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The Nicola Valley News Feb 18, 1916

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Array THE   HOME PAPER   T0R   THE    C.TY . OtfS MERRITT   SND    THE    N.COLA    VALLEY  Vol. 6. No. 13  MERRITT,   B.C..   Fl.'IDAY,   FEBRUARY   18,   1916     ~  Price 5 Cents  Lengthy Hospital Board Meeting.- Concert in the Trenches -  Colonel Hick at Gaffipoli.-Successful Red Cross Whist Drive  Hospital Directors  Listen to Protest  Resolution Regretting Rude Remarks Made to Dir. Slater  u       by a Locum Tenens  Something approaching a sensation was sprung atthemeeting  - of directors of the Hospital on  - Monday night when Director G.  Slater strongly protested against  treatment he had received from  Dr. Lamont who was acting  locum tenens in the city for some  weeks, while the director was a  .-     patient in the hospital.   Briefly  the charge was that the doctor,  - following a meeting of the direc-  - tors on January 21, had " hyster-  - r\  ically remonstrated with him in  the corridor late-at night on >re-  ��� marks he had made at-the meet-.  - ing and, besides, cast unwelcome  reflectionson " many others " of  the board.      _-.,      - -   -  After   a  lengthy  discussion,  which lasted an hour and terminated ten minutes before midnight it was,resolved by four  votes to two���  - ^     "that this board after hearing  the statement of DirectorSlater  regrets exceedingly that one  ���   of its members should have  oeen treated so rudely by Dr'  Lamont, following the hospital  directors meeting held on Jan.  ;-?���* .   ] Atihe outset, Director Slater  ''^^OOave^the privilege of  ,: -making his statement, which he  *    regretted very much to "have to  :   make,  but as reflections  were  ^passed on meftibers-of, the. board  ( ,       (Continued on -page --i) - ~  High Scoring by  Canford Ranch  Langley's Cream Exhibit  Too Rick and Lost'  Points  Was  Mr. J. W. Langley, of Willow Grange  Ranch,Canford has received his certificate as third prize winner for his cream  exhibit in the market class in the competition held under'the auspices of the  British Columbia Dairymens' Associa  tion.       , '  The'certificate, which Is neatly designed, gives the scale of points obtained by the exhibit, as well as the  maximum number obtainable.  . From this it is seen that the Willow  Grange product ^in the competition  open to th'e entire province earntd the  creditable total of 90.6 points out of  100 maximum.  Of the total, 34.6. points,out of 35  were obtained on the bacteria count.  16.25 out of 20 for flavor and odor, 20  out of 20 for absence of impurities, 5  out of,5 for acidity count.    -  A peculiar result of this exhibition  was that Mr. "Langley lost points by  having the cream to thick! There was  48 per cent fat, while the best percent- j  age is 30. This certainly must be an  excellent,fault from the point of view  of the consumers.    "-_       - -  ' Evidence of the close competition in  the milk class is seen in the fact that  the Willow^Grange milk exhibit al-'  though obtaining 96.00 points out of the  maximum 100,did not secure more than  sixth place. The bacteria court was  but 1200 which compares very favorably vvith the count of the Valley-  Dairy score of 860 made at "Vancouver.  This was considered in the government  bacteria count contest to be a-perfect  \ score. ' At tbe same time there were  cases where the ���bacteria count ran  into millions.      ,.  Directors of Hospital JHfeJd Busy  and Lengthy^lM|etiiig on Mondav  Director M^L. Grimmett: Efe^ New ^  tors Appointed-Chariges on .the Staff���Employment of  * ���                  Oriental to be Enquired into.  ���^������ -O-^ ___  Merritt Boys at .  Trench Concert  Pte.  Dan   Shearer   Tells   How  They Spent New Year  Festivities  A; E. Howse, V. H." Harliord and G.  L.odwick,>of Nicolarjwe in town today.  Frank Bond and Robert Taylor,'both  employees * at the local mines, have  been elected directors of Nicola Valley  General Hospital and take the seats  vacated by Vice-President TV S. Gay  who has joined .the colors and Mr. D<  Cr^wfprd who has left the City. ���* Director M. h. Grimmett was elected'vice  president of the institution.. The decisions were made at the regular monthly  meeting held on Monday night." '  v The filling of thfe" vacant .offices..occasioned more than ordinary interest  At_a< previous, meeting the president  and Director Paton were elected a committee to interview and suggest suitable men Mr. Paton proposed_Bond and  Taylor and the president proposed J.H.  Collett, the flrst two being,elected.  In,the election of the new vice-presi-  dent( it wasv decided that the election  be held by -ballott. Directors Philip  McLean and Grimmett were nominated  The voting resulted in .a tie of two  each, MrV Grimmett seeu i ing the position by the casting vote of the presii  dent.-- t��T ** %    -1 -  '        _    * X  Several'recommendations of Matron  Miss Leitch'were adopted by the Board.  Approval was^'given to tho appointment  of Miss Bond as probationer subject to  the usual rules and regulations governing, probationers' having,been complied  with;-also-1 to'Nurse McElhoes being  placed on the staff of'the hospital.- -The  matron was anthorised to engage a  graduate, nursevat ?40 per month, white  an increase was made in the-salaryof  the orderly,'of $2.50 per month, bringing it up'to ?82.50 -. X  .The work of Miss Chambers as probationer having been reported as satisfactory the matron's reccommendation  I Merritt Mercantile Conipany |  that she be placed on the staff as pupil  nurse was approved and adopted; Regarding the advertising far a new probationer it was reported by the matron  that the on'y local application was not  considered. A prospective, probationer  'had been recommended by the matron  of the Royal Inland Hospital at Kam-  )oops-and would shortly arrive in the  Ci\ty.  ' Dr. Tutill and other directors strongly  favored the divulging of the name of  the^local applicant referred to and  hearing reasons why she was not considered. Oner director supported the  suggestion, on the grounds that there  wasrstrong local feeling at the rapidity  with which members of the staff had  been quitting. ���-?  , A;director: Can.we look for any hope  in the; future that Nicola Valley applicants can join the hospital as probationers after the rapid changes lately.'  ;^After,CQi>siderable discussion on the  point-^s^to whether the board should be  made aWare of' all matters connected  with the institution even if they were  Within the jurlsdiction'of the matron  tlie president remarked: "This board  nas no time to'attend to trivial matters  when a matron is in charge of the institution." *  -Xpr. JlatiiU Yes si-, but it is not  trivial Co a girl who may want to start  a "career in the most noble profession of  nursing in the local hospital'.  /Eventually.-it was resolved to add a  __^*M^(Hj-to,rule Ntr.five^goveriiing  the-roanagement of the hospital, to the  effect that tlie matron shall be requested to submit names of all applicants  "lt was an unique concert and supper    the only one held near the  firing fine. It was on New Year's Eve  and held in huts about five hundred  yards behind the trenches. Bill Murray gave us some of his best songs  and he sure was in joking form that  evening. -Our late comrade .1. T.  Baugh, who possessed a very fine  voice, pleased us all'hy.his'singing of  "WhftrP flip  7?.ivpr fllinnnnn   UM/iura "  Col. Flick in Thick  of the Fighting  Experiences Among the Gone  Fires on the Shores of  Gallipoli  Where the River Shannon Flows,  Writes, Pte. Dan Shearer, of Merritt  from the front in a letter to Mr. J.  S.  Morgan.   He continues.  Out friend Baugh? whose loss I regret  to mention, joined with us in Merritt.  and worked for Mr. Corbett the rancher, out Princeton road way, another  boy,who we also regret to record the  loss (if, Fred Boyer came, from Savona  or Mammette Lake district. Baugh  was a great favorite with'the boys,  always cheery an j full of life in the  trenches, and is badly missed by us all  Out here.  Pte. Shearer registers a strong kick  at the quality of the cigarettes being-  sent, away by certain well meaning organisations who entrust the despatching  of good smokes to wholesale tobacco  firms. He says the boys would like less  of some of them and better quality. At  present many are being given to the  French people or dumped in the rubbish  hole (why not to the Germans '... .Ed)  ''It defeats the aims and intentions of  people who subscribe to the organizations to have cigarettes delivered of a  class which "cannot be appreciated,"  says Pte. Shearer>*,   /.The soldier thanks Mr. Morgan .and  other Nicola Valley people for the  rpany gifts of smokes and other comforts, "and the various acts of kindness  for  positions  as probationere'to her|?nd thoughffulness treasured by the  y  r  Y  Y  Y  -T  Y  Y  Y  Y  "t  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  t  T  t  T  T  X  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  f  Y  curtaevs  A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT .��� choose -'from * SPECIAL PRICES  ���  ^^  1  CO  V  a  . o  "W     1  Wt^M  ��  CO  3E  - a  8'  ��, ***  V  il  _-��_  _*s#   9  i  CS  u  (0  SB  ���a  8  z  1  �����  ���s  8  ^3  o  C9  -o  3  UJ  ���j  10  *���jM  &  cr  UJ  ��  i^  to  __\  %  &  UJ  ;&  na  o  Q  'ft  ~ 2!  g  "I4  ^  -fa  ee  s  3B  u  to  w_~~-  ea  s  !-���  -J5  4) '  ��<  ���  true' I  MERCO     '      |  Values        }  Ramsay's Sodas,  Holbrook's Worcester  Sauce  tins, each .30  bot: .40  Coffee, whole roasted,-specially fine blend  .... ' - . 3-lbs. 1.00  Molasses        c    v       .,  2 lb. tins, 2 for .25  Canned Salmon, ' half lb. tins, .15  Urn-ant Jelly, old country make in 1 lb.  i      ���   -. ���. .     ' -,     tins'_ Re��- -35, for .25  Jam,in7 lb. tins, . Reg. 1.25 for .90  IT' m I..   hnS' p,um on]y>   Re8- ��85 for .70  Heintz Dill Pickles, ~, per tin .20  Gherkins, sweet mixed and walnut pickles   '  in bottles, old counhy goods,   per. bot'. 15  Canned Apricots, in tins,     ��� -Regr., .35 f6r\2^'~  . "each ?35  ' "   ' '2 pkt. .35 '  percalce.10  ,   -2rfor.25  6 for .25  - -   3 for .25  Graham Wafers, large" tins.  Biscuits, old country,  Glycerine Soap, Lilac Rose,  Palm Olive Soap,     ���      f  Royal Crown Soap,      "' J  ' Fels Naptha Soap  ��H-****^':">********5~H"X��**  1  ���H  1 TJ  J s ^  j   �����   rt^  ~ -"  . V'%  O.   It  _,  w   e  p*  ���a���1% -  ~JLWX~  o- n  CI '  o.c.  ^���a .  9*   S  c_s n  m  CO  n   v  ^  2"g  k** a  t^^g  CO  8   t  ���4  * S B-,  ^!  S"  S}  -_.  <��  pr8-  PMB  -0Q  ,    &-   O  3'  ���������  ' 8 i  a  ' "S 5"  S  * l-'g  m  a' S  CO  S|-  ,.<=>��_,  ET  jO  ��     1  r- j��  In  1    -  1  GET .OUR   PRICES- ON  FLOUR, - FEED, - SUGAR, - LARD - MEATS  FOR QUALITY   "  MERCO  99   FOR SERVICE  f  ���T  ?  X  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  t  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  *+**+******���*mm+������immf  usual monthly report which shall also  state tbe reasons why the applications  were not approved.  The reguest 'by the matron for an  increase pf salary, was considered, but  after' probing into the finances of the  hospital it was decided by resolution  (bat while the services of the matron  wereappreci&ted-the directors regretted  that owing to (he present finances of  the hospitaPthey could not at the present time grant the request but would  give'the matter further consideration  < la.ter .on.  A letter was' read from Dr. C. S.  Williams, of Rossland, formerly of  Meiritt, again firmly refusing to pay an  account .rendered to him of $20 for use  of the operating room and equipment  while in the City. -.After discussion it  was decided that Solicitor Grimmett be  authorised to collect the account and if  necessary pnt it into suit.  Tlie House Committee reported that  neces����ryj,epair__work_had beendone  during the month and that a reducer  bad-been installedon the heating plant.  , -A/.director; Is there a.. Chinaman  wording-round the 'Jbujlding.yet.  Chairman of'the House Committee :  Not.that I know of.  The" director:, Has one not been cal-  somining ?  There i3 no bill for wages. There  was a Chinaman employed for "a few  days after the late* orderly quit and  before his successor was appointed.  Another director: Was'nt one whitewashing in the* basement during the  last few days ?    '" ',  The matter ended with the unanimous  pessing.of (("resolution that the- House  Committee inquire into* the matter of  the employment, of ^Chinaman, with  power to act.-   17.-, 'x "*���   -  The finance committee'reported'on  the financial position of the institution  for the. month. 1 Before the report of  the finance committee was ordered re-  cieved Director Slater.pointed out that  while he was a patient in the hospital  during January he heard of three operations having been conducted by Dr.  Lamont but he did riot see any charge  for the -use of the operating room on  these occasions had been put into the  financial'statement as chargeable to  the doctor. The matter was referred  to the finance committee for a report  at the next meeting, the matter.ha\ irig  been explain- d in one case, that of a  contract patient.  It-was.'.resolved^ that the president  jnterviewahe City Council with a view  to getting a lenewal of the agreement  under which the City provides water  and light to the hospital as a donation  I Merritt boys  Haiders."  during their sojQurn in  Valentine Whist  Drive and Dance  Pleasing Success of Red Crow  Effort.   $32.00 Netted.  Prize Winners  - $32.00 was netted as the result  of the Saint Valentine's Day  Whist Drive and Dance held under Red Cross Society auspices in  the K.P. hall last Monday evening. A very sociable time was  spent by all present. About sixty  persons took part in the game of  whist/   _  ��� On -the-tables-and-about"the  room were "heart" symbols of  the day.. In charge of the whist  arrangements were Mesdames  McIntyre,J. Paton,and J. Collett.  The winners proved to be���first  gentlemen's prize, A.E.J.Round, J  "booby," Rev. A. H. Plummer;  first ladies, Miss Mary Bresnick,  " booby," Miss Nellie Heslop.  The' Rev. Plummer and Mr.  Howell John tied for the gent's  consolation prize but the latter  " hiked " before the presentation  was made thus forfeiting the  Jaurels of his victory. Dancing  followed the .whist drive, Mrs.  Tutill and Mrs. Plummer with  Messrs. R. Morrison and J. Fair-  ley contributing the music. An  energetic committee of members  with President Mrs. Plummer  and Secretary Mrs. Boyd worked  hard to make the evening a great  success.  The new vicar of St. Michael's  Church, the Rev. Norman A.  Thompson, who for four years  has ministered to the* parish of  Lynn Valley, Nor^H Vancouver  will arrive in Merritt about the  first of March. His first services  as vicar of St. Michael's will lie  on Sunday March 5.  A correspondent of the Vancouver  World who met Colonel C, L. Flick in  London writes to his paper interestingly  as follows���  '" I had a chat yesterday with Colonel  C. L. Flick. Col. Flick is from Lower  Nicola, B.C. He has l-eencommanding  officer of the 31st Regiment R.C. Horse  from December, 1911, and is one of the  comparatively few officers who have  passed the militia staff course,  I had 'butted-in 'to a conversation  simply to ask; a question. Two hours  afterwards I butted out again. During  that time; I had learned a good deal  about Suvla Bay, that historical spot on  Gallipoli where thc colonel was wounded,  and which, in the future," should be consecrated ground.  Appointed by the war office to take  command of the First Battalion of the  Seventh' Essex Regiment(brigaded with  the Australian forces),he was in charge  pf the battalion at the desperate landing and operations connected with the  Savla Bay venture. He has a story  about Gallipoli which would make vastly  interesting reading.  After returning to England wounded  and as soon as he felt well enough to  return to the front, Col. Flick trie4  very hard to get back again. . But the  medical authorities at the war office  told him he would have^to remain here'"'  another two' months, and he is now  putting.in the time at Woking, Surrey,  'chafing at his enforced inaction as  much as it is possible._for_.any .soldier  to do. ^  Colonel Flick is just a soldier frcir  the word go, not a diplomat 01 a politician. He is filled with admiration for  tbe gallant men who made immortal  history at Gallipoli. ' There were the  greatest bunch of fearless fighters in  the world, he says.  When the men landed at Suvla Bay ,  they did so by jumping into the water  by the lighters, struggling ashore in aa-  much us four and one-half feet of  water: Col. Flick did the'same. That  was how they got to the beach. In his  report, after dealing with the lanling  Sir Ian Hamilton says:  As they got level with Hill 60, it  grew light enough to see, and the  enemy began to shell, No one seemed .  to be present who could take hold of  the two brigades, the 32nd and tl_e 34tL  and '���. launch' them in a concerted and  cohesive attack. Consequently there  was confusion and hesitation, increased  by gorse fires lit by hostile shell but  redeemed, I am proud to report, by th��  conspicuously fine, soldierly conduct of  several individual battalions."  Speaking of the gwBe_fires_referre d_  to by'SiiTIaiTHamilton, Colonel Flick  said that this, foot-and-a-half high stuff  burned like the mischief,* and made a  terrible lot of smoke. Oe one occasion  he had to move his men, and there  were only two ways to. do it, one by  going along a bit of unknown beach,  and the other by going through tha  smoke. It. was a time for instant  thinking, and for instantaneous action.  1 decided to go right through the  smoke, said the colonel, and we did so,  and got through without the loss of a  man. I guess the Turks didn't think  we would corns that way.  On another occasion . the colonel  found . he had both- the -.retiring party  and their relief in the' trench at the  same time. The consequence was that  it was .crowded. Tbe casualties had  been heavy, and there were 40 wounded  men waiting to be moved back, as it  would have caused great pain to move  them in blankets instead of, stretchers  and there were too many of them in  the trench to allow of the latter being  done, seeing that the enemy's shell fire  was all the time centered on the trench.  It worried me, said Col. Flick, and I  didn't see what we were going to do.  It was plain that we couldn't do anything while we were being shelled, so  I thought I'd try and get the Turks to  slow up for a bit. I'phoned down tp  our artillery and asked them if they  would stop firing. Of course they want-  ed'to know what for. I told them I  thought that if we let up on shelling  the Turks would possbly do the same,  and then I would have a chance to get  out my wounded and the retiring party.  We 1, we stopped our shelling and. it  came off fine, the Turks following suit  for an hour, which gave us-just the  time to do nil we wanted." Friday. Feb. 18, 1916  iTHE NKSOLA MALLEI NEWS.  Two  THE  NI-CO&V^ALtEY; NE^fS  Published;Every Friday  Publisher���: Edward C. Bell ���      ��� - Editor; Ernest B. Mayon.  ADVERTISING   RATES   ON; APPLICATION  Subscriptions, payable in advance, 52.00 per year to Canada.  Britain, United Sta'ea and Foreign CountrieSi-|2.6Q.  Great  Address:   The Nicola Valley News. P. O. Drawer 'L,-"Merritt, B. C.  TRANSPORTATION DIFFICULTIES  One hears many harsh comments these days on the service supplied  by the Kettle Valley Railway, prompted by the delays and inconveniences suffered by business menand private individuals.owing; tor.the  disorganization of passenger traffic, the lateness of mails and interruptions  to the shipping of inward and outward freight. When our feelings of  irritation and, annoyance are tempted to rise to. the. point, bordering on  anger we would do well to remember that the railway company itself  suffers as much inconvenience and far greater losses than do individuals  or communities. Further, we have seen this winter exceptionally bad  climatic conditions, conditions as trying and difficult as could possibly be  imagined for a new railroad to encounter.  The K.V.R. is well known as a grade which passes through one of  the most precipitous and mountainous sections of the Province, the steel  traversing of which presented in many places almo; t unique engineering  problems. For a new railroad to operate at all when huge,-banks of  snow have swept across the tracks in several places never tested'before  in a hard winter means the expenditure of considerable skill, initiative  and resource by the management and operating staff. Just, as vout.of  evil cometh good so can we expect in future years a 'lessening'of the  difficulties encountered this year.  The experiences gained this year by K.V.R. officials will-and'must  prove of benefit to the railroad and the public it serves next year. And  as the years go by the problems now being, tackled. will be. steadily  diminished and pas? away. The remarkably severe -winter has come  during the infancy'of the line and the early difficulties will mean- the  earlier solving of them. The location of snowsheds yet to.be constructed,  for example, can noW be determined.with greater certainty. '  ���       ���       ���      ���       ���  THE  RIGHT  MAN  IN   THE  RIGHT PLACE  No person doubts the sincerity of Mayor Archie Jackson eithdras a  public official or as an individual in business and no resident or,.rate;  ��� payer who knows the Mayor, who is one of the respected < pioneers* of  the Valley, would for one moment suggest that' he would accept .the  dual positions of mayor and school trustee if he, felt ihat he could not.  do useful public service in the interest of both'the''city1 and* the'schools.  After serving the council and the school1 board for- <eighjr, years-Mayor-  Jackson has gained a,very, close knowledge .of - all (questions '-affecting  each body. A contemporary newspaper which1 last week- again criti--  cized the Mayor's action in accepting i seats on two boards * made -the  attack in the atmosphere createdbyiMaypnWalters. an-atmosphere of  distrust. The position is simply this. Mayor Walters in .his, political  scheming, and. by his influence,was responsible for--doing.damage* to' the  school interests in a way that was glaring to* one like5 Mayor Jackson  who has full acquaintance with current matters concerning eachrboaiseL  The citizens owe a debt of gratitude to the Mayor for "accepting a  difficult position as School Trustee with the object of trying- to, undo  some of the damage already done. ^ - -  #1 ��� ���  -***~���=  'I �����   ���"������  *.rf*.��  point 6  ]Sfetfyem  _r i    .T��   i    _b.___        ,.0  ii I     rift     .     i       S~  Nurstry .Rime'-Grib Sheets..  ������ .Buy 8_ good{*junllt2? of sbeetlflg.pne  and; a-halfiyacds'^wlde���not linen, for  thnt Is too cold and becomes too easily  wrinkled   to   prove   satisfactory   for  ; babies' liusfr-andjr tear liato the "proper.  ; |engths.?:'Two yards jwljt' feaket a good  ��� Blzed?sheet, for ihe .iM*��_toary-*crtb;'and;  will* be"long enough" to tuck to fairly  Six sheets will be found a good.num  ber. : ��� ��� ;������ .������"  Hem each carefully/,', making,�� two  I Inch hem at the top'and an inch hem  at the bottom.   Then halfway-between  the Bides of tbe sheet- Just-below tin-  I top hem. transfer some design showing  t a Mother Goose or nursery rime char  acter.,  Mnny pattern companies pubHsh em  broidery designs which have been used  with success, and only ,a hot .-iron* If  needed to transfer them.  Children's books also abound to dc��  JUghtful, pictures of rlittle - people,, nnri  animals which, with the help first of  tissue 'pnper on which the .design !>���  trnoed 'and' then* of' chrb&n "paper for  transferring, may- be employed by the  most .inexperleuctfd 'person..     "  ��� Use-embroidery rotton-in elther*80fi  Jplnk or blue ,��nd.-outline-the .'design '  lu'slng, the color  In   which  the/fchlld's  {room Is decorated vT)ien nltli yery?Jlt-  tle'work  tlie small  sheet Is flolshed  end most utlru.the It is.  NursepQwitfville  Resigns Position  f Miss -*D. A..' Quinville,. head  nurse at Nicola Valley General  'Hospital, "for some time acting  matr-ty, anlf "who was engaged  successfully on the nursing staff  of theinstitution for nearly four  years,'resigned* her position last  week* - end." At the regular  'monthly meeting of directors of  the hospital held on Monday night  references-in-apreciation of-Misa  QuinVilte's services were passed  and the resignation was accepted  with regret. "    J   '  '.- Nurse > Quinville, * who enjoys  considerable popularity among a  large circle of friends throughout  the Nicola Valley returned to her  home* at Mamette Lake on Mon  -dayvin company with-her., father  Mr. L. Quinville.  f**,    !g      "fr  ~*      ���  Busy Rehearsing.  'Uust For Fun''  Menus Far Children.  11 Thel foi law 1 uk'ii re good ��� menus  foi  blilldron"'from  thiee'to 'live "yearu'ol  ase:  I .Beef broth suRli.vermicelli dookvd-lil  It- < Broiled >t|sti* tor the tneut^counje  Sjiliinch. creivuifd fot w��>us,i lAj-toak  ed potato for the stai'-Ii food^vA ripe,  Sweet orange for di-sseit-uud as muvb  dnyold bread,'ri Itli good butter, aa tin,  child, n ants  j'Vegetable omelet ��nli��le" wlttr"eifg*'  lifc.htly,rooked nnd ��t***'d relerytcbop'  Pfdi or chopi>��;dt��siMirngim'.tipB.t'weli  cooked^turued Iu .the'oiuWDt'Just ��v  fore finishJng A -uniall'-cup of -goon  ^Kieoa Well cooked rice , Ijidy finger--  for dessert. '   ���  I Broiled   lamb   -.hop.   bteWed. eeler)  ^reauivd'-uiuc.iioui. "bie'ad. butter und  * hou&) ,mnd uc-iip'or oGcoaV for -dessert  j'Poacliediegg^un-weiruimle toast  "A'  'saucer of apple sauce,  baked potato  Orange-gelatin^ for dessert    "- ' i  , | lutercluiuge.,-vthe!i�� vsiiieJiua.. wltb ��<tbv  jiensouable, fruit* .u^dM>gejpible8,>belnj_.  ^careful'to keep the. pioi>ortloua .right,  ^���nd ulso reiueuiber'to'use one pan ot  mtatt''to ���three-" pnrur of  other 'foujl* J  OojJ8lder'egg��''i.udfmlHc"a8 meaL   The.  "lliorgaule. iuil|_*'are>4D'theVgreciia' and.  'ithe^rulta... i '        -  \ iKeeplnB^heiCh'ildiFirOmt'Sfehool.  ' \ B\ cry. mother-should -ha v��> a <r<llnlcn;  "tthermometer.aud be-ableptootake. the-  tbmpi-rature of the chih_L ..A child-with.,  fie\er should uot be .allowed-;to go to'  School Inspector  Visits the/Valley  Inspector' J. Martin, "of the  Department of Education, .came  over from .Kamloops at the.be-  , ginning of the week -and conducted a formal inspection at the  City schools. During, his stay  here Mr. Martin mentioned that  owing, 'to the snowslides iflnd  washouts on the main G. -P. R.  line a coal famine occurred* in  Kamloops through the inability  to get in supplies. To help out  the situation a.car of Nicola Valley coal which had been shipped  to Vancouver was brought back  anddelivered at Kamloops, while  the C. P. R. also assisted)by releasing a quantity of coal on their  dump for local domestic consumption.  Red Cross Meeting  Well Attended  The RedlCross {.Society met  yesterday afternoon, twenty two  members being present, i Mrs. J  S. Morgan and Mrs. Robins were  admitted as new members. Votes  of thanks to Mrs. Tutill _. and  Messrs J. Fairley and R. Morrison who played at the Whist  drive and dance were passed.  $37.00 was taken in, $32.00 nett  being realized. A further shipment of linen and other materials  to be sent to Red Cross hospitals  will be despatched at the end pf  the month.  Bank of Toronto ���_.  Glerk for Front  - -���_���'  R. F. Larcombe, of the^Bank,  of Toronto staff here has been  attested on the-;strength ot'the  Cariboo Rangers:and" wilCleave  for Kamloops next $v,eek..  Mr. Larcombe.has been at the  local bank' for^three years, and  since the outbreak of the^ war  has-been-*acting orderly room  sergeant of 'D' squadron 31st Bi,  Ql Horse Mr. Larcombe has  enjoyed considerable popularity'  for his urbane manner and all  round geniality of .disposition  and his many friends here rare  confident now he has satisfied  his desire of being attached to  an overseas unit,, he will make  strides to higher rank. His services will be missed at St. Mich \  aels Anglican Church where he  was a sidesman.  Hector Ransom, of this .City,  has joined the staff of the-bank.  A Dr. Coffin has been gazetted  a coroner at Rossland. He will  attend to those who cough-in.  Merritt Transfer  Takes Over Livery.  Mr. D. L. Munro, proprietor  of the Merritt Transfer has taken  over the Merritt Livery & Feed  Stables from Mr.' Alex .Coutlie,  who left yesterday on an extended trip to Tacoma. Mr, Munro  will conduct his new purchase in  conjunction with,hia own business and states that .there will  be no change ' in the freighting  or transfer rates; Mr.'.Munro  figures on purchasing another  automobile for use in Ijis motor,  senicj during the approaching  spring,  school ' *A good, - beajtby., child  man. a'nd health 1��  make*-  ai toi,  Energetic Canvassing'for  Xs Gana��liftntEatriotic"Eund  . The subscription* lists, of - th^  Ni.fcpla ValleyxBranch-of the Can-,  adiiip Patriotic Fund-ire steadily  being augmented and when the  jisfa''are received 'from 'all the  .biitsidei'commi.niiies it is expect^  ed.the response,of the residents  wilKbelfittin'g-to'the1 well known-  generosity^f-therNicola Valley  people.,. .Up-to Iaat-Friday$lfi36  waii-known to have been' subscribed. Of this.gsum in the  .neighborhood 6t $2,900 appears  'Bugarsi��.�� leiT^-soo* :ontthe list takenr,round; in-Mer-  ���en.-,��;��ttrte..prweHy 'Htt'<aIope, by M&'AsN.B. Rogers  abletwltbiaigre��tide��lv '���*'    * ��� .**  am ^efficient  jiortrtnt* as^edni-atlon." ;if*"Uiere, Is' a  contagious-disease to - t&e-acbool tbai  yipnr childthns 'not had-be'should re'_  Oiata'at-bome*-unrlliall'-danger-1a ortf1  Qfieunrsettbe teachen do'Jnot like-thi*  I^terruptiunKof ..the iBtudletj but* }t fl*  npt��,,matter of.!ife>n<Jjd.ath,that-tbe  cblld .should, pass-bis,*xanjtoaMon�� ati  tlie end of tbe term.' and lt may ^ be-  sjicb matter if, he, becomes tbe-.Tictim,  of the-dlsease. 'At'the same time4b*-  --niothershbuld1 be'tbe"Jiidge of the real,  tcondltion'^of thf<hlltf"arid ^ot" MloW,  ' blm :to>, pret��nd'or ImafetaeT-HiiiselfilU  '.UheailMtfai-oot'' v ,v  , - < Candy For-Ch��dr*n.-  Bclentlata^say.)  f^od  for children,  .eaten.- The .trouble-wltb,aigre��tide��i:  of candy lo not*wltb.tbe*��ugar Uj��h��>'  Jains.', butwith^.otbero hannf uj, _agr��dtj  'efita. ^Another.obJecUonrla Itbat-fat*  .mueh candy'la' eaten at the,,wr^pgt  Urn*���between' meals.  (The best'candy'for chlldfen contbt*  of *-Mttl^pur��-cho��)late-Ti_ilk;J.bocto'x  late or ��weet chocotet* *'tableta~6r]  pure-iagar, M-ln"lumpa of-'atigar.'or  pure rock candy or barley augan lOnly1  a! little tof thIa-.iho*ildrb�� mum at-a  time and.preferably ���ebouldibis-eatenc  after meals, to that lt(>wlll -not spall {Mi  natural appetite for-otber^tl^Inga.  -little QlrU' (kiwlnfl ClreU* ^ X  8ewlng circles are always ^pleaslng-  and beneficial to girls. .Christmas gifts  may be made, dolls tnay'be dressed for  hospitals. 'Very*llhle Angers' may Odd  occupation'In a patchWorklqullti'tbW'  quilt to be 8oId--tO'the;h(ghe_tl'blda.fer  among tbe mammas. *'- Somettaes 'is'-  little fair- mayt be -^lven, -consisting 'of  one fancy table to bold tne .work: of it b*:  club, an Ice cream and candy, booth, a  grab bag* filled wltb .odds and, -.ends  donated by'the Vartous 'mothers. 'Vtfbls,  ��� Is [an l��c_aston neTei-^to ;,be 'forgotten.'  and still doeB'not >t*equlre'mocb"ex-'  pendlture of time ormoneyi**Th>Bhlb'  dren should vote onfWhst"cbarity Is to  receive the pr<jceeds?of tbfessle,..  Th* Whlitllrtg'Doll. " '  A norelty atbat. appeals-, to* t&�� small  boy or girl. Is a.new whtetllpg dolL. It  ils "a character doll.L .When, you,4J^eas  tbe small bo? In -the fibs Jwc gtT48<,4-.  most lifelike and ��UIldUke *whlatle.-'^H��  la | Inexpensive, for bis feet-ar*4 mads"  only of cotton', filled j Wltb oexcelsldr.  If be Is very small'be eoflta?2S ��4ilt8,~  andJn larger sizes his price-mounts  to a - dollar. Ee -Is dressed lb "a. be.  coining sultr'and xtp ot Wuf' cotton. *  "Just;)for,Funw is the gaytitle  of the playlet to be* enacted by  several young people **under the  auspices of the Ladies Altar  Society bfthe Catholic-Church,  on St Patrick's Day, March-17.  The play.is now-being rehearsed.  Tbe��plotis~{>f course*a secret,  more^or'less, but it 'tells of domestic, complicationsin the'aff airs  of, people in society, life - in New  York (and -bow they-are adjusted  to the?-satisfaction' off all -concerned.  ^With- 'thev8cene' laid' in -New  Yor'k' City,; time, ;the -present,  the'story-will take'two hours to  aet,f ..The*dramati8.personaeor,  in.simpIe^Bnglish, tho3e-. taking  part and the characters they  represent; is,*���  l^rs. Fitzgerald'Mendeville De  ' rSmythe)   a , would-be  society  leader  Miss B. jUcGoran  J^isa Edith.NortOB,, her, neice. a  western heiress.'. Mis& Z." Hawe  Mist Mabel' We8t;��.a iriend- of  * Jliss-Norton.. Mrs.. G/,(aemmilI,  'Jane-McCarthy; tan itfrisir maid-  -tervant.!.^.-.*'MiS8' M; "Bresnick  -Lord Chelsea; an English-Nobleman  L.'lE3Mdrrissey  Jack'Earl, ahappyrgo-lucky-  t-Jll      1)1   1       iflTl  The  Coldwater Hotel,  "It's MComfort."  Headquarters of Mining Men and  Commercial Men  Merritt is tbd gateway to the rich Copper Gold properties of Aspen  Grove,.Mamette Lake and Highland Valley.  Reliable information- relative to the mining and ranching  industry's freely given, f If you want tofind a friend you'll  find him. at the Coldwater���the old-reliable first* dags'ho'el  of Merritt. . ^__  Hot and Cold Water. liooms  with Baths'. Five large Sample Rooms  All-Vegetables, Eggs, Milk and Cream used in the Hotel are daily from our Ranch  MURDOCH  McINTYRE  Proprietor   '  A. R. CARRINGTON,  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  'iellow.  :E.rR. Williams  one-- oft the^finance. committee,  -whb-haS been* assisted in his can-  vasMngtbytMf. G'. BpArmstrong.  Mr.1;,Rogers-'who is making his  calls, very assiduously, shas- onlv  to approach riow.pome fifteen to  twenty of the-people-assigned to  himrto call^upon.- '      '  Prohibition Sermon  on Sun-day Next  V.The'iVirtues of Prohibition.iri  Canada" is the,subject whicli  -wili^he'b treated -by^tbe Rev. J.-  Hyde atSt. Andrews Presbyterian  GhuEch.s next, Sunday- evening  when all interested in the great  current Question ofrthe- day. are  cordially invited to attend.  r The Rev. iMr. Hyde is one of  the-most vigorous and staunchest  fiuppprters of ���the>prohibition  movement in the/Nicola Valley;  gnd&is sermon on bunday should  be1 educative to all irrespective off  tbe^-views they mayhold on'prohibition.  , The government bounty of $3  pervhead on coyotes has.been  stopped. ,   .  Miss Mary Bond will lead the  _ubj6ct: '.' Pathfinders on Plain  and'Prairie," at next .week's Ep-  worth League ^meeting. J '  Fire  Liverpool and^London   *  -and Globe  Phoenix of London; Eng.'  British America of  Toronto  - Life & Accident  B. C. Life  Globe Indemnity of -  Canada  AT DAN MUNRO'S OFFICE  PRIMS  BEEF,  MUTJON  AND  PORK  PREMIUM BAC0K AND HAMS ^r ^  FRESH PURE PORK SAUSAGE  Creamery Butter, Ranch Eggs, Cranberries and Jap*Oralr>ge��.'  "Prices Lowest , Qutility Highest  Nicola Valley Meat Market  HUGH LEITCH,, Carpenter   and  Contractor. "  .  Let meifigure'on your-next job���no matter hoWfcmall    -- -  oirhow large. -   Satisfaction Guaranteed -"    ^ v -  !>, O.   BOX ;219,  MERRITT,   B.  O?"  ____M___i  t';���"'-"���-.-;yE'HAVE PURCHASED  Supplies, and Electrical, Fittings  Prom A: B. Kennedy, Electrical'Engineer: ;.           ��� ' *    "Ail "Goods at Lowest :Prices.  ,�����*  MeLEAiN & CORP ���  Quilchena Ave., opp. Coldwater Hotel  SUPPORT THE  CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUND  Branch organizations have a' double dutv to 'perform. They are expected to do all in their power  to increase the resources of the common, fund-and  to see-that soldiers'' dependents residing in the  district' under theircontrol are not in want. s,In  the nrst,��the experience of the past fifteen months .  has shown tha$ 'they may 'expect the ready and  -generous'support'of the'Canadian public. Private  individuals, business houses, societies,, schools*,  clubs, municipal, town and 'country council's are  all co-operating to provide an adequate fund*-ior  ' the support of soldiers families. '  I '* H  REM EMBER THE.WIVES AMD  OF SOLDIERS IN THE  AND  )  f  's *BffiE2~  the mcQh&xyALim'imw&  I A National Watchword���  J THRIFT  |   D  ;���  :.  ��     fJE economical.    Bethrifty.    Be savings<' And-encourage all;'.  �� three by depositing your savings in a Bank of Toronto Savings <'  Account.    Your account will soon grow into attractive propor- t  ' tions.    Interest is added twice a year. .   %  TOTAL   ASSETS _.  PAID   UP   CAPITAL  RESERVED   FUNDS  $66,767,203  $5,000,000  $6,439,382  The:  BANK ofTOROMTO  MERRITT BRANCH  A.  N. B.   ROGERS, Manager  ��****->*-W**->*<��-K��*#-K'^  M. L. 6RIMMETT, L.LB.  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC,   ETC.  Solicitor for the Bank of Montreal  MERRITT NICOLA  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor   "     "    Notary Public  Solicitor for the Bank of Toronto  Voght   Street, Merritt  ,     OppoBlte Coldwater Hotel  6YNOP8I8 OF COAL. MINING REGU  LATIONS.  r?  LODGES  COURT UNITY, NO; 9205,  A. 0. F.  Coal mining rights, of the Dominion  In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber "*"'"   "c>    tramc   again  ta, tha Yukon Territory;the Northwest temporally disorganized.  Territories and in a portion of the *^--��----'���-     *-   -  K.V;R; P<xfs$mget$  and Mails Changed  Snowslides have again interfered With traffic onthe K.V.R."  during the past week. ���   On Sat-  urdarevening near the 25-mile  post, three miles south of Dot, a  serious slide of snowJcovered the  track to a depth*in placesof from  /our to eight feet.' Local section  men- and others gathered from  along the-Jine were' rushed to the  spot where both the northbound  and southbiund trains were tied  up.      Tq meet' the  emergency  these trains on arrival at  the  scene of the'blockade exchahgtd  passengers and' mails.  On JJuhday'afternoon,' about  three o'clock, the' line was cleared  and normal traffic wai more or  less'resumed.    *No>ocks, only  sriow* was 'precipitated  in  the  slide.    Later a further slide occurred at a point* about seven I  miles-south of'Spences Bridge',  the junction point'oh th'e C.P.R.  main- line,   traffic "again  being  FRXNK feOND,  C. R.  Meets in K.-o'f P.  Hall on the fourth  tMonday of every  'month at 8'p.m.  -    ', '  Visiting Brethren  cordially invited.  J. HUTTON,  Secretary  NICOLA LODGE, NO. 53,  Ai 'I'i   ot   Ai   Mi  Regular'meetings in Masonic  Hall, Granite  ave. third Tuesday in each month  at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren'are cordially invited to at-  Al P." Ranking  -   WM.  a _ _  .. _  Province of British'Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at'an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the* district in which  the rights applied for 'are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections; br legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurrey-  ed territory the tract applied for shall  be staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompan  led .by a fee of $5, .which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, ljut not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the1'merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for tbe full quantity of merchantable coal mined and-pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining rights  are not being operated;' such returns  should be furnished at least once jt  year. *>  Tbe lease will include the coal min  ing rights only, but-the lessee may be  j permitted to purchase whatever, avail  On the section between -Pen  ticton and Merritt train crews  have experienced several Relays  and inconveniences through tht  effects of, the variations of tht  weather on the large, -accumulations of snow adjoining'the track's  at several points.  Friday, Feb. 18/1916  TRY  IT!  CANADA'S  HOME FLOUR  Grcwi.-i*. u&m  MILLED IU CA..ADA  FIR EVERY HOME  Ask your Q/octrfor  i*2  as  J  Rob. Robson leaves  to "Do his Bit"  tend  A. K. Carrington able surface righto may be considered  secretaiy - ��� *,..��-.  L.O.L, 1701  Merritt Lodge  Regular meeting? In the Oddfellows'  Hall on the first and third > Fridays in  each'month at 7.30 p.m. The Scarlets  meet on the114th of each month. ~  Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.  J. G. Warren. W.Mt  Geo. Slater,' Recording Sec.  [necessary for the working'of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.   -    c  For full Information- application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, oi  to any <��� Agent or Sub?Agent of Domin  ion Lands. X y  ->W. W. CORY,v  .Deputy Minister pf the Interior  N.B.���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not -be patf  for.���68782:        ' ,      , ,  Photographs  of the Best  No Time like the present  to have your PhotoTaken  Palace Bakery  Bread, Cake*; Pastry, etc  [ HotrPfcs every Saturday. ���  il W. FAIRLEY, Proprietor.:  Think it over, and then call and  Me samples at the City Studio.  i _  Chas* T. Hooper  Opp. Schools Merritt  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES i  -^Aj-the Sewiug Season is approaching  let N. J. Barwick,1-the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent pot your Sewing Mac-  chine in good order for the Fail Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him ta your door. 'Old machines  taken in part payment for new ones.  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue.  , After, having eplisted in aan  overseas, unit and  later "being  given an honorable discharge,on  the grounds o�� his health, Robert  Robson, for five years a resident  of this city,  left  on   Tuesday  morning on the transcontinental  for the -East, being en route to  New York where he will embark  on | the American -liner   "New  York" on  February  26th  for  England; ��� Sorely disappointed at  being jjbable to serve as a soldier  Mr. Robson will return to-fcis  Jiome at Bly the, Northumberland,  theje to ��' do his bit" as a munitions worker.  1 Mr. Robson was known as a  clean living and right thinking  young man, one "who followed  the maxim of doing1 a part in  leaving the-world a little better  than he found it. He was a  staunch church worker, in Methodist circles/occupying for some  ;yeara .ofiicesJin * the/'Methodist  Sunday ;Sbh&>l*find was^a"past  President of the Epworth League  besides holding other executive'  offices.'  ' [Th^e'was 'tfuifo a Iarg& sprinkling of friends at the local depot  to wish him Godspeed on 'his  jdufney overseas.  ; Pheto 3 by American Pre���� Association.  ,       MMK.' LALLA   VANDEBVELDE.    '  '.It. came to me quite suddenly, this  plan' to get help for my people. Ono  moment I hnd not .thought of It; tho  next 1 knew It was, tlie right thing, the  only thlug tlint I coqld do"  That Ib tbe ��aj Mme. Lalla Vander.  vclde. Rife of the Belgian minister of  State, describes the Impulse that led  bei; to come to America to ask the peo-  ple^of this country for $1,000,000 with:  Which to succor the homeless mothers  and little children of that war stricken'  land.  A'direct, businesslike young ���woman",  ���ne Is. brief of speech, with a sincere'  ���mjlftaud eyes that look straight'Into!  those of the pei sou with whom she la^  ���peaking. She might be a young Amer- \  Icflfl woman deeply Immersed ln settle-'  ment work    She speaks'English per-  rectly.   That Is explained by the fact  that she was bom In Englund and spent  her first sixteen years In'that country. *  ������Then." she snjs. "I  went to Belgium.-and later 1  married a Belglair  and, of course, took the nationality of'  my. husband.  So I am a Belgian'and-  ftaye a right to speak for those people,  thoqgb I am English born."  ����  v   _. ���;.,.'"- /'"for your Foxes  Sfni5��r��fcXW* te.Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, WoIveT  M-rteau,d-titheir Fur bearers ��.U��,"to'y��^  theonlyreliablftaocnratemarketrepVtandp- '  A. B; SHUBERT, fac. ggmfr  _roj>-  '->. li.L.A.  ���^.Tu^i^vitaa.!.  GHEER UP!  Spring will soon be here. But  don't forget to bring me your  Clothes early so as to avoid' the  Spring Cleaning  Rush  ��� JEWELED  ORNAMENtS.  - >o ;.   .    ^._  _, ' . >  *5?*?0 Tj*,e���� f an��>y- Crowes Aro Ana-ir;  ' '>���(A0.*?*,,der-'d yw FMhio'nabio.  ' The popularity of ornaments sterna  to grow. One does not need to'bVespe-'  daily, wealthy-tdji^sesai.the majority!  of them. Cut Jett'crystai and imitation*'  YOUR KING AHD COUNTRY  NEED YOU  If you are thinking of getting a  New  Spring Suit  Call round and inspect'the values  have to offer and you will cer-  - fainly* leave your Suit  " money with me.  ANDREW EWART  The  Gty Taitor,  (Opposite Bank of Toronto)  Exciting Time on  to^Egypt  Household Banking Accounts  in The Bank of Toronto have'  been, found-by many-to be a great  convenience.' The accounts 'may  be opened in the names * of husband or wife, and either may  deposit . or ' withdraw money.  Interest is paid on these accounts  twice a year.  Out of every wage some porT  tion should be banked regularly,  either as security against thepro-  verbial rainy day or as a foundation to future prosperity. $1,00  will open an account in the Bank  of .Toronto, and interest is added  half-yearly to the'balances on deposit.  Maple Leaf Badge  for the "Cariboos"  The *172nd Battalion C. E. F.  has officially; adopted :its /badge"  consistingof a Maple-Leaf 'upon  which is'centered V"Bighorn "  head surrounded by a scroll bearing the wonis " Rocky Mountain  Rangers."    The scroll is\.sur-  mounted by a crown and  the  numberl72appears1jerie'ath:The'  word  "Overseas "is oh either  sideof the upper portion* of the  scroll and the distinctive'.name  Cariboo " is on theJl%ple-Lea^  beheath the central design:vIthais  alfjo been decided   that'-" The  Fithting Caribops"wduld'b6the  fighting name of the battalion.  THe badges will be issued as soon  as the manufacturers can turn  thim out.  A"broth'erof Aid.'Alex Ewart  and-Andrew Ewart of this city,'  Corporal.M. Ewart, of'the Army  Service Corps writes from Port  S&id, Egypt, describing some of  his'experiences.     Enlisting  in  Scotland, Corporal Ewart had an  exciting -voyage   through ' the'  Mediterranean S6a, the transport  they were* on being chased by  j enemy- submarines.     His  boat  also ran into another craft which  was sunk,' two of the crew'being  killed therest "being picked up  ahdtaken;to Malta.   During the  run to Alexandria when submarines frfequetftty attempted' t6 tor",  pe'do the ship-a grimier fired two  shots at the'"sub" the second  A fine of $50 or, five months in  Kamloops gaol, together with'an  for Canada's Over'sca's  Regiments, Cavalry  br Infantry  Recruits will be inspected and medically examined at  passed  on a white man this- week By  Magistrate Morgan in the Provincial Courthouse, "the charge  being of attempting'to supply  liqq,or|��oanIndian named Charlie  Maddock/ Provincial Constable  Bell caught the prisoner near  the'Chulus Reserve'hospital close  to where he was living with an  Indian ' woman' named Indian  Edith. - He pleaded guilty to the  charge.'  1 Among the Adelphi Hotel'-reg-  is'trations this week "were D. G.  Sutherland, of Dytton, provincial  1 government road superintendent  for-the -district��� 'who~arrfved  Monday-and returned fo Lytton  next day,' E. H. Saliman, of  Montreal, William McKibbin, of  order prohibiting him from going fTI__i;-*-M:^l��   rT7,liil  *  --  on the Chulus reserve was passed   * ne   *~-*CO*a    Valley,  News Office,  MERRItf,  Onany evening between  7.30 and 5.30 p.m.  C TYNER,  o:c.' D' Squad. 31st" B. C. Horse'  GOD  SAVE   THE   KING  WHEN YOU VISIT   . .  VICTORIA  one sending -the' undeiwatei  veskel under for all times. The  ship Corpfc-Ewart was on narrowly "missed being hit,'a torpedo  flashing past the stern just a few  yards away.  SMART SrEW'ORNAMEKfsJ  Vancouver, L. - Quinville;" o��  Mamette Lake, and J. J. Dunn,  of the K. V. R. Penticton, who  proceeded to the Coast from here.'  With a letter of thanks and  appreciation sent to the Penticton Fire Department by the mar-  agement of the K.V.R. following  a recent fire at the Penticton  railway yards was a check of ten  dollars tojte'applied^to any fund'  .which' the'department deemed  appropriate.. A.small recognition  ���of great significance.  STAY. AT THE,..  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  cor. Yates and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  J. B. Plumb, late of Merritt.  A high clan hotel with rea��on��ble rit����  centrally located-ten minutes from C.P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c, $1.00.  Remember the BRUNSWICK!  Write ahead for reservations.  The Forward Adult Bible Class  of the Methodist-Church meets  every Sunday afternoon at 2;30.  The service'isfmfcde brief, bright  and breezy! ' Subject 'next Sun-i ��  day -" ihe-march-ki-tbe desert.'" ] an  pearls are combined In tlie designing  of tbaBe.trlnU-ts.V '  Illustrated befe7are a silk watch fob  for wear In the'waistcoat, pocket, a  Jeweled cross on a slender chnln and  a cut Jet necklace. Jeweled crosses are  coming Into fashion again.  ^Cjislly Cleaned Saucepan.  A saucepan In which .mllb'bas been  boiled Is often ,a trqubl<a^to clean  Hefe 1* a,; simple but -mo"s��.Successful  method. After poiirlng out the bolllnj!  milk qulc-blj- rep)'nc.e the Ud .before the  **����njVbnij'jtlme jto^e'sca pe'and 'allo w t iw  Miice^an jo cool;before liife'lng It on  again5'ThVn piiTf thV'pap in ;coId wnteV  ���oak. " It can ; bo claaned qui- kly  and "saelly."  ���jAccordingtotKe monthly report "of'Miss J. Leitch, matron of  the hospital, an "average of 14  patients per day were receiving  treatment at the institution in  January. 28 patients'*were'' admitted, 17 males and 15 females,  18 were discharged.' There were  two births and two deaths during  th'e month.  Ambulance Class  Meeting Sunday  .11.' McDonald and Peter Duncan'  left 'here on Saturday for Kam-  loopsJt6"sign!oh the' strength  of  he_Cariboo Rangers.  W. Welfare, president ,of the  local branch of the St. John Ambulance Association' has called a  meeting of members and'prospective members* for Sunday  evening next at the City Hall at  7 O'clock, when it wili be decided  whether to arrang* another series  of' lectures and demonstrations  in First Aid.  Some of the members who have  received certificates desire to  'again take the courso, while other  residents are anxious to become  acquainted with the yaluah'le"  work. ^A strong turnout 'of all  in any"way interested is urged. * (.  Fotnj  "THE NICOLA VALLEY NEW&'  **.-_"  % �����*���  Friday, Feb,.., 18, 1916  5.,  k -  THE   ADELPHI   HOTEL,  ["Che House of dttetit in  MERRITT, ~ - "B.C.  We have one of the best thought of and most talked of Hotels in B.C.  EUROPEAN   PLAN  Banquets and Dinner Parties a  Specialty  D. A. Costigan, Mgr. A; Hoggan* Prop.  flU  Save  t  YOUR HORSES FEET  I  I   (SATISFACTION GUARANTEED I  BLACKSHITHING  r   In its various branches  neatly   and   promptly  done.   Best workmanship and fair prices  Keep away from costly accidents on the bad roads by  always having your horses  well shod.  HORSESHOEING  MY SPECIALTY  I  I  The Newsy Pars  Since the first of January 17  Indians have died on the different  reserves in the Nicola Valley.  Mr. Jones, rancher of Mamette  Lake was in the City thi? week I promotionTon "the "field?  on business.  To Join'Brothers''  At the. Front  \   -*���*���" ��� '��� ��� ���������  E. B. Ruddock, ledgerkfeeper.  on the staff of the local branch  of the Bank of Montreal will  leave the city early next month  for New Westminster to visit his  relatives prior toreturningtothe  Interior to join the "Fighting  Cariboos " at Kamloops for overseas service. - - ;  Mr. Ruddock has been at the  local Bank for one and a half  years, being transferred from  the Port Coquitlam'Jwranch short-'  ly after war was declared, to take  the place of H. ��� Collinson who  left with the first contingent and  is now a prisoner in Germany.  Mr. Ruddock has two brothers at  the front. One is in charge of a  machine gun section, the other  being a lieutenant who left as a  private with the 104th NewWest-  minster regiment and gained his  Telephone Line  ,",_.  * Sorely Needed  J. L. DUNLOP  '��� Nicola Ave.   Near City Hall  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Green,  and daughter, of Colletville, left  on yesterday's train'for Kamloops  to spend a vacation with" friends.  Mr. Martin, School Inspector,  left yesterday for the main line,  having completed his inspection  at the local schools.  J  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  BICYCLE FOR SALE-Tliree-  speed gear, Coaster brake. Full  equipment. Cheap. Apply E.  B. Ruddock, Bank of Montreal.  Get our prices and estimates  . on any or all branches of the -  Plumbing Business  Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED  STOVES  AND   HEATERS  put into first class shape  POPE AND SMALL  PLUMBERS&TINSMITH&  Repair Work of All Kinds  MALE HELP WANTED-  Boy about 13 or 14? to go to school  and do light chores around house.  Small family. Good home. Apply  Box 55, Lillooet, B.C.  Road Foreman J. Rhodes^ of  Canford, was in the city yesterday,- arriving from Aspen Grove  where he has been attending to  emergency road business.  A few probate administration  applications, two naturalization  application by Japs, and a trial  McGoran vs Backs will go before  Judge Swanson in the County  Court which opens on Tuesday."  Mr.L. Quinville, thewell known  and   successful   rancher   from  Mamette Lake was in the city at  the week end.     He states that  despite the heavy snow and the  unusuallj hard weather this Winter his large herds have thrived  wonderfully   well.    , There are  some four to five hundred head,  of cattle on the Quinville ranch  and t^ey have stood the trying  conditions, marvellously    well,  having sustained practically ho  losses.    Mr. Quinville expressed  his pleasure at the announcement  made in the "News" that an  appropriation had been made for  a telephone line to be installed  from Merritt through Mamette  Lake district toSavona. The telephone line would be valuable in  assisting towards the further development and settlement of the  district and was timely, especially  in view of the operations taking  place at the Aberdeen mine.  Mr. and Mrs. Alex Coutlee,'  Mrs. Harry Boothroyd and children, and "Mr. and Mrs. S, J.  Thornton, left Merritt yesterday  morning for Tacoma. Mrs. Coutlee, who has been dangerously  ill, and who was assisted into  the train by her relatives hopes  to have better health restored by  her sojourn in the South.  W~K-*H'***^*?��i'i��H^*>*H-<*^  /   i    For  Up-to-date:    *  And Seasonable  Goods  At Most Reasonable Prices  GO TO  The ROSE MARCHE  \ ���  I The Ladies  and Children's  ! Outfitters  i  *>>  *  -J  _*.  *  *  *  *  t  t  i  TV*  i  It was reported at this week's  hospital board meeting that despite the very-cold weather during  January the coal bill for, that  month was ten dollars less than  in December.  F. S. Gay, of Merritt, who is  with the Canadian Engineers and  is at present stationed at Ottawa,  was among the soldiers called out  to assist,in fighting the fire at  the Parliament Buildings.  ��*H'-H--H"H-****-^^  Pay Cash and Save  We Sell "More for Less"  The Newsy Pars  *    -  0 Ex-Mayor J. Walters returned  from the Coast*this morning.  Ike Swike's mother, an Indian  woman at Chulus reserve died at  Chulus the beginning-; of the  week.  Rancher Crowder of Aspen  Grove was in the city this week,  doing u" ���'���"~- ���J ~--'!--!���  yarns  business    and   spinning  HOSPITAL DIRECTORS  LISTEN TO PROTEST  Flour, Royal Household  Rolled Oats  Wheat Flakes -  Corn Flakes  Cornstarch   --_���..  Finest Creamery Butter  Pure Lard,  49-lb.'sack 1.90  8-lb. .45,      20-lb. .90  per pkt, .40  3 pkts. for .25'  ���v   . vper pkt, .10  per lb. .40  5-lb. tins, each .90  -     CORRESPONDENCE  ...  Wa welcome correspondence on public matters  from our readers. By publishing correspondence  it does not mean that we agree or disagree with  the contents. In all cases the persons signature  must accompany correspondence���not necessarily  for publication.   Ed.  Merritt, B.C.,  Friday, 18, 1916  To the Editor,  ���' Nicola Valley News.  I have only just seen your issue  of the llth, wherein is reported  the remarkable statement of the  Mayor that I played politics at  the expense of the school, and  he"was"bold"enough_to"state"thaf  he was not ashamed to say it. Of  course the attack is directed  specially at me, and is wholly  untrue.  His Worship states that he has  been a School Trustee for five  years and also states that he has  been on the City Council as May-  - or Alderman for three years,  therefore we are to presume that  he knows what he is talking  about.  So satisfied am I that he certainly does not know what he is  talking about, or is wilfully blind  that I herewith invite or challenge His Worship Mayor Jackson  to meet me on a public platform,  where he cah have all the time  he wants to place his case bafore  the public and I-will undertake  not only to refute his charges,  but to show who really played  the political games for all they  were worth.  I will expect a reply to this  challenge fixing the date and  place of meeting to suit himself  on or before Thursday next the  24th,. so that the papers can inform   the   citizens,   when   and  Tpr. Thompson, of the 30th B.  C. Horse, of Vernon is spending  a few days in the City, Ptes. R.  Moodie and D. C. Campbell, of  the Home Defence are also in  town, Pte. Campbell;.being;j9"n  sick leave. ,, -  Latest Coldwater Hotel arrivals  include Stuart P. Dunlop, C.P.R.  official of Montreal, D. Boyle, of  Hope, who is in charge of the  K.V.R. construction at the Hope  end, C. L. Betterton of Seattle,  B. N. Flick, of Vancouver.  There was a short meeting of  member of the Volunteer Fire  Brigade at the fire hall on Mon-  day^Tenin^.~Mattws^onnected  with the Hard1 Time Ball .'were  finally closed and accounts were  passed. Some $30 was netted  from the ball.  James Miller, an employee at  Lazv L ranch, was in the city at  the beginning of the week. He  interviewed Recruiting Sergeant  Leitch and after signing attesta-'  tion papers as a recruit for the  Cariboo Rangers returned to the  ranch to arrange his affairs he-  fore leaving for Kamloops camp.  He will probably leave'on Tuesday's train.  "  "58!"  Prunes, very wholesome at this season - 3-lbs. for .35  Prunes, extra quality, in sealed 5-lb; cartons each .70  White Figs, 2 lbs. for .25  Jam, in 4-lb. tins. Damson, Greengage, Plum   '-  and Gooseberry,  - Special at .65  * Apples,* our stock in perfect condition per box 1.75  Onions, good and solid   . ,w     ' x\      ,  "6 lbs. for .25 <  Rice, choice Japanese'grade, -      " 3 lbs. for .25  Our Coffee*Beans, once used, always "used   " per lb." .35  Eagl^Milk, l     ^.^   ^^.;:U    ^2tii*.35  i  *  I  ���s*  .*.  ���:-  *  f  M. A. Durland, manager of tlie  Mercantile Co., was attacked by  la grippe at the'beginning of the  week but is" now recovered and is  moving about as usual. * -  Owing to the .change in the  weather -the hockey games arranged to take place this week  have been postponed for the present'.   -'    -;  '"  i Pte. B." Britton,of the Canadian  Army Service-Corps arrived-in  the city from Vancouver on Wednesday being en route Grand  Forks to take up relieving duty.  ' At the Patriotic'Guild meeting  held this week it,' was reported  that another box of 150 pairs of  sox'was about to be shipped to  the front  2 tins .35  per doz. -.50  EagloMilk,  Eggs* extra select "    . . -   *  Special in Canned Fruits, Plum, Gooseberry,  1 .-.; < regular price .35. each .23  Fancy Tea Biscuits, Why pay more      '. per pkt. .10  Blue Mottled Soap,       heavy bars each .30  Raisbs, Large Seeded  " ' 3pkts. for .35  Black Velveteen, good quality,' Special Cut Price. .  _/ _^_       per yard, .50^  ~Piri�� White, end BlM~BWe~SUk. Special Cut   7~^~T  . vl,       .   ' * " '.' y''.'[/     i'ri'ce, per yard .25  Irish Embroidered Waists,,reg.'price 3.75, Special at 2.25  White HoneycSnb Shawls, reg, "price 2.50, Special at 1.75  Mrs. Geo/ Crolyi of Princeton,  who is known to -several people  here, has been seriously ill and  was taken to the -Princeton 'hos-  fcltal.1 ^y '-*��� '?* "v *'-* -  ������   -   r.-.  A. Ford.y'who' has succeeeed  Robt Brown as pitboss at the  Princeton colliery will shortly  move his family, from Merritt to  Princeton.   '  The Rebeccahs held a fine social last  night when Secretary Mra. Booth', who  is leaving the city tomorrow to reside  at Edmonton was the subject of the  presentation of a handsome cut glass  salad bowl, Sister Mrs. Strachan handing over the gift.  Prize winners at the whist drive-  Lady's firpt, Mrs. W. H. Cowen;  booby, Mrs. A. Subject; Gent.'s first,  THE  MERHITT  >��***-X��**-H-*fo��3^  Birth. At Nicola Valley .General Hospital; on Saturday, Feb-  5th, to~Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wilson, of Quilchena, ason.  John Wilson, of Lazy L ranch,  who was -inL the - city yesterday,  offered himself as a recruit' for  overseas service some weeks ago  but after a further examination  has been relieved of his attestations owing to a defect in his eyesight. He was granted a certificate to this effect yesterday by  Dr. Tutilf.  The " News " for Paying Ads.  where they may have the  pleas-  w- H- Cowen and W. Johnson, tie���on  ure Of hearing his charges. a " cut " the latter received the prize  Thanking you  in  anticipation Jack Aitken was railroaded into accept-  Of this space. ing the gent.'s booby prize by Robt.  lam, Yours faithfully^ Strachan who "lost" his  card at the  JOSEPH WA LTERS  counting.   Oh you 681  The Merritt Recreation Club  formerly the Hub Billiard and Pool Hall is now  open under new management. The reading and  writing room is well supplied with magazines,  writing material and all the leading newspapers.  The management extend to all who care to makev  the Club their headquarters a hearty welcome.  BUYING HORSES AND  CATTLE FOR YUKON  Prank Chapman, of Fort Selkirk, Y.T.  is in the city buying horses and cattle  ,'for shipment to the Yukon.   He^ha's sfc  far purchased 12 head of cattle from"  N. Peterion, including three' pedigree  Shorthorns.   A register^ bull changed  ownership at'$200, a regjsjpj<ed cow and  heifers at $100, other" heifers tat> $50.  ,. Mr. Chapman is also wanting horses  about fourteen hundred pounds.   He is  accompanied by Mr.' J. Smith, of Vancouver, and was^at Dpuglas 'Lake this  week. Dock-tail horses are,not wanted.  Mr. Chapman i? registered,^ the Cold-  water, Pot^l. '    ' f  Furniture, House and Lot  - for Sale  Furniture for Sale, also Hous.  and Lot, Immediate Sale. ��� Appl:  Thomson, Collettville.  CContlmied Xiom Page One.)  it' was his duty to do so. -  , A director : "If any reflections  are made against members of  this board I want to hear about  them. I move Mr. Sl&ter be  heard.  Director Slater said, "Following the meeting held on January  21, I returned., to my room.   It  was customary~for me to have a  glass of hot milk before retiring  for.the night.* -1 went -into "the  corridor and asked Miss. Leitch'  if I could have same.   She said:  "You certainly can, and a big  cooked meal along 'with it; you  deserve it after a meeting of that  kinJ."   I told herlditfnot.want.  anything to eat and said^ "What  was wrong' with it, anyway.   I :  saw   nothing   wrong  witlT the'  meeting except that you 'made  one strong request when yousaid-  you'should have been present at  the discussion.' . Then.out comes  the'doctor, shouting and wavtag '  his  hands hysterically. ^   ' You  ought to be right down ashamed  of yourself, Mr   Slater, for 'the  way you have treated Mies-Leitch  tonight, after what the hospital  h8s done for you. -r-l appreciate  all that Miss Leitch and the'stuff  have-done for me, I said,  but * I  shalP- have ,tV pay for all  the  privileges I- have had. ' "I suppose  you-will have to pay the difference   between,the private and .  public^ward   said   the   doctor,  shouting sarcastically. ? -  Mr. Slater you are a very ignorant man and you are far, far,  far beneath a man of my profession and there are many more  like yourself on the same board.  I replied ' Thanks doctor, * you  are a gentleman.' Miss Leitch  camejn but I told her; I refused  to discuss the matter further  witn her, and went to my room. .  JTwo^ersons���can.-corroborate������������  this and while I have no com-, ���  plaint again st the matron she  should not, in the interests of  discipline, allow such incidents  to continue?  ��� Now, Mr. President and gentlemen, Dr. Lamont has gone away  and I am sorry for it, as I cannot  make these  statements "to his ���  face in this board room. * Reflections have been passed on members of the board and it. is for  their protection' I ��� mention the  matter. - If the doctor had been  here I would turn on some more",  sidelights.        -  In reply, to the president, Mr.    .*  Slater said he had no complaint,  of any kind to make against the-  nurses nor of his treatment as a.  patient.   A motion referring to-  "some of the staff" was discussed along the lines as to whether '  the doctors could;be described as -   "  being on the staff.  A director: In protection of  nembers Of the- board who are  itting at this table doing hospit-  il business we must *ake action  o stop such incidents. If the -  ���esolulion  is  recorded  on   the  books   our   disapproval will be  noted.  V,


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