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The Nelson Economist Nov 8, 1902

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Array ��L  ���ji_  i~r.   3la?  ��rrm  sm-_i^  fEt__I  ggsaal  f      "*  ��i-f  ^ -V, ,-7  ���<��   j.   ���j   ��   wjj_ ��_, r^-.-*��_ ��_v  ��  fc  ~1  -J -  J  t  *    4~  VOL Vf.  ELSON, B. C.f SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1902  fv  .17  ESTABLISHED -890  ff     ESTABLISH ED 1890  i,'i  ���     '"' A '  * i  -���j 11  , A  -"'I  To My Friends in the Kootenays:  I have just returned from a purchasing trip  to Toronto, Montreal, New* York and otfaer  places. �� The goods I bought will suit you all  for Christmas presents. Don't; send your  money out of the country, but keep it at home;  I can satisfy everyone in prices and quality/1  ^ 7.-I * ���     S i f ' S  ^ *       ., . ' '  '       fl '** ���> ���     ,   V     ,  guarantee all goods bought from me.    I have  a larger assortment  than  ever.    Don't over-  o ,   ,      ,   .,k *       .     i'i.   ,  7-  , r  A        " t ,     ' "   ���    V      ,  look  /*"!  .    a,,.;     , ^  J . '     , t   , . ,  .   7     i  <:. Y'. a  I  ) rr  rj.'  i\lvr  ;w   V'vhN ".   .Vv'^,1  ���* ,|V *' ' ,;o'T"',.>i  ' ,*., '  ��-,' V'4..a, * *ivt  '���;'.'   �� *7 -7r,-Vi  ^    f.   it* fTO "fiy.vjj  V. .;������<   ?a'5-1V'I  M       -a  ,   .-      'l"k.aj, J  ';1-' a  ������     ,  ,'oS��  y,4|  ,?* ', ,. v.T^'i^i  1   .  i ', '. > '.er. ,t,,k5 ;'*\j  ":ycyyM  G��������������������������������������!  May be made proBtable and enjoyable if you are supplied with READING MATTER of an inieresting character, WE HAVE THE  BOOKS and the prices asked are bargain prices.  Cui��Sfff-'l  JA  1  ��j#iiii  *#%��$<  %^$*$H$  tf��4.  rue  <ife__  /ex  pi._jria?i,  2;.M_j5r*^  1  'Hit  ^���f^MfcJWty*  o  100k  ���j^tHrSi^WMMl      li  m i ted  ./TN^  !iw'_*-��������,  y��:  /iv:  ^\X.';  5������������������������������������  iA^AAw $  ZA    - sZ '    ^r77^HXT7,*T^w**w^^  i- ,|ir  *n  >   ilj    H-  I' A  J'!   Jl '"V."     (|  *.,  i,k       ., i   jt       , ! ,,,fS.f��J ',     Ait 'J,  ���lllf  ,1'  i ��H|> i| < r * -"  t   '���..J IS  !:���'*   ."'A  ,��"?;lf  Al   , -', il   |j ' (J  r (l  I '.      '  .HI  "\|r  S-'   , A,, -> Z'   I 'A    I    !'    '   11 '' ')>>  I    'I'  ��>       "  '���,   Jil  ''.iMtli'i' ',*,"  J1'ji^,V       l"     Uri-  . .    ,,,,. .    I I .     .    ...      ��� i If     ���.   1 ��  ; ����� *W '  ,4k,    k������aW,w ��k,rTr,K W.^r^���.,lW.,.���W ^^ ^  'I     > ii    b     '   JtJ     is . ii      '" l      .  1        i. M .',    ,.  <i,      mi i      i      i    ��      11  ����,..      "  (,        , > \4'  'III,  l.i^,f> '     ���fi>,lii(.fnff��� ,��,���k j.,      ,, ^  1    ''   ii /    ii        ��, _v,..    if    !W  k      k,��f,       .     It  o ,   I    Ik ,      f1, ,,,  W     i  ,��   .   }. ,,: t>  _=-���*.     4   if"     r.  ,-k '    ���= f     ��   7  - _ 1 a   k  ri- "1��  i '   iL��  ", Vi$L  7.- .-��fe=S  ?l.  it!;SraSkr t.  p3^*fffi  5a    , JTrt  g^HrixrlS ,  i..^~  IfVSr    1  flip, r"  iff r-;;  it'**��t.  Prig, jf. ���>  If, f , .  |.J< *     '  ill W--i  m *- -  ���i  -    i;     J  |...    |  lilln  THE NELSON MCONO,  /  'f  B  to Hone  OlSTRIBUTiNC AGENTS  ^,wl'w'w*^k^*'��t^v-��^n*��*_^wi,  ��� .-li-l*!*..*-,^*,  O   *������  rr��?! 1tOC�� ��* ^���������rt��tf" fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Order��  Promptly Fill*d  elson  JJ  -,-.��.., ...,,������,��tay.,, m>W>�����rl*n>ir.w<t^_.i____.-., l'....  ....     _ , - r  _^      _   Z^^^********^ r-^rt.n.i,,.,,,,. ��,   ,.r-;. r."T .n-.Tr-  V^^N^KP^^lff A LWAYSONHAND  rf^-w- a n-T       KES MADE TO ORDER.  Josepftine Street  $6.75 PE�� TOW,  ��� DELIVERED  ^p���^^ ��d -umid be forwarded  I'^t^^^tai^^^^  *-�����*��* *WM,U��,t,���  |(RJ,  Ed  Boots and  of ifirie .reaci  9  wimm  ��  6EN��tiAL AGENT  ,' fca.iifcfl  '  4l'p��/ (S  :,-i{y'.  uf,1 i  IU;  'Shoes made to order    t,,,,.,,^,   ._-_ _,  y��made work lowest priced in the city  KJEELAWD'S' OLD STAND, BAKER*'ST  ��       taneayQ  Ml��f  ERii  BROKER  One .seven-roomed liouse unci  <>nc tlirce-ruom house  lor rent.  *WfH  "lk-l for ,���lc at a barK_i!,     '   ",,|m,"c ">�����' ��S jf ff   fi  .1  UA      .   ,  ),t    ��      If ,1,1k,   f^tln,,   _���,  , i<      ��� , I l  ^���a^��^,,^ ( ^ >  ^ ^^^  .,^^WSWWW^W��1^V��W^W-W,^��� . ���  SEE RW^ii  it.  (ii ,,_**  A  - T'^^yy  it It -it      *\       it       -v  "^Vr,  . . (i Jy s ���  ^fel  -,   "O  _   -=$  -.T.,.v7fr-r,  <i __ _  '"^<^TO&Wl=K��aa^^.Bs  ��"-Hk*^i��fi��k^  "��h��B*��ftk��lfcwahkU4��;  "I _  _ ���   ���,   ��*, k     ,*~       -,r.  I        ���_ Jy r   ^   .. CT .Hr.,  _-   . .jy_ -  ^Wtawwa^y^  ��l��-      ���,*��. , JN  -* r"   *&>a*    T*^ "��*,  �����������     ="#J.-*>" *��  ���    i   J  .-    A  -  1  y  r ���'}  :J  pa.  NELSON, B. C., SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1902.  NO 17  THE NELSON ECONOMIST is issued  OTimY Saturday. Subscription : $2.00  w&r annum j if paid in advance, $1. so  Correspondence of general interest  hj^phctfully solicited. Only articles  OF SOIRIT WILL BE ADVERTISED IN THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS  WILL BE CAREFULLY GUARDED AGAINST  IRRESPONSIBLE  PERSONS  AND   WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  EDITORIAL COMMENT,  ;   ���' .     7     ���".���-'.'   ���*  FOR one thing at Ieastrif for no other, the  Dominion Liberal party is entitled to admiration   and   congratulation, the spirit   of  party loyalty.    It might have been expected  that among several hundred thousand thinking men there might have been some difference  of opinion on the  subject  of Mr. Tarte's retirement and of  Sir Wildfred'a course in connection wit v   it.    But Ruchfearn   have been  found quite groundUs**.   Even the newspapers  which had most loudly nungthe ex-ifliiiisterV  praiaes have formed a   very temperate epti-  mate of his  abilities and services within the  Ikbi fortnight, and   there iff   hardly a  single  discordant not�� in the  harmoiiioud chorus of  approval of the winning faction     The strangest feature of the  situation   is that the unanimity extends not only  to the  party oraans,  but to  the individual  memberb of the pajrty.  It would not be surprising-to find  all agreed  upon a set of views ordinarily���the party had  but one opinion in the  general election campaign of 18%, that it was highly desirable for  many reasons to win that campaign and rest  on the treasury benches, they might differ on  trifles like the Remedial Bill and  the  tariff,  but the real issue���in or out���found them in  perfect concord.  As we said before, the mere fact of their  being united at a given time would be no  matter for astonishment, but that all have  been able to modify their opinions so soon  and so completely is nothing short of. phenomenal. One peculiar faet may throw a  little light upon it, only enough to explain  the apparent suddenness. It may be remembered that during the anxious weeks while  Mr. Tarte was ��xp easing so unreservedly  ���views diametrically opposed to the party *o pro-  fessed policy and Mr. Sifton and th�� Globe  were tentatively combating the obvious interpretation of them, no Liberal could be induced to express any opinion but that the  whole story of discord  in  the Cabinet was a  wicked invention of the Conservative press*  But as sson as authority in the person of Sir  Wilfrid Laurier spoke all good Liberals knew  what their opinionr were.  One cannot help wondering whether the  unanimity would have been any less sudden  or eonrplete had Sir Wilfrid endorsed Mr.  Tarte and dismissed Mr. Sifton and the  Globe.  Th�� 30th of October, 1902, will be a memorable day in the history of Greater Britain :  it marked the completion of the Pacific cable  which, if this were a republican paper, we  should certainly call the greatest cable in the  world, connecting Vancouver Inland with  Queensland, nearly eight thousand miles  away. About fifteen years ago, just after  "the thing that couldn't had occurred," a  through train had gone from tide-watsr to  tidewater on Canadian'soil, across the prairies and over the Rookie?, Sir S*nd��ord  Fleming, the great engineer to whom Canada  at  owes more than to most of her statesmen, assarted the feasibility of a cable between Canada and Australia, and advocated it as an Imperial enterprise.  It took nearly fourteen  years to  convince  the various governments  of its  advisability,  the actual work of laying it has taken a little  over a year, and now it is  an  accomplished  fact, and Britain, Canada and Australia have  a new connecting link that touches no foreign  land���-all the connecting   links are protected  by the flag.    The  political and   commercial  importance of this achievement can hardly be  over-estimated, but  even its completion   has  been quietly announced and   there   has   been  no boasting, no blatant  self applause     This  is as it should be.    It  recalls the older English spirit  which the  roaring celebrations of  London mobs  had   made us  fear was dead.  We arc content to do our  work  and  look at  the result in calmness.    We need . not try  to  rival the advertising faculty of our neighbors  to the south of uk  The drawing together of the scattered members of the Empire will be better accomplished and more surely by forging such links  as this than by fl >wery speeches and fanciful  projects of trade alliances. In any future  struggle of the Empire, the word of encouragement and report of progress may pass  safely by British routes with no danger of foreign coloring or delay.  The result of  th�� recent  elections in  United States was what most  Canadians probably expected.    Th�� Democratic party seems  to have lost its moorings for a time. The low  tariff policy seems unlikely to he a path to  power and victory for a time; the American  people are still quite content with their policy  of high protection. The free silver issue,  which owed its prominence almose entirely to  Mr. Bry&'n, has subsided as suddenly as it  rose. Anu-expansion was equally unsuccessful as a rallying cry. Foreign possesses  were too attractive to Young Americi :t^ bs  lightly given up.  But parties must hava some other platform  than the desire to govern, and the men who  formulate par'y policies in the great RepuMla  are generally fairly skilful in gauging public  opinion.  What then will be the next Democratic  piaiturm ?  Opposition to trusts and advocacy of public  ownership would undoubtedly command considerable t?upport, especially' in the industrial  centra, but it is hard to see what definite  measures can be framed towards either. ;' It  cannot be said that power is in the handsHot  any one class. Everyone is elected ultimately  by popular vote, even the judges. If the  American people cannot get such legislation  as they wish and have efficient administration  of the laws the fault must lib with the people  themselves. ^   ���  Generally, in English-speaking countries  the return of an administration means that  people are fairly well pleased with things as  they are, and that there is no acute distress.  Good times are a great advantage to a Government seeking a renewal of its mandate.  As might nave been expected, English people are already taking a saner view of the  Government's Education Bill than was evidenced at first. The improvement of public  education is of vital importance and the Bill  is at least a step in the right direction. It is  further admitted now that the charge that  education was to be subjected to clerical influence was utterly unfounded��� There are two  parallel and to some extent rival systems of  schools in England; they have to be united and  assimilated, and the Government has chosen  as the bans of the new system the one which  was of earlier date and numbered more supporters. That is the case in a nutshell and  the hysterical attack accomyanted by cries of  ritualistic control were worthier of France  or some othsr country than of old England.  It ia generally conceded now that the Bill  will pass and become law. In fact, Liberalu  have already abandoned it ao .a IgMiag  groui  4w  ,,,i>;;i  'Hi  s  wm  V\ i  \A-l,l  \f.l imt>  tt  It*  iTTr^^^iw.*-^^  'Mf-  y^^r^imyy^^  K  rt h i  W fkktrt^VUK.j, ,������ M,,JM,Hte|m<��,lMw,W),fcTOtf^|w, ^.^.k^.^^,, ,., ���  V|"/t "���"  "*���""��� - "-��  "il  J  ,,H  VI  'fV  If WI  ���f  I*  ���{{��  ^���B^tl.*&fiiSt*,ii*t,*JV:'rt(lt\Tt,*'!l  >   IHl  , '" 1.    ,  "4  t\A  '<!? t  'lA ' t  '��      'i!  AV    ��    < '���       At   ��  H ,*,!,? h ,* !#o}   i(h ,n t\e  ,  ' ,i  K   tf i  '     i     -    OUt  M-4;  X,  '"���,?  yf mm  m  \iZf'  'j  A  >47?7  mi  m.r  I  1  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  fh?" l�� * ?efaUy health* ��b��t is liking in  the essential of good, clem amusement.     *"  AST week there was a large number of vis-  ' itors m Nelson, and it was rather interring to hea,-thorn expressing their opinion  of thecty and its advantage, and drawbacks.  They an agreed that Nelson was rather a nice  yplace from a tourist's point of view, but  wanted to know how the floating population  passed away the evenings-or what the enterprising citizens were doing in the way of providing-attractions for tourists  with good hab-  AwIa A 8aid that the great drawback to J .ing Col. Prior a ��ouare d. ��i "."���" "~" !"  the development of the country was the bad .landing m at ^ ,,f *V ' "*  reputation the Government of Sriri-h n i '��ni-i e the  C����oneI con  bia had nn ��k�� ��� .   j       ^^     -.ant^h C.lum-   J seated to come to the  '**��.��.��,.** ���* .u. ...  Oia had on the outside.    Of  course  everyone  t��ad to admit thatrN^lsoh was woefully lacking -in the matter  of amusement, and no one  attempted  to  controvert   the  statement '<hat  the Province had about the most idiotic Government that was   known   to   the   civilized  world.    But a place is jusi' what  the people  make if, and a Legislature is supposed  to   be  composed of men   fairly representative of the  people who send them there.  At pre-ent   the   political situation is peculiar, to say the least of  i , and what the ultimate outcome will be it is hard to conjecture,  but one thing is certain and that   ia*,  Premier  Dunsmuir will not   resign   until   afier the return of Mr. Weils from Ottawa, which will be  in three or four weeks.    This . delay   i.��*   to see  if Col. Prior and  Mr. Eberts   cannot   come to  some   amicable   arrangement  with"-.regard-to  the  leadership,   ami  if  such   arrangement is  not made the chances are that Mr. Dunsmuir  will retain office till  the   House   meets.    The  general opinion is that Mr. Eberts i$ not giving Col.   Prior a   square  deal3 as  the understanding   was  at  the  time the  Colonel con- J  j. sented to come to the  assistance of the totter-  >  I  ing Government  that   the  Premier would re-  j  sign when he   returned from   the Coronation,  .'  and that Col. Prior would   bi called   upon to "j  reconstruct   the .Government.    Mr. El��erls is  j  not strengthening himself by his latest ex hi hi-  j  tion of base ingratitude. l  Lack of rational   amusement in time has a  bad effkot on a community.    Young men. will  .-/.    not be lied down   to   the   home, so these long  evenings  they   search   out  some place where  . they can enjoy   themselves.    I.   may be lhat  .'?e_8alo��?    ����.   the    place   to    which    they  direct   their ��� footsteps,    but    if    lhey    have  not acquired the drink   habit, they   are   very  apt to be found in  some back   room   playin'  cards.    I raise no objection to a social   game  of cards.    It sometimes   helps   to dispel   the  dull monotony of work, but there is always the  danger that cards   when play^   in   a   buck-  room  may lead   to  something   wor,e.    If We  had a respectable   music   hall   where   youi._.  men could pass away   an   hour  or   so of an   ��veniDg. the menace  of  the card table would  be considerably diminished.    We have a theatre and it can be honestly said that its   manager does everything he can be reasonably ex-  peeled to do to keep it ,.ceupiedI-H js u,   ,,-���  interest to do s ,_bui we are so situa.ed he-e  Irou. a tr.���Hport.ii��u   point of  view   that it  will be years beiore we can expect regular vis  ta from theatrical companies.    In  the mean-  tune,   something  should b_   done to p.ovide  j  ��� those hkely to cou.e here in   future.    When!  ���advocate a music hall, I do not mean a filthy  dive where an overgrown monster cater tr  the vulgar and unclean at hear,, but raiher a  respectable place   of anmseme, t.    j"*"  po,;b,e to conduct a  p,aee,,f the ,aUe;[C  ���.acier.    Vancouver and Viewiri,.   i  K     ,_.    c ��nu  > icioiia   nave   n �����B  !*.:������ Vf aiwusement of   ,.���, i.irwJ ,    *'lau,s  "���ZZk\s���u������ __,        ,.       "'�� k����d suggested.     Why  ?J/elso���   1 ould be so far behind in this n*  quite able to understand.    No city can ever  It is a matter to be deplored that of iale  years the matrimonial vow seems to sit  lightly on the conscience of some women. The  other day I happened to be sitting in an ho.el  in a neighboring town,    I  had   been   reading  ��d�� &7a *Uenlh">^���^^ * turned  and beh.ld a v,,,on of loveliness standi,.* ���t  the hotel ,egWter writing her name in "the  book provided for the names of ,},��� hotel  guests. She regis.ereda, froma small town  down ,n Kansas.    I was   rather .8,���,.k   with  Nigfaf."    There was very liub,T~T     ~~~'  t>ve, yet there was in U depicL  a   ? ^   depicted   a   A       ���  very true to tbs cunterpart I * . char��*er  May on the street. It ^\^ *��� ^  ! gr^eable man, whenever looked Gn.K l^  Mdeoflife. For him there it * h^hi  ��� II was bleak, barren ��nd ^ , 8U"ShiDe  *.d the facuhy of impa^^^ he  fee.i���grt U) evetyQae P^J   *> d.sagreeable  of a man i8 n.e_ with in evervda.'i-i ype  -ri.erofthebookbeingaw^ri^ ^  cou.prel.nded why she cloth" his^^  scourge in male attire.    If a mn��� ,   "ni^og  ;^i-T��.wp-��ia.,i,;syi^  b.ia���s���re that the disagreeable per on ZUU  have   been   a  woman.    Di,aKreea^L ,d  arenot.limitodtoa1ema,es:^tSe  a* often of the feminine gender b q "  makes very little   ��iiff^ ["    %wever,it  ..    yA    }   ,,ule  d'tterence  what the  �����.�������-���  he d.sagreeablo person may be-the wr^kf  human   Measure,s equally appai.i���g.   The  d.-ag eeable per-on is always on the Lt��  trouble, always ready for the fray, |ik, " wi J  untamed Assyrian mule. . It maL very Ji  le'  d.ttorence that you   try .,���  he a,.ee..b�� t  disagreeable p.rson will   ferret out  e���meex  posed spot ,n your armor at which lQ 8|.      X  poisoned dart.    Indeod, n often happen8 ln,t.  a desire to be peaceful only invite* Attack, and  therefore pacific intentions ar�� rather a disad-  vantage   ,h�����   otherwise.    The   disagreeable  theapp_a.ance of the ^ITsXZi Juh   I T^' ^ ^ ^ "^ ����"�� ��-     "  hrr_a liale boy,   ,o_ who,n   she   seemed "b        f.T^S ^f' :��"'W�� NN*  ��;U("**  her a hale boy,   lo   who,���   she   seemed  to be  very mreh attached.    It chanced that during  the evening  I  was pi.ced   alongside   this wo  man at the  tab!,, and   without having to report ,o   v,.Igar   iruerroga.ion. she told ,J)e her  8u,ry.    She had   been   married  when shew lH  only sixteen year.  of ���Be. but never l>k,d her  uusband.    This dislike eveutualiy ���,���,,,   Vef    I  m.ured   u., >h_ had left him, taking with her  the1rl,:ileb���y.    Curiosity promp Jd   me     ,  ajk   her  where she was  goi,lg,   and   ...  u-  blu.bmgly informed  me   that she   was goinE  to hvew.th a man who was working in a mi  t  jn a ncghboring town.    Tnis womtn d^d n t  ��-l��ng to that. cIhhh   from   whom   such   lo  conduct rrnght be expected, but her n]u,a   '^  appear^, to have bee,,^ along the lines w pop "  Ioa u   thene,ghbnr,���g.Itapub���0i   where    ho  marriage vow, Wl,.���  lhe   bonds begin to ����]  ���b regarded as something   nol   even   merUini '  -nous  consideration.    M.rriage  should    Z  he base of the social structure, bui it   i     r 0  longer so regarded.    In many of the M, .,       .  ih�� TT,��i,.��  ;.   ���       ��� y        "e "tates (,f  ht Un.on  ,���   ,���   8lll)|)Iy   conBJ(lo    , ,  bi.H.nws contract that  .n���y   |)(, lPriri:hI���; "  tt  ...:n  i        ���  i J l>' nil i nit tt (I o *  wi" hy en her party to the com,rucl.  to all so,,. He, shH or it flourishes^TJnn0  ��ne lamu.ie as in another. The disagreeable  person pos,e.ses one advantage over the rest  of the cnm.nal class. The law says ,he niur-  de.er u.uk expiate his offense high up o��� lhe  -.... ��� tf' llle r>��rgJar and the incen  fllurt*   inii^i    .....j.  _  . .    .  tion behind   prison bars, but there is no law  on .he statute books which aims tocurtail the  priv,lege_ of the disagreeable man or woman,  lhey are pcrmiiieJ to run at large to  worry  t.ieir quarry into ,_,�� early grave.  Some .yearn  ago   a   woman   wrote a   novel  ��"d    named    H��HhipB   Thnt    1'��kh   i���   ����  ihe last meeting of  the  city council  mUBt  , have been more than usually interesting and  exciting, accord.ng to ihe  reports circulated  on He streets.    Tbeie appears  to have been a  wnole lot of tilings sai.i ���t .hat meeting that  f id not find their way into   the report in  the  daily paper.-.  In   fact   there seems  to   have  been a generous exchange of compliments all  around.    Of  the  many  pleasant things said,  was the suction   of  one alderman that la,  >��clin��d to the belief  that the best way for a  cv.c employee to hold his   situation   was to  exerc.se due discretion in the  purchase of cer-  tain  lines   r,f  good.    On  first   thought   this  statement might Wem  lo  possess the elernont  of hunim, but after mature consideration arid  deliberation, it commends itself to serious in-  vefltig.it.on.     Kor  the  credit of Canadians in  general and the ho,,.,,-of   the citizens  of Nel-  "" '" l,:"(;"l"r, I   trust,   the stn-gestion vvuh  "ot intended t��� he taken seriously.    Prostitution of public office for private gain will havo  reached   the  culminating   point of  civic disgrace if it   appears on  investigation that any  t  I  J  f  r  t  I  ��  1  T  U' *  asglsi!  WM  , 'i z,  k- .HV k,.|  |     (l>  A���l  y  W W[^. �� ����rtif*T*WH��w-II fc*a�� "^Sf * A *  utfSH'MfWW ^W^ij'��(^raW.|^Jirr^^^j^^Wttifrfw^  V�� tyP^r4  W^'i 7>a--  *-*nS__-     f   f -1  -^.  ���aa��  7     - _ ^=7.  S. ft.        J"   r       '    "       -3-"  ���5f-/v-i��� d-'_r"~77y~ i. -j   ~ "vr"  li  "-   ,  V  r   > - ^^-H  \      ,     ^H       jT. ' J=JPr^  ���\   '  ���~~~~-z-     ~ s        *?4-  a".x^i        */y~ ^..atr. ���k- ,^ -.        kak, ,  ..Tgg_'3g��o?:7  "%kk, s  fcifci  v      /'  f-  h  J  j  1  J  *  ��  r  uJ  3  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  titA-fiC"*''*'  .'4  alderman  of ihe  city   of Nekon   has at any  time used hie office to ad r.*,ice  h;V own   pri-  vat��  interests.    A." pubHc  office1 Si"' a   public  trust, and th�� maa   w!?o  would use the city's  patronage to gaIn:custom  is treading on dangerous ground. , If there ie  a stiepicion that  any alderman has so far forgotten   hiitaself an  to violate in thought, word or deed his obligation of office the sooner he is exposed the better it will be for the city.    It may be that ignorance of the duties of  his  office may have  prompted an alderman to advance  the interests ot a customer by conferring patronage on  him, but ignoraace of the law H no excuse for  the commission of a crime.    The burglar who  pays you a nocturnal visit and robs vou may  plead   ignorance,    but    the    judge   will not  tike   that   plea into  consideration   when   be  pronounces .f eh tehee  on,; the eulpnt.    Some  criminologists coniead that crime is a disease,  and should be tiealed just the same  as  other  disorders, yet the law   refuses  to accept  this  theory   in   extenuation of offenses committed  against society;   So with the man in a public  position.    Hecan.iot ple.id   ignorance ia ex-  tenua'tion.of his  effeuse,    I speak oUhe suggestion made by an alderm in,   if proven,   as  coming within the  category of a crime, anci I  am quite sure that   any jury would   take this  view of it:.    I am not in a   position   to state  whether or not there is  auj;   real foundation  f����r the suggestion of this alderman that it appeared to him thatjthe oest way for a civic employee to hold his "position was   t��>   ihr*>w  his  patronage in a certain direction, and I would  be sorry to learn   that   u   i pally had   a sure  foundation ; but  it   appears   to   me   that   it  woold be'weli to have the wound probed to the  bone.    It will Be a   bad dny for Nelson if ihe  idea gets abroad that civic   employe*s have to  pay tribute to any member of tlie council board  in order that they   may  hold  their positions.  Let specific charges take   the place  of  veiled  suggestions-'   If all is not on tbe square at the  t:ity hall therejihould he a complete exposure.  *.. j  - h5 .'.-  cried, " Spare me I" Then the ferocious tiger  jumped to his feel and answered, < Ye needn't  he' afraid.o' me.    Sure, I'm  an Irishman my-  _ .,._.  .*    �� -r  '5 ,"  **   -V-  ,  The provinci.il papers with scarcely one exception speak {& the   highest terms of the appointment of Mr. R. F. Tolmie as Depu.y Minister of  Mines.    The B. C. Mining Exchange  eays : ���' Mr. Tolmie is hailed as the right man  m lhe right place by all parties irrespective of  politics.    To   begin  with,   his   experience  in  connection with" mining matters has been long  and varied, and has been passed through with  credit   to   himsolf;    Further, though, by   no  means a faddist or a theorist, Mr. Tolmie ig a  man of extreme energy and broad ideas, being  thereby all the better fitted to inaugurate and  carry out  successfully certain   trenchant reform*,   which  the   rapid   development-of the  mining  industry   in   Briti.-h    Columbia   has  rendered very necessary.   Lastly, the appoint,  meiit is to be commended because it marks a  departure from the usual method,'unhappily,  too prevalent in this country, of placing gov-  ernmenifavorites in full charge and authority  over departments of whose technicalities r-or  even   reasons   for existence���they   know   no  more than a crossing   sweeper.    In corigratu  lating Mr. Tolmie upon his  appointment,  we  feel we can also congratulate Col. Prior upon  an energetic and   efficient  colleague and   the  Province upon   a  faithful  and   capable   servant." ;  percentage of the rank and file of the Conser^r ?  mm: party would support the combioe=��0B;-f a .m  Would the followers of Col. Prior turn in and --    -  nelp  Mr.  Eberts?.  Where  would  be-Hawy  Helmcken and his friends  while the battleiof  the ballots was being  fought ?    What chance  would   Mr. Eberts  stand  in   South  Victoria  with  the   Prior-Helmcken influence  against  him ?    Mr.     McPhillips   is . undoubtedly .�����  strong man in Victoria, but there again would  be felt the weight of Harry Helmckea'8 and  and   Col.   Prior's .displeasure.    Brides; faaa r  rT  f   ,S��1n8erva,ive    convention    accepted-^.  Charles Wilson, KVC, as leader ?    In follow-  ing a; half-hearted   Conservative like Mr Eberts would not Conservatives of the Province  be refusing to obey the. mandate of the Con-  servauve conventian ?    How would Mr. Tatlow reconcile this renegade movement with his  position as sponsor to the Conservative convention ?    The fact -of the matter is the "new,  Cabinet    would   be  Conservative without  /  party following ?    A Liberal' party eould  be  formed, that would sweep the new Government  into ubliyion, and the only sorrow that would  .be caused by such a catastrophe would be the  feelmg that two or three' goodmen had eacri-t  ficed their prospect*-id   ^oliiical life % a880_.  eating them^lves   with^in-aggregaacn  of,<  spineless political stiff-?.      -: :y}  *- r*  4  *r*"*-v;l  m  Stf3?  >.r.^:  - __?&>__  The Patr colos, a musical organization, will  appear at the 0|>era House tb-iiight.  ���^;��  * ���.��''���'  Joe O'Gorman,. the  capital Irish comedian  ���a real Irish comedian,  and   not an   impossible  creature, flourishing   a  shillelagh���has  l)^en singing songs, dancing and telling stories  at the Alhambra in   London,    Mr. 0'Gorman  haH an   imaginary friend,   Flanagan,  in   the  wings, and Flanagan is the bOro of every tale.  it once happened   that   Flanagart   was in decidedly low water, so   he asked  a circus proprietor to give  him   work.    *fOftr largest lion  died last week/' said^he  lord  of  the  arena,  y but we kept his skin, (and if you like  to get  mto it and be shown as a real   live lion   you  can have the job.'|;   Flanagan agreed.   At the  hist show thecirpus propriotoi: stepped  into  lb�� cage and said :    <4 Ladies and gentlemen, '  t<> prove the docility of   this roaring lion, Til  order him into the same cage as a ferocious ti-  Wr 1" Flanagan protected, hut the circus proprietor threatened to kill   him   with a sword,  Fo poor Flanagan   was driven   into   the same  t!'igG as tho tiger,    lie fell upon his knees and  ,   A dispatch from Victoria to the Daily News  is io the effect that Premier Dunsmuir will resign,  that Attorney-General   Eberts   be   entrusted with the reconstruction of thei Cabinet  and that Mr. Eberts will dispose of   the  portfolios   as   follows :    Premier  and   Attorney-  GeneraH D. M. Eberts ; Finance  Minister, R,  G.   Tatlow;    Commissioner    of   Lands   and  Works, BF.  Green ; Provincial Secretary,  A. E. McPhillips ; Minister of  Mines, R. McBride ; President of  th^  Council, C Clifford.  There are many reasons   for  suspecting   that  this new Cabinet exists only in   the minds ef  the men of which it is composed/and there are  several important reasons  for believing thai  the thing will die at  birth.    First, would the  Lieu tenant-Go ver not consent to such a brazen  example of   political  jugglery ?   Sir   Henri  Joly  is too   honorable a   man   to  permit  a  shuffle of this   kind.    Even  if  he Aid,  ivhat  chance wouId   such  a   Cabinet  have  in  the  event of a general election ? It would last just  about as long as the proverbial snowball in  Hades.    Undoubtedly there  are two or three  good men in.thfc."new Cabinet," but the dangerous element preponderates, and would negative the efforts of the good men to accomplish  anything of perpetual   benefit   to the country.  It maybe contended  that   the   men   in'this  Cabinet being more or less in sympathy with  thepolioy of th�� Conservative party, that this  would be,the first move in the direction   of a  party Government.    Quite  true.    But   what  v ;w  i "The White Elephant" want, a date at the-.  Opera House, and will probably be-booked for *  next Saturday night.  .A  P. W. Northcott, representing P. JV jjiiig  & Co wholesale jewellers, 'Toronto; ^ .io  (he city this week., .;    ,.  .  Much interest is tftkeh in the forthcoming  Ping Pong tournamrnt, which begins-November 11th and will laet.three days. !    :  >i: I  tW^^^-WW^ifei  U<niti*A^^iilSii^i)  i 1  The Supreme Cou__  will iit at Vancouver  November 13th. ; . u-  l��   ,  ,*     i  iTTT  Fred. Irvine& Co'.'s new store in the Barns  block will be ready for occupancy within the  next few days.    . ,  . 1   ,i  A visitor asked the late James Tie��ot one  day whether the picture hewae^at work on  was intended to illuatvate the time of Christ.  The artist replied in the affirmative."�� Then "  said the visitor, '��� permit me to oall your attention to an error. Aloes, such m you have  in your picture, did not ��xist in the Mediicr  ranean region till after &h"@ conquest of Meinco  by Spain.n Tiiiot promptly tookhi��  and altered the picture.  *   .  'itJzxiiAr%Vi  h -   ~"h ,v ���     ft  '.   lA'l  �� o  ,^k- ,   n    k , k|    04!  Win, wot. t.    fh*." >��'  llk>, , *   !  ��|-  Mi  A   Sooialiatie-Edueational.' fel��  formed in Nelson.  b*  a  ,       ,   ,     ,     ,_ ,���,���,       k|^H(f . ,      ���     _ ,     �����,��, 1,1 ���   *~ 1' W    "'   ' '     na-,,1-   kr,     ,f S    .^f, *      I      ,1  .  ,��. ;,;���/>  ,    "  i' a ��� ��� .   l! \AA '    , t ��� i'.'h .��    ��,,��. AA,t ,*   ^ ;/ ;.,.���   .  n ii?  'Hi  >i   Hi     ,,  , S  If1  "/,    -  W'JPt<- Wni'WWWItwtlimWBjrtutlijiJj.1 .,,,,��,��kk.,,     _  *'��  ��' ,    I '  71 ,    "'. '���"  t'f''^-   " y ?^Ayfy:i j��  'y^iim^M '  azE1!: w^y^s''  0  NELSON  i i,i   .  *.    .     .     t  i?e  ASY, Idoa,t  like that," said Farm.,  ^^nsoQagheandhiswife^ T?u  front door of a summ��r ������   "      f    tat the  -     don'* M.. ���..   A ��u��!Bep evening, "and ,f we  uon i put our foot ri��?hf rln.���� !��    ... 8  end in hM ..     ~     S       ��^n " Wil1 Probably  ;na ,n bep running away and die*,..; ��� 7  Something has got to be done ��     ��   C,"g M-  iai to an outsider.    The Johnsons w��*r�� __.i?  to-dopeople with one child, now anzuJr  girlot  twenty.      Three voung fall!      T  asked for her hand had b^n kTndW nut firmf ��  Nelhe wae not overparticular, when the _ i��ht  man appeared. He was Paul Harper, a voung  bml engineer whose health had failed."   _��  had been packed off in the country to recun  *ate.     He was honest enough to admittZ  h.s fortune did not go beyond afewh��J   1  dollam an<t   _i__. ��.���   * Iew hundred  uoiiars and  that his future was bv no m.'...  assured. y      Means  '���'_��'������'  He   secured  board at Taylor's, which was  only a quarter of a miJe ^ ^A J* was  followed that he was invited to in  and ,K  two young people fell in love with -_u.k   ;���.  Paul &ad nnt Tou^i *r    T . each 0,her.  were going and report herhusbaTd ^  bad said a few words to the dauXe^a �����*  cautionary  measure, and, while* she bJu.hed  and showed confusion, she "massed back" i^f  way to surprise them.     Their first Z  - treat Harper with  coldne^^did not  way. ���:     *  asked the privilege of becoming  fi^on.n-law he would have been s^S?  lhe fact that he dirfh't ask and the fact  It   L ***"?***' carted   a tram  o  ght   that ended   in   the   beli��f ,k .  ST "*."'*-U  and Nellie eat  ����.* T ~~ ~  hack door     ll _? R cherr^ tree by  the  tn  ���*.���.        . e father started #ne ��� ���� u  to make all ftt8*  *n     .       .    -   IOP l"e barn  I asked  the   air, nigfH  tfa�� mother  hous�� ^ strain Me !lW-lh,heP t0 the pP��"g-  ���� *V in her htnd'nd     *' ^ "^ "Uh  f��ce, whe���  Abraham * g"m BmU�� oa **'  He ^chucklLg andThh-0 "iT the ���"���  getber. 8   nd ebbing his hands to-  "I've locked Nell nn j��� .u  said the mother allh?h        6 8pringb��uee,��  .*��,U stay right ����tn?��e ��P the kV. "*nd  "Anpl fve done f��r��in8-"  Ruckled the father 8��^Q*^ae cute,"  bam along cam��,K . -.-J"81 *��� * "hiw up the  ;-as ������^^^-1��ri'-lote and  havMo go   back to CttlTJ^  grabbed him and��,k     !_��. ��       week��' wheo 1  -����r andZSl hS,m 1^�� th8 ��at-do��-  '��" off witb our girl f0 "I1;^,,n'    He W��0'1  "Abraham  vL ght' he WOIJ,t"  '   "And ��n      ^     arem'ghty cute.'"  A"Q8o are you.n  .They didn't go to feed at once    Th-  tor an hour to see if  ii_        ��� hey 8at UP  r������ an  Uari_ ^^ ^��e  p���80ner8  wouIdn��  *!!���   - raSe^d^^r,er-    N��  ��ere ashamed and ��,^J,ing  ,hat th**  a while longe/S   T      VPt ,betn 8W��ke for  ��at up i��� bed aod fS     k    tbe w,fe ^ddenly  bu^and: ^'V "booted to ber drowsy  veaA rdmeFieaa *0Q,a��, bel0ns.  the H   ^8* recentjy *��   an ? ��g t0 ������� nou  the deck of an  A...    .     D acqoain��a���     ��*  no��"ced    with   ��     g��,ng 8t��aLr  a8"Ca ����  goim?     .���     ���   great eclat    iK-f    a��d an.  6��,ns     to     Eurona &afc   eh��  traits of berda.,���K:_..   to    hay9  t��-ait8offaerda    P      to    have    the    _,���  America ?'quePSft?fa,ote*    "Wb*    *?���  1'v.   tried fln V,     iae acq��aitJtann"  Now   ..> tfae AmericanTJ^09-   "Oh,  ��"  ��e>e going over .1      an,8t8 in vajB  masters can do �� l0 ^ *bat the  i-r  dearJy beipyed wife, and eZ ***>*** lost a  these   words,   ioscrih!?     Pre88ed *��gri.f i*  Within^h0" ^   h����*^08:  Bi��bopWn!!. be ?arri^ again    T?- ��Ut"  uop wilmer,walkin��. ��j,ifJ.    . A frl��ndof  W. asked himwha.L "hn k �� the*ra*��  fper of the words 8?���Ce V. **" ��f lh�� l*i  '*����k."said the Bisho! ^KeWnnptia'8 '?  faave   struck   anotfaj �� Word8 'But!  added." nolh8r    ����U4��   8h0u]d UU  rife  "Abraham  d^fs^^Cirr^8-  dissolved by mutual __, yankee firm W8g  J- Hmite/to ",   liSHl^,1*' ^e contTn  ^b��8 had been ri.inR .���/     T*   A C,0����J of  ^��lbepar,���erehfp wa8dt f8 '��r "��*��  8������or pawner's senuJeo,f T^* and **  .��tb���ed from a noticeTh^h t^ IWfl,8p8 �����  '"^ted in ,he local ^rL***??- ������ be  <���-n, get out of bed a8 qnick     [>**�� in the Cltwiih#0,l����- ^ ^  .���      ^  'sa week before the Wi,iA  ��i��. N��'��ehadaPVearedle,ner8enCy  absent-minded all the, 3ES S" *nd  overhauled her wardrobe TheTad .f^ ^  write a letter or twn �����^   - had started to  doorsy   :rjjp vmmn,  A    . w��lked out-  faspioion: zm^ euBn��lT        Upon wi*h  NellieVeyes, .nd �� .Y^S?^ -����  in  t���tbrabano' U'8 to-night."  4,What?'he asked.  "The elopement."  '���You don't mean it, Mary."  *es, I do.     Nellie's bo  all the afternoon, and shlT  preparin�� 'or it  the house as soon as w��� !!" <0 8l''P out o{  ^HJ him.   I'vete" Z tca^!bed   ,a"d ��o off  ^��d.8he can't fool her ��J����*> "^ * Cat-  M /*And what shall we do?"  .    "Leave that to me    Y��,  ���  ;>g was going on> and j.��" JU8t "CI as if noth.  <o stop any elopement  and^^ y��� my Word  h^/ooli.hne8s.-' B  ,batSJ^   of  4   "   'ime Paul Harper wa8 fi..���     .   .  *     was etiij rnieSingv  as^everyoucan. -  "W-what's the matter, Marv?"!,'      i    , Palmer " tk'CS L"0 "Uch a fi'����  as cw"7  opened his eyes. *    be a9ked�� as     Cli, ,er'    rbo*�� that owe the firm ��       gg '*  <b���� the firm 0wes l��.3:2*&����*  nr opened his eyes  ^^tA!:.Is;xiwo0'the wg-  *^hout loosing a minute"        y��Ur duda oa  ^ But what is it?" headed as he got out of  *'I  lockod   Nell   ����>  ;  didnt I?" e"   ��P ,n   ^e ^ring.hou,e.  "Ve��, you said yon AM ���   ��� ��*   '  8b* can bust her %**' *"* ' do��'t Mieve  "And you locked that v�������   , .,  o��t-door cellar?" y Unfi fe,,er ��P in ihe  ' I did and  he'n  ��<> =_*  Now, what's allthi.  ua  eK88  rat in�� *'ap.  "WK��� ..." fU88 about?" p  Why, you silly old thi���fff       n      .  member that there's a __.. 8 Don l ^0" re-  Chouse ��d iTuTST"7 M,r- ��^  derstand why there wasnrlT'' J0�� �����-  ?oundingto<etout?�� no 8��*ootlng  a���d  W^?T^^S he  Pa��l Harper returned "o t" "'tbe h��U^  week, but Nellie had W * ' 7 ^ ft��Xt  first. ua fter engagement   ring  "  *uw as soon  ax  ��k^        ���-wj. may  ^ose that the firm owee h_7^ ^^ *����  j b,���� ����'luick as tbey can �� d  be,,ep ��*" on  W1 ^   S3  ����* by a cow in dTRS 1 r ?* tbe ���*�������*  of a W8IBp. ara W��g her hind foot out  ,,    , i ���,,(., ^,; j,,i\,initl<t*"- ���     -i%  \\      >   '    I <���  !       i ,     I       ,   , ���   i    ��  ik,, W,^.^ >fe,AW,  k-,���^I,*,*..,. M ,���,.,, ttf-rtkl'kt Witkk^ki^^d, f.",'k��  ,,.    ,  ,.,    ���       ,k.��   ,^|,      ���,��..��,,  During the winter of  l7j><: *    .  Samuel  Chase waa ,f p22j^* '^  B'ngham gave a Kreai  if |ad','*ta��--��-Mr.  The Judge was placed ' ��?T *" hl* bono'-  band, and  coolly   .diuaiJIft.    fflWa*fch*  view ,he BU     b        ,U8;ed b" ���Pectaclee to  Jr him, bad been prep^L b^fo"aDat^  Having searched i���  S,jbj a/ron��b ��H>k.  b��  turned to hi_  fa^ '��;.a-fa��*lh, dish,  v��'/ pretty dinner 2dl*  I   reinairk����.- "A  thing on your  tabl�� i J     "'bat the'�� ia not a  l��W����.l Presence', ind0 e!1"     With ber  Bi��,ham enquir!:Ul^^1*8^^  thing  more  eQitm   8*e "��u'd Procure any-  f ak or a piece of taet ��"f "^ "A ��  the reply, "will ���il ^e'' mad��n��M' was  thing else."    " ��?":������ ^ter thaa aDy-  word whispered in hi�� .    "Wf" ��8,,{jd' Qnd ��  iehed. Very soon hJll ' wh@r����P<���� he van-  o' roast beef, mhhh JT^^***mdUh  vigor  and   aj>��>��,jf��       ��!*"'80  attacfced   nrjgfa  ��?��^ to Waf 108 :;s ��;;^ &hw, &��   .  ����r exclaimed- "TI..J!' , lth m s��tisfod!  ^sensible and\.sl���nl \T am'J haTO ��������  4o yonr French eoofc?"      mer' bMe M��than&8  �� -      'ft      f  (      ~ fo  i/,-  i _^***w��** ***"  ^ir  if "''A  ,        I i|    , A ,   1r ,     " ", '       I      ^, ,| il I ji       I       i k i>     U      4 I I'        \f H J�� " I" I X|    V        ' V) Hk,"V     "*���f * "?��HlM��M7,-tlav ����,r����.��,(,w y., ..����*�� k�����*k     *> 4b4. ,h,w* _, .,, ,|ii        (  ,   l.,��k.l���� , ,,   .�� ,��     4  .. n y����       l��- k   ,-      ,   k    ���   ... ,,,.���.-,,, .,, .��� ���       . ���k   ��,.    .      ,k     , Ob       ,4����...... .        _     .       .        -Ifc k . ���      ��   . ���" < - kk   . .    ���    v. ,1      r - II.    �� ,����.,, .        . K- '  , , �� - . .      <H ���       I . .    tk      .- (        -��   .      .  lb   , ,f -,  --_  --     -?/  -r-  ""-  -__.  **   s  -~1~L-  =���  ^_2_  >iL��  ^ -  ~%  _7y "_" i.~ -a"_t_  -H ���'k-kin ^-H^awgs  ��at��>����r��n^-nt.,,.f_kaJj_  ���*�������-k��*��,'"aW��MRk..  ��    -r-  r i  4  TH�� NELSON ECONOMIST  l~f  51,�� "Godde&a of Ubsi-ty.��  tri*. Anna Williams, the "Goddess of  f ,;.- Whoso profile is on every silver  :f !!��� iivos in Philadelphia.   In tho early  r isTothe trcasurydcpartment.ee-  h c<  ,���,���? through communication with  the  t vmI mint of  England, the services of n  f^-er   voung   designer'   and ��� engraver,  t .,U  Morgan.    After   completing   the  *i ��� .mi fMr the sido of the coin upon which  I!;!' tvnn^ntetl the American eagle his at-  M^mion turned to the other side, ami, he-  B!?"  too much of a realist  to be  satisfied  ��S��.iJ��i a product of fancy, he determined  ^hh�� t the head should bo tho representation  ^nf^me Ameriean girl.    Mr. Morgan was  ^Introduced to Miss Williams and was !m-  nre-jsed bv her beautiful face and studied.  It i-irefully.    When  he told her what h��  desired,    sho    promptly    refused-      Her  friend*   however, overcame her scruples,  and after five sittings the design was com--'  Dieted     It was accepted by congress, and  {.�� e silver dollars have been pouring from  the iniws all these years adorned with th��  beautiful face of a Quafccr City maiden.  fhe carries  herself- with statclinoss, and  the p<>��e 3f her head is exactly as seen on  the eoins.    She is slightly below the aver  ago heiirht. Js rather plump and fair, with  b?u* eyes.    Her  nose is Grecian, and her  hair, her crowning glory, is golden in col- ! ?  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  Dealer�� In fnn  ^llft  ir,  Nail, Tooth,   Bat  t  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  #j&m m^m* ����i^-*-  r��-��a^  or. ah-inilant in quantity and of  wonderful  lightness of texture.���Zero Bliss in  Housi'Uee_>v*r.  We are offering at lowest prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas..      �����������-.  Our Bent Mocha and Java Coffee per  pound S  -iO  Moeha and Java Blend, 8 pounds 1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  t W  Special Blend Coffee,�� pounds 1 (  Rio iile��.d Coffee; 0 pounds     I 00  Special Blend Ceyjon ten, per p-��und.    .0  A TRIAL ORDER 10LICITED��.  KOOTEMiTiOFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  ltyTffrly*f,w'-IM "^  MERCHANT TAILOR.  **  1  I  Fruits That Mr*. Korer Commends.  In Tlie I���uliesvHonie Journal Mrs, S. T.  Borer writes of. "Fruits as I'ood and Fruita  &.> r >:-on ' -and- names tho kinds allowed  on her own table. These are "fresh flg*��,  dri'-d urns carefully cooked, gunvascanned  without sugar, guava jelly, orange niar-  mah.de made byspcial homo rccipo, dates  both raw and cooked, with almonds, per- ;  s.m...oi.s. bananas cooked and an-occa- ;  Biunal dish uf prunes with the skins re- j  n.uved. blackberries and dewberries, slight- $  ly cooked, strained and made into Hum- !  u;ery.    The  objection  to the latter fruit, \  however,"she  gays,"la the addition  of!  5  s Turni  forthe  duS  Up-stairs in the  Wallace-fritter   Block.  Wholesale and Betail  Dealers in  starch and sugar, which is prone to fermentation. AM fruits, whether cooked or  raw, .should Ixj used without taigar. It  iiiu:i-i he remembered that sugar in no  way neutralizes an acid. For this an  alkali must he used. Sugar sprinkled over  an acid fruit masks the objectionable and  severe at Ul until it blips by the 'guard  krci rv,} the palate. Once In the stomach,  ln)\vever, it regains its own position aud  grants the same to the Irritating acid."  orkf Scenic Line.  DIRECT ROUTE  Women Hravcir Tlinu M��w��  Tho question whether women arc mow  courageous or whether they are constitu*  tionally less sensitive to pain than nro  nit-n h.r, recently been laisetl by Tho Fortnightly Heview. Doctors and dentists all  over ti;c�� world agrco that they bear pain  with more fortitude and inmost Instaucen  submit, to painful surgical operations with  more bravery than does tho so called  stronger sex, from whom moro endurance  is to |m�� expected.  A woman who will scream at the sight  of a mouho will undergo every variety ot  dantal operation with courage and facility.  l<u\ Kvans, tho celebrated American dentist of Paris, gave It as his experience that  women swoon under tho dentist's hand*  much less frequently than men, and thta  general testimony of surgeons,in hospital  prnetico is to the same effect. However,  doctors disagree as to whet -her this is due to  fcuj erior bravery on tho part of women or  whether they are physically insensible aa  compared with men.  !     Camps supplied on shortest  * notice aud lowest prices.  1     Mail orders receive  careful  1 i,.  ��� attention.  j     Nothing    bnt    fresh-   and  j wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. C. TRAVES, Manage!  EAST  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  WEST  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  JOHN  Mc LATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Qo. Customs House, Nehru. BC.  LAKE ROUTE  Prom Fort William,  the   favorite summer  route fcrall eastern points.  Via Sop Line  For St. Paul, Duluth, Sault Hto Marie, Chicago, etc.  CERTIFICATE OF HgPROVEf^EfftS.        -  "Iron  Cap"  and  "Grey  .Eagle*'   Mineral  Claims. situate in   tne Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  .  Wiiere located: On the west slope of Sandv'  Creek, about four miiesfrom Nelson. vA?  Take notice that I, Francis J. O'Reilly, ol'  Nelson, B. C. as ajr< nt for .C. Sweeny, Free  Miner's certificate, Xo.,-1371,212, intend" K?xty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the-  Mining Recorder for certificates of .improve-,  ments. for the purpose of obtaining Crown  grants <^f the above claims.    - * ,;, ���  And further tmke notice that action, under,  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance ol such certificates of improvements.  -   Dated this 22nd day of October, 1902.  FitANcrs J. O'ReiLLy.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  * Gladys Mineral Claim, situate in the Nel-*  aon Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis-  triet.  Where located :   On Morning Mountain.  Take notice  that I, John   McLatchie, of  tlfleate No. B51,561, Intend, sixty days  from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re��s  corder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ofthe above claims ���;   ,  . And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must he commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements -*  Dated this 15th day of September, A. D. 1902.  JoHNMCUATCBhIE.   *  lliuiniiM* MorcliatifrH*  According to a writer in Harper's Weolt-  ly< the Consumers' league of Mew York  rat cm uh fair dry tfooda houseH those In  whirl, equal work gets* equal pay, Irro-  Rpeetlve of the kox of the worker; in which  udtiltH (jjet at leant. $0 a week, paid weekly;  lu which linen tfo Into a fund for employees' benefit' nnd in which cash girls _JCet�� nt  hast $j�� a week. The hour�� of 11 fair hoiifio  are, from 8 to 0, with thrcc-quartera of till  hour for lunch and one-half holiday a  week for two inonthtt In muniner. lrair  houses also comply with sanitary lasvH,  provide Keats for snleMWotneti���iu�� recpUrcd  T-**-^^iy' luw���UH(>  einphn-voH  huiuumdy.  o.  WADDS BROS.  PHE  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, i^ELSO^, B. C  icriGE.  Tourist Sleeper Serves  EAST���Leave Dunmore Junction daily for St.  Paul; leaves Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, etc.  WEST���Leave Revelstoke Dally Tor Seattle  and Vancouver.  Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantic Lines. uz  Ptopald tickets at lowest rates Issued fiom  all European countries.  Notice Is herehv mrtven thnt JU> days after  date! intend u> a >t>lv to the Chief Coimol8;  sloner"Vr.iUHlR and Works for.i licence to cut  nnd enrrv away timber from tlie to n\v-  \\ r\\ Her(��>e     auls on itaneade Creek. How-  t tni; titrdo Hlver, which in turn runs Into  1 or en of Kootenay Lake: (Vnnmenehar  .. tha hil ial nostH.K. corner, bull a mile up  "aSeVilo ffi.kn.nlnR north eighty chains,  then\\vst etvjhtv chains, then soiith e uhty  "iVahw. ami eiist eighty ehalns to place ot com-  %u��d^  .MIMIKLI.  Tor rates and t\il 1 particulars apply to local  agenU, or  J.S.CARTERv E.J.COYLE,  Dl��t. Pass. Agt., A. G, P. A.  Welnon. Viwi��omv��r  Motice To DellnqueBit Co-Owner.  To John Norcross,or to any person or per-  mow* to whom he may have transferred his  Interest'In the "Caledonia" mlnewU claim,  situate on the Divide, between Bird and  Ophlr ercM h, and south ofthe Ophlr mineral  claim, Nelson Mli.lng Division of.vv����t Koot-  entiy i  Yoiuuid eaohnt'youarohoreby notified that  we have expended one hundred dollars in  labour and Improvement* upon the above  mentioned mineral claim In order to hold  said mineral claim under the provisions of  the Mineral Act, and If with In DO day 8 from  the date of Mils notice, you fail or roltiHO to  contribute your proportion of such <vxp kudl-  ture togefther with a'll costs of adve^MBlng,  your Interest In said claim will become 8 ie  property of tlie subscribers, under Section  ..of an Act entitled " An Act to amend the  Mineral AoLMHV'  .fOHN B   BAXTIflK,  MaWMJIKT    NRW'Bl'T.  Dated this 15Ui day of July, 10011.  Notice To Delinquent Co-Ownera  To L. F. Murray and Thomas Burns or to any  persons or persons to whom they may have  transferred their interests in tho ��4 Big Chief'  Mineral Claim situate about eleven miles up  East Side of Wild Horse Creek, and tho "Poor-  man" Mineral Claim situate about % mile  east of Wild Horse Creek and twelve miles  from Nelson* and Fort Shepherd Railway,  both In the Nolson Mining Division, District of  West Kootenay.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that I have expended two hundred dollars In.  labour and improvements"upon tho above,  mentioned mineral claims in order to hold  said mineral claims under the provisions ojt  the mineral Act, and if within ninety days ot  the dote of this notice you fail or refuse to  contribute your portion of such expenditure,  together with all costs of advertising your in- .  terest in the said claims will become the property of the subscriber under Section fourot  an  Act entitled ltAn Act To Amend Tho  Mineral Act-lOOO."  H.GlNSittEUG.  looted this twelfth day of Apr! 1,1902.  CERTIFICATE OP IMPROVEMENTS.  Shepherds Star Mlnoml C1aim,eltuate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  Dlstei'et. . -������������....  Where located: On the East For!: of Cottonwood Creek, y{ mile East of Nelson and Fort  Sheppard' Hadway.  Take notice that I, John McLatchdc, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for James Bar-  net MuoLarctn, Free Miners Certificate No, B  t��H,i2!>, intend, sixty daps from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mlnbig Recorder for-a Cer-  Mflcato of Improvements, for the ^purpose oi  obtnUitnga Oown Grant of the above claim,  And further taike notdee that action, undor  flection 37,-inust be commenced befofo*^^ "j#j.  finance of such CertUlente of Lmproven)ienf A"  Dated this 27 th day of Aligned., A. D. i<��02;  .ToffN MeT^ATCiiitg,  '*  'W^��*  r^^^������w*w*^^  V>fK  UA  :>v  -��o r  ���1r  'H^'S^w^ff f^*HrjHitaJffl^fi,iitf^''lvt*f,it  i��,y  1 (i V  H f  1 I., -1(1  y >  .U1  fl  1!'  '" H  iu. Ht |  ',1,  I*''  i'IK^i- 1 ,  ,'      ,H.��U' '"   fl',?   )\ Il  1 <t    <���        4\  'A\\ . **  %  :*'  ��1  h i' 4 ii *������  'lv��  Zh     I,     Wlo   �� a   ,(.    %   4'^,''.  1   , 1  ,   if "  !  k I       1,   *  >AH>    l| i\>  1 'Ml 11 ������      1 -   1 ��� I     ,t"f '  'i "���*���.  ��",,     11 �� , ,.0,.. .,���,���,^,,,l,v^,^w,))r  .*    .,*!       '    . r    All        fl.i    H  ?^"T,'"-<".'**,, ,..lltH^ ^  S1a��� ^A    ,���,  '   "     ,       ��  " , 1        * t,        ">       nil'C,   rt    -  . i  ,   .  K   ���' "? '- -*c '  ������     " * ** b A,   t* j-.  t s ^.   ,  y,^fy ^-rl  H ', (i ''���  N4 l *  9     '  Ml    O&W -With  mkc^icm-  1 ty ' p'h\  mHw  >u   "^,  jli'll        1**1  t   ' Uk O  of,''  lit'    i*. ���*  j11 ^  ,'t'" <��  o II      ' ,(      <���       - '     '��      , '       ,   I ' ���  .   i        ��i ll"     'h'     ,, ,���      ,,        &y        ' Jk;      i,_.i  lh v,   1,, i" 1    ,n       ,, *\_    ,,i 7\\}) ��� 4\  7 1 ll    ���> i���".,', , ,f��i    ;i,  V7 '"  ir     h       11  I-   '  ,��,��!,,, kk *h*~. v.**'.   ll  ��       ��        ��� -    k      k  ���p,  ���,   ,    ,   o.  % tAn\l 1  'i'A      .,.1/   lh  Z     A/ ".,( \, ^..--'������wvn'sis-.-.-  _Ja��  >��*��*��        !___  -^        -rA     ~  -rn&ri^s, *;^ ^  iSUi<_%  Wfc"**^*^,^,,.-^  ^*"!��i~*2i_;  THE NBLSOf.  ECONOMIST  0n'V the BesTST-���~���-���:������__  '    ��� ��� -A.ll'SW"pp   f)__r  _r^      '     "~~~ ������- '     -. :���  .    W1^pay$lfbrle   un iie��o Question^--  Grocery, of SUffar,  ^ ^ ^ ���       3lJ*.  ���UT-i, ��� ^�� Pounds for <r. Q.+u   ��  W^ pay $1.75 f01, "2 at the People's Cash  OashGroceiTfbr$16a    b-of app^ whenyou ^ ^   . ^    ���  ^e same aPples at th0 pe0ple.s  ' '   '        '    "   '    W  ���^  ll,   ��� Ul I     ..,,    .4  ^OOOo^oo^  ���ai-Jit,  ^>'��<^$O0  --^Wj-W  ^^<H-><!>��.0't $  o<>  '���'*    .,  tv -  ~'^*^-W-^�������i��r^


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