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The Economist Oct 10, 1903

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Array l'n  }' -ft  "fe  l3  P/ynryy^yt^c/P-  ^ . --'?y '���*%��  ,5fcd  yt>?  VOLUME VII.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 19C3.  NUMBER 18  M  usic and JLJrama  D  Last winter Jacques Tbibaud purchased at tbe phenominal price of 55,-  000 francs, oue of the best known Strcul-  ivarius violins, the one belonging to  Baillot, tbe head of the E'reneh school  of violinists.  Lady Bancroft has written a one-  act play, to which the name'' " A  "bream" has beeu given. Mrs. Patrick  Campbell has secured the rights of it.  and will produce it at Liverpool on the  same, night "that " Undine," a new  piece by Mr. W. L. Courtney, is played.  "Baroness Cederstrom (Mine. Patti)  says lhat her American tour is for  sixty concerts guaranteed and another  ten after those if she likes to accept  them. .The. rate of remuneration is  ��1,000 a concert, with the cost of traveling by sea and rail for her whole party  for the whole tour added thereto.  Cecelia Loftus says that Sir^Henry  Irving is one of .the kindest aud most  courteous men lo play with that she  over met. " But," she adds, "he is con  fusing sometimes by his side remarks  on the stage. "Under his breath he is  constantly making jokes when the play  is going to suit him, and wheu it is not  he talks sit you to correct you.  Manager Annable announces several  attractions at the Opera House for next  month. Amongst others will be tho  Clara Mathes company, whose visits to  Nelson are always looked forward to  with so much iuterest. Harold Nelson  will also appear here early in the  month. Mr. Nelson has added "Quo  Vadts" to his repertoire, and promises  a splendid production of that great  drama. There will be many other  attractions later on in the season.  TICAL GOSSIP  Playgoers will be glad to learn that  Mr. Ban Leno's health has much improved. Despite his present satisfactory condition, however, we understand that he will not appear at any  variety theatre this season, but there is  every probability that he will take part  in Mr. Arthur Collins' pantomime at  Drury Lane, in which he will play the  title-role, that of Humpty Dumpty.  e.ws of the  ines  That Poplar Creek is destined to become a permanent mining town is absolutely certain. '--Although the new  camp is only two or tluee monthsold;'  it has now quite"a nuuibdf'of hoMseU,'  and-within a lew weeks will have a  newspaper, the publisher being Mr. 11.  T. Lowery, of the New Denver Ledge.  This will give 'the outside world some  idea of the iuterest that is taken in the  new raining district. A short time ago  there were about a thousand men' in  the hills in tbe neighborhood of the  camp, and when spring opens up the  number will be increased \o several  thousand. A party of Dulutheapital-  ists visited Poplar this week looking  for investments.    It is stated that the  -7 - -  Silver King mine is realizing the expectationsofMr.Dav-ys./ U udoubtedly the  coming season will be the greatest in  the history of mining in British Col-  urnbhu ���������   .  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Phoenix Pioneer.  While corrected details are not yet  out for September ore shipments from  Boundary mines, they doubtless show  the largejt month in the shipping history of the camp.  of the Snowshoe Gold and Copper  Mines. Ltd., is -expected to arrive at  the mine"' some time next week. * Mr.  A. J. McMillan", the managing director,  who"came over from London with Mr.  Watcrlow, has arrived in Ro3slnnd,  and will also shortly be here. Supt.  Astley met Mr. McMillan at Revelstoke  Thursday, and accomjiaied him to  Rossland, where also Mrs* Astley went  on Thursday's train. Mr. Waterlow is  now iit the coast.  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  -  Slocan Drill.  .   The Rambler has 100 men on its payroll        o  Slocau pre shipments are in excess of  Six Wilfley tables are being installed  at the Payne concentrator.  Ore shipments from the .Sandon  mines last week amounted to 62 tons.  Jack Beauchesne returned yesterday  to the Alberta to continue development work.  Jos. Hamelin. representing tho Arlington company, litis restaked tlie  Silver-Lett f claim, adjoining the Arlington mine on the south, it having  run out. .The claim lias the Arlington  lead running through it,and was for-  Thc Sunset- Smelter, at Boundary  Falls, had to bank one of its furnaces  merly owned by   Geo. Long and Nat  for a short time last week, on account Tucker.  ofthe lack of power on the C. P. It." to  get coke through.  Three properties figure iu   the shipping list for   the  week, combining to  About325 men are now on the pay send out 25 tons in nil. The Cripple  roll of the Granby ki in ess, and close to Stick, a new shipper from the division,  ���a hundred...each are employed by tlie sent out two tons to Nelson. TheAl-  ' Snowshoe aud Mother' Lode.   All the' berta appeared for the first time this  i';(  }.  �����'���1  mines of the Boundary are still gmdu-  ally increasing the forces.  It is .understood tliat the people who  recently took hold of the Volcano, on  the North Fork of the Kettle ILiver, on  a basis of over ��100,030, are much  pleased by the tests they have made.  The property has been worked fur years  by It. A. Brown, the locator.  It may be three or four weeks yet  before the Granby smelter will be enabled to blow in the two njnv furnaces  ���Nos. 5.and 6���lhat are now ready for  operations with the excejiimi -of the  two slag hauling locomotives, -'which  have been shipped from the manufacturers.  ,. George S.  Waterlow, vice-cha irn ian  year with three tons, it aho going to  Nelson. The remaining 20 tons came  from lhe Enterprise ami was sent to  Trail.' To time the bhipuients total DT9  tons.  The Economist has never pressed its claim's to  the distinction'of being regarded a prophet, but it  must be confessed, even by Aid. Irving, tbat this paper guaged the situation faiily -well last -week when it  expressed the belief that the parties would be so  evenly divided as to render a coalition necessary;  otherwise one or other of the parties would be at the  mercy of the Socialists. The Conservatives have  undoubtedly, the advantage of the Liberals in the re-  turns, the figures being : Conservatives, 22;'Liber-  rals, 18 ; Socialists, 2. Should it happen that, the  recount in Fernie would give that seat to the Liberal, the Conservatives would then control only'ihalf  the House, and in a minority when a Speaker-was  elected. Some of the more sanguine Conservatives  express the hope th at ~Mr. McBride" will succeed in  forming a combination with either the Liberals or the  Socialists, so: that when tbe House meets he will be  able to carry on business. To this idea the Liberals  are opposed. They say the Conservatives have had  their chance and not being able to make good should  throw up the sponge. The people who are uot  strong on ptrty would like seme solution of-the  problem that would obviate Hie necessity of-another  election. How that can. be accomplished with credit  to all parties is rather difficult 1o make out.  dropped by the wayside, but not John Houston. He  kept on sawing wocd, to use his favorite expression,  and with his band of faithful followers, succeeded in  not only saving himself from defeat, but winning by  a handsome majority. No matter how unreservedly  one may condemn his methods, it cannot be denied  that there is something admirable in the grit and  generalship he displayed under the circumstances.  A week previous to tbe election he saw defeat staring  him in the face. His committees were working in a  half-hearted way, parading the streets with funereal  expressions on their faces and accepting defeat as  the logical outcome of their canvass. Mr. Houston  stopped his campaign sheet and took hold of the  work himself vvith the result which was recorded last  Saturda3r. There is a lesson in this if his opponents  only take it heart. So far as this paper is concerned,  it opposed John Houston before his election, it is opposed to him now and will remain in opposition to  him to the end, but it cannot help admiring his ab-  no Ttnally developed nerve, and no confidence is violated in admitting that many of his most uncompromising opponents feel the same way about it. Mr.  Taylor, on the other hand, was too confident. He  did not seem to realize that in Nelson there are a  large number of Liberals who place friendship for  John Houston above party considerations.  L  p,  ocal and  provincial  Rev. R. Boyle, Ashcroft, has accepted  a call to the Presbyterian Church at  Ladysmitli.  Many strange things happened in the recent elections. Conservative Victoria broke away from her  former allegiance and elected four Liberals. Among  the Conservatives who were turned dowu wereHon.  A. E. McPhillips, ex-Mayor Hay-ward, and Harry j  Helmcken,, who   was supposed to  be  invin-ibk- in  -   . -   I. - .  -   - - <a< I  this once'Tory stronghold.    Local issues no doubt  conspired to overthrow the"= Conservative candidates  for.-Victoria.    Equally extraordinary was the result  at Vancouver,    There  five   Conservatives   were returned with majorities so large  as- to'even  surprise"  the  men who were elected.    Even   Joseph  Martin  went   down iu  the   storm  of Conservative ballots."-  There were surprises in other places as well    No onej  surmised that Cariboo would   prove  recreant to her  time-honored traditions, but she did,  vvith the result'  that Messrs. Rogers and Adams were beaten by two  men who had not been: heard of before in provincial  matters.    The defeat of J.   M. Kellie in Revelstoke  -YVasj* uprise toLtheLiberal^,_,who believed that the  ,"    """     ��� .     i  silver-tongued orator of the  Kootenay  was a sure  winner.  - Kay'lo  Kootciutian.  The MiniiesDta Silver O mpany of  Sandon have let a "contract to B. C.  I.iblet to build a tramway. :  At the 'Berlin tiiere m a f.Jiee of  twenty nien. Ore id. bring taken out  steadily, ami the leads are'showing  "every indication of pennaiiem-y.  Thi' Silver Crown on G.rcit Mountain  in t!.e(JLunh-an, ovnid by Geo. J��hi<-  Him ami II. IVirier, lias .been the scene  of 'eisli'uwvo. dcvelopiiit nt this -'summer.  But one ofthe greatest surprises to the Lfberals,  and inany Conservatives, was the election of John  Houston in Nelson. Three days before the election  many of Mr. Houston's friends practically conceded  his defeat, but-some mysterious influence in the  forty-eight eight hours preceding the election turned  the tide in favor of Mr. Houston. The Economist  has no explanation to offer for this change, and does  not believe that it would be perforating a public service by giving the views of.others on this point. Certainly Mr. Houston fully justified tbe claim so often  and so persistently put fprtb "by himself and his  Iriends that he is first, last and all the time a "practical politician." .Inasmuch as this paper would have  to acknowledge defeat in the event of the election  of either candidate, it is not going to play the.'role of  the cad by attempting to detract from the glory of  John Houston's victory. Tills must not be taken to  mean that Thk Economist ls prepared to medify its  views with regard to Mr. Houston's methods ;-if is  simply a tribute to the genius of the man who when  he .wants ai^thing never ceases until lie has accomplished bis object. John Houston fought the most  disheartening battle of any 'man before the people in  the recent election. Confronted wiih a split in the  part3" for which he was running, handicapped by the  weight of a man who had proved false to the trust  reposed in him as president nf the Liberal Conservative Association of Nelson,'and having as his opponent a man who was his superior on the platform, Mr.  Houston never flagged in his determination' to win  the  election.    Most   ineii would have  faltered and  Of all the candidates who went down to defeat in  Saturday's election perhaps none accepted the situation more philosophically than Hon. A. E. McPhil-  lipps, the attorney:general. According to a coast paper, when...interviewed regarding the result,- he said,  that if wasbutolie ofthe fortunes-6fVar,*"and~ that he  was by 110 means loath to,drop-,out of politics and to  devote his attention to his practice, which had suffered much because of the time occupied in his legislative duties. He regretted that the results had not  been more definite, so that one party or the other  vmight carry on efficiently instead of perpetuating the  -���unsatisfactory condition of things which have  hitherto prevailed.  A. As far as tbe two Socialist members are concerned,  it is reported in "Victoria that they have informed the  Premier they will not vote to defeat the Government.  -Ifa vote of want ofconfidence is introduced, it is un-  A letter received from Mount Sicker  says that the "Richard III. never looked  better. Each day the prospects are  looking better, and the mine gives excellent promise of soon becoming a  nipper. In the Tyee and Lenora new  strikes have been made. In the Len-  ora's workings ore has been struck  which gives the following values : One  ounce gold, 40 ounces silver and f33  copper.  the buckets, which, though their capacity is less than the buckets used ' on  tlie cobbledick  dredge, will work to.,-..;  better advantage and and be more lost--..  ing.���Ashcroft JournaL. -   ''" ,  Mr. Turner, manager of the Fraser  River Gold Dredging Co., who   are  about to commence the construction of  another gold dredge at Lytton, and Mr.  Autill, an .employee of the company,  was in Ashcroft on business in connection with  the machinery.    This machinery was made in  England from  plans, of Mr. Turner, and has  many  improvements   over   the   cobbledick  dredge.   One marked improvement is  the arrangement of  its  gold saving  tables, and another tbe construction of  A report comes from London that the;  English Canadian Company Ltd:; has. '���  gone $125,000 behind the ') game. "���  The company took up British Columt- /  bia business in the days of the mining ���-'  boom. Borne time ago it passed into ,~  the hands of the official receiver, who.-!;,  has just reported 011 it. . The company.-, *;  was registered in British Columbia in."--:  1898. The official receiver says its'j*  books were irregularly kept and did "-  not disclose all of its flnanaial trans- '���  actions. The unsecured debts are at;  least $125,000 and there are no available ,  assets ; the official receiver, indeed, ;  says the accounts disclose a deficiency .  of over $134,000. " :    A'-'/  The Victoria Minlsteral Association  is strongly in favor of the erection-of a.  Provincial sanitorium lor consumptives  and will aid to the movement by all  means in its power.  Jtyvents and Vjrossip  derstood that Hawthornth'waite and Williams, the Socialist members-elect, will either vote with the Government or absent themselves from the legislative  Chamber.  The appointment of Hon. Charles E. Pooley to the  office of attorney-general, came in the nature of a  surprise to uprcountry.people. It was believed Hon.  Charles Wilson would succeed to the office made vacant by the defeat of Mr. "McPhillips. Mr. P6olejr  has been solicitor for the Dtinsmuirs for 3 ears, and  his appointment wiil be taken as an indication that  the reconstructed government will uot be antagonistic to tbat interest.  The recount in the Fertile election case takes place  today before His Honor Judge Foriti at Fernie. Much  depends on the result of this recount. With Mr.  Ross safe in his seat, the Government can count a majority of two, over all; without the Fernie seat the  Government controls only hall" the House. W. A.  Macdonald. K. d; will watch the recount for Mr  Ross. '".-.���"���������'  The Revelstoke Herald expresses the belief that the  .Provincial Secretaryship will go to Tlios. Taylor, of  Revelstoke.  During ihe progresa of an election  contest Is tbe proper time to study.human nature. Tbe average man is of  more importance at this time than any  other, and wby ? Hasn't a wise government conferred upon bim a franchise that is quite as potent as the  franchise exercised by the richest and  most-influential man in tbe land. And  how many wise men yon meet at this  time, men vbo try to make it appear  that they are doing all the work for  their candidate, but not saying much  about it. They meet you with a  smirk and a smile, all at once start on  the run loafeing for an Invisible voter,  and come back again without having  seen the voter, but look ing just a3 wise  when they left you. There is one election -warker-iii="N"elson -who is-particu-  larly an object of interesting study  He stands on the street corner and  poses as the wisest man who ever took  part iu an election campaign. If you  are disposed to listen, be will tell you  how he won the election, and when  and how lie got in his fine work. This  man i.-r notoriously the most useless  worker in a campaign, yet he claims  ull tbe credit. He tells you ofthe  "ninii whicl" came to him and told  hiin so and so, and bow smoothly he  worked the A-ote for his candidate.  Everyone knows the person referred  to; he is only a type of the modern  wun! heeler. Tlie men who clttim to  have won tlie election for John Houston are numerous, but the men who  really did the business are not saying a  word uhouttt.  minie." The members of the local ma'  sical organization are well qualified to  give a satisfactory production, of thl��'  -delightful opera.. There ia-one'TOite In  it that Mr. Edgar Mason Bhould be  able to fill with httle practice. The production will probably take place the  week oefore Ohristma* '       I  An effort is being made by Manager  McLaughlin of the Nelson lacrosse  team to arrange a few matches with  the coast teams. If satisfactory arrange-  ments can be made the Nelson team  will make a trip to the coast within a  few weeks.  There has been a rumor on the streets  for several days tbat John Houston has  been taken into the Cabinet bb Commissioner of=H="Lands and-Works.���The-  statement probably originated from the  reckless statements of some indiscreet  followers   of   the    successful  candidate, who   have  been   telling   what  their champion  was going to do with  Mr.  McBride when  he reached the  coast.  It speaks well for the patriotism of the Conservative party that so many members are willing to  abandon the profits of -their various occupations  for seats, in the Cabinet;,  A.   S.   Gccdeve has   designs   c n t!ie Ymir seat.  Harty "Wright inay have something to say Just now.  The Tcrjtetichorean Club has been organized for the winter season.  At a luncheon given at Victoria in  honor of A rclibishop Orth and Mon  seigneur Sburetti, many publie motmt-  tended at ul spoke, including Governor  Jolyuiut Admiral Biclfonl, MayorMe-  (.*:��udlcs.s, Ctatouel Grant, Mr. A. 35.  Smith, 17. S Pi- .siil.jind Mr. Mcl'hil-  lips. All iuil��l tribute tn the religious  and social work of the.Roman Catholic  Church in tlie city and Province.  It will please many to learn that the  Nelson Operatic Society is considering  favorably the proposal to put 011 another open* at nn early date. 'The  piece selected for the next prx'uction  is the tuneful and  ever popular "Er-  From K*n��t* comes tha msm old story  that hau been enacted and. M-eaacted  every juooaedlng summar for fortjr-ii*  yeaMi���  July 6th���Hot�����tlll lott��r^-*K> nln���  corn   shooting���hot    whito���no  rain���  everything burning ap���graaa all gone-  howling    hoi    wtadv���00    rabt���Mrtb  cracking open���cattle starving���stock  ponds gont. dry���driving cattU six mltea  to    water���prairie*    rauljr    to   bu*n���  everything   gone���totter   aoA   Sxjm���  farmers cutting up corn���gbzaad* of the  cat-fish  In the  bottom   of tte Walnut  baked to a seal brown.  August let���Will lave to organise an  aid society���not "enou��"h. atuff ko the  country to winter a c&U.  8eptenAer 10th���Coin looks better���  it Uvea���haa a few nubbins���prairie gran  a ton to the acre���cattle Tolling fat,  September SOth���Two and three ears  of corn to the stalk���etep-Utdden to  pick tlie ears���thirty and forty And sixty  .Uushcla to the acre���money -wanted���to  buy cattle���to eat up 4.he tremendous  rorn erbp���stockmen con* to Colorado,  Texas, and New Mexico, hunting cattle  to feed. More corn���more grass���moro  cattle...: .        ���.  i  Tlianksgivinjf���Everybody wallowing In  ���wealth���more farms���tnoreu- Lund���more  pianos���more carriages���Atelier Louies ���  more girls and boys off to the colleges  ���more money to loan at-lowest rates  of interest, and there you luive it.^and  besides, it's all true���every word of at���  "M Dorado ItepuMican."  The most gifted of all women coot-,  posers was Clara. Schumann; yet shortly  before her marriage nke frankly - "wrote*  in her diary: "1 used to Udnk I had,  talont for creating, "but I have changed'  my mind. Women skotild not "wish to  compose; not one "hus ever succeeded.'  To suppose that I waa destined to be,,  an exception would be an arrogant a-*;  sumption, which I made formerly but  ���oly becous* my fitter proofed m*.*" THE NELSON ECONOMIST  The Economist  Jf ublislicd every Saturday afternoon ut  Vekson Stueet, Nkt.so;��. il. G.  Si.oo Per Year.in Advance  Advertising rates made known vn application.  Al! changes in ndvci-tlscncnts to insure  insertion tiliould vcacli tills ollieo not later  Um Thursday sit 12 o'clock.  Wl:en clia-iigc of uddret-s ls rctitilri'd, It is  deuirablc that, both Lhe old address und the  new be given.  Address all communications, "I'ttblislicr of  T;ek Nki-son- licoNoartsT. Nelson. 11. C."  ^mmmmm^  EDITORIAL  COMMENT.  A'il nisi bowiim de morlais.  "Death is relative.   A puMic man as  such dies when he retires  to private  life.    General clectious  in British Columbia nearly always entail tbe retirement   of  somo    whose   nasties   havo  gr m-n familiar to students of p'rovhi-  cijl politics,   but   the   campaign just  closed has in this respect gone beyond  any other.   On the government side  Hon. Messrs. TdePliillips find Goodeve,  D. M". Eberts and Harry   Ilelmeken  - have fallen, and among the opposition  -   Messrs. J. C.  Brown, Joseph Martin  and F. J. "Deane.  The loss of Messrs. "McPhillips and  Goodes'e is a serious one to the Cabinet and"<io the county. Doth .were  men of more than avercgo ability and  of known integrity. Mr. kit-Phillips  has been a member of the legislature  since 189S and has been noted..for,..bis  fluency and lucidity as a ��j>_���;*!����;;��� and,  bis keenness iu dsbalc as well as for  ability aud industry as a minister.  T>. M. Eberts has a lcjjUL��tive career  often years and has been a 1:1 umber of  many cabinets. H*n ability has never  been doubted but was rendered fruitless  to himself and the' provinco by an^ex-  cess of indolence hardly compatible  ���with tlie performance of public duties  or regard for personal-..obligations.  Hence the gradual alienation of friends  ' -which has resulted in final defeat. ���  Harry  Helmcken _ has also been a  member cf the legislature^..for' many  years and has been noted chiefly for ati  affable, genial disposition.    Ho will be  ' anissed   from   the  lobby rather   than  from debate.  J. C. Brown's was once a name to  charmvith on".the Lov/cr'--'Mainland,  ���when with Messrs. Cotton .-Sondi'ij, Kit-  chen and-Sword he suton the front-  bench of. the opposition to !.ho .Davie  government. He is a mini of ability  and integrity, but_his frequent change  of application in recent years has shaken tbe old confidence in hint and lie  ���as out of-politics-no w-probably=fij>iue.vciv  Mr. Deane sat in the legislature during'Lhe short but cvculful .regime of  Mr. Semlin and though not in tbe .Cabinet his ability was rfcuynizod und hia  Influence felt iu some uf the memorable  struggles of those days.  Joseph Martin seems to have closud  in Vancouver one of. the stormiest and  most'chequered   careers in Canadian  .political history. Unless Joe wi ite3 an  autobiography���and possibly not-cvc-i  in that case���sonic of his lightning  changes will probably novor be uudor-  j stood. Thirteen years uro he had a  share iu framing thu uotorious Manitoba School  Dill, after winning the  '- support of the Fren-j'.i coaslitueacies by  juetiio.ls which it is n >.v u-r.jajjstary  io diseu&s. He v��an prominent at Ottawa during the tense days of the lie-  xucdhd Bill of '90, was defeated in the  general election and in sj.'ie ��>f his  fctreuuoiiR services 110 seat could be  found fur him by nis katler although  33raudoti and SaskatL-hev.-un were immediately vacated. Then he became a  C.P. It. solicitor! Two years later he was,  a minister u. the Bemlin Cabinet, which  fell by his defection. liis relations  -with that party, with the Lieutanant-  Govcriior, his own short and ttiinul  tuous premiership, his alluttice with  Mr. IDuiismuir, his .support tif Col.  1'rior, are all too reecuL tt; liiieuss. Mr.  Martin will certainly be missed.he leiii  a piquancy to debate and a general elc-  aneutof the unexpected ; ly him almost  alone were due the bewildering shifL-  ings of the balance of power during  tbe last five years. We hardly (are  even now to predict eternal absence for  /oe.  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About 7 acres under cultivation  with strawberries and fruit trees. Irrigation Ditch. A good  income paying investment.  ->-.!.���>  IE.FERGUSON&OQ,  SOLE AGENTS  iDawson's Perfection Scotch?  anada Drug  and  Book Go's Stores.  rcrancial   ��7 ress  Grand Forlta Sun.  John IloustoiiJz'i'd 'Nelson, but  there!_will 'be a circus hi Victoria when  that plumed knight, riu��lie3"_witfi7tlie  laurels of* victory, 'deiiisiuds the reins of  government from McBrido und undertakes to Iloustonize that city. Go in,  John,and give us a good   entcrtain-  ISK'Ut.  This matter will be brought before the  secretary ofthe board, Mr. Gilbert.  ��� Ntrw\Vcstm.in.stcrC< lu:ribla:i.  On the whole the prcspects. are that  Premier McBride will meet the Legislature'.next mouth with a majority auf-  lic-icnt to warrant Lnniin entering upon  tliosKliiiinistmtivc reform whieh is the  .prominent feature'ofills policy, and is  so uracil tly needed to restore ecjuili-  >riiiui and prosperity iu provincial  hifliiee.  Morrlssey Despatch.  ... The plans for the new jail arid courthouse that is to be erected in this town  shows that the government is in earnest in meeting the needs of this d istriet.  The building is of a conunodius size,  providing a large court-room in front,  a living room for the prisoners behind,  and three cells behind thatagaiu. With  an up-to-date court house and jail and  resident magistrates, Morrisssey Mines  will have nothing to complain of in  the way ofthe administration of justice. The tenders for the new structure  are all in and the specifications call for  its completion hy the 15tli of Novereir  ber.  province, too.   Joseph is a fighter���too suits have been clr*e, bat u�� the two  Vliocntx rioueer.  Joseph Martin 'U reported to have  expressed a desire to stay at home and  p-acticelaw, rather than trouble him-  self about matters at the parliament  buildings at Victoria. There is every  chance that his wish will be gratified,  :',3id   it will  be n  good   thing for the  Victoria CoIonUt.  Tlie result in Victoria is in very  striking contrast to the result in Van*  couver. Jn Victoria four Liberula,  have been elected by sweeping majorities, in Vancouver live Conservative*  have had an equally decisive victory.  Iu a great many constltuem-ies the ref  lunch of a fighter, however.  Fornie >*ro�� Psvbh.  A. \Y. Kiisa, inspector fur the Main-  kind Board of Underwriters, Vancou-  couver, wis in Fernie on JMonday and  Tuesday to inspect the town-with regard to the fire protection system and  to rate new buildings. Mr. iloss was  favorably impressed with the improvo-  ujent the citizens had made in the tire  system. With regard to the reduction  in the rates hewould say nothing definite, nor -would he hold out any hopes  t iat such a reduction irould be m&de.  main cities tbey have been decfaive inexactly opposite directions. About the-  reasons for this it is needless to speculate. It is the fact. It is an nnfortu-_  nate tbiug for live Lilieral-Cotifeerva-  tive party, and an unfortunate thing,  in our opinion, for the province of  British Columbia, that the city of Victoria has given the. vote it bas. However, it is too late to alter wlu-.t has  been done. The part of loyal Conservatives is to discover what can be done  in the city of Victoria to rehabilitate  the party in the esteem and confidence  of lhe people.  'ealers  ^^BB^-^^  C/5  LO  Wc carry an up-to-date  stock, sell wholesale and  retail and our prices are  as low as any can sell  te^ttrHately^Th^ipay Too^r  on the $.  o  Funera  For Rent and for Saie  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT MERCHANTS  EXTRA SPECIAL  This whiskey will please connoisseurs. It is a high  '��.matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age,  '* quality as Dawson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old).  >   CASCADE BEER  ��� OEGG'S LOCHNIVAR  grade  well-  is the same  E. Ferguson & Co., iMelson, B. C..Y  >-���:���>  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Haze  *e  McDonald's Confectionerv  Baker Street, N?  ieison  :E. K. STRACHAN!  Plumber and Gasfitter      f  Estimates Given  on General Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  __ JBaker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.  �����>~9*4>^a&"��M����..^CH$,-<&~<$>.<3�� ���^���^<>^-^^<^^^>4^0^5k$><^. ��>^<*^->^^.^  F  al  Of the Latest Designs  \KRIVINO DAILY.  fa line of Trouserings  John Small woo  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., next new P. 0. Bldg;., Nelson  Nelson Tent UwningWoiks  All kinds of Canvas Work  made  to order.  Also  Clothes  Cleaned   and  paired.  Re-  Bovington & Ross,  257    BAKER    bT.    NELSON  f,  i  If-  ��� i*  1 f  ���; ���:-,m'  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIST  Worse than the Maji in the Well.  The escape from deatli of Captain En-  gc-llandt of the German iron sailing vessel "Erndte " news of which ia reported,  from Dantzie, will hardly find its equal  in the annals of life-saving. Tlio "Erndte"  left Mom el with a cargo of timber  on April 1G. During the next two days  the vessel was exposed to a very rough  Eea, -which kept the crew ol four men at  Work day and night. On April 18, just  as the captain had retired to hia cahin,  the storm suddenly became so violent  that the vessel capsized. The crew -wen  ewepb away and drowned, and the captain -was imprisoned in the ship's hull,  the hatches having heen closed tightly  }>y the sudden pressure of the -water.  The wreck drifted along, keel uppermost,  ���until April 30, when it was sighted by  the Norwegian steamship "Aurora" off  the fishing village of Bixhoeft. The  steamship immediately proceeded to secure tho -wreck, and while thus engaged  the crew heard repeated knocks from  the inside against the iron hottom. The;  also noticed a noise resembling a human  voice crying "Help." A hole was drilled,  in the iron plates, and this wa3 hardly  accomplished, when a human finger appeared in the opening. Then Captain  Engellandt announced himself to the astonished sailors as safe and sound within the ship's hull. He said he had food  enough for three days, hut during the  last 24 hours had been compelled to-  drink sea water 'because the tanks were  empty. The Norwegian steamship's artificers were not prepared to make the  hole in the iron hottom large enough to  permit of the imprisoned man's liberation, and therefore the wreck was towed  to Dantzie. Here the vessel was raised,  and thus ended Captain Engcllandt's captivity, -which lasted twelve weary days  and eleven nights. The hardy seaman is  none the worse for tlie fatigues lie underwent. During the day he worked hard'  to make his presence inside the vessel  'known to passing ships, but at night he  slept peacefully with the water underneath and the iron roof above.  A Woman Who Could Shoot  Where Perfumes Come From.  "William E. Curtis declares that ninety  iper cent, of the 'perfumery used in the  Iworld comes from what is known as the  '���Department of Sea Alps in France, the  .strip of mountainous country which lie?  'along the Mediterranean cast of Marseilles. The soil, the climate, and tlip  ���eloping hillsides facing the southern sun.  'make this a most favorable location for  ;the cultivation of flowers, and the an-  ;nual harvest is about 0,000,000 nounds of  'roses, 5,000,000 pounds of orange blos-  isoms, 3,000,000 pounds of carnations, I,-  ���000,000 pounds of violets, 9,000,000'  ���pounds of lilies, 600,000 pounds of tube  'roses, and other flowers in proportion.  (These fiowera are mostly raised by peas-  iants, who own small farms and do. their  [own work. They sell their crop of flow-  ���ers to the agents of Paris perfumery  ;manufacturers, and train-loads an  'shipped to that city every night during  ���the season, just as milk from the West-  ;ern farms is shipped to the creameries  [When there is an abundant harvest, thf  ibuyers will- pay sis cents a pound for  irose leaves, seven cents for orange "bios  isoms,' twenty-five'cents for jasmines, fifty  jcents for violets, and similar rates foi  ���other flowers. After the day's harvest i  Idone, the flowers are dumped upon tables  ior benches and the stcni3 arc nippeo  ;close, but the leaves that protect the  i<bloEsoms are allowed to remain, because  iothcrwise they wilt quickly, and fresh-  ';ness is desirable. Each leaf contains  :only a particle of oil, and it--takes n  Igreat many particles to make an ounce.  'It requires 32,000 pounds of rbse leaves.  i��T 5,000,000 single blossoms, to make oni  ijwund of rose oil, and 40,000 pounds o!  iviolets, or 12,000,000 flowers, to make <t  jpound of the oil; and one may judge oi  | the enormous amount of (lowers that ars  '.gathered annually for this purpose when  ;it is known that blic perfumers of Pari?  ; consume nearly a- million pounds of the  [oil of flowers every year.  New Version of an Old Story.  =^=Leopold-deKRottisch*ldrHiiuliis=.speeeh.as  : chairman of the Newspaper Press Fund  ���dinner in London the other day, dcmcl-  iished-the. tradition about the way^in  iwhich his grandfather obtained advance  'news of the victory at Waterloo. According to the cui-Tent story, which even  Ithe "Encyclopaedia Britunnica" repeats,  jNathan Mayer Rothschild was present at  ���the battle, and hurried back to London  'as soon as he saw it was decided, getting  ithere some hours before the news l)c-  jcame known, and making enormous /promts by buying up stocks. His grandson  jitold the newspapermen that "the ac-  ;<rurate story would appeal to them as  Journalists, viz., that the news came  Hhrough the medium of a small Dutch  inewspapcr. The news was published in n  ��ingle line: 'Great victory of the English  '&t Waterloo.' His grandfather, who w-ius  kha owner of some ships, told Ui3 cap-  jtiuns that whenever they went anywhere  ithey were always to bring him the lutes',  'newspapers. One of!these tmslcd cap-  itahia arrived with a paper announcing  "the great victory. His grandfather, who  'believed, as they nil did now, in the ac-  ���curaey of all newspapers, immediately.  ;took the news to the Treasury, and gave  itihe information, to Lord Liverpool. He  did not tell 'him how he knew it, and his  news was scouted because the intelligence  bad arrived of the defeat of the English  iroopa on the previous day."  A story told hy tlie wife of a factor of  the Hudson Bay Fur Trading Company  allows that ability to-do a thing well  sometimes makes the "actual doing unnecessary. The woman had-been brought  iip_ in the post, where her father was  chief factor, and, like all the children  and women, had learned to use firearms  with ease.and accuracy.  My father nnd the men had gone away  to a conference with the Indians, who  had been hostile for some time, she says.  They had left- orders not to open the  gates of the fort.  It was a blistering day and the water  in the stockade grew warm. So it was  suggested that someone go to the river  and get a fresh pailful. My aunt agreed  to go, and marched out alone with a pail  in one hand and a rifle in the other.  We stood behind the loopholes of the  closed gate, saw her disappear down the  bank, come up again with a dripping  pail of fresh water, and -set it down  again as if to rest. She had barely picked  it up again when she stopped abruptly,  gazing straight nt the high grasses on  the right of the path between herself and  the fort. All eyes at the loopholes turned  in that direction, too; and there, stealing through the grasses with their war  feathers and war paint on, we saw two  young^ marauding warriors plainly bent  on mischief. They evidently knew that  the men were all out and only women in  the fort.  We could not possibly shoot in my  aunt's.defence without great risk of hitting her. If we unfastened the gate, one  of the Indians could easily have forced  an entrance while the other stopped her.  But my aunt, instead of rushing in, set  down the pail. She looked again where  the Indians had now risen boldly up directly under a solitary tree.  On the topmost branch of that tree sat  iv '"whisky-jack"���a bird of the jay family which is common round camps'in the  Northern woods. QuickCs a-flash she  aimed her rifle, "picked off" that jay as  coolly as if she had been at target practice, and then, as calmly lifting the pail  of water, came slowly to the gate, wherc-  we received her with open arms.  As for the Indians���well, there was n  flourish of greasy shoulders through the  long grass, aud the two braves had. disappeared. ' ' : ��� . -'���     -        '.  Conundrums.  "Who steps in after tea?   You.     ;  .What two letters make a species e>l  pepper?   K. N. ~  ;  When is a bottle sick? "When it i?  blue.  -What is it that we should never asl  for? What we can't have.  Why is a beggar like a baker? The-,  both need bread.  When anyone falls down, what is tin  first thing to do?   Get up.  As I was going up the church steeph-  I met three living people; they were nol  three men, they were not three women  or three children.   A. One man, one wo  man and one child.  Why ought fishermen to te wealthy  Because theirs is all net profit.   "  What is that which a cart cannot move  without, but yet is of no iise'to'it":  Noise. "���  ��� What is the difference between a farm  er and a dressmaker? One sew3 ,wha1  she gathers and the other gathers what  he sows.  Which is the debtor's favorite tree-!  The willow  (will owe).  When   was   paper 'money   first   mentioned  in  the  Bible?   When the "-dove  ; brought the green back to Noah.  What fish is the most valued by a lov  .ing wife? ��� Her-ring.  What did Adam first set in the Garden  of Eden?   His foot.  What is the hardest thing to deal  with?   An old pack of eards.  How do bees dispose of their honey!  iThey cell it, of course. '  Why is death like the letter E? It ii  ������ the end of life.���New York "World."  ,       A Romantic Episode.  ^^"Kin^s^vxliOo^Palis^ha^tieeiv  marked by a singular and picturesque  incident, says the "Spectator." It appears that in 1878 a chemist named Dan-  val was accused of poisoning his wife,  ��� and that the King, then' Prince of Wales,  anxious t.o watch French procedure, attended the trial, which ended in a sentence of imprisonment for life. Tho  Prince, who had watched the evidence  for five days, was certain that justice  had miscarried, and visited the convict  in his cell to tell him so, and enquire if  any_ remedy were possible. None could  be found, but after twenty years' imprisonment the sentence was revised and  M. Danval. liberated. The kindness of  the Prince in his hour of despair had  made a deep impression on his mind,  and when the King recently visited Paris  he addressed him a letter full of gratitude for the visit paid iwenty-five years  before. One wonders if kings know tho.  depth of the impression both of regard  and of hatred which they can almost  unconsciously make.  Polonium, the Latest Scientific  Sensation.  ���The wonder of radium is still before ��� us; and now up ' comes b  new element-rat least. new- from  the newspaper standpoint. - As a  matter of fact, says "Current Literature,"  it is quite.as old as vadium, having beeu  discovered almost at the same time and  by the same persons���Professor and  Madame Curie. Like mdium, it i3 a con-  atituent of pitchblende and has many  characteristics similar to that element.  The cause of the present interest in polonium is due largely to certain experiments recently conducted by Prof. W.  Markwald before the Chemical Congress  at Berlin. Since then the papers have  been taken up with articles making nil  manner of claims for the new element,  the most persistent of which is thnt it  will cure blindness. Concerning this element "Electricity" soys:���  Scientists as yet understand too little  of the marvelous properties of this new  element to venture more than vague predictions of what spheres of future usefulness it may fill, but it is not improbable that it may he found to perform  the present functions of the so-called  Roentgen or X-rays far more powerfully and without the somewhat cumbrous apparatus now essential to their  use. In a much higher degree even than  radium it possesses the property of shining in the dark, and although it is  known that actual particles inilnitcsim-  ally small are being shot out from it  , continually���a fact which is proved by  magnetic experiments���this 3trange substance does not seem to exhaust itself  nor to lose its luminous power with the  passage of time. Here, therefore, is a  hint, at least, of the future possibility of  a constant and -brilliant illuminant generated without heat or combustion.  ���-;���'  Polonium is more valuable than- radium, and Professor Curie himself, who  haa a chemically pure specimen of radium not larger than a buckshot and  weighing less than half a grain, would  not sell it for $20,000.  At the meeting in Berlin, Professor  Markwald exhibited a hit of polonium  weighing 15-100 of.a grain, which was  produced from two tons of uranium at a  cost of $75. He then proceeded to givu  a marvelous exhibition of the powers of  his speck of polonium. It intercepted  a strong current of electricity passing  through _ the air from the generator to  the receiver, the nir ceasing to be a conductor for the flashes. /The room .was  then darkened, and pieces of barium  platinum, and zinc-Mende, placed 'near  the polonium, glowed with a bright  greenish light. There 13 no doubt that  the discovery of polonium is a most valu-_  able one, although no one can say as ye I  ���how it can he adapted to practical use.  ^m  - ���-' Ail  vVj  '   "- ��*  Harder, than Matrimony.  ._  Like matrimony, flirting is harder than  'it* looks.    If  one  understands the   art.  .there Ib no more enjoyable method o-'  jwhiling away an hour "than - by flirting  ���There are two kinds of flirts���men and  ���women.    The' latter are the worse;    To  jStart a flirtation: Talk of wasted chancer  .to a married woman, be-cynical with n  [debutante,'.pious  with  an actress,  and  Tisque with a'churchwoman.  I  "Have a past.   The young man with r  Past is a youiig man with a future, n  (flirting.   Use the "lla.pt Gaze."   You wil  Shave  to practice this before your mir  'ror.   Then there is the "Blase Face," tip  ."Ennui Yawn," and jthe "Innocent Eye.5  'Be very careful how" and when you em  '���ploy  these.    If,  for instance, you  arc  flirting   with   an   expert,   and   try   thi  "Rapt Gaze," you will be classed by he;  ;fis an 'amateur.- It is well to hint,at  {dark tragedies in your life.   In short, tin  whole secret of successful flirting is t(  [arouse a  woman's curiosity, and neve  [satisfy it. .  ���' If a widow should tell you you re  'semble her dead husband, bow and re  jtire. You'are up against it. Don't get-  jthe_reputation, of being gauche and foi  paying malapropos things by discussing  marriage with women who are married  Do not ask a woman if you may kiss-,  jher. This is not done in Society. That  is, such a request is never made.  LThejVoice is very important. A well  groomed voice^irhalf^tlrc^battirin^thr  .conservatory. Practwp modulations aRr'.  i"thrill8.w Don't attempt to flirt al  dinner with a Golf Girl. " At that stage  her roast is much more interesting than  you are. Wait till she is through. She's-  through when she sighs.  ��� Flirting is like boxing-���dangerous  when one party to it is unskilled. Be  careful, or a flirtation, innocently entered into, may lead you into an engagement. These hints ere for men; women  need none.���Ex.  iTurner; Beeton & Co., Utd, vjctoria, b. c  i  MONTREAL, Sole Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEY,B.C.Agt.  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room bouse  for rent.  Three  dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot 611   Stanley   street,   opposite Royal CCCT   AMMAESI C  Hotel for sale at a bargain. -������- OLt HrillHQLC  Boots a-ftd .Shoes made to order;. Invisible Patching  a Specialty'.' .Only Union Men Employed'.' My stock  of fine ready-made "work lowest-priced in the city.  NEELAN PSV.0LD STAND, BAK ER S  Corner Mill and Josephine   Sts.  ,   How Nordica Stood Up for Duss.  'Atlantic City society is excited over a  onub administered by Mine. Nordica and  Edouard de Reszkc, who -appeared there,  the other day in concert.  It occurred to*  several leaders'that-it.would be a nica%  :thing to entertain the singers.   The de-'  .tails were worked out by Mrs. Wilfred;  (Lawson Peel, and Frank Weldon, acting-  for Mrs. Peel, issued invitations to Mnie.:  Nordica and M. de lleszke.   The singers:-  A-ccepted,  and . elaborate    preparations!'  >were made for the affair.  Society people';  fwere on hand to meet the artists, buti;  ���they  did not  appear, or send  excuses.;:  :*VVhen the guests realized the situation,! j  they were thoroughly disgusted and cha-;j  grined.   It appears that when Mme. Nor-i  jdica and M. delteszkc accepted the invi-|  ..Stations they supposed that John S. Duss,:  iwith whoso band, they are traveling, luuL  iilso . been invited.    When they learned!  Itihat Mr. Duss had not been invited, they'  resolved not to go.      _         ...  "What's the difference between obstinacy and firmness.*" "Why, obstinacy,  in oneself is firmness and firmness in  anotlicr is obstinacy."���Chicago "Post."'  Estate agent (to laborer's son)���Here,  my boy, where can I find your father?  12oy���In tho pig stye, sir. You'll know  'im by 'is brcwu 'at!���"Punch."'  Barber���How will you have it cut,  sir? Pepprey���Both short. "Both? Hair.  anil beard''" "No; hair and conversation." ._  A Question cf Gsadar.  "While he was being shown about  Chicago by the Mayor . of tbe city, a  Prench visitor expressed his thanks, and  added, "But I am sorry so to cockroach  on your time." "0h3" answered the  Mayor, "do not think of that. Hut you  do not mean cockroach. Monsieur; you  mean encroach." "Oh, is it? I see���a  difference in gentler," (the visitor, sup-  )>csin�� he ought to have said heu-  croaeni.  A Parisian Swindle.  A great traveler remarks that the  Parisian swindler is the subtlest and tho  most indomitable one in the world. A  frieinf^f his the other day was strolling  through a fashionable ana . expensive  French shop.: ;A woman entered, nnd.  ^proceeded to purchase a very costly'  frock, and meanwhile a well-dressed man  lingered at the doorway, as though waiting for her. . The 'woman, her purchase  concluded, counted a roll of bunk notes  and advanced to flic <jishier's desk,hold-  iug them in her hand. Then, all of a  suddsn, the man rushed upon lier. "You  wretch!" he exclaimed, "didn't 1 tell  you that you shouldn't have that frock?''  And he slapped lief upon the cheek, tore  the bank notes trom Uer hand, and  stalked out bt' the. shop. ;The woman  fainted. Ifc waa ten minutes before sbo,  was brought to. On her recovery the1  manager of the place said, regretfully:  "We are sorry, madam; for this" occiirr  rerice.. Your husband " A  "My husband! That was not my husband," the woman cried. "I never saw  the man in my life before. He i3 a  thiefi"  "And you don't see Heggie any more?"  "Ho; he has ceased to jnterest me."-  "Dear, dear! And how does he take it!"  "Thiif.'a-jvYlmt I'm diiijito know."  If Mr. Cleveland makes the race  against President .Roosevelt, next yeaT,  honors will be about, even on tho full  baby-carriage issue.���Washington "Post."  Unpa Ginnit���You wisht you had a  good spyglass? "What, for? Oniw.pners  ���So's I could bring that brewery awav  over thero close up to me.���Chicago "Tribune."  At his own wedding a. man Is never  the best, man-'���and but rarely afterwardt  First we t��ech Uie baby to talk, and  then to hold it�� tongue.  Several families are  buying their groceries at  the little store on the corner of Josephine and IVIill  Streets. Why not join the  happy throng and deal  with Joy at the  M Cash Grocerv  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  R.  G.   JOY,   PROPRIETOR;  !����E.ULS8$L.S\  ��A large stock' 'of M iiir.ery an.i  Ludies' Oui/'Uincjs  Also Ladies'i-lair C-ooiis.  ;/MRS. ENFIELD  !oxt Store lo   r'.udson    B^y Company  Frank Fletcher  rUOVINSJl.-VI. USD JiUUVKYOIl  I .mi df mul Mineral (Jiiiiiiii^urvoyttl  mul (.'rowji Gr:uiii'il  /f^  CO  LU  <  X  CO  o  Q  <  UJ  -J  UJ  X  Ll.  O  UJ  S  c  7)  W. A Thurman  .O. Dux M:i.'      0;lh.v: Ko..lo:i:iy S!.. S'elsoi; [     DcpOl for Sriar Pipes, Nelson  job Printing  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodge rS;,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  1  me Lconoms  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orderm by Mai! Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET, NELSON, B. C.  West Kdotehai ButcherC  0  WliotoKaleaad Itelull  lk'UlLTSlll  m  FRESH  SALT MEATSi  Cairns supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats atid supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates given on stone, brick  and wood wort*.  Brick and I Lime for Sale  Fred. J. Squire  Tent* and Avri��l��i;E��ntt"le 1 nd r��. a.!reri.  CIotliing cleaaist and mended. .  Over the Wallace-Miller Co,, ta  JOB      PRINTING      AT  tHE  ECONOMIST   OFFICF b��- iBGdKRU V i> **.*##&* a-*W--1 -j  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  *iual_  i    t  [''-I  l^  IA-  Education ofthe Blue Bloods.  Tho new governess, having by tlie passive assistance of the school-room uie^--  glass primly patted lier back hair and  ibestowed an admonitory 'twist upon the  silver "Mizpah" locket adorning a particularly scraggy tliToat, turned affably,  'to her two pupils, and in a prim "Miss  Edgcworth" sort of manner, remarked:  "My dears, the countess having left  the ordering of your course of study entirely in my hands, I purpose following  the method I lia-ve hitherto pursued in  the numerous highly respectable and in-  '���tensely superior middle-class families it  lias been my privilege to educationally  direct. We will therefore commence with  the simplest lessons suitable for your  years, your sex and station. Ifc is now  ten o'clock. Until 10.30 wc wilL concentrate our attention upon the caligraphw  nrfc. Yon, Lady Blanche, will write ot��t  '.Modesty is the crown of womanhood"  twenty-Jive times; while you, Lady TCr-  myntrude, will transcribe 'Virtue is life'o  ���purest pearl'in similar ratio."  Lady Blanche, aged eleven, took from  her pocket an elegant bonbonniere, awf.  choosing therefrom a jnarron glace -with  Che same1 careful earnestness that a mt-  'ture smoker, betrays when selecting a  cigar from a well-filled case, proceeded U*  daintily nibble the corners.  TJien, leaning comfortably back In the  low rocking-chair and crossing lier loag  legs hi a. ladylike manner, she bestowed  a comprehensive wink upon the more Juvenile Ermyntrude, and said, pleasantly:  . "Aly dear Miss Frumpletowzcr, it -will !  ibe better for all parties concerned If we  ���come to-an immediate and. perfectly clear  "understanding.   You,.I presume, for the  eake of a. certain number of spondulicks  .paid quarterly or annually, as the owe  may 'be, have agreed to impress upon out  plastic minds certain trite Hems of. cut-  and-dried  information  whichv scrv��  to  make up,  as a whole," what is  taneai  education, whilst we���my sister and myself���as a duty we arc supposed to owe  to   our parents, Jiave consented,-to. be  thus impressed. '��� So far so good.    But  when you spea.k of .modesty and, virtue  in the���forgive'.me if "there. is ��� anything  offensive in my.-manner of-.puttLnjf It! ���  ���childish,- midile-class  manner   to  which  you have/ from, your own admission, hitfa-  .erfco been accustomed, you fairly make  me tired.1-   Why, good gracious! "Suppose sister. Ethel'Had .followed your first  . maxim, and hain't made a dead; art at;  the Duke of Dullborough, and dogged"  him air .over the blessed sho-p, so to  speak, do you imagine she would, mm b��  a duehess and a persona, grata evea in  royal circles 1 Or what becomes of moih  er���who has beeu: three times divorced���  ���if your second aphorisEi is worth a^niocli  'of salt? No, no! Msdesty and. virtue  arc excellent things u& th eir. proper ploce  ;���which I opine to. hg some musty:dictionary safely stoweiji away upon eome  ;top shelf.; TV"hafc we (principally^require  iis some little practice foi waltz-steps *��<!  jthe perfecting of. our STrench accent,: the  ���latter of which���Ethics in paTticulap���I  ifrankly admit to be vjle. You'll hare a  'capital berth here wiiaja". you:get to know  ithe ropes-^providing, ol jcourse,, that -we-  jpull together. :in th^t little cupboard  H'here,' behind the ,bookeaie,y6u-ll ll-nid a'  ;bottle; of���:���cherry-. brandy ���> and- a hwc- of  Ifairly decent cigarettes, and undernmth  *;the sofa cushion' is tv copy of GautSer's  -'-Mademoiselle de Maupin,' -which. ire  ���prigge.i .fronr mother's- bo-udoir, and wbi��b  ;will certainly-liofc be missed''ifor a day or  :'fcvvo. Suppose. we 'begin;with-aa. cut at  jthafc for aii hour or so? There's heap?  ;of words I. can't make out, a'nd, the iic  itionary'asiicll: slow; work!'': , . i .  I And as every hair .upon., the respectakli  : governess's .head betrayed irrepre��aniil'  'symptoms of standing bol,t upright,; ��4ic  ���added, easily:.^"ii':-5i:?i;j-';.-t.i. '���'��� ������'���" ��� ' o  i "I suppose even you've had; a maife <oi  'two in your tune?   Btityou shall tell ��.-,  . !aJl about it at your'leisure. Er my, dear,  ido run upstairs and fetch my puff. Yoall  Ifind it betweeu the poiidre de Ninon Iws  jand my; ivory-backed - church-servicfc0^���  [li'nglish paper.  -, I, i ���  /:���'������ ������������': ������Go& Ar: y.Z 7/.._ ,  Eyeache and  Headache.  Eyestrain  causes  tooth.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporarily. Properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  .YOUR EYES  CURES AIL EYE DISEASES.  (HFUMEO ETES. SCALES DNUO!  GRANULATION ETC  Patenaude Bros.  Opticians  Baker  Street,   Nelson.  J To "p*Mjrthe-gameTof^go!f^vesry-Bfilile-  'outfit is necessary.   You merely rophe  la ball, a club, a boy, and a E*rtti��fe ci  ,���'Scotch. -   ,    ' -_  .'    Golf is played on a green.   Yon **��  " *:gb on the green.   The boy patollhii EBll  on a little hillock of sand, awl alJ. joii  ���'have, to do is to hit it..:. "Spt- tLe btjif of  ithe* sand, but the ball. t  ! Hit the ball' as hard as .you em, tAhc*  ���'send it as far ai you can.;,* Then let the  ���boy go and find it. ���'���" Meanwhile, you con-  " .'suit' the fourth' requisite for tlie.game,  fthe hot tie. c-f Scotch.  Golf is a special Scotch game.   ������  The boy.is called a caddie, and you can  Tcadily see that he is a very useful thing  'to- have about you.    He carries all tho  ���implements  of  the   game   (except  that  fourth one), places the ball for you, and  '.bunts lor it afterwards.    If you are a  particular person, the caddie can be commissioned to swear  for you.    But most  'golfers prefer to do their own swearing.  They find it useful, as an aid to Lhe real  seLence of the sport.  In putting the ball into the hole it is  customary to use the club. But, if you  can get the caddie lo turn round and  3ook at the prospect at-the critical moment, you will find it much easier to  ��hovc the ball into the hole with the toe  -of your boot.  iaadfes play golf, but Lhey never should.  .They cannot master the language of the  royal and ancient game. If they smash  a club, or get bunkered, tlicy merely observe,-"Bother'it!" ind "Bother it!" is  C* golL���"Ally Slopen's HaU-Holiday."  Odd Origin of Sea Terms.  How many people imagine that,  that familiar . word "admiral" is|  anything' but a thorough English;  word? Probably the last origin any]  would give it is Eastern. Yet its deriva-i  tioii is simply "Emir el Bagh," which -ia,'  Arabic for Lord of the Sea.  There is hardly a language that -wo  have not put tinder contribution for sea  ��� terms.- Tlie names of the various officer*  of a. ship illustrate this mo3t vividly.  "Captain" comes straight from tha  Taatia "caput," a head; but "mate" owe3  nothing to any dead language. The word  is ���a.lmbst identical with the Icelandic'1  "ma ti," which means a companion ^ir  equal. The derivation of 'coxswain"  would hever.be suspected.; Coxswain waa  originally the man who pulled the after  oar of the captain's boat, then, known  as a cock boat. "Cock boat'' is a corruption of the word "coracle," and, as  most people know, the coracle is a small  round boat used for fishing on some of  the Welsh rivers,:.,such aa .the Wye and  Usk. So coxswain comes to us from the  TVelsli. Other languages are also-pressed  into the service.  "Commodore" is simply the Italian  "Conuniuidatore,"/. or commander,- and  "naval cadet"'was. originally the French  "capdet," w-hich, going _a step further  back, has. the same origin as the word  eapfcum.- The reason of this apparent anomaly is that originally all naval cadets  were youjigrr sons'of 'noble families, who  served as ^privates';'.previous to obtaining  their'commission.  There was never such a person as  "Davy Jones," .though we frequently  hear: of his locker. One ought to talk of  '"Duffy-Jbn'ali's-'locker."' "Duffy" is the  West Indian negro term for spirit or  ghost,, while "Jonah" refers to the pro-  "phct of that nnme. '���.'"..'.  "Dog watch" is another curious case  of_a. terni gradually corrupted out of its  .original.'form.    Originally it was "Dddge .  watch," .so   described   because   it^-. lasts ;t  only two instead of the usual four.hours, *  and thiu makes it possible that the same  .men shall not be on duty every day during the same'hours.   "Dog watches,", to  called, are from 4 to G and 6 to 8 in. the  evening.       Z/Z. ;   '/���'..' .'���-:���:, ���'���".-  o iSailors call meat "junk." It fe not a  .complimentary term, for junk is. aautlcal  for a rope's end. Some 3,000 years ago  ropes were made out of bullrushes, for.  which the -Latin- word is "juncus."    :  Nowadays-we talk of "porfaiKd "starboard." Originally it was "larboard" and  "starboard." Starboard has nothing to  do with stars. It is really "steor-"board,"  .4nglo-Saxon for "stesr side," because in  old galleys steered by an oar the oar  was fixed somewhat "to the . righthand  side of the stern, and the helmsman  held the iniAard portion in his righ-,  HHbitnd.a=H=^43=ifor=iJjlrboardi"-aitTH=His��probHHH  ii'bly a corruption of lower board, th.  larboard side being originally considered  inferior Lo the other.  -.. "Sheet anchor" is the name given i,  the largest anchor carried by a vessel  It is, almost as complete a corruption a-  'dog watch." "Sheet anchor" is reall;  ���'shote" anchor, so called because it "can  from its great weight, be easily shot ou-  in ease of ejuergency.  A<m'm, "juTy mast" has nothing di  rectly to do with a law court jun  though both have come from the sam .  ;oi"iyiual word, "jour," the French for d��j  Jury mast thus means a mast put u;  temporarily���for a day���just a3 jury i>  the legal term implies a tribunal sun  ���'niOBcd for a short period only.  Notice  Notice Is hcri-Uy given that ��0 days after  date 1 itiieuil lo appiy in tlie Uliief Coimiits.  slouer ol* Luudti unit 'W'utUb for usiiccial 11--  ceniie to cuLutiil curry uwuy limber Irom the  follow!ngdescribeii lunilssituMc onltuuiidary  C.-eclt ubuut ��vVL'ii miles from ih�� Kooteimy  Kiver ia AVesstKoolciiay District: Cumiiicii-  cinyiil. a jwstou cue lioi-th si��lu ol Itouudary  Creek marked "A. J. McGuiroV'M. li. corner  post, tbeiitc Boutli SO chains, thence went SO  chains, tlience north BO cliilin.'1, thence east  80 chains to the pluce of commencement.  A. j. McGdike.  Creston, U.C., Aug. 17th, iwy.  Notice  Notice Is hereby given that 30 days after  dato I iutend to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of Lunds iititt Worifis for a .speciul license to cutand carry away timber irom tlie  lollo\viiii��deserib(-d lands, Nltinue on liound-  ury.Ci-vek, audnbout nine miles from Kunte  nay Ulver in.the West Kootenay District:  Commencing at a post on tlie north *.tde oi  Boundary Creek itisirkcd "E. Uiilluinliuiier  Jr.'s" N. VV. corner, thence south 40 chains,  I hence east 160 chains, thence north 4Dchuius,  thence west 160 chaiuu to place of commencement.  E. il.\ LL A>*��-U XE, JU.  Crestou.il.C, August 17th. laoS.  Notice  Xotice is hereby given tbat -10 days after  date 1 intend to apply to tlie Chief Commissioner of Lundsand Works ior a special license to cut mid carry away timber nom the  following described lauds, rituutc on Boundary Creen, about riiue miles west irom the  Kooteimy Kiver, in the We��t Kootenuy District. Commencing ut a post on the north  side of Boundary Creek, marked "V. G. Jji-  tie's" is: K. corner po.vt, thence boutli 411  chulus, thence west ltiU chains, thenee north  10 chai ns.thence cust to place of commence  melit 1(50-chains.  K. G. Lrrri.K.  Creston, II. C��� August 17th, 190J.  Notice  ��� Notice is hereby eiven that 30 days alter  date! Intend to apply in ihe,chief Conimls-  sionecorLaiulsand Works foraspecl.il license  *n cut and carry awny timber from the follow-  ig  described  lauds   situate   on Boundarv  reck, about, six miles' from the Kootenay  ttlver in West Kootenay District. Commencing at a poBt. on the north side of lloundary  Ci-eek'marked -A. S. fjirquliarson's," N. K.  corner post, thence south 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence north 80chains, thence  east 8u chains to place of commencement. ,  A. S. Kakquhaksoit.  Creston, B. C. Aug. 17th, 1W13.  Land Application  Torar amit Is &hut up in an asylum,  Isn't she!" "Well, she Is and she isn't."  She is in there all right enough, but they  ���jan't stou her talkih^."���"Judge."  She Crushed Hhn.  ���"Cassandra," sighs our hero, "there ja  ecmething within mc that thrills me to  tie innermost recesses of my bouL I  oust tell you of tbe haunting heaviness,  of the doubt, tbe dread, the pain that  Alls me "  "Percival,"* titteTS our heroine, "havt.  roa been eating green apples V���^Judge."  Too Plebeian.  Up to Kim.  / "Edivard," asked Genevieve Zorcmus,  "do you think a girl should propose?"  "Why, no, iudeedl It is-"beneath woman's dignity."        "������������:���.���  "There, now!" said the gentle girl;  "I told mamma she was wrong. She said  that when a young man came to see a  girl every night in the- -.vcek for two  years, and stayed for '-dinner every Sunday, and smoked her father's cigars, and  always happened, around whenever "[wb  lad any company, so lie would be invited  .to go to bhe theater with us, ,5t was. the  girl's privilege ��� to take it for granted  itba>t he Was-sineerc in his attentions and  ask him whether he preferred a wedding-trip, or would rather just settle  down to home life in a neat little cot-  **"�������-" ' ..'-.-'   ,. '< . '���������  I   Edwaaid fcaew a bint when a bricli wiul  yaa ghoved over en Um.���"Judge."  "So yon "have decided io get another  aSysician." "I have," answered Mra.  Cumroxj **the ides, of his prescribing  flaxseed tea and mustard plasters for:  people as rich as wa are I"���Washington  6Star,"     *  CERT!HCATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  Tris^r V 'Mincml Claim, Kltnnte in the  yelsiin SliiLing Uivlsiou of West Kootenay  |-i-ti-i<-t.  WlK-rcI ������'-iiteil: OU Rest Cre<-k. a tributary  tiftlie'Norlli Fork nfH.ilinoii Ulver.  'till,-.' isnt it-i-�� tlui-t I, John srel ntchic.acting  .-is aci^nt f��u* .lames Bwrnrt Macl-aren,  Kwc. Miner"!? (Vrlitl.-ate Xn. ini.TKt, and Ert-  miux! I>. f"< -wf-U. Kri'c Minpr'K Ortilleiite No.  H7a.7t:l Intend, slxiy days from Ihe date hereof, l-o :i| pi--'" J.lH'.MInlnsr Ueooidwr for a Cer-  lilSnUe i>f Improvi-hieiiis. Tor Uie purpose of  obisiiuii psi L'rcwii Gnuil "rtln- tti-v'e claim.  .Aiidfurllierlnkc'mitU-eihsit ai-ti'm. riniler  tcctlon 'A7, nutft be ccniincrcpd before-1 he i��-  susmce ofsuch Certificate of Im proveniente.  Eatctl: tills 2!tb day of July, A. D.1903.  JoUii MClaATCHIK.  Sixty days after date. I iutend to api 1/to  (lie Chief CoiiHiiissioner or Lands nnd Works  .'or the following land: Commencing at  post ntthc north-west corner or lot 835. "G"  Kootenay District, thence due went -10 chaint-1  thence south 40 chains, thence-east 40 chains.,  thence north along west boundary of lot S!5  '���il, to poiut of commencement, containing  ��� 00 acres. M. ___\. VLfi-rciiER.  *7=iTels6nr23tli--Ju-lyv-1903r='=iH=H=-   Corporation ofthe City of ton  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light, rates fortiic month of September ure now due nnd payable at the City of-  ilces.ir j-aitl on or before the loth October, a"  discount of 10 per cent will be allowed.  liy order,  D.U.MCMOU1US  (Jily Clerk.  Nelson, October 1,190S.  Corporation cf the Ciiy of Nelson  Water Rates Notice  Water rates for the quarter ending Decein-  'vrRl, 1WK, arc due und puyuble at- the city of-  ��ci��"n Tiivw'Mv.rtcUilicr 1st.  If paid on or  before the 15th Oct. a discount of 10 per cent,  will be iillowert.   Ir not paid on or beforo Oct.  31stthe service will be discontinue d.  .   By order.  D. C. MCMORRIB,  City Clerk.  XelHOti. October 1,1003.  New Fail Goods Just Arrived  loo Pieces of Fancy Flannelette's, suitable for Ladies' Shirt and Blouse Waists, Wrappers and Chfldren's Dresses, worth 20c.  Sale price, i2^c. New White find Grey Saxony Wool Blankets, oil sizes and qualities. New Wool Comforters and Eider Down  Quilts. New Table Covers, Portierres and Curtains, new Table Linens, Towels and Sheetings, new Laces, Ribbons, Gloves and  Diess Trimmings.  , Oiieioths, linoleums, im. twMm  ^/Qk/&%/%fib^/&  BURNS   BLOCK,  BAKER STREET  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders mrust "be accompanied hy cash and shoxild "be forwarded .,  either pei sonally or "by mail to the office of  VV. P...TIERNEY*, GENERAL AGENT  Certificate of Improvements.  Archer, Gipsy and Kelson Star Mineral  Claims, situate In the Nelson Jliuinjj Division  of West Kootenay district.  W here locntcil : Seven miles irest of .'Kelson, half-mile north of railway track.  Take notice that I. Charles "W. Husk, acting  as agont Pi>r Artlmr i'owys. Free Mluer'if Cer-  tittcate No. B 58,171, intend sixty days from  tlie (iutc hercol. toiipply to the Mlnliif; Recorder fur certificates of iinpi-(.vemenN','for  the purpose ol obtulniugCruwu Orants ofthe  ab��ve cjaiins.  And further take notice, that action uhder  Section 37 must he commenced before tlie is-,  nuance of��uch cerliliaitesof improvements.  Dated tills 12th September, jyos.  On.vs. W. IttraK.  Certificate of Improvements.  RepuUlie and Republic'Fraction Mineral  ClaiuiR, situate In the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay District.  Where, loeated : Between 49 and Eagle  Creeks.  TsiIce notice that I. Charles W. Uissk, acting  as njjeiitfur Arthur fowy*. Kite Miner's :er-  tilleutcNo.lt 5��,lTt, lutcndTiisty duys rroni  the dute hereof to sipply to the Mining lte-  cordcr for Crrtiiieates t��f ImprovemeiitJi for  the purpose <>r nbtoiulng Crown Grunts of  the ahoyi' claims.  .vmt further tike notice. tii:it action under  i^eetioii :i7 jnust l>e roiiiiurntTd be Tore the is.  suanee cf sn -h CertiHcuti-s or Improvement.  Dated this J2tb Stptciiiber, 1W3.  t'll-vs. \Y. Busk. .  KOOTENAY     .  .  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  irect Line,    I  Easl  Winnipeg  Ton into  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  Vin Soo I'ncldelaine  all U.S. points.  West  S'aneoiivcr  Victoria  Seattle  I'ortlaud  San Kraiiflfco  ,St. 1'uul, Uliir-igo and  S. S. Service from Vancouver  T<> Alaska, Japan. China, Hawaii, Australia  Settlers' llutcu'Westbound, sold daily till  November KO. ,.._-.  Tlirou'iti Uookliizii to England and the Continent via all H: S. lines.  For time laHlesi ra.tos and information, ap-  pty U> localagfiDts, or write,  J. SJ. CARTER.  DtKt.l*i��HS.A8ft..  Nelsou.  E. J. rOYWi  A. ��. 1'. A.  Van-iinvnT  JOHN McLATCHIE  Qp.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  C. Customs HoiiS3, Nelson,  WADDS BROS.  PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C  Dealers In  Tea and Coffee  _tf�� areyit'i'iiiiK at lowest prices the best  prudes <TI Ce}-|oii,"Iiidla7Chlua and "Japan  Tc.is.  Onr llcsl BCoelia and Java Ootlcc per  pound 3  40  Mocha una Jjiva.Blend,3 pounds 1 Ou  Chnlcc! i:ic-iiilUotl'ee,4 pounds  I 00  Special i: lend CoB'ec, 8 pounds  I ��0  ltlo Mend Coffee, (.pounds  1 <X)  Speciul Rlcutl fjeylou I'ea, per piund.    3D  For Sale  . $1500���Seven-roomed house and  two lots in good, position. Terms,  small cash deposit, balance monthly  paj'tnents.  $900���Two-storey bouse and lot  =oiuObseavator3^street.,=,^C.a.r^passes  the bouse. Terms, small caih deposit,  balance monthly payments.  $10.00���Four-roomed cottage 011  Stanley street, next to the corner di  Observatory street.  $8.00  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTERAY COFFLE CO.  Telephone 177  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     BAKER    STREET,   NELSON  the  streets  Four-roomed  cottage  oil  corner^   b?_-WarbAraIici.���Gore"  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  ... - Copyrights &c  Anjroaifrsoiwllnfl! a stolch nnd description mny  qalcklr sacertaln our opinion free whether <ui  ittroiitton. itpnoliaWjrpatentable. Commtiiilrji.  tluusstrletlpconfidential. Handboob on Patents  Bent free OJScst ngencr for secnrtnir patcKt*.  l'atentic taken tbroucb Munn & Co. receive  spccuUiuHue, wUhont charge, la tho  A nnndsftinely-illnstrated -treeMr.: lJ>r��eet ejr-  euUitlon. of Jiny scientlQe Journal. Tenus. $3 a  jenr; toiirraontbs. $L Solabjall Bovrarteolers.  HflilHN^Cd.38lBroad"a>RfiwYork  Branch Oflioo. 625 T St, Wuhinstonn. D. C  CEBTIf ICATE OF IMPROVEWEaTS.  Roynl Sfca'l and "Royal-Charter Minenil  Clitlius. sl liisile in the Nelson Mining Division  of West KooU-'nay District.  Where locateil: Btstwceii ^19 anil Engle  1 Creeks.  Take no-lico that I. Robert Scott I.ennlc. act-  !t��Ksis 3i*j-03it. for M. S. 1'avys. Free Miner's  t'ertltlcale So. 1166.35'i, and Alfreil llunkt-r,  Free M'tier'a Certlll.'jite No. BS��,7tH. intend  slTXtv clays tn\m tne dato iieri'ol, toapi>ly to  the Jiliiittii; Recorder /or Ccrtilhatcs of lin-  provetiu-i��U. Tor the. purpose or obtaining  Crown Gratttsof the above cliiims,  jV-hI t'nel tier tiike notice, that jic'ion under  Seetioii srotust t'oK.jiunenoecl before the is-  siiitiii.-c ��>/.(ji'!!i &:rtiil:!:itesot Improvetnuut*.  D:iUd tlals LStb August, 1903.  R. S. LESSUS  Bartlett House  CFormcrly Clarko Ilousc)  The best 31 per day house in Nelson.  None but white1 help employed. - The bar  h e bent.  G. W.  Bartlett/   Prop  CERTIFICATE OF IMPKOVEMSSTS.  Emersld No. 2 Mineral C'nim, situate in  the Nelson Mining Division or WestKootcuity  District.  Where loeiited : At. Ihpnimmitnf Iho head  of 49' nnd Summit Cnifes, adjoining tlie  Sbandoit Miiiertil elaim.  Take notice that I. Uefjinald M. Macdonald, Free Miner's eertlticJUe No. J-S5S.4ui>,  intend sixty days from the dute  liereof, to apply to tbe MiDin<j Itecordcr fur  a cerliflcule of improvements.'for the purpose of obtaining a Crowu jrrant of tlie above  claim. I  And furlher lake   notico that action, under section  37, must he eomineuced   lvofore  the issuance ol such ecrlilieaU; nf improve-:  menlG. [  Bated tbisl7tli day of July. A.D. 190:1.  11. M. Macuonaj.ii.    I  archairl Tailor,  Tramont   Blk.    Baker   St,   East  In latest designs and best quality  HSES


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