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The Nelson Economist Oct 11, 1902

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All orders must be _. ��� W��  either person��iivr    aPcoinpanied by cash �����.,   ,  personally or by ma_l to the^ffice o?   Sh��nld be *��  ��5I,  ia   JlfCfe"'  tit *s��n>i"��, * vm    ) 'tnuif *  ���f,  ��.��.��,.,��k,>(k\  *i ui~*1 f* -��? iHnltt*riW"tt<  ^  Boots and Shoes made to ��_*       I '"���   ����� ^W R  n. ���<��... wtLI:'��-priced m the cAUr       Iti.  TI��RWEVP GEfMflL JtOTf  (  ;ai  -"�����^MFH(V-rt HH ���-_��>H4*,��MBWlfc ,*,���,,,Ml (^ ���  t-��)* *��,*��*�����  Atf**  r4  Liai. Lisas*  K0KEI  <)iie seven-roomed house and  fv "'^'f-roojiu house  if rent.  .  iV  / |r t* ******  ^^flt^ffifo? Wj^ .fewf-^^  eeubk. old s���d, Mtti STf _^rSua.5r,^-fc �� -7 *��.  ^ % Hotel for sale a, a ,(^��t,   opr,���..jte R      ,  vl  |W      l^kifk^,^      H      ,>l������f!!l"k  klkftikAjMHHrH,^     flU|t,k.^k,tU        ^,       cr      kjf  ^)      ^t1^,1! 7l       s      rt     ,1  .1       ril       I"        "4    l>-��" "Jl" ������->'        ��H       kf  ���,        ,.,., k-   ,,      ^,a     ,,  ���a i| ill      ���    >! ��� -".''^-BsJt'i^^SJiKjri^tH^  wjf^t-ipt*!����^��^iMo-i2't��*^^  ���iK^jwi^awii*.  ^ pj- jymr^,y^ -j>��^^>4_JErt3^jiiH^.jneiriie^  ^ _ nd.fttMi.-Wi.*- -*B J     aj"-rtl-"  ^,*J*  ^^W_-^ 7T  i^l^inr^  S~,  '���        ��� k Vj?r  . ^^^_^a55fe|_|  5  1  L j/OL. VI  NELSON. B. C.. SATURDAY, OCTOBER n', S902.  NO. 13  11  1 ***f^^-~  \S1?  - wiTNHLSON ECONOMIST, is issued.  .Ta wg�� Saturday, subscription : $2.oo  ""   per annum; IP paid i�� advance. $i.5o  CORRESPONDENCE OF CENERAI. INTE^St  KKSPECTPUIalaV SOLICITED. OMW ARTICLES  OF MERIT WILL BE ADVERTISED IN THESE  COLUMNS. AND THE INTERESTSOEREADERS  WI,T BE CAREFULLY GUARDED AGAINST  ISRKSrONSIBLE   PERSONS  AND   WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  -.*���   r     ��������-*      ���*&  j*t .���    -����&���_ -ft Jv  it*" wa~'��+lAaf  frf: CI  ____,   -   T>   -^  ^Wi   3  ��� ���/ .y���5r y^  ^���^sKSB-.rTTS_  Jf     1   ��     ^-s  mm  #  Ml  *J  (i   I-  r ,j  ���fe:  I  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  V MILD Million has been caused by an  A editorial in ^e "ali^ C^n^w^h  hM   been   circulated   in   the   news   column  w   ' \fn��treal 5tor.    The  ChrontcU  it. the  ofthe   Montreal ohm . . a������,i. ��,,_ nro-  leading Liberal paper of Nova Scotu> .odpr  hMyoi the Maritime Province,  and   its edt  tori.18 are sc.dom at ���rf^ ���* J""  of the party leaders. The article which has  ot tne party rather bitter  denuncia-  aitracted notice is a  ratner  u��i  tion of what the Chronicle concedes to be Mr.  cZLrlain's attitude towards the  co om*.  Mr. Chamberlain has had the   mwfurUine  to  me the word "appreciate" m reference to the  colonial aid in the South African  \\ ar     \\ e  f:li, to see any offence in the word or the idea,  hut the-Chronicle construe  it   a* an  ��,.re.-  ,i.,���   of   contempt, nt.au   it   th.n-fore   und  nr,es Canadians to assert their manhood   by  Growing of, the yoke of  the British   Pa ha-  mnnt (few Canadians probably were conscious  of hearing any such yoke) and accept or^y the  nominal rule of His   Majerty,  or   if that   be  Uuid impracticable, to demand and sv-cure  complete independence.  If thtR b�� only the outburst of one news-  ��� P.. per man.il hardly calls for serious cora-  nu-nt, but it is possible that Liberal leaders  liavo inspired it. We have grown familiar  with the Liberal policy of feeling the pulse of  the country nefore launching a policy���which  nu-aiiH in'effect thai the country's chosen  louden decline to lead until they are sure of  l.oing followed; in other word-v that their  i7.uvict.ions are variable, depending entirely  on what cry will evoke popular approval.  If thin be the true, as it is the most pro-  l'��bl_, explanation of the Chronicle's ebullition, there is not much doubt as to the re-  M-'nse, and it will probably do more good  than harm. But it is peculiar, to apply no  ������nii'ler torm to it, that the party whose prefer-  < mini traile jiolicy heralded a course of con-  ���hi.'t to bo characterized throughout by per-.  f'Tvi.l loyalty, and which is led by the gentlo-  i"in whoso graceful after-dinner npeoches havo  h" <:liarmmi our kindred at   home,  Bhould   bo  fteling their way towards a policy of i-eces-  Bion. The confession of insincerity in the former cour e will cause little surprise, but the  display o* courage in innovation even so timidly evinced at one edge ofthe Dominion, is  positively astounding, as much so as the discovery of an original idea therein.  Thk Education Bill is at present engrossing  the attention of both Parliament  and   people  of Great Britain  to the exclusion   of almost  everything else including cricket.    The question   is so involved  that  th-   meagre   telegraphic reports really throw v<-ry little  light  on it, and it is particularly difficult of  comprehension to  Canadians, because  we are familiar with a simple system of public echool*  supported and managed by municipal authority with a varying degree of Provincial Government regula'fjn.  England has never had what we understand by a public school system. Thirty  years ago an education bill was carried by  Mr Gladstone's ministry, which first gave  State recognition and State aid to the voluntary sohoolsestablished and maintained by the  Church of Englond. It also created Board  Schools in towns and cities under p >pulareelected boards  Mr  Balfour's  present bill proposes to �����  .  tend and sir ingihen these, hat a closer union  ! is contemplated.    Thw  will   in   some   cases  throw the control entirely  into  the hand-of  the  m-MiHi-er-  of the  voluntary, fth��l< is the  Church)   schools.    This  is  the  source of all  the disagwamentl the  Non-aonformists  to a  man protest against any aid to Church schools.  The situation may briefly be summarized as  follows-    the   Bill   has  been demanded   for  years : it propo.es to legalize existing conditions and extend them, taking  advantage  of  present  foundations;   this   means   in many  cases that the State schools will be controlled  bv  the  State  Churchy the   Non-conformiBts  don't want secular education, but they  want  Church education still less.    This  position is  further complicated by the fact that Irish and  Scotch members who have no interest in the  Bill will have a voice in deciding it, and the  Opposition which could agree on nothing else  will unite to reoiet the Government    ���-  Mr. Balfour's tact and courage will be tried  as never before.  Thk suggestion that the old political par-  tie, may be abandoned by the intelligent men  of both and a new party formed is something  that ought t* attract eerioufl not.ee. It is a  charge against Canadians that their political  are  due 'rather   to  heredity   than to  thoughts or principles.    When in spite of this  characteristic there is discovered a general dis-.  inclination on the part of the more intelligent    ;,  members of both parties to accept  the leadership of those at the head of the  party organ-"  izatious, it  is evident that  something is seriously wrong.    It  may   be  laid down as au  axiom that no system   of government can endure which is not based  on the judgment of  the   highest   intelligence of the community.  No majority however apparently decisive can  disregard    for   long 'the   criticism    of   one  thoughtful  citizen.    If,  then,  the  leaders.of  the   two associations   in   British   Columbia,  imagine that each has only the other to combat they are in danger of  a   rude  awakening..  ;  It is sometimes not very difficult  to negotiate  terms in a party convention, but it is a#tber  and far different matter to  persuade the gen-   ,  eral public thai, the choice bf a; party cdnven- ;  lion is binding upn ihem.   ; *   7 o'  Meanwhile, the various rumors thai follow  each other inland from the storm-centre at the  capital, are well  calculated  to...bewildervthe  most diligent student of polUicss- ''Here��� are,.av'  sew   oi  the  last 'fortnight's   offspring:. Mr.o;  Dunsmuir  is  to  retire  aiid recommeud' Col.  Pi ior ; same as above with Mr. Eberts instead  of     Col.     Prhr;    Col.     Prior      and     Mr.  WiUou      bave      quarrelled    openly;      Col.  Prior    is    to    retire;    Mr.    Dunsmuir     is  to    dismiss    his     present    colleagues    and  call Joseph Martin ; a new Reform pany is to  be created to defeat  I o:h Conservative  and  Liberal organizations ; Col.   Prior  is  to  leiid  this last; Mr. Eberts is to lead it.  It is hard, very hard, to separate this mass  of foolish rumor into even plausible elements.  We can hardly believe that any of the gentlemen named above or all together could  carry  one-third of the  Province.    Mr. DunBmuir's  career as premier has disappointed even the  modeBt hope that he would be too cautious to  do any harm ; Mr. Eberts'strength is strictly  confined to the southern portion of Vancouver  Island ; Col. Prior, though  personally  popular in Victoria, is an unknown quantity ; he  has never faced a Provincial general election ;  Mr Martin has faced a general election, and,  aided by disunion among his opponents,  he  succeeded   in  carrying one-fifth of the  constituencies.    Even that small following iB his  no longer, and though he secured the nominal  leadership of the  Liberals in  convention   in  Vancouver, it is only  in the east  end of that  city that be has any following.  With these conditions to face, the electorate  may he thankful for a little pause before tho  next campaign, and no possible developments  can be a very groat surprise���man's capacity  for wonder is finite.  -,<*!  "A''\x>WM  -, *   ,           f ____js_  ;nm  * '   -           A ''Wgg,  G"*      "   * Bs^i  1  ''" c    "N^^  -"   '    "       1 --7 _��__��  '         o^^S  ^���ia       4"    aiMfy  ,    ���. ���>.   J^kfesS  - * -l.   * wSSb  ���    ������   *v'1 "   "Slaig  , t?$A \. 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It is  toldof Mr. Chevalier, whose full name, by the  bye, is Albert Onesimo  Britannicus  Gwath-  j  and the Chief Junice deeply impressed  with  veoye Louis Chevalier.    He was  singing in a  I   the solemnity of   his duty, pronounced   sen-  great patience and undivided attention to the  evidence for and against the prisoner, and no  one will question the justice of their verdict.  The trial was conducted with the most exemplary moderation by the counsel for the Crown,  Mr. W. A. Macdonald, Q. C , while J. A. Macdonald defended he prisoner with marked  ability. It was after 2 o'clock in the morning  when the jury brought in its verdict of guilty,  *"%.  m^  with his guilt, as ihe statements vol  hy a man as he is being arrested  great consequent, ai they serve to th  light upon the question of his gujh^  innocence. Then they would have to co'  sider whether tbe prisoner*�� statement mnk  ence to hearing cries Irom the shore, and tb  words he put into De ma rs* mouth when he ^  turned and anked him who had killed Calf  14 two men came out from the woods," wa*|  reasonable   thing   for   them    to  small town not far from London. The audience had been very enthusiastic, and the porr  trayer of coster-life remarked on the fact to  the manager afterwards, saying that he  thought they were almost too demonstrative.  " Why ?" asked the worthy. "Well," Mr.  Chevalier replied,'.*' they were knocking their  umbrellas and sticks on the fl���or all the time  I was on the stage.':1." That wasn't applause,"  came.the quick reply ; *c you see, the post-  office is right above us, and they were stamping letters for the mail !"  Count Berge,. of Paris, France,, is greatly  taken up with British Columbia as a hunting  and fishing report. The count has just returned-to the French capital after spending  five months in this Province, and he tells European tourists that if they only knew a little  more about British Columbia they would  make the trip to this Province every year for  shooting, camping, etc. No doubt Count  Berge's good report of this Province will induce others to come over here in future. A  constant stream of travel from Europe would  be a source of great revenue to the people of  this Province.  The trial and conviction of Henry Rose, for  the murder of John Cole near Nakusp on June  4th of this year, was probably the most extra-  ardinary criminal ease which has ever bten  tried in British Columbia courts. Indeed, the  atrocious murder may be said to stand without a parallel in the annals of crime in Can-  add,.and now that the crime   has   heen pas.-ed  upon by judge and   jury, no   injustice can be  done Rose in saying that  suciety will   be  the j  hands   of  the   prisoner,   injury 'which" had  *Ni,  ',��i.��\�� fl fc.  gainer by his extinction. Apart from the  diabolical nature of the crime, the trial attracted widespread attention from the fact  that it was the first murder case to come before  Chief Justice Hunter. His Lordship, by his  conduct of this case, did much to inspire the  public with due respect for the majesty of the  law. He is undoubtedly a strong man. While  vigorous in his expression, he never assumes  the attitude of the pedant, and impresses counsel and jury with his true position as a man of  learning and integrity. His presence on tho  Bench is universally regarded a distinct gain  to the Province of British Columbia. It i��  rarely in Canada that a better jury is selected  than the one in this case. .It was composed  of men much above the average in intelligence, and of pubstancc in the community.  Through the tedious trial they   listened with  11 ,1 AiM  tence, which was that Henry Roe should suf-  j   whether t hey were silly falsehoods.   Hec  fer the penalty of his crime, on Friday, Novem-  j  sidered the fact that the prisoner return*! t��  Nakusp   instead   of attempting   to  flee iy  country-as of a neutral nature.   The prisoner  knew that,several persons had seen bim lean  Nakusp in  company wi|h   the deceased mi  Oeoiars, he knew that search parties would bt  I sent out, and he might  reasonably have can*  j eluded that ihe wisest thing for him todowsi  |  to return to Nakuep and brave the thing oat  1  Dealing   with   what   he termed the curious  theory of the tragedy set up by the counsel hi  the defense that Demara had wilfully or ted-,  dentally kilted Cole, Hta  Lordship deckel  ���..that the evidence of Dr. Cross*, if they believe^  it, completely destroyed the theory*   They had;  heard all the evidence and from their positioir  were much   better   able  to judge of the mm-'  ner in which it wae  given than  he. "White;'  they   should   make every allowance for tbe  prisoners ignorance of the  English language,  and the natural  excitement under which b*  labored they had to seriously consider whether  his evidence was that  of a  truthful man or  simply that of a man floundering in a quagmire of falsehood.    As life is the greatest gify  its protection is the  greatest trust known to  the  law.    Murder consists   in   intentionally  causing the death of another  wiihout  lawful  cause or excuse, or by inflicting bodily injuries, knowing  that they would  be likely to  cause death and recklese whether death ensues  or not.    The law presumed all homicide to be  murder  until   the   contrary*%ppeared.   The  jury had a right to bring in a verdict of manslaughter    when     death     was     shown   to  have     been     the    outcome    of    a   quarrel  in    which     both    parties    thereto   started  upon    level    terms.      He    felt     bound    to  advise them  that  in   this case there was no  room for a verdict of manslaughter.   Tbodefense set   up  was that  the   prisoner had no  part whatever in the death of Cole, hence their  verdict must be either one of acquittal or con*  viction of murder.    Even if the defense had  tried to make out  a case of manslaughter he  did not think it would have been of the slightest avail.    If  they   believed 'tha-evidence"of  Dr. CarrutherR, Cole never  had the slightest  chance for his life.    Tbe blow that killed him  was delivered from behind, and  when in a*1  unconscious   state.    In   conclusion, tho Clue*  Justice said ho considered the   appeal   to tho  responsibility of the jury by counsel as flOiuc  what unfair.    Crime is the author of ite own  punishment.    A man who commits murdortf  Bololy and wholly responsible for the punish"  ment which follows.    The constable  who ^r*  ber 21. The Economist has not the space at  its disposal to review the evidence at length,  but presents the judge's charge, which contains  all the salient point-, and may be regarded a  moderate and impartial summing up of .the  testimony for and against the prisoner :  His Lordship first congratulated the jury  upon a termination having'been reached of a  long and tedious trial. As counsel for the  crown and defense had dealt at very great  length with the evidence he would spare them  ������do *~ ��� ��� *  .  the'infliction.of'a lengthy renew of the facts.  The prisoner was indicted   for the  murder of  John Cole.    They had first to decide whether  Cole eame to a violent   death, or whether   he  died  a  natural death.   "In", the   socond place  they   had   to  determine   whother  or  not"thj  prisoner Rose  caused   li* death, and   in  the  third place-whettier he   was   guilty of murder  or manslaughter.    There would   be   no  difficulty on the first   count.    The  evidence   was  conclusive   that  Cole's   death  was   not   from  natural     causes.     On     the    second    count,  the    question    was,    who    committed     the  cr.rae'?       In      this    connection     the    evidence of Demars was  of   chief  consideration.  The Chief Justice reviewed the salient features  of Demars* evidence, and pointed   out   to   the  jury   that   they   would   have tc consider well  the way in which he gave this evidence.   Was  it the testimony of a man desirous of telling a  straight story in a frank, impartial   manner ?  The best   proof in   his  opinion   that his evidence was that of a truthful man rested in the  fact that notwithstanding he  swore   that   he  had   suffered   grievous   bodily   injury at   the  ruined his eyesight for life, he refrained from  any accentuation or aggravation of the case  against the prisoner. The evidence of Demars  was corroborated by that of Dr. Cross. If they  believed the doctors* evidence then Demurs'  testimony was beyond impeachment, and it  was absolutely impossible for Demars and  Cole to have inflicted on one another the injuries wh.ch they had received. HiH Lord  ship then referred to some of the minor points  raised in the course of the trial. He alluded  to the evidence of Mann as to Rose having declared that he would fix Cole before the year  wjh out, and also to the prisoner's remark to  Scott when he was arrested,"! thought as  much." They would have to decide whether  this was the exclamation of an innocent man  who felt appearances to he against him, or the  involuntary  utterance of   a   man  confronted  ��7)  K Jm.kiJ"*'*"  -,*.��*ii MiMmhlvr^ JI  ,,iwiiwrM��^**Mli'*"'",|i  ~*r~Tzz\*\  '*WPWt,-..ii��? m> i��$| _ ���q,- kk_, _ j- ~ -j.       -    ���  -  a~7fc~   ���    _  h ^_Trj   v.  'W3 JO" *^j!"rS^  ��� A   "Z,    r*>  5   -       ..^    "  "* " ~*e~    '   ' " ���* - ������    "Wj^~j-jc    i��''v*-'-J<i��iBOr<Mii*j('y.uiiCwiu  --*-  H=Ml,l��H,ilHw���tl,   f_ltLrf��i��*mafcB-t^f jW^  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  4 bim, the jailer who guards him, the jury  j try him, and tbe  judge  who passes seh-  ce, are all merely parts of the  stupendous  ' chinery of justice which he has set in mo-  -n hy his own act. From the earnest, pains-  -ling attention given the case by the jury be  - __< cure that their verdict, whatever it might  I j, would be a just one, and one which would  Jljtjsfy their consciences and the oaths  that  t-^'ijey bad taken. \  | !>f| Counsel for defense objected to some of His  P lordship's directions as to matters of fact not  r^img Bufiiciently favorable to accused, where-  l-^Mioa His Lordship rectiaded the jury that  feH^u.y Were the sole judges of all matters of  p'^ffact and could if they saw fit disregard his  t-';Zr24_,��ws altogether, except  as to matters of law.  I  !  him. He went home and pestered me with  letters Finally I told my financial man to  write him that if he would agree not to worry  me for two years I would let him have $500.  He wrote back/Make it five years and $ . ,000.'  That was so much like an Armour," said Mr.  all contributed so much to  the success bf the  the entertainment it would be unjust to particularize any one effort.  r  v-  r  �� v  Rev. Father Ferland has  left for  his  new  Armour, with a chuckle,44 tbat I let him have j parish at Spokane.    During his residence^ here  Well, in about two weeks 1 got a letter  from his wife saying tbat, as she had not been  a party to tbe contract, she hoped-1 would  make the same arrangement with her."  o  The War Office has  a  scheme for the employment of a large number of ex-soldiers.  Sr-tt*��  m  ir v  E%S3$ Lieut. Morris, U. S. N., who committed sui-  *"^^.de the other day, was an electrician on the  Jllil.-fated Maine when she was destroyed in  Havana harbor, and he is said to have given  Ins friends to know that be believed the dis-  :i-ter to have /been.due to defective wiring. He  worried much about the awful consequences of  lhe. unreasoning rage against the Spanish  caused thereby, and it b* said that the knowledge of the true cause of the explosion was  the means of driving htm to suicide.  There is a " tumor " at Victoria that Rogers  will vacate his seat in Cariboo for Charles  Wilson.  It is rumored that Canon   Ainger will succeed Dean Bradley at Westminster.  * Lib ��_���  A large number of counterfeit $5 Bank of  Montreal, bills are in circulation. Imitations  of the Molson's Bank $5 denominations are  also being passed.  There are said to be 3,000,000 French Canadians resident in America, of whom i,28S,000  an- in the United Slates.  W-^H^!^^,,'  ^M&i;;&iw^.4y\  The instruments for the Nelson band have  arrived, and are now being used inVpractice.  They are said to be of the best make, and are  e-��rtainly giving the beat satisfaction.  Skeletons have been unearthed in Win-  -h'ster, Knclaml. They are believed to be  vh"si�� of brethren of the Carmelite house,  lormod  in 1278  Madame Zola pleaded with Captain'Dreyfus  A,o\ to participate in the funeral ceremony of  her husband, because his presence might lead  t<> disorders, and he consented.  T������  J'Jw <M  The Harry Lindley company will play two  1 L-ihts in Nelson next week���Friday and Sat-  ��trday.      Tho   company   has    been    greatly  tven^theiuid since it was here a month ago.  a,aJ  44 Diamond Joe" Reynolds relates this fctory  "f the bite Philip Armour o( Chicago, who, in  answer to an inquiry if ho was not ofton trou-  ^���'d by those in need of assistance, answered :  1' ICvery day. I have one impecunious relative who is forever importuning me for help,  finally I shut down on him.' <V few days ago  when he came to   this  oflice I refused to sec  If sweethearts were.sweethearts always,  Whether as maid or wife,  No drop would be half as pleasant  In the mingled drought of life.  But the sweetheart has smiles and blushes  When the wife has frowns and sighs,  And the wife's have a wrathful glitter  For the glow of the sweetheart's eyes.  If lovers were lovers always���  The same to sweetheart and wife,  Who would change���for a future of Eden,  The joys of this checkered life ?  But husbands grow grave and silent,  Aud cares ou the anxious brow  Oft replaces tbe sunshine that perished  With the words of the marriage vow.  Happy is he whose sweetheart  Is wife and sweetheart still���  Whose voice, as of old, can charm ;  Whose kiss, as of old, can thrill ;  Who has plucked the rose to find ever  It's beauty and f .agra'ice increase,  As the flush of passion is mellowed  In love's unmeasured peace ;  Who sees in the step a lightness ;  Who finds in the form of grace ;  ���   -i. - .  Who reads an unaltered brightness  In the witchery of the face. ,  Undimmed and unchanged.    Ah happy  la he crowned with such a life ;  Who drinks the wife pledging the sweetheart,  And toasts in the sweetheart the wife !  Mr Carnegie now   gives  away, .on an average, eight libraries a day.  * i ii  ���V A,.  The concert given by tho Ladies' Aid of St.  Paul's Presbyterian Church at the opera house  last Tuesday evening was successful in every  respect. Every number on the programme  was faithfully rendered, and more than one  selection enthusiastically applauded.    Whore  Father Ferland made many friends and his  departure is deeply regretted by every fith.en  t)f Nelson. Last Sunday, Messrs. T. Scanlan  and J. O. Patanaude presented Father Ferland  with a gold watch and an address on behalf of  the congregation.  <***���**��  *'fcV,(  The Boer delegates are doing up Montreal,  so the dispatches say.  'ft     ll  ��,.^H,.��,P������.,��,���WTO11Wii(mirTOv4Bww^ ^  'I       llCIf Ik|   -,1     j  ,uh��MMW��Mnii*RH*>iDywn i^����r��m��wi������iv^^(*i������i��vi��w^^  V  *      '   'M   i      ,        .      I.    '  It is reported that the Bank of Commerc-3  contemplate placing a branch of their bank  in Prince Albert, N. W. T.  Factory extensions are contemplated in  Brantford which will aggregate $300,000, and  be completed before Christmas.;.--.  The Canadian High Cdmmissioher in ton*  don wiLl urge the Imperial Government to  spend some of the money in Canada appro?  priated for restocking Boer farms.  C iief Jarvis is engaged slaughtering ducks  at Edmonton for British Columbia consumption. * V  A meeting of the truit-growers was held in  the opera house Friday afternoon, when matters of mutual interest were discussed.  O     - .  Tbe series of lectures on "first aid to the injured," now being given by Dr. Rose, are  proving very interesting.  Fred Irvine <fe Co. are advertising new fall  mantles, furs, coats and capes ; also a splendid assortment of ladies' dress skirts, jackets,  1-7' '    '    ��� '.'.���.'���-������-  furs and long coats.  The tramcars are running again, although  an effort is being made by certain lightweight  citizens to put the company out of business.  The death cif Henry Hogan, proprietor of  the St. Lawrence Hall hotel, will cause much  regret to those who had the pleasure of his ao*,  quaihtance,  It .ia announced that*u Nelson is to be visited shortly by a party of Michigan capitalists, who have money to invest in thia district."'  Col. Holmes inspected the local company cS  thell. M. R. Friday afternoon.  iZ  1*"*   ii  .\  i  h��i  -  3    t  il 'f Z\.  "���-^r~j^^  if'     If *    '! f!;  yv'/v ���([���,���  >i>  i AiZv IV  ������ *�����**  "grVfcMl-lrtlAfllHUjM  M  i\'A>  y  \k  i-       A    -~~  i i�� /l- Aj;" -k5_ -  7 il~"~.w-~ - -. ������-  i- Z _.     ���-''>*������:--'  va" "ki.,*'--"^!!;  vs. ���    -    - "t"^H3^.  kS-.'i-.Hfe^j.;  ALZAfAA'^  Z -, ^ AAYlyZA.  .'_-!. ���.'������'  ';*���'.A. AS'-<-  "-.'���8 3  -A->x-l  ���"<��� Z../Z'  S    r       , ,'.���,  l>. t->1  -'* ,'  .'.'-. * At  7 ��� <     '",\i  '���:'   s  l  ���    1  'l,\  rl'l.  'I - ��1 m^niiaUAmiiiiT/ia ..Ti-^l^frhnfrKStg  !-^-&~&?&^X2xtei-^ f^  issisSttJ^  �����^-l^&siSh^i='i^^^-^cj^i^i^nvr'  ^^"sOa&Z&r**^  ^^fefaiB,.   .^    ^    "-L.  6  T��E NELSON ECONOMIST  THE OLD ARMCHAIR.  44  THAT do you think of this ?" and the  speaker looked up from under her  picture hat, her lovely face standing out in  dainty relief rgainst the rich plumes and dark  velvet.  " If it suits you, darling, you   know it will  me," answered   her  companion, Harold Starling, to whom the  charming little  lady   was.  betrothed.    The two were hunting among" the  antique  furniture of   a   second-hand   dealer,  and the object of their conversation was a cti-  rious chair.    Jts high   back was  hiyul-carved  in ivy leaves,   and   the  mas-ive   parts   were  > welded together with bolts forged by hand.  "It looks as though many a tragedy had  been transacted within its arm?," Pansy Car-  rington gleeful ly cried, as she seated herself  within its embrace, and leaned her golden  head against the time-darkened  wood.  Harold looked down at her with  adoration,  in his honest blue eves,   and  seemed a fitting  protector for the  velvet-eyed   maiden,   whose   :  deep brown orbs had gained for her the name  '  which suited her.    In no   other flower are the  \  rich golden   and   brown tints  so, beautifully  [  blended as in  a   pans v.    Harold was  a giant  I  in strength, with brown hair and eves as blue  !  as the.corn flowers.    Never during his twenty-   <[  five years had he done a single thing for which   ;  his relatives would cause to blush, and Pansy  had been his only love.  " Whatever tragedy this chair may J e con- ?  nected with in the past, my dear, it- can never I  hold such connection in the future, if yon !  own it."  " If you will buy it ft r me, darling, I will ;  promise anything," was the girl's .laughing.-  answer, and thus it was that the old chair i  had a place in the drawing-room of the bride    i  . ���    '    A  and was a favorite seat vvith her in  the' even-   j  when waiting for her husband's return. 'i  As the   days   slipped   by   much   happiness  j  and sorrow came   to   the   little home.    Then  came a time when the golden   head   was laid  low and Harold feared with a deadly fear that  he would never see it   resting   up   a gains*, the  carved hack, but in   due  time   Pansy   was in  her accustomed   place   and   lying-in her arms  was a new flower. Then it was that the yotu g  man felt that within that chair   were   all his  riches ; that if  three two   were   left   to  him  nothing e 1 se availc.d a nything.  Other children came in  time   to   these two,'  and Pansy grew more and more beautiful, and  charming, and the old chair held   them  when  waiting for the father, even when the first horn  began   to   turn    up her  hair and  wear   long  dresses.    The other furniture   was   renovated  renewed, but the old chair was ever the same  and was regarded as a member of the   family  When Pansy's  namesake was   married, the  old chair was   banked   wiih   wedding   flowers  and bore a part in the ceremony.    8ix months  later, it held the head of th   coffin   containing  one of the hoys, and  supported   Home   of   the-  larger floral decorations    It seemed io he  the   I  |   household shrine, but the time   came when it  j   was to be more than ail this.  j       During all the years   of their   married   life  j   Pansy and   Harold   had   been   singularly ex-  etnpt trom accidents.    NV disaster.-, sav��  the  death of a   son.   had   visited   ihem,  until one  evening   hue  in   No wm her, when   thev  were  Hearing their silver wedding.  The first serious  storm ofthe   season   was ra-inp   and   Harold  had delayed   baking   until   too .late, and as  there had been an accident to  the vault door,  brought   a ��� considerable   amount.- of   money  with him.    None of the  family aav the matter a second   thought,   hut when   Haroid  was  awakened in the middle   of   ihe.niglit, be re    j  member^ the money and   his senses   became '.  instantly alert.     Revolver in hand, he slip,,, d  down-stairs in the "  SHORT STORTES  An instructive dialogue �� reported �������� I  taken place at the opening day of th. * t  a^zes.    A juror rose iK the box tQ   y��*i|  exempted from Mrvice>n account of dea ,1  Are yon very deaf .�� said the judge int  t���*      '}-,   rnjr lord," ���*���   the LJ.ll  ply.    ���' You had   better  be  judge.  prompt re-  sworn," said it, I  An o|d-f:t.-hioncd preacher down in So.., w  ern Kansas reeeuUy gave this piclor*q_��LK  ficnp.ion of  eternity:    "If a fjlUo j  wm to dip its hill in   the Atlantic ocean and  ram  V*  III  ^^  evolver in hand, ha idrppod. \   UtKe ����" drop of water and then take one }m F^  ^reetion of- the   noise aud   I  n da>* across the country and put that drobii  ^  round two safe robbers working upon hiV safe. ���]  the i^tfc ocean, and   then   hop   back to i^"^  whirl  \v\\ was built in the wall. Never having  known what /ear of physical barm meant, he  fo��*I i-hly raised his*'- revolver and tired.  Thn.-ugh kindness of heart, he did not desire  to kiil the burglar, so   only 'wounded ������ bim   in  W '��� 'mi  his right arm, but before he could aim the second time and disarm the other, a bullet .cairn*''  era -hing-toward ��� him>    -A-wild scream' ren11he  tense atmosphere,  then  something :'wy'** throat'*  between the murdererV weapon, and   the  de--'  fenreless body of her nushaud, and   a^   Fan?y  fell s^n^eless upon the floor, ehe saw   the   t��o  boys helping their fattier bind the burglars;  When she regained eonsciou-ue^, 'she could  hear the-': men talking, as sht? afterwards  learned, with several policemen, and ahe  raided herself and felt for her . chiir. It was?  net in  its usual 'position.  '* Harold, Harold," she cried. " the chair it*  Atlantic one hop a tiny, until the Atlantic**. ?^\  dry a,aiWt it wouldn't oven then be son- &&J  nae;-in heaven or ht-ll." ���-"  Btl^___!  t'one.'  1 hi  e was tke first intimation Harold had  h a (1 o f h e r be ing d o w n 81 a i r s, a n d he bur r i e d  to lier side, striking a light.  ���i i >  IB  'The chair ?    Whv, dear "thorn it ;���   ���  ���Hlfi out of its ���SUa| ulace, th-,t'�� ���,!>-, ?J  ^��sy's eye.s looked darker and n,ore lovelv  than ever, as_he opened them .��� ih-iru'no'  ...KK.N.tth.oldcrv, ,ack.   t,  n     h  '   ."  ,,  ,Uha! hl,s,'��H>��'.����l to,���v cl,���ir  Harold   hent to look at   it.     "That   hole  where a bullet entered."  "What bullet ?"  "The one intended for me."  ;f'}[eH'l8��whi,nHhoot,W-miHt���p,ifidiiv  "Our dear old eh-iir." "  But it   wan  nay  over   here"   ���,,���)    r>  looked bewildered. ' '    '  f-''>--'7'��^u1att.,e;;:ild,;j1(,i(:;i^i;:  own accord and naved the life of one n.,m V  more to her thun everythin, ���,���,, Z hi  '-Ply ov,d children,   Ifilr���!(i.   ���/,      ,J    ''  her K.rlhco.1. the   husband   of   her ,.���,;    ���,'  >ed hap))ihess. h "J'u  Judge Pennyimcfcer was once asked by hi? '-HI  i,��_-. . i. tr .       �� " ElfiiEt  brother Harry during a smiou of court for  .the loan of $o, flurry walked to the cbk^  and.. wiii^penrd thft request in ihe judge's ear. ���  The latter, looking down over the top of hiV  gla<^.^ without ihe suggestion of a smlie, mti ;  loud enough to he beard throughout the)  room :  "Futyonr application   in   writing and pre  *ent it to the cutrt u\ a proper manner.'*  Mr. Penuypnckor. thinking the judgof8 insistence upon regularity to be merely regard  for the dignity of tbe court, wrote out the request and handed it to the clerk of the court,  ���who in turn p.iswd it Vo the bench. The judge  read it quietly and neriuuslv and thtm inter*  rupted the pending trial long enough tosny:  . "Application for a loan of $5 made to this  oourl i.i received aud refused."  anwy  ri  Ml  n;��;'rifii,,al Adam had   thin   lo hin oredi. ���  Wo did not attack   the *  ilrVO.  previous elmraolerof  ���a>i v   4}  A returning traveller from   Italy   tells.....the  ;  Htory   of   nn    American    feilow��wanclerer  to  Rome.    Like h-omu other traveller^ titlefrv.it is  to h.Maken no   doubt with   certain  grains of  allowance.  Tiie seoond A merican, who had come from  the plaiiiH of the west, visited, the Vatican am)  was courteouHly nhowrv oyer the papal palace,  He unked many tjueationa and desired tp.Vsce  everything.        , .,-':-'::r. y^y  After ail the customary sights had been  whown, the prieat who liad attended him  anked :  Is there anything el6i% Bignor American,  that you would like to see ?"  "There's on �� thing," anttwered tho Amo.ri-  can' " lhut ] want lo hoo more than anything  *?^r'. ittni I hain't been on   the edge of it yet  tl Hrbat in  that, ni^nor ?M  ^'I'he cattle  penn."  '^I'be cattle penn ? Why, we have nothing  of tbat Hurt, Hignor."  41 Y��ju hain't. Then where in the world do  you keep them papal bulks that we're always  hearin' about ?"  u  iii  wm  At)  . H.l.a,..lliiUtt*L*q'  *ima*HM&!?1.  ' 'Ml' ^   er   -  Tj"-1^.. Till hlftu"' ������w^r>rfm1<6a<rPtoc^#f6^g_ftJ}>__Mg, fefiLfr. __^*  _  -    ���  -   ~ J*  ���    -s*    _ _ -^ j���   ���  kk>  >  ������ -  ~ ~T^-        -"*-���  .,���07-.    - 1  -��<-_.. _L "."J^"  ja-..    -  *  , ��>&. ��^n&i?5i��j__5_& S*S^A_Z "VJi  ~?  ^o^~^r  -.  -^..i-r^-.w.t., awfflwu*iti<[Ta..y*Wwg-rtM<w_fc^^    : r ^-^^^^^-A^  **i*���FK**im**���*^^  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  8  ��  1*  ���  r  4  i  U  >  t  tiio ���'Gothics* of XJberty.w  ���  .\nn:i V.'illkittw, tho  "Goddess of  V " wlu>^ proMo is on every silver  " live- i.i Philadelphia.   In the earlr  ,���   i->7��. tl.o treasury department fc-  \\^.w\\ communication with tho  ...InYof  Knjiland, tho services of  a  v���M!��n'   designer   and   ensmyer,  -   Aii.i^an.    After   completing   tho  i tV.r tin* side of tho coin upon which  rntrtl the American eagle his at-  ur.cd  u> the other side, and, be-  , niurh of  a realist  to be  satisfied  a product of  fancy, ho determined  brad" should be tho representation  ,e American girl.     Mr. Morgan was  ]*!  KOOTENAY  GOFFEE GO,  f\\ ��.* ^T^vr. *,w ^-.vTjv ��,�� #.-. ��v. <f�� .4* f\s... /����..% vf\ ��"i�� Vi��vr* #(*ayj. *.. .��. fi  '���'���"':      t  Coffee Roasters      1  D",er*,n Tea and Goftee  S !  8  ,.. ^ailt Tooth;  lhfarpt9 Etc.  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  'O Lb 1��  ht  Hi &  ;  11     ���*' *4* h��V *��* *7* *%. **,* *** v_. *V *���* V* *** *V \** ����,��� *J' *���?> *!* ��2*" *lf ^l' V.* *VL 3  **��� *�� ��-  >  ���     \_;   - Willbnna untl w��s iia�� ill      No are oih-nnj; at lowest prices the best  meed to Mi.-* Wiumm* unu was im     u KrArtcK t>fCeyl<��n. India, China and Japan  a hv her Ivaniiful face and studied :g ^Vus  vfuily.    WlK-n   he told  her what h��s  *_    ,?     shu'   promptly  "**���  SSL***  sho proiuptty refused.. Her  hosvever, overcame i>er scruples  a*n- live siu-lng-i the design Wiis com*  i. It was .ai-eeptcd by congress, and  dtOlars have l)oen pouring from  !  !ve  nf s an  ihi  ��-a    _j|i  ���   ��*1  wsu years adorned \vitii the  iVi.i iaieuf a" Quaker City maiden.  ������arries .herself with titateUness, and  -,^i J her iuvid is vxaetly as <����}n on  ins, Sho i- :dishlVy Indow the aver  oi ht. is rather phuup aud fair, with  ��-\a >. Iler ja'-v is timian. ��nd hor  hVrerownin;; uh��r>\ i^ p��aien in col*  ��-.i!.��'r:uir; in tp.:,:"aity and ot wonder-  i::i : w-.-.-iS  of  tcviuro.���Zero BliikJ  in  Our lki.-il Mm-slm and Java Coilee per  pound   ��   40.  Moeha and Java Hlend, JJ pounds 1 00 j  Cholee Hlend CoHV<\ i pounds  I 00 ��  SjJH.iHi nientl C��.rtH\G ptmnds.:  I 00!  Uti> niend <;<>ile<s it pounds  1 00 J  Special Hlend <Vylon na. \yvr p mnd.     . 0 t  ���;.-. t  A TRIAL ORDER lOLICiTED.  ROQTEMfToTFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     B&'.lEa  MERCHANT TAILOR.  rning  for the Bes  ut the  son.  Up-stairs in the  Wallace-Miller   Block.  rt��*.t-! Th^t Mv<t. Itorcr Commcmls.  A/.7 I a-k'Hus1 Hnnie.Journal Mr��.S. T.  w  ;.es  f ".Fruits tfcj* Foot! and FruiU  nann\s  the kinds allowed  i i, * t.  y 1  r.:  III!'-  P  |.-S','l  r ���  |r,^,  v,.  i" ar.d  vn table,    Tin^se  are "fresh fig**,  ���s eai\tfullyc����>ked. guavasennned  <uaar, gum a jelly, orange m��.r-  :ratio by >.pei{il home radpc dates  v and epoUed. with almonds, i^r-  mo-s, bananr��s rooked  and on occa-  \zi'h ai pr'sr.ej; with  the -skins ro- I  ���U-b^khOTi'., v.vil dewberries, ��ilght* I  !.vd. -ir.dnu*  and .made  into fium*  Ihe  objet'ion   to the latter fruit*  v. r. ' she t-;.YS, 'Mh the addition  of  /. :yy\  sugar, whleh  is  j-1*0no to to-  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  'tAberdecJn,, Mineral Claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of "West Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Porcupine Creek.  Take no&ice that I, Archie Mainvrariag-  Johnson, as agent for Chris. Creamer, Free  Miner's certificate No. B51097, intend   sikty^  grant of the above claim.  And further take .notice that action, under  section 37��� must be commenced before the  issuance 01 such certificate of improvements.  Dated thisoth day of July, 1902." .  ARCHIE  MxVIXWAKING-JOHNSO^T.   -  Camps supplied on shortest  For  this an [ uotice illld loWCSt prices',  nnkted over �� *   i* . ���  ho  ���������a.    AM frui����. whether cooked or  ;;H   l;i* 'u>e:l   wiihout, HUKur.     It  r(une?nhe:vd  that  mi^ar  in   no  \    li'Humliy.es   an   acid,    i  y-.\\ i-su-t l-o n.vHl.  Sugar $ovi nvaeu over ���.        �� r    a>�� t '��� r'i !  .via in,,!. v.--n .ksih����ohjeetionai)ionnd i     Mail ���orders receive  caret Ul j  o      n ul   u���U|   it  slip*  hythe  'pnai | aticutioiK "i  ill" [ alaJe.    i)iu e in the stomach, . . r        , -1  ��������� ���������^���r. U  r.^nlii:; itHown  position and I       NolillUg      OUt       tresli      ailCi s  s the Fa j no \<\ the irritating neid."  ept.<��^an  --TO-  Washingtcn,  And Return  V*�� j  t  1  I.  (<  V  \l  ll.,  1..  )!  I"  e.i  Ml  \\  Women  llniver Thmt Men.  > mi ���'���������linn whethiM* women  aro 1110f9  ���'���fi-M> ��or wla-tlau'   tln��y are  eons'/itu*  ly h- s  ��er>itive  lo  pain  than  nrc  ', n-eently been mined by The Fort*  !?  I;**\-ii��w.     Duftors and dentists nil  ��� ���' v.oi-hl ajiree that   they bear  pain  ��� i��"re luriiuu'.v* and In most instances  1 '*�� painful surgical operations with  h'-'jvi-ry than does the so culled  ��� r  ��� \. from whom more endnrancu  1   ���   .pit ied.  > si'.oj v. ho will Rerentn at the sitfht  '��� "'J ����� "^ill undergo every variety of  1 Mi ��m-.u inn w hi. eoura^onnd faelUty.  "''-. Ute eelehrnt.d American  den-  I'.H-is, unve it as his experienee thai  n twiinn  under  tho dentist's.lmiulf*  ��� ll^  li'-queniiy titan  men, and  thtf  I h-unnniiy ol   sur^eot\H in hospital  Ul��� '!_��� to the  same  etieet.    However,  ��li-:i;��ree ms to whel htT this lsdva��to  1 '"v l.r;i\er,v o��t the part of   women or  ;">'  they are \)liy^U ally hiBenslplo ua  l>'�� ^l ^N iih num.  \ wholesome meats and supplies ��  \ kept in stock. i  l��.G.TRAV��St Manager  Corresponding reductions from  all stations.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Gladys Mineral Claim, situate in the Kelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where located : "On-Morning Mountain.      1>  Take' notice, that I, Jolin McLatchie, of  the City of Nelson, actinias agent for E. J.  Stanley, Free Miner's Certificate Xo.  1151/jUO, nnd K. H. Stanley, Free Miner's Cer-  titicato No.P��r>l,:>0l, intend, sixty davs from  the date hereof, toauplyto the Mining Recorder for a Certificate oi Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action.under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance ^fsueh Certificate of Improvements  Dated this loth day of September, A. B. 1002.  John Mclatchie.  P  iy  r a  1  i  ���   (  ii  n iim;tiK��  -Merc'luiiitiA*  '"������'iok p�� a w I'lter In llarper*H Weolc*  "   ('"ii .iimi-i",' lea;j;\n.   of   New  York  ���''   i'��ii'  <li .>' kihh.U;  houses  those  in  ,|U'l  v.-il:   jceis e��iual   pay, Irm-  1 "' 'he ... .of the worker; in which  "' ' -'it \f,i>>\ <;<> n week, paid w<��ekly;  111 i!" ��� ; ��> into a fund for employ-  '    '��� n.nl in which cash p.irls ^it at  ' ,l 'Ai'fU.   'The bourn of a fair tuutso  ":i1 " �����' 'i, wiih three-ijuarters of  an  iuinh   ad'l   onehall'   holiilay  a  inniuljs  iii  summer.     Fulv  JOHN.-Mc.LAT-CH  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  I Qn.Gustoms House, Helsrn, B C.  WADDS BROS.  HOTOGRAPHER  Vancouver and tVetoon  BtlKER STREET, NELSON  TUBER 'ilCCHCE.'  ironl, etc.  t WHAT���heave KevelstoUe  ! " and Vancouver.  Through bookings to Kurope via nil' Allan-  '���Piepald tickets at lowest rates Issued, ftotn  all Kuvopcan countries..  B. C  Kor rates and full particulars apply to local  agenuvor'  -..-  .j.^OAHTFJU,: E.J.COYnK,  Dlst.l'ass. A.��t��� A. G, P. A.  Nelu<in. A anttouyw'---  ���>r  r i\\n  11   miit  Use  11 r s  c 11, I  ll.'  with  wmllary lasvs,  .'..umiMt a��i required  ������oi  humanely.  . Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.  To.lobn Xorcross, or to any person or persons to whom be may have trnnsferred his  interest. In the "Caledonia"-mineral ehtlm,  situate on ihe Divide, betweon Hint and ,  ()nhircreeUs.ami south ofthe Ophlr mineral  claim, Nelson Mlulng Division of Wost Koot-1  �� You and each of,vou are hereby no! I tied that  we have  expended one hundred dollars in  labour   and  Improvements upon the ahove  mentioned mineral claim  In order to hold  said mineral claim  under  the  provisions of  theMlucral   Act, and  if within W days  from  Ihedateof this notice,you fall  or  refuse  io  contribute vour i>roportlon <U' such exp.'Udl-  hnv  t^eMler.wlth   all   ct>sts nf advertising,  nbitbend  of 1-ootcuny  ��������'s��>;   ��;;';,,,i;;',,,';.,'T> I vour Interest In  said claim   will beemne t ie  'he initial po^lS ���lV;Vi;m; \      ^l ove    ��1    '     b-    hm' y    of the subs.-rlbers, under  Section  ! Cascade Creek. Hiu'dn^iu^ ,\ct edit le<l   - Au Act to amend the  chains and rust ebvldy chains to pi ,i,to    ��>in   ^u ,OUN n   iUxTKR|  iiicneement. _       .     , ,,mo I MAtMJAKKT   NiWtTT.  !m���dtbtsv!MhSrtt ^^^V^^v.nn.ua..    I     Dated this 1Mb day of .lulytl��02.  ,     from   Nelson and Fort Shepherd Railway,  Dally tor Seattle, both in the Nelson MlningBivislon,Blstrlct of  ' West Kootenay. -"'-���-....,.       '���-.-������"������,���  You aiuleaeh of you are hereby notified  that I have expended two hundred dollarn In  labour and improvements upon the abovo  mentioned mineral claims in order to hold  said mineral claims .under the provisions oi  the mineral Act, and if within ninety days ot  thetJateof this notice you fall or refuse to  contribute your portion of such expenditure  ���together with all costs of advertising your Interest In thesatd claims will become the pro-'  perty of the subscriber under Beet ion four of  an Act entitled M An Act To Amend Tho  Mineral Act, 1900'."..  H. GlNHUURG.  Dated -thin twelfth day of April ,1002.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Bhepherds Star Mineral Clalm,sltuate In the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where located: (In the East Fork of Cottonwood Creek.V. mile East of Nelson and Kort  Sheppard Railway.  Take notice that T, ,lobn McLatchie, of 11m  City oi'Nch'on. set togas agent for James Har-  net Miiehnren, l^ree Miner's Certlllcule No. It  Oil,V22, Intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Cor-  tlllcateof improvenuuds, for the purpose ot  obtaining a t'rtnvn (J rant of tho above! claim.  And further take notice .that action, under  section ;V7, must, he commenced before the Issuance nf such Certltlente of Improvements.  Dated this U7th day of August, A. D, 11)02.  ���   John AfoLATcniM.  i  '"**<>,  ^*t*-#t��->i'[i,p*ls.*B.i|!oWit)H��(f(, w)Wwr^i,iMswsWf    ^ j  ��� ,r jit  '*l<t*nw| *i*t*��MiMr''^j i'afrtii  y~��\y'.^y<ir���>*<"'��*^>��f^��� ��,���,,,     ,  ^^��� ��� J'���'���.,'  z' -~'~^\\yy>:��\t -���*'   "' :^r^uy \K' *\-%*   \v;VV;iC ^  I--  ���i      :  & -_  }  S  1   -f   * ���*  9��  'Mi  -F  CS��'fc  IS��!  < * \\  1 ,x  {  \      II  .',, (I  iu   A.  y  , ���. >> i\  '.;..���' iit���   Az  ."��� v     i^v. 1 r-^r:^1^  jW  _v j-    #  *_��f 3-- ,?f   ���   ���  -^���=���p^te-7-  7,   71       rfZ -, J-     B^V,_i^  -CSJ-J^..     V-  "^SEViS "*" ^.-"-i-Sg^J^eS^-^jsaftfe^^  SISUkiSM^tfvf  ���_ih--  _^-.i, -s���-. =*_-=��-;-- --w���ik a-Tsr -      -    Saj* - _=-,.: - t��-��7_=, ���4<sjriagggs__afc?_��__^^  ��W.���."yir^i��,^.||-,ii.r_  ' S���     "J .js^  "��I^isSS  ^J^^X"  ti'    7   i    ..  MAA':  Mfy  ��?;'?���. f   ;;;  ��.*-"? '���'-.'���'   "V '  itio ���-.:  miz-'-'  9  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  p  -77-. r ���  -...I  t  o'fif   ��� ���  VV-j   .  ���^��f ���-  ���II   /  7:SJ-  ���#��������������� -  ������.7. J   -  >s\S ���.:���-,  ���ft::'���������-���  mz  mz  MtAA.  ���0��Aa  ^f'-o'-  "$fo;^  ifeiSo  w:  Ma  MA  'S^.fv a,''" ���  Sla.s-.v.-',  f-HF��^#70  ��Jo-  :|$'ara  !H&ir.;:7,o  '.*?fa;;o.n  ���)t-.i^.-.-:,~....  ��� tSs-1':.. ;-7'7  Mfto.fO  W&ZyA  KgH,.���'-;..-������ .-.,.  I%ao-.ov:  Iftao:'.;''   ���  _7a_r ;7..; ,7  fH,'fc. ' "'.        '  |SvB.,r..',;.;���.....  Saaj.kr.^k,,.,k  $Ma  W"  ffc  ft''  i!  %z  ���Q---.V  I  SllfHla  y  .'.-.���*.-:.  iiality, Finish and Color in all Shades  ^<>Mis ^ Knit and- 'Crochet your X'mas Shawls  36;|��||itp::i  ���M  '���,"11  ;ov;'"i  ���;������$!  I!  'li.  �����������!.  J:  oio--"  !;  I  ��  ontreal, Cant  ���'.{'  V;  TT  K  ��  "\?-^r  <"  O  \i..n-,M.i��i-J  ^a>  11 e  '-^If-,*,.,,  y mi ' \,, "     '��� ^0f  .    ,,     h ,,     k      kWr.-.nn.^.lK^wk^  Xi  1   \l  fete  ^^'^  .li "


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