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The Nicola Valley News Oct 4, 1912

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 iagie]  ^^^ry^l!  Vol.  3, No /4 *)  f  MERRITT, B. C,  OCTOBER 4,  1912  Price 5 Cents  I,  **'  >  m  i\  1  particularly interested in the new  fashions for men?  If so, you'll appreciate the perfection of our stock this  season.  If you give little thought to dress  come here anyway, where the  thinking has all been done for  you. You'll save time and get  correct clothes at minimum trouble���maximum quality at minimum expense.  New Suits, New Overcoats, New  Hats, New Shirts, New Neckwear, New Gloves, New Socks,  New Everything for you to wear.  Our store more than ever deserves its slogan of "The best  values for the least money." It  will be a good thing for your  appearance and a good thing  for your pocket book, when you  come here to see and try on the  . new things.  F.A.REID&V  :^.TJbe^5tore >That^Satiafie��i  -  I Princeton Will Not Get Railroad  We are informed upon reliable  authority that the Kettle Valley  will not build into Princeton but  will come down Five-Mile-Creek  from Osprey Lake as far as Allison thence up One-Mile-Creek  to   Missisoula Lake,   thence   tb  Aspen Grove and up the line of  the Coldwater.    The.'main.reason  for.this is that: the  Merritt; coal  mines have passed  the  development- stage   and are. bona-fide  shippers of an  excellent grade  of steam  coal.    We hear from  time to time of coal mines in various parts of the province which  according to the owners far surpass in quality that mined in the  Nicola Valley but when it comes  to the test these much be-lauded  mines turn out to be mere prospects and none  too excellent at  that.    Only  a few months ago',  when theC. P. R, were installing  oil  tanks from Kamloops,  west,  we  heard  from  pessimists and  croakers that coal :as   a   steam  producer was a thing of the past,  yet to-day we are in a position to  state that the G: P. R.- could and  would use a further 500 tons dailj  from  the Nicola mines were it  available.     The   advent-of the  Panama Canal plus ;the Canadian  Northern  transcontinental  road  will further, develope" a market  for our local coal and incidentally  give a fresh impetus to every  industry in the valley.  The above facts should act as  an extra incentive to all the valley farmers to bring under cultivation every available acre of  arable and pasture land for. today*  our local supplies of produce oi'  all kinds are far, very far from  meeting local needs. The exhibits at the local show of-last week  go to prove5 that-as ifar as potatoes and garden producearecon-  cerned We can" .more than-hold  our own with any part-' of, the  province, -the good jdairy .cow,,  vf^m^eom^  has yet'-. to make itszappearance  in:S��he ? valley^for^although the  Jersey^andXZersy^gsades jarejrsu f-  -ficientdxorn-za vlami' v standpoint  they are not big yielders from a  creamery outlook.  I  n  7-  \f> Hi rim t\ prl 7\/nlc>^ri��\rr_ i**in* *~g\-��f��>B��Gi ��� #*>��� ���:  *������**���ar-m*j,m-mu-Kr- ii\i���v-��_aa^���^v^B ��� i|>%_iB a ,y"^VJ' ������ S^bh_j���you:  the opportunity to purchase a homesite  on the Diamond Vale field, south of the  railway track on easy terms.  Inside Lots 50x120  Corner  u  50x120  If you pay cash we will reduce these  prices 10 per cent.  TITLE GUARANTEED  See  at the Diamond Vale Supply Co.  This case was heard before Colonel Flick, In the absence of t>r -  Tutill, before whom the information was originally sworn.  The information nnder- which  the prosecution w^s brought  stated that Peter Myers a shot-  lighter employed at the mines oif  the Nicoia Valley Coal and Coke  Co, did on or about the 4th day of  September last, improperly place  certain shots and improperly prepare coal for blasting, the same  being a contravention of the Act.  for the regulation of workers- in  Coal Mines. f ��� ::  .   The inspector  first '.called.Morrisson  the driller who drilled;;t^e;holet8  which  were alleged, to   haveibeen improperly  placed,    Morrisson's- "evidence   proved  that  it  was" practically;irnpossible for  Myers- to   have known that any of ihe  shots were in the floor;and also demonstrated that-there wasageneial disposition upon the part of all miners to take  a certain   amount  of   chance   in   their  daily avocations.    Mr. Charles Giaham  superintendent  of   the "Nicola   Valley  Coal   and   Coke  Company's mine, was  next called   and^ gave evidence  t�� the  effect that  under   the, conditions that  existed in No..7 right he thought that  the shots were properly piaced and that  Myers had done all that a man could do  who was unable to see through  twelve  or fourteen inches of coal.    In reply to  a direct   question   by   the   court   Mr.  Graham stated that Myers was not an  incompetent or dangerous person.    Mr.  Graham's   evidence   slowed   that   the  mine management had absolute confidence^ Myers owing  to   the .fact that  he was put back as a shotlighter  after  having been laid off   for   three or four  days.    Alex. Ewart was the next   v.itr  ness and he also bore evidence  that  in  hi? opinion Myers had done all that was  possible under existing conditions.   Ihe  inspector sought to shake the evidence  of this witness but Ewart stuck'  to hi-  guns and made good.- ��� John  McDonald  was next  on   the stand   as  an   expert  witness although a very slow and deliberate one.     McDonald statecj  tftat He  did-not   think   that   "olasting off tHe  solid" was so dangerous  an operation  .as-the"inspectdr--woulcfTOalc-eouC~��-r^  inspector and McDonald had a free and  easy conversation regarding "bootlegs,",  which although it bore upon, the  evidence would not interest our readers ".by  reason   of   its   technicality.      Arthur  Bury also gave   evidence,   but he had  learnt coal   mining  in   other localities  than the Nicola for  he  was unable to  answer many questions of  a  technical  nature fired at him   by  the inspector.  Myers himself-was the last witness for  the .defence and   he . and the inspector  were soon engaged in a vigorous crossfire on all, kinds of- mining, matters  arid  to'do him justice Myers proved   as   far  as words could prove that he knew   his  business   as; a  miner.     The  inspector  also.,made clear that he was no'youngster as far. :as-mining was concerned his  questions embracing all that could possibly concern the matter at issue.    At  the   conclusion   of   the   evidence ; Mr.  Maughan on behalf  of  the defendant,  addressed the court pointing  out  that  all the evidence adduced was  if.  favor  of his client,   Mr.   Maughan   also drew  attention   to  the  fact  that conviction  would work his client irreparable injury  in.that he would be practically debarred  from following his profession as a mirier.  -The inspector  then   addressed the  court for the prosecution  and laboured  the=f actrthatfai l^coal-mi nirig'acciden ts"  were often caused  by   the  ignoring of  rules   and   regulations,   the   inspector  also said that there had been one" very  bad accident in the valley and as far as  possible he would try to prevent-aioth-  er if it could   be  done   by  driving the  rules   and   regulations into the miners.  The court summed up at 10.45 and gave  judgement   for   thc   defendant,   with  costs.   o      - '  reproach from a mijitary point of  view.    In fact some of the good  citizens of Vancouver attended  the rehearsals  of  the escort for  the express purpose of having a  little fun  at the expense of the  troopers  from  the  interior,   we  are glad  to say  that those who  came to scoff remained to cheer.  Sir   Richard   McBride   during  his  speech to the escort in Work  Point   Barracks   laid   particular  stress upon the smart appearance  of  both  men  and  h rses.    The  gauntlets,    shoulder-chains    etc.  which were bought especially for  the escort were distinctly an aid  to smartness and had the militia  authorities seen fit to provide.a  decent head-dress it" would have  made for. additional smartness.  The weather at the coast  during  the  festivities was-all that .-could  be desired for"--'brilliant sunshiu  was much  in   evidence  and   noi  one drop of rain marred ihe trip.  Real Estate Prices  While it is no dowbt \ery nice  to be able to list ones property  with real estate firms for a  thumping big figure it does not  always follow that one gets tl e  price asked. Gradually purchasers are. looking more closely into  the actual values than has heretofore been the ease and daih  the demand is for properties thai  will yield a good percentage upon  the purchase price. There are  many ranches in the Nicola Valley that can be purchased af a  price that will admit of a fair:  return and there are also oiIk rs  which at the price asked never  Could be made tu-pay urie cen; of  interest. The happy medium is  always the golden rule lit a <><ie  the fact that ones money lies  easii i in oms pocket- if one has  the knowledge t^h&ju the purchaser of ones property can-, make  good, >  The American Life & Accident Go.  The above company has at last.  managed to climb out of the miry  slough into which it was plunged  by "Bruce" of the Saturday  Sunset. The editor of the.coast  weekly takes back all his aspersions and charges and incidentally administers a weak dose of  sugar to John A. Bland the genial manager of the company who  is well known in Merritt:  Since the company is -in a  measure upon its old footing, .for  the scare will more or less prove  its stability, might we suggest to  the management that it would be  a matter of policy to get out a  balance sheet for the perusal of  up country shareholders, also it  would be policy to loan British  Columbia money in B. C, in fact  'his feature was the special weapon of Mr. Collis when he sold  the first block of stock in' the  Nicola Valley.  We would also point out that an  up-country director would be apt  to go a long way towards restoring confidence in the company  We would also recommend Mr.  Bland to get a stenographer at  work on some of the due correspondence of the company, for ii  is within our own knowledge  that important letters written  long before the debacle remaii:  unanswered.  H^e^f pr^tlieJeinjigrangfc. People ^;-:  'A, new. industry: is likely   to  spring up in-Merritt'one of these  days-for;a;prss,.despatch  states I travelling public, readily respond  A Courteous Conductor  The Niclola Valley has reason  to felicitate itself upon the fact  that the present personnel of the  local train crew is exceedingly  courteous and obliging and this  fact is the more pronounced be  cause it has not always been so.  The present ���~i>nrt( r, Mr: Me-  Kee is not only cour -ynis in himself Lnt hi' inculcates c )urtesy in  his subordinates. Mr. AicKie i.-.  also politely firm wun that, class  of passenger who generallv does  :his^b"est"to"-niake"his-fellow passengers as uncomfortable as possible.    The public, especially the  The Hope Citizen's Association, under the presidency or?  Mr. Luke Gihson, have he'd  themselves up to^Yale^ riding as  being absolutely incapable of  appreciation,of good r-ads.  They ask f< r the retirement ot"  Road Foreman   A'.  E.   Raab an I  abolition of  the  authority of D.  ,G. .'.Sutherland,    superintendent  of roads for  Yale.    We   in   the  Nicola Valley   can   safely assert  that  as   far   as   practical work  goes^ Mr. - Sutherland as  a road  superintehdent     takes     second  place to none in the province and  our many miles oj  perfect  loc .1  roads go to prove thisstatemei r.  We  hope  the  government  will  give   the  petition due consideration.    The consideration'should  also take note of the infinitesimal place Hope has in Yalesridin^,  also consider whether a petition,  fathered   by. such   insignificant,  nnknown pigmies  as  Luke Gibson  and  Capr.   Blyth   deservis  anyreal consideration whatever.  We are sorry to see the namj .of  Thacker  is  associated  with  the  petition for Thacker Bros, of Dot  must know the real and practical  capabilities of all responsible for  the excellent state of. the roads  throughout Yale Riding.  }that_a German-scientist has man  ufactured automobile tyres fiom  -whisky.    The   brands of whisky  sokHn Merritt should turn out. a  tyre  with  immense   powers   of  resistan e  and it would not be a  bad idea if some of pur confirmed  topers could be  stationed  liyhg  the     more    frequented motor  routes so that in the event of a  puncture  the  tube  could be instantly repaired by being breathed upon by the topers aforesaid.  The same despatch also states  that Kaiser William is using the  first set of tyres  made.    It does  not state that the Imperial  Jack  of all trades  actually  made  the  set we opine that it-is .as  likely  as not  to and appreciate a square dea  and we all get it now on ih<'  Nicola Branch.  B. C. Lumber Moves Fast  to Prairies  .The Petit Creek saw   mid wil  be through their lumber cut thU  week and will immediately-start  upon logging operations on their  limits;on the creek.      Mr. W. A.  Ans'iie,   the,"secretary^   of   tl.��  Mountain   Mills   Manufacturer*'  Association,     states     that     the  movement of B. C. lumber to 11 i�� '  yraries is  this   year the. largest  on   rpe'onl   anil."that the outlook'..-  in",o���.='-��.-...,-���-���*���*-..  .-^ir;_-_,-!:-_ai~^-^/-  ior   19J3   is   also   very  bright.  -��''*  ;h  i  �����  British Columbia Horse at the Coast  The Dry Bolt has proved during  the last two weeks that it can  raise something else besides apples, peaches, grapes or potatoes:  The escort of horsemen provided  by the two interior regiments of  cavalry won golden opinions from  coast dwellers who were in a  position to judge of the merits or  demarits of a national soldier.  These favourable opinions were  not formed on the spur of the  moment but were the result, of  mature and reasoned judgement.  The officer commanding the 31st,  Regiment was officially told- by  the District Officer Commanding  that the escort had done |heir  work in a: manner., that called  forth his personal approbation  and that of His'Royal Highness  the" Governor-Goneral.  It is customary in the effete  east for one to see the personnel  of* a R >yal escort unable to ride  with the' result that the Royal  procession is frequently delayed  or disorganized by those who, as  part of the show, should be above  The Way of the Policeman is Hard  The municipality of Merritt do  =not=seem=to=have=any=luck=as=far=  as their dealing with the municipality police force is concerned.  This, week sees the third or  fourth change since the municipality was formed. Since it is  hardly probable that all the fault  lies in the chief or his subordinates would it not be as well when  charges of incompetence &c.,are  laid against tho.:newcoiners, as  will be the case, for a thorough  investigation to take place in  public. A good many vague and  shadowy charges are laid against  every succeeding policeman and  we . are convinced that these  charges emanate largely from  those:who wish from improper  motives, to keep the municipal  force in a continual state of disorganization. No keeper of law  and order, ever yet pleased everyone and never will until the day  of-judgement dawns, if then.  We regret to state that some of  the: citizens of Merritt who run  second hand outfits do not hesitate toj-bribe their Indian customers, iby,.iheans of the whisky  bottle and;it is this class of citizen who.is always loudest in  condemnation of our municipal  force arid who apparently are  bften able to get those in authority to take their view.; as.,'-to. the  abilities of chief-or, constable.  The police force of a mining  town should be* well-paid and  well-trusted and any policeman  who does his duty fearlessly and  well should have all the weight  of the police-commissioners   at  his back.  W. McNeil, the Stump Puller. .  William MeNeil is  fast  qualifying for a diploma  as a nature  dentist, by which we  mean that  anyone   wanting    tree    stumps  pulled  can   have  the operation  performed  with    neatness   and  despatch.      The    operation'   is  quite  painless as  the trees are  quite   dead   before  the  stump-  puller is attached.    McNeil is at  present   engaged    yanking   out  stumps for  Stipendiary Morgan  across  the  river  from Coutlee,  but will be open for further contracts in the near future.  There seems' to be some hitch regarding the Canford mills limits  on Siwash  meadows.    The   mill  company claim that  the -timbir.  on the meadows belongs'to"t hem ���  while the local ranchers   dispute  the claim.    We are a'shured that'  the ranchers were   located upon  the meadows "before "there   was  lever a thought of establishing a  mill   at  Canford  or  any where  else jn the valley.. In  any case  the   government   have, decided  for the setters and  against the  mill company, for they "have alio vved   certificates' of   improvement to be filed by the ranchers.  Look Out for Forged, Cheques  Kamloops and other inland  cities are having rather an alarming epidemic of forged  cheques, as this Aery dangerous  operation is mainly carried out.  by experts Merritt is as likely as  not to-/have a visit from ine  crooks when other cities have  been made too hot to hold them.  Most Merritt merchants have  the signatures of their patrons  prettv well in mind and it only  needs a little extra care on the  part of merchant and banker to  hold off the epidemic if it ever  appears in Merritt.  Second Crops the Rule in Nicola  Throughout the Nicola Valley  the second crops of hay are now  being gathered in. We should  be devoutly thankful that we live  in so favoured a spot, but how  many of us are so? What a contrast to poor old England, where  the hay and potato crops are under water and irretreivably ruined, and it has been not at all uncommon for many cities to have  five or six feet of water in their  streets. No wonder the course  of Empire is turning westward  for the more west one goes the  better the Empire gets, the climax of course being British Columbia.  Courts of Assize Cancelled " - _  Courts of assize were to have  been held at Nanaimo, Revelstoke, Vernon, Greenwood- and  Fernie, but, owidg to the absence of any criminal-charges  these sittings were cancelled by  oTdeT^ftlKTAttorney^GeiieraK    ~~  At Clinton there is but one  case upon 3he list which, will-bj  tried on October 7. This favor-  able_aspect of affairs is mainly  due to the' excellent policing  system adopted . by the inland  municipal authorities of British  Columbia,       "    ��� ���   -  The Round Man in the Sqare Hole-  There are some men in this  world who being hopelessly round  will persist in trying to fit themselves into square holes and never grasp the fact until they drop  through, sometimes not then.  We have some such in the Nicola  Valley, these aspire to political  or civic honours apparently oblivious of the fact that their fellow, citizens do not want them.  Each . succeeding, election sees  them stretch forth the glad hand  in the vain hope that-it -may be  grasped by the intelligent voter,  sometimes they succeed in gaining the seats of the mighty to  the eventual disgust:of the electorate who have probably been  blinded by the dust" of civic or  political promise. :  Smith!s Road,   at Lower Nic-^;  ola, is to betgravelled and graded  before snow flies says Dan  Sutherland,   the    genial    Road  Superintendent for Yale." THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS  Prida i , October 4 1912,  erritt Lumber Yar<  ANDREW McGORAN. Proprietor  Two; [car loads of Cedar Fence Posts  and Pickets.  SPECIALLY LOW PRICES.  Lumber Yard and Offices:  Voght Street, near C. P. R. Station, Merritt.  you wani a gentlemen's Cigar  go to  the  in stock  THE "LE PREFERENCE" (Ten minutes in Havana).   La Flor Do Vallens.     Savannah.  Our Dick. Etc.  If you like a mild .cigar try the "Bobby Burns".   Ask the doctor.  HOTEL,  QUILCHENA AVENUE  Newly established throughout.  Best of Furnishings.     -       -    Spacious Rooms.  Excellent; accommodation.    -   Well lighted throughout.  Choice Liquors and Cigars.  Special attention   to  commercial trade.  Rates $1.50r'per day.." Special Rates by the month  ANDREW HOGGAN,  PROPRIETOR  ���>!!r  ;_����� .->.*��.��  ���.'��� 7  '  .__  Of >'���_;;  ���> '.  -'-���   '.}  '���":���',  -*'-'7._  _L  >  Kic\a  f<;  ���A !*.* i -y '-  :Ca  >  Off&jj-  \-  Nicola Valley  Meat Market  -Dealers iru  Prime Beef, Mutton Lamb  Veal artdjjPork.  Poultry, Ham and Bacon.  ^Manufacturers of-  Strictly High Grade Delicious  SAUSAGES  Fresh Fish always   on  hand.        Orders receive prom  :      attention.    Cattle bought and- sold by the carload. -.  ^.Eastwood  - Manager  ��������M,_ __;-_._     ..,.  >K : V  htmti'i v.,--.:-.. ���  -tii^di it ������  -von br,& y  up'7i Y.3fl,:y  i>3.ij      *0,'C  zinzAVL sifj (i.  U-philOq' ;,:y  -<J0   c!.i.';i?.-.;;  \4oi y~\���-.- ������-".  ���"'���"? yC ���*���.,������.  ':"$>*   >'SvSs--\ z  :u*xy  ..;,-.-.-���;.  <  ' .-.-.    ������'.-  i...s'.'-.   -.  ";���;������- .��� ���  c :     ......  May not give you as large a variety of  foreign news as the big city daily, but it  gives you news of your own community.  Boosts your own town, or farm property;  tells the outsider what you are doing, what  you are raising, etc., and is ever alive to  your own interests. Its columns are free to  you to use to express your opinion upon  subjects of local interest, and the manage- .  ment ".would be pleased at any time to  receive any little news items from you.  Take an interest in your home paper by  contributing any news you know of in your  y.y       own immediate neighborhood.      If you are  ������ not a subscriber we would very much like  y;        to send the paper to you, the price is only  : : ,$2iG0 per annum, or $1.00! for six months.      ; ���  .  The Nicola Valley News  ���,..;   ,:Mer  3:il,     .    ======  7J '��� ������������       -  All classes, of Commercial, Poster, and Pamphlet  : Printing turned out at our Job  Printing   Dept.  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS  PUBLISHED,EVERY FRIDAY  Subscription $2.00 a year  in   advance  Six months $1.00  J. W. ELLIS  Manager  One dollar per inch per month f��r regular advertising. Land and water notices $7.00 for 60  days.   $5.00 for 30 days.  Classified advertising 10 words.for' 25 cents  extra words 2 cents. >  Special rates furnished for large contract ad  vertiaine.  .......       Address  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS  P.O. Box 20 .Merritt.BC  Phone 25.  ���CUNION  A WARNING  Yesterday, as reported elsewhere in our columns, we give a  short summary of an important  coa1 mining case. The case was  adjudicated upon the merits of  the evidence and was dismissed  with costs against the prosecution. In this connection we ��ish  to point out that the case, as far  as the Inspector was concerned  was a very proper one for settlement. The inspector, entered the  mine upon one of his periodical  visits and came across conditions  which looked to him as if there  was carelessness upon,the part  of miners "in responsible positions. Acting" pn, this. supposit-  isn a shotligliter, in No. 7 right,  was prosecuted under section 91  of the Goal Mining Act. The  evidence adduced by the inspector made quite clear that, but for  abnormal conditions of No. 7  right, he was entitled to a verdict. It was also made clear that  the inspector had only done his  duty in - bringing the action , if  merely for the.sake of bringing  home to the miners the very  dangerous conditions under  which they earn their daily  bread. Familiarty ever breeds  contempt and there can be no  question that the inspector spoke  the truth when he stated- that  most of the terrible coal; mining  catastrophes were primarily 'due  te inattention and the- ignoring  of the regulations framed by  governments for the sole object  of protecting the rriiner���largely  against himself. . That Myers  was acquitted was due as we  have before stated to conditions  that could not ��� have been foreseen and not to any flaw in the  presentation of his <case by the  inspector. ' There .can be no  question "in the minds-of any one  at all conversant with the rudiments of. mining-that miners as  a body are careless and that unless inspectors take cognizance  of this 'carelessness and press for  punishment there would be far  more fatal accidents than are  recorded at present. One feature of the case is" worthy of remark and that is that apparently  in every mine there is different  name for similar conditions,  which is very' apt to" confuse a  layman. The * exi&rt-^vjde'nce  in the.case wasvglv6n;; without a  suspicion. o��bias and was'another  outstanding^eature of the case.  In short, -we recommend-that the  minersr^n^their^own���interests^  should pay more attention to the  special rules which are made in  their own behalf.  ," :���''     >  session of at once in the name of  the trustees. There should be  no delay concerning this matter  for some of the ratepayers seem  to take a delight in being frank  and open at a public meeting  while in reality they are worming  and wriggling in the dark of private life.  Fernie Grant May be Transferee!  In the military estimates current was an amount of $li,000  for an armoury at Fernie. As  the militia unit at Fernie'has  been disbanded, and as there is  no immediate possibilty of re-organization a strong effort is being made to have the Fernie  grant transferred to Merritt.  There are several sites in the  town that are being offered free  to the militia authorities and we  hope that everyone will do their  best to push the project. Sir  Richard McBride has been asked  to take the matter up with Hon.  Martin Burrill when the Minister  of Agriculture visits Victoria this  week, with such strong backing  we haye every hope that the armoury will be an accomplished  fact. An effort is also being  made, to have the contract let  locally, for the militia authorities j  have been assured that compet- j  ent contractors are available in1  Merritt. The plans of the proposed armoury were seen by a  local militia officer when in Victoria and we are assured that  the armoury they represent ris  the last word in buildings of such  nature. Many of the prominent  citizens of Merritt have promised  to do their utmost to secure the  transfer of the grant.  K. OF P.  Nicola Valley  Lodge No. 46,  mee,ts in ��� Reid's  Hall every Wed  nesday night at 8  p. m. All visiting  brethren are cordially' invited to  attend.  Knight W E. Johnson, Knight W. Cranna,  C. C K. R. S  0. F.  Court Nicola No.  893L meets the 2nd  and 4thThursdays  in each month in  the Board of Trade  Room, Barwick  Blcck Nicola, B.  C. Visi:ing brethren cordially invited to attend.  Geo. L. Murray C. R.  H.  H. Matthews, Sec.  A.F.& A  ng br  S. J.  Nicola Lodge  No. 53 meets in  Reid's Hall  the second  Tuesdayofeach  month at 8 p..  m.   Sojourn-  ���others cordially invited.  Solomon Fred S. Gay  W. M. Secretary.  Not in Love with Straightf orward'Action  We can understand that a foreigner unused to British methods  may be guilty of "chicanery." and  underhand rnethods but we fail  to understand, how-good ^Canadians can be induced-tp -th^ow, in  their lot withthose who are guilty  of such"'Ime'th'bdsy We refer to  the actip^^taltfeh by/certain rate.-  pajeifs in^Cthe. Lower Nicola  school _djstrict,In that after a unanimous ivbte had.been taken*, at  a wel^advertised and 'weliTatten:  ded .meeting /these:f rajte-payers,  four at .the rhpst jn number, have  sent a petition to;the government  asking;that thie; .res:. lutipn they  assisted^'.to pass-^be considered  null ahd-void-.- However the petition we hoj^S wiil have the..cpnsip[f.  eration "it Reserves,-,;(jy: e*. ptEi*;  waste paper., basket) for;" a.ivSry)  stronglyworded letter, has.gone,  down to the'Minister of Ejducatiph  pointing out thatVlfe\JS/&esifable  from the point. lpf��,view of ade:  quate supervisionthat-theschool  be moved. . We"' Vifould redoni-  mend the ratepayers to see -thiat  the land bought; pr recommended to be bought, at the meeting!  of two weeks ago be taken'} pips-:  B. C. HORSE  Regimental Orders' No.   12,  by  Lieut-Colonel  C.   L.   Flic'J',  commanding 31st Regiment.  MerriVt, 5th Oct., 1912.  Confirmation of Rank  The undermentioned officer  having qualified for his appointment is hereby confirmed in his  rank from the date set opposite  his name. G, O. 155, 30th July,-  1912. -   u  Royal   Escort,   Vancouver   and  Victoria. /  The commanding officer wishes  to commend.the   officers,    noncommissioned  officers   and men  of the 31st Regiment who form  ed part of. the escort for  Hi?  Royal Highness,   the   Governor  General while in Vancouver and  Victoria."   The " escort     duties  were carried odt in a  smart and  soldierly, manner, which  reflected credit upon all concerned.  Royal Escort; Kamloops.  .  The commanding  officer com  mends   the    .officers,    non-commissioned  officers  and  men   o!  "A" Squadron who escorted His  Royal. Highness;   the   Governor-  General during his visit *.o,Kamloops.    The.   escort   ..was. well  turned out as regards, both men  and horses,' the ceremonial 'duties  were'-well performed....;,..  .: ;-^y- CHARLES FLICK,  7,.7.7    ���   .'       - Lieut-Colonel,  Commanding 31st Regiment".  H. R. M. Christie,' B.Sr..,..n.C.L.S.  F. J. D.iwson, B.Sc, D.L.S., B.C.L.S  E. P. Heywood. B.Sc. B.C.L.S.  Christie, Dawson  & Heywood  Civil Engineers  .   ' '������ -'-     ':?.���'���  Dominion and British Columbia  " Land Surveyors.  KAMLOOPS. B. C.  Branch -      -Ashcroft, ,B. C_  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor, lite,..  Office  Oppu^i'C-AT,nisllfJ;!...'.S-5l"'i��  Quiichcnj Avenue. Nerriit  M.  L.  (.RiM^!:"lT. !.!_. H.  Ilrtiri^t<-> H��fi   Soliritor   7,  Nutni y   (*t��l>lic  Solicitor for tb<- i-MiU ���>.'  >,.w.i.-,.: |  jrness  an*  'Saclcilerv  ������  Harness. il>!ie;.   lank '."���!.  Trunks. _Vfilisos.  etc. al\v:iyp  in stock.   "  Poultry and Stock Foods. . '  Best  of satisfaction   in  all  departments.        Prices     are  right.  N:  J,   IJA\RVn( n  Nicola /'      --      .-. .i^tirit  PIONEER'  Dickie & Norman - 'Proprietors'  We-guarantee -you'- first class,  yvprk.   ;Razors honed,      .  N i xt  door to ..Brunswick   Pool  Rbdrn.".^''        -.   7 '���  THE FINEST HOSTELRY IN THE UPPER  COUNTRY-JUST OPENED.  LUXURIOUSLY FURNISHED WITH BEST  CUISINE AND AttCOKlMOQATION.  FINEST BRANDS OF WINES AND LIQUORS  - McInTYRE, Prop  MERRITT, B.C;  ing;- SHoe Shilling  Glpttes Gleaned and Pressed  We have opened in .the new building opposite .  .''      the Sunshine Theatre and we ask��hare of the  ��� patronage of the citizens of Merritt.  We will   also   buy   and   sell   second   hand  Shoes   and  ,Clothing.  >tv  ���'.*_.��� tr  .  '.-lc:li tixus o: y,y  r.-'aTte y:  . .'"���'���  ..'."."l  :;Z<:.:'<      'Xi  :   ,J   !J*}K!��l  .i!j"i           ,  ' * *   ���"'ftfi'''' .  ... ���.   '.  -..-j'.: '  -'���        i -.    vi'. '��� :  7 .'bi^'jJ?   tJ'V.".^'-��� .  >   :.K      ������.'-���     '-  ��  lamon  As the sun holds swayVamong the luminaries in the firmament, the diamond will ever reign as-monarch among the  precious stones. Buy a flawless diamond of the first wafer  and you have an investment whose value can never depreciate through time or circumstance.' Our Diamond; Rings in-  single, twin, three and five stone settings, are unique, and  nothing can beat our gem rings in which diambnds'and other  precious stones.are blended with perfe'-t art.     -   ;  SIMPSON & CRANNA  JEWELERS.   : .~-i:-.--���  |:h'  ? /  E��tabl��hed  1817. Head Offce    Montreal  Capital - -"       - .        $16,000,000.00  Reserve and Undivided Profits       $16,855,185.36  Savings Bank Department  (Interest allowed at current rates.)   ;  A   GENERAL   BANKING BUSINESS   TRAIV f AC! I 6  . BRANCHES IN NICOLA VALLEY  MERRITT NICOLA  AW. STRICKLAND, Manager.  Nicola Agency" open on Tuesdays and Fiidays only. ; j  . -.^,  Back to the traditions of our forefclheis snd emphasize the importance oi' ihe home lo our prosperity, it causes thinking people  to stop and consider. Tiuly, the home is the most sacred of our  p^s^essiLrri^. not alone because of its far-ieaching influence on our  morals, but al-o hecause it is the bulwark of our comfort, hap-  pincs's and sui-cu.-s. Ti-o-much sacrifice to attain a home is al-  niost iinpo-sihlo. 1 ut the sacrifices required these days with the  high quality of lumber we offer are nothing compared to those of  V'iur paroir*-. rJ his lumber is laid .down at your door smoothly  dressed, ki.n diied md cut mostly"to the exact size so that the  quo-iion of i��l><��-is redueed tn ihe minimum.. 'Twould surprise  yon ln.w far a few lium'ied dollars will go towards building when  piopeily spei.t. Pomo in ard we'll talk it over.  "There's No Place Like Home"    .  VANCOUVER   LUMBER   CO'Y.  MERRITT, B. C.       <;  J. E. WALKER, Manager.  TRY  1  i nie  \^ e wish lo inform you (bat we have now "in  s'.ock at A. J. Coullee's old stand, Bailed" Hay,  Whole and Crushed Oats, Wheat,. Wheat and  Barley Chop, Biari ar.d Shorts.-' Scratch Food,  Ground.Shell and Meatmeal..,:.iRightsfor Cash.  rick, Ume, Cerheril and Plaster  O. K. TRANSFER COMPANY  FOWLER & LARSON  Con tractors    and n Builders  PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FURNISHEP.  ALL   WORK   GUARANTEED   FIRST-CLASS.  Withmany years of practical experience, we 'afre prepared  to   handle  any   kind   of   Building" Construction   Worlc  VOGHT STREET '7  WINGING,/ - Proprietor.|  '���'.���".���'���: .������������..;���' !      i.;  EXCELLENT CUISINE I  (     a.  Not only the best, but a long way ahead  v.        of i the next best.        | .i  7"-"*- ": ~ 7    I  Metropolitan        ii  "1V1EAT MAMSEF1  NICOLA, B.C.  The "hoicest of V.eef, million, olc, alvu.\8  . i. l.jir.d  Fresh Fish,  &ggs and Vegetables.      ' y-X  T. HESLQP,  Prop  J-  X'kJi  XyC-'..^s:"'.-.  ���\/.^ T&*5S��  PSiiday, October 4,. 1912.  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS  'Wi  J  I  !iU  i'v  I  ^  iti!  Li  1  *!  )\  ii1  CONTSNUOU  GROWTH OF  WLt  Will  #  can mean but one thing���that  the service it renders its customers; makes for permanent  business relations.  :i ���); with more than 55 years of con-  7-' tinuous growth and satisfactory  77     service, invites  17  Savings and Business  XX , Accounts  CAPITAL  \ -----   .     $4,6u8,050  REST   - -. -i -  ;^ :   -   -   -   5,608,050  7\ Incorporated 1855.  y   -      100 Branches in Canada.  MERRITT BRANCH  A.  tt. B. ROGERS,  MANAGER  Open Day and Night  a I     99  Restaurant  Quilchena Ave.  Our excellent cuisine satisfies  .our customers.  ,    '   Chinese Noodles  '   Chicken Chop Suey.  !    '       Chinese Tea.  Prices���the most reasonable  i. - in town.  r  Plumbing  ^nd  Steamfitting  -\  HRST CLASS TIN-  SHOP��� Repairing of  all kinds done."  SECOND HAND FURNITURE AND  STOVES  We bv anything you  wish to sell and sell  anything you wish  to buy.  Kennedy &   Cunningham  VOGHT STREET  Department  of  Indian  Affairs  Settle Question  Throughout the Nicola Valley  various  settlers have had  trouble with local Indians concerning  Indian Reserve boundaries.    We  are   assured   upon    trustworthy  authority   that  the  department  have now come to (he conclusion  that the white man  is  as  much  entitled  to  fair play as his more  fortunate    aboriginal     brother.  Hitherto  the  department, aided  and  abetted   by  fat  prosperous  looking   gentlemen,    who   style  themselves friends of the Indians  have held  the  opinion   that the  gentle whiskey-loving un-washed  Siwash was entitled to the province and all that therein is.    The  authorities   have at last found  out that the Siwash has but two  ambitions in life,   one  to absorb  as much  fire-water  as  possible  and the other to obtain  by hook  or by crook  as  much  from   the  whiteman   as .'possible  without  the slightest thought of a quid  pro quo.    The decision of the department to do the square  thing  will no doubt raise a howl of protest from those whose mission in  life is to graft upon  the  natural  cunning of the Siwash the smartness and cupidity  of the white-  man and call the adult product a  Christian.    We  will qualify the  foregoing remarks by saying that  in some  paits of .the province  men  of sterling worth  alive  to  the fact that   the   Indian   as   a  proselyte is more or less of a failure,  strive to teach  the aborigines the elements of husbandry  or the ground work necessary to  an artisan leaving the Christian-  Were this so it is quite certain  th.it immediately the supply of  nickel was threatened the laboratories of the world would at  once get busy and surely find an  adequate substitute ^ without  much trouble.  Although Canada produces the  nickel it is all sent over to the  States to be refined, and it is thc  refiner and jobber in the State?  who gets;the long end,of the retail price.  Polo in British Columbia  The polo match between Kelowna and Kamloops which was  played upon the exhibition  grounds at Victoria duiing the  Fair week resulted in a win for  Kamloops with a score of four  goals to six.  Capt. Leader of Nicola played  for Kelowna taking the place of  Mr. Benson who is probably the  best back in British Columbia.  The game was  very fast and  hard for the players were incited  to do their best by reason of the  fact that H. R. H.   the  Duke of  Connaught   was   an    interested  spectator.    H. H. S.   George  of  Kamloops was the  crack  player  of either   team   and   competent  judges   state   that  Mr.   George  could hold his own as far as polo  is concerned   in   any   company.  Messrs  George   and    Longburn  were responsible for   the goals  scored by Kamloops,  Capt.  Leader and Mr. Pyman  scoring  for  Kelowna.    The Governor-General was to have started the game  but had to delegate that honour  to Mayor  Beckwith  of Victoria.  In the first  round of the  B.C.  Notice to Creditors  IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE  OF JAMES POOLEY, late of Nicola in the County of Yale in the  Province of B. C, DECEASED.  Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims or demands against  the late Ja���es Pooley who died on or  about the Twentieth day of September,  1911, at Nicola aforesaid, are required  to send by Post prepaid or to deliver to  the undersigned, one of the Executors,  under the Will of the said James  Pooley, their names and addresses and  full particulars in writing of their  claims and statement of their accounts  and the nature of the securities if any,  held by them.  And Take Notice that after the  Twenty-seventh day of October, 1912,  the Executors of the said Estate will  proceed to distribute the assets of the  said deceased among the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to  the claims of which they shall then  have had notice, and that the said  Executors will not be liable for the  said Assets or any part thereof to any  person of whose claim they shall not  then.have received notice.  Dated   at   Nicola,   B C, the 25th day  of September, 1912.  THOMAS HESLOP  Executor  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water.  ity part as a  side issue.    These .--._.  men to our mind  are nearer the ��    . fpnmament Kamloops beat  teaching of the Master for at  least they  better for  them.  leave  the native the  their sojourn among  .s  FUNERAL  DIRECTOR  AND EIHBALMER  Address left With'A. F. Rankine,  . druggist, will receive prompt  attention.  N. J. BARWICK  MERRITT  an        d NICLA  ! :Nicola Phone No. 5.  Merritt Phone No. 26.  .;���-  CANADIAN  Western Lines  Wes. of Revelstoke  > Train leaves 12.40 daily for  : all points/East and West.  j. Returning, leaves 18.25.  Tickets on sale to all points  Canada and.; JJnited States.  Accommodation r e s e r v ed  and complete' passage booked to any part o'f Great-Britain or from Great Britain  to Canada. If sending  for you^,'friends purchase  your ticket here' and avoid  the risk of sending money.  .}-'x t'-. . _  j   .    '    ���..'       -  .;���   -  ! *  For rates and sailings applyX  to ���  i  M  Agent  M. SHORE  Merritf, B. C.  Or write to  JT.- W. BKODIE  Truth About  H.  M:   C.  S. Rainbow  There have been   many desertions and more purchases of discharge from the lone ship which  represents the Canadian fleet on  the Pacific coast than the general  public is aware of and in conversation with some of the personnel of the ship the  reason\was  forthcoming. ;  It   appears  that  prior- "to sailing "from   England  the ship's company were assembled and were definitely told that  the wives  and  children  of  the  married men would be transported to Canada free provided that  the various families went out in  the same ship, this promise was  promptly denied when-the ship  arrived in  Canadian waters and  naturally created a great deal of  discontent among the instructors  and others of higher rank with  the result that all -intend taking  their discharge when their present engagement   is   completed.  From the recruits point of view  there is just as much discontent,  mainly because the  raw man is  given a blue-jacket's uniform on  enlistment and--sent aboard the  ship to swab decks &c.   without  any  preliminary  training   in   a  naval school ashore.    In the Imperial navy the recruit,  whether  he be an embryo engine-room artificer or blue-jacket, is caught  .ypung_And Jrained=in=an=ai r=o��  discipline, from  the  commencement   so   that   when   the time  comes for him  to  be  drafted to  a war ship  he goes aboard well  up in the elementary duties of a  man-o-wars man and a very well  defined idea of what will  be  required of him from those in authority  over  him.    The  high pay  ashore in ordinary civilian life is  also a factor which operates against ;the enlistment of recruits  and this phase is  the hardest to  overcome as it must be  clear to  everyone that it is impossible to  pay. seamen the wages obtainable  ashore.     The  naval  school   for  youngsters  is  feasible  and   the  ohlyyyay out of the difficulty.  Fruitlands and Kelowna triumph  ed over Grand Prarie. In the  final Kamloops beat Kelowna.  At a general meeting of the representatives of the various clubs  the following officers were elec-  ed to represent the B. C, Polo  Association: W. Roper (Kamloops), President; A. Norris,  Vice-President; W. Mappin, Secretary. It was decided to affiliate with Hurlingham, the Mecca  of all good polo players.  A few years ago a tolerable  polo team was available in Nicola  and there is no reason why a  good team should not be forthcoming now, all who are interested in the game can obtain information concerning the local  club from Messrs Guichon and  Leader at Quilchena or Nicola.  Notice is hereby given that Charles  Loewen of Coutlee, B.C., willapply  for a licence to take and use 100 inches  of water out of an unnamed creek  which flows in a westerly direction  through Lot 1917 and empties into an  unknown creek near same. The water  will be diverted at 300 yards east of  uorth east corner of Lot 1917 and will  be used for irrigation purposes on th  land described as Lot 1917. ...  This notice was posted on the ground  on the 22nd day of August, 1912.; The  application will be filed in the office of  the Water Recorder at Nicola.  Objections may be filed with the said  Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.  CHAS. LOEWEN, Applicant.  ERIC CONANT, Agent  Synopsis of Coal Mining  Regulations.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of  the Province of British,Columbia, may  be leased for a term' of twenty-one  years at an annual rental of $i an  acre. Not*more than 2,560 acres will be  leased to one applicant.  Application for a tee must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for are .situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be aceortr -  anied by a fee of $5 which w'ill be refunded if the rights, applied for are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on ��the merchant  able output of the mine at the rate of  five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine fhsill  furnish the Agent with sworn .eturns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and p;.y tl e  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operate I. n:ch  returns should be furnished at least  once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee rm.y be  permitted to purchase whatever avaV-  able surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For    full    information     appli-atinn  should be made to the'Secretarv of the  Department  of  the Interior, Ottawa  or to any Agent  or  Sub-A gent of Dominion Lands.  W. W.  CORY,  -   Deputy Ministei of rhe Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorised   publication    of  this advertisement will riot be paid for  ount  The one thing above all else that you vrant to know  about the range you buy is this���that it will cook and  broil and bake with absolute satisfaction.  No Shooting Allowed  Anyone   found   trespassing   on   the  prsperty  of  the  undersigned   w  prosecuted.    By order  MOIR & BOND  Norfolk Ranch.        Fteh Lake, B. C  Land Act  Yale Land District. Distiict of Yale.  Take notice that James J. Warren of  Penticton, B C, occupation Railway  President: intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands :  Commencing at a post planted on  banks of Coldwater ' River about 40  chains north of the northeast corner of  Lot 613, thence north 40 chains, thence  east 40 chains, thence south 40 chains,  thence wast 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 160.acres  more or less.  JAMES J.  WARREN  R. Z. Chandler, Locator.  Dated August 23, 1912. 29-38  PRINCETON  AND COALMONT  TO  VANCOUVER  be  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take aud U��e Water.  Notice is hereby given that The Inland Development Company, Limited,  will apply for a licence to take and use  four cubic feet per second of water out  of the South Fork of the West Fork of  Otter Creek, which flows in an easterly  direction through Crown Land near the  Otter Summit and empties into the  West Fork of Otter Creek near the  Otter Summit. The_water____will_bedi-  LAND ACT  Yale Land District. District of Yale  Take notice that I, A. W. Alliott, of  Victoria, B. C, occupation Broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted at the  north east corner of Lot 588, Yale district, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains to place of commencement and containing 640 acres.  ' ALEXANDER WOOD ALLIOTT  C.'L.  Betterton, Agent.  Aug 20th, 1912. 32-41  Mosti Luxurious   Auto Service in  B.   C. Oer the moat  Picturesque  Route in Canada.  Leaves Coalmont Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, making  connection with C. P. R.  train for Vancouver at Merritt.  Leaves Merritt Monday, Wednesday and Friday on arrival  of train from Vancouver.  For  special   rates   and   appointments apply  COALMONT-MERRITT  AUTO SERVICE  J.H.Jackson,    Prop., Tulameen.  Agents: Merritt. M. Mclntyre,  Coldwater Hot 1; Tulameen,Tulameen Stage Co.; Coalmont, Coalmont Truck & Transfer Co.;  Princeton, A. E. Howse Co. Ltd.  Other  features  of  a  range,   such   as  convenience^  economy and appearance, are, of course also indispensable, but the prime necessity in a range is results in  cooking.     The Gurney-Oxford gives results���not now  and then, but always.  Every Gurney-Oxford is a source of continual satisfaction to its owner. Day after day, year after year, it  enables her to produce pastry, bread, roasts that  contribute to the pleasure of housekeeping. That is  why the Gurney-Oxford finds its strongest support  among those who have iiari actual and intimate experience with it. You too v/ill number your Gurney-  Oxford among your best friends.  The Merritt Mercantile Co.  Merritt, B. C.  SSi  verted at a point about 500 feet from  the mouth of the South Fork and will  be used for municipal purposes on the  land described as Crown land.  This notice was posted on the 27th  day of September, 1912. The application will be filed iu the office of the  Water Recorder at Nicola.  Objections may be filed with the said  Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B. C. ���  The Inland Developmens Co.. Ltd.  Applicant.  34-38 By R. Z. Chandler, Agent.  LAND ACT  Yale Land District. District of Yale  Take notice thatl, W. G. Alliott, of  Victoria, B. C, occupation accountant,  intends to apply for permission "to purchase the following described lands :  Commencing at a post planted at the  north-east corner of Lot 588, Yale District,   thence  north  80 chains,yhence  Electric Restorer for Men  Phosphonol restores every nervein the boiy  ��� .   .    ..     -to its proper tension; ro^totes  Premature demy and nil sexual  east 80~ch~ains, thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to place of commencement and containing 640 acres.  WILFRID GORDON ALLIOTT  C. L. Betterton, Agent.  August 20th, 1912. ' 32-41  vim and vitality. _..,.___._,_,__  weakness averted at once __       J-alce you a new man.   Price ^3 a box. or two for  to.   Mailed to any address.  Co., St. Catharines. Ont.  Plioaphonol will  S3 a box, or two for  The Scoboll Iirug  We're Doing It!  Doing What?  All the Job Printing in Town  <y#W<>���'���:'���������  x^ymMmyzy^-y-^x^^^^.'-  f   j! (Jieiieral  Passenger '>Agen t  ,    ��� ^ y  V^6uircrXBiC.y  :% i&r&y:-,  [\7   .V-iM,_\  AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR  "Caskets and Coffins always on hand at  reasonable prices.  B. PR I EST, Granit Ave. Merritt armouring-  Delightful if it Were True  There   is   quite   a   song-   and  dance just now among the peace  at any   price  faction,   ovvih�� to  the fact  that some one with a  ���irenius for figures has   made the  djscovery that the m.-ijor portion  pf the nickel  ore  found   in   th*  world   is   produced   in  Canada.  The conclusion is at once jumped  it that by witholding the suppl>  >f Nickel   Canada  could compel  the nations of the world to ceas  manufacturing  nickel   steel fur  battleships,      etc  WATER NOTICE  For a Licence to Take and Use Water.  Notice is hereby given that The Inland Development Company, Limited,  will apply for a licence to take and use  four cubic feet per second of water out  of the South Fork of the West Fork of  Otter Creek, which flows in an easterly  direction through Crown land near the  Otter summit and empties into thc  West Fork of Oiter Creek near the  Otter Summit. The water will be diverted at a point about 500 feet from  the mouth of the South fork and will  be used for power purposes on the land  described as Crown land.  This notice was postdd on the ground  on ihe 27th day of September, J912.  The application will be filed in the  offiVt. of the Water Recorder at Nicola.  Objections may be filed with the said  Water Recorder nr with the Comptroller of Water Rights-, Parliament  buildings, Vict-nia. B C.  The Inland Devklopmicnt Co., Ltd.  Applicant.  34-38. R. z. Chandler, Agent.  You waste in looking up domestic help could be saved  by simply inserting a " Help  Wanted" ad. in our Classified  ."olumns. Our paper is read  by the desirable class, and  goes into hundreds of homes  that get no other.  Ch,|rttU.�� MN h, ��. W. K<C��t_,  "<4?//-y.zt;?'ys-  Every Woman  Is Interested and should know  \ about the wonderful  Marvel w��!r,,no .sp��v  Douche  i  \  ABk your, dmsrplat ���  it.  If lie cannot supply  the  MARVKIj, accept no  other, but send stamp for tllus  trated book���sealod.  It gives (W  particulars and directions Invaluable  to ladles. WINDSonsUPPLYCO..Windsor, Ont  General Accnts for Canada.  COUPON  CANADA CEMENT  COMPANY  LIMITED  Herald Building, Montreal  'i^  :.    -  Please send me full  particulars  of  the 1912 Farmers' Prize Contest, and  a free copy of your book "What the  Farmer Can Do With Concrete."  Name  Address.  Tlj^ou~L��2 one o��The 108r  ojrmGTs who will receive :  our Prize Contest checlss?  "^HERE will be twelve cash prizes in  each of the nine provinces (108 in all)  in the 1912 Prize Contest for Canadian  Farmers. Tho 1911 Contest was so successful in awak-  cninq; interest in the use of Concrete on the farm, that a  second contest, in which three times as many prize; are  offered, was decided upon for this year.  Thc Contest this year is  divided  into three classes. "A,"  "B" and "C," and there will l.e four prizes in each class    (First  prize, $50; Second prize, S25: Third prize, $15; Fourth prize, $10.)  Thus there are three $50 Prizes,  three $25 Prizes,  three $15  prizes, and three $10 Prizes, for each province.'       .'.��  DESCRIPTION OF CLASSES        ..I  In Each Class there will be  First, Second,  Third and "Fpurth  Prizes  ($50, $25,  $15, and $10)  for Each ��� Province.-���:  CLASS7/A"��� Prizes to bc awarded to thc tour tinners in cacli province who use tnort  Canada" Cement on (heir farms in tlie >var 1912.  CLASS *'!!"���Prizes to he awarded to the tour farmers in each province win send photo-  craplis  of the best concrete wort done with  "Canada" Ccire:it on   their  farms in 1912.  CLASS "C"~ Prizes to be awarded to the four farmers in each province.who send in  the best description, tclllni.  how any piece of concrete work was done with  "Canada" Cement.      (Entries for this prize must be accompanied  by photu-  craphs of the work.)  Don't think that you must use a large quantity of cement in order to  win a prize. The quantity of ccmesit used does not count in Classes "B"  and "C.'.'    Many of last year's prize winners- used very little cement...'-'-  When you enter the Contest, you have a chance'to win a cash  prize of $50 as well as the certainty that you will add a p.-rmanent  improvement to your farm. If you haven't a copy, be sure and ask for ;  our book, "What the.Farmer Can Do With Concrete.". It will not  only suggest many improvements that you can use in entering tlie Contest,  but will tell you all about the use of concrete on the farm. "r . ���   '"';  Just write your name and address on the attached couron. or use a  postal card, and we will send full particulars of the Prize Contest  and a copy of "What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete" m you  absolutely free.  Address Publicity Manager  Canada Cement   Company  Limited  501 Herald Bids.      -      -      Montreal  i  ���  I  i  1  <  *  ���  i  ���  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  ���  i  i  i  i  I  ��  1  I  I  I  I  i  ^y^mx-m^ y^mM THE NICOLA   VALLEY MEWS  Friday, Octofcfer &-%$12,  Local News  Major Matthews of Nicola was  in town last Wednesday.  _____ o ���    ���   ���  R. G. S.   Anthony,   of Willow  Grange, was a mid  to the coal town.  .   . .Q���-  week visitor  W. B. Jackson, of Lower Nicola, has taken a contract to clear  land for C. Tyner.    Q  Edward Richardson   of Petit  : Creek was a visitor to town during the early part of the week.  "     - ���  J. F. Maughan took a business trip to Petit Creek last  Tuesday. -,   ��� '  Prime mutton will be in  evidence at the local market this  week  for   David   Dodding and  .Sons   shipped    some    of   their  prime stock early in the week.  Lieut, and Mrs. Tyner returned from the coast last Tuesday.  Mr. Tyner was in command of a  troop of the Royal escort.  ��� a-   ..y Mr. ������ J. Gray, who has been  ranching in Sasketchewan for  many years, is building a substantial dwelling on land he has  purchased in Lower Nicola. Mr.  Gray has rented his ranch in the  east and contemplates several  years stay in the valley.  o��� ;���;���:  Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Crowder,  who have been staying with  their son, Mr. Fred Crowder of  Aspen Grove left for Paton,  Iowa, via Western states. They  intend making short stops at  several towns of interest.  o ,  .  D. G. Sutherland and John  Dundas, the well known government road men, completed a  tour of the Coldwater section  during the early part of the  week.  Mr. H. Tattre, well-known  throughout the valley was in the  city last Wednesday. He has  been engaged with 0. E. French  logging on the Tyner ranch in  Sunshine Valley, Canford.  . o '���   King Dodd, took in the Provincial "Exhibition at New Westminster this week.   ; o   M. C. Hamilton and wife came  up from the coast last Wednesday to take charge of the Lazy  L  ranch   for   Messrs.   Loewen.  Harvey and Humble.   : o   ^M.   Lr Grimmett and  family  are holiday making at thecoast.  A few of the ladies of Nicola  have arranged to serAe tea at  the tennis court on Saturday  afternoon. Several from Merritt  have been invited to what will  possibly be the last event of its  kind for the season.  .Golf is the latest form ef put-  door exercise to be' introduced  into- local sporting .'circles. A  small ��� -number of enthusiasts  have already began preparations  for getting intb'the games before  the season is too far advanced.  Fuller particulars later.  Hold-ups Get Time  Henry Johnson and brother  Fred will have a six months stay  inr Kamloops as a result of holding up one Ole Sergmann. Berg-  mann waW relieved of six dollars  in bills and two in silver. From  tne evidence it appeared the  Henry did the holding-up while  Fred aided and abetted. Anyway  Stipendiary Morgan sent them  both to Kamloops as above stated.  "' *  Rev. Geo. A.  Wilson formerly  minister of. Mount Pleasant  Presbyterian church, Vancouver,  and now superintendent of Presbyterian Missions in Bi C., will  spend Sunday and Monday in  Merrits and will speak in the  Presbyterian church on Sunday  evening.  ; , o������������  On Tuesday evening the three  months old child of Mr. and  Mrs. H. Greaves died at the N.  V. General Hospital. The funeral service was conducted by Rev.  J. A. Petrie at the family residence Wednesday afternoon and  interment took place at Merritt  cemetery.  Tom Lytton, of Quilchena, an  aged Indian of some eighty snows  was charged with being drunk,  contrary to the laws made and  provided. Tom was let out on  suspended sentence owing to the  fact that he gave the names of  the parties who povided the firewater.  A press "despatch from Victoria  states that the war cloud is closing in round the JBalkin States.  Every minor principality in  Southern Europe is arming against the Grand Turk. A decade  ago this happened every spring  with regularity. We hope that  this present unrest will also peter  out as- harmlessly as its predecessors. The average man louks  upon the Turk as.effete and harmless but this is not so for the Ot-  toniian Government can put into  the field upwards of one million  fighting men,' always provided  that the Powers do not intervene.  It is not so very long ago that  the Greek army fled in disorder  before hardly a shot had been  fired, and any nation tackling  the Turk on his own soil is apt to  have very hard fighting. ���  Miss Steffens and her brother  returned to .their ranch up the  Mamette" road ~ last Tuesday.  They were doWn for the fair. ��,  - ' ���', o       ������"  CATHOLIC CHURCH  Sunday, Oct. 20th.  10 a. m. Mass. ;_...  2 p.m.   Catechism   and  Bible  History. ,-r,      _���  7 p.m.   Rosary   and   Benediction. ���   _   ,,  _  Jas. Wagner, O. M. I.  Pastor.  Hear the Illustrated song at  Sunshine Theatre tonight and  every night.  Miss  Lillian  Eppers  and    Miss  Susie Smith were in townFriday  engaged in  collecting  subscriptions for "Opportunity"���a side  issue being the prize���a ten acre  ranch in the Okanagan, awarded  to the young Lady who manages  to procure the largest number of  votes. Miss  Eppers  stated  that  they had collected a  sub.   From  every  young man   in   Merritt.  which, in the vernacular,, is  go  ing "some  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH    -  Sunday, Oct. 20th, 1912.      .  Merritt���Divine  Service, '7.30  p. m.   ���:���-.���.'.. .-'.���-,'   _   '   y    ''  2.30 p.m., Sunday School.  Lower Nicola���3 p. m.      *  Rev.   G,  A.  Wilson,   superior  tendent of Presbyterian Missions  in B. C, will preach at the-evening service.   ������-... . . .,.   ,-  '    .All welcome.    -Rev: J. A. Petrie. -   -  -��� ���-<"-. Pastor.  > >  T. J. Smith, who has been in  Merritt several days, left for  Summerland this week to look  oyer .his fruit ranch there.  - o  C. A. Sapandowski of Mamette  Lake was a visitor to town  Thursday.  Mr F, C. Hogg has notified us  that the 27th annual session of  the Grand lodge of Good Temp"  lars was hele at Nanaimo on the  26th and 27th of last month.  Victoria will be the next mee'-'  ing place of the GranciLodge.^^  Before the Beak  John Macdonald of Quilchena  and Douglas Lake was up before  Magistrate Morgan last Tuesday  on a charge of being drunk and  disorderly. John retired sober  and the poorer for a fine of five  and costs. _  For that quiet game  try  The Merritt  Pool Room  Everything in   first-  class shape.   Tables  '      Al.7-:y .'���.-  Cigars, Cigarettes,  Tobaccos, Soft  Drinks, Cdivdies, etc.  %pt>OSITE  POST OFFICE  Watch   our   blackboard   for  latest sporting news.  _ y_��  SID MEARON and  FRANK BARNE3, Props  the Nicola Valley Goal & Coke Companies  Under the management of H. Hurtubis, who had  charge of this house two years ago. The house has  been renovated throughout and will be run in first-  class manner.  Mr Hurtubis will be pleased to see all the old-timers  back and invites as many of the new miners in the  valley who want  good  board  and room  o patronize  him.  w  Men's Fall Suits      -  Men's Extra Trousers  $11.00 to $35.00  -    #2.50 to $7.g0  Boys' 3-piece Suits - - $4.50 to $10.50  Boys' 2-piece Bloomer Suits - 4.50 to 8.50  Boys' Norfolk Suits - - - 4.50 to 7.50  Boys' Buster Suits   7.,, -     -    3.50 to 8.00  Company  Limited


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