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The Economist Aug 15, 1903

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 A;A': yyAMMM&3$&^  -^ %(:���&^.0^.-^.|iis^:p. ^y$:^y& ^f��%  ^Pt&^iff w:.o7  '���- ' ^fi_    '    'r'  :a h.a   ,:  aa:- '-y-: ���,,-���.. ..-��� ���Ai,:y~;,^ -A-S*st  18111  AKiPs  <e  Af:;y��  * I      si  ^ if---*. i--7i   4    �� "if".  ���M Jl HI: . p-J  1  ..at   .  .��^ir��rin: te-^A*^ ' "���    '    :   /-'A/'A  ''���'���-'  VOLUME  VII.  ���N_BI^��,iB.^Cj SATURDAY, JjjT&ttetf,^^^  _�����'.'���   a**'    ..'l,-j:(f>'.l.'jl.''.Aj.lCJ'.-  ;yrr;v,.:i'.'  .i.VJ;'ig;.w-  ���<�����> -    NUMBER f>  '���'�� ���-"--���'''    ' '    " '        ���    T   ������   Oir  J ohn JYxacdonalcTs  VV it  Sir John's habit of putting oil' applicants for places, and of delaying decisions in doubtful or diflieult cases, a  habit which earned for him tbe oft-  applied nickname of "Old To-morrow,"  lias often been tbe subject of speculation by students of his character, To  give the reader an account of his remarkable resources at Makeshift and  Evasion would fill a volume. What is  the explanation of his plan of deferring  till to-morrow what many thought  should be done to-day ? One authority thinks it is " the result of some inexplicable calculation of policy." That  is rather. Indefinite. "With regard to  questions of appointment lie probrbly  reasoned, that by delay further light  would be thrown on the subject, and  give the opportunity for a possibly better candidate to appear, while it would  be apt to tire out any applicant of  ."whom he wanted to be rid, and in some  eases be a test of the perseverance of the  candidate. Deferred favors, when they  did come, would also be more valued  by aspirants. " When remonstrated  with on the seeming folly of dissap-  pointiug fifty persons, whose applications miglii easily^have been forestalled,  and the opposite policy of Sir Francis  Hineks had been held up in contrast,  be has, in vindication of his own course,  pointed to the fact that tlie life of his  administration had been much longer  than; that of the' gentleman named..  It may be that when a large 11 umber of  men, more or less influential, have  asked favors from the head ofthe government, they fee! to a certain extent  iu his power, and that to do anything  that might look like desertion would be  a disgrace. Once in quilting ollice, Sir  John gave mortal offense to his follow-  f ers by leaving, as a prize to his successor, half a hundred offices vacant; but  on a subsequent occassion, resolvinc;  not again to subject himself to such a  reproach, he ran too ii��iiir> the wind by  milking a large number of appointments when his administration was In  ainoribound condition and ulntost viiv  tually defunct."  It is known to a few of Si r:John's intimate friends that be "was offered a  peerage but declined that high Imperial honor, as he did not consider it in  accord with the institutions of a democratic country like Canada. One day  in the House he was rallied upon the  rumor that ho was to accept a peerage,  and a member asked him what title be  was going to take. He replied: "I  will be Lord To-morrow." No one was  fonder of making a joke at his own expense on this nickname than he.  Some years ago, Mr. David Boyle, of  the Canadian institute, ToVmto,. and  Mr. G. Mercer Adam formed a plan to  write the life of Sir John. They sent  a note to him explaining their intention, and stating that tuey would call  upon him personally. Mi. Boyle, in  due course, visited Sir John at his office. Having sent in his card he was  u shered into the presence of the Premier, who greeted hi in with a sinlle and  said:-: ���" Oh ! you are thegeiitlewari.wbo  has come to take my lite. But,'.'he  added, brandishing a long niter-iii' his  hand, "you see I am aruiedl" Having  thus made Mr. Boyle feet at.home; tie  said he.should he glad to furnish tlietn  with any information at his disposal.  The scheme, however, felL! through as  far as Mr. Boyle was concerned.  ews of the  M  mes  ���The Poplar Creek excitement has not  abated, and the probabilities are tliat  a*town of considerable magnitude will  spring up there within a few months.  Already some Nelson merchants have  made arrangements for the.opening of  branch stores there and mo're will follow. There is no longer any doubt as  to the vast richness of the discoveries  already made, and there is enoughin  sight to justify' the belief that  the greatest mines yet discovered  =d1 ABri ti shjXJ^uinbiaare jtlKweol' Pop lur  Creole. Reports of piscoveries at Cooper  Creek are verified. Altogether the mining outlook in British Columbia was  never so promising as at the. present  time. 7     .  will"probably succeed R. H. Anderson  as superintenden t of the Denor'o mines.  : It is expected that.work on.atbe Winnipeg mine,-in-Wellington ca nop, will  start at an early date.   > a "\    ��� ��� /  The Providence "Milling company  last week received a cheque for $2664,  the net proceeds of a smalli shipment  of!4_ tons sent.to the Trail smelter  aboilt three weeks 'ago. Since; .that'  shipment the principal work done in  the "mine ivas to make an upraise to  Ittun^t wUlTan^  has been completed, giving the m-inea  much better system of ventilation.  With this work finished more ore will  be extracted and heavier, shipments  made to the smelters.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  riioeniv Pioneer.  Robert H. Anderson, formerly superintendent at the 35.-C. mine, now  occupies a similiar position at the  Leltoi mine at Rossland.  It is said that the Oro Denoro mine  is looking better all the time. About  a dozen men are employed there now,  and the force will be increased before  long.  As  shipments sire   being increased  again at the Snowshoc, the force, of  men, which was tetnpjr.iily  reJauid  is again being augmented..  Another cleanup has' been made at  the Waterloo, Camp McKinney, stamp  mill, being 343.9 ounces of gold, worth  ��5,120. Within six weeks the mine  has realized $.3,000 from the iniil.  It is now anticipated that the closedown of the Granby smelter, for the  purpose of connecting the two new  furnaces, the erection of which is now  being completed, will occur about the  1st of September, for ten days.  Several capitalists i'rmu Toronto,  have been visiting tlie coal Holds of  the North Fork of Kettle river, accompanied by W. Blakemore, mining engineer, preparatory to 'beginning work  on the company's claims. In the parly  were Hon. E. J. Davis, commissioner  ��� of crown grants in the Ontario government, and Chas. G-. Vun Normaii, of  Toronto.  YMIR MINING NOTES.  Ymir Mirror.  J. J. Budd, of Spokane, is in the  camp. He has gone up to examine the  Ark claim. It adjoins ihe Wootoo-  mooloo on Sixteen-mile Creek.'  Some beautiful samples of pre, have  been brought inTrom the JUioda, on  Quartz Creek. They are now in the  hands of tbeassayer, and his returns  will be given next week.  Work on the Porto lltco has started  again under thesuperintentleiiceof G.  II. Barn hart, one of the most experienced mine managers in the country.  The staff is principallyengaged in development work, sothiitjt will probably be'-some time before the mill is put  in motion.  ��#"  SS  ;# ��.  (UviVv-SJ  ���A  A^M  xi^ih..y*iiy .Ay^*>  A  vcitiii-  ��Ui* �����)^-.'-ii''f''��  -���-��� 1-.if-.J.->.'::,  ;fr  ���*&$.*���$  ... ,    " ';   ,;> .1 f     -.:...:.,     - , 1, ri  ;;.*;.v��" ���uVi'J,  A-.i^-i>.;  ; i;v:v.>;Sriie line-bFi-'icleava'ge.'liitvveen-i-bc^eonsei^a^  > 7- ���-,.���.-? -_-.���.��� ������ ���!..=-    ������-!*���������������-     y.   , .7         ; .    ... ��� -, .-^ ���_   ,   . <j ������..-.:������.-........Mi    Ay.:  ;    :..-��� ..'"..... ������-...,-   :-���-.-      .:���    ..,:-.��� .;.���--.'  > circulate&^Tedglng the signers to'"opposition ioMi.' Houston, tBe meetiiigs held' to  pa^s'- resolutions.'-!  repudiating the maai aud denying his pretensions, together with the number who openly stated they  would rat ber vote Liberal than be held responsible for the; election of Mr. Houston, afford some idea  ''���' of the strength; of |the Hnti-Houst6nites.;o ':/'.. \ 'A-A ���  ������On the other hand, every Houston worker who could possibly spare the time, and  there are quite a few ofthVm so pleasantly situ'atcdVspent Thursday from rosy" morn to dewy eve  offering special inducements for attendance at the meeting- for-the selectiou of delegates.' Besides  this John Houston woiked as he never did before, to get his men there. Big posters, were to be seen  everywhere, dedgers were circulated broadcast,'.-add.it is alleged that eyen Liberals were appealed  to.cn tbe grounds of personal friendship to lend a helping hand. But The Economist desires to  be absolutely fair in this matter, and has no hesitatioii.in- admitting tb^t amongst the number present  and chosen as delegates, were many just as conscientious Conservatives as those who are opposed to  M r. Houston, and this paper has no license to speak harshly of their course or .question their fidelity  to their party.    We wish in this article simply to sum up the  facts as they present themselves ac-  - cording to the only available evideuce.  The anti-Houstonites at their meetings at various times have had in the neighborhood of one hun- ���  dred, .voters.    On the eight lists signed pledging opposition to Mr. Houston there are one hundred and  thirty-four already and one hundred and six more are reported to have said they will not vote for Mr.  "Houston under any circumstances, but for obvious reasons refrained  from  signing a list:    Atthe  public meeting of Conservatives held Wednesday evening to protest against Mr.   Houston  being a  candidate and denouncing Starkey, there were fifty-two.present, although the Daily Kews gave the  number   as   45, and  to  be   rather under the mark than^-above it, we take  the latter'figures.    Of  _ course theirajority of those who  attended" the various meetings  are included in the number who  either signed the lists, or for personal reasons refrained from doing so, but stated emphatically they  would not vote for Mr. Houston.    However, an effort has been made to get a fairly complete estimate  -of Ccnservatites'jftliowiU not vote for John- Houston, and, the^number is variously placed at from  two hundred-and twenty-five to two hundred and fifty.   -To be .within  the mark we place it at two ,  ^ -C- ���J--<^|    r .-.I.i    .  ... -     ">4     r  .__ *,.     -^.|.-l    <     > - ���    1  hundred.   " - ;        ''_���   '' ' ������*������'���  Mr. Houston's meetings for the election of delegates give some idea of that gentleman's party  strength.    He and his. most aggressive workers put forth every effort to get his friends there, the ar"  gument being freely used that it was necessary to have every one of his supporters there to appal the  enemy,  and they faithfully responded to the  call of duty.    Besides, many Liberals who believe the  success of Mr. Taylor depends entirely on keeping Mr.;Hbuston in the field, are said to:have dropped  '  jn to help along the good work.    Some who have not taken aiiy pa'rtin  the dispute between the two ���  sections  were also present  and  voted for the  delegates.    Assuming that every'one present wasa.  Houstonite7ar.d quite the reverse is the  case, there were,  according to the Daily News, 'between'*'-  seventy, and eighty, iucluding Starkey, atthe East ward meeting, and about twenty-seven at the West  ^wai.d=.meeting^  say ther'total was sbity seven, but let that pass.    We are not juggling with figures, but  taking them  from sources believed to be independent.  Of the number, two hundred or more, who will not vote for Mr. Houston, all  will vote for. Mr.  Lennie, and it is quite  probable  that be will increase .'it by  one hundred and  fifty with  three  candidates in tbe field.   "To the one hundred who have promised to vote for Mr.  Houston, we will  add an even greater percentage, say one hundred votes, or two hundred votes in all.   These figures  will afford some idea ofwhat Mr. Houston is up against. .  in   hv ���_j'-i-;^��'-i  ��� '���   ,'vv...   .... ���'���    '���;  %VV^^VWV^VVV��<VVVVVWVM^^^^^W^^^V^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A^^^^/^W^^^>r��  Reasons for Opposing  s  Grand Forks Suu.  Mi. Larson, a Itossland mining man,  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  Slocan Drill.  The Antoine has uncovered twb feet  of clean ore,   -    - "'   .        ���   ;"  .'^  Handon nii lies 7Shippt-iJ: 228 ��� tons of  ore last week.";:;- .>;.'... ;Z::A.---.;..Ay?..  '"���\. i -' ��� ZZTi. - -; . .  The ..Payne ���mlue lia.W -iilpao to   100  ! men on its payi;olf._ ���//7*lJrA / ���'���-.'"  The ililler'Croe'lc.'ii^i^oii, ]s-.siii'f)-:|-'  pinga couole ea's'Qf ore..'' ������'���'  i-        �� ���' :,r- ���:��������� . ;.���'>������'��� .1  I    Zinc shipments 'frrim^tbe  Slocan  to  j Kansas are to be~resumed.'  1        ;-.. -., o ., ���; ;���._. : :������..���. yay.-* ^.���_;v...- (. A.A,-i- *-��� ��� i.'  A large amount b.rs.iy>i.)II��3 were'scivt i'  up this week to the . ISank _of Kiijj-A  laiul. '  Houston's'distoyqity to Premier McBride and his governments  Houston's, practical admission that he is a Conservative only so long as the Conservatives ��� accept  him as their-leader. ' >( ���']  Houstori's tactics ofsetting class against class for bis personal ends.  ���   Houston's willingness to sacrifice the Conservative party to gratify bis personal ambition.  Hotistoil's"double-dealing with every party or section with whom he has been allied.  Houston"' s' lack of capacity as a legislator. "  Houston's threat,to,run as an independent if turned down by the Conservatives.  ..  Houston's.presumption in attempting to dictate the policy: of tbe party. -"   '".'.:.'  Houston's'p^rsisteirt'persecution of Conservatives in his paper with the one desire'of creatingdiscord in the party.      .   .,-.���.'.. .- ' ���.-.!. '.���;>_    ' '-. o. =;. ������..-���,  .:...;;:���������  And lastly,; the. beUesfithat Houston uever was. a Conservative:-    ' ..-.-.:.-i-  olitiGal Vjrossip  -.ii-s.f* ���>:ir-r.-.}ij:iu:  ��� -.,i��|,*v>ir-H>>;iiriaij';  ,->)-, j    r ���,       ,    __.    ,r    ^   j ^  'tm.  ������������{>.  i/Oi)'66f' the most encouraging features  oP tbe pcditlcal'situation is the urgent  deinantl"'fr6in"ftil quarters for strong  inbiii'^Lffeldn-i. Conservatives and unswerving liberals are prepared to unite  'on-; 'orieibiivg, and that is the present  situation In British Columbia demands  the best blood in both parties. The Liberals in the majority of eonstituences  have selected their men, and in nearly  every instance the strongest available  candidates have been put forward.  Only In a few cases have the Conservatives made their selections, but they  have been looking out for the best men.  There will be a majority of the Conservative candidates selected to-day, and  it is to be hoped no mistake will be  made. Tbe result ofthe election will and  should depend upon the calibre of the  men put forward.  Mr. W. C. Wells, formerly Chte'f Commissioner of Lauds and Works, will  come out os,an Independent candidate,  but many Liberals state thnt tbey do  not believe the rumor. A- few people  believe that if Mr. Wells decides.to ran  as an Independent the Conservatives  will run a Conservative-Labor candidate or give their support to a straight  Labor man ; butthe latter is not at all  likely aud the former is very a improbable. . ' -  W. B. Ross, the solicitor, is out in a  letter to the B'ree Press of Fernie announcing that he Is a receptive candidate for tho Conservative nomination.  H. H. Bentley is also in the Held, and  the choice is between those two.  There was a rumor at Vancouver tbat  negotiations were proceeding between  the Martin interest of the Liberals aud  the Labor party with a view to making an arrangement whereby a joint  ticket may be made with Mr. Joseph  Martin and Mr. G. F. Cane and three  candidates bf the Labor party,-  The Windermere Outcrop looks for a  lively time in political matters in tbe  district around Golden next week,  Next Monday the Conservatives are  holding a convention at Golden, and  the Liberals may select their candidate  very shortly.    A rumor is afloat that  At Victoria, it ia said that Mr; Chris.  Spencer, son of Mr. David Spencer,"��  well known merchant, will be a candidate.     The Conservatives , will have  Hon. A. E. McPhillips in the field, and'  probably Messrs. H. D. Helmcken, ex-  Mayor Kayward and Mr. T. Baker.  Dr.   Baker, Conservative,   may ���" ��� run  against Mr. T.-W. Patterson in North  Victoria.   Mr. Eberts will probably run  in Saanich, and Mr.C. E.Pooley will  tn all likelihood be the Government  candidate in Esquimalt.    Capt.- Clive  Pbillips-Woolley, it is said, will probably be the Conservative candidate  in Alberni.  A large and enthusiastic meeting of  the Nanaimo Conservatives Wednesday evening was addressed by^Hon.  Mr. Green, who was warmly received,  aiid gave a splendid address. An aggressive campaign was initiated, and  decision was taken to nominate a candidate on Saturday, "August -22nd.-  Commlttee rooms were selected.  There were 976 voters registered - at  Nelson. There will probably be W0  votes polled at tbe election, and- in a  three-cornered fight 350 votes will win'/  Mr. Lennie will receive that' number  and more. ���   ��� ?  L  P  ocal and  jLrovincial  Dr. Dickson, who practised bis profession as a medical man -in Victoria  in !59 and the early 60's, paid that city  a visit last week. He renewed acquaintance with the small remaining band of  pioneers, including Dr. Helmcken, Mr.  D. W. Higgins and ex-Sheriff MacMil-  lau. Dr. Dickson had not visited Victoria for over 34 years and was naturally much surprised at its growth.  threatened war in prices on the Fraser-  hiis been, averted.  This Nelson Economist has .taken ���  on new life and is one of the best weekly papers published in British Columbia,���Cranbrook Herald.  A proposal is on foot to construct a  loek at the Gorge, Victoria Arrm, in .or  der to'make thatstretchofwater available for navigation by steam launches  at all periods of the tide. Mr. Topp, the  City Engineer, after looking into the  matter, has given it as his opinion that  for a few thousand dollars an automatic lock could be arranged at the  narrowest point; which would retain  tbe waier beyond at high tide level.  Thin would give ample depth for the  launches at all times, and would add a  hundred fold to the present delightful  trip on the waters of the Arm. Such  an: improvement would more than  double the length of the present run, t  and would be one of the 11 nest courses  to be found anywhere. Provision  would be made for the passing of row  boats without the necessity of locking  them up and down.  Lord Herschell, son of the late l^ord  High Chancellor of England, is spend- '  a few weeks in British Columbia.  Tbe baseball game between -Arm-,  Btroag and Vernon at the latter place,  Wednesday resulted in a win for Vernon with a score of 14 to 13.  It Is expected that there will be about  four teams contesting in the firemen's  races at Rossland during tbe Summer  Carnival.  Mr. A. H. Iieeder a coal expert from  Pennsylvania has been employed by  th��C\ P. B. to assist Mr. C. M. Hen-  retta in reporting on the coal prospects  up the Elk north of Michel. These  gentlemen have been up in that neighborhood all week making alhorough  examination:- It is understood that  the C. P. IV.. require an extensive and  absolutely j correct report before going  ahead with the extensive development  work on their coal claims, which has  been contemplated for some time.  The   provincial  huvo   deckled  to  .hospital  JSoad.  health   authorities  establish a cottage  at V.0  Mile   House, Cariboo  jr'BritVsh Columbia salmon-canners  iiayej&greed with the canner's combine  bri.PUget Sound that henceforth they  will not send steamers from the Fiaser  ���River to the salmon banks on the  Hound to purchase fish from the seiners  there' In return the canner* on the  Sound have agreed that they will not  invade the territory of British Columbia cautiers, and in this manner the-  Courtsof Assize will be held at the  following places on the data's mentioned :  Town of Richfield, 24th September-  Civil and Criminal.  Town of Clinton, 1st October���Civil  and Criminal.  City of Victoria, 1st October���Criminal only. .....'  City of Kamloops, 1st October���CivU  aud Criminal.  Town of Golden, 6th October���CI vi*  and Criminai. " .  City of New Westminster, 6th October��� Civil and Criminal.- '  City of Vernon, 6th October���Civ II  and Crijnlnal.| . ���  , t  ���  City of Y^ncouver, 12th October���  Criminal only. .  City, of Revelstoke,- 12th October��� .  Civil and Criminal.  City of. Greenwood 15th October���  Civil and Criminal.  City of Nelsou, 19th October���Civil  and Criminal.  City of Nanaimo, 27th October���Civil  and Criminal.  Sittings for the Supreme Court, for  tbe trial of CivU causes, will be held on  the following dates at tbe places mentioned :  Victoria���October 6th.  Kossland-October 13th.  Vancouver���October 27tb,  ��3F|  v:  ������mm  Thereturnlng delegates from Ottawa  say Sir. Galliher made one nf the bead  speeches of the session. tfttB STELSON B00K6MIST  ^Pm4if  The Economist  ' Published c*_ry Saturday afternoon at  VKBNONSTBKlSr, NM^SON. B.C.  $i.oo Per Year in Advance  "TdverllBlBi. rates made feno*n on Bppllca.  tion.  AU changes Ln  advertisement,  to limit*  _n,erllon .hottld reach this oflico not later  than Thursday at 12 o'clock, ,.  When change of addrew J�� required. It >s  durable thaiboth the old addrcMf midlhi-  new b�� given, .  Address all comma tilcatlons, " I'liUllwlior of  Tub Nkuw* Kcomoxist.Nelnon.B.C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  In dealing with the political ��IUltl��  tion in Nelson so far an_ it concerns tbe  Conservative party; this paper has no  desire to add fuel to the flames, but  rather to place those interested in ro.;-  . session of the real faotsasthey exist.  It is doubtful if titany timo tbe matters  In dispute oauld nave been   adjusted  so as to meet the pleasure of both sides,  but.it is quite   oertain  tbat the one  man, who by virtue of his position as  president ol the Conservative Association   should have  been  foremost  in  tbe effort to bring about a satisfactory  solution of tbe problem, has on the con-  tiary, been most persistent in fomenting the trouble, and this all the time  under the "guise that he was for peace.  Iu doing so, Mr. Starkey only deceived  one man, and that was himself. -Some  may   practice   deception  for months  wtth a considerable degree of success,  others may practice It for years, but  Mr. Starkev's   limit is about   thirty  seconds.    ' However, it was Lliouxht  wise that every effort at a settlement  should he exhausted before going the  length of the meeting of Conservative*  at the Board of Trade rooms last Wednesday evening.   All that the majority  of Conservatives wanted was a meeting in which matters pertaining to the  welfare of the party might be discussed,  and with this desire in view, M r. W.  A. Macdonald, K. ���., as far back as  last June addressed a letter to the president of the local association suggesting  the wisdom of an early meeting ofthe  character referred to.    Mr. Macdonald  was a member of the executive, but  the president under one pretenseor.ati-  other from time to time deferred the  meeting.     As a matter of fact, Mr.  Houston did hot court investigation,  and Mr. Starkey refused to acceds to  tbe polite requests of Mr. Macdonald.  When it was known that-Mr. McBride  was coining here M r. Starkey. was iigal a  approached, this time with the view of  representatives of both sides to the dispute appearing before Mr. McBrido to  adjust their grievances, the proinier to  sented to this and nam. d his men,-but  foiled to keep faith with" Mr. Macdonald aud the gentlemen ap_Mliited frotii  tbo Other aide. Some say Mi;.' Starkey,  with all lib Hue; promises,; .never- intended to keep the aptioiii tnieiit, otlicr.-)  wiylhathe was acting under iii&lrue-  tioxus from "Boss" Houston, while "a  few profess lhe belief that the presiden t  had uo stomach to uuet the man  against whom he Lad been usilij; slroiig  language for some moullis jMst, Kti  matter what muy have been the caus*',  Mr. Starkey ignored the premier and  ihe meeting, although'"a greater man  than the president risked, the perils of  a trip toltobson to pay his homngu to  Mr. McBride. --Wc refer to Mr. Houston. Mr. Maedouaul, as a nicnibor of  the executive, tbVn wrote us Culluws l,��  the president of the assovLUiou:  J"red Starkey, Esq., President Liberal-  Conservative Assn .'-Kelson,'IV {'.:  . *. DKAit Sjk,���1 regret that you'have  iailed to keep your promise with tut  as to attending witli the esi-eutivtf'aftjl  having consultation with tlie ilon.MK  McBride as to the political situation in  Kelson. Your breach of fa itii in tit in  4Wtinection I regret uot only [ ersoually  but fur the sake of the party i us 1 have  no doubt if you had earricsl out -your  promise and been in attendance with  the executive much might have been  accompli tlied to smooth over uutolilll  culties and an arrangement tif sonic  klud arrived tit, by, which the Conservative party united could Ut.j-c io Iwkl  the city. As it is, it wouldnj.pear a-i  if you and those immediately usioeitiU'il  with you are not desirous of doing anything in tbat direction. I am leaving  to the morning for Mauitoha, and all  ibe continuance of the friction existing  amongst the Conservatives  will rest  Willi those who createdit andaremak-  no CfTort towards its removal.  , W. A. MacdonaM).  ��� Officr letters were written to Mr.  'SUu-lsey, but brought forth nb. response, iso last Monday the following  requisition was forwarded to the president of the association :  Fred Starkey, Esq., Presid.entlJberal-  Conservatlve Association, Nelson,.  Di3A.n Sir,���You  have been repeatedly asked  Lo call :i   meeting of the  Llberul; Association of  the city, but  have failed to do so,   No meeting has  been held for months,  though a general election is at hand.   We now request you to call a general meeting of  the Liberal-Conservative  Association  for "Wednesday evening in the board of  trade rooms, sti h  meeting being for  the purpose of considering all matters  pertaining to the welfare of the party  and to endeavor to so unite the party  as to ensure the election of a CoiiBerva-.  tive candidate.  (.Signed)      W. A. Maodqnai*d,  John Eu^ot,  F. J. Bkadley,  Harry Bird.  FitAXK FraETCHEB,  T. F. Stoddart,     '  P. Lamont,  It. W. Hannington,  H. E. T. Haultain.  This was accompanied by the following personal letter from Mr. Macdonald :  Fred Starkey, President Liberal-Conservative Association, City :  Dear SIK,���I am anxious to make  one last effort towards harmony before  it ia too late. I enclose a request  signed by a few of the many who desire a meeting. The decision and responsibility rest with you. If you decide to call the meeting, I would" suggest notice being inserted in the morning paper. Trusting that you will do  so, W. A. Macdonald.  This requisition wasL not treated  wil b even the scaut. courtesy of. a reply, which, everything considered, is  perhaps not to be marvelled at. The  only, sign given that the president had  ever received the letter, was the more  prolific use of - foul language by the  '���gang" on the streets to express their  opinion of respectable Conservatives.  When no answer to the requisition  was received, thirty or forty members  of the party came together and decided  to call the public meeting of Conservatives .which was held in the board of  trade rooms Wednesday evening. The  Houstonites refused to attend that  meeting, although one or two of their  number, it is said, as is their custom ou  occasions of this character, availed  themselves of n convenient post to wit-  iiess the proceedings. The attendance  at tbat meeting wag so large aat to leave  no doubt of the" widespread feeling of  resentment which prevails "ahibngst  Nelson Conservatives at the outrageous  coinluct of President Starkey. The  -ojiai^^t^jw^in^^ _Stoddort  petuate dissension and array one portion of the party against the other :  And whereas the seeds of dissecsiou  have been so well sown by Mr. Houston that dissension: now prevails in  the ranks:  And whereas the conduct of Mr.  Houston as a member of the legislative  assembly has not been such as to reflect  credit upon the city of "NfeUou or tend  towards obtaining tbe support of self-  respecting Conservatives :  And whereas, Mr. Houston, aside  from his conduct towards local Conservatives, and as a member, has  through his newspaper showed his  disloyalty aud desire to injure the  llrst Conservative government of British Columbia by slurring remarks as  to the premier and his cabinet, and  publishing statements *s ���"�� the likelihood of the defeat of all members of the  government who might contest Victo  rla and Vancouver:  And whereas Mr, Houston has  openly stated ou the streets of Nelson  that if unsuccessful at a convention he  would run as an Independent, thus  giving further proof of his disloyalty  and forfeiting any right to Conservative confidence and support:  Therefore, this public meeting of  Liberal-Conservatives of Nelson condemns the actions of John Houston  through his newspaper iu belittling  tbe Conservative government:  And further, this meeting declares  that neither party loyalty nor u desire  to hold Nelson for the Conservatives  should compel a sacriftce of self-respect  by supporting Mr, Houston as a candU  date of the Conservative party, and de*  sires to repudiate him as a representative of tbe Conservative party,  Tbe next resolution condemned the  maimer in which the gold-brick con-  ventioa was called, and was moved by  Frank Fletcher, seconded by K. M.  Macdonald, and carried unanimously :  ���i Resolved that the election of delegates and convention called for, the  city of Nelson are irregular and uot  binding upon Conservatives':"'  Further resolved that uside Iroin  such irregularity the election of dele-'  gates; as outlined might aptly be  termed a geld-brlck proposition for  John Houston's benefit, as with a pre-:  ponderance of Conservative votes in  .the west ward a majority of delegates  is granted to the east ward, where Mr.  Houston's strength lies:  Further resolved that in the opinion  of this meeting the election of delegates  aud convention so unfairly called  should be ignored.       J  The meeting closed with the follow  ing resolution, moved by Mr. Bradley,  seconded by Mr. Lermie, and carried  unanimously:..  That'while resolutions passed this  evening deal with difficulties in the  local ranks of the Conservative party,  we desire to place on record our atlegi-  ence to the Conservative party und,onr  confidence in Hon. Mr.. Borden as  leader of the federal house and the Hon.  Mr./McBride as the premier of the local goverii men t.  "Lack of space prevents a report of  the "speeches delivered in support of  theseresolutions, but it is scarcely he-  WWWWMWWVWW.  Limited  -*���     -*�� i   a*-      -*-     J-  Our New Stock of  ancrMri C.I. Archibald acted as sec-  rectary. " .'���*��� '. '.- ���-'y  ; It Avas moved by W. A; Macdonald,  .seconded by Geo. Steed, and carried  unanimously :  Whereas Mr. Frnl Starkey, jjs jm-sl-  deii t of I lie Liberal-Conservative. Assor  uialiiiit, has neglected lo cull .any -uicet-  ing nf the association of Conservatives  generally for the j>,iirposi'of either pri.^  paring to heal' tiie diil'ercncea. knovrii  ti��,v>ist in the lowil Conservative  ri��nkt��, nnd ha.s broken faith as-to meet-.  lugs arranged with him to be called  for that.pur\x��e. and has also failed to  coniply with or even jnul the courtesy  to reply to a request signed by uc-  kno>v|�����!ged,Coiiseryatiyysrfpr a public  inwtiiig of.the association :. ... . ,,     :"i  Therefore t his publie incctingqf Coiti  .aui'vatiyt'S .approves nf the calling of.  U.i-s inevthiuso that the members of the  j'mrty ana wjiolu.iuay have an opiw��r-  uiuily of being heard.and further thi^j  uivvling coiitk'iniis the course pursued  lky.tUu,pret>idt-nt of the aksol'iatibii and  dt-'iilsi res; his conduct ;beu>keiis' lack of j  fajrni'ss :\\}\\ true appreciation of Ills  position ami sin apparent'desire to'act"  *i��U'Jy in thu interest of.a portion'only  of the party.. ',.'������.'���':   '"���-''.'"'      -'  Tlie next reijolnlioii   was'iiiovcd by  Julia Elliot, seconded by  I*. Lamont  initl carried Unanimously : ���  ;���, ���������"������ ' ���������'' i..  :.,  That whereas until the year 1900 John:  Houston never allied himself with the  the Consi'rvutivcsof the city of Nelson,,  but on he contrary systematically-be-i  littled thu )xirty, and its local organiza^,  tloiiw ami strove in every way' to..  w e.ik^ii. our cause: .���,.,    ���-  And -whereas subsequent to his 'ir^,  lutitaiit enrolmi'iit us a mctikber <>f ih'sV?  J^lIn-ra 1-Coiiservulivc. Ass<niiiition of the\  city, Mr.lItHistoa instead of, trying to  cesSTrytb~say evefyc^lfort_was^tprrtlie  point. The interest that was taken in  the meeting may be best .conveyed by  the fact that the board of tmde building 'was cro��[de.|, many having to  stand .outside, being uliable to guiln  admission.. Every resolution was air-  riedby a standing vine and there were  iio disseUliug voices. Three cheers  for Hon. Mr. Borden and Hon. Mr.  McBride .terminated the most noteworthy Conservative gathering  held in the city of Nelson.  FOR HOME USE  [ ��� Tn our many years'experience as practical druggists we  have learned to prepared ntimber of different family remc-  d.ies, some of which we have now been selliujj- for ten years  or more to our customers. These are hot patent medicines.  "Vou will find each preparation thoroughly satisfactory for  i the purposes intended.  Diarrhoea Mixture.  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An areuofdevelnpnicntis just tK?gln-  ing Tor tlie Pi rt Steele mining district.  ;New companies are coming iii witli  fiipital, and are quietly setting to work  to develop properties tbat, taken in the  aggregate, cover a vast area.    R:dlwny  "Tbis."  suid nn   old political  war  borae^Wednpsdiiy evening,   "  mosteutbusiiistie gutlicring  serviuiyes J-.cver uttendt'd."  cvcr building will be in acth'e progress early  next spring in Uie Kootenay valley,  un��l before tbe close of tbe coming year  locomotives will be running through  tbe town bf Fort Steele.     ,.   .  is   tbe  cf'-'-'Con-'  Tlie; great want of this age id men;  men,who arc not fortwle; men wlroare  honest and sound fruin centre to eir-  ctiirifrrenco, true-1�� tbe hearts core;  ^n^ho''>.ill'.'i��oiici��iDii   wrong jn ' preparatIons to produce zinc concen-  frleiMiorfoe.intheuiseh-wasi well a�� fmteuona large scale in  TnitlCircckXewrf. -,...-'  tTIic sslnc question bus l��ylno means  subsided in tlie Slocan und other districts, as ia evidenced by tlie fact that  the Sl<��e��ii Star, St. Eugene, Payne,  >V��ki:fielttf ete., are making extensive  othervs: men. whose consciences are as  " .; 1... ,\ ...   7  steady as tbe needle to Uie jyile; men  who will stand for tbo ri-^lit if the  lieavens totter and the e.irth reels; lnt'U  who can tell the truth and look the  world and tbe devil right in tbe eye;  iuen wbo neither brag nor run; men  who aneltlier flag or Jlincb; men who  i/Z       '���:,_...  have courage without wlii.stliiig for it  the n��ir fu  twre. Experiments at Trail are still in  prourws, atid tlie results are far. from  discounigiup- This iaah industry that  is Rapidly coming to the front in British Columbia.  N"nv AVostmljisto>rColumblan.  "Mr. I>, J. >runn wasa passenger on  to-day's eastboiiiul express for ^^on-  proiuote liarmoiiy in the Conservative,  lean Bay Is that tbe responsibility fur raiilcs hax songlit to create aud per-  and.ijoy without shouting to bring it; <rc:il, which for the future is to be bis  mefi-Ttovirhoni tUeciirr-LHiti)!' everlasting place off permanent resilience.. His  &e'fuiis still and .deep anil strong; nun vU'lt to New W<sthibisicr lias U-en for  Wli^i know their placed and till it; men '. the'purpose of eloping up; 'an far lis  who mind their own bJsdiiens; men |>o33ib!e his cnuneetiona with the husi-  who will not lie. liess a0iijrs with wbieh he has. been  will of this community will follow hirh  to the commercial metropolis where  larger fields for enterprise have ai-.  graded hint. * It is understood that Mr:  Munn InTs^become id^tiliell^iTirpuip  and paper interests in Quebec, and  perhaps his interest in this industry:  may yet attract him back to British  Columbia. .      '  Vancouver Nowh-Advertiser.  The foundation of another imi>ortant  seaport several hundreds of miles -north  of Vancouver will not. in onr opinion;  be at all detrimental to the progress  and prosperity bf this City. The new,  town and port will net only develop  business for itself, but it will create,  new:business and t raffle with- V'tiricouV  ver andotber Coast towns. The Grand  ! ��� -7   .        .  Trunk Pacific management-will reach:  out fur'business, and there is no doubt  that tbat of the Cuiiadiau Puciflc will  not be -ftiuiid napping in regard to the  operations of.its influential and ag>  .jg'ivssiye.^iv'iil.. Although the Coast tcr^  mini oftlie two roads will be several  h und roil.'miles apiart, the distance be-,  tween : tb'eiu can . be covered by -'tlie  ciieapes&iof all systenis of transportu-  tion���<ln|t of water carriage. In thf  cost of carrying freight across the continent by niilvvayp^ the.cbarge for tjie  ��irringe by watt'r from Vancouver to  Port Siiilfison(<irwherevtr the northern roilft-jiys teriuinus hiay be), aiid  vice yer|su,. wjll be a com|inratively  small item. "Weare familiar with sini;  ���ilar trallie.lriietlio<ls 111'Amerjnui freight  from Sail Franeiseobrought frii'rli there  by stemm'r to. Vijuefiuver, and then  carried fr����'m here over the Canadian  Puciflc Railway to its dc-itiiiatioii in  cities iu UtipKaBtern State*.  &.'..' b:. strachan  ���������'��� p  '���������-��� ��� ��� "���  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given on General Plumbing,  Sewer Connections. Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.  ��-<^N^^m>  1  V"  JUST ARRIVED  Ofthe Latest Fashions  Scotch Tweeds, Landslide. Strathcoiui,  aj it Belvvarp Serges, a fine line of  Puutiiigs ol'la.sesl��tjles.  Prices to suit the time*, ,  Ca'.l mid see tbem'.'  lohn Smaiiwood  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., next new P. O. 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Oont Klvcr Mining Division of  Weal Kontenay District.  You nre hereby notilled that Are have cx-  pei ded for assessment \rork and recording  Ices oh tlie above named Mineral claims for  the pact tnree years the uum of Twelve Hundred nnd Thirty (J13B0) Dollars, in order to  h<ti<! t he mid cialniH under th< provlsionti oi  Ilie Mineral Act, and-if within ninety cIiijh  f.'om tlie date of this notice yov full or refuse  to contribute yonr proportion of such expenditures togetherwlth tlie'coxlH of advertising,  your i!iteri-��1. insniiiiulneuil cliiims will become the prop��rty oftlifi subscribers under  the provLiions of Seeiinn four oi the''Mineral  Act Amendment. Ael,l!H)B."  Dated at Kelson, B. (J. this 27lh any ol March,  1903.  JIlIfiH SDTHBHI.AK1��  ���loHN ATTon GlBJiOM  JJ.lI.Nri.J.  ctf  0>  u  &:  $),  A'  ���H  o.-  CD  CS  4)  o  's=  >  if>>  O  % r ^���TJlrl  PJ  THE  NELSON   ECONOMIST  One ofthe many of the late Sir  Macdonald's devotees in humble  life was Patrick Buckley, a cabman  and proprietor of a livery stable in Ottawa, from whose vehicle, it is said,  the assassin alighted who killed  D'Arcy McGee. He "had been Sir  Allan McNab's coachman, 'and was  about the only one of the household  who could manage the gouty old man.  In following his avocation he kept to  the seat of government in all its move  from city to city. For thirty-eight  years he had driven Sir John, and  from the time of Confederation, the  Premier seldom rode with anyone  else. When Sir John was defeated  and resumed his old profession at Toronto, Buckley went there too. When  Sir John saw him driving along one  day he hailed him, and went oyer to  his cab to shake hands. During all  the time Sir John was out of power  this faithful old man insisted on driving him about, and refused to accept a  cent for the service���a circumstance  that could not be attributed to mere  policy, ns there seemed littlo likelihood that Sir John ever would be Premier again. It could not have been  Buckley's good looks nor the pompous  appearance of his vehicle that had won  the favor of Sir John, for in former  days his old sorrel horse and lumbering, faded, saggy-doored cab were tlie  reverse of attractive, while the wizened, wrinkled face���over which .a  short sandy grizzly beard bristled out  in all directions, and matched well  ��� with a pair of shaggy eyebrows, from  beneath which a funny, pair of eyes  twinkled���wns more curious than  handsome. A curious little cap .housed to wear made his head look  smaller than it really was. But Sir  John in this odd figure read the one  trait he required in a man for this service, and that was faithfulness. "Under  an exterior that seemed to cover only  O indolence and ignorance," no one hid  more fidelity, discretion or punctuality. On whatever business Sir John  required him, Buckley was alvyMys  there, and on time; and no paltry1    consideration     of . an.^   extra.  litre would induce him to risk the 'disappointment of Sir John. He might  be lit front of the Parliament Buildings  knowing that he had a clear hour be.  fore Sir John would be likely to come,  but though his cab wasa public one he  would not move for any oflVrs. One  duy Lady Macdonald came out ofthe  Parliament Buildings and observed to  Buckley that, as it would be twenty  minutes before Sir John would be out,  she would take a spin down to a place  i 11 Wellington street. "No, my lady/'  said Buckley, humbly but linnly,  Wliou he objected and she still pressed  trisu, "[ can't leave this spot till I get  the word from St. John." It was a  kind of heroism like Mrs. O'Dowd's at  the'.Battle of Waterloo���nnd, by the  way, expressed in the same words,  Sir Frederic de Win ton wanting urgently to communicate'with the Governor-General one day, made the same  request with all the authority of his  Luyh office, but Buckloy declined in si  more blunt manner still, adding, as he  jerked his thumb oyer his shoulder,  " There's plinty av cabs down there at  chc sthand." Buckley used to think  tbtit no living man dressed with the  same taste as Sir John, and what i n-  creascd his affection for his chieftain  was that the Premier would never allow the old man to carry his parcels  from the cab. When he would insist  -.on'doing it, Sir John would say, "No,  no, Buckley, I am justas younga man  iis you are," and 'would run up the  steps with..his. own books. Buckley  would often contrast this with the  autocratic way with which some.of the  junior departmental clerks would order liim to carry a parcel up to the  office, while tripping up empty-handed  themselves; and then'.'carrying the coil-j  trust on to every other member of Par-i  lLaineut, would sum up with, "He's-  the most whunderfill man in the.  ���ivorruld I"'--. Once Buckley, after taking'  Sir John home, on an occassion when  he was somewhat unsettled, drove up  amongst a group of members in front  of -the. Buildings,When he was stopped and one ot the group said  they wished  to ask him. a question,  ���-..:��� ���-���������    -o   j  and as it was important they hoped  und believed he would tell them the  truth. Buckley promised lie would.  " Then," said the questioner, "wasSir  John tight when you drove him down  just now?" "What do you mane?"  said lluekley, looking for'some road of  escape, -'Was he in liquor,���was he  drunk?" "Shure," replied Buckley,  "I have driven hiru all these years,  and! nirer seen him in better health  in me life thin to-day." The party  h:ul made a bet concerning Sir John,  and were to decide it by Buckley. It  wasa clever cut for the old cabman between a collision with the chariot  wheels of his conscience on the one  side and the ditch of falsehood on the  other; but Lt.waS agreed by "all that Sir  John himself could not have steered  through more cleverly.  One. morning Buckley greeted the  Premier with "J'm glad to see ye look-  in' so well this morning, Sir John; and  miry ib.Wcsa long time before I see'any--  body else in yer shoes." "You won't,  Buckley,5'.replied Sir John, "as long  ns.I'A-e got them on!"   ���  When ilie Premier was in the throes  of his Inst illness, Buckley was on hand  to render his humble-service dqy and  night, and as the tears rolle'd down his  cheeks, he said to a reporter : "I have  driven Sir John for thirty-eight years,  winter and-summer; and now they  tell me'he must die. I have never  known him to be out of temper; never  known Iihn. to say a cross word, no  matter bow rouglr the road might be  or how careless I might drive. Do you  remember his grey suit of clothes? One  time I called for him and he had on  another suit. As he Was going to meet  some important people I siiid to him  (for t knew him.;so welll.could-take  liberties- with him); I said,'iSir JTohn,  w;hy'clidti'tyou put on -your grey suit?'  You-look-much-better in ir.' ������'���' Is thn.tr  so, Buckley?' said be, and he. wept and  changed his clothes. * *D.eai"> dear,  they say there is no hope. My, my,  his like will never be seen in  Canada  again.  i)  WADDS BROS.  Photographers.  Vancouver and Nelson  A  BAKER STREET. NELSON, B. C  Nelson Tant & Awning Works  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  Ti'ixey V AUncrul Claim, situate In the  Nelson Mining Division of AVcst, Kootenay  District. -;   ... .   -   -.-..-... ���-' -. r  Wticre loon ted: On Kcst Crock, a tributary-  of llic North Fork ol'Salmon River.  T:ilcc notice that I, John . JIcLatchic, acting  as''.'agent for .lames Ilurnct MncLaren,  I Free .Miner's Cci'tillcnlc No. 1171,708, mul E<lr  lmuid J). Sewell, Kree aMincr's Ccrtitlcale No.  J$n,TM. intend, sixty days from the diCte liere-  <>f,-to ai>]>l>7-l oaheJVli u! ngltecoi-dcr^foiia^GiM'-  tillcule of Improvements, for tlie purpose of  obUilning 'a Crown'Grant ol Ilie above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section S7, must bo commenced before Ihe-issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  DiLtt'cl this 27tli clay of July, A. I). 1903.  ��� John mcLatchie.  - All kinds of Canvas Work  made  to order.  Also Clothes Cleaned   and  Repaired.  Boyington & Ross,  257    BAKER    ST.,    NELSON  t^^^7  SO  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  'ATENTS  Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c  Anyone Bending a sketch mid description ranjr  <Hileklj- nscertiiin onr opinion free whether nt>  invention is probably pntentalile. Comniuiiira-  ttons strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  -aentfroo Oldest neency for securing patontB."  I'iilcnta tuken throuch Slunn &��� Co. receive  tpecialnotice, without clinrgo, Iu tlio  Miandsomcly illustrated weefcly. I.nrpcst cir-  culntioti of r.ny aeientlQc journal. Terms, $3 a  jr��:ir: four months $L. Soldbyall newsdealer*.  MUNN & Go,3618���1*'* New York  Branch Office. S2S F" St, -Washington. D. C.  /      CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  \. Emciaia Xo. 2 Mineral Claim, situate in  the Nelson Mining Division of WcBtKooteiuiy  District.      ���������-���'  "Where located : Atthe summitsitUic head  of & ��� and Summit Creeks, adjoining the  Shandon. Mineral claim.  Tsifce notke that I, Reginald M. Macdonald, Vres .'-Miner's - c<Ttiflcalc Ko.'B58.405r  in lend s\Xly (Jnys from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a ccrtlflfirte of improvements, for the pnr-  P'>seioCtol)taiuIng.a..CroiV7n.gi'an.t.of=,the.abov.e  claim.-������������  And further take notice that action, nn-  dftr sectl��m H7, must he commenced before  the Isswuice ot such tiertillcate of improvements.  ��iU��d tills 17th day of July, A.D.1903.  R. AI. Macdonald.  JOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land .Surveyor  Op. B C. Customs House, Nelson.  Bartlett House  (Formerly Clarke IIonsc)  The li��sl 31 per dny house in .Nelson.  None bwt white help employed.    The bar  1. I i it.   .  G. W.   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Gillett, who has the contract  for the buiLdings for the fair, commenced work yesterday.  -..Rehearsals for the production of the  Mikado are proceeding satisfactorily.  Mr. Parry, believes the '.forthcoming  performances will surprise tbe citizens.  son.  Considerable interest was taken in  in Nelson in the Corbett-.7edries fight,  when it -was announced tha't  Corbett had , thrown tip the spongt-  cvery sport present said that be knew  it would turn out that \vsi\-.  1 . . ,- Her Hujro Secret Simlety.  -A well kno-wu \V;is!ii:iyton v-ouian  was doing the ciithedrnl cit-ius uf Etijj-  land last summer. Tliroaybout her tmu  Bho wore a tiny American fiag piiiuud  to the waist of her trcweling dresses. A  good many of the English people -whom  ehe met did uot understand or pretended uot to understand what the Hag stood  lor.  "Ton belong to somo secret soeiety, I  perceive," said an English woman to  whom she was introduced, pohniug to  the diminutive starry banner.  "Yes," responded the Washington  woman amiably. "Tlicre nro "iQ, 000,000  o��ua."~-Washington !���������-'  Stewart Campbell, formerly of Nel-  but now of Edmonton, has been  in the eity sill week. Stewart has many  friends in Nelson, and they are always  glad to greet him.  NOriCKTO CONTRACTORS.  Coup.t Hovse, NelsOx.  Plans and Etitl mates.  Inquiring Sou���Pop, is au: architect  gua artist?  Pop (who haa jnstInula newhonse  built).���I guess so.   Tlicy say artists are  perfect children about money matters.  --Now York Weekly.  Begonia Culture.  Begonias of all kinds Grow best in a soil  that is quite rich,' somewhat- sandy and  porous. A soil that is heavy, sogjcyjind  Bpfcto become- sour cannot bo - used with  good results. Tho mutter of drainago is  also an item in thu culture of begonia* not  to bo overlooked. Iii potting" tho plants  provide, ample drainage by placing broken  pottery, cinders or somo Buch matter iu  tho bottom of tho potn...',   , .., ���   '.'  Flowering..begoniascan bo bedded' out  in the summer with success, if plenty of  water is given and a fairly sunny, warm  location selected for tho bed. Those of the  Rex typo will do best if plunged in a -,-ar'  ^titdly'stiiMMicKaiio-iiABti^^  be protected from hot, drying wine'.rf and  should never bo allowed to suffer fur want  (rfwatcr.���Woman's IJojiiqCompanion.  " ' Nature's Silver-,Work��.  The process by which naturo form*  euch accumulations of silver ifl very  interesting.  It must be remembered that the  ��� earth's crust is full of water, which  percolates everywhere through the  rocks, ;miikingssblutiC2is_of elements ob-.  turnedifrom, them. Jj.hese.uljcmical solii-,  tions tako up.small-parhicles of tlio pro-  cious metal whioh thoy lind scattered  hero and thero.  Sometimes tho solutions in question  aro hot, tho water Iiavmg got so far  down as to, bo set .bailing Ly tho internal heat of the globe, .-1'li.cn'; they rush  upward, picking up the bitu of metal  as they go. Naturally heat assists tho.  performance of tb.i=i opcraticn. Now  and thon tho streams thus formed, perpetually flowing hitlicr and thither bo-  low ground, pass tlno-jsh tho cracks or  Cavities in; tho recks, where they deposit their loads of silver.  This is kept uf> for a great length of  time, perhaps thousa mis of years, r.ntil  the fissures of -, the pockoc are tilled cp.  Crannies penacatiug the stony mass iu  every direction may Iceomo Ullod with  the metal, or occasionally a chamber  may be stored full of it, as if a myriad  hands were fetching llm treasure from  all sides and hiding away u future bonanza for some lucky prospector to discover.���Pearson's V'eel-ly.  TLor��'u Sweet Worn.  A London paper tells this touching  , 6tory of Professor Kcrltomer: MIIis:igeil  father, who lived with him in hisspleu-  did home at Bushucy, uklvJ to model  clay in his early life, lio bus recently  taken to it again,, but his fear is that  soon bis hand* will lose their skill and  his work will show tbo marks ef imperfection. It is hi* cnooscrrow. At  night, he goes to his early rest, and  when fee has gone lib tahi.tcd son {joes.  to hisetudio, take^pp bis father's fecWo-.  attempts and ma|*es tho work as beautiful as jart can mube it. W hen tho old  man cornea down in tho morning, ho  take* the work and looks at it aud rob*  Ma hands and aaj-% 'Ha, 1 cau Ao ��*  Weil ta'1 ����er did/."  QEALED TEXnEKS. properly indorsed, will  IO Oo received by the undersigned up to nnd  Including - Monday. tbe -seventh September  nest-, fur, tlie erection nud completion of a  Court. House at. Nelson, ]$. C.  -Diwlngs, speeillcutIons and condition ol  tender and romriic-t way be sccu at the Pub-  lie "WorKs Engineer's Office. It. <\.nt the oflice  of R. .1.Hi! Inner, Ksq., I'rovinc-inl Timber Inspector, Vsnicouver, I!. Csind nt the oflice of  I he Government Agent, Nelson, 13. C.. on and  al'ler the sirs Hi or AiiKUNi next.  v.Tenderh will not bo considered unless made  out? upon' the ...printed forms furnished  by the llowirtinetit-for that purpose.and the  agreement lo execute a bond appended to the  form of tender Is duly signed by tbe contractor and two sureties, responsible residents  of tlie Province, satisfactory to the Department, In the penal sum of S1U.000 each for tbe  faltliful jK-rlOrnitinee und completion of the  \\-<>'rk.     ,  The lowest ornny tender not necessarily accepted. ���-.'.���  \V   *'GOKE.  Bepuly Commissioner of Lands & Works,  ; Ijiuioh una Works Department,  ;    Victoria, 1st August, 190S.  Land Application.  Sixty days nfter date, I Intend to apply to  i he G'lilol" Commissioner of Lands, and Works  lor the following bind: Commencing at'a  post, nt the north-west cornel of lot 835, Gl  Kooteiuiy District., tlienee dne west 40chains,  MiuucoMjutli.-hi elm ins, thence enst-IO" chains.  I.Iiencc north a long west, boundary of lot 835  (11. to point of couiineiictrii'.'nt, c<  LM aero*. ..   _ ���  -Nelson, 23th July. 1HM.  ontnining  M. E. FLKTcumt.  CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM.  (Adopted at Revelstoke, September 18th. 1902. |  1. That this convention reafllrins tlie policy  ofthe party in matters of provincial roads  aud trails; the ownership ana controlof railways and (he development ol tbe agricultural  resources of Ibe province m hi Id down In tbe  plat form adopted lu October, 1S99, wli Ich is as  follows:  "To actively aid in the construction of  trulls throughout the undcv eloped portions  of the province und the bui lding of provluclul  trunk roads of public necessity.  "To adopt the'principles of government  ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances of the province will admit, unci tno  adoption ortlic principle that no bonus should  be granted to any railway company which  does not give the" government of tlie province control of rates over lines bonused, together wllh the option of purcliase.  ��� "Toactively uisMst by state uld lathe development of the agricultural resources of the  province.  2. Thut in the meantime and until the railway policy above set forth fan be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving freedom to construct raltwuys under certain approved regulations, turn logons to the  system thut bus resulted la such extensive  railway construction in tbo United States,  with so much advantage to trade wid commerce  3. That to encourage the mining Industry,  tbe taxation of metalliferous mines uiioulu Uu  on the basis Ufa percentage on the net profits. "���  4. That the government ownership of telephone systems should be broughtubout us a  ttrst step ln the acquisition of iiuhllc utilities.  o. That a portion uf every coutureii licreafn-r  to be disposed ot should be reserved from sale  or lease, so thut titute owned mines may be  easily accessible, It their opeiation becomes  necessary or advisable.  ��. That In the pulp land leases provision  should be miideioi reforesting und thut steps  should betaken for the general preservation  of loresis hy guarding uymusl the wusieml  destruction ol timber.  ���    ������  7. That the legislature and government of  the province should persevere in the otlbrtto  secure, the exclusion of Asiatic labor,   o -.,  8. That the matter ol butter terms in tbe way  ol subsidy and tipmopiiattons lor the province should should tie Vigorously, pressed upon the Dominion sjovcihinent. .-. . -    -  9.That the silver-lead Industries of the.pro.  vince be fostered and uiivuimigiid bytlie im  position of increased customs duties on loud  and lead products Imported Into Canada,' nun  that tlie Conservative ineinbeis of tlie  Dominion House be uiged lit support uuy  motion introduced for such a purpose.  ���10.'That-us industrial disputes almost invariably.resu It la great Iws and injury- both  to the parties directly concerned nml to the  public,legislation Kliould be passed.to provide  means lor au! amicable adjustment of sueh disputes between employers und employees.  11. That.it is advisable to lostec. the nuinu-  fnetu'ic of tho riiw products, of the province  within the _���! evince us lai. us practicable by  means oi'taxation, on the said ruvr products,  subject to reLutei'l'the s��m�� in whole or part  when munufuctured ih lirltish Coltimbiu.  At a meeting of Jnlin Houston's friends on'Thursday evening  last,- Lhat gentleni ti stated his reason why he alone should be the  leader of the Conservntive party in Nelson. They may be summed  up in tlie claim tliat be is a practical politician, and the party, must  have a practical politician at its bead in order to be successful. Curiously enough be admitted that during the whole tiin* he had  been a member of t e Local House he bad been striving to get into  the government party and failed, His aim was iiodoubt worthy of  the man, but his lack of success in its 'accomplishment"'would  throw doubt upon his claim to being a practical politician. Agfain,  a politician who can so affect the Jeelings, or, if you -wish, prejudices of scotcs, if not hundreds, of membersof the p3rty to which  hcclairus to adhere, as to cause them to unite in pledging thetn-  sercs to oppose bis election, can scarcely be considered a practical  politician,-.if that term means one'.'capable of leading tbe party to  victory.  Some wonder has been expressed as to how Mr. Houston reconciles the hearty, honest, blunt statement made by him at this  meeting that it was tbe duty of every man that had any manhood  in him to declare for one party or the other, with his intemperate  statement made recently on the street that if the Consei vattives  would not have him as a candidate he would run as an independent. Really that soundslike the outburst of a cantankerous school-  hoy who wont play unless he is allowed to have tlie bat all the time,  rather than the diplomatic,' soothing utterance of a practical politician. .; .  .Fred Irvine ��fc t.'o. are ytlvertl.-ing  summer', aii&*f*ull goods, and report  their HjldsWatiicr sale as having been  a great Miieeei^H.  The Canada Drtij? <& Ifcsok  Co. art-  selling 75c books fur ��>c.  Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Mlllineryi HoseiMen's Furnishings  New Fall Goods Just Arrived  too "Pieces of Fancy Flannelettes, suitable for Ladies' Shirt and Blouse Waists, Wrappers and Children's Dresses, worth  20c.  Sale price, i2^c.    New White and Grey Saxony Wool Blankets, all sizes and qualities.    New Wool Comforters and Eider Down  Quilts.    New Table Covers, Portierres and Curtains, new Table Linens, Towels and Sheetings, new  Laces, Ribbons, Gloves arid  . Dress Trimmings.  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Notice Is hereby given' that pursuant to  Olinptcr 187, Knot Um "Jtl. ot" the KovikimI SUi tu ��fl  oriiritlsli C<ilumbl��, 1��<J7, tintt the creditors  mid otherK liin-in!i clnimK ngaluKt. snid de-  ci-ase<l, \vli<�� difea at llufliilo, In tlie County of  E*lc�� Mate of "New York, on or about tlie Wth  day of June, 1902, ure required oimr "before the  5IU day of aVugiiHt, 15X13, loseiid l>y post, prepaid. <>r deliver to Mrvsra. Elliot ��fc Lennie, cf  the City of Kelson, B. C, rolicttora fur iho  tidihitilHtrnUtrx, tvlth the Will niiuexwlof the  last Will mul Tctilainuiit of the stiid decoascil  ���heir l.'liriKtlHU and .suiiiiimcy. addieMtN tiucl  descriptions, the lull I'lirtieulfti'H ol" their  cluiniM. the Hint cinvnt-of their iiuiiUiiIh nml  tlie" nature ofthe securities, If any. held by  them, o  And further take notice, thatarier nnldlaRt  nu'iitloiicil date lhe said iidmhiistnnors.villi  the will annexed will proei-ed Ic dlnlrllmlo  the uBWHtHof tliedeieaned uinun;. Uie jmrties  entitled thereto liuviiif.' re��nrd only lo Ilie  eliilmw ol whieh it Hhall then ln��v^ notU-c.  and that the wild adininistratornvltli tltewill  annexed will not be liable for theMntilaiHSpU  or any lwrttlioreo'f.tonny persou ur jxtsoiis  of wIuibu claims not ice bIui 11 jiot Imve lieen re-  eeiwtd by it nt tlie time of such distribution.  lMU'd 11. Ih S��tb day or June, A. U.lBttt.  E1.I.IOT& I.KXSIK  Solieitors for the Miiincsotnl.tuiii * Trout Co.,  AdiiiiuUitr.Uui's with tlu* Will annexed of  John GeovgeKmyly Kcwlui.d.deeuised.  KQOTENA��^  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  Tea and Coffee  Dealers In  We ��rej>lftriii5f at lowest prices the best  graded ol Ueylou, India, Cliina and Juimui  Teas.  - ..........  Our Uest Mocha nnd J:iva Cofl'ee per  ixmnd $   401  Mocha nncl Tnvti Hlend, $ pounds  1 Wi  Ulioice l> leml Coffee, 4 pon ads  I uu j  SpeclaI Hlend Colfee.K pounds.. 1 littl  Hio lllen-d (JuflVc.li poumlB  1 01)!  Special HlendCcy Ion t'tn, per piuud.    M>|  Fire, Life. Accident, and Sickness Insurance.     Real   Estate, Loans.  Etc.  'Having-, purchased the Agencies, hitherto 'conducted by Mr. A. R.  S hei weed ue beg to anucurce lo Clients iliat we will gire |iroiriptaiid  caieful attention to any biuir.ess entrusted to our care, at our dffices oyer  McArtliur's Furniture Store.  A TRIM ORDER SOtlCiTED.  KOOTEHAY COFFEE C0.|  Telephone 177.  P, O. Box 182.  WEST    BAKtR   STREET,    KELSON I  _MortHgsee Sale.  Unrlcr nml l>y- virtue of the powers contained-in 11 rrrlitln rnort��jigc, whlcn will he  produced sit 1li�� I line <if��ile. there will be or.  I'eretl for M\1t�� liy inailietnietlon hy tl. A. Wnt-  f.-man, at ills ollice in 11ie-K.-W.-C. Mock,  linker 1st wet, XCMiuin, ll. C, on Monday, the IliSrd <lny or August, 11)03,  at the lumr ��if VI (k'eloclc noon, lho  followiUK jiro|ierty: All nnd singular i  thnt cciltiin puree! or trin-t of hind nnd prem* ���  isc'H lying lilsdlipinj; In the City "t" Nelson, In  Hie frovLm-out'ltrltlsh Columbia, ard being  l^it. uiuiiliereil li\-cnity-nvo(22) In llloclt iiuin-  bercd tweiiiy-iiliifscaii). aecordln�� to lhe 0111-  elul Plan ��i�� mn-cy ol 1he Town (now City) or  Nelson. Tlil.s |>rop���rty I51 siuialc on ��lll��i  Street, l>eN-rr 11 Wurd imrt Blanlpy .streets-,  and has uicclcd I hi'r< on a ci-inforliiblc two-  sl<irey li'ntiilsdAWilU lis-house.  Kor U'Miis'aadcouditloiisorsale apply lo  M��\<JI>OSAIJ> & JOIINS11N.  &olieil<kre for Mortgagees.  Dated ihl* arututli day of July, A. B. IB03.  Notice.  Jn the niJitt^rofsui.niirlhation for a diipll-  i-ateol'a ���O'jtilieati'-n!Title lo the sivorjil lotK  ofiimit hiwliuifiur s-pcfitied silimnd in the  town nriti>��ali��utl.  Subscribe  xcursidn  East  ST.    1'AUI,,  jMINNKATOUS,  SIOUX CJTY.  DUI.UTII  CIi ienpro and ret urn     Toronto unrl retuin   JIo. tn nl, New York, do    Sdfi.SO   SUI,HI)   S1U2..7U  Town of llesshmrl (^Inp ll!"i) in  1he  niinie i  tinl.i���!<���! l.tiblMi' JSiihcrt Wi yl��� whieh rortlfi-  ente is clmr-il' tlie PIli ilsiy   of Mnrih, 1901, and  ���HiinlierLil 11 A.  ��� JI. K. MacI.koii.  Iiistrlei Kt'aislrnr.  hnml TM^Ixirj-OltU-n,  NcIkoii, II. C, l'Jlii Junc.lDra.  JOB     PRINTING      AT  THE  ECONOMIST   OFFICE  Corr.siiond'ng roles to nil  Eastern Points  Tlel��3ti_ovstiI��l>le via I.nke Koute,.including;  Meats and HoHIim.  Sailing Dates  AuSUSt 18, 19, lo, 2Tp.  SPECIAL  I'.altimore (31.1\ O. E. Convention) ?St.30  For sclllnj,'dote/t and ennrlitlons of soleffir  sjweifil in-1��tn. apply lo Canadian I'ucific  aseiit��or write.  J.iS. CAKTfiK,  Ulst.fuHS. Agt.,  Nelson.  E. J. COYLE,  A. ��, 1'. A.  Vuntouirer


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