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The Nicola Valley News Sep 29, 1916

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 ���Hftns  8^l  i��es  f*S&S  !������?*'<>;  i��7  F-K*:  ��i  . >���* *T  II  *S3  fe��  �����&'  a  Site  ited  S5-8  at  m  ^^^^^ffl^Wra^fHe'idid not 6p-!  :S^^^!ii^l^^^gtl^money:  ���( ^^?^^^^J^^^^?t��i!be^erSad?  ^R^?or%ed}bga7:Tull>7; qualified ?pr<��  ^^io^paSEcmhtarit i;7Everi tuollyjj ;the  Presideri'it's ''iuTCeBWn^M%n^nra^:h��r  i*.^.-  &>%����  teMi  court  TOTrT  pmwxx&x  |.S.-'*.->.'>;i.-;-;<-.;.Vv%  jte^-��,77  l|^^*ft'-��&'*"X.J��}JXx  m0SX��mm  their contracts forthirty days from the  expiring datei'September:30.-    -   7  7'  ;, George M. Baccus, logging contractor  o^Kjngsyille,'. and Fraser Betterton Co.  [having applied for contract"privileges  for! their^ employees at d being willing to  icompjy with the' customary rules,  the  applications \vere"a:cepted...   -       /V--'  J|^Matron7Miss Fish: was; granted  two  .w6ek^extended leave of absence.  Tbis:. , ,,.���,.,  i^Kt^h^isJpn,,vacation, . took, ill -"aridj'Spuzzum,XyZXX'  M?}'I?e?!n7in7a hospital in Vancouver; j'Gainb;J6i C;P.R^  ^Sympathetic; references to hejrVmisforr ;^rrt Bend,v 75 ?  ^ ^. $f F$:Z?$Fe., passed and hopes extended  Iff* ^p^a^pid;recovery''to7full health and  ^'���^ri'hgth.!7^'������-��������� r-AX-::A. ���'��� V;';-; ���-r.Ax-  > e Kienaron pi tne franchise.   On y one vbte'wa�� ���^i��;i *-��~~*~-&&��&W.itei,WAiml  wer^ spoilt, ^t^m^obaer^  $��$$$ f^^^P?"!;^*"^the,:;Jloustf Cpmir.ittee  7%.CJ&  7^'i?V!? S^^l^o^J^&TP^Jwppftance/needed  :*7'V.<Rf'; 'thferMatte^ltirtn^KhViViir-- Iho '.' mmi'tli :  nf  X^AXXyXXXiXXXX Waiters  _Hprrispn: Mills;V7XXx 13 '���  Agaussiz, c.,' i7''^;-7^7;7' :66777  Harrison HotSprings'77X:  Popcuro, XpXXy~yXllX}:'::  3*. Elmo;74;^V'" '-":'-"-  ���Bubyi;Creet|_';f.jl!|  :Hojpe^7i7777;7  Tale,  Member 7"  Proh7  Wm^y^:^^^^i^  '^^^:^^^^$^  12      4  75 v-,397;  ',. 5 7.77  :13Av27>:  j^p^f att&itwn7^ of  ^rS^^^iXXxXXXXyxx^ v;:7:::;;'v 777;  i|^^^P^^^7^7/v..^^.' ;7~,7:'% /^7;:^) ;77<  J|o|al|^  ||5prOTgJ|||he;?toediu^  Sw��>f]Q^t jt^Siyi^^x 6s.i deiits f of ^7t!ri��:  jfficol^^lllex^  ^therMithHthf^Jty^of*^  ;3ub8Cr���U'���',", v..��.nc.nnn..1 -���,.,,.  9  83  9  iii-  16  '���'5''  63  18  .3,  ���'I.;  36  46  . t X.xX:o.XX:'i XxiiXXX:..  34,v7,'70;7787776777.-  ;:^:-*;^70 7:v''O.'7.;O^';7v  ^37W707;707'7l7.v77  ':37;;A70;.77r77:i:-;77  XM?Xfi*&6;iK'rtiX  22'',777.0:^Tl277il-7^  ,.-hy-rrrl^Oyyy<rATX^  ���'^XX-ASXA:XoXBX(jXy-  27;.; ;.7.:,l7:.^ 2^72^.7  377'-:7'\077'7-b77i:;'6?:77  337     "'" "           ''  eTAspen:Grove;77^7w777*;^  *x:$0S^mxm:m&jmm&i^  - form^msyxmik(ixxm:fm$mxxm  iX&tiekemmtieBXX^Xi'xM^^^  mm?m6mx����mis$m&mxx$^  ''*\--v\c-ix.y:Ximm^  .���*'.*.��� '���.���A.y-y.U\::>.A!^2f:j$i&X1^   , -^���^-'^^- - "^-'-i ~" ir' -a^^��^^^^ IPrv  i.-iroiWi.-������-���':  >���  f  '���77��7  h&X''':  Avzm?X&iy  ���?Ar&.-.'~;r*ijf  ���^���i.-..-j;.-vr;::-  Friday, Sbpt. 29, 1916  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  MOST CENTRALLY LOCATED HALL  In the City of Merritt  THE    K. 1^-    HALL  Has seating accommodation for 300 persons and is open for rent  Public Meetings $4.00 per night.   Dances, Entertainments, etc., $7.00  The foregoing rates include use of Piano, Light and Fuel.  Special Rates to Lodges  For further information apply, to Jas..McGrath, E. Staton or W. Cranna  K.P. Lodge meets every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.     Pythian Sisters  meet Second and Fourth Thursdays at 5 p.m. �� j  THE   NICOLA  VALLEY  NEWS  Published Every Friday  Publisher : Edward C. Bell - Editor: Ernest B. Mayon  Farmers Going in  for More Cattle  ADVERTISING   RATES   ON  APPLICATION  Subscriptions, payable in advance, ?2.00  per year in Canada.  Britain. United Stores and Foreign Countries, $2.50,  Great  Address:   The Nicola Valley News. P. O. Drawer 'L,'Merritt. B. C.  I  1  1  ���gp^7  I  IS  w  i  THE   NEW   PEACE   RIVER' COUNTRY  The Department of the Interior, at Ottawa, has just issued-  through its Railway Lands Branch���a very comprehensive pamphlet dealing with that now Mecca of the landseeker, the Peace  River country.  While a few pioneer settlers have from time'to time penetrated  this portion of Northern Canada, it has only been within the past  few years that it has been possible to regard the great Peace River  Valley as within the reach of the homeseeker. The almost insurmountable difficulty in taking in supplies and machinery, and the  corresponding task of marketing the crop rendered this fertile  area of Canada's hinterland a veritable " terra incognita."  While���as been said���but few have explored this district, many  will be surprised to learn that so long ago as 1876. grain from the  Peace River captured the trophy in competition with the world at  the Cer<tennial Exposition in Philadelphia,  This publication deals with all the subjects which naturally suggest themselves to the average inquirer. Under the headings of  Agriculture, Timber, Minerals, Game, and Transportation the  pamphlet gives a mass of information. Climate and rainfall are  also treated of. Numerous extracts are given from the reports of  well known explorers and scientists who have visited the country,  dating from the beginning of the last century,down to the present  day. There is a concensus of opinion among these authorities as  to the adaptability ox the country to the growth of all grains and  root crops. The great amount of sunshine which obtains in these  northern latitudes renders vegetation both rapid and luxuriant.  In the Peace River district the seasons change very quickly, so  that as soon as the snow passes the ground is ready for seeding.  The soil in some places, consists of a rich black loam.' In. others  it varies from a blue clay with a top soil of sandy loam���from two  to six inches���to a sandy loam, much desired by wheat growers.  Vegetables attain a large size.   During a large part of the win-  ter season cattle and horses may remain out doors.       '  ^J   It is a country adapted both to mixed farming and ranching.  (    This useful publication is being distributed free of charge by  3 the Railway Lands Branch,{Department of the Interior, Ottawa.  I .....  RETURNED SOLDIERS AND LABOR BUREAUS-.  The proposal for the establishment of- labor bureaus is again  before tlie Assosiated^Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia. At the time when it was urged upon the Dominion the  cabinet at Ottawa felt that it would be inadvisable to undertake  a project of this kind while the energies of the government and  the people were fully occupied in making Canada's participation  in the war as effective as possible.  The question has now taken on a new angle. It seems that any  adequate scheme for the placing of returned soldiers in the vocations to which they are most suited must necessarily include a  federal labor bureau or something similar. -Providing for the re  turned soldiers calls for Dominion-wide prganization. It cannot  successfully be handled in a purely local way,  i ���   ���   ���  * -. . , t  MADE HIT WITH AMERICANS  If an examination of the applications for the Canadian War loan  were permitted it would probably reveal that a considerable portion of the $200,000,000 subscribed emanated from the United   ^    States.   In Vancouver a number of American subscriptions  In theEastefrTStates  j  \  K  i&"  i3lSsn.-''i,!J  were  received.- In the~EasterrrStates~"tKe~interest in- the loan-was  greater than had been shown in and previous foreign government  internal issue.  After speaking in high terms of the bonds as suitable investments  for Americans, that powerful financial paper, the Wall Street  Journal, in a recent issue said.  "It is an interesting comment on Canada's financial 'position  that this new loan is offered on a lower yield basis than the $100  000,000 issue of last November���about 5.26 per cent, as compared  with 5.33 per cent���while practically all the other governments  involved in the war are paying more for money on each successive loan. Of course Canada, is far removed from the war zone,  and it is enjoying a prosperity somewhat similar to that of the  United States. ' , .  "This present Canadian prosperity is shown by the large increase in the Dominion customs receipts in the first five months  of the present fiscal year, to August 31st. They were over $53, -  000,000. as compared with $35,520,000 in the same period of 1915.  Other revenue- receipts have gained on a smaller scale, while the  ordinary expenditures of the government have declined, due 4o  smaller appropriations tor public works." .' ,  t  ...  Until Canadian Public men deal as carefully with their country's  money as with their own, graft and extravagence will not be  stamped out. -  ...  <   Among the various more or less reasonable forecasts of the  future progress of the war there is one that has not been made so  prominent as it deserves.   It seems to be both a wise and feasible  policy on the part of the allies to aim at the early expulsion of thel  Germans from Belgium, in order to lesson, if not prevent, their I  use of Holland as a traffic route for contraband imports.   Any  means of intensifying the choking effect of the  naval blockade  will tend to hasten the end'of the war.  That farmers are realizing that  live stock is the basis of true  agriculture is plainly evident by  the applications which are daily  coming.in to the Board of Agricultural ' Credit  Commissioners  asking for loans for the purpose  of acquiring live stock,  erecting  stock    buildings,    constructing  silos, etc.  This is a very encouraging sign of  the  times,  and  farmers can rest assured that applications for farm loans for this  purpose  will   receive favorable  consideration from the Commissioners. ':�� During the last year  several co-operative  creameries  have been incorporated and all  are making good.   What is your  district doing towards development on mixed farming lines?  Keep  more and  better  stock.  Grow ensilage and fodder crops.  Make your farm as much as possible self supporting and grow  vour own stock food.���Agricultural Journal.  Stovepipes and  Chimney Fires  With the approach of cooler  weather, stove's arid fireplaces  will soon be put into commission.  Before this is done care should  betaken to see that chimaeys  and stovepipes are in good repair, thoroughly cleaned, and  rendered safe from fire. Owing  tc ihe dampness - of the early  summer, many .stovepipes will be  found badly rusted, Which an  outer coating of enamel will not  expose. Examine these carefully  and replace defective pipes. Fire  prevention is one of the first considerations of the householder.  Consult Joe. Small, of Pope &  Smpll, who will be pleased to  make suggestions of advantage  to you.  the  *  Mrs. Quinville and son William  were in town Tuesdav.'  Mining Engineer Musgrove,  who has been doing special field  work for the Provincial Government in various mining sections  of the Province, with a view to  assisting the , development of  promising properties, has been  in the city during the last few  days. During his sojourn he  visited Aberdeen Mine.  Mrs. J. Rhodes of Canford was  in town on Wednesday.  Dick Hazlehurst drove in from  his ranch on the Mamette Lake  road on Wednesday.  aterHote!,  77 "It's JIU Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and  % Commercial Men  Merritt is the gale way to the rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  :     Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  ���Reliable information, relative to the mining and ranching  industry's freely given. If you want to find a friend you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class hotel  of Merritt.*  Hotand Cold [Water.  All Vegetables, Eggs,  "Rooms   with Baths. Floe large Sample Rooms  Milk and Cream used tn the Hotel are daily from our Ranch  MURDOCH  McINTYRE  Proprietor  The Provincial elections over,  city politicians will be turning  their attentions to the January  civic elections. Already we hear  of one aspirant to the chief'magistrates chair.  On Wednesday the telephone  gang which ��� is working on the  Mamette Lake extension moved  from near the Heslop home to  the W. B. Jackson's ranch at  Lower Nicola.  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Liverpool and London  and Globe  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America of  Toronto  Life & Accident  B.C. Life  Globe Indemnity of  Canada  Pure White Vegetable Parchment  FOR BUTTER WRAPPERS  Does not Darken Butter.      Printed with Ink that will not mark  through.    Makes your Butter more saleab le  NICOLA VALLEY  NEWS JOB OfTICE  <M$M$M$~J^^  CANADIAN   PATRIOTIC    FUND  Nicola Valley  Branch  4:  ft  ���I*  -  . Under the auspices of the above Branch will be held in" -       -  The Armory, Merritt  ?  Oh  Addresseswiirbe given on-the Workof the  Patriotic Fund by  Mr.  f\  NATION  Secretary of the Provincial Branch of the Canadian Patriotic Pund;  AND   OTHERS  Chair will be taken at 5 p.m, by Mr. M. L. GRIMMETT.  Speeches will be interspersed with Songs  Come and Hear How Your Subscriptions to the  Patriotic Fund are being Spent  i  %  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y -  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  C)  �����k~k~:~^^^^ *��"-  *#  ;  t ^  t  >"  V  r��v.i  1*"  Three  :.^  x  hi  BANKING BUSINESS  INVITED        ,   - S  WE invite the banking accounts of merchants,^ manufacturers,     societies    and  individuals. & We offer the  modern Banking service of  a progressive Bank, possessing   ample   resources,  extensive    connections    and  complete facilities.  All customers of The Bank  ot loronto are assured every  courtesy and attention     '  BANK of  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  The Newsy Pars  T. G. McBride, of Stump Lake  autoed to town last Saturday.  Assets  A. N. B. Rogers, Manager  (Memtt Branch)  TORONTO-  M. L GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTARY   rUBLIC,   ETC.  Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal  j    MERRITT'   f NICOLA  Both managements of the local  coal mines are advertising for  miners in the (.oast papers.  Mr and Mrs. J. Upston are in  the city from Canyon House,  visiting with Mr. and Mrs. R.  Gulliford.  Tne many friends of Mr. Andrew Dobie will regret to learn  that he has been ill and is a  patient at the hospital.  i ���  City Clerk H. Priest returned  on Wednesday after spending a  few days hunting in  the Minnyj  Lake country.  Bar Made a  Home for Soldiers  Friday, Sept.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGU  LATIONS.  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank of Toronto  Voght   Street? Merritt  Opposite, Coldwater Hotel  LODGES  COURT UNITY, NO.  A. O.F.  9205,  A. EWART,  -        -    C. R.  Meets in K. of P.'  Hall on the fourth  Monday of every  month at 8 p.m.  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited.-  W. r.'^langstaff;  Secretary  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  A.'F. & A. M. 1  Regular meet-  ///////   *nBa  >n Masonic  HH^ Hall,- Granite  ggHfjave. third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.      ''  Sojourning brethren 'are cordially invited to at-  tenf u <   W  . R. Carrington  A Secretary  P. Rankine  ,- W M. '  ?<x  JL>0.L,^1701  "Merritt Lodge  Regular meetings in the Oddfellows'  'Hall on the first and third Fridays in  .each month at 7.30 p.m. The Scarlets  ���meet on the 14th of each month.    >  Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.  t. ,.   J.G. Warren. W.M,'   , .  . ' Geo. Slater, Recording Sec.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albei  ta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwesi  Territories and in B portion of thp  Province of British Columbia, may bv  leased for a term of twenty-one years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more-than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be madp  by the applicant in person to the Agen  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land musi  be described by sections, or legal sub  divisions of sections, and in unsurvey  ed territory the tract applied for sha],  be staked out by the'applicant himself  Each application must^ be accompan  led by a fee of ?5, which will-Ve refunded If the rights'applied for are not  available, but not otherwise.   A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the, rate of five  cents per ton.  The person .operating the mine*shall  furnish^the Agent with sworn"returns  accounting fori the full quantity "of mer  chantable coal mined and pay the roy  alty thereon. If the coal mining rights  are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished'at'least oncevn  year.      A     .���- " ��    .__     ;���        ,_ i^ ,;,  The lease wHl include the,coal mining rights only, rescinded by Cn%* 27  of 4-5 George V. assented to 12th June,  1914. '  'For . full ^ information^application  should be made tb the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, oi  to any^Agent or.Suh-Agent of Domm  Ion Lands. -" -  r      t, .  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior  N.B.���Unauthorized  .publication   oj  this advertisement will not be pa^  for.-83576.  We would call our readers attention to the announcement of  the Middlesboro Collieries Limited on page 4.  Miss Ida Day, who spent a vacation here as the guest of Mr.  and Mrs. W. Heslop and family,  returned to her home at Princeton last Tuesday.  The many friends of Mr.  George Slater will regret to heai  that he has again been in ill  health, but will be glad to hear  that he is now improving.  $138.00 was taken by Auctioneer Carrington from the sale of  effects at the store of A. Ewart,  who recently retired from business on joining the forces.  Dr. C. S. and Mrs. Williams  arrived in the city the first of  the week from Rossland, visiting  at the home of Mrs. Kerr. Mrs.  Williams mother.  A " surprise "was paid Mrs.  and Miss Pope last Friday evening by���a number of their friends.  A very enjoyable time was spent.  Next Sunday evening sthe Rev.  Johnston, of the 'Presbyterian  Church,' will preach ori^the subject "The sign of the times,- oj  thevsecond coming of Christ.";;  Maurice; Hodgson, represent  ing the Vancouver Siui. has been  in the city this week^ in the interests of the circulation department of the paper.  The bar of the Ogden Hotel  at Calgary has been turned into  a   handicraft room."  Where liquor gurgled and  passes clinked, the hammer and  chisel and plane Tare heard in-  Iha      Tue ��0Unter has  ^en  fitted   with   a  sloping  top  for  drawing boards and mathemati-  cal instruments/  The frequenters of the transmogrified bar have not to be  turned out at closing time hy  ��w. On the contrary, when  closing time comes they have all  to be in.  The hotel, in fact, is now a  health shop for wounded and  [otherwise disabled members of  our expeditionary force. The  men do not have to buy health  there; it is given them by us  the Canadian people, through our  Military Hospital Commission.  Not as a matter of charity, by  any means. It is the repayment  of the.debt owing to these men  who lent us their bodies to defend our liberty and restore  peace.  If we were lukewarm and care  less about paying this debt of  honour, we should not deserve  tne liberty and peace for which  these men volunteered at the  risk of their lives.  We cannot pay the debt with  medicine and "surgery alone. To  restore them.thoroughly, fitting  them to take their ,place m the  working world as soon as the*  leave, they need exercise of  body and mind, exercise of course  carefully arranged in proportion  to their strength.  And so it comes about that  wood-working and mechanical  drawing, gardening and poultry-  keaping, typewriting, and the  good old "three R's," are all enlisted to Ihelp in equipping the  disabled < soldier with health,  energy and ability for a life of  independence.  Only Prime Goods  prime bee^Tmit^^      pork  PREMIUM BACON AND HAMS  FRESH PURE PORK SAUSAGE  Creamery Butter, Ranch Egg8. Lettuce> Ce,ery ^  tPncaLa^ Quality Highest       7  Nicola  Valley Meat Market  PHILIP    McLEAN,  CONTRACTOR  Esfimafes given on any kind of Building Work  No Job Too Small  Electric Lighting  Supplies, and  Electrical fittings   All Goods at Lowest Prices  Store and Office: Opposite Coldwater Hotel  xjXmA  i(       ������������ ���^.<--A'Yf  ��� V^d*:l  1  xxl  Meeting of St,  John Ambulance  Saturday, 30th  The annual meeting of Merritt  Centre of St, John's Ambulance  Association will be held in-the  City Hall on Saturday evening,"  September 30th, at 7 o'clock.  Secretary George Maxwell in notifying the members oi this  meeting earnestly requests all  members who can do so to be  present.  Arrangements will be discussed and derided in respect to the  coming winter lectures on first  aid work, - Prospective participants in the^courses,. and new  members, are requested to communicate with the secretary be  Matrons Report  For August    i  Following    is   the   report   of /  Matron Miss Fish,  of the local"  Hospital for the month of August.  Patients admitted  Male  Female  Discharged  Deaths  Births  Hospital Days  Average per day  L. J. Fish  Matron  12  3  45  >  '-���M  -3  xl  XM  #M  'Wit I  <i   *3,l  8  0  1  259-  8.35  f f  i    h  'yXvA  ^���t-  Sergt. L. F.?Barn(gs of'the 172-  nd Battalion, C. E. F.. has been  attached temporarily to the instructional staff of the llth Mill-1iVi,=i W1C ,I1CCI',,,K' rie wj  tary District and is posted for furnish ai,y information,  duty at the Convalescent Hospital at Esquimalt.  Photographs  of the Best  No Time like the present  to have your Photo taken  s   Think it over, and then call and]  see samples at the City Studio.  Chas. F. Hooper  j jfpp. Schools Merritt  The Douglas Lake Cattle Company  I Limited V  Are the Owners of the following des-  .  scribed Stock %:  .Cattle branded |||  left or5right hip,  vented when sold bar under brand.  Cattle branded G S right ribs, ventei  when sold bar ovxer brand.  Horses branded 111 left or right shoulder *  Horses branded ^ left or^ right shoulder  Vent for horses*when sold is bar over  ^r^- There is a Reward of $150 00  offered for information that will lead  to conviction of anybody Stealing or  Killing any of our.Stock..  F. F. Ward, Manager  For Rent  Hall  over the   "Nicola  Valley News " Office  Suitable for1 Lodge Meetings  LOW RENT      ,  Apply fl. N. B. ROGERS .  For Sale  Good Ranch Team  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  i /�� ,h.e jewing Season is approaching  u l. ?arwick�� ��ne Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent put your Sewing Mac-  chine in good order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him to yonr door. Old machines  taken in part payment for new 'onei  See the new models at my store.Granite  Avenue.  The father of Mrs. N. J. H.  Brown arrivsd in the city on  Wednesday night from New  Westminster to,spend a short  vacation ' with Mr. and Mrs.  Brown.  ' A'sitting of the Yale County  \Court was held here on Wednes-  day morning. A small and un-  important docket occupied thf  attention of His Honor Judge  Swanson.  Tonight (Friday),���the Harvest  Thanksgiving services m\l he  held at the Nicola Anglican  Church.  On Monday next^the meiabers  of thePatriotic Guild will" meSCf7,"-  -^the- c!{yvc��uncii:*chambertin . >XX  bi-weeklysession." Special <busi-J rl4 i ?    - ��������/   ue- ness will be brought to th^atten-'7, X  fore the meeting. He will gladly tion offthe"members,"and^agood- i*?'^  fmm��.i. ��... .���-* ..._ 'Iy attendance is requested.  >  J        'Wt^t  ^/l  Out of every wage some portion should be banked regularly,  either as security against the proverbial rainy day or as' a foundation to future prosperity. $1.00  A M> rn        ._. will open an account in the Bank  AId.[GeorgeERansom returned of Toronto, and interest is added  on Wednesday evening from his half-yearly to the balances on de-  shooting trip. ' positi  $7000 has been invested by the  Merritt ,rcity council in the tw<r{  Dominion War Bond issues.   The  money was taken from the city's  sinking fund.  The municipality of Penticton  decided at its last' meeting to  subscribe for $5000 worth of new  Dominion'War Loan'Bonds.  Mare and Gelding, 7 and 10  years old respectively. Gelding good roadster.     Weiirht  2,300 lbs.  Apply Box M,  WHEM Yj)U VISIT ,. .  VICTORIA  STAY AT THE  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  4 cor. Yates and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs  J. B.,Plumb, late of Merritt.  A high clai. hotel wilt reasonable rate.  centrally located-ten minutes from C  P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c, $1.00.  Remember the BRUNSWICK  Write ahead forrreservations.  Our readers will regret to heai  of the serious illness of Mrs. A.  R. Carrington. He condition waf  so serious last Sunday that ii  was deemed necessary to remov<  her to the local hospital. All wil  hope for her speedy recovery.  A 17 lb. brick of gold was sen'  down from the Lome   mine t<  the Bank of B.N. A., at Lillooet,  last   week.   This   is   the   thin  shipment from this mine in th.  last couple of months and ther  are tons of gold still left in  thi  property only waiting to be duj  out.   This mine has proved to bi  wonderfully rich and Mr.  Noel  the owner, i3 to be'congratulatec  ,on his good fortune-  The Boys at the Front Delight to Smoke.   Subscribe to the  Overseas Tobacco Fund  ,_ ^Subscription Lists are open at the Post Office.Bank ofToronto.-and Bank of MontFwl "" *  I'  The Forward Adult Bible C^  which'meets at the Methodist  Church every Sunday afternooi  m       .. 0.00      invites your presence. Scriptural  News " Office; lesson next Sunday.  t' ii x  "*�����.*' .,    ;    ,  * 4  '   Tonight'at the city fire hall,  members'of the volunteer fire  brigade will assemble to enjoy a  sing song and smoker, the even  being in honor of William Aitken  .he fire chief,   who will  shortly  join the camp of the 143rd Bat  tahW    Chief  Aitken,   who if  veryY popular   amonK the men.  has/held the position for ovc  cw/years, succeeding Dan Shear  arfin  the post   when 'he   weni  overseas with the xfirst contingent.  f       ��� V j. J-  ^S:i;  t.1  ^.  *'iS. Ik-*- j  yx^  Four  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  Friday, Sept. 29, 1916  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  "Wie House of iXCeril in  MERRITT,  B.C.  %  L.  We have one of the best thought of and most talked of Hdels in B.C..  EUROPEAN   PLAN  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  A. Hoggan, Prop#  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  VICTOR HUGO  AND  MAJOR HUGO  The Newsy Pars  Mrs. C. Collett was enrolled as a new  member of the Red Cross Society at  yesterday's meeting.  A, W. Grass, of Penticton,was  doing business in the city this  week.  - W. H. Heighton, of Vancouver  visited the city this week registering at the Coldwater Hotel.  Fred. Baker, rancher of the  Mamette Lake district, was in  town on Tuesday.  J. E. Green, returned to the  Valley last eveni ng after many  months absence at the Coast.  "VICTOR HUGO"  Imp. (9898) (15031)      .  Sire :" Sir Hugo, 10924  1st Dam: Fair Maid 18355, by Marcellus  mio.  2nd Dam : Lady Bell 8997, by Darnley  222  Commenwg May 3, " VICTOR  H'wGO " will stand  Every Wednesday,  At D. Munro's Stables,  MERRITT,  From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m , and  ie rest of the Week at the  *STfch����t Lower Nicola.  hugo!":;;  Will iStand daily^Ithe. RancK  TERMS: To insure with Foal $15  0- y-r-  -For further information apply to  D. DODDINB, (Owner)'  ?.1  Lower Nicola  B.C.  Ul      JfrtH  Mines for Sale  *        ���"���  ;��l~ have "..been prospecting in the  '���' Aspen Grove and Nicola Country  :for ten years and have the following properties for sale :'  Copper, Iron, Mica,  Asbestos, Gypsum.  Private'repprts pn mines,and Assessment1 work and Prospecting  undertaken for companies. I  ���have-a-complete-outfit-and-will  take contracts'in mines. Corres  pondence invited.*  Wm. McNeill, Merritt; B.C.  On Tuesday, E. A. Richardson  a popular hardware traveller,  visited the business houses in  Merritt.  Mr. Frank Thompson will lead  the discussion on "Cornelius, a  seeker of the best," at next  .Monday's meeting,of the Epworth League. - <���  - Dominion Fire Warden Veale.  of Dot, was in town this week.  Mr. Veale says his district has  been practically free of/serious  fires this,season. , The Dominion  fire season closes the 30th of  September. \      '  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  ,   Get our prices and estimates  on any or all branches of the  Plumbing Business  ^ Pumps;  FITTED AND REPAIRED'  STOVES  AND   HEATERS  put into,first class shape  POPE AND SMALL  PLUHBER8 & TIN8MITH8  Repair Work of AH Kinds  i�� *  :: Palace Bakery  I: Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc  11    Hot Pies every Saturday.  ! j W. FAIRLEY, Proprietor I  ���%,  Notice of Cancellation of  r  Reserve  p��-�� ,   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  ��� the reserve existing on lands formerly  covered   by expired Timber Licences  ,   NosI 24104, 24107, 24112, 24116, 42749,  l&U w42750, 42751 and 42756, by reason of a  *��^ " notice published in the British Columbia  [Gazette on the 27th of December, 1907,  Recruits  Are wanted for the    ,   '  Home Service and  Overseas Battalions  Coal.  After October 1 st, 1916,  The Prices of our Coal   at  the  Tipple  will  be   as   under:  LUMP GOAL, $4.75 per ton  NUT COAL,   $3.75 per ton  Your Orders are solicited  Middlesboro Collieries Ltd.  "News" Editor  Joins the 'World"  E. B. Mayon. Editor of the Nicola  Valley News for the past twelve  months, has severed his connection  with the paper to undertake-editorial  duties on the Vancouver World, which  position he will take at the begimng  of next week. While congratulating  Mr. Mayon on his advancement, a host  of friends will regret his departure  from the Valley, where by his gem <1  disposition he has adhered nimself to  all he has come in contact. Being possessed of a pleasing tenor voice, he has  done much foi the entertainment of  musical circles, and has been a leading  member of St. Michaels Anglican Choir  and the newly formed Merritt Choral  Union._By both these useful institutions  he will be gieatly missed. The News,  with many friends wishes Mr. Mayon  all success in his new sphere of labor.  Hospital Finances  During August  According to the approximate  report of finances of the Hospital  up to August 31st, as submitted  at the directors' meeting held on  Monday evening, there was {[received during the past months  $177 00 from contract patients  and $257.84 trom other patients  and accounts, total $434.84. The  payments made during the same  period were $290 00 for July salaries, $302.64 sundry accounts,  $10.00 petty cash. The hospital  earnings for August amounted to  $218 84. The accounts receivable  now aggregate $2563.82.  X "' X  1 Cash Dry Goods 1  5. .;.  f    As with our Groceries, our Dry Goods Bargains are Genuine    ��  * "    '  * Men's Black Overalls, sizes from 30x28 to' 40x33,/        "       {  %v "��� --   ���   per pair 1.25    *  I    Men's Blue Stripe Bib Overalls, sizes from 34x31,       ^    ,   *  tl -,    '      to 42x31, -     per pair. 1.50    *.  ? ^ -v ^ *"'  |    Men's "Asbestol" Horse Hide Gloves, j-   ���     ,,'  -%  * ' " , . c '"   , ' <      i   reg. price 1.50/for 1.00    ii  -    V -< '   '     ��� - -- '*>     --      s   '' '-"      "��J*  Men's Pig Skin Gloves, Gauntlets,s at special pri03*of .50 " * -  Men's Heavy Socks, for workmg'books'   3 pairs for 1 00"  *  Men's Heavy Socks,"extra thick and*strong, "'-j    '-; .$  -     ' '-3 pairs for 1^35    %  Boys' Fleece Linsd Underwear, siz is 'from 22" to 30,~    ~ -1  <                             X                   ., *       pe^ suit .90 t'  /                       *      <                     *' %  Boys' Stockings, fine rib, siz >s 7 to 10,        ,   per pair .25 *  Boys' Stockings, coarse rib, sizes 7 to 8 1-2.        -      ' '   '    %  per pair .25 andT30    %  Buster Brown Sister's Stockings, in Black and White ��'  '     sizes 6 1-2, 7, 7 1-2, 8, 8 1-2,     , per pair .25 , %  Infants' Cashmere Stockings, in White and Black, t      $  j   / all sizes,  ,    per pair .25 " |  Ladies' Lisle Hose, '   c  Ladies' Heavy Silk Fleeced Hose,  Boys' Boots, Oiled Bluchers, sizes 3, 4 5i  Boys' Boots, Box Calf, sizes 1, 2. 3, 4, 5,  Girls' Boots, Box'Calf, sizes 11 to 11-2  per pair .25  r?  per pair .25  per pair 3.50  per pair 3.75  per pair 2.75  Children's Boots, Box Calf sizes 51-2 to 101-2  Full particulars can be- obtained  from Sergt. J. Leitch, at the  Nicola Valley News ^Office, any  evening (except Sundays) from  7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.  GET THIS, CATALOGUE  1 cancelled.  -fi\   Deputy Minister of Lands  R. A. RENWICK,  Ijxnent of^Lands,-  " "' ria; B.C..  Vugust 16 th, 1916.  hit  SAVE MONEY  The Best Ever  * f *  issued; Skate*,Skatinjf '  Boots, Hockey Sweaters, Uniforms, and  Complete Outfits,  Snowshoes, Moccasins,  Skis, Toboggans.  We want every Man  interested in Sports  of any kind to get  our large Free.  Catalogue. Prices  right and satisfaction  guaranteed. '������  Immense Stock  prompt shipment.  You can save  money by getting  Catalogue to-day.  T.W.BOYD&SONi  27 Notre Dame St. West ]  MONTREAL  i  ���  ���X  *  Washing Prints and Ginghams, nice patterns, per yd.' .15,   |  Baveno Velveteen in'Black only,   reg. price .65, for .50  Children's All Wool Sweaters, pink ground,  with Colqred facings, reg. 2 00, for 1.25  Infants'Pinafores, \ 'each .25  "^~^per pair 2.25~  THE  MJiJRFlITT  CASH STORE  I  1  ^^^.^���^^^.^^^���^^���^������^���^���������������������^������������������^������������������*<"***********4��  Mason Pye came down from his  ranch at Iron Mountain'today.   '  ' The usual meeting of the  School Board was held this  mornjng,when routine business,  was transacted. '   ���  ' Read the-Merco Ad. on page 1  a happy combination for the long  winter months" which are fast  approaching: "��� Warmth, ' Ease.  Music.  Some remarkable looking fruit  is being exhibited in different  store windows of our city. Ap->  pies, the size of Pumpkins were  on saleat Heslops last weekend.  D.^'TDodding. the Lower Nicola  rancher has purchased a Ford  auto.. " *  We would^all^oupreaders at-  tention'to the aniiibuncement of  the Middlesboro Collieries Limi-  ted on this page. V<>lv$  *?R?  The contract for'installing new-  heating apparatus at^he^public  schools has been let^arid we  learn the work will be^'prpceed  ed with at once. In a^dititfn to  the new heating apparatub^new  storm windows will  be"'piit, in  and the schools painted thfoftgh  out,  H��S��e-��  ��i fit <inwwv w  L  ri^TrawwairrtBtrnrW-,- ffi��Tn>j|gg^*wi r ^wwwwy^  wmAimflnw  t 4%^*  He  W  I MILLINERY i  LADIES ! we are now receiving our  ! 3faU #tofe of  x  *  *  *  ���$����������������������2* �������������**��*�������� ���2"��i����5��y*4��  % "Direct from Manufacturers," which we shall be pleased to show   i...,--,  I =-  f��  X Our Stock consists of the very latest creations of X ,  I Parts mb Km fnrk HoMs I'  S Also an exquisite collection of Flowers.Fealhers, ^  Mounts,   etc.   I "NEW    IDEA"   PATTERJNS  ���f We carry a full line of patterns of the latest styles.   All our  ���  $ Patterns are SEAM ALLOWING thus making them easy to follow  h Collars, Vestees, etc.,  X >We have a fine collection of the very latest styles at prices that  X c                 will please you  f Just to hand a nice line of Shawl Collars -  f  %  *   Agent for  the Pan-Co.-Vesta Dyers and  Cleaners  THE   ROSE   MARCHE  ���������������������������������^ >i ��T  HESLOPS MEAT MARKET  PRIME  BEEF,  MUTTON,  PORK AND  FOWL  FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  EXTRA   SPECIAL   SHIPMENT   OP  Cherries,Plums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers  LOCAL  MUTTON xi?  CRUSHED" BONE, makes excellent Chicken Feed, 5-lbs. .25  "STORE , OF   QUALITY"   Our: Motto      ^ .  1  ���    M  J  Harvest Services. ,  ; At St. Michael's  . Next Sunday  x~j      X~  '  Next Sunday harvest Thanks-  jrivin^ Services wiil beheld in St.  Michael's 'Anglican 'Church:;bei-  ^vices^ will,be held at 8 a. fn.^  lirja:m.'and'at 7.30 p.m. Sunday  School at 3 p%m, , ' **��� ^" "  The Church-will be decorated  with'grain,-flowers and fruit,and  special harvestHiymns and anthems will be"sung. X -���  \ Gifts of flowers, ;fruits< and  vegetables are asked arid these  will be. taken to the hospital  after .the services. The parish-  owners are asked to attend at the  church at 2 o'clock tomorrow  Saturday to decorate the church.  ' Full congregations are exDect-  ed at these services.-       ���   " _ J  Thos. ParfierJv Dominion Inspector'of weights and measures  was in,town this week on business of his department.  Geo.' C. McGowari, of the  JRoyaLCity,jajn the Valley in-  specting boilers. Mr. McGowan  is Provincial Boiler Inspector.  Barclay Eonthrone. of Vancouver, arrived ^here on last night's  tra,in. Mr. Bonthrone's brotaer  has been in Merritt for several  weeks inspecting mining properties. They left the Coldwater  Hotel, early this morning in company with Murdock'Mclntyre  for the hills wRh the purpose of  inspecting some promisiug claims  belongingto a local gentleman/,  J  NOTICE.  Will all those persons .who paid  s r r  to the formation of the . \ . '  / / Owl Society  please hand in their names to the  undeisigned on or before the 30th  day of October, 1916, as the funds  will be distributed after that date.  Signed���  F. BOND,  Acting Secretary  Popular Officer  Again Leaves  1 ^; For the..Front  -~    '"   ~y\?/ " 1     r r-X  IH.-^Hr-MaC^M^  K\  I >    _!\     (,,.1-'  .< Lieut.-Col.  dso', pf,-Nicola,xarrivp'dj'in^  city losfcvweek^end'fromWancou- 'h,-$:l  ver^and^ alter- 'spending - a".?few��vs&'��\  days witm his^olch friends ''.and ^5^-1  acquai n,tanees Mef t ^on' Monday'^%^J  morning by_, automobile ipr Kam^f^'M  loops jwhere he ��ntrain'edifornthV^%r^j|  Vaar    an rniifn   tn. IT.na-lanH ^ '~V\'^JV;i  Easjt  en route H to^ England.*  Col. Matthew's*is oiie!:r<f;t��e'J^>!l  best" known and, most Vpopularw-.^i:  officer in ,the Province,, and, dur-^^$i'  ing -his long -'stay, on^the firing J^*  line made'a 'splendid reputation X~  foi hitnself as a soldier ahd lead- r<  er. s While he has thoroughly enjoyed his fewj weeks jn^ British  Columbia1 after; th'e lgng strain of'  >uj. ch'fighting heisjookirig for-u ^  ward to.gettihg^back in. France ,  airJ lueasuringc blows* with the ;  enemy. .,    ,  The Colonel wassfirst^wounded * -  at Langemark in'the leg and re-f  ceived the D.S.O,  as an award   ,  tor the gallantry showed during   '���  the engagement.   While conval-  escing_h~e^was-~niade-command--^  ant at Shornchffe'of the Officers  Training Corps/   On September  25th, 1915,he was. placed in com-  "  mand oi the 8th Battalion/made %  up ot the 90th Rifles, with,rank ������*  of lieut.-colonel.'   The' appoint^ ,y  ment was made after Maj.-Geii-^t  eral Lipsett was given command 7  of the first division."' <   y. v~ ,p '%  Col: Matthews returned^to the X,  front and was wounded a^Mcoridr  time on June 13th at Mou^J''S6r-^  rel.    'After spending someTtime  at a Boulogne hospital he left  for England, whence' he return- \,  ed to Canada.    " ' ^- '  .Col. Matthews will report for *?  dutyon his/arrival Mn England,T  but'as yet does not know'whether ^ >. *  he will be allowed to go to the v.'}  front again'.    *,w  u  The Junior Branch of the Red  Cross intend /holding' a, tea onV  October Pay Day. _ JFpr further  particulars watch for"ad.  "v. -'��  Owing to a defectiveT fucnaceV \  at the Public Schools, the' sbhol-^'  ars belonging to two- of thfis<  rooms had to find new quarters  on Thursday morning.^The K.P;  hall and the'Council-'Ghambi>rv  are being used for^the present,^ r  1' "i A  V  s <"4'fl  f~XrJ.     f\  nL  ~x?


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