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The Nicola Valley News May 19, 1916

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 THE    HOME  PAPER    FOR    THE    CITY    Of    MERRITT    AND    THE    NICOLA    VALLEY  Vol., 6, 'No. 26  MERRITT,   B.C.  FRIDAY,  MAY 19,  1916  Price 5 Cents  Sports, Whist Drive and Dance for the 24th.���First Car of Nice  i  *_<C_��___  Valley Wheat Exported.���City Council and Stockbreeders  Important Money Bylaws Advanced  to Final Stages by City Council  City's financial agreements with the Bank respecting  Loans   against  Takes and arrears.���Tax Rates to be Struck June 5th.  Voght Park to be Fenced.  Angus Maclntyre  Passes Away at  Ripe Old Age  Scholars Started  on Garden Plots  The City Council on Monday n ght  finally passed the annual loan bylaw to  authorize the borrowing of money in  anticipation of current revenue from  taxes. The city will now be in a position to make final arrangements with  the bank to liquidate the city's outstanding debts, contracted through the  accumulation of tax arrears, which arrears have slowly grown until they now  reach over $37 0P0.  The byla*w to secure the balance of  the 1914 loan from the bank was advanced to the third reading, and at ,the  next regular meeting on June Sth this  bylaw wil| be before the board to be  finally passed. Stripped of its legal  phraseology, the bylaw authorizes the  V , city council to pledge to the bank all  the arrears of taxes from 1912 to 1915,  ���Oii (school takes, in 1915 excluded) aggro  gating $26,443.06, as security for $6,907  which is the unpaid balance of the 1914  loan.  Also advanced to the third reading  stage was the electric light regulations  amendment bylaw 19J6 which calls for  'the charging of three cents p?r kwt.  hourYforcity eiectri ity for power pur-  ��� t    posies,   minimum, charge   $10.00, per  t   '    month. >���      K '    -. '    ^  >  -' - * Notice of motion was' given by Aid.  McGoran,"chairman of the finance^com-  mittee, to the effect that at the next  ,.'**'' regular meeting he will move .that the  ���'-��,, -jgerieral_and.school rates .for the, year  1  7 *  be struck.'   By then  the' complete as-  -sessment'roll for 1916 will be available.  ( '     The Board of Works was given power  to act'in the suggestion of Mayor Jackson that that committer take remedial  measures to' prevent damage by high  water to property owned by  Captain  Stephenson, Mr. Boyden and others in  the vicinity. A scraper will bq brought  into use in clearing the old channel to  facilitate the passage of the water and  prevent further washing away of land  on the banks.  -Aid. G. F. Ransom, chairman of the  Board of Works.on behalf of the Board  recommended, and the Council subsequently confirmed the recommendation,  that the tender of G. B. Armstrong for  " Page " wire fencing for Voght Park  at 75 cents per rod be accepted, also  that a wire gate be ordered at an approximate cost of $6 00.  'Three tenders were received for digging holes for posts to be supplied by  th'e city, and, on the motion of Aldermen Ewart and McGoran, the lowest  tender, J. Limb, prices 12 1-2 cent? and  25 cents per hole, was accepted, the  work to be done as soon as possible.  The Chief of Police was instructed to  ascertain the names of ��� roperty owners  and tenants on whose property were  outbuildings requiring the application  of a peavie. Such persons will be asked  to have the buildings- resurrected. In  counection with the decision Solicitor  Grimmett made a legal statement.  There was a full Council present-  Mayor Jackson, with Aldermen A. McGoran, G. F. Ransom, A. Ewart, R.  Jackson, H.- Greig, and W. Cranna,  also Solicitor Grimmett and City Clerk  Priest. '>--���- -  At one o'clock today there passed  away at the Coldwater Hotel, in the  presence of his three sons, a true type  of the Canadian gentleman in the personality of Angus Mclntyre, a deeply  revered father and a man beloved by  all who wero pi ivileged with his acquaintance, Aged 76, the deceased gentleman^ was of a gentle and lovable disposition.  Born in Cape Breton he was for very  many years actively associated with  mining and engineering in the East,  for the most part at Sydney, N. S.  Coming west four years ago "to spend  the autumn of his days with his sons;  John^and William al Lillooet and Murdock at Merritt, the family association was completely in accord with his  domesticated disposition.  A wide circle of business and private  friends in the East and West will deeply regret the demise of Mr. Mclntyre,  'one'1 of nature's .noblemen, and sympathy will be extended to the sorrowing  relatives from many circles near and  far.  The funeral"will take place on Sunday  next at 2.30 from Barwick 'a Undertaking Parlors to the Presbyterian Church  where a funeral service will be conducted by the Rev. J. Hyde.  Children Taking a Keen Interest  in the Work.���Will Beautify  School Grounds  , Lee-Corporal   E.   Mavon, ' of  the 158th Battalion, C.E. P.,  re- ���.  turned to Vancouver-yesterday enabling a shipper to send his yield by  after spending' a few days vaca  The First Car of          o  Wheat Exported  The first_car load of wheat grown in  the Nicola Valley and .shipped to the  Coast was made recently by Mr. S.  Kirby, from his rarlch at Nicola, the  BracUman-Kerr Company being ' the  buyers, and ihe price $37 per ton.  The chief significance of this export  of wheat lies in the fact that a Nicola  Valley rancher has taken advantage of  the new conditions which have arisen  as an after effect of the war, the prevailing prices obtainable for grain now  Steady progress is being made with  the school gardening studies and practical work done by the children at the  public schools. At the large school,  the three senior forms, under the tuition of Miss Thompson, Mrs. Freeman  and Miss Currie, a large tract of the  school ground has been laid out, plowed, _cultivated, hoed and raked into  neat looking plots in which in due  course will appear many kinds of flowers and vegetables. The children have  taken up the new outdoor Vork with  enthusiasm and gifts of seeds etc., by  them indicate the close interest they  take m the healthful duties.  At the old school ground, the younger children respectively under the care  of Miss Lawson, Miss Hawe and Mrs.  Nunnerley, tend a lawn and flowers and  vegetable plots, even the youngest  manifesting great interest in the gardening. '  The school gardening now well undei  way here is in line with the steps taken  at other schools in the province and is  an important link in the higher educational system being instituted to develop  the child mind in the love of the aesthetics and the best that nature teaches.  J. Guichon, Snr., Succeeds F. B. Ward  as President of Nicola Stockbreeders'  Proposed Appointment  of Brand  Inspector   Discussed   at Length at  Directors Meeting.���Register of Cattle Brand Needs  Bringing up to date.  Quilchena Steed  Leads the "29th"  J. Guichon Snr., Presented Fine  Horse to Lieut.-Colonel  Tobin  'rail to the Coast markets and get pay-  t . , . . -., -c iner returns. A couple of years ago the  tion as a guest Of his brother, J_. prices offering, for wheat at Kamloops  B. Mayon, editor of the   'News."  in example, were around $25 per ton.  | Merritt Mercantile Company  MERCO   SERVICE  FEATURED   AT   THE   FRONT;  T  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  .The_buying-public cannot faiUo_link-up_the-service-of the'-MERCO- boys_aUhe_ERONT-with_ty  the service carried on by the rest, of the MERCO staff at home.  We believe our honor roll of members at the FRONT makes a better showing than any  that  can be produced in the Interior of B.C., and we simply-will not take second place , for  service  performed to the buying public at home.  f  ?  Y  Y  Y  r  Y  Y  Y  1  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y-  t  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y.  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ��� Y  Y  Official Report  Wounded���Pte. Daniel Shearer 13345; kin at  South Collingwood, Vancouver, B. C.  SPRING RUBBER  FOOTWEAR  Rubber  Footwear,''  We have just received a complete line of Men's, Ladies'' and Children's  .  / all lines, which ensure strichly fresh'material.  A %r      ���      ,      f.       ;  BASEBALL   SHOES      .    D ���    .     _.  A Very Complete Line of   wm.���.TW���   ��.���,*�����, At Popular Prices.  TENNIS  SHOES  SPORTING GOODS  BRUSHES FOR EVERY USE  TENNIS RACQUETS^                               3.90  PAINT BRUSHES, according to requirements '_  from .10 to 6.50  TENNIS BALLS                                 each    .35  SCRUB BRUSHES                          .15, .20, .25  BASEBALL BATS,   .35, ..50, .75, .90 and 1.50  DAUBERS                                             each .10  BASEBALLS                 .              .15, .35, 1.50  FEATHER DUSTERS                       .35 and .60  BASEBALL MITTS   ���      ���            .65 and 1.75  See our Windows for Display,  PAINTS  JT4 ' This is the season of year to renovate your premises with a coat of paint.    Our lines  are   very  A complete and include  ���:��� Minerva Mixed Paints Sherwin Williams'Varnish Stains  V Shingle Stains Sherwiri Williams' Varnish  ��������� Y  I  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  t  f  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ���TO  That Lieut. U>I. H. S. Tobinj/officer  commadning "Tobins Tigers," (the  29th Battalion) is riding a splendid  horse generously donated by J. Guichon  Snr. the well known cattle rancher of  Quilchena, and that it the officer and  steed are spared to cross the plains - of  Flanders and enter Berlin together,  Lieut."Col. Tobin will take special pains  to bring the horse back to British Columbia and re-present it to Mr. Guichon  as a memento of the great war, is in  formation contained in a letter received  recently by Mr. Guichon from the  Lieut. Col. Tobin who is at the front.  Accompanying the letter was a fine  photograph of the officer astride the  valuable and beautiful horse which, it  is said, is always an object of admiration in mjllitary circles,  J  Guichon Snr.,  of Quilchena,  was  unanimously elected as president of the  Nicola Stockbreeders' Association  at a  meeting of directors held at  the Government building, Nicola,   on Tuesday  afternoon, the retiring president,   Mr.  Francis B.   Ward,   of  Douglas  Lake,  being in the  chair.    Mr.- T.   G.   McBride, of Stump Lake, and J. H.  Collett pf Merritt, were elected  first  and  second    vice-presidents"  respectively.  H. S. Cleasby was re-elected sec-treas.  Directors F. B. Ward and  T. G.   Mc.  Bride were elected as delegates  to  attend the meeting of the Interior Stock-  raisers' Association  at Kamloops  this  week.  No change was made in the stock assessment, the levy made being three  cents her head on all stock, of which  two cents is called up.  Director Collett arid Secretary. Cleasby were deputed to meet a committee  of the Merritt City Council to discuss  the pound question, also to obtain the  co-operation of the Council in urging  the need of getting the K.V.R. to  fence in their right of way within the  limits of the City, and ' so remove a  danger of injury to horses and cattle.  Questions respecting brands and the  appointment of a brand inspectoi gave  rise to lengthy and close discussions.  Regarding the suggestion that the In  terior Stockbreeders'contribute $50 per  month to augment the $40 per month  which the Government is prepared to  pay for the maintenance of a brand  inspector, it was decided that the local  association could not see its way to  take any action in the matter. The  concensus of opinion prevailing was  that the matter was one for each disJ  trict to look after locally.  It wus felt that under the scheme  proposed it would be found that brand  inspectors would be needed at other  Interior points, such as Lillooet, Clinton and Ash:roft, and that the proposal if put into effect might easily  develop into a very costly tax on the  stockmen. The .delegates will place-*-  these views before the executive'of the  Interior Association.  The delegates will also advise the .  meeting at Kamloops that the Nicola  Association passed a resolution, in the  names of J.H. Collett ard R. L. Claik, -  expressive of the belief that it would  be a waste of time for the Government  to publish a brand book before having  the register of brands^ brought up to  date.  It was left with Directors Collett and  Cleasby to arrange with Soli itor M.L,  Grimmett regarding professional  ser- ,  vices for ihe snsuing year.  Objections to  City Assessment  Ten Objections to be Heard by  Court of Revision  On Monday May 29th, in the City  Hall, at 10 a. m. the Court of Revision  will sit to revise and equalize the assessment roll for the City of Merritt  for the year 1916.  ' At.this session property owners will  have the opportunity of applying for a  reduced assessment or correction.  Appeals filed are-  Diamond Vale Supply Co., " on all property for over assessment and out of  proportion."  Appeals on over assessment���  by George Murray, on sub.-div.  south  half of D.L. 181, also south half N.E.  ' quarter sec. Tp. 91 ;  by J. B. Baldwin,   on  lots 4, 5, 9, plan  747 j  by Mrs. M. A. Riley, lots 6 and 7, blk.  28, D.L: 125;  by J. Irvine, lots 2 and 3, blk. 20, D.L.  123; .  by G. B. Armstrong, on all his property  in the City ;  by M. Mclntyre. lots 11 and 12, blk. 15,  'D.L.'125;  by M. L. Grimmett.all property in different parts of the City, except residence ;  by Joseph Walters, lot 19, blk. 15, D.L.  125;  G. H. Tutill, complains insufficient reduction in assessment on all his property.  The Court of Revision will consist of  Mayor Jackson (chairman), Aldermen  A. McGoran, A. Ewart G. F. Ransom,  H. Greig,  Reported Recommendation of,'  Pte. R. H. Jerrison for D.CM.  For Gallant and Fearless Bravery  That a Merritt soldier, fn Pte.  R. H. Jerrison of the Canadian  Engineers, late night clerk of  the Coldwater Hotel, a resident  of the district for several years,  and who only left for the front  early in January,, has. been recommended for the Distinguished  Conduct Medal (d. c, m.) for  great bravery in volunteering  and successfully bringing in a  wounded officer from a dangerous situation under heavy fire, is  information contained in a letter  received by Mr. E. W, Rhodes,  of the Coldwater Hotel Staff,  from Sergt. C. Stephenson.   The.news_has occasioned considerable pleasure in the Valley  where Pte. Jerrison is well  known, having been working as  a painter and paper hasiger for  some years. A man of quiet,  gentle and peaceful disposition  in civilian life, he, like Lieuf.-  Colonel Matthews who has gained high honors, quickly adapted  himself to war conditions wen  though opposed to his inir-rmos'  nature.  If events -should later prove  that Pte. Jerrison has had the  D.CM. decoration pinned to his  lengthy tunic it is safe to say  that the honor could scarcely  have been bestowed on a more  popular soldier-citizen.  Sergt. Stephenson states that  the officer Pte. Jerrison rescued  was buried in earth from an exploding shell.' He also witnessed  an_aeroplane_battle _and_at_ the_  time of writing a terrific bombardment was in progress '"'night  being turned into day." Sergt.  Stephenson recently met Sergts.  Tom Smith and James Sharp at.d  Pte. "Scotty" Bain. ���     "  Lucky-Todd  Mining  Company  To Ship First Car of Copper Ore  to Greenwood Smelter Next Week  Highly encouraging assay returns  have been receiped by Manager F. E.  Stokes on samples of copper ore recent  Iy sent by him to Boundary smelters  from his company's mine three and a  half miles from the Tingley cabin in  Otter Valley where a crew of seven  men is busily engaged getting out ore.  The first car will be shipped to Greenwood next week.  The Greenwood returns give the excellent assay figures of over 8 per cent  copper besides silver, the Tr.iil assay  was over 7 per cent copper and a good  showing of silver. "I am confident"  said Mr. Stokes to the "News," "that  the returns from our first car will give  us a better showing than assay samples  did.  The Lucky Todd Mining Company, of  which Mr. Stokes is manager, are looking forward with brightest expectations  to the results of the delivery of the  first car load at Greenwood, as some  splendid ore has been mined.  Those interested and others anxious  for the fuller development of this promising property strongly feel that if the  returns from the car turn out satisfactory the Government should be urged  to assist the prospectors in putting in a  wagon road. At present the ore is  packed the three-and-a-half miles to  Tingley's cabin on horses. If improved  transportation facilities were provided  the ore could be gotten out and shipped  at a big reduction on present expenses  and the output could be largely increased.  Robert Stackhouse, using crutches  has been able to take a sun bath this  week, to the satisfaction of his friends.  Owing to Dominion Day holiday the  K. P's. will not meet next Wednesday.  The election of officers wiil take place  on the 31st,'  �� Having jcined the llth  Leonard Munro, of Donglas  for Kamloops yesterday.  C.M.R's.,  Lake  left  7.    i, Friday May 19. 1916  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  TWO  i  MOST CENTRALLY LOCATED HALL  In the City of Merritt  THE    K. P.    HALL  Has seating accommodation for 300 persons and is open for rent  Public Meetings $4.00 per night.    Dances, Entertainments, etc., $7.00  The foregoing rates include use of Piano, Light and Fuel.  Special Rates to Lodges  For further information apply to Jas. McGrath, E. Staton or W. Cranna  K.P. Lodge meets every Wednesday at, 7.30 p.m.     Pythian Sisters  meet Second and Fourth Thursdays at S p.m.  THE   NICOLA   VALLEY  NEWS  Published Every Friday  Publisher : Edward C. Bell - Editor : Ernest JB. Mayon  ADVERTISING   RATES   ON   APPLICATION  ���Subscriptions,  payable  in  advance,  52.00  per year in- Canada.  . <iit!iin. United St:'*es and Foreign Countries, $2.50.  Great  Address :   The Nicola Valley News. P. O. Drawer ' L,' Merritt, B. C.  WORKMEN'S   COMPENSATION  The workmen's Compensation Act marks the introduction  of  what  is considered by many authorities to be a  most  advanced  and  thorough measure, and it is generally conceded to be most fair and satisfactory.  The Act is different in many details from the draft bill which was  tabled last year, and gives evidence 'of the most careful revision and  consideration by the commission. It is evident that every effort has  been made to adapt the act to the conditions of industry in this province and to make use 'of the experience of other centres.  The underlying idea of this legislation is that the already established  liability of an employer toward his employee for injury arising out of  his employment, can better be discharged by an impartial government  commission than by private interests. It has been amply demonstrated  in other countries that where the liability for an accident is left for settlement between the employer and employee, there is every tendency  for disputes, law suits against employers and attempts fo make cheap  settlements. The monies paid out by employers are, under the old  system, mainly by way of definite premiums to insurance companies  and this fact constitutes one of the objections held by some to the new  system inasmuch as the assessments under the Act are indefinate and  will be in direct ratio to the requirements.  It must however be borne in mind that the old system is costly in  operation and provides a surplus of profit to the insurance companies,  who take the premiums from the employers and pay out to the employees. The latter are frequently forced to carry their claims" into court,  which is beneficial to lawyers but detrimental to. the interests of the  workmen. v , *  Litigation is entirely eliminated by the Act, administration, and ad,  judication being vested in-an independent judicial commision. A great  relief to employers will 'be the escape from litigation over doubtful or  vexatious claims, oF'fronr unpleasant private bargaining over these matters. This is equally a relief to workingmen and their families', who  are not able to carry onprolonged disputes and lawsuits,  The greatest financial benefit all round is the fact that casualty insurance is provided at cost price. This is a prime factor in the case,  as it will greatly reduce the burden resting on the employer. Workmen will know that their compensation is certain and prompt, whether  the employer is solvent or not.      ���    '  Judging by the increasingly large number of samples of copper and  other ore now sent out of this section to the Coast and elsewhere, the  time may soon arrive when the Nicola Valley will have an assayer  located in the district. Many people would be surprised to kno.w just  .how much copper is sent away from Aspen Grove, Merritt and other  " postoffices for assaying at laboratories in distant places.  Empire Day  Celebrations  Mr. G. M. Gemmill,^"resident  of the city for seven years, 'and  until recently accountant at-the  Nicola Valley Meat Market, ex-  _pects_to_leave__next_-_week_J!or  Armstrong where he will tem-  porily enter ' Messrs. Berry's  drug business, and later will  locate at Vernon. He is a fully  certificated druggist. Mr. Gemmill, an ardent liberal, has been'  secretary of the local Liberal  Association for a considerable  time,'also was secretary for the  Yale Riding'Liberal Association.  Mr. Gemmill was the pioneer  druggist  in the Nicola  Valley.  As an aftermath of recent  legal complications affecting the  ownership, the Kamloops Daily  Sentinel passed under the sheriff Ls__hammer__pn__Tuesday__and  wss bought by Capt. J. T. Robinson for $455, after Capt. T. A.  Worsnop had stopped at $450.  The Sale did not cover the linotype, other printing material, or  book debts.  Yale Liberal Candidate. Joseph  Walters returned on Tuesday  from Ashcroft where he had  been attendirg the Court of Revision.  FOR   SALE  Two Hundred Acres  [More or Less] being the whole of D.L. 167,  containing   116  acres,  and  that  part  of   D. L.   122  In the City of Merritt  Known and described as Blocks 138, 139, 141,  142, [147,  148,  151, 152, 157, 158, 161, 162, 167, 168, 171, 172.  Price $100 per Acre.      Terms: Cash  Address Box 10, The Nicola Valley News, Merritt, B.C.  L  Empire Day, Wednesday next,  May 24th. will be celebrated again  this year, the members of the  City Volunteer Fire Brigade taking the lead in the arrangements  for the sports to be held, while  in the evening the ladies of the  Red Cross Society will hold a fine  whist drive and dance at the  Armory.  The public bank holiday promises to prove, as in past years, a  "Nicola Valley Day," when residents from outside districts, from  distant.ranches, and men from  the, different camps will come to  Merritt to join the citizens here  in enjoying the festivities provided.  Active committees of both the  Red Cross and Fire Brigade have  the arrangements well in hand,  and the happiness of the children  will be kept to the fore in the  program of the day's events.  At nine a.m. baseball matches  are scheduled to start at Voght  Park (conditions at the park allowing), followed at eleven by a  five-a-side football competition.  After noon,on Quilchena Avenue  there "will be a long program of  children's races, and other attractions including potato and  sack races, long and high jumps,  cracker and pie races, nail driving  contests. For adults there will  be all kinds of races, as well as a  tug of war contest, old men's  race, greasy .pole climbing contest, and a Klootchman's race.  The whist drive and dance in  the Armory will commence at  8.30 p.m. Twelve games of progressive whist will be played following which dancing will be  commenced. Music will be entrusted to Mrs. G. H. Tutill, Mrs.  W. R. Langstaff, ami Messrs h.  Gerrard and Lu Price. Refreshments will be served by members  of the organization and the  charge will be 50 cents each.  Unique Re-union  of Princeton People  Deep Snow  Hinders  Snow Shed Building  Owing to the heavy winter  snows still keeping embedded  considerable machinery used in  the construction work, the snowsheds up the Coquihalla are not  likely to be resumed before the  second week in June. Much  machinery and equipment is  deeply covered and difficult are  cond tions generally owing to the  effects of the severe winter being  in strong evidence. Together  with' the difficulty of getting  suitable labor for the preliminary  preparation work at the camp,  the resumption of the work on  the snowsheds planned is being  seriously hindered, Additional  slides on completed work have  also upset the arrangements,  Matthew Moody, Jnr., a well  built lad of sixteen, has joined  his father and brother in the  King's army.havingbeen accepted as bugler in the 102nd regiment. Accompanying him to  camp at Kamloops on Tuesday  were Edwin and Albert Rowbot-  tom, two brothers, boys who will  also serve as buglers. All desired to go overseas, and have  their parent's consent to their  enlistment. -  Mrs. W. Welfare and Mrs. T.  Slater entertained the Sis ers of  the Pythian Lodge to tea yesterday afternoon at the city hall.  News of an unique reunion of  Princeton people at Saloniki. the  British base in Greece, where  many thousands of military and  naval men are massed, has been  received by the "News." Capt.  Cole, of Princeton, who is in the  naval service, was watching the  arrival of a transport' when he  was surprised to see his sister-in-  law step off the gang-plank, in  nurse's attire. Unaware of each  others whereabouts in . Europe  the meeting'was a complete and  remarkable surprise. Later the  two proceeded to a certain hospital where the lauy is engaged  and there the Captain found himself in the presence of Dr. Will-  ands, also of Princeton, who is  in charge of the hospital.  Lce.-Corpl. J. Smith  Writes from Bramshot  Lance-Corooral James Smith,  who is in the bugle band of the  47th batt. in a letter to this office  full of interesting information,  tells that MajorFoster.of Nicola,  is third in command of the battalion and has just completed a  course as field officer. The 47 th,  in training at Bramshot, Eng.,  has been sending drafts to the  trenches, and did not proceed as  a unit. "Jimmie" says itxfelt  like being in Merritt^ to see so  many local faces on the arrival  of the No. 2 Tunneling Company  at Bramshot, amongst them being  his brother Sergt. lom Smith.  L.-Corpl. Smith has taken t>  course in bombing and- grenade  throwing, which he states is very  essential for every man going  overseas. Arthur Ash, late oldie Nicola Hotel, who is also in  the 47th, sends remembrances to  his many friends. '   .  Ranchers are Buying  Automobiles  , ' Having disposed of a, car to  Harry Stumbles. Mr. H.' S. Cleas  by, of, Coutlee, is sporting a new  )ne. While Harry was at th*  wheel in'his new purchase, or  Saturday night, Pete Marquarr.  had the audacity to stand on'thi-  same street with the result that  he found himself clearing the  sidewalk opposite the. Bank oi  Toronto with the graceful curvi-  ture and speed of a lady diving  froma springboard. Pete said  that only a few days ago, when  he was in fllerritt he" was fined  and now "the Merritt bounders  are trying to kill me." Pete came  from Nicola.  Very Optimistice Over.  Princeton's   Future  Mr. A.E. Howse is back from  the Similkameen after spending  several^days^atterTding^tc)-- his"  many important business interests in that district.' Despite the  general conditions produced by  the war Mr.Howse found Princeton a busy place, to which condition the developments atCopper  mountain are contributing. Those  best able to know say thatPrince-  ton is assured of a great future  owing to the limitless wealth of  copper known to exist in the district.  Lieut. Chris. Croly, of the  Canadian Engineers, who recently arrived in England from Otta-.  wa is now believed to be serving  in France where several of his  colleagues of the Merritt Mercantile Company and kindred business interests are already doing  their duty for the British Empire  . .and Belgium. Lieut Lroly was  the firm's accountant.  Surprise Party to  Private Baltersby  In honor of Pte. J. Battersby,  of the 102nd regiment, who has  been in the city on leave of ab  sence and returned to duty yesterday morning, several Knights  and Sisters of the Pythian lodges  paid his home on Quilchena Ave.,  .a surprise visit on Tuesday evening. There were over twenty in  the company, and a most lively  and enjoyable time- was spent by  all with games and music, songs  and stories,  Mrs. Miller joined the local Red  Cross Branch yesterday. j  Mrs.  P.   Gordon and children  left on Monday's train for Crows  Nesti  The  Coldwater Hotel,  "It's JUL Comfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and  Commercial Men  Merritt is the gateway iq the rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  -v Grove, Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  Reliable information relative to the mining and.ranching  industry's freely given; If you want to fird a friend you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class hotel  of Merritt.       . .    .     '   ���.���  Hot and Cold  Water. 1\ooms   with Baths. Floe large Sample Rooms  All Vegetables, Eggs, Milk and Cream used in the Holel are daily from our Ranch  MURDOCH   McINTYRE  Proprietor  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Fire  Liverpool and London  and Globe  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America,of  Toronto  Life & Accident  ,   B. C.  Life  Globe Indemnity of  Canada  Only Prime Goods  PRIME   BEEF,  MUTTON  AND  PORK  PREMIUM BACON AHD HAMS  �� FRESH PURE PORK SAUSAGE  Creamery Butter, Ranch Eggs., Lettuce;'Celery, etc.  'Prices Lowest , Quality Highest  Nicola  Valley Meat Market  HUGH   LEITCH,   Carpenter   and  -     Contractor,*  '       Let me figure on your next job���no matter how small -,-,-  K      or how large.       Satisfaction Guaranteed  P\  O:   BOX    219,   MERRITT,   33.  G.  PHILIP    MCLEAN,  ,���     CONTRACTOR  .Estimates given;on any kind of Building Work  No Job Too'smalL'  Electric Lighting  Supplies, and  Electrical Fittings   ��  All Goods atJLowest Prices  Store and.Office; Opposite Coldwater Hotel  ,a_>,  '- <*i  LECKIE SHOES  N<  [O other shoe made is superior to the genuine *  LECKIE.'    Pay no attention to the statement  "as Rood as a LECKIE," because the-  superiority of LECKIE BOOTS AND SHOES  00,. .   . i        Tr.T    have long since been  firmly  established  and >  I he   quality   goes  U\    have stood.the test ^ the very hai des* use  before" the name-, goes    possible.  tk  *'*       7 TZCIfTI?        Tne farmer, the miner, the boys in khaki in  cn--wai s a i^c^r^ic    ^ trtnche8 have found LECKIE 'BOOTS the ���  ��� tJ&ade in  British Columbia  - logical Loot for real comfort and long service.  LECKIE  BOOTS  are the " economical-in-the-long-run " boots for  the business and professional man as well as the  farmer or miner.'   There is a LECKliii for every "  puipqse���for every use.  AT  LEADING  DEALERS  Built fpr Wear, Style & Comfort  qmiyn.-nw-c Three  THE NICOLA 'VALLEY NEWS.  Friday,   May 19, 1916  w  ���x*;��mvvwi"."i"."  ?  *.  .-.  ���i-  ���  ���  t  t  .*.  '*  ���  A  National Watchword���    !  THRIFT  .  : V  ��� IIM.I      RI.I.IM .*.  ��$E economical.    Be thrifty. ' Be saving.    And encourage all *  three by depositing your savings in a Bank of Toronto Savings, g  Account.    Your account will soon "grow into attractive propor-���{���  tions.    Interest is added twice a year. &  TOTAL   ASSETS  PAID   UP   CAPITAL  RESERVED   FUNDS  The;  BANK of  $66,767,203  $5,000,000  $6,439,382  MERRITT BRANCH  A.  N.  B.   ROGERS, Manager  .���i.******  $250.00 REWARD  The above Reward will be paid to anyone giving information which will lead  to the conviction of any person or  persons Stealing or hilling any Cattle  belonging to the 13. C. Fruit Lands,  , Limited.  By Order,  B. C. FRUIT LANDS LIMITED  Henry F. Mytton, Director.       *  B. C. Loans for Men on the  Land.���Bill Now in Operation  M. L GRIMMETT, L.L.3.  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC,   ETC.  , Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal  MERRITT        . ���        NICOLA  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank of Toronto  Voght   Street, Merritt  ,; '      Opposite Coldwater Hotel .  : 0-  The Agriculi'ural Credits Act,  passed a year ago by the provincial legislature, is now in effect,  and will be administered by a  board consisting of Hon. William  Manson, provincial superintendent, Wm. Bridgp, of Duncan,  Wm. Duncan, of Comox, Deputy  Minister Scott,of the Department  ���of'Agriculture, and Deputy Minister Goepel,.of the Finance Department.  Interest in the practical working out of the act is more than  province wide���it is being watched throughout the Dominion and  the United States. As nothing  of the kind has been attempted  before, the board is having its  own way largely and must go to  Australia for precedents of any  kind.  The commission may accept as  security for loans, first mortgages  (d) The purchase pf livestock,  machinery, fertilizers, etc. ;  "(e) Discharging liabilities incurred for the improvement and  development of land used for  agricultural purposes and any  purpose that, in the judgment of  the commission, is calculated to  increase land productiveness,and  to-associations organized under  the Agricultural Associations Act  with the approval of th-a lieuten-  arit-governor-in-council.  -Before granting any loan the  commission shail ascertain "that  the loan is justified on the following grpunds:  i (a) The value of the security  offered estimated on the ba��is of  agricultural productiveness;  (b) The desirability of the proposed loan for any of the purposes described above;  (c) The ability of the borrower  to make a fair living for himself  SUMMER PRICES ON COAL  EFFECTIVE   MAY    15th.  LUMP, 2 ton load, $10.00  DELIVERED  NUT, 2 ton load,   $ 8.00  n  ton  DELIVERED  )  WELL  PICKED AND THOROUGHLY   CLEAN  Middlesboro Collieries Ltd.   Phone 15  upon agricultural land free from and his fami]y from the farmi  all encumbrances.     No loan will  be accepted  for a less amount  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS.  ; ,.        'LODGES1  COURT UNITY, NO.  A. 0. F.   "  .9205,  FRANK BOND,  C. R.  Meets.in K. of P.  Hall on' the fourth  Monday- of ��� every  montti.at 8 p.m.  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited/  J. HUTTON,  Secretary  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  A. F. & A. M.  P. Rankine  WM.  Regular meetings in-Masonic  Hall, Granite  ave.- third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.   -  A. K. Cakeington  Secretary  L.O.L,  1701  Merritt Lodge  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories and in a portion' of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  renewal for a further term\of 21 years  at an annual rental bf $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for are situated.  In .surveyed'territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections; and'in un surveyed territory'the tract applied for shall  be staked out'by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of ?5, which will be refunded if the rights applied for are'not  available, but not otherwise. A'royalty shall be paid on* the merchantable  output of the mine at- the rate of five  cents per ton.        ' '  ^ The person operating the mine shah  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights  are not being operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once n  year. >  The lease will include the coal'mining rights only, rescinded by Chap. 27  of 4-5 George V. assented ,to J.2th June^  1914.  For full Information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  than $250, or for a greater amounl  than $10,000, and no loan would  be accepted for an amount exceeding 60 per cent of the appraised value of the land, calcu-.  lated ,on the basis of value and  productiveness when the improv-  ments shall have been affected.  The commission may advance by  proportionate instalments as the  work progresses.\  Loans may be made for the following purposes:���  (a) The acquiring of land for  agricultural purposes and the  satisfaction of encumbrances on  land used for such purpose ;  (b) The, clearing, draining,  dykeing, or irrigation works ;  (c), The erectipn of farm buildings ;  of his land when, improved by  means' of the loan applied for,and  after having paid interest and  amortization charges ;  (d) That the granting of tlie  proposed loan tor the specified  purpose will, in the opinion of  the commission, be of economic  benefit to the borrower.  ^A long elate loan as authorized  shall be repaid to the commission  with interest in either thirty-six  and a half years, thirty years, or  twen ty years. The rate of interest , shall novt exceed 1 per cent  more than the interest paid by  ,the commission on the bonds issued to secure the funds. The  combined charge of interest and  principal shall be payable half  yearly, each instalment being  equal.  FOR   SALE  Acre  Well Situated, being lot 4, block 46, D.L. 123,  In the City or Merritt, B. C.  Price,$300.00. Terms: Cash  Apply Box 9, The Nicola Valley News, Merritt, B. C.  Regular' meetings  Hall on the first and  third  the Oddfellows'  Fridays in  each month at 7.30 p.m.   The Scarlets  meet oh the 14th of each month.  Visiting Brethren ore cordially invited.  -  '   "      J. G. Warren. W.M,  Geo. Slater, Recording Sec. .  Photographs  of the Best  No Time like the present  to have-your Photo taken  Think it over, and tben call and  -   see samples at the City Studio.  Chas. T. Hooper  Oppt Schools Merritt  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Domin  ion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior,  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   o|  this  advertisement will  not be  patf  for.-83575.'       . "    ��� -     ,  The Douglas Lake Cattle Company  Limited  Are the Owners of the following des-  scribed Stock :      >  Cattle  branded  111  left or right hip,  vented when feold bar under brand.  Cattle branded G S right ribs, ventel  when sold bar over brand.  Horses branded 111 left or right shoulder  Horses branded perpendicular bar over  V left or/right shoulder.  Vent for horses when sold is bar over  brand. There is a Reward of $150.00  offered for information that will lead  to conviction of anybody Stealing or  Killing any of our Stock.  F. F. Ward, Manager  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  Escaped Prisoner  Brought Back  Acting on information received  in the course of his enquiries,  Provincial Constable Bell of this  district on Tuesday sent information' to Constable Enright of  Spences Bridge th��t one of two  "wanted " men was.a"passenger  on the K. V. R. train which left  Merritt at 5 p.m. for the main  line. The result was' that two  hours later when stepping from  the train at Spences Bridge,  Charles McGinnes,- aged 27, who  escaped from Kamloops Gaol on  May- 3rd, was apprehended by  Constable Enright. On being  searched' the prisoner was found  to be carrying a gun.   ���  He was later taken to Kamloops to answer a charge of  breaking goal. Accompanied, it  is believed, by one Joseph Bailey  aged 18, the two men arrived in  Merritt on _the_Penticton_ train  and during, the stopover of an  hour here the movements of Mc-  Ginnes excited suspicion. ��� Holdr  ing a full description of McGin-  nis, Constable Bell acted with  commendable speed and thorough  ness in furthering his investigations, the escaped prisoner the  while travelling on the train to  the Bridge only to find his temporary freedom suddenly taken  away.  Splendid Officer-  Cool and Fearless  Joseph Martin, lawyer * and  politician, liberal candidate elect  for the Cariboo Dominion riding,-  and liberal M. P. for a London  constituency in the British House  of Commons, who has been residing in Vancouver for many  months,"' is now in the hospital  suffering from an affection of a  leg. When recovered Mr. Martin  intends returning to England to  take up his parliamentary duties.  As the Sewing Season is approaching  let N. J. Barwick, the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent put your Sewing Mac-  chine in good order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him to your door. Old machines  taken in part payment for new ones.'  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue. ^  " Road Superintendent Dan  Sutherland was in Hope last  week and gave W. Gardner instructions to begin work on the  Hope-Popcum road and D. D.  Nixon to clear the Similkameen  trail. Annual repair work only  is under way at present but much  new work is said to be planned  for roads in Hope district.  . Lce,-Corporal,J.'Cowan'!of the  fifth battalion; who-was-orderly  to the late Capt. J. F. P. Nash,  D.s.o;and Capt. (Dr.) Tutill at  Valcartier in the early stages of  the war, pays a tribute to the  pa'ssing of a gallant officer in" a  letter just received. He writes  to Capt. Tutill.  "I suppose *you will have  heard that poor Capt. Nash was  killed in action. He is mourned  by the whole battalion and especially by the Valley boys' who  I knew him best,-  I have been with the 5th ever  since we left Canada,' and although I never served in his  section, he never forgot me, and  whenever'we met he had a hearty handshake and a cheery word.  We would often recall those days  we spent in Valcartier when  together under canvas.- He"was  a splendid officer, cool, quiet, and  fearless. He always showed  such practical consideration for  his men, who one and all feel his  death acutely.  In trying times I would go to  him assured of his sympathy, assistance and advice. Now that  he has gone the battalion and  the brigade have lost a gallant  and efficient officer whom they  could ill spare, while I feel I  have lost a friend I can never  replace.  TRY   IT!  CANADA'S  HOME FLOUR  GRCWN IN CANADA  MILLED IN CANADA  FOR EVERY HOME  'Ask your Qroctrfor  ROYAL  HOUSEHOLD  After going East as far as Ot--  tawa,' and visiting many- towns  of'the Prairie Provinces, A. "E. D.  Timmins returned to the Nicola  Valley on Tuesday's train. '  Thomas'D. McDougall,' a local  young man of splendid physique  was signed on by Sergt.. Leitch  on Saturday, and was''attested  on the strength of the 172nd  Battalion for service overseas.  Fishing'at Nicola Lak'eis new  ,in full swing. There is a keen  rivalry, between some of-the  local "Isaacs." Billy Coleishot  after the record of Tom Fraser,  while Billy Fairley acts as a guide  to records to all-comers. Why  not organize a competition for  fishermen for July 1st.  The members of the City Volunteer Fire Brigade ass mbledat  the fire hall on Sunday morning,  when the.entire equipment of the  organization was introduced to  the hose and water and given a  clean and smart appearance.  Practices are being resumed along  businesslike lines, several new  members having been admitted  recently. There was a satisfactory muster of firemen on Sunday, when C. F. Hooper photographed the brigade and equipment, obtaining splendid results.  New members initiated last week  were Messrs. Hil', Weir, Was?,  Rintoul, Rogers, 'Boyden  Hoggan.  A deputation of druggists,representing the council of the British ��� Columbia Pharmaceutical  Council, interviewed the provincial executive last week, to oppose  any legislation making drug  stores _depots_for_ the_ sa!e_of  liquor in the event of prohibition  being carried on the date of the  general elections.  Provincial Constable W. Beli,  who is looking after Constable  Farr<s territory during thf lat-  ter's visit to Kamloops assizes,  was a visitor to Quilchena on  Wednesday.-  ., Mr. E; Riley,   of Nicola',"1'and  Eric   Gavelin,   of  Couflep,7>We.  serving on'the jury at Kamloops,  assizes.'   Mayor Archie1 Jackson',  was placed on the  Grand Jury ���  list but claimed exemption, as he  is entitled to .do, as Mayor, finding it very inconvenient lo  be  away from his civic and private,  business at this time.  R, Poole, 'of Calgary, who  worked for B. G. Stewart, on  the "Matthews" ranch at Nicola  last summer writes to a friend  in the Valley to say that 'he has  joined the O.M.R's. at Calgary  and is training for overseas service. "I wish I had joined long  ago" he adds. Poole is fitted to  hold a worthy place in the great  British Army.  L W. Siatford M.L.a., has  been successful in obtaining two  special hospital grants for his  district, each of $750. One is for  the. Hedley Hospital and the  other for Princeton, the coal city.  The hospital authorities and citizens of these places took the  matter up with iVIr. Shatford  and with "Good Roads" Taylor  a short time ago with results as  noted.  Palace Bakery  * Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc.  *  Hot Pies every Saturday.  w.  FAIRLEY, Proprietor  There ware over thirty new  registerations at the Coldwater  Hotel last week-end, from Friday  to Monday,- including several  railroad and mining men. Among  recent guests were,. H. H.  Thomas, *'of Princeton; Mrs.  Langley and T. :W.. Jacobson, of  Canford, H.'McKibbon, of Lytton, C. E. Hutch, W.'Hoover and  Mr, and Mrs, Kennedy,'of Penticton, K. Harrington,- of Vancouver, Corporal E. E. Edwards.  C. M. R's. On Wednesday the  guests included Mr. and Mrs. H.  E. Forsyth, of Quilchena, N. S.  Fraser and A.> V: Thompson, K.  andlV.R. of Penticton, alsa R. J.  j Nicol, of Victoria.  The  Correct  Thing  i    ���  I have just received a few patterns of  Real Irish Suitings  These patterns are exclusive,  and were picked up by the Semi-  ready Tailoring Company's British buyer on a recent visit to  Belfast.  This is the sort of Cloth worn by  the English Squires and is much  in evidence at the Derby.  As there are only Six Suit lengths-  to each pattern you are requested  to1 place your order right away  and save disappointment.  The Price per Three Piece Suit is  $28.00  ANDREW EWffiRT  The  City Tailor;  (Opposite Bank of Toronto)  ������V Lx.r-  ,;&________________!  ���;>?-,'  .*% Four  THE NICOLA VALLEY NEWS.  Friday,   May 19, 1916  \- v.  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  "Che House of SlXeril in  MERRITT, - - B.C.  We have one of the best thought of and most talked of Hctels in B.C.  EUROPEAN   PLAN  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  D. A. Costigan, Mgr. A. Hoggan, Prop.  I  i  The Clydesdale  STALLIONS:  VICTOR HUGO  AND  MAJOR  HUGO  "VICTOR HUGO"/  Imp. (9898) (15031)  Sire : Sir Hugo, 10924 .  1st Dam: Fair Maid 18355, by Marcellus  nno.  2nd. Dam: Lady Bell 8997, by .Darnley  ' 222  Commencing May 3, " VICTOR  HUGO " will stand  Every Wednesday,  .  At D. Munro's Stables,    -  MERRITT,  '  From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and  During the rest of the Week at the  Dodding Ranch at Lower Nicola.  "MAJOR   HUGO"  Will Stand daily   at   the   Ranch  TERMS: to insure with Foal $15  For further information apply to  D.  DODDING, (Owner)  Lower Nicola - B. C.  Mr. Tom and Miss McStay,  were visitors in Nicola on Tuesday.  ,/'  Pte. James. Paterson,  oi the  " 102nd is in town visiting Mr. and  Mrs. J. Skimmings.  The Newsy Pars  Born���May 15th. to Mr. and  Mrs. William Huston, a daughter  Cirth.��� This morning, to Mr.  and Mrs. Corkle, of Lower Nicola,  a daughter.  Birth.-May 18tb, at Nicola  Valley General Hospital, to Mr.  and Mrs. Gladwin, of Aspen  Grove, a son.  Mrs. Foster and son, of Nicola, were in the city on Tuesday.  Mrs. Durland, was visiting  friends at Nicola on Tuesday.  Rancher J. Corbett, of the  Princeton Road, was in town yesterday on business.  Sergt.-J. Leitch has been appointed temporary caretaker of  the Armory.  The acreage advertised on  pages 2 and .3 will sure to find  many eager buyer s.  .The summer prices for coal at  the Middlesboro mines have been  announced. There is a reduction  in Nut and Lump. See ad. on  page three.- ,-  A. H. Gravenor, who had been  visiting here over'the week end,  .returned to Victoria on Tuesday  morning's train.  A. ,E. D. Timmins, of Ottawa,  F. E. Stokes, mining man, of  Tulameen, C. F. Loewen, of  Coutlee, F. J. Dove and F. Dow-  nes, of Vancouver, were among  the latest arrivals at the Adelphi  Hotel this week, '  The many friends of Llewellyn  Thompson, of Voght Valley," will  be pleased tp learn that he is  progressing very favorably after  his recent serious operation for  appendicitis. He is a patient at  the General Hospital here.  _���^���a^v '  H. H. Schmidt, better known  as "Big Soo" Smith, arrived in  Merritt from California oh Wednesday and later was driven out  to Aspen Grove where he has  extensive copper interests. Some  development work is to be done  at the property shortly,it is said.  Fourteen ladies and one "mere  man" who will take part in a  comedy ; "Afternoon. Tea ��� at  Friendly Village," which is to  be-staged at  the Rex  Theatre  The Forward Adult Bible Class  which meets at the Methodist  Church every Sunday afternoon  will hold a scriptural discussion  next Sunday.  Word has been received from  England that Arnold Ash, formerly of Nicola"Hotel, is seriously  ill. He was serving at the front  with the Canadians in the 2nd  C.M.R's,  about the second week in June,  will commence rehearsing next  week. The play will be given  under the auspices pf the Anglican Church.  Mr. J. W. Langley was sufficiently recovered today to be able  to leave the hospital and take a  walk around the City. He was  a welcome caller at the News  Office.  Dr. JACKSON,  Dentist,  Who is. at present in  Princeton,  wishes  to announce that he ..will  Visit Merritt  about May 23rd. A  further  announcement will be made later.  NOTICE  IN THE ESTATE OF CHARLES  WILLIAM RINGLER THOMSON  DECEASED, LATE OF VICTORIA  'i'B'- ��- ���'��� "    , ���  ' NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all creditors and other persons.having  any claims or demands against the  Estate of Charles William Ringler  Thomson, late, of: Victoria, B. C.,  who died on or about the 29th* day  of January,. 1916, whose will and  codicils were proved in the Supreme  Court of British Columbia, Victoria  Registry, on the 19th day of April,  1916; by the Executors therein named, are hereby''required to send in  particulars 'of their claims duly verified to the undersigned on or before  the. 20th day .of July, 1916.  "And notice7is hereby given that  after that date the said Executors  will proceed to distribute the assets  of the deceased among the parties  entitled thereto having regard only  to the claims of which the said Executors shall then have notice, and  that the said Executors will not be  liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person . of  whose debt or. claim they shall not  then have had notice.  Dated this 20th day of April, A.D.,  1916.  ' CREASE & CREASE  .  410 Central Building,  Victoria, B. .C.  Solicitors for the Executors  F-1S-7. -,~ r- ���<������'   ���r.X.fr  llthC.M.R.'sto  Have Preference  The officer commanding the  llth C.M.R's., for which regiment Corporal Edwards and Pte,  B. Nichols are at present recruiting locally, has been officially advised from Ottawa that no B. C.  unit now mobolizing will be permitted to recruit above strength  until the llth C.M.R's., are up  to strength, further that as soon  as the complement has been ��obtained the C. M.R's., will be sent  overseas. During the next few  days Corporal Edwards ahd Pte.  Nichols will visit outside ranches  for recruiting purposes, and later  will probably journey to Pentiq-  ton and other Okanagan centres.  Pte. Dan Shearer  In Casualty List  Another of the Merritt Mercantile  Company's clerks has inscribed  his name deeply in the Canadian  roll of honor, the nam-1, of Private  Dan Shearer appearing in the list  of wounded officially announced  from Ottawa yesterday. "Dan"  left Merritt with the first contingent, he was always merry and  bright and popular, and many  friends will wish for him a rapid  recovery.  Lee.-Corporal T. McKeating  and Privates J. Dunn and'J. Paul,  of the' Pioneers Reinforcements  arrived from Vancouver Wednesday and are spending' a few days  leave here with their families.  Corpfc J. Paton is expected in  this week end.  Miss Ruby Howse, of Nicola,  will leave on Tuesday morning's  train for the main line, en route!  to Toronto where she will attend  the wedding of a. friend to an  army officer. She will spend an  extended vacation in and about  the Eastern City.  Merritt Post Office is closed  every Wednesday afternoon after  1 P-m.  As the purchasing of materials  for-.the .making of supplies cuts  deeply into the finances of the  Ried Cross branch funds, it was  decided yesterday to admit gentlemen to the organization. An  initiation fee of 15 cents will be  charged with a monthly^ contribution of not less than 3.0 oents.  By this means it is anticipated  considerable funds will be available each nnnth to augment the  purchases.  It was also decided to orgunize  a Girls' Guild,under the auspices  of the local Red Cross branch,  and all young ladies who think  themselves too young to join the  parent organization are invited  to join this Guild. Mrs. Sadler  has undertaken.to take the Guild  in hand and will learn the girls  knitting etc. The first meeting  of this Guild will be held at the  Red Cross rooms on Friday May  26th at 3 p.m.  ���������Hm^h-************.***.:^  WHY?  t   Are people getting into the habit of buying for Cash  t BECAUSE  $     Cash Demands Lower Prices  *  *  *  *  Salmon,      - <    Nice Rich Q lality  "Blue Label" Ketchup       *  Devilled Ham  "Cri-co" .      ,  Cheese, Rich and Mellow  Choice Back or Strip Bacon  Cream Soda Biscuits  Jap Rice    . The Best Quality  Ground Rice  -Potato Flour       Makes Good Sponge Cake  ' 2 tins for.23  - per bot. .33  3.tinsfor.23  per tin.35  per 11). .28  perlb."!29  2 lb. tins each .35  3 lbs. .25  Pears ���  Pineapple Cubes  Rabins  Peaches     .a  Prunes  Tomatoes ~  Peanut Butter  4 lb. tins C. & B. Jam  Bird's Custard Powder  , Braid's Tea  per pkt. .14  per pkt. .14  Large Tins ' '   each .27  Special 3.tins for .35  Special-.-.     , 3 pkts. for .30  3 lbs. for .35  3 lbs. for .35  Large Tins per tin .15  per jar .23  Assorted.Flavors    each .75  per pkt. .17  Special 3 ib. tin each 1.10  Oatmeal Soap v     8 cakes for .25  OUR   PRICES'ION  Flour, Lard,r;Milk, Butter, and all  other Staple Food Lines  . .'.'"'.- ... *:f."V'r ,''������-���.���'  Are for your Advantage.   7; We Deliver DaUy  THE  MERRITT  **_H**^***^*************^  ���%���%���%���%��!*���!������  MEET ME AT THE CLUB  The Merritt Recreation Club  formerly the Hub Billiard and Pool Hall is "now  open under new management. The reading and  writing room is well supplied with magazines,  writing material and all the leading newspapers.  The management extend to all who care to make  the Club their headquarters a hearty welcome.  MEET ME AT THE CLUB  MILLINERY  %   You will find a nice selection of  ���. . .  f  | Silk, Braid, Panama,  Sport and  Felt Crushers  % And a beautiful collection of  I llattiMttafo iJUmtrtfrxi $c 3Fnt%r ifltotmte  | =====    AT   THE -  I ROSE MARCHE  HATS   TRIMMED to  each ' individuals taste at PRICES  WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL  *  ���i*  t  t  *  *  ���>���:������  .;..;..;*>l��!~X"><s"s"3"!"S><{��>  The Newsy Pars  Mr.  Isaac Eastwood returned  from Vancouver on Monday.  W. Welfare of the City Hall  staff has almost recovered from  an attack of blood poisoning.  Mr.' and Mrs. Bert Forsythe,  drove to town from Quilchena,  on Wednesday returning the following day.  Several of,the smaller stores jn  town are closing their establishments .Wednesday afternoons  during the summer months.    -  "Free'miners certificates, which  have to^b'e taken ou,t,by prospectors a' d! others not later than  May 81st are now obtainable al  the GovernmenCoffice at Nicola.  ��� Provincial Constable Farr, of  Nicohi, left7on Tuesday for Kamloops, to attend the ass'zps. E.  Riley, who is on the jury also  left on the morning train.  ��� The members of the Patriotic  Guild met in~ usual "weekly, session last Monday afternoon at  the City hall. The lajdies are  very busy getting articles ready  for another overseas shipment.  Prospector'Wm^McNeill 'came  up from [DotTon Monday,, bringing some good samples of copper  ore from the claims he is working  atSkookum Creek for the Aberdeen Mining Syndicate.  Thirty-three residents and  former residents of Hope and  district have joined the,colors to  date, besides many transient  residents of the surrounding district who were engaged in construction work.-v  We are pleased to state that  Mrs. Thorn, wife of George Thom  conductor-on".the-K.-V.R.,-i3-ma-  king' satisfactory progress towards recovery,after having undergone a serious internal operation at the N. V. General Hospital  last week.  NOTICE <>  IN THE ESTATE OF JOSEPH  BLACKBURN GREAVES, DECEASED.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against  the Estate of Joseph Blackburn  Greaves, late of Douglas Lake and  Victoria, B. C, who died on or about  the 13th day of June, 1915, whose  will "and codicils'were.proved in the  Supreme Court of British Columbia,  Victoria Registry, on the 2nd day of  September, 1915, by the Executors'  therein named, are liereby ��� required  Lo send in particulars of their claims  duly verified to the undersigned on  or before the 31st day of July, 1916.  And notico is hereby given that  after that date the said Executors  will proceed to distribute the assets  i��f the deceased among the parties  entitled thereto having regard only  '.o the claims of which the said Executors shall then have notice, and  '.hat the said Executors will not be  iable for the assets or any part there-  jf so distributed to any person of  whose debt or claim they shall not  '.hen have had notice.  Dated this 25th day of April, A.D.  '.916.  CREASE & CREASE  410 Central Building,  Victoria, B. C.  Solicitors for the Executors.  F-15-7.  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  Get our prices and estimates  on anv or all branches of the  o       Plumbing Business  Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED'  STOVES   AND   HEATERS  put into first/class shape '  POPE AND SMALL  PLUMBERS & TINSMITHS   ,  - t  Repair Work of All Kinds  SEED POTATOES  FOR SALE  Imported "EARLY ROSE"  Suited to the soil and climate of ���  the Nicola Valley, having beenV  grown with big results,  Price- $3.00 per Sack' -'  Apply Coldwater Hotel, Merritt  WHEN YOU VISIT   ...  VICTORIA  STAY AT THE  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  cor. Yates and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  J. B. Plumb, late of Merritt.  A high class hotel with reasonable rate*  centrally located���ten minutes from C.  P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c, $1.00.  Remember the BRUNSWICK  Write ahead for reservations.  HAWK BICYCLES  An up-to-date High Grade  Bicyclefittcdwith^��//^C//<j/��,  New Departure or Hercules  Coaster Brake and Hubs, Detachable Tues, high grade equip,  ment, including Mud- u. r."  Riinrds.Pump.&Tools *��l.3U  S^d FREE 1916 Catalogue,  GO pages of Bicycles, Sundries  and Repair Material. You can  buy your supplies from us at  -Wholesale Prices. = ~-  T. W. BOYD & SON,  27 Notre Dame St. West.Hontreal.  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION  Notice is hereby given that tbe partnership heretofore existing between the  undersigned as Building Contractors,  Real Estate and Insurance, under the  firm name of McLean & Corp, of Merritt, B.C., has been this day dissolved  by mutual consent. -"  All debts due to the said partnership  are to be paid to Philip McLean, Merritt, B.C., and all partnership debts  will be paid by him. t  Philip McLean  , Frank R. Corp  Merritt, B. C.  April 5th, 1916.  "Once to every man and nation," will be the subject for  discussion at the Epworth League  at next Monday's session. Mrs.  Young will open the subject.   '  7*sx  tl  tfl  1  ^ The matron of the hospital  acknowledges ,with thanks the  following donations received  during April��� linen from the  Women's Auxiliary; Books and  magazines from A. W. Strickland  and M. L. Grimmett and a lady,  name not obtained; Flowers from  ladies of the Catholic church;  and cakes from school children.


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