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The Economist Dec 24, 1904

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Array y-- ,**:-- - ?S/?i* .  --ri. ' , 1  ~     T?'.ifi_,r_&lr1._t  '    ,..���?  ���_ --* JTrVflSK*!  > WM. R. HEAltiST: "I have seen ___.  most beautiful lakes In Italy and Switzerland, and all those lovely Knots, but I have  * never seen anything liner than thc Koote-  nay'lakc and the Arrow luketi. We had a  delightful time thero. This was my first  trip through there."  VOLUME VIII.  ABOUT FIG LEAVES  Picture to Yourself the  Situation.  EVE'S FIRST COSTUME  How  Delightful  Shopping  Paradise Must Have  Been.  in  ,_il..  "And they sewed fig leaves together and  .,    mado themselves apious."  .-       I do not know of any other sentence  *    ln the language which is as brimful and  running over with suggestions as the  above, yet I have never heard any ser-  -"    mon upon it, or any discourse at all. It  .    is surely time that "the great truths  -     therein stated should be made clear to  ***   tho mind that reads and runs.  ** Picture to yourself the situation.  Summer was coming on and Eve's  r housewifely care discovered that her  **' wardrobe needed replenishing. All  -* she had to her back was a bathing-suit  -' and that was made before the flood.  " Besides, her primeval sense of propriety  "' assured her that such an outfit was very  ' incomplete, Also Adam was, as one  ���;. might say, almost destitute. Sonie-  ;. thing must be done at once. ".  : It must have been a'great strain on  _, Eve to think of becoming and correct  ���' styles. There were no fashion papers  ; there. No paper patterns. No collap-,  ;   Bible forms ti drape on.    Adam may  - have allowed her to drape on him.   But  j   the false' pride of men in such crises  - make thisapp'eai^doubtfuL There were  .\. no stores**to'visit there, to enjoy the de  1" lights of shopping. -Eve had as much  command of raw material and the  pleasures of free trade as even a Liberal  could wish for.  It must have been after much delib-  ' eration that she decided on fig leaves.  Their peculiar adaptability to dres3  making is not apparent to modern  minds, but Eve was a leader of fashion,  if ever there was one* so we how to her  decision even though it does seem to be  a figurative expression. One can see  her going about getting samples and  showing them to Adam aud making  the momentous choice. .. **" k   -How-delightful shopping in Paradise  must  have   been!     No-supercilious  clerks.'   'No  damsels  afflicted  with'  -chewing gum and boiling over with  reminiscences of gayety over night.  -4No electric lights to splutter and .go  bri^ out at critical moments.    Eve had all  �� hay to match her  samples, and any  'amount of" good, clear, fresh-from-the-  cluded from all knowledge of these  mysteries. Is it any wonder that Eve  ate the apple? Just think ! The first  secrets that were ever concocted in  this world, and Eve not to know them!  It was extremely unkind, hecause  there was no one for her to repeat them  to, even if she wanted to. I strongly  suspect the Serpent of bavin? bad an-  unrecorded interview with Adam.  Eve, meanwhile, was busy contriving her.costume; patiently piercing the  leaves together so that no rip might  appear; longingmauy.atime, uojdoubt,  for a sewing machine, especially wheii-  she came to the button-holes.* If we  only had a pattern of that ancient garment-! It was, we may suppose, very  simple. The authorities, in fa'ct, call it  an apron. But men cannot be expected  to understand the subleties of woman's  dress. One thing is evident. It was  the great forebear of patchwork, and ex-  plains the inherited desire of our immediate grandmothers to secure scraps  of dresses for their quilts. But what  happiness it would have been to nave  one fig leaf of that original garment to  hand down from mother' to daughter  even to the present day V.     "        ';  When the apron was finished no.  doubt Eve was filled with pride and  joy. She waa the only woman in the  world who could make her own clothes.  It was a tribmphaut moment. Ever  since Eve had ceased to be a rib she  had longed to assert her independence.  Adam was too fond of reminding her of  her origin, and it took centuries of oppression to goad her daughters to re-  tort. But here was the first victory of  her sex. *, -   -  She stood forth in her perfectly-fitting and modish costume; in full fig aa  it were, whilst Adam arrayed himself  in his wonderful apron. It is after--f  ward recorded" that he was ashamed,  and hid himself. 'Iti'no-wonder^cqn-.  sideriug ' the" fearful and wonderful  construction of that "garment. . Eve,  dear, good soul, was too kind to-display her success before him, and she,  too, womanlike, retired from view.  It is afterward mentioned that suits  of skin were given them, prdbablyan  improvement on the bareskin, which  was their earliest covering, but I am  John Houston and His Glorifier���-The Taming of the Lion  ���The" Frenzied Financier."  * -  The Economist lias perused with-! now* the* friends "of William Blake-  interest the communication���written,  it is surmised, by the niauAvho claims  t'oh'old?Johu Houston in the'hollow of  his hand,���which appeared as a double,-  colu'mii" editorial in"* the Tribune 6/  Thursday, and the impressions it made  are chiefly-two.   They are as follows:.  ,1, The enormous, egotism and self-  conceit of John Houston in accepting  . ��� * ~ _, - ' . >.  its glorification of himself by publishing it_on the editoiial page. The  writer palavers Houston to his hearts'  contend Comparisons are admittedly  odious, but Houston is*the^ only man  in Nelson of whom it can truthfully be  said that he is "a man of indomitable  * ^.  energy, and courage," ^'a man of exceptional ability/^ etc., etc., all by way  of glorification of his hero, John Houston; and Houston, _the glorified, ac-  ceptsthe glorification by printing such  palaver in the most conspicuous part of  bis-paper, r The two���the glorified.and  theglorifier���are well met This is a  case of mutual admiration.'  >, \  2. The writer ofthe article_deprejcatesi  the use of personal'tes in the municipal  contest. He very properly regards as"  '���most objectionabe and regrettable the  wholesale- vilification of oppc rients,"  'an*'-- Houston accfepts the characteriz-  a lion as correct by'his insertion ofthe  communication -in thc Tribune, and  yet in his conduct of his paper and of  tMs,mqnjcipal_TOU.test, he is perpetually vilifying his opponentsT-misrepre-  sentinghis attitude on the questions  raised, and altogether conducting the  campaign on lines condemned in this  article.'' That be does this is patent to  everyone else, if not also to himself.  He seems to be unable lb conduct a discussion on any question wiihout icsort-  ing to misrepresentation and in paitic-  sure Eve always remembered her first ular the issue of Thursday���that which  effort with complacency, even though contained the communication referred  Adam had been mean enough to cast all to���shows it clearly. ��� ,    -.  the blame .on her and send the first  " 'taint me, 'twas her," echoing down  the back stairs of time.  '  The Serpent brought evil info Paradise. ' Dressmakera' bills and milliners'  bills, shopping' bargains and fashions Ferguson, James Neelands, Gus Erick-  were all in his trail, which accounts for S0Q and Ous Thomas.     "They said  Dr. Rose says that be is tlie nominee  of no'parly or clique.' The Tribune asserts that he lies in making this state-  inent���that he is the" nominee for the  mayoralty   of  William   Gosnell,   Ed.  the historic feud between him and the  sous of men. But one good thing he  did bring forth which otherwise might  they wanted a man who could be depended on to do their bidding."  It matters not to  Houston  that Dr.  still remain dormant, and that is the , Rose asserts that there is not a word  natural and unalienable superiority of  the rib over the other sex.  Florence E. Pratt.  crucible sunshine to do it in. We may  'be sure she went home at night triumphant.  Naturally Adam had selected his  own fig-leaves. We may imagine,  judging from his descendents, that he  went to the most convenient fig-tree,  'regardless of cost or harmony of tint,  Kirkpatrick, the voters will not press a  of   truth   in   this   statement ��� John  Houston     still      'r er&i&ts      in      his  vilification andvinisrepreseutation. Dr.  Hose again says'that hevis independent  Aid.   Kirkpatrick    has   announced  of tho West Kootenay Pow"er & Light  that he will not sit In the council with  Company'* and is strongly in iavor of  Dr. JJose as mayor.     All  right, Aid.   the city of Nelson owning at the earl  and returned in self-complacent peace  to liis dwelling. No bargaiu-counter  for him.  seat at the council upon you  iest. possible date its own electric light  and power works, yet it characterizes  the course of the Daily News in accept-  has been said  in this  >��8. tlli*J assurance of Dr. Hose as that  more, who is also-a'great writer, are  scoffing at The'. Economist for its  "contentiort">th*^r^tr61itf"Houstpn is a  ���successful tame&j-of recalcitrant* followers; The'y'_aIlSge1'Ehis ypaper is' prejudiced iii"Iifs favor,',and has credited him  with honors which should adorn the  crown of William,Blakemore:*-iTheir  story, and it is related with an .earnest-;  **    ������*��� i ��� -S"4 i-"j> ���*��� ���' i_f>  i ���  -.7..'-'i* .  ness intended to give "versimihtude to  a bald and otherwise uncouvincing  statement," is thiit the "mastermind"  of' the campaign 'is concealed under  William-Blakemore's Chi isty stiff, and  in truth they advance strong arguments  in support of tlieir position.-According to their narra'tive, before the meet-  ��� ~ f ' ,      ���-"''-'���'ir  ing of the few <fuithful followers to  select the Houston ticket, Haroun El  Baschid Houston had issued a proclamation that at least three of his old,  tried-and trusty followers" should constitute   the  East-Ward -ticket. * But  ^ great deal  *he-iiext thing to do was to toss campaign about a "whisky trust,, .vbut ��� of a "shuffling specious pleader truck--  these materials together and get an ef- j it is a matter of comment that tlie Tri- Hug to an element who are working in  feet. .T^ere is no doubt Eve invented'bune has not connected one of the the interest of the West Kootenay  the needleVnd thfead and first applied i Houston ticket with^the alleged trust. [Power & Light Company."    In   fact  .Thus ; That paper; should be a little careful; In this contest, as in every:otber one  1 how it deals with matters of this kind.'! *" which the selfish interests of John  ���V;.  ..her invention in this instance,  ���woman's sphere>>riginated at.the period  of the Fall. ,A?';    ���  ^  Here arises another"point.   The text  "says distinctly, \ ���;.��h'ey Made Them  selves Aprons." Here the natural perversity, the unadulterated,olds/Adam  ' appears. I assure; you it'^vas'ho idea  of chivalry which prompted our-ancestor to make his own clothes.  Some prophetic instinct warned him  ofthe future derision of mankind, and  Houston are at stake, vilification. and  ni isrepreseu tatio'n are always resorted  to by the Tribune,   notwithstanding  the fact .that;,they.are condemned in  or it will invite reprisals of a disastrous character. There is John J. Ma-  lone, candidate for alderman in the  East Ward, on the Houston ticket.  No one holds it against Mr. Malone,! the article which he inserts in that pa-  that be is head of the Tremont Hotel, J per, John Houst^itis t^vilifier, and  oue ofthe largest hotels in the city; is (the man. who wrote the anonymous  President of the Licensed Victuallers' j communication possesses the qualili-  Associatiou (referred to by Houston cations, usually attributed to an ttssas-  as "the whisky trust"); and is also pres- sin* .-  this.did not meet with tho approvaFqf  the dis&idente, whose' philosopher aiid  guide is William Blakemore.   The latter   had-an  idea  (and here let  it "be  remarked   William  is   r'a  toff as has  ideas,") that oulv   two of the. thi'ee  named should roost on the. Houston  perch] an'dvany'w~aV'/''ilief-time'ha'd arrived when" lie or John-liad'tb-be ruler.      So he sauntered down   to   the  Tribuue>anctum; where the editor pf  that f*a7n6uT.jqurnat .was engaged ,in  the laborious'task of- writing^an eCTUo-  torial, with the aid of a pair of scissors  and a late copy of the Sau Francisco  Examiner.    Then William the Brave  tripped lightly  forwaid,  lilting "The  Wild Man of Borneo Has Just Come  to   Town."     John   .got   a   focus   on  him,   and laying aside  the  editorial  shear.*,   he   proceeded to uddress the  figure   before  before  in a few  plain,  home-spun   sentences.    ..The    exact  words aie not leproduced in these columns, but are left to. the imagination  of the reader.   But William waited in  silence, and eventually John  cut his  parachute   loose and   came down to  terra firma once more,   William then  informed him of the business which  brought him there; he was there to  dictate terms,  and not to de dictated  to; the terms were au  unconditional  surrcuder.   This, of course,   brought(!  forth a few more chaste remarks,  but  at last the fiery and hitheito untamed  autocrat  wavered, - and   became surprisingly docile, and bowed.meekly to  the   terms   imposed  by   the  stronger  mind.    In  this "connection,   it  must  not be forgotten that William was assisted in the breaking process by one  or two other tamers   of local repute:  But that  is  neither   here nor there.'  What is more to the point is that when  the tamers were through with Houston a he iwasj willing to accept anybody  or anything���and thereupon took Robert Robertson and James Johnstone to  his bosom.   But'John''had a few mental reservations, and bile' was to stuff  theriron-clad pledge.do wn the throttles of William the Brave's nominees..  So honors are even on that score j and  the friends of the lieutenant who was  objectionable  to  William Blakemore;  will score several  more points -when  the time comes to mark the ballots.  JJ  sold or not.      More recently in his  speech at the Opera House, he let the,  > v.  ^ �� - *���  public into.hlsJrconfidence, explaining  how his* financial genius had solved  the *pf6blem*of erecting a $150,000 plant  without selling the debentures. "He  "would pledge part of the debentures to  electric _ machinery makers for' the  necessary plantv. and . would go (to a  railway contractor like Dave McB'eath,  and pledge more to get the necessary  excavation done. - Electric machinery  manufacturers and excavation contractors do not ususllyaccept bonds in lieu  of money, for the simple reason that  they have to pay for wages and material iu cash. To show his intense  earnestness he further says: "If elected  mayor, if I cannot sell the debentures  en bloc, I will peddle them out one by  one and'th'e power house will be built  during the year." The most surpris-  ing characteristic is the Bowery.galLof  this man' coming 'forward with such  statements of finance in his  mouth  /   "    **���" *_. -  and asking the support of the business  men of Nelson. .What John would do  inthe event of ^ his* election would be  go to the Bauk of Montreal and pledge'  the whole of the bonds for 25 or 33 per  cent of their value, start the work on  this*40,000 or 50,000; then if he found  difficulty in disposing of them the city  would find itself in the predicament of  a corporation with a barely commenced  plaut)xa heavy bearing"interest debt,,  antra'reputation for 'mismanagement  that would for years effectually block  tbe sale of the debentures. The voters  of Nelson have had ocular demonstrations of Houston's financial ability in  his own business veutures and do not  purpose letting him run amuck with  .the cRy's thousands.  What It Has Done for  Great Britain.  *r  FREE STREET LIGHTS  Public Management of Markets,  Slaughter Houses  ;;  and Baths.  wm^,,v1:  he wasn't, going to have it said that a' .dent of the Nelson Brewing Co.. Ltd.  M  \i  woman cade his clothes.  Masohs may here ttace the origiu of  Tuou wear a lion's lilde! doff it for shame,  Dr. Rose's letter to the Dally News  was a complete answer to the charges  that have been made against him during this "campaign. Every accusation  has been fairly and squarely met, and  hia-oppoiients have beenleft without  a leg to stand on. Perhaps his most  important statement is the one dealing  with the early i'nstallationof the electric lighting -plant. He has been  falsely accused of indifference with regard to the sale of the debentures; indeed interested individuals have been  '  secretly circulating malicious reports  to the effect that.no effort had. been  made to'sell thc debentures while tho  doctor was mayor of this city.     This  wus a  false statement and circulated  by  men   who    knew   it    was    falao.  The point was cleared up in the letter,  and.-he is borne out in his statement  by documentary evidence.   As regards  the. allegation, that, Dr. Rose  is the  nominee of a clique,,the letter^supplies  the most convincing testimony as to  Its, falsity. {.That the -letter has had a  good effect is best evidenced  by the  fact that  since its publication  many  voters who had been  indifferent as regards Dr.    Rose's candidature before  bave since become his most enthusiastic supporters.  '   I  Mr. Malone is regarded a good citizen, ; And ^ a calf.BkIn,on th?s? rccrcajlt Hm?>s.  even if a man engaged iu the liquor   .^   ,    . , ,;      .   ���    ���KingJohn.  their order, Adam being the first man business is an abomination in the eyes |h J^nathis Donnel*^ attemped tolilch  to wear an apron. No doubt tis "de- of the prohibitionist editor of the Tri ��� ^o(]u Shakespere the honor of writing  TotedandloDg^nffering wife waaex   bune.      ' '^J^e works which bear his name, and  One of the most "surprising features  of Houston's campaign policy is his reiterated assertions as to his proposalfor  financing''the power plant. The Tribune, of which classic sheet. MnjHpuo-  ton is responsible editor, a few weeks  ago stated that within ten days after  his election work would be begun on  the plant whether the debentw^'were  In the United-- Kingdom of Great  Britain in 1875 there was $463,000,000  invested in municipal ' undertakings,  but in 1900 the sum had grown to $1,-  500,000,000. ' In 1901 there were 1060  water undertakings owned by public  corporations, with a capitafof f 330,000,-  000 and a net profit of $10,000,000,  which was turned into the, public  treasuries and used for improvements  irrthe public school systems, the sewer  systems, etc. In many towns there is  no direct charge for .water, but it is included in the general rates. Under  public ownership there is a better supply of water, and always at lower rates.  Liverpool turns annually into the city  treasury $300,000, and Leeds,' $215,000.  Two hundred and fifty-six gas undertakings, or" more than one-third of the  .1) l  -l      - r- ,  authorized gas undertakings in the  United Kingdom, were under municipal control in 1902. The capital outlay was $179,000,000 and the net revenue  was $10,500,000. In Manchester alone-,  with" a capital fof $10,000,000; there is a  pro fit of $666,000. Since that city has  owned her gas works, there has been a  p rofit of at least $24/or eaeh of. its- in-  h abitants, a sum equal to that-which  ^Public telephone service throughout  Europe is increasing, und is .moro ��-f-  Bcicnt and costs leas than that of pri-  vate companies. In Berlin the telephone rates are from $16 to $45 per year, ���  under municipal ownership, compared  ***'"**'I  m  T'i*r |  "V*|  ���... _. j.,,���,��  .the. ; telephone  >^-��:  with $100 under private^ownentilp! ln<  London and $240 in New York, under  private ownershipAln Paris the rates"  changed from $120 to $80 when the  city took charge of  system.  In America where majaicip^l^d^her-  ship has been tried, financial profit and -  good eervice followed., From antborita-'  tive figures, it appears that'manlcipal .���  gas plants are able to.produce gas with.,  an investment less.than one^half as' '  great per thousand of annual output as  the face value of stocks and" bonds is- o  sued by gas companies.^*."With these *  V * *     , r ^f  investmentarthe municipal plants'are  ���AKfr  '��� ' At  "HI  I'"Ft  ZM  ���r  ^'^-'S'h'iI  A;?fJ&t��  able to make gas at'l^B coslTsBttlit at a -" ���*"' **>" ~%[  *i^, .   - _ _*^a_. .J _.JA.^r._..^iat>.  the citizens "of   Liverpool have been  ��� ���   .* ��� in'    -r>   ._.  obliged to pay to the" stockholders of- a  private company. Manchester has  better gas than  Liverpool, and sells it  at a rate not more than 75, per cent of  , i i ���  the charge in Liverpool. Where the  gas is publicly owned, there is more gas  sold, there are more public lamps, and  there is a smaller charge for gas of a  better quality- "In a large number of  places, the street-lighting is free. Of  the electricity plants, we find 251 owned  by public authorities, 104 in process of  construction, and 23 that have recently  been purchased by public corporations.  When Pr. Rose was running for  mayor twb years ago, the Nelson autocrat was so interested in the election  that he published a sheet called ''The  Campaiguer" to advance the doctor's  interests at that time. On January 13,  1903, "The Campaigner" urged the  election of Dr. *W. O. Rose because he was ;a gold medalist  of McGin^niyerelty. If a gold medalist  of McGill was good enough for mayor  tw^eare agoj why is he- not equally  a! weU" qualified for the office now? *  In Leeds, where there is a capital outlay of $3,350,000, there is a net revenue  of $200,000, aud tbe other cities find a  net profit for the city treasury, also.  In the public ownership of tramways.  Great Britain also shows herself well  advanced.   There are 142 systems publicly owned, with 890 miles of track,  against 154 privately owned, with 875  miles.   The capital outlay of the former  is $120,000,000, and the net profit  $7,  960,000, which is almost twice as large  as the net revenue of the private owned  companies.    On the municipal; lines  there ure nearly twice as many passengers,   the fares   are lower,, the hours,  wages and privileges of the employees  are a Yast improvement on those of the  men  in private companies.     In Glasgow, before municipalization, the employe of the tramways received for a  14-hour day, 19 shillings a week with  frequent fines and a deposit of $9.60 as  a guarantee of honesty on the part of  each conductor.    The municipal cor-;  porations have a 10- hour day, at from  24 to 27 shillings, and free uniforms:  The fares are reduced from 25 to 50 per  cent, averaging less than two cents.  The net rp��*p|pt�� from Glasgow tramways in 190-i wua $4,650,000A There are  30  schemes for publicly owned tramways in progress, and 17 such systems  have been   opened in the past year.  London has 3917 public tenements and  lodging houses, and 1161 in course of  erection, with a net income of $188,000.  The. cities of Great Britain have done  well also in  public management   of  markets, slaughter   houses, libraries,  baths, and wash-houses.  'ArM  i,  ,-��S  lower price,  and earn  a profit per '  thousand 'feet as great as that of much   ���  larger private plants.' ' There' are over  600 cities owning their electricity in* the .'  Uuited States, 'and  here,   too/ ti5ey\  profit  by it.     In' a number of cases  .'  where  the   electric  plant'hais'lteen,  bought from private 'companies',"the * -  city now pays onlyYroni 2S**to<r50''*per~  cent'of thev former cost of the arc lights.  In   Detroit    the .''private   'company <  charged the city $132 a year/per arc,. ,  but.under public ownership the'price  has 'decreased from '$100' to $63l82;'hr  'Allegheny, Pa., the' cost wa8'$180yl>ut -,  i8*'now"$75,'and in Jacki��nvill!,"FJaA. %  the'commercial' rates'"-have!:bieehlJre~'*- ���'���JiM.  duced to one-half; andJ6iie-quarter-*th��.-"vUc4.^  former ones.- -- In/Ta'unt6bVMa^"i&^'-r*7f ^i  J900, the ,'eleetxfe>p'tant'3^^  profit" or-$2a,462rc��-��ab^iD'Ti��iMeQt^6f^-v!> '^i  $150,000; while the thWHItni^r'^lfes^A-^ ^|  of QaincyrPit^eld^and^Glou^eii^a   .,, _  with p^TOteptattte^cd��M4hawl^^Ht^M^^f  of .oErty'$51,7e9' on*vatf- in-m'tme'nt^of '  $ao8,(^^-Wfaei^t^WK^tJp4i^^  charge^ i its "own^wlifr^or^there "  has been a change in'the convenience.,  arid often in the health of the people,  and we cannot overlook here'in Los-  Angeles the great advantages, financial  and otherwise, individually'and'collectively, that  have come'to' us sihce��  the^cityhas operated the water supply,  ���John Randolph Haynes; in Gfraphi&S         <   t--jf  BARE-FACED PLAGIARISM:/  Iu last week's issue attention was  directed to tbe tact that John Houston  In a late numtx-.r of the Tribune inserted as an editorial of nearly a double-  column in length.and without crediting *  It to the San Francisco Examiber.an article which appeared as an editorial in  that paper of December 8, aud such'action was characterized in fitting terms.  Although   a week   has   elapsed since  this charge  the Tribune has riot attempted to justify Its offense.   Again,  this paper desires to point out that, In  the issue ofthe Tribune of the 16th inst.  there Is a similar act of literary piracy. -���  In    the  editorial   columns   there is  an article of a double, column in length  under  the  heading,   "The Alms of  General  Andre,"- which appeared In  the Victoria Daily Colonist of tbe 14th  inst., credited by the Colonist to a writer on the London Leader.   Readers of  this paper can satisfy themselves tbat  this    charge    of   literary    pilfering  preferred  against; John Houston, Jn  his conduct of the Tribune is true and  valid by calling at this office and comparing them with those in the papers  from wbich they  have   been  taken  without acknowledgment   Plagiarism  is   regarded among honorable  newspaper men as a very heinous offence.  Here it is in Its most aggravated form  on two recent occasions in the Nelson  Tribuue.   Is it iirthis way that John  Houston builds up his literary reputa- ���  tion, by filching editorials from the  metropolitan dailies?    He impliedly  appears as and claims to be the author  of the articles, while in troth he has  simply purloined them.   His bantling  bows to  the community  in pilfered  , garments���deliberately pilfered.  -^xw  r  s:  -#r*  --���Vs-  (r<   _  m mm  1*.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  THilftSOl ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VMRWOH STREET.- NjELSOU, B. C.  IT fa year Strictly in  Advertising rates made known on application.  Ail changes ln advortlse-nents to Insure  Insertion sliould reach this office not later  than Thursday, 12 o'clock. -  When change of address Is required, it. is  desirable that both the old address and the  new be given.  Address all communications. " Publisher  of Tub Njbi^os .j-cosojuut. Nelson. U. O.  FOR MAYOR���  DR. W. O. RObE.  FOR ALDERMEN  -  ..    EASTWARD���   WM.   SPRY*,  W. G. GILLETT,  GEORGE W.  BARTLETT.  - WEST WARD���H. BIRD,  VL. M. MACDONALD, , A. - ��� H.  CLEMENTS. "        _L  A Meiry Christmas and a Happy  New Year to all'our readers.  EDITORIAL. COMMENT.  -C The meeting called last Tuesday  -.evening for the "ratification" of Hous-  -;ton and his ticket demonstrated clearly  .'that the "master mind" of Nelsou has  '/lost his g^ip. ' Time there was when  ;V.'Jobn Houston's voice swayed multitudes ;   now his -most pathetic ap-  - peals for recognition fall on deaf  '.'ears, and the applause is confined to  half-a-dozen or so who pound  on the  * floor with their No. 12 brogans.     ior  - _-\ i .    '    " 1  one week the faithful had been drag-  - netting the highways and byways to  '.get a crowd together; circulars were is-  * sued to everyone iVhose name was iu  ���-.-.the directory, dodgers'- were spread  ,;broadcast throughout the city. urging  '���'fchesupporters'-.tcC. be present at the  Opera House and ratify Houston and  .his-ticket; but' the .result- must have  ;. been; disappointing to the few remaining followers of their idol. It is estimated that there, were present atthe  meeting 171; of this number there perhaps 121 voters, and of theluttar num-  ers who  ind was reported to have said that he  had not made enough in Nelson to pay  his grocery bills, This coming from a  ���nan who has benefited from the public treasury, in salary, printing and advertising, (o the extent of $8,000 or  so, does not look like gratitude. John  is something of a "knocker himself.  If business in Nelson is in such a deplorable condition as thc modest individual who guides the "Progressive  Peoples' Party" through its various  tortuous channels declares it is, why  Is it that every mercuaut in the city  asserts that the volume of trade  tbis year, compared month by  month, exceeds tliat of any former  year. , " Knockers " should not be  countenanced.  If the "master mind" is desiroiu of  ".getting .Nelson out of the rut in  which she has been running for- the  past four years," why "not begin at the  Tribune editorials ? Even those clipped  from the Sm Francisco Examiner,  without credit, are not altogether  guiltless of the rut charge.  Lowest Rates  Best Time  Toronto,   Montreal,   Kew  Provinces, New England.  York, Maritime  WEST  Vancouver,  Points.  Victoria,   Seattle,    California  XJiipqunlled   Tassenger "Srrvice,  Touribts, Coaches, Dining Cars.  Sleepers,  What guarantee can John Houston's  supporters give that he will not run  away in case he is elected ? Within  the past year he was setting type in a  country printing office in a small town  down ou the oast.  ber-jthere,. were at least /Ov.  ate pledged to .vote for Dr. Iiose -and  bis ticket..   It can therefore be readily  "V  understood why the meeting was a  frost. The candidates for aldermen  made short speeches,' and- John Houston, himself,Arecited the "editorial"  which appeared-in the Tribune of  Tuesday evening. * Some of the alder-  manic candidates��� expressed * the  great pleasure it gave them to  wear the Houston yoke ; bui  James Johnstone,, from Virginia, attempted, as much of an.,apology.as ho  could be reasonably expected to make  The friends of the six aldermen who  sat in the council in 1900 with John  Houston will resent the insult hurled  at them by the man ho now wants *to  get the $1200 salary that goes with the  oflice of mayor.  T e .man who says he will 'pedJle  the debentures" should remember that  hawkers are subject to a heavy fine for  peddling without a license.   ..  TOURISTSLEEPERSERV1UE.  West.���Lv. Itcvclstoke Monday, Wednesday.  Thursday, Saturday, for Seattle aud  Vancouver. -  East.��� Lv. Dnnmore Jet. for St. Paul  Sunday,Monday. Wednesday, Friday.  Toronto Wed. and Sun., Montreal  Mon., Boston Pri.  For rates, folders and tlcRets, apply to  J. 8. CARTER,  Diet. Pass. Agt.,  Nelson.  E. J. COYLE.  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  AND SHOES  :AT:  Having purchased the stock of Boots and Shoes  carried by Fred L Irwin, by chattel mortgage sale,  the entire stock, worth $3000, must be sold within  thirty days. This stock and the $9000 stock carried  by myself is made up of the best Boots and Shoes  manufactured, and are of the Latest Styles. No old  or out-of-date goods. All are the Newest and Best.  All will be sold for half their worth.  CTER  STOCK TO CHOOSE FROM  Certificate of Improvements.  Sonic one has asked who were the  energetic business men who suggested  to John Houston that he should be a  candidate for mayor.  To the Electors of Nelson  inthe presence of thejjreat '"He who  must be obeyed." Robert   llobertson  officiated as .chaplain, and S.  S. Tity-  Jor conferred a special favor on  the  mayoralty candidate by referring   to  bim as "my friend." The whole meeting may bo summed up in  the terse  expression  of   one  present:   "John  Houston is leading a forlorn hope for  the last time, and he knows it."  "In" closing, Mr.   Houston  said be was not appealing to  the people of Nelson for votes  because of ony lossc* bo'had"  suffered through holding the  office'of1::mayor   in     former  " * years."���Tribune report of the  " "ratification'/ itreetlng.  ��*��� "Losses he had suffered," ia good.  Here is  an accounting of the losses  ' John Houston "bos suffered   through  being mayor of Nelson" and  nothing  is said of the irreparable losses lie has  suffered through being the representative of Nelson in.the Provincial Legislature: '    .   ,  Tribune, Cr. for Printing.  1897.....:  $ 386 38  3898      430 87  18119      547 15    ���  1900       710 01  1901 ._     1195 35���$3i-73  John Houston, Cr., Salary.  3897, C mos at $1<36.6&.$ 1322 28  1898 .../     2000 00  1900 -     1H00 00  1903, Securing power site (not  itemized)   76  $4522 28  300 00  Total     *809S 04  . At the request of a large number of.  ratepayers of our City, I have consented to offer myself as a, candidate  for the Mayoralty for tlie forthcoming  year. If elected I will give my best  efforts to carry out the following :  1. Au energetic administration, of  the City's business and carrying out of  its projects. '        .  ~2. Sell debentures and erect at once  a Power Plant on site acquired by City  on Kootenay River, 'and- to".borrow  more iiiouey if necessary tb .'complete  the plant.  3. Operate efficiently and economically the Electric Bailway system, and  advocate the opening of negotiations to  purchase for the City such system with  the ultiraate_view oOawfully extending a belt line through the East ward,  and thence through the Park, into  Fairview.  4. improve main city thoroughfares  and where necessary to macadamize  thc streets and for that purpose utilize  facilities owned by the City.  5. Extension of City limits to include  suburbs."  6. Improvement of City Park.  7. The necessary extension of sewe  and water systems.  8. Provide suitable and commodious  school accommodation"with a view nf  inaugurating a system best* adapted to  thc present aud future needs of our  growing population.  If elected I -promise to use my  utmost endeavor to further the Interests  of the City.  '.  *WrM_IAM O. Rosk.  Little Jobnnle Mineral Claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of west Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Hover Creek, about  three miles front Kootenay River.. Take notice tbat I, Frank Fletcher, of the City of  Nelnon, acting as a Kent for myself, Free Miner's Certilicate No. B82.023, and A. C. Flura-  merfelt, Free Miner's Certificate No. B80.024,  11tend, sixty days from ihe date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder fora Certilicate  orimpiovements for the'purpose ofobtain-  ining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  .  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced.before the issuance, of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 26th day of May. A. D 1904.  FltANK FX.ETCHSK.  300   PAIR   CHILDREN'S   SHOES  Sizes from 5 to 10  Hugh McCausland  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  ���������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>4*994444444 ��������  ! BARTLETT  HOUSE *  (Formerly Clarke House)  The  Certificate of Improvements.  Tlie Vancouver ana Kootenay mineral  claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay, District." " *   -.  "Where located: On east side of Kootenay  Lake, about three miles east of the town of  Sanca. _  Take notice that I, J. L: G. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B84.-184 for myself and  as agent for H. Abbott, Free Miner's Certilicate No. B84.4S3, andE. L. Heatley. Free Miner's Certificate No. B6A,24j, intend, sixty daj-B  from the date hereof, t�� apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvements,  for tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of the above claims.  And iurther take notice that action, under  Section 37. must be commenced before issuance ofsuch Certilicate of Improvements.  ' Dated this 20th day of June, 1904.  J. L. G. Abbott.  NICKERS0N,  THEJ-WELER,  ** BAKER ST.  NOTICE.  In the master of .111 amplication for a duplicate of a certitlcate ofTitle to U.t 11, Block 3,  Town ot Nelson.  Notice is hereby given thnt lt is my intention to issue alt h- expiratien of one month  from the first publication hereof a duplicate  of tin-Certificate of Title to the above mentioned Lotli. Block 3. In the Town of Nelson,  in llic name of William Perdue, which Cor-  tifli-ate is '������>ti>d the l(>th day of May, 1898, and  numlx'ifiStt K. '  Land lie,,..try Oflice, Nelson, B. C,  28lh October, 1001.  "IT. V. MACX.KOD."  District Registrar.  Notice.  Wlien John Houston decidtd upon  removing to Edmonton hewasinter-  viewed. iya. Vancouver newspaper,  Sixty days after dute I Intend to apply to  tlie C> inintHflloniT of Ijindt and \Vorlcs,  Victoria, for the purchase of the following  lands. Commencing at thc South-E-ist corner  of lot r.TT.0, Group (1) one. West Kootenay, at a  post marked J. K. A. South-West comer nnd  running North along Kast lino of lot 630040  chains, thence Kant 60chains, thence South 40  chains, thence West along Columbia t Kootenay Railway toplaceof commencement and  containing 2*0 acres more or las. '  Nelson, Dec 5th. 1SW.  J.&ABUBU(,  We only ask one trial to make you onr cus  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  line. Reasonable charges. Work sent us  from outside towns will receive the same care  as it personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers.  JOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B C. Customs House, Nelson  Frank  Fletcher  PRO VIN���AIj LAND SURVEYOR     _  .Landsand MineralClalmsSurreycd  . and Crown Granted  P. O. Box 56S      Office: Eootenar St. Nelson  T ��� The best $1 per day house in Nelson.     JSonc but white help employed  \ > bar the best.  j| G. VV., BARTLETT. 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Hofer, hailed six  inouths ago,by Zion City as the chosen  bride ofthe prophet's son, Gladstone  IJowie. .From among the heiresses of  thfi" world, Dr.JDowie had chosen the  beautiful Swiss girl for Gladstone, his  ."unkissed son," as he called him.  A In* all his" thirty years of existence  'lio girl had ever imprinted a kiss on  the nicotineless lips of the saintly  Gladstone, and his venerable father  realized with a pang, if the line  of the prophets was to be curried  on profitably, Gladstone must submit  to be kissed.  To find a suitable bride for his son  has been the main object of the prophet's life for the last four years*   Not  even iu Zioi*, the prophet's own city,  was there a maiden fit to mate with  the virtuous Gladstone.  ..   He wssdeclined with thanks by the  knowing  young women of Chicago.  To Europe, therefore, three years ago,  came the prophet on his quest for a  wealthy bride.    At Lieburg Castle, in  the canton of Thurgovie, he discovered  Mile.   Buth  Hofer,   the  young  aud  beautiful heiress of a wealthy Zurich  brandy distiller.  The conversion of the heiress and  her mother to the doctrines of Zionism was only a matter of time, and  last June, when the prophet descended upon London he was accompanied  by Mile Hofer.  .Liverpool street station ��� is believed  to have been the scene of Mile. Hofer's  Tbe young lady approved of the  black-bearded Gladstone, though, her  family were furious and declared that  if the marriage took place Zion would  have a penniless bride.  Mile. Hofer accompanied the Dowie  party to New York, where .they arrived on June 27 last. From New  York they proceeded straight to Zion  City, where Gladstone explained to  his prospective bride, the etiquette of  courtship in that city of virtue. -^ -  Among'the ruie's'o'f courtship to be  observed were lhe following :  1. Kissing should-not take place until after the solemnizalion of the nuptials.  2. Parents' permission must be giveu  before courting commences.  3. All courting should be done iu  the presence of at least one' of the parents.   Two are preferable. -,  4. Lovers must not walk out after  dark without the consent of the pa>  rents.  Courtship on these lines, it is surmised, soon began to pall, and .the romance of the ankissed son ofthe'pro-  phet and the beautiful Swiss girl was  thus nipped when it had passed the  bud stage, but was still in the blossom.;  After bidding farewell to Zion, Mile.  Hofer set sail for England, and is now  in her own chateau on the borders of  Lake Constance.  The London Zionists sadly "admit  that Mile Hofer has no part in any  Zionist plans for the future. But they  are happy in the thought that Gladstone ia still the unkissed.  BRIAR  PIPES.  R^~  CO  m  <  CO  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  * - -������   ���  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Send your orders to Jox B. 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TIERHEY, GESlERftE A5E.fi  m  ���>i-"*_af  -3* L  7M'  Pi  ��� -n, ������a-  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  STARTING  Comin' Back  Just to make  your Christmas Merrier  and your New  THE  WATSON  STOCK  rfj Years Happier  ^Monday ulj-ht our Great Christmas Hill.  -The Parish Priest  "The Sweetest story ever told."  I'he Success of two continents.  The Play with a" Purpose.  Specialties Galore.  GREAT PLAYS.  : If there was ever any doubt in the  minds of the citizens of Nelson as to  the electton of Dr. Rote and his full  I ' ��     .   ��� Vr        .  ticket, that doubt was dispelled by tbe  meeting in the committee rooms la>>t  nighfc-.-..,Over,.��� one   hundred   voters  'gathered    there,', and    that   without  ���'scarcely any notice..., The speech is  -". were made oy men who are intensely  interested in the future of Nelson and  had the right ring about them.   There  was no attempt to bunco the'audience  with promises that could not be ful-  ' filled;   the Audience  was   treated    to  jC substantial facts without shadows.. I)r.  Hose's, speech was a fair-statement of  ' the situation at the present time.;   His  position on the electric light question  **.,<���*     *������>��." "a        - .Z>'      Ai--  Isthjitof. every thinking man of Nelson. His promise that-he would not  �� "peddle the debentures," met with ap-  plause,'as'"did**his statement ".tliat he  did not want.to be elected except by  the honest, cpnscicntious-voioe of bona  *fide-)li��^eiits''MiiNelstffi.'��Geor^e JJarl-  lett, in a short speech, showed that he  had studied the wants ofthe city, aud,  ���was sound; on, the.- .-.electric -lighting  plant. jgW.^'IJ.:- Sj��ry~&poke "at some  length, reviewing his position, and  pledging himself if elected, to carry out  ,A.,^y .'���>,? N  every promise * made in Dr.   Eosg'h  platform^ bat. he would not _ bo. tied  hand and fojt.   W. G Gillett's speech  was just what might be expected from  a "successful   business   man.    ITe   explained his  position .fully, and  convinced the large audience that lie was  intensely in earnest.   JR.. M. M:iedont  aid spoke at length, dealing with the  Issues, one by one, iu the present campaign.   He  endorsed every plank in  the platform of .the   Citizens'  ticket.  Messrs.'Bird and Clements, the other  iwo  candidates,  were absent, ou ac-  -count of iudispoaition.' Frank Fletcher  and W. A.  Macdonald, K. C , also ad-  dressed   the meeting.     Mr.  Fletcher  reviewed the hUtory of the   present  electric   light   nlaut,   and   wanted to  know something  about u  receipt for  fiff'SOO    and    only   $1,3000    to   show  for it.   "-Mr. Macdonald  tiiade au elo-  quent appeal to the voters and asked :  "What standard of honor a:id of public  morality iis   placed.. before  boys   aud  young men.if such-conduct is lew.irited  with public trust ?"     He eloseil with :  ".We are figtfting in a good cause, with  good men,  agamst a  treacherous foe,  who lias everything to gain and nothing to lose."      Altogether"the meeting  was a great success, and as one of the  speakers remarked,  was tlie greatest  gathering of its kind ever held in the  city of Nelsou   during  a   municipal  _ campaign.      [ ..     ��'. 5.-1    -'  The Watsoii Stock Company will begin a return engagement at tlie Nelson  Qperav?JIouf-,o, next -Monday, night*,  opening with "The Tarisli Trie-.!."  This i* the -piece that ha-t been mado  famous by Dan Sully, and i.s regarded  as an exceedingly appropriate selection  for the holiday season. During their  engagement here the Watson people  will present "Michael Strogofl/' "But-  VING    FAST  These new Souvenir Pins we have just opened up. Large enamel  Nelson Flags, new design. Skate and Hockey Stick Brooches. Tbey  are tbe nicest kind of inexpensive presents.  Our new assortment of "The 1835 R Wallace Silver Plated Ware"  is well worth your inspection. Our Spoons and Forks in this make are  iri��designs equal in beauty to Sterling.' -  Indeed our whole large stock of Christmas Goods is unsurpassed in  value and variety, and it would be wisdom on your part to give us an  early call before completing your selection of gifts.  Watchmakers, Jewellers and  TD^4-^^ ^^JZ\ ^     TD~A~ Watchmakers, Jewellers  ratenaude  Bros.,    opticians.   Ph0ne 2  ��  3  HOLIDAY  CO  A great sale of Clothing, Men's Furnishings,  HATS  AND  SHOES  The quantities are the greatest, the assortment the most varied ar.d  the Prices the Lowest of anv sale we have held  NEW FALL CLOTHING  20th Century kind, every Garment has style, character and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupled with Always Lowest prices makes interest and to spare for careful buj*ers.    *  Men's'Suits, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  BOYS' SUITS  All sizes, good cloth, strong and durable, and specially tailored, $1.25,  $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5-00 and $6.00.  DISTRIBUTORS OF   HATS  Perfection in  shapes, color and style.      Prices, $1.00, $2x0, $3 oo,  $��..*oo-and $5.00. * "*"  SHOES OF OUALITY AND STYLE  -.   Guaranteed to give" perfect satisfaction. ,   The best  possible for the  money.-   Felt Slippers at 25c, 350,-500, 75c and $1.00 v  MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Large stock New Fall Styles. The place where your dollars, bring  their value.  On Friday, the 9th in$t., we commenced our Special Sale of Christmas Goods.    We have a veiy large  assortment  of aiticles  suitable for Christmas Gifts, which we will offer^tprices much lower than they have ever been sold for in the Kootenay ; and  all  that we ask is  that you  cell and  inspect' our {stock  before buying your Christmas Presents.    The spirit of Christmas pievails  throughoutevery department, and we shall be pleased to show you the goods whether you want to buy or not.  ti  Useful Holiday Gifts, for Ladies and Gentlemen. Great  Clearance Sale of Ladies', Children's and Men's Underwear at Specially Reduced Prices.  3  1  I  *  v.)  MILLINERY  Ready-to-Wear   Hats    at      prices     ranging     from     $2 co  Dress Hats at prices ranging from $8,00 to $17.50 at'half price.  FRED   IRVINE  CO.,   Ll  THE BIG GASH STORE  to     $5,co    at     half    price  TED  i  t  OVAL SAL  BROWN   <&  *+++++++++++++++9+++++++++++++++++++44++++44444+4+++4  + ) 4  +  tz -��� ���  9  -Don't Fail to See the Large Assortment of  E GH1NAAN0  Elegant Christmas Gifts.  We handle Old and New Fnrnishings to complete  your  home. - ���-  r  Highest  Prices paid for second-hand goods in first-class  condition.  I  Old Curiosity Shop  I        Josephine Street      Nelson, B. C.  t++ +4+4+++++++++++ 2>+��*��***����***������ ������������������������������������+���������*  terflies," "The llunawuy Match," "Ca-  niille," "The Uliick JFlag'* and '-The  Christain." Spcei.il preparations have  been m uie for the production of the  hist named piece, and no doubt it will  be well received in Nelson. The Watson Company is one of the heat that  has ever visited Nelson, and it should  be well .latronized throughout its engagement here. Every production is  l.ivt'i) with due attention to the details  ne essary to a first-cluas performance.  Iu future thc advance sales will take  place at the Opera House.  A Scotch doctor who was attending a laird had instructed the butler  of the house in the art of taking "and  recording liis master's temperature  with a thermometer. On repairing  to the house one morning, he vvas  met by the butler to whom he said:  "Well, John, I. hope the laird's  temperature is.not any higher today. '' The man looked puzzled for  a moment, and then replied: "Weel,  I was just wonderhi. that Tnysel'.  Ye see. he died at twal o'clock."  .The Ne!o.):i Op.-ratic 3 .oiety is now  rel.eai'Mtig for tlie production of "Er-  minie," under the new director. While  there will be many new people in the  production, tiiere will also be a majority  of the ladies and gentlemen who have  done so much towards amateur operatic  productions iu Nelson in the past. The  presentation of "Enuinie," will cost io  the neighborhood of J900.  Den man Thompson is beloved by  the. young members of his company,  especially the little tots that figure  in the scenes of The Old Homestead. During a recent New Ycrk  engagement he wanted to compliment a little fairy ou her work, and  said : "You've done so well I'd like  to give you a big kiss." "Oh,  Mister Thsmpson," answered the  fairy horrified, "you mustn't, really.  Aunty doesn't believe iu kissing."  "Never m:ndt..dea*r," replied Mr."  Thompson. "I'm not kissing  aunty."  Thirty Days Removal Sale  General Reduction in All Li  STANDARD FURNiTU  SUCCESSORS TO D.MpARTHUR & 00.  _W_e Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Sate merits.  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,   ..  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  Complete Stock of Stationey  Order* by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  Canada Permanent  Straight.Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or (Monthly Payment System  Tents &Awnings Made ar  t CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND MENDED.  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors  ^ We have'secured \h> services of alTrsl^class cake baker, and A  ^ our customers should bear_ this in mind when prer^Vin fer A  ^ Christmas. -. <_(W  ���  Store : Baker St., between Stanley and Ward.  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford   ��� <���  PERFUME  AND   PERFUME   ATOMIZERS   _^��� r  Hair Brushes and Mirrors, Separate and Boxed '  in Sets.  French and English Perfumes, boxed, 50, 75, $1 co, 1.25, and 1 50.  In fancy boxesal $1.75. 3'c��. 3-50 and 4x0.  In Cut Glass bottles ��R =<\  Atomizers, beauties at $1.25 and 1.50.  Manicure setts, in case $4.50  Ebony'Brnsh and Ccmb.in case, 5.C0, 5.50", 6 5,0. 7.50 aiid,8.oo.  Hair Brushes from 5cc to $3.50.    Foxwccd or Ebony.   "'   '  Military Brushes, in leather cases, I4.50, 5 co, 6.co and 7.50 in Fox-  wood or Ebony.  WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist"   :.  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  I.  OVER J. K. WALLACE' S STORE. NELSOU. B.Gy     j  ��  ft  0  ��-*-<�� <> <�� <r-*b  ��  �� fr ;fr ��  �����  �����  ��-�� �� ;��-,f��- $   #';,$> .4,  Auction Sple To-Night  AT THE AUOTION MART  ALL KINDS  OF  BARGAINS  Auction Sales promptly attended to in any part of British Columbia.  J.  GREEN. AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  ns


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