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The Nelson Economist Jun 21, 1902

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 _.      _  ia  t*  -     I  - X  yzA    �����, ���"*"  ..k^..,.,  "��� ijj   J-   Sa-w_ ^ <=  ��  ^"v^       4. ~^-  *-^tra- ^  ���r^t       /_,V   __. ^      ������  <<m* v J^fe?1 ^J!** 5v  e- I Ls�� ���*��� "���"* ^ ���w*''-'"  r~_2 &.S^�� SSXA S~  iSifSr^aC"  8  VI til.  vJilfiLiV  AwAT*  hb .''"Vi** tWtj-W  IMI'MMl.i    ��7'| ,<Otf ift]lM ,  <v '��� v i "-Vm' >v  n  ��� ^.nu.;** ty^'. <y^]Ai  [   y:y^z^w��i1^^"^    ^z,^z   t*.a�� >   , ���. >���  ^a^ffPlr^^^H'1" v k\V\<? ii,u':f;  !'.7'.-'  fl  f  i��    !  IV*  _-�����   I (J  \4 ,    I     I  , iin'n   i,,��'i       ii(       i'    y   i,.   ,   i*      *.ft  if,/ l",i   ��� I -i i'oj ���     .   * ,    /     ,M   I   '.   I j    ')..  i .        \      \   i  I    p I  I      v<  '.,.'  1  ->  . I 1  A>i   >  'f.i  i      '  / i  o ^  5 - *  *      I     �����  I ^  %  A  *-   ar*7r-     *"7-     ���<~       ^L  rA    ^_    _JL   K^__c^   _J7      ^^       Z-=^r'  ��- -:iw-     ���  ^>��� T*        "W  -r"> ^-tv -^^^ ^"-r^���   ^ -*- ^  ^f__^JT   _a<  1        *���    ^  **-  rfc.       A  -jjr-  i.���c����    l.    ^,���"_>w"-p'''     l~*^h__i   "CL_hj3S>^ *S ���^    ���&��&���"*�����   ���  -.       #**     ax^���  4'     -,'_���-  ST  .���*-��. -Sfcfr  ft^ft^F      ��^u#^,  .        3".       _. ~J^_ -���.a- ^^j^7'~^J^��teg��lrH^ca<����'^__B j  it 7%i?   Vj? T ,  jtSiS% 7*     . +        -        w -a-"  * %s(3��HT1>r- _.  _     t" _ a-Og-y*%7�� S . ..      ft *7   ��� H       d   _p ^  -Z7��   At*  T  -fa  --  e -^  *�� -e  Sr-JH* *.    -��  "Ti.    ^-^-.aH3^t.\��f^Ji.^^^  ��5o  "7-     *  A-  "\        7  '  "P  C Vr-  *" is,    ~fe    f%  .-1  1   _  ^ ^^^r^^^^^&^^ ^~��r^;  -feiSt-  ?^=^^^^H^^-P-I5t*-'E�� C^SSfu-a*-, AS"  '-P"  '^S*oW  ^,A&-y~'ti  V -^  rjfe.  *s -  w  __ ... ...."j--  ?��. JL  ^^M^^^slS~=s  '���i''    ' ' *iWrf "AAA  u' ^ ��" a , Vi'i ti-��< r  *w��,;��� /iv / v j! >i- ~n|i*3<���..i.,��'��>y <t��r: ��t��^it \|i*r.<"  ���1U' /El ,.,"..'��  , i.L] , **     !���.<..        -  lti>  '  il  ���o-|p,  f jr     I       S  t I,  ���),��'  ijielfl^l^t #e,V,e'"<-��  ",lt.ij- ��.tat'ivv  * ii  f   ol  !   m ,V a     t&'  \'  i .*���  o  k'n  h  tyi  l ', -.-���3srB-e"����a*rw��*"3-. �� ��  ....wwO-*-"  z - ��. *+       e   "  -01 *       ���=        r       J  -.zJf-s:   7^.--a~"j��2  ���&-.  gi  oh-_*t?C    "-5T   ST&.      j  ^M. t,,Z����k -jl, ^  7TT7..I r���H^.^, .HJ;  ^jdZteMrSC^r7..^ .7^^  *>j  -���JV-  'i   ,  ab  ^  r--y*4 * *  lit?1' -A-  l'     ���.     '>l.iL.tlS  '.t1   i1*     "  fl, XT. .Ta^ ^.^  $<Py  to.  ,  'f) yzj&/-t  !��|o  ^*; 1  V'l Vf- .'tat  i   'I  iv,tt"t tMiW'st kv.Z  %mAyi  (o'k''Wtf)t1' >?'!  y>dl\}n\A<  }A"\iMy>\zi  \yyyAi <x*  \La   ZAAy   ��������  m\AhA\\  11-  ;i^A 4  i,   p i i     y imm  i m  n  i ii.  v-   ��   c  "svrURDAY.JUNE2i, 1902.  NO. 49  i    .   ���  v.-f^ON    ECONOMIST   IS   issfK..   hvkkv  ,    v    n, ,.A���, in apvan��-'v>'-'- ,--,M-rriv  .1      in"      <;i-.M*.K-An tl.TTT    BF  * ...       (KIV  XRTlCI.fcS  oi-   >n--li  iH.ff 5- i>.        0>>*��    "* ��mm;   ?\-  >...,.! i.e. ,-M-src      \N'l)    HiH I>  tx��   *riu-<K    COU-M>-^'��    ���  O.OKT.SV.r.    IN    "������;- UK      C.VHK.-UU.V  T.KKST.-.      Of      Kh-M'^K. poNS   AND  ,     ..-MN-ST   IRRIiSJ'ONSIBU-.M.K-  ��� rttt t.^^   \Kt iCt-H^*  nwhv lh�� irauchi^e .should b��  1      ...���,f��rred   ��!������������   h"\ H,leti ,���   be .1   cnv,-  A ,, .y R..th��t -eecHnn.* U; -^ ^               ���ienl| al-  i-.-ut jnd.e ol the   i-t (          iU ni!iuel. to  pe.  o.'U.lU^ounl^b.^ a conduct the .ffau. o  !..:l :JT bright l^��b;;0intk,men   who   have  linml     For year.  M^ ^        ail)n, but   .he  r,-    -.ff    th,-   honor,  l��r  ir^W   1^   .      knocked the  inr-h cou^bin h;,;,; h., -;��ihe flr8l       d.  K.u,-;t,h.v-d I-"'"1';- hlll surely  ��chieym��  uiii,,hl. P.^Mn-e.^-d   ���   '^ Thi8   la,ej.t  ti,.. unt-MViitbU  ������� ..mtirm    the   ^"e       '  , .    :.i���iioii will o,u> .!,����� thev are  1���'^'i:!;:      U|,Le��t��OHJfo��n.J   m   any  Uu<  ,���oSii������^c.le��*>ivil.1J[ed ������rld.  Iiefti��UtiveA��emhl>^^   ,T m��y not he .trlctly within the -ph.rejj  P^  Jed   dment   ^   ^ ^ ^ent he heard Pre-  mi(,r Dun.mu.r had at ht-  ownrdH the Coronation with d��e  A    V;Z^ ,av^ing  oi  pedantry is   too  aversion to  *n>^,n- j DUQent.  well known to demand exhau��u  ���      ���io,^ th.-   London   Daily  __����. i������-;.:-;:;;��.��M.. .-^  Mail announce-, that    hixy and other dis-   .  ��� mount, for the o? on�� q ^  true ?.���k.   the  ting����h,d  vWnorS.    ���^nwemayexpeet-ao��e fan.  fcaWuin 0����H��.      ,80,1.    ,  Jlo'know    assures  A   correSpondent   ��ho   C^%ominion  or Provin-  us that no member"     t fche   remole_t  oUlCa^��eU��ho.w.Ubepre^ said, wilh  idelM>f equitation  and the sa-a;        ^   ^^  scarcely an excepU^,^'^n,er   Dunsmuir   has  agricultural dep vrtments. ���   ^       )UtJca   hoMes>  had  -oo,.   experience    xa  n-    ^ I        ^xi        g,  but it is doubtful U h , eq     ^ untft0_ed . L��n-  6o far as the management ot a  don charger.  6-  a   ������������ -  H    ,  f__ r  *"    '  ��*���      *,  6.* r  ^f Mr   Marconi, we are en-  THU0W!H the W^^i,,   Etruria, with  ahled to announce th.atthe   �� j     ^^..^   lhc  l��remler Dunsmtur al_H��nl. l^ fre.gnlin a||     ,.  lof ����b voyage, wth dtop,tch further  nllrahle state of P'6^"0"u   hll8 been busy every  tatos that ^7wG^rep.rinR   type-wviUen  ,limr since he left New \ <      P   1 ^ futnre gen-  H,,ecches, which will ta ban kd ^      ^  e ation as �������� ^ ^^1 Httle touching up, but  ,r.al conferenceBpe��ch need" a^ fc ^  p  lhe draft of it induces  ��e   l^�� rta   it  contains  Will bo able to commit it   > {n the lUelK>���  unly tho simplest words t tw0     Byl.  ar.v'      1>��      *"ra;  Url   U     nated,      a,     it    �����  hlV,le,:,   wore    car, ally 1(!ftrnwl     for      the  {"l'-a    ih,,y     '"If    otl "���   colonies.    The   Premiers  H   airmen  notn tu��  ff ^ J*-  i- ~, **-  S"l 1    st  r  -1V4  14  ,     nt   to the Municipal/Act,   which  '.The   amendment  to me ^ elealUxi even if  gives a man only one vote ^       ^ bec0l.imeaded, as  he is registered in both wa d., i�� every one ;  it will obviate endkss   coni.u��ion. ^     , of  ^L municipal   elecUon.so^^  protested from .-,qte w office,  attached to the candida^ V__  the   members of"  ThBkk is serious  trouble among ^^ .g & ^  the Nelsou Board of l'**\      on  in that organisa-.  tain amount of erup ion got.aB abottt by the  tion.    The trouble tins    ^ 8^,. from   the  secretary    ^ec"ngfl" ^e  dealing   with the all-  Vancouver   Board ��� of  mde ^ th&,  absorbing question o   lead^          P ^ who   ad-  retary showed ^^'^hing it, and he tol-  vised him to retrain f        p�� ^  u at the  l0Wed their advice  and d     ��� ^^   muoh  regular meeting  of tbe  board ^^^       d  consternation a��n����g-    "^^trong language in   de-  they did not ^^X^ *'  "^ ^  nouncing the "?^"> ^d   'threatened to   resign,  cial was exceeding wroth ' na are undetni,��m.  N���w it is   alleged the   P^^^ organization  the usefulness of that once m fa .q th<j al.  and indeed there may be a gram ^ ^  nation.    �� te ^'"UX tb.y  cause the Lau-  servatives do not care-^ and   it i. jus    aa  rier Government a Uttet n in  Nelson  reasonable   to infer            the J ^  .n              0  who keep an evei-wau,l^ ul  ty a(eft to lhwart  the Uberjl leader are * -^ tatt.    But  in   the  the evil designs   oi U>ui  ���M\  h it ' i  a ; : ,   .   -'. ;���:   ^'*IW.--jT'^sJf^!.Hv!'y,'.A--i-H|.>*i!i-MV  .y.  .'..('..'  ���il. I).-  a-lW  ���;���.#���;��  it., ������/ii'i'1  '3v ���.^...i-r,.    .  j^..i*^.���,>,..nur~n.lr. nr..1T Brt|.. iTi^uinn,I,iiTtlui, I niTTnhir Hi'iVii nu- i-Vn-r���*"-*������*"-'-Ji-���=* =-"������������p-���" ' ^w   ��� ���  n ��� ��� il. nutm.jiMinrt.iin. im-jnuAa^ ...-^ ...,,.m. , ,,,-t;,,,^ , .it,i^ii%i���Mr^M"ffw.ii1*iiniilfa  U.  '1  M  v <  ��� I'  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  meantime, it might be mentioned that the  secretary  has not made good his threat to re.-ign, which   only  goes t:>   emphasize  the force  and truth  of  our   repeatedly expressed   contention   that   you  must   not*  take a Liberal too seriously when in an   outburst of  well-feigned  indignation   he   threatens to ruthlessly  abandon an office  of   honor  and   trust���even if the  em  luments only total up $25 per month.  The public arenow awaiting the  next   oratorical   onslaught  of Messrs. Starkev and Dover.  wise ? U the proverbial loyalty of this stalwart  voting giant of the west lobe overshadowed by an  antiquated burg like Gloucester ? We trust, the Baker Street Debating Society, iu the absence of other  interesting topics, will take up this question at its  next regular matutinal meeting. It certainly is in  order.  <  Smallpox is still  prevalent in   the  country   dis  tricts in   Eastern Ontario.  The famine in Siberia is spreading   with   increasing intensity.  The South African British and Colonial Industrial Exhibition will be held at Cape Town in November, 1903.  Canada has reaped--a rich harvest from the war  in South Africa. Up to June 5th the Department  o? Agriculture tilled orders fur supplies for South  Africa for the War Office to the amount of $7,500,-  000, con sist i n g of hay, oats, fl<��u r, et c.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has stated that the  King has not ordered the use of incense in the Coronation service.  A Yeddist theatre is being built at Blakeney,,  London. Besides plays grand opera in Yeddish U to  be given.  London is establishing a reputation for itself in  t e matter of granting divorces. One day last week  in   the;,divorce   court   sixtv-seven   applications    to  ake absolute   as   many  decrees   itUi   were   almost  "t [:\.  It is worth while remembering that a new scale of  postage rates on everything except letter* comes into  effect July 1st.  Thk will of C'-c'.l Rhodr* having only provided for  Oxford   scholarships   for  Ontario   and Quebec  stu^;  dents, the universities of the other provinces of Canada have forwarded a memorial to the executors asking for recognition.  The exodus from We*l Cork was never so pronounced us at the present time,Jn *pite of all that is  said to'dissuade intending iinnrgrants from leaving  Ireland.  A striking monument for the grave of Lord Russell of Killowen at Kp*oin Cemetery, has just been  completed, it i* of white marble, and it is reproduced from drawings which L-uly Hue-ell of Killowen  had made of an Irish erot* in the cemetery of the  ruined abbey of ChmmucnoUe on the banks of the  Shannon.  m  automatically granted  H.'.P|.l,SfTf.l)V)Hl , I'll..  ma  ih,  When ��hat. gr^at poet and piscatorial, raconteur,  Mr. C Deil-Sinith, returns to Ireland this year, lie  will find .-nine sad changes. The,,River Biaekwater,  which \\>ed to be one of the v^rv best of Irish sal-  moo Mream-, of hue years ha.- been g'dng to the bad  more and more, and so far the present year's take  lias been the worst on record.  Thk tender of Coates & Son, London, has been accepted by the Montreal City Council for the new  civic loan of two millions, The terms are97A at iJA  per cent.  Antwerp is almost, as progressive as Nelson. It  is about to spend ovtir one million dollars on tbe  construction  of new docks.  Tiuuuc should be no scarcity of eatables at the  Coronation. 'l).e mayor of (i Inucf-W-r, in accord-  anee with an old custom, has forwarded a lampn. v  pie to Buckingham Palace. The, quew.tinn now  ariwes, why lias not the mayor of Nelson   done   like-  The new battleship London will be   the   principal  .flagship at the Coronation review.  A British statistician of great repute, Sir Robert  Gifien, estimates that ��150,000,000 a year will t*oon  be required for  Britain's armament. *  In future London newsboys will not be permitted  to announce their wares in a tone of voice above an  inaudible  whisper.  -��   --  J  r. -IJ  ~ 3  ~      4  Kminknt  KnBli,��.��iei. do  not   h��c   any   need   for  alarm in the .shipping ciwihiniition.  WnHKMKNV ch-U do  not ��*��m t�� be popular ��ith  lhc l.rewer, of Ihe North of England.  It -   ��-  that .u��.h duhH .itlract   custom   from   tho regular j  liceiiml public houneH.  i   ��� introducfd   a  few   ohunnes in   ll,(1  TllK Kmik hnn   H��t.O<l��K.U  "-��'��'"'"'^"^"'^"'T ^rt it" hu^n the c��b-  ��� it   n   ,\m��.iiHHiulorChouto K had i>��...i.  ",;1 "{ l  ,. ���,   lh,.i.   Mnjuxti.w   nt   pnv-it--  hol,H..--to"lti^h..M����H,      i.Ut    1I1HM.IJ   .      > ()h  . ,1,.,, !,,. ,1.-Hin.(l that thin .-.-reii-ony in.  >  won! tli.ii in  ��������������� ..;������,, ,,,,il   which !>���'���  ,,.iv,-d whenhoH-tfuoM.., AmoMO.u��H��il.��  3_  4  j  \  7S>( *iTr"'     }  #L^$   y $  ,-"��       ~*s^ *  p y   **��  ���tt-      \  <fe*"%  r_      **  r  B-f?-  *H.     J  M  w  '&  1!  "  h'    .:��,.' -Si&tW.  \'" n-.  J  -IE  J~frJ       ��� v1  .  ��.  -1  rf  -Tr.iirg.a' *.a_-   ^.h-  'tjTi-nS tr^.7     -X~   7  "7p-,"-a7-HH ' ,  "r; "- ^ r *  V     " "^ HJ  'I77L   '      :f  .raZST^r ...  ��� -.u,  t".1  13  THl: XKLSON E::0N0N\!ST  V ��t|4M H HllpUO: cd Kl ni ��� .,       ..   n  , *      -1'eoni!   tt\e    i.o0��*  r *        .���.  ,  ,,,trt'    Joi   ai     *" t  -.*����� _>_ tne !%��*���*��. ,. ,       t ,i,i^jj-e  au>  .,- n..udk^in��u. Ih-m- . ur . hl()n,lhle  ^-V^r:4il,,,',?.> tl   '.h.      informal    injunction,  --'     ^.r.gar.nug     * u? much   to  ,���.a in-, M^iy* ����Hlti  *tn  , kuu^ eu\barrass:n*'nt.  ,, ^.^reelvcontempbite  iiiK average N^'^^  ,���a siat, affair   ,uch ����        iflie,lik, presence of  , ..:ioCe.4uUy wtltiulK vHt   ^���  ,  ;::,lau Mwiin  .lowett.  _���^������ Dunsmuir  \r; .* vfta^   fV��fi'i?n>i  ii*1 .     ,     ,:,,t1in<'   to  I hk \ jctoria ��--���'��- muern* negin��"����   L  , ���,ilhS���u>,H.ungu^r.t..-d- her,  ,u,\ , hnuul^w when ih^ ������_'���   ���,,   tht* Coronation  ,   ,      .,'��� hnrrv up  uu-  ,-> i ...,r,l doe^n i nuii 7     i Premier  lF lung ba^Ard mav   not   he   I ittmer  ,.     1 vitrei   Puusinuu  ,.�� uie schedule dai*.  i   *    .-./'-.t aupear   to   na>^  i o*> ft��rd d*> noi- apj Per-  K,L.V0��H��d.V:..^��l_     .ilhllieyoven.o,en;    1��  ,Hh��r.nact,i^M��^ heyRgkedf����.  h.l'l*.    11 * *��� ������ >    v*  .. ���  ,tnriiur   tne  . , *   tie^-aieO   t^n^  T.��K<iov��r����'enV^ .hu 4l,e,.. atthe old ^and.  11       .^ * i fi ne?* i.��u* ��* *  ,  -   hut fiiU ''!Uun  , ,.__an��e of   heart,   the  * ��� ��� . c: nrere cm a u**������  *-" ��� n-��ncc O    tt^ ^inu' ,,   i    Prior  A* AN "V1 -       "-t,ahu>, *.t.ck on  Col. I r,or.  Coi.ou.-t muWf* a . .      ^   ;ii,    the ohject   ot  OKthcmaoy  l��;fJ       'J      Rich"   freely   one  iu-ueuu,.u-"l- toUain   ^ s.nlilk       en  -��8rtVlhBl J'!!ttit cut to th. acired ,o.l.  Valley Coal La.), a..   ?   rrpir taxe??  instead   of  pUMo effect a redueuon o ���<^. f  i)eillg handed over to.�� ��^  P lheQCefor.  , ,.ell their fortunes and ��ht  e po^ ible  diviuendr in��^��ul  the puhlic. ^   t..n.... .^^-r'^"^  C/rtiiii would certainti  Holy Guy.   -nnF"  bv  d: R. Young, our only  a.��Co��osationOds.     P he   cr0WUuig  week. ���  THB VicU.rU CofimiJ ha.  ^-^   J   Auol.  reu.��rk. ou tbe g*��eral PoM'o* .  ney-General Eberts and Col.  If  >/r  "     , , ,�� ,.k,   the New   Denver  ..\V���Y.low��ftr*>w   ol7     '���   ,., ,���   this question,  /.,,..���..      There ,,ro .evend anb.     ' ieleiy rtU the  blU(he one which .een-Ui ^^  ^   oftn t  biHi��   that we ��row   old  H.a,  .  heli> ourselves.   ��� hv >ui   Ottawa  ,v N(,,o, of ,��;f.on -ha- bee�� J.vo, ^ .^^ ^ bu.  al,l��rm��n  that the o. > rnUway   ni,  equip, maintain   and  opt *to an(1 fuv ati-  .U^��wr.lt��    ^W    I���, Property and  U.orUV lo aeqnn-e  th(   i-^ oompnny ol  rranohi.w of any ����t����K J^       lhoreVo ,    ThU ��  )iini(!B in Ottawa ma    a- ^ lion by  al..��R tl�� ��no ��f .C,;,T 1 ohi��e , and in harmony  i���� ��^ ��,lW V-ir,X��Jh ���� tho nvst earnest, u-  wUU tho matun^tho M. t owlu>vfih,p-     lhe  ,limlH of the proh e��  o��      u�� UlPCapital, ����;  0.��..*^'��-'-'w'll"lC; (       .sal.he'.ievin^l-t.f  h,,iU,iin.lv  -ndor^ IhP        ^^^.^.^  ���,   ft   <-,ty  ,1(.v,h.mldlH>  controlled ����> 1  r ,�����  Mt elections in  Bovs in knickeroocUer     n ^   ^^  on   lhe  lhi_  Province      I ^  ��       ���   Legislature."  boys by the -Kniekerbo^er^^  "T  strikes  are   now   on  in  the  The regular ..u������ J    J  g.iualion has taken on  U"Ued ^Sn i a\��il war.  the complexion oi   _   .ZTbtst   recreation   ground   in  Kelso* ba8UOVnk9lo Warden Lemon.  Brili8h Columbia, thante^   4 rtver the death. of:James  MUCH regreti^P^d^ ^^^^^ {rieIids  Martin, ot Rostand,  n  iu this Province.     ^   erations on a   Urge ||  month or six weeka^   ��,ill .eoured   by   purchase.  U Uuaria   wives are   .UU ^  ^d  ^^  o{ the  The average price o   a w^ iheh.   purchaeeB  Bu��ia.��whohaV.e.nye   ed , the bl.  ^l^-iit a much lower rate.  ���      ftf   the  Legislature 'has  been  TllB present session of   U l8latlon.    From  acutely   barren   o,1  ben^ ��ln ^j,   places  davtoday the   ^V6*",* bll   of  attention to the  Vilhotn giving the .l.gh es    Ini exception8,  want, ol the oountry.    Wtth o^     ^       a deaire to  Ihey seemed to he ani^l   ����� y    ^^  o    h  lie trust.    __ ____���  Nolson and Boundary points  /.:.  ,...���.���.�����������1;f;.:,77::-*;:7;7:-; ":'*���:���  .(,..,..,   .......     ....... .,-......-���  <;���    H':  /.''I ,i."  A,A-   -A  ''io-.,(i..-..'...'.���7  air.ii;  ���'lk:-itiAl. *Jif3iaeMdtti_��^,_*.  "^���^mmS  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  6  \H  T0TH1NG    in  the   way  of   reliable statistics   is  -i- >     available as  showing   how   Nelson   compares  with other cities in Canada in the   matter of   its percentage of hud hoys, but I would not he surprised to  learn that in this as in many other things we are ju^t  a trifle ahead.    The fluency with which some of   our  boys can express t hem-el vet? in the language   of   the  gutter and brothel   mav   not   reflect the hi cheat de-  gree of credit on their home training, even if conclusively establishes that they   have been imb faiigahle  and painstaking in   thrir  efforts  to   acquire   an exhaustive and   expressive vocabulary  * f   profane   and  obscene words.   It does not altogether loilow that the  b ��}8 have tilled their storehouse  of   knowledge  from  chance words dropped at the family fireside, for thev  have only to use their auricular sense on   the streets  to become fairly proficient iii the use of vb.-cene language.     Men bent with age and sin   do   not   hesitate  on ihe public s reets to sj ew from their  filthy,  slimy  mouths the   most revolting expte   i n��s perfectly in*  different to the presence of bovs o* tender   years'    so  that the imitative tendency of youth   has only to be  slightly developed to supply our boy*s with a vocabulary that will tit. ihem ior association with the vilest  criminals'"when the time comss for them intake their  proper place in the chain gang.  taucht, and grammar should  be taught  from Addi-  tvuil Macaulay. Tennyson   and   Moses   and  no  text  book u-ed for   five  years      History   should   be   discarded   altogether  or  taught   from   many   volumes.  Fewer   studies  should  be   taken.    The   curriculum  should be a pyramid, and so it  is���bottom up.    The  ideal school should  be  a   tool  shop,   not   a   general  store, as all minds cannot be cast in the Same mold.  Nature made ub to   differ,  but  the   education   office  would have us all alike.     Mr? May blames the overcrowding of the professions to   the   system now  employed, which turns out mediocrities and incapable*  and not giants.     When a boy is  taken   into   school,  he is keen le learn ;  when the school is through with  htm he wants no more.    The boy has had enough of  hooka, and has no desire for further   reading.     Who  reads a solid book now ?     We  want less   head, more  heart and the wnole body and a sound body at thai.  This it*  reversed, and head   ts  thought of  too  much,  but no ureal men are turned  out.    The   system   is a  as  iruv    nv   n* -���' ��� ,      _     .  string of experiments, and hae too   many doctors  'i-hown hy the overcrowded cemetery of decu.isedu.xt-  h oka.     With regard to promotion, Mr. May udvised  that it should bo'made, on  the   daily   standing, and  not on the examination   plan.    Nervous   and sensitive children cannot do ihem*elve* justice  at ��n ex-  .imuiattcm.    The leacher-* are able and faithful, hut  handicapped hy lhi# rigid   machine.    They are paid  .���.lv    diwherV  9..h.rh-        Re.miner.UH.n    weins to  cume down ,.s q��a!ilWt��...V k��Ch up.    The fact ol  the  ui-uier i-  the whole #��ho.��l r-y^t-m crie*��lo��d forre-  ontu.iiz.uVm on ,oi..id prmo-de-      A* h no* HUind*.  iti, ��  iu:.**vi   wou   d, and    hrui.-*.    aud    plUrUVUig  sores.  At a recent meeting of the Carleton County (OnI )  Teachers' Association, Mr. John    May,   M. A., a tor-  mer j-chool inspector of that county, read a  paper mi  '   Our School SYr'tern.*'     Verv fe*   men have \md tlie  ex'.ended   opportunities of   Mr.  Mav   for obtaining  know!dgc oi thi-   -unjec , and   his  views are   therefore all tlie snore entitled tu consideration.    Mr.  May  i->eoeVH.- our ,-chooi  *v-ieui  i.iipita rUcces-q and  'lavn  good    teasou-   for  ihb    opinion.     While    conceding  t iw it i-   a munificent syr-tem,   he thinks  it   is alto-  ji��-!l her lo i svstema'ie, and in thi* he is su-tained   by  eomne cut autho.iiv.    Our r-choo'i, mav be con.pared  to a splendid  machine doing very poor work, falling  short iu nothing i-ave '.he *-nd for which it was made.  Genuine education of body, mind and hear, is a   development of the memory and formation   of   character, resulting in  control   and   scif-devdopment   and  a' laining the object for uhieh   we   pn p<u*f -ervioe.  Tnere is now high pressure and distracting multiplicity of sludie.-.     The menial   f.ieultie-    are   not   concentrated and di.-gu-t i*. ihe ve-ull..     ('ram is   ihe resort taken   to give our (Vinadians   mii   educ-tinn, aud  bolted food does noi rmuri-Ji.      The ucmnrv   is made  a Noah's   Ark into whieh every old   tnin,,   ��j.o����d and  bad, is   put.     To   too much   examination  may  he attributed a large   amount   oi    defect     in    our    -vMen..  Iteferrirm t> bnmclh h taught in the school-, Mr. May  contendB that many would he hetler  omiited.     Moir  reading, writing   and   mental    a rit hoodie   should   he  It is  now optional with a witness   in   an   Ontario  Cour of justice whether he will.be sworn bv   kissinsi  lhe   Bible, or after the   Seoieh   fashion  uplifting the  hand and repeating   the  followir.K   form   of   words :  ���' I swear by Almighty God, as I siuili answer to God  at the (heat  Day of Judgment, that   I   shall tell the  whede truth ami nothing but. tin? truth,   *u>   far   a**   (  know itt and the same shall be   asked   of   me,"    In  Holland, quite recently, Sir l:rancin Jeune and  Mr.  Justice Ciorell Barne*  have had   po��ted   outwide  the  two courts of the prohate, divorce ami admiralty division notice to witnesses calling   their   attention to  the fact that thevmav be sworn in tho Scottish man-  n*'T  before  giving   evidence.    The   leading   British  medical journal ban for many yearn contended   that  tlie oath by kissing a book haw nothing to commend  it. while it is nasty ami mav become a meant* of pro-  pagation of disease      The. form  of   swearing by kissing a bonk   is   purely one of   custom.    There iB   no  direct authority for it in  any   act of   parliament   or  rule, or hook of practice.    The date also of its intro-  ductien is unknown, but.   thin   in not because   it has  been lost in tbe mists  of   antiquity,   for   it in fairly  certain that, so   recently   as   the   end   of   the seventeenth century, if the form exuded it was not in any  general u-e.     How th���� k issing originated   in   almost  a~ much a matter of speculation   as   is  the   date at  rjzh*   ti  3  -"-��>=��.*  ^  - 7"  cr~^jr  ���  V  ?e_ m dp*  l   E7~  -o,  ���"i  rf~r325  -3?>.         i.      ��  �����  -3L_p-S|_  ^  __Kv-       -  J*k^  WAz  O ,  wr*  ,  5  3^. j>  %1     A'  %;*  "SET**       N  _s-65-    v  ���hk.*  ^A  f!r.  f  >y  ���___W  f ��  i:  hi :Zmr  1- .  Z?;; Z-\;y^,rr/!^:m  AM  M.  7  ta"*"*-'-*>"-���j  !M  itP  -C     j.^-��i-  M-  3.V  ��fee-?i?'-a. >i  >��^*w  TVU:  Nbi.bOA    tat^'V>  t., ..      1 nc 1��< *^- '*  . .. fp.qiK-.nt m   *���*' -l -v.wir.i! il  ���.       --.afne, ��-��� / .-.���j!Mil>vationrl  ..  hi'h^atrecuouo.    n>5  ;. ., ,v fortu ot  nam  .    wp.    ebmuu^nce   :l  x;,am^    comp^h) < n,.xt  1    " ��       V .J ...si Opera   ���> -  ,  4.,�� ���   at   4. *A    * ,,      ;t,,,i. a     >,l|  . t. �� 1 1!* o . ' ��  ��� ���. j:.    l s * ,tUfe'U ���*�����" '  . i���-. \*   ' *��� 1      ���'    ��� .     -ire  ,. o, - ij * * a.; . >   " .        . ._ii._*e**.    ii��l-  1   ���   ������      '.     ���    .,,���! ,,,-d   j.erP��r��i.ii"---  ��� ��� ' . *  ^ ,h'tn ce ol o�� *��  '    tin   <l   i   n a ' * r�� "  r:>!.re   w;ti lH   *l   ~~T', .. (.r:im��r.c company  .   H,,:., who tiad -t��l--i ,,0,,.r.plU-d  . -  -oo. a a    !*.���*����� .u1ci.    Cdi��u  ,.  .   and Who  ilii><- :,lo  qqu,y    owe  their J*-1**  .1 c.-ff.ars.  t ..._i*.t t^* wrontf-*  I know  I mn^��-        ,     ������,.  imt t canuo, lo,*- i  I ,-umot shvic  lu l>nuseof !��<���  .  I hivve-.-uo SoOg  l+*or  pong*  will h,   occupied evti.  ,-    ......   <>^H1     HOU-    *-������  ^*   iour' weeks.  ��� \ ,T the next ioui  _���...���    - oock coin-  ��� ��� .    } \ ->USe  '",r   ,  i.i    the   direction   oi  ; irrv l/u^y *  ^V0Ui;; ,: >pr-ent every lor��  .a    troin   ll ll"     J  ;o1MuaHuneat   n  . .,,,v,rv work, and in 1863, v,tth  ^himwlMorm;'^   Fort   Garry,   on hi.  W7VU- hi.ue.t^lo  U      ���       uucUon   oflhe;ln-  ��'^��**"*"TZ   ^antime  he   gathered   a  ,.ltlir.,.Oava2e.    In   t�� -s    upU.   with   re-  ,���   ,tdtHa0.flnH����n-tion   rom      J;ions, and   this  ;_,! to their tra.mion��   aj d    O ^ ve  bhc h��. made the ^u^rl. ^   ���e  ,���.  Ipprh^oa.helndi.u,     M-^       ;rlu,hiaetothe;  t,u.,lv inter,.**-"-.-, l'eirh',l?heV   are   now extensive >  ���   read in Uie^ and   i;w-hwhich they deal.  ."T^a^'o! Montreal, now  # \^���� role ol ��uw  ���ioiceft Hi lhe l��l _��� .        i   ���   n.  ducein  London. a  t       rmirrhiorit? *s��onlorr��    .     collaboration  Arthur bourctm vvr lien   m   c��l  \ . t* bv   Kdgai   I *������������  ltlll> b>   7   *   n,rt,   Harte.  llioruv "����� --  ..  wpi issue a  c.niUen, r  -   ;t hi the Province.  ,    i fnith ;? said he.  ,. H iS the iuike'OuiU^, ci w. nd .  SHe answer*  ���     -      odesty,  ���ii .iAt ��hocK mj  l*  It will not a        j   bUnd.��  Holong"slove    ,        .   the Coronation   wdl    he  Her   M.ie��y'��   rob" *     ' 1'rW one which per-;  r0" �� purples most 1�����^  M^e.Ues will have  -  ,u t. the   Qneen.     l��eu        J    ���        powdered       t  fe;,1 tniiniver of their ��� ^^ lnd princesses ^  :I   with black ^f ��� ^^    ;Pto their   l^ence  ��P   he ho powdered  ^c��^gVidies-in-waiung   and  T- *-   - ^tiS^natW will.^^nd  ^'white and sdver^ ^^eUed necU-, hut  *    .one     Peere^e^wtu allowed.  ^;    Uedhaironuunent^Ubea   7    -he Legislature," re-  , ���   c of a good man for ehe ^ -( ^  ,lSPT    h"       politician, the   other  **. . ?���  irV      aor   wUV,"Chris   Morrison   lor ^h ^  the mattei bystander,   or   u��    ^#  -Yes,"   'e"0*^*  of good  material in this   own  There is any ^��ount ot �� ^present  thi,  114 s these oentieni^o--  KUherrett^re with honor."  city in the ue0 __���*  ':;;;; ;.-������� ������� �����'*  Afi>  ���i that Sir Henry Ir-  ,rh(> vue.t l.o.id-n rnn.or hae i       ��� stillS,m in  i rh.irle-' Wyn����h,inl m   ' This is alfnost  viiiRandOhailt.       >    Avlhur Jone-     l,     n   ���v^wa*  a ����w PUy ^       Tun. u,ice,ne,it that rt.r ^'^'^  ;l, Btarir��nBaath�� a��������* udoviUe  ranks.    1  oon��e,��l.laii���� ^^��   contemphvtes  a    ��  ��� ��� mud that   M��- NV >,mi  , ,hl,,.\ronmterenceof tlio  ;':r.m ��y ;����� :r t *��*. ���wc w  i   \ VIere t^  ll cl1'11  ty *" ��������� .,, tend to  ���      -hotild be left undone that  w  Nothing shotiut i saccess.    I ^l-re  ���   ,    ti,�� forthcomtng ie^i<--. , ��� j on slu,u.cl  make the for Rtt8ndance, and^ei  ta%RW^Xu forward  and  -ee-that her   g  l,Uthel-dy entertained.  ftrepropyli> ^ll   , Slarkev refuse to withdraw  Messrs. Cameron and bt. ^ Unl���g u  from vhe mayoraUy contes    J rticularly  ,5. himself   to any   policy, em\neutl y  ����T     . m   to the appointment of  WUU  V,S       dog tax collector,  trustworthy ci"fe ^   ,' quired here during  R,.v. Ktf���rl��n IL Vo����. - ' ^ ft mo8l wl��entu-  ;; ^oflhowoek,   aal -^ ion oi l��a  ,,)U. career, having ^-;h^udian, of the nort^  !i(o :l, ,, oiissionary amon (U    0nU) 1U lh 0  NU. Youn^waa h��rn J�� 21' ., ,yn)an��hen   sta-  U.i.ah.ot.p.in.   a   ^'J       ,  llfchlll,^" .o ,�����  i :,. ihi\t, town.    l^u l>  \ i.total l n  ma i-  r  -f  1?  i-  s?  V"t      <  . "( .1   ,<j3  ������ S- " t ii 3  ��� i? i      ss  i!  *&4. ii 1  1  fp if,  engagement at  month of August.    ", ,       , for the coast  next   Mon  ww, will \oavo tot t���� .    u^ui-e-  J.��.A��^Mnectedwitheoineolhwat.  ,i> bustnerfb con*  day ��u  , ^..terni^09*  u  -jv^i'.-.^y  Ss^ii  v����.  IM!��?  ii     i  ., ,.,. .-��.���..; p."  .:�������� .���.)!.  a,-Vi-,*,-."'^i':  "a.'l;:"sf!:  - --it-.fi . n%  ./  ~y    >y  i  ���**? .  i*-J'.  1   *  BY MARK TWAIN.  NCE there was a bad little boy  wicked any more, and ripe up with  son  .. -  . jfatuated with  books.    It   was   very strange,   but  fulness in her eyes. Sunday School.  still it was true, that this one was      No;   this   is  the way with   all       A**-d   when   the   knife   dropped  called Jim. other bad boys in the   books ; but  from   the   cap,   and  poor   George  He didn't have any sick mother, it happened otherwise with this hung his head and blushed, as if in  either���a   sick    mother   who   was  Jim, strangely enough. conscious   guilt,  and   the  grieved  pious and had the consumption, - He ate that jam, and said it was teacher charged'the theft upon him,  and would be glad to lie down and bully, in hit* sinful, vulgar way; anc* Wli�� J1*** in the very act of  be at rest, but for the strong love and he put in the tar, and said lhat bringing the switch down upon his  she bore her boy, and tbe anxiety was bully also, and laughed, and trembling shoulders, a white-  she felt that the world would be observed, "that the old woman haired justice of the peace did not  harsh and cold towards him when would get up and snort'9 when she suddenly appear in their midst,  she was gone. found    it    out;    and    when     sbe Anc*   strike   an   attitude and say.  Most bad   boys   in   the Sunday  did find it out, he  denied knowing  "Spare     this     noble    boy���there  School   books   are   named   James, about it, and she whipped hini ��� se-. ���*anc'8 ^he cowering culprit!    I was  and have sick   mothers, who  leach   verely, and he did the crying him-   passing the school door at recess,  them to   say,   "Now,   I    lay    me self. ��� and-unseen myself, I saw the tbeft  down," etc., and sing them to sleep       Everything about this   boy  was committed!"  with   sweet,   plaintive  voices, and  curious"���everything    turned     out      And then Jim didn't get whaled,  then     ki*s      them    good      night,   differently with him from  the. wav  and  the   ^^able   justice  didnV  and kneel dow . bv the bedside and it does with tbe bad Jame.es in the read lhe le*rltl1 fch��o1 a homil^  w ,)ook|t and take George by the hand  and  But it was different with this fel- Once he climbed up Farmer "* *uch " hoy **��"��* t0 > ex"  low. He was named Jim, and Acorn's apple tree to steal apples, a,l��d�� Hnd l,.len lpU h.��� t0 com��  there wasn't   anything the   matter  and the limb didn't break, and   he  and m..ke his home with  him, and  ~.:*u u:��� r~r.*u^    ��� ���rm0���^ni;*~     j- i   ��.  t n        j i       i   w i  sweep out theomce and make tires,  with his mother���no consumption,  didn t fall  and break his arm  and f ,  *u-        c ��u  ��� i :    i    cu . *        i     .l    / * .   ��        and run errands, and  chop  wood,  or anvthing of that kind.   She was  gel torn by the farmer s  great dog,        .        ,    , ,__...,  _u  "    .    ".   .u          *i        ���             i        i .i        ��          ��� i                    iii and study law, and help his wife to  rather stout   than   otherwise,   and and then   languish" on  a   sick   bed .    .         ;;%x   !  ,           ' ,   ,  ,                 .                                        u *            t           i            *         i   t do household  labors, and  have all  she was not   pious ; moreover,   she for weeks, and repent   and   become  was  not anxious on Jim's account,   good.  She said if he   were to break his       Oh no, he stole as   many   apples  neck,   it   wouldn't    be   much  loss,   as be wanted,   and came down   all  She always spanked Jim   to sleep,   right, and he was all ready  for the  and    she   never kissed   him   good-  dog, too, and knocked him endways  night; on the contrary, she boxed   with a rock when he came   to   tear  his ears   when   she  was    ready   to   him.  leave him.  Once tins little lad stole  the key   like it ever happened in those mild  of the pantry, and slipped in  there   little   books  with   marbled   backs,  and helped himself   to   some  jam,  and of   pictures   in   them   of  men  and filled up  the   vessel  with   tar,   with swallow-tailed coats and   bell-  so  that   his  mother   would    never  crowned hats and pantaloons   that  know    the difference;    but  all   at  are short in  the   legs, and   women   this bad, neglected boy.  once a terrible feling   didn't  come  with the waists of their dresses tin-       But the strangest thing that ever  over   him,   and   something   didn't  der   their arms with  no   hoops on.   happened to Jim was .the  time he  seem to whisper to him, "Is it right   Nothing like it in any of tbe   Sun-   WOnt boating on Sunday anddidnM-.  to   disobey   my  mother ?    Isn't it  day School books,  sinful to do   this ?    Where do had       Once he stole the   teacher's pen-  little   boys   go   to   who   gobble  up   knife, and when   he   wan   afraid   it     _,  their good, kind mother's jam ?"       would  he found   out, and he would    mid didn't get   Htruck   with  lis'11'  And then  he didn't   kneel   down   j��et whipped, he slipped it into (Jeo.  all alone and promise   never   to be   Wilson's   cap     poor   Widow   Wil-  the balance of the  time  to  play,  and get forty cents a month and be  h<|ppy-.      ,, t      .       ,  No ; it would have happened  that way in the books, but it didn't  happen that way to Jim. No meddling old elam of a justice dropped  in to make trouble, and so the  It    was   very   strange���nothing   mode!   boy, George, got   thrashed,  " l *       *      " "  "' '   and Jim was glad of   it; because,  you know, Jim hated   moral boys.  Jim said he   was "down  on  thorn  milksops."  Such was the coarse language,of  got drowned, and   that other time  that be got caught out iu tho storm  vhen   ho   wan   fishing on  Sunday  Why, yon might look, and look,  Ir *  I   ~ "  s     *  *-7a_   i  Si   =   A ?~.  �����Az��  I     :  $y  t '%4  **__..-,-^-"3"*  f-y%  j  ;1  }  I   '  i. .--  i  r  i  Li-.;  r.  r���-  V  i  *  f .-  3  F2  r n  A.  !&���  '���Ti  "V  VfV*  -.   :  >�����������  >�����<  )m  IFM��'  .3,  ���,?,\'  ���Mr*  i  ���Art  ~r4  nil  WVfii  ���a&L  rt'L  J  5i��.aa1  rt..i"*|  II  f  '  ;.i -rf!"  \\->  .  - _ -a���. -h --v -p. ~- -  ���^.^.u,...^,..,;.-., ,irn. ��� ,r>in.I titl$-r\ ���--���  i  -.- i  -*  .J  1  J  "il  *��� -  -f'  m  *��<  Will  IJ T,  fK*i  3.-.1  i p. i  .i -j  5��.rUl  n-  l .1. n.  I-.'   '  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  u.a look through the Sunday  yxo ,1 h..oks, from now till next  {^uu**, and you would never  ,..���,, aero,, anything like Una.  ���). ,inl You would find that all  !'���'.' wild hove who e�� boatinK ��"  -;'nldav invariably get drowned ;  ' . (i ..11 the bad boys who pet  "^..ht out in 8t��r��.i��, when they are  fi;h.���R, on Sunday,  infallibly   get  -mu-k by lightning.  lU.at/with bad boys in them al-  w< upset on Sunday, and it al-  vlV, -norm* when had boys f?o  tiij'iinj? on the Sabbath. How this  ji,��� ev��r escaped is  a   mystery   to  I ne.  This  Jim   bore a charmed life���  that must have been the way of it.  Nothing could hurt him.  He even gave the elephant in the  menagerie a plug of tobacco; and the  elephant didn't knock the top of  his head off vith his trunk.  He broused around the cupboard after essence of peppermin',  and didn't make a mistake and  drink aqua fortis.  He stole his father's gun and  went hunting on the Sabbath, and  didn't   shoot three   or  four of his  fingers off.  He struck hU little sister on the  temple with his fist when he was  gay, and she didn't linger in pain  through long summer days, and  die with sweet words of forgiveness  upon her lip-, that redoubled the  anguish of his breaking heart.  He ran off and went to sea at  last, and didn't comeback and find  himself sad and alone in the world,  9  his loved ones sleeping in the quie  churchyard,  and the vine-embowered house of his boyhood tumbled  down and gone to decay.  Ah, no 1 He came home drunk  as a piper, and got into the station-  house the first thing.  And he  grew up, and   married,  and   raised   a   large  family,   and  brained them all  with   an   axe  in  one night, and got wealthy   by  all  manner of cheating and rascality ;  and    now   he   is   the   infernalest,  wickedest scoundrel in   his  native  village,   and   is     universally     respected and belongs to the Legislature.  So vou gee there never was a baa  James in the Sunday School books  that had such a streak of luck as  the sinful Jim with this charmed  life.  -%i  Engagement of the Great Actress,  And Her Superb Company.  The Great English Play,  A. :=i  '���j  -i  k  -���a  "V  -* "v  Z���'h-A- '  _ *- F   y  ?���* -    ���    ���       r-_  !�����-*m~- 7Si="  1*1   -,  t-f-P      r-jfr  U. -   >.}      X   4-7i  S   -*iM-3E  rt  S j ,H"J"!.S-  5i��  ���m  m*  ft     sF'.t^  l!41  *.U  .i!''4  Scar-:.)  If  i^^^sW^  ri^> t'  if  ���Si  "1)  La  V      /7U.    ;m j)  K to  ������o,r-*-.-f  .li.Hi.H)ir'i..^1'-"H,,,7'.  .��.ia.'v|(H-  ;ff!1  Ita ��.lw��i^**��^nfa<a*_1-*_>^��t^_  9>  " 77      z���-  10  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  SHORT STORIES  Some year? ago when J. T. Wi!-  inc.      He    further     cullatitlv     h*. '  �����������������  marked on the great pleasure which   g  it gives the  other sex   to  listen   to   |  kinson   removed  from   the staff id | women   talking.       Punning    for    a   1  the Vancouver World to that of the j moment  after this observation, Mr,  Province,    someone    remarked    t��|Gladstone,  like   his   audience,   was  Mrs. Wilkinson :    " So Tom is out j thrown into an unexpected  sta?e of  of the world/' to which   she wittily ! merriment by a male  voire,   which  replied :    t8Yes,   out of   the world, j proceeded from the back of the hail,  but he is still in the province/* j JUU1   proclaimed   in    the    hroude.xt  t *   ���y j Yorkshire    dia'ect :       **-Kh.      lad.  The Rev. Henrv   Van Dyke tells j thouVt noun wed yet,  I j-e^i !"  E CO;  $   ���*?. ^,... a. Tmfrw. ..... ~��.*%H.r/rwfi.*-v?^^^  Coffee Roasters  Dealer��  in  this storv of a negro who  was fish-  ing    for   tarpon   in    Florida.    The  G  ESALI  fish   which  he   hooked  was   a   big |  one, and in spite of all becould d����, j    irn,ii*rrtu.n��yvirturonho|M\v,T>t-omttiiinj  the tarpon   pulled   him   overnoaru.  ut uteuna-ef n����* >hi.-.tie ��v wiut��,< M!t<<tv��t uk  .... .       A      ii ��      .   l     3   ; ^.  .    , U .    *<*h* hy puhlicnut'f em hy N''wlhij,' ��V i oniHuiv,  When he had been nauieo mto tne . lixu.tum,.t.r5. Hl .n.-ir t..m��v <������ Kf��>!<*��i*v Htrwi.  . . _   fc�� _ .^      i       I   u      1Y ^ h! Nelson,, !i. i* . "ii    Frhlay,   the  'JTth duv  ��->$'  boat again and the water nau i)^n;Jun*\i^ruui��.- h.uir*��r,-irvrn ��/**wk n*n��*  o   .     , /���    i ��� t ��...,_ l   j f*>n��n<>t)n.   tie*  folh.virtnj:   proiv.Tty :   All  sunt  shaken out of   nun,   he   reuiarkeii. | S!o��ubr thm ��vrtnin pnm-t ����r ��m*-i ..r t*wi��t  choking!}' : *\ nat   I    want    io ��� city ^r .\HM,it,un��i b��<inx*<*t*mp<*v.*si ��>r i.*a *u  , . *  *        ,. . i��    *  -     . : i��*h   HI�����*���>��� fc.   ����iirht**-n   <hM,  MjIxliviMoM   of   tt*n  know is, .is ats nisrger  a-n^nin    or : mnoiy.jiv��-M'&^. (..r��uj> om*.o, wv��t K**>*ctmy  -       '       , ,   , .    �� 91. i I.��l��trlt'l  oi   British iohunhh*,  was dat tisn a-mggenn   * j    on ui��-j.rojH>riy i** �� *i,\-nx*m   <!-tVf<m<t&-j  ���  ,���i��� |      F*��r IfnuMuni  c��.��n��nn*iat*. *'*{ ��*ii!e, apply t*�� \  Not  long   ago,  two ' es.th-.i^a-fcj' '^'�����''����^" �����<���*�� Su";^;J  anglers arranged   a   fishinjf  match j   ���i*'i��JJ.....M-.ih.i��n. "      |  to decide   the   respective merit,*   ���-���!! J  the worm and the   minnow as bait. \ "Comranics'   Act, 1807." aR��i Amending}  For hours they   Fat   patiently on a j .   - . ct** !  hank without getting  *o much a.** a : Fowi^r, ��MrntU'i��mn, <a ' nvi������h. n. t\, in** }��>������� |  . j appV'inbHl thr iiH*-*r!>ry   for  tin*   "Vmir (*okl =���  nibble      Al last   tbe   proprietor   of ? Mine*.    r.imUr��t",    un.!   " Th��*    KnttcrprU^ t  11 ii:riO.��h (%.h>tnh'ii> Mlm^. f.iinlUMl." in ph-Mw* i  the worm suddenly na'-d that h�� had   4s< Jti..-,. !��i��.- Jaa^ h  k.   j;�� hfrt.M��n, fnui ��im>  ��� :irv*irii��.-y     r^r     "Tlif      W'hi!i-vvjit��:r      Mlae.M.  erot a bile   and, jerking hi~ Sine ont' f-nr.io ^".   ir�� i>h����.,<- *��r <i*-��*r����! AU^xatnicr c��f  of t-be water   diec-��vered  at the  e.!-d*    N*��n��'*-u ��i��i��M;sv��*���� uw^ t)u*Hniri Hainu^i h.  Of     it     the     oi her     man\s    rninm^w   ���: J��avt��   h��-��-ji   jif��jw)inj����t    au�� rn��.*y*��   for   "The,  , \.<<-iul<*'.-,   uistJ   Jlriti'-h t "���-!hn��,blu   ��"i��-��t��l   FiehlM, ,  which, having bvT thi-^   time   t!r����wn   iaoho*>\'. m i��sn���� ofjauM <* ic. iti��iM>rtM>n.  ' , 'j      Pa t�� *1 < tils m h <l��y of AprlJ. IWtt.  hunerv. had devoured bi?��   worm       ! .-. v, W'oonojf.  "     "' j lC**��iHf TiU'  of .h��lHt   ISI��>��   K   I,   ��UHJ>HHHiHr   '  Wi? are <��frerin�� lit^huvt^t t>rhvs u)4> iu.s!  tfrnde-^ tin.Vyit��i��, Imlia. c.'lilnn and Japan  Oiirfte.Hi   M<H.lm nud Java i'ollev per  jnnnul  e    j(tJ  Moelm and Java Utctut, $ |����umls.*"*'%i ui-  i 'tittle*.' lUeiut <..N��tr����'. t potnuls  j Uii  S|n*t*inl lUen��l iVttr<u\ t�� jkhuuIs    ....     j uj'  Hh�� P.le������J C����rtVe. ti {hhiimIh ,    , j ^Z  SjHH-iut Hh.'tit!C.Vyl(tii ��*a, jnr pmnci     .-ul  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  OTENAY COFFEE CO  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     BAKER    STREET,    NEtSON  r ���lMifMmmmmmaWBaam  MBHWMB  TO-Jmam  ShlillMfiPiS*  WADOS BROS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAICER STREET, NELSON,  B. C  A mining eni:ine��*r who hnn returned from Alaska brin^, among  other  inte eating   things,   evidence  CERTIFICATE OF I M PROVE ME FITS.  TranNvaai Mineral��'iaiin. ^Ouafe in th** NVh  ��*����?i Vftninj*   Pi \ i4- * *��11   *��f   W '<>�������� f  K'>-*���!<-re* v  !��.������  tri��*t.  , it* itii'      U'hi-rr Ineati'it .*    *)n'IV<-a��I   M�� ��u nta i n. ah��aj t  that    the    higher   trie   latitude   the jiatr u mi!.* wu^i. uf tit��-.^iu-r ichu: Mn��*v  ,*    .        . ... ��   . ;     Tiik��*   noilri-    Unit    I.   .h��hii    M�� l^if. ����U',   ��tf  greater the    laM'.nd^.      Watching   h    or<- r.ty ����r .\.*!-m����. ,'^iin-,' a< >a���:�� n;  ?��� -r  r.i.;.  ��� 'lial'iiiiiii,      i-"r*��*     Mint-it.      (V||||lriU<  Mav     26  and      30.     June  July 2, 3.  |  29.  . *��� M.  poker game,   in     which    the    Htilkl^ . HAM., iMuiHinMrArilnir, l-'r-^ MIimt'". ��Vr i   , . , . Ilfba!*',  No. II.'.^.H'.. Jmmtiu* ii. ,Ni*l��.��#r��, l-'reo* ' ,  wereheavvt he  saw  a   piaver   give '; Min.-r'm vrtuir.u.. N.��, n ^.^L.tiwi�� Mihut.ru.-   ��;..,,���. p.lC<Pinrl    Trail   Xelson   and  rnm-eii tour jice.-* from   trie   boitom   jiii��>ii��i. sixty <h��y��  irr��m iu*> date ����#���n-m, t<��! intermediate t)Otnts  . , ., . ���   i      ���      1 ��� iO'pIv t���� f he '.Mining ��� Hcph ��!�������� |mi a t vrtlllcatc ;  of trie pack.     Htmnng   with   intii.-: ..f hnpr.iv, umiiih. r��*r n��r purp����M-��if ..biain-. |  ,       , , , . 1 Ing a e'rown Uriiut *��J   t h��- nhuvc rtniin. I rr\^%   "H/r-I -*-\ v\e%r% *v\/\1 id  nation at Htich .--haun'le^H   cheating,!    au<\ rmtiar take noth<��< that a��-that. un-rier , XO Jyx ill li. t?ctpuxio  Chicago  j)ered ; l,I)idyoti nee that ?n 4'See!  what ?" u Why that fellow dealt;  himself four ac*>:- 7" M Well, wahn't ;  it flirt deal V' I  CERTIFICATE OF IRflPROVEfyiENTS.  Detroit  Toronto  Montreal  $44.50  (34.50  77.00  80.00  100.50  Kortv    vearn   ago   Herbert   (Jlad.  Htone   wa.*-.    adtlrensing   a    wf.meti',-  St. in wi nih-r Mineral Oaiin. ^Itnatr hi the  N't'lMiii Minim.: Pivhtinn u! \S*��'^i Knuh-nay  Ph-.?rlr|.  W IjcJ'.' )< u*at��*<l:   <'N   'l'����atl   .\!<>iii.ta I li.   ahiait  hah M. i.i 11��' ui-Ht 0! Hi.- Si 1\ < r lv Inur Ml if,  Correspoiulinv:    reductions    n^  all Kootenay points     Usual divers  Iroin  rse  routes.      Meals and be��ths inc  Tul.��   iimI. |.o t hat  I, .I'ilni   M��-l .aO'lili', <��|   th��- .        ,y     t>    �����     _,,1.r*   ct*��'illH*rS.  .���if-,  -r '���.-���!���...!,,,..-nl.-a- ��� :.:-n! I-,   \   Mi.ni.,1,     on   the C.   I  .  K. lake .iR.um��  hided  1     f11 < ���   <! a I��'     I\< 1* ' -1.  Biiffra^i,..,ftti,,Ki��� l.,.,i~p,,������:,(���.,-. AA'A/iAZA/AyA'"'- N" " '"-^  noon, and in the c(iur>e uf hi.  ,^}>eech in- paid a graceful compliment to the ehajueiicjf of the women  who had addienM'd    the    meet-  l-'or t h-lii't 'iimil I'oinpl  In a|i|����> l��t lie' Mini in; lh<<ai|. r im n ��'�� i ���  i ifii .���(!<���< >f I hi j>! ��� ��\ ��� i.e M >-. t(��r llii' |'ii t|i< �����.��� <��(  ��.1.1,1. i s 1111 ��������� 11 t 1 ���<i\v n �� it H.nt ��� a   11 >.  uI��<��\��  �� In111���.  Aii'l liiiiliO' lalvr  nutl��'��'   lino   a*'t lun, untl'-r    j,'l<����'al a^��nt *-*.  iiirlinn:!';, n,ii!,i In   i'hiii m i ii'�� ���! i ,,!> >r <��� I h< ���   lv ���  MininT uj -n ifh < '< rl I li' "a �������� <l  I in | a �� -n ��lm li Ik, J. S. <   A 11'!" i! I i,  Pat��*��l lhe- )Vt It <hi\   "I.Mio.   \,P   I"1'' pha. Pa**. AkI ..  ,I��pH N   ,\|i I.A'H ii 11.. IM.>. N��' l.-aai.  ,|,.��r hil'TllllttlaiU'I'I'tV  I-;. .1. co\ I.i'..  A. <J. r' A\ir  Vuii.'uiiVH  s'��^K^'  ��  k  l  -   F  r  H  >  ?  t  ^  t  (*  �����-  L  1  \  t      '  -3  t*  r  "f  S--J.  p,w..'  r***"-sf.  '���St-  rjl  ,1  -I  �� **VI  -.���V  -i  1 *ii  i. .-.1  [4\  \  ��yy\  ZT y~y~~y   ��  .  t  Ir  K  \A  ��  I  r       **.  ��  s  *     '  t  ti*  1.3         i.  ��*  s.  * !"  ->Ka  r'~  ������J*  *  yy ___ * ?  TISH             "    J"  ' i jJ. l *������ _i. *." ^  . o^_. J: ^"75   TajHr���    "���"h. "v.    ���.    S ~        * -" S  ifi. f   ^ t$      ^.   _^._ .  'C5  &��.���a       li    -V  Ir j.   -a^r  -^-^-^-^Uf -��_-  ***t    ,J"*3-fenfe  1 \    \i.Jb*�� WUTft _  "\  aw, JCr-^-at..  *   "-t:  -er    V-  ~~��3-   -i -ff-JH-^H-  ^.^  ��� ���^ _ Ii-r^r*  A.  ~  "- ���   If  ^7"-  "4"*'  ���a^T   to  U.  *li  ^f SKaftl      ���*W-'S- <r< W    *<*  -��K    ��^��p  *  -gcT-       *i-SLB. ^     ^  .v- **     *��    GSj    ^        TS^j^j. -^^*7f       .-      ���.,  3*.  r _tS_-"i__      ,^..jiY*'*w1      ^5T" "u~  h^^V!^^ g3)s-J*-y+ "^��#jCSa   a-  ,   ^^355  .  ������f."^ a  ^ti.^       _g  -J> ,-T.-  ��; ?  ��-5  J^   ~*-~   *��.  I~.    _ _ _d a. jJ-C  ���^--  .Jss J.1H*     4<��  ^^t^^ %%*w 3L-yA**> "��& jA����fcjau ,5^ "^^-^ >* -w -��rJ  *^   _ '  'it^^aj'  ,"     1^  -    --- a...__       _   .        >     _,    ---i2jjar��       -Hfra^TJ.  _ ^J*tT%��.  * *7r-�� i^_ 7^^- -ia-s  * M.lrp Aft  TCS-So-r.  I    h  (    'l'       '      ''  1    > 1 ' !   ,  v'1 h   ' '! *y '  >.,*,., iaa     '1   1,,   ,   *)"������,     1'. 1     p-11   ;   i/ ,'i ' .��� ,^1 hi'i,  f.,,.1,1   ���   /    ii '   'ui  1   I.I    "  1 y  1  r   i*i    1  1 ��  ifn', .pnVM "',?  ij   , > .*-"  aO-       "  i-   ^        *^3 "* ^    Th  i-  -i  T' i_- r  _  I -  o  -A-  Hr-<-  -Tc      ���    ���  -8  nintS-}*  Tffinarrf       ���   ���  .,8..  _��1>  **     ��          A "*-l  r  -5r~  ��r~      -*����.  -    '-ff  *          "^"^"���H^  i_         *_  ^y*  ~ ^ i&~*  ^                 ,  3^ ���.  +-piL  ~"s"^'v^pr  -jj"~  %.:_����� X-. _^ei ~<  p_*V    <-l*-*- r1  -V ^ rOTrJ-*  f.  __J_  -f  _.-_-=_     <T     ir^  ^  >_-  -"  JN.  H-  "     "        "^*���         "  ���,��"""  "Ji  V J  CI   Itt  'It**   _.��  *S*T                                      1.  **  A  f.  -L  -3-  *'_*.  i-   "-     -X  9fi  ~        ~  -     ~  J  "sr  -*-*  _  ' s  0?          <*  ���3  ^"              >r  lT  -  ii  -  ***  *L~  ,-i                               -���r.                                                  ^  .1  ���^  ?_>  J*S.**  <r        ���*  A3*  �� ���*���*������  ->  4_  7=     -Ife  ,* 3 -i  -*  7     -   . ^  <Hr  ft  t  s-VfCia   ^    *_*G>-;iia.,7   "^>a/_!        *CS- ��SS   i '4,  .'       7   1 fc*-s ^  i\.  *    a,   /If j. #*��-    w*_   &   *a,>   i-S?_j!  c  p�� ^f ��~��i2-3��& ��-   aPH=-ijfi      $*   k.    t.      *.      **��� naT. S"��� "E. -.-a���.^.^     *     ^     n=--. _,       >^      i^. H^^_3��3_i   7 r^juiaH7 S?^ ^   SH" *!^57a_l*0     hJtJK- >-.  ftp.      t4r  �� �����-  ~*t "��-       -h^. ^Ta1      _4*._,  ^_ a.   ,^~^*     r^rt 5TOV.    ��� Hffl   iW?^_w4W_J(i.iEtne< ^^a. ��Iw^et   -SJHKhiHtt^ j��t     ^ B1^--t3HQiuU'^0t_     (HvJ _i;iW-j i-  3  \?  *S_  fcr*  I __.*���        ,<ir  1{     Up' ���    '  * t    <  II    lV ''    ^i'^1"    ,   '    I-   '  i *! ���   -f >  <  ,c1i.'-,i ii'<        <  4 pr , ��� ���''.  "   'j  I    I  f  4xi I' *  ii  i.^  ZA  y  r^??^^  **&5UrC>"  ?'?;  ���Vrf       H^  ^f  i  ' i  iwi  K       '   ,      ,    -iv^i  1      '<      ' '      Zf^  II    JlfhOffQ  It-t ^lf J^��  if  t i    f �� *t      i  I!    'I  t  .    A y <(  ,' ,��r;.   ,/it;  4      >     ^     /   *  O      '      I     J


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