITE  MEMORIAL  P.O. Box 9  i       Phone  a) non-prof  feel this way too? For  en how an individual or  family (membership :cn assure dignified Funeral Arrjangements a:- Minimum Cpsts^  mt.mm.mmf*  CIETY OF B.C.  Vancouver 1  >87-7723  ORGANIZATION  y   ,"77 ��� i  y.JXM- ���  ������it /  Fact Is  " -���By Roy Nestman  WAS AT THE Tony Gargrave Meeting the other night  1 and most impressed by the questions being asked by  thei-audience, particularly one by a 14-year-old^boy. if  this is the type of youngster we are rkising these days,  wit!!} a real interest in what: is happening in = politics,  aren't  as  bad   as  they  the bouse, send it in and I will"  print it, that is if U is print- .  3 Meanwhile  I'll start  you  off jif fjfg   S6SS011  with one:���       - - - f  fThe Secfielf- Peninsula Times, Wed.- April 25. t<*o�� Poee J J  ;������������!������    i <���-      ���" '     ' -i"        - ii       '        -.!���,  in��� n    ��� -Hiuill-iW -MW��    ��� m m �����,    ���,��� ������   ��� f.  ma^i seem. All  in 'all  it  *as mouse trap chasing a. mouse?"  a    very    interesting    meeting. y    '.           *  j*   ***.__  Tony   seemed- right   at   home Many    people    may    wonder  ancl lauded   the   Social   Credit how .a   small ! paper   like   this  Government   to   the   skies, jit coui{*   survive j in   a   town   this.  seehts our boys iri Victoria are  doing a good job and all that  wef are hearing about the npn-  seriipulous dealings that are  going on is not true. Why? is  it that we have to -hear this  from a member of the opposition? It's time we had more  honest. politicians like Tony;  .. *y *   �� ^  " see-where one of our local  girls who is often, accused of  chasing the men came up with  ati answer to these charges the-  other day; she laughed and  saM.-HVho  ever  heard  of a  size. Well wre* don"t make  money on subscriptions and wef  don't make money on job  printing or- do we m ake money  onLadvertising. So you; would  wonder how in the world we  managed to earn,- on. It isn't  easy in a town- this size; in  fact,'~we couldn't continue publishing if It weren't for the humor " departments of the big  city dailies; "they buy all our  typographical [errors.  - ���- ��� [.-.��� "',  Anybody  for poetry?   If you  have any oddball poetry around  When   he    killed    the    mighty j  Mudjokivls, _ "., -    }  Of the skin he made him rnit  tens.  Made them  with the  fur side}  inside.  Made them with the skin side  outside.  He, to get the warm side In-| I  side. -..--..-  Put   the   Inside   skinside   out  side;-  He. to get the cold side outside^ f  Put the warm side fur side in-! S  side.     - 11  That's why he put the skin side;}  outside. -- ' j  Why he turned them, inside out-j {  side.     ! I  THOT OF THE WEAK: J*J  There are two kinds of worn ���* J  en, those who'll argue over| 1  anything, and those who'll" ar* |  gue over nothing.  i  'Ji  Television   is   called   a   med* s  ium  because  so _ little of it i*J {  either  rare or  well-done.        1 J  begins May 1st  THI"-  provincial Forest %rvice  x   advises  after  May  I,  camp-  (fire   permits   will   be   required  sby anyone camping, picnickicg.  lor engsgsd rm ,any firaiiar activity  in  any for^t, or woodland, cr beach. These permits  must JoiXczrried at   all   times  anebmust be product! upon request by any forest-officer-  Permits.- are subject to cancellation or suspension at any  time by the Ministec-of Lacds  and Forests, or by an officer  of the EC .Forest Service. No  permit sfaall^ apply If a fcrest  or woodland area has been "posted by an owner or officer of  Forest Sen ice prohibftic-r the  setting-out of a fire.  Campflre permits may be obtained Iran any post c'flce oa  the pcrunsula. except in Sechelt. where they may Be obtained   from   tfce   Fores try  Of  fice" or--VLla* ��� ��'���-<���.  ^mi v  "Gibsons'   wt.cn    '*>-.    ���*���-   ob  . taioed fram U -   'tOti*   Tk^.  permits   are   t .'.   *+if    n   na-  tiocal   parks,    i --   r-.   pM.eic^>  alities   lart-ss ' ��� v�����'   in   tyzz  icipat-clerk  - "Burring .peri, i*�� :-*- ��.������ - p��^r-  pese of cla-��rir>;'   '.*<������.',. *i -wro*.  ing legging sis-i �� - ���*�����-- pur  peses.   ar*  ct..* nn^i   u< m   th,.*-  Forestry .-ofCe.     *�� ��i*.<-*;- in  _specti the pLa<^ ��*���** uii,r*t bur  oing   permit.   i��    r��-i<   r*jj.   ar.*-  inserts  addiic-a' <�����.*.'i(j**s.  i-  necessary.' on   tj��- ���   ���f   (f��*rci  befcre    isLiun;-     .*t��,.     \Tb*s*  permits ar?  _.*��������-   :������ riser'  la tion at icy ; **����� ��������  **��"' Fo^-  '. est  Service.  The village < ��� **���>' i> it *r.<  Gibso&SL are ���.���.���.���i.tt...* I >-  their <*�����_: ternt ��-������- * i!��t re<  pect   to ^burei'i-.   .^*i  % la-i-.ers  tor    witi>j ES     -< ;..��':     icrr^t  d^es not ireqt> - - i��c"Jw'. j  b��rn garbage ���*" ��� ��<���=��. rt  fuse.        !  ���I .  USE    TIMEt    Ct*S^ci?0  SUNSHINE COAST  SERVICE  -   Specialized Body  Repairs  *T?REE ESTIMATES *  f   WILSON CREEK  PHO^E 885-4466  arn  of your business feaders  gahiis;      \ f  SHOE STORE j:  Sechelt, B.C. - Ph. fcSS��95i3  \.  "Specialist .in} foot  c����rrr.  "f   ?  L & S. Traiispoft Ltd.  -     SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  Gibsons  886-2172  Vancouver  Tr. 9-53H8  Sub  Agents   to Sekins  Moving   pod   Storage  WORLD WIDE MOVERS  Fre^mote, -GdlCoa^t  *1  FRED JORGEMSEN  EUROPEAN TRAINED BARBER  You look and feel like  Aj new man  Next t-ofpoot Room Sechelt  - . -        { i  Shell OU distributor  GIBSONS/ B.C.  Phone 886-2153  #tee^tln^|^!  AS YOU KNOW T-HERE  ARE NO REAL BUY% IN  BABY SHOES - BUTj WE  \CAN FIT THEM FOrItHE  VERY BEST IN COMFORT  AND FOOT GROWTtf \ , .  ORTHOPEDICS A SPECIALTY.  SHOE  * _ i  SECHELT  [pfone 88S-9519  **-���.* *^��# ��*>#- ���  Indian Isle  Marina j. J  FRANCIS PENINSULA. ft  s- , PB^DIt ��**4i6UR  Everything for tHe Boof-CK4��7r  Shell Marine Prod.   |   Phtme1881:2444  If Pays To jAdverfie  V   This Space !*r"  Can BelYcupst  i       r :i v  :7 J        ���  ; !       -     *  I      "A. *����< �����'��������� a*'  } -ia       j       .S--  I      - !. "  I    ~ C?t��t*o��t**  Eols  Block Marine  **>tt��*-  Gibson* thews S��<>-9<541  ^nnel Bf os��  FURNITURE AND PAINT  STORE  ; -; _ '    i  -  NEW CHESTEHFIELD SUITES  NEW^AND USED EVERYTHING  CpME IN AND BROWSE  1*        SECHJELT  Phone 885-2058  INTERIOR �� EXTERIOR  ^Biilili��  LAURIE SPEC1  Sheet MetaLM  Oil Heating       Ga^ ^ofnaces  j Sheet Metsk j  t    Gibsons  Phone. 886-9S61  PENINSULA, r  MOTOli PRODUCTS  (tfsn LTD.;  COMPLETE LINC  GENERAL MOTORS .  - CARS AND TRUCKS  AUTOMOTIVE PARTS.  BODy SHOP  SPECIALKED REPAIRS  Adjcscent to Your ^4e-��*   -v��^i*'ai  Sechelt. B.C. Pfco��e l��S-?ll!  ��*v..j  i.  - I  i **"A"**V  x:^;  :  -   i  4  \  *t- .^  \  5"^S^IM^;-3I*^^^ mm.  ���Si=>-ii  m  P    ^o tu. tJjUM Peninsulo Times Wed.. April 29, 1964  r*  Davis  Qt^ka Diary  V By Jock Oayis, M:P.  THE COLUMBIA RIVER Treaty has been referred to  the standing Committee^, the House of Commpns.  Composed of thirty-five ��� Members and representing all  '-Parties- it is now hearing witnesses and examining in-  ..dependant   submissions   in; considerable/detail,-- Only  "after its recommendations have '   ���*y : ���   been  elndorsod iby   Parliament    qA**UaU nlam  will   the. Government' be- free * rOecneil'-eiera.  to ratify the- Treaty  and- eon-"  *rhr,nl rit>W*z  stnlctioh get under way; : SCnQOi nOWS  ' Ac n mcu 'it ��w i��*ftr��r, ELECTION * for - 19G4 " Sechelt  , , As. a result of .thi1- interna-' -^ , - - - .< ,, - ., ..-  tidnal agreement Canada must *.L Elementary .- school*s -Maiy  VUild three W.'sWagc dams, ;Quce";w?ff ljsId* Pnday. April  Iumust alsb' control the '-flood ** *-4- .Candidate were: -Marilyn  ��� wLtcrs-of. the tipper Columbia I Mackenzie,   "Eileen    Nestman,  &S inc-leas-ed by* $51,600.* Total assejts increased  by  now- open-JTu^df-y,j-Wednesday -  &  Wmz  mm;  HHX  8ftn>  as  8��  *���**  fe&fc  ,-���.. .�����  '���    ** ������'  ��  - '���   . ���1~  Mr-,* -:. '  ��� ���"r >*r-  .-"���Vl*  *V * (':.i  **K: i -  .?;..*  1 *   .1      1  j-j:  ,ils  j and Thursday Imbrnings, as \yell  5 asJVedSes daw-evenipgs.  7    .The  charmnjof  the  Super-  5   visory   CcTimittee    made   the  .'.,'- suggestion 'that "the 'directors  ' look intact tie possi^lityOf sef-  X ting a| ipreferrebVrate7 bfcinter-  % est on alljloansyupMtp the arm-  \ ount of, Hlie -share -balance :a  ! membirs molds.     -  7   j^^i|db4etors iihave*; eompje;  I ed their survey? and are "pleas-,  | ed to-report-that Port ^MeUooj  f (^t^ies fsCredit i Union .will,  Lfor,a^tjriai, pen^,-set.. ihe rate!  of interest at^iSyof one percent  ; r��per* iti***inth#mA4he4oah ^balance  7-equal   to  met members   shard  . balat^esjsnpatrpnefpercent, per]  ' monthyohr; we- loan b jlaneej oven  -the fiheml ers.'.ishare   balance.  'fiShts-ijneyr' r^b;��ofwmlere��t7wJI��  ��� ' be! effectiv. Or' all hewi iotms]  .s made  aftefi^ tbifi^first of!; May  ean,E*tfls were asked to stand  up wfth him. . Those .present  were "Mr. M. Nelson, J. Mun-  roe, BJL Kinie, T. Kennedy, G.  -H<^fcl��*hd*��r.; CjWood, J. Swan,  B.-Sttayhorri, N. Marleau^T:  fBeati��4m, q. Johnson, 0- Pos- *=. 6. Tall Cool iOne���The  ieces���The Dave  Clark "Five  2. Twist   and   Shout/All   My  Loving���Beatles  3.1 Can't" Buy Me Love & flip  ���Beatles  4. White on White���Danny Williams  7Jb'ir a period of |flfty'y&ars.* Re-  .'cejtjt arrangement's for *ihe sale  of Cana'da's-lshire of**US.produced, power j provides the  fufids necessarj to carry out  this S1Q0 mUlipn���.con��-truction \  prdgram. Canada, me&nwhUe;  will be- free] to install-any  generating ��� plants, which it  \?isli'es* to .buila atr-'Catiddian  soil,. This power* would -be', ke'pt  ar home. ,  Originally,  or position-to-the  Treaty    centred    around. . the  ^'pler* of what have generally  yb^en  referred   to  as  Canada's  downstream benefits. But once  it   became   chjrar . that   these I   jq^npiire" Blues. * Th?   double  benefits'consisted of power,pro-| .q��artette  sang- AVhei*- Song -is  .sUeet.. This is  truly  the   best  Glee Club the" school has had;  ir  the past "five years.  Grades 8,, 9* and 10 received  -.tleir jrepart;jcards^on^Wednes-  dliy.y      ;\Z ���      v,'      ' ..      ��� '  Daylir .BiWnfsley, -Victor Beam-  1 isli, and Penny C3ldaVeH.'*Mar-  ih-n 3Lackedzle'-was ,.elected  QuetHi ind" Eileen Nestman ano)  Dayle Billlngsle^ were elected  ps! attenyai.^ ���  frhere willbff a.,6chool assem-  bl'v on Friday. .-May- L  The  studsnt* teachers - came,  on Monda^, Ai>ril ST.  ;Elpbinstone:News  MONDAY  "motaing   assembly  was highlighted by.-the Glee  Club'^oaded by Mrs. > Vernon.  T|_ey sang Jacob's Ladder 5n��  ducpd In: thc TJjnited States the  opposition to accepting a jump  sum   settlement   faded   away  Under the  new terms- of--sale  ."!'bm. T ���f ������     r/.   Antnih ���   Canada postpones its right to|  S^Jenny, Let Him Go-Antom-    import   ^k   "t^s h prd{,uced  " * power for  a  period -,of-!thirty  Alllloahs  are  of ^coursle ;-still|  dai; Wf. Bootjh, E. Hume; A. Edmonds], A. Gr%gain, F. Zant-.  ���jalas.; C-��rHu|sbatid and J. Wat-  itiae;  A dflicioiib buffet supp��*r w"as^  iServed   and   a ! cake  was   ap-  ..proprijately jdecorated   with   a  house 1 and :Happy, Retirement  Days pii it for tiie occasion.  IN MOSPI1AL : '       .  Mr.j Paul {Moore has under-  ers  ^VVTay Boys Arer-  7. Glad All Over-^-6^ve Clark  - Five       ' -7 -.'-'      '-.; ;\  8. That's thel  Leslie- Gore!  9. Iattle^Chifdreii���-Billy ?,.Kramer i' .7 ')>--.,  l��*v Breaking^Up-T^he,,B^W��a^'fe?..w?**Il.^.  gone  back i  thank  get wi  7 jtears., ThereaftenM - mn ^ell  jife-in the U.S. or bring it,back  ttlo* Canada  as  it  chooses.  ,'k'Tfie   real   argument   now = is  about   diversion.   The   remait*-  ;,ing oppoaenis t<�� the*Triaty-say  ,piat:   Canada   (may   need   the  the Upper .Col-j  urgerj* in St. Paul's  Hpspijral'   apd   iwould   like   to  all thiosejwho have sent  llr Pup^yj Lo^e^Barbarayf ew-  is "   T" '���       '-������������ '  .    -"���*���    '7-   '-���  12. Shangri ;^La���Robert;  kar-  wreii '-;   X"'    ''��� : '   ' ���  13. Ronhie-^-The! Four Seasons  I4v SuspicionbTerry; Stafford  umbia to irrigate the prairies.  They   rightly   (claim lhat   the|  ' Q tt t-o frboujads I -regulations  .were-..imposed r.?igaJn for the  first* fim'e" since:-October due to  *a few studej*tfr-Vfh<> had water  %uns on the-SupeibValu park-  iing', lot,- making ythe^schppHook  T%yery. ���iwdis?iplirtfid-    After    the  etil**-rlt$   had   owned   up   the  bounds'were again-'lifted.  Voting for the 1 school queen  *M*    laia^oc^ wuu   aict-w   .awaat ,r -$'���'���    .*-r:.     - '.  U wishes and visited him.    35. The   Wonder   of   You���Ray  I . 7      - -   Peterson    -J -   ..  1G. It's   Qveri-Roy   Orbisoq  17. One  Potato���The Dovelli  In 1962 die total of personal  fully' covefed iky! insitratice^alj   income in  Canada was SSOjaa ,        . , , .���     __..���      -.....���.^  no! cost ,t<J thel memberj   -      I    millich; in; the same year total'- lg- iFootpnnts^m   the   Show���    External   Affairs   proves  - grjIvetWent '  revenues,    exclu- Jerry Fuller                                Canada   can; <3|ivert  wate  ..sii-e '.LM-* < infer-gcvernmental 19.1 Want T^ Hold Your Hind  trartsjers,    ^as 4 $12,168  million, ,   ���Beatles  orflSe- equivalent  6f  40   per >]2a I'm the 6jne-~Gcrry & the  cdiit pf peifgonal income. !   Pacemakers.-  Memberfi    jaiproved   I Board  iati|t^sK>f* aMF^h-per  cent  divillend Ion   shares   ant  three  t��|roent | Patronaget> re  fundjOjiipans. '-'\  The'���*��� membership elected 0  Fosdal apd-,-.R, [A.rKinne to thi:  Boaidoi-:Direcjtors.v,Othet* Dte  ectors stjill in iliice are i. W!.  Clark,- #csfderijt;. A.S. .Know-  les7 -vice-president; R. ZE.  Hume.-4. II. Wood and E. W.  Preiss.  mpe- \ Reader's Might   r��� rr-r1���r~?>���-r-.���r���    Treaty   of   lfl#,   has   to   pajf  ���Opinions* by otir Renders    compensation   to   any   injured  party in the United States! Af  -(value'of wateleJtor,,v,nwv-pftW.erj , a��d Jier -aitaodajtis . will .Jake  lpurposes7 (such   as   irrigation     place  on  Monday.  jand industrial usage) isyon the  'Increase;  But  they  are jwronj  When they _tay fthat the Treat*  nconimits  Caiiaila   to *-'a ^witer  jroutine   cokfirieci  to  the��.basii(i  of the  Columbia  itself.  Evident��** already   ^iven   t(i  the    Standing Jl Committee . on  tha-:  water -for  ^���a cojisumptivje use"-���that i'  anr u^e otMir \ tjlian the pirbduc  tioh Ojf hydro! !,electric ��� i^ower  Even |liversion J* inwhiebbsome  power is ge^ieiiated in a^. manner incideatal ^o, say, ^irrigation  are  permissible.  More than! tliat���Canafla. un  der     the     Boundary     Waterif  %=:  X  ^te"?-"  ^te^!:  "_s?}ij__�� l'  #^'v?? !!  WM'Z  mm  %-r��<!!*'  8l  Oof thfc." Supe  tee, -Te4! >Huti|t-s|  cDmplet| the  consisUnk -'-of  J data ..QilkiTy,  , J). IIorVMh,  ^3��e; -flrcdil  maitfs tie sair(  Greggainv j. 1.  Booth,- N. Ru|dt"lph7and!  eijther  jrvlsory Commit--  was electediito  |late of jfficers  T.'-G/  VmWf  |iVm.  Laiiig and  Committy ,vre-  e this yjar, A.  Strayhorn, Ww.  " J7-JBar-  ioformal jdiscjussion tand|  -i j .  #AREW^LL    PARTY  Littleleaguers  Immed  ;"  Edltdr.The^ Times  -����Sirl-I see the kids are now  playih��tball��thanks\m the men  who 1 have | ��o ���> willingly   given  'ot-*tieir time to make this a       ... _, ., ,.    ,_,-   .  .. ��� ���    ,    ,,   .. ,.      ... u  succlfes  It must be a real thrill  ^"^h, ommi-ed aiimG duhne% whethef a mabor diversion ou|t  lofX' I^^^JIXIX^ when Canaciian   of the 'Co!  some! 7 concert^ in  The  House,  by Members of Parliament.  Onp reason was the question:  "Doqs the Government intend  to give/'Gartada a ^^listinetivp  national fja|bb^fore% dispatching- Ganadiatl troops to *Cyp(rus  in  the Columbia* * River ^-Treati|'  overrides the Treaty-of��1S09  and because itjdoes not maki;  and reference to-compensation  we will be free to do as wc  choose. The ilrdst. of pumpinf  water   ,over .jthe    Rockies  order   ti   avoid   inci*di[nts    therefore   likeiy , to ,determin�� .  I^i.      *%^nM.**n.1      .rt.-inJE^.     ^I..J..m^ I.   . *ii      !' ... -I: - -11 -._!_ ...  a   g|iod   play   ktrd   have   their  , , i-i     parents there, to see it.  Little  The meetir|g <tosed jvitl*  ah    LeaJuc onmBabe fRulb. be^guc  -coJCfeip.    are   a   wonderful   organization  and something that the parents  _ A fare'veU^arty,^ajhcld Jn    fhre ^^TJ^'f^^^ alT\ %  i Port   MJllon^muniW^all ;^e ^ctjNtJie^^haven t  ^ on  April 18 # Aonor Jof *$. 5 tnyTn.g -^ d<fc  Wcl1' parent&*  Port Me  ��������[  ��"S."<i'i"^.. ���  !���*& *;:  W'i *"  ��'.���>:'��� '>"'  i��j.*i"-:  f-'v .���*::*".  i ������-���  i , "L" herd it ib, * so* the least you  andVJkl4^SigirP��teirsoi-i. mr Xcomdo Isket out there md  timtr^^ieats inathescommuii-   :^u5*  ���    f *6 "  ity. >yft>i|ut   Wf5   people   frof  ne of! those boys to make T^bei Sift-ztcniis, when Canadian   of the !Columb|ia��-i^-in-our-.na  tiwp9'Were:7mistakeri.for "those *tionat-tnterest or not.  of a foreign country?" To quote  - The    Prime    Miriister,    The  'wiCllOOi nOnOTS  Right Hon. L, B. Pearson re-    ]is4 released  pliedb-i^^ot-helieve there    ,,M reiGO^Gd  will be any. difficulty ���in recog-    HpNOR   list,  nizing  ,a   Canadian   contingent '    secondary  if one is sent under United Nations  ^auspices - to �� Cyprus."  (Hansard).!  Ion afi.drOiatlyingNENt-  L    wi��t(|h7yodr jsoi^ play  r.     -it'js dishe'.rer.irig t  Fender   Haucbouy  j-icts    ��rfkende4    the.   cabarejt-  slyled pi  music ofj  tra  ���  Master!  Hume k<[pt thijngs moving and  disljieareiiing  to see apa  prosfimatly 20 .liids out there to  Recently a television- piieture,  Over CBC News,  showing  the  ttySd dteeed^^se   ^ri m\ (and only half a <ioz*   'Wm JJoos-eanip ih' Cypriisifiy  ihe���doadoUers .orc^-' '^jPa*^ts? ^   w^��rh . *"*��*��� **��8 ��� ^^,1*^?^^ Wn  r    ''TWnat s In *  nonies,hMr, E. y^.f^n  i took ^cMes^ripg^et^ejn- ^ggj^/'  ing. i    X~ -^b it ^H, ^  |     Mr! ^] B. *#i*ries��mad<*;|ihe  * presejotation ol Jawn.Jumilure   Jrou  i to Mr*^diMr^/iPeterson^,Tjie  Easter exarii*?-  Grade "12-rLtdna Duncan, ,Dof  rdrthy Gough, Howie iBifhite.  .... Grade  11--!shiriey ���Goaldrui3|  Normb Joss; Peter Lee,  .Gralde lO-rM^e Foley; Elai  he   K'lein,   Ester  Phillips,   Pat  -w.���.���,---��_   ���   -^��---^u^^^^ Cind^S White,,Dwmy  4*AVMr�� th_. matter with the par-    under-the* United Nations -wag   ^,  ��^tSth|ma^rW.thtnep i i y ^   fj5emeron  Kna%!ou�� Z ttiite    the   Prime, MiW   has   b����-    Barr)TFenn, 3^ddy Klein, BoJ  iPht. Interest an. their <s&My.. ��c.ogmzed   our  present     j   fa    M      ft vaughan  ���one,y two, f three and  son (will be out. die^, ^ut #one ��under * which  BONNIE MACK Canadians arc still prepared to  A,                      ii           ^^- risk the ^tipreme sacrifice,  furniture will grace the law is    _, |        l                   .*.  of Uieifrrfiew. iw��ie )htAbbo s^ JiUpretfie SaCHtlCe w. E. Martin,  ford;   Di ring  }he  presentati >n    Edilor, *nhe-; News 'President,                  ^  tfitfetftllovwotipsrsl ot Mir-. P **-'"'  ,-S|r4^TRb dispatch   of   Cana- Pacific Command.  erson fnfni Soijg Days ahd (c- / diaj&Hrofps- to Cyprus  caused The Royal Canadian Legion.  Donle^, Fay JGJrard. Allan Lof  gan,1 Brain 4��"'c*  Katb*v  Macl  Kay  1 Tliere's   a  guy   ih omv Ioca|l  rtHnioniMelio gives evrybody- eU  so much' pain that Bayer Asj-  pirini pays bim a royalty. !\- '-".;.-.';������. I"'j  The Never Never I Land  . .. Breakfast in Bed  DEAR/' SAID Jili-ose Sunday morning in April, '"look.  out the window. Whose boat is that coming in the  {bay" "Why. it's Bill,*V I remarked, "-took he's throwing  *: out his hook* going**'***, anchor. Mustlbe going-tb come  1 ashore. There's somebody with him. too." j   j  "Now,   listen   to   me.   Joe."  Sechelt hunter  bags 300 lb, bear  ^r'tTH her elk hound. Bush.  ! Bergliot Solberg is a familiar  sjight in "Sechelt Inlet. She is  a jgreat hunter and in season  liuhts mountain goat, deer,  befir and seals. Latest catch,.  a j black bear weighing about  ��00 pounds is one^she shot in  Sajimonj Arm, near-;. Thorny  (Creek. I Unaided she rolled him  imp. her row-boat and rowed  home down the Inlet, a distance, of about ten miles. Once  home, sister Minnie helped  haul the bear out of the boat  ready to be skinned. .     -.  Selma Park  '    b ���    ��s ���  bard clubs     ^  JSATURDAY evening, April 23.  j   Ithe  prizes   were   awarded   at  jtrie   annual   dinner  and   final  j evening of play of Selma Park  iCpmmunity.   Centre    criBbage.  jclub.  [Mr. -and   Mrs.   Charles  F jster" were   winners   of   the  h gb prize for gentlemen apd  lady, with, scores ZoL 7,517 and  7 469.   Mrs!bR.   M.   Thompson .  laid-Lloyd A. Fraser were se- -  ! cpnd prize winners, scores of  ! 71429   and. "7,444.   Frida   Clark  ! apd   Ron  Orchard  won  booby  tzes, scores- 'of 6,990 * and 7.-  . The prizes were ten, sev-  and two dollars.  Juring the winter there have  i I een 16 evenings of play with  i a average of^HO people play-  ;iig. All thc members, assisted  ii providing the*" full course-  ; roast beet dinncr_and midnight  !snack for the 35 members.at-  ' Bending the finale. Service was  j ijrcm a long table tastefully de-  i corated with white spiraea, fed  I Japonic3,   yellow   daisies,   and  alue periwinkle. 7  !     The bridge club,  a  new* in- .  novation   for   the   Centre   last  ! winter, played the last games  I tjhe previous week.' Cards were  I cut for the high and low prizes  ! <j)f  two   and. one  dollar.   Mrs.  : Harvey Hubbs and L. A. Fra-  . ser had high cut: Mrs. C. Foster and Wm. Coffey cut low.  The bridge  club  was^not too'  well known to residents, but it  ';"is- hoped, more will join next _.  winter. >  _. said Jill, and I could feel her out of-^ie Old Tesumjmt; \'e%  ; hackles rise, "doa't " think? and herii.a vegetarijfc."itoo. *  t you're going to sit in my kit- -We. *4hat, U Bei a|d L an-  -. cben all morning, dnnfang cof-    cfaored ^^ bav old'George's  * fee and shooting the breeze Bav ^ eali lt 'and d^y^ w  ; with those two characters. I go"ashore for some fxesh wa-  ; want you to help me trans- ter. It was quite earfv ii the  �� plant strawberries , today, so. m0nungbMost of the fold guvs  ��� unload   then   as   fast-as   you    ��et "up   With   the, crf��,   S"ou.  * **an '" ' know. b��t not 'old; Gtfsrfe." We  couldn't i see   ihiai    jinjwhere  aromai so wc  west ip to his  Last ride 7 .'._-*! } can.  BERGLIOT SOLBERG props up a .black bear she shot f "Yes. dear,-* 1 said meekly.  in Salmon Arm and. brought home in her rowboat-J    1   could   bear   the   small  Her dog, Busk, an elk hbund, who IS her constant eom-f dinghy     scrape-    bottom     and    old log house. OnU^way^ up  panion also poses. Right:   Sister Minnie  gives  a hand} heard"   Bill    and    his7   partner    we could hear tbeyof-caSionai  to haul the bear onto the float.-  jump   out   on . the! shore   and muffled ":&unt' in   response to  pull the  boat  above ! the   tide- our cifl| but  no  olA  George,  mark.   The   heavy   clomp _qf       ."We barged In the 4peg .door,  gumboots" sounded" up! our "gra- stIU   no I George.    laside    tfce  vel   path   followed   by   a   few house vghich was oce.ibij room  .sharp  raps  on  the  door.  The we   saw ' two  long,   fvafct-iiigh  door burst open and in barged pdes  of f moss  and   f rackec  Eric Martin officiates , �� .  New Health. Centre  opened by Kinsmen  I * - -        --���-������"���       *   load ot fish   We  Just dropped . .  SATURDAY. April 25.. 1964 became _a project dream: --jq to  =et some fresh water' backed tow*'the #pea door  come true for the'.Kinsmen. Club and many other*   our=suppiv is getting low   Bv '*��� apprehension, .ready to take  organizations who helped to raise funds for this- Health   the wav, "how is vour war de- off ��ow�� "x.^ ,*a's"e>��  Centre of! ^40,000 value, as the. Honorable Minister of   f��rtmentr. Er.'hmriy.   jai.** ����fc out so far tha* ryo, :����i  my old paL Bill.7 alL smiles  and beaming with'enthusiasm.  "HI. Joe." he - nfnxarked,  ^-'*meet my partner, Ben. We're  on oar way to the city with a -  load of fish. We  hist dropped  "Hey, George." w��f shouted.  Ben and! I both let ^o .[at tfce  same time. To ourf a$loni��h-  ment. tbe bigger piIfr-$�� bracken In the" centre of! the floor  began to' move Bsi Ind: I both;  he beamed; seeing her for the b*oc-* ,"������ off ��������* a | stefc.  first time. "Mv .vou'xe getting       '"A ,l^?e��   *'kite-, ^, pro" -'  more     beautiful    everv     dav.' ^^' ^ the pile* of ferns.^  Meet mv friend. Ben."' ' ��"��  a" |n��&nt  shak*  and  uhe  . ���     * .--..-.      j,*  . shoulders appeared, fbe biand.  **By thejvay, Joe, J he added^ vaaxA ; b^yed  dd -c��rse -  __. ..   ...      u .        u      .      u     ,. ^*e v��B*d ��to Seaoa Island sarVevfef_us quizzicallvy "Good  this  occasion^and   past presi-   .Jr us*r&g -Viit  in  the  future    near  Pender   Harboor _ on   cur ^n^ny  energetic  young  dent of Gibsons Kinsmen Club.- he hoped all <hseases would bj    last tnp up this way and went friffl^��? fce greeted^ ut.   "Cm  whd then introduced the spec-    "ftampeQ-.oot   and  that jouJd    ashore at* old George s place^ *  ^  o{- ^^^ ^lymx:  B^  ial guests who were: the Hon-    leave  the  hospitals  to  handle    Did   I-.ever .tell   you   about g^  only matermfy and other acci-    him:  Public Health Eric Martin cut the ribbon, proclaiming  the_Center officially open.. ��� *  A crowd of one-hundred per- _ Center   and   the   hospital   wHl  sens   listened   to   opening   re-    work together. |  marks    bv    JCorman    Peterson, -f  the, -Master of Ceremom'es  for       Martin conci��fed his retnakrs  orable Jack ^ Davis, MP, Anth-  pny Gargrave, MLA, Bob Knap-    lent c*!��' He ******* ***^  ton,. Deputy  Governor District    ^L^f3?"* .RX' *** ^ ^  nbwm,;1 declaring- the   Center  c_5claUy   opaied-   A   tour   of  the  building was  open to  ev|  ery one.  Placards were set up  5 *- Association of Kinsmen  Clubs; Doctor K..I. G. Benson.  Assistant Provincil Health Of-,  ficer: Mr.j King, Cancer Society; E. (Peterman. building  contractor;! P. Smith, the  building architect; -nurses Miss  Betty Mucray and Miis M.  Campbell and" both-Sechelt and  Gibsons viUage commissioners^  Eric Prittie who has-been in  charge -of this project since it  startsd -spoke yybriefly on tbe  length of the campaign drive  winch, was ever 3*^ years and  thanked all organizations who  contributed to.it. Bob Knapton,  Tony Garg-rave and Jack'Davis all gave their" congratulation to the Kinsmen and to the  residents cf Gibsons for such a  fine projecL  E.  Peteirman* and  P.  Smith  the   contractor   and   architect.  . to describe the different roohns  and the service given, atng  with the medical machinery involved. The models showing  various water and sewage systems were greatly appreciated  by everyone. Refreshments  ^w ere served by the . Kinette  Club of Gibsons in the health  .unit  auditorium. t  wil ybu be so land as ta  excuse tne for a few'trJniites".**  '"So," I replied,'-'go oa. I'm       -with! this, he gate a  shrill  afl_ ears."* z        . whistle between bis j.eefi_. Tte  ."^That I will go along with."    adjoining!pile of btackes. shoc;k_  said JUL and quli ered- "Picc^ -se, Benb  "Well,*" said BflL "old quick.-"!"whispered.f'No. don"'t  .George has been^a little queer bother,** I* tid^d a| he drew  since his wife died tec years a long.! safety pin but of his  ago- Hardship, isipatlo*-. and pants TFwu loss J-jorn. grew  just-plain boredom were too out of ^the-pile, :r**rL,a "ctd  much for her all alone most fcaa-a-a-k mater-.alirrd ---"*-*o_ a  of the time on the islasd^ Gear- big. brown, Nubur:. m'nzf  rge was hard to-: get along goat. She obedientl;. tii'xc ov-  with. too". *"He tsia real big er to old George.-**h*- rciched  guy with long whftc hair, sbou-    do��-n isto  the -jbracke.-  "l*>.ce  V-X<  Ider length  and a  long  white  beard,  looks   like   a  character  sryr:��-. *ra-  him and irr* out a  pty tobacco tin.  ..    "Unbelievingly    *t    uj-.d 4"  [him   milk Nanny_"ir��c tit  im; :  "watched popped! ai ir  br-j.h- ! -  ed; the "walrus   mu��lacfcj*i   ap- ���  art. to Idrink" 'he : r^^tj   ��.r.  -rf ;  frothy  jriiJk. -VSrip:^?  r.:t   rr.-*.?h !  off witi the back of 1.1? hand, ;  TWO  PLAYOFFS  Uils  week:   In the  Pender  League   be   j-emarked.   ; n>*    s-r.tie- ;"  playoff, the Blowhardi (Capt-:JDick Wisei won the   ^en- v*a* ls >0yr ^e��'~"-* t ;  trophy from Stoneheads fCapt. Muriel Cameron. 1 Gor-   ^*apife  Sechelt Bowling Alleys  .  ���By Ere Moserip  ��.,.;��* ��.i4,-"r��a ��^��tc afwJ den Freeman tried hard ito pull' the game cwt for the  5fe   Ufding. %S2d   toe Stoneheads roiling a bigj 3H yin the last game, for a  keys to Al E.  Ritchey. chair- total*of SS2.                       .      |                *���  man   of   the   Gibsons   Village ^  *���   exciting   four   team    K^?fe ���SlT*   *��*. v000*  X?  Commission; Commissioner Rit^ playoff-(5 games) in the Pea-    i20>j):   Henr>" Chnaatstsen _50a_.  chey-defined the visage's con- insula    Coismercial    League. .          7          '       *~~  tribution   towaroXims   project Shop Easy edged out Sundard "OIL" LEAKAGE  always"  I feel  more  i  T.UtjC-  sf-  ter I  feav.  fead   ni  brv ik  at  in bed  t-  ''-  *  ^  I  . Before casting off, a wise  skipper conducts an inspection  of his rig. He should make sure  there is ample gas aboard, as  well as life preservers and  emergency gear. He should  also check that"* steering controls arid feul line are properly"  connected.  John Hind-Smith  Refrigeration  PORT MELLON    -'  TO PENDER ^HARBOUR  Phone 886-21231  from 9 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Rei. 886-9949  as the land valued at $7000, the  sanitary* system at S2.0OO and a  cash donation cf $5000 totaling  S14.000. which was quite a  sizeable amount for a small village- to make.  The Honorable Eric Martin.  Minister of Public Health, official opening address was based on the value of such Health  Centers, and he provided statistics and facts to show how di-  ceases were being wiped out  by-such pre-care that can be  obtained in a Medical Center.  His praiseifor the staff of such    &.6. j  a place and their duties inclu-       Spring League:   Matt Jaeger  ded,   the  purses,   sanitary   in-    735 <2g9)-  Roger Hocknell 6S2;  "specters,  doctors   and .general    Eve "Moserip 62s-: P.  MacDon-  help. that jwithout them could-    ne*i e5Q. ?'.     f  n't   operate.   He   thought   that " _r     j  Gibsons was a wonderful place    T��!*  p"*�� f  to live'and talked of the com- Frank Jorgenson 523. Roger  ing hartal "In Sechelt. ^He Hocknell 521, J.-Banching 519,  hopes to" bie here to see is op-: Leo Johnson 106 (2<Ml; DKk  ened. When -it was the Health    Clayton   162  (222):   Sam   Slic-  Motors 5K5-5252. Individual  high games-. Butch One 333.  Red Robinson 301. j  League  Scores: |  * Ladles League: Harriet Duffy 763 (276. 2971; -Dorothy  Smith  265:" Eve "Moserip  26L  Ladies Matinee: Jean Eldred  612;  Bronnie Wilson 2627"^ f  Sports Club: Lawrence Crucil  673; Bev Nelson!623. |  Ball & Chain: Sue Woods 749  (204): Kay Mittlest^adt 60O:  Matt Jaeger 655; Red Robinson  According to a <IKNW interview by Jack Webster, with  Chamfcjrs Marina! en Bowen  Island, "s-inter sea birds hid  died as" a result ef Jthe oil leakage which is sill occurring. To  date the Gulf_of Georgia Towing have sp?r.t ��20,000 and ose.  diver nearly lost iis life scaling off vents.  Beantjb Salon  jSecfielf  Evelyn1 Hay e*  1 Ate*e Post Off rft  Cutttaf end Stylit*  Tuesia. ti fet\.t(t*��T ^-5  .    '"'Yexjr S*qir*cy Tc  i     H^>r:6-��Ci.t|"  Phone 885-9525  ���^bpt"^ ROBERTA CRKK  ,/&$���;/   CREDIT jUMION  The Sign of IDep^ndctfc,  -   -i \ Protection I    *  Sav'mg$ y.. Lpans  4-SECHELT }   I    '  *.      Open Tee-d'ey1 to  Friday  Tl-S  ���';  "���*������  ;'J_L  it  I                                                                                                                                     " I -  IL.jii     IN ���    III J    IJ I   I I      '     I    I       I    H1.I-      -'."III      IH    111)     INI .'  1        I   I II    "        ~    I "II "        I    II   llll"      ���       ~  _���   ��� I ��� ��� I I "    II    ' "       ' "        ' _-*..��i!  ���i  ib  -"..VS.' -%' i**?^* a?��:"  r^.  Cuna Cemetery  .  THE   CUNA   Cemetery   resembles   a   settlement J of  ��� ^m*  ~~   7^   n       T"       I    -rv     i ��� >     thatched hujts.Each fattiiljy possesses its own streiter  ���I��� JrH-TPh -Wfr-v /i^r^     |L_T /-v 11/"3 s-? tt   and thedead are buried -I beneath the clay floors. The  ���^���\ J.liUJiJ\j -VmLXX    Ji X w JLXv*Lv*L y     dwelling is''then equipped with the implements necessary  r *     | "*   , for a life^aftei>d|eatli      " '    i I I  ___aH  JVER-i^E  :MB��. BEN fokn| of Sechelt recently returned  -���fifcm. amtwcjiweek vacation on C rand Cayman Island,  [British West^Indies, andi report a most interesting, en-  ���Jjoyab e, -wtejrfin, [sutf*fil|ed trip. Mcde of travel was by  r  Bal��S&^L!_____^f-  ���1care-fr se pafesengers on a-DC7.  b;   - _-' nlnili.   .sland  is  in    admiriil because a prince was  Gran3 Caypiaa Isianq  is.m    _,_ ^J"^  ^^.^ thc, reef off  gorize the meii's attire i for it  Is   a  reflection  of  his nature  aunt"'*--    ,^*-^-*���**.���*������*-^     ���     *   - ���  ���bu^T��"TrhTra7ibbeai!i7be-    tin bo^rd) strjifk the reef off  "^ ^H ��tff S  fs���m of-   East fend in bad weather and fs  a  reflection of his (nature.  ^$kthlt^lA twen??two    sank.pi*hehull^.of these stops He    usuall     ..ears   a    plfin,  "    S'ai^ig^iS-^an be clearly, seen today.   ,-. ������ghtiy.coiored sportshWorUn  fsgUlf��l   i^George-    !The   famous    pirate    Black- a|breviated   tiAdershirt.-*0r\[is  ^fEs   ofjthe is-    b^ard    came   to. the   Islands the correct teifm since one    -  .lands^trle handled  byj an ad-  rministt#r ( | appointed    from  :three  imiles  ,-wide.  town  .WW!  B��9  &���*  3&"**%"t*Ti  M^g_&  mmm  t&infX-td- Jr*#  Xd XX  ^M-vk  -^F^^r**-*?  - i'l   r  '"'--'^-'���J ���** **  - *      .-v- ��* .  ' .     s'    ��� *    1> '*���    ���    ' ,  \��m w -b-:.������? ������-: ./���? - ,.-*;:. -.,,*, -. -    <<'  ���asrVfi  ���Sfc  3.:C'S��'I  ���V^,?  -Tv'^.  ���3"$'6'*  ���^^a*^^^  ���** \   ��sl.J  T**,r     rX "* �� ' V,*r t- 7     (I i'raW'_&'!J(  - .*.vr-*:'"*-�� --^���x. ^ a, t CTPHi  a &.  Views Fqreigfi  j compjletnent tftiejtropicai aunusiuicji. ia.aaa.        .,  at the sameltime to accentuate the difference between workmanship. iEai���  the casuaineis of the meli'atid the fearly cultish inre meticulously .j��JadeL; each stitch  Xe *vTr ,.,7��v^r   A^lttZZrXX LXZhA XZZi*  X^XLXiXtZiu,  AXiXZ exact. This citaftshiansbip and  of the womejn. Costume ^oitld not Appropriately date^ these colors U,ite [to crc^ an  -"'-*��� -���*��� ~" T-*   '   ��� 7     " unforgetable7 |im.  ships.  Dutci,    British    and    Scottish  scan en {fmlowed.  '   in 1846 ia British Roy al fle^t  .of l| vessels (in chargj; of ah  ^i^^aS^a^SaT-ii  unforgetable^  impression    that  be called uniforms. ! credits   imagination,   skill   and  Each woman wears a yrintr * individuality.^        ���������,������  ad  ed cottonf shawl, dark red or       Jewellery is  a  common  ad  blue   in   color   with "vhitt'   or ornment   of    ill   females,   tne  %w  P&i.  S^ee  ral  is Cuna  -includea.    This    naUve  seasonal   and   therefore   quite woman might even be labelled  'C^4T hlndied  by! an ad-    about X717. ' the  other  is  WJm^out   ramy    |^gbie   and   the   sun   not excepUonal in this respect be-  S^tSEriKSAed'-'^om       Much of the way the naUves     both.   The   re finder   ofJis    P'^Xte    the   shaZ's   fun^on cause of an e:ccess rathei?.than  f���2   latkffl%id Cuba -are    live toda^  is the same as fr Ensemble    consists,   of    cotton    ext/eme    tne   | 1**+^ a      bsence 0,   ihis 0stent.city.  ^SimSE Io? mUesreast    kis been^for 200 years, in fact,   otrousersaisuallr cot. very 5tort   Z^jLsiTe to the fee* since  the  advent rf trade  in  1nd^SS#pSvely-7' U recent as l*����f��rt �� gov-    when Jhe ^Z^^^J^'/^JZS^ female, it af^rds addition to tl|e: avadability^^  % The islanrjjis one of^ery few    gjmjt   a^r       ^  Jeft.in ���^-fejnS2SSkS Soutside visitors,  -mosplere.    Commercial!, auon, Railfaii   is  the   only  source  'luckai  haskt yet ��*g* J ofXble  waW  and this  is  y^ge yrld  ca^  ^..^pl^5 Mted In'.cisterns and saved,  sments    nori the   naUves    ana gwa    ���     areas, are   prevalent  their, vay-ofaife.    | but tle water is brackish and  .,  *'--Thef population   ismaile   up on,     good* for. some  types  of  -of' a| proximately   fifteefi   hun* vegetltion  'dre<F "liricans, fifteen h indred       Thel   highest  "mountain"   on  ���Europeans, ! five   thousand '- - ��� *��� -t     ...        ���  ! mixed braces   aihd   elgtty-five  y'Asiatirs.X' ) -  The histciiical backgro md of  [the Isflahdsl jis- most inteifcsting.  into the others and held securely. Tms material, quite  thin and inexpensive,- is probably procu'-ed from thc Panamanian a i d Colombian traders that ^scasionally visit the  islands.     |  But it Mthe blouse or mola  that is thief tpost characterizing  and    indi'v|duaHzing    garment.  Each  is jtfand fashioned  from  brightly  eflored  cotton  broadcloth:     rc|,    orange,    yellow,  green,  viojet,  each hue  being   -  used  in  ifirticular  proportions  and   for   particular   purposes.  Pastels   ulually   compose   the  upper 'pOfiions   of   the   mola  #?*''    providing |he sleeves and -neck  _*l��$    but never Jextcnding lower than  1$&    breast level. The short sleeves  arc  usually   pleated   and  ihen  trimme:!  Es is the neck with  some   contrasting   color   or  shade.  Enaulet decorations  as  well  as designs  are  common.  This   larg*   top  piece   is  then  sewn to tiie twttom which, by  contrast, f is   generally   bright  red"  and   long   enough   to   be  tucked   into   the   skirt.   It   is  elaborately    ornamented    with  yellows, greens, blues and oranges.   No  fixed   rule   can  be  stated for thc type of patterns  used   for   they   seem   to   vary  with each individual becoming  -her   own   personal   expression.  However,   the   technique   used  is always the same. Thin strips  are cut from the red material,  the cut edges turned under and  -then colored material sewn inside  to  cover the  gash.  This  'decoration    thus    acquires    a  three-dimensional  effect   as   it  forms   patterns   and   designs.  Some    have   nearly^  complete  horizontal rings^ about the' garment   with   alternating   colors. ,  Interspercing j these    may    be i  varieties of other colored linei,  some  straight,  others  curving  but always placed in a  manner such that[overall symmetry  is  achieved! [Other molas   are  elaborated   with   complex   arrangements    ol   heavy    form's  that resemble labyrinths while  some   women  fashion  impressionistic   fjdwers   or   animals  and others" construct elaborate   I-T^ovel tedture by Roy ��lg_    >-iu ��� o ���_.,_..  THE COSTtW of ,thetCvfaa 1-4-  -��**�� fe l^t ��t%SX�� ^  on the posterim* ���when^his M-  mands attentKin.^ Cos.tujne,  however, is ,qt lite17 an apt/puin-  mary! of the Cuna Roman's  dress; And in consideration*of  the fellowship she/ihainiains  with her tripes>��>mCn(' ' providing mea or; fdmilies or bar-  gam/ar^nophesulyefet) the knees is sufficiently pl-H  basic Mimi*. K eachr outfit for seyeal WTaps around  ���:-u.  :��.,^bMmni liHcm  ta    waist'wliere the last is tt  ! They were fi^1 discover :d and  linhabted   "k   the   Arawik  ?�����  .dlan's^fewif. C��toi Ai\eri9-  early in the fourteen *uiidreds  These Indi msfolloked ��|n end  less itreari-of turtles migrat- ana iwaicr^-. aputu "'-'-y��� *���,".:  ine ^st oif the Central Ameri- almost aU day-Jong/or until  can 'oast Earthquakes drove the sunburn gets too red  Se Arawafcs to Jamaici, Col- The ^hole area/is a beach-  umbx\ toSd the Islficls in combVs; .an*/ skin diver's  1503 and Jailed them f ��rtugas parage. Th^e are ��o��L gar-  fTurlie)    Islands;   Fron.   that    dens everywhere and along the  idate    man&   ships  stop led   at    shores,-shells by the ton.  Ithe islandsffor fresh waler and ..AnU> wishmg to escape  frneb 4nrtle meat. Seriousl from/thcrain or cold in our off  -SSizatiS began in lt*lfwhen| se^L will Sethis place  a   giouplf Spaniards jfleeing   kedbThere is-no TV, no radio,  ; the   nouisltion, founded a col^occasionat mails and .an occa  onv   on   tie   south   coist.   As    sional paperTfrom Miami,  time  went   by   many   famous^     Accomodation yand meals are  nirat's mide the Islam s their* excellent .and dre^ and way  Se of .activity.   Such  men    of 1 fe for the tourist is very  as   i irate j| -Henry   Mortjan  ar- > infoi|ma!  rivec    in   J662   with   84  �����*��"���i��-      basic simuarjty, oi eacn ouuu    ior acv��n>  m^v��� -._���.. the  the iMand is'60 feet above sea    might eve|  jrfbmpt Itllem 'to    waistiwHere the last is ticked  T^yel,   the   average   height   of --..Z-n. ���,-,-., -,  ;��� |   ;��� 1;- ; ,.������\^������. .,..,,. | .;..;;.  land, being 28 feet.'  The beaches are magnificent.! The one* in front of theit  hotel j was seven miles long of  clean] white sand . and crystal,  clear! water with a temper^/  ture i of 80_ degrees. It gdes <  without saying that swimming  and Iwaten sports  are X must  as   a  meir  the    same    advantage^  Canadian wohfian's  s u~m  chapeau..  The skirt is fashioned '    the sanm material but always  blue with white printed design  The cloth bwhich is \,it"'r-  enough to fall well belowl  from  rl_ng  e  Limited  A Complete Service * Five Seafkanes To Serve You  -   ^    J.���__---_ .���   '���..*    *****    unruv     yABARI C   ftC  INCLUDING TH  CARRYlHG  1701  ivy"" ,        ,  The return flight left in the  morjiing stopping at New Or-  leank over night where they  visited the nights pots. in the  ���see page 12  ���a tm  will brin  E BIG HUSKY, CAPABLE OF  SEVEN PASSENGERS OR  ^S. OF CARGO  >HONE CAlf TC^QUR  a modern  Since the adi'ent ��f trade in^  addition to tie, availability of  cloth, beads! are now" common  in the San Bias. White or blue  or red. or yellow strings hang  profusely from the necks of almost every-jirl and woman. In"  addition, small beads of similar colors adorne wrists and  anklesr-the long lengths being  wrapper tighUy"' enough to  cause a constriction but loosely  ���see page \%  u  ��.w ^w,.. SECHELT OFFICE  radio equipped aircjraft-to you  at once.  Go Modern   *   Gb *ye^  Opfe IN THE dDBBY O^ SECHELT BUSv DEP^T \. _*.'.*������  I ���     <   a-*"   l___i  * *������/*������  $100 granted . ...  err tavos.s tounsm  ut pestions donation  f'THE WHOLE village waits for summerJtor. the - tourists to coTrte through,;?[ said tFrank Parker at Sechelt  and DlsWct"Chamber of"Commerce "regular meeting.  Ijdhn Toynbee- president of thei Sunshine' Coast -tourist  association and memberdfrthetC of C revested a ?100   critic^^-esaUed'  in   increased  grant "from   the'Chamber^f<^r^      *���r ���:���: .  the tourisrassoc^on. T^MbR.* ae^h^-altertaie months was  hayes maintam��irthe"C of C���.- 'm^\ motio^but tabletfdue  hadrgone on rwordras 4>emg a ? ^ oppositioQ ^ abseoCe 0f  non-sponsormg- body and there-y ^3^,^^ -^ secoader. to^,.  fore ; could not make a grant 1^^ thQ wouid- be a retrogradestep, indicating the cali-  MORE ABOUT . . .  Healthi center?        J  from page [1���  the sales tax.  SOCIAL^CREDIT  PHILOSOPHY   ..  , Philosophy of Social Credit is  to have the lowest taxation  possible and B.C. and-Alberta  have the : lowest taxation "in  Canada. In. referring to the  home owner grant, he said-  this   had  not," as   claimed   by;  TfteSechefr PenmrofqTtmesrWed.. ApriL29, *_9_4 Fag** 1T -  ^MaylB... \  .      '".     -   '-jl -[ \ . ..  ]mim. lei ecistr  I*.      '���A  ���\ a - "���  1.1 ���' ���  ,*    * v-1  if   '"  *j��It w-ould^'be better tc? buy ��a  pverabership,",: he sjaid;-; ."R�� L;  Jacksoipcontended the C of C  isr.not 1 |i- raoneyn raising inslitu-  form of a grant to those people  buslened the most���those paying1 school jtax and general por-  bre/of busibess needed atten-. Pose   tax;   those   paying   off  tiom !so howr could-it make-a inorto-thefp4str,v he said in an-  ���1' -^*u~-**-t~* r\ ��� -   *i*"lXj_r�� _       *t ��aj-�� n��<*nn,iTiul    *-    >-- !_.  domitian. >7'We: are organized  to work Vfor -the be/tte?ment of  . the district as a -vsfhole, and *L  dOs^tl think our? bank < account  can stand it," he said. He; out-.  lined 1 the accomplisments of  thle Chamber toward-the better-  tion    1 e s s    frequently, j "We  -should be lo iking to the .future.  mortgages7 on their ibomes and  raising children."  Martin, reported? on   his   attendance-as a B.C; delegate to ^  the   Federal-Provincial   eonfer-  ;s.^-*   try. ',-r;';   '-J^  -��***-;>< ;;  ,-*   _; ���  fl -Z Vs.  ;v--�� *�����**�� 7��}...V-v ..���&���- : ��.-.'  ��*��-��  sw_r to   Osibonie's   contention  thit it had been difficult in the  ; past to,get a*good attendance ence called by theiprimemini- :  every month. . ; ster   last I November. -Her was  VT.    Lamb~ requested    with- impressed-with  the  feeling: "of  ' dVawal" of    his    membership, strength and security and Ideas *s  J^^Mb-MirfriA.   n�� ��*��� - Capt.  L, -Higgs  was admitted displayed 5by Canada.  He felt *r  store;: work on the breakwater-  previous   meeting   indicated   a -     -  ahd*.the--widening-of-"-roads by    letter    of    cbngratula'tions    to  - - ��� CapL A. Johnston for hil efforts  in tobtaming-k : liquor store. A  letter from the Pender Harbour  and District C; of C suggesting  Seehelt had represented them  when expressing opinions concerning the  liquor outlet  was  ieans of turnouts. "All these  things! help- tourism,'*" he  claimed. ' it* F. Normington  s[aid lie'favored tourist promotion; but the C of Cs only  source of "revenue"is membership ��� dues.. He said-he didn't  know of othar C of Cs outside Bandied by personal comact.  this area that ^ contributed.7 Normlngton Stated Hhe C ot C.  j, - -.-t- __ had ont wTiiten a single letter  ���Tdynbee countered C of C$: in to-^ the government about the  north -and central "portions of liquor outletl aPSechelt.  ^:c: handle the burden of jtour- pender ^,^.5 c of e ^t.  ism[ themselves and C of Cs_m ter. to Gaglardi appeaUng for  the Fraser Valley, and Sunshine road ;.[mpro^ment was sup.  />������. ���.���..���w<-   -itVaneas-    ported-by the meeting.  ay Pay progrum ye  iPENDER HARBOUR'S May Dav parade directed bv' ,  taxation. "We enjov unexpe��- L.}^. ^^TJ^T- ^-^ ��S ^!? the jLeg��0al>  ed revemffi in ��fst vote i1*311 at ^^bP-^t ^n^ ^^ be grouped-as adult or*  the same as Alberta and* this |��*on_mercial,. decorated horses or other animals, bi-.  new money was "applied'in the   cycled and novelty. Parade entries will assemble at the -y  Legion Hall at nosa-aad it is'i "  hoped loCal businesses will _  take  part.} - ' '":.  Mrs. F. Fleming -_-.U!be mis-*  tress" of keremoni?*. { Fisher*- " -  men's Union local andkh<* Vol- '.  ustee'r Fire brigade w|l assist *  with-sett^ig   up   the   ^lalf^orm- *__  and bocRbi. *Len Duboi*,- ss?ist- J   .  ed by seaior cirls, *^1 ^eeor-  ate   the 3fay   qaaea'f   ita^id- -.  e5 ; Trevor-" Piyne ��-ili -sei. up" the *  ^*i .  P^;.;  -system     snd   fMadeira :  ���&ji    Psrfes elementary   school vrill -  ' I present ^?   annual- MaT? Day -  *rIllsSfej-dincs pr��r2hi-" ' . I 'I     ���  "   ���*-*Jl3**     ; Spom commencing *t~;_:p:m. ^  Sandra Tforham *^i ^ arranged-b.-J, perry.  PENDER   Harbour's   Mav    *rToss��ng ?^e   Cat*��r"! wfil   be    .  rro.uEan   tiarDOtxrs   .viav    a-special; Jeat3re   -rtaditicnat * .  Queen is a Grade sue stu-   Konh Pesder vs g^. PeiuJer ;  dent at Madeira Park ele-   s^baLi   gam*   wia* JM cap* :  *       V 1.  ->  \r-  <���- .  * .7  ;.?  felt the need>to'bei a recognized part of Canada. He  thoug^i^the two cultures could  be furthered for and with each  other: -* ) -  mentarv school:  Coast contribute,  iipr A-ay out for C of Cs to sup  port a tourist" association than  tp jset \xp their own organization," he- said.'C of. C chair-  BETTERi DISTRIBOTIOI*  People need  a  better distri^ f Pender Harbour  bution  of  goods, and "services, I  -   - ^ -  he said. SociarO&dit has plans J Mcry*-Qtieeil-  for ewajdiitr-.b-ition of go^Is | cj^^ TJorfcain is Pesder  and services ior, an expanding | ^^^^ ^a? Queea. Saa.  economy:;'^, ^ould welcome | e^.-Hzu&ter af Mr. and Mr*.  automaton. he; said : -as . a | : Tjesbzm u a ^^ sil stu.  release from industrial slavery > ~  in whichiwe-are engulfed, butt  we cannot because of oar dis-1  dent   cf   Madeira   Park   elem-  are   Marilyn   Cocfarale,   Mau-  t   |arn*j  tained by; Henry "Wlattkjctr aad  BUI ^-Scoalar.    PTA   tne��abers -  and.  seiKQr   giris   wiilb provide '  rcfreshrasHis.   .    .      X *  A. Tjorixan* will cf.ccc the *  junior dance .. wfticft **"'-" startJ  at T p.nii  A poster contest to prcsn-.cte *  May Day is open to" all stu- *  dents  from  grsds  ont-  Jtr 1-t.  Posters- frore different. a^e \  groups win..be-;judged by Mrs."*  reen Crosby, Kath Griffith ^sd    Hooper and her an ttuder.t$  power    is*  ��� " --7--��� "��� ��� -        The  Msv  Dav  comrrJtUc   is*  maintained In relation to goods7  *��*l^^ ^tL^SC    S^ pleised *** ^ ^r^^r"  tributioa \ system."  Mania  ex-f  J.  Hayes  and  Dick Clayton plained a balanced economy-isf _ . ���.,., ,    ,-,_      ^Wr ,m  are C"of C.May Day represen- when    purchasing    power    Is j  Pit Bathgate. Flower girls are  talives. C of C will look after ^  _Tm, TlVsbonie^feUtheTu^c-    the    giounds^latform, _ water^ and services   When* tbSTcondl-!  ��^^"^xa*p"^"  M_^    '^ ^ receiving.  Mre. War>  ���UonW.the'Crf'Cwasto".seek--^^r^;i��w7-'-s^*T5f1 ton exists  it ts_ impossible tot c^^   Pige. bo~   is    n��k    reports    doca'ioni-.  are  riiotidny was   put ^nd   passed    Gwden Bay pvet^O^turnc^J*- s^c:-e^._to   meet^pn^s _ of |  ifvith 11 for and tluiee opposed.  However,   before   the:; sum   is  ^>aid,   back   minutes -will   be  checked for the motion stating"  ihe C of C is not a sponsoring  ppdj%  If such-a  motion is on  the record,  it is Xormingtdn's  _  lopinion Jhe motion granting the  ,    ]S100 is. null and void. Treasur-  jer's   report indicated   a   bank!  1     balance rof' $598.97/  cations were!marked on either    goods,   surpluses   pile   up   andf  side of the road. Osborne and  Jackson    travelled    the.   route  w*ith Underwood district engin  eer and staked out these sites.  They    will j give    buses    and  create  unemployment.   "We  have    no  -quarrel    with"    the?  banking isystem.  which "fe  ex^f   niomss   will   cctnmence   at   l  Bay. Mrs. Hateiy Is in charge  of the May Queen and Mrs.  MHIs w-Hl attend to thi Cower  arrangania^ts.   Crcwcing   cere-  tremely ! efOcienL"    explained?   P-m-  Martin- The  taking  out :of  z\  D4y meeting7, will bo" held  T*iesdayi*May 2&h at th; Legion Ha| at S p.m. All interested  persons  are  w+'.css'.e t��  attend,   i - 7  |3R_AKWATER   RESOLUTION        .     .        . .  ! Breakwater resolution ap-^ dustr*| chairpan.  proved by the resolution com- * ���! ���  mittce of the B:C. Chamber of Community CentiO  Commerce   will   be   presented .___._���'' *���  >t- the   13th   annual   meeting/ monthly, meeting  trucks turn put area to permit    loan*  creates    credit ..out-, ol;  traffic to pass. nothing, j Monetary   reform,   to-  An enquirl** from J. G. New-    do away! with present financial,  man: of   C&il!%ack   regarding    ups and! downs, is the aim of/  regulations Concerning new.and    Isocial  Credit. '   \      I.  used furniture outiet was turn-       BC  presented a strong Jwelf  foundedbbrfef to Hon. Judy le:  -Marsfi>   Smoking���and   HealtS"  t Conference    which    influenced  several other_provinMs<to take"  ja  firm *stand  on  the,,  matter,}  J'We  must educate the- people!  ed-oyer to ithe'trade and* in-  Voting member and . representative- for the Peninsula; C of  Cs, and Osborne-.-will-attend- to  Speak to the motion.      .  Sechelt village commission's  parksite (L. 1472) was-rsupport-  Jed by- the C of C. Osborne ad-  Dick   Clayton   will   attend ^ as    SELMA Parfe-Comrnmiitv Cen-:^to the potential dangers, espe-:  tre saw IS -present for the ciaUy the school children. We:  regular monthly meeting of the can't legislate or people will  membership J ���� after it as thes- did m pt^  ^Reports sljowed a successful ^hibition.** he saki. -      j  rummage  sale had  bean held       Martin is very anxious to see  the Saturday! prior to the meet-    hospital;insurance coverage for  ing, and-the* cribbage club ah-    mental   illness,   TB   and   long  Tsed"'toe* meeting1 this was an    nual   dinneif   is   scheduled   to    term    (chronic)    cases.    Also  area-?-;of-'l74/acres-*-'of-3gricuI-    wind  up  the*  season .of  plai'-    coverage    for   home    nursing,-  ttiral   land   composed--of   old    The. bridge j club-has been en-y dental   care  for  children   and.  homesteads grown up with al-    joyed'by the members, and the . drugs. He wants to see.more  ...  der  bottom  and   would ���-.easily.,   library -will i be reopening again    community  based  preventativf  make'a  good  golf course.   It. -September j 12   after   being- the  Okanagan-Revelstoke   area  is   about .three-quarters-of   a    closed for the summer. y a mental health clinic encom]-  mile from the village boundary The change in-the by-latt^s. passing preveition. medic3tk$4"  and about the same from7thV' which the jexecutive-had been and consultation was set up  waterfront. Road access and* .requested .'to study, was dis- last year. Since then admis-  po'wer -will' be available close cussed- by. ghe meeting, and the sions to Essondaleand Crease  td the property line since Os- final draffi Will be presented to clinig.7 from that area have  bdrns is subdividing ��an adjoin- the Mayr meeting for approval dropped 50 per cent. The next  ine orooertv**" " "r by the members. such  clinic  will  be set  up  at  8 v .     .-��� .    ���...../"    - -^l.-���.���:  Nanaimo,  t^o-Traa-Kootenay.  MOTION TABLED It  is  Jiatd  to   realize   these   ^nd   Prince  XJeorge.   Eighteai  Notice  of motion r to- amend-   days -that j this   country   was     million: a year isspent on mea-  the    bylaws   to   hold   general    founded partly to avoid taxes,    tal health, there are 6.200 mea-  "~ Ul health beds and 300 mental  health employees. {  S. Fladager questioned-Martin "on[ UBCM resolution concerning muniopalities* budgets  over $12,500 being Teleasid  from the care, of TB cases.  Martini said when TB came wider hospital insurance this will  automatically release munici-  galities. As it stands now he  felt itito be a problem for the  Minister of Finance. I  mmmmoBsm  SllD��_iSlli6: PAiiff M&?  GARDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  .j:" Mechanical & Electrical Repairs  A COMPLCTE LINE OF. BOAJj REPAIRS  Garden BdjvB:C.       " Phone 883-2366  i'piiw*)gi'^'-imm m*9 >g'"? ���w^�����*l wii in ��� iUJi 11y  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  DATE    ^AD  ���r  *****.  ,^..i ���> j*.ia,' H��t--i fTt'f >^--al..a.L  iLui  M.  ca  FOR   QOICK   RESULTS  i  USE TIMES CLASSIFIED^  *  -��� TRIi free rerra'ndertf ccftung ��**nts is o serHcffef  SECHELT7 AGENCIES   LTD.   Phone. Scene St   Pefw-4-*1*  -Times direct, for free tsstmgs, -spcpfyti^. "Oote'-Fai*".*  Piecs* ncte that scccc.is Siirvted cr*�� son*e odvencis cdt&L  mcy have to wcit their turn. cl�� tHdt tfw�� is c -"ref%i.n*$^r"  -Ustin^ crdy end cenrset ��:��cys csnv full <_etci_s,i     -|  A^pnl  25-���Witscn  Crce*s Cs  he'd, S pjrn.  C-J5.  April 30-���GcrfccQe D'spc*=; rr,#etih��,  $etmc  ?c'��  8 t*rr. - 7 I  V-SV 2 P H. Ccrr  2:20 em_  ClJb Bbsocr, Ccr-f-*.*- t^.H:  Wey 5���*Gui Guide Tec���\jt$kx*. FsfT/2.30 c ~*     \  M-c-f 2���0"C"Ceric<*. Cer C;ad Odnce, Aj*s*-~" ?$��  /  ; TRAVa H���ADQUA^ERS  Travel ot fo*rest[ Rotes  Individual or Group Wodld Wide T4ur|  SECHlliT AOEMfe trbl  -REALTY and INSURANCE    j   j  Wharf Read " j Phone 8Si-2|6J  Mtmtmi  !*���  >.  *���- ���* .  \  :;"::-.���  ::.:���������  :*s..:  ��� *������  '?:  **'. ���*.���  ^ * i  1.;-.  J  f/-  'T-v'^v.W>,-iA :':*. '*X%RQ&!ii  __i_r*_'__i"_l"3'__.^.*W .������"Jal   _  <  !  *  ;  :<!��  -1  li.*  i  V  i-  *i  v*_  -   *Lu. Page 12 T  z  AT THIK  ���    En_.>.  for llWiti ���  tabic! (j-on  from tifml  The F uiij  '���aisbursfiiH-  , -B.C. tre��i  ig Seohelt Penlnsjula Times, Wed., April 29, 1964  ���*.  mployees  :0;:CENTjLY held ann-jaj tweeting ��f the HSP  iy��re;s' Charity Fund the financial accounts  ere submitted, showing revenue from ehari-  rit'M'ions' of the employees of $4,075.00 and  mures:; of $6. >8 for a! tot^l of $4,081168.  4i|adc the! followit g    ������  is during  JCinsnieit-Ki *is*ri*r  .���;  I,*  I  I."'-  ���*.,  ,   f  '   *\  r.  '���--::  !'/'  J** "a  .At  'ise," ,S4w>:  -Match?   51*  Seal,    S:|7&  ' Cross, .jlTji  8200; St.! .M  O.E.S Can.  >Hphiri.*.'t<!m  .;Mt. Eli?'tin  iSQO; Caiiiti  ���rjf's*  <*r  F  H����y  <tofi��  Hospital;  j en    Assrwi  Mary",*  Hi  1963:  t  Foundation, $20*;-  enj  revision ; nd that the r��perman  vwi.siiien's  Mothei s'  tCwanis   East rr  Cana'dian    Red  vatibn   Arm yv  Hospital,. ��20);  md,]$200;  Jit.  Sctfuts,   $20J;  Giri   Guides.  inn (tancer Society,  KiOO;   CiVIH.S.   5100;   Children's  rt  t   I (H  4|'ilaf  n��-w-  . */  l  the  id    f|rom  t7i.:t'i  ��!'�����:' lietarded Child-  j>ledgft/^w  Totjal,' J^f  V"/itn   a  .s|n'|iiti>  of !$6.����.-an  lied    forwai  years- of   S  lor    l!��iM    a  iialiam**/ of  distribufi*1?!  During n't  p,    $200;    St.  Balance ]of  ward,   $1,250.  Y jaiuyp.  *p**-    noted  stations ut:  Was sTati'M  came tlnu'i  ;464 in l!****:  year tluj-i.*  tors (S'W i  jiayroilbTh  ih^at-thts.* j  itlmosV i***!  'Job by t  jjioyefjj <��i"  r,      _ j  -  ^,,1    hst    should - remain;   dn-  Helaltb. ,C���|i-     Changec}    otherwise" with    the  same contributions as for, 1963  with! the. following exceptions:  Claildret.'s Hospital: If funds'  should b i available - an extra  contributim should go to the  Children'^ Hospital in vi|w of  the man_ local children being  treated in 'that institution, details to be left with the Secretary-treasurer. :  Girl Guides: Because thje Mt.  Elphinstone Girl Guides \ haver  no official sponsors "and aire restricted in raising funds the  standard [contribution is to be  increased!/to  $300.  St. Marjy's Hospital: To ;assist  the  hospital  in providing  sbe-  the   accbui ts     cjal    equipment    needed    -fre-  n* "obened   with�� a     quently .��� jjn,, cases  of  industrjial  Kici.o? available "for    accidentsj/the Fund, at thf? sjtg-  gestion of St.  Mary's Hospital  review of the tjP~    pledges "to  provide  the  jlecps-  sary   money   for   two   of   the  three  required  "recovery-stretchers" ir| the amount of  the month* Bq he made  able by the e*\di of 1964 at the  latest:  id  was  further   agreed  with  St.  Majry's  Hospital th-jt  the  four-bed ward donated  by  for the yeir  balance  ci r-  prevjo is  it  es  tii** fhhd in 1963  t.ha. -the   revenu  .% L    contribute rs  i. At the end of tie  wvrt  !392  contrit u-  i  n����): still bn  tjie  in��(!ting took note  4tiris represent an  cent participa���^the   Charity /Fund   should   be  that    tiu<  inade M .*  CobfulHll   bi.��"p  '���StJ^-Majry';.   Ho  3 ��62'to; simply  revenuf: u  ihe :s&:n;itf  apiproxbuu  orjganiz^vfj.-' ii  made ;s��i>oi  $920,  aivail-  l��*r  i.*   i>termanent   er  li��; njillj It was ajso  V'iti    great   satisfaction  iiigl "���' participation  *i��"i-   tor the .Ft  [edge  given   to  pital   late   in  ��he yurnishirjgs  w  fo^ a -Rjijr-i kill i��|ard in the ni...  hospital uriier construction and  'tQ'haye Ui ��� necessary funds in  \he b'tttuif oih tl'ie Hospital >o-  ciety by u- ,<r|i of the yeir.  ^ In il'��* i''*fl��'4ing discuss  =ibout ft-: <u>etations of  iPunch^Tr u-vi thi meeting v  ���adVisiiili *iji'��i jhe anticipa  ji**|l  would be  U*v**l  flv  54,000.    Several  m^fatS   ani  Vol coiti<*   i  future; ill  ilUring !!!�����& a  iari  i;h  ihe   G  was for  Had ai��(ii*.'  fibsons Unit of  dancer   Soci ;ty  nTfti and that .this vniT  the .fJw'i  It wa!.,  sons Unit  cer  $o<ri��*t  into thti j��*  on'  he  as for 1963  id  a Ire a  ji  for disburjse^  ed  H-atio  morj* are expect  li'aijd in the n rar  ��-_.   ijlso stated t iat  maintained at the highest  standard at all times. The  Charity Fund, will make in annual cor tribution of $lw* towards tl Is purpose, if funds  are ava la^ie, such contribution to >e reviewed annually,  and the St. Mary's Hospital  setting Ibis money aside for  , this purpose only, J  It is anticipated that the con-  M3S?  tributions  budget   will   take   care   of  all  revenues  Howc'er  a^ main in  ed funds in  rules of  Charity  nated   tc  at  or  iy  expected     in    1964.  should any  funds  re-  the   accounts,, such  accordance   with   the  the  HSP   Employees*  Fund   should   be   do-  St.   Mary's   Hospital  for.genej-al purposes and without cond tions attached thereto.  No  cbinge  in the executive  committ. e  will  take, place  for  1964,    Lccal   297    having    confirmed    their   -representatives  for  the  current  year.   Mr.  C.  Beacon was re-elected as chair-  i-to* be include^ ikto    man.   Messrs.   Labonte,   Locked li*jt of the/Fupd.    wood,    Macklam,    Mason    and  West   bqing   members   of   the  earmarked   in.  this  Wins award I  BOfe STEWART, ion of Mr. ^ind Mrs. Charlie Stewart,  fojrmer residents of! Sechelt, now at Prinee George,  proudly -displays a figuire "skafting award he'won for being the most progressive skater at thtj Prince George  Figure Skating Clib.      b  4'  lEdith   Potter   sails ! f j>r  te|)jgla-.d en. April 3J), aboard        . ..f  the ["CJhew San".   Miss Pott :r eryeno is im  has ss^n a nurse at St. Mary's ;the   hard  Community  Park, at 8  By Bunny Smith  Hall   at   Madeira  p.m. April 29.  Ev-  ited to attend and  A^orkina  committee  who finally  !the way you  $*.r��.H*d that' the C ib-*  f tho| Canadian C:in-  il.ould   be   plaied  rmanent list with I an  annual    'cj��ntributton,  of  subjeM  t;.,  commitwe, Mr. West to act  as secretary-treasurer. It was  also decided to leave the roster  of signing officers unchanged  for the current yearb  -7  Hospital for several years iaikd    pope to hav'��|' a good turnout.  will  bs| gtsatly missed by; the  mary friends she has madp in  Pen Jer Harbour. We wish b ir  a .peasant sea voyage and the  very  best of good fortune for  the jfuture  Tliie Pender - Harbour Coih-  imuii^ty Club is " Having its; ajn-  nua"! Spring Bazaar on May 2.  Thi;! has alw;ays been one of  the best Of the bazaars. There  is al lot ol work on the part  of ihe ladies to put on such a  bazaar. There will be fine hand  wot If, a" wonderful opportiini;ty  to buy these special presents  to lay; aside for these special  peorle for birthday and Chiriit-  Tias prajents. Now is the; big  chance. jiThere will be home  baking, jthe mouth watering  kin i. l^uj will have to get there  early for- this stall. Go ' and  meat your friemds and have a  cu-   of tea  ano.acjfat.  ! An elderl_- couple, from a  email mill town was visiting  in New York for the first time.  The sights v,ere more interest  to the old gent than his wife  exclaimed, "John,  stare at these city  women is .jemething scandalous. A body'd think you'd  never seen legs before."  mused    John, - "is  was thinking my-  :    "That."  just what I  self." !  FOR   QUICK   RESULTS  USE  TIMES CLASSIFIED  SELECTION OF  l\H���PdE IS STILL A  SPRING  at  WONDERFUL  FASHIONS  Fashion Shoppe  CLOSING OUT  WWWVWWWW ��WVVW^WW>WW1������WI WWWWMMUMVMWVWVWVWWW  885-9941  Triere will be a pickup^at ihe  following places:   1:40  Irvjin^'i.  La icling; i l:/15 Indian Is.  Marina-J 1:50! Hassan's Store; -11:55  ,e d's Bijy; 2:C0 Lloyd's S^toi-e.  Gjarderi Bay Water Works  wiljlj be 'having their annual  ��� Jn$l meeting May 5 at 7  .p,r-||. at tjhe Club house. There  ts to bei an election ofl[ two  trustees.      .  Th annual general meeting of  th !AduIt Recreation Commission Thir will be held-at the  RUG CLEANING  and DEMOTHING  I     - !  Day or Evening Appointment  Done Right In Your  Own Home y  RATES REASONABLE  For Free Es.imofes  Phone 886-9890  Sou  MORE ABOUT.*>  Caribbean!  from page 10���  famous French Quarter.  From New Orleans they  flew direct to Vancouver and  were able to see such cities as  Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denver. Ogden Vtahy Boise Idaho,  etc. -.-}'  The Sunshine iCoast is still  the best place to live but for  a!good change when you want  sunshine, different people, and-  af change of pace that's the  place to ^go.        !  MORE ABOUT ....  Views Foreign  from page 10���   ;  enough .to permit blood circulation. But these modern decorations    have    not    completely  monopolized their tastes. Many  still fancy themselves "with the  traditional    hand-made    items,  rendering  necklines  from   tiny  mollusk   shells, [from [ purple  and  deep-red  and  brorize  berries   that  have   been   dried   to  hardness,  from  pieces  of  colored shells polished to a lustre  by sea and sand/from fish and  human   teeth   and  particularly  from the fangs of the interior  jaguars.   Beyond! this   decoration   and   the  nose   piece   and  nose line, little other finery is  worn.    Sometimes,    dangling  from the neck of some yOung  iady   who .is   displaying   her  niodest   wealth,   one   may   see  several pounds of silver Panamanian    coins.    Earrings    are  generally   not   worn   but, when  they   are   they   appear   rather  awkward �� by    our x standards.  The   silver  or   bfeads   are   not  fastened to the ear but rather  to a  thread that! is hung over  the  ear. .Such  design  detracts  from the delicacy of the accessory but certainly increases its  carrying   capacity.  [This .jewellery! and   costume  creates  an elaboration that is  .exceedingly striking. When one  has seen a groupj of these worn-  eh,   a   kaleidoscope "of   color,  there   can    bexy[no   forgetting  them.  But the sight of a  lone  Cuna is equally ; impressive as  decked  in  all  her  finery ��she  guides her cayuka on a multi-  husd water toward a  Manhattan   of  thatched ! huts.   Indeed,  it   is    anr inspiring   spectacle  when the customs and culture  bf   these   island!  natives   fuse  with   the  "-beauty    and    atmosphere  of the  Caribbean.  The.  distant cries of terns, the -surprising    splash    of    a    diving  pelican,   the   whispering, reply  of   palms   'to*'   the   caress   of  breeze,  the   muted  thunder  of  swells   that  fall  on   the   outer  reefs;    these   are   the   sounds  that    accompany    the- Cuna"s  life.   To   this   symphony   their  paddles  slice  the  sea   as  they  Fish and work and play.  h Pender Harbour Waterworks District  LEGAL  NOTICE  The following is an extract from Section 41.'Water  Act, Province ol  British Columbia.  OFFENCES AGAINST ACT. 411. Eyery person is guilty of on offence against this Act ond Noble',; on summary cpnviction, to c  pepalty not exceeding two hundred ond fifty dollars ond, in default of piiyment, to imprisonment: not exceeding -twelve months,  who does cny of the following:-  (b) Willfully destroys, iiijqi  res,; or interfers. witlvt'he works of  any licensee without lawful authority:  (d) toys or causes to bi toid any pipe, or constructs or  causes to be constructed any diich or other conduit; or connect with  Hie works p. any liccn*cc withe ut authority from the Comptroller,  Engineer, Or ihe licensee:  If) Cfistroys, injures, or tornpers with, any work; gauge, weir,  measuring)- device, structure, aaplibnce, coble, boot, instrument,  or tool bejDngingtd or placed n position by ony applicont, licensee, or of icial of., the Government <if Canddo or the Provincial  Government:  Ji>  (j) Constructs, maintains,  authority:  (h) Engages in the businiss of operating works for the car- p.  riage of wbter for others witho.t holding o licence pr;other author-1  ity issued  n thot beholf under this or some former Act:  - ...  (i) Wilfully interfers with ony headgote, ditch, or controlling-  works which an fngineer or Wc ter Bailiff hds regulated, or destroys  any notice posted by an applicant,; Engineer, or Water Bailiff:  operates, or uses ony works without  lo) tiics any water when he is.not lawfully entitled to do so:  .     i .  I      ��� ! THE TRUSTEES  ��  .ffl  m  zyy.  %


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