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The Economist Dec 17, 1904

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 KaraotiBpxm-  * WM. B.- HEARST: "I have seen the  most beautiful lakes' in Italy and Switzerland, and all those lovely spots, but I have  never seen anything finer than the Kootenay lake and the -Arrow lakes. We had a  delightful time there. This was my liibt  trip through there."  **A**^*V*AAAAt*AA*-*'..��  VOLUME  VIII.  Origin of the  AttacK  on Canada.  STORY OF STEPHENS  American Government Made No  Effort to Prevent  the Raid.  \  Tlie Fenian mid marks one- of the  bloodiest pages in thc history of Canada. It is now over thirty-eight years  ago since the raid took place, but Canada cannot forget the time when her  citizen soldiery were  wantonly  shot  ^ down by a horde of invaders who cannot be regarded as other than wilful  *���- murderers unable to give any reason  for their atrocious deed3.  Omitting the so-called rebellion of  1837, which was a domestic affair, in  which well-meaning men contending  for a principle, were driven to resort  to arms, the land had known tranquility for more than fifty years. Not  since 1812 had a foreign" foe set foot  upon Canadian noil, nnd there were no  indications from*any quarter to cause  apprehension of the breaking of the  long peace. The American States had  experienced the storm of havoc of a  prolonged and destructive war, and  their shattered and weary armies were  returning to tlieir homes to renew  their strength and to reckon at leisure  the fearful sacrifices that bad been necessary to preserve the union and  strike the shackles from tlie slave.. Tbe  - sympathies of Canada hnd" been with  thc federal power in the long struggle  and many hadNgone from  this side to  - attest that sympathy in action. But  thf war was over, the union was secure and the enptivo was free, and  this country which had watched tlie  struggle with sorrow and fear, rejoiced  with those who had rejoiced and  was  - glad that right had won tlie victory.  There was no thought that the aftermath .of this fell harvest would be  gathered on our borders, yet it was so.  The agitation in Ireland, which had  slept for a time, had been revived in  a more menacing form than it had presented in years, the power this time  being the Fenian organization, named  after an ancient Irish military . force.  The movement, the aim of which was  armed attempt to overthrow JJiiUsh,  '.rule in Ireland, had-its headquarters  in New York aud the prime propaga-  . tor'^of the-^schemes was James Stephens, a Kilkenny man, who became  known as the head centre. He visited  New York in 1864, and organized the  disaffected Irish into Fenian centres there as he had done in Irelaud.  On his return to Dublin he was arrested. Fourteen days afterwards he  escaped from Richmond Bridewell,  and while this was set down to careless officials, it was evident that there  , must have been some connivance on  tlJifi part of the Government. Stephens  w����i3*gver afterwards regarded as a Oov-  " eminent spy and could not regain his  ��� former'position in the order.   Here-  i  turned to,New York about the middle  1  of May, I860, to find that O'Mahoney,  his colleague, who was at the head of  the movement in America, bad been  deposed, aud that Roberts, a noted  Fenian, was in full control. The latter  had as chief henchman a '���General"  Sweeny, who had been through the  American wur. There was a warm  dispute between Stephens and O'Ma-  honey on the one side and Roberts  and Sweeny on tbe other over the control of the organization, especially the  control of the money, of which a quarter of a million had poured into the  New York treasury, contributions  from deluded working people through-  ing" Ireland. This money had disap  peared in some mysterious way, and  the men in charge of tlie luxurious offices iii Union Square, New York,  .could give no'satisfactory account of it.  Probably to divert attention from the  subject, Roberts and Sweeney were  clamoring for action in the field, -and  this field was'Canada. Stephens, on  the other hand, opposed this and contended that the battle should be fought  in Ireland, and it would be fought that  year if support could be secured. But  support was not forthcoming, neither  was money iu reach anywhere.  So matters- stood in May, 1866. In  thc meantime Roberts and Sweeny  pressed tlreir agitation .for invasion of  Canada, though- how Canada obstructed the cause of Irish freedom  was not explained, and these worthies  made journeys into the west, where the  Fenian'movement was strong', to stir  up the members to aetion. That the  Canadian Government was fully informed as to the conspiracy is certain.  O'Neill, afterwards chief of/ the secret  service, was then in the employment  ofthe Government, a shrewd, trustworthy and fearless officer, and he had  channels of information known only  to the heads of departments at Ottawa.  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY DECEMBER 17, 19C4.  Sketch of the Man Who  Rules the Navy.  "JACKY" WELL  Many Reforms Inaugurated During His Brief Tenure  bf'Office;  On May 29, 1866, the Cincinnati  Commercial reported a movement of  Fenians and large shipments of arm*  northward., aiid said tiiere were appearances of an extensive raid upon  Canada. .'Similar reports came from  Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and  other places. Still -there was no  thought that the Fenians would .carry  their threats into operation. -Roberts  and Stephens were at open war on the  subject, one declaring for a blow at'  Canada, and the other clamoring for a  rising in Ireland, aud on May 31 Stephens was openly accused at Philadelphia of lieing an" English spy,' to  winch accusation he offered a "most  unsatisfactory defence."  Gti May 80 a trainload of Fenians  from Cleveland "arrived at Buffalo.  They were a band of drunken ruffians,  who had fought among themselves all  the way from the Ohio city, and one  of their number had been killed with  a bottle at Ashtabula. They did not  go directly into Buffalo, but left the  train on the outskirts of the city, and  that night made Canal street howl  with rioting, setting the police at defiance.  In the meantime the mayor of Buffalo had telegraphed thc mayors of  Toronto, Hamilton and London that  something serious was afoot, and to  prepare for it; but no one supposed  that a friendly Government would allow so malignant a proceeding as an  attack upon a friendly and inoffensive  people to come from its borders. This  was a delusion to be most painfully dispelled within a few hours. The Amer-  can Government' not only permitted  the raid to take place, making no effort whatever to prevent ir-r'but a  Government vessel aided the murderers to escape from their angry pursuers. So cruel, so heartless, so devilish  an offence against a peaceful people by  a ncighboricg and supposedly" sympathetic paople can only be found  among savage and barbaric nations. It  left a cankering sore in Canada, for  many a day. Everyone knows the story  of the repulse of the marauders.  OBITUARY.  Mr. and Mrs. William A. Thurman  have the sympathy of their many  friends in the loss of their little  daughter, Minnie Helen Thurman.  The little girl was only six years of age,  and had endeared herself to the friends  of the family by her gentle disposition  and pleasing manners, end the announcement of ber death Wednesday,  morning brought tears to many an  eye; and sympathy for the parents in  this the hour of their great trial is universally expressed. Her little child  friends, amongst whom she was a  general favorite, will long remember  their little playmate. Diphtheria was  out the country eager to aid in "free-J the cause of death.  Sitting at his"desk in'a .London office a few we^ks ago, a certain ,kcen-  eyed, firm-mouthed man issued an order, and in a few hours Europe was in  the throes of the worst war scare it had  known xon all the bourses. Cabinets met to discuss the' situation ��� in a  hundred cities "Extras" were shouted;-  in a thousand newspaper offices editorial writers sat down to write about  what would happen when the long-  dreaded great European war began.  The scare had boen exploded before  ever those editorials got into print. It  had been the falsest .kind of'a false  alarm, with no more foundation than  the desire of Admiral Sir John Fisher,  senior naval lord and head of the'Brit-  ish Admiralty, to find out how well  prepared the "British fleets were in  case war with Russia should suddenly  be declared. From Sir John's point of  view the experiment was .entirely  successful. Everything- went "/like  clockwork. The great warships at Gib-  raltar "were "made'really"for"seavah"d'  active service in a creditably* "short"  time; the guns of-the-fortress-were  manned"* and all necsssary arrangements to attack an enemy were made  i'  with no fuss or friction.      nws-i ,��> * *��  - ?   .': r "-* :.:  As for the speculators w*b<Kjost ;on  the bourses?Sir John cired nothing for  them. His business was to see that the  British navy was in good condition;  and, as he said, a surprise order was  ordinarily of no use at all.' The friction  with Russia over the' North Sea affair  provided an opportunity which might  not occur again in a generation. The  officers and sailors really thought they  were going to fight, and this was the  next-best thing to actual war to test  their efficiency and nerves.  _And who is tbis Sir John Fisher, who  thinks nothing of "throwing the world  into a fit" in order to testthe machinery of England's navy ? Ask the average Britisher, and he could not tall you.  Anjk any British naval officer or any  British tar aud he will look at you with  a pitying smile.  "Oh, Jacky," he will &ay,"Every one  knows Jacky."  And that's about all you will be able  to get out of.liim. That youjshould be  ignorant of "Jacky" and "Jacky's"  ways will seem to him incredible.  As a matter of fact, the British public is only just beginning to realize  what a strong force "Jacky" is. He  has always hated publicity, and his  work has been done quietly. But the  navy knows his work, the King knows  it, the Government hnows it, and the  last-named power has only recently  recoguized this work by making Sir  John Fisher the First Naval Lord,  which means practically the executive  head of all Britain's fleets.  This man, whom the greatest navy  in the world fears and worships, whom  it fears quite as much as it worships, is  the son of, a S-cotch officer who married, a Cingalese woman of high rank.  If one looks for it one can see the Asiatic in hisiace.L  il that would be worihy of tl  tute Oriental statesman.  Sir John has been at thc IiimmI of affairs at   the Admiralty  only  a very  short time, and he has already done  two things which in  the  opinion  of  naval officers would justify the erection'  of-a columnin  his,, honor as high ns  Nelson's. - He has (t^lccl tho efficiency  of the llee'ts as* tWy"bavb never, been  tested before in time of peace, and,he  has succeeded-in- suatching out*-qf the  hands of the Foreign Oflice the-organization und'arrangeniciit 6f the iritelli-  gence system.   As a result of thisnatter  l.WY.*ishould^war "breakout, w'ith'inan  hour .the warships ��� everywhereVould-  " ***.     .-".'fisHi,     ,^*--;tf-w     ^s^o^^-j tvY'" -        *  receive,exact instructions from'-'head-  ,'iuartersji.slto^.what they were to clo.  Sir   John   is   one  of   the  Houston's Ticket Takes  the Pledge.  refer ti has any sense to it, it was never  written by John Houston,' but clipped  from- some other paper,' and no credit j .  given. Let us read it anyway."',. Ji i,  Tlie paper' was handed. over,"and tlie  gentleman who made the last contention only read through the first parai'  graph when he remarked, "Why,'7I  read thut in the San Francisco -Weekly  A GREAT PROGRAMME E-mi��-�� Member a-  This made the Houston champion  Sources'- from Whlchthe Tribune  r?::A Secures its Grey   ���?������ a  -;^A, Matter: a>  &"..  FRIENDS  'hardest  workers in the world. Ever^day,he  rises at 5 o'clock and he works^tilMO  o'clock at night with the.exeeption of  brief periods for "meals. And -the result of thia work is'shown in theextra-  ���i �����  ordinary knowledge'he possesses of the  machine of which he is head. It is  said that at any moment he can tell  exactly where any vessel of His Majesty's navy is or should be.  ''Confound him," remarked an officer  who had served under him, "I believe  he could tell you the exact number of  - *��  cocktails I drink "every time I go  ashore."  - Like Kitchener, Fisher exacts from  those working under him the same  standard of efficiency as he imposes on  himself.   That is why the loungers,' the  dilettantes, hate him with a perfect  hatred.   Friendship counts for nothing.  If- one   of  his intimates  is guilty of  wrongdoing he must suffer.    At .the  Umerqf.th&^Dombardmeut^ofivAlexau-.  .dria. Fisher .was Captain of. thejuflex-  ible.     Some of the officers of tlie ship  w ere caught with looted goods.   They  -Deggea-fi_rmtjrcyT5out Fisher-saw to it  that each one'was courtimu-tiiiijed. ' '  ���; Fisher-was a^great-favoritcgof Queen  Victoria, aud, it is Wd, is an,equal  favorite of King Edward.    Itis well  known that-monarchs Jike   servants  who  are  not  afraid  of    them,   and  "Jacky" was never afraid of any man  or* anything.     Queen   Victoria  once  asked him to be "very nice" to Admiral Gervais, of the French navy who  was about to visit Portsmouth.  '.'Madame," replied Sir John, "I will  even kiss him if you want me to."  One reason why Fisher has advanced  to his present position is his faculty of  The general topic of conversation on  the_,street for   the past few day3 has  been the ease by which John Houston  succeeded in emasculating and eviscerating his aldermanic candidates.    The  candidate for mayor was known to be  an exacting master, but even hia -worst  enemy never believed he would go the  length he has this'time.     Men   who  were disposed to excuse him for past  offences, now express  themselves as  unalterably opposed to the method he  bas adopted to reduce his followers to  a degrading  condition  of servitude.  The condition of the men who have  disposed of their  birthrights bas been  compared~by some to the slavery that  existed in the, Southern States before  the war, but the comparison is to the  honor of the slave.   --The  Southern  slave did not sell himself into slavery;  he was sold by tlie dealer'in slaves.   Iu  the Nelson instance, the men disposed  of their liberties, "without even getting  anything  in   exchange.     Evidently  John Houston'b long residence in the  Southern States has taught him how  slavery may be turned to advantage.  The  lash and "whipping  post will be  now in order.  silencb7~-~He~has never in all his career  spoken or written a word for publication, and that is the reason, it is said,  why he has not a very exalted opinion  of Admiral Lord Charles Beresford,  whose good nature has seldom been  proof against the appeals of newspaper  men.���New York Times.  THE WATSQN STOCK CO.  The opinion of many is that the  Watson company is the most talented  stock organization that has yet visited  the city. There is not a poor actor in  the "whole company. "Jim the Westerner,'-' was given the first night, and  it is not exaggerating matters in saying*  that the audience w;as enthusiastic over  the play and players^ Mr. Watson  proved himself a capable actor, and  Harry Pollard attracted much attention  iii the role of "Andrew Burke.", Miss  Roberts is an actress of exceptional  ability, and gave a splendid interpretation of "Mary Lawton." The other  members of the company were also entitled to special commendation. Last  night "The Man From Mexico" was  given before a delighted audience. Tonight Boucicault's famous "Con the  This  ���. iShaughraun" will be presented  There is something ofi .'.;:. o   o        ������.-������   ,  ' . ...     r;���  ^ ., ,   .    '���..'������,,'���'       iis one of the best, if not the best, Irish  Oyama there,  but one would   never i   , .  .,      ,        ������',._. ,  '>��� .    'plays ever written.   It never   fails lo  guess it unless first informed of the   . , ,    ,  ...   ������- ,   ��� _' drawa large house, and no doubt its  Oriental blood in Fisher's veins.   And'      .   ���. ��� ... ..    .T , ....  : presentation in Nelson will be no ex-  the Oriental is even  more apparent in i .-  -        ,     , ,     ,  ���      ��� ception to the general rule,  work than in his features.   On thc surface he is all British directness and  I  The Bioscope Company, which gave  simplicity; beneath there is a subtle' gave such pleasure at the Opera House,  facnlty for getting what he wants last February, will be seen here again  without letting anyone know he wants next Tuesday evening.  -  ��� .The meeting to be held next Wednesday evening to ratify the ticket selected to carry out John Hcuston's  commands promises great entertainment for those who will be fortunate  enough to attend. The programme,  which will be a lengthy one, is now  being rehearsed under the direction of  William Blakemore, an amusement  projector of some note. John the  Trimmer will give a life-like presentation of Simon Legrec, the slave-driver,  with Robert Robertson as Uncle Tom  and-James Johnstonc-as-Little-Eva.  The West Ward trio will sing "Those  Agonizing'Cruel Slavery Days," while  a quartette composed of the three East  Ward candidates and the would-be-  mayor will sing, "If They Only Fought  With' Razzers in This War." There  will be a real plantation scene, with thc  slaves at work. Altogether the eiitci*  talnment should be an attractive one.  very warm, bufc^in order to settle the  matter,some"one was sent over tb a  bookstore for the Weekly Examljier.  When he retufned.it;was ^discovered  that thedouble^column editorial in ttie  Tribune of Dec.* 14, entitled "Working for Wages in Different Ways," was  word for word the same ai an editorial  which appeared in the San Francisco  Weekly Examiner of December 8, (six  days before,) headed, "Don't do Just  Enough to Earn Your Pay."  Of course the evidence was incontrovertible; yet the Tribune champion is  now figuring out how the enterprising  Examiner succeeded in getting Jolin  Houston's editorial six days before it  appeared in the Nelson paper.  . Mokal.���It is quite easy to gain a  reputation as a deep thinker and an  able writer, if you know how to run  the editorial lawn-mower.  Begin the Work of the  :.:'J,^c����mpaisn?r;'-r'r-:  ���:,'�����  'A.  ' **>  a '���' '* ai��l  r$��$m  ��� irf&ue  ���* *f-*__e  7     AjH  ALDERMANIC   TICKET  % W. Bartlett, W. G. Gillett, Wm.  Spry, H.Bird, A. H. Clements.  and R. M. Macdonald.  While plagiarism is not uncommon in  newspaper offices it is not often that so  flagrant an instance as the one outlined above comes to light. It is not an  u nusual .thing for one paper to pilfer  uews items from another,���news once  itis published being regarded inthe  light of community property; but even-  then the majority of newspaper nien  work iu a credit some place. " It is different, however, -with matter that properly belongs to the editorial column.  This is.quite as iuueh the. property of  the newspaper who buys it from the  writer as is the machinery of tbe printing office. The publisher has bought j  an d paid for it, and no other newspa- j  per has anymore right to use it than  to take without permission the machinery belonging to the printing  establishment. You can borrow the  tacts contained in the article, but ~the  elaboration musk be your own. A.  more impodent instance of plagiarism  than the one oited above has never  come under the observation of the  writer; indeed, anywhere la the  civilized world a man posing as a news-  pa per  Dr. Rose's campaign   opened rlasfc  Thursday evening -when a meeting of  his supporters was, held in the rooms ia,  the Opera House.    It was the largest  and   most   enthusiastic   preliminary  meeting ever held in the city of Nelson.  Every seal was occupied and standing  room was at premium.    Mayor Hamilton occupied the chair.   His Worship  made a few remarks of a practical character, after which short speeches were  delivered by Dr.' Rose, Harry Bird, A.  H. Olemeuts, W. G. Gillett. William  Spry and others.'   The speeches dealt  generally with the issues'before the  people, and the candidates fully" endorsed Dr. Rose'ffVatform,atthesame  time reserving the right to think at all  times for themselves.   They refused to  sign over their rights as free-born Bri-,  tish  subjects" to one man, and in this'.,  position they were fully endorsed by"  all present.   Plans were then made for  the actual work of the campaign, and  committees   appointed  to   carry out *  these plans.    Those present predicted'.  not only the election of Dr. Rose 'but ^  every one oh his ticket by large major-'  itles.     The deathrkriell of HoustohisuV  has been sounded.  ^1  '     I-    _,  '     -w I  "There's a good article."said a follower of John Houston, the other evening, as he laid down his paper. "When  it comes to writing good stuff there is  not a man in Canada can push a pen  like the long-handed journalist of the  Tribune." ������   ,. ,  "What is the article about?" asked  one of those present, supplementing  his interrogation with the belief that if  the article had any merit, it had not  been written by the sage of the Tribune. -  . This, quite naturally, set the  Houston champion foaming ut the  mouth, jind he indulged in the usual  Houston argumentby offering to bet  that the article headed, "Working for  ���^agetf'iii; "Different "Ways," (vvhich  appeared in,the Nelson Tribune, December 14;*) was written by John Houston ; that, as a matter of fact, lie had  seen John in a brown study that afternoon, and he knew that something of  the kind was about to be given out,  concluding that Houston was the only  man in Canada who could write the  article any way.  "You may have seen all these  things,'^, said- the other, but I am  equally sure that if the editorial you  writer who would be guity of  such an act would soon find his occupation gone. Yet it is not unlikely that  the guilty one in this instance, will remain in Nelson and brazen out his offence.  The gentlemen selected foraldenren  on the Rose tieket, are all well-known  in the city of Nelson, and', if elected,  can be depended upon to give the city  a good administration. They stand]  squarely on every*plank in Dr. Rose's-  platform, but do notwearthe collar'of  any one man. In the East ward there-  are three gentlemen who would be an  honor to any civicadmiuistration. W.  G. Gillett is a contractor, who has  earn��4 the respect of his fellow-citizens.  Ge^r^"I^rtlefrc<^TcTs~a hotel,'and^  When John Houston announced that  he would be a candidate for mayor,  many citizens" began to figure out what  this great public-spirited gontleman  had left to sell the city, for John has  always some old junk on his bargain  counter to hand oyer to tbe city at a  low price for cash. It was suggested  that he might be considering the advisability of selling thc Tribune to the  corporation, and by this means further  carrying out the idea of municipal  ownership of public utilities. It was  pointed out that the purchase of that  paper would be a good investment, inasmuch as the city would be able to do  its own printing at a lower rate than  it would have to pay the "grasping corporation" which now controls it, for  the same work. This brings up the  subject of how much John. Houston  and the Tribune has received from the  city. The figures are taken .from the  books at Hie ��*it v* hall: ; v >       ���'"':  Tribune, Cr. for Printing.  1S9T.....    $ 38G 38  1898      436 87  1899...      547 15  1900..;.............      710 01  1901.     1195 3&���$3575 76  John Houston, Cr., Salary.  1897,6 mos at $166.66.$1322 28  1898......     2000 00  1900....     1200 00-44522 28  1903, Securing power site (not  itemized)...,............      300 00  Total.  (8098 04  his fcllow-cifizcns know that be is ait  honest, upright man, .^with a good  knowled ge of business. William Spry  isa young man, who has the energy  so requisite to the progress of a younjc  and growing city. In the West Ward  there are two of last year's aldermen  seeking re-election, Messrs. Bird and  Clements. The first is a thorough  business man, and has served the city  faithfully in the past. Aid. Clements-  is also a good business man, and  his large interests in this city Is tbo  best assuranee that he will devote his  time to the benefit of Nelson. R. M.  Macdonald isa new man. He is &  lawyer and stands well jn bis profession. His professional knowledge  will be of use on many occasions. Tbe  foregoing gen tlemen comprise Dr.  ���Rose's ticket, and the prospects now  are that tbe doctor and everyone of bis  aldermen will be elected.  H  There is not likely to be much fault  found with the settlement of tbe damage suit* resulting from the bursting:  of the sewer. The resolution of the  council favoring the settlement wa��  inoved by Aid. Bird and seconded by  Aid. Kirkpatrick, and is as follower  ''That in view of the advice and counsel of our city solicitor, this council Instructs pur city solicitor to compromise  the damage cases on the basis of 75 per  cent of the actual cash loss of goods or  property in each case���said loss to be  determined by arbitration in the usual  manner." This resolution waa carried]  without dissent. W.lM.VSvrsfjrf.fMtft-'  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  s-  THE NELSON ECOMOMiST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  i/isrnon Street, Neison. B. C.  -$1 Pet Year Strictty in Advance  A.avertlslns rates made known on application. - ,  ah ohanees In advei*tlst>.aents to Insure  intirtfou Xuld reach this office not later  thin Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address -ia required, .it Is  desirable that both the old address aud the  new be given.  Address all communications. ''Publisher  of Thk Nslsoi- acoNOjiiSTi Nelson, li,. *-���  Sign, Faustus, Sign.  MEl'IIIbrol'HBI.ES. I5lU '"ilk0 .  The compact, and at once I'll undertake  To charm thee with mine arts.   I'll give iher-  niore  Than mortal eye hath ere beheld before.  ��� t'dunl  Robert  Robertson  has   securctl  tb��'  much coveted honor of a nomination  on John Houston's al lormanic  ticket.  It is not, however, with the anibili m  and achievement of Robert U ihertson  that this article has to "do,  but rat hoi  with the position  of that gentlem.ii.  just previous to the meeting for the ho  lection   of   the   Ilou&ton   ticket,   and  while his soul thirsted for uldermanit*  -honors."   For weeks Robert Robertson  had been full of the subject of municipal politics, and  remembering his antagonism  to   Houston   and   Houston  jnethods^generally, some of his friends,  called upon him just to see how he reconciled his present position with his  attitude a few years ago, when he positively refused to yote for either a candidate for mayor or alderman'if the  virtuous-minded    Robert    Robertson  suspected for one instant that the candidate was tainted with  Houatonism.  It wag a rational inquiry) and  the interrogator could scarcely be accused of  vulgar curiosityl    ' ~  Our Informant does not record that  ASobert    Robertson   had   a   seraphic  smile oil his "face when  the question  was "put to liim.'but it "certainly requires no stretch   of imagination   to  picture  that gentleman   looking extremely wise, and washing liis* hand*.  in the invisible atmosphere as he made  bis  explanations.      Iucidentally,  lie  :tiufolded a scheme by which  lie and  .oneor two resolute followers were lo  bottle up John Houston when the lime  eame to choose the candidates.  For the  time being the would-be alderman was  to become.dictator, and the autocrat of  the Tribune was to be-shorn  of h\>  power like the Beggar Prince in the  comic.opera on his* return, from the  war.   Houston  was to have nothing  whatever to do with the choice of candidates or control of their actions, but  was to be forced to accept a ticket of  Btrong men, headed by Robert Robert  what he was doing, he had prostrated j  himself before the Nelson autocrat. It  is not likely that history will ever  record the feelings ofRabert Robertson  and James Johnstone when they came  to, but those who know John Houston  best can well believe that the great man  laughed atthe ease wi tli which he upset the imposing structure reared by  the would-be dictator of Water street.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The so-called Progressive Party called  a meeting to select followers of a self-  appointed leader. This is the only instance so fur known where any aggregation calling itself a party allows tbe  inferior minority of one to dictate to  and rule the show.  ' J ihn Houston "claims that the aldermen of 19J0 were blockheads and had  ho seiK-je, but the city was saved bj*  one just man f.ir mayor���that man, of  conr-i', bi-ing John Houston. The  uhhnne.i referred to were : Dr. Arthur,  Dr. Hall, Uiake Wilson, A. L. Mc-  ICillop, William Irvine and Chris.  Morrison. Just compare these men  willi John Houston. The lirst two  ure successful professional  men; Blake  Wilson stain s second to no man in  this city from point of business ability  and public spirit; A. L. McKillop is at  the head of liis profession in -this Province, and is regarded as one 61 the  best aldermen Nelson ever had; William Irvine is a shrewd,-keen business  man, aud holds the respect of his fellow citizens without regard to party  affiliations. Chris. Morrison's only  crime is that he wobbled a little, and.  eventually became a meek and lowly  follower of John Houston.    But every  Lowest Rates  Best Time  SHOES  :AT:  Toronto, -Montreal,  New   York, Maritime  Provinces, New England.  WEST  Vancouver,-   Victoria,   Seattle,,  California  Points.  - Unequalled   Passenger Service,  Tourists', Coaches, Dining Cure.  Slcepcrx,  TOURIST SIjEEPERSERVICE.  West.��� Lv.'Uevelstoke Monday, Wednesday.  Thursday, Saturday, for Seattle and  Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Dnumore Jet. for S!. Paul  Sunday, Monday. Wednesday, Friday.  Toionto Wed. und Sun., Montreal  Mon., lJoston Krl.  For rates, folders and tickets, apply to  J. S. CARTER,  Diet.Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  E. J. COYLE.  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Rover .Creek, about  three rrilles from Kootenay Klver.   Take no  man mentioned  was better qualiified��'tjee that.!, Frank Fletcher, of the city of  ���" Nelson, acting as ngentfor myself, Free Mln-  for ollice than the man who now ma- ^^faa^K^^.^J^^niim.  ligns   them.     Modesty   is not  John  Houston's besetting bin.  son,' with valiant   James   Johnstone  second in command.  Again, we can imagine the smile  that illumined the face, of Robert  Robertson -as he outlined his  plan of .campaign. It was a great  seheine, and one worthy of the giant  brain in which it was conceived. We  ean scarcely believe tliat S. S. Taylor  would altogether fail into the scheme,  for Mr. Taylor has had some dealings  ���**     \l  with John Houston in the past, and it  is hinted that the latter has found liis  learned   friend "unusually easy,"  to  ose the language of the streets.   However, Rabert Robertson  wa.s satisfied  his scheme was all right, and he proceeded at once to put il into execution.  When the time came for the selection  off   candidates   the   uncompromising  Robert Robertson was on  hand, and  really did Bucceed in getting the nomination, as did thut other gentleman  of iron will, James Johnstone.   Then  John  Houston took  an inning.     He  bad one of those famous icbolutions,  with which his name bas been indis-  golubly linked, and which in effect was  that the candidates for aldermen, if  elected,  must sink tlieir intelligence  and identity in the will of the majority,  ' that majority being John Houston.  For the moment, Robert Robertson, the  strong-minded, lost liis im-nti-l e<-ui-  poise, and before be knew w hat he was  doing, he found himself un consciously  .shuffling towards the .sh_.iul.U-s. It  must be said of James Johnstone that  Jie hesitated to make the compact, but  only for an .instant. Houston's eye  vaa upon him, and before lie realized  To the Electors of Nelson  At the request of a large number of  ratepayers of our City, I have,consented to offer myself as a candidate  for the Mayoralty for the forthcoming  year. If elected I will give my best  efforts to carry out the following : ���  l.\An energetic ^jdministration of  the1 City's business and carrying out of  its projects.  2. Sell debentures and erect at once  a Power Plant on site acquired by City  on Kootenay River, and to oorrow  more money if necessary, to complete  the plant. -.   *  3. Operate efficiently,aud economically the Electric Railway system, and  advocate thc opening of negotiations to  purchase for tlie City such system with  the ultimate view of lawfully extending^ belt-line throughthe-East vvard,-  and thence through the Park, into  Fairview.  4. Improve main city thoroughfares  and where necessary to macadamize  lhe streets and for that purpose utilize  facilities owned by the City.  5. Extension of City limits to include  suburbs.  6   Improvement of City Park.  7. Thc necessary extension of sewe  and water systems.  8. Provide suitable and commodious  school accommodation with a view of  inaugurating a system best adapted to  the present and future needs, of our  growing population.  Jf elected I promise to use my  utmost endeavor lo further the interests  of the City.  William O. Rose.  merfelt, Free Miner's Cerlincate Ko. BSDJOri*.  intend, sixty days from lhe date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Impiovements for the purpose ofobtain-  ining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate or Improvements.  Dated this 26th day of May. A. D 1904.  Frank Flbtcheb.  Having purchased the stock of Boots and Shoes  carried by Fred L Irwin, by chattel mortgage sale,  the entire stock, worth $3000, must be sold within  thirty days. This stock and the $9000 stock carried  by myself is made up of the best Boots and Shoes  manufactured, and are of the Latest Styles. No old  or out-of-date goods. All are the Newest and Best.  All will be sold for half their worth.  H  PR  TER.  M STOCK TO CHOOSEF  300   PAIR   CHILDREN'S   SHOES  Sizes from 5 to 10  Hugh "McCausland  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Certificate of Improvements.  The Vancouver and Kootenay mineral  claims,situate in the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay District.    -     ���        ,.-.-..  Where located: On cast side of Kootenay  Lake, about three miles east of the town of  tjanca.   ' _ _    -  Take notice-that 1,3. L. G. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certificate No.' B84.184 for myself and  as agent for H.Abbott, Free Miner's Certlllcate No. I��M83, surd E. L. Hcatley. Free Mil*:  eras Certificate No. B6,'.,245, intend, sixty days  from the date-hereof, to apply to the Minln;;  Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of the above claims.  And turther take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20ih day of June.1904.  J. L. G. Abbott.  NICKERSON,  THEJ'WELER,  BAKER ST.  We only nsk one trial to make you our cus  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything: in the  line. Reasonable charges, work sent us  from outside towris will receive the same care  as ii personally delivered. 'Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers.  JOHN McLATCHiE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B C. Customs House. Nelson  Frank  Fletcher  TROVIN ��� AL LAND SURVEYOR  Lands and MlneralOlainm Surveyed  and Crown Granted  I*. O. Box 563       Office: Kootenay St. Nelson  NOTICE.  In the matter or nn application'fora duplicate of n certificate of Title to Lot 11, Block 3,  Town ol Nt-lson.  Notice is hereby given thnt it is my intention to issue at 111.-, expiratienof One month  from the firet publicanIon hereof a duplicate  or th.- Certificate of Title to the above mentioned Lot 11. Block 3. in Ihe Town of Nelson,  inthe name of William Perdue; which ...Certificate i.�� '''-t-.l thc Kith day of May, 1898/and  number*. ��� H I K. '77   a  Land 1 e��� -.try Office, Nelson,B. C, ':    '    .:  28th October, 1901.  "H. K. MACI.KOD."-������     '  District ttegistrar.  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity Shop, Josephine St, Nelson  +94444444+9+4999++4+4+4++4+9+49+9994444++++++44+44 9+t  TT    HOUSE I  J (Formerly Clarke House) X  *      The best 81 per day house In kelson.      None but" white help* employed    The        T  bar the best. 4  G.W:. BARTLETT. F^op*/*��� "|  ���44444444++++94+++4++444++44+++9++++9+++9+49++4+99+++  . $1 per day and up  No Chinese Employed  - :    AUGUST ThfOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL .AND   VERNON   STREETS.        UCI OflHI    D   P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, IJLLoUlli  Di b  P. Bums & Go.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, b. u;  Branch  Markets   in   Rossland,  Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,   Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will bave prompt and careful attention.  West KootenaV Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers ln  JOY'S  Insurance    Real   Estate   and  Minjng  Agent  Houses and oifices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Now is the time to invest in good iinproved  Fruit Ranch Property  Adjacent to Nelson.  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.  Fire and  Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  7". O.  /^  BAKER ST.. NELSON. B. C.  P. O. BOX 232  . ���*��-����������"��"���������������<���������"���"��' ��������������  OO-  Nelson, B. C.  .The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in  the interior  In Pints and Quarts  Dawson's "Extra-Special" Scotch.    Gratida Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc:    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  rt  J. BKlB^rtB' - Tents & Awnings Made and Repaired;'  I   CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND MENDED.  i      OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON, B. C. I  NELSON ELE GTRIG  TRAMWAY  CO..  LTD.  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J.E.ABXAUU-C,  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac  Anyone tending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain onr opinion freo whether an  . Inrentlon ts probnbly patentable.   Commnnic*.  t Ions strictly conOdentlol. Handbook on Patents  sent free Oldest opener for iMmring patenU.  Patents token through Munn * Co. recelr*  - ipecial notice, without charge, lu too  Scientif ic flmericaii.  A nandsomely Illustrated-weekly., tanrest escalation of any ��ci��atJflc Journal. Tanas. SI a  ;ear; four months $1. Soldbyal^Mwsdaaton.  88 JBi08A_t|,  Camps supplied on shortest  notice, and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but -fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  M:G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  ���   ���   A'Al "���"."���'..' ;'0^V('-"'"  Estimates given on stone,'brick  and woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Us an Order for. Your  Groceries, then Notice  .'  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Machinery for the Betts & Hesperus  mines bas arrivod at Grand Forks, in-  ' eluding an air compressor, etc.  The Silver King made a shipment'  of seven" tons of ore.-going 'out with  the Silver Cloud ore to the Greenwood  smelter.  At the Greenwood smelter tbe  briquettiug building -is nearly completed; and the machinery is about to  be installed.  Eight men are now errployed at the  Oro Denoro in Summit ramp, and it is  intended to increase the shipments of  * ore shortly.  It is anticipated that ore shipments  ,'">viHbe started from the Last  Chance  ^JlKJK.lne, being operated by  D.  VV. Mc-  , Vicar, at no distant date." .      , _,_  ��� On account of needing some new  ,*parts for.the, boiler, which, had.given  out. work'at the Athelstan bas'Been at  a standstill for several days.  Shipments from the Rawhide mine  are expected to be started next week,  when the second furnace at tlie Boundary Falls smelter will also bo blown  in.  Ore is coming iii over thc Great  Northern to the Granby smelter from  the Le Roi No. 2, White .Bear and  Jumbo, at Rossland.; Hunter V. at  Ymir, nnd Copper Key and Mountain  Lion at Republic, etct--  It is expected that within a few days  arrangements will have been made for  working the Gold Bug, one of the promising claims in the high grade belt,  in   whieh several Phoenecians are interested.  Superintendent Collins, of the Montreal A-Bostonjisexperirnenting-with-  black powder in the quarrying operations at the Rawhide, something after  the style of breaking rock... He.thinks  it can be.done with greater economy  than with dynamite. .    ',.I>.  It is the intention of the Mbn'tral &  Boston to shortly make a raise from  the 250 foot level of the Brooklyn mine  to the surface, south of the Great Northern tracks. As this is the lowest part  of the valley the raise will be about 140  feet high, and will ventilate the workings much better.  Returns from the third class car of  ore shipped from the Skylark mine  last week were $-10 per ..ton, it being  treated at the Granby smelter. The  car of first class ore which will be  shipped about the loth, will be treated  at the Nelson smelter, as it will be too  high grade for reduction at the Granby  smelter.  This week the final work of preparing the Snowshoe machinery for a  term of idleness of greater or less duration, was completed, after being  operated for several weeks, while the  mine was being examined by Prof. R.  W. Brock, pending the merger with  the Le Roi and Centre Star-War Eagle  mines at Rossland.  Two car loads of machinery arrived  for the Granby mines this week. It  comprised the parts for the new giant  ore crusher which is to be installed at  the No. 3 ore bins, now rapidly near-  ing completion. The crusher will have  a capacity of 1,500 tons in one shift,  the ore from these bins being loaded  in to Great Northern care.  BRIAR  PIPES.  co  LU  <  X  CO  o  z  D  <  LU  -J  UJ  X  I--  Lu  O  LiT  Almost the" toughest thing in the" whole of "creation "is a" "pinto" Broncho when he isin" 7"X  fighting humor.  Now his hide is just as tought as he is, and that part ahove his hips and back is the very     ���  toughest and most pliable---it is the "Shell." ' ^  ���  _   (J  ���  - 3  X  -"' 1  ���  ''a  ���  il  ���  ' i  ���  wi  ���  .., .  ;l  ThaUs the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof-.-almost wear proof.  Made only by  %  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orderu for  Chimney Sweeping.  ' Send your orders to Joe D. Dowttes, care of  the Old Curiosity Shop.  $1.80 per chimney.  #:  Winnipeg  I    R.-R GARLEY, British Columbia Agent  i  LETHBRIDG  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  ..-'. -��� - 1 ..��� ��������� ���iO-'liit��i��   : ' "  ..-j..-AU orders niHiet be accompanied by'cash and ahould be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the offioe of  W. P TSER&EY, GENERAL A��BBT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  V.  DR.TANNER'  ��� u  Reminiscences   of  an  Irish Land Agent.  Some interesting adventures are recounted in "Tbe Reminiscences of an  Irish Land Agent," by Mr. S. M. Hussey. Tbe author ofs-the book lias had  an extensive experience, bas been the  target of in*ie tenants wllh shot"-!*:.*-, ,  nnd other pleasantries of the bud war  ofthecignlies, but hns eonie out unscathed, nnd atthe age of SO ei.j.-yp  tljihting bis battles over again.  In Mr. Ilussey's earlier > ears stage  coaches were still iuiivers:��l, and  steam packet services wore unknown.  The journey from Dingle to Dublin  took more than two days, and tin-  journey to London occupied  five.   11 ��-  aays :���  Those coacliinj? journeys were tcr-  tible experiences in wet weather, f-r  you. were drenched outsido and sul'  focated inside, whilst you paid mou  than three times the present railway  fare for the miserable privekge of th'u-  uncorafortable means of transit. Tin-  old postiuir hotels used to.be uncommonly good and comfortable, whiUt  tbey did a thriving trade.    The coach  . purported to give you ample time to  breakfast and dine at certain-capital  hotels, but by a private arrangement  between mine host and the guaid aud  . driver ..the meals ,-used to be abruptly  closured in order to save thc landlord's  larder. '  On tbe way down from Dublin a  ibirtjMrninutes' pause, was^allowed at  Ifoas for breakfast; but on the occasion  of my story, as well as on eyery other,  - after a quarter of an hour the waiter  ���   announced thatlUhe coach was juot  "    i-' '- .'*       >7 -��� ,,  starting.���**-''*'-**-:;'      ?  %       ;;     :  : Everybody ran- out to 'reyain sheir  seats except one commercial traveller,  who.picked up all the teaspoons and  put them in the teapot- before calmly  resuming his meal.  .. ^Back.came.lhe waiter with :���  ;     j'Kot a moment to spare, sir."     ,   .  ."."All...fight,"   said    the    traveller.  .'���Which of the passengers has taken  the teaspoons ?"  The waiter gave one glance of horror  and then proceeded to have everyone  on the coach examined for the missing  articles- f. .   ��� ��� . v *  fiy the ti6ie tbat the commercial  traveller bad calmly finished a hearty  meal there was' nearly a riot, and  then he.emerged.from the coflVe-room  and suggested, that the waiter hail  better look in the teapot.  While discussing the f-ul.ject of  drink an interesting story is' told of  two- gentlemen, both now .dead, who  were members of Parliament ��� Dr.  Tanner and Sir Ellis Ashmcad-liart-  ietfc.      ��� .  ..Dr.  Tanner   went   up   to   Sir Ellis  Aehmcad-Bartlett in the lobby of the  House of Commons aad abruptly observed:���  ., "You're a fool."  , Sir Ellis fixed him with his eyeglass, and iu disgusted tones lcplicd :  ... "You'redrunk."  ,"I suppose so," retorted . the Irishman; "but then I'll be sober to-morrow"��� iii, tlie' most  plaintive   tone;  FAST | SPECIAL   HOLIDAY  SALE  These new Souvenir Pins we bave just opened up. Large enamel  Nelson Flags, new design. Skate and Hockey Stick Brooches. Tbey  are the nicest kind of inexpensive presents.  Our new assortment of "The 1835 R Wallace Sliver Plated Ware"  is well worth your inspection. Our Spoons and Forks in this make are  in designs equal in beauty to Sterling.  Indeed our whole large stock of Christmas Gopds is unsurpassed in  value and variety, and it would be wisdom on your part to give us an  early call before completing your selection of gifts.  Patenaude  Bros.,  wopf  Watchmakers, Jewellers  aud  m ��.  icians.       Phone 293  M ��  On Friday, the 9th inst, we commenced our Special Sale of Christmas Goods.    We bave a very large  assortment  of aiticles  suitable for Christmas Gifts, which we will offer at prices much lower than they have ever been sold for in the Kootenay ; and  all  tbat we  ask is  that you  cell  and  inspect our  stock  before buying your Christmas Presents.    The spirit of Christinas prevails  throughout every department, and we shall be pleased to show you the goods whether yoti want to buy or not.  ���������������������^������������'^���i'^W'W*��t''^W'W^-^^^'*''*^^*^"*"**'^"'^*^"*^B'*'"'*,**^i^**W'"t<'^'^^  Useful Holiday Gifts for Ladies and Gentlemen. Great  Clearance Sale of Ladies', Children's and Men's Underwear at Specially Reduced Prices.  -fc/TTT T TXTTh*T> ~V        Ready-to-Wear   Hats    at       prices     ranging     from      $200     to     $5,00     at     half    price  _lYJLJLJLvJ_/J. 1\ J_/-l\~ X Dress Hats at pricesjanging from $8.00 to $17.50 at half price.  A great sale of Clothing, Men's Furnishings.  HATS  AND  SHOES  .The  quantities  are the greatest, the assortment the most varied and  the Prices the Lowest of any sale we have held  ne;w fall olothing  20th Century kind, every Garment has style, character and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupled with Always Lowest prices makes interest and tD spare for careful buyers.  Men's Suits, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  BOYS' SUITS  AU si7cs. good cloth, strong and durable, aiid specially tailored, $1.25.  $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00. ���     v '  DISTRIBUTORS  OF  HATS  Perfection  in  shapes, color - and style.      Prices, $1.00, $2x0, $3.00,  $4.00 and $5.00.  "  SHOES OF QUALITY AND STYLE  -.   Guaranteed to give  perfect satisfaction.      Tbe best  possible for the  'money:    Ftlt Slippers at 25c,- 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00  MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Large stock New Fall Styles.. Tbe place where your dollars bring  tbeir value.  IRVINE  CO.,   LIMITED.  THE BIG GASH STORE  mm  BROWN  &  GO.  +++ +4444994 44444 *4+ +++44+++++++++++ ++++ ��������  ���..-���'  *  %     _  Dou't Fail to See the Large Assortment of  FI-CH1 ID CROCKERY I  Elegant Christmas Gifts:  J  We handle Old and  New Fnrnishihgs to complete  your        f  home. f  %  Highest  Prices paid for   second-hand    ��<cs in first-class        J  condition. **    -.  I  Old Curiosity Shop  I       Josephine Street      Nelson, B. C.        I  +++++++449+++9+44+949++++++99944++44444449+9+++m+Ji  J, .Fred  Hume, J.   P..   has just returned from a prolonged  hunting  trip  x      HEWS ITEMS.  Son. Richard McBii(le is visiting at  Vernon.  Christmas trade.  *lien iua creaccydo of ��cornT"whereas  <0 llie j,,,llliead Vailey.   His pnrty had  you'll always Lea fool." .      gront  BllcceB8.     The llrst game   they  struck  wasa   henl of buffalo.     After  killing  two,  lhey found ou skinning  them  the  brand  of P.   Burns &  Co.  They   then visUdl all   the   ranchers'  stacks and  hay rieks and shot a number of chickens.     The party then took  j to   the. mountains   for   goat..     They  The merchants repotUa-satisfactory   crossed two .uinmits of IC feet of snow  by u.-ing snow shoes on thc cayuses.  After travelling over a lot of country,  . The _R. M.-R. will give-a da': tee   011   "here the coal oil   Unwed  out on   the  the evening of Dec. 19. >L'ci ***��� hich was a great convenience for  _____________       '**' camping purposes, they shot one goit,  , but it unfortunately foil over a cliff  2,000 feet and nothing'but the horns  could   be   found.    Owing   to the  bell  nmluofthe  pack  train  riving on  the  Choquttie Bros, invite their  patrons   ..  u   e        1   ��� r 1   '.,  1 ,����������   ti:til, from beiuir overfed, tlio game has  to come now and   choo>e their  fruit  ,,,., _..������i���,_ ,    ..      .,<��� ..       xT.  not reached town.     I he went er, Nhu-  vuke and order their itltra i>uddi-j-_ for rn.i ____,.!������____- ...     _���������._- 1     . .  * * * rot 1 J lume states, Wis delightful���sixty  Cbristiuas. ~~,_   ���.. degrees below zero, bat good grazing.  Tha   schorls  have cloied   f..r   the  Christina, holidays.  Nelson Opera House  To-Night, Dec. 17  Con, the Shaughraun  THE The  WATSON       Peer  STOCK       of  CO. All  PRICES 50C AND 75C  Seats on salo at Rutherford's lira; Store  REMOVAL. SALE  Thirty Days Removal Sale  General Reduction in All Line  STANDARD FURNITU  SUCCESSORS TO D. McARTHUR & OO.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Qorporatfcn'  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly payment System  '����^��������������^����^����������)��-S  r  The Economist  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  8. C  Asparagus Wa�� originally a wild oe��-  oo&st weed of Great Britain and Russia  tod ig now so plentiful ou the Russian  ���toppos that tho cattle oat it like grass.  Ia some parts of southern Europe the  seeds are dried and used as a substitute  tor coffee.���Philadelphia Inquirer.  Woman's WIlM.  "What a hold Maud seems to haf* ca  ���II her rejected suitors."  "Why shouldn't she, the artful thing!  She always tells s man, when she refuses Una, tbat aba is afraid to marry ��  kutdtawfl auut hwwemd��w��nlAb��m  Trlali *f Igvorano*.  Casey���I called one a*r thira Johnnie*  a liar, an he says tome, says he, "Tn  quoqne." Now, what might that meant  ..Dooley���lt means, "You're another."  Casey���Fwat! Ad 1 let 'um get away  widout hittin 'um I Ah, that is what a  man sit* for bayin no education.���Vaa-  ityKair.  Cbttljr.  "Yea, I'll admit that I thought my  wife was an angel beforo 1 married  ber."   ^    :  "And wh*i do yon think now?"  "Well, afce's still aa angel, bat hta  taa&MS was kick."���<&kse�� Vsm,  15^TA R  FRVj  ill  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors.  We have secured the services of a first-class cake baker, and &  our customers should bear tbis in mind when prepar in fer ^  Christmas. ' Wrtnimriiinrnwma��� A  J Sto/e: Baker St., between Stanley and Ward. ���  It Pays to  Deal with Rutherfon  PERFUME  AND   PERFUME   ATOMIZERS  Hair Brushes and Mirrors, Separate and Boxed  in Sets.  French'and  English   Perfumes; boxed,  50, 75, $1 co.-1.25, ?��� d'i.SO.  In fancy boxesat $1.75, 3.co, 3.50 and 4.C0.   In Cut Glass bottle:  *8.5<&,  Atcmizers, beauties at $1.25 and 1.50. ���"'  Manicure setts, in case $4.50  Ebony^Brush and Ccmb, in case, 5x0, 5.50, 6.5,0, 7.50 and 8.co.  Hair Brushes from 5CC to $3.50.    Foxw'ccd or Ebony.  Military Brushes, in leather cases, $4.50, 5 co, 6.co and 7.50 in  Fox-  . wood or Ebony. .  ���  WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist  WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  Auction Sale To-Night  ATTHE AUCTION MART  ALL KINDS   OF  BARGAINS  Auction Sales promptly attended to in any part of British Columbia.  J.  GREEN, AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.


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