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The Economist Oct 15, 1904

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 > WM. R. HEA.RST: "I have seen the  mostbeuutiful lakes in Italy and Switzerland, uud all those lovely biiots, but I have  never been anything Anur thun  General Comment.  The Nelson Daily News is fond of  citing the names of; ersons, previously  Conservative in their   political allegiance, who it alleges will on the 3rd of  November next support the Laurier  Government.   We have not, however,  noticed in its colurns any intimation of  tlie    announcement    that   ex-Mayor  Cochrane, of Montreal, the LiberaLM^  , P. P. for   St. Anne's  Division, will  likely run as  a Conservative at the  forthcoming election. This has created,  as it naturally would create, a sensation  in   the  commercial  metropolis.     JTf  other instances of prominent men who  ave converts to Conservatism are really  *a* matter of interest to our  readers,  among many whose names could be  cited are A. Macdonald and T. D. Robinson, both former Liberals of Winnipeg,  who   arc  out   with  statements  against the Laurier Government.  -_.     Among thc latest experiments which  - are being undertaken by tbe C. P. R  for.the improvement of its service, is  the composite telephone. This is a  new system, by maans of which telephone and telegraph messages may be  sent over one wire at the same time,  without hindering " the efficiency of  either instrument.  One -of the  new telephone instru-  . ments has been installed inthe office of  - G. J. Bury, general superintendant,  and others will be set up at Portage  "and Brandon within the next feflfcflays,  says the Winnipeg'Free Press. The  installation of these instruments is b3'  way ot an experiment, and they "are  .the.first thai have been set up in Canada., ; Ex peri mortts'have been carried  on with them in theJCJnited States, by  " 'the ''American Telephone and Telegraph'company,' but the C. P. R. is one  \'i'- .of the first to adopt them for railway  ���work.,. ���   ,    _  The-new instruments are based upon  the principle1 that the telephone and  telegraph are. operated by different  .styles'of. current. The-current from'  the telephone will not affect the tele-  .graph,key,-uud'the chief problem to be  solved, is the absorption of the tele-  ' graphic current "so^ that tho sound/of  the transmitter will not be reproduced  in'the telephone diaphragm. When  this has been accomplished, the one  wire may.be used for the dual purpose  without   the   slightest   hindrance jn  'efficiency.  If the instruments are found to work  satisfactorily, it is expected that they  will be installed in the offices of all the  chiefs of departments, so that telephone  communication may be had with all  points on the system. It is argued that  this will be a great .benefit in many  ways, for while there is no question as  to the efficiency of the telegraph, better  work may be done in a limited time  when the parties.chiefly interested can  come intodirectcommunication. It will  also make it possible to transact busi-  hess of arsecret or private~nuturerwith-  out having it pass through the hands  of a number of different operators. The  new instruments may be set up on any  wire that has been rendered "composite," tliat is which is carrying the two  " currents. ��� In this wiiy a telephone.raay  "be carried in tbe car rand attached to  the composite wire" at any point along  ' the line, bringing the car in immediate  touch with the whole of the system.  This system may also be carried into  the operating and- other departments  of the railway work.  was a heaven-born   genius, but   the  friends of that gentleman have contended, and with every reason for so  doing, that the present Commissioner  of Lands and Works is a first-class  business man, and that the conduct of  his department has never been more  efficiently carried ou  than under his  administration.     In the remarks he  made before the nominating convention at Victoria,  there was nothing  said that justified the attack from the  Daily News.     Of   course many hard  things are said in the heat of apolitical  contest whieh would not be uttered at  another time, and this will probably  account for  the unkind and  unjust  words of the News.  favor there.    From the political state  of feeling there, we feel safe in predict-  posed to be heirs of perdition, while  there everlasting   torments only en-  ing that at least eight or nine out of jhau-jed by*contrast the endless felicity  the ten seats will be carried by thc Op-1 of the small' number of ,-thc elect.   Ex  position. The Premier and the Minister of thc Interior are both reported  as having recently written to Premier  Haultain of the Territories, promising  that if the Government were sustained  in the_ general election, they will immediately thereafter "enter into negotiations with the Territorial Government, looking to the admission of the  the Northwest into thc Confederation  as a Province,'' hoping by this promise  to appease the anger of thc electorate.  __:  . L  Green boots have had their day.  Green diamonds are to be the next  novelty.  News has been received in London  from Johannesburg of the discovery  on the property of the IUejFksdorp  Gold and Diamond Comptthy/of. a  green diamond of about three-quarter  cara^ *" -A-.,-  The discovery was quite accidental,  and Mr. C. E. HoggTthe' chairman of  the company, said that it' .wtosr/pos-  sible thut thousands of these geiioS may  have .been crushed out 0/ exfstence  during the past few years. ,.  - They knew that green diamonds did  exist in the gold reef at Klerksdorp,  and that they were not to be found in  any other part of the world;, but, unfortunately tbey had been using what  was called a ball mill, which crushed  the ore to a powder.  Recently they had decided to pull  down the ball mill, and in doing so  they came across a green' diamond  which had slipped between the dies  and had escaped destruction.  A stamp battery is now being erected,  and the company hope that in crushing ore in a different way these green  gems may lie saved.  .Mr. Hogg lias ip his safe at the  -offices of - the company in. Greshaut  street a number of green diamonds,  both polished and unpolished, tbat  were found at Klerksdorp in 1893.  They are of a pale sea green tint,  an<T those.,cut and. polished ^sparkle  Jikc^'gems'of piirest ray sereue.i' -'A'--���  There is a general feeling among lacrosse enthusiasts here that the time  has now arrived  when Nelson should  cease importing players.   There might  be some excuse for  the substitution of  rin outside player now and again if by  so doing it would assist-in winning  games, but such has rib been the experience in the past.     In the matches  played at the coast during the past two  weeks, it is probable that if Nelson had  played her intermediates a much better  showing would have been  made than  what- was done by the wholesale importation of outside players.     Besides  Koorte" seemed to be interested inthe  result of the matches, from the fact  that so many of the players were unknown in Nelson.    Ib is doubtful if  all the advertising done by the Tourist  Association this year will  compensate  for the "black eye"  the town has received through the conduct of certain  members of the team at New Westminster.   The coast papers generously  refrained from saying much about this  matter at first, but the offenses became  so frequent and flagrant that notice had  to be taken of them at last. -There are  any number of-young players in Nelson who would have done better than  the immigrants.   Take, for .instance,  William McBeath,   Leslie   Steel and  Fred   Bell,-  three   good   intermediate  players.   They would have-rendered  better services than  the outsiders, yet  they were not given an oppoitunity to  to play.   Several old players were also  overlooked in the selection of the team.  No fault can b*> found   with  the old-  time -players.     Tlfey   certainly    did  everything in" their power to maintain  the credit of their town, Another point  in this connection is, tbat if the intermediates are not given to understand  stand that in  time they will be able to  get a place on  the senior team,,the  stimulus for practice will soon begone.  President Patton, of   Princeton, expresses what is coming to, be a widespread belief, that >tbe.number of the  ���finally lost rwill, probably bein about  the proportion   of  those .confined in  prisons on  the earth.    Rev. Dr. Gordon of the historic-..Old South church  thinks that if God rljiaily triumphs thc  Svhole human raee'will be saved. Canon  Farrar calls the old;"cburch doctrine*  blasphemy, and * styles    those   who  teach  them the worst enemies of the  faith and "the- immediate  parents of  atheism' and despair. ' He and most  other eminent divines of  the present  day advocate the preaching of the gospel of loveratherthan that of fear���the  setting forth of God's mercy as well as  his justice.   In view of these utterauces  of .the "larger hope" by orthodox theologians, Mr. Knight, a professor of the  liberal theology, fears that the pendulum is swinging too far in the opposite  direction; the- new' hell is being made  so pleasant that bad men will choose it  as a place of residence.    He approves  of the action of- a professor in another  liberal divinity school, who advises his  students to read Jonathan Edwards so  that they may" learn the language of  anathema, and know  how to "preach  theawfulness of sin and its inevitable  penalty in this woild and the next.  It is-Dtily by making comparisons  that'a fairly'accurate conclusion can be  reached as regards merit and progress  Particularly-is this'the case, with respect tb exhibitions, such as the one"  that wasjicld at Nelson the last days  of September.     Messrs. Annable- and <tThe great trouble in Nelson is, we have  The   Daily   News, by   iti   uniform  politeness to political.friend and foe,  ��� has earned for itself an enviable reputation in the Kootenays, and it will, be  . a- calamity not only to the paper, but  to the public as well, if the credit so  honorably earned is to be forfeited during the political campaign now in progress.      No one objects to the News  publishing the names'of the'Tecent  converts to the Liberal faith, even if in  the majority of cases tho converts are  not voters and those who had votes  never gave them to the Conservative  candidates. ���   That is excusable according tu political ethics, but in using the  language employed by the News to express its disapproval of* Hon. Robert  Greeny-it has gone beyond its limits,  and has not succeeded   in scoring.a  point for its party; nor has it been just  to the gentleman it has attacked.   Mr.  Green has done only what the Cabinet  Ministers of Ontario have done and are  doing to help their party, and in so doing they were quite within their rights.  They should not be abused for what  they have done, nor should Mr. Green  be subjected  to the virulent abuse of  the News for having taken part in a  politcial meeting at Victoria.   We have  never heard that Mr. Green or- his  Clements, who twre-'very'nm'ch interested in the suecess of theiocal exhibition, visited the Spokane' Fair,' and  after a earefal study of what they saw  there express the belief'that it in no  way approached the Nelson Fair. The  exhibits were larger, so far as quantity  was coneernet', but inferior as regards  quality. And the building was not as  good, nor .the decorations as attractive.  Other-visitors-to Spokane corroborate  the testimony of Messrs. Annable and  Clements. Mr. J. A. Keller, the Fair-  view nurseryman, .visited the New  Westminster   Fair,   aud    carried  off  J&, ~^ A   ���-  many prizes' for his fruit exhibit. Mr.  Kelley testifies to the fact .that the  New Westminster Exhibition was'far  behind the Nelson- Fair in everything  that goes to make upa great exhibition.  There was, as in the case of the Spokane Fair, larger exhibits, but in quality  the home exhibition was ahead. Tbis  being the case, is it to be wondered  that the Nelson people feel greatly  pleased with what was accomplished  by their second annual fair?  Reports from reliable sources indicate that Col. Prior will beat George  Riley in Victoria. Col. Prior, apart  from the fact that Victoria is really a  Conservative city, has a strong hold on  the citizens of the capital city. He has  run several times there and has never  been defeated for any office.  always tried to have too good a team,  and the result has been." tliat the other  towns have lost interest in the game,  knowing that they can not "hold their  own with Nelson. It would be ten  times better to go down to defeat with  a team composed exclusively of Nelson  boys than a team made up of outside  players.  Tlie*""Premier_7)f~New Bruhswicls  stated at a public meeting in Vancouver that he was authorized by Premier  Laurier to say that, if returned to  power, he would favorably consider the  demand of the Province for " better  terras." It is also now stated that the  Minister of the Interior has written a  letter to Premier Haultain of theNorth-  west Territories, declaring that it is  the intention of the Government to  grant autonomy to the Territories next  year if returned to office. The Ottawa  autocrats refused to consider the demand for autonomy when it was frequently put forth. They now realize  the strength and unity nf the demand  for it, and aro ready to promise that or  anything else to appease the public demand.  Last week The Economist made  the statement that only .one. woman  was ever instructed, in the secrets, of  Masonry. To this assertion' Charles  Maltby, a well-known member of the  order in Nelson, takes exception, and  backs up his contention by quoting  from a'recent article in Munsey's'Mag-  azine. * The article, in question tells!bf  three women who Jind been initiated in  the order. One"was Hon. Mrs. Aid-  worth, daughter of Vicount Doneraile,  whose name.wasmeiitioned last week,  and the other two' "Were Mrs. Beaton,  an English woi*nan,*and Mine. deXain-  trailles, who was initiated in a French  lodge. The circumstances under  which Mrs. Aldwortlvbecame a member of a Masonic lodgeVare related about  the same as -were gi verr-last-week. ���" ��� It  seems that at a meeting of Lodge No.  44. at Doneraile, Cork County, she  secreted bei'aelf, and witnessed tbe first  and second degrees. She wns discov  ered, a consultation was held, and she  consented to receive two degrees'. She  became an ardunt Mason, and being  possessed of a large foi tune, she was  enabled to devote much of her timeand  means lo charity. It was curiosity also  that brought about Mrs. Beaton's in-  itation in the secrets of the order. She  contrived to conceal herself behind the  wainscot of a lodgcrootn, and thus secured the coveted secrets. She never  divulged what she had seen. Mme. de  Xaintraillcs applied for admission in  the masculine uniform of a captain of  cavalry, but it was discovered that she  "was the"vvil'eof"G^neral"tle~XuitTtrailIes^  Nevertheless, the members of tlie lodge  offered to admit lier to the fraternity.  Other women may have been equally  successful in obtaining the secrets of  the fraternity; but if'so, they have  carefully guarded their discoveries.  Under the caption , "Bulyea is Opti  mistic,'' our contemporary, the News,'  states tbat Mr. Bulyea, Commissioner  of Public Works for the Territories,'  gives his views as to the result of the  pending election there as follows :  "It  is   practically admitted  by the Opposition thnt we (that  is   the Ottawa  Government)  shall   win   eight   of  the   ten  seats, and that Opposition candidates have now very little  chance in even Qu'Appelleand  Calgary,    which    were   "first  claimed by them as safe. They  now admit defeat even there."  Any one who knows anything about  the state  of political   feeling  in   the  Northwest   Territories    will    simply,both  George T. Knight, a professor of  Christian theology, shows in a recent  North American Review by numerous  quotations from modern orthodox  clergymen, how- the ancient conception of the final abode of lost souls has  changed in our day, arid how in addition to the new heavens and the new  earth described in the Apocalypse, we  are to have a new hell���a pleasing offset for the unspeakable horrors of  Dante's Inferno. It seems that even  St. Augustine, one of the greatest and  earliest of the Church fathers, taught  thot there would be gradations of punishment in hell, and periods of rest aud  mitigation. It was reserved for St.  Mivart, a devout Catholic of our own  day, to write a.book entitled "Happi:  ness in Hell." This book, though it  has been condemned by the pope and  the index, is highly approved of by  'many-good Romanists. In regard to  the number of the last, the views of  Protestants and  Catholics have  With the Daily News chronicling  the names of converts to the Liberal  cause and the Tribune exulting over  imaginary grievances in the Conservative ranks throughout the Province, the present political campaign  cannot be said tobe altogether lacking in  the usual display of party spirit at such  timos. The truth of the matter is there  are more converts to the Conservative  side than to the Liberal faith, and Conservatives in every city in the Province  have'patched up their little differences  of opinion and are-now in the fight to  win.  spect to the immediate construction of  the transcontinental railway, and fair  treatment of this Province with respect to our financial relations with  the Dominion. It is quite clear that  the eastern, middle and western sections will, and should, be simultaneously dealt with." The despatch  is as follows :  "Toronto, Ont., Oct. 10, 1904.  Hon. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K. C,  President    Conservative  Association,  Vancouver, B. C.  "In reply to your enquiry, permit me  to outline the salient features of our  transportation   policy.     We will immediately undertake the construction  of a transcontinental railway to the Pacific as a government work.    To this  end we shall vitalize all the powers of  government and the financial strength  of the Dominion.   For obvious reasons  the   utmost   expedition  will   be employed; iu  the first place,  to satisfy  without delay the need of our Great.  West, in  the second place, to curtail  cost in the important matter of interest  upon outlay during construction.   To  ensure early [completion, every section  of the  railway will be undertaken as  rapidly as, with all the   resources of  government! surveys can be made and  contracts entered into.     Wherever it  may be to the public interest we shall  not hesitate to exercise for the acquisition of existing   railways the same  powers "of- compulsory purchase which  are possessed and exercised by railway  corporations for.acquiring the property  of individuals.' "We shall supplement  our railway  policy by such improvement of our canals and waterways, and  of our harbors as will bring all up to the  highest staudard of the day and; to the  full needs of the country.     .      ,  .  '���We fully realize' that., the people,  confident of the'futureof this Dominion, do not fear any reasonable expenditure of money, wisely made, which  may tend to the development of our  country and.to the greater prosperity  of its inhabitants. We also propose to  put an end to the scandulous waste and  in'return for such assistance the city  might be able to reach some agreement whereby it could lake over the  line' and operate it, if not ata profit, at  least without loss. The tramway is  a good advertisement for Nelson, and  it would be a step backward to permit  it to suspend operations.  Viewed from the standpoint of the  requirements  of  a  well   constructed  play. "Heart and Sword" is a grievous  disappointment,  but regarded In the  light of a pleasing entertainment, its  presentation fully realizes the promises contained in the advance notices.  Nd confidence is violated in suggesting  that the genius of Mr. Nelson finds a  barren field in which to exercise itself  in "Heart and Sword."   He is above  all things a serious actor ; this play is  nothing more than burlesque, and not  very good burlesque at that.   In no respect does  it comply with the well-  recognized  rules, of   drama-building.  The unities are completely disregarded;  the plot, if it may be dignified by the  appellation, conceals but little, and before the curtain descends, on the first  act, the spectators know just what is  going  *o happen.    But they remain  until the last act, notwithstanding the  manifest dramatic defects of tbe piece,  and depart thoroughly pleased   with  the  performance  as a   whole.   This  may be regarded as somewhat anomalous,   but  the   explanation   follows.  There is great scope for character work  in the piece,'and Mr. Nelson* has surrounded himself with a company capable of bringing out every point in  the dialogue. Take, for instance, Louis  Ambrose, as  the towncrier of Stein-  bausen ; by bis natural acting, he conveyed the impression that a towncrier  is not a novelty, but strictly a modern  necessity, and to be found everywhere.  The spectator felt as if he had seen a  towncrier some place before, but the  circumstance had escaped his memory  until revived by the appearance of Mr.  .* m  taken Mr. Berry's part on account of  the latter's illness, is an actorof thVoIdA,  school; and in his time has* undoubted- j ' -_, f  ly/'played many parts,". and.VeVeri-A:!' ZJ,  ture to say, none of them badly. Earle - /AA%  Sterling belongs to the same sctiooV^." ^  and gave a very acceptable presenta- A"'?i  tion of Augustus Keen Shaver, the bar-" ," -'' ri  ber who through a peculiar combina- -* Action of circumstances  became'-.," My *A ' %&  Tl   t *t   jt *- ______ f ���* " "~v l^"���'"  "VJl*  Friend from India.". The other males ;9,\Vri?  inthe cast were lair. Qf tb* women, "< ?',��!*  (he honors were divided betweenMisa' -~ ~����  Shields and. Miss La Force; The for-" V.-f  mer was always doing something to  create a laugh, and the latter, though a *  little off in ber German dialect,' wbs  highly amusing at times. '" The two, .  other female parts did not make great  demands on genius, but they were at���  all times necessary to the plot Tbe **  best test of a performance is the measure of pleasure it gives the spectators,  aud judging by the repeated outburst's  of applause, *we should say "My Friend _  from India" was an unqualified sucA^  cess. The stage settings and costumes '-  were not the least attraetlvefeatures'of  the performance. - '     ' -    /  Ambrose. Very much praise could be  extravaganee which are incident to be9towe(1 ��� Wra< Garrette and H.  the present administration of Govern-  r��.,k~,�����>  ������   +i���>  ~..i :'^_i���*tX����   ''  presen  ment Railways, believing, as we do,  that th��a|r honest management under  a Commission would'make these rail-*"  way's tit least self sustaining aud would  afford better accommodation to commerce, and more .'equitable conditions  in every respect than now exist. Let  me also say that I have given much  thought" to the conditions in British  Columbia, which, in your opinion.call  for special attention in considering the*  financial relations between thc Dominion aud that Province. You claim  not only that these conditions are exceptional and ' peculiar to the situation ' and "physical ** character of  your Piovince, but also that they are  permanent in their nature. In my  opinion they are such as to demand  immediate enquiry arid investigation,  to the end that any injustice clearly  established may be immediately relieved.  R. L. Bokoen."  It now looks as if Vancouver* would  have a three-cornered fight. R. G.  McPherson ia the regular Liberal nominee and R. B. Ellis, the Conservative  candidate. But James McGeer, who'  has fought in the Liberal -ranks for  years, inclines to the belief that he has  some claim on the Liberal nomination,  and has announced that he will run in  tho Liberal interest. An effort was  made to induce George Cowan to run  as an independent Conservative, but  he spurned the offer, and announces  that he will devote as much of his  timeas be can conveniently afford in  advancing the interests of the regular  Conservative nominee.  Osborne, as the prime ministers - respectively of-Heiuhault and" Stein-  huusen. "i.The parts .were.uninteresting.  from'; a _ dranaatic.' point;Jof^X(ew,^ut  these two actors maQethera attractive.-  "Miss Helen Scott has not found ber  ideal role in "Heart and- Sword," but  she was very pleasing, and at all times  better.>than the part deserved." Mr.*"  Bruce is alfavorite with Nelson theatregoers, but'he neither added to nor detracted from that popularity in bis role  of "Frederick Stulbach. The part demands, over-indulgence in mock heroics, and of course this is not suited to  a really clever romantic actor like Mr.  Bi'iii e. There is nothing in the role  of Princo Victor, yet Mr. Nelsen made  it decidedly attractive. His splendid  elocution was lost on it, but he succeeded in convincing- the public that  versatility as an actor is oue of his  strong points.. The theatre-going people of-thfs city expect-more-frosii-Mr.-  Nelson than from any.other actor who  visits us, and it is gratifying tb state  that their expectations are usually realized. He appears in a wide range of  characters, aud while he is really excellent in many, he is acceptable in all.  While "Heart and Sword" is not likely  to last more than tbis season, the public has some reason to feel thankful for  its presentation here. We were given  an opportunity of judging bow really  artistic accessories can embellish a  dramatic production. The stage affects  were the best yet seen in Nelson and  thc costumes were elaborate and beautiful. Thus a capable company, with  artistic surroundings, gave a most enjoyable representation of a piece that is  uot'entitled to much consideration or  praise on its own account.  .There will be much interest maui- ������   ���;  fested in the forthcoming "presentation '   **  of -'Faust" by the Harold Nelson com-  N   '  pany at the Opera House.   There are-    *  .several   dramatizations' of  Goethe's *  masterpiece,  but  the  people on this  continent are probably best acquainted  with the versions given by Louis Morrison  and  John.Griffiths.   ,The con-      A  yentional forms of poetry usually Impede  the movements of nature, but  "Faust" as given by the two gentleman named above is always natural  and interesting. Mr. Nelson's version,  it  is said, differs  slightly   from   the ,     A  Morrison and Griffith dramatizations',      -  -  but follows closely' the poet.   The incidental music is delightful and the scenic effects magnificent.   Mr. .Walker  has spent a considerable sum of raouey  on" the  scenery  for this production.  Mr. Nelson  can rest assured-tbat he  will meet with generous patronage 011  the occasion   of his presentation* of  "FauBt" in this city.      .***-.<,"'"..   ,   *-  I1" ' " ' "' _1     *        -  a.     s.  ,  ���  V-'     i''-    "       .,,"      ., '-"^..sH-V   1i*r A A'.<'. >"7<y ~  ~Ixx. Priventin�� late-^omersfrom tak-r^C-a  ing theirseats until the curtain "falls';*'     ''_  Manager Cranston has*- con ferred' a fa'-5"  yor_on~a   long-suffering-- public* "In1   '"  coming late to tbe theatre and annoy-*1  ing. those who  are already in-their  seats and interested in the work of the  actors; the offenders have little appre-'  ciation of the rights of others.' Inthe*   -  majority of plays, it is only by care-f  fully listening to the opening dialogue- "^;-   -  that  mi  intelligent  understanding o��'  the play can be acquired ; yet it often <  happens tbat the first act is entirely'-  lost to the spectator through the 'exasperating noise caused by the people who1  come in late.   It is also annoying to,  the people on the stage, and very often,  unnerves them for the rest of the even-.,  ing!   Offenses of tbhTcharacter bave*     ~  been too numerous in Nelson,-'but a-  couple of lessons like- the one taught? **  ''h-I  H.   j..  VI  last- Saturday   evening  their repetition.  will  prevent  laugh at the above statement.    The'much changed.    Time was when the  friends put forth the claims that he] Conservatives have every thing in their' paajority of thc humanrace-were sup-  The most important announcement  that has been forthcoming during tbe  present election campaign, and, so far  as the interestsof the Province-of British Columbia are concen*ed;.the most  important for years, has beeu made by  Mr. Borden, the leader of the Liberal-  Conservative party in Canada. It is in  the nature of a despatch received from  the leader to Colonel-Prior,- Victoria,  through Sir Charles Hibbert' Tupper.  In view of the statements assiduously  circulated among the electors, Colonel  Prior telegraphed to Sir Charles to obtain an explicit stateificnt in regard to  two matters���the construction of a  trauscontlual railway and better terms  for British Columbia���and .upon both  points the reply is definite and satisfactory. In a letter from Sir Charles to  Colonel Prior, he says that "it should  '. The proposal of the Tramwuy Company to sell their line to the city  should not be passed over lightly. . It  would. be a. serious matter if the line  was shut down at the present time,  just when it might be made pay, if conducted economically. The suggestion  of some of the officials that the company could by endorsation enable the  city to sell its electric power debentures  at par, and thus place the city in a position to supply its own power, in return for which the tramway would be  taken over by the corporation, is entitled to serious consideration. The  ratepayers of Nelson by their votes  have declared that they want their  own electric power plant, and sooner  or later the will of the people must be  carried out. Without some other influence than that which the corporation has already been able to bring on  the London market, there is no immediate prospect of being able to sell the  debentures. The tramway people  could   extend'that  influence,   which  be an effective answer to all who bad  any doubts_as to his policy with re-  would be a material consideration, and  "My Friend from India." is a comedy with rather more of a plot than  the farce-comedies of .recent years. .It  is really amusing, too; a feature too  often lacking in alleged comedies. The  plot, if not altogether new, has enough  novelty about it to make it interesting,  and tbe person who would not sit tbe  whole performance out would-be very  difficult to please. If there are no  bright particular stars in the company  producing the piece, it cannot be  charged that there is one "bad actrbr''  in the whole n<reregatron. Iftbe writer were call ci uia-h to testify to the  best of his opinion as to the most capable actor in the cast, be would unhesitatingly name William Yule.  There is something very funny about  Mr. Yule, and he is never more amusing than when he is natural; when he  attempts to force his wit he often falls.  It is the same on tbe stage as in private life���unconscious hnmor is the  real humor. Forced wit palls on the  ear.   Chas. Del Vecchio,   who   bas  The old-time Liberal paper���the  Dundas Banner���one of the oldest  Liberal papers in tbe Proviuce of Ontario, has in a recent issue the following to say regarding tbe Government's  boasted surplus of $15,000,000 for the  past year:  '-Remember tbat we bave no sur- -  plus.  "The so-called surplus of $15,000,000  has been created by over-taxation.  " The Customs duties have been increased since 1895 $2.40 per head of the  population, and there are 5,371,315 people in the country.  " There was, therefore, raised by tbis  means '$12.891,156.  "The Inland Revenue duties vers  increased 50c per head, which raised  an additional $2,685,657.        . *  " We sold Dominion lands during  1903 amounting to $4,275,526, aud made  in the Yukon $652,740.  "All of these sums aggregate $20,-  505,079.  '* It is very easy to createsurpluses if  the farmers are willing to be taxed out  of house and home in order, that men  may be kept in power who force public  contractors to subscribe for bogus joint  stock companies' stocks before tbey  can obtain public contracts."  The Banner maintains that there is  no real surplus, but that there is an  excessive rate.of taxation. The ao-  called surplus can be made to appear  bigger by the simple process of making  further additions to the taxes taken  from the people, and in charging to  capital account expenditure properly  (.belonging to current atcownt.  MHIIIIIIIIIIIIil THE KELSOlf ECONOMIST  TI.EiEtSt.jl ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vkbwoit Stoeet, Nbi^on, B. C.  $1 Per -.ter Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All <hvngea In adve.-tlsb.-nents to Insure  iaacrtlon should reach this oflice uot later  tttfti Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address ls required. It i.s  desirable that both thu old address aud the  new be itlven.  Address all communications. '��� I'libliKlwr  of This Nelson ucosomist. Nolson. IJ. (J."  THE GREAT   QUESTION.  ���* How sliould I vote at the forth'-  ���coming election of a member to represent the district of Kootenay in  the House of Commons?" This is  a question which every elector  should be n-w considering*, and  with a proper realization of his responsibility Jor the vote which he  will cast.  The issues involved are of the utmost importance. There need be"  no difficulty in apprehending what  they, are, and there should be no  difficulty in coming to a wise de-  eisiou,  ,-.. As regards the candidates themselves, we shall say but little, though  surely The Conservative candidate  is personally as capable a man, Mid  has. during his long- public career  tendered as valuable services to  Canada in general, and to the Province of British Columbia in particular, as any which have been.  .rendered.by-his opponent. Mr. C.  -H.' Mackintosh - would certainly  make a most efficient representative.  He has shown, marked ability in  various ways since he came to British Columbia. -. ���  . '-* But  it  is' chiefly   with   public  - measures and policies that we shall  deal, and on which we bespeak support, for Mackintosh. Take the  question of the construction, operation and ownership^"qf.'the Grand  Trunk' Pacific Railway, for in-  iustabce.V'Wfaiat are the attitudes towards it.bf the Government and of  the Conservative party? Various  estimates of Jhe amount/of-the.-Gov*--  " ernment's liability under the Grand  Trunk- Pacific agreement - place  it    at.,  from   ,$155,000,000    -to,  . #171,000,000'.    Sir Charles  Rivers  - Wilson", ��� President of , the Grand  Trunk Railway; iri recently addressing, the shareholders, said as .follows : " Under this arrangement  the people of Canada are to contribute nine-tenths ofthe cost aud  the Grand Trunk Railway only  one-tenth."  In the bargain made between the  Grand Trunk  Pacific  Co: and the  Government;  tbe  part  of the railway from Moncton to Winnipeg^ 4s  "~to~be-whoily'~buttt^and"~o\vneQ~by  the   Government.      It    will    run  through a  country  offering   great  difficulties ia  tl.e construction of a  railway. " But little  is yet kuown  of" much   of  the   1800 odd miles  through which it .will,-pass.    This  "part of the road is to be constructed  and paid for  by  the Government  and banded over on its completion  to the 6 rank Trunk  Pacific  Co.  for seven years without  any rental,  and for the succeeding  three s*ears  without rental if the  earnings a. e  not sufficient to pay tbe  three  per  cent on the cost  of  construction.  After this for.the next forty years  the company  are  to pay three* per  cent on the cost of construction as  rent.    West of  Winnipeg,'   where  the road will run through the Northwest Territories, where  the land is  uniformly   fertile   aud the  cost of  construction * will be much less, we  find that while the Canadian people  contribute'  SH GROCE  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Us an Order for lour  - Groceries, then Notice  riio promptuc-sof del I very.  Tlie clc'tii'it'.-!) mid rri'vlincbs of GoocK  The full honest nu-nsuro.  The (luullly of wnat you iti t.  You will flnd Rbniidaiit reason for sending  your future older*.  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C.,Cap. 168. .orthecl<nrlii�� and removing of obstructions from tlie Lower nnd Upper Duncan HI vers and Howser Lake and the ; j  mouth of the Duncan IJiver at, Kootenay J  Luke, beiniriill ol' the Lower Duncan Kiver, _J  Howser Lake, and a distance of ten  inilcK up lliu Upper Duncan K ver from  Howser Lake, l'or making the same  lit for rutting and driving thereon logs,  timber or ral'tK, and to construct  dams, booms and breakwaters, and to make  sueh other or necessary improvements or  constructions that may be necessary for the  driving ol'li>KH therein or thereon, or retaining'Ihem within the course of tlie said stream,  and for tlio purpose of storing and transmitting logs t hereon and sorting and booming  the same ut lhu mouth of the Duncan Kiver  al Kootenay Lake, and doing everything for  the pin poses a fori said.  The lands tn be nlli'ctcd by the said works  live all the lands abutting oiv the said Lower  nnd Upper Duncan lilvers nnd Howser Lake  for the full distance of tlie proposed works or  .Improvements.  The rate for tolls, boomngc, rafting, driving  of logs, timber und lumber, and for taking  care of Ihe same until delivery, proposed to  ho churged by tho undersigned, is to be at the  rate of seventy-live cents per thousand feet  from points on the Upper Duncan uivcr.iinu  from points intervening between the said Up-  ;>er Duncan Ulver and the mouth of  Lardo  Joy's Cash Grocery  T1IONE19  Certificate of Improvements.  Pingree, Mayflower.-Tilalce. II. G. K..Sum-  it Fractional und Snow .Prill. Fractional  Mineral Claims, situate ln the Nelson Mining  Division of West Kootenay district.  Where located: Un the Divide between  Sa ndy and 49 Creeks above the " Florence ti,"  Mlueial Claim.  Take notice that I, John ^IcLatcliie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for James I/.  Stamford,Free Miner s ('crttticatijNo. 1W0,G2��,   AngusG Shaw, Free Miners Certilicate  No. liaS.'ilound Louis Ernst Free Miner's Certitlcate No. 11. 80,83,2, intend si*��ty days from  the date hereoi, toiipply to the Mining Ke-  (.ordcr for Ctrl Meatus oi Improvements, for  the purpi sent obtaining Crown Grants uf the  ab'��ve claims.  And further take notice, that action under  Section 37 must be commenced be lore Ilie issuance of Mich Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of November, A. 1). 1SK)3.  -.��� Jojix MoLatChjk. 1*. L. H.  per._   _.    _.  ...  Hiver oi��\thc Lower Duncan to Koootenay  ���Lake, and at the rate of Hfty cents per thousand feet on the Lower, Duncan from tlie  inouili of the Lnrdi Hiver lo Kootenay Lake,  the charges aboveenumerated t<> cover sorting aud booming the same.-All necessary  boom slicks properly fastened together with  chains to receive the same to be supplied by  the tiansmitlcr.aiid such logs tu be received  iminedhitcl.v on tlieir delivery at Kootenay  Lake properly boomed. Such charge, however, to be subject to thesame bei-uijlixed by  a Judge of the County Court, of Kootenay,  pursuant toHeelioii 10 ofthe said "Hi vers aud  Streams Act."  Dated this Dili day of August. 1!HH..  J. 1\ McGULDHICK.  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Of MEN'S SHOES to  hand.;   Good to look  at, good to wear,  and reasonable in price.  red. L. irwi  PROCTER.  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Box 5G3 "   Office: Kootenay St. KeUou  company, otber than th^'t which is  obtained from .the general laws of  the country.; .and the Grand Trunk  Railway Co.,- which will operate  the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway,  remains just as free to carry goods  in the future as they have been in  the past to the United States,/ind  "to'B'uiIdup7 "Portland in the" State of  Maine instead of Canadian ports.  The whole agreement seems to be a  most.- improvident "one- as regards  the Canadian people.  Besides, this line will destroy the  Intercolonial Railway,  which   runs  from*Mon real in the,west to  Halifax and St. John  in the east���a line  which has cost the people of Canada  at least $80,000,000.    The business  which   the   Grand   Trunk   Pacific  Railway will get is that which is at  present,   and  would .otherwise be,  had bythe   Inter-colonial  Railway.  This was one of the most obnoxious  features of  the   agreement to   the  S.H oh" MrTB 1 ai r ^ ca usi tig" him" t o~re-  sign  his   position   in   the Government.    The   construction   of    the  Grand Trunk   l'acific east of Quebec "will operate to the detriment���  to the destruction except   as a local  ro.id���ofthe Intercolonial Railway,  and this is a very serious result to a  property which has   cost   the huge  amount stated;,  As' regards the attitude towards this . question of the  Conservative party, we quote Irom  the address-, of Mr. R.' L. Borden,  tiie leader of the party, "delivered in  Toronto on the 4th inst., in which  the party's position is clearly and  officially stated :  ���'What is the policy, you will,  ask. of the Conservative parly on  the transportation question ? It is  a simple one. ��� The people of Canada contribute in cash and credit  $150,000,000* towards the building  of the Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-  the   larger ^part ol the I w,av.      They have provided, nine-  cost, it. is the Grand Trunk Pacific  Co. which will own,- operate.ancl  control it, and all profits which will  "be derived from it become absolutely  the property of the Grand Trunk  Pacific Co. If the line would turn  out to be a failure, the loss will fall  upon the Canadian people ; if a  success they receive none of the  profits���--only the three per cent  rental���-and after all this expenditure by or on behalf of the people of  Canada, -the Government has no  Control of the rates chargeable by the  tenths of the capital, j*et they do  not participate in the profits, control the rates, or have any voice in  the road's management. 3s it not  better to go one step farther, and  provide the whole ten-tenths of the  capital for the building of the railway ? This is what we proposed in  our resolution, which was voted  down. We said to the Government :  * You are on -the eve of a general  election. " This is the most important measure which has beeu placed  before   the, people of   Canada   iu  twenty-five years. ���You were not  elected on this issue, and you have  no mandate from the people to carry  it out.- Wait for a verdict at the  -polls ; do not enter upon this great  enterprise upon such extraordinary  terms.'  " We saw that, the Government  desired to make the Grand Trunk  PaciBc a rfead issue, that it was pro  posed- to say to the people. ' Bad  bargain or not, this bargain must  be carried out.' We thought the  voice of the Canadian people should  not be thus stifled. We said:'The  doors shall not be shut in the face  of the people. They shall have the  opportunity to say that they desire  a truly national transcontinental  railroad.'  '.' If the Conservative party is returned to power we will place on.  the statute books such -legislation  as vi ill enable the will .of the people  to be carried out. This is our posi-  TioiTon this issued * We~ throw the  responsibility 011 you ; it is for you  to decide I believe the people of  Canada will still say that they are  to have a voice in the nation's affairs, and that they will return to  power a party which will not only  build a transcontinental railway  with the people's money, but .build  it by and for the people of Canada."  So much for this question. Other  questions we shall discuss in future  issues' of The Economist. .. We  shall endeavor to contribute our  quota to enable electors to intelligently decide the question as to the  proper candidate to vote for at the  forthcoming election.  urn  WHOLESALE ANDRETAIL  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  Branch   Markets . in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  tion.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and' careful atten  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C.  BETTER TERMS FOR B. C.  Mr. D. R. Wilkie recently visited  this Province in the interest of the  Imperial bank of which he U general  manager. On his return to Toronto,  he is reported as having given utterance, to the following, which we extract from the issue of the Proviuce  of.;tbe.8th inst :  "What most impressed me regarding British Columbia," said  Mr. Wilkie, u 'lis the fact that she is  being neglected, by the .rest ofthe  Dominion. Her natural products  are in competition with those ofthe  United States upon a free trade  basis,yet upon everything British  Columbia uses she has to pay duty;  She  is. not properly recognized by  the rest of the Dominion, and yet  sheis-at���present-more-prosperous  than anjTbf the other provinces,  aud, as I say, will beat them all in  time. Her resources are simply  enormous. Ontario, I fear, will  have to take third or fourth place in  a few years."  Mr. Wilkie is; a business man,  and hot primarily a politician. His  words show the unfair treatment the  Province of British Columbia is receiving. We observe that the Premier of New Brunswick, who has  been visiting British Columbia, recently stated at a meeting in Vancouver that he was authorized by  Premier Laurier to say that if he  were returned to power the claims  of the Province to '* better terms"  ^vould be favorably considered by  him. This, on the eve of a general  election is an insolent bid for the*  votes ofthe electorate. These claims  have beeu urged upon him and his  Government for years past, but they  were persistently ignored. Novv,  after such treatment,".comes this bid  to the electors, to be in all likelihood again forgotten, as was the  case vvith the mint four years ago.  In the Vancouver papers, the standing headline, in large type, was :  " Vote for Maxwell and the Mint in  Vancouver" ; in the Ne.w Westminster papers it was : "Vote for Morrison and the Mint in New Westminster ;'���' in the Victoria Times it  was : " Vote for. Riley and the Mint  in Victoria"���all to be forgotten aud  ignored when the cry had served its  WestKootehay Butcher Oo  Wholesale nnd Retail  Dealers lu  Camps supplied ou shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention. -  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  In.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiositv Shop, Josephine St, Nelson  temporary purpose. So in all probability would it be with this announcement regarding, better terms  for the Province of British Columbia.  Fire and  Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  0 \��j=s�� ���  BAKER ST.. NELSON, B.C  *���* A.  P. O. 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Mr. Hale  was recently sued for bills incurred  during his campaign. He swore in  one of these suits that he ran on  the distinct agreement with the  Hon. James Stratton, a member of  the Ontario Government, and James  Vance, the Liberal organizer, that  his (Mr. Hale's) expenses in tbis.  electoral contest would be limited  to $10,000, and'that -the-balance of  the expenses, which turns out to be  $30,000, would be met by them.  Mr. Hale paid the said $10,606,  but there are some $5,000 of outstanding accounts still unpaid by  the "Liberal machine." The reverend editor of the Toronto Globe  was, or professed to be, shocked at  the expenditure by Mr. Dunlop .-ir.d  his followers "of. $7,000 in the contest, but the larger expenditure will  doubtless* be less objectionable in  his opinion. The particular suit in  which, this evidence was given b\r  __owu   HAlvfiivn  aiUJJ   m!AlUIG0  At the great reception given to  Mr. R L Borden in Toronto on the  evening ofthe 4th inst., Mr; J. P.  Whitney, the leader of the Ontario  Opposition, made a very grave  charge against certain Tostoffice officials, with a full realization of his  responsibilicy in so doing. His  words, as reported, are  as  follows :  "During the two months or more  in which the election case at the  'Soo' was under preparation, a number ojLletters concerning the case  were sent from the 'Soo' by a legal  gentleman interested in the prosecution. Not one of them reached its  destination. I drew the attention  ofthe Postoffice  Department of the  minion to this state of affairs.    Ibe-  * ��� ���  lieve it is not the first time that  such a condition has existed at the  'Soo.'"���'.. Z'--.   li   ���  This is a direct charge against  the administration of the Postoffice  Department. Has it come to this  that to thwart the ends of justice  and to protect political criminals,  His Majesty'smailsare to be robbed  with official approval ? It is impossible to conceive of a more discreditable or dishonorable proceeding.  O  111  2  O  CO  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  JOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  �����- ��� >  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B\ C. Customs House, Nelson  Navy  Cut Cigarette  Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to fione  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner, Beeton & Co., L'td/VictQria,b.c.  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  turers ofthe "Pinto Shell Cor  dovan" Gloves and Mitts  R.H.CARLEY,B.C.Agt.  LETHBRIDGE COAL  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by ca6h and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of    '  W. P. TIEBBEY, GENEBAL AGEHT  .01  **  i| am  -A"  i  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ���rr-  ^*te^^^*^l^*^;.  Why not get them ?    It is such a  comfort  for winter  evenings.  You may require a very simple pair of glasses, which would give you  great relief. .  *  Consult our.Opticiaa.    He.will tell you.  PATENAUDE BROS  Watchmakers, Jewellers  and  | [ ,    Opticians.       Phone 293  M ����_  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim, situate In tlio  Nelson Mining Division of West, Kootenuy  District.  Where located : On Rover- Creek, ubout  three miles from Kootenay Uivi-r. Tuku notice that I, Kmnk Fletcher, of the City of  Nelson, aciin^ as si-rent l'or myself, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1482,023, and A. 0. Fluin-  mcrfelt, Free Miner's Certificate No. l'W'.O'.M,  intend, sixty days from lhe "dnte hereof, to  apply to the Mining llecorderfora Cert i lien te  <ji Iinpiovements for the purpose of obtuin-  iniiijr a Crown (Jiant of the above claim.  And further take notice thnt-action, tinder  sec'Jnn 37, must be eommenced before the in-  suiinee oi .,��� ;-. i'i.tilleate of Improvements.  Dated this UGth day of May. A. I> 1901.  ���-    OJi'jcAICK Kl.E'rcnEK.  Certificate of Improvements.  Tlie Vancouver and Kootenay mineral  elainip, situate in the Nelson Mining Division,  of West Kootenay District.  Where located: .Oh east Ride of Kootcnny  Lake, about three miles cast, of the town of  ynnt'H. ���.'���'..-.  Take notice' that I, J...L. Q. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certitlcate No. BR-US-I for myself and  :i8 agent for II. Abbott, l'Yec Miner s Certilicate No. 1184,18:', and K. L. llentley, Free Miner's Certlllcate No. V6!ifl45, intend, sixty days  irom tlie date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for tlie purpose of obtalnin-; a Crown Grant  of thc above claims.       " ,  And iurther take notice that action, under  Section37, n111st.be commenced before issuance ofsucli Certificate oflniprovcmeiits. -  Dated this Mill day of June, 11)04. .  '���...a   J.D. U. AlJDOTT.  mpany,  Local and Provincial.  I tfhe boys and girlsof the city schools  had a most enjoyable day of ppi/its at  th*** recreation grounds yesterday.  Hon. C. H. Mackintosh -will be in  Kelson next week, and will then hold  a consultation with his political friends  V. Lamont, of ibeoCanada Drug &  ���t.ook Co , Lt'd, left this nriormiiR on a  fvisit to bis old home in "Prince Edward  'Island.  Nelson Opera Hooss  2-nights-2  Oct. 19*20  . '- Dave McBeath is authority for the  statement that the mystery surround-  'Jng the disappearance of "the lost  Charlie  Poss".  thirty-four years as*-.  .tvill find Its reproduction, in Yale-  Cariboo on election day.  '���(�� l*he sale of two properties on l3ftk- r  Street this week* at good pricou, i.s \he  ?,beBt kind of evidence that there in ��  njjood demand for..business property in  'Kelson. Real estate is higher now than  ' '.it ever was before in the history of the  -r'dty.. ��� A-.   -  ���*������  ,v     -,.    ,.'     -.    "r   S-Z      1 -    . -r  The,board^f enquiry-am! investi  ation  Into  i^e'iD'anaaenfoiit of th  instigation into tbe hianakemont of the  Itootenay'Lake' General-Hospital met  this afternoon at 3 o'clock./ Tlie board  is composed of Gold Commissioner  Iteuwick, Aid. Clenicuts. and Frank  ��� Fletcher. ',y'   " ;"*"  "     , '  ion of the Citv of  -IX-  ii  FAUST  Wednesday Night  }}  HEAHTs S  It'fs within the range of possibility  tbatJwe may bave -a\sfi'ort^8eas6ii of  "opera"during,tbe cfosingciuys'of November.-*/ ^Manager' Cranston* left for  Calgary thismorning with'the liope of  beinp able to secure,.'"Tlie Bejrgnr  Prince'-' Opera Company for a tour of  tbe Northwest Theatrical Circuit.  On tbe ?th of next month the Government Will hold a sale at Kaslo of all  tbe delinquent crown granted mineral  claims in .the Slocan and Slocan City  mining divisions, in order- to' recover  the taxes due thereon.- Tbcre'are 319  Claim.) delinquent, many of which are  ill the city division, and the ajjgregat-'  to  Thursday Night  Tickets on mile Tuesday morning.  Prices 1 $1,00,75c and 50c  amount of taxes  owing  thousands bf dollars. ���  reaches  It  may not  strike the public that  ;, tyay.but ft appears to The Economist  that C. P." Walker is " featuring" bini-  "��elf''a little too much in   connection  ���with ,bis^'show's,,y '.'Inasmuch  as  lie  .'neither writes the plays, norrtakes part  lo their  production,  there  docs  not  seem tobeany'real justification for his  persistency in creating the impression  tbat be is "tlie whole show." -   "Too  much Walker" may in  lime become  nauseating, if it has not already h:id  that effect. A  At the meeting of the directors of tho  Kelson Agricultural and Industrial Association last evening thc secretary reported that last year there was $312.72  jto.the credit of  the association.    Thc  total receipts this year from nil snurccB  amounted to 53-577.80, making a total  of $3880.52.^   Tbe disbursements made  to  date araouuted to' $2746*70, lea vine:  $1143.82  on.baud.     Outstanding   ac-  v counts amounted  to $450. "Tiiere are  now 575 members of  the association*  On Tmotion of F. Starkey, seconded by  J.'A. Irving it was.decidcd to allow J.  ~E. Annublc, the secretary, the sum 6f  $300 for his services and $50  for expenses.  which, if uttered by them at all, were  spoken by them at an earlier date, under  entirely differenc   circumstances,  and had 110-reference to "this-project.  Our contemporary-knows   or   should  know and avow, if reference to this  matter is made in its columns, that all  of the more-prominent leaders of the  Opposition were during the Just session  a unit in proclaiming their views on'this  question;   and that their unanimous  view was and is that, instead  of tiie  Government's suhemej which they regarded as detrimental iu everyway to  Canadian'   interests,  the Government  itself Bhould cousttuct and operate this  trans-continental railway. Their unanimous contention was and is that, if the  people of Canada are committed to pay  nine-tenths of the cost of construction  and equipment of the railway and then  bandit over for fifty yean, to be operated  by a company without the reservation of  any control over it by the'  lessors other than that which is given  by the general laws of Canada, and at a  rent which will not pay the interest ou  the moneys invested tberei:), it would  be better���fur bettei���for tlie Dominion  to pay the remaining small proportion  of tlie cost,,and afterwards own and  operate the property.    And  will not  every man of common sense say (hat  thc Opposition is right in this contention ?    'Unit isa bad cause which has  lo be bolstered up by misrepiemulation.  Thutji.  Nelson, 14th October, 11)01.  Water Rates Notice  Water rates  for the quarter ending- Dec.  Si, IPC I, aro due and   payable" at the city oflice  011 Saturday, Oi.t. 1.      11'   iw.li!  error  before I lie lot li. Oct. a discount of 10 per cent,  will be allowed.    If not. paid on or before Oct.  Slat Lliu aers-ice Will be discontinued.  By order.  D. C'-McMORniS,  CltyClerlt.  Nelson. October 1.1901.  Corporation of the Cit/ of Nelson  ELEQTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates for the month of Sept.  are now due and  payHble  at lhe Clt>; offices.    If  paid on   or before  the   15th Oct.  dlBcountol'10 per cent will bcallo7t*ed.  Nelfcon.Oct. 1,1904.  By ordor,  D.C. McMORRIS  Citv Clerk.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  By virtue of several Warrants of Execution  Issued out of the Jounty Court of Kootenay,  holdcu at Nelson, against the (roods and chattels of the Active Gold M mini; Com pan y, Limited, non:pci'H3ohal liability, I have seized and  taken in Kxcculinn, all-lhe riulit, title and interest of the said Active Gold Mining Company, Limited, n on-personal liability. In tin  mineral claims knownasandcalled "Queen,"  "Union Jack," "Empress,"' "Horseshoe."  "Climax." '(Bernard," "Admiral Mayer," and  "Magly" alL'situate on Porcupine creek, and  recorded in thc ollice of I he 31lnin*r Recorder  for the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District, and also all the right, title and  interest of the said Active <!-oltl Mining Company, Limited, non-persona! liability, in ont  ft) ampere.vdynaino, manufactured by th��  Crocker-Wheeler Co.. of New Jersey, with  switch frame and switches, onc'Pelton water-  wheel, one driving wheel. "Willi Bliartiiifi aim  bcarinRS, about 80 feet of lea i lier belt Ing. about  300 feet ofl2 Inch steel wtiterpine with reducer  and cut-oil" valve, about two tn lies of insulated  copper wirc,'nnd.aKiinilar length ot telephone  wire, one machine drill, one telephone instrument, together wllh oilier mining mid electrical machinery, of which a. catalogue maybe  seen at my.offlce;" all of whl eli I slm ll expose  for sn le, or sufficient thereof to satisfy ��uld  several Warrants of Execution nnd eists.at  my ollice, next thc Court House in (lie City, of  Nelson, JJ. C, on Wednesday, the 'JOth day"ol  October next, at the hour of eleven o'clock in  tlie forenoon.  Terms orsale, Cash.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, *Uth October, IBM.  H. 1'. Tuck,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  wrali an  inery, Ladies' Jackets, Pur  SHERIFF'S SALE.  A Liberal   M. P. P.'s View   on  the  G. T. P. Agreement.  MISREPRESENTING STILL.  Editor of Thb Economist:  The News, in ita issue of Hals morn-  ]D|r~ is exceedingly disingenuous in nt-  tempting to cast discredit upon tbe  Conservative Opposition in the House  of Commons in the matter of the construction, equipment and ti|K-i ation of  a Government Jine of railway from the  East to tbe Pacific by citing statements  of prominent leaders cf the Opposition  Mr, retty-.k'ce, a Liberal M. P. P.  in the Ontario Legislature, nnd the  recognized railway authority therein,  has recently published his views regarding the (j. T. 1\ agreement. He  says in part:  " Any p rtion of the road  that is to be built atthe public  expense, should he.retained to  t he use of the "people, and not  given away. J twill cease to  be an all-Canadian road when  it becomes a part of thc Grand  Trunk system, -which iu its  operation for years past has  been decidedly anti-Canadian.  Loyalty to Canadian interests  demands that the existing and  proposed Government lines be  kept under absolute Government control. The proposition  now before the country is not  11US1NESS ; IT IS NOT STAT1-JS-  MANSHir ; 3T IS NOT I'AT-  KIOTISit."  Hy virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias issued  out of thc Supreme Court of Jtriti.sli Columbia,  ngaln'st the gooda and chattels of Morley and  Company, and by.virtue^of a -Warrant of Execution issued out of the County Court ol  Kootenay, holdcntot Nelnon. ngainst the goods  and chattels of Thomas Morjoy. 1 have seized  and taken in Execution ail llic right, title  and interest of the said Morley and Com pan -  and of the said Thomas Morley in thestoclc in  trade,goods and store.fittings MLuatcd and  being in llic'-store-buiidiiig. 1'ecent'y ficcupied  by thc .said.Morley and Company, on Baker  Street, In the City.of Nelson; all nf which 1  shall expose for sale or sntlielent lliercol  to satisfy said.Judgment debts and costs, at  my ollice, next to thc Court House, In the  City of Kelson,'B. C., on Monday, the 21th  day of October, 1301, at tne h'onr or eleven  o'clock, in the forenoon. -~  Note ���Intending purcluiKcrK will satisfy  themselves as to the Interest and title of the  said Morley and Company and Thomas Morley. ���������;������.-  Terms of Bale, Cash.  Dated aL Nelson,B. C. 14th dny or October,  l'JOl.-  B. I'.Tcck,  SherlffofKouth Kooteury.  Cheap Fall Excuursion Rates  -KltOM- --  NELSON  World's Fair Rates  SI. LOUIS $60  CSSk.<5fr> $65  Ijast Selling Kates   Qct. S, hI, 5.  For full particulars apply to local agents.  J.��. CARTER,  Dl8t.P0s8.A5t.,  Nelsoa.  E.J.COVLK.  A. O-P.A.  Vancouver  Our stock of Ladies' and Children's Mantles, Jackets and Coats is now complete and we bave marked  them  at prices exceedingly low.  Ladies' Walking .Skirts from $2.50 each to $9.  Ladies' Dress Skirls from $2 each to #18..   ���'  Ladies' Fancy "Dress Skirts, for evening wear, at reduced prices.  .   Blankets���We are showing in all qualities and sizes and our cash prices on these goods are much lower than last season.  .'\:,'   '1  IRVINE   CO.,   LIMITED.  'IG CASH STORE  .The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  THUR & GO  @��<?l|.'��'Sw����'��S  %  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  WWm  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heacs,  Enveiopes,  Business Cards.  j)odgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  n NOTICE.  In ihe'lnntter ofi'n'ii[application for,a duplicate of �� Certificate of Title to part or Lot 1315,  Group 1, Kootenay District.  Kotice Is hereby given ihat'ltis my intention to issucat thepxpiration of one month  fiom the first publication' hereof a clupllcntc  of the Certificate of Tilleto part of Lot 1815.  Groi.p 1. Kootenay Plslrlel, In the name of  Tlie Nelson &-Fort Sheppard HalIway Company, ���which certiflcate is dated the'ilthdav  or January; UB8, and numbered ROOK.  ���11. V. Mact.' on.  t     Vn    . ,     m���, 1'Jlutrlet Registrar.  Land tlrgistry Onico, JCcliion, IJ.C,  5th October, 1901.  NICKERS0N,T_���i!  WELER,  BAKER ST.  We only ask one trial to make yoiv/ ur cus  tomer. Fine Watch Jcwelrv, <)|)fieal and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  line. .Reasonable charges. Work scut us  from outside towns -will receive thc same care  as 11 personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers.  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  * TRIPLE   BEAD FRONT SIGHT *  Just think of it.  Price Postpaid, $2   An-Ivory-Be=*dj a-lilack-^Bead-and-a-Gold-Bead,_all_oiiJhe_gun__!  at one time for bunting andjarget shooting.     There is no single  color that shows well under all conditions.    Thus you can change  to suit conditions by sirnply turning the sight.  Made to fit all guns having slot,  t  Sportsmen's  Headquarters.  Nelson Hardware Co.  4^, *s%^%s*^'%/^^/%f%/^^A/V%*/&^^^w*^'^>'&*&&&'^-  IU I LL    NoChln  $1 per day and up.  ese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STREETS,  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF. MLLUUI!)  Ei, C  iiiiiii  TrAdc Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  Invention ia probably patentable Cotnmunlea-  tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  ecnt free Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive  tpeclal notice, without charge, in tho  cientific Mmmmi  A nandsoinoly illustrated weekly.  J-nrfceat clr-*-  Torms, (3 a  culntion of any scienttOo ionrnal __  year; (our months. $1. Sold by all nowodealcra.  Brttnch OOice. 62$ F St, WashlnstotCIva  ������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���^���������������^ ��������  | BARTLETT  HOUSE |  J (Formerly Clurke House) ,; x  J     The best SI per day house In Nelson.      Jfone but white help employed    The        x  X ' bar the best. 2  |G.  ROPRIETOR    1  hoouette  Geuinne Homemade        Bread  11    Cake and Pastry  Orders Filled  Promptly���Everything Warranted Pure  and Good.


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