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The Nelson Economist Dec 6, 1902

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 ���-<*~���wja>~,~S53&,.2k.  Fwi^!  . r^ y*  '-,"?(.  ".�����>*W��S^U -^Wk^ffiwE  "u*'^-iii-��a3u_��wjw-J,^  ^Lsaj^j^Ki^^aj^r^. H^g"?'  4        J4s  of'-gtf  I     *  u  t I  t       i  F  f-.  ���r_i  I:  VOL V!.  ���  .fo'w  ?m  Saturday, dec e  ^SIABLISHED  6, 1902  1  7>KAAliip|  �����  ses?  i  J.  iSi^BSSiB^S  ^xhI>  fhiH year, havo no  equal in H, C. "  0  lova.-7.77! o-  .Efsj*^  : j-"^rJftj^**r^^-.  ^  I$?3  c  /&#  ?sf  &��  ��-.  >7V  ���;*:.\  A  ��l��*r��^Wi_5����(_iVfc  ^jf&����-j  ;f#-V �� ^      ^ H'"'"k��-a  _/_'**"   "'" y/ ^,.v-*.k,k�����  F'.aaV1  I;* ���..���'������������������   ������.vc&sS.^w-ii������//.*���...  ^/p*/*n  ���  *  the Hum;   '   h"   ,JO����8ht   ||,'  Vou    can     al wajv��     _>_%_  oy Noiulititf c. U. D   o��i All  provul.    .,* ? " "I**  PlplSolIllip|Spii^i  A. Awa0iss^^:^^3s^ myyAyyyiyyyy  M':memmm,mM��Mymmm'mmi  ':m$*immwimm:m:mmmA  3ffee  spoons;   Be'^/^S^'^fWP^n^i  :��*?�� Saltan M^3~i Sp ^��r^  v. 7Amenca���:C���t^rystar^faI1 ;^^;^:��^  Everyone W Have  *���������������������  '���^���"���������������������������������������������^^^  ���*���������������*+*>����*����  ^^^$1  ^^O^OO^O ^^M4  ********* 4****^��  May be made profitable and enjoyable if vou ,��� *_��    v ^    . .  ING   MATTER of   an  inte^ RHAI>'  T>r\r\rrc%      *   . "��icrL5>uiig   character.     WE   HAVw  i*xtt*  BOOkS and the prices asked are bargain prices. E  (J  i;  LJOK  o baker streets, nelson  o  nr  a  teol  ">^���,  ii,  (ll H ,     I  a nih  .,.,,���,,  .'I <    - ^f  (l>  A  1  ��{9  \,r   ,    t       *    > * |(s:a      3^*M^h^f^i^i^w.M^  tmr*   -��<*    tP^t'     ��   f ���<��     n   t- w    ->   .,   ��-   ,k-^,  Ayyy,yA7AmtiZi^m! fc  ���; ;��� ,:7' '7-7...-.: ;.7:o^jH���H a<!.^|j?; 'CS  '"...-a.. ; ., ���;ak..;.;;.1T ....���:..;,'.':'.-.,'�����.. ^.rrs.^^;ki:     __,.l  .":������'. 7-i';7:7Hk7^i,!j��lls   Vf-.  ���^:''4;7.  .:'S*i  mm *W5  ::Wk.^l   ^ .^  r,77,'H'7aH-;Tr.>;v,v;kkk.-.aVs,,..k.7,,::v,f;:.-k wf.S        i ���*" ���  a'Oaa,:H.,.,Ij:;,^y\;.;,,,,pj1^ki;kj,��j;   .Hikk^jWa        ,i  ���riiZri.n.--: I 'a,, 'Oik7k;^,,7fta7,^-; H,^fca^       ,  ��� ifAriZiiA'Avt^yAiXZyi^ik, t=feft|tS|       :  R;o��7H&7-;Ofe57^_5*#^  v%.-,H;7a.:;k:.;v. ���.;.;k7>is;.*a-k.-��k->,.Vt.H;^k,.. :-  ���r,;7.7njo;a:.^-..r^.-.^.^ _  ^  fyyyy^-;AZsyy&:yM^o^~  ����� **fl  AAyyyyytAizii MmsM ^  SJo'?'Aao/?��AAi~ii^|l -l-ifflf'^' i  v.7077;vi7k,MHJ....:k,;;y7^;k>;k,0;: fi^jHW^ *!  ���:..���������'������ :A!A- ?>.���?.-���';:',: ���������7.7���;��� 47>7^;;77;l;i^��p,W;f J  ;f-:VO>V*'4*7l"V'7;7'"77^7!,A;;;��aiv''?Sj  '^/AAA/Z/m  AAAAZ/MAmAmfBm  ��oA^i��tt|i ��  7iAtlfi;i��t ll  .���"^^ M  -AIL   '  Si'  .Si! 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BREAD, PASTRY, CANDIES ALWAYS ON HAND  WEDDING CAKES MADE TO ORDER:  Josephine Street  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and *h ���ia ^ *x  either personally or by mail to the office of    shonld be forwarded  aj .^Ui -mm**-, -\ * m4ft��mw  I)  er,  UOi  til  e  S  *j ii  mwm  ��<  .*��**'  a S��Dlc?5tvSh?fSimraTd<rto order-   ^visible Patching  *j "iciut woik lowest priced in the* city.  NEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  *   >  TIERNEY,.GENERAL AGENT  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  nZeer l!WClli,!f h?uses for SflIe ��" �����y terms. ,,  notci lor sale at a bargain. i^E��E, foiixiNH-^'A  n  lies,  you |  ��ha,  Undo  (,ll* HI   H,  <*i*��T''"r**��Lir*."W*i^"^t^i'*''w��^��i��>*��,i����w��ii����,t.��,  "rt,T " y:yAlAnA^f:M"^TtArTA^-''��ryj<i--'^^  ,���n  immmnnum^.l .     .      . t A 1 'A....          .',...    lM ...   . ,tV .. l     ,    ...    ,. .'        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Thi_ if  J1"*"!-, to aTpSd^T  8,Vea  ,D  i  ,be enslaved no/^^.'f**    V. . eem ��  'earn{ng.e develop^!of* tbat the^  *����������.   The old 4a th" rha,er,aI-pr0duci^  *"��� inowJedse _.���     that the end of leam.v  history i8   tbe  .   .. aao,e eurvjvals in      tions. i,mt)�� of outworn  �������-.-  ^en men first begin if I- 'J"* ��0 do��bt **. can thi_ Doin,   # Per8t"  g-,ed that the Snlof^,?,?"���� *>' / *�����in, iba* ^ ^ b�� Perma���eni ?  *' 1 ^ permanent.    And ��o_ he Pre8ent I      ^,,OWever thatJiT ��f ,i/e * iwppi-  J*<ge that hundred, of l!! f *" ,he know'     '-^ ,he ���l/rL ,o       "^ ��'8 feve���Vh ao  o-ded .who* oppo8i^ !"*8  h**e  been dis-     'hi'ber ? ShJl ZU     '��* doea " ever iead  �� -ng ab    act J .uceeed iQ ]egis,  o  uiu..i.   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Preeident S.aU^or��r in the  Public echooJs of the Cou���t;! ^harges to. tb��  tempt for law and tbe loJ?,    Z genePai c��"-  ��*l  morality Whfeh   W 1 ^ ��f Po,iti"  '"���� ' rule possible, the" ��j / H8" ����<��  ^���ce ,��� every Jabor dispute ^ 5, Phyaica'  license of American life and  the general  Pies are ao anxious to copy   *S ^''fPeo-  ��"��� fo dispute �� si���glePy;ri;et,fc;8 mPoe-  ^�� merioa public opinion i��       .,      ' '*���   Jo  the opinions of all m! 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'* but t{��ere is no  as trustee*. ��A       g c,ergJ"��en from A ��� ���  do��P h      '  'evea from votir.r P����tion8  ��one by 8tatat   .       , ��� w>t ng as saob a    .  hapnenprf ,- -,8 Province    n k  ' ��~* ^ese-;i;��^-^ -ere cletg^ nhe '^  -^clerical in^^?;^-. Presumab?  re80Jt �� that clergy^er^  ^ WCio��8-    o�� i  ���en accept  their^^0 ^ 8,8�� t-*^ ^  J-T by cle^ ��^5-2V ���*.i-7..ln- AS  V the onscrupu,OU8  _   ��  at �����" "fielded A  wants indirec.lv- to  ,g��88,PIng Preacher who ?  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'�� do^in-  ���M�� allow parents to l f   ! 10  Can��da we  pse, but they are %���� tb��* own ex.  ��"�� ta^d also for a -pSS^ *** by  they    may   conce,>ab,���   ly    m ot wl,ic_,     '  France, still the leader i��� ^PrOVe'     *��*  "��r. has just enacted lbarBn8,8tent demoo'  France must attend the S ^ T7  ohi,d   of  pmate church ��^ij^^^��ut al/  cree has been enforced, where ��- ",ed<J-  miiitary demonstration necoSa8ry> by q  Are Britain and America  ��� ���  tbie lead, or wII1   the ZuJT��  t0  Mi^  now to consider  whither      ~;     W?m *>a����e  real question is whethor rJ .1B G��inK ?   Tho"  w a nuiyanoe t��  hi *i? re,,gi��n or nhi/^,  ,  *'-?*'?  ����])���  >'"*,  td'  ��V"M]  ,^��4^  f.'��l  r ;  tr.<  w ��� jg23fr^3B3aSS__��as^  _-* _*.     ,���.        r-    .rf  rw.^^^^^^^fc-TjVgJ^Hpfft'rrt^/n  _aisjjWisa!(5PeiSWW.__aw������*,��- -        ������  fiSB^J Sit  dill-�� U  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ur  fi-f l..��S: 7  ��07   -a-  ���7taf|%7;-.,:,,_  il^;:A;A'  S-iil-vAoo/H  rV-'kik.?7:ki     -.0 7-.:    a.-  ���JSf.;Hftftj8v-;.        a.. H.  i-f}.JH|va:-rf ,,,,.-:  hffi&,-:-rty%  r,��*o.'J..-J4-.Of ���       ,.   ..���.-..-, .  i-MMi :Ay.A  HE facility with   which  some  men- can  ���    adapt   themselves  to   ehanging   conditions and circumstances is truly phenomenal.  Tate  my   old friend,   Hugh Cameron, as  a  conspicuous instance of this self-evident proposition..   When Hugh lived   in Nelson, Jacob  Dover claimed to  have  documents   to prove  beyond reasonable donbt  that  tbe insurance  man was a Doukohobor, and, as if   ^further  emphasize   this   contentien,    Jake    brought  IfiH back the report trom tbe Prairie City a month  '���II or so ago that the reason  of  the  recent   pil-  fi grimaoeof the   Doukos to Winnipeg   was  to  ff accept Hugh as their spiritual guide.    So c.r-  1$-'*    cumstantial  had   Jake   arranged    and   em-   1  1 broidered the details of this story that Jimmy  Neelands accepted  it  as   true.    But, on   the  (  other hand, when   Hugh was   in conversion  ;;  with Fred Starkey, he invariably talked with  ,  a strong Cockney accent, dropping hishsso  (  that one might readily conclude  that he had  ,  born within the sound of Bow   Bells     To the  writer he has frequently pretended that he was  Irish, and   that he  could   trace  his ai.cestry  in a straight line  back   to Brian   Born     He  even   professed   strong sympathies   ��itn   the  Home Rule cau<e. and on   more than one occasion recommended  the   use  of dynamite to  redress the gr.eva-.ee* of poor unfortunate ..Id  Ireland.    But  lime change,   all   thing?, and  not the least ��f these changes   is the   attempt  of Hugh Cameron to now pass- himeelf   for a  Scotchman.    While   the   sons   of   St.   Andrew were (fancing in the Nelson  Opera House  the   other   evening,   they    received   a   telegram   from   Hugh,   which    freely translated  meant that he would like them losend htm  a  piece of the haagis for the day*  of "an dlarg  " . .......       ...:.u   u. _>. ?'___���_ t.hpr  8Vne,' and   that   he   was    with  h s   "brither  O  Scot^ heart and soul. Ail of which goes to  ahow that it is not safe to bet on anythmg-  not even Hu^h Cameron's nationality.  Census returns for Armagh County show  fourteen centenarians in the country districts  and not one in the towns.  reaching  Ashcroft   hs  discovered his acceptance of office was not endorsed hy his friends.  No other construction can possibly be   placed  on his conduct.    Mr. Murphy appears to have  made his great mistake in   not  consulting his  constituents before being sworn   in.    Had he.  done so, he probibly   would   have  discovered  that a supporter of. a  povernment in which  Mr. D. M. Eberts holds office cannot be elected  in lhe upper country.    Mr. Eberts is enough  to  kill   any   Government,   no   matter   how  strong it might   be in   other   respects, and   if  Col. Prior was not aware of this fact before he  offered the office of   Attorney-General   to Mr.  Eberts, he should be  convinced   of   its  truth  now.    As one of the leaders of public opinion  <  in the upper country stated the case the other  day :    *' No one wants Mr. Eberts.    While he  is really a man of first-rate ability, he is woefully lacking in energy, and   cannot   hold his  friends.    With   the   labor  element   he is the  most   unpopular   man   in   British Columbia.  Labor unionists represent a   large percentage  of the voting population   of the Province and  not one uf them would cast his   vote for   Mr.  Eberts nor any man  with whom  he is   associated."  This  statement   was   made  by a man who  carefully studies public   opinion.    Undoubtedly Mr. Murphy, when   he went back to his  j  constituents  for  endorsation, discovered that  i  he could not possibly  be elected, associated as  ,  \  be was with Mr.   Eberts.    Therefore, Premier  Prior can no   longer   plead   ignorance of the  weakness of his Government   while he retains  j  Mr. Eberts, and if he desires to strengthen his  j  bosition he should   hunt   around at   once for  another Attorney-General.  In the meantime, it must be confessed that  the newly-formed Government   has received a  terrific blow in the resignation of the five-d^y  Provincial  Secretary.     The   appointment  of  Mr.   Mclnnes   may   strengthen   the Government,   as   it   is   likely   he   will   be  elected,  his constituents not   generally  being credited  with the *arne high ideals   of  political morality as prevail in Mr.   Murphy's  district.    Of  course the situation   is likely  to change several times before the   House   meets, and then  every member   of   the Cabinet  may feel con-  struined to step d<��wn and out.  is  accomplished fact. The new machine  called the st ElectrograpiV and by it any  picture or photograph dm be sent any distance. It has been tested fully and exhaustively ovei a distance of 800 miles with perfect results.    The Leslie syndicate controls it,  and the inventors are H/R. Palmer andThos.  Mills.    Some of these machines have already  been leaeed, but it  will  be some time before  they can be delivered.  \  &&**'  ,.*,<^  mi     t,i  Snow is a good thing in its way, but it  often happens tbat there is too much of a  good thing.  MWMMmMWNMHMHIMI*  The resignation of the Provincial Secretaryship by Dennis Murphy after   holding the office four or five days, further   complicates  the  political   situation.     Premier  Prior   and   his  colleagues assert' that   Mr. Murphv'B resignation is without political  significance.    In this  they are corroborated by Mr. Murphy, who in  order to give versimilitude to  a btld and unconvincing Htsilet-��ent, payn he resigned for personal   and   private    reasons.    However,   the  public will   be inclined   to   believe that upon  The Anchor line   will   build another trans  Atlantic steamer of 10,000 tons burthen.  The death is announced from South Africa  of Colonel Guthrie Hylton Jespop, commanding the Army  Service Corps at Cape  Town.  There is considerable travel just now, much  more than might be expected with the near  approach of the holidays. The commercial  travellers are hurrying East for Christmas.  A correspondent informs the Victoria Time��  that pictures by telegraph in all their details* as well of places as of per. onst so that  the latter are exact likentw.��.i, arft ?lt  last   an  It is the custom at some parochial schools  in Lancashire for the children by permission  of the head master, to ask "sensible questions ?  of any visitor who may happen to inspect the  classes. On one ocassion the Bishop of Liverpool was the visitor, and a diminutive young-  I ster in one of the lower standards held up his  |  hand.  \      ������Well?" said the Bishop, kindly*  j      "Please sir0���and the boy spoke seriously,  I  if shrilly���"why do Scotchmen wear kilts?"  I      The answer of  the worthy  prelate has not  1  been recorded.  It was generally believed that Hon. Charles  Semlin was out of politics for ail time to  come, but rumor now couples his name with  the vacancy in Yale, Mr* Semlin was a better  man in Opposition than as leader of a Government.  The general impression is that there will be  a Provincial election within the next five  months. No matter what change may take  place the new condition cannot be any worse  than the present.  Frank M. O'Brien, for many years, in one  capacity or another, connected with the mining industry of the Kootenays, left Wednea-  day night for the coast, where he will reside  in future. Few men in Nelson had more  friends than Frank Q'Brien, and his departure is coupled with the hope that he may be  successful in hip new sphere of operations.  Many of his warm friends assembled at lhe  depot to bid him good-bye.  ���Mi mM,i*H*ia*aaaaammm+m*0mi  The ball given in the Opera House, ..-laet  Monday night, under the auspices of the St.  Andrew's Society, was an unqualified succor  The arrangements reflected the highest credit  on the committee in charge, and the eupper,  supplied by Horace Brown, was in keeping  with the other preparations*  Mrs.   Mary   Davie*-, ^V^"'^*  tellB  an   amusing  story  of; her ea  y^ .  ��!������.!  d.,B.    She    hadjon^ ^        .���  which   wiib adverted to  g�����' ��       ,)0lir |or  little Yorkshire town, and   when u ived,  the commencement of the program���     d 0(-  itw��Bfonnd that  the aud.ence ��*  i        i ,����      Affler waiting ��      ,  two men and   . hoy.    AflJ* ���pJ.  haU-hnnr,  and   no  one  eloe^ ^ ^���  "audience" was given its im  i Uu  ^���o^i'tt  i^m^stuvn^fcww^w  -!. tv ti(H  ���*-%A  '���,1.1  ,lf. ,[>  X  J  w  ll  u  of  v<  ki  Ik  ^*f-K^im^9��^^fl��h^g^tAm)mii^  ^ff*"  '"*H  ,1. *,, u*  "*v*fl^ oti&u  ��4rikw������w,  ^i.-^-rr-l-a���^'-frriTT,T..,i.iil-irnrM|irl.di%L  _.-X.  ^f      -    a.  ,#  _-   ta- A��."S  a,?.  ��.3^&*~,.^.;t^ v^>7.w  THE NELSON ECONOiVTST  5  I I  f-  i  ���_^.  itu  Jt^l  ,ompany returned to the boteL This was not  . ]| however, for soon a commotion was heard  in the hall, and someone demanding to know  what had become of the concert. A member  of the company went down and found an old  farmer and his wife who had driven five miles  to be present'at the concert. They loudly in-  msted on its taking place, and eventually they  were shown into the coffee-room and the company went t trough the entire progaamme.  Some interost is being developed in the  forthcoming municipal contest. It is underwood that none of the present aldermen wiil  week re-election. The name of Chris. Morrison is?'mentioned in connection with the may-  orakv, his friends claiming that he is eminently qualified for tbeoflke and that he would  poll ii heavy vote.  K very thing considered, the production of  "Caste" by Nelson amateurs wa* very credit  able indeed. The second performance was a  great improvement over th* first, and left very  little room for unfavorable criticism. Generally-{leaking, the acting was fair, but there  was a tendency on the part of at least two of  the men to overdo their lines, and one of them  talked as if he were taking part in a school*  boys' dialogue. The acting of this one would  be very difficult ie describe. Otherwise the  production was above the average given by  amateurs..  found id the comedy, ����� Other People's  Money." And such a character to such a  man as "Hutchinson Hopper" is convenient  and useful. He is a man of ideas " who  knows a thing or two, and more to the point,  a man without scruples. "Hutchinson Hopper" made no mistake in "Painter P. Dean."  He is the beau ideal of a curbstone broker,  With an efficein his hat and his conscience in  his shoes, where it is easy to kick off. His  ideas, successes and fiascos cut quite and important figure in "O.her People's Money," in  in which Miss May Sargent will display her  consummate art and stylish gowns at the Nel-  eon Opera House next Monday night.  I  The mails are flooded with mining litora-  ture these days. Some of these circulars may  contain some of the elements of truth, but  others have all the.marks of the fakir. It is  this ?ort of thing almost as much as anything  else thaf has given the black eye to British  Columbia mfninginvestments. One fellow ie  now advertising prizes for the best essay on  the advantages of buying stock in bis com  pany. I know nothing of the merit of his  property, but it seems to me the method he  has taken to bring it before the public should  condemn it.  The Nelson Dramatic Society will give "The  Shnugiiratin"' in the  near  future.    This piece  will certainly make great demands ou the talents of tie organization, as its success will de*  pend wholly on a thorough knowledge of Irish  dialect by those taking part. Too often in  Houcicauli's [days some one is cast for a part  w.ho is not aware tbat in Ireland there are four  'listinct and well marked dialects��� Ulster,.  Minister, Lcinsfer and Con naught. It often  happens that an Englishmen with a strong  Cockney accent is given the part of "Con;"  dieu if tlore are any *elf-respecting Irishmen  111 tbe audience tlie performance is likely to  w'ind up in a riot, and no one will deny that  l}u' provocation is sufficient. In fact it is  0,dy men with Irish blood iu their veins who  1 ln (ll> full justice to the Irish dialect. The  M"'iety should try and secure T. J. Scanlan  f,,r,)ne of the parts. He is without one single  n{option the best amateur actor in British  Columbia.  I  If you want to be a leader in society,  Ti* be numbered in the  really swagger set,  Then of chances you   have* now a great  variety,  And to  Fashion you  may  promptly pay  3'ourdebt.  If you'd figure as a hostess of position,  And, as comic singers eay.jrou'd cut a dash.  Then the matter is as simple as addition,  You must merely have a pleritude of cash.  If you're not to vulgar in your show of riches,  You may hope to entertain  the Prince   of  /-:��� :vaa "WaleO  For money takes you flying o'er all ditches,  It's power the smartest noble gladly hails.  Though you made it in the coal  trade or   the  city,  It matters not where'er you got the trash,  Though you're neither good, nor elegant, nor  witty,  Y..it may join  the ewagge_r crowd  if you  haye cash.  "I  ^h'who gambles is either a knave or a fool.  l[lw wins ho takes other people's money  Milinui any equivalent ; if he lo es he gives  Ul'llis "��vn on the same terms. Tho broker on  tlH<,,,iM,'> hoard of trade" is the go-between  01 k,lllv,,iv and fools. To him tho world re*  Vo,v,'H around the wheat pit. You -always  u,,,u ,ll'w to find him. When you find him  ^(M| <jwa\\s know how to get rid of him.  j^11 ^'���'������'���raetorin the person  of "Painter P.  'l'i,l|,,llv% and such a character  ie   to he  The Minister of Militia has decided to have  one man from each military district to take a  three months' gymnastic course at the Royal  Military College to qualify as gymnastic instructor for the troops of the district.  There are signs of progress on every hand.  An Bngliflh paper declare, "every observation  seems to indicate that tbe day of the typewriter is dawning, if it has not already appeared." "A* an instance," it proceeds we  lotioe that several Broifl at Mold have lately  ohu,���e,ia typewrite," Fancy that I What  stnpcndouB onterprlael   Juat think  of   this  '   Ml  .     ^-"J^iTfiw^fjip^jp^^ T"Tii     ;  ,7:A fy,.'T"   i      A"  AA^ 'i."'' 'fl"'!'''  ''"    w ���  ���    ;:  !>"-''   i�� ���"���   f'  A^UHHwM+'-f'.H*1*"  .,i       ��'  - -^yy 'f.r*"T-rp'V\  ���,�� ��� it'  proof of the Sons of St. George to keep abreast  of the times.  For the fourth year in succession a football  team from the scnooi of science tons won the  Mulock cup at Varsity.  Hon. Mr. Harty says the Canadian Locomotive Works Co. foresaw the building of the  transcontinental lines and made purchases of  lands about its works, so that when business  warranted it could, extend and turn out an  engine a day.  Influenza caused twenty-three deaths last  week iu London, Eng.  Business in Nelson  is at least  up  to the  average ia volume for this season of the year.  Tae Legislature of British Columbia is just  what the people ordered. If more care were  taken in the selection of representatives, the  Legislature might be capable of giving ihe  country beneficial legislation, instead of making th* Province tne laughing-stock of the  whole civilized world.  T. W. Patterson will in all probability win  the ��eat in North Victoria for the Opposition.  He is a railroad man, and, of course, a true  patriot. *���  Political cannibalism is rampant through-  out the Province. One tribe has been living  on the people for two years, and now the other  is on the war-path aud getting ready to boil  a hot-pot.  Patriots like Dick McBride and Bob Green  appear to have just about enough following  to keep them in opposition. It took Dick  one whole day to make up hio mind to refuse  Col. Prior's offer of a Cabinet position. If he  had been consistent he could have given his  answer in about thirty sjophds.  Fred. Irvine & Co. have, moved into their  new premises in the Burns block. This will  give this firm the best store in the Kootenays  and the most extensive dry goods exclusively establishment perhaps in British  Columbia. The lower floor is devoted to dry  goods and millinery while the upper floor has  been converted into a neat and attractive carpet department. In every respect the establishment of Fred. Irune & Co. is modern and  up-to-date, and anything that can be found in  a first-class store in Canada can be purchased  here. In the new premises the company will  be even in a better position than in the post to  supply the wants of their customers.  .,    ,,jv, y    I,   I,      '_     fjjjt,  ,.J ��� \;   <;,.".].  y\  ���'- ZA  , i , ,i '���l  A  i  i  i  '   I    '1  fit   !  1      '  ���    *    is  I')  * >l   <    <  Mil' i  '/���fl   ': ft.  8  THE  >    f  I IK P   ECONOMIST  Worked in Garrets.  /  T has been well said that happinoss consists almost entirely in the constitution  of one's habits, and that the statement contains a very large measure of truth no thinking man or woman will venture to deny.  Which of u�� does not know some one or other  among his or her circle of friends who is unhappy solely from sheer and stupid habit?  Individual cases where persons are unhappy  because they have got into the way���the habit  ���of being gloomy are as common as donkeys  with long ears. Just as common, indeed, as  opposite case*=, where men and women are  happy for no other real reason than that it is  their habit to be happy. Such cases are the  following, cases where great men have been  happy from habit, even in garrets.  Emile Zola, the great   French   novelist and  essayist, allowed   the   whole   world   to know  through the pages   of   the   Journal    des.Gon-  courty that some of the  happiest  days of   his  notable life were tho?e   spent  long ago, away  back   in   his    youth,   in   a  Parisian    garret.  There he lived   and   worked  on   the   seventh  floor, in downright Grub Street fashion.    For  i  view from   his  high   little   window there was  nothing except the roofs of other poor bouses  and the smoke and  grime  that one might ex-   ���  pectin such circumstances.   There he worked,  surrounded by only  the bits of furniture that  were absolutely necessan* to existence.  He had not always in his possession the  small sum necessary t** buy a candle that  would enable him to continue hisJanur on bib ;  epic poem, entitled "Genesis, Humanity and  the, Future," through the darkness of the  night, yet he dares to ri.-k ridicule and all  else by stating that he was supremely happy  amidst all the hardships and privations of  those early days !  Mr. Anthony Hope, one%of the most gifted  and famous among modern British authors,  the writer of the lk Dolly Dialogues" and several successful plays, occupied until a year or  so ago a high room, which hi** friends railed a  garret. It was situated in Buckingham  street, off the Strand, London, and ihere he  did the great bulk of "the wiiting that has  gone out into the world to cheer those, anion*'  others, who lounge iu the easy chairs of cosy  drawing-rooms.  It must not be imagined that Mr. Hope  worked where he did from reasons associated  with economy. This is far from the case, as  a glance at the list of donations and subscriptions he regularly makes on behalf of less successful brothers and sisters amply prove. The  undpubted reason for his garret quarters was  his happiness in being there ; bis sense of  being just where he wills ; his superstition, so  to speak of being in a place where that rare inspiration of his knows where to find him,  The late Robert Buchanan informed u., in  his eloquent way, of ids first days in London  with the poet Gray, spent in a garret in the  neighborhood of Stounford Si reel, To be sure,  they sought   cheap lodgings, and that  is  why  0��  they were content with a garret. At first, when  full of hope and confidence, they knew a happiness that only comes to a few.      The garret  was the silent witness of that great joy experienced only by the craftsman who is conscious  of a creative  spirit, and   Buchanan, when   he  arrived   at   comparative   wealth, looked  back  upon the almost overpowering delight that was  ins for a time during  the days spent in Stamford Street.  The dark ending of Gray's young life, was of  course, freth in   Buchanan's  thoughts till the  las-t, yet just as tre>h was the memory of their  winged eestaey; the enthusiasm of their walking hours in the  garret burnt   his soul   whenever he looked back and again pictured himself  there   with his   poet-companion   anxious and ���  j   ready to conquer the world of letters.  J       The    world-famous   poem, " The   Farmer's  Boy," by Robert Bloomfield, was written in a  garret.    The admirers of this English poet are  aware that he began his labors in the literary  Held in a garret in Fisher's court and later in   :  another garret in   Blue Hart court, which are  !  both in the locality of Coleman Street, within   *  five minute*' walking distance of   the Manor  House.    Besides writing 'The Farmers Bovn  he wrote his well-known ''Autumn" as well as   i  "Winter'Mn the garret in Blue Hart Court.  It is related that when the great Goldsmith  began  his literary work he rented a miserable  room, with   next  to   no  furniture iu   it, in   a   .  part of the Old Bailey known in those distant   l  days as Green Arbor Court.    Subsequently he   .  went to the historic apartment   in which the  celebrated Dr. Johnson   so   unexpectedly  (lis-   ;  covered the immortal ''Vicar of Wakefield.51       \  Dr' Johnson himself might well .sympathize,  with    Goldsmith,   for    it   is   known   that   he  worked in most humble circumstances within   ���  tumbledown lodgings in Exeter Street, Strand.  He has   published the fact that he udined for   ���  the   .inn of  eightpence at the Pine   Apple, in  New street, fast by."     In those days food was  very different   in price   from what   it is   now,  aud it would be quite safe to say that an eight-   ;  penny meal would   mean   not a fraction   more  than,what is to-dav purchasable for half that  linn re.  ietic sports.    When   the prizes had been ore  sented there were loud  cheers   for the lad J of  the mansion and for her  eldest  son, and'th,  record of the day states that -this youn-gen  tieman, who bears   a   marked   resemblance to  his late and  much   respected father, returned  thanks  for himself   and   mother  in  a  J  manly way/'    This wa, the first  appearance  of the Prime Minister in public.  SHORT STORIES  ^ It is not generally known that the German  Kmpress is a sculptor and painter of more than  usual ability. In her husband's study at Potsdam there is a most life-like portrait bust of  the Emperor in bronze, while several of the  young princes have also been reproduced in  marble. Many sketches and paintings by the  Empress adorn the walls of tlie various palaces.  On August 18th, 1800, when the future Pro-  mi* r of Great Britain was twelve years old  Lady Blanche Balfour gave an open  air entertainment to her tenants and  working people-, at U'hittinghame. Over five  hundred people a sembletl to   watch tho  ath-  A >tory i.   told   which,   if  quile   verac,  aptl.v   , h.strate,   the enthusiastic   devotion'  which Gnniille Saint-Saens-   the well   known  Jrench composer, displays when absorbed in  musical composition.    He was asked to  p|'v  at a home party in Pari*, and consented to ii.  ����.    Seated   at   the  piano,   he  extemporized  bnH.amly for two hours.    Tbe guests by _,������  were   beginning to  retire,   but the composer  went on   playing     At   midnight   the   hosier  retired, and the host, later on, approached the  pianist and suggested   that  he  was fatigued  " Not in the least."   replied   Saint-Saens,'and  struck into a new improvisation  with  more  ardor than *ver.  lb  ill  The following amusing story is related of  tha Maharajah of Bhartpnr. He once visited  the store of ��������� merchant in Agra who had  a number of old wire dish covers for which he  could get no sunt. The Maharajah stepped u  to the dish-covers and asked for what the}  were n*ed>  *'Oh," said the mendacious merchant,  thee�� are the new helmet* which the Emperor  uses for hi.-4 household guards !"  The Maharaja!) immediately bought the entire consignment, and all Agra were startled  next day to s��-e the Maharajah** bodyguard  trotting alongside his carriage with the*e  wire dish-covers on their heads.  A good story ha* recently been revived of a  once-famous publisher. He wa��- a man well  acquainted with general literature, audit wa*  often said of him that he never failed lo name  the author of any given passage. A would-be  wil, thinking to have a little fun at this gentleman's expense, told his friends at a dinnerparty, before the said publisher's arrival, that  he had himself written somo verses in imitation of Southey, and that he intended to puzzle old F vvith the question of their authorship,  Accordingly later in tho evening, the wag  quoted his lines, and, turning to Mr, .F���-���-"���>  he said, " I am sure they are Southey's, from  their style, but I cannot tell where they occur.    Of course, you can tell as ?"  "I cannot say I remember   them/'  replied  Mr. F , "but there are only two periods in  Hon they'h  life   when   he  could have written  them,*'  "When wore these ?" asked   the joker, with  a wink at his friends,  "Fither in his infancy  or his dotage I" wn��  thoquiot reply.  m  m  M*  >.   N  (,,l'f��inl]  '.".Sn  ^in ho  >��.i  in*  If,  Us t  A,l:f'"  'V7**J(<-��w,�������w,.)^  PS.. t    1  THB NELSON ECONOfcUST  J. ���  t the Conductor S&eft ��a A@f@l,  giiu��r running over the Fan.  ranch of tho Santa Fe is some*  Hi-hat superstitious   and    believes   'fa  jt.armn��s-  j One night ho was rolling" along at ��  .good rate of speed, when he saw a clear,  shite light,   like   a  will-o'-the-wisp,  dancing around just over the track a few  hundred feet in front of bim.     He sbnc  $ steam aud came to a stop as quickly  a he could.    The conductor and train  crevr camo running  np to the eagiue id  ?-1pee whar was the matter.  L-.   "Xhere i* some  one swinging a laa��  fc'Olsm across tho  track, "said  the en*  jrXlpncer, and tlie crew went ahead to ia.  ��Af. estimate.  |Sd| "Wocan't find any one," reported  f^the rear brakoman, and the engineer'.-.!  fe|?nlled out again, hut ho went dowly,  g^irtd in a few minutes he stopped again. ]  Jg^Thecrew went ahead once more to seVJ  IS^joat was the rauKO of the light* Th* 1  jcoaductor, who was a good shot, draw his I  {revolver and.at the second shot he made J  fit the mysterious light there was a crash,  lift-ream and rho light went ont and  leamtnhing whito came flattering dowa  Ifrom the cloud*.  The super* t i t ion* engineer was scared.  ['���You've shot an angel, mire,M he said  [to the conductor, with his face pale as  [death.  Investigation brought ont the tact  jthat a small-hoy with a lantern tied to  lite tail of his kite wan  the cutise of i$  ��� ��  Dealers in  joasfei  and Coffee  Ki5S����f^^^ Pric*�� the best1  Tea*. lori��Indlu,China and Japan]  Our Um Mocha and Java Coffee per  pound ,v  J rife it  *9  Also  a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  tea, per p/uind.  &..f&.  iOHCITED.  COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177,  P. O. Box 182.  WEST    8JUER   STREET,    KELSON  csmrincATE of impfsovE&EfiTs.  Jill but it teas** the engineer to miy ��uy-  pi!'.g about  ,v>ht>oting ang^i**,"���T&��  |peka State Journal.  n \rou  9*m    and  *'Grey   Ivi��|e*'    Mineral  < CiiVr^m'iV.mr mPthV w<* W** ��* Sandy  ��,**,l0(,wl ��>ur ml it** from Nelson  ! Vri&S W11* '���  '���'"'"^To'Relllv.oii  Aet**on, B. Can agent f..r r   smvnv   fcw  Min��r;* eenUWe  N... 1171/212. InftnS'i^K  ��!l��a*r,l?7?pll*r r"r wiWcHtesoTm prove*  meat*, for the purpose or obtainInir Crowii  1 grant*"fineab/*ve Hnims     um,,,ink <-roi��n  l��-^���^rh*ruk? "olieo thtttaction, tinder  J f.**!!.'!.11..:?7: mu*1lH}. winmoiwd   before  the  Qorrr Funeral  M!��taJt���� I* &��aSt������  There have been (<ome queer mistakes  Mo of oil kinds, bt>fc  tliiu  t�� one of  the most unimnil   *����,#*   ��., *    _���    ,,       ,    I "*^*��*���� *��#. uuw. m. commenced   before  the  L�����    um,*u;"  a��a   undesirable, al*   H?!��*>*r ��VSMch^r^  pongh no real harm was done* A man.        nrtlwl ��h��r^ndday of October. isS?      c     *  ktiino promiucnt   in profe��niot*ni Ito * K��a*ci* J.O'Rmlly.  fifth  c��i��..      >'      1 ��--.'. ^�����WIMW   J HO    5   ����������**�� ���-��_ ,~~.��.    "  f^ no. died. ��� He- wan a-member of f '  r ^^ntnt,vc8 to the tuuml Th.  ^i r'r o    ^'^^Knuization were uoti  ����*VYitl\ot  ��^*r fellow������i-  r^p^al,,:nlH w,it out by the see-  l��wci(|,hver,dat iht, late re��idcnco of"  NhHown,n!M% il.,vitlll�� W�� to at-  I*"�� in* o�� 11 outlaid,,  ^Narim-ijieatwai,.!! anything,  fkd and h rI 7  ��f  ��� ��c��t aooldQr-.  thu     h    inuuiucl place of the  H,hj <�� ^hedoad man, directed  Linn( l ^taryof the organic  kin to th l(,nTsod 8et�� of poHtal  ^Mn   l1!"11^ IU  h*��loi��iw.  w.        n  ;r rhod, a wt  of  the ad-  h0 H '   s   "'����� neut  to the printer.  ��"��H.r ' ,!UII,I��  of  thedeceaKiH  *,h,r��MliiTl, back-with  the other  ^���rotarv  ''it 11  <Mh  *pJtm by Jns 0Wn  ^uucL���Portiaiii  I CERTIFICATE OF ftftPROVEMENTS.  * - �� ��1 XiOU* ^'"^^'^'''^^^"ti.lntheNe^  * 1?|J|      '        l,lv,Mr>fl of u'e81 Kootenay Di��-  I    \V*lit rv locnted :  On ea^i slotie or 4fi Creek  j Tako notlee that I. R <!' ��m.,i/ actine  a^.tteiu for ,\�� on H. Kelly. Free Miners  J ..Cttrtlftaite No;ii6l^i. hiUmd;��ixf.v dav"iviun  I the date hereof 'to anp.lv. ta: the Mlnfni? Re-  e rder r�� r a IVrtine tie of improvement! for  Uhj purpose of olitahvliiKa Crown urant, of  th��*abov��re��alin,  A ��ol farther take not lee that action, under  ���MTtirtu :��7, iniiHt he eotntnen^d before the  ivMinn eotw^eh*!eriirtwrteof Int|.ruvements  Dated th Ui fourteenth day of November, 1902  ������������)���:   V.C (iHKKX,   ���  NelHon, IM).  f' 'yi- yyAaa/A'lZZjyyyy'gZ&An BS-Z ������  WS^yi^  ^VoW,^'.W^*-.:^i  Aoj-A:t A^Jif #i|pS =f  ���: b; A!o;;/,. ^:V-^' ^v ��� ^ - -^^���V.'l^fe"*'  W-  mi  57va;S5s  SS  ��  ���&l  m  ���    **i,*ijl��I,HA>i|il�� ^  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVED ��� NTS.  u> .  j    tl. Weni (KrjMtlonnl) Mineral Chi��in,8ltnnle  In the NelKon Mining Division or West Koo-  tenay Dtatrlet.  Wheni loeated: On T<��ad Mountain.  Titke notice thnt T, P. (X Green, acting n��  iment. for Aaron It, Kelly, Kn��e Mhier'K Certl-  rteato    No.     Ilftl/tfl.    Intond,   mlxty   days  I from    tho   date   hereof, to 'apply   to   tho  Mining     Heeorder    for    a   Certltleato   of  ImprovementM. for  the purpose of obtain*  Ingi�� Crown (Irani of thoubovoclaim.              And further take notlee Mint actum, undor  hHitu>   Sn whdtn *Um.   aellon M* iniiNi he eoinmeneed before the in-1  ���  wu ^.uun tne   Wu��ineoofKuehCertificateoflmnrovementa.  ������'  '    Ihtted thin fourteent It day of November, 1902  P. C (illtKRN,  NelHon, II.C,  JOHN :M^^&��  -Dominidfi and  AA..vPfoviiicial ^  Land Surveyor  Op.CustomsHouseiNeisrriB C.  ''Ay/A'A:/ A  �� ' *  Sensible Pcopl�� travel by the C. P. ft.  7A::7A\yyy.  .v..^i<xi..^...!..^.:_ii.\.  v7v;.jH)iv>.l,*,ya^v;,  ':<4;  >>���?,.;.  ���ffj^^iA-lJl  iv*  '���I'-t'-J'f '",ri  _f-S--.fl ���  ���  :!��������{-Ma-'*  'm7m':/A\a^a  u,rv <lied In ���  "'��'" tn��  at i!���   t! J ;;;n,��  to ����o  print*-  (1(1 .       (> man wm mut one im|.  ,.1 .,,   f  In p���U* ";���"��" '����������� ��-k^  l'a,ll 1111(1  i!i,!",ftnM '�������  v'10. ),....���;,"  Jl,"''�� In  all  "K   th)  fill j,  rfiloi  l��ett  niakos ltd owb  "iMVil}  family  ;;; !;''^<1 eantiot beaten  1 Mt nt tho appropriate  1   own wanning,  Kent to women  Kloileo To Dellnqucm* Co-Owncr<B  To Thomas Hennett, Albert Hennett, Maggie  Louise PennelI, flworge A. Hunter, James  llourlcctnnd every other pei*Nonw or ikhwiiim  hnvhm or claiming nnv InteroNt. Intho^Oa-  Icna" Mineral (Malm Hltuute about h\k mlleM  WADDS BROS.  H0T0GRAPH ERS.  . ^ ��� ������ ���' ,. 'i'-i  Vancouver mnd Kelion  BaCfER STREET,...'NELSON,' 0. C  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.  To John.Korc.rOHK, or tjo anjfc person or per-  1 he may have transferred IiIh  I      Sm�� 6m�� .ta^  AFETY  -'���V',717  ,n��^,,|Uftll ,l     l!1111L,le<'^ which mn  > a (  If,  flip  lis  in a  l*tt by  n  Hul  ''"in,,,  ii'  'I an  Nil  III  ��r>  ������y family,  -"���*  *���#  ".'""^'vortlblofaett  "ll .e,.,.,;1* ;Vl;K.t��iel.mliyHtar��  "���llliy,,,       */uvt��<'^ of wlmloift.  )ix/ *    oomothiiuar  l.v  .1; M', M��IjA1��KN,  HV hlH AMorney, It. M. Macdonald.  Mated Main nth nay ol Mceember,1002.  Mineral Act, 11100.'  John 11 lUxTiim,  M AltO ASSIST   NKWITT.  Dated'thta Wth day of July, 1002.  ThoEafttand West aroalmoat one whon Uia  moans of transit is the C. p. kT A fflanoe at  ofUi?Bft?cL,:^e<. Ume Ulbl�� WUI-.^nvlnoeyott  Leave N e I so n 5 a. m.,  Arrive Winnipeg 2nd day 8:50 a.m.  ^ vo gf^awi ����d day (&0 p.m.  Arr vo Oh icago 8rd day 9:30 a.m.  ^ vo Toroiilo ?thtday 2:# nlm.  Arrive Montreal 4th day 6:40 p.m.  Arrive New York 6th day 8.65 aim  Close Connections for All Eastern Points.       '  Th�� Mplondldly equipped 'tourist cars of MiIh  company leave for the km tw foSlowa:  Furthor Information a�� towbvthoC P ��� Ti  m^wnVVr!' d?��ln^lo route aerofe tho wnttn:"  tion to     �� cheerfully Aiinlnhed on applied  I ?!#;����  La ' \l]  vl; i''<  .if ^ >' ��  j,  ��� i ,*" >.  j m i '*  ;*(-���  4 fl ) I"1,  i "i,  '���%i  -.A  3)  ?  ���W     7  '���i'l\  ov  :rs..  I  J. B. OAItTElt,  Dlfit.PatiH. Af?t.,  Nolson.  '  K. J. COYJUIB,  a. a, p. a.  Vaiscouvor  r  1    '  i  !,  i  j  i�� ���< -  h*4     l  B  >1f>1        '   1  ,  V�� i  i ifi .     i-  r 1    !  1  {    < Nl      -1  ��!.<{  'f  Ii  II    ii  i  r*i+.  '"*^��*^.  i-t ���. / Jc , ^ F-v^'i^^^^^n'r^-r^^  ���i',  <'      (,I'V (   A,  i��s,  (I  V  ��l  Mt"  ...ifai.!1.  ;.��  y fi.   HttHf  l!  :    j  f        I    1*  t Jl)*.   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