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The Nelson Economist Sep 27, 1902

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 a^i&a&iMf~82<&i=  ���^���^^mmim^^^sxss^^ms!^  ���AiTsHQZ&~A,z5&&r.    ._    (   _.   ......        _,. .    _,_ . _, ..._,.._,  _#;_s#_feeiwKi^4i^  kjAil'iz&li ^.uwHIl{^.!;xi  gn___j___*k_is;_a_n4s4^  ^a^i-ytrHVikg^gHH^BJj,  27i^i^f|g#Sa��!^  ��5^  .sfcii -:.    ���-��������� '���-'-. .afi&sf  AAM:  VOL. V!,  ESTABLIS  jrk#j    A-  ysm  S:#'h.  ;;' . andfa-��:^.P:  complete Hoe  yA;::di,t^Aiiy;A  GENUS NE  ^CT^fe  | i!t4,4.i'ivti��*at;-'l��i <  UfFo^^:::y  Spoon*, etc. Ary::  .  Bye* carefully eKamined su*  properly fitted to thrbe��t grade  |of glaswe*.  Pine  Repairing.  ELSON, B. C.9SATU ft DAY, SEPTEMBER 27, l!  ED-1890  i Ai��&:--  ^liii^^l  '������::';%��".  aV- k'i.>7^;a7!,il ...  yyyZimtiM!:.  '���'"A sB|& ��;'-o-'-'."''->hS"iIr-,*^o..^i^^ja:k?^^y>^',~^2'J  ? 'i*.X^'if^; i\7_sS!&HSisa��K>ra^s  ���,i7.^;!7k*.\_i^jW!KS3g!  .kk'k a-k^:'  7';,^*,.^��� -   **��ka.  HAVS the mo^t ^  tive store and st^^  " -.   ''"���      ,   :;'  V'-    o-; ���..,, 170'������','. '."     ..      - ��� -���' ���������'��� ���   /'    ���"���''���    ���" ������..'���'���"-..' '���-��� ��� y''"''r:--''' ���"'>���-'"'' '���������*'-���-���"���'���$��� ]:A-:A'iA-f:-^:'"   -Zy \'A"'^-y*:rr.A '  =;gesp^  "^iainon^  ;5sets^  ^":oo'^olv-;^^y>  Mail and express orderis Mye o  ���'���.itientibittjfi  r;*^'i:y3ifaiWt-i!S  L'W,::w.^vV/.-;':*^ii^'i?^|__lv^^W'?  ���^______^>j��i'IV*'-.*."'''W^��^VOT^  ���!**/:���*_______"-.������ l^^K?-&_^���^fe^4,Tt JS**���'3**^**?-.  .AS-Jk.fAAiyy^i^^-M9kt-f&ii  !k!S>,'"f.,.';n>��a,.*-s;1!����*.  ���\i G*9 v/i-7,',-'aa7 ,'H7a rVV'.avmayp,,,  ���''���*"y'AryiAy$^wxM  Q  ���^^^^HKHH^^^^^H<'  Zy^y%$>&'*  ly.  ,, ,   -_J'_i,  ���   ,"^7h   �����  " v ���sit'rVf 7  ^i(.;t,��,/i"  TOgpJ_S_g^Srf^^^  KriirJSmffi gra?pi -1*5-*--- - c��'��  _?��    ROOM MOULDINGS from �� p�� foot op.  l��w*',''W>i*  M  fig  ,.ts��  'tlassSry  s-w  'If a*/     ^rt����S  ij���*^(( 'i  uss&m  ZA  a _is  s&%&  n& mm Bimm streets, nmsm  .hi  $��@S��6  /  l^jj-^w..  e8��e��������^e��eeeee^^  ^ >' ..< tfs' ���%  my  %y  I?  '|.7ti-  fit.  i ZA  Special Quotations for  Camps and Mines  Special Values in  Canned Goods and  Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Pilled  ed Front Grocery, Baker Street, Nelson  r  L  BREAD, PASTRY, CAN DIES ALWAYS ON HAND  WEDDING CAKES MADE TO ORDER.  Jossphiito St root,  rr-  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  mmm  p  fc?!  .,  J/vli  VLi/  I ftpM  1\J  9  IBEI"��  u  , ^klt ^M*k,  , ,1,   , rt,      '">),�������..���  " ,���    ���' ,(>        A\  ,1 tp' MkkkIk4ik^��,M**J)'***^  oots and Shoes made to order.   Invisible Patching  a Specialty.   Only Union Men Employed.   My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OLD STUiD, BAKER ST  %��?  ��        tiffin O  GENERA  Ovl B\I^Iq)[L��  **2kKC  P. TIERNEY, GENERAL I  One seven-roomed house nv.d  one three-room house  for rent.  Ihree  dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  9"e /'ot on    vStan,ey   street,   opposite Royal ����Ercr   f^r^r^fil  Hotel for sale at a bargain. htt  MWliW^  "^ "^'���^-���-.�����*'������*'*  1 F  -KM* WW**' ^r^.      ^   .-^y^*-"- *k*k  ���Sn.ll/kiJkt, ,JKi7,. i,S_S-Bgfr-T��~Tre1_,  -a>&, ^vas-k-^^Lt^ki&kuaSS^SiiiWkka..  WftfM^htfjT,;;Maiiimrtfi<7,wrr.Tiar��ki  ,a��,��  17  V    ^  - ��*_*  XT-Ai-'^:  -51'   ^a.  ,=2- ir  5>'"7 =S3S  ?z *.*.'*..77..  ��~^y~^  -"  &__S_^  VOL. VI.  NELSON, B.C.. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1902.  NO. 11  ���'���*  ��� ' -    Tk,U  .    .J  THK   NKLSON   ECONOMIST   is   issued  icvkry Saturday.   Subscription :   $2.00  rKR ANNUM; IF PAID IN ADVANCE, $1.5��  CORRESPONDENCE OF GENERAL INTEREST  RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. ONLY ARTICLES  OF MERIT WILL BE ADVERTISED IN THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS  WILL BE CAREFULLY GUARDED AGAINST  IRRESPONSIBLE PERSONS AND WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  .do. light work for their hated rival**, until they  offered him a place with more pay and  shorter hour?, and lie agreed t���� boss them.  I And, worst of all, his tribe numbers a litOe  S m w than half the party; if they say  j g od i��ve to him, it is also good-bye to the  | ii' sh pt>ts of Egypt. They are now busy at  j this problem : Is-it better to admit you ate  1 au ass and stick to your job, or sty you're not  \ a nil then prove that you are by losing your  job?  well   administered that there  is   nothing   to  bring them back from Paris.  ,��  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  v\TR heard rumblings a little while ago  < f  V V     a���jijiv. a failure to quire asree, in the  Dominion   Cabinet.    Mr.   Tarte'*   name was  whimpered as one of the parties and Mr. FieJd-  intrs and Mr. Sifton1* as   others.    At btwf  ihought it was onlv thegossio of wicked Con-  Ty a? *  Mfvative journals, but now there nas rever-  l crated a loud roar from that venerable thun-  derer, the Toronto Globe, and we learn that  Mr. Tarte certainly is one of the parties, the  tAlnhr suggests a whole party by himself.  S niie of ih�� wicked gossip, tnen, was true;  Mr.'Partes loyalty to the National policy of his  present, opponents has driven the "old Liberals M U) revolt.  To he quite unediiorhilly frank, our sym-o  ptiliies are ail with the " old Lil��erals.*, For  ffjhitjen years they sang, with a devoted and  ��� m faltering enthusiasm, the changing anth�� ro  "f " C��utnnerciarUnion, Unrestricted Reeipro-  riv, Free Trade.1* It is not very musical,  h'M harmony was preserved and the transi-  'i'��ns smoothed by. the unchanging refrain,  "Kowti with the National Policy." Then,  j i*i is they had achieved the front row in the  l'hoir, the organ-blower from he opposition  ''hoir steps over, and, just because he owns  half of the new choir, presumes to say, "Non-  ^������use, children, be off with your silly Free  l'"ii\ old National Policy's- a pretty good  "me.     TH fix this."  11 in really a pretty "trying position for  ll>��>*<> poor u old L boralsVVtheir old admir-  "��� liked the old tunes, and requests for them  "^ numerous aud persistent. It is just beginning to dawn on them���it has taken six  v,,iih U) begin, but that's not bad���that un-  l,,*s they admit they were talking nonsense  'nr eighteen years, and that were a hitter  ,|,,v^ that they really ought to do something  ;,i,,"t  Free Trade.     Yes,, clearly, they must do  '"^���thing about it, and they are quite willing  h) ,l,) something, but���-aye,, there's tin) rub���  ,,,in man says they must not, and, confound  11 ;i11. he isn't one  of them at all ; he used to  i  I  Canadian readers of A-socia'ed Press articles who brave so often secju tne statement  that the United Slates is the leader of the  world in industry and commerce that they  almost hrlirve it, and, guided by the same literary authority, have come to regard Great  Britain as a declining state, may gat \#*r some  crumbs of consolation from a glance at iht*.  following statistics ; they are takt-n from the  Monetary Times, whose authority is the United  *     <  Suit* s official statistics:  Value of  Exports  ��230,000.000  150,000,000  r 5,000,000.  80.000,000  i  Population  Great Britain 40,000,000  Germany 56,000,000  France 35.000,<K)0  United Suit* 70,000,000  That is the United States, the "greatest  manufacturing country on earth," exports  about one-third! as much as Great Britain,  which has just a little more than half her  population. .  Another fact of  interest  has just  come   to  our notice.    It will be remembered  that   four  'or'five years ago we   were startled by ghastly  head-lines announcing t^e order < f  American  locomotive    by   English    firms.    The reason  for it was that British manufacturers were so  bnsv with forei n orders that they could   not  supply the home market  as .-.promptly as  desired,  but   this  reason   was   ignored   by���of.  cour e  it .may.: have  been   unknown to���the  Associated   Press   reporters.    These    locomotives    are    now    giving    such     very    poor  satisfaction that it is extremely unlikely that  any demands however sudden will ever again  cause British firms  to   purchase them.    This  fact, commented upon in all   the leading   papers  of   Britain, has unaccountably   escaped  the attention  of the  Associated   Press.    And  yet wo have no other source  of foreign   news,  and we are even asked to accept as reliable the  sometimes false and'always drivelling reports  that are nerved to us by this agency  aH a fair  digest of the news of Europe.    The new Canadian Press Association cannot he inaugurated  any too soon.    Here iB a useful  task fur those  Dominion Ministers whose departments are so  �� . .  All has been done to secure  party lines in  British Columbia thai can be done by the political organisations.    The   next  question ;is  will the electorate obey the rules bf the game; "  and^keep definitely between   the lines.    With  three highly-organized parties and three mag-/T  nificeutly   comprehensive    platforms,   wUicb,V  by the way, are strangely similar in- material1  in spite of ihe differences in .truciure. the free :.  and independent vo er seems   likely to  suffer a  from an embarrassment of riches.    \Uhat will  he do ?    Will he   vote Conservative,   Liberal  or   Progressive on   sentimental   grounds,   oh  preference for one structure over the others, oi\  on the merits of the different groups  of, lead-  ers ?    Such questions may be premature,; but  they are surely  pertinent.    For^ a long while' <_  we   have been   reproaching  our  readers  f<6r:y  their apathy about public aff tirs   and urging  intelligent attention to them.    We have coa^;  sistentlv held up as th�� ideal   to be  attained  the election nf a body of honest, capable meu,',  with enough agreement am ��ng them as to aim  and method to  ensure harmonious  and   efii-;  cient administration, and we  should   like   to.  see these supported in the  Legislature by an  organized fallowing, who approve of their aims'  aud tnethotls, strong enough to enable them to  decline the disgraceful compromises which   in  the past have nullified   ail   attempts  at   improvement.  We fear that the apathy was more deeply  seated than we had thought., Three organizations have been formed, it is true, but what  proportion of the e'ectors of the Province  could be controlled by the three together ?  Meantime there are alarming rumors from  the coast that with many people the whole  question of adopting party lines is still open.  This opens up new ohaunels of.political speculation.  Supposing this latter view becomes more or  less general, and some Conservatives are within  and some without the fold, some Liberals  within and some without.their fold, and likewise the Progressives divided ?  Our chief concern, of course, is for the unfortunate Lieutenant-Governor ; peradventure  there be three parties in the next house, or if  each subdivide as ahove, it may be Bix, how  can the Governor choose advisors having the  confidence of all ? By constitutional theory  and usage he may not oven inquire how they  came to bo'leaderp, and he must not ask about  their records and reputations outside the  House.  We are   really   sorry   for   the Lieutenant-  Governor.  *��������/-,  -Vt-o  lr  ko5  '3'f.  V-hS*  '-.v    \'_  ',r   ti- -t.  '"iff  E s-Ji,'<-i  ,X  ��� Ai.  */l   ��"  Z'i  ���.-���;  ��� if.  n  m  ���I��'  ill i  / i  H^kaWHkHkV^^B#^#k,^k.^v^��4W^WWMW,tt^Wk��ftM,^,��,ftW,.-.^^ k|M,k, .  II'     I - i , , al,    ,,  "�� 'Jf  ,    -,      i\,|  It  I?  ..��,.,   v  'I   I  H  i  a��H.(tl  1   (  .-*,��,. ,T-#.*,k��.4,.n(��,4^^ 0i**��m*..n~*u.iM r.*<���V.^.*lrlMW��*^*^.*llrU1^,. I $  *r *"���*'*"  �����-(]i)iin��-'i|ft"** "r"!"  .��u��    ir*. i rr*.<*v*4 rtw��i _ .ifu.ji |K.jrv+rt k wwtriiy|i >?(H*WMitT*��a**i \?k Haw**-*-*      i    v      a{-     4Sr      1^  'it i It a 'I j i  11        ".      ff l'       ' ',',',  - is',,..  I I  '      tl  it  . -  ;  Iff    '    '"    il as***  *"*  ^^'^IlIx2'-^SJU.;?-^��^  4  THE NELSN ECONOMIST  A SHORT time ago, when new coal'fields  were just becoming fashionable, a gentleman from the East who confesses to an intimate acquaintance with minerals generally  and coal especially, arrived at one of the most  "popular hotels in the Kootenays, whose genial host is a handsome and engaging widower  just approaching middle age, whose face and  figure are well known ail the way from Butte  to Grand Forks.  The expert arrived on a   late  train���not a  special, though he admits travelling that way  as a general thing.    Tbe morning piper's announcement of his arrival caused   a   rush   of  coal-mine owners ..to. the   hotel, but two only  are of interest for the purposes of this story���  a Mr. Zephyr, whose fame as a company   promoter is continental, and   an ex-artilleryman  from one of the coast counties of Connau^hr,  who is possibly better   known   as   a minstrel  than as a mine-owner. These arrived betimes;  Mr. Zephyr wishing to secure an interview before    breakfast   waited   in   the   cnrirdor, but  could not resist the   temptation   to harangue  those within hearing, po-sibly   with a view to  having his eloquence   at its best when the object  of his   visit  appeared.    Meanwhile   the  bard, who felt   that   time    was   precious,   approached,his friend, the genial host, explained  the situation and begged to know   the number  of the great man's reception room, .He learned  it and was soon tremblingly obeying   tht? gracious, ." Er���come in/'  With all the self-control po sibie under such  circumstances    he   faltered :    "Sir,    I    have  some coal I should like you to look at.    It  is  from a newly-discovered coal field." %  " Yes ; have you a specimen ?"  " Not here, sir."  " Well, later,"   " But it's only downstairs, *ir."  u Oh, bring it up."  The ex-artilleryman descended to the cellar  and commandeered a few lumps of go ��d Fernie  coal (he really hadn't time to go home for his  own samples), wrapped them up carefully and  again ascended. With proper ceremony and  explaining that the specimens were hardly up  to the average of the new property, he finally  submitted a sample to the sage. As the latter  gazed at it, a pitying smile o'erspread his features ; then with a patient sigh he produced a  knife and scraped. Another Bigh, and then,  quite kindly: "My go >d fellow, I'm very  sorry, but I can't do anything for you. That  coal won't do for coking I"  A stare, a Galway grin, then dow- eta;rs  whistling, "Muldoon he's a solid man," and  then, " Coal expert, eh ! Consulting engineer  ��h !    He's as big a grafter as I am."  Political dovecotes have lately   been   fluttered by nn editorial in tho Toronto Globe nw^  \ ^  '^w^.  if'1 '     '���     lfi\   \  'W) �� . It)  gesting the obliteration of party line- in provincial government. Although the Globe once  called a boy orator from this Province a liar  and a slanderer (and, by the way, he was a  Liberal M. P.,) and has lately fallen foul of  Mr. Tarte, it may hz considered the organ of  the English-speaking Lil><nils nnd it is safe  to assume that the above suggestion is inspired. Quite apart from ihe question of tne  wisdom or unwisdom of |��arty lines in I >eai  contests, there is something exqui-iteiy humorous in ihe Globe's proposal. The Liberal  party has been in power in Ontario for thirty  years. Tne last two elections in '98 and "02  respectively, have been won at terrible cost  and by means that ever; stanch Libernls gasp  at. At the close of the last contest, unprecedented private bribery and statesmanlike  corrupting of constituencies', eked out hy ballot stuffing and ballot-stealing and all the  other mo-t modern devices of the ** Hug-ihe-  uiachine-Biys," as Mr. W T. R. Preston so  happily named his pupils���all thest netted  tne Government a majority of one, and that  has yet to run the fiery gauntlet of election  trials.  And the GL>be suggests a coalition !  " Well," said the burglar, as he stared down  the muzzle of the revolver of his temporary  host, '4I dou't want it all , Jet's go halve-/'  an honor conferred' on it at the hands 0f  Great Britain which has been steadily deny  to any European power, namely, to become  our ally. That people is generally admitted  to bn wot thy this honor. The British .Colim,.  hians notoriously wish to include the Japan.  ese in their insulting legislation. Yet the successor co the mantle and spirit of Sir Jo))n  MacdnnaM tells them that there is no Im-  perial consideration which should hinder  them Tnis. is the one piece of statesmanship  thai we hivi had from the new leader of the  anti-intercourse party, and it is not a credit,  able, oiie."  f  Tr.e following story is told of Sir El-  mund Barton, by way of illustrating  his aversion, not only to Mongolian, but to  all forms of undesirable immigration. A deputation of Poukohobors waited on him with re  ference to the importation of a colony of .their  countrymen to the Antipodes. u I am very  sorry, gentlemen," he said, "hut under our law  any shipmaster who landed one of your num  ber Ui ( ur shores would be liable io a pen .hy  of ��200. The only way in which you could  possibly come in would be as shipwrecked  mariners, and I fancy you would n't care to  enter under those conditions."  The Aru-derdam   publishing firm of Worm-  j  ser announce.** that it will publish General De  Wet's book in a  few months.  Of the papers supporting the Liberal administration, the Winnipeg Free Press and the  Montreal Witness m/iy be regarded among the  most prominent. On many important question it is safe ��o accept the utterances of  either publication as Femi-official This being  assumed, considerable interest will b�� attached  to the following article from the Montreal  Witness, and which ho fully merited theappro-  val of the Free Press that it copied the article  in full, even going a little further by embroidering it with the heading, " Mr. Border ��H One  Piece of Statesmanship ' " : "The British-  Columbians, or some of them wish to put a  stigma and disabilities on certain races of  people whose one unpardonable crime in that  they do too much work for the money p..id  them.    One of these peoples   has recently had  Senator Templeman is reported assaying  that the views of Kootenay mining men are  so divergent that he finds it hard lo arrive at  any conclusion wtft regard to what is really  wanted to encourage the mining industry.  This is not the first time this complaint Yw  been madr by public men who have viuitfd  the Konieiiav!., and it* truth cannot be successfully controverted. Anyone who has lived  in the Kootenay for any length of time will I*  ���prepared to admit that mining men generally  are unable to tell exactly what they do want.  There is no question so much nmunderstoud  and the worst of it is that the men who should  be able to throw some light on the subject  seem to be quite as much in the dark as lbs  ones who are seeking information.  WWMM* lAMMMki  A recent laorosse much at Reveistoke he*  tweeu that town and Kamloops 8 ppears to  have resolved itself into a freejor ail fight, A  Vancouver paper tells how Mike Ftniayson secured the ball and passed it effectively, but  the man from whom he look it hauled off and  hit Finlayson over the head with his stick.  The latter promptly retaliated, and then the  fun start d. A pmvincial no I ice oflicer did not  like the defeat of the locals, which, with five  minutes to play seemed almost secure, ho he  rushed out on the field and began pounding.  PinlaVBon over th* he^d with his walking-  stick. Mike turned and hit the constable  such a biff wiih his fist that that official staggered. Then he got another which drew the  red and this time he went down. Then the  Kevelstoke chief of police rushed to his a^iat-  ance. Mike put him down, too, by the same  method, and when they both arose from terra  firma they made'u combined rtiflh on the  plucky lacrosse player. This aroused Capt.  McKay, of Kamloops, aud he rushed up and  started to handle the chief's face in a manner  that was annoying to that official. Then both  showed their badges, they being in plain  clothes. This did not for a moment stop the  facial examination that the two players were,  making of the officials. The. latter '-managed  to secure one handcuff* apiece on the Kanv.  loops boys' wristH, and then the ludicrous  spectacle was observed of those'having the  manacles on punching straight left-handers  into the optics of the too-officious policemen.  This created a tremendous uproar, and, as the  rivalry between the two   teams is very atrong.  ���.-*)  ,   *��s��-*W ^^.^^s^^^rfwfe"*^^  ,*��SssSiS8!fefi  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  h  t���  fey  CT^id rushed on the 6eld and took a part.  ^The    ouble wae at length  adjusted and tbe  Igame proceeded, and the result was in favor  ;.]of Kamloops.  -7  ? s  -.���% AT THE TELEPHONE.  'i    Aid. Irish���U that Aid. Biscuit ?  3 Aid. Biscuit-Yes.  4 Aid Irish���About that party coming over  ^M , *   Rossland. today.   Don't you think the  i%KH:;t from   rV08Biau��*t w *���  *    , ,   .  Si I0Uncil   should do something towards their  ipf entertainment ? . .  .   _.     -.   _. ���������n  M     Aid Biscuit-i don't think the city council  111 u under any obligation to entertain them.  ' Aid Irish���But this oeems to be a case in  which the citizens should exhibit  a friendly  ���    ��� *  ePAld. Biscuit-Well. I  don't knew ; Til see  what the old man thinks about it.  ( Curtain.)  dozen or so of tbe old farce comedies, skimming the situation?, and adding enough   negro melodies to make the dish palatable.    In  tbe production   there  is one actor���Arthur  Vernor���who ha* capacity for  better work,  and an actress���Miss Evans���who  has a decided genius for burlesque  work.   The  jokes  are not modern, but they create a laugh now  and then for old times* sake.    It is not a disagreeable production, but is not likely  to  go  into another season.   The  patronage in Nelson was at least equal to the merit of theper-  formance.  SSSSHS?  __gjg_��s��  m&=&  "A toad cfen die of light 1  Death is the common right  Of toads and men ;  Of earl and midge*  The privilege.  Why swagger then ?  The gnat's supremacy  Is large as thine."  The Rowland World is authority for the  staiement that several changes are about to  take place in the Btaff of the Government of;  See at Nelson.  N o date has vet been fixed for the lacross��  ' match   between  the Shamrocks and Kelson.  The Nelson   men are   puiting in some good  practice, and are determined to put up a good  fight.  it^W/Mffk  The New Denver Udge advises Sandon to  wind up its municipal business as best it can  and ask the government to call in its charter.  and thus save its cimene a heap of trouble  mid relieve a tired camp of oae source of evil  report.  Since the passage of the South Cr-.l na law  prohibiting the sale of  pistols, dealers have  dune a lair business "renting"  them.   Irust  officials   are not   the  only   successful, law-  evaders.  Complaints as to the misbehavior of certain  vouug men are numerous. It is alleged that  "on some of tne streets these ill-bred, people  make night hideous with their yells, and that  many women are compelled to listen to words  which fiud no place in the dictionary.  Among the many beautiful hats shown is one  known as the Lakme.   This is a large picture  hat having a shirred crown of black velvet, a,  rim of turquoise blue turned up at the left  side, where sweeps a handsome black ostrich  plume. A long black lace scarf ie draped over  the rim and pendant at the back.   Another  picture hat in all black had a large blackbird  with outspread wings flat on the crown, seemingly held in place by  a large ribbon bow.  The bright shades are in demand this season,  and combinations of parrot green and peacock  blue, ruby  and old  rose appear to be quite  popular.    A very effective hat of parrot greeii  eamel's hair with peacock blue trimmings^was  shown, also one of ruby and old rose velvet,  trimmed with  two parrots in natural tints.  Another attractive bat was all  red, having a  frilled velvet crown, Tam OShanter effect.   A  large assortment of ready-to-wear hats are also  exhibited, as well   as a variety  of  styles in  headgear tor  the  little  folks.   The other departments also drew their share.of attention;  All  the  latest styles   in  dress   goods, silks,  French flannels etc., besides ready-made gar.  ments of all  descriptions, were tastefully dis-  played. . -"���  --���'��g  I  - >. ������-���-������W&H2pZ$*%8?-  zwm  Vvw  ���7yy.��(.  The mining oituation seem* to be improv  iuK. Two important strikes were reported  from Ymir the past week. Tne first is on the  Yankee Girl, near the Dundee mine, lhe  other strike has been made on the Big tour,  where the vein has been reached by the crosscut tunnel at a distance of 130 feet and at a  vertical depth of 80 feet.  M  It is feared that the recent attacks on the  ���lews may awaken the smouldering anti-  Semitic Hentiinent which has always lurked  in East London.  The members of the labor party in Victoria.  AiiHtralia, are practically the only avowed act-  vernarieH of the Ministers, who anticipate a  In K<! majority.   ��� ������  "A Wine Member" is a strange  mixture of  nlwurd situation!*, nearly allot which are borrowed from tho   farce  comedies  so   much in  v��>Kue fifteen and twenty years ago.   In ���c^ ��  '   Himply the product of boiling down halt-a-  When bicycles were novelties in Scotland,  the question   of  regulating   their speed was  bronght before the local authorities ot a southern town.    A learned of  tbe town gravely informed the courtthat the new mode of rapid  transit came under tbe traction-engine  law  and that every bicycler, unless he showedcon-  I  ^deration, could be compelled to send a man  1 ahead on foot with a red flag to warn pe-  destrians.  A German biologist says that the two sides  ���f the face are never alike. I n two out of five  ot ine        .��nft! line     One eve is stronger  T^rt is generally higher than the left.  The dirtiest and most unhealthy city in the  world ie Amoy, China.  The crusade against kissing i-dvin���� n^  i !Lrh . When young people feel like in-  SSiff *   ��ch l��U it 'b  "ot the fear of  T\tX^contamination   that   will   restrain  them.  The  Fall  Assizes  begin next  The docket is a lightjone.     ; _ v    ^^  Nelson Liberals have elected officer*and re, a  affirmed their decsion to go into the nextF  Proi ihe.al contest on party lines.        -- y> yAA  Lord Huberts has issued an order warning  officers thai a higher firi3g standard will be  required.  ;  Stanley Spencer, an English  aeronaut, has  made a successful ascension over London-  WAAAi  ~*y&:A  ��� -- -'^-^-aH--sVa^3^Ta?ri.-.,,  MMm  At a banging in Bergen, N. J., the condemned fought the executioner and officers*  and had to be subdued by turning on a stream  of cold water.  Sir Charles and Lady Tupper have arrived  in Canada from England, and will spend the  winter at Vancouvsr.   �����-^_____������ '  The Canada Sugar Refinery has com-  menced the operation of a plant for the manufacture of raw alcohol, ��*ed for cammercial  purposes principally from the by-products of  refinery.  Th��re  was   a heavy   fall of snow on the  mountains last Tuesday night.  !���  i  i 'i  lfl  The millinery opening  at Fred   Irvine &  Co'b which commenced Thursday  last  is  at-  !���      . ������A deal of attention from the la-  rf'TL Terv "test  styles known   to the  diw.    lhe  %try dip.,lavecl.      There  Will1nr^n m    UedTendency towards  l.rpe  seems to be a marked te  u..��h this season, and ostnen puuuo  Sack or white are very popular ao trimming.  Notico 1b hereby Klvon that HO dnm after iluto I. iut^RA  to upt'ily to tho ClilofOommlRsloiuir'of Lands and WorUn for  a Itconoo to wi and cm*ry away timber from tho follow*  liiK (b'Hcrlbed landH on CaHcado Crock, How Ing Into Lardo  Rlvor, which In turw 'unn Into north <md of Kootenay f/ah����t  CoinmoncloK at tho initial poat B.K. corner, half a mUo up  Cascndo Creole, running north eighty chat mv then went  eighty ohuliiM, then nouth eighty chains, and mv\t eighty  chains to place of comuioncement.  Dated this 25th September, 1002.  \n  iM  >~r����,w  s*!^��kW,^lw  Mr.* t^��i*k,w��rfw*J*^"3r '71  ^*Trw^r^p'<yyA  4>* m����^(it.  ��  'i  M����T^l|��*r��WlW>WI-WWW*^  nwwf^ists"V0'     "* ' *W  ,,,,,, ���>    ,     .     , I *ft    "   *      k,   ��k     \'H*>I    I   *'   ll-l  i*'Z '   '     "���    , f ��'   >   '  ' ',��>,.   A  V" ,   "  '      'A   "    ,  ii u  A    Atl  I,  .i  ,f  i -, ��    fit if,  i'  t  )|        7,l _____idfc��i*  ���i ywvf -"'���Hit.-  pf-m"-'j  ^JsV^^-Cj^52^E��^!^jis��SS  %-a-k�� ^  SS_5#"-v     ,-.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  IN DANGERS  HOUR.  [Being a true account of one hundred and  twenty minutes in the life of Gaston le Strenuous, by the author of "WilPyum and M*��,"  "The Stovepipe of Papa," "To Get and to  Hang On T >, 'and "Toe Conceit of Om-iha.*']  IT was a mild morning in April, 1610, around  tep o'clock  when I, Gaston le Strenuous  arrived at the outskirts of the capital of Bu-  ritania.    I wag speculating on  my chances of  future greatness when I   observed a  cloud  of  dust rapidly approaching.    Nearer and nearer  it rolled, and nearer and  nearer   the thunder  of hoofs resounded.    At  length a fiery jennet  flashed into view.    One glance  at the fair rider's face revealed tb  me Elizabeth de  Sau-  terne Moselle, whose image was destined never  to  fade from m>   heart-    When opposite  where I stood  the noble steed fell   exhausted.  But a few paces behind in frantic leaps sped  ihe form of a royal Bengal  tiger.    It  sufficed  but an instant to  dismount,   and   the   ready  sword of my ancestors flished in the sunlight.  The combat was   strenuous.    Backward   and  forward   we    swayed.    Finally     the   tawny  beast grasped the sword and wrenched it from  my hands, when with a last despairing   effort  I seized him by the throat,'and,   bending   his  head backward, broke his neck.  Scarce bad the combat terminated and I  wa9 resting from my labors when suddenly as  though sprung from the earth there encircled  , me a troop of horse who-e b:ulg��*, th�� fam >u<*  1 two crossed, sky-blue mackerel rain pant, b����re  feufficient testimony to the fact that they were  the minions of him wboin men then named  with bated breathes the '*pea-ijreen cardinaL"  ��� ;00a.;o;  "Ha J what is this !" exclaimed the leader,  in whom I was not at a lost* to perceive the'  notorious ruffian, Charlatrousse de la Vih' Or-  dinaife. "A violation of the edicts relative  to the .killing of Bengal tigers! Surrender,  caitiff r  "Never," I cried, and the attack began.  They were fifty-three of the most renowned  swordsmen in   E'irnpe    so it   took   fnilv  tn  * * at -  minutes    before ihey   wee   placed   hors   de  combat.  As my dagger was clicking merrily against  the gorget of the last I accidentally .>au*-ed to  note the worried look which was spreading  over the fair face of Mile, de Sauterne-Mor-elle.  Like a flash the situation presented it-elf to  me. A similarity of feature, form and bearing revealed that unwittingly I was about to  slay her brotber-in-law. '  " S'death," I crhd, "young man your life is  spared."  "But not my honor, "garizooks," he answered.    " I had sworn to take thee alive."  "Gramercy for thy courtesy," and we were  about to re-engage when the pleading"expres'  sion of my loved one's countenance determined me.  " My sword, i'faith, I will never surrender,"  I cried, breaking it   across   my  knee.    " But  fair youth, I follow you."'  As the iron .doorn of the royal prison for in  ebriates clanged behind, I   indee*i telt that all  hope  had  departed.    Thrust into  a   narrow  ceil half full of water tod half of air I   began  speculating   on   the chai.ee.-*  of escape.    But  one opportunity presented itself.   Unbuckling  my strong leather belt, i detached the buckle,  which'was soon fashioned  into  a. serviceable  pickaxe.    Ten feet of solid granite were  soon  p erced,   and   before my   friend   the warden  again 'passed on his round;* 1 was swinging by  the leather thong over   one   hundred   feet of  space.    A quick   drop  into   the moat   and I  breathed   the  air   of   freedom.    But not   for  long  Cannon-halls rained around me as I sped up  the street. 1 count it no cowardice that i did  not stop to pick up my hat, which one had  knocked off.  Turning into a narrow street I was congratulating myself when a noise like thunder  pealed forth. Huge cracks opened in the  pavement. Trapped at last. 1 had unwarily  entered upon .'a section of the city where a  rapid transit road was being constructed. Suddenly, afier a franiiu effort to regain my footing, 1 fell into a yawning cavern thai opened  before me.  When 1 awoke all was darkness. The d-tup  earth encompassed me dose abou*, Out by  strenuous exertions 1 finally managed to wriggle fir s*t one, then ail ten toes. And now began a forward burrowing which was necessarily slow, . One, two, ihiee. lour and five onle-  were toilsomely travelled within the bowels of  the earth. Al length a stone wall seemed to  bar further progre.-s. Wrenching away a  giant bowlder, however, 1 feii   for ward into   a  f damp void.    One glance around   sufficed    to  convince me that 1 was in the dungeon of   the  ���palace.    Had 1 but exchanged a Jcylla  fer a  Chary bdis J  But soon the voices recalled   me   to myself  The speaker could be none other than the pea-  green cardinal.  " For reasons of stale," he was saying, ���' it is  expedient that King B.udolph die." A click  of steel seemed to \i\ve answer.  Remembering the sage advice of my fecond  cou.-in one remove, never to count odd-, I  plunged at them. A noble fight we hud'in  that grim old dungeon. The last of the dozen  bravi was but rendering his expirirg' nigh  when lights flashed and the king entered with  Mile. de'Siiuterne Moselle on his arm.  " Ha ! what is it methinks 1 ste ? Treason!  Take this as an eternal evidence of thy sovereign's gratitude," and he joined our bunds.  One instant our entire being surged up within  m. " M/ love, my queen," I said ; "Gaston  my king/' she answe ed.  "And now," said our gracious liege, " it  b. ing just twelve o'clock, let uh to dinner."  Warsaw, Russian Poland, is to have a stutuo  of Chopin.  An   American   millionaire,   it   is reported  tried to purchase the   Thorney   Abbey   estate  from tho Duke of Bedford  j  The miIIrace runs with ceaaeleaa flow,  |      The mill wheel rusts and nmken no sound  As when a boy���long, long ago��� '  I watched it whirling round mid round.  The mil! stands roofless, gaunt and ban.,  And wild weed* grow around each wall,  No sounds awake the silence then?,  Save when the rooks discordant call  The dam, once clear tm mountain spring,  is now choked up with rush and tm\%e\  And noisome weeds, unthrifty, cling  Around its std! and stagnant edge.  Old Sam, the dtuty miller, steep*  Long years benenth the churchyard clay,  And twilling ivy fondly creep**  Around hi* tomb, thue-wom and gray.  Well, well, I mind mc the last day  He hobbled to his cottage door;  We urchins ceased our thoughtless play,  He smiled and said *��� My work in o*ek**  And as he on the threshold stood,  His dim eym, shaded by hh* hands,  Looked lovingly at vide mnl wim!  Bound AnnesteyV fair aud fertile bud*.  He mixed acrojife-the mllt-dam's rim,  He looked at sluice &m\ upper weir ;  Then from hi* ey^ grown dark and dim,  I saw him wipe away a tear.  They laid him on his bed that night,  But at the dawning of the dny  Tours honest spirit winged i&* flight  And soared to reals us of peace away*  No trace is now of trelilsed wall.  Or roof that crowned the miller'** cot,  Suve where tlie gome and wild briar* em w I  In rude profusion round the spot,  This tiusy mart, in duyn long tied, t  Where rustic feats of strength we*e shown,,  is now as sil��>ut as the dead,  Its trodden ways with gni*s oVr-grown.  No farmer now, with golden grain,  I'arols the dusty road along,  Guiding his heavy.freighted wain,  'Twixt snatches of some uprightly song.  Tne rustic gnrues, the farmer's lay,  The merry dance of jig nod reel,  Have passed forever, passeii away,  Like ruined mill and silent wheel.  I mark the change* time has wrought,  To-day, iu hedgerow, lane nnd tree,  .But fail to note���oh bitter thought !���  What changes time has made In me.  The sombre sky above my head,  The wailing wind, ho Had and low,  Seem like a requiem for the dead  And hurled past of long ago.  Yet still the mill-race waternrun,  Bounding to meet tlie restless sen,  As conscious, when that goal is won.  From pent-up hankM forever free.  Sad emblem of this land to-day,  Whose sons have lost their uirm' devotion,  And from green Erin basteaway,  To slave and die beyond the ocean.  -~KnwA!t:D M'Gkatii.  i.  ir-cy  lt is  believed   that Germany'a   attitude on  the Jew question is in   ey in pa thy with that of  the American Secretary of State.  It in atuted that the Belgian Qovernmon  has practically deoided to coneernet an electric railway betweon Brnssele and Antwerp.  all   ���'  Al)  -. i..uns��*T��ll(H. ^^^^^^^���^  *#&.  ^J3&3rb��^ri^^^M^ ���^^ar^-W-��4^j-v��ie^t&i(oi-  \ V3-~rJS!fj.��-^V��^ &SW -" -^ ��v��.rv<K*&-��i��  ^*lfaj~i  [�� NELSON-ECONOMIST  SB  ifel  ����� *** :. *      -___,, nw#__i��  J In a city ^ ^^hich  believes is j  4^e8b? f, of goodworka    For to��  ^ zeal0_^ hid db*r*��* a woxtby ap- i  .^eeks fib�� j^T^ daily going bf her  Spearing *WeW^ h0 ^t^ c^.  ">rC%r toi" She thought him aisb.  T&dcrably lame.        mM&mtitm mdbe-  9  ..-^w***^;  ���i_ k_W *.  ^  K  =��*      7-*--*'  Also a foil litae of SpongeVstik. -Batl Cloves at  :��  BE*  .���^^.r^Tto'S*^    One!  ^orumg s<^     (���, from tnflw*  .   ^!^jSS��kJ m ****** "*  j--..       *<*���,   ,^,.,ir today ��!������ ttsr Biany  &_-.l*y* *���* Jr^i .��a motion. ����d y��*1  Kg) ^sf ffiilS-w ��*       I  ��_** **       B-P      ^fc  5- ��<".{__  fv/N Selpto�� tho  & 1      \Ii��a   Plunked   an   E"*U*   *���S  I?-*--3  *no7;"*  ... S3��ve tocontend laJohaa-  prf   working glrto P��w w        ^identtal &>  k-3   nesburg owing J^ ^* fl <mtfcoin Bng-  E" coniiuodaUon, ��^nl^^C"i^r4oto5.  iand for that ^^ lf^^"S^��S��  onn of coQff diract lo? *��o        _!\Z!___._*i_  A general dining voom, * "J^^L.* m*>  au employment burvau and & an*�� nff��  bier arc also attached.  Miss 8Iarte lH���gnn*  Mi*> Marie Catb��i��e ^^SffStl  txr of a firm of oomrol*don 8S4^!?^2L����  Sblcago. She��. J-t^^^^  the lowest rounds o* J^l^^ ��^S  Fiiavnycaiaagoal* ^^egl^iw^^^  firm cm cashier at t�� a w^^f5S{  *t��k.fihe ���PPlW'^^i����K_S:^^l  oclved it, tbb* being ��^.����^iSKi2S3S  obliged to ask for mm* pay. By **���"*  duJly tho work < Jt^i^SSiS  Ssffee Baasters  Dealers In Tg|g| f|<  Teas. 11  Otirileftt Moctwi r.nd Java CofTee per        I  pound       * -^  H*7-  .*<*  BSERGHAHT -TAILOR*;  H^Tmeutceh^n M. per pnmd,    0  t  ,?atttr   ^str  &  -:^.  Telephone 177-  P. O. Box i83.  &&%m   ST^EEt,   SSSISOB  ��"���  .^^t&&  CsitiF CIVTR OF B^PO��i  &ns&  \ ?v  a4  k'f^  i.w^����rt.>.>��H'*����t*i  waliiiiii  .V  ^ss,  Wtu��it��tfal�� ����d Hetat!  Dealer**"  is-*  ^^mA'0  ���ajSkl^ifPW  ,a_^��*Si|pO  'M  tj^i  1^'SfoH.  iji^.:',^,^,;  yifc  6.77  ^^-^  _���_  ?;-.  S^SSPa^^l^       of We^fc Kootenay      ^  D��S loeaed: On Porcupine Creek. ^   V*1^  Ta&e nottc   that   I, Arohie^4ainwariog;      . ^  TnWonT as agent for Chris, Creamer, Fre^  ?m\^s ceVcifiBate No. B51097, Intend ^sis^:  JS^fiomffie dkto hereof; to apply to thf>   ��� t >  d��yf_/f��A"J^��^ A,��� <*Artifteate of improve^:  ��jfe?ajp\n$ a ;Crw?W.  "Ind m���e>^ate^no^e that acUonv nnd^  fu��tlon S. most & commenced Jtefore itt*  Abated ihts5thday ofMuly, ^02^     X��^w  -  n  TO���   :  v.-  *?-���*  "^.���gSStft^^  +  ,-y  Q':#* W^'^^'^''*^'^-  ;-:lfj-;^f-^*':  Piimtis supplied on shortesi  c������Jy tho work ��f ����^�� ^^TSSd^  notice and lowest pnces.o     ^  4,.v Sh�� i�� a*, well port��i in f11 de*~I*^ ii   tij.il orders recexye SlftfIui  oflicwork that ��!>�� am ^fii^^yMyl^M^'" tf/Z^AAJtZ/m   ... ��������^the mam ''attention.7 ������% rf��, ������ * ������ ��� *   - *-  #*"*% �� 'NaiUing ::o��nt;:  I wliol^s01"6 uieata  notice t;iko  booka uhm!  And Hetu  Throw o^w^ ��������n*_^vj2rjiS�� ' kePl '" St��ck*  Ui the giMwt chamber or any -��������������-. I ^ ^ n._��^  which l�� not oontimiaUy oocapteii_    to   -    p   TRAVES*  .case of omcrffenolMi th����� oojew J��^^���J i &��� \&*   �� Pir^ V ���*W'  moved from tho article* of furniture, awfl  the room U rwady at a uwmient h waimtnig. \  The duat of two or throe J^JJ^J  would show vcty plainly oa tho fe^*111"^   i Q Jfl W"':" W ,V  18   gathered   up   in  ***> TT^'SLfllK .'   "  ihakenoutof door*.    If ���htotocjwtog >  dune, tho room doca not requltf* du*tm||  befoia bein�� iuhkL  It is a curlcoa fact that when ft JajPj; .  dpw woman la dwasaod in tho nation^ ooo- j  tume her hufiband aiway�� P'^^SJ '  when entering a room or in w~k^%,rr  .itmrta and troatii her aa JW^^^tT  bauds Botiorany treat tholr wives���JJ^^  like ecrvanuj. But when tho ��^^^?  piitn on European drasa tho ����J��P  rovewMMi.  ���[/: jba^QCftTB.%fvl.7>   z. ,   ^ ��� ^      * Gladys Mineral Claim, situate in the Net-  son.Mining Division of West Kootenay Dts-  lrwheffe Jocated: ��a MorntIl��M<mnJrain,.* ^  Tj.tee notion that I. John   McLatchie, of  "? ivhe Ci^y����f Nelson, acting as agent far ��}. �����. .  M3&p'8-Ce��t; ���  llltww * .���., sixty di&ys from  the date hereof, toaupl  -?  Q t% ��       fc^ ���       ^^' J lf the CUF*>f Nelson, acting as ag<  ^ V     ft  ������i^  SSTdate hereof, toaupl/Jo the Iflntof ��-  'coitf ecfor a Certificate ofelmprovomente, fOr  the ilrposeTof obtaiininga CroA Grant M  ^^torSimiahe n#ice tha4ctiontund|r  Corresponding rednction^ ffom  % air stations. ,.  * *  ttotlcc To Dolln^uent Co��Oiwnora  To L. 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