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The Nelson Economist Nov 29, 1902

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 ff -  ��*-fa3-WwAMw^__����___  A .        - '���"?  ��� -JT ��� ___.  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O -'! ,7!-7>, a'!>  , A ::.'):7$ut,  yyyyyi$g  y :zA: Ay :-a/AA'W:  Ayyy  ��� ��� ���   O.    -,-,,  , ���'i:ii,-..,,--:.-..,Ai  ^ (is   v ,   r %  !.J A.iAAi '.  S hin::;"v;?fi,?h,e and enjoy��'ib,e if y��������****** w..h rPad.  ittiirJ      . "   ,MtereSti"S   character.      WE   HAVK  fm  HOOkS a-)d the prices asked are bargain prices. V  iiiSSB^StSf     'Qjw  fifJD BAKER STREETS, 'NELSON  I  ��   fl P  ^r\/^v��r\/3\^  ^CSJJqyCW  M!.r"7-w-7  l**��*��i---w  ,1 H|H.  in"  ...   ^y  ��lih ;w|  ;J,M^ ;  i  ilw  ���tut,,-!-.,J-  ft   '*') p      '    ��  ::a--  iy i  ���SuZ'il  ,,        ������  j ( (i   i    hi <, ,i  ,4   ^i-r-k*   ^,Mk^,kklwkM  , tK   '..','  (j  (.        v,  i  !'Ul  * '.  W1"}^)*.^!  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I  5    'It.J  ^  * |  ��  4K'  j|,'k   |!f    *  ���M?>  I*' 'mi  lyim i$(  WAIM  Am.  tii  *'  ���    i  THE HBL?OM iCONQUli  Special Quotations for  Camps and Aflines  Special Values fn  Canned Goods and Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Filled  1 \-<.i>i.Av��tnain,.M->'_tH��4^��-W  >'lM>-.iM<t.fclH��tllM��#��J***,H**1*' *  BREAD/PASTRY, CANDIES ALWAYS ON HAND  WEDDING CAKES MADE TO ORDER,  Josephine Street,  ���I**' i-tofH-W* iwmww  IMIWMMMMMMUHI  twW-Hrt.hoiiiiiiMur*  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  I AGENT  ���ie*i   iv�� jyij  i.    1 ),   >i(h <   , Hi,        It      '.  �� *wArii -fu..'*  iii <  "h��ii   kjjj  a,^K  o  ���i;vj_y  f   '*v   '^>f  ���*��**  <MI   |  m (^nnffrifrnnon^rrfm  ' i'  4   *T  oots and Shoes made to order.   Invisible Patching  a Specialty.   Only Union Men Employed.   My stc  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  iEELUlDS* OL�� STAND, BAKER ST  GEiEUlL BTOIER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  if  f/.aM  Three  dwelling houses for^salc on easy terms. \nl.fr    1  One  Lot on    Stanley   street;   opposite Royal Cgp.p   k|\ffjM^��P;   -  Hotel for sale at a bargain. ��38uC. Wu\J�� ^ m>_.  H''*,/1 1V)��(  1    i-       r��  ,*k*a'HI*,^i,^k  al,t    ''   i  J I  11 K-  >" gf  ,^-k.. ., ...k.,..-^.tr....^!-^.^  ~t��  J.<i��~"i-M���^'��� 1>'��^"  t-,  J.  *��*    a.  r  f  I  VOL. VI.  NELSON, B.C.. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER '29, ��902.  NO 20  5  ��  ;1  !���������     i  "-   1  '��� *= 1  -#- J  ��� H  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST   is   issued  mri^RY Saturday.   Subscription :   $2.00  PER   ANNUM ;   IF PAID IN   ADVANCE, $1.50.  Correspondence of general interest  RJHPKCTFUI.I.Y SOLICITED. ONLY ARTICLES  OK MSRIT WILL BE ADVERTISED IX THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INT&RStSTSOF READERS  WILL BK CAREFULLY GUARDED AGAINST  UNRESPONSIBLE PERSONS AND WORTHLESS  ARTXCLBIS.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  <^!R WILFRID LAURIER ha* gonp to  ^ Virginia'Hot Springs* 10 recuperate. Can-  dians of all parties will regret tbe necessity  ft��r tlie trip and unite in sincere wishes for hit?  speedy recovery.  In the meantime the King's Government  must go on and so must the work of the Opposition. The task of the hitler is no less important than the former'* criticism, and advice is essential-'.-.to wise administration.  Since the Government received the renewal  of the confidence of the confidence of thr eies-  torate in the Fall of 1000, two matters of importance have absorbed our  political -interests ; we may say that ther�� are  only two important problems at pre��>ent confronting the statesmen of G.*uu��l,i : the trade  policy ami our position as a member of the  British Empire, And we have the remark  able spectacle, remarkable when we remember  that eur.Governm lit is in theory responsible,  that no man can say what the Government's  policy in on either of these questions. This is  certainly not a satisfactory' niate of affair.*, nnd  presumably we are to receive no enlightenment in the matter until ihe return of the  Premier which can scarcely be hoped for until  the next session of Parliament,  The Id bora 1 party's creed for the last quarter of a century has been that all that was  wanting to give an impetus to Canadian development was the abolition of import duties.  This confesnion of faith was pronounced by  three successive leaders including the present  prime minister and was enthusiastically endorsed at every convention of the party. Sir  Wilfrid Laurier repeatedly charged that the  National Policy of the Conservative party was  WMisciously framed and maintained to benefit  tin* manufacturers at the expense of the arti-  zhiih and farmers and that all attempts to ae-  eure reciprocal trade relations with the United  States, made prior to 189(5, were flagrantly  dishonest and that they were purposely made  fruitless by the Conservative Government,  lb' further staked hie political life on his ubil-  I  ity if given a mandate to negotiate a commercial treaty with the -Americans* securing to  Canadian exporters much better terms than  they had enjoyed in the American markets  since the abrogation of Lord Elgin's treaty in  1866.  Sir Wilfrid's attempt to carry out his  pledge, mude. as we believe, in perfect sincerity, took the form of the Joint High Commission. While* that body sat in conference we  were asaund frequently that progress was  beia*. made toward the desired end, bur afu*r  two sittings it adjourned indefinitely and no  good result* have ever been announced.  W'hai would have been the honorable course  tor the Government io take then ? Surely, to  inform the country through the House of Commons thai they were unsuccessful and present  an alternative policy. Two sacn remained:  oiifftfto pursue their policy of u Free Trade as  th* v have it in England V and trust that their  vie>va were right when they held that protection hurt the importing, not the exporting  country, the other to continue their predecessor.** pdiey of protection admitting that Canada could not afford Fr��se Trade while the  Uniied States maintained a * high protective  tariff. Mr. Tane declared for the latter and  has had to retire. Tne rest of the Cabinet are  dumb ou the subject.  . What, then,  does it mean ?  Doe^ Sir Wilfrid want more time to decide ?  Or ate we not entitled to know the intentions  of our responsible ruler? ?  Th�� either problem is our relations as a part  of the Empire. Sir Charles Tupper had advocated preferential trade within the Empire,  hoping that in return for free markets in her  Colonies, Britain might be induced to levy a  small import tax on foreign products from  which colonial products would be exempted.  In this as in us predictions about the development of our Northwest, Sir Charles looked a  long way ahead ; but the latter prophesy is  already b-ihg fulfilled, ��  When the Liberal Government announced  a reduction of duties on imports from Britain  with no compensating favor, it was regarded  as gracefully patriotic, but unbuaineaslike, but  as it made such a slight difference to the national -revenue- no one was inclined to  cvvih It further raised the presumption that  the Liberal party was about to free itself forever from the suspicion of indifference to Imperial ties which had caused its defeat in  189L Recently Sir Wilfrid has had an opportunity never before offered to a Canadian  statesman of taking a great and useful part in  eonstruetive Imperial stateumansbip. As  Premier of the oldest and most populous of  the great colonies he was naturally regarded  as the leading colonial  statesman,  and   was  expected to initiate the work of the conference. We have not yet been enlightened as  to the proceedings of the meetings, but from  what has found its way into print, Sir Wilfrid's only eontributions to its deliberations  was an expression of unwillingness or inability to commit Canada to any scheme of Imperial defence. There are some Canadians  who honestly oppose any participation in Imperial wars. We do not agree with tnezn, but  their position is intelligible. . a -  But our Premier has boasted soToften of his  loyally to British connection and of-his .pride  in Canada as one in the "galaxy oi nations,'*  that we are entitled to expeet from him at  least a^ent to plan fer strengthening the  ties. But what conclusion are we driyen to  by his regent conduct ? Either that his pro-,  testations of loyalty to the throne and pride  in the Empire are mere vaporings, or that he  is a poor, vacillating time-server, with neither  convictions nor courage. ."      ^'        ;;    *  The time for electing new councils is ap-  proaching and those who interest themselves  in such matters are already suggesting oan-  didates for the offices of'mayor and alderhien.  It is a mi.-fortune and a reproach to Canada  (hat the number of ihose who do interest  themselves in the selection bears such a pain-  fully small proportion to the whole body of  eitizens Our neighbors, the Americans, owe  their doubtful blessing of boss-rule to the fact  that few take part in elections and a snoall organized body can always win against a majority which acts without union or purpose.  Boss-rule is not unknown in Brit sh Columbia, and the respectable people who are indignant at it have themselves to thank.  One of the advantages claimed for democratic government is that all citizens may participate and all learn the functions of ruling.  Frequently town and city councils are regarded as training schools for parliament and  legislature. There can be no objection to this  as a contingent advantage, but it  should not forgotten that the most important function of the council is wise  administration of the affairs of the municipality. This requires two qualities in the members of the council, honesty and intelligence.  Honesty is not so frequently lacking as intel-  tigence.V The number of councilmen in Canada who have been found guilty of dishonesty  in office is small. But the number whose stupidity has been costly is rar from being small.  Men have been elected to these bodies, because  of obedience tb a boss or a committee, who  have never been known to make an intelligent remark. As aldermen such individuals  are comparatively harmless, beyond their loquacity and dullness  of  understanding, but  ':&  7)1   ���,.._U  o'l  *>*)��">����������  f> >��  ,     I "- ,   ,.''>  * "    tA       11 ii a* ' , '' ���   , O'l,      "A '   ���lf        '    "'  1  i ,     ltO      ^^'H,[ J")t  I " ll ' '  h ^tlli  !       ���     �� fr  %-:-   ."J  f I      0,  >    hi*   if   1 *  \Ui   "'<\      ' i,9  ,11,',t >'.' '; "<   il>  ,��^*tt~>tF*^''YHr^^l I r , ��k W i  .   ��� '   ��i    *    ^,1     oi .'a      ,,   ,,,    ��� r. ...   Ak>  4, .wjm^'f ��-,fl i)tt-nii,*t<^t^i��-^nimm*,*<^"���*'*mi"'"'"n''' yf"*"<  h<  ,��. ,��, .- -   --in       v" " "  I  fif     H��' r]fH  ,1    , " r" H 1*  ���    ,1V    V  n    11  1 l  Ht'"      'llf *'  ,      O^II  ,J |r ��  M   ?',.,  ,(���   1 a   '1  I ,  Mr ���"  I     "     �� A   tf V   ^ if <'�� .'����������"������������" ,i ���^",.*,4,|P��(.^,a, *,,*(., ��<|f J4,,,h,.*��a  ^      �� I      I     , kj, k     ' V       r-    -     ,H        ,   H-k t  'Tr-.      li.i  ��� >Ai$f  f '1  1 M    , >L  1   t?H "SO**,    bj&t&*HMil.^l.l'1  i  At  ,  li   >|-  'fl!   ���"''  "        ll, ��U-_iWi  ~~X   n.  '���imS'Mi'iS A'  ^ifetOTO *.?���..���* 7  fpjgo'lio?,.  yilf r|:i#? ���:  :W!^yy%y a -  ���srfri-TTU-i-  HJ,Sgi.7.5^iiH.'f ,-- ;J  k  Ss?osEi;!":! a.  fife *i]il:| a  ' k��H_H7.'V * 7*i '''HI  ������  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  o *"~  HA,  5* OO.-!/  my My  fit fell;  altar a few years as alderman, one may think  hicaself qualified to act as mayor���that is to  appear as the city's spokesman and executive  chief. It is time for the silent citizen to raise  his ifoiee in protest. We do not insist on genius in a mayor, b@t imbecility should   be  a  Col. PHor, and believes that gentleman will  have a majority of six when the House meets.  Mr. Ker is now on a trip of inspection to the  company's various agencies in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.  ' - a..  Beet sugar capitalists want Peterboro  County Council to take $40,000 stock in a  company being formed in that town.  Uf  /"^OL. PRIOR has won out and Mr. Ebrrts  ^-" has been vanquished. Mr. Dunsmuir  ha�� kept faith with Col. Prior and recommended him to the Lieut.-Governor for the  leadership. Without unnecessary delay, the  new Premier completed his Cabinet. At first  Mr. Eberts went into his tent and sulked, but  noon�� took him seriously, and he retains his  ~* ~Tany believe  that  iu taking Messrs.  and     Mclnnes     into    his    Cabinet, Col. Prior  has strengthen ed  the Government, while others, shake   their heads   ominously   and  say, "wait."    The speetacie of a  Premier going to the   Opposition for Cabinet  material may cause British subjects in   other  parts    of   His    Majesty   domains   to   stand  aghast, but it must not be forgotten that this  is British Columbia, and that a   hole more or  less in the constitution   is   not a matter of fa-0  tal   consequence     Perhaps   Col.   Prior    may  claim that inasmuch as his Governmen* js to  be non-partizan. hj can   choose  his material  when and where bethinks   it'sound.    There  may be a disposition to give tbe new Premier  achance to right the  Snip  of State, and it is  not likely that there will be much criticism of  the Government until its   policy is unfolded.  There are many, however,  who   believe  that  Col. Prior would have  strengthened   himself  and his Government had he rejected   some of  the worm-eaten wojd   already in the Cabinet  Jones was the surname of nearly 100 of the  600 delegates to the Welsh Baptist Conference at Merthyr Tydfil.  The tram started, and they both  looked *n  erlyfrom  the window, and  as the sp^ tf  creased a look of keener anxiety gathered ��  the old woman's face.    A  few ^^  the tram ran on to a long bridge, the sides of  which could not be seen  from  the carriage  Jow.Wlih^^  clutched her husband's arm. Meanwhile the  train sped onwards, and was once more on  solid earth. The old woman was quick to  note the change. Her features relaxed, and  she sank into her seat with the fervent exclamation : - Thank goodness, she's struck  ground again P  A universal penny tram fare has   been   decided upon in Sheffield, England.  Tho death of Mr.   Clarke Gamble, K. C at  Toronto' last week, removes  one of the oldest  men   in the Dominion.    He was 95   years of  age, and  was  in  good   health till a week before his death.    The Gamble family settled in  Canada in the first years of the   last century.  In one of the early   histories   of  Canada *the  name of Dr. Gamble is mentioned frequently.  He died on the4tb of September. 1811, and,"if  I am not greatly mistaken, was  father of Mr  Clarke Gamble.    The latter was father of Mr  A. G. Gamble, of Nelson.  Competitive examinations incidental to the  award of the Cecil Rhodes scholarships at Ox-  ford for the State of Pedneylvania Will be  held in Philadelphia in May, It is said at  least twenty students of the University of  Pennsylvania will compete.  Over at Camborre they give wife-beaters e  many hours to leave town. One,a brrber, reo  fu>ed io be governed by the notice, holding the  debatable ground that a man's wife is his  own and that he should be permitted to correct her whenever the circumstances seemed  to demand it.  The patch on the face is again coming into  fashion. It was observed at a recent -function  that Miss Alice Roosevelt wore one at the  southeast corner of her niwiuh, where a dimple  usually locates, and other young women are  following the fashion, it would *ee.n? But  not until the patch assumes the shapes popu-  lar in the seventeenth eentury, the crescent*,  the stars and tiny ships, shall the /���beauty  spot'' be considered to-iuve any real vogue. "  Contrary to general expectations the Government's name is not Dennis, although the  new Provincial Secretary answers to that  title.  Cambornites   are   agitating   for  a   school  Several men employe!   in   that town, would  move their families there at once but for their  reluctance to take their  children  away from  school.  ��;  Last Monday night when it was rumored  that Mr. Eberts had refund to take office  under Col. Prior, The Economist telegraphed  a gentleman at the coast :  "Is it possible that Eherts has refused to  take office ?"  Quick came the reply :  'ThotoKraphfl of Eberts refusing portfolio  offered $50 each.    Order early."  Everyone knows the nequel. Mr. Eberts  consented.  An English paper announces that the auto-  mobile   and   a fire   engine    have   been  combined, and that   the   praciical ill man, lion of  what the machine can do h   flittering   to   its  inventors.    The   points   of advantage   which  are claimed for ��he apparatus   are   ihe>e:      It  can cover the ground quicker than the ordinary machine, being   able  to run at ihe rate of  a  mile  in two   minutes; it can   go further,  thirty miles being its limit with a full supply  of fuel ; it can be  prepared   for action   more  speedily, only a few seconds being required to  put it in motion.  Compulsory vaccination will be enforced in  Ottawa.  In many cities and towns in Ontario it is  almost impossible to secure candidaits for  munifipal honors  The boiler-makers in tbe ship-building industry on the northeast coa^t of England have  deeded to accept 5 per cent reduction of  wages.  W. E. McCandlish, of the Dominion Express, was married Wednesday afternoon to  Miss Ernestine Larson, Rev. J. II. While performing the ceremony. After the wedding the  guests partook o* supper.  Among the vigors to Nelson ,hin week was  >S      \*'ker' ��f   th0  Hrm   "f   Brackma,,   &  *\or.     Mr. Ker takes   a   deep interest in poli-  ^ies, and wa. watching the Cabinet changes at  tbe coast from   this   distance.     He is   dose to  At a nmall station in tho North of Ireland  an old man carrying a carpet bag, and accompanied by an old woman, evidently bis wife,  entered the train. It was apparent from their  expressions of curiosity, mingled with anxiety that this was their fir.-U railway jnojtnoy.  The following is a boy's  essay  on .newspapers :    " Newspapers are sheets  of paper on  which stuff to read is printed.    The men look  over it to see if their names are in. it.   I don't  know how newspapers came into the world.  I  don't  think   anyone   does.     The Bible says  nothirg about  editors, and I r.ever heard of  one being in heaven.    The first editor I heard  of was the one who wrote  up the flood.   He  has been here ever since.    Some editors belong  to tbe church and some try to wear whiskers.  All of them try to raise trouble in their neighborhood.    Sometimes the paper dies and then  people feel   glad,   but  oomcono atarts  it   up  again.    Editors never went to school because  editors   never  got   licked.    Our    paper is a  mighty poor one,   but   we take  it fio ma can  me it on her pantry shelves.   Our editor don't  amount to much, but paw said he had a Voor  ir\.M(t *^* f^.*Wm-W��M*����i����^*Hwai, cr.  .= -rt  ,&  ���Al  THE NELSON ECONOiVIST  5  c  hance when he was a boy.    He goes without   |   to the sources from which   they may hope for  underclothes in the winter, wears no socks?  . Nd has a wife to support him. Paw has not  paid his subscription in five years, and he  don't intend to."  Maxim Gorki, the celebrated   Russian nov-  tditit  was for years little  better than a tramp.  At fifteen he ran away from horoe, and up  to  the age of   twenty-five he scarcely   had sufficient food to keep   him   alive.    He worked alternately   as a day-laborer, a   sawyer, a cook  and a lighterman.    Then he heard   that   free  instruction could be obtained   at Kazan, and  having no money to pay for  bis  journey   he  walkt-d there���a distance of   over 600   utiles.  lie there   worked   for  a salary   of   $1.50 a  month,  studying   hard  during  the evenings.  Tnen he became a clerk in   a lawyer's office,  where his literary   talent was discovered, and  In- eventually made his mark.  jassictance. As Mr. Dover remarked, it would  not be the best kind of an advertisement for  the mining industry that in order to make it  profitable the margin between loss and profit  would have to be made up by a bonus from  the Government.  Tne Nelson Liberal   Association   wid in future hold meetings to instruct the growing up  ^Deration   in   the principles   of Liberalism  Nothing will b* said as to   the most appro* ed  method of purloining a trade policy.  Mr. Galliher has been travelling through  tin* country considerably lately securing in-  toi minion as to the  requirements   of   his dis*  trirt.  Kaslo orators willorgiu -ize a Mock Parliament, The Provincial Government can no  longer lay claim to beir.tf the only Mock Parliament in the Dominion.  " (Jet in and drill.M This was the text of a  **pm:h delivered by Mr. Jacob Dover, at the  meeting of those interested in the lead mining  industry, held in the board of trade rooms  ',lst Monday. Mr. Dover's remarks were in  t'le nature of advice to the, men engaged in  lJi'' mining industry. He urged them to be  tnnro'self reliant and not to depend so much  0,1 "innide assistance in the way of subsidies.  Nations like individuals can only accomplish  K^it results by relying entirely on their own  ('x*'^ions, and when they throw up their hands  !ln,, plead for help it is about time they were  s'Htinjr off the map. The people of any conn-  ,r.V are treading on dangerous ground when  l,l(,y admit failure and carry all  their sorrows  Lord Kitchener is popular even with the j  huvs selling flowers in the street. One pi f  them, when the police were linking another  wav. climbed a tree near the National Gallery j  at theunveiling of the Gordon statin* to }>* t a j  better view of tbe soldier whom everyone de- j  i.uhts to honor. The carriage passed quite j  cio-u to tlie tne, and the young Mower teller  was able to throw one of hi* best specimens  iL-ht at Lord Kitchener** feel. The. General  pieked it up? with a pleasant smile of thanks,  and placed it in his button-hole.  Probably the oldest soldier in the world is  Field-Marshal Lieutenant Barou Schwartz  Meilier, who, though in the ninety-sixth year  ol bio age, is still on the active list of the  Austrian army. He has been au officer lor  seveut>-louf >earr, and a general since 1852.  The Canada Drug & Book Co,, L'td, Nelson have the largest stuck and greaieai variety  oi holiday goods ever displayed in the Kootenay j?. iu novelties, everything that can be  puiClJiised in tlie larger Cities ol the east can  be found here, and waen it comes to book.-,  nothing like tne stwca displayed by. this company can oe seen in a^y other bookstore west  of Toronto. Everything produced by o'aua-  dian publishing tioti.-eo is on the oheives��, besides tne product oi the leading houses oi  I Great Britain and the United Slates. Book-  ! to vera especially can spend a profitable hour  looking over the book?? m the store of the Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited.  Should Canadian zinc ores be admitted free  of duty into ;he United States it would mean  a gje.a deal to the mining industry.  ..Tlie St. AndrewV ball  next   Monday   night  l-romises to be a great success.  La Soufriere is again in violeat eruption.  Serious   riot*   are   again announced   from  Havana.  Adjutant and Mrs. Blackburn of the Salvation Army will hold farewell meetings on Sunday. Thev have been transferred to Great  Falb', Mont.  The production of "Caste" was in many re-  spiels a praiseworthy   performance.    Several  of the amateur- in  the cast were at   least   the  -equal? of many prof^ionols  seen  in Nelson,  but it would be base flattery to attribute even  mediocre talent to two or three who   were assigned inore or less important  roles.    In this  respect the  production   was   no more blameworthy than the average performance of irav  eiling companies.    It is   not  often   the piay-  Koing public   are provrded   with   a  dramatic  feast of which it can truthfully be  said/every  dish is palatable.    Of course  it may be  said  that this being a first performance it was only  natural to expect a little halting     Quito true,  but there were several on the stage Wednesday  night who had not the slightest conception of  Mr. Robertson's  admirable stage   portraits of  scenes iu every day   life.    However, that  this  i ��� -'rr-���****r��<��^ s, ��    |��   , (     t  \\      'Zfy      " $'      ,,'A   i      A  pft#��*��>*.iVW,<)il��i*f*. iviil* :  tv  cmicism may not be regarded as too hasty,  extended reference will be postponed until after the perfoimar.ee next Saturday night. Ia  the meantime, a word oi praise might be  given to the ladies wno took part. Mrs. Macdonald could not be* excelled in the part of  '���Pony Eceies," while Mr��. Taylor, as the  ''Ma-iquist* de St. Maur," and xUrs. Davis, as  lEstuer Eccied,,; were most acceptable.  .61?.  It has been complained time and again that  the   mining   men   of    tne   Kootenay   did not  know exactly wnat tney wanted.    This charge  can no longer be sustained.    Those interested  in the   mining  industry   have placed   themselves on record as  desiring   that*'tne duties  on pig lead and the products  thereof   imposed  by the Deniimon   Government  should   be in- ,  creased so ari to he on a parity witn  duties on  Other raw   Lu#.ierials ana  their   niauuiactuies_  whicu are the products ol  Canada/  and   thai,  "ail machinery anu  supplies   Useu   in   mines  and snjeilers  not utanuiactured iii Canada be  admiued duty   tree."     ibe   Government.can  no longer piead ignorance et  tne requirements .  oi the mining industry.     Waeu Air.  Galliher  goes down to Ottawa ne will have in ms hand;  a resolution auu^itd by   a  meeting oi ~the re- ;  presentslive business xnea oi  tne Province, in-  which a demand is made for adequate pro tec ti''  tion for the staple industry ;oi Uae   Province. ..  The deuiaud is a just one,  -arid   mere should,  be no nesitaiioiA on t:-e   yu.it   ui   the   Governs  men I .m acceding to it.  Seattle wiil no longer permit gambling,   so  the police buy*  Railway rates  are  advancing all   over the  continent.  The Victoria school board has decided to  separate Chinese children from white pupils  in the public schools.  The late heavy decline in silver is causing  dismay. ."���';���  Otir new premises not  being ready we will continue our Bargain Sale  the remainder of the week.  Ai  fMFfl)  JXi  WMF  1  utkkLkj  /fl>t  'O  y/      < k^Wri, ^^H-^f.f h-^i'":*1 H^t'Y^H   ]\l^t7V7i-f ** 7   ,S"H*7M Sff^l ^khk^'fh Ht li.n'ilnt.11 >���<*��,y|.,, ,, ^ �� .4 !>n^(tti. , ^v^'(.faH,��lw^*"h,��" '  'AC-'  l|V  ifi  l-W=i  tS-7  iii,  5^a=i  iff,  iwz  _K_&a^'���,',  of.;*,  _#-"��:  mm  \m  M  ' M'J  T m  ���iv. A<nJ'  if ���*    {!|77,r;lfi ';��v��-  A\ tvvrV"1  \       t    >  .,y i}    i i ^  , 'i   I       a   ,'ii  a        Mr>      >-   aw""  fl  i      ��� i      , frr.   , i u  ;-   M (>'   .,   ���'     ��'.!  f/l, ,. > " "��� Z  It  I  <};l ,,   ,i ���* , ii '"..  1/ l ' '      '"''!  I  ,11 .- ,t*hrn, A-  ILSOi  CONOMiST  ��&&��� ~  i < i  ��� f'*  , J   %  ' i  - I  * f      I  *  a    j.  If\..  pi i "Z  tlMfir  -I tb ?':  r;-li_7  i- f }| -.  f  41   ,1  t    1   f   7  .J If  ri in  ��r  -1L  fcl  * -.  ��� i:  5,  J  J" '  -e 4- I  I   *  11  ir  Mi   ~17  ���<��� H$ ���  f * ^M  fi*  1 fcA3>  f  fK  1?"  j: f  -'8  ';��  COURTING BY PROXY.  ALTER,** said   Mrs. Bertha  Turner  to her artist cousin, who was painting her portrait," why don't you marry ?"  '-Because, my dear Bertha, I cannot get  the woman I want. I will tell you a secret.  There is a young girl who occasionally looks  ont of that window facing my studio. I have  fallen in love with her. Sne does not deign  to notice me."  " If I were a   man,   with   my knowledge of  women, I   could    get   any   women   in    the  world."  ** I wish you would get this girl for me.n  Neither spoke for a while. Then Bertha  Turner said :  " I have a plan. For you, my favorite cousin, I will execute it, though I would not do  so for any one else. Give me some of your  clothes. There is a girl sitting at the window  now.    Is that she ?"  " Yes.     What are you going to do ?"  ''Never mind.    Leave that to Lie."  Ten minutes later, Mrs. Turner, dressed  from lhe waist up as a man, strolled to the  Window and looked out. She held some roses  in her hand and, taking careful aim, sent  them into the lap of the girl opposite. The  recipient started and looked out just in time  to fete the sender disappear  from the window.  The girl held the Howes over the sill preparatory to dropping them in��o tbe court i��e-  low, but befor doing so concluded to enjoy  their fragrance. Tneti she i<tid them on a  table near by, arose and disappeared.  " There's a beginning for you. To-morrow  afier the sitting We'Jisee if we can advance a  step."  The next day when Mrs. Turner arrived at  the studio her cousin said to her :  *' Your effort ha? been a failure."  .  " Whv so ?"  "1 went to the window this morning.    She  came   to  her   window at  the  same moment.  As soon as she .-aw me she turned and walked  a wav"  "That's   very good.    If  she   hadn't   done  that this morning, c*he would have done it  'his af'^rnoon. Now. having shown her Condemnation of your assurance, perhaps she wiJi  be forgiving.';  The sitting was cut short, for in   the   midst  of it the girl opposite appeared at her window  with her workbasket.  "She expects you to appear and look very  penitent. Sue must be disappointed. Give  nae your coaL There; now put your hat on  the back of my head so as to conceal my knot  of hair.    That will do."  Seizing a handglass, she sat near the window, wi^h her back turned toward the girl opposite.  " Aha, little one I" she said. " Who is hurt  this time? Sm<-.nh that wrinkled brow."  She presently burst into a laU'h.  " Look," she said to her cousin.  " 1 see nothing unusual."  "She's putting   that sleeve  in   wrong side  ���remost.    Fix your mind on your   work, my  dear.    Don't be thinking ahcut the nian op  posite."  At the next sitting, as  Mrs. Turner entered  the studio, Walter Burne paid excitedly :  " It's all up. Until to-day she has never  failed to show herself at the. window in the  rao.ning. I have );ot i^een her since you left.  I treated her verv rudelv."  The lady received this information with  equanimity and went to the window.  "Splendid!"' she  exclaimed, clasping   her  hands with a childish delight.  "What is it?"  Burne looked out and faw a flower on Uhe  window sill.  11 She   tells you," said bus cousin, " that sbe  appreciates your gift."  " How do vou know?"  "That's what the flower she had   placed on  the window all means in. flower, language.".'.  !       " You don't mean it P  j 4lYr3. Having shown her that you were  j offended at her apparent want of appreciation,  | she has hastened to tell vou that vou were mis*  j taken. Now I think vou had belter uive her  j a forgiving reply."  I Going to some pots containing plants in an  tmpovished conservatory, she looked them  ove��*.  "Oh, dear! There is nothing to indicate  forgiveness or forgive me. This foigeL-Mie-not  will have to serve Go and Uy it on the sili."  Butne was so mov< d at this Mirce^-fiil step  ir his love affair that he made no end  of blunders on the portrait, doing more barm  than good. When hiscous-iu arose lo go, sh*  locked at it and asked:  " Have you been working on the no.se this  morning?"  "Yes.    Why do you a-k?"  "Take it out     It h tie no e of the girl op-  po-ite.      I think you   had better-now arrange  for an introduction to your lady-love. Do vou  know ber name?"  "No."  Cl Weil, I will note the number of her hou.-e  as I go by and find out for you. Tbeh 1 will  pre what I can do."  Mrs Turner's investigations led' to .the in-'  fn. (nation that tbe gi.l opposite w^ the  daughter of an acquaintance of one of i��er inti- !  mate friends. An introduction was arrang-  id. aud the proxy met the la<ly of Ids love, j  Shortly after this Burne received a notice from  his cousin to appear at ber house on a stipulated evening. There he was introduced to the  girl opposite, who did not suspect but that the  m: Bting was purely accidental.  "Now fight it out yourself," whispered his  cousin as shejexcused herself for a time, "and  be brave."  Bourne was brave and won.  The Modern Romans.  Under the slanting light of the yellow buu of  October,  A "gang of Dagos" were working close by the  side of the car track.  Pausing a moment to catch a note of their liquid Italian,  | Faintly I heard a note of Rome's imperial ac-  ! cen ts.  j  Broken-down forms of Latin   words from the  | Senate and Forum,  I Now smoothed over by use to the musical lia.  \ gua Romana.  j Then came the  thought, Why,  the��e are the  l heirs of the conquering Romans ;  j These are the sons of the men who founded the  j Empire of Caesar ;  | Theee are they who**e fathers carried the con-  1 quering eagles  | Over ail Gaul  aud across  the sea to Ultima  Thule.  The race type persists unchanged in their eyes  and profiles and figures���  Muscular, shon, and thiek-m with prominent  noses, recalling  "Romanos rerum domino^, gentemque toga*  turn."  See, Labienus is swinging a pick with  rhthmicai motion ;  Yonder one pushing th^ shovel might be Julius Caesar,  Lean, deep-eyed, broad-browed, and bald, a  man of a thousand ;  Further along there stands the jolly Horatius  F) aceus;  Grim and grave, with rings in hib ears, see  Cato the Censor;  And the next has precisely the bust of Cneius  Po*npe*us.       * ,  Bl or red and worn the -urface, I grant, and the  coin is but copper ;  Look more closely, you'll catch a hint of tbe  old superscription���  Perhaps the seem of a letter, perhaps a leaf of  the laurel,  Ou the *dde uf the street, in proud and gloomy  ��-eclusi*��ii?  " Bossmg the job," stood a Celt, the race enslaved by the legions,  Sold in ihe market of Rome, to meet the ex-  pet n-es of Caesar.  And a* I loitered,   the Celt cried, " Tind to  your worruk, ye Dagos-  Full up yer shovel, Paythro, ye haythen, PII  dork yees a quarther."  This he said to the  ono  who   resembled  tho  great Imperii;or ;  Meekly the dignified Roman kept on patiently  digging  Such are the changes and  chances the centuries bring to the nations.  Surely, the ups and   downs  of the world are  past calculation.  How the races troop o'er the stage in endleofl  procession 1  Persian and Arab, and Greek, and Hun, and  Roman, and Vandal,  Master the world in turn and  then disappear  in darkness,  Leaving a remnant as  hewers of wood  and  drawers of water.  " Possib'y"���this I thought to myself���"the  yoke of the Irish  May in turn be  lifted from us in  the tenth  generation.  Now the Celt is on top���but time  may bring  bin revenges,  Turning tbe Fenian down once  mora to he  "bossed by a Dago.' "  - Ca V\ Johmion> in Toronto Saturday Night*  m. it-~   ;
^^ r-- -~
.-4t*MMiana .jftfc^^iwr^Ht ■>
is ^>
The -Lively I>essert_
A travrlod American onco had the fell.
o. of Iii i in# down  to a .Japanese  diun«£
\\ *ii«'h were *erved such dainties a.** mel*
s,[ j^,s% fruits antl sea frogs. There was,
hi aiidiii''" to tin so sweets, a covered dish,
imo wi.ii-Ji at the beginning: of tho dinner
j>()tt:o of wino had been poured. When
tho i-oii fvox* and other dainties had been
tii^u^ed, tho cover of this dish was r@-
row<l. an(! a "unlbcr °^ *»ucl hoppers, hi-
juiou-Iv intoxicated and jumping about
in tin' wild.-st manner, was presented to
tju. .r.-i/.o of tho astonished American
irut'-ts". The lively dessert was caught by
t{j0j.i].a.u's*\ wiih little bambooeticka&n&
eaten with tfreat gU£t-o.
ir, Naif, Tooth*   Bat
offee loasters
0ea,^«" Tea and Coffee
nfant, Etc
Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at
**»*£» »iaa1
.Sherbet JPoirder.
Rub the ri*ul oft two Uirgo fresh lemons
on hall* 'a pound of loaf sugar; crush tho
latter to a ifne" powder, mix it thoroughly
v.irh four t>urees of carbonate of soda aud
iov.r nunc> oi tari'iric acid, then pass the
udMiavthrough a line sieve into u jjcr-
f.*i!v dry warm bottle and cork fig.'ilJy.
If vjor.d i*i a thy place, this powder will
Xapg« - d tor almost any length of time,
and a (<t>i H)sd ul stirred into a tumbler
of water produces a most refixvhlng drink
lata uiuniLio s notice.—Saturday Post.
■Weare .iffc-rtnirat lowest prices the best'
grades olt'ey Ion, India, China and Japan]
. jl. eas... ..      j
Our Best Mocha and Java Coffee per        {
%f  A , ■       pound $  40
Mocha &n<| Java Ulead, J pounds. A.. j CO
Choice Blcml Coilee, 4 poumis     i 00
Special Blend Cntlce,ft pounds J 00
Itlo RlendC««nVe.<» pounds 1 00 '
♦Special Blend Cey hut n a, per punM.    . o "
Ii.Jury to T«»eth.
Much  injury i> often done to teeth by
iB'it-i;: iae >ai.«. v tooth powder. X'owderod
ur;.):; s..•.•>"-! tl^rotigh muslin to approved
(l.ya.! <;i-lilies and .-hould lie msed onceover A>y. 1 u* toot..hrijr;h should Ik? um.hI |
v :7 wvry rnwAi and ilcsa mJ»» pressed i:.e~ I
jtuv..!. n;r ?,. ?.,»■ to remove fuml lodged"!
ft;-;re. i hi---r.;et hod will usually lento lhe 1
fu a a iron dtray till old aue. It la the' r
jci oi. j i;i.Mmief,.i,:ilies to. 'int.? I tit*mouth !
rftah warni arouiatie water after estiug.
Telephone 177.
P. O: Box 1&2.
^£3T     BV<£3   $TZ*~Tf    HEISOH
Up-stairs in the   Walface-^iiier   Block
\Vlti»l»»s;ile and Kclai I
ON! Pttr>tt.£as liouoe.
yir^. Flora Annie Steel*?* i?t*<jtland hojn©
ji> Uz'Auyy- llout e. near DaniT* It \s ais*o
it3. i>is.i i:i....;se of- :-*:r Thon:a-« Urquhnrt of
|C.-«);i:.'irty. wI.m. eould tnAv hi.* pedigieo
ffi va \\y ruAAum, The neighborhooj "c»f
|h»*nltii.'a> ).ivr a peculiar iuiert^t- i;« India,
|f«r ji  ;mv.«  birth    to  the  Uwzoxxs pi|Kjr
Sensible People travel by the C. P. R.
"Iron Cap" and "Grey Eagle*' Mineral
Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Bivi
slon of West Kootenay District.*
Where loeated: On the west slope of Sandy.
Creek, about four miles from Nelson.
Take notice that 1. Francis J- O'Reilly, ot
Nelson* B. C. as-agent for C. Sweeny. Free
Miner's certificate No. B7!,212, intend sixty
days from the date hereof, to' apply to the
Mining Recorder for certiorates of .improve-,
ments. for the purpose Of obtaining'Crown
grants <»fthcfabove «*laimSw.      V-  - :?
4nd further take, notice that action* under
section  37, m ust be, commenced   before * the ~
issuance ot such certificates of improvefmehts.
Dated this22iid day c»f October, 1902.: - >
-Fbakcis JT. 0'Keii.i.y. t
Camps supplied 011 shortest
■ru:iilau>r. who   played   I ho  *d.j;:;i«i   whea   j „^f*   A *_.»/4   l^..^^"*  ^..;^^^ '
IhohiKhiand trcoj sVsdnucd Da^uL J a0tiCe^ »"«  lowest prices:
Mail orders receive  carefj.il
It is jenued   t .at   Servian  men do Ito$
i.irry for  hive,  lu:r   to  seeure an  a^'dt*"
nmMvp/Kcr for  t;u»   hon.^ehohl, ao   \y.ty
t''iii^ n;of)   niarry women  several yoaia
1'lrr ?h,,n themselves, as girls nru 1c.*»,h ex*
p'rii'ijfrni iu housework.  Xii fh«> lower and
;mi<lilli'c..i.vscs women  nro always helped
and  may no^ eJt down  uiibidden I®
(«« pn-M-uo: of thu mon.
ers receive
Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats* and supplies
kept in stock.
Gladys Minei*aLdaim,. situate in-the Net,
son Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis-
Thc East and West are almost one when the \ rri*,,t,r "     ,      ,   .     A   tf -   .      *r»   "i. _
means of transit is theC.P. K.   A gl. nee at i    Where locked:  On Morning Mountain.
th s condensed time table will convince you L,1" w ^L^i thafc X/- John   Mcf,t?7lhfe' ¥
. < Mii«t filer • . 1 the City of Nelson, acting as agent ftfr E. J,
. ii-aihiucc.      .    .       . sninley,     Free     Miner's     Certificate  , Xo.
j B 51 .o«0f and K. H. SI ;i 11 ley, Free - Miri&r's Cer-
! tificate xNo.B51,561, luleml. sixty;. daCJ's from
the date hereof,;to ai»ply rb the Mining Recorder for a. Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose" of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim. >
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this loth day of September, *A. D. 1902.
John MctMTCHiE.
Leave Nelson 5a,m./
Arrive Winnipeg 2nd day 8:50 a.m.
Arrive :st. Paul 2nd day 6:40 p. m.
Arrlve Chicago 3rd day 9:30 a.m.
Arrive Toronto 4th day 2:45 p.m.
Arrive Montreal 4th day 6:40 p.m.
Arrive New York 5th day 8.55 a. m
th* ••<;«.iMcft-3 of i»ltM»rt_rt.'*
MIfs Anna Williams, tho "GoddoiUI Ot
.Li!»:-rty, '* whose j rofllo i* on every silver
fl^lir. lives in IMnladelphln. In tho curly
P-'ift of i >;i; Ino titv;sury department w-
c'lrr''. tJir.,iJi_:h eommmilcntioii with, the
\T(y\ miiif ,,f Knghind, tho **ervlc«j» of 11
jcji'UT ymin^ designer and engraver,
IJ"»»«>•.Mnr-an. After eon>pIet!ng tho
l°'M-'i 1 r the Hide of the coin upon which
ft,,J,';!»W's,.„re«l tho Ainerieuii mtfa hi« ut-
('"'ion Ilirnr(| totlmotlier wide, jindf bo-
I "a. too 11
j^'"h n pr.uiurt of fancy, he determined
that■ ih,. },,,,,.■   •
[Of Sonic
liJ1'» li of a realist  to be" aatlidlcd
|< t of fancy, he determined
>d should Uj the reproKoMutlon'
,. American uflrl.    Mr. Morgan was
Intr.Mlueed |„ ^jj,
.... hh Willhiiua nnd wiih lirir
P'^hI bv |,,.,. bw,utiflI| face and studied
'  ('"refiiiiv.    When  ho told  her what fee
frit'i'V   i*'10    »)n,n|PtIy    rofUHod.      IU*
1 >«K however, oveiTamo  her isorupleft,
''unite,- iu,, sitting thodoMl^n waH.eoni.
tho si U,IS n(,(,°P^»d by eontfre*w. mid
^^ ver dollars have boon potirihtf from
be-ni,-V,,,K ,l!l ,,M'S0 ymVH wlornod wiih the
fl,"'/11'1'1 i.M-eof a Quaker City maiden.
the ilk","'•'"'  h,,rs,,,f ™hh HtatelineMH, and
tJi,.,.,"'^' ''   ,1''1' '1,,a(1 i'M exaetly as Keen on
y& l|,|'l|"i     '^,M> is S,'W,,^.V below the aver
-Jl)l.;,»",'!'.       is ra,lu'r pluuip and fair, with
hair 1 "r1, !,oso i* <-«ivoiut), mul hor
or, a'hV'''*/ ,,"w,,in'' ldwy% in Koldeii in coh
"","11, iM <Mia.nii|.y ami of wondoi"
£. C. TRAVES, ManaotJi! Close Connections for All East-
r_! era Points.
Ooftisfiioti #amd
Land: Surveyor
' The splendidly equipped tourist cars of thh
! eoi»|Miuy leave for the hasias io low*:
• From Dunmore Junction dally for Hi Paul.
I From Kootenay X*mdIh^, Tuesday and
.! Saturday* for Toronto4 Montreal, and all
! Kastera points.
fill    .
<»i   ti.xLuro.—Zero Dlitifl In
Further information an to why the C. P. R.
_.       _-»    ■ _- m   1 n n     Is the ineHt desirable route across tho eontln-
Oo.'CustoiriSHouse,Wei?'n.Br. ™?m»*^<""y.aw^ionappuea-
::.;.:,..:.:;:;:-,..a„..,:_. ., ^ _ ...™-~.:~™- jj.s.cartkk, - .   e.j.coylk.
■'■ I       DIst.PasK. Agt., A. Gi P. A.
WADDS   BROS. ' N<,""ln- -■ V»noouwr.
Vancouver and Kelson
\\\ 1 ne mo in 1   ."^1 ^••^ ;.._ i. .»ii.-_i_ v ohu 1
i.'iiHeiide Creek, runuhur nor li«dtf   -j (   '<
then west eighty e uuns,     k11 sou»•   J.M1
ehaluh, and east eighty eliains to pla< < on oj
metuu^meut. A      .   „ lon,»
Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.
TO John NorerosHi or to any person or per-1
,on'R 'to whom he maj' have, trannferred his
uteres! In Ihe ^Caledonia" mineral claim,
situate on the Divide, between Bird and
nnhireroel'N.and south ofthe Ophlr mineral
claim, Xelaon AlifJnir Dlvlnlon of w0«t. Root-
° Youand each ofyouare hereby notillledthat
we have expended one hundred dollars .In
labour and improvement* upon the above
mentioned mineral claim. In order to hold
* Id mhiernl'elnlm un<ler the provlslonu.of
ne Mineral Aot, and if within J»0 days from
i he date of this not ire,.you fail or refum? to
contribute'vour proportion of sueh expendI-
lure to^eth'er with  all  eostM of.adverf'W«ng»
Notice To Delinquent Co-Owncra
To It. F. Murray and Thomas Burns or to any
persons or persons to whom they may have
transferred their interests in the •» Biff Chief
Mineral t'laim situate about eleven miles up
East Side of Wild Horse Creek, and the "doorman" Mineral Claim situate about % mile
east of Wild Horse Creek and twelve miles
from Nelson and Fort Shepherd Railway,
both in the Nelson MiningDivision, District of
West Kootenay.
You and each ofyou are hereby noticed
that I have expended two hundred dollars In
labour and improvements upon tho above
mentioned mineral claims in order to hold
said mineral claims under the provisions oi
the mineral Act, and if within ninety dayN ot
the date of this notico you fall or reAise to
contribute your portion of such expenditure
together with all costs of advertising your interest in Ihesald claims will become tho property of tho subscriber under Section four of
an lot entitled »• An Act To Amend Tho
Mineral Act, 1SH)0."
Dated thi« tewolffcti any ot April, 190tt.
Shepherds Star Mineral Claim .situate in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
District.   *
Where loeated: On the ICastKoric of Cottonwood Creek. >,. mlloEaflt of Nelson and Fort
Sheppard Itnvlwuy.'
Take noMco llwif I:, John M*oT.a£<*,.>He, of tho
City of NVIwoti, n-ottaij-ras agent ft>r Jaanon Bar-
net MneJLivren. Free Mbier*s Ctvytdtltw^^ No. II
(13,122, Intend, sInJ.v ihxya ^i< in tJx> dae Iiereof,
to apply to the Mhiliiu: Recorder &o« a Cca*-
MAttciAfiicr  Nkwmht.
Date<l this l^feh day of July, 1A02.
Dated this iS7th day of August, A. I). 190a.
John MoliATorJcr:.
-  A ■:
1 y
mm 1
II   h
A ii>    .'
,v |f;lJ'
" v !!
ii A   Z '«" 11,'      "' >*   '
h     1        1 ■- v,    ■
\   •   ' A" ' 'I-   _
.- J -U**^. v^I^J!*!^^ ^1,^".<
KM ft}* It*  t-VJ
V  7<  1
-,' A,V   ti   '1A l!'    '
'Ul"        '     '     1\"        lHfrl»»l«l'l«(>.
k       ,(. ', ' M     „
'"Tl'   ^'* in «'*)«■
id > 11 -k
'll ."    -" t;        ~'~7 *      -     7-  H^  l  S-J.  <m  hit  ���*{<  fill''  Eft Life'  if MfA  We will allow 10 per cent, discount during this week on the following lines:  Dress Goods, Costume ClcrtJis, Wa and Dress Silks, Ladies9 Rainy-  Day and Drdss Skirts, I^adies, and Children's Coats, Jackets "and Ready~td~Wear  Tailor-M Portieres, Window Shades, and all the  House Fui^shing^ Blouses; Regular price $6.6o^  l^le^  b -  r  ass J��t||4--  ���  t  i  I^oxiireal, CsuiiGLcisb  ��� d r,jaw    ' i;p, f _f \���I'-'ALV  ''AZZi^Ay nlfZ/ iiA.r.'Me^n^.  -n  u )i  Av  t  I  O  /o<\  1Z>    \^stf* Ca  ,*V*%  jb��  &4*  H*,,f  1*7    f    7  id- lU(��   /  t ',!<*     A  ID'  ��,  :' ii,  i      "'ON  f>    I-     t|  h'  <�� if.  J.   , ���k��� ����dM /jN  1, J  . I , kr. ^l**.  tt.j^t*>(wV^#T^v.jf^if��*8fc|��^^


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