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The Economist Aug 12, 1905

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 - (������- l-_��  <y*y%  Ugf  ma  iive  >^*^VS^VVVVVVVV^A^V.  I  War.  It. HEARST:    "1 liavo seen turnout beautiful lakes in Italy and awitzcr-  > lund, nml all those lovely spots, liut I have  > never scon anything flnur I linn the Koote-  f   nay lulto and the Arrow lultrs.   We had u  > delightful time there.   This waa my first  > trip through there." <  AUG 1S  4*:v        : ������      .-���-.���"���  O,     at r    _  PROP. MILLS hat net er seen anything <  fiDjertnoii tho fnitt of Nelson dlntriot. He  _kUUscUp_ didn't��ee thecberriea orraip-  berrJjWi.r gooseberries, but If tbey com-  ;^pkrfe with the apples, pears and pining,  you have here a fruit country unsurpassed  by anything iu the Dominion." _  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY, AUGUST 12,1905.  NUMBEB 5  WHEN THE  KED GODS CALL  casionully erratic citizen   had been one  of I he sailor-firemen  on   the  organiz-  ! ation   of   tiie   London   Fire   Brigade J  THINGS TALKED OF IN NELSON DURING  THE WEEK.  Restraints of Civilization Are  Irksome Bonds to Many.  Civilization, which means, after ull,  merely tlie organization of society, ia  not infrequently unsuccessful us regards one class of individual.1!. Tlie  tramp printer could never be reformed,  but lie left along liis -trail many material suggestions that were of value to  the country press of a quarter of a century ago. He revolted at the calm  monotony of prolonged life in one  country town. He \i eut to another���  and to auother, until he lucatcd finally  in the Valley of the Shadow*.  "It might  have been,   if it were not  for  the defeat of _ the  Armada,   thut  ."Francis Drake would not only have  done down to posterity utikuighted,  but.elassed with  Morgan, the  pirate  .If it were not for the army and navy,  the'VVestern prairies of America, the  free life of Rhodesia, the sheep-run's of  Australia, and the gold-fields of tlie  Klondyke, how many thousands of  the British race would now be living  in passive it not active, antagonism to  the existing order of things which we  call modern civilization ?  " Conventional society blands aloof  from them except under extraordinary  condition., as when Drake was .eulied  by Howard of Feversliam-lo defend the  ^English coast  against the Spanish in-  vaderj or when a severance .of the Empire is threatened, as in the Boer War.  A  great  many scientific instruments  would    not   have   been   perfected   if  there had uot been men "fulling down  the Ratcliflb road, drunk ami  raising  Cain," willing  to enlist on  Polar .expeditions.     The lighthouses of northwestern  settlement, the Hudson Bay  Company's trading posts,  would long  have remained un lighted if il were not  for the rebellion in the hearts of tlie  adventurous   young   Scottish   Highlanders against the quietness of the life j  in High laud clachan...  " And so there .  have been more members of the com-1  plex British  race who  have  been   pi-'  oneers, discoverers, soldiers of fortune,  and adventurers than  any other.     It!  may also be taid  that the-majority of  of tramps in the world  claim  English,  as their native tongue.    There may be j  an oceau of difference  in  degree  be-,  ~twecn~the spirirtliat-au:niatesa-Jobi_~'  Franklin \\ ho leaves a home of luxury  and refinement to  bravo the  vioisai-,  tudes of the Arctic legions, and that of;  the man who  turns his back ou  comfortable respectability and lives a pre- ,  carious lifo  as a sailor on   tlio North  Atlantic, a waiter in Chicago, a  dow-  boy in  Montana,  and "a d.iuk laborer  .U Sau Francisco; but after all it may  be that both in their own way and according to their  own standard  and an  inherited   nature,  are   unswciing tlie  call ofthe Red Gods that Kipling sings  about. i  But nature knows no waste, and the  wanderers, the Bohemians who arei  frequently the discovers anil pioneers  of new fields of industry and the pro-'  viders of new sources of enjoyment,  are factors in the great scheme' of  tilings, unrewarded a-s they miy be  from the the standpoint of materialism. Knight-errantry was not the  worst outcome ofthe feudal chivalry of  the middle ages.  I knew'a man once, a grave, middle-  aged, seemly-living gentleman, married and blessed with a decorous family,  in whom the latent I3o!ieiiiianism  which is "said to exist in every son of  Adam would burst forth whenever a  fire occurred in the little Onlatio town  where he lived. It wa�� a marvel for  years how an otherwise self respecting  and respected citizen should, thrmmh-  the excitement of a local fire, go on a  prolonged debauch. At last the explanation was given. Tiie greatgrandfather of the respectable", but o_-  wheii modern fire-fighting was systematized and when the most reckless  sailors were recruited. It wus a case of  reversion to type or ancestry when the  lire-gong sounded. How very easily a  white man of littlo strengtli of character can assimilate with the Indian;  and how difficult it is to civilize the  red man. It is a case of reversion.  Civilization as we understand it is,  after all, modern, and it is not surprising that scattered amongst us are meu  to whom the conventionalities and restraints of civilization are irksome  bonds.  Scratch a Russian and' you will find  a Tarta'-, and touch a particular chord  in any man's nature and he is as much  the natural man as his savage forefathers. -    -  If I may become distinctly personal  for a moment; I will confess that never  can a Highland regiment swing past  in the garb of old Gaul to a stirring  marclr skirled from the warpipes, without my heart beating tumultuously  and the tears streaming down my  cheeks. I may laugh and scoff at it  and feel ridiculous, but I have little  doubt that it is all due to a barelegged  ancestor who followed with battle-axe  and bull-hide shield, his clan down  from the Highland hill, behind Bonnie  Piinee ChR_.He-.to fight'for the lost  cause of the kingly.Stuarts. This feeling; lylnfC'lateiit'In "the breasts of all  men," explains tlre'lerilercy'with which  the siufl of .the Bohemian are treated.  It-is merely a fellow feeling making  us .wondrous kind.       "  Defiance of social laws has not caused  any loss of interest in the works of  Byron-; and Burns.'-. The,story of the  ���most lovedTsailor of British history  would be'-irn'omplete, without"' Lady"  Hamilton. It adds much to the human interest of_the life story ofv the  greatest of British admirals. Lord  Charles Beresford, the idolized "Lord  Charlie" of Britain's present naval establishment, is not loved less on account of the wild episodes of his unsettled youth.  -  Tiie-stories thai met)   love to tell of  Daniel O'Connell, John, A. Macdonald,  D'Arcy McGee aud other  much-loved  men cannot all be told  in a  drawing-  room.  And when the Bed Gods call iu the  conventional, habitations of moiK-for  volunteers-for tlie trek less-places ofthe  earth, they are always answered by  many who desire to solve for themselves the problems of life, refusing to  remain where the great question of human happiness is confined within defined bounds whioh they are compelled  to accept, or starve.. They are not to  bo blamed, for according to the best  authorities tliey infierit qualities from  generation after generation extending  back to tlie common ancestor of all,  Ad.im, wlio, thc best authorities alno  agree, had himself a quality whioh  many of us po.-sess^=the habit of being  tempted by our wives and Old Nick.���  Toronto Saturday Nitfht.  11 M. Palmer. B C. fruit exhibit  commissioner, writing to Hon. R. (I.  Tallow, frotn Brandon, August 5th,  says : ''The preserved fruits in glas*  which were reshipped from Winnipeg  at the close of the Exhibition there,  arrived in good condition, and during  the time of the Fair, shipments of  fresh fruits arrived daily |>er Dominion Express. These included apricots,  peaches, plums, cherries, apples, pc-urs,  I  Thc fire at the Grand View .Hotel  and its serious consequences, resulting  as it did in the lot-s uf one life and injury to other in mutes has done more  thau anything else could possibly have  done to arouse the public to the ncces  sity of better aud more adequate pro  tectiou against fire and all reasonable  precautions against loss of life. While  the evidence at the coroner's inquest  was not conclusive ou the point, there  are yet many people who have readied  the conclusion tliat the Grand View  Hotel was little better than a fire trap,  and that all reasonable precautious  against loss of life under tlie circumstances had not been taken is fully  borne out by the death of the Italian  and the -serious injuries received by  several others"who were in the building at the time i>f the tire. And the  Grand View Hotel wus not particularly-  conspicuous in its lack of protection  against fire; there are half-a-dozen  other places in Nelson that are equally  as unprepared to resist serious loss to  life and property iu the ease uf conflagration as the instance now under consideration. How to prevent recurrences of appalling calaraitres of this  character U tbe problem tbat now confronts tbe city fathers. Are tbey equal  to tbe occasion, or will.tbe necessaiy  changes have to be carried out by recourse to the courts of law? There  can be no fault found with the work of  the firemen at this conflagration. The  chief bandied his men with intelligence, and. they iu turn evinced  no disposition to shirk- their  duty. In every respect they preserved  the best traditions of firemen the world  over. - At the risk ��/_.their own lives  tbey'ieacuod.several poor, fellows from  the burning building.  ment.or to jusiify the city council in  overlooking this splendid opportunity  of rewarding special deeds of bravery,  even if necessary going to tlie extent  of utriking off a distinguished service] the house of the deceased for months  order medal.  1  Some one has suggested that a special paragraph should be devoted to  the brilliancy of the equestrian exhibition given by Mayor Houston's driver  on the occasion of the Grand View Hotel fire. While there are various versions of the circumstances in which  the actual incident is enveloped, each  one only corroborates-the other that it  was u daring act, and has never been  equalled outside of a circus tent. The  driver himself is very modest, and  positively refuses to discuss his heroic leap, hut tbe public is not thus to  _bejlcpriyed__pf__its__i_iiali_ena_b_!e an_d_he-  reditary right to worship at.the shrine  ola hero. In this connection, it in  gratifying to observe that the  Nelson Tribune, with commendable desire to accord honor only to  whom honoris due, is foremost iu extolling the virtues and deeds and virtues of this new idol, so that noun-  worthy head shall wear the laurel  wreath. . As was before remarked,  Mayor Houston's driver is very  reticent ns to what really did  occur, so iu discussing the subject, one  lias to resort to conjecture aud common  report. It is understood that thc chief  uf tlie Ure department lias reported  Uie mutter to the chairman of the fire,  water und light committee, but that  gentleman, posssbly with thc hope  of shielding tlie driver from the  vulgar curiosity of the mob, or  desiring as little notoriety ns possible for his own part in supplying the  Nelson fire brigade with sueh an accomplished driver, modestly suggests  that the report Is of little public concern, and will not be made known  until the next meeting of the council.  This being the case, little further need  be said on tlie subject, any more than  and tomatoes. All the principle fruit  growingdistri ets of the Province were to urge upon the council tlie justice of  represented including Kelowna, Peach- special recognition of the services of  land, SuramerLmd, lvimlonp-t, Vic- ; the man who iias done so much to  toiia, Chilliwack, Hammond, Mt. i bring fame to tha Nelson fire brigade.  Lehman and 3ardi->. The Okuiiapau Some envious ones may maintain that  and Kamloops shipments of apricots,' the driver in making his hair-raising  peaches and early apples were especi-1 leap is a man.of Vaulting ambition, and  ally line. All tlie fresh fruitshipnients tin-re i.-c sbmething in the claim, but  arrived in good condition with the ex- uot enough, it is here submitted, to deception of a few crates of plums." tract from the glory of the achieve-  Mayor Houston has gained further  time in the Coulterinjunction proceedings, and it now looks as if he hoped  all the parties to tiie suit would die of  old age before the action came to trial.  At Vancouver, last Thursday, Mr.  Wade, acting" for Mr. Houston, asked  for adjournment to examine before the  r gistrar at Nelson on tbe affidavits filed  by tbe plaiutiff. "Tliis time was granted  by Mr. Justice Duff. There appears to  be a belief in certain quarters that the  Coulter case is not of great importance,  but those who understand all the circumstances take a very different view  of the matter. It is not so much a  question whether Sam Coulter retains  bis position as driver of the fire department, as whether Mayor Houston  can negative the authority of the majority. The majority of tlie council declare that the Municipal Clauses Act  confers upon them certain powers;  Mayor Houston claims that there is no  limit to his powers. Tbe Coulter case  is merely a test case; if Mayor-Houston can thwart the will of the majority,  there will be no further need of electing councillors, and it is a decision on  this point that Js sought from the  court. If Mayor Houston is acting  within his rights, under the powers  given liim by_the Municipal Clauses  Act, the aldermen may resign and devote the time tbey are now giving to  municipal matters to their own private affairs.   ���'       -���'��� ���*"  quest tbat should certainly strengthen  a theory of accidental death. -"It in  now known tbat tbe revolver which  caused the death had been lyiugaround  Viewed from every standpoint, the  decision of Mr. Justice Irving in the  injunction proceedings brought by tbe  West' Kootenay Power & Light Company against the city wasa disappointment. Many who had listened to the  evidence were convinced that the  power company had not established its  case, but the judge evidently thought  otherwise. The result is to be deplored  in many ways : not only will the cily  have to foot a big bili in the way of  legal expenses, but there will also be  considerable delay in fulfilling the contract. It was unfortunate that the  matter wasnot,settled-before it-ever  went into court, which it is believed,  could have been done, had conciliatory  methods been adopted. This opinion  is not confined to a few citizens either.  Luxuries sometimes come very high,  but we must have tbem. Nelson is  certainly paying high for tbe luxury of  a mayor whose' ideas must of necessity  be right, because if not his own originally they are appropriated and  launched as his own. We are enjoying a very higli assessment rate this  year, but it will be higher before il becomes 1 iwer. Nextyear, it is generally  conceded, will see an immense reduction in tlie assessed values of real  estate with a corresponding increase in  the rate. With a few more luxuries in  the way of lawsuits the city will be in  bad shape, and it will not surprise us  in tbe least if the rate rises to anywhere  between 40 mills and 50 mills for.the  year 1906.  The death of J. H. Nolan caused  universal sorrow. There are very few  men iu Nelson who car. boast of a  greater number of warm friends than  tlie deceased, and his sudden end came  as a shock to all. Particularly will his  untimely departure be felt by those  who have been intimately associated  with him for jears. While many circumstances surrounding his death  would seem to indicate self-destruction,  and tbe^coroner's jury rendered a verdict to that effect on the evidence before them, there have, been a number  of little things disclosed since the in-  and uo one knew it was loaded. Just  a few weeks ago, in a playful mood a  kodak picture of someone pointing the  revolver at Mr. Nolan's hfad was  taken and no one in tlie house at that  time bad the least idea tbat tiiere was  a cartridge in the weapon, and least of  all Mr. Nolan or the person who  pointed the revolver at him. The  cartridge in tbe weapon must have remained there for years, and was probably long since forgotten. It is believed by many now, that the revolver  had been lying on the stand, and that  Mr. Nolan when he arose picked  it up, and while carelessly examining  it pulled the trigger. The disposition  of tbe deceased was one that would not  bear out the theory of suicide; on the  contrary, he was a mau who took a  rosy view of life.  In another column reference is  made to the decision of Mr  Justice Duff with regard to '�� Foreshore Rights." Tbe comment referred to is from the Victoria  Colonist, aud below ls a further reference by tbat paper to tbe same question :  "Tbe question raised in the decision  of Hon. Mr. Justice Duff, to which reference was made yesterday, is- one of  the most important possible to imagine  in connection with tlie rights of the  province. So far as the Land Act is  concerned there is no doubt that the  Chief Com missioner of Lands and  'Works has.the"r.rightr.to"1-issue,leases to.  the foreshore. That is settled by the  amendment of 1901, whereby.the Minister-has the power to act so far as the  j urisdiction of the province extends.  How far that jurisdiction extends is tbe  crux of the question., If the province  under the Land Act "cannot go farther  than low water then the right of the  province to issue leases for traps may  be fairly questioned. So far as the  fishery legislation of British Columbia  is concerned it has= never been proclaimed, and consequently whatever  rights the province has cannot be exercised, because proclamatiou has uot  yet taken place as required. . We are,  .therefor_e,_face_to_face_'with the problem  ofthe rights we have under the Land  Act.- The opinion was expressed yesterday that tho Land Act gave the  province authority over realty whether  under the sea or on land. Here the  whole question lies. The rights of the  Dominion government in rt-spect to  harbors obtrude themselves, as well as  MESSENGERS  OF DEATH  The Nerves Give Warning ot  Approaching Dissolution.  A remarkable case of a dream warning was that of Mr. Henry Gay, of  Abertillery,.Monmouthshire, who on  February 19; 1901, had a vivid dream,  in which he declared he wus standing  with a "radjant presence" in a shining  cornfield.-/VjJis companion gathered  four ripe eai^ 'V^Am and handed them  to him with the, '"<V\s, "These are all  for thee." Mr. Gtl^aij.-odiately told  Rev. D. Collier, of Abert.'fiery, of his  strange dream, and said he was convinced that he had four more years to  live, a conviction, which no argument  could shake. Exactly four years later,  on February 19, 1905, Mr- Gay died.  The late Lady Tweedmouth, shortly  before she died, had a strong conviction that the. end was near," as the following story proves : At the lust dinner at which her ladyship was a guest  in London she was taken in by Lord  Rosebery, and during tbe meal eclipsed  even hei self by the brilliance of ber  conversation. At the close of the evening sbe placed ber band in tbat of  Lord Rosebery, and said, without a  quaver in "her voice : "Good-by, Rosebery."  "Good-night, yon mean," replied the  Earl.  "No, it is good-by. This is ray last  dinnerin.town. I am now going home  to Scotland to die."  Two curious cases of this kind were  reported recently from Kent and  Gloucestershire. In one, Mrs. Cook,  of New Romney, Kent, lh saying  ."good-by"-to"1 some friends on*. Boxing  Day, told them' that she would die on  the following day, and within twenty-  four hours she was foand dead iu bed,  having passed away in her sleep.  In the other case Martha VVigget,  living at Cutsdean, Gloucestershire,  while taking tea with a lodger, remarked that that would be her last  meal, although to all appearance she  was iu excellent health all the time.  Less than an hour later, while at a  neighbor's house, she complained ofa  choking sensation, lapsed into unconsciousness, and died without speaking  again.  About a year ago a Mr. Legare of St.  Eu3tacbe,-near���Quebec,- startled-his  wife by saying ; "I am going to die  to-night, but you must not trouble  yourself about it. I am going to arrange everything in such a manner as  to give you as little trouble as possible."  Mme. Legare naturally thought that  her husband, who appeared to be in  perfect health, was joking; but, true  to his word; he began to arrange  liis  the peculiar conditions created   by the  sea.   Assuming that the Crown or the j affairs, made all the necessary prepar  province has the right to administer! ations for his funeral, and, when  the  the lands under the sea does the Laud  Aet upply? Can the province grant  exclusive rights to tlie holders of trap  leases ? There aro no decisions to guide  the Attorney-General in the premises,  and it seems inevitable that  the case  last detail had beeu concluded, suddenly expired.  Prof. Palmer, befoie he started on  his ill-fated expedition to win over the  Sinai tribos in 1881, had a strong conviction  that he  would  never return.  will be carried to the Privy Council in   One day, when   he was sitting in the  the end.     A great  deal of  important  law hinges on the result."  The Harold Nelson company has the  Fair dates ut the Opera House.  editor's room at the Staudurd oflice,  Mr. Byron Curtis, the acting editor,  observed lhat he was staring vacantly  at a copy of the Globe.  "What's wrong vvith you, Palmer?"  Mr.  Curtis asked.     "You're awfully  Robert S. Lennie, barrister, prepared  both tbe Slocan Star and West Koote-j cluiet to-night."  nay Power & Light Company cases,! p**iner looked up sadly. "I was  and won out. This is a record that 'jU3t thinking," he said, "whut it would  any lawyer might pardonably boast of. j,ook likp to see  printed at the  head of    one of ih*,<-'> .���������V.nins the words, 'Mur-  "Fabio Romani" ia a strong play, der of Prof. Palmer.' " Not many  but the company that produced lt at months later these were the very  the Opera House, last Wednesday even- words which appeared in large type at  ing was composed of raok amateurs, the head of one of the Globe columns.  With one exception they gave no evi- It will be recalled'too, in this con-  dence of ever having appeared before neotion, how Gen. Wauchope, before  au audience before, and it is to be'leaving for South Africa, where his  hoped tbat they will never visit Nelson . brave heart was stilled in death, as-  agaiu  a similar presentment. "No, I know  its good-by," he said, in farewell to one  of his oldest fi lends; "I shan't *ee  you again." Maj. Childe was equally  certain that be was going lo bis death;  and Col. Stopford, when Lidding one  of his relatives farewell, said, "I shall  never come back again. Tbe Boers  are excellent shots, and i shall make a  good target."  Dr. John Hunter, tbe famous eighteenth-century physiologist and. surgeon, once said : "We sometimes feel  within ourselves that we shall not  live, for the living powers become  weak nnd the nerves communicate tlie  intelligence to the brain;" and the  truth of his statement was illustrated  by his own end. On leaving home one  day he declared tbat if a discussion  which he was expecting at the hospital  took an angry turn it would kill hiin.  The dispute led to an exchange of hot  words, and the great doctor expired  within the hospital walls.  CUTE ANIMAL   -.  ACTOKS  With Cozad's Dog, Pony, Monkey and Goat Circus.     .  An entire performance given by animal actors alone Is indeed a genuine  and pleasing novelty and one tbat baa"  always interested loverj . of dumb  brutes. Cozad's California Dog.Poiiy,  Monkey and Goat Circus which .will  exhibit at Nelson, Monday, August 21,  has the most remarkable collection of  performing pets ever exhibited in'this  country. These animal actors do everything that humau performers accomplish. They appear -in comedies and  dramas that eloquently tell tlieir own  story without works. The acrobatic  members perform somersaults, walk  the tight rope, dive from great heights  to a net, ride races upon each other's  backs, are clothed in miniature garments aud ape the manners of their  human companions and among them  are the most comical clown comedians  who keep the audience in a continual  uproar of laughter by their absurdly  grotesque sense of humor. There are  over three hundred perfoi mi ng Shetland ponies, educated dogs, acrobatic  monkeys and riding goats with tbe  Cozad Show aud tbe deep intelligence  shown by these cleverscholars is vastly  interesting, outertaiuing_ttnd-of_more_  than passing educational value. This  will be the ouly show of its nuture to  exhibit here this season so advantage  should be taken of that fact. Cozad's  California Animai Circus travel in  tbeir own train and exhibit under their,  own huge tents. The prices are  very moderate, so that all children  may attend Two performances will  be given daily and at their conclusion,  the little ones will be given free rides  the Shetland ponies and will be personally introduced to the performing-  pets. There will be a free street parade  at 11 a, m.  "Now," said the fond mother to liar  little son, "if you are a good boy I will  take you dewn to the fire hull the next  time Mayor Houston's driver takes out  tlie hook and ladder wagon."  They were lamentably lacking  sured his friends tbat he would never  in everything that constitutes an ac-' come back to them.   Lord Winchester  ' went out to fight for hiscouutry with  try."  ceptable performance.  A correspondent of The Economist  writing from Calgary, says: "All  through the Territories very favorable  comment wus made by the dealers on  the class of strawberries shipped out of  Nelson tbis year. If this trade is  looked-after properly the market will  be unlimited as the fruit Is much  fresher than what conies from the  coast. Nearlyeverybody is doing so  well here financially that tbey do not  care to make a change to British Columbia, but a great many say that as  soon as tbey have made enough money  here they would like to settle in your  Province. I never lose a chance to put  in a good word for tbe Kootenay coun-  i,V��r" ;._,���*_  *"     ��� - i   ~"\  ������'r'X  ���'������.yA'\  -A.S  ' '  7 "��� A-  -$  ~-f  ._/ _s .  ..-^:-s_i'-~^^'JL:. ;**uv  THE1ELSQM EC0HQM1S  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vkrkon Street, Nelson, B. C.  $1 Per Vear Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  AU changes In advc-'tlsft-ioiits to insure  Insertion should reach tills otllce not Inter  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address Is reqnircil, it W  dealr idle that both the old address unit tlm  new be given.  A.d.lresR all communications. " Piilillslii-r  of .Tub JS'klkon bioosoMisT. Nelson. 11. (;."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  After the exhibition of Mr. lions-  ton's driver last Thursday morning  the chariot, races at the Nelson Fair  will seem tame and stale.  Tbe circus is the place for the  man who jumps from a wagon while  tbe horses are runitig at full speed.  Certainly it is not on a fire brigade.  Firemen, the world over are jealous of their honor, and Nelson supplies almost the first instance of a  fireman who failed in upholding the  traditions of his calling.  A vigorous campaign is being  ���waged in Western Ontario papers  against horse racing as a biecder of  robberies and-murders. "The protracted race meet just closed at Detroit can," sa3*s the Gait R->forme*-,  "be held directlyresponsib'e for the  brutal murder which took place in  that city on Friday e< etiing. It is  all'too true tbat the racing events  both in Canada and across the  border are becoming more and  more the resort of adventurers' who  when they lose heavily at the races,  will stop at nothing to secure the  money to bet again."  hinds of the Ciiio' Commissioner;  and it would follow that, if the pro  vince possesses territorial right:-  over the land under the sea withir.  lh? Ihree-mile limit, its authority in  tho premises i-tands good. How  ever, tlie jurisdiction oi tiie province  b.yoiid low water in a disputed  point, upon which no author'tative  decision has been given. Mr.  Klliott argued tliat lhe provincial  government's jurisdiction extended  to neutral waters, while it is understood the Dominion government  hold that it extends as far as low  water ciilv. The contention is not  by any means a new one, and it is  somewhat surprising tbat a case has  not yet gone lo the judicial committee of the Privy Council for adjudication. Tlie present litigation  will no "doubt lead lo a refeience  through the courts, of apj-cal. for final settlement. In the meantime  any defect in the leases lhe result  of failure in the operation"of the lav  itsc-lt can be made good by lemedial  legislation. .  saw?  j.ri  ,.-;. ^.:i^TZ.!!f lrt^tS��iiii��A*M*u,  tfoidSlftes  A good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  PORTLAND Mid RETURN  30 Day Limit'  Choice, of Routes  All Rail via Sumas or S. S. Princess Victoriat Vancouver to  Seattle via Vicloria  Corresponding   rates   from   nil   Kootoiiny  polntN.  TlinniKli Sl.-r-pi'i- Arrowh-iid to Vancouver,  Wednesday. Ki-liliiy, Sunday.  Goodyear Welt.   Very Best  Value.  iph Co.,  ���j  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up.  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While-the annuity for ex-cabinet  ministers of five years' standing  facilitates the retirement of undesirables after that term of service, it  may operate quite as readily in the  opposite dinclicn in tbe case of  cabinet misfits whose incapacity,  e'e , may-be discovered before they!  have served the qtiiqneiiniai period.  In such cses the premier will be  appealed to put up with" the in-  capables liil they have qualified for  the" "pension, *:nd the country wiil  suffer "meanwhile.- OttauT. Citizen.  .i.s. CARTER,  Dint, l'iiss. Agt.  Nfclion.  E..T. COYL1.,  A. 0. I*. A.  Vtiimmvet  NOTICK.  Notice is l-creby {riven tl.nt 0(1 days nfter  date 1 intend to apply to the Ohiof Commis.  i.!oinT of I ands and Worlcs, fur p-rinlKsiiiii  to puri-luiKi-the follow-in-.; diserlbid lands In  West Knotf-nny District:���(Joiiitiieiicina at a  pout Hlmut one in'.lo coutli of Castie^rai  marked K. \V. Pmegor'H ��<>t*ulic:iit corner,  wcHt 40 chains, tlieiice'iiorlli SO clia'us. theu-v'  (*nM 80 riming mon: or lew. to the railway,  lliciiee following riglit ot way of said ruilwaj.  to the pointof commencement.  E. W   PltAEORR.  IMtcd Mill May, 1BU5.        ���   ' L\-.  An interesting situation has been  created by the decision of Kon. Mr.  Justice Duff which was handed!  down on Friday last. In this con  Jiectioti, two points arise, says the  Victoria .Colonist. One, , the  authority of the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Wotks to issue leases,  it being pointed out that under sec  tion 41 of the Land Act Amendment Act of_ 1S99 such authority  was vested in the Lieutenant-Governor iu-Council ; the 'other."'.the  iurisdiction of the Province over  land under the sea below low-water  mark. In regard tothe first thero  seems to be a misapprehension. It  is true that in 1S99 the power ot  granting leases as referred to,was  transferred from the Chief Commissioner* of Lands and \*�� orks to  the Lieuteiu nl-Goverrior-in-Ccun  cil, aud such leases, therefore, required the authority of an irder-in  council to render them valid ; but  jn it.Oi the sectio 1 in.que��!i.<ji w.s  iSf.taiftl aud again  place.]  in the  It bas been said in disparagement of . Sir Wilfrid Laurier tbat  though he ^is a great 01a or and  a natural politician, he is not a  good business man. Il will be  necessary to revise tbis opinion, for  not even' one of the Wall Street jugglers with finance could bave put  through .a neater deal than that  which is arranged for. Sir Wilfrid's  benefit hi 'the salary'grab bill- recently put through ' by the Dominion . parliament. It is a case of  'heads. I win, tails you lose." Sir  Wilfiid ha*" a very fine thing of ii  as leader of the government, but if  Iii* party were to be defeated in the  -house��� ne>:t-sesMn:i_and_hfi_d_tp eo__  into opposition, Sir Wilfrid would  fall iu for a better thing financially  than he has now. As premier Sir  Wilfiid's salary is "512 ooo and his  indemity as a member of parliament  is $2,500 ; total $14,500 a year. As  leader of the opposition he would  rective $5,ooo on account.of pension  a. an ex-cabinet minister. $7,000 as  leader of the opposition and $2,500  as indemnity, or a totsl or $15,500  ���$[,qoo more than be receives in  his present position. On the other  hand, Mr. Borden, if he  became premier would get a  thousand dollars a year less than  Sir Wilfrid would receive as leader  of the opposition.-���Sarnia' Can  adiair  FACTS AND FIGURES.  Cod comes fiist' in value, salmon  next. ������'���  Married life, on an average, lasts  twenty-eight years.  Canada's, fishery industry produced in 1904, 23,uiillions.  Gold and .'silver-are known to  exist in the province of Bnrniah.  KOTICK  Kot'lce Is lit-reby elveii Hint HO days after  dale I intend to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of U'iiuN and WorlCH for permission  to purchase tlio following deseiihed lands In  West Kootenay district :���Commencing at 11  post 11 bui 1 tone mile smuhol t.'astle?fti-marked  V. l-'lelehcr's north cast corner, thence west  40 chnins, tlience Koutli 80 chain?, tlience inat  40 chainB more or hss to tl.e railway, thenee  following 1 leh' oT way ef said railway to Use  point uf colli ineiicctHL'ut.  . HAXK Plktcmkk.  Baled 21ili May, wos. -  Japanese dead are i.uried in a  squalling posture, chin upon knees.  Bengal is tbe most populous ana  productive province 111 ull iintisu  iudia.  The climate in tbe Straits Settle  mehts i- almost uniiunu turougtuuL  the year.  : The largest date paim grove in  Euiope is at Licue, Spaiu. _i contains 60,000, trees.  Insanity is ou the incrcas- in .New  York, according 10 the report ul the  estate Lunacy vjommissiou.  'lhe heart sends Soo quarts 01  blood inroad- tlie lungs ever y iiour,  or about 5,000 quatis a ua>.  Hong Kong harbor is one of the  finest tu Uie wund, having a uuiei  area ol some un square unties.  lhe .Umpire ot .ltitlia txieiiGb  uver u tcruiory. larger man Uie cou-  Ulieilt OlliUlO^e  WlLLOUL   Klliaia.  Tl is said lhe Turks ueie the 1'ii'Sl  10 ouiy their dead 111 CemeterleS  adonitd uuh ornatueuial heau-  _toues.  Tlie mineral kingdom oi Borne,  includes gold, _iiver, uiuuiuiiUs, antimony, quictsilver, iron, uu fttid  coai in abuudance.  Tolstoi hasgiv-n u^j.reading thi  newspapers, but his iiiends tun inu.  the neus. He spends much lime  roaming the wuous.  In Norway there is a law which  prohibits any. person Irom cutliug  down a tree unless he plants tlnee  saplings iu its place.  The Japanese nightingale, or Peking robin, is becoming naturalized  in the parks of London, where some  were released recently.  Ale.sis Sergevitcb Souvorin, ecl-  itor of the Novoe Vretpya, now "jo/,  has been far years the greatest figure in the Russian ���journalistic  world,   ^' '"������'���'  Signof Qarofalo, the Italian crU  (Uinoipgisty , h'A_ figured o\it that  there are iq.oo.o person^ qnn-yally  conc.einne<i for murder in Europe,  and that only que criminal in tlnee  is brought to justice  '  According. iQ a -.Frencl. inter-u.^-  tional almanac, which has just b��en  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of:A'Men?s-'Shoes.  Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  ^���������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������j  NELSON. B. C.  SON &CO.  f_leison9 B. C.  The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House  in   the interior  EER  in Pints and Quarts  ��� ' "Daw-; n's "Extra Special" Scotch.    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Tlio citizen of Vienna" who dcreB  not .wish to l)s out of pocket must  keep early hours, for after ten  o'clock he Is taxed on entering hia  own house, or, for the matter of that,  any house. The "sperr_elcl," or cloor-  openingr tax, is peculiar to Vienna, aa  the London. "Express" .explains. The  entire population of that city, num-  .'tiering- nearly two millions, .are practically imprisoned in their houses from  ten o'clock in the evening until six  lie next morning. They can go in or  *:ut only by paying <a.t least four cents  to the Janitor or "house-master," as  iJio is called. x        ,  Vienna is built on the "flat" or apartment-house plan. Millionaires and  working people alike live in houses of  this description. The houses "are large,  having five or six lioors, with four flats  __��? ___����J"__.__X_.U__is._____ unu,sual__to_  find a hundred persons Jiving under  one roof. There ls one common entrance from the streat, and after ten  o'clock at night this door Is bolted and  barred. From ten until twelve all who  go in or out must pay four cents. After twelve the charge is doubled.  The tax must be paid every time one  passes through .the doorway, without  exception. If a man has occasion to  go In and out half a clozen times, he  must pay every time. Ono who has  dined with a friend must, if he stay  late, pay .four cents to get out of-his'  friend's 'house,' and four- more to get  into his own. ��� A telegram in the night  necessitates the payment of the tax  to.fore the boy can enter. .  The house-master also collects and  keeps duplicate copies of the forms on  which every individual hi tlie house  must report to the police his age,  ���birthplace and roligion, his exact occupation, ancl other personal details  which the Austrian authorities insist  upon knowing. Nor does the power of  this Important personage end even  here. From the little guard-room  which he occupies at the foot of the  stairs he sees every one who goes In  or out. He ascertains with amazing  accuracy the amount of each tenant's  Income, the.events of his family life,  and the character of his visitors, Ills  far.reaching power enables him to terrorize every servant'in the house into  entering .his intelligence department,  anc} thus lie spies on the innermost  life of %he subjects in .his five-storey  ktngdorp.: -    .-������..  In some cases the housermaster Is  more'powerful-than in-���others. Au  English resident vvas obliged to move  from . an apartment that he particularly liked because ho could not venture tp speak with any degree of  sharpness to the man at the door, even  when the man was remiss in his. duties. The flat ^yas ownpd by a railway belonging to. the Stat?. This made  the house-master a State official, an  Insult to whom is a very serious oU  fence in Vienna. A reprimand for flor  laying letter, would be. construed Into  an Insult, and the Englishman deemed  it wise to'move to other quarters.  Thousands of people In Vienna liva  In such terror of the house-master  that, it is said,, they never make an  ftppt�� f'ort yvftf>"r>t alylnsr h|ir> i>*if.  I0.HN  fVSc  Dominion end  Provincial j  Lsnd Surveyor      .  j  CVr.   Stanley   and Victoria,  Nelson i  ements  .SMOKE  THE CELEBRATED  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR. j  Room 16        K-W-C Block!  B-R1A-R-P-1-RE-S.-  ��3___BKE*>  Camps supplied on shortest*  notice aud lowest prices. ;  Mail-orders receive  careful  attention.  Nothing    but     fresh    and  wholesome meats and .supplies  kept in stock.  . ���s'  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  GO   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  v4  Trade Marks  ** Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending n plccteh and description niny  quickly iiscortaln onr o.iii\lon-frce whether nn  invention lo prolmuly jvuontiifole. Conioi indentions strictly contldoiitl.il. HANDBOOK on Patenta  cont frue. oldest auoncy fur ncreuring'piitonts.  Patents taken Uiroucli Jlumi & Co. receive  c_>eciatnotice, withoutcbnruo, lathe  '    ~    -   *             ��� 4*Si._,��4  :AA_Z.</  CO  LU  a.  <c  _c  ifl  o  z  a.  <  !_J  _J  111  H  U.  o  ix!  __  o  oo  Almost the tGughest. thing in the whole of creation is a "pinto"* Broncho when he is in  ��  t  W. A  rnurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  A handsomely illustrated weetly.   I-iroreet circulation of any scientidc Journal.   Terms, $3 a  ear; four months, $1. Sold byHll newsdealers.  ) ranch  ich OfiSce. 625 V Bt�� Washington. D. C.  SewingMachinfisandPianos  For Rent and for Sale  0(if.iiM*jSli8p,kwMne St. Nelson  fighting humor. ��� ���  Now his hide is just as tought as he is, and that part above his hips and back is the very  toughest and most pliable-A_t is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves...-  Wind, rain, .tear, rip, scorch and boil proof---almost wear proof.  .'Made only by  <&  ont real  Winnipeg  x  X  X  R; H. GAR LEY. British Columbia Agent  $7*5�� Per Ton  Delivered  All orderB must be accompanied by cash nnd should he forwarded __��_-__������_  either pereon-ally or by mail to the office of W. P. TIERHEY, GENERAL AGEHI  mm -a-fe.'i-BteA'g V *l*ZX&  THE NELSON fiOCtaOMlST"  -i_U>  Captain McMorris ha3 returned from  his vacation fiiliy restored to health.  The C. P. II. will give another excursion up the hike to-morrow ut ��  o'clock.  Aid. Gillett has been ovor at floss-  land nil week looking after'.'the new  building he is putting up for P. Jjiirns-  & Co.  Fred Starkey, chairman * sf the  finance eominittee of the Nelson Fair,  i_ now soliciting funds to assist tin-  undertaking.  "Wm. Irvine has left for Denver to  attend the Grand Aerie of Eagles. He-  turiiiug he will visit tlie coast cities on  the American side.  The recent find at the Ottawa mine,  in the Slocan, has aroustd more interest in mining than anything else  during recent years.  The- Oiitlett Hotel at J'rncter is.  crowded with tourists, and-Mr.'Procter,  ���will have the popular resort greatly  enlarged nest season.  Licences fuelling Nursery Stock  Attention is dircctori to the provisions of  Bection 17 of the Horticultural Hoard Act,  which reads as follows : - ,  "No person, firm or corporation Khali cn-  ���' gage or continue In the bnsine-s of xclllnj?.  ������as principal,agent, solicitor, or otherwise,  "within, the province,'fruit trees, plants or  ���' nursery stock, or of im purling for mile, fruit  " trees, plants or nurRvry siock, lot"��� he prov-  ����lnce, without first having obtained ;i Ik-ence  " to carry on such hu.slnrss in the province  " as In this Act provided."  AU persons authorized In fell nursery stock'  In this province ore required by ijn-ir prliicj-  fialx, or by thenpnelvcF, to deposit bi>n<lK, In  he Department of Agrlenlmre, VU-Uir'ni, for  tho faithful porfi>rmu.ncenf tlii-iri.Li!li,rititonfi.  The public:�� therefore vnrnoJ <���*._ l��_ pur-  ��lm*�� nuraery ettwk except s'roiu i!u��;- ili-vtuvrt  tK-rsons.  Ortlc��oUliC Board of Ih.H'fMlt'-.risI  Department of A��ri(iului/e.  3   R. A.<nl:HHfi#,  .Oeputy Minister of Auric'iuure,  Secretary.  Victoria, 20th July, im  Frank Fletcher  PHOVIK���A.__iAS"DSUIlV_2YOR  +99+++++++<++++++++++++++++++++++++++++9+++9++++++++  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  4  4  4  9  +  4  4  �����  +  +  +  o  try our skill.  +    -"  t  +  of headaches are caused by defective eyes.  Your trouble may be remedied if you will give us a chance to  We do Expert Optical Work.  ! J. O. PATEN AU D E j  4 Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    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Wc only ask one trial to make yon our ens  tomer. Klne Watch Jewelry. <>��|]iiii nnd  Silverware rcpiiirinir and evurytlnnK in tho  line. Keasonable charsr*. W->rk "sout us  from outside towns will receive tlie uiiniftcai'G  as 11 personally delivered. Dltlluult repairs  done for other Jewelers -    .  Ily virtue of n ^V'rlt of ;-'lerJ Kleins, fwuct  01:1 oniJcSaprcmsC'ouri 'ifHrltltfliOilninbJu,  hi the MiK nf KniiiJ. Sfinn-'iu mralijut Lout*  firn.ff. sind law.en U. Sfnsnfur'J, 1 !i.;vc aelswd  iti.vl IiiJton iti ISxcctUliiii nil t.'icOiHiVH vliirli  {Jn; mid -iiOi(!.i Kr11.1t ii is in IIih sntftatgtoufi  Uf til.. Nfirfh V.'ost Out :-nd C'oi'io' Colrif/iitiJ-,  l.ltnit4-cl < and all the sluuvs vrlfl<:h ihe Saicl  f.ollis )'>n.--l h.i��. in the cniiitiii titnik-nf the  Rovrtun rtolrt  Mincx, lihllitod; itOdall  the  (���liares which the (.'aid detendiliit, I.'ouir.Ernst,  h.-.sin the cajiital stock of tlio .North-West  Onl   and   Coke   liailivay   Cojnp-iny,   Limited;     and    also     all    lhe      riulit,'    ' title  mid  '    interest       of       Ihe    ..s:iid .    Louis  KrnaL In   the   mini-ral   claims    known    ns  and calliid "I'inzive". "MnylLiwer", "liiiikc",  "tt. G. K.", '-Snow   Pr.lt   Frnctinnal" and  Hammit   l-'ractionnl", all situnie <m "_orty-  Niiie"' cierk. wi ciilul   and  reenvdrd  In  the  ollice of the Mining Kecorder for the Ni Ison  Milling Division of West  Kootenay District;  I To recover the Mini <;f$lfll519nnd also interest'  ��� on 5I-41.0W at .I percoittuin per annum from thrc  ; Mod day of April, I'jas, un'll payment, be-iidos  : Hheritt's pound.ige, nRlf-or'n fees, and all other  ! l('^n)   liicidentiir expenses; all of which   I  1 filial!  expose!  l'or wilts or  sulUcionl-   tliereof  : to .xittisry i��nt(l .lud^inent debt nnd costs, At  ! my ollicv, next to ihe Court Hou^e, jn  the  ! City of NWiSnn, 11, C , 011   .Uotulay, the 14ih  (l.-ty of   August, I'Jiih, at-tne hour of  eleven  o'cloel:, in the forenoon.  Note���futeiidlox   purohasaM  m'HI   satisfy  tiiemsclves an lo the inteici-t und lH!c of the  S;i!d Defeinlanl.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, 3rd Au,'U��t lMI. .  s. I*. Tuok,  ��� Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Us ao Order for Your  Groceries, then Noto  The promptness of delivery.  Tlie cleanness and freshness of Gcods.  The full honest measure.  The quality of wnat you get.  You will find abundant reason' for sending  your future otders.  This Week's Specials Are:  1 lib Boxes of aV. 1 Cieajncry Butter at *27c  per pound,  Silver Spooa Tea, Wc per pound.  Knjalj Brand fineapj-le, 25c ptr Uu.  Clarlfe's >Jo_eltrn�� Chicken, Sic i-er flu  Joy's Cash Grocery  A '1��H0NE19  IRON BEDS $4.00  AGENTS  Two second hand Bell Pianos Pianos taken In excha-igo for Mason & Risen Plan .3.    For S.-ile Choap-One German make, Walnut Case, $150.   One Square Top, ?1oq.  Complete   House Furnishers  'e Funeral Directors, Emfaalmers  J. G." BUNYAN, UNDERTAKER.  Certificate of Improvement*.  Kitten (fractional) ard _F.C_.wa (fractional)  mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining  Division of Kootenay District.  Where located: -onUctir Creek,adjoining  lho  Old  lllll (lot 1863) and Parker ^lot 18fd)  : Mineral claims.  j Take notice Unit I, .7. A. Kirk, nctiiij. as  ' ai.cnt for John ttntitii, Free Miner's Certitlcate  I Iso. *B75,7u7, intend, slxiy diiys-lVotn the date  I hereof, to npply to the ''M:nl.,g-r.ecorder  foi'11 Ceriillrale of Improvements, for the  ��� purpose.of obtaining a Crown Qruntof the  . above claims. .- .  And further take notice that action, under  Heel Ion .17, must be commenced before issuance ofsucli Ci-rtllicuto or Improvements,  Dated this 23rd day of May, A. D. t��Jl)5.  .1. A. KlltK.  sale OP lands; .  -For���Uupaid���Delinquentflaxes, In-the Nelson Collection District, Province of British Columbia.  I hereby give notice that ou Thui-scla}', August 31st, 1905, at the hour of twelve o'clock  noon, at the Court House, Nelson, I shall sell by Public Auction the lands herinafter sel  out ofthe persons in said list hereinafter set-out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31st day of December, 1904, and for interest, costs and expenses, incUiding tho  cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount clue is not sooner paid :  Under the Auspices of  e Nelson  AND  Industrial Association  TO BE HELD AT  NAME OK.PEliSO? AH.SE-.S_D  I.ucky P.oy Mining A Development Co.  Harry Wriirht   Jlobert A. IbbotKon   Kee Sins;...''   Kossland Kootcnny Mining Oo , Ltd   Active Gold MininsCo., Iitd....... .-:."..  Kldorudo Mine*, Ltd..........'.......; ���;.  American KnffleOold Miniii'/Co.:......  Active Gold MiningCoiniiany..1.';. .....  It. C. Pol lott.;.....;:..;..;......... ;���..;;.;..  William McArllVri....v...   K. Brondfoot.;....'....���_...... .........  Kldorado Mines, Ltd   Active Gold Minim; Uomiiany 0.  Jl.C. Pollctt   JMra D. A. Copi'lund   Mra.Caroline Mnline   Edward Mnllandafue.  ..  Henry Steffen�� t   K. W.Helme ......:......  Michael McCarthy..   Kichard Holme   Kichard Holme .   Richard Hehne     Kichard Hehne.   Kichard Hei me. .'..-.���   liicliard llelme  *.   Richard Hidme   Kichard Kelmo....   Richard Hehne.   Hwan Swanson........:.:'.;.'.....;........  A. H. Kelly .v.:.....'.'..:".... .....  Mrs. W. Robc.-ts  .............  G.Hheddcn..   William Mewburn     Kichard Helme :   William KIrkup.......   DESCRIPTION* O.  PUOPCliTY  124  (ot  nd in  The Ymir Gold Minos', limited.  lo poo. Sttni.l 24, Tp. ��7. lot l'JSS   Ill Si'O -7A,'l'\i. IM, lft MSS,   liiK.-.-. IJ, Tp. 'IH.. lotli*/ ,   In ner.7, T|i. 17, lot 1-1-   In .sec. iffiatid SH.'In. 17, lot litt   Insec. 1. 2, ��,Tp. 17 and sec,. Tl>. 18, lot  In hcc. :it. Tp St. lot Villi .....,,..,  In KC<-. :��,;.Tp. .11, lot. 124;*.   lose.-, 'ili-ii. -ZI. 2J,2!>.��a,' island -ta.Tii.  1213...v ...:....   limcc :YA, Tp. 'II. lotliW...   In sec. 2U, T|i. HU, lot l-'ll......   iiiK'.v.vo.Tp.su, lot 1211   Ill B..'.M.Tp..:i!, lot 2.;_l :   In sic .', 21. 25, .{.-*> mid IW. Tp. SI, u  wc l_.;��>uii l sl.Tp. :��. lit2I2J1..:  In sec. :0,'i'p 31. lot 2��l   Ll-iicka I, In. 2 and ��,'-!���>! 222   itlk. 22. lot 812........   lilts. 2T,:S._��, lot bli;:.;   Part ��>r lot 8S8, lo aa.../.'... ���  Blk.OirtSt.1..... -������������  Hlh..*i, lot. Ad   KIlt.fi, lot SOI...-..- .-....'.   lSlk. ��. lot tKIl   Ull;  9. lotWIl   V.'.li. 11. lotKU ..".".   I'.lU.l:!. lot 8-1..-....'.'   Illks. .UstndKU. lotSSl.'.....-   niU.-JB. I  t mil   P.Ik. 25, lo' 8!d :   UliOM, lot 831........   Hlk  IS. lot 892...   Pn rt."of lot 382.10 ao '.. ��� ���   I'artofint ntiti.......;:..:   l.otn2ii,27, block 8 lot 304   Lot I. block 4. lot204.   HIU. II. lot Wfi   Part, of loi 3!W CA Interest)   Lot 1T0��, f!. 1. Koo'enay District, briiiifrthe  Yiior .Minr-riil Oloo'o: u:id lot 17l)'','<i. I,  K<��.t;>n:iy District. bMiig-lhc ltocklanu  Miii>-ni! Clitin. .*>.'   Delinquent  Taxcsi  Tnsi-u  Interest  Costs and  K.\pensiH  4 fti  4 Ml  50  it t'U  28 25  �� ill  ���". �� I'O  7 % 35  i��5*>  1 30  a su  awn  2 Oil  l,*V.i -lu  1  2 U>  10 Ul  aaoa  2 oo  6 85  2 W  ��!��  sua  4��u  2 00  s  16 no  8 WI  4 411  (HX>  10,00  12 00  20 00  20  10  5 25  13 33  ^578 18  181.  IH  U")  2i!  1 Vi  411  ir.  10  it.  05  15  IS  10  c _>  ta  id  aJO  1 20  in  10  la  S5  "15  10  15  ta  .'��  - -20  25  40  50  80  2 1XIS  2 UU  2t*  a W  2 DO  2 00  2 00'  2 0U  2 f K)  2 (\l  2 WI  2U0  2 to  8 00  2tt��  ���2 ln>  2 IH)  2 tH>  2 Uo  2 WI  2 W��  2L0  2li0  2 00  2 CO  2 00  2 Hi  2 tiO  2 Ml  2 00  2 00  2 U0  2 0(1  2 UO  200  2 00  2 00  200  fi 8.1  0 7*?  2 on  7 n  11 HO  5 15  i 4S  85 15  HI '.15  5 95  5 95  * 10|  Itll 7(1  s;_  4 IU  12 40  33 20  i 10  �� 15  4 10  ���'  a 65  10 S5  (i 15  4 10  5 40  18 ��5  lti:t5  6��J  825  12 40  11 50  22 80  220  2 10  7 45  15 8-  Entries close September 16,  1905. For further particulars  address  Secretary, Nelson, B. C.  Atthe Auction Mart Saturday night at 7.30 o'clock.  Another consignment has arrived of High-Grade Canadian   Made  Boots.  2 p, rn. 8 p. m.  CR R. GROUNDS  PRICES; 25 AND 50c  &  In 10-acre blocks, in 20 acre blocks. Improved ranches.  J, E_ AnnabSe, ftle!son; B. O,  2K0 48  1  Dated at Nelson, B.C.,  July 27th, 1905.  ROBERT A. RENWICK, I  Collector, Nelsoii CoVection District, West Kooteiu y.  Baker Street  J. Greerij Auctioneer  Nelson. B. C.  ATTHE  ECONOMIST


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