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The Nelson Economist May 17, 1902

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 ,rr  **  _  ~~  -T  1  i  1*.  "  -  ^m  -  H  s-'llV;  i*  <-  ���d.   *���  i fi  i   t^i  7  ��J                                    >  **  1   _(  ���fi  ���i                         7  ���  _  -j-  �����  "2  _  -^  *^fi  _  {  *;f  4      *'"  _Y-��  =jf  ������  #-5:  ^���^  i->   .-a  i~**~\       ~  -!#-<  -1  j^  c  -Jl  ^f;  -^!-  ���                        f*  "   L  '=��=���  .,, ,   >  _j;   ��-     ���->  V      ���*v    *    *    '  "  _���__^   (l " II  II  '  'I I  il  I  A ���  ,1   ��<t  (I   V  "It  \   ,. I I  ' " > I «f "\""^ Til
WW^»WlWWI«>j^.p<|W*^1i|^.te,ll|l<l^^^^  ,7T,..?,.,T ,...     .        w    ,.„. t, ., ,„,,,.„[, -ji-jj. ■.-»«(_Li__l_i_!' i«l___i_
<"'i 7*7 w-y;n'   V(<J<1    ,,  ta a tZJ      i7rA7TAyAz^^^Ao
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- -;.A:y$ ^y^^ulr^tryA^Tprteiuf;, pa»»H* '«W   CtTOttofoP ;*/n*4a|l c^^?:i itfutiV* nt::5lrxf :/^v^> I ^li!lt;" v,,
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,IV* -  *  -���- --���  -  A a i  !ir i t  '} V ��� i " '  it o  * i      * 1      '  ^ J! _, 4 f     . ��  v                ^  &    =-  " A    iS.-J  -  !      iii't  ?���*  _ A l?f  *  'J  VOL. V.  NELSON, B..C- SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1902.  NO. 44  fi    a  st *  ~  f'" *-   >��   ~ 4  ||__ -"_1��3L.fi J  SJf4fA|  THi; NKLvSON ECONOMIST is issued every  Saturday. Subscription: $2.00 per an-  nam ; if pa1 d in advance, $1.50. correspond  knce   of    general    interest    respectfully  o  solicited. Only articles of merit will be  advertised in these columns, and the interests of readers will be carefully  guarded against irresponsible persons and  worthless articles.  ^^Trptkiiticjtl situation is certainly more than ever  ounplioaj^d.      It ie doubtful if  ever  in the   history  oiauv province in the Dominion has there heen any-  vm\�� to  p trailei the condition of affairs existing  at  Vkluria.     For a whileduring the early  part of  the  *u.ek   it seemed ainf the-Opposition  might he found  on the side of ihe   Government   or vice   versa.     No  ah< denied to he ahie to form any idea as. to. the exact  ]' ���>.iiion of the parties.     There is no doubt, however,  tr 1     the Oi'lMfUloa liis d^c*j-*ri!.l ihe possibility  of  ai   ��  iMH^fjtiuiit wah ih'c Government, and  that the  lf * i r-v i ;ht-Oppo..��tioii   placed   the matter   before  111 ei r constituents.   The deadlock which the   Government   encountered   was*   brought  about hy   Messrs.  Kilison   aud   Clifford,   both   oi  whom insisted   that  grants    should   he  given    to   the    roads   in   which  tiiey       are       interested,       namely,       the      Midway-Vernon,   and     the    Kitimat-Hazelton.     Both  !-hese gentlemen,   it is  alleged,   insisted   that   land  1:rants he given them equal   per mile  to   that of   the  Canada  Northern and the Coast-Kootenay line.    To  ��� his proposal the Government at tirst demurred, but  finally   consented.     Thus*,   the   writing of the, final  ���chapter in the history of the Dunsmuir  Government  was deferred for eome time.     The Government can-  mt keep secret much longer the   strong antagonistic  ��� ���<  Province, and that the money ofthe people must not  be squandered away in conferring special benefits on  the capital city. Mr. McP nil tips may have sacrificed  his political existence by the stand he has taken, but  He has demonstrated that there is one man in the  HuU?e who is honest enough to guard the interests  oif those who reside outside his constituency.  Mr McBridk has made a proposal to theGovern-  ment which in all justice to the country should he  accepted without hesitation. In short, Mr. McBride's  offer is to permit supply to be voted and necessary  legislation passed providing the Government will  resrt'$re the reserve on the foreshores and go to the  country at once on its railway policy. a As yet the  Government has not made any answer to Mr.  McBride's proposal, and judging by the ..ball- headed-  nes^ of the combination in the past, it would be  perhaps assuming0 too much to hope that such an  eminently fair offer would be accepted. In the  event of the Government going to the country on its  railway policy, it would be defeated about 7 to 1.  "J3��  . . �� ������fcsiswa.t  V-".. f^isKS.  i4^yj&&M$& .fe��3  Since the Department of Agriculture encouraged  shipping to South Africa in December, 1899.  Canada has sent goods there to the value of $6,000,-  000.  " .V  .>!_��_��_<_&  ��  I  -ho  \!l:\'<SA  AW  WA  ling they have aroused   throughout the  country  hie year ago the Dunsmuir Government could   have  .one to the   country   with   some  assurance that it  v. mild he sustained   by   a   large  majority.     To-day  'hat   Government could  not get  half-a-dozen  sup-  Tiers in  tho   whole  Province.    The Opposition   is  wing up much better now   than it  did   a  month  The strong stand taken   by   Mr.   MoPhillips  f->h   won   that   gentlemen    many   friends,   and   we  l! uht  not    that   he   is   the   strongest   man   in   the  li"iisn to-day.      Mr. MoPhillips   argues  that   while  l'" wan elected    for   the city   of   Victoria,   he is the  r,,prescntative of the  whole   Province.     This is   tho  11 AG v.iew to take of his responsibility to the people,  ;|  h if more of our  representatives  would take   tho  ;oue   view   it   would   he   hotter for tho  Province at  liG'fro.     Victoria must realize that it is not the whole  Confederation has become  a   live issue in   Newfoundland at last.     A Newfoundland contemporary,  the  St.   John's  Free   Press,' lately   discussing   this  question, makes the followingcomments:    " Articles  strongly favoring union are appearing in the government organs,   and the  press  generally   whether in  Canada or Newfoundland, looks favorably on union.  This is greatly to the credit of the proprietors,   inasmuch as they at   least will  suffer.     It is a  curious,  but not. altogether   surprising   fact,  that those  who  would    most   be  benefitted   by   Confederation���the  fishermen to wit���are its bitterest opponents,   whilst  ttio*e who would probably suffer lo^s through a   less  favorable tariif, warmly urge its adoptio a    At present Confederation appears to be without the pale of  practical politics; but things   move rapidly   nowadays, and the revolving months may   do more than  decades past/'    After discussing   the probable  outcome   of   the approaching   colonial   conference   in  London, our contemporary goes on to say: " A large  Heel ion of the people   favor   confederation;   a   still  larger section are opposed to it on any terms, whilst  to a considerable number the question is  entirely  a  matter of  terms.     Confederation on   the Mackenzie  Bowell conditions may be ruled out as unworthy  of  consideration.     A sine   qua non   to even   the dis-  ii    1   A  Vl-lf- <IM**ttTM��!MI *�����**����� "*.  vaft-    -fiiEucJr,,^ i^jnij-, ^^  %.  �����c  =7"^  4  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  'i  cuesion of terms must be the assent of Canada to  bear the entire debt of the Colony and to grant the  necessary subsidies for 1 >cal service, The latter, of  or course, would be done. Against the former many  protests might arise from Canadians, but protest no  protest, we must ei.her be given a clean sheet or left  to fight our own battles. Newfoundland would resent  the removal of her only weapon, the tariff, and a  continuance of any share of the burden of debt, to remove which that weapon is essential."  Thk death of Rev. Principal Grant will be deeply  regretted throughout the Dominion of Canada. He  was a distinct force in the affairs of the country, and  coiitrinuted at least his share to the upbuilding of his  native land. Canadians can be excused for pointing with pride to the work of Principal Gnat.  It will not help Nelson any if Mr. Justice Martin's  estimate of the jury thai tried the Holmes women is  accepted as the average type of Nelson citizens.  ���������������i       *   ^������Fl^-I'MT. *^1ffn.'|^^��*���^*^t,*^��v"^pp  "tfftfnwr- r-ttyjfrt"*1 "VWH ;i>���  ii    V '  r. ~-\ ."J   J      *     ���''.  'i   '���  The London Chronicle says: i4 Sir Joteendro  Tagore is unfortunately not able to come to London  for the coronation af;er ah, but he will be represented by one of his nephews. Calcutta will not be  sorrw tor it would sadly miss ��� 4Tagore' if he were  only out of tbe city for a few months. Sir Jo'eendro  is probably the wealthiest zemindar in K t-tern  India, and h* ha* always made roost excellent use  of his riches.      Apart from his regular heavy output  in the wav of charity and general philanthropy, he is ...    , . . . #u, .�� aui,u1  1 - " , * , Ymiu will observe ?he anniversary of the birtnua\  a liberal patron of   sh^ arts,   and no one  of no-le who ''    ���       , . r. V-V   ��� '";     . ���.,.���,,__,. ��h��t  1 J . of the late lamenledQm^n Victoria in a manner that  has ever visited the   Inlitn   capital has  missed pis-?- ,t , ��   >���*,,,*,;.,>  \    . .    . ' ,,      *        ' will attract   attention,   to the oy iky an J   entorpMC  ins   tnroughthe   nospitilof   1 ago re castle,   in la-gore ,  . ,   r* _n q,,���_____ will aa-  h . _ of the citizens of that town.      O. LMi-otiiuu Mil ue  liver the address of welcome in Irish Gaelic, and for  an encore will recite a home-made poem.  North American continent at this time PrnnnJ-  history proves beyond a doubt that we cannot hope  to always enjoy that peculiar condition of industry  and trade which we designate as good times. In the  long run we are bound to average up on fat and  lean years, and after we have profited from a period  of prosperous seasons we are certain to experience  seasons less prosperous. The conditions now  obtaining in so marked a degree are such as. have  universally presaged trade depression. Thoughtful  business men are commencing to ask themselves  whether they may not endanger the steady employment and good wages they have enjoyed during the  last six years, by pushing their demand* further  than the employers of labor can safr-ly go. The rise  in wages is largely necessitated, by the increased  prices of most of the commodities of daily consumption and by the appreciation of land and building  values. But labor m evidently commencing to  imagine thai it can dictate any terms it chooses. It  only needs one or two big slumps in the stock  market, such as there was some indication of the  other day. together with a little more bullyragging  from organized labor and even a partial failure of  crops, to make capital timid and thus produce a  serious reaction. Another great crop in the North-  Wesl would doubtless ciirry industry along for a  time, despite unfavorable conditions in labor and in  ��� securities. But it is evident that a time- ha?  arrived when prudence should be the watchword of  all classes.**  .J:  -j^i  A.  i--       7T77  t'   .  ~J-  y i  -JJ!  =��� -��  1  * ���__*_���_  Il - ��M^ ���  ^0*il  street, .vhich is oiifyoteof thegreit man's many  mansions, "Tagore* has on two occasions���m 187 1  and 1801���been president of the British India association, and he was cieated a ,.m aha rajah in  heredity about ten years ago."  ���4_ w_Uy**lM'W����M*��' MM*  M h . M a kT r n h a s t h fi (i <>v e r n m e n t i n e x ��t c 11 y t b e  position which he desired. Mr. Dunsmuir has  committed himself to a policy tbat will be very  unpopular in the country. No Government could  hope to carry the country m nucha policy an the  Dunsmuir Government has promulgated. Mr.  Martin can claim a certain amount of credit for  anything that was good in the Government, and he  can show the electors that he supported tlie Government as long as it travi lied the narrow road. When  it started on the wroim road, Mr. Martin will tell  the electors, he refused longer to support the Government. Of course, the Opposition bus a pretty good  case to go before the electors.  The executive of the Canadian Manufacturers .will  invite the Premiers of the province and a British  Minister to the annual meeting  at Halifax in June.  MA-*  ���^���������','  ire-  rHr-v  'v-rr  .,, t.  VA>  o,  Si'KAKiNfi of business couditionsi at Toront  Saturday N'ujJit says: 4t The business situation in  Toronto, vvith its steadily upward movement in  prices, its numerous Btrikes, actual or threatened,  and the widespread tendency to speculate in stockn,  reliect.B the general business conditionn of the entire  lion  among practitioners  all   over the  world  cellent,      Hunow believes that the primary cau^  the disease in   thai part ol   the  world is in a g  miinv    eases the   eating   of  badly   ^^/^j  Similar conclusions have been announced by m ��  men  of distinction after   leprosy   ii.vestig.Uon"  other c:��i,.uri,H.      The   leper    ^oat avery*^  the victim of poisonous food orof the virus conte)  by a sufferer already infected.  Say* the Toronto 7W,,*.m: �� Whileothcr JjttoJ  m!iy    |iaVo   l��a���he��l    >.. th��r   "^^.fJU*  trc.v.hlcH in South Africa .ind  filoricd   in n    .   [A  to which    th,    UritiBl.   arm-    have b��on     u 1  they catmol hut have bem. unprOBHed hj t  ,M.rH��v��r��nco with xvhich the, war   haa .��><���� I  S..i  ������."  ������I-  !      II -I  v-  rr"A'  II -   "  "-.  - _"_ ,r.:_  ��� s. i. ��<���-��  -  1  -   H=   ^^^^^^  \7-_7;  111  '���  ?       j  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  -__j  J  a        - j  * V"-  r -  it *.-*  feraj*.  t-^q  ��--.?  IIP  "lAjl  W-A  r  *-:s!i  fr-wrM]  "tt  1  is-***  K$  h    ;  I.  *,  -   d  twai  I A"  P' ��� *  t'?nr_g  *��1  to a conclusion. The same old hull-dog spirit that  has carried John Bull through many another trouble  has triumphed again. Never noted for his  brilliancy, he displays in all his undertakings that  stubborn obstinancy that knows no defeat. Like  others who learn slowly he leartis well ; and his  s.-fining defeats are but the forerunners of more  complete victory. The war in Africa is over as far  us real warfare is concerned and Britain emerges  ir ��m its darkness a victor, not much over the hard-  tinning B ;ers as over many of th*j weakness as of her  .tntiy system. The victory has cost money but it  ni.iy be counted cheap, should the lessons learned  come to be used in a day when the fate of the Em-  urn- hangs in the balance."  Ir will be pleasant news to the Scotch to learn  ih.t the kilt is not to disappear from ihe uniforms  ofthe British army. It is announced that the  Highland regiments will retain the kilt for- full  .ir-. and inst ructions will be issued for providing  :_ ki t of khaki, or some invisible color, on active  service, as is now done in South Africa.  Thk increasing amounts being spent yearly by  :he 0 I\ R. on its Boundary lines is regarded by  , he. Phoenix Pioneer as, one of the best evtdences that  ,.,,;t:rtlUtw have unlimited faith in that district.  to protest against some of its provisions is a subject  now   occupying  the  attention   of  associated    men.  Cheap men and as few as possible for the work seem3  to represent the policy of the Departments of Labor  and   Mails.     In Winnipeg   great   discontent  exists  among   the men.     The  4 holiday'  season   has   now  arrived, and it is proposed to divide the work of the  absent man amongst about three others already work-  ing to their full   capacity, and far in excess of   what  civil   service rules  call    for; but   the    men   refuse,  and     very     properly,     to      do       it.     SucIk      a  system is a ir&ud, and in no  sense a  holiday, gained  as it is  by no conce/sion or"cost to   the department.  Men are kept the summer through working over time  ��...  and making up a pretended holiday. Amidst plaudits  and boqnets the,Hon. Mr. Mulock Was lavishly lion-  ized hy 'society' on the 17 iii of December last, and in  some respects he deserves credit, but there is a work-  ingman phase of the question he has not fairly faced  as vet." . a '    ���  Since the resumption'of'mining^i'n.the Transvaal,  South Africa, twenty-nine mines are now being  operated with l565 Stamps crushing- ore.- A report  from Johan nesb'u f g: states - th at the area qf m i n i ri g  operations now' ;exleiMs   from    the Lancaster   West  l^r  j-   a  ��.0  .  srarti.-  ���niB0���.-arH..��l.��M..r���. ..Inch will'be held on the  -uhol'ihi* ..-nth, are being hotly conte-Ued .n  every consuiuency in the Province. fnere is a  r.p-Clly -srowing belief that lhe Roes G��^"T'  wi he dialed. Il i- alleged that the ..rta.ra of- he  ",, ice under the management of Mr Rob-and hi.  St^es h.��� been" M��y inducted, and in any  event it is about time for a change  > i .  ���MisoxosiAN" write. as f����ow8 in the Westminster:  ��� ���The day   may   come-some   people not   specially  pessimist say   it  has  come  alr'ead>-when   every  man will he judged by the amount of monoy he   has  or can control.     We have   heard  and  rend   many a  time th.vte.ven in some ofthe churches acro-s .he.line  the almighty dollar reigns supreme., ,The,-worth   of  a congregation is   measured   by   its   wealth and   the  value =knd landing of   a ministe.r by the size of h.s  salary        Painful facta are Hnnetime* given-to show  that tlie metallic  -standard is being adopted income  of our own churches in  Canada.,-If a   pastor of   a  congregation looks   on the   collection   as the   main  feature of his service it is high time to pause.  ing 100,000 bitn^i^T7n nego iu �� uiu..��u,����   that it will not be1'long before fully   one hundred of  the   mines   will   ha^'e their' s6000  stamps :crushing  ore, at which time the'gold"production   will be 'back  to   what it' was   before   the   war,   and   which was  about 450,000 ounces'a month.    Tne Daily Telegraph  of London,   prints   a   dispatch   from   Johannesburg,  stating that at a mentiug ofthe B nianzaCompany, the  Chairman, dealing with the accounts up to January  1,1902, said the company would be in a position   to  declare a dividend of 50 per cent, at the  close of the  fiscal year ending , J;une 80, ,1902.      With   fifty-five  stamps   working     the    present,     monthly     profits  averaged ��22,000   (equal to about $110,000).  ^Et-. \.&r 5-w.jt  *mm    - *        . i  ''A  ��   t  Thk Grit machine does   not appear   to be as   well  oiled as ustpil, in the present Ontariocampaign.  >    ���^- ,_���  Mu. Martin J. . Griffin, the parliamentry  librarian at Ottawa, hat* received the degree of  Doctor of Laws from , Dalhousie University, a  recognition{X>f hia literary services that is well deserved and will be   widely approved.  -������.  i i  Duncan C. Ross, who apent the Winter at the  ooast, has returned to Greenwood, and resumed  editorial control of the Times.  T,n,\Vinnihpeg Voice Hayd: "Mr. Mu look's lost  Oflico Aot is not' as vet very .fruitful of harmony  amongst the letter carrier..,' eitbe.rm Winnipeg or  the Dominion generally, and   the. most effective way  Says the Chicago Tribune: Within a few   days  J.  Sterling .Morton,  Congressmen Amos J.  Oummmg e,  Thomut Wilson,  at   the head   of the   4ep.rtmeui  of archaeology in the Smithsonian Institute ; U rank  R sSnThe nov,Ust;   Wulf Fries, the musician;  Sol Smith Ro-.ll, th.. comedian;^"; ^J^  the successful merchant and capitalist;   Archbishop  Oorrigan, the Romai>.^tholic prelate -and Admiral  SLion, all diHtinpuiBhed men in their various departments of labor, have passed away, and now Bret  Harte has joined ther��- ,...  i- ',  ;     *�� >  1 ���' '���    aa  .;  I . ' I  :'r"l^H���H^  7^.^��,^.,^,..���,^!t5..,|  '..   <K.  ��r>  (?'  if-o   til)*:  -<-.A'AA  �����AA/  i7^'7|���: ;lson economist  <?  OTW1THSTANDING the wet weather the  lacrosse match yesterday was well patronized.  It was not what could be called good lacrosse, but it  was just as good as could be expected on grounds  where a spade would hav�� been more effective than  a lacrosse stick. However, one thing was clearly  demonstrated, and that is, Nelson has the best  lacrosse team of any year yet. It is doubtful if  Medicine Hat could beat us ibis year, and should th��  boys from the Hal meet us this' season they will have  all their work cut out for them. At no stage of th��  game yesterday did the Grand Forks team show that  they could play modern lacrosse, while th�� home  team played the game throughout. Some of th��  games were scored so rapidly tbat th�� visitors did  not get th�� ball in their sticks until it was in tb��  net.' When it cam�� to getting th�� ball, too, oar  boys were altogether too fast for their opponents.  Charlie Jeffs played all around his check, and Jack  Fox was always Johnny-on-th�� spot. As a matter  of fac'y there was not a weak man on the team, and  all played with a determination ^o win. Th�� score  was six to nothing in favor of ifea fl^son team. In  the evening the Grand Forks fea�� waa entertained  ��t a smoker in the Opera House.  *'���..*'   ���. '  Senator Chauncey M. Depew recently visited Mont��  Carlo on   his   wedding  journey, and   watched   Lord  Ro*slyn attempt to break tb�� bank.   "*��� Everybbdy^  h�� say*3, 'is laughing at th�� earl's so-called system.  H�� announced in Englmd that h�� had an infailable  system, and   oolv   need��! $50,000 to   make   it gri.  People tumbled over each other to gWe him the money  He    began   playing    with    thousand-franc   notes.  When I left  he was playing with  fi've-ftanc pieces.  ^r^^Sawas told that  all but about $5,000 of life'$50,000  r ^as gone.    There is no such thing as  breaking   th��  ank at Monte Carlo.    A man who has  liv*d in the  place  merely an  a   resident for years told   me   the  gambling-house paid returta�� as regular as dividends  on the New    York   Central   Railroad.     If   nuppoue  there ar�� ten roulette-tables, and each table is a hank  witb a   capital of   $120,000.     If   you    win all   its  capital that particular table cloa^fe for th�� day to g&t  a change of luck.     That  is all   th��   hanfc-hrealnng  there is.     You would have  to   go through   all   th��  other tables���roulette,  rouge-elnoir;  arid   trerite-et-  quarant�����before   you close   up   th�� concern,   cititf  th��r��ar�� several of each.     Th��y ar�� a dismal   looking lot���th�� playera. I never saw one Of them siriil&9'  and tb�� winners looked as miserable   ae the   los'era:  Nobody g0ie avmy with any naoney,' 'n6 matl&fr  fccn?  much he wine.    'At lo&at   it is very   rare.     1   sdtv  on�� man h?gin   vyith ��� b Showsand-franc  not�����-0200.  He played and   ivofi���d^blod   bio" money;   |*l&ye'<2;  and,ivon again, and again  doiabled/    II��  kept  tki  until ii�� had won ubout 52*3,000.     Tli^ii   h*>  biar&wd  resolutely   to   go   out     At  th��   door he  stopped  esif ated, and turned back,     if��  sauntered over to  , and lookerf  on at the   game fo'ra  while.  buttoned tip hie coat again, with great  sion, and started but with a finidf stride. 'Bat he  could not���positively could not get through the door.  Th�� l88tl saw of him h�� wsi playing 'away again  and th�� 124,000 wis going pellmall brick iistoM the  gambling-hons�� coffers; I did see one man, how-  ��v��r, win and gb'way with his" mon��y: 'He  very rich man,"as I -'fi&p'pebtfd to  played for fun, n6t faring wht��the>f he won or iot.  H�� had astonishing luck. Th*�� sam^ ntfmMr ��asae  Op five Ciso��s in sueetisioh���aft unusual thing. "'It  mad�� a great sensation ill th�� idbihj'' diid pft>ple  gathered about. At ffe�� ifib turn of th�� number  h�� swiped in everything from th�� table, and poked  away th�� wad�� of French banknotes' in his pockets  right and left. He won al  moment?."  5 ��� ��� .  lan&ger Annabl�� has received word from the  Mathes Company, to th�� effect that this  organisation will gN$ performances throughout the  ��ntir�� month of Jon�� at the N��Seon Opera House.  During th�� engagementseveral a��w pieces will b�� presented, and theatre-goers may look for#a?d to an enjoyable months entertain^  Th�� Ltdies* AidS tciety A B.nimnuel Church will  hold an apron and handkerchief sale at the ebarfcb  on May 20th at 2:30 and 8:S0 p. m.  Toronto Saturday Night M��r*wne9 a very important question in th�� following language; Kingston's awful tragedy in #hlch a bit of a school-boy  of fifteen shot and kilted 4'gid a��g��d fourteen draws  attention one�� mor�� to the danger there is in carrying firearms even with ih��mcfet iriifotfeift intent.  Why should any boy of fifteen go a rtfmid with tfgbi  in his hip pockotf ' In this eotum?? "Cb^olfl"^  I need for people to go armed. Tbtf Jtify fbAirid thtt  in this case ther* wo* no intent to kill W wotirid,  but that th�� discharge of the weapon ^^uMAetitUl  The finding doe* not lessen th�� forte M the sWIfr  menl that the carrying of ccwcetfM���,ff��Mrf������','*J,?  particularly revolvers, is always rsotfrte 6f drtgw  to th�� carrier or to some other persoo: 'Accorditfjj ���*  tbe story m told in thb pVtoo^eepiil0h��^tH*i W��y i*4  tb�� girl were good frMnds- Huwtt Settled tot W  moment by her tipping hto ' Ml M;'pW-]' r��.3  no intention of ohootinfe her whM% ' H*-ww' M  revolver, which went oS before h�� knew. Yet W>  threatened toohoot, and h�� will now carry to-hw dy-  ing da v a reg ,  whicli'inacleit   pboaible   Joronyench   threat to  uttered or for an accident lo Happen \AmuM m---  i��Dt rood- Tbe boy wae a roador of dim? novotoo? w  SOanfe JameH��ypAftod  aicbrdins ���Uh ^^  Udd todtf canyihg d "gun tor oosne time.    I ^�� <> ���   *  Im M tteipfe tenf fiitwei  fea�� a rcpull of iho J�� _  ndkl Kt&iV. ��>W fetli^ny Wbywptoinool aomoOiinb  V  !"  ���!���"-  \  ft.'Ore  <��  ���i\   i Aft*-A...��� i _  si .J. io~��-Mi��--��-*1B��Kt,rw*'*  ^S-  -   -."3i-   -CT3 -1  ,ar���   BoyB who read trashy and silly paper rtory-  S, mav do bo  because they are  ignorant of the  J.e���ce "of more elevating Herature that is equally  ],!;;rtuninK.     The reading habits of a great  many  �� ��d ��irU are unfortunately  wholly  unformed  ;.d"unt.���id,.d bv their parents.     Parents who are in  f ,i,rk ,, to what their boys and girls are reading  "'..ettv certain to be ignorant of other   important  1J.5'iI/,o,mection with the habits they are forming.  TCe ��r, b��vs who could not carry   a   revolver  for  ,���;. ,v f��ur hour, without the fact becoming known  ���,ih���(���t home.    There are other boys of whose out-  ^and incoming.--   their   parents are   blis**fu 1 y  ���.r���r,u! until   something- happen, that shocks  the  ;;;,nu;,;!v   and   make*   a    stain   or,    the   family  e-euicht-on.  \  .  <   Farwell has   returned from a three   months  v,!.,,,-ho coast.     Daring   his  stay at   ihe capita  ci!v h.- had an excellent  opportunity   of judging   of  t^w-.rk before the LegUUiare.   and  his   opmionof.  i-ju.oiov.rnmenta.ui   the   legislator*  appears, to  be.  -ii;,-,,:,. lls that generally accepted   throughout  the  ���"~J ...  v i V 11 i c * ����� ���.  A ��,,,i��ltv company   will, occupy  the  boa.Vds at  ,- n:.u������ Opera House on. lhe.ev.ening* of May   io  NOMl  weakness should not take any risks, dullness,  chattering of the teeth, and blueness of the skfn are  danger signals tbat ought to be speedily obeyed.  The immersion of the body in cold water taxes the  powers of the heart, and the danger is not over after  the first plunge is taken. The swimmer by getting  out farther from shore, or diving, encounters colder  water and at the same time.places himself in a position where rescue is more difficult.  A concert in aid of the Public Library will be held  in the Opera House next Thursday evening. An  attractive programme is in preparation and  do doubt the attendance will be fully up to tne  expectation of the promoters.  Numerous hairbreadth escapes by  land and   flood  have b<?en reported during the past few days.      ,  ��� The'Empire stock company has gone to pieces,  The rock on which this organization foundered was  encountered at Trail.',  i  4  ��Ma  '  i*  *   -I  ���r,. ,* P R will run an excursion up the  f^hia River on the 24th. of May. The tram  *i! ���,,������<, Neh-on at 8 o'clock in tho morning . nd  ���,,,���   llt    10    p.   m.      The  excursion    will    leavt.  Ii  ill  fry;**  ,>..<> ���*  ,n   immedia.riyon-.he..rival ol the train   and  .���-ol to Deer Park and Elgewood       A  ,uy c     8  i      * *un fi.rmi��r i)hce and 4   noun*  "p    w      h*  mad�� at tne lornitr pi ^  , ,,,,ewood.      This excursion will give ��a unu-ual  ,i;,rUltlilv    lo   Me   the    famoua Co ��mba    r m r  i,;,U, glaciers and waterfall..      rhe fare for   round  rit> hav? boen fixed at $2.  A Toronto   contemporary   gives   it 'a render,    o^me  ,, , Udvice for the-drowntngse^on.'     } ��"��� l��b. ����  .....,.,  iailll  MriousnM-,i��. order to give warning  ,���,' A, ehe   period of danger begins.     Every summer  l���-7,sit.   melancholy tuleofUven l,��.n.ne way,.  p,, ��,, ���n ,ho morning after a holiday ������ hard y h p^  m ��!...��� the rtory  of the day's pleasure will  not be   ad  ��R ,1.. ,.,i i,v one or more drowning accidents.    I he nuual  7liu���   all   should   learn  to swim has   been  bo   of.en  ,,,,,,,������   that it is not necessary   to repeat   it.    but  il,,->,  another point-that the ability  to 8��im. ��  yzzi  ....   an absolute assurance of   safety.    A large   pro-  .,.,.���.��� of Uiedea.h*  are those of swimmer*,     lhey  1    ..4       ..U��fL>l *����� 1 :1 ��1 S  } .ir, ,���M,��larly attributed to cramps, but physicians  Uv Unit in most case, the trouble is morel ikely  '. W'.,n failure. Cramps are not likely lo ertoctall tho  liu.i.s at once, and a swimmer can easily acquire the  ��n ..f keeping afloat when there is only partial die-  '���W."...��nt. But all swimmers should have medical  a��lvi,.t, ,i8 to tho condition of the heart, and in case of  ��� ���4 ��-���-.- -..    A settler on the upper Mattawa River,   P. Q, who  caught a wolf last winter had read  that  ships   we-.  8(1afetimes   cleared   of   rats   by     tasttning   a   bel      .   ,  lold the neck of one of   them.     And   the   bngU  fi. occurred to him tbat   in  a   similar   manner   he  might clear   the   adjacent   woods   of woives^     He  a fened a bell on his wolfs neck   and released him  Aftr   the .noW had   pretty   well   gone   he -Ibwed-.".  ^ ittle flock of sheep to exercise their lambs in^the  nis inue u huchildren were with their  fields near the house.      Hiscbiiaren v  ���   , ��� i ���   ,       _t       the       gambols     of      tne.  f.ither    . looking      at       ine       go nntieed  lambs       when        the        sheep       were noticed  to   trick    up     their   ears     as    though      intently  isJnVngV   Then  wi.h   much   bleating   the whole  fl^k raced u. the woods. Wondering at the vagaries  ofie   animal,,   the farmer   went   about his   work  ��AW an hour'later, the children came tc   ^��  tlu, news that the sheep, had   returned   but  had   left  one of the lambs behind them.  The next dav the same thing occurred again    and  them into the bush.     Tney   reported    hat they  dis  tnutlv heard a bell tinkling in the distance.        hen  rf^n upon the farmer that   the  bell  he  ,t began to dawn upon  i,n.t fimtencd to the neck   ot   nis   fcj'-y   " '  his me which was borne by the father of the  II", in t P e ious summer. The quick eared  "heen ad recogniaed the sound of the bell, and true  sheep hart ret   ��� hiwtaned   to  join their   last-  to their instinct,   had   n  Ti      n Bheen'a   clothing, but a    wolf attached   to *  wolf in s et, advantage of his con-,  disposing of wolves.  .-a-SKl  rr :"':��':  ,.,���������!te,..,ff-  > :f'^:  V!> ������'.-'  ���' !!'  * 3i  *��� i in 'a  **     V &.    1*   J  |k-7.ff t$U  _'r.  H_Bi  IM  "4 a.-^, ��     j(*   '  mmsl  Ir;  _;_.wlj  ���J.*Tt .1  If ��� M  ,!'���' .. 7  H  -if,.    , '��-'. :���������  ,7'l|;  ,:'��.'.'* Ktt.m&*rnii*icmJi+JviaGb*m *SOBOMC  **=a3xU��azir��xx��a  {  I  ' y  Ik i  vf.  u  <H  itf  An  i >  iO  1, I  ���5  v,  t   >���'     ^^rrrT^r��v-*--*^\s_  ��to��M(rvr'"iw*',i?"SH��-'(*> '"*-���#*" -�����*^'ws__����^"  IS?"���"'���'���'"'   '   ���"���'viiTl^  ��/  f  ~7~i  could never conceive how men  of seeming intelligence could  deliberately sit down and writ��  ghost storiea merely as a literary  diversion and for th�� sake of  harrowing the feeling of th�� reader.  A ghost t?torv% no matter how  entertaining it may be, if a pure  fabrication, hfae no business in  print, for the world is full of people  so ciedulous in disposition that  the most absurd things if told  with a eerious air, are apt to he  accepted a* the truth, and the  grossest error.?, foisted upon the  public by careless invention, become   perpetuated    as   established  facts.  I make these observation? that  the reader may become acquainted  with my views upon subjects  supernatural at the beginning of  the narrative.  I do not relale the facts  which I am about-to embody in  this recital with the idea of explaining them, but gave them  to        the        world        as they  appeared to me, leaving the  scientist to furnish whatever  solution to the mystery m.iy best fit  hie own point of view or methods  of investigation.  Trie time whb winter and the  scene     of the       manifestation  lonely moor'1 lying between the  city of Carson, which \* the capital  of Nevada, and the Mint 11 farm  where some yearn past 1 have raided  h a v , cattle n n d a ��1 n a 11 fa m i 1 y  A political function had kept  me out rather late, and I wae  driving home after midnight.  The night wjis clear and starlit,  wiih enow on the ground and the  air ho mew bat nipping in its disposition.  When about half way home,  having Mill two mi la* to go, I  g r a d u vi 11 y be can 1 e a w a r e t h a t  something had happened to my  buggy, for it .-eerned to run with  vvith leHB noine than m-tial. In  Nevada the wheels of vehicles  Hhrinlc from the drvne. ^ of the  atmonphere, coupled with the indifference of their ownern, and  mine were no exception t<> the rule.  There wan alwaj'H more or lcr-s  frpace between the tire and the  felloe, and the wagH of thn city had  a way of Haying that my approach  to town was always heralded by an  infernal clatter which betokens s  careless man with ail his buggy  wheel*-* out of repair.  It seemed to me suddenly that  pomething like 25 per cent of the  u^usl clatter of the vehicle had  ceased, *nd 1 was at a lots to  understand why. The feeling  came over me bo strongly that  something unusual had transpired  that 1 hesitated to ascertain the  cause. An ill-defined feeling of  dread was upon me, and, 1 b!ut*h  to confess it, 1 really feared to look  around. Finally, by a strong  effort, I summoned my courage  and, glancing back, wa�� astonished  to discover that the off hind wheel  of my buggy had disappeared.  What was more, the vehicle did  not teem to mind it, but ran as  level a& ever. The cessation of the  clatter which that wheel always  produced was now explained, but  the continued level running of the  buggy was not. An awful, creepy  feeling now came over ma that  aim oat amounted to a pain, and  in the midat of my wonderment  the noise of another wheel stopped,  and I knew mat it had followed  its prede<e*Bor. I deliberately  turned about and investigated.  Here I was running along on an  evvn keel, nautically speaking,  with nothing but my two front  wheels to go on.  Ah I   waa   considering   the   pro-  babilby    of   the   others     i^oiug    1  noticed a  dun,    hazy thing    hanging    to    the   hub   of   my   off front  wheel.      1   Hpeak in a h��*n<y   eenue,  after the manner of follower* of the  turf, for in reality the    wheel   waa  hi ill    on.      The   outlines     of   the  tlnng alluded to gradually  became  more   distinct   and    renolved   itnelf  into the figure of a   human   being,  and an sure   an 1   was  alive   it wan  trying to   take   off the nut of    the  axle.      More fully lo illmitrate the  impudence   of    the    nhadowy    individual in quenlion 1 will   further  Htate    that    my   nut    wrench    wan  muring,    and    he     hud    evidently  taken   it   to  remove   tlie   wheeln of  my own buggy.  1 watched him now with more  interest than fear, for it occurred to  mo that after two wheehi were gone  it did not matter much   about   the  Ad  ���*��� EVI, '_,  -5>t5 Hflpi?.  *I  9 ��..u 1 determined to see ilz  incident to the end. \  In less time than I  have takf?  to   tell   it     this    ghostly    thi  actually  removed   the nut  my  eyes, and then, throwing it  weigh! on   th��   wheel���-if I  ma:  be allowed to make use of the won;  weight in such a connection���thc��  wheel and the ghost rolledover together in the sagebrush.   In spite -  of the weirdness of the situation, \'\  was obliged to give give vent to d  little chuckle,  the first intimation*..  I   had   given    the    ghost   of e,  knowledge of hie presence.  The familiarity which I had in|  dulged in with the strange little  fellow seemed to enrage him, for'S  he immediatelv became more in-?_&  ���evidence, and, clipping around orf��||  the near s ide of the buggy���speak-'S  ing again in a horsy sense���he fell  to work rapidly at the wheel, and,  circumventing the mechanical  difficulties of the nut with very  little ��� trouble, he had tha whe^l  spinning out into the sagebrush in  tehort order.  Seeing that the buggy, however,  did not Hink t* the ground, as it  plainly would have had the right  to do under the circumstance*, I  gathered more courage and cried  jocosely, nut ,f �� you don't happen  to #ee what you want, a��k for it.  An I had half expected, the gho>t  made a dive for the remaining  wheel and fell to work upon the  mil. I wan glad to nee that it did  not come off easily. U *" **"\  a very good fit for the thread ot  the axle, and 1 recalled nirtny a  time when in a hurry howl was ^  really compelled to indulge in��n-^  becoming language bcfore.it cou    g  be started. .  I looked (or the gho-Bl to ind�� �����  i��� a little flow of expletive", M  |Wii��,,tlv continued it-work u��  it^uecemleiUnd then tno��phjn��J  fluM(5 the wheel aside and le^  riding along in ftbuRUy i�� , |B  ,,���,,, ���,, in tho air ��itbno����  runniiiB under it. .,  1 ..   l,���u n��vcr ���'"  To u jKinoti  dun   in    ft    vehicle  ���ZBSWWWI  .11' <  ho  hue novel  under  ��l'l,eC  I   can  don   in    a    vn...- }   cll���  ,,��.,.iliiir     circninPtan����9,       ^  tviillifnlly  m��y   th��.t it  treat. .      .,,,c_)it l'10  There wan   no noii* t^ ^  footfall of the hornos.  Tho ��'  ��� ii V  '-Q.  j, jfjO-w j��.��<���a****- *"* * "  *  '  Si.  W  t    \  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  absence of jar was something ��� would happen next it happened quietly, not mentioning the events  pariicularly pleasant. According before I knew it. I suddenly found of the night to my spouse, as I did  io my way of thinking, it was an myself on the other side of the big not care to harrow her feelings  ideal method of locomotion. gate that bare the road about   a with such uncanny subjects.  Strange as it may eeem, I no quarter of a mile from my house. In the morning, however,-while  longer had any fear ofthe Sitting The gate is always kept shut, and the matter was still fresh in my  thing of the air that hovered along- it is a great bother to open it, but memorV) i told her everything  tide the horee, and 1 decided once on this occasion, just as :I was that happeried-and expressed my  to break the ice of conversation about to halt to unfasten it, I determination to write a full ac-  and called out, " A pleasant found that I was already through. COUntof the _j_me and forward it  evening, stranger." The fact of being on the other side over ^ signature to some scientific  At this.he turned  and, floating of a gate was something altogether journal, that these strange happen-  up io my side, brought his face so novel to me, and no one who has illgB might not be lost to the world.  cl<*e io mine that I felt bis breath, not had the actual  experience can Her only reply was to inquire the  lt came to me like a blast from P^ibly get'any real idea of the ex- u^e-f-y arrival home and  my  the Klondike and seemed to freese traordinary sensation of  being on retirement   tombed.     I definitely  me to the  bone.    I   regretted  that tbeotber Bide of a &6te wb(?ny��u fixed thehourat I  o'clock,  which  I had spoken,  for he  gent his icy are quite well assured ip.you j>wn Bhe disputed at once, and I dropped  exhalation thrice into my face, and  *"��*��� >at you   never not   there.   tbe   subject;   not :caring   for   un.  each tune itseemed colder.    I tried My hold on the .English language, profitable  controversy    with     a  f. detect the "cbarnel  house smell wbl*il  ia g��^ally suffi5tent to. .woman.    ifcnewinmy own mind,  that always goes with a ghost,  bot enable   me. to   f0*?*'   0$���* >wevef,  the absolute,correctness  feel   bound   to say   that   peculiar meanings,^ quite;.inadequ^te Ao o{   my   statement-.regarding   the  odor was absent.     I will, however, the task of dsman^ing   to  the hour> a8 j distinctly  remembered  .   .  reader the real   situation,   partly   baving    heard    the  .< '    '"   -*-5������  "*"   " i~.,o. than    four   tjL*_  hour, as   ���- .��.=-��-7--     . 0.rik��  icp\   hound   k�� e��y   ****"-   r tne lasa. "�� �������*'��������� ���    ". ������,.,i��T  .'    ���������    v>na.rd    tne   c.iock   a*j.'?��  that I was   tfuffennf   from a   ^ of u an<J par.uy., y _ * mathematical demon  /which to   some extent   ��. Qtber eide of the. ��ate ^r^\^^^^i^^m^  accountfor myinability to   detect _^a.no -longer      the      OTn     etrstton ,     ,_ _ _   ^ t bave be-  U 1 mention thesUerpingly trivial  circumstancee that people who^e  j   �����   oiiBt discredit   upon  deposed  to   cast u��e ed   {  mv narrative may be s lence  advance.     I proper <����y  J ^  .Tall   any one   whti  r-ses up   and  charges me  with fictitious   mven  tion.  ���nPak and the sixle I  l��mf; have vacated a im-;  m^ely became the : otheri-eide,  meaiaieiy :rtmnl����telv m.ys-  ftnd I became so co^plet-e y   . y  tified that I was unable    and   sill  Bide of the gate I was on.   wne  trains ou|�� *? WT *:����  Remarked, t^id not mention  ^Later on 8hec*Uea.my tendon/  ���   ,ha fact that the . harness which  at the foot of the bed and that my  " While considering the proposition Bides. _ jn &  wui       ,       .   ���,���uance to work       t_�����hor than involve myo*��*.  ofofferingtheghoBtchanwi , Lm���lioationB  or : contra-  i . .. .i ..^mor months  ana  m���MOf compii����uuu��.      ,      __A.  resai" ������       .   r.���oann    whether    . ... ��not of the bea auu m���� ���j  ��� �����__ 8t8L"t��# r- ^!. :    /vl  r��il  hileconBiaeruiB*"-r-  ���       ^ ,   ��� .  flj���fl mveelf in ��  mind a strong corrobora 10a  ��Sn. the gho.tch.no. to work      Rather than  -olve -J^. ^ ,���� f ���       ^ not   0  regard  forime in the summer months  and  maae of complication,   _ j d .enoufth to SQggeet  Kthe^llar.  where be could  diction8 X   W1U   con^rtb     g       ^ wheo X eent my account    o*  cool the milk during the sweltermg incident closed and pw^       ^     ��^        journal I ��hould mention  JL I   noticed  a queer thing      ber  extraordinary    things 8<^"^( bad attended a banquet  ��i      His      harness      was   va_dB I became aware of the cir   senator had  ?  .nim.l th.l h.d 6o Ufly �������P'^   ����,....����� "J?-,.   _LS l���d n,y��ir����B�� "P"1"0" on   'b.e  * tU Sdin, P."-   ��*���-**   *: ���� .oine ���   m.n��.cnpi   I  p   ! ���u ��n if everything wmb      \n revising   ^y  piable ao, well an H^ X hat it    moniionB  the    re  in   He normal condition   auu    j   Bouc^       ^      .t._4 ^�� ������ maB- ���"'  me   in   an  never toesoro tawmn**^    w  emergency, web nowhere to be Men  11 in   shwice,  however, _ traa   n��  material,   for   tbe    whiolp    conb jw    tl n ,inBB  along aa easily and  m  ��P>dly   ���  own hand gaidWB ��-bo hne8  ever and, it atruck   me,  0��nc9   ��-he  horse waB gone, a   tr>0o   omo.��  moval by the ghost of me *y  ar^io  th��r       When it came to  ,rse waa (-one, a   triUe   on.o.,ther.       v fl,  Whilo    I   wao   wotderinc  what theohca.i.c  ' ������/  it**,*w**aa.Hin):.HH;Hg.H.-;.;.p.';..,,;n ......'.,...... /j. ,  '7Vi:7  "rfii'-^f.,,  '.  .(��:.''-'A  'zW  :yZ:.Z  li'   ���'���-  I, ,1,1  -ii ,   'A/A     A iV���  zA.:-^eA:  yf^/A/*.  ���  fy~   ��� : :���",     .,j,  ;'  '���'r !.7  .^������V  ^?  .,,[���   ;Maa.;;  I!   ''It"  at  :.,,  ,.:. "iii..  vi-;:.l'"'.;  ''nil'  ''���Jt'..'1!-.^ :;o "���;*���  ["///�����.  iZ- -aa*s_re*a_iSj_^ap��E_  nffiimjmm-a^^bj^  ��}r&  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  % -  -fc.  curacy. A gentleman  opinions I have always ���  th�� highest regard has suggested to  me that, to? th�� sake of landing  great��? plausibility to my narra-  >mit all mention of th�� ap-  to^���or, more properly  speaking, th�� disap>p@arance���of  the iifth wheel. I must decline^ how  ever, to do so as ihi�� statement ia  to tell the thing ne it really occurred  and not to fall into the pernicious  habit j too com mon , I regret to say.  onstntting with hie ooo in  reference to pome peccadillo, and  finished   by   exclaiming,   *6 Why,  Tom, my father would neve? have  permitted m% to do ��ueb a thing."  Like lightning came the repartee:  14 Sir, do you presume to compare  jour fathe? with my father!  tt��  day, of sacrificing essential detail��  in order to deceive tbe reader with  a fictitious showing of plausibility.  of an ��a-  nsoally;' -'^iteflaeroiia   family,   was  u  saw anything like it, old man,77 re-  sn&Fked the strange over the  cigars; "every time I come yon  have a new baby.*' ** Ob, don't  mind it, my dear fellow; it isn't  your fault," wae the quick reply.  At a dinner*table in London the  conversation turned on ��peaking.  Cor ran ��tated that he could never  speak in public for a quarter of an  hour without moistening his lips.  44 I have tbe advantage of you  then? Cor ran," ��aid Sir  Turton, a pom pots�� and  member of Parliament.     "  ftther   night   in the   House of  mons for    five hours   on  e^OaLMi^ai^^fSMg^^fB^flgBSg^  a  _e a  never  in  least thirsty./   M That ia w^ry  r��~  tL JffJff ���d a ^_a ^^  9*  -ime�� <&f Oylcm, f i&din., China atsd Japai  Oar B��$ Hfoetia and Java Coffee per  pCWKKl......... ft  Mcsrtfca &n& Sm^u Bk*t&ct,3 pounds..... i  CJb��t��8* Sktfaal <L\��ffta_>, f p&sand*. ..*..".]   j  3$pi*-eial Bfe'fsst OmSk**,,6 pcmssdii. .'.' 11  Rk��Birit4C&��ata,6poiiiMl�� .... ., j  .11  IOH@ lyjf.  the driest speech of the M&eion  st  was*  **C�������sS^i3S3i����*    ACat_>   S��0^b       ����ffii fiflMtMraM^  Ctvtl Kngtimr. <4 Nefeaoa. ii. C, bm�� h&tt�� mp>  pt*inu*-d tbtf ��tu*rc**ir for ��t*e ** 1I��>��fft$&t  flirt tl-ab C>��ttimbh��) Rxp!��*ral*i*�� My&tStcsat*'.  14ml 1*4" In place wi ftl��-rt��r% rudwurd  T��*rrlcfc llaultaffi.  l&&U.*��atUU lllbday erf Apr*I. V93&.-  ��, Y. Wot*i��wr.  R^sina* of Jo4t��l ��*�����:& Uumpanitm.  ���j>m^i��iT*wiW��w��  ���Jtamww*w-'*iM��<rti^iT��*w>iwiir .M��wwn  P, ��L C  In " Lives of the 'LuBtrions," a.  biographical dictionary just keued!  in England, it is said thai when J  Hall Caine, ohose resemblance to I  Shakespeare is well known, landed-  ^^*f^?^;z^ New York on atrip to Aisfceirlea,{  T^^'^rZ'TT'^^m   w&s    accoeted    by   the    late  Ignatius Donnelly, a strangfer to  him, nitfa the nordo: lfc I^ord  Bacon, I presume."  ^umi&ham ��oci^DaJ^ tr> all lo^ara <o>l HUBS  and Mimic a vtmM vultimo oT Wms>0 CtooGco  Some of the late Lord Randolph  Churchill's 3riend* once tried to  have Lord Salisbury reinstate his  erratic lieutenant, Salisbury  listened to them patiently, and  then asked;   u Have any   of you    ui^author g^ccg^ooc?  hi �����   A��, ..       ,      .   '    hmfl Vocal, iiaSfi ltti$ruitteatal-~af C����iga8��^ffl  ao a carpuncie ou  tne teck)   mac����'����? (fiAno���oncw �� tiemtb Sua* o��  I   Coe^ft��.   Yearly Baliaiarlt^toii, $>$&+&&*  Ifvoa  of   yooF   neck I        No." was   the! w^ mw* w>i"�� ibmbo and ��MMte��i off e^mwb  yoa o. eapiy of Mia Il��54xaMiso E^e^��.  May  36    and     30,    June    *$��  July 2, 3, 4  a  reply,  hi��  a  a  ��  retort  1   don^t   want  From Rossland. Trail, Nelson, and  intermediate points  To Minxieapolis ���   ^^4#��2  CMcago     -     mm  Detroit   "  -        ioSS-  Toronto " ���  -       j?x*  100.  Comsponditier   reductions   w^��  oil Kootenay poinla     Usual t^.  e C- is. K. lake stcsuncrs.  Tho Sato Lord Pufferm had prat  ��a record a Sheridan story which  is worth repeating. Richard  BirinBley Sheridan wao one day   1/0-  !-f7      wtS  Mrs t!<*fc��<ff'tiwl ���7*n��!>U��te ittft��m��atU��n ������!>��  KHe*o. P��h��. AKt.. -"���;.     ���rOwV0if .;���.  6) Bw*ia&.  f.-  * ' x  r  ^"1  "3  ���s:sg  l-*S  !iKi  3B  yyiit?  S&  a��l*|  vim  i" '.'  V*t  1. 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i ' , i    >j»   -   .    ,i <;    .     .    , < i   i.    .     , ''t     ...       i.   i ,     \ ) . o'      > ' mi   '• w <r
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