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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Feb 12, 1964

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 ^^^^^mm^^^^^^*m:  '*������>- *���#  i ft ;  21S2  , ��-.. -r���^r**  Serving the5unshine Coast ' Howe Sbqnd-fo Servts fnlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Grantham's Lending, Gibscns. Roberts Creek,  Wilscnl Creek;Jieilma Park, Sechelt) Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Harbour, Madeira Park, Kleindafe, Irvine's Lending, Eori Cove. Egmcnt.0 WEDNES0AY,  FEf.   12.   1*64    *_QC  At Sechelt -council . . .  etio present�� ti*ee  swsfei  t-\  *   **��� r'J ���       j  l'.*-.1C.Vi"**  ehjii i mi ������������ .,������   i  "." ."  ���*   "���' ���  .*.-"���' 1  -���  ..��-������ i . .  SECHELT;Municipal council approved a plan presented by  7 B. rVAbram," district commercial and traffic manager  of the .British Columbia Telephone Company to-institute  free calling between Port Mellon and Sechelt. They  estimated this would increase     ���*������ '. r .���-���-���= ���*   ing permits be valid only for  one year- from date of issue,  and two. a vapor light be in-  . stalled near the Calypso Room  to light .that business area and  street light at the corner of  Inlet arid Boulevard Avenues  be replaced by a vapor light-  n. V      ���*"  ������     a. - ���   -     IS"1  ,       I  ���"*  i ,   I   -f       T   ���   j     ��.     La     ���,"���, , ������ . �� �������  ..-.-:-;.\ -:'��� ���..-~:i-J'J**'.::i\vXV.; ���M;-.'.'.-  ."**���. ��� .-J -   * ��� '**"***��� i " -  -.*��� *     'r">a'.     "' -  *    ���, *N'**-*'   .*"/V^-0**-_Jl-  *s��4 {��-.  \r.--r.r*  calts by 60 percent and necessitate a new cable from Sechelt to Gibsons.-This increase  in facilities and maintenance  would.mean a higher monthly Irate--.for subscribers^- BC  Tel would like7- to submit a  plebiscite- to the people within five weeks and are requesting Sechelt and Gibsons municipal councils to count, the  ballots. ^Stamped and-addressed envelopes will be sent out  to all subscribers. -  Rates depend upon the rate  {Traffic Blocked  These-.suggestions were tabled    A TRAILER TRUCK jk>perated by Westvtew Freight, cfter  due to Commissioner F. Parker's absence1 because- of illness and present- operation  undcj-s a provisional budget.  . Commissioner H. B. Gordon  will   commence   tree  planting! _"-���: - " ������r  group   classification   which   is    m  the two  blocks fat  munie-1     -.  GafhaH '  based on the number of sub-     ipal halL Survey will  be car-' -yil  oeCHe*XI -���   .  k_  scribers.   The   more   subscrib-     ried out so tree plLiting  -.riil  ers the lower; the rate. At the    not   conflict   with   sidewalks. ���  present   subscription    number    water mains and sewers.  the proposed increase in mon-        Centennial project  'is a job -  thly rates for the Sechelt ar-     for the younger peopler chair-  ea  would  be business  phones    man Chris Johnston fc-U. The  $1.75; one residence. "0c; -two     matter will be given censider-  residences. 40c: and multipar-    ation   and   thought,   also   the  ty  30e.   Monthly   increase   in    possibility of including a iarg-  costs to the Gibsonf-Port Mel-    er area such as West Sechi-.lt  Jon   area   would   be   business,     so as to get a larger government gram.  Cbmphiints_ concerning water' in basements were felt net  due to the dumping cf fill im  the s*A;ampy area, "out  to  the  heavy   rainfall   ar.i   the   fact,  that   a _ 12-inch   pipe   draining  from Teredo Street to Pjrp-  oire Bay was not draining properly.  Accounts  in the amount of  ��0c;  one  residence,  20c;  and  .multiparty  15c.  According to -Abram. Pender Harbour cannot be included in this scheme at this  time as it .would be too costly until such time as that  exchange enlarges.  staffing on thel Granthams Hill neor Gibsons OboUf 9  p.m. Friday, Feb.- 7tK, slid across the highway, over-turned,  and blocked traffic for two hours. The cab overturned on  the other side of the rood.    - _  tielf(belongs to us  Clarence Joe claims  SECHELT Indian bends are shcrpening their tomahawks  - _-    and preparing theic brief to find Cut why,  in   1&69,  Captain John Scales'was given c miljtcry grant of blocks  303, which was in the middle of the lnd,p"n trtbel lands ar,d  which.had  beer,  formally es-      -��� ;���rr   tablished in 1854 as a Catholic  ccrrunuaity vrtln .-boundaries  dellnc*ated frcrr.- rock -to rock-  Again in- IS75H John, Sea lei  pre-empted block StH.fSechelt"  Indians presumed" they cared  these lands from the point at.  Selma-Park to the first r.crth-  Man arrested  forB&E  "HELEN B:5>rr* Lac  ]- was" br-kir. into Ihe rlzht.  tit Friday. IKb ~. Entrance  yras reaic tj- throwing a rock  through :lu fro.-.: 'jfiadcur. A  largt. q-ar.'-*',; ef clothes- were  fetolec, ar.e'-a jxt-at amoslrSTof  blood -*as scattered about7 the  Scene. * .  I Ted Kurlwk discovered" the  hreak-i- a': f JO Saturday  teeming ar.g re'perted ir. -t��  RCMP.  I Ijacc Jo-cp-. Aiert Bay war  urreiitd w.*.h:r. the.-hour ar.d  ��� pleaded ��u:t:y to charges of  hrcakinz anz entering- i.--d  theft Kc --i remanded is"  custody u-t!*. ��. *r.tenet - to be  har.*4ed d.-a f.  Feb.  2B.%  Inierest low  at B6PW meet  MRS. -Ivy B-.-���.��.-. f.rst '.~.v.~  \ prtridc-r.t tf the prcvmcial-  .business ir.- prcfe<sjojuH. ro-"  hte-V cl-b. .-.re Mrs... L*.Z.i.n  Saxby. -jcrrt^ry of --"Pc*ell  R.ver-fc-'.rr*-*- snd pro.fes^nr.-  bl worr.trr."* r:_b. both cf* Powell R:r��.-r *. eru cLs4ppoi3ted  ir.-t7e o\ trail mspons* shows  fcr: the Fe.-..rt-jti to the forrr.-  -fetio.-j" of I ~-ir.fi$ and profes-  i:on4l. wi.*-r.t;r, i club.,  j Mr'--. E- '. r. fer.d l.frii S-.x-  |=y. ;-f.cr.: t;.t- C4>- at Ihtr" C~cy  Court Mitt 1 S'.zze'.z. to rre*n  "ir.U-rcfttrd    w,~v.-n.   Aix>    pre���       f<-r-t 3*v-re   ".-fr:   yi^ry Wilder,  .    ,      ��� . piJ-t-prv-.-ien:   (������'   Ne**   V,v*t-  c-riy point ;v.-st cf-Sechel: ur.-  -fci-^ier EA.-PW *.>f whirr. Mav.  t.I Sc3k> 4-la -iUm  to  Wni*-^ lT .g^h   v:.(ji   ,.- a   c-��.~.Ur:  COUNCIL HILITES  A school trustee will be invited to attend a committee ��� $528.64 were- ordered paid,  meeting 'to discuss the school  hddgi"?*- "It Is lengthy and  higher than last year." .said  Gordon.  Sechelt tax roll will be prepared by department of municipal  affairs. .  A Salvation Army officiaL  will attend next council meeting. Permission will be granted to them" to canvas the village but - council w-ill not  make  a   donation   as   that, is    THE   BJJILDfNG  Committee  of" the  St.  Mary's '.Hospital  . " ��  .- . as.-:,     wrue  Excerpts from report . . ^ ,  St. Mary's Building  Committee; reports  zn. cr a. ireazy  pecp.e. - nS-  ��� man t<e"g:zen  middle  against their policy.  Sechelt waterworks applied  to install 450 feet of lli inch  water pipe'ai^ng highway 101  to service lot 26.  Sechelt Volunteer fire brigade submitted its audited financial statement apd7a letter  orthanks for increase in grant.  Council thanked the fire brig-  Society-submitted a general report to the Trustees,  members of the Hospital Society and to the General Public  on the: progress being mode in construction of- the new  Hospital. Some excerpts follow. : |  Tnt  full  foundation  for  the   jweea   the   time   estimates   of  building has  been completed. _ the cost of the  project  were  One huge, bculder was found first       made.       arfan��ze.:r.cnts  in "the   excavation * area   and made for the necessary  funds"  was     removed     with     heavy based  on   these  original  estf-  ade for "their work, during the.   equipment.  Sub-tra'des  are" at mates, and the date fcr final-  grar.t to cr.e rr  ^.'.tn   s��� niitiv^  why sr.ould oa  a  p.��ce cf.lncd m the midi  ct  ar.  Indiar.  Village? -T  .- Bill. C���4S;J,  a.-.-act   to  pro-  .-* .-.^   *w-    ..is.-   c.-VJi".-"   u*   ai.-  C-art ciairrts. shall consider every clatm that ts LTOughr**-be-  fGte ii z . :.. that lands m any  arta where taken "frcm- Irt-  dians by '.fee Crown, cr.by any  otficerj servant or apent cf  the Crown, on behalf thereof  without any "argument or un-  dertaknijr to give -carr.pensa-  ticnr therefor.  Clarence Joe has- been working' en ihis information for  two years. He "claims Capt-  Vanpcuver** documertts' ccn-  firni^d ' a ^ native . population.  hx.r4 cf 4'jOO" "How did. this  CapL Scales rob our farefath-  p&ge  16  f.l:.'-,   AStl.:   e-i-   I^-r.-   cS-l^**;*.  ix.-i.wr.  p..-   rr>.;.-.,-;��:  pr*.-  Ifer.l   a-d    V.r;    C,-rrj- *U7.*:-   __  S*Hrv. . . ..r..  i..cr  ��.3r^l*   ta-jis*   - .  rr^^-.t<;r.                        -       . .   , ' -  l   A  cer.^.r.   ..rrvCr.'.   of  ir,',4z-   -'���  t-j;    w��.    -..��:*.��    tut "ovcri.'l  fuppurt     -ii!-    Cisappc>n*irtir- ~~  hc-Ai-.-er.-t.--.i-   ir.'.eres-t   cha-jra  has- giver.  :r>-' \ ���- .tors * ct?r.�� ,rf-  erac!e. acpe   of  c-rgamnnr   a  BiPW cr. ::��.- S-ti.*nhe Coa.^  j  sac fiirtr.i'r vi^-.t^ art plar.sec.  <  *  TWO CARS INVOLVED  1 "Dniy- :v ^   c��r-    *-er^r   -set-   ."-"  tally irrvo.'. d  tr, the cr��"sri st        .  A  tr.-j   ���ancL^.r.   ef   highway   IGt  A  Srcl   Gurd��-r.    ��t-\    road    Ac  A  cording n Fr..i.-ik Ar.dersc.n he    -"-"-  J  ivjs  -topc---i- -.n   the  fe;/n*sy   -  **  faeir^r   Madtj.-t.   ar.d   he.... sa-jr.  Kc-il   W.-..t.;!i--r   ..t   his   rear-      " -  ���i  vica*   rr..zrz:    ~z    he  "stepped  *  en  the  f.i-  ir.i   --.j-.xl^J out of  --  tr.e **-a-.- a.-.-  '.Vf.::ta.-:er era-r  ,  ed   irstc   th*.-  - '.-..-r  car   ciri*. ea. -  ,  by Pcckrs.-t  - ,  year. .        ...   ,  A building permit was granted to Doris Halt to build a  double garage, and two demolition���permits, were granted, one to Henry Whittaker  to demolish T. * J. Cooke's  house and one to Gunnar Jo-  hannson to demolish a building belonging to Sechelt.lands.  Two suggestions   were  sub-  work.  .tender    oa    the _ undta-taking-  A good supply of water has During this period" cost  been arranged with the Sech- construction increased to such  elt waterworks and a new six a level-that only the hospital  inch line is to be laid to sup- building proper with jail its"  ply the-area. . equipment could be fitfed in-  Arrangements    for    sewage    to the original capital 'proyid-  disposal are being concluded  with the Department of Indian Affairs to take care of  this   matter  under   engineers"  milted by Sechelt Ratepayers',    instruction.    ._  Associations-one.   that   build-       Several   years   elapsed   be-  ed.       ... -      |  Now the society is fable  to  - proceed with the nurses" residence    project,    by  -/r.akiirg  provision   within   the j frame-  , work of Capital Budget No. 2.  Arrangements  for  provison  of   the   additional   funds   are  well in hand, and tenders are  being    received    to   construct  St. Mary's Hospital . �� .  Subscriber;supplies 7  letter on sewage  ONE of the Times subscribers noted St. Mary's Hcsc'tcf  trustees-had refused the editor entryjtoone of tneir  regular meetings. He also noted these scme7f rystees cpened,  tenders for"construction of nurses residence7 in c prn,cte  meetms-   Th-->e   trustees   then '���-���:���:���  -  t-t.     1     - - -^^��a��^^��^-jipi*��-fr  - ^-- - ���HZ'^mm  Srcieiy   but   also   by   the   BC  Hospital  Insurance  Service.  - The   committee   is   composed  cf ^taxpayers" who k*e  in-  ; terested in the savings in  costs, y^t must weigh each  decision and choose each article with an "eye to necessity.  - durability. -    appeaL     present  _~ . . ._._-_    .      . .r-t--     -.t     ^ 1   i_  -   -   j   _i  cost   asainst   future   operating  TRANSITE pipe is ready for faying in theTtrench being dug? .c^-cor^ witfc bc hospital  ���-   . on   the   South   Pender   Improvement   DistrfcL- water" insurance Seririce ruliiis. and  project H. B.-Construction Co. is the contractor. ��� 7 ...   . 7-^*? .f3,36 lA .  ra.zz  Work Starrs  T-.i  ac*.-iSvd the pres? no rr.e.T.ier  piiDiic   naci   i��:6nt."5.  the rceet:n^ r.ad beer.  i a^ public.  ne.se "tru^t-c-c-s   uill  rict;ce   calan,  tenc^ri.   tnt-y   will   be   ��,*-ar*i  no menticn -.v."a.; rna^e cf c^tt;  lU.    vt-*-t-��i.��,    .CsUC.;.   C.--.C.     ..-.  private C-r Jr. pu.c:c  Iri r.et 7:of "thesir instances.  the ; trustt-A^- are retice.it on.  the matter of K-��te disposal frcn:  they   ar  ihtr   hespital   wtuch  building,   the   sub-  ^-.".:-.��t-r i '��� J-.- " Fpllu'.icn  \~zr'.z~. H ���'i: cc.-en.tf Pcr-  ^.;  N.    ->   I"   *<a-ed:  'ir. r -p >- '��� > Jtr.*- Kit ter O-  J.^-.^j-. '. ��� 4 f. *���<- fc* z.d-  v -c" l~.~r .->-. ft'- P4-.lj'-i--n-  Ct" - 'd, _.y- ; ���-*-�� " i-d;  .3". Ir - : ��� -. 2, l*A, aftc-r  d-e    cs --.j-._- .;���-.     ;c. - ct-t-v-  -1 - ��� ^     *���      ^C-       "       *     *-.^     TJ. .      - ���  ti  t   C -���:- 1   3-^ri   hi-.e-.i--  A.--.:   .!   r--    "-I".   rhtr   r.zrr.-.s  <i:   D.*e.:cr  cf   It ct-an"Affairs.  Ota-.^.   1r.1i   Bui  cf-Tra--t-*  publication  tne   touowmg;   .et���  te? received from C. J. Ketm-  an,-   secretar"."   and    exscut.ve  t_l "  St    "I.-t -    :t J = -r -*-.:     **--������  1  d*-  :    PC.   t.   c.-chi^t:   5T--  J���l 1 .-.*   :k-'  d-y   cf  prirr.- - -  1  <  ~-^.-  ���.rx._;-;c    . T    c^.or.r.atcd  1     -���see page   16  -   ^  :,y '���*  ^^^^^^^^M^4^44^^^ Pogel2 The Sechelt Peninsula Times, We.il. Feb. 12, 1<>64   ^'ANTED fO BUY
_ Published
Se|hett   Peninsula
Sechelt, j
toross Circulation,-3
Classified Adverjfi
3aj.iriS"AdBriefs (15
.Ore Insertion	
TP ree'; insertions 	
Ex rro lines (5 words)
Bc< """lumbers,	
If paid before publ
cointlof 25c per Ad
■ ed     Semi-Display,
enjd   Blue  Chip  Disrjloy
•* .'
S SCOI^D hand playpen
carriage," crib,    high
illy 'Jumper. Ebone 88
■ YOrds)
...,25c e>|tro
ation, a dis
3rie.f is ollow-
1.50  per
, baby
SHEETING, junk rsdar
$fi  M,   Good  fir  *—  ?90
hemlock 2x4 $39 M. Sirfipk
aee,   DaVis HBay,   Ph
1951   CHEV.
$150. Phoijie
sedan   deliv
SjMALL Terrier type
Males $10., females
1&63 ^CSXSEL Gibsons,
•frig. $150, Phone 885-!
Legal Notices. ,
_ per cbUnf line-(5 &ords) JFirs
ertibn, *t.3c per. count) line sub
-* :   sequent insertion^.
bcadlittes: Saturday 5 p.
,     -   Sif&scription Bates:
ICc per^^y, 50c aer month (b>
carrier)'; $5X>0 per year, in
; advance^
C< rd • of   Thanks,   [Engagements
D, ioths. Births, In Memoriam, Com
in 3 Events, Etc. Per insertion (up ft
4(1 words) $1.25; e^tra words,! |(
ccch.!25c Discount If paid befojr*
^8'  GTT,TrNIi!
ine   motor,
handy little
for cod, $651)
trade for ci
TTER' with mar
good   hull.    A
."work boat  era
boat.   B)red
19   FT.   COD   BOAT  with .5
Soles and
88 5-9605
Real Estate and  Insurance
885-2013, 886-2191
Fuel Gil -Gasoline - Oil Poducts
W. X Parsons, Agej it
_     Phone $85-201
Whorf Road, Sechelt,
The- Finest In
For All Occasions
SHERlPrS  SALE       	
$40pv0u    oit   wilt-
P^ione 883-: 1689.
49E)7-io  Golden -at Vancouver
No. A3 "13/03
dam :e
ial,  Saturday
■50   per   couple.
i-^*-,—: .—
and' s<
Efebruary   15
$1.00   pe-
f 4992-!>
GIBSONS   Hospit*
. -ValenWne i
TJ ance, February.
O iening,  7:00  p.m
H.   D.   MECHAN.
Williams,  R|R  1,
recc htly
pernianent    h mie
I    '   '
1 - ROY'S iJANtb SERVldE
and TOVE
siz£ s  .of    tra rtors
many special, machines to
handle    aceage     to     garden
I   Atfxiliari'
15th.   Doof
plots and lawns.
The best w
1WISH  to thank my  friend*;
in Selma  Park   and. Scene!
r their kind..expressions pj:
mpathy   during   my   recen
;rta'vement.    Spe.'ial    thankt.
Drs.   Burtnick   and   Swan
ho were so kind.j Thanks al
" to  burses  and jst'aff of $t.'
ary's. Hospital. J
'—rMrs. Georg^j.- E. Rustbn
Plowing[   Disking,; Cultiv:
LighT Biad; Warjk  and
ay ts prepare
Mrs. F. E. OolmpbeH
Selma Parte, on bus stop
Phone 88»-*?778
Eventrigs by appointment
soil ■
WISH    to    thatiik
friends who sen.
tiwers during  mj
'S3.' —E
.insula from Babv
Mowing1    I ay
Have "your
renjeiving '•
ahd; mowc
then powei
izedj To hjave
yoii i-need*
Rakilng   Lawn:
lawi  rei|ewe<
t ns
sw^j'pt and  f
a   good
service' at
1  by
all'  m;
cards an$
.recent ill
the   Pen
\    5096-9
twice   a
^OUR  scrap   metrfl   is   \|Jdrth
cash     at7   Simpkins   ^filace.
I hone 885-2132.
Under and by virtuii of a
1 Varrant of Execution issued
out of the above Coutt, and
to me- directed, I have seized
ihe  Tjfollo^i'ing     D©ej>'\"".freeze.
))roperty/bf the  above-named
1.17   cu7. ft.   Upright   Zero
\ce Deep-Breeze.
And on Friday, February
4th, 1964, at 1:00 p.m.. I will
)ffer for sale, by Public Auc-
ion. at Benner Bros.. Sech-
:lt, B.C., all the Tight, title
md interest of the said De-
endants in the above *Deep
•"reeze, \yhich may be inspec-
ed prior to sale at thc given
Terms of Sale: Casfi plus
Social Services Tax.
Dated   at_   Vancoyvei
his 6th day" of February
E. W.
5094—Pub.   Feb.   l:
 , , i__—
In Your Garden
"tjOME   for   beautihil
German - • Shephird>
One    year7old[    Good"
children.  A.  Simpkins.
■ 1
;.'■;      fOR   RENT
■J-   :
by The Old Rak«
STONE FRUITS such as Peach,/Cherry and Plum cdrj all be
safely pruned at this time|. One often hears that, certain trees, should neveribe prunfed but you only have to look
arjound you ond obsferye some of'the l.arge fruit trejes that
have; beep left to their own I -
resources: to s^e what.- a| tang
led mess resulfts. As wi^h ^other Nfrtiit   trees!   and   perhaps
IRIEFCASE. night lof Jajtti./26
at Earl's Cove. Rfward. IPh.
835-4^78.   .   . I
JURNISHED  suites lib
I'ark.   Ph,.   885-9542. 7\
WELL-BUliiT. 2. BR split-level home vvith 1 basement,
fireplace, * skeambath. Befauti-
itil waterfrontr lot witli float.
?hone 883-2352, Pehd^r parlour. : 1j5169-9
Office: 885-2065, or
Eves: E. Surtees 885-9393
7    G, E-King, 885-2066
^3ox 63    * v Sechent.ijB.C.
sides  making it  productive.
PeachTrSes are: easily. pnknT
ed if one bears in mind tha,
they fruit on\la:st.| year's wood,
that is thel wocid tliat was
formed»Jast year. This doe;
not necessarily | meiin nev;
•branches, but includes", short
new spurs borne ion o d vyooc.
As the fruit buds ^ppeajr ii
clusters' of three \vjiile .th*
leaf buds are Tin two :t makes"
it  easy- to knojwt what  wood t >
leave   and   what   to 'remove.
Peaches are often: growi
close up -to tne houss, whil;
this providesTshelter apd~war-
mth it also makes it difficul;
to spray them propecly. An
other bad feature of this ir
that the' roots ^often suffei
from excessive drynes:; which
results in ai prematui-eM fruil
drop. Thinning the fiuit before it g>ts too large \rii\ pay
dividend; bom in size of the
individual fruits, and in the
Overall weife-M of the  :-rop.
Cherries arie ode ef the tiree:
thajt   are   cjftcjn,   left   1o
own resources. While Inatulj
ly   a    more   open   treje   than
most, it needs some attention
x , ,. .„ to    keep   it    within    bounds.
T^V116    f lhe  PnTary     Long   bare-branches   can   be
tSeC,tv° inPntn!lf iVt   V?l  shortened  to  where  tie  fruit
the   tre>   in   good   shape,   be^, fauds appear> thig ^ help tQ
prompte more fruit bids and
to have them where they can
be   picked.
Plti'ms,    while    the;,*    don't
make long growths like Cher
ries often get to be a
twiggy!    mess.
ng the
ving all'
to fruit-
; requir-
tree   open   and   remov
water    shoots    and
long   branches   back
ing wood is all that i);
To get the best resitlts fronT
fruit trees, they have to be
fed. This is a simple matter
if tiie soil can be cultivated
arbund them, but as most of
them in home gardens- are
planted in a lawn i, is necessary to punch holi :s as far'
out as the branches reach and
fill them with a m xture *of
sand and complete fertilizer.
About ten pounds of fertilizer
for each mature tree A clean
up spray ofi lime sulphur at
the nine |o >one strength
should be giyen after pruning on a dryi still (fay when
is not freezing.
7  8. radio;
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Adjacent to Earl's Gove Ferry terminal on Sunshine
Coast Highway. Beautiful view ofJervis Inlet. Excellent fishing: and boating. Good site for motel and boat
10% down. Easy terms on balance; Discount for cash.
0. SI
Modeira Park, B.C. — Phone 883-2233 'isfeiirnMi'iiiFum ���a>ainiiirt>��iS"fci'"iijiTfei:"f"��i "��� !"!"���" �������� iif"wi~M_i"j;1^'.."^...._..-. 7 .   ^  -^..7:     .-" ->-..-.--��  P " "..--'."."."       .-^"   : -   * 7- " "I s 1  W '���'������, '!'V "V"  v.yv. i"  ��� i 11 ii  in*'*-*'"  S  </  The Sechelt Peninsula Times,-Wed., Feb. 12, 1964 Page 3  Kitchen topers   ���'.    ,  "ter they were de," "fiats s- They  tasted -as good as. fye��h cnions  fried at the same) time. The  thawed onions io4k~{z little  transparent but thii is' not "no-       ticeable   when   they   art:  mix-.  " - ����� -.1- . ed with other vegetables arii  : -; : 4 - "���By. Jane Drury'dressmg in a" salad; -Now the  Tnrr j~ r> l. c a '- t�� . *t - 1 it buiv homemaker <S*n: prepare"  THE Canada Dept. of Agriculture suggests that we should eneu^hj onions for her supper  drink more milk���eat more butter end cheese, drink dishes I and S3.l3ds7~asd then  more apple and tomato juice, ���eat more apples ond more freeze ithem for ai month sr  potatoes; The Home Economists at Ottawa come up wixn rrtcre. this is-a saving of time              g^g    j-gef^es    Jq      _        *~st  :..:?��  Guides meet  GUIDE Commissioner Agnes Labpnte, left, of Gibsons chats  with Texado Guide Commissioner Vera Liebich, on a  recent visit to Texada, �����      r  :   i -   - - -  ^At Sechelt ...  ��e Leaguer  owsom scores  /*  By Ere Moserip"*.  OUR  junior bowlers  ore doing  exceptionally well.  Jack  Goeson in the high-Sechelt is shooting for hi is 11th  star. Gary~Lawson in the pee wee league come up with a  big 253 this week.  PEN CQMM    -  Jack Wilson 720 (297). Eve  Moserip 696 (258). Andy Leslie 701 (276), Lawrence Cru-  cil - 698. Dick Clayton 08O  (277). -  LADIES  WED.  Bronnie    "Wilson    614,    Nan-  Reeves 251.. ~  HI SCHOOL  Judy Hanford 310 (189).  Jack Goeson 372 (200).  BALL AND CHAIN  Roger <HcckneII    797    (289.  301),  Wes  Bysledf 60S,  Mary-  Flay 615. Red" Robinson 624.  r  PEE WEES  260; Eleanor^Carter 269, Mabel *     Gary- Lawson 382 (253), Rita  McDermid  253. ' Ono "265, Wendy Bystedt 143.  TEN PINS  D. Caldwell 535 (206), F.  Jorgenson 511, D. Clayton 568  (201). P. Paulsen 528, B. Ono  5If), S. McKenzie 200.  SPORTS CLUB  Lil Butler 686. Orv Moserip  766 (294). Jean Eldred 271.  Hazel Skytte 261, Red Robinson 321.  PENDER  Roy Dusenbucy 619. Carl"  Reitze 608;/ Bill. Scoular B3I,  Sonny Scoular 619.  LADIES    . -I  Dorothy Smith 669, Jean  Robinson    2'fe'i.    Lil    McCourt  "This Weeks  SPECIAL  1955 DODGE Hardtop  ���-  $595  2 door, V8, 2 Tone Blue, Radio  Phone 8813-9662  OLNIK'S  ERVICE - ;  TATICN  BONDED CAR DEALER:  ROBERTS CREEK  some    very  prove that  many recipes can  be made by " using- the ��above  suggestions,   and- here   are"-ta.  few.     .���*" -   "' . i  -.    - '  Spicy Apple Chiffon Pie        1  Pastry for 9-incfa pie- sheE.;  baked. 1 thsp. gelatine." *.�� aip  cold water, 2 tbsps. sugar, ft  tsp. salt. 4* tsp. cinnamon, |t  tsp. nutmeg OR cloves. 2 egg  : yolks, Xi cup milk, Ih- cups  sweetened apple sauce, few-  drops -red food,- coloring. '2.  egg whites, *-i cup sugar.  Method; Soak gelatine" in coki  water for five minutes. Mix  the 2; tbsps. sugar, salt arid  spices in top of double-boiler. Stir in combined egg-yolks  and milk. Cook over hot water, stirring' constantly until  custard coats a metal spobrL  Add soaked gelatine and stir  until dissolved. Stir in apple  sauce and s-fSw~ drops of red  food' coloring. Chill until mixture is almost set. Make a  meringue of "egg whites arid-  remaining sugar.- Fold into apple mixture and pour into  baked _ pie shell. Chill until,  firm.   Decorate  with "whipped  cresn    is   ��fps��re*i- |,  Fluffy "Apple  Pie f  Pastry- for 9-inch  pie shei  . 5 cups shredded or chopped  apples. 1 to 2 tbsps. lemon  juice.   3   tbsps.   chopped   nuts  rjoptlsnal),   I   tsp.   grated   le-  - mon rind. rs cup sugar. 3 egg  whites. 6 tsbsps. sugar. Method: Line pie plate'with pastry' and bake in hot oven fdr  10   minutes.   Sprinkle* apples  . with lemon juice=" and add  nutsT Mix lemon rind with the  *s cup sugar and stir into  apples.. Beat egg whites until  stiff, but not dry. Gradually  beat in remaining sugar. Fold  meringue carefully into apple mixture and pile into partially baked pie shelL Bake in.  a moderate oven, until-: apples  are tender, 30 tb 35 rhinutei.  A 350 deg. F- oven is suggested. Serve warm or cold  topped   with   whipped   creard.  Scalloped Eggs and_Peas I  Delicious supper dish. 6  hard cooked eggs. 1 can peas.  drained; U cup butter. H cup.  flour, hz tsp. salt. IVs cups  milk. 1 cup shredded, medium  -cheddar cheese. 3 tbsps. bread  crumbs, 3~ tbsps. grated, medium cheddar cheese. Cut eggs  in half lengthwise and sprinkle cut side with -sal* Plac*  peas in bottom greased, shallow-baking dish. Arrange egg  halves cur side dowh bv peas,"  Make a cream sauce wius butter, flou.. salt and milk- Add  the one cup of cheese and  stir until melted. Pour sauce  over top of eggs and peai._  Combine bread crumbs and  grated cheese and sprinkle"  over top. Bake in 350 deg. FL  - oven-until thoroughly heated-  20 td 25 minutes. 4 to 6 ser^  vings. -*j  Easy Beef Pie  -1 cup���e^epped onion. 2 tbsps.- butteri 1 lb. ground beef,.  1 tsp. salt. I can (20 oz.) green  beans, - drained. 1 can (14 ozj  whole kernel corn, drained. I  can   (IQ    oz.)    Tomato   Soupl  ���Saute" onions in "butter until  transparent but^not brown, a-  bout   5    minuted-. Cook    meat-  *tmtiI_fc>row'n.  5 to  8  minutes;  zdd remaining: ingredients.  Sfix well and heat. Pour into  6-cup casserole and top with  biscuits, bake in a hot o%er.  (425 deg. F.) f��- 20 to-25 minutes. 6 servaigs. LTse this  TOPPING   for- rite   Beef   Pie.  1 cup sifted ali-purposlfc flourt  2 tsps. "caking powder, ri. tsp.  celery salt, 3 tbsps. shortening. 1. egg beaten." *-* cup  milk. Mix and sift flour, baiting powder and celery salt.  Cut in shortening until mixture resembles ; fine bread  crumbs. Make a "well, pour in  egg and miikl and mix quickly   to   make   a   soft   but   not  airier |thsn money since onions sti.re well and. are available- the year round et moderate price*, j   ,|  It h\expected Jh|-re:w^I be  large iupp!ies<rcj (urkey. and  brcilerj chicked available~this  year. -\ --    ^i  !    -.  \  -C^v^i-^Ti*   .  ��� k . * iS f/,,z}X .1V.-* ;���    '  fc"�� 1��    "^kft   ���ai''.      'at    I "i_ *S     ���    ���(,  ^ n �����*��* 4 ���*���'/, a V's-*" s.     * " �� *  - ,  -v; -4 <":>*-.    S '\'     ,    ��  sticky dough. Toss on a light-        .''*���'��� *$vXl<. C * a"  ly     floured     board,     quickly'   ' -t ��� 54t��,V^.*/".7/-,i  board,     quickly  ball   and "knead-  ly     noureci     tjoarc.     quicKly -f: ���*'f;*,,.5 ti   ...���--,"������ -���-  fcrm   into  a   bail   and "knead- X*,'*$-; %';- -'-,}-'���-���'   *,���"'"  4 or-5'times by pressing and i '..{   ifX.* *i  "'���;���"?' ��   ���  folding dough.  Roll outJo_a-_ : ;. ���v*t-|v'>'\ f. XXy-j'    '  bout   *i-inch   thickness.   Cut /- '    'Jt-A. X>'-'"    t  j '*?  into    2li    inch    rounds "and  place on top of�� casserole.  Freezing r Onions  "Yes. you -can freeze aniens'  says the���XTonsumer Section.  Dept. of Agriculture in- Ot-  tawal Their home economiits  fzxxze scose irai lasted, them,  for flavor ar_d texture. Chopped raw onions were packed  in. plastic bags and put in the  freezer for several weefcs.  -When these were-fried in but-  "     ������ ���*^5 -*���   1   *���  h i.M&$  < A-i  <[*J.  ,-'<��� I  'if.  <'^  Time off  CAPTAlN-Jc4Hfc^scf Gxb-  sons^ one cf the ytHjngest  feeding tawtxsat meters of  the   BC   CcostJ tckes   c  -srvxrre in the. sun7   ���  ANMOUMCEMENT  SIDNET EDWARDS, Dental Mechanic  "Wishes  to chnounce  the opening  of c-r, cff��ce  ct  COWRIE STREET, SECHELT,  in the premises of H. B. Gordon & Kenneft lid.  .  -_z ;       Phone 885-2013  Mondays Only.  ���' * " **-'*   1 if    ���  fU'lB"-  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  PATE PAD  ji, **-j  Ui ',  1 i ii ii-iiiiifi-  r  ^m��  ��� Tha .{tee-*crr.in��er cf ccmi-15 i*en**. Is c tervice cf  SECHELT AGENOES" LTD. . Fhc���� Sedr^ir Ferrnc-,-c  Teres d*ect fcr- free bsf.r^ nxziTying "Cere. Fee: .  P!ecse rMte tr<c? spece *s--?irrr,rei OiTcLsco-.e ccfvc"4e <fe*es  rncy bc.e t= weir-their turn; "cssi thef This ss c "rer- ncer"  "l:sr.rsc-c<ily end ccrnct cl*cys czrry  hj'i CztqiIs.  Fee.  13���Secret ^graea*;-. PTA42 pr. ccT!..?y rvzr  .<;.i  "���:  -n.egu:cr nenr*,-!  :'s Denes..   Escft.'-itcce    ^  ���  cr-- " 45 C|,"<w;;c^  P<*>-  Feb   I  ICHELT AGENCIES LTD.  iPltone 88S-2I61  5���-Cc��- C?-fc Dcr-ce, Lec:cr:Kc::, dixcr-sl     1  *-^-Sccc*t Lecctt tjjtetir-g, h��rrse C-" Frcnk *4~~*ttc*-  FTA Fcr--.:, U,ght^ Sccre-t S&cti  ?Hc-F,  7..3C ?.!-..  ,^���,.,5,, .,...,.,   .,.y���H .,....���. f*  * "J'*? :-!^-K***-^'JM��'.-*';7  ^*l^*aw  ���w >   , ,  ' i 3'..  Sechelt Peninsu UitJitHe^  171  The Time Has Con  CONGRATULATIONS- to the  To  I -  Talk of Many  Wednesjday,  e Cuttoiiii' Inartifig  B.C. Telephone    month���the  bi I ities to the comn  something about it.  Now, the:next  \vhp will  be ask&d  mqnthty rentals to  facilities and maintenance/(No businesd  could fail to benefiff from an overall .monthly- in-   bouk then lUadeira Park  *-.**,* ".��, *ct i\C\~.��*^-* /"'���"IL..-.��� *i ft-**-* "tie  _���__ c** ��� t_^i*.':_.. r* /"��������    'if���t^.r���.t-,^���.~   ���!��������  an met ease  in   ,are-3  to-' agree to  cover the cost of iricreasjbd    thfeti  crease 6i 90c for Gi|sons and $1,75 for & chelt in  return for ffee calling. On residential phomrs in the  Gibsons area the increase amounts to 15c-25c a  month���the price of one outside gall.. In the  Seehelt area the increase ranges from 3(jc-70c a  y  s; cf Shoes  Februarj  Company for ttieir prompt <md constructive    who  action \b the Times editorial concerning 1 he w re  curtain which is restricting cotnrlunicati)ns aid    wou  therefore progress i:v the area. TH ere is-a private   .tow;  company that appaiently recognises its rssponsi-    sibh  unity and is preparer! to do ^t tt e cost c f rental only  There is only.one flaw in tlji  iiojve is up tri the subscribers t Penticr Harbour and Egmont are  dbesn'i make at leasLtwo toll  If there, is anybody who do^jsnl, surely ho  d bc willing to  trds the progress of the area.  he-would use the service if il  this  pro!  toll  arei  rating/there is no  12, 1��64  too. If  Ships, Seating Wax, Ca <bagcj. Kings  price of two joll calls  this line is to go as fa  B.C. telephone should take  so we c an all progress togethej-  ��krms_�� o-opcrativcly without  charge on every call outside  0ther & many things  )mim%OM��  by Ambrose Hill  -.:.������. -x jWO KINDS OF  MONEY  THERE is an old saying that  Y  "/ may be wrong,  but I shall not bv so wrong  as-to fail to say  fM  a month. And  calls a month?  )oay wno ao< >ni, sufciy "***     . l - r.    ��� ,   ���  contribute 15|J-70c ^ month-A^llEA^R^ ^jol^n-^  It's even pos  what / believe to be right." ill takes   rnoncy   to j mak?  ���John Atkins money ^ That is partly true; it  takes money and a willingness  jo risk it. and to work like old  Ned! to makei) worth the risk.  ��99 A friend of mine just started a  business in one of Manitoba's  best small towns. It was a  dream he had nursed along for  many-years.  Here  is how he  ee^lMt  tin id  (The Clip Sheet>  I  a  thoroughly] practical  P"1' finally made it come; true.  .. ,.    son,   a   leading   businessman     . ,f  were available ^ase range of interests and    ,He   worked   in   the   same  activities extends far. beyond establishment I worked in when  is whole plan, his own shop and his own inj-weWere  young  fci*ows.   Wo  �� ^ f*h SST& ^atf"^olf*? *"*���:*��� ���*- >-���  as Wood Bay, do # j ^ere Finance Minister His salary wa*J about the same  there are only abbutjsix npnr. ipductive miles of  Canada."   At  first  glance as mine. Bui he handled his  phone    befcre a concentrated population at Bargain Har- his thoughts may-seem an pv- money differently  .,_. <_      . l      ii.j -j. n i. ' >r-��iimnlification of verv com- . ..'    .���  He and his wife agreed that  {THE violent reaction from teachers concerning itself, and once a teacher has put ir  Horvath's remarks about being unable togef ycai probationary period and been  rid of Old teachers to hire new ones is startling, mar ent sta'f, any teacher knbws  jjSihce the teaching professiort-is m* de up o: human schcol trustee, that the only thinj;  beings, teachers rarge from dedicated, i nselfish ��� boai d or ta (-payers can do when a  i exam pies down through various stages of exctjl- cut the mustard is waft for him  lencc to .mediocrity, jto those who would be bet(0r . nuaied at tl e end of 20 years or v*>  * 7 "���   it's a i inch he cannot be fired  grading within the profession  flfS OFF! Bft  npnelcrs   are   Invited  Bouquets for Good] Deed i  to   suggest   Incidents*  for  recog-  "News.  nt'tion   In   this -polmifn.   Phone- or   write ^Th,  The volunteer Fliema^i is a rugged irtaiviuualisjtj a  dedicated unpaid 'comnunily  servant  who gives everything while takjrig no hing. A rare breed in jtbis self-,,  seeking age <pf our*.. 7   '.  On numerous occasions he is called from his dinner  table, bed. business, p easure or relaxation time.  .       ' I       ��� !  He spends hours j in  training, checking hs  trucjks  and equipment./nafclriij inspections Or doing otter thirigs  I to make his home'area a-safer place.  . Meka man who has pledged himself to piotect the  lives and properties of  also   saving   them   thousands   of   dollars   in  salaries) afid seeks no  of a job well done.   1  er-simplification of ^ery com  mother look at ^S. . e_^SS_sd "In   getting they   would   .spend   a  certain  and tackle our things   (jbne,    and    in   these amount out of each cheque, ahd  the  barrier of times   of   multifarious   royal the rest would go into a savings  our immediate commissions  and�� conferencesi acc^unj ,Each time tftie account  r -mainly   debating, it  Seems,,;     s big;enoufih to b!iy a block  division    of    the    taxpayers   ,"B>        b     --���      ,  ,'  - money,  rather  than  how  t4-of ?hares m somc ��ood co,m*  ,   .save   him   some���-it   has   the par|y.  {they   would  make   the  vir|ue of the" direct approach, purchase.  his one or two   3if  I  were  finance   minis-     This nuiy not sound too dif��  placed on per- ter," he writes, "I would call fercm to >3me Df you; but to  as well as anv a ���ec*ins of h5ads oi  busl; most of us on the staff at that  . *, ness,  unions  and  government  parents school departments and i rould say> organization, it was a new eon-  teacher fails to gentleman, I am tired Of hear- ccpf. For this chap odd his  o^-be superan- ig.about taxes being too high, wife $>ent their "spending"  untarily resign. I am going to cut them. Not money, much .more freely than  ] advised to do something'else  ��� However, there is no-need for this last ^rotib   sign beca^is c. there is a better tejit her to be had. som<; cases,  to'do something else. Since teachers oppr^c merit    An<i a-person docs not even have|to be a trustee to     ���For th-g  Mr  Businessman  or asked to rfcTtwo 0r three .P^rcenl-  bul  25 ihe rest of us. They were often  or asked to re   ^^     Jtosmbly    mope    m broke ^^ p;ty.day But they  seemed   to  enjoy   their   spend*  real re this' "I "     r    -���"-*���������  ~r A'"i,i1' inrgi They had. as it secm'ed, a  '*-"��� "�� in,;>- . I   want   lower   prices.   From ,   ,. ,        ... .  If leathers feel so /strongly about this why you. Mr. Union. Leader, I want fedm8 of c��nf,dencc because  dont they discipline their own'rinks. Why not the heat off wages. From Mr.Lthey never ever dreamed of  lool into nerit rating? What happened to the Government Department touching that part of their  pilo plan instituted at Cranbrcoc several years ?ead- I want, more efficiency cheque which was NOT spendf  ���aco'' m   mnm*}��   yo"^aHa��rs;   we ing money. r, was i��� the bank,  "��" can get along wjth fewer gov-      . .     _...   4    ernmeHt   etr^loyees,   so   skug or m stock ccrt,f,cates-  ARE THE] WOiyiEN IN THIS AREA not iri- up   as  people  die,   quit,   are     True, there were shows they  terested in such things as active support of pensioned-"or discharged for didn't go to, things they couldn't  worthwhile community projects,  ?aikicipation in <?ause- - do..  7, once that spending  muricipal, provincial and federal affairs, working ��� "Reduced taxes will give money had���been dissipated,  for higher standards in service ii business, in. employer at^ employee more But the "saving" money was  du4y..pr4.e��^ .  firemen's  rcwajrij save lire warm sjitisfaction  ,-f  itc Messages  , IT IS easy to Jive ir  and trust whli^ the  Most people are bothered by  those passage? of Scrip are they  dp not understand; but . . . the  passages that bother me are tho^ei  I do understand". ��� Mark Twain  an atmosphere of self sufficiency  body is vibrant wit�� ,hea th', when  our job and pay are lecure and when we are sirrounded  by family and) friends. How apt we are to.-^feel, under  these condition's, thatjlife is quite complete withe ut Divine  intervention and partnership.  But suddenly thb props on which we have  life may bc removdij, then we need faith in  who has promised^iiBt He Vvill always be wit!  on this faitlvand love that wefcan fashion a nev life out  *i .   :. .       .   I   ..  . - ...  Secljielt Peninsula into an effective organization, maintain gove  How can this be? (if necessary)  Reduced     taxes  and trainSrib women for leadershtjL^nd responsi- ness"volumb"and perhaps "pro  I am quite sure that many of  bilitly;   establishing   scholarships, [bursaries   and vide as much revenue at "the us from that original group of  awards to iissist girl students to Obtilin advanced previous   higher  rates  on   les- young  employees  have   earned  trail itng-anil improving the status of Ivomen? ���*     !er-   volume.   With   more   ef- morc ?ash ovcr thc y,.^ lrian  Apparent^ such  is the case. IReprejenta- J^���* ^J^���������}^ at this couple. They, howiver, ac-  ..    j    iVf r>    ��� . t.   c     ������!�����;-    ��   possible reduction in the cost ,     , ,:  tives of thd  Business and Professional Women s 0f jls supplies, "we should be cumulated more than any of us,  .   , Club received a disheartening response to their able   (with   fe|ver.  dollars   of*"*'0 a P����l  ��-'"h which  they  his friends and^neighbours (while    atte npt   to! organize   the'  intelligsnt   Wqmenf of liigher   purchasing   power)   to coiild   actually   do' something  X I  of the sorrov  ' appointments  There is  grey unin'.ere  s and tlrials, thel discouragements  that may overtak^ Us. -  th  v% '  at may  e faitp  that mShy of us need t<j> face th  built-our  a Father  us. It is  ernment, services they really wanted to do. And  y> ;a*t their former B,.,hc ^tme (i        they seemed  level. One government expen- .        . ,- L  diture that would be reduced '��  tfn,oy   s*'sndlnS  more   than  SEI]MA PARK RESIDENTS seeijn tQ have justifi- with   higher   employment    is mPsl  of   Us  tlul-  because  the  cation for being slightly perturbed when they Payments   out "of   the   unem- money 7they   did   spend   was  werb cut off from power last wee!; for a couple of -Plpyment insurance fund. meant fir that,  hours.. Most claim they did not 1 now of the im-    "Lower   costs   and    prices     s0 one  small  town  has  a  pen ling cuioff, although the B.C. Hydro manager enabl^us���???*1 rT"*' W��Uld mighly fine new busi"ess- which  at Sjchelt c id post a little notice iti the post office, f^3 and"to ��compe\e T^better has added a n**mbcr of young  -Per laps he overlooked the fact Lhat not every- advantage  . against     imports people to the ranks^ of the gain^.  one goes t> the-post office every day, and that Current   earnings   as   well   as fully employed: and one mid-  tho:e who  io go, go to get their nail (>r_djb busi- Past savings would have grea- die-aged couple1 has a business  hes.'   with Ihe- post office, and net tcTseiirch for j*!r P^^asing power, a dou- they've alwaysedreamed of hav-  notices anc news items which the-expectlo find     f Sai^ ;ngt in a tow^rhey have al-  in their local newspaper. The B.'r. ^iSctric had th/f^���en'    W��� fi"   tr?f ways admired.  .    . * t Lf       r .- j ., this for one year. If it doesn t  a hgh resrect for public relations, and they saw work because you  won't  co-     V you would like to do the  to l  that tl eir customers were adequately notified operate, then we will put tax- same tvind  of  thing,  classify  of planned lower cut-offs. But as a crown corpora- es right-back where they are your money-���a set amount for  tfon|, B.C. [Hydro seems to be going the way of now,.maybe even higher. The spending, a set amOunt for sav-  moi t  damned.  and dis-  Jesus ssr ,  seed '. . ," rf  moment, enotigh hope^for. th  |ove ito often  the resources  trust and in a  f musiard  we have just erjough f^ith for the pre:":nt  igh  ave-  ceritre our tho  twedfuf to mak  Inarmony with  ighfe ujion God,  v  : each day \a~ day lived in  he .purpose! of Cbd.  V  ience" the:  the thing  plish that  ���ting days, and to "run with pa  race that is set before us" wifih the belief that  which We are doing in His. ?<lame shall accom  which He pil-poses. The lilt  chapter of Hebrews is a  recorji of thej faithful who ploided on day by day. faith-,  fully doing ileir best, but vitfo never saw the final juh-  folding of thefir workjn the J) irposes of God.  'If ye have f lith as i grain o  next minute and eno  -.< -  MISS -Ht-.Ei CAMPBELL  'ilson Creek U hit  :V-    \  rnment   operations:  the    public    be reason ior our Present dilem-  d Church  ^tna   lies   largely   in   the .fact ing"   And  ncver *&'   ^ ?wo  that a dollar won't do as much k,nds of money mixed up.  for people as it once did, be-"  m ���-. ..   j-,- _.-   .      cause . people    won't    do    as ���*���*?���-��������������������*���������  IgammOIEI jBHOllgllgS much   for  a   dollar   as   they  once did. The solution, to me,   SecHIXT PeNmSULA^����5  by  "OUR-fiGOD POLICEMEN"  MOptE time; than not I'm thankful fbr  of our land ... for the irtost p  and qi ick to lend a  hand  right's and sie to it  and I, For one, would miss them  not around' . . . it's true there have  the>  the; ve been! few and far betweep .  1   say . . .   [  /avc irs I des re  ^peojle. 1 aimire  mo'e> . .-and   keeps'   them  safe  fr  they can answer bravely when  alarm.  'HliiJ.1 ��� ,1 !!������������   Iff* I || I HM.IIjll'lHB g."��*  ..-J. \t<  Ben Burroughs is obvious."  Impossible,   impractical   id^  eas?  Weil, the late President  . policemen Kennedy   proposed an  arbiti-  irt they are good rary $11.1 biliibn-cut in busi*-  they guard  our nesst and personal incorhe tax-  that folks 4e safe (and sound es-  In sp^oifi: cases, cuts in  . . .if they were ,tax rates' haws multiplies..voir  - ume   an<f acually   increased  been times when revenuesf.70u   author ''of  the  stayed   from   the   nghte^us   way ... but Glassco  report  estimates that  Pm sure of what Ottawa     alone     could"1-save  do notr^write this versj* because ... of $300-$450   million  a  year  by  . I, write it to givelcreait to' ... the eli^ih^ing   departmental   in-  t ~^., r-~* L-a '   .u ��� efficiencies   and   waste.  I pray God ; puides their every ���   ,             ���                     .  ^��  i,,m          c��� Perhaps   a   lot   more   bUsi-  om narm . . . so g^^gn   should   ^   writing  someone sounds the and   circulating   a   "What   I  ^, would do" memo.  i ...  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P, B.AnrJerson logging comp (ocomo-    undemocratic    and   npen   jtcr  ^   - tive. First used in Bargain Harbour area, 1912. Then    question. - - f  Cf Hastings Sawmilf site  and finatly-at Egmont, 1916. L."      A   jJ2Pb? t ^^S'^S  to R. dumpman,'enginee'r and Mr. Martin Warnock. fdEShed by -'pahlSy-efttt-  -���Photo presented, 1958, by Mr. Warnock    ed board.    " "    7|  '���      - " '"."������'-'.. I think these questions are  ffwi-ww^ww^^ uppermost   Li   the   minds fof  most Penninsula taxpayers f Sc  w&ild invite comment.      '{'.  J~A public hospital should riot"  have to operate under a private hospital society. f -  THOMAS   R.   ADAMS  The READERS RIGHT  The Times v��eIcornes cpinicns from recders.  but does net necessarily bgree.:mth these expressfecf.  Brevity is a virtue which should not be" overlocked.-  All I'cttcrt must be signed by tfae writer.-olthough a pen-name  mar be used for publication.  Condemn trustees  Editor, The Times .    )   ---  Sir���I note thaif ybu have  commended some of the trustees and representatives-of^fne  "school board for their sense  of responsibility in ?not ap-  proy-ing the budget, until they  have read-it.        : -      ,  I would like to condemn  some of them for their well  developed sense of irresponsibility. ' 7  f  Accorditig to your reports,  Mr. . Horvath, a newcomer.: to  the board, described the occupational -"-program as a - disgrace and charged that the  studerits are only learning1 to  kill time. Would it be asking  too much of Mr. Horvath to  substantiate  these  charges or  else   apologize  ta  those   concerned?  Second, Mr. Horvath expres-"  ses his .desire'-"to .get rid of  some teachers.. Mr. Horvath  should name them, or resign.  Remarks byr others at the  meeting to the effect that:  "teachers art* in it for money,  not love:** 'they've got the  strongest union in Canada",-  *T can see why they're opposed  to  merit rating  having  Mad magazine?  \  Editor The Times |  Sir���Ycur paper is so' fanny I'm cancelling my^ subscription to Mad- magazine.  - Are you reiillv Joss Danfev:  or are you AJft-sd El Trxeuinhn  in   disguise-*--     - -   . *  : .-    _   M  J. B. |  Sick in mmd?  Editor; The Times J  Sir���I see by reading that  oapecrwords to the effect that  anyone   who  Mrs, JeanjMobart . . ��   .1 - -    -   ���  B.C. Memoriaf Society  holds meeting in P.R.  JEAM MOHARTV ccccrr.pcnied by:Vcnccuver u-idertcter  Dcuglcs Fcrmpn, outlined the! fM.nct��2n'cf the Mem-  crial society cf B.C. ct a meeting in Powelf Ri-.er.-  Speaking to members of the Unitarian Church social  committee, Mrs, Mchcrt said the Society Is} in effect, a  co-operative- "��� ^*as      nie^ibers    ��� '������~ : ���~z 1���  nana togetner in a common  caiise."  - Title of h'er speech wss the  -High   Cost   ot-Dying-"   -Our  society is an education, promotional agency throafh  ���which people car. reach tneir  ownr-conclusions," she ssid. -  "It is a revolt against established    practice.    We    -want  ciety.jis ht-fed ��-.*.. c^i -'.he presence :of the -refnair,^  "-- Mrs.   Me hart   ;-'d   -he   well."  attended*"   meeting    y.si    services Jare   held   in   the .hometown bf tne deeeai-c-o althoui:h  the- body 15 L-ite.-T'-d  in "\*"an--  COU3.-ET.  "Our cnly prcr k ���  ���Acjsn.  people- to think in a practical.  - the body i<r :r. out^yir.g are^s  -sane manner about death."        - and   recuire   ar.d   immediate  The aim of "the B.C ilem-  nicxu  In   most   zzses  lool-  \y-atched somer don't indicate.  me"nt ^-ilh -that, editor* is sfcfc  facts  as  mucn as  they  indicate   hostility.   Of . what   use  John Hind-Smith  eingaraiion  PORT MELLON  TO PENDER HARBOUR  -Phone 886-2231  from-9 a.m.'to 5:30 p.m.  Res. 886-9949  are hostile people within a  group that ought to be working, together?  The board finds-ot difficult  to. recruit new teachers for  this district. Imagine how:,  much more, .difficult it will  be if a report rsuch as this  falls into 1 the _harids ofl pros^  pective teachers. _  - W- PEERS  Public Hospital?  Editor. -The. Times  Sir���;Is the new hospital in  Sechelt going to be a public  hospital? )  Are the taxpayers going-to  have any  part in" its control?.  Control," at present, is vest-  in mind.- What qualifications  has he" to diagnose the community's mental ilinessf other  than it takes one to know ode?  .    DOX MacGOXIGAL  orial Society is to provide in- _morticians make this  pick up  expensive -burial   and.  funeral ar.d then place t:-*_������fe^dy- in x  servicef.   The  funeral" .service, mortuary,   anier "f   c-3-jper5*.-  in cases  arranged  by the -so- ive scheme;     -           r  Fish story  ONE still evening last summer .Vic strolled' on the  wharf, where a Dominion  government - h y d r ographic  sun,-ey_ boat was moored. He_  got acquainted and went al>~  oard. Later they turned.Taii a  powerful searchlight. andr  pointed. it at the water.     j  A  number of other people  Talked   on   with   fasrihatioh.  They   saw   a   salmon   go   by.-  Cod,    grilse,    flat   "fish    and  , ,-    .     ,      .     , -  . ,. schools of small frv went. bv.  ed in the-hands of a v^ry lip-    slov  movin& ��� erf.lifce   laap-  ited group, not resppnsiple to    revs appeared. - i  the taxpayers. *��.-,--       ' -   *     ~   ..  ���.  Dictation   of   policv*' by   a       \ ^Lce cs^aal^- Suddenly   Il " ' ���     a   lamprey  flashed  over  and.  *&ruck him- amidships7~ There  was a great churning of water, but the lamprey has hooker teeth, and onee clamped  on there is no hope. Sios^j'  the struggle, ended- The two  sank gradually.. out of sight  as the lamprey sucked the  t nourishment out of the ffeh.  Teenagersr Have ycu readT  'Smoke is for Fish*? - f    T  Correspondent for  Sechelt  Peninsula  Time? in   the  Gib sons-Granthams area.  Phone Sechelt ,  885-9654  Taxes will ��o down. Expenditures will rise. Xo wonder the schools have to teach  new  mathematics; |  CLMKE SIMPKINS INVITES YOU  Tot See The  4-WHEEL  DRIVE  v-��.��       THE VEHICLE THAT GOES  '������r^SS 1 ANYVfHfREl, DOES "   -  �� STATtOH WAGOKS  ��� HAR0T0PS  -   ��� PICKUPS  ��� CRUMMIES  |   b-ti- .-Ci c-nf o ���-<>  I  Terms to* Sort _  from  $2895  Cars and Trucks wanted in trade  :i7Siai LAMD R��VERS   ,  Station Wcgoni, Hard taps,                 ,  .      ^ Jf?^_?."  jPickups, Crummies '. 1 from    j^^3r  S   "- Write. Wire 6*-Jefepli����e Cctteet I 'I-  \ CLARKE SIMPKINS  :999 ICingswey ct VfiatUnr, VsRcaarer  r  rm f-sit i  w.  j;  ,-dr.v  '."'������  n y^sk-w**** *&v��Rs��*rl<rt ^^^Jl '\lM^i&M^.^ in^._^_ j;  ��� ������"I'M1  f  *     * ^^^^��M^d^^^^  this the best  beef   sandwich,"  in  the  legislature J fences  *J.  -i     -a i  c(h*imh  "Surely   w  have   a   hot  he  pleaded  Wednesday.  End of release.  Now isn't, that just something, our Tany finally_ fights  for improver lerits for his peo-  -p>le of the Mackenzie Riding.  That's all wb need Tony, hot  beef^sandwiches on the ferry;  in    heaven    name  iabove!���is  chronic  out member can    would  There   is   no   paint   on   the  nees and the grour ds are a  sh*ambl2s. The entire site mujst  be qui e appalling t> anyone  who i:;- forced to visit this  place, eiltheir to liy away  their   1 oved' ones  or  to . vi?it  a relat ve   who< has   passed  ���By Roy Mestnio n  (Nev'S Release-^���VanqouverStn, Feb. 6, '641  TRAVELLING Tony Gargraye is fee   up with Bacon ar.d  Eggs whfle sailing soujfh across Howe Sourjd and h<f>t  turke*y sandwiches going North.  Gargrave, N.D.P. member for Mackenzie, said le  makes the bovernment terry trip regularly and tfre. merju  isn't too exqiting  could at   least,   a poor state-ef repairf  I   doh'tj  want   to   appear  do for us? U realize this is a  major issue, and the Peninsula can not do without hot  beef   sandwiches,   but   really  .Mr.. Gargrav  q, could you not  complained  but  put your time to better use  than this? fWe need lots of  things here pri the Peninsula,  roads,' industry, improvements too numerous to mention, as for me I'll go without  hot beef - sandwiches, if I  could sec so nething constructive being d'j)ne. How about it  Mr. Gargravb, j What's new?  "Nay McRestman interviews  local resident," Mrs. Timothy  O'Branigan.  Nay���And how- do ,you do  ��m sure, Mrs. O. "B. I see you  use the Sho >per's Bus.  Mrs. Q,  B.���Aye and  it's a  fine day toi you Mr: O'Nay.  \Nay���And what are you do-  irt<|in Sechelt? 7  Mrs. O. Ej.���-Aye, and with  my Sbela'eiKh too, I've come  responsibility it is to ke ip  this- place looking cecent, as  it is n3V*7 it *s quite a heait-  breaking: sight. Pleasej someone, an prowe**?  May Hay is just ahpund the  corner ahd it woulc - be ni ce  to see toe Merchan :s of �� e-  chelt .t-'eti together ard form "a  May Dfay) Committee now, aid  this May D; ty son e-  for   the   peop e   t,o i ife-  make  thing  membdr,  dozen  Let's   not  have just  half  floats this year, let's  like   to   know   who's  ill  pitch in ��nd make tie parade  really sohiething. Haw abcut  Loggers' Sports ifter the  crowning? In the evening F^r-  poise Bay could bs put to  good use for watnr spoits.  Possibly the main street of  Sechelt could be blocked iff  in the later evenin:* and an  outdoor dance held.  Something! of   this   natlre  to protect the rights of wim- would; reallyl help cur touiist  menfolk)-.                       ' trade land   vl/ould   be   terrific  Noy���Fie; and for shame on advertising  ^or all who  ppr-  you   Mrs,   O,   B.,   whalt's   yer, ticipated. iCojne on now, don't  trouble?        \ leave  it  up  to  George,  pi ch  Mrs. O. B.*^-De ye no! under- in ancl make: this a real ba|ig-  stand yer Editor is a foine up* up day.  standing wofnan and a mither Remember, people who hive  of foive is 1 ravin her reputa- nothing   rhore   to--offer- tlah  tion dragged in the ctirt. do ye their  opin'on,  should  keep  it  no  understand  they  call  her to themselves  "Nosy    Nelly."    Big    Hullkih  men sit in  the dark  corners THOT  OF THE WEtAK  drinkin  coffbe*  and   plotin to The  band ithat  lift i  confound I he- efforts, why ye , that cheers\  yonself,  tells  her she  should Should  not be  tjsei to sftift"  be tradih her car in for a  broom. WellJ I'm here to tell  ye, me and the rest of the  wirrtmenfjJk are here to drive  , you and the rest ,������ o ye that  call yerself ifnen, lj>ack to the  woodpile.i     j. !  '"   Nay-Good day Mrs. O.B.  Could feomjeone please tell  me how it is-,! that many smal.l  communities jkieep j their cemeteries so nke and why our  final resting fplace is in such  ���   the  iu  the gears.  Halfmoon Bay news  LORRAINE   Moffat 7 who  attending   school   in   No|rth  Vancouver,,  {spent   I he a we  end with hjeif parentjs, Mr. 4nd  Mrs. $tan Moffatt  and Mrs. Ch��  ive lefjt for Mexico  nth's holiday.  Beauty Salon  Evelyn^ Hayes  Above Post Off lea  Cutting ond Sljylfng  Tpesdoy to Soturpoy 9-5  "Your Stoirwqy To J  Hoir Bcoutv"  Phone 835-9525  taxes,  rles Tiik-  for  There's ilai   little  the P icific whereAtl ere are  no  beggers,'  ploynient,   rjo  crimi,   and  Visiting Mrs. J. \\ Murphy  from Edmoriton is Mrs. ; Sd  munds. Mrs.lKeyes, Mrs, Murphy's mother from Ireland,  who ijias been visiting her will  return to Edmonton with Mrs.  Edmunds for a shoit stay.  Mrs. Helbian has ler dau  ter   and   baby    visiting  from Edmpnton.  island  no   untoi  invites  applications  for a  Teacher  Iniermeiiate, (Shades  8,  or&:  Ht  WN above  Products  64 for a tou  S. Rowlan  C.F.P. Representatives* *' |j ���   ��� ���  are th s group representing Canadian Fofesl  who travel leld to Crofton on Saturday, Ifeb.  r of th4 Mill and Banquet*?From left to rjghl  R. Weston, K. Crosby, J. Mocey and -���  i   B of M report  (fanald^ s economy  tp expand by VO  C/^NADA'S eebnorriy is likely to exparid by at least a tihird  !   by 1970, becojding to the Bank cf Montreal; ,  i   "How socn suph an expansion will get under wqy i:;  difficult to'predict,  sizeable increas^ in  output between now  end  pf  the  cu rent  the B of M review  and the  decade,"  states.  "(An increase on bis scale  mefins adding toi Canada's current output almpst tne equivalent of the ptesent production of Ontario j .. (or) it is  the,equivalent cf Adding each  yeafr  between   row  and  1970  the production c f an  the size of our |)ulip  'er industry. Thi$ is  but it seems reasonpbfe to expect a very  'Canadian  der, but it is well within the  industry  and pap-  i tall or-  realm oil possibility . . .", Mr  Hatt sail'  NOT AUTOMATIC  But the B of M warns that  although signs now indicate  another7;urge of activity, prosperity .-\'ill not "fall into out  laps : . . if we just sit, back  and do nothing."  "Impliiit in the Bank of  Montreal forecast is a continuing policy of aggressive  salesmanship in foreign mar-  kits," tie bank continues^  Noting    Ithe    substantial    for1  crease in the value;of exports  during the past three years,  the review observes that the  recent special sales of grain  did hot account for all of _the  improved export performance,  which was ."extremely en*  couraging." ���  /"The pegging of the Can-  adiarv dollar at a lower value  in terms of other7 currencies  /has' also played its part and  there is growing evidence that  the .efforts of Canadian businessmen to find new markets  can?be successful."  Mr. Hart's Itext continues,  "We have only just begun to  scratch the sulrfaee of! opportunities in foreign, markets  for Canadian  goods.*  Canada should also maintain "a climate receptive to  forbign capital," the B of M  says,    pointing   out    "policies  which    seek    to-   discrour-a^e    ai  inflow of development capital  would seriously hamper our  efforts to achijeve the economic gains projected."  FISCAL DISCIPLINE      ���  The B of M also advocates  discipline in fiscal responsibility, as- an aid in keeping  Canada competitive, in world  markets. ->-J ���  Although tl|ere are important areas whllrre a greater a-  mount'of public funds could  be usefully employed, the  bank says, "|ln the * present  circumstances,: when tax reductions rather than increases  would seem to be more appropriate, it jjeems . . . that  "proposals fori enlarging the  scope of government expenditure ought tb receive very  close scrutiny.?  Productivity of Canadian  industry has been increased  but "much more remains to  be done if we are to achieve  the fullest and most efficient  utilization of our resources,  both human and material , ."  USE     TIMES     CLASSIFIED  FOR QUICK RESULTS  ISALB STARTS FEB. llftttt  Second Pair of Equal -Qualify  (or less) for $14111^  AN OPPORTUNITY TO FIT EVERY  MEMBER OF. THE FAMILY AT GREAT SAVINGS  % DISCOUNT ON ALL REGULAR STOC  at Port Mellon Eleriientary School. i                          '��� H -'  '         \   ��� W                No Charges - No Refunds - No Exchanges If  Apply to the undersigned giving full! porticulors of I         "                I                                                                                 ;.'.*-" g  ^experience c nd jcertificotion anp enclosing copy~of I                          I                     \_                                                                                -   ' '   - _S  '���'���'���:  MRS. XnNE BURNS, Sec|etary-Trea5uieT   ������ i        WW ��� IMMml'F l_r       ll'IIVfc      iillili M                  \  School District hk 46 I                                Sechelt - Phone 885-9519    ."'.-"��� fl  Box 220, Gibsons, B.C... I H  l*iWBf^^ ^^^^^^^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^fa^^^^^^^^**^^*^^^^^^*"^^^" j  .   i                         -   - ���                             . ���      ���           I                                                                           ' ��� '  -   '                  ^ ���         I I                        ^          ������     -     r               . _X*   .;_  ; ���?_  ���,u,..r .���������.,���.^,it..i,.i,, 11,�����������..��� ���i^v**��yi*t"-wPi."'��-i-'-iTH'��;"ir-v y-q. ������������ 7*gtf^*'*tig'1.'!'J*i-'^"-'ff''. .-^���^i^'l>���w!'^**^.?���'''���:V^V���JS^'^^^.���'tf^-''^'i,^^^ <-?  32 ft. jGilliietfer, Valerie/Marie,  launched at-Pender Harbour  $10,000 ship  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 12, 1964 Page 7  J '.v*..-��  * *  ;- <.  �����     ���  �����..;  b ,*. r-  . **  s.-:'.'  *.**- ��  ���*1 :."%!*-v H^ ���  \.' i  |p il HmmtmUmm^ma  - t  launched  , Launched "':���'_  MARIE REID, wife of ownerCecif Reid Jr., cracks bottle of  champagne on the bow of "Valerie Marie."  IN the water  THE 32 foot gillnetter "Valerie Marie", rides gracefuliy-in  the water minutes after her launching. Shej��as built  and designed by Fred Crosby of Pender Harbour.  ���"   ���* *.(,v.-V:���*."������ V5*.-?*.\  " -"*-*"**���__*������  ���w*��v>!SS  ���*.*���:.  I ' Pose proudly _  --    -  CECIL'RE40 Jr., owner and Fred.Crofby,"builder, smile  proudly, on the deck of the Valerie Marie.  r*m0000*000000000000000  Suppliers of  DRUM ORI��E  ���'.'"-. for     >   -  "VALERIE MAHIE"  GARDEN BAY BOAT WORKS  & MARINA LTD.  Denny Hading  Phone 883-2364  \,**************0**0****0**0000000000*00000*0000*00"0000*00*00"��  Fred Crosby Marine  Builder of  "Yple\ie Marie" -  - * ' **    ~  Pender Harbour  Phone 883-2387  \  ,   "VALERIE Marie."*  new 510.-  .7.   000  gillnetter slid   into the  _ water as Marie Reid. wife of.  :. proud owner Cecil Reid Jr.,  cracked a bottle of champbgne  on the-ship's bow. f  Built   by   Fred   Crosby   of  11 Pender Harbour of ss*" I ma-  hagony planks with glued"  seams, the :32-foot hull, hi  foot '- beam and. -.three J foot.  draught -incorporate marw- of  Fredls  icLssis. anr*f   designsi The  . "Valerie Marie" is- fitted 1 with-  a, General Motors 230* hp  Crusader motor from Hdffars  Ltdi A top speed, of 2fi knots  isf anticipated. The- drive is  through, a 25tl Borg-Wimer  reduction gear to a. 23 by 20  prop and ^sbaffc Drnm. drive  is supplied"' by Garden t Bay  boat w^orki \ "   j" -% "  A far cry from: the -oidtime  ; Columbia- River ���* giilrsetter  propelled by - sail and I oar.  Heaven help the sockeye this  summer. j  Selma Park  News  THE ditch  digging- crew|  the  slashing crew., and the BC  Hydro Hne crew have completed their projects. Some  . households were caught on  the hop-by' the- outages on  Tuesday- and Wednesday.; The  decision.. to make the - change  over on the power line! was  deddSd by the BC Hydro loo  late for newspaper advertising, so a hand printed notice  was placed in the local {general store. Just one of*-those  things which, happen when  you live in the-country, f  Several residents asked the  ditching crew for loads of  earth to be damped -on their  properties, for fill, or to dig  into the vegetable plot. Moving these loads aretmd ui_the  gardens will make sylph-like  figures in Seima Park, orbch-  ing backs. !  Mrs. George E. Rustonl has  left, to reside ih North .Vancouver with her friends.^ the.  Ingrams. who have knowrf her  for: many, years'. They cane  up to help her pack and move.  Mrs. Ruston's neighbor's here  wish, her well in be?-..;new  horae. j  Dr. A. E. "".'ark has returned after a week in Vancouver,  and is getting back into his  usual routine for a cpuple of  brisk   walks  each   day.   j  Ron Orchard has returned  from England, enjoyed; his  visit -with relatives } and  friends. The weather was not  too inclement, but he is pleased to be back on the coast.  "X  *000**000000000��00M0000000000000000��m00  RR0ABWAY fiHELIIIMG  <?Y> Mmt ed  1529 j Venables  ~ Phone AL 3-0320  Suppliers: of:  Welding - Gas Tanks - ftfafer  Tanks ��� Mufflers ^affxT  *   Stainless Steel for- f ��  "VALERIE MJLR1E*X  %  a.  ��  ��  * -  5  *  *��  %  ��-  ��  k  ��  k  V  k  %  k  k  k  k  k  ��  k  k  ��  k  k  k  m*mMMm*m.0wmmCMmm*+m+wm**m*wm+  1*4**9****%  nnann��nnrnr.nrju"iTjmAr-^rinfirnrirnnrinrrr "ir*--*���--nr **���** -**���*���--*���- *:���^.-^^.^-.-���**-  Honors Limited  164S Wett 1st Avenue  Vancourer, B.C  X Supplies jof      *~-  - -. 1 ���  -���      *  Crusader Mariqe  HEAVY DUTY LOW COMPRESSION  RATIO ENGINE   ;   j  j-  Model V8 - 409 Cu^ In. - 280 hi p.  ; -; j   i -  :   :       -- . ALSO  \     "- '.   .    "j -T   "  BORG-V/ARNER HYDRAULIC  OPERATED  REVERSE REDUCTION  GEAI^S~        r J   i  - .    i \  for   ! *  ~~ "VALERIE MARIE"  Hoffarsj* Service  50 Years  Marine - Engines  Setting The Fishing   Industry fpr SOjyeers  OmiwAiLUUUu��iimiiiM��ii����������ii ��������� n ���   i'i ' '    ���������--*������������������������ ��"  Good Wishes to  ���^.���*��  ^Valerie Marie  from  ty* G\ McWilliam Ltd.l  -    WHOLESALE MARINE HARDWARE    ]  1645 W. ThirdUve. Vancoo>er, B.C    ���^���������.���.������~-a---"--��<M-���-^-IIW"-���**��~--^*��--��-*W***W  wmmK+mmm  0        *  -.���'J--*  <..*C1  T   ������  i; r-':V     ���i'.i'>-:*j---a.i.A-,.i,ii;i^.ji. -. :< ������.^.:. !rt.iJit--tii,i.iis-*ii.ni<w n-*w  ,v  -V  ���V  '?  >,>  rf  y>  >v  r'*  letters home  Word frohr adventures  avelling,  rori  IE TIMES would like  young people jFi  oi studying in other  a: well as suitable  would be appreciated  0m0&mmt**iniw*.n��mmv*i'***'mu �����"���  r       ' i    ���rjf*'1!; - ^Sl**"^    ���*  *    *ist,s<*��sV  i'.^w. ��� ?;������  ������"��� f^i.*:, ���"*^*. *��*���,-'';  -��v- <��, ?*i���"���r^ --  V ' - ^ i. . -      \ .-     v.  '.    yV,T.      -''<(|*S *���.*"  : -*-"-*VVJ* >  " Z  - *����� iW i �����*"'/-  7 /^  studying  to hear from or  ihe Peninsula  parts of the world  photographs from  Photos will be  about- any oi the  Who are travelling  Relevant excerpts  young travellers  tho  returned  boy  very  heart  is my  must  seven  . 1  GARY SPICER 7���  1  Gary   Spicer   is   a   graduate  of Pender Harbour; Secobdary  ool.   After   some   tinfie    at  BC   he   decided   to   take   a  ear off to travel before fining     his     education.  'rites to his dad from ftabat,  brocco, ���  Dear ��� Dad���I'm in a  irt5* hotel room in the  f Medina trying to write leg-  bly while lying in bee}. The  easOn I'm lying in be'd  [feet > are kijUng me. I  have, walked] six or  [miles today.   1  We went to Marrkkech,  spent five days there. A -fac-  inatiftg city of 200,000 population with a distinct Arab and  French section. What jloveiy**"  weather in the town���7Q's every": day. The markets were  very interesting.' The one in  Medina is a maze of little passages and dead-ends. I Igot a  little- boy for a dirhami {20cJ.  to guide me through the Medina market. First went .to the  wool market where they dye  all the wool.  There are large boiling vats  into which the wool i$ dipped and hung in the siun to  dry.-Made a tremendous picture���all the: different (colors  hanging out tb diry. Theri went  Ito this Berber straw, market���  straw all over the place: They  were weaving various shapes  of baskets. The Berbers are  darkei* colored people who;-  live in the mountains around  Marrakech.  There was also a Berber*,  wheat markeL All the grain  was laid out on the ground?  and they sifted it through!  screens to sift out,tW cjiaff.  The women were bdyiriig'different types. Wf grain by the  kfTo to grind 'for bread.  Each section of the market  is composed k of ind, vidual  shops all squjaized into two.  narrow streetjs about 14-15  feet wide and a couple of hundred feet or more long  ,In the main! square o:' Medina there is j much ectivity  from early morning to Slate at  night. There was a cyjrlist, a  couple of exceptionally good  singers, a flame swallower  and naturally, a snake i-harm-  er. They would collect jmoney  from the crowd after! their  acts. Never did stand-"too.  close, myself���but that's one  advantage of. being U.11 because I can always s;e. As  soon as they ;aw a"European  in the crowd :hey mad ? 'right  for him and the crowd parted  before the-mai with th? plate  just like the "waters pa-ted in  the Bible, and they nad to  pay. | *        .  Started'to learn to play poker. -First tithe I "lost over  three dirham, but yesterday I  won it back plus some. Have  come to the conclusion! though  that -Europe isn't the ��lace to  learn because money i�� worth  a lot-more t:>me hbre. At  home the.stakes may l?e higher but f. cat, always make  more. Here, . for instance, 3  dirham <66c) will buy two  good meals'.-  Had a good old North American type n?w year. There  were 52 girls,  18-19 years old  and. 12  .ritziest  "and we  selves  invi  Thiry were  girls*  Wej  made  bars* in  ...  (there arer  section���M<|>.  "We ended  with    hors  went.' We  : and?   celeb  all across  Sure  is  room. The  en's about i  and   the  lingers anc:  ���thing,   ,  al cities.  hotel    ii  manag  scho r>l  thi?  espesia  DERELYS  Derelys  school and  education  She writes  Aucklan  Every tf\jnf  fo<r   CO  College  in  4.  I've  go.  For room  elderly la  ��3 a week  a 20-25 mi  -  ���s   stjaying   at  Mam  .. igeil to get  ��d  tb  their  fromtan excl  ... in Swi.���  the rounds  of  European-  't any in the  islems don't di  up taking  ('s   everywhere  ;tayed lip all  rated    New  Canada.  lainp in  this  walls  are of  foot or more  dampness   and  penetrates  e  lly  in the  ���Love,  thej  kech.  our-  darty.  isive  tzeqland.  the  sejction  Arab  ink).  catijiages  we  night  fears  hotel  cem-  thick  cold  vez*y-  oast-  3ary.  DONLEY  "Donley is a  gradu  ate  of  Elphinstdne  Seco  spent  one  year  in  at  Victoria * cc liege,  to hqr family from  New- Zealand.  DearAMcm,  Dad and  ids���-  away  psom  Felji.  lay���  one I  is   squared  I. start  at   II  okland  on  a   place  to  sr  a set up similar to the  had; at Vuf- College last ye#r.  and   breaftias.   this  ly   is   chiu-gin^ .me  ($9), and it is about  riute walk from the  college.   My   salary   whle.at  collegers ��7 a week. Went up  and    took  grounds tire other, nigh:? It's  a [lovely place-t-tennis rourts  there as ]well |as everything  elrsje.  Last weiikehrj: three Austra  lialn girls   md I hitchhiked to  Kerikeri    to   ;visit    a  Didn't   tal- e   anKs-   togs  suits) wiirl  here was   ousy and  did  gure   it   wauld   be   any  -big  a-   look    over    the  f|riend-  swim  us 4s the wiather  mistake.   Anyway  idary  I't  fi-  better  she dug us foui(- bathing suits  for us. What a riot. We looked like four little orpha l Annies just out of a ragbag���  but we went swimming any-  hqw��� Latot, they took us sightseeing to '.Vaitaki. It is ovely  there���beautiful-' golden, beaches and dentle, green, i oiling  hijls.     .  We visited a Maori meeting  hause. The carving ins de is  out of th.s world. Will send  so Tie photos when. dev<-loped  if you'll sjend them baci. We  stayed ov'*rnigh|t and left the  next morning.������:  ._ I should tell you about our  trip gefting thfjre whici was  qtite exciting a^d very liffer-  ent. We left heije "at 5:30 look-  in.-; Jike swagisien win "our  packs anc sleeping^, bags and  caught "a bus down low i and  gc t a tra n to, Henders an on  the west coast. We even managed to got los.t in the station,  then found out the tra:n ran  nearly th-ough- our��, backyard  and we could have caugh it  at Mt. Eden. At HenHerson  we got a -ide that dropjsed us  about 10-| milesout, anc^jjen  realized ;<>ur biggest nistake  jvye "shTCjuld Have taken a  tr sin to somewhere on the  esst'eoasti���and we weie l<j>st  on a> deserted gravel road  with absoluteliy no raffic,  just cows', horses and sheep  and   endless,   rolling   hil s.  We walked, for two hours,  then sat down in the middle  jn :the road and had something to |eat. *I]hen it started  car jjame aloig go-  II  .tc rain. A  ing; in  th^ opposite ^irlection,  but  we f  he   drove  aitid put   is  onj  was  about   9  time,- so w  aggedl it-down,   and  us   apou.   10   miles  e hitcied unti  and got 10 milei paslj^anger-  a  main  p.m.   by   this  road-.  \ 1.2:30  L^_^_ii^^1_S^^__^^i^3S3^  1 .      -  ������^^���trJW-'-i  ii,   where   we   bedded  ust off the road in. ouj(r  ng bags.. But we just  iletp  v��>h%.ri  some  wis::  fellows) spotted tis^r d  s a good scare. So y  ed   down   the   first  |>aw and went- to a, mo  he poor fellow, up abo'  .m.���he   wasn't  exactly  iy. When we got to  he i next  morning,   I  >ur friend and while  waiting for her we sa  >n  the sidewalk   (like  m   the   sidewalk   in  the   Shop   Easy   at  We looked like four btlims  ting there. Rather funny,  arrived   home   without  2nt�� though���just tired.  vre  TT  >. st  ���'[������ _!��� I"  *     ^  l  *  down  sleep-  got to  ,acres  gave  e flag-  par   we  el. Got  dt 1:30  hap-  "$erikeri  phoned,  were j  i downl  ittingi  flront   of  ^echelD.i  sit-  We|  iAcid-  ���rLc ve. Dee  j PETER   HEMSTRIIET  OSCK Petfr Hemstrret, R<P  N, aboard the' destroyer-escort H'MCS MacKenzU undejr  the command of. CRD A. I}.  German. CD. RpN. 4 on 'a  training exercise in  waters bound for Pea  bour, Guam. Midway  Kcng, Singapore and  es with other i ComYno  navies in the Indian Oc  is from Sechelt arid  student at Elphinstone  dary School before "join  Royal- - Canadian ; nav  writes tb his parents  ��� Dear Mom and Djid���I'lm  just one day out from Perui  Harbour. It was a  rough trip but I we  sick one day. On tl  night out ^'e ran sma  a "storm which put a h  our bow close to tlu  dome and it's leakin  badly. The weather is  pretty Hot now and. I  our uniform 'dress will  Jan.    13���1   forgot   t  eastern  -1 Haj-  .-Horig  exfereis-  i wealth  an. IJe  was a  Secojv  mg tiie  y.    *N  pretty  only  e fii-st  :k irito  >16 into  radar  quite  gettib  pagi  han  this   letter   so   the   news   is  bit old. ,but I'll mail It arty-  way. I had a wonderful time  in Hawaii. We were 4here se  ven days because of tht cracj-k-  ed sonar dome. We were oijily  supposed to be there Hvn  days���pretty lucky, eh? I w|ui-  ked all-over Waikiki beach.  It sure is nice on tiie bint  feet and the water is Uko  toast all the time. I didn't  try  surfing,  though.  I'm sure gelling qui*e a tan  in this climate���just like the  Hawaiap gnis.: Right now we  are on our way to Midway to  refuel, then to Guam, them to  Hong Kong. All for  Peter.  'y m|ail  ne  -,e  REAL   ESTATE   SHOT  Danny  Propp, of Gil  a graduate of Elphinstone  is  condary school and  ing in Los Angeles  [ He writes:! go td>  Centre School which  a ted between clown to  Angeles and Bev'c rl  where courses  in  the  in if iv?i tot*  5?d  isons  is  se-  stijidy-  he  is  .vn  Art;  loc-  Los*  Diiiis  foil  ow  ing subjects aib offered���advertising design, . advertising  illustration, fa;hion illustration, packaging'��� transportation, product design and des*-  ign for mercha(iidising. paint-  jg  riband photography..  About 700 stbdenfsi attend  this schpol. Inst rtuctors-are top  men in their :ield dividing  their time betv reeh their own  businesses and teaching. Students come from all over the  world���there are quite ja large  number from Japan. It isn the  only school in tiie US that'teaches car designing (transportation). T  The school operates on a  semester basis, there being  three semester:; a year. One  needs eight semesters to graduate and this :an be .achieved in 2.8 years if one goes  through without a break.  However), most students take  two semesters j, year and graduate in four years. General  education courses must also  be taken. Classes are from  9-4 Monday to Friday and 9-1  on Saturday. Homework is  hea\'y  but interesting..*  I am taking photography,  is a 4 by 5-vii-w camera and  a 35 mm or 2V^" camera. I am  just finishing tie first semester so yjou migit say I'm .still  in kindergarten at this school.  We have thr<>e instructors.  One ,teaphes us, general techniques iuld gives us an assignment each week such as  a real estate si ol or shooting  a box ��� ojf cake mix and making the vertical > and horibon-  tals  perfectly   square.  This, by the way. is achieved by. using the swings and  tills on (.he vielv camera. Another instructor teaches us  basic lighting and the third  stresses composition. Ail our  work is enlarged to 8 by 10  and dry mounted on H by 14  boards.  All prints have to  be  signed   by   the  before being presented to the  instructor.  At  present all our  wobk    is   black  color    printing  until   the   fifth  largest   assignment   has   been  the L.A. story,  shooting a pic  Los Angeles. Vi  in   a   book . oi  This .meant  turn   story   on  e each turned  ����� about    50-75  prints. I'm inch ding a picture  of a- real   estate  shot.   ���Sin  cerely,   Danny  lab   manager  and   white���  doesn't    start  semester.  Our  Propp.  *'?>/"^M_?  "*��� ��_  t �����  *��.   Y.rV*--.  BOB DDNLEY  13cb Donley i> a -graduate of  Elj'bhmstone secondary school  and emigrated to Australia  last March. Wjthm ten days  of arrival he lAnded a job at  Mt. Isa operating a twin-engine Euclid diesel cat. He  i writes  to his  parents.  Dear Mom Jind Dad���Our  contract is up and I left Mt.  Isa. They offered us a job in  the mines but only at ��20 a  week so I said no diet? and  they gave me my plane fart-  back to Brisbane. Four days  later I landed . a job driving  a D6 for an oil prospecting  ojlfit at ��35 a week plus room  a:id board, plus time ijtnd one-  half for overtime, plus plane  fare. As soon as I pick- up  my snake bite kit I'll be flying to Cairns and then onto  a single-seater to the job tomorrow morning, which is a-  bout 15 south of the equator  and about 20 miles from Princess Charfette Bay.  June 14���The caVnp consists of eight tents. We have  a power plant-,' deep 'freezes;  automatic washing machines  ���they sure look fuiiny sitting  out on 1 the plains besids; the  tents. They have a shower rig  ged  up.   but,. ^ J"0" prefer  to  Aswim in: the river you have  to watch, out for the odd fish  about six feet long with fierce  looking Ijaws and four: short,  fast legs. (I forgot to take my  Watch off when I went swimming and now it has stopped).  There'are 10 of the world's  ,d6adliest�� snakes  here  includ-  ' 'ink the king brown snake and7  the taipan. Before you climb,  injtb your, bed at night you  check that this friendly little  tajipan isn't in your bedclothes. 7 Last night a seven  foot Icing brown went slithering into the kitchen tent  and th��: poor old cook nearly  dieid  of; fright. .7  *iVe clubbed it to death with  a shovel. And the evening before I ran over a 7 6", taipan.  It had .-!%" fangs. God,'were  they mighty.  The wild life here is just  out of Ihis world. There are  ibises, pelicans, while cranes,  lizards, pigs, spides aS big as  your hand, kookaburras, wal-  abies, kangaroos and the most  beautiful parrots you ever  saw. What an experience* It's  not 4porh6t either.  We have a mail .-:ervise once  . a Jweek?by bush pi'ot. I don't  have a'" desk. to write on so  my writing is fierce I have  150 miles of track to push. On  the plains I can make up to.':  10 miles a day. but in the '  scrub,    only    about    a    mile.  ; There are -millions of ant hills,  some eight feet high. The government is chopping -up a  5.000 square mile block into  200 square mile blocks which  they are leasing on continuous 33 year leases for, 5 shillings- a square mile. This scrub  and plain is excellent cattle  country, but pitifully, undeveloped. The taxes are almost  nil ;  Today we just about got  nailed, by a taipan. Wc were  setting fires ih the scrub and  out he came���very fast V?e  abo caught .two 10 pound  baramundies. a fresh water  fish like a silver red snapper.  I also -got me a wild pig  the  . other 7day-<-o;ne shot right  through the Vfad. Ajso caught  me a little -fellow. I saw . a  vvhole Jiner so jumped out of  the truck amd after them.  Grabbed a piglet and headed  for the; truck. Half way back  the   old   lady   turned   on   me.  I just made it and that was  all. I have hitm here in camp  on a rope. He will go for us  every time we walk past him,  squalling   like   a   banshee.  The other might two bright  guys~ put i a six foot crocodile  in bed with +ne while I was  sleeping. The thing was alive  but it's mouth was taped up.  I diariiecl near -wrecked the  tent: before I completely woke  up. A black fellow go! me a  baby^galah. bird and I'm going to teach hi.n to talk The  adult bird is pink and grey  and  very  beautiful  A big king brown snake  got in one. of the trucks yesterday and you should have.  Seen the panic. We got him  . though. About six feet long,  ho was. I've boon having a.  .banij; lately. We ran out-ef .22  Shells so we went huntingj  Wild pigs with ax>:.-. My  got'treed so I had to rescX  him. 1 Igot me a boar wi  ftxe*. bplieve i< cr nor.  jWritung this is a Cai/adj���an,  "riot as an Auz/ie". Voi/should  ���have seen the di.-p>ay. And  iibe ruii. I didn't knjXv I could  run  so"1-fast!  The food is wc/cst; than pig  slop and evearbody hates the  cook:I caugnya vicious little  possum and /let it go in the  cook tent. It shot straight between the/cook's legs like a  bullet., He just'about'had a  fit. He .had a pot in his hand  and Kthough he was. going  to nai\ me with : I'm still  laughing. I. love fun and sun  jund I"m getting my share of  ���both. ���Love. Bob.  We saw���the USA in our  jalopy. It's one nation, indivisible, two lanes wide with  a   stripe   in   the   middle.  Today only  a  pessimist  believes the sky's the limit.  ._.  j,        i L ir i " !"*:""y*��u-'"'**"?"' ���������"�������-���"." ���'��������� i&.-*&b?t*j^&\w^ y   ���--��������� "-���-'���--    �����������������  M_-_- ���-���-���s.  >,7&'-".'k,"*2 T  _4*-__M*Mi  '���**���-   >���"--  ff  "IISATUJtE PAGE  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 12, '64 Page 8,9  &CBOSJ  'Sit -- awi_i-.  of dlrtuit.  ���J.'   _  2". Grit.  1 Eternity  '. Seen) :  , Pta��i��a  , ChnrtlrOlSJ  i High pries*.  .<C*m   .   ���.-':  calwriaayi.  i. GuSe  , Ucsiis*  iBai*r~  . Grata i  ', Otqsi  .��Uwrwi*  COW  , Batta*  . Fi>h taatO  , Brijtlo  ��� Pared  . Bhinief  , Ventitat*  . Cook alowy  L CotutellsluH--  '. Sheep gesiltt '-���"  ', Idiot ������'  . Notices  . PrintifiS  rneaaunj  *5**"v CS vfw  rani���'  ft? Watrt bun-let  Hi Creek letttr  ��0, Hassan UsegM  A3,iMotw*T  M,EUn opening  tmt for portrait  Network  Work  4S. Piile*  UO, iMbJj affection  |l 6_j>'�� diary  See solution  ON PAGE 3  for today's  Crossword  SONNY: SOUTH  .   -���    sit  fey AL SONDIRS  rr ueuta tc much  TMflUM.  fOWTK'MCHTH  1?  "1  I'/Aj  HOSSFACE HANK  *y FRANK TROMAS  NOTHING BIH'THE TRUTH  by Arnold7  A SHORT-WAVE RADIO /  MESSAGE CAN 8E.$E',y:  AHOUfi/O THE WORLb oA  THE  POWER   OF   TWO  FLASHLIGHT 3ATtWr��Sf  PARROT F6V6  In ike. U.sy  has toci-easea  "500*/.JhtK* .  past ^/v^5 /���  iff  GRANDPA'S SOY  by BRAD ANDERSON  Jit-  *��  ��AT/a*4<>  1c*0$��  COOKIES  ������  (TtAsRc! "THAT'S J^ .'"A SURE (HAD  A REAL MAA-f <S wf ^s NOT A BOY7-1  HAIRCUT ff -t-^fvS ��*OV*=- W  _=^*4llA' WAVSY  ���' 1"h* THE OLD  DAVS^-OU  ��� COULD ^WtfOS  1 TELL A BOY  ���..FROHAAGiftL-;  /-LAT F;��S7  <3LA-��4Cc,\0_ HS  _ ,CAX-*TALV.'*��''  **���   ,Tj ��  LITTLE FARMER  by KERN  PEDIRSON  x IF YOU LIKE  but even ffycu  dorib-**. YOUR BODY  ^a/_-*YY��4^Thafcis, m  much of -your-bodys basic material ��-0  I is replaced, by r.ev"/ -sbrff every *��tYo<*.cHsl  DEEMS  by TOM OKA  OFF MAIN STREET  by JOE DENNETT  t "  . CV.T i������  \i^��  BSIIrii  7-^  I '*"' ,i  ,��  RURAL DELIVERY  by AL SMITH  ROE, THE INCOME TAX MAH M  FROM THE DEJRrXRTMENTOF  Nnfermalrevenoo WANTS  TO SEEVbUi/1  I PAID  JAVTAKES/  X TrtlS tS YOUR REPCRX SIrFT  YiWHAVEUSTED HERS TWO j  DEPENDENTS,YOU AND YCOR- /  -V     MOTHER.**   1^ 7Z-TT~X\  J**  >J     feR-VE?  ** *^7-"r2xRV3rtT.��  BUT.SIR, AFTE^-WOROOStf.  f INVESTtGATiOH *_��� FIND ^/  YoURWCTVERKASSESN^f "j  DEAD MANYYEARS/  8UT SHE'S   \'>  A , *$TILL ALIVE Vr,-  ^HEAt^^l  &'C  Si  ?3"-  ?K6J  //I  .f?  El  ' 4          t_  ..^^ ii ii. j. ii i       in      -   ;���    -i * i '  """ "*L^  raVJK*l  ���s - i?  �����**-�� ^Si  m  m  ��^-i^^^:&-"^  j < .T  . - '.      -   i '    ' ���:��� - '  ;  m:  Page 10 The Sechelt? Peninsula Times  0000000000000000000000000000000000000000f 0000*00****1  Z***0000000000000**00*****0000**00***0000ir000000f000000*W.  Wed.;Feb^2,1^4     p | ^fer     CU  ��  r  i  PENDER HARBOUR students ate having a goocj  automation as the contractor wrjo won the wa|ter boaj  contract lays pipe along: the highway^ With a mirj  has h;  boatya  various  ���**0000tf*i  ines ditches <()re beijig  has given some praet|  in   navigation;   Mr.  ical wofk  Remm  n  |n   to   His  shipl  in  buildirjg;  |id   them   dowl  d   to   view   a|  stages    of  Mr.: Djily  ani  a  fribnd  gaj/e  a:mostf.instru3tive talk on Coop insurance. -. '    -  This   group Will   undertake*1  the-building of four small dinghy  tiype  boats after  Easter.  They f will"    work I in     f<J>ur  Love���Darr  Needle���  men and o maximum of heavy machj  dug, pipe laid; joined ahd covered, almost untouched by  human bands. The old fashioned' warning that, poor stu^  dents Would find themselves  ditch digging is really out It  just -doesn't apply any more.  The referendum passed and  shops seemed finally within  our grasp when various press  reports gave the, impression  that our efforts.. Had* been in  vain.   The explanation   given  to the school principal by the , , , ,  district superintendent and lo-    groupi, using hand tools. 4nd    w  cat* board   member   is *�� quite ������ Wll\ ����� able to P"t -into Mac-    trench is- dangerotk.  simple- and- satisfactory.   The* "t,eal us<* mtif& ��X !W7^t tpey       Roadman:. "He knowi's, UiaL.  old   Industriaf Arts   program , have learned in eias^       | '       we're just digging) him out."  ter  THE   top  ten, this r w^ek- according, to.  Buddy   (Clyde's  Dance Party are 4s fqllbwsf*.  You:  look  imum  The      Mountain .'4-   Mjaureeh  of,   Church. V  '  !rd        5.   Whispering���April) Stev-  jof    ens and Jftino Temple  1. The    Real    Nit|  Shirley Elbston.  2. I Wanna,Hold  ���The Beatles.  3. When     The  Starts    . Shining���|The  remes.  4. I Want To Stp.nd  ky   C^ritty-  6. Secrest Love���-|Kathjy Kir-  by.  i  7. Goodbye,Tom  yll Qttist.     *(  8:     Hey    Bobbal  Chubby Checker.  jj$J:   You   Don't   0wn   Me���  Leslie Gore.  10. He Says [The Same  Things To Me���Sweeter Davis.  ^ts-j^^jr **}&  Hand  Lojvelight  Sup-  '&?'*';3*z*t2<i  Pp on, t  April Stevens - Nino Tempo  .- ���    .   '���'   By John;* Larson'' ���<>  4--  has.been scrapped in favor of  a morei modern program.  Specifications (of a composite room such* as vve will have  are being changed to the requirements of the new program. As soon as the plans  are ready, tenders will be cal-,  led for. Everybody can. see the  sense of hot building: shops  this spring that would, be obsolete before they were open-,  ed. The money. will be there  when it is;needed; that is the  important thing.*-  Students! aire preparing for  a trip-tor Vjananda Elfementary-  Secondary School ?on Texada  At Wilson dreekU . .  J Inspector: "Tell tfhe\-"foreman-  enohy^Hfrte,P3��that 'h'is    APRIL STEVENS a*d Ni^o T^r,po, riding the cresffof their  "Deep Purple'' retard popularity, have; reversed a  show business trend7 U^uaUyl ai brother* and. sister, begin -*���'  as a duo and eventually go thejir separate ways later in their   ;  Career, .r\pril and Nina, "how-  hate   both   liad   some-  Aek>  By Rdsarnund Simpkins  TEENAGERS,  Have you e,ver bee'rh up to flirt,  ' With -tl-fe lady in thte blue skirt?  To get b/pi ot licence there is no'educational requirement.. You rfiust pass q medical test relating ^specially to  Island. This'���triprjg always an.    eyesight,   hearing' and   plood  enjoyable '��� one;.''.'and    many    pressure. You fcan solo ft 16, t ,?  get a licence j at 17.  friendships have resulted from  those taken in - the past. Mr.  Tjorhom jiod Mr. Cross will  accompan^ the teams, who  have been rigorously training  in basketball and- volleyball  for the play day.  Nora Warnock ^nd June Cameron attended the Future  . Teachers' Conference^at UBC.  They reported to thk school  on Friday. Both girls Miad a  profitable- and interesting  time. Their reports - ufcere  made over the PA system, an4  offers fe&ns  y for I  ' ever,  what sueceSsftil1 individual  careens. , put, real national  prominence didn't come until  they joined forces���quite by  accident,  Ifr4iappened that both were  ab honio in Los Angeles at  the same  time.  Nino, an ex  !"Deep Purple" in Italian."  April said. "Our-parents are  Italian, but we didn't learn  to! speak the language���wish  we had. We'll record it phonetically. While we are in Europe we are also going to re-,  cord the song- in German."  ,    . April  and  Nino  were  born  cel.len.t-. musician, was playing. inF Niagara  Falls,  New  Yorlj.  the  piano  and  he and,' April- Almost      immediately      Nino  were- smgmg   some   of   their showed an aptitude for music,  favorite songs. "All of a sud- Hfe  Wiis  smging  by  the time  den,   April told us.  'I thought he was thi-ee anda half years  about' Deep Purple  and what old���"Almost before he couid-  a great hh it had been years- talk," said April" At. seven he-  ago. I to\d\ Nmo that I thought , ^a  with   the  fieiiny- Good*  in touch with'.Alex Swanson,  i       ,. , president,   Roberis   Creek   or  It requires] 30 Qltlours of fly-:    Gordori Head^   pist-president,  ;����� *;^��� ���*,A<~ ^i^���or d���,w��..   "g^g ^3^*   a   number   of  people, especially. fromi Gibsons, joined the club t0 give  their moral support -Ito a  worthwhile; cause. Now there  and a shed.  Oil cofnpanies lave donated  wind socks. Gast line costs a-  bout 40c per gallon. The next  club project is fof a telephone  at the airport.  ing. time under pjroper sluper  vision. Some local club members. ; took:   their j licences    at  Nanaimo.  Total cost is about  $400,   after j allowing   for   the _    Dept. of Trahspoirt subsicy of    is -a club plane  $100. A flbatj-plane licence re-  ?,quire$   an   extra I ten   flying  'hours at an additional co��t of  about $225.  "A    good    aircraft    can I  be  bought     for      approximately  $3,000.,   a   seaplan^   for.  s, were   heaind by   the j*student^\   haps; $5,000.   The  in their home roomls. They  were congratulated for the  manner in which their reports were given.  Haidas and; Ifootkas will  wage a wampum -war all  week, bringing in pennies for  Aero  xrents their plane fbr $10.  npur.  council1  funds   and  attaching'   relaxing. There  is [little  tjrafri  them   to, great" reels  of  ^apei   jfic, rjo roadx^igns ^ind a 40001  By ���plane,. Naoainio is a half  houV i.   away,     Pov jell     River  .threef-quarterj of aii. hour pnd  Chilli w^aek  one  hounr  Tip in "the iir, tratrel is rtore        laemuy.- is  laxintt   ThirA  is  littlr*  itafi*y unusual   call,   is  legs,    has    white  stretched  the   length; -of  the  gym and- the-c<>uncil wa&Hrieh-  ���* er by nearly $30.00. Nearly all  the   pennies   in   Pender   Har  bour were collected,  and  Mrl  Lloyd- bought- t��hemi that very  " day in order td make changei  ,' Janice   Northmp-   and   Llona  Duncan are in charge of this!  couvt  Last year the wampum Ibelts-JeaHsafer th\m bei^g in ^an^ / !^^fs  and isl  Wilson.    Cireek    Jairport    is TJie airport birJi has been a,  owned jointly ,by Jiecheli and resident of thf University En-  Gibspns   njiufecipal ties.   It   is  four   councillors  Funds ~ are lieing. ^raised fotf   Dawe- and  IX  ��il^i*������������� 1  jackets- foii  the girls as  wfell  as the- boys. The cook, book is|  unjler way i now, and will like  ly i be limited to one hundred;  copies. Each will* contain/ ap  proximately fifty pages- of lo  cat i^cipes1 and will be* sturdily .bound.; They wilL sell for  one-dollar,' and will'be obtainable  from''any;. Pendeir Harbour student,  The girls- of the* school^ had  an interesting day when Miss  Logan of the- BC Hydro Home  Economics^Departments- spoke;   size- to-airpo^'te at- jPowell  ^_to (them about matters domes  ic.   They   teamed about   care!  of the range, laundry- fechni  ques, and. ijtifcheh; plahningj  Bjleanwhile,-. the hoys- were!    cans, 'comi;  onf I-course,  being- giveiii very)    fish-  special attention' by; the tea  chers.  There* has- beem some  speculatiottt as to* the* benefits  of'separatei eliissesi The* boys  feel that- they learn, more a  lone* but? don't enjoy- the- clas-j  ses\ aff*niucht  EjTri Segec^J-* Fishing; E class|  haff had some' lectures from  interesting   peoples Mr.   Clay)  ?ed   by  ne* m(er|iber of the E  he Aejro  Alt Iftitchejy  Club.  Messrs. Jaine(s Druriimond  Wm. Swj-ain pf  chelt and Alex Swdnson, J^ero  clubi representative  Volunteer labor, bulldozer  work, and- explosives were  matched, dQl?ar for| doIlar|.by  Brett, Bobi  others, this  iirport  per-  lub"  per  Airport s BiiqL  may carn&  THE Killdeer. or  These  ph-  hre:  land  of Gibsons;  $am  the    Dominibn   G[overnmbnt,    QLENNA DUNCtAN is one of the busiest girls in: the. Grade    ?**  together.  But. we both  Without   thel- efforts   of   JRoy :     n ^*.*.���  ciL :. *, A.u*.^*. ���.�����i��, sl.^i 1   a^t,~.~    feel .there 1  litchey; and; m|any  have been bdfn at this tirhe.  The land comprises 228. ac-  r'ds.  The  ruilway- is, 2500^ ft/  and can be extended to c500  feet,   whicn ,is of  comparable  ver, Chilliwalfik ant^ Camp|>eji  Riyeri-        >  There have' beenI ai number  of  vipltorsij ^specially  Am;ri-  here- by air  to  Labeling .  charges     -ja  Planes basi  aretJe-.pri  son*- $0  oil, tie-ddwn-  ncn-exisfcmt.  here at  present  rty of A. G. \7ilt.  Creek   and Ken  McEf^i^, Gfbsons, aid the- Elphinstone- Aero Club;  Anyone- $a&~ age .5 can Join  the club for  'dues of $5:  would  is  a   runner aid   is   happy  only on flat, dry, open ground.  Identity.' is easr r.  It  has  an  fast  on it's  and    black  "bigger  than  Landsi  Se-  dowment  years.  Apparently it ' spreads out  from airport to airport. Perhaps if you clear enough land  the bird will come and- run on  your ground too.  too  airport bird.  for    many  a new , approach to the song  might make-for another hit."  "I -fooled around with it for  a littie while on the piano."  said Nino. "I; stepped up lthe  beat���not quite to the rock'n  roll rythin, but pretty close  to it. After we had sung it  together 10 the new arrangement we both felt ��� it >vas a  possible winner."  They tried the number on  Atlantic Record Company executives. The rest of the sjtory  of 'Deep Purple* is well  known���it was, an. ahjnost  overnight hit. A week after  its release the single was being played by almost! ev^iry  deejay in the country Virtually all the trade journals  ���picked the - number fon a hit.  Within a few weeks-^it had  climbedv to the. top of the  charts as the nation's best  selling  record.  ApriL had had an yp and  down recording career as a  singer. Nino had been a success playing, ha eluhs in the  West. Almost overnight _ eveV  rybody knew their -voices and  their names: When we talked  with, them they were finishing a run at 'New Yorlds Co-  pacabana and; were planning  a trip to Italy  man orchestra and later witb,  Glen   Miller's  orchestra,  t  When the duo Was innrrieir  early teens, the family moved  to Californi. In high school  both were active- in singing:  groups, plays and Ninojw-as in  a sehooj orchestra.  .... After school Nino went the  route of an instrumentalist.  Besides the piano, he plays  the clarinet, saxophone and  guitar. The sax and clarinet,  are his first loi'e. He has  played with Ma-ynard Ferguson's orchestra and other top  bands as well as with small  combos specializing in far out  jazz.  April, while Nino was off  with the- saxaphone, found a  career- in singing. On her own-  she had several hit recordings, "I'm In- Love Again,"  "Gimme A Little Ki'ss." "And  So. To Slebp Again," and  "C'mon." "Even though we  are working 1 as a teaih," she  told us, "we are still going to  pursue Our separate careers."  Nino is, a fine arranger and  composes-. He's written son*.s  for Rosdmary Clooney, S��e*.e  Lawrence and other top sinters. He prefers modern javz  and  that's  the  direction  he'll  lee btof-th!e-.weefc  We're also going to, record ~rS�� on  his own  "I    like   singing.- standards,  It isn't that T don't like rock  rock  'n roll,   but  I'm  real|y  more ��  of a traditional singer. We enjoy Working together and Wills  1     ,      1    1       ��� 1CC* ureic is room for our in-  12 class; Sfjne- is a dii'gent worker ir| school, does, hours    dividual careers at the same  ^J    of home work eeery day, and still- findi time* for dancing.  Ri-  As ortet of Mrs.j Lowe's, senior studenti, Glenna, has per--  formed* at*-entertainments all over the peninsula.  At      one      time,  "*  Glbnna ,        , , . .     ,        Vl  thought of a carieer "in danc- ond ambition is, after June  ing, but her miiid is turning 30* 1964, never to do math a-  now ot tnoughti of dancing, gam, except to, record tenrrper-  do|vn   the   hospital   corridors,    ^mi;es   aiisd'   to* balance,   her  $25, a(nd annual'  hy��o in hand, blrmgmg comfort and cheer to her patients.  ��� This year. Glenna- is secretary of~ the" stud mts' council,  a position which, she fills very  well. Her sporty interest is.  mainly, trade, and fields It is  easily seen.. that this student  just does not hive hours: in  the day to do a^l she would  like to do.-  Her  present arjabition ^s  to  pass grade  12 urjiiversity pro-  It interested  get:  gram- examinatiohs^ Her  sep-  bank, bookv  Glenna gives everyone the  impression of being, shy and  modest and very sweet, all of  which sh^ is; but when that  first patient ���'��� refuses to do  what the niirse tells him), to,  thinking that Miss Duncan  lacks forcle behind those cjim-  ples and tUvinklihg eyes, .he  will get such- a, jab with that  hypo., that he- will immediater  ly tapw who's boss! Future  patients of St. Mary's . be  warned.  time."  Atlantic Records wasted little time with the twosome.  As soon as "Deep Purple"  took off, they recorded and  released an album by the  same name: Included in the-  album are such well known  hits as "Sweet and lLovely,"  "Paradise," "Indian1 Love  Call," and "One Dozen Roses,"  Also *in. the selections is a  Nino Tpmpp original, "Baby  Weemfusl." '       *  So, .it is off to Italy followed  by the U.S. tour for the brothr  er and sister team. .Between  their nightclub act and recording schedule for Atlantic,  they'll work as singles.  They're proved, however, that  inl their c^se���two talents aj  better  than  one.  are  \ By Bob Donley  "DESJARDJNS was his name/' said Sam. "Jean Paul Des-  . iatdiris. The tacaf people pronounced it Days Gardens,  which- he accepted with laconic, good-natured contempt.  Jear^had to bb good-natured hecmico biV wifa Xa<- ~-n -nnn  and-a shrew.  good-natured because his wife> was "a nag  I  Egmont  News   !  "it  was   up   in   the   Peace - flour, :wheat! germ, rice polish-  River     country " _eontmued_ings, -fareweps *~  Sam,   "where Jean  had pre-t  empfed  a one hundred and  sixty. acre . homestead of  Crown Land. ��� The going l was  rough for thse two1 pioneers,  and .as the 'years rolled by  Jean grew less hair on his  head and the lines ot bitter  disillusion 'deepened abfirut the  corners of his wife's mouth.  "The stork; paid yearly visits,, too and [when the young-*  sters took their places at the  long table it made an impres-"  rings, brewer's yeast, buckwheat grits,- flax seed' millet  and soya flour. A slice of this  bread was packed with B vitamins and guaranteed to stick  to the ribs; and so doubt - accounted for Mrs. Jean's fertility. _;1 _  "This morning as jean puttered about the. barn he herd  a flurry in the hen \ house as  the hysterical birds' announced a madauder. 'As Jean  rushed for the- hen house, he  saw: the long,  slinking shape  eaan services on  World Day pf Prayer  FEBRUARY.^4, the first Friday in Lent, hes been chosen  as the World Day of-Prayerf fcr 1964. Gn-this dcy Canadians in 3,500 centres across the country will unite with  other women in 150-countries to start a chain reaction of  prayer and Christian Fellowship. - _  As thc day. progresses - thru I *"* *" = :   sive     group,     impressive    .in j��f. Sausage   streak   from   the  numberk, that is. Thicken' coop door, a chicken  iri his. mouth: Jean, fwho was  "Jean-invariably rose early  on Tuesday Trnornings. He had  no choice. Tuesday was bread-  baking day, and on this day  his wife took- matters into  her own hands, or feet to be  more specific. Mrs.; Jean slept  in the back of their1 double  bed and at 4 a.'fn. on Tuesday  jnorning she. would brace herr  self against the bedroom* wall,  plant both feet in the small  of-hubby's back and push.  bi-lingual, , cursed {the dog  fluently in both languages  without repetition. So this was  w*here the missing 1 chickens  were going? 1 He decided to  "put an end to this depredation  immediately.  __ "Jean," laughed Sam" "das-  Red   madly   into   the   house.,  through the7 kitchen!and into.  , the  large  living room,  where 1  : his'gun rack- hung on the wall.  Jean was thus rudely dum-.j He frantically-seized- the only  ped out on the cold, bare floor | gun from his >aCk dnd open-  ^���.^liZ"^!������*^^ j.'ed  the  breach-no  shell   He  pawed through drawers and  cupboards, still no shells. He  tossed" the useless gun back  on the rack and ran hurriedly,  for the smalb- red shed set off*  by itself in a corner of the  pasture,   cursing, his  children  this action accounted for his  diabolical mood the. rest, of  the. day. Jean," said Sam,"  shivered into his coarse wool  clothing and proceeded i to  light the fire' in their heavy,  cast iron stove.  "This immaculate old camp 7 as he went for their thought-7  cook stove was his wife's  pride and joy.- It w_as the one  possession that she could fuss  ovef and* on it she lavished  thev attention that at one time  she* had given: her  husband.  different time zones, beginning  inthe warm Pacific islands and  ending in the winter dark of  Canada's icy norths ^"Smen of  the m^jor Protestant and Orthodox communions.will meet  to pray fof- each other, for mutual^ understanding and the  needs of the world.;  The same basic service translated into many languages, will  be  used   by- all  groups.  The  theme  this   year  is  "Let   us  "Pray". It has been I written, by  a distinguished French woman.  Dr.  Madeleine Barot, who is  one,of the executive secreta-  riesf^of the World [Council of  Churches.in Geneva.  Besides  English and French, the Cana- ;  dian service will", be" foGowed ;  in Indian,   Eskimo,  Japanese, j  Chinese, -many European Ian- {  ���guagei,. as well as in Braille?     \  Canada has participated in!  this World Day of prayer since !  1920. EVery year-the Women's!  InterrChurch Council, which is]  the sponsoring organization, {  reports increased interest and J  givings. - .     f |  -There are reports of women |  less waste of bis ammunition."  Jean    disappeared    into    the  shed  and {reappeared  shortly  carrying    several - sticks    of  twenty      percent;    stumping"  powder, a cap. about two* feet  It   was   a   glutton; for   fuel, - of fuse and a* Iong lbngth Q{  though,'  ...  continued      Sam.    frayed, hemp rope.  "Jean always said that when  the damper was open you  -eould hear the cordwood:  sticks rattle-up the chimney;  and the pipes glow a cherry  red. "-"-'    X':  "Jean  made   the���breakfast,  too. He would scoop into the  sourdough   pot   for   his   pancake batter, add flour to the  right ^consistency andj flap the.  batter onto the big griddle on  the   stove.   The   sizzle  of the  cooking flap-jacks soon brou- _.  ght the children to the table  and Jean would be occupied  fp.r some time -dolling out to:  each his share. Even. Sausage.,  the dog, big, hungry mongrel  that he was, got his share, too,  but by stealth or collusion. He  hid  under  the table and filched  portions  of  the youngster's breakfast.  'Catching .Sausage*" said  Sam, "took but a few minutes  and the irate Jean tied the  dog to a tree. He then preceded to tiejthe sticks of dynamite to. the "dog's belly with  the I remainder of the rope.  With this:accomplished, Jean  affixed the cap and fuse and  set it" alight. Sweating with  the exertion. Jean took off  his hat, sSt it-on the ground  and wiped hik.brow.  "Suddenly aware of the  sputtering fuse, he ran for the  house and dashed into the  kitchen to warn-,-Mrs. Jean of  impending detonation.- She  proceeded to tell Jean what  a stupid imbecile he was and  that- the concussion might  spoil her bread in oven. She ('  was gesticulating violently  when through the door came  To speak  R. F. KENNETT, Probation  Officer,    will j speak   at  Sechelt   Elementary   P.T.AI  in Newfoundland -. aid the  prairies who sometimes travel  mile* through blizzards or deep  snow to reach the prayer centres so the-^chain-of fellowship  will Cot be broken.  ' -A letter from Germany tells  that   the wives   of -Canadian-  Armed Services-personnel axe  port of the prospect, and last  year in Damascus a United Nations' staff member translated  the service into Arabic. There-  is the touching story of Indian  women from th�� Walpole Is-.  land Reserve "fR" the Canadian  north,  who   brought offerings  of    hand-woven    sweet-grass  baskets, "products of many tedious hours of work, in order  to be part ofthe fellowship women, not crJy for that one day.  but  for the continuing work  which the gifts make possible.  Last year.   World   Day   cf  PrSyei- gifts amounted to S60,-  000.   Most   of   the   Canadian *  money goes toward supplies of  Christian   literature   fof~~less  developed areas. The Canadian.  Bible    Society,-   for   instance^  publishes  and distributes  the  Gospel in many languages. This  ~   lias been its pclicy_jpr many-.  7   decades, and it's interesting to  note that it has taken 80 years  ,    to redtt-e-the TJmbundu. lan-  * - guage of West Africa to writing. The Bible has only just  .   *been published in this langua-  -   ga. The Canadian Bible-Society  2   uses some of the money from  - World Day of Prayer "offerings .  to present Bibles in their- own  tongues to Protestant and Roman Catholic" newcomers to  this country and the Old Testament to Jewish..immigrants.  The Student Christian Mave-  - ment in. Canadian "Universities,  the Christian Drama. Council,  . the   Mission   to   Seamen,   the  -Canadian  School   of  Missions  and many similar projects receive  annual  assistance from  by .Jean Jeffri*s_  THE Ez;mon: eo-nmjruty7 club  held it.; "annua' me*t:n4  ct  Fee-   2i   Bea    Vs.7-~h-.    %t.a<   7-1-  .ected    president.- Jac%   T3ait-  gate, vice-pres.dent asd -H -J.  Jeffries,       secretary-rteaturtr. "  The drive   fcr. near fresb-r-  ship was noi-very successful.  Mrs." Gene Silvey and ycur.^  ifscniel   have   been* ipcr.d.-,.*  -  a ftw day^ ir. Vancouver visiting Shirley's parents! "Mr. ail  Mrs- J. D. Cummmg*  l.trs.     Marjare:     Lon?d.t*>.  c'd-thr.e   resident   cf   Esj-r.-.rt  since "the- c-ir'.y 13-0*5 aa-d .t  St.    Mary's' i.o*p.taI    Feb:    ".  13C4.   Mis.   Lcr^dale, -**s   ;t  her  mid-tijr.Lei   and   is   ---r���  vived by her husband. J-.rn.  a son Jack in Varcoaver-ar. 1 _  a daughter. Mrs. Mary B.2.r.^y  cf. Churchouse. Mrs. Lossda'c  was a familiar flgurf  row;-* *  her lcrig"csj-.be  and up_until j  a   couple' of years  ago   spent f  many hoars 3 drsy cod ft>h..-.g. :  RAY NEWMAN  PLUMBING  Hot Watet Heottng  10 Yee��^o pcy    *  PAR1TA.NO RLFAtSlS TO  AU. WATER R^VIPS  Phone 886-9678  Yc<-r Bectty A^��nt  I  ~��  f  t  f "  r  i  MMMUMAMWWWWIMWlArfUMyM  AMU (  meetingj.  Feb.   13th  in  the>  funds gi\-en at "World Day of  activity room at the School-Prayer services.  MALAWKANA  DRIVE-IN  Selma Parfc   "  ���  COMPLETE FAMSLf AND  PASTY ts��ALS TO GO  -    CMi Cctt Come  ��  holien -S^af hetti  " Phone 885-2270  - *   .        OPEM  10 ejn. to 1 p.pi.*  Cloi^d Tv<��d4f   >  w*mmmt^m*0tn0tmm,mmmmmmmmmmw^^f>��vmm^  "After   the   children   w-ere' - Sausage, Jearfs hat in mouth.  all  shooed  off  to school  this    dragging   a   chewed   piece  of"  morning. Jean plodded out to . rope to which was still atach-  [t  the barn, leaving his wife to  her baking. She would brook  no interference or bother in  this chore and the- results.  were always masterpieces of  culinary art; A dozen, twej-  pdund golden loaves would.  materialize from the oven and  the tantalizing," nut-like'aro-.  ma would fill the house. The  ingredients of the- bread were.  a carefully measure selection  of  white  flour,   whole  wheat  SINGER RfPRESENTATlVE  Available every Monday for  Sole and Service.        _.'.  Contact  CHRIS'S VARIETY STORE  or Phone 885-2151  ed several sticks of dynamite  ahd a burning fuse." His tail  {was wagging violently.  "Mr. and, Mrs. -Jean both  -screamed in usison I ordering  the pleased"- animal: from the  house.. Sausage, looking very  crestfallen, scuttled under the  big stove, where the ronecau^  ght on an iron leg and came  -loose from ,the -dog.} He was  surprised to see hrs master  and mistress run frantically  out of doors"? so he j followed,  "Fifty yards- from the house,  all three looked back when  ���they heard a loud BANG and  saw splinters of flying shingles -and. a large stc*|e sailing  through the roof toi land on  the gjrouhd: in a heep of distorted  metal."  --imnnnrnnnnnnnnnnnrfrwiir-irM^in--i���-^���^���^"^*-**-********** ******* ^ ****************  TtNGLEY'S HI-HEAT  SALES AND SERVICE  For all your heating requirements  CHOICE OF 4 OIL COMPANIES FINANCE PLANS  WARM AIR OR HOJ WATER HEATING  C. E. (CAL)-TINGLEY'       Phone S85-9636  '       Box 417 Sechelt 885-9332  rf^wff-'rywinrii-^wi-r'tnri-rvini^^ .  DESIGNED FOR!  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'z*r-f'. 1 ���  12:,. 1964  '<r  i'    /��� * , i '      * I"      .* a  ,   .   //I      I   , - "        - * -    -       a , /  ���r ef 'j''       '    '' " .*   '    /  I<.JT*7,^Y,     i  "n:!, j*    r\m *   '  kaP1,s^%K*^H'^*tl*sK*'-1tlf ��� -*���**���.."���   .  fMjfll-'Cll t'���  i   *  i .-v*-*^  ^>   '. '   -    '..'���      - ��� ��� Vii  AiV.. ,-    i "   .        ���   ,. i'v-f$  *   * **- *��_ 7i\ -.-*.  i  ��� <������"���-" i ��� S_>     * i*  '       ��'  �����   i  ���.*"��� *'  L  ��42  ���V' r^-w  ���'-���        f I  W~>*      F        -���     ->7r��**-��>*?-*  -   *     -1   "     /  viUuvb**  f^ll-"  "���Sr-fcSM-*,**  - J'-5  1 -*�������    v *-   y  ' \-  ?    i-  * 'r? -   ��� r  * *   ���   ;r      _s. -    .'  -7 il v- *        '".H.1  '   *��� ��� ���    ';/ / ���*^*tw7   i      "**'. :  - ���-   .       "(,.i/l    ,'''!i     ���     i 'a.  ������ to*. '*���  *r \  '   \  1- K��  ?:0*f*, 7, <*  -7i;^*.*-   "  - * ���������.    ",-",  .- i,.-,-     *    --.  I J*-J -<*   v >.  ,~_ *".���" *"      "������  jo-a-   '-*-*  ���    I  ���"a ���*&._ .S*AS.5��7S  -���i i";,1. "*^��  ****������'���������A4(-,-t��1 N-"i'."-,-i*I?    r  . *i   -J    -  '     - <��� -^ir .   ;���:,"��(     * 5r'*i' -       .* �����  j-;**- t*  ���*>     " -'1-  H **���  i  - .--.-.- _...-�����-. . ���..  ' X- '       1 Pan American High  THE American influence in^ Panama is  It is the Panama Canal that p.  Republic's income and perpetuates ijts i  ���can capital and subsidies that" finane  try's progress, ifhe Panamanians, theii  be relative! prosperity, belieye they col  fortably without. American assistance o  tative of thej source and perpetuation  canal and jthe newly constructed, mul  cher bridge that spans the Southern en  Canal, .!..'���  *    - ���     Vl    . . ������!  Views Foreigl  this  T ���  beyond calciilat  ov'ides most  conOmy. It is  most of  confidence  Id exist quitje  presence  f this; confl  li-million dollrji  ranee of the  ion  of th��  Ameri  coun  <h roused, |  com  Represen  lict  is the  r that  ftanamc  ���-By Ray-Grigc  portant - of    the    prel  steps that must be tak ?n  m in ary  The  Ljnited i States  as   most|   of ^hc pro  ���countries  customed,     to   ��� networks  of the world  s well  'ressive  are- ac-  THf PAN-jAMERICAN HIQHWAY (Part I).*4r-There lore ap  ' parently m.any motives that (prompt people tc  trove  but o'factor common to all is changi^. If you shojld get  tired of crjuising. the alleged; luxury: of IBritisrrXloltimbia'j  highways,   pf   seeing ihe   ap-" =���  parently   -vtQnderous   ^enery  and^ fexperibneing   the-  diversify of our | provincial culture*  then    whyj   not  . turn    your  wheels souljhward and! try the  Pan-Amerieian  Highway.   You  can be guaranteed a change of  road conditions, of scenery &  of culture. !  The Pan-American Highway  is   intended   to   span   all   the  countries   that   are. embrodied  in    both    North    and    South  : America.   By   this   unification  by roadway,  it  is hoi��ed that  there will develop also a stronger economic,  political and  cultural   involvement   between  all the countries concerned so  as  to  eventually   produce  an  integrated   Nortji   and   South  America.. Although  these   aspirations are rather high they  are   not   necessarily   (beyond  the realm of realization if it is  remembered    that   the   Pan-  t American *$ighway alone will  highways that connect  ners of  their  nations,  (fcanada,   because   of  extremes,   have  a   nrroile   limited    expense     of     ro id ways.  However; we are in the position of having: a Trans- Canada    Highway    as    w  reasonable access to most- ar  all cor  We  in  limatic  ell  not  bring  about   the  fruition'    there  is  bf these hopes. However, the  creation  of  munication  some   basic  corh-  and   transporation  linkage is one of the most im-     British,  request  eas of our nption that  the  service  and  convmience.  But  ttere  are  coun ries  in  Central   America   wht re   not  even   one   road   traverses   the  length  cf  its; borders   let   a  lepe   the   width.   Costa   Rica  only   recently   completed    its  ���link witlji Panama while Pon-  ama is separated from Colom  bia by njiore than 200 miles o!  unconqu^red jungle.1 Although  a  roadway  c onnect-  ing all the countries of West  em South America  there are  hone joining  Venezue a ��� with  Dutcn ^and- French  *��� ��� .-���  ^'  ��    j ���r>  ..^ .,..���;'*.-     ,*  ���,*_  ,'-.;*.,;   -.- t v;* v *i *���"-*    ���*"     *���       .-.-"-.���..--I  Guiana nor these vith northern Brazil.  Evdry government agrees in  principal to the necessity of  such a highway as the Pan-  American but does* riot always  possess the resources for_JUs  share of the milage. Itlsthe  United States that has been  a'ssisting those cot ntrieS^Tn  Central America thit are in  such a position. One may  question the^-motivts of this  generosity but must also conclude that there will be advantages that will o utlast the  countries "obligation to its  benefactor. What the U.S.  finds disheartening is, the  usual brevity of th|s obligation.  In actuatily, jf the Pan-  American Highway is to span  the Americas, ther, it must  stretch from Alaska to the  south   of   Argentina).   For   the  Limited  A Complete Service * Five Seaplanes To Serve Yen  INCLUDING THE BIG HUSKY, CAPABLE OF  CARRYING SEVEN PASSENGERS OR  170(T1.BS. OF CARGO  purposes of these articles,  consideration will only be gi-"-  ven to that portion, which  lies between Mexico apd Panama, about one qiiarter of the  entire length of the proposed  roadway. I  MEXICO  Although the roads from  any of the points along the  Mexican border offer comfortable driving at least as far  as Mexico City, there are experiences that make the trip  quite different and initiates'  the dnyer to the 3.Q00 miles  of highway ahead. Many of  the things taken for granted  in our motoring atmosphere  are suddenly found to require^  conscious attention. Language  is ah obstacle that must be  overcome when % purchasing  gasoline, accommodations,  provisions  and  when  reading  road signs. Sanitary conveniences encompass far fewer  items than in Canaiig/so one  must be particularity careful  of public washrooms, fresh  fruits, dairy products, "meats-  and,: most importantly, drinking- water. Regardless of wher  ther7 you motor, walk, crawl  or roHerskate down the high-  5 way* you will at various times  feel 'as conspicious as a neon  thumb during blaekout. Occasions will inevitably arise  when it will be impossible to  hide the fact that you are not  entirely versed' witn all aspects of Mexican and Central  American culture. Some foresight will avbid the majority  $>f the more disastrous type.  Those who will attetnpt to  be most independent may bring along their trailers with  the car. This they feel, be-  ���seepage 14  A TELEPHONE CALL TO OUR SECHELT OFFICE  will  bijing  a  modern  radio equipped  aircraft  at  once.  to  jrou  Go Modern - *   Go Tyee  Phomfe SeeSpelt S85��2214 & 8S5��2215  OFFICE IN THE LOBBY OF SECHELT' BUS DEPOT -  :. 1 I   ���    - .'..--. ��       ; -    -.x, 1        :���     ' :        .:      ��� The Sechelt, Peninsula Times  Wed., Feb. |12, '64 Page 13  The Last Word  ON j how to taper off youn  srnoking  habit has been  'manufactured by the Swiss.  The idoove cigarette case is"  equipped with a time lockr  similar to that used in bank'  safes, which.can be set to  open from 10-minute to two  hour,   intervals.    Called'   q,  "Memo-smoke" it is design-7  ed to. .discourage the sub-  conctbus lighting of cigaret;_  tes. P'S. It retails.at $10.  "k  tencter ilCL  . slate  Ladies Auxiliary to  hen 112. Royal Canadian-  Legion, Pender Harbour are  starling off the year 1964 with  the same slate qf officers as  19Q3: president, Mrs. A. E-  Carpenter:.; vice-presidents"  Mrs, C. Wray and Mrs. Donald Cameron: secretary,' Mrs.  J.' Stacey;,- treasurer. Mrs. A.  Aitchison; ���Sgt.-at-arms/, Mrs., .  James Cameron; executive,  Mrs. John Duncan and : Mrs.  W. Rousseau:  During the past year the  auxiliary, gave  donations  and  ��� assistant;* to many local activities as well- as two bursaries to . graduates from the  Pender! Harbour high school.  The    members   have   worked  ���* bard to fulfil the aims of the  organization .which   is   working on behalf of all veterans,,  and their dependents. _ ;  At present the, auxiliary is  collecting articles for a rummage and white elephant sale  to be held on" April 11. If you  have anything to : donate,  please: contact any member or  phone Mrs." A. Aitchison 883-  2353.1, Any article that is useful Or clean "clothings wilt be  accer  or clea  jptabfe  - Phone 885-9646  Sechelt, B.C.I  Your Choice of  Hand Packed  Chocolates  '��vw��wiiiiiiiinmrAiii��>��inillniii<i����rt  rWyrfflff^^  ���*���*"***."  letterheads and envelopes  ri  Look, to your letterhead end envelope ,\ .  to7make a fine first impression, for you,  wherever .they go. Business cards are an  important consideration too!  business forms^ and machines  * j        ^ - j        . ,      -- -.  -"Styled-to suit; your particular business . ;   "     j  j                need. Continuous form systems, counter \ <  7              check, books, receipt books, order books, '  I      ' * *    requisitiorv forms., . -  statements and invoices  I of every description. Fi I ing cabinets ava i l-  i-   - able in a wide design selection.-Let us  "i -       help you pfah office forms fthat" step up  X l ��� ��� * speed and accuracy in every phase _of  " "**?-���" business.*  wedding stationery  c.   ���  < v.*  <���  <   *.''  <-; ���  *    ;  *.*'������  �� .-.  \  <  <  <  <  <. :.  ��  < . *���  <. ���  �� -��.  'J.*..  P  : ���?  2'  t  Ringing wedding bei is? Giving a party?  Making an announcement?  Bring your;  needs, to us. We assure you social sta--  tionery that's correct in form . . . print  with precision. .  8  - _ ; '���  menus to posters  Cards to .catalogs,  bills to broadsides,;  Posters to signs . . . whatever your print-1  thg needs, you can count on us foe-quality;  woricmanshjpr  dependable  service,  rea-7  sondbfe cost. Free estimates.  17  %  Seche_t PEir^suLA^r^e*  Phone 8r35-6954  SECHELT  - <  :������"  ,"  v*  ���i \;  &  v*$  p.  J  . 5 Si  a-- '<  i *'a  * V  Etw-akxxizcssssmmizQ  ffl'iffim'W^^M'W  V*  ',��*  i- fa  UVHH WPP ������ I ��� "P" Uk  A_l     .a_\_       1 -��_.  , ��*ftttf*-r--<%*.*.:.���Jij fr'.nz. "tv-rc*.,-  ��� m ii i j i  -1* ..',#*.  FW^  ���   ���������   1   .�����*--1 -"���       ��� �����     _. -"��"������ ���-���" ���-��- -w a ������ r^~   * ���*~-~m ^��� -. ��� ��� r-��-�� ��-. ���--��� -r -   -������m v   ��� s��.. * -  *.'.  "- ����� ,T , . ���l �� ��,   *������ . - ���** ���       .^-  ���;j-.-.-*-V-'5^*,.j-^!-'-' * ���:^j.^-ry^*y.~tf .>K^^-&��  ��� "' 'in r- - .1 f\\ v-i -ii'Y'ii'i i iiiinVi ��� n i iiiji i -"*���"��� *  ���  Pagfe 14.The'.Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 12,  wa rdport  The Times, Ottawa E ureau  in Montreal an ..February 10  overnrjnent  with  it;   first  the; pejtitical  constituencies-. bTh  coulql   fairly   rcfleq-t  OTTAWA���Two by-elections  *.. will  provide the  Pearsoh  opportunity since the April election t<j> test  winds. -'������        -    **��  The     Government     could    clas  scarcely   have  chocen  a   safer   j ing  place to; make its tests. The ; rrafjbnenteji .loyalties of  riding of Montreal-Laurier-;���l-adiass. arid particularly  held recently by Justice Min-; Canadians who live in  ister   Ch*vrie;\   wh.p   has   re-   ,bec.  signed   ta    become    Canadian        Perhaps1   more     inle  High   CcmmiS3ioneii^to[f.Bri-    j^an the Jesuits then  tain,   has!   bedn   Liberal" since    fhe^nuinbcfrl ��f votes pol  1952. ;     '-���*���'���     .,   -      .-(the Other parties:  The   neighbouring  riding  of  The Np\v  *e  depce  moteme;  largest cits-. Th  in  Quebec,   ho:  cajididates are JJiot close  sociated withv :tf(e indepc  ce-minded side".  In the lastr  Soicreds Jostsjg  but gaijned >iri  vote. An|d some  vote initri-ases  up in Mpr,treat  The "vi>tp  in |Febuary,  proves   a  prove  wi  whe-     can border and wit'  ^er~or-ri^t"^e-fcac[uettt star    hide,   risk   the Jnq  is waning,! whether or nit the  rebellious I Socreds i mov ynient  has lost i  the  Montreal- St. Denis, held since 193p..by Pbstmaster General DeiiLs, who is bping named  to thel Senate, hasi also vot'ed  Liberal consistently since 19-  21.      h ,        . ;  On the surface tgepefore it  ���would seem J that the resuhs  of the twcr+by-elections are  foregone conclusions.' It's extremely unlikely that any  party other tban the Liberals  will be amelto .out together  enough votes! to win the rid-"  ings<-' *     ' j  The Government,, naturally  enough, hopis the votes of  Montreal remain true to form.  The Liberals are four short of  a bare jriajbr ity in the House  of Commons. The Jogs, of even  one- of thefe; Montreal seats,  besides, being a scattering  blow to the; ,party ['prestige,  -vvojuld put the Government in  an even morfe dangerous position. I - :  The Liberajls are not taking  victory for granted of course.  The .Candida jes in Laurier is  tbe man who Jielped to fash--  ion many ot Mr. Cbevrier's  victories. His organizational  talents will be used to the  full; this time on his own be-  teiTf. j      X-]"   ���  DENIS   EFFECTIVE  Ahd Mr. Denis himself, per-  laps one of Jie most -effective  political  org mizers the Province   has   recently- produced,  will  do. his  best-to  see  that  he   seat   remains   Libra!.    It  *as *bieen   hjeld   by   a   Denis  first   his   btother   and   then  liiiself)  sincfe  1921.  /liberal  victories  are^fhere-  *'*?fe expected. But even-so, all  >arties  will] be. watching  the  ���esults   with! intense   interest.  -Dnly   one  of  the  parties   re-  iresented. hk   the    Hous��    of  "orrimons-Rqbert   Thompsons  social    Credlif    Party���is    not    ter which  rontesting tile by-elections.  The Socredls are leaving the  leEd  open  tjo  the  Greditistes,  heLl3-merai)er.group  led   by  \ea\ Caoiietje :which broke a-  vay, from   the^ Social   Credit  ast. September.   Tljie   Socreds,  >r�� Creditiste^strength in Quebec is said fa be oh the vabe.  *Jo one   knows  th|s  for  sulre,  jf  course.   But  th|s  could   be  >ne of the q uestions the Mon-  real by-election will answer,  SOCRED TJ]j>SET  In the April 1963 election,  ; Social Credi. candidates came  j rom practi(rally nowhere to  run second in bpth Laurier  ;,nd St.  Den,is.     .   Not   that   they   came   close.   .Mjj*.    Peai  lo winning,  Mr.  Chevrier got     from     hi.<;  <:,05fl   votes   to  the   4,282   gar-     prbach   w  nered by Gsljes Caouette,  the     pressure f|  .��� on   of  RejJl    And  Mr.   Denis'     Pu rty.  perennial   bill   of   11,707   was        Ji    it's   a  Jar ahead cif the 4,573 votes of  i he  Socred   runper-up.    ���  ""But fairlyi healthy votes alio went to Conservatives & to     from ^Engjlish  ]Jew     Demicrats     in.    these     ada Will  heavily - populated       working    otiier elei  TORIES HAY PLACE  Are the Conservatives, for  example, as badly off in Montreal as people get erally  think? Zt'js a brave Conservative uflio predicts v etory.  But Conservatives Leaders  will be immensely pleased if  they can win back leeond  place in t lie standings, which  they  mighjt  ver^  well i|lo.  locrats lave a  solid base in "both ridirij s.  This . is a pa^-ty which always showed i promise ol good  performance in 'Quebec elections, but-never succeeded in'  any sericus |measure. The  Quebec bianab of the Party  is tending; towards separatism. The vote in-the ridings  may give some indication of  the strength  ofj the  incepen-  t  in  Canada's  Party i:; split  -ever  an i  the  y as-  nden-  \ election    tire  Its' in Q lebec.  the    pi  ts mbmientum.  1964  2 rid-  the  Can-  those  Que-  esting  ill be  ed by  ipular  MOHE ABOUT  Views Foreigfy  from page 12���  cause^���it is  similar  will offer security. B  never reach Panama  it may be quite iconv  to   home,  ut it will  although  anient for  most of the wajl (this conven-     Even   though  ience ��� is subject \ to  ceptions). Some confision will  s  result   when   tbj?re  ficulty     in      locatin*);  parks.. Fortunately  a -reasonable numbe;  refuges    in    northern  and    with    a    few  words    in    Spanish,  gestures and some g  they c^n  be found.  _might   prompt   one  along his cwn source} of elee  tncity   or   light,   endow   him  self with a reasonabi? amount  of water, use these recessities  sparingly   and   hope  at   least  the embaras sment  of  seeking   these   elush  and   in  comfortable  condition  -until   it   reaches   the  coast  at  Tehuantepec.  Through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec tc* the border of  Guatemala the road will vary  in condition fnpm casual pavement  to  rather crude  gravelt  few ex-    will be drawn by the junglish  a dif-  trailer  there are  of these  Mexico  awkwai'd  enough  ood luck.  Ingenuity  to   bring  your  attentions  to   avoid  e   trailer  of the biggest    ar*d  motels and  m;  weh   n-jarked    to modifj* undigesta  dishes   to   suit   the  if it    Still,  one  will  havi*  ntthTn-f,   is Tiicifly   to-|-Ch?seL f^f^*?-*V  til  mqish clarity  4, #m t  It's   alv;iiys, diiffieult   to   assess   the   "results!  of    sy elections  of cOurse. jThe most  remarkable thing about th|em is  astoHishing  amount    of  comfoh   fill,    parties  from   them,   no \ matter  the  resul:?.  But   tb?re   is   a   wi<|le  much- more   significant  icould  ed by the ' FebrlUary v< >te in  Montreal. Prime i W nijster  Pearson   fias    u|nque(s|ticjinably  meet.  an  a-  nat-  lieavily - populated       working    other eii  -. uuuuw&*\0*\juu^uiMri00A0*i**AMU*0*vvuiMV*MnA**00M*  *^i.  chance on  a verdict  ernment's  diet    however,  doubt continue  going.   Tiie   verdict   on  s  For All Your Insurance  AUTO -  FIRE - DOMESTIC  BUSINESS - COMMERCIAL  Discuss lyour requirements with Chales Gathered  (20-yrs. expeiience) !  i  Real Estate  Insurance  *     "Gibsorls  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  Phone 886-2481; Res. 886-^785  /��nfwinnfiiirwinrww��Mri#wwwwwinhnnivwvw^^  "Cp  rt  be iluininat-  (|ierive  what  and  mat-  courts. Of course, iev-age connections would then be a .problem if you were entirely  conscientious. Regardless, .the  roads are sometinres quite  winding and the pills and  high altitudes may'Icause the  car engine to overfies/t. And  getting off^ the narrow and  poorly marked highway in a  town could be disastrous.  When streets are only wide  enough for two dor key carts  to pass, even the seasoned  driver of ajlarge trailer might  find his complacenci* distured  as he tries to negotk le his accommodations throu gh these  cobblestones channels. But in  such instances, the policemen  are quite patient and as helpful as they can be under the  circumstances.  Fewer things are likely to  happen if the trailer is left at  home  and  the  possi lilities  of  is   then  northern  cities offer comfortable  hotels  ce  efforts  )le native  foreigner.  to   pur-  he Mexi-  any ve-  mpetence  ut  there  availabil-  able  ac-  ot       be  certain  getting   to   Panama  conceivable.     Most  moved far in an effort Itc  the   insistent   rie^ds^ of  waking French Canadiai  ionalism  ~iVIany i^i other:parts o:  Cjah  ada are already saying Ipe lhas  gone  too   far.  Montreal   voters   will  ^ef. ,a  February 10 to Cast  |>n the Federal  attempt    to  national.ijinity on the bssis of  for   f rench  fuller   recjdignition  Canada.  If the ijerdict is^ not  oujrable orie, the^fessui  |-|?oh    fo    pull  conciliatory  11 "be  om \idthin hi  a fayes 9V1  bacljt  op-  tremendous���  ; Own  favourable  he   "wi 1    ^10  the way  speaking  to  hen  pave  ions.  MiUUMIWIM**MI*MM  Gpv-  \veld  ver-  he is  that  Can-  await  of local mechanics,  is a futher risk; the  ity   of even  unreaso  commoda lions       car  guaranteed       along  areas of the highway  In brief, the pr>blem is  quite simple and tl e advice  difficult to give. You are ex-  peditioning^into an irea that  in innumerable ways is different from, where you have  come. The economy; Standard  of living, climate ani culture  is radically unusua to the  Canadian. In fact, i i certain  areas, there is little cr no vestige of the iiems to which he  is so accustomed, "vdjusting  is an undeVsi atemeni of what  must be done in ord^r to experience sone reasc'nable a-  mount of con fort.  Not present in Canada but  .very prominent in Mexico is  the buzzard. Througl out most  of the highway mileages this  rather sinister bird \rill serve  as a companion. Hi; motive  is very clear. Neithet the farmers nor the road a ithorities  show concern for animals killed by yehilces. Tbe ugly bird  does his best byit generally  there is more thjan even his  gluttonish mannejrs ,;an consume. Cows, cattle sheep,  goats, dogs, wild animals,  chickens and birds, in  various stages of dc cay and  stenqh populate the roadside.  Eventually onl^ sunken hides  ahd I bleached j bones remain.  In the interimj, they are an  eye-sore and, to-say (he least,  a  nose-sore.      '  When one has became accustomed to this roadside display, the occasional toll highway, the language prSbfems,  the santitaty precautions, the  food varieties and th? Mexican drivers, then ventre pait  olimate and atmosphere, you  Irtvill probably experience your  first misgivings about venturing this far Looking back,  there Is noihing but many-  miles of foreign land. Around,  there are none of the conveniences, securties and assurances that are so common in  British Couldnbia (except if  you expedition along the Bella Coola or Alaska Highways).  Ahead are other-, unfamiliar  countries and 1.509 miles of  strange  road. '  GUATEMALA7^  From the Isthmus the land  rises into beautiful hills covered with sub-tropical trees,  shrubs and grasses. ���''The road  7 improves too, growing from  1 gravel and dirt to an asphalt  ribbon that carefully winds  up and down with the hills,  a pleasure to drive on but not  modern enough to be incompatible with the atmosphere.  Tins' green farms spot the valleys and slopis and' are punctuated with hiits. ,������  Being . sidetracked" /to the  site of Guatemala would be  rewarding. The ancient capital, allegedly the most luxurious, scity in North (America  during the Spaaish occupation  of the continent, was severely  damaged by earthquakes jn  1773. The inhabitants migrated to the present site of Guatemala City. But Antigua still  nestles within its verdant val-  , ley. the ruins of its cathedrals  . still desplaying their past  wealth. Its glorious . tradition  is now carried on by only  Indians and m5,xed breeds of  less modest income.  In contrast, Guatemala City  possesses all the enthusiasm  and! commerce that befits a  modern capital. Products are  available from every corner  of the globe. The quality and  origins of the man3r products  are innumerable. Jet plahes  lane regulary at the airport  fronti pointy nbrjth, south, east  arid; west. And* yet, beneath  and around all this modernity,  there still .persists the public  markets teaming with peasants, cluttered with foods and  primitive handicrafts; a reminder that'Central America  is  basically  not  modern.  ��L SALVADOR  There is no appreciable difference in climite, scenery or  road conditions throughout  the remainder of Guatemala  and through El Salvador-' The  farms will be so much alike  that you will wonder why it  was necessary to separate ;the  two    areas     into     individual  countries. But there is a.^gual-  ity in El Salvador th^t'. may  be j very difficult 10 detect depending upon the extent to  which you circulate ; witri the  people. In fact, it is a quality  that probably does not thrive  in the farmers and peajsants  _i who are engrossed in living  . and working, only in (those  urban people who laboui' too  ! little .and loaf too much. They  '��������� possess an aire of confidence  and arrogance that seems to  have been stimulated by the  recent overthrow and adjustment of the' government.  Possibly they are (the sour  fringe that decorates every  society and is justjl a ljt'tle  more prevalent in ElTsSlvador  than in the rest of Central  America. Regardless, they are  JOTP elect  1964 slate  JOTP   members   elected   their  1964 slate of officers.  Elected   were T president.   Ray   De  Long;7vice-i|resident, Sid Wary-treasurer,  Hel*-  officers,  ters; secreta  en Besdick; executive  'Mrs.   Jaek   IVfcLeod   a^id   Mrs.  J'ack Little.  This orgai  by the Roya  Branch 144.'  body, .buildin  ization  sponsored  Canadian  Sechelt.  provides  a,  charact  ning and op jorttinity  vel in compi  ported srsxit  pleaded tor  from pareAt!  year.  Legion  er traitor tra-  titiojis.. They  re-  cessful  yi^ar and  more  in  kh  support  e   coming  A  conserva live  is a  person  who thinks nothing should be  done for the  We have  first time.   v_  complete  Underwriting  Facilities! for all  types of  -Ar Logging  Equip ment  ir Truck Lin|es  it Saw A "lilIs  iir Aerop ones  ir Marin;  ir  Fire ���  it- Casuaty  ���i Life   f  CALL  j. h. ci. (Jim)  DRUIVtIViONb  Insurahcu Agency ',  886  T751  GIBSONS  Mexico City. Driving  come   progFeSsiyely   n ore   in  teresting  rhodations  although  will   grow  vailable    and    less    elaborate.  The nature of the cou  will change more rapidly than  in  the  northern  part  people  will  be  more  The ^oad,  although  relatively  narrow and winding, ;s paved  vtill be-  accom:  less   a-  THE MORE WE WOfftK  THE LUCKIER WE CV.Tl  Our reputation tor being a depcndobl > phqr-  maeyV offering friendly courteous service, re< uires: a  constant effort ^.to plcosc everyone who entsrs our  pharmacy. We work, very hard at trying to deserve  your patronage. j   j  Wc carry o complete stock, ond welcome prompt  paying charge accounts. And, the more wc w>rk the  luckier we get, for we hove acquired many loyal friends  who'get their pharmacy: needs from us. If you ire not  yet one of them please Visit us soon. You will pe wet  come and we will try hard.to please you also.  >i��riise Drug Sfdres Mi  ntryside  and  the  :olorful.  Sechelt  Ph. 885-2134  PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTS AND DRUGl ISTS  Gibsons  Ph. 886-2023  <��  ��MW ��"  'V II       ���   II  . ^    . I* I  .      I"  1  iiiijii   11. i      . '*   "   ^'"". .'   j ; '      _. 1    i. i   T^     [i'   1  .j-".   r_ 1h*  : SBS^flSfllBEB^^ **��� '������ -������.iiiii.i '��'i-*  S37  ajaa  - riinii  _s  k News  _ " ���By Rosamund Simpkins  MAGAZINE Racketeers are here again.,Many a pensioner  has paid out five dollars for subscriptions'that vanished in the thin air. At 2 p.m. Feb. 6 there was art insistent  bang on the door. I was feeding baby Anne, f put her down  in a hurry, for it seemed that ��� \ i3���hr  somebody  was in trouble.-  Upon opening \ the door, I  was enfronted with a young  man about 20, short, pugnacious and stupid looking.  "Would you like a subscription tp Life magazine?" he asked. "No, I don't *read,** T replied. "What a��T~you? Seme  sort of ignoramous?" he[ demanded.. "No," I replied, -*T  have a new baby, ��fnd I'm  too busy." Not to-be outdone  he continued.. "We -have these  two big volumes, which will  be sent by mail, for' free, if  you take a subscription^"   -f  *M don't want any^Besidjss  I haven't any money in the  house," I ,said. "Is your husband unemployed? Couldn't  you   give   a   quarter even to  put  down?**  he questioned. |  I wentto shut the door, bat  found he had his-foot in the  wily. Our female German  Shfephenl Tinkerbeli. attract-  ed[by the baby wailing, slipped in, stood beside me��� arid  growled���as^-I held her collar.  The city'slicker took off dow.71  tbe hill, on foot7'-    -       -    7  in Gibsons, on a'similar occasion, a half dozen such people fanned out-from: one  big  -car. Some of them were even  more insulting than this one.  SIGNS OF.SPHING  7 From my bird's: eye view of  the Davis Bay school grounds  I" know, that springlis here  wheru fTseejaoys playing marbles and girls skipping. Crocuses   and .snowdropilsfc7s=sse^jn  color and daffodils in bud. The  fruit tree buds are getting fat.  and the robirS are looking  on expectantly. The cheefcy  f seagull, now with us for the  I second winter, is- getting .tamer every day.  ��� Three cheers - for our outspoken editor. Where there is  smoke, th^e ~is fire���where  ther is dust! there is dirt.  NEW HOUSES '  Air. and- Mrs. Ray Newman  are slashing and burning on  their property across from the  community hall and below  the schooL Tfaeyl��wiilV.buiid  this spring. Mrs. Newman  says she can't wait-to get up  here, "from Gibsons. The reasons are obvious: our unlimited water supply, central business location *and the . fact  that these people are '��� keen  fishermen.. - .   ._  Another new house is being,  started on the beach east of  Mission    PC    MoteL    SeVeral  others are clearing in the district. - . .-"  GIRL- ETIIZND-DEPT . . .  I-would like to meet the  girl who has changed my te^n  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Feb. 12,1964 Page 15-  age boy from a sloppy oaf into!  a tidy fellow, f wonder who  she fc who put him in sxxsh  a dither that he (as witnessed by my eight year c^d Billy} put Bryicreem on his teeth  and toothpaste oir his hair"  SPECIAL NOTICE TO  MOTHERS  -Davis Bay School is;oat of  bounds to  ali-^dogs.  including,  friendly  puppies.  REGULAR AS CLOCKWORK"  You could set your clock  every morning when the jart-  itoress turns on the school  lights at 7 a-m. "and gets  things done. The health and  well-being cf eur children lie  in her quiet, capable ^ hands.  The rmorale of our teachers is-  faelped by the sight of a clean  and I tidy classroom. .zThsaJc  ycti filrs- Lincoln. Davis Bay  school Is very lucky to have  you-} :  NEWCOMERS  Wilscn Creek Community  Haitbslongs to everyone.7 born  or- unborn,  owning  or: lining  on   property   from   the   Girl  Guide Camp to Ithe top* cf the  bill" overlooking Davis "Bay.  1 The ~&d timers tell jacou:  tie wonderful community  spirit and work of the post-  But if they fivt too -rases in  the _past it ts k sure sign <f  old age. The hall and gxoorfds  are ��� there for jail to use Has  they ^e fit. Anybody wystutig^  . to*, do something or jchesse*  something, please teSphfifts  me at_��S5-213*_ jj     ���  T^y���fyfys -   5|     *  Smoke    you*    money.    It's  healthier. < I  ���':.,.  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Wlt>E MOVERS JT  {  Call Collect   I   j  mmmmmmmm^M  -- \  ���   /      ��  *m***��*m*******************  ��*****?****,  r ��  t  !  8  k  t  I  ���  �����������  8  J  *  k  %*���***,  fmmmim,  EUROPEAN TRAINED BARBER  You  look anH, feel | like  A new  inan X-  : ���  Next to Pool Room Sechelt  **********  1*,  ''*.*  - .    i  ' Si���"'*�����- .*". '.-��."   -   "      -  -   .* IX" Vx ' ���*  '���-�����F *-"-**>���** ��� 1  " ���"������"���    _*       ��w  *  ���    ���* a a    L -      *-  ���'���   : ���-������ ��� (.- -.-.  .. ..  **..** w-  "    _f*  *  - **       fi*  7" \   ��  ,.  :-���..���: -t,��'. ]h^.^ f,,;:;  *'  FIG ARBSI  SHOE STOME  SecheK, B.C. - Ph. SS5-9519  "SpecLalist in foot care't f  Hgwari' Isle  ufisa" -  FRANCIS PENINSULA    \- -  \:PENDER HARBOUR  Everything for the Beat Owner    j-  Shcli rAorine Prod.      Phone 883-2444.  if Pap To tdfsrtiie  TMs Space  Can Se Yours!  f.X  ! ���   *�� :  r-**j  t ���, -  ���������"il  t  ik  HII BistsHmtOf  GIBSONS, B.C.  Phone 886-2133  ******************** ��**m**************^.  MARILYN AND GUNNAR W1GARD have \ast reee'nHy mored into  their ne�� block. The main ijefltors being their ne-��< Shee Store. W*  ell remember when Mrt. Wtgord started her first, rtore in Seehelt,  she vas quite crowded fwUpeee,. business picked ap ��o rapidly  thot they te- to expend, due to Mrs. Wigerfs tncreasiag pepufartty  * for individual ottention they were soon crowded there also,! se hence  �� - the new- store, f'_j  J A person can purchase any type of footwear here Hiat.ihey  J ! coutd possible require. Everything rfrom Loggers- Caulk|Boots to  J j Dainty Slippers���Umbrellas, Parses, Shoe 'care products,' most cQ  { l-Bceessories to go with "your new Shoes. It ts a pleasure to shop ia  **<** ****t************W.  Helens I  -��-!-��.    *  Fashion  Sfioppe^  "A. iFaa line c<  M^drfarfe Kamiltcn   :  creatis��V"  I 5 "Bafs Block. Marine- Drire        {  Gibsons *] Phone 886-"?<?4T  ���** *  ���������?*  *   -  r*  F*"'  �� f there large, tastefullr decorated and well itoeked stare, and I cm  t i sure you wflf find M��. Wigard a niost pleasant person to deaf with  �� ������ .Watch for Wigards Big Sale Star^tg Febj 19th.  FURNITURE AND PAINT  j  STORE  NEW AND USED  EVERYTHING  COME IN AND BROWSE  SECHELT  Phone 885-2058       .  JiVrBl'OB & Exrmio&  1,1' i~a5  ��  t  ��  I  (  ���  t  ��  .1  I  ��  t  ��.  I  I  I  I  I  <  I  t  ��  ��  ��  t  I  I  t  I  ��  I  I  t  I  t  t  I  �� -  ��  I  I  I  ��  WiOARM SHOEr STORE  i  i  ��  r  I  *~*\  ******%  WE CAN SUPPLY YOU W|TH  -   All Your Printing Needs]  No Job Too kig        I  LETTERHEAC^  ENVELOPES  RUBBER STAMPS     ,  {  SECHELT PENINSULA TIMES  <  *  ��-  a  x   PENINSULA     I  J4OT0R! PRODUCTS |  (t^ST! LTD. ^ j  COMPLETE LINE       I  GENERAL MOTORS  CARS AND TRUCKS  AUTOMOTIVE PARTS  BODY SHOP  SPECIALIZED REPAIRS  Adjacent to Your New  Hospitci  Sechett, B.Ci     1 Phone 885-2111  _ <  *  ....  ^m^M&^m^m^^m'mimM^  t*,*^^.   ���m ~����� h~~t~-wh_t^Mtat0*n&aari i  ,i i.  ��i v     *.  3;  .j  Page 16 The Sechelt Peninsufo Times,  Feb^^i^i   isth Annual  withi: l  MORE A-OUT  Building [ repoijf  from page 1--  endeavour   t<:    remain  sccjpe ol' available furds.  AB pledge; arid conation^  from organizations and priv  ate^partjies w 11 be acknowled  ged in due cc urse. Wc e^-es  ion for be dor  eiyed and to mo;  sincerely solicit youi continuing aijl. ,  The ijiames pf a  feu* of t  organizations  I makin:;    donations totalling, over $),000 aije  listed as a matter of interest.  Halfnjicon    ;Bay   " Emprov*-  Celebrates 81st-birthday  NORMAN   J.   TAYtOR; of  West   Sechelt   celebrated  His    81 st    birthdfoy   Sundqy;    Hospit^i'"Au  with a family party. Born W-   est Products  Port Mellon Burn'i  club holds dinner  nolds, and Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, all of Squamish; Mr.  and Mrs, Ed Turner of North  Vancouver and Mr. and Mrs.  W. Purser of New Westminster!  \Mr. B. Comeau returned  home to Nova Scotia after a  visit with his sons on the Pen-  ninsula. He was greatly impressed   by   the   size of   the  e  THE Poet Mellon 1 Sum's Club held their 15th Burn's Supper!    large trees in this^rea  ." ' '   afld  Dance  to  commemorate .Robbie  Burn's  205th  ���Anniversary, on Ihe  1st of February.  About 200 person^  attended. The hoggis was piped in by Mr.' R. McDonald,  after the Selkirk Qrace by Mr.. J. Swaa  Mr  ment    ^\sscc.,J   Howe  Pulp       Employees'  Fund, Halfmppn Bay  Auxiliary,1,7 Sechelt  and    Kjinettcj iClubs,  Norrhluijnberland, Ontario  ih 1883, he was married in  Vancouver 54 years ago. After a. sojourn in Saskatchewan, the Taylors moved to  Sechelt in T944 where they  Have spent 20'"very happy  years.   *��� -''     ,    '   /  MORE ABOUT, . .'  Subscriber supplies.  from page -1���*." -*'  sewage effluent into Trajil  Bay, subject to^the following,  conditions:  j   (a)   review, aftej  5  years; i  \  (b)    construction    drawings  being approved by the Health  "Branch of the Health Services  and   Hospital -Insurance   De- :  partrrient; > v  fc) that a' site be reserved  for a treatment plant to offer  a higher degree of treatment  when cirdumstances so dictate.-     ..-.,-  You will observe "from tljie  conditions that the' board ah--  lieipatss that more. extensive ���  treatment. ojf the wast|e mjiy  be necessary in the future  v/hen the quantity  increases.  Since the^ipresent wastes are  to be discharged off the foreshore of thje Indian Reservation, well wilhjn.the bound- j  aries' of thef Reservation, and,  of! the adequate '  lets'' of the waters  y,  ho adverse lef-  xilliary,  Sourjd  .Chari iiy.  Hospital  Kinsman  / Sechdll  BC   Fok  ,*U>cal 797.   IB  V. C. Wilson gave the  spiel to the haggis After dinner Mr. A. Ferguson gave the  toast to the Queer. Mr. R. E.  Hume gave the -tnast to the  Immortal Me'morj. and Mr.  G. Davies sang, "Star O Robbie Burns".  The toast to Canada was  given by Mr. E Sherman,  with   response . fr'nm   Mr.    H.  PW, P*j>rt M*llon. Ml. Elphi-  stone ."Chapter"  No.   65   OE5.  Gibscrti-;   Hespital    AuxitJar,  Pehder      Harbour      Hospital  Auxiliary.  Many a Christmas  a clash  by itself;  tie  . Mylorie.    Toast  was  given  by  Mr  son. t  The   Burri's  Ghcjrus  old Scotch >songs a  f>    Scotland  E=. Ander  s-ring   4  bly directed  thef-   McBride,   Joan   Di nbar,  and Peggy Gillies.  Toast to the ladies was giv*  en by Mr, C. Woods, with  response from Mrs. W. Flock-  hart. Mr. R. McDonald gave  bagpipe solos. Haggis bearer  was Miss Peggy Gillies.  Out-of-town visitors tc Port  Mellon for the occasion wercj:  Mr. and Mrs. Gallier4 Mr. J.  F, Stephenson, Mr. and  Char'es Winch, Mr.' and  R> D. Young, and Mr  Youncj, all of Vancouve  and   Mrs.   Wilf   Gray,  C. E. SJCOTTE  BULLDOZING SERVICE  Land Clearing - Excavating  and Road Building  FREE ESTIMATES  Phone 886-2357  by   Mrs.   E.   Sherman,   accom  panied by Mrs. 1��. Rudolph/* wack; Mr. and Mrs. Rod Faij-,  Highland dances were- presen-" quharson, Mr. and Mr|s "'"  ted by Carolynne Miller, Hea- . Reigier, Mr. and Mrs. A  Rejf-  RUG CLEANING  and DEMOTHING  Day or Evening Appointment  Done Right In Your  Own Home  1 :    '     * .1  RATES REASONABLE  For Free Estimates  Phone 8B0-9SSO  on account  diluting eff  of Trail B  fects are" lijkelly to arise, certainly none affecting those living outsidV the reserve. The  .board also feiHr that the Indian' band  coilnmencied  were to l^a. highly,  for   their   effdrts  in  takfog 74uch a* major s.ep  i��*  forward in providing sewbrs  for their people and thus  greatly improve tih�� sanitary  conditions tin the (reserve."-  MORE ABOUT ... ,  Clarence Joe * .  from page 1-^-  crs of half of what they owned?" Joe asked the assembly.  'Since Scales" time the white  "'tnan has gradually encroach-"  ed more and more onto cur  Jlands.".   : ;  He  mentioned  Render  H;��r-I  bour wheirc* thc  Indians wifre  finally   pushed   onto  the   bar-  ran   Indians   Islands,   and  the  Squiilap rescr.Ve under hercdr  itary   chief   Harry   on   Thorr  raanby Islind which was soldi  to a white man. dnd Dcsertici  I&iy. where the boundary waft  ^^Stablfehed  in  a!zig-zag   li|nlfe  L'7?o keep the Umber, thc wea tlfi  ^X>t the -land W the white m^rf..  "Yoi\ young  bojys  have  got  to-smarten dp." said Joe, "and  work   the  same  ajs  the   white  man  does.   We  cain't   siT~FTC:re,  ujnofant  peopje.  We  have  to.  work   fjjsl,   dig   irtto   back   re-\  cords and prepare our brief.":  BtENOMINATION \  Due to some technicality, in  4 he Indian Act, ' renomtnation .  fdr chief to fill lout the term  of Chief Craigen was held.  lElectrion^will be held March 7.  :w|th ptlawa's approval. Th'e  hame three were renominated.  Alfred August, Rtg Paul* and  Gilbert l(be.  uch of Todays Car Advertising  Irt stocl:,. ami  irnmedia te Dc liver  *  CHEVI.OLET  CHEVIOLET  CHEVILLI'S  SPORT  //  ig City"  Deale  \.  |.   .   Must remind  Eilch "JPitchman" is  th  M  f  you of th<! Midway at a Carnival,  offering something sensational, and  at you "can't loose". Now you all know you don't get  ar ything f6r nothing  not  "madiae-"'*  yo  '1 [ou only get what  DTORSarenot4bo  Julst "Good, Honest  COUfE  PONTIAC WAGONS  PONTIAC SEDANS  CORVAIR SEfDANS  SEDANS  *  WACjONS  SUPER  $  . We at PENINSULA MOTORS are  dori't give cars a^ay. Remember,  u pay for." And w��| at PENINSULA  ut to give you something for nothing.  Dealing."  AS AVAILABLE  BUICK  ACADIANS -  CMC " RUCKiS  CHEV.  -~-g  ^____>  %&��&��&&��&  -CHEVY II  TRUCKS


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