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The Nelson Economist Apr 12, 1902

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Ni'M :  KNCK  sOL!-vlTKl��  TEKKSTS  1  Of  i���- , ��� *  I-   ��� '*  *      S-T_  J'      "*���       i  '���*     ^.V.*    'J  \ '-  "  1*        VI  ;*�������%. ^"  f "^ ��-*  r-AN  ^- -f > *.  ���PdtaM  MWV*>"I  �� -*#"vi  ^    All ������TU.l��ld  3L.M h-iLi*-*.  -".1 t��7 .  V ���   "s^ r  f" T* L '*��� (I I  DI-:iUN'.;    *e *et?k  tlie   proceed I il �����<   ofthe.. Royal  y,lt;ui,H.��ii mve h-en iir.*rt**iin*, instructive  HHiAiuin-   dramatic.      A   d..cutnetil   which   whs  HUr,Uv nr, u lined by   the Government force*   dur-  iftaihr mm. en. ciinp��i|iu. digued hy Me^re.   Muneie.  Todd ami \UQiuuie,   "ex preying    confidence in    the  bona tide- ..! tiitr Crttiaiiinti'   Northern   Railway   con-  mct.ua-   produced   Ixdort*   Commi^ioner   Walkem  inii|.i-;:i:i.y ��,v ihe*e  gentlemen.      Evidence   was  Ionium;i �� from ihelhree   (srocrrs���-Faith   Muneie,  H..pe Mrv^uide niul Charily   Todd���th��t   they  had  iu,'\i.v Kx.ruuvc urn! had heen " taken in" to their  cnthiiii.,    md    on     the      aM-urance*     of   certain  mnii.irr> iii.ii the contract wae   a good  and binding  omriiii.y ,-xrcuted that memorahle document, which  H'mImwi,   in ihe   ** railway*1   history  of   British  wu  toiunihi.i ;i- .i clttt*t*IC.  y __*_T_*'.? *������"  ,    _tiu-.VL.-iiJ  <    ."-miUffr  i    # BiiiW ��� �����  w, .* *,.��, .,  ,��r .���'Mr*1* ���**,��*>".  i     *v*��**r w  !fi t-t -  It In*-, '������"���"���i  ��� ������km- - m ,,f ihe ttoyai Comniinfiion on Saturday  *�����- i�� - >r ii. -i.ve. inasmuch an it brought up question*  ��I muur.il hioiorv and medical jurisprudence.  Whilf ii i, ^ei.eraily acknowledged that 1 runier  dunsmuir i- a Htatenman, philanthropist and re-  Il()w"i 1 hiiosopher, it has not leaked out, even if  11'"'kiimvv.i to inn moHt intimate friends, that thin  ��r^it p.u-ii tuitfiiiur^- debater ha�� devoted many of  hi<>i<..n- h.M.r, to the study of natural hisiory and  ,llt?,,i^'l 'it nee. H��s technical knowledge of these  ^UtrHit.j.vm c:ime an a htirprise, when he staled to  lht^Hn,,,!..,inu thai Smith Curtis was 4t a crazy  1,,,Ml ' ^<um? people have heen so unkind ae to  M,U^t that the Premier could not tell the difference  I'^iiii i        ^     ^m tmm  llHl,)U'1- of tho Gorise he haa devoted   many of   his  l,10ri|i"�� liniirn in  the study   of bird life  under   the  will h��  h  than is the intelligence of a people  reflected   by the  cltss of men they send to the Legislature.    In other  words, a district that selects as it- representative  in  the Legislature a man of low moral  character   must  not  complain   if   the   conduct   of   their cnoice   of  legi-dator is accepted as a fair simple of the ui-ij.��rity  of   the   men   of   the district   wnich  he    represents.  4* Either make the tree good   and nis   fruit ^o S,  or  e^e make lhe tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt,   for  the iree is known by his fruit."      We  are   prone   to  complain of the brand of legislation with  wnicU the  British   Cohimhii  Legislature  supplier us,   yet   we  must not overlook the fact that we are not altogether  blameless, inasmuch as we get just  such   legislation  aswemuht  expect   fr nn    the men   we send to    the  Local House.      Moreover, if the legislator, in   order  to recoup himself for  ��n   enormous   expenditure  in  lhe way of election disbursements,   fella   himself   to  the   highest bidder,    he is   only  following   out the  principle of the men who elected him  to  office.      It  has   been    said   that   the   intellectual    and    moral  capacity of the candidate for legislative place touches  the whole root of our political system.    The   British  Columbia LegWatur* is to  a ceriaia   exteat exactly  what we have made it, inasmuch   as   we   have been  altogether too ready  to select men   for office whelare  neither   morally   or   intellectually qualified   to fill  places   of  honor   and   trust.     The   Romans    were  Lhters and they   tent   to the Senate   men   imbued  2hthe   spirit   of war;   if  the   people of   British  Colombia  are to be jidged by their   representatives  regarded   �����   Utile better   than   highwaymen   and  thieves.  .s.  5*  7_3.n*S����S-S    -2  K*f ft isa.   _  i ftgS-i  t~S.%.  ii',i.:.  ��� ������on tiit.l ii coul mine mule, while it is now  '��"H.,��rrt   ilmi  durhiK  ��>����  lo,,K  refidence on  ���'nuir-li,.ti tuition of  Speaker   Pooley.     I'b��>   li  1,0 "''ii Unit tliiH Btudy hw�� not been in vuin  a^  '����'u. n���w lU u ���|Qnco define the  mental   Btatue  oi  ���lirtlH.  T"�� irm-   iH uo mora   surely   tinown by ito   frnit  The political situation   remains   unchanged,  and  ,J ",rtin   rtiU  holdB   the   win..     The  qa-tion  it   h, peopienre now debating, is whether we shall  �����n��ral election   with   or   without  redistn-  . uooim. the   rfdistr button   bill as-  ��� i.h Government having me   "�����'" ���  .Tin More thp clone of the eeeBion.   and in  the  MIlled .o before tl ^^ ^  ^.^  Z     tlwththe Opposition.     Should   he force  rovernment   to   have    the   bill   assented    to,  r.U    1      have attained his end, and the Govern-  went win �� Government,   not   much of   a  wrecking one   more   u designated by  Government   to   oe  courtesy a Government.  1��   truun��ired   durinfi "the  seeuion   of the   Royal  n      Hn Una   Premier   Dunsmuir   io a man   ofe  |WK��iift  .Safe. A"-  ���ii.'- ?���  r ' v,  1 Wit 1.1 > > >, *  k*>7  7-^ '  Mz"/A  ".(������'-<\:  ZzTX  %Z~:      .      /A-  T'Z-  )(V.:.  X..     ���      o  ���If;,. 5        ��  ���WW**-*&-(���#* r*+3^aa{ u_ Ha���*.  THb Nhl.SON ECONOMIST  t  !   1  , (  i '  ,  I  -t!  5     '  'i    ,  i#  i  5  Si JE  hf  "   i  .'���i  ,:  '. !  *ir  J|(f��*��(-fflw i j>nV  Wi��fi_flll5_^i_K_^^  great executive and practical l��u i.esn ahih-y. Hih  offer of the sale of the E & X lit l.vav to M icki- sie  & Mann for two millio-.-. ��d d li rs *i��hout .��t��y r:��-h  payment or security, except mortgage b o��d@  of the railway, .-.hows the husine .- acumen ��f ihe  Premier. In other words, be �� flers to sell hi** railway and take a mortgage back fur tbe full amount  of the mortgage money. We would have no hesitation in purchasing Mr. DunemtnVs railwayed in  fact any other railway, on similar conditions, and if  he is still open to negotiate on these line**, we Khali  be pleaded to have our accredited agent interview  him.  Says   the Fort   Steele   Prospector:   "As the  snow  disappear*  and   spring   approaches   we   would eay,  miners and owners of  claims get in   and drill,   and  if }ou can't pell,  ship all   the ore that you   have   on  the dump  that   will   ftand   shipment,   by   so doing  you will make your prospects pay for  development.  There ie no use of denying   ihe   fact   tut men   who  have money to invent will refuse to invest unless the  conditions are favorable, and when  money is   withheld from investment the country and all the people  are bound to suffer.    This is the  condition of affaire  in this province.      The chaotic political   situation i��  such that investors cannot and will not   invent,   and  until a strong capable   government is   in control    of  the affairs of this province   you will not   be able   to  induce espial to invrsi.      There was   never a   mining movement   which   d,d    not   have  its    attendant  disaster and---mUfortui.es.     We have  fell them   here  but the  future genera! u-uli- will   l>e a   tremendous  increase in the population and mineral prosperity of  S.iuth East Kootenay.    The indications all   point to  a large immigration intn South   Ka*t Kootenay   this  year.       Many v\iil com*, from eastern    Canada,    arid  many    will    mm*    from    the    stales    of     Montana  Washington and Idaho. he fertile   valley of   the  ���0'  Kootenay * ff-rr? superior advantages to tlie home  seeker. Extensive mimng operation* and developments will hetarriMl on all over the district during  the current yeai. Future prosperity is plainly  evident, and evervwheie therein a ru-tle being  made to have a share of n, and every hody in South  East Kootenay should feel thankful for l be excellent  opportunities of rustling in.11)02.  Whkn    Cecil    Rhod-s,     who    di*d    recently    at  dpi IWo, wh told that hi* agent in Ith ��de<da, Dr.  Jameson, had crowed the Transvaal   frontier with a  band of raiders, bent upon the capture of Johannesburg, he was so utterly astounded that for a nme he  lost the  faculty of coherent expression.      Facing up  and down his library ai Grooie Schurr, he   spent an  entire night muttering to himself and declaring over  and over again that it was impossible thai   Jameson  could have bean inich a fool.      He had nupphed   the  miden* with aroin   nnd   equipments���thin   he  afterwards publicly acknowledged-    and he had set ihem  upon the frontier, but   wiih ihe understanding   that  there wmh to be no    riding until    the   outlanders   in  Ht-  Jonanreshurg were @ureof their  ground  and i  question to demand   armed assistance  in en fore* *  their demand** upon the Boer government.   Jani^  made the raid inopportunely and upon   hip own^  nponsibility, deliberately shutting   himself off from,  ail  lines   ��f   telegraphic   communication,   ho   tha^  Rhodes would   have  no chance   of   recalling   hiufv  Rhode* may have made many mistaken,  but he wal  never directly    responsible for a    blunder, and   i},��:  Jameson raid    was one   of the   biggest blunder-   <|  'modern time*. �� It ia nmall   wonder   that when thJfe  feouth    African dictator    heard   the   ue��s   he   wajft  rattled, but it is to hit* credit that he stood by J*mM  son totheendand never nought toclear his own skirtgfS  by denouncing or repudia^tin    hi* friend.  bciENTi��Ts* are taking a great mtere-u in an inven-lll  lion called the ** Talking Lamp," which originated S  it a t��pe��rs. in Germany, but ban been greatly ii  proved by a Parisan electrical engineer, named M.l  Charle* Heller. It consists of a ��dniple arc Umii 3  without a globe, placed on an electrical generator. M  The lamp is connected by a wire with a microphone, ft  When tbe lamp i^ burning nnd anyone speaks org  iings on the microphone the pound is transmitted 9  with ftuch purity and distinction that everyone in the j  room can  hear       Electrician*   can nut   vet  account  M~  for this strange phenomenon. As the distance of  the microphone from the lamp U a matter of indifference, it would ����eem that the 4l Talking Lamp"  hap a great future before it. Only two people cm  listen at a theatrephrme, Jbut it�� rival will enable  hundreds to hear.  Thk hirdtau Eagle ha* faith in the future of that  district.      It  navs:   ������ The  mineral  deposits of the  ���  Lardeau    are    beginring.  to    receive   the attention  they deserve.      There is an   active demand for mining properties for which there in sufficient   development work done io permit of an estimate being ni��de  as to their possible value,      Mo eover,   the demand  is made by parties who have the   means   iu puy  f"r  what they get.      With    the advent   of  the   raihoiaj  now being comjdeied t<�� the foot of "11�� tit   l��ke, and  a Vulcan smeller  situated in Ferguson all   rmdv to  begin operaiiou, <��res which Here almost  vultielei-B in  the past are now valuable,   and   will   yield  n   I*r,,||l  when manitged with lhe same prudence and   huh"-  gence gnuii��<l other industrieH.     Theie ��re  a pre'*  number of    pr. specie or  ui deveb |Hl h des llirouplf  out our entire mining  district.      They   are   n,tt11'^  ovtneU    by  the original   locators,  vvho,   for lM  mean-.nre ui a�� b to develop  tbuu.      '1 he   I'1 ^  lie-   for capital   in i hi* direction .��r��   praciitially u -  limned        It is   but natural for the owner of it Pr0^  pent when a Hale is being considered to   endeavor  ob-aiii all he may, but he  of   all others   "PP^^,,  bin mahiliiy to develop his pro��p^t iflto �� ">HJ ���  tho,i^b heiH thoroiiKhly imbued with the belie ^  with development it will become a mwe.        ��  ilMirefoie he fiinily induced to give capital o��    II  tuiiity to develop ii and take bio chance of tne f  ���n  k  V ��        .    O i'"*  -   If  Xj    ��^^4.V--��-W^  ~ ^.H.  ^.aw���.i*��s- ��J3s^��^  ^-s,  JJ3S  -  .-3S  r^gf:  "1  21!  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ��i .*  i  ;     ,    ,���������. i�� accordance with  his convictions.  '!*'.,,. ,re more or l*�� valuable   at.d   subject  1i"',r'tlf'   ���i.imit-       All mints were   alone  time  l-r<4; '"'"J.;,.,....ir��Uvelv m��nll inveHniei.le   may  * i',f,',d!''1 ,,m ,a into a ii.in��.     The   percentage  ��  ^ ;' 'w!l,n   hacked   l,y    judgment, ability   and  '  ���"���''        ... ���, ,ffer great inducements to  capital.  f fl.,;.'Vr",..judici��.ui.ly invented in mining  �� to  ;:'",���-,!,,��    injur,   i�� lb.   industry.     In  1    l\ i,��   hundred,   of   dollars invested   id  a  ^';(   :,dicil���18,    lilVe,tU,ent.      The*, who   follow  ::r.:il,u-!n^ expect, when  taking hold of  a  ";*,.'.., ���.M..ci. to   ��>>tenmucally   explo.t tt *o  ^'!1     >P i ..���,:,.��   whether  or not the   .,i -.-ii.. in io determine   wnemer  ,:,:lv���iV   k , .i.veloped into a   mine by  the ex-  Zwr ,.f'��,,ro money.      With severaUuch   pn-  ::;:,���..,���, a,velop  into  mine,    and the pro  ; ,;ullt.. ,f ....iv ..ne mine ie obtained, generally  Jar  a.A: ��h��.- "Utlay on the whole."  Ti,. change of c��urto��.�� which are "��w ukinR  .,.,.-. i��rt*ee.i Premier Dunemuir and femith v,u ^  ���!. ,1, * whole lot to re��tore confidence a*   to futun.  iriifU:i.in'in British Columbia.  W.r,,..-., ,iUM..ptin��lo comment on the ��vidence  ��� i> mint   b.-   oonfe-wetl  ::,- L-i,,re 'he     COIIini��Hi��l����ll,     It  mil".    "'  ma -ii.. r. .vvr,nii.'..t. lo <*V l'.�� least of  it,  ��i"    �� ���-  ,,..!.o..;i,.r-i., ,-ood    f.iih   in   the matter   .4 th*-  ,Ht.,il,,-..l,;il-i with Mackenzie A Man".  Discretion  ..��i'U>  i  \  \ l,  i* *  Mrff��  t. i I   ,iv.-im'��mi umrry In inv youth.  A;t ,i,i mv roiiMonii uoone couhl deny;  : !        ;-a  t*.i��Tcf����ro npuml  uml t.'ll   n����'  o.-tiih,  ,: .uliiw.ty mvc ihe lUr tuivk hi* >*<4  ^   mv m.'i.tl. t art another way.  , i i.,.\ o huv.'h my lumper and my nm' '  t .<i--t u !s( mul  n\v I make It pay.  h v.mj if y.m iii��u-n o�� my rhyi"*'-  .i l.'tt.-r. toll nfbltli'rih'M,  ,Mn��� writ, I  rn*tl It out to Huh  ���t.���s till I'm done, and  larlK and ��''*���  v...*. ii h('vrr mmui ur "Shan't?" �����* �����  "I     Hhltll,"  i.at iiw-t.' l.iOM-on th*' muntol-Hlu'U  i��     ma ii.iuuivh ihrouirlioat ilio l��l��Miiuin  ^'"* ^ <'ii n.��M tiny I n*u��l tt io iu.vkcH  1 i'l.m .1, l<no\vln\�� wvlt thai It wiih rlK^1*  "^--vm inmiilf juHtnroUly'Hir lomr***-.  1     ' <   it vim, t��>o wlstloin of lh��M>Ut:  "    'Mi, mv irlriMl, aro IIU��*ly v<'��->* y����"im; .  ^'   t (liim-   nko  tlUH  uiUMl  Vl|> yt����   won  t !_�����>��� 'iv lolit.  I'.'.ii 11-  h  The Country Paper  \ lit hi t lm  pi If *>f pUpOTM  'l'luii   Mwmnpniy <I��'MU ourli *!����>"  Mul ��ltiv��' mv weak with fllppt'^'  \u<t tUlitf.. Httitt'iuvity,  '���iHiniiinco a vvv�� U - t��n Tha��'Mihi.v-  'I'hf  tpmtnt <iM Intu-punvHlu'fl  i'Iihi'h printed up In IVUuun,  \ <h����Nvnv rminiy Mftit.  You see, 'twas up In Pclham  That first I saw the light,  And���well, my heart grows softer  And I f el my eyes shine bright;  Right reverent my touch is,  It spreadn the columns wide.  The-local's what I'm seeking���  No patented inside.  Ah nere it is: "The County,"  And "Jottings," "Local News"���  You learn who's traded horses  And who have rented pews;  it tells about the school-house  Where we used to sit and dream  A-watcbiug dust specks dancing  In the sunlight's shitty beam.  The sturdy names of boyhood  Come tuinbllug through our though!,  Of Tom and Brick and Fatsey���  How we loved and how we fought.  The friends when years grew graver.  Called now beyond our ken,  In the type-lines of the paper  They live and speak again.  Oh toilers in life's workshops,  Are not those dream-mist* sweet  Which memory caste about us  \V hen past and present meet?  And so I love that paper  From the village in the hills,  Foi the old life that it wakens.  For the weariness it stills.  Little Things That Count  How often in our busy life  We speat a bitter word:  we cure not who the listeners aie,  ,  We care not where'tis heard;  W'do not know within our heart-  To what it may amount,  AOfiic.Little ThingsThat Count.  We often wound the trusting heart-  i*v being insincere,  W^rlotVlnKth.twh^w.do  M..v cause a lonely tear,  w'.g.ve It but a pacing thought,  .   ' ^eu����ne heart to a��.bt.-  We..��o..��ro��BWitUlnour8el.  Tlw onwwholoveu.lt ue.  ii,..v tell u�� "f '��� ""'���  ^vU."r,       ,m tlent, too.  ,��;-. not "town U.e.nBry^*  ���m^^^^^W'^  Uow.rfU.n from our very heart  ��^rr^S't,o��horo,  . ... voH-y��u I'lwlu T1,h,t;s'  You -����1;��l fol. Ram,  . Yoll eo...t. but n<��       M      UcarUit  V���u count ��*W�� ,���.  Yv  ��Irk��. i����e ono-H ��la>".  ,,.;     '    Ueaoea^anaworaK  w" can't undo, unnny!  .u.,..akthottlni��ly wor.l  ,.,���,��� ever B|>eaK '"  .r;;-���;:r,:::,s:.',..��,.  Ik borne tMi��nM-��>     F  / i .tiiirol voIcoh echo tiu*.  M^Mn:v.����'��^rh",K,i-  y.  ��  if-*-  ill J  ff  l _   _    .5  iu~ji;  "7|      f   ^   J":  _i I tl  . -.a^!  7  it  ji  tii  sj r  n  -:*>*.��.,i  ���ji:..      ���<>  rr^^Wfy,  '�� li lai mi ���^���iitti  M^iWl utA^  6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  * ��*Wri_ ������ h ��� _���*�������.  ��� .,r.,t<i��i.>,l..(^4!r>' _����������� 'wi  ARRY JOHNSTONE the leading juvenile man  of the Frederick Warde company, was born in  <|ttawa, Ont., in 1864. Hi* parents migrated to  the States in 1867, and settled in Syracuse, N. Y.  where they have einee resided. Mr. Johnstone began his first real experience on the dramatic stage,  strange to gay, with Mr Frederick Wardeta�� light  comedian and juvenile man,   in 1885.      He later on  played in   Curtis'   ���' Sam'I   of Piwen/'  then   drifted  into melodrama, playing the leading parts in   ** My  Jack" and " The Power of Gold."      In  1892 he was  starred in a play called " Eagle's Nest," after  which  he played one   of    the leading    characters   in    New  York in a play   of   local   coloring,   entitled    ������ The  Inspector."      Mr. Johnstone wag leading tuan   with  the la e Marie fresect t  ��nd R. D. MacLean for;hree  year^, after  which    he played    in  a   comedy drama  called " The Sidewalk** of New York," and    in   1897  joined Mr.'Louis James a? hi- leading man,  playing  3, ch parts as   " Capitis,"   Mago,"    " Romeo," "and  u Pharnariu*." A >ear later when the combination of  Warde-Kidder-James wM*t>ffected, he was engaged as  leading juvenile    man.      Mr.    Warde  withdrew    in  1899 and the combination    was   James Kidder Han-  ford, Mr. Johns*! tne   continuing       La��t   eea����on    he  was leading man for   Madame Mndjet>ka, and   made  a pronounced'eucceea a* ". Faulcoubridge"   in   King  John.      The preset a��l over the  country   pronounced  Mr. Johnstone'*   " Faulconbridge"  a   most  finished  embodiment    off     Shakespeare's     splendid   soldier-  " night.  Popular belief in India etill credits  Sanyasis   and  other holy vagabonds with miraculous powers. Even  the native journals often chronicle   marvels like   the  mstantaneou.. cure of ii curable dilates or  the feed-  ing of thousands    out of a   *.mal)    measure of    rice.  One of the. e    prints    gives a description    of how    a  saintly SanysHi -aved   the   liven of   a   certain   rajah  and his escort from a   wild elephant.       As the party  was    proceeding    tinot.gh   the  lower    Himalayas   a  monstrous tusker broke out of the jungle and net   to  trumpeting.      The rajah and his followers were con-  siderably scared and   were giving themselves, up   for  lost when a noble   looking   Sanyasi   appeared   and,  standing in front of the travelers, told them to shout  a certain  order   to   the   elephant.     This  done,   the  animal bolted into thejuimb, while the savior of the-  rajah and his party vanished without   waiting to   h��  thanked.  *  '*K  ���     --si-  I*  A rourur friend of  mine v m�� vm 'm    h\_ Bi; -i  * -j 8MC��    "*j���� �����n    I���.0^41 iHiiinau  ������ cntir^ed with the* repair ..f tH.^nipli w}n,rt j��� t[u'  rear uf l.opl Robot-IB' army when the UO0lH w���re  l>Ar>,aihtrlv .tonve on il.e In,,,,,. commnnicuionH,  had oii�� or two dl��ck boyo oit:k, ami (lecide.i i., U(.k a  ilatnito ohit-f who wan in <;nar��e of Home IiuimIiwIh of  hi* tribesmen repairing the permanent way to _������..  them. The Banuto, with a billycock hat o7k  bead, whsitting with hie back against thecoma  a truck, smoking a short pipe. To him ourensinL  speaking wry loud and clear in word* of 1  ���jril-bl., .aid: ��� W�����.���,_tWll_^ |;;  grapher*. at th* same time holding ���,, two finJ!A  and pointing with the other hand to certain W^  near. The Baauto swell took his pipe out of hiP  m-uth and (.lowly   repeated   the   request    ' You    1  wan,- two- ho,.-  and' .     So   our   e   intJ|  friend *-a.d it all over again. The Ba.u.o. ,vi.ho���P  changing his expression in the learn, replied in i���.*-l  cituveand rapid parliamentary English: "1 don'^1  know how far my instruction!* authorize ,ue tJl  detach two boys from the repair of the permanent"^  way to aiwimyou inthe telegraphdeaartment. Ho��-.:|  ever, I will etretch a point and do my bent to ac- |  commodate you.' " II  ered  in m  near %  According to an old document just   di*cov  Australia, gold wan  firet   found   bv a  convict  Parramatta in 1789      The unfortunate  fellow  *B(i 5  at once charged    with  having   etolen   a0fratch  and f1  " boiled it down/9 and, being convicted by tbe rude 1  court of those early day*, wae given   150 laches for  hi�� pain**.      In later years the record ol this incident  was closely examined by an undoubtedly competent  authority, who wae quit�� convinced   of the genuineness ofthe convict** etorv.  In the interest of tho^e who when they amend the  theatre desire to enjoy the whole play, it ia a pity that  eome meatifl has not been devtaed whereby the late-  comer�� may pay tbe penalty of their tardinee*.   At  every performance their are etragglers who come rustling down the aitdee to their reserved eeats, swishing  their eilken ekirte and nodding their henlumed and  heMnwered heade, obstructing the view and detracting  the attention of thoae whoareeo unfaehionableaHiiot  to lie behind time.      By the lime neats are adjueted,  hatrt   and wraps   di(��po��4ed of   and   the  nt'ce^ary ��>r  unnece^Hury a mount of fidgeting, net* tlmg and emitter-  ing gone through   with   l^efore   they   are nettled,  the  whole act ih epoiled.      Long  a��ot in  echool  ���lay**, the  opening exerciue of each ees^inii ivaea cb-rt��* j-ohi?, *��('  it wa�� a rule that all who were not eeaied  bel����re the  song wan anuouficed w*re unlaid q��iieil.v >4t the ^iuo  or the room just   within the   doorway  and   remain  there until they could paea to their  places  without  disturbing the clai��H.      Some euch regulation as this  would lm an undieguieed hleeHing m placee of amuse-  meut.      A light chain fantened acroeB   the entrance  to each aihle when the curtain rinen would effectually  put an end to theprncet-Hion of  tardy  arrivalH who,  even if they  care  nothing   thenu*elve��   'or l^U)   'H|r  formaucey should not  be   permitted to   dentroy  peace and comfort of otberB.     The opinion   appcji  to he that ^uch a regulation could not bo  enforces  the*4 ladies would refune to patronise   hmm^ "�����  thev   were    nubjected   to   indignity," etc.    nut  Hsimo waHHaid of tho   high-hat  onlmance.     i��  predicted that " lailic-*" would refine to oauiply il **n  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  7  the management would h  tact the rule   works   wi  Women have discovered  much as men by an taoob  Moreover, it pay�� to  helpless. As a matter of  unexpected smoothness.  that they profit quite as  structed view of tbe stage.  eoue.  1 do not assume any responsibility for tbe following, which hae been handed in for publication.  Nor do i agree with any of th�� sentiments therein  contained. In fact if I were to express an opinion  it would be that false witnesses, like "Candid Peal/1.  do a great deal of injury to a country, but The  K<��nomi��t believes in all being permitted to state  their grievances freely, and lor that reason space is  given t<> the subjoined effusion:  Nelmn, B, C, April wth, 190$.  Toth< Editor of the Nelmn Economist  ���    J o  ��� Vou m&y have noticed that the bulk' of Euro-  ���ir;  peancuua.in fact most old communities (e. g. Clouce?*  ter, Bombay, Joppa, and others tf��o numerous to mention) have adopted tbe ** Limerick** as an advertising  medium. The wisdom and success of this isevidenced  by their population and prosperity to-day. It seems  that our recently formed ** Tourist Association"  might do worse than follow their example. I  venture, therefore, lo submit to you a few samples  along the above line**, which might be inserted, to  give variety, in the forthcoming *��� Tourists' Guide to  Kooteniy-'���our local *�� Baedecker" to be. Should  ihe following meet the approval of the Committee of  ["t I A , ami they desire my services*, I nhatl be  ver>' is'ad to hear from them, provided I am not  engaged in the interim by any of the neighboring  low��8. Moderate term? with *trict cash (the latter  ,j|1-y bteau-H. 1 am out of a job and broke) will buy  ������'* iugared v^rne of your* etc:  Candid Pral.  I.  i  ��i  ;h*T*'* a bright little city called Kaslo,  U,ce lH1^d,once burnt, but still���Kaslo.  She'll M(H)n have a tiinoltor?  Al* up to date raelter,  W,i,e h��'f '^unique' i�� ready to dassl' Ob!     ,  11'  1 n ����d.�� bill, iukI ��ide��tracked iiee Ahwworth,  '��m�� l��f\>pl*�� Btill swear by itV veins' worth  ^'h v��\m are vanity  ^   I'roduring profanity  "]* (   iidle'H worth more than the game's worth.  (He in  ^ ^     I'^Hing, the boom-town of Sanca,  T" l'^ brunhwood grows ranker and ranker.  Ilv 'lon't people get-busy?  V r"����edy�� seasy,  ��oi,uf, f >r eloreo aD(j a banker.  i.mu(()lP l)}' lC(lilor   oi  Tourist��'   "Guide���What's the  " with Sanca?   The town has o splendid   venter  Sjn / ,.,UM| ^ie   inhabitant  got   married last   week.  ^idVr'1 llU' *,��>m,ation ***** doubled as   they both  w l ^r.�� now.     Thio in the only true way so   add  to a city's p��� ��� prosperity, and is better than voting  money, which no one will lend, for "public utilities".]  IV,  An attraction ! 'Twist Duck Creek and Sirdar  Lie Kootenay Fiats clad in verdure.  Verdant fiats, lying too  Tell of geese in that slough ��  Chased by wilder geese bent on their murder.  is an occasional  elephant,  dur-  Tbera's a  town���cant you  guess?���without brains,  Where they don't know enough when it rains  To get out of the wet.  Now they're sorry���you bet I  While the sheriff goes round and distrains.  Yes it's -, a city of fools,  Who are ruined by being the tools  Of an Editor u must"  And a Union that's bust .  Every city or country it rules.  [Note by editor of T. G ���" Mui  state of frenzy, peculiar to the mal  ing which, if not detected and secured in time, he  can be relied upon to wreck any good-sised town in  which he may be.]  VI.  There's that beautiful burg Pilot Bay,  Where all banking investments don't pay.  Givesome sucker a hail:  ����� We've a smelter for sale!  Such a snap is not met every day."  VII.  Perpendicular, petertt out Kootenay,  It's certain your tourists won't shoot 'ny  While the money made mining  Scarce pays for your dining  And there's d d little chance to loot 'nyI  Too much of a complimentary character cannot he  said with regard to the work now being done by the  local Tourist Association. . The- association has.  undertaken a task that will require all the encouragement that can be given it to bring about the results desired, but that it will accomplish great and lasting benefits to the Kootenay there is not the slightest  doubt. A few ye,irs ago a gentleman who had seen  much of this world happened'to be yifliting in Ndeon.  He was being shown around the city by a friend, and  'during tbe course of a conversation he remarked:  11 Well, I have seen about everything that is worth  eeeing'on th�� European and American continents,  but I have never seen anything, even in,$^it^rland,  that will compare with the scenery inland ground  Nelson/' And this in the story of everyone that  comes here. The work now undertaken, by the  Tourist Assuvation should have beep started.years  a^o, but it is never too late to begin, ��specially in  mat'tera of this kind. Undoubtedly theso is more  money in tourists than in many other linca.pf-.industry suggested in the past, bo for tm Nolson io com-  :H  ��     i    2   *   ���*  *  i f 11��� i  f   3* "if   47 "���>      *  A^��  . ���,     ** S.   v   \ ���  I ln 1t.��- -  ittflr? frl  1 1ft IH -.  a HkiiFtt  it !iall|  *I  H  hmfr  m ?l  /  ���**��r��*.  WV  M  <A\:  - ��.��-W<-::i:-l  -,-A-l-n  :'"' \l  y '"  "A: V  ')<: ���'-".:���:���'.  'v..  Ai./:  ��� aAih  A  yyl  A"AM"-.n ���  '>ji'("'t.��wv!ii<��-;i!i-'-vv'.!'yK-i'j��f  'AZ. -"5  :I  =r-"~ -^f  *-_r.  "n" " ���v ~iri **"a "i ntn i rrTTrih it 1111 it i ifin*irr��i vra iiw�� i p  -.T^OWSUsi      JB*��W__WV����.  -v'iwttWH.  '���   (  u  1  I  ';i  " ' I. |iwrt��|-|Mh^ -i V **" ��� .*.fcfc �� *����� . A. V '  *    **������ ���. * XjiV'   "''i -**fl /rj  r..l|...l   iy. t.r    ..J* l.-J /.y  OT every   Apache can get   his  fill of   blood   before sun   up  and his fill of mescal before   dood.  Yet Coyote That Bites had managed  io  achieve   both   those   delightful  ends, and all of the happy savages  on the  Colorado desert he was the  most      riotously,       tumultously  happy-      With what keen   delight  he   had   drawn    his   sharp   blade  across the throats of  Jos��  Sanches  and   hi�� wile   after he had   stolen  into their wagon in the gray dawn,  and   what     thrills   of     joy   shot  through his breast when he silenced  the   yells of their two little children  with the butt end of   their father's  own rifle!   And then, when he had  taken what gold was in    the Mexican's bag, what mescal   was in his  demijohn, and had strapped Jose1��  rather loose cartridge belt about his  sun brown belly,  with what fierce  pleasure he   stole   away   from   the  scene of his bloody work and   with  the Mexican's rifle on his shoulder  had   wandered far   down the   dry  arroyo, sipping from  the demijohn  the stupefying   juice  of the   agave  from time to time until he felt that  he was growing drowsy!  Then he had dragged his uncertain wav along until he had  come to the railroad track. He  Htaied stupidly at the bright steel  rails and looked up atthe humming wires in an awed ��ort of way.  He would like to lie there behind  ihe rock*, he thought, until some  Que would come along the track  and then try a *hot at him with  his newly acquired weapon. The  demijohn w��s growing light, and  the rifle wan growing heavy. Well,  it was gelling toward noon and  rather warm even lor an Apache,  and he w.ttiid lie down in the shade  of the rocks over there and rest.  The humming of wires is a soothing sound, and no sooner had his  bead touched the earth than sleep  look a mighty hold upon him and  wiped out hie realising sense of joy,  ao Bleep hno a way of doing with  everybody that bus anything to be  joyful for. And ao he lay, with  tbe rifle by km sido and hie unspeakably hideous fee��   turned up  toward the   blue that, arched   t,fa��  desert.  It was qui��t there and restful-  no tound saw the mutiic ��f th��  wires. Stay: there were other  pounds, but they cam�� nome ism��  after Coyote That Bites had thrown  himself upon the sand and gone off  to th�� land pf Nud. They cam��  faintly at first and mingled with  the murmurings of the wires.  Surely they were the voices of  children.  Had the red beast been awake  he might ha^re imagined that they  were the haunting voices ofthe wee  Mexican children whose blood he  had so ruthlessly abed that morn*  ing, but he heard them not. Tbey  were very far from being ghostly  voices anyway, those tones that  now piped forth so merrily as Dubs  and Gay trudged down the line.  They were walking to the scoop  out along the roadbed, not on the  track for that was forbidden.  There w<?re other things that  were forbidden too, and one of  them was straying so far away from  the station, but Dubs e?os *' taking  good care" of his three-year-old  sister, and in the pride of bin six  full years he was equal to the care  of half a dozen such as Gay.  ** 'F on'y had sum matches to  build a fire wiv," sighed Dubs.  14 I'd burn off vese prickes jus' like  ve Injuns does."  " O-ohC came suddenly from  under Gay's sunbonnet. '��� Wot'*  dat?"  " W'y, it's a jug !" And Dubs  left the 'loonies" and t-larted toward the pile of rocks where lay  the Coyote's demijohn and where  also lay the Coyote himself.  Th�� two trudged up th�� little  slope, and Dubs grasped tbe handle  of the demijohn, only to let it drop  again ond s�� una h.<a quickly with  Gay in bis arms, for be bad caught  sight oi the Coyote, and he was  smitten with a sudden desire to go  home.  But he navv the Indian did not  move, and ho he suddenly became  very brave. He wau certainly  Bound   atdeep   and no   inoro  to   bo  arod than papa  when be   lay   on  in hio- midday repose  mb9 100* *I>ati�� was quit�� sure he-  was a " worky" Injun, like the  Yaqui**, who shoveled and picked  on the railroad, and so his mind became, wholly at ease.  The Coyote'�� cartridge belt, which  had bmn to loosely btrapped, had  fallen oft and lay by his side.  Ther�� were a hundred very interesting bits of brass sticking in it, and  the children soon had these  scattered all about in tbe sand b?  th�� snoring Coyote. In the  scramble for the share ofthe innocent toys Gay let one of them  drop on the Coyote's leg. Perhaps  the mescal's Influence wag on the  wane, for a big brown knee was  thrust quickly up from the sand  and a btg brown hand clutched the  ugly knife at the Coyote's side, but  the hand fell and the noble red  man snored on.  Dubs tried on the cartridge belt  and became an Indian, all but the  indispensable .knife, and he concluded to borrow that from the  sleeper, whose fingers bad lout  their grip on the buckhorn handle.  ** h'abigger'n mommie's butcher  knife, ain't it, Guy?" the young  savage asked as he grasped the  handle of the devilish looking  blade. %' Now, you land ov*r  vere, and I'll get 'bind vi* wock.  Venyou turn along. I'll jump out  and kill you."  Gay demurred.  " Oh, it's on'y make b'lieve.  Vese kind o9 Injuns don't kill nobody." A��d he atuck a contemptuous finger toward tbe innocent Coyote. - If. on'y P***  ������tkiHii/^fe/enoneyouiid^  mommiesays.     I'm "a Tacbe,  you better lookout.  U wae a dubiou* -port for  **1>  i ��> ..__������� to tbe killing p��ri  when it casue  �������*   *"v  ihe screatSied lustily. f  ���* You've   woked   him   up  ��    ���!_*_# ��ll ���' said Duba in �� i0*'  T       *     '    ��� Wow he'll ������* ^  of accusation,    wow  Thai  7      '��.  hE3_=  -* w.    " f" h��  i-i - -A;  ���?**"  fzM  Eg.-     T^P  \ y.  *���%#  kjr*"fJ  I _ ��w>.  Surocnouflh,  *ho- Coyoto  onna quito vsgcrowioly, b'  iwo bi(|  Bwallewo  ol  ����.*����  | Ii - "V,    Ai.  ��      ji  "' -?%  o=~ _r3r   *J  ���______:  .***���  -v    '  Br*  ��        MM..I.  fc -  ���"  *-"  cv  -���*���! ��� J  til i  ���   ��-. ��  ���ran  J ,r.  ��� iCll  ^'WpSffl^lfWwW9W  7-S��-  MUffttSttH  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  o v!  fc.; v  ynjdown.     So, after turning over   the sand were countless  little foot-  begs  to request that   he will keep  ,n| Curving his hatchetlike face in   prints. hi* doggs from   trespassing on   his  i    ..uui, he lay quiet again. A bewildered look stole over his grounds."  Wiirti lit- had thus   turned over,   fare, but it passed away   when  his      *��� Mr. Simpson presents his com-  broiiiiht   into view    the rifief  eve?* rested on the empty demijohn, pliments   to   Mr.    Thompson   and  .... .f, h oi hrcn   concealed   by   Ids  Tne expression that replaced it was  begs to  suggest  that  in future   he  i. !v   h'-mket.      Dubs    eyed    the one of demoniacal ferocity, and the  should  not   spell   *dogs    with two  ;ri',ii)U with   covetous   eye��.      He  lu-t of slaughter lay heavily   upon  gees.'7  ,'^l\ nut .withstand tbe temptation him. But the cartridges���where '* Mr. Thompson's respects to Mr.  lulling it nil over, etauding it were they? H* saw Gay's mound Simpson and will feel obliged if he  ),,' ���n "it* butt and trying to of sand and kicking it, gave a will add the letter V to the last  X.ixywr)a but this last feat he grunt of delipbt to see the hraz-n word in the note just received eo as  ^ild* hardly accomplish. Just capsules that were scattered right to represent Mr. Simpson and  w v it ��h- that kept hi** tiug^rs off and left by his foot. lady."  . !.f!,,,r ,mi trigger   and   pre-       He picked them all" up, grunting      "Mr..    Simpson     returns    Mr.  I.',a , .,umi that   would   surely  over each   one.     Filling   the belt Tnoiiipson'e    note   unopened     the  ������,, ..n.^.m the Coyote to bis feet  and grasping his   rifle,   he  started   impertinence   it    contains    being  w;, , v,.;, 1 am ,ure I cannot tell,  off in   the direction    in which  the equaled by its^vulganty.  i,..  \aa^  played    with that   fas- small footprints led.   Like a blood-      ^ a recent dilllier  jn   London  C:!l.vinn weapon    nearly   an  hour,  hound, he chased along the  track.   ^    conver8ation   lurned   on   tbe  ^.iiMl.ty poured   sand    over   the  Hiu eye* scanned the plain at every  gub^ct of ]ynchings in the   United  carsriui!'-.-.    Hiding    nearly  .all   of  turn,   and    his    breath    was    hot g       g>    it was the general opinion  and strong.     But when he   turned .  -      ,   .  tbe big curve'and saw  the  station  he knew that he was late���too late  ���and'he' gave a'grunt of  disgust  and was off like the   wind over   a  fide trail that led toward the  sun-  get.  In the   low roofed  station  house  the mother crooned  to tired   little  Gay, lying so soft and limp in   her  arm*.      She   looked  out over  the  ���ii a i.ig fly buzzing at linear  (jeiier(^aw   the  sun   touching   the  would have  let   bin   li|MM>fthe  solemn giant cacti with  purple dots, saw   the   prickly pear  ,,      . u   ��hruh* holding t.ieir grotesque arms  inhlreu   could not    wait   ���nru,i r -     ���  lb-Hi from view.  By ihsr* time the sun's rays  wtrr *��!i 'Aw long slant, and the  c :;iir.��� 11 w-re very hungry* By  ���.ii'.r tiiue. too, ��the Apache was  _ruwi!a-: ::-*i\i*^t fur tbemetrcal bad  i��irU ;��� ��t \[> prip upon him. A  u..-.\u ���! ui.tirrmg l>y, or, much le����,  '. -a: . hi tithing against htw  i>'i��;..i -pi-u-r (iropping  on his   leg,  k>:��- '!. !< ���: -'e into play i>gal 11  that a rope was the chief end of man  in America. Finally, the hostess  turned to a United Stateser who  had taken no part in the conv-rsa-  tioo, and said:  '* You, sir, must have often seen  the?e affairs."  "'Yes,*' he replied, uwe take a  kind of municipal pride in seeing  which city can show the greatest  number of lynchings yearly."  44 Oh, do tell us   about a   lynching you have seen yourself!" broke  in   half a dozen   voices at once.  4 The night   beiore  I   sailed   tor  u<  ' Ik   I  Li  '1,1-  vh Up i \Or  ^^ I j V   1 I  a I lhe T<  " cm,hll,��l  ;at .Kove the creat sweep of sand  that England,"   >aid   the  States,       *  tn.tio.ia   ��s   ih^e, nbo,l th ^rt             I wttlTgiving a dinner   to a  party   o  did    not  occur   to ran down to the I. *   " intimate  friends     when   a colore,  pvote'sear   needed Mt the mspiratioi  o     he scene, a { a phUe of                 ve  "U                                he had often felt it before*   for the he      w;, ���f a lady at an adjoining  f  d  er  tll��-   I,-;,',   u  ~Hhl  iy-  aMiifS-  '"I'^awfl  /^inr*r_ ii*.-ri .���.* ���jrif rii/i ti* -i ^  o*f***   J..^*!.'      *     MT4.     ��� v     ��_���-*    i-i-  ,SK?._h - ,.. >i.  .   , Ifr��* *** ,. ui- .  sat"-?..   '     ^  -,,>   ,cm,s*.  - p. Via-*?  '" ii   trot tor home.  UM ���<* tliey turned the bend  ;i,,(l (otnn- in higbt of the low roof  ,,!   ,1)''   ^tmion    a    u dust    devil"  Mv,'l't  hv   the  ('  Oav   nestled   down    with   a   tire  nigh.      Yes, there  was   much,   she  thought, for  apologetically  tllv.. lime 1 wan downstairs   killing  the  which to be   thankful*  cnet'  for  putting    mustard   in  the  And in truth there was.  blanc mange  "Voir  lis  '�����!��    Il  t  R.iw  'Hid i  ><��� loeks  where   lay   the  1 ''���������� Bile-.      lie jumped to  "''���i^ped hin  empty sheath,  '������������d     whoup   and    started  1 i< verinh rage.     There was  ending   ��n    tine  nilf  SHORT STORIES  rhe    following    correspo  Irish     fashion,  me   wan  l,�� Hide.  ���,. ,���,:������,ro,, ^��'c:::;:r';:��;w ^  Shortly after Walt Whitmans  " Leaves of Grass" made its appearance J T.Trowbridge was walking  ndence, with'Lowell in Cambridae, when  the latter pointed out a doorway  eiem u Groceries," with the letters  ��et "Wzar, to produce a bizarre  Seel - That," .aid he, " Ib Walt  Whitman���with     very      common  Here was  tho   cartridge      " Mr,   Tho^^ shVipVon   and  goods inside."  ��� -.\,\>   w fun     iim*     v .����������>>> ���**j3'-'  *lu',"l"ylHjMl   all   nlMiuthitu   in  o.m.pli^'"^ u  HJ|N��.,,���    ..  '!��'��        '���        ' '    .        ,      �� ���    "'lt-7' '7.H|KV'7--7"0  l\ ..    " :.      OH,  iV -'."���"'  ��� -��r-.l��--=-,.-.-  ,0..-': .)|  777        - K, iW^tsac-aeyr'' -^fewj*^."*^'/^-^^^^ ^  10  THE NELSON ECONOMSST  ���jab.-r-;-. :;��� ��������-;:' ,^.-^a  g��2^$!��z&  .1 - I i.   . -     I   J... ,_.'*,. f J  *      ��    �����!       *, 1* ��� <�� j�� i    mi' ii. _p A  jl   I '; 4*"\' \A?L)I��  :t;  Slocan Drill.  Only the Arlington is represented  in the shipping list this week, they  having sent out their regular SO  tons. It ie not likely their shipments will amount to much now,  owing to the breaking up of the  roads. Both the Enterprise and  Neepawa will ship from Ten Mile  next week, and the Fourth of July  will make a shipment from town.  For 1900 the exports from this  division   amounted   to   2847   tons,  at tbe Iron Hof��@ have been paid and  the balance will be settled in a few  day**, as also the store bilta. A ngus  McLean, tbe superintendent, went  out to Spokane to arrange matter*  with the company. I  .,-   - "   I  Ymir Mirror j  There was the usual gathering at j  tbe   railway   station   last   evening j  and a few well known lace   a   pe *?ed j  on the platform.    The old pros pec* I  tor- are coming   back to the   <-amp!M ... . ,    ....... -  realising   that    1 nur   is    a    better \ I t^mii* in. a��n *��m^. i innimu  ,    . 18   ^peeiut itk'ittt t.��>ttW'.tt iwamt*  place thi��n Thunder Mountain  Thunder   Mountain   is ?he latest i|  to  date:  made up from 10 properties. Last ? big boom that is being: worked tip, \  year the exports totalled 6529 *onsjand thousands"of to?-- are flocking I  from 14 properties, Following is n\\n there attracted by tlie extrav*-|  full list  of the shipments this year jgant tale* of the   loomners.     That;  ! men, fk* e in every ��� ther parttrular l  101 li 8�� ��iad when   some new ground   tj* {  240I reported, is   one 'of th**-**   problem* )  1 \ vet   to  be  explained,       T? e e   ar*~i  -bOi many   settled   sections   ����f country.  *2 ( already- well prospected nod pn*vt*t. I  * j df great richness.     Why too d��-VMi��-i  ..if '. , i        t   ���  ] gome   attention   it. tne*** in^ipa i    t ;  TT��- 1 dyin*!  ti�� region-   unknown   on \he  ���^H5��fj|_m^  ���^SfMiM  Arlington   Enterprise   Ottawa    Neepawa �����  IVj.av ..�����������������������������'  Paystreak   Duplex.--��� -  ee noasfers  si and Coffee  W*. are offering at lmvi-*t prlco* .ho i^r  ^�� of C>yloni lmlUit ChLm .^.1 Ja^  Our feu   Moclm and Jrtv�� c��thv tH.r     ,  iH��������*  ;.;.# ��f  I ijd,.  1 ��o*  Klo Utetiri <.%*irev. �� |M��iitnU IS  M|��*.-ti_i tth>ml l\?>-|��n iw��, j��r j, Wal.    ?  i -  _  i  a rmai order -toueiTEo.  EMIT COFFEE CO  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box iSa.  BAUER    STREET,    NEtS0N||"  a!*  * * * ���   * ��  �� ��� * *  WADDS BROS.  n   - *���  *   >  1 *.? -���- - _ s  1 OotO  mere strength of * x i_:|i*-rated rep*��rii*  More ore is coming into the  drift j c^rcu|aU.(| fnr the  purpovi- ��.f ceeit-  on the Combination. j ing a   boom.        In   the   immediate  The electric 'i^bl and pouer plant | vicinity of   Voiir, for i��,stance, arenas arrived at the I'aviov > mountains   of   ore   oc-ly     au -it;. :\:  Spokane   parlies at��*   n i"nh! i njz. at �� develojuuer. t ; \et  t h*s    rich  fte'd  i-  u.i4��*>>*>n-/.<-riiuv.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, WEtS0M,.B. C fa  vv-< t?3,**  ___Ji w .,.. ���..,...._.       fc^  tn**  tt:  Sold by All Newsdealers  n^'VJ.W. PICPPKH  some property <m Twelve   Mile.       ; overlo.ike<i   in Inv�� r ��� t ... ..   \,-t  TheS.tr.flon   mine-, s-hipped   2^U j !>*'  explore.!.       Will   <...-.,  -ver   *,-\  tons of ore   lust week, ull   over   1 he | ei^eor pr._��H_t hv ex;, -, ��� ,,;.  Kaslo road. (  A liberal quantity of Mipplics and ;  equipment   has    been   sent   to   the .  Ottawa during the week.  The Arlington and Speculator j  have lieen laving in sn pplie* ^-uflie- |  lent to last a inontb or m>, an tbe !  roads are breaking up. 1  Several carload* ���>. -luii- for i b��* j  Arlington are piled up at t be round- '  house. The t i mb.-r o �� 11" - t r����m 1  near Slocan (..-roHsing.  i  R. I.  Kirkwnod  has b��-*Mi  opfoin ���  up   a   promising   pro-p<ei   no    ni.-j  townsite   at     Knterprise   Lind'nir   j  ft   has a   bijj  v<u n, carry in j.   much  iron.  Hill Bros.' tug came   down from  the head of the, lake Tuesday, hrinu*  inv a barr/e   load of lumber   for the  -i' ..3 **������  Ottawa   mine.    The material   is to  be used for new btinkhouses.  Part of tho wagon of the omployeeH  fc:  cenic Line of the World I  D8RECT ROUTE  r?  KAHT  \V 1 n nl J >*����:  T����roato  OftiiWil  .M<��ntr��iil  Now York  \V EST  Vimoouvvr  Vlrlurlu  S ratlin  INirllmttl  Hun ^'^^ll'���l^l,',,  # l(?i>ri4:sVv-;vj;|WJ  FurniahcB Monthly to ��.n l^ive.rH c��l Hong  ari'l Mt^l.-* ri *. .t-i '. - ai;;,*-��� ��.f N��w, CIioIcgj  Copyrl^Ht Com ren ���:*. lUons > y llir- f?K*Ht jx>|��-  ulur u'.ujjo:-. 64 r".�����;ii-**v of Pl.ino E*Juole,  half Vocitl, (.nil \)\y.n:,:uA u0 ai Completes  Plecea for PUno (n ������ a Month for agj  CcnU. Vr/ul v Huiio<;-/-jj,c'ou, Jla.oo. Ifyou  will vfi'l uh tin- iii.rne i.:i'i fuMrvw) of 1'IVII  pcrforrfji-no.il th<< I 'In ?!...,:* Or.'im, w�� wlllraiwd  yoa a copy of th���� .M:r.��n.;'lM<- Free.  J. W.  PEPPER, Publlohcir,  Glcl'*h & Locuat Sta., P'���'' r 'IcIphJa. Pc*  Vlu S<mi Mae  MJ. |��iuil.triilea��oiiH��l��M tf- S. I'"'"'^  Tourist Sleeper Service  1.,-MVr naniiiore.lel  l��a�� >; | ,,-r,,  1,,-HVe K��H��teni.y    'iii'l       ,        iiosr-'N  WKSI'--Leave HevelHlMlo-   I'uil.v  VANrnl'VI-IILSKATILK.rtiAMb  ^���.,I  |��v-  E  rs"l  h  ���v  ervice.  1 o Auea^a, i��"       ,  VANn.llVKU   rinpuVnueiAuKirahH^^  Thr.mKlilMM��Ulii��Hl��l-:tii-  vhl ,l"  '  lU' Hlier4. ,,   pnh.lH   lit-   1<)W  PrepjOd   MotietM   fo��in   "������  ���  n��ten. ()oyril.;,  DlMt. I'hwn. AKl.. Vim��<0,,v  >r  itn  II   V - ir  ��� i~ ^ ^    3��       ~  *   ��� #  '' I   i -.  I --  i?    visit�� f  --fC_j   fcA|j  ,tl        V^-f v**     -c  3. %*_F %^ *"*7  iAi?>-\mj:AM  I <��� 1  T^'A  v,v.] 1; v :^*^  y ;y ���rfv.f.S'i  ffi  fV. .3*1  'aA.Z'    .. Ah t'r hai ,1  �� ��� '     ' '     lit      ' III'' 1 '    \ ' '       1 ll  ���<M    1 ,    '  I 5llk' Ml'  I'M  '*\>^ a.V";^"'^ wv*"7'-^- ������  i' '��r> AA\  >' 1  I',     I  v..-><V';;<,!>* i'" r-:1,    "i1 '^v.*. ��� ii; f,;r ��. - ��� i*��,   i ; -  1 '   *  II ,       , , ', .        ,i '        1   ) Z 1  ' \ ."      ,        i, , ,  ^iSff. t  it ���  fl)  V1  I V,' *��>-  3*-     SS  *  - ^  i:  r*-  s_r  *      ^     JteTJtRJ^.  --as,?*--  ���  *t  A  iA  s'vr  Ah  A<  iV  - -"^ -So  _~*-. 4.-   jT ���r^i^i  t~?    t-t;  ~-Ssrp.fi  J  1,7?  5%    -  7   i*  *  7  3CU  5   i~~     saa,  'I  its ps    -V"  ,**�� "^t-t."  JFT'      ��%  "^  _,     *--        -r    ,��__ -T ���?"_.>!���<  -T_.  tif li.  ~~.7i  %��.i.Z  Af   ,_  "*"7I-.Sj/  %      ������ -a-7  CI.  . *  2f~  r^ 7  T^S*8-^,-^  I  i  1 .-Sf  V ^ 4       ���+  ,    *��" I   ���    AZ  .   Cjc }),  .��..*��  -        -x.    J  '���m^^-UJ^riSkC^ i*^k,tIJ,I1 '^i^'^' ^^" ^Vr^ST' ^WcVV����H4W  ^Sfi  PI  jf fi��'<- A i Azl "V< iHflwmVwH^^(V^#^Wi*��^  �� ,   V.^',V".nO'. f sjAii  I��  '     IJ. 1     '      '       I1 , u  \''  , ' 1  / (I '  I  f V.     ����-   l*_ ,      .J).  '   >)AJAA   A   .<   .     Vr  .i 1 '    / *     - i'��i A        '"v1 nV- i1 r"    '   * i" <��   1  ',"     (ft A>   v  ,'-',l".,'1i'\ ���',' ��� .- t8,:'l/.l'.S.vi.i'M-*a��ia#|'i4  >      1   t      ,|  ���    t i )        ' 1>       ih     >        1 '   \ ��       ', \t I  ���   f��"   ) V^'h* |W  "'*   v tv u ����^j�� '�� .1.'   .    '      4   -  *      >i       ii        j, ^1   ,i    . i�� , 1. 1, 1    w,vj    (fttfi jh wtfi.Vir'M   ��� ^^^^^^  'm,  ���At  \::mim  ^m  if',.7i"_v*  i*^k*��w��^ii  iwtfiiVh?  1 -i �� *i,m      ',>,!. '' ,*   1^.1 jv u  r     f  S^  S&  ,li.i'/Mil^WE * .^^N1��^*!!)!  ��fs���� mm  ' i�� 1 v^STu i'f:i ��� ASJ!5! ftfc  'iSafflftSM^MS^iS  &^(��^^&p;!��iura^%1 w; * tu^'Aa  m  ^ff,if  ^  y^meswwi  PA*  i*A  1*  iM?J* <tt',  31H'  M  y*M..^.l��'M��M^  .^  A^Si^c'f?'^'''^ ,y.lf^ ��� I,. -   All 1 \'     . f  /,    ' '      M        lt  .1 fm  AZAimmm  ,^r4'^HA: AzyA^iAwi  m'   'A  mUwA\i*,>   u'     'i.* '  A**Al', f(lj^t��_  11    I  \/��   ii  I'M       ��;  u.  >���    f      I  tn,'1!,    e'"    ' r, 0    ,j *,    a \ H'a�� ���    ''I" ��*^ --*  1,'*.,   UrthC'*/^'*      /s     * ,'  i   -1 1 k       ��� ��       ' 1;  1 o  V  J      r  i'  'S       |f  f -t  f */


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