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The Sechelt Peninsula Times Jan 29, 1964

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 cS V.* ft'l  Serving the Sunshine Coost, (Hcwe Sound to Jervis Inletl, including Port Mellon, Hspkins Lending. Grcnfhcm's Lcncurvg, Gibscns, Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek, "Sclmg Pork, Sechelt, Holfmocn BayySecret Cove,-Pender Hcrtscur, Madeira Park, Kteindcle, Irvine's Lending, EcrtCoveJ ��graor.t.0 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29.  |9&<   10c  EDITORIAL ."...,.-  IJiiiiif (SMUed: Electorate  11 .'".���' -       . -    *       -     ��� . - -  1 SCHOOL- BOARDS,   municipal   councils   and  improvement  ' districts are forms of local* government. "Trustees are^s  elected by various categories bf electors to carry out public  ^business and spend public monies raised by district taxation-  Societies also, incorporated under the Societies' Act, spend;  public monies raised in various manners, i.e. public subscription, membership dues and government grants, - "��  In .the case of St. Mary's Hospital Society, the board of  trustees spend money raised from membership dues, public  subscription, government grant.TBCHIS) and direct taxation.  This board spends the money raised by the hospital improvement  ,   district (HID) by-a direct levie on our land.  _^in-turn, we, the people, elect various qualified people-to .  '-act ort our behalf, to make decisions^oncerningjthe operation  of Qur business, to spendthe monies we contribute, directly and  indirectly. \ . *      . " -  As long as these trustees feel they are acting in our best  interests they will be. pleased to have us know what they are  doing about our business and the reason they areLdoing it-  The function of the press is to attend these meetings arid  report on them to keep the public informed about the transaction  of thcirbusiness. 7  Many times a public body may embark upon a course of  action of which the public disapproves. Sometimes this disV  approvaJ7is valid, other times noL- Many times disapproval is  ���*��� expressed because of the public's lack of knowledge concerning  the facts. When the facts.are known and the reasoning behind  the decision explained, the pubtkrmay still disagree but they  seldom disapprove. -  Any corporate bodyaCting in the best interests of its membership should be glad pf all the: coverage itjean get. because  it has nothing to hide.  This whole process is commonly referred to as the demo-  cratie^process and can only survive when we have an informed  electorate. Failure of an electorate to be informed results in  v"thc" breakdown of this democratic process with thc^-natural  7 progression to dictatorship, which" progresses  in  an orderly  manner from the local to the national level. *    -     "  The process of an informed electorate taking an intelligent *  dnd active interest in the operation of its own affairs is known as ;  local autonomy, grass roots politics, and we fear our grass 1  roots have been fertilized with too much cow manure. t  Not taxpayers' money  Thrown out bodily . . .  Times editors rebuff   :  ���- ��� *f ; . ' -     .   '- -        '.  r^calls^ MacKenzies day  REFUSAL by St. Mary's Hospital Board to admit Times  Editor, Joan Donley, to their recent meeting is reminiscent of the "days when William Lyon MacKenzie encountered similar treatment in Upper Canada.  I  MacKenzie found himself%odiIy put out on the street  ana" his notes committed to a nearly take when he attempted  * to give press coverage of legislative happenings.  I   Could it be that the board had the same in mind for  Mrs. Donley?    - ^ -         "  Referendunt is Passed  WITH Vancouver Bay and Nelson Island yet tobeheard  |      from, the results of S.D. No. 46 referendum No. 4 are  ?qs follows. ,7 ."--"._- <  |           Attendance area     -  - -           ���[        }  ' ;}       Egmont   ��� --- -   ���j       Irvines Landing .���: -..--,���  j       Garden Bay    ^ ��� -   "     Madeira.Park. ._ ��� -. ���   i        Halfmoon Bay-  ���^- i -_���^..  \       Sechelt Rural   .: XX,  .;._,.  ^^     Sechelt Municipality ,_..--.  ...;    L--  Dqvis Bay ���..���-������^ ..-1-~-  j   \     Roberts Crecfk. _.    .,-,���-,.-. .���,- ------  I   r     Gibsons Rural -7  -7 .  ._...--.  fl Gibsons   Municipality    ,. ^ ���7  7   ." '  Longdate: ���;--���v-   i     \ Port MeJIon ^��� --,   '}..        Gambier.--           ��--z^~.  | Nelson Island :������-.._. -���-   Yes  10  11  Tool  29  43  34  23  75  150  223  43  19  8  2  W." Milligan  IS ADMINISTRATOR of St..  -   Mary's      Hospital      ahd  secretary of St. Mary's Hcsr  pita! Society. .    _ :-  isston reta-sei.  L Manr-V! baari  TIMES REPORTER, Mrs,"Joan Donley, was refdsetf admis-  r"��', ' siori Monday night to the "regalar meeting- lof the  board of trustees of St. Mary's Hospital Society by W". Milligan, administrator of the hospital "and secretary of the  board, with the authority "of the rest of the board, he sard.  Mrs.    Dcnley  expiair-iic.- to  Milligan the board was .spending public monies ar.d thcte*  fore he coaid no- exclude her  from, tie mealing-.-  "Milligan maintained: beard  funds were derived from gen-  em! i z v?htie -j r-;d theretc-_~e  ndt chared a; public rhonies.  Mrs. Donley ; disputed- this  painting cut '-tKat St- Mary's  Hospital society spent funds  ra^ed by the hospital improvement district bv -a .direct  taxation  ca  land-  Joan Dorrley |  EDITOR of the. Secneit  Peninsula TinrtSs was fre-  cently barred from attending meetings of the fSt.  Mary's Hospital Society.}    =  PRIVATE MEETINGS .  Sliiiigan    -.��j    receptive    to  t^iy wcti ^P��j;dui��- taxation  ���dc7jrs. -but still refused, ad-  mzssioz on. the grcur.ds. tne  meetihg u.ere private because  *���ki--   K-i.���'   ..-:.~h^yi   (Kjw    c^     Tf  the.  puhlic    v  what "is r^irt.  join St. lli-  iety   knd   i'.'c-.z  ir^eetihg."*  zc- si--.-.  Wfcfcn   i:   '.,-..-  that there u-^s a ,  ^���ere Jand   j<*: ^ll;-  c:  punhc  mt-rrv"  -UP-ih     thtr     Lllc.l  ceclaredj "Tr~t j=  fcrmitien   t.-.,-   -i  'c tnef; tna n   ���.��������;-  ��r~   *-^ -^--���   i~&' ...... *  .- Earlier ~. :z.r *  Kuiits. cT*^:rr"  ad*��-isfcti an .:.  ter. Mrs. N..:.  t-tcc.7 "she h^;  ley "fsied   LI.  KU33S  if   .!��� J.  trJ: T^r.��i.- ,"..  to  '.rv  rinow  should  H  -.tea  our-  Lspse  items-  . r..v*  a ��^-   I iS V  . J *     C-^ ". *  r---D��:  *   _      i; .;     .J?  St. Mary's Hospital  Joan Donley vm  a St. Mary :nuEse fgoinyiiia loorii fedn  JOAX   Dcalev.   editor   cf * the *���*' -     ^       ��# .  JOAN   Dcnley.   editor   ct  Sechalf " Penihrula Times  since its debut last year. ?i*rej_  ly krewj. vcli-t she is writing  abc.at ��7ren the subject is St.  Marj-"s" Hospital in Secfcr-it.  says S- B. AUgard. publisher  of The Times. j  When sh�� arrived on} the  Peninsula 24 years ago} her  first jcb vv25 as a nurse aj St-  MaryV Hospital. Since I her  tenuis as a nursa she has Seen  eyeiythinf train a tail sai-j'.er  at. a sawmill ta the wife of  Bcb Etonley. a -rugged indir-  iduaiist. kneu-n. on. the coast ���  for h;s definite . epiniens cf  many things, net the least of  which is fs=2dani of speech-  Joan, mather of five (Some  new grewn) spent- three -years  as a schcoi trustie caring  .which "time- she instrumental  in getting the Pender Karbcor  high schcel constructed-} She  also played "a part in the establishment cf the rural {mail  delivery system out of Kaif-  rnoon T5ay. -��� S  She has held a commercial  _���see page 5  EDITORS NOTE���The following is.o personal account by  Joan Donley, Sechelt Peninsula Times editor, of,thc  events prior te her being refused admission to a neefiog  of St. Mary's Hospital Board.  "Previous   to   the   meeting.  P.ay Xcitntan, cf tne Times.  phoned Harvey Kuirbs. chairman cf the hospital biartL-to  cnecx  ;r.   the   meeting   date  net attend . this - rz.z~\ir.zi fce-  caus&-^ it   was   a    meeting   of  ccmrrut.ees where ysricus  chairmen ��i-ould be - submitting their repirts. Kg- aSso said  -zVCr.er.    I    arrived    at    the  meeting at*T55 the dcor *-as  knecked  snd  MilU-  came   cut .ar.c.   saw   rne.  *7--'*- -^ fe^-~ m^ntit^* thett came  and uniociei- the dcor and-  asked m.e What I. wsnteti-  "I told him I had came to  cover the meeting far the Se-  cE?It - Peninsula - Thpes. and  he said it was a committee  meeting-  I  got ou"   nty  note-  f  ���  O'ji   Z.-J.  ���_- ti *t  '.-e   '  - .  0,v-��;    T~t  -  :    *    c  ..  <^-s  z.  **- ct.-i . * Z    0  ���re   _i-'  n   ot  3*  M_-t --  1L  r '-  ~ *-  T  ^ ���  "-.sri   tl* ***  ��.    _5      ,-  -    4-d*  U"^  cf   tre   ^c-,-          h  v ^_:  rt.  t\-a.i *-���  t-                .  . ^'-  ��.  ~re  -p��3i.^g   ���  \'        i  ���- re\  NOT TAX  MCNEY  ~ n c  **-��i jl  .' s    r  ��� t_tr  J-.-  t -^     ���*"  .,  ,.    ���*-  ,  -  Icck��  fculi  " .->  D^-tr-  frcat  -r-  ~_t:e--   I   -a a  1>-'j >���1 tt - .*-: >  ���   !-_���    n      -.  v, * i:��.'.. r -^h  l.  v. s   eh  *>  i -  --* ��.*- tr-t  rx.^^*-  ,_e  .  'e*h  c  ��� ..  i>     c *.  .  r k. :-  .\L  ���-   c , .  PUL"  Total vote 988, affirmative vote 7841 6r"79i4^:.  j Peek-a-boo  EVIDENTLY the only "way the Times can jecrn be*. St.  Mary's Hospital Society;spends taxpayers mcce>'  i*  by peeking through windows ct closed-jr.eetings.  f -  -s��-�� page  J c ','. ���"ir'-  t  ���*".���; v  *    ������"���'i ."������>? ���  ��� *    *'-  *.'-"��� 'L*"*<  . .  j"A !W*t  ;���..������!.���������*  J*.-*;*,-   '-  ' ���'. s5  ���> i.  i\-  v  -.'-..'   *���: .  ; ���* * ������' ��� ���  <��� .:"''���-  -      i -    5 "  ��;' 1.--J";.  i   ���:'<;.  *       ,   !   .1.'  ��  *���  ��  *  *���.  ���.*"��-  ' ���'V  *tT;  l��  * :  n-c7  i "������ ��� .���-  -/���^������/'���.&"'  M   i-V  < " - :    -"  < .'   ���  i   ��� '-   7 -iii      i      _    .������ .' ' ' ''J "'  ll^��W��IJ��  J* ������  *^*C-1**!1  ^**-* a-ai*.  ���^���MIM-l��,UI  *. ��� '  ���*i?*-*/-��*fSv**s*.**��,.>; J"-^*.,*-^" *i-ri--5  ������ftfe'iV  -j. c  *������'4.:  ^v*>7  it-   t-t i ����� c  ���>���"���*��� ' !. *. Page 2 The Sechelt Penjnsula Tirfres, Wed., JcU. 29  f  ^mt&^vmmmi^mi^n.  SSSSl  -H  964  DEA'THS "(Continued  7,- Published- Wednesdays by the   *'  Sechelt  Peninsula Times Ltd.f ot  Secheit, B.C.   ''-���"'./.  Groij Circulotlon, 3,000 Coptics  '-."'    Classifled Advertising. RaWi:  3-Lfne AdBriefs ?! 5 words). .,!.' - _  -  Gnu Insertion .���~i; ���- .....;|. 85c  Three insertions 7 .,-..'-.,- f.1.70  > Extra lines (5 'voids) ��� I....)5c  Box Numbers, "Xi,u.���.... 25e extra  If paid before publfCariof* a discount of 25c her AdBriefyis allowed; Seroi-Dlipldy, Supt/r-Oisploy,  ond Blue Chip Display/1.50 per  inch.       t\  Legal Notice*!  17c per count l|ne.X5 [words) first  Insertion,   13c per -fpurat line subsequent -insertions.  ,. Deodlineji-Scft'QVda'' ,5> p.m.  Subscription Rctcs:  10c per copy, $0c pe- month (by  corner); S500 per yeor, in  advance. \  Card of Thonks, Engagements,  Deaths, Births,'In Mcrftortom, Coming Events, Etc. Per imortion (up to  40 words) $1.25; cxSra words, 3c  each. 25c Disecjun't jf paid before,  publication.  toai(M>i(ia��ia>ra��4 ��������**��������  ���       :      '. i~  COMING EVENTS  GIBSONS   Ittfcpit  Va 1 e.n.t i n e  Dance,   February  opening, '7:00  p.tt  VALENTINE  cial, Saturday  s$"L5p   pttr   cojiplc  single  person.  Legion. ���.  ��1   Auxiliary  smorgasbord  15th.   Door  5070-9  Dai|ce   and   So-  -'ebruary  is.  $1.00    per  Rtjberts  Creek  .5005-7  ****���    ENGAGEMENTS  MB.    AND   .MRS  .Yates   ot   St'lmp  .nounce   the  their   eldest  Anne ��� to .|^ru?��tha  Green   of   Ctjdga'ry,  "Wedding to tpke  a.m.   in  St.   Anthonys  Cathp  lie  Church,   West  February   1,   19tr4r  Wedding Announcements  Fiank   S.  Park -... an-  fc.n$jgeinent-^ of  ter: Wendy  i Edward  Alberta.  place at 11  Vancouver,  5075-7  MR. ANDiMRS. -fujlMcbonell  are pleased to announce the  forthcoming weddjing of their  daughter Sandra Marjorie to  Mr. Leo Bolduc olfj Van!, B.C.  Wedding to taketjplace Feb.  8th at 10:45 a.m. -,St. Patricks.  Catholic Church, tfan.r B.C.. ;  ' ; If: 4976-7'  PERSONAL  YOUR "scrap  metal  is  worth  cash    at    Simpkins ^  Place.  Phone #85-2132.     !j    5048-tfn   -* ^H : =   SLIP   covers   made\ to   order.  For      more,    ' Information,  please call Mrs. Yvbtte Kent:'  Ph.*.885-4461. 1      5063-7'  LOST  Halfmoon  Bay  '"spotten'i black  VICINITY of  female dolg,  and white, Ipng e^rs, |2^" high  at shoulder^. Kiaidly j phone  John Matthews 886-839J6, Su-  per-Valu,   Gibsons!. 5072-7  HELP WANTED  EXPERIENCED  Apbly    -Mrs-  Sechelt" 885-19928.  W a i 1 r e s  D.      Carter,  507J  REAL ESTATE  WELL-BUILT 2 BR spHt-le-  vel~'home "with basement,  fireplace", steambith. Baauti-  ful waterfront lo; with -float.  Phone 883-2352; pender Harbour,       "7 5069-9  -7  LARGE  duplex,   two  a  dwellirig   and   two   3  S.C.. Suites.   Fur wished,   e.lji  trie jhot water. O*  fiddles. For Sale,  seperately.   K.   G.  Box No.  Sechelt  room  room  eljec-  1 ranges and  lease or r|ent  Pumphrey,  PEI  EAL   ESTATj^Cohf.)  m  arge  >ENDEfl ;: .Hhrbo|  view lots, A^tes^iblef by car  and boat. .Wharfage available.  City am^nenities, Prices' from  $900. Terms. Sechelt /Agencies  Ltd.  885-2161., I        ~'7'    5)86-8  C. E. Kjirirj  AGGETT AC  Bbx 63  835-2066 I  IncieslItd.  Sechelt  50  WORK WANTED  ROY'S pW SERV  303  Now- thret-  awd manyjspe  handle    ajeres  ; plots  [ RQTO-  The. best Iw-ar  Plowing, !Dis  !Light  Blsjdei  Mowing   :  zes,  vr *f it  ial Maiach"  to  nd law mi.  riLLING  to prep; i  ns  j    ���' .Power Raking .Laif.  Have youir laivn .renewed  by  'removing . d^id   grass  and    mower  then" poweri  lized.   To  bav  you need th is  . ���������   twice  Please  885  phor e  BOAHD&ROOM  a  .avaIlabl.  Phone 885-91  BOATS &  19   FT.   COP  East-hope,  trade for calr.  AUTOS &  1951LCHEV  885{-977L  FOR SALE  G.H.Q.  tackle,  appliances and  "G&sns.   Phone  CE  actors  ne�� to  garden  ing,   Cul  Work  anlc  ing.  -jft'eed4,  brusih.  RQY BC'LDERSON  -9530  even in gb  in  t8.  ENGINES  BOAT  $400,00  With   5  >r   will  Phone $83-2689. ������  4980-9  TltUCKS  $|150.   Ph.  5074-9  386-9(  ?^" SHEETING, ijimk  $35  M,   Go|od   fit  -  Hemlock 2X4\$39VM  Davis  CEJ. 17  Bakr,  ])iecc  tri  :��teel|  00.  cedar���  $90   Ml  Simpkins  Ph.   ^35-  5057kfn^  $7  pie plate  c, ookware.  nevir ised. ki^  5.00  PETLUX1  " "s?ainlets|  Rei. $14i5b,  sacrifice   tor  885-2056.1  1963 MOE>:2L Gibsonk. 2 door  frig. S15C. Phone 8115-9687.'  4978-9  DEATHS  Phone  4979-7  ���Passed  aWay   Jan.  (Frank)  FRENCH-  21*it, 1964 frarici^  French aged 72 of C>wrie St.  Sechelt, BLC. Survived by his  loving Wffe Alice. Funeral  held  Jan.   25th,  service  1964, at  -da's  Seehelt,  Harris an  officiatiria. .Interment     Sea-  view CetTfeteryl Harrey Fune  ral Home  tors.  p.m. fron]i  ^ngUcan  i.C.   Rev.  Rev. J.  St Hil-  Church,  Denis   F.  Fergussen  Gibsons. B.C. direc  5087-7  FOR ALL TYPES'/ OF 1N^  SUR^NCE lyQpUDJLXG LIFE  AND,' /HEALTH AND J\Cqi'  DENT  AND lBEAflL  ES  and1 Rentals  Contact!  ,     Office;|8S5^2065, or  Eves*. E. $dijt4es 885  REYNOLDS ��� Passed away  Jajo. 24,'19647Agnes P. Rey-1  bolds" aged 637 iate.o" Wilson  Cresik, B.C, Sru\-ived by one  sqjn,j Thomas .V". of Hbijseshoe  Bay] Two grandchild rein and  close friends, Mrs. Ol iv'e Gra-  FTam ��� and Mr: and Mrs. C.  Mahlman, Gibsops, II.C. Oho,  ...cousin. Bill Wilkie. Ladner,  B.CJ -and relatives in Scotland.  Private funeral serv ce from  the Chapel of the Vancouver,  Creniatorium,-- Rev. D. Donaldson officiating. In lieu of  flowers donation to the St.  Mary's new hospitil- "fund,  <Iarden Bay, B.C. Harvey  Funeral Hoine; Gibs ins, B.C.  Directors. , 5088-7  ���i  t  I  I  '-r-*-*X v*  y  i  lllHlfc  Celebrote 40th Anniversary  MR. AND MRS. J. EtDRED celebrated their 40th Wedding'  Anniversary recently with a'party in their home.  B.C.  14-tfn  Scows"���*-= Logs ,  *     SHERIDAN T.V.  Sales and Service  RADIO ���- AP^jLIANCES  Phone 885-9505    .  *e soil  vating  Gra-  H. B. GORD  KENNETT  R<^al Estate and  Phones.  885-2013, 81  BRITISH AMERICAN  f   OIL CO. LTD  ~r>uel|0il - Gasoline- Oil Products  ���i - .  -1 W. A. Parsons, Agent  Phone 885-2016  V/hoit Rood, Sechelt, B.C.  -2191  i  aiid  PEDICUR  Mrs. F. E. Campbell  elma Pork, on  Phone 885  EvOnfngs by ap  The Finest In  FLOWERS    .  For All Occostions  tLI^lfD'S FLOWER SHOP  I anniversary  \m. AND MrtS, J. Elctred .cele-  ; brated their 40th Wedding  Anniversary .oh January 25th  at axparty held in their home,  many^..guests were, present,  among*-them were, Mi and Mrs.  - E. Laidlaw. Mr. and Mrs. B.  Lang. Mr and Mrs. W. SWain,  Mi*, fold Mrs. D. Currie, Mr.  and Mrs. % K'urluk, Mr. and  Mis. G. Reeves. Mrr'and Mrs.  R. Reeves. Mr. and Mrs. S.  Butler* Mr. and Mr*, J. Eldred  Jr.. Corpl. and Mis. Nelson, Mr.  nhd {Mrs. Cal Ttngley, Mrs..  Lillian Gibsdn.  ���  A very pleasant evening was  .had by all. Mr. and M*s- Eldred  wish to thunk all for the very  lo-v-eiy   gifts   which   they   re-  , ceived. v  moss  clipping!), -and"-  vept and fertil-  : a goo^ lawn  service iit least  a year.  bus stop  776    r  >ir>tmerrt  TELEVISI  SALES & SE  RELIABLk - P  RICHTER'!  & RADIO  Sechelt, B.G. - Ph  ortly.  $044-tfn  lechejlt area.  50S2-7  IREPLACES  PLANTERS  FOUNDATIONS  .   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Insured work from Port Mcllon-  to Pender Harbour  Phone 886-9946  MARVEN VOLEN  RAY NEWMAN  PLUMBING  Hot Water Heating  *��� Nothing Down  10 Yearsto pay  PARTS AND REPAIRS TO  ALL WATER PUMPS  Phone 886-9678  ',.-,   Your Beatty Ag.ent  C & s  SALES fc SERVICE  Agents tor Rockgos Propane  Home Furnishings ��� Draperies  Pittsburgh Points -       __  Rangesi Heaters - Appliances  ^ECHELT, B.C.  Phone 885-9713  Lions elect  first slate:  JJOE7   BENNER    w;is   elected  president       of      the       newly-  iformed Sunshine 1 Coast Lions  club. Vice-presidents are  Charlie Gregorjl "and Fred  iJorgenson, setreUiry ~ Gordon Ha!!, treasurer ��� John  Toynbee, 'directors';- ��� Alex  Merlingi Gerry .McDonald and  Lao: Johnson, Ljon tamer ������  Charlie Gregory,: Tkiil Twister  ��� Art Jamesj entertainment  and; publicity -*- Ray Nest-  mah, projects ���1 Jack Gibbs,  Installation of officere was  held Sunday at ; a, dinner  meeting in the Totem room,  Ray Sheward Of Vancouver,  installing officer. r  Chmreh  Bethel  Baptist' Church  I Seehelt,   B.C.  -  Church   11:15   a.m:  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Prayer, meeting   Wednesday  .7:30 p.m. ,;  aitfflHEMSSaESiiw  c  H  A  PIEiaB  10  ummL  NMBE  ti  A  a@^-��aB^aas7;.aa  leg 2  A  Ayi  MHAL  R  0  N  ii!aiaBaiisaiis��i  ion  2161  Phone Sechell 885-9669  PENINSULA  BUILDING  "The House Wit  ��L7. Coldwell,  SUPPLY  rt^-A Heart"  Proprietor  -. -Box-97*-- Secjhell, B.C.  SHEET !MI  /Cauri  Oil Heatin  .Cowrie Stt|  Phone  Sheet  G1BSO  Phone  TALlTD.  SPECK  - Furnaces  t, Sechelt  5-4455  ^Aetal   \  S, B.C.  36-9961  WiVTERFRONT LOTS  ��ARL'S COVE SUBDIVISION  "i  Adjacent to Earl's Cove Fe&gy terminal on Sunshine  Coast Highway, Beautiful view of Jervis Inlet. Excellent fishing and boating. Good site for rnOte|l and boat  rentals.  WATERFRONT LOTS $3,500  VIEW.LOTS FROM $1800 *  down. Easy terms on balar-ice^ Discount for cash.  \0f/c  0. wm  Madeira Park,, B.C. ���? Phone 883-2233-  i  3-S  ***  ft.  1  ��  P  1  I  &  4,  I  1  I  -!  t  t I  i.  -"Scout Leaders   _#       __  EQ ALDRED, assistant scout master, Frank Newton, scout  master, both of the .Secheit troop, and George Flay,  scoutmaster of-the Wilson Creek tr<|op,.rpll up their sleeves  and pitch in clearing their campsftjs at Mixal Lake near  Irvines Landing. These three scout jllsaders deserve a lot of  credit for the time and energy the^freely give to scouting  . in this district.    . -'" �� -."-.-'  Wilson  k News  By Rosamund" Simpkins  LISTENING in on a fireside chat betweert-husband Alex  and 'Trader Vic the Red Snapper, deepwater cod, invaded Davis Bay last summer. Rev. Harford was seen .hur-  ryiihg home with a monstrous pink fish, almost as-big as  hifhself, which he caftght frorrfthe wharf.  There were over twe bund-     *" "    " ~  red Red Snappers taken, in  shallow water. Brian caught  a boat load of them. One _of  Vic's customers caught so  many by herring strip casting that "he Complained he was  seeing pink fish in his dreams.  The ynysiery is why did^ these  creatures of the deep crime up  into the shallows of Davis  Bay?  Could  it  be  that  there  is   a   huge   hole-   nearby.   %v.hicH  became over populated? - Or  did they come up to admire  our  gorgeous  sunsets?   .  BROWNIES  Wilson Creek ^Brownies are  collecting a scrap book M  Canada to trade witrr an" English Brownie pack. Let*s hope  they include' the Sunshine  Coast. Their meeting date has  been "changed from Tuesday  to Monday. Reminder���Mother and.-Daughter banquet will  be February 17.  DAVIS BAY SCHOOL  Flay of Wilson Creek rare  happy to be. able to finaliy  develop  their sites.  IN SHAUGHNESSY  Mr. Charlie Brookroan, with  a cracked pelvis, ihe result  of a'traffic accident in Vancouver is still in Shaughnessy  Hospital, not doing too badly.  The' children   of   Davis   Bay  school .beard an account of  war      condition���   ft^sm      Mr.  Brookman  at - Armistice  time.  They  wish him- a  speedy  re-  BALLROOM DANCING  Several couples are interested in formQig an old-fashioned ballroom dancing group  at" the Wilson Creek "Community, Hall. Sounds like fun.  If interested, write to Sir.  Gregory, Box 242, Sechelt.  "Co very.  TO HAWAII  Mr. and. Mrs. R. L. Jackson ���ha ve^j gone    tor�� Hawaii-  R.G. Legion vj  Installs,.; .   1  ZO?fE commander L. I A_  Schon cf Powell River f irU-  stalled the officers of Haw*  Sound District Branch No-pG9  Royal Canadian- Le?ien7lln-  stailed wsre-president. R.f K.  <B3h) Carruthers: first vicc-  presirien:.-.J. IL" tJi.hr.) Wilson; second - vice-president,  'Mrs."Van. Gralmm: . secretary-  treasurcr. -R. F. Ke-nnett. Directors. Karrv Jubv. A.I J.  Wheeler, James F. King.! NL  M. (Curly) Martihd&ie. Ai M.  Crowe. i  This is the first lime to {the  knowledge-of" It F. Keriiett  that a. woman has sal on I the  executive. I  Social Notes  from Sechelt       {  by Betty -Williams j  Lee and Jack Redman flew  to  Hawaii  for a holiday.!  Magistrate and Mrs. Johnston flew to Victoria fori the '  opening of the legislative assembly. Mrs. Johnston attended a session with the department of municipal affairs: and  also--with the to��r. "planking  branch. She - invited- Mr. Gag-  lardi to attend a luncheon in  Sechelt and he has accepted  the- invitation. _       - |"  Milt Lonseberg rtpcris  Betty has undergone surgery  and is improving rapidiyi  Frank Parker is In St. Paul's'  Hospitit;. f  The.Seche't Peninsula TTmei, WedJ, Jen. 29, 1964 Poge 3  MORE ABO^T  ;  Editor airs views  from page I��� "     -  Times, she hit quite. I -cvo:-'  ed this ta Mil agar, .and asked  "him  *3   advise-*- Hubbs   that   if  he wished -x~J^ucr".k i signed  staterverh   tj.- the  Times,   w  weald  pr;R;~; it.  J "-Whc.1    yLilkiog    to    N'est-  rnan .earlier IHuchi  told, him:  'If   it   hs-dn'r    teen    for   tn:��  -papcr-   net Sly    would    have  -known "anything   abuut -thi-*  Tm*    pva.p;r.i cauitii    a.11    thr  trouble-.   not.7: u��'  "I tr.ed z-:i contact John  Harvey, bowj memtcfr ar.d  called at his ;hcu$e. He v.a&  home, his haosexeepcr advised me. but was too busy to^  s-;-e anybody.  ^  "Newman saw \V. G Gardiner; Iras tee fr?m Pender  Hirbaur anst alL he would s��y  was . ~I guess we'll have to  throw an open house for her?"  PRIVATE SOCIETY?  ~ -^Magistrate Johnston, government representative on. SC  ��� Mary's hospital board was nor.  present_at the meeting but  felt the board was within its  rights since-��St. Mary's is a  private society and responsible- on'.y' i^���iis ir.eir.6err.  Thc-re had r.evc-r been any oc-  cas'A>ri in- the pss: when.thc  pre*; had ix-er. present. The  society tiave always msde  their own pa-is releases.  t- "He-felt rr.y report or. Mrs.  Nichols   <Lsrnis>at   v."as   gros-i-  *   '   - -I    * -  W unfa.r *rd t--t !--*_%  ing or. th..i .cl.  "If I f .-���-*-  secretary   .v v. t 7.T.*l   l<t  badj's   b��--r".c-^ "  -Al-n    f -    ���-.-     \--'  years   h.    " -c   ' <  n   "���   '  en thi   :.  .. zr.  (i  " St  '.r  ,   J  hispid.  D-  .jis -  ,  t i  ���en  t -  ���n  witii tn-  -A  s.t  ^^  ..ct  ��� f  r  ,e  new  r;-;  ,\Z  ..  "Ih-   sj  ~  n  '  I  >  .i  ba'.'e  feu*  d  f *..,  '  T-t       1  * l  -1  L  wrtiu- ���*.:.  *  <t. t  "  ���.  '-!>���..: j  r  -_^t  th  .S     *rt  ." -  .  *  my p-^.r..  . - Lr^C J  Kf.tr  A  -*  -a jj- {'-'-.���'.,  4  o.-��  H  -.���*���  i -~r  ���frl  -  a-i<c 5 "/J  i'  :.*.-.  ���r '  ���*>.  ..  even. ��'*,  ?,_  j.  it*  ���lL*ivt:  t.cT  a   r-  -.���  r  -t-  pATICtT   ��  r ,  ���v. a   :  f  4-**  *   -  ���  Time.-   ��t  i. .  f  r��-\  -  c.  St.  Mar>  t  ������- "* r  *.  .   r.  _ r  ,-  Parking discussed r . /  MILLIGAN-RIGHT  "Cj-.or. Gr. ��� *u . C- .-t -.^  CoaJ*. M.. -.on r^-^-t **. n*j*. .'. t  on tr.e 1 :.i.-i v.,.> pri . r.t a*.  the h-eet.r.- 1 uW-d r..~ :i I -  frhj Mi.l.gon r.**\ tx-t-n r.-.-.;-  * to exe'.^de me  "He rep.iea.   I certa.n-y d^.  - WeJ as   s   boarli. Jwerr. a*ell  -wiurtir. ojr ::,-hti nir* to aliow  - you* ir.���z.     tne "pr--;    Otner  ha*phal   t; i rti i   c ->  r.: t   ,\*'. ow  ^ihe ���pn.s.i to atttrtc'their nkt-t- s  Tin��$.   Ever,  a   nwrmber of  (he '  rsocit-iy-   cannctj    attend     the  t board* rhei'&ng. ^-xoi-p:   fcy  *n-  <,t.r.iDn*     .*  -fi^* CKf-.-i r..-d *tr .".' ir *-���������  ct.'j:*. cf t: ��.- ri*Ujtic.---r..r '" *  ',����*;���".   ���.-.    tv-an.:. *i.c  *-i>c.ity  %-. zkt-z*. .*".��� !..< Jr.'.y t.j t..e  trrsr.ttr-! .p r** ti-�� ?'' *".".  s-.d tr-f ��-<:.<-'->. _ * z--.-*: "e  b��jdy~jt. n. -p;:r.-i* .�� t' T.e '-X-  pa/.r^' puL-7..' l.t- :��.n  "Tne  ixjard -l^un^ltr*  tr.e  affairs of t.tc"society  i.nd prevents a. public asfcoijntin*: to its .  membisrship r at " tr.e   .��ssuaI  would be tj ip^ns.crt the soc-  ie^-~.   :    .   ! "1  Selma Paik community  Holds business meeting  THE regular meeting was held Jen. 21, w-tf/l 7 residents "     I1 "���htrs t^-cd r.frn-.f he h^d  - in attendance, and heard guest specker, Mrs. N  Bc'f    b**" vn '��  V^'X^7*"^ *'rrch  of Roberts Creek. Repocts showed.the cnbbcce club hcd.cn-- ir^esa<-i:ed- ^f *-i ^--:0*s  average bf six tables ofaying, end the bridge ciub is being   THE BRUSH pFT  enjoyed. If is. hoped mere foursomes will join.      -    m     . -��He   rep7tdf   C^r.a.nJy' ~1  "The   librarian.   Mrs:   W   K.    ":���' * ^~^ i was  a -ir.er  The children in grades five   .They   visaed   their   c|augbter  and six, taught by Mrs. Slater, are putting out a magazine called Short wave. The  name comes from the tugboats going by, operating on  short wave.      -.  TO BBC   s~     ���  Marilvn' Boser has gone  with Mah* Harding to UBC  as delegates from the Elphinstone Future Teachers' Club.  They heard lectures about  Teach'ers' Club; were, billeted  Jan. 24,   danced  Jan.  25. "  SCOUT PROPERTY  .  Scout property af Mixal  Lake haS been divided so each  group has it�� own portion���  Sechelt,: Wilson Creek*~and  Pender Harbour. On. Sunday,  Sechelt and' Wilson Crelek  scouts organized .a work.party  and went to Mixal Lake, near  Irvines Landing to. commence  clearing -their individual areas  for campsites. This final division of property was accom^  plighted   at   a   meeting   at   the  Pam at ^SL-^Margaret's .School  in Duncan, en route:* and are  expected   home   February   21.  Mrs. L. Lund  LONG "time resident of Selma Park,-"Mrs. Louise Lund  died in <i Vancouver hospitaL  and is-_ survived by her son  Byrorv and "grandchildren-  Mrs. Lund and her husband,  who pre-deceased her, were  among the first lease holders  on IR No'. 2 in 1.92-L Up until  a few weeks before her death,  she lived by herself doing all  her own housekeeping, despite the fact that she was 94  years old". ;and almost , completely blind. Mrs. Lund came  from Lancashire, ahd her farther had been a Writer with  the --Manchester Guardian.  The deceased had travelled  widery. going* to the _ Gold  Coast; in her youth with her  geologist husband. -" later had  been   in   Australia,   and   had  Sheridan, ahsent through _illness.- sent a report that the  new books had arrived! eiso  a number had been tdonated  vo the permanent^ library, including copies of; "My O^?.'.  the" Elphinstone publication of  student writing. ��� "I  -: Mrs. L. Fraser. chairman of  the Sewing Circle, repcitec  Glare Barclay had h<?ld the  lucky number 59 for thi cake  baked by Mrs. Hensiikc. It ccokits.  was suggested by Mrs. N.  Kennedy that the numbers h:  the. sewing circle had iacreis-  ed so .much that it might-.be  well to hold the meetir.gs ih  the centre - as some hemes  were not large enoughj  Mrs.   Geo.    Batchelorj Sunshine     Committee     chairman,    daughter borr. Jam  20  reported   sending   a   card   to - Mary's   Hospital.  Mrs.   L.   Lund   in   Vancouver.  Ball, -chairman "of the Board  of Trustees.- School District  N"3._ 4*5. -who explained ih-T -  School Referendum No. 4. ar|i  answered questions en the do~.  tails^in the .brochure, which  thc residents had- ..received  through   the'mail:  At the close of the discussion. Mrs. Fraser thanked the-  guest speaker;- and invited all  present   to   stay   for   tea   and  committee.* Wr? .-. ;'I  cr-iirman   ct  ....   liio-  ke^ h-.K:  New citizens  To Mr. &>.d" Mrs. Jackie  Cumming. iT daughter. Jam  21   in St.  M3>y's-HosDitaI.  tSJ  Rcid  Mr.   and -Mrs.   Jimmy,  of    P<mdt*f*~ Harbour   a  tie   *4  committe'.- Re- _#&:a: 'i:: *ay no  more. This ;>] n*jne cf your  txi!kine4s. This'is a-pnvatr society. .Good  dtif.  miHim.���  *A1 L'oyrf. t former boani  me���be r.. and 5jha irm.a n - e f S":.  MIry's hospital icc-iety. when  ayfced  his-op.hi3.-i   stated:-.  fWhat ire fhty afraid - of*  C���nair7y cur hoipita! society  is j spending our: ��*x dollars  arsi will be s**er.&:r.z. rrxns~~cT  tht-m- as tin r*' cri- "* fc;. W-,  have-a wc-I.- ^ "^tL-ri-n r:,r.t  to' knsu- -wh-t .s t<.-.r.g ct-r-ir  with - oar m r.*.*..- Nrt " -r :rn  irJorm.iit.c-n  .-  - :t z  ^.-.er.  (.-*.  ..."        * *  '"Having c: _i.**J ;  ot   tr.t    h-'ji.t^     ��oc-:_y  ww3   I   car*    t"   n-i-ttr    T  *~    .. �� ���*.      tr ^-- r     can-recall \t-**    ^���v.   '.cC.--.^:.s"  j _j  .    s- --*    . To "SL-. ana -iirsr h- C^iv cf ^ . ,  - *  ond a cars to George Rustoo.     ,,   , ~ .      ..   .;..        when   mitts r-   *k,   c.xi!i:  u   j_ ~j i.__.r_      -���    -_      .vim stra    r&rt,^.    **    c^w^.i.t^-,  January 22. m St- Mary's Ho~-  '������pilaL        .'���:_'  who tiad been taken siiddenly  ili on the Sunday and i| in St-_  Mary*"s  HospitaL  hom&     of     Cubmaster     Bob   Jived in~various parts of Can-  Goodwin.  Negotiation  for the - ada.rShe always took a keen  acquiring of the property has    interest ih current events, and  taken  a   great   deal of  time,    with ���: the  assistance  of  radio -  and both Scoutmasters Frank    and taped recordings epjoyed-  Newton of Sechelt and George    music and the current books.*  1-umnnffniiiuinruinniinrr'' ������������������� awMaww  YOU'LL SCORE EVERYTIME  with -  ^@%X  Ken Mac Parts Ltd.    |  Gibsons, B.C. Phone 886-2031  DAILY DECIVERY TO SECHELT  Complete Line  AUTOMOTIVE AND  INDUSTRIAL PARTS  ! ��w��iiwi��wr��w��>ivww������ww����i>��������w  XZ\R PARKINCf       .    I  Previous minutes showed  discussion re the parl-ikhg of  cars on the bc*devard at a  numerous- cars and wrecked  leasehold property. This meeting \nras told fay H- Bstchelai  that cars may be parked o?  boulevard providing they are -  33 feet from the centre of-  road. - I  ���Mobile cars must h**/e a  current license, but juftk cars -  do not need Licensing. One  owner may have threes cars a  year so parked for safe without being liable to take .out  a" business license. Under new-  business - a diicussioa^ took  place re notifying menijaers of  annual supper. The meeting  decided the onus was jon the  members    tci  Age: has its wisdom.. But it  took teen-agers to discover  that  hfe can  be sustained on  nothing  but   hamburgers   and  french fries.  v.iiich, bein^ af d c<rr*  tdrst, were- rot. cf pi  terest.  ;~Le*s   he_r"  all cair'eiec"���i  rvp.<��� r.t^t.. ���  ciscus> ;-at-tr.e- ij-t.-*-*;.-.g; t-.^  so vitally affr-.- the a r.ci  of  our   leca.  tiflj.ri "  s   ---.. . . ' .    .      *-���''. ^     .-      Sg  1 -m*~-���&MXLb"W- =r** I  ^ "*       ���--.-������'   J**  I JANITOR SER��ICE LTD.,|  1  fe    *  Complete Btiilding Maintenance  �� . .* -   - I   -.!     -  S    *  Commercial"��� Industrial -  1  1  5  t.  ���i  .-$:.  \f"r  s ���  *���*  - ��  V--  4  0    ���.������  *. *-i  <  i -;���:  s  2 .'  *     ������,  i ?  * '.,  :*'t-  *  -r  *< ��� ������  1.1  1  1  ��   *���  Employees Bonded���Liablity Insurance ~ |  attend  fregular^" S  - meetings   to - be   informed   of * ^  .events  which" were  pfeaned.   ~*r*  At   -the   conclusion fof' the   "{  "business 7m.eeting.  Mrs.   E_- A_   S  Fraser, president of the cen-    g  ire.   introduced   ISL-s.  Norman - f/yyy/y^#yyjw/y/r/y/y^JX^  Call SS5-95 i9  FREE ESTIMATES  r  i  i  ii  'fjrfZjrM  f"7 -        ��� "��� . " . -" . .-"* "'   . - * > '  ���i:  ��� ^.. �� *-- S^/  =. ^  BETWEEN Port Metlor  of approximately <  telephone toll charges ar��  ,3iid]Egmont, a distance  �� "miles, three different]  ;in effect.      7    |  '. This is realty one cojmmujnity. People frcjm all  over the. area, belong to common clubs, -use one  hospital and bneliquor storl* residents from as  ���far-tip as Secheit. work a^ f��or| Melle*%^verybody  pretty well knows or knows; of everybody else.!  Yet thc most implant facet! of our iffitty���communication���is restfictea by |oll charges imposed  by the B.C. Telephone do.   , I  These "oil charges tent to foster partisanship since each arcajcandu :ts its business and  social dealings within the confines of its ouln toll  area, because excessive kbit costs prohibit th[e frjeie  l:f  Curtain  ange of plans, ideas and op lions.  we are ever going to work  is. a whole to  something ofjyaUie for the \||hoIe area we  to have^owork together  "/ niay be wrong,-  I shaft not be so wrong  as to fail to say  what Ibelievlito be right?'  HOW TO FACE A <-Rl$lS       f-  SOMEONE,   in  talking7 [about  evangelist     Billy    Grjahalm,' .  doubted that  he pre.'jfchj��l "a  Taxe��g*BeMt  (Westfloast Advocate) i  ndl to do this jN ^ subiJiiskon to the R3yal sophyjof Emerson true today,  n. As long as     Commissficn     on     Taxation and the Sermon' on the-1 Mount  intbrch  Y~4f  create  an: go  wc mulst have effective communicatib  wc an: saddled wiht restrictive toll charges wc being   healrd   in   Ottawa,  will suffer from the results of inadequate com- American   director   of   C-  ���    .* u        !<.���._������..., ~r ..Li,   ^r-;*.>n   Union   International   told  mimcition, such as Restraint of ti^ide, partisan- ccmmissioiiers   Jhat   if  e  sh|ip, poor liason and| public relations. unions   wjjre   subject   to  j    With laclrof conlmurjication m nor misunder- come taxej; "it would mear  standiigs.can snowball out of all pr< portion to the "agning of their, death  facts and circumstances. We are jin a difficult 4rw-s ���  philosophy acceptable NO our  John AT|Ki"r"S times�� j reatj that criticlsjm and"  it bothcred-me. Wc streamline  our automobiles and change our  furniture styles, but must philosophy come in new model each  year? j       ��� '-. -  -  1 don't thilnk so. I -find philo-  Ci|-edit  the  e'-edit  in-  the  war-  breaks wc can  tr|ansr ton period and need all the  g<[t. Cne of the first steps should We to eliminate  this   testrictive  certain.  -aitafiiai  l  .- IT LOOKS as if Prime Minister Pearson has! given  . the lion's share df $8j,000,0QQ additional  federal funds to be diMribured in the Canadian  . provinces to that ribtapiy troublous province of  Quebec This powerful ba& of French iulture  in Canada is to get S47|000:t|)00. - .  '   But doubtless the jallotmenrcan be justified  "V oh grounds of population, and regional' dipelob-  __JVment needs. In any event, aefrferous treatment pf  Quebec has its special us&pjness:  It is )n that  province that the strongest! Elements of French  separatism are at work] iniCfanada, and it is there  ���that they might proceed witjh least regard for the  ' dangers of their prograjn even, to their own French  ^culture^   .-    . 7 ;,-!... ,r   - J  ����   ~fftr\~ Pearson maylpoint out iotfierii that \iist  practice-  i  take  d<  laity  their  border  lies  a   United  my is so powerful that it mi .,,  n spite of American wishes, overrun Quebec charged  ���a  e i ���        . ��� j .        ��� . ���.. i    l_-i -.��.. ~e .u_ other   t  if that province- tried to exist mdep,  rest pf Canadai.  Supporters of (  wn   the   wire  ^n needs no now curlicues.  It seems t��j me that if -I were  deepty troubled. I wotild not  reach out. quickly, for the latest  in philosophy. 1 would;go hack  to the old maxims.  What better" way to face a  Rather a strong statement  to make; and one which will crisis than to remember the old  be hard :o prove, for credit ���jnjUnctioji that sufficient unto  unions have taken large stri- lhe day is iNc evil thereof:* Every  des   in  Canada  and  many  of   , .  .    ,   ,  their loca! branches are in an t,me �� bun*P  n!o ">�����*tthc  .    'influentia    monetary  position, hard-facts of lite. 1 g^ back to  "   It-has always been a  paint that old advice and fry to live  of  conler ticn >why   thossi   gr- my life one day at a time, look-  Slates   whose ouped   under   the   banner   of jng neither backward nor for-  aht easily, and credit   unions   should   not .be ward  ,     s olH Sir wilHarti Os-  he   same   taxe::     as .     ���-,  .   '      . . <-.��..  H ���,w, nf ,h, ���    Hiks   ^d   institutions ,cr and ,catt "�� ^am. for that  naenuy ot tnc performir]g the s.ame sert-ices. wav the philuwphy ihint guided-  anadtan unity *j��0 assurr)e that credit unions his life:  as  more  than  such warnings   with  which to do not operate  for pro:  ain a common sense attitud^ in the prov- was statdd in the Submission,  They need, indeed, token 1 vat Canada is 1S carryihg things to\far  oviig toward an era wherein p  have more opportunity forv  ovincial rights     "  .the I credit ��� unifl\.  rderlv   neace- no1 -makrng     ,T��on^' ,  raeny, peace   wouM hrye  to    dos^  asertiojn as against the'rulings of centralized doors as fdo othir instiVAttions. thousand time*'by others. Some  r-nment at Ottawa  The   recent. Pearson  move  or��[ than temporary reassiirance  Mankind has battled  for so  long-���generation   lifter genera-  Were  ''orl���"na* virtually-every crisis  they vve ordinary men must, face has  their been puzzled over ^aritl faced a  '/.  Lei Mb  i%S THE Conservatives in Britain so recently dis-  H covered, and^thd harl way, there leallyi is  tlb substitute for ai leajdersHp convention, kfthis  country, there are gijowinj mutterings by Conservatives about njiuch the same* things.  ^fr.  . DiefenbaJcer,]   exliding   confidence, i is^  ililiiiiife M^sssb��^*s  'lost' people-  are ^bothered   by  tho$���'~~p<iss'ises  of  Scripture   they  the  On the <j>ther hdnd tho  ~^���;a<**.  ii,ti��� unions have become*"tn<t  provides httte ders  of  some  vaiuable  to people who estate,   rot   to  mention  hari such feelings. But that it h-ils been taken is holdings. This, could not  hd�� rstandable to .friends-ot\ Can idian unity.       been aciieved. without  '������*���"-      I *   ing a profit.  Try    ��� I"     "^  credit ot the moH, gj{Icj nav1c written  ��� down, in detail, the attitude that  other helped them most. It s��ms to  have me, that these afliuides arc as  hiak-  valid_ now as they  were when  Caesar ruled. ,und when Christ  Perhabs   those   hearirjg   the walkcd among men.  case  of  taxing  credit, unions  will have a wider knowledge Some planning for the future  :ntlv predictinsTthat he will bit accorded over- -of siich things* but to the lay- may be necessary and prudent,  mmg support  at  the  ConslbrvativC   party's ,rnan " fs ha.rd t0 "iistingluish bu( a plan, if too formalized,  r     j     ijetween        ���*......*__   j--i  2   institutions   deal-  be-  annhal meeting early next ycai.  And well he i;ng in- .jmancing and <jne  migit, for ay annual meetings, ^  party leader |i virtually axiomatiil.  *s.  do not understand; but  passages) that Mother me  t do- un ter'stand"  are those  Mark T\yain  brethren,, be strong in the Lcrd arid in  Ephesians 6:  the Lord  causle to  ��� -  i< X  S'*     %.  ^> .1.-  :  >  i*  ���  '������FINALLY,  the power of his- might.  Raul heartily believed in "the strength-Oi  and the power of hi*> might " He had good  believe h���he had encountered it! We may secretly think  "that was fine for Paul in the olden days?���but it jjsn't  realistic or even applicable ii modern life."  living examples to prove Pail's advice is st��i  anil applicable. I [earned.a great deatabout "being siifong  in thc Lord'l from a'man  wasn't even <i Christian1  "V et whethfer Mr. Diefenbakei  could carry a  full bloom leadership convention is quite another  mattef.   If he feels that hfc can  certainly appear! to be ��� the case  his recent utte'rirfps���then [he sho  be t;tvt:n an o^pdrtirnity to try.  This, certainly, is the only v  doibts in the niitids of many vflill be dispelled,  anc the air cjeared. ;  A (COLNTRY PREACHpR in  asked by his congregation t<  abiindant crop, responded: "Oh  must   mleet   federal   ant  vincial  taxation.  has  limiting effects. To some  migjit, for ay annual meetings, [support for the ing  e'xe^"^vhile "the]'' other cjd?nt ��.irlose*, the mind, and  prb- closes the door to alternatives  that might in a flash make the  plan obsolete.  For what it is worth, my ad-  e vice to those in trouble is to go*  right   back   to   the   old  phjlo-  j.ophy. Live the day before you,  /^? a* l i uruic ��� ��* ��    ���    v    ,r>'ing to ,ove io"*' fellow man,  (Natiohal Wildlife Marine) "kjjowing that Wt. a��� face per.  FIRST   teach    the   child   the|**��nal  trials >and  tragedy.   Plan  value of work,  no rjglmen- fin| only the most general way  Alabama, when tod     play,      but     productive for the days ahead, and grieve  pray for a more work- T?a*fh him that id��rnoc- onl    m Jhc mtft, g  T XtA   ..,�� Tsr-,^ racy and free enterprise h^ve ,-. ,.      .       ..-���,-  Lord   vve pray been   recording   hk   idealism^ for the days beh.na.  Live ��� to- -  uest ot this thy ir, this country for nekrly 200 day ,he b<-*s* **-��y you know���  and this would  !on the basis of  Id by all means  lay thai lingering  hulked  man  -v  Hi- \|a  There-art;  II .reallirsiic  vho  wasn't an Anglican  as arf e derly Jevish ffatcrid  M,r_Bergmaii, ,vyhb ran a small, struggling silreet-ccrner  delicatessen. [He had fallen till  and  ,r.*.*i  ���.-���:.  as  foi  mi  was facing a  serious cancer operation. Hit doetot'warning  was a 50-50 'chance he woul4 ��'e on  .asked: "was he willing to tike the  Mr. Bergman's instantaneous re  reaj way in ijfltich he,believt'd in the  waggled a fjnger Wider his doctor";  Jewish accent instructed  d*OD hiis the power  *     I hav  butj, oh Lord, thou knowfcst, as  what they need is deeper plow  anq more fertilizer."  That goes for an.awiful lot  well as for most of us. Aren't  divine help when what we re;  rre and a better grade Of effotlt from ourselves0  him iih  very  ere  able.  P  '������ ���<���  the operating  risk?"  3ly showi-d the! very  strength pf Go|:. He  nose aijd wltip his  ^iihe vill  . ,. YCfu do_ihe vork!  ' This is  inspires us.  really matte  let a smHe bt  We are happier in many way  thlin when we were yourjg7|rhe young sow wild oats, outdoor recreation jjh  the kind -of'triht in thi  If we are "strong in }he  Lord  what elsfe happens to  Bergman, Gbd gives us the power lio^face it  -'���-���!   '.*'������'   ' I"    ,' '���  old  giow  sage.  power 4f Got  tha  t djesn'  us, becaulse. lik: Mr,  boldh  tZ.  5��!  y.  To be  Qii��te  . food for ih  engaged in opposing wrong af  ug,  -f  'Ords, runder  Han-iloiBi  the 2 in accordance with the rei  people that thou send thenH a moi e abundailt crop; years,  knd that the recording and that's plan enough Jfor any  they know, that is   far  ig^ harder work being  tion  ...  of things m life, equal-  man.  Baby's First Smile  from   eomplett.   Tl|at  conceived    in    liberty  and dedicated to the  propositi! at all men are created  will   not   suffice;   that  we. often praying-freedom  and liberty  will sur-  ��y Marilyn Simpkins ���  lly need is a little vivo only in proportion (a the ..lining io my little lister  responsibility     and '   resilraint To the tunc of Roek-a-by-baby  that   is   exercised.   Teach   him .; i  to create a  culture cf Which f7,,,-,,,   .       .  he wil   <-** *>-"> wk^.vcJ;..., ������,i ��ur lltlle Anne has  are  your umbrella  be the henefliciaiiy and ..   .   ,  not thje victim. Made h&p hm *mife  Teach him that a sunset ov- ^�� do11 can c"ual  er a verdant countryside  has My MMer's style.  when we -are old most  more intrinsic value  costly    painting;'   that  be   ha  the  our  Thoughts  sireet   corner;  Wildlife   shouljd  weighed    and    sold  "  y Ben Burroughs  poi^nd  comes  from  lean  We  'HAPPY MEDIUM"   .....  REACH for the moon but when ycu do . . . do so with  faith and hope . ...tor wfthout these you cannot scale  . even the slightest slope . . . you lofty dreams will be merit  vain ... unless within ytjiur hea t . . . there is a pool plate  Df faith and hope ... to jgiveyoujrdrcams a start . . . rivers  tl ings jcome to thw-e who ivork  n j oth'cr -way . . . those whjo wish  i ill sutely rue the clay . . i. yet. <  nurtures only strife . i. .' it  than the Dollys are painted  ould not  wked   and, peddled   on  ;|m4   thpl  njot   be  by    the  at bread  arid not  him that  rive- on -a  With eyes of blue  But they, cannot match  A babe that can coo.  Teach him tl  from the soil  store;  teach  fat- cities do not thr  the condition$..of our mem il constitution, but a slender  guarantee for being right.   | ���William E\\a<-t Gladstone  . . IQ mold a happy life j . . real  vJhen you do . . . do so JA-ithfait  without these you cannot |;cale  slope.       , j    "  Countryside.  will  be  judged by  our  offspring   and   in   that   judg-  if all they car  contem%  is muddy  and  polluted"  eroded hillsic es,: burn-  nbt wish . . .there "is ed   forest   land^- and|   wildlife  but fail to work behind  he wit  ... .v. -v,.,v glass,    stuffed^    then  thoui the o'xhbr Itf^^f f ****** P��h"  oer just what type 3f lrapro-  ke a happy medium vident harbarians sL-ed. them.  h for the moon but  ahd hope . . . fOrt  . even the slightest  An  would  the right people had  inferiority  be. a blessinii  complex  if only ;  it.  SECHtLT PENINS*JLA7^��e&-  Published Wednesdays  at Sechelt  on B.C.V Sunshine Coast  ��� V  Sechelt Peninsula Times "Ltd.  |   Hox 381 - Sechelt. BX.  Serving thc area from  Port Mellon in Egmont  'Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  ��� Joan Donley, Editor  S. B. Alsgard, Publisher  ;  Subscription Rates:  (in advance)  1 Year, $5 - 2 Years, S9  3 Years iS 13  ^fc^^^W^^i^��^^^��H*  ���t  vi-  IM��� Ullfl'l"     I]   ������11/ ��� �����������������!   ���'JWUJIglllVJ    "��� IMIMI-S.IM ��� I JLH lHIWyi llll.l *  :|  f  r  !  I  \  f  t  l  The Sechelt (Times,, Wed.,  January 29, 1964    PogeS  Oicaabiame  is While Road  ROBERTS  Creek'  community  *    association general meeting .  ���was ..advised   by   letter   from. --  the Department of Highways,"-  thatrWhite Road is. the officii  ial name of Beach Avenue.  Tony Gargrave, M.L.A-, will  present the road paving; ques-  . ti��n' on the~flaor of the legislature   if  road   petitions   are  sent   to   the   Department   of  Highway;*,    Victoria,    with   a  copy of the covering letter to  him, meeting was^advised.    ^_  Sechelt   Insurance   Agencies^  will   be  requested  to  send  a  representative.   to    the;   next  meeting to discuss an increase  in   the   fire   insurance  on   thiT  "hall. -7-  .- The sick ahd visiting committee reported on the cards,  fruit and flower^ sent.^-'o'ut.  This committee is much -appreciated as~every resident of  Roberts Creek is remembered  ih -times of sickness' or sorrow.  Treasurer, Mrs. R. Stevens,  gave a favorable report. Stage  renovatons are completed &  some repairs are anticipated  On  the  kitchen roof.:  New officers  for St. John's  -"UCW.^-of St. John's United  church, Wilson Creek, elected their 1954 slate of officers. President and official  board   representative   is   Mrs.  '   X.amb;     first     vice-president,  Mrs.    Franski:    second    vice-.  '    president   and   program, con- .  vener,   Mrs.   DeKleer:   secretary-treasurer.    -.Mrs..7   Hand-,  ford. ���  _ An.  interesting- film.   "The.  linked Missions to Nepal" was  shown.   The   United   Church"  has three missionaries in this  Country'of nine  million.  ���Port Mellon news '*  "MR. AND MRS. Walter Morrison of Andes Bay and Mr.  ' and    Mrs.   Tex.7 Enemark   of  jLongview   attended   the- 21st  Annualf   Trucl|-Loggers   Can-.  vention* at the Bayshore-fen,  ���   *  Vancouver     �� "t-     " ' - 7  1 Mr. Bernard Comeiu arriv-  1       ed from Nova Scotia on. Jan-.  uary    16th   to   spend   a   few  .weeks   with   {lis"- sons  Pierre,  j- -  Mr. and Mrs., Sid McDonell and son David wish to  thank all their wonderful customers and friends on  . this occasion of their 8th Anniversary.  "t>*m  '--^S  r     _     \��  *   ^0^\u.   -4,.*  -��%   -J** j**V- ^vf  Si * ~-L0'*^-~ 7�� _   .' -   ** ^  IP ���   3>   -T^"*"  ���>*",    * ��. ****^  ^;  i-������  *    fl  i\  fc>-  *.*  ^3. *  ,V -  V& j***j*">t.  - s'a ?~y t - & *��� -, *���  ^"���yJ.-i.-yii   .  The present store has now expended cs *a- as it  can"be. With this in mind prepert-j^hes beer, p-'-  chased idr further expansion) m order xj ser.e  -f YOU better. !    -   -    .  .1 V/e have seen seme, erect chenges -n.t-e  nine years that we neve lived here. The wefee  supply is now c reality-end .things icok^crtct fcr"  the future. We ere grctrfied ti have been c pert  cf thJigrcwth a'crg with our friends cs Cut.-.certs-  end^heme will cUcys be ,n Fer.der Hcrbcur.  :&**-  fe**"4i  -i fi  *. -.. * -1.' -  H*Jf.  &&$  ! *.-���;;���  mm-  .' ��"���"**  -A?"'-  MEAT DEPARTMENT]  ; TREAT YOURSELF TO THE BEST J  Pare Pork Sausage - 3 ^ s?c  Side Bacon ^.^ml^el-4-'  Pork Chof s  ii__��� -.'  Jlenai Steak. __��������� ���  Grocery Department  Charles,   and  Peninsula. '  The    Port  Felix   on   the  -..-     IMellon    Burn's  Club  will hold  their Annual -.  Burn's   Supper   in   the   Community   Hall,   Saturday, _Febr-  4th. -     ���  MORE ABOUT ....  |oqn Donley ^  ������ from page I .  fisherman's licence, was > secretary of Pender Harcbur; and  Sechelt Liberal Association,  secretary of the PTA and en  the Recreation Commission.  When. Alsgard went looking  for a person capable of handling the-editing, - news gathering, and the multitude, of other responsibilities associated  with starting a weekly newspaper where competition had  - already been established for  many years, he looked no  further-than "Mrs. Donley.  "Her- inaie sense of news ..j  and her complete honesty in  both speech and reporting is  something we always look for  in an editor but -'don't always -  find;** Mr. Alsgard. has said  *" of her.     *  In her introduction to the  readers of the Times ^he has  sSidr "Politics is the lifeblood  > bf pur society. I believe" if  more women took, an active  part in politics at all levels,  many of oyr social problems  could be resolved." We can  only add that if all women in  politics had the same drive  to find the truth as, Mrs. Don-  ley'then we all would live, in  C much more honest world.  PURIX  TISSUE,   _jl ,  CREAM CORN  York,  15 oz. tin    VEGETABLE SOUP  Aylmer 1���  SUGAR  With 510.00  orfer _ Z   - DOG  YUMM1ES ��� Buy One  set One  RED ROSE  COFFEE ^ _r v ^ : -7  BL'UE RIBBON TEA "  Bogs   12t)'s _- _.--   WAX PAPER  'REFILLS ._-~Z ���   PEAS  York,  20 CZ. tin _  - APPLE JUICE  Aliens, "48 cz, tin  CANNED MILK  Ycur Choice ���__   :_���i   Hns  *&9  FRE��  Regular  or Lots*  '-���; ��,.77c  ���Large  6 ^ f 9C  Ladies' Nylon Stockings  All Sizes. 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' - ���"     -     "" Page 6 The Sechelt Peninsula Times,  In higher grades . . .  ucators  uiiinai  'LEli therelbe truth".  j By Mrs. Muri  JVoncpuver and  uriel Ball j..  making c rrar germents for  arriving  Anything Worth.  worth fighting-fat.  thing worth having  having worthwhile*  use underhanded ,  acqtiire  this,  then  ���By Rdy Nestmanj  these lines, the longer we i.rej  having   is going to remain a small, tin-  But, any- significant  hole -in  the will  is worth Doors   are   closed  to  anyonei  So if you who is sincere in wanting to    Vhere**so*mewhere.  : the heck out of there and~off:  ; the Peninsula  before, he \va��;  eifher   killed   or   starved  death;      ..",.���  ���   And we say, "Com^ to the  Sunshine Coast."'What for?  Why has our local gendarme7 been limping around  the past few weeks? Seems to  me   there   must   be   a   story  means, to  'the object  know  about  the  progress  their community, or how  of!  (the!  intaminated,    and  AFTER arriving in.  ;   o hotel room, I tools'the this to the Uriiveriiiy,  ot the Facul y Club shorjfly before 4 pm,, dt which  Annual Meeting ofth�� $:��.  Research Counci  vened, Jariupry 8, 1964  This groupb'has an ex^cut-  ive drawn worn repress ntat}  ivejs, of the if niversity of B.C J.  "Victoria University i the-Fat  culty of Edjucatiofy the Del  partment On (, Education, the  "Vancouver School Boardj, the  B.C. Teachers' Federation; the  B.C. School Trustees Association and the ' B.C*. Parent  Teachers', Federation, aijid it  'is supported by many teachers associations, school Boards  local  well  sup-'  becomes  STINKS.  It is most unfortjunate that  in the makeup of most people,  today the common'. ;tie is their  most often! used weapon and  is always ��n the lip- of their  tongue. I realize tips is a rather bold ; statement to be  j making, buuit seems that this  man,   re-   ^Peninsula-'has: beeffi most un-  tirrie the  was cbn-  problenjis  in the] higher  grades.  Mr.    Arthur   (Juttu.*...,    lt- ^. T- ��� -r��� ������.    ....  search     representative     from fortunate   in   acquiring   more  taxpayers'    money    is    being)  spent. ���������'.. ���1  Let's [have a little more I ar-i  many and a little less conflict;  After ail, if everything is rip-i  en and above- board, we, havd  no fear of conflict, as th^  truth will always win ou  the B.C. School Truitees Association an|d retirirg President, gave a brief spOFt of  the years* " achievement. -The  Invitati pnai , Researcl Seminar on a Foreign Language -,  (Frenolji), * hetld ofi Oct.  23  in  '���*>  '������:  and others-. j?ji B.C. feour  Teachers' Association as  as your SchdoTBoard* arc  porting mehifaers.  Prior to the meeting,   ' had  the opportunity of chatting 84  exchanging   dews with some.  of- the representatives  yt organizations   as   well ��� as  Vancouver,   was  cess th it with vsriat ons, similar seminars will b^ held, in  other parts of B.C.  Three   reports   and   studies  were  completed  and  distribu-  thaa, its  styare  of|| unregtmer-  ate liar^.  Why iis it that  any influence thai  is dominated by  commoii lie? Is t',  meaiis  iof   defem  anything of  occurs here  Hhe ever-so-  s our only  Or  is -it  suci  a  sue--* that- wej are just kto immature  with.   Smith,  some     supporting     rnetbbers.-*' Beginr  Several of tio'se present  associations   with   this  either throu  led   during   the  being,   No.   .4,  Achievement   in  mfnati'ons     by  ikh family >*es- or    Principals by D  :V  >,4  Mrs.  New,  S;X'  .. v.  k  i<r--,  ���'-I,  as   summer   residents.  with\.. Steevjes, ��� of  ithe  Schoel��������� Trustees   A ssoclation,  ?asjt  Chjai  year,   these  Star dards   of  Lccal   Exa-  Dr|r-   Robin  ing Teact  or what w!e stahd  grounds bf|  wh��t  or what we  thi!  out being afrai  No. 5, Proble ns of the  next    dooif"   neighbor    might  we say the  er Uy  Dr.  C.  have'-. E. Smith and 5Sb. (,  Criteria  area,    for   the   Selection   of   SchSol  think of lis?  Peninsula   is  there is no use  emies as we ha  FROM THE STATES  '   "Was "'talking   to   a -felllov  from the States the other day,  who, as he said, had the misfortune  of travelling  on  this  Peninsula.   He   arrived-  at   a         ��� _,..      hotel ahd stood in the lebby    Jiurtyou, and it arhuses a lot  for   15-20  minutes,  trying   tfo    Qf people. ���;"'���  get a room. As he said, it ws(s  rather confusing to the proprietor as to whether or not he  Incidentally, don'il pay any  attention to that little, black  Mercedes Benz weaving down  .the street with a grinding of  "geairs, varied manoejuvers and  a general aid of "Help me, t,  don't know what Ijm doing',  it's' only ��ur~Joan feeling her  way; home, you know; like  fender ' to fender. Oh, well,  that's the way the! Mercedes  hends. There have peen quite  a few people suggesting she  trade it in���on a broom.  THOT OF THE WEAK  What you don't know* won't-  to stand up on bip- own two "* had rooms in the hotel  feet and stpte wjh:it we think,  for on the  we  believe  best, with-  <bf What the  With this matter finally-attended" to, he decided to trjy  and get a meah This he fnurid  next to impossible. So, unfortified, he set out to get a title  liquid refreshment. He landed  SAFETY  AWARD  Safety award, or past president's merit rating, was awarded to Jackson Bros. Logging Co. Ltd., at tlje recent  loggers 'convention. This  means our local coppany had  the; most favorable accident  record with ��� the :|Workmeh*s  Compensation      Bj)ard      this  rfss- or    Principals by Dr." Ellis. Three  Those    other  reports ara planned for  B.C.    the coming i year.  -Following*      dinner,      these  an of    present were  dfceeted  to the  This   is   hogwash.   As   long  as   we  tint e   thinkihg  where the Pub  the .Annual meeting  , Dr.    Ellis ; war led  'though' it was  ect^lfor: tfie;ICou|icil land a-" ^Srhith-!of ^he tjl.*B.C'..  and  mendments) to '��� th$- -cbjhstitut-    ?^h.erJi,<ra"!?diapl  edfIC'?tor*"i^.of  ic Session  of  was held,  us    "that  harily likely.  the Vancouver! Schbol goai;d,    Collegb of JEducitioiji Buildiiuj  Dean Scarft, Prof. Haitricke  whom  many  of-^oi will re-  - member, adldressed the graduating -ciasL at I ;iphi|istqne  last: FalL  M*. Lucus,  District  rSuperintendfenti of lllortt Vancouver and*|one;.of; the"Trustees! from that area land, a Mr*  Brown,  trustee frolm  I-[ope.  The busimess, poition of the  meeting dqalt witn "tie em-  plrjynjient of a pa|t-tiT^ie  dir-  the audi-  Ued'.  The  it wal just pos; ibl^  toriufti mijght  lie f  place  wasl i erowd"e< i   to  over  flowirgl-  Dean.Sc^rfe, who is a most  enteri ainii^g. s .c-i-n t i it ating  speak sr,�� .: showed coloured  slides of his toar vdth Dr. C.  irt>7��.f    .1,^.   1 tb r>      ���_j  up iri one of otir licensed prfir-  small   and-  mises, and what "with bottles past year,  making en-   "flying,   foul   language   aid   a ;   The   huge,   yellq|w   monster  to live here,    general air of a'pub in  'Jer- in Jacksons yard, is the mod-  many full of all three A  ican forces, he decided'  mer-    ern   version   (.telc^popic  steel)  get    of an old spar tr "  ion. Prof.;is. Ellis [was [elected  President' -"jor 1964   u  The   dinher   wap   ejfcelleht,  educdtionall cehtrei in Moscow, Mihsjk and if I remember correctly, 1 ..em ingrad.  He  stimulating!  many] dis&ssions    ^Wf^ on -the  which wprb termiiiatedin de-     J�����\)"*la stSLng  -fereehce td the g^W,    SS'oflL s  Df;  Ployd| Robinkon   of   the    ^eaT.llyess*.?t"Vie ?  Canl^ian ; Council I for jResear-  ch-s*��yho spoke -oh hisjgroup's  relationship to the B.Q. Council for Rasearch'in Education.  ���*D.    Robinsjon   d.ea|t" \��. ith    the  cbnce'fn  ini educatjiona   circles  about    thq   diffeijsnt   educaf-:  igna|  stanfelardizafion   to   facilitate me-j moven ent of pupils from oijre ,prov nee [to anot  her.  He cijted as  :>f the new  immaculate  moolrooms?  the people  he children  be in rigid  they   were  an example,  ���* i  '*��:  'A'^'f  -��� ���*��� .  .--���>? :   *  <l' i'i  :"���-��� ���"*,  ,.,!     ft  *--.*.;���  c>.-.- :\  ?-���-���-' 'X  v.-r-T '���;  ���U,v!f' ���  *�����.*���*/  i'>���������'������-'���  i  i  i  i  i  i  ���  i  i  *  i  f   m  the concern- regarding the use        . , .      ^        , ,,  of  the vQUisinaird   Method   of ^^^"wfiT L  teadhmk   .rpatheiLtiJs     now    English 7 With an  being used  exterisivly  in the  Prairie   Provinces.    I ducators  begin to doubt theL\alues of  this method  in  melping  students   to   si)lve   mjore   involved  a  classroom  was     geing*  language  it classroom  ��� i   the friendliness of  arid jthje fact that t  seemed always to  rows,  even  when  sleeping.;The   Dein   and   his  coirftj-eres: I wer e    a(maz*ed    and  delighted. xo visit  where "English  taugjht. Nb Other  was I spoken ih th  at any time ajnd the children,  who appeared! to be in their  converse in  ���       . English ac  cent" as 'well as cipuld the visitors.  The accent seenjied to be oh  teachers rat heir th  ment and^thcyse i  in the  slides: a--?*  one. feadher to fiom  12 to  15  RAY NEWEV3AN  PlLuMBlNb  Hot Water Heating  Nothing Down  lttYcorsjto pa r  PAI4TS 4ND REPAIRS TO  .    ALL Y/ATER PUMPS  Phorie 886-9^78  You^ Beatify Ag^nt  in on equip-  ooihs shown  raged   about  times  Dean  that,   "Peo-  students,  Several  ScSirf e' - remai ked  pie^-matter, peoplA-are import-  atHi ,in   "Russia."  Dean   Smifc ^filled   in _the  gaps left, in�� Dear  Scarfe's ad-  dre|ss,   wihichj   of   course   was  gejjred to th<} slides. .Although  I cjouid indt l|ear Dr. Smith as  wejll, he I seepned  to  agree  in  I    essbnee with| the observations  of   Deanj*'Schrfe.l  The   Public  ���   .sesjsion  of  the  Annual.-. meet*-  1^  ing concluded about 10 p.m.  DRAPER REQ  A fullitirne stenographer is re;guired for Elphin  February   1,  stone Secondary School commencing  1964. ��� .   ���   '  ���    .     For particulars concerning Ihbur; arid duties  please conjtaef the Principal,; Mr; |W. SvPotter.  J THE BOARD Off SCHOOL TRUSTEES  School cfistri.et Ncl. 4cj (Sechelt)  1'  r  i  /  *&?K3&FcT& 1-  W  ?*  ���l '���"-." ���"*���'*.'  t *..���*' :'-';  '��� 1* * ��� -.  *    -  "W  ���M  >.-  7 ** '�����V*?.** -A  -     - '      ���-       ���afe.T".     ���''������,  ��� -. .-.*"������ *-* ���*���", v5r���'" - * ****"���  ���, ��� -V ��� ���     ���"������*.*��.    s"- �����"����� ���  .V-'-V V.--"S^v.  ..*"������  r;''-'-' -7'4l^M��i  ���.^v-^.#^'n��?ritv^i.; &  >*:���*, -  I.-  ��. "���"-!  1. >���'-����� ��  4 M    !���"���! JMlfr.1  r' . *  ,Mr;.,n  r- 'r  v .- -a  -a   ���iwJ **", .  HConfract  is signed  _ Job's daughters t���  INSTALLED as three top officers for Job's. Daughters en  -..   January 25th were,.centre: U'nda Peterson, Honoured    ke"^' ^              Queen; leftT Susan Taylor, Senior Princess; right; Heather    prices   tendered  were, coriid-'  Goriick,-Junior Princess.  COXTRACT   for   project   "So.  2., South Fender Improvement -. district was " signed by  H. Berg, president of H7 :B.  Construction Co* and consulting engineer Alan Ker before  afmeetir.g cf all trustees held  iri the" Pender Harbour HofeL  The tender . provides for the  laying of the main pipeline  for the. sum of 5143,117. excluding "the cosv of maleriais.  Work is to commence this  week. The contractor has expressed his willingness to iise  locaL labor and local equipment as far as practical.   }  No action has yet been Kaon contracts  I-and 3 as  The Sechelt Penmsufe Times, Wed.;/ait. 29, 13��4 Poge 7  ���"At Sechelt . ^ - - !  ,   ���-      i i  - ��-  f rank Mewloit lends  erably  higher  than  the estimates. !  Guerantees to argue . . .  Davis promises  faiMTeMment  y .  JACK DAVIS, MP., addressed:,a well attended meeting of  .= the Secheit Indian band on the reservation. In introducing Davis, Clarence Joe, senior .band councillor and  chairman of the meeting impressed upon his audience the    "BC aboard the liner Arcadia  importance   of   th?   fact   that     ���= : * : "   -en. route to England.    r -7-  PENDER   HARBOUR NEWS~  by Bunny Smith j  Capt. and Mrs- R_ Jermain  have - returned^ froth Kanaimo  where they .visited with Capt_  Jerraains^ cousins. Dr. H-.Jer-  main Grefghion of St. Margarets Bayr Nova Scotia. |Dr.  Creighton. retired from |tbe  field of nuclear science, is on  a world tour and -wras visiting  his _son, Dr. R. Creightod of  Nanaimo.   and   has   now- fleft  Eve Moscrip j - L  '  F^ANK NEWTON, of Parkers Hardcore fed fn^-faewfers:  -       this week with 8041329). \X "*" r ������ -' '" -'-  League Scores^JLcdtes:  Dorothy Smyth \&z\9 (255),  Mcbel McDermid 613, Harriet Duffy 616. "1^1 ?SAcC&*.rt  644. \-.l-. : ~ = M '���  Penderr "Saber GocWrup 60S  f25Ts. Sonny'Scnular ���51 rT7^  Laurence Gran ser t&4 ttel>.  Cnarlie Hauke ���42. *  - Peninsula Commercial: Audrey Benner 692���(262). Frsnx  Newton. ��04 ��32S*j, Mabel McDermid 261. Sam MacKenzie*  703 <3I4). Gloria Barker 259,  Pelle Poulsen 695 <2251. Norma  Branca. 630 (345). Gordon Freeman 760.- Dorothy Smith 722  (300,t, La-ivre^iee Crucii 713  <277>. Team -high ��� l Viflage  Bakery No. 1 3^4^ .' 11 ?3).  Sports "Club: Dick Crzy 725  1233}. Bev. Kelson.'646. Pete  Jorgenseh 27^, Eleanor Carter  252. Lil Butter 259.  BaK.   Chain: Beulah "CSwsorr  Port Melton'  eniers learn  PORT MELLON", s rwr-^r   -f  the Weitem Collide C���-*-:L  has entered ��� t-�� z t- it.; m "' ���-  annual tsow*..r^:. -'.. v.rr_tm*-nt  ipvhtcih'is open, t.-, r-'^r.bcr' i_t  -;ri\-e? cf the P>.*;t :-->,d S^'.p-.'e  Unidn. They pIa--��-c" fi'.e g--." *-^  an-j there is r.t huribicsp Scares ire phor.ee V ��� t.".<- tv.t.T.l  affioe La Vane*- uv<_ -, Tr.*., -* r*-=  team-compos<Ki *-f  ?.-*z   G<-i-  ;,*���;:  .   ^ ���  -   ?���!";  1  .* 1 ���  \  frev-  Alec  i? ,h..���.  impo:  this was the first time.' in the  history of the Indian people  that a non-lhdiafu a. white  man, member of * parliament  had -attended ���a meeting in'  ' their hall.  Da%'is told the Indian? about  the plans for ths breakwater.  He said the ^public works department had already gathered information concerning  depth and rewk formation for  this L-shaped breakwater-  which would run from the  point towards the wharf. He  fe.t it would help the Indians  to save their own boats as  well as tp foster the_ boat  building- trade for which the  Indians had a natural aptitude.  He stressed the need-for vocational' training- and told of  plans to build a vocational  school at Powell River within"? a few years, and maybe  later oh, one on the Peninsula.  much wrong with the end  product."  h?  admonished.  He stated standards had risen and all teachers were now  qualified even though their  wages -were lower than eLse-  *where1 Thsit-he urged the Indians to take any political  problems to". "Davis and ssk  any questions;they had about  the   workings,   cf   government.  In summing up bsth Davis*  and Father ~ Bemardcs speeches, Joe stressed the government   looks   across   the  ocean  and .  tries    to  people   in  other  acconiiTsopate  lands   while'  their own.. Indian population  is loaded with problems about  which they do nothing-     I  "This- was a free country in  the ^time of. our forefathers,"  he said. "Today it is a eised  shop. We can't even fish "in  the herrinii fisherj-. Ahd 4ha2  is the gc\ erhment, doing a--  Irairt it? Nothing. Thai's f.vhv  we have our h:  time. 'Were  e:  -- 663 .'C254.}.   Red   Robinson   734  -,. (223C* Ai Lvnn 725 (293 s. Ren  Wnyte 231. Mitt Jaeger 2&C-.  Ladies Matinee: -Bror.nie  Wilson 61S <2-56,. MU7e Fc-ro��S  2al. Jean. Eidrec. 256.  High School: Jack G--e:^n  323 'C2I0-. Diaime G-jesc�� 32G'  {204).- ':.     ' *  "Pee" Wees:   Penr.---  Caldwell  3u2^:a0}. Alan  Ecmstrtx-. 3->l  ... f .-.^v_ -l-'Ct-rtsim Ch-s  Johasdn. Bill Morri- n :.'.'.  Jcha "*Wikon. b^ -Jilt-i i t^*.���: L.  52C-t. cisa. wi- <.h .�� ^r i'.tr -z."  .of 2s3S-pir-s pt i i^-r.'* A' -:  Roi*-rt<on.   t-tiU'��-i   Vl"'-   j  -s  r-Z"  h''<r'r-    -��--:����  frv-.-L GM.tr. Eii -c.'^  n-stland." Dai^-- E*..  h*.-wl��rr for-.Ti'   *.a::c- '  ecnl Crtfcby.   ���;:.     -���  - ;r-:   ���.,-.    .....y.        - , i-  l-r' **  G-8-  - 1  :-.<--:   ���->  TEN*PrKS_t_.^  Chuck  Kc-rbv   V."  Crucii 224. P.^y 3or.cit  w ay    5*5c-    (235).  2i}.   Lawrence  -"   The  rrtn'.S  -tc-aa-i v   i   r  t  nsxt ^ <- '���    --"  -.-.-as f: -��� . 7   ";  I   -ft  -. I  hinds out all the     I  entitled  tb  that."    \  '���*9 4fHi ill, ,,' IMn^Wy^l^*  I  r  ; - - t  In Your Garden  IrfT&trAf-Uki  ALL ROCK^gafdens or r<��keries, no matter hcrvv-well Jthey  INDIAN  CLAIMS CQMM. " have  been  managed and  looked after,  during; the  Da\is   advised   the   Indian    Summer, prrhow long established^ need to be overhauled  claims commission will, be set    once a.ydar This is probably as'good c time as any to do  up in the .spring to look after    this jcb/asithere is more time     ���r--��������� =������      j���   "  the . s&U.ement cf payments on cur hands, though of course  for lands and timber- which we *<'ill have to-work as the  righimliy belong to the In- weather permits. ^:  dians He promised to tpy and " /^ dead ^^ ^d other  SCe ^l ^ ^-cu^s were^ilter shouid ^ TCrn0ved and  treated fairly ana guaranteed/ p3Tticukirlv shou-d axiv le&ves  to  listen  to anyone who. h?d    ^ picked'Up and no: ieft to  g........  R  .  a- --V*.  . .  s- # '.   ;  :<*���&'  <  1  . **r    *.,--.  ft ,*     -r      ��� "��P   .  J     - >        .  i  -r�� ��?t^."*.*f  -����.*  S"   "Vl* ���*"!.*"'"'K4 ���.  -T-*iT.? y    --  > ��� ������ -1*." *i*' -5 ^r��y^  T -A;   -.      '-'��.e a '"**.'���- -   - - *      * ^s***-**  '-   ���*"- ".. "  ..;���-. J-.---.' i-1   - ������. -"���-   '^  -. ��� -    ���   -V1  i-:s,  i-��"  1   ���'���^4'*  - '���!!��-  ���">. TT, ���,��,*���     .  ' "    J >_' -'V     %-  ���. *�� r ��-,������>.--'- *��..>-,    -  ��?.i-:-. ^t-:,;',ii,.>-' ���.  S^^r^*r**f * -*���  --  2i�� * v i :i& ii. J  ���  "*"--*����_-��*>���*���'*' s-- * ^���''-^  -    --.^yd!"*-.       -   ,j        ����"���*- .. .  -It**  - ..-.^...-  --^A^  any positive ideas on how/In-  dian conditions could b^-'"improved. ''I will be glad to  hear, you ; and argue on your  behalf." he! promised.  Davis *,was curious" to see  vthe  nonnhation procedure!*  Joe- then, introduced Father  Bernardpj as One of the ordjjr  who hai attended^ to their  spiritual j /heeds since 1857  when this community was  formed/} Bernardo endorsed  Davis remarks concerning the  need fdr a vocational school-  He expressed special concern,  hot, only for the education of  provide a place for pests to  winter in. Some of the occu-  =pants,of the rock garden will  have grown too Jigge^ and will  need cutting -bade.  Any of the pieces that are  rem.oved and have roots lean  be used to fill in any empty  spaces, or traded for something you haven't got. Many  subjects send put suckers and  runners. These are an easy  way to increase your stock.  It is well to remember_at this  time.that if .any replacements -  are bought from a greenhouse  it   is   especially   necessary - to  that they should be lifted and  replanted, the little rosettes  being planted two inches  apart and deep enough so  that the - bottom leaves | just-  rest on the ground. When considering filling in the empty  places, the small bulbs iouid  not be forgotten. To geticolor  in January. Winter Aconites  do the job; followed by Snars-  Drops, Crocuses and the J early  Irises-     . J -1  ' The .Species Tulips t ar.d  Daffodils:are a decided- asset  in the reckery. When planting bulbs: the-best-results are'  obtained when block planting  is resorted to. that is: a dozen  or more of one kind planted  -together. -* !  1 Executive in ecfiofi  LEFT to right: Fred Corley, B^H t.cing^-Lc'-rte 5  Ccrey, Garrv Murdoch,-Etit iGct;  Ken-Crcsbv whe tcck th��� picture.1:  *^r V-el  Lc'r��'  LCwCr.te crd  New officers  ior Log. 237  STAX   " Greer-     ir.terr.auc.-.si-  representative,   c-.ff.ciattrd _ at  'the  instaikitior.  of  officers  of-  Port MiLlon Lcca* 2S7. at the;  "ceoerai p-or.thly  meeting.  :.  TSew president for 15*54���3:11  "Laing- was promised full sup-"  port  by  his; executive, \which  _ .first   meeting   in  r.;w   cuSrters^���the   ol--*  JoHh  Hr��d-Smith  Reiriaeralion  V FORT  "Ani-OK  I  TO PEKSEtl KAREOUR  thene 88^223 T  frcrn 9 o.m.^o $:30 p-��  Res. 816^949  ' : i - ��  the tein-age ^rwup, but also .see that they are: hardened  for tli4 adult group who had  left scjioo! eacly, gotten married ajid found out too late  they .--heeded more "education  and "general, information to  combat their adverse conditions. ��� ���.  ��� f  off before putting I. thettt in  the rockery. During the overhaul it is well -xo. pay attention to~ any subjects that did  not do: as well as they shqulcL  Pa-baps a change cf "position will be the answer, often  a plant does? weU7when facing  a certain way. such as one  might do bet teT if taken from  a - northerly, position and put  facing South. Again a move  from a lighter to a heavier  4soil or from a sandy pocket  to a gravelly one. depending  on the likes bf the plant,  dailv  life so children arrived - Heaths    and' Heathers   often  REGULATE HABITS ;  Since it was seldom jthat he  had the ear of so- large a  grpup^ of parents, he urged  thenY"*to encourage their chil-  dfen to stay in school and attend classes regularly. He advised  them  tor regulate  their  ��F ALL STO���S.fO MAKE WAY  | FOR REMODELLMG       j )  USED ELECTRIC RANGES - OIL HEATERS AND RANGES  at school rested, well fed and  warmly clothed. He said he  did not want to get involved  ..in any argument on- iategrar  tion or on attendance at pub-r  ���lie    versus    private    schools!:"  "Use.the facilities available toj  lyeii now and there won't bei  ' get a set-twek when set _top  close to limestone or lime  rock, being: acid lovers they  should have a pocket made  up specially-to their Irking.  Encrusted Saxifrages are  only happy in one pbsiuon  for two or three years, after  NEWUNPAINTED FURNITURE  A BARGAIN AT ANY TIME ���_  NOW  OFF  7 " f   BE FIRST WHILE THE STOCK LASTS!  j      BENMER BRQS.1  NEW AND USED TTORE^-SECHELT  : - ���-  ���  ���.':  , *  ' -.* i  I      i  i    ���  ;.v  ��. *  - - t--  Phone 885-20S8  ,.}'  222  m  ���&&*��*���&*'?& rAV.^51 fsmmaa  G5>  t:  .:  ���5 '  ���'.  '  *;  ,v ..;  i ,�� i t ���   ������    ^  **     "    a J *  if  '���K  c   - -  - 1   1  ,     1 - ,  1  W  **'       -rl  �����   -I  -*  I  Ita^UlMU^  Indians!  three  nomi  can  di,  7       Candidates fori Chief  GIUBERT JO��f Alfred August arid Reg Paul ha ^accepted  .��      - nomination for Chief: of the Secffelt Indian, tribe, to  fill out the term off office jof the late Charlie Craigen, who  Idled last year. Votm 3 by secret ball lot will be held on a date  set by the Qepartn-ipit.af Indian A fairs  !      ��� -  IVote by ballot . . .  FRANCIS (Frank!I French passed away Januarv 21, 196,4 in  Shaughnpssy Hospital, after a  lone illness due l<> war service  in World War I, Mr. Frew-h  was 72.years, and one of the  otd.-time' resident! of the area,  having <*ome to Sechelt when  his fathtjr pre-empted oroner-  ty at Pofpoise Ba} before 1914.  Born jn Orillial Ontario, his  people were residents of New  Westminjster as early as 1875,  He joined, up with the 1 (V-i-d  nuttaliorj    (Vancouver    Island  timber [Wolves) otarly in 1915,  and  wafe  later  transferred  to  /the 1024*3 battalion (Warden's  Warriors). He returned lifter  the war with his bride, and! was  a provincial policeman' for  sometime, later/goijng into the  con'tractljing buswriess. Hei built  St. Hilpa's Ctturcb and the  George [Wood nouse on Cowrie  Street, file wa* one of the^olde^t  memberjs of tile Sechelt Legion  branch No. lf"0. In.later years  he had h taxi  had to J-etire  jhealth  ���IMr. French  Wife, Afice /me|lia.  Funeral   sc  Hilda's Chui  THREE candidates <6r chibf to fill out the  Craigen who d ed eorly last year vere  well attended meeting held in thejcomrnuni  Joe/tsen|or bond councillor and chair nan  pointed out thepcsirkm of  chief is a responsible* one. As  chief  of an  oiitst.anc.ing  tribe  he would "have. to aleal with  Indians, non-Indians and government.   1  /��� 7 ,  Reg Paul was nominated by  Mike Pattl; Alfred A igust .was  nominated by Richan 1 Johnson  and Gilbert Joe was nominated  ��by Ciarencje. Joe, Jr. Date for  election- by ballot w ill be ��� set  jjft a Saturday when everyone  ���its  availably,  and wi 11 be ap-  !'proved by'the Indian department; Notices will be pasted on  bo >ze  er  tarnoonl January 25, with Rev.  term-of Charlie  nominated at a  ty hall. Clarence  of the meeting  jo/ y<  ull  be diso/alifi'td. This is the law,  'th<* saifne law th it Jack Davis  hereby to go by " | -  ^eg [Paul enquired if the feid-  pns  .vere different  If they can aerye  il ndgjlati  th;in tpcirs  dr nksi 11 mi  elifetiojn:;.   why, can't   we?" he  the reserve, and imcke sij  will be sent .up for anyone  sent feo|n jbe!village, Joe  mised.       ;  ' Jog Warned the three nominees* of the conditio is of section 74 ftfithe Indian act* "Be  careful ivijth diinkirg, or any  corrupt practlcesj," hp warned.  "Don'* trvi to swing Votes with  enQuhjecjl. Jo  orler.j  : Viary Elk  in pai>|iqned  h;)te but of  hite is, wrec  mals  ab-  pro-  etin  automatically  "J. ..Ferjnisson  ment in Fie;  view demeti  tees, pijesidei  conducting t  lat the grave:-  Pall bearei  nas. George  WoqdTW Co  C��pt. S. Dav  Honorary  Wm. Youngs  W. Wajidell'  Kynocra and  Gaaid of  business until he  account of ill  on  is  eh,  urvived bv his  rvite  was in   St.  Saturday  af-  offMating. Inter-  d bf! Honor, Sea-  cy/sWith E. Sur-  it Branch No. 140  ��e Legion service-  tdej.  s were: Jack-Jo-  Ni-lsen,  Alan  D. .-���  Tc*f, S. F. Waters,  e.  >all bearers were:-  pn, Edric Clayton,  VI. ���rf. .J. Alayne, G~  F. Walker.  Honor: C. G. Lu-.  ru  ing  but  drijnkirg  and  gossip  to 1 house.   What  do?|" she implor-  frim !house  gcod pan it  oc  ore  p!  ol  Taxpayers' n\pney > .  tolher  ;* should  piople  Everybody 1  grandpild  gs for federal  ed him out of  n  F aul   mhde  an  pleti to "keep this  everything.   This  kinj  us all���noth-  cken, W. K. Berry, F. Walker,:  M. Hetnstrei t, C. E. King, H.  A. Hilll T. FhdliJy, H. Kydd. J..-  & Brdwnins;: M.C., Ted Walker, Mrs. Gsrdqn Walker and  W K- Sheridan  Attending I his  -riut-of/town  Mrs. J* B. T  we  to   thf*   British  Seattle and her  ��� ijnothejr -cousin  Richmond, |Vli-s  funeral  from  re  his  cousin,  lomtoson. .secretary  consulate m  two daughters,  Hilton Tait of  A.  Maithmd-  "We shiijild learh to love    j*  Tie young^ pe  parn  I  lo  to follow, the  ve everybody.  n  this  hall  is my  nh<HV "   sY.'p   d  Will spjsnd $100000  or  Twiggi of West ancouver and  rs. (ll'laudfj  Ction of Ladner  ltibtC.     ��-T^--  French's   cousin,  oj'ficer   (retired)  in of Victoria.  rmeiriy  Q  Also   Mrs  chief    petty  Jack  ;randhiece  rehired.',������  or  ijSpel  Geol E.  GEORGE  I  St  ary'25  Mary'  196*1  a mont  h Milligan  "WITHIN d shorftime $100,0(00 a month  money wilt qe spent .on the new hosp  . This ip_, the sljatement made by W,.,v\ill  administrator and secretary of St. Mary's hospital society  .wnen  accer|tjing  a  pheque  for  $464.57-^rr"behalf on the'board  from ��� the Seehelt j Kinsmen.  The Spheque presented by  president Ralph Stephanson  is fer the furnishfng -of one  up-patient   lounge.!  Deputy       governor        Bob  KnaptOa ' of    Vancouver    at-.-  tended   the   presentation   held  ]n   the   Village - CKfee ' Shop.  Totem! room. i  Mill gan  tharrKedt' the  Kinsmen for their, generosity, both  says  capacity from 1  after a brie  ton' is survi  wife,  Zillah  F.u.stcm   died   in  Hospital.   Janu-  at the age of 7-3,  il ness. Mr. Rus-  ved. by his loving  t\,'o nephews  in  >uv  ive  lire  of taxpoyers'  tal,"  gan, hospital  cost   I- million  }Aarea ia five  pital ijvill  have  dollars. The. flo  times-jthat of the present ��� hospital, with pn. increase in bed  ily  in - Vane  -was    a    nat  Gam bridges!  Canada in 1(|U0  prairies for  decided  the  . fiLJoi;  man  ' west ifiaast.  Vancouver,  for  five yei  tp  th<   man  4 to 35.  on  England, a niece and her fam-  er.  Mr.  Ruston  of    Chatteris.  emigrated   to  He was on the  a short time,  but  weather  Was   not  So   came   to   the  le was married in  w<j:nt   to   Victoria  rs:   then   returned  Lafid   to   live.   Mr.  past ��  j by  .lean  Mr.} Gecrge  df oiir seiiior  VanCfuverP^vi:  nd present*  ��ed over $8,000 r%s  to the  ganizE|tions on the  He  ie estimat-  been given  society by different or-  Pehinstila.  gave   a   detailed   report  on   cdnstruction   progress  and  stated-  tor,  will b,  goes  Uor  Jeffries    b  Stainton,    one  citizens.-^Jis   in  Kelson  Fold,   contrac-  jstimates    tie    building  s cflosed in bi' Feb. if all"  veil.  complefioa,. the   hos-  sleased   tc  her,    Ancrew  tanuiarv 211.  he  iting  _hi"1  son  4nd ajjlso his dAc-tor, George is  farhiliar figure walking a-  long Ifvlaplc Road td and from  the '^toi-e witlji his pack on  ijiis back.  Friends f of Mr. , and Mrs.  13ob Wilson, ree Joyce Grif-  7th    of    Vancouver    will    be  Tanya   nox/. his  a-baby   bro-  actc d  echelJ, B.C.  ar   that   young  and Mrs. Ristftn^ad hdliday-  ed in the S( chjeit area ��n and  dff for years,; so. decided to  Park in 1956,  red.  Mr. Rust An ! was interested  in all the>al fairs of the penin-  onje of the last  ,iia, before being  j as'to complete his  sk of auditing the  e ISelma Park 1m-  )i^trict.  n [served with the  AMC during World  u;nU services Wed  riesdiy, Jaiuiry 29. 1964. at  One O'clock from Hamilton  Mortuary. ij>390 Fraser Street,  Vancouver.  live   in   Se'inaj  ���\yhen they letX  aula, and  things ha  taken ill, w  Voluntary |i  books f pr t  provement ,  , Mr Ru-ila  ftCE and C,  War jl. Fun  Robert    born  - Nonchalaijice  fo .look,  vou've  ice  is the ��!:,Hi*y  an owl whtii  like   a   jackass.  Csaossword  ACROSS  �� Hc��J .X).rrifl^  ( 4, Purple fmii  <). rot: wh��l JCUOO I  . 12. Vrtml.ic      '  f.li. Hms���  14. Narrow ialtK /  ,��. Said ���  -.  , 17. High tcgaid  ,19. Cutgrua  ��� 21. S!����Wia w��p   "  2>*Bijcnil  24. VoUxao  2T. Cci��>n^(Ojj 10 Ua��-  it. ElrartOcd ptnklc  29. Stttrmmd  JO. P!ur��! tadiof  51. Grttli Utttt  $2. Kind of Wrvo  }}. Depart  3it N��iio�� optningl.  id Pan of ����k -  J7. St. t��gl��  }S. Biinl* '  39. Goal  fax plafic  >r  m aoukyjt*  "ST  pricat ,  I ol time' ���  ���M ol pcac*  ./.H./Arid  1XJWN _  t.i Pm��ettf��  2.; Riivr UUo4  ,5.:lium>  4.j��alarjed  )$. A aAat      >  ���6. Koug'u lava  ,��7. Dro�� tUc fc��chtf  1. iMmtta bctcg  ViiiCil*  Ktuty  Sfnt. potuo.  Ttit) Apt    ���  Vfucmif ��IasO  Sautct vi   HgUc  22. Timir**r-\  J}. Fttiibfred Ka��C  ��. Africio      ,  ���Ji. Mslu amcwl*  23. PcairWve pfooau��  29. Ywwk ��al|i  31. Putlif: w��tithoa����  ���JiWhaltpan r  J*. SUmfd l),flj ,  $$. ripte*  -.   J7..EviSd  40. tixliiintlioo  ,  42. Agallitt  ��y.sto��ttt  44. l��(��l ihiogf  45. lli��lj��t oom  46. Adult rat!*-  47. Makjt a tn'uui*    .  4*. Shallof light  51. MulJcal not*   '  See solution  on page 2  t  for today's  7   r  Crossword  �����  lis.  - \le-  Thc  .  Church   C^utkks   by C4RTWRIGHT  !������  PEE MS  Fl  I'm glad  p!ease.��. ."  asked about s.ilary. Next question,  Kv TrtM ��1��KA  Join  all our customers wKo patronize us because of  ���i SELECTION       ���  PRICES       ��� SERVICE  n^ but our 12 years experience offers you the [best possible deals.  ..... . i       . ���  ! ������;-��� . - �� ��� i  '0^nrm0me��mmH^Mi0tmn*im^twtimttiMa<rmmiJ<^^ �����!�����������������.�����������������.>���.���.�����.. ������--.--.,.-----^^-l-WWnrinwv^nnrinivtrtnnni��MwrowuiiiiOT  l .- i . > :��� -  it<WVa��WM��W<>A��UMWUW>��IJt��A<��<aA��WUWWMMMWMMWI��<M����MMIA<Mi<M^  Phone 885-9777 ', ' »\"   !   '
The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Jan. 29, '64 Page 8, 9
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-NOTHING BUT TOE TRUTH     by Russ Arnold
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by AL SMtTrf
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-    . 1 - '     -  •---■; - il I I   l"      I ^' I ,*"'  JJ  u  i%'  ���  &&-*   *  Si" 7 '  *-'#���    '  *-,  [ ���  4  '.* >  X'X  *"*-  " '  v.-"7  .�� ^  V -V-  *. ,���'.  ���'X * ���  '"-. - .  �����'-:, i  * -V * i  ���  i* ���-  *  :'  ' **  ����>  ���  , *     '  <<  !>���������   " i  .  ";* -J  e *���'."��� 1  i.   ��� '  *V  ' :.* -j  fv**'"1  ���*V  ' .  r1"-*  t**    -  ,-  The REAPERS RIGH  TheiTTimes "wslco'mcjs opinions from ^coders,  fi  but doej> not neccssoril  Brevity! is o virtue yvhic i should not be Oycrjtaoked.  All letters rrtMSf be ilgncd by  may be used for publication.  agree with thosp expressed.  the writer, although a pen-namo  Liquor store  Editor, The Times \  .    Slr-v~Have been reading th  cast1  for a  govEJrnnjierU  IKquo  stotje at SeehelUarirt f^el com  petted to paint out bdv* much  stronger   would; be   the- casi  for a  liquor. store at Pendejc  , Harbour,  The people of this- aifca arfe  presumably jusll as thirsty as  those of any_,.other,'To���obtain  n bottle they now have to  make a round trip of 100  miles, taking about three  hours. A atari* at Sechelt  would save^tiwm about 40  minutes -rsh thef round trip���  Still leaving. belter th an two  ��� hours  travelling. i  This of course has meaning  only, for the people of the.  Harbour, and isstres of this  type should have i weaning  for the whole area Concerned. If a liquor More 1* established ot-.Seehelt, "*H is fairly  certain the Gibsons" stare will  be closed, as liquor si ires, are  run to make money ind not  to provlfle <i seirviee.-.The'argument will be a 20 minute  run is not' too !far f r< m Gibsons, the J-krehelt store Us closer to the northern c nd. and  in any event, ithe ami will  only support one \ liquor  s\orc~~so we'll be .st*uck for,  the foreseeable f utu  one outlet only  However.    ' Giibsomj      does-  jrnuch. more thaiji supjjily-. Gib-  to the  leagoing  ie fast-.  Gibsons"  store at  e whole  ing the  let, and  rber of  me into  . And it  ���e   with  son��.    Being    clone  wharf    it ��� supplies  traffic:  as   well : as   t  growing areli between  and  Port ��� Mel lost. A  Fender would serve tf  northern   area.   Indue  islands and, Jervis Ir  ihe   very    large   nur  pleasure  craft  that  c<  the '-Iarbour each yeai  is  reasonabl|B  to assume  that  it wbuld make monej  This would give ;i liquor  outlet at each end of the area  and ; no one would have to  drive* more.j than 30 minutes  to get a battle, so everyone  wou)d benefit. Surely a much  more reasonable ansver than  the present, trend to artificial  "centralizatibn".  .A. A. LLOYD  Nurses Thome  Ec itor. The Times  Si-���When tenders ^^ere  called for the construction of  a new hospital here "the low  est ender \yas considered too  high for thft sum alloStted and  a'ftef considerable discussion  with the tendering bontract-  ors jit was lowered to <fem-  fornji. It was then announced  thati: pwingi to increase costs  etc. it would not bej possible  to build a nurses home, landscape and blacktop the  groiihds or- anything [else -for  .some time��' On this, -under-  stanjdtaig the project jwas approved and work corjimenced.  Novj\ to the surprisj.* of all,  announcement?   are  fmade   m  the p,ubli��; :press7 tolling for  tenders fsi-r the irpnstruction  of n nuraes home. ;  In view of the former .situation how is th s possible?.  If ai nurses horn-7 was not  possible then how is it possible now j Thjert^-i.s nn question abou'j thej nei-essity of a  nurs.'s borne; it iir an et&en-  tial to tL_J,ip)*pital here uk  an opera! jing room, and "nobody in the.ri-right mind  wouid opiiqse-lt.' -Ii: "is not opposed tiowforly the methods  used to obtain it, A few  thou lands of dollars extra, at ;  the outstftj wculd have been  neither fibre nor there and  the vote would lave passed  notwithstanding hi those who  are expected to pay for it  on- their; taxis. U thifr the'  opening wtedgt wl ereby thosej-  in powei'-'will be| able to do  as ' hey please *,/ilhcHji ad-  visirg oit even asking those  who mujiti pay? H this wtry.  an accredited representatives  of tie public preus was barred from fltlendinj' a commit-  t��* Imeeting. It would seem  so. It isb't* good enough. An  explanation is in order.  | ED GHEEN  Sewage pisposal  Edit  ' Si  you  .The  were  natives -a  not   unduly   impre*?  when Cecil first  wore usi'd  to st  ers. The Bay in  a back eddy in  where colorful  arrived. T;icy  range chanict-  fact was like  the sea of life  I jits of flotdam  and  jetsam  fror i  tbe  far dor-  ntrs of the 'ear  h drifted and  added some cos nopolitian ov  ertones   and   co  ntrast - to   the  native   background  Cecil   picked  his   horate   witlh  man's to  ' man frai  of the gi  ing the  and at a  feet  cent vie_4*, Accje  was gaiped oh  strics o^ windi  tlrails ;)nd the Is  (iters,. Th|7 tron."5  buildihg   mater  ial dist  Ities. H  anite ei  entranoe  height  ound the Hay  By Rol>ert F. Donley  CECIL THROdKMORTQsi FOX was on Englishman,.-a  '.cultured country squire type who liked his privacy-  Not only liked it^But demanded it tpThe extent thaf he-'was  prepared to go to the limits of his purse to ensure it His  home was his C3sile,  sed'  furl ler    informat  othi  will  D  will  not  Greji  dry  was  ers.  The Times  or,  r��� Ybu  recently  ing      disposal  was eis.  'The/-, "consulting  ehgineei'Ss advise  oral Dry  w^asttrs  w  to ti  rock i pit on  oionjg. with rojof c  w  r_n��n-o'fi  be,v pas  ied  neuiralizif^.  cssiffligs a  be   ihcin  be disjcha  use   titips  in sawers -from k  etc.  Nprmal was  tes  ibasins.  baths  dii'i  will  pass  sewiir.  We    also- 'itnjdej  have beei cd  jrtisement;  you  adv  "PQ  our  stal  posi  P.E  cult  sonji  var.  vHll    recall   that  requested   some  oh   . regard-  f      hospital  mechanical  hat all lab-  11 discharge  he property  rainage and  [iter.     Acids  through    a  ud s  ge.d;  tchen, laun-  from toilet-1?.  and. show-  ���ctly   to  the  rstand that  mparing the  under      the  lution   C<|mtrcil   Act",   for  proposal   and  the   site   for'  an   English-  egard  for h"U-  > built on top  carpment fae*,  to  the  Bay  of about 1300*  coihmand;ihg  a  magni.fi'*  si to the **yrie  ly   through   a  tig  precipitous  ist lap by lad-  porting of the  ials   and . fur-  Hheer hillside  herculean   but  for   the   few  ,vho  had  con-  ique dwelling,  throned in hhs  a me a rieclu^e  .ime. forth sel-  ad  intercourse  nati'fo   population-!  act    with   the  came 'once   a  florin of a  long  letter    from  Street. ( baa.r-  Msive     family  in     scaling  up thi  'in  task  ildcrs  the un  wee en  tic*,' bt'i  i that  ever, h  imilar items  d and will  to a sower.  nishintjs  had   bi*dn  prpfitab!  local   bu  . .*3truete|l  -    Cecil.  ! lofty  ca-1  and froi  dom,  if  with    the  His   only   eonrii  outside   world  month  in  the  official    look mi  No.   10 Dowmnj  ing     thr     impi  crest     imprinte  wtfx "   -    .  To   drt   his  cl  his   errands,   C  one of  the  loeu  made    one'   stij  was   to he  a  dc  1 arrival  and  a  d  departure,     Thi  packboard,   freighted   the  cessities  of  life  supplies for Cec  will,   be   placed  cabinet,   up   the  jor where the  severe,    but  fd   beverage  mountainside  At hia back d  grade ^as les  wh^rfe ihe mountain sloped  into nowhere but God's country, Cc(|il had a high board  id. With the  l|>ack and the  in front, Ce-  fence" construct  fence   a;:   the  precipitous-drop]  oil was klone arid loved it. He  a.tion    at  d byi'Mr:  ig.   Jt   is  to   maktl   su  because  able$     im,*olvbd,     but     I  might    point  Sqiiamish    system     will    dis  -"cha  off  ���ge  into  the   Squa  important    sa  isire:  tioris of dilution.  curtents, etc.- will  different.  Jf.  V.  BOYS,  Indian   Comniisioner   for   B.C.  in   iilet   opening  am)   and  IV y  f��r  an   in-  SqJiarriish    pro-  IP. G. W. Walker,  extremely   diffi-  ch   compari-  of   the    many  was Kirig of th<  Cecil had one  uai.   Oh   the  days   when  the  low  sweltered  soaked   in   the  lores  and   run  ceil   employed  ids,  but  he  ni la tion?���there  finite  time of  jfinite time of  5     ladT- with  ne-  and  also  the  il's well stock-  Castle.  unknown rit-  s|ultry   summer  peasants   be-  n the heat or  Bay,  he would  ou  t    that    the  rhisl  lmo.i   'spawning  thai  wife's on  hot'rs a day.  ! w  ny won Id c  move my, wife.  Major Oil Company rejquires  -Sechelt-GibsotaS area  ���-,;       .- ���  ��� |  Reply to Box 381  Sechelt Penirisula Times  ;> giv^ngT>h*i��ne number and  co,f | capita! available.  All replies jheld^in strict Confidence  drag out relic erf- his families'  i' River   (an  mediaeval .past-  tub. This tub h  in the shade of  and fill to a gi  a given temp  would    recline  ' the   condi-  wave action,  be entirely  smoking his "Herbert Tarry-  ton cigarettes, sipping his  Scotch and sodi. and reading  or   just' meditating.   This   was  -a   huge   hat-  would place  a   pine   tree  yen mark and-  irature.    Cecil  in    the    tub.  the life. And th  leave him in hh sohdude.  Claudia Smith  was a  Scots-  tne  phone 24  the phone  ome and re-  iih  man neivly arri  but    onj?   wouldl  guessed  it.  that  among Jpcottish  had  gue.  and ch^racteris  affiliation   with  Bobbie Burns.  early   thirties  put   in* an   appi  Bay.   Apjpearan  be  called,  f.ir  fo  appeaf  from  was  immediate ,  He' arrived   fi  in an open boa  dy clinker built  twenty feet  in  led by a rugged  marine   motor.  amount  only standing room for one. ft  h traps." hunt-  tents, sacks of  was  loaded wit  ing equipment,  beans and dq<is. Dogs were  everywhere, chained to tha  gunwhales. Spotted white and  liver color, thej* were expensive looking cougar" hounds,  excited   and-���-baying.   It   was  is is where we  iatpr learned that man ;and  doss lived on beans and b^ans  alone���breakfast, dinner and  ;8upp.-r. ���   j    ' '  He disappeared inH the. dir-,  Oct ion of head of the Bay ] and -  squatted cm the foresnote property of one of the easy going  local stump ranchers. Hi; built  a   small   shack, of  split  cedar  .shake.-.,   the   entrance   iicifess-  ible on'v on hands arid knees.  * Man  and  dogs  todk  up  K'si-  dence   within.   The   mot   in-  niuisitive natives who had  dared the huunds'to peek inside, told ii talc* of disarray  and beans.. There wee innumerable pots and pans containing beans in varying de- .  gree of fultni?ss and dcttoitt-  position, scattered all oyer the  floor.   It  was  even  suf;  by  some   uncharitable  that  his daily  ablution;  executed: in part by a  the   beans   from   his  gtfsfod  paap'e  i ^vere*'  hound  hush  Ujr.    He  ? v e r a 1  pearls   and  dojrs.   for  licking  face,  Claude tf>ok to the  like a duck > to wnU'r.  would Khoullder ��e  pound's of b,4kfd be  take off with his  ���djjys at a tinie. What ho did  on th.��e long hikes, ho7 one  khew. It was rumoured that  he was the discoverer ,of the  local copper mine. He uh'M cm-  tirt'ly at home'in. the 'W'Unds,  sleeping under'a jog .or (.st*jimp.  H-<?'was never lost becajusi* he  had no .particular destination  im-J Ik -always knew gj/neraHy  where he was within pi mile  or two.  He had been out lor several  .days truinirig his dogs, wli'-n  they got ��t:*nt of 'som*.* wild  animal. Tht- dog:| took j to the  hills in hot pursuit! with  .Claude cm their tuiisJ They  climbed steadily the :-bitter  part of the forenoon and as  the sun .rose. the-dogS-JEinted  with tha heat, but they kept  their nof.os- to the trai!. tlheir  exiitt-mr?)'   increasing.  At.  the  a large ring tailed raccoon  crest of the ."hill, their quarry  broke from cover, missed^ af  stretch of open :hil!side and  scrambled up and over a high  board fence.  To the phlegmatic Claude,  the fence did not register, and  hence did not suggest 'no trespass'. It was simply another  obstacle. The . excited hounds  wi?re boasted ovpr* one 7'a.t a  time, followed by their owner  scrambling after 'them.      '-_  Once over, Claude stopped  to survey the intriguing spectacle. One minut>e. h.* Sit.w a  rod faced, gray haired, naked  man .vtandSng in a tapper tu-b>.  wildly .waving his arms and  cursing! in a chipped Oxford  accent; the next 'minute there  was a /lurry of arms and the  grey haired man was flat oh  his back on the; grojund, legs  waving in the ^ir. Bounding  down the steep cliff iroulri be  seen n p.iey ring: tail-eel shape,  several baying htjundi and a  Jargt*. cepper tub bouncing  from ledge to ledgi*.  Aqnes Reynolds  AGNES Reynolds. ag<* 64, wi-  iidow of Gcorg*.- Reynolds  posicd away in - St. Mary's  Hospital, after a; long illneM.  Survived by a ; son, Tommy  and grandchildren. Mrs, llt*y-  nolds was a native of Scotland, and she and her husband ca'mc to , the Egmont  area in ��� 1331. when' Tommy  was an infani- Later fh��*y  ijiovtd to Halfuvrnn Bay, and  latU'rly lived at -Wi'son C'jvek,  [Mm. Reyhoklij.; always took  a! keen interest in kx-al affairs, and until she was taken   ill was a regular bowler with  the   Sp.Tts  Club.  Beauty Salon  Evelyn  Hayes  Above Post Of Hec \  Cutting end Styling  Tucsdoy to Saturday 9*S  "Your Stairway To  **     ,,  Hoir   Booufv  Phone 825-9525  i��PffWPilllHllll|fr^  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  HATE PA��  Wlll^tlllll'lll'BIHIIIBIIIW  /ed in Canad.a,  never   have  is, one raised  fisher folk He  ���neither   aJrcent   nor   bro.  Hi|s   physical appearance.  ics belied. any  the  ppople of  He was  in  his  iv hen    he   first  arance  in  the  e   it   may  well  live  just  seemed  nowhefe  and  accepted.  om  Vancouver  . a small stuiv-  boat cf ab;>ut  length  propel-  little polished  The   boat   had  ��� Thrs free reminder of coming events is o service of  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD PHcne Sechelt, Perv^ulo  Times direct <3r free listings, specifying "Dote Pod".  Pteoae-note thot srocc is limited ond some advonce dates  may hove fo wcjit their turn; also thot this is o "reminder"  listing only and connot olvyoys corry full detoils.  jan   31 ��� Annual [Meeting Pen   Dist, Commumtv Council Boy Scoutlsi,  Wilson Creek  Holl,  8 p.m.  WE HOPE THIS FREE DATE  PAD WILL BE OT  SERVICE TO YOU, AND TO  YOUR ORGANIZATIONS.  SILVER SANDS VIEW HOME  Nice year round dwelling.  Plus large shop,  ideal   for   boat   builder.    Year   round   trout-  stream. 4V3  acres. Asking $8500700, terms.  Call H. Gregory 885-9392  ASEHCIES LTD.  Wharf Road  r4^<w^.^fel*-^^ ftC"::.*-"**"^/**  ��->V.?*i�� =f*&  By Ed Green . . .  Salal Is  You Find It  ere  JACK SCOTT, noted columnist of the Vancouver Surt has  travelled   far,   seen  much   and   is   forever  making  startling  discoveries;   At one .time,  before, tie devoted  several days to the study of ants and rocked the scientific   by  salal  dealers.   These  are  .should be easy to make "20 or  30 dollars a day because salal  is fairly, heavy and plentifuL  There are big" patches "of it  along the coast roads and far  back in the mountains. Ail  yeu need "is-a sharp knife to  "cut the tough stemS. a suitable device" to bundle it and  pack it out and���anyway you  have to find it first.    [  You have to find iufoc^the  simple reason that ail worthwhile patches are under lease  fThe Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Jan* 29, 1964 Page It  world by the profound obser  valian that ants, instead of  being the intelligent tireless  -workers we assume them to  be are nothing -but stupid,  bums too lazy to creep around  an obstacle so they climb over  it* '   ' ' i[  It was also a little earlier  than this that he discovered,  that using any crude tools,  like an axe, or pick and shovel, or even a wheelbarrow  tickled .his hands so much that  he became helpless with  laughter. Of course this had  jipthing  to  do with the  fact  has fo sweat doing it the  whole thing will lie that  much nicc-r. And it ypu pick  salal = you'll sweat; / you'll ;  stumble and fumble i|t heavy  undergrowth and be well  scratched by t salmonberry  bush. devils clubhand wild  blaeberries.      .      ���   \  According" to Mr.T Scott's  scientific calculations perhaps  slightly .bia.sed". his wife had  spent no more than sixty  hours, give or take a day or  two" and-time'out for lea. This  worked out to 6,06" cents per;  that-fresh earth had to be hour, somewhat less than undue and wheeled to. the garden and there w_as some driftwood for *the-tftreplace that  should be split and wheeled  from the beach. His understanding wift*. rather than see  him die laughing, performed  lliejre trivial tasks ahd- thus  permitted hii>iJ full lime for  scientific -aludyL-  Now he has made another  world ^shaking discovery.  Anything elso to dale pales  into, insignificance. Space travel.0 moon shots are all kid  stuff compared to it. He has  discovered that a single dollar earned by his, err any  , other  wife,   has  at  feast   ten  times1 the value of anything  ever earned by him or any  other husband and it happened this  way.  Jack, who lives in sylvan  splendor on an emerald green  island in the! Gulf- of Georgia must, have sbhludc. in  which to compose his widely  read column. He " therefore  shuts himself away in what  he calls his workshop and  takes a nap. He ;s therefore  in nn position to study what  is going on oigside his production center. How can he  know wha4 his good wife is  doing? X  Mrs. Scott has been doing  plenty, With another housewife she has been picking  salal; a long-lasting shrub, of  which more later, that grows  only along -the Pacific coast.  Eager buy ens. have assured  her, and others that "picking  salal is a -quick and easy way  to make"money. There are a  few thirif*..-? they forgot to  'mention but most folks, see  only the" rewards; not the_ oij5-.  stacles. In any case salal"was',  everywhere so what could be  simpler     than    pick     a     few  ,'pounds in. your spare tune and  earn a lot of extra dollars? :  -One dayjtfr. Scott was'going through his mail and  came -across a cheque for reprint   rights   to   one   of   his  -eolumns. Jack, who gets many:,jogr He-dug out the roots and-T  of these, scratched his signa-; produced some small bulbous  ture on it and handed it to*; growths which he scrapped  his wife, a routine procedure, clean and popped into his  She glanced at it then tossed mouth with great relish. He  it on the table with nb5 com- told me they were Indian can-  ment and went on' opening7 dy* arid" -little Indians loved  her   own   mail.  Then  it hajKZ them.   I   nibbled  one   of  the  . pened! tangy   things  but-decided- to  For.one silent moment, Mrs.       stick to divinity, fudge*.  Scott staled at the slip of paper  in  her  hand.  It  couldn't  be,   she. told   herself.  But  il  . was. She was - holding a cheque made' out to'her for the  enormous sum of" four dollars.  The accompanying note- informed her that it was full  payment for the salad", she  had picked. A moment later  she  was on  the  telephone  to  . her    friend,    thrilled,   excited' :  and altogether delighted,  iir.  Scott's cheque Jay" un-noticed  _and Mr. Scott was . understandably puzzled���-and still  is. :  He needn't  be.  Any house- -  wife  who  can  flee  the coop  and-pick up a dollar-by her  own    efforts' gets    a.  fiercer ;  blast   out   of   it   than   if   her  husband gave her a thousand *  dollars- fop pin money. If she  generally easily  accessible  Sc  you  can  get  permits to pick  there   but   you   must   sell   to  the lessee. Of course^xherc are  other patches back up and. beyond   the    logging   roads   on  Crown   land   In  .addition   to  these are small patches sprinkled around here and there so  your fim impulse is to jump;  and   start   hacking   and   won-,  dering why anybody is crazy I  enough to pay you such good 7  money  for  this  stuff. I  " When you have a good load]  bundled you stagger overl  rocks, windfalls rotting trecr  trunks and���saiui. You have?"  to force" your way through it!  in some ptaces. When you ar-{  rivg at the collecting station*  your_troubtcs begin.        "    .- f  - "Ninety, per ��snt. and some*  timf*s more, of the stuff tht-s��i  people bring in," a women  saial buyer told m��e." is u-x*  less. "It simply can't b; used.*]  " This "women, a rugged individual, is a veteran ot the  game- She has operated salal  stations ail over the coast re-"  gion" and knows ty.vry inch  of thc country.. j  ���"Every lpaf must be per*.  ftct.-** she said. "Every branch  has to bt? well. shaped a.*f3  every -leaf perfect. If one Jcaf  has a touch of yellow alor.f  its edge the whole branch is  no good. Sometimes a whaS-  "leaf = witi be yellow, or faded  but most of these peopk*  won't ."listen. They think 1  won't notice it but I ��an*i afford to pay freight on what*il  .know wi'lbe rejectedf*"        X  "Djcf    anyone . rr.Jke    any"  money at it" I "askvp. f  "Mrs . one of year neighbors did all right one summer. She- had her two dsufliters with her. and they made  as much as twenty five dollars in a day. but they hid  found a good patch. These arc  few and far7 between theje  days." " " | _  I.knew the women and her  2 teen age daughters. I used  to sei her on the road with  a presup truck. She als6 u4:3  to hunt for ca?cira bark that  sold for a good price to dritz  manufacturers- but goveiVi-  m..*nt rc-5 trict ions prohibit this  trad? ���'now.      -.       -   7 7  Wh2e- the chances of individuals picking up big mo.-i.-y  arc- slim there are moriy  young . hcusewifes with tirr.e  on their hands who earn' a  few--extra dollars for lhern-  selves-picking saiat One man.  a sawmill employee. used-J to  .-take his wife and children  out during slack periods j or  weekends? They located severs! patches and earned good  wages. . Several - housewives  whose husbands are away tall  week at logging camps spend  their time picking ss.CaI and  earn a few extra dollars. They  don't expect to make n��re  thanTpui money", a term iced  in ancient days when milsdy  wia given a special allowance  _ for the purchase of pins." J  Since there is "always a de-        Like other"gifts of Nature.  mand for salal there is also a  -salal is wnere you find it; so  is-gold. oiL ginseng root and  even gocni .building graveL  None of it is. easy to get to* the  market. There simply isn't an  casv wav to honest riches.  _  * * * ��"  .  ��>!��� ���*��� "?  Ir.  * ��� -    ���  *   1-  "l.  *t ���'. t -���  1 I* ���   *      -  "���.���-*.���    * V  i  i  -fe.   >  " V   *  : ,'**���"%  "-'-\Y  ��� y^vi  '. ������       *,f  ������ i  ��� J +> /     "   ���  ����� .'.." *> ������  ..���'*'���               ���       .     '  .   ���"1 ���" V  t.V- -t             ' >  ..*  - f*   .  ���  I*  - -r  ..-**���.  ���V  *������.'  ,-.f  >*���*:��.���  ������.-���I  }:.'���:���?������:  \* /*  ion rates. But she had ignored  His .handsome- cheque and  gone into ecstasies over her  own.  I know just how she feels. "  l~-ean fct! with. her. There  .were limes, when I too used  to, get fat cheques from publishers, but they were mere  -scrapes of paper compared "to  the small sums earned by my.  wife lor herculean t-ndeavore.  She was-overjoyed but it-left,  me cold" urttil I realized that  she felt this was her own;  she had created it herself-with  -no help" from anybody. The  independence she surrendered  in "marriage had been rvturh-  t*d so the amount didn't' really matter.  A lot of young and middle  aged married women work a-  round - our way: not genteel  work like clerking or stenography of even housework,  hard. muscle-aching labor  like spitting cedar shakes,  .commercial fishing and one  lady just quit logging because  .it was her sixtieth birthday.  There are some too who" evgh  pick* salal tmd ferns and make  a fair wage.  If you are wondering w^hat  salal is and what it is used  for you tfave probably seen  lots of it. It is perhaps a member of the ft in = family as it  grows profusely ^in damp  places. Il has a rich dark  green leaf,.somew'nxit thick &  it will keep its color and  - strength a long |time before  withering. For this reason i;  is. much in demand by florists  for u��i. as background to  wreaths.-sprays and bouquets.  It is also u.<ed extsnsivefy fot"  Christmas-decorations. Il yzill  still be of good color long  after everything else- has died.  It is shipped all-over the United  States and Canada.  Salal berries are. blue and  make good jam. I hear. I-once  had a Haida Indian working  for me and ate* plenty of  them. One day. he saw a salal  bush growing out of a rotted  Sworn in j  K. F. McHEFFEY is sworn <n cs President cf the^ Gib^c^s  ."    and ptstnet Chas-iber of Commerce by D.ck <K6nr>cttr_  President K, F. McHefiey j �� .    -  ;  GiBsons chamber^.  installs officers     I  GIBSONS end DtStncf Chamber of Commerce inst<j'.'<sfr*tr-cif  T964 sloteuc^ officers before 22fmcmbers abd -3-e*.��s  Ct G-smorgasbord dinner held in Darby's dming foqrt*  President  K.   F . McHclfey vras t*Cfn  intsJoMiCC by.  D-.ck Kenneth   Omcr off<c^s v*cre v��:c-p'esidcnf -*- F'c-i-  Fecn*yi  *���-cre*.:irv",  Rrm Wh*.��-        " 77  ing; trcujurcr. E   Sz Henn.k-    t.-c-   ^'1   ������   .-.:   -'    - �� ^   ��� i  er: directors Wait Nygrcn. A     \.   ^-.-.--.- .t-   .,:*>���.    _   >  j'  �����*  \ ���   ���  *. ��>'  \x\  4 * *  11"  ��� *   ���*��  E    Rstchv-v.    Bsi:    Price.    Bui     r.*-.*   - *���  Wright.    Disby.    Porter,    ar.d    c.  Danny  Wbev7:r ��^j  Out-of-tO'A-rr cae>t w-a? . Ed  Boycc- ��f. North".-Vancouver.  director of BC Cnarr.b^r of  Cjrr.merce and - Caiiadi-n  Chamber r.i Comclerce.   .  Other guests were Gord=-in  Johnson. dii'r.C,7 -.up.rir,:<-r.d-  ent of fchoolt and Mr*,. FrS-  gy Vck-n. Gzo-^oti- m-j.iioipil  school "boa.rd  ntt-ftujer.  t 3 c. -.-.z * .-,     r :  ��,   thr   I.".--..'   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LETTERS  Ls'.'.&.-���>   t*.7l   t-   -^r,'.':-���. t-  Tc-t;   "*'i:r::i.c   MI-A.   r ,. :t  CraVl.-t-  so.ti   Elrm?ntiry    schcrw   will  be-    cor_!-.ccrei_ .f---r    tht   '-^  jchool   needs -ir." tnat   attend-  r.zt ti G.'-.'-a.f L.Ct.iv :^?-  c-r.r.t..ii*-.t <-f ~ ;* r '.< ,r-  '.-�����    r>yi*c-'ir.z   '. vt.'.cr.    ~'.    .'  i.c^r-^*   -.:- ^i   it  li.) -"������ i  N"-^-r.i:y n-      v. tcv     c^" ���,i:  7..-  tfee  next  thrve     'JT   *>:^-*-'    ^"'--  rears d|ly.  'In answer fp ;the question,  why expand a: ^-ch-i*!*. when  tnerujhij  r^.-r, ".or.iy  o.t-i r.-.-'.v  Gcrccn Jzz-.szsrt rcp7cd .this  . refer^nd-jm n men-iy a first  i'.cp ar.d c-.'.-fcly for elcrr.cn-  tity envelopment: j*j?t a matter c-f-kccp:r.g \~p--~  VOCATIONAI; SCHOOLS  Jihn-^n   *: xp'lair.ed - the   rte-c-  e<rit*.-   far   votallonai   scbob.ls  EKTERTAIN BOYB  DE\lfL7A\      --f -, -,  :  YOUR FUTURE HEALTH  DEPENDS ON ��0U  market and- like ail other  markets " prices fluctuate ' but  ihey average out at -about 23  cents a pound. At first glance  this is unlimited riches and it  -innnmrnr .............���.��������������a.MMM����������a��M��MWMH��  for ill Your Insurance Meeds  AUTO - FIRE - DOMESTIC  BUSINESS - COMMERCIAL  Discuss your requirements with Charles Gatherccle -  (20 yrs. experience), \  Real Estate     \   ,  Insurance      f  Sunhycreit Shopping-Centre - Gibsons  Phone 886-2481; Res. 886-2785 |  Charles English Ltd,  With mv methods fer more Uecurote drtsfnafit  and "minute" <frogt which can b* depended ��p���� lo  produce a tesired tctult. almost ercry ��"t��ose c*�� k��  ens! et Ji��ed wirfc it T���� xcn*ult_a phfucisn "K<-f e  it is ioo lete.  " In ��H*s modern. c*je. iel(-treating a ettett a Vejte  of t��'m< and maner. ior a prwcrfpt��s�� con *����p yo��  mucfi skkness-*i����c. A��<*. AcaU r<*t�� !>������ �� ^'"��"**  cendkien, fou endanger Y9*T ����*��*����� <joe4 tv^'f5- \  1 ��� **     * *     I" "is  YOUR DOCTOR CAM FHOHE US"i*f��e�� re* wc*"*  a irte^ici����. Pick ��u -roar pre��*{pt��>��. ��* iKftppina  ncorfer* '�� �� wOl"<fc{i��et premptff wrthcut; etite  charge, A ereat * eoy people ertT���� ��s ***| ��fcw  prcvWipficm. May wc attnpavi*4_ *fOo��? |  Kmse iBnig Stores Ltd.  * ���   . -- .   -.  Gibsons \   Sechelt  Ph. 886-2023 - Ph. 885-2134   ,  PHARA4ACEUTICAL CHEMISTS ANO ORUGfilSTS  j.im ii . unii. ��� /...> ~.  ����� ..**.?... ��� ..������.������...... _���<���-.��-.. i;-*-..;. .*...���.������? -v.-<r^...<- ...  <, .^* [.a,^ ,.. * . ^^g���.. .vft.'.?..-v. ���vr..\.r --_.*. ^.il^*.. ���a..'-.-... *.*>���-.���,.*���_ ���>������,,.i r '^, j.  a* ..��.�����..����������� ����� ���������'������'  ���: "      '       '   : ���" h P"    I  I   P ���'"/���    ��� I  ' ������ ��� "H   - "   - '""���' ���'���- -      l!        l   ;"    l    ;'"-  - ��� i .   --        ��� ��� - > , * . -    J ..;..i    ;*��� ���.    . ��� ..-��� - i  ���?.,.i.,a.wM  "*���  , >��  , *v  '000000000a  %$sm$  ������  MAILBAG  by Bessie Littte  Got a problem? Write Bessie Little, Under Twenty Mallbag, Cplumblo  Fee Bret. 36 West 44th St4�� New Yoik 36. N.Y.  )M Enjoy iilm  ABpUT 125 grade six and-  ��� Jeven pupils from*the Sechelt Elementary and Roberts  Creek schools cenjoyed the  show, 300 Spartans on Friday  afternoon.  I This educational film i about  the Persian  wars  came__at  a  DEAR Bessie:  have gone s  years and now  cd/il'm  William and I  toady' for two  ���we are engan-  f rieted dreos, and no one hod to  pa rents    don't  17. and  he's   19.   My  rfydiJf wgj; this big hews  the we/Ak. SnowbalMrg wfca permiited in  the, tlrlrig. zone. The Hoilqps and the Nootkos    away and get  which were pjriviously  shown on' television*.; Tlu.-*st)  are very much appreciated.  Pender did their mare to  jrruike the referendum a success.' by submitting about; 20  posters for the ^School Board  ciihtest.   Seven/"were   ehastin  ventu       . , , _  eh��Heh��crJ each ; dl'to "', lo" -,a ���-t���-������-.  snow fight,, but Mr. ''I'Jprhoih, sea k-ecibpH that tl  who had agreed'to reft-rcfe, will! divulge. This  found it .difficult' 'to choose!a luAtratedi by the  Winner, Thi) only casualty was will sell for about  a grade �� tor$y 'w-hf"! belly*- The. prcWeeda will  flopped into it large cold pud; graduation expert:  die and ffpent. the afte-noon in  the nurses room ironihS his  clothes dry. Who fays we  don't have Home Ec .all Pender?  At the. Friday af^mblies  the FjLlm Club are si ojwing a  ���sorites of films loaned. by -th?  ;every   cent   ht  when we do  poritklpbte vvho did not   day I told my  lems you run into in a; mar  riage. What can I do?-  Stuck,  approve    but  bin da. He* wr.rks hard,,yaws  earths s&  that  get  married we  Til    haveN enough/to   buy  things fcr aTqhie..The other  ijnofher 1-d run  tttarricd-' if she  ahd dad didn  eir mother'*  will be il*  artists and  .one dollar;  go toward"  cs.  marry. She %9f  what love is  to my parent  l hey don't ev<  me brtpfg the  gain. We both  t permit vmi* to  i I don't kno'w  *d tried to talk  MnJdf-the-vv]pe   ,,.,_ . AtLEC ��D, of the Render Hqr*    r Af^T^  \>ai>r Secondary gro4uqtling closfj  ��7"77 ��ii .��� -t . - uuia-inn*. i's'fresiident of".the Futtire teachersf  X   w^���* S   Ol. A is a scft spoken young rrU  but  they  say  rfi want \to hear  tsubjecit   up   a-  Hnow t!h��.' mob-  k  Dear Stuck: You don't kty  why your parents object, but  I imagine they feel that you  arc* too young for roaitriflgc.  This doesn't -mean th��t you  are too young to know what  love is���thin feeling reuJUy has  little relation to ajje.i There  art* 3 things you/ ohoulp, have  before you marry. Firkll. you  must have maturity le know  that you are man-yi ijj' the  kind of man with'who th you  want to spend the r'.st of  your life. You could very well  feci that way today, but in a  few. years with more maturity;7 you may feel you i have  rruife a mistake.. Second,' both    |^ "around"who" woulC"en-  time when the studeinfcs^,-were  studying this subject! in class  and were quite familiar with  the heroes. ^:  ���George Cooper, principal of  Sechelt Elementary: school  wishes to thank .1. M, It.  Hayes who rah the: film at  n minimum cost to the school  children. \  ',,���: " .  thmkng about him, * Any $ti|{-  ({i*stion��? ���The Thinker,  c Dear Thinker: Yofci thinker,  Do gome more thtrtking. Is it  possible that your ifitcri|?��t in  this lady-killer is bpcau^e he  is ro popular with the r^st of  the gals? From the! way you  talk about him li'v ilin'sn't  seem to be a prizewinner, I'm  sure*- there art* scores of other  whd never sdemjl to-be in o.hurry; yet  he 'uleisj the rTC with on iron hand and  see -ns tp hove ti -ne for study,, creative  [English;-paiifitinij) drama, stamp, collecting- and   model-making     He   has  n  Don  is  in  no  huiny  to: go  to  UBC and c<t)mmit^iim^elf-  great     cultur  dream  tliat i  token port in .dancing revues, ploys,  tp "send "fofr~ Judging,   Howie, and pafitomines,  in which he alwoys  White, Raimo Savolainen'^ and    does a commendable jpb in enteiritain-  I{ae Edwardsonwere heartily    ing   Recently he has[tpied his hond quite  congratulated by their fnerida      h rt  td    writing  The prizes were generous and \  ^ a  very' much' appreciated,   j  ;   "Niora^Wamock   hnd   4u"e  Cameron went off to UBip to ' td fiv61 yeatf-'s <"ftudy, although  the 1984 FTC jidnference. thalt isi w*hkt he will ultim-  TRSir reports will] highlight ately do. l^e' vmnts to work  thtinexFassembly. #The School for a year ih A hank, just to  Bbli-d donated $10 toSva^ds, See what large amounts of  thb expeikes of official "dele- currency' looks like so that he us6 ig life j|  gites of this nature, which | can set Us goals high in the 'hav " no 'tim  njiakes it less of/ a  flnanciat   (professional   World.   Seriously    star09��   Sorin  he is a ifirst class honour stu-        -    ' ^~~      ''���  by  many  ycilrg people  these  days lis world, travel becomes  almost a "mt|u'|t" to an educated person.  Time   is   Dbh's  enemy.   He  detests   being  burden than it might be. '��' �� �� '*��r��-j-ws umww- Slu-    shjne CoSst w<  !|Mr. ^Peterson lis   going   to    dent in ^mathematics 91, who^ . & ^ f&l  ��ii-.>'.V��.-:"tM��^t..._iLii^^;ii^J iZ. will      hi*    nKl��.��r��     Klllnnno     Vile ,*>       . _f  Wing, his^iiElphiiistehe-badmih-  .'ton   players   to 1 Pender   on  "February 22 for a relaxed and  enjoyable play daW with Pen-  will   be: able, to  balance  his  books to an ink blot.  >e jin return    -  der.  There will        ,  match at Elphhmbney in  the  =futur^. "*"     ���  Mr>',Minnis of Texada has  asked our. physical:' educatiori  teacher, fyf~ Tjorhom, to arrange a puiy day there, Pender sthdehts will be billetted  at Vananda; thtn Vananda  will comei fo'Pender on a similar jaunt.- -    ,  There was a St ldents' Council announcement that a  ."Quit Smjoking" cjlub was be-,  ing formed wherein some  boys were challenging each  other to Jdck therhabit. Since,  smoking is forbidden . on  school property jand serious  penalties may be dealt |-*to  smokers in sehobls, teachers  are in no ' position to help  these yoiimgsters j even if we  .knew hoijv. Smoking does not  improve ��� anyone's health,  but  Don also dreams of travel  ling in Europe to visit fll'-the.    gineers.  Return matches soon . . .  of you must be able to take  ,on' the. responsibilities of j a  marriage and all it ' implil*H.  Tl\is , takes understanding,  common .sense and n |wjilling-  nejisto be tied dowrtf Third,  unless,, you ar;e really (economically. set for marriage you  could be heading for-, tirdubie.  Money matters ca'usi.* more  divorces .than any other single  factor -���*- especially ftmong  young people. With a, littie-  patience m% your par, and a  little understanding oh tlhe  part of your parents >*<Hi. cjan  probally solve your prpblem.  UCCessfUrly at- The odds arc really"against a   ~-��� ~ happy marriage by a too-  all     centres,     a    young  couple*.  Why  not  wait  Joy your company. ��� If, however, yjbu're really istu^k on  him, 1 can just tell you to get  in'there anH fight,'���;and. take  your chances with the vest.of  his admirers.   1,1; ,    .  .   An   exclusive j suburb^ is   a  place where* a mhri 6wes more  on his house than lie d��j��es on .  'his car. ���'��  5  \      ���<  COn Mcleod  being  reMtecd..' a while longer ^ndefe  rushed.   "What  ���full of care. We  e| to  stand  and:  on   the   Suh-  i'U find him star-  soaking up im-  ���   world   needs  pressions.   Tin  the Don McLibd's as badly as  it needs the scientists and en-  rence to  your parents w/ith thit understanding that jyou wtfnt to  marry this "b��y. ,If you; set -^  date for the future they may  be mare inclined lo "jo along.  But, Stuck, don't run away���  you vyUl want to remember  a, hapjjj' wedding \v:th your  parents by your side.  r Dear Bessie: t like a boy  w'ho is nothing but a]playboy.  JJo many girls like him that  I don't think I have a chance.  I've tried.fo get interested in  " other   boys  but  I   can't   stop  EV1ALAWHAMA  Selma Park  ���        7  COMPLETE FAMILY AND  ,   PARTY ME7>5t5t0 60  Chili Con Car no  7    Itoliort Spoghctti  Phone 885-2270  OjPEN  10 a.mj h> 1 p.m..  Closed"Tuesday ���  d  iwwwiwwiKwwwvwwwwwvinna  ost Saturdoy to  By Dean. Robilliard  THFJiEE^bJ3sk��itbaH teqmsf left Elphinstone I  -pjey Mcx Cameron jand Broods of Powell River. There  were'a f���;w unpleasant stops on tljie trip but the most unpleasant for the senior Yearns was Max. The senior .girls  were   bealten   by   the  gal^  of  Maxjj   28-(i   aid   the   Cougars joyable.trip,  vfere ^rushed by a powerful of the studenlt  Maxj squijd 95-28. I of  the  game)  The one bright spot on the these games  Itrip    was\~, tiie    intermediate        Game No.  I hoys'   rtrtuibph   over   BrOoks. Gel den Gated  _,      , .        i Thej team' pla >red well in their Harlem   Noct  Y$% ^f^&l? damaSmfi-J irsi game, %^ith Bob BaJtiste "Game No  All.the talk abo4t cancer and^1 X^i |^ qttany bein^ the       G^me No  f  _heart disease as possible oiit-  ~comes "'of   cigarette  -smoking  -  adds fear i and Jrustration to  the   young   person's   burden,  whichMs great enough, financially as it is. Parents should  help them to quit, No' honor  student at,our sc iool- is known  to smoke,:and the three drop-  .-*" outs  are   all  he ivy. smokers.  Is    there     any     cdnhection?  Science says,   "Yes!"'  _    Howard   Whitcj  will '. reprel  sent-Pender  Harbour  at  the  ,    Education     lor!    Democracy  OPJ poiini ge:ters.  Thej bOys 7rom Brooks j had  ^ood ball control but thef aggressive ph��y of the black and  gold gained   he 35-29 victory.  BOth Brool s and Max were  excellent hosts, serving, pop  and doughntts to the teams.  The , cheerlei iders put oh a  fine display for the fans.  A return 'match will be  played at Ephi in the near  future and he Cougars will  iry; their best to counteract  the^ powerful   attack   of   the  trotters 104;  will   feature -alii ' the   tasty,    the;   ;world-  mouthwatering, dnd nutritious    Globetrotters  hut "the majc"��Uy7/  s saw only half  The   scores   of  lyere:  1|���San Francisco  106; Vancouver  i|irns   52.  Harlem Globe-  tJBC Braves 22.  A basketball tuorney is now  in prospect involving,. Max  Cameron, Sqiiajnish, Pember-  ton  and Elpiinstone.  HOUSE GAI1ES*  The      Eljbhinstone  housi&'7'  ���games   -are  played.   The  each share a  generally    well  boys   and   girls^  week in the gym-^.  with this system continuing *i��;  throughout the year. Sports'.'-.*-]  played are soccer, volleyball,::'*  basketball, floor hockey, traefc-  and field and footbalL At pre  sent basketball is |n full  swing.  tour  of   the   legislature   thir Tartans"-  year.  Bill Edg'etl and Janice . ',.       ^  Northrup will g�� to the UBC Intermediate Boys  students'  conference.  We will        Elphinstorti:   (35)-Quarry  12, [Huse Standings  try to,hav4 brief accounts of- Baptiste 11,  Harris 5,.Franke '���   Sabres    9 5,    Mustangs    8.2,  theseF various trjbs printed in 3, Smith,, Enierson' 2. Bombers 70   Spitfires 65  this  space.  In eterj> instance, _ Brooks:.. (-2W_   Christiansen, ;AROUND THE SCHOOL  the Board will subsidize these Leyangie 8, <)umn 7, Tweedle :    The   latest   fad   is   yo-yos  students, ;their gesture- being 3- --nnstianson 2, Nassichuk 1. :*rhere is talk of having a yo-  ,most appreciated!"7 GlobetroJ;ters yo   contest   and' this   should  7*HieT Stiidents'l Council   are       Mr. Yablonski and his wife -prave  intenrsting.  commencihg toccjnripile a Pen- took a busloiid of studentsjto'    The   year    book   club   has  _    der Harbour Cook Book that UBC's: M*6**1*" "al  gym "tbsee f been busy   aking snapshts of  Will       f<*A*.lir*��    .'a)t       th*��       tncfv ihe ,       :^��>H��-lrl-f��i*virtn��,           ITn^loW^' tho      r1ai\\r      activities     Of     Stud--)  J  BELOW IS A PICTURE  OF THE PENINSULA  amous     Harlem  It was an en-  the   daily  ents.  GOT IT COVERED  ^ECHEtT PENINSULA^r^e^  ^^^^^m^^^B m  \  The Secheit Peninsulo Times/Wed., Jon. 29, 1964 Page 13  I- '" ���"��� -* *   ���-.- ���-.-   ;       -    -  Cost board $22J)00 . . .   -  odelffa Pork ��foiiiitfs  miSer ifiscussio  i  IMPROVEMENTS to the Madeira Park Elementary School  grounds have cost Sechelt School District $22,000 to  dolte and they are still a mess, according to board Choir-  man, Mrs. Muriel tBolJ. The sumrincludes $50Q0~'sperit for  roeft worm m the initial stag-  . ���������'������L*���������r -_-���;���  es'-but does not include labor  ond' use of equipment donated by tluL_community club;  -1n7 discussing the7 beard's  next robvt* concerning these  (���rounds.. Mrs,-Ball pointed out  there is' nollunf, th the Act  which 'prevents the board  from leasing land*' -but all.  board member* felt apprehensive* about accepting a lease  on' the terms -proposed by E.-  -B: Clarke."' They feltl. event. .  ually they-would have fa buy  b.ick the improvements they  would now make.  Thc Board decided "the next,  move, was'up 1�� the .community  club whose annual^ meeting will be "-j��nuaj=y-2Sth.  REPORTS ON  PROPERTY  Mrs. Celia Fisher, .building  and grounds committee' for  Gibsons area reported on the  thre? potential site* for Gibsons Landing Elementary  School expansion.  (1) English site���a- letter  -was read, from Ghas. English  stating he had changed his  original -fclans over a year ago  to comply, with school j board  plans, but was- now proceeding with his. subdivision, plans.  He stated bis price"* as .those  quoted previously, 'although  Mrs. Fisher had asked,for specific prices.  The; Board still awaits the~  sanitation and drainage rer  pert 7 bf sanitary Inspector,  Barry MacDonald, also' an estimate <)n the cost of ditching and'draining.  (2) Another offer ��� from  Crosby, Smith and Garriott  quoting a'"price on six acres  as $9,000 as opposed to. their  original offer of 3.6 acres for  $6,000. Two contractors. Jim  Chaster and C. Sicotte had  been asked to submit estimates, for clearing: and rough  grading. Chaster's estimate  was S35D - $930 an acre. .-Si-  cOtte had not yet submitted  his estimate.  (3) Propp's   property   is   ot^  . ferad. for $7500 cash or' payable over five years at 4 percent interest. The sire is 1 :-">S  not f.25 as previously quoted.  HONORARIUM "^ X  An honorarium of $40 a  month plus taxi fare will be  paid to Mrs. Vernon for her  work with- the Glee Club.  "Mrs. " Fisher was elected  temporary chairman of the  Sechelt; transportation with  the authority to call on the  Sechelt"- representatives for  assistance. The board found  themselves in an awkward  position regarding their plan-  to. overhaul transportation in  time for the calling of contracts in May due to the_nn-  ticipated three-month absence  of Mrs. Leslie Jackson, chair-  -<-���  C. E. SICOTTE  BULLDOZING SERVICE,  Land Clearing - Excavating  and Rood Building  FREE ESTIMATES      c  Phone 88^-2357  man of transportation for the  Sechelt area. ;-*    - "  Reg 45picer refused.to take  on thff increased area, "Halfmoon Bay to Pender Harbour  is what was handed me and  I'll-stick with that. It's un-  "fenunate ^hal .we elect a-  member wbo is unable- to attend to her.job." be laid.  J.   Horvath - enquired   about  any trustee who failed lo attend fl board rheetiiuf.for-threrA-  monlhs,     "Secretarj'itreasurt-r  A.   Burns - advised, ithe   board"  may ask for-her resignation.  SALARY . REPORT  Horvath submitted a r-rpon  from BCSTA-on thi "1954 pre- -  Simmary   survey,..teacher   salary    negotiations."-." Thoy   feci  thc  present method  i* costly  and  unsatisfactory 7<_nd  urged   ���-  each board to submit its views  .on. the determination ��f practical-salary" objective fcr 19&4.  reviow  cf  methods  cf deter-*  mining salaries./salary  policy  and   boards'  education   poticy  and role of staff and consultants   in .bargaining, .conciliation  and  arbitration.  This the Board felt, the larger the group, the more in- *  volved contracts become, isolated districts prefer to neg-  ���otiate by themselves because,  of differentials, and.7 the South  Coast branch composed of fivt?  or.six boards sets policy ,oi?i  teachers* salaries and the ether boards try to abide by it.  FINANCES  Safety factors costing SHOO  are to be installed on the furnace at Elphinstone. This-a-"  mount, plus $~200 consulting  engineer's tees, will be placed  in the 196-t-budget. ..  Mrs. Peggy Volen. finance  chairman., requested permission to borrow $44,000 on the  reve'ying credit plan to "tide  the board- over until mid-February, Board has $28,000 on  hand and requires *>72.0d0.  Mrs. Burns reported January  checks received amounted to  only... $27,000 instead of the  usual" S60.000.  ��� ."Gibsons school hall  will  be  retained   for   community   iae._  -prober than be used as ^ pamt ~  she p.   The   community   con-   -  sidered the school, so now the  board    should    consider    "the .  community.**. maintained Peg-  -��>' Vclen.    _  i!Where will land7 be  purchased in Secheli. was  a question   raised   hy-   irusiees.   Mrs.  Ball   explained    thi=    was    a  sefety   measure. .Mrs;  'Bums  advised the txyurd had approached the Indian band" regarding property -at Porpoise Bay  but the chief had died -and the  matter had proceeded no further.  Permission      was      granted -:  Jklrs. Burns to .'attend, the secretary-treasurer's     conference  at Kelowna. May 4^5. and 6.  Next board meeting wi*i be  "January 27 commencing at  7:30 p.m.  FOR   QUICK   RESULTS  USE " TIMES     CLASSIFIED  ��� n fin fl n Wnrnrirr * * * ���y ������*������������ m^Mmmm^m��mmmmmmmmmmi  TIMGLEY'S HI-HEAT  SALES AND SERVICE  For all your heating  requirement^  i  CHOICE OF 4 OIL COMPANIES FINANCE PLANS  ~WARM AIR OR HOT WATER fHEATING  C. E. (CAD TINGLEY  Box 417 Sechelt   .  Phone 885-963$  881-9332r  iWWww��ww>wwi��%www��i��������*'��*'W��"*��*'*��M*'"''M^  ��  ' i"v.  GIVE'GENEROUSLY]  ^rvhenithe canvasser j  calls!  ��� I  "-*-*j  L'  ���*. ���-  f "."���  *l  _ i   "i       - -*������*.:  ���� **0* *       ����� i    ��� ,  /jr**-^w~���  i *     a ^* ��� m  . .s  ,^a  ������'-       '----lFv-:"*:'^1^'-'h-  -��� ���?':���'*.   -If-  '   ���* -if   \f ���   lk��i  THE SPEECH AftO HEARING program of the Foundation is one pf the largest of its kind in Ccnoda Over  2000 clients, annually, receive assistance Funds lore  provided by the Kinsmen sponsored MOTHERS MARCH.  Thrs yecrs goc! is $275,000 fcr\the Province ~ {  Sponsored by tiie Sechelt Kinsmen  GIVE GENEROUSLY, FEB. 1  THE VOCATIONAL-REHABILITATION SERVICES departments are' ova��lob le to all disabled in the Province.  This rapid!v expanding service ik sponsored through-the  annual MOTHERS MARCH APfEAL by Kinsmeci-This  years objective s $275,000 td provide these"bcdlyneedfcd  services t.riroughcut B.C.. -     -,    j- .   \-.  Mothevs March - February 1st  1   i  .       Tr* *     *   *��  1 ������ '.*.; * .  :'���*;������*..:  i-  :..r-*  :���, -��� .*���  1   C   -fir'  I -Vil'  *:    .- -   >  i .'.���*  \ *���"''.:}  <   ' :������ *  i ..-*-*  ��   ; *  <���   -"��� ��'  �� *   *  \ ���������'"-!  ��. ���   .-'���  J.  i ���  < ->  7 i  <  .�� "r  < ��  t  >  V:  h  ��.  i  *-  *  <  tr  < ���  i. ������  < ������  < *  1  <  5  <  <: ���  ��' r  TBTS  ���    i-   S  rf  * '���**���  mrr   *  * 4 * t i. r.  ._.. ��  >".4C*'>-' ^f. **'  *:>  &>7>  ,7*  ,*>'  ,*��  >'*>  -���",!>  7.  . r*��  ?��.  >��  ,���>���  .">.  ==-4~  Page 14 The Sechel ^Penii isMla^jtrtesj  Explains referendum.  -37  ���. ~>  *       -^.  :���*.: 1'  >���?���  !''*  ��  ���17  ,'-f  Board -thairnrian  Wed., Jim. 29,  resses  1964  ��� ^&&��f&  MRS. N. BALL, chpirmon of the board of ..trustees School  District No. 46 addressed the residents iri Sefrnt1! Park  Community Centre   last Tuesday .evening. Thj* subjejct for  .discussion  was  School Referendum   No.   4.  audience* had   with   them   thef ��� "7~^      "  >g  VVo-st c if the  brochure which thel- had received via. miail,. so (Mrs. Ball  explained the itemsias listed.  She. painted out the Gibsbns  elementary school was built  in 1911, another smji 11, school,  lf^id   been   moved   ch   to Jthe  wqu'd  be  needed  in   tl  area.  gjj^gM^^^gUBBisapBa  S.D. 46  26lh rashes!  room; as. -is   usual   in   small  schools.  til  the  present; rooms   In  Se-  chlelt   iwere   filledU"   ani   the  e  Se-  ch ;lt attendance  Another, question wfas re  thi* property , already i>wned  by school district in West Se-  ch?lt. H was dx-"loaned a primly sjihool would be built  ded,   but   un-  , , , ���;!. ,-..-���-       * \ *�� * r,.,- *        -* ���     , .  r'      -, ��� x- ���' -' ��� X-%   ���<. ." V" "v*i ��� z&k -" , r* ���' -  -���'���*.      . .   i\**t? ���" ���*������������,-'   :rc^" -.-. *��� :  ������I,  ;���!  I-  :��. ���-  WHAT LAND?  A . quest: n was aSsied as to  what piece of land would be  bought fo| S^O.OOO^Mrs. Ball  explained if would" be .used  for any <j>f! three parcels of  iand offered, .as outlined in  "'tilie sketclli ip the/-brochure.  Since tha'rj had bee i printed,  prices anab the cost of clearing, etc. tjad been c stablished  on ��� three pieces of land.  grcund from Nelson \ Island, xh}:re i^hen nee  and a new annex had been  bailt on the same school  grounds. rIf.-all thpse units'  were combined in a 13-room  school on* the required area  of land, then the board would  be able to build an activity  room and other facilities',  which would be on a shareable "basis.-The bo'arjjr was not. .ei%>aticihal Class, whiclji is a  allowed siiicn facilities on :k th-ee year, program designed  shareable j haisis for small to ke^p children in school  schools. A| 'large school also utiultfiey are : it teen. -These  ensure? orfe cla��s t> a-^roorp childreh are no.. qualiiied\to  instead cf j-mixed classes to a     ha ndle�� if general or university  coarse,; so are given a tract ic-  . al iranjiibg to fit them I o earn,  a   living.   The   upparen;   high  C03t   lorn  the Pender   Harbour  aria   whs   explained   ly    the  fajit, it; lis a whcle new build-  injj   aha   equip: nent   f">r   m-  dus.triajii education   and   home  ecjbnorpfcs.    A    lishing   course  wits stiajrted this  year :h  that  sciooliJjlo   prepare   pupils   foi  commetitcial  Jishirig,   and   ihe  course jb*id not require special  equipment or room. Qualified  .mm akk teaching net making,  .-7Anolher| question [was  \vhy     m.vigation,    and|   boat! build-  $10,000j  fbr   land   ifi   Sechelt,    ing.  RALPH   STE  =  administrdfot  nUmbeiri of chil'lren wbre in    Depuf/ g6yeit*ior,l Bob Knapton of Vf*ancOuYer looks on.  th?   arjia,   such  school  build  in;;  wcjuld  not   oe  san<}tioned  bj] the department.  OCCUPATIONS Li CLAfeS-  ^Vlrs. [Ball explained tjie Oc-  V.   .   . *a i  ��� 2 *'   *  ','���*  * -        **   .       jT .*, . *       .  ���V **;.. ���    <-': ���-  ^..*-.- \. ������' -   .  -  ������'r . -j,v     .    ��  THE following-letter was rer  7 reived from the Deputy  ftlinister of Education recently in answer to, where School  District 48 stood in relation  to other Districts in terms of  volume of assessment.  X "In reply to your letter of  November 23rd,- 11)63, we  Would advise that the Department has checked and there  are 25 other School Districts  in the province where the  volume of assessment as given to us exceed that of  School . District : No. 46  (Sechelt). The assessment of  your district' is approximately  $32,000,000. As the assessment  and the last 'levy for School  purposes is determined by  Municipalities   or   Provincial  Eight places of worship  m    ���-   ���  Presents cheque  HANSON,   president; of "Sechelt   Kinsmen  J'   "7"L   l i    v7;7c,1   \a/ kA-n   *.'   u^^'*��i'   Municipalities   or   ^rovincuil  presents a cheque for $464.57 to W. Milligan, hospital    Assessment     Branch     rather  ������-���-'���'-^*-1 and secretary of St- /fAary's hospital society,    than the Department of Education,  we  are; not  aware  of  the reported deficit rural education  fund  or  the  diversion  of fund as was reported.  ;   "The grants to School Disr  Iricts   to   fluctuate   annually I  due to the. volume of assess-l  ;ment   in  jthe   School   Chstrict  ;:fo|r  that   year.; This  did produce the reserve in'grants for  :the      School    i District,      the  amounts of the district's share  . v and the government grant for  (        ! By Betty Williams Ischool cost would be verified  YEAR of (juiet achievement was reported at the annual at.,tIhe ?tor5 9ffice*  ?eetinc, c,f St. Hilda's Anglican Church.      ^ reqS SIclLr^uipoles  xS;ince Rev. J. B. Pergusson was.appointed assistant to may be sold by the Board af-  t^ie rdqtor, Fev.. D. F. Harris, additional points have been -ter  its  receives  the  approval  Opened up for worship, making'ewht in oil.              -��� of 7!;he   Lieutenant   Governor  These7   Ire      Community     ���^- = : : ~ in  CoUnci    When  such - lands  Chui-ch   atXiort   Mellon:   St.     be starting very Shortly. Any- ^.thfpuSh^diSctl^o  one  interested should contact llle Board and! such funds are  St. Hilda's AiC  annual  Batholbmew'Sv    Gibsons;     St.  Aidants,    Roberts    Creek;    St.     Rev   D  ��   Ilarris of  Gibsons   :-      au.u    e u    ,' i,1 T*  Hiiriav.   Rp^hAiV=--.-Th*  r.hi.��*h     ^c\;.-D'/'J^rrli.0Ir'.s^ns :'used b>' the Sch��o1 Board for  imejo:  Somepne in the audie  pected   i  nflux    of  Mrs. W, Anderson T,  population    sessment.-  New  due to the hospital being op-     Oh  probation f��r one  ened   in  Sechilt,   i   iwas  felt    yi rars  before  bt;ing  ta  that a julrtior.seconc ary school    Permanent staff  nee  .-why  so- mu.ch  seci-pcy; as   to  /exact location, and'fwhat type    mlarkedj that wiih all tipis ex  of school was  gropfised? p<,nsiott addifioral staff uvou  '*������ The--trustee'Said  there  was - Mr requiredHar d   wouid'that  no   secrecy:   The    Ifoard   just     pijesent   a   difficulty?  did not khdw^-.where land ' . jMrs. Ball saie it wa; not a.  was available, as thfe idea was pipblejm, as this area was' a  to   build   a .secondary,  school"7,preferred  district  among-, tea?  anywhere from Datis 'Bay ito 'cl.ers,   due   to   lhe_attiactions  West   Seehelt.     T   ]              /.   '"of   a  ;;favorable   climate., and  New courses are being star- .the   opportunity   for   jllie   reeled   in  September j  and   thfe    reatioris   of   bathing,   boatitig,N  foundations of the Elphinstone    ff.ihin|7and skiing.; Tie dist-/-7  secpndarj, school are.such that    riu is the seventh  ricaesi  inr  no   further   additions   can',be 'tie  province  on the  tasis  of  made, thire,  so  wiih  the- ex-     number-of pupils to 'otal as-  ���.Hilda's, Sechelt; The Church  of. His Presence^ Redroofs;  Legion -Hall, MadWa Park;  St. Mary's Garden ^ay and  theQo'pnmur hy Hall >qt Eg-  font���a wide territory, for  two men to cover.  The new si ite of officers for  the coming year was elected  by acclamation.' They are:  Vicar's warden, Syd Redman;  people's warden, Ivan Smith;  'secretary, IV rs. B. Rankin;  treasurer,   J.   DuSn;   mainteri-  or Rev. 3. B. Fergussont at Sechelt. .       ���  , One difference between  death and taxes is that death  doesn't get %vorse every time  Parliament meets.  shareable capital expendi.  1 tures: such as sites, buildings,  equipment, etc. as approved  by the Minister. No-funds are  diverted to the Department.  See Section 169 (3) (4) 191.  J. F. K. ENGLISH  ance officer,  legate to the  teacht rs   are  oi    two,,  ten   on  P-  irrjer returns  boise  By Betty Williams  VISITING Mrs. Porte arid Mrs   Johns^Fhat  J. Northcote; de-  Synod, S. Dawe;  alternate de egate, F. Stone;  WA representative, Mrs. S.  Dawe; senipi sidesman. A. W.  , Williams; cauncil members,  Mrs, C. A. . ackson and Fred  Taylor,  Ah pvatiorf was accorded to  for all his work;  il  May*  Porpoise Boy  , is Mrs. W. /nderson, no Jtrah'cer in our midst. Mrs.  Anffer-son, with her husbpnd anc two; daughters, corr e from6  Scotland 38 yeari ago, direct to Sechelt  liplet wejre Mr  Anderson Was a commercial fishprmoifi.  Two mdre daugpters were  born, ^ hercf and when they  .grew up a terrible tragedy  .occurred], While still Hying *at  DoristonL three ofj the igirls  were lost in the treacherous  ���'" waters of the Skookum.Chuck  while they were rowing ,gac-  ro^s   to (the  store  at  Egmont.  By some sti'ange jplan, Doris  . tiSxF not "accompanied her sis-  iters and she grew jup to l.ov^- sbe is |now call:  ly womanhood, married .and  had a daughter of her owm���  Donna���who is her ^ranilmp-  ther's {jiride and joy. Doris  and hup . husband Charles  Stubbs, arid Donna, moved to  Campbell River sejveral jyears  ago, and being .widowed, Mrs.  Andersen joined f.them -last-  year. She finds Sechelt | and  its associations ex�� r-t a strong  claim; orj  her  affertions. '  Fri^ncs   and   acquaintances  Will  jbe   interestec    to    know     depaijtlment   of  that (Dcjnna  was married  lasj    4s - started.  "** J. Nohhcote  * in the} past year, a considerable   amount   of   landscaping  , has been done and. the flower beds wete a riot of colour  from early spring to late Jail,  and Were a joy to resident  and  visTTor   dike.  Mr.- Harris announced the  Right- Reverend Godfrey Go-  wer, JBishqp 6f New Westminster, ivill be on'the Peninsula  in Juhe, iwlien there will be  two Service-!; of confirmation,  one of whi^h will be at St  .Hi'ldais.  Conlfirmat on    classes     will  Isovember to Donald Huntej,  former y of Cilgary, but for  s ime 11 ime a \ fard of Canon  Frocto:- of Cimpbell River.  Alter <:- hdneynoon in Hawaii,  tiie ypung cou >le are settled  m  Cajripbell  R.ver.    Mrsl  "Anderson   visi ed . her  troth^-   Charles   Mlel ose   at  C bristi na   Lake   in   th e   West  4oote,ijays. for Christnas, and  ng on is many  ojf her old friends in this vic-  iiity is  time  allows.   Further  plans   are for a  leisurely  trip    JSj  tj the *'��'"-" "'���-*���I *��� �����--    **��  v rhole  early  ii  Is  T~        '   'A  DON'T NEGLECT  YOUR BABY'S FEET  Drop in for a FREE check  of Baby's Shoe fittings ...  Complete line of SAVAGE BOOTS  B to EE width  *  BONNIE STUART - Orthopedic and Regular  PRICES SLASHED ON LADIES'  AND MEN'S WINTER BOOTS  WIGARDS SHOE STORE  Cowrie Street - Sechelt   ;  ] Phone 885-9519  mimmm��mmm*0mmmmmmmmmMmmm'mmmmmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmmmmWmmmmmmmmmmmi  YOUR NEW PAPER!  United Kingdom for the    !S}  summe ���,    lens ing    in    S*S{  VTav. !*8!l  (pORBpCTION  The  l^aterfs of Can ida, no  machint   clear ing   the * }S{  ightjof-way    is    a    privately    58}  owneffl  machinj  belonging;  to    5S{  4-..JI   -, :,. tQ  the     }�����,  i5:  ii  11  SOe per mmitb9 ��S��H# per \ye���ir<  by em*rier or mail. ILo&h for the  sipeetcel subscription envelope in  Wednesduy9s times.  .publit    wirks    ��"*5}���L^���,,��  t  Si  Tho  Pi  ECHELTITENINSULA i*mei> Ltd.  PHONE 885-9654 or 885-9952  ���mmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmttmm'mmmmmmmmmmmmmatmmmmmmmi  1 l����l^��^^  II  The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., JqrrL29, 1964 Pe$e IS  I and not from the obligation.  | to be useful. Not always were  I the directions and advice in  | agreement     with     those     of  "-.others but they -w-ere. sincere  t even. :in their error.-  FIBST Df STANCE  Two instances strike me as  occasions in which I felt the  closest communioa vrith Mexican peasantry. The first occurred when if ike and I were  trudging along the road from  >.  couid detect no tract of furr.- "  iture.  A small  pocket of  sto- -_  nes indiOiied  the cooking  facilities..   {  'The  woman  said  Utti*  and  the children'nothing  but  the  _��arrner    chatted, "coafidently.  ^frequently snuhng pf&udiy at  lus guests. I do net believe we -  ever said  anything  notewyr- .  thy .but jthe-'-.more ~asLcoess~ of.  communicating was fufficiest^  rtrasard. \ ���  ~ '  - We . were   feoetit" .honoured  Tehuantepee     to     Yuchhan.  With the weight of our pseks    *^theexs&ence of our mu  and. the beat of the  sun. <*ee  were making slow progress.  Gradually, a tiny caravan  overtook us. A farmer .was  leading a loaded burro while  his.wife followed with a baby  in her arms. As the man approached; w-e greeted each  other and were soon engros-  sed in conversation. The limitations af my Spahisfc and his  information restricted * the  scope of our discussion but,  by the time the rlitlle troop  passed us by, we had evolved  a friendship. He looked buck  and waved several  times be-^  *    .      ,- . *  .     .���"..     *HW.      '.. .��*   >i. * i��^i a  *��* -   *4�� -   ***��� ^V   , ...I-        -      -���'.    ��� i  *   * ���  ual   friendship.   Debate 'the.  polarity af'mir, indi-ridnal histories: cultural, .sodaL ceonov  mic,   religious,  linguistic,   we.  had   corae  together, t We   had  -both  taken  measures  toward  a  c&mpsoniise of  difference  .the   result   being "a"-   fortress  built upjij iood-wil|-arid re>:  biforeed* by   trust, IhuraiLityV  accepturpe.   It   was {this   un-  ���-expressed: understanding   that-  provoked" the  broad S ��ttukr od  the   sun-burnt   fact* "of- this  fehsation,   that"*-atsn��jd "the  Mexican farmer" and! the same  hearts of wt two'^inadKn-  7- Ses".  It "' was- a  forc# of- com-  :-...&���  .V-  -. /":  VieWS  Ray Grigg aboard the "Atlanta  - *  - ���-By.Ray Gngg  ���7       r ^Mexico IV  THE" Pan American Highway gradually shrinks in width  and quality as it counts off the latitudes south.of  Mexico City. From the 7,000 foot elevation of .this interior  plateau it takes" a south-easterly course, gradually deseeding to the seiru-rropical "otmosphere that befits a latitude  of 15 degrees north  life fe7 undisturbed by- the  pressure of guided tours, souvenir salesman and the mer-  iad of other false - professions  that spoil authenticity. Everyone lives by the pul?e of  crops and the pace cf nature.  The area is agrarian, -unhurried and uncomplicated by the  compulsive speed of industrialization. : J  GENEHOSITY-Alto }  CO-OPERATION j  The generosity and ec���operation of the Mexicans is revealed; in many places at ma-  r fore diapp^nnff around the-^, bondage?-of--pifcaie that  corner of the ^aim-bordered ^s^e* uhe ^^ |ia^rs-  ���ad*'*r-F ,    " ,-  .able chasm-of humfenidiffer-  We ware passing a. hut that  Tested in a patch of dust surrounded by a stick fence. At  the corner of the building  three "naked children stopd  .watching us. A-j>ig was sleep-  " ing in the dirt in the shade  of the waiL Suddenly. - ve  heard   a shout I      :  "Amigos!    RefrescOsl"  It took several seconds for  the message to register and  for ��� us ��� to - detect its -source.  Beside -the stick wall stood  our newly-made friend. "A large grin .lit his face %s he extended his invitation, for refreshments.  -   We accepted hesitantly and  ihen  marched -trko  the   Little  yard-; The children sceptically  : gathered together near a well  aurrcunded   by   adobe   bricks  and roofed with, palm  fronds.  The pig scurried to more distant shade. The man and his  wife humbily presented theih-  selves   and    intrtxineed   their  aiildrer..   Then   they   brought.  forth, two botde* of-soda pop"  and   ga\-e   them   to tus   The  drink   was   w-arta   but   tasty  .and refreslung.   :        ;  Their    rnai.erial-   ;weU-being  was such, as  to rnake  us feel  guilty drinking; suca a luxury"  as   soda   pop;   The: family's  house was circular, about  20  feet   in   diameter.  -The   walls-  - ware " censtruewd    c-f    Sticks  placed  *.-ertically side by sice  encesf ;the    recoirnft--ofi    and  utiliratiOjt   of"   the {elemental  -sirnilanty in the spi-cies **"r;o-l  Bio sapien". ..'  SECONb INSTANCE-    -  Tapichsla   i-   i--��   d>   is^: ers-  able as tr.e ortm.^.t. of Nfex-  -icar. rx;d m.tr^ ine'i^ite   This"  "authcri.tivc-   ir.f ���i-'-jt.^K   ecu-  pled wfch wit  cj.r.~i.:y cf the  nation's ri*I\.-^y:  ;y.v- *.ptcd  u$  to trj- tie t.-2......  En ti,-: l-.i ��� ..:'��� - v.^f. u#  arrived at l:v- ;'^*..��.:i, i. .cor.-  ���venionally ru���a*, d'-j*1'. with i  generous supf.ly cl -\$y fron--  tage��� After f.^; -.v < yr i^rt-i  (20 potos cr ar.'c-iumately  $1.6oi v.t- li <-'-.< (A^rse.'ve*  as cornfen-so'-y a j j,'3-3f-iDie in  the   ad;o:r.:nj.   v.c.t^nf:    siied.  ��  *.. >��  ���' r  ** *. ���";'..  f'* !'  , - *,  .������ .,  ���-.;���  -  >;    . .  7  ;- :������  -    .'���  ! t- "���.  ��� I."  1 r.     ���-  ���*   ���  .'*' .  , -    .  ,'. .*  M  t:  :m  >'^  yiesx   t-  r   O.e   p<  ir*!*  ..ve  c^n-  cnes ��i-  re (*M_p.  --CL  -V-s  praw-  Ietr-out  s.<^'P"-z~  Ivt.  sub-  stantial  port.cr.  cf  ���he  con-  crete floor taken  ur  vz-z  workers  and    th  er  far  _~Lies.  Before  mrhtfa'.l  V.t*  * e:  ���t  ail  driven cuUice by 4  nwn with  a     hosi     who     aathoriit--.-eIj"f  began ]to wash 014I the pre--; -  . misES. i Ke was prtb^Iy unsuccessful in -his fcttempt to  induce I some vesti<e bf sani-  taiicn ;but/ managed Vastly to  make the-'pUce uninhabitable -  until next day. This.a- a typical example of the minor  oversights Xor wrJch the Mer-  pronis  A  * ������  <  .1  ���:'���������  - ��  5 ���'-���  al, is in contrast, a district rcl-.  become  more  penetrating.    -    from . the   Icwer   classas^  On  ling with; fiat hills.; The bore-        The   tcwn_  uantepec_  ers^are more common-and- the  land    is. Tighter   with   grain,  truck crops and sugar cane.  With_    the     prosperity:  for  flora,   so "is   there" a   greater ,                 ,                .           ���.��  prosperity    for ' the    people. ��f, age  and. ^ompactnes^  Of  Thsy still possess the charac-���relatively small area   Tehuan-  feriiics of peasantry but the . Spec's   fiathenng   of   heavuy  more prolific growth provides ^constructed  brick  and  aaobe-  them   with  a   grcatgi-abund- 'buildings portrays a perman-  knee and Varictvof food. Cit- .en��. and,a   security   that. is.  ' rus -fruits,   mangos,   bananas, -Jacking-    in    many     Mexican  mellcns *$d other edibles are:   *������ of a comparoie-size. L  more corrtmonlv grown. Water Perhaps   the- impression   is  for drinking and irrigating, is created by the cozmess of its  'more accessible. Many of the tan   buildings   nestled  within  hardships7 that are  so  preva- the towering palms; the dark  lent  in  the  northern dryness green cf breeze-rustled fronds  have been extensively reliev- waving above.the orange til-  g(j_                                          -" ed   roofs.   Only   the - cathedral  ' spires   and   the  deck   cf   the  TEHnANTEPEC                 - town  hall reach higher  than  At   sea   level,   the   Isthmus the-palms toward the cloud-  --��f Tehuantepsc hosts all the .'splashed sky.7;. -.  -.characteristics  of  a  sub-trop- .       -       " "                         ,  ical    climate. *'Wiid     grasses This    southern    portion    �����  frbnds  iajxd upsidedoWn-and"  many��occasifjns  we  had  peb^ ' again    fastened    w-itfc.   "vines-  There was nn opening for the  door  but  no   windows.     The  dirt floor     was  padded  hard  by bare feet and sa-ept clean  is   quite'--different   from   the     simp'iciry and a sincerity that-  until    it    resembled  _smooth  other   places   of   Mexico.   In" rnade   us  even  mere   grateful    concrete..   Several     chickens  *^ 0*&\  o:  hfs  pea=  was   similar  ccmpanero<:. s- sEraw sombrero. {a loose smt'-ck. a pair  of.sloppy ircusc-rsttied at the  were <3are.  change of war  O-ir  initial  iuter-  fc-s��.-*;��  he  addition1, to the nearly trop- of trie favour because it issued strutted through . "the hut.  ical environment, it posses-- from the desire to be helpful .From our -ouUsde' "pes'tice- 4  ses an intriguing combination  usual intu^iistic  sequence.  .- "Biifcnos "^^noche-"**     tGoc*<i  . ���set page IS  reach as high as six feet from  Mexico is much mere cuiiur-  the organic soil. Banana*-' aUy pure-: It has been le,, rn-  plants and coconut palms fluenced .by the-^detrunenui  grow profusely in the road- presence ef.tourists. Tfte shoe-  side fields. Acres of sugar' sh"�� boys are^ieariy extinct  cane attest to some of the^.^ are aU those-.athersr w-ho  wealth derived from the cor- .-��e-.sus^ined by .the .visiung  rect combination of the elem-- foreigner There does not ex-  ents cf sky and earth- Clust- ��f the atmosphere of duttnu,  "~T"ers of bamboo aceompany the 'that is not so much evidenced  presence  of water.  Here, "the '..as-felt The rhythm-of_ sanpie  A Complete Service *~ Five Seaplanes To Serve Vou  ���     ~-    INCLU01NG THE BIG HUSKT, CAPABLE OF  CARR.YIKG SEYEr4 PASSENGERS OR j  t -   f -;.     17O0.LBS. OF CARG^ ]   J  A TKLFPHONE CALL TO OUR SECHELT OFFICE     :  will faring  a  mpdeni j-adio  equipped airtirkft  to  yitx^  : \      - "7 _at '"^ince. ��� j   j.  ~ s    - - 7 ^_ - ; 5. -    -j  .   j Go Modern   *  Go Tyee  | {7  Phone Sdchelt 885*2214 & ^85-2215  OFFICE "lN-THE-LOBBY OF SECHELT BUS DEPOT   "1  ���    i  ��     ���  t  <  < " ���  < .  <  < *  < '  < *  <  < .  < ���  4 ���  J.  "**"^-*M��W��W"^^ 'XzzM  "SPS  -���'-fas--""--'-     Page 16 The Sechelt Peninsula Times, Wed., Jon. 29, 1P64     T"��   ��� J|l|A   *��  y    . .*       -    ,- ��� !,..r< ���" �� I-t-1     * *J* ***y *** ' ******  big liazajjd  -rn   y���*��-��� -1   1-* "ti1!!--'?"    ��� --������-|J��-*-fg-" '��� ��� "i ��� ������*��������������  /O'l  :�� Va-5?rf-  Presidcnt lnstallcd|  E. OSBORNE, president-elect of Se:helt and District Cflrarrt-  ber of Comijnerrje is wfelcomec  Ston, chairman of the Secjhelt Vi  Jack Davis mpeaks  too  lage  ififje by  Commission.  t  Ihris John  OVER a period o' "three years  the Gi*antham*.4 bridge has  been the scene lof accidents  amounting to $7:104 in property damjagei involving 29 vehicles ir. 15 separate accidents.-' AH this ha;; occurred at  one poiittT of the road, and  most of these accidents have  occurred when the road and  the bridge -was wet ���and slippery.  As thd daily traffic has increased ,<k> have he accidents.  In 1061 jthere w<?re three accidents and the average- daily  count Of vehit'es between  Port Mellon7 and Gibsons: tdt>-  ailed 530. There is no record  ed^ count on veh icles between ,  LahgdaleTand Gibsons. In 1962  the average, daily number of  vehicles increased to 800  while thje accident count rose,  to   12.  OSBORNE,  1S|64  dent of the  we're installed ajr th'j;-Char-fiber's h.nnual smordasbord  Chris ilphnston, chai  [he legion fiall.  age commis-  the hnstalla-  the presence  >  dance held in  of the Sechelt vil,  sion,   performed  tion ceremony in  of many member; anil guests  .^Out-of-town   guesu��jtn^hid-  . ed Jack Davis, ?|tp^fbr Coast  Capilano;. Mrs. Vincent, secretary of the Vowal River  Chamber of Comrncrqe; Royal  Murdoch of Pen ler Harbour,  president of District 1, lower  mainland Chamber pf Commerce, and Mrs. Murjdoch; K.  F.     McHeffey. "   jresraent    of  .Gibsons  and  district* chamber  \.oLifommeice, and Mrs. McHeffey; J. Dhnlcp of Egmont,  president  of  Pender  Harbour  , and district chamber of commerce  add  Mrs.  Durjlop.  Immediate past"* president,  Cliff Connor re] wrtacTa : favorable year."Th*. membership  ,-is beginning; to   realize j this is-  j BpothL vice-jifesi-  f chamber o\ comnjierrce  ond  man  hold  .D.  banquet  G1BSOS S and i  fire    department  and   their  wive;  of  the  Village  a    srrtorgasbort!  dance.! held   at]  irerb volunteer  members  were   guests  Gibsons  at-.  supper    and  Danny's   din-  of  I  V  not   a   club   for   frohtj street _^^  anjdj guestfe of  Sechelt  merchants.but aj placje for ev-     nr^     r\Jtrirt    (;hamb|r    of  1-  y't  l>  V>  r* ���  ��� ��  -���y'-VT  !"r"A*^T*i  ery citizen to voice His or her  opinions," ��� he* said. "President  eledt,    E.   Osborjne   presented  cfti'itri with a.gavel mide by Ted  *C6oke.     . . I  DAVIS SPEAKS    '  Osborne said He rekljzed the  responsibilities, oi* his position  and went on to i>xtolt the~nat;  ural potential ofj this area. He  mentioned sport and commercial fishing, tirrber, minerals,  farm land and ourist potential. .He. felt" th; chamber of  commerce xvas the sounding  board for the irea. He then  introduced Jaelt D;ivis who  gave-a Report fram-i'darliament  hUL     r  DavisJsaid thi; Canadian jec-  onoroy was picking lip and Ithe  export picture was good. 'An  economic council is being set  up to establish! trends and a  jnew department- of industry  organized to "look aEter areas  depressed as;, a] resu t of low-  e'i=ed- tariff barriers.  - He explained ithe new muli-  lateral approach fbty or sell  to anyone) as^ opposed to the  , cutdated bilateral approach-of  only two countries trading.  Under .the new arrangement  groitnd-rules provide* any .trading arrangements {made between two .countries will apply to-all countries in the.free  world. This will -not affect  Canada too much yet since  we export raw materials and  most of the negotiating is being done ; on manufactured items. ���"" . _i-~ . ,  Davis said the feieral gov-  ernment^is trying to promote  understanding betv/een 2m-  pliiyer and ' employee. They  hope jto raise the! minimum  wage to $1.25 an hour all across Canadd^ j  REDRAW ��:LECToJRAL "MAP  The government plans tc,. redraw i the electoral map of  Canada on the basis of representation by population. At  present one-Quebec riding has  Adrtjsses Chamber  "'IpjF Cornmerce  JAlCK plyiS, MP for Coast  Cap|lqfio addresses mem-  anjrj    tjlilsfrict  CommeCcie   at   the   oinual  smorgqsyiord   aid"   in'tallo,-  tioh of officers iaturdciy.  a   rnemjb!  while c'h4  member  The neiv  ,"25-  26   federal   ridings  he. aige  r   for   ii.OOO   e  in Onraf-io h4s_��>he  for    250,(300  plan w >uld gi  come on  both e  en ployees.    A  of  income.   This  add $75 |a-month  of 70 to-s{he $75  Veady. paid unde  pension  flan.  : 3udget deficit  duced aricT the  gr >wing  rapidly,  Dc vis.' Th�� unen iployirn h't in-  su -ance . f|cmd wi 11 balai ice hy  se f wheh less t tan 4-percent  of   the   labor   fopr  wel-  be  reduced  to '111,  add^r  otl er 3A  jnillion  voters.  In  the!field o' public  fare'Daviil reports the government hopps to aid  a p  ycu-gd levy of 1 percent  \  J'  ing room.  Mrs.; Coriett,  resenfatiye   . on  commission     w*i  with a Sbouquet  gift   anfd   a  of the  firemen  Bill   Scbtt,   w  highly ��l��f the  rendered  the  fi  while   she  was  h)  mission.;  Fred  Feeney,  commissioner,  ed, although he  of the departm  retiring   rep-  the-   villago-  is      presented  of flowers, a  cdlored   picture  by  fire chief  also   spoke  service she had  e department  on  the   corn-  will employ thousa'nds of people.  The   governnfient    plans    to  ronegotiate   the  off both coasts.  ing  to establish  the  prniciple  of   boundaries  the  new  fire  was   in trod uc-  is a member  ent.  fishing   limits  They .are'try*  to headland. This would" place  Hecate Strait ir Canadian ter  ritorial   waters  ment   also 'proposes   to- work  ���oters.  re BC  limit fpr votirjg, will  g an-  self-emiloyed  pe.-son   wfbuld   piy" 2   percent  pL >yed,    pC    projects,  mi ran  new  jobs  umbia River de\  th; new bank  COLUM  Het sh^ke   in  Culumbia   River  ly-as-  of in-  nployeils and  the o  ectors  for a 15-mile  the straight lin  Tourism ��� shou  Canadian-US ���b  ments  Right now w  lion dojllars worth morel each  limit   outside  Id improve the  ilance of pay-  e buy one-bil-    sleep With   their   belongings.  year than  we  result Have had  sell,  andj as a  to sell oiit ow-  plan  at  the age  a mor th al-  nershipj   and, control   bf   our  natural   resources.  BREAK WATEF  Finally, gettilig to the local  scene, Davis ui ged the ��� chamber of commer ce to mobilize  all available in formation in a  well'doeumentod and Object-  would    ive   brief  for  him   to  present  to Ottawa to -s:  claim for a bre  d age  'g  is  bei  economy  according  rce ��� is  1A RIVER  favor  saying it was no|t a sellout but  million to the  We   are  flood  would [add $275  BO   economy,  mjing < pack   our  hot   se.  during! the!  fres  re lease; ithe3T> gradually  ghoul ijhe jjear  wa    wir  re-  is  to  from   headland  The   govern-  MORE ABOUT ... .  Views Foreign  from page 15���-  evening) he asked and I returned the salutation. Thijrn,  of course.-- we asked cf eajch  other's health and both replied, '*Muy bien, gracias."  (Very .well,   thank   you.)   !??  "De donde viene?" (From  where - have you come?) he  asked.  "De Capada." |  -  "Canada?" was his reply.'  The expression reflected obvious perplexity.  Recognizing tliat_he did not  know where Canada was llo-  cated but' knew of its existence, I explained, "Canada es  liorte the ;3^;?Estados Uriidbs/*  (Canada* is- north of the United (States.)  His eyes lit with insight and,  he spoke with an enthusiasm  that seenjjJd childish. "Ah, j Es  muy lejos. Es muy frio. ti^m-  bien." (Itfs far awTay. It's vjery  cold, tooj) 7   ! '  Then \i*e both laughed, i  . I agreed that Canada ivas  far away but attempted] to:  correct his impression of ithe  climate. Granted, it would) be  chilly waltzing bare-footed  on winter streets but there  were, I explained, times .viheflj  it was as warm as her<7 jii  Yuchitan. j  I suppose it was their; in-  quisitiveness and the long  wait until 2^0. a.nv that ��� stimulated aN- most engi'osping  discussiop. I soon felt like a  lecturer surrounded by attentive pupils. Nearly a. dozen  men were sitting in a semicircle about me, all were as  interested as any teacher's  concept of the ideal* student.  They asked questions anjd I  in my limited Spanish, answered aR best I could. When  vocabulary failed, gestures  assisted as-we dealt with subjects ranging from national  brotherbi&od in the "Americas" to;the structure "of the  solar system. For the former  topic, tljiey felt strongly j and  'warmly' But for the lritter,  they kn|ew nothing. The [lesson ended when I became  hoarse.  !  When j I awoke about \ 1:30  a.m. from the semi-corhfart  of the ; ground tmd liihited  mosquitps, about 200 people  were arjiassed in front of the  station. |Most of the children  were sleeping on the clajy or  wrappeq in sarapes. Men; and  were arranged! in  sized groups, stand-  tting  and   curled a  Baskets of  fruits,  vegetables,  f-  chickens,   piglets   and   clothing spotted the ground.  The lone light "in the front  of: the station cast an eerie  ahd dramatic variety of sha-  : dpws.    The    shadows    were    !  people  dressed   in   dirty jcot--  tons  and   wrapped in  shawls  arid blankets as Ithey waited.  ' Some moired. Men walked to  a nearby tree to excrete while  children did not;take the bother to move away an effee-  live distance. Even in the cool  night air the smell was present Tomorrow; tinder the  hot   sun,   it   would  be  much  i worse. Women ,! with their.  black coarse hair hapginff in  a Tone brpid td the middle of  their badks walked to the  train tracks to] squats In, a  manner nearly lady-like, with.  their   long   skirts   bellowing  ���about their feet,: they paused  only momentarily, ,  7The occasional goat -wandered thrdugh the throng eating orange peelings and other  discarded edibles. 2:30 aim."  arrived and the train still had  not come. A pig who had ventured to'-fhe' wrong side of the  tracks was sent squealing  / away by dogs in-pursuit. The  shuffle of restless bodies and  the occasional, cry of a child  were -the only other sounds.  At dawii everyone crowded  into three coaches and the 250  miles of joltling and svrayin^  began. There were insufifi-  cient seats so the aisles were,  half full of standing passen-  gei-s. Baggage was piled in  comers antL then -sat' upon.  Chickens that were tied to the  legs ef seals made messes that  i%n into the aisles. Paper and  discarded remains ofr'fruit  were > cast indiscreteSy -���- onto .  the floor. , Air conditioning  was unheard of; and the windows would not <ipen wide  enough to cool or*' ventilate'  the coaches. Fortunately, at  every stop of tiie train, vendors thronged to the windows^  Selling    fruits, ^pastries,    fish  and bread^   Such   could   be  considered ��� brief restoration  periods for the passengers,  both Mexican irand Canadian,  Until they reached Tapachul^  .  near  the  Guatemalan' border.  wom,en  vari  ing  iotsi. s  ,   sqtih  ubstantiate his  afcwater 'at Se  ttnem-  which  are  thb  Cpl-'  elcpmeit and  of   the  develupment  cheh. A -breakwater at Sechelt, Davis fc\C would encourage sniall l^dbt tourists, to'  stay in BC waters longer since  asheiter here would permit  them to travel to riorthern  waters. This would) mean more  "tourist!dollars. j!  Also, with Coal Harboulf be-'  . ing fined, in, it is logical' to  assume some of Ithe boats "presently berthed! there could  berth at a breakwater at Sechelt. -  Magistrate / 'A.      Johnston  -thanked Davis, also the retir-  "ing 'president, C. Connor and  \Mt.   C.   Charlie   Gregory.  He  dam-  waters  son   to  throu-  a ^milted  some  a  lim-  of  50  a %nire nderini  our; sovereig lity in  iibd wjiy for a period  years: i"vfter that, theoretically  the treaty ma.v be scrapped  cfi 10! years' he tice. Also, we  hpve retained tie righ to. divert tfe upper waters of the  Colum|>ia far a:iy purpose except psrimarily power. The  building  of. thiee  hug;  dams  RUG ���  land Dl  Done JRi  LEANING  NOTHING  Day or Ever ing Appointment  ght In Your  Own Home  JtATES  E4r  EASONABLE  For Free ferimates  Phone 886-9890  LCB  MISSES  ,; Jack Mayne -reports a representative from the Liquor.  Control Board in Victoria  - came last week to , purchase  his property on Cowrie Street,  but he had already sold it to  V. Richter. Mayne wrote to  the LCB about three months  ago offering this properly for  sale^  FltpCIM STMEMT  of  WILSON CREEK CORfl^UFJITY  CENTRE ASSOCIATION  ASSETS      -      \**~,''~ f  Cosh Dec. 31    1962 .!..���.  $     262.00  Rentals, etc. !1963  i. \      331.00  Expenses,  Janitor .  Light   ...  Heating  Taxes   .-  Water 7  "/' Misc.   ...  Cash Dec. 31- 19^3 X  Furniture, etc.  -  Land   , .'...    Hall & Scout Hbll  $     593.00   $  ���h~;  188.00  32.00  84.00  80.00  54.00  14.00  .$ 141.00=  . 1,000.00  1,600.00  9,500.00  Total  Assets^ .+-���7..-,.- J-7S 12,241.00  LilABILITIES and net worth  Accounts Payable ? ��*h  (Paid  in Jaijinary)   i   ....,$        61.00  Net Worth, Dec. 31, 1963     J  12,180.00  $12,241.00  Anyone Willing to run or help this association  please telephone 885-2132:  /-->  fire  -i,w-..i.hj. ,ij..i^|.iirp-*111 ���..���".W'ii, * <���'*"'


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