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The Nelson Economist Mar 29, 1902

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 >  v.^-.  ->'*  JP^  ~*     "1  ��-  ���5S����-  -*y  -*r  ���~ "i a      1     "& ^^7 -"iP ��L    J ~   ��  ^-= r   3 | .,-,!��-       f   ?-      -  _Kt             _t          i     1    S        ^3     li      H     I     ���Hj ^  ^    �������           "        I    J    $        .      'i_          'J     tli *?  ''        i 4 iiiAip     ,   gk  *���"           ~     T *?      "     &~w��--rl;.��:           +1^7 *  '     zj*~���   UL-JL- il I? I  ^��r  "^-T^S^- -  m���t    ��   �� St.-***?  ,#^ '���f-A*^*   ^%l"3  Q7&-) ��jl/  it  A?    ^  r>-  ?      r  ���rt  ,  ���*f*  J��� *  ��**  rf. -  -  -**rt-  *&   S  \*tfs-  f-  Hkfz- _jr^  -  -  ���f   ~^ Z .  ^v  *"  *  J  "Mc^i-  f A w  ~  =- -c; ��� - r^  .wftwiii^^"*'i Law ��� ,TWj"*B,4*ei�����*-aa. i: j~r      ���"\,   i"** *o  A~~~&t   jT~J # "    ^<i-i��/        J?r" "  ���<f7-"  r��  *s   - *r ~_i  f0Z%i,   ^8       f ^  &A*    a  Al f r< *.i i>L4p-iL'*-if SI  Iff In |4| Fs-tJ  11s   *���-"���-���- "-  ^-.^-.        -_-v ��k7 _^7I     j-i     3   vi_Sxi. fii  ELSfe-lfc^T i-3 ii ^ h.  -oss-^r-r -r-u    '"-' ��� ~~   -       **-1 �� ltr-2 eta   :S54ti��.le��r  t-s�� tfea *3Utsl  -^^S  one lb^^-.oi-v'. :w ��-  BLtowSrw W ^H(7^ wS^V J'i*??.^.'  ��l��A<ill>16*SHl  Dt*ml<ifirf nil, &.&%$&$��  Tr.^^^o^.7  z<,,  wr*     |.^'.     151*" f.H       ^r      *-**-^- *  a.)     -**    *-*" "��� ���  ��� J��  <?'������������    i^i-'*�� ^���"J      "   "" "'* ������ *,'*> "���*���* *   .  ,^^^vt-*$ *��r- ��*��?** :a? ^i s*3h^<-*��� ��� * -<���        .__.^s,*,.-*susscas-i.-,^^~*_!^1V,4*~< - ���--- ������������- ��� -v  j j. *, ���.- *���'       w> ^^ sjssw^-^-^^ jj^r::: ������   ^ ii  H6*^     ��     fl    '   �� tL JF 3      ti    %*��** *hnsf* fcUJnw   ��   -       ���  iy.   ..*.     ^t *�� *"���       ^  I.!,       \   Vf*����'  ns* a "Prf^ *  i^* t,fc [,^a "  1  -W��,\      J" ui''(   .; '"'! \J'!' lA <Z   "   h'n"   '-'   o       ;   .',''     'ht'uiN'   !'.' '   ���- '.^    ,o' ' ��'!       a'  ' ���,ot!����l'i-,t  AA\^h hl^zAi^^ rrw>&*> i{ ;, :f>^iKr^ mntti '    i * Jl- ��� *��� ' ''!  w5iW��?T'f  Special  QMOftaUtJMi ��MV  Cam pa *3iid Olyi'^i  *      f      J      r*   4  j  Ml    I |h  O 1)1, ^     1"  W    '" 1. ' '     ' ��� 1,        . i��*        �����"��� P    i   ���  ���Ai-Yl  #1  tin  /1  #iiji  it,  <l o  n.i  1!  n  ... I1 «-        *.a*-
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4.    .    .A     »U      I '      I l!  I    I  il       H
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li iagsfe:  ���TSgJK  3*-;V��  A>MA  MA:.-AA  -Ag:A  i? I'fSg^ irT8   "'   "^Tl��� ���  ��� 1  i  1  1  1  ~w~  i  VOL. V.  NELSON. B. C. SATURDAY. MARCH 29, 1902.  NO. 37  ������*���*  KT*'    _,  6V��~     ���~  I *���   -J  *���*<**,  r t     *��� 1  BT tit*4  j1 *  |i-'r.����i\.i  ,.-  ���  -  R��4  *   -a.  v ;<  in  .Mi  iV  \ I  ���1*1.   ���  Hi J��*i'  ��� -AW "1  1 �����  IH " "  THK shlsoN KCONOMIST is issued every  Wkunhshav. Subscription: $2.00 per an-  NUm; if paih in advance, $1.50-    Correspond-  HNCK OF GENERAL INTEREST RESPECTFULLY  SOLICITED. ONLY ARTICLES OF MERIT WILL BE  ADVERTISED IN THESE COLUMNS, AND THE IN  TKRKSTS     i>F      HEADERS      WILL      BE     CAREFULLY  GUARDED AGAINST   IRRESISTIBLE   PERSONS   AND  WORTHLESS ARTICLES.  'PIli:   io ;ucal   munition     oi    Vutorja   remains  1   pracuaUy  unchanged.     The   gr*at   majority  of ihe   Liuriy-i-Vht    memlmr* who  are supposed,  to  eUi,ii(..ntii ihni i�� witw and   patriotic   iu lhe    Province, -rem   p��.*ae-M.d oi only oi.e   idea, and   thai it!  io look ,.ih f..r ihcci^rtvei*.      li due* not matter that  the  Pmvii.o-    1*   ��t   ��   atandftill,   that   w'only    ��  Kcoiaiiiry   ctH.-iderauoii,��� th��y    uiimt    look    after  ihriroAu tc.DT.-iB.      Th*re i* very little method   in  thei. wii.i   - r-unbi**   for place,    portion   and   stdf-  ��^ran��E;7.M.i. s,t.      Iiuh-ni, Thk Kconomist i*  forced  toeuitiV-, in .1 ;he onfy     one   vtlu*   bus any  definite  liiieui.uMMi, m.trke.l out fur uUHelf, and  i�� fighting  il out oo th-t- I i,i-t n- the Hon   Joseph Martin,    And  iu..ui.i    o   ,,.. ul Mii Mirpri-iug that in their present  di.-couii-inftl v.-ie. thw-voters    of   British   Columhia  would li   ,AA.\ i-..ui.lmfe  to hand  Uie   Government   of  llie ou   tr  any    i ,.  Ill  'I;!.    ; .      ,  ���  ��� �� ��� r >��� i ���, t* v -  omv. r 1   ,  M.M:-  ,   ,.  lllilif \\  ii-K ti.s  Ul'].;    1  hundred and sisty-third successor of St. Peter,  and  was horn at Garpineto, in the diocese of   Anagni, in  1810.     His record has heen a notable one.     He wap *  ordained priest on December 31,   1837,  consecrated  Titular Archbishop  of  Damietta  on   February 17,  1843, transferred to the See  of   Perueria on  January  U), 1846, proclaimed cardinal on December ly. 1853,  elected Pope  ou   February    20th, and   crowned, on  March 3, 1378.     He is the only one of thea long line  of popes who has worn the epi&copal initre fiity-nine  cougecutive   year?*.      He   is   the t-ixiu    in   line   as  to length of   reign,  and  fourth as  to   personal   age.  He   is*   now     the    senior    bishop    of    the   whole  Catholic world,   and ah*o   the'd��yen   of thoee   who  have held   the rank of cardinal.      He hae   seen 137  cardinals die since he began his leign,   a record  nowhere approached by any of his predecessors, and has  created 148 member^ of the i-enate or the church.  Ex-Lieutenant Governor McInnes, who has been  spending some months in New Zealand, has returned  to this Province, having worked his way back as  ship's surgeon on the Aorangi.  -v  r i<> th��* only mail who stem* to know  ����  t pniiiic-.      Certain it K the-Govern-  - merzv ut Mr.     Mariiu.      The   leonine  -il   ��*sohews iieroici    when the    Vau-  u�� r tracks Uo- whip.      Moreover,   Mr.  :.����� pn-MMu nine  controU  ttie   patronage  No   nppoinitneiit to  ollice can  be  ip  ra .did.iie's appltcaiion U> oflice he-  !*.-.ii.y   Mr. Mirtin.      And   while one  ihe  iiici    wlii   will   Htimnit to   this  ,,eM'��-i- '   '!��-y i-.innot but   admire the  despot him-  ^-     l'n aa ih,-e cirt'Uinfl'ancepi, it i�� ��***}' io   ^ore'  *W  UlO   U'OAA.  t(> JUlv.U: -  thii (;���v,.  I    ! )   '  Mr. Martin will u<e the patronage  id* ..wit end*% and at the same time force  "��������� "ot'iit into legi^latiini that will condemn  111,1 l1"' ''.V���������* of the public. It is quite true, the  ,i!,,*ri! ;"ay not. follow Mr. Martin to a man, but  n,,f,r,ll,i-'-'��y tNii^ervativoHiirenot united on any one  ,,f!ll,i! -^n-ois le,u.l��rH, and there will b-^ eooii^h  |ilra^l"i-r- ,, von., the Martin ticket to nearly make  Upf,n' >Al1' h.. 1,,.,^ of Lhe Liberal-*. All are dis-  ^N,,,i ^ithii,,. pn.^iit condition   of affair^ and   it  'N   MiU.-i  ������I  ii  ��� if Msiriin would win nut.  -nil, |'o,,o LontiK-Tliirtaonth  bofiiin tho  '-���'���   "f hit.   nontilU-ui^.      Ho   io <ho   two  You must eet v��ur watch by a star if you wish  to  be up with the times the.e  days.     Out  of the   vast  nun.her   of   stars   in   the   heavens,   says   the   bt.  Sirholas Magazine, then are some 600 that   may   be  depended upon, .tars that have so long been watched  hv    the   astronomers   that   they   are known  to be  tactically   i..va.Sable.     For    about  two centuries  u.ost of these 600 stars have been under the  critical  .Co! the   astronomers,   and   it   has come to >be  kncwnihai these  stars cr,ss the   meridian of  ar,v ���  ,, lee at certain tin.es every night.     After the  "^through   Ion, series   of years   of   testing,  was a perfect test for timepieces.  t ,oi.in air has Ixen u��d to   propel an automobile  'J    1 erating and blasting.     Cher   apphca-  ^e have   bo b.en cb,Hempl.te��l.     Thus far how-  uouBhaveai yet been  developed   to a  ���VZ it-" c -ierdal demand for the pro-  dr ^\h">>>le.��of .tortng it without evapora-  tioii'i�� not yet fully solved.   1WlB1o D.A/-W^een   p.esident of  Mexico, for  11 havinp l-en  reelected   tern,   after term  ���*ny.ZZ     of   Prudent   Juarez,   by wliom    he  ��'��ctth0 f"    niro,- eMlvblished   by   Napoleon   111.,  Mexican.'      ��P"-1    ' resident ; Dias  Kroilldlt to    itP   tiagH/    ^l,v,t .  wab    broutm   ,,       . Ulal      0Ontintuilly m   the  found Mexico a dibtracho nau,  -��^!'  Z::'A/Z.  \t ~< "*>-.-,-  7/1 .    '    ';. if  -���"/   'o':    /y..  ��� . :..':A: o  '.'.���',,, It,  -'-~r -'i'  "^  I    %   V  ii f r  l-s r  -   .ii  I iO~\  -iti��j  *t  1 s ?* * V  |f,     I?*!       5C|  zu i?irsi:  C il *  **"*��� % As$. Sm^-***! ���  %\%A \4U-Z,  % * v    4" Itj* tA-f ^>  1 -- { 1 hB'  ' ^lEIfisi  ;!l4  1 fill  i\.'!.  ...    .,��� ���,, ���  f ���;.-��� ��� -  .*..-^^������������-'���'-������'  ���"���'" " '���' "'" '  -..A\- -��������������� ���������  /  ��� '''���''.:'.  ''A      ���   ��� ���   .     - . ,  '.,o ���'           ���'  Z  ' ...aZ-az .; "V,'  ���������' '���   II  ������*���*'. ���  A if-.''  iw^-.;i|.;;.  :-,.."s:iV-  ;     -'  ��� ���   M'.t'.A    ���'������    -  >l. " ;r - ;                     i     .  0 "  -,'. :i''  ������ ���, ��� 'ff. ���'������ -1,.;- ���'-'  "��� :-':,A--:^':Az  ". ,'lt:':'.'  ..:���:��������:'. ,";������. 'Z:  '^ i.. ���:'  1,-l.WilH-tMnei,**.:.*??!;-.'.;.-:.. V..',7i' "',-.���.  -.v.!:\-'':      '" Ai...  '/,.,Z't:/A/::  fk  (������; :;i[-'  zpz//..s.        -T'," ' '  ,   ������������        ���      ���]������  .7;;.   -, ��� O,    ���-. ���)<-;���  '   ,,i,...|j   ���������    :���   ,.4  ' 7i..',:   ;;��� ,r-    ,  .- ._.   j. .   7 ...' 7:  A*:z->A  "4 .A z}\/it  .....   .....v,..     ,j   ���   .                S-.  ���.'    ���        ���  ������ ''; ���"   .''/��� ���    ::-'!t  ������'v."'  ������-���������'��� '. ii������;:.- ;- ^';r.:'V;t"!!'-'  '���;,.." ii-'*'   ��������:'������  a..: avaZ-iZA  (.''.i'it.i.'-'.Jlj :   -:...,��� X'  ,-A ;-''.'i u'^-^iyiAZZ'-  ir ���^WUt'vA^w-k  ���W-*'-   WJ-^^^--  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ,!l***ite^v��'"  throes of revolution. He will leave it an orderly  and prosperous community. He has some lime  vet to servr ot the i����t term to which h** *ae elected,  hut hit* age preclude?- the possibility of his accepting-another election, and it is t*aid that n** io  desirous of retiring as soon us possible. The world  has been so accustomed to asbociattng the name of  President Diaz with suability and prosperity in  Mexico that sotu* anxiety is frli. not only in Mt-xico  bui t-Uewtiere, as? to the p��>i>8iolt! nBult of his retirement.  Iceland is about to obiai.i home rule. King  Christian ot Dei.m*irk ha?* called for an  exiraoidinary meeting uf the Ai thing i est hummer  to coindder a it-f**itu of. the Coio-tiiunon. A plan to  be rubmitud is the ��p) ointment < f a minister for  ice and * ho <-hall \ �� acquainted v-i h Icelandic and  aii��tll rcrsideat Krinjavk un-t kIi f Copenhagen.  Sir Henry Irving's Hxty-b bith biithdey w&a  ceirbiuttu at Ktcbesei, N, Y.t ^here he was play-  ii ^. Hiy tirsi apjearanee wan made in 1856 in a  a iiior part in Ruhr hen, ai d by an odd coincidence  E��lenTeinV dthut u ok pate in the tame year, *  at pea ring bt* a thud in A   Winter's Tale.  Only tw >t.nrd8 of ihe ana ofthe lot can be  covered in Stockholm except on etieet corners,  where thiet- utirths is allot* td. The remainder of  the lot mubt be lesetved for courts for light and  ventilation. All chimney tines must be twelve or  Gftte.i i ne he.* and mu.-t be .-wept ����i ce a month from  October   to April    by official chimney sweepers.  It is rumored at Victoria th.&t enough member* of  theOppositio.iwill go o\rer to the Government to relieve  the latter from depending wholly on the Martin vote.  We can scarcely imagine anything that would suit  Mr. Martin he:ter. The Government could thus  remain in \ ower until Mr. Maitin was ready to go to  the country, and at the same time he would not be  compelled to vote with the Government on question*  he inwardly opposed.  Iw Sir   Hector   Macdonald's    i,ew    poet as   commandant of the forces in    Ceylon ���which he   io to  take up a month heiici--he will have   a  seat in   the  legislative   coulciI   at   Cob tube,   under   Sir   Weet  Ridgeway,     The iwo   have   been   cJo.-e  together  at  work belore,   lor Sir    Wei'tviaH    with bis   legiment  through  the Afghan    war in   which,   after   winning  more than one  sptciul   mention   in   dtt-patel.es   for  brilliant conduct   u Fij.hiii.j:   Mm" elected to   take  his promotion in tbe shape of a cimmitBion   instead  of aV.C,  Tmkkk    in   a   considerable    Japanese     colony    in.  Northern Australia. The Japh are expert diiveis, and  the pearl shelling indusiry in Atir-traiiaii viateis {{ives  plenty of k*< pe loi their ahilnifh in   ibai   dneciion.  ut they are locally   regarded    as   intrusive    aliens  and legislative efforts lo check their immigration  have been mad�� from fitn�� to time. Quite recently  a Japanese exclusion bill passed by the Queensland  parliament ^ras vetoed by the imperial government  on tbe ground that it was not in harmony with imperial i ute res ta.  M. Santos-Dumort. th�� aeronaut, will sail for the  United States on the steamer Deutschland early in  April.  Miss Ash Marston, who recently died in London,  bequeathed her fortune, amounting to ��54,000, to  missions.  Sik Hk.nky Irving^ Sbakesperean lecture to the  students of Princeton is favorably commented on  by London journals.  Whilk the Royal Commission is investigating the  rel ��4i����ns of PremierDui smutr to the recent railway  deal, it would be perhaps only fair that the matter  should not be discussed at length, but ho far it h  admitted that the Premier was to receive $2,000,000  fories railway.  Thk House has adjourned until a week from Monday, during which time half a dozen or *��o political  conspiracies will be batched out.  Forty Russian and Polish students have been expelled from Prussian technical schools on charges of  nolitical agitation.  Dr. Wihdt, the explorer, has obtained Russia's approval for a new railway branching from the  Siberian line to Behring Straight.  Thk Xavier Marnier prise at Paris has been  awarded to t >�� widow of the Celtic poet, Quelhed,  who was recently killed r>y an automobile.  u  iimn -w^^wt ����**�����*����� mumim*   ai ���mi in mi hi  " ' nil***"11""*  A credit of 40,000 marks will bt�� oubmitted to tbe  Reichstag to enable German athleten to compete i��  the Olympian gamea at Chicago in 1904.  Toronto Saturday Night eay��:   '* A  bill '" ta'?���*  the Huuhs of Commons consolidating the median  tereBtH of the Dominion in thematterof exam.naU  for those who denire to   practice os   physician       j  where in Canada.      Of   the   detail*  of  the nci^  thoae who are not doctor* cannot be critical. ^  hucIi a law ahould be paamd w. however, evK _  those who have tho l-eat interest* of both j1* vJBCe  profenaion and the public at heart.      ft��oi�� )|(  at pronont liconaea itn own doclore, yet iJ ^  petitioner from Ontario who h�� ^V^n,  atrictct esami.mtio..-,   provided   .��it he ^  muat undergo all   the ei-pennee  ant*   ">��< bjB  and ��ufl��r from tho jealoiiHieB confl^Ue"* -.Lgtioe  :  i i;��ift      One oKann"**  removal across a provincial Una.     ^"  -a.  u@  5��  UK  !V J&- -*'-,  V*  ^  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  v- i  JET  ,1 be xutlkient to entitle a   physician to   hang  llW r    ien and   practice  his   profession   anywhere.  f|,,he Ai Untie to the Pacific.      That  such a   tie-  "Lend i* obtainable peems obvioua to all   those  "���* yieve that doctor* have not   entered into close  "S"    ,:���,,. to united themselves   rather   than  the  ��*M��or*in''l'~ *���    i  *.jj -*f fi  \V't'  ���;^  1'  '���'  IT"   I   ���  iJ.--lM.Cil  . *"^  ii,'-.:j  -(Ti  j"Wf* I  ���.V  Ul Mb I H��i  1 r !*���' ���  $ I 1114.*  * tn ��*i  fe.'",:  aa..' .-uv  ' 'I...  �� 7  (1 .  PVAVt\in;ni'if   Ontario  particularly, 18 spending a  -eiVdeal of money to   make doctor*   for export,   a  Dominion decree and licence ar*a of much more value  lotheyouiu   fellow   going  abroad   than any   provincial'certit^ If   Canada   has  on!-Uw, one t-xuminatioii. and practically one   output ..fiU't^r.-*,   tne   Canadian   physician  will   have  uiily iucre.i^d  facilities   for   Miccessfully   locating  hi:ii*e t either at home or in other countries.      If an  examination can   be agreed upon    taliffactory to tbe  Uiwul A*-.MMati��Mi ����f Pnysician* aud Surgeons,   a  CiiiadiAii cU'gn-r Mu��u d be sufficient to entitle a man  1..|.mciic��- Eocliie anywhere under the British flag.  W cHuu ' o �� v .jiMrrei either with the Old   Country  0    .t,n       ,���  !a ��i��^ f,,r    tiirUMiug upon   Canadian  dvo v u,   ,;,.VHii!i.id lu-forts a hcenVe being granted,  *���!,-   W-   ,v    .     qutlly iiMlffefiMble ruling in force  v.i    ;-   ;��r ���vmrvi-5 of Canada.1'''  A Ml'  *��    !)  tii.t    '!i<  Ht re;t ��� t  HI,'I 1 if.  km-  |ii!|.|.|    1!  N ��� > r a ,i \  Mli'^Ts,  1 In* f.u i  1' V  r M;t ��� ^ ilnt fine vocalists are rare  <      f��-h ami meat  diet*   prevail   and  .��t*{.rrot;<!��� .-* Hf families* grow rich   and  iii   in,;   ul   meat "consumed.     Naples  a   . r      much    fish is eaten,  give few   of  .- .i th*. i*weet    voice* of   Ireland   are  -.o   n-y.    but not in the    town**.      In  ��� . oh ;i -*n in eaten for tbe production   of  -sv.lru    in  11 land of   grain and   song.  b rds croak; grain eating bird?* 81 ng.  Hak  mN    I-  ���  \  r^!pll II-  iMMlfolio.  ma,  Japanese Minister   of   War,   will  '.'���"M K \  ,i*koi   to send   two thousand    more  *' ��� ii in  h A t'rica.  An   \,, , .  filial ,.;,...,,  t t  \ mhcaie has vt cured   a contract to  u��ed at the coronations of English  sovereigns  three  hundred   years before the stone now in the coronation chair was brought to  England  from  Scotland.  It   in a Latin  manuscript of   the   four  gospels,   on  which tradition asserts  the  ancient   kings of  England   took   their coronation   oaths.    This     manuscript is y quarto volume of 217 leaves, written apparently toward the end of the  ninth   century,  and  for the period is a fine specimen of the writing   and  art of illumination.     It narrowly escaped destruction in the fire  at Ashbumham Hou.se in 1731, and  hears evidence of its danger in crumpled  leaves and  singed margins.     There seems  good   evidence that  Aihelstan  owned  the   volume   and   gave it to   the  church of Dover."  An ediiion of Shakespeare,   dated   1623, brought .  last year the sum of ��1,720.  The most curious street in   the  world is the   Rue  dela   Republique,   Lyons.     It has   recently   been  paved with glass.     The glass pavements are laid in  the form of blocks, eight inches square,  each   block  containing sixteen   parts   in the  form  of checkers.  The glass blocks  are so   closely fitted together that  water   cannot  pass   between    them, and the   whole  pavement looks   like   one   gigantic  draught-board.  Asa pavement it is said to  have   greater   resistance ...  than stonerit is a poor  conductor cf cold,  and  ice  will not form on it.       ,'/',������..:... , ���,  As spring advances passenger  traffic or. the Canadian Pacific Railway is increasing.  Rbfgrrikg to the the Canadioo bounty on iron,  the New York Marine Jovrnid says: �� The Dominion  Government last year "paid-in bounties on pig iorn  the sum of $351,259. In this way the Cnadian^are  building up a very respectable iron industry; Asa  It of this encouragement they are landing cargoes  of iron in the port of Gla>*ow and filing it in com-  i   i��n    with    the   product   of     British    furnaces.  is bound to tell seriously on American shipments.  AmiTlnay be remarked incidentally that this is  what it iB tor.''  _.**  ��  rojiiis, m St. Petersburg,  Nl���*���:���'������. -ii: ihe   outside members left Victoria last  ,iUla ln  -im-imI their Easter holidays at home.  W|N"-nii,    founded in    13(H>, is the   oldest  of  '''"Kliiii.t'-* Public sclunds,      Eton, founded in   1440,  MH U{ ^ m point of age.  ril:,l,,i"}'io' wan invented about 240 years a#o by,  'V,1,,,,k ":"��hmI IVrignon, at tbe  Abbey of St.  Peter  1,a,1,vi!^--1in  Kranoe.  Ti  "T  1 ��� 1  I1011,,  11     I !  Oll|  "^'"i^    is    from    tbe London    Chronicle'.  '"���  bibleH used at modern coronationB arc  "'   public,   the   nation    poBBOBBsee in    the  '���ihrary a   volume   asserted   to have   been  1N the death of Cecil Rhodes the Empire has l����t {  one o s g eatest nation builders. It will be some,  111 before it is finally determined just exactly,  w n P^ - the deceased statesman should occupy *  m LtoTy but thai ha will stand high up on the list  Si! men who have built the greatest Empire oi  the world there can he jtotkiiib^  ���r,.r Pari of LyttletoVin-hia maiden speech.in the  ��� f lorL expressed the hope that "the govern-  :;;:,;; gh-:>i-.the ^rf ;>< T^y ���  Xatiun within the^M.f _ih^of Ireland.  T���, Rev    Dr. MHbnrn, the Wind chaplain  of the '  lHKtie\. ,u>enin<�� prayer the  United  State* senate, began his   opuun,    }     y  United  .111 ,hm*lomember of the legislative  other day, and not a sm^t  body was present.  ^���  -3 j  5  AAV,  ' 1 i 4  f r 5 is  t  r_  I  13 '  1       It it ��� ',  ��*"�� -in  $"'ZilU  Pa  ��8 * ?��  il*��  i���I H  H'f     ?  -." i  ['"-*b*  r t \  -1 i��3  f St  m  &fp  riS|i  "Mi  ge.T  .i :-.;  ��� -1 K  '"'-i  ���t.\-  ���>��� H  J4 i��  ������� *i i  -��� 1 >  ���-.r i.  **---r?a  '^���*I-H  " tiS  otfi HI  .'li-'iVnit  '���0. ���   ^--TtlO^VP T������ ,_     ���  fi  6  THE NELSON\ECONOMJST  /  ;ii  u  Al  A  *��  -i  i   \  JI  ft  jj  1  *  i     I  .d  >   i  Zi  i i  ��� ���I  5.1  N Tuesday last   occurred the various   millinery  * openings, when all that   was   new and   pretty  was* on view In the   different   stores  that   make a  specialty of'women's hat wear.     Many beautiful and  becoming Diodes were displayed   at   the sSfore   of  F.  Irvine & Co., under the  direction   of MissTDarveaO.  The weather was delightfully springlike, and Nelson  ladies turned out in large numbers, the  store   being  thronged from morning until night.     The styles are  many and varitd   in shape, the majority   being   flat  and drooping at the liack, but it is in ihe   trimming  m&d   combination   of   colors that the   sense bf   tbe  beautiful is most   delighted.      Flowers   and   foliage  ate used extensively   and pendant drapery   appears  to be quite the vogue.    Sweeping ostrich plumes are  used   very   effectively   as   trimming   on   the   very  large hats.     The flat bat,  with a  mere   suggestion  of   a crown,  and   an    artistically draped  brim,   so  cleverly done that no other trimming is necessary is  another fashionable model.     The   popular   shade��  are letttsee green,coral pink and ecrue.    Apart from  the   flower   trimmed   creations    were shown    some  beautiful hate io all b ack hUck an I wnite and white  and   black,     th��*   latt-er   being    particularly    effective.     The greater number of the bats are   made   of  tulle   and   chiti��n    and   arw^.tery light in    weight,  which is a pleasant   feature to   the    wearer.     Aside  from the millinery, was a tii,e display   uf new   dress  materials,   blouses,   summer   muslins,   laditm*    anil  children's whitewear and drrH.-e*, embroidery,   lace*,  belts, etc.      The shirtwaist   styles   aie   prettier   and  ttioie vairied than  ever   this   year.       Elbow   sleeve*  ar��  seen  o:i   some of   the    more  delicate   designs,  and   will     b��     worn      duri.ig     this     midsummer  reason.  Pianos are s �� often made loonier to m itch the  decorations of a muxic-room that the replacing of  the maker's name, over the key-board, with the monogram orcre-t of the owner, is not, perhaps, wholly  -**rtS38^.N off(B"��'lve-���Ihe instrument becoming, in a way, a  possession representing individual taste. Still, the  custom does not commend itself, and savors too  much ot the use, now happily frowned upon, of dinner-sets so heavily monogrammed or crested that  every tiniest piece flaunts its ownership.  When Sousa, now famous the world over as king  of march mu.-ic, landed hi the "home of the free,"  he carried with him a valise on which was marked  in plain letters, " John Philipt-o, U.S. A." Time  pasBed, and this turn ofMiucy Italy began to grow  musical, and also to become Americanized. It wau  then, bo the aiory goes, that ho expressed the desire  for a name more .nearly like thone of tho people of  which he was one by choice. Philipuo Hounded out  i)i place -doing service for a   man   who had   imbibed  American beliefs and cueto  wasclofely' linked with th  forever. A member of'the  longed Anally made a nugges  be m- happy one, and wag ado,  tbe baton. The suggestion  Philiptso add the*4 U. S. A.M  into two words, and there wa  and easily pronounced ham��  s and   whose  destiny  ��"Stsrs  and   Stripe*"  band to  which he   be-  It   turned out to  ted  by*the  master of  ras tbffi:    To-themune  one name  sounding  John   Philip Sooga.  The West Kootenay Touriat Aesootstion seems to  b# meeting wfrh escaUssU 'succeed financially and the  subscription Us I i*�� Bieailily increasing.  *         I . ��  An interesting coin hae just been sold in Germany  It is one of the few coins in the history of the world  which can be accused of having a humorous side to  it. In - 1679 the l>ane^ descended on the port of  Hamburg, but their attack On Hhe famous Hans��  town provod unsuccessful. The inhabitants of the  town struck a tuedal lo commemorate the occasion.  The legend on the coin was a** follows: "The king of  Hamburg has been to Hamburg, if thou would*!  knew what he achieved, look on the other fide." It  is needles to add that '* the other side** is a blank.  Clark RuMt*Mv the writer ol tea tales, was fifty-  eight year* old on Feb. 24 it if singular that tne  wrii"t?r of ihe moat successful *ra ��*t ne* live?* far  away from the sea, but Mr. Hussell is cripplrd by  rheumatism and live* at Bath, Eng. Him knowledge  of the sea is derived from the tact that lietweeti the  ages of thirteen and twenty-one he was in tbe  British merchant service, but he gave it up for  literature. John Hold*worth, Chief Mate, was  published in 1874, while the Wreck of the Groavenor  appeared in the following year. Mr. Russell's father  Henry Haskell, was one of the greatest song writers  of his time.  According to the % Itevut Scientifiqtu' of Paris an  examination of the ravages due to tuberculoma ��how*  that England, with a damp and foggy climate, only  loses 50,000 consumptive* par annum, while in  France, with a much healthier climate, the victims,  on an equal population, are annually 160,000.  In the death of Dr. John Booth in New York, recently, the l��Ht of four non�� of Juniua Brutua Booth,  the elder, hm* panned" away.' "Dr. Booth was ��  ynnnjter broth*r of Edwin, Junius Brutu��, Jr., ��nd  Juntt Wilkes Boo% Hv li��/ed a quiet life ^J"  with that of hi* brothers and : membera of tn  theatrical profeHnion who knew Edwin Booth were  unucqiininteil with Dr. Booth.  The matter of t-upremo importance in ShalW'^  worltH in bin conception oi life   umd lb* ��ob,�� nr   .  which it in    embodied.      To live,   with Iho   p����*   ^  familiur intorcouros, by   cosurtnmli   roadang "i  ^  y  open mind and heorl, rcspontdve.to   :<��<?  P***0/  oenuitivo.to abo boauty which psnetrato  andin  *J*V*  pa a. ,
r^. M^d-Ti-^***""
»■  f-wj-ir -^
■'A b* 3
*   (rp*
- -fl;   3*;
-*   rt'* *■,
, IV.^MW.
I"'H II'
"Wit (t-l
J .,1-1
j. m receive from him the most searching
lb,!, ' ina the deepest pleasure. The end of art
^"XeptMi and intensify tbe sense of life, and this
!rl''.1' |    vvil(.n   one becomes    absorbed in   the
';';",; iif u.a:(.;iL!a.f form, conditions and circuin-
"u- ^ <0.ni. kni»wledjteof theee things is essential,
!^. i[1M ,*«,,!.!» i»is of interest and of study ought to
' '1.\"!,,t. !- .,l:vi-ible sc.ul antibody of a w»rk of
^     HuirMMiW     Mabie,    in    the April    holies'
Miss Browulow, who keeps a private boarding
school in an English town, and her four neices, the
daughters of three deceased sisters. The interest of
the story centers in the youngest of these neices
Wilhelmina, or u Bill," aud she is usually called, a
girl of Home seventeen \ears, who develops from
sorneihiuu' of a hoyden into a strong and most
'lovable character. Tlie story is cleverly told and
interesting from beginning to end. For sale at
Canada Dru i and Book Store, Nelson.
h,t Mm-uv evening Mi-* MayhclleEinbree wa*
n.V[i i„ jnirri.'t^ to Robert J." Chambers, atthe
^mv'nf n-r brother, Mr. A. 'Kuihree, the Rev.
!ir, Wnutit  i>«rf -ruling the ceremony.
InrMrui:* nltiui les in Rua*ia and Siberia it is
nrv—rirv t • \-n\ *p*-« tacle*. made of tf-inpUss on the
f,. ,, t . lt- .n the r eves from the fietce. duzzling
g]arr. M in.- ,un on the snow. Cattle which are not
-w tt-uii-pd  b«ron-.e stone blind in ihe course of one
There promises to be- an exciting game of Rugby
football Monday afternoon, between the East Kootenay and Nelson teams.
A very valuable book is a Hebrew Bible in the
Vatican. In 1512 the Jews tried to buy it of Pope
Julius 11. for its weight in gold. It-is so large and
heavy that two men can hardly lift it.
An uu-rr-iinc relic in the shape of apiece of a
liow\» bnubb-r. containing what appears to be two
huiiMu iVot;.nuts, bar* been bmoed to ihe museum
its-, i shiurx, Vt,, by William A-Chase, of
M r i-v;:- Tb* rork In in which the piece was
:.»rr-' i ha- h<*.-u a  curin-iiv in  (ir*nby   tor a   cen-
1 a m
tury.     Ii i.*, a tiranite boulder weighing several tons,
>.ui;iU-,l one  and one-half miles from Gallup*** mills.
Ti»f M. :iiih|| iburch has a currency all its own.
Mormon % n, ruininereial ilea lings among them-
n-lvf., inv u ;ablv   use  their  own  money.
TiH'tih.- which they turn into the fold of the
churrli ;»•»• \i ..IU paid in Mormon currency. The
M-riiioi . |,;,vr a s« ri|> of the  value of live   cents, for
w'li!°.i ;« to !,ti!e pays  twenty-five cents in Sail Lake
<a\ :
l*"W   Hi,   i
Wl,rn' ;t|  \
S,ZI\  a IP
' ind in    West    Australia  the    value of
;- "■•.i«...ted   at   from   $45,000 to  $75,080,   is
«:iv to Kngbmd, and it is said it   may be
• • KingV coronation,     li is of considerable
■ ■*   deMiibed    by   one     of   the     greatest
"ii the value of pearls as of perfect luster,
■ ^mcthihg   like a child's body   without
The record  recently published of a fishing expedition in LapUnd should be good reading for  anglers.
The party was one oi two rods, wiib followers. They
fished for eleven days,  and   secured a  total of  282 _
anl'mon and 115 grih-e, weighing iu all nearly 5,000ft.
■The be*t day's  catch   for one   rod  was   thirty-three
Ballon and tw.-nty-l.vo grilse, or   a  total   weight of
5531b      It should he added   that  the fishing  party
but  'to    wait   their   opportunity,   for   when   they
arrived al their destination the river wae frozen, and.
when the thaw   cau.e   there was   al first too   much
water for fi-hing.
A curiou. smyposium has  heen   presented in   La
Rrrue Blanche of Paris, says the New   York   i.me.,
lHl. wilh Hamlet's physical proportion*, apropos
; recent duel fought over Sarah Bernhardt'.. ,n-
tnreution of the melancholy Dane.     Max Nordau
1 t , li«t To him Hamlet was red-haired,
lT       haven  -atout. short and thirty;"   he was also
Ck"n:      Zr      Mr. Louis E.nauU defines him a«
a great drinker „ s D.||genti
" UIU' "TK u   e   »-n .. fair,   fat, and   twenty,
^rM-Rachi.de loves tothink ofhim^
ll>"   lillie
A ^ih   >, ueciipatiiin  i* purniied by a young  lady
111 <! *
, (b,tario.      She  engraven inpcriptions on
"ll,l,,Hn| •> in her fnthrr'n marble workr,   and ie an
11 s i nesH
( ,^'' 1,;,v*     leerivetl    from    tho  Copp, Clark it Co.,
'1'1,1,"li   'I'-mnto, :l hook   puhliHbed   by   Macmilbui
s; 11
, eiuiileil 4'  PrinceHH Puck," writlon by
The   opening   cbapt««r   introduc*
<»   •   ».. Glimmers—"Or le^B.
of HlXty BUUlinoip
„a«A   until   auite   lecently* that   the
,,rZ:">^loull   P»^hedin PeUin*
A . tanOvears  was the oldest newspaper  tn
f,,r lhe T !" vTry able work recently published,
th* " ImbiaU Htiart, the French consul at Can-
l,0"Tr' a h s honor belong, to the Tsing-Pao,
l°"' ,OWi which has been uubliahed continuous-
0, Poking Nem, wh«.h » ■ u> hftve heen
,y fi,;CVV:r^0 v a el that da,,, or early in
r.t.,r^T. H00 years before a „e..p.per
Was known in Kurope-
1 '-r-Hfr-iii
t 7     ^ i S I    *    -1 ■
I**    ^ -it!? r
£^  4 |c4 !
til f!Jsi5ri!fc
'ft- ab5f *Jtsr,
i hi tell
- A-     i ri
. v   'r   i Irl
> ;
ft ..=-.9 ■:-:
■ if -i
-B    ~:
t !.<
Pf '
•i-!f>:-' .|;IJ|f.«««
■■•'7  .it'.-:.-
,„■".' v
;:, :i:':::.■
.'•■-.-■.!'. 7-jlj/
■'-;!';'•■*«*;. ^-»j«^,M(>y^rfM;-*7 •;■»■< .^;
■;  ';' --..jA
"'■■/': :':;,:..            .-..' ,■'■>
■,^,MAl M;  �� V^H^        .���.*.,_  iwShUVSB** *hH-J ^  ���    ^L.V-B.ja'.^b.  �� *  rn��  f'  'J  N Monday there's   the court���Nixon'JI   get   two  years, if not more; so that vengeful   spirit ^ill  0        be tamed.      Tuesday���take   delivery of   those  sheep; and    Wednesday,    the dance    at   Morris'���to  which I shan't go.      Wonder why I   don't hear from  Eva? It's ��he that's keeping it up now, not me- "  For nearly an hour th�� thin spiral .-moke ascended  from the bunk to the blackened rafters, then Morris*  overseer turned his* face to ihe wall and slept. Tne  wind sighed and moaned ihrougl: the she-oaks;  two mopokee kept up a distant, lonely conversation;  and down about the waterkole a ie*iless li*tie wagtail was jigging and chattering around, as if it was  noon instead of midnight. A moon-ray pierced  through a crack in the slabs and played over ihe  sleeper's face The brow was puckered, then came  a frown, and lastly, an expression of wilful longing,  ae the eyes opened and start-din a half-puzsled,  half-vacant way, at the intruding ray. He slept  and dreamed again.     *     *     *"  The overseer usually i% lay it in" on Sundays, but,  when the sun ro?e next morning, the smoke was already ascending from ihe chimney of the slab hut.  The inmate was whisUipg as he filled ?he billy and  ��tt it cut the fire���a tang ed, incoherent melody; pathetic, comic scraps of ��u era, c*��on-songs, all jangling  one upon another. Now and then he slopped,  with his eyes fixed on vacancy.  " X won't wrne nil Wednesday!    Why   should    1?  Might get a   let er   this   evening"      Tne   whistling  went on.      ''It's   five   \e .re since   that   Smith   girl  said * 1 was und-r me whip/ and twice I've ���rut   my  suck'���to tne "������rid'- end, ��ach lime���only to crawl  back again        Bet I'm n�� t ihe only ��� ne, either! Why  can't a feib-w becoo e indifferent ?    Ir she wasn't   in  that accursed hospital���don't belirve I would care���  at ieaet, not so  much!    I'll    write   to morrow,   anyhow, ju-t a ca-ual,   polite   inquiry   as  to bow   she's  getting on; and I'M a-k if anything out   of the   common occurred  on Saturday i.ight or Sunday    morning.      Never d d   tke    any   not ce    cf dreams,   but  somehow, alter last nu ht, 1 feel every way   bu   comfortable !"  A fragm ni from *' F-orodora" silenced the native  songsiors thai ha bd He spring sunshine It broke  off suddenly. ���' One ihii g is clear, if I waVn't still  under ihe wh pi wouldn't experience half n hundred  d fferent-eiisattotiH mixed up with a chaotic nightmare which worries it e soul nut of me.      Creditable  kind of busnes dammd if it   isVi ��� 'nother man's  wife! Anyhow, Til w rite to-night- can't stand thin  uncertainty. Two minds to ride into Turrawong  and send a wire--but that would be too strong.  After all, it'll be nothing--wish 1 hadn't quarreled  with her! Curse n��\ *en*iiivenes>��� and a fat lot she  cares !" He sirucleout of the hut towards the creek  for the usual mnruinu plunge, so preoccupied that  hedidn'i not.ce tbe absence of canine joy which  generally greeted him.  Stripped and plunged, he swam leisurely down the  hole for about a hundred yards, breasted an old gum  loir, pul'ed himnelf up and Hat down.      Close by was  a cattle-p^d running    down   to    the    water.    Something made him l��*ok  up,   and   junt   where  the   pad  went  ov> r ihe bank   a tuft   of dark   hair caught    bin  eye.       Steadying himself, he rone, and wiih tlie help  oi a limb, reached the tmmmit.      IIih dog   wan lying  acroH-* I fie track--dead.  This unexpected incident, for a time,  rid bin mind  of thoughts concerning his woman friend " Th  he didn't take one of our baits���I'll lay a hundred  to one ; and also, if Nison w^n't fast in jail, I'd put  it down to himB and forewarned is forearmed- but as  it is, don't know what to think���things seem to he  all at nae�� and *ev@n��*!" And ��gain his thought*  reverted to th�� old channel, *  By the time he  got back   to the   but the fire was  put and th�� billy dry;   but   he took   no notice.   Going to the table   he alternately   thought and  wrote  then,   throwing   himself   on " his    bunk,    smoked'.  *4 Never mel^a woman quite like her-^he's been  pretty goood to me. too. I needn't have cut up bo  rough about that trifle."  Arising, he tore up what he had written, went  out, caught and saddled a horse, rode to the gate,  returned, re-entered the but, wrote again, and went  out. Two miles from the hut he came upon a road  dismounting, he   walked up and down.  It was now late in the afternoon. *A mailman  rode up, gave him a telegram, and  took his letter.  He choked buck the disappointment���" That^all,  I s'po-e.  Daley?"  ** That's all, nir!" and, passing lhe time of day,  gave a dig of the tpurn.' There wen a sn< rt, a fi��ck  of fo��m, a cloud of dust, and tbe mailman vanished  in the timber.  **Oh, w#il, I've written���can't do more! What'*  thin uninteresting hit of business?''  ** Sydney, Sunday.  " Mrs. Mackenzie died at 2 a.m. fhi* morning.  Asked to remember her to you and sav eood-bye "  " D��*r* Etstwond."  A long, long pans**��� A jackass laughing discordantly, while bark in the scrub the scream ����f a  curlew broke ihegb'omy silence. A <bep groan-  he wheeled his   horse and rode slowly homeward.  Entering the hut   he looked round, his eve resting  on a photo. ov��<rthe bunk,     fie took it   down gently  and it��zed   a long while.     ** Ardatked to remember  her to me.      Sbe couldn't nay apy more before them.  I wonder would   sbe   if there   had   b>on no one   but  Dora  Eastwood!   H'm! it wai* ber hospital, I  b'lieve;  and now I shall  never know whether she cared   two  pint* or not.       Eva    Maekerr.ie dead ! Th*y thought  me a lonely man before, htittwhtle I could hear from  ber, and see her sometimes, and   knew   sh��   thought  of me, life wan never lonely���bu�� what's  it going to  be like now !    This morning  there  peemed a c>h���c*  between lunacy and indifference ���a fine hope I   had  of   being   indifferent I    ���but     now" *    *    *   .He  walked out on to   the little    verandah,  and  leaning  against a pine pout, gnr,ed at the golden beauty of the  west.  '��� She war fond of pretty *un��etH!" A military tear  trickled down his tmined cheek, and then, with ��  wistful bitterness��� " Would to Heaven Nixon*  vengeance would help me now I"  There wan a sudden   fdiarp  crack;   n  wreath floated up  from the  edge ofthe  msriib, ai  Morria' overseer, with one hand clutching h\o h'f' >  fell back on the rough board*.      " Thank   bod      '  vvhiapered���and there   wan   o   Hinile on   the   t>ici    )  lipiMHid in the cloning eyeH, looking ^ their Ia��t  n^  the glittering timber of the   weot, ft   light  ^h10'  glazing mint   of death could not utterly mibduc  my whit��  and  tm  M  m ���SB  0^0:7  ~1  .  ���A-A-3yZA:AA:Z~-^AA  tmmii  SMS^M^iSBB^.  lilill  O-OvO; .Oriji;.7  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  SHORT STORIES  , n ,v much will you    give me   for this   atlas ?  .   ���    .hibbilv-dressed private tutor, as he talked  ^a"    nllih:nd   bookseller^   and   produced  the  11,10 A .-rroiui   it*  b*tT^lfi worth much;1 answered the book-  ,v XUTned t��ver the leaves with an air of ae-  "l*r\^ b��*b-rence " There's no demand for 'em.  Tihl'-n- the other evening, and it's outside on  ^3ro�� There's no demand for 'em at all.  Uull think Vve   done well  if I   get   eighleenpence  Jr ihe one I have now."  [a ri-h'    here's   vour   eighleenpence.     This is  ..ieom'vouhad outside," gaily answered   the   tutor  m hethre** down the   money   and   skipped   out   of  llir <ha|��.  huuiorigt mode&tly continued, '* I presume that you  will allow me the usual 25 per cent, discount."  Once more the salesman managed to produce an  impressive bow.  " Well," drawled the unblushing speaker, "under  the^e conditions I think I may as well take the  book.     What's the price?"  The clerk calmly took up his pencil and began to  figure ind'JBtriouly, then he announced the result  witn the greatest obsequiousness. " As near as I can  calculate," said he," weoweyou the book and about  37 1-2 cents.   Call again."  you  hey  Umk in ioniser of the Me of Man re ate a con-  J.-ui.-n be once had with two old frieiuK * '��""  arVhi- buxom wife, who liv* within a few yards of  iii^(-i!M^ *rral Manx author a residence.  iirl Thine hoi }ust taken up his abode in-his n��w  h,uV.aud the bank manager started the conversation J.y-ivmg to the worthy fanner ��ml wife '  S^ vn'u have the great Hall Caine near  now."  Farti.er and  wife : **  Aye, man        ���  Fanner^ wife : - And what tremenjus style.  are b-ei-iug.      It'- amazing." .  Funur      ' And    whai'is    be    doing for a    living,  Bank    uintoiger   (greatly    uMonisbed)     "What!  b-n'i v  \i know he is a popular author?  Farmer:    "  And what'* thai?" ��� ���  B^k uniinicer:" Whv, he writes successful books  Firmer   (with   a   fine   phow   id   contempt: I tie  lM^(Vh.irdly  l>e    said that    the bank    manager  collapsed.  �� 0  How Madame Roland bore herself on her journey  al. nri   the   viadotorosa of    the   revolution,   which  1,-.; f��.m the Coneiergerie to the Place de la Guillotin,  the world knows.    No recorded pilgrim of the long  ���rain thai fared tbat way in those heroic days showed  a rub.uner indifference  to its terror*.     A spectator  who saw her as she passed  the Pont   Neuf wrote_ of  her as standing erect and calm in the  tumbril,   her  ev-B ���.tuning, ber color  fresh   and   brilliant, with   a  smile ou her lips as she tried to cheer her companion,  an old man   overcome by   the fear  of   approaching  death. ,  At the fool of the scaffold sbe asked for pen and  paper to write the strange thoughts that were rising  ii, her When the executioner grasped her arm to  a sSt her in mourning the steps, she drew back and  hf-tiee-l wal her companion might be allowed to pre  Zdt he The custom of tbe guillotine allowed her,  Zl woman, the privilege of dying first, but she  iiird^p*re the infirm old man a scene that  would augment his tears.     Sanson objected^ ,  "Come, citizen,"   she  urged   huri   with   a. ��nile.  " you cannot deny a lady her last request.  Her wis.iwas granted.  lord ( a,t,r��.t,  while Lord-Lieutenant  ol Ireland,  ����iu��.i.- ,iav unattended l�� Dr. l)elan-y, �� worthy  but not waUhv citiz.-n of Dublin, and told him ne  ��.iM-..mi-in dine with him. Dr. Dehmey thanked  Hw F.x>-.!:,.,,cv fur ihi honor, and dinner was ��->on  -i. r,n.lu,.7-. It was a simple m<-al Mich ��" wftS  'Jiuha f,r Dr. Drift..ev and his mother.  In,      .,-,1 L.dy did "      the"        honors        <>I  ���'���c  u!.'.-      Tli-    host    made    no   apology  ,or the  ItiiMhiv ,,f iiin hoard, luu said to Lord Carteret:  Tn !-to:n:-n*h�� clnvM wiih costly fare    .  i>ii|��.i.'iiv lilone is rare.  ��� ��n��p.n'liv liione is rare. .  l-'nl (\ri..n��i  w,m highly pleine 1 ;   f<>r�� though   a  C-^irtir. r. h ��� h He I i-.-r>oi. inui.iaue**.       Al the cbHrt  Ot  . I.. .    .... ...      . .        .    l.  ..       U.��J       <��lliU>I.Vl4  tilt'   IU" I  ihllllyjln  ntuMDr.   DeUuey   thithe   had   always  in. a well br.-d man, hut had never had ho  .    ~   . ��.      ��� j i.-.   o ,*,*, whom  K'hhI a ,,,o..f before " Others," naid he, " on whom  1 hllv<1 W 1 ih<* sjime experiment have roel roe witn  ^murli,���...,fu-ion as if I had come to arrest them  for li'Kh tMMHon; ,niV| deprived me of their conveipa-  l,0'bbv uiHlue attention to the dinner, and ��h��*u  "l^dtMl tho <li���,ier, by fulsome apologies or needless  prof union,  Hiu,  wm* ��l^v, while Mark Twain was connected with a  ^\ap, !h,umN be went into a book store i�� New  ;.,,rk H' (|, picking; up a volume asked the price tie  Uu;n ^im;-Um1 that an a publisher he wan entitled to  ln China the 8;^; J^ "f^hS  ^rr'Sirsit;1 e s^.^is ,s exactly the  ^rolL; Snds,   which make the sun the day  ZL and the gentle moon lady of the night,  ku.gauatneg legend  runs, the sun  One day ... Oh.��.*-^.    gQ Tbe  -Hd ,h: S   very   sternly " -No ;   you   are  a  lUWU   ^Tand it would be improper for you to go  young lady, ami ��t ^ .   ���But   the  out after   dark.      I hen .n ifae day.  ^5 t'u e   a   o.   tl   her   to'take the   golden  "'" u     Tha Vhe wore in her hair and stick ihem into  needles that she wore th,y B,ared at   her.  ��S-Tihert/"' on. can look at the sun with-  out pain.  ��i,u Wlenhant and Castle, London, is  Not far from the Lleph in dined  . ��������u.age..nd;n.��hed    shop   w�� ^   ^ound  W;hen Krd div     wton  " UUMHn, to obtain a  Mot-  those hard �������>?      . literarv fame.  |B* on Jhe  it inl oi   "Lndon   publishing  firm  One day the age ,l'* ||h reference to his first  died o-h^Ci, yet Kipling wore a  hooU-      ^o^   Sscoatind   waistcoat were both   in  ���'ii)  IM't  As I  -I. discount.      To thiM  Iheolerk    ttHsenieil.  "��  an author," proniMidi'd Mark, " H would  !,',l",i" "il ot 1 am ..Kait.  ��mtiil��<d  io 50 per cent,   die*  I'-inint ''  "Alll!  >-a ,,..,-h<.iiu1 fri.-nd of the   proprietor,"  the  $���   -t t-l  ���H rr  ill1  ���llPl  u��^"3  rfr  ir  .>vt  *'""��...  "^ -"H��w..  '1I"-"'1(I     ">  It If  -������ Jf o";A'f-   / ���>��*ujSts-. ^AjuSli^itntntf  ^-       3>~  *   '  U'  H  fi"".  10  Slocan  Drill.  Another crosscut to tap the vein  i* being  run  on the Neepawa.  Ore shipments from tin* entire  Slocan are in excess of 5000 ions.  R. I. Kirkwood has a c ��upie of  men eoapl ^yed on a claim at ..Enterprise Lauding.  Neil Uelbing has been doing as-  6es*mt-ni on a claim near th�� Wonderful, below Sandon,  Work has ceased f r the present  on the Prescoti, Four Mbe. Il was  worked und-r l*��a?e by partie- from  thih   burg.  THiz  NBLSON  ECONOMIST  Arlinptot ,    .... ���. 851  Eiio��rprir����'   .. 201)  NV**pa ** ;�� ���  b0  M ��y    &  V i v*\r* ak  5  tssBFmmxm��mrmsBgBsss  1128  ESTATE. OF PETE^ F. EliE&SOPi. '  In the matter of the estate of lVt**r F. Km-  orson. lale oftln-tMy of Nelson, In the  Province of UrllMIt t'olutnhbt. doeeaKed. -  Nutlet* Is horehy jr��v��-��> pursuant to the ?  ** TruMee* und Kxecutor* Act " of tho revised I  StittutcH of tin* Province of llrtt tali t'oltunhiti, j  1K97, t*al>. 1S7, loull creditor* ami othefa hav* i  int; ela lint* n��af n**t the eMate of the Raid IV- j  Iff K. Kuutsoh. whottiftl on nrnhotit i ie VMU I  tiny of l>ecvtnhcr, A. !>.. 1WI. to *end hy r***t \  nrejuOd or iteiivcred iu Mwrs. tiallther &t \  \Vit?M��n.of the s����i��l ruy of N��'U.;n, Solicitor* j  for Arthur ii. Buchanan anil Peter K. Wilson, j  *     ���  ���-?i-.\^.*H*. jigajfejimst *iftf-*A��. vu **��� ��*-��� ��*��� ��s. ....,, .  ioasfers  ����@*ti tvi  i executor* for tho |��er*ionnl   c***nte   and   effort*  r��k,*c    iUm.^i^r    ��tt��v<4   Iih   v\lll   r>-    of  **"-* ***dtt  tlpwi^il, nr in Hit- *;ild   Arthur  Otias. UempMer   *a\* ne   mu re     H-Hu,.hamMI nnd |Vlrr K ffii��,nt tmth ��i tho  turn to Slocan in April, to opro up  development on the S.ipj��hire  group, Twelve Mile creek.  The full   face of ihe breast ����i the  dfifi on tne Silvt-r.-mith, one of the  Slocan   Star   group, is   in   ore  trato   is   to   be    tuiiit   be wt-eo  Silversmith ami the Star null.  During the we^k M. Cameron's pack train has ,.been *��usy  bringing dosn �� re t ooi the Duplex  to :he laiiway ai Lem n riding.  There will ite brtwren .*��*vt-n and  eight ions in the !��hipment.  The   dr ft   on   the   Combination  City of Nel*on. \n tho Province of HritUh Col- j  umhta. tholr 4*hrt*llnu ami *urnnuie*, ad* j  tlrof-Mj*. description* and fuHI particular* of  their claims. <*tateinent of their account* anil I  tiio natun- of tho noourity, if any. hi-hl hy I  thoin on or l.>��*foro tho flrnt tli*y of" Maroh, A.  I>. uxn!  .-Viiil   further u��kt.��  nothv,  chat aflor mioh  lawt    nioiitlonml    tlato     tho    *alil    ��".\orti*oo��  will pOH-Hfrtl to tlUlrihuto llK'tHwi* of tho ci��?>  j^ I cojfc.*��o��l to tho pnrtit-* oiitlllotl tl��*'rot*>. h oinu  | r\?>:anl only to th���� olali;.* ����f  vvhtoh Ihoy *hai!  ^),^.{thon     havo     m��tioo.      Tho    ��*so*.l      oxocutorvi  ' will   not ho lluhlo for tho Mnicl u*v��oim  ��>r any  |mrt thoroof, U��any jn��r?u��n f��r (^rwitk-k-if wIiom.*  claim* nolle** tfhall not hivt* Ixyii ro<*olvo��J hy  thorn al the timo of nuoh il��**trtbuOou.  (i s i.i.lliKV' A \Viu*m��n,  JSolioiton* for Arthtir II.  Uuonatinn an��l   IVtor  K. Wilson. Kxoottt#��n�� for ivu-r fr\ Kim-mou,  IUKhI thl** I2th*lay of Kohnmry. A. i> VM*JL  Wo art^ offorlnj: nt lowo��t t>rlo��>�� tho l^tt  erA��l��*tk orroylon, Imllii, i;huut ami Junaii1  Toan. ��     i  t)ur lk**t   Mooha ottfl Java <*of?of iht  l��*��un��l ...   0   10  Mooha am! Java Hkm!, :i |x>uud��* i u>  <*hol**��' UloiHM'otrt'o. I fMntmix... idii  Hjwh'SuI tltonit <*o|T��"��i*,*�� fMiiuuU.          l (iu  Kl*> llU*ii��l **offoo. U pontulft    j oo  M|n-i*|al Itltud tVyltui ���� a. jh-r |�� niiul.     \\  ESTATE OF Sa^AH   ��. ��G����S$$Ofa.  In tho maitoroflho ontnUr of Sarah K. Km-  on**��n, lato of tho ��*tty ot NoImui. In tho  I*n��vinoo ��>f UrltlMh <'oliMi��hja. cloo*:-s*Hotl.  Nolloo In horohy   gtvon    {Mirwuant    t#��   tho  ������ Truwtoi^ ami K.Voouton* Art " of tho rovl��w*<!  Statuio* oftho Province of HrlO��h t Vdilltit* &f  Claim, eaS* of tbe town, IS  11)  80 feet    lHlC.fap.lH7. tnnilrrvtntnr* and  oihor*h*.v-  1 lug claluiM aicu!io��t fhr ��xl��ii' ����f thr  ����ald   * a*  and has   mineral  sp inkled   acro.*B \ nthn Kinfr��on. \vim��iuHfi��.nf��raiH��iit tin nth  �� day of 1^'Offnhor. A. l>.   l^d, to ��*>n<i hy jy hi  the breast.     S aoe   ^iiipiunt'   ore is ? r��ro|��ihi or dohv��r��d to   Nn^rn. (hiin'iivr *v  1  r       H " Wilton.     ����f     tho      -aid      lit.v     ����f     NVlnikh,  CODQlim    lo.       Wlieii   the  fiOBl  Cullin   HoIIHt��ti��     fi>r     Frank      Klotolor.     tho    ml*  �� inlniHf ralor i>f tho I'^rnonul <-*tato  and  ofl����oU  ���OUt of    th*   isritUtid   th*-    owners   Will    <��f tliowald  doovik-m-d.  or to  tho  ��.ahi   Kiniik  KlotohiT, ortlioflty nrNolHon. In iho rr����vlnor  ground sluice the lead Cl����re t��> the ornrltlHhf*..luinhka. tin Ir Christian and Mir-  w . nainos, tiddrt.HM'H. di^rrljilioiiM  ami   full  |w��r  Creek. th-ulnr* ��>f tholr olaiiiift. Htatouirut of tholr ac  oumtw,    and   tho   natttrv  �����!   lh��- ��oourit>%   O  Assays from tlie r* ck on the Ctnu-    finy- h��t,c| h>' yi''fn.'��'�� ��>r hef����ro tin* flrat ility  J \ ol March. A. P. l��rj.  bination eive $B  in  tlO.d  and   1H4 . Z        And further tnko n��dlro, Ihataflor nttoh lu����  " ^ rnontlon.fi dat*<  tho njiIcI adtnlnlHtrntor  win  Ifl   silver. ' proood totllHtrlhutothoaiiMi'ixof Ihcdci'caiwd  ; lo th��* piirtlo*- entitled  thereto, having ropirtl  Orp      Hbii.ti\pnffrf      for     ll��A      tt ^^i. I ��*nly t<> tho elalnmof whleh h��-Hhall then havo  re    siiipinenis    lor    me    weea   notiit*.   tik- wti��i hdmiuutraior win i��oi u*  ehowed a respectable total, 100 tons  being   exported.     Kigtity   lone na*  OOTENAY COFFEE tO  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  EST     B&fCgft    STREET,    N��lS0fi  DOS   BROS,  ncoover and Netscn  Ba^EfS STREET, HEtSO^, B. C  ���1**M>*. V/t(**tM"**"-*. ��**���*���*��'. tWMvmtm *** V ��� ��**������"*���>>*���  liahlo for the said aMH4>t.H or any |wirt lln'roof,  to any |w*rNO;ii of jnthoiih of who+tc olalm** no.  tie*- Hhttll not have heen r.roivrd hy him at  Mm time of Much dhttrthutloti.  Bent oat   by the Arlington   and 20  Hoiii-iion.** Frank''vu^n^t^nZiUonr  tone of concentrates b\ the Enterprise. More would have been hem  out but for thewrethed condition of  ihe roads. At the upper end snow  is failing almost daily, last Monday's fall beinj4 particularly heav},  while at the lower ends the road*,  are swimming in mud. Next weekV  whipuients will embrace 7 tons from  the Duplex, on Lemon Crsek.  For 1900 the exports from thie division amounted to 2847 torir-, mam  ���up from   10 propertier*.     Lu-t   yei��  the exports totalled 0529 tons, Iron  14   properties.     Following in a full  Jintof t-hipmentM   tbio year to date:  for Sumh K. ICiuor��on. (lo^Mtwir  IhkUnl thlH 12th day of Fehrtiary, A. I), 1WV2.  3oia by an iNcwsuealers  i<**-J.U'. Pfc'PPKI  Scenic Line of Ihe World  DIRECT ROUTE  w l >*T  Vancouver  Vlrlorlw  Hoaltlo  I'orllHnd  Han Krniu'.KOi  i,s ^.rsji  %i|  ib\  -^BrP^r  'w^fflfr"^"  Furnlahco Monthly to all lowrx of Bong  and MiihIo a vu^t voinnio ef flew. Choice  Copyright Coirti|3ookjo��i0 nv the niont |M>p��  Ular uuttior .. C^ IP^^ww o? r'bno Puulc,  anlf \oeal, half ItirfiuiiK-etal- so Coe-wpfletc  Piece�� lor Plono-- Ono�� ti Month for aq  Ccotcj. v.-iirly Huhscrlptloii, jja.oo. If you  V/Ul M'nd 111 tint iiutno and uddref*a ot Five  {^trfoniiemnn the I'nuioororraii, wowlllf^nd  you a copy of th��. MuK,alne Free?.  J. VJ.  PEFPC-n,  Publloftar,  qmIIi a LocuotSto.s ^^^V'iolplaio. Pa,  KAHT  Wlttnlf^K  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  Now York  Vlu M-ito Mite  St. Paul, Clilniuo and nil tf. 8. H��^  Tourist Sleeper Servicfi  KAHT-I^��ve ll��vcli��l��l<�� ^ ��� I,Vh��r!!sni  I^avit Ihuonore Jet M��   ., ���  l*nvc Kootenay Uou\\vu 1 "    ��    v  HT. PAUL. T MIONTO, MONTIlKAL IP"  .��� \\ftn\ . SW*  V A KVOV V KK. HBArrI .K. < -'' >A�� r  earn:  ervic  >ToAlaHhn. Hawulh J^,l,u  VAN<!OirVKK   l.!a��,iiuiml AiiHini������  I ,fi��!  'I'liroiitth hooltll��KH  t<�� Kiiro|��" via ��>' At,Jl,,'  nV'f& u��ic��iH fro... ��n pom* 'u '^  raloi-u  F.S.CAETKIt,  Mbk, Vmw, An***  Nolnon.  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i I


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