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The Economist Nov 12, 1904

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 ���'&MC?f^  ��� V  General Comment.  During the past week, Hon. Chas.  H. Mackintosh  has beon visiting the-  towns along tlie Crow's Nost Pass, and  from all accounts, he was well received  everywhere,   lie was accompanied by  Mr. Blakemore,   and  meetings  wen-  held at all the nlaces visited, both gentlemen addressing thc electors.     Mr.  Blakemore    returned  lust night, and  drawing liis conclusions from what ho  has seen and heard, lie is inclined to  think Mr. Mackintosh will curry Kootenay.     Of course, it is essential  that  Conservatives everywhere should turn'  out and do all  the work they can foi  their candidate until tho last ballot is  counted.        Thc   battle  for   "Better  Terms" for British  Columbia is none  the less urgent because a Liberal Govern ment  has been returned to power;  iudeed, Mr. Laurier might reasonably  conclude tnat British Columbians were  satisfied   with   existing  conditions il  they returned a solid deputation  from  ' this Province.   The emphasizing of the  principle of Government ownership nl  railways  is just as obligatory on_ the  voters as   it was before   the general  election,  and all  who believe  in   it,  should give evidence of the faith that  is in them by voting for Mr. Mackintosh on the 22ud of December.   Meetings will  be held at  dilTorent points  in the constituency until election day,  the .Nelson meeting having been arranged to take place next week.  and it was estimated that it would cost  i little over $4,000. The six"1 lots recom-  monded belong to Victoria parties, and  Ihe assessed value is.about ��1,100.  There is an asset of $1,5(50 in the present school building and lots. The  meeting recived the report, and after  somo discussion it was resolved that  Harry Wright, tho member for Ymir  riding, be requested to urge on ,tbe  Educational Department the necessity  of a new school for Fairview,.and that  he be further requested at his earliest  convenience to interview the owners of  the lots refeired to and o^nin information as to the price they will accept  for the same.  The London Times has a lengthy  article oil the B. C. exhibit of fruit at  the Royal Horticulturist's Society's  show in London. Amongst other  flattering things, that paper says an  opportunity was afforded of comparing  the Colonial apples with somo fine  home-grown collections, and while it  could not be said thut lhey were superior to the best English specimens,  it had to be admitted that they approach them very closely in color,  shape and flavor. Moreover, the British Columbia fruit was in good condi-  ' tion,'notwithstanding the fact that it  had beeu picked as early as September  last, and had.travelled 3,000 miles- by  train and 3,000 miles'by steamer.--The  fruit was not only] uniformly graded.  but was free from insect attack, which  was mainly due to the legislative enactment of- recent years. After describing the different varieties exhib-  tcd and referring to the vast areas of  fruit lands in British Columbia, the  Times concludes thus: "Considerable  interest was taken in the exhibit, and  among those who inspected the fruit  were Lady Aberdeen, Hon. J. H. Turner, Agent-General for British Columbia, and Captain Hon. Mr. Tallow,  Finance Minister oftho Province, who  brought the Government's exhidit  over with him."  _The_  .Boundary_Creck���Times-complains that coins of the Straits Settlements and Hong Kong are circulated  to some extent in Greenwood, and in  that district gonerally being accepted  by,merchants at their face value. The  Times asserts.that they are being sent"  "into the interior by some-sharpers at  the coast, who buy them at fifty-three  cents on the dollar of their face value  and palm them off on an unsuspecting  people at full value. Tiik Economist  has a somewhat diflerentjlheory and it  is this: The coast politicians who are  touring Mr. Boss' constituency may  be riddling the coins simply to make  an aggreeable impression on the electorate.  The Victoria Colonist prints the  following. It must not be .construed  as a reflection on "Big Bill " :  ���     HIIX'S IK TROUBLE.  I've sol a letter, parson, from my son away  out West,  An' my ol' heart is heavy as an anvil in my  1)remit ; .- '  To tliink the'boy whoso futur' I had once so  proudly planned '*.  Should wander from the path o' right "an'  come to such an' end !  I tol' liim when ho left us, only three short  . years ago,  He'd   And - himself a'plowin' in   a   mighty  crooked row;   "   .  He'd   in Iks   his father's -"counsels and   his  mother's prayers, too;  But  he said tlie farm was hateful, an' he  guessed he'd have to go.  I know tliar'b big big temptation for a youngster in the West, ���  But I believed our Billy had thc courage to  resist, _���;   .  An' when he left I warned hiin "of the ever-  waltin> snares  That lie like hidden sarpln'ts in life's pathway every wheres;       ..      '  But Bill he promised faithful to be* keerful.  'an' allowed  He'd build up a reputation that'd make us  mighty proud, -"  But It seems as how my counsel sort o'laded  from his mind, ���    '  An' now he's got In trouble ofthe very worst-  estklnd!  His letters come so seldom 'that I somehow  sort o' knowed /  That Billy was a'trampln' on a mighty rocky  rou d. .  But never once imagined he would bow my  head In shame  AV iu the dust'd waller his oi' daddy's honored name.   . "   .    .,  He writes from out ln Denver, an' the story's  *    -  mighty short;    , ;  I Jess can't  tell his mother���it'll crush her  poor ol' heart!  An'as I reckoned, parson, you might break  tho ncM*s to hor���  Bill's In tho "legislature but he doesn't say  what fur I  Senator* Templeman and George  lliley, M. P., of Victoria, and W. W.  B. Mclnnes, "of Nanaimo, were in Nelson Thursday night en route to Greenwood, to assist Duncan Ross in his  campaign. Senator Templeman and  Mr. Mclnnes will make speeches, but  it is not denied that Mr." Riley also  possesses eloquence of a convincing  character.  In Politics He is a Grit, but He is Sore Over  Sullivan's Soft Snap:  tt  Cap  ��  there is little probabllfQr~4ftaj-'ftfiOIHer  opera company will visit NelSJiTl'IiTfs  [season. Manager Cranston ianow  visiting the various houses of tbe British Columbia and Alberto Theatrical  Circuit making arrangements for tbe  appearance of the Beggar Prince Opera  Company.  <s  Though tne battle for government  ownership may have been lost  throughout the Dominion, there is  some consolation in the fact that tl.e  citizens of Nelson uncompromisingly  committed themselves to the principle  when they voted last Thursday to run  the tramcars as a municipal enterprise.  It is uot known whether the 174 who  voted iu favor of the proposal were all  Conservatives, and if the S who voted  against it wore Liberals, but the disparity in the vote gives rise to that  suspicion, .,-In any event, the vote  shows how'the ratepayers of an enlightened city feel with regard to the  problein.of municipal ownership.  The committee appointed to select a  site for a new school in the Hume Addition and prepare estimates as to the  cost of the building, presented its report to au adjourned meeting held last  Monday evening. The committee reported tliat three sites had been under  consideration, but the most desirable  one comprised six lots on the corner of  Nelson avenue and Cottonwood street.  Plans for a modern school building  had been prepared by Architect Carrie,  Two"school~teachers"were ofTtbe"caf  just after tbe classes had been reformed  and they were talking interestingly to  themselves about things generally in  the.departments in which,-they were  engaged, and ' the number of children  in their classes. Opposite to them sat  an old and rather neat woman, who'  bad a large basket on the floor beside  her.  "How many children have you ?"  said oue of the teachers to the other.  "I have forty-seven."  Tlie old woman looked up with a  look of bewilderment rather than surprise. "How many children - have  you ?" asked the other teacher.  "I have slxtv-ilve."  A look of deeper surpriee came over  the face of the woman with the basket,  but she did not say anything until she  reached her destination. While getting out of thecar she turned her*" head  and said iu a loud voice :  "I do not know who you are or  where you come from, but I can say  you>area slick pair of liar*."  ��� The Calgary Eye Cpeiier, a brightly wiitten paper  which opened "many eyes in the re'centcampaigii in  the interests of good government, had a special feature  entitled: "Interviews-With Great Men:'. .One-published recently wirh Radcliffe was especially spicy.*- Of  course the interview ivfis.iinaginaty.  "Good morning, Mr. Radcliffe."  , "Good morning, sir.- '��� Pray'be seated..'"'    -  "*"���  "You are; I believe, the official���uui-er���-"' ".A.  '���" "Yes," here* is one of my business cards.    . My_ profession seems to stick iu your throat, sir.      Speaking  of throats���-:" - '      -        "_��� *" \  ���'H'm, your card says 'All orders promptly executed.' ; You have a pretty wit, Mr. Radcliffe. "'������  . AYes, some of my customers have.called me quite a  josher. Owney Harrigan, whom I hanged last week,  the. man who slit his wife's.gizzard with a razor, had'  a delightful sense ol humor aud nearly fell off the  scaffold-laughing at one of my jests. Evenhis limbs  were twitching after he dropped through the trap. It  seems to take>their mind off the little job?" ���  ".Do they ever act cranky?'* . *���������.'  "Very seldom.      But I had one rather queer-case  not long ago.      When the procession was formed to  march  out into the jail.  3*ard the- condemed-man  wouldn't budge an inch until he had his hat."  "What did he want his hat for?"\  "He said that he was afraid of catching cold,"  "To what do you attribute most-murders, Mr. Radcliffe?" - . r ���: r A'AA ,*. A a -;;���'- 'A  "Booze, of course. -Sometimes it is .money and  sometimes it is women, But as a general rule it is  booze. Cut out the booze and my occupation would  be gone. By the wa}', you didn't happen to bring  along a flask ?"  "No, I plumb forgot."  "Then I suppose I'll have to take a sup out of my  own."  Here Mr. Radcliffe reached around to his hip pocket  and produceda merry little flask which he courteously  handed to the interviewer, adjuring him to drink  hearty and* thereafter, taking a long swallow himself.  "That's what I call taking the .long drop.    Rotten  ��  stuff'they^put up iF~tHese_flasKs7T     Ird~like~"to_be"adr  j listing a knot under the left"ear of the man who bottled that stuff.    Wow, wow!"     _ '  '   ''What first made you take to hanging as a profession ?."  ���'Oh, I .had such.a devil of & lot of relations to provide for."  "Were they all so poor ?"  "���Relations  always are.      It   is only relatives who  are well off." ���  "By gum, that's so." '_',..  "I got the job from a Conservative government,  too, although I am a Grit."  "How was that?"  "No Conservative applied."  "You must make a good income then ?"  "Not-bad. - My contributions towards helping the  Ross government to worry along arid keep in power,  are of,course a.drain, but as most of my jobs are .performed on Grits it is only fair that I should reciprocate.     I mny be a hangman, but I am no hog."  "What do . you consider the most remarkable  idiosyncrasy of condemned murderers ?"  "I don't" quite catch���"  "What is the oddest thing you have observed in  men about to swing ?"-  "Well, sir,'-wbat I have never ' been able to understand is the whacking big breakfasts they eat on the  morning they are going to die. They order ham and  eggs and coffee and -jam and hot biscuits and griddle  cakes and often top off with a cigar. * You never saw  anything like it. When I am hanged you bet I'll  call for a slug of whiskey."  "No.doub't, no doubt. You haven't hanged Cap  Sullivan'yet?','  "Not yet." - ���- '        -   ,  "What do you think-of Cashel?"  "He was another chap who ate a hearty breakfast,  poached eggs on toast, two cups of coffee and-a dish  rt "-'j r'        . ' * -   ���  of strawberries. He died1 game." Not a* tremor., I  heard that a profound wave of sympathy swept over  Calgary for the poorlad."      '  "Yes indeed.. Much sorrow was expressed for his  untimely fate.!! __ ,   .���      ��� ,." , .   ���  ��� _  j  "Was any expressed for the fateof the old'man he  murdered "in thelonelyi*sriacTc-?.,r.'-'^A=i. - _"*.. "-    * ,--��� -i ,  '"No. I guess they must have forgotten about him."  "Who was the first man you put out bf business ?"  "Burchill."  "He was a bad egg."  "Rotten/'    .. -    ���    .  "What do you think of the political situation, Mr.  Radoliffe ?" < '...'*  "Well, sir, I have a good- mind to chuck up my  job and turn Conservative. You would feel sore, too,  if you were me. I feel I am being done out of a  great many of my lawful customers There are more  thugs in politics skirmishing around Ontario than  you could shake a stick at. If I was getting my  rights-! should"have"a"fresh~hanging"every_morhiug7  But they need 'em/to vote."  - "You seem   to have lived a pretty swift life,  Mr.  Radcliffe?"  . ,"Oh, yes, I've been .going some���a good many  knots, I fancy."      '  "Do you consider "hanging the most merciful mode  of ending a condemned mon's life?"  "Certainly. It is a blamed sight too merciful for  most of them. None of them have yet complained to  me about tho pain auyhow. In my opinion no torture  would be too severe for such heartless wretches."  T f  "What would you suggest?',  "That   they be  dressed up  to look like Sydney  , Fisher.-or a^G. T. P. director and then thrown to the  infuriated mob.".. .._,'.!. j,    .���,.- '. -   ,"j*V;*AA-���     '"'  v&*  Miss Ethel Buchanan, an actress,  who during the last twenty-five year*  haa toured with the D'Oyly Carte  Opera Company in the Old Country  and in the United States and Canada,  and with the Carl Rosa Opera Company, has acted at the Prince of  Wales' Theatre, sung at the Crystal  Palace, aud performed in Australia  and South Africa, has joined the Salvation Army. She was on tour with  a theatrical company in Manchester,  according to'the War Cry, when her  husband, Mr. Marshall, until lately a  stage manager, wrote to her from  York, where he bad recently settled,  sayiug that he-had been converted  and asking ber to come home. She arrived the next day, attended a Salvation meeting, and voluntarily went to  the penitent form. She has since been  singing to large crowds at open  meetings in York.  m  air  " Who on earth is Charles John  Huffam Dickens?" asks an English  paper, in bringing to tlie notice of iis  readers some of the contents of Messrs.  Sotheran's new catalogue of autograph  letters. A very interesting collection  is stated to include several 2 letters  which were "obviously written by the  author of David Copperfield," but how  many will echo tlie "Why John HufFam?" of the" paper referred to. It  would be interesting to know how few.  or how iuany^of tbe countless admirers  of thc great novelist's works share with  the writer of the article quoted ignorance of tlie fact that Dickens possessed  more than one Christian name. Yet  the record is clearly set out. in the  opening page of Forster's admirable quent upon the cosmpolitan character  life of the most popular novelist of the! of its population, there has been very  last century.   Charles *nas,   he says,' little change in conditions in the east  " entered in the baptismal register of  Portsea as Charles John 'Huffham,  though on very rare occasions when he  subscribed that namo.1-he-wrote Huff-  am^r'.. This is tlie matter of fact answer t5 th<3 autograph "mystery" and  to the q ery, ".Charles'Dickens we  have heard of, but who on earth is  'Charles Huffam Dickens, novelist' ?"  . r 'A      ..         !_.*___;;  - ���' - *_ >       ,  P. Lamont, of the Canada Drug &  Booh'Co., Lt'drhas iu-ft-T^uri'Cd from  a visit to his old home in Prince Edward Island. It is a significant circumstance,, though Mr. .Lamont is too  modest to refer to it,'Chat coincident  with liis vi-it the Conservatives carried Prince Edward Island. Mr. Lamont saw many things during his absence to interest him. While the  west- is   constantly  changing  conse-  duringthe last twenty years. Although  many of his friends of boyhoodidays  have sougtit new homes, there are still  a number of them left, apparently  happy and contented with their surroundings, and living the life that is  most conducive to their" jwri enjoyment. Their mariner of living' ha3  notchanged*in late'years. While in  the west, the people never tliink of retiring before 11 o'clock, there they go  to bed at 9 o'clock, and rise early in the  morning. This regular life is conducive to longevity, and it in not an unusual thing to meet men and woi-j^n'  still hale and hearty who li ave long'  since left the three-score and ten milestone behind. Indeed* Arr. Lamont's  re-spected mother is now bordering on  her ninetieth year. ".While there he  mjt several brothers and sisters wliem  he had not seen for ten or more years.  He is highly delighted with his visit,  but expresses no serious intention, of  changing his residence in. the wild,  free and boundless west for the less exciting and uneventful east.    .  Next Thursday evening, the Beggar  Prinea Opera Company will begin a  three-nights engagement at the Nelson  Opera House. .-��� The company comes to  this city .highly recommended, and  wiil no.doubt fully realize the good reports that have pireoeeded it from the  towns and cities* in Which it hasalready  appeared. _. The cast iucludes several  ladies and gentlemen who are well and  favorably known on the operatic stage,  and their name alone will guarantee  the artistic success of the productions  which will be given in Nelson. On  the opening night th�� ever popular  "Fra i)iavolo" will be given; Friday  night, "QiroflerGirofla;''and the lest  nijght, '*La Mascott.*' All who enjoy  good "<��� singing* should patronize these  p^rforiiganceg, jfiiore : partier*"--4- '--  as  was re-  of prac-  license.  went to  Just now, while there is some local  interest with regard to the treatment  ofpatients.it may not be uninteresting to refer to the manner in which a  hoodoo doctor of Jobannesberg, South  Africa, practices' his profession. The  "doctor" is a colored man by the  name of Paul Jones, and he  centiy arrested on the charge  ticing as a doctor without a  Paul Pulse, a laborer,- said' he  Rick's farm, where the accused lived.  He -found, the -accused and told him  that he was sick. Accused took witness into his bedroom, took a tin, put  something into it; struck a match and  set fire to it' He then snapped bis  Augers over it and took* a bull's eye  glass aud examined witnesses neck  with it. He then examined his chest  and body, looked over some playing  cards and told, witness that there was a  live frog in his .stomach.' 'ThaVsettled  it. The "doctor" was committed'to  stand his trial at the next competent  court of jurisdiction.  es all the difference in the world."/A'Sf.  The young man is Mr. ArgateFarnell,,? AJ  who deposes in an interesting affidavit A-S  that he was  born at Oshawa,-Out-7f  about twenty-six yeanfago. -He omits.'''  to say, however, what his business is,  t aud whether he Is thoroughly capable ,  of taking care of. the young lady of hisi.,  choice. -        J .,_.'*,?���- A  Now it so haripens that Miss Winch's  father left Victoria ten years ago, and  is, now, in the language of the statute,  "believed to be beyond the seas."     In  thai case the regulations provide that  application shall be made to the Supreme Court judge to give necessary  '  permission, where the party-seeking  marriage is  under   the legal age of  twenty-one. - '  It is also interesting to note that the  lady is the one who makes the application. Probably her husband pays tl��  legal expenses later. But the'affidavit  presented to th'e court this morning by -  Mr. T. 0. Townley' formally ' declares' -  Nearly.evcry city of any importance  in Canada has its "lovers' lane," tbat  is a street popular with young unmarried, couples. .The road leading to  Lake Paik, in Fairview, may justly  claim the proud distinction of being  the "lovers' lane" of Nelson. During  the past summer every evening young  couples strolled along that road, and  some of them have since been married,  which demonstrates that conditions  there are favorable for whispering tlie  same old story of love. Even these  cool-autumn_e veniiigs,-many���young  couples can be seen strolling along that  road, which induces the belief that  " lovers' lane"   has  lost  that Miss Winch, "being desirous of*  marrying thesaid Furuell," etc., wishes  the permission of "one of Their Lordships before'taking the step.   :"  "How do I know that he ls able to  support her?" asked the Chief Justice.  "Well," replied Mr. Townley, "I  have the affidavit of the mother granting the young lady permission to  marry."  "But how am I able to know that  she is capable of judging?" insisted the  court. "This young man may be a  tramp for all I know. Don't you know  what his business is, and whether he  is a fit and proper person to marry this  young girl ?" "  ** ' -  Mr. Townley did not know. , "I rhay-"^  say," he added, "that it is a matter of  some urgency.     The couple have their...  tickets bought to go to San Francisco."'  Why, tbey are all ready-for the^ cere-'  mony." r. __#.i   .', - ;  "Oh, I cannot help that/'. replied  His Lordship.     "In these matters I .  think the court should have some information to act upon."   . - ".  After some/further   discussion the'  -Chief Justice advised ;Mr. Townley'XoACzA  u get *~Wme2action/tylel^ra  the yourife main's ability to support the--  lady turned oat satisfactorily/the application might be renewed to tbe judge  in Chambers that afternoon.    '  Tim's does stern justice thwart the  best laid schemes of little Cupid.  In an effort to have the death penalty commuted to"   imprisonment for  life,  the friends of Johuny Kay, the-  fourteen-year-old  youth who was re-"  centiy sentenced to be hanged on January 17th  for the  murder  of   John  Spittal on Lulu Island last February,  are circulating a patition to the Minister of Justice praying that the sentence be so modified.    The petition is  said to have been started by several.  friends   of  the murdered  man   who  think in view ofthe largely circumstan-  .      tial  nature of  the evidence  and the  ,   ..     n��n.e of lts youth of the  prisoner together with  well-deserved popularity.   This   para  graph is not written with the view of  encouraging young woman to take  their sweethearts for a walk to Lake  Park, but rather with the idea of  warning young to pause before thej*  set their feet on this enchanted ground  especially in Lhe company of a marriageable young woman. But this  warning will not be heeded.  Ranch property in the vicinity of  Armstrong, B. C, has increased in  value400to 700 per cent, since 1896.  Near the town it has even done better.  For instance the property now occupied by Mr. Watson was offered for f18  an' acre in 1800���to-day Mr. Watson  can get $150 an acre and wiH not look  at it. Property adjoining the Schubert  farm was offered for years at $6 an  acre; to-day it cannot be bought for  $30.* " -;A ���'-'.''"  ���There is a statute which perhaps  very few are aware oi, that if a young  man or a young woman, not yet arrived at the age of 21 years, desires to  marry, he or she must secure the permission <>f the father, if he be living,  who is the nritnrnl'-guardian.v In "the  event of not 'uoiii-g able to get that consent, permission must be obtained  frop a Supreme Court Judge. An in:,  teresting case of this character came  before .Chief Justice Hunter at Vancouver Thursday morning.  Miss Regoletta Winch was born at  the capital in December, 1883, and  therefore lacks a month of being  twenty-one years of age, when her own  consent would be all that the law requires as permission  for her to marry  the present precarious condition of. his  health, that capital punishment Should  not be resorted to. A great many signatures have been affixed to tbe petition.  There are two foot racers in Nelson  each one of whom wants to give the  other a start any distance from three  to ten yards. It should not be difficult  to arrange a race under these conditions, but it is doubtful if an outsider  would like to put up much money on  the result. ���'  . Dan Hanlon has brought to the Slocan   Drill office a couple of potatoes,  tne circumstances of whose growth are  remarkable.   They were grown^on the  dump of the  Sunbeam   claim, ftilly  5000 feet above sea level, and were propagated from the parings thrown out  in June..    Six hills were gathered in  and they produced 75 pounds of spuds,  the two in question weighing upwards  of a pound apiece.    A stream running:  through tbe dump aided the growth.  While the return ofthe Bond Government in Newfoundland is' an endorsement of the successful administration of that party, it is also an expression of the objection of the islanders to political union with the Dominion of Canada.  W.A. Macdonald, K. C, haB been attending the meeting of the Full  ,Court at Vancouver this week. He  will  probably    be   home   to-morrow  whom she pleases.  But this one month I evening. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  THE HELSOH EC0MOW11ST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vkbnon Street, Nei.sos, B. C.  "$1 Per Year Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All cliansca in adve.-tlsfc./irnts to Insure  Insertion should reach this oflice not later  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address ls required, 11 Is  detiinble that both the old ftddresx and the  new be (riven.  A.dclress all communications. " I'ubllslicr  of.Tub Nbmoji. economist. NcIhoii. B. 0."  intosh has proceeded with bis workl  seemingly oblivious of the fact that,  his party has gone down to defeat  in the general election, and is now  addressing meetings'in the various'  parts of the constituency. He is  meeting with gratifying success,  and reports that bis supporters are  neither undaunted nor appalled by  the outcsme ofthe general election.  Men who were Conservatives from  principle before the election will remain so, and v ill cast their ballots  for Hon.  Charles II.  Mackintosh.  theirate of $77,580,0003 year, and*!;  showing a slight percentage of "increase over what production for the  seven : months showed. In its last  issue received lhe 'Mining Journal  of London prints a table in which  cabled reports give the September- j  gold production of the Transvaal at  312,286 ounces fine gold wiih a  value of ,��1,326,506, equal to about  $6,630,000, for the month. ������>  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  While it must be confessed  tbat  the    Laurier    Government    could  have carried   the country by a substantial   majority   in    any    event,  there are gook   grounds   for. believing that the emissaries of .that Government resorted   to   questionable  methods.to bring about  the  result.  It was a case of remaining in power  at any price, and in many constituencies victory was gained at an appalling sacrifice of honor  and hon-  es'y.    Various causes are assigned  for the  eruption   in   Nova  Scotia  but the one most in evidence is the  barefaced manner in'which the electors were corrupted by  bribes  and  promises of pre'erment.    Of course,  the racial and religious cry  did its  work  in   Quebec.    But the battle  has been  fought  and  lost, and   it  now remains with Conservatives to  proceed at once with the  work  of  getting their "house iu order  fur the  contest four years hence.  : According to a report from Toronto, Hon. George E. Fos er took  the result in a philosophical mood.  " The result  from  our  standpoint  . is a mixed one,"* he said. "In  general the country has gone in favor of the Government.    The-in  ~" explicable defeat   of _ Mr.   Borden  ' and colleagues in Nova Scotia  is  not.pleasant reading for  Conservatives.    It is due in   my' opinion to  . over-confidence and inefficient   or-  .   ganizatioa, plus of course, the pow-  elfttl patronage and persistent worlc  on tbe part ef both  the Local and  Dominion Governments.    The loss  of Mr. Borden is-.a., great one. and  in my opinion  must  be  overcome  by, obtaining a seat  in .some favor-  ' able constituency.    The electors as  a whole bave faith in Mr. Borden,  and his own   party certainly   needs  him in   Parliament.    The west, haa  fallen a victim to Sifton ism "and its  peculiar methods.    It's-pretty hard  to     make     successful      headway  against vast   colonization   of  elements, practically  under the Government's   tutelage    and    looking  ~~ttpon tbe~G6vefhment7as"a~kind"of  foster-parent. Manitoba is a little  disappointing, but sends some good  representatives. Considering Ontario was deprived of six members  and handicapped in twelve constituencies by   the   gerrymander,    the  , , Conservative party came out strong.  As to the issues, the Government  will no doubt consider itself sustained by the people, and we may  look for wide open door for the J  next five years. Toronto shows up  splendidly. One thing that can be  said about her people is that; they  consistently stand by principles and  is less swayed by material and patronage considerations than any  constituency.in the Dominion. The  vote yesterday was good, but dees  not show the real Conservative  strength  of   Toronto. * The   Grits  .stole a march on the Conservatives  in':registration and organization���a  thing I hope will not be permitted  to happen aga:n."  The political campaign tliiough  which Canada has just passed was  interesting from more than one  point of view. For instance, it in-]  iroduced to the public several new  men, who will sooner or later take  a prominent part iii the affairs of the  nation, and their speeches lent interest to the campaign. Among  these was Captain A. TV Hunter, of  Toronto, a brother of Chief Justice  Hunter, of Victoria. Capt. Hunter went into the contest in West  Toronto fully realizing that his  .chances ol election were slim, but  be attracted large audiences by  qualities riot usually found in.a  candidate for parliamentary honors.  His last speech in the campaign  was particularly epigrammatic. He  said he knew that be was going  into a hard fight, but he was not  entering it with the innocence of  the corn-fed porker which walks up  the slaughter-house gang-plank.  He didn't want the sympathy of  the electorate. He wanted their  v6tes. West Toronto was what  was called a safe riding. The term  vvas not complimentary to the people who lived in it; and he wanted  to know whether they wanted a  representative who would be  weightyan council or one who" was  heavy in speech. Mi. Clarke, he  declared, bad been kicked out of  the riding bytbe^party managers.  There had been a triumvirate in  West Toronto like - that - we read  about in Roman history, and one  man bad .eaten up the other two,  and now was Caesar Augustus and  bad a safe seat. Tbe electors could  resent this by electing him. He  would make a good hammer, he  suggested, to avenge Mr. Clarke's  wrongs. At this point interruptions became so general and so loud  that Mr. Hunter lost patience. He  reminded the audience that the  meeting was his. and said that it  would be conducted according to  parliamentary rules. If anyone refused to submit he would call the  gentleman outside and enter into a  Russian peace, congress with   him.  Lowest Rates  Best Time  Toronto,  Montreal.   Kew^York, Maritime  Provinces, New lingland. ' _  WEST  Vancouver,    Victoria,   Seattle,    California  Points. ' ***���-  Unequalled ! Puspenfrer Service,   Sleepers,  Tourists, Couches, Dining Care. _  TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE.  West.���Lv. Revelstoke dally for Seattle and  -   Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Dunmore Jet. for St. Paul dally.  Toronto Wed. and Sun., Montreal  Mon., Boston Frl.  ���*��*����*��� 99+99999+999 **���  ������<>  -   <i  ������"������:   <>  ��� Of MEN'S SHOES to  hand.    Good to look  at, gocd to wear,  ��� ��� ' and reasonable in price.  5 Baker St. |  Atlantic S. S. Agency  Through booklngx to and from Great Britain and the Continent.  ^The-Yukon_World7"published~at  Dawson, prints official figures that  the gold production of' Klondyke  for the current year to the close of  September was $8,503,733. The  World estimates the Klondyke's  gold production.for the year 1904  will be $10,006,000.  The Conservatives of '��� Kootenay  do uot appear to be dismayed in the  slightest by the overwhelming defeat of the party in ��� Canada. On  the contrary, they are; determined  to do all in their power ' to ensure  the election of Mr. Mackintosh.  With that end in view, the various  organizations have not permitted  their work to fall behiud. They  contend, and rightly so, that the  principles for which they fought  before the general election remain  tbe same and should receive the  .sanction of their yotes.   Mr, Mack-  Tbe report of the Hall Mining  and t Smelting ' Company shows  what be accomplished, even under  adverse,conditions, by good management. No enterprise in this  Province is conducted with greater  attention to economy than the Hall  Mining and Smelting Company,  and what has been accomplished  under the circumstances shows  what -could lie done under more  favorable conditions.  J. S. CARTER,  DUt. Pass. A{t..  Kelson.  E.J.COYLK.  A. G. P. A. ���-  Vancouver  Mortgage Sale.  Under, and by virtue of tlie powers contained in a certain mortgage v hlch will be  produced at the time-of sale,"there'will'be  offered for sale by by C. A. Waterman <fc Co.,  at their offices in the K.-W.-C. B oek, Uulcer  street, Nelson, B. C, ou ._.  Tuesday,   the   Twenty-ninth   day   of  . November, 1904.  at the Iiour of twelve o'clock noon/the following property : Alt und singular Lots numbered  Eighteen (18)_''Nineteen (19), Twenty (20),  Twenty-one (21), and West one-half or Lot  Twenty-Two" (22), in Blcck numbered Thirty  (30), in the Town 'now clty)of Nelnon, Province of British Columbia, according to the  oflicial plan or survey of the Town of. Nelson.  This property is situate on the comer of  Kootenay and Silica streets (South side), und  has erected thereon a dwelling house.  For terms nnd conditions ot sale apply to  W. A. Macdonald,  ��� Solicitor for Mortgagees.  Burns Block, Baker Street, Nelson, It. C.  Dated this 5th day of November, 1904.  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of WeBt Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Eovcr Creek, about  three miles from Kootenay ltiver. Take notice that I, Frank Fletcher, of the City of  NelRon, acting as agent for myself, Free Miner's Certlllcate No. B82.023, and A. C Fium-  merfelt, Free Minor's Certificate Ko. B80.024,  intend, sixty days from Ihe date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  oflmpiovements for the purpose of obtain-  ining a'Grown Grantof the above claim.���-���  And further take-notice that action, nnder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sucli Certlllcate of Improvements.  Dated this 28th day of May. A. D 1904.  Fkank Fletcheu.  Certificate of Improvements.  The report of the Transvaal  Chamber of Mines for the month of  August, 1904, has-nbeen received.  The analysis of gold production in  the Transvaal -for that: mouth * is  stated as follows, values only'being  given here : Mill, ^843.719 ; concentrates, ��73,768 ; sanHs^j^343^  337 ; slimes. .��63.619 ; batiks, etc.,  ��2,025. Total, ��1,326.468. The  number of mines operated during  the month was sixty-six, the number of stamps was 5,041 and the .pre.  milled amounted :to 706,586 .tons,  yielding an average per ton of 37s.  6d , equal to about $9.36 per ton. For  the eight months ended August^i,  1904, the Transvaal's gold production amounts to ��10,344,623, equal  lo about $51,720,000. - aThis,.is -at  The Vancouver: and: Kootenay mineral  claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay District.  .Where'located: On cast side of Kootenay  Lake, about three miles east of the town of  Sanca.  Take notice that I, J. Ia. G. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B84.484 for myself and  as agent for II. Abbott, Free Miner's Certificate No. B84,483, and E. L.,Hrat ley,-Free Miner's Certificate No. B(i5,24��, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, toapply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of'obtainlng a Crown Grant  ofthe above claims.  And further take notice that'action, under  Section ���SJ, must be commenced beforejssu-  ance of such Certificate of Improvements."  Dated this 20ih day of June. 1904.  ��� J. Ia. G. Abbotts  NOTICE.  Iu the matter of an application for a duplicate of a certificate of Title to Lot 11, Block -��,  Town ol Nelson.  Notice Ib licreby given tliat it is my intention to issue ut the expiration of one month  from the llntt publication hereof u duplicate  of the Certlllcate of Title to tlie above mentioned Lotli, Wock3. in Uie Town or Nolson.  Inthe name or William Perdue.which Certificate I- / *d the lOttf day of May, 1898, and  number- dSft3 v.  Land 1 Of-ii-y Office, Nelson, B.C.,  28th vaetubcr, 1904.  r    "H. F. MACMCOD." h  District Registrar.- ���  ��� ���  ! Fred. L. irwin  �������������������������������� ������������������������ *���������������������������*���������*��� ������������������*��������� ������ >�����������?  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BOX 223  1 ^��<��.��<��^. ��������<�� ���*��� �������� �����������������������<*>������'^M����  - Tt  B  Nelson, B��� C  , The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in   the-interior  i  In Pints a  >&*&*<^*)^>-&&si&*<&*if*)S&&*S**S  ^ . In 1 o-acre blocks, iu 20 acre blocks. Improved ranches.  ^ J. E. Annable, Nelson, B. C,  \  P. Burns & Co  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  v.  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  Branch  Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon', Three  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and careful attention.  West Kootenay Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  JOY'S  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc." Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED, b  ^OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON, B. C.      |  .%    ,���.    _.���_.  TRAMWAY  NELSON, B, C.  El- EOT  r   ������������    fiuom fitfssHwar     ^*sa^      a  **  *9  N. E. T. TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  7.CO         7.40  8 20 a. m.  9.00         9-40  10.20  ��� Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. in.  BOGUSTOWN���                          :  7.20            '.OO          S.40  9.20 a. m;  IO.OO       IO.4O  I 1.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.  ���������  REAL ESTATE.  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.     Apply A. V. MASON,   Man.   Sec  The Car Barn, Phone 165B. ^  Corner Mill and Josephine Sta.  Corporation ofthe City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES:  Klectric' light rates for the monUi of Oct.  are now due "and payable at' the City of-  Oces.   If paid on   or before  the  15th Nov��  discount or 10 per cent will be allowed:  Nelson, Oct. 29,.1904.:  ���     By order,  -  _ *0.o.McMOBRIS-  Citv Clerk.  JOHN Mc LATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial,  Land Surveyor  0?. B^ C. Customs House, Helsea  Camps supplied on shortesr  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fjresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  EC. TRAVES. Manager  W. G. Gitlett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates given-on stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Us: an Order for Your  Groceries, then Notice  The promptness of delivery.  The cleanness and freshness of Goods.  Tlie full honetit measure. .       -  The quality of wnat you get.  You will find abundant reason for sending  yourfiiture otdern.  '-���������.       ���.-���.��� 'i ��������� 7 '   ���'  This Weel?* Specials Are:  ������   ' 7 .~~ of-N  - ".:���'��� '       ��� "' "  :  ~;l*-lb Boxes of A 1 Cietimcry Butter at 27c  per pound.   -  Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound.  Rajah Brand l'ineapple, 25c per. tin.  . Clarke's BoneJeSH.Chicken, 35c per tlu - o  i*i    i*i    ���*��    i*.    i*i    i*i    A  Ie. k. strachan!  'r    ��� ���* ' ���*    '      >���   -:'/:'   ' ' "    ' - !  Plumber and Gasfitter ..   |  T  t Estimates Given on General 'PlumJaing, j  j Sewer Connections, Etc. .��  'l'HONE 19  Frank Fletcher  PEOVXSu-Al. LAND 8UBVKYOR  Xsodssnd Mineral ClalmsSurreyed  ,      '   and Crown Granted  P.O.Box668      Office:Kootenay St. N��!��an  Sewin|Machine$anii>ianos  For Rent arid for Sale  OidCurlosit^Shop, Josephine St, Nelson  r  4-9- ���J  Baker Street, near. Ward  Street, Nelson.    ; *  t*��    >#��   A    A  ���A ���A    A    A    A    A    A   A    A   'A ��� c\    A    ** ***  . -^VV^ W&^tW*rt>'%S1^'*/*/*/Q^  H. McCausland  n  BAKER ST., NELSON   '  AGENT FOR  The Julia Marlowe  1 he Celebrated Keith Shoe  Zi he Douglas Shoe. .!���  Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty.1^  Geuinne Homemade        Bread  if    Cake and Pastry  Orders Filled  Promptly���Everything Warranted Pure  and Good.  s. THE   NELSON  ECONOMIfex   mwm  yAiA:^yAii7iAA'rA::7^AA^^&^^  ;:''V-:7,A'-A<i:i-C'AjAA,:_7:AA��&sk#!ft_l  aa-.... .rrr-.A:'f,*.7/.?r:.:������..,, 7r.AriA.WA^*i777f%  ���'��� ������'���'���A. Ar:. 7 A7^y:y7y::yyymSt^^  ���:. ��� ���:. *. A;i 7 ATZ^/A 7A H *#N��;  j-. a- ���_,,-naiH??aH;fc  Edison Phonographs, Prices, $10, $20, $30, $50.  The New Edison Moulded Records, at  50c each, $5  per doz.  Do  Gramophones  Prices, $17, $25, $30, $45.  7-inch Records, $6 per doz.  10-inch Records, $11 per doz.  Needles and all supplies sold on th? instalment plan.    Write for prices.  Pianos  Want  Your friend to remember you'  forever?     If yott do, make him  j or her a present of a  .    .   ".    .  PARKER  LUCKY CURVE -  :  FOUNTAIN  PEN  i  Prices $1.50 to $10.   Let tis  | pat one aside for .you: .-These '>:  I are the pens you see advertised '  I in the magazines.. 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The first intimation of his father's approaching death is kept from him. Ethel  Barrymore, the- actress, is in the  west, but she receives daily messages ofthe celebrated actor's criti:  cal condition.  The climax will come quickly.  Such is the nature of his disease  that he will die between the'ticks of  a clock. Of late he has refused all  food, and does not recognize his  nurse, mistaking him frequently for,  a callboy.  The actor who thrilled thousands  of playgoers by his art is true to his  instinct in these dying days. Before an imaginative audience, in a  miniature theatre of cards, his own  familiar voice is heard iu the madhouse mumbling the lines that formerly brought his admirers to their  feet in thunderous applause. .  Slowly but surely the darkness'is  closing in on the'famous actor. His  mind is a blank as to his surroundings. During all his waking hours  he is back in fancy amid the scenes  of his great successes. By the. side  of his bed is a pack of cards: Dawn  finds him astir, and, with his face  turned from the world that was, he'  rears up a theatre, of pasteboard  With infinite pains he constructs  the lobby, then tier after tier of  seats, the orchestra pit next, then  the proscenium boxes, and finally  the stage. Then Barry the peerless, his once matchless voice now  shattered   and broken, "his 'hand  some face gaunt and masked by a  gray beard, stiffens up behind the  stage that he has constructed and  for hours repeats the lines which  made him famous.  It was in Captain Swift that  Barrymore made one of his greatest  hits,-and-it-is-to- Mr.- Wolding, the  role .which he created in that famous play, that he now returns,  bringing his fellow-patients "crowding jibout his door, where, awe-  stricken and silent, they grovel and  listen, and as the climax 'of the  play is reached and making the-mo-  tions of putting a revolver to his  head, Barrymore, as Mr. Wolding,  tails dead, they burst into tumultuous applause.  Again, like a tired child, he  sleeps, and dawn once more finds  him building his playhouse, ..setting  the stage for the final scene in tbe  tragedy of his life.  Barry has developed outbursts of  uncontrollable auger during which  he attacks his attendants, and is  controlled with difficulty. These  intervals are declared by his physicians to be unfailing evidence of  the fast approaching end.  These periods are invariably followed by long spells of silence, during which he builds and rebuilds  his theatre, his lips moving all the  time as he repeats to himself fragments of his favorite plays, his fingers following across the miniature  stage the characters that are crowding each other through his clouded  brain. '        . ,       �� .  Jt may be a week, but the stage  is "being set. Over there Billy  Florence, Scanlan, Emmet, Bartley  Campbell, Mackaye and Charlie  Hoyt are beckoning ; the eallboy is  V ^   *  on the stair, ^ti- the armchair, his  back to the window, Barry is waiting.        * '   *'ZA 7     A.  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  o  <S)   \  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given  to ull orders for  Chimney Sweepljlfe. '��� :\     <���   o, '   : ''  ..Sanclyotu* orders to Joe I.. Downes, care of  the Old CnrloBity-Shojp.: $1.50 per chimney.  Nottingham, England.  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture."    ~  Navy   Cut  Cigarette  Tobacco,  ^   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Gut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to Kone  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  I Tu rn  & CO., Ltd, Victoria, B. C.  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  tubers of the "Pinto Shell Cor  _' ��� dovan" Gloves and Mitts  11       R., H. CARLEY, B. C. Agt  COAL  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of   .  W. P. TIER&EY, GENERAL AGENT  msa THE NELSON ECONOMIST  NEWS ITEMS.  A smaller car will be placed on  the train Hue within, a couple of  weeks.  The annual meeting of the Nelson Operatic Society was held this  at ter noon.  Fred Lynch, the well known lacrosse player of New Westminster,  is in the city.  For Thanksgiving Day, fure ancl  one.-third rates will be given on the  16th and 17th, good to return until  the 18th, on all C. P. R. lines in  tbe Kootenay.  D. McArthur & Co. will occupy  the new Stocks block on Baker street  when it is completed. The floor  space will be ' extended to make  room for"the large stock which is  carried by this firm.  Why not get them ?    It is such a  comfort  Vou may require a very simple pair of glasse.*, w  *reat relief.  Consult our Optician.    He will tell you.  for winter  hich would  evenings,  give you  Fred Irvine Company,  w~' &    $f  Watchmakers, Jewellers  and  B       Opticians.       Phone 293  36     &  New Fall and Winter Dry Goods, Millinery, Ladie  is. rurs  . The Fred Irvine Company, Limited, enjoys the distinction of being  the most up-to-date dry goods firm  in the interior. In fact there is  only one other house in the Proyince that approaches this "firm.  This autumn the Fred Irvine Company has been "holding special sales  and it is the strongest evidence of  the popularity of the firm that its  volume of trade is showing signs of  substantial - increase each 5 succeeding week.      . ..  roQ Photographers |  i  llOfl   E        Vancouver and Nelson        \  BAKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C. r  Our stock of Ladies'and Children's Mantles, Jackets and Coats is now complete and we have marked  them  at prices exceedingly low. ���'*���_'  Ladies'.Walking Skirts from $2.50 each to $9.  Ladies' Dress Skirts from $2 each to $18.  Ladies' Fancy Dress Skirts, for evening wear, at reduced prices.  Blankets���We are showing in all qualities and sizes and our cash prices on these goods are much lower than last season.  Mining Notes.   SLOCAN MIMING NOTES, o  Bfocan Drill.  ���    The" lessees of the upper workings  bf the Payne have quit".  , Twp.or three* parties we're in dur-  "Ing trie week looking' for property.  ���   Repairs having been effected, the  ..'Idaho.mill is again in  operation.  . B: P. Little will, treat;-iooo- tons  of Lucky  Jim   ore- in   the   Payne  ������'-mill.A.    ���-      . "���--   a .y ���' '��� '��� >  /The contractors on the long tunnel of the' Rambler-Cariboo are" in  1x06 feet '   *'  ��� A great deal of ore keeps passing  through here from the Slocan Star  at Sandon.  Last week Sandon mines shipped  265 tons of ore, making 9.326 tons  .for the year.  The Slocan Stair is  reported  to  -have~cut"down"its-force,-~whiie;7;the-  Ivanhoe has enlarged. -.fu   1  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Phoenix Pioneer.  Ore is  being taken out fromj the  .Silver King to make a car shipment  to the smelter.  Two cars daily, or 60 tons, are  being 'sent out regularly from the  Stemwinder mine in this camp.  The First Thought mine, at  Orient, and the Mountain Lion, at  Republic, are shipping to the  Granby smelter.  A find ol native copper was made  at the Athelstan this week, the  specimens being of a most handsome character.  _ A new skip has been ordered for  the Brooklyn mine. It will handle,  three tons at a trip, nearly double  the capacity of the skip at present.  in use.    *.   *  ; The six men who have the contract for sinking in the Granby  mines from the 306 to the-400 f ot  level, are down 30 feet, and probably will have the contract completed  within a month.  Supt Hodges states that six furnaces at the-Granby smelter will all  be in blast again to-day, and nil but  one of them will be connected with  his new arrangement for .electric  -Self.charging.  Shareholders   in    tbe   Morrison  A great sale of Clothing, Men's Furnishings,  HATS  AND  SHOES  The quantities are the greatest, the assortment the most varied and  the Prices the Lowest of any sale we have held  NEW FALL CLOT KING  20th Century kind, every Garment has style, character and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupled with Always Lowest prices makes'in-  terest and to spare for careful buyers.  Wen's Suits, ��7.50, $10.00, $12.90, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  BOYS' SUITS  All sizes,.good cloth, strong and durable, and specially tailored, $1.25,  $2.00,"$3.00, $4.00, $5.60 and $6.00.  DISTRIBUTORS  OF  HATS  Perfection' in shapes, color and style. Prices, $1.60, $2x0, $3 00,  $4.00 and $5.00. .--���--  SHOES OF QUALITY  AND STYLE  Guaranteed' to give perfect satisfaction. The best possible for the  money.   -Ftlt Slippers at 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00 -   ..**  MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Large stock New Fall Styles. The place where your dollars.bring  their value. >���  IRVINE  CO.,   LIMIT  THE BIG GASH STORE  FURNITURE  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc.*, to be found in any Furniture Store in the .Kootenays.  M�� ART HUR & GO.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  fy\&  ^%W^  Im  BROWN  <&   GO.  The Economist $i a  ���   . *   ' '.'"���.! i\:: ��� 'i_y,._A  ! '���      ���_/   Strictly in Advance  *. !������ ii'1  mine-which was tb have been taken  :into*the-Montreal &���'Boston Consolidated, are wondering what has  been done,in, the.matter, as little or  no information is forthcoming.  ��� At the Lancanshire Lass, in Summit caihp.'i according to a report,  Foreman, Cunningham is opening  up a manificent, body of iron ore,  with good copper values, for the  Montreal & Boston Consolidated.  A surface tramway 1,400 feet long  can be made to connect the mine  with tbe C. P. Ii.I Phoenix branch.  ��� A hundred thousand feet of lumber has been ordered for the Rawhide  tramway and other   im Drove-  .   ,.      i|  .1.  .    ,   .   ,  ,*-  meuts; exclusive bf the 700 ton ore  bins' which---ate  tfow;< nearly1 -com-'  pleted.     Foreman Breshnahan has  stripped the  ore body on ..this pro-  '.    A      ���   _     '      :   _\,  .-o.rI    ��� . 1  pertysome 500 feet up the,hill, giv-  ing an immense tonnage that can  be easily aiid cheaply':q'uarried:    ' '  The Winnipeg mine is to be put  up at auction again soon, to satisfy  the judgment labor'liens The lien  claims amount lb about $4,300, but  it is hardly probable that any one  of them but those for labor will real-  t * i  ize. It is now.about a year since  the property was closed by the  Bank of Montreal 011 a note, but  which concern will not realize one  cent on its belated judgment.  Nelson Opera House  3-NIGHTS-3  J-    rt  Coiniucnclnsr  Thursday, k 17  THANKSGIVING NIGHT  Beggar Prince  Opera Company  Ol'EHAS  Thursday���"I.'ra Diaveio."  Friday���"Ulrofle-Girotla."  Saturday���"La MubcoU."  Prices: $1.00, 75c  Seats ou Malo Wednesday at 10 o'clock  NOTICE.  In thomntter of an application foradopll-  eule ofa certificate of Title to Lot II, Block 3,  Town ol NcIkoii.  Notice In hereby given that it Is my intention to issue at Mi: expiration of one month  from tho first piibllcntion hereor a duplicate  of the Certitlcate of Title to the above mentioned Lot 11, llloclc 3. In the Town of Nelson,  inthe name of William Pi rdue. which Certificate i" ' ,n'i thc lUtliday of May, 1898, and  Humbert 813 K.  -  Land Ht. itry Ofllre, NelHon, B. C,  2SUt .October, 1301.  "II. F. Macmcod."  District Registrar.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads-  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  _B usin ess. Ca rds_  Dodgers,   -  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  The Economist  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  G9&&QQ9G9GQ0QQQQ&QG&S&QGG  * TRIPLE  BEAD  FRONT SIGHT *  lust think of it.  Price JPostpa id[,J_2_  Au Ivory Beid, a Black Bead and a Gold Bead, all on the gun  at one time for hunting and target shooting.      There is no single  color that shows well under all conditions.    Thus you can change  ,j��  to suit conditions by snugly turning the sight.  Made to fit all guns having slot. _     ----- .  \ Nelson Hardware Co.  Sportsmen's  Headquarters.  t  $1 per   day and up  No Chinese Employed  '   NOTICE.  In the matter of an application for a dupli-  ������ateora Certificate of Title to part or Lot 1315,  Group 1, Kootenay District.  Notice is hereby given that it Is my intention to Ishuc at the expiration of one mouth  fiom the (lrxt. publication hct*eof a. duplicate  of the Certificate of Title to part of Lot 1315.  -��iro & K- Kootenay "Dlutrlct, In the name of  Thc Nelson & Kort Sheppard Kullway Company, which_ certlnoaus iii dated theatth dny  of January, 1898, and numbered 309K.  II. K. MACL'Ol).  - r      ; t.    , .     - ___, District Registrar.  Land Ik-gititry Office, Nelson, U. C,  5th October, 190..  NICKERSON, ���j~  We only ask one trial to make vou our cub  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelrv. Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  line. Reasonable charges. work sent us  from outside towns will receive the same care  asil personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers.  BO  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER HALL AND VERNON STREETS.  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  ll  Trade Marks  ,  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending a sketch and description mir   ... r opinion freo irhe"   5 __../ patentable.  Com)   UonsitrictlycoHBdentlal. Handbook on Patents  ether ou  CommunlCK.  tntcklr ascertain onr opinion freo  lnrentlon is probably patentable.  Uon�� strictly coHBdenUal. Handbo    _  sent free Oldest naenoy for securing patents.  FAtenU taken throurti Mann & Co/receive  trnltttiiotict. without charge, in tho  Scientific Jlmcricati.  A niUHlsomelr Illustrated weakly. Largest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms, ti a  year; four months. SL. Sold brail newsdealers.  IbARTLETT  HOUSE %  2^-- (Formevly.Ularke House) ���  -       The best SI per day house in Nelson.' ,. .None but white help employed    The        ��  bar tho -best. *    . %  G. VV. BARTLETT, PkoPRIEtok f  mm  _ SBSBreaAaay. [  6eTO�� P 8U Waehiaatbia", dLc." '  Auction Sale To-Night  AT THE AUCTION MART  ALL KINDS  OF BARGAINS  Auction Sales-promptly attended to in any pi r! rf Tr't'.'h Coh*.mlia.  J.  GREEN, AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.


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