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The Nicola Valley News Sep 13, 1916

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 w^:  HBS?^��-'^.^^H-2yW 'f ��� 'M-xX- ���- -."���>-  :.-\'-   -.-.--',.-.   -.--������-   ..- V ���-'���<��� ^r   ���; '-.  ..-.'����- ;������������ -.;���  Wfc!i<7777  - - ��� ���    ���' ~%i  ^!^h:.;' ,.'.'.  '.^ '"77^  ^x0ii0x^    I'^V^  77f  iy-a;i^^',';ff^r^7^^ V ?'.:y^ >7.v' 'f'"'  ..'Jtl_"_   ^'.,77':>A^R>&^;r^W7��7^j.-^^:7: 77 ^177-7^..7'7'^7^^A'::7'r'7-7'7.7:v'"'^i  ... fi,       -.r-: -^-y-.^&^.i��*WTr!.i S/!,-^.:'rW^��r ��� ..V:.'.';.^..';),":;-;.'';-^-.:'^!-'..:-, ���<���-'.'. '���. .���    -  7N:'77  '���'���J^'.cVv^'  ^|l^  xii  HX  wFf-  _, 7:J?'->��;>1^^^  English Investors  wj>  Death Due from Heart Faihwo,  7<;^Hjia^  foirt^fjye^a'liteirnsi^  at Alaric & Hayes logging carnp,  died suddenly id- the bunkhouse  atXhe camp, jsn^ridayJmdrrurig.  ;Spe��it^l^Al^ftJ^  ;; 7^'7;7UMa^ette: tikeri :7  TerribJeiEnd 6f  7^S.j,-,B^dfr^t St.-v Albans;;, I^nflpn;orie|  of the principals,of (he:farnous English  ^^,fl���pS^M;-^bin8on; lawyer, also!  of StoAlban8;7whp is7 traveling;7 with'  him,.Mjr. qiarke.of London,whols here;  ���$^^&^Xoi ��<^pitf��l^ in^^edj-inf  ca:  Mr��;^Gjray(Bnot Instantly Killed  in Exploeion at herHomej  . ^;74^77a^Co>ble^ill,:;  Final Meeting of ^an  PoJitica| Campaign a��the  He is believed'to have a marrie.d viBiU��g;the Aberdeen Mine.at Maro^:  traced. He7had been working  for Alaric &.Haiyes for the i/pa/i;  two or three yearV arid haa /been  'l-W:?'''tV-'S'->.������������** v,';" -1"��'<* ir\iL'-,j;-v!"'',^*A>T' ���.���rr'ii.^f���X-^-.'���'J.'x'.Jr'.-,-'-���"  ^ttejfcali^n^  ��SyRead$^  ���7' Sho^tJy before seven o'clock; on  ^uiday^^ning-a: Ttrejnendpus  ^x^Miori a feqropjetely wrecked  ^^fine^ njey residence>of Mr. and  Uj^iX^^k^^j^'- (formerly  mg  James Murphy, lawyer of Ashcroft,  said, at the Rex Liberal meeting on  Tuesday that he had,to;obiec^;toUthe  **Wm,-to\,. g^ngy^;; Wprjcnw^s  J||$ad|the��^  :$rnfor^^  |^t&!<iwar^^  *li�����';����:i��i.v��7'fc'':i*^  ^ouysr fj._  .    ^Mr. Graven or was severly shaken  |��^|)H|^^^tai^^ :;;Duhcarf  . ������...,.., ,iv. ���.. .... t ,,...-../a'  bress report, was. so.grief "strick-  ^i^K��^iS^iL^I^i::^^-'^!i.'-'^!^7,J:;'i-i  ofiMeiiritt) iat.Gobble^ iHill,  Van- ^P^^P^A��ti^med: qiidX,mH or,  ^niivervTainnH7;7:^77!/--;777;7 /'     I"116 s*atutes.   He hadiio7criticisin of  ^".^^������^"^-""^iii^ttarttett  was nothing new7ab^ ^^^^'-1,^  b^enOadyociited; iby^ftiiLibeMis: Iroii  iyeW^t^Msifj^^  ^^^^:<|?^St.i7777:'r-::7; ' ''  ped into line on the Elf-ctci^ Carry On  f2^?-- b3^ ^t^^yer'criticism of^  f���m?elt ^Mrv^>��icojiei.gueg, PVe7;  dece8soi;s,,aad ��aprwtere/7HS^narged7  lm,e^gt tMlbtllftc&Miit oijthelprivincii7  ^}me^'tepje^v^.aje^eyes br^  ^^'^ W*Wt��^fii^SVis-Am^  ney-General/theipbmfeio^^^  parity with lahtierrifl went, to the  ^demolished home to render h^lp  |^|^P^^||he||^-^  was  ;creaJte<l;4 profoundly  ^KBrfe^wellkn^ri/ Mr7  i^��!ll^pr|^l!m^r^  vincial^onatableat Hope    He  __,,' ,.-T.*."*  f. -,"���. r (��� ���jrin'fv  (     ��� ^> ���������������"* ������ ��� a*.w��*|  ^^ghMtHft^ipHiaienc^^K^  ;thei#-feet ii. tb^v:*e^��ss9��ast7 ��oim.  |��)lJ^ii^Mtig7re1ii^'7^  ''tt^itosenthase^th^^thy! crowd;  |^^^;^^��7;W!^ino??w^^  l^utnp^is&el^^MSJi^  ��laugh by-his seribu.-wforMc^i^alr;  Luc��*>b��ftUr.that ii'owHd .tiot -tell  "P.* Liberal candidate's commenta on  ft  :*f��  ^^i^lWWiigiiilWiliiiilr^  Heinzes 57 Varieties  '"���' ���"���"���"���   "   ''-'��� ���' ���A-X^l}^y'-X^'r- ::'-..r!:.T-- -.  an appetizing meal s  ���>   Aluminium Cooking Utensils  TESill Pickles  India Relish  ^;;  t-  #?  mi  *<_>X.A  IP  ;>��:7  Beef Steak Sauce  RIFtiES,  0':7:SHQT:7GUN;^HELi1S7 , ..        .   .  '!Piv';i^7^^ "  $7.RII?i;E^i^Ri^  7;;777oll:slzeisv-:7'7-;7 XXXx-X-1x.'^xX-(-iyX. :   ,  Shot,  Tomato^Catsup  Black   P6wder^5mokc���^^  I^^P6^dei*i  ^sitot^ua-waiis,;  \;.737Pnmer^||;:fS  ���W ,.~?.v,-    . .7!^  . ...���  ves; '.rjlaihv   V^^^^^'^p.  #: SweetMustard^ Rckles v7  ������gS^ettGh��kinfe7^:;?^7-'^  T  ���4  f  Y  -:y^m%  bot.;.35 xf  bot. .35   X  bot.,.35   4  7 A  jar.35    ^  jar.25; ^  bot. 35   X  tin. 15    ^  bot. .25 "'"**  hear^'oti^uMei^lJthe'  __   . .    ..;   cKickeiilhoilll^rbj^^ ^^^^^Mim^^x^i  hiownx^wimmmimj ^M^M^p^m^^  .���**!���.-:'&��� ''.''''esi"'*:^*'tt<'<^Kf7.-"���-'���*���'   ���. m8s* "."i'OMl'coalkmuilneindustrV  feathers and pieces of lumber are whi>h ^:��i.a ���a2wsJi'''^2^^���v^5*;.  scattered:arouhd.g7Mrs^  or had attendejd a dress,rehears  _���; ���>���;. .v:- ri'^o.*'''.--".-.-.' �����'��� vr-r r*y*. ������������-. y  which by:tKe;w^Mir.ilae^iaad fthe  Department of Mines have ,'had under  Rnlnh Sinifk��� '.������~.i-.-"'*_- l-_'- wms-slJjr-'      -  aLat the ^station virtlconhection 5al?^|^^^?aitov^^Mjn^^^  -,,:.-,,,   .-:: ^,-,-��-.^,'.v,��,,,. .. ,.     :. . ^S:he;th0^ht,^f,:;o^  Liberals were returned to power, '  ^th^h^cppinsf'f|te oh the 19th  and could^ hot rh^^been home1  more^thari a few' minures before  t^;i:expIps|ori XtqqkSpl^ce, Her  ^^brother lef t on the morning  :tram7fw��Victoria expecting, to  return Monday or Tuesday, ii The  explosion wag heard for, miles  calls were sent in by 'phone for  information;  Canford Needs  Larger Schools  ?*?*^ale1c^aia 'St!^,B^^Xx^^WiiWM I  W wouldjbe'Rood enough to Militate'v*#^^f I  ^^'a^taroi'fVpm^Seat^S I  ^^?^?7^;b.��^r^ithpupsu^  ,nfluen^ia|:a88i8tan^^b7Bpe^lrdin^?  pea;hisflnMr1ri^''^7;��.iiaK'^^  evidencejwhi^^qjitfasy^i  'l:9yxiAAy.yA;yXXXXXXXX xXXyx-rX: '^c^nK:^��dence^whicViso7nia:sy7i^iti  Eati^sge T^7to;j^; ^^  �� 'U-���^��_'l'", li/t-i-iC _"'.-V'.:'"- ���*:���������:'������������"��� .ea .nninfnl ��j��i.,.'i��'J.^:_.-'Ll'i-------.-������"������'���'������',:��� �����-'.. ���  tl  ���HtvP&iffii&ifc It be^shouJ(| 'jfereturned  Wdijs jbdW^k de^jB^^ of %p  /���cursed sys^m?t it,efa: ^ica^ur  be btated,  appealed   to c^uite a few  other thai^'hls^suppbrtewi ���:'?nt?theTau-  di��nce.\v:-7-V^-7'';:',y77-.^7 .7 'x'-x  bot^35  bot .35  boL.35  B  '.Vi-Xv  ;;'JsVT  P:^7:^ l!^?!^  yMs  :f:. -4��A'  mx  mfy  xAs4&xy.  l*D|p7Slll^WE*|ER GOATS  i. patterns  .j;areA:s.  ���AXXXA  Special  i?wg7 ja^:feyy of fheselnvheat^str  77 ^ the .latest creations 7  each 10.00  ;K/77tM^LDING:::7v;: 7'- /^  ,Aluminum FRY;:i*fih^  ;; 7. '',S5pecial -:fpri Garnpirt^7if7  Our ��rice"   ^EAGH�� I _i2S  Y  Y  Y-  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ���14  The question of enlarging the  school at Canford, ia now under  the consideration of the Department of Education and the local  school board.; The present accomodation is taken up and  triere.;'. > are: eleven children of  sch^lag^ ready, to attend once  provision^ irmade forthenj.  In order7to remedy the situate  mii Mr.'���'��������� ;E.7 J," Rhodes, secretary of the school board, X states  that anj inspec.tp?^^ of the Department of Mucation will visit vthe  idistrict shortly: ^it^ sav;view :te  to corisideriog; the ehiarging of  the present building. Canford  is7a: ^growing  community,  and  ������^?^%^La,!lM��tpm^^thBtXfl��a'  better than.the .Powser Goyerninent  would left a bitter taste in the' inouths  of those who caught the remark, and  who showed their contempt, by /'icy  silence and annoyed jqoka.  Mr. ?- G. StoWMti itte;%ci|i.ftrmi  er, opened hjs remarks; with ii vfine  patriotic delivery which compelled^ the  appreciative attention of bis, hearers.  Sy>Wi?al|y he.dwglt onlPremijr Jftawsar  as an autocrat, called; him "the whole  thing" and the /'whole cheese;" and  waasure he looked like a reai: Nappl-  eantf I^.wa^^i^^hajt, th^fanner  orator left absolutely  uncritized the  whjcb^^; alone' will;;ebsnr^^or'^i^''an  ayalanbbe of agricultural votes from  small farmers who reali*e thefbenefiei-  alcintentiona of ^he'Act;'''!7';;: X'7'77;7  I^Pf^^iy^M^S^r^^ha  |^^^^n^b^ig|s^gtionsJ frbm7  My learned fWe^w^^Bhocke^to  ���"fY^^l.ye^'i^y^pMet'^'bn^-^piug-1  png'.V -W>ieh,BQJjne.| .naughty Coriserva-  jiv|8,eyjdentljihadr%��ia!|e4,w  qbje?t presumably pfjetisng the electors read the Bwbrh evidence of the case  heard by a Liberal judgle^' "! K     ���  Pe denotinced. .^,, pjiinphjet. He  ;|aned ��tj��ll fidefl^ j|i, search,, of the  names , of the auttbrs. ,ojf publishers,  ���vratually dropping'it with; the horror  to be expected from one picking up a  a!aj) of tripja in,,tti��i^ark.-. The painph  jet^vas sp^rapag^anjt to; Mr. Grimmett  fe felt it was "n^t fit fo^an>,,decent  passed over the faces b| the ��� 'audience,  when the genial biit excited $ speaker,  afffin fondled the pamphlet frequently  wi^h delightful forgetfulness of his last  descrirrt:ph7flf:iti'';'7^77.' ''���"'.  .....���'.i.  . S?^&'Mjirptiy;, ��� the,ABhcroft -^wyer  is.so well known'here 'he,7'can ^always  depend pn an attent^tjve hearing, and  got itat thisi meeting. He epoiogetic-  ally explained he cpuld not go into'ex  ��� 7 7 : Special shades; and<weights; forf the season. 'X 7 y  ^Big7yajiie;s|:7^5p.^  L         ' '" ' ''  ' ' ' '       ' '       '" j.;'.'".   (,r.  i'"ryt-y:  �� great activity a��the lumber mil  ^   the reason for increasing-enroli-  *��''jinipippi;fic]uidi$p atfiiejs^iool is  easiiy>found;^': '\.7,;yix'y ���-^ '��� 7:7���';  Y  S'����'  ^ xx-  ^7:*  rAM;  ���,Mf;'7'\},';'' ������'���* :'-J'-r,:^v.-<f,;v.*���'���;,���;-V^: ���~..<'y~kA\i>i:*i-x'yy--'>?Ayx^ 7T '  XiVhJie for 7Lucks ^and7 provincial  Vrogre^'.yXyxx y'-y  ���iWxi  >Uw-i  'ti  ���i"^i:~"~Ti-Tr^r?A*W��l.,-.*f)!P:''tRfJ��,Yi  een months ago 'when the elections  lyere first mooted and up to that night  {?^d managed tq., ]^ji cJ^rt ^f-TJfjBfle  nusOijtffs., The ^un^ .wya bpw^erhad  not allowed "Jiininjr^ tPl^begc^ip./ig::  norant politicBily, for ihe ^uickeiv^tep-  I^i^iiijljii.l  yyxmk&m&&yxiy  y '?^;siii^^;^'v;TOi^^;  ���fc&:.rfym$^���i^^  fr-^fiyiiiXD^^  ra.ft����77 :���';;������..'7 XXXXXXXXX-'  ^lM$^tiyx  Wx :mx. '0:^^^^^^^^S0$&SM&&^^. 7  'T  i^Pwv^/'  !����?~  -)'?-'*���  :3r7  HWMWDAY, 'SHPT. 13, 1816  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  THE  In the City of Merritt  Has seating accommodation for 300 persons and is open for rent  Public Meetings $4.00 per night.    Dances, Entertainments, etc., $7.00  The foregoing rates include use of Piano,.Light and,Fuel.  ��� ���. "'��������� ���      ���������Special Rates to Lodges -  For further information apply to Jas. McGrath, E. Staton or W. Cranna  K.P. Lodge meets every Wednesday at 7.30 p.m.    Pythian Sisters  meet Second !and, fourth Thursdays at S p.m;!-      ���  THE   NICOLE  VALLEY  NEWS  Published Every Friday       .  ' .7.'  Publisher : Edward C. Bell '   .{'., -,. ���: X Editor; Ernest B. MXitoit  ADVERTISING  RATES  ON   APPLICATION  Subscriptions, payable In advance, $2.00 per year In Canada.  Britain. United Sts'es and.Foreign .Countries, $2.50..; "'"     .t'M  Great  Address :   The Nicola Valley News* P.O. Drawer 'L,'Merritt, Bi C.  THF TRUTH ABOUT ASPEN .GROVE _. .  At a meeting held'in the ;Mini8ter8':..ro6rh at the Parliament  Buildings at Victoria there were present Premier Sir Richard McBride, Mr. J. J. Warren, respecting the Kettle Valley Railway, Mr.  John Bate, from Aspen Grove, Isaac Eastwood, of Merritt, and Mr.  Alex Lucas.  The meeting was held for the purpose of discussing the question  of permitthg the Kettle Valley Railway to divert their route shown  on the plans filed with the Department and yet allow them to draw  their subsidy.  If this concession was granted to the Company Mr. Warren offered, and in behalf of the Company, agreed that he would put up  $15,000 to be spent in the development of a mining property in the  Aspen Grove district, the property to be chosen and the money to  be expended under the directions of a mining engineer to be chosen  by the Premier. If,' after this new development work had been  performed, the showings were sufficient to justify the building of  a railway Mr. Warren undertook to build a branch line to the district on a subsidy equal to that received for the building of the  main line. - ' ��� t  ln the event of the company refusing or neglecting to build the  Premier agreed to grant the same, subsidy to any private individual  or company, that woul<J build a branch, and Mr. Warren agreed that  the K.V.R. would give them connections with their main line,-and  all the usual shipping facilities of branch lines., The subsidies referred to are. we understand, $3,200 per mile from the Dominion  Government and $5000 per'mile, from the Provincial Government,  making a total of $8,200 per mile.  The schedule to chapter 64 of the Statutes of British Columbia,  1914, page 482, embodies the agreement between the Government  and the railway company respecting the construction of a branch  line into the Aspen Grove district. 'X        -    * ' ~  Briefly the arrangement can be summed up 'thus.���The Federal  and Provincial governments by promising legislative aid and large  'subsidies^ and the Kettle Valley Railway by a .heavy financial ex-,  pendfture offered tai" back" theirineans arid resources against the  enter prise, energy and activity of those,who would reap the first  benefits shpuid their prospecting and development work prove successful.       , >       '   '���*' v ��� ,<,-*'  Contrary to the view, o�� |;he '' Herald " which has a fondness for  linking mining development with .politics,- as, instanced by the  Aberdeen Mine road,controversy, thinking people assert that politics  should be shunned absolutely and completely wh-en enterprises' affecting therwelfare of the community as a whole are concerned. '  The Herald states that '\ ,     >' ',' -"��� 7  " some people who are interested in Aspen Grove approached  Mr. Lucas to ask him whether or not the Government intended  to press the agreement with the Kettle Valley Railway regarding the building of a branch line intolthat district/'  Will the paper, or Mr. R. J. Armstrong,  whom it quotes,  state  whether the developments to date justify the expenditure of thou-  san ds of dollars per mile for the building of a brapch railway line.  Has Mr, Armstrong, or others interested, developed-'-or had developed���a mining property to anything approaching'the stage where  the showings of copper justify the K.V.R.' contributing'up to  $15,000 to further develop such a .property.'   Would any railway  need " pressing" to-go on building a branch line in any1 place if it  could see sufficient tonnage to warrant the expenditure.  A raihoad is built and operated to,carry passengers and freight.  It is financed by people who expect profits and dividends, and its  financing is assisted by Governments only when the prospects are  moj e than usually brightrand some tangible protection is assured;;  If our contemporary would urge those who own mining properties  to endeavor to adopt definite, organized, and not haphazard, measures along development lines (instead of wasting time laboring  tin ough a column of space in a paltry effort to charge on hearsay  that Premier Bowser or Mr. Alex. Lucas are untruthful) it might  heip to hasten the development and prosperity of a.jnost promising  mineral bearing territory. Som�� politicians'declare that at election  times any person can get the government to1 build him anything  from a culvert to a trail,, road or bridge, but so faf the system has  not advanced to a stage where one can get a few mjies of- railway  built just for'the asking.        ��� '".'.'���.  ,     '����� . '   ' ' '���-!���' )���  - ,  .  WALTERS   SUPPORTS   "THE,  PLUGGER"'  ���  Mr. Macdonald Mr. Brewster's man Fridav, is the man ,who set  off to purify politics and he made his famous start., in Vancouver. He set the heather afire with .liis burning words of lofty  patriotism/ He wanted to live in the pure, white light of civic  righteousness that exalteth a nation. The idea of public reformation Iburned in. his great soul and so be gathered about  him choice spirits, like unto himself and set himself to the great  task.  A discard from the prairies became his chief evangelist; one  Scott who showed him how ts'make two(votes grow' where only  , one grew before, and whose methods were so thoroughly- fruitful  that Vancouver whose population had decreased say 25 per cent  since the previous election, found at election that'its voting'  strength had increased 50'per cent and Joseph Waiters supports him.  Some little votes getter that, where the fires of reform and  purity were burning so brightly. Today the apostle of reform  wears the well-earned title of. "The Plugger." * .and he  .,   V   .  '���~ ; ��� = :  stood on Joseph Walters'.platform.     From Seattle and abroad  cam9 citizens of the slums, and denizens of-the underworld,  to  steal the Canadian franchise.    Macdonald and  his coterie were  caught.    Decent citizens stand aghast at the revelation.and many  of the latter thinking of his own party have .repudiated him. and  he is announced by a local Liberal as  "Mr.  Future Attorney-  General."  Now after all this is proven beyond any doubt, after Macdonald  and the pure spirits of his party had paid the bills,   like a' boy  caugnt with the stolen apples on him,  he says   "the other boys  must have put them in my pocket."     This is the man whom Mr.  Brewster introduced as a "big man physically, MENTALLY and  MORALLY."   His associates in the art of reform, otherwise of  plugging admitted on oath their crime and the pay they received  per vote.......Think that over Mr. Elector!    Scott .and Pierce,  found the Seattle climate preferable to that of Victoria, but held  frequent telephone discussions with their chief. Gosden, one of  the tools, could not get the balance he claimed as due him' so, he  followed Macdonald to Victoria ind made life miserable for him  there. Under oath and supported by circumstances that made  his story appear true, Gosden said Macdonald had met him at a  point agreed upon at night and made a tardy and final payment of  $50, Thereupon Macdonald had him arrested for perjury.; Mac-  donald's evidence was at direct variance with that of Gosden and  others, but Gosden was not convicted. And so wherever Brewster  and Macdonald heve gone on their late tour, trusting that the  people may have had only a piecemeal story of the exposure, they  have made the booby talk that it was all a wicked Tory plot, a  Tory plot forsooth to defeat a Tory minister of Public Works.  The Grit idol of last February is discredited even at home.  Electors should remember that should the Liberals by any means  be elected this man Macdonald would undoubtedly be appointed  Attorney-General for the Province. Support for Joseph Walters  is support for M. A. Macdonald.  ��� ��� ��  Mr. B. G. Stewart, of Nicola, who delivered a forceful and  lengthy address from Mr. Walters platform at the Rex on Tuesday  night, is a farmer. Beyond saying that Mr. Bowser as an autocrat took credit for the Agricultural Credits Bill, fathered by Mr.  Lucas, he had'no criticisms,of any kind to make of even a solitary  clause.  ���      ��� -    ���  Every dollar contributed by citizens to the Red Cross Society's  funds for locaLprisoners of war will mean more pleasure-giving  and cheering necessaries and comforts for our soldier boys in exile.  the  Coldwater Hotel,  "It's Jill Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and  Commercial Men  Merritt is the gateway to the^ rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  . ���> Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.    .  Reliable information relative to the mining and ranching  industry's freely given. If you want to find 'a friend you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class hotel  of Merri tt. ���' -   Hot and Cold Water. *JJoom��  with Batfa. Five large Sample Rooms  All Vegetables,' Eggs, Milk and Cream used in lh*.Holcl are daily from oar Ranch '  w  MURDOCH  McINTYRE  Proprietor.  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Liverpool and London  and Globe  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America of  Toronto  Life & Accident  B.C. Life  Globe Indemnity of  Canada  Pure White Vegetable Parchment  FOR BUTTER WRAPPERS  Does not Darken Butter.    ' Printed'with Ink that will not'mark  through.    Makes your Butter more saleab le *  NICOLA VALLEY  NEWS JOB OPPICE'<*'  VOTE FOR THE CONSERVATIVE  ./  GOVERNMENT  'V -'  . t   x    t<.  ?i -   .   1  . c- \- " ���  <���-   \>-y  BECAUSE  >-*���"��*��� xxx;  ,w  They are responsible for tlie Shipbuilding Act, and, already TEN  SHIPS are being built ready to carry lumber to the world's  markets, j  *., j  They have brought iri the Workmen's Compensation Act, which is  admitted to be orieof the best of��� its kind.  '; :   j,   . , ;��� , * ,. /;  They have brought in tlie Agricultural Aids Bill.  They have brought in measures protecting the interests of our  absent ones at the " front" ;  Mining Legislation passed at the last session of the House, and  now in operation, has put new vim into this industry;  LeaveiPoj|tjcs_alone for a moment and Use Business  Sense  here's the summing up���the liberal politicians are hungry for office, and  are using every means, including plugging at the last bye-elections, to gain  control of the Government���for what purpose���your interests or theirs?  1 - t  1   *  Have they any Defined Policy?  NO*  Have they, as a Party, any more ability ?  NO  Have they More at Stake Individually? NO  Have thiey shown themselves Worthy of Trust ? NO  Have they Proven the Present Government Corrupt ? NO  Then Why Change  You would'nt appoint an apprentice as Manager of a 10-  million dollar business if you owned it���would you?  o  l-1  pi  1  IT  9 TflRBE  THE NICOLA VALLET NEWS  r��       **T"* *<v  Wednesday, Sept. 13J.1916  '-'i.  BANKING BUSINESS  ijNvrfen.      -     ^  Wif invite the banking ac-~  -counts of .merchants, manu-  factu re/s^. - societies-'. .'and  jodiykfuals. We offer 'the  modern Banking service of  a progressive Bank, possess^  ing; ample resources, extensive connections and  complete facilities.  All customers of The Bank  of Toronto are assured every  courtesy and attention.  Incorporated 1855  Assets       $61,000,000-  15  N. B. Rogers, Manager  (Merritt Branch)  H��  BANK ofTORONTO-  The Newsy Pars  Mrs. Towe left last week end  for Nanaimo to join Mr. Towe  who is 'employed at the mines  there.  "My name is Prince,, please  give me a diink," was labelled  on a box containing Mr. George  Devonshire's favorite dog, shipped to Can more last Saturdiy.  Miss K. McKeating, of, the  nursing sluft of St. Pauls Hospital, returned to Vancouver, on  Saturday morning's train, after  spending the summer vacation at  her home hero.  M. L. GRIMMETT, LL.fi.  BARRISTER,   S0UC1T0R      ' '  NOTARY  PUBLIC,   ETC.  Solicitor for'the Bank of Montreal  MERRITT ,        NICOLA  MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public'  Sotffilor'for Me Bapk of ^Toronto  VpGtfT j Street, Merritt  Opp&siterColdwator Hotel    ,.,  ,  8YNO.PSIS OF COAL MINING REGU  LATJONS.  ��     LODGES'   **\  '*  '  COURT UNITY, NO.- 9205,  :.'i'U,F,"  Meetejn JCjjf JP.  Hall on the fourth  Monday of every  month at 8 p.m.'  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited,  R. LANGSTAFF,  ,, ; i        Secretary  EWART, ���, W.  c;.b."',  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 33,  A. jF^ft fl. M.'',..'  ��� Regular meetings  in" Masonic  Hall; "Granite  ; aver third Tues-  : day in each month  ;at8 p,nv i -.,   v  : .Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to at-  * tend."       " -( -  A j R. Cabrwgton.  F. Rankine  ;*-,W'M.f ,  vV*  **=  V. +,*  USUI,., 1701:-y  ,V  >   '* fXi<..       v V;*r  Merritt Lodge %  ,��� \   a ;   , .i  Regular meeting? vin the'Oddfellows'  T Hall on the first and third Fiidays in  each month at 7.30p.mj "The Scarlets  meet on the 14(h off each njonthl !  Visiting Brethren Vre cordially invited  J. G. Warren. W.M,  Geo. Slater, Recording Sec.  Photographs  of the Best  NoMTime" like'- the present  to have your. Photo taken  Think it "over, and then call anil}  see samples at the City Studio.  y^.  Chas/f;. Hooper  Opp. Schools ,    Merritt  I'  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  In* Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Albei  ta/ the Yukon Te'irltoiy, the Northwest  Territories and Jn a portion of tho  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twentyone years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres' will be leased tn  one applicant.   ������  7 "Application for a lease must be made  bVtbe'appllcant in'person to the Agon;  or Sub-Agent of the district in whic.J  the''rights applied for are situated.  1 Id surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or'legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsuj-vej,-  ed 'territory the tract applied for*shall  be staked out by tbe applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a-fee of ?6, which will be refunded if the" rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shalt 'be paid' on the merchantable  output'of'the mihe'at the rate of'flve  cents"per"-'ton. ~J ' ' ' '" '  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the-Agent with sworn "returns  accounting for the full quantity'of merchantable 'coal mined and pay therroy1  alty thereont 'if the coal'mining rijgb'ts  "are l;not being operated, such returns  snbuld'rbe furnished at least once n  fai.-*��<"'- v<:-  X -  - '/  TfiW'Tlias'll'wni-ihcluae'tbe cbal Jain-  ing,rishJB only, rescinded by Cha{��"27  of 4-5 George V. assented to 12th June,  ��&xry  ;   y;ul:yy>}^  ", For "full - ���information application  should bejQade,tovtb.e>Secretary,of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  t;o any Agent'or Sub-Agent of ,Domin  ion Lands. \ j-yl Xj;^ ���> ���* - i  f ',-     '     ',"'   W. W. CORY,  ;-Deputy Minister of the Interior  j N.B.-^Unanthorlzed publication o|  this  adtertisement will' not be pa|^  for.'-83575. .  The Newsy Pars  Lucas supports a capable government, vote for him and show  your faith in the men who have  faith in the province.  Mr. and Mrs James Fairfoul,  of Midddlesboro, are receiving-  congratulations on the arrival of  a baby girl, born at Nkola Valley General Hospital on Saturday  September 9th.  4 .J.^..J.4^J..y,^^,>%v.j^,.t.4..^.;..--  .<-.5..:.vv^~j..j.<.^.^.^..j.;.^..;.^.4..j.^.^.^mJ.^.^.^.^mJ.  Mrs. Ralph Pope and Miss  Phyllis Pope were passengeis on  Saturday's morning train to  Spences Bridge where they met  Mr. Pope who was on his waj  home from Glacier to spend a  few days holiday in the city.  . At Nicola next Tuesday the  ladies of the Patriotic Guild will  make the draw for the handsorue  crocheted-boudoir cap and slippers worked and presented by  Mrs. J. Guichon, Snr. to the Nicola Guilds and raffled to aid the  funds of the Guild.  L. E. Ruddy, employed by  Alaric and Heyes, sustained an  unfortunate injuiy on Saturday.  While loading logs a log rolled  on him causing ra compound fracture of the right Jeg above the  ankle, a painful injury for which  he is being treated by Dr. Gillis  at the local hospital.  Returning officer John McRae,  of Agassiz, spent the week end  in the Nicola Valley visiting the  different points where polling  stations were established and  transacting other business in  connection with the election.  Thursday's election will make the  fourth in Yale in which Mr. McRae has held the office of returning officer.  �� >���          *  . The telephone gang-' which' (has  been busily engaged lately doing  repair work to the poje Jine from'  Merritt to Lower Nicola is about  Ijhrough the work, an'd 'a start  will-be made immediately on the  installation of the new service  which Is tq connect * Mamette  Lake district with the local system. ? W. B. Jackson and Robert  Barrett, ��� under .contracts, haye  almost completed the delivery of  poles to be used in'the extension.  Owing to theie being no  quorum, the regular meeting of  directors of NicoJa Vail y General Hospital called for Monday  night could not be held /and the  meeting instead will be held on  Blonday September 25th. This  will mark the last regular session  of the present board of directors  as the annual meeting will be  held next month whenathe election of officers for the next yearly  terra will be held.  IMILLINERY  * LADIES ! we are now receiving our  f 0_a_____tj��� MUlxmrvi f  ���>      Direct from France, which we shall be pleased to show you  �� Our Stock consists of (he veiy latest creations of  | Jlarfs nub Hrm fnrfc lEv-bcls  ������                  Also aq e.xquisite collection of Flowers.Feathers,  X Mounts,   etc. 2   that  Collars, Vestees, etc.,  We have a fine collection'of the very latest styles at prices  '" will please you  Agent  for the  Pan-Co.-Vesta Dyers  and  Cleaners  IHE   ROSE   MARCHE  n  WAR  ��� Loan!  i  IJ��J Place your War lioaii .Invent  ments with me.  Application forms  and full particulars.  A. R/OA^RINGTQI*,Merritt'  ��� '   fig ��  n  i  fltt       A  ii  MEN, BE BRITISH!  V  a  That was the jcry of the Captain of the ill-  fated "Titanic" and the Men WERE British  WOMEN *nd CHILDREN FIRST"  ���?ji  The Douglas' Lake Cattle Company  Limited  Are^he Owners of the following des-  scribed Stock : --  Cattte branded III left or right hip,  ; ^v^nted when sold bar under brand.  II Cattle, Jbranded G S right ribs, ventel  '* ���" '. "'when sold bar over brand.  Horseg'foraoded 111 left or right shoul-  -    "   der  '    -'��  Horses branded J, left or right shoulder  i    '> ��'i  Vent for horses when sold is bar over  brand. There is a Reward of $150,00  offered for information that will lead  to -conviction-' of aTiybody^Stealing or  Killing,apy of our Stock.  .'.- F. F. Ward, Manager  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  I    ��'f'l   '_'.     ' _____  ' A�� the Sewing Season is approaching  let N.- J. ��|arwick^ the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agept put your Sewing Mac-  chine in goo4 order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him to your door. Old machines  taken in'part payment for new ones.  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue.   <  ForiRent  Hall ov��r,,the f( Nicolo  Valley, News " .Office A  Suitable for Lodge Meetings  LOY? RENT - ,  Apply A. N. B. ROGERS  For Sale  Good Ranch; Team  jMare.and.Geldingr, 7-and 10  years oldvi-espectiyely. Geld- J-  . ing- o;ood' roadster.    Weight  v Apply Box M, MNetys" Office  WHEN YOU VISIT ;, . '  ;"  VICTORIA  STATTAT'Tlff'  '"       '   ,w     '  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  ��� '        cor.' Yates and Douglas <  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  1   J. B. Plumb, late of Merritt.,  j j' ^_L*__J 0^-L   A high class Hofel wjth reasonable ratei  centrally, located���ten minutes from CA  t, .!)���*; Whp,^;; 50c7 75c.', $1.00.  Remember Hie BRUNSWICK  Write ahead, for reservations. ,   ,  PROCLAMATION  YALE    ELECTORAL  DISTRICT  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to  the electors of Yale Electoral District,  in connection with the Provincial Election to be held on Thursday, September  fourteenth, one thousand nine hundred  and sixteen, that a poll will be opened  at following places:  Agassiz, .Oddfellows hall  Hope, court house  Yale, court house '   " ,  Nc'rth Bend,_court house���. <���  Lytton, court house  Ashcroft, court house  Cache Creek, post office  Canford, posL office  Coutlie, Solomon's store  Middlesboro, Coal Co. ofiice  Nicola, Government office  Brookmere, post office  Harrison Mills, public hall  McGillivray8,sMcGilIivray's liouse  Harrison Hoi*Springs, post offlce  Quilchena, Guichon's store  St. Elmo, public ball  Camo 76, C.P.R. station  Keefers, C.P.R. station  Spence's Biidge, Government building  "Walhachin, Shells office  Dot, Abbott's house  Coyle Station, public hall  'Mammette Lake, post office  Mgri itt, court house  Aspen Grove," post office  Thynne's^ J. G. Thynne's house >     t   ,  Coldwater, Olson's house  Stump Lake, mines office  Douglas Lake, D. L. Cattle Co store  Upper Hat Cieek, post office  Ruby Creek, Inkman's store  Popcum, Damaskey & Hall office  Boston Bar, Abray's store  Port Dougjas, Purcil's stole     (  Spuzzum, post office store,' /   ,  Highland Valley, 0, K. Mines Office.  Aberdeen Mines, Aberdeen Mine's Office  ' The Forward Adult Bible Class GIVEN under my hand at Agassiz  which irieets 'at the Methodist f"tfish Columbia this eighth day {qf  _.,,".      . n -   i ^ .    September, one thouiand nine hundred  .Chiirclf e#ery Sunday afternooh J a J sixteeni  iovires*y��ur presence. Scriptural/       '    . ^OHNMcRAE  That is a set law of manhood.    Cowards only  . violate that principle. It is essentially British to  look to the saf>ty of WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRSt :,  the British Columbia Prohibition  If  Y,  V "' (I  i >   >A  ACT IS ESSENTIALLY BRITISH  It denies the right of the barroom and the club to destroy  a  woman's  or  a  , child's home.  It-denies the right and  ���DRUNK. '   opportunity _oi_ a _man_ to _ go  home to- his  Wife'  It denies the right of a majfr to use the home of his children and wife as  place for carousal and drunkenness. p    '..'     ���.,  i It empowers police to DEFEND THE HOME if the house is  being.? used   *.pt.  as a centre of liquor supply. ... ���. ' -"...' ���'���   >    -.  The British Columbia Prohibition Act STOPS t|^i sal^: of  "booze" under penalty of SIX MONTHS' IMPRISQl^ENT  AT  HARD  LABOR.     It   treats  rich   and  poor alike  BE BRITISH!   BE REASONABLE!  Mark Your Ballot Paper Tfius:  VOTE  "YES"  Are you in favour  of bringing; tho %      ��<  "British ColumbJ^.  Prohibition    Act"  into force ?  i     .                    - t  ���        ,              ,n. 'AM ���  YES  X  NO  VOTE  "YES"  *��  -.i,\'  lesson next Sunday.  Returning^Qfficer  NOTE i  NOTE��� fthis-sp&ce is paid for from a fund made up of voluntary contributions  of men ard women who believe in the-abbli(.ion. of the degrading Htjuor traffic.  )  1  i  t     r,"*   ,i At��sy..,iy\i,t    ' ���>o'  .,*'  1  Four, ,.  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  WSDNESPAY^SEPIM 3&r;1916  my m   >...��ij.ij-Mtij.i.  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  ^Sfce House of JtCerit in  MERRITT,   ''     -  B.C.  I  We have one ofthebaVthought ofand most talked of Hotels in B.C.  EUROPEAN  PLAN  ��������������� f  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  ' .    ��� :, iUY.  Ai Hoggan, Prop#  I  Free .SeedrGrain  and Potatoes  COAL  After September iOth,  the prices of NUT1, and'.LUMP Coal at the Tipple will be  NUT COAL, J    -       $3.50 per ton  LUMP eO^L,    -       $4.50 per ton  MIDDLESBORO COLLIERIES UNITED  ��� u *>  By instructions of the Hon.  Minister of Agriculture a distribution pf superior sorts of grain  and potatoes will be made during  the coming winter and spring to  Canadian farmers. The samples  for general distribution will consist of spring wheat (about 5 lbs.)  white oats (about 4 lbs.) barley  (about 5 lbs.) and field peas  (about 5 lbs.) These will be sent  out from Ottawa. A distribution  of potatoes in samples of about 3  lbs. will be carried on irom several of the experimental farms,  the Central Farm at Ottawa supplying only the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. All samples  will be sent free by mail.  Only one sample of grain and  one of potatoes can be sent to  each. farm. As the supply of seed  is limited, farmers are advised to  apply .early. Requests received  after the end of December will  probably be too late.  Anyone desiring a sample  should write (post free) to the  Dominion Cerealist.Experimental  Farm, Ottawa, for an application  blank.  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  VICTOR HUGO  AND  MAJOR HUGO  "VICTOR HUfSQtf,   .  ,    Imp.-(98^V/(15&��)V   :;  Sire: Sir Hugo',vl0924-��C �� -';  1st Dam: Fair Maid 1888K:bjRBfcrcelluB  ���   niio.      '     _^:"'-t ���% ,  2nd Dam: Lady Bell. 899?, by Darnley  ,222 ri*      ,* *  Commencing May 3,'% VICTOR  H^G6"wilWtand  Every Wednesday,  At D. Munro'* Sublet,  MERRITT,  From 10 a.m. to 5'plm., and  During the rest of the Week at the  Dodding Ranch at Lower Nicola.  "MAJOR   HUGO"  Will Stand daily  at the  Ranch  TERMS: To insure with Foal $15  For further information apply to  ^ D. DODDING, (Owner)  Lower Nicola - B. C.  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  Get our prices and estimates  on any or all branches of the  Plumbing Business.  Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED  STOVES  AND   HEATERS  put into first class shape  POPE AND SHALL  PLUMBERS* TINSMITH*  -    in i ��� .<���s  Repair Work of AU Kinds  1 Palace Bakery<"$  . > *  :: Bread, Cake*> Paatry, etc. XX  ',    Hoi Pies every Saturday.   '.  j j' W. FAIRLEY, Proprietor j \  i"t-����-l"l"��-H'��-lyl"l"H"K"t"l"t';t"'l"i"l;����  '    Notice of Cancellation of'  Reserve^  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Slat  the reserve existing on lands" formerly  covered by expired i limbers Lieeawes  Nob. 24104, 24107, 24112, 24116; 42749,  42750, 42751 and 42756, by reason of a  notice published in the British Colombia  Gazette on the 27th of December, 1907,  is cancelled.  R. A. RENWICK;.  Deputy Minister of Lands.  Department of Lands,  ��� Victoria; BTC.T ,  August 16th, 1916.  FOR SALE.-A Snap. Four  roomed house, 24x24, 2 chicken  houses 10x12, 1 wood shed and  feed house. Good well. A little  over 1 acre land all cleared.  $550.00 cash. Apply to A. R.  Carrington.  The next session of- Yale  County Court has been tentative  ly fixed to open on Monday,  September 25th. His Honor  Judge Swanson presiding.  F. S. Gay in  Casualty List  The name of Corporal F. S.day  of Merritt, appeared in the list of  Canadian casualties published on  Saturday among the wounded,  and his many friends in the Nicola Valley and elsewhere will  wish for the soldier a quick recovery from his wounds. No details are yet to hand.  Mr. Gay.it will be remembered  after enlisting proceeded to Ottawa. He had no sooner arrived  there when his unit was called  out to render assistance in fighting the big conflagration which  demolished a large portion of the  stately parliament building?.  From information received it  would appear that Corporal .Gay  has been wounded very shortly  after crossing to France.  Auction Sale  I have received instructions to sell by  Public Auction the Stock-in-trade and.  Fixtures of Mr.  Andrew   Ewart   of  Merritt,  On Wedneseay, September 20,  at 2.30 p.m.  on the premises known as his place of  business.  Articles consist of Odd Vests, Odd  Coats, Suits of Clothes.Buttons.Thread,  Tapes, Coat Hangers, Needles, Overshoes, Two Iron Clothes Stands, One  Dressing Mirror, One Iron Bedstead  and Mattresses," Four Chairs, Job Lot  of Wall Paper, Christmas Toys, One set  Warehouse Trucks, One Tailor's Sewing Machine (Singer), One Gasoline  Stove, Two Stoves, and Sundries.  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Auctioneer  -r*r=  m*._  Only Prime Goods  PRIME   BEEF,  MUTTON  AND  PORK  PREMIUM BACON AND HAMS  FRESH PURE PORK SAUSAGE  Creamery Butter, Ranch Eggs.   ' - Lettuce, Celery, etc.  'Prices Lowest Quality Highest  Nicola Valley Meat Market  ���*    Ml  CONTRACTOR  Estimates given on any Kind of Building Work  No JoL) Too-Small,  Electric Lighting  Supplies, and  Electrical fittings  All Goods at Lowest Prices  Store and Office: Opposite. Coldwater Hotel  ���-_,;  Vote the Cash Store Your  Grocery Trade for it Has  \ [ been Proved T^at They Sell Prime  :S6bpila^it Lowest Prices.  Mines for Sale  I have been prospecting in the  Aspen Grove and Nicola Country  for ten years and have ^following properties for sale:  Copper, Iron, Mica,  Asbestos, Gypsum.  Private reports on mines,and Assessment work and Prospecting1  undertaken for compasies;." I  have a complete outfit awL will  take contracts.jn mines* Corres*  pondence invited.  Wm. McNeill, Merritt, B.C.  S  *���*���  Wal Household Flour, *f $9-lb. 2.00 \ j  Pure Lard, 3 1J>. tin .60, 5 lb. .95, .10 lb. 1.90  Crisco, .���<>>'- 2 t;n8' -65,  Raspberry* Strawberry and, Jelly, -  *>>.-  Recruits  Are wanted for the  Home Service and  O erseas Battalions  Full particulars can be obtained  from Sergt.   J.  Leitch,  at the  Nicola Valley News Office, any     __....  evening"(except, Sundays) from the Provincial Court House from  |7.30 p.m. to 8.801>.����. 'S *�����t0 7 P-m-  FOR SALE:  Aberdeen Augus  Bulls  AND  Humpshire Down  Rams  All Prize WinnerS'jat Vancouver  Pair  DEEP   CREEK. FARM  Langley Tort, B. C.  The Rose Marche' haa now  taken up, the agency for the  Pan-Co-Vesta Cleaners ' and  Dyers of Vancouver, All business  entrusted to us will receive  prompt attention. Price list on  application.  The .polling will take place ia  4 lb. tins, each .85  Rice, ��� Pure Clean Grade ' 10 lbs.- for .50  Quaker Oats > per pkt. ,30  Rolled OaU ,    8 lbs. .45, 20 lbs. .90  Wheat Flakes, B. K. per pkt. .30  Campbells Tomato and Vegetable Soup per tin . 15  Lunch Tongue, Small size, .25, med. size .45  Develled Ham, 3 tins .20  Marmalade Per jar .23  Peanut Butter, Per jar .23  St. Charles or Canada First MUk tall tins, 2 for .25  SPECIAL PAY DAY OFFER in G> & B. Jams,  4-lb. tins .65  Palm Olive Soap,              r 2 cakes .25  Soap, Royal Crown Brard 7 bars .25  Ginger Snaps, per lb. .10  Fancy Assorted Tea Biscuits , per lb. .15  Coal Oil Per tin 1.50  ::   Bran,      per 100 lbs. 1.50. Shorts, per 100 lbs. 1.60  1 ��� _  ���  ��� ^ ���  i I Pay-day Stove Special Bargain  One 4-hole Stove, with large Oven, regular $21.00,  Special Price $15.00  TO THE-ELECTORS  OF THE YALE ELECTORAL RIDING  j  I have been over the Yale riding, from end to endvaad.bava endeavored faithfully and impartially to lay before the electors the reason, why  1 think you Bhould vote against Mr. Lucas and the Bowser government:  This election   is not a party contest, but a struggle'by the people to  secure the control of their own affairs,,.which  through  the\ indifference ^  and weakness of our representatives have been allowed to be controlled -v  by our men���Bowser and hia.machine.   Leading Conservatives throughout the riding and the Province have, come, to.tte decision, that .the1  machine must be disloyal and the best way'to���do~it i**to vote, for^ the ^  TLiberal Candidates. f   '      \      '_    * ������ ..,-*-'!_>  I a.m pledged to assist in routing out the present patronage   system,  which ,is the curse of the Province. ''"Tha tarming; and, mining t jnd��;��ies ,,  '   will receive my earnest attention, , I ,.da;n\4yflur.,support lalso aa-"the ^  local candidate, my investments'are in Marritfc andihoma is in. Merri^"  ..j,   -I.        :.-_  ~- A���. ��.~nt.:....i ..# fluM inWntiMsa BM fla. Vltjll .ftfl TTlft .M  of the Y ile riding.will always h'tve-my watchful, a��^^''^V^Vi^  ^ I ask sou for your 6upporUn>the.ca!����io��/l61ean and. ihon^t;;gov��rn--\c,,  ���X1 -'I        <��" r , .,        '       * ,        '."l     /  Ofj ��� '    *' ���,.'    * t-Al-g?*<-r\r ���������<  ment: ���   f     ���       '   '      .      v��V.Jhfrt.Mi^ i*1.. ;"      '   .   %' ' ��� '  YouV��*>ithfuJly ' *->  *      ; JOSEPH WALTERS  'I > '  Performances]      Atex. Lut��|8  ..A < 1^8  - m  VS.  IS  V8S  Promises  J. Walters  ::    Mens Blue Work Shirts each   .90  ��� ���   Working'Glovet,   Special cut prices   from   .50 to 1.50   ;;  Cotton Socks 7 pairs for 1.00   T  '-    Black Cotton Socks 3 pairs for   .50  ���    Grey and White Cotton Blankets   large size  per pair 2.00 to 2.50  !!   Girls Strap Slippers,   a few pairs at special cut prices  THE  MJ^RRJTT  ^���JhH-********^^**^*********^  HESLOPS MEAT MARKET  PRIME  BEEF,  MUTTON,  PORK AND  FOWL  FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  . EXTRA   SPECIAL   SHIPMENT   OF  Cherries,PIums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers  LOCAL  MUTTON  CRUSHED BONE, makes excellent Chicken Feed, 5-Ibs. .25  "STORE   OP   QUALITY"  Our Motto  'Who has done the most for the  Miners? Alex. Lucas  \vfho induced the Government  to give needed assistance to the  Colliery Proprietors, so that they  could continue to operate the  mines? Alex.Lucas..  Who were the first to agitate (or  aTdutyoiTFuelrOil ? "The^Mer ritt  Conservatives.  c >,    -  Who actually placed a duty on  Fuel Oil? The Conservalive Government at Ottawa.  Who would have placed Oil on  the "free" list? Sir Wilfred Laurier  and the Liberal party by their reciprocity bill.  Moral: Support the Conservative Party.  A vote for Lucas is o  vote for the Conservative Party, for Progress  and Prosperity.  Lucas.was the first,to advocate  the Agricultural Credit. It is now  an accomplished fact. Loans,.have  already.been made, the smallest being $250, the latest $100Q; thus  following out the declared policy of  the Government to give assistance  to the small farmer first.  The proposed Co-operative marketing scheme of Mr. Lucas swill.  be,when it is brought into effec^, of,  even more importance to the farmer than the Agricultural Credit  Act.- It will, when worked out,  placethe producer in almost direct  touch* with the consumer.���No  middleman^ profit. AU purchasers  know how cheaper they can buy if  tiey deal d reet with the producer.  Hence, it benefits the producer {by  finding him a market for all he produces, and the consumer by .bringing him in touch with the producer.  No Waste,  Better Market for Piro-  V 1 ��  ducer, Cheaper Produce  for Consumer  LUCAS    HAS    WORKED  FOR AND OBTAINED:  Assistance to Mines,  Aid to Farmers,  Good Roads,  Better Schools  A vote for .LUCAS is to vote; the  continuance of thjjt. good work^' '���  Eiecto^^Qn.  VOTE  FOR ALEX. LUCAS  I  ���a  11  <��iC{giiV  _/


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