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The Economist Oct 1, 1904

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Array I* --���  /*\Y z'-fi  WM. R. IIR.VRST: "1 have wen thc "  most beautiful lakes in Italy and Swilzer- -  land, and all llio-,e lo\ely .-pots,hut I have  never .scLii.uivtluiiK finer lli.ui the Kootenay lake and the Anow lakes. We had a  iluliyliUul time there. This was my llrst  trip through there.'' <(_  " Al"A'*.'-W  ���A '?'-fa��'T'.  :aa^  >'** '"^JB��  VOLUME VIII.  General Comment.  '>  SoiiK months ago, two men were arrested    tit   Vancouver,   charged with  holding up a bookmaker "of that city.  Those men, McDonald and Hogan; had  some money on   them when arrested,  ' and of course it was taken in charge liy  the police.    Tlieir trial will be on iu a  few days,'and  they hud to'get money  to pay, their lawyer, so they made an  application  before Sir. Justice Martin  through tlieir lawyer, for the return of  the   money found on Ihem when arrested.     Blr. Justice Martin granted  the order, and  no doubt the money  found its way to the pocket of their  lawyer.    Supposing it should  happen  that Hogan and McDonald were found  /guilty of the crime with  whi6h they  aire charged, and  thai tlie money-paid  to the lawyer was part of what was  stolen, in what way would the victim  proceed to get his money back ?   Somewhere itis written'that the receiver of  stolen goods is not altogether guiltless  of crime.  When the demand for good houses  ���exceeds tlie supply, it ib generally tin-  -dcrstood that times aro prosperous, and  "tbat.house building for rental purposes  will soon become protTGible. This is  .about the situation in Nelson at the  "present time. There is scarcely a good  house vacant in the city, and the real  ���estate agents avc turning away applicants everyday. Tiiere has-not been  very much house-building going on for  the past year or two, but it is evident  that the carpenters will be busy in thc  near future.  that Charlie  was  convinced that the  interpreter  was holding   back something in  tlie translations, or it may  have been that he thought the  interpretations were not full enough to be  interesting  to  the   audience;  so  he  threw in a few ilowers on hia own account.   Certainly the additions did not  detract from the interest of the occasion; but itis doubtful if those who  listened to the interpretations of thein-  tcrpretor cat)  be   regarded   as having  added extensively to tlieir knowledge  of the customs of the Chinese.   Nevertheless, as wus before remarked, the explanations were interesting, and not  the   least    interesting    was  Marshal  Waterman's  happy reference   to   the  blushing bridesmaids.    It looked like  paint.  At the recent meeting in Leeds of  'the British Trades Congress, parliament as well as the party leaders came  in for a good deal of condemnation as  being out of toucli and sympathy with  the needs of tho woiking classes; but  when one John Ward representing the  navvies' union, in "the course of a  speecli on militarism and conscription,  ��� remarked that at present the* King was  about the only-statesman iu England  "-"possesses and thc only friend of peace,  thc congress cheetVd.aguin and "again.  When tho speaker had.,concluded it  gave ,��� him an enthusiastic ovation.  Hitherto these trades congvc.->&cd have  treated monarchy in a llippant, hostile  temper. This demonstration, therefore,  indicated a marked change. But it  cannot be attributed to a more generous sentiment toward monarchy as an  institution. It was a recognition of  the King's appreciated labors in behalf  of peace, of which ,the recent arbi-  -tralion treaties are but one and hatred  ef the policy of conscription that not  long ago was seriously advocated at the  war office.  The grand and petit jurors have been  ��� drafted by Sheii'i' Tuck for  the Assize  :_coui_t,_-w_hj_ch_wiU_ begin, its 'sittings  here on October 3rd.     Tt is understood  that Mr. Justice Irving will bo the  -presiding judge.  l\  .   ���   ���  '"Thr Ijondon'coric.-'pond'jnt ofthe  'Toronto Telegram reports that one or  two of tlie more sensational Loudon  papers aro regaling their readers with  ��� accounts of tho evil power exerted by a  mummy of au Egytaiu princess, which  occupies a corner in tho 13iitis.li Museum. Although surrounded by highly  respectable and well-behaved muinies,  it appears that this vicious relic persists iii bringing bad luck to whomever  conies in contact with it. The gentleman who originally bought the elaborately encased figure, lost his entire fortune; the photographer who photographed it, met with uu accident, broke  two cameras and was the pained spectator of hia child's fall into a cucumber  frame tlie same day; and even then  who were sent to move the mummy,  met with bruises and cuts. There isa  wealth of reading in the mummy's  adventures for those who aro inclined  to be superstitious.  . One of the most amusing,.if not interesting, features'"of lhe recent Fair  was the Chinese procession. Apart  .'"from tbe gorgeous costurnes in which  those who took part in ttie procession  were arrayed, much interest centred  ia the solemnity, with whieh lhey invested the whole proceedh.gs. But  the climax wti3 probably reached  when Charlie Waterman undertook an  explanation of "tlie various emblems  carried by the processionists and their  ��� costumes. Whatever kitowledgeChar-  iie may possess of John Chinamen,'it  cannot be said that it includes" 'an intimate acquaintance wiih the idiom  of the Celestial. Therefore ilie had to  call into requisition the services of an  An eastern writer comments on the  circumstance that the visit which the  band and pipers of the famous "Forty-  twa" are now paying to Canada is  very different from the conditions  which existed when the regiment first  crossed the Atlantic. There was* no  "entente cordiale" then, and when, in  June, 175G, the Black Watch disembarked at New York,under Lieutenant-  Colonel Francis Grant, son of the Laird  Grant, ib was their object to be in  readiness to repel any attempts on  British territory which the French  might make from Lake Champiain.  The French, however, limited their  efforts to the erection of the fort of Ti-  conderogn, on the shores of the lake.  In the autumn 600 recruits, all Highlanders���for at that period none others  were admitted���joined the 42nd, who  were 700 strong when they sailed from  Greenock. This force was part ofthe  army which unsuccessfully stormed  Ticondcroga on July 8, 1758, under  Major-Gener.il Abercromby. It was  tho stiongebt regiment in his army,  and was fully equipped and in native  dress. The officers worea narrow gold  braiding around their tunics, all other  lace being laid aside to make them less  conspicuous to the French and Canadian riflemen. The sergeants wore  silver lace.on their coats, and carried  the/Lochaber j/xe,.the head of which  was fitted for hewing, -hooking, or  spearing an enemy, or such other work  as might be found before tlie ramparts  of Ticonderoga. Many of the men had  been out iu the rising of '43. In this,  tlieir first "encounter with the French  on American .soil, the Black Watch  (Am Freiceadan Dubh) suffered  heavily���eight officers, nine sergeants,  and S97 men were killed; and 17 officers, 10 sergeants, anil 306 soldiers  wounded. Of the officers killed two  were named Campbell, which was the  name of four of the wounded officers,  other'three of whom were Grahams.  Of these was Captain Thomas Graham, of Duohray, whose ancestor John  Giaham, of Duchray, according to a  book lately published by a lady of the  Inchbrakie family, raised Jhe_Black^  Watch.  . Mi:. Aulay -Mokriso'x has ' beeu  appointed a Supreme Court Judge for  British Columbia to take tlie place of  Mr. Justice Drake, superannuated.  The Economist extends its heartiest  congratulations to Mr. Justice Morrison, and at the same time expresses  the belief that he will preserve the best  traditions of the Bench in British Columbia. This paper freely confesses  that it would "have been better pleased  had a condition of the appointment of  thc new judge been that he would reside in Kootenay. The Bar of the interior has expressed itself almost unanimously in favor of a resident judge,  and, if the Government 1ms not had  some understanding to this effect with  Mr. Justice Morrison, it has simply  ignored the wishes of the Kootenay  lawyers.  The actual results of the Nelson Fair cannot be computed in dollars and cents, although  it is satisfactory to note tbat tbe amount of  money taken in at the gate fully came up to  tbe expectations of the promoters. - It will be  some years before the public will be enabled  to fully estimate the beuefits tbat must follow  the exhibition just closed. If the Fair of last  year resulted in educating hundreds as to the  capabilities of the Kootenay as a fruit-growing  country what will be the consequence of the  second annual exhibition ? It is no exaggeration to assert that hundreds who visited the  Fair tbis year were simply amazed at tbe evidences of what had been taking place around  them during the past few years. As one gentleman put it: "Supposing I had left here  when I came off the Crow's Nest a few years  ago, and some one had met me in New Brunswick and told me that he had seen an exhibition  of fruit like this in Nelson, I would have  thought he was crazy or telling lies." This is  the situation exactly, and the marvellous thing  in connection with it all is that it only occurred  to a few tnat the Kootenay district v/ould ever  be known otherwise than the'centre of a mining  industry; yet in an in inconceivably short space  of time it has been demonstrated that here iu  the mountains can be grown "enough fruit to  supply not only home consumption, but also in  years to come  to close out all  competition in  the territorial market at our doors. And it has  been shown that the fruit grown here is not  only equal to tbe product of the east, but  better. A gentleman present, who had just  returned from the Toronto exhibition, remarked tbat the display of fruit there could in  no respect be compared to what was on exhibition at the Nelson Fair. Therefore, in  this respect, il no other, will the Nelson Fair  prove beneficial. It will be surprising if the  demand for fruit ranches does not continue  until every available acre is under fruit.- And  it must not be-thought the laud "suitable for  this is limited; there is quite enough to support  a population equal to the most populous districts in the east.  The Fair aiso served as a text-book of what  is going on around us in tbe way of mining  development. So far* mining has been' the  staple industry of the interior, and that it will  remain so, there cap  be  no   doubt.    It  often  { x.  perplexes even-the oldest residents of the  Kootenay to answer the questions that are  asked by newcomers with regard to, mining  development.. While it is not likely that anyone person will ever possess enough knowledge to answer all tbe interrogatories that will  be" put tohim-by.the average man from the east,  yet a' careful study of what he saw at the Fair  would enable hiin to deal- fairly intelligently1  with the industry, that has  made British Col-  Opera House to-night, when "Michael  Strogofl" will be present***for ithe first  time to a Nelson audience,  has been very good for the, week, but  no better than the merit of,the, pef-'A:Ai|$5  formances deserved. It is" generally, * ^-"*  conceded that "Trilby" is one of 'the  strongest pieces in the repertoire of , ., r  this sapable company, but it cannot be A*A*J��'  said that during their visit to" Nelson; v.%tf*ft��  the Shirley people have given''what *' '7"~  might be termed a weak production.  . They will receive a hearty welcome  district sent its exhibit, and undoubtedly many   should they again visit Nelson.  utnbia famous the world over.  -Nearly every  '���-���'KCJiil  benefits will result therefrom. But the display from the smelters was the most interesting. It was a lesson in the development of  the lead industry, which has commanded  so much atlention the past few years. Altogether the mining exhibit was a most creditable one.  It is not within the limit of this article to  particularize   the many worthy articles   exhibited at the Fair; the Daily News has presented the public with a detailed report of the  various exhibits; but suffice it to say that in  every department were evidences of excellent  taste and  progressive spirit.     It was   shown  that Nelson is making much that is needed-at  home and is on a fair way to export a little as  time advances.      A word however, must be  said    in   praise,   of   the   men    who     contributed so much towards the success of  the  Fair.    Secretary Annable has shown himself  o be a man of great capacity in his management of the enterprise.     He has worked night  arid day to bring about the desired result, and  all must admit that the. work could not have  been in better hands.    He was ably assisted by  many   patriotic   citizens,   prominent   among  whom were those mentioned last week, but   it.  would take more space than this paper has at  its disposal to give the full list.  Stuart's Comedians will be seen  at the Opera House Monday and Tuesr  day next. This company is headed by  James Post and May Ashley, both  well known entertainers from .the  coast. The first night *'U & I", will be  given: tbe second night, "Irish Arie-  tocracy." - '���,   -  The Tribune is the" only paper in ;  British Columbia that etaiim to be  gifted with the power of prophesy. It  predicted the elections would not- bar'  held this year, and its prophesy ww  just as near the mark as It ever gets to,  anything.  Local and Provincial.  Archie McNaughton, at one time the  best all-round athlete in Canada is  visiting Nelson.  77 -..  The Kootenay Lake General. Hospital was the recipient of T. G. Procter's  fruit exhibit at the Fair.  Avi?  "���;.%���  ENT DISSOLVED  Word has been received in Nelson that the  elections for the House of Commons are to  to take place  on the 3rd of   November next.  The contest will therefore be short and sharp.  Prognostications as to the result thereof are,  we see, being indulged in by not a few of our  contemporaries. This is harmless amusement.  No one is injured thereby. We observe that  our morning contemporary predicts tbat the  Conservative party will be utterly routed in the  contest, worse indeed than was the case in  1900.    We would indeed have anticipated that  its "prophesies would be ofsuch a character. It  is too-strong a party organ not to be ^ the father  of such a thought. Were we disposed to prophecy, we would forecasfa differenTresultAThe  Province of Ontario will certainly go against  the Government by a large majority. And so  will Manitoba and the North-West Territories.  The Government will carry Quebec very likely,  but by a much decreased majority. Our anticipation is that the western part of that Province will reverse the verdict of 1900 in many  constituencies.   Down by the Atlantic the Con  servative party appears to anticipate a much  closer result than there was in the last House.  In this Province, our expectation  is "that a  majority of the Coast constituencies will return Conservatives; while in tbe belated constituencies of the Interior, the result will be  largely affected by the issue of prior elections.  Looking over Canada as a whole, we anticipate  that neither party is going to have a large  majority, that the House to.be elected will be a  somewhat close one.  Superintendent Hussey resumed his  duties last Wednesday; Mr. Bulock-  Webster will remain in Nelson.  Alex. Lucas, the Kaslo mining roe-- - '-  order, was a visitor to the Nelson Fu|r, ....."���  combining business with pleasure. - . , y  Peter Lamont, of the Canada' Drug1  .*." '*! L  A. Book Co.,Xtd., has returaed.frem a ''^m.^\  business trip to Winnipeg and Regina.1,    -i^1  Chief Jarvis has returned from the  east, and while he enjoyed, himself to  his heart's content he is glad to be baefc -  in the mountains.  "Prof." Hepburn, tbe dancing' master, was in Nelson this week, Tbe  "Prof." is making preparations to celebrate one of his quarterly birthdays.  J. J*. Young, the Calgary newspaper  man, is iu Nelson. He lately enjoyed  the distinction of having his picture in  tbe patent insldes,printed atWlnni-  peg.  -i  I  Tuibt'y-nime interesting and sometimes inconsolable widows appear iu  that world of ticiion created by Charles  Dickens.   These   relicts are creatures  of infinite variety and come from all  grades of socitil life.   They are grave  and gay, severe and soft-hearted, sensible and silly, haughty and humble,  pretty and ugly, young and old,   Few  of them possess tbat sweet stupidity  with which the'author'eridows his favorite heroines ; but it may be said in  their praise that not one of them is an  outan-out termagant like Thackeray's  Mrs.  McKensiie.   For the  most part  they are more sloppy and sentimental  limn    self-willed   or   strong-minded.  These widows are evidently not drawn  con am ore.   They rather serve to emphasize that warning, "Jlevare of vid-  ders,' which the elder Weller gives to  his son Kamivei. oMost formidable of  them all is the grim, determined, busi-  ������ interpreter!'   It seemed from the first J ness-like Mrs. MacStinger, who  hav-j  ing resolved to marry hor lodger, unsophisticated Jaek-Bunsby, carrying ont  that purpose in spite of Jack's protests  and frantic endeavors to follow the advice of his bosom friend, Captain Cuttle, and "sheer off."  " David Copperfleld" leads off with  five widows, foremost among whom is  the mother of David, always called "a  baby" by Aunt Betsy Trotwood.   By a  strenge irony.of fate she chooses as her  second husband the stern, uncongenial  Mr. Murdstone.   The haughty, obdurate Mrs. Steerforth, mother of the profligate  but   gifted  James,  and   Mrs.  Markham,   who  on  account  of   her  astute     generalship    the    schoolboys  called "the old soldier," are two other  widows of the story.    But   tiiere are  two others, each of whom illustrates an  all too frequent type of feminine character.   These aire the lachrymose Mrs.  Gummidge,    and   that    "lone,   lorn  creetur," the mother of that cringing,  sneaking, "'umble" Uriah Heep."  "Little Dorritt" contains four widows, Mesdames Ebenham, Finching,  Gowan and General. The first is a  paralytic bent on mischief, the second  is kind-hearted but full of sentimental  affections, the third is a prim, curtly  old lady, and Mrs. General, the gov  erness of Mr. Dorritt's daughters, is a  "cold, waxy woman who never lighted  well."  "The Old Curiosity Shop" has three  widows, most familiar of whom is Mrs.  Geniwin, mother-in-law of the horrible  Mr. Quily, with whom she wages perpetual warfare. "Oliver Twist" introduces us to two widows, Mrs. Bedwin  and Mrs. Bumble, neither of whom Is  a striking personality. In "Great Expectations" we find an amiable Mrs.  Brondley, and an abject, toadying Mrs.  Coller, who seeks to make her way by  fulsome flatteries, smiles and tears.  "Bleak House,":"Hard;:Times".and  the "Uncommercial Traveler" ��� have  each two widows of widely varying  aspect and individually. ; .Mrs...Fielding of "The Cricket on the Hearth" is  a querulous Mrs. Gummidge, a replica  of Mrs; Wilfer, who is called "the  tragic'liiuse." The mother of Nicholas  Nickelby in the novel of that name is  a sort of Mrs. Malaprop, who. talks incessantly witliouteaying any thing and  makes sad havoc with her parts of  speech. "Dombey and Son" has three  widows of striking characteristics. Mrs.  Granger marries Dombey for bis money  and elopes with his clerk; Mrs. Skew-  ton at seventy affects the aire and dress  of a girl of sixteen, and Mrs MacStinger  has already been mentioned. "The  Mystery of Edwin Drood," the latest  and unfinished novel of Dickens, contains three widows, but space fails U3  to dwell upon their salient traits or  those of other less prominent relicts in  the Dickens gallery.  *     ~/v' ' '������   ���  The minstrel performance referred  last week will be given at the Opera  House Thursday and Friday, nights of  next week. Mr. Taylor and Miss Marrack will be assisted by the best local  talent and a pleasing entertainment is  promised."  Concerning Mr. Harold Nelson's production of ".Heart and Sword," which  will be seen here for the first time on  Saturday evening of next week, his  admirers may be interested to know  fchat'be has achieved even greater success than in "Quo Vadis." Tbe critic  of a prominent eastern journal had this  to say :      ���  ''if over an actor established his  claim to versatility, Mr. Hasold Nelson  did last night. The audience was more  or less lamiliarwith Hamlet, in which  he bas won so many admirers, and  with other elassEc portrayals.   But Mr.  Nelson has row dropped, for tbe time,  his Shakespean characters for the more  dashing and popular romantic roles.  Amidst the clatter of. hoofs, dressed in  a strikingly beautiful hunting costume,  with his game-bag thrown over bis  shoulder, and spurs clanking on bin  boots, Mr. Nelson made a telling entrance. Frem this time the actor gave  to his patrons the most pleasant surprise possible. It was evident that he  was able to amuse and delight people  along the lines of high comedy, as well  as to awe them in heavy tragedy. He  played with easy grace, and hia art revealed the transition from the lazy, indifferent prince to the diplomatic ruler  in a manner which the audience applauded vigorously. The play is unusually interesting, and is given: with  rich sce'u-ry, handsome costumes and  charming lighting effects. Mr. Clifford Lane Bruce was a handsome and  interesting Stalbacb; Miss Helen Scott  was convincing as the Princess, and  Mr. Blake a manly Oscar. Mr. Till  scored a success as the pompous Town  Crier, with an unquenchable thirst.  Mr. Garrette, as Prime Minister, played  with dignity and finish."  Joe Wilson bas sold hk 49-acre fruit  ranch at Creston, and while the sum-  is not given, it is large enough to afford  its late owner a prolonged season of  rest.  Gus. Evans, editor of the Grand  Forks Sun- was a visitor to the Nelson  Fair, and spent much time in gazing at  the big pumpkins and other products  of this great agricultural district.  '.*" -7*  Joseph Martin says he will ran in  Nanaimo district as a straight Liberal  and John Houston says he would supr  port Joseph if he had a vote in Nanaimo. It would be strange indeed if  Mr. Houston would not vote for a  good Liberal like Mr. Martin.  The Jessie Shirley  company will  conclude the week's engagement at the  Jack Hennessy, an old-timer and one  of the discoverers of tbe Nob�� ��� Five, is  spending a few days in Nelson.' Last  week be visited the Slocan, and on the  evening of the 28th of September, he  in company with Henry Cody, observed the 18th anniversary of the disco very of the Noble Fi ve.  The following lacrosse team will represent Nelson in the games at New  Westminster next week : Paul Grey-  erbeibl, W. Hatcher, James MoCorvie,  W. Deacon, Jeff O'Brien, Joseph  Thompson, W. McNab, W. Miller,  Dan McNicbol, Alex. "Cowan and A.  Perrier. James Hawkins Will act as-  field-captain and George McLaughlan  goes with tbe team as manager. Considerable interest is being taken atibe  coast in the visit of the Nelson team.  The boys are in good shape and hope  to make it interesting for the West-'  minster team. They leave for the  coast this evening. THE NELSON ECONOMIST
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Notice to Contractors.
rilijliivny B.-ldgc Ovi'i tno Kile Iliver »t Moi-
rShhey, R  U.
Where Does the Conservative
Party Stand on the Grand Trunk
This question i» being cnnv.isM'il at
present:   Does the"Conservative party
believe in a Government oivneil  railway or a railway owned Government ?
"Tlie latter is the condition of the present Government.   How is it  with tlie
Conservative party ?   Our contemporary, the Nelson News, solved lhe question to its own   satisfaction, anil announced that solution in an  editoiinl
•which appeared in iUs issue of tho 2711.
September, which began as follows :
*      .   *' Whilst from published  reports of Mr. Borden's speeches
during his Ontario tour it is
difficult to arrive at any defin-
'   '-    ite conclusion as to what the
-Conservative leader's railway
policy is   there appears to l.e
no doubt that the Government
ownership idea does not enter
into it,  notwithstanding   the
claims made by some of the ir-
"-   responsible    organs    of    thc
party."    '
Tbe proper person to announce authoritatively the policy of that party in
reference to this "or any other (juc-iion
is Mr. It. Ij. Borden, its leader.   lie is
Cow holding meetings throughout Ontario for the purpose of  meeting the
electorate-and. ex pound ing bid views
<m public qdfotions.- On the evening of
.fl4th,September ^ult.,, be', held, one of
those meetings in the city or "Guelph i
aud at this meeting he Is thus reported
as having with authority stated, as he
had frequently befqre, announced," tbe.
views of hia party on this question :
' " If we "provide nine-tenths
of the* cash and credit necessary for "the railway," said Mr.
-.* Borden,  '-'let us provide the
"'otherstenth  as well.*" Let us
have from thc Atlantic to the
Pacific a national transcontiii-
A erital   railway,   m    the   true
. sense of tbe word, owned and
.   controlled   by  the   people  of
Canada.   Tbat is a plain, huoi-
ness-like proposition.   It was
'.that he stood  by in   PuiIU-
-   ment and it was that-we stand •
o - by today.   Thc railway ijiies-'
'—~tionrnow befi»rc_Canndti_is*tbe-
greatest  issue that  bas been
' presented to Canada in the last
quarter of a century."
Is tbis statement,of policy explicit
enough to convince tbe editor ofthe
JSewa ot his error! Possibly not, but'
it will reveal to the.public the attitude
of the'Conservative party on Miis mobt
important issue.
SF.AT.EV> TENT-KIM, propnly ondorsed
••Ti'iiclcr lor Mi.ii-'fso Undue," will be rr-
relved t)> llic undersiKiicl u|> tn i;o<iii of tin-
lit!) of October next, Mr. the erecliou nnd
completion of a wihmIi n brlilyc m-io-s the I'.lli
Ulver nt the Town ot Jlori'.ioey, East Kootc-
nnv UWtil' I. I!  C.
jiniwiDK", speeltlr.-illofP nml conditions of
tpinlrrliiiiHiwi coMim* t i.ijij be -ecu e.t Hie
i tti'-eofllie I'ublii- H'i r',» Knulnuer. Ij'iidh
.ind \V'>rl;s |iet-ni*liniMii. Vii-loiln, jl. (': nt
•li.. i line of Hi., l i. i, • niliMMH AceiM, Cnin-
''Ti.'il., It < .. .".I il :it ll.e i til« e ol Hie ' lilel'
t'l'UHinblc i.i Ktrn'e, li. C, «•:: nnd tifin the
ll'lb In-t.
Kieli propo«ii1 pinm be Meroinpnnled
bv Mil iu-ee|tt«"'l Ii.ii k t liccjtii' or ccr-
rf_ii-:m-r.:i n el nr'cri (I bmilc i,f ('■innilii. ininlc
;i._ Hlile lo I he nndeivijiieil for I In: Sum ol twu
Imn Ired (SMI) flollii-x. which mIiiiII be loi l>-ll-
cil ll' the pal t.v lend- ruivr del line to "ii:er into
enniniPl when culled upmi |o do no. Tlie
eheiiin « of iinBiicei v-ful lenderei'K will lie rt-
turiitd to llieni upon I hi- execullo'i of the
contract. '1 li<* MirccMtlul tenrit rvr v 111 bcie-
M'llrid to lurnish I mult., liiinsell ami two
siirellc--. siili'-i'.icloi.v to the ','hlrf L'oiinnl>.-
-fom-r, in Uie «nin ol Inn tlimih.inrl (S- (-00)
doll.i)> cncli. It|niii tliet'.M'CtilIon "1 the bond
llic i In-quo»l>o\e im-iitiuiicd v, Ul be returned
to Hit coin rac-tor.
'I enderh Mill nol be e- nsldered lintel's made
mit nn llic I on ii k supplied ard signed with
Ihe nciunl B'.fjiiiiluie oi Hie temlercr.
'ihe lowest or miy tender not nceeasnrll>
W. K. Cobb,
Deputy Cninmi^ploner of IjiikIhkihI Works,
I.hihU und WnrkH liep ii-lmerit.
Vicloiia, li. (J., 121 li tfepLeniber. I!KM.
Certificate of Improvements.
I ♦♦♦ ^♦♦♦♦-^♦••♦■©♦♦♦4 *>♦♦*« ♦♦♦♦<->«>«*♦<*»♦«-$ ♦♦^♦.^♦♦**««> *•*<»♦*•*
Pin«riec. Mayflow. r, Tllnkc. It. G. N..Sum-
it Krnttlon.-il and Snow Dritt Fractional
Mineral (Jlalins, situate in the Ne'son Mining
Dh lsionof West Kootenuy district.
Where Incited: on the Divide between
Painty and 49 Creeks above the " Florence O,"
Mlneial Claim.
Tulie notice that I, John MeLntclile, of tlie
City of NcKon, inline us aiient for James L.
Stamford, Free Miner's Certitlcate No. liSO.fri'J,
Ai.pus G.SIinw, Free Minora Certificate
Notice ls hrrehv uiven that the undcr-
f-iirind Ins submitted lo the Lieutennnt Gov-
ei nor.in Council -i propoMil under the pro-
vlKlon'.of Hie "Itlveri and Streams Act, ' It.
S. 15. l_.,Cnp. li'ih. loi tlie clrr.riii*; and removing of iih.striiciioiih lioin the Lower and Upper DuiKiiii KImtk and Howser hake and the
mouth of the Duiiiiin Itivcr nt Kootenay
Lake, b.'lnsrn'l ol" the Ixiwer llunc.in Kiver,
IIii\v»cr liiike, nnd a dlbtunee of ten
iniltM up the I'pper Uimcan K ver from
Howser Lake, lor niiikiiig the same
lit lor railing and driving thereon logs,
limber or rails, -nnd to construct
dams, booms and breakwaters, nnd tomako
such other or n.ccss.iry improvement!) or
(•(.nslriiilloinlh.it may be necekhiiry for the
1 driving ol lojrs theic!n or tlu-icon, or ictiiiii-
ing lliein within the coiii.seol'llie-<iilil Htrcnm,
and foi the pin p,,M' of storing unci tiiiiiiinlt.
liii^lo<iH Hitieon .mil M>r:lng mul booming
the same nl ihe mouth ol the Duncan Kiver
at Kootenii. I..iI.e. ami doing eveij tiling lor
lhe piiipo-rs nion s.ild
The la nib. to be ntlected by the Mild \\ oiks
■ire all the Inii'lh :ibu;tl"H o" the s'i'd l.ouer
and Uppoi- _)unciin Hivir1. and liowi-ci I.uke
lor the mil dt-laiiee of the pr.'posed works or
Tho rule lot tollh. booniane. rnflliiK, driving
of lo^s, timber nnd lumber, and lor taking
care ol lhe same aiitll deliveiy, proposed to
be cli.iis-'od hv the uuder.slgiit'd, is to 1)0 ut the
uiteol sev.iily-nve cents per thousand feet
irom points on Hie Upper Duncan lliver, and
Irom points hilfrwiiiii!. between thesaid Upper Duii'-.in Kivei nml the mouth of Lardo
l_l\er on-lhe Lower InineaiJ lo Koooten.iy
I-akc, and at tlie rate ot tl 11 y ccnl.s per lliou-
B.md leet on the Lower Duncan Irom the
inoulh ol the Lard i Uiwr to Kootenay Lake,
the charges abovoenuiiierated to eo\er sorting and booming the sumo. All noccs.s.uy
boom sticks properly fastened togelliei' with
elmins lo iceelve the sumo to be supplied by
tlie tiaiibinitlei,.ind sueh logs tn be received
linmediiilcly on tlieir delivery at Kootenay
Lake proporlv boomed. Sueh ch.irge. how.
ever, lo be subject to the hiimo being nxed by
a Judge ol the Couniy Court ol Koolenny,
pursuant tnSoulion 11) of the said "Uivers and
Streams Act."
U.ited ihis 9th day of August. 1904..
OfMlSN'S SHulCS to  hand.    Good to look  at, good to wear,
and reasonable in price.
IT©CL   LH   ifWln^ Baker St,
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦^♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»*<►«-♦•*♦*« ♦<X'*^<»«r< ♦<>■ -4"l- ?'4>4 *♦♦
No. UoS,'218and Louis Krnst. Free Miner's Cer
lltlcate No. II. 80,8*12, intend sixty days from
tho date hereof, toapply to the Mining ltecorder for CortillcatLs of Improvements, tor
the purpose ol obtaining Crown GruntH ofthe
nb >ve claims.
Aud further take notice, that action under
Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of sueh Certi 'ientes of Improvements
Dated this 10th dav of November, A. D. 1903.
John SlcLA'rCiriK. Y. L. S.
Inter-Imperial Preferential   Trade.
Sir  Howard  Vincent,   one of the
apostles of mutual preferential tnule
throughout the empire,' is in Canada
at present.'   He   bas. been   received
with mucin warmth every where that
be has pone ;andjie can judge, from
the  warmth   of bis welcome in-this
couutry, ho.v little b-tsls" tbore is Itir
tbeT statement   recently   reported   to
have been made by Lord ltoseliorry,
that Canada is not ready' for. docs not
desire, Inter-Imperial Trade relations.
In Montreal, in Toronto, at. tbe.Cana-
dian Club in Ottawa, iudced wherever
be went, were there demonstrations in
bis honor, and abundant evidence of
the sympathy of.the people with closer
trade relations....throughout the Empire.
. And while "be was speaking in Toronto of the outlook for preferential
trade, Mr. George Drummond, -president of the Canadian Manufacturers'
Association, was addressing the following words to that body on the occasion
of its annual meeting in Montieal:
•' As business men we are
)     BAKER ST.
We only ask one trial to make yon our cus
turner.      Fine  Watch Jewelry, Optical and t
SilVLi-waro repairing and everything in thc (
line.       '"         "*'■"•' '   —* '
W. G. Gillett
Builder   and   Contractor
Estimates  given on stone, brit-k
and woodwork.
Brick and Lime for Sale
Frank Fletcher
Itcitboiuible charges.
„..*.    *.,..»„,.,..,... _..,.._,,„.     Work sent  us.
Irom outside towns will receive thc same care j
us it  personally delivered.     Difficult rcpaira
done for other Jewelers. I
Lands and Mineral ClulmsSnrveyed
and Crown Grunted
P.O.Box563       Office:Kootenuy St. Neliou
It Pays to Deal with Rutherfo
Your doctor will send his prescription to Rutherford's Drug Store if you ask him. Careful dispensing
by the proprietor, pure drugs and fresh, are ■special
features in this store.
There is a great difference in Drugs and Chemicals as regards purity, and this store makes it a
point always to buy the best and purest even though
the price is higher.   IT PAYS TO G-ET THE BEST.
Take the item bf Quinine. There are cheap
grades of German Quinine, which most drug stores
use. We use nothing but Howards & Sons best English Quinine. It costs more, but WE DON'T
Send us your Recipes and Prescriptions.
insurance    Real   Estate   an
Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of tbe city.
Now is the time to invest in good improved
Adjacent" to Nelson.
The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.
Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.
Fire and   Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty
B vfctaBr-S 8
P. O. BOX 223
0 &<&^&^^^&^b-&^&&<>*>4>^^^<f&<fr &<><>&<>& ><&<&&■&&&
1 a    ca    E££_3 h *& >5s3« ^feg*? ^SasF *^g?r ia ^_3   <&£?$_? ^g&$? v&gr a
, The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor   House in   the interior
n Pints and Quarts
all.'I am sure, ngrecil that the
best, safedt und surest way to
effect a permanent consolidation of Imperial'• interests is
tlirough the medium of a mutual arrangement by which
ench bection of lho Empire will
' grant to the products of the
other a preference as against
the products of foreiiru labor.
It seems to be nothing" should
now stand in the way of the
Biitish and colonial Governments drawing togcthei and
appointing fully qualified -representatives to investigate this
great <ii)estion thoroughly, and
to endeavor to evolve a policy
of preferential trade that**will
bind the United Kingdom and
her coionii's together in a permanent alliance. Theic is no
reason to fear bub that such a
conference would bring abo   t
—air "effective*;—well-cons*.iered-
lmiUudarrangement by which,
while tocal interests in the
United Kingdom and in the
colonics can be fully and eijui-
tubly safeguarded and kept
prosperous, yet at the same
time a very large trade that
now goes' to foreign and commercially antagonistic capital
and labor can be diverted lo
our own people withi-i the
Still on the Run.
Since our last itwue the Ontario Election Tiial Court has not been inactive.
Two election trials have taken place
with the result that ?Ir. Dunlop;Con-
seivative M-.-V. P. for North Itenfrew,
has been con firmed in his scat, aud
Mr. Little, Liberal M. J\.P. for North
Norfolk, has been unseated for corrupt
practises. The result of the trials for
September have therefore been as follows :   *. ■    . .' ;
Muskolca—Conservative M. P. P.
confirmed ia his seat. >•.
Centre Bruce—Conservative M. P. P.-
confirmed in his seat.'
North'Reufrew^-Conservative'M. P.
P. confirmed in his seat.'
North Perth—Liberal M. P. P. unseated for corrupt practises.
Sault* Ste-Marler-Iiiberal.M. P. P.
unseated for corrupt practises.
North York—Liberal M. P. P. unseated for corrupt practises.
Norlh Norfolk—Liberal M. P. P.
unseated for corrupt practises.
Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.
Us an Order for Your
Groceries, then Notice
The promptness or delivery.
The clennncsfc and freshness of Goods.
The full honest measure.
The quality of wnat you get.
You will find abundant reason for sending
your future otders. '
This Week's Specials Are:
II lb Boxes of A 1 Cioumory Butter at 27c
pej pound.	
Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound.
Rnjnh Brand I'inenpple, 2jc per tin.
Clarke's 1'onek'b.s Chicken, 2jc per tiu
Joy's Cash Grocery
P. Bums
Head Office Nelson, B. C.
Branch   Maikets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three
Forks, New Denver and Slocan Citj*.
Orders by Mail to any branch will have  prompt  and  careful atlen
■   H Vancouver and Nelson
North Grej-—Liberal 31. P. P. elected. Tiial not concluded. Enlarged to
31st October.
The Election Trial Court is thus exposing the corrupt practises resorted to
by thc supporters of the ltoss Government to carry out the elections und
has wiped out tbe inujjirity of that
Government. The natural result of
such revelations should be to cause ull
who favor election puiily to. shun political association .with those who habitually resort to illegal electoral methods, who, to use the famous words of
Preston, "hug the machine."
We.were Jrcee&tly reading, in the
pages of an American Magazine, an
article which set forth a lame number
of. persons, "Scottish, by birth, who occupy at'present josltions of prouiiu~
ertce ia Great Britain—not as tbe jre-
sult of biith, but"of personal qualities.
Among those named are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of
the Anglican Church; the Archbishop
of York, the lesser Primate; Mr. A. J.
Balfour, the Premier of the British
Government; Sir Campbell-Ban Herman, the leader of the Opposition;
Lord Roseberry, ex-Premier, etc. Notably a non-assertive, retiring race, the
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers iu
Camps supplied on shortest
notice and lowest prices.
Mail orders receive careful
Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
£. C. TRAVES. Manager
Cheap Fall Excuursioh Rates
Sewing Machine, aod Piaoos
t * ■ •
For Rent and for Sale
Old Curiosity Shop, Josephine Si, Kelson
Scottish people will begin to think
well of themselves, to think that there
is some quality inherent in the race, or
in some of them, that fits for leadership, if such articles and lists are frequently in evidence.
'OilSale Oct. 1,2,3, .-I.- Good to return till.Oc-
Dawson's "Extra Special"  Scotch.    Granda Cigars.
Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.
A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines. J
I S^^^aHB.Tents&liwnings Made and faired ]
l,     OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON, B. C.      ^
1 n*l        .*.        ■«. .*.        ■*.        ■*.        .*!        ■*! '     1*1        I*.        I*.        ,..        a*, — .*, 1*1        1*1 I*.        I*.        1*1        l*i        1*1        I*!        1*.        1*1       X*J L«L
•.♦     *♦•     V     V     V     V    V     V    V     ♦•     >     V     V    **     «       .      .■     :■      »     *•*     V    V     •**    %*^ ."    V    *iT
1  &aaia     ^Z2S0f      fl
Oi*"   S O Out:
7.00        7-40        S 20 a. 111.
9.00        9-40 10.20
Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. in.
7.20 .OO S.40 9.20   II.     Ill;
10.00     10.40     11.20
Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.
Lots.      Warehouses.     Offices. .   Apply  A. V. MASON,  Mars. Sec
The Car Barn.'Phone 165B. .
~: - T
A ■■   \        ...a : -■!
I       PI u rri be r a n d Gasf itte r      f
1. t
I Estimates Given  on General  Piumbing, f
Sewer Connections!, Etc.
Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelso
■<—«:— *j*i*.-
World's Fair; Rate§
Geuinne Homemade Bread!
Cake and Pastry
.'Orders- Filled  Promptly—Everything Warranted Pure
a and Good.
Last Selling: Dates   'Oct;'8,4,:5.
For full particulars apply to local agents.
A. G- P. A.
nreserved Suction
Furuittire, Organ, Bikes, Suits  of Clothing, Pants.'JewehT, Watches,
Razors and a lot of general merchandise.
(A \vf>  >'tiU��  -M  THE  NELSON ECONOMIC.  iKEfiagaaagsffi^  9  A  ]'7M  wm  '..A'AA'^m...  ���.p-rA.A^mTiA  ,.-'i--M>V,-;;}--,^.ftS��^;  zrAyzm a  Talking Machines.  Edison Phonograp-bs, Prices, $10, $20, $30, $50.  The New Edison Moulded Records, at 50c each, $5  per doz. ���..���'���..-* ."'-..;  nes  Prices, $17, $25, $30, $45.  7-inch Records, $6 per doz.  10-iiich Records, $11 per doz.  Needles ancl all supplies sold on the instalment plan.    Write for prices.  ras  Pianos  Heintzman Pianos  The   New Scale Williams-Pianos  AT SPECIAL PRICES  We buy our Pianos for cash, and customers get the benefit, as we have no  ,"sub agents" who must have a "rake off."  Want  [Yoar friendoto'-remem'ber you  [forever? If yoa do, make him  j or her a preient of a .   .;  . ���;.  PARKER  LUCKY CURVE  FOUNTAIN ?  Prices $1.60 to $10. Let us  Iput one a3ide for yon. These  jare the pens you see advertised  I in the magazines. We wan-ant  1 them as well as the maker.  ley Are; the BES  CAMERAS. A  AND   SUPPLIES  FROM $1 TO $75  We     can    supply    yonr  wants for Fall House Caning in WAIiL PAPER and  burlap. y.::':i::y'/Z''z]i::^^  (Not Crockery with the stamp of some well kdown'ChiDra.owJt^A^^S  AtfEW GrOO^  Reyal   Crown    Derl^/   Ciw  Limoges,  ARoyat    Woto^  CqpelancTs. '������:."/-���:;.���  '&mw$i  > vur^trJfj'ji.'"*^^Hy4  \^Mmm��/  J ,V:4%;:i!%H!;^*S  AsSlSijI&gin"  l_; ^T&A.:'-,^jt&S&ii?S  Z~*-^l<u. li-taiR... ���(��___���  Iz.^-A-A.'i'M/i.yTfrfctf  , Alplflfi  \'/ Zy yC?-?��-^jS$3&  r.-j.:,. >j' u'a:^V^1^%SSi  :.A.-.iA-f.-y,y-.-^��t!-  a ''���A.y^i'^'J-'^f'  :'���-���   -* "*��* ���'���'.Jr,i'!.}'3,3a>r  ���-,-'A;A^^AAA^'Sm  ./ZAJAylf^^i, I  vAUililS  ,.AA7/&^1  A:rr7yMMl  ���������r::.r.'.r��..?iv31,J  o��gr|s||||[  "���-I I til". *r'Wffi  y/7A7S&$M  A/AyMMl$  Azap��!&$,  i-'ZiA'tZZSM  ;r'.-:x...A7i_-f__'f':~  77:77::A-7y*7&$  ^i/ZATiy&M.  ::,...-.l::.-:..r-rr:'fAin't.  mmm  AiSSM  ilSfltll  _An^yi0itil  a-^'OiS'Sa'ifel  lAASfl  .AA:7j,Ay?&fz  I A:7i:iX7^g&  Z7/Z*$��M  7Amm  oMitlS  ���oOia-!arfg  In io-acre blocks, in 20-acreblocks.' Improved ranches.  -J. E. Anrsable, S\8e��son9 B.C.  i.h^V^ ?%/&''^^>'^^y^''<y3H.'<ey^'U/53k'<&^'^'^'$^  0��~ ivia<&^cmoiai ivS  BAKER SJ., NELSON  *     ' AGENT, FOR  "The Julia Marlowe  1 he Celebrated Keith Shoe  'i he Douglas Shoe.  i  Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty, i  14^ -^%^^/��k^.^^<a^^^i 'Q^/&&^^^>^fq/&/&^wi/iv&tyit>-^i%'^  t  oundary  shipments  The following table gives the oro shipments of Boundary mines for 1903  1904, and for last week :  Granby Mines, Phoenix    .  Snowshoe, Plioenix   ������'.-.  Brooklyn. Phoenix    .       .  Mother Lode, Deadwood.  Sunaet, Deadwood      .  Morrison, Deadwood       .,.������-'  B. C. Mine, Summit .  B. Bell, Summit   . .       .   .  "Emma, Summit .   :   . h '7, *'  Senator. Summit Gamp .'  Oro Denoro .       ...  Brey Fogle, Summit  . No. 37    -.;..  ���',::,,'   . .Za.  Mountain Roser. .: ~  'Reliance       .       .  Winnipeg, Wellington   .  Golden Crown, "Wellinjjton  Athelstan, Wellington   .  King Solomon, "VV. Copper  No. 7 Mine,   Central  City of Paris, Central .  Jewel, Long Lake   .  Carmi, West Fork       .       .  Providence, Providence .  "Elkhorn, Greenwood .  E. P. U. and Goldfinch .  Ruby, Boundary Falls        .  ^Miscellaneous   .       .       .  Total, tons.  1903  393,718  74.212  1904   PustWeek  4)0,070        11.370  130,492  15,731  3,339  19,365  132,736  3,616  22^37  363  15,537  26,368  1,756  14.630  222  3.54  529  33  r"           l,l88  66  2,435  5,646  2J9G8  910  400  167  621  305  226  684,426       582,699       16,240  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRS^R-FVSF^&S,  S  O  CO  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  JOHN Mc LATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B, G. Customs House, Nelson  llllll  Nottingham, England.  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and FUJI  ���-������-Navy  IB  ::::$}&:,  Mivfiira  ifiiAiuBOr  Navy  Cut Cigarette fbbaecol  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to Rone  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner, Beeton & Co., Ltd, Victoria, b. c.  MONTREAL, Soie Manufac  turers of the "Pinto Shell Cor  _ _ do van" Gloves and Mitts  IJ      R. H. CAR LEY, B. C. Agl  COAL  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be acconapanied by cash and should he forwarded  either personally or hy mail to the office of  W. P. TIER!IEYt GESERAL AGENT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  'il:A  Our Stock the Best  -Certificate of improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim, situate In the  N'-l-ou Milling Division ot West Kootenuy  District.  Where located: Oi) Hover Crerk. about  three milesiruin Kootenuy Iti'wr. Take nonce tliat 1, Kniiik Fletcher, of tho City of  Nelson, aciin^ us ngentl'oi' myself, Free Miner's Certitlcnte *m>. liSiihi:*, nnil A. C. Flum-  tiierfclt, rive Miner's Certificate No. JJSO.O'.M,  intend, sixty ilii.vs from Hie date hereof, to  apply to the Mining UecorJer for a Certificate  of Impioveiheuw U��r the vurpose of obtain-  iiiing a Crown ".'rant of the above claim.  And further titlce notice that action, under  section 37, ininffbe commenced before the ln-  suunee.'of sueli CerMJlvnieof Improvements.  Dated this 2fith dny ol'Mny. A. D I9t>l.  KitAVK KtBTCIXEK.  Certificate of Improvements.  Watchmakers, Jewellers  and  I       Opticians.       Phone 293  The Vancouver-and Kootenay mineral  c'alms, situate lnthe NelKon.Miiiing Division  ol' West Kuolrtiiiy District.  Where Lien ted: on east side of Kootenay  Lake, about three miles east of the town of  ' Take notice thnt I, J. L. C). Abbott, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 118-1,184. for myself and  ns agent for II. Abbott, Free Miner �� Cert ti-  cuteNo. MM ,483. and B. L. II cat ley. 1'rce Miner's Certlllcate No. Utift,24f��. Intend, sixty days  from Ihe. date hereof, tj��i>p!y to the Mining  Kecorder for a Cenitlcnte of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  ofthe above claims.  And ���further take notice thnt action, under  Section ��7, must be commenced beforo lusu-  Tttico ofsuch Certlllcate or Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of J^M^^  ALE   OF   LANDS  'ft.  t  For Unpaid Delinquent  Taxes in the Nelson Assessment  : District, Province of British Columbia.  j I hereby give notice that on Wednesday, the twelfth day of October, A. D. 1904, at the  hdbv of twelve o'clock noon at the Court House, Nelson, I shall sell at public auction the  lands hereinafter set .out of the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent  taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31st day of December, 1903, and for interest, costs and  expenses, including the cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due is not sooner  paid: ���:....*  ���We have just received direel from the Manufacturers in Germany a very fine'line ot Ladies and Children's Jackets in the very  latest styles and shades, at prices ranging from $7.5-3 to $35.00. Also just in a splendid lot of Ladies' Suits, Skirts, Furs and the  finest line of up-to-date dress goods ever shown in Kootenay. A large assortment of Tweeds, Worsted Suitings and French Flannels  iu all c lors. L .._���;'���-.    !  NAME OF PUBSO^ -ASSKSSSI)  Baldwin, H.E.  Hester, A. C   Columbia & Kootenay Itnllwny Co  DESCttlPTION  OF PROrEUTY  Delinquent  Taxes  Tuxes   Iuterest  Suntli Half of Block 8, being sub-division ol  Lot t>y2, Croup 1, and containing *<!0 acres  inoic or less ...    ,,    .    .    K I'.. quarter of section 8, bcingn sub-divlbion  ol Lot81 i. Group 1, and containing lfiU acics  inoieorless   Lot bt>2. Group l.aiid containing 2,517 acre*  more or le*-1*   .4U  4 00  IM Ml  -.10  .18  C SI  Costa and  Expenses  ��2 00  2.00  2 00  Total  t   4.50  6.18  UB..51  Dated at Nelson, B. C  -A   -i..      <?���   rt"_*v_'1_'*'>*>,.  ROBERT A. RENWICK,  Sep'tember*''8th^.'i9q4iA-     Assessor and Collector, Nelson District, West Kootenay  "-*,��*���,  Building: for TKe-Ag-es.  O-Illustrate the slow ant} painful  . ;evolnUon,'^of,,; social progress,  '' Olive'   Schreiner,'*' In' a1 recent  article, uses the figure-of cathedral-building.    She says:  *3Ie who to-day looks ..at some gieat  slGothic cathedral in its'final form seejna  ���to 'V'Xte '-looking*" at  ''"-"that "   which  a--,might    have    been    the    di cam     o_  *;* some .^single:������ soul    of    genius,,  who,  r7 waking ��in*'^thg   morning,    found   'the  \dream? a!_Te^ifty,'    But   in   truth'Its  '"���!'orl��^lwa3',far^ otherwise/: Ages elapsed'  \_jtram the'tlme 'the first-rough stone was  ..laid "as a foundation till the last spire  /and pinnacle    were    shaped,  and    the  * ,hand which laid 'the, foundation-stone  > >was never the same as that'whlch set  the last stone upon the coping. Generations succeeded one  another,  laboring  ���' _at gargoyle,  rose-window   and   shaft,  -/and died, leaving the work to othevs;  . _*the -first,master-builder who drew, up  V; the.' first'rough outline - passed   away  aj>'and'wasi succeeded by others, and the  .^".���details of the wofk as completed bore  ".but faint resemblance to the work.as he  , devised It; no man fully undgj'stood"aU  -^that--othei*s-had-done -or-were-doing,-  but each labored In his place,'and the  ���*, work as completed had  unity;   lt  ex-  - pressed not the desire and necessity ot  oh'e-mind, but'crf'tfle unknown human  .spirit.  .And notVl^s essential  to tha  x existence.of tlie building was the labor  of the humble workman who passed hia  ~ life in carving gargoyles and shaping a  few rose-wlndow3,   than  that   of   the'  -loftiest master-builder  who, drew Lthe  / general ^'outlines.   'And it was heroic;  ���tor the master-builder who, though lt  '" were but vaguely, had some Image of  , .What the whole work would be when  ���_the last stone was laid upon  the cop-  , lag and the last spire raised.  It was  easy to labor with devotion and zeal���  though  well he might know that  tho  placing, of ,that last stone'and the raising of that last spire would not be his,  and that the building ln Its full beauty  ' and strength he should never sec.   But  ifor the journeyman laborer who carried  on his  stones,  and  month   by  month  toiled,  carving at his own  little gargoyle or shaping the   *r*.-erics   In  his  little oriel window, without any vision  <ot what tlie whole would be when completed. It. was not so ea.sy;  nevertheless, it was through the conscientious  labors   of   such   alone,   through   their  ' beaps uof -chipped; acd spoiled stones,  their bait failures and  almost  blind  successes, that at the  last    the    pile  could be reared  in  its  strength    and  beauty."  r  Mining Notes.  BOUNDARY -MININGUOTES.  riiounlx nonet r.  - ReiiV Ranuniy has bonded the Tip  .Top, hear the Trilliy, to*to "J. (J. Hass  iuiJ Randolph Stuart.  , <A'n option has been given on the  Combination tb *W. A. Harkin, who  recently went to thu east.  "Eight men are employed at the Larj-  ciishiie Lns-s, in Summit cump, whii-li  has'been bonded from F. J. Hardy and  partner by the Montreal it Boston Co.  A force of "o men is now employed  by the Montreal and Boston Co. on  the several -.���hums in ai'il around Ihis*  camp. '..This number .will shortly be  d( ubled or triblcil.  Work oji the Silver Cloud, in Sky-"  hirk camp, is nukiiiy that property  show-up better tach-wccl;.���The owners  are now ittlkiuu of rcbi>ndin<; the ]iro-  perty to a. syndicate of Chicago people.  ���Alex. Miller ami F. If. Knight, o  Grand Forks'have bonded the Sluith-  cona claim, not far from G teen wood,  which was owned by C. S. Galloway,  und ha^, had several thousands of dol-  worth of development ilonc thereon.  Diutnoiifl drillins operations now  going'on.ut ,tht* S00 foot level of the  Old Ironsides mine, me fur the purpose t'f deciding the best point ut  which to sink another 100 feet in that  groperty, which will be started in a  few months.  TO-NIGHT  ���'FAREWELL PERFORMANCE OF  MISS  JESSIE SI  nnd lier compnny In  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  It is said that It ls coming to be tht  fashion again to use the word "lady,"'  and that the ^wprd "party" is also jn  better favor. For'some years modish  persons have" called ladles "women/',  end parties- "functions." ' There wai  ^��ome excuse for the former substitution  because "lady" was worked to death,  ���and so misused as to make It ridiculous. But vague as its meaning Is, it  has a meaning (or meanings), to the  conveyance of which it is Indispensable.  and the folks who have dismissed it  from their vocabularies have not been  persons of much philological discernment.  The .us* of "function" for "party" has  been a mere fad that must have started  aa a pleasantry and gradually becam#  ft habit. It makes it possible to speai  of a row at a ball as a "functional disorder"; but even that doesn't war-ani  its .vogue., It-is^a-poar, borrowed; anglicised word,- which the -.British-Am-  ��rto*a iauf uaa.e doesn't n��cd.  Hocnn Drill.  Regular .shipments wilLjie made fioin  now un from the Jiast Chance, Sandon.  Drift In.* N being done both ways ut  the Myrtle. St.me jjood oic is showing  in both breasts.  * Jas. Livings-tone is one of the lessees  on the Mascot, at Sandon, which is  turning out well. _  Two feet of ore showing a, good deal  of ruby silver and gray copper has  been struck on the Mercury, Saudon.  Work has already started on the  magnetic zinc cnncenlrntor at Kaslo.  The Lullding will be"80 by 100 feet.  Ed. Shannon and II. T. Twigg, of  New I)on\cr, were surveying the underground workings at the "Ncepawa.  last week.  Corporation of the Ctty of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric llglit rates for the month of Sept.  are now am- und   ptynble   nt   the   City -of-  llois.    if pnia on   or before  the   l.itli Oct.  discount oi 10 por cent will be allowed.  Nelson. Oct  ],!901  liy order,  D.U.MOMOURIS  City Clerk.  A strong Russian melodrama.  Admission 75c and 50c.  Nelson Opera Houss  Saturday, Oct, 8th  anh his company in the remarkably  successful Romantic C'omed'y  Drama       . >.  Thc most v.-omplete nnd beautiful scenic  and costume equipment ever   .  ��cen litre........  PRICES: $1.00 AND 75c  Seats on sale  at McDonald's  Krult Store  *��� riday morniui..  Underweap  Ladies' and Children's Wool Underwear, natural and whitei for fall wear,  vest buttoned front, long sleeves, 35c  to $2.50. A fine assortment of Flan-  nellettes, in very pretty-patterns suitable for wrappers and Kimonas, 28 to  50 inches, 10, I2j4, 15, .20 and 25  cents per yard.  Blankets  Fine white unshrinkable Wool  Blankets, with Pink, Bine aud Tan  Borders, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 lbs. at prices  ranging from $3.50 to $3.50.  New Hosier}', new Kid Gloves, new  Belts, and a very pretty lot of new  Neckwear.  li  Millinery  Our Millinery, department is in  charge of Miss Burdick, late of Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, and if you  want a hat that is stylish and quite  up to date, call and see ber. Special  sale of Ready-to-Wear Hats for the  balance of this week.  IRVINE  GG.,   LIMITED  ���mmNwmmmm^  FURNITURE  The largest and  best assortment of fancy Rockers,v  Centre   Tables, Couches, China    Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets,  Etc., to  be found   in any Fur-_  niture Store in the Kootenays.  D. M��  job Prihtin  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heacs,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Bodge rsi -"���  Tags, ^  Etc., Etc., Etc.  r  conom  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON   STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  Canada Permanent  ortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or MonthlyPayment System  ����&��  &jQ,'Q/<&f��s2s&*2> h^/^^%^^ ���1^^^|^^fc/^^^^^^^^'^^!i'^^^^'',^''^^���  l W<f lmvc Snvjige. Remlnston, Marlm and Winchester Itltles; Oliibrough, Rem-  [    inifton, mifl lirou-iiini;  Autninntic Slint Guns, 1*2 nnd 10 go.     Winchester, U. M. (J  )    mul Iinj_lls,h Aniiiiunitioii. Uec;oys,WaUers,Ducl* Culls, Hunting C'outs. Vests, Belts-  Etc.  Everything for the Sportsman  We carry lhe inoitcomplete stock outside oi  thc Coast.    Hand^londed shot ��  shells a specialty. " *?  IK B    -"       d .nf* ___ Sportsmen's &  son Hardware tOc Headquarters. i  &^^Qy^^S&&'?lf^f^Wb^^'^%<^/%^'^f^'&^^^  $1 per day and up.  No Chinese EiripJoyed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS.  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  B. C  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Mariposa, Hanky Panky Fractional and  Kipline Fractional MlnernlClalniK, situate in  the NeIi��on Mining Ul vision orWestKoote-  nav BlBtrlct. .  Whereiocatea: On Morning mountain.  Take notice that I, John Mcliatchie, of tho  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Hnrry Mc-  Lcod.'.Frce Miner's Certificate No. B58.3G-1;and  TliomnsW.T. Stoddard, Free Miner's Certlli-  cute No. B80.709, Intend, sixty days ftom the  date hereoi, to apply to the Mininpj ltecorder  for Certificates or Improvements,-vfor the  purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of thc  above claims.  And fttrthcr take notice, thnt action under  Section 37, must be cpmmenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 18th of Mav, A. D.19U4.  John McIaATcntE, P. L. S.  JOS PRINTING AT  THE ECONOMIST  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  I BARTLETT  HOUSE t  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending a sketch nnd description niny  quickly ascortain our opinion freo whether ��:i  invention ts protmbly patentable. Communications strictly, confidential. Handbook on Patents  Bent free Oldest apency for securing patents.  ���Patent*'taken tEroufth Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without charge, in tlio  A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.nrcest clr-  . eulation of any sclentlBc Journal. 1 erms, $3 a  year: igur months. W-- SoldbJ.aU-jewsdcolers.  MUNN & Co.36,Broa,lwair' New York  ;J .'���.'-..                                             (Formerly Clarice House)                         . x  2      The best SI per day house in Nelson.      None but white help employed    The J  ��>                                                                 bar the best. ���  | G. W. BARTLETT. ProPK,mtor j  SnTDSorilDe fo r  e Economist, $1 a Year  Strictly in Advance   a  iii  -T,V%- .W~-~-  C2L  UUllfll  ,"^*^i">^*ir^ -^I-1 ' -^"  r *n,|'ss!iiy(,*fi.*i^tt;  ':V'i*^^^--^^;"^-t^  V^-'A^T-^-'Koi^.V  ��� -> rt.*iT*n,\tp.-^etj.


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