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The Nicola Valley News Dec 10, 1915

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 o \"
.-*•'-. 5-
■ Vol. 6. No. 3 *
 -   -•- r..*i^;iJ--i     ] ,. i   a _r*ji',.J' ni,:'! Ai M
     ■ ■ •' . • "V ~—;—=-7;—;  - ■•■ ■■	
MERRITT, XBiV.i F_&Da¥;''' DSbg^ER*J"i0;: ' 191&-v •.
Price' 5'Cents
Nicola Valley Copper Claims to te Peyel
Ship to Tacoma.—Activities atjAspej^
Tacoma Grew to
Ship Copper
T. J. Corwin and Party Arrived
in Merritt Monday.-WUl
Ship Soon
A crew of Tacomo Smelter mining
men with Mr. T. J. Corwin, of Seattle,
arrived in Merritt on Monday morning
and proceeded to the Aberdeen Group
of copper claims,situated fourteen miles
from the city towards Mamette Lake.
They are establishing a camp with the
intention of developing the property.
The crew will ship ore right away.
There is some 100 tons on the dump
ready for loading while the tunelhng
already done for some 75 feet wiil permit of the ore being gotten out without
trouble for quick shipment to Tacoma.
i The assayed copper "from the Aberdeen group has shown excellent per
centages and there are br ght indications of there being an immense body.
There is a large showing of 20 per cent
At the start some  ten men will be
employed in the camp which is within
, easy hauling distance of the K. V. R.
With the developments taking place
at the Aberdeed Group and the Copper
, ,, Star group prospectors   shipping  ore
''_,-.l^st/-J1_i8lly^io^Granby, a great deal of fact
'';  -J may eventuate fromjthe^prophesy^of a
£~ ~X ~ '-mining'journal across the_liricv"'tnataTl
__.  '    •   ___._\__- -ii t_- _. -j j._.___T-._j_ »_rG._/.ir*.«. ...j
Licenses Renewed
to Merritt Hotels
eyes will be turned towards M-rrittand
A-pen^Grove next Sfpring^'^^>V
Meeting of Commissioners held
at the City Hall Last
Applications for the renewal of licences for the four hotels in the City
were gianted at the Dec. quarterly
meeting of the Board of License Commissioners held in the City Hail on
Wednesday morning.
-Mayor J. Walters (chaiiman) presided, Commissioners P. McLean and J.
F. Hyland also being present.
Andy Sterling, writing from Tulameen
renewed his application for a bartenders
license. The application was 1 id over
until t e applicant appeared before the
Board in person and complied with the
regulations governing such an upplica
During the hearing of the applications
for the renewal of the hotel licenses it
was stated"that the proprietors felt the
present license fee of $500 should be'
l educed, owing to existing conditions. |
On Leing informed that any reduction
could only be made by the City Council
and the passing of a special bylaw the
hotelrnen did not press their request.
City Council Consumers Important'',". ^r!.-
Communications^Respecting: M^tjte^s.
of Moment to3- Merritt's Welfare
-<S- ;'"" '■" -, •'.   *   ':i •''•••»'■■;"•' .-
 /*__• .*£___* -   -- •. ■■ .    ,  .
High Cost of the
Living and Dead
r*.   ~.'
^i_r_^o^_^_l*r^^ .  -       ......
Js^r^l'^rtocati^ btiryinrfany^peraons' ,w_o,^ie^in> Che
^mm^s^&^^i^^SifjxXS,^ .•^.ti* ,ii«__? aihount^c_argM;inother-B.> C/ cities.'
'•I beg to inform you that you hav?
been misinformed as to our converting
any additional locomotives into oil
humeri" wrote Mr. F. W. Peters, of
the C. P. R. in reply to a communication from the City Council. The
letter was introduced at the Monday
evening session of the Council. "Such
is not the case" the writer proceeded
"Owing to our turning over some
Engines to the K. V. R. which of
course have to be coal burners, it has
neccesitated the running of extra oil
burners east from North Bend, lul
as, staled we have not converted any
additional engines to oil burners."'
Mayor Waiters said the remarks of
Mr. Peters were different to what hp
had been led to believe were, the facts.
On high authority he had been informed
that the C P. R. were burning less coal
and that eight coal burning engihea' had
been sent elsewhere to'be1 converted
into oil burners.^ There had been a big
decreased demand for local cpal by the
company and he was afiaid when Vancouver winter trade orders had bean
filled the situation would be'serious for
the local mines.
After a brief discussion the letter in
reference was, on the motion of Aids..'
Ransom and Jackson, ordered to be're**
_l|_te"?K-rSiutip byVCto,
X-the Minister of Public Wjojl^Vaspure.'i-
:::/me that he.is unable to undertake any
more public work by the1 use of in:
,- terned prisoners!"'" '*. • ':- " -<. '*•
■''■ Mr.'Bowser.concluded by suggesting
-ihat the jUjuncii should .communicate*
With the Departmentof Justice at Ott_-
\ya, thrpughfth/e medium,' of-'the local
Federal member", "the Hon. Martin Bur-
'The Hon.-Martin Burrell beingiaWay
from Ottawa his secretary, .wrote to.the.
GonncU; in the following .w.ords— = /•
-i ".Ia' the .ah.senceipf 'the^ Honorable
■'?. Mr. Burrell -i-haye7 the' honor 'to in-
X form jrou that 'a 'bbmmunicatTonphafl
-i beeh;rec'eTv'e_::fr.m' -the'^bfficer.ooH-'
'yi. m ariding/fin terned. .prisoners, v fjy • .tj_iii
'^'effect that'".y^posp^rs^pf-^wa^W^*!
^J/WestVare'emplbyed'b^ Db^uiiW
^Parks' Commission; anid1 tliel'Pro'vifl'-e
-," -.-"British Coliifnbia. ■■t-.'Tti&ie sremain
7, none avai I able .f prijlHe org^n iza.tipn .of
■j?a'hew;station a^'tijejjpesent:tiin«.";,
;fiij :the.rfip^ippipf 'i&^erpieri fiijcLea'p' and
, ^cFariane v.'t^^-^'cpmmunicata^s^^e'rfe
ordered to:Be received afid'fii-di-^'.-V ;
^!' A: req ii es t of -the' -PatridtrS-<Juild-"|H*-
■Geuncil|t* yyej&n^w a; soidier^h^ IjaB
•returned woundej|;frpin fhe front'aiiJi'
fWh|ch;. reque§i^'8n^^
^Ugie^^t;a:|meeti{ig^^ ^ii6n^n^|$uiorari*f;
VKany Subscribed
;     to Belgian Fund
Official List of Responses to the
:: King,Albert Fete Day
■,■   Appeal   .■-■..
^^ ^a.^. r-* v-~^ u.. i\JK'_^t^  *-*- ".■?-»     *    n     -   -       *   "-"^l ^...—Jiji_—_____ ___—■^^_.___—
Sment'campsr-except it can bearrarig'-
;_ed^for interrieidrprisioners'to^work1 oi_
7 some of our ,roads.'  The Honorable
now but -ofdate,
Following is the official acknowledgement of'donations subscribed by citizens
of Merritt, Nicola, and district  to  the
Provincial effort in'support of the fund
rki'sed on King Albert's Fete Day;(Nov.-
15th) throthout the Empire.     The aspired object was *' to subscribe enough
money to feed the whole of the  three
mil!ion*j^estitute  Belgians on the day
mentioned.:   Every  benevolent parson
of the Empire/was invited to subscribe
the modest sum of sixpence, which will
keep one Belgian alive for one day.
.  l'.OO!'" W! N.'.Rplfe, R.'Pollavd, A.
febo'disbfi.'V. Harbord-Harbqrd, S.A.
Howse,, :Ryby.Howse,  A. E. Howsp, ,'.■
I.■■ R7 ^Mackintosh, .W; E. Green.of
Nicola'.; '• 'Nicola.Valley News ".. 10.00
s .pcr^A^Dt-Harvey.- Si Kirbyi  W.
.iy«6or§.^HvKobaya§J|-i,.Mr. Thompson,;,
A. Hoggan," J. S. Morgan....:.'... .3.50
25c'.'.-t_.s.?Carrington,- J. G.';War- :
ren; A. Friend,. !b.A.,T. Nicholi, R.   ."
Baxter, John. Nicholl, George Slater,-
A. Paton, J. Fairclough, G. H. Tutill,"
P. McLean,   A. F. Rankine,  A.; W.
Strickland,:J. W.7EIlis,-;J. Binad-  ;
cHffe/:Murdock7i Mclntyre^ 1.   East-,
wood*-J-t ^Fairley,, H^ Mullett,W. Ai t- -" ;
•J^C2Cr^y;W< ThoJnpspi^F^iliu, fjt
F/: A;fReid7 XJ&. R^Pibmmer;7 D;^A%x:
Shipping Ore to
Copper Star Group Camp in full
Working Order.   Extra
Team Necessary
,' Two four horse teams are busy haul-,
ing duily four tons of ore from the Copper Star mine at As; en Grove to the
Canyon House station on the K.V.R.
• Mr. William McNeill, who is in charge
of the work, was in the city on Tue_-
day arranging for shipping cars, and '
met Mr. Oscar Lachmund, manager of
the B. C. Copper Company. Arrangements were completed by which the first
forty ton car load wiil.be shipped to the
B. C. Copper Co. smelterat Greenwood.
Mr. McNeill informed the "News"
that the camp is now in full working
cHer. Ten men are steadily employed.
A - id team will be put on hauling
d._?•■■' {_ '.1-c i.L::t few days.
liJ-cellent ore <*r: 11 ues to be quarried:
The' upper cut of 23-f t. is now succeeded
by a20-ft cut and in this lower cut has
been found considerable  native "copper.;:...
Mr. _McNeill_returned. to Aspen .Grove
on Wednesday-afterhoon.leavingbehind7:
several fine samples of ore taken recen t-;;;
ly from, the mine. '..'" X..-XX.-
All Eight Passed ^
4n_k     "■       _ — *.  ^ w_w
" Merritt Mercantile Company
Do your shopping early and avoid disappointment by  -
having to, take second chance
Mince Neat
Heinzes Best,   in bulk, lb. .25
;——Wc supply pails freeT-=—-—
Heinzes," in tins, each .30,
Wethys, in pkgs.        each .15
Plum Pudding
Heinze, in tins, each .40
Comb Honey
Comb each .25
No. 1 Grades,all best varieties
wrapped, per box,      1.75
Jersey Belle, finest on the
market ] er lb. .20
, Oranges
New Navels, per doz. .40
Preserved Cherries
",   ' "Almond Paste
To jarrive in few days
I      Flowers and     !        ®mh™
f Plants
:»:_   ^ ,	
•^ We have'just received a shipment
X    from the hot houses including
| FERNS in Pots
$ in Rustic Baskets
t x
$ All in blossom and growing in .{.
natural manner.   With atten- t
tion will keep in blossom over *
the holiday season and will ' £
Urtijljtrn tb.t Vfnmt all tl|f |
Wmttx . t
a continual reminder of      £
(Eliraittttttf (&tytx I
       _-  I-
Make your aelections early and have  £
it re.erved-for delivery before* „    '.'
i Christmas  '" X
;..;..;,^..t..;.^..t..j.^.^j..;»^«j.^.^..>.^.^.^..^^.^.^..;, J,
X    Fresh Shipment of Chocolates
<-:• and all kinds of Candies
_$_.^ _
,    i —'*--r-
Special Fancy Boxes
. Newest Designs
and every box filled with
Dainty Chocolates
Just in Time
To catch  the* Soldier Boys
at the Trenches after   New
Special  Sealed  tin boxes   of
Candies with printed form for
address, 2 1-2 pounds each
Require postage  36 for
WOTjhl;l)e!me^| and7Jhajfe j^i^aUjfe-jwns
which :w6ujd;WhrTO
eachMother^so as^^to'facilitate'the'workbf
findingemplpymentifor soldiers able to
be;la definite committeei formed^how; • to.
take" pharge ;of. men ..immediately7" they
arrived.in the city."   It" was'eventually
resolyed by .general: consent "to-leave
the matter'o.ver-.until-jt^pext,meeting
of' ;the f Counci 1 when it i s." hoped j some,
tangible,steps mayVbe taken, y:]. . °.
■ ;Wheii'R.7A; Stni _i ;pu&;in a ? peCitipii;
signedtBy six residents4n$thei'Vifiuity
ofi?th'e^^ ^iam.ri(i'vyale>prop-rty.:;with-_
drawing:itKeir^preyioi^s^fgn^ objec
to.the cultivation by Mr. Smjth' of. cer?
tain upopened roads, under licence f ropi
thie Council, Ald.'McFarlatie objected to
the~grahtn*ig of tiife priwii-g'e -fbr»ahothei'
drawn their-objection did the ^Council
intend t-qajjing a; new^ajgreepj.enjt, ..when
s6nie"~twerity-five persons' 'lnterdsted,
who has objected by" petitidn' tia'd rioi?
withdrawn such obje'etioris, he asked.
The "Chairhian said 'Mr^Snu'th ' had
Chinaman Bob :.*; AA.. .^.i'\'.jA^A.A.:Ay,.45
*^2c;:"H; Foster.::. X.A. ;':•.;,;■;■?. ;.V_2'
•■'■:-.10c;- J. Gaton. Ay:.:':..':.-.'..... ..>10
'Sundry?;:....;...    ';:.:;.Vv. iv.:-.08
:■ Total'
A>■ A'' supplementary list for ?2.30 has
been despatched but ha3'not *yef been
.oJScially acknowledged by the Provincial Secretary; -The ■ donations •• in this
listafe — ; ■      ■■■X\'-'-'-:
i^Sc;'"WJRir Lanjjjsitaff,; GrX Archi- •
ibald,.-.John Giant,   '.',Sympathizers"
Mrs'; W7 C. Stone. A." Friend; E;-L^ -
m ■.Ii.'-''..i, .v..... ::■■:...;;...:.... ^ -2-00
7 ,15'Dorothy'. Langstaff, -,- Glennie
JL kept his previous. agreenM{n,t.'wjth' the;
•_T .,    ' _    I...'      '_      "■   - f'*'~*'^'-'.i:i.« ' i^
"Merco" Mixture Chocolates
Bon-bons, and mixed Candies,
r per Ib...2!»
A further shipment to arrive before Pay-day.    The shipment is a little late this year and we
intend to make the prices away down jn order to dispose of the full stock before Christmas.'
' -v.
We have a large assortment of all kinds and styles of Chinaware which we are offering at'-
special reduced prices.    From the smallest Bon-bon tlishes to a complete Dinner Set we",are
sure to be-sable to please you for your Christmas requirements.
council and after person?.!, enquiry in
the'ch'strict he'cpul_"find''nobody^reatiyr
opposed.to theright'bfway;being cul-,.
tivatedv"-. ■■'•••• .■'' !:!;:,••!•: , ■'-' ' ,;.
Aid.' McGoran-: "Why keep-y.ican*
land iile.;if it can;b^.putun^er Qiiltivsa-;
tion withWt being a detriment "to ad-
.'-.'*S •"•'-,        O-M        ■»•••"    f   ><     ..-li'  '   ■  ..   ■
joining property ? y
It seehVdd'to ATd: McEeiwi.'that somej
of; the residfenta. wanted jyh.e^.av.enues,:
opened->i>p. -XxyA ^ t.x-u^^-'-A'-Xx a--. I
^ij;p,timately.itiwas/res61yfd ^that;ihe-
between^MrS.Smith lai__I^h_-:^^ Gouncijrior,
the use of';the 'roads':"b"_':'left':-to'the'
incoming cb.-iicH' to decide: The movers'
fmd.;^nsom,ih*^r^7Ai...J^ci^M 'voted1
for the, resolution ;7aidei-man'*McGprai*!
against it :';'**]ii^
caslt^^^eltner^ay.:-;5-"^^^-.'   2v-j
3Sfe^i_tei^___ ■■:;' li^h«v^rtimi ttee' ^gut1
iii ^-*j^i___end_ti9,nit^-|t-4^
^ "X'\ *fei^rcto.'sr_'g;.^wp/itr.ai^fo^ii,ers .fopSiK't
*■**  po.wlr,ijhousfs.''fee '.deftrre'd''untij ji|-*x
yea¥,.v,; .'x^'y ,-.'"..■;■■ x.:'X\l'Cy.-"f..".'. ' .^t..
;'-V,l|s. ' McLean and'-^JaSk'spn 'soughi\
quired7in,' thek>...*wai*dS.i'.,± Ayfi,.McL'e.ai
JSi-j dgej. tj-eejf,c.i;o§sj tfe jto^he! opposite;
si-e^'f J.Be :'track./>The',. .hallgfe woul(%:
he'wa^'-_rtai& ;Mt>'_&ye''' tHbiWghtirig."at
tHe crossing. ",\ .rv.-i....',    '
• Aiter a-lengthy hearing in the
County. Court. His" Honor Judge
.•S^an^ipn. pn .Wednesday allowed
VV..JC), Barber, accountant, to go
on. Suspended sentence under a
boftd ol $100 to' appear for sen-
tefifceif and -when called! upon,
utidef-the charge of removing his
«oads.for thepurpose.of.defraud-
.ing.his^reditqrs. Judge, Swan-
sprj.after.giving judgment m'u-
icte| accu__ci"'fbf $30 Clrown costs
Ijuf on'the "appear of his lawyer,
'Mr; Murphy.-of Ashcroft, who
-said-accused :was; wi thou t means,
wMdreMthe;brder forcosts.
X /Sojidror M. L. Grimmett re-
lated how'accused, who was indebted to. several tradesmen in
^fe'c^;'*hai3'-been arreistedvby
^Chief 'Grundy, on ,:informatipn
re^fiveff'frohi'two merchants, as
;fewa^%ba^rig7a train at.-Co'yle
^'l,^^?^mTle¥V&6m 7:Merritt;:,;on
^^e^Sr'^-bV; after, ^consigning
"fi;i_5*'^'r^a!n fhousehold. goods to
v^ricouv^r Jn-the name pf Bakery
accused leaving, he claimed sur-
reptiti(-usly 'by driving in an auto-
rric^^b;Goyl^;station although
sfefiping his gbqds 'from Merritt.
(Continued'on page 4)
didate^ passediJ-the;. examinatibivl-v^
ih^the■":advanced stage;"George /-ft ?
Archi bald and A> Gi uridy /'in i7theX0X.
second year 'course:; James'.;M<Vv:;i.:--7j/
Grath,-   James X Patqn,7 ; Joseph^;;^)
lip-ton^ James Meldrum; a^_V^|?|E|ii
Kay passed/ in first-year7 work%y./fg?;||
7 As the; examination' '-by-"7;D^@S>g
Gillis is generally considered by S;f S7
the Candidates to have been very; ki.ii$:
searching7, and V thorough, '■; 'it Aii&Xx-yM:-
obvious from the result that^the - /4XXp
instruction ■• was well given: by 9;;7 /
the medical instructor and care- .;    '•-
fully   observed   by" the    men./   y :
Nearly all are emjployed at the'   :~;
local mines.  _.________:._____
Secretary George Maxwell in •
forms the News that there, will 7
beva recess until after the Christmas holidays are oyer when another first aid class for beginners
will likely be formed. Any per-.
Bbn who wish to learn "first aid"
and ambulance work are cordially
invited to communicate with
Secretary Maxwell or President
W. Welfare.
Funeral of Late
A. D. Adamson
.The funeral of ..the  late Mr., A/.D_7;;-,v:
Adamson,   manager  of   the .;Duke of ;;'
Portland's ranch at Aspen Grove,- took v":;
place on Saturday afternoon at Nicola ■'X-X
cemetery, the Rev.;J. Hyde, minister;^
of /St.' Andrews fresbyterian Church,.   -;.
Merritt, officiating in the  presence 'of.-
several friends and  business  acquaint-'-'..-'v.
ances of deceased.     Thei   pallbearers//*
'were, A. N. B. Rogers, M. L, Grimmett' •/;
G, Lodwick (of Nicola,) DAL:  Munro,",/
A.  VX Rankin,; A.   W. / Strickland//oiXXx:,
Merritt;pothers present including; Dr.'XX.:
J./J./.:Gillis,: jfos.   Collett and several^'is
from different points of the galley;, ■■XXy-fA
'• Among.beautiful floral tributes were/X7
wreath's from brethren'pf~N.ico.Ia Lodge;,-;.:'/''
A.F^ & M, No 13,'and;MT. ;S: T.^Peter/jv
of Vancouver.    The beautiful polished'7X-
oak.casket \yas masdvely mounted and ; 7
was inscribed "A. D. Adamson Born}/;
April 8, 1863. Died December 1,'..',1915. ////.
'At Rest."' Undertaker^Nv!Barwick,'/v
*:v<^ v,
mBHwwwis'n Fbiday, Dec. 1Q, 1815    .... w._ . ���; ^^  THE  NI .bWHlMg^_#S  THB MCOLA VALLEY NfiWS.  TWO  ;.7ij-*--**iF   .      >��>"��� fff  Published Evert Friday  Publisher : Edward C. Bell  Editor: Ernest b. Mayom  advertising rates on application  Subscriptions, payable in advance, ?2.Q0 per. year law Canada.  Britain, United Sta*es and Foreign Countries, $2.50.  Great  Address :   The Nicola Valley News. P. O. Drawer *L,'Merritt, B.C.  stood in the  TWO HUNDRED MIL^S".!!1  According to the " Chinook," whose representative  crowd at the door along with Mayor Walters', of Merritt who is'the  Liberal candidate in Yale riding," the leading local h_^ral was" ah interested spectator of the Lucas libel suit. Unable to find anything substantially remiss in the political record of Mr. Lucas in Yale his opponent obviously travelled the two hundred miles to .Vancouver mZsearch  of any political crumbs for capital that might fall froin the lawyers  table. The only crumb be discovered to satisfy his aching soul was the  stinging, dramatic and final description of Moses Cotsworth at the close  of the  case.  To the denunciation the valued " Sun'' refers but/is afraid  to report. In words more harsh Justice Morrison classed the author  of the pamphlet as more than "an ordinary untruthful man," and,as a  result of the finding Mr. Walters had the mortification of seeing Mr.  Lucas being awarded a judgment for $200.00���money which he did  not seek. <  ������I      -i ��� ��� ���   ���   ���  Little wonder our Mayor is wearing a. careworn 'app^r^nce^mce^lus  return. While al the Coast he reported himself to a "Sun" representative with the result that the paper gave some couple of columns of interview space to the aspirant from Yale. As usual he had only destructive criticism to offer against the Government, his speeches betiayift^  that woeful lack of initiative power and brainy legislative "qualities so  markedly apparent during his civic term as Mayor ? At any rate ft  looks that what is good enough for consumption by V^ncouye0berajstt  too devoid of " meat" for circulation in Yale., Suffice it ,to .say thai  the Liberal organ here dismissed Mr. Walters' visit to the Coast in "aix  and one half lines."  And why do they do that ?  St-of*  L.O.L No. 1701  At a meeiiii^ oi'L. O./L. 1701,  held in the. lodge rooms on Friday,  evening last, the, following ^officers jeiect were elected for installation pn Fnday, Jaijiary~2iitr V  ;r W.M.., J,;><3V $arfen (in sifc-  cfes^^'tQ^pr^^Bra A. P��ton,  jyftr. the bverseasfbrces);  '*Dep. M.   J. S. Morgan  Chaplan   T, H^ichol; ^  sieifi^etix George Slated 4(re-  electetfr   ,w.  .. Financial jj&c.   ]?. McLean  Treasurer   F. 3. H/tand  Director" of Ceremonies *   R.  Baxter (re-elected). ,   ,  ,; Lecturer ' (office hot yet filled)  .Committeemen   J. Nichol, J,  Hj-aefG.'H.Tutill.J/McI-.irlane,  P. McLean. .-*';���/  Auditors "P. __/cEeah,  G.  H.  ^iitiirahdXuHj^e;';  City Council and  ��� -*���-���v.. *.    ..���   - '.'    N '���    ��� ��� ������'  ool Matters  _**"���  In his interview Mayor Walters said:   (. , W)iJ,  " The people of the district are very disaatfBfjed wj$h, jl;n& j��r#  sent government Merritt as the centre p^.^hi^c^M  industry of the district, is most concerned withJfhe^ndi^jn  of this industry. It is not fair competition to permit oil to come  into the province duty free. . -. r  After complaining that Sir Richard McBride has been very remiss'in  not devoting a little more attention to the finding of means to' assist' the  coal industry to compete with fuel oil Mayor Walters went on to say;  If I have the honor .to be elected, the coal industry; will receive  *5  a great "deal of my attention.    Solution not intricateiV-Thereli  "nothing difficult'or intricate in finding'a soluttori.r' "'The tHirijj  to be assured of is that a solution satisfactory,can te found -if  business men of capacity will apply themselves to it honestly.  According to Mayor Walters the Government ot wlnclji'^r! ��u��??  is a member, and Sir Richard McBride, as Minister of Mines have been  remiss in not assisting the coal industry in its competition Against bilniel  when , ���,",���,_   v v. K^-t-.^. ������ t��*j," *��  a solution is not intricate if business men of capacity will apply  themselves to it honestly. , ��� ���, ^  Does Mayor Walters really admit he is not a busings man of capacity ? In vain we have searched for his solution of the problem of'the  coal and fuel oil competition. The Nicola Valley miners will take note  of the Liberal Candidates astonishing admission.  " Merritt Board of School Trustees ^having. decided to send a  statement of the school finances  to the Superihtendeqt'qf Educa-  tion^witK ayiey?(]to the procuration pf ap 'amendment to the  School Act,, so, as to put the  School Board oh a better financial  rating.-'the Cffy'Cbfacir top wiH  i_eh!d,r fo" the ~Goveiftfmenta their  views qn the question as it relates to the city.-,    ,  At the City Council meeting  held' on Monday everiirig City  Cre_��PHes|^eniindea ^KeAlder-  men'that flt'^bqld b$ useless'for  jthevGovemn.ent���tft. amend the  School Act wjthaut amending  Section 130 of tlfe'Municipal" Act,  ^he1 se^twnB'T^^^  qujre, CQpsideration jn cpnjuction  otherwise the efforts of the school'  trustees'would he uncompleted.  Ori?,tliembtiorf6^  that the C\ty,jpjerk pend. a-, statement outlining the Council's view  on the question of school financing to the Inspector bf Munici-  P#(es.,r4 Th>';;secticiiisl 'ptjU  ���^%��-��V*Pd -WOPa] Alcta referred to deal with the financing  of Schools and the borrowing  powers of Municipalities "against  uncollected 'taxes;"'   .  Good Showing fey ������-_  the Red Cross  Large Number of Articles Sent  ��- to Overseas Hospitals.    Financial'Statement  The veiled and subtle idea of Mr. Walters is to convey to any ignorant voters the insinuation that the Provincial Goyernment has*some--  thine to do with the imposition of a duty on' crude petroTetim.'   It* is;  , i..   i   - i      i        *J  'r\    * '-- ��A."���-,_?�������������� ������- -a' -''-������'-v  as the youngest political student knows, a Dominion matter.     Ai most  people know, too, the Dominion Government is* not "only enquirmg'and  investigating into ways and means of assisting the coal industry but is  also considering seriously the building up of a coal bi-product industry.  When Mr.-Waltersattacks the McBride goveri_menVwith this: ;  Had it been a wise government, provision would have' been  made in good times for the hard times that are here...  \>��. cy ������  ."A.-(��vn  Doubly Subscribed  we reply that the same comment might be applied to a" certain politician  who, if Calgary oil wells " boomed " again would' fb'rgef about thi ;  Californian product, Merritt coal, or anything cbnnectedrwitK Merntt,  and its prosperity. If Mr. Walters as liberal candidate forks''cUracVw  sincerely enthusiastic in his support of the better development .ot.-lqcal'  mining why did he not as mayor find a way of assisting the^hard.wbrk^  ing prospectors who sought the small grant of $60 towards the cost of  placing samples of ores from local claims before mining investors yisitingi  Vancouver a few months ago. These are some,of the questions' that,  Yale voters would like to hear more about from one " who, stood".in|  the crowd at the door "���and will still be in the crowd outside ',the  door when the election fight Lucas vs. Walters is called for settlement.  Sincerety, thou art a jewel! ;:  '-Over twice the amount of the  Canadian, War'Loan has been  suftBCri6ed'andatrleilfffni'BteKb^  has decided Jtp accept, one hun-  dred^milliops as the amount of  thdloan.   The surplus which it  s stated, may am6unt to five or  shinV,a_ie1wAicU,,migh(ft,occur Jn  the offert), and if there is still a  'surplus the"ba-iks and'���fihftricial  'eoibbratiorii "can make" a" fe'duc-  MM* ,b^n.^Bvc.cejsfp| yent-  xire throughout and it is an inter-  eifi^fiia*iire;'tb find th^t-tlie  'Ifi'-H'i-iVi*   ���-4i^i^i^J��*��JJi-.'<*li__.-iV.-4:-i  In the corner store of the  Walters Block.bpposite the Cpld-  water hotel on Saturday Decern*  ber 18th the Women's Auxiliary  of the Anglican Church will hold  a sale of aprons, cakes,^ home  made candy and articles suitable  for Christmas gifts. Commencing  at three o'clock, afternoon, tea  will be served. The patronage  of the public is requested at this  endeaybr in aid of church funds,  At the regular meeting of the  Board of Directors of ? the Hospital to be' heldf at t^ein^titutipnj  at eight o'clock on Wbbday even-)  ing next the new matron! Missj'  Leitch will siibpit' her first"  monthly report. Mqatlfy. roiltine,  business will come dpi dr di^postCl-  vt,j��w;!i��^,r   their nipney tp thelmp^rials0y-;  ernment to pay for munitions.'  It will obviate the necessity of  another of, the same, proportion  iii that bngiridlly called^ and tlie  double loan has been secured at  no more expense. The government t needed the , money, 'the  .people, wish'to invest,' and' there  you are.' - '   /  f-   r ::    - *  '   ���  " The Revs. G. Kinney, (Methodist) and Jv.- Rj-de? (Pre6by teriah)'  txehatiged" pulpits ' pn Sunday  tvfening, last. Preaching .at St.  Andrews the !Rey. Kinney., based  Us remarks on the text " What  is- the "way-to go ?" in the course  of which' Be gave sbnie grabKiti  escriptions of his mountaineering trips.,throughout _Br C. and  how he blazed the trails.. The  difficulties of; the paths of life  and the joys aheSd'/the preacher  The. Merritt Branch of the  Red Cross Society was organised  on. August 19,1 so that in another  week or so the branch will be  four months old.  . The activities of the members  of the/organization during that  brief period, are reflected in the  financial statement presented by  Miss.Majorie P. Seaton arid in  the list of the work for patriotic  purposes and humane services at  the front, as shown in the report  of Secretary Mrs. J. P. Boyd.  The item of $86.44 in the list  of disbursements, for linen, wool  and other materials, in itself  points to the great sacrifice of  time and' energy of the members  expanded in making and preparing- supplies for use in the hospitals at the front and the bases.  That there is still a balance on  the right side of the exchequer  is a healthy iridication.  On'Aug. 19th, 1915 a branch  of the Red Cross Society was  organised in Merritt with Mrs.  Plummer President, Mrs. John  Collett Vice-president, Miss  Seatjon'Treasurer and Mrs. J. 1'.  Boyd Secretary.  ��� Following- is a report of the  work accomplished ;     ,  The Red (.roes assisted the St.  Johns'Ambulance-Society on Tag  Dayj August 28th the proceeds  from which effort were sent to  the_3. C, Base-Hospital; whisi  drive and dance "on Sept. 22nd  was' most successful, the proceeds  ,w,ere'us4dto purchase' materials  for Red Cros_' work. The first  -sewing meeting was held on Oct.  7th, and on Nov. 20th. ihe  following articles were forwarded  to the'Red'Cross'Depots Vancour  yer:"ir,ehteric'shirts,^ 11 night  shlrts75 suits p. jamas, 14 knil  ,wash, cloths, 11 pair" socks,'1 f  biftd_r) 7 pads, 19 eye bandages.  5 cap bandages, 29' T bandages,  9 knee haridages, 10 elbow rings,  2 plcgs mouth wipes (500 in each)  surgical Dressings : 2 packages  gauze wipes (200 each), 80 5 yd.  bandages, 185 hospital handkerchiefs, 6 bundles compresses (IC  each), 20 bundles surgical kits,  1 bundle small pads, to bagf  absorbent sponges,' 210.  - On Nov. 6th, two cases, oi  Christmas gifts for lonely Canadian soldiers, consisting of jam,  cigarettes, writing paper, tobacco, handkerchiefs, tooth brushes,  jsoap and chocolates were sent to  Central Depot, Vancouver to be  ire-shipped from thereto England.  The' Merritt   Red   Cross  has  adopted a /'Prisoner of War."  $5.00 per month will' supply a  prisoner with a parcel of foc.d  once a week,    This amount is  being collected by means of Red  sCross~ boxes-in   th"e~'coldwater  liotel, Commercial Club, Adelphi  Hotel, Palm and Grand hotel.,  ���iy. The Merritlt Red Cross "has a  memberships of 43^hd would be  yery -pleased to welcome-'new;  members every Thursday afternoon.    The initiation fee is 25c,  and monthly dues 10 cents.  Treasurers Report  Remember the Rex tonight!  Visitors in Merritt on Saturday  from outside points included W.  B. Jackson and R.' Whittaker/bf     .   .    ,- ,-      ���..,. -., . .-, . -^ ���  Lower Nicola, and'j.W: Langley l^ed ,to Jus mountainJW in  of Canford. such^a.way.as. tp hold the close  J attention of his congregation.     J  Receipts  Proceeds of Base Hospital  ���i     Tag(Day.... ..$ 88.00  Proceeds of'whist drive  and.dance  75,50  Various donations...(  18.80  Initiation fees and dues.. L2.30  Patriotic Guild for wool.  Prisoners of war boxes.  15.00  6 55  $226.15  5 Disbursements  St. John Ambulance As-  - sbcia.ioh for Base  Hospital $ 88.00  l^ance expenses     11 50  Canadian Red" Cross for  ",    material and wool etc.   95.44  Soldiers Christmas gifts..   ^ 7 55  frisoners of War Fund..     5.00  Balance in Bank     18.66  $226.15  "It's M Comfort."  Headquarters of Mimng~-Men~_ui37"  Commercial Meir-  ...   .... .. . ��� \  Merritt is the gateway to the rich Copper Gold properties of Aspenr5-'  Grove, Mamette Lake and Hyland Valley.  Reliable information relative to the mining and ranching   |  industry's freely given.    If you want to find"a friend you'll  find him at the Coldwater���the old reliable first-class holel  of Merritt.    . - ������       ��� ���  Hot and Cold  Water. -JJoomj   wilh Baths. Five large Semple Rooms  All Vegetables, Eggs, Milk and Cream used tn the Hotel are'daily from oar Ranch'"  I  MURDOCH  McINTYRE  Proprietor  ���J  A? R. CARRINGTON;  Insurance Agent and Notary Public  Fire'  Liverpool and London ^  and, Globe  -  Life & A&ideiitl  B. G." Life1 '���'  Phoenix of London, Eng.  British America of  Toronto  Globe Indemnity! of  Canada  Nicola Valley Meat Market  Nicola Valley Presh Killed Pork  and Beef  Presh   Fruit, Buffer and Eggs  Modern   Cold   Storage   Plant   in    connection  Leave your orders for Ice here  Phone 36  MERRITT,   B.C.'J  A dratth (&tmwtt  Will be given  Jn mb of tti$ ittb (Emua j^rirfeiy, -  At tty it** JJ^aW  TO -NIGHT  By Pupils of the School, assisted by Friends.  j$mt00, Artintt ^minja, giurittig OiamrB, rtr., fnUomrb bQ '  ONE ACT PLAY: "BETWEEH TWO FIRES"    i  Doors open at 7.30; Commence at 8 sharp  t  Admission  by  Program:  25c  and   50c.  j . i .is    f>��  HUGH   LEITCH,   Carpenter   andj  Contractor,  Let me figure on your next job���no matter how email       ;'  or how large.       Satisfaction Guaranteed  :J?ii-OxS B(D_X.   210,   IVlli-ElRIT'IV B. 'G.r  ,V��     J...  On Saturday, December 18th; 1915  The Women's Auxiliary'of The \  Anglican Church,  Will hold a'Coke mnd Apron Sale in the Corner'  ��� Stone opposite Coldwater Hotel  Sale of Aprons, Cakes, Home-made  Candy, arid Fancy Goods suitable  for Christmas Gifts.  Afternoon Tea will be Served  Commence at 3 o'clock.  ���Hearty invitation to all  -! Threes'-  THE NICOLA VAXLET NEWS.  lt���**mm*��  ,-r~c ���-��� -r.r^r-w^'  M-sswmr;,w-**.*-*  Friday, Dec.  -7--"I.1. _^-...- ���,���-  -____c_  -^^���--^^������:->^^  ^ttt^ti;  WF you can save each -Week even a small amount you  are invited toopena Savings, Account .with The  Bank of "Toronto. Small depositprsv are as well cared  foras large ones/ A dollar will start a Savings Account  and interest is added to ;Savirtgs Balances half-yearly.  TOTAL  ASSETS  ���PAID   UP  CAPITAL  961,000,000  $5,000,000  $6,402,810  ' t MERRITt" &RANCH  ROGERS, Manager  tk^m��m^H.HHHW*w^^m-,*.mww  SIR SAM HUGHES  AND HIS WORK IN  MILITIA DEPARTMENT  THE MAN AND HIS JOB  Ho  Has  Accomplished  Wonder3  * and Is Still At It '  Sir   San-  Has    Abolished  Canteen  the    Wet  1 ailoring,Kepairing  Cleaning and  Pressing  DONE  BY  .STEPHENSON  (LATE CITY TAILOR)  AT THE  SUNSHINE THEATRE  BLOCK,  ALL   ORDERS   DONE   TO   TIME.  M. L. GRIMMETT, L.L.B.  BARRISTER,   SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC. "ETC.  Solicitor for-the Bank of Montreal  MERRITT <   NICOLA  J. A. MAUGHAN  Solicitor Notary Public  ' Solicitor for the Bank'of-Toronto ��� X  Voght   Street^ Merritt'  Opposite! Coldwater Hotel  LODGES  COURT UNITY, NO. 9205,  A. O.F.  Xmas  GREETING  Cards   ,  Nothing so pleasing to your  friends as a photo Greeting  Card  $1>00 a Dozen  ThinkH bver, and then call and  Ht tinplei at the City Studio.  Cfias^F. Hooper  Opp.-Schools ..        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P.Hal/  every Wednesday.  at 7.30 !  * j  Visiting brethren;  cordially   invited.1  VJ. fairfoul, C.C. ���  J. Simpson, ,  K. of R. & S..  ��  L.O.L, 1701  Merritt Lodge  Regular meetings in the Oddfellows''  Hall on the first and third Fridays in  each month at 7.30 p.m. The Scarlet,  meet On the 14th"6f each month.  Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.'  Andrew Paton. W.M,  Geo. Slater, Recording Sec. '  HOUSE FORT RENT OR  SALE  Apply Dr.G. H. TUTILL,  , P. 0, Box 10.  vvlien General Sam Hughes was  knighted by the King a few weeks  ago, and became General Sir Sam  Hughes, K.C.B., he only got what was  coming to him. If there is anything  to wonder at about It, it is that he  wasn't given his golden spurs before.'  When Sir Sam- Hughes- addressed  the Canadian Club of Ottawa a week  or so ago, and gave them a sketch of  the'work done by the Militia Department of Canada ih the war, and by  the Canadian troops at the front, he  gave much credit to others and. took  little for. himself. But.. everybody  knew whose work it was, just as King  Gedrge did when he ��� said "Arise. Sir  Sam" or words to that effect.  Still Looks Ahead/  ��� Everybody knows it. Even the enemies of the Minister of Militia���-and  he has them���admit that to his tireless  energy, his unremitting labor'and his.  extraordinary foresight, the remarkable military achievement of Canada  is largely due. He has worked night  and-day; he: has made other people  work night ahd day. He is charged with  having made mistakes, which charge-is  proof of his industry, because the only  man who never makes mistakes is the  man who never does anything <at -all,  But the mistakes, if mistakes they,  were, have little weight .when rneas*  ured against the tremendous ��� success  which has' crowned his work ln the  main object for which he has striven;  Not that he has finished, either. He  is still working day and night, still  planning, organizing and arranging,  still-looking ahead and preparing for  .what is yet to come.  ,  A Peculiar Fitness *  -  It is of course perfectly true that  the thousands;of Canadians who;have  enlisted' for   overseas   Bervice,  have  done so of their own free will, and. of  their, own desire, and determination; to  fight for the   safety   of   the Empire  against the onrush of the Hun, but  it is equally true that they got their  opportunity   from   Sir   Sam   Hughes.'  The Prime Minister's offer of a Cana*  dian force, and the readiness of Cana-  dians to enrol themselves in that force',  could not have been given  effective  expression without the .practical,ability of the Minister of Militia to set  things in motion and keep them going,  Another man in the offlce of Minister  of Militia would have done some' of it,  but   not   all,   nor   nearly all.    Sam  Hughes .had advantages \yhich.fitted  him peculiarly for the quick perform,  ance of the task-entrusted to him. He  is a born soldier.   He is familiar with  the book.   He has seen active service,  He has  travelled   over  most  of the  ground.in northern   France   and Belgium, where the western fighting has  been done.    He knew the sort of a  country It, was, what sort of .soldiers  the Germans were, and what sort of  soldiers the French were,.: He knew  the British   Tommy  and -the British  generals, kne^y the  members of the  British Government, or most of-them,  and what manner of men they, were,  He knew his own country like a book  and lie knew-his   own   countrymen'  from one ocean to the other, ,Jn other  words he knew tbe players 'and all  -i-......-* .l~     _-���..        n...u     4UA.*/.   (-V.W.**  , days of the conflict, and the days, a,  Valcartier. War��was -declared on August: 4th. On the morning of the 8th  Valcartier was ready for occupation.  Some thought that discipline would  not be secured. Discipline, said the  Hon. Minister of Militia, according to  his views, did not mean, nor ever  would mean; repression. By discipline  he meant culture, polish and self-control, and no finer example of this sort  of discipline had been afforded than  the behavior of the rough and ready  soldiers of Canada in the historic battle of St. Julien. They had held themselves against the most disciplined  soldiers In the world.  The Battle of St. Julien '  The Minister gave the Club a detailed explanation of the Canadian  position at St. Julien, a: description  which is well worth. repeating. The  Turcos were on the Canadians' left.  ItVwasthe first time In civilized warfare, ln any kind of warfare, that an  enemy had resorted to gas," and the  Turcos, totally unaccustomed to gas,  as indeed were the Canadians, but  lacking the Canadian resourcefulness,  fell back. This left a gap of 7,000 or  8,000 yards in the line.. The Canadians', left was standing out in the air.  For five days and five nights, the Canadians, ably assisted by their British  comrades'later, held the front against  five and ten times their numbers who  had' the best long range' artillery in  the world. Yet. with all that the Germans only succeeded: in retiring the  Canadian line one mile and an eighth.;  "Sir Sam announced that/whenever  the call came for larger forces, steps  would be taken.to provide for a force  tip. to whatever number was required.  Canada, he believed,- would not fail  inj her duty when the time. came for  the overseas army ' to be increased.  There had .been ho. failure in.; the past.  On the contrary, when the flrst call  went forth for 20,000 they got*33.000;  whten they>'asked, for 50,000 they secured 75,000, and since authority had  been given to recruit'150,000 they bad  over that number.  A Fight to a Finish  Canada, declared Sir Sam,' would  never be'eontent with less thana light  to,a finish. "The, peace-loving .nations  6f;'the world have;, long enough'.been  t'errified'bythe clahgingof the) sabres  of ,��� the Hohenzollern family.,. Tht day  has arrived in human progress and  civilization, when .the thing will not  be,. ;tolerated any longer. I express  the sentiments of every man and  every woman . (God bless, them) in  Cana.da when I say , that if ��� it takes  two, the number already at the front,'  four'or forty divisions, Canada demands, the war shall be fought to a  finish 'and until the' German ruler-is  humiliated/and the German - fleet mo  lopger/a-.menace to Great Britain."  On tire" same day that he addressed  the-Canadian Club, Sir. Sam spoke to  the. ��convention of. the Ontario  W,C,-r.UT,,when he "said" that L"we will  never "allow liquor Ain any of our  camps. ...have absolutely no use for  the-'man either ^n uniform or-out of  unlfo'nri' who Is' a drinker. We' are  carrying out practical temperance  ideas, and .one of the reasons why I  am1 determined' to maintain the dry  canteen-in our military camps is be.  cause it hag been demonstrated to my  satisfaction that the man who does not  drl*k is, as far as endurance is concerned, far better than ;the; man who  indulges in intoxicants."  He Banished Liquor  Sir Sam, as everybody -knows, is a  champion of the dry canteen. He  banished the wet canteen from the  military camps in Canad", but he  made tha regulation applicable to all  ranks. The highest military officer  has no more -license than has the  priyate.j Sir Sam is himself a water  drinker. -Recent, restrictions on -the  sale" of liquor, applicable to %jvflians  Gef'More Money" for your Foxes  Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,  Marten and other Fur bearers collected in your section  SHIP TOCB rUBSDU{ECTlo"SH IIBEHT" the largest  bouse In the World dealing exclusively in NORTH AMERICAN' RAW FUKS  a reliable���responsible���sate Fur House wilh :m unblemished reputation existing for "more than a third of a century,"a lonK successful record of sendinsr Pur Shippers prnmp: .SATJS FACTORY  AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Eds iSfHibrxt Afjipper."  the only reliable, accurate mark et report and price list published.  -Write for it���NOW���U'a FKEE  AC   9r-_ITRFRT   ?n/��   25-27 WFbT AUSTIN AVE.  . ��>. .nUDtlVl, inc. Dept C93 CHICAGO, U.S.A.  British Ser ss  Are Very Scarce  Hard to get a Really: Fine Sergefat a  ..      . FairPri c. :.  "To get a good navy blue serge suit  now-a-days, a pure in-Iijjo-dyed serge of  sbft wool weave, is i;ot as easy "as it  was. The ���' King's 0  onslpom", serge; suits ���  dard values at $21 and  good deal more.   All M  ���.-n" and "Brit-  hich were stan-  $25 now cost a  ie serge weavers  are making khaki foi    >e army.  Even the famous "'Ulunoz" serge  has been withdrawn f 1 .'m the market,  for the onjy Canad.i. i.nill, that could  make it is working at >'apacity on war  orders.  The best Semi-read;   serge  suits  at  $21 and $25 represent   values  on cloth  bought before the war.  Local .Dealer:   Andrew Ewart, The  V-pr"   :'f City T��ilor.   ��� .   "  REX RAYS  .bour the   game.    Co^hef hW,'���f T^^JX^^SSJ"^  been a better man to do what the Oer-,  mans said could not be done, to "im  provise : an. anny ?"  How We got Shell Orders  General Sir Sam talked to the Ottawa Canadian Club on "The War .and  Our Duty," He said that Canada had  done well in her commercial duty and  in her military ddty. He said that  Canadian manufacturers had risen  nobly to tbe occasion ln the manufacture of munitions Soon after-the-war  began,' the British Government asked  him if he could secure 200,000 shells  in the United States, and although the  order   was' somewhat   small   he. had  of ,his dry canteen regulation. In  other words, General Sir Sam Hughes  is, a. practical . temperance reformer,  without being intemperate about it.  K(N MARTIN BURRELL  LANDS A HUGE ORDER  ��       FROM THE WAR OFFICE  Six and a Quarter Million Pounds of  ��� Canned-Beef - From-Canada   *j  MCLEAN &  GORP  WC HAVE PURCHASED  The Stock of Electric Lighting  Supplies, and Electrical Fittings  Prom A. B. Kennedy, Electrical Engineer  All Goods at| Lowest Prices^  .'������>��� ��- - ���-���       ^ v . ��� *? ) " - ,  McliEAN & CORP  Qoilchena Ave.-, opp.rColdwater Hotel  ���Fallowing previous announcements,  the Honorable Martin Burrell, Minis-  *t,���..~i�� *u . r, _ j, j. uw 1���:    ,.   1 ter of Agriculture, has now issued oi  ���,Vfnt^Ca-J^-111- establishments statement, conveying the information  ��^_Ld ���^ ��^ tthe Tk' ^P1���1-7}0 1 that the W��r Offlce has accepted ten-  ^P��K.e-flJCt0fieS ��0,n*',but to*0 ders from the packers for six million  something in the way of providing and. a quarter pounds of canned corn-  work for Canadians at home. Theied bee? for deilvery before the close  manufacturers of the country were in- of the current year.   Thls contract Is  duced to take on the shell-making in  dustry, and It received'the hearty endorsation of the British . Government.  To-day they were producing In Canada tens of thousands of tons of steel.  Open hearth steel was being used and  this possesses all the essential qualities of crucible steel. Canada was  producing her own'zinc, and for the  first ��� time in Canada. trinitrotoluene  was being made. Gun cotton was being manufactured, and in fact the entire shell; -including the fuses, Were being made in Canada to-day.  Modest About Himself  Sir Sam did not tell his audience as  of particular interest to Eastern Can  , ada, as_.it will provide a market for  : the Ihrge surplus.of canned cattle that  are,now.finding their way to the Toronto and Montreal Stock Yards.   Tho  outlet,: which the Minister has  been  striving to obtain, at least in regard  to' a  considerable  proportion  of this  class of cattle, has now been found.  How   It  Was   Done  tt  will ��� be    remembered   that   Mr.  Burrell   has' not  undertaken   to   purchase: the meat for the War Office,^'  but' .'through- the   Acting   High   Com-:  missioner,' Sir George'Perley, has.conveyed  to ..the   Imperial .Goyernment,  'The Spoilers" a Selig-feature  which was rejected in Vancouver  by the censor wa.- finally passed  on November 3rd, by Attorney-  General Bowser,  The censor _at side by "side  with'Mr. Bowser when the latter  at a private showing gave a decision in favor of t he film, and  against the views of the censor.  After the private view the  Attorney-General complimented  Messrs Broy aid * .Whitseide,  Canadian agents fnr the film, on  the excellence of the picture. No  scenes were eliminated.  The prices realized at the exhi-,  bition of *' The Spoilers " in  Vancouver were 20"., 30c., and  50c.   '  Over half a million dollars'is  contributed-yearlv^l-y the moving,  picture industry v the Canadian  revenues.  About $9,500 i- ��� llected every  week in custorii ii ities by the  Dominion Goven.:    nt.  There is a du-  every reel comin;  300'filr-is come.!  every week.   v.  The   Provinci.  censors all reels,  $1.50 each.  YOUR KING AND COUNTRY  NEED YOU  For Canada's Oversea's  Regiments, Cavalry  or Infantry  Recruits will be inspected and med-  "     ,    ically examined at  The Nicola Valley  News Office,  MERRITT,  Oh any evening between  7.30 and 5.30 p.m.  UC. TYNER,  o.c. ' D * Squad. 31 st B. C. Horse  <iOD  SAVE   THE   KING  ���f $26.50 on  nto Canada,  othe-country  Goyernmenf \  it a cost 0?  THE  ANNUAL  M  eetitig  of the  Nicola Farmers'  Institute  K1  - Tfu. Hevi' Geo. Kinney' wilt be|  the speaker at next week's Ep-  "tyorth League meeting. Subject  '" The r-alloi India."  The cheapest meat around Hope  is deer meat.  Phoeltix is moving.   The^e -Arci  now' 84 telephones installed; ar  [increase of 25 per'cent this'year.  -  "T-he Greenwood Smelter made  a net profit of $10,000 in Sept.  A Victoria exchange states :  " Woodman spare that tree." By  all .means spare it, say the children, if it is the Christmas tree.  he might truthfully have done, that-it the tenders of the packers, this repre-  wrb he who persuaded the manufac- sentihg the aggregate of the "offer: of  turera to go into the making of shells, those,engaged :in the tinned meat  but he" did point out the difficulties business? ��� Very strong representa-  which were faced by the manufactur- ttoris were made, urging that a share  ��r�� - themselves.     These    difficulties ; 0f the War Offlce purchase should be  were'by no "means small. No'onei  knew* how long the war would, last,-  nor what the requirements in munitions would'be. It was not till'within;  the last few' months that they.-had.  come to realize how necessary',was  the production of war munitions/and  tho, manufacturers of Canada were  ready to turn out whatever quantity]  the British Government asked 'them  to produce. The Minister pointed out  that-' shell orders: were not issued "liy  the Shell Committee on their. Own responsibility, but under direction of the  War Offlce.  Sir Sam briefly outlined the work of  the, first .Canadian division. On the  outbreak of war Canada had about 60,-  000 cadets in the country, and of that  number 20,000 had done duty for King j  and' country.   He   recalled   the early  placed  in  Canada,    it being  pointed  but7that .this country' had generously;  Responded- to.;'th.e  call  for- increased^  'production. It"was- further pointed but'  '.hat  in. consequence  of  this, fact,...a:  surplus of...cattle/existe,d and that: the1  -lecurini. of 'a'-iiai-ket' through side'.tb,  :he' War j- office should, prove ��� oft great:  ienefit to the, farmers.'   The Minister  V' pleasedv to  be ' able' to  state" that  -.hroughout."these negotiations he has  ���een lassured that the War Offlce has  ie'wed  with mpch  sympathy the: re-  uests.   which  he had made, for- the  lacing   of. business   in   Canada   and  ie''"is ,��� hoping -' that ' further  contracts  aaybe,i secured. .'���  ��� He7 has . been advised that a. reply  b the��fender ��� of frozen meat can  scarcely be expected for some days,  -The Forward-Ai  of the Methodist-  every Sunday aft-"������ <  The service is mad  and breezy.   Mr. J  the leader and.ex-  invitation to any..  Next Sunday after  subject: " Sweepir  own door " will be  A. Brown.     '  -"���ItBible Class  hurch meets  >.oon at 2.30.  brief, bright  .Thompson is  ids'a hearty  ilts to attend,  oon a paper,  :.* before one's  _;iven by Miss  Will: be held in the CITY HALL,  MERRITT,  On Monday, December 13th, 1915,  !To commence at the conclusion  of the Agricultural ani Horticul--  tural ^Association; Meeting.  BUSINESS:  ... Secretary-Treas. Report  Election of Officers and Directors for 1916.  ���    Robt. Dodding,  Sec.-Treas.  -,, The Stores of the-.'city are put-:  ting bri-,ar Christmas-like appearance. Cbristmas present buyers  should remember the old slogan :  '"The. early ;bird catches ���the  wj-m."-  Shop early.  Lillooet onions tne $35 a ton in  Vance uver.  WHEN YOU VISIT   . .  VICTORIA  STAY AT THE -     ,  BRUNSWICK HOTEL  ��� I.    '������ cor. Yates 'and Douglas  Under the management of Mr. and Mrs.  7 J. B. Plumb, late of Merritt.  A high class hotel with reasonable rates  centrally located���ten minutes from C.  P.R. Wharf.    50c, 75c:, $1.00.  Remember the BRUNSWICK!  -Write ahead for r-seivations.' Pour  THE NICOLA VALLEY NE~yVS.  Friday, Dec. 10, 1915-  s  f  Keep away from costly accidents on the bad roads by  always having your horses  well shod.  HORSESHOEING  ��� MY SPECIALTY  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  Commissioners  Will Take Action  In its various branches  neatly   and    promptly  done.    Best workmanship and fair prices  Mostly routine business occupied the attention of the Police  Commissioners who met in the  City Hall in regular session on  Monday afternoon. It was decided to publish notices throughout the City stating the penalty  for persons who damage vacant  or other propeity, with a view to  minimising an evil which if  costly to property owners, besides authorising the purchase  of a new winter overcoat for  Constable Willgoose during zero  7/eather,  Thos. Hunter, of Nicola,  was  in the city this week on business.  L  J. LDUNLOF  Nicola Ave.    Near City Hall  HIGH GRADE  Plumbing  Get our prices and estimates  on any or all branches of the  Plumbing Business  Pumps  FITTED AND REPAIRED  STOVES   AND   HEATERS  put into first class shape  POPE AND SMALL  PLUMBERS & TINSMITH.  Repair Work of All Kinds  Parliament will open inOttawa  probably on January 20th.  H.. E. McDorman, of Frisco  was doing business in the city  this week.'  The Provincial governmentwill  operate fruit packing schools this  winter.  Birth���on Thursday, Decembei  9, to Mr. and Mrs. Kleinbater, 8  son.  F. W. Steffens, of Lower Nicola, was a business visitor in the  city on Wednesday.  H. H. Allison, of Princeton,  was recruited by Sergt. Leitch  and sent to Kamloops last weekend.  f  V  ���������"���"."���������������������"  --*���-���-���.-���*���-  Palace Bakery  Bread, Cakes, Pastry, etc-  Hot Pies every Saturday.  W. FAIRLEY, Proprietor  .****���:������:������:-:���  IMPORTANT TO HOUSEWIVES  Mrs. T. Issitt, Mrs. W. Cart-  wright and Mrs. Hindmarsh left  on Monday's train to Princeton  where their "lesser half's" are  engaged at the mines.  Bliss Mary Dunnigan returned  to the city on Wednesday after a  week's visit to Coast cities.  Miss Betty Munro and the  Misses Hunter, of Nicola, were  visitors to our City yesterday. :  Charles A. Nelson enlisted for  overseas this week and left last  night for Kamloops.  The Ladies Aid of the Methodist Church will! hold a sale of  work on Tuesday, December 21,  when plain and fancy sewing for  ladies and children ', and home  cooked articles will be sold.  There will be a service at St.  Miehaels Anglican Church on  Sunday evening next at 7.30 d.  m. No sermon. After the service a meeting of the church  committee will be held to discuss  matters of importance concerning  the Church affairs. '  Chinaman Dies  At the Hospital  Sing Hye, a Chinase, aged 38  died at Nicola Valley Hospital on  Monday afternoon, from enteric  fever, after being a patient one  week. A married man-with, his  family resident in China, deceased had lived in Merritt- four  months only, coming to B. C.  three years ago, working as a  gardener and laborer.  The funeral took place from  N. J. Rarwick's undertaking  parlors on Wednesday afternoon  the internment being held at  Merritt cemetery at 2.30, several  of the deceased's countrymen  being present to convey his moral remains to the earth amid  no Chinese ceremonials.  Amusing Evidence  in Assault Case  *->***���>***  r.'T-i'W  ������������K'**.x**.:~:-**-:.*^  Excellent cookers  in packets  Among Tuesday's registrations  at the Coldwater Hotel were G.  Melrose, of Vernon,  and F. R."  Milligan,  W. J. McLean and A.  V.Thompson, K.V.R. officials.  As tbe Sewing Season is approaching  let'N. J. Barwick, the Singer's Sewing  Machine Agent put your Sewing Mac-  chine in good order for the Fall Work.  A card or telephone call to 26-A, will  bring him to your door. Old machines  taken in part payment for new ones.  See the new models at my store,Granite  Avenue.  Ed. Tingley, the Otter Valley  road superintendent, was doing  Christmas shopping in the ~ city  this week, registering as usual at  the Coldwater.  Why Pay Big Dental Charges  WiNiiSiWIiiR^  You will more than save your fare to  Vancouver byhavintfYourdental woik  done in our Vancouver offices. We  have special arrangements to lave  your time- Not more than two days  are required to complete your work  OurcharKeBaieaboutone-hjlf those  ������ charged by other Dentists.  OrfGlt-BERTS  Painless Dental Parlors  207 HASTINGS ST.W. COfl.CAMBiE  VANCOUVER  AU  work guaranteed and   p 1 formed  without the slightest pain.  Wedding Bells  LAIRD - WALLACE  At 7 o'clock on Saturday evening. December 4. at St. Michaels  Anglican Church, the Rev. Ai  H. Plummer, of Chulus, united  in holy matrimony Mrs. Ellen  Wallace and Mr. Marshall Laird,  both of this City. Mrs. Wheatley  was in attendance on the bride,  Mr. George Archibald officiating  as best man. A small company  of friends was present to witness  the nuptials. Mr. and Mrs..Laird  have taken up their residence in  Merritt.  Trooper C. J. -E. Scrim after  spending a few days vacation at  Nicola left last week end for  Vancouver where he will take up  a position with the firm of his  brother, in the lumber business.  Sago,  Tapioca,  Rice,      Extra fine quality  Buckwheat Flour,  Manilla Drips  White Figs,  White Figs,  Persian Dates,  Canned Peas,  Canned Corn,  Canned String Beans,  Braid's "Ideal" Tea,  "Sunbeam" Tea  Butter,  .  Cheese,      Very mellow  Coffee Beans,       Try OUR special   -..  (We grind it fresh for you)  Blue Label Ketchup, i <   - "  "Campbell's"Soups, Assorted kinds  Apples,                   -.; '       s  Onions,                   " -J , -"  r -  Coal Oil,         . '' "    .-    ,  4 lbs. for .30  4 lbs. for, .30  3 lbs. for .25  per pkt. .35  half-gal. tin .45  per lb. .10  2 pkts. for .25  2 pkts. for .25  4 tins for .45  4 tins for .45  4 tins for .45  per lb. .40  3 lb. tin fsr 1.10.  Our usual good value, 3-lbs. 1.15  per lb. .25  -   par lb. .35  per bottle .33 ,  3 tins for .40 -  5 lbs. for .251  8 lbs. for'.25--  per tin 1.50'*  Whiie working in the engine  room at the Coalhill mine on Monday, John Nichol slipped and his  arm being caught in one of the  belts he had the misfortune to  break his arm and received several cuts in the face.  Children's Rubbers greatly reduced  New Stock of Children's Boots  In all sizes just arrived.       -       Extra Good Value  Dr. J. J. Gillis expects to leave  next Wednesday for Summerset,  Prince Edward Island, where he  will spend the Christmas vacation at his old home. In his  absence Dr. Lamont and Dr.  Tuti ll~will _be~ hi^ldcum^tenensT  "Doc" will be away for a month.  �����  THE. M. KIRRITT  CASH STORE  ���H"M*-'">'j��:��^'j";.*.x.^-!^^..H.^..:..:.^..:..s. ^<��x<-^->-:��:'-->W-^->-h^--hm>4<'<H;^<  Among the passengers on Saturday morning's outgoing train  were Alex. Lucas, M.L.A., T. J.  Smith, President of the Diamond  Vale Collieries,Lawyer "Jimmy"  Murphy, of Ashcroft, 'and Road  Superintendent Dan Sutherland,  of Lytton.    ���  Pte. Greaves, of the Western  Scots, and Pte. 3. Lester, of the  Army Medical Corps, and Lance-  Corporal Moodie, Trooper Sam  Campbell, of the30th B.C. Horse  have been in Merritt on furlough.  P. McPherson, last year's local  star hockey player, who arrived  in town early this week will play  with the Princeton team this season,  "Through a Periscope" by  "Justin Wilson," of Nicola, a  book of war poems with local  references has been published.  The Nicola Patriotic Guild have  ordered 200 copies which will be  sold for patriorlc purposes.  Don't forget to put the war  tax stamp on your cheques. An  Ottawa magistrate fined Morris  Gattenburg of that city twenty  dollars for omitting that little  thing. The name of the offender  j has a Germanic kink in it.  Small Docket at Coanty Court  (Continued fr��m Pago One )  Evidence of indebtedness and  alleged misuse of privileges of  credit granted at local stores and  details of a private assignment  of certain mouies received-as  wages were given and searching-  ly enquired into by the judge  and council.  After a mass of evidence had  been heard from an abundance  of witnesses the case resolved  itself into a legal fight, Lawyer  Murphy arguing that the circumstances of the apprehension were  trivial, t'*at the merchants had  acted harshly and cruelly, and  that the merchants affected had  no right to have a man brought  back to the City for the purpose  of forcing him to pay his debts.  The accused too had only exempted property said his Attorney. That which he was taking  away being pf such insignificant  value that it would have been "a  mere nothing" if taken in discharge, of tradesmens debts. Mr.  Murphy also referred to the  freedom with which persons ��� of  greater prominence oftentimes  very more heavily involved went  away from the City without dishonest intentions. If a person  lost his work in a place and there  was no other work suited to his  capabilities there it was natural  for him to go to a place where " "Anthony Jacques left  he had the prospect of employ- -"-"day *?* Alberta.  ment, and after one experience  with an angry creditor it was  only likely toothathewoul'dwish  to leave as quietly as possible to  save further trouble.    -��  -  William Schmock was awarded  judgment in a .claim by J., A.  Menzies Ltd.', for $9.00 for.stove  castings which Mr. Schmock  claimed were not proper ones for  a range for which they were intended to be used on. The original claim was for $10.95. Defendant admitted $1.95 and contested the balance. After a lengthy  hearing Judge Swanson found for  Mr. Schmock on all points.  Counsel":. J. A. Maughan for  defendant, M.- L. Grimmett for  claimant  Judge Swanson deferred the  granting of a cirtificate of naturalization in the application of  Albert Aanof Crows Nest Pass,  who did not appear in p'erson.  ' Solicitor Grimmett represented  the applicant who, his counsel  said, applied as a Servian. Chief  of PoliceGrundy and Solicitou J.  A. Maughan protested against  the granting of the naturalization  certificate on the ground that  Aan had been reporting to the  Chief of Police as an alien enemy,  Solicitor Maughan contending  that he was a half breed German  ���Austrian.,  Much amusing* evidence was  given in the City Police Court on  Thursday afternoon when Joseph  Small was fined $15.00 and costs  for agsualting Wm. D. Barber  near his home on November 30.  The case was an echo of pro-,  ceedihgs completed the7 day before in the County Court.. Defendant pleaded not.guilty.- The  complaihtant told how he was  approached, by defendant who  was pressing' for-the payment  of a debt of $25.00 because he  thought He, Barber, was about  to leave the. City. In the assault,  said'Barber ;"u_r. Small -said; 1  take the lawinto my own hands"  He struck him about the neck  and shoulders and on three occasions he' fell to the Aground; The  third time I fell-five'feet and he,  then asked "Have you any money?" He then'told' how he gave  him twelve dollars and they went  to the house when Small took a  couple of chairs, boiler and rug  satisfaction of the balance of the  debt.  Defendant wanted to know  from complaintant why he did  not charge him at the time if he  was guilty of assault. Stretching  his heavy muscular form to its  full height he surprised the court  by saying he was l-preserving'  himself from any attack from  Barber. He onjy pushed. Barber  when his feet went'up in the'air,  and he was laughing on, "the  ground."  Magistrate Morgan seemed  surprised that a man who was  reclining on his shouldiers on the  ground with hisfeet towards the  snow laden clouds should be  Uughing,     ,  Mr. Smallin his evidence pro-  par endeavored to,prove that he  pushed rather than struck' complaintant.-;      ,. ''   ,\ .      V.   _  - He evoked considerable laughter in Court when he questioned  complaintant thus : '  " Were you wearing rubbers ?"  .Complaintant: No.jV-."���"    ���  Defendant: " Well, that is how  /ou'slipped so much." ."*-���- >=?; '.'  - Chief .Grundy, (to Barber) :  " Were-they-light, medium or  aeavy blows ? "-     , '���      "  i '-  - Barber: "Just-heavy enough  co knock rae overvthree times."  (loud laughter.) " _"���. -  - The JV1 agist rate: -"Do you know  that Barber is 42 years-old:"    -  Defendent: " I thought he was  about 30���he had his. hat on.-, I  did not see him with his hat off."  ~ The "Magistrate said he, found  defendant guilty-.on his own evir  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGU-  1    '    " L.ATIONS.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-  f a, .tlie Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories arid In a portion :6f the  Province of British Coliinibia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years *  at an annual rental Jof $1 an acre. Not  more-.than 2.5G0 acres will.be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which  the rights=applied for are situated.7  - In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections; and in unsurvey-.  ed territory the tract applied for shall;  be staked out by the applicanthimseif.  Each application must be accompanied by. a fee "of ? 5, which .will be refunded If the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royal-r  ty;shall'fie. paid on the merchantable  output 'of .'the ruine at the rate of five  cents per ton. , y  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and. pay the royalty theieon. If the coal mining Tights  are not being-operated, such returns  should be furnished at least once �����  year.  The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full Information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  "Deputy Minister of the Interior;  N.B.���"Unauthorized publication o|  this advertisement will not be pajjp  for.���58782.  REWARD  Senceand the .offence was a seri  He then fined defend-  ous one,  ant $15 and costs.  on Sat-  LOST.  Dark Red Pole-Angus Year-  -   1   H-"X ling'Bull-    -'-.,*.'  Branded ��2 left"flank.   Will any,  Rancher., knowing^ofrhisjvhere-.  abouts please let me'know. '. / v  .-" H. Brewer "Charles,  * iX-zX"' ~,- :..���'*   -Canford.  King Albert's   : ^  -  Fete Day Fund  Remember the concert tonight  at- the-Rex-Theatre; ^Proceeds  for the local Red Cross Society.  Capt. C. Tyner arrived vin  the city today from Kamloops. ���  Mrs. Robert-Henderson died ih  Vancouver last mdrith. - Her husband discovered the Klondike.  .Government Agent;/ W. N,  Rolfe, of Nicola, has, received an  intimation .from *th6 Provincial  Secretary, the.Hon. H. E.- Young  acknowledging, a donation of  $33.00 from people'of the' Nicola  Valley to the King Alhert Fete  Day fund' and anouncing that'  the. Provincial Government has  decided to augment the Provincial  effort with a donation of $1,000.  In hi? letter the Hon.. H, E.  Young Says " Nicola district has  responded very well to the many  calls for patriotic purposes. The>  grant the government decided to>  make^was prompted by jhe fact  that they believe tlie amount'  subscribed by the people of B. C  would have been larger .had the  effjrt been announced earlier  by the overseas committee.  HOUSE TO RENT.- Five  roomed two storey house on Coutlee'Avenue. Light and water.  Address Box 51.* ->  Mrs. .A: H. Plummer, of Chulus is prepared to take a limited  number of pupils "for the piano.'  Anyone wishing to take advantage of a course" of lessons shoujd  apply to Mrs. Plummer, Chulus,  Business is. picking up' at Princeton. 'Tis rumored that Editor  Smythe of the Star has (at last)  got" tired of travelling through  this life alone and 'will shortly  take unto himself a wife to share  the millions made out of the  newspaper business. The'News'  wishes the Editor of the'"-' Star'  the best that married life has  store.  **����� ���^������^������5����5����j��*j����j*��j��*5����j-��t  '"���    '(  LADIES!  ,-   We have a nic selection of-  , Children's Apparel  also attractive and useful articles  suitable'for Ladies such as  SILK BOUDOIR CAPS,  TEA APRONS,  HAND EMBROIDERED  CUSHION TOPS,  ETC., ETC/   .  all, at reasonable prices.  in  X       Sole Agent for the Famous  I Dekanek 10��>��"�� Sweaters  I Aviation Caps and^ Scarfs  j*     Btade by the Selkitk Garment  X '       , Cd. of Vancouver. T  j? See these before deciding ���on your ���*>  ? Xmas Present, at the ^  f   Rose Marche   1  *-**-M'*+***-s-**5'+**-:-:��>*-h^'-j***


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