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The Economist Dec 19, 1903

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 '}'yAs-AAMJAZal ytUrAiA  A  AA  Ziul  '< r'-'A\  . - Mi  'X^yAAt\  - 'ZCAA,\  "' * Am  ������.* A'^'l  'Ah>-  VOLUMB VII.  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1903.  NUMBER 23  .'-  -.-iii  _News of the  mes  The recent rich finds in the Poplar  Creek district Lave caused a, great deal  - of. excitement. It is said, on what  seems to be tlie best authority, that  tbe recent discoveries have, never been  equalled iu any district in British  Columbia. Incidentally, tbe claims  ihade by so many miners that Poplar  Creek would surprise the world, are  being established very conclusively.  It is not Poplar Creek alone that  gives encouragement as to the future  of the mining industry in the Province.  From every mining district tbe most  gratifying reports are being received,  and it now looks as if next summer  would be the moat prosperous in the  history of British Columbia.  bond on the 'Eli-horn, due from McDonald and Su tlierla.ud on the 9th instant, was in-tlie "banl* to meet it some  weeks previous, behig^the net returns  from ore shipments fromthis high grade  property, which adjoins the Providence.  Next Wednesday 3s the date set for  +hepayment of tlie d ividend' of $133,*-  C40 by tlie Granby Consolidated, being  at the rate of one per cent, quarterly  on the issued capital of the company.  This is said to be tbe largest dividend  ever paid at oue time by any mining  company in British Columbia.  EVENTS  ��� In compliance with the general wish of the public, J For those 'monumental curses,  _._. -��_'_r z____-..__.__���������-1������"!-- ; *^_��.i-.i �� Full of cataclysmal woe.  Everything points to an erajof prosperity for the Lardeau district during  the coming year, says the Trout Lake  Topic. In the Fish Creek country tbe  Eva mill is turning out gold bricks at  a rate that gladdens tbe heart-* ot the  "owners, tbe Oyster-Criterion mill is  now in operation and will be a monthly  producer of the yellow goods. Other  properties are bci ug work ed successful ly  in that part of tiie district and conditions as a whole are very] encouraging. At Ferguson Lhe big reduction  plant of the (.1 vent Western people is  being pushed rapidly to completion.  At present there are over J30 men employed in construction, while al Silver  Cup mine there arc some GO men wcrk-  Grand Forks Ne^rs-Gazctte.  Over four hundred men are employed  atthe Granby mines, being the largest  number in the history of Phoenix.  Hard rock has been reached in the  No. 4 tunnel of the Granby mines, the  bore being under cover about 60 or 70  feet.  . The Waterloo mill has been duplicated. Five additional stamps are now  being hauled from Midway to tbe  mine. The whole 10 stamps will be  running within the next five six days,  is the announcement made by the  Waterloo management.  It is expected tliitL beginning with  the new year ihe Prov idence mine will  declare monthly dividends. This property is one of tlie highest gTade in the  Boundary, and lias already declared  dividends of over $-3090, and the last  ing.     With the completion of the mill- ^q.OOO o���  lll0 bon,i 1Vas paid out of  and tramways both lho Nettie L and  Silver Cup will exce'cil their output 'of  the past lo a large extent.'' The,Triune'  -will also bo a big factor in the tonnage  of 1904. The Alpha Group on 'the  ' Great Northern hill, tributary to'thc  town of Ferguson, now that it has  changed ownersliip .will undoubtedly  bo worked largely next year, tbo new-  owners having ample capital to put in  reduction works which will enable this  property to be a very largo producer.  Poplar creek, where the rich discoveries  ���were made last sunnner.will be a record-  breaker In 1904, Numerous properties  are being worked with results that aro  extremely gratifying to the owners.  Taking the district as a whole there  is no question of its being equal to if  not surpassing any district of a like  size in the world.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  - -.*..      Pliocnix Pioneer.  ; Shipments are now being made by  the Emma from both sides of the  claim.  .Thursday was the monthly payday  atthe Granby mines,, aud ncxi Tuesday the Snowshoc" will have its turn.  Between tbe two over ��50,000. will have  been distributed this mouth.  The two locomotives which will replace horse power in the Granby  mines, have been shipped from tbe  makers, the . Davenport Machine  Works, Davenport, Iowa, and should  arrive in camp any day, and be placed  in commission here. ,    ���  ������--  Coke is coming-in .moro freely at the  Granby smelter, and the reserve of  some 2;0()0 tons has not bad to be  drawn on; This week the six furnaces  have been operating at fullest capacity  and the ore shipments from the company's mines have been somewhat increased.    "' ��� ;���:-/:���  The second steam shovel was placed  at workin.the Granby mine:-; last Sunday. All three shovels arc now ��� busih;  at work. The- C. P. Kll. shovel not  being so conveniently fitted-ibr this  special work as the new shovels, requires a" locomotive to wait on Yl all  the time, moving cars.  The balanceof about 5-5,000 on  the  the proceeds from -tlLe ore shipments.  ������ JUislfCw'ek i iii da tor j* steps were taken  afc the Palmer, mountain tunnel that  promise a new and important era in  mining in that- locality. -. A. force of  men were set to work leyelling^of 9.  site immediately at and on the cast side  of the tunnel, entrance, fur theerection  of a large com pressor building. .'The  building will be-plnniied to accommodate a compressor vvith a capacity of  5(i drills, but ifc is llie'inicntlon of-the  company to only operate 28 drills to  start with.  SLOCAN MIWIMG NOTES.  Kioenii JJrlii.  Sufficient snow Iia.s fallen for raw-  hiding.  ���The Payne's -works are turning out  300 tons of zinc per month;   ��� .".  A suppl v of ore Slicks was sent up to  the Amevican Bell during the week:  All the properties in the eainp will  close down for Hie Chi'istmas holidays..  Sandon mines last week exported 63  tons of ore, goi ng out by the Kaslo  road.   .  After two or three years of steady  operation, the I? 2d Fox shut down last  week. ������.-''-.-  M. Cameron went up on Weduesday  to rawhide ore from the -Black  Priace.  One of. the properties ch.se to town  secured an aeaty lust week of 14,S10  02 of silvV:.  that events of passing interest should be perpetuated  as of old in poetical, legendary form, the following' is*  offered in reference to recent events* Some deviation  from the actual facts is of course permitted in such a-  production, but we think that the difference is n6  greater than may be observed in the prosaic reports  of the city pre'ss :  The city woke up"* with a start one mom,  As a rumor went flying about,  That Nelson's great chief  (It is sure past belief)  Had made a "faux pas" and come sadly to grief, j  From Conservative ranks had been thrust; to be brief,  Had been, as you might say, kicked out.       -   -     -  Oh,, then was*a deuce of a scurry and flurry,  The papers were snatched and perused in a hurry,  Each* household was nothing but turmoil and'worry,j  The cat ate the cream while the cook burned the curiy;.  No such trouble as this 1  Had been dreamt of, I wis,  In Nelson's domain  The last decade or twain ;  Men, women and children did nothing but fret,  And in short the whole city was quite upset.  Good Baron John in his armchair sat,  And called for his henchmen true ;  Ho ! varlets, go summon my councillors wise,  Bid them to.haste., as I wish to advise  What' under the sun we're to do:  - Into the hall came his councillors all,  Councillors bulky and councillors small,  Councillors spherical, councillors tall,  Councillors broad as the side of a wall,  Ruunlng and panting to answer the call.  On the Baron's gloomy brow  Dark and darker grew the frown ���*�����,  -As he'pondered how uneasy  Xies the'head that wears a crown ;  But he knew it wouldn't do  To let his people think him down,   ���  So he roused himself and addressed  The burghers of his town.  None may repeat those awesome words  That turned the listeners'hearts to curds ;  ���The Baron's foes were cursed full well,  Their .doom foretold, their funeral bell  Was rung with loud prophetic knell,  Their fate hereafter, sad to tell,  Was pictured in the hottest hell,  While sweat from all the listeners fell,  And limbs did shake with horrid dread,  Aiid hair~foseu"p_bn"every"bead~  And everybody felt unwellA  -Then'in a vivid peroration,    .  -The baron called on.all the nation  To-hurl his foes from theirhigh station,  And place him. there instead.  The silence that followed the Baron's loud din  Was such that I venture to say that a pin  Might havecaused a comtnotio'n, if driven well in  To.the calf oi the leg, or eke into the shin.  Then General Starkey was heard to remark he  Felt good for a fight, so would go and don khaki;  And good Friar Marks, that most learned of clerks,  Inspired by bearing the latter's remarks,  Forgetting his calling, went roaring and bawling,  Abusing the foe in a manner appalling.  And all in a trice, that council so nice,  Since they, thus to put it, had brokeu the ice,  Dissolved in a hubbub, each shouting advice.  But the Baron so good, be it well understood,  Is not in a very angelical mood,  If one may so judge by his looks,   ���  So'order's restored  With one loud uttered word,  That sounds not at all like "Gadzooks!"  In fact, ..  It\s not in'the Sunday School books.  For one couldn't help feeling,  As curses went pealing,  And anathemas rising from platform to ceiling,  That McBride aud his party  Would not feel quite hearty,  But under each jerkin  Their "doom would be lurkin',  To end them so soon as the curse got its work in.  You will then be surprised  Upon being advised  On the best cf authority,  That Richard's majority,  Which was but one before,  Grew to no less than four;  That the Governor's sleep  Was refreshing and deep ;  That the smiles on the various ministers' faces.  Grew broader some inches; nor were there e'en traces  Of care on the brow,[that most tell-tale of places, .  While W. A. looked like winniug the races,  And laughed till he burst off his buttons and braces,;  And Elliot gave over his briefs and his cases,  And smiled like a man who is holding four aces.  In fact we may sum up the whole situation  By saying that as to both person and station,  They're all of them better in every relation  Than even before Baron John's incantation,  And this I aver without least hesitation,  Morai,,  The morals, dear friends, you may look for are these "-  Don*t insist upon thinkingyourself the whole cheese.  When you summon your councillors, hear what they  say,  Don't-keep on a-talking yourself all the day.  All cursing'and banning be sure to eschew,  And don't bite off a chunk that you never can chew. -  L  tt   E  ocal and  jl rovineial  The Rossland World again appears f   The Instruments for the Trout Lake  as a daily paper. brass band have arrived from tho east.  <4  Tbe Irishmen of Nelson are moving in the matter  of organizing a national society. -This idea has been  under consideration for some time, and has at last  taken something like defi* nite' shape. A meeting  with this object in view will beheld early iii January,  when organization will be completed and arrangements made for the_proper observance of St. Patrick's  Day, all Irishmen or the sons of Irish parents being  eligible.  James Hawkins, who has done as much for the aa-  vancementof real sport as any one here, has left for  ,h|s old hqme_atOttawa, where heAviH reside _in__fu"_  ture. Previous to his departure for the east, the  friends of Mr. Hawkius presented him with a valuable gold watch as a token of their esteem aud goodwill.  Several   snowslides have been reported from the Slocan this week.  The dismissal of J. A. Russell, from  the office of police magistrate of Van*  couver, is causing a great deal of talk  at the Terminal city.  ��� Wm. Bate of Nanaimo, brother of  ���Mrs. Goepel, Mrs. Davys and Mrs.  Heath cote, of Nelson, died of heart disease at his home last Sunday morning,  The clerks at the Canada Drag' &  Book Co's stores have been busy this  week.    This house is the headquarters  for speial novelties for  holiday presents.  John E. Jenkins, a Cariboo pioneer  of 1858, well known in Vancouver, and  proprietor of the Old Flag Hotel, Nanaimo, died this week aged 64. He  had no family.  The at "home given by the High  School pupils to their friends Thursday  evening was a very enjoyable event.  The rooms were tastily decorated for  the occasion. One room was devoted  to dancing and the other to games.  The marriage of Mr. F. D. Davidsre  and Miss Anida Powell took place in  Toronto on-December 2nd. Both bride  and groom are well known iu British  Columbia, the latter having been  closely connected with ihe business life  of Victoria for a number or years.  The funeral of the late T. M. Ward,  Thuasday afternoon, was one of the  largest ever seen in Nelson. The pallbearers were J. Fred. Hume, John  Elliot, John Houston, Dr. D. LaBau,  W. F. Teetzel and J. Gilker. The services were conducted by Bev. F. H.  Graham. The floral tokens were  numerous.  "Sandy Bottom," which comes to the Nelson  Opera House ou Christmas Day, is well spoken of by  the press wherever it has been seen. The cast includes Miss Mamie Holden and Mrs. R. F. French  old Nelson favorites. There will be a matinee on the  afternoon of Christmas Day.  Now the gruesome, horrid gloom,  Of the Governor's dread doom,  Has been written by the Baron's fateful hand.  The ���new tunnel onihe.Cu!cago, near  Sandon, has cut the .v��!-:i, exposing two  ft'et of galea*. -.  F. ChadbbOm; of Xelion', visited the  camp this week fuL\ the purpose of iti?7.  spo-iling some-liiisihig properly.���; o        j  '���' Ti-oufcle'ovei' tire grub supplied was j And,the Premier. Dick McBride,  thex-ause forpitrtof U.i.e:'Puyiie. force; \yhorn he really can't abide,1      '  (���ijii'iiig this week. ...The Mititter was   Has been likewise most emphatically bann'd  a.'tcrwnrdsadjtis-tcJ.        ; i And in language weird and sinister,  Good  progress U being made with' That put the meeting in a stir,  the main drirt im.icifc Bank of Eug-'_ He has cursed each separate minister  laud.   By spring Nfanager Sloflatt ex-. From crow n of head to toe. .:  pects to show one-of the largest ��uiuc3   And the meeting then dispenses,  in lhe division. 7 -.   j Knowing well that each the worse is  The Victoria Colonist celebrated its forty-third  birthday last week, by issuing a fac-simile of the first  issue ofthe paper. Hon. D. W. Higgins also contributed a short story, equal in interest to his former  productions. The Colonist is the oldest paper in  British Columbia, and as such is treated with the deference due to old age.  The Economist* has received a copy of the latest  edition of the British Columbia Year Book, the author  of which is Mr.'R.-B. Gosnell. The present edition  far surpasses any work of the kind issued in the  Dominion, and reilectsthe highest ctedit on itsauthor.  It contains a vast amount, of statistical information*  besides giving 3 resume, of the industrial ind commercial development of the province.  At the regular convocation of Nelson  Royal Areh Chapter No. 123, Wednesday evening the following officers were  elected for the ensuing year: 1st principal Z., C. H. Crandon ; 2nd principal  H., Geo. Eitchie ; 3rd principal J., T.  S. McPherson ; treasurer, ex-comp.,  Geo. Johnstone; scribe M., J. II.  Nolan; principal sojourner, N. S.  Fraser : auditors, Dr. McLennan and  F. Smith ; janitor, Charles Maltby.  Tbe Nelson lodge of Sons of England  have elected the following officers: E.  A. Crease, president; S. A. Kelly, vice-  president ; J. M. Day, past-president;  O. Newling, secretary ; H. Harris,  treasurer ;��� Rev. F. H. Graham, chaplain ; lt. J. Steel, A. Turner, W. Cutler,  A. J. Marks, executive committee *r  Jas Bun nock, guard ; H. S. Bodraer,  organist; Dr. Hawkey physician ;  Tlios. Morley, district deputy ; Rev: F.  H. Graham and F. Starkey. auditors;  F. Starkey, delegate to grand lodge.  Patenaude Bros, have a large stock  of holiday goods, which mast he seen  to be appreciated.  It is reported that the Whitewater  Deep will start work shortly for the  first time since 189a  R. J. Clark, principal of the Hlghr'*'  School, left yesterday -mornin-** in? a"  two-weeks' visit to the coasts-  According to tha Canadian Year  Book, there are 2,586 widowers and  3,096 widows in British Columbia.  Fred Irvine & Co., are advartisfng a-  a large line of novelties and fancy goods'  tot Christmas. For this sale, there is  almost everything worn by men,,  women and children. A goon place-  to buy presents is at Fred Irvine &  Co's.  Montreal capitalists are organising:  the Imperial Coal & Coke Co., with a��  capital of f4,500,000, to operate deposits-  in tbe Crow's Nest, situated near those-  now being worked by the Canadian-  Pacific Railway Co. A large number  of. coke ovens will be erected In thee  spring.  Mr.- Duncan Boss, * editor" ot 7 the  Greenwood Times, is stated to be the  favorite for the Liberal Domination in  the'" Y^e-Craflbo^cons^nen^Cwr'UitJ*"  Federal House. -Mr. Denis'Murphy'of  Ashcroft is mentioned in the same con- *  nection, with Dr. Sinclair os Rassland '  and Mr. F. J. Deane of Nelson a�� in-  the field for the nomlnation.      Tbe;  convention   takes place on   the J3tli*  pror., at Kamloopa.  Of the Olympia Opera company,  which will appear at the Nelson Opera  House, for one week beginning January  11, the Victoria times says: "The  Olympia Opera Company brought their  Victoria engagement to un end on Sat-  rday.���.���I n the- afternoon ���^-S^a'���Mss*���  Mascolto' was presented, and the-clos-  ing opera weis - The Chimes of Normandy.' Tbe attendance was by no  means as large- as tbe performances  merited. ' La Mascotte' was produced  in a manner which frequently drew  forth applause-. ' The Chiracs of Normandy" also proved enjoyable, and  during the evening several encores  were responded to. In this opera Job 11  E. Young was responsible for most of  the fun, and this capable comedian waa  fully equal to the task."  The members of the Nelson Boat Club are con"  gfatulating themselves in the success of their dance  last evening. The Opera House was handsomly  decorated for the occasion, aud the music vvas all  tbat could be desired  By the discovery of a new pass'in  Rocky Mountains, fbe Mackenzie River country has been brought SOO miles  nearer Dawson. The pass discovered  by W. N. Craigie, the hunter and trapper, who arrived at Dawson from tbe  other side iT ��h��* niountains'a few dstys  ago. The oid trail, whieh was hy the  Porcupine, swung around to Dawson  A number of changes have taken  place within the last fow days In journalistic circles on the coast Some of these  havo reference to the news stuff-*, anil  some of them affect editorial positions.  The latter two apply to the Victoria  Colonist and to the Vancouver World  from the editorial.-'chain*, of whieh  Messrs. D. B. BogleamI C. H. Gibbous  have respectively retired. Tho vacancy  first mentioned, is understood t>>hav&  been' tilled by F. Carter-Cotton, M. I*.  P., proprietor of the New*-Advertiser*.  N. C. 6chourof tbe--N��s.ws-Adv��.rti-*e  staff, is also assisting editorially on. the*  Colonist. The varaney on ihe WoriJ  bas not jot been filled. It. Bruce Bun-  net, wliohasbecnaclingjw new�� editor  of tho Ledger ever since iU Untie iu.  in a huge semicircle.    The new ono is  laid out on straight lines. 'Craigie iiiadu |dally torm by Dr. Reynold.-, ha* trjins-  the journey to Dawson from the new jferred tothe News Advertiser stair, lib*  pass in four days. lie was the'-first  white man to cross it. The Indians  were in ignorance of its existence. Tbe  new crossing lias been named theSeela  Pass.  place as news cditoron the Ledger ha*  been taken by Lawrence Slsu-rwe oC  Victoria, for many years c-mm'cnsB  with the Colonist news stafTand until  lately night editor of that pajwr.  ^1       -1.     '-fir ''  '     ** m  �� ���"���*-������  '" > ���   t'"i lEK.ilS-MEiiWMSfc "  THE 3STELS0N ECONOMIST  The Economist'  fublisUoil every Saturday nfteniouii ul  Yebsox iSriiKET, Nelson. Ji. C.  Si.oo Per Year in Advance  itdY?Ttislngra*.os made icnowii on ii*?i>lica-  lio a.  All changes In advctlsb-aents to insure  insertion should reach Lhls office not later  tha-i Thursday ut 12 o'cloet.  "VYhen change of address is required, 11 i1-  flcisl ri hie thai boLli tlie old address and tin  new be ^lvon.  Address all coimnunlcations, " Publisher or  Tns Nemo** Kcoxomist. Nelson.IJ. C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The Christinas season hasngain conn  around, biiiijj'ng witn   it   llic senti  ments of good will and gord-f<-'"l<>\v*li>i-  that were   enjoined   hy  the   Divine-  Master wbile on  earth.     After a year  of: struggle nnd worry, Christinas cmiicr  as a Gcdgjnd to cheer the weary traveller on his-way.     It gives the littler  -provided in the world's good:1 an oppor-  .ituuity    of    opening    their    heart.-,  -their     pockets   .and     their      sympathies for tbcirless fortunate brother*  and sisters.   At Christmas this charity  can he done without making tbe giver  sufFerfrom thatcoubpicuousiu'ss which  so often conies of giving aim's iu public.  And i tis a" dwarfed n::turc indeed that  does' ri'ot respond to the quickening in-  jiuenees.*'" Next Friday will be'Cliri-H-  nias.      Let everyone ol*  us  try and  "make it happier for some one, and in  ' doing so, we areccrtain tofei'I a grcaitei  iea.lizati.on' of the precepts laujihi by  the Divine Master while on f liis earth.  "A Merry Christmas to All���God bless  * us !   God bless us every one !  . It looks A'ery like a green Cbiistmas  for .Nelson this year.  ","-'This is'the season of the year when  We are enjoined to forgive ou r enemies,  therefore, it is essential that nothing  , be said of municipal, politics for a few  "weeks. ���    .'-     ' ������ -  .It'is hard to keep a good man down  There ��� is Ifr. Ilooley, of London, the  great company promoter. Uo was dead  broke, but knew enough to insure the  i   i> ���    :^7      i ���' ��� j ' ;i.  life of a man, who was likel v* to die, foi  .        "        -.    '���'    "���      .A.    ;       , :*    .  -u'   ."  ��100,000.     The  man    wr.3 Adolphus  Drucher and died in Now   York the  otlier day.  The Legislature has adjoiirned until  January 11. Di.iring.the_few wi eks the  'House-has been in session, the.Government has.given assurance that no  time will be wasted  in .dealing with  ���the"aliairs"of "t he_Provi nee.-��� Thcqu'es^  lions of  most concern-to the public  now have been dealt willi ina most commendable manner.    The Government  3ias also shown that it is strong enoitgb  .to carry on the business of the country.  Speaking of the North Renfrew clcc-  Aion, the Ottawa Citizen says that in  the wilds of-that  county these cold  winter evenings tbe fond mothers are  cooing their children to sleep with a  gentle lullaby commencing *.  -"Tis the night before Christmas,  And all through tlie house,  ,   Kot a creature is s'.irring���  Not even a mouse.  IV s blue jeans arc bung  Oa lhcdoor-bnob with care,  In lio*)Cs that "Cap" Sullivan  Boon will be there.  "By the death of Thomas "M. Ward  Nelson loses one of ber most enter  prising citizens, and every mail, woman and child, who had the pleasure  of his acquaintance, has lost a friend,  for it pleased Tom "Ward to live wilh-  ' out making friends. He was Uie highest tjpc of the Western Canadian���  whole-souled, generous ajid oulspokcp.  If on the spur of the moment, Tori  Ward used warm words to express  himself, no one took lasting offbiise ;  it would be all over in a second, and the man against whom he  directed' his words might be the rccij-  lent of a favor at hia hund.-*. Men o(  bis stamp are only to few, and hi* death  js tho more hcenly felt on this account.  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  ���aid Street,  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,   NELSON,  B. C  oots and Shoes  Good serviceable Broad Toe for Infants.  Splendid wearers for Children and Misses,  Ladies' Fine Shoes for Pall Wear.  Oxfords and Slippers in good shapes and styles.  Youths' and Boys' in "both heavy and fine.  Men's fine Shoes.  :RUBBERS=  Specialty in Storm Kubbers for Everybody.    All  bestiality.  A  E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three   dwelling houses for sale rii easy terms  One Lot on'. Stanley   street,   opposite R   oal  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  SEE ANNABLE  "V    V    V    V    V    V    V"~V*���V���V���V���A  1 F. J.BRADLEY & CO. 1  J WALL PAPERS, j  I PA INTERS A ND DECORA TORS, Y  i SIGN WRITING, I  J PICTURE FRAMING.  I ROOM MOULDING.  I BAKER ST., NELSON, BO \  T,  Mines and Real Estate  Mining,* Ranching and Timber Lands and Town Lots in all parts of the  Kootenays for sale.    Correspondence invited.  AGENT FOR THE  Kootenay Valleys Co., Limited  Some splendid blocks of farming and grazing lands in the valley o  the Kootenay and Elk rivers, adjacent to the  markets  of Fort Steele  Cranbrook, Fernie, Morrissey, etc., for sale, in large or small  parcels to  suit purchasers.    Good timber, hay and water.    EASY TERMS.  T.  Ga RROOTER  BAKER ST.. NELSON.'B. C.  P. O. BOX 223  TO   BE  GIVEN AWAY  ,,,MI  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made "work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER S_  C  ress v^omment  Toronto World'.  There is a move for wider streets in  Hamilton.    Why not try"prohibition?  Hamilton Ilcntld.  Elijali Dowie boasts of fourteen rail-  lion dollars' worth of assets.    But liis  greatest a^set will' continue to be liis  "clieek.  Ottawa Citizen.  Hon'. Mr. Sifton says he is in favor  of a British system of preferences.  Such being the case he cannot Le in  favor of the the Fielding system of preferences to the United States*. The two  are incompatible.  I'hbcniz Flonccr.  Phoenix is still afflicted with the  most disgraceful arrangements for  clearing goods at the customs of any  town in the interior. We challenge  any one to produce its equal, and this  in the face or the fact that it could be  easily and inexpensively obviated by  Lhe Ottiwa authorities. -  tion is taken we will get it. Wo would  suggest that the Trades Committee tula-  the matter up, get the co-operation of  Ferguson and Poplar ami petition the  DOLLS  2QC TO $4  SILK SATIN  TIES. 2QC  During the month of December every person trading on the dry goods  side of the store will be given one coupon* vvith every dollar's worth of goods  purchased, entitling them to a chance in the drawing for a  l he drawing to take place on the 31st December, ��� 1903. Customers will please  itn��p the small puTtioti of tlieir coupons in the bos at the door. This is an ad-  ililimial incentive to corneand secure some of the hundreds of bargains that  ure yet to be disposed of in the  powers that be to grant the change.  Victoria Colonist.  Tlie Socialist members of tne Legislature arc being paid all sorts of doubtful compliments by the Opposition  press, according Uy which they are  uxaliguants indeed,- bent on nothing  less than deliberately bringing the  Province to rack and ruin. But bard  words break no boncS, and those thus  assailed will probably be more amused  than hurt, and continue tj" gang their  ain gait."  Toronto Star.  It would bestltngcthcr too bad if anybody should read W. I��, White out of  the Conservative party. Why, to those  people wandering in the wilderness  11 Bill" White of Pembroke is the saving grace of humor. He is the li��.t  story-teller between the 49th parallel  and the North Pule.  Trout lake Topic. ..  Some time ago we pointed out the  necessity of having a government agent  appointed for the Trout Lake district.  We believe that we are entitled to such  an appointment and that if proper ac~  Trail Crook News.  The Canadian post office authorities  have denied the use of the mails to  " Physical Culture Magazine." Its  ode nee appears to be that it reviles  patent medicine makers. There are a  number of subscribers in Trail who  never imagined tliat they were reading  humoral literature. The Canadian post  office department is probably the worst  managed in the world if tlie Kootenay  service is a fair sample.  Grand Forks News-Gazctlc.  For weeks past John Houston, M. P.  P., bas been declaring that he had no  use for Premier McBride ahd that he  would only acknowledge Hon. (/has.  Wilson as his leader. Now Mr. Wilson  lias uululy broken silence only to " read  the member for Nelson out of the  party." The Attorney-General evidently does not want Houalon as a follower. It now looks as though Houston will have to lead ft fcurtb party.  The following are just a few items culled from the various departments:���  A big selection of la-lics* costumes, coats and waterproofs in all tlie various  wears aud colors.   This year's styles from         $6.00 to 30.00  203 pieces ofdressgaxlsiri alfshades andtexlures from-"  35cto #a.oo per yd.  A large variety of silks and satins in taffeta.-, pcie de soies, bengalines  mervos satin duchesse, pluiii satins and fancy blouse silks from  50c to $2.50 per yd.  A line lot of up-to-date, ready-to-wear blouse in all sizes a.. J styles from  v        $I.OO tO 5.OO  Ladies' gloves in black, white and tans dressed and undressed kid fr��.m  85c to $1.50  Lovyest priced, prettiest and most shapely footwear for ii/tu and women  from  $1.05 to.6.oa  A large assortment of faney slippers for misses,, women andchildrett from  .     5OC  Mens' suits and overcoats.   Good reliable make at prices that will surprise,  you.   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Cents pays for.thres uicnths' mBn?bcrs"ji��i.  1 ��acb me��hi,r rocciros tboOlSsial uluS oi-^au  eT��*r7n:ontl!,iachnli.isBpiec.-:*uJai(r:)-cl:it:.?v��!it  and instramental xioir eituhc eiiiii moni'ti, is  pi' f js in ill. ftlao jv Cortiiitflt** cf iitc:ub'"'t:i)i>  wiiio': ��ivos tho privrileso of OSul�� J!ai>-,:n in JN'evr  yovk>City,andotbuyingZitcru1��.:re,rc;iH.i^ oriiic-  I. aical icstrumcuts of any dftScri|*laon at izIl-j-Zs^I,.  priceiv sariiif: you troa W-i U, C<l% on venr xirr-  chxxm.. t>oa'tfAiltojo;natot.s(i,Vuuvi!iH'4-,PHutiL  more than. yanrcioncj-'3*cri.;i. Hvrtlf. an-  ASX-Jlvac Club, Dept.    , IS* Jiiuwau    J   .Y.  3SSSS:--ES2C,'* j  ��  0  .Wi  o  y-J.  0  IS, '- A" ���=&��*&  "'<.' -3_~'i<s  .5 JE-Jj  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIST  ��Saim��fcBMS3Bg^^  Don't put off your Christmas Buying until the last moment Those who begin  early havethe advantage of a complete stock. They can make Their selections  with more comfort and  ANNOYANCE  OF   AN " ELEVENTH   HOUR" RUSH  ^J*  -    -V  .fl* " A '    -:     ��� ... '.������'.  en Christmas Day comes they are not fagged out  __.    <*   �� , f*\_.  i*T^y^t  Come andSeeour Big Display of Christmas Goods  ever before have we had such a line of things so calculated to please on exhibition at this season  of they,ear.  any's Stores  i fflBesg^sEBssassagssss^aaa^ssgygag  BBI  1 The Physician as a Gambler."'  ��� The physician is 'generally considered  to te ra.th.er a poor business man, and;  his -history in ��� Toronto compels us to assert that he is not a good gambler. The  historian tells us that all peoples, of all  shades and color9, gamble, but the biggest plunger of the lot is the Anglo-Saxon, '"because of his,, superb vital lifo-.  ���force." We incline chiefly to fhreo  forms:'horses, cards and stock margins.  The gambler at the Woodbine ^has* a  good time for a couple of weeks, has his  tips and downs, and, of course, comes out  short at the-end of the races. He doesn't mind, however, if he has had lots of  fun, and he goes to work ���with.the laudable aim of savings something for the  next races. Card gambling!? less..healthy.  The player works at night in a room  which   becomes*   close   and   stufl'y,   and  rgeneralljr^smoJces^and^dri.nks^too^inuelu  Neither of these'forms of gambling" is  considered correct; neither meets with  the approval of the clergy.  Stock gambling is really the only form  that is eminently respectable. Here the  doctor can work shoulder to shoulder  with the -.preacher, the elder, the church  warden, the class-leader, the widow and  orphan, ox the fellow who bas the widow's and orphan's money. We understand that the preacher is more scientific in his methods than the innocent doctor, and becomes therefore the shrewder  speculator; he knows more about selling  snort. We learn' from experts that in  stock margin gambling it is more satisfactory to sell what you haven't got*  than to buy what you don't get.  Of course, iu the long run, the large  dealers capture the pot?. They then become great philanthropists, pillars of  churches, and by common consent occupy the highest seats ia the synagogue.  Occasionally, however,. even the top-  notchers come to grief, but strong inlln-  ences come to their rescue. The press  lbudly proclaims that they are men of  undoubted integrity. The banks help  them in various ways and assume an  "attitude" that has a "reassuring cll'ect."  In troublous times things sometimes become unhinged, but gradually "stability"  comes. Thi3 is well explained in a certain instance in one of the leading papers  as follows: "The cause making for stability is the fact that many weak holders have been wiped out, and their **:;iee.-'  taken by strong interests, fully able, te  protect themselves." oXno devil ni:iy  take care of the small holders, the prrs-*,  the hanks, and the people in "nigh piaec-  don't bother much about ihem.  ��� Stock fever hn? been endemic anions  the physicians ot Toronto fur the la's!  twenty-five years. Ouv profession 1'ui-  niHihcs a-firie share of Ihe "snia 11.dealers"  who are necessary for the game.- J)uf  jiu's Creek, llogs'-llnilow i-.n.d Mimic;  stocks are put o:i the m.irket at a suit.  ��� able time. 'They r.wy mi-in nothing, bu!  for gambling purposes they answer'.vcr\  well for a while. The nntliiriir is i-.itlv  mingled with the substantial- in a very  ���ingenious v.*ay.    Whether one i.s buyir.'.:  "l(> per cent, of nothing or of somotni:*;  ilie is iri any case getting a o thin-*; Th-  :p!iysieinn who gets'hia tip, buys., anf  'selis shrewdly, and iiicrcas^s a cojJ^t-  ;of one or two hundred to live hundred o  ���a thousand dollars within a year is fer  llinje the happiest man  who  walks  ov  -ULtmiU..  *TJicre have been many oi theiu  -during the last five years, "but he is gen-  ' chilly ������sadder .and wiser to-day. -Aftei  iearefiil consideration and- consultation  ..nth those who know we tender the foi-  flowing advice to. the' clever and ambir  ;tious young physician: Don't be a clam.  ���starfrat once- play; the game like a man;  ���vou will be more apt to be closed out.  r-oon.���"Canadian*/ Tractitioner and-Re-  = view." '   ���   -: *. - :    ".  .VIr. Edison's Ideas on Radium.  Thomas A. Edison 'has evolved and  tnnotmceu a theory Which" he believes  ���olves the problem that -has been puz-  iling scientists ever since the discovery made by Madame -Curie of  |he peculiar properties of radium and th*,  jindred substances uranium and thotv  aim. The phenomenon presented by  =:he3e=sub5tanees,^as"'i3":generally-i-knownr  �� their apparent property of giving o!F  ictinic rays of peculiar chemical properties), somewhat similar to the Hoentgen.  rays, without any apparent loss of energy or bulk. Based on these observed  phenomena several new theories of matter have been put forward, all of which  accept a-s a fact 4he apparent origin of  the energy within-the substances themselves.  1'h.. Edison's theory eliminates this  contradiction of accepted natural laws,  and indicates the possibility that the energy emitted by radium is merely reflected, as it were, from some unknown,  source  "I have made extensive experiments'  with the Hoentgen ray and with radium," said .Mr. Edison to a Tepre3cntativc-  of "Harper's Weekly," "and have conic  to tho conclusion that these new substances arc not the sources of energy,  but are rendered fluorescent by the action cf some hitherto undetected ether  vibration or ray. Ju?jt as the Roentgen,  ray and the Herzian wave remained undreamed of for centuries after, the phenomena of sound, light and heat were  well understood, so it is not only possible but extremely probable that there-  arc other rays i:i the'immense gamut  from sound..to ultra-violet which ivehave-  not yet discovered. In ..my own experiment:; I hare found that the ordinary-'  electric arc when wised to an -extremely  high temperature gives oil a ray which*  renders oxalate .'of.lithium-highly fluorescent. In tlio same way the Roentgen ray  vendors phi liriiiin-haryiini-cyanide, tung.-  slate of.-��� ealfium, and c.ipro-cyanide of  pot .is sum highly, Ik-orescent-���that in,  the X-ray sets up ia thr>so'substances n  coniiition o? activity which.results .itt the  ci!:i*.;io:i from liicni of a-.-Uri:c rays and a.  small r.mo-iiit of ]ie:it.  ".My theory of radio-activity is that  the rays which the new ci cm cuts' emit  pre set up i:j tiZ same way,. the sub-  >Li:>ec��. being rca.lercd fiuarescent ; by  some form of oilier vibration which is  iir-doubtsdly ali-pervadiiig. but Ii:ss not  yet bcja isolateii or inea-iurpd, and which  nay Lave some extra-planetary origin.  Lu accept'any other theory is to declare  ������lie's hiOic-f in porpeta-.ii motion, in got-  ! ing soisietiitng for nothing.  "It is ;:ot at a 1]-strange that only two  '���!������ lliro? SJib-lanccs !iavt�� yet been foum!  vhieh exhibit this ���phcnoiiirnoii, as there  ���re only t!hi*ei�� subs'ai��'fia known��� whii-ii  ���re r&*iHjeicd..ilitorc-��tcnt by ihe'Itocni-  gen' ray" It 3s a ��� peculiar coincidence,  moreover, that the only one of the known  fluorescent substances that is ever found  in its .natural1 state, tung-state of calcium, is always more or less closely associated with pitchblende, from which  all theraiiiuin so far naa4e:has"been ex-  traefced.:- A:. 77.i:'..7.Z7~_7/ ./ ���  7 "1 believe this theory is capable of  proof, but I ahall'be content to let someone else prove it;.: T am through.for all  time "with experiments "in fadid-a'ctivity.  Two of my assistants ha*ye,bcen maimei!  for life by their close association vwith  the Roentgen rays, and I myself have  one eye badly out of focus and am suffering from severe stomach disturbance?  froni the same cause. The -new darkroom laboratory which I have just completed for aueh experiments will remain*  unused or be converted to &ome othei  use.  An amusing rftory is^ta-l'd of Pliil May,  the late famous cartoonist of the lion-  don "Punch," and an English conjurer at  a fair at Stratford-on-Avon. Phil was  watching the ve-ry clever gentleman -wbo  was wrapping: up sovereigns and haif^  crowns in pieces of paper and selling  them for two shillings. Tbe "sharp" bad  a beautiful face���-suah a face as Phil  May loved to draw. So he sketched him  furtively. But the gentleman saw him,  and made a speech forthwith. "If that  there celebrited portrit painter-with tho  tight breeches -on will 'and up the picter,  the equally eelehrited benefactor to 'oo-  manity wot is givin' away quids for coppers will reward 'im accordingly!" be  shouted. Phil, with a twinkle in his eye,  handed up the drawing. The conjurer  was delighted with the sketch and pinned  it to the tail-board of his'cart. With  another preliminary speech he threw  three sovereigns, three half-sovereigae  and several half-crowns into a piece of  paper, screwed it up and handed it bo  the artist. "You'll be president of th*  bloomin' "R'yal Academy soma dye, young  man," said he. "Here, catch!" "A bargain's a bargain," said Phil, walking ofl  with tbe paciet of gold a.nd silver, which  when opened proved to contain two pennies and a half-penny; but. Phil said  that it was themost'eutertaining coiu-  jnission he had ever been paid for.  For  Love's Sake.  A Budapest papor reports another romance of the Austrian Imperial family.  The Archduke Eugcno, brother of the  Queen Regent of Spain, it says, has fallen in love with the pretty daughter cf  a petty tradesman, and lias resolved to  renounce his title ard birthright and marry her. Archduke Eugene is thirty-nine,  has the '.rank of a general, and commands  an army corps in the Tyrol. He is of  gigantic stature, i* ex tamely handsome,  and is frequently seen In tlie streets of  'Vionfia, where his free and easy manners  hare made him a nooular favorite.  "Young man," said the stem parent te.  the applicant for a job as son-in-law, "I  trantyou to know that I spent live thousand dollars on my daughter's cducx-  tion." "Thanks," rejoined tho youth who  was trying to break into the family circle; "then I won't have U> send her to a  rchooi again.'1���Chicago ''Daily News."  Nottingham, England.  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and Fuii  auu fUSiYiiira  I1UBJ    BVSIAiUIUi  lavy  Cut Cigarette  Tobacco.  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cot  igarettesi  #*'v Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to . cub "  WHOLESALE DISTRlBUT.KC AGEW *S TOR WESTERN CAKADA.  CO., L'td, Victoria, B. C._  MONTREAL,  Sofe Msnufac  furers ofthe "Pinto Shell Ccr-  dovEn" Gloves en'cf Mitts  R. H. C ABLE Y, B.C. Agt.  &3J  ism 13  {BRIDGE COAL  S7.59 FcR TGiU  DELIVERED  AH 'id-i*-- n:>i-�� ��.t-:H-'-niiit.-.<hit.t1 5*;'_ <"*-- h R" 1 fcLocJ-J 1veivi ward'.il-  i-i  1 t;  i i J i i I ;. 1 !V o:   i-i  llifi,.  iit ii r ' iiLet-j  M ft* i\tffi&> tmmi zziht THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Under the Ice.  ������ Capt.thi Joseph La Barge, one of the  emly piloU of the Missouri River, waa  noted for his count ge and daring. In  the winter of lS3i he experienced tHo  following adventure, which is recorded in  the "History of Steamboat Navigation on-  the Missouri Kiver,*' by Mr. II. 31. Chittenden. He had occasion to cross tho  river, which was frozen deep.' There was  n path across, which ran between two  large air-hclcs through the ice. The  weather was extremely cold; and a bliz-  rard had already begun.  Captain La Barge wrapped himself  in a,blanket coat, held tight to his body  by a belt, and. was armed 'with a ride,  tomahawk and knife. He- felt ���confident  of crossing all right, for the distance  "was short, and he knew tho way &o well  that lie felt as if he could follow it  blindfolded. In fact, that was practi-  -cally his situation,' for\ the jwiii'd. drove  the snow iito his'face so'violently thai  jt was impossible to look ahead. Getting his bearings as well as he, could,  he started on o slow run in face of tho  ���  blinding storm.  It was in any cose a rcekles3 performance,   considering   the   existence   of   thi  air-holes near  the  pjth;   but La L.irge  was r.ot given to fearing future dang.ir^,  and forged boldly ahead.    For once hi*  confidence deceived him.'    All of a sudden-he plunged headlong into the river.  He instantly realized  that he was in  one of the air-holes, but which one?    If  it V.-3 3  the lower  one he  was certainly  lost,  for   the   swift   current  had  borne  'lim under the., ice before lie came.to the  .surface.    If it was  the upperfhole, he  * might float to the lower. ..       AA'-; -  lie   soon   rose  to" the'"'-surface    rind  bumped the overlying ice:    Sinking and  rising again, he bumped the ice a second  'time.    The limit  of endurance' was almost reached, when suddenly  his head  emerged into  the  open  air.    Spreading  'cut his. hands, he caught the edge of the  ,icc.   He held on until he could draw kU  knife, which he. plunged into the ice far  enough 'to give  him. something  to! pull  lagilast, and after miicb severe and'peril-  ious, oxer tion drew bimaelf-but.   He had  'stuck'to'his rifle air the  time" without  .'realizing the fact, and came out as fully  'armed as when he went in. *  But    now     a    new    peril    awaited  'liim.     The   storm   was   at, its Iicighi.  <jfcbe'/cold .Hintense, j'.nndH-his    clothim.'  Ivto" "drenched*   tlifftiigh/-������ Tlie  .'bath'  ;w]tich    he     had     received     had     Bol  ichillcd him  much,   for   the   wateT   #a."  iwarmer  than the   air  outside,  and  hi-  exertions would  have   kept  him  warm  ���i   anyway, but out in. the wind the chance-  were that he would freeze if he aid not  quickly reach a fire.    Hastily recovering;  hia bearings, be set out anew, and had  the good fortune to leach tha ;>ost without further trouble.  Coin  oration oi me  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Klc-.tric lightJ*alet> fin-1 lie month nf Novem-  liuc'are now due ��n I i��iy:iti-eM UieCily of  ���\t: s. trtiiiilim ur Ill-Hire 'licli'.ih I.Vceiiiber,  discount, of ID jicr ci-ut will be iillowcd.  ���       .   . -       ���   Uy orrttn-,  .    ' '       City Clerk.  Nelson. December 1, 1803. .'. ���  **��� 7 * r *'   V        ' ** * '  ["An ^anecdote ^wliicli   has   lately   been  jgoing'the rounds  in British  official cir-  ">|cles.concerns the memorable experience  lof'a certain member of raTlbincut tlur-  iing  the  last  year  of   Queen   Victoria's  [reign.    The   statesman   in   question   is  mot one of  those-who arc most firmly  -'iconvinced of'the benefits of "total abstia-  ���enee, and the cvening(of a certain public  ���function  at which   royalty   was   to  be  .present found him in a condition which  would not have been cdifj^ng" to the sup-  i iporters of  that 'movement.., fhe,, late  ' jQusen'TVas-receiving the guests* of honor,  'and it was necessary that the convivial  ai.P. should be presented with the Test.  As -be   approached ��� his   sovereign,   Victoria extended her'hand for bim to kiss.  "But: he  did -not   kij=s   it;   Instead,   he-  grasped and,;shook"it with vigorous enthusiasm, while he  scrutinized  her  f.iec  with grave perplexity-   "Your.face, madam," he' observed, "is- perfectly familiar  to"me, but I'm'blowe'd if I'c'an'xeiuember  your name!"  Corner Mill and Josephine  Sts.  Severaf families are  buying their groceries at  the little storeon the corner of Josephine and Mill  Streets. Why not join the  happy throng and deal  with joy at the  Notice in licre'.iy given tliat SO days nftcr  Ontel Intend toiinply Hi 11.������ Chief Uummis-  sionerol'r.atiils:niil Wnrks torn special l-i-ftiwe  to cut and carry away timber from tlie following Ucpuriljed liiui..s *lt-u:itL- on Hii.-sell  CiipIn. itlx-ut. y. mile, irom the town oruttun-  encr-In'Wwt IvocU-nny JJifctrlel. Cominen-  c'.nS at. a post marked George a Jllnnts  northwest, corner, thence 1U0 eliiiins kOUID,  thence -id cl.uius east, thence ISO iihuiiisnortlj.  thence l&Uuliuin-i west toi'lnceof ci.uiineuce-  inent. '    ,,  Ono. A. IIutst.  Dated Nov. 7ili, 1903.  \m  sh Grocen  R. G.   JOY,   PROPRIETOR  J. E. ANNABLE, M'GR.  MATINEE AND NIGHT  ft hiM Siary of  .. The Great Snow.Scene,  ' The 'Moonshiners' Camp,  The Sweet Singers,  The Escape froiji the Outlaws, ...  The!11umihated Church, ;*   <  The Vl\ lage Quartette.  Ddn't MiBs This  JOB   PRI|fTIN-G"AT THE   EC0NOME$T QFFJtE  Certificate of Improvements.  ���Archer. Gipsy and ��laon Stitv Mineral  Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining.Division  of West-Kootouoy district..  . .   ���  Where located : -s-oven miles west of .Nelson, half-mile nortli of railway track.  Talte notice that I, Charles \V. Husk, acting  as aijent fur Artlun* fov-yu. l'?rce Miner's Cer-  tillcntcKo. 15 5M,17-J, inteutl s'i.\ty (lays from  the datehcrcol, toapply to tlie Mining lie-  corder for ceniHcutcs of ImprovenienLs, for  the purpose ot ohtitiiiing Cvowu Urants ofthe  ab'iveciuinns.  And further talte notice, that action under  Sec-lion 37 is'iust be comnicnced before the is-  suanie of snclicierti'jwitesoi* fmprorements.  Dated this 12th SJepteinfcer. i'JCo.  Chas. W. BUSK.  CertKicnte of tmprovcmeRts.  Republic antl Ticiiv.blio Fraction. Mineral  Claims, situate in tho Nelson Mining Division  of Wi"^t Kootenay District.  Where located: .-Between' 49 and Eagle  Creelts.  Take notice that I. Charles W.'BusK, nctinsp  osajtent. for Arthur Powys. Free Miner's 'Jur-  ttticiite No. 1! 53,171, intend sixty days front  the date hereof io apply to Uie Mining He-  cordcr l'or Cerllllcates of Improveihonts for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grunts of  the ubore claims.   .     . '���.--.  And further take notico, that act-on under  Section 37 must ho commenced before thu is-  Eiiiunce ofsuch Cerlilieatrs of lmpruveincnts.  Dated tliisl2th tjeptcmber, 1SX):!.  Ciias. W". BUSK.  CERTIFICATE OF |HPR0VEHENTS  llonncr, Iloincslalceand Utopia Fractional  Mineral . Claims, situate in the Nelson aMin-  iiiK Division ot* "Wtist Kootenay District.  Where located: On Korty-iilnc Creek, about  cue mile ahove the "May aLd Jennie" min  oral claini;  Take notice that I, John JfcLatcbie, of the  City ul" Nelson, acting as agent Mr David G.  l'ortcr. Free Miner's CcrLiftesitc Ko. USO.VUO,  and .lac.db C. Porter, Free Miner's Certificate  No. 1J81.M3. intend, sixty days from the date  hereol, to apply to t-lie Mining. Uccoi tier for  Ccrtiiicalcs or Improvements, for the purpose  (���I <ihlaining Crown ' Qraiits of the above  claiiiis.  And further laltc notice that action, under  scclion H7, intisL be commenced bwv-re the issuance of sucli CcTtiUcat.cs of Iinprovcmentu.  Dated this IDlh day orNnvcn.br-r, A. J>.190S.  Joit>- iicLaicicie, V. L. S.  Bartlett House  (Formerly Clarke House)  The best $1 per day house in Kelson.  None but wbitc help employed.   The bar  Ii ebest.  G. W.   Bartlett   Prop  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, bii^jj  and woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Fred. JB Squire  Tenia and Awnings ma da and repaired.  Clothing cleaned and in ended.  Over tie Wiliace-Mlller' Co,, Selso*  50 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  .ATivone ssndlRff a ���jtetc'h and description b��t  tulcfcly ascortain our optaton free -whether an  Invention Is probably patentable Comnmiilra.  tliius strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  tout tree, Oldest aaenej for securing patenta.  Patent^, taScn throuuh Munn & Co. recelfe  nedstnotice, without chnrRe. in tho  A hnndsotti��!f tilnetrated nceklv. I.-irtrest circulation ci any scientific Jonrnil. Terms, 53 a  :mrvtpurtaontlis. *L Bold brail newadealen.  MOlifl & Co.36iBroSdway,Rew Yorft  Bnuitrh Offlco, fiS r itt, \taAagtsn. p. c  3''    XcC'     ^-*1*^    ^vii^     ^<t-iff     ^���^*s'     -���*���'*'       NCiL*-''     ^4_i^  OHNolflc LATCH IE  Dolnihion and  * Provincial  Land "Surveyor  Q��. B.C.- Customs House, Nelson,  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  KOOTENAY    ..  COFFEE GO.  ��$&&%&&_  Coffee Roasters  tea arid Coffee  li  Dealers .In  ,' We are offering at lowest prices the best  grides ot Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas. .��������� ; ��� '��������� "  -������   s  Our Best Mocliii and Java Coffee per  ������*"'".: pound.... ..........S  40  iMoeha and Ja-va, Dlenfl, 3 pounds. .. .���. 1 OU M  ChoiceISlcntlCoft'ee,4 pounds......... 1 00  Special Blend Codec,<i pounds  1 00  Rio BlendCoit'cc,6 pounds  1 00  ���Special Klend Ceylon j*ea', per pound.    80  A TRJAL ORDER SOLtCiTEO.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  We-.beg to announce that we have been appointed agents Br-, the  Canadian Pacific Railway Co:'s lovynlotsin Nelson and lands, in West  ..Kootenay.. . y/���    .  SS    fi' A'"    '.'-'  Baker Street, ENielsors,  i=i^Teleph'6'ne"i77"-r-:i^~"^==  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     BAKER   STREET,    NELSON  N. E. T. TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  -7.OO-_-.-7.4OL  -8.20a.m.  9.OO        9.4O  itvery 40 minutes until 10.20 p. m.  BOGUSTO-WN���  7.20       8.00      8.40  : to.op    10.40  ;���; .Evecy 40 nainutes'-until 10.40 p.m. .  10.20  9.20 a. m.  11.20  cense  Diiecl'linci*   1  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson   .  East  Toronto  Otta-wa  Montreal  New York  West  Van po�� vr  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San KranciHco  *V!si HooraclllcLine.St. Paul, Chicago and  aHir.s.pointa.  S. - S,. Senrice. from Vaneouver  roA.lii.slja, Japan.China, Hawaii, Australia  Xots.     Warehouses.     Offices.    Apply A. V. MASON",  Man. Sec.  The Car Barn, Phone 165B.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  Setilers' Rates "Westbound, sold dally till  November SO.  'i'liTutiKh bookings to England and the Continent riaall S. S. lines.  Fot timetnbles.ralos nnd information, ap-  !>ty to local ajjeu is, or write.  S.S. CARTER,  jDi8t;.VasB. Agt.,  Kelson.  E. J.COYLK.  A. G- P. A.  Vancouver  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock. -  ��. C. TRAVES. Manager  WADDS BROS.  Photographers.  Vancouver ar.d Kelson  BAKER STREET. ��EIS0H, B. C  Merchant Tailor,  Tremont   B!k��   Baker  St,   Eas  dfi -dull'iAfiniGi-  Tnlittcst tlcsigtis it 1 jcl Lest c*.uality  Frank  Fletcher  riiOVIXCIAL laAND SUUVEY03*-  J^aiidsnncl MincraIC!ai7ns?urveycQ  nnd Crcv.-n Granted  P..O.Box5CS      Office rlCootenay St. XcJsots  hhoe


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