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The Nicola Valley News Aug 18, 1916

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 Vol. 6, No. 39  Ve  7/7 ������"���'���'��� * '-   '^    'i ;��� ':,  THE   HOME PAPER    frpR"^fHE    CI^Y    OP    MERRITT  AND    THE    NICOLA    VALLEY  MERRITT,   B.C..   FRIDAY,   AUGUST 18, 1916  Price 5 Cents  wh ��ii   >, J- B0WSER md Mr- alexanderTucas  W��AdflWJ3ectors Next Thursday Evening in Merritt at 8 D.m.  D��� ���__.    WT       *      T%    ��� Inn   .,.._. '        I"���. : =^===^=������ i -X MX '  Premier W. J. Bowser to  Speak at Rex Theatre  Next Thursday Evening  Whirlwind Takes  Away the Roof  'City Power House Roof Completely Wrecked Last  Sunday  Flower Service  at St. Michael's  Children Join Heartily in Service.  Flowers, etc , Were Given  to the Hospital  The Honorable W. J.  mier of British  Coldmbio,  will   visit   there and vicinity on Tuesday, August  Merritt on Thursday next, August24th. ,00-J  n   "T  '      '   '  --  "  In the Rex Theatre at eight o'clock  sharp the Premier.   Mr.   Alex.   Lucas,  Conservative candidate  for Yale and  others will address the electors on pub-  mo-  I    The freakish antics of a sudden  .....  Bowser,  Pre- (rive in Penticton and address meetings  mentary cyclone springing up was res-  Jo.     will     wialf I ������� J --   *   "��� ~ I nnr.cIl.Io -f^" "     i     11       ...  lie questions of the day  The announcement of the- pending  visit of the Premier is compelling keen  and pleasurable anticipation by people  of all political connections and it is safe  to prophesy that the theatre will be  taxed to its utmost capacity on Thursday next.  En route to Merritt from Eastern B.  C, the Premier and his party,   accord-   j, "��6uo. ponsihle for a remarkable ircident in  22nd. On Wednesday different parts of  Merritt at about 2.30 on Sunday after-  theiSimilkameen will be visited. ' ���oon when a gale of win'd lifted the cor-  It is planned that the Hon. Mr. Bow- rugated iron roof off the city power-  oer and party will leave Princeton early house, a considerable portion of it being  on Thursday morning next, travelling carried through the air a(; the height of  by automobiles, and will travel through   the building, over some empty cars on  Coalmont'and.Tulameen to J. Thynne's  ranch at Otter. Valley,thence to Hastings ; Ranch, Canyon House, Aspen  Grove postoffice and F. W. Crowder's  Ranch.. From Aspen Grove the party  will visit Nicola arriving in. Merritt in  the ��� early evening. ��� The Prtriiier 'will  hold informal conversations with  resi  ing to the schdeule arranged,   will  ar- J of the district at each point en route  In,honor of Mrs. William  ken,  Diamond Vale  Flat,  with her children left next day  for Nanaimo where' Mr. Aitken  has.taken a position at the mines,  a most enjoyable sociaf evening;  was spent by many friend? of the  family on Friday evening.     Mr.  and Mrs. Geo. McCruthers kindly  " placed their hospitable home,for  the use of the gathering.. 'Music  arid other entertainment contributed to a most happy time spent  .by.-.a\l.x&'x.\X^^T^'B"r- -1-* ---\  Ait-     According to the statement of  who | finances of Nicola Valley General  Hospital up to the end of July  last the $1000 demand loan and  the $800   temporary   loan have  heen paid off at the bank,     The  $2000 special grant from the Provincial Government, is recorded  in the receipts which also give  among the items $186.75 received  during July as contract contributions and $219.35 from patients  and on accounts. '"The hospital  earnings for the month amounted  to $314.73, while the Government  MrfT.iSfcOrge Nichols;"musician -     ,at the Rex Theatre, left on Tues- *rant in aid was $237.75.  day to spend a well earned vaca-    tion /at Vancouver' and' other  Coast points. During her absence  Miss Stokes has charge of the  musical programs at the theatre.  the K.V.R, track, and crashing with a  tremendous thud on the opposite sideof  the railroad.  Little damage was done to the other  parts of the building or to the electrical  plant.   City'Engineer David Forsythe  was in the powerhouse at the time. He  saw thp roof sway and rushed to close  | the doors and windows  when the roof  sailed away exposing the  plant  to the  clear blue skies above to his utter astonishment.   Nobody was hurt.     The  incicent was observed by people in the  locality.   The roof measured 60 feet by  37 feet. ' /  Mayor Archie Jackson   and   others  hurried to the scene to render any.assistance thai was necessary.^.', A   temporary covering of tarpaulin was quickly put in place.   The exhaust pipe was  damaged but tbe city light and water  system?   were   uninterrupted  to   the  slightest extept, while  the telephone  line connection put temporarily out of  commission was qui kly repaired.   In  the emergency Engineer Forsythe acted  xwith commendable coolness, and adaptability; 'V-v     ' "   '    <-'-���-,  ��� ?J e ?,evrD;E-Hatt wi�� Preach  in the Methodist Church, Merritt  on Sunday at 11 a.m. and at  Lower Nicola at 3 p.m.  A mass .meeting will beheld  in the Presbyterian Church next  Sunday at 8,30 p.m. in the interests of the People's Prohibition  movement. '  A beautiful Flower Service of marked  iinpressiveness was held at St. Michaels  on Sunday morning.  To the singing by the choir and congregation of the processional hymn  commencing��� <.  Here Lord we offer Thee all that is  fairest,  Bloom from the garden and flowers  ���from the field ;  Gifts for the stricken ones,  knowing  Thou carest  More for the love than the wealth  that we yield. J  the  Sunday School children and others '  reverently filed to the altar rail,  each  carrying' a beautiful bouquet of flowers  of all kinds and tints which the Vicar,  ithe Rev. N. J. Thompson accepted and  placed on  the altar.   Later the gifts  were taken to the,Hospital to brighten  and cheer the patients suffering there.  In his talk to the children, the Vicar  told of the lessons that could be learned  from  the  flowers of the garden and  field.   Hia remarks weie illustrated by  flowers of all shapes, tints and sizes,  which lay on the pulpit.     He drew the  I sharp likeness between  the child and  flower.   Both required care and attention in order that they might grow near  perfection.   'He urged  them to be always cheery like the sunflower which  always has its face turned  to the sun,  spoke of the need of modesty suggested  by the little pansy, of the obvious lessons suggested by the Patience flower,  aad ^the-, poorly dressed yet fragrant  mignonette, concluding by urging that  the association of Sunday School and  Church,life was necessary to the 'lives  Brief Meeting of General  Hospital Directorate  Held Last Monday Night  n  v  A regular meeting of Directors of  Nicola Valley General Hospital was  held at the institution on Monday night.  | Those present were President A. W.  Strickland, Directors F. Bond, M. L.  Grimmett, P. McLean, G. H. Tutill,  and Sacretary A. R. Carrington.  The request of the Aberdeen Mine's  Syndicate for contract treatment privileges for their employees was granted.  The Matron's monthly report for July  \nvuaA l\.n . -I.--;��� ��� ' '  mittee was empowered to act and nave  tenders called if advisable for necessary  repairs to the roof, of the building and  other necessary renovations inside.  "A report by the finance committer  was considered and'adopted.  Decided that no instruments shall bd  purchased by the House Committee' un^  til same has been approved by tbe doctors and matron in ^writing.  Humour was' imparted  into  the dry   .  j .c|iui��ur juiy     Jtiumour was imparted  into  the dry  showed that during (he period seventeen routine business by the tearful comment  patients were admitted arid twenty dis- by the solicitor that some of the old  charged. There were^hree deaths and debtors of the hospital who weresearcb-  one birth, four operations performed, ed for, written to, pressed and threat-  while the average of patients in the ened with a view to getting them tore-  hospital was 10.15 por rf-iy. ,; 'rr>,t' -imixxbelated .dues, were forming.  Matron Miss Fish  having requested | tne nabk of sending money on accounts'  eeks holi-1 direct to the Institution, he thus being  j    ....  three weeks instead of two weeks holiday It was resolved that an additional  week be granted subject to recall by  wire if her services' were   required   .   ������.���   icljuucu.   paia accounts on the books forced the  Director Bond dissented on the vote on  open discussion on  the desirability of  the ground  that exception was bein it s��vowi����������������'���  the ground that, exception was being  made in this case against what had  been done with past matrons and. that  the new decision was opposed to a decision made only, a meeting ago,  Following a report and recommenda-  tions by the House Committee,the com-  - ��� ....��.,/ .M\J .   UIUO  denied the customary commission.  Consideration of some of the old unpaid accounts on the books forced the  I several prominent residents doing some*  'thing to redu:e the accounts and to  prevent their kin being classed as patients cared for at the public expense.  The meeting was the briefest held for  some months, lasting but just over an  hour.  Expects Huns will Fight Till British  Hardware Falls on German Soil  rt-'',:-S��Sfe4S  attention to their minds as' well as their  bodies would result in their becoming  faded and ill nourished  | Merritt Mercantile Company J  ���*��� .    ,        ~~ ,, -*.*=,    ~  mm X  I  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  -f-  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  �����  Do your  proven them  Fruit Jars  Preserving in glass jars which have ��7.  lemselves superior for the purpose. |$  superior  We Handle-'  tt  Pints  Economy "  wide mouth jar  " Mason " for a low price jar  ;      Quarts Half-gallons  Sportsmen!  Open Season:  Deer, Duck and Geese,, September 1st,  Grouse, September 15th.  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Session Last Wednesday  >           Nioola Stockbreeders' Association in  ' session this week pasped a resolution in  favor of the Provincial' Government issuing no grazing permits for grazing on  Crown lands until proposed graaing regulations be submitted for the consideration  by the  Stockmen.   A letter was  ordered  to be  sent, to Mr. W. T. McDonald, Livestock Commissioner of B,  C, asking him when he will he able to  meet the local'stockmen to discuss important questions'.   Alex.   Lucas,  conferred with the meeting on matte'is affecting the Government.  Rosy Prospects of the  Conservatives in Yale   Aipx. Lueas,-Conservative candidate"  for Yale was in the city,again this week  visiting Nicola and other points in connection with- the political   campaign.  Unlike his opponent he is wearing a  smile suggestive of content in the pres?  erit and bright prospects for the future,  " The situation is growing more favorable than  ever for the Conservative!  party all over the riding,"  states Mr.  Lucas, who is receiving daily many per?  sonal promises and letteis in support of  hiscan didature.  w���.j.h,. wm live* i   ���-���'����w *��" n> wiu orim ot cheery jSed to other mining' propertie*  of children.   LaekTf proper care and optimism a Nicola Valley soldier in the a]ong  simiJar  Jines   cannot help  heir minds as well as their firing line tells of the stirring scenoa ������������,��������������������.. a.���i: ��''  result  in   their hP,-nm;n~  ffoinsr on at tha W~*i~~ *-���  ring line tells of the stirring scenoa eXDre88in��r "���- feeling"  going on at the Western front.    Judg. expressing our ieeimgS.  ing by his splendidly descriptive lines      TnUS   Writes   Corporal  Jame*  the Canadians are highly strung, impatient, eager-and ready for any vital  command on which very much depends.  They must be in fact likened  ���' to tho  greyhound straining on the leash waiting for-the  start,"  as  Shakespeare  wrote of soldiers before an .old time  battle.   " Needless to say,'! he .writes.  " we are all impatient for the forward  word, and every morning before day  break we have to stand-to, juat waiting  for the word to "Hod it," as the Eng  lish troops put It.   We now have/ and  thank God for it I say with every feeling of reverence, an overwhelming superiority of guns, numbers, weight of  metal, accuracy of fire, freshness of  troops, supplies, etc. Day after day  our artillery bamhards the enemy  trenches, while in the morning over go  the infantry to clear them out. The  charge of Balaclava, will be a mere de-  tail^o wha^we^wilLdo^-when-the^tima . ,  =d5e��^Se.   After graphically desodb- wnom are  wearing  Sergeant V  ing his visit  to a German steel lined Stripes.      The   noted    "Scotty'*'  dug-out thirty foot below ground, in Bain is now a corporal.   We get  which 86 Germans had remained hidden  fc]le Njcola Valley News  after thoir trench had been  taken,' he  i_���i._ i.  states that "he expects  the  Huns to  Fairclough from the trenches in  France and he apparently expresses the sentiments of others  with him from these parts.  With Corporal Fairclough are  Sergt. "Cap." Stephenson, Sid.  Howes,  Bill Baxter, H. and R.  Hogg, J.Scobie and Geo.Jacque*.  Sid Howes.'he mentions, expeieto-  to go, into a  signalling corpi.  After intimating that "Jimmy"  and  "Cap'' had visited Lieut-  Col.  Matthews,  who told them  how highly prized are the sniper*  rifles sent from the.Nicola Valley,  Corporal Fairclough   says  that  Captain Stephenson had met Bob  Cooper, of Middlesboro, Bill Murray and  Percy Rodgers, a!! ��f  whom  on  Changes in the Staff at  the Telephone office  The Misses Doris and Irene McGoran  nave tendered their resignation of positions held by them in the Merritt office  of the Government Telephone Service.  Miss Nellie Heslop has been promoted  to Agent in charge of the office, in succession to Miss Doi is McGoran. Recommendations have been made^for the  tilling of the two vacancies.  scrap .until Allies hardware (alia  [German soil."  .He mentions that many hundreds of  prisoners and wounded are taken every  day, Aa to the work of the guuners  this is so mathematically precise an J  thorough' that the other day some Cana-  took a trench in advance of one they  were ordered to take. The Germans  were so surprise] and dazed they found  it better to surrender before our men  "got tneir souvenir blood up   as regu-.  larly here as at home and relish  reading the news of the good old-'  town of Merritt.        . '  ���   ���   ���  Sapper George Osmond,the old  warrior, writes to William Heslop,  stating  his  disappointment   at  dians, after an  intense bombardment being invalided to the base camp  took a trench in advance  nf nna  ���!.��...  ���'- ���*��     '  in England from the front. He  is now in the officers' mess.  Sending fraternal greetings to  members of the L.O.L, 1701 and  R  OUuv��..r o.ooa up.- j ��������"��������� UI ine uu.u 1701 and  Our guns have not fired on women J the Foresters he tells that on the  ho are digging trenches within nhw��i'p..>��im. -" T-'   who are digging trenches within range  but I believe stern warning has been  sent to them as such cannot be permitted, he concludes.  Mr. W. H. Brown, Grand Master of  the Grand Lodge of B. C. Oddfellows,  paid an official visit to Pittitko Lodge,  No. 13 here on Tuesday night. After  the lodge sessions tbe Rebeccahs joined  in a social evening and supper, a very  pleasant time being spent by all.  Miss Maggie Stephenson and Miss H,  Jyland are spending a few days in the  Vlamette Lake district.  " We all think here it is about,  time the Liberal opposition in the I  Nicola Valley would take a tumble to themselves and pull together for the benefit of the community instead of the party. We  were reading the  "Newp" of TuTsdav      nSrf^i?8 C^8ton  June 16. and when it 5��� JL���; i"!Kf.?*   -?Vln* h,a- absence  Twelfth of July the band of tha  Orangemen's battalion marched  around their own camD, other  Orangemen wishing to do so falk  ing in and marching round witk  the band,  Mr. Jones, of the Nicola Valley  Fine Lumber Co., Canford,' hai  been granted a commission in  the Foresters Battalion as. lieutenant.   He left for the Coast on  D. A. Costigan, manager at the Adelphi Hotel, signed attestation papers  yesterday forove'rseas service. He intends joining the Army Medical Corps.  June 16, and when it is remem  bered what splendid assistance  the Provincial Government/thru  Mr. Lucas, has ,rendered to the  Aberdeen mine in the building of  a road for transporting the ore,  and the assistance he has prom*  on active service Mrs. Jones will  reside at Southport, England,  This will be her first visit to the  Old Country.  J. Cummings, Jr., of Canford,  joined the Foresters battalion for  overseas, this week.  ii$fii$SiiM  mm^mmxm-m^Ximmi f  Friday, Aug; 18, 1916  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  I  Publisher  THE   NICOLA   VALLEY  NEWS  Published Every I'iuday  Edward 0. Bell - EJitov : Ernest B. Mayon  ADVERTISING   RATES   ON   AP7iICAT!ON  Subscriptions,  payable in advance,  $2.00  per  year In  Canada.  Britain. United Sta'es and Foreign Countries, $2.50.  Great  Address :   The tftCOLA Valley News, P.'O. Drawer 'L,' Merritt, B. C.  HOPE AND Mr. WALTERS  Describing Mr. Walters as " but a small incident" in the Liberal  campaign, charging him with being " utterly lacking in sincerity'' in the  professions contained in his manifesto, and winding up its ridicule of his  elementary knowledge of mining que'stions and needs with the exclamation "Poor Mr. Walters !," the West Yale Review at Hope thanks  the candidate for his manifesto as "it saves the trouble and weariness  of listening to tiresome speeches on warm evenings."  The Review, it should not be forgotten, is the local paper pf Hope,  the historic home of the practical quarlz miners from a famous mineral  section'covering" miles around. On the support of the prospectors and  others associated'with the mining industry the Review lives, moves and  has its being. It naturally therefore has an anxious thought for the  prosperity of its business friends and, evidently, is the mouthpiece of the  vast majority of those'practical men upon whom Mr. Walters is scrambling to foist his theoretical platitudes. It would appear certain that the  Hope people are convinced that the short spelling of W-A-L-T-E-R-S  is O-I-L, and that at all costs their fellow men in the kindrecl coalmining industry in Merritt must be protected against his smooth talk. Every  , wind that blows around our neighboring town goes to indicate that  " Poor Mr. Walters1/' will be laid to rest in Hope on September 14th.  The Hope Review says:  "In addition to touring the riding he would like to represent, Mr.  Joseph Walters has issued a manifesto. For this we thank him.  It saves the trouble and weariness of listening to tiresome speeches  on warm summer evenings, and, being presumably a considered  statement of his case, is a test of his capacity and^siucerity with  which he cannot quarrel.  Of the Agricultural Credits Bill, Mr. Walters" says : " This Act  embodies a principle'that has been in the Liberal platform for  years." What^Liberal platform ? If Mr. Walters means only such  ' platitudes as '' improvement of agricultural conditions " his- statement is merely ingenuous. If'he means anything more, it .is a flagrant misstatement. Mr. Walters knows, as everyone knows, that  the sole author of~that constructive, statesmanlike"'measure is his  , Conservative opponent/A/Lucas m.l.a. To'deny or'diminish the  credit for it by saying " we have always been infavor of something  like that " is mere impudence. '  "But that is not the worst. Mr. Walters'goes'on':" "The mining  industry has received very little assistance from the Legislature. , It'has been clearly shown'that British Columbia is the most  richly mineralized territory of comparative size in the world,"  .(That is not English but it is possible to guess what he is trying to  say).         ���  .     -.        -        - ���> -���'  By whom" has it been clearly shown ? If that statement were true  it would disprove the one before.ir. But, of course, neither statement is true. Less than five per cent, of the surface of British  .Columbia'has been even prospected. " My efforts would be devoted  to the encouragement of facilities for the development of legitimate  mining properties." Poor Mr. Walters ! It is the prospector looking for mineral, and the small claim-owner trying to prove the value  of his find, that need assistance. When the "legitimacy" (whatever may be meant) of a mining property has been established, it  will get all facilities for development without any encouragement  from Mr. .Walters' efforts. - \  Mr. Walters^is strong in denunciation "of ''patronage," and calls  loudly for "independent commissionSj"cfor civil service'and' many  other things. . Does he know that only three'Canadian public men  have ever dared to openly defend theiSpoils System���Messrs. A. G.  Blair, W. S. Fielding and A. S. Hardy,[all!Liberal premiers ?���and  that that system attained'itsTmosCperfect 'flower in* Vancouver  under '" Bob " Kelly^andiin the Yukon^under the'veryfgang which  is inspiring, directing'and financing'the Liberal'campaign'ofiwhich  Mr. Walters is but a'small.incident?  We are not[surpri3ed"at Mr. Walters' lack'of^knowledge, but we  are painfully surprised that the long considered choice of the Liberals of Yale is so utterly lackinK in sincerity.  Miss Emily Kinnear and  Mr. W. DenshalTie  The Nuptual   Knot  The marriage took place on  Monday evening at the home of  the bride, of Miss Emily Kinnear  of Collettsville, and Mr. William  Denshel, of Canford. The interesting ceremony took place in  the evening, the Rev. George  Kinney officiating.- Miss Kinnear, sister, was in attendance  on the bride, while Mr. W.7J.  Pearce was "best man." The  couple left on Wednesday for  Canford to reside, Mr. Denshel  holding a position at Canford  mills.  Mr. and Mrs. George H. Dev-,  onshire left on Monday's morning  train for Canmore. Alberta. Mr.  Devonshire has accepted an offer  as master rnechanic for the McNeill Colliery Co., where he was  engaged some seven years ago as  pitboss. He was for a long time  an engineer at the Coalhill mine,  and latterly was in charge of the  Aberdeen machinery at Mamette?' Lake, superintending the  erection of the machinery, there.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Devonshire  will be missed locally where they  enjoy considerable popularity.  Philip McLean Secures  Contract to Re place  Roof on Power House  ��� Following the consideration of  tenders the city Water and Light  committee have let a contract to  Contractor Philip McLean for the  construction of a new roof for  the city powerhouse. The contract price is $325.  As soon as possible after the  damage had been done to the  building by the toraado on Sun-,  day the committee got together  and with the active co-operation  ot City Engineer Forsythe took  steps to have a new " lid " put  on the building. Aid. Alex Ewart  is chairman of the Water and  Light committee;  Miss McDonald  Coast on Tuesday.  left  for" the  TONIGHT-"The   Girl   Who  Might Have Been. "At the Rex.  Mrs, Brown, of Collettville, is  visiting in Vancouver.  F. M.  mines,  Seattle.  Hawkes, of the Donohoe  left on Wednesday  for  M. Moody returned the first of  the week to~ the camp of the  102nd regiment at Kamloops.  John Dundas, the Government  road ^foreman, lefti for Agassiz  to do some road building of an  important'and intricate nature.  . On Wednesday next, the Pythian Sisters will hold a picnic in  Voght. Park for the wives and  children of soldiers. Invitations  have been issued but any soldiers'  wives who have not received an  invitation owing to the incompleteness of. the records, are very  warmly invited to be present  wi'th their children, All intend-  ing to partake in the picnic are  asked to'meet'at the K. P. hall  at 2.30 p.m. sharp. Sports and  other attractions are being arranged and refreshments will be  served. -' '.  Two hundred and ten head of  cattle from the Douglas Lake  Cattle Co.'s ranch  were loaded  0.1  al Nicola on Tuesday and left in  ten cars consigned .to buyers in  Vancouver. An equal number of  cars of coal from the local mines  were in the same train which had  a properous appearance significant of vthe varied resources oi  the district and increasing pro-  ducuon.  Mr. and Mrs. H. Tredwin and  little boy are visiting Vancouver-  taking in the exhibition.  Mr, and Mrs. J. H. Collett and  son left on Wednesday morning's  train for Vancouver and will  spend a holiday at the Coast.'  N. iR, Watkins, who recently  signed up for. the Foresters  Battalion, left on Wednesday for  the Coast to join the camp.  Robt. Strachan left on last Saturday's train to spend a week at  the coast with his family, who  had already been there for a few  weeks.  An interesting program is announced for the -Rex. Theatre  starting on Monday next. During  next week attractive reels illustrative of B- C-Industries- wiil  be screened. , Monday. "Fishing," two reels; VYednesday,  " Timber and" Stock-" ; Friday,  "Wining and Agriculture"';  Saturday,- "��� Horticulture and  Scenic." ��� >    .  - Word has been received'locally  that Lieut.-Col- H. H. Matthew*  of Nicola, who recently, returned  to Canada from the front, has  arrived at Metchosin, Vancouvei  Island, and is spending a well  earned rest with his sister, Mrs.  Hai dy. \ .  SAVE  YOUR  MONEY  FOR THE  Dominion War Loan  TO BE ISSUED IN SEPTEMBER.  By purchasing a bond you will help  to WIN THE WAR and obtain for  yourself an investment of the highest  class yielding a most attractive rate  of interest.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  OTTAWA.  Thomas Parker, inspector of  weights and measures, spent a  few days in town on his periodical inspection, registering at the  Coldwater-Hotel -   Mrs. Jackson, wife of Mayor  Archie Jackson, and little Ronald  left on Wednesday on a vacation  which they will spend at Vancouver. >���  T. J. Purvis, lately of' the K.  V. R , and who resided at the  Adelphi Hotel for several months  is now with the 131st New Westminster regiment in training for  overseas. He returned to camp  at the beginning of the week  after spending a few days in the  Valley.  The Merrjtt Mercantile and  Cash Store staffs spent an enjoyable outing in picnic fashion at  the week end, visiting Harry  Boothroyd's ranch at Courtney  Lake.  .;..;.,;..;..;..;,,;..;..;...;.,;.,;���;���;,.���.,;..;  ..:..j..;..;..;..;,.;..j..j..:..:.  WORKING MEN!!  Hear the  Compensation Act of B. C.  Explained  By J. H. McVETY,  Chairman of Vancouver Trades and Labour Council, and  leading Labour Representative at Vancouver,  Int the   SUNSHINE   THEATRE,  Saturday, August 19th.  *  *  *  Chair to be taken at 8 p.m. by Mr. S. NICHOL  The  ".It's AH Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and  Commercial Men  Merritt is the gateway to the rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  Reliable information relative to the mining and ranching  industry's freely given. If you want to find a friend you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class hotel  of Merritt. ;:. ...  Hot and Cold  Water. T^ooms   with Baths. Fioe large Sample Rooms  All Vegetables, Eggs, Milk' arid Cream used in the Hotel are daily from our Ranch  MURDOCH   McINTYRE  Proprietor  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Liverpool and London  and Globe  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America of  Toronto  Life & Accident  B.C.  Life  Globe Indemnity of  Canada ���  Only  Prime Goods  PRIME   BEEF,  MUTTON  AND  PORK  PREMIUM BACON AND HAMS  FRESH PURE PORK SAUSAGE   .  Creamery Butter, Ranch Eggs.  'Prices Lotoest  Lettuce, Celery, etc.  Quhlity Highest  Nicola Valley Meat Market  PHILIP    MCLEAN,  CONTRACTOR  Estimates given on any kind of Building Work  ���  - - No Job Too Small  Electric Lighting  Supplies, and  Electrical Fittings  All Goods at Lowest Prices-  /    *   t  ��� i  Store and Office: Opposite Coldwater Hotel  LECKIE SHOES  NO other shoe made is'superior to the genuine  LECKIE. Pay no attention to the statement "as good as a LECKIE," because "the  superiority of LECKIE BOOTS AND SHOES  have long since been firmly established and  have stoodj.the test of the very^ haides* ua��  before \ the name  goes    possible.  rn    fhnf'v n   I FCIflF        The farmer, tlie miner, the boys in khaki in  cn���mais a l^c^ic.   %he trfcncheg ,)ave found LECKIE BOOTS th��  The  quality  goes  IN  ffiCade in  British Columbia  logical toot for real comfort and long servica.  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Rogers, Manager  (Merritt Branch)  Peculiar Features of  The Prohibition  C(L---  Bill Appears to have Been Framed  As a Direct Blow at  Work  Friday, August 18, 1916  The Newsy Pars  Bob Clarke left on Tuesday on  a business trip to the coast,  <$��:  'orkmg Men  M. L. ORIMHETT, LL.B.  BARRISTER.   SOLICITOR  NOTiMtY" PUliLIC,   ETC.  Solicitor for (he Bank of Montreal  MERRITT NICOLA  J. A.  MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank ��f Toronto  Voght   Street, Merritt  Oppobito Coldwater Hotel  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGU  LATIONS.  LODGES  COURT mUTY, NO. 9205,  LO.?.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and.Alber-  (a, the Yukon Territory, the'Northwest  Territories and in a portion of the  I Province' of British Columbia, may bo  I leased for a term of. twenty-one1 years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an!annual rental'of $1 aii acre. ; Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease, must be made  by the applicant in person to>the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district In which  the rights applied for are situated.  Meets in K. of P. In surveyed territory the land must  Hall on the fourth be described by sections, or legal sub-  Monday of every divisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  mnnfli ..till   -   -  :nk bond,  C. R.    -  month at 8 p.m.  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited.  J. HUTTON,  Secretary  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  A; F. & A. M.>  A. F. Rankine  '    7VW. M.    '  Regular meetings -in Masonic  Hall, Granite  ave. third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.-"  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited'to attend.  A. K. Carrington  1    Secretary  ed territory tho tract applied for shall  be staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be' accompan  led by a fee of ?5, whicli will' be refunded if the; rights'applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royally shall be paid on the merchantable"  output of the mine at^the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the.full quantity of merchantable coal'mined arid pay the roy  alty thereon. If the' coal ���miningj'iglits  are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at,least once n  year. ~ -, <       , - .   ���  The lease will include the coal min  ing rights only/rescinded by Chap. 27  of 4-5 George V. assented to 12th June,  1914.  L.O.L,  1701  . Merritt, Lodge  Regular  meetings  in the Oddfellows i  Hall on the first and  third Fridays in J  each month at 7.30 p.m.   The Scarlets  meet on the 14th of each month.  Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.  J. G. Warren, W.M,  Geo. Slater, Recording Sec.  To the man of means,  who is  accustomed to buy ins l:quors by  the bottle or case from the wholesale store or retail shop, the Prohibition  Act   means    absolutely  nothing, as he cam-still cider his  supply  from a 'neighboring' province or the Suite?, just as easily  as in the past,   the only difference that" he will have to pay a  higher ccsf, on account of transportation charges.  To the working man, who is accustomed to buy his liquor by tht-  bottle or glass,  the Act means,  however, somethingentirely different.     The 'ordinary'.working  man is not given the opportunity  to; Jay-by'money, sufficient to provide for his sending away  for a  case of liquor, hence he is under  a handicap which docs not inter-  J'ere-with the rich man.      Then,  again, the working man's usual  beverage is. beer,   and on shipments of this  class  the freight  rates are so high as to make the,  price almost prohibitive for him. |  Again,   while   some   working  men are fortunate enough to occupy homes of their own, a great  majority  occupy  houses jointly  with othere.    A large proportion  would  co'me under the term" of  lodgers.     Many others also take  boarders in order to help out the  family income.    All of this class  would find  that the Prohibition  Act was a distinct barrier to their  enjoying their personal right to  partake of a glass of beer in their  own  homes.    The Act provides  that a  man  may  import liquor  freely for use in his own private  dwelling.    It so defines the word  ''dwelling," however, that householders    who   occupy   premise  jointly are not allowed the privilege of having liquor for their  own private use.   The same is  true- of lodgers personally, and  the  families of those who keep  lodgers  where  more than three  room in a house. As far as^homes  where boarders are kept.rthe Act  is 'explicit in stating   that  the  house is not a dwelling, and that  Irquor for beverage purposes may  not be brought into it.  The above points cover phases  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Aitken and  little boy left on Tuesday on a  trip to Toronto.  Mr. Freeman, rancher of Stump  Lake, was in the city pn Tuesday  and attended the Stockbreeders'  meeting at Nicola iri the afternoon.  Mrs. Godfrey, wife of C. A.  Godfrey who recently joined the  G. B. Armstrong staff, in the  hardware department, returned  to "Vancouver on Tuesday, after  spending a few days in the city.  , Travelling for the first time  by the Hope cut-off, Mrs. Murdock Mclntyre and little girl,  Mrs. Fuerst, and. Miss McKenzie  left for Vancouver to take in the  exhibition and to visit Seattle arid  other Coast cities.  y>~*vvvv  Will be held in the  William Riley���who is never  short of dough���is improving his  I bakehouse, getting it into waterproof condition before the cold  wintry days arive. The interior  walls, floor and roof are being  double boarded, the lining being  filled with sawdust,  ,  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Photdgraphs  of the Best  No Time like the present  to have your Photo taken  For full information application, *.,c *���uv�� uuiiub cover Dliases  should be mac e to the Secretary of the of the Prohibition, Act which are  Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or distinctly to the d sadvantage S  to anv a���* ���r ��.,w^ ... _ !the workInff manj ^Jjj^  mean nothing to the rich man.  ' A reading of the Act will shew  many similar features of class  legislation of so open a "character  as to lead the organized bodies of  labor, which havp*alreadv^ considered the Prohibition vBill, to  unanimously condemn the'Act.  , .-   Advt, '  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Domin  ion Lands.' -'     'A        ���   ���    -  ~~     , W. W. CORY/    '  Deputy Minister-of the Interior  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication' oJ  this  advertisement  will  not  be  pa^'-  for. -83575.  Think it over, and then call and  see samples at the City Studio.  Chas. P. Hooper  Opp. Schools  Merritt  The Douglas Lake Cattle Company  Limited .  Are the,Owners of- the following des-  scribed 'Stock :  Cattle  branded  |||  left or light hip,  vented when'sold bar under brand.  Cattle branded G S right ribs, vented  when sold.bar over brand.   '���'  Horses branded j 11 left or right shoulder  Horses branded perpendicular bar over  , V left or right shoulder.  Vent forhorses when sold is bar over  brand. There is a Reward of $15000  offered for "information that will lead  to conviction of anybody Stealing or  Killing any of our Stock.  F. F. Ward, Manager  For Rent  Hall   over  the   "JVicoIa  - Valley News/';Office  Suitable for Lodge Meetings  LOW RENT  Apply n. N. B. ROGERS  For Sale  Good Ranch^Team  Mare and Gelding, 7 and 10 '  years old respectively. Geld-  -  mg good roadster.     Weight  2,300 lbs.  Apply Box M, "News" Office]  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  As the Sewing Season is approaching  let N. J. Barwick, the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent put your Sewing Mac-  chine in good order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26^A, will  bring him to your door. Old machines  taken in part payment for new ones.  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue.  What the Prohibition Act Means  to Housewives;��'  -Measure Interferes with Established  Household Customs and   _. Practise L^_   MERRITT SCHOOL  Sealed Tenders,-superscribed "Tender for Merritt School Heating and  Repairs," will be'received by the Hon��  I ourable~"the Minister of Public Works  up to 12 0,'clock noon of Tuesday, the  22nd day of August. 1916, for the erection and completion of a steam heating  plant and general repairs to the four  room school-house at'Merritt,\in ths  Yale Electoral District.  Plans, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender may 'be" seen 'on and  after the 3rd day of August, 1916, at  the office of W. N. Rolfe, Government  Agent, Nicola; J.' Mahony, Government  Agent, Court-house, Vancouver; and  the" Department of Public Works',  victoria. .  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted-bank cheque made payable to the Honourable the Minister of  Public Worlts, for a sum equal to 20  <per cent, of tender which shall be forfeited if (he party tendering decline to  enter into contract when called upon to  do so, or if Le fail to complete the work  contracted for. The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to  them upon the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made out on the forms supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.  The lowest or any tender rot neces-  saijly accepted.   -  J. E. GRIFFITH.  Deputy   Minister   and  Public   Works  Engineer. Public Works Jepartment.  Victoria,B.C., August 2nd, 1916,  REX   THEATRE,  MERRITT,  B. C,  OnTHURSDAYNEXT  August 24, 1916.  THE HON.  PREMIER  The Prohibition Act has a  meaning for women as well as  men and there are features of the  measure which every housewife  and mother should take into account. Nearly every family has preparanon, must De provided,  in its cupboard or medicine chest Under the Prohibition law no  a supply of brandy, port wine or provision is made for supplying  household-cooking: Especially  is this so about Christmas time  when the plum pudding of our  Old Country fore fathers, the time  honored Christmas fruit cake and  the appetizing mince pie, all of  which require liquor for proper  preparation,  must be provided.  WHEN YOU VISIT   ...  VICTORIA  STAY AT THE  mnswigr hotel  cor. Yates and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  J. li. Plumb, late of Merritt.  .A high class hotel with-reusonable ratef  centrally located���ten minutes from C.  P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c, $1.00.  Remember  the  BRUNSWICK  '."Write ahead for reservations.  The Forward Adult Bible Clasp  which meets at the Methodist  Church every Sunday afternoon  invites your presence. Scriptural  lesson next Sunday. .    .,  other liquor, for> medicinal use in  case of emergency. This is a well  established custom inall civilized  colmtries and time after time  this preventative measure meets  conditions of urgent necessity.  As the traffic in liquor is now  handled, a person may go to licensed premises and secure a flask  of  brandy for 50 cents or less.  Under the terms of the Prohibition Act, it will still be possible  to secure brandy within the Province   for   such   purposes.     It  means, however, that instead ol  ffoing to the  licensed piemises  for the supply, the head of the  household must first go t'o the  d 'ctor for the prescription   (fee  $2.00  to $2.60)   then go to the  Irug store and secure the liquoi  at drug store rates  which, for  the same  quantity,   would cosl  from $.50 to $5.00.    The compar-  sion between the present method  and the Prohibition law is strik-  irg.   especially from a financial  standpoint.  Nearly every housewife uses   T3  _ �� ������    ���  liquor; for household- purposes,  hence the housewife must, some  weeks beforehand,send her good  money out of the Province to secure the supply which she formerly secured   locally  without  diffi ulty,  ��� In  addition   to   the  trouble and inconvenience of this  arrangement she .will find that  the prices she will pay will be  considerably higher than those  she was accustomed to, on account of the transportation charges.  It is not only in the greater  things, on which strong utterances are being made in the discussion of the Prohibition Act,  that the measure "plays a part,  but even in minor details such as  arc noted above it will be found  to directly inconvenience and  discommode, and that -without  giving any real benefit in return.  A reading of'the Act will show  that it is not a Prohibition Act in  any sense of the term, and that  ail intelligent electors- who have  the best interests of the Province  Conservative Candidate for the  Yale Riding,  And Others, Will Address the  __ Electors   on   the   Public ���  Questions of the Day  CHAIR TO BE TAKEN AT 8 P.M.  ���K  ;���  ���������5*^*  Seats Reserved for Ladies and their Escorts  Philip McLean, President,  G. H. Tutill, Secretary,  Merritt, Middlesboro & District Conservative  Association  _.j   ... ~ ,...v.���.��"�� r�����������"�����= ycoi. jnieitiKis onneJfrovince  brandy,   port,   madeira or orherlat heart, should vete against the  liquor in   connection   with   her I measure. Advt.  "GOD   SAVE   THE   KING."  tiwmm Four  THE NICOLA" TALLET NEWS.  Friday, August 18, 1916  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  'Che House of ^KZetil in  I  MERRITT,  B. C.  We have one of the best thought of and most talked of Hctels in B.C.  EUROPEAN   PLAN  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  D. A. Costigan, Mgr. A. Hoggan, Prop#  H. Winch, of the Rose Marche  left for Vancouver on Saturday  on business.  CORRESPONDENCE  ^���*******-5~s~H"M~j��^->-:-5":~:��:":.-<.4-:  :-**:��****'M��M'**��>*��>***��>**4  EXCHANGE.-12 guage Winchester Pump Gun for Sporting  Rifle.    News Office.  Mrs. T. Clarke has left for  Vancouver/to join the m<my  Merritt people already there for  holiday purposes.  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  VICTOR HUGO  AND  MAJOR HUGO  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  Get our prices and estimates  on any or all branches of the  Plumbing Business  Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED  STOVES   AND   HEATERS  put into first class shape  POPE AND SMALL  PLUMBERS & TINSMITHS  Repair Work of All Kinds  Rev. Geo. Kinney left on Wednesday for the Coast and will  spend a short vacation at points  o.i the Mainland.  Mrs. Singleton, accompanied  panied by her mother, Mrs.  Lakey, left on Tuesday morning  to spend a vacation in Vancouver^  Manager F. B. Ward, of the  Douglas Lake Cattle Co., Ltd.,  was here on Tuesday superintending the shipping of cattle from  the company's ranch to the coast.  Privates J.Ovington and James  Paterson returned on Wednesday  to the camp of the 172nd regiment, after being on leave for  haying.  George Devonshire, Snr., has  moved from Government Square  and is now occupying the house  vacated" b> his son on Granite  Avenue.  "VICTOR HUGO"  Imp. (9898)  (15031)  Sire : Sir Hugo, 10924  1st Dam: Fair Maid 18355, by Marcellus  .11110.  2nd Dam: Lady Bell 8997, by Darnley  222  Commencing May 3, " VICTOR  frSLGO " will stand  Eyery Wednesday,  At D. Munro's Stables,  MERRITT,  .    -From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and  During the rest of the Week at the  Dodding Ranch at Lower Nicola.  Come and See  My selection of  New Fall and Winter  .    "MAJOR  Will Stand  daily  HUGO"  at  the   Ranch  Suitings  just arrived. In spite of difficulties experienced in securing  Cloths from the'English manufacturers, the S ami-ready Tailoring Company has been able to  maintain its reputation for widely  varied selection and .unequalled  values. ''    -  Come while the selection  its best.".  Suits from $18 to $40  is a  Misses Constance Batten and  Helen Gavelin, who recently  passed the third year high school  examination left on -'Wednesday  morning's train to attend Normal  school. "  Vo the Editor,  Nicola Valley News.  Sir, ���I noticed in a report of  the last City Council meeting that  it was commented that the committee responsible for getting  subscribers^ the local Canadian  Patriotic Fund had not covered  the ground, hence certain residents had not been asked to contribute to the fund. As chairman of the committee concerned  I would like space to state that  the canvass undertaken was a  very thorough one. Naturally  there were cases where homes or  business places were visited ahd  those sought were not available,  but the great majority of these  have since been personally approached and asked to contribute  to this worthy fund.  Further, as is well known,-the  needs and demands of the Canadian Patriotic fund frequently  have been given genorous, and I  might add, admirable publicity  in both local newspapers, so that  the worthy fund is known to all.  The decision as to whether any  person should or should not join  his fellow men and women as a  contributor to the fund for the  support of soldiers' dependents  must finally lest between a person and his own conscience and  should not require personal solicitation by voluntary workers.  This fund is all embracive, and  the Merritt list still is- in my  hands open for more signatures.  Yours etc.,  A.'N, Bf Rogers  Merritt, Aug, 15, 1916.  ROSE   MARCHE  FOR UP-TO-DATE  Urar  ALL MILLINERY AT REDUCED  PRICES  M���<������M^^^^iM^^*4******^^***<������K������>���^*���^���:������*^���*���^���M������^***<������H���****  TONIGHT-"The   Girl   Who  Might Have Been." At the Rex.  ���*������*���:���***������*���������:���*���;������':  LOCAL BUTTER  v Will be on, Sale at .40 per lb.  Not-a- Seed Raisins  Choice Seeded Raisins  TERMS: To insure with Foal $15  For further information apply to  D.  DODDING, (Owner)  ���Lower Nicola   .       - B. C.  I have secured the local agency for the  Cascade Laundry Co.  of Vancouver. All linen must be handed in by Monday Evening if delivery io  wanted Saturday evening of the same  week.   Price list on application.  ANDREW  EWART, The City Tailor.  wmmrW^t&s  Jv-o/n  -Freshm&nYear-  to  Ssnior  The one constant,  reliable companion  o�� every student is  RSS.**>?*�� :SB"P.i.!w��SSbw&P �����'  Watermans��)Fountain Pen  llt�� pun   with \-J&/ tho    Clip-Cap  because it writes nt the very first  stroke, writes stcndily nnd keeps on  writing till the lust drop of ink in the  pen is exhausted. The Clip-Cap keeps  it always at li.ind ready for instant use-  in the lecture-room, examination-room,  study, on the cur,���anywhere; Sold  by the best dealers everywhere,'  E. WATERMAN COMPANY, LTD.  107 Notre Dame Street West,  MONTREAL  ANDREW EWART  The  City Tailor,  (Opposite Bank of Toronto)  Dr. JACKSON,  Dentist  Has Opened Dental Rooms in the  JACKSON BLOCK  immediately over the Post Office,  when his professional services will  be available and appointments /  made.  I Palace Bakery   I  | Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc t  X    Hot Pies every Saturday.   %  I W. 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Greengage, Damson, and Plum Jam  Raspberry and Strawberry Jam  Pure Maple Syrup  Buckwheat Flour  Nabob Coffee,  Nabob Tea,   .  Nabob Jelly Powders     The Pure Quality  Nebob Custard Puddings  Nabob Malt Vinegar"  Nabob Salmon  Nabob Lemonade Powder  Ginger Snaps  Fancy'/Tea Biscuits  Crispy" Soda Biscuits  Oatmeal Soap,  Palm Olive Soap,  por pkt. .13  2 pkts: for .25  per tin .75  2 tins for .35'  per tin .20  4' lb. tin, each .75  4 lb. tin, each .85  quart bottles, each .65  per pkt. .35  per .lb.   .45  per lb.    .45  . 3 for   .25  2 for .25  .quart bottle, each .25  per tin .25  per tin .25  per lb. .10  per lb .15  ���~~ perpkrrlO-"  *  X  ���  ���  ���  -X  *  *  *  ���  Corporation of the City of Merritt.  NOTICE  Attention of the Ratepayers of the City of Merritt is called to a  provision contained in the 1916 Amendments to the Municipal  Act, ahd a resolution of the Council passed thereunder instructing the Collector to take payments on account of taxes due.  Any Ratepayer Unable to  Pay Taxes in Full hiay now  make a Payment on Account.  Partial payment of any years taxes that are delinquent' will not  however free any piece of property from the liability of "Sale for  i ,  -      " ' Taxes - ' ';  Dated this IOuYday.of August, 1916. ���"_     ���  HARRY PRIEST, Coilectdr. "  The Prohibition Act  Some Explanations and  Criticisms  8 cakes for .25  2 cakes for .25  Children's Dainty Crepe Dresses each .75  Ladies White Cotton Hose, only a few pairs left each' .25  Choice Selection of Men's Wide End Ties    Special at .35  Boys' Boots,      Extra Heavy and Dressy  per pr. 3.50, and 3.75  K  THE  MERRITT  STORE  *^^��^*^*^^^��^t^^��^^*^4**^****2**3**$* ���?**$* *?**3**I-**$**2* ���J����j��^��^f^����j*��5*^��^����5����j��*j*��5����5����j����5��ij��^��#5��^����j����j����5����5��^����3��  Angus Ross, a Nova Scotian.  signed up yesterday with Sergt.  Leitch for overseas.  HESLOPS MEAT MARKET  PRIME  BEEF,  MUTTON,  PORK AND   FOWL  FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  EXTRA   SPECIAL   SHIPMENT   OF  Cherries, Plums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers  LOCAL  MUTTON  CRUSHED  BONE, makes excellent Chicken Feed, 5-lbs. .25  "STORE   OP   QUALITY"   Our Motto  Does Not Suppress Liquor  Traffic  The citizens now interested in  \the sale of liquor oppose this Act  because if it becomes law their  business "will be taken from them  and transferred to other people  outside the province. > '__  ��� Many leading and sincere prohibitionists (their number increasing daily) oppose this Act  because it will not prohibit the  use and sale of liquor and will  not better conditions in any respect.  Liquor Profits  ���The .Act is called prohibition,  but section 5 provides for profits  from the sale of liquor. If the  sale of liquor is prohibited,as has  beenelaimed,-how could there be  any profits ?  WHy should the investments of  the present license-holders, and  others indirectly concerned, be  confiscated, and future profits  from the selling of liquor be diverted to others ?  Who Will Sell Liquor?  By section 10 a complete monopoly is created and given to  druggists, physicians, dentists,  veterinary surgeons and, owners  of hospitals for the sale of liquor  wanted for immediate purposes  of .necessity pre ten ted or otherwise..  Note���Section 57 permits the  purchase from without the Province of any quantity, and without regard to its necessity or use.  The Famous Drug Store Evil  Section 14. This is the section  which caused so much discussion  and opposition in the legislative  assembly when the Act was introduced. It permits the sale of  liquor by any druggist in the  province, up to a quantity of five  gallons at any one time, but there  is nothing to prevent this sale,or  smaller sales, being repeated  many times in one day.  NOTU���Under the Canada Tem  perance Act (ScottAct)^claimed ^  to be so effective, ten ounces is1-1''  the ^largest amount a druggist -"  can sell at one time.      \  ,    "-  \.  'A Danger Mark   ���  Section 16.   This section is a '_ ���  danger mark. Innocent as it may, x  appear it peimits without  the  slightest restriction as to necessity,  prescription,  or any-other  procedure, the unlimited sale to   j  any person,;,male, female, adult,  minor, or Indian, of any combination of alcohol with any drug,  permitted by the United States '  Pharmacopoeia.      Many decoctions under this heading contain -  certain alcohol to as high a de- <  gree as ninety per cent. Remem- '  ber,,no prescription, affidayit,rc-  quest, registration, or anything,  will  be required to enable any  person to purchase such combination of alcohol and drug. ,  Un-British and Unfair   , .  Sections 48, 49, 50. . Still more  un-British principles.   ^An Eng-  ������;-������ 4.  lish maxim and one  that  has  come down from time immemorial, is that "Every man's home  is his castle." If this Act becomes  effective, > this  maxim  entirely  disappears, because on mere belief, or on the word of an informant' (whose name need not be disclosed) a constable may force an  entrance to your home without a  warrant,search every place therein at any hour of day or night,'  break doors, cupboards or other  receptacles.   He may also, with"  out warrant, search your motor  car,'your vehicle,  your pockets, '  grip, or clothing, arid by force if  need be. * These are disagreeable  sections, repugnant to every idea  of a liberty-loving,  free people,.  and would not be  tolerated in "  distant Persia or Turkey.   Remember���the   real   motive for  breaking into your home may be  cloaked under the pretence that  there is reason to suspect a violation of this Act, and such conduct is legal by this Act.���Advt.  The members of the Epworth  League will meet as usual next  Monday evening. Miss May  Fairley will give a paper subject:  "0 Master Let rae Walk With  Thee."


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