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The Nicola Valley News Aug 11, 1916

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Vol. 67No#8 Xy
MERRITT,   B.C.,   FRIDAY,   AUGUST 11,  1916
Leaders Visit the Valley.
Liberal Leaders Addressed
Public Meeting in the Rex
Theatre on Saturday Night
, -7 ■■•77:77- ,._o	
Liberal leaders H. C. Brewster [tion. Regarding- the. Agricultural
and M.' A. Macdonald addressed
a well attended meeting' in the
Rex Theatre on Saturday evening, when in company with Mr.
Joseph Walters, the Yale Liberal
candidate, they reviled the Conservative government with criticism of a destructive kind,' featuring their remarks with statements that the progressive legislation put on the statutes by Mr
Credits'Bill which Mr. Lucas had
dealt with at length in a printed
circular to the electors, Mr. Walters said "the bill Is a good one
and economically sound," and
declared it was too late in the
day to criticize the bill. After
doubting whether it would be administered with impartiality,Mr.
Walters said six and a half or
seven "per cent is not cheap mon-
n^,  , , .        . "  ocvcu ^ci ecu i, it> ijul cneap mon-
Bowser and his supporters had ey for farmers.   Regarding the
been taken from the Liberal pro
gram.     Mr. Walters in a speech
clearly disappointing to the audience,   which   included   a   large
number of women and children
who had attended the  picture,
j show earlier in the evening, described the  Agricultural Credits
Act, as a good act; and .economically sound. ,Alf the "speakers
were given an attentive, hearing: I
Isaac Eastwood,,President of
the  local , Liberal   Association,
presided.     '.- J-', l/.;-
Mr Walters opened nervously
by saying thaVh^ had been
charged in the,press'with being
an;unpopular candidate and; that
he did not "seek popularity.' Any
man seeking.,popularity should
.get into the firing;line. , After
referring^ at v length to the war
and'our soldiers abroad he touch-.
ed on /women's franchise ques-1
mining industry and the fuel oil
competit[on the speaker in faltering voice which condemned his
utterances self confessedly drew
a red herring across the path of
the electors in the hall by charging that' the Minister of Mines
had urged the^C.P.R. to use fuel
True Blues Take
Care of Orphans
at Westminster
Mrs. Margeret Green, of Vancouver,
grand mistress of the provincial grand
lodge ol Loyal True Blues arrived in
the City on Tuesday and was the guest
of honor at the local lodge Jas't night.
Speaking to the 'News' Mrs. Green
referred to the work being done by
True Blues.1 throughout the province for
homeless and friendless children.
Beginning three years ago with the
sum of $100 the Loyal True Blues have
established orphanage at Westminster
with accomodation for about 30 children
and are now caring for 21 homeless and
e Child Carried city Collector Will Accept
Away by Current
—Narrow Escape |    Payments on Account of
Taxes.—Engineer Advanced
Thanks to the prompt action of
Mr. Fred Hardy, engineer at. the
Middlesboro Collieries, the life of
Diana Thompson, six year old
daughter ot' Mr. and Mrs. L.
Thompson, of Middlesboro, was
saved at the beginning of the
In company with her little sister Annie, aged seven, the children had gone to the banks oi
the Coldwater River near Gra
and friendless children, regardless of
nationality or religion and it is the
object of the institntion to inject a
Jitt e sunshine into the lives of its
r,The%a-tivities of the orphanage have
played such a prominent part in ' the
work of the coast charities that the
provincial government last year made
a special grant of $750 to the work,
which was increased this year to $1000.-
At present the work  is'being  carried
oil, it being known of course that 1 0I> in a rental  building  containing 24
Mr. Walters has peddled more
Calgary oil stock than any person
in the Nicola Valley. After as-
sefting'that he stood for cloari
and honest politics he" made the
"SunL"<file number five charges
of extravagance and wrong-doing by'the Bowser Government,-
concluding by saying, he had been
,told by *a'prominent local,conser-'
vative - executive ~ member. that  -- - •■	
.'/.he Was too damned square and .were;m«Je-   ■
iS        i. *.     -    i    tt   .    '•    ti mg to the pi
honest to go to Victoria "• ~       •
otherwise friendless youngsters ranging  fa-    ,        ^ ^ .
in age from a few months   to 14 yeais. *' . ^
The orphanage is open to all homeless   their mother following   them up
--- with provisions.   Arriving at the
river, it transpires, the children
seeing other youngsters on the
opposite bank tried to cross the
stream in a comparatively shallow part   They got into difficulties,    however,i owing   to   the
strong current,    ln the struggle
against the current Annie saved
herself by catching hold of the
brush,    Her sister, however,was
carried some one hundred yards
down  stream.    The frightened
cries of other children who gave
the alarm stirred Mr. Hardy to
render assistance and rushing to
the river side rushed into the
water and picked .up the little
one,   carrying   her   to   safety.
V^'th.the exception of apportion
)f her' dress the child was com-
At the next regular meeting of  the
City Council to  be  held  in   about  ten
lays a decision   will   be  made  on   the
ictual date of the tax sale to be held to
•ecover tax  arrears  against  property
up to and including 1914.
v The bank wrote  asking the  date  of
the proposed sale and the  communication was accordingly laid  on   the   table
until the next session.    '
Relaitive to the matter an important
pronuncement was made by City Solicitor Grimmett, at the  regulor  meet
Ihe decision lay between a man and his
conscience, and that all should be donating to some extent by self sacrifice.
" Those drastic resolutions I read in
the paper are, I consider, libellous. I
would like to see the committee turned
loose in the solicitor's law library,"
stated Aid. Greig.
Thu strong sentiment prevailed that
the council as employers should not interfere with the private matters of any
employee, even if the Government
thought otherwise in regaid to its civil
_0    ..,^,,-   i.iiyu{iiiv,ui,iierwise in regaid to its civi
ing on Monday, when he  advised   that  servants,'the motioncalling for no ,:ac-
under a new amendment to.tha Munici-   tion <o be taken was put to the meeting1
pal Act  the   Council   were   prohibited   and carried unanimously,
from selling property for 1915  arrears.      It  having  been   announced that the
The City Council, it  is   well  known,   next convention of B. C. Municipalities
i •■ -"
i rooms, the furnishings for which  were
provided by funds  contributed for  the
most part by the members of the True
Blues   and  the  Loyal .Orange   lodges
thtoughout the piovince.    -
- In honor of,Pte., Malcolm Macauley,
returned from the front, a social was
held by members ofL. O. L. 1701, and
sisters of the True Blues in' the Lodge
room on-Monday evening Djp\ Master J. S. Morgan  presided.     Speeches
is strongly averse to holding a tax sale
if the results desired in the  realization
of considerable arrears can be obtained
by other means.    With the idea  of encouraging the taxpayers to  pay  taxes
into the treasury it was resolved   by a
resolution in   the  names  of Aldermen
McGoran   and  Greig,    that  the   City
Clerk advertise  in  both   local   papers
that tne collector has been instructed
to accept  payments  on   account  of
taxes from time "to time.
The advertisement appears  in  another
column. <
A letter was read from Secretary
the (Rev). George Kinney, of the
NicoIahValley branch of the Canadian
Patriotic Fund advising that the execu-
tivehad passed a,resolution _urging-that
the City Council  use its influence  in
— ... ~. ...„.6o.  FLCa,ucu.     opeeunet    «u« uiess me cnild   was com-   ",e ^"y  council  use   ts  influence  in      On   th*- c™.,       " 'X  .    -   "
or a   patriot* and eulogistic  nature  pfetely submerged. Rushed home  gettin* lar*er contributions from  i s Counci  was IZr/Z^^r   *
were,made.    Songs and recitations add-   .„ ,warm , hIn „£  .      ™™!"T?  employees not subscribing and adenJ! K 2 T!L^!d_ to,c<* the ques
would be held at Vernon.on Octoberll,
tavorable opinions" were expressed on
the benefit of the Union to Merritt with J
other cities and municipalities. The
Council agreed to a suggestion of. Aid.
Greig that the city solicitor should be
asked to go to Vernon as the city delegate, the city to defray the necessary
expenses, and the solicitor to draft in
conjunction with the clerk any resolutions which the Council would like discussed at the'Convention.
A batch of accounts was passed.
A  recommendation   by  Aid. Ewart,
chairman of the Water and Light com-    '
mittee,   granting  a' week's holiday to  "-
each  of the  employees   at the power
house, was ado_pted.',»,-'',_> -/--,*>•-
Oh  the' same   recommendation
(Continued on' page 2)
I Several
- j Pte IV
j fraternity
easures of  the  evening,
men  in  khaki  were present.
Mr. Macdonald^who Mr. Grim- j Pte Macauley is a member of the'orangc
| Merritt Mercantile Company f
I     ^ •--••--_ -_■- -■._■.     ... .  ... —    A^
   ..»«...   no   \jvuui.ii was asiced to consider the ques-
 -ic  emp|0yeeg not subscribing and adequate   tion of advancing  the salary of City'
n warm ' blankets the little girl contributions from those not subscrib- Engineer D. Forsythe Aid. McCoran
quickly recovered from the acc:- ing at all. That the policy of the warmly supported the recommendation,
Jent which nearly COS*" h^r life Patriotic Fund committee, indicated by as the city engineer, he had found, was
VJr. and Mrs. Thompson ask the *he ,e"er sent' was r*sen'ed b* *he «;ery capable and energetic worker,
. ..-,,., .     Council was  emnha<!i7pr?  ™hor,   mi   «•'•- -
when you are in comfortable cool surroundings:    You can'add to- the cooling appearance of your    Y
X _
t     Oil Stoves 3 burner 13.00
»«,    Optimus Lamps, burning Coal Oil_
Generates quick heat, 4.00
Watering Cans,     ' Galvanized  1.25
Watering Cans,      '   ,        Green Jap     .86
Garden Hose, per foot      .10
Garden Hose, Sprinklers 1.25
BnnxmUt Sags
Verandah by using Wicker Furniture
Sea-Weed Choirs, reg. 6.75,
Sea-Weed Rockers, reg! 7.50,
Sea-Weed Child's Rocker, reg. 430_	
Seaweed Tab!es7~"
BotanRugs, Neat Patterns,
Bambao Shades, Complete with Pulleys, etc,,
reg. 650,
Special Value
reg. 1.25,
Pay Day 5.25
Pay Day 5.95
Pay Day_3sjBt5_
Pay Day  5.65
Pay Day .90
Grape Juice
Grape Smash
Lime Juice
Tomato Bracer
Lemons, large^
Black Currants, for making Black Currant
Wine, per box "10
bot. .30 and .60
bot.. 50 and .90
bot. .50 and .95
bot. .75
per doz. .40
Free Deliveries
,   ., each day 7
fo all Parts of
' Town
Fryjs Cocoa,    ' 'tin        .25
Pineapple                      v 2 tins   .25
Canned Apricots           , lin      "; 19
■Braid's Best Spices    : , >\" ' ' tin        ,10
Bean Coffee, Roasted lb.      ' .35
Pride of Merritt Tea lb.       ,.50
White Swan Soap 6 bars   .25
White Swan Wash Powders pkg.     .25
Heinzes Pickles [Chow] , bot.      .35
Boiled Ham,
lb. .43
Merco Service
Merco   Qualify
for you
News " publicly to convey to
Mr. Hardy their sincere thanks
for his prompt action in bringing
cheir child out of danger, and
which will always be appreciated.
Patriotic Garden Party
ot Nicola last Saturday
On Saturday August 5, Mrs. Mickle
and ihe members of the Nicola Patriotic
guild gave a very successful tea a(; the
fotmers residence in aid of the guild.
Tea was served with many delicacies
in both the garden aud the house during
the afternoon and e> ening, the sum of
twenty, dollars being taken b/ collection.
A-handsome linen tqhleoloth donated
by Mrs. Mickle was raffled for a further
ten dollars, Mr. Jack Aynsley drawing
• An enjoyable evening terminated at
9;20 p.'m, with a hearty vote of thanks
to Mrs. • Mickle for her hospitality.
Council was emphasized 'when, Mayor
Jackson askeo.: What shall we do with
this gentleman?
' Aid. Ransom: I move it be received
and filed-
Aid Qreig; I seeond the motion.
Mayor Jackson; No names of employees referred to are mentioned but
if the power house staff is referred to I
would say they have never been   asked
who was able to save considerable money for t'-e city by"his methods of handling men under him and by his work
generally. ^
Aid. Greig criticized the amount of
$40 paid as the city's qcota for the
maintenance of tbe police magistrate
and felt that considering different circumstances   which
he     tnumerated,
to donate to the fund.    It'seems  as"Tf I ft.hoUght Lthe citv  could make a  reduc
1 1 tion  in   his   salary.
the Patriotic committee had not cover
ed the ground, and I don't see why this
Council should dictate to its employees
as to their subscriptions any more than
individual, employers.
Solicitor Grimmett  (of the  Patriotic,
Fund, said the matter was one in,which j
He accordingly
moved that the City Engineer's salaiy
be raised from $10o to $110 per month
and that the police magistrate be reduced $10, from $40 to $30. The suggestions were put as separate resolu-
lutions and were each carried unanimously.
Patriotic Guild  Busy
Commemoration Day
Residents Re-affirm Determination
to Support WaFUntil Complete
Victory is Obtained by the Allies
 o— .
SSEi !?!1 ^l!' thl!eT.d ,?"'•< ***» -W the war be in the
$32.i5."> was netted by the ladies of the
Patriotic Guild from tho sale of refreshments at Voght Park on August 4th.
$18.50, was realized from the raffle for
three'yoke and, sleeves sets made and
donated by Mrs. Richard Jackson, pres-
winners nrnvinir tn I .„„.,..,     . ,,      _   .   '",cu   ux   ' 'emier
Asquith at the Guildhall. London,   the
anniversary of a righteous war, this
meeting of the citizens of Merritt
records its inflexible determination to
continue to a victorious end the struggle in maintenance of those ideals of
liberty'and justice, which are. the
common and sacred cause of the
This" inspiring resolution,   which   is
made the draw, the winners proving to
be Miss McMillan, R. McMillan, and
Mrs7Fred Fillenger of Canford:
The Guild in session on Monday decided to send to the Vancouver branch
of the Prisoners of War fund the sum of
$15 for providing comforts for three
yrisonersiof war from the Nicola Valley.
true'sense won by the defenders of
right and of small nations. They would
that day too have a special thought for
all those brave men taking part in the
struggle at the front or in patriotic
endeavors at hi.me. and for those whose
kin have been lost in the fight.
" It is the very  life  of our  Empire
that    'scraps   of paper'
and   solemn
nationial agreements shall  be  strictly
, .,   ....v   adhered to at'all costs by all parties to
heart  of the Empire, and  which was  those  agreements,"  stated  the   Rev.
passed in everv nnnlr on^ «i"i«. ■•-*■ *u-
Swift's. Premier Bacon,  Sliced  per lb. .45
insist on ROYAL HOHSEHOLD flour
Game   Regulation   in
this District for 1916
Tlie Provincial Game Act and regulations were announced in The Gazette
last-week end:
.Mule dfier, of the n>ale sex, throughout the Province, open season Sept. 1,
1916, to'.De.ce.mber 15th, 1916.
The open season for Geese and bucks
commences September 1st, and for Blue
a'hd.Franklhi Grouse September 15th to
November 30th, 1916.
1916 is a'close season in this Ridipcr
for Prairie Chicken.
passed in every nook and corner of th-1
world where the red, white and blue
flag flies,'was passed solemnly by many
residents of the Nicola Valley assembled at Voght Park on Friday afternoon.
Standing on the bandstand from
which a choir had sung the all expressive hymns ' Onward Christian Soldiers'.
'Fight the Good Fight', 'O God our
'ielp in Ages past', and the National
Mr. JI. S. Cleasby, in moving the
•esolution remarked on the' changes
hat had taken place in the military
situation since a year ago that .day.
Vugust 4, 1915 was observed in axious
times when the Allies armies were on
he defensive suffering reverses. Today
3ritain with the Allies was asserting
her power and they were cheered by
new   successes   in  a  great  offensive
George Kinney, who since the first
anniversary of the war has himself
suffered the bereavement of the loss of
a brother killed in action. Ih: seconding the resolution hefmade impressive
(Continued on page-2)
Only by completely diiving the Germans ' matter.
With a view to ascertaining if coal,
a Pritish .Columbia product, can he
burned as cheaply as oil'at the Vancouver General Hospital, and to look into
the heating question generally tbe
Hospital Board at a meeting passed a
resolution instructing the committee
which has'had this question in hand for
some time to look into the matter and
to appoint a commission to plaie facts
and figures before tbe board.
The government and city council will
be asked to lend their assistance in the
mMXxS:mx- Friday, Aug. 11, 1916  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  Publisher  THE   NICOLA   VALLEY NEWS  Published Eveky Fdiday  Edward C. Bell - Editor: Ernest B. Mayok  ADVERTISING   KATES   ON   APPLICATION  Subscriptions',  payable in advance,  ?2.00  per year in  Canada.  Britain. United Sta'es and Foreign Countries, ?2.50. .  Great  Address:   The Nicola Valley News, P. 0. Drawer ' L,' Merritt, B. C.  ANALIZE WALTERS  Joseph Walters' woeful weakness as aspirant for the parliamentary representation of Yale has often been referred to in these  columns but it was never more clearly demonstrated than at the  Rex Theatre on Saturday evening when before the public eye he  stamped himself as of the calibre to which he is likened by many  Liberals and Conservatives alike. But when Mr. Walters said  that the agricultural credits bill which is destined to be a godsend  to the small struggling farmers "is a good one" and is "economically sound'' he dispensed a home truth and at the same time,  reluctantly no doubt, paid a hi?h tribute to Mr. Lucas, whose  connection with this legislation from its infancy is too well known  to require further congratulations from his agricultural constituents in the riding'and province. As. to whether six and a half or  seven per cent is or is not cheap money for farmers loans under  the bill can best be decided by farmers themselves. At any rate  ' it seems strange that the farmers should so lavishly commend Mr.  Lucas's efforts and pledge their unstinted support to him. When  Mr. Walters pledges himself to amend the "good" and "'economically sound" act he should first show his qualifications for doing  so.  To those who are acquainted with Mr. Walters financial interest in Calgary oil ventures so directly opposed to the development of the coal mining industry, on which the very existence of  Merritt depends, the Liberal candidate's criticisms of the disinterested efforts of Mr. Lucas for the local industry are tantamount to cunning deception and sheer effrontery hardly expected  from one "too d d square and honest to go to Victoria."  Again if Mr. Walters was sincere,too���when he insinuated that the  Bowser government had much to do with B. C. not sharing the  prosperity of the provinces to the east of us be would have told  his audience that by peddling Calgary oil shares in this Coal City  and through the public press, he was doing good work in keeping Merritt miners down and helping Calgary up. Calgary it  should be remembered is in the nearest province to the east of us.  It was only after Mr. Walters in his cunning had lamely en.  deavared to blind the miner electors to his oily interests that Mr.  M. A. Macdonald in the course of his speech dropped a bombshell  by divulging the whole truth. He admitted to the evident discomfort of Mr. Walters that the adequate protection of the coal  mining industry against fuel oil competition is a situation for the  Federal Government to deal with by tariffs.  Because Mr, Lucas did not shout from the housetops about his  activities in urging the imposition of a tax on imported fuel oil,  since imposed, it has not dawned on the Liberal candidate what  large measure of honest appreciation those concerned with the  expansion of the coal mining industry, owe to Mr. Lucas.  The pious attack of Mr. Brewster and Mr. Macdonald on the  Conservative " machine" and subsidized press must have proved  amusing to the Victoria Daily Times and Vancouver Sun representative who travels with the two leaders as a cog in a machine  which turns out in the Liberal press tons of abuse of the Bowser  .... "���  administration.  The efforts of the tw<> prominent Liberals throughout were of  the whining order. After they had got through' levelling abuse  on the Conservative leaders, expending all their powers of destruction on the excellent acts put through by Mr. Bowser and his  colleagues, and claiming first advocacy of all, there was, no time  left for them to tell the Merritt electors what they intend to do  along CONstructive lines, when they are elected.  Residents wi!! Support  War Until Complete  Victory is Obtained  It seems unfortunate that Messrs. Grewster and Macdonald  should tour the country as a pair, After one speaker has finished  telling the'people all the tedrers of Ihe Boviser legislation, his  companion invariably gets up to say the acts were based on the  program of the Liberals. '  SAVE  YOUR  MONEY  FOR THE  Dominion War Loan  TO BE ISSUED,IN SEPTEMBER.  By purchasing a bond you will help  to WIN THE WAR and obtain for  yourself an investment of the highest  class yielding a most attractive rate  of interest.'  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  OTTAWA.  ���v\  (Continued from Pase One.)  references to the little bands of  brave men in Belgium and Servia  and of the Empire's inflexible  determination to fight on until  heir national liberty has been  re-established and protected. ��  . A distinctly favorable impression was created by the remarks  of the Rev. Mr. Johnston, (Presbyterian) . Real patriotism comes  from actions.and not words, he  said. He urged all to ask themselves if they were doing all they  might do in support of the  national cause and interestingly  commented on the connection  between Christianity and the  sacred cause of the Allies in the  present war, ;  Supporting the resolution, Mr.  Vf. L. Grimmett spoke vigorously  <>n the detrimental effects of  Germanic Kulture which would  be forced on the Empire if Germany were successful in the war.  Producing facts compiled by  authoritatiye Geimans he showed  convincingly how all kinds of  serious crime were more frequent  in Germany than in England on  the same percentage basis of  population, concluding by urging  with considerable warmth that  those young fellows I see^ sitting  around here get into khaki and  play a more active part in protecting the Empire against the  German evil.  The musical portion of the  service was arrannged, at short  notice, by Mr. C. F. Hooper,  Mrs. G. Nichols presiding at .the  organ.  During the afternoon light refreshments were served by ladies  of the Patriotic Guild.  Liberal Leaders Addressed Meeting in  the  Rex  Theatre  Minister Criticizes  Arrangements  "I tell you.plainty it is' an  affront to the Almighty,I refused  to be present because I felt convinced that the whole affair .was  simply a patched up demonstrat-'  ion from which no good could  possibly come" stated the Rev.  N. J. Thompson in the course of  his Sunday evening sermon. His  crtticism of the War Commemoration observance held on" Friday  was compelled he said from the  fact that although the Empire is  waging a righteous war "'the  residents of; Merritt and district  were denied the same opportunity as others ��� throughout the  Dominion to meet as a community in true worship. If any minister of the gospel had been asked  to take charge of the service or  even to offer up a simple prayer,  said the Rev. Mr. Thompson, I  would have been there to assist  in any possible way." God was  not given His rightful place  and it is on that account only  that I speak._ No good can come  if our city officials pay so little  heed to sacred things and the  Glory of God."  The war has made us think  and I believe I have expressed  the thoughts of many of our  citizens to night.  Loyal Lytton observed the  second anniversary of the British Empire's entry into the war  suitably on Friday last when  the Rev. L. Dawson after an  eloquent and fervent patriotic  speech moved a resolution expressing the people of Lytton's  wholehearted determination to  do all in their power in support  of the cause of the allies in the  war to ensure a triumphant  victory for the 'defenders of  freedom and the rights of small  nations, ��� A concert in which  patriotic speeches and vocal and  instrumental numbers were interspersed with other original  items was greatly enjoyed "by a  large audience. Some $40 was  collected in aid of the tobacco  fund for the soldiers.  Tom Bailie, of Lytton, is spend  ing a few days in town.  (Continued from Page One.)  mett described later as '" the future Attorney-General," felt  there was time for a change of  government, criticised the spending departments of the government, also the railroad policy.  The financial arrangements of  the administration in regard to  borrowings and the public debt  were dealt with by the speaker  who quoted figures freely. Criticising Mr. Lucas' journey toAus-  tralia and New Zealand for information and data in connection  with the Agricultural Credits  bill since put on the statutes, he  acknowledge j that many, important recommendations resulted  from the investigations. The  cost of maintaining the Agent-  general of the Province in London, the new "London residence," and the allowance to the  late Agent-general, Mr. Turner,  got their share of comment. The  political machine of the Conservatives and the patronage system  were condemned. As to the  mining situation and the fuel oil  proposition Mr. Macdonaldfelt  sure "Mr. Walters along with  Mr. Sloan will get the government to take notice of the situation���a situation which is one for  the Federal government'to deal  with.  Mr. Brewster opened with a  reference to the Women's Franchise question. He had nothing  against Conservative or Liberal  or Socialist, who adhered to the  party by conviction, but did not  like to see too much partisanship  and too little production. The  Liberal leader spent much time  oy saying that the Agricultural  Credits act, Workmen's Compensation measure,Shipbuilding proposals and the Prohibition and  Early Closing referendums were  alt taken from the Liberal note  book. He told of his trip to the  Northern, territory of- the Province where he and Mr. Macdonald  had visited, charging that the  and ��� policy was hinuering' due  development. The patronage  Hystem Mr. Brewster described  as "an accursed thing which  must be stamped out." Extravagance was charged in the administration of the Department  of Lands, he was pessimistic over  the ruin coming to the country  through the railroad policies of  Mr: Bowser and his ministry.  The plugging episodes Mr., Brewster felt required a long time for  further explanations, as he studiously gave a wealth of alluring  details on the wanderings of Mr.  Scott and his distinguished  friends. Mr. Brewster had not  much use for Mr. Thompson, of  Victoria, as one capable of launching the spipbuilding industry  successfully. He wound up with  a boost for the Yale Liberal candidate.  ,  Mr. Anderson, Liberal candi-  dete for Kamloops, spoke briefly  i.-i moving a vote of thanks to the  speakers for their addresses,  promising to "help Mr. Walter's  out." Seconding the vote, Mr.  Grimmett ��� expressed the - hope  that the electors on September  14th would vote for a good government. A reference by the  speaker to Mr. Walters, who he  described as "Mr, Future Cabinet minister," compelled a medley of cheers and laughter interspersed with cries of " hot air "  from the front benches.  The National Anthem closed  the proceedings. ~  Lieut Evans, recruiting officer  for. the Canadian Engineers,  whose headquarters are at North  Vancouver will be in the Nicola  Valley shortly to recruit engineers, artisians and others who  wish to go to the front with the  least possible delay. Drafts  leave North Vancouver for over  seas every week. Sergt. Alex.  King will accompany the officer.  Tie Coldwater Hotel,  "It's Jill Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining.-Men and  Commercial Men  Merritt is the gateway to the [rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  Reliable.information relative to the,mining and ranching  industry's freely given. 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All customers of The Bank  of Toronto are assured every  courtesy and attention.  - Incorporated 1855  British Traditions (Foul Play or  And Customs  Defied  Friday, August 11, 1916  Assets        $61,000,000  m&  N. B. Rogers, Manager  (Merritt Branch)  BANK ofTORONTO^  Prohibition Act Proposes to  Introduce Methods which  Are �� Distinctly  Un-British  M. L GRIMMETT, L.1..3.  BAMUSTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTAKY   PUBLIC.   ETC.  Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal  MERRITT    ' NlCOLA  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGU.  UATJONS.  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank of Toronto ���  Voght    Street, Merritt  Opposite Coldwater Hotel  LODGES    .  COURT UNITY, NO. 9205,  A. 0. F.  Meets in K. of P.  Hall on the fourth  Monday of every  month at 8 p.m.  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited. '  J. HUTTON,.  Secretary  :nk BOND,  - C. R.     ,  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  A. F. & A. M.  x  F. Rankine  W M.  Regular meetings in Masonic  Hall, Granite'  ave. third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.  . K. Carrington  ' Secretary, x  L.O.L.,  1701  Merritt Lodge  ^^^MM'ii  Regular, meetings in the Oddfellows'  Hall on the first, and  third Fridays in  each month at 7.30 p.m.   The Scarlets  . meet on the 14th of each month.  ' Visiting Brethren'are cordially invited.  J. G. Warren. W.M,  Geo.' Slater, Recording Sec'.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories- and in a portion of the  Province of .British Columbia,, may bo  leased for a term of twenty-one years  renewal for a further term of 21 years  at an annual rental of ?! an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for. are situated.  In surveyed territory the land musl  be described by sections) or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for shall  be staked out by the.applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of ?5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but'not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the' rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of mer"  chantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights  are not being operated, such returns  should be. furnished at least once a  year/   " ���/ ' i -  The lease will include the coal min-  ing rights only, rescinded by. Chap. 27  of 4-5 George V. assented to 12th June,  1914. ' '    ^   ,      -  /For full Information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa/or  to any'Agent or Sub-Agent of'Domln  Ion Lands.  .    W. W. CORY,     '  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   oj  this advertisement will  not be pa)f  for.-83575. /  Photographs  of the Best  I  No Time like the present  to have your Photo taken  Think it over, and then call and  ice samples at the City Studio.  Chas, P. Hooper  Opp. Schools    / Merritt  The Douglas Lake Cattle* Company  Limited  Are the Owners of the following described Stock :  Cattle branded' III  left or right hip.  vented when sold bar under brand.  Cattle branded G S right ribs, vente.1  when sold bar over brand.  Horses branded 111 lef t.or right shoulder ���  Horses branded perpendicular bar over  V left or right shoulder.  Vent for horses when sold is bar over  brand. 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A fundamental principle of the  private life of every Britisher is  is that  "A man's home is his  castle," and the sentiment ex��  pressed by this motto is dear to  the heart of every man who enjoys the protection of the British  flag.   The B. C, Prohibition Act,  without the slightest regard*- for  this just and dearly   cherished  right of -the subject,   sets this  principle absolutely at naught,  and   tratiiples   it   under   foot.  Clause 48 of the Act provides  that any officer of the Jaw, provincial or local, may at any time  and without a warrant, forcibly  break into the home of any citizen if he'has the merest information or the least idea that the  occupant of the house possesses  liquor.   Not only may he break  into the home, but, having entered, he may forcibly break open  any closet, chest, box or receptacle in the house.'  The question as to whether  such methods are in accordance  with British traditions and custom will be answered at once by  one little word which contains  only two letters.  'Another fundamental  rule of  British life 1*9 that when a man is  attacked through the process of  law he has the right to know who,  is behind the prosecution.     This  just arid time-honored custom is  absolutely thrown" overheard by  clause 29 of the Prohibition Act.  This provides that when any person gets the idea in his head that  a citizen has liquor in his possession, he can go and tell a constable  and:-tell   him   what  he  thinks.   On the basis of this casual   conversation   the constable  can make complaint and enter a  prosecution in his  own   name,  The informer runsNno risk of his  identity being:disclosed as the  Act specifically provides that the  constable'need not "communi.  cate the name of the person giving such information."  What an opportunity the clause  opens up for a man or woman  getting square with a neighbor,  with 'whom there -may' be a  neighborhood quarrel, or where  a neighborhood grudge exists ?  What' a wide field this clause  opens up for the black-mailer,  that type of persons despised by  all honorable men ? And yet  such methods as these are deliberately outlined in the B. C.  Prohibition Act. Is it any wonder-that-even ardent���Prohibitionists, who are also true British  subjects, <tre refusing to approve  an Act containing such un-Brit-,  ish provisions.  Another fundamental rule of  British law is that a man is inno>  cent until he is proven guilty.  The B. C. Prohibition Act seeks  to overthrow this firmly established  principle,   its provisions  stating that when ptosecution is  entered against a man on account  of his having liquor in his possession,^ is up to the accused  person to prove that this liquor  was legally acquired and. legally  held.   In plain English, this provision mean's that a man is guilty  until he.proves himself innocent-  Such legislation is certainly not  only   un-British,  but also rank  injustice.  Only a.few of the un-British  provisions of this counterfeit,  Prohibition Bill are enumerated  above. It is believed, however,  that the mention of those few  instances will arouse the electors  to ai sense of their duty as loyal  subjects, true to British traditions and customs, to such an  extent as will cause them .to  closely investigate the Act. In  order that full opportunity may  be given along this line, the  Merchants' Protective Association has issued a booklet -which  the   full   text of the  An Accident?  A mare owned by Pte. Charles  Isitt, who is with an overseas  battalion, and which has a foal  at foot, was found last week end  with two terrible wounds of a  nature that  suggest  foul play  rather than an accident.    The  mare was grazing at the field of  R. M. Marr, dairyman, when it  was found by a son of Mr. Marr  to be suffering from two awful  cuts.  One, which is on the right  side,  is nearly a foot long and  four or five inches deep, the other  being of similar size and apparently resulting from the same  cause.  Chief of Police Willgoose is investigating the matter.   So far  no evidence can be found to show  that the wounds were accidental,  such as from fouling barbed wire  or contact with any agricultural  implements that may have been  near where the mare was accustomed to graze.    The cuts are  clean,  such as might be made  from a sharp hoe.  WE SELL FOR CASH  THERE'S A REASON  WE SELL FOR LESS  The Okanagan Valley  Fruit Company  SATURDAY SPECIAL PRICES  (not 18 lb. sk. "but "-20 lb. 8k.  As was exclusively announced  in the News some weeks ago,  Lieut-Col. H. H. Matthews, D.S.  0'. is now en route to the west  being on leave from his military  duties  in   France   after  being  wounded a second time.     The  Colonel arrived in Montreal sev-  erakdays ago.   It was hia inten*  tion   to proceed from there to  London,  Ont, ^where he would  spend a few days thence to Winnipeg, the home of the 8th Winnipeg Rifles which he commands,  From the  'Peg' he will come  west.    Whether he will be able  to visit the Nicola Valley before  going to Vancouver Island, where  his sister Mrs.   Hardy lives,  is  not known at present,   A fitting  reception will doubtless be arranged in connection with'Lieut-  Col, Matthews visit to the Nicola  Valley.  ,Mr. and Mrs. L. Quinville and  son William, were in town last  Saturday.  On Sunday, the 13th inst, a  Flower "Service for children will  be held in. the Anglican Church  at 11 o'elock- The donations of  flowers, etc., will be donated to  the General Hospital.  J Prohibition Act.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  . * MERRITT SCHOOL  Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Merritt School Heating and  Repairs, "will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works  up to 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the  22nd day of August. 1916, for the erection and completionnofji_stejun_heating  plant and general repairs to the four  room school-house at Merritt, in th<s  Yale Electoral District.  Plans, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender may be seen on and  after the 3rd day of August, 1916, at  the office, of W, N, Rolfe, Government  Agent, Nicola; J. Mahony, Government  Agent, Courthouse, Vancouver; and  the' Department of Public Works,  Victoria.  Each proposal must, be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque made payable to the Honourable the Minister of  Public VVorks, for a sum equal to 20  per cent,,of tender which shall, be forfeited if the party tendering decline to  enter into contract when called upon to  do so, or if he fail to complete the work  contracted for.   The   cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to  them uro 1 the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made out on the forms supplied, signed  with the actual signature of the  tenderer,  and  enclosed  in   the  envelopes  furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ��  J. E. GRIrFiTH.  Deputy   Minister   and   Public   Works  Engineer. Public  Woiks  department.  Victoria,B.C.. August 2nd, 1916.-  Sugar,  Sugar, icing.  Tea, Braids be3t  Tea, Malkins best  Tea, Blue Ribbon, the new pkg.  Coffee. Braids best  Coffee, Malkins best  Coffee. 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Z. Seal Quarts  btl    .45  .btl.   .30  btl.   .30  jar   .40   jar _.30  jar   .20  jar   .25  jar  jar  jar  jar  jar  jar  jar  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .30  .30  doz. 1.10  Copies of thi��  pamphlet ma}' be obtained on  application to the Association 11  Room 24, Canada Life Bldg.,  Vancouver. Send for a copy and  learn what this Act really means.  Advt,  FRUIT OF ALL KINDS  We carry the most complete line of fruits handled in the  Nicola Valley and we are direct Importers of California, Washington and Oregan fruits.    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Apples $1.75 a box at Heslop's  Meat Market.  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  VICTOR HUSO  AND    7;  mim hugo  wmmmmizmmmm  $|3|g|i&  iflMHBBfPflB  lililii  H^^^i^^K^^^^^BwaBra  ssSfifSS  WmiMy��y3^  Come and See  ���    My selection of  New Fall and Winter  Suitings  just arrived. In spite of difficulties, experienced in securing  Cloths from the English manufacturers, .the Sjmi-ready Tailoring Company lias been able to  maintain its reputation for widely  varied selection and unequalled  values.  Come while the selection is a  its best.  Suits from $18 to $40  A nice selection of Ladies  Collars and Vestees, marked low  for quick selling.    Rose' Marche  Assisting the Returned     ******���********<'  Soldier to Find Work  ���-:������{-!������:  "3*,3"S**S"S"l"i"t"fr  That the local Conservative Association are doing their best to find suitable  positions for returned soldiersiwho left  this7Valley, and the desire of the Government Departments to appoint such  men to Government positions as they  arise, was again borne out this week.  Pte. Malcolm Macauley who" returned  hore on August 2nd, was recommended  by the local Conservation Association  as a Fire Warden in the Highland Valley district. The recommendation has  been'accepted, duties to.commence immediately. This appointment following  the appointment of Pte. Reg. Bond as  Game Warden will be very satisfactory  to all.  Merritt   defeated  a   Canford  earn at baseball on  Friday last,  it the park by 20 to 11.   An enjoyable game was witnessed.  "N. J. Watkins, an engineer at  r-he Coalhill mines, signed attestation papers this week for overseas service. He will leave for  camp in about a week's time.  Jimmie Sims, who has been  working at the Alaric & Hays  logging camp, was around town  this week.  "VICTOR HUGO"  Imp. (9898)  (15031)  Sire : Sir Hugo, 10924  1st Dam: Fair Maid 18355, by Marcellus  11110.  2nd Dam : Lady Bell 8997, by Darnley  222  ComiKer,"ng May 3, "VICTOR  rl^GO " will stand  Every  Wednesday,  At D. Munro's Stables,  MERRITT,  From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and  During the rest of the Week at the  Dodding' Ranch at Lower Nicola.  ANDREW EWART  The  City Tailor,  (Opposite Bank of Toronto)  Dr. JACKSON,  Dentist  Has Opened Dental-Rooms in the  JACKSON BLOCK!  immediately over the Post Office,  when his professional services will  be available and appointments  .made.  " MAJOR  Will Stand  daily  HUGO"  at   the   Ranch  TERMS: To insure with Foal $15  For further information apply to  D.  DODDING, (Owner)  Lower Nicola - B. C.  I have secured the local agency for the  Cascade Laundry Co.  of Vancouver. All linen must be handed in by Monday JKvening if delivery ia  wanted Saturday evening of  the same  week.   Price list on application.  ANDREW  EWART, The City Tailor.  s^gas^sSi  J'rom  FreshnmnYe&r  to  Senior  Tka one constant,  rdiuble companion  o�� every student is  Waierman'sfeaiiFountain Pen  Ilia pun *-ltl��   <X��y tho     Clip-Cap  Lccausc it writes nt thc very first  ctroltc, writes steadily and keeps on  writing fill the last drop of ink in (ho  pen is exhausted. The Clip-Cap keeps  it olwa>s nt hand ready for instant use  in thc lecture-room, cxntnination-room,  study, on the car,���anywhere. Sold  - by thc best dealers everywhere.  E. WATERMAN COMPANY, LTD.  107 Notre Dame Street West,  MONTREAL  Thank You!  The Commercial Club has again  opened its doors. Several new  members have joined amongst  them being ex-mayor J. Walters.  Tom Fraser, fisherman"*and  miner, left on Thursday's train  for Princeton to work at' the  mines there. '   -  There will be the usual celebration of. Holy Commmion at  St. Michaels church on Sunday  morning at 8 oclock. At 11 a,m.  there will be a childrens flower  service, for which donations of  flowers are asked. These will  be afterwards given to the general hospital. There will be no  evening service this Sunday but  on the following Sunday evening  August 27. after the evening  service, theie will be a recital of  vocal and instrumental saered  music.  'Everbody is welcome.  ROSE  FOR UP-TO-DATE  [ Hates $c (EbiitenTS |  ALL MILLINERY AT REDUCED  PRICES  ���������������������������H-^^^W^'^^^^^^W'^^^^^"^*'***"*"*^"  ..j..;..j..;..;..;..;..;..t..5..> .j.  Mrs. W. Schmock, who is visiting Vancouver, entered a  hospital there to undergo an  operation on her eyes.   ,  The^members of the Epworth  League will meet as usual next  Monday evening. Bro. John  Dodding will give a paper on  "The Epworth League as a Missionary Force."  :���*#*  ���*���*:  The response to our advertisements has been most gratifying.  We are doing our utmost1 to live  up to this confidence by doing the  very best finishing, for Amateur  Photographers possible.  Why not.have your best films  enlarged ? We charge very reasonable prices, from fifty cents each.  BRIDGMAN'S STUDIO,  413 Granville Street  Vancouver, B. C.  Please note the new address.  I Palace Bakery  .�� Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc  f.    Hot Pies every Saturday.  I W. FAIRLEY, Proprietor  Mines for Sale  I have been prospecting in the  Aspen Grove and Nicola Country  for ten years and have the following properties for sale:  Copper, Iron, Mica,  Asbestos,  Gypsum.  Private reports on mines,and Assessment work and Prospecting  undertaken for companies. ��� I  have a complete outfit and will  take contracts in mines. Correspondence invited.  Wm. McNeill, Merritt, B.C.  GET THIS CATALOGUE  smmatim  The Best Ever  issued; Skates, Skating  Boots, Hockey Sweaters',. Uniforms, and  Comjplete 'Outfits,  Snowshoea, Moccasins,  Skis, Toboggans.  Wo want every Man  interested in Sports  of any kind to get  our large Free  Catalogue. Prices  right and satisfaction  guaranteed.  Immense Stock  prompt shipment.  You can 'save  money by getting  Catalogue to-day.  T.W. BOYD & SON  27 Notre DjmcSt. West  MONTREAL  Save"Money Now  By laying in a supply of Flour, is our advice,- The recent  advance of 80c. per. barrel may be further increased. We  recommend to those few who have never given ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD a fair trial to do so now, It will surprise the  economical Housewife, what .biilter results are obtained by  its use, for fancy cakes, scones, biscuits, shortbread- and that  so much desired fine grained close, white loaf. -  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD IS UNBEATABLE.  TODAYS selling price, per '49 lb. sack 2:00  ^'Nut Bread made  from  "Household Flour,"  Sun  Maid  Raisins and walnuts is delicious.  Sun Maid Rasins         per lb. pkt. 15 C 3 pkts for .35  Walnuts per lb. .45  Prunes              in sealed* 5 lb  tins      ' per tin .75  Peaches           - in 5 lb. cartons          -   - per carton .75  Coffee Beans,  -'   , freshly pround ��� per H>- -"35  Braids*Tea       / .   in 3 lb. Fancy tins^ -   each .1.10  Crisco, '      per tin .33'  OUR SPECIAL BUTTER,   LocalTRanch,      per lb. .40  Milk, Tall Tin*        , ���   *  2 for .25  -t %       ���> ., '  Reindeer or Eagle Brand  Milk ,    ���       3 tins for .50  Dates, 2 pk. for .25     .  Soda Biscuits , per pk. .*0, 2 lb. tins, each .35    %  Nabob Salmon .    small tins 2 for .35,        large .25    %  Pork and'Beans, per tin .10    %  WheatTFlakes per'pkt. .30    |  C6rn Plaices- ; :      *���3-pktsrf or":2Sr���^  Ivory, Sunlight, andfLifebuoy Soap 5 cakes for .25  Raspberry and Strawberry Jelly,      in 5 lb. tins, each .85  Tomato'Catsup perl bot. .25  C. & B.Tickled White Onion, Walnuts, and Mixed  per bot. .35  Nabob Quick Custard Puddings .    2 pkg, .25  Choice'Selection'pf^Bacon, Side or Back  Onions '    All Solid 3 lbs. .25  Old Potatoes per sack .50  Corporation of the City of Merritt.  NOTICE  i . '     -   ������     -  Attention of the Ratepayers of,the City of Merritt is called to a  provision contained in the 1916 Amendments to the Municipal  Act, and a resolution of the Council passed thereunder instructing the Collector to take payments on account of taxes due.    x  Any Ratepayer, Unable to  Pay Taxes in Full may now  make a Payment on Account.  Partial payment of any years taxes that are delinquent will not  however free any piece of property from the liability.of .Sale  for  Taxes  Dated this 10th day of August, 1916. \^ '  ', HARRY PRIEST/Collector.   .  THE   MEPmiTT  w^w^***^''****'****''***** .:..>.:.^..:.^.:->.><..:.<.^��:..:">'!��>**'j>*4":��>*  ��  HESLOP'S MEAT MARKET  PRIME  BEEF,  MUTTON,   PORK  AND  FOWL  FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  EXTRA-SPECIAL   SHIPMENT   OF    .  Cherries,Plums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers  '    '    LOCAL   MUTTON  CRUSHED   BONE, makes excellent Chicken Feed, 5-Ibs. .25  "STORE   OF   QUALITY"   Our Motto  Where to Vote in  the Yale Riding  Agassiz, Oddfellows hall ��  Hope, court house ,  Yale, court house  Nortli Bend, court house  Lytton, court house (      . ~ "  \ shcroft, court house  Cache Creek, post office  Canford, post office X ���  Coutlie, Solomon's store  Middlesboro, Coal Co. office  Nicola, Government office  Brookmere, post office  Harrison Mills,-public hall  McGillivrays, McGillivray's house  Harrison Hot Springs, post office _  Quilchena, .Guichon's store  SU Elmo, public hall  CamD   6, C.P.R. station  Keefers, C.P.R. station  Spence's Bridge, Government building11  Walhachin, Snells office v       ' '  Dot, Abbott's house , >  Coyle Station, "public hall  Mammette Lake, post office      --;  Merritt, court house "  Aspen Grove, post office  Thynne's, J. G. Thynne's house  Coldwater, Olson's ho.use       -  Stump Lake, mines office  DouglasLakerDrL���CattleCorstore���  Upper Hat Creek, post office  Ruby Creek, Inkman's store  Popcum, Damaskey & Hall office  Boston Bar, Abray's store  Port Douglas, Purcil's store.  Spuzzum, post office store,  Highland Valley, O. K. Mines Office.  Aberdeen Mines, Aberdeen Mines Office  HIGH GfAf)E  Plumbing  Get our prices arid estimates 7  on any or all branches of the -,  Plumbing Business >  PumpS     .;.'.".  FITTED AND REPAIRED :  STOVES  AND   HEATERS:  -   put into first class' shape  POPE AND SMALL  PLUMBERS & TIHSMITHi  Repair Work of All Kindt  On Wednesday, ^the ninth of  August, Irdian Johnny August  was fined five dollars , ahd costs  by Magistrate Morgan at the  provincial courthouse for being..  intoxicated- Johnny August  spent last August in -jail, states  Constable Bell,  Mrs. Margaret Green, grand  mistress of the Provincial Lodge  of the True Blues and several  sisters of the local fraternity  were entertained to tea by Mrs.  George Osmond, W.M. of the  True Blues in this" city,- at her  home on Wednesday afternoon,  The True Blue organization has  four hundred members in B. C.  Mrs. James McFarlane left this  week for Vancouver to join her ���  husband who has obtained a position  on the North Vancouver  ferry service.      "'     ,    i  William McNeill is shipping a  fine looking collection of mineral  specimens from properties in  Nicola Valjey . and .district for  display at the Vancouver Exhibition.  Pte. Wm'. Dryborough, after  spending six days leave here" with  his family, left on Saturday for  the Foresters bsttalion training  eamp. He has transferred for  overseas from the home defence.  Birth.���On Sunday last, to Mr.  and Mrs. Andrew McKendrick, a  daughter. -  .   Birth.���On Tuesdaj.to the wife  of Charlie Thong, a daughter.  Birth.���On Wednesday, to Mr.  and Mrs. Edward Hall, a daugh��  ter.  -Jim King, the auto driver from  Princeton was in town on Tuesday. ' -       . r.  John Wm. Scott of this'city,  left last Saturday for the training  camp having joined for overseas.  Mr. and Mrs. Pooley were visitors from Nicola in Ihe City on  Saturday.  A


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