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The Economist Aug 8, 1903

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 ���V "���  )    ' *��'ir.'- ft* -  /  VOLUME VII.  NELSOK, B. C, SATTJKDAY, AUGUST 8, 19GS.  NUMBER 4  ?jJrHi- r*r_��AP*%:  ' A'��kT~f?\  >Aym  - AM  ~vt      ,'��'Ti|  - A-~-Al  .ar I  '   A-'Affi  "-vit^l  *  r-'"^a* SB  .'   o_^|  Sir Tohti JVlacdonald's W it  The anecdote of the bogs and tbe  chestnuts, though so often referred to  by Canadian writers on tlie tariff question, should perhaps be repeated. A  mectiiigof the manufacturers interested  in the National Policy was called by  Sir John, in the campaign of 1S82, and  was held in the " Red Parlor" of tbe  Queen's Hotel, Toronto. Sir John had  reason to think there was a certain  lukewarmness among the manufacturers whose business his National Policy  bad built up. In a short address be  told,them a parable of a herd of swine  that were eating acorns under an oak  tree and never looked up to inquire  what power it was that was shaking  the acorns down. Thenceforth, it .is  said, the manufacturers became more  interested in the support of the Conservative party.  . Thellon. Mr. Chapleau was Se .retary  of State, and by virtue of that ollice was  custodian of the great sea of realm. On  a certain New Year's Day, he presented  himself at the Governor-General's levee  clad iii a superb seal-skin coat falling  below hisknees. Sir John, taking him  forward to His Excelleny, saying:���  " My Lord, this is the Great Seal."  On another occasion, it befell him to  present to His Excellency the Chief  Justice of the Supreme Court, -who was  clad in the official scarlet and ermine,  and was noted no less for the abnormal  ruddiness of his complexion than for  the profundity of his legal lore, The  Premier's was brief but suggestive.  " My Lord, permit mo .to present my  well-read friend the Chief Justice."  At bis own reception, on a New  Year's day, a quartet of French priests  called upon him, and naturally enough  one of them politely inquired whether  the Premier bad yet had "la grippe."  Sir John, with his inimitable twinkle,  replied:���" No,my good Father, I have  not yet had it, and cannot, therefore,  pass it on to you, but I'll tell you what  I will do for you, I will give you the  Orange grip if you would like to have  It." It is only neeessery to remember that at that moment Canada was  in a high fever of excitement between  the Jesuits on one sideand the Orangemen on the other to catch the full flavor  of:this happy reply.  Sir John Macdonald's face wasa good  subject for the caricaturist, and Ben-  Rough'could, put more humor into the  single feature of his nose in a sketch in  Grip than could be depicted in the  whole body of any other Canadian politician of the present or past. For fifteen years not a single issue of Grip can  be recalled without a sketch of the enlivening face which ail eyes sought, as  they turned to the cartoons. And how  delightful was the wink -which the cartoonist would give to the old man!  With one catch-word the reader could  almost describe the seheiue that was  being' portjayed by that " inimitable  twinkle" alone. To the political reader  the most pathetic thing connected with  Sir John's death was the-absence of the  chieftain's familiar features from the  Grip.  Speaking of Sir John's nose a member of Parliament told this story: "The  last time I happened to he in thehar-  bershopof the Parliament buildings,  Sir John was in the chair. The artist  was shaving bis upper lip as I entered,  and had hold of the Premier's nose. 1  said.'I suppose, Sir John, that he is  the only man in Canada who cun tn'se  you by the nose with impunityV The  barber was disturbed hy the smile ofthe  statesman, as he replied:' Yes, and lie  has his hands full.' "  ews of tlie  lues  The Poplar Creek min ing excitement;  is growing. There are already 1000  men on the ground and a large number mere are flocking in every day.  The feeling that the new district is going to rival Cripple Creek and other  great mining camps is fast gaining  ground. Every boat going up to Lardo  is loaded w ith supplies for Poplar Creek  and the "wharves are crowded with  wagons containing supplies. Up at  Kaslo it is said that the rush of business  ^|TrMircM=by"the deinands fromHhe new=  Ileitis is unprecedented in the history  of the town. The hotels have been  crowded with mining men, and much  interest is taken in the specimens at  the Hume from Poplar Creek. Reports  frcm other mining districts go to show  that the staple industry of the province-  is everything that could be desired.  be placed in commission as soon as the  government inspector passes upon it.  Jn the ccui. e of a i\cek or two the  four furnaces at the Granby smelter  will be blown ou+ for the purpose of  connecting up the two new furi'iiees.  This will require perhaps ten clays,  when all three will be operated. In tbe  mean time ore shipments from the  company's mines will necessarily be  discontinued, but Supt. Williams states  that the force will not be reduced, as he  has plenty of work^or~t5eTnerrEr7So7  and has storage room in the mines for  a very large amount of ore. When  shipments are resumed, after the shut  down at the smelter, tbey will beat the  rate of moie than 2,000 tons daily.  It is reported that the silver-lead producers of Sandon have agreed to pool  the output of the mines. By doing  this they present a united front in disposing of their ores more advantageously, whereas by shipping the old  way���selling individually���they were  compelled to accept the terms and rates  ofIVred by tho smelters. To further  facilitate the disposal of their ores, they  named a committee empowered to dispose of the ores in such a man tier as  they see fitand to the smelters, whether  in Canada or the United States offering the most lucrative rates.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Vhoenix JFionew.  Shipments of ore from the Oro Den-  oro are being increased.  This week's B. <J. mine shipment*  were the last from that property, 'which  has ceased operations.  SLOCAN MINING- NOTES.  Slowm3>rJll.  The forre on the Idaho will bein-  creased to 80 men.  The Rco, Jackson, Blue Bird ami  Noonday mines, in I lie-Sandon camp,  have all resumed operations.  Local creditors of the Chnplcau purpose entering suit against the main  men in the company at Paris, France.  The owners of the Two Brothers  have d riven their crosscut 110 leet,  They have cut through one lead and  on the edge of the other.  Kaslo Koottua-lan.  The machinery for the Great Western Mines Sawmill arrived in Trout  Lake last week.  The Silver Cup has commenced to  send down ore. Orer'200 tons are  ready for shipment.  Three fret   of   ciesm   ore hhs been  , struck on  the Ivanlme in a raise lie-  Early,this month it is the intention   tvveenK(>. 4 an��l No.:, ttu.nek.   -I  to make an experimental shipment of  five tons of ore from the Kelts anil Hesperus claims, on Hardy Mountain, now  being developed by Chicago capital.  Coke shortage tnis week troubled lhe  Greenwood smelter to such an extent  that one furnace has to be blown out,  leaviug hut one in cemmissioa there, as  well as at the Sunset smelter.  The work of installing: the new 150  h. p. boiler, manufactured by tht-  Jenckes Machine Co., at tbe Snowsh. >e  uiine, has been completed, and it \*511 j the cauLp.  Eighteen inches nf solid ore have  been struck on the (Nikleu Englq'jrroiip  mi Hall creek. The ore i.s grey copper.  A company i.-^:)p|>lyiag Tor rights to  build and operate a tramway and ieli>-  phoi'tc or telegraph lines along the  Lardo river.  A scarcity of miners in the Slocan is  apparent. Men have to be brought in  from the outside to supply the needs of  /www wwvw wwwwwwwwwwwwvywv**wwwv*vwwwwK^^  The Rossland "Miner"  on John Houston  The Conservative party is too firmly and too closely wedded to the cause of good government  not to require the ablest and most conscientious riojninees at the forthcoming elections. The time  has passed when men of the stamp of Prior and Martin andMolmiesand Houston shall represent.tbe  < V '  o -"'���'"  people in the Provincial Legislature. There must be no mincing of matters in this important crisis  through which British Columbia is now passing, The province has declared for party lines, and  urgently demands a more responsible and capable representation in the administration of its affairs.  O        .'_������' '-..:      - -       o-'-   {."������' ".  ���  There are in both the Conservative and the Liberal :parly men available to meet the ideals and ideas  ofthe electors of eve", constituency, We are not bothering about the Liberals, particularly, because  they-cannot hope to' _arrythe country next October.;; We are, however, greatly concerned as to the  character of every Jonservative that is to be nominated on or after next August 15���the day set for  nominations by the executive of the Provincial Conservative Association.  In practically every riding,  excepting Nelson ,4lbe Conservative party may be safely relied upon  to nominnte  men vvho are able and willing to do their whole duty to the people,  In Nelson, however,  there is afar from satisfactory, not to say healthy, state   of affairs.    John  Houston���a questionable  Conservative at best, albeit he has been accepted, even honored, in the councils ofthe party���is mak-  ing an unseemly and mendacious blufffor the Conservative nomination.    Houston's  political record  stinks in the nostrils cf every good Conservative and every iran, irrespecth-e of party, who  has the  cause of geed governmental heart.. His paTty fealty ard his general political principles are open to  serious question.    He is lenow.n far and wide as a "practical" politician���a   type  that  has  beeu  the  curse and damnation of British Columbia   for  the last fifteen  years.    He  has used and abused his  friends solely for his personal advancement in politics.    He has succeeded in  shocking" the ' political  morality of not only Kelson but the entire province."  His adherence to  the Prior-Dunsmuir regime  was simply monstrous.    His connection with   the  C. P. R.   has scandalized  the  distiict.    He has  never, to cur Icr.cwUdge, displayed any principle that slocdjfor the genuine welfare ofthe masses or for  constructive stale?u:ar.ship:    Fer thesske of v-q'es.he has psr.deied to the   passions of the illiterate  and lo the inkmpeiate notions of the unthinking.'   He lcr.g ago outlived his political usefulness, and  the Kootenays outgrew long ago any desire lo act with him or for him in all matters.of  a public  na.  t     tnre. _ Nelson has passed its Houstonesque stage.iV.jctubHqjistcn  was. a  very  considerable Aoad in  Nelson's political puddle before it justly earned the title of Queen City of the Kootenays.    At a period when Nelson was  a scattered hamlet  like  Kuskoi.cck and Cascade City are to-day, Houston  might have been seme pumpkins politically.    Now, however, his environment  has  completely out-  - grown him, ai:d in doing so is heartily sick of him in any political role that his . chameleon-like  nature may place him.  Houston may yet' get the Conservative nomination in Nelson because of his bluffing and hoodwinking propensities ; but the party should see to it that he is riot so houcied and that it is not so  disgraced. Tlio Miner is giving a conscientious support to the Conservative party and its leader,'  Hon. Richard McBride. It will continue to do so just as long as both are worthy of public confidence ; but it strongly protests against the nenriuatien or election of any man of Houston's stamp,  ^attd^will=coivthnieMn--that=couTs^  We could, in this-connection, give at this writing dozens of additional reasons why the Conservatives and the country do not need Houston's assistance in politics and statesmanship. .We could refer to the parade that Houston has made of Dunsmuir's support through the editorial columns ofthe  Colonist. We could show how Houston's attitude at the last session of the Legislature, when he  might have donejxistice to the local smelting industry and scores of East Kootenay coal prospectors  by forcing ex-rremier Prior to open the East Kcolei:ay reserves in a statesmanlike manner, did the  very opposite. We feel, however, that it is uimecessao' to go to such lengths now, because we cannot imagine lhat Nelson Conservatives will be so indiscreet and so hopelessly lost to the welfare of  Ibe party ar.d the country as to rc-crgnize Houston's political ambitions when the day of nomination  5    arrives.  X oplar    V^reek   ^Stampede  Trout I,:il(_ Toi>lc.  Ed. Morgan came up on Tuesday's  bout bringing with him specimens of  the gold discovery on the Lucky Jack  claim on Poplar creels'. The rock simply beggars description. That Messrs.  Morgan, Hamilton <fc O'Connor have  staked another Independence mine,  not one who haa seen the sold specimens that are now on exhibition in  Trout Lake and Ferguson doubts for  one moment. There are several specimens from the size of the list down to  about the size of a walnut that are almost solid gold. The gold is not in it  in specks but is sticking out of the  quartz in nuggets from the size of a pea  up to that of a Lima bean.  The specimens on exhibition have  created the wildest excitement and before the month of August has weil begun there will he a couple of thousand  people in and^ around Poplar creek.  Chas. Copp who was on the ground  when the new strike was unearthed  says that never before in Canada has  he seen gold quartz any vyay nearly as  rich as that on Lucky Jack.  One boulder of quartz which has fallen away from the vein is so heavy  with the gold it contains that an ordinary man cannot lift it. The lead where  these phenomenal values were obtained  cuts into the bottom of a blufT and from  it has fallen away pieces of quartz and  formed a small slide and in this small  slide is believed to be a fortune for1 almost; every piece ^f quartz on it contains free gold.  .'Before.'coming up the owners of the  claim panned a double handful of dirt  alongside the vein after extruding all  gold visible by th is process they roasted  the residue and were astonished to sec  several little beads of gold form on the  bottom of the pan.  Some of the samples brought up have  the gold associated with a fine-grained  bluish mineral of an opaline cast.whlch  i.s believed to be of tellurium., With a  glass and in some pieces of quartz, with  the naked eve, minute particles pf cold  can be seen all through the stuff.  The immense value of the new find  has necessitated tbe placing of an armed  guard over the exposed part ofthe vein  where the new discovery was made and  now two shifts of a couple of men each  keep prowlers and specimen hunters  within bounds.  The place where theBtrike was made  is about 300 feet from the railway and _  the vein bearing the heavy gold .value*  crosses the Lardo river. The river bottom has been staked and several more  claims up the opposite mountain.  Jt must not be supposed tbat the  Lucky Jnck is the only property getting rich gold values. There are several  claims lying between the Lucky Jack  and Gold Park that have remarkable  showings of free gold. But the- men  owning these properties, among whom  are Henry Magnuson and Frank Carl-  son, are very cautious about exposing  their veins for tbe reason that the moment a showing of any value" is obtained they have to mount guard over  it. This is not because men down there  are more dishonest than anywhere else,  but the erowd is . thickening and the  specimen hunters are as thick as bees  and it would take but very few visits  of these men to account for many dollars worth of gold. Harry Sharon said  be came onto one man who was digging into his vein with his Angers and  a prospect pick and while he was looking on the man drew out several nuggets of gold, this was on Magnuson's  claini. The parts of vein prospected  as soon as gold is found are immediate-  ly covered up.  L  F  ocal and  Jt rovincial  HOUSTOND1SCARDED.  Under the above caption'last week reference was made to the fact that a largely attended meeting  of Conservatives eppeseed to John Houston had been held in their committee rooms, and that it had  been determined by unanimous resolution to oppose the selection of Mr.   Houston as the candidate  of the Conservative party in this censtituene}--, and further pledging themselves to oppose his election  ^ if he is a candidate.    Since that time, lists emphasizing the spirit of the resolution have been  circulated and signed by a very large number ci Conservatives.    Many more expressed  sympathy with  'o  the sentiment of tbe resolution, but for ohviou.s reasons were not asked to sign a list. Eight of these  are being circulated by as many Conservatives and each one of them is numerously signed. Further  action will be taken in a feu-'days, but in the meantime it might be said that the lists signed indicate Q  hostility towards J Jr. Houston by Conservatives in every walk iii life. There is a wonderful unanimity of feeling that he is-dead lo the political world, and cannot possibly save his deposit if he runs.  If Mr. Houston and his'friends are not ahead}" convinced of this fact tbey certainly will be on the  evening of October 31st. One'of his strongest supporters now makes 1:0 secret of his belief that his  champion's cause is irretrievably lost.  r^y^&sdr>4��s��h&i&yd3.  The independent labor party of Nelson, has deci (led to place a candidate in  the field. Thore is sonic question as to  what effect this move will have in the  forthcoming contest. It seems now as  if tbe contest will he between four candidates. Nelson is foremost in everything that goes to make up a great  city ;and her citizens certainly are not  disposed to let her take a back seat in  the matter of political candidates.  Everv Liberal paper in tbe province  is*pubIish^n'g^Tohn^EEouston-s=estiuiatc  of Mr. McBride. Many would like  to hear Mr. McBride's estimate of John  Houston.  The Carlson <fc Porter claims, for labor, will be liquidated by the Dominion government. All persons having  such claims are requested to forward  them to W. A. Galliher, at Ottawa.  A number of the business men of  Nelson who subscribed liberally to the  Dominion Day celebration have been  looking for a statement of the receipts  and disbursements. Although five  weeks have elapsed no statement haa  yet been published.  time, no end af injury would have been  done to the party. The paper which  was to have been-their mouthpiece }��  now crawling into line, "but," as one  gentleman writes this paper, - " the:  damage it lias already done to the cause  on the island is incalculable. 3 trust  it, is not beyond repair."' ' '*  Old-line Victoria Conservatives are  now forming a Junior Conservatfve  club. They are determined to put  down the spirit of disloyalty tbat now  "controls thepresentrassociation^.���   J. E. Annable visited Trail on : Friday in connection with his timber  limits at Violin Lake, which are being  surveyed by H. li, Lovett, of Rossland.  The political prophets in Cranbrook  claim that 500 votes will be polled  there at the coming election.  'Thk Economist is daily in receipt  of letters of congratulation from leading Conservatives all over the province  for the work it is doiiiK on behalf of  the old party.  Tbe coiiff"  'y which the Con  servative pn. t> v,.ii to be wrecked,  or  ��� Uie government placed in the bands of  ��� an undesirable, irresponsible set of men,  j has been broken up, at least so far as  j lhe coast in concerned. Word reached  ���Thk   Economist thin   morning that  several of the conspirators had thrown  ' up their hands und were praying for  rocks to hi.le them and mountains on  ^  them fall.   The conspiracy was a well  ^7 thought out plot, and if the prime in-  ^^*��\^ stigators had not  been   throttled  in  So great is the interest in the Poplar  Creek discoveries that the C. P. B. hae  decided to run an excursion there tomorrow. Already & large number have  expressed their determination of taking  in the trip. The Kokanee wHI leave  Nelson at 8 o'clock in tbe morning returning at 9 in the evening, giving  ample time for tbe excursionists to see  for ibemselves what Is going in tbe  now famous gold flelds. The visltore  will also have an opportunity of seeing  during daylight what is considered.the  grandest scenery In. the province. A  great number of tickets have already  been sold. "  The vote of the provincial election  in the town of Trail will be in the  neighborhood of 230.  W. li. Cochrane, on account of being  appointed returning officer has resigned tbe seoretaryship of the Phoenix Conservative Association.  The rush to Poplar Creek is keeping  tlie Trout Lake hotels full.  J. H. Hawthornthwaltc is expected  to Mump Greenwood riding for the  Socialists in a few days. Then it is intended to have him take up Grand  Forks riding, reaching Phoenix probably on or about Labor Day.  Tlie Victoria lacrosse team will play  Nelson at the Rossland Summer Carnival.  Tlie parts for lhe Mikado have been  Kiveu out and the production promises to be a satisfactory one in ovcry  regard.  ���' -' ���>??  :m  "a'Sl  ��� rl  ii<\  '*'  '- ''v"-l  3  - - ���> THE KELSON ECONOMIST  The Economist  .Published every Saturday afternoon at  VernonS-rifEKT, Nswox, B. C.  $1.00 Per Year in Advance  Nelson is the centre of the mining  industry antl'inust profit by the revival  in mining in every mining camp in the  Kootenay.  Advertising rates made known on application.  AU changes In advertisement* to Insure  Insertion should reach tills ollice not later  tlian Thursday at 12 o'clock.  When ��li��.ng_ or address Is required. It. Is  desirable that both tlio old address and the  new be grven.  AddrebB all communications. " Publisher of  Tim Nxuson Economist. Nelson.B. C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Within a few days the two parties  before the people of British Columbia  will have selected their candidates. A.��  a matter of fact, in about half tlie constituencies Liberal candidates have already been put forward.   It must be  confessed that  the Liberals L tve apparently grasped the significance of the  situation and for the greater part have  placed strong men in the field. It now  remains-with tbe Conservatives to go  and do likewise.   If ever men counted  for any thing in a political contest it  should  be   in the forthcoming campaign.   In giving particular attention  to this phase of the situation, Conservatives will be   only  preserving   the  test traditions  of  their  party.   The  late lamented Eight Hon. Sir John A.  Macadonald, strong part_ man though  he "was, always held to the ��� Contention  .that the principles of the party were  after all puly a secondary consideration, the primary thought shouId be to  have men���true men���who could be  depended upon to maintain their credit  -with their constituents at all times and  carry out the principles of their party.  Principles without men,  like    faith  ���without works,  are dead.   Therefore,  Jt is essential that Conservatives should  exercise great care in the selection of  their   candidates.     With   good men  they need have no fear.: for'the principles.   This hrings us to the consideration of the question, what are  the  qualifications of ai^ acceptable legislator? Thefirst qualification, to our mind,  Is integrity, a man-,who is abovebeing  seduced from the path  of honor by ~a  bribe, a man Svho is ever ready to"sink  self-aggrandizement in the "weal of the  .whole country.   He must be a man of  fine feelings, keen honor and self-respect, aud consistent in all his actions  He should at all times exercise self-restraint and avoid excesses of every description.   The man who is intemperate in his habits cannot be a desirable  member of a. Legislature.   A man may  -foe clever inHniany-respeetsyet-lackiug,  in the essential qualifications.   For instance, it would be fatuousness to contend that because a man is agile and  can climb a telegraph pole, or -walk a  slack wire, that he would be a shining  in Uie ^Legislature.   Such fcuts only  proclaim that man an athlete ; they do  not lead to the conclusion that he fulfills the popular idea of an acceptable  legislator.   In niahjn �� selections, and  remember these words are addressed to  Conservatives particularly, great care  should be taken that the mantle fall on  the shoulders of men who -will on all  occasions behuve themselves so as to  reflect tbe highest degree of credit and  honor on their constituents.    For the  representative Li, after all, the type by  which the public will judge his eon-  etitcnts, and the representative in  order to fulfil the aspirations of the peo-  pie, should be everything   they   ar��  themselves in their deuliuga with theii  neighbors.   Business capacity  is also  an important qualification.   The man  who  can manage his  own   business  isnceessfully ean  be safely  entrusted  with the management of the busiues.  of the province ; the man who cannui  is not a safe man to send to the Legislature, and should not be selected.   Oi  course, intelligence must be taken int��  consideration, but it can be "truthfull;  said that the men in 'whom the fore  going qualities are combined is a per  fen   of at   least average intelligence  Again, we repeat, Conservatives eai.  not exercise too much oatilioii in niaU  ing their nominations.   Tlie people u  British Columbia are more concerns  in having the Ship of State manned b��  ftitbful, trustworthy seamen, than in  ijje Icroporary success of either party  The most incomprehensible thing  about the election of the new pope was  that the whole campaign was eon-  ducted without the assistance of Fred  Starkey, although it is understood that  the gentleman referred to was ready, if  called upon, to lend bis good ollices.  not a groat deal rougher on the country which pays its professional soldiers  so miserably at to nsk such a, regulation neuessary ? Is there any other  branch of the public service in which a  young man wi I h the education and professional training of an officer does not  receive enough to marry on even after  six years service to the country, asks  the 0ttuwaCiti7.cn ?  In a three-cornered light Mr. Lennie  will receive more than enough votes to  elect him. Jn a contest with Mr. Taylor he would win with a large majority.  Organized labor seems to be no longer  the object of John Houston's apeciul  protection. Tnree years ago the labor-  ingman was one of tbe lord's chosen.  To-day, according to Mr. Houston he  is a "doughface."  A correspondent is anxious to know  what The Economist thinks of Mr.  Deane's cleaa-up from the Ottawa government. Thi3 paper believes that Mr.  Deane should receive the congratulations of newspaper men everywhere.  It is not often a British Columbia newspaper manager strikes such a windfall.  The Vancouver World remarks:  " From the cradle to tbe grave there is  no getting away from the union label.  New York dispatches state that union  workers are asked not to buy baby carriages without the uniou label on them  while coffins must also have the little  slip of blue. In other words you can  not get to heaven without a card."  India has opened up some splendid  mica mines lately, the mica being of  exceedingly fine quality. The one  most importaut feature of some.,of  these mica deposits is in the flnding'of  immense mica crystals. In the Nel-  loie district, sheets of muscovite have  been found measuring ten feet across  the basal planes. These mica sheets  are by far the largest ever discovered.  The,value of such sheets is large.for  industrial purposes, and it is commonly understood that the larger tlie sheet  the greater the value, this of course,  applying to fine grades. Muscovite is  the main mica of commerce. There  are yellow, pink and green varieties.  With the announcement that C. E.  Eaceis willing to become the Conservative candidate for Rossland, the people should lake heart. What more can  be asked for, or what greater blessing  could be conferred on the country by  Uu^all-wise'Providen"ce:-?il=^iii======i=^===-'  Though Sir Wilfrid Laurier should  compel the people of Canada to build  several other transcoritineutal railways  and give them away, the grain from  tlie west will still be moved eastward  by water.  Mr. J. Howard Hunter, registrar of  loan corporations, has refused registration in Ontario to the Loan and Savings company, limited, Montreal, owing to its alleged unsatisfactory financial statement. Under the circumstances it is unlawful for the company  to do business in the province of Ontario.  Business in Nelson is satisfactory in  all lines, und the long-hoped for revival  has reached us at lost. All tbat is  wanted now to [ill our cup or happiness  to overflowing is a sound government.  Ileal estate agents report a greater  demand for vacant houses than at any  time during the past three years. The  arrivals during the past week afford the  best evidence of the'return of good  times.  Here l.sa sample of the items that are  being circulated in the Liberal papers  of the province. It i.s taken from the  Boundary Creek Times:  " John Houston, president of the  Provincial Conservative association,  pays in the Nelson Tribune: 'No man  in the province has anything coming  to hi in from the Conservative party,  least of all Kiehard McBride. Premier  McBride and his colleagues have the  offices, but in order to retain them they  must first prove that they are worthy  of the high positions they have  gained.'"  Tbe Liberal newspapers are to be congratulated in having such an able writer as John Houston supplying them  with- campaign material. However,  Mr. Houston does not speak for men  who have the interests of .the Conservative party at heart. The work be is  now doing leads to the belief that be  has only the interests of John Houston  iu sight.  The harvest season lias started on  the Portage Plains. Some of the farmers started cutting their barley last  week. Indications point to an early  harvest and while the yield will not  equal last year a fair return is assured  The Toronto News has discovered  that the name of Chief Justice Killanl  is certainly a terrifying one.  Dun's "Reviewfor this week reports  Toronto wholesale trade as fair for the  season and conditions favorable.. Travelers are sending in good orders and  sorting up business is satisfactory. At  'Vancouver "trade conditions are steadily improving and reports from interior points are encouraging. Mining  operations on the island are more active than for some time past. Labor  troubles are nearly all settled."  If newspaper statements are to be depended upon, Mr. John D.'-Rockefeller  will soou own and control pretty much  all the properties worth having in  the "United States. It is said in New  that he lias succeeded in securing control of the New York Central Railway.  For the moment he seems to be amusing himself mopping up the New York  Stock. Exchange tioor, using Mr. J.  Pierpout Morgan as a mop.  In interviews in the coast papers  Hon. Messrs. Green and Wilson express themselves its thoroughly satisfied, with lhe result of their eastern  trip.  In a few days the register for votes  will be closed. Those who have not  yet registered should do so at once or  forever hold their peace.  Neither Liberals nor Conservatives  in Victoria seem to be iu any great  hurry about   naming their candidates.  Hon. Charles Wilson snyslic will run  in Vancouver iTlie ean get t lie*, nomination, it is more than likely that his  wish will be gratified.  mmMmmm?immim��  Our Mew Stock of  John Houston's slap at J. M. Kellie  was the unkintlest cut of all. Mr. Kellie  once upon a time was one of Mr. Houston's idols, but like the rest tlie shattering process has set in.  Mr. Deane will leave for Kamloops  to-night to begin his campaign against  air. Fultuu. 11 is expected the election  will be close in lhat riding.  A good ileal of jocularity is being in-  bilged in by the prcsH over the recent  order that the gay young lieutenants in  Canada's permanent corps must not  marry until tbey havo been six years  in the service, and only then when  they can furnish proof thai they havo  sufficient means outside their pay to  maintain a wife and family dec ntly.  That is lather rough on the young:  chaps, thus officially removing them !  from the list of " eJigiblc-V but   is it'  Expeditions to Tibnron Island, in  the Gulf of California, are becoming  nlmost as fnsbi.nable as expeditions to  the North Pole. The chief charm in  the Tib-.iron expeditions ia that the natives of the isUiinl are believed to be  cannibal.*, and that, n^ a consequence,  there is aiw.-iys a chance of Ihe ex-  peditiO'iai-i<-s bein  Limited  FOR HOME USE  In our many years' experience as practical druggists we  have learned to prepare a number of different family remedies, some of which we have now been selling for ten years  or more to our customers. These are not patent medicines.  You will find each preparation thoroughly satisfactory for  the purposes intended.  Diarrhoea Mixture.  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[ series    of   totally    unjustified    labor  33usiness in all lines is showing coii- j troubles-troubles which were instituted  siderabie improvement in the Boundary. Even polities is beginning.to  boom.  Victoria Times.  The manuscript of Mr. D. W. Higgins' latest chapter reminiscences',  entitled " Ghosts," reached us today.  Tbe story, which will appear shortly,  will be found absorbingly interesting.  Most of the characters whose actions are  sketched were once familiar personages  here and will be readily recognized,  although their names in some instances  are suppressed. Yielding to a general  request, Mr. Higgins has at last consented to copyright liis productions  with a view to bring Ibcai out in book  form.  Sfcvr WcstmhisterColamWao.  With tardy repentance, tbe Vancouver World, chief organ of the opposition  factions on the Lower "Mainland, has  abandoned its demand upon Mr. McBride for surrender of the people's  timber and land to foreign speculators.  The World aud tbe politicians for  whom it is the spokesman must remain  ��n record, however, auadvocatcs of this  unpatriotic policy, only "abandoned  when it became plain that the great  mass of tlie electors commended the  firm stand taken by tlie government,  liven after the. World has learned the  fully of its unpatrioticcoiirse, imitators  whom it misled are still belaboring the  Premier because lie did not yield to  the demands for freedom, of export.      .  by foreigners, -whose mandates .-were  slavishly obeyed by our --so-called  " working classes." Yet, so great.is  British  Columbia's vitality, so varied  aud enormous hor resources, that with  all these drawbacks she presen ts a better  showing for the half-year just past than  she did for the same period last year.  Avin'ore hopeful feeling, too, is in the  air. I ti the interior and on the Coast  there is an activity which is the sure  precursor of a vast, though legitimate  Loom in the near future. Capital from  all quarters is beginning to turn to-  tviikIs tliis province, as her enormous  lindeveloped'wcalth is daily made more-  evident to tbe financial world.  Vancouver Province.  ��� The enthusiasm of King Edward's  reception hi Ireland should set tit rest  Any impression  which has  heretofore  existed as to the loyalty and generous  .goodwill, of that  people towards the  Crown and constitution.   Everywhere  he went, tlie evidences of attachment  were m��)si pronounced: and it is to be  noted that it was the great mass ofthe  ''people vvho were most demonstrative.  Tbe tact and good'judgment   of the  sovereign, too,  was  never   better dis  played than on this occasion.     Divest-  big Iii:l self almost entirely ofthe trappings of royalty and tru'-ting, in the  fullest degree, his safety and dignity to  the crowds who greeted  him, he in-  'en-ascd his popularity as he could not  otherwise have done.     The whole in-:  ciilewt will undoubtedly result in  the,  Sovereign  uioie   frequently showing  himself in the cities and rural districts;  ci' the Green .I&l-t*, and  nothing could j  T  I  ^matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age,  is the same ��>  'f quality as Dawson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old). J.  E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. C. f  CASCADE BEER  ���>BEGG'S LOCHKIVAR  SOtE AGENTS FOR  M c Do n a Id's Go nf ecti onerv  Baker Street, Nelson  K. .STRACHAN  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc. |  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.      ���  JUST ARRIVED  1  Ofthe Latest Fashions  Scotch Tweeds, landslide Strutlieonu,  1u.1l  Hulwar|>  HwjifrK.    a line liiio of  I'miting* of Uiht-slstylos.  Prices lo suit Ilie times,  Cu'.l utitl sco them.  lohn Smallwoo  IV3ERCHAMT TAILOR  Ward St., mzt new P. 0. 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MotoaJj 'jtek-  ABT-MOBIOCWIB,Dept.     > ISON&ssaaS3S.Y.  0)  Xirwr.  a.-  ON  >  ��   f���j  m  ��S��  H  O  Ul  IS   Ki��rrj  ���p  s  .   lCS>OJ  ri  c^  r-1  in  0  'in  M J.  >r7"-��  (f-swa  PJ-?K"<  |��3S3E1 ���ypm  THE  NELSON   ECONOMIST  One ofthe psychological phenomena  presented in the Life of Sir John Macdonald is the number of those whom he  called his personal friends throughout  the Dominion, irrespective of class,  rank, creed or social position, wrote  tlie editor of "Tbe Anedotal Life of  Sir John Macdonald," twelve years  ago. On the day of his funeral, the  writer was standing on Parliament  Hill, when, as the 3mposiug ceremonials were- in preparation, a white-  haired man, bent with years and tremblingly leaning on a staff, approached  and stood near hira. Falling into conversation on the stibjeet of the day, the  writer asked, "Did you know him?"  "Know him?" repeated the aged man  as he turned upon the questioner.  "Know him? Por thirty years I've  known no other name." There was  something extremely touching in the  feeling, amounting toadoration, which  could be framed in such words. An  old journalist on n leading Conservative daily of Ontario used to be struck  with the numbers of old men who  when in town would inquire for the  editor, and eome tottering up the  stairs to the editorial office to declare  their love for the old chief, and to assure him that tlioy were amongst his  greatest personal friends, and yet most  of them had probably met him but  once in their lives. So it was with hundreds of public men who had no other  claims to intimacy than the impression Sir John made on them".  The laying of the corner-stone of the  dry, dock at Kingston in 1890, vrtiBonc  of many occasions "which brought out  the kind of worship men had for Sir  John. There was no distinction of  party or sex in the ovation which was  given him. And when he looked  about him and saw old friends of so  many years' standing, many of them  older than himself, his face quivered  with emotion.  When Sir John had concluded a  speech in which the audience had pathetically protested against his statement that he was very near the end of  his career, the bagpipes struck up.  While they 'w-ere playing, an elderly  woman in a pliiii dress and style, but  with a kind fa*.e, gently worked her  way upon the platform and moved towards Sir John. As the Premier saw  her lie sprang to his feet, and with a  "Hello, old woman!" grasped her in  =.hisjanna and gave her_a heartyjkiss.  It was Mrs. Grimason.  "Who is Mrs. Grimason?," was a  question asked by many a reader of the  newspaper reports, in which mention  was made of the incident. Mrs. Grimason was a native of the North of Ireland, who, with her husband, settled  in Kingston in the first year of Sir  John's parliamentary career. They  were poor, and lier husband dying, she  was left a widow in somewhat straitened circumstances, with several children to support. Her husband had  bought from John A., but had not paid  for, a lot of land on I*rincess street. He  had let lilm have it at a reasnnnble-  pricc, and in Uie time of her difficulty  never pressed for the payments due,  element in an election, aud it was said  she could control about a hundred  votes. To whom these votes went  need not be asked. She became so absorbed in that one personality that, iu  spite of her keen sense of what was becoming.-in a woman, she would be  drawn to his meetings when often she  would be the only female present.  More than once on election night,  when the returns were brought in, sbe  would Appear at Sir John's committee  room, and walk up among the men to  the head of tbe table and, giving Sir  John a kiss, retire without a remark to  anyone. When a political picnic was  held near Kingston, Mrs. Griirmson's  van was always at the disposal of Sir  John and his party. One beautiful  trait in this remarkable old lady was,  thut she never prc.-.unied upon the fact  tbat sbe was favored with the affection'  of Sir John. It was only, on rare occasions, siich as the laying ofthe corner  stone of the dry dock, or the supreme  moment of bis triumph at an election,  tbat slie came within the veil, as it  were, and stole a kiss. At any other  time'she would let him come and go in  Kingston without obtruding herself  into his present e, although he might  playfully take her to task for neglecting to call; and in an election contest  she might never go near him to take  up bis lime, but would work for votes  with all the soul thut was in her.  Sbe often longed to go to the capital  and see her deity on the throne of his  glory; or, as she expressed it, to see Sir  John 'Hake his'seut," and at last, some  years ago','at Iheopening of Parliament  she niude 'the venture. It was the  event or' her lire, and it is no exaggeration to say that both Sir John and  Lady Macdonald were proud . and  glad to see her. Readers will remember the remark of the old . Scotchwoman.-on tbe day tbo Princess  Lo'uUe was married to the Marquis of  Lome, and sbe became connected with.  the old house of Argyll. "Heeb mou !  but tlie Queen will be a proocl woman  this day !" It wits so that Sir John  must have .felt; when, he lobbed-'up to  tlie Speaker's gallery on this occasion  and saw Mrs.'.Grimason sitting with  l,ady Macdobakl. 'After the sitting  was over, she was shown the sights of  the Parliament Buildings, and the wife  of the Speaker took her'.'to his rooms  and bad luncheon. When hero Mr.  Mulock',. of Toronto, the Liberal racm-  berThappiinjd'in'j^  to her. She thought it strange tliat an  enemy should be admitted to these sacred precincts, and after manifesting  her nervousness and restraint for a few  minutes, she determined to tear off the  mask, aud as she turned a. sidelong  glance upon him, asked : "Excuse me,  Mr. Mulock, may I ask your politics?"  Mr. Mulock, who had heard of Mrs.  Griuisuson before, and remembering  tbat she wtn: gifted with a witaiti eloquence of the kind which Daniel  O'Counvll had to eope with in Mrs.  Moiiurtty, heshateil and pnvenliy ad-  ��lilled,. in the iipolngc-lii: wny of one  wIwijH) crimes have jsM b*v�� iincirthi-d  for lhe first time, llml   be ivt\��  a l.e-  and this lcni^cyand kindness wa* fljr'lier'    Mrs* G''. mason's co.m_io..t on  probably what first inspired tliat fcClJ tlio eonr^kiii was not simtl.ing tn Uie  fng towards Jobn A., which  grew in}  lier till lt became a   kind of worship. ���  No topic could absorb her as that; and  when she spoke ol  him thu pronouns  3Ie and'Hiiu w��rc alone suilieieitt tn  designate by way of distinction the  one from ail other persons to whom a  pronoun iu the masculine gender  could apply. She bad a kind, honest  face, was sincere in her friendships as.  in lie'r"'dislikes, and .though wiihout  education to speak of, had .stcriinj:  good sense ami much natural intelligence.   Through her devnti-iii t���� Si  ivars or the criminal who niude V, and  J Mr. M ulock pleaded :   "That's rather  luird, isn't it, Mrs. Ciiini.-is-.m ?"'    Mrs.  Grimason did not. asauage the wretch's!  i  ft-aj's by nnysoftremark.    Presently be ���  s-.ful, finding.bis way gently to her  for-!  giveness :   "You  live  in  Kingston, I ,  believe,   Mrs.   Giiiiinsmi.     Yt.u   muy :  know an tn:cle of mine Llu-rc, Mr. "?'*.  "And now I  il-.ink ie.<s if j e thin l>e-:  fir-iti," quickly retorted Mrs. Grimason, '���  "For j our uncle is n  goi d  Consi-i va-;  tivc;'1 and after making nnn-e remarks  I on'people .who disgrace the  pnliiii-nl'  t .        , v    -. .1 ���   . 'traditions of tlieir   family,  she added;  John site  acquired   an   acquaint mice '  ...    ,.        ,-    ���   .   ,���,.    ��� ���      i   .,       ' with drcadlul emphasis, "I bate them'  with  "practical   poll lies,"   and   then-i  , .       . , . ...     ��� damn Grits!"   Sir Jolm  dropped into'  were few prominent members of 1'ur-j "  ,. ,     , ,    ,.       .    ._      ,      ,. , i the room just in time to lu'Lir  ibis laj-t-  hamentwhose leading truit.s she did i J ,  . . t-i     i      I-   �� i. ���      imprecation, und taking  ia   the siuia-  not know.   Sbe kept a tavern on I'rin-v     * ' "  i ,, . ! tion, laughed till the (ears i-iitnc down,  eess street, and lier property accumii-;       '      b  Lited till she became worth about $50,- j Mr. Mulock laughed   too,  but it/was  COO.   Ker influence became no small   that  IioIIcav   kind  of a   biugli   wiih  which wc all sometimes mask the feelings of a sick heart. Luily Macdonald  took her down to Ennui:] ifl>, and sbe  never tired of lolling of the kindness  that was shown her. In Iter good rich  brogue she would describe her visit:  "They have a lovely place all their  own down by the Rye-do. The house  has a lovely slate roof like tbey have in  England, and beautiful grounds, and  everything in style, an'.a man to wait  on the dure. Lady Miii-doniild kapes  her own cow and bins, and they make  their own butter, man dear. They  have two fine cows and sis servants.  Lady Macdonald showed me over the  house, and in the line big library then-  was my picture up beside o' His, just  where He sits. After sbowin' me  through tlie house, she says: 'There  now, haven't 1 made li im very comfortable ?! . She's a very plain, wouia n  is Lady Macdonald���not good lookin'  ���but oil, she's tbo fine eddication, and  that's where she gets the best of tliim.  Why, I heard ber talkin* l<Yfucli to tlie  carpenter workin' abouLthehouse. It's  lier line eddication that makes her so  nice, and she takes such good care o'  Him. And if J went back thereto-day  she would make as. much of me as ifl  was the richest womun in .the coun-  thry. His'library is beautiful, and it's  covered over with books to the tip top  of the wall. While I was there, the  man brought in his letters from the  mail,���as thrue as I tell ye there was  tiie full of that of tbhu" (holding out  her apron). As for lier sentiments  concerning Sir John, words were too  weak to express ber worship. "There's  not a man like him in the livin' earth,"  washer sincere and ��� simple estimate.  To a question of Sir Henry Smith, as  to a statement of his- she.., replied, "If  lie said it wa3 so-and-so, I'd take my  oath that it was so, -whether I knew  anything, abo._ut_.it or not.". She had  nearly-feveryrpliotograpTi ever taken of  Sir John, and these she prized above  all things, especially the one taken in  his Privy Councillor's uniform, which  she described sis the one "taken in his  reghuiutals lenient the Queen." When  Sir John returned to power in 1878, it  almost broke her heart to know tliat he  had been personally defeated in Kingston. "I went around tbe next day,"  she said, "cryin' till L hadn't an eye in  me head. 'Never mind,'sea Sir John  to me, 'they're all below uie yet,' sex he,  'an' I'll be all right.' Andsurehe was,  for they'eleeted-biiiiHaway-ou t-itiHH-Brit-H  ish Columby. 'And now,' sez t to Sir  John, when I knew he was in, 'take  the best position you can get in the  hull counthry, and tell them all to go  to the dlvil." 'Is that what you would  do?' sez be. 'Yes,' sez I. He roared  and laughed, and then he said the  country would go the dogs if he did  that.?'  Jn this election her son-in-law voted  against Sir. John, and ��ainc. to her and  Iwastcd of bis candidate's victory. She  said,slic would given anybody live dollars to ''lick" him, anil sbe was so angry ijhe would not speak to bim for six  months.  "������I hope the Lord wilt sjr.ire him for  many a year, if it is His holy and  blessed will," . she w<mld nay wiih a  sincere and reverent fac<--, "for whal  will become of tlie 'i-oiiuti-y wiihout  him?" When Sir John lay kick at  the lime of the 1S!)1 election, sbe too  Liy ill. To'hcr ch-rgymaii who called  upon:her, she said lic-rovvii iUnr.-N.m:<>ii-  ���-erni-d her not, but that il.ijly .-hi- went  down nposi ber knet-si tn pray lhat Sir  -John roigbl he spared ami. lie Cbx-ti-d.  "Usually," sheaddwil, "I .loii't trouble the Faotd witii my worldly niKiir.-,  but in a Ciisfci like this yon know I  think it i.s di Heron l.'1 Out it I lium'.lii.y  to fJutl and uiiK-ehisli dcvotii'ii to mat  be better expressed in oi e sci.U'hci-.'  It used to be lier desire that v. Ik-ii >hc  d'u.-d slie should n-st iti-ut him, ami  some years ago site wits fortunaleiy  able to purchase a _>l<d Iniitiedl.iti-ly adjoining the Muedoiiuld plot in tin- Cut-  araqiii cemetery, where the remains of  her husband were niovd.  )&&&( ^^ >&&?*&&* ^000^00^O^00O^^0#O0OO^O0$0O^$OO^M0O^O<^  Noltigham, England.  ���Am  Navy Out Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy Cut Cigarette Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos snil CigateHts ate Setcnd to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIEUTING AGEKTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  I Turn  CO., Ltd, Victoria, B. C  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  11      R. H.CARLEY.B.C.Agt.  E..-ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed bouse and  one three-room bouse  for rent.'  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on Stanley street, opposite Royal  Hotel for sale at a bargrain.  SEE ANNABLE  .^B.opits and Shoes made to order.   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Dgilrle'it llunsi>rl:in Ji'lour, 'Ml lb.-:. fi 7-'i  Ci-okkc ��t IHiicSov-i-ii's  Is!<B|��bi.-rvy   \'lii(-g-iir-  ]��;r JmiI '���'���'���''  V:i::(;..ui p'y I'orfc jiikI ft- .1 tiK, vii1 t'.-ui. Ion *t'iVi'  BRIAR  PIPES.  rf yi-ii inv ii"' p:��tl-ifi"tl Willi lUc K'1"'!- ;p'iuf  1 ininu;.' will !>e i'i I'lUKlt'il.  M-il Orders ?rc rop'Jy s.itcr.dcd to     j  i %?  i I  G. JOY, KELSOR, B.  y?��s  J0ZZZ  ^������o  A !nrfs'e stock  cf M'llincry nu  Ladies' Ou; !>lli!igs  Also Ladies' Hair Goods.  \w,*���.  .-���-  (0  LU  a  <  co  a  a  <  LU  X  h-  LU  o  ill  O   I  .'A       '  v;/  We Print  Letter Heads,.  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc. -  The Economist  Complete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON, B.C.  W. G. Gillett,  Guilder   sr.d   CcntrEctor  F.>l*ir.atc-K   ��:\en r-i. ?tr r.c, })Wk  ai't! vcodwe-rk.  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The political lacrosse match i.s in progress as thi" paper goes to press.  The Ymir voters' list will probably  reach 1000.  Billy McNab.the popular C. P. It.  engineer, has a boy iiit?en mouths old  -who has already given evidence of a  determination to follow his fat lier'3  exiling. The other day Billy was running into the depot when he espied a  .short distance in front of tbe engine,  Eyestrain  causes  both.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporal*-  wm |iy. properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  --- y.-A:-^ ;--<^  ���r    m. x? ,<rz r.3 ex    a   .>��        fe*s��  CURES AU. EYE DISEASES.    \   *  '���HFUittD EYES. SCALES C.l LiDc.^-v.  CRAIlUU'.TICH ETC.      ''���"<  'aisnauae  Or3ticians  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  rvine  ���  'VtfW*-'**'  summer Clearance Sale  WADDS BROS.  Vancouver and Kelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C  tan Tent Uwoi  little Brcnton, toddling along the track  as uncoil corned us possible. It is sale  to say the father was not quite so unconcerned, and it took him only a minute to have tlie 15-nionth railroad man  back at his home.  Apples aro now begining to arrive  from "Washington and California and  are in considerable demand.  It is expected lhat the public schools  will reopen on Aug. 10, although if the  weather is too warm, the department  may extend the opening date a week  or ten days longer.  All kinds of Canvas Work made  lo order.  Also Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.  Boyington & Ross,  257    BAKER    ST.,    NELSON  JOHN BflcLATCHSE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B-C. Customs House, NelsGr,  Bartlett House  (Formerly: Clarice House)  The besL 81 per day Iicufc in Kelson.  ~-Nonc-b��t-wlilte-liclPieinp.kiy^_l.___________i.  Considerable interest is being taken  iti football in Trail. They mio trying to  get a match with some outside team.  "SOI'ICE TO CONTRACTORS.  COUBT JlOl-'KE, NKI.SOX.  SKA Ll". 1) TKNDKH.S, properly indorsed, will  lie leccivcd l.y the uuciirsigiicil up l<) ami  including "Mondiij-, ll'c seventh September  next, fin- Ilio erection uwl completion uf 11  Court. House ut. Nelson. Ii. IJ.  J��r:i wlngis. spcellieiitlr.il'' nml condition" ol  teiidei��� nnil i-ontriict may lie seen utthcl'nb-  lie IViirks KiijzinecrVUHifcc. I'.C.iil. tlieolliec  of ll. .I.Kltlunir, KKq., J'ruvinuial Timber In-  spct t��,r. "Yiincouvcr, ii. C unci nl- (lie ollice uf  tlie Government. Agent, Nelson, 11. U..on and  nlli'i' 1 In- Kixt li of August nost.  Tencieis will not. he consitlciefl unless niude  cm. upon the primed forms furnished  liy the Dcpiirtniiiit tor Hint I'.urpcse.nnd lhe  iijiiajiiii ut In execute a bond appended to the  niiiii of ici.cli i' is duly Kilned by Ilie con-  ii net or and I wo miotics, n sponsible residents  .cl'll-.e l"r<.vii'.< e, smisltu l(.iy lo Hie. Deparl-  lncnt. In (lie | mul mmofCiu.COO er.eh for. tlie  Ihitlilul peiioiir.iuue nnd completion ol the  ���work.  Tbe lowest ci any lender nol. necessarily accepted.  \V ��� '  GOHK.  Deputy Commissioner 1.1'l.iinds & "Works.  J^iinds and Wcilis Uci arliiieiil.  Vklorln, 1st August, 1SU>.'  CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM.-  [Adopted al r.evcltfloUe,Scptemberl3Hi ,1002.|  1. That this convention realilrms Uie policy  of Ilie parly in mullein ol' provincial rouils  ami trulls; tlio ownership and control of railways unci tlie developnientol tlieiigricultiiinl  resources oftho province as Iniil down-in Ilie  pltUi'nwi adopted in October, lSiiO, wlik-li is us  follow s:  "To actively aid in the construction of  trails throughout tile uiuieveloped portions  of (lie province and tlio building of provincial  trunk roadsof publiclicccKsliy. 1  ������To ndopt the principles of govevnuient  ownership of 1 ail ways in so far at; the eircu instances of ibe province will admit, mid d.io  adoption oftiiu principle thaino boiiiisssliouiil  bo granted to any railway-company which  does not give the government of tlio province control of rates over linos boniisuci, tu-  gelher with the option of pureluiso.  "To actively e.ssi.st by suite aid in the development of tlio agricultural resources of the  province.- '  2. That in the meantime and until the ruil-  wuv policy above sot foilli can be accomplished, a genera 1 railway, act be pussed, giving freedom to'enu.sti-uet railways under eer-  lain approved regulations, analogous to tho  system that lias resulted in sucn expensive,  railway coiisn-ueiioii in the United States,  with so much advantage to trade and- commerce  3. That to encourage the milling industry,  lhe taxation ol'inoL.util'erous minus Kliouht be  on tlie basis of a pcrconLage 011 tho net pro.  Mis.  -I. That tho government ownership of telephone systems should bo broughwiuout usu  first-step iu the acquisition ofputijlc utilities.  5. That a portion of every coal area hereafter  tobe disposed of should bu reserved ii-uin sailor louse, so that slalo owned mines may l>e  eusily accessible, 11 ihoir upcrutiun becomes  necessary or advisable.  U. 'iliat in tho pulp laud ��� lensrs provision  should be mado io. refonsting and iluasiepb  should bo taken l'or ibe general preservation  of lorcsis by guarding against 1 lie wasteful  distrueticn ol ti 111 her. '  7. 'Unit tlio legislature and government oi  the province should persevere in 1 hoelfoi 1 tu  secure the exclusion of Asiatic labor,  8. ri hut the inatterol bettor termsinthc7vay  ol subsidy and appropriations ioe I lio province'should should bo .vigorously- pressed upon tho-Dominion government.  fl. That the silver-lead industries of 1lie province bo losleied and eiiceuingiil by Ilie Imposition of increased customs duties on Icutl  and lead products iinpoited into Uuniidti, turn  that the Constivativo meu.beiB of lho  ,l>ominiou House be uiged lo support any  motion introduced for sucli a i-urposo.       .  10. That-us iuclustiial disputes - utmost invariably result iu gnat loss and injury botli  to the parties oircctly conei rued und to the  public,legislation should be passi it Lo provide  means l'or an iiiiiKiibleucljiistiiniitoi such disputes between employers and employees.  - 11, Tlmt it is advisable to foster the. 11:111111-  fatiuioof the raw products of the province  wit hia the province as far as practicable by  means of taxation on the said raw products,  subject 10 reLate ofthe seine in whole or pun  when nuuiiifaelured in llritisli Columbia.  We will continue for this week our animal Mid-Summer Clearance Sale���BARGAIN'S  Iff  EVERY  DEPARTMENT.  Ladies' White and Colored Shirt Waists, regi  lar price 75c, $1, $1.  25; sale price 50c each.  French Kid Gloves 75c per pair.  ������>.: Ladies' Tailor-Made Dress and Storm Skirts,  worth $4. $5, $6-50  sale price from $2 up.  A small lot of Ladies' and Childrens' Wbitewear, will clear what  is left at half-price.  0 Goods Bought During Sale Exchanged  '%%'*%/��'��'*/%���  D IRVINE c& Dd;/-^.^^  ULL  The Most Nutritious Breakfast Food in  the Market and a Home Pro duct  ALL GROCERS SELL IT  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and shcrald be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  Corporation of the City of Nelson  the best.  G. W.   Bartlett,    Prop  .   ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Kleelrie light r:\tis for the month ot" July  lire ,ini\vcIiil" unci pnynbie ivl llic Cil.v oll'iee.  If isiiil (;n or bi'luio lliu Inlli Inst., a discount,  of 10 por cent will benllowul. It" not. v��iid on  orlicl'r.fo liociii (in _ luucttiy. Auyliat lilsl, UtB  soi'\iL-t- will LO liiHuinilInui'il.  Hy orcU'r,  D.C.ilcMOKUlS.  City Clerk.'  yplKrln, Angnsl 1st, 1803.  w  *.-x0i.  (  V4 ^<U! W��  Merchant  tailor,  Tremont Slk��  Baker St.   Kelson  CSnTlFICATE CF lKrr.CVCESEKTS  - Tiix.'.v v .Miiifri'l Claim, uitiiuti' in tlio  ;<��'!si:i! Mining lJivloioii nt' Wi ��t Kooti.'iiiiJ'  l.'i-lrict.  \V In re I;ic:it.t'cl:   On   I!o> I CronU. a IriluilaiT  oI'iIih- Ni'i-tli l'"��.rk ci S.-liiHfi- Klvr.  !     '!ii!.v 1.1 !;(��������� ii,nt I. .Iol.11   Jfi:  ;ui iiio, M<-;inK  ' i.p    iti'.a i.i     loi',   .Uiiiii :i     ii: ri.it.    Mitel urcii,  i Fku  Mli'trV ('crlit.inti' No. |.7I.7il'��, imil K-l-  ! liillli'l l).��i v.itl.rnr Miliil'll lei title:.H' No-  i.'il.'itl. ijiicnii. Kis'y iIji.vh i'-oni Oil- Onlc liorc-  of, |��. ;:\,\ ly i��i 1 lie 3{iuln�� IU idicli'i' tor n CVl'-  vlllcutc ' I !iii].i-ov�� iiU'ii'K. rur 1I1O ..r.i'jJOM! of  t,li;-..!iai j; 1 l'n wi. Ciiint ��� 1 tl i 1 l:i \ e vlitiin.  A 1 il H.i'CI ir 11 l.e in t'i c ll'.iit  iii'.ion, uriilt'i'  sec: l�� ti : 7. ii,i:n l:o  ((ic mil ��i 0 l.ctniv llic i;*-  M'J!1 (I   nlKlicl. <;��� riltil'Mi   ot Illl|-.fiiVI-llK'JiIsl.  .tfeitv-.l ll.i^ 'A,\\, iin> ol ,lu ly. A . il. oKS.  John s;cl.Arci;!H.  tan J A>plici!:o3.  il'Suy (1:i;.k :;f!rr(ia!c, 1 Ii-t<;q��l \<i npi'l.v lo  l lie ('l.l.-f iNiiuiiiissii.ncr of l.;iinis nml Wi.rllN  I", i' thir ii-'llowii'.ji l-.ui'i: Oxnnu-hcinp: ul :��  pi.sl ;il l!\i- i*.i.:-ili-wc>i era ni I cf lot >"><>. <H  Kmitciisi.' I>'-trict, :ltc!:i77 ilm.- wis: 'ID <!iains,  11.i-i.it- MHitili !:i clsitfns. tl.oiK'." i':\A 4�� cliaiiiH.  '.lulu c ii-rMi i. I'mc Wi.-sf. tinmiiinrj' of |��t S>>  ill. !���' ��� Hint of tuiiJiiit'Jtts Jin-sil. CMiilHlnlns  l:"4i i-.i-ick. 31. K. I'M-riv-iiKit.  .\ti>i;i..2 lli.-i'.jy. i:T'.1.  CONSERVATIVE OOHVEKIiONS,  ���'At-a jncclingof tlio executive oi lliu I'm-  vixiciul LLMjt-i vi.livo a\fefci.ci!iiii.n, liekl oil  Vaiiicimvcr.' llic jiiovSnce wius ilivulcd inlo  live ciivlsioiia Im oiyiiinxtitioii luiivusi-s. 'J lie  tJvuoUaiiiiyiiljuiiis{!iiiya?uiv-l.si(ju^isijLii.ivioj.i|>jJL  ll.e following.'prirViiit-lnl ekctUui (tistrifts:  'Hcvelsiokl-, C'oli.iolaiii, l'"i-nltif, Uniiibroul;,  "jMliir,-KiiK'.O, Slocan,'Ciratid l''orl;a. Oucii-  wuotl, ilio City of |{os_i(iii(t niid thu City ut  Ivlh|.-.oii. At u.c t'.i.ino nn cling ilio iolUnui!.  luioliilioiis ���vvuru ��tin|JlLi::  1. '1 liat convcnuoiis ior iioininntlnu caii'.lii"l-  iiius lor liiL-iiil.cr.s i.f 11 o IcyiWiuivi; ii��;cinl.il.\  be nn;tie on ol Celcgnles clioiicii i:S follows:  (i!) In city I'lcctoial ciisir cts, one (icleyatc-  foi' cvvi'y |:tiy mio c.vr-iy liiu'iioiinillfiy vVitts  pollcd al llic 1 rovii.uiai cloclioii liclct in XVli\i.  :,iul it ttio'citj l�� ciiviclcC into winds, lliu ]>i'o-  licrllcu (ii aWi'sulcs toi null wnrd s.liuli bt.-  ijiinco o. tim vote | ���! Ik a ii, Liie.li vviiru ut tlat.-  lu.'vl iniiliii i;::;l rl>ctioo.  tlj) In oihcr olicluriii'i c'.islri(.li-,cmo rtelojjfitu  lor t v. i.\ l.ny i.r n r.clnjo ol t.lty voles poiii-u  iii'tiio )iiovi*Iji i:il ficclioli lioiii In I'.W), tl-.u  ilcli'guviH io be i.i';;orl.i.iicil to polling (Jluues,  oi��� ui> mar tt.neto a.- v.ilrbu tail" to Ilio vot. is  oi ii.e iiiliei uni iiOiyliboiliocilK.  _. Ii,e . I, it. on ol ue!i_..iuH .-Liillljcsit pub! If  iih.lIIiii..7. i.i- u in a eli sij-LiiUli  n-iiiii.l   |.l;,ei  ill  l-ill-l. - )i"M .al.;.',    OIV IMnll. 1,1' III CIK'lk    Willi    ill  ciij i-aci.il..i tiiMiioiK, ii inueiiy Is ���liviiluii  liu'o viiiL.s.    m Mii-lt  i.iiblU! im-i-l in-iW only  lliorl' Wlill   | Ivi.tJO   till lui-clvis IO VUH' lor   li.l-  I iii.UInine oi i:.I.ilk.a11 s tlelei.li ll ill tile n> >nl-  le.iiiiis; <vi.vii.lu.u ;lull l.e twlilicil to veto  lor ilcV ji\\\. ii.  ::. i wo -.ni ks nol ice si.till lie given of lln1  1'U'ulu-. Hii'i'tljij. Kyi wil.i-l. iusi (.ulis-iirv I'k'vt-cil,  nl.ii l.cn.'i. :,.,i,)i <�� i,7i i,lu,cm si.Ml lie l.vul 111  <i;y -i-'ni u-.i:. i iiirii iclii iv.-. il:.y.- iiili-i'lliv unj  on v, liu-li i-..iu-_i.u > ale c.k eli it, I'.lifl in uliiev  ciii'lc-ial iii.-;r.itv sevi li iiuyh Mice. Ailiiniiu-  i.i.lUn .- 11 in U;- ln.nl tin; i.n.vn.i i; to bo insulc  s,l a (li h'.^iiiiiiu cciiiun | ii.ee il. i;,cli clee',L,nil  liiKii'lvti and on UK.' saiae ii;.'.V.  -S.  aVti liUlil'Sili lln: UlilOi.t I'llliUC Il'.Ctitin^S  fur Hil- i.-.i.ctii.ti ul  deli f,ati s  lo iiiiii>ii:uLiiiH_  17.tiVLiltn.li.-'., I.   I   mHIOI LOI.Kill,I nf UL'lfgll'l'S,  iniil tbe j'.iiii w ;.i.it i.unr ol ii<.lii\l.utlii|; cuu-  Viniii.iis In- il.o RViivl iieclouii tlislr-uiH  hlialt be jiiTi llml by tic nn laUcr of lliu es,-  eei'.livc of tl.e (iiviyicn In v.'Iiieii itie elvctural  Ltn-Uietb Jim i-1'i.BU", viiil iMri'.iO <iv�� r Ir.c  Jisiiiuy cf lln: 'iniSKli ill- :ii;(I s-ivm-t.il ry nf t lie  l'jn Viae.al la i k; valive .\��>i;e.:u.oli.  How is the Time to pick your Garpets and Linoleums ju&t before houEe-clean  ing. We-carrya-Tefy larger assortment, patterns, very latest. See our Go  cans ranging-in prices from $3.G0to $S0.C0.  Furniture Dealers and Undertakers  /My,f!*^5: '/^^i .ipfci ,i^\ /^tv\ rtj^-> /S^, .-S^s ,Cfei ,il^s ,<3&\ /#^7 /iSS\ ,<^fe\ /CgJjs /Sfev ki  lotloe to Creditors.  IN   THE Sl'l>RKiIE COURT Of 'llUlTlsrt  ���cor.uir.5i\.    '  ir; thk noons o,w oroiiok jotik ssrvr.Y sr.iv-  Tl.AMIi, IIKCKASKD.   .;      .        o  ' COFFEE CO.!  Coffee Roasters  iXnlicc is lier'cby.ffiven that pursDnitt. to  C.liiiptci- IS7.rtoet-lonai.nl tlie llevmeil Statute  of Jlrilisli fohunbin, lt!;7. Unit tlie civil t tors  sunt nllifirs having clniins iijralns; saiil dc-  <iascil, M'hn (lied lit lliilliilo, in 11.c County of  Krlc. tSliilfiifJicw York, on or isboul. tin; i.nii  <lny eif.liiiie, 1SU2, iire rminlretl oliorliefnre tlio  alb day of Augia-I, I'.WI. tusuiKl liy jiusl. pre-  imUl. or ilo liver in Blcfsis. r.liioi &. J.eimie, if  ilie-City oi'Ni-1m n,']!. C.sol'elUirs for the  iiilliiiiiistralnrs, with tlie Will aniiexiclof the  Inst Wlil i!!i.l'l"(-stainci,i r,f tlie Kalil ��lcecusoil  ' Inrli ("laisiiiin nntl tan ln.ni'.Ts, mill; iwch nml  ilep-i-ripm.hs, lln.' !'!��� 11 | erticiilins of tlieir  c.liiir.iK, the Klntciiici.t ot their m-i-i:intts itiul  Ilie iiituii: ol lhe Menrilies, if any   lidil by  IllCISl.  Ami Tt: r'.her take no! Ice, Unit nl'lor wild last,  nii'itllni'.i'il (late tl'.esaiit niiininistiiilors with  l lie vill iif.i'i xcd will jiriiri i (1 to iliMirllmtc  I lie jifsi.-tu of thu deieiiHell ii::ioii^ I'm pirliiMi  i-nti'.tei! tlari'lo tnivii'i;- nyaiil only tn the  rl:ilitis ol ivliii-li il shall U-.imi.Iuiv>' iiotioo,  nml llntl II.(-mi!��I arliiiinlstnitoi's'Mitli tin-will  iiinieseil will not be liable for the said assets  nriuiy jiarMlieri-of to nr.y iicison i-,r pi-rsons  iil'ii-hrsKe ciiilin--- notice shall not, Im ve been iv-  e-ei i-id by it ul the Mint' e.f such ili.-t lit union.  J.!ul(>(�� iiilKliUlli dny o!".hine." A. li.li'U:!.  Ki.Lior A I.KXNTK  S'oV.citoiR for the Minnesota Loan & Trust Co..  aW'mill iff Hilars Willi  111.1 AVlli .tnin>xi>cl of  John Gfiirjc (ainjiy N twin nl, tiiccafctit.  Dealers In  Tea and Coffee  We are *jtrc:i'injf nt lowest prices tlie best [  unules ot Ceylon, India, Cliinu and JulHin 1  Tens.  Oui'Hesl Jloclia sintl Jjivii Cotrc* per  ixninil $   -101  .Mocha and Javn lilond, !l pounds 1 00 J  Ciioiec lilL'lid Cotroe,4 iiomids   1-Olij  Rpeclnl Uleiid Coft'cc.ii jxninds  1 Olij  Ilio llleiul UotlV-e. (I |M>tI!lll6 :;, 1 00J  Sjicciiil Hlend (Icy 1��iii icn, per ]> >und.    i>0|  \  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance.     Real   Estate- Loans.   Etc.  Having purchased the Agencies hitherto conducted by Mr. A. R.  SheTWeed vie l>eg to anr.onnce to Clients that v.e will give prcinpt and  careful attention to any bufiness entrusted to cur care, at our offices over  McArthur's Furniture Store.  A TH'M. Ot?DERSOL!CiTEl).  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  A'EST     BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  Mortgage Sale.  Unilfr unci by virtue of tlie poivers con-  .laiiieil Init wrluin inoitirnge, wliicu will be  produced nt the limt- of sale, there will bo of.  fered fiir cille by pnblif. unci inn by C. A. Wiit-  e.-nuiii, at his ollice in the K.-^V.-C. Illnck,  linker Street, Nelson, it. C, ou Monthly, the third dny of .-August, 1003, ���'  nt the hour or 12.'o'clock 1104111, the  following property:" All and Klugiilnr  Unitedtiiin parcel ortriu-t of hmdiirid premises lying und being in the City of Nelson, in  tlie I'rovince of lirlt.Wli Columbia, ard being  hot numbered twmiy-two (22)Mn Block nnm-  bered twenty-nine (iS), iiccordlng to tlie Ml-.  fin I l'lan <n finvey Dt the'foMfi (now City) of j  Nelson. Tliis properly is sitnsito on Hilitii  street, between AVard nt��d Htanley streets,  and Iuih oneli'd tiiereon u eunfortuble t\v��r-  stjiroy frame dweUlujr-liuuse. '  J>"or tenim aud conditions of sn lo apply to  Macdo>amj it .Iohk.son.  flolicitors for Mortgaseta.  Dated chlb fifteentli dny of July, A. D. ISXTi.  \poi.is,   ntu.  CITY."  AT  Vi *��j -wi  j^rr a (  it   r,\tr_   i? !n" "_ IT  I VI1  if"**  no MAIM  Head Office Neir.on, B- C.  : A! il.o ittniir.ll nt t lie. Iioiid  of -IM inn! S'nniisii Criclo. :<i ju: nin_; tin;  ?>'minion   3!:ntr,.l   c:n'"i.  T.ike iiutlii.' Hint  1,   lt>;  Innlel JI.  Msutinn-  all'., Free    Miiiei-"s   ��  jet  leiitu    M>.   Ii.">w,-iu,'i,  ! inti nd     Msly       dny:-      from      Lhe     (late  ' lii-ieof.  t>) sipoly I>' i lie 31 i��lot;   ilet'.'rdi.-r roi.  :i ni!iiicali-  of Inipi'i'Vi-iiseuts. ii-r lhe |vir-  Branch  Markets   in   Rosskir.d,   Trail,   KeL-ioii,  ICa-jlo, . ar.tlon, 'Fhfce | i";,'';''' ��ii����hai���� ��c,n.\vi.-.i-aiii��.i Uiee.ii. .-,�����'  lu iks. Nevr Denver and Slocan City. j 'yt^y%y^i^%^^^^  llm  ii��nu:ce (��! stirii eerUi'.i'jite nl" iHiyruvc-  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt and careful atteti-  iaCrU.  onsaa  A nte.li j; '���! tt c pi i v'r.< ii;i < 7 (< ��t:ie icill  lie In ill nl \ ni.i-i uvi-r within �� jncntli, mul  l he i.tiii- ml ho.i.ii.jiiiisniiL-L iiiiiiiiiiiilih^ttoii-  Vi-iitioi.n will il.iii be tiinl.  JwelN lSUt'STOX,  ri-csitleiiti-: li.e I'l-oVinelol  taiUMi rviilivt _V.-Moei:iliij3i.  Nl'tenn, Jui.i; S; U, IWa.  C��KTI.rlC.=.T�� CT JSPECVEMEtrfS.  r'.ioer.itil   K.ii.' '2   Mine'.nl Chiiin. sili.uh' :ti  S      C ''     I'iioer.iUl   ;m  ?      ^*^v I 'he .Seism! Mining i-'ivlsluii oi Si ii-) Iviioiei  |     V    J i biiiiriet.  Jhlk'il tlih;J7ih<!i;>-t'f.lnly. A,l>. t.SC-3.  II. Jtl.iSACiioarAJ.'


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