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The Nelson Economist May 23, 1903

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 WMmwWh  HEitaMMuMtea**  ���v-i&i   .    t\~.-~r-,.*&rr  J  ^  5   ���  ���3a  ���*���  _HL_______/  ���f  VOLUME VI.  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1903.  NUMBER 45  3  What     Great   . Men      Have  Thought About It.  WTTHIN   A   FEW    YEARS  We     Will     Be     Either  or   Frozen to  Death.  Frizzled  Pearson's Weekly.  Professor Ludwig Marienburg, of  the University of Chicago, declares  that the end of the world is near  at hand. He has discovered, so he  avers,, that our little old planet  has '"jumped its orbit," so to.speak,  and is wobbling around in space  like an intoxicated man. This  irregularity, the professor explains,  ���will shortly cause our summers to  become hottej.' and hotter, and our  winters to be colder and colder.  Within fifteen or twenty years at  the outside, according to his figures,  the entire human race will be alternately either frizzled or frozen to  death.  Even this, however, would be better than being comet-stricken after  the fashion so graphically portrayed recently by Mr. H. G. Wells.  Practically all scientists are agreed  that what _he describes ia likely to.  happen sooner or later.  Professor Dewar goes even further. He says that'not only may  such a cataatrope occur at any  time in the more or less near future  but that it "has certainly happened, and almost certainly more  than once, in the more or less near  past."  The converso of this cataclysm  ���of fire is a cataclysm of ice. Tnis  we know, for an absolute fact, to  have occurred before; and wo also  .know that it is practically certain  ito recur, and that too, speaking  [geologically, at no very fur distant  ���date.  The reason is that tho ��� ccumulu-  tion of ico round tho South and  North Poles, the "ico caps," geologist call them, aro over getting  thicker and thickor. Moro- ico is  formed by freezing during Iho long  arctio and antarctic winters than is  lost through molting in tlio ahoit  Bum more. Monnwhilo tho wiUor to  form thin ice���billions on billions  of tons of it, mind���iH being taken  up hy tho turn from tlio moro tern-  oralo zonoa of tho globo. Someday  or othor this proocea is bound to  nffoot tho stability of tho earth. It  will booamo "top-heavy," anil, uh iv  rosult, it will, as it woro, cant upon ita axis.  Tho result will bo that tho proa-  ont situation will bo rovorard.  Thnt ia to any, tho poloa will bu  Bomowhoro ut opposite aidca ol  whivt iB now tho equator, and the  now equator will intersect what  aro now tho polos. Tho roault  would bo that a world-wido cnrlh-  quako would lovol all cities and  towna, undovon tho hills and moun-  tninp, and tho aun would awwip  ovor���tho ruins.  Havo you cvor noticed how, if a  fruit tart ia loft to cool wiihout  being out, and without any opening being loft in tho center to permit of tho inlomnl heat OFcnpinjr,  tho orual will, aa it boeoinoa cold,  nag down, and permit tho mill hot  juioo to woll up ovor a portion nf  ita Hiirfaco. Now, that in exactly  what Mr. Grant Allen nfliinicd will  happen ono day to tlio thinned, por  tion of tho onrth'ti onuil.  He also affirmed the   probability  that one area, at all event;--, of such _  thin crest, is situated in the Thames j  Valley,   near   Cookham ; and,   arguing from these premises, he drew  a   graphic description    of   the   destruction-wrought by   a lava flood,  whic.h   welled   up   near  there, and  rollei thence downward to the sea.  The earth thereabouts, according to  Mr. Allen, opened  suddenly, without an instant's warning, in   a   gigantic crack or fissure, many miles  long,   whence  millions   of tons of  white-hot   slag   gushed   out,   and  filled up the entire valley to a certain level   in and   out   among-the  hills, exactly as water might do*.  . When it is over in twenty-four  hours, London���as well' as scores of  riverside towns���was no more,  its  place being taken   by   the   rapidly  congealing lava,  afterwards to : be  known as the Great Glass Desert.  Richard Jefferies fully, believed  in the possibibility of the state of  affaire depicted' by him in his  "Wild England." Briefly put, be  aimed to show, in the guise of .a  romance, how comparatively ;easy  it .would be for this- country to relapse into barbarism, and what  terrible . results, would ensue., A  sudden stoppage' of/the food ;sup  plies from over tlie sek, coupled  with civil war. at home, causes a  general exodus of the belter classes  ofthe population, and those who  are left give t,hems.elves up to murder and pillage. *';-' ' '.."'  Agriculture is neglected",A the  mouths of the rivers are- silted up,  so tha't what little commerce there  is .dwindles and dies; and, finally,  the remnant of the,itaryingj and  degraded" populace.',! dissolves TftTtb.  'tribes.'and bands, that take; .to  the forests and jangles, preying  upon each other, and living by  hunting and fishing.'" '.'',  One place, however, they  liever;  go near to, and that is  the "G regit.  Putrid  Swamp,"   lis    it' is'called;  which covers tho .ground  whereon  Lpndtm 'onco    Btood.    This    is /a,  place apart. '"   ���  ���'.. ���-..:  ; . The' black .w'ator of 'life lake boars'  a greenish' brown scum,  which  for  everlmbblos'up from tho poisonous.,  mud at the bottom, and from .w'hidh  there-arises 'ao   nox'ioiu-i  a   -vapor, y  thatftho very wild  fowl fly  itwivy  intuitively from its inlluonco I Also,  thero   aro   no   iiahea .in  tho lak'ej  noillier. can ools exist in   the';'mud.  And ihoreaaon is that  all'tho'rot-  lohnoa* of ,ii. thousand years, aild'of  many hundred  million* of'human  boingtj iwo thoro, 'doop down in  a  vast uopulohro.  IN CANADA  Taken by the   People of the.  Old Country.  ENGLAND'S FOOD SUPPLY  London  Paper Comments on Great  ��� Possibilities   of    the   '  Northwest.  ArrangoiiioiUs for tho sottlomont  of tho Door colony in Mexico havo  boon completed. Eighty-threo  thousand acres of ranch land havo  boon obtained in Iho atato of  Chihuahua. rGon. W. D, Synman  will bring on 'fifty families now in  Now York. }la exnoota'to 'abttlo  i,000 moro in Mexico on anothor  traol. "]. ���  Floronoo Nightingale, tlio horoino  of iho Crimean war^tho woman  whoao" Holf-aiiorifioing gonovoaity  wrtfl tho iiiH'plration for tho foundation of tbo Hod'Gross B.i'oioty, ia  living atthe ripoold ago o'f'S'lUn  London. Bho waa vl.-dtud by tho  King and Qucon tho othor day,  whon thoy' inspooled Woolwich  MoRpilal. Though fVoblo, her  mind in aa active aa ��� ovor. fihii ia  tho mother of tho modern   truijuiil  nur'fo.    I For florviooa for tho woifnd-  ,. i '  od aii'd tliaoiia'o-riddon anldioi'a" al  tho Oriiuon. will bo an inspiration  lo noble-minded women for all  timo. HIio buttled with h'vor and  diHoimo and won tlio tardy Driiiah  Government of the day .to a roali/,-  ation of thoir barbarity in neglecting  to provide dootora and nurnoa for a  hrigo army,'In tho field.  The London Morning Post says:  Despite the many imperative reasons which* continue to direct public attention.in this 'country to the  South African colonies it is'gratifying, to: note: the. ever-increasing interest! which is bein^ taken in the.  Dominion of Canada.. Canadians  have in the past not.without reason  complained of the neglect of the  Mother Country,'but the grounds  of that complaint ..are rapidly being removed. APor. this Canadians  have themselves very largely to  thank, as it must be confessed?-that  they were themselves'- somewhat to  blame for the previous neglect.  It was only under the\ pressure of  an ever-growing . invasion from  across the frontier that the eastern  province.-* awoke to the full realization of the immense possibilities  of the vast; areaB which Ca,nada  possessek-;:ini-.the ;Norih and Northwestern/territories,' and in proportion as Canadians themselves have  realized I heir splendid heritage the  Mother Country has become alive  to the ; claims of her great North  American colony. The bumper  haryests of tho past two years have  abundantly   '.demonstrated   -  the  '-.���    . ...   *      ��� ���       . ��� ��� ���  capacity"- of -Canada   as  a,  wheat.  . ���   ���,���   ��� ���-' ii'f^.% A,       * ��� '  growing country^Jiiiid riq small  part of tho interest which is  boing displayed in the Dominion  by the inhabitants of theso 'islands  ja doubtless to be attributed, to the  fact that  tho  claim   advanced on  v *. 'i '�� '  behalf of Canada, to bo tho :faturo  .granary of tho'Empire, coincident  with tho realization of ilio ganger  whibh'we in those itlanda should  incur, of .being-cut'off from our  available aoiircoa'of food supply, in  tho ovent of our boing involved in  war with a groat marilimo powor.  Tho obligation of maintaining tho  British navy at a auflioiont atrongth  to onauro our .-command of tho boh  ia tho first lesson which tho nation  has learned; hut it will obviously  groatly fiioililitto tho tunic of the  navy in , defending our ocoan-  borno food supplioa from an onemy'a  attack if tho bulk of thono atipplioa  oan bo drawn from a country within comparatively oaay roaoh of our  ahoroH.' Canada dooa not at present protond to bo in a poaition to  furniah up with tho wholo of our  food aupplloa; but tho claim mado  on hor bohalf ia that within a com-  paraiivoly abort apaco of timo Bho  will at leivHt bo able to supply m  with all tho wheat required  to Biipplomont our homo roaourooa,  if alio oan dovolopo'hor vaat aroaa  of whoiii-growing land whioh remain unoultivatod aimply booauao  thoro aro no muatifi availablo of  transporting thoir produoo to tho  son-board. It in plain, therefore,  that if Canada dona in fact ixiaaoaa  auoh vast 'undeveloped -whnut aroaa  mi a io vouched for by Lird Slrnth-  oonu and othor dlHtinguiahod  authorilloH, whoao tiiritimony \h  abovo f-UHpicion, tho pooplo of those  iahmdri havo a diroot intoroal. in  iho varioua Hohomoa of railway do-  velopmenl which aro now ongaging  tho at ton tion of  Caiiudiuim.    Tlio  merits of the rival  schemes  which  are being urged on the attention of  J the Dominion Government will, no  doubt,  be   considered   mainly   in  view of the prospects of commercial  success which they present.    That  is an aspect of the question- which  cannot  and  ought not to be overlooked.    But   there are  other  aspects which are, we do  not  doubt,  as fully- recognized  in  Canada  as  in this country.    Canadians  have  not been slow to.grasp the political  dangers   which  would  follow  the  commercial   subservience   of    the  Dominion to its powerful  southern  neighbor,  and  consequently it   is  not surprising to find that the promoters of the  Trans-Canada  Railway have put in the forefront of  their claim the two considerations  that the line which it ia  proposed  to build from the St. Lawerence to  the Pacific would be absolutely independent of   the  "United   States  railway system, both  along its  entire route and at its termini on tha  two oceans,    and    would   in   the  second place, by its distance from  the international  frontier,  furnish  a strategic line of communication  between Great Britain  and the far  east which might,,in certain eventualities, be of immense  value to the  Empire.    These- considerations are  in themselves!; sufficient to account  for.the interest "which:the proposed  Trans-Canada Railway has aroused  in "the country^ an interest- which  involves no   necessary  hostility to  any other schemes  which may   be  submitted to the consideration of  the Dominion Government, except  in so far as.their.acceptance. would  involve the  postponement.- of the  construction of a line of  railway  which presents so many advantageous   features   from   .'an' Inaperial  point of view. .-.���;  Men  no  Longer   Believe  Party Platforms. -  in  SO   MR.   HOUSTON    SAID  The  i Tribune    Always    Opposed  t Party Lines in -Provin-' ������' "' '  ������ cial Politics. '"."'  Alex, an Indian, of 22 years of  age, will be hanged on the "19th of  June at-Kamlpops for the murder,  of. his wife, a girl of ',17';. Accoi'dr,  ing to the story, Alek'. had:, been;  quarrelling with his wife"and Jt(od  ordered her home. She refugee] ,jto  go, and when he" got his rifle he  .repeated his command, eaying that  if she did not go he iwbuld sjti'dot  her. When she refused ;to jpo, he  fired, and she'drbpped dead. *! That  happened on tho 19th of' A'pril,  and as Alox will be hanged on the  19 lh of June, he has had'a remarlc  In a former issue of this paper  an attempt was made . to  prove, by quotations from the  Nelson Tribune, that John Houston was not always > the out-and-  out party-line man that he seems  to be; at present. A few more  quotations from the same paper,  might emphasize this contention.  For instance, on September 27,  1399, 'the Tribune contained the  following editorial paragraph:  r  : "In! the next general. elections,  both Provincial and Dominion, .the.,  Independent party will have to be  .reckoned with. Fully ^5"per"*iient'  of thetotal vote will be polled by  men who are no longer partisians.;.  men >vh'o ho longer .". believe ... ii��  party' platforms." ; ��� A.. ' '-''���'  Alt is very evident that iftt..,.tb.at  time Mr. Houston had.'. little ^iftj^h,  in ,the!pledges of the Cor\set^ti.y.es  party,; and it is ..quite '/'ci^^^I^b,  opinions had not chaqgea.-on  October 8, 1899J \foV_on"thatJ-d.ate  we find him misrepresenting-.the  Conservative party in the following,  paragraph  .."The Conservative party-of the-  Province of .fitritiBh Columbia, .in,  convention aBeembled, baa placed  ;itself on record on the eight-hour  law. Was the action ontfofprirti  cipliD or. one of ,r���aipediency ?��� The  Tribune, is inclined to helievo thftt  it was "one of expediency. ..The.  men who control the' Conservative  party in 'this province are not  noted fdr their: love of men who  labor for a day's wage in or out of  the mines. On the., contary,, they  are known to be controlled by the,  interests that are antagoniatic to  labor organizations. "A political  parly that ia    forced  to adopt a  a-theory   that the Conservatives  were strongly opposed to tbe horny-  handed   son  of   toil.     He   posed  as the champion of labor on nearly  all occasions, but overlooked his  opportunities a few years ago when  there was a strike on the C. P. R. I  Here is a sample paragraph of the  way in which the Tribune editor  attempted to create the impression  that-the   Conservatives   are   the  avowed enemies of labor.   It appeared in the Tribune, February.  12,. 1900: A, /.'"'.A.::,  - "The itbssland .Record . is begin?  ning to show its; true colors. It  will ,soon be an oppn enemy' of the  men who work for wages. -The  Record is owned by ultra-Conservatives, who are' booming G, H.  Mackintosh for the seat ..in th-a  House of Commons now occupied  by Hewitt Bostock. With such a  candidate and thef backing of fnen  like the owners of the Record, the  Cdneetvatives' are beaten before  the fight commences.":.      ;  . ,,.  In the'spring of 1900-it, lookecl  as if there might be an early. ..election. The Semlin government bad  been defeated an* Governor - Mclnnes had called, upon Joseph  -Martin to form a government. It  was rumored that tbe leader of the  Con8ervatiye..party, Charles. Wilson,. t_��..C?<��-..would; run in Revelstoke. . This... made Mr. Houeton  yery..,wroth, for Revelstoke ;was-the"  home of his friend and admirer, J.  M.. Kellie. Here i is the way in  which Mr. Houston sized' up the  'situation:A:, ..    A      -' .   '  "J. M. Kellie "should have a  walkover... in ' RaVelstoke . with  CharTes Wlisbh, Q, C, in thefield.  The'Revelstoke--man draws more  .p^?H-thaa. some people give,him  ^l^^-'P'-'He has made the race"  several times alternately as a (government and opposition a candi-  Shocking Condition of Public  Affairs.  A CHANGE IN SENTIMENT  The Public Was in  Strong  Sym-  '���:-       pathy with Mri  Morgan.  ably quick trip tb the gallows, and 'principle is not likely to moke that  eBtablii-hes a record inth'o Provinco.  principle effootiye,  He ia now in tho condemned cell  in Kamloops, ���  Labt 'Week's Gnzotto contained  ���tho notico'of tho registration of tbo  Kaslo-Slocan Mining and Financial Corporation, whioh was formed  a year ago in Europo to tako ovor  tho Camp Mnnsfijld properties at  tho hoiul of Ton Mile, and othor  proportioB in that diviaion. Tho  capital ia placod atX600,000, divided into ��1 ttharoH. Tho hoad oflice  of thooompany ia nt Nolson, with  S. S. Taylor aa attorney.  Rov'. J. I-I. Whito, suporinlondont  of miRBionaof IheMothodiat church,  will tako up hia roaidonco in Kamloops, that point boing considered  moat convenient for tho work Mr.  Whito will hiivo in hand,  A phenomenal atriko wna mado  on tho Lucky Boy property nt  Trout Lako laat wook. Tho atriko  of four foot of ahipping oro allowing groy copper and carbonatoa  and waa mado in tho aouth  drift woll in on tho Lucky  Boy ground. Tho oro whon toatod  ran aa high aa lfiOO ouncca ailvor  to tlio  ton.  Tho government had a nnrrow  oncapo on Wodnoaday. Billy Mc-  Inncn' voto prolonged tho a-_{0"y��  .... , once, they gain  oflice. ' it'' would be so with the  Conservative parly to gain control  of the provincial government.  Adopting tbe principle of the eight-  hour , law is mere political bun-  combo. Ware the statute books  filled with tho eight hour-laws with  tho penalty clauaea omitted, of  what valuo would be , tho , laws to  the working oloasefl?"  It was about this timo that  Chae. Wilson, K. Cwaa ottgROStod  aB loader of tho Provincial Conservative party, and- Mr. Houston  paid his rospoots to the officer a and  platform in the following paragraphs on tho morning of Ootobor  10, 1899.  "On tho third page of to-day'o  Tribuno will bo .found a wonderfully constructed docifmont. It  roado as if it had boon through a  RoricB of Bosnians of a convention of  delegates from Women's Counoilfl,"  "If tho Conservatives of British  Columbia want to win at tho noxt  gonoral, election, thoy muet adopt  a platform of principloa that donln  with tho iaouoa, not doad onoo, and  tako for1 utahdurd boarora mon who  havo oonviolionn and aro not  aahamod of thorn. Tha pooplo of  Britinh Columbia���except a' fow  moHabaoka and fow narrow-imindod  intolorunta���aro progrooHivo, They  will not livo in tho pant politically;  thoy havo no into for mon who  havo boon triod and found wanting  and thoy will not battle on ioaucn  that uro dead. Thoy want a party  that will adopt prinoiplou and  fight for thorn."  In thoao daya Mr. Houaton had  date)  and" never.; failed,  and an  outsider. Should' be an easy  mark  In view of subsequent events;  this following paragraph, which  appeared in the Tribune, March 6,  1900, should provoke a smile:  "The Tribune bus not favpj-ed  party, lines in provincial politics,  for Jhe reason.that national political questions seldom have more to  db'with the management of tbe  business affairs of a province than  they have-with the business affairs  of a: municipality. The coming  election, in this province should be  fought on isBues that.aro provincial; arid 'the main ieeuo is to elect  mien 'Vfho are ��� not mere agents or  attorneys of this or that corporation  or moneyed interest. Why should  tho firm of R. Dunsmuir &-Sons  bo represented in the legislature by  a dozen membora? Why should  tho Canadian Paoifio have half a  dozen of ita retained attorneys on  tbo floor of tho house? Elcot aB  members of tho legislature. mon  who aro known to Have no.b nfElia.  tion witl\ the Dun^muiffl.and'th'o  Canadian Paoifio; and the'clitincefl  aro that tho provinco will' have good  government without its membofd  being rcquirod to declare thoir  opinions on oitbor ' politioB or  religion."       .   ,  Bounday mines laet wook made  the biggest. ahippraentB in many  months, amounting to 12,784 tons  or 187,868' tons for tho yoar.  The investigation charges of corruption made against men holding  public.ofljces is occupying the attention of the Canadian public to a remarkable extent at the present time.  Nelepn, not to be behind the times,  has had a sample during,the past  week of this popular form of entertainment, in the trial of Mr. Burtt  Morgan, of RosBland on the charge  of..)ibelling Harry Daniels, police  commissioner of that city.     The  evidence_showed a shocking condition of public affairs in Rossland.  It clearly appeared that an arrangement existed between  some of the  prpminent  municipal officials and  ah organization of. gamblers to permit gambling to be carried on without hindrance for certain pecuniary  considerations. A The   prosecution  urged that this arrangement was  necessitated by the depleted condition of the ���=city's-exchequer;^ The  defence endeavored  to   show that  part of the proceeds of this arrangement went into the pockets of certain dl the officials, and that in any  event Daniels profited by it indirectly in the custom it brought him  as a painter and decorator in fixing  up gambling rooms.   His Lordship,  Mr. Justice Marton,  in   charging  tbe  jury paid a high, tribute to the  courage shown by  tbe. accused  in  boldly and  openly  attacking  the  corruption arid specifically charging  complicity  on Daniels'  part.  The jury acquitted the accused.  It wao noticeable that the laugh  that invariably followed any direct  evidence of corrupt dealings had  little of merriment in it. Tbe impression was given to a bystander  that tbo public was in atrongsympathy with Mr. Morgan. This is  ocarcoly surprising. When corruption and rumors of corruption in  public lifo become so prevalent as  they are at present in this country,  the temper of the people ie apt to  get somewhat short. Tho unnni-  moue agreement of the jury in acquitting Mr. Morgan wae a reflection  of this feeling, and if ie beginning  to bo felt that ofthe guilt of "bood-  ling''can bo brought brmo to any  publio Borvarit the public will boo to  it that sufficient examplo will bo  made of tho culprit.  Architect Carrie ljiaa rocoivod tho  plane for i,ho now court houso. Tho  .building in to be three etorioo high  with haBonjont.' Therfl,, will bo  Ihroo ' entrances on the ground  floor, tho prinolp.al'^ne being from  Ward  Street.  The now pvirf.rjntondent of tho  Kootoniiy diviaion of tho C. P. R.,  D. d. Rdan, haa arrived in Nolnon,  Mrfl.''W. A.' Wacdonald, after  ri^ondirie' tbo 'winter in Toronto,  Han' returned to Nolnon.  It ia gonorally conceded that  Eborta muiit go.  Tho oity ban boon crowded this  wook with vioitoro attpnding tho  auatae.3. ., . .,               '  Ex.Mayor Cluto'o roaoon for permitting gambling in Roaeland waa  that it would keep money in tho  town. This rominda ono of tbo  foreman of tho Irish jury, who  gavo it as his roaoon for awarding  heavy,damagoa against an Englinh-  man, "It's a fine thing to bring ao  much money into tbo country."  Willie, tho Roaaland man who  ehot at and wounded a gnmblor  named Adams, waa Bontonccd by  Mr. Juiitico Martin to eovon yenro  in tho penitentiary.  ���;. Tho Fomio minora, olmrgod with  unlawful aiiflombly, woro acquitted,  Dr.   Paul   Higginn,   of   Fornie,  apont a fow dayo in Nolnon this  wcok.  ���' ,  .rni  :��|(imiW)!^l|il!WW8iWiimWm5W^^  ��� 'Is h l^a till      > V, " 'IH ",ni   i    p "ii *\y> i, en,",   *.      _,a h   m,,t I'll       ,'^n^i    , .,   'ii-    i���~ I,  i i i,' i   i    -,,   , ��� ,fl" i, i  .  n   ,i ��� ,,.;,'   ,^ >��.[^,,h   ,. ,*~   ~-  .... 7   i i 1   i~ : .... . . 7' i .. .'l  777  ' ..:..., ,      ..  . '     .   ,H  iww?imwiww*fWr'ra��(M*ip^^  ('        .k     ,, .'        I '   U t   1 I ai  rt  11  "V  |   .,.,  -v��.k.     ,*      .(������V     -||1V'��l.*19lWJ��.     Ifffl.. -     IM   Iff   h\ - <-+- -   1    *���   ' f'-,     *.    ^ |t-        ff       ik    *>,*       0 -'I     ^,1    "It ���,*���>*'��    i      ^  1 h 'fi   i . . . i 1   , if u  I  ia-,  "S'^w��Wiirie��wiriiw��M��wi��tM^iis��i��ifc-iimw!^^  "   o        ,        i    .i   ,, ,   mJ     ,   *' ... *.! ..,*..'. .��� 1���;..:... 1>  _jy _  . .jfrf- -.te.^f.-sa,���  ^5  THE KELSON   ECONOHIST  i  ,,i  J  The Nelson  Economist  Published eTery Saturday aflemoos at  v'yBiroif Strkkt. Kxlsox. B, C.  $1.00 Per Year Strictfy iii Advance--.  Advertising rates made known on application.  Address all communications, "Publisher of Tub Kxlsok  Economist. Nelson, B.C."  NOTICE.  All changes in advertisements to  insure insertion should reach this  office not later than Thursday at  12 o'clock.  l*r is as good another."    Even more extraordinary is that condition of mind  which   not  only tolerates these men after they have succeeded in their plans and purposes, but in a  way makes leaders and heroes of them.     Tbe  .effect is  always bad.    Publio character an d  private honor both- suffer.     Good people become pessimistic and bad ambitions grow more  bold.    Fortunately, however, there  is  a  new  tendency in our affairs and there  is coming a  time when a man may not commit sin politically and then expect to keep a good name in  private life.    The two  things  cannot be disassociated.     They must  be  jugdged  by the  iam��  standards and there is never  a com-  promise between good and evil.  THE PROVINCIAL PRESS. \  Fort Steele Prospector.  The Laurier government has  not increased  its popularity in the Kootenays by giving the  marble heart and frozen hand to the lead delegates.  EDITORIAL! COMMENT:  The evidence given before the Hou^ committee thia. week was to tho effect  that .the. patents for blocks ^59Z and 4,594 were delivered ���  to Henry Campbell Oswald, secretary of.the.  C. P. R. company, and   remained in hia pos--  Bession one night.  This is an important point  and will no doubt figure in whatever faction  the railway  company: may take, against ; the-  British Columbia government.    Itrdao contradicts the contention of Mr. Wells that the pa-  * tents for those two blocks had never been delivered to the company. . The evidence of Sir-  Thomas Shaughnessy has been all on the line  that the government did not act in good faith  with the company, and  secured   the return of  the patents in question and subsequently canceled the land grjnts purely on tbe grounds of  political expediency.    No matter how  much  one  may question   the  wisdom   of   making-  those grantB to the C. P. R. in the first place,  there will be an inclination to believe that the  members of the government in repudiating the  agreement, were not bo much animated  by  a-  desire to guard the interests of the province, as  for their own personal aggrandizement.  The general impression seems to be that the  government will pass.in its checks next week.  It does not seem probable that with a Cabinet  composed of men who are not orr speaking  terms with each other, and a doubtful i major-  of one, Premier.Prior will attempt to carry.on  the business of the province... .We do'not take  much stock in the suggestion that there is  likely to be, a combination with the opposition. The people aro not in humor to countenance a coalition of this character, and no  doubt Premier Prior realizes this fact.  After the evidence. given  in the court this  week, there may be some who will believe tbat  the crusade of the Rwaland Miner against corrupt politicians is only a deep.laid plot to turn  , an. honest penny by keeping quiet.  '. Rev. Burtt Morgan has ..rendered, a great  service to the causrof moral reform by his exposure of official corruption. The evidence of  almost any one of the witnesses justified Mr.  Morgan's atlabks.o  -,A-..A- Marconi moiiipy order was paid by the  Cunard Company1 in mid ocean the other day.  A passenger handed a lace vendor at Queens-  town a ten pound; note instead of a five pound  note, and the. fni|takoi was not discovered by  the Irishwoman Until after the ship had gone  She handed; five pounds to the representative  of thi Cunard company at Qjeenstown. The  boat.was-.caught by Marconigraph in mid-;  .ocean and the five pounds refunded to the passenger, a New York merchant who had not yet  discovered his loss.  Phoenix Pioneer.  At a number of places throughout the  province dark horses are being groomed for  the election lhat is expected to occur in the  not distant future. They seem to think that  the days of the Prior government are numbered, and it certainly looks that way.  Morrissev Despatch.  Experts who calculate the precise day and  minute at which the coal supply of the world  will be exhausted, have received a shock  through the recent discovery of a new coal  field in Pennsylvania estimated to contain  three hundred million tons of coal. It is nothing to the shock they will receive when they  begin to take British Columbia into their calculation.  Our New Stock of  Sir Olivier Mowat died Worth about $100,000  Had he kept out of politics, a man of his ability  and opportunities might have amassed a million. -���*  Within the next two or three- months theie  will be a general election in this province, and  the question the people ehould'now ask them-  celvea ie, What kind of men are we going to  tend to Victoria to take the. places of tho  proaent bundof aelf-.-Ortking incapablea? Of  tbe 30 or 37 memburn now in the IL.��uho, there  ���re not six who should ever be returned again:  No doubt many of them will have the presumption to off;* thenifelvet. for re-election,  And it will renain with the! people to tell  thotn emphatically that they munt retire.  What is now wiuit*d ia men of ibriinVand in'-'  fcgrlty. Acting on thia btdiof, the, ConMerva-  tlven of Nelnon haw made their tw\*s tion, with  ��Very prospeot of wleotling Mr. L��>nnie., Dr.  Hall is likely to to the Liberal ��tari(iard-  hsaror, and she (Id lift eniMs^sd in defeating Mr.  lionnio, his or | oarutp will at jleaot bavoithe  ��Onsolation of itaonring thnt au honest, up-  tljhlcltfson hit. btwn elected. . �� '    '  'The Sham* of Mltm��pol.i��" will find a  Striking parallel In tho condition of affairs  tltet the Morgan trial Iihh hIk.wii to exist in  Basel and. If the evidence g|iv*n before th*  court thin week iu t�� b�� IwlifVf.l, Ro��*Uiid can  give the ��ang of the Flour City pointers on  municipal corruption. According to tlio evidence even tho nowupiipurs wero oorrpptod, or  brlbod by insertion of potty lulvorthenioiiti',!  Of oourft., the no*i��pnp��rii mu��t not bu condemned without having an opportunity to explain their position. In t tie mean time, Nelson 6un play tbo role of tbo Pharifor, and  plond that nbs is uot uubndai the'city of Rom-  land.  If the Kootenay Preea Aseocialion places a  high, value on its honor,: it will at once take  steps to strike from its membership roll the  names of thetRossland newspaper men who  grew bloated- on the tribute collected from  tho gambling fraternity.  Italian wine caeichaiits h*ve reason to con-  "   ,. ",'���        ��������� ���7   ��� I -}i <��������� -7  ' '        ���������'������    ���",������.,.������   ���,.���������,..-���  gratulate tb^aelvea on the introduction of  the electrical p\oce8ia1or thu aging of wines in  the wine producing provinces of Italy. The  process is said to Vender possible extraordinary modifications in the boquet and body of  the vintage, and the suggestion is made that  it might, be employed with advantage also in  California wines, arising from the richness of  the soil oh which the grapes have grown.  Rut the tempering of win�� is ouly one of  m��ny uoea tb whioh electricity is how put in  the wine producing industry. In ah establishment in Algeria, where the Arab labor was  uucertiftin rand; unsatisfactory, a generating  plant has bean erected for-doing the whole  work. The current from the dynamo is utilized for ligbtinii purposes and.for the opera-  tion of seven electric motors, ratVjgtng from two  to ton effective horse .power. One motor  driven a ono ton crane, which lifts boxes of  grapos from tho ground flobr to the beating  room, throe motors oporatb tho beaters and  presBW, and the remaining three aro coupled  direct to coutrifugal pumpn, which keop tho  must moving in the tuns.  Yale and Caripoo was Ihe moat expensive  territory in tho Dominion for coiiHUu-taking,  The coat totaled $83,808,��S, of which *10,-  042.20 wont to 14 comtuiuaionora and assistant  oommisuidnerii.  is now complete and of the most beautiful coloring and designs.  It will pay you to call and see our goods. Our prices will suit tbe  times.    Picture Framing and Room Mouldings.  F. J. Bradley & Co.,  Baker Street, opposite Lawrence  Hardware Co.  Limited  It iii an extraordinary tiling, that a man  wi'h bruins and opportunities idiould ho content to go di w i into hirttory as a purchasable  commodity. Tho ronultof Much work is only  too evident. It lowers the whole tone of the  pooplo, and stains even nooiuty and thoohuroh.  Bribery, whatever its form, by lotting down  tbo barn of morality coiitributnti dir��'Clly to  oriuK', and its ovil inllitoncuit di^oournge nnd  dummy pooplo of good oon.ioifMio.w, who give  up bopo and Und rooouivo In thut I'^tul indif-  ioronca which efXpronuft) iteolf aa,; "What'o tlbo  pso ?   fiomy villi win ii��yti$}a_y and oaa <IoI��  Kootenay Mail.  The faith of leading citizens in   the progress  of Revelstoke is shown by tbe tact that at the  council meeting on Tuesday  tbe   Mayor and  Aid. Hume expressed the opinion that Revelstoke would be a city bf 5,000 people  within  two years and would then justify putting in a  first-class   water   supply     from    Eight-Mile  creek fn accordance with II. B Smith's report  and plains.    This water supply will cost $80,-  000, but:when  carried  out   will   mean   there  will notfbe a city in Canada  to equal Revelstoke for: a  water  supply   and  electric power  serviced" . ..       .  SeasonableGoods  ands for Sa  We  ofthe  Among the visitors to Nelson thin week was  Hon. P. W. Higgins, ex-Speaker; of, the Provincial Legiuluture. This ia his first visit to  NtilHon sinco XWl, and he is very enthunisntic  over tho progroiiB tho Kootonay motropolio  Iish m��de in tho meantime. Mr. Higginn,  while woll known throughout the provinoo ao  a writer ��nd a politician, has recently added  now claims for dintinction. During hia leisure momontu he has beon writing short stories, whioh, aro road with groat interest  throughout th�� provinoo. Thoso otorios aro  not fairy tales, but1 rosily pergonal rdminin-  cenoou of early days in British Columbia. In  tho times of which Mr. Higgins writes, from  1858 to 1805, a largo proportion of tho population of British Columbia wan ipnado up of adventurers from ovory corner of tho globo in  , nfraroh cf tho Golden Fleece. Mr. Higgins  was ongaged in nowepapwr work during thoso  yearn, and learned much concerning tho Uvea  of thono people, whioh ho is now putting iu  tbe form of short iitorics.. Thoiiorominiuconcou  nro nagurly read, and Mr. Higgins in bonicgod  with r��K|Hctttn to have them published in book  form, iii v;hich uhapo thoy might justly bo ra-  garded aa & "wdloonao addition to Cauadine  literal uiro     ������  '.">..- Victoria Times.  We are beginning to fear that Victoria must  be slow���in some respect?.    Automobiles are  common in many parts  of Europe and America, and all who can afford  Buch luxuries are  beginning to consider the flying machine as a  new means oi producing the excitement inherent in. novel forms of motion.   There are few  motorcars here of *he automobile type,and no  flying machine?.    And   there are one-or. two  people who would like to ascend in   any kind  of a machine and flv to tbe uttermost parts of  the earth.    The pel tical situation is so unsatisfactory. "   "_.        ���  are now showing a full range  following seasonable goods :  LL PAPERS  I��  Kootenay Valleys Co., Limited.  T.' G. PROCTER, MANAGER, NELSON, B.O  Farmsfrom So acres upwards, well watered and timbered. Adjacent to good markets at Cranbrook, Fort Steele, . Elko,   Fernie, Morris-  sey, etc.  The well known prairie ground on the Kootenay River, near Fort  Steele, is being subdivided and is especially suitable for Fruit, Vegetables, Hay and Oats, with good range for cattle adjoining.  ,,   Some fine Stock Ranches on the Kootenay and Elk Rivers.    Lines  of Great Northern and Crow's Nest Railway within a few miles.  Terms-���One-fifth down.    Balance in four years at 6 per cent.  You're right, they are perfect  beauties aud as cheap as if they  were ugly ; we show colorings you  like in almost any design you may  fancy. Whether you're paper is a  success this year depends largely on  I where the paper comes from. We  are the people to get it from. "We  have the paper ; you need it; we  want to sell it; the price is right.  That about makes a bargain,  doesu'tit?  Also excellent Fruit Ranch, about 30 acres, on Kootenay Outlet,  near Procter, 18 miles from Nelson. About 7 acres under cultivation  with strawberries and fruit trees. Irrigation Ditch. A good  income paying investment.  E.FERGUSON&CO.  SOLE AGENTS  Dawson's Perfection Scotch I  EXTRA SPECIAL i  T' This'whiskey will please connoisseurs. It is a high grade well- y  1 matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age, is tbe same &  Equality as DaWson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old). 1  !.I1I^��lobcehe��%h E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. C. f  Trail Creek News. ,  The Trail refinery is now attracting the attention of the mining world in general ; and  its process of refining is being investigated to  an extent that augurs well for the future of  .refining lead by means of electricity. In fact,  many authorities.are predicting that it will  surely do away with the old zinc depilveriza-  tion firocesfii;'now adopted universally. ThU  means much for the inventor, Mr. Bettp, who  is no stranger to Trail, as it will be remember ,d he spent a good part of last year here,  installing the plant��� the only one of ita  kind in existence.  Boundary Creek Times.  Should the Bupply of coke continue uninterrupted, in a very short timo the mines and  smelters tributary to Greenwood will have  more men employed than at any other time in  the history of tho camp. In big minea, in tho  high grado proportion and at tbe smelters  thero are now about 500 men employed and  as noon as tho second furnace at the Montreal & Boston Copper company's smeller is  blown in tho numbor will be oonaidorubly increased. In addition, too, thoro is scarcely a  day but two or throo men are added to tho list  of thoso working high grado properties. Unless some influonco from without, suoh an a  Fernie strike intervene, there is every Indication that this will be the busiest and best  bumraor in tho hlatory of tho Boundary.  Inland Sentinel.  A gaol without a staff would be of little  publio eorvico, and a otaff without a gnol  would be ab groat an anomaly. Vernon iu  said to onjoy the distinction of poanooHihg tho  latter. A full staff of warden, gaolers and  guards has boon appointed, their appointments dating from the first of tho pronont  month, but thoy havo no gaol and no prison-  era lo engage thoir attention. Thoro is a gaol  building at Vornon, but it is without furniture  and uupplioH, and it ban not yot boon takon  ovor from tho contractors. Tho staff io initio-  fiod; thoro is nothing to do except draw iialnr-  ioe. Beyond rocoiving notico of thoir appointment, dating from May 1st, tho appointooy  havo received no inntructionc, and honco perform no duties. Thus it happens that what  prisoners thoro nro at Vernon aro confined in  tho old lock-up, and aro takon care of by ho  provincial conntahlo, and tho now stuff watch  tbo othor follow work. Possibly thin may ho  tbo correct way of doing tbingii, but It strikes  ono no very abaurd, to oay tho leant, it iu cor-  fcaltily laoVkafifes^) lik��u  Camera s an  SOLE AGENTS FOR  @  prices.  All tbe necessary supplies for printing, developing aud mounting.  I  Hazelwood Ice Gream  MpDonald's Confectionery  v>       Baker Street, Nelson  :E. k. strachan  PI umber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given on General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.  Eastman Kodaks & Gameras  From $1 to #75.   Films for every  Hize of Kodak, and  nil  Kodak  accessories including developing  chines.  n\u>  Fresh   Garden, Field and   Flower  bulk nt Toronto Prices.  JUST ARRIVED  New SpringGoods  Oftho Latest Fashions  Hcotch TwoodH, IaihIhIIiIo, Htrathcoim,  ufcd Ilolwarp HorK<��. A flue 11 nu uf  rantli>KH of Iuhoh ��tylen.  Pi-Icon to ���ulttlicjtlmc*.  Cu',1 and uoo tliom.  lohn Small wood  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., ntxt new P. 0, nitlff., NcUon  GEO. M. GUNN,  Makar of First-Class Hand-  Madc Boots and Shoes. . . .  Repairing Nsatly and Fromtp-  ly Done.. . .Satisfaction euar-  antssd In all work.  Ward St., nsxt new P. 0, DldQ., Nelson  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.  To X)un l'almer or to any por/ion or por-  uodn to whom ho muy huvo truiiiifoirml bin  InturuNt li�� thu "Alvoniiono" mul ������l'llirrlm"  nilnnrtil oUluui, Hltuuto on Iho Dlvliloorlllnl  nml i'i nrotikn,Nelnon Mining DIvIhIoii of '^cut  KooUtnuy i  You mul eooh ofyou uro hereby nol lilrdthat  I huvo expended t\ro liumlruit dollum In  IftViour nn��\ lmprov��inoiiti) upon tho nliovn  montloiuHl inltHTul olulm In ordpr to hold  mild nilnorul olulm under tho nrovluloiiH or  tho Mlnoriil Aot,and If wllliln wi ilnyii IVom  thndiitoor IIiIh notion,you full or ������(uwo to  uontrlhutoyour proportion of mioli osp.Mull-  turo toijothor With nil co��l�� of udvt'Nl.iliitf,  your lnlortiHt In uuld olulm will booomu t io  iirojiorty of tho uul.norll.or, undor Hootlon  lofmi Actentltlod "An Aot toumend tho  mtluerel Act. 1600."  UAnTHKiHHBir DnuAinia.  Mat��4 UttnCtii tJay ut Veht)miy,lU>X  Notice To Delinquent Co-Cwner  To (InovKft Nowoll or lo whouiHoovi r lio niuy  Imvu t.ruiml'uri'oil hiu IiiIimckI In Iho "Nowoll,''  "Itobhpr Klnit," "TiununvcU"iin<l "AnnloO."  Mlnoriil (JIulniH, nil tin to <m Whito (IrotiM  Mountuln, (loul, Itlvor Mining DIvIhIoii of  Wont. Kool.onuy DIkIi'IcI..  You nro hurohy nol.lllod-Ihn(, wn huvo ox*  ncidod for nwti'Hsnumt, wnrlt und rooordlnif  rot'H on tho nhovo numod Mlnnnil cIhIiiih foi''  tho punt tnroo yoni'H tho huiii of Twolvo IIim*  droil und Thlrly (IIIL'au) Utillni.s, In ordor to>  holo tho Hiild oIiiIiiih uutliir ll,o pi'iivIhI.oiih oil  Iho Mlnoral Act,, und If within nlnoty duyn'  IVom tho ditto ofthlM nolloo you full or rofiiHoi  lo oonlrlhulo your prnporiloii of hiioIi oxpon-  dlluiTN toKothcr with thooohIh ofuilvorlJwInKj.  your Intort'Kl. IiihuIiI inlncral iilnlmn will lio-  ooino tho proport.y ofthoHiihsorllM.tm undoir  tho provlHlonH of Hootlon four oi thu ''MlnoruU  Aot Amondmonl, Aol.UHKi."  OutodutNolHon.ll.U, thlHi!7l.lidii,YOIMnr��h,  10011.  JIlHWHlTTIIKIlT.ANn  .lOIIN vVVTON (IIIIHON  II. II. NlU.T.  (JIIAHI.KH H,  IKU.MI.H.  Through BookingvS  -TO THK-  Yukon and Alaska'  HH, IM'InooHH Mny will null from Vnnoouvor  ou April 'Jilrd und .May ,'lnl und ulunit. ten  du.YH  llicrcullcr,   iui'IihIiiiik dliiol. Iluouuhi  Norvh'Ot.c Hlcuiiwuy und nil imrllirrn iiiiIiiIh.  lIlll.OH ol'Hiilo of  Reduced Settlers' Rates.  oxlcndcd  IIII  .lliu   t n I It.  IP ir tlmo luhlimund iill'luri I'liiuMmi, npply '  lo ���irul uitonlK, or to  J.H. OAHTKIt,  JDliil.l'iuiil.Anl.,  Molmm.  1<1. .1, covr.iii,  A. O, V.A.  Vnuouuvor  WMMWH..  1  IA' 'ft       '  ii 1 "        A ,    " ' *"'.'' '<,   '''   , ',  k  �� ' ,'    '   -   ' A  xwwr* t����B*t<* j*-��ki r  &>!,  IIU   �� JH  y  r-     ,   1- ,' ���,a ,   ,���.       , ,,> r, ��.,,     r       ,.  "If  1 ii  *��w,Hiwnt^m#MW<i*Hr*in*rimmipim!,wi.i^imqv��mi.titf*^  .,    ,1,   * 11* .vu*l,,i   it^i*.  va, ,l4i.^,r���aHmv3Ay^VH w *,li~in   >t ��i*,AI   ,\liU'  iv 1   >\ AZ - ft   1' - #r  ���^m  f?���  "   ��- ��� -     ���  1,--.^        m ������[ ���"��� ^   J--" ������J^*--  "V ~��-   *?   -���  "^*���?r  ^   3.T.    *" ��� t^  *>-.  "J  -    ~Ka�� ,*1  f^ 7U-h7hh  ��� ������      ������       .,,,������       1.1     ��� J...    ���fr   ,. ,,...����������.,   , -      IB.r... r ~.   r^^ .   ���< - .^...^^^  f  A  ��� i  '*;���  ���"&  i ,^.^a^u_ii^..1  ^_I-J"-3H-      ^   -f -a- ���>��� 1  THE - NELSOK "ECONOMIST  ODDS AND ENDS.  XMd Xott *��U Uaa Xrat&f  "Can yon or can yon not trust novels  ftr a true picture of life?" asked a gentleman who reads much. "Not long  ago I read Pierre Loti's beautiful story  founded en personal adventure* in the  tropical island of Tahiti. The author  was a naval officer on a French vessel  and was stationed for many months at  Tahiti, a bit of land lost in the vastness  of the Pacific. While there he fell in  love with a beautiful young native girl  and married her according to the customs of Ooeanica.  "HiB book deals with the Idyllic daya  that he spent-in her company; with he*  artless manners and strange, imaginative nature. But in this book he gave  reason to believe that nearly all of the  naval officers were enamored with the  pretty native girls, and thereby hangs a  tale. A few days ago I happened t*  meet an officer of a Danish ship, and he  told me that Loti caused a great deal of  annoyance to his man led friends by hia  island stories.  . "When they arrived in France, after  the publication of the book, their wives  ��Bked them very awkward questions,  and they were kept in a stew for many  months. Whenever anything unpleasant  happened, the girls of Tahiti would become the subject of a very animated  conversation. As a result they were  forced to tell their wives that Ixrti't  book did not present a true picture of  life in Tahiti. Now, did ��t or did it  act?-   ���=4 >- "������        *'      "iv.  Dlda't Salt Bim.  "What are you doing aowr" asked  the man from the country who was looking over a drug store with a view to a  possible purchase.  "Charging the soda we expect to sell  today;"  "Do yon know all the people that  come in here to buy things?"  "Of course not. We have hundreds  of strangers every day, especially among  those'who come to patronize~ the fountain."  "That's what I reckoned, and me and  you -can't make no dicker. I hain't a  goin to bjjy no business where they  charge all the sodey in advance and  then peddle it out to every Tom. Dick  and Harry what comes along. What I  want to buy is a drug store doin a  ttrio'ly   cash   trade.' .���*  Why, Certainly.  Customer-*-! wish I had as "good a  head of hair as you have. I have tried  everything to remedy my, baldness, hut  with no good results.  Watchmaker���Have yon ever tried  rubbing your head with steel? o  Customer���Certainly not. That seems  to me ridiculous.  Watohmaker���Why ridiculous? Isn't  It a fact that steel makes the hair  spring?���Boston Courier.' ,       :.>-���, ,  UTrlendlhlp.  Hazen���I like to see a man stick by  his friends. Now, for instance, if a  man told yon I was an ass you wouldn't  join right in with him, would you?  Dilby���No, sir, I'd rebnke him. I'd  tell him that the truth should not be  spoken on all occasions.���Boston Traa-  **����*���'-���>..���.-  .-.-         Bam BabstdlM.  TThe English officials in the far east  have some queer methods of dealing  with the natives of various provinces  Who havo oomo under tho sway of thoir  gpvemment.  A Vet the submission of some of the  tribes composite subsidies aro paid each  yoar by tho British agents. Agoodspoo-  imen of these is tho subsidy paid te  tho Bhutiaa of Assam.  Tho ohiof s assembled under the wide-  spreading shade trees in front of the  agent's bungalow, and the subsidy, consisting of 6,000 rupeos in silver, 10  pieces of brondcloth and 48 bottles of  rum, wero spread out on tho ground.  A formal ceremony, lasting only a  few minutes, procodos tho aotual delivery of tho subsidy ' -��   .  Mark Tw��l�� la Xlettle.  It is related that Mark Twain nerved  two weeks as a soldier in the civil war.  He was attaohed to Jeff Thompson's  .command In the Confederate army in  Missouri. His own account of his military experience!!, told in one of his prl-  ���vate letters, is as follows: "We nover  ���won any victories to npoak of. We nover  could get tho enemy to stay still when  we wanted to light, and when the enemy felt like fighting we were gonerallj  en the move."  Uataaai Trlma UlnUtata.  The wifo of tho late Karl of Bradford  had a sister, of whom it was said she  was the only woman who refused offers  of marriage from two prime ministers.  Bho waa a Miss Porootor, aud in hor  youth rofused Lord Palmeroton. She  married the Earl of Ohostorflold, and as  his widow refused Lord Bonoonsflold.  Barber uhops in Sweden havo bowls  In whioh ono oan wash his face without  using the hands. On touching a button  tho wator spurts up liko a small foun  tain, and the man who has been shaved  holds hin face in lt till the soap is al'  wauhed away.  In tt>n yonra the school attendance in  Buffalo has more than doubled, although  tho population haa uot inoreasod in any  Bffob proportion.   J����lr��v��KI������Mi.  "Hero's a cane," shooxolalmodindignantly, looking up from her papor, "of  ��, mini who actually had tho nerve to  put bin wifo on an allowanooof lOconta  a day."  "Whufc did oho do with it ally*'ho  i.ukod abnontmindodly.  It wmi several houru boforo alio foil  tliat uliowuo calm enough to dlcouua  tujiUitaffl With  hh��   tHqpamloiiQtoltf.  Social Mistakes.  Perhaps the greatest of all social mistakes is to be continually talking about  oneself. There is no word in all the  vocabulary of conversation so tedious to  others as that personal pronoun "L"  Though one of the smallest words in  uBe, there is none that takes up more  room in the everyday world. "I" ia a  bore. It is better not to mention his  naxno oftenor than can be avoided. Another social folly is "gush." There is  an insincere ring about it True, there  are people who gush from sheer good  nature in wishing to give pleasure, yet  they should remember that even amiable  exaggeration ia like a coarse sugar plum,  agreeable at first, but leaving a doubtful taste in the mouth afterward. ���  On the other hand, there is a certain  class of people in society who are equally foolish in going to the other extreme.  Ehey feign indifference about everybody  and everything, seldom expressing either  interest or admiration. They think it  "bad form" to show any pleasure in  life, and a sign of superiority to be incapable of enthusiasm. A social folly  is to imagine that people are always  looking at or thinking of you. Such  ideas are often the offsprings of conceit.  As a matter of. fact, the people very  often look at you without seeing or  thinking of you. They have other things  to think of. If we could only convince  ourselves that we are not always .the  pivot of our friends' and acquaintances'  thoughts, there would be fewer hurt  feelings and imaginary grievances.���-  Spokane Spckesman-Roview.  Visitor* From BpMO.  Whatever be their origin, it would,  seem that these solid bodies (meteorites)  are hurtling through space at velocities  which may be anything between 10 and  40 miles a second. If they come near  enough to this earth to be attracted by  it, their course is changed, and presently they enter our atmosphere. The result is a sudden check to their speed,  owing to the intense resistance and friction engendered by contact with the air  particles.  What happens may be likened to the  sudden application of the wooden brake  block to the rapidly moving wheel of  an express train. Heat is generated in  exchange for motion, and the trail of  sparks from the chocked wheel is represented in the checked meteorite by a  luminous trail. We commonly call it a  shooting star, and if its mass be small  it is possibly altogether dissipated "in  heat and gas, or it may ultimately  find its way to our earth as dust. Such  "meteoric dust" has been found on the  eternal snow of mountains, where dust  of the ordinary typo would be impossible. If, on the other hand, the mass of  matter be large, its surface only will  be affected by the sudden heat generated, and it may fall to the ground entire or possibly explode and be scattered  in fragments over a wide area.���Chambers' Journal.  . j /  ''V Battleship and Crolier.  The difference between a battleship  andau armored cruiser is technical, and  exports have stnmbled over the matter.  A battleship is supposed to havo heavier  guns and armor and to be botter fitted  to withstand hard knocks from an opposing force. But this does uot always  hold good, as may be seen in tho case of  the Maine as compared with the Brooklyn. The Maine was a battleship, but  sho was not so large nor so heavily armored as tho armored cruiser Brooklyn.  On ono point there seoma to bo no dis  pute, and that is tho fact that the  cruisers are fastor than tho battloships,  and it is conceded also that in most instances tho battloships are botter protected.  A Weak Brother.  Penn had a vory strong avorsion to  tobacco. Onco ho camo unexpectedly  upon somo of tlio Friends who woro ou-  joyiug tho fragrant wood, but out of  respect for their groat leader thoy hid  tholr pipes, whioh, however, still continued to omit smoko. Perceiving this,  the governor said ploasiuitly, "Woll,  friends, I am glad to boo that you aro at  tant ashamed of your old practice."  "Not entirely so," repllod ono of tha  brothrou, "but wo preforrod laying  down our pipes to tlio danger of offending a woakor brother. "-���Loudon Tit-  Bits.    A Chunffo ot Opinion.  "Thore's a good doal of human naturo  In a puppy," romnrkod thophilonophor,  calmly watching Fido touring his hast  hat to pleoes. " Almost aa destructive aa  on* of my littlo uophows."  Mrs. Bouncer���Why, profonuor, don't  yon seo ho'o got your hut I  Tho Profewior--Thunder, so ho has I I  thought ltwuaouoof tho bounlora' hats.  Take that, yon wholpl--Bouton Transcript.  SnopliltLng.  Nothing has dene so much to encourage stealing (shoplifting) as the modern  department stores and their methods.  The problem presented is a difficult one  with whic& to deal, but while merchants have a right to display their  goods the public also has rights and  duties in the matter. If a banker dumps  his cash on tables oulsido his desk railings and lets people hs__;dle it at wilL  he would not get much sympathy when  he complained that it had been stolen,  and if he continued the practice because  these losses were more than offset by  the increased profits which the display  resulted in, as is the case with the department stores, there would be much  justice in the claim that ho had no right  to make profits by any method which  tended to debauch the public. In short,  it may fairly be maintained that it is a  prime duty of every citizen to exercise  reasonable diligence in safeguarding his  own property, and that if he neglects  this he becomes in a measure a menace  to society.���International Magazine.  Tbe Dome of St. Faal'a.  We do not believe there ir any truth  in the alarming rumor that there is  some uneasiness in expert quarters in  regard to the stability of the dome of  St. Paul's, We imagine that the only  substratum of fact is this: It is known  that a huge iron chain is imbedded in  the stonework of the drum of the dome.  An eminent architect some time since  amused himself by describing the consequences which might ensue if the water were to reach this chain. There is  no reason to suppose that such a thing  has occurred or is likely to occur, and  the newly appointed surveyors, Messrs.  Somers Clarke and J. T. Middlethwaite,  are fully alive to the desirability of  finding and examining the chain. The  llrst difficulty appears to be that its exact locality is somewhat uncertain. The  .second will be to get at it effectively  when it is discovered.���London Saturday Review.  Family Economy.  .   Uncle (to the children, who have just  had a dose of cod liver oil all around)���  Well, do you like cod liver oil?  Children���Oh, no, but mamma gives  M 5 cents for every spoonful.  Uncle���And then do you buy something nice?  Children���No, mamma puts it into  the savings bank.  Uncle���And then you buy something  by and by?  Children-���No, mamma buys more  cod liver oil witn it 1���Fliegende Blafr  4er.' '    The.Prophet Tost.  "Lochiel, Lochiel, beware of the day."  The prophet put on a menacing looS  as he spake the grim words.  "Out and upon thee," quoth LochieL  "Why should I listen to the sorry ravings of a dotard churl?"  " But I am a seer."  "And I an overseer," said Loohiel,  and he .beat hiin' fdrthwitlr four sad  ilaps on the wrist.���Buffalo Enquirer.  Contrary to a widespread belief that  hard woods give moro heat in burning  than soft varieties, it has been shown  that tho greatest power ia possessed by  the wood of tho linden tree, whioh ia  very soft. Fir stands next to linden and  Uinosfc equal to it.  Balutins the ITemneni.  Dooidedly, this matter of tho Spanish  war is improving our manners. I think  that onco wo havo grown nsod to hearing national airs evory evening at tho  thoatcr and to standing while they are  playing, wo shall keep up tho custom,  war or no war, as wo ought. I havo ob-  sorvod, too, of lato that whon tho presi  dent drivoa out 20 man lift tholr hats  to him whoro.five porformed that act of  courtesy three months ago. I havo hoard  bo many foroignors complain of our  laolr of doforonoo to tho ohiof executive,  because wo do not saluto him whon ho  apponra. It Is hard to mako thorn undor-  stuud that our scorning indlfforonco is  morely a way wo havo, and I hopo it's  a way wo aren't going to havo inuoh  iongor.    '......  The Mlllt In tho Gonoknufc.  Rvory boy Iciiowh tho throo oyon to bs  found in ono and of a cocouuut, and  many a boy has borod tlicmo oyon out, ot  ono or two of thoin, with tho small  bladoof a poolcotlcnlfono an to got at tho  millc In tho coooiumt, which holuin thon  draluod out Into a cup or drunk dlroot  from tlio coaoanut Itsolf. But thoro in a  moro fnnolnnting way iitlll of gottlng at  tho milk in tho coooanut.  By this other method tho coooanut is  oponod nt tho othor end from tho oyoa,  Tho coooanut In struck nil around gently and ropoatodly with a hammer, or n  otono will do, at n illntnnco of about ono-  third of tho way down from tho top,  about whoro tho arotlo circle would bu  ou a gloho,  A continual gontlo tapping will finally crack thonholl of thu nut all around���,  not in a Una exactly on tho circle per-  liapii, but protty noar to it, Bomntlmoa  it oracltn iiholl and moat of tlio nut, too,  no that both oan ho lilted off together;  ooinotlmoH it oniclciiont only a Hholl cap  at tho top, whioh In lifted off, and tho  cap of moat undornoath hi thon cut out  mound with n kulfa  And thon thoro you nro with tho  wlfito lined oooosatufc cup to drink fraia  Whon Molten XitmA Won't Barn.  Whon tho Princo of Walos was studying undor Sir Lyon Playfalr in Edlti*  burgh, that gontloman, uftor taking tho  ptocaution to mako him wash hiu hands  with ammonia to got rid of any groano  that might bo on thorn, said:  "Now, sir, if you havo faith in sol-  onco you will plungo your right hand into that caldron of boiling load and la-  dlo it out into tho cold wator whioh is  standing by."  "Aro you Borloun?" anked tho puplL  "Porfootly," waa tho roply.  "If you toll mo to do it, I will," nald  tho prluoo.  "I do toll yov," rejoined Playfalr,  and tho princo immediately ladlod out  tho burning liquid with porfcot impunity.���London Standard.  A Buro Hliam.  Mrs. Jonlcyns���1 boo Mra Hootong ia  Roiiif? to havo "IClug Loar" ut hor noxt  )irlvato theatricals.  Mrs. Nowrloh (furious with onvy)���  Ih Bho, tho affected thing? Do you know,  1 don't boliovo ho'u a roo) king at all  ������Irfwdon Fun.  Noir M��<1�� Men of Other Ilny*.  Tho nolf mado man Ib hy no moans  Bololy tho pvoduot of modern times.  Columbuii wan a wouvor, Franklin who  a journoyiniin printer, Popo Blxtus V  wiih employed in hiu younger duyii In  kooplng iiwino, Robert Burnn wan a  plowman, ^13hop wan a slave, Homorwas  a heggur, Danlol Do Foo wiih apprenticed  to a ho.sior, D(>iuontlnmoH wart tho fion  of a ouller, whilo Virgil wan iv halter's  non, Hon Joimon wa�� a bricklayer, Cor-  vitnloii wan a common iioldlor, Canova'ii  father wan a iitonoouttor and Captain  Ooolc oimmuMincd lifo nn a cabin boy.  Haydn, tlie liuinloiiiii, wan tho non of a  poor whonlwrighl, l'l'/.nrro, liiHtoud of  going to tinhorn, wan mint to keep hogH,  ICirho Whilo'ti father wan a butcher,  and ICuiitti' father kept u lively stabla.  Nottigham, England.  evy Gut Mild, Medium and Ful  Navy Mixture.  avy Cut Cigarette Tobacco,  edigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  igarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS.FOR WESTERN CANA.  Turnery Beeton & Co., L'td, victoria, b.c.  MONTREAL,  Sole  Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H. CARLEY, B. C. Agt;  We are reinoved to Baker Street, next door  to the Ashdown Hardware Co. We will  carry a larger assortment of cakes than ever  and sell at low prices,    Come and see us.  tietle  LE.ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on Stanley street, opposite Royal  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  SEE ANN ABLE  h. McCausland, shoemaker  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching:  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. .My, stock  of fine teady-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS'OLD STAND, BAKER ST  iKiiiiHMcuaiiiii^'��a-'3B8BaTa.  >mmmm  >*f^ti*t* _��.tU'.��l ti' >k'*,i9i J*   ������* h!X.'- ����� ������. '���!<*.( >'��: t '_i>^  A. Gee  Merchant Tailor,  Tremont Blk. Baker St, Nelaon  OC OontH pnya for tliron month..' rt'.?ml>orhlilp, v  *�� Knoll momlKir rooolvmi tlio nlllolitl olub owm   ;  ovoryinnntl>,lnuliicliiii!<)l>l��ci>nofIiIkIi-oIu/invociiI   ;  nnd Inntrummitiil now imiMn imoli uiniilli, IR  plooaa In kill ulna n Oorttllonto of Miimtiurnhln   (  whioh uItoh tlio prlvlliiRO of Ulul) Knnm in Now  York City, nnd of buyinu lltomtiiro, munla nr inu-  Blunl InutrumonU of nnyrinaorllitlnn ntwliolonnlo  prluc��, niivlnujrou from '��H to iiov oil your pur-,  olmaoi, Won't fill to Join ntnnon.Yoit w III (roi, imioli  morn thnn ynnrinonoy'*worth. MUTUAL mtkh-  AHV-Muaio OMJH, Dopt.     . 1C0 N����nau �����.���� N.Y.  conom.st  JOHN  McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Qli.BC. Customs House, Nelson,  Bartlett House  (KHnii-'i'lyCliirlui Ilnimo) "  'I'Iki In-Hl HI per ilny ImuHit In NoIhoii.  Nono lint, wlill" lit'lp I'liiployeil,    Tlm bur  Ilio Iniil.  G. W.  Bartlett,  Prop  WADDS BROS.  Photographers.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON, D. C  SewingMachines and Pianos  I For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity ShopB Josephine St. 'Nelson  Complete Stock of Stationery  Ordcra by Man Receive Prompt Attention.        J'  VERNON    STREET,   NELSON, B. C  Kdottenay Butcmer Co  AVIioli.Hiiluiiml Unliill  Di'iilui'ii In  Riesterer's Beer.  Now the best in the jnnrlcet.  Try ourWiiieM, Liquors ami   Ci-  ftiirs.  Nelson Wine Co-,  VRANK A,  TAMHLYN,   M'GR,  Tel. 93, linker St., Nelson.  Cfinips supplied on .shortest  notice and lowest prie .C*;.  M;til orders; receive... careful  attention.  Nothing' 1 >111- fi :esli and  wholesome meats ai id supplies  kept iu stock.  E. C. TRAV.ES, Manager  W. G. Gillett,  Builder    and   Contractor  Ksliiuntcs.   Riven on .stone, brick  mul woodwork.  Brick and  Lime for Salo  Fred. J. Squire  Tonln tui'l A\viilni!*nniiln im'1 i'0imlro��l.  notlilnc clPiUH'it inn' miMidt'il.  Over the Wallace-Miller Co,, Nelson  JOB     PRINTING      AT  THE   ECONOMIST   OFFICE  Flturf  A',-    *     ���     '       ���,'.* . '* . - ". .. '. h   '        , ,      >"'   * ,    ,    ,     ,  i' .. .. n  I     I ,1, . U      I    H ^       ,f ,  A'ia ",.-.. ���.i.o Ai,:  *��� J*^-*��--�����    f.ilff. -M��    W>x     H��. <rW��   lhf**n��  t*   f *flv**.k|t  I. id,   i,W    i-Hr,  -I   *f        1    C  itftfv^ftift,      -��l -V V^ltCI.*!     f,*i~il\ U      I  ,w<~fr'   , MKritw V JW Vflft  ��  m .   l-ld��C *W4t-*U-~l  1     ,       V Kl". V Kn.��    (.Jk^Jt   I  *H#*!-B-f-��w* *-*1 ���*��*  **-*'*"      |��U  , - , , ,,, ,    , > �� ,,,, , , 1, IU      , ,1 1 , I'      , . I  -    ��    ,   ,      ��!  ,' *' A  ir ,>, I ,  ' ll  I J I  ii   t      a    i.    j,  i n*  ���,��i,p,  ���  '��� I     A"' I :        '  iA'i- U'      'f    ���l���   \,  \ "     I  I 1p  ^       if s^T^pm? T~3^:r*^ ^Sv^j^isrs;> ?irT^r~-a!-7ry^r^"HSH  THE   KELSON   ECONOMIST  ���'/�����  ��f.>  V  A  The Clara Hanmer company had not  received the support that the merit ol  the company deserved. While every  one of their performances possessed  more or less merit, they have only had  two really good houses during tht  week. The best performance was that  of Forget-Me-Not, the piece in which  Rose Coughlan starred last year. Mr.  Williams is away ahead of the average  travelling comedian, and iu the company are several who could take a  place with the best companies. The  one great trouble ia that so many pieces  given have been t^en here so often.  The company will conclude its engagement to-night iu a play called Au Englishman.  Griffith, the hypnotist, will be seen  at the Opera, House next Thursday  evening. During the afternoon he  will give a 4-borss blindfolded drive  throughout the city.  John McLaren, who died at Kamloops, Wednesday night, from the effects of a fall from a horse, was well-  known throughout Canada on account  of the many large lumber enterprises  with which he was connected. Deceased was a brother-in-law of His  Honor Judge Foriu.  Is it creditable to the intelligence of  Nelson  audiences  to   have   to state  that the three last companies playing  at the��Opera House have been forced  to reprove some one in the gallery for  misbehavior?     It is  only just to say,  however, theofl'enders aie not usually Nelson people, but visitors from the  outside who are remaining over a day  or two.   Another sourc-e of annoyance  is the habit some people have got into  of coming late for the performance.  It invariably happens that the   late  arrival wears boots that can  be heard  all over the house.   The other evening  in Forget-Me-Not, tlie  first act  was  completely,^ lost on account of the disturbance created by late.arrivals.  MINING NOTES.  (Slocan Drill.)  There was quite a heavy fall of snow  in the hills last week. <���  The force at tlie Wakefield is to be increased to 40 men.  Fcur feet of chipping ore has been  struck at the Lucky lioy mine, in the  Lardeau.  W. W. Warner bus a t?ang of men  em ployed sluicing of the surface at the  Wonderful.  Tho owners of the Myrtle returned  to the properly this week, to sort out  oro for shipment.  Tho Nieklo Plato Co. has secured  ground atlledley City for tho erection  of u largo smelt or.  Tho Byron N. Whito Co. will instill  11 '/Ana plant at tho Solum Star, very  similar to that at tho Payne.  Tho forco on the American Hoy is  to ho Increased 30 men and regular  Hlilpments commenced to tho Everett  nn loiter.  Thirty-live men have beon developing tho North Star mine, In .Burnt  Kootenay, all winter. It is now in  Blmpo to Bliip .10 tomi\ day till tho end  oftho year.  MeHBm. Craig, Hlllinnii nnd MoCar-  ter havo Hold tlio HorHOHlioo mine, in  tho Larduau, to Philadelphia purlieu  for *lfl,oi)o. Tho llrrit payment of  $5000 has been iiuulu.  Corporation of tlie City of Nelson  I'lNAI, NOTIUH,  inauae Bros.  Watchmakers  <��-^<��/i&.<S/v^ *$> *S- ^^^*2^^<2>^Sf^^<&^'?k*!y<$SZ^  g=^   prs  All work fjnarantcecl or mono., refunded, l-atest machinery and everything up to date. Sighltested free. Complete assortment of spectacles, eye  glasses, miners' glasses, eLc.  Baker   Street, Nelson  SPORTING NOTES.  LACROSSE.  Monday at Kaslo the Nelson lacrosse  team will play Rossland and there is  little doubt but that the local team will  have an easy victory. Nelson has not  been able tb practice much as yet owing  to bad weather and so are not in as good  shape as it is anticipated th ey will be  later on, It is reported that Rossland  has imported men which they think  will be ol great worry to Nelson. Tbe  sporting editor of this paper is of the  opinion that they had better import a  whole club.  Victoria will play Vancouver at Victoria on Monday.  BASEBALL,.  In the first game of the season last  Sunday Nelson was defeated by North-  port, which was contrary to expectations. Nelson played a goo d game  for the amount of practice they have  had and we feel confident they will win  out when they play Rossland in that  city.  A junior baseball team is going to  play Kaslo Monday.  J. S. Carter has just been advised  that commencing Wednesday, May  20th, the service on the Okanagan  Branch of the C. P. will be daily except Sunday.  WANTED.  Tenders for five borings in ccai measures in  Comox District, from 1000 to 2500 feet each  boring.   Guarantee of completion  required.  Tenders to be iu not later than 30th inst.  Comox Coal Company Company. L'td,  Vancouver, B. C.  Corner Hall and Josephine Sts.  ���'ift   ���    nil,in  ,,,y ��,V',,,n"lt "Unrn-nrH of  ii  A i .1.1.11"   '_"'.'"I"1 ��l*<> rurmit, imuvttir  \ini.tui   ft A," ''. I"1"1" ����'��>i  <>�� Hiilurdiiv.  .. "���*.'?'*��� .'*<;��,��������� tluiNoi vi��:u will he ,| *,",, tiii  .   lty ordor  T). if,  N|..i.mon, Mny'.".', iw.,'1.  McMOHIMH,  Oily I'lork.  Nelson Opera House  J, K. ANNAI)I,K, Manager.  GRIFFITH'S  iC  Price  List for May,  1903  Cut this out  and .hang it in  your  Pantry.    Telephone  31B.  Hungarian Flour, Ogilvies, per  100-lb sack ^-"-$2.75  Hungarian Flour, Alberta, per  50-lbsack $i-35  Fine Granulated sugar, 17 lbs.$i.oo  Creamery Butter, 7, 4 and 28?lb  bxs, per lb   29c  Creamery Butter, bricks, 3 lbs  for -1.00  Griffin Brand Breakfast Bacon,  ��� per lb 20c  Griffin Brand  Hams, per lb 19c  Coffee, "Joy's Blend," 30c per  lb, 3 lbs ..85c  Ceylon Tea per lb 40, 50c and 60c  Green Tea,  (Japan)  per lb 50c  Cream, St. Charles,  Jersey, or  Victor, 8 cans for $1 00  Brooms, each 25c, 40c and 50c  Pearliue, large package, each 15c  Cornstarch, 2 packages for......25c  Quebec Maple Syrup, per qt can 40c  Baker's Cocoa, per half lb tin...35c  Malta Vitae, 3 pkysfor 50c  Cream Sodas, per lb 10c  Macaroni, good, per lb..... 100  Salmon,   2   cans  tor   25c,   9  c a 11.1 for $1.00  Pickles, por qt bottle, 25c, 30c, 40c  Onions,  o lbs  for 2,_o  Royal Yeast Cakes, per pkg ��jc  Boston Baked Beans, two 3 lb  cans for 35c  Delicious Singapore Pineapple,  per can 20c  C. & B. Jams, 7 lbs ioi ....$1,251':  Keillor's Dundee Marmnlada 7-  lb tin $1.10  Fresh Ranch Kggs, per dor. 25c  Potatoes, 100 lbs for $1.00  Oysters, large can 25c  R. GK JOY  NELSON B.C.  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  LaJ I  BRIAR  PIPES.  <  X  CO  o  z  a  <  UJ  ���J  UJ  X  O  UJ  S  o  CO  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  We will offer a Special Cash Discount ou  Carpets, Rugs, Art Squares, Portieres, Floor  Oil Cloths, Linoleums, L,ace Curtains, Table  Covers, Window Shades and all House Furnishings.   Carpets sewn and laid free of charge.  IR\  4/fe.  '^^^&^Sy^/^.'^^a^^V^^v^'^;S.'^^S.^i^. /Q/i&/��/Q*&'^^'QAiS��S&Q'1iif<��f*&^^ i^W&'&��S&&ty^^fQ/&&^/^^r��.  ������*^<^HfcH><��,��-t<_..&��0��0.^<^.5>^  MUtMurjnuttu  KOOTENAY     .  .  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  D...��r. in Jgg a|](j Coffefl  Wo nro olftirlnK ut lnwi.'Ht, prison Ilio IiphI  ptnuloHol C'uylon, India, ('limuiiml .Hipun  TOIIN.  Our HuhI  Moolia mid Java Uoll'uo per  poll nil 8   10  Mnulia imiiI Java lllmiil, 11 pniuidH  I OU  ClioUio lllcml CiillVuvl P'liindii  I Oil  HlHHllHl lilUllll t'<��a\HI,(l pilllllllH   I  0(1  ltl<> lllCllll (Jl)lllK!, 0 pouiiilH   1 (il)  Hpuoliil HlondCoylon i'ch, pur p mud.    mi  Continues  indows will Convince  usiness.  We have secured the services of Mr. Richard W. Russell (formerly with J. S. Barnard, London, Ont.),  Expert   Optician' ancLn' Engraver!  and are now preyared to test the eyes and do everything in the shape of  expert engraving.    A cail is  solicited.  eadioq Jeweler^  HESTMS;  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITFD.  rootenaTcoFfee CO.  Tolophono 177.  P. O. Box 18a,  WEST    BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  MILLINERY.  A large stock of Millinery and  Ladies' Outfittings.  Also Ladies* Hair Goods.  MRS. ENFIELD  Next Store to  llutloon   B.��y Company  Jfc  m  w  ft  mm  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance.     Real   Estate, Loans.   Etc  Having pitrchiiHcd the Agencies hitherto conducted by Mr, A. U.  Sherwood we beg to announce to Clients that we will give prompt und  careful attention loauy business entrusted to our care, at our uflicc'.s over  w in  1  T^BTWI "  F3!^  vat B  tam��  The Most Nutritious Breakfast Food in  the Market and a Home Product.  ALL GROCERS SELL IT  riDi  I  j  'him  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must "be accompanied hy oash and shonld Ido forwarded,  either personally or hy mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  ,i.  tlRillYyKS: STOKE  J��  'lim  aRwi  '"'tat"  ^���piOSfi  Nov/ ia tlio Time to pick your Carpets and Liiioliums jfist "before hcnee-olean-  in_-_. Wo carry a very ]arge aEedrlmeiit, ���'latterns, very latest. See our Go-  car, a ranging in prices freni $3.CO to $80.00.  Ws*  n  ���f  XW Kl  t ,<?;J% M  $ZM   1    ^4;  FumiUmre  Dealers ant  PI Wb Wk K\ M ff.  ndeirtakers  c?.  ^P^^��^.J|^*l_tt^^t(l��'*VTi"KJ ^f*j" jT j  ,   ,1- .        i'    A a   >''��� >A<"f' ' A'  i      .  ,. '  ,"  "ri  HDWtAWof Wifri��riii*t w  i  a  ,ii��-.  <mm^pmmiim^m��mmimiWtmr?SS^^^'!^T^^T  1,1,   ���,,,)        -   r- ���,il     .     m.    ,-..       H   ,   ,l|.     ir       Jl",���-.,,    ,. ���,. i       ,., .,.���,. ���  ll I ' I      -  it   ' i  I  ,1


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