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The Economist Sep 23, 1905

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Array wm  lilf/i  m  m  /VVMi/VW WWWVWyVVvVVVWVVV  > WM.  Tt.  HEARST:    "l'have seen the  most beuutiful lakes In Huly and Swilzer-  > lund, smd all those lovely spots, but I have  > never seen anything liner ilmntlie Koote-  > nuy lake and the Arrow lakes;   We had a-  a delightful time there'.   This was my first  > trip tln-ou_._ there."   ' <  VOLUME  IX.  ':i_/|/V>      PBOK. Ml_rJ3ha��never g��ena_yt_li)_  " t-Vi finer thon the fruit of Nelson district.  He  tf^pd :VI didn't Kee. tbe cherries or rasp-  gooseberries, but if they com'  ' e applet), peitrs and plums,  ; a rruileountry unsurpuwea  iu the Dominion."  NELSON, B. C. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER, 23 1905.  IMPE1?SSI0NS  OF CANADA  Obtained by a London Journalist During a Visit.  wm, h,.ve embarked in South Awe* THINGS TALKED OF IN NELSON DURING  THE WEEK 'CAUGHT -RV  hive little to congratulate themselves) ��� ���   .   .-     ��� -      ��� -^jla-lj     it ojxjiv.^xiuuni     XJ X  upon.   Even now, with Chinese labor j  in.full blast in th�� Rand, the economic I    It wou)(,  ^...^ ft V()1[|mc t{) f.|Uy  progress of tho Transvaal Id very slow,   deMjrlbe  the  g,,ir|eg   of  tbe   Nels()n  while accord!UK to all accounts Itho-  Fuh.    TJl0 BUCCM8 achieved'Itf Secre-  "^Z-'^n in  If any evidence were needed ofthe  great interest now being taken in Eiig-  lahtPin the progress of Canada, anil  more especially of the Northwest and  British Columbia, it would certainly  be furnished,,by the fact that-during  the-past few months representatives of  raiauy of the leading Englishnewspap-  ers have been touring tlie Dominion'  with a view of informing the.public in  the'Old Country of what is being done  ���in  the Dominion. . Thus the London  ������.I . ���  Times.; has -been .represented by a Mr.  Am"ery\'1-,\yhose,,book on,the South Af-  riear. War is regarded as the standard  work on the subject.   The Fortnightly  di-slu is in a deplorable condition. The * tory Aui,ablefltl(1 those associated with  market in South African securities-; blm ,,. cmu,uctln��� ltte exhibitions oi  which at onetime was tlie life and ��� fonm.r yearH( ,e<| lh(j ^^ ()f t,.e  backbone of the London Stock Ex-j Kootenays to expect ^.^ tl)ill>rH ���li8  change, has been practically dead for)yeuri U||(1 U() perMm ^ trutl)fully 8tty  several years, and many shrewd judges ^ thut from uny voha -f vlt!W tl)e Fair  are of the opinion tlmt it will never re-jWUH not tt urilllj success. The ener-  vive. Tlie big issuing houses-whose j K(.ti(.'80cre,ury C()U,(, .J|>t |mve aceoIll.  business is to make atid sell .shares,j p\\ahe(i ull tbirt without lhe aid (.folh-  with   attractive  sounding names tor, ers, auc, it |(J oiily-juntice to'say that  Review has had an able correspondent  in Mr. Maurice Low, and tlie I Financial oNe'ws, the leading Stock Exchange journal of London, has sent  out .Mr. Sidney Lamert, one bf its editors, who has-'done" much special commission work for his journal in difler-  eut parts of the world. Mr. Lamert  has just concluded a trip over the  C. P. lt. system, in the course of  which he stopped over'at Winnipeg  aud Calgary to inspect the wheat and  ranching districts, and in conversation  with, a repiesentative of tlie Vancouver News-Advertiser expressed himself as deeply impressed with what he  had seen and the evidences nf national  progress which he met with on every  band.  ".We have only been,in the country  for a fortnight altogether," Mr. Lamert mentioned, '.'but I have seen  enough to convince me that tlie Dominion of Canada is on the eve of an  era of expansion which will lift tlie  country at a bound into the 'foremost  rank.-  "Itis simply wonderful! There is no  other.word: to describe it. From east  to \vest it is the same story everywhere���progress, energy and push. Of  ���coursse Ave in England have heard of  the great expansion which has taken  place, but without actually seeing  what is being done it is impossible to  realize.tlie facts. Columns of descriptive articles in newspapers���scores of  books���columns of dry-as-dust statist-tics ,.cari^neyec_br.i ng_.l io��ne__.to_on '&_the,  truth tis vividly as a personal inspec-  tion of the country' which nowadays,  thanks to the initiative ofthe C. P.. R.,  can'be undertaken in! the greatedt comfort, not to say luxury. I will. v.en-  tuieto say that were ihore Englishmen to travel in Canada', avery ditJ'er-  entidea ofthe Dominion to. thai coin-.  moniy current,Jn tlie Old Country  would soon obtaiu. Phrases like,"Our"  Lady of the Snows" stick hard, and it  is difficult to get stay-at-home people  to believe that out here you have the  "finest climate in the world, healthy,  brisk and invigorating, where Europeans can flourish and enjoy infinitely  better health than they can in England;*:  . ' ;;;..  *' What you want out here is capital  aud population, and for years to come  you can absorb both in unlimited qunn-  tities. It must be aVmatter uf regret to  all thoughtful Britons that so much of  the money'that is pouring iuto.O'unada  is i-oming in from'the United States  rather .''than from England. .-.'London  is still the great money centfre of' the'  world, but in '-London investment in  ruled by fashion rigidly, and l'or years  past it has been tbe-fashion", to-look to.  South Africa as almost-tlie only outlet  for the speculative investor. Jt would  be difficult to estimate how much exactly has been,sent.to South -.Africa by  England, but if we put tlie total down'  at ��300,000,000���say ?1,.500,000,000���we  sball^be well within the mark. The  return from this huge aggregation ol  cash lias been deeply di.-K.ippointiiig,  andj speaking broadly, those investors  public consumption���are in despair.  Their safes are bursting with stock in  new companies which they are anxious  to make a market for, but the investing public shows no signs of coming to  relieve them of their /.'-superfluous paper. Confidence in Australia has never  revived after the great /financial crisis  of a few years ago,'f/wheii batik after  bant came toppling down, involving  widespread ruin, and as for West Australian mining it has earned such an  evil reputation'that no prudent investor'will touch it."The net result is  that the London Stock Exchange,  which may be regarded as a fair barometer of financial settlement in'the  Old Country, is iuan apathetic condition. Business is practically a dead  letter, aiid brokers of old standing  complain thut they have never in all  their experience known such hard  times. In my personal acquaintance  are scores of brokers who are not at  pi esent earning sufficient to. pay office  rent.  "In these circumstances it is natural  that Investors in the Old Country  sliould enlarge their horizon aiid look  round them for new channels, aud as  a matter of fact more attention is now  being paid lo the Auie.i&in Continent  than has been the case for years past.  During tlie first few years after Uie  clo.ie of. the Boer War, England 'was  more or less ih .t "hard iip'1 'condition ;  money was tight and/trade was slack,  and naturally the inventing capacity of  the people was very limited. The tide  has at last turned-. Conditions are  steadily improving in evc.ry direction  in" tlie Old Country ; trade is waking  up. and as a direct result ihe money  market is again in great ease. Asa  matter of fact it is a long- time since  Lombard street has has been.so well  .supplied,- and loan money is now a  ,di:iig^iu^thejiiarket.==iThisjiieanH,that,  before long-ill vestment business ;will  that aid was spontaneous and generously contributed. Tlie names of a  dozen or so who worked hard with Mr.  '','-'���'.. ���' i  Amiable could be liiveu, but where all  labored so faithfully it would be unjustifiable to make   what might be invidious comparisons:   Nt-lson expected  ever$muh to do his duty, and ho one  evaded his individual responsibility to  bring about success.   The great interest, of course, (entered in  the exhibits  ofthe natural rebomtes of the Kootenays, but the displays made by the local merchants also commanded the admiration  of the visitors.     The  fruit  display surprised.every one.   It is only  in recent years that auy special claims  have been made as to the fruit-growing  possibilities ofthe Kootenays, but how  much has   been   accomplished   during:  ��� those  few   years 1     The   well-  lllled tables of nearly every known variety of fruit" is perhaps: the best answer.   To enumerate those varieties or  to comment on their special points of  excellence would require more space  than can be spared.   And   the other  exhibits were ofa character that must  convince even the most sceptical that  British Columbia bas a great and prosperous future.  Apropos of the visit of Sir Thomas  Shaughne^.sy, it. is to , be mentioned tliat. an incident, with .human  interest, is told as happening while the  party was at Winnipeg, en route west.  Sir Thomas was at breakfast atthe  station dining-room as a train was  about to pull out for the west. A  good-looking-young woman, dragging  a refractory child by the hand, was  hurrying to board the outgoing train.  No train authorities were in sight aud  ns she reached Uie.high steps of the  car the bell on the locomotive began,  to clang.    She *hesitat��'dy.tiewildered;  ��f   achieving   another  dramatic  triumph.     The plot of the play has been  so fully outlined in  the heralds that  have been  spread broadcast,  that   a  further reference to it is unnecessary.  Mr. Nelson as the princef. who cared  more for the hunt than the affairs of  state,   lias  a  character   that  is "particularly suited to his artistic temperament.   Perhaps more in this part than  in any in whioh he has been seen here,  does he sink his personality.   To some  it may occur that it does not afford  scope for the subtlety with  which Mr.  Nelson invests his dramatic portraits,  but, if it is lacking in this quality, it  must be confessed   that it is one in  which interest is never suspended for  a moment.   "Prince Otto" is a delightful character,* and Mr. Nelson has in it  one of the.-bestcharaleters in which he  ha. yet been seen here.     Mr. Bruce is  also fortunate in  having a part well  suited to his peculiar talents.   As the  resigning, conspirator,   "Baron .Von  Gondermark," Mr. -Bruce, was ait his  best.   This talented youngactor shows  marked signs  of ; improvement  each  subsequent visit, and he has achieved  a place in the regard of theatre-goers in  the west only second to Mr. Nelson.  Miss Helen Scott in "Princess Sera-  phina," has a strong  character, and  she can conscientiously claim that in it  she lias accomplished success.     It is  the portrait of a woman, willing, to  sacrifice everything to gain her ambition, but when disillusioned is not lucking in the attributes of a true woman.  Miss.Scott gave a splendid presentation  of the pari, and without flattery it can  be said tliat she scored an artistic triumph.     Of the other-parts, Miss Patterson had the best; and as "Countess  Von Rosen" she was seen to great advantage.     Taking it   altogether,   the  play is a good one, aiid the company  presenting it equal to any former one  supporting   Mr.   Nelson.      Thursday  evening  "David   GariuU"   was given  with practically tho same cast as when  it  was  presented  here before by Mr.  Nelson, so   further  reference   is   unnecessary.      The   houses  were  regular "Harold- Nelson   houses,   that   is  "standing room only" was the legend  written over the eribrancb.  ed tothe worn Jplaces.  .He had been  1  to helj  choicest  r-n*DYT_'r "CO juccusto,ned  to helping himself to his  XXvli. XjHiO (master's    cholowf     cigars.���London  Gave the Clue.  The eye of the  law is remarkably  tributed greotby to the artistic triumph ���". '        "  ofthe performance.  Miss Drew was Mistakes Made by Criminals  seen  to great advantage as "Madame |  Deschappelles'"    She well preserved  the histrionic reputatiou of the Drew  family.   Mr. Tucker is an actor of the  old school, and made a most acceptable keen nowadays.   A few weeks ago a  "Col. Dnmas."   The rest of the com- man was brought up at the Central  pany were considerably above the ave- ( Criminal Court who found himself in  rage support of   travelling organiza-  the dock mainly through a cobweb. A  tions.   There was a vast difference be- detective had   been   attracted to pay  tween-this company of Mr. Salter's  him peculiar attention by the fact that,  aiid the one that presented "Fabio Ro-, fashionably attired,   he'was walking  hiahi" here a few weeks ago. . The for-  down the street with a mass of cob-  mer "company was away below medio- j webs on the elbow of his frockcoat.  crity, the "Lady of Lyons" company  was iust as far above.  master's  Answers  Mrs. G. A. Hunter won 15 prizes for  her exhibits at the Fair.  .-.' The management of the Nelson Fair  missed an opportunity in failing to  have John Houston touch ah electric  button in Tonopah, and thus start the  "merry-go-round" and the bigaorgan  in the tents where dwelt "Loritta,"  the armless wonder, and Miss Ewing,  the lady whose height is computed in  yards.  It was unfortunate that the Rollo  troupe did not arrive for the first two  days of the Fair.' It is the best aggregation of aci'bbats ever seen in this  conn try. They are engaged for. t he  New Westminster Fair, and will appear later at Spokane. This may account for the fact that the Spokane  railway people would not hold the  train for an hour iu order to permit the  Rolloa to make connection with the  Nelson train so .that they could appear  the second day of the Fair.  The news received later that a robbery  bad beeu effected at a wine merchant's  office in the neighborhood suggested  the question whether they were in the  cellars, where the thief might bave  concealed himself, cobwebs of the  same description. There were, and the  immaculately dressed man will in future probably take a clothes brush  with him when engaged in like pursuits. He will not need one, however,  for over two years.  "Itis the.little thing that catches  the crimiual," dealared M. Mace,.the  great head of the Paris police. He  caught a criminal named AVinet by a  scent ths offender nsed. The crime  was a terrible one���the murder of a  lady for her jewels and certain bonds  iu her possession.* The lady was discovered lying upon the floor of her  room dead. She had been strangled.  No one had been seen going iii or departing, from her rooins.' There ap.  peared to be no clue.  The unfortunate lady had evidently  A distinguishe I   visitor  to Nelson | been   suddenly  attacked    while eu-  this week was J. J.  McGee, clerk of gaged ih friendly conversation with a  Mrs. Wm. Rutherford's display of  cut flowers was one or the features of  the exhibition. She was rewarded  with many prizes.  Mrs. W. P. Tlernejr and daughter,  Stella; have returned from a; two  months' visit to friends in Chicago, St.  Paul and Grafton, N. D.  Prof. Williams, the aeronaut, displays wonderful nerve for a young fellow. He does not appear to be much  over twenty, yet he "rides the bag"  like a veteran. His three ascensions  were daring and graceful, but it must  not be forgotten tbat he was ably assisted in fiilling the bag by Joseph D-  Downs, who was formerly assistant to  Leon Stevens, the great New York  aeronaut.  The Nelson Goke and Gas Co. had an  Interesting display at the Fair. It was  one that interested women particularly.  J. A. Kelley,' the Fairview nursery-  man was a heavy prize winner atthe  Fair. Mr. Kelley Invariably wins in  every class, but this year he surpassed  all former efforts in this line.  Her perplexity was noticed,.from.the  begin to increase,i.r capitalisUmust I d"'"^���"* and in a flash therpresl-  eventually tire of keeping their money ;de,,tof tLe -^nadlan pacific Railway  Company had rushed quickly to the  idle and-"'bringing in nothing, and  when the purse strings are opened it  stems to nie that Canada: sliould.liaye  as good a claim, as any country on the  attention 'of English investors. I am  sure that somo of the superfluous millions" of Englisli capital could find profitable employment out here���profitable to you here and profitable to the  iu veatorat home. The fact that Canada is favorably regarded in the Old  Country at the present time is clearly  demonstrated by the big rise iu values  which has recently taken place in the  leading Canadian shares quoted on. the  London markets.  "With regard to my impressions of  the country as I have seen il in my hurried rush through, I can only repeat  that I have been amazed' at the truly  wonderful results achieved. The West  is, of course, more go-ahead than the  East, thouglreveri .Montreal seenis: to  be getting in a hustle. From maiiy  points of view, the Cotwt to any Englishman,-is the most delightful part of  platform, and in a moment woman,  child and valise were ou the platform  Ofthe moving train. Sho didn't know  that her bow of thanksfrom the platform of the car was to the president of  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. " Sir Thomas Shaughn'essy  may be a native of the States, made iu  Canada and knighted in England,"  said an'onlooker of the pleasant scene,  "but he is, afi.r all, or iu spite of all,  an Irishman."  It was unfortunate that Sir Thomas  Shaughnessy did not remain longer in  the eity, but it is a matter for congratulation that his visit occurred during  the pr>grens of the exhibition. Sir  Thomas has it in hU power to do a  a-great dral for tlie Ko- tenays, and no  doubt what he saw at the Fair will  convince him that it is to the interest  ofthe Canadian Pacific Railway that  all obstacles to our development  .ihould be removed.  lhe Dominion,  in-  While "Prince Otto" cannot be re-  The J. H. Ashdovvn Hardware Co. 'garded a great play, it has still some-  went to considerable expense to make thing about it that recommends it to  a display of their goods* at the Fair, but tbe average theatre-goer. It is doubt-  llie results must hayu justified Man- ful if the author of the book ever imager Drewe's enterprise. Niy filler ex- agined that his work would be  bibitof hardware has ever been seen dramatized.. The dramatization fpl-  iii any exhibition in lias weeturn lows the original work closely, and it  country than   that-of the J. II.  Ash-  has    giveu     Harold      Kelson,     the  Lytton's ever attractive "Lady of  Lyons" was presented by a company  ^KwfisUTtit~~th^NeIson~Oi)enrHou  last Monday night. This play was  first performed at Covent Garden  Theatre on Thursday, the 15th of February, 1838, and it may be interestmg  to recall the cast in the first production :  BcauRcant ..',  GIiivIb _  Col. DumuB ,.  M 011K. DuNcliupiiulIcK   Muspur... ; -,-  Uluudc Melnotte   MiuUine CuKL-liu|jpullL<H .  l'au liim   Widow Melnotte   ............Mr. Elton  ........Mr. McailowH  ..'.... Mr. Bin-Hey   Mr. H trick land  ���'.../.' Mr.lJIdtlcair  ...... Air: Mrtorendy  .... Mra. W. Cllll'oril  j. Miss Jlclea Kauelt  .' Mrs. CJrlllltli  Janut .- '....Mrn. KuhI  Mitrlan .Miss Gurrlck  Of course the company that presented thc piece at the Opera House  last Monday night was not quite so  distinguished as the one that gave.it  Covent Garden Theatre in 1838; nevertheless it was a company that gave  an intelligent prcsention of Ly lion's  famous play. Raymond Whlttikeris  a clever actor, and it would not be surprising if before many years he won  enviable distinction on the metropolitan stage. As "Claude Melnotte," he  gave his lines carefully and his elocution was faultless. Miss Neville was  educated for the operatic stage, and she  has a beautiful voice. Last Monday  night she was not seen ut her best,  haying scarcely recovered from a long  and severe illness. But she possesses  all the qualifications of a capable actress, and must achieve fame iu the fu-  future. She was really^ superb in tlie  part of "Pauline." "Beauseant" was  taken by Wm. M. Chapman, an actor  of distinction and merit.    It was well  the Dominion executive. In company  with W. .P. Tierney, Mr. McGee renewed acquaintance with many old  timers from the Ottawa Valley, now  residing in Nelson. Mr. McGee isa  y *>unger brother of the late.Hon. Thos.  D'Arcy McGee, who was cruelly assassinated by Patrick James Wbelan,  on the morning of April 7, 1868. J. J.  McGee does not bear any resemblance  to his brother, and never took much  interest in politics. For over thirty  yeais he has been in the civilservice,  and is never heard of outside of the duties connected with his office. He is  full of good humor, and like the rest of  Irishmen enjoys a good joke.   A por  tion of his earlier youth was spent in a  printing office, when his brother was  engaged in journalism. It is not unlikely that he will be superannuated  in the near future, and then he can  spend the rest of his days in the pur:  suitsbest suited to his tnste, conscious  of having served his country faithfully  and well. Mr. McGee attended the  inauguration services at Edmonton  and Regina, and his visit to British  Columbia is purely one of pleasure.  Again attention is respectfully directed to tbe suggestion contained in  Tiik Economist of Dec. 24. It was the  night before Christmas, when inthe  prevailing spirit of "peace on earth  and good will towards men," thia paper asked :  '* What guarantee can John Houston's friends give that he will not run  away in case he should be elected ?"  This guarantee was never given, but  Mayor Houston has emphasized the  pertinence of the question by his prolonged vacation.  visitor, for a bottle* of wine aud two  partly filled glasses stood upon the  table.": A handkerchief, a lady's, was  on the floor beside her. It was at once  assumed that the handkerchief was  uiadame's, and that it had fallen froni  her band. But it was scented, and no  one bad ever known madahie to use  that peculiar scent.  Mace came to the conclJsion that it  belonged to the murderer and that the  assassin was a man of elHminate and  dandyish habits. What man was  there likely to commit that crime who  used such a scent and preferred not to  bulge his pocket.with a handkerchief  which jrt-asjargeiithan a ladyis=?a=With-n  The Kaslo people had a large number of exhibits, and the prizes won  were numerous. The fruit display  from that city was oue or the best eve-  seen at a British Columbia exhibition  from any district.  down Co., at the Nelson Fair. favorite Canadiau actor, an opportunity done, and Mr. Chapman certainly con-  There were two good lacrosse matches  during the Fair. In the first Nelson  defeated Rossland by a score of 8 to 1  goals, but on the second, day Ross*-  laud did belter and the score was 6 to  3. The playing on the first day was  ragged, but on the second day it was  good lacrosse. The Nelson team was  stronger than when it played Regina.  and just now would give the latter  team a good run for its money.   Space  in four days Mace had found his man.  It was the scent that led ,to his head  falling into M. Deiblers basket.  In a case tried on the Western Cir-  cu it some years ago, a man suspected  of murder was discovered to have on  two fingers of his right hand marks  which had clearly been made by peculiarly shaped human teeth. The  teeth of the dead man were shown to  exactly fit into the marks, and the  prisoner was competed.  The mystery surrounding the death  of a great Continental banker was  cleared by means of a cigar holder  found in the room with the body. No  one could identify the holder. Mo one  had ever seen the banker using it.  Rut in the holder was a small piece of  unconsumed cigar end. Experts pronounced it a cigar of tho finest quality  ���one which only a person of wealth  could afford to purchase. This evidence seemed to confirm the notion  that the cigar holder bad belonged to  tbe dead plutocrat. He had cigars In  the house, too, of the samo brand.  One of tlie detectives, however, engaged in I'"1 fp.se was not satisfied.  The cigar holder was peculiarly worn  in two places. Its owner had evidently been accustomed to bite it hard.  Two teeth had almost bitten it  through. The detectives inserted the  holder in tbe mouth of the dead man,  but his teeth would not fit these hollows. The holder had evidently belonged to the murderer.   He was dis-  The members of the "Lady' of  Lyons" Company dnrirg their visit  here spent considerable money with  the local merchants. Particularly did  the Fred Irvine Company benefit by  their presence. The ladies discovered  that they could buy goods cheaper  from the Fred Irvine Co., than they  could in any store on the United States  side, and they kept the clerks busy for  an hour or so, bundling up all kinds of  ladies' wear. Indeed, they said it  would be difficult to get as high class  goods at any price ia the dry goods  stores on the other side.  Among the many  really excellent  exhibits made by the local merchants.  does not permit a lengthy report of the .covered at last in  the nerson of the  match. I banker's cook, whose teeth correspond-  not one attracted so much attention as  that of the Standard Furniture Co.  When itis stated that its value was  placed at $5,000, and the company had  it insured for $3,500, some idea mny be  formed of the interest taken by the  firm in making tbe exhibit, Thoroughout the Fair musicians were in attendance, which added great to the enjoyment of visitors. No doubt the Standard Furniture Co. will benefit materially in increased sales as a result or  their display.  The circus ring is, In diameter and  shape, immutable. Wherever the big  tents lift their toadstool growth, that  circle under them is never-altered. The  reason for this is that the circus riders  and circus horses go from one country  to another with different aggregations.  For tbe successful performance of their  "turns" it Is absolutely necessary that  the ring shall n��t vary in size, and that,  the angle of inclination towards the ���  centre, required to preserve the equilibrium in a oircle with a radius of  twenty-one feet frurand a half inches,  must be acurately preserved. If this is-  not done the consequences are likely t��  bo serious���more serious than if a  speaker were to loose his recollection  in the midst of an oration. The horse-  has been trained to go at a certain rate  of speed on that particular Incline and  around a ring of that particular size;.  Tbis rate never varies uptil the act is-  finished, aud bas the regularity of a.  clock. Change this, and it is like altering tbe size of the mainspring in your  watch.. i  ��  . / THE NE  602.  ECONOMIST  ���_..  I  I  C*  S i  I.  >*!*  1^  11  z  ft  hi  ���TH-ntLSOH ECONOMIST  Jf ablUhed every Saturday afternoon at  Vbbnon Strekt . Nelson .B.C.  $1 Per leaf Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All i-.hans.en In arlvevtlsb_ient,s to Insure  Insertion should reach this office not later  Ihn.1 Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address Is required. It, is  desir ib le that both the old addru.ss and the  new be given.  A-ddress all communications. " Publlslmr  of Thk Nelson Wooxomist. Nelson. B. C"  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Tbe   working   of   wireless   tel-  ��  egraphy ��� during   the    lirst   tnree  months of the present year is tbe  subject of a recent British government report. As is well understood,  the principal use of wireless telegraphy, in fact the only use, is for  transmitting messages between  ships and the shore, but it js not  generally understood, observes tbe  Manitoba Free Tress, how few messages go out to these that come in.  The report shows that only ni  messages were submitted by tht  public for transmission to ships,  while 1,655 were received from  ships at'sea. Ofthe former lot, 21  failed to be delivered, leaving only  go received by the persons for  whom tbey were intended, a little  less than 5^ per cettf. of the number transmitted from .the ships.  Gne reason for this disparity ,i.s  probably the fact that tbe public  bas not yet accepted wireless telegraphy as an established public  utility. The man at home rarely  thinks of sending a message out to  sea, except iu case of stress, while  those on the ship have the apparatus always before them** and accept  Ibe.new.system- as a thing tor ex-  perimfeuts/oo o .-���-. ;.  So far as the exhibits were concerned, the exhibition which closed  yesterday was a gratifying success.  The number of exhibits increased  greatly from last year, and the excellent quality vvas maintained. To  fruit particularly did this apply, the  number of exhibits being far in excess of lhat of last year, and visit-  --ors^to the _Fair_were given an op-  portunity of judging for themselves  the capabilities of tbe interior from  a fruit-growing point of view. But  it was not 'alone in fruit that this  gratifying result was ' apparent ;  vegetables,, field produce and flowers were, displayed in great profusion. In fancy work, the -women  of the Kootenays supplied ample  evidence that lhey are not behind  their sisters of the east in those fine  arts that add so much to the beauty  of the home. Altogether, Secretary  Annable and his assistants have  accomplished wonders, and British  Columbia is greaily indebted to  them for all that they have done.  NOTICE.  Notice is hove by islven that Ml days after  date 1 intend lo apply to the Cliief Cummin-  sluncr of I.iukIs and Works, fur permission  ti> iHirchusi- tin* fiillowiii^ described lands in  Wi-si ICniiteimy Ulstrict:���Conimenulna at u  post iilxau <>ne mile south of Castlegiir  innrkeil K W. I'rnejii-r's southeast (,-iiriier,  west 40 eliains, llii-nce north 8U c-hniiis, ihVn.-e  (������isi Wi rlmins more or l<'s.s \,, tin- ritilwnv,  thence following right ol way of said railway  to the pointof eoiiiiiieneement.  E. W   rilAEGBK.  Dated 24th May, 1505.  NOTICE.  XntW-e is lif-ri-by sivi-n that. fiO days after  dale I inlend Io apply to Hn- Chief Commissioner "f Lands and W'ovUs fur permission  i" pnrehase lhe following dc-si-i ibed lands in  West, Kootcnny dlstr'trt :���Coinineiiclii.c at a  post abonI one mllOKouth of CastleKar marked  I-'. Kli-u-licr's north east, i-orner. thenet: west  40 eliains, thenee sonili Kll eliains. thenee east,  4-1 eliains mon; or less to the railway, thenee  followiiijj right ufwiy of mid railway to Hie  point ofeomnieneemeiit.  KltASK Kl.KTCIIF.lt.  Dated 24th May, 1%.*..  SewingMachlnes and Pianos  The announcement that Joseph  Martin may lead a third parly in  the next Dominion campaign is not  taken seriously, but that will not  deter Mr. Martin from doing so, if  he makes up his mind to it ; and  he has raised so much trouble for  the politicians in the past, that it is  iust possible he might disturb their  calculations somewhat in the luture.  On to his return to Vancouver, Mr.  Martin imparted the 'following information to a reporter: "I was  delighted with the reception  I received' at Winnipeg. No,  I have no intention of leaving lhe  coast to become a resident of Winiii-  |>eg for lhe purpose 0/ leading the  For Rent and for Sale  0 d Mosty Shop, Josp^hine St. H.lson  *��? *.  new party, or for any other reason.  For some time I have thought there  was scope for a third party, and J  was amazed at the enthusiasm-displayed by the people  down there."  It is stated that tbe Austrian administration put in service not so  long ago in the central telephone  office of Vienna an automatic section  constructed according to the American Strowger system. ,'. This section supplies 200 subscribers at  present, but it can be extended to  take in as many as 10.000 subscribers. The expense ofthe outfit, as  regards the special devices for automatic connection,:reach $6,ooo for  the 200 subscribers above mentioned, not counting the mounting  of the apparatus, :the wires, etc.  This apparatus has been purchased  from the.-'German concessionaries of  the Strowger patents. Should the  trial prove satisfactory, there is no  doubt that arrangements will be  made to inaiuilactiire the apparatus  in Austria in order to apply it in  Vieuna 011 a large scale.  The Victoria Times has added a  new, press to its mechanical department, and is now-'enabled to turn  out 30,000 copies every hour. The  press, which was tested for the first  tiine^last-Saturdsiy-vH-w!is,^christened  "The Voice from the West," Mrs.  Templeman. wife of Senator Tet-jn  pieman, acting as its sponsor, The  Times, with its new press, hopes to  he aole to even better fulfil  its mission in ihe newspaper field  than it has in the p;ist, which is saying a great deal.  It is safe to s_y that the tariff  commissioners knew a. whole lot  more about fruit after tbey heard  Martin Burrill than, they did before.  The commissioners expressed themselves greatly interested in the information they secured from Mr.  Burrill,. and particularly delighted  with his conversational powers.  t.WM.-vw.c/r.��r.Ais_1 _u_, _*_*_: _tr u.m  adtns'FiriestTannedOxfordShoBS  Choice ot Routes  All Rail via Sumas or S. S. Princess Victoria. Vancouver to  Seattle via Victoria  Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle  *_-. O ��� / O  30 Oay Limit  Corresponding  rates from. all   Koolenny  points.  Th'ronjrli Sleeper Arrowhead to Vancouver,  WedueBdiiy, Friday, Sunday.  For full particulni., llrst clnss or tourist  sleeper reservations, apply to local agents or  writo  J. 8. CARTER,  *Otst.l'ans.A_rt���  NelHon.  E. J. COYLK,  A.G.I'. A.  Vancouver  cLATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Cor.   Stanley  and Victoria, Nelson  With the Claim circulating freely,  consumers of fuel need have no  fear for the coming winter. The  Claim is decidedly hot, and written  in Mr Lowery\s most attractive style.  Although it deals exhaustively,  with religious subjects, it can  scarcely be regarded as the mouthpiece of lhe churches.  In 1878 Sir Charles Tupper's  estimate of the Canadian wheat crop  was 640,000.000 bushels in twenty  \ears. The west is only a little behind tbe prediction, but with seven  years extra io do il iu.  F. S. Clements  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16       K-W-C Block  Frank Fletcher  ���-PKOVI.S--.VL LAND SUIlVEYOR  'Lands aud Mineral Claims Surveyed  aud Crown Grunted  r. O. Box 563       Oflice: Kootenav Bt.  Kelson  ootehm Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  "Dealers In  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and.lowest prices.  Mail orders receive  careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock,  ��. C. TBAVES. Manager  NOTICE.  Notice 1h hereby given, that Rixty (60) dnys  nfter date, I intend io apply to tlie Chief Com-  mlHsioner of i,i\nda and Works for permission  to purchase the following described lands, on  the south side of Kootenuy Itiver in the West  Kootenay District., and c-onUining approximately 120 nerusof land.  Cominnncine at a post marked A. L. Mcculloch's southwest corner, being also thc  southwest corner nfL GW7A. Thc said lands  are boundod on tho west by Lota WA and  SWfi. Group 1; uu the north by the Kootoimy  Kiver; on the cast by LoU.3_)4, 3205, 3930,3931,  Group I: on the south by Lots 3931, 3933, C30TA  and ISf04, Group I.  _Wec*. Anguxl 25th, 1905.  A. L- McCui._o.ii.  Cancellation of Reserve.  COAST DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby Riven that, the reservation,  notice of which was published In the B C.  Gazette, and dated 9th Angus'. 19ol. covering  a belt of land extending - ack a distance of  ten -miles'' on each side of the Skeena Kiver  between Kitsllas Canyon  and Huzelton. is  Notice is also clvcn tliat that portion of the  reservation, notice of which wus published in  ihe B. C. Gazette and dated -i7tli December,  1S99, covering a belt of land extending be-  iwccu the moulliof Kitmat Hiver and Kit-  silas Canyon; is rescinded in so far  :is it. covers land lying between the  Kitsllas:' Oiinyon and a point in the  Kitni.it Vnllrv, distant ten miles In a  northcrlyciireetion rrom the mouth of Kit-  mat Kiver. and that Crown lands thereon will  be open to sale. wv-emptii.n and other disunion under the provisions of the Uwd Act.  on und after the elf?hi h (��li) day of Peecniber  next: Provided that the rl��htt>f way of any  railwnv shall not be included In any lands s<��  ,ie<..,ir��d. av.S. Gobb.  Deputy rjotnmlsslojiProf I.Hnds and Worfcs.  JvUtHrir, aiid ,W'irk�� P'-piirtiuent.  VK'tOI'iu,.t> .&., ai��t Aiwist, JDfcj,  Gooo^ear Welt.   Very Best  Value.  A'.good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.,  of Canada, Limited  You: opportunity for a good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical s.oemaker don't know when he is giving his customers their  money s worth then who does.  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes,.  Hugh  Baker Street Nelson, B. G.  l5  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up.  Apply to  .PROCTER  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  . FERGUSON & GO.  Nelson, B. C.  The largest exclusively Wholesale Liquor House in  the interior  ?  PABST  In Pints and Quarts  99994999++++94+++++++44++++++4+99++44+4++++++4+++49+i  + . :":" --.-���- -     '   -��� ,-������<  - ���-        -��   ���'-���--  ---....-       4  X  +  9  J"'--- (Formerly Clarke House)  ?     The best SI per day house in Nelson.      None but whltp. help employed , The  bar the .best..  4  4  \G. W. BARTLETT. Pro�����toR I  ���i+++++444+++4++++4+44944+44444+++++4+++++++++9+++++++  $1 per day and up  No Chinese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS.  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF.  i i 1  Dawson's '.'Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A fuli line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  .ants & Awnings Made and Repaired  1  CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED  i      OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON. B.C.      A'  ���I* ���. A- .A '' A '   A     A     A  ������>-*���>-->���*-��&  .WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  EAT /���.'MERGHANITS  HeadJOiffice NeUon. B.C.  Uranch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo,'.Sandon, VThre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.' o        . ���-  Ocdersby Mail to any branch will have prompt and .careful atten  tion.  We are authorized agents for the Sale of  the Nelson Electric Tramway Company's  lots, and will quote prices and terms on application.  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Wloth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue /Stone, Hellebore, Whale Oil  Soap, Quassa Chips and all the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit Trees.  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.   Better than Sponges.  Wrrv Rutherford, Druggist  PHONR A?t.i  NIGHT PHONE B-14  WARD STREET. NELSON, B.C.  In .ioacre block's, in 20-acre blocks.  Improved ranches.  3 J. E. Annable,....Nelson, B. C_  \^^^^^i^^^^i^^i^^i^^i^^^iJ^Sy^i^^^^^  .��.      .*. .�����_.      A..    _��_.  4r-4  j E. - K.H. STRAGHAN i:  I'-  .f Estimates Given on General Plumbing,  Plumber and Gasfitter  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street; near Ward Street, Nelson.  3xilDscri"be for  conom  Strictly in Advance  illett  Builder and  Contractor  Estimates given on stone, briH j _*��� .   .      "*.'��.''__      *. A  aud woodwork. |Bnck and L,me for ^a,e - - /  '      MAr.i\  .  ���&*  r, f'ln  TEE  NELSON EOONOMIb.  __2E3L  ammffmrniesmEjmGm&s&i  t mmmmmmimmmmmm i',t*iiw.aatf*��femia��^  ��  9  If in Want of a  ee Us  Also Selling Agents for  A  Canada's Leading Piano  MPANY  D rug &  any, Limited  ; tw^^^'^^frrriizsiaa^.w^-.'ysK^'^-iB^  n^^��it!Hg��.ss=^CTt^^  BK9  *      ilave Women Intuition?  , la a recent 'macasln* article 'William  *. "Walsh discusses th* question, "Hare  "Women Intuition?" He doe- not throw  bouquets   to  feminine  vanity,   f��r   In  '���writes: 4  Literature 5e tVe flnal expression of  human thought. It wom*n can lay  claim to a social faculty oMntultlou,  ���why do they not manifest it la th��lr  ���writings? Intuition, if It jner.ne anything, means the faculty that jet*  down -to the germ of actions and characteristics and foeus-ss external traits  into a central verity recognizable t��  the general public. Now there are  more female writers than male. No  ���woman poet has over, written an Inevitable line, a line that flashes spontaneously out    of    the  unknown  and  _,cas,ts^an^ilUi.mlnatln5^liffhti=up_on_=ithJL  abyss. "Woman has added -practically  nothing to our stock ot familiar quotations. 'Take'down your Bartlatt or  your anthology, and you may be surprised to find tliat from Mrs, Browning  to -Mrs. Meynell womon have never  coined a phrase which has passed Into  the common currency of speech. Mrs.  Browning has indeed written; fine lines  but nothing of hers can be said to hav��  become a household word.  Nor has any woman novelist created  any character that is generally recognized as typical! .George:.Eliot has'  come closest with her Tito .Melema and  Mrs. Poyser. You -would appeal only  to the educated few If 7011 described a  person as a Tito or a Poyser. But call  a man a Don Quixote, a Mlcawber,' a  Dogberry, a Falstaff, a Colonel New-,  come, a Bllfll, a Parson Adams, a Bob  Acres; call a woman a Mrs. Malaprop,  a Becky Sharp, a Beatrice, a Diana  Vernon, a Meg Merrllles, and even the  Illiterate -will mentally classify the Individual as you wish him or her tot b��  classified.  "Ah, but," you say, "In real life wo-,  men are the-true Intuition*.   They size  up  a. man 'cr a woman at a glance.  They are   never  mistaken   vhen   tliey  trust to their Instincts." .  I can only testify to my own experience. I have not found that women's  snap judgments of character are imbued with any special verity. They  form likes or dislikes quicker than man  does, because.they are. quicker on tlie  trigger of conjecture. They can only  be one of two things���right or wrong.  If time proves that they are right, as  they must be in fifty per cent, of cases,  the right guess is' /remembered and  treasured tip by the slower-minded man  as an extraordinary instance of intuition.   Tho wrong guess is forgotten  Her Ideal Man.  HE was a lovely chocolate-cream-  box sort of a girl, with a H����hln*  tenderness suggestive of buttav  on a hot day, and she was confiding in her "ownliest own" girl friend:  "The man that aspires to the privilege of pressing his. moustache upon-  my roeebud lips;" ehe began,- firmly,  "must be tall and stalwart as a pine  tree In its prime."  "There is a slump in pine trees Jus*  al present,'.' nmriri___cg<l her f$i__Dde_lS-  audlbly, but the rapturous gli-l* swept,  on. ..-'-.  "I can see him now with the perfect  Greek features of the Belvedere Apollo,  surmounting a frame that ls suggestlv*  of the Parnese Hercules in repose."  "I fancy that Ouida has been there  before," murmured thp friend one*  more, "but there Is no additional charg*  for heroics;  so proceed."  "His mouth must be firm bvit kind,  and his soft hazel eyes will twinkle  with a sn-"'..-> that ls at once sweetly  serious and saucily sedate."  "I fancied that I was rather a connoisseur ln smiles myself," remarket!  her friend, "but I do not recall at this  moment seeing one of the precise nature you describe. But I will endeavor,  to Imagine lt. Fill in your hero,  please."  "He must be strong and resolute, yot  'generous-and'tendef't^a'faultrtols'f^*  will light up with the fire of a strenuous passion when his feelings are  aroused, and yet he will have hia wholo  nature In such perfect control that he  will never lose that grip of hlnuelf  Which Is the leading characteristic of  the true aristocrat."  "True aristocrats have been a falllnr  market for some time past," remarked  the friend in another aside; "but thero  Is nothing like putting one's trust In  Providence." ��� c  "He must be both truly religious and  honestly manly," with the creed of tho  man of the world elevated to the standard of the highest religious principle.''  "Right, oh!" said her friend relapsing Into slang. "Muscular Christianity,  ritualism and rowing, golf and godliness, are all the go. There may be a  chance for you yet."  And then a dreamy far-away look  came Into the melting maiden's eyes at  sho concluded:  "He must have no eyes for any other  girl In the world, but must feel the god  of lovo spring" Into birth In his'heroic  soul as his glance meets mine, and w*  realise that we wore predestined for  each othor from the beginning ot the  world."  At this moment the door opened,.and  ihe neatly-attired parlormaid an-  lounced "Mr. Jlmklns ls waiting to see  vou downstairs. In the drawing-room  ���nlsa." ������/  "What! that little red-haired bounder  vlth a squint," enquired the dear  'rlend. "who used to be always spoonlnr  ���ound after Maud and Blanche, until  hey at last succeeded in getting it Into  .iis wooden little copper-topped cocoa-  mt that his room was decidedly pre-  "erable to his company! "Why, he's the  nanglest little toad that ever���"  But the whole of her remark .was lost  upon the chocolate-cream girl, whose  lalnty feet were tripping downstairs  hree steps at a tlme,_��.nd. before the  irawing-room cioor closed the dear  'rlend heard her begin "Dear Mr. Jlm-  Mns, how sweet of you" to come on a  lay like this!". And then the door  ���losed. and the dear friend was left t.-i  ior .own cogitations on tho eternal  remlnlna.  An Unfortunate Experiment.  SOME years ago there lived ln Turin a physician noted far and  wide as a specialist of brain diseases..   Mep and women came Ic  him from the ends of the earth. "With  the development of fortune, for his fees  were ln proportion to his prominence,  he cultivated a pleasing taste for those  precious relics of antiquity in which  millionaires alone are privileged to indulge, lie had In his library a collection "of costly objects of art. The fame  of his treasures was loud In the world's  ears with the note of his skill. One day  a rich American'banker came to consult him about -his wife, a confirmed  'kleptomaniac. His life was a'burden to  him, following her from Btore to store,  continually guarding 'her reputation  against the encroachment of her "fingers. Though it had cost him thou-"  B��ands, his wife knew nothing, suspected  nothing of her own -weakness. "No'  should she ever know if he could prevent It.  "If I brought her here to consult you  as a physician," said the afflicted hus-  " b^n dr "I^f eSr=sh*e" wo ul d"^  thing and lt would kill her. If you will  permit It I'll bring her to cali- on you  as a collector of antiquities. Do not be  disconcerted, however, if during the Interview you find her pilfering, slipping  your relics and coins Into her umbrella  or pocketB. That Is the ailment, and, ot  course, whatever she takes will be returned to you at once. . My references  are So and. So, bankers." This with  much _,dlgnlty" and; the production ol  documents.  The physician made the appointment,  and next day the couple came. The  doctor brought out his treasures, wonderful coins, antique jewelry, on which  he descanted with much graceful learning. Every now and then the lady  slipped Into her pocket or dropped Into  her parasol a coin, a Jewel, a vase, and  as she did so her husband winked at  the doctor to draw attention to her  theft. When the physician finally gave,  the signal that he had learned all he  required, she hud accumulated thc rarest of his possessions.  "I'll be back within an hour," said  the Chicago banker, "with the things  my wife has taken. Poor, poor girl!"  he burst out. "Doctor, my -fortune, my  life are yours If you can but cure her."  Two hourst passed, then three, then  the interval lengthened to five. The  physician, rather alarmed, sent his servant to the American's hotel. No persons of the name were staying there  The police were called In, descriptions  given, detectives went forth. They  Identified the culprits, who had time to  make their escape. They were London  pickpockets, two thieves whose characters and depredations were notorious  all over England.  ���^���^^-#*#-*-$#-^  "Why do you call the fast bicycle  rider a scorcher?" "Because he goes at  a hot pace, makes pedestrians boiling  mad, warms "up the police, gets roasted  Mi court, and then thinks the whop  tiling Is a burning shame."���"Tit-Bits."  Philip 11. senc a young nobleman to  Rome to congratulate Sixtus V. on his  exaltation. Sixtus was dissatisfied at  so young an ambassador being sent,  and. "with his usual frankness, said,  "Does your master want men. that h*  sends to me a beardless ambassador?"  "Had my sovereign thought," replied  the haughty Spaniard, "that merit consisted in a beard, bt would have sent  yon a goat."  Alm^ a "pintoA Broncho -when lie is in  fighting humor.  3STo*w his hide is just as to*ught as he is, and that part above his hips and back is the very-  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof���almost -wear proof.  Made only by  ont real  Win ni pea  X  X  X  X  R. H. CARLEY, British Columbia Agent    ��  ���  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered ._ . ���  All order* mast be accorapa oied by cupb nnd should he forwarded  eitber personally or by maitlo the office of W. P. TIERHEY, GENERAL AGENT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  W    ";  m  1 i  fAA  I Si Aa  IS*'" ���'*';-.  ffc.  It-  ir&_ -���"  |l_V'-;v.'  l��5.-.'i'-"  ���SKti-f'.'.-'  I'^'O'  IhK  PiO  m >��� ������'  W 7  W-o  _*�����'  la  I?  has  f  i��, ������  !���  It*'  te-.  S:  J-"'/! -  I'm! .  lair  W\  !��{ ���  lifel a  IP..''  H, '���  IA  i  te,:  1.*$.'  I "ft- '-.  Hi  II-  *.'-������ 1  7f'7'  |h*!  GENERAL'NEWS.  Mr. Justice Irving will lake tlie Fall  Assizes in "Nelson.  Mrs. S. M.  Bry_j.es is home after a.  visit lo Portland Fair.  The mineral"exhibit this year was a  remarkably attractive one.  To-night will be the lust j.erroi'inunci-  of lhe Hollo family in "Nelson.  The London Bioscope Co., will he nt  tlie Opera Hou*. October S and 1).  The railway commission will  hold ii  session in Nelson on tlie 2i*ml inst.  The Rosslitiul Star will twiiikleubotit  October 1. Kossland needs u good paper.  Mrs. Beer, of Kaslo, carried oil' 1*5  prizes for her various exhibits al tlie  Fair.  4  4  4  4  +  4  4  4  +  4  4  4  +  4  +  +  +  4  4  of headaches are caused by detective eyes.  Your trouble may be remedied if you will give us a chance to  try our skill.    We do Expert Optical Work.    I  Id. O. PATENAUDEl  Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    'Phone 293. ���   ���  ���  4  4  4  +44++<>+++*++++4+4++++++**++++++++44S>44444++++++++++ +  Though   there was a large crowd in  the city during   the week ihe bt-.-t of  .qrder prevailed.  Harold Nelson will return the 1a>l  Week in October, when "Francesco da  Eimiui" will oe produced.  Borne of the exhibits at the Nelson  Fair will be sent to lhe Dominion Exhibition at New "Westminster.  .Robert Houston, of the Kosslaiid  Miner, has been .enjoying life in thU  cultuied city during Fair week.  The Nelson Brewing (Jo., had a  splendid exhibit, and one thut naturally  attracted considerable attention.  What means the foliotvi 1 ig from t lie  Daily News: "A baby--hiw already  been entered for the baby show of  1C00.   Its sex is uot known."  .J. B. Tierney, manager of the construction work on the NukUfp and Slo-  fcau railway for Tierney and company,  Catnt2 ln to look over the exhibition.  Fred Starkey aud James Mel'heeare  two memDers of the Fair management  Who are entitled to ' nj>erial credit.  I'heJ-'IrV'orked.night and day to nnik.  it a success, *-���  The man who watched his orchard  the other evening, and discovered a  woman climbing up one of his favorite  trees, was somewhat surprised, but no!  more so than the woman who was--  caught.  The receipts of the Fair���finrn .irtmis-  Bion fees and. grand, stand side.-!���will  reach $2,000, whieh is $400 ni��ie than  was estimated. Nearly all the <l��niu-  ^ions,have_beeiupaidiin,.aiidJlteiiei_._lii  be enough on hand to pay all cui.ilund-  ing accounts.  .James Neelands has returned from a  ���week's visit to his brother ex-Mayor  Neelands, in Alberta. Mr. Neelniids  went to thc new Province to look into  the political situation, but liis attention was so much taken up wiih the  wonderful wheat fields that be I'-rj-ot  all about his political mission, liis  brother will mArket about 30,000 bushels of grain.  Cheap Rates to Coast.  Are you going to Portland Fair? If so  why not go while the Dominion Inhibition is on at New Westminster, and  take in both lairs for the price of one ?  The Canadian Pacific Bail way will issue tickets to Portland and return at  $21.15. good for 30 da} y, 11ml to New-  Westminster on Sept.Aoih to October 4th, inclusive, good tii return 1 ill  October 11, for $115.55 from Nelson will,  corresponding rates from other.Kuo.e-  nay points. Commencing September  26th and continuing daily Ull October  26, sleepers will be run between Arrow-  bead and Vancouver'-lor tlie accomodation of Kootenay passengers. For  tickets, reservations, etc., apply to any  C. P. R. agent or write J. S. Carter, 1.1.  P. A., Nelson, B. V.    r  Frank  Fletcher  PBOVIK��� At, LANt>8-_tVKYI>K  liandsand illneralClalnisSun-t-je-d  and Crown Granted  #,0.Box 563      Oflice: Kootenav tfi~ Nelson  On Friday, the 1st of Septemoer, we commenced a genuine Clearance Sale of G-eneral Dry-  Goods, Men's Furnishings, Millinery, Carpets, Linoleums, House Furnishings, Etc., at Actual  Cost, and we shall continue the sale until our entire stock is sold. We are going out of business,  and the stock must be sold. This is an opportunity for you to get 'bargains in every department.  TEPMS CASH.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers.  Tags,  Etc./Etc.  PRED  IRVINE  CO..  LIMJTED.  THE BIG GASH STORE  conomist  AGENTS  Complete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  IRON BEDS $4,000  RISGH PIANOS  Two second hand Hell Pianos Pianos taken in exchange for Manon it lUsch Pianos. ���'��� Por S:tle Cheap���One German make, Walnut Case, SIM).   One Square Top, $l.>o.  Complete   House  Furnishers  t, Funeral Directors, Embaimers  d. G. BUNYAN, UNDERTAKER.  STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C.  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  LU  Q.  <  I  ^Corner=Mi!!HandHH|oseph!neaSts.  Send Us an Order for Your  Groceries, then Notice  The promptness of delivery.  The cleanness and freshness of Goods..  Tlio full honest measure.'  Tlie quality of wnat you set.  You will Uud abundant reason l'or sending  your future otderu.  This Week's Specials Are :  1_ lbBoxesof A 1 Cicumery Butter at 27e  per pound.  Silver Spoon Tea, 80c per pound,  ltajith llraud Vlncapple,25c per tin.'  Clarke's HoiiuIuhk Chicken, 3.*ic per ttu.  Joy's Cash Grocery  'PHONE 19  NICKERS0N,  THEjrwElER  BAKER ST.  Following   the summer   heat, the present cool  evenings   make  the  thought-of a brightly burning   f.r_ most  attractive.    .The  necessity of up-to-date Heating Stoves is becoming apparent*:  ;   We have anticipated your needs by passing into stock the largest  consignment of  ever brought into Nelson.      We have them in various styles and  sizes that will suit every requirement.  .V" 7.1*  Tha Prices are OUR Prices, there!ore tha Lowest.  shdown Har  NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale.  Retail.  Boys' School Suits  JT .lade from fine English and domestic Tweeds in assorted  ^ shades, neat stripes and chic patterns, good linings and well  ^ made, sizes 22 to 33. Priced at |2.oo, $2.50, $3x0, $4.00, $5.00  ���^ and $6 00.  Sale of Wen's Suits  ���The  goods . are the best quality.      The prices are the  lowest.  ���For the balance of this month we offer extra special inducements  on many lines to clear.    Suits at $5.00, $7.50. $10.00, $12 00 and  $15.00.      They are worth more and it will be to  your interest to  look them up.  Hosiery at Cut Prices  10c, 15c and 25c  Special Hat offer for $i  worth $2.50 and $3  <& Specials    C*  <&> A-,     O  Vales Best'���  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  We onlvnsk one trial tom-ike you our ens  tonier. 'Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  .Silverware-repairing and'everything in the  'line. Reasonable charges. Work sent nn  from outside towns will receive the mime care  ns 11 personally delivered. Difficult repair*  done for othnr Jeweler*  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders forj  Chimney Sweeping.  Send yonr orders tn JoR 1> Diwsks. care of  be Old Curfc-iity Shop.  ^.*��par cljltianey.  Not What He Meant at All.  Politeness,- it- is true, mujit have lt��  origin In a kind heart and a desire' to  please-; but tact and thougrhtful-ness  and quick wit are also essential to good  manners. ;|.  A very stout hostess who was entet|.i',;  talnlng, a larg-e company one evenUig.  turned to a group o�� young; men standing near her chair and smilingly asked:  ��� "May I trouble one of you younjf  gentlemen for a glass, of water from  the pitcher on the table?"  Several of the young men hurried ta  comply with the request. One, who  was* particularly active, succeeded In  ���caching  the table first.  As he handed the glase of water to  the hostess she complimented him 00  Ub quietness.  "Oh. tttafs nothing," he said. "I am  used to it. I cot Into many a circus  and menagerie when J was % b��y bj  larrylni" water for tha elephi.nv"/  It wai only when ha saw the. exprea-  <Jon on t-he lady's tne*. and noticed tha"  Hienee. that the yonag aaaa reailzeA  ejbat he h-4 s&lii.  60   YEARS'  EXPEBteNQS  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone aenrtlnj. a Bkotoh nn"d description may  quickly nsnertnln onr opinion free "whether au  invention is probnbly patentable. Connnunlcn-  tions strictly conUdentlnl. HANDBOOK onPateuU  sent free. Oldest aconey for securmpr patonts.  Patents taken throuch Jlunu * Co. receive  special notice, without charge. In the   -  �����   ���  A handsomely illnstrated weokly. Jjirccst circulation of any sciontifle jonrnal. Terms, 93 a  year; four months, ?L Sold by all newsdealers..  MUNN & Co.��MB^j* New York  Branch Offlca. S2S V St_ W^sSln^ton^C. Q��  JOB PRINTING AT  i.-  ���%���  THE ECONOMIST  IVlany Other Lines at  Bargain Prices  *  Next;Door to Royal Bank  Atthe Auction Mart Saturday night at 7.3,0.o"clock.  Another consign ment  of Goods  has  jjust  arrived  consfsttng-' o>  Sccteh Wool'"Underwear and Socks.  J. Greerij, Auctioneer  Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  m


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