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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Jun 10, 1964

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 ^m^m^s**^^ •»**••■»$. -■ -h:
*-v    /      A ,*
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellcri", Hopkins Lending, Grcnthom's Lending, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Secheftrl
i. Secret Cove, Pender Hccbour, Madeira Park, Kleindcie. Irvine's Lending, Eari Cove. Egmont. Jf WEDNESDAY^ JUNE TO, If64    %Qq
Park promotion
« >
ATTEMPTS BY A local man to promote the Brothers
{ . Memorial Park as a centennial project at a recent
jriieeting of the Gibsons and District Chamber of Com-
jmerce, resulted in a spirited denunciation at last meet-v
| ! 7!   ' .."-    ing of Gibsons council-      H
Road work planned
if weather holds
•Report in a local publication
that C. P. ; Ballentine sought
and obtained support for the
project from the chamber, resulted "in a" letter to council
from a Mrs. IM. E. Telford deploring the * fact that' public
funds might be used Tor a
park, unknown to many and _
one   probably   unlikely   to   be,
COUNCILLORS  did   a  tour of
"the village last week, following   suggestions   by   chairman
Mrs. A. Johnston that a-survey
be made of the = roads with a
view to oiling, making up and,
hardtopping  where  possible to— seen bv a large number of pe-
thc extent oi funds budgeted-    opie
i - Mrs.   Johnston   pointed   oul-
that a number of paved roads
are breaking up.in places, and
that   estimates   should   be  obtained now so that work could
"go ahead once the weather improves.
-. -
: ■ *■'
fact that" as chairman of-the
centennial cqmmittee. he, himself knew nothing of the move
to use centennial funds for pro-
/,Slated  for  paving  is   a   sec    jects not before the committee,
lion   of   Shorecliff   Road   near    until    the    news    report-   was
fthe elementary school and an-    brought :to hi*7 attention,
'other    stretch    of    Barnacle      VThis-isy something   for  the
! around   the   Anglican   church— centennial   committee   to - de-
Langdale Itne-vp
Councillor   Sam   fFladager   LINE-UP FOR the Langdaleto Horseshoe Bay ferry Sun-
quickly   followed   witk . strong :day evening stretched -fray up to the highway and is
words of condemnation of the , an indication of what may? be expected once the tourist
season really gets under way.
.  -
_- - — -   _ 4
Called to ruckus --. J .
I-arc3. -
- Inlet Avenue from Cowrie to
I the waterfront is to be Oiled
j and paving will bc carried out
j where warranted where pre-
1 sent  paving has  deteriorated.
!     Council also agreed  to  pro-
'   cecd   with   a   clear-up  of  the
I   bach  beyond the ramp=- where
a." number of old tins are be-
lieyed to be working up from
ap  old  dump.  Last clearance^
of   this   sore   was   about   two
•years   ago   and   involved   the
same problem.
cide," he said. "I have put in
a lot Of tim.* on the committee,
the report-was not a centennial committee report and such
reports should not come from
other sources.
Local:Police officer
2 loaded guns
GAZING DOWN the muzzle of two loaded guns, a rifle
and a shotgun* is not ahabit Constable Bill Destree
If we"aro to give our time : of &e Sechelt detachment} of the RCMP would care to
to the centennial committee to
have, someone else come along^
and take, the plums, then j I*
personally would not feel inclined to give aigr more of tny
time7* to it."
Mr. Fladagar. added that if
council wished to support the
park propofals he would go.
atong with it At the same time
in light of tbe methods so far
-    '—see page 8
cultivate. He did however encounter-such an experience
last week.
Bob Norris pres.
Army & Navy Club   H       success.; -/ #
THIRTY-one   members . turned     -— ——-.	
Called to a home in West _Se*
cbelt at" about 3:30 p.m. JVedj
cesday,'.:June 3" folBwing a fat
mHy ruckus Constable Destree
was confronted by two loaded
guns held menacingly^ by Ro^
bert Edwin Sully. ,        . i
"Trouble started early on the
Wednesday morning at the Sul--
ly home when a quarrel broke
Glenn PhilHpEs   j
Kiirj President   .
MR. GLENN* Philips was elect—
ed  to | the  presideacy cl the :
Kiasmeii   dub  cf  Secheit   for !
the* forthcoming year
He   win   be   assisted   in   the :
-guidance of the   club   %y- the ;
following    officers:    \"ie**-prcsi- '
detst^   Dave   Parish;   -secretary,*;
Morgan I Thrmpion;    treasurer ■
Erroi Flumerfelt.
JThcKinsms- Cl-b of aec&di \
his be«a active m* da* area !
since it's 'formation In *.i5T*ssd ;
is well {ksom_ m o&r- oaffiii-:
nity tar it* char£tafcr"|r acd-
worthwhlle work." " |
The   fecal   Kir-smim   club i$
out for the charter presentation of the newly formed Army.
Kavy and-'Air ' Force Club on
June 5th at the Mariher Cafe
in  Gibsons-. *
, Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Mc-
Dermott" of the' provincial command were on hand to present
the charter, install new members and initiate the new officers. Officers for ■ the coming-:
year are, President Bob N'or*
rjs, -Vice-President Bob -Hage-
lund. and J. McKell; Secretary
V. Graham and thc executive
as follows, Mr. K. McMann,
Bill Tweedlcy, r Bill Ridgewell,
Sammy Topham and Johnny
Topham. ,
V Plans for the future Include
the building of a clubhouse
with, 100 members buying $100
shares and the headquarters'
matching that! -amount. It is
hoped to get this under way'as
soon as possible.^      —
Pender Harbour    !
May Day awards !
.MAY DAV' AT Pender Harbour was a success despite
- - -■ jof the threatening ^weather. A well represented part
ade was inarshalled by the Canad^n Legiony and the   charges  as^inst him  for as-
winners are as follows:b^     —* 2
Floats—ist;   The   Tjorhams;
2nd,  Irvines   Landing   School:
Carpenter   acted   as
3rd. Sea Horse Coffee Shop.
Bicycles—1st prize, Lorraine
Bildk; 2nd prize. Keliey Mair:
3r prize.'.Greg-Zacharfeo.
„ Nos-elty-a-1st prize," Susan
Rae and Mark Sladey: 2nd
! prize, Nancy Camerofe; 3rd
prize,- Warnock Bros. ■!_.__
Horse*—1st prize, Margaret
Campbell; 2nd prize, Robin
Peters; 3rd prize,. Peter Lee.-
Roy Fenn, Bob Crichtcn and
i" - ■*    **   *-**    z. i „ -**   ^J* -
i"*<)_i£____''*r*"^*jf'F^.tS. "   '^
Mrs.   EL
The .crowning ceremonies
were held in the community
hall, which had been attractive-
ly decorated by Mrs. Len Du|
bois. The ball was .filled - to
capacity as Mrs. Fleming the
mistress of ceremonies introduj
ced. the Royal   Party   consist;
- ing. ot &ndra Tjorbom the
-May Queen, her attendants
Marylin Cochran, Maureen
Crosby, Kath Griffith, and Pat
Bathgate. Flower girls wer€
Sundy Bilcik% Susan Sladev-f
Rose Malcolm, Itonelda Hyatt!,
Lorraine Cromer, and" Maureca
Cameron, Pagt Boy was Mark
r Macintosh,    and    the    retiring
> Queen was Wendy Hately. }
Awards   for   the   May    Da?
^Poster Contest were given ta
the following: Grades 1-3—1st!
Mtchact-Gough (Grade IJ; 2nd
Mark    Gardiner    (Grade    1.4
-" "Grades 4-5—1st Darlene Dubois (Grade si:-2nd. Ruby An"
derson (Grade 5); Hsrarable
mention, Pat Kearly. I
Grad«s S-T—1st Sandra Tjor|
bom (Grade 6}; 2nd^ Tove
Hansen  (Grade  Tl;   Honorable
put between Sully and his wife.
Muriel,—following 1 which Mrs.
Sully left the Thoase. with her
children and went to-the horse
of a friend.^ Later ia the day
she went with hef .children tithe imme of hcr fataer, Mr. G."
Kelson. *
Later in the day. Sully retrieved his children from the
home of Mr. Xetsoa and returned later for his wife.
Police then visited the Sully
home follatrmg a report from
Mr. Xelson who complained
that Sully was beating up Mrs.
Sully. It was then that Coasta- ^ evenisiS ^Wedaetd^si J«=e
ble Destree fbursi himself fac: i$ -\i g pjs* in tik Jtospital
ing" the wrong end. of the guns.   Cottage j   '   - XXI
? ."After a"-few tense minutes. ^ Agenda.' irkiudes-^fle-fjsieririi
Mrs. &illy persuaded her has- Xcr membership^', dliritlte as-
band to fKit away.the "guns,by '* gpciatios bylaws.' Klesfon of
assuring him- she would, not lay    oew - directorate - fcrf-thri  asm*
ciatioc from .'the. tkkry latsd to
receive i cominiaiiass f of I candidates "wiUiaf to *Und for election for; villi*g*? cou**ci!,-
a member. ®t the A**ot-U?.«3*-<
Kissmea'CInb:. '^rJcz Iti the
only all Canad^s s*r*S<ie ctib
with 12.C6Q: rr.err.bcr' In 459
clubs :«cross Car.ada,7 y - m \
7 : .- - b-b   * ■ .
meetMg      ;
RATEPAYERS   arc . urged   to
attend?! tfee    .ansual     jeseral
mectingl of the -Set-hem Rat*- .
payers'JAssociation, to be held
sault- " -   .
St*Jly was then arrested  and
p*ge C
Senior staff
;Iospltil appoMiiiiits \ _
oBpooncei bf mmmm.
CHAII(MAX OF ST. Mary's Hospital Board of Trustees,
"   Mr*. H. P- Hubbs, announced this week tne appointments of Administrator and Director of N'ur-mj: ipr the
St.. Mary's, Hospital
<  •
<l *-
< t:
-    New liquor store
NEARING COMPLETION is the new Govt. Liquor Store   mention,' Beverly Bowler.
^ for Sechelt, located near the RCMP building on Inlet,    Grades s-3—1st, Cheryl Clay
-Avenue. The new building will be completely up-to date   (Grade 8): 2nd, Kathy Mackay
in all aspects.    "   •
Mr. Korinan Buckley, a*?-
poictcd to the post of administrator, has had twelve yean
experience - in hospital administration" work, bavins been an
accountant for the Kootenay
.Lakc General Hospital during
-this period. At this time he
handled all the construction -accounting details of the- new
S2.000.COO.00  hospital.
Mr." and Mrs. Buckley wiE
reside at Sechelt upon their
arrival, Thzy have two daughters  attending anivecity.
Taking up duties as director
of   nursing.    Mrs.    Lillian    P-
lag almost stra'i..j.--a.3'fr l&4t
as a gecerai d^-:- r. in'^aid ia
a superi-iiofv-capacity  -;
For the os*' t*o y(*i*. ih*
has "been or. tr.o Nanalif.o. R«-
giccjl \l3zy,-Jz\X:At -aid has
been nurht -a .-ser. L-&r hr Us«
entire  feospilal- |
" Mr and Mr* -. Er*- -lill reside at'Davu Bay tpos their
arrival.} They ha*.e a [family
of three, a-5"* ir. thrfl Nla^T
and twin dat:zit*.r> aticsdiaf
scisocl. j ?    - -
The f fc^sf-.ta' b&a $d ii
pleased jto   welcv^e   iUlr  new
Egan   is   a   graduate*!^!  Holy     staff to'the d:*tr.ct trd cocud-
FantSy   KospiUl. 7Priice    A^    er   tfceaxsehes   *uckr   tf   Ea^e
—see page I    bert, Sask.."and has heen work- " obtained,their
,1;;-^^^ ftage 2 The Sechelt Peninsula * "irnes, Wed.,  M********************A*******��*J��* t***,**M *****!  0sH>iE_rPENINSULA<^����i  \m0MBMmm-mrB*M**m*****M***nur*wmm  L Published Wednesdays  Sechelt  Peninsula Times  I Sechelt, BX.  Gross {Circulation, 1850 copies  Classified Advertising Rates:  Line AdBriefs (15 words)  One Insertion  June 10,1964   LEGA|_ N0T|CEs {e0nt��d)  *&>  by the  Ltd.,  ot  Three insertions  Al CONDITION,  1963 Acadian  station  wagon.   Stnd.   transmission,   10,5<j*Q   miles.    Avail-  _85c  .1.70  Extra lines (5 words) �����-~.i��� 15c  Box Numbers, .-55c extra  If paid before publieatiop, a dis-  cpupt of 25c per AdBrlef is allow-  . ed.,J Sem't'Display,   Super-Display;  }nd Blue Chip Display  1.50 per  j inch.  '   Legal Notices:  17c pet] count tine (5 words) first  Insertion, 13c per count line sub-  J, sequent insertion:;.  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Best "view, Douglas Hwy., occupa-  cash offer. 88^-2587.        9936-27  . tion Joanseymaa Motorman in-  tends to apply fc��y permission .  tbe purchase the following described lands:        ,  Commencing, at a post planted S/E corn of Lot No. ,7022  N.W.D.-thence East 25 Chains;  thence Sooth 6 Chains to N/E'  Post;| thence South 10 Chains;  60", $85. Ph. thence West 10 Chains; thence  9944-28    North 10 ji Chains;  thence East  *��� "*****"���7    along! the Sandy Hook Rd.r 10  travel trai-    cfcaijis more or less to Point *  o��-_Commencemeat-   and   con-  195�� PONTIAiC^scdaa.   Radio,  lieater,* autb.   trans.   Power  steering.  $25GJ:  Phone 886-9800.  i ! 9940-26  *eople places �� things  FOR SALE  BOX ! trailer,  883-;2294.  W"x  59'  IfATHFBDER  ierj 23 ft. Electric fridge,  hot water, propane stove, toilet and showier. $2,400. J. Williams,   Irvines Landing,  BC.  9945-28  LEGAL NOTICES      '  APPR<j>X.   T  acres   of /water-  frent1 property in  West' Se-  ihelt. j Excellent spring  water.  taining approx. 10J acres, mote  or less. '      ' '  Tl*e   purpose  for which  the  land, i��.required is Home Si^c.7  JAMES STEWART  WARREN  Dated 15tb May,-1964.  9716���Pub. May 27 J 3, 10, 17, *64  Form-No. 15 (Section 40)  "LAW ACT"  Notice of Intention to Apply to  Purchase Land       1  B935-27  APPROX. 7 acres of waterfront property in West Se*  Jhelt. (Excellcirt spring water,  '.'four 1 summer* cottages' with  ttfaterj and electricity. Apply  jfox ,242, North Vancouver."  '       9938-26  A  ITSi  .PEKINESE puppies,  - L  ���By Rosy and Alex Simpkins  LEAVING JOHNNY, at home to take care of telephone,  T "and sale of lumber, bricks, dram tile, cement,���we  a6ok off for ,our unofficial capital of the Sunshine Coast,  Which is .Pbwell River. There was a doe on the rock  seeming to admire, the Indian Paint Brush flower. -  'As_-\ved," rove along' we were * *  constantly reminded of the swings around to make this  Lougheed Highway, When it safe ijUjc harbor. '  wits first!cut through the wild- we stopped at thc Powell  ess of Burnaby- and Bur- River News, and Jthe-kids went  rrjijitlam. (At (that time there 50UVenir hunting. The News  ^as  mu<*h vacant land which    office is also a post office, a  rbsequently ��� sky-rocketed    in    bookshop, the home of a thou-  i&jlue.   Here, 1 we (have   peat    san(-  souvenirs.  Best buy  for"  . igs,   mountain   streams   and   ten Qcn^ js a flock ot reading,,  sttme fertilo land just] begging    the PR News,  toj be developed,,      j   ! Mr.    Stewart    Allsgard t took  ;We parsed ithe Copper Mine    spccjai  interest   in], our   batyy,  mountain]    arid    recalled    the    - -----     ��-     t. -. o    k-,k���  m!kc we (had (had to (the mine;  d remembered the blue elderberries! which grow j only in  sunny pliaeecj and the! luscious  blueberries with black [bear. At  Ruby Lake tbe new' motel and swimming. There are full fa-  ristauraijt with swans! on the cmties. Picnic tables and fire-  wjater, looked enterprising.. In- piaces are under roof or sky.  side, the food was plentiful and g^g have never been used,  iiiviting. iTh.-*, natoral wood in- It has a babbling brook and  tilrior is most attractive. The jnviting trails. There is a drive-  nbnagement is obviously cap-    in  an(*   iots   0��   parking   and.  "*ple-     1 camping   room.   Caretaker   is  ^That terrible eye-sore around    {ricn(*jyt Up the hUl is. a beau-  tfye   shojres   of -Ruby    Lake,    tiful Chopping centre with Hud>  Annie,    because    his    baby,,  thc   Sechelt- Times,   was   born  the same week as ours.  Just past the area is^Willing-  don Park. This is on the beach,  and    many    people    were    in-.  Form  NoL   16  (Section |87)  LAND ACT  WOkK WANTED  886-9890.  9915-tfn  ROY'S LAND  In   Land    lecording   District  iof .Vancouver B,Cr and.situate , Notice of Intention to Apply to  near Porpoise feay, in the Se-;?  *  7    , ; Lease, Land r,,,   < ���,  -cbcltlnlet.* ^   Tin  Land' Recorjling  District  TAKE NOITICE that Robert of Vancouver' aiwjl situate at  William Seljwood of Sechelt, Peri>oise Bay, Sechelt,. B.C.  B.C., occupation poficc officer -. Take notice that Dorothy E.  intends to ppply for permLs- Schroeder -of Sechelt, -B.C., oc-'  -sion to. purchase die follow- cupatlon Housewife ^intends to  ing describe! lands: ���    apply for a lease1 bf the fol-  Cbmmenciig at1 a post plant-," lowinZ ��*����-��* }**&'���  <# ah*^e Sli*. ��ower jol lot No.;,* Commencing af Is post plant-  7022 N-.W.D,; thence 6 Chains" ed at ^e NE> d^ ot mock  East to S/W Post; thence 4. 1S Lot 1437 Plan 4783; thence  Chains Norti; thence 15 Cbams north w chainsf thence S. 49.  East: thenc4.8 Chains S/E par-    E. a drstancejof IS chains more  ROTO-TILLING  4 sizes of machines to mat��fy  (      your job.,  Plowing and ^Breaking  Rocky Ground Breaking  . Grading 'and Leveling  Cultivating and  Hilling  _Cgmplete Lawn Service  frc|rn plantinc to  iViainte'nanc j.  M awing-and Sweeping  POWER RAK NG (  Haging and Fertjllizing  Seeding and Rolling etc.  .   Arrange for regular j  <   complete lawnfcare  I^OY BOLDERf50N  Box 435 - Sechelt  885-9530  9728-tf i  allel to the Tillicon Bay Rd.;  thence .Westerly 21 Chains  more or Itjss parallel to the  Sandy Hool Rd., to point .of  commenceir ent, and containing approx. 10 acres,'more or  less.  The purp)se for which thc  land is required* is Home Site,  ROBERT WILLIAM SELWOOD  Dated 15th May, 1964.  or less; themje S, |75. W. a distance of ten chains more or  less to the point of intersection  with the West shoreline of Porpoise Bay; . thence following  said shoreline in* a northerly  and westerly, direction a distance of five chain," more or less,  to thc point of commencement  and containing approx, 6.5 acres, moie or'less, for thepur-  .      - pose  of Aircraft  and  marine  9717���Pub, May 27, 3, to, 17, '64    d'ockin/f facilities,  j DOROTHY E. SCHROEDER  where the forest fire ,bad raged  has healed its scars! with fresh  gieen gipowth.  ThimbleberriesL and Spirea  are flowering every where.  Maples; tjogujoods, firs and cedars are, -shooting up. Ladies  slippers are on tbe, rocks. We  stopped for the "children to enjoy sortie wild strawberries,  nbw ripe!. Mr. Sladey's subdivisions are , being ��� developed.  The mountain peaks beyond  Earl Cove were beautiful. We  apmired j thc' bass and perch  while; waiting for the ferry.  That', (fittc^ ok\-. s|ow:speed  vfork* hprse" which was built in  l|>28 by Washington Iron Works,  Seattle, tbe power house of the  ojLd Bainbridge is still" doing its  duty on the Earl Cove to Salt-  eiry Bay rami The ferry is now  called the Jervis Queen..  j Peter (Trappitt's m(ap of Pen-  qer /Harbour, still adourns the  ���pall. Ttye big^rbund' iron rods  "jmich hold the wooden super-  structuU together are at a  Height   which   just clears   the  son Bay Company and Wool-  worths* participating. There are  many more fine homes on the  way to Cranberry and Powell  Lakes.  We noticed another park and  children in swimming. Thc  hospital, by the mill, is enormous. Pulp mill smell is negligible. Some streets were lined  with trees.  The pride of Powell River is  the golf course which borders  the sea. We took a trip to Lund  to see the end of the Sunshine  Coast. This is a pretty fishing  community- with a ' general  store One of the customers  was saying that she waters' k  special precious purple rose  four times a day. Another customer was asking for a water  taxi to go to Blubber Bay,  Texada^���  We noticed on thc board that  a school picnic was to bc held  on Sunday. 'Bring your own  food: Ice Cream and drink  free.' A friendly small boy, told  j.mn.i , ... , . . ������...., Billy if he stayed oven night  fJSS ^^^.ESJ   U> teacher wouldn't mind his*  coming to the picnic too.  chcesburgers  ���farriers* -   The  ^eijc- excellent.   .    \  First 1 item, of interest was  ihc\ Forestry Camp,',which was  built with Dominion government assistance three, years  agt��: *Y"isitorf book" showed  people from: all* oyer, but the  ^najjoritj' carne from our own  Ijiomc town, North Vancouver. ,  This icamp  has  everything;  B.C,   HYDRO  AND  POWER  AUTHORITY  rquires- at  Seehelt,  B.C.  District  ($369  Dated May 8, 19G4.  0f|5���Pah. May 20, 27, 3, 10, '64  **      i  Meter  Reader  $429  per month)  BOATS <?ntf ENGINES  WELL j built   14   ft.   outboar  sp< redboat   with  er rgine  wel  Wint shield   and  stejrihg-   P  S85-9S09. f      9947-:  IT HT. NORCRAFT boat, wit!  cabin. Crash boat [style. 7 ft  %am,, planing hull recentlj  refinisfiedb Phone 885-9318 :be  trt'een 6 * 9 evenings,   9942-2*  :9  ii ��]t:|Pram, with  PJlbri^ 885-9680.  oarsf S45  9943*2  To perfoim routine duties in  reading meters, taking applied  aliens for plectric service and  aUendlng to customer's queries. Qualifications required include highj school graduation  or equivalent, ahility i�� ineet  the! public; abilipy to irive a  . eari and neatness and legibility (of handwriting, 'Physical  fitnbss iss/a basic requirement  as ihis pos tion requires considerable walring over jro^gh ter-  -rain.    �� - -~-"  i      ~  pjlease riiily in writiig only  stating age, education, jabd ex-  perienee to:      j  Personnel Officer,  Mctrop ilitan | Region),  B.C. Brdro U Powe*  A ithority  970 Bu rrardi Street,  Vaneouwm 1, B.C.  972o4pub.  June iO,  1%4  PASS thb pipe  The calumet, we are told, is  a pipe whose bowl is made of  soft stone, especially a kind of  red soaps tone and whose stem  ds shaped from a reed or other  kind of light wood. This Is the  traditional peace pipe of the  North American Indians,  The new addition to our gar*  den wall was done last week.  It is a bit out of line and the  mortar poorly jointed because  our hoys each took turns Jay*  ing tbe blocks. They were, ail  so thrilled With their effort;  that this piecr of the W3ll will  bc ' dear  to  mc  for years' to  9 campsites, cast. iron grates    comc* ,on�� a,ftSr th*V?��?~  o-coold on, 'cut dry alder fire^    grown u-* and havc left hf,mc*  vood, ^mountain streams, lots  )f .shade, lovely .trail tp the  jeach 'and good-natured^ care-  laker, ]Thera is a big picnic  site and launching ramp adjoining.1  There arc countless beautiful  homes land gardens, a driye*in  theatre) and then thc Westview  commercial area. There is a  little marina full of boats  ���hcjltenid by a breakwater.  Large rocks havc \bcen -piled  up   in   a   sharp   ridge   which  7"*7-  WATERFRONb LOTS  i, VIEW LOTS  VdiDwn. Easy terms on  DIVISION  EARL'S CO\  Adjacent to Earl's Cove^eErryj terminal on Sunshine  Coast Highway. BeautiFu^v|ev1|, of  lent fishing and boating.  .'..���-_    / rer  site  Jervis Inlet. Excel-  for motel and boat  $3,500  FftdM- &1800 '  bpla'nce. Discount for cash.  imp  ���p.  Madeira Park, B.C. -4- Phqhe 883-2233  grown up  Billy age 9 and Mr. Clarke  have just   passed* with   their  lines   over   their   backs-   and  smiles on their faces. They are  on their, waj to thc Davis Bay  wharf to fish. Billy has promised to watch for cars and looky  after his new friend, I bet he',  will learn a' lot from such "a   *��� **  wise man. M-akes us. wish ho        **���  had a - grandfather. of his own.  Mr. Thompson Clarke was a  stranger yesterday but is a  ���friend today. He arrived fronjt  Grande Prairie tired but happy. He's 8G, planning on clearing and gardening. He moves  like a teehager.. Vision and  hearing arc very good. Anyone having a piece of land oc  bush to-sell cheap will find hiia*.  at Simpkhi place.  j $ecbelf F  Evelyn Hayes .  ' Above Pos* Office  Cutting aitd.Styliiig  Tuesday to Saturday 9-5  V "Your Stairway To  Hair Beauty": 4  Phone .885-9523  %c<&~Zm  -4riodS  '.purs SHERIDjAN T.V^    i  Safes arid Service ;  RADIO-- APPLIANCES  Phone 885-9605  H. B. GORDON &  ,   KENNETT LTD.  Reol Estate and  Insurance  *     Phdnes.  885-2013, 886-2191  TELEVISION  SALES &( SERVICE  b  RELIABLE:- PROMPT  RICHTER'S T.V.  &HADIOLTO.  Sechelt, B.C. - Ph. 885-^777  FIREPLACES |  PLANTERS  FOUNDATIONS  WALLS  HA. SIMPKINS *-- 885-2132  WATER I SURVEY  SERVICES  Complete Woter System Service  L- C. EMERSON    b  Sechelt, 885-9510  Insured [Blasting  frank Ej. Decker  OPTOMETRIST  Bol Block "  Gibsons  Every Wednesday  - for���.oppointment  886-2166  Phono Sechelt 885-9669  PENINSULA '  ,   BUILDING SUPPLY  j "The House With A Heart"  I    E. J. Caldwell, Proprietor  |      Bex 97 - Seehelt, B.C. '  ! BRITISH AMERICAN  I       OIL CO. LTD  ��uel Oil - Gosolioe - Oil Products  t .-    -. -  |    . W. A. Parsons, Agent       7  Phone 885-2016  J Wharf Road; SecheltZnX.   J, J  LAURIE SPECK  SHEET METAL LTD.  Oil Heating' - Furnaces  Sheet! Metal ;���-     y  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phone 886-9961  *   - -   - X  The Finest In  FLOWERS b  '        For Alt Occostfons ..,:  DRED'S FlLoWER SHOip  Cowrie Stijeet, Sechelt       b"  Phone g85-4455 7  RAY NEWMAN  PLUMBING  Hot Water Heating  Nothing Down  1  10 Year��t��pay  PARTS AND REPAIRS TO  r ALL WAljER PUMPS  7 Photte 886-9678 7  STUCCOINGrrPLASTERfNG  GYPROC JOJINT FILLING  CEMENT WORK  ���" .-      My   -������;'  N. SCH0ENEWOLF   ;  7 Phone 886-2862      ���--.  .* ri- '    - ' [   ' ~ -���     CHAIN SAW CENTRE  WifsofJ Creek  Deolers  for  P.AlC Canodien,. Mc*  <&, Iloch and Homelite Chain Sows,  Complete stock of all models  Ports and repair service.  Telephonc 885-2228  y!    TREE FALLING!-b  ���x    TOPPING OR: REMOVING  'A   LOWER UM8S- FOR VIEW.  Insured wcrfc'from Part Mellon  i i.     to fendet Harbour .,-���*  XZX Phone 886-9946  MARVEN-VOLEN  SWANSON BROS,  Septic Tanks o*s4 Oraia Fields  Bockhoe and Freat End  Loader Work  Screened Cement Gravel   .  -      -   f 0! and Road Grave* f  Plw���� 8S5-M64 Z  \X-Z~       >��w 172.Secbelt b;  Scows ��� Logs <-      -  SECHELT TOWING  & SALYAGE LTD.  - Heavy Equipment Moving  & Log Towing 7  .    b   L. HIGGS    . i .  - '   Phone 885r4425 b   -  PENINSULA ROOFING  Asphalty*& Gravet  -  J3uiIt-up Roofs |   -  -'  Guenther Barowsky  R.R. No.  1 Gibsons  Phonel 886-9880 Z  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.:  Electrical Contractors  Appliances - Electric Heat  Phone^7885-206*2    '"  AUTOMATIC LAWN y  MOWER SHARPENING  Set" Your Lawn   Equipment  Sharpened Nowb  -.  Irvine Benner   !  Phone 885-22921  'Z* TINGLEYS     j  HWEAT       b 7  SALES and SERVICE  for all your heating  .  ;        ."* requirements'" r -   "  4 Oil Co/s Finance Plans  CbE. (Cal) TIngley  Box No, 417, Sechelt  885-9636 ��� 885-9332  CABINETS   -~r-z-.  CUSTOM WOODWORK  HOMES   v  Guenther Barowsky  .    R.R. No.  1  Gibsons  Phone 886-9880  NEVENS TV & RADIO  SALES & SERVICE  AIL Appliances      '  !    Frcnchised Philips Dealers.  Marin* Ofhre - Gibsons  Phone 886-2280       .  CUNNINGHAM  AMBULANCE SERVICE  HALFMOON BAY  Emergency cnjl non Emergency  calls. Special rotes for O.A.T.  Qualified personnel  24 HOUR SERVICE  -���    Phone 885-9927  FOR CARPENTERING  REPAIRS AND ANY  ODD JOB  N. MITCHELL  Phone 885-9582  PRINTING  BUSINESS ��� PERSONAL  SOCIAL  -  . RUBBER STAMPS -. -  THE TIMES  Phone 885-9654  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., June 10/1964 Page 3 "  Selma Park chatterboxing  _| ���from here and there  TRAVELLERS .~. . Away to Qualicum this weekend,  for the convention of bowling alley-proprietors. Mrs.  Crucil ahd Mrs. Eve Moserip -.-. . Joan Walker visiting  at the IjLete Jaksons% . . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dilworth  and family \*isiting_Mrs^Dilworth-. . . Cecele Nestman -  visiting for the weekend-. i . Magistrate Johnson takes  off for Fort St. John bf airplane,for magistrates' convention ;. . . Andy just returned home after a week's sojourn in Vancouver  N*ew arrival . . . Oongratula-i  tions to Mr.  and-Mrs.  Wally j  Sheridan- oh. birth of - a daugb-l  ter . ..:. mother and baby do-j  -ing well . . * father- Ole too .-. ^|  Married  ic. Vancoover Junef  Ious scenery, and kits ot space*  . . . seeing our - industries are  con:existcnt we could use something to bring in revesie ..."  maybe   we   could i Merest   a  .- CftMrete  Direckwy  .Bethel  Baptist  Church  .. ! * 'Sechelt. -B.C. f !  Sundsv- School, lOrfC ium.  Churcfc. -11:15 "a.mi    I  Prayer. meeting- Wed&esday'  i ^0  p-��3^ I.   i   -  Latheras.   Wczship' Service  71      Sectieit  Hon-e! serrice^-T J30 p^ru,  iLarch. S"! at the- bmrx- <A FraiJc  Hal!.   Pi-poise   *cL��y  P.dL  Pastors John K. Vlrrer. Ph.  825^200S! or   8Z5-ZCC1.  Sunday Scaool: II aa _tz��  12 caonl ��� ,  x,  * ��i Budsko and Douglas.}   company or two, who hzte kits  Cook .... .Happy landings i . a.  Celebrating' their first anm-f  versary of married Hie; Vernal  and Bert Sims .".. .may you J  have many many more ...   f  Mary Jactson is.in St, Pail's, f  under the weather . . . get weH f  soon Mary ... - j  5t. Vifleeot's Qibs, held a ��a-j  ther and-son banquet at Earl |  Hague. Camp, Roberts'. Creek,  Sunday night . . . about 32 sat f  down to a turkey supper ar-|  ranged by the -mothers audi  odier ladies;.Mrs. Doreea.2Cest> |  man, Mrs. Alex King, and- Mrs. I  Care Nygreu, served supper ; . f  visitors were Commissioner 1  Beeman, and" Rev. -Father |  Nash . , . an enjoyable evenaig j  was bad by.all .,,'���'. X !  As an aftermaQi- to oar Bjow- |  nies trip to Staniey_Park; Hienf  Harris of CBC. commented on J  the little group with their lead- }  ers and supervisors,-and: what f  a very: fine time they all had r  . . . and CJOR broadcast "an j  appeal fcr > Brownie -turfforms |  for our small ones'"at* the *Mi^ f  sioa School ... if you I5* anyi  chance hay* a Brownie .uni-1  form, never used that yott are '  through Tsith they would" be!  much  aK>reciated  .  .  . |  Speaking of small ones . . . |  Mrs.  Yates*  small one  **Tim-l Bj-  ray", deeded to take "t hand I  |  : in the' cooking at home ^X". he f S  made a fovely, mod pie, put it  on a plastic dish, and-while  mother was not looking.-put it  in the oven-*-;7 ���. later when  Mrs. Yates-tarned on oven to  bake potatoes for sapper, never  /noticed "pie.** in oven .-:. you  guessed it, it - was weH done  *"* . /outside of scraping it off  the oven floor, no "harm  done .".. b 7  ��� The   many  frietals of  Mike |  McDermott.  wiU* be interested 1  of dividends -they :don't kssw  what to do with.-.'. . who  knows, . . . stranger things  have happened . -T . Making  soap at bur bouse .-.-. . real  good, but we haten'trfcucd the  right perfume for h + k wasbes-  well, and dees all we expect of  it . . . ahat*s_ your recipe? 1  . .: .anyone got any answers?  886-2192 MU 3-1393  1    REICrS   l  Moviog <_ Storage Co.  LONG DISTANCE MOVING  Fully Franchi$e<f  992 Po**fl Stiver,  j Vascaaver    .  zaiiamitffli?f2$��iifi2frzrfJT?&.  f�� *-f ts-tttt+f **t  1  I  I  i  i -  I  I  3-  !  I  . &  to fcffi-w Mike has gone back to 1 5  Alberta, where with his father ! &'  will help nm their motel there, I |  and plan to expand . . ,"          *  Another thing'we could use  in Sechelt, an up to date hotel  . ,-*. every: little place along the  line, that ha* .a hotel of fair  size is. catering to conventions  .. -. * we have the sunshine  (little liquid at times) marve-  Ihe Great Breakfhru  urn MOST        !  RfVOt UTION ART  CONSTRUCTION METHOO,  1N DiCAMS J  -.".-. �� - . } 1.  1���Conventional "BuSdinjgr Materials  2���Speed Of Erection   j   _ jby  3���Ease 0�� Erection     | f  4���Beauty Of Appearance i"~  5���May Be Completed In Stage*. *  6���Ease .Of Installation Of Services  7-Durabiltty \  S-Stability      - -  9���Reasonable Cost       {   '_  FOR INFORMATION: CALL  SUR-LOK KOMES  MANUPACTURIRS OF  ��� i': ���*"  w  . * *��-���  r **>.  n:  5!  I��  .  #  r.  X.  .''  ���-*���:���  k*  ii*-* -  :  ��*  ty  *fti-*  >-.A.  fa  il:  *-:  * COTTAGES  ���; * CABINS .  8ox No. 679 Port Moody  * HOMES I  ��� MOTELS I  Phoae 299-7704   1  \-mimtmmm&miftfmtmmmi��mmmmmmrmM  ECHELT  ERVICES  PORPOISE BAY (Seehe)t}  B.C.  Aif Chapter & Aircraft Maintenance  Fishing  Hunting  i Freight  Contract Flying  Sightseeing Tours  Timber bruising  Air'Ambulance  Air Taxi       j  PHONE SECHELT ��$5.95���� AND BOOK FLIGHT  X-y  :*i  X��-  :>!  11      i._,  1      n���r~i���1���1     1  [    J. ,  " "J" !  ^t. '*. ������ -��. < 4. ������<. .*��� -Ji  ���*x* --*���.:'^.ra-*'.'  ,.,.,,,..,r r.  ;rb  '..-r-i  :iK  . ���*.  :��  ii'*  A-  ���-.'-  :v  '*.  'Ift-  s' ��  .'��  If"  ^  4&i  ����a'. I  I-.  1.  17  -:v.  ',7  7  z  ��� ���:  WA  J"  *}'  Seci iew TmmiSUtAvp*fte&  The 'Tone Has. Come  Tp Talk of Man  Wednesday  Things; of Shoes, Ships, Sealing Wax, Cabbages, Ifiifgs  June 10th, 196f        ��� 4   aii  ers Are  Iiaip��i��toiitt  i rta,  Guest Editorial *  Gloria Muskeko; Cold Hake Band, S iddh Lake Agehcy,  won a jfitblic speahfg Contest held i i St.. Paul, Alb  ! .last summer. ~  GOOEf manners are just as imjportant todaj  tl^ey were two or three hundred years  They are part of our daily 1! fe-. All those  things [that show you are thougl t^ul about ot  are called "etiquejtte*f or good r lariners.  pei"ng tall, darj* and han I-jonie, does not  count na|f as7mudh b knowing! the correct t ling-,  to do and the right tliime at whiah to do it. Tiere  isn't any place in ifej where goof jnanners are not  important.  You may aslt ypurself thesjb important  social life and provides a good training ground for  iunc-  learhing etiquette. Everyone should come  tually to meals. Men and boys should put cjnjtheir  jackets. Women and girls should not come to the  "dinner table with their hair in curlers, or vrearing  aprons. One of the boys should draw Moltier's  Other  Smiles  -X-  > atk     ���     ��A-_���L.fcas such a funny thing  . -  f flpttStOfIS Conposrt oi many parts,  'h may beiyrongf Glowing dreams and happy  but iZshallnolbe so wrong : -.,  as to fail tb say: ,       SI?"es"  what I believe ''to be right."        Or tears and broken hearts.  | j ~Joiin Atkins - . !!  Smiles on tears/ it matters  *%\%ie .not  Which rules your fleeting day,  Neither one can tarry long,  mets wttHwu  ffespttSf  Sudhliry Star)  \  They'never comeito stay.  Life is such a funny thing,  Composed of tnany parts^  IN THEI House of Commons a  few  dayS.agoL  Johii  Munro, But smiles will always  -  . , ,   ��� parliamentary assistant to the     lighten  chair out for her.    *. minister   of,  health   made   a      i    .    .. eavy h^arls  When a girl sees a boy she knows, il is her'statement   in   support  of  the *"~ ���*  place to speak first. If the twd are good friends fliioridatjon of **fater as a pub  andythe girl has not happened to see him, hen he lic  loudly to lei No  may greet her but never- call  one should call out a friend'siname in a  health measure. He said it  was an established fact, after  ' Mtc- extensive, research! that there  , .  ,'!?       is an average [reduction of 60  place. Nor is it polite for a bojy to stand in j front per cen,; ^ y,jj prevalence of Winneir  of. a girl's house and whistle, (*r sit and honk the tooth   decay   among   children  horn for her.. ! -        7 consuming    fluoridated   water  . tes-  'jionsb'Who make's the rules? !H:>w do they j$t to  be rules? What is etibuettfc, any iow?  ?     vVe make the rujes ourselve ;.  Do youj want] an illustratio] i? '��� A man tip; his  .: hat when he meets a woman o another mail on  ! the street. Do yoi* know why? I ack in olden lays  ! a manrriever appe'tre'd in pubtiic without vveari tg a  I full dress suit ofj armour. Ever M& own me ther  ! wouldn't have kijpvyn hiriinunhss he raised the  front, or visor*, oE his helmet. When hats vere  j adopted people! kept!right on with the custon.  Those with cbabning manners have acquired  them by practicing tljiem in theiij Iwmes-e* in heir  schools. They reply! politely, 1 Yes Mother', or  'No Father", not] peevishly, 4*V "hat?" or "How??  If it is necessary to use * litle for ^nleone ^ ��**���      | ^  whose name you do not know you should say ern^enfhV cbVercd a  to make them feel at  When  someone  should say, "Thanl  The dinner tJ  you,  yod  lofes somethiig for  ��� you". jvu ��1UUJU  bleis the cer tre of the family's   kindest way  Thd Sniper  ���Edward Green  them pleasure^ anj  You Will see that they have|| comfortabli seats  and anything that they may need! You wil| also  lead into conversation topics that are of in erest  _t��all. i  Chewing gum in a public! place or wfcerji you  are talking to jinyone is impojlite.  Manners tiren't *so much! a matter of what ["j1. ilf  yod do as how you do it. Remember, to.bj  you should do and say the kindest thing  MlEaaD^l&T IlisseMfl-tiit ^r��ii|^s  NAME" any subjectlunder the ijunjand it is a cer  yy.-.-.^.tainty controversy will ar|se7l|pT sc>mn obscure Reason, unanirhous agreement is always impossible whatever th]e topic might, be.     .1  Write an article boosting t certain cause and  before you know it cries of horlror rent the air, the  institution involved is referred]to as ia crook deal,  (the writer is accused ofrcceiv ng a kjck-bac k and  'insinuations fly freely. :  Write condemning a c& lse and again outrage.^ expressed. Adopt a he itral approach, and  the liab&le^rousers quickly gel hot under the collar, and {demand thejremoval of a person who will  ject' to certain amount of abuse will not  dictates of fanatics caliche policy of Ms  >papef. 7     ..--..--    ���Aa\-. .....  of a National Award  X   i   for war poetry  The deadly rifle's slender ^_  muZ2lc swings ���     : ;  period Three hundred yards I ~  .. .. ��� ���   ��   ��� j      ������ j ernmen:  madam   or   sir^. It is moni polite. of som  When a visitor goes callinig he should cjioose tion lof jfluoridaitiion is added to Abj,vj-a ,rji*jng iark enraptured  suitable hours and should leave before m ad'time that1 of the W^rld Health Or-  unless he is invited to stay."- : ! rtfK c^Jl0Verr^nr  ,1 J        i ..... the lUnited States and numer  When you hpe guests,-ypur wish is jto give ouS ! medical i^rid dental  asso  ciations   The government's action! ai��o   support   those   progressive   mumcjilpialities in Canada; \vtich   int!r!oauced   fluorine^Jii well   I'Ai  here. !he's  to tljie vator supjfly many years '   but not for long    f  home.  agoi  health  who \v  in the  bring  16 ye^rs- Its endorsa-     calculate  ihe range  sings   ��� .;  For she has just bfou^itJour  younglings to Ihis world  While I; dammit but that  feeling's mighty strange  there,  Sudbury wasibne of the Cana- HiJ head ^l ^ thc cros3  dian ciiies receiving leadership  lines on my sight  medical   officer;  of That's it. a gentle j squeeze  It  ws iJDr.  J.  B.  Cook     spitting crack, he's down  s $rersdai3d that fluorine  ity's wajter supply chuld  bout  tiie   benefits ; ex-  Byi God this might be war but  was it right |  perienced in Other  municibali- The startled lark wheels high in  ties -w  added.  ere flabrine had  been . wild alarm  It wars pithodt fanfare   Hen       hcr .    ^ ,b  ���ie was introduced to ���   i.   , .    -     , ���  watfesup^y in Au-     hng s joyous cheeps       \  A    ,     that fliiorine w!as intrpduced to  let the-sudbur  HANSARD, THE official report of the  |of Commons debates, ii liberally sprinkled onje  with'trash and chaff, but careful winnow ing ^an cities 1|<j join ih water fluorida-    the bloody creeps  extract valuable pieces of information. Inj reply tion, but mahy years of con- , |,   . fee, ri ., ^   j  to a member's question the- government defined  ar farm| as "an agricultural holding of ond acre  or more with sales of |igric��ltural produ ;tl during the) past 12 months of j$50 or mors.  vtal]  news- gust,  ���j-*--     - su^ts  mong sjchool children Jiave been  recorded Sc reported for many  Ijlouse years.  Metropolitan Toronto is  -'������-"-J o*   the   latest   Canadian She saw-  !952. -'Tljife   beneficial   re- Assure they   as   yet   are   safe  reduced tooth decay a-    -from harm  While there three hundred  ���yards a youngling loo  that bird is giving mo  ;   fl   . .ii'* -   Le   ���     ��� -aa   ���* .'  a   j-      a*\ T^s ��� information  should  be  of  ot.su<pPort.^"P?!1?^^?^^.^*'8^?.'. landowners in urban and l}uilt-up areas  the- land acreage is one acre or more  owner sells agricultural pr<j>ducts to thle  everything and everybody to the welfare of the  community or country. .'**---'  i I Fortunately, most people are rational and ap-  Tbreciate the endeavours of those who give so much  of theioime twtie well-being of others. Without  them the wqrlidfwou!d be in a sorry state. Yet it is  almost incompreheiisibie that a small minority  group will iiifariibly go to extremes to discredit  everything.deceit in the world.  ! Methodsf employed hy suchTagitdtors are as  j insidious as they are iniquitous!, Sometimes the  !approach is so cruc!e it is ludicrous, other times  the-subtle tadtic is employe!, calciilatcd to gain  the support of higher authtrityj usually without  success, for.it doesn't actu; Uy take much intelligence to see through the e n\ spreaders.  I This then, ii the situati< >n With which a riews-  pajaer editor finds ijimself in regular con bat. He  has to be constantly alert-1 * proposition: >, subtle  suggestions and the heavy lype of loud mouthed  'brainwashing. HJe is howe'er usually tnly tpo  fapiiliar with all th4 moves and even though stib-  of $50 in a period of 12 months. .This  throw an  urb^n  land assessor into a  when thc owner claims to be a farmer  Minnt^ Mess  trovers|jr preceded the action  Keep Brmms  mt Mosne  (Lacombe Globe)  ie to  vhere  d the  value  should 2?*$?^  liisfJi  ilandie m Thoi ighte  "Most   people  those passages _,  do not understand; but  passages.that bother me _  / do understand". ��� M<|ir,  "I bONT Care if he is my brother! He's a  ,   we hadn't been in church when he was  me I'd have SMASHED him one."  This conversation wasn't invented; it  curred (although not on the Sunshine Coast.)  with, fists clenched, the teenager was deadly  .eifious as  he said it.  At that particular'moment hefaan't the  faintest sense of good will or/christian lov*  for his  Uavil was  4  ^THE HAPPIEST] TIME'  Tl^E happiest time SjJE married life j��� is whejn a-child  is nearo��� th^ hours glowi lg with true* loye -^ and  sincerej -4 the  days of] planning  by Ben Burroughs  brother.  His only feeling was. hatred. The  egging him on to go over and "smash h's  good one" jusl to show who (was boss!  believe in thc Devil as a persqn or as a  Canadians have  the flow of taledted Canadians  to greener, riicher pastures in  the United States: Some of our  niost-ftighly trained technicians  ���nr^efflm men, scientists, phy-  sicisti**Mengin��jers���-move south  each year acjross. the border.  Canada is hpt the only coun-  are   botheked  by try   rierturbed   about   loss   of  of Scripfifte they youngj talent j; There has been  . the considerable concern in Britain  Me those irtecently    about    the    "brain  Twain d;rain'|' fronLthe British Isles to  the States. In a recent house  OB. If 0| commons :debate in London,  steiing the   governnient   was   roundly  Criticized   for   its   "cheesepar-  achially oc- in%" Policies: jwhieh was caus-  Itandinj* 5ng sMentlsts  and large nuni--  bers ! of   British   engineers   to  ^eek (jobs in the States. i  ! A study revieals lhat the flow  ��j)f British taletat to the States Is  & combination of many things.  Monely,   certamly,   and  higher  isataifes   motivate   some(,   but  there are other reasons: better  resealrch    facilities    in '  the  States; fjuickfir use of scientific  discoveries 7 oy    business,    to  brbther a  Wh-et|icr"!you  forfe of evil,  and thc  heart!  to  tenderness  hc|art*^- with hope! in things to*"e���- 'he weeks <j)f dream-  ill sed ���  this sweet  all things  with  faith and  injg wondrous drelams ~ of o ie y$u soon w  , Msband and wife are^never closer -j- than at  i time - ~^~ for life holds golden reason ��� and  f seem toi rhyme ��� the mothei -to-be is radiaijt  7 beauty lovers know ������ the hu" band J finds new  strength A- to coniquei- worldly woe 4��� great eipectations  Ewd all fears -r- arid smil<��-ire everywhere -~ indeed  i. is a happy time ��� God le s true lovers share ��� the  nthjs of anxious-waiting ������J for someone heaven sent  I ��� the promise and iulfillmenl ��� the wonderful event.  nwflmrrfiBihre ttv%M**^. ,  you see the hatred he stirs up! among peopl^:  hatred can be very intense.  In opposilion to hatred such as this, Jesus [gave us name a couple",  a commandment: 'Thpu' shall love they neighbour as Wej imagj>,^ tbat these are  thyself." Jesus didn't say. "Thou shall love hi sneaky the inain r^aisons, too, ijor the  unpleasant things your neighbour does." J :sjis said: talent drain on Canada. If so,  "Love your NEIGHBOUR." There is a ccloksal dif- the problem., is to determine  ference between loving your neighbour and lovinri ihe !immediately'what can bk done  unpleasant things he docsr���It is not easy to love thc'aroup '���������  person and hate the evil things he does, but a enristian's ; . Certainly, we cannot J afford  job is to try to love his neighbour IN SPITE OF the ��� in<iei|intely tb spend millions onj  things his neighbour does^Remember t|��is the) njext time:^(^^_^r.?^iPe^)l? *<"  YOU feel! like "smashini  what he has done to YOU!)  By The Rev. J.  someone al good  t��ne" for  the  iiltimate enrichment of the  United   States.   We   can   only  want   these!  young   people   in  Fergusson, Angliia& Churchi Canada; we need tfiem,   ., ���  I'm weak  l*ve played this game too long  'my nerve has gone  There's  something : wrong that  bird is acting mighty queer  Ah, hear that shrcik, a shell,  ! coming right this way they're  ! ranging now  A ���whizz-bang* sure ai hell, yes  >hear the gun *  They know they have me  caught between the lines  And caught I am no way of  ���:. getting clear  They'll flatten out this post  i with big five nines  How could they tell? That lark  ; that bloody friendly lark  \Vas spotted as she circled  ��� over  here .  l! should have���but she was so  friendly���mc too/but now  That sentiment is going to cost  '- me dear.  *********************m****mm  SEC.IEI.T PeNINSUtA^iM^.  Published Wednesdays  at Sechelt  !   on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast  by       . .  [Secheit Peninsula Times Ltd.  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Mr. The bride's mother wore a 2-  Bill Haley, was organist. 7 -^ piece double-knit suit of shock-  The bride, given in marriage ing pink with white accessories  by her father, chose a short���and a corsage bf~ white carna-  dress? of   white ; chrome   spun    tions. 7 "  ' Ottdiwa: jDidry  ���    X.      Z ! ^Y J<*& Oans, M-P-  CANADIANS ARE looking for symbols1.to unite: them.  Now a national flag and a national anthem are about  to be passed, by Parliament. Our-old symbols will not  be thrown away. The. Union Jack will remain as our ?mfc  with! the Commonwealth ahd the Crown.     1  The   same   applies _ to   "God   ���~    Save  the = Queen."  This  graiaf  .^    a    ^^   toIding    t^  with embossed Hflowers. - The  dress was'"A" line style with  long sleeves. Th2 bride's veil,  was short -bouffant.;  The brida carried a: bouquet  of pink rosebuds!-'7-7-    7 s''--..  Matron of! honor,   Mrs. Gail  Machon,  carried! a  bouquet of  yellow  carnations. "-7  Miss Patty-Feeney^ sister: of  jthe bride,'carried a basket of  white* daisies.-and purple Iris.  1 The best manSwas Mr. Dennis Machon, usher Bob Lath-  jam, w ho is: the; brothertn-law  id the groom. !  1 The reception! was;hald������ at  the home of! the bride's parents. Pink and :white streamers  with  white wedding "hells,.  The mother: of the groom  chose a two-piece blue lace  over taffeta suit with a corsage  of white" carnations.  3Irs. Danny Dawe, aunt of  the" bride. Miss Susan. Feeney  -and Miss" Hsather Gar'lick served the refreshments.  For the honeymoon trip to  Montana, the bride chose: to  wear a three piece blue and  white linen suit, white accessories and a .white orchid corsage. "." : 7 ; :"' -.'��� !  ��� On their retiirn from the honeymoon the couple will "reside  in  Gibsons.   7   _   "..","..-  Out-of-town! guests were Mr.!  and Mrs. Art Sullivan.zMr. and1  Mrs.   Gary*   Ordana,   Mr.   and  an<T pink carnattcss in crystal��� Mrs. Jill Cote, Mr.  and Mrs.  vases decorated the bridal tab-  Mr.   Wilf  Gray  from   Chilli-  wack proposed the toast to the  bride. '  Fred Hurin, Mr. and Mrs. Wilf  Gray, Georgia, and Janice; Mr.-  and Mrs. Bill Manson. Mrs.  Danny Dawe, Mrs7 Eileen Feeney and daughter,Sosan.  Gib  sons social notes  ���-By Doreen Crosby  ON SATURDAY, May 30 Gibsons, was once again the,  b 7 scene of a bowling banquet.-The. Gibsons Bail and  Chain * League had a smorgasbord dinner and after the  presentation of trophies spent the rest of the evening  jdancihg. " ������;��� "���" '   * "'���  old hymn- wiU bt the Royal  Anthem o�� Canada. "6 Can-J  ada" with its more - boatful  theme will Become our rXation^  al Anthem. ��  Emotion is already running!  high throughout the country-  Much of it results" from a lade  of  information. zX  Canada does have an officai  Coat of Arms. Proclaimed byr  King George V in 1321 It contains a lion holding a Union  Jack on the left and the Vtd\  corn holding the Royal French  Standard on the right. The  X^rown is on top while on the  Iface of the shield we find the.  three lions couehant of Eng-|  land-, the lion rampant of Scot-}  land, the harp of Ireland and  tbe three fleur-de-Es of Royal:  France. At the bottom, and.UL*.'*  the place of honor, ve. firiiiJ  three red maple_J^ves; joined*  on a white -background. This?  apd this alone is uniquely Cana-} *  dian.   - 7* f  The-history of me three red!  maple leaves is interesting.}  Queen Victoria, one year afterf  Confederation in 18B8. approved]  -the Coat o�� Arms-of Canada's.^  first provinces. Ontario fea-J  tured three gold maple leaves?  ,on a - green background Que-j  "bee's color scheme was re-]  versed���three green maple]  leaves on gold. ��  Soon   the   Governor-Generals;���  began to take notice. Baron Ds-|  gar, our-second Governor-Gen-? :  eral changed his crest to-Cfhoarl  a - lion   holdibg"? iKr%e? %jrkp[e f -  leaves on a single stem. Short-!  Iy afterwards The Royal Mili-f  tary College _ at KIdgstonadop**  maple   leaves   colors   red   oa  white. f    .   ;   .  Anyone who is familiar with  sports will know that Canada's  Olympic cblors are! red oa  white. Percy Williams wore a  red maple leaf mi his white  sweater when he *on the jone  and two hundred metre! dashes  at Amsterdam in 1S2S.;  The battfeflag of Canada's  First Division containing" three  red maple leaves on winte was  approved by- King George VI  in 1333. The Canadian Women's  Army Corps hatpin -used the  same design. So did the World  War II veterans* pirn Each was __  surmounted   fay * a: Crown.  The Army Emblem, adopted  In 1S47, differs only to the extent  that  it  is: charged  with  crossed^ crusaders   s*ords.   .  Finally. Her "Majesty's r^s  as Sovereign of tCanada shows  the armorial device! of Ens-  land. Scotland.; Ireland ard  Royal France on "tfa*4 tap halL  The lower half 'of thf (lag contains three red; maplef leaves  on white. This, tooy ^tahds fcr  Canada-} -       |    ���  So. -we are not really! breaking with tradition. Instead -we  are ^preserving the best: of the  past. Few, meanwhile,! would  deny that we need symbols .'of  unity���symbols whijeh every  Canadiaa.regardless fi�� bis eth-"  nic background - or .liphringins  wiU chsisfi as his qyrd. *"--  ���' * 1  1' j  ,"    '  * ,  . A  t -.  RUG CLEANING  and DEMOTHING  0��y Cf Evening App*��8ftt*ent  Done Right lit Your  Own Rome  *ATES REASOHASti  far Free Estimdtes!. _  Phor.e SSS-9S^IJ  1��  *, i  - -.:  ;b  -  !b  The. last "howling, banquet of  the season was held on Saturday, June 6. Port Mellon League had a smorg^bord dinner.  Following,. the presentation of  {rophies  an  enjoyable  evening  1'as spent dancing.  Sunday, May .31 the Hi C  roup held a pancake breakfast at the Anglican Parish  ilatl. Sunday evening Mr. and  ilrs. Yf. Fromanger gave a  .very interesting talk on teenage morals.  The Hi. C-^group was formed  in February of this'year and  "��11 meetings and functions  have been well attended. This  ilub is non-denominational and  m the Fall the members hope  to attend-all. Churches so as to  become better informed about  all   religions.  j The Mother's Circle of the  pemolay met at the home of  Mrs; B. Simm on Monday June  I. Plans were discussed for the  icoming installation to* be held  |n Sept. 26. The annualTturkey  dinner will be held at" the Masonic Hall, Roberts* Creek, on  October 17.  Mr. ~3hd Mrs. L. M. Crosby  Of Calgary are visiting with  feM- Crosby's--and the K.  Crosby's of Gibsons; Also- visiting for thebweek-ehd are Mr.  and Mrs. T. Crosby from North  TVaiicbuveiv :  j Wednesday, June 3 was an  eventful  dayXtbr pie   Honour  . Society of Elphinstoj-e Second- -  ary;School. Sixteen students!ae-;  iompanied   by  three teachers.  ^>ere treated Jto a -day In town,  "frhey "left at-8:30 a.ni. and their  lfirst stop was the "City Museum", .Vancouver.   The   stud-  !&ts' ithen    proceded    to   the  3$t_and    Theatre, -irom    there  Ttjhey went to 3he Marco- Polo  Chinese jtestaurant and had a  Chinese smorgasboiti.  They   4ook   the   7:30   ferry  home.  ��� ,   -  :'.'���;  Dcn't forget:Tether's Ccy  Jur&J2\sr.  Mcfgcrts Men's Wecr  b  The average" annual earnings  of j production woricers in Canadian manufacturing increased  from $1,156 in 1944 to $4,141 in  v-1963.. ^y~------   A  t.i  V.-   .,,. .  II I _ ..   _ . .I     _ ������"��� "���'-  " "I I    ������      ���.!������       ��.  ���.!.,   ..������  ���  . <Wi,...w;ii  r",:- j ��>-"i  1*1 *��� "���:���*.�� ' s��=  &,  **������*. v  ;jjt v��> * '-or*  ��� <# t - j>  & &*-"���*���"��� i  *���* *- -*,-rv-w*  ** h       ry '',    -5. -        1  *-' r  Service Station  Station has o service second to none and  of the every I heed of the visiting motorist.  crs- WEAR  ��PORTS WEAR  fc-n-fc JMI-i  .*��>���  ��<���I  By j ui  Cdkfafng yonr family[dllowame^ cheque at ^nyxpf  the advertised f*laka community places^ of fewf-  iie$s. When |oti cash your cheque ipoii^ of these  premises your n^e is placed in a barreland the  lucky name is drawn the^last  I Friday of each month.  DbA%' SIHill1  ACOMPLETd  FOR  EVERYTHING FOR THE  .i - i  $TATI )N WITH  MSt'j  I**-!'.  ''"* , +  ALiESSO  MOTORIST  LINE OF  FORE  SHOES  THE ENTIRE FAMILY  Danny's ��Ming  M  WINNER OF  LADIES' TENNj  COLOURS ���ARCH  BOY  FOAM  OXFORPS  SUPPOFTS  ^^ooos?  b?��fejB  tiX^yjtSzX^  --K����*..- *--*;?*- H^*T"  - f  L*7~  Sunnycrest Plaza  SHOPPING is both easy and pleasant in the Picza with a number of first  class stores equipped with a wide assortment of  fine merchandise.  Parking is easy and plentiful.     _!  M G* Douglas Variety  apd;Paitifs  "ANYTHING YOUbWANT - VVE HAVE"  Room  GOLDEN CUP" AWARD  //  r SM^ER-VAtU 7  -    . -.      ! * -   -  Buy Better - Save More  tt  Charles English Lid.  Real Estate and Insurance  WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED  THE FIRST WEEK OF EACH MONTH  IN THE SECHELT PENINSULA TIMES  Investors  Don Matheson  Syndicate  y��� Local Rep. ~_  Chevron Service Station  ***-     Walter Utfx - Prop.!   . _ M " I!  NEXT DOOR TO THE PLAZA      i   |  V LIGHTSUMMER  SOLES - Sires! 8-3  S CANflil  Y RUBBER SO  IVIEN  HEA]1/  MEN'S SIZES 6-12  .ES��� f^Tiie  JOY^SIZES 1-5  BROWHCASUA  HALF SIZ  OXFORDS  pr.  AN MADE CANVAS OXFORDS  and Brown ,-  349 pa,r  2.89 pair  CpiLDREN'S SUMMER SANDALS       $^.99  Rp - WHITE - jBROWN - Heavy Duty Foam Sole?        ^ff pr.  CHILDREN'S RUNNERS  BLUE and RED PLAID ��� Sires 4-10  kYllONS     Sizes Stt-11  FIRST QUALITY SEAMLESS MESH -.  pair  $-#.21  See Our Big  Sandals      j,  All Lie ther, Sizes 4HJ0 .  r**ifM  S-���Reg. 5.'  Selection Of Italian  pair  Braticl iNdme Women's:  Ie Summer Casuals  -'$2*99  FROM      blpr.  asfiafo  Pairs Only  PRICECK AT  4.98  ���    .*  pair  \  SUPER-VALU  Whole Roast .  LB.  SOLO  LBS.  x>-  Hi-N-LO  Skim4 Milk  LBS.  Stuart House  12" _   ar  York Frozen, 15 oz. pkg. _���  for  BUY bETtER-SAVE'MORE  mi  wmsmmm  AND OPERATED I'   . '  MIKE FOLEY Hot on thr��  -   be rounds-third base  tried to stretch a triple to  on a close play at horn*  Heading home  ail of one 6  At Se<?he}t . . ���  ' his'teamates as  Fjirst runner made, it. but Mike  home run a  jiate.  ,   "l' *-7b* - -I-'A^f;  ABOUT . .  $?av Day  fi&ta page 1���  (G/rade 9); Honorable mention  Betty Mills.  Grades 10-12���1st, Cheryl  Crichtcn (Grade 11); 2nd, Nora  Warnoitk   (Grade  11),  Awarfds  for the  "J*ame  the  Foal'*   Contest   sponsored   by  Mr. arid Mrs. Bill Peters were  Maureen  Gardiner   ind  Delia  ���Vtttameen.  I  OTHER  EVENTS  A colorful May Pj��lc Dance  performed by thej siaidents of  the Madeira Park elementary  school and directed ty Mrs.! C.  Lee   ahd   Mrs.   M.   Locknart  with Mrs.  Cameron at the  nd was called out  IT WAS A blustery day  sons Legion i team rn*j*t  The game was ijelayed a  - rain poured down and till  cars.  Mike Foley Started for ?������  , der ind John  - for   bibsons.  the Pender -Harbour Comets.   ,mcnths. jail or a fine of  Ihe fourth in .ing mark as the   j$sop or both,  the boys t��bok cover in the  Karatew starred  John   kept   the  Same! pretty ���.yell jindcr cont *ol  - for*1ht ^emir^ife? 3-dtoiji;  but Mike Foley lasted only t,hs  first I half  of  thei first inn ng  ���a lien j he was  placed by Joe  ���    Seepnd innin  inning that one  5 dcrs 'as Danny  polled .and  re  jB^pwn.  .  I, Was the oiily  cijuid call Pjtrt  .Wiley and JJoe  t Brown b#h^a}ame--jthroughrjvi'ith  ���'doubles* drivingi' in three ruis.  Gibsons made 'a big six rms  in the fourth inning  with  Ihe  big bats really 'corning through  " David Ennis , ofj the ' Gibst ns  nine  seemed  to jhave   a  little  trouble every time he reacted  s2cond base as tjwiee he ttok  . off for third and; made it all  the way before  he realized that  MORE ABOUT . . .  Police officer  from page 1���  five  guns,  one  double   bajrrel  shotgun, two high calibre rffles:  and two ,22 rifles, were^ seized  Iby the police Four t>f tfii' ifuns  were found to be loaded.  Appealing  be/ore  Mag.  ,Andy Johnston Thursday,  4,   Sully   entered   a. pi  guilty   and   was   rcmanulci  j custody until June 20,  ]   Under    >.ertion    86    ot " the  ,  ���/ ��    -^i-i.     icriminal code, this offence jcar-  Hackett PaJ'k when the G,ib-   nes a sentence of up  ol six  oj*t^ino^ ended the program in  t&e hall. A luncheon in honor  of- the j Royal party I was held  in J thei community hall annex.  The refreshment booths were  kept bbsy throughout the after  rojon. [The sports program di-  " rcWed j by Mrs. J, perry ran  quickly through manyi novelty  events* and was  climaxed  by  the   ''Tossing- * of  the' Cabre,"  . Of the many who tried this dif-.  ficull fete only BillPeiper was  successful.  The traditional North Pender  vs South Pender Softball game  was won by South, Pender, captained by Bill Scolar.  The May Day festivities  ended with the May Queen's  ball, and a teen dance. Approximately 200 young people attended the two evening dances.  Refreshments and dance prizes were provided.  The May Day Committee  wishes to thank all the' many  firms who -made donations,  and the individuals who worked  so hard to m4ke the Pender  Harbour May Day a huge sue- -  cess.  ^A,AA.y.'  there J was already] a man there.  He way lucky the first time,  but when he trie*! it again he  was |caught  in   the   bite   ijnd  mxx  FOR SALE  ii roe-rmiNETTER,  complete ond reafajo eo, with  drum   ond   new  Gray   marirjo  ' enginp>  j   Price $2,000  ONE  NYLON COCKEYE  NET  5", 160   mesh 'deep,   complc e  withj  lines'  ond jreody ��� *0   gp,  j Usid two wdeks only.  Price $350.00  ^eInUON fALi, NET,  6  1/8'|,-60 Triesh deep, com  i   jpfete w\h lines,  Price ^225.-00  ended the inning for Gibsons.  Outstandif g   players'   of   the'  game   wen    John   Karateew,  who   pitched  thai entire  game  for * -.-Gibson r,   Kenny/" Johnson  f* -who' played   short  ahd  came  | up with a f iw hits as well, Joe  Brown  who relieved for  Pen-  ^,der   in   th<    firsjt .inning   and  ^'came vhrou'*h"w;tth :a big triple.  Game eniled at 13 to 3 for  Gibsons.   Trtis   leaves;   $eehelt  .in first place t>ybtwo games,  'Gibsons.'in  sccbii<U place  and  - the Pendsr nine jare stiHs*ohi-  ing down  ihe  tl]a��i .spot  The next game| willbe"played at Seel elt on Wednesday  evening, Juie 10; between Gibsons and Sicheltj The evening  games are >layed at six-thirty.  This week's evening game pro-  ��� mises to be a good one, yso  come on cut and watch the  boys play.  MORE ABCUT . ..'.  Centennial project  from page  I���  adopted he would certainly not  recommend support.      ^  He concluded, "I would take  nothing int) my hands until  the people >f the} district have  a say In things,"!  Mr, Ballcitine !who was present at thc meeting of council  stated he vas of the opinion  that the'' present centennial  committee " represented only  Gibsons. -H;>-was! assured that  this -vtatAt^t -so and that the  C. E. ��ICOTTE  BULLDOZING SERVICE  lend Clearing - Excovating  ond Road Building  FREE'ISTIMATES  , Phone 886-2357  irWn[t.TrnT|1.l.rf.^UllM^^|JM*l*  U|f> to  Ideally^ knows  ykmMsie^ tries  lKl> *   "jl* i;*  committee  representati  district.  Vhanimou  ctt was giv  Councillor  Player of the Week I  JOHN Karateew of {he  Oibsons Legion nine who  pitched the ; entitle ^arne  tor Gibsons and hit ya  hpme run for 2 r.jb.i.s being presented with bal I donated by Sechelt Penir stila  Times for his efforts m the  giame.  USE  TIMES CLASSIFIED  FOR  QUICK  RESULTS  was  vels'/  comprised   of  of   the   whole  i\^  s support of coun-  ;n tjo! the stand by  gar.  A Comple\  INCLUDING *��iE BIG HUSKY, CAPABLE OF  CARRYING SEVEN PASSENGERS OR  nm IIS. OF CARGO      *    *  .mited  7^���r-i ������rrnt f "rr��� tmm ' n��� ? ���*��� �� "   i  %.^^**'mtoamwmmw^uUm'1**    *"  ��� i*^^*'"1*- W-^    ���*- -A   *  i  Service] * Five Seaplanes To Serve You  -I  m ONE CALL TO OUR SECHELT OFiaCE  will bring!  i modern radio equipped aircraft to yoa  '''" ait jonce. X ' Z  Go Mbdem -*  omci m the lobby of4echelt bus depot  .^-^���fg-b  Go Tyee  iMS^^^&>hSAS^9^:!^y^^ '^?-m^^^%:v$^?%^^ /'  The Sechelt Peninsulo Times,  Wed., June io, 1964 j��Qge 9  Dist chairman attends .  ���   ��� !  fioand about the fowft   Giildes and! Brownies  --'���--   -      ---if    '-���      " ;  association j meeting  Green  some  ���By E<J  jTHE MANY replies about kvhat to do with ants,  of them quite rude, halve produced notome I single  pimple solution. It remained for a chance remark] about  ants and my son-in-law told me how they cope witk them  in Norway; they simply soak thp floor and all'cracks  with" sea water. Now just tiink oif that, simple isn't it?  iThat's what makes ��� it worth  while. We have an ocean handy  so there should be ho. further  problem. Of course- since. I  didn**t" want sea watef swilling  around I Teduced : the remedy  to a!, much simpler form. Sea  water is salt water. Take away  the water and what have you  left? Salts, that's all. Now all  you need to do is sprinkle salt  where the ants come marching  in. "'There is no charge for this  service.  I heard a woman remark after watching a TV show, "A  miracfe; Se'nding those pictures  through the air is a miracle;  nothing less, fl hate to be a  killjoy, I think, so I told her  that anything taken off a* blueprint is no miracle. Miracles  cannot be blueprinted. If you  want to j*t��e a* real miracle  watch the birth of a baby 'or  if this is too complicated take  a look at your morning- egg..  Given the right condition* il  too brings forth life. "Simpler  yet is the plants growing in  your gardem-Let any scientist  try to produce a thriving colorful bloom from a pot of earth  He cannot. do it. But a tin>  it is still too high when one  considers there were no expensive installations to make  other than hook up to the Selma Park' line. This ; jean be  done in less than-half an hour  even with  a featherbed  crew.  There are, we are tpld, excellent reasons for this. Fine,  we 7 are willing: to listen to  them, We would also | like to  know on what authority does.*  the Davis Bay Waterworks  base its demand, for water service to be paid at a quarterly  rate, -in advance, nvhat other  public utility wants their money  FINAL MEETING of the local" association of Guides  and Brownies was-held at the home of. Mrs. Torn  Lamb at Sechelt June 3. District chairman. Mrs, Frank  "Newton chaired the meeting aid fourteen members were  present.    v    ; -f��� '- -   not. yet  get the  i(>^ per  ��� in" ad-  for somethingt^at-bas  been deliverSE"^  Also where do they  authority to"demand *  cent penalty if this, pa  vancc demand' ts not' met? You  can hardly be ordered to pay  a penalty under such! circumstances. It. is, t am .told, illegal. Explanticns, not excuses  are in order.        -  se^d can7 That is your miracle;  the miracle of life, or death.  Therebcan be no others; certainly not mechanical ones.  A small boy, fascinated  by  the sign over thV"store, "We  .SELL  EVEYTHl.VG   BY  THE  YARD** went in and casually  asked for a yard of miik7 The  clerk,   prepared for   anything,  reached    under   the    counter,  *   s   �� ;:   stuck his  finger-in  the   milk  If you want to' live graciously^ ^c  ^-^  fa*1  a   streak of  on the Sunshine Coast you had.   muk-OB the counter. ._  belter be prepared to pay" graciously too . especially if you  .'jive out of the Sechelt Waterworks area. Residents of Selma Park and Davis Bay have  an altogether different rate  'structure that"/allows - them  nothing 'to.'be? happy about,  True, the present water supply  leaves   nothing  to  be-, desired.v other day -still looking hale and  "There/* my lad," he smirk-'  ed, "there's your yard of milk.  Does..;that suit you?"     f  The boy looked at the" milk,  thought for a minute andisaid:  -'"Fine;" wrap - it up and  I'll  take it."  . *  *   *  I saw jlector McDonald the  It is good water and about .as  pure as one can expect to get,  purer than most, .but it comes  at*a high price forvthe old age  pensioner. To! book up to the  ; Selma Park-Davis Bay line  costs over $70 and the monthly  hearty., despite the-fact that he  td pushing ninety! He was  driving his truck in the same.  *-dignified manner as7 always^  On looking at the truck, which  Ukc Hector* has weathered  well, I am reminded of the day  service runs. 10  $4.50  payable ���he   got   it   and   there   should  in advance,   v    A- have been, a lasting lesson in  In other words you must be   il ^ many ofour^enterprising  prepared to pay out about $75  cash before getting jt single  squirt .of water. We" are -told  these . are standard grates and  compare favorably with* those  merchants.  Hector drove his old truck  down to a dealer who was  holding a somewhat, heated discussion with his mahager. Both  anywhere in B.C. Perhaps; but    saw Hector and ignored him.  Let him  wait for them, they  John Hind-Smith  Refrigeration  PORT MELLON  ENDER HARBOUR  ��� Phone 886-2231  from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-99492  thought. He was a nobody anyway. Hector stood tfa;re for  awhile and then went up to  the wrangling pair*.  ���"Well," he said quietly, "I  came in here -to-"buy; a new.  truck but since you are so  busy I'll go across the street,"  r Hector went to the epposi-  tion^who had lots of time for  a customer. Here he purchased  a new truck and paid cash and  drove away quite happy, and  to the intense discomfort of  tHiT;squabbieri.  Treasurers report recorded a.  successful financial year which  made possible generous assistance^ toward- the Brownies trip  to Stanley Park. .58 Brownies  and. cine leaders made, .this  trip, by bus, enjoying a pleasant day which included feeding the animals and a ride *on  the new sightseeing train. -  ���Funds have also been set a-  side for Guide camping equipment, a groposed trip' to on<  of the chair lifts by the Guides  and donations to-the halls used by both Guides and Brownies. .-  Four new Bjsmnios have been  enrolled in the Wilson Creek  Pack, they "are Cindy Kygren,  J3tyce Furuya. Tygie "and  Pomponia Martinez.     ^      -  Wilson   Crecfc   Brownies   put"  m~a skit '"The Magic Gofdc-n  Box"   for  the  second   Seche;t  Brownies Pack at the Residential  School. .  Appreciation vras expressed  for the Guide sen ices on May  Day for their -well-equipped  First Aid tent and their assistance at the Sechelt Blood Donor Clinic in the Legion halL  New   officers   for   the   next  - season are Mrs. Pat Gibson,  vice-presidant; .Mrs. JUI Me-_  Court; treasurer; public relations. Sirs. G. Maeleod; secretary to bo- named at .first  meeting in. September, either  Mrs. Shirley Fernly or Mrs.  Nancy Jaeger,  Next meeting to be held September. 9 at^the home of ^frs./  TIL BarendregL  GUIOE  NEWS  On Friday, May 29; Captain  Dorothy .  Stoekwell -and . 1st  Lieutenant  Lola Caldwell  took7  the second class Guides of the.  1st - Sechelt    Guide "*. Company  camping to  the  Porpoise  Bay  "camp. ,  This proved a lucky choice  weath^nme aEd on the Sat-  urdayXthe whole company turned up for a nature-hunt-hike ,  and to get their, initiation into  camp chores. ���  An "-��� excellent  dinner��� of pot  roast  of  moose  was  provided^,  for the company and Miss Di-  xcn. second lieutenant provid-  ed a much appreciated choco-  1  late cake. 7  The group was joined around !  the camp *firo later :ia the ev- 1  ening bj*^Godmother Charlotte f  _Jacfcson who as usual brought j  along a treat as well as ketch- J  up and "mustard for the hot- I  dogs. .    - ���   I  - Girls having to return home, f  did. sojegr-oreluctantly, but 1  there will be* a camp for tfacl  rest of them June 19-&.  -    iBcih   dinner   and   campCre -  was the wind-up party for this  year andthere %S1 be no fcr-  : ther meetings this season. It  is however hoped to bold several hikes and *ss^ek-eM camps?  4 Guides had the pleasure st  this camp to have as their  guest. Miss SieOafa Mahony of  Vancouver. Sheilah is a " Sea  __Bans���?-aisi_��as there io take  the final test for her Gold,Cord  in Guiding: . - - "  I This test involved the fmd-  ���atg. in unfamiliar ^ country ��t  two lost and injured siris. This  was aecomplishsd by I compass  reading and ability to render  first aid, A further -part c4 the  test included expiainiss to the  rs��t of the group where *sd -  ho**- ��he -* oold h<hli a $bilter  ind fire for the comfort of the  injured " girls before! scckmg  help. |  | Salmon wa* baked" for Sat-ff  arday's hint*, biscuits *ere^  also cooked  on twisted  sticks  over hot coats.     "* '     -  This was {the first arte: ft  2.t this sort of cooking azd '*a��  quite succeifixL Salfrc-a * ar.d  moose meat ��as doaat&i by  Don CaldursII to wham -the  groups exteniii thanks.    J    *  Badges wtre presented "by  Coaimissicnor Mrs. NswtbG before . the girls left camp,*  Badge hostess's were Pesnj*  CaMweO  and  Barbara ** J^c^er.  Friend to Ithe deaf��� Birh*.ra  Jaeger. "Judy Jaggs, JPeBsy  Caldwell. Hlta Oeo, Oeccie  Psxton, Judy- Goeses (fthsest  frtin camp); ;  - <��� �����  The! Time:  NEW DEALER    !  -.; -     ������ -b 1  HOm OIL DISTRiBUTpfIS LTD.  IS PLEASED; TO INTRODUCE  GEORGE NEISON  AS THEIR NEW DEALER AT :  SECHELT HOME SERVICE  Gedrge is well able to provide: the reliable,  efficient service Home customers everywhere have come* to expect. He is a class  **A�� mechanic with top grade qualifications and will specialize in tune-ups and  mechanical repairs. His work is guafec^  tee3. *1 !  DRIVE IN TODAY! '  77.  IHOMJEI  SECHELT  HOME SERVICE  Sunshine Coflst Hi-Way .m  iPhone 885*9616  n  i.   "  !  '���'%%  *AA**JV^,\AAf*/VV^****j*VI**L***&J>**l*JI*l*MyiVV*l*V^ MWIWH��WlW)WW(IMmWW IWWWUWWMWIIWW,  Corporation Of Village'Municipality  ::'~Of Gibsons Landing  applications are invited for the position of Assistant Clerk - pro tem. Please  state qualifications and salary expected.  Applications should be received by June  29th, 1964. Appointment to hejnade by  October j 1st, 1964 to successful applicant if accepted1 by Council.  -:     - ;:' '���' -    I  ��� Jutes A. Mainil, Clerk  Gibsons, B.C.  PHONE ORDERS 886-2433  HAMBURGERS  FISH & CHIPS  " "I -"       J"7  BETWEEN GIBSONS and  SUPER-VALU  ^  Gibsons, BJC.  ^rnt^ti^ssryytfrm^k.  kTh taWst ��� in ��� ��� n ii r if***-  } '���*  .>>  '��  ���KHm.  \ :*  X   "ii i n     ii   i ii i   ii    ni    'i    nn   i . r i     ii        . - _       11 ii j ii im i    ~ i ���      -��� ���    .   i        ��� ��� * ' "  ���A,  < "r.'ii  ���-���.���*��� �������������"��� **itesi8£&gi~&*r"
I   Foge 10 The Sechelt Pemnjwlo Times, Wed., June JO, \9M
bS-Ci Formerly St, Augmtines . . >
oi miitire&s
? " «/ j5i
* i
.N*L,     *.
■ i
^.1 ■**.
- ■ i
• ..
• !-:■
'■ ■ I   '
«*. ii,
,J ■:•
.<: **
'i '
.*■ 1
.  *
*   *.i
*. 4
*€ 1 #•
■-"*■.      -J
• . i    ■ i
J    «- '
* .* •,
; J->' * J
r-y '"
"■■•■ "b
-   - v
'. * *
■ ■
*■■   i
.  **~* I
I*. ■* . :
i*. ■ Is*
!■     |.*
!*,   ' M
i ■
TRIALS AMP tribulation!; associated with the operation
lof any residential school areimany and yai|ied, cer-
-tairily the Sechelt Indian residential establishment] is no
exception. Indeed, during it's sixty years of exi&ance
|!*sHv^   progress has be^n marked by more than a fair share
w^&MM-Zum   of colorful incidents.'  : j 1— "
$$&££&*€*.*   , epnstiWted     oifoialiy     in   y^rEfficient-\o «M in a
1903-041 by the Indians  under    classroom.      !   I
theT direction* of Bishop Dontsa-   * Farther compilations j dcvel-
%vilL  it\was  officialy  opaied   ^ped in 1942 with the dppoint-/ nF!viTM  Ld^ffiHent   Fa-
■ * ,«,« Ju*fe ^ 19M' M3" w^**-   Jnent   as  principal of>ather   G?w r J^,*lf n^t in H?c
ep 1922' ar> to Sechelt arth^t time \/as_/Herbsrt   DunlopT   Biiuierence       ther-Bernardo now mjiis
1822, the present school, pf   Father Plomondon(iwfao became/ was displayed *>y the Indians    seventh year as principal
ruetion, abc ammodates about 125 resi-   the! first chaplain v /   following insistence by the new   of thfe school forseesthe
dentikl-and 70 [day student**. Uninterrupted view'of the A cottage -was- constructed to principal that pertain regula- eventual /lntegratiotLOf In-
ocea**lf~combined witlT^l<!a;£nt surroundings do much 1913 for a rfovitiate. Unfortun* tions be maintained in 'the p- dtaij Day students With lo-
to create an atmosphere o: harmony.T atfy disaster struck to 1917 -see page il   cai white students.'
r" r I —    • whteh the entire estaSjhshmi*t,    g^j? , fef.v .'....../. >.
rick, cons;
NV.4,      ***J&\^*     ^
fc»^ -' X^~ J?.'*■>.«   '-^?,
-■.■-.-.V*   ^^-*...   -    -AriEf^t-^
.?■->*   111!
Father Bernardo
school,   cottage,   laundry __ and
ce^lirs were destroj'ed by'f re,    ^?,y
^«*<t      »   » .  "  Hsj^,   s^-,  i"
\ ?  t.t .    .*.,   '     ir. J..1.
? -"OH- 5
•* *       +v .a. ^     i     n .,^~   .
C.t   *»   *'   '
. i i Busy
}to allow a1 picture ixfo
wjiich they appear to enjoy.
Insurance money amounting
to I $3,000 was utilized to arrange    »    tempi»ary , sclool
v",---** -     wliich sufficed until 1922 wien
i'$'ZZ^-0M&    the  present  schdoi  was  e>ra-
SubffantiaUy -constructed of
brick," the present built ling
houses about. 185 resident yomv
g^ters and 70 local day sUidV
ei^ts. Ages vary from six hi- 15
arid include both sexes.!     b*    ^   xv**; ^; vsu'
Riaidents  are maiply i"om    e^)^ b- * V*1 *:n^s
brolen I or inadequate   hones    Q-
and come from as far away as
Church House,  Sguirrei C>ye,
" w"v-t   4^^-vc--'   b  ?r? :**---^.si
-,?^i*--:4"t..*'.f ^«>*:kr>*- -" * *-. si    "' -*?
v 4 *
At i
"*r«4 U*'.      b *■- - r
IV   .J*g I £*««¥    T! j
-j»«-f    '      ~j" r«- ^e i
*. *       **w™ T     v^ *~
, **<b^: ^
■ "i-rSfeaysL^-J ?*""       S**4'<    a        Tj
- >
bf grades i-1 take time out   ^**am,„  "MtKqueon    R ver
e returning! tolheir studies-3*?*1 m Cume* 1
jTbere are a zuunber of iuch
-sehoolaj throughout tite-/|>»v-
toce, the, majiMity; like'the Se-
.ckelt -.fichool are)- rua by. the
• - ii" **w*
- i
i  i
Cjatholic Church but all ome-~—^[
-nder control «*i the  dejart-       ' <
ient of Indian affairs. Reisson   TEMPORARILY
:- . ,c-./-.jw<5fia£w»-B*-V-W-I * i
■ ■«■* **■-* , :'  '   » . -*ti i
r                    .      .       --.     »    ;,             .    ;    ,   t -Jf     I
.- -    *   ; .'  .'- ',»  - •**.-   " ,*-'
deserted the chapel is in constant use.
fir this Ming .the fact that ' Boys t^ke mass! one day the girls Ithe next The at-
JW- was a p«*cp*i-leri-nc<; of mosphere of .tranquility throughout the school is accen-
■catholic   mfestoanes  in   the    tnntprl hpr*»       J _ .
miss^narfes in jthe   tuated here,
early days, A section of the
Indian act provides iftat yomg-   ^
sters of catholic faith be tai -girt   ^ "1'
at Catholic schools, the. mme   f^^
applying to thos? of other
! Principal   of   the    Sedhelt
school, Father Bernardo, is o*
tiremlely   iwpular   among   his   yi^»^ -- ,rt»*,
>oo_fc charges who, >hc says_.   *»«««••*     -*
(shades, the spaciou
section is all* ready for
lunch break.
)JYT»y i*w*y!{
<   *          '
- -, ,
0         *J             *»
:          - *   'O ,
' -.
r    «.
>    "■■•.I       . •
■       *
i  ■   »
^'          -*'
- >   . -
•*■                       £
lJ*—-""    '    *t
, ;„—^»-
* -
« .
M-r       *'
p, *■*-■
1' ^
;            ****--
' "-*-           -
a "*r^
1      ?       **"»i,
1       b   -
i^..^..   ....  u.
decorated ijn pleasing pastel
as seen in this
lining room
the rush when lessons end for
J • 1! t *7 ~i^r«Jfa«r^j«—«^J
-    -t=f M>,*   ifiV"  *"a
^f**^v ■**-'• I 7 4
<=a ^l^il'^^yl-?'^-*^
*, --*i'
•Hi*.      a       *,'
i»,*^,'     ." "
dormitories. The rooms !i
iand comfortable.
TV. :~*
4 c^**
preferring  to  remain   at   the
On their arrival, many of the
children ate of 'limited vocabulary which ty some cases
proves a handicap throughout
ijheir stay. Tests however havs
proved they havje natural abil-
*'"-| ity equal to that of white
youngsters but are often faced
with other handicaps such sjs
no desire to plrogress, many
are of a slower (disposition and/
„-  /"   i       I    r|r ~ VaA ^.'.. are of a slower [disposition ahd
/ "•» % "    .\-ZiJ,} *ui'"' ■'""■: generally require  more  sour
X      ° '%'    i J'*' * *   ■'" '" %-. "hg-alohg. Most! of J.hem pyov/E
/      *"*   *j'^~ ~^SA .!■"- ^ "^fxtremely adept; at'fporls/artf
fc  /                              -.              -* ">. ^ cVitww    a     nafiit*al '.^Ktilifrr    t/\itfnn-ri
show a natural lability fo^vajrd
JmusiS'' y
Provincial Government curriculum is adhered to buLJan
additional hour is instiuied
daily   for   bomjework   studies,"
' ' -3«—'^^^4^wW^**%^^*^;' -?>"   l~* k
mt^m^^^xx^xMxz ~XsCx
pt^MX.XAr-£%i£Ai- 'isZX-tl*. Xxt^X'   -,  *      .7a
Recreation room
COMFORTABLY Equipped  recreatioii  roqm  provides
the homely touch complete with television.  Boys
have two rooms ajs have the girls, tl^is is in order to
allow for different age groups.
-L   !
tt> J«i
tlus,.applies---4o |day  and
!d   | dential students i
■^iAI.   -
"!t J^fe^i^--- .^   .PROBLEMS ARISE   .
VT"|---. " ■*.-?*«,. > „,,   |   Harmon seems to jreign
«   a    SSSftf a-\"*--'>3?6
*-*       f^f^i^^i^S^,-!  Ireme today, thej youngster:^|re
--.-.*. iPssaJ*?^****^^  'happy  and contented,  but jre-
eords show this was  not j always so.  In 19^0 for insi ance,
 " <s-
)wever are
an .outbreak of i stealing   lef
siated stern- measure and
ciplinary actioni before >th: *ro-
blem was. eliminated.
The following year,   difficul-    rt-.«,_,,_, ,^-,m^i*-.        -    ,     .
ties were enc^imtered ii\ get-   CONSTUCTED entirely by Sechelt Iridians and provis-
First school,, 1904
SCHOOL IS filledjtocap'xityat thepi^sent^ime as may   ting the young) barges jio re- ioned by «iem before the Romari Catholic Church
ih? gathered fi'om tlij picture^ of oner of the boys'   turn after holidays.  Marly of   received! ja grant toward maintenance^^ The ifirst school
jleasantly decorat-   the Noraiem eMldren adpearr   was called St: ■ Aug^jstines ■ andjvas destroyed by firejn
fr1    -■ ed^to thUUt sHbmonths lof the   1917.    A;-     "**      ' H. -~    .       .v    "" -     ;b
A i   mjK'\;  <,'yv '*��,��� s-- "���*-���;  ������.���a-1  .*- *  . r  ��� v  i *-������-;  i'-i .  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., June 10,1964 Poge IT    MORE ABOUT  Wilson. Creek notes  1 . - ���By Mabel ��� Wagtnan  LAC! DOUGLAS Wayne Baird, home with his parents.  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pearson, after three veaxs  service overseas in the HCAF, has expressed his views  and his impressions of life in Francs: and Germany during a. very interesting interview .-last week.  He was very much impressed    ""���" *~-"   spent down the~French Riviera.  ��� Here, hotel rooms are very expensive, ��� as high as $30. per  right, so. if you havc your'own  shelter you are well away.  - The well known tulip festival  at Holland is. another vacation-  spot where many families  spend their weekends as there  are many camp sites.  France has a low standard  of-living. But we" have to realize France has gone through  two wars and has not received  the help like Germany has.  Their-highways are -very poor  and home improvements  scarce. " , -. *  The boys of the RCAF have  a FX at their base where they  can buy anything from tooth,  brushes to clothes, -tax free,  and are able to bring them over  to Canada. All in all, Doug  felt it. was a chance-to see another part of the- world and  learn a trade at the same time.  with | the flat rolling country  similar to*-the "prairies. German)* has the same standard  of living as here. A very clean  country, people take care of  their: homes, and it is a pleasure ito walk.the s'treets of the  cities where you find many nationalities. ��� " .  Lovely four- lane highways  make it convenient for travellers ! as "they by-pass many  small towns -,"  Through ^ the lack of trees,  they: make their houses of  bricks and stone. Coal is thcir  main use for fuel with oil and  used in a few homes as  is   considered   a   luxury.  gas  this  There are many new cars on  road,   production   cost   is  in the car, factories, especially in Germany.  ,  The    policemen,   instead: of  having patrol cars, have...positions or stations.on the .highway where they. use highf tone  whistles for speeders.  >   Camping-is the. going thing,  '".with the best of camping equip-  'moht,  including  camp  trailers,  where,   many    vacations   -are  /  :  F.1ALAWHANA  DRIVE-IN  Selma Park,'.  V   ��� -  COMPLETE FAMILY ANt>  PARTY MEALS TO GO  Chill Con Cornc '���  j     Italian Spaghetti  Try our homemade.  *%. Doughnuts  Phono 885-2270  OPEN  10 a.m-to 1 cm.   *  ���WWWWW.OMWMWWWWWWl  DANCE   SUCCESS  One- hundred and thirty-one  dollars was raised at the benefit dance ��o_* Mr. and Mrs. Ed  Campbell and Mr. Henry Gil-,  bertson who lost everything in  . a house fire recently. A shirt  donated 'by   Morgan's   Men's  - Wear was won by Mrs. Emile  Slrochein of Wilson Creek.  Door pripe of a box of chocolates* was wen by a visitor.  SPECIAL' THANKS  Mr.- Henry Gilbertson wishes  to* thank all those' who. put  forth -help" organizing, especially" to Mrs. Sundi Reid, convener, of the dance and participants. Also-thanks goes out  to.the members of the orchestra and all those who made  donations. Your assistance was  ���warmly  appreciated'  LEFT FOR BUTE INLET  Mrs. Harold Pearson,. Linda  and Ricky have' left for Bute  Inlet to join her husband who  will-be. there working, for several months. Mr. and Mrs.  Fred* Nelson, also have -left  -for the  camp. _  MWBUSflM: fJUiUfli9  GARDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  Mechanical & EfectrieaK Repairs  A COMPLETE LINE OF. BOAl REPAIRS  Garden Bay, B.C.  -    .      ;   .        Ip-one 883-2366  adian school      The Reader's Right  from M<je VS-��� " ? -   -    �����/  "'"'I  '  SALE Exterior Pciliits  .��� NAME BKAHB PAINTS --  All Colotiri Except Whi*U 5^51  BENNER BROS;  FURNITURE AND PAINT -STORE  Phone 885-2053  Sechelt  mmmgm  mKmokmmim  mmm^^iLmkiMmmpxiMAjmmm&mmiiS-  from page I*���  tetest-cf-dise^jfine.   *  A petition _ bjr the Indians to  remove the Priest faiLxi and  the Opposition quickly subsided  with the- Indians accepting the  rulings.  Mere trouble broke out at  the end of 1943 wish an epidemic of chicken pos���the school  was subsequently placed, in.  quarantine.  Significantly enough, seme  years later, departure of.Father Dunlop^ to a "new post in Ottawa .was looked upon "with  considerable regret by Indians  and* whites of fee district-.  MAY INTEGRATE   r  "  Day. student* "are not compelled, to attead" the- Indian  school,.; in fact-a few do attend  the while schools in the area.  Most cf them-however prefer  not to integrate/ Father Bernardo says the poEci* of tbe ln^  diaa affairs department is to  encourage integration and feels  himself that" tbe time" is not too  far away--when they will be  completely- integrated^ '  Success of the school is very  evident, thsne7 are few -problems encountered today, the  children are* extremely happy -  and well cared for. and the entire operation is a great credit,  to ths staff. Father Bernardo  and. those before him who have  dedicated thamsdves - to the  welfare of the less fortunate. .  Port Melton  news  X���&T t����o*�� Moore  VACATIONIMG  Mr.   and   Mrs.   C.   Graham  - spent some time with Mr. Gra-  " ham's parents "on Denman Is-.  land,   also   at. Coartenay   with  Mrs. Graham's cousin.        ;:! r  WA-NEWS  The WA to Port HeSon Community Church held their monthly meeting oa Monday. June  L The annual strawberry tea -  was discussed and a; tentative  date of June 24 was set providing the strawberries. ripea- in-  time.    -  The Baketess bake sale the  WA. put on to March, has rea- "  lized S30.50 �� date. -Shanks go  to ill who have donated.  Ihe WA will bold another  card night in the church basement on June 1J at & o'clock.  Bridge, crib and whist will bc  played for those wbo wish to  play. Prize* and jrrfresmects  will be served by the WA-  The Peninsula Bridge Club  will hold another bridge night  on !the 22nd of June. It is hoped  to get a good crowd of beginners' ot&. Refr^shmejtfs will be  ' served." ;  LIBRARY NEWS     i  New books in. the library are  asl follows: Green Felt Jungle.  bv: Demaris; Ring of Bright  Water, by Maxwell: Fifty  Years to the Dog House, by  Alexander; Black Amber by  Whitney; Elephants Arrive at".  Half Past Five^ by Chase;  Wanderer, by Haydea; African:  Creeks I Have Been Up, by  Spencer:: - and The Mirror  Cracked, byS Agatha Christie.  Surpfus Equipment  F1M SALE  DS CAT 13A MODEL  Hydraulic blade Hystet- winch  Price $12^)00 _  Va YARD TRACK  -SHOVEL  Complete with shovel frqnf end  35-ft. dragline boom, GJA.  -' - - diesel powered  trice f4rOO0  1 De YILBIS PAINT  SPRAY COMPRESSOR  with t HP electric motor  SLADEY  LOGGING LTD.  MA&GRA PARK. B.C.  f      Phone 883-2233  Hungry reader  Editor. Tbe Times7  Sh|���What has happened to  the !commumtics of Egmont.  Pender Horb&ur and Halfmoon  Bay!! located on the Sechelt  Peninsula?      -- ~z~   <  Do; they still exist? Although  Wx?i subscribe ami advertise  weekly one would-never-know  to perusing your pulp product-  .7 Although inexperienced ia  newspaper "work, Mrs.: Joan  Donley.did an excellent fob to.  the inedsrns of .midwife to the  birth: cf year publication. Sx  did ?serve the residents of all  the communities of. the Peninsula.; a-fail coarse meal ence  : a week with all the trimmings -  -pins! add%i  spice. :^ .  Since, the change of your obis-  drab rag ws feel we. are oniy  receiving a fcam sandwich-once  a week- And no salt or pepper'  How  about some- news and  history aboet Upper Sobovia to  your   subsequent" issues    Mr.  Editor. If ycu dare to print my  sincere thoughts will yoa" kindly do so to it's ejfiirity j    __  j       . ���Ktigi Hbrnsey,-  |     '"- - Pender Harbour-  Editors f Note: ��� Apologies to*  thef residents of  Pender  Harbour-fcr wfccm the ahove writer appears to have takes it upon iMm'seu** to-speak. -We  are  presently   seeking . a   respotsi-  ~blef correspondent for the districts niectioECd. Anyone interested please contact or phone  *88Sr965*. _ -   *   ."*  "    .  The. mam {arsMem of. the  above writer appears to be. se-  ���Opinions by cur Readers  vere starvation.* Sorry we *;e "f  cot  in  the -catoisg   bustoess..  As to the spice referred to, -1      ~y  wouM  suggest '"Fksh^  nu^-  ane. TMs might pcove a lit��e  BKste to the gentfcmait's tatfe.  !-      is."  ��� ���*  V  V "           ���                            ���> ; �����  -     *                              A  If Youi^ Job h 1:  Cuffing Trees   j]  j This Message jf  ;    Is for You 'Xii  -  ������)         -      }        ,     ��-   ft -  We are Dealeisi I  X .        tor   y    J--  * \?M* CANAOfiN     jf  ���IMcCULLOCH            jt-  ���JHOMELtTE               Ir  1 COMPLSTf SrOCKM  \ OF ALLl MODELS" l^-  ���i PARTS ]                  !.  ���j REPAIRS;     '   'X.  j          *.   |  tcH&ikSAW  .!-' CENTRE  .Vilso*! Cr^k     ; -  SSS^222S  i'         '             z  <:*-   i;  } ���"^'",   ;  t*  'ai  >    <  ix  *: i  IT'S 1ASY* YOU CAN W1MI  ItVEosy! YoaWn win $S.<�� by shapfyZMenti-^  ^Jng this ofaiecr or obfeht- Each of the pvt-  zfcs -irWch wiU apf��e��r an ffi& page am pmt j  / of the present stock cttdyaa�� of wijSdt wiU be j  - a-rertwed on this p^e. Yes! All *s*��*a have to ���  doiiidenttfy the eh feet and the ttwtm in whieh |  it is lo��st��l. Be the first person in the store.  on Thursday imonnfiig o|��f correctly^identiff,  the object and yoa witll wth $SJ3Q. Simple?;  Yes. Look for nexT w��ks poxxle and he l&e^  first to win." This contest is ��pea to adults  only and there will be only one iwinherypety  week. A list of7s*o��w partaking if* this con-"  test will appear next week. b 1  SAMPiM ONLY  comtist Starts ^tixr  WEIKTIH THE TlMlS  ;   7 b  < ���  :*  i r'  __ ������ ^���^��^^1^^^^I^T^M^WWI ���  ������!������������  ������������!���      ������������ ��� -Pl�� ���r-���-�����-^   --.-   --        -.- -i  m a ^  *" ������" #��      *   �����    "V "**    ��� &** Tif* ���ff*  _ * 41 "i "* *nif    ' School assembly .  _Po-9'|b 12 The Secholt Penins ila Times, W ed., June 10,1964    was presented jritb the "Coi -    Delegate reports .  ���-������I-.IUIIJI ��i i     I ������ miiiiim I i ������ m   n i iin in'ii    -w-. ii'i  >    ���mi mii���    ���m    i      i ��� ������'���  *��}*/����-      T�����AJt^U'it,,, rVhA       flfMt IT* fit ATI. 1 - ^ *     .   '     ���       '          OM FRIDAY aft ei^toon,   "und 5, ElpMnstone Secondary   *ar*-cd^*he ,     .,���-,.  ������-..>>. ������.,.. _-.-J._.a   ..J-.j. A. a.,   \~, . **Al . *-,_  -.    ^,.**     Sabres, Spitfires, and Bombers  School held ^"assembly, pie Hoime Economics Clas-  ecoiidery  �� to 12 mod  !'���  se$ from Grades  inside this past term.  ifhe   girlsbhavi [done   vet!*  veil and they all should be cop;  gratulatcd.  Play sijits, dress}::;  arul suits were shjown. The col-  crs^ materials an f(styles we'<:  aJlJ very lovely, ^ijnda Stanl :y  commentated.  I " -    ' !  T*oll6wing   the  fashion   shdv  Mr-.   Yablonski- txjplained   tins  point system for the sports la  wards and Miss Pctdcn prcsejjn  (ted   the   awards.j  medium   E's   anjl  v. ere  presented fprst,  follow^-:  by I the presentation of troph  enEaiions  ches Trophy".The Drummonl  Cup which is gijven to the- let  ding house was won by thi  Spitfires. House |Captain,Duan j7  Thorstenson was -preseirtcp  with the cup.  ! Following* is a list of indh  idual points ejarned for all  games. by each of the fou|r*  houses  First   column  gives    points  Mustangs, nest  ed the garments they have  and curs  The Chuck Robinkon Trophy  or   basketball   was   given   to  oug - Copper.   The   Bidgeway  rophy for track5 was. present-'  d to Edna Naylor. Edna also  won the jrcphy for best all a-  rouhd girl athlete. Barry Quar-  |ry was presented withythe Hol-  jland-'Haj-jis   Trophj/   for   bck  20 22 14 It  f- 41 39 42 4)  -   52 ��2 60 6)  38 38 38 3i  Soccer   ..b���  Volleyball    .  BasketbaU* ..  /Floor hockey _,,  flndoor  track  X7166 195 179 lflfe  "Acadamic   A���S'151 140 158 HI  Softball   ��� j   28   10 .24   Zl  Trapk and Field; 169 192 214-175  Totals   ������1 665 698:72* 66T  W       y, ��� -���  ��sweat minieinsss  ��rictiit t�� nMsin&i  When   I   sawbthree-year^oli  ......_., --..-.~r   _--    -_-    Robert strike his little brother,  all-round bejy athlete. The Ho- I scolded him, I adding, "It is  Ward KinW "Memorial Trophy wrong to: strike.(anyone, espec)  for distant runner was won by    ally or  Fred Blate|rtan. -   ?���  For coitobuttog" the most towards   spoijts    Danny   Coates  1 of your business  Walk On It!  Sleep On It!  Sat Off St!  Clean With It!  Listen To It!  Watch W  \ I". ~"~\'      *  Cook With It!  Clean With It!  one younger than, you are  .-^*fle-isn't so young," RoK  ert said thoughmlly. "He hajs  teeth.*"- .   |  ACTIVE USE df the ioati cupboard was reported at^the  regular meeting 'of the Sunshine Coast! Chapter of  the Registered! Nurses Association df B.C. Some new  items have beeh purchased, a bed and mattress, a va- *  porizer ajnd several smallery items have been donated. v  Members! of the chapter were    sizing the-necessity and value*  of using research methods in  nursing and nursing affairs: . ,  A panel of senior nurses from ;  various fields of nursing- in .  B.C. presented examples of..-  actual research projects- carried out in their units and the .  able to help with the recent  blood donoir clinict' held !at Se-  ctieit.    "'���-' ;'���   7 ���'-'[  Highlight of the 'meeting was  the!concise yet complete report' given by the delegate,  Mrs, I. Jergusoh, fdllowing the  annual meeting oiy the RNA of effects these projects (had on  BC. Theme of the convention nursing in the units,  was   the   importance   of   "re- rjr.   j    McCreary    Dean   of  search-mindednessr*    in    nurs- the   Medical   School   ai   UBC,  *nS-                        ' * discussed plans for the) Health  Mrs. Lois Graham-Cummings Sciences! Centre at UBC, which  president of the Canadian Nur- will be a research and training  ses Foundation, gia.ve~the main centre for all branches of medi-  address on the theme erapha- cine and medical services.  j iNfeWs and Views  eaaers  id  wmwmmmmwwBBWMW* ���  A  \  *  ��  X  *  \  ��-  >  ��  Sechelt, B.C. - Ph. 885-9519  11      "Specialist in foot ccyre"  l!  - i ":       - ;"!)..  tmmmmmm  wmmmmmmm  ���grmmmwFBmmmmmtmmmm-mmmmm  \  \  i  ��.  I!   Isle  SHEU3- ��� ZXXA.+\  *:;  FRANCIS PENINSULA  PENDER HARBOUR  Everything for the Boot! Ovirner  Shell Marine Prod.      Phone 883-2444  I   !   Shell Marine Prod.  'j|-    r \tmm*mm-mmmmmmmm**mmmmmmmmwm.  J  _,**HH     i  Vz  \\  %'  I  \\  a  a;  ���***************************************��r*"���  RUBBER SfiAiMPi  COiMMERCiAL PRINTING  SCO  fhezfimes  A ���. ���  'mmmmmmmmmmmmaXmmmmmm+mmmmmmmm*****  OR  Just Plain Like  Yon Gail SA��i On It  AT  bbSwBbsbB%   m*9S%t%*wjm'tt  IIo  "I  \  \  wmmmmmmmX  9mmmmmmmw~mmmmmmmm0mmmm  Helen's  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Phone 885-2058  'm'mmmmmmmmmmm*  ���m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi  ���mmMrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm^mmmmmmm* tmmm*  usnmm  Shpppe  "A full line of  MarjoKe Hamilton  Sols Block Marine Drive  Gibsons  T-  Oil Heating     n-SasF  Sheet Metal  urnaces  Gibsons  Phone B36-9961  \  mmmmmmm-mmmmmmmmwi  PENINSULA  OTCR PRODUCT  (1957) LTO.  COMPLETE \M%  GENERAL F*10TQRS  CARS AND TRU  AUTOMOTIVE P.  1 b      BODY SHOP  SPECIALIZED REPAIRS  Adjacent to Your New Hospital  Sechelt, B.C.  *********************************************,  Phone 885-2111  1  '/'  b  /     n  /A


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