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The Nicola Valley News Jul 14, 1916

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 s  THE    HOME  PAPER    FOR    THE    CITY    OF    MERRITT    AND    THE    NICOLA    VALLEY  Vol. 6. No. 34 -.  MERRITT,   B. C.,   FRIDAY,   JULY   14,  1916  Price 5 Cents  ian Patriotic Fond Executive Demand that All Residents  Play a Briton^ Part in this Conflict or Receive Public Exposure  City Trades Licenses Must  Be Paid by Saturday Noon-  Final Reading of Bylaw  s ���    ������(  The new City of Merritt Trades License Bylaw, 1916, introduced by Aid:  H. Greig, conies into effect tomorrow,  Saturday. Under- its provisions the  lincense fees . enumerated below are  payable STRICTLY 7N ADVANCE;  all -applications. for licenses are to be  'made to the Inspector on forms specially  provided for the purpose, the licenses  "granted are operative between noon of  July 15, and terminate at noon on the  following January J 5th. At a. special  meeting .held yesterday afternoon, ..the  final reading was passed and the bylaw  has ��by resolution been entrusted to  a committee comprising Aid. G. F. Ransom (chairman), Aldermen A. McGoran  and H. Greig, and J. T. Willgoose was  appointed Inspector under the bylaw.  LICENSE FEES  ���  Agent of merchant outside of the  Province $50 every 6 months  Agent of any Investment and Loan  Society which  has  not paid the  license tax hereinafter mentioned,  j      ������ : $50 every 6.months  ' uctioneer v $5 every 6 months  Billiard table   ,    $5 for 1st table, $2.50  subsequent tables per 6 months  Bowling Alley $5 every'6 months  Banker' ; -   $150 per annum  Blasting _   $10 every 6 months  Cabs, buggies, carts, wagons, car-' -  riages.  omnibuses,  automobiles,  and, other vehicles, for each vehicle-; $2.50 every 6 mon ths  Circus, menagerie,  hippodrome or  dog and pony show -   ..    $50 each day  Companies���express company,  gas/  " .company,     telephone    company, -   . >  street railway, or tramway > com-" .s  pany, investment and loan society  * - - $50 every 6 months  Exhibitions of wax-works, circus  riding,^ rope, walking, dancing,  tumbling or other acrobatic or  gymnastic performance, wild animals, _sparring,5,,bo'xing,' sleight-  of-hand, legerdemain, jugglery or  other like tricks, pictures, paintings, statuary, works of art, natural.or artificial curiosities, -tableaux, wonderful animals or  freaks of nature, or-any other ex--  hibition -.     $20 for each day of  exhibition  Hawker or peddler   $25 every Cmonths  Hotel License    w    $225 every 6 months  Breweries !|>75 every 'Jo months  Livery-stable keeper $10 .       __"  Laundry $5 "  Pawnbroker $125 "  Rifle Gallery -  $2.'50 ' "  .Trader,v retail,-doing business $3000.per  . month or over $20 every 6 months  Trader, retail, doing business under  $3000.per month   $10 every 6 months  Trader, transient      $500 -"  Theatre, concert hall or,other place  of amusement, > entertainment or  exhibition, seating 975 persons or  more $100 every. 6 months  ditto, seating less than 975 per-  -  sons $25 every 3 months, or $5  ; per day  Transient real estate agent or land "  agent $100'every 6 months  Every person following within the    |  - municipality any profession,trade ,  occupation or calling not here-in-    ,  before-enumerated,^ saving and  excepting any person employed as  a journeyman or for wages\only  and not employing any other.per- '  son or persons >��� ��� * $5 every',6 months  Hospital Happenings  at Monthly Meeting of Directors   *  Impending Changes  iii Traiir Schedule  "������"���      ������ >- ���-, ��'-c i   :.-���.- "'d.-i.-'jSfk  We understand that .commencing' onr]  July 31st, a connecting train will run  daily from Merritt to Brookmere, where  passengers will join, the main line trains  East and West to and from Nelson tnd  Vancouver. A through daily train may  run between Spences Bridge and Brookmere.        - ���   - -  Matron reported that in June the  operating room was. used three times,  the X-rays apparatus twice.  'Matron was empowered to grant holidays of two weeks each on pay to all  members of the staff, the dates to be  decided so as not to interfere with the  routine of the institution.  Resolved-to ask the solicitor to send  in a report on the position of outstanding accounts in his hands for collection  by the Wednesday immediately i rece;  ding each regular monthly meeting.  To ensure that milk-', purchases 'shall  be evenly divided between the two  dealers and to avoid complaints-recurring that more milk" is being bought  from one than the other, as voiced by  Director Taylor, it was left to the matron to adjust the matter.  It was left to the finance committee  to decide on the repayment to the bank  ofi the $800 temporary loan obtained in  anticipation, of government grant in  aid.  Resolved that Miss Whitmore ;be retained as graduate nurse at a salary of  $40 per month, after she graduates* on  July 31st. _      ^   '    ,  Agreed that the board meet on Monday evening, July 31st, at eight o'clock  to present Miss Whitmore--with her  diploma as graduate nurse,  A $2000 special Government grant to.  wards liquidating liabilities to the bank  and trade creditors, was gratefully acknowledged by a resolution in the names  of Directors J. H, Collett and G. Slater,  expressive of the thanks of the Board  at the. efforts made by Alex. Lucas, m,  iL,A.7 and>he;action ot the Provincial  Secretary in getting "the grant made.  "Very gratifyirgto know they responded so well to our request," stated  President Strickland.  In accordance with a suggestion by  Dr. Gillis, it was decided in regard to  contract patients ' that the institution  | Merritt Mercantile Company  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Some Big Specials in Boys' Underwear  Pay Day  25c  Boys' Summer Vests,  Boys' Summer Jerseys   \  Boys' Balbriggan Underwear  reg. .40 and .50  reg. .50  reg. .40 and .50  MEN'S  SOCKS  These represent some wonderful values when market conditions of today are taken  into consid-  ��� , eration.  J   Cashmere,. Black    v    3 for 1.00 I   Grey Socks  Heavy Socks   .      *   per pair .50 |   Tan Cotton  T  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y-  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  t  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  t4  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ���7  T  6 pairs for 1.25    4$4  6 pairs for 1.00  WILSON'S FLY REPELLANT  The best repellant yet produced for keeping flies off your animals.    Your cows will produce one  third more milk if protected from flies in this manner.  '.      RECOMMENDED' BY THE DOMMON EXPERIMENTAL FARM  Gallon Tins, each   i.75 - -    >        SPRAYERS, Special 1.00  GARDEN  HOSE  50 feet'lengths, per,  foot, .10  V-AVA   .  Furniture Polish  Groceries  f  ,v Sugar 10 lb; sacks  Potatoes per sack  Maple Syrup 1 gal, tins��� '  Vinegar, Malt, Cider or White Wine  taken right from the barrel    gal,  Cherries, Finest eating      per basket  Soap, Royal Crown 6 bars  Lux per package  Soda Biscuits per tin  1.10  1.00  2.15  1.00  .75  .25  .10  .30  DAIRY  BUTTER  for  Regular size bottles  each .50 .  Y - I I V  <���� %r%r$H^X^^*���^ ^M$H$^4$H$��^4$H$4^4$^ ���$��  Extra  fine  Cooking  per lb.  .25  RHUBARB  Nice    Fresh   Stork  special      101 bs. .25  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y,  Y  provide the operating, room free oi  charge, the doctors to supply all anaesthetics.  Acting on a recommendation by Dr.  Gillis, it was resolved that in regard to  contract cases the arrangement in future shall be that the doctors shall have  the free use of the X-rays machine bul  shall furnish their own tubes and plates  and do their own developing.  Contract rates and privileges wer*  granted the Donohoe Mining Corporation, subject to their compliance, with  the usual provisions covering such contracts.  Sharp passages resulted during the  consideration of certain accounts which  the finance committee, could not pass  because the house committee would not  o.k. thsm; The bills represented some  eighty dollars for surgical instruments  and hospital supplies. It was stated  that Chairman Rankine of the House  committee was refusing to' act, foi  reasons not stated,and Director.Taylor,  another/ member of the committee,  warmly.refused to put his name' to bilk  for supplies he knew nothing whatevei  about, asserting too that no meeting of  the House committee had been held in  the hospital since he joined the board.  The matron, he said, had nothing to do  with the matter, as if she required supplies she recommended same to the  House committee, -  The president said in- an -emergency  he authorized the purchasing of an X-  ray tube which cost $30.  Director Bond felt if one man was  gong to block the work .of two committees he had only one course to take.  The president having interposed to ask  Mr. Bond why be should be expected to  '���Jack him up," Director Bond replied  that the president had chosen the chairman of the hguse ^committee for the  position he now refused to fill.  Another   warm   interlude  occurred  when the president denied that he asked  Director  McLean  to  act as chairman  pro tern, although Directors Bond and  Taylor were repeatedly reiterating that  Director McLean stated, the opposite to  trjepa.   The nqqtroij reported that some  items, jp the. batch of accounts had been  o.k.'d, before purchasing, by Mr.' Rankine only.     Some members firmly refused to take any ac'tion on the accounts  alleging that board resolutions were being disregarded.   The accounts were  accordingly ordered back tq the house  committee.  Present *' tfl�� meeting were President Strickland, Directors Bond, Slater,  Tutill, Collett/ and Taylor, Matron L.  J. Fish, and Secretary Carrington.  Drastic Resolutions to Arouse  People's Responsibilities  to Canadian Patriotic Fund  Movad by V. H. Harbord, seconded by W. N. Rolfe, that  "This committee cause a list to be made, entitled the "' Traitors  List," in which shall be kept the names of those who have failed  in this our trying hour of need to support the cause of the Allies in  some form or other, or who, without just cause or excuse, having  promised to contribute to the funds of the. Nicola Valley Branch of  the Canadian Patriotic Fund, fail to do so. The said list to be published at the conclusion of the v^ar, and such steps taken as shall-  fully and adequately punish such persons for their selfish and criminal neglect of duty and patriotism."  ��� ~ ' ���   - '-���  Moved by A. E. Howse, S3Conded by J. S. Morgan, that v '  " We open or establish a list to be called a "BoycottList " ; that  the name of any person or firm doing business in the Nicola Valley  and is not contributing to the Patriotic Fund shall be placed on said  list, and that before the first day of August, 1916. all persons receiving funds through the Nicola Valley branch of cthe" Canadian  Patriotic fund, shall be notified by the Secretary of the "fund ai  Merritt that it is the wish of the committee that they discontinue  any business relations with these persons or firms, until they have'  contributed adequately to the "said fund, and that all patriotic residents be urged to do the same."  Proposed by A. E. Howse and A. N. B. Rogers, that  "A letter be sent to Alex. Lucas, ml. a. urging that road gangs  be asked to donate one day's pay per man per month to the Canadian Patriotic fund, as is paid by jther Government employees."  ���   ���   ��� .  Another resolution passed was, *  " That the Secretary write to the Mayor and City Council of  Merritt requesting that they use their influence in getting larger J.  donafrb'ns from those employees'already contributing arid adequate.'=1-  contributions from those employees not now subscribing."  (Continued on page 4) *  Special Grant of  $2000.00 to the  Local Hospital  Fred Raspberry   In Thick-Oflt  Stirring Experience Amid  of Great Battle In  Ypres Region.  Din  I am in an English hospital but will  be out in a few days. I got hit in the  face first, walked about twenty feet  and found myself buried. I got out.  One of the boys s'artrd to attend to  my face wound when another shell  burst, hit me in a couple of places in  the back and killed the three men  alongside of me. How I got out at all  I can't say. It all happened at Ypres  I carried my rifle long enough without  a chance of using it but you bet I took  the opportunity of using it that time.  The writer is Fred. Raspberry, of  the Raspberry ranch near Nicola. In  this letter, to his sister Mrs. Cunie at  Nicola, he describes terrible sights pn.  the battlefield. He had a number of  souvenirs but lost most of them, and  for two months he lived in a: cellar.  Raspberry sends remembrances and  wishes of good luck to his relatives and  acquaintances, who will doubtless be  glaq to know that this brave soldier,  whose markmanship with a rifle, by the  way, it would be hard for any person  to surpass, has come safely through r  fierce engagement in the forefront oi  the allies Western line.  The* special grant by the Government of $2,000 as special aid  to the Nicola Valley General Hospital towards liquidating pressing  liabilities to the bank and to trade  creditors was officially acknow-  ledged!at the, meeting of Directors held on Monday, evening,  when the ready manner in which  the Government and Mr. Alex.  Lucas, M.L.A., had taken up the  hospital's request .was every favorably commented upon^  It is apparent from the statfi-  of  L. W. Shatford M. L. A, foi  Similkameen, passed throng)  the city last night en route from  Penticton to the Coast.  merit of the financial position  submitted by a special committee  to the looal member and the Government, and from well known  facts, that the institution is in an  unfortunate position.  According   to  the  statement  prepared a few weeks ago,  the  direotors required $4,700 to meet  current and past liabilities.    Of  this sum, $3,500 was for repayment of a bank loan, $571 for  March and April trade and sundry accounts, and approximately  $600 for salaries and accounts in  May,  Against these were shown ''assets���$89 cash and $2,421 debts  due by patients and others.  A notation oh ,the financial statement states  It is estimated thi.t 20 per cent  of the old accounts will be col-,  lected,  It has often been reported to the  meetings of the directors that  considerable of the $2,421 would  have been collected' if-ordinary  business precautions had   been  exercised and more business and  less sentiment had  been introduced by those responsible for  ihe care of this public institution in the past.  Daily Train to Run  from Nelson to  Coast over K.V.  ".Mr. Fisher tells me that the Hope  cut-off line will be ready for operation  at the end of this month, and I under-*  stand therefore that daily service between Vancouver and Nelson will start:  August  1st,"   announced   Mr.   Grant  Hall, general manager of the C. P. R.  Western lines while  in  Penticton  last  week.   Mr, Grant Hall, with other high  officials ofcthe C.P.R., including  Vice-,  president G.   J.   Bury and Mr. F.7W..  Peters,   superintendent   of   the   B. C.  division, spent the night,ih two private  cars there, leaving  for the Coast via  Spences Bridge on' Friday   morning.  Ot'ier members of the party in the private cars inclnded Hon. C. R. Mitchell,  treasurer of the Alberta-Government;  who came through the Southern B. C.  route on pleasure trip,and Mr.A.Little,  member of a New York firm engaged  in chemical and mineral research work.  Mr. Little is examining conditions'in  that line in this Province.  The opening1 of the daily service on  August 1st, would prove a great boon  to this part of the province, thought  Mr. Hall, as it would mean the incoming  of many tourists, who because of the  rapid through service from Nelson to  Vancouver would be sure to want to  come this way. There was no reason  why considerable traffic, both freight"  and passenger, should not also come  via the Crow's'Nest from the East, as  there was now only rne break, that on  the .Kootenay Lake where the C. P. R. "  however maintained an excellent barge  and steamer service.  Mr. Hall was'asked if it was the intention of the C. P, R. eventually .run  the Soo tiains through Southern B. C.  on the Crows Nest and K.-'V;: R. He  parried the question, however, by( re-;  plying that the K.V.R. was as yet &-  new line and its possibilities in this- -  connection had not yet sufficiently explored.  The Methodist Sunday School will  celebrate its anniversary on Sunday  next with special services. Mr. D.  Dodding wiH'conduct the service in-the  morning, the Rev. B. G, Stewart nnd  Rev. G. Kinney B..4. in the afternoon  and evening respectively. Special music  and recitations will be rendered at all  services by scholars of the Sunday  school.  7v'��: Friday, July 14, 1916  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  MOST CENTRALLY LOCATED HALL  In" the City of Merritt  THE    K. P.    HALL  Has seating accommodation for 300 persons and is open for rent  Public Meetings $4.00 per night.   Dances, Entertainments, etc., $7.00  The foregoing rates include use of Piano, Light and Fuel.  Special Rates to Lodges  For further information apply to Jas. McGrath, E. Staton or V7. Cranna  K.P. Lodge meets every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.     Pythian Sisters  meet Second and Fourth Thursdays.at 3 p.m.  Publisher  THE   NICOLA   VALLEY  NEWS  Published Every Friday  : Edward C. Bell - Editor: Ernest B. Mayon  ADVERTISING   RATES   ON   APPLICATION  Subscriptions,  payable in advance, $2.00  per year in Canada.  Britain, United Sta'es and Foreign Countries, ?2.50.  Great  Address :   The Nicola Valley News, P. O. Drawer 'L,'Merritt, B. C.  THE WILLING BUT REJECTED  British newspapers have frequently paid tribute to the scheme under  whsch Canadian soldiers returning from the battlefields are given buttons of honor signifying that they have done a noble duty for their  country. So far as we know nothing has yet been done in B. C. in  the way of awarding some small token by which the willing but rejected applicant for millitary service can be readily distinguished from  the sluggard or slacker. Many brave, patriotic men, imbued with  equal spirit to that possessed by the many who have donned the khaki  have been denied, owing to physical disabilities and.health deficiencies,  the burning desire to do their part in the firing line.  When war is over and our soldiers now in France again mingle with  civilians in the homeland the willing but honorably rejected man should  in all fairness be provided with a government certificate or button lo  protect him from being placed in the wrong category by the public.  Close observers of current and passing events realize the immense possibilities of the growing sentiment which will demand every honor, earned being given with a willing hand to the returned warrior.- The  other should not be forgotten ! It is true that a roan who sought service  in the army and was refused can obtain a certificate to that effect from  the military doctor who examined him. Still the fact that he, like  those accepted, offered his life for the service of his country is deserving  of nothing less than government recognition of the sacrifice he was  willing to make. A war measure of this kind is .needed now. ��� Too  many patriotic civilians have suffered insults long enough.  o    ���    ���  DEMOCRAT AND ARISTOCRAT  The appointment of Lord Derby as under secretary for war to  Lloyd George is a striking manifestation of the unity of the classes of  Great Britain in prosecuting the common task of bringing victory for  the allies. The harnessing together of a democrat and an aristocrat in  these changed times is but a taste of the possibilities to be expected  in other spheres of national life when war has ceased and the dawn of  "The new age" has arrived.  Sunny Nicola  Acting Secretary Miss McPhail  advises that the members of the  Nicola Branch of the N. V. Patriotic Guild met on Friday last  and despatched a parcel containing 27 pairs of sox to Miss Plummer at Shorn cliffe, and a box of  hospital accessories has been sent  to the headquarters of ^the Red  Cross Society at Toronto/The  box contained the following articles : 24 " Helpless " shirts, '40  pillow slips, 22 handkerchiefs, .6  hospital bags, 7 pairs bedroom  slippers, 4 packets cigarettes.  Donations received-last month  were : J. Bate (Aspen Grove) $5,  Miss Fadden $5, A. Farr $1, cigarettes Mrs. Leonard.  Mrs. G. Lodwick and daughter  Daphnie, will shortly leave for  England where they will reside  during the time Mr. Lodwick is  at the front with the Canadian  Engineers. He has joined the  camp of the 6th Field Company,  C.E. at North Vancouver. -Mrs.  Lodwick has, in consequence of  her impending removal from the  district, resigned the presidency  of the-Nicola Patriotic Guild, for  which she has done much useful  work.  Passing of Late  Mrs. Asrnes Hirsch  Pry Farming  at Quilchena  ^".Increased Acreage Put Down to  \-  '       Seed���Good Showing  i;.- ' of Crop  - Manager E. Brookland* of the  Experimental Dry Farm, Quilchena, was in the'-city on Saturday.   He reports that the present  / will be his third year's crop, and  that it shows every indication of  being a very good one. The  grain generally is showing up  well. This year there has been  rather too much "wet" to ensure  normal   tests   of   dry   farming  methods in dry belt sections, but  valuable experience is being  gained and data procured that  will do much to prove how large  sections of land in the Province  can be successfully farmed by the  Dry Farming Method.  During the month of June, 17  patients were admitted to the  Nicola Valley General Hospital,  and 21 were discharged. Two  births and three deaths are re  corded, in the monthly report of  Matron L. J. Fish. The daily  average of patients receiving  i treatment during the mo ath was  9.23. The following donations  are acknowledged:���linen from  the Ladies Auxiliary; vegetables,  Mrs. Joe Collett,. Mrs.  Ransom,  ' Mrs.   Staton ;  fish,   Mr.   Cole;  ��� baby's bed fornursery from Mrs.  s Skimmings.  Sydney Walters, son of ex-  Mayor J: Walters, returned this  week after spending a holiday  with his mother and brothers in  Vancouver.  f ��� -   ---  Further work has been done at  the Middlesboro bridge by Foreman Rhodes and his gang.  Mr. John McRae  Returning Officer  B.  C. Gazette Official Pronouncements ��� Nominations  At Ashcroft.  Unusual interest attaches to the last  issue of the B.C. Gazette in that proclamations for the coming general  election are included in its contents,  giving full particulars as to the preliminary electi )n arrangements. Nomination of candidates will be taken  throughout the entire Province on  Thursday, August 3rd, and the elections  will be held on Thursnay September  14th.  The Gazette intimates that Mr. John  McRae,_of Agassiz, has been appointed  by the Lieutenant Governor as Returning officer tor Yale Electoral District  while the Government House at Ashcroft is determined as the place for the  nomination of Candidates.  Alex Lucas M.L.a., and Mr.' Joseph  Walters will carry respectively the  Conservative and Liberal banners, and  the probabilities point to the right in  Yale being a Btraight one between  these two gentlemen.  After two "commercials"  who missed and tried to catch up  to Saturday's outward bound  Coast train which was heading  towards Coutlee, and had turned back with perspiring t frames  and tearful eyes to mine host,  Murdock Mclntyre, Mack knew  he could "dodge" the K.V.R, if  he tried, so he cranked his fast  little car and sped off towards  Spences Bridge, catehing. up to  the train at Canford and depositing his guests safely aboard.-'  Lawyer and Mrs. Grimmett  came over from Merritt at the  week end, accompanied by Mr.  Grimmett's broth'r who was being shown a picturesque town,  unsurpassed for the beauty ot its  environment in the Province of  B. C.  The Patriotic Guild continues  ^o do good work for the soldiers,  The question of the annual garden party, whether it will beheld,  when and where, is being dis-  enssed in Merritt by people who  have attended these interesting  events.  N B. Porritt is visiting' at  Merritt and will spend a few  weeks as guest' of the Rev." and  Mrs. N. J. Thompson. L  Ranchers Bob Clark and S.  Jackson,and Pete Marquart were  visitors to the metropolis' of the  Valley last Saturday.  The Rev. J. Johnson conducted  a Presbyterian service here on  Sunday morning, for the first  time since succeeding the Rev. J.  Hyde.  Mrs.'Riley has returned home  after spending a vacation with  her daughter at Vernon.  k The usual bronzed-faced enthusiasts with the rod and line were  around~at the week end.  J. G. Warren of the coal city  was visiting here"on Sunday.  Three Local Men  ��� Pass Examination  The names of three local men  appear in the list of results of  examinations held at the various  coal mining sections of the Province on May 30, SI, and June 1,  last. > The results were announced by the Board of Examiners of  coal mine officials at Nanaimo.,  Local successes were:  First class���E. L. Warburton  Third class���James McGrath and  George Walker.  Twenty two^candidates passed,  3 being first class, 9 second, and  10 third.  T. T. Grimmett, barrister, of  Lemberg, Saskatchewan, accompanied by his daughter, is a guest  of his brother M. L. Grimmett oi  this city, being en route to the  Coast where they will spend a  couple of months before returning East.  Several thousand dollars dam-'  age was caused by fire which on  Friday destroyed the sash and  door factory of the W. G.' Scrim  & Co. at Vancouver. The business is owned by a brother of  Trooper C. E. Scrimp formerly  of this city, a returned soldier,  who in civilian life was emploj ed  at the Cash Store, and who has  been connected with the factory  since his return from the front.  The death took place at 5.30 on  Saturday afternoon of Mrs. Agnes  Hirsch.aged 67,who passed away  at the home of her daughter Mrs.  A. W. Strickland. The deceased  lady who had been in ill health  for a considerable time past had  been receiving the constant care  pf her daughters, Mrs. Strickland  and .Mrs. Warren,for some weeks  past and a sweet life ebbed put  after 72 hours of unconsciousness.  The passing of the deceased  lady can fittingly be described as  serenely beautiful in that during  her long illness she was cared for  and cheered by the loving devotion of her daughters and son-in-  law, having bestowed upon her  all the comforts that would tend  to brighten the autumn of her  days as well as enjoying the rest  of mind that those she has now  left behind to mourn her loss  were comfortably situated in  happy homes.  ' The final ceremonies were conducted on Monday, the funeral  taking place from the Strickland  home, where a private service  conducted by the Rev. N. J.  Thompson was held, to the Anglican Cemetery at Nicola, the cortege leaving by automobiles at  2.30. At the graveside a brief  committal service was held in the  presence of several relatives anJ  friends of the'famiiy. The principal mourners were A. W. and  Master Strickland, the,pall bearers A. Jackson (Mayor of Merritt], A. E. Howse, M. L. Grimmett, .-G. F. Ransom, J. Collett,  Joseph Graham,,  The funeral arrangements were  entrusted to N. J: Barwick.  Tenders Invited  , for Phone Poles  Supt. W. H. Stevens, of the  Government-Telephone Service,  is inviting tenders for 675 poles  to be laid along - the Mamette  Lake and Aberdeen Mine roads  and which will be used in the  construction pf the new telephone  service from Lower Nicola district to Mamette Lake. Tenders  wiil be received up to Tuesday,  July 25th.  The poles required must be 30  feet long, not less than 10 inches  diameter at the butt and7 inches  at the top, must be straight,  sound, clear of bark, and sawn  off square at both ends.  300 poles will be required to be  delivered along the Mamette  Lake road from a point near the  Steffens ranch to the post office,  a distance of ten miles ;  375 poles to be laid along the  main road to Aberdeen mine, from  the junction of the Lower Nicola  road, a distance of 12 miles.  With improvements to the line  along, the_main_road_to_Spences  Bridge in the Coutlee and Lower  Nicola neighborhood and the few  miles of connection between the  Aberdeen Mine vicinity and the  neighborhood of the Steffen's  ranch and which will cross the  creek, the total mileage will be  29.  In the course of the wiring rearrangements along the main  road from Coutlee to Lower Nicola the Lower Nicola service will  be improved,stated Supt.Stevens  lo the'" News " while in the city  last week.  The new service will give telephonic facilities for practically  the entire residents, ranchers  an dt pre-emptors in this developing section, and the route could  not be improved as far as giving  general satisfaction is concerned.  Cauliflowers grown on the hotel  ranch were in the Coldwater  hotel menu on Wednesday.  The Merritt Patriotic Guild  will meet next Monday afternoon  at the City Hall. It has been  decided that in future the first  Monday in each month shall be  devoted to the transaction ���of  business and the second Monday  to sewing and knitting, There  was a good turnout of members;  at Monday's session. j  The  Coldwater Hotel,  "It's Jill Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and -  Commercial Men  Merritt is the gateway to the rich Copper . Gold properties of Aspen  Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  Reliable information relative to the mining and ranching  industry's freely given. If you want to find a frierid>you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class hotel  of Merritt. ���.''���' - , . --���������-'''   ��� ' .-���"'- 7, ' 7       7  i Hot arid Cold  Water. _ Rooms' with Baths. Five large Sample Rooms  All Vegetables, Eggs, Milk and Cream used in the Hotel are daily froth our Ranch  MURDOCH   McINTYRE  Proprietor  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Liverpool and London  and Globe  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America of  Toronto  Life & Accident  B.C. Life  Globe Indemnity of  Canada  Only  Prime Goods  PRIME   BEEF,   MUTTON   AND  PORK  PREMIUM BACON AND HAMS  FRESH PURETORK SAUSAGE  . ���   i -s     ���    -: .--  Creamery Butter, Ranch Eggs.       '      ".  Lettuce, Celery,- etc.  'Prices Lamest , Quality Highest  Nicolaf Valley Meat Market  ��fc  HUGH   LEITCH,   Carpenter (and  Contractor,  - Let me figure on your next! job���no matter how email  a or how large.    7 Satisfaction Guaranteed  ]P. O.   JBOX   219,   MERRITT,  B.  6.  <?,  PHILIP    McLEAK,  CONTACT OR  Estimates given on any kind of Building Work  No Job Too Small. .-'  Electric Lighting  Supplies, and  Electrical Fittings  All Goods at Lowest Prices   .-  Store and Office: Opposite Coldwater Hotel  '-   , - M^ ��ther shoe made is superior to the genuine  *^   LECKIE.   .Pay no attention to the state-  ���    ' ' ment  '.'as Rood as  a LECKIE," because.the  superiority, of LECKIE BOOTS AND SHOES  rj.,       ,    ... ���<     ,        r��r.   have long' since been firmly  established and  Ihe   quality   goes   U\'- have stood the test of the, very, haides* use  before  the name  goes    possible. '     *������  m    {tint's n  I FCKIF       T^e farmer> tne miner, the,boys in khaki in  cn���inais a ^c,^js.j/^,    ^ trtnches haVe>found LECKIE .BOOTS the  logical Loot for real comfort and long service. ,  ��� tMiade in  British Columbia  LECKIE  BOOTS  are the " economical-in-the-long-run " bootsjfor.  the business and professional roan as well, as the  farmer or miner. There is a LECKIiU for every  pui pose���for everj use.  AT   LEADING  DEALERS  Built for Wear, Style & Comfort Three  THE NICOLA 7ALLBT NEWS.  Friday,   July 14, 1916  H-H"****  *  Iras  BANK of  MERRHT  Wish to remind all their Savings Bank .Customers that the Interest for the half-year,  ending May 31 st last, has been added to  all Savings Accounts, and they will be  pleased to enter the same in all pass-books  on their being presented.  CAPITAL AND RESERVE $11,000,000  *  *���  ���>  *  *���  ���  *���  t MERRITT BRANCH  V  -   ��.^.��aw.��  w ��� " ��� A.  N.  B.   ROGERS, Manager  <  M. L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC,   ETC.  Solicitor for the Bank of, Montreal  MERRITT NICOLA  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank ��f Toronto  Voght    Street, Merritt  Opposite Coldwater Hotel  LODGES'  COURT UNITY, NO/ 9205,  A. O.F.  #3NK BOND,  C. R. *  Meets in K. of P.  Hall on the fourth  Monday of every  month at 8'p.m.  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited.  J. HUTTON,  Secretary  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  A. F. & A. M.  A. F. RANrflNE  W M.    ���  Regular meetings in Masonic  Hall, Granite  ave. third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.  A. R. Carrington  Secretary  L 0. L, 1701  Merritt Lodge  Regular meetings in the Oddfellows  Hall on the first and third Fridays m  each month at 7.30 p.m. The Scarlets  meeton the^l4th of each month. ,  Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.  "J7G. Warren. W.M,  *'->.    Geo.^Slater, Recording Sec.  Photographs  of the Best  No Time like the present  to have your Photo taken  Think it over, and then call and  see samples,at the City Studio.  Chas. J5. Hooper  Opp. Schools Merritt  For Rent  Hal!, over  the. ." Nicola  Valley News" Office  Suitable for Lodge Meetings  LOW RENT^  AppIV ^. N. B. ROGERS  For Sale  Good Ranch Team  Mare and Gelding, 7 alnd 10  years old respectively. Gelding good roadster.     Weight  \     . 2,300 lbs.  ,&ppiy Box M, " News " Office  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGU  LATIONS.  Coal mining- rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories and in a portion of the  Province of Britisli Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant:  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for shall  be staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the' mine at the rate of five  cerits.per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting'for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and* pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights  are not 'being operated, such returns  3hould be furnished at least once a  year.  The-lease will include the-coal-mln-  ing rights only, rescinded by Chap. 27  of 4-5 George V. assented to 12th June,  1914.(  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent .'or Sub-Agent of Domin  ion Lands. ,  .   '   ' W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior  N.B.���Unauthorized publication oj  this  advertisement, will not be  paty  for.-83575. ' ,  '  The Douglas Lake;CattIe Company  Limited'  Are the Owners of the following des-  scribed Stock j  Cattle  branded III. left or'right hip,  ._ vented when sold bar under brand.  Cattle branded G S right ribs, veiue.1  when sold bar over brand. >  Horses branded 111 left or right shoul.  der  Horses branded perpendicular bar over  Vr left or right shoulder.  Vent for horses when sold is bar over  brand. There is a Reward of $150.00  offered for-information that-wjlMead  to conviction of anybody Stealing or  Killing any of our Stock. .    j  F. F."Ward,'Manager  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  As the Sewing Season is approaching  let N. J. Barwick, the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent put your Sewing Mac-  chine in gOod'order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him to your door, Old machine?  taken in part payment, for new ones.  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue.  WHEN YOU VISIT   . .  VICTORIA  STAY AT THE  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  cor. Yates and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  J. B. Plumb, late of Merritt.  A high class hotel with reasonable rates  centrally located���ten minutes from C,  P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c, $1.00.  Remember the BRUNSWICK  /    Write ahead for reservations.  ' 'The Son of God goes forth to  War" will be the subject at the  Epworth Lesgue next Monday  evening, gjiss EJay Fairley will  open the, subject.'"- ,  Decisions by Judge Swanson  at County Court Wednesday  ���������':. o���������: ���    -  Following.are the results of the and J. A. Maughan for defend-  cases heard by Jtiis Honor Judge  Swanson in Yale County Court,  held at the Provincial Courthouse  in this city, on Wednesday.  McGoran vs. Gillis (Penticton)  An action to recover amount of  account for building materials  sold to defendant in 1912.  The defendant had entered a  dispute note by his solicitor (W.  Clayton, Penticton, B. C.) who  had appeared at the April court  and asked for an adjournment.  Neither defendant nor his solicitor appeared at this court and  judgmeut was given for plaintiff  for full claim and costs, with an  order for payment out to plaintiff  os $45.77 paid into court by the  K. V. Ry. Co., garnishees.  J. A. Maughan for plaintiff, W,  Clayton (Penticton) for defendant.  Roberts vs. McKay  This was an action by plaintiff  to recover the sum of $26.50 from  J. McKay of Aspen Grove for  board and lodging at Canyon  House and for emptying 440 sacks  of copper ore at Thalia siding,  which work the defendant admitted he had requested the  plaintiff to' perform for him but  'claimed that the amount charged  for the work, $20.00, was excessive. The defendant also coun-  teiclaimed against the plaintiff  in the sum of $36.75 for his expenses in going to see Mrs.Paige  at Minnie Lake, and also for a  visit paid to his solicitor &t Merritt, and for deficit in the price  of 425 ' sacks" which he claimed  plaintiff had wrongfully sold.  Hi? Honor dismissed the entire  counterclaim with costs, but reduced the plaintiff's claim to $10.  50, and gave him judgment for  that sum with costs.  J. A. Maughan for plaintiff,  and M. 17, Grimmett for defendant. - Cf  Clarke vs. Stumbles  In ��� this action, J. G. Clarke,  wheworks about the city, sued  Harry Stumbles .for the sum of  $35.00 which he claimed to be  due to him for two months wages  at $1.00 per day and board, from  March 13th last to May 13th, on  which Jate he left the plaintiff's  employ.'  The defendant contended that  he had not agreed to pay Clarke  more than^he had been paying  him through the winter months  which was $10 per month and  board to~feed stock and do chores  but admitted that he had said to  defendant that if he could do the  spring work of seeding, etc., he  would pay hJm "something  more " for the last month. Defendant had paid him $15,00 for  the last month and paid into  court an-additional sum-of-$15  and costs to date of payment, but  with a denial Pf his liability.  His honor after hearing the  evidence said that he believed  the defendants version of the  matter and that he considered  the defendant was paying Clarke  more if anything than he was  really entitled to.  Judgment was therefore entered  for the plaintiff for the amount  paid into court with costs to date  when money was paid in,and for  defendant as to balance of claim  with subsequent costs, including  all costs of trial.  M. L. Grimmett for plaintiff,  ant.  Jackson vs. French  In this action Archie Jackson  sued ���Orrin E. French for $400.00  for goods sold to defendant, in  1912 when defendant was a logging contractor.  Both parties appeared without  counsel and as it was very plain  that French owed the amount  and had no defence, judgment  was accordingly entered for the  plaintiff. Mr. French explained  to the court that the reason he  defended was that he supposed  that by allowing the oction to go  undefended he would be giving  a preference to the plaintiff, and  as he had a number of other of  other creditors he did not wish to  do this. His Honor advised him  to try and make some arrangement with all his creditors to  pay by installments or otherwise.  Chamber Applications  Bank of Toronto vs. Traill  This matter had been before  the court in April and His Honor  had reserved his decision as to  whether or not the defendant,  could recover costs from the  plaintiffs of a motion to compel  the plaintiffs to go on with an  action begun against him in June  1915 but which the plaintiffs later abandoned. The plaintiffs  solicitor had raised the technical  point that by the county court  procedure the defendant had no  locus standing and could not  properly make such a motion as  he>had made. His Honor stated  in April that the point was a new  one, never having been raised  before him up to the present time.  His Honor is still puzzling over  the problem, and has Still.further  reserved his decision.The amount  of costs involved is about $5.00  M. L. Grimmett for Applicant  J. A. _ Maughan for Bank of  Toronto. ���  Brown vs. Smith  This was an application by Mr.  Grimmett for leave to serve a  summons on the defendant in  Pet roi t, Mich., in an action for  the cancellation of an agreement  for sale of land in Merritt.  Granted. ,  Merritt Co-op. Society vs. Young  An application for order for  payment out of money in Court  and for costs of garnishee proceedings.   Order made.  M. L. Grimmett, for plaintiff,  J. A. Maughan for defendant.  TRY  IT!  CANADA'S  HOME FLOUR  GROWN IN CANADA  MILLED IN CANADA  FOR EVERY HOME  Ask your Qrocer for  HOUSEHOLD  Further advices received by  Reeve Catherwood, of Mission  City, intimate that hia son Pte.  Ewart Catherwood, aged 18, has  been killed in action. A sister of  Pte. Catherwood was formerly on  the school teaching staff here,  and_manyJriends_in_Merrjtt_wjll  regret to hear of the shadow  that has plunged her family into  grief,  The Rev. A. H. Plummer, Indian missioner at Chulus, and  Mrs. Plummer left on Monday's  train for Penticton, where they  will spend a vr cation at the home  of Mr. Silk, who was formerly in  cnarge of the work now conducted by Rev. Plummer.  Miss A. Brown, of Vancouver,  arrived on Saturday evening's  train to, spend her vacation at  the home of Mr, and Mrs. A.  Dickie.  HESLOP'S MEAT MARKET  FOR  PRIME  BEEF,  MUTTON,  PORK AND  FOWL  FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  EXTRA   SPECIAL   SHIPMENT   OF  Cherries,Plums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers  LOCAL   MUTTON  "STORE   OP   QUALITY"  Our Motto  SUPPORT THE  CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUND  Branch organizations have a double dutv to perform. They are expected to do all in their power  to increase the resources of the common fund and  to see that soldiers' dependents residing in the  district under their control are not in want. In  the first, the experience of the past fifteen months  has shown that they may expect the ready and  generous support of the' Canadian public. Private  individuals, business houses, societies, schools,  clubs, municipal, town and country council's are  all co-operating to provide an adequate fund for  the support of soldiers families.  REMEMBER THE WIVES AND FAMILIES  OF SOLDIERS IN THE TRENCHES  ,   AND     ���     ���  SUPPORT THE NICOLA VALLEY FUND  The Newsy Pars  His Honor Judge Swanson returned toKamloopson Thursday  morning.  Wanted���Lady to represent  Spirella Corset Company in the  Nicola Valley. Apply'Mrs. H.E.  Gate, Dunsmuir. Hotel, Vancouver.  - Mrs. Meldrum, left on .Thurs-  day for Vancouver,  where, she  will spend "a  summer  with friendsT"  vacation  Mrs. H. Priest was a passenger on Thursday morning's Coast-  bound train and will spend a  vacation in Vancouver.  Mrs. W. R. Langstaffand two  children left on Thursday's train  for Vancouver where they wiil  spend a vacation for two weeks.  McCormick & Deering mower  repair parts at W. H. Cowen's.  J. S, Morgan has sold out his  drygoods stock to-F-.-A. Reid,of  this city. He will, convert his  store into an office for use in his  insurance business.  Solicitor  Vancouver  his Nicola  last week  J. L. G. Abbott, of  and Dot, arrived at  Valley ranch home  end,  and the first of  the week he was  teasing  trout at Nicola Lake.  the  A very enjoyable time was  spent on Tuesday evening, when  .relatives and friends tothe number of about twenty, sat down to  a splendid supper as >the guests  of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dickie,  the occasion being the twenty-  fifth anniversary of their wedding, ,  A special meeting of creditors  of the estate of H. S. Darknell &  Co., will'be held in the office of  Solicitor M. L. Grimmett pn Monday next for the purpose of  winding up the affairs of the  estate. The net proceeds'of the  recent sale of stock and fixtures  and accounts collected 'amounted  to $585. Preferred claims paid  totalled $400, The amount owing  to creditors is $2,965.  The  Correct  Thing  I have just received a few patterns of  Real Irish Suitings  These patterns are exclusive,  and were'picked up by the,Semi-  ready Tailoring Company's British buyer on a recent visit to  Belfast/  This is the sort of Cloth worn by  the English Squires and is much  in evidence at the Derby:  As there are only Six Suit lengths  to each pattern you are requested  to place your order right away  and save disappointment.  The ,Price per Three Piece Suit is"  $28.00  ANDREW EWART  The  City Tailor,  \ ~   *  (Opposite Bank of Toronto)  ���vv%*vvvvvv%*vvvvvvvvvv%*vvvv  Palace Bakery  I  Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc ��  - Hot Pies every-Saturday. �����-  W.  FAIRLEY, Proprietor |  ��� ��*��� ��j�� ��*�� ���j�� ��j�� ��*������ ��j�� ��j�� **��� ��j�� ��J*��J* ��J�� ���*�� *J* *J�� ���** ���J**J�� *J�� ��J* ��J* ��J* �����* ���"���  Thank You!  The response to our advertisements has been most gratifying.  We are doing our utmost to live  up to this confidence by doing the  very best finishing for Amateur  Photographers possible.  Why not have your best films  enlarged ? We charge very reasonable prices, from fifty cents each.  BRIDGMAN'S STUDIO,  413 Granville Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Please note the new address.  F. E. Haddon, bookkeeper of  the A, E. Howse Co's. Princeton  store was in the city last -week  end on Business.  ���V,  r.  >v?, T  Four  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  Friday, .. July 14, 1916  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  Ijhe House of iMXerit in  MERRITT,  B.C.  We have one of the best thought ofand most talked of Hotels in B.C.  EUROPEAN   PLAN-  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  D. A. Costigan, Mgr. A. Hoggan, Prop  Ashcroft's Loss  is Merritt's Gain  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  victor mm  AND  MAJOR HU0O  The Newsy Pars  Road Superintendent D. Suth-  Iand is in this*part of the riding  this week end on matters of his  department.  McCormick & Deering mower  repair parts at W. H. Cowen's.  The W. A. .of St. Michaels,  will hold a '"Raspherry Tea" and  Apron sale shortly. Watch for  announcement of the date.  "VICTOR HUGO"  Imp. (9898)  (15031)  Sire : Sir Hugo, 10924  1st Dam: Fair Maid 18355, by Marcellus  mio. ,  2nd Dam : Lady Bell 8997, by Darnley  ��� 222 . .  'Coaunesrmg May 3, " VICTOR  II^GO " will stand  Every Wednesday,  At D. Munro's Stables,  MERRITT,  From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and  During the rest of the Week at the  . Dodding Ranch at Lower Nicola.  Wm. Rogers, of Lytton,' is in  the city, coming over to attend  the "Twelfth" ceremonies of  L. 0. I. 1701.  That Merritt is the natural  meeiing point for Spokane mining men with business connections at Highland Vallej? was  Brought more clearly to light  this week by B. W. Dunn, F..  Keffer and J. G. Haas who.. are  interested in the copper mining  developments at Highland Valley. That Ashcroft's misfortune  through the fire tended temporarily at least to Merritt's advantage was also demonstrated as  while here waiting to meet Mr.  Keffer the other two mining men  made camp purchases at local  stores. It is 34 miles by road  from Highland Valley camp to  Merritt and 26 miles from the  camp to Ashcroft, Better time  can be made to Merritt owing to  the better grade. Spokane capitalists and others going to Highland Valley can save the best  part-of a day's'- travelling by  alighting at Merritt and going by  auto instead of via Spences  Bridge and the main line. i  Hiked to Merritt  From Tacoma  Walter Thornton, grandson of  Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Thornton, of  Amity, Ore.,and late of this city,  arrived here on Wednesday hav  ing walked from Tacoma. He  was on the road fpr 23 days, making the journey on foot except  for the small portion from the'  Canyon House where he was  met by Alex Coutlie with his car.  F. M. Hawkes and J. R." Holmes  of the Donohoe Mine Corporation  arrived in the city last night from  Seattle and this morning left by  automobile for the mine at Stump  Lake. Steady progress is being  made with the preliminary preparations for the development of  this promising property.  ��� Twenty-five cents per month is  being paid by each;member of  L.O.L. 170L to.the Prisoners of  War fund,  Boy's Underwear Sale at Merco  "X":~>***v-:"KH'^��~W'*<S"K-*^^  MARCHE  FOR UP-TO-DATE  X-  f  ?  ?  ?  V.  X  Qs  ALL MILLINERY AT REDUCED  PRICES  !  I  :���*���>������**���**���:������!  ���**������*������  ..'������.....���..  There will' be 53 Sundays in  this year. This will not occur  again for 110 years, says the  Greenwood Ledge, and the extra  Sunday will be welcomed by  fishermen and churchpeople.  Sirs. W. Mclntyre and little  daughter have returned to Lillooet from Victoria, after spending  a vacation. Owing to a washout on the P.G.E. they had to  make part of their journey from  the Coast on a speeder.  "MAJOR  Will Stand daily  HUGO"  at  the" Ranch  TERMS: Jo insure with Foal $15  For further information apply to  D.  DODDING, (Owner)  Lower Nicola - B.- C.  I have secured the local agency for the  , Cascade Laundry Co.  of Vancouver.   All linen must be handed in by Monday Evening if delivery 'iu  wanted Saturday evening of the  same  week.   Price list on application.  ANDREW EWART, The City Tailor.  tfrom  Freshm&nYec\r  to  Senior  The ono constant,  reliable companion  of every student is  *&H3&ffite?ft?&m!Bit '''���  Waierman'sffilfeFountain Pen  because it writes nt tlie very first  stroke, wnfes steadily, nnd keeps on  writing till thc Inst drop of ink in the  penis exhausted. The Clip-Cap keeps  it always ot hand ready for instant uso  in the lecture-room, examination-room,  study, on the car,-���anywhere. Sold  by the best dealers everywhere.   '  E. WATERMAN COMPANY, LTD.  107 Notre Dame Street West, ,'-'���  MONTREAL '  The local Orangemen and the  members of the True Blue lodge  celebrated the 'Glorious Twelfth;  in fitting, style at their^ lodge  room. The True Biues organized  a Tag Day for the benefit of the  True Blue j Orphanage at New  Westminster and were successful in raising $32.26 for this  charitable object. '  SPECIAL PRICES  FOR PAY DAY BUYERS  Finest, Ranch Butter,  Royal Household  Our Special,  Flour,  Sugar  Pure Lard  Potatoes  McLaren's Imperial Cheese  per lb. .40  3 lbs.   .60    5 lbs.  491bs. 1.85  101b. sack 1.10  .95     10 lbs.    1.90  per sack 1.00  per jar .30 and .60  Ingersol Cheese for the lunch bucket       2 cakes .35  Tomatoes     Grown and packed in B.C   large tins ea. .15  Sugar-Corn  Tomato Catsup t  Sliced Pineapple,- , Large tins  i    i  Manila Drips   for Hot Cakes per tin  Fels-Naptha Soap  -, ���,?<-  '      per lb.  2 tins for .25  per bot. .25  each .20  .35, .50 gal. .90  10 cakes for .75  At Yale County Court on Wednesday certificates of naturalization were granted by His Honor  Judge Swanson to Arvid Fors-  berg of Sweden, and Thomas  Pinnty of the U.S.A., on the application of J. A; Maughan;  John A. Ainsley, U.S. A./and  Jas;xH: Clayton of U.S.A, were  also granted certificates on appli-'  cations made at Nicole. ��� >.  Independent Labor Candidate  for Winnipeg, well known as a  forceful speaker and ardent Prohibitionist, Mr. W. B. Bayley B.  A., will address a public meeting  to nigh tat the Methodist church  under the auspices of the Pro  hibition movement. Mr. Bayley  is touring B. C. The meeting  will commence at 7.30 o, clock.  A collection will be taken to defray'expenses.  NOTICE  The big mosquito  drive  has  been on in the Nicola Valley this  week and by their fierce attacks,  in massed formation and by individual sorties, are forcing the  residents to entrench behind wire  entanglements,     Verandah and  outdoor Siestas have been checked.    So savage were the pests on  Tuesday evening,  the rehearsal  of the. Merritt Choral Union at a  local church was abandoned,  LV    THE   ESTATE   OF   CHARLES  william ringler thomson  deceased, late of victoria  - b..q...      7.    ��� . ; '7 ��� ���', ���., .....  . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all creditors and other persons having  any claims or .demands against the  Estate of Charles William Ringler  Thomson, late of : Victoria,, B. C,  who died on or about the 29th day  of January, 1916, whose will and  codicils .were proved in the-Supreme  Court of V'British. Columbia, Victoria  Registry,/on the 19th day of. April,  1916, by the Executors.therein named, are hereby required to send In  particulars of their claims duly verified to the; undersigned on or before  the 2(jth dayof July7l'9.16. . :���  And notice is hereby given that  after that.7 date the said Executors  will proceed to distribute the assets  of the deceased among the parties  entitled thereto "having regard only  to the claims of which the said Executors shall then have notice," and  that the said' Executors will.not be  liable for the. assets or any part thereof so "distributed tc any person of  whose debt or claim they shall not  then have had notice.  Dated this 20th;day of April, A.D.,  1916.     .'������'���" X  CREASE & CREASE  410 Central Building,  Victoria, B. C.  Solicitors for the Executors.  Ground Rice  Fancy Mixed Tea Biscuits ,  Crispy Ginger Snaps ".-������'- x  B. & K. Wheat Flakes     '  Cream Soda Biscuits  "Eagle Brand" Milk  St. Charles or Canada First       tall tins  Sunlight, Lifebuoy or Ivory Soap  Pork and Beans - in Tomato Sauce  Braids Tea . 3 lb.  pkts. 3 for .40  per lb. .15  per-lb. .10  4 lb. pkts. .30 .  "per pkt/.lO  3 tins for .50  2 for .25  5 bars for .25  per tin .10  tins each 1.10  t  V  ���I*  *  ���t  *  t  *  DRASTIC   RESOLUTIONS   TO   AROUSE  PEOPLE'S RESPONSIBILITIES TO  THE CANADIAN  PATRIOTIC FUND  -o-  (Contlnued from Pase One.).  *  *  *  *  *.  Bran 1.50,       Shorts 1.60,       Wheat 2.00, per 100 lbs.  -See our Windows for  Dainty Patterns in Good Washing Print,  Ginghams and  Crepes; Boys Overalls; Blouses and Shirts.  Full Stock of Men's Overall's, Shirts and Socks-all New  Goods and all at Low Prices  THE   MERRITT  CASH STORE  .��.^.>^4..^.^.>.^.;..;.^.^^^.^^^^^^.^^,^^,^..;..;..j.^.^^.^.^.^.^.^mj.^.^,.j..j.^.^.^.^.^,,..^.^.  Major J. E. Ward, o.c, 6th  Field Company, Canadian Engineers, writes to Mayor Jackson  respecting recruiting. He states  that every month ran additional  draft of sixty men will be required to go to the front from the  Engineers camp at North Vancouvei. Men joining this unit  are assured of leaving for Europe  shortly after enlistment.  x The mare presented by G. B.  Armstrong to the August '4th  Commemoration Day fund is to be  raffled shortly, T. R. Laws having  undertaken to arrange the details,  The tickets will probably be one  dollar -jach. Themare'is ,a fine  looking animal. Should/the proceeds of the raffle amount t��> less  than $100, Mr. Armstrong-will  make up the deficit.  Mrs. and Miss Willgoose and  Miss Glennie Langstaff left last  week end on a camping trip  spent at tne Leese ranch on the  8-mile creek.  Proprietor A.-Hoggan of the  Adelphi. Hotel, has purchased a  large Cadilac autamobile which  arrived from Vancouver at the  beginning of the week. Tlie car  will be a valuable adjunct to the  conveniences provided by the  hotel management for the benefit  of the guests staying at the hotel  and when coming and going to  and from the depot. Manager  Costiganhas been affectionate!}  embracing the wheel during the  past few days, and is making  rapid progress as a driver, altho  on Tuesday at the depot he met  with an unfortunate mishap, running into a K.V.R. car standing  on the line, doing damage to the  front of the auto.  Our's is the first store in B. C  to receive the season's Grapes  Choice and .luscious Californian  Apples and Pears have arrived.  Okanagan Valley Fruit Co.  Jf-16-7.  Spend Pay-day at the Merco store  All members and friends of the  Red Cross Society are reminded  that a "Tacking Day " will be  held on July 27thi.; V  The important- resolutions re-  produced   on   page   one,    were  passed unanimously by the committee of the Patriotic fund in  session yesterday afternoon, and  followed free and frank discussions in which certain individuals  in the Nicola,Valley���they.were  openly named in the presence of  the press���were caustically criticized for their ''paltry and dis-  protionate " contributions to the  fund,   while  wholesale condemn  nation was levelled at-the'few  who have refused to donate one  cent towards aiding the dependent of those who have given  up home comforts and taken-a  place amid the perils and hardships of life in the fighting line.  A list laid on the table showed  that fourteen  persons who had  signed promises, of donations, to  the fund had not given a cent.  Instances  were quoted of residents,  who  were living in comfort, refusing toT'donate anything  whatever to the fund.  A painful  impression was created when the  secretary���who is suffering the  bereavement of the recent loss of  a brother at the front���remarked  that he knew from personal conversations  with dependents  of  soldiers in the Valley that the"  dependents feel keenly the disregard paid by some of the public  to-the   fund.     He  urged  the  strongest possible measures being taken to awaken the people  to the crying need of the country  in its'hour of peril.    Supporting  the resolution calling for the preparation of a "Traitors' List,"  A.  E.  Howse said he gave his  full support to the 'resolution believing that  it  would  awaken  some citizens to a realization of  the serious situation that would  face.them af teethe war'iwhen_a  stewardship  account  would be  taken.    " How can the sacrifice  of say a paltry dollar a month  compare with the supreme sacrifice of the brother or son who  lays down his life on the field of  honor, and whose loved ones qui  fund supports " he concluded.  In the case of a person who  until recently had been in business in this"city and could well  aford,   but refused to pay,   his  signed obligations to the fund, ii  was decided that the debt b  placed in the hands of a solicitor  for .collection, if found necessary.  .Regarding the finances,  Treasurer Strickland reported  that  $3,500 had,; been sent to headquarters up to date.   Contribu  tions paid in to June 30, with  June subscriptions from camps,  etc.  which paid wages in July,  aggregated $4,400 approximately,  which could pe considered as received during the first half year.  ���He had every reason to believe  that this achievement would be  maintained  during  the  second  period of the year.   The hospital  otaff were now subscribing ten  dollars monthly, he mentioned.  aggregating $439.50 are being  paid out by Secretary Kinney to  dependents "of soldiers, >    "  Among other business transacted was the passing of a .resolution, moved by-V, H;. Harbord  and A. W. Stickland thanking G.  Lodwick. who has enlisted, for  his services to the fund, and congratulating him on the -patriotic  spirit he has displayed ; a resolution of sympathy to Secretary  (Rev.) Kinney in his recent bereavement; and to the 'C&&-  Council assuring that Board' of  the committee's support of any  celebrations it may arrange for  Commemoi ation Day, Aug. 4.  Present'at the meeting were,  President M. L. Grimmett in the  chair; V. H. Harbord, A...N. B.  Rogers, A. E. Howsr, A. McGcr-  an, J. S. Morgan and Secretary  Kinney.   ,      ���   ."  /  \ i-lj >,/  Out of every wage some' portion should be banked regularly,  either as security against the pro-1  verbial rainy day or, as a foundation tb future prosperity. ,,$1.00  will open an account'in the Bank'  of Toronto, and interest is added  half-yearly to the balances on deposit. "       ���        >   '      '      ',  HIGH GRADE  -   Get our prices and estimates-'  on any or all branches of'the   .  Plumbing Business ' -.  , Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED  STOVES   AND   HEATERS  put into first class shape  POPE ANBSMALir  PLUMBERS & TINSMITHS  'Repair Work bf All Kinds  NOTICE  IN THE ESTATE OF JOSEPH  BLACKBURN GREAVES, DECEASED.  NOTICE IS HEREBY "GIVEN that  all creditors and other 'persons hav-'  ing any claims or demands against  ihe Estate of Joseph Blackburn  Sreaves, late of Douglas Lake and  Victoria, B. C, who died on or about  the 13th day of June, 1915, whose  will and codicils were proved in th��  Supreme Court of British Columbia,  Victoria Registry, on the 2nd day of  September, 1915,-by the .Executors  therein named, are hereby required  to send in particulars of their claims  duly verified to the undersigned on  or before the 31st day of July, 1916.  - And noticj is hereby given that  after that date the said Executors  Mil proceed to distribute the assets  of the deceased among 'the parties'  entitled thereto having regard" only -  to the claims of which the said Executors shall then have notice, and  that the said Executors -will not be  liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any, person of  whose debt or claim they shall not  then have had notice.  Dated this 25th-day of April, A.D.  1916.        *  'CREASE & CREASE  410 Central Building,  Victoria, B. C.  .. . 00 ...     , Solicitors for the Executors.  At present 22 monthly cheques I f-15-7. <  ' - *. ��� r  \


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