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The Economist Jun 10, 1905

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 '. .���*-*,*   '  ���L'VJ  WM. : R. HEARST; "I liave seen the  most beautiful lakes in Italy and Switzerland, and ull those lovely spots, but I have  nevur seen anything finer tlmn the Kootenay lake nnd tho Arrow lukes. We Inula  delightful time there. This wns my first  trip through there.'"  VOLUME VIII.  J<_  %  7.  rROF. MILLS has never ��eea anythl g <  finer man the fruit or Nelson diet.let. He  added: V-1 dl<in'teee thech��rrle�� or rasp-,  berries or, goflseberries, but 11 they ��-i��t-  parc with the .apples, pears ancj plitjuq,  you have berc a fruit country unsurpagaid  by anything In the Dominion."  ������vs^^vw^^^ww*^*-!^^^*^  Vo  Pr  NELSON, B.VC. SATURDAY/JUNE 10,1905.  fit y-^hiubj^  HOUSTON AND  HIS METHODS  The     "Progressive    'Party".  - Farce.    -  It  is possible, unci    fjuil o  probable,  that the followers of John Houston attach altogether too much  iuiporttince  to their meeting last Wednesday evening.     In the first place   the  problem  ;���  which   the city council   ia now  trying  to work out, cannot bo solved by meeting* of the character relorrctl to".     The  Municipal  Clauses Act does  not tako  cognizance  of  any  party,  and   resolutions adopted  by  any  body of rffen  <'   onnnot alter  the aitiiulion.    ��� T ho.i'ela-  ,1,    tions between Aldermen Amiable and  '"'   Macdonald and thc "progressive party"  ���-    cannot' be   considered   in   connection  S.   with the  fact  that the "Mayor, has at-  i"   tempted to thwart the role of the ina-  /   jority and   lias   without   precedent- or  ;,    right exercised  the veto.     The 'men  o    who   took  part  in that  mooling  may  /_    im agine that they are tlie, law, but they  I    will.be quickly di.-iillti.sionel  0:1   th'n  *  ''.point as the situation is considered in  .its   various stages.     They may,   liow-  'V -over realize that the.y   have   made  a  Y Very ridiculous  exhibition   of' thern-  ���V   selves.  As to the sentiments  tittered at that  '     meeting   perhaps   the   less   said    tbe  ���,   better.   The language was intemperate  <-..'   in the extreuie,-tuul detuonstrated conclusively the dangerous spirit that pervades the community.'   Statements of  the most flagrantly libellous character.  were made, and the men who indulged  in this violent language were applauded  "   by others its irresponsible and thoughtless as .themselves.-   Some if the speakers, more guarded, conlinet'themselves  ^     to  suggestions  as to the   honesty  and'  ***   . integrity of indivit.iials, that while not  aw libellous as* the utterances  of   the  more reckless of the speakers, were calculated    to   be   equally  as-.injurious.  Throughout the whole'thcre was a display of venom that bodes ill for 1 he future of Nelson.  However, there was an amusing side  to the meeting. The idea .of a few  score of .men believing Unit they exercised tiny legal right or authority to  compel a duly elected member:.(if the  council board to resign, is not incontrovertible testimony, of the ia't-lli-  ��� gence of the men -who ''supported, this  ";" pfeposterfms theory.'- ��� AlileruieiP-'Ati-  11 able _ and "'Macdonald are not indebted te the "progress!veaparty"   for  their election. If they had depended  on the "progressive party" alone for  votes, they would have been defeated.  James Johnstone polled the "progressive party" vote and he was defeated.  The two aldermen before named were  elected by men who believed they were  honest aud would do their duty, aiid  they have done (heir duty by tlie ratepayers independent of the would-be  slave driver and his little band of  obedient followers.  One of the speakers atthe meeting  the other evening was very indignant  because Aldermen Annable and Macdonald had claimed the privilege of exercising their God-given- privilege of  thinking for themselves. During the  morning previous to the meeting, in a  conversation with a well-known citizen, this same speaker admitted that  Mayor Houston had flagrantly violated  a pfedge given at a meeting during the  last municipal contest,'but excused  His. Worship on the ground that tlie  two aldermen knew what kind of man  it was who gave the pledge, and had  no reason to expect that it would he  binding. This was not very compli-  nietilary to Mayor Houston, but the  spt'iiker compensated tlie mayor on the  platform at the meeting the same even-  inifi by referring to him as the man  who always fulfilled his pledges. It  is needless to say that this speaker isa  shining light in the f'.'Progressive  Party." He certainly.has all the qualifications for high office Tn that organization. '   ��� ���  "  The "Progressive Party" has certainly many features to recommend  itself to a.certain class of citizens. In  the lirst place it requires no exercise of  tin: mental fuculties to be a member in  good .tnnding. The thinking apparatus of lhe machine is all contained in  one crtiitium, and lhe. 1 tiles enunciated  for t lie general guidance ofitsmeinbers  are not binding611 thewoishipful grand  master. All that'the m. inters ure re-  (liii'iul to dp is to --practice ���-obedience  ami humility. When necessary, they  are to leileiate the wise sayings of the  master, and to adapt themselves to the  changing conditions of his will. The  'muster is not indebted toany oilier, organization for lults and-regulations.  lie makes regulations from lime' to  time as tlie exigencies of. the caseniay  demand. Astiuedly, it is a pleasant  tiling lol.eloig to an organization lhat  can be'so"easily adapted to the require-?  ituiils of .'every poss-ible (-onliiigeiicy  "that may arii-e, and" at the fame time  d< niaiid no moie intellectual exhaiis-  ';tli. t.i "j" I s t*�� ii' Jk7 i"t-ti-.u i r - 'fl. 'fii-ni"' tbe'ehim-  1 iti.ztc that citmbs tl"e ci cbsnut lice,  crack's "lhe.nut  and  dunks the milk.  Great,   indeed,   is    the  "progressive  party."  The virtuous indignation of the Tri-  hnne has been aroused by the report  that Aid. Gillett, in conversation with  one Murphy, of Grand F��rks, on the  streets of Nelson, consigned Home portion of the ratepayers of Nelson to  eternal torment in the lake of fire and  brimstone. In denial, it is argued by  the friends of the east ward alderman,  that inasmuch as he is not orthodox on  the hades question, he would nut be  likely to use the expression attributed  to him, tut the horrified Mr. Murphy  writes the Tribune that Aid. Gillett  did use the expression which conveyed  the idea that the ratepayers referred to  might of their own accord or otherwise  take uj) their abode in hades. Of  course, this is a small matter in comparison with Mr. Murphy's good fortune. It is only a few .weeko since lie  arrived here from Grand Forks, and  already he has been; given tin -opportunity,to render a service that places  him first iii line for promotion in the  ranks of the "progressive party;." Jiint  fancy, only two weeks a resideiitof the  city," and already crowned with the  laurel wreath of the '^progressives" !  Mr. 'Murphy, yt.u aie a lucky man.  i.zZ\-r��� .,.'/ :./ - .  The undue exercise of the voto was  one of the primary causes of one revolution. What wi'll be the outcome of  the use Mayor Houston is making of it ?  Tommy Powell's speech at the meeting Wednesday night, is said to haye  lo have been the gem of the evening.  Tommy is a candidate .for preferment  in the ranks of the "progressives."  , Houston's prrpoeal for Messrs. Annable and Macdonald to resit.n is characteristic of the man. It is ttbout the  (���time us if .me nmn would challenge  another to tight a duel, and .then ask  his opponent to surrender his weapons  An Inquiry.  Editor of Tiie Economist:  Sin,��� Could you fell me if the S. S.  Taylor, K. C, who spt ke so highly of  John Houston at the mceiiugWedncs-  duy nigliit, is; the ��� _ume S." ��. Taylor,  who, iwo jeafs^ago, solicit!d voles for  hinitelf as.a candidate for tlie Legisla-  111 it%' p|ii;cij..allyu|ioiithe grounds that  itHouston were U>attn UiciClhe city  .would le rid of hinjt forever, as then  r#pre8_ntV*l_b.y him a eonsuruatiqn devoutly to Le wished?  Akxicls Inquiker. '  A WORKING    !.  JOURNALIST  Hon.  J.  Israel Tarte in the  Press Gallery.  Tlie House of' Commons Press Gallery is honored this session by the presence of Joseph'Israel Tarte. who steps  down from theS- rank of Cabinet Minister and member of Parliament to that  of working journalist, with perfect  Imppin'ss and ^philosophy, writes Ji.  F. G. in Toronto Star.  The former Minister of public Works  has seat No. 8,<��n the Liberal side of  the gallery, anj no working day finds  him absent 'from his place with the  busy pencil pushers who occupy the  little eyrie over the'Spcaker's chair.  Mr. Tarte's conversation is illuminating, atid his comments ou. men and  speeches in thjp^ House have a quality  of knowledge-jihside which stamps  them with inte^estand authority.- Not  that Mr. Tarte^jceveiils secrets that he  learned whenJ.iu oflice, or does-anything that is not consistent witii honor.  He is almost Hiorbidly scrupulous On  the point of "giving away" anything  that he could ti_t have heard as an ordinary newspaper man. He will be  embarrassed for several years to come  by this fastidious conscience of his,  but after a while time will absolve bim,  and then we shall Lave some lively  memoirs.      ,.1' V I  Mr. Tarte ovfiis up, however, that he  has a tremendous advantage over.; the  journalist who-.lias never seen things  except from lhe outside, and  that his  experiences as^ a practical    polliiciun  .give hirii a leverage on the issues of  the day that would' he impossible lo  acquire  otherwise.     He  lealizies the  feelings  of   Loth  parties,  having belonged to both of Hum.     He has associated wiih the gitat men oi l.olh sides  on. terms'of equality, and that .l.e considers tiiaie privilege.     He knows intimately not im ly lhe men of the clay,  but his   mind; is enricLed  with   the  memories of the men of other days.  He is full of ibe history of Canada, because he has .^mingled   with  it,   and  helped lo-makeii.     He  has let-n behind all  thea|politieal scenes for u 11  years, and now tliat he is  depiived of  pii\ate;eiitite| he can guess .what is  going on fioniivhat he ltaiiied.befoie.  His varitus ttiiining in party polilits,  and his infc.lpjfc'i.into:the motives, and  .perhaps lhe foibles of. fta'tetmen. help  him alway_"to ielcet tlie  graphic ad  jective, and lend to an attractive style  ii piquant air of being able to tell more  if good tas'.e and a nice sense of personal honor did not forbid.  All these things Mr. Tarte acknowledges without reserve, and far from  railing at fortune, he thanks the fickle  goddess for endowing him so generously with those useful vicissitudes  which ge to make up the complete  newspaperman. Helms nothing but  gratitude for the turn of events which  left him a heart-free journalist once  more. In the mutation of earthly  things it befell Nicholas Flood Davi'n  to descend from member of Parliament  to press correspondent.- Poor Davin,  gifted and proud, look it badly. He  could never get bactf to thc old ways of  thinking. He was always ti.c fish out  of water, and he didn't like it. But  Tarte is another sort. He says that no  politician can ever fall by becoming a  newspaperman. To his mind it is an  ascent to sUp from the floor of the  Green Chamber lo the reporters' gallery. Here he is more a representative  ofthe people than ever, and his power  forgood is increased. He admits that  lie wonld not have mhseel Uie experience���it being better[to have loved and  lest than neA'er to bave loved at ail-  but he warns the gallery against ambition, and points out how much better  it is to write ii iliiential"articles of an  Attic purity of 'language and a Gallic  yivacityt of inaiiiier, to have all one's  time to search out the choicest phiusc  .aiid put opinion in the most graceful  form, than to be tortured by hostile  criticism of one's "estimates. Sometimes,' indeed, to get your items  through you.niust Ihrow a.sop tothe  enemy in:the shape ofan epigram. It  was;under such stress that Mr. Tarte  released the famous niot���elections are  not made with prayers.  "Well, tiiere if is. Mr. Tarte is glad  to. l.e a ne wi-pa 1 er man again, to be a  iewspaper man heart and soul, with  1I0 caies of.Stule or < fflcial ce.iiscieice  to:kccp bim fu mT'giving the srntcnte  just the right luin. He says that lie  wis always a newspaper mail, even  under the Cabinet Minister, ai-d lhat  he we!c< riies the fate v hich haveshim  lice to devote all his skill ui d enlhus-  ias-m to the professi' n of his choice.  Of ccurj.e theie are always people who  will (Cndole wiih lhe man who sits no  longer in the seats thai are esteemed  mighty, but to all s-tich Mr. .Tarte-'replies that a t'l.cat r.evspa'i'er is a'gitat  tint ne, and .that in la belle Paris the  public man who has once been a journalist de-sii.es nothing tetter .than, irUi-  bit ion Fatisiicd and fame full fid, to  get back to the nimble of the press and  .the atinospheie-- of: ink, paste-pots,  gJr.d-iellowsliip, fc'ai KiSthinking, and  and more'or less judicious writing.  ENGLISH  BANK NOTES  Protection Against Forgery in  Printing and Paper.  The Bank of England note is the  most easily forged of all, for it is the  simplest, consisting as it does of black  printing on a white paper. The great  safeguard Hps in the quality of the paper and the quality of the printing-awl  the watermark on tbe paper, says Answers.  To make the actual paper is beyond  the skill of the cleverest forger. * It is  made at a pmall town near London,  but so well bas the secret been guarded  that the most skilful note printers in  the Irade do not understand that,  though they know most of the other  secrets. -  Note printing is one of the highly  skilled trades which still is a virtual  monopoly of the city of London. It  has always been so, and the great banks  ofthe world crmeto tlieengraversand  printers of London to have their notes  or plates mode. They turn out the  most beautiful printing in Europe.  Borne of it is of tbe moat complicated  description, and in this fact Jies its  great safety.  The steel plate itself is the work of  many hands and many brains. When  the main design has been decided upon  the parts of the picture have to be given  over, to several engravers, each of  whom is skilled in one branch of his  art and could not exchange his part  with any of tbe others. One is un  architectural engraver, and with a fine  needle he labors for weeks in the effort  to convey lo the metal a peifrci picture  of a building Another,with skill of  quite a different sort, makes portraits,  a ihiid diavs stene-iy, while a fourth  fashions tbe -letters. Still others con-  trivecorner pieces; and ihen theie is  the machine engraver, wbie'b is more  wonderful still, for the machine.does  'wink, so fine that no human hand can  imitate it.  The ctmplicnled work of tracery  which you see on the back and front of  Scotch aiid foieipn notes is so minute  that the camera cannotelfeclively.etopy  it. To leprcduce lhe photography on  zinc it is necessary to employ acid, and  the acid would cat away tli-se fine  lines. The work is done by a machine  which is made on the principle of the  pantograph. It seenis to consist of a  multitude of wheels awl eccentrics,  and apparatus for guiding aiid ckeck-  ing the needle and sending it in new  directions at all sorts of unexpected  auulcs and curve*.  After the design has been worked  out ou the machine in accordance with  the secret code, which is kept by tho  proprietor locked In the safe, the machine does the work itself, if the oper-  ator will go on turning the drlvin-j;  trank slowly and steadily. The pl.m  is takeu out with numbers, which.represent the wheels and tbe code of figures, showing the work which is to bo  done by each wheel, and how It comes  into play. But tbe operator cannot  know that secret. The. machine aim-  ply goes on in Its own way, and the  haxt slackening of any of tbe parts  >>ill put it all out. A workman cannot repair the error, for he does not  know the code, and the whole work  will be spoiled until the master <5ome_  along and resets the wheels and other  parts in their proper order.  Only a small part of the design is  worked out by tbis delicate mu_nine-  just enough to give a cooiplets representation of the pattern. Then that  ^portion is stamped on soft steel, which  is hardened by another secret process  and made into a sort of die, which is  used to impress other plates ot-steei,  till the full border is thus completed,  or a band made to go across the whol.  face or back of the note.  In the best of the colored notes three  or four tints are used, and generally  you fi nd that one of them is blue. 11  defies the camera. Thedifferent colors  are put on wiih different plates ami  each means a separate printing. . The  result is that if you hold one of the  notes up to the light you will find that  the lines of the different colors" run  into and through one another ;" making it impossible to take a perfect copy,  even if the camera could catch them  all, which it cannot.  No forger can get the tracery dono  by hand, because no engruver could ilo  it, and lie cannot get the machine. Jf  he had the machine it would take,  years to work but tbe secret combination of figures which make any particular design.- There'are only thiee  or four of these machines in the world.  Then for his design, in the shape' of  portraits and architecture and scenery  and lettering, he would want u combination of four or more engravers of  high ability aud bad character, which  would be as hard to come by as the  machine.   It cannot be done.  But lhe English note is protected ny  none of these things. Its lettering  and general design, can be copied quite  easily by the camera, and a good plate  reproduced oh zinc for printing. -It  eanbe photeigraphed on stone apd the  printing is ready at once if-Uie-forger  can get p&per'_f the;right-'sort.- . ;'   :���' *- "' ���''*"-'���'* g'-'"  "*  -$.-  :>^ft_J!V��*<Maig_3*^^  With Instruments such as are used on ocean steamers will Be giv^;^  At 8 O'clock, p. m., in Success Ciub,  ireless Telegraph Co. of Canada, Limited  Incorporated under the laws of Ontario, Dominion of Canada.  Capital Slock $5,000,000. , Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Valne of Shares $5.00 Eaoh.- Ko Bonds and no Preferred Stock.  A limited number of share< have been alloted for Nelson and are-now offered for subscription at $5.00 a share. No  application will be accepted for more than 200 shares from any one person and we reserve the right to allot a smaller  number of shares than the amount subscribed for.  This provision is absolutely essential to secure to each subscriber an equitable proportion ofthe total number of shares  now offered. We make this announcement in order that no one may be disappointed if he receives fewer than the whole  number of shares for which be has made application. . -     '  The only opportunity io see the workings of these wonderful instruments and purchase Stock at $5.00 pershare  Managers for the Marconi Underwriters.  i;  32 Broad St., New York City. ? Canada Life Building, Montreal.  - y 50 Congress St., Boston.  For -Further Information see H. G. ROBINSON, Special Agent, atthe Nelson  Success Club, From 9:30 a. m. to 10 p.m. Daily.. ,.;a^_Lr'lJ^��iI-,-iW^:���'^.:i^^-^'��b;-'r;^-'  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  THEHttSOH tCOHOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vernon Street. Nelson,- B. C.  $1 Per leai  Advertising rates made known on application.  AU changeit In advertlsb.nentJi to Insure  Insertion xhould reach this office not later  tha . Thur��day, 12 o'cloclc.  "When cVmtrge of nddrcss ls re<i_lred. It- Ik  deslriWIe that b'oth (he old address,und the  new" be given.  A.d<lresH all communications, " I'ubllxlier  o   The-Nelson economist. Nelson. B. C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Mr.   Frank   Oliver  then a member i  t  cf thc North West Legislative  Assembly, and now Minister ofthe Interior,   acting  to   perpetuate  what  was then strenuouslyobjected toby  him, and the whole Assembly.    Official   position   has   converted  him  from being an opponent of restriction  to support it, and to, niisrepresenta-  ; tion  of the  attitude of the  people  generally of the Territories towards  (such educational legislation.  Ladies'Finesl  Dully till May 15(h  Low Settlers1 Rates  Westbound from Manitoba. Ontario, Quebec. Maritime Provinces, New* Kngluiid,  United Htales l'oldts to  Ko'QtenayS and Pacific W Goodyear Welt.   Very Best  Value.  As our readers  are  aware, elections will take place on the 13th instant in .London and North Oxford  constituencies  of members ol   the  Canadian House of Commons. Last  November, Mr. Hyman���then plain  Mr.   Hyman���-was  elected  fur the  former  constituency as  a Government supporter by a small majority.  He   has   recently  been   appointed  Minister of Public  Works ; and as  the Hon. Charles S. Hyman, he hns  to   seek   re-election   by   his   constituency.     The  prestige of being  Minister of a largespending department  off the Government will certainly help him much  in .his canvass.    Wether it will prove  to be  sufficient to overcome tbe dislike of  his constituents .to the educational  o.  provisions of the North West Autonomy Bill, only the   i_th instant  :���and  possibly thereafter   the election courts���will reveal.  Mr. George Smith is making tlie  run in North Oxford for the Government, vacant in consequence of  the death of Hon. James Sutherland^ his opponent-being Mr. J. G.  Wallace.      This is a historic .con--  **       .  stituehcy in its  unbroken adLesion  Some one has .suggested that  there sliould be .1 live stock exhibition in connection with tbe Nelson Fair this autumn. In the event  of this suggestion being carried out  we trust the managers will not overlook the opportunity of securing  the services of S S. Taylor, K. C,  the celebrated authority on horses,  as a judge of the eqnine exhibit.  Pond for your friends while low rates are in  elli-i-t. Prepaid tickets delivered without additional cost.  ���S__ ���  Wssthound Tourist Cars leave ���  Montreal. Sundays a iid'lhuisdajs.  Toronto, Tuesdays and SaturUaj s.  Tt.l'nul, Daily.  1000 acres of choicest fruit and farm land for sale at head of Crawford  Bay. Prices ranging from $10 per acre upwards. Will subdivide into  blocks of from 20 acres upwards to suit purchasers. Plenty of water.  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The    argument   that    is   being  most commonly used in favor of the  Autonomy Bill, in its present shape,  isl_at~it"isIjhlygiving^permancr.ce  to  the  educational   system", which  has been in force iii the North West  Territories for years past, and  with  ���which the  people  there  have, it is  alleged, been entirely satir-f;ed.    Mr.  Bennet, M. L. A. of Calgary, in "recently appearing iu Lor.dou jbrMr..  W- Gray, the opposition  candidate,  Las sufficiently answered that argument.      His answer  to it was that  the people of the North West Territories had never  been  allowed,to  pass the  legislation regarding education which was desired by them ;  that the act of 1875, under  which  territorial  government   was  established, greatly restricted thc powers  of the Territorial Legislature as regards education ; and lhat the edu-  cational  syttem winch has.-been in  force in the territories was not such  as was  desired  by the  people as a  whole, but only such as they could  have   under   the  restrictions  contained in the said act.    And so distasteful to the people of the North-  West'Territories and to their representatives   were  these   restric ions  K. and  the legislation   possible there-  % under  that in: iSSS  the Territorial  Assembly passed  an address lo the  Federal!Parliament requesting  the  reappeal of these restrictions ..and  that such resolution calling fur   tht  " freedom   of the  Territories in the  JE&tter of. education was moved bv  The   Globe  objects   to  Premier  j.Whii��ey.'s.new  minister  of mines  and lands because be has been' identified  with mining  and  lumbering  atid therefore knows  all about the  business."!"The Globe thinks a professional man should have been selected  who- would  not know  any-  thing about the wcik he had to do.  For   once the G.lobe  is consistent.  It   runs itself on   lhat piinciple.���  Ottawa Citizen.  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Send Us an Order for Your1  ���" Groceries,.then Notice  : The promptness of delivery. .  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Mining   is the  one industry that has, from the beginning,  furnished   the money for  all   other  industries, aud it continues to do so.  j Without mining one would go back  10  the "'good  old days" of barter,  when a man  swapped his boots for  his whiskey.��� Los Angeles Mining  Review.  Trade Marks  Designs  ���nn' Copyrights Ac.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly iiscertiilu our opinion free whether an  Invention Is probably patentable. Comimmica.  tioiui strictly conlldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patents  ��� sent free. Oldest neency for securing patents.  Patonts^takon-throuBli-Muiuu&.Co.srocelve^  special notice, without charge, in the  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  P  WHOLESALtAKuntiMiu  MEAT MERCHANTS  ^_^__Head��Olfics^^^cm,.B^O^  ! STAR BAKERY  ��� ..      CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors.  A handsomely illustrated weekly. J.nrRest dr.  dilution of any scientific journal. Terms, *3 a  year: lour months, tl. Sold by all newsdealers.  MUNN &Co.36lBroafiwav. 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Ontario    shows   recognition    of  the contrast   between the  bypocri-  ticat pretence of  the  self righteous  Ross Government that the law was  not  strong  enough   to  be applied  against  evil-doers, and   the sturdy  actions  of  Premier   Whitney, who  makes no   pretence of being  more  holy than the average citifcen.    The  pool-room  at   Toronto Junction, a  scandal, for  years  under   Rossism,  was suppressed immediately on Mr.  Whitney's assumption of office.   At  a recent meeting ol   the Methodists  of Toronto West the Whitney Government   was.thanked,   by  unanimous  resolution, for  its  action   in  thismttter. ��� New Westminster Col-  .mibuui..  ,  .._ ;,..,..,  West Kooteha^i Butcher Co  We are authorized agents for  the Sale  of  the  Nelson  Electric  Tramway  Company's  lots; and  will quote prices and  terras on ap-      -.._  2b! plication. ,,  |Ss" :j�� ;:straghan]  Plumber and Gasfitter  f Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc. .4  VBaker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.       J  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  Atthe Auclio,, MartTb-i,igm atS Aocki  tookioutter Bargains.  J. Green, Auctioneer  .    . 7Cr*_ler��  .>���:.���.r  Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  icoiiiTiiiHnQ.nR^iTi  _  ��� : Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  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PEOPI_E*oc a -materialistic frame of  .ainlnd, to whom man is but a machine, says an editorial wrltoi: iu  the "Hospital," are apt to put oA one  Bide all that cannot be' H%y,els'hed an-1  measured as not only in-eVp'.icable or  unthinkable, but as quite ���bsi'ond -the  range of reasonable discussion. Such  people are advised to attend a -inee'ting  of -the Society l'or Psycihical Research  for "a dianjia of scene." AVli.it they  ���srt-H see is Uhus described:  . "-There they will Unci peopl_, <_nit-_ a.?  convinced as t-hey are of their own  sanity, and iiuite as content -as they  ��m possiT.ly.be with the eoi-n:ct.ncs... pi  their own inteipr..'ation of livings, asserting the most aK-tounuini. .:���: opooi-  tlons, without turrung-an, hair.- To ���.those  =Hawiho^are=H--so^scil:[-oeiito!Md^as_iQ.^t'bl;ik.  that there is something .cranky about  all who do not see' us Lhey-do, ���it is a  wholesome awakening torixnr*1 good,  solid, comfortable, and respectable people (believing- in te'lep'lxlhy as a thing  indisputable, and holding that man, a=  we' -see him engaged in his various  more  or less ignoble pursuits,  in  the  ��� city and elsewhere,*'is but the-Incarnation of one little bit b�� himself as.he  exists in an intangible and ethereal  form. -At the last meeting of the Psychical Research . Society, . Dr.. Oliver  Lodge, F.R.S., said that he did not hold  ���that the whole oC any one of us was incarnated in their 'terrestrial bodies;  certainly not In childhood; more, but  perhaps not so very much more, in  adult life. Wihat was manifest waa  only a definite portion of a much larger  wlhole.   What the rest .was doing dur-  . Ing the years spent 'here he did not  know. Perihaps it was asleep; but  probably, he said, it was not entirely  asleep with anen of.genius, nor perhaps  waa-it. all -completely Inactive with  people called mediums. Now to the  modern materialist all this Is absolute  'rot.' Yet Dr. Lodge is not exactly a  man to pooh-pooh.. Indeed, may not  the Immaterlalists retort that this. Is a  Christian country and that our very  religion teaches us not to weigh and  measure too exactly? Again, Roentgen,  Tesla, and Marconi have, of late been  giving many shocks to old ideas. At  any rate, this Is clear, that we must  hot too rigidly put outside the bound3  ait sanity belief inthe unthinkable. It  is a queer world, and 'Which halt of it  Is sarie appears still undecided."  fs that if the plague spreads much  more lt is going to frighten away the  profitable American cousin, who is expected to corns over In unprecedented  shoals for the coronation season and  scatter "dollars right and left. Trouble  !  began away back in August,'and haa  ��� been slowly growing, off and on, ever  j since, until the average lately "has been  | about 50 new cases a day. One day  . last week lt ran up to S2. There- were  i  1SS new. cases in September, 309 in Oc-  ��� tober, 473 in November, S04 in Decem-  | ber and 1,295 in January. Yet, accord-  , ing to previous experience, smallpox  i reaches its height in London from  :  January to May. Consequently It would  be well for readers planning a trip to  ; see kir-gr'Edward's crown put on to  '! watch the smallpox, returns from Lon-  '. tion for.the next four or Ave weeks. At  present the plague can be said to be  Well under control, but a big sudden  T=-lncr_a��,p-HH^^vould^tax-London-saresourcea-  I to the.utmost aiid might cause a*pan-  :,..le."  An English Departure in Insur-  .'������-'. ;'  ance.    '  A CORRESPONDENT writing from  London under date of February  .,, 13 says: "One queer phase of the  present smallpox scare Is the smallpox  Insurance' department opened at  ���*"Lloyd's.." The current rates are 2 1-2  per. cent, if 'recently- vaccinated, and  31-3 if not vaccinated since infancy.  The Insurance, becomes due on the doctor's certificate that the policy-holder  has smallpox." He adds: "After Jogging along comfortably with smallpox  ln Its midst for sis months, London is  now beginning to get worried, and a  large contributing cause of that worry  The highest waterfall in the world.  geography tells us, is the.Cerosola cascade, in the Alps, having, a fall of 2,400  feet; that of Aj-vey, ln Savoy, la.  .1,100 feet, and the falls of the Josemlte  ..Valley range from 700 to 1,000 feet. Bui  higher yet is the fall ln the San Caya-  tan canyon, in the** State of Durango,  Mexico. It was discovered by some  p inspectors ten years ago in the great  Barranca district, which is called tho  Tierras Desconocjdas. While searching for the famous lost mine, Naranjal,  a great roar of water was heard. With  great' difficulty the party pushed on  and up and down the mighty chasms,  until they beheld the superb fall that  is at least 3,000 feet high.  The date-palm may solve the problem of what to do jWlth the arid and  alkali lands of Arizona and other Western States. Experiments have been  made in the past, but renewed interest  ���Is being taken by the section of plant  v introduction of the Department of Agriculture at Washington. According to  the New York "Sun," Professor D. O.  Fairchlld, agricultural explorer for the  department, now traveling in Africa,  has procured a number of suckers, or  off-shoots, from the Delta of the Nile  which will be distributed in the southwestern States. In the.United Statee  the date is an article* of luxury, but in  Its native country it Is a most important food, many regions in Arabia anil  the Sahara being uninhabitable bui  for the date-palmr      -   ���  ���  President Harper of the University  of Chicago recently received the follow-.  ing letter from a prospective girl-student at Fecaton.ca, HI.: "Dear Dr. Har.  per���I know you will be pleased tt  learn that I have decided to attend  the university school of education this  fall. I am going to Chi .ago next Saturday on the morning train, and as 1  have never been in the city before, 1  would bo glad-if you would meet me  at the depot. I am five feet four inches  tall, have light hair and eyes, and a  pleasing appearance. I shall wear a  dark-brown traveling slcirt and a blue  waist with white yoke. I think I shall  know you from your'^pictures, but for  fear I make a mistake, will you please  wear your card ia your hat?"  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BFMAR^ -R4FLES.  m  Q.  <  X  ifl  O  z  Q  <  _J  UJ  I.  H  o  LU  _*  o  \A/. A Thurrnan  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Sewing Machines and Piano:  For Rent and for Sale  0 d r.nosiijSuOp, tejMni. SI, Kelson  Almost  the toughest thing in the whole of creation is a "pinto" Broncho when he is in  Ifiglitii.^^  4>  *  Now his hide is just as tought as he is, and that part-, above his hips and hack is the very  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell." v .  That is the part used to make the famous."Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Q-loves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof���almost wear proof.  Made only* by **..'... ' ,  ont real  Winnipea  R.H. CARLEY, British Columbia Agent  ���*�����  j  $7>5�� Per Ton  Delivered  All orders must be accompanied by cask and! should be forivarded ���.,_-.,    **<-**mm   ��rCNf  ...either personally or by mail to the office of WS"P. TIERNEY,, GESERAl Ab��N I * ';•__" ;i:ia*t**i-*3iSB****_
tKH »fcti6tt DOONOMST
^•■^v-L-^K^oa^^Mtfi &tt*A.-&-vi&i*Ntw&A -ia)*^<Mipii»4**fcam*««iM[^^
nr'TMWtnftvrfnrri ~ffl*\ 11 rr'r'-fnTVg .j___l5rt^ '"""*'"
'imV-Vyfn** ^VriniVi-i_ t-iYw fo^.^.^..-..^-.^.^^^ «*^
"Wrote Long* Interview, Then
Begged Introduction.
*♦♦♦*$♦«♦*$$♦♦♦♦♦$♦♦♦♦«►♦♦*♦ ♦*$♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**$$♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦
Western newspaper men are noted
throughout thc world fur eiitci'iu-ise.
All previous records were eclipsed I his
•week by tlie reporter of an evening
daily in ti city of British Columbia.
The feat that is now causing heartburnings among rival reporters was u
three-column interview with an illustrious visitor whom the reporter ' had
never seen. The Marconi- system
would be entirely superfluous if all
liieu were as gifted as the truthful reporter in quest ion.
Thursday evening last a parly of
railway ollicials, including a Uritisli
peer, arrived in tlie city referred to by
a late train. The peer had already retired, and waa not seen by anyone
that night. The party left early the
next morning, still without the noble's being honored by a reporter's
visit. A morning contemporary of
the evening daily mentioned the fact
of the peer's arrival and departure.
The party did not return <&> the city
until late the following evening.  ;
But a genius scorns, limitations of
time and space. Tlie second-sighted
interviewer informed several of his
friends that he had .''seooped"'his rivals. The evening paper contained u
three-column article on* the distinguished visitor, purporting to be an interview, not quoted ; it was privately
explained that "His Grace 'hail particularly requested that he should not be
On the return of the party tothe
city it was known that the next move
would bef to a steamer. The scribe
took up his position on the wharf. Af
ter waiting for an hour and a half,
while his quarry was being entertained,
elsewhere, his patience was rewarded.
He then accosted one member of the
Earty. whom lie knew by sight and
egged for an introduction to-tho.peer
-whom he had occultly into vinwed,to
the extent of three columns. lie then
.humbly informed the great man that
lie wae one. of several thousands who
had seen him.perform a public function many years before. The visitor
didn't remember 'him. but -graciously
acknowledged the homage.
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***> £
lelson Opera House
Monday, June 12
E. Willis Presents
Tbe lacrosse match between Nelson
and Rowland last Tliursdajyiyns not a
a good exhibition of the game, kelson won by 4 goals to 2.
A Jingling ■Musical' Comedy
34—Colored Artists—34
The Largest Company Ever Seen in
Western Canada.
5-Big Vaudeville Acts-5
Special Augmented Orchestra.
New-and catchy music Complete
scenic and lighting effects. Large
chorus of pretty octoroon-, handsomely costumed. /,
See Pig Street Parade at Noon
Prices1.50c. 75c, and $1.00.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty <lays [rom
dale, 1 intend toapply tothe Cliief Commissioner of Lands unit Works [or a special licence
to eut mid curry uwuy timber irom the following described lands in West Kootenay District:
(So. 1) Commencing at a post marked the \V.
C. K. Kocli southeast corner post, thence running north eighty chains, thence west eighty
chains, tlience south eighty chains, thence
east tighty'chains to point of commencement.
•Said post is situated on tho north bank ui the
Little Slocan Hiver, about three miles from the
Last Pork.
(. o.'-O Commencing at a post planted ond
marked the W. C. E. Koch southwest corner,
thence running east eighty chains, thence
north (orty chains, thence west eighty'clmius,
thence forty chains south to point of commencement. This limit is adjoining license
Ko. 1. .
(No. 3) Commencing at a pest marked the \V.
C. _. Koch northwest corner post, thenee running east eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence west eighty chains, thence
north eighty chains to point 'of commencement,   'this limitjjid'oin.s limit No. 2.
(No. 4) Commencing at a post marked the W.
C. E. Koch northeast corner .post, thence running west eighty chains, thence smith forty
chains, thence east eighty chains, tlience nortli
forty chains to pointof 'commencement. This
limit is adjoining limit No. 8.
(No. o) Commencing at a post marked the W.
C. E. JCoch northwest comer post, theuce east
eighty chains, thenee  south  eighty   chains,
Ladies' Blouses
We have just received the latest styles and designs of Ladies' White Blouses, Muslin, India Linen, tucked and  lace ancl insertion trimmed ; sizes 32 to 44 ; prices 75c, $i.co, $1.25, $1.50 and up.
Ladies'Shirt-Waist Suits
We   have a large range of above goods in all the  latest styles, including Organdy, Linen, Fancy Muslin,   Cotton "Voiles, and
Crepe de Chine, Mohairs, in all colors j prices $4.00, $5.00 $6.00 aud $io.co per suit.
Ladies' Wash Skirts
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. Call and see our range of'suminer Muslin, Cotton Voiles—just the thing for shirt waist suits—from 15c a yard up.
tlience west eighty chains, thence north eighty
chains to point of commencement.' This lit
is about one mile west of limit No. 4.
The open air concerts* giv-Pti by tlie
city bankare highly apiirei-iiiti'il. This
organization has niaile niui-kcil improvement during the winter inoullis.
Houston has not yet been
a ted, but he claims that  tlie
a great advertisement for tlie
may be. but tiiere are many w Ik. tliink
icpoit is
iii v.     It
P. J. Iiussell, for.many yp'U's a resident of Nelson, but now livuis in Everett, "Wash., is visiting the city to-it.iy
and renewing old acquaintances, nil t>f
Vhom-are pleased to see him. lunkiii"
.^so-wel! and prosperous.   He leaves for
•home to-morrow.
The Carnegie .Library buil.iiii.g|nt
Vancouver was entered lui«t ■Wednesday evening, and a lot of valuable ui■!!»!■
stolen. From thc fact that tlie cuius
taken were odd ones of different scries,
jtis believed tlie thief is some one who
needed them to fill up a collection.
TMi-inrs will he received until noon, Iiinc
SOlli. 1905, nt the Provincial Gaiil, Nelson, for
the ftillowlhg supplies for. one year Irom
July 1st,19U5,"lo.Tunc :.0tli, IMG: .
Groceries, .Di-uus, Meats, Hardware, Intel.
Clothing. Hoots and Shoes and lircad.
Specifications unci forms tor tender can bo
luicl on application lo the Warden.
The luWist or any  tender not necessarily
incepted. .-,■_•'•
■      :■ It. K LESION,
-•       ■       : Warden.
(No. li) Commencing at a post marked the \V.
C 'te. Koch southeast corner post, thence running north eighty chains, thenee west eighty
chains, tlience south eighty chains, tlience east
eighty chains to pointof commencement. This
limit Is adjoining limit No 5.
. (No. 7) Commencing at a post marked the W.
C K Koch southwest corueT post, thenee running north forty chains, thence east eighty
I chains, thence south forty chains, thenee west
eighty chains to point Of commencement, This
limit is adjoining limit.No 15.
(No. 8) Commencing at a post marked the W.
C te. Koch southwest corner post, thence running north one hundred and sixty chains,
thence east forty chains, thence south one hundred and sixty chains, thence west forty chains
to point of -commencement. :■ This limit is situated about one mile from the mouth of tlie
east Fork iu a northerly-direction.
(No. 9) Commencing at a post marked the-W.
C. 15. Koch northeast corner upsl, thence running west eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains, thenee north
eighty chains to pointof commencement. Said
limit is at the Forks of the Kiver on the south
(No. 10) Commencing at a post marked the
W. C. K. Koch southeast corner post, tlience
running north eighty chains, thenee west
eighty chains, thence south eighty, chains,
thence east eighty chains to point of. commencement. Said limit-is about a mile west
of the mouth of the Little Slocan Kiver.
(No. 11) Commencing at a post marked the
W._. Koch northwest corner post, thence running eighty chains east, thence south eighty
chains, thence west eighty chains, thence
nortli eighty to point of commencement. This
limit joins the No. IU limit.   . -•
(No. 12)-C6mmencing at a post marked the
W, E. Koch northeast corner post, thence running west eighty chains, theme south eighty
chains. thence east eighty chains, thence north
eighty olains   lo   point   of   commencement.
This limit joins on to limit No. 11..
Dated and Located this 2nd day of June, 1905.
W. C. K. KOCH,
FitASK Fletcher, Agent.
■ Two second hand Bell Pianos Pianos taken in exchange for Mason A Risch Pianos..   For Sale Cheap—One German make, Walnut C.iso, S150.   One Square Top, $lo_.
Complete   House  Furnishers
'» Funeral Directors, Embalmers
NOT1CK.JS hereby given that  thirty  days
after date 1 intend to apply  to  the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and "Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber'from the
from date I intend to"apply to  the Chief Com-   following described  hxnds in West Kootenay
missioner of Lands anil   Works for a special   district: ;  Commencing   at  a   post    marked
licence to cut and carrv awav timber from the | "Ueorgc Ager's S.W. Corner Post,Limit No. 2,"
following-described   lands in West Kootcnny   and planted about SO feel
NOTICE is heroby;.given that   thirty- days
from date I intend to apply to  th
missioner of Lands and   Works for a spe
on cast side of trail,
district:-Commencing at a post marked the ] about live hundred   yards south of   Pitman's
Joseph Provost N:_. Corner Post," and plant-i buildings,westof Kobertson creek, thence run-
80-Tii A.JiiOAN Wah Land GitAxr Act.
1 he celebration commit tee has made
arrangements for a reproduction of
'Bosemaiden" on the evening of' Dominion'Day. The ■per.foYm.iiil.t. will
take place in tlie Exhibition l>uiMint_,
and the services of Miss Cn>\vley have
been ■ secured to lake part in lite production. ,
What Frank Daniels »nd Frarit'i>
*\Vilson arc to recognized-comic opera
so are Williams and Stevens to the runtime revelation, "Tho Holiest l.'oon in
Dixie." These colored coineiliuns are
uniquely original.in method. pns.-c«>-
ing tlie instinctive spirit of Inn, :mil
their every move and saying is provocative of unrestrained merriment. The
prima donna,. JMJsh Mamie. Jilmitoii,
lias been truly termed the Lillian Russell of thecoloicd stage, flie possessor
of a voice whose every note is linked
(sweetness. The other nieniler-i of 1 he
<Minipany are /exceptionally talented,
while tlie choitm I'jo'u-es in u rich
dusky beauty of its own. "The lloiuwi
'Coon in Dixie" will beprcseiileil at lite
Opera House, Monday evening.
hilrs or assigns, antler tuillioi-lly ol' HilsAct,-
nre subject lu the concilium tliutsnch lands
shall have lii-pu selected by the grantees on or
before the Hist day of July, HXtt.- Notice is,
therefore, horcbv given that applicotions. for
such lands must be tiled at a (iovernincnt OF-
t1ccby.hi.to:,te. ■ „_ F;Q  ^
Oliicl'Cmi-nis.sioiiei- of l.aiiclsand Works.
I ands and Works Department.
Victoria, 11. C, a»tl« Muy, lDOii.
Tlio exhibitions in -witch ha .loi
egraphy to hike 'place in lhe Succ<'!--s
Clul» rooms, to-night ami Monday
night, are thcsi'l'ject of niiii-h inleresi.
There will be lectures and [ i:u:tii«l
demoustrations of the Marconi system.
To-morrow one of the local launches
will be fitted up with one of the Marconi instruments, while another instrument will be placed in lhe parlor.
of tlie ritratlicrna hotel. T, cewill I e
messages exchanged between tin-
launch  and   the   hold,  ;t 1_"..1 (1 i; 1 •_:  the
best -possible praotieal   iliustiati if
the manner in which sliipx call l.e
placed in commuuication with the
laud. 'J'be growth of the Man-on':
wireleps system is one of the marvels
of tbe day*. l'*>'r some time tiller it w;.s
Jl^t in trod iictd. crave doubts exUtcd
as to its jiiHtrtll'ilHy, but lhe expeii-
mental stage has passed, and imw it is
used ali over -Uie civjliy.id word.
Jn answer loan i'ii(|iiir\"of the N- \\
York World. 38 out > f 70 leading scientists, jurists-, lawyers, liimni-'n r.-. e..|
legiuns and educators in il c Uustcd
Btates prononnc'-d wireless tele_;ia}>li>
"ffum's greatest invent o ."
Notice To Dallnpuer.: Co-Owner.
To \K'\tliat""(.- II«>I»I». "r I" Jl«.v person or
ivi-Hoiis to wli'>ni he muy have irstnsfcrroil
his Interest- in Ihe '• Ply i-'our, "*• Colby, "
"Silver Tip," " llanncr,"" Miiiiiinoth" and
"<,'opiH'r KliiM" lnlnciiil clainis, situate on
White isrowsc Mouiilain, in 1.1c CJi^iJ. r.iyer
Mii.lnir Division of'•'-'est Kootenay I).strict,
in Hit- Pioxim-col'lh-ltlsii Ci.lutHl'ia:     ,   ,
Vou and each ofyou are licreby uollllodthat
we have expended six hutidnd nnd tilteen
dolltii-s In l.il.oiir and Improvements on the
"Copper ICnijt," '•.Maniim>th"and "Ilia Knur'
iiiineiiilplnlins fer ilie years cudins tbe 27th
tlav ol .lulv, l9U.tniul I'Hi'l. nml lhe sum of six
liundi-ed and lU'le.n dollais in labcurand I111-
i)i-oviH|ucnts on the ••llininer," "Colby" and
'•Silver Tip" mineral cliiiins Tor the years
eiiiliii)! August tlflei'iitli, l'JWlanil 19HI. la order to hplu said claims under the provisions
of Ilie M'.ner.il Ael,and it within 'JU days from
ihcdiileof this notice,.vou fall or refuse to
coiii.rlbnU' your pio|«)i'tlon of such expenditure toi:'t>tlier with all costs of advertising
v(-nr interests In said nilncriil claims will become ljie prupiirly of the undci-siiiued, under
Section -I oi'thv" ilincrul aVct Amciidincut
A ci. ll«H',"
L»ii«_d this 3rd tiny ofJuiie. l!»,i,
|1 COP Si.!TilV:Rt<AK!>,
John A, tUiVSON,
V. .1. Deane has left for a t
the (Jrow's Nest tine. He
east la-fore his return.
rip along
may go
Great  interest is being  taken in thc
fiower    festival   on     Dominion   Day
Even tlie residents «>f Kelson   mav he
surprised at lhe possibilities of floriculture iu their own locality.
The president of thc Lewis and
Clark Centennial Ex) o-ition has addressed a letter to tlie Lieutenant-
Governor of British Coltindiia, in
which it is stated lh.it. tlie management has set apart the period cmn-
nieneintr Monday, July 3, and ending
H:uurday. July 8, a* British Columbia
week. ' The mayor of each Ibitisli
(,-oliiiuhia'nily will bo invited direct by
lhe Exp.osiMon management to make
appnpii te arrangements for the visit
of hia city'» th legation to the fair.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from dale I intend toapply to, the Chief Com-
liiissioner of Lands aud works l'or special licenses to cut and carry away Umber irom the
following . described lands situated In West
Ki'Ptcuay District: ■
(A) commencing nt .1 post marked \V. C. te.
K00US, \V. corner post, planted Near the east
mile south of the Little Slocuu Lalte, tlience
running'north* eighty chains, tlience cast
eighty chains, thenco south eighty chains,
theuce west eighty chains to point of commencement.
(.B) Commencing al a post planted near thc
cast shore atthe loot of Little Slocan Lake,
and marked the W. C-. E. Koch H. W. corner
post, thence running eiiBt forty chains, thence
north forty chains, tlience east forty chains,
theuce north forty chains, tlience west forty
chains 10 Li tile -.;s> loi an Lake, tlience southwesterly eighty chains to point of commencement. ■    •   •'    o
t_) Commencing at a post planted on the
east shore of Little Slocan Lake, about one
mile from the outlet, and iiiafked W.C. K.
Koch K. W. corner post 1 thence ruuningeast
forty chains, thence north eighty chains,
thence west forty chains, thence north forty
1 Indus, thence westl'ony chains,thenee south
eighty chains, thence cast forty •chaias.
tlience south forty chains to point-of coni-
hieiicciiiciit.         •      '
(Ml Commencing i\t a post planted. ub,p,ut
one.mile soilUi of bUUe Sl'ovau La^p, n-car
the cast bank of the Little .Slocan l<l\'ey, »'Ul
marked the \V. C. K.Kocli N. W. corner post,
theuce running Koiiilt one-hundred and sixty
eliaiiis, thence easl lorty chains, tlience north
one hundred und sixty chulns, theuco west
forty chains to point of commencement.
Located this and day of June, I'.HlA.
\V. c. K. Koch,
l'.y W. S. UltKWUV, Agent.
ed about'GO chains north oi tlie northeast bank
ofthe Little Slocan- rivern(kiio\vn as the West
Fork) thence running south SO chains tlience
west SO chains, thence nortli 80 chains, thence
westSO chains to the point of -commencement.
Patcd this24th day of Mav, 190i>.
:'. i.lOSKl'H Plt0V0ST.'_
NOTICE is hereby given that tliirty-dajs
from date I intend to auply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands aiid Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away limber from the
following described, lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a nost marked the
•-C. Provost N.E. Corner I'ost," planted about
GO chains north oil. tlie northeast bunk of the
Weat Kork of the'Little Slocan river, theuce
south 80 chains, thence west SO chains, thence
norlh 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains to point
of'commencement, a
Dated this 21Ui day of May,TS05.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date I intend' to apply to the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut aniVcarry away timber from the
following describe'd hinds in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked
c'G'eorge Ager's N.W. Corner I'ost, Limit No.
1," an" planted about SO feet on cast side ot the
trail about 500 vards south of I'itinan's.buildings, west of 1'tol.fcrtson creek, thence east 80
chuins, theuce south SO chains, thence west 80
chains, thenee north SO chains to pointof beginning,
o.l>ated-this.21thda>v(.f_5fax, _1905_
It Pays to Deal with Rutherford
NOTIOK Is licreby given that thirty days
from daie I Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of Uuids nnd Works tor special licenses to cut and carry, uwuy timber from the
fallowing described lands hi West Kootenay
(No. 1) Commencing at 11 postmarked the
George Agcr N. "SV corner post, planted west
of U'ObcrlSQO tU-eck, 1 hence miming cast
elgbty chains, tUeuce sonth ilghty 'chains,
theuce west etglny chaihn,. Uiewce nortli
ilghiv chulns to point.ufcommcucoiiient,
iNu. 2) Commencing at a post marked
(Jeorge Ager's S. W't corner post, lhence run*
ulng east forty clmins, thence north twenty
chains, tlveno. last forty chains, thence nortlt
twenty chains, thence ei.st lorty chains,
thence nortli twenty chains, tlu-ncucast forty
chains, 1 hence north loity chains, thence
west Jorty chains, theuce south twenty
chains, thence west torty chains, thenee south
twenty chains, thenco west forty chains,
I hence south twenty chains, thence west
forty chains, thence south Jorty chains to
poii.t of commencement, yald pusCls planted
about twenty yards from post of No. 1 claim.
Located aud dated 1 his -2nd day of June. lUOj.
Ceohge Agep..
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date, 1 InU-iVd toapply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands und .works for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay
D'Strlct: Commencing ut a post marked the
"HobertHorrle S. te. Corner Post." and planted
on-the North bank oft ie Little Slocan Ulver,
about one inilo West of the Main Slocan silica ti Itiver; tlience running Norlh 80 chains;
thence running WestSO chains; tlience running South SO chains; thence running East 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 21th day of May, 1905.
ltoitKirr HoiilttK.
We only ask one trial to make you ourcus
toiiier. Kin« Watch Jewelry. Optical and
Silverware 'repairing and everything in the
line. Reasonable charges. Work sent us
from outside towns will recoive the same aire
it_.l! pcri-onnlly delivered, pllllcultrepairs
(join- (i>r other ;jwcifi•».
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for aspecial
licence to cut ancl carry away timber from
the following described lands in West. Kootonay District: Commencing at a post marked
••A.T. Scolt's N. *\V. Corner Posl."i\nd planted
on iVe East s|c.o of 'the North V'orl' of the
Little'Slocan l.tV1'1' »\\ont. a inlle nortli of Ihe
forks of the Little -Slocan Kiver, tlience running East 80 chains; thence South 80 chains:
theuce West SO chains; tlience North 80cliuins
tothe point of beginning.
Dated this a-lth day of May, UK)').
■   A.T. Scott.
NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days
from date, 1 Intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for. 11 special
licence to cut and carry away Umber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay
District: C.'liimciii-ingat a post murker) "A.
T. Scott's S. W. Corner Post", and planted on
the Kast side of the North Kork of the Little
Slocan Kivcr.ahouta mile Nortli of the Korks
of the Little jsiocnti Itiver, thence running
East 80 chains; tlicm.-e jNorth 80 chains;
thence-West 80 chains; thenee SoutliSOchains
to point of beginning.
liatcd this 2-ltli day of May, 1905.     -
' - A.T. SCOTT,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date 1 intend tc> applv to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works 'or n special
licence to cat aud ctfrry away timber from the
following described'lands in West Kootenay
District: Commencing at a post marked the
"James llorrio N. W. Corner Post", planted on
th'edouth side of Little Slocan Kiver, on bank
about ?.00 feet below or S. E. of the Forks of the
Little Slocan Kiver and what is known as Four
Mile Creek; tlience South 80 chains ; thence
Kast 80 chains; tlience North SOchains; thence
West 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 2ttlrday.of May. 18(15.
NOTICE is heroby given that tliirty days
from date, 1 intend toapply to the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works for « special
licence to eut and carrv away timber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay
district: Commencing-ot a post marked the
"Daniel Robinson N. K. Corner Post" planted
on the South side of the Little. Slocan Itivcr
on bank ab >t; t :'00 f et below the Korks of the
Little Slo.-an Itiver and what is known as Four
Mile Creek; thenee South80 cha us.; thence
Wcst80 chains; thence Nortli SO chains: thence
East 80 chains to pointof c .-mmenccment.
-   Pafed this 2-P.h day of May, 190V- .
JUniei. Robinso}?.
ning east -10 chains, tlience north 20 chains,
thence cast 40 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence norlh 20 chains,
thence'ciist .10 chains, theuce north 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence south 20 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thenee south 20 chains,
theuco west 40 chains, thence'south 20 chains,
thenee west 40 chains, tlience south 10 chains
to pointof beginning'.s.
Dated this 2-lth day of May, 1903.
. Oeqkoe AGEIt^
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date 1 intend to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at u post mirked the
■»'A. L. Plant N.W .-Corner Post," vlautod on
the east side of Little Slocan river, about u
mile south of the forks of the Little Slocan
river, thence-east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenee wost-80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of beginning.
Dated this 2-tth day of May, 190D.
  A. L. Tlakt._
NOTICK is hereby'given that thirty days
from date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of-Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing'at a post in-irked the
".I. Lalonde N.E. corner Post," planted about
00 chains north from the northeast bank of tlie
West Fork of thc"Little Slocan river, thence
running south 80 chains, tlience westSO chains,
thence north 80 chaln^thohc.e'eastrSO'chains to
point of commencement,' and adjoining C. Provost location. .
Dated this 21th day of May, 1G05.
■    J. Lalonde.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date l intend to apply to the Chief Com-'
missioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following lands in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post marked "K. A. Mcl'iid-
yen's s.W. Corner Post," and planted about (Mi
chains from the bank on the east or nortli side
ol the Went Fork of Little Slocan river, thence
running nortli 80 chains, thence east Su chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80! chains
to point of beginning. . ..•■
- Dated this 21111 dav of Mftv, 1'JOS,
.      -     ■..■•■ ''•   o"        £•. A. J'.cViPYES.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty clays
from date 1 intvtid to apply to the Chief Com-
missiouct of Laiids ami works for aspecial
licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following described hinds -situated in West
Kootenay district: Commencing nt 11 post
marked tlie "J. Ley rod N.E. Corner Post,"
planted about 00 chains north of the northeast
bank of the West Fork of the Little Slocan
river, tlience south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, theuce north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 24th day of Mav, 1W15.
    J. Ley non.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
from date I intend to apply to the Chief Coih->
missioner of Lands und Works for a special
licence t<> cut and carry away timber from tlie
following described lands in West Kooteuay
district: Commencing at a post marked thu
"A. L. Plum S.W. Corner Post," planted on the
east side of the Little Slocan river, about a
mile south of. the forks of the Little Slocan
river, theuce east 80 chains, theme north 80
chains, Ihouco west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to'point of beginning.
Dated this 2-Uh day of May, 1905.
A. L. Plaxt.
NO'ilCE is hereby given that thirty days
from date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for aspecial
licence to cut and carry away timber from thc
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Comi.iencing at a post marked "J. P.
Swedberg's S.E. Corner Post," planted on the
north bank of theSVest Arm of Little Slocan
river, opposite tlie mouth of Kussell creek,
thence north SO chains, thence w ebt 80 chains,
theuce south 80 chains, tlience east 80 chains to
point of commencement
Dated this 24th day of May, 1905.
-     J. P.  SWEDBERG.
Canadian Seeds sold by one who knows the
seed business.
This season I am prepared to supply fresh seeds
in large or small quantities by weight—and besides
the regular vegetable seeds have a specially good
selection of flower seeds also'by weight.
18 different kinds of Sweet Peas.
Have FOR  SALE  20,000 acres of land in East  Kootenay, adapted
for'fru.t, mixed farming and cattle raising. /""
One or  two choice grazing farms in blocks from  one to five thousand
acres.     Prices from $1.50 per  acre upwards.    Terms : One-fifth  cash,
balance in four annual payments.    Interest at rate of 6 per cent.
For information apply to
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty days
from date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner" of Lands and Works for a specfal
license tocut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in West Kooten-iy
district: Commencing at a post marked "W.H.
Swerdfeger's S.W. corner- Post," planted on
the nortli bank of the West Arm of Little irlp-
can river, opposite the mouth of Russell creek,
theuce north 80chains, thence east M) chains,
tlience south 80 chains, thence' west 80 chains
ti point of commencement.
' Dated this 24th day of Slay, l!*'.. -, >.
Certificate of Improvements.
Notice Is hereby given, tliat sixty (BO) days
alter dato, I Intend to apply lo the Cliief Com-
ininiM-ii cininKi   •jiiiiiitp fn th«" v cIkoii Minimi   missioner of Lands and Works for permission
Where located :   On Hear Creek, adjoining ! ,lle ^o* «!> »h<>r.e <>' Kootenuy
Parker ^lot 18G1.
Kitten (fractional) and   Kdna (fractional)
lhe  Old Hill (lot 1803) and
Mineral claims. ,
• Take notice that 1, .T. A. Kirk,.acting as
agent for John" amith, Free Miner's Certitlcate
No. B~o,767, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining ltecorder
for a Ccrtilicate of lmprovci_ciiis, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced before issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thiB 23rd day of May, A. D. 11)05.
J. A. Kikk.
I hereby give notice that sixty days after
dato I intend to apply lo the Chief Coin in Is-
missioner of Lands and Works thr permission'to purchase a tract, of land in West Kootenay district, of the following description:—
Beginning at a post marked Jf. J. Campbell
S. W. Corner, which is placed ndjncect to the
N.W- corner-or lot 63(XV running therefrom
twenty chains Norlh, thence npproslmntely
forty chains Kast, thence twenty chains South.
thence forty cliaius West to the point of commencement, containing approximately
eighty acres. .
'•»■ (Pgd.) ,T. J. Campbelt..
Kelson, B.C., A_)_il.4th, 1505.
Uike in the district of West. Kootonay.
Commencing nt ft stake placed twenty (20>
chains Kast of the North-west corner 'post or
Lot 1313, Croup J; thence East aloini the
Northern boundary of said Lot 1313, a distance
of eighty (SO) chains; thence North Torty (40>
•chains; thence West eighty (80) chains; thence-
South forty (to) chains to place of beginning.
Dated 18th of April,.190.i.
Gordon Hallett.
Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner
To Nels Petersen, or to any person or persons,
to whom he may have transferred his interest
in thc "Summit" mineral clai'm, situate On
Coon creek. In the Nelson Mining Division of
West Kooteuay :
You and each of you are hereby notified
that 1 have ox. ended two hundred dollars Ir*
labour and improvements on the above
mentioned claini lu order to hold
the said claim.Sunder tt.( provisions ol
tteJlineral Act, the.sald .-abrur being done-
for the year ending 1904, and if within 90 day*
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse-
to contribute your proportion of such expenditures togethcrvvith all costs of advertisings
vour interest in said mineral claim will become the- property ofthe undersigned undeir
Section -I 01 Uie ''Mineral Act Amendment.
Act. 1900."
Uiitcd this 6th day ol March. 1905.
UoDifiiEY BlR._3C.o_


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