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The Economist Jun 11, 1904

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 A-   '  #* ^ " >a.  & ***** ��  :Mt  Ugibiat/i/o-^;  ^;  *-^m3  /J ��� K .    .    �� "as3i*<  >JlfN 24"1904  'X^Oria, 0-  VOLUME VII.  ���.-*#s*ii  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY JUNE 11, 19C4.  NUMBEE 48fJS|  ales of the  own  Now that it has been determined to I ton minutes' exercise'every day trill  to celebrate Dominion Day, it remains reduce the flesh in a wonderfully short  ���with the citizens to do every thing in  their power to make the event worthy  of the Kootenay metropolis. Nelson is  favorably situated for holiday-making,  and so well established is this fact, that  the residents in neighboring towns  look forward to a celebration here with,  real pleasure. The citizens of Nelson  also have established a credit for hospitality wieh outside towns, and no  doubt they will do everything in their  power to maintain their reputation on  this occasion. Just what form the  celebration will take this year has not  yet been decided upon. Many believe  that it would be well to add a few new  features ; visitors get tired of seeing the  the same thing every year.  The gasoline launches recently imported from Carleton Place, Ont., by  Geo. Hunter, Geo. Thurman, J. A,  Gilker, Carl Larson and L. P. Nelson,  have now been thoroughly tested, and  after two weeks' experimenting the  owners unreservedly express their satisfaction with their boats. In every respect they fulfill the promises made  by the Gillies estate firm, which  built them. In workmanship they  cannot very well be excelled, being  fitted up and designed with due  attention to comfort and convenience.  Added to this they are easily handled  and make good time. It is particularly gratifying to bear testimony to  the good qualities of the launches'man-  ufacturecl by this firm from the fact  that they a��e a Canadian product in  every regard. The owners emphasized  their patriotism by patronizing a Canadian firm, and it is pleasing to note  that they have received exactly what  they paid their money for.  time. Stand erect, with the head and  chin well up, and rise upon the toes at  each moment, then expelling it forcibly  and completely, coming down upon  the heels at the same time. Another  good breathing exercise is to draw in a  full, deep breath. Retain the breath  while counting fiftetfli, then slowly expel it. Sometimes stout women move  the arms gracefully but the body has  an utter lack of liberty and free motion  or suppleness. Drawing her corsets  tighter never did make a stout woman  less stout in appearance. The first care  is not to lace too tightly ; the second is  to banish all ideas of being stout from  your mind, and let the muscles haveas  free play as possible. All women ean  learn to use their bodies gracefullj*, even  if there is a predisposition to stoutness.  Stout women are acknowledged to be  the lightest dancers, and there is no  reason why they should not be graceful  in pose and motion. Ifa woman draws  her breath freely from the bottom of  her lungs, this diminishes the effect of  her size immediately by doing away  vvith that ready-to-burst iook that is  generally associated with stoutness.  That is the look that must be avoided,  even if the waist measures an inch or  so more, and the bust and shoulders  gain alittle.  Toronto Saturday Night gives the  following   revised  edition   of   ''The  Prodigal Son" :  I like to read of the Prodigal Son,  Who tended the festive swine.  He raised the deuce and had his fun���  Then off* to his dad's to dine.  It seems that lad had a.regular cinch \  ~~ "'Twas thlFso'ftesVkiudcTf iTsnap,,    "  ,He had his fling���aye, every inch���y  Ob, he wasa wily chap. ���*,���  -'.  For straightwry back to the old man's  tent,  Or whatever they lived in then,  He hied when all his funds were spent  And he was sore on the pen.  And while he was yet a great way off  His father beheld with joy,  "While feeding the cows at the barnyard trough,  The form of his long lost boy.   v' .  Lo, the governor ran and fall on  his  neck���  His knees were a bit unsteady���  But he stumbled on and would ^not  check  His speed, till lie reached his Freddy.  I think I can see the Prodigal's smile,  lean catch his smothered laugh,  As he talked to his dad in penitent  style, ."* o ��� '    '  One eye on the fatted calf. ���  The moral of this immortal tale���  '"��������������� If moral indeed it hath���  To stay at home's of no avail-  Get out and work your graft.  It has been discovered that a double  chin can be"banished by eorreetbreathing. The woman with a short neck  must hold her head high, even stretching her neck until conscious of the tension of the cords. She should:also  practice dropping her.head and letting  it roll listlessly about. This will give  a graceful pose to the head,aud the exercise of muscles will help to consume  the extra amount of fat. Lung exercises in "breathing are the best cure for  excessive stoutness. The best time for  this is before dressing in the morning  aud after undressing at night.   Five or  The principal interest in the Crow's  Nest damage suits, before Mr. Justice  Martin this week, was the presentation  of expert testimony to show the cause  of the explosion. Wm. Blakemore,  the expert witness for the prosecution,  expressed his belief in the coal dust  theory. He was- cross-examined- at  length by JE. V. Bodweil, K. C, with  the object of disproving the coal dust  theory and showing that the disaster  resulted from causes beyond���the control of the defendant company. The  expert had a strenuous time of it with  Mr. Bodweil, and didn't even get time  to punctuate his answers.  Just what would have happened had  ltr._Bodwell_decided_to, reiterate  the  "insinuation"   to Mr. Taylor on the  street, to which the latter asserted "an  answer would be promptly forthcoming,'' was the subject of an animated  discussion amongst a few friend last  evening.   Some who remembered the  Victoria K. C.'s prowess on the lacrosse  field and as an all-round athlete, inclined to the belief that he would be  able to hold down his "check" in this  case, while others argued tnat the Nelson mau   had   a mysterious left that  could be depended upon at a critical  moment.   It is  not likely, however,  that the question will ever be settled  by practical illustration.   The discussion t"Een turned on the pugilistic capabilities of the other legal lights engaged in this case.   Some argued that  in the event of an encounter, E. P.  Davis, K. C, would be the best scrapper in the bunch ;  others Contended  that W. A. Macdonald, K. C, had already a reputation which entitled him  to contest with any one of them for  championship honors,, excepting Joseph Martin,  who on account of his  innumerable battles had won the title  of "Fighting Joe."   It was said that  the appearance of William Ross would  frighten a mau to death.and all agreed  that Jame3 O'Shea; with a shillelagh,  could clear out   the whole lot.   The  question then came up as to the utility of settling disputes between parties  in the prize ring instead of in thecourt  room.   It was argued that there would  be some advantage in the way of keeping down costs, but one of the disput-  auts held that it would give a monopoly of the law business of the Province to Bill Galliher.  Does the public banquet justify  the time, the trouble, and the expense  of getting it up? The Guelph Mercury in discussing this subject, believes  that in Lhe majority of cases it docs not.  Tn the first place consider tlie average  committee chosed to carry out the  work. How many oi* the members of  that committee are capable of freeing  themselves from the absurdities and  tyrnanies of bygone customs. It is  true that the old-time 18 or 20 toast-  list has been reduced to about a third  of that number, but we still have an  overweighted toast-list. And the men  who are usually selected to respond���  what of them? Are they selected  for their special fitness to respond  to a particular toast ? Not always, and  not nearly always. The man who responds to "The Imperial Forces" is  usually, of course, an old army man,  and he usually talks army buttons,  pipe-clay and petty details. If he has  a particular grievance���and where is  the old army man without a special  grievance?���he airs that, and an ad-  ditiona-1 enjoyment of it lies in the fact  that it has been, aired a great many  times before. The- old army man's  grievances are always old acquaintances to his friends. Then, there is a  man who insists on delivering an essay  instead of a bright, snappy, after-dinner speech. Then, you have the man  who is so jam full of himself that he  forgets even the clock on the wall before him and entrenches closely on  Eternity���this man is always good for  from three-quarters of an hour to an  hour' and a* quarter, and he usually  leaves his crowd limp.  The Manitoba people are growing ambitious as their population increases. Premier Boblin belie*/cs the  Governor-General of Canada sliould reside in Winnipeg for at least six weeks  of the year, and is prepared to assist  this movement by offering an official  residence there, if such a move can be  carried out. His statement follows :  " The "West is certainly entitled tosome  share of the time of the Governor-General, and the idea of offering him an  offlcialresidence in Winnipeg is'agood"  one. provided that, coupled with the  offer; there was a provision that he  should spend six weeks or two months  here in the summer or early fall. So  far as the provincial government is  concerned, it would be willing to cooperate and I think that if the city  were anxious to do anything definite  iu this direction that the "government  would be willing to recommend to the  legislature a substantial amount towards providing a suitable summer  residence for his excellency."  countrymen. On one occasion during  the war, Major Scely said, he was instructed to get some volunteers and try  to capture a commandant at a farm  house some twenty iniles away. He  got the men readily, and they set out.  It vvas a rather dcspeiate enterprise,  but thc-y got to the farm house all right,  only to find, however, that the elusive  Boer had:eleared out in an unknown  direction. It was vitally important  that tbe British force should get some  information, for it became a question  perhaps of the Boers catching them  and they not catching the Boer commandant. At the farmhouse they saw  a good-looking Boer boy and some yoe-  men. - Major Seely asked the boy if  the commandant had been there, and  be said in Dutch, taken by surprise,  "Yes." " Where has he gone?" was  the next question, and the boy became  suspicious and answered, "I don't  know." " I decided then," continued  Major Seely, " to do a thing for which  I hope I may be forgiven, because my  men's lives were in danger. I threatened the boy with death if he would  not disclose the whereabouts of the general. He still refused, and I put him  against a wall , and said I would have  him shot. At the same time I whispered to my men, ' For Heaven's sake  don't shoot.' The boy still refused, although I could see he believed I was  going to have him shot. I ordered the  men to 'Present.' Every rifle was  leveled at the boy. ' Now,' I said, 'before I give the ^word, which way has  the general gone?' .,1 remember the  ..i,     *""*" ������ '<:- o   -��� "-  look on'the boy's face���a look such as I  have never seen before but once. He  was transfigured before me. Something greater almost than anything  human shone from his eyes. He threw  back his head, and said in Dutch, ' I  will not say.' Tiiere was nothing for  it," concluded the major, " but shake  hands with the boy aud go away." -  Some complaints come from the coast  that the caterpillar is injuring the  strawberries,and it is reported that the  crop will not be as large as in former  years. All other fruits are looking re-  ma~rkably~well.~ Throughout the Kootenays, at least where fruit is grown  to any extent, the yield promises to be  unusually large. Already strawberries  are coming into the market from up  river points, and the product is of the  best quality. That fruit-growing will  become one one of the most profitable  ind ustries of the future seems assured  beyond doubt.  events in the life ofthe veteran journalist, and are written in that gentleman's.inimitable style. Mr. Higgins  was induced to offer his stories to the  public in book form by tbe urgent sol-  icitation of many who believed that interesting events in the history of the  Province could be best preserved in this  way. Judging by the interestalready  taken in them in Nelson the list will  be a long one. The book will be sold  at the uniform price of $1.50.  Lacrosse has at last taken root in the  UnitedStates. Several American teams  are practising with the intention of entering for the championship mateh to  be played at St. Louis during the exhibition'." It would be a matter of surprise, yet quite within the range of possibilities, if the championship of Canada's national game would be some  time held by the neighboring republic.  The recent fire in Fernie is an example of how economy may in the  long run prove extravagance. The  people of that place refused to move in  the matter of incorporation fearing  that their taxes would be greatly increased, and as a lesult they were without appliances to fight a fire that could  have been checked at its inception.  There are othor towns in the Kootenay  that wou'd not be much better off 'in  the case of a disastrous conflagration,  but there is a -general inclination to  consider the question of fire protection  more now than a year or so ago."  The machinery for W. G. Gillett's  carpenter shop, on Vernon street, has  arrived, and within a few days will be  placed in position. It is Mr. Gillett's  intention to turu out everything required in the ordinary work of the car-  The condition of anarchy which now  prevails at Cripple Creek will prove  pr ejudicial to the cause of trades unionism elsewhere. This is not intended  to convey the impression that the  trades unions are altogether responsible  for the trouble existing in Colorado.  The most reliable information is that  intolerance on both sides is responsible  for the acts of lawlessness that have  been perpetrated.     While the capital-  The coalbuisness does not seem to be  as profitable as it was a few years ac-o.  The continued uncertainty with respect' to this prooduct on the San  Francisco market for some years past  has induced James Dunsmuir to look  elsewhere for openings where he may  build up a trade in the commodities  from'his mines. Mr. Dunsmuir has  sent an agent to Mexico, with the object of investigating the opportunities  for introducing coal and coke from the  Dunsmuir mines into that country.  N  ews of  the  M  mes  -aaaM  -     ,<k-7-7355  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  pen ter without depending on the mills  for it, and then not being certain when j ists had the upper hand they tyranized  the material will be ready. The machinery is all of the most modern pattern, and when ready for operation will  require the attention of several men.  Mr. Gillett finds this absolutely essence  tial in the rapid increase of his trade.  No carpenter shop in British Columbia  will be better equipped than the one  which he is now building. Industries  of tbis kind will assist very materially  in building up Nelson.  In a lecture which Major Seely, M.  P., delivered at Whitfield's tabernacle,  Tottenham court road, London, recently, he told a pathetic story about a  little Boer lad who preferred to die  rather than give any information likely  to result in the capture of his fellow-  over the unionists, and the same charge  holds good against the unionists when  they bad tbe power in their hands.  , Within a few weeks a collection of  Hon. D. Higgins'stories, Which have  appeared in the Victoria Colonist during the past year, will be offered to the  reading public in book form. This  book will be sold only to subscribers,  and the list is now open at the Canada  Drig and Book Co.'s store, Nelson.  "Within a few days from the time of  opening the list at Victoria, nearly six  hundred names were subscribed, showing the popularity which Mr.Higgins'  stories have attained. Those who have  read them will bear testimony to their  absorbing interest.     They deal with  Monday   morning Jast_ about __fbur_  o'clock citizens were startled  by  tlie  ringing ofthe fire-bell; but it was not  until some hours later that merchants  and others going'to work learned the  extent of the disaster, as they reached  the corner of "Ward and Baker streets,  where the main sewer of the city had  burst and undermined the road-bed of  Baker   street.    The city engineer was  among the first lo learn af the break,  and appreciating the danger, he soon  had   two parties at work, one   at the  scene ofthe break, the other constructing a drain along Latimer street westward  from Ward to  divert the water  from the main sewer.   For a while fears  were entertained for   the safety of the  K. "W. C. block, Lhe Griffin block and  other buildings on the   west side of  Ward street, but soon it was found that  none were going to collapse. The cause  of the disaster is not definitely known ;  certainly the unusually heavy and long  continued rain of Sunday night and  Monday morning must have greatly increase.; the volumeand the force ofthe  water seeking an outlet, but many contend that an eighteen inch main should  be ample, especially with   the steep  grade of Ward steeet, to carry off" all  the   water  that  could    come, unless  something occurred to block the pipes  or separate them at the joints.     Those  who have suffered loss by the accident  are the Canada Drug & Book Co., T. S.  McPherson, John Thelin and J. Fred.  Hume.    The city's loss will be considerable.    This is an   opportune time  to urge that steps Bhould be taken to  ensure if possible that  all the city's  drains be capable of resisting even un-  u sual and unexpected strains.  Flioeulx Pioneer.  A tunnel is being driven from one of  the glory holes at the Oro Denoro. ���  Kane, Gibson, "WrigbtandTrainncr,  are working on the Mavis, which they  have under bond,and feel much encouraged with the showing made so far.  The new converter for the Mother  Lode smelter is rapidly being placed  in shape for use, after which the matte  will not be sent to Tacoma, as at present. -  So far the Brey Fogle under bond to  the Granby Co., in Summit camp, has  shipped three cars of ore to the Granby  smelter. It is valuable chiefly as a  flux.  Fritz Mozier who owns a half interes t  in the Gem, a high grade property in  Long Lake camp, has found twenty  inches of gold bearing quartz, and will  develop the property.  The new owners of the Nellie Cotton group in this camp were expecting  to start development work on the first  of June, but.bave been delayed somewhat in the carrying out of their plans.  G. A. McLeod, of Grand Forks,  proposes to increase the force on the  McKinley, Franklin camp, having interested some additional capital in the  property. Reports areAo the.effect  that the development so far is most  encouraging.'  A diamond drill was set to work in  the Bruce claim this week. Knight &  Stone, who did considerable of this  work for the' Granby Co.-' three, years  ago, have the contract from Messrs.  Keefer and McAllister, who have the  bond on the Bruce, which'is located  near Midway.  It is said that the Granby smelter  will close down on the first of* July for  several days in order tb allow of general repairs in all departments of the  plant. A new roof will be put in over  several of the'furnaces, and an innovation in the shape of new feed tables  will be installed.  It is given out in Spokane that the  reorganized company-will-begin- work  on the Last Chance, about two miles  below Phoenix, sometime early i��  August. The corporation Ja known as  the Spokane Boundary Mining Co,,  and assessments are being collected  now at the rate of a cent per share per  month, to accumulate a working fund..  Rich ore has been taken out in .the  past from the Last Chance, and lhe  property has a pretty good equipment  of machinery.  SLOCAN MINING NOTES,  Blocan Unit.  *,r^>--Wt|  "-;vVr-2s��T  i/^im  '���Viifl  Sandon mines last week sent out K>'-,':������������ ^uS3fci  tons of ore.  The St. Eugene mine, Moyie, hus;  280 men on the payroll. ���7,  Kaslo expects to have a large zinc *  works established there. . ' ���" '  Report of a strike of ore on tbe  Wakefield reached here this week. *  More men are being added to the  forces of various " mines around Sandon. ���'.  ���  J. Hamelin, H. Lea and C. Snyder  are out doing assessment for the Rico-;  wilabi Co.  Work is shortly to be commenced   *  on the Riverside group, and will continue all summer.  It is understood that the Pioneer  Mining Co are endeavoring to get control of the'Black Prince.   .  The drift on the Club is about  30  feet under ground.    Eighteen inches   ���-  of ore is exposed in the breast. .  J.  MJ'-Benedum and" Tom Mulv'ey .  will "work- the Jose, on   Dayton cr.cek,  this summer, with a view to shipping.  B. I. Kirkwood has purchased from   .  George Williamson an eighth" in the.  Mabou claim, increasing his interests-,  therein to a half.  Wm. Hunter, Silverton, will extensively  work the McAllister group, on ."  the north Fork of Carpenter, this season.   New quarters will be built.  George Henderson and Neil Gelhing  came down from the Red Fox last  week, and on Saturday had a car of ore  go out to Nelson. George will not go  nortk-tkis summer,-but willput-iii-his--  time atthe Fox. ,   ,  A:>^m  z.^m  fWJlM  ���A-35%1  '-',<!*;'.- *  :���-..���:&_  ���:z-im)  All  tV*rV-j*;[  '- ���? ^ �����,"��>$ fl  -o* ^MJ  ���a-i:  A'A^i  . ��� i���  TaTAT I  Ia  P.  ocal and  X rovincial  Opera House next Thursday night,  Miss Johnson belongs to the Mohawk  tribe, and has won fume, not only aa  an elocutionist, but also as a poetessof  of merit. She recites her own compositions, and will be assisted by Walter McCrae, whose specialty is reciting  Dr. Drummoud's celebrated habitant  poems. The entertainment is distinc-  S. A. Kelly, of the Kootenay Cigar tively Canadian, and will be  appre-  Next Tuesday evening a debate will  be held under the auspices of the Success Club in the club's ball, "Resolved  that capital punishment is inconsistent  with Christianity aud the principles of  modern civilization." The speakers  will be announced later.  Co., has returned from a trip to Gold  Hill. He looked into the mining possibilities of the camp and reports every-  tbing favorable. Several good properties are being opened up, and considerable prospecting work is being done in  the vicinity.  ciated, no doubt, by those whoattend.  At the University Club's meeting tonight, W. J. Baird, M. A., will read a  paper on "Tl.e So ience of Psychology."  Members of the club enjoy their  monthly sessions very much and profit by them ; those who are eligible for  m embersbip and do not attend are  neglecting a valuable opportunity.  Pauline Johnson, who has been seen  here before, will give a recital in the  Nelson will have a circus this year,  and the young boy, and perhaps the  old boy as well, will be pleased thereat.  Norris & Howe's circus and menagerie  will be seen here on June 28. Norris  & Rowe are known throughout' tho  length and breadth of this continent  on account of their famous trained  dogs, but Ibis year they have added to  their former attraction a circus and  menagerie of unprecedented merit, if  reports given in the coast papers are to  be relied upon. This show visited Victoria and Vancouver within the past  few days, and the accounts of the perform ance as they appear in the papers  of these two cities induce the belief that  there is a great treat in store for Nelson  when the show visits here. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  The Nelson Economist  Published every Ssturd iy afternoon nt  VEKKON STKEKT. .NELSON, 11. C.  $i Per Year in Advance  Advertising rales made known on r.p*.iiia',icn.  All changes in   ailvc.-tlst.-ients to insure Insertion slio-ild  reach  this ollice not later than Thursday, rio'clc*!;.  "When change of address i.s roquirwl, ll i- IcsiriOI-tliat both the  old address aud the new be given.  Address   a'll   communications,   " l'u'.lihhcr    ol  Tux   ITcr-sox  Economist. Nelbon. 13. V."  EDITORIAL  COMMENT.  Government ownership is not a   new depaiturc so  far as the Conservative party is  concerned.     Iu elaborating bis scheme of Confederation, tbe late Sir John  Macdonald desired to establish the principle   of Gov-  eminent ownership by taking over  and  maintaining  all telegraph lines.    In this he was   opposed by the  then Liberal leaders, just as  the Liberal party of the  present day objects to Government ownership of railways.   The proposal of Mr. Borden and his party that  the Government  should   build  the new transcontinental railway is cert'iinly justified by existing conditions.    Tbe Government is going lo pay for the railway and the people should own it, instead of handing  it over to a company.  Canada assumes all the liability  and it is only right that it should secure control  of  the asset.  Mr. Hewitt Bostock, who first came into prominence in British Columbia through the ease with which  he became separated from his inherited wealth, has  secured the coveted senatorship. There were three  applicants for the exalted office ���Dr. Sinclair, of  Rossland who is-literally covered with scars received  in   fighting  battles" for   the   Liberal party ;   G.   O.  "Buchanan, vvho only had brains to  recommend him,  . and.Hewitt Bostock, who spent bis money like a  prince for tbe party which gathered bim in. Dr.  Sinclair's wounds were contemptuously ignored : the  tefusal of G. O. Buchanan shows that the I aurier  Government has no use for men of brains; but Sir  Wilfrid evidently felt that be owed a debt of gratitude  to the man who had wasted his  substance  in the in-  . terests of the party. Therefore, Hewitt Bcstock car-  tied off the prize, while Dr. Sinclair and G.O. Buch-  annan were not even honorably mentioned. Mr.  Bostock represented Ya'e-Cariboo in the Dominion  House of Commons for four years, but so far as substantial benefits to his constituency were concerned,  Vale-Cariboo might as well have had no representative at Ottawa during that time.    It is said, howver,  'that many impecunious members of the House found  the" name of the member for Yale-Cariboo a most potential one at tbe banks when attached to a  note.  Interest in tbe Gamey accusations did not end  ���when the commission ceas d its labors. The mau  irom Manitouliu has been holding meetings throughout the Province for the past month and everwhere  crowds flock to hear him. The story he tells does  not differ materially from his evidence on the witness  stand, and it seems to carry conviction with it wherever related. It may be that Gamey was not altogether blameles-", and his methods are not to be com-  "mended, but it mu-st not be forgotten .that be was  dealing with men who would not stop at anything to  retain power.  The agreement given by the Russian Government  lo the Turks that if the Black Sea fleet is permitted to  go through the Dardanelles it will not ietum, seems  to be superfluous. In any event, the Japs will throw  no obstacles iu the way of the agreement being faithfully carried out.  Cardinal Gibbons, who assisted in laying -the corner Jjtode of the new arts building of tbe Ottawa  University, is said to have made a deep impression  on the citizens ofthe Federal capital. The ceremony  was witnessed by Protestants' as well as Roman  Catholics, and the former were very enthusiastic in  their expressions of good will towards this great insti-  tiou of learning. The Cardinal's address, the theme  of which was broad tolerance, elicited general admiration. Oue passage in particular was replete with  charity.  " Are you not," he said, " all children of the same  /ather, brothers and sisters ofthe same Christ, temples  of the same sort ? There are diversities of congrega- i  tions, but the same Spirit. There are diversities of j  ministers but the same Lord ; there are diversities of  opinion, but the same God th.it worketh all in all.  We are all in the same bark, tossed about by the same  storm and starting towards the same eternity���prospective citizens of tbe Kingdom of God."  Duncan Ross is the candidate in the Liberal interest for Yale-Cariboo. Duncan recently made a pilgrimage to Ottaw.i, and since his return hns been  able lo make all.kinds cf promises to his constituents.  The Grits may be lacking in statesmanship, but they  have the game of practical politics down to a  science.  The Tribune complains because the McBride Government has seen fit to avail itself of the advantages  of the advertising columns of the Daily News. It is  only Liberal papers that are supposed to find fault  with the Conservative Government, but as yet the  Daily News has not criticized Mr. McBride on this  score.  For the wet spring days must be damp  proof and vet light in weight and stylish in  form. Our new foot wear fills these requirements in every particular. Each pair of shoes  in our stock Is porticularly stylish , and  thoroughly well made from the very best stock.  The various leathers���Calf, Box Calf, Yici,  Enamel, Etc., ar.d the different shapes enable  us to suit all tastes and fit all feet perfectly.  Prices to suit everybody.  Bakei  f L 5   W \~r Lj  The McBride Government is not popular with the  grafters. The members of that Government have  shown themselves to be desirous only of advancing  the best interests of the Province They do not seek  to retain-power by giving "handouts" to every  tramp who asks them for charity.  Mr. R. E. Gosnell has been engaged to edit the  Victoria Colonist. Mr. Gosnell is an able writer and  is well acquainted with the needs of the Province.  The management need have no fear that under Mr.  Gosnell's control the Colonist* editorial columns will  be ac the disposal ofthe highest bidder.  Si Pays to lea! with Rutherfi  Household Ammonia, quart bottles   25c  Benzine and Gasoline, big bottles ..- 25c  Turpentine, big bottle i 25c  Furniture Cream, extra good... .'.. 25c  Bug Poison, big bottle  ��� ..........35c  Copperas, Lye and Chloride ot Lime, all read}* ior Spring House  Cleaning  Pure Baking Powder, in bulk A. 35c per lb.  Sei.dlilz-Powders, Fresh... ..-. ., 25c  Rutherford's Cathartic Pellets, Good for Liver and Stomach ......25c  Wild Cherry Spruce and Tar." This is the popular cough remedy,  originally prepared by Teetzel & Co., and is unequalled for  coughs and colds, 2 sizes......... ...25c and 50c  DISPENSING    PRESCRIPTIONS    A    SPECIALTY   AT  REASONABLE PRICES.  WM. 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His presence in-the councils ofthe party will no doubt prove  beneBcial both to the Government and the Province. ,  -        - x  There are many theories advanced as to the cause  of the troubl e with tbe Nelson sewers, but the most  probable one is tbat somebody carelessly dropped a  copy of the Nelson Tribune into the pipe,.thereby  causiu g the clogging up and subsequent breakage.  Hon Charles Mackintosh is now in Ottawa aud reports everything favcrable for the Conservative  party in the coming struggle for power. Mr. Mackintosh is expee'ed back shot tly, when he will begin  the serious work of his campaign. The Conservatives in Kootenay district are in a good position to  elect their candidate.  Such dyed-in-the-wool liberal papers as the Toronto Saturday Night incline to the belief that Mr.  Borden's declaration in favor ofthe Government building and owning the railway, which the Grand Trunk  Pacific has been so largely subsidized to construct  will be endorsed by a large and influential section of  the public. Saturday Night says the Liberals have  made a great mistake in putting themselves on the  wrong an d unpopular side of this great question, as  they will discover when the all-absorbing question is  discussed on the public bustlings. "Taken altogether," concludes the Toronto paper, " the Conservative party under the new flag is occupying a mighty  strong position within sight of power."  WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL  X The largest exclusively  Wholesale   Liquor  House in   the in- V  T terior. X  PAB8T BEER      i  f in pints and quarts. I  f Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars. - I  * Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc. j[  ,���. A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines. *T  -:��� _ .-_-_-<���,-,_  Head Office Nelson, B- G.  Branch   Markets   iu   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson,  Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail .to any branch will have  prompt  and  careful atteu  ion.  "Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  Everything points to the probability of the Dominion elections being held in the month of October. The  Liberal organizers are being put to work everywhere  and campaign literature is being freely distributed.  So far as can ba iearned the Conservative party is  ready for the battle. The blundering ofthe Liberals  while in office supplies the best kind of campaign  material for the Conservatives. -The great discussion  will be over the proposal of the Liberals to hand over  $170,000,00010 Senator-Cox and a Jew of his friends.  This wholesale robbery i.s being severely criticized  not only by Conservatives but D3* thinking Liberals as  well. Conservatives are quite as ready as Liberals to  concede that another transcontinental line is desirable,  but they cannot see the wisdom of the country paying  for a railroad aud then making a present of it to a set  of men who assume no fiuancial risk in its construction  Camps supplied.011 shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive  careful  attention.  ^Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAYES, Manager  oA  *,���?*  IRLS  n^umxra    *������'������*  '*��<**  TRAM\A  N.E. T. TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  7.co        7.40        8 20 a. 111. .  g.oo        9.40        10.20  Every 40 minutes utitil 10.20 p. 111.  EOGUSTOWN���_ ���   ,  7.20 .06       S.40        9.'20 a. m     ��� ' ���  10.00     10.40     11.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. ni.  REAL ESTATE.  Lots.      Warehouses.     Offices.      Apply  A. V. MASON,   Man. 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Nelson.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  For full Diirt'iculiirs apply to local  agents.  J. S. CARTER,  1) 1st.Pass. Agt.,  Nelson.  E. .T.COYJ-.E,  A. G- Pa A.Vancouver  Clothing cleaned and mended.  Oyer tlie Vallace-Uller Co.j Nelson  Bartlett House  (Formerly Clarke House)  Tlie best SI per day house in .Nelson.  .None but white help employed.    The bar  the best.  G. W.  Bartlett,   Prop  Trade Marks  Designs  CopyRSGHTS &c  .AnTOna sending a altotnli nnd description mny  qulckl7 ascertain our opinion freo wlicLlicr un  invention la probnbly patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  sent free Oldest aeency for aecuriat; patents.  Patents taken Ihrouch Munn & Co. receive  special notice,.without ehnrce, in tho  Jcftiifie Jliiierlcait  A naiidsomcly illustrated weekly. I.nrcost circulation of anv uelentiilc journal. Terms. $3 a  year; four months. ?L Soldbyall newsdealers*.  lUNN-ieo.3618-^. Hew York  Branch Office. 625 F St, WaflhlEBton, D. C.  Frasik. Fletcher  PI! 6 VINCI Ala LAND SURVEYOR  J..ands and Mineral Claims Surveyed    .  and CroAvn Granted  I\ O. Box 5(13      -Oflice: Kootenay St.. Kelson  i��  51S J  vi  W. E. la'oivins, ltelYactln-v Optician, Grad-  uale of Hie Canadian Ophthalmic College,  Toronto, Onfsirio, Graduate Doctor of Optic?  Iroin a Leading American College and a mem .  ber o"! the Canadian aVssoeiation of Opticians,  will open an Optic Parlor in Room jfo. 7, Grif*  fin lilock, Nelson, B. C, on "Wednesday, June  ist. . '.:-..    .'....--.  Consultation Fiee and   Satlsfcctitn Guar  anlccd.  '.   '-.  ft  pff  W 4.4.  BuiicSer    and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  and woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Coiporalion of the City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates l'or the month of Mav  arc now due and  payable  at  Ihe  Cjlv-oi'-  hecs.   if  laid   on  or before   lhe  ISthJune  discount of 10 per c(?nt will be allowed.  Me If on, Junel, 180-1.  - ��� " i?y order,  D.CMcMORRlS  City Clerk.  JOB PRINTING AT  ECONOMSSTOFFICE //:���"���''-A; v;.;^.^  ^Aa'A^  THE  NELSON ECONOMISE  ' -7:' "7 a-'rHaa. Ot:ir>'       * -7 ^7*>  'ViE'-A'''-'.'' a<'?-' '���yA-.r.ri_wJ._giif>lwtfJM  :���:,,������*' .���7:^-a;7077;,07,i*5��ij;y^JR^  -I-''-' =0:0 -'a-Oa ,-��� 7^*S'if^*iEg  ���07, !���"   -a-7;',:.7,7,a;i,,7,0����;yfe^^  ��ga��tCT��3ag��g!ga^gaB3^^  jagggSjsgfiggffa^^  6  77&1M.  Slip  til  Luxurious and  7 5 t0  ew  of our  .t^  se were  ear  isesgaBBgsgagaggg^^  Ai^mtiZMl  7-?.*7^Ha^^:CTj  ^Hrr.;7.,5t^^lT; I  ISa'338$Kg|  I '*','77^ni3H7i:H;7-.HsHrJ^ 1  l;--i.-7,;$*a.7;HaJ^I  I U. a;'*'��>C>~sfsr 1  P  A iy ^S A P  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent. '.,.    .  Three dwelling houses for sale pu easy terms.  One Lot on    Stanley   street-   opposite Royal Q  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  i^-** ^ foi&*& '^>^/^'^/^^/^^^k^^^'^^^'^^>^.'^/^/^^^%'-*!  I V  BAKER STREET, NELSON   ���-AGENl-FGR������  ���The, Julia Marlowe  1 he* Celebrated Keith Shoe.  lhe Douglas Shoe.  Invisible Patching a Specialty   ^  LCtiStOm WOTK. imvioiuic  rcjiunuig a j-jcwaiijf      g  THE   CELEBRATED  Rla n��  PE^  ress  c  omment  IlninHlon Spectator.  "When the Toronto World declares  for " public ownership all along the  line," it, of course, doesn't include best  girls, children and wives.  Toronto Telegram.  Us and Russia arc the 011I3* two great  powers without a navy.- Us because  we are too mean to buy "one, and Russia because it is too stupid to keep  one.  Grand Forks Sun.  Justice is bliud. The man who has  been engaged in " knocking" our city  during the past two years is now receiving the same measure of prosperity as  the man who has worked faithfully to  further its growth.  Ottawa Citizen.  Mr. Borden should feel highly gratified at the reception his railway policy  has had from the press oi" the Dominion. The Conservative and independent papers have received it as one of  the most important announcements of  policy in tlie history of the Dominion,  while the tribute of abuse from the  Government organs runs the gamut  from " socialist" and " anarchist" to  " humbug" ancl " bluffer."     '  Victoria Times.  The columns of the Times are not  open to the libellous criticisms of correspondents who have, or believe they  have, grievances against business concerns. The plant and business of the  companies complained of by two contributors of this paper are subject to inspection by government officials, we  believe. There is therefore a legitimate  means of obtaining satisfaction as to  the status of the one and the soundness  of the appliances of the other, '  UJ  -   7\A&\  Nottingham, England,  '--U-  ivy Cut iild, Medium and Ful  Mixture.  Navy   Cut   Cigarette  Tobacco,  ^   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  " arettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to Kone  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.-  I Turher,B��eton & Co., L'td, yictona^ac.  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  JOHN IVicLATCrillE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  f Op. B C. Customs House, Nelson  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  turers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEY,B.C.Agt  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by: cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  AA-.  W. P. T1EB&EY, GENERAL 4GENT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  *  h  ���h  I* -i  ro  .a.  li*?-  lft  r  Brf."-'  Pr*H  1    '  1-;;  h-..  Is*-'  i?r  I?-  i,.  NEWS ITEMS.  Mrs. T.'A. Mills will leave on Monday  for Everett, Wash., ou ��� a visit to M>\  Mrs. P. J. PusselL  A. V.;-Mason, of the Tramway Co.,  has returned from a visii to Ottawa and  other Eastern cities.  The New "Westminster Lacrosse Club  Js unalterable in its detenuination to  ���withdraw from the League.  Secret service men are trying to !c-  eate the men who are flooding ihe Pj-  eific Coast with counterfeit silver.  Arthur Poole, for some years with  the Canada Drug & Book.Co., Nelson,  lias accepted a position with tlie Dominion Express Co.  Hon. It. F. Greeu left the ��'oast last  Wednesday and is supposed to be now  in Kaslo. He will visit Ottawa before  his return to Victoria.  Eyeache and  Headache  Eyestrain  causes  both.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporarily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a-  permanent cure.  Satisfy ction guaranteed.  $  CUBES AU. WE DISEASES.  mntHED BfttSCOOMU  WAWWATIO* KTC.H  Patenaude Bros.  Opticians  Baker  Street,   Nelson  otindary'  OreS  Victoria City supplies the Government buiKUngs with free water.  Would some enterprising distiller supply the other liquid free ?  "Richardson & Pringle's minstrels are  booked ta appear at the Nelson Opera  House on the evening of July 1. This  organization has a reputation of giving  enjoyable performances.  Insurance companies doing business  at the coast have raised the cost of lire j  insurance.   It is said that I hi.-- is the re-!  suit of the heavy losses caused by big  conflagrations in the east.  "The Victoria Tourist Association is a  live organization.- Arrangements have  been made with the school children to  meet incoming Australian boats* and  present the passengers with bouquets.  Provincial Gaol  Tenders will be recclvedby the undersigned  top to noon, Monday, June 20th. 1904, for sup-  ylies'for the Nelson Provincial Oaol from  ulyTlst, 1904, to June 30th, 1905, coiislstlnj? of  Meats, Kish,. Bread, Groceries, Hardware,  Uoots and Shoes, Clothing, Drugs and Coal.  Form of tender and specifications can he  Jiad at the oflice of the Nelson Provincial  Oaol. Lowest or any tender not-necessarily  accepted.  -     ��� '        E. E. Lkmott,  _ Warden.  Nelson; B. C, Jflne 3rd, 1904.  The following t-ible gives the ore shipments  1004, and for last week :   _     "  Granby Mines, Phoenix   Snowshoe, Phoenix   Drookiyii, Phoenix   Mother Lode,'.'Deadwood       .       . .  ".'unset, Deadwood   Morrison, Deadwood       .....  15. (J. Mine, Summit   It. Bell, Summit     .  Emma, Summit . .    Senator, Summit Camp   Oro Denoro ������     .       . ���       ���  llrey Fogle, Summit        .       .  Winnipeg, Wellington   Golden Crown, "Wellington .    .       .       ...  Athelstan, Wellington   King Solomon, W. Copper      ....  No. 7 Mine, Central.      .       .       .    , .  City o? Paris, Central .*   Jewel, Long Lake   Carmi,West Fork   Providence,.Providence .      .      ....  Elkhorn, Greenwood -,  K.P.:U. arid Goldfinch  .       .       .       .    ".-..  llnby, Boundnry Falls ' .    .  Miscellaneous   .       .       .       . ���    . ���    .  Total, tons......       .       ...  hipments  of Boundary -mines for 1002  1903  , 393.718  74,212  ' 130,492  .    15,731  3,339  .   19,365  1904   Past Week  241,810 10.200  22,937  363  15,537  2,435  '   5,646  78,034  12.555  1,756  12,469  4,864  99  2,968  910 396  400 265  167 204  084,426       350,801       16.C60  PRIVATE BILL  Notice.  Notice is hereby given that R0 days after  <Inte I intend to apply to the Cliief Commissioner of I-ands and Works for permission  -ioHHHpurchase=the^foilbwlng^ide3crlbed���lanrt.a  C mmenclng at a stake marked one-half mile  ���West bf Kitchener Stntiou on the south side  of. railroad track, thence south 20 chains,  thence east 20 chains, more or less, to line or  townRite. thence north 20 chains more or less  to railway track, thence west along railway  track toplaceof commencement, containing  40 acres more or less.  Dated at.Kitchener, this (itii diiy of June, 1904  Certificate of Improvement*.  Notice ia.hcrcby given that an application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly. 61  llic Province or Uritisli Columbia, at its next  mission, for, an Act authorising and enabling  the Koyal Trust Company (abody corporate  having- its principal place ol business at the  Cily- of Montreal, In the Province of Quebec,  in the Dominion of Cadada, incorporated by  Act of Tarliaineiit of the said Province of  Quebec and other Provinces ofthe Dominion  of Canada) to exe rcise in the said Province oi  British Columbia the followi up powers .*���  To act as trustee, attorney, surety, and als<  lis ugent,-whether financial or for the purposes  of investment- or otherwise, for; and to carrion any unaert:iking,armiigciiieiit.amnlgama--  ilon, or business of, persons, partnerships,  companies, estate, municipalities,, corporations, governments and others.  To organize and assist in promoting other  companies, and tb take and deal in shares and  oilier interests in such companies.  /foRiiaraiUeetitles, investments,debentures,  ticcnritfes and other interests.  To advance'or-borrow money upon tbe security of, and to purchase or otherwise acquire  nnd invest in. mortgage, pledge, sell or other-  wine deal with, any real and personal properly, as also franchises, concessions, rights  anrl privileges.  To receive money on deposit.  to negotiate loans.  To purchase, construct, lease or otherwise  acquire.buildings for the deposit and .safekeeping- of property.  oToriet gtiterallyand ful ly as promoter, guarantor, sittornej-, surety, bailee, guardian, committee, trustee, executor, administrator, curator, assignee, liquidator, receiver, assignee  for the benefit of creditors, auditor and agent,  unit to carry on any description or commerce I and timmcitil business, and to acquire all  necessary'powers for the purpose of and Incidental to the carrying out of any of the  abovo objects.  Dntod at Victoria, B. C, the 21st day of April,  ISM. ���  JBodwbi.i. ��fc Lawson.  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Mltle Johnnie Mineral Claim.situate ln the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootonay  District.  Where located: On Rover Creek, about,  three miles from Kootenay Rivrr. Take notice that X, Frank Kleteher, of the City of  Nelson, acting as agent for myself. Free Miner's Certificate No. B82.023. nnd A. C. Flum-  tncrfelt. Free Miner's Certificate No B80.0.M,  intend, sixty days from lhe date hereof, to  apply to Uie Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of JmpioycmenlB for the purpose of.obtain-  inlnga Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice tliat action, under  section XI. must be commenced before the Ih-  nuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2Sth day of Mny. A D 1004.  Frank Fi.etchkk.  Certificate of improvements.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  \_*f?j&/v?^\_,y7^\ /ic^\ ys^\ xy-T*. .y^y/c^y /^>a/C2t7v\/v^*> /-.^^rCN/  .I..f?____ii'r<.:'f_ -,��� r-.7 3-1*^ a '.', ��� ,'�����**&. ���' >7i 71      ,   1   ' ,'t*.    "i- ,s^ ' \l,l. Ci'SllI- to1 ?t .f*>l(s,^fl  ..Marsand J. A. Fractional' Mineral Claims,  situate.in the,Nelson Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.  Where located : On Morning mountain.  Take notice that I, John-aieLatcliie "Free  Minor's Certificate No. B58,Hi92, for myself and  as agent for Edward H. Stanley, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B58.484, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of -Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ofthe  above claims. .',  And furthor take notice that action, under section 37, must be commencpd ' before  the issuance of such Certificates of-Improvements.  Dated this 17tli day of May, A.D. 1904.  John McLatchie.  -CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Mariposa, Hanky Panky Fractional and  Kipling FractionalMineralCiaims, situate in  the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where located : On Morning mountain.  Tako notice lhat I, John McLatchie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Harry Mc-  Leod.JFree Miner's Certificate No. B58,3G4,'and  Thomas W. T. Stoddard, Free Miner's Certificate No. 580,709. Intend, sixty days from tlie  date hcreol, toapply to the Mining Kecorder  for Certificates of Improvements, for tlie  purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above.ctalms. _.- =   And further take notice, that action under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sucli Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 18th or May, A. D.1904.  John McLatchie, P. L. S.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  The Sargest ana best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tabies, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  SecretarySj Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  TH:  AWonderfu  t  a = s a  nnfiir ehs i 1 �� 1 np&<:  ilUUi BVaSamf  ": "-It-was a matter of common remark thai wc  had Cut Prices on Choice Millinery to a very  low figure, lower in fact than could be obtained  elsewhere.  -    However  we have desired   to make a more  sweeping reduction in our large stock.  We are constantly changing  in conformity,  with the latest productions.  No matter when 3*ou visited us last you will  see something uew to-morrow.  ��S^��^����*S��SSS@*SSS*��<  &       Canada Permanent ,  ;age Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  When   you  are indisposed   try   a  Cup of Tea  Recluse Mineral Claim, situate In the Nelnon Mining i-ivlslou of "West Koutunny district.  Where located:- Three miles 'West orNel-  boii, ouUieC. A. K. hallway.  ���.ake, U."*-.1** ��hstt 1, Jobu McLatchie, or the  laity of jNelsou, acting as agent for Edward C.  Arthur, *ree Miner's Certificate No. mu,i*73,  iiitL-ud, sixty days from the date hereof, to  ai ply to the Mining Kecorder for a Certitlcate  ot ai approvements, ror the purpose or obtaining a crown Grant ofthe above claim.  xV,'a ftirther take notice that action, under  Pection i7, niuiitbe commenced before the is-  nuunce ofsuch Certificate ol Improvements  Dated this 21st day of May, law.  John AIc-Latciue, p. l. S.  S. J. M. Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson  Minln;; Division of West Kootenay Tistrict.  Where located: Ou the North P'ork or Wild  Horse Creek. North-East of and adjoining the  " Oronogo" Mineral Claim.  Tako notice that I, John McLatchie, ofthe  City of Nelson, acting as agent lor Duncan  McArthur, Kree Miner'H Certillcatc No.  B80,763, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements, for (lie purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie above  claim.  . And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2u<l day of May, A. D. 1904.  John no Latch ik P. L. S.  Certificate of Improvements.  JOY IN EVERY CUP.  Mortgage Sale  Under and by virtue of the powers contained, in a certain mortgage, whicn will be  produced at tlie time of sale, there will be of-  Jered for sale byC. A. Waterman & Co., at  their offices = in the K.-W.-C.Block, Uaker  fetreet, Nelson, B. C, on Monday, thesixthday  of J une, 19W, at the hour of twei ve o'clock noon,  the following property : jUl and singular Let  numbered seven (7), ln Block num bercd seven  (<), in the town (now city) of Nelson, Pro-  vi.?cP Vf Brithih Columbia, according to the  onicial plan or survey or Bald town of Kelson.  This property is situate on t he South side of  Baker street, between Hall and Hendryx Sts..  and has erected thereon a dwelling house.  i< or terms and conditions of ��il�� apply to  MACDOXAI,I> & JOHNSON*,    .  _ ���.    .    Wolicitois for Mortengee��.  Burns Flock, Baker Street. NeltH>n,B,C.  Dautil tiilb Mil* day of May, )90i. j  IDEAL  CASH GROCERY  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.-  R.  G. JOY,   PROPRIETOR  Oronogo Mineral Claim, situate in the Nel.  son Mining BivUioc or West Kootenay District;  Where located : On the North Fork of Wild  Horse Creek. North East of and adjoining th =  "Joplln" Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John McLatchie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Christian  I*. Behnseuand Duncar McArthur, Kxecutors  ofthe will of Robert Riesterer, deeeaspd, P'ree  Miner's Certificate No. .intendsixty days  from the date hereof to apply to the Mining  Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements  for the purpose ofobtaininga Crown Grant ot  the above claim.  And further take notice, that action under  Section 37 must I>e "commenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated th is 2nd day of May, 1904.  John McLatchie.  . Certificate of Improvements.  Pingrce. Mayflower, Blake. H. G. N., Sum-  It Fractional and Snow Drift Fractional  Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining  Divisionor West Kootenay district.  Where located : On the Divide between  Sandy and 49 Creeks above the " Florence G,"  Mineral Claim.  Take notice tbat I, John McLatchie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for James Ii.  Stamford,Free Miner's Certiflrate No. H80.629,   -7��� Angus G. Shaw,- Free Miners Certificate  No. BS8,'218and Louis Krnst, Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 80,83^, intend sixty days from  the date hereol,' toapply to the .Mining .Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants or tbe  above claims.  And further take notice, that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Cert i flea tea of Improvements.  Dated thi* lfltb day of November, A. D-1903.  ./OOP WcI��atChie. p. u 8.  y^/^/^^^^^^^^^/^i^^^y^^/^^^/^^/^/^^^.^/^^/^-^'  (_.���-  .".*  er  /w_n ,v f_  rKoof  1?="'  \\___sb_J I     Kef  MOTHER'S BREAD is unquestionably  the most healthful, and is a special boon to  those with a tendencj* to dyspepsia. _  7 '�� ���  We bake any geed-kind of Bread ancl  Cakes 3*our health and taste demands. It is  cheaper and more satisfnetpiy than doing your  own baking. Our product has lhe pure homemade flavour all Bakeries try to imitate.  We have now in stock'a completed line- of vSilver, Metal and  Stove Polish, consisting of Everbrile Metal Polish, large size, 25c;  Putz Triple Extract Polish, large size, 15c ; Matchless Silver Polish, large size, 25c; Matchless Silver Soap, large size, 25c;  Matchless Stove Dressing. 200; Instant Crockery Mender, Sewing  Machine Oil aud Eemon Polishing Oil.  Call  and see our line.    We  have  something to please you.  Prices right.  ���'^/&^V*&'%''^^fc''^/&''fe^/^/^^%/^/^'^^'Sb^  Ward Street.  Cash Advanced on Consignments  Go to   the   Auction Mart for      ���  Tents,   Trunks,    Boot,���������Rain"-  Coats, Furniture or Genera!  Merchandise.  MAKE N0  For a Pure, Healthful  Cereal, none can com-  '. :.' pare;with'  Made in British Columbia.  J  The  Braekman-Ker billing Co., Limited  Manufacturers of High Grade Cereals. c*  Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers  Economist  i Office.  $1 per day and up.  NoChlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS/PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STEEETS,  ���TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  ,1,0,  :*3��ws**-'6 +r-*T*f  *��'".!����. rT'J_iTii't5<i1&&*:-.Z)''f


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