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Array ewVWWWVA^*'  Avwvy  2 WM. R. HEARST: "1 havo seen tho  mostbeautliul lakes in Italy and 8wit7.tr-  laud, and all those lovely spots, hut I have  never seen anything lliiL-r than the Kootenay lake and the Arrow lakes. We had a  dclightiul time there. This was my llrst  trip through theic.'"  VOLUME  VIII.  TOLEN?  -<^/  Story   of a Diamond  Ring.  A   GRAVE   QUESTION  a question that I have been asking  myself for, ves, fully fifty-rive year.-*.  " There have bee.i time3 when it has  almost preyed on my mind, times  when I was convalescent after a severe  illness and, having nothing to do but  think, I got thinking about the old  dame and her diamond. It 13 something on the order of the lady or the  tiger, you know, only this thing has a  direct personal and family interest to  me.  " Our family  has argued the ques-  That Has Puzzled People Three-j tion as to whether the ring was stolen  or not for the last fifty years.   I have  Quarters of a  Century.  " I don't think it would ever he pos-  bible for me to become a grave robber,"  said an elderly gentleman to a reporter  of the New York Sun the other day,  "but there is .one grave that I have  had a strong desire all my life to break  and peer into.  " I have had this desire since 1 was  a very small boy at home in my native  place, a little town in England. My  grandmother told uie a story once  which I have never forgotten and  which inspired the desire.  " There was in the town a rich old  lady who, upoiv her deathbed, in 1820  or thereabouts, directed that she should  be buried with her diamond ring. She  also stipulated that her remains should  be inclosed in a metal casket.  " My graudmotherjsnewall about it,  because she worked for the old lady  and because she remembered that after  the'old lady's death the whole household was .sadly put to it to carry out  the deceased's instructions. After the  body was placed in the casket with the  big diamond ring on the lifeless finger  one 'of the  serving women was*  in-  / ���    **' -   H  structed to stand���beside the. casket  while the men sealed it up.  ii npjje servant was tolcl never for an  .Instant to take her eyes off the men as  they did the sealing, a.id so she stood  there while the men were busy with  their hot irons aud solder, 'lhe men  worked a long time in silence, but they  bad plenty of glimpses at the gleaming  diamond, and after a time one of them  turned suddenly to the woman on  guard and said:  " ' Go get us a candle.'  " The woman went before it entered  her head that it might be a ruse, and  when she got back with the candle the  -^sealing up was flnishcd7~NoW,"wh'a't  bothers  me "is,  did \the 'men take  or__,.is>  it v still"  i"  in   that  '")  the   ring  casket? '  ' "Of course'the men insisted and  persisted tbat they did not" touch the  body during the woman's absence, and  as there was no way of proving their  assertions without unsealing the casket no one knew whether they robbed  the dead or not, except the men themselves, and they died long ago.  "Three or four times when I have  been in England and have visited the  old town I have sat and chatted with  the present minister of the church in  which the old lady's remains were  placed. I know the minister well and  ^1 have often joked with him about the  diamond riug in the crypt beneath the  channel of the church.  that  had brothers of mine whom I had not-  heard from in a dozen years send me.  letters from some far off point like- India or South Africa writing-about  nothing but some newtheory they had  evolved concerning the ring episode of  our grandmother's time. "��  ���" ^  ,,j*  " I suppose I would give the wortq  of the diamond three  or  four times  over to* unseal that old leaden box, just  to settle the business.' Now.I find my  own children, pretty well grownup,  too, have begun todebate the question,  but I am  pretty  well resigned to its  never being solved in my day.  "I havea-liugering suspicion, however, tbat one of those sons of mine  will, with his American resourcefulness, find a way some day to get down  in that crypt with a first-class mechanic or two and with a camera and  a flashlight apparatus. I am quietly  watching the old family spirit'develop  iii"my boys, and I can see them working themselves up to the same pitch  lhat I was in over the business twenty  odd years ago.  "Then they wont have the same  sentiment about not offending traditions and that sjrt of thing tbafTwas  bred in me, having been born over  tiiere. Besides, manyjof, th^^ldjpeo-^  ple'wlio would be mortally offended if  tbe crypt were opened now will be  dead and gone in a few years, and it  won't so much matter to the next generation."'  An Enthusiastic fleeting of Voters at Dr. Rose's Rooms  Last Evening-Houston Stock Going Down.   -  Goldwin Smith's Figtit  for Free Unions.  Mm  necessarily limiting the wages hf, pro-' ^��'1  duccrs and employe*. ' , ���_ ..,-, _ * "'���"/'"W'^'A  Business and social pleasures Join." .��;?�����  .hiuids in the opeuing ofjtbte Temple. "jiXf  nVIuy the-business be ever wisely'cori- ~~'''%~t  ducted, and thc social pleasure te ever -'yi-jM  fresh and keen.       "* ?    .." "��� "\ "XA C-&--,%&*  THE WATSON STOCK CO.  It is not to the credit of the theatre-  loving people of Nelson that the patronage bestowed upon ihe Watson  Stock Company has-not been at all  commensurate with the-.merit of the  performances given by that organim-  " I have told him  the tools aod that he aud 1  If meetings are a safe indication of  the pulse of the electorate, Dr.   Hose  and his ticket should be elected by an  overwhelming majority.   Tbe meeting  in tbe committee rooms last night was  perhaps ihe largest ever held on a similar-occasion in'the city-of Nelson, and  the enthusiasm was most pronounced  in favor of the Citizens' ticket and in  antagonism to_.qne-inan.rule. _- Every  available 4eat w^s ;o<:eiij>ied,and many  were  compelled   to'staiid" up. which  they  did  uncomplainingly.      Mayor  Hamilton "occupied   the' chair. ' "The  speakers were applauded to the echo as  they scored point after point against  their opponents. Dr..Rose in a lengthy  address,    reviewed    the   platform   of  the   Citizens'   ticket,  and   promised  that   it ..would , be  canied    out    to  the    letter.       R..   W.    Hannington  remarked "on .the "circumstance   that  the meeting was so. largely attended,  and regarded this as an indication of  a large majority for Dr. Rose and his  ticket on January. 12th.   R. M. Macdonald -made a splendid   address, hi  which he reviewed the whole municipal situation.   W. L. Spry reviewed in  a   business   way the platfoam-bf his  ticket, and was heartily applauded. At  tbis juncture-Mayor 'Hamilton-made a  few   remarks'in behalf "of Aid.-Bird  and Aid. Clements, testifying to their  fitness as representatives of the'West  ���Wtfrd-"at'* thir"Co(niciPbo^l7~"G:rW  Bartlett .in   a   brief   speech   showed  where he stood with regard" to thels-  sues before the people, and took his  seat amidst loud applause.   There were  several other short  speeches, H.   E.  Croasdaile outlining a plan by which  the debentures can be sold. Altogether  the   meeting   was  a most gratifying  success.  come almost, automatic, the manage-  n.ent of the civic*business would go on  smoothly and there would be a certain  continuity in our.civic administration.  The abjection may be made,-"that * not  every alderman.is eligible* foi\the oflice  of mayor.' The obvious answer, to this  is that if every alderman is not qualified for mayor he ought to be and it is  tl^e duty of the electors to see that he  h. Every aldorpaan elected should be  regarded' as" a" future mayor. In this  way there would be no difficulty about  the choice of a head for the civic ad-"  ministration. There would of course  be exceptional cases at times when  special questions deeply effect the community would be,under consideration.  There would also come occasions when  the citizens would for one reason or  another demand; an extra term for a  particular man. ' But under ordinary  circumstances the rule which has been  outlined would be found to work-well  and it would appear, moreover,,to be  practicable.   It would also have the ad-  Johh "Houstou, although not blowing  much about it. . But the Tribune is  daily -giving; utterance to just such  sentiments as were voiced by its  editor at ' the meeting at the  Hume Hotel. Houston may, of  course, apologize for remarks made by  the responsible editor in the Tribune,  and occasionally he does publish his  abject apologies as a matter of court  etiquette, but he never apologizes for  his persistent boasting about the massive intellect of the Tribune editor The  fulsome praise of the editor by the "contributor" in the issue of the Tribune of  the 22nd list, induced some old-timers  to exclaim: Who is" this man Hous-  i  ton anyway? Is he the geutleman  who attempted to put down gambling  by breaking Maggie Duffy's uickel-in-  the-slot machine, and throwing it into  the street?- Is this the man who said  he would _ shake the dust of Nelson  "i v. *  off his-sandals because he could  uot make enough here to. pay  his    grocery    bills? Is   this  the  THE  GREAT WRITER  Speaks. Words of Wisdom to  the Sons of  Toil.  vantage of giving in due turn to'each I man who occasionally runs away "and  I would get  would go  in the churctl some dark night and unseal    the    old    casket    and    satisfy  ourselves    whether   the - meii ���   did  steal the   ring.,or not.    Of course ,he  won't listen to such a thing.   You see  if anybody found us two old duffers  prowling about the'crypftall by,,oiir-  selves they would never* believe but  that we were after "tbe diamond and  were not seeking simply to graVify our  curiosity.       , , \   v  " I supposed bave half a dozen 4ia-  ���otionds quite as valuable as that the oij  The  tiouT  Not^one'ofthe^productions dur^"  ing the.week has received due appreciation in the way of attendance, and  1 several of the pieces were of a higher  order of merit than  tlie productions  given by the average stoek company  visiting Nelson.   Particular   mention  might be made of "The Parish Priest."  In this piece there was not one weak  spot, and   there   were   three  or four  parts exceedingly well taken. Mr. Watson as the Parish Priest did a piece of  work that has scarcely ever been excelled in  Nelson, and much could be  said on behalf of the other members of  the company in the same piece.   Yet  the attendance was small, and indeed  throughout the week there has been  very little encouragement for the actors  to do their best.     Mr. Hayden Steven-  sou was particularly good in everything  he    undertook,   and   is   entitled    to  special mention as "Michael Strogoff."  To-night the company will give "The  Black Flag," and on ".Monday night  there will be a grand production of  "The Christian."'     It is to be. hoped  our citizens will make amends for past  neglect by generously patronizing the  Watson people during the rest of their  engagement.  Itis onlylin this way We  can hope to   secure meritorious drain itic performances.  <part. of the city an(l every creed -and  section of fhe community a representative in the chief magistrate's chair.  One man would not be able to hog the  ���whole-.works' simply^Wgetlthesalary".  - A correspondent writes : "I'm from  Missouri, aiid j-ou must show me where  JTohn Houston ever got a cent out of  the city of Nelson."   The attention of  ,   e     iu   _   ,-i    '/!<  ,.,'��,,-,.   ���    tbe  gentleman "from  Missouri is di-  before_the_"holiday, the faithful follow-        . -...   _.*   ,-*:���.  -.     -.,- ��� ���  .  =-= -*'----     -----   -----.,.   Feoted-to.^be.followi-njrBfatementtaken  From a condition of positive lethargy  .'<?hed to be huried with.  Business men complain bitterly of  the length of the municipal campaign.  They contend, and with reason, that  the present discussion might well have  beeirdeferred_untii after iheholidaysr  which would have given nearly two  weeks for the consideration of the  questions involved. Indeed something  should be done to prevent these long-  drawn out contests, and the man who  !s lesponsible for the turmoil and  trouble into which the citizens have  been plunged- at this time, should 'be  given to understand lhat his methods  are distasteful.to tbe public generally.  The work of carrying on the business  of Lhe city should not resolve itself into  perpetual struggle for the gruiflcation  of one man; Surely something cun be  done to prevent a repetition of the  present condition of affairs. Contests  cannot always be avoided. There are  times when tlie community is almost  certain to be divided on questions of  civic policy. But ordinarily there  would appear to be little or no necessity  for difference of opinion on the selection of a mayor or/aldermen. There  ought to be some well defined rule as  to the length of term or rather number  of terms a citizen may occupy the  mayor's or an aldermen's seat. Forin-  stance if it were a well understood  thing that after a second. term the  mayor should not be expected to offer  for re-election the routine would be  greatly simplified. There is a rule in  tlie city of Toronto that no man shall  occupy a third term.   Again if we were  ers of-. Houston developed unusual activity after'Christmas'* The reason'for  this'sudden movement is attributed to  the circumstance that the worshippers  at the shrine of the immortal John  discovered that they were dropping  away behind in the race, and something had to be done to keep up their  bluff. It was apparent to all that  Houston's chances for securing tlie  51200 salary were diminishing," and  someone suggested thut he should be  pulled off and a stronger man, like  William Blakemore, be placed at the  head of the ticket. ��� Indeed, there are  reasons for suspecting-(hat-Mr. Blakemore himself believed that something  of this kind should be done. However,  the minority opinion that there  was no use swapping horses crossing  the stream prevailed, and Houston is  still the candidate. Some of his friends  profess the belief that if" he ever had  any chance of being elected, lhat  chance has been sccrificed by the conduct of that newspaper atrocity.'the  Nelson Tribune. That paper has not  been guilty of one truthful statement  since the hour when Houston first  made up his mind to be a candidate.  It has ranted and raved about the electric light question until it is black in  the face, always misrepresenting the  facts; it has maligned Dr.- Rose, the  man.who subscribed stock to keep the  paper alive.and the candidates of the  Citizens' ticket have been misrepresented in every- issue of the Tribune.  It is well that Houston's methods are  so well known in Nelson, no one believes one statement that now appears  in the Tribune.  telegraphs his'friends for the wherewithal to get back home ?    _  from the books at tbe city Hall. It  seems as if Mr. Houston, the patriot,  had succeeded in getting a very large  amount of compensation from tbe city  of Nelson, when the seryices rendered  are taken into consideration :  Tribune, Cr. for Printing.  1897.'. -....   $ 386 38  1898      436 87  J899       547 15  1900 :  ..���    710 01  1901. ._   1195 35���$3S75 76  John Houston, Cr., Salary.  1897, G trios at $1G6.66.'$1322 28  1898     2000 00  1900     1200 00���$4522 28  1903, Securing power site (not   itemized)        300 00  Total     $8098 04  Robert Robertson claims to be the  prop of the moral and religious end of  Houston's ticket. Does Robert Robertson approve of the election methods  of the man he has vowed to love, honor  and obey? Does he uphold as a running mate a man who boldly declares  that he he is not a Christiun, und who  by his actions gives- thc impression  that his religion is like unto that of the  Mud Mullah ? Does Robert Robertson  like his position as a cog in the wheel  in which he has been fastened by his  own consent and wich Houston at tbe  crank handle ? Does he still think from  his present position the cog can control  the crank handle? Does Robert Robertson believe in "machine" rule, such  as Houston is trying to force on tbe  oity 2- These are a few questions Robert  Robertson might answer at his earliest  convenience.  ���   "When  the devil was ill the devil a  to adopt it, as has been suggested In an  monk.would be."    John Houston  is eastern paper, at a sort of convention  -\?_right,  however, for he( now "a very sick man, and he runs  that the mayor's successor should al-  ">>5dal that   would,*around after people he never spoke to j waysbe the senior alderman at the  cl'l^neverWfore, extending his hand to anyone  council board itwould obviate the an-  e believes would appreciate tho honor *-nual mayorality contest.   Thus the self shaking it -^ 'lection of a chief magistrate would be-  John Houston's brag is nauseating  to all right-thinking men. He publicly  declares that "I have more brains than  all the members of the aldermanic  beard of 1900 put .together.', j Thefollowing named gentlemen constituted  the council board of that year: Dr.  Hall, Dr. Arthur, William Irvine, A.  L. McKillop, Blake Wilson and Chris.  Morrison. Are these gentlemen going  to support a man who uhblushingly  made such a public utterance ? There  is not one of them who is not better  qualified for the office of mayor than  Electric light has never been John  Houstons specialty, and, by the way,  he unloaded upon the city its present  lighting plant.   :'���������'.; "^  The following is the full revised text  of Mr. Qoldwin Smith's address at the  opening of the Labor Temple at Toronto, one night last week :  It is well that in this Temple of Labor which we are opening, pleasure  should be combined with labor-and  business. Pleasure we must all have.  It is almost as necessary to us as food.  Without an ingredient of pleasure not  only would life be dull aud dark, but  character would sour. The antidote to  vicious pleasure, is innocent pleasure.  If a young man. is living in a great city  without a home, exposed to temptation, the way to save him is to give  him a good club.  The questions of business concerning  iudiif- trial relations to be treated here  will, we trust, be always bandied In a  wise" and liberal spirit, with due regard  to the general interests of the community, of which those of labor are so vast  a part. We are not a herd of animals  jostling each other ; but a co-operative  community of men. I am a relic of  the struggle in England against the  lingering spirit of the combination  laws, and my-renutation ��� bears Jhonor-  able scars received in that war. --We  whjstood up for the unions-wereac-  cused ot defending violence and even  murder." We were weighted, it is fair  to say, by the Sheffield outrages.  Those days are long past.  The liberties of the union are assured. Let ns now, if we can, have  peace. Peace with justice of course it  must be; but if we can have justice  let us have peace. I have always  wished to see labor directly represented  in the Legislature, not for the purpose'  of accentuating class divisions, but with  the very opposite view. "That," said  Pyln7v,is~tlie~besff6rrh~of government:"  MINING NEWS.  ���'^1  * J -'  "-,>';'  $g  :*. ���?/  ?--  N. F. McNaught, of Silverton, has  been in the city for several days. thJ&  wee��,   He and his brother James,' formerly general counsel for the Northern  Pacific Railway Company, are largely  interested In Slocan mining properties,  such as the kilo, the Hampton, and .  the Club, near Slocan  City,.the Ca-  pello, near'New Denver, and, the, AlA  pha, near'Silverton.  -He*^anticipates^,... ,  that if the present prices of silver", and'^^pjfl  lead will be maintained, there will W:; T/Jk  a great reyival in the Slocan lead inA.  dustryVith the coming spiiogA'Not'A <; .3,  a few properties that have been closed  down for years wiil again be in opera-'  tion, among^hem the Alpha and, the  Galena Farm.   The "Alpha was at one  time,, some eight years ago, oue of the  big producers of the Slocan, and -will  resume its old  time activity.'.-'With,  the maintenance of present prices of  silver and lead, the .Slocan will .again  become a ver/large producer of these  commodities.  :&n  .j-1  TheA Chicago Mining 'VVorld of  December 24th contained an excellent  editorial dealing with the affairs of the  Lake Superior corporation, tbe new  compdny controlling the Clergue enterprises. The article was an interesting one, and it is quite evident that the  editor of the "Nelson Tribune so regarded it, fbr-lie transferred it from the  editorial colums of the Mining World  to the editorial columns of the Tribune,  without'giving any credit  which doth actuate and inspire every  part and member of a state to a common good." Those words since I read  them, have been the sum of my political philosophy.  Competition is harsh, sometimes repulsive.  But in our present state it is unavoidable, whatever golden hopes some of  U3 may cherish for society in the future. But there Is less of competition  and more of co-operation in the industrial world even us it is than we sup  pose. Take any composite article���  this little eye-glass, with its metal rim  and its silken chain, for instance. You  will find that it implies the co-operation, though unconscious, of a multitude of workers in different parts of the  world. Let us bear in mind, too, when  we discuss questions between employer aud workman that the real employer, after all, is the purchaser and  consumer rather than the capitalist.  The capitalist is rather the organizer  and paymaster, though he may be apt  to take for himself a rather large fee.  The purchaser "and consumer in determining the price which he will give  for the article, in effect determines and  limits the vug��d ui the producer. We  are all purchasers or consumers, therefore we are all determining and limiting each other's wages. In [England  the experiment of co-operative production failed for want of capitalist guidance and of capital to wait on the market. Co-operative distribution was a  grand success. But it was a success  because the managers bought and  , hired in the cheapest market, thereby  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES..  Phoenix Pioneer.   "*'  ''*' "  Shipnr-ents from the Sally mine, on  the West Fork, are 'expected   to be  started shortly. . ��� "-   '**     ���**   i    _>  Preparations are being, made to send Z.  out another car of seeond class ore from /  the Skylark. __     _���      *_ A   A A* ...-.".  By the first of the.:year the new-air, ~  compressor, is jexpected to'jWln'worfcA  ingordeTVt*the&ookl^n:mfne^r?"^f^  Returns of 296 ounces in, silver and -r  $20.25 in gold were received from a recent car load shipment of Elkhorn ore/  Manager T. H. Rae, of tlieDettsand ���  Hesperus group, on Hardy mountain,  is getting thenew compressor plant Installed.  A well known Phoenician recently  wired to New York to seen re some of  the Montreal & Boston Stock that was  said to be selling so cheap.        - V  Never in its history has the C. P.'R.  sent more cars of ore from , Phoenix,"'  than it is now, the present dally aver-  iwf *1*_;1  *?M  -_ .*,:  - u*.  -' \mS-  -. '��**  fa**  - 43  s.A  v_r  age being aboutjjfcears.  It will probably be the. first of' February before ore shipments are started '  from the Granby mines over the V.,' V:  & E. extension of the Great Northern.   '  Ten.blast furnaces in three Boundary  smelters are now in operation���six at  the Granby, two at the B. C. Copper  Co. aud two at the Montreal & Boston.  An underground telephone system  was installed in the Grauby mines this  week. Tbe Brooklyn and Rawhide  mines are also connected with' the  local system.  J. Graham is said to bave found a  good body of ore giving from 10 to 30  per ceut copper in his Sudbury claim,  near tbe Montreal & Boston's Sunset,  In Deadwood camp.  A big lot of electrical machinery "arrived this week for the tramway equipment for tho No. S tunnel of ' the  Granby mines. In the shipment lathe electrical locomotive,' etc  The owners of the Skylark are better  pleased than ever as development progresses. As practical mining men they  seem to realize that they have one of  the best propositions in the high grade'  belt.  .-'.The new ore body in the Mother  Lode mine, recently opened ap, referred to Jn the last Issue of the Pioneer, has been proved so far to be 200  feet long and 130 feet wide, with most  satisfactory values.  a>J  ��1  V  'I  11  The Tribune ia printing Charlie  Waterman's picture on its front page,  presumably to give tone to that otherwise dterepntable sheet   - ��� 0  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  V-  TKtSOH ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  |..    VBBNOJf Stkkkt. Nemon. B. C.  $1 - Per h\ Striclty ra Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All change* ln advertisements to Insure  insertion ahould reach this office not later  tlura Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address ls required. II If  desirable that both the old addrcH* and tho  n��w be given.  A.ddre&s all communications. " I'ubllMlirr  of Thk Newon <s*oojiomist. Nelson. B. C.".'  Tribune has abandoned ��� its former  method of copying from its exchanges  without giving the proper credit. It  in a little late in the year to turn over  a new leaf, but better late than' never.  CITIZENS' TICKET.  -.*_/  FOR MAYOR���  DR. W. O.ROSE.  FOR ALDERMEN   -  .   EAST WARD-  WM . SPRY,  W. G. GILLETT,   GEORGE W.  BARTLETT.  WEST WARD���H. ' BIRD,  R.. M. MACDONALD, A. H.  CLEMENTS.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  #A  mz  STA  -'$  ���\'7  Whatever can be *aid for or against  the author of the contributed'articles  to the Tribune,' it can never be laid ul  his door that he is guilty of originality.  .John Houston, whose vocabulary is  indeed impoverished, chose to christen  his opponents the ''Depression" party,  and of course all-the parrots in the  Houston aviary who were able to get  -their tongues around a three-syllable  .word, took up the expression, innocent  ofthe fact the meaning of the word  ���depression as applied to the men who  have revolted., against Houston's arro*  gance arid ^tyranny, bas little significance. Houston's command of words  is limited, and itis only accidental if be  - fiver uses them in their proper connection, o It is, therefore, unpardonable  that a man who claims and boasts that  he isa university graduate .should -so  openly acknowledge' himself indebted  to a common eloihopper foi* words by  which to express himself. But itis  in appropriating for Ids-own  A-fuse iuvective that the "contributor"  ^"���1-        _f . r  *-'- borrows.-: freely  from . Houston.-    He  i laves about' selling debentures'" piece-  ymea.1, and what can" be done in a pro-  -���- gressive city like Nels-.n.   As a matter  " of fact, there would be no more chance  to sell the debentures ih the*way" proposed by John Houston, than   theic-  ', would be'for the contributor to secure  a ton ot.coal or a pound,of Lulterou  ���credit.   So far as Dr. Rose and the Cit-  "-' izens' ticket are concerned, they will  ;.sell the debentures and build thcelectric  . light plant, and the work will be done  "^iHibusiness way'and'tlTe crcdifof Nel-  -. son will not suff^ thereby:     Frieudo  ywlll not be singled out for favors, nor  -4s Dr. Rose's election handieappid w'.th  ���i promises of political preferment to ad-  , venturers of the stamp of the Tribune's  ' '.contributor.  \-s  ^^  "The Runaways," produced by the  Watson compati}',* is not intended to  be a burlesque on the member of the  British Columbia Legislature who ran  away from Victoria last summer, and  was discovered setting type in a country printing office down on the Coast.  If this paper hud ever suspected that  the pilfered editorials in the Tribune  would have given way for the rubbish  of the "c-utributed" articles, the circumstances surrounding their appropriation would diever. have been referred to.  BOOTS AND SHOES  :AT:  Lowest Rates  Best Time  Houston believes in "machine" rule,  and he must be thc whole machine  himself. The reward of strict obedience  to the head of the machine is to put  money in his pocket.  As yet not one of the "Knockers"  has had the moral courage to express  sorrow for pigiiin*; the "pledge, although  a few of them are saM to' ap >logizii to  their intimate friends in private.  E  ________������  Toronto,   Montreiil,   Vcvr  Provinces, New Kuyliiod.  York, Maritime  WEST  Vancouver,    Victoria,   Seattle,    California  Points.  Uncquiillcd   PasscnKcr  R.-rvlce,  Tourist.*, Coiiclics., Dining Cars.  Sleepers,  Simply becjme a m in worked  two duys in a lumber yard, is no reason why he sliould claim to be sawing  wood in the present municipal campaign.  "The Knockers" are a little down in  the mouth these days, notwithstanding the heroic efforts of William Blakemore to keep up their coura ge.  John the Peddler, carries a stock  with him to suit all customers. If you  dou't buy, John will indulge in a little  harmless " knocking."  TOUUIST SLEEPER SERVICE.  West.���Lv. Revelstoke Monday, Wednesday.  Ttmrsilay. Saturday, for Seattle aud  Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Diinmore Jet. for St. Taul  Sunday.Monday. Wednesday, Friday.  Toionto Wed. and Sun., Monuviil  Mon., Boston Frl.  For rates, folders and tictets, apply to  J. S. CARTER,  " DlBt.Pass. Agt.,  Kelson.  _���  E. J. COYLE.  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  Certificate of Improvements.  The Everett lumber mills-tiro adyer-  tisiing for men. We know of one man  who willjieed a job after the 12th prox.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim, situate ln the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District. - ���_...",.  Where located: On Rover Creek, about  three miles irom Kootenay ilivcr. Take no-  . tice that I, Frank Fletcher, of the City of  Nelson, acting as agent for myself, Free Miner's Certilicate No. B82.023, and A. C. Flum-  merfelt, Free Miner's Certificate No. B80,0*M,  intend, sixty days from lhe date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder fora Certificate  ol'lmpiovementa for "the- purpose of obtain-  iulng a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this 26th day of May. A. D 1904.  Fhakk Fletcher.  k._  v  t  A The year  1904 has been  tho most  prosperous one in Gthc history of the  "Kootenays.     The    mining   industry,  while perhaps not ail that could be de-  aired, has made marked progress; fruit  . .culture has engaged   more  attention  ���than formerly; the lumber industry,  " -while it has beeu  handicapped by un-  '���ftilr competition, aflbrda grounds for  the belief that it will improve before  long, and in fact every branch <��f industry has showu  signs of advancement.  Business geuerally has been good, and  .merchants feel satisfied   with the volume of trade for thc year, which  fa��  exceed* that of any former year. And,  . beat of all, the prospects for the incoming year could not be   brighter.   It i>  no hollow compiiment to  wish  you  neighbor at tbis time a prosperous and  happy New Year,  With the salary he gets as a. men -  ber of the Legislature, and the $1200 he  would receive from tbe city as mayor  together with the advertising, eiv.,  .John Houston sincerely trusts ihut-l.t  will be able to accumulate enough t>  liquidate thote grocery bills abou>  Which he is reported toh ive -let-laim-''  so pathetically to lb: Vancouver uew.--  paper interviewer.  We olsserre  with some degree ol  sfea&nxtt and  approbation  tbat the  To the Electors of Nelson  .._ At the request of a large number of  ratepayers of our City, I have consented to offer myself as a candidate  f.-r the Mayoralty for the forthcoming  3*eur. If elected I" will'give my best  efforts to carry out the following :  1. An energetic administration of  the City's business and carrying out of  its projects.  2. Sell debentures and erect ut once  a Power Plant on site acquired by City  on Kootenay River, and to borrow  more money if necessary to complete  the plant.  3. Operate efficiently and economically the Electric Railway system, and  advocatcjhe_openiugof negotiations to  purchase for the City sueh system with  the ultimate view of lawfully extending a belt line through the E:ist ward,  and thence through the Park, into  Fairview.  4. Improve main city thoroughfares  .uul where necessary to macadamize  the streets and for tliat purpose utilize  facilities owned by the City.  5. Extension of City limits to include  suburbs.  6. Improvement of City Park.  7. The necessary extension of sewe  :ind wu'ter systems"."  8. Provide suitable and commodious  -choul acconim->dtition with a view of  inaugurating a system best adapted to  the present and future needs of our  growing population.  If elected I promise to use my  itniost endeavor to further the interests  f the Cily.  Wii.iaiAM O. Hose.  Certificate of Improvements.  The Vancouver and Kootenay mineral  claims, situate In the Nelson.Minlng Division,  of West Kootenay District.     -  "Where located: On east side of Kootenay  Lake, "aUbut three miles east or the town of  ���Sanca. -      _  Take notice that I, J. L. G. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certitlcate No. B84.4M for myself and  as agent for H.Abbott, Free Miner's Certificate No. B84,483,'and E. L. Heatley, Free Miner's Certificate No. B65.245, intend, sixty days  from tho date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of the above claims.  And 'urther take notice that action, under  Section 87, must be commenced beforo Issn  ancc ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day~of June. 1904.  J. Ii.O. Abbott.  NICKERSON,  THE.TWEI.ER,  BAKER ST.  We only ask one trial to make you our ens  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything In the  line. Reasonable charges, work sent us  from outside towns ���'rill receive the same care  as Upersonully. delivered. Difficult repair*  done for other'.fewelers:    )0HN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor .  Op. B C. Customs House. Nelson  NOTICE.  In tho inn Iter of an application foradupli-  .-:itc i<f�� certilicate o 1X1 tlu to Lot 11, Block 3,  Town ol NulMon. .  Notice is hcri-by given lhat It is my intention to issue at th- t'xpirutien of one month  ,'rnm the first publication hereof a duplicate  ��� if tli" Certificate of Title to thc abovo lnpn-  -Innud Lot 11. Block 3. In tho Town of N*>Mr>n,  in the naino of William Perdue, which Cer-  'inisite I" ''-t^rt the Kith day of May, 1898, and  luinhen   911 K.  Lund l.t��� -,i..y Oflice, Nelson, B. C,       *���  ml- October, 1901.  "II. K.MACr.KOD."  District Kenlsirar.  Notice.  Sixty <1avK nPcr date 1 Intend  to apply to  hi- C"imn:K8'."n*T of land* and Works.  Victoria, for the -uri-losc ���" 'he following:  :indK.   Ci'inmcni-in*. ��t tlieSo��ith-K:istoorner  f let C3UO, (!r..lip (hone. H'r��l TContcnay, ut n  ���<.st marked J. K. A. Sniith-WtBl corner and  -uniilng  North nlontr  l-nstline ��f IolGttXMO  lia'ns.thrncc rtifst fio  1 a "��, thence f-'outh 10  -lmiiiH.lliei'CC Vl'i Ktuli l.KColiinihlti t Koote-  .tay Hallway to pl��rc of commencement and  oontniningSUO acres moro or less.  Nelson7lJec.5tb. ISO*.  .    J. ES. ASSCASUL  Frank FBetcher  PKOVIN -.VL LAND SURVEYOR  Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown Granted  P. O. Box 5C3      Office: Kootenay St. Nelson  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity Sftop, Josephine St, Kelson  BO YEARS?  EXPERIENCE  * Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anrono sending > sketch and description may  anlcklr ascertain oar opinion froo whether an  liirentloQ is probably patentable. Commnulcs^  tlons strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  icy for secortagpstents.   UKh Munn * Co. rte  tpectal notict, without, cbarse. ln tho  sent free OMestawnu.           Patents taken through Munn *  rccelr*  Sci��ni)f ic flsnerkan.  A nundsoraely llhutMUd weakly. I Jincwt etr-  calatlon at any acientUa Journal. Tanas. $3 a  year: foar months SL Bold by an ���swadaalan.  Having purchased the stock of Boots and Shoes  carried by Fred L. Irwin, by chattel mortgage sale,  the entire stock, worth $3000, must be sold within  thirty days. This stock and the $9000 stock carried  by myself is made up of the best Boots and Shoes  manufactured, and are of the Latest Styles. No old  or out-of-date goods. All are the Newest and Best.  All will be sold for half their worth.  300   PAIR   CHILDREiYS   SHOES  Sizes from 5 to 10  Hugh McCausland  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*����������������������������������<  % BARTLETT  HOUSE *  ( Formerly Clarke House)  The best Slper day house in Nelson.      None but white" help employed    The  bar tlie best.  G.W. BARTLETT. ProPk.eto*  9  ���  ���  >+++++++++++++++++++++4++++++4+++++4++4+++44444++4+++  W HOTEL  $1. per day and up  No Chinese Employed  , m 'J y^'  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STREETS, .     MC|W1M   D   P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, IlLLOUHj  Di. U  P,  s & Co.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  if*)  MEAT MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B- C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,   Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt and careful attention. '"  Wholesale and Ketail  Dealers in  Camps~supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive * careful  attention. "x  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates given on stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Ume for Saie  JOY'S  CASH GROCERY  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Send Us an Order for lour  Groceries, then Notice  The promptness of delivery.  The cleanness and freshness of Goods.  The full honest measure.  The quiility of pat you set.  YouVill find abundant reason for sending  your future otders. .  This Week's Specials Are:  14-lb BoxesofA 1 Cieamery Butter at 27c  per pound.  Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound.  Rajah Brand Itneapple, 25c pertln.  Clarke's Boneless Chicken, 3.r>c per tiu  TER  Insurance    Real  Mining  Agent  and  Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Now is the time to invest in good improved  Fruit Ranch Property  Adjacent to Nelson.  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.  Fire  and   Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  7". G,  BAKER ST.. NELSON. B. C.  P. O..BOX 232  CO.  kelson, B, �����  .The largest "exclusively Wholesale Liquor House in  the interior  In Pints and Quarts  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.'  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  I  .<���  o  o  ir  i.  if  CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED. >  OVER J. H. WALLACE' S STORE, NELSON, B. C.      o  Tents&Awninp Made and Repaired  N  TRAMWAY  NELSiON, B. C.  ���     _ N.E.T." TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  .���7.00 " 7.40        S 20 a.m.  9I00   - 9.40        10.20  Every 40 minutes until to.20 p. m.                        -  BOGUSTOWN���                        - -  '7.20       . .00 8.40       9.20 a. in  io.oo.    1^0.40     11.20  EGTRIG  , LTD.  Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.     Apply A. V. MASON.   Man.   Sec  The Car Barn. Phone 165B.  Plumber and Gasfitter  t Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing, 4  \ Sewer Connections, Etc. ��  *       Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.       $.  Joy's Cash Grocery  THONEJ-*  I  In io-acre blocks, in 20-acre blocks. Improved ranches.       ��� ^'  3 J. E. Annable, kelson, B. C. *  SulDscribe lor  The Economi  Strictlyfl 1  ���y?.��f-fix*  liv/ryz  '.- Air: ��� --' 7.::.-.fti&'"%': ������  .ia.'t;SH^jHjA.HHjaH  -���*- r  ���������������7~-'&~&$$2��P0imfts&!Se��i  iivgi/jfiyy  t i-^raj^Aft  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIfer  ,��� w #1f%.A  J   '       -Hi  *��g*  *   ^-. r,*ieyif--i.yr*.  ���-    -?4''^**a'$H*tfi-r3  Talking- Machines.  Edison Phonographs, Prices, $10, $20, $30, $50.  The New Edison Moulded Records, at 50c each, $5  per doz.  Berliner  Gramophones  Prices, $17, $25, $30, $45.        .  7-inch Records, $6 per doz. ~. .  10-inch Records, $11 per doz.       .  Needles and all supplies sold on the instalment plan.    Write for prices.  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SA'^ il f^'Vl.-  any s  ->/-',' -'*�����.-  ��� ��� *a :'V  Economis  Anecdotal.  X)  <������<  m..  m  M  United States Senator 'Hoar received  - ^word the other, day that'a friend, who  tad been supposed to have appendicitis, was suffering not from .that ailment, but from acute Indigestion.  ___"That Is_good news." said the Senator.  "I rejoice 'that the -trouble lies in the  tahle of contents rather than ln th<_  appendix."  Samuel Rogers, the' poet, told of an  Englishman and a Frenchman--who  Chad to fight a duel. jThat'tliey might  have fl. better -chance of missing one  Another, they were to fight in a dark  < room. The Engltehiaan fired u/p the  ��� c'.'.mney and brought down the Frenchman! "When I teil this story ih Paris,"  padded-Rogers, "I put the Englishman  , "Vup the chimney."  �� James G. Blaine used, to tell this  Jptory: Once ln Dublin, toward the end  ,'Of the opera, Satan was conducting  [Faust .through a trap-door which re>-  I presented the gates of Hades. His Ma-  A'Jesty  got   through   all  right���he  waa  - /used' to going below���but Faust, who  ) was quite stout, got only about half-  / way In, and no squeezing would get  '< him any farther. . Suddenly, an Irish-  ( -man In the gallery exclaimed, devout-  - f ly, "Thank God, hell is full."  /       When   Moses   Colt  Tyler,   the   cele-  1 "brated professsor of history at Cornell.  ''- i was an Instructor at the University oi  J.,   \Michlgan, he had charge of a class ln  . teJngllsh   that  assembled' at  8   o'clock -  .^ ''a.ilv- One  raw February, morning at  roll-cmjLl,   he   read  the  name  of  "Mr.  Robbing;-'.* a member of the class, with"  out getting* \an answer.   ".Mr. Robblns,"  he repeated Un'a slightly louder voice.  ���Still  no   reply. \    "Ah,"   said   the   Instructor, with a 'quiet smile, "come to  ���think of lt. It is xrather early for rob--  1ns." " . **.     .-, _*  It is said that It, ls'��co\mln& to he thi  fashion again to us'e'the* word "lady/**  and that the -word - "partty"' la also In  better favor.    For' some yxeare modish  persons  have  called  ladiea\ "women."  and  parties   "functions."    0?hore   was  some excuse for the former substitution  because ."lady" was worked to'\'death,-  and so misused as to make it ridiculous.   But vague as Its meaning _.mf it  has a meaning (or meanings). To ithe  conveyance of which it is indispensable,-  and the folks who have" dismissed"' i\  from their vocabularies have not: been*���  persons Of much philological discernment.  The use of "function" for "party" has  been a mere fad that must have started  aa a pleasantry and gradually became  a habit It makes lt possible to speak  of a row at a hall as a "functional disorder**; hut even that doesn't warrant  Ita vogue. It la a poor, borrowed; anglicised word, which the British-Ac^  Dr. Varnadoe, a noted professor of  Greek, .is very fond of-flowers,- and  some days ago, on returning from his  college duties, "he founa In his front  yard-a pestiferous ^>alf 'belonging to a  neighbor. The doctor' gave chase, and  the animal'plunged toward" the flower-  pit, and ia another instant crashed  through 'the glass cover and; mixed at  random: with the pots and plants be-  _low/ JWhen anotiher professor passed a  few minutel~'laterrhe~saadrgravely:~"I-  do not understand, Dr. Varnadoe, why'  you should object.so .seriously to .having a "modest- cowslip added to your  fine collection of plants."' The doctor's  frowning face relaxed. "Ah, Sanborn,"  he retorted, "you see, this was only a  worthless bulrush."  Not-long ago a tourist In New Orleans went to see the statue of Andrew  Jackson In that city, on the pedestal of  which is dnscribed, *' Uni ted We -Stand;  Divided" We Fall." Seeing' an old colored man standing by, he asked, "Uncle, did tihat Inscription stay there all  during the Civil War?" "No, sah," responded the old uncle, "bit didn't stay  dar endurin' de -wah. In de fust place,  dem letters was standln' out laik dey  was plastered on. Den de wah bust  loose, and de Confed'rate gin'ral down  yere, he tuk a chisel and cut d-em. letters off smooth. Den ol' Gin'ral Butler, he come erlong wid his Union so-  Jers, an' he 'tuk a dhlsel an' cut dem  In deep, laik dey la now. An', Lordy,  how de folks down yere did-��w*ar when  oi' Gin'ral Butler brush de dus' off'n  his clothes an' git up frum his wu'k an'  say, 'I'se a-gwlne. to hang de fus' Johnny Reb what cuts dem letters oft  ��w��*in.  When the lade President of the United  States and party went west not many  months before he was shot, Mrs. McKinley, It wlll.be remembered, went  too. While talking one day with Mr.  Scott,- the man who built the battleship "Oregon," relates" a writer in th'a  Boston "Journal," Mrs. McKinley said:  "Oh, do you play cribbage, Mr. Scott?"  "Yes," was the great shipbuilder's, answer. "Well,, so do I," said Mrs. McKinley. "I wish you would play a gam��  with me." "I should be delighted to  do so," was the reply. Daiter, as President McKinley and Mr. Scott were  looking over the latter's big plant, Mrs.  McKinley not being present, the President said: "Oh, by the way, Mr. Scott,  didn't I hear you and Mrs.--McKinley  arranging to play cribbage some time?"  "3*es," said Mr. Scott,, "we are going to  play." "Well, what lclnd of a player  are you?"  asked  the President.    "Oh,  |l pretty fair, I guess;  I play a pretty.  igodd game."   "Well, so do I," said Mr.  ".McKinley. "But, do you know, it may  .-^eem-strange, tout It Is a fact, that I  o^ve never been able to play well enough  t��*b .beat Mrs. McKinley." As he said  t^ils he looked at Mr. Scott wlth.a sig-  ijlficant smile. Their eyes met. It was  Enough."- Mr. Scott'understood, and It  vras saia to say that h�� did not hoat  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  (/>  LJ  Q.  <  X  Ui  O  z  <  *-J  UJ  I  H  u.  O  MX  \Wi  o  X  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders for  Chimney Bweeping. . -*  Send your orders to Job D .Dowses, care of  tho Old Curiosity Shop.  S1.60 per chimney.  Almost the toughest thing in the whole of creation is a "pinto" Broncho when he is in  fighting humor.  Now liis hide is just as tonght as he is, and that part above his hips and back is the very  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof- -almost wear proof.  Made only by  ''HMi06,'  :"Aa- \H|  :pt:  :';^M  PPP  'mm  jA^^v*'/ ��5-1t? ��� ���' ���  j-y^rfe&^j.^- 'i'.:  l;i A tf_2fli  % ���j'.-'i itM  ";iife.S;iS$  ���^^B  WSl  y%&A  <SSS  Montreal  Winnipeg  R. H. GARLEY, British Columbia Agent  ^v*r  ^������������������������������������^������������������������������^���^  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All orders must be accompanied bj caahand should be forwarded  either personally 01 by mail to the oflBce of  W. P. TIERREY,  *.*  J <*? *  -Afc.*-***  *   -Some of the pledged candidates, are  beginning to gall under the yoke, and  -it was   promised   yesterday by tbeir  .friends that a meeting with the master  -���would- be   arranged, and   an   effort  -would be made to secure release from  /the degrading  iron-clad conditions of  the pledge.    The candidates have di��-  , - covered that many, even among tlA-  "���'Voters who formerly professed udmir-  -'-ation of the "master mind," are   not  -7. ^'disposed to vote for men  who would  ll'   KS^^willingly and without condiiions, sue  ���y b i.p '.^ ._���"  ���    .       i ����� *> . ,  x"^^r-r^v.XZ', /^tiOlce their'freedom'on Houston a altn  '-'^fi^fAi&Zy* *__'"-..'. 1 ~,i " . rrti.n.. ..im  These new Souvrrwr Tins we bave just opened up. Large enamel  Nelson Flags, new design. Skate and Hockey Stick Brooches. They  are tbe nicest kind of inexpensive pre&ents.  Our new assor.ment of "The 1835 R Wallace Silver Plated Ware"  is well worth your inspection. Our Spoons aud Forks in this make'are  in designs equal in beauty to Sterling. j  Indeed our whole large -stock"of Christmas Goods is unstc^rfed in  value and variety, and it would be wisdom on your part to give us an  early call before completing your selection of gifts.  Wj.-MA$T\ie rV.vised*edition of "Jack and thc  -���WKh'-F-!  T^��     1 IT) Watchmakers, Jew  ratenaucie  1di*os.,    opticians.   Ph  ���ellers  and  Phone 2  ������  On Friday, the 9th inst., we commenced our Special Sale of Christmas Gccds.    We bave a veiy large  aj-fciiment  of aiticles  suitable for Christmas Gifts, 'Which we will effer at prices much lower than they have ever been sold fer in lhe Kootenay ; and  all  that we  ask  is  that you   cell  and   inspect our  stock   before buying your Christmas Presents.    'J he j-piril of Chri-stmas pievails  throughout every department, and we shall be pleased to show you the goods whether you want to buy or not.  5$  iled us*  .4!?t%^��hunera*can^scarcely be. regan  ll��PI v^'Mc^JVmpVovemen t -on--, the t fairy* tale, wf  ^il**??is^>the,nur8erycbook.-A.rv'j. 7:.-. *.^   _���    -,,  WMW^.W{rr^A^?4��Ai��� r-%A&>'-' -  Useful Holiday Gifts for Ladies and Gentlemen. Great  Clearance Sale of Ladies', Children's and Men's Underwear at Specially Reduced Prices. \  *ii ttt "T TXTT^T? AT^       Reddy-to-Wear   Hats    at      prices     ranging     fiom     $2 co     to.  $5.co    at     ha'.f    price  iVL_L JLv-L/ai 1\ -Lv-K- i Dress Hats at prices ranging fiom $8,00 to $17.50 at half price.  A gr~at sale of Clothing. Men's Furnishings.  HATS  AND  SHOES  /"The quantities a-e tbe greatest, the assortment'the most varied and  'the Prices the Lowe.<-t of any sale we have held  NEW FALL CLOTHING  20th Century kind, every Garment has style, character  and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupled with Alwpys Lowest prices makes interest and to spare for careful buyers.  ���; Wen's Suir^.50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  lOYS SUITS  "All sires, good cloth, strong and durable, and specially tailored, $1.25.  $2,00, $3.06; $4.00. $5.00 and $6.00.  DISTRIBUTORS  OF   HATS  /Perfection in  shapes, color and style.      Prices, JU.oo,-$2.co, $3 00.  $4.00 and $5.00.  SHOES OF QUALITY AND STYLE  A Guaranteed to give  perfect satisfaction.      The best  possible for the  money.    Felt Slippers at 25c, 35c, -50c, 75c and $1.00  MEN'SFURNISHINGS  *  Large stock NewTall Styles.     The place where your dollars bring  their value. ._.  FRED  IRVINE   GO.,   Ll  THE BIG GASH STOR  . ED.  ���  t  ���?^7*__S]d*thJB^Vftertbon *"at.' St.** Savour':  ��-/S?}cbarch'school-room.;(r*   -r* .;      ,   .  "l^g^TheretfHl Ke.tfateb night services to-  '$ft!8gk ak'Z^A0avi(mtB\ Church, begiu-  ^tiUiiik^Aa; '-A a a * - -  "WftHSJf' *'r 5��I>'*V '/I>:.-^-- '.-;**"'</u -,        A  j>?". 'ThaRnlvftiiou'Armvia nreDiirina fof.  BROWN  e&  CO.  REMOVAL SAL  Thirty Days Removal Sale  General Reduction in All Li  STANDARD FURNITU  nes  SUCCESSORS TO D. McARTHUR & 00.  iiiiMi  *������  X  +  +++++4+++++++ ^������������������^������������������'���������������������^���������������**M **|  : Don-'t Failto Seej.be Large .Assortment of-  $��� -MiK-'Walter Bibletleftfor Spokane.  'aV-s.^-" - iV ������/�����*���" - -      -��� '������ -     ,-"-<���---.-'    - j-    ,  iJ'iSreaterday. ,*.''���;,'.    ������a ***?_�� -gWrn.j    w, r , ** ��*        ; I  FINE CHINA A  4" -   -��jp *  A "^Bf J- Steel Isa candidate for school %  **$*   '...-"   - "��� . "\ - '     ��� ���  - .     \4  -" trustee..   /.   -'\ , _  ,        .    -    ���   \\  Elegant Christmas Gifts.  |l ���$!(*,4,  S^-Bowdoiu drew himself up proudly'.  *  ".O^.O      *'      /i^JS-i-'" . ___  . 9  We handle Old and New Fnrnisbings to complete  your  home.  highest  Prices paid for second-hand goods in first-class  condition.  Job Printing  "^-���Not in "the least," said-he..  Tfien  Literary Digest  |  but we say   ^  ,i$:wbat people quote."  -    -v*- H     -.      I.*       "��'        -  ,-r,fi���� w^'fsfe'   'G^S6 Meredith, the advocated  ' '^^^Mteu-year marriages, lives in a chalet ^  *"'  of I  Old Curiosity Shop  Josephine Street      Nelson, B. C.  K^'i'I ���  5\ brilliant novels with slow care   M r.  ', Meredith/Hke'.nutn^ other men  of  '.' _,talent, is absent-minded.     In Lon-  ^doa, ane'day, he spoke of a stream  S    -*^near bis house, describing with min-  A*Vttteness the  beauty' ol   its  banks,  7 ^"bridges .and overhanging foliage.  ��. ^A'Which* way,"    someone    asked,  "v:'*does tbat  stream  run, Mr. Mere-  \ dith���towards so-and-so, or towards  '^so-and-so?"        "Really,   I   don't  "^know; I  never noticed," said the  novelist calmly.  Nelson Opera House  ���-."'*��� '   *      f* . ':"    "    ��� A -     .   ..      ;,  TO -.N IGM���T.  ii  The Black Flag"  r*OTICE.  r ��� ��� - ~~  In the mutter ofan application for �� (lupH-**  ��ic oi a Certilicate or 1 Itle lo Lots 7. J) .0,11  ^Td 12  Block 15,  laOt" 3a��<�� �������� ��lc,cl' ����� UI,tl    ^8  x'oiicL' Is li- rebv given l!mt it i* my In'en-     ����  tl*��totaue.t lUeSxpinilloiiof one  ...ui.tli  tri.ra th^ rtntt  pul)H<*ati<��n hw��.| a dup i .��:��     /2a  Lr r,,i rwL>flcate or TIUj to thu nbove iu-.ii-  VhlcliCrertlttcaUilB dated the 2Blh<l yoi Aj-ril.  ..ft -rv��l miiiittfriid 13B7J-V.  *��- aSS ttSutry odioc. J clttm, J J. C.  28tl����ooembcir,XS64.���  P5��t^iRe��taUar.  Monday Night, Dramatization of Hall Caine'e  great Novel,  The Christian-  We Print  s  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., _Etc.  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corpoiatrcii  Straight Mortgages at S pet* cent,  or MonthlyJPayment System  The Economist  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  �� ���     ' CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors.  T?  ^      We have secured the services of a first-class'cakebaker, and  ^ our customers should bear  this in mind  when  prepar in for <^-  ^- Christmas. <$���  ,Y Store: Baker St., between Stanley and Ward. 'T  It Pays to  Deal with Rutherford  Auction Salf To-Ni^  ATTHEAUOTlONMART  /ILL K/NDS  OF  BARGAINS  Auction Sale* promptly attended to in any part of British Columbia.  J. GREEN. AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.  )  \  pecial Value in Brushes  /'.  Hair Brushes, Clothes Brushes, r^air Brushes'  Nail Brushes. Tooth Brushes, Face Brushes, Shaving  Brushes, Strops and Bokar's Razors.  WM. RUTHERFOR/b, Druggist  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  wXrD STREET, NELSpN, B. C.  -*���".... ���'  ."..*"  . ... .. - /   -= bEraohers %  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER Srt^EET. HELSON,  B. C.  z


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